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The Coast News Aug 6, 1948

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 Editor, The News   '.:/  Sir--The  arguments  of  leftist  oups,  whether of -government  r labor, that oh^ under sofrie^  !|?tm of state control or jsocialism I. ,.,.,..  pill  th<*'.. worker receive' a just  ^tiirh^ for his effort; fill before,x~-v      '  |ie actual fsicts^ A r6o6ht com-  Vol; IV  Jaratiye ^study of tfe./Avages" of x_X_li___  -^X-t. ��� .' ���'. "-..������- p.r."? -~   Serving"_rFrogxesfeiy��fan<l Growing  "Area oh LB.~C?s lETouthera Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre. . Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, I'ender Harbour, Wilson  _.Cre��_c Roberts. CreeS^ .Granthams  J^ridipjg^.Egmont, Hopfcins I��anding,  Brackendale,  Chee_teyp9. "ietc.  Bnsiness Office:  Sechelt, B.C.  by*ra_j3 COAST ISq3WS, xitctted   f"   23Ut4o-tai:-ia'eer-i_dnsr Office, Powell Saver, B.C.  "*___  No. 4  Sechelt, B. C.  ^��*��X  Friday, August 6, 1948 Se^||e^copy> 12.50 per yeor, by moil  Staff Quarters  h^^to Xlahpf i^.|^7;]Uhi|e4  t^s^��hiee;:,the^ ��� n     s\ '  e century establishedJ0^i- L/IIlCiaUY Upen  n^_:actrih.at4h^:Mduistrial wbr-  |er of 1945^46  acually xeceives  fk tim^ri^ {than: ^he wpuMj. Qn AuQUSt 21  \ve reqeived; for similar work,: .^** * *T^   ^ *  fort ahi3>:expefieribe at jthe be-  PENDER HARBOURr��� Board of  lining  of  the. century.7 t|hder      Governors of the P'ender Har-  enterprise ;theh,-:-.r-:t_ier','':wbrker  bour   Hospital   Society   wish H to  s obtained a higher actual re-   announce that the official open-  rn   than   he^   would   have   re-  ing   of  the  new  staff  residence-  ived under any other economy  at   St.   Mary's . Hospital,/Pender  system yet deviled, ^nd he has  Harbour, will be held Saturday  d   complete  freedom  as  well,  afternoon, August 21, at 2 p.m.    ��  t is often argued that uriem- On this occasion the Board will  ymerit, rising" living costs ahd present the; new building- to St*  ' effects of recurring depres- Mary's Hdspital as the climax of  [ns have wiped out most of the its efforts to carry out the under-  ns of labor.   The figures will taking   of   the   Pender   Harbour  , support such arguments.   In ^Hospital Society to build such a  y years there have been two residence and to thereby release  fusions only when there have the present staff quarters in the  n   wage   recessions,   both   in Hospital for inpatients.  ;  iods of, severe depression and ,,?. The new building is a very fine  h   temporary.    Labor   differ- structure   and   is  well   worth  a  es, rising living'costs and mi- visit, and it is hoped that a great  , depressions hafve been pow- many friends will set aside that  fess to stop���the steady forward afternoon for a visit to the Hos-  [fch of labor's buying power: pital.   Tea will be served by the  here was a minor degression   Women's .Hospital   Auxiliary   of  .nere was a mipor aepression   pan^or u^hnnr 4A oil <*__:__*+_. ,,rv^  and again in the early  mafmjjmmmm  Let us consider these per-  Reducing   all  earnings  to  ir   actual   buying   value,  the  fta!  Pender Harbour to all guests who  may  be   able  to  come  for  this  important" event.   ������������������_��������� f  earnings of the five years next five years showed spectac-  eding   this   first   depression ular gains to a new high of $1066.  . $644, for $he five years that The year  1945-46 showed an-  Jaded  the depression,  $647. ' other spectacular; climb to 1$ 1261.  ain,   the  five  years  of the I* must never hie forgotten that  Greats  War   showed   real these  figures  are not  of ��� wages  ings ofv $678.- The immediate subject    to   every   hazard    and.;'  war   period,   real   earnings Price  fluctuation.   They are the  e major depressions of the' ����$ ***%? ***** 6ff &���*& ���*  more drastic in effect.  ****?>  *���� fir^ w?r, while the  tfwas  [ok real wages from a__ aver-  of $781 back to .the level of  |y years before,of $640. Even  [t was only, a temporary re-  The   five   years   1935-39  one to offer?  khe average back to $721. The  capitalist's return is about one-  third What it was then.  What "ism" has a record better���or   even   as .good���as' this  Rigufei? P^iific Flights For C.P.H,  CANADIAN   Pacific   Air   Lines  hasibeeh granted permission for; Sh^ngha^Hong  Kong    is^ 6,555 night.   There will be community  Joseph Lister Rutledge   regular    passenger    and    cargo  rftlles-  New Zealand will be ser- singing and refreshments.   ������ ���:~  flights on the two trans-Pacific  yed ���& a br?njTh service ioi?-  routes shown in the above map,  mS the+thr?^?.. Vancouver-Syd-  adding V tot^of /14.420    route .ney. .route at Fiji.  miles   to   Canada's   international      -  m&  '$m  iiP  %m.  mmm  %mzm  fms  _��S.  %m  mm  g|ig-.iSass4;  air services. 7 :  Now on order for the routes  are pressurized four-engine Can-  adair planes, with a capacity of  40 passengers and tjhree tons of  cargo, mail or express. They will  be manned by experienced trans-  ocean CPA* pilots;^^^Ganadian fP-rc-^  ific inaugurated jwartirhe transatlantic  bomber delivery flights  :e Plans  For Regatta  Joyce Connor  Takes Honors  In Piano Exams  mmm  WORD HAS been received that  ,,. ^.:,   Joyc^Connorf a pupil of -Mrs.  W.  Gf.  Thomas, has passed with  A , __   _ TT r,       -, honors Grade 3 pianoforte exam-  .    taAn      , . ..      ���  .   ,     ... Annua? West' Howe Sound, re- ination held in Vancouver by the  m 1940 and many of. Ats pilots la-   gatta will be held August 14 at Royal  Conservatory of Music of  ter flew four years with the Fer-  Grantham's Landing with compe-  Toronto  ry Command and have since re-  tition for cups, trophies and pri-      JoyceXwho is the 10-year old  turned to the company. zes starting at 11 a.m. >        7 daughter of MrX and" Mrs: J. E:  Operational and service head-     /fe     of the regatta committee Connor, Mdway  Store, Gibsons,  quarters   will   be   at   Vancouver  is> Bruce  Fletcher;  secreta^,  F.  began piano lessons ten months  with  the   CPA's  domestic  over-; Ma^rion,  and treasurer,  _VTrs.  C.  previous   to   the   exafti,   during  :haul work, now being carried out   Cornish.    H;   Harris   heads   the  which7period she lost more than  there,being  transferred tb* Ed-, publicity committee. .     a month's lessons due to illness,  monton.    Canadian   Pacific^ ex-     : Among the trophies up for the  perienced in trans-Pacific travel  competitions  are    the    Hamber  R/^v   Tllrrw^ne '  since  1886,  already has  an  ex- Trophy; 'for  sailing, xBriggs  and v^X^ J-^Wv��d  tensive traffic organization in the Strattbh: Trophy and The" Daily ^Af'JfeiCrCi?!     ;  countries   the   new   flights; will Province  Cup: for senior aggre- ts^^^o ^     7  serve, which places it in a posit- gate pbihts.^Competition ^ ^: K^��^�� ^^ ^reek-  A tragic acci-  ion   to  start   operations  with   .aX events is o^  7minimum of delay and with ifo; week or morey r     7 7 '.XJ I noRn' ^ngust 1 when sht year old  fwasteful expenditure bf Cahad-^.   -The HamB^-Tr^^^ra^ andxx  ^anCoM^rs aoroad; '   ^ ���   ^? start the reg^fa in^emorh^  -Regular  flights  will  probablyXlh  the; afterhbbn ih&re will be ^^^s^r drowned at Elphin-  ,  start hy next summer.   It is fei_: 36 aquatic events including the s*Qn^ ;^c11  Resi>iratory t3ceat:T--K  thfat'an early start is essential il- swimtnihg,  diving,xfancy  diving ^ent .faded  to  revive  him.   He  theXDominion's   position  in  the^ arid relay races. was visitjjig-here with his par-  field of Oriental trade, as well/as      In  the  evening there will be ���nts- ..-   x  p in Its drihubl Bdr^ be-deyelbped   and   maintained,  race by 2 hp: inboards for the  ton on Labor-bdy undera Stratton cup. There  b; Fred T. tate^ He^d of New^ Jf^d fso ^1 be rowboat ^nd outrig-  L     1 X j"      1    - ������ "ii '       1I1 1 :'<"-'it vl,;--'"i v;xu'' j."ii"**"'..'��*' 'ana--Fi]i,' is 7,ot5 miles, and .the- ger raft races.  bulQted cork; which would keep the barrel afloat if it were Great  circle   route  Vancouver-      Prizes will be distributed ar-  MPPe" during its 171 mile trip/ rs spillmg out of the kegrKbdiak-Shemya Island - Tokyo-  ound a bonfire on the beach that vf  0 a.viaoioiA Page Two  THE COAST NEWS; SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, August 6,  194&  Wormwood, one of the chief  ingredients of absinthe, is used as  a tonic.  Matches began to supersede the  old flint and steel, or tinder box,  method of obtaining fire in the  early part of the 19th century.  A_ L. BRUYNEEL  Selma  Pork,  B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mai! Advertising  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  A Complete  Hairdresising  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  RIDING in a street car a couple  of days ago a strange and'  frightening temptation presented  itself to an acquaintance bf mine.  "I was sitting there minding  my own business," he confessed;  "when a girl sat down in front  of me. About 18 or 20, I'd say,  with hair down to her shoulders.  It was sort of dark brown, with  strands of gold in it. One long  curl of hair was kind of detached.  "Remember those stories about  the 'snipper' sniping off hair in  Washington last yejar? That'js  what I. was thinking about. Arid  I  had this razor  in my pocket,  By E. NESTMAN  AT GIBSONS Magistrate McKay  fined Ben Young, Chinese, 26,  $10 and $5 costs for carrying a  rifle without a firearms license.  ��� " At  Port Mellon . Magistrate Mc  Kay fined John McGurrin 19, and  by lack Scott  Marc Teschereau 26, $10 and $5  costs for creating a  disturbance  in Port Mellon July 18.  folks, you need dne: arid you getkindly riiade  coffee  for us- and  it from Our Constable. $1 for male  had lunch with-ois. Too bad a fe^  Town  Permit Pointers���Const.. Peterson advises that anyone building  a "chimney or remodelling an old  one, or installing an oil burner,  must get a permit, either from  him or Fire Marshall Wally Graham, so he warned accordingly.  And don't forget that dog license  release only when he is under the  influence. Then he may be seen  in action, an intense, serious fellow who flings open the oven  door like a torepdo tube, hoarsely  and $2 for female.  ���y It  Women's Legion Notes���A very  nice day was spent by the* ladies  when they met a. representative  from Roberts Creek branch, and  gathered at Sechelt for the annual picnic. Ladies of Sechelt very  BULLDOZER  FOR HIRE  Land Clearing  Basements Excavated  Roads Built, etc:  ALBERT DANROTH  Roberts Creek  more didn't turn out, for it w.  a. perfect  day,  but we  enjoyec  ourselves just taking it easy foj  the day. We all callee. in and vis J  ited our "Ben Lang" in his ne^  store, made him a little hbmesic}  to see so many from Gibsons  Continued on.Page 6 7  Wm. McFadd&ri  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 o.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by  Appointment  Every  day  except Thursday  shouts "Fire One! Fire Two!"  you^c(W~ (SiSTi.ti&ffir cli_^_rig ^nd^rnatically twirls the knobs  stories.   And suddenly I realized- while^ he peers into- an imaginary  ^-#-u  When  Passing  Through  Selma   Park  STOP  AT  I had my hand in my pricket  and Was running my; thumb tip  arid down the razor, tfp arid  down it," he said! again, sloWly.  TSMPtATldif  "It was an awful sensation,"  he went on.   "I kept thinking to  ; myself how easy it Would b&  Just that one single curl of haitf.  Snip! Thatfs all it tfbuld b& I  would sort of leari; oVef iik�� I'dt  , dropped rriy paper and was picking it up. She^d never Xkhoty.  Never krioW. She got off the car,  then," he said. "After a few nun-  periscope gadget.  OH, WELL!  He is a tiny bit bugs, of course,  but harmless, apart frpm increasing his host's electricity bill. He'  is always a happier man ifor getting this out of his system and  I suppose that is why1 he drinks.  With most of us ��� ine repressions  are so firmly locked aWaiy that  they "never seriously bother us.  I have an alriibst pathological  urge myself Tto kick tin cans on  the street, even if it means Walking a few steps out of riiy #ay,  but I have beateri that one into a  Septic Tanks/ Sidewalks, Steps,;  Floors and Concrete Chimneys  * WORKMANSHIP  GUARANTEED  J. SINNOTT  FREE ESTIMATES  Sechelt/ B.C;  Refreshments - Ice Cream.  Soft Drinks - Pies - Cakes  Homecooked Cold Meats  Everything Baked on  Premises  Special Attention Given  To Orders  Ample   Parking   Space,  for Cars  street. .  In some forrii or ariother I  suppose all of us have a need to  lob- a snbwball at a top hat; or  toss the egg ��rito/the whirling  blades of the electric^fari.?^ And  each time We refrain frbni this  need we sacrifice a little Of our  character on the altar of convention. ''"'  Queen of the Kitchen  BRIGGS-STRATTOM  INBOARDS  Evinrude  Outboards  <__* City  Prices %  Also smal I boats and  equipment.  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  utes I was ok. I don't know what       ,     T, . .-..���..��� *. ���.��- -,. -  it was.  Maybe I'd been forking  Pulp-. ����� �� an urge satisfied only  too hard" when  I   walk   alone,   and   after  Since this true-confession hour  ^rtive g^nces up and dbwri the  I have been thinking about the  barber Who gave John L, Lewtfs  the shave.  Did you read about the barber? He. Was the fellb^r wKq  joked with his pals that if n&  ever got Joriri L. into his chair  and off guard he'd sure enough  clip off those famous caterpillar  eyebrows of John L. And; then  Lewis clid actually get into the  barber's chair one day arid of  course, the barber never did cut  off John's eyebrows.  EXPERIENCE. PLUS  I wonder if the barber will  ever be the same again? Perhaps  outwardly. But some tiny thing  has beeri destroyed on the insicje,  a new repression has beeri added  to the less bizarre repressions  that haunt us ill, day to <iay.  In every normal huriiari being  there are compulsions that go  through life throttled, repressed  and tied down with strong ropes,  and, obviously it doesn't do anybody any good.     *  In some men these come out in  alcoholic moments. A friend  of. mine has a passion for playing submarine with electric  stoves,   for   example,   and   fin&s  RELIABLE 24-HOUR SERVICE  :11  Half Moon  Bay, B.C.  Phone Half Moon]  ;" fWr t*^��*)J  Bill Mervyn  ^  v  Prices Reasonable  Estimates  Skilled Workmanship dnd Satislfdctibr. GiVeri  v  50 Years Experience  Bus and' Mail Order Service Gibsons/ B.���.;  Jean MclJbriell, B.C. Electric Co.  "JBfome Stervice"' expert, brings her  wide knowledge of household affairs  to the radio audience each Monday,  Wednesday and Friday morning on  CKWX at 9:45. Housewives throughput the GKWX listeniiag ��rea-p?iarr  __iidi-ig tfie'friendly hints on "Home  Service News" make daily duties  much pleasanter.  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Delnor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetable^  ���Hdwar<}  Drygoods  SHell Oil  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  Your Local Complete Marine  LOG TOWING :^~; YARDING ��� SCOWS ��� DREDGING  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAGl  _-.... . ��� .  U -..   ' . *     ��� X-    :    : _-     . ' X.;    . fc ..; I ^    Special Facilities for Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment      ���.  7 PHONE US COLLECT FOR RATES  .-7.. �� x ^    >  S^lCHEC-t ��� Parr Pearson Agency, Tel. 54 or 37  PENDER HARBOUR���Bill*Donley, c/o Hassan's Store, Tel.  6U.  ���'������:'-v7-'twNAllMO���The Nanaimo Towing Co. Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305 >  GI6S0N.S���M. P. G. McPherson, Tel. 2 A or 7 X  Area Ageht^-Mr. H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6C3  -i Fridfay, August 6,  1948_  THE COAST NEWS; SECHELT, B.-C.  Page Three  By ROBBIE  pTIRST resident to ocupy a house  By  BROWNIE  time in the Shaughnessy Hospital  than he cares to think about and  although a one hundred percent  disability, says he is still holding  his own.  Surprise, happy birthday, that  on  the  new  road   at  Wilsons I  hear,   quite  unofficially the is   what   I  heard  last   Saturday  Preek. will be Mrs. G. Mileson of president of the Board of Trade  eevning as I sat in the midst of  Vancouver,  who will  spend the has written or caused to be writ-  my    not-done    housework.    My  ie.xt.few  weeks  vacationing   in ten, a letter to the powers that surprise guests included Alice and  he new home built by Al Gib- be in connection with a marker  Ted Jackson, Georgia and Eldred  |>ons���for Miss Scott���Mr. Mile- for Mission Point, good work. No  Berry,  Mary  and  Jim Johnston,  on.is expected to join his wife use waiting until the horse bolts,  Kay and Freddie Matthias, Glad-  Birthday   greetings   to   Gladys . ary War.  Royal whose birthday is on Au-      He particularly warned 'against  gust 2, and also to Eldred Berry   'zootleg' fireworks���those not ap-  on August 3, guess we will have  proved by authorities,  to combine the two and have a N. Y. Herald-Tribune  party tb * celebrate.  Well folks, I seem tb have run  out of news again so guess I'll  call a halt to this rambling. Be  seeing you.  bout the August 15.  Mr. and Mrs. L. G. MacDonald  before we lock the door.  ys Royal, May and Tom Matthias,  Kay and Pat Agur, May Smid,  and Sam McBride.  Thanks .to all  Bert    Wright    of    "Dunrovin"  Kind two daughters from Vancour-  Wilsons  Creek has done  roving of VoiT"it was"reallv grand  ^er,   are   spending   a   couple   of for a couple of weeks at least, '  veeks holiday at the cottage own-  arid I believe he intends to stay  by Mrs. Erickson.  Mrs. June Gray and the twins  Judy   and  Richard  arrived July  put   about   April   of   next   year,  A             ���;.���'_.:.'   x.1       ���    ���            . when he will retire. Best of luck 24 to join her husband Dick, who  A  very  enjoyable  picnic  was'Bert is working-here.  seld  during  the  past  week  by .  ^ur neighbours along the water-      Well ,1 saw a crowd gathered Harry (Mac) MacGraw is back  ont. Eric Jones and Stan Arbo  arobnd'a poor half' d6ad fish on witl1 us  aSain  for  an indefinite  .rri,edT ?he, gTTPS t0,.and t^T  the  roadside  last  week.   It  had stay��  Tail Island where, after climb-   apparently got fed up' with things The weatherman turned on the  hg and scrambling all over the in General around and about Davi<; weamerman turned on tne  Hand a b_.<kpf liinrb wa��s p��- "} general arouna ana aDQutiJavis sun rays up here awhile ago, I'm  I Jrr/Lba? Vluncn ^s en" Bay, and like the whale of. old, beginning to believe he his forayed.'After lunch everybody re-   that Jonah  tonka  beatin.? from Def,innil?f to  Deiieve ne nasior  fixed   tnlrf  varn��5 nr hnmmpd  a   ;       Jonan tooK a oeatmg rrom, gotten  how to  turn them down  iixeu, told yarns or hummed a  he    cast    himself    ashore.    The or off  Itty, just waiting until the ferry  youngsters   tugged   him 'around ,    fc  Irvice ^umed.  They returned  for awhile, then threw him back Sam McBride is leaving for a  ���ed but happy, over a very chop-  into the briny. What do you sup- month's holiday,  hope you pick  Bay.    -^^ pose it. was? A shark���two feet  [Mr.  andfMrs^G.  Cully  speiiV ldrig. l^xt Plea^  Very p^ntweekattheBrom-^ _                 ������.�����____ a_  f Su^C^"         nmS                  their young daughter spent a very as his foot is^tiU bothering him  FATAL FIREWORKS  W. Graham Cole, chairman of  the Safety Council of New York,  said the death toll from fireworks  accident is beginning to mount.  About 80 persons a year are  killed by fireworks, he said, and  the total is more ^than the number  of men killed in the Revolution-  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  Welding  ���General Repairs  trine engines  Water Cooled, Air Cooled  Gas or Diesel  PENDER HARBOUR  a   few  Sam.  winners   at   Landsdowrie  Leo Ius stepped on, a nail and  ___________ pleasant week boating and fish-; he will have to go to town for  Mr.   and  Mrs.   T.   T.   Johnison ing at Davis Bay. They stayed a�� medical care.   Sorry to see you  jth   their   daughter   Pat,   are th�� home of Fred's parents.            go, Leo, come back again for a  ^ding^thei^   holidays   at  the Miss XRita   Fletcher's   visit   to visit  ���bo residence. Mr. Johnson re- Vancouver  was  anything  but   a        -            ���    ������   ���  ned to the^city over the week- pleasant one> 0ut 0�� fivesdayS in at Wilson Cfeek. He has purchas-  l, leaving Mrs. Johnson and Pat the city; she appeared before the  ed a home here, and expects to  enjoy another week or so. , dentist three time she says. They be ��ne of us before the end of  iWe were sorry to learn of the are painful people to get along ^�����^ ���*�� 2i?Sf!  lisposition   of  Mrs.   Ted  Nor-  with.;,  irn^hoxwa^ corifined t^her      Major H.  E.  McGee  returned  jpne-for a couple of weeks.^How- from a business trip to Vancou-  coniing up in a few days. Welcome  neighbours.    .  Mrs.  Hicks   of  Wilsons  Creek  fTl WeA*��� ^liX SG-heT tak"  ver ahd is staying at the home  returned  from  the  city,   where,  . u~~ _^��.i-- ,...__i��� ���__��� ..,-.......���*    & along with her mother they acr  eompanied  her  father,   Capt.   J.  her daily walks again.     ,        of m sisfe Mrs   L   g  Jackson.  Mr. ahd Mrs. Norman McBbn-  I'll h^upfor that promised in-  | are spending ^vacation ^<the,. .erview pretty ^pn, Major.  I^^S0^^^^a:^^,t^W^M.    M*^ andxMiC Bob   Kobierski Is doing very.nicely;  right. Norman isi. a.World^yar nnj iw��a^ ffAB nf n\^^uau th,/ &       * J  I" ���������-"'���..���-.,.���$,_f���-,��� . vX-:rU:_���������<:'__y.^%ji.��  ajidTinlant son oi Campbell Kiv-  leteran and belonged to the old x| ..si ** ~   'i~~u ...-:* ���.i*v. 4.U..  .  i**  ���PM~*��*P-**?^*��F  S. Cope, to Shaughnessy Hospital,  the latest report  is the patient  &uo ** v      tr   u +    a,   ^r sperit a  short visit with the      TeW^at story of Mike JackT  pi Battalion. He has spent more latter,g   parentS|   Mr>   and   m^ son. .ami the b^ar la^t^^^k ?eT  TGeorge  Drew  of Wilson  Creek. nundeoXme of a pal I had in the  Mrs. Kobierski is one of our local Arn;y- He told me that just a few  gals-^the"former Trudy Drew,   .������'weeks-.before  he  was  born,  his  7 ������������',���. mother, paid a  visit to the  zoo  Mrs. A.^ jBirkelp is yacatipiiing and when she stood in front of  at |he home oi i/lr. P. iffydska at the bear's cage, said bear made  Wilsons Creek.1 Mrs. Birftelo was a grab arid scratched her.   Well,  a visitor in Norway at the time pf that incidieibt scared his indJher  the invasion  and was forced to so much1 that when he was born,  remain there during ;the occupa- he was born with "bare" feet,  tion years. She is gradually re-  gining her health now.  Whot's Nicer Than A  Delicious  HOME-COOKED MEAL  I AWAY FRpM HOME?  Steaks - Salads - Pies  A SPECIALTY  (English Tea Room  Gibsons, B.C.  TRUE STORY FROM  WAKEFIELD  le came in with4x:an^  and limp,  tent out like a sprang  Nymph.  P.S.���We still have the  cane.  Mrs. Dickie and daughter Shirley are spending a.week at the  The Watkiris man is with us Baird, residence. Also Mrs. Tom  again. Jack McLeod, having re- Rickard and her daughter Ann  tiirried from Vancouver where he are here for a month. Tom will  went to settle up his estate pre- be up this week end to stay for  paratory to taking up residence  about three weeks.  Don't Waste Precious Hours  in Slow Travel!  COLLISON'S  BARBERSHOP  4  Mon.���Closed All. Day  Tues.���9:30 ajri. to 6:00 p-_n.  Wed.���9:30 a.m. to 9:00 pan.  Thur.���8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p��m.  FrL���9:30 a.m. io 9:00 p^n.  Sat.���9:30 a.x_-. to 8:00 p^n.  HAIRCUTS ��� SHAVES  FACIALS ��� SHAMPO0S:  ���Hnuini_iii   im ,iii iihiii  im ____.  m inwrni kii    I  Spfe Economical Seapldhes ��� Experienced Pi lots  AirExpress ��� Charter ��� Sightseeing  ..; ,.7-^,,, ^^^TiwnfteFcrMising  For ^dt^ ir^ Informatipn call  Associated Air Taxi Limited]  ^ >      RICHMOND ^f51  or contact our local agents  PARR  PEARSON   AGENCY  Phone Sechelt 37  g. Mcpherson, gibsons  Phone Gtbsobs 2^A  ��� .��� r-'^j' s'vm f  Cosy Homes and  Home Sites  FOR SALE  WATERFRONT LOTS  Listings of ideally situated waterfront properties from  Pender Harbour to Hopkins Landing,  .     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We ate our lunch at the lings has been increased 100 per-i,  falls and then hiked down CruX: centby treatment withethylene!"  cils road and across the bay to  or  propylene.  n  MR.   AND   Mrs.  F.   W.   Cafe  of  tv/t      t   u _ tv/t .-_      ,j    * t> t.    ottw '���,Mvi,r-��U__,0����*  ���roc  t,^' Andersons.   We  went, in  swim- time required for sugar cane tc  Mrs. Isabel McDonald of Rob-  OUR  weekly ^meetmg^ was  held mi       in     ^   undies   ahd   then  r ^     ^aturity. * -pj  erts Creek is visiting her brother      at  Mrs.  Pearson s on  July 28, packed  wp   and  went. home.     *  Regina are spending their sum-   and family in Seattle.   They are with eight present. We were very Soodliml' wa7 had" by Til' but  mer vacation with their daugh-   welcoming   an  old   friend   from glad  that' so  many   turned   out,  8 w *"_."*"   "y,f  the Phillipines.  ter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.  Ralph Cotton  <       ..     ,���     .       ,..__,___.*_. A speedy recovery to Mrs. J.  The handsome  ehgible  batch- H. Watson who has been laid up,  elor, Keith Wright has his  bro- as a "result" of fall on the beach,  ther  and sister-in-law,  Mr.  and  Mrs.   C.   Wright,' Saskatchewan, The Roberts  Creek  branch of {��� ���,,:������,:���,, *w ft* flir ,-^"._���  Y^E^X^y���staying at ^y^H^^^L ���??-,?.������� a*���..6���.* ^ir-_'7a"  toasted  -Women's education and adult7  education generally, was hardte?  developed at all until. the latter?!  Jupiter, largest of the planets, half of the 19th century. H  ,   _. \TTr^      x, ..   *�� everyone was plenty tired,  but come on you Wilson  Creek -  Guidep!  Brownies are held Wednesday afternoon for sewing, etc.  We ' Guides ; of' Company,' 2 had ��<*$mgi__$^^  a   very   nice   time   at   a   weiher ^  roast held July 23.   We. all went  rn-  ...  ���'r<>  weiners,   lemonade   and  the Davies Cottage. sponsoring a dance to be held in  Glad to see an old-timer of Ro-  the community hall on Saturday, ^^^^r^^ were quite  a few guests. The mothers helped  New Shipment of Materials at  USHER'S YARD   GOODS SHOP  White Spun Rayon  Spun���Red and White Check, Black and White Check  Patterned Plastic Suitable for Curtains, Table Covers  Paper Drapes ��� Unbleached Cotton  GIBSONS, B.C.  f  y Vt .���'. i  .1   pjk. .i �� 3:.'; X,  Buy Meat With Confidence  '���--.!.'���'���������  H,  Kennett  BUTCHER  GIBSONS.  B.C.  Wanted To Buy Livestock and Lire Poultry  Don't Miss the Grandest Musical Picture Ever Made  "i  a*  *���������  In Technicolor���Starring���-     x  Jeanne Grain, Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes  Halfmoon Bay ��� Monday, August 9  Pender Harbour-���Tuesday, August 10  Sechelt���-Wednesday  and  Saturday, August  11,  Bowen Island^���Thursday, August 12  14  //  "Bits ot Wttaiid Wisdom"X  Diplomdcy is to do and sayx    ���  The nastiest thing in the nicest way.  ir  ; IT PAYS TO KEEP CLEAN  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  Gibsons,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  Ice Cream 1!!  Another feature of the1 "Summit General  Store" is  available  to  the  residents of West  Sechelt  NOW  Cones - Bricks - Bars - Revels - Soft Drinks  MILK ��� COLD MEATS ��� GROCERIES  .;>r.___?;,'���  Summit General Score  '*-' ���'��������� ������-V : ��� .  -��eliyeiy- Sfe|^^ only; Lower; lta-i<-l  ''^/..^yyiHL.':  ���'.���''!'���    '-X'-'-X X77'V/'/'.    ���-.-'       ' *���*        ���_��������� :-..--'yy ������'���-  West Sechelt's Neighborhood Grocery  serve the food. Among the guests���* j  were     the     three     policeman's jj  daughters.   We'll have one.more  added to our Guide Company and  two to the Brownies.  Guides   and   Brownies   had   a  splendid  time recently,' July  30,  m  How Will You Have Your Coirifprf?  Af Your Feet oi Course!  Comfort and good looks--pfos rugged stamina is  what discerning people everywhere wont, in shoes.  You Will find your needs in the new shipment at the  LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S, CHILDREN'S SHOES  Tassella Shoppie  i  .,..--.-,- ., -.-,-r,..--, ^                         "That Smdj-t Shop at Sechelt"  on a hike.   We hiked to. Mission ^m^^^^m^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^  Falls. Phyllis Clayton came along '       -"      ' -.:/.��������� ���     - -   ��� ��� -���   ������     ���  ���������    ������ ���  ���".-��������� ������ -  ; Augi*st^<7'* -*P����^_3afe^ Orchestra  will supply the music.;  N Mr. arid Mrs! Jack "Melville Jr.,  | -oi" North Vancouver Syere visiting with Mrs. Jack Melville Sr.;  while she was occupying Davaar  Cottage during her staiy here.  ; Top Road News���Mr. and Mrs.  Bpb Blakeman,, Kathy ai>d Freddy are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred  Blakeman for .tviro weeks.  Mr. Tom Lowney lias; been .visiting Mr. Bill Woods for a few  days before leaving for England  oh a trip.  Connie Gray is spending a few  days with Mr. and" Mrs. E. Olson.  Mrs. Ted . (Oscar). Langston is  back at the Creek after a 10-year  absence, with her daughter Dawn.  Mr. Langston is employed; at i Rotters Camp* Halfmoon, where "his  family, willjoin���., him when th.eir  *!&& iscompleted*3&_^^J_iiig~  stoh hasten honored by friends  who rernexnber her as a bride,  and three young _ ladies staying at  Parker's Hardware  In Village Centre, Sechelt    %^,  August Is Fishin'  Month!  We have a full supply of  tackle, including^���  Millward   Rods  " ��� ��� '���' -.'..-'. ������ ^ ."  Bamboo Rods  AHcock Reels, Spoons  Cutty Hunk, Nylon  ��BUtLDE3RS^ SU?PI4PE��V ��   ym  Gyproc, Tentest,  Kehmoro Board, Cement,  Lime,  Flashing; Rbofirrg, Tdrpqper/^Buildilig <Pojpfer/! Vy  Jt T^Y PARKER S FOR QUALITY AND ECONOMY  dojnie to Vancouver  'Exhibition, time! Enjoy the gala  sights of the City and take ixi  'Western Canada's biggest show. Eleven glamorou  days packed from, beginning to end with thrills.  Jimmy Durarttje stars in the Big Show 4 days  nights (Aug. 25-28). Next week (Aug. 30-Sept. 6) all tl  exciting fun of the,Circu&r���ihe largest indoor  circus i_i the world; Gayrway^bigg;��ar  better than ever-���and shows-48bows^-^8n6w__;!- ''���'���. /  Prize-winning Livestoick, fas^inat|iKg  - Pet Sh^ws; ttdrticulture; Home Arts Displays; Industrial Exhibits,  including the latest deyelopments in farm .oaachinery and   ; W'x  home imp^^^J^^od^m liviikg.' F^sl��ion Show; twice daily.^7  Entertaining oultdwr Majmmoth Opening'""  ,   ..   Poratie���Aug. 25. Bring the family to the Fair!   ;   '. X  <jr^:--y  yi'-S2,\.��.y/ri4i:jCr<  yyyy  **.' ~^<  is^getting siaort:. y .. make sure^ou - submit your entries io^lul  '    immediately! Write for Entry Forms and Prix�� Lists today!  WHtBITION PARK'VANCOUVER'AUGUST 25 TO SEPT 6  ,.-r -,.,���-.���.��� '#t<.v'"-.'>'\>y'-\i   .'>:y.: *fi-;;i-  '-^m  By..v-j.-. W-.7 ^  L^-c-* 'frtday, August 6,  1948.  ���Loiters To The Editor  ft Editor, Coast News.   ��  Dear Sir���I started * to clean  the attic and found a cbpy of the  f Vancouver Daily World, dated  ��June 10th, 1919. It is interesting  " to note the similarity to conditions of the present day. Follow-  4.  ing are some of the headlines.  Winnipeg���"Many, strikers 'are  ready to resume work"; "Asks  Unions to renounce 'Reds'; "Big  strike may tie up trains"; "Seventy-second reach Halifax"; "The  47th Battalion receive warm welcome home". -  Colonial���Mabel Normahd in  "The Venus Model". Broadway���  Blanche Sweet in "Unpardonable  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Page Fiver  I  .  t  NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC  The Howe Sound arid Pender Harbour Taxi Association have applied for new tariff rates. The new rates  may bef checked at the Public Utilities Commission,  Vancouver, B.C.  Any objection to these "new tariff rates may be filed  With the Superintendent of Motor-Carriers, Public  Utilities Commission, Vancouver, B.C., within/pur-  teen (14) days from the date of this issue,-August  6,194By ������������.'   -.  HOWE SOUND AND PENDER HARBOUR  TAXI AND TRUCKERS ASSOCIATION  m FOR SALE  14-foot Pleasure Boat, seating 7. Perfect in every  detail, cov^ea Bow. Ideal for spprt fishing, 3Vz h.p.  Briggs & Strattoh Marine Engine, Orie year old, complete with fishing outfit, anchor and 300 feet of rope.  ?       $450.00  ,,X G. H,Clay, Gibsoni  We Just Want to Give You the Idea  WHEI^jVou n^dJrucM^ yr. ���������xXy'X.  X 1       $m$i^:S^&WP and' Edlund Ltd.  . W^E^y^uno^ .;���, ���,. y .7     -> *\-.-  f   ' v   fiedd for Ahdersbh dhd Ed) unci Ltd.  iWHJEN you rieed. agrease jobrrr-7       77  head' for Andofson; and Edlund Ltd.  WHEN your cooling systeififfaijs L-;   ; ^ ;    r  head for Andorlc^d^  WHEN you need Motor OverhaiLJltng^^:V;'7���/���x.'���..'���':"'^  head fof^dersori and Edlund Ltd.  WHEN you need Brake Adjustment or Steering-4-  head for Anderson and Edlund Ltd.  WHEN you heed Gas���Oil���  X W^ represent SHELL OIL  ANDERSON and EDLUND LTD.  Roberts Creek, B.C, <  Record and Appliance Shop  5;x;:;;''x  TRUST IN THESr  R.C.A. Viqtor^  R.C.A. Victor Little Master, brown  ILG^^^^tir Colored Radios  Come Ift aMl^tit]  R.C.A.   Vrctbr Recordlhg  '.r-r^X  7^iVU.iX_. ;.;?.%k.i;a\:.- &,-&;��� ���'  weil ^x m^JQN&t x$&���  Ly<-,<'y--m-yy   v---   *;>;>���<:; ���-���--���  ���;.ytlt   .-wry    -..-.;���.��� VKv..;i  WILLIAM TELL    :  _?  ��vy 1 ���". v.  XX :\y~- >j_s  Ass^ci^tecl with the Syjr1lS0t7Ho^waJ���^  \ Bus and Wlajl Order Service "  Sin". Quotations from a department store ad in the same paper,  premium hams 53p lb., side bacon  59c lb., butter 57c to 67c lb., eggs  60c and 66c, lard 41c. Clothes are  quite high, although they quote  a bathing suit sale for a dollar  (wool). Times were tough then.  The wages were lower, and the  veteran's pensions were just in  the legislative stage���also no  Family allowances, and the Old  Age Pension smaller and harder  to get. The following is another  itein from the paper: ' .More talk  about; revolution".  It is consoling to find that not  alone in .our own country is the  language of revolution used where  revolution does' not exist. An  English publication, The New  Statesman, finds that with the  exception of the British Isles, no  English speaking country has  come so near "Industrial revolution" as this Dominion.  If by "revolution" , the ��� New  Statesiiian means the overthrow  by violence of constituted government the New Statesman, to  use a colloquialism, is "talking  through its hat". No shch "revol-  iltion" has been * plaiined or  thought of by any considerable  body of Canadians.  . This Dominion is not a South  American republic; it has a system of government which permits of whatever political, Economic or social changes the majority of the people desire to niake.  Revolution in Canada can achieve,  nothing by blood sh^d that peaceful evolution cannot achieve without it. x .."..���',.'���'.  Margaret Alleri  Sechelt. ,  * - , . .  Editor's Note: Overthrow hy  violence of a constituted government would be described $s "political revolution". The New  Statesman referred to "industrial  reyolutioii"^-which��� fi is accepted  as\ meaning ar chahge or alteration"  of system. In Canada's case, the  change has domeXover a fairly  short time from ai* ess��htially agricultural ;nation to-ah: iticfeasihg-  ly .industrial nation. 'Let Reader  Allan read tier history books and  she would know that the Industrial Revolution in Europe lasted  more than 100 years. The New  Statesman was paying a compliment to this Dominion.  BIBLE READING  By EARLE GRAY  O LORD, Thou hast searched me,  and known me. Thou khowest  my downsitting and mine uprising, Thou - understandest my  thought afar off. Thou compas-  sest my path and my lying down,  and art acquainted with all my  ways. For there is not a word  Thou krioweth it altogether. Thou  in my tongue, but, lo, O Lord,  hast beset 'me. behind and before,  and laidXThine, hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot  attain unto it. Whither shall I  go from Thy spirit? or whither  shall I flee from Thy presence?  If I ascend up into heave^ Thou  art there: if I make my bed in  hell, behold Thou are there.  77 PSALM, 139: 1-8, 23, 24  $it$-:  ���'���i-1*-*  BRK3KS  *���'���'".- ;":   . .: :���*'���'''���<��� '-v* *>:!''' -  Concrete Blocks, any size.  j^g^yjofw'f^nt in  yr���^���ctmcte^r'^ '.  G. M. 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Continued from Page 2 that escaped from Norway during   ?e is very pale looking, but no  one time. We miss Ben too, and the time the Germans were there. doubt our good sunshine will soon  remember Ben, if they don't treat It's named Lehare, and quite a remedy that. He tells me his lit-  you right at Sechelt, come on large, odd looking craft. They tie dog was so glad to see him  back to us. brought   several   families   away,  after  his  seven  months  stay  in  ' and landed in St. John. They tell  hospital that .it jumped right up  Legion Branch 109���The car- me tjie-/ cams around Panama on ^1S shoulder, and ran around  nival came and went, it's a good after leaving the folks in St. John! and' around him, made him feel  thing they don't come any more <phe men sailed to Prince Rupert real ����od to be home again,  often. The games of chance fas- an<^ m'ade good in fishing. They Gibsons senior ball players met  cinate a person, specially me. pointed out to people holes in and defeated the Sechelt squad  There were two rides for child- lifeboats that had caught bullets at Gibsons 20-4, on Sunday here,  ren, and they got quite a thrill from guns when they were get- Mr- and Mrs- J�� C. Dill, guests  from them, for the grownups, ting away. One surely has to ad- of Mr- and Mrs. Bushfield. Mr.  there was bingo, and the old mjre sueil a fea^ these people Clay and son-in-law, spent week-  Crown and Anchor, and a slot certainly deserve to succeed ��� end at Saginaw, fishing, they tell  machine.. Well somehow, I could Sorry j couldn't get more data on me he got about 14 trout. There  play one.of those thing all night this j got there too late to get a will be no Queen at the Farmers  or as long as my nickels hung story first hand, but got this from Institute fair, due to lack - of input. Guess it's a good thing the fishermen who had talked to terest the idea has been dropped,  law has banned them, a real pro-  them. ��� Joyce  Connor^  10-year- old dau-  tection.to people like me, for 1 ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Connor of  would be playing them quite of- This 'n That���Mrs. Hull is leav- Midway store, and pupil of Mrs.  ten. Anyway it was for a good ing us about the 15th of August \v. G..Thomas, passed her piano-  ���cause, and. what am I kicking to'go to Vancouver. Mrs. Eileen forte examination with honors in  about, I won on the thing believe  Kane has been appointed as trus-  Grade 3 held in Vancouver. Anyr.  one like a year-old Persian cat?.  Apply Mr, Gardner, he would like  to get a home for it.  .���      ��� x. v-x.V'  Dear Ed-���My announcement of  Dr.   inglis'  new  son   got  mjxed  up with my. note re Mr. Trurnan  going to summer school. Had me  worried for a minute, and with  M.iv Truman away at school. Well  really, you can't do this to us;  Mr. Morrison of Keiit Cottage  passed away  Saturday morning.  'He had been ailing foi* some time.  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  it RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  it GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANqES:  Radios,  .  ^.,. Re^ Machines  * FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  .!���  RAN S FURNITURE  WESTVIEWy B. C. ��� Phone 230  General Electric - Sales and Service  S. Nutter ��� M. Joyce  GIBSONS,  B.C  TRY  Arnolds Coffee Bar  GIBSONS, B.C.  WEEKEND:  Reoprters Rayings���-If you're  not   getting   enough  news   folks  I thesev days it's because it's so hot.  I haven't the energy to run down  ! the news, and if you won't come  arid give me some you can't get  any printed. If you have visitors,  I'd like to know, or any news  that's interesting to other folks:  Always glad to write them up, so  e. let me have, any ; hews items  please. Here it's after midnight  and I'm bhrhing the midnighj oil;  racking my b��rains. trying \to rte-  member all the rieWs I can for the  week; I'll admit this hot weather  has sure got me down. I'll settle  for a real raiiny day right now.  -" '���" ���'���"'���   '���" .���   .VC--"-'.   '--��� ���' ��� y .'���...'   " .   ���' ���  ��� Here's something for your scrap  book, i ������-." ' .  IDEAS ARE DIFFERENT  The proper way for ^manto pray  Said Deacon Lemuel Keyes  And the only 'proper attitude  Is down upon his knees.  jyo, I should say the way to pray  Said Rev. Doctor Wise,  Is   standing   straight   with   outstretched arms  And rapt and upturned eyes.  Oh, no,, no, no, said Elder Snow,  Such posture, is too proud,  A man should pray with eyes fast  closed,  And head correctly bowed.  It seems to me his hands should he  Austerely clasped in front,  With  both thumbs pointing to~  wards the ground  Said Rev. Doctor Blunt,  Las' year I fell iri Hodgkins well  HeddfirsP said Cyrus Brown,  With both my Keels a sticking up  My head a-pintin* down.  An} I made a prayer right then  and there���-. X.'.,'<������ .���"-,������;; ���    .���r.-.  Best prayer I ever said.  The   prayin*est   prayer   I ever  prayed ���'y':>yr''-y;;XX\yK:  x '     Xi  A-standi7i9-"ofo.rajf:rh^ad..yy x '  Goodnight folks.  : .'.....<  Phdiie Gibsons - 26  Luigi _ Boqcherini, JM^ ������H  poser,  -wrote 125   quihtetes,   91  string quaretfes,p%.54 string trids,  20: symphonies,   and   'cello   and  violin pieces. _     _���..��;.��������� 7  The   Egyptian   king,, Rameses  II,  was the "first  to  excavate a ���  canal between the Nile delta and  the Red Sea;. :-    _  m  PENDER  HARBOUR,  B.C.  The old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  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It seems  Jhat the male of the species, fisherman variety, is red about the  fcills. They might as well concede  rhe race to the women, who amble out to the b_;iny for a few odd  ' oments between jobs and bring  l the big ones, while the men,  less  them,   stagger   home  from  hours at sea with only callouses  to show for it.  .The score at the moment of  writing is: women, 6 salmon, men,  2 salmon.  Helen Lowe is the woman  wreathed in smiles and the men?  Well you can tell.them by their  crestfallen expressions, the way  they dodge their fellow men and  slink off by themselves to lick  their wounds.  W,e were ^invited to spend the  day at Stra��fbrd Cafhp and have  supper on the beach.   The little  1  INSURES EVERYTHING  {Including Life)  Aggett Insurance Agencies  Wilson Creek, B.C.  DOLLYS DRESS SHOP  Shop Today the /'Dolly" Way on Our donvenieht  Mail Order-Plan.  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Hansen, Roberts  Creek. 5  campers marched down the road  two by two each carrying a  beach bag containing slacks,  sweater, bathing shoes.and fine  large aluminum cup. Counsellor  Sheila in the lead and Rosemary  bringing up the rear. Lois and  Sonia followed along with the  food.  Arriving at the beach the children placed their bags tidily on  a log and then went off to play  in groups or singly in the alotted  beach area until time for their  daily dip. This procedure was  watched over carefully by all the  counsellors. '��� ' '  By then it w#as time for supper  but  first   they   raised   their  sweet young voices in their regular blessing song:  "Thank  Thee for  the  World  so  ' sweet, *  Thank Thee for the food we eat,  Thank  Thee  for  the  birds  that  sing,  Thank Thee God for everything."  One and all did full justice to  the sandwiches, carrot sticks,  chocolate cake and milk and then  ran off to play some more, a  quiet orderly group, thoroughly  happy and busily content, and  most of them pre-school age.  Half an hour before time to go  they gathered around the counsellors at the water's edge and  there in the special beauty that  comes with the close of day, they  lifted their eager young voices in  action songs, roundelays and  nursery songs, rising finally to*  face the setting sun and finish  their day with Taps. ���  Day is doiie, Gone the sun  From the sea, from the hills, from  the skies,     .  All  is well,  safely  rest,  God  is  nigh.  Then gathering up their beach  bags, partner by the hand, home*  they trudged to their multi-colpr-  e,d and gayly decorated small  bunks, pausing only long enough  for the bedtime candy, tooth  i brush ritual and bedtime story.  Reminded me of my dentist  who used to say, as he reached  for the drill, "Cheer Up, maybe  there's a God after all."  Tom Loney popped in to see  us from Blubber Bay. He is eh-  route to the east where he will  board the Aqiiitania August 18  for England. He expects to be  gone about three months.  This.week, Vivien and Michael,  children of Capt. E. N. H. S. San-  guinetti, S.S. Lake Kootenay, a  freighter now loading in London,  England, will return to their  home in Victoria after spending  several weeks at the Newmans.  These children have done some  extensive travelling in their short  lives. In 19367 when Capt. San-  quinetti was associated with the  Customs at Shanghai Vivien was  born in Hong Kong. Two years  later Michael arrived in Hove,  Sussex, England. Their father  was held in a concentration camp  during the war, journeying to  Victoria after his release, where  he established a home for his  wife arid children.  Following   Mrs.    Sanguinetti's  death iri 1945,  Miss Mavis  Sanguineus came  from England toCr  care for her niece and nephew.  Michael, a student at St. Michael's in Victoria hopes to follow the sea when he reaches  manhood, and comies by liis choice  honestly as he hails from a long  line  of  seafarers.    Admiral Sir  John Tovey. British Home Fleet  is ^n uncle,  Vivi^h; now studying at Nor?  folk House, has chosieii dress, de-  signinjgr as h^r future ciaree'r.  Both children love Roberts  Creek, tiiis b^ing iHeif second  visi��' Here1; ' ,:  Oil fields of the world are ac- to millions of years of heat and  tually graveyards of animals and pressure beneath the earth's sur-  plants which have been subjected  face.  Vooctooism, a pi. imitiye form of  fetish-worship was. f)rdug--t irom  Africa into America and the west  Indies by imported Negro slaves..  GIBSONS - Two Stores - SECHELT  Prescript.��:. 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Judy  was  mute..  flashlight with the unfailing con- "Could be" I mumbled drawing  trariness of its kind,   (when did the sheet over my head.                  nr\%m-o a mTrr a mTAMc.      ���%* ���'���*__.  flashlight  or  fountain  pen  ever Once again I was awakened fry CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. and  hit on  all  cylinders  when  most the  same  cause.  Still  no  sound  By H. I. L.  -_.     .  chelor. >  Miss Hazel Anderson of Hara-\j  ilton Ontario has been the guest ^  of her cousin, Mrs, J. Redman.  By ERDA  AT THE moment I am very am-  dfelilct  our" li^Wiv^Lt^Far needed?)    began    dwindling    to  from  my  little7 henT^God"bfess  rival of a son on July 27th. The COuver to Montreal, then boardingl  fromit.  He has beauty, he has f bout one-match power. A death-  Joey   thought   I   and   thankfully  baby is to be named Craig Doug-, a   transatlantic   T_]_m*_   for   thell  ���rrr      ������it. ^ M*8- J- Mowatt has arived safe-*^  Mrs. W. Gilbertson on the ar-  ly in Scotland flying from Vari-^  i/al   nf  a  son   nn  .mlv  9.7f_v   The* __������___.____. _____   _.___  . -.���!_������-__._5  ly  hush  succeeded  my  fusilade.  went back to sleep.  Tapsy and I went back to bed. At the first streak of dawn I .,       y'\T ��*'        ���  Hardly had my head touched  went out to take stock. The-lamp  ^l^fAl^S"^^l^f  brain and if Mother Nature in  her wisdom chose to endow him  with a most unpleasant weapon  of  his     unsavory   interludes   when "they   ed  cursing all  skunks  and  his-  the  spot reek of skunk?_ It did  occur tory repeated itself. As before I  and   still .does,   btit   Judy   and  mi&- ��  bombarded the bush with all and  family,   now   removed* to   safer  week have been Mrs. C. Prince,  defence, that's her affair," not   the   pillow   than   cries   for   help  still  burned  and beside-it ..Ipey  m^ J ^Bur^sV^rs ^F^ RiS  5, so we can't blame him for   again rent the night. Out I dash-  slept the sleep of the .ust. Pid  J���-   '��� ^r^SnSVa^rS^���^^  a trans-atlantic plane for the.,  British Isles. People are gettmgjf  more arid inore air-minded these |j|  days. Mrs/ Mowatt expects to betfj  away about 3 months.  J. Redman and Bruce arid  Mowatt.  Hey Kids. Don't forget the bi^f  Sports Day August ^3rd at Sel-|,  ma Park. Fun arid prizes for allf'  However it is not his pungency sundry. Throwing in a few handy  quarters are all present and cor-  th�����SJ��- Zhchave left to tSL  Eveiyone invited, young and old*,  which  now  disgruntles  me.   It's sticks of firewood for good mea-  rect. I peters, wno nave lett to taKe  TM afternoon will be given toU  the mischievous side of his char- bUCKb "J.m;wooa .Jr1  s��oa mea    ic_.t. ud their residence m Vancouver.   ...  ���-.. .. ���,.-,_;    ..       ..'.___.?_.. ...   ���'������/sfi  me miscmevoub biue oi nib tnar sure   Why  j  wasn't asphyxiated  acter coupled with an impish in- where    j    stoodj    skunks    alone  telhgence   and   powerful   deter- knew    Deep ce   settled. But  mination.   This   combination   got how   to   mafce   it. permanent   I  the better of me last night   The couldn>t   imagine   till   I   thought  only animal capable of frustrat- of my uttle stable lantern. Most  mg his evil designs was a cat. It night  prowling animals dread a  would be.  SECHELT WEST  light. In I went, got my lantern  We   are   enjoying  wonderfully  sunny weather at last and I be-*     , '        _       , ,.        ..  lieve that I could do a better job  at the Laughlm cottage  up their residence in Vancouver. the  childreri5  the  evening  there!  Mr. F. J. Lenk of Kamloops has will be games etc., for the adults.jij  arrived to join his wife, who is Don't forget to get your tickets on||  -spending a holiday here with her the raffle of a bicycle,  parents Mr. and Mrs. George Bat-  My garden being plagued with  going then fixed It up "near the  at weather forecasting than the      Guests  holidaying  at  Glenda-  earwigs I acquired a pair of young  nest so that it couldn't upset. This  experts  in Vancouver  do,  rely-   loueh, Sechelt, include Miss El-  ������  ��� ���. ^���  ��� -���. ���   _J ��� - ��� -_- _-. ��� _______ T ��� ______________ 1    ��� -i _      __.       __,__. _.__,'_ __ ���_.__> _**���'/* '        ^^        *- '  Mr. and Mrs. T. Darlington and  grandchildren are occupying thef  beach cottage of the Sid McKayf|  for August. * ��� X%  Stfea^ThSffl  d��n*' Ta��SVnt \te^'g We^ ini ��R thAQ Zld Prov%^eth^ of  si^Peel," Miss' B.  WalkerTMfcs i_J!ThS  a Sateh of fern near the ���od    ^ade f S��od ^ob of thinSs retired corns  and bunions.   These have Dorothy Swan, Miss Edith Nel- iJk .Holland arid boys,Fred..ar_#  fhfd   ThSueh  it w      ��j_T5_v neVer hetn kUZ���A  t0 fal1'   * T" son' Mss Edie Horton, Miss Ir-  Jack; Mr.  and Mrs^Wood wit|J  nose I neve? could fitlTtiU o^e      J wa^ just drifting into dream" eve*we have had; so :many visit- ,���ne Jefferson, Miss Mary Smith,  grand-daughter Marion, Mr. an  d^v _S2 nroifdlvlioort    land   when   l   hit   th^   floor   all ors here, arid all the guest hous- Miss Norma Smith, Miss M. Lloyd  Mrs. Mewf Mr. and Mrs. Wilsof.  day she appeared proudly escort-  standing. Judy was shrieking her es including the Sechelt Inn, have of Victoria, Miss L, Cahill of EdX^f Calearv Alberts Mr arid Mrll  mg eight chicks.                                head Qff    Tapsy opened aifap- been  full  to    overflowing    and moritohi   Mr.  and m^GmonT^^^^  MrWM^ S  All went well till around mid-   ologetic eye and stayed where she many turned away.   Had a x.all Murphy, Mr. and-Mrs. M. Kline,   band <>Mrs   McKnight   Mrs   fW  night last night-when I was a-  was, but "Joey" my big torn cat from a real oldtimer, Mrs. Gait Mr.  and Mrs.  Alex'Richardson,  Rogers arid IVfrs  F  Ellis      '      H*  wakened by her shrieks. 'Tapsy',  jumped off the bed and followed, of   Vancouver,   now   staying   at Mr. arid Mrs. Stanley Lane,; Mr.     ^                      ���.'.-'���  my  terrier,  went  to  the  rescue  Have   I  said  that   both-animals Glendalough.   She used to come and  Mrs. A.  MacLeari, Mr.  and      Mf. and Mrs. J. Fisher of Var|  via   the   open   window.    Seizing sleep there? I trust all ultra re- here in the days of Ma Thomson, Mrs. G.Scaife, Mrs. WishaH Mrs. . couver  and  Mr.  and  Mrsl Jacf  bathrobe,-  slippers  and  a  flash-  fined   souls   are   suitably   digus- with Mr. Gait,  Jean,  and Elsie, j.  Swann,  Mrs. P.  Hayries. Mr.  Disriiore and children are holicl  light- I followed hastily through  ted.                            ���          '��� Mr.   Gait   was   connected   with David'. Laverock,  Mr.  Wilf Ste-  aying   at   Seliria,'   obciipyirig  till  the door. By-the time I arrived      "The etc   lamp must have gone Union Steamships and passed on vens of New. Westiriirister.       V    McKillop  cottages.         '  "       ��� ��  on the scene'Judy'the little hen,   out��    j   metered   as   I   got  the about eight years  ago    All the ^_                     _                         ���         /                        __^  literally , sobbing" with, fright, door operi".  was collecting her brood back  into the nest. Tapsy, while derii-  onstrating noisily round a patch  of thick brush which backed into  the fern, evinced no desire to enter it even when invited to do so.  This was most unlike her.  But   no,   the   little   light   was-  burning braVely. Mr. Skunk was  evidently too clever and too determined to be! put off by anything  so harmless as a lamp.  girls are married and have their  homes in Vancouver. She finds  Sechelt very much changed, but  did not say for the better pr not.  We hope to go to the garden tea  at Mrs. Nickson's tomorrow and.  there should be a real good time  of 'Remember When, . .V;Mrs.'  NO PUSSY  For  quite  some  time I   stood  there wondering  what on earth  Galt keeps^  in touch with Mrs.  to do. To collect the distraught  Thomson arid though the latter is  At first I suspected a marauding  hen and all her family was out of  n0w 92  she is still going strong. *  cat.TBuTHon dousing my flashlight,  the question. Short ofr camping on '    7      % ���   7  suppressing Tapsy arid standing  the spot myself T was completely'     Also   hao*   a   call  from  Isabel  very   still,   I .caught   from   the  at a loss till glancing down I saw  Pitchford, on vacation froni the  depths of the brush the curious  a possible solution. Joey had set-   Shaughnessy   Military   Hospital.'  pat-pat-pat-pat  foot-fall,  pecul-  tied  down  in  the  shadows,  his  We spent a very pleasant week-  iar to the alerted skunk. As Tapsy paws tucked into his chest. Ap-  end. ;w  ��� .. lJ:::r:j,^^red-:;;-;;; ���;,���;;���.'.."....'.:��� .1;x'xx  Roberts Creek, Presents  capers <:a^^cai!>s  Doncing and Singing ��� Magic ���-Music  ROBERTS CREEK CO|iM^  SATURDAY, AUGUST 14 -^-8:30 pm.  Adults 75c , Children 35c  would have none of it I opened, parently he had taken charge of  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boot- Tanks, Worm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs   (  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  _*���  Marshall's Hardware  Phone .Gibsons 3-K  Gibsons, B.C.  TOP GRADE QUALITY OILCLOTH  Plain ��� Colored ��� Patterned  45"  _____ 80c per yard  *  5-ft. Step Ladder, $3.25  54" _______ 90c per yard  :64ft:' Step Ladder^ $4.50  y  ���CANNING  SUPPLIES  Best new type^ siquare wide mouth sealers.  ��� "'���������'Easy''to pack.. '���"x';-;x7i  Pints  $1.-55 per doz.    Quarts ._- $1.80 per doz.  Gem Pints, $1.29 per doz.    Gem Qts., $1.55 per doz.  Sales and Service  Hilda Gow was here from  Vancouver and paid us her usual visit. Noticed also Mr. and  Mrs. Hugh Creighton from Victoria with sons Colin and Huglf  having a .Wonderful time swimming. Mrs. . Creighton is a sister  of Mrs. William Youngson of Sechelt. By the way, Betty Young-  son, though still in bed, is very,  much better.  Mrs. Mainer of Rockwood was  agreeably surprised recently with  a huge birthday cake from the  Morrisori's. She received many  birthday gifts from friends and  her family, including a very lovely ring from friend husband.  Congratulations, Mrs. Mainer,  may you have many more in Ser  chelt.  We hear that Amy Archer has  now taken the plunge into matrimony and is Mrs. Al Thorland.  We wish these young people all  the luck in the world and hope  they'��have many years, of happiness before them.  May we offer our sympathy to  Mr.. Gus Crucil in ih^ loss of his*  brother Frank in 7a recent accident. Mr.. Frapk was known to?us:  all and his loss "will be felt hy  all those in the logging industry.  Miss. Eleanor Stevenson^f R;N:,  is on. vacation for two weeks.Xa  guest wil^^^^^ank Frenjca_7 7  . Also visiting: Sechelt .from Ottawa are Mrs. J. McDonald,.Joan,  Lydia and Nancy.   Mrs. McDonald is a sister of Mrs.: Morrison;  of Rockwood Lodge.,      ,  ''"'.' ;.   ' '���  7 ���'r     7        .'     '���.'..  Mr. /and Mrs- Stan 'Cameron  afeliere for the vacation,'staying. I  f  ���,:. yr "���" ' 'Lyryy;y:' '���:  Random Widths  Random Lengths  ���-Cedar  Hemlock  B.C, FIR  SECHELT, BC.  PHONE 42  and THUI&DAYS  Banking-.Hours: 11:00 a.m. fo 4.00 p.m.  efe Banking Serviee Is Provided


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