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 Serving a Progressive and Growing  Ar-ea on B. C's Southern Coast.  Govers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, "Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy-  Island, JPender Harbour, Wilson  . Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins.Landing,  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  PUBL-SKED BY THE COAST NEWS, 3-IMITED  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. Rational Advertising" Office, Powell Silver, B.C.  Vol. Ill ���No. 8  Sechelt, B.C.  Friday,    Sept.    3,    1948  By Erda __  PIOW often one hears people loftily remark that animals cannot reason. That they are guided   merely   by   instinct,   instinct  ���>j0ySmccessiul Reg&fia   ���  */y$F&lDER   HARBQEr=^I^e^es-  _ ^���der Harbor Aquatic  Club met  at Garden Bay Lodge where results tabulated from the Regatta  showed a balance on hand after  all accounts were paid.  The donation from the Community Club is to be returned,  as well as that from the Board  of Trade.  There will be a general meeting September 20, and an invitation is extended to all interested parties to attend. Plans will  be formulated., for. the coming  year. The more members attending and airing views and suggestions for the next regatta, the  SECHELT���For the second time more rapidly it will keep grow-  this   year   the   Lamb   Lumber ing.  5c1 per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  Youth Killei  apparently being something so X dd am_~__.____cmtc u ��� i j __ _: '___X __��� _. x camp at Sechelt Inlet has been Topics of conversation still in-  negligible that only the so-called ARRANGEMENTS are being concluded for the shipment of a the ��cene of a fatal accident. elude the break the regatta got  lower animals can find time for quarter of a million tons of iron ore from Texada Island Garth Kent, 21, of.Truro, N. S., in a sunny day.. The grand re-  it. to Japan which wrll mean re-opening of the long-dormant de- employed   as    chokerman,     was sponse to all events, particularly  When one looks around at the PPsifs there, construction of a.deep-sea wharf, installation of killed instantly by a rolling un- the  decorated boat  pretty mess human reasoning has new mining equipment and chartering, of at least 25 ships        ^**�� <��*�� �����^r*' Z^theTJtl  9n,rm^^f.the Qrrdm9  of. .the contract  for the ^f^Xn^amn ^nfhu?-' and\L* second frize wL Er-  ; made of world affairs, one could  almost wish thatthe.complicated sa!e Qf the 250,000 tons of ore was given  this morning  in f*�� ^Lf^^n^^ V\^^ nie Carpenter's Burnaby Queen"  ���.SSSdKSt aid &S Vancouver with the announcement that final negotiations re, ^ ?Sf S^U^ta-SSSS flyi"g the ^ "*? T* ^  ple instincts attributed to anim-  garding shipment are expected to be concluded this Week. work on a log which  appeared *��������g \^1T^Z  X*^V^?  als   took   its   place.   The   result The contract for the huge undertaking was placed by the to have been fully bucked, they J���   J   matcn   xne   pan   oi  could hardly be more disastrous Japanese Board of Trade with China Mutual  Trading Com- failed to notice one uncompleted      p     ma ���     .  and things might be a great deal pany of Seattle -and was confirmed  by the president of the cut ^hen Jhe  donkeyman  be-  Llldfcy  Clover  more  comfortable  all around. romnnnv   W   I    T po whn  k nrpvntlv   n  Vnnroiiv^r gan  the  llft'  the  Portlon  of  the   ^ . ���*   ��  However,    that,   animals    are comPQn^ w- L-.Leo��� Who is presently in Vancouver log on which    the    boys    were; Saves  Log  Driver  mere tools of primitive urges I '       ���r. >eo said he expected the ore would be shipped to standing  started  to  roll.  Hugh- SECRET COVE_A "near thing"  refuse to admit. I have seen too Japan in Canadian ships.            7 son jumped to  safety  but Kent      ig the begt description of what  many   proofs   to   the   contrary.      The   Texada   Island   property :  did not move fast enough and the happened  to  J   Dennis   hauling  They can and do reason. Here is is  owned by Puget  Sound Ijron Tt   M���x*._. C^JL^ll *���- i_.~-_.n~_, ��� ...���.  ���....u  an instance. Company of San Francisco, but �� QlJUQX u6Cil61I  I suppose the common or g��r4^ ah^option is held b_y D. S, Tait,  den   "Mouse"   would   hardlyxbe Vanc^^ _r  heavy log rolled over him, crush-  log7at the Secret Cove camp of  mg him. Death was instant th%  Fostmp   Construction   Com-  An inquest was held Wednes- on Tuesday afterhoon.  -a  ..-��� ���      +u < u    ��� .-.r.v   . i.ti^   r.T ^.A^*1*!. ? 1S ?��*   ?��WIl      Trailer   brakes  failed   to  hold  credited with a high I.Q. in any said this morning that h^ isac-  Ulflg  JJieS  01 ? the *>ody w+m be returned east and the loaded truck ran out of  man's   world.   Yet .1   have   seeh tmg for the vendors of the rich for   interment  or  if burial  will control  and   crashed    into     the  one  display  as  neat  a  piece  of magnetic   ore ^ TTnlfrnhilJTT AllmOTlf take plaCG her6' brush where a large log ripped  logic as any human being could     "   is   expected  that   a   steady   UIlKUUWIl Alllliclll ,  . the   fender   and   bent   the   cab  in  like , circumstances.   Size   and market   for   Texada   Island   ore      ^r__ ���     . fnT.wclT. orY,    Porpoise Bay back on the truck frame,  fold-  conditions ��� being equal. 7       may  develop  as     result of this DIANNE Harris   17, former, em-  �����F'���?���?���* ing   it   up   completely.    The   log  One   summer   a   family;.7^as mrtial transaction   since   Japan, x Pj^^^^^J^11^11 Steamship  Wharf Starts load shot past the cab to land on  camped near an old house While cut off from its Manchunan su- Company���at -Sechelt  was flown SECHELT_Minor repairs to the the  road.  their new home was being builClPP^ badly heeds  iron  ore  for to     Vancouver     from    Process SEw���Tancf ^d T   Sechelt     Lt result for the driver was a  How  I  came  to  be  one  of  tn^^teel mills _    _     ^^w?1^��^   4? I^Jn   having  been, completed,  the  re- bruised knee and elbow. The re-  party   is  beside   the   P��int,   *ut ^ porters  are trying* to" determine  camping was the right word; as ^^ P^ of Trade calkd ng ed ^ on arrival at   St. �� h to Porp6ise Bay wharf if  he  carries  a  rabbit's  foot or  a  dilapidated building had long ^J,1^?^. *L C?�����n^*���t      <t ^?EL 7_���w.,.   .X .  and concrete is now being pour- if it was the five-leaved clover  been given over to bats, pack rati n^tl^ut it_is not believed pos- She had- been employed as a  and mice to say -nothing . bf Slble that shipping facilities can waitress at Mahbu Club for a  skunks. We used it as little more be. arranged that quickly.  ed for the foundations.  month.  tucked in the windshield of the  cab   that  worked   overtime  that  The ore is to be shipped at the  eat our meals. .    . .  One  evening  we had  finished <luiring  at  Police were told she was taken      Early.  chemists   thought   that particular   afternoon.  than a place wherein to cook and ra^iH^^  istered   nurse   who   kept   radio-  tnree  fiei?eni;s---iire,  water  ann  supper _ft.7a lori a^XS^u_���..*>����. * ^"th to be loaded.      telephone contact with the fam- air-mrsed  rn drfterent  propor  ^^.^m-mu,....-"    o.--.~   whn "T^nt ^ raH^    three elements���fire,  water and      A new variety of rye with 20  least    five    deepsea istere^.nurse^who^ kept   radio-  flk.i_1T1.wrl   -n   H^ffpi!pnt  nrnnor.  sman ears instead of one is be-  dav   snent   in  the   nnen   air���A     There  are  an estimated 4,372, ^ doctor  in  Vancouver  day   spent   m  tne. open   air.   A onn ��^ ^ __ ^_ _��� ^__A     Sundays rain delayed a; plane  tions.  ing cultivated in Russia.  -V.VJ.J  _feip#  E:_r��r>  ^ ^���^^..p.*. - ?>v.._ ��J\r}jf fn^4i��k^^* -..-w -'Wfc*'J-_ _^^��sp.^';V7^?__tT��' ���. <111V"    p'1.* .*~������ ^   _'- ���'. ._:*">,. .���   <^ ."._,; ���'.    iY .-.*��� _-V"'";. 4    ..������;_��� - -   - f    **| .   ' '  - ��� ���   .V    -  SllGgvl UD   feS  naa at ia^t   given iip^tne noisy ,m        about 8 vears' activitv 6n'sPencer, with whom the girl liv-  contest with his boiled egg and i_xf^.^01J* 77ears   activity .on ^ .Wo-'vrtM n-i^c__^ ��������_  " :^sm^  l':#"  ed here, told police she had nev-  complained of being ill.  An inquest may be held.  had^lapsed into a welcome coma. thpr^OJ^:t*1893    16moyions m er complained of being ill.  In deferenec to his tender years    .7l������        to   loy*'. 10��uuu  >����� .OI        -    -   ~ ���   <  ���-���.���..������6.. ,  he had been given'the smallest ^ ��r^^re Tned _?n the 1S"  possible spoon with which to eat. la*d and there have been many -_.,._.        .  Wzz^ed t0 the - and %&^t^J?X Radio-Telephone  Such was the silence that out m^s bave been made. .  of a corner crept a mouse. After-    ,T^ deposits are known to be   A iHq   riiniH  a few tPnt.ativP ^Pnr��ionS tn no- relatively easy to work. J^m*   UUJJ1U  Attend Gibsons Banquet  BOARD OF TRADE  a few tentative excursions to nowhere in" particular and back, it  gained enough confidence to ap- MySfery Explosion  proach the table and proceeded tLuia. t��_.i__itt  to pick up the crumbs. Fortun- oia���eS ^eCWeil  THE KEY to the village of Gib- pathetic to our needs, and prom-  sons   was   presented   to  T.   G. ised   to  help   ^   any  ,^ay  they  Norris, vice-president of the Van- p0Ssibly could. All were delighted  couver Board of Trade at a ban- P^th   scenery and promised that  W.���^T1^ ,   ��� p   ���     ,      .    ^uet in Bal's hal1 at Glbsons.        they would be back again, even  WEDDING bells rang Sunday in      The 30 members of Vancouver though  our   weather  refused   to  Long Beach, Calif., for a Van- and Associated Boards of Trade, co-operate with us, the very   fine  couver  girl  who  said  "yes"  by made the trip to Gibsons aboard boat trjp they enjoyed made up  radio-telephone   to   a   ship's   of- the  luxurious yacht  "Harwood," for   any     unpleasantness     from  ately no. one cherished a. mouse -SECHELT���The  .mysterious   ex- ficer at sea. -through  the courtesy  of, A.     L. weather  complex,   so   we   were   able   to     plosion and subsequent excite-      She was  Miss  Leonora  Dunn,XMcLennan of the UDL (bo-  watch the little creature. ment at the power plant in Se- 27, a secretary with Standard Oil      With  the   group   were   Mayor      Gibsons  Notes���Mr.   and   Mrs.  '      It was. not long before it found chelt on Sunday night has been Co- of B.C. Ltd. Her mother who  (Acting)   George   Miller,   Mayor Clay Chamberlain, visited Loch-  the egg spoon to which a size- the subject of much speculation lives in Sechelt, went south for Goldsworthy    of North Vancou- borough   Inlet  to  see  their  son  able   portion   of  yolk   sti^ 7 Ver, Chris Brown of New West-  and family, then over to Quali-  ^hered. It sampled this and-fou^                                                                                 now  the  wife  of  Chief minster, O. A. Murphy, president cum to visit the Glasford family,  it  good.  It  was   thoroughly  en-     Now it can be told. The start- Officer    Yngvar Hvass    of    SS.  and A.  H. Jarman, secretary of Mrs. Irene    Hunter, Mrs. Cham-  joying itself when some sudden ing  air  line  was  fractured   and Bougainville:                     ' Associated Boards of Trade, Reg berlain's  daughter,  has  just  rethought seemed to strike it. Not the force of the rush of air es- RADIO PROPOSAL Rose,  Secy of Board,  and many turned  from  a  holiday  in   New  fear, for though , it stopped eat- caping     temporarily       deprived      The couple met at a ship's party other, representatives  of Boards- Westminster- I hear that Joe Fifing it made no attempt to bolt.;Bert  Sim of Selma Park of his last December/Recently when he      After dinner entertainment was chett and his wife are due tp re-  It  was obviously debating some hearing.' Sim was on duty at the neared  Los  Angeles,   Hvass   de- provided by C. P. Ballentine, and turn about October 15   from Eng-  issue with itself. Presently after time.                                                     cided not to wait until he.landed then several of the members took land.  Sure  doesn't seem* a year  one   final   nibble   it   caught   the      With  the   aid   of  Roger  Sim- to ask the all-importnat question,  a trip around the village. since they left. Thorburns Garage  tip of the spoon in its teeth arid ming a speedy repair job was ef-%      He called Miss Dunn in Van-      An invitation to visit the yacht is   getting   their  marine   station  attemped  to   drag  it  away.  But fected   and   no   interruption   of couver  by   radio   telephone  and was   given to   the  gathering  by ready for use, pile driver on the  the bowl of the spoon was cur- service resulted from the break, merely asked,   "Will .you marry Alan Campbell, UDL host on the job. They- will be anchoring the  ved, the surface smooth and its       ~                                                      me?" She replied, "Of course."      yacht. Standard oil float there  to ser-  grip   slipped.   It   then  tried   the  C-c_^l1/a|fVv?,f-I^a   lM>_f____e         Skipper Capt-H. Berntzen gave      Many took advantage to visit vice boats-    Our summer visitors  handle end, but though it shift- &&cnei* \jrUlU,e iVOres__ the bride away at St. Luke's Ep- this boat, and envied the Vancou- are   rapidly  leaving  us,   holiday  ed the spoon quite appreciateiy it By Karen Stockwell iscopal Church, then gave a re-  ver members their trip to town in season just  about finished.  Cer-  could not maintairr- its^old for HELLO   Quides!   I   hope   you're ception aboard-ship. it. Addressing the gathering Mr. tainly they haven't had much of  traction purposes. Finally"it haul-  Camp week-end. HONEYMOON CRUISE Norris    expressed   his   gratitude a real vacation with weather as  ed off and sat up" on its haunches      a11 planning to go on the Guide      Their honeymoon? A cruise to to Gibsons and Sechelt members bad as it has been, but it was a  to. study  the  problem.."'.-The   ac-      We  had    our    first    meeting Vancouver.   They'll   arrive  Sept.  for the reception. Mayor .Golds- change anyway,  tion was so human In^ its iriipli- 4ugust 17   to' learn   seriiaphbre-  14. worthy  of North Vancouver,   in      Ernie Drew tells me, that the  cations we would nbt have.been J^bn Cl^ton teaches us and we- his address, intimated to Gibsons Bank  of: Montreal  is ;doing  all  surprised to see scratch. its ^^head are getting along fine,:Lorna Van StilfersPainiul - that he would be very glad-to see that work themselves, he is only  7as-  an   incentive^   to   ideas^ Not KleekxSav^   us   le^^ r��- ���   us obtain the old-car ferries from looking after the cafe-end. The  'long did it remain in doubt how- c^^^ North Vancouver. large cement work job, is a nec-  ^ever, for quickly leaning over; it      * suggest we  should  have  all BILL   Gusman   suffered   painful      In fact he said he would give essity  for  the   vault and   safety  clutched the handle in: the midx our  3^meetings  the  same night      burns to his hands  and arms them to us, as they are definitely deposit  boxes   that  will   be in-   ���  die, lifted the spoon to it<>^ chest because it is too far for some of when a fire   started on the fish-  getting rid of    them, Jim Veitch stalled. Also while on the bank  clasped in its arms, then ran on the-Guides to come three times ing  boat   he   operates,   while   it  our  past     president    told    Mr-  subject girls .  . . the new bank  its   hind    legs    with* incredible a week, .....,:.v.     was   moored at Westview wharf Goldsworthy that he would take .manager is getting married, they  speed to  its  hole. Well bye for this week, you'll recently.  Mr. Gusman was in the him up on that. tell me and will have  his wife  x Here a fresh dilemma present- bear from me next week. act 0f starting the engine when      O.   A. Murphy, iri a short-ad- with him as soon as things are  texl itself. It seemed fully to real-  v    .-. ���      ���������������������     ���       - it is believed a spark from the  dress,   told    us that    our    road all settled around here. Just thot  Me that the slippery spoon must youngest' member   present   elec- motor   ignited     gasoline     fumes troubles were something that all you   girls   would  like  to  know-  J be  pushed,   not   pulled,   through ted  to  come but  of his  trance, causing a sudden flash of flame,  were suffering from, and firmly See our new neighbor Mr. Richie  the small entrance. This it pro- Seeing  his  spoonXbeing spirited Mr. Gusman, although his hands believed that they Would be rem- from Halfmoon, moved down here  ceeded  laboriously  to  get  done, away he shouted "Hi", or words - were  severely  burned,  managed  edied   in  the  near   future,   that house and all. He has moved into  bowl   first,   evidently   reasoning to that effect, and hurled an tin- to extinguish the  fire with the work for our district was on the (Continuped  on Page  4)  that if the widest portion made fortunately   handy   fork   in   the assistance of wharf workers and agenda,   and   that   believe   it   or  the grade  the rest would easily general   direction   of ^operations, their    fire    extinguishing equip- not  bur  roads  were   good   com- P   :  follow. The tiny engineer promptly van- ment before  much  damage  was pared  to  other  sections  of. B.C- 7L v   :  .-���  It. was at this moment that the ished. done to the craft. Vancouver Board was very sym- _  0 H VIH0I0IA  IHVHSn rlVIO_lI_\QHd- Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  3/1948  Editor, Powell River News.  SIR���On September 14th hundreds of citizens of the two  cities of Alberni and Port Al-  berni and the district surrounding will exercise their democratic privilege of becoming a part  of the government and will hold  a monster meeting to discuss the  crisis of the present high cost  of living in Canada. This meeting, sponsored by the Ratepayers>  Associations of the Alberni District has the support of numerous* organizations of the Valley and of both City Councils  and   is   non-political   insofar   as  MURDOCK'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compore Our Prices!  Delnor Frozen Foods  ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh. Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  many of both supporters and  opponents of the present government are interested in this meeting. Protests, criticisms and advice will be formulated and passed on to the government.  We feel that only through the  people of many localities taking  an interest in this serious problem, its causes and effects, its  dangers to our governmental privileges, its possible solution  through advice to, and action  taken by, our present government, etc., can our country stave  off a more serious situation than  already exists.  We therefore seek to have  other communities take up this  study also and would seek your  valuable   co-operation  in  trying  to arouse your communities to  form meetings of similar type  and at approximately the same  time.  Thanking you for any co-operr  ation that you can give, we remain, on behalf of the many organizations supporting this movement,  The Port Alberni Ratepayers'  Association,  Fergy Glenn, Secretary  beard . . . or is just till the new  plumbing is in the house. More  We   hear   on   good   authority about it later.   The beard, that  that Bob Cook is growing a full is.  FOR RENT���3 room Duplex. Suitable for elderly  couple, or couple with  baby- Apply Mrs. Reid*, Wilson Creek, Box "R", Trading Post.  Just 10 minutes to Salmon Rock where the fish really bite.  BOAT RENTALS ���  v    TACKLE  FOR  RENT  WATER TAXI  BAIT  SUPPLY  GUIDE   SERVICE  AIRTAXI  Fresh water fishing trips by air arranged.  Phone Gibsons. 2J, for full information. ,  COLLISON'S BARBER SHOP  SECHELT  MONDAY ��� CLOSED ALL DAY  Thursday ��� 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m-  Wednesday -��� 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p-m.  Thursday ��� 9:30 a.m. io 6:00 p.m.  Friday ��� 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Saturday ��� 9:30 a-m. io 8:00 p.m.  HAIRCUTS  SHAVES ��� FACIALS ��� SHAMPOOS  HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c.  The old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  FISH BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUALITY ��� SERVICE ��� VALUE  Af HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  SAWMILL  EQUIPMENT  "Little Giant" Portable  Sawmills with 3 sizes in carriages, "Little Giant" Ed-  gers, for 2 and 3 saw arrangement and the "Little  Giant" Improved 4 sided  ball bearing Planer complete with heads, knives,  belts and shavings exhauster.  IN STOCK AND  READY TO SHIP  We carry a complete line  of Dodge Steel Split Pulleys,  Steel Belt Lacing, Ball Bearings, Saws, and Power Units  both Gasoline and Diesel.  Truck Winches, Boomers,  Power Take-offs and Steel  Cable.  Your inquiries will receive  prompt attention.  MACHINERY  DEPOT LTD.  1029-39 Tenth Ave. West  Calgary, Alberta  3__E_-*_iif?  ��&&��M  Oil*1  ea<  Ton  rfl!#  <Sfl  EVER try to get past a big excavation job without stopping to watch? Fascinating, isn't it? Look at Tom Power  in thfe cab of the giant powei^shOvel ^hich devours earth  in. two-ton bites. Tom's 7a skilled operator, vrorth  every cent of the $60^80 he earns each week.  HE couldn't make that much on a pick-and-shovel gang.  He'd be paid less for each hour's work because he'd  accomplish less. However hard he worked with a pick,  Tom alone would never be able to save enough  to buy that power shovel, to increase his  earning power and his wages.  feZSt  ^J9ftS__  v  i  BUYING equipment and tools . ��� .oftenmany thousands  of. dollars worth per man �� . . is the job of a company  which can raise capital. Machinery and tools get the jot  done more quickly at-lower cost and enable Tom  and his fellow employees to earn more  ���   V   ���    because    they    produce    more.  rhis advertisement is not published  Dr displayed by the Liquor Control  Board or by the Government or  British Columbia.  TOM'S power shovel and higher wages are the result of a  free system in which men have the incentive to seek better  ways of increasing production at lower cost. This system,  we believe, offers the greatest rewards, the  highest standards of living, the ^best job- 7_<  security and freedom of opportunity.  S*'  Going ^f0ad$  withJBiC*  Standard O  This series is presented by the people of Standard of B.C. and  our associates, the independent Chevron Dealers, to discuss  the part we play in the development of British Columbia,  and our faith in the future of this province under the free  opportunity system,. Please send your suggestions or  criticisms to: President, Standard Oil Company of British  Columbia   Limited,   Marine    Building,    Vancouver,   B.C.  S-3  ,. I*-"' f ,r Friday,    Sept.    3,    1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  By PEARL PUNNETT  MISS Mona Vernon of the Evergreen Stables put on a very  successful "gymkhana on August  29. The results are not at hand  just now, but one. thing we do  know, the weatherman was very  co-operative ^ and the afternoon  was fine and sunny.  The Kamp Kids had a regatta  planned for August 28, but owing  ,to the bad weather it has been  cancelled for this year. So many  of their activities this summer  were dampened. Its certainly a  wonderful thing that "Doctor"  Tom Smith has organized for the  young folks of Bowen, residents  and visitors alike.  r ��� ' X *>  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Enright and  family are vacationing at Bowen.  Mr. Bert James was taken  down to Shaughnessy Hospital  last week. Hope its not too serious and that he will soon be  home again. 7  Mr. Fred Billington has given  up his job as estate agent for  the Union Estates and is starting logging here in partnership  with Art Dorman. Good luck fellas.  Mr. C. Dedman who is manager,, of Bowen Inn is taking over  as Estate Agent when the. Innr.  closes for the season. ^  ByROBBIS  MR. AND Mrs. Teddy Cole are  visiting with their daughter  and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.  Jack McNutt. We were very  sorry to learn of Mrs. McNutt's  illness. It was feared that she  had contacted pneumonia with  her high temperature. However,  the doctor stated his patient was  improving. So here's wishing her  lots of luck.-  Mike Jackson is a very proud  father of a baby girl born on the  27th at Pender, and all reports  indicate that Mrs. Jackson and  baby are doing real well. Mike's  stock of cigars has run out by  now, and anyway, he's off fishing.  Madame Edith Levers-Hawes  whose name has ranked among  tlie top notch singers in Vancouver for many years has spent  several weeks vacation with Mrs.  Sanson in Wilson Creek. Mrs.  Hawes sang two solos, "In the  Garden" and "My Task" at St.  John's Church, Davis Bay. Mrs.  Sanson was accompanist.  -   7 v      '    '  Mrs. Jack Baird is this week's  soloist at St. John's and her  choice is "How Lovely are Thy  Dwellings", and "O Rest in the  Lo��d��- _v_;  By  BROWNIE  WELL here it is another mail  day and as usual I'm doing a  last minute rush. My youngest  brother, Jack Graham and his  bride Jenna have been visiting  us for the - past two weeks, at  the   moment   they   are   getting  *  months holiday with their grandmother.  Mr. and Mrs. Lofthouse of  Vancouver are holidaying at the  Reid residence and plan to return home in a few days.  Still another house is being erected on the new road at Davis  Bay. This time for Rev. and Mrs.  Thompson from Vancouver. Mrs.  Thompson is a sister of Ronnie  Whittaker  of the  Trading Post.  Here's a chance for aspiring  or budding young actors and actresses. Last fall, very late, several persons in this district stated they would like to "belong to  a dramatic club. Well, I have a  lead to just that. And I would  suggest you place your names in  Box "R" Trading Ppst, if you  are still interested. I have nothing to do with this project, so  don't be misled.  So long for now.  ready to leave on today's boat for  Vancouver and then on to their  new home in Bellingham, Wash.  Gladys and Chuck Royal and  sons Wayne and David are leaving today for a three-week holiday, part of which will be spent*  at   Penticton   visiting   Mr.   and  Mrs. Davis, parents of Gladys.  June and Dick Gray and the  twins Judy and Richard leave  today for their home at Wilson  Creek.  (Continued on Page 5)  Don't Waste Precious Hours  in Slow Travel!  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Express ��� Charter ��� Sightseeing  Timbercruising  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited]  RICHMOND 1551  or contact our local agents  PARR  PEARSON   AGENCY  Phone Sechelt 37  p. g. Mcpherson, gibsons  Phone Gibsons 2-A  SELMA PARK  By H. I. L.  OWING to our recent inclement  and most unusual weather quite  a-number of our summer visitors went back to town. Even  the fishing is not good this year.  As far as I can see the only  good feature about the rains was  that they laid 'the dust, but then,  look at the holes? I guess you  just can't win.  ^ ��� Miv^nd^Mrs. Lurid are staying  at the home of her mother Mrs.  George Wright, but expect to  return to the city in time to take  Georgie (Wright) Lund to school  for the first time.  The V.O.N. beach party was  quite a success at Wilsons Creek.  The .swapping of yarns and singing the old familiar choruses and  selling of hot-dogs was the means  of raising $15 for the local branch  of -that order. Nice going gang;.  Mr. Yewdall, Mr. Lofthouse  and Mrs. J. Baird. led the community singing.  Sorry to report that Mrs. J. Mr. arid Mrs. Harry Morley  Redman is a patient in the Van- have gone to the city for a few  couver General Hospital, Best.pf days, and will stay with their  luck Lee, and a speedy recovery, daughter.  Miss ,EU. Williams,_vwljp;T,spent,  th# past   week   as   a   guest   at  I "Glendalough";      spent     Friday  here .with Mrs. J. E. Lee, who  is an old friend of hers7  Mrs. Gladys Peers of Burnaby.  has been the guest of Mr. and  Mrs. S. McKay for a few days.  Our sympathy goes to Mrs. F.  D. Rice, in the passing of her  sister  in Toronto.  Our' local beauty parlor is  closed until the latter part of  September, the Jonas's having  gone to Toba Inlet.  A very enjoyable evening was  given to friends and-residents of  Selma Park, through the kindness and generosity of Mrs. H.  Neal, who loaned Selma Lodge  for the occasion and Mr. B. C.  Cool. Mr; Cool is an enthusiastic  amateur photographer, and gave  of his time and talent to show us  reels of colored film. Two of  Banff and neighboring territory  and one of Selma Park and vicinity. The latter film having taken a prize for interest and beauty  in Calgary. After the films,  bingo was enjoyed, refreshments  were' served and a sing-song ended  a  most   enjoyable  evening.  At 10 o'clock the bicycle raffle was drawn, ticket No. 10027  being the lucky one. The owner,  Mrs. Salisbury, is one of our  summer  visitors. .;        7  Proceeds of the bingo and raf-  ri vMrs. c; J. Bacon r of Vicpria .. is  spending her holiday at the Norburn cottage. Her sister and two  daughters Darlene and Cheryl  have spent the last weeh; at Wilsons.  By the time this goes to press,  we will have welcomed another  permanent resident at the Creek.  Mr. H. Lucken reported recently  in this column. Harry has purchased the Walker properties���  and will settle there Labour Day.  Very appropriate date, I'm sure.  Shirley, Mirna and Darrall  Reid grandchildren of Mrs. G.  Reid of "Shirmadale", Wilsons  Creek returned to their home in  Victoria after spending a happy  fie were for the Community  Centre, It is hoped that when  we get bur hall, many more such  evenings can be enjoyed, as even  the largest homes cannot accomodate eyeryone. As well as to  Mrs. Neal and Mr. Cool ouy  thanks go to Mrs. T. Murphy,  who introduced Mr. Cool, Miss A.  O'Drescall who presided^ at the  piano, to Mr. J. Redman who  donated the coffee, -Malkins Limited for a donation to the bingo  and the committee for the refreshments and help.  Mr. and Mrs.. J/Finlayson have  returned from their trip to Toronto, just on time to escape the  heat wave-in the east.  1845 and Now! Our Plant Pathologist says:  "B.C. Potato Crop  I.'.Y  x:^x"x '���m��i___m,.-,^  with Late Blight!"  The same disease that caused the  famine in Ireland about one hundred years ago.  Late Blight, a Wet weather disease,  is widespread, in many areas in the  interior for.the first time.  Prompt action, even now, can do  much to protect tubers from rotting.  CONSULT District Agriculturists, Horticulturists, Agents of the Marketing  Boards and the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Victoria. Listen to  the Farm Broadcast on CBR each day.  ���  British Columbia Department of Agriculture  VICTORIA, B.C.  J. B. Munro, M.B.E.  Deputy Minister.  Hon. Frank Putnam,  Minister.  _e  SJI!  IIITHI  IIMHIIIHIIIHHIIIIII  1  FAST HOWE SOUND FREIGHT SERVICE  M/V^Squamish Queen''sails from THURSDAY and  FRIDAY and dis  charges cargo the following morning at:  Gibsons Landing, ~- Arrival 8:00 a.m.  Seaside Park _____ Arrival 7:30 a.m.  Port Mellon, _- Arrival    8:00 a.m.  McNab Creek, _.  Woodfibre,."������-  Squamish, ----------  Arrival 9:00 a.m.  Arrival 10:00 a.m.  Arrival  10:30 a.m.  Britannia Beach, Arrival   11.30 a.m.  Furry Creek,  Arrival   12:00 noon  Special  Calls by Arrangement  Continuous reception of freight at Evans Coleman and Evans,  Shed No. 6 throughout the week, Mopday to Friday, 8:00 am.  to5:00p.m.   x.  1    Careful   Handling���Heavy   Lift   Gear���Automobile   Facilities  FRIDAY NIGHT SAILING to Howe Sound continues to Pender  .Harbour, We'stview (Powell River) and all points in Sechelt Inlet  and Jervis Inlet.  MARINE  XMiESS  LIMES  LIMIT  Ft. Columbia Street, Vancouver, B.C.  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We maintain the old  price and Grade A quality. ,  Village Meat Market and Delicatessen  Phone Sechelt  56  Bus  Service  STOP  WHEN ON YOUR WAY TO GIBSONS VISIT  THE WOOL  SHOP  for advice on your knitting problems  Wheeling Yarn for heavy school sweaters, 4 oz. for ��� 59c  Briarcliffe Afghan, Yarn, 3. ply in 11 different colors.  2 oz. for -7 _- ���X . ., 45c  Crochet and Knitting cotton (350 yards) - ��� only 29c  Boys' Grey Flannel School Shirts, size 12 to UVz $1-65  Men's Super Quality Flannel Nightgowns  $2.95  Ladies' Print Housedresses, superb quality. $2.50 to $3.50  Girls' Slips, reg- $1.39, to clear.-  $1.10  Girls' Briefs and Vests, each __I  ���___ 59c  THE WOOL SHOP  Bus Service  Bt/fLP/    UTILITY BUILDINGS  ^   SUMMER CAMPS  GARAGES  fyf /ess���  tb/s esstf  ��B7  im  Almost any building that can be'erected on a lj2,,16 or  20 ft, wide foundation with any length a multiple of  4 ft., can be quickly and economically erected with  low-cost, factory-made "unitized" panels. You can  build general utility buildings, summer camp*,  garages at a fraction of the cost of ordinary building  methods.  No previous construction experience needed to erect  these buildings. Easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions are supplied..  Made by the manufacturers of the famous MULTk  FLEX homes.  IL THOMPSON  Agent, Halfmoon Bay,, B.C.  SELMA  PARK  STORE  "WHERE YOUR  DOLLAR BUYS MORE"  Marshall Wells Paints  DELNOR FROZEN  FOODS  Fresh Fruits and  Vegetables  MORE ABOUT  Board of Trade  (Continued from Page 1)  the bay area, and clearing away  trees with great gusto, so that  he will have a view of the sea.  Mr- Richie, with his construction  equipment will be a valuable asset to the community. I hear that  .Pat Doyle has been shopping  around the district, with an eye  to opening a dancing school, this  should: be interesting to young  people. Also that a junior member  of a prominent law firm in Van-  couve     tndptshang  eni,r  couver, intends to hang out his  shingle here in near future. Hear  that after Labor day, our local  picture show will only have one  show a week, Tuesdays, kind of  tough on high school students  who have to study, don't you  think?  How are the chrysanthemums  coming  along,  hear we will  be  having a mum show here this fall.  My poor mums have grown, but  can't find any bud^  I think the  bugs have gpt the'buds again this  year,   and  I  took  such  care   of  them.   Guess I'll never  make  a  j mum grower. Our Capt. Metcalfe  wants  to know where  everyone  gets the idea that this is a Peninsula., so if you have it figured out  that way, contact him and he'll  explain how he explained it  to  me,   and we're  definitely  not  a  peninsula. Really admired  those  tuber  begonias   that   our   neighbors  from  the   Creek   exhibited  here at the fair- They tell me they  are not for sale. Well in a couple  more days they'll be    back    to  school, and then peace and quiet  will reign. Be kind of strange to  be on, your  own all  day  again,  gonna miss them for a few days  until we get used to the  quiet.  One of our teachers here says he's -j  not ready to go back: Just beginning    to    enjoy    his    vacation.  There'll  be   a   lot   of   beginners  again this   year,    we    certainly  could stand a    real    nice    new  school, but that's a dream for the  future, and we can still dream.  Visitors. There are visitors and;  visitors,  last week end, we had:  some   very   obnoxious   ones... A  group of young hoodlums came;  up in a yacht flying the pennant;  of j one of .the better yacht' clubs.  of Vancouver. They proceeded to  make a grand mess of the community hall after the windup of  the fair, then came down town,  and  tore up  traffic   signs,   also-  tore down the sign off the wharf,  lit bonfires at end of the wharf,:  land in general proved to be real  hooligans.   Beat   up   one   young  chap here, and at time of going  to press a charge against two of  the youths is pending.  Now we are a peaceful community, and I say we welcome  visitors, but definitely not this  kind, arid if they should return  I'm afraid they'll get a warm  reception, from some very indignant citizens. It is; hard to understand why reputable young men,  should spend a weekend to sail  up to sojne small place, and let  loose in this way;  Liquor is one of the excuses-  "They don't know what they're  doing." This is also a sad commentary on young people today.  What do they want from life, or  do they really know. I suppose  they will blame the war and  many other things- We wonder if  these   young   people   had   more  constructive things to keep them  busy they wouldn't have to find  such escapades to use that excess energy in. What is the solution? I'd certainly not be too  proud if any of these boys were  one of my sons. Well, I'll say  goodnight with this thought. Because vice is expensive, and being good is cheap, some folks are  not bad. Be seeing you.  MR. AND Mrs! J&ck Lowden  are celebrating their 25th wedding annivserary Sept. 5th. Their  daughter and son-in-law, Mr.  and Mrs. Joe Matwiv of Port Alberni will be with them-to cele-,.  brate their 2nd wedding' anniversary. A celebration will be held  with members of their immediate  family. Mrs. Lowden is the daughter of Mr. ArmOur, one of the  original pioneers of Gibsons,  who today, is still very active  around  the  village.-       "  We wish them our very best  wishes and hope they may celebrate many many" more in our  midst.   ' . - ��� /.  New York City originally was  the island of Manhattan, but  now includes an area with a  radius of about 25. miles.  rf���  m^^*^.^^  I  Marshall's Hardware  ���.���'".���:-������������ ..������       .   -  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone Gibsons 33  RANGES  Gleaming  White  Enamel  Coal gnd wood, polished steel top.  with high shelf and water front.  $117.95    $139.75     $159.50     $197.75  Also���-1 Gurney 502 Quebec Heater ���__.  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C_  Page Hive  MORE ABOUT  Continued from Page 3  A] ice and Ted Jackson and son  Edward left last Wednesday by left Thursday morning by plane  plane for a week ,or so in Van- for the city, from there they go  couver. on a hunting trip to the Cariboo  Chris   Smith  and  Stan Dodds KSla5��*   ^^   *   *****  In Village  SUGGESTIONS FOR FALL COMFORT  Airtight Heaters  Kitchen Ranges  Weather Stripping  Electric Heaters  Electric Hot Pads'  *.  For your winter pleasure  we have a full line of  ��� Cross ley Radios-��� Both  mantel and console mod-  els.  _>  Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle  Last Saturday, August 2,1, we  had a surprise party for Georgia  Berry to celebrate her birthday.  A sing-song was enjoyed by all.  The weatherman has been in  a real bad mood for the past  week or six, rain, rain, and then  for a change, more rain, if this  keeps Up the boys will have to  start carrying water wings and  oars for the trucks.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish success to W.  A. Graham who has recently  started writing a column for the  Ladner Optimist, nice going. Dad.  Deepest sympathy goes to May  Smid whose sister died following   an  operation.  See you next week.  P. S. It's still raining.  We have been to d ��� busy to change  our ad.  .  G  MOTORS  PRODUCTS  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK, B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  DANCE  Old and Modern Dance Music  by      '  .       FRANK GAY  Recently from London, England, and his  Gay Troubadours  in the  SECHELT PAVILION  SATURDAY, SEPT. 4  at 9 p.m.  Admission 75c  DIRECTORY  BEER BOTTLES  INSURANCE  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  R.  H. STROSHEIN  Wilson   Creek  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurances  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  TAXI  REAL ESTATE  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Office  Sechelt  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  ..��  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula1  Marshall'sHardware  Phone Gibson���33  RAD-O SERVICE  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  PENDER HARBOUR   By SUE ELLA  Miss E. Turner of Sechelt has  been visiting with Mrs. Fred  Brooks for the past week.  Miss Jean Musgrave has returned home after spending the  summer with Mr. and Mrs. Eric  Brenton.  Mr.' Bob Lee, Garden Bay, returned'home Monday with a new  baby  daughter.  Mrs. J. Spangler and John returned to Vancouver Friday after a holiday in Pender Harbor.  . Mr. and Mrs. ,Philip Groves  and sons Ricky and Peter of  Portland and Miss Mary Oxford  of Winnipeg are house guests of  Mr. and Mrs. J.' W. Potts;  Mrs.. Bidlake and Miss Helen  Bidlake are enjoying holidays at  Garden Bay.  The Pender Harbour committee v of the Sechelt Peninsula  Board of Trade are planning a <  dinner at the Pender Harbour  Lodge September 27th. Purpose  of the affair is a drive for^ membership and to acquaint the people with the aims and objects of  the Board of Trade. Mr. Royal  Murdoch is chairman.  Mrs. Campbell and daughter  Eleanor have returned to Vancouver after a visit at Garden  Bay.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berger of  San Diego, Cal., were guests of  Mr. and Mrs. H. Sparling over  the regatta week-end.  Rev. John Antle aboard the  Reverie has been docked in the  Harbour  the  past  week.  Mr. O. Slattery was a visitor  to   Vancouver   Tuesday.  Mr. Pike returned to Vancouver after a two-week holiday at  the  Harbour.  Hassan's* Store is installing a  complete refrigeration unit in  the way of a showcase and walk-  in box. Mr. Pat McCallum is  helping with the installation.  Dr.  and Mrs.  Vollans  return-  Continued on Page 8  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and'  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  Use "News" Ad-Briefs To Sell, Buy, Rent  Auto Radio Sales  Service.   Installations.  HOWE SOUND TRADING CO. LTD.  GIBSONS, B.C.  Wxt ���oast Kjetus  4 L A S S11 I ED  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words" above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  ABLETTS  Plumbing and heating installations,   repairs.   Hot   water  heating. Contracts.  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Come to  anyhow  MISCELLANEOUS  WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make  slip covers, supply materials  and do take pride in our workmanship. Free estimates. Usher's  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.  .������������". tfn  MISCELLANEOUS��� ~  LET   US   rebuild   and   upholster  your    favorite    chair.    Usher's  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.  .   , - tf  FOR RENT-  THREE room furnished house  with complete bathroom, electricity, hot water, to adults only,  preferably middle-aged, from  October to March. Mrs.'R. Mitchell, Roberts Creek. 1  FOR SALE��� ~~~  TWIN beds, practically new, at  bargain price for quick sale.  .$48.50 including mattresses. Apply Mrs. D. Kennedy, RR 1, Gibsons,  Upper Road. 18  FR SALE���  12 FT. CLINKER built boat, with  2% h.p. Briggs and Stratton  engine. Like new. Purchased last  year, price $275. Apply P. C.  Nicholson, Kuchinka*s Camp,  Jervis Inlet, B.C. 1,8  FOR   SALE��� ~~~       ~  FAWCETT Beaverbrook enamelled stove, silver and red trim.  First class condition, reasonable.  Apply Mrs. Edwin Husley, Gibsons, B.C. 1  FOR SALE��� "  THREE * waterfront cottages,  close to pier. Electric light,  running water, furniture, garden  fruit tress, boathouse, stonehouse  etc. Good revenue producing property. Mrs. F. McMahon, Roberts  Creek. 18  FOR SALE���  10-15 CLETRAC with power, take  off (gas). $525. 18 h.p. Case  tractor in running condition,  $200.00 26 ft. (R.I.) type sikff. 4  h.p. engine in running condition,  snap $350. 4 room house (20 x 36)  with bathroom and pantry on  40 x 60 float. In good condition.  Snap $1800. Furniture at cost.  13 acre homesite on good bay,  anchorage, good land. Apply B.  Donley,   Pender; Harbour. 8  FOR SALE���  1937  LINCOLN Zephyr in good  running condition, with heater,  $850.   R.   D.   Brewis,   Halfmoon  Bay. 18  FOR SALE-  KITCHEN   range,   all   enamel���  McLary   "Royal   Escort"   with  reservoir. Apply Constable Gray,  Sechelt,   B.C. 9  FOlt SALE���  SPORRIE all steel range. 6 ft.  long, 2 ovens. Electric oil burner installed. Suitable for logging  camp, cannery or hotel. Apply  Merry Ern Cafe, Gibsons, B.C-, 9  FOR RENT���  SEA-FRONT  cottage,   furnished,  light,  water.  Close  in.  Adults  only.   Peninsula  Realty,   Roberts  Creek. 18  FOR SALE  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to  or from Vancouver. Low rates.  Fast   service.   Careful   handling.  Specify Gulf Lines  Express,    tf  FOR SALE���  18-FOOT FISHING boat, 5 n.p.  Briggs inboard, cabin type with  cockpit, for quick sale. Can be  seen at the Mill, Porpoise Bay.  Apply Mr. Norton, Sechel^. Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  .Friday,    Sept.    3,     1948  ROBERTS CREEK  By "CAROLA"'  CONGRATULATIONS   to   Leslie  and Mike Jackson on the birth  of   a   daughter,   born  at   Pender  Hospital.  Birthday greetings to Mrs. Susan Scott who became 87" years  young last week. Her friends  find her lively, up-to-date and.  witty in her thinking which is  the essence of youth! She is an  enthusiastic bridge player and  knits many a sock for the Red  Cross. She is at present making her home with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.  D. McLaren.  Birthday greetings also to  Noani Reeves who became nine  years  old last Tuesday.  Mrs. Alex Porteous was down  from Trail recently to spend a  vacation with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. N.  Reeves.  Mrs. Robert E. Bartholomew of  Brooklyn, N.Y., the former Dorothy Beddeson of Vancouver, accompanied by Mrs. Claude Stee-  ves, paid us a flying visit to renew old acquaintanceship. First  trip back to Vancouver and vicinity in many years. She, of  course, finds it greatly changed,  and being widely travelled assures me there is no more beautiful spot on the American. Continent.  We are pleased with our telephone and the progress shown  in bettering our service. No complaints there, but, setting the  curfew at 10 o'clock forces -us  to see our Dentist more, than  "twice a year" and our doctor  certainly more than once per anr  num!  The information has been  rendered that Stephens Bridge  will be re-constructed from the  foundation to the planks. Ten  thousand board feet ordered for.  this project! We progress.  We are sorry to loose good citizens. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cotton and son Brian have.left the  Creek  to lfve .permanently near  Cloverdale. Norm was partly responsible for our ever popular  badminton club, and Clair a  charter member of our P.T.A.  Norm was also the first corres-  By "SLIM  pondent  on  the  Coast  News  in m  PnTVC,   rpUa >���   f  ^.^^   ;���  this district. Mrs. Cotton Sri, an HIQ F<?LK-S!   The  first  mom  in  enthusiastic     auxiliary     worker _ September and it's a wet one  ______  mou w v.���.., "Lu..  _v.<_���   I guess we can say good-bye to  will make her home with them.  We" also regret to report that  'our dentist' Dr. A. M. Lowe has  left to manage the Painless Parker Dentist offices. Vancouver.  Mrs. Lowe is tripping up the Cariboo with Mrs. J. Newman for a  brief holiday before completing  her moving arrangements to  Vancouver to join her husband.  The P.N.E. received a good going over by some of our residents. Mrs. Ruth Mitchell and  Mrs. J. Newman showed keen interest in the progress* of the  P.N.E., but by no means belittled  our Gibsons Fall Fair.  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rush and  their' children came back fois__a  two days rest with the intention  of returning to complete the  rounds at the Exhibition.  Mr. R. Randall was accompanied by his small daughter.  Mrs. F. Heron, accompanied by  her daughter and son are making their yearly visit to the  P.N.E.  Mr. and Mrs. Murray MacKenzie, Roddy Joan, Gain and Edward Shaw went to town to "go  to town" at the P.N.E.  Gordon Smith and Ford Flum-  erfelt, our erstwhile Coast News  salesman have gone to "See the  Elephant jump the Fence".  Highlights of Derby Day: "No  bightee", "No Fishee". "Today is  Sunday and the fish ain't hungry" quipped one fisherman���  the general consensus of opinion last Sunday at the Sun Salmon Derby. One fisherman and  fisherette used up their sardine  sandwiches to bate the fish, and  almost - (accidently, of course)  baited themselves when a squall  came up, side-tipped the boat,  drenching them completely!  summer.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dunbar are  back after two weeks in Vancou-.  ver.  Mr, and Mrs. Jerry Hall have  movedL -into their new home,  down yonder trail and we wish  to welcome them.  Mrs. J. Kennedy had a bridge  in honor of Ina Hawkshaw. The  winners being Mrs. H. Looyen,  Ivy Hawkshaw and Olive Baxter.  A grand time was had.  Wednesday I  bingo and blitz  cousin Mrs. F.  been visiting me  Thomas seemed  one and went  prizes."  had 12 in for  in honor of my  Smith who has  for a Week. Mrs.  to be the lucky  home   with    5  The first port in .the world to  control all shipping movements  by radar is Douglas, capital of  the Isle of Man.  What's Nicer Than A  Delicious  HOME-COOKED MEAL  AWAY FROM HOME?  English Tea Room  Gibsons, B.C.  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma  Park,  B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  We Handle a Complete Line oi  Building; Plying Supplies  Mrs. Thomas had her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Ruth Cummings  up visiting her from Calgary.  Mr. Thomas who had his arm  operated on a month ago is still  off work, but is out of the hospital.  Thursday was like old times.  The usual four, Olive Grace, Ivy  and myself played Mahjong, then  Ivy, who was staying with Mrs.  "'Fluff Haimes went home at  12.30 and Helen took over and  we played until 3 a.m.  Well the big fishing derby is  over for another year and what  fishermen we have. I guess we  don't live right or something, for  none of our men caught any. I  do believe Ray Robinson got one  around 20 lb. and lost it getting  it into the boat, that was really  tough luck. Ray. Better luck to  them all next year. I hope to be  out with   them.  Had my sister and husband up  for the weekend. They have gone  to Kelowna, so I have my two  neices.  , Mrs. T. Wills tiad her mother  and some friends up for the  weekend.  . .     *  Mrs. Hawkshaw left here Saturday and is leaving for home at  Trail Thursday and happy .to say  she has a home to go back to, as  their other home was flooded  out.  Was in to" see Mickey Staley  and she is. just about the same  and is taking the "Gold Cure" so  we wish her the best of luck.  Just arrived home Monday  night, after. almost a week in  town. Went to see the "Great  Waltz".   I   was   thrilled   beyond}  words. .  Our Ivy Hawkshaw and sons  Dick and Bruce are up visiting  with me and It's like old times,  or will be when we get back to  normal. _  Like to welcome our new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Tufts and  family of four who are " living  in Bertwhistle's house and we  hope they will like it up here.  Mr. and Mrs. Bob Philips have  By MRS. J. H. RENNIE  MRS. James H. Rennie wishes to  express -her sincere thanks  to  her many friends and neighbors  for their kindness to her during  her recent bereavement also for  the    innumerable    messages    of  sympathy  and floral tributes in  memory of her late beloved husband who passed away on August 14 at Shaughnessy Hospital-  Mrs.   Rennie  regrets   that  the  Grantham's notes have been missing   for   so   many   weeks,   but  hopes to resume writing them for  the next issue.  arrived home from holidays  spent in ��the interior with Mr.  and Mrs., B. Caswell.  Welcome back to Bill Broom-  hall,   the   butcher   relieving  Joe  -Dunbar;  Mr. and Mrs.. Bill Broomhall,  and Betty have been holidaying  at Victoria.  Mr. Pete Van Eysenbeng and  Roy Johns are up visiting for the  day.  Cheerio.    :    r ' ���SLIM  The Koran, sacred book of Islam, begins every one of its 114  chapters with the words "In the  Name of God, the Merciful, the  Compassionate" .... --���--..  The word Balkan means .high  ridge.  Johnny Ansell, pbjnilar "Top O'  the Morning" man is on CKWX  Monday through Saturday from 6:30  to 8:30 a.m., with bright music, news  and frequent time checks. Special  musical features and occasional contests for the early rising listeners help  make this a show that has plenty  of sparkle.  *  Random Widths  Random Lengths  Fir  Cedar  B.C. FIR  SECHELT, B.C.  Hemlock  (SECHELT) LTD.  PHONE 42  Cosy Homes and  Home Sites  FOR SALE  WATERFRONT LOTS  Listings of ideally situated waterfront properties from  Pender Harbour to Hopkins Landing.  CALL OR WRITE /  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  Gulf Coast Offices ��� Sechelt or Gibsons, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37 ��� Gibsons 2A  HEAD OFFICE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  j  1  n  PV Brand 'Weldtex' Striated Plyboard,  Fir Plyboard, Gyproc, Insul Board,  Kenmore Beaver Board  DUROID HEXAGON SHINGLES  City Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  Contact Us for Free Estimates  By Our Registered Plumbers  .  Towing Co  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING ��� SCOWS ��� DREDGING  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAGE  Special Facilities for Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Gamp Equipment  US COLLECT FOR RATES  SECHELT���- Parr Pearson Agency, Tel-54 or 37 7  PENDER HARBOUR���Bill Donley, c_/o Hassan's Store, Tel.  6 U  NANAiMO-^The Nanaimo Towing Co. Ltd.  Tel:, Day 555; Night 1497 or 305  GIBSONS���M. P. G. McPherson, Tel. 2 A or 7 A  Area Agent--Jv.r, H. Spalding, Pender Harbour, Tel. 6 C 3 ssBsgasuwum  Friday,    Sept.    3,    1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C,  Page Seven  By "ARIES'  led in the blue hills I really did versal Timber Products with tic-  have a lot bf travelling as I drove ket No. 515.  all over Vancouver, Stanley Park,  university, Spanish banks- We al-      The   table  lamp   was  won  by  ENJOYED    a    visit    with    old ways meet someone from Vancou- Bobby Collison and the carton of  ���friends Mr. and Mrs. Mark El- ���F even ���� su.ch Vh��? *np 2? ^arettes by Jack Eldndge, Rob-  don of Roberts Creek. Mr. Eldon this one. This time I-met Mrs   E. erts Creek.  is    very  entertaining to anyone ���**��c������ mShe was n^t feel-      Father Baxt���* left  for     Nova  coming from England as he was P^tual ^       '   -    ,_, *       Scotia on  Thursday August 26th  __   nUnir  Kr_T-   .r>   Q*    P^rtfo'e   m___rX    mS    a*    ali    Well    ^nd    WaS    OU    ner    ^."j*  UU     ��UUlJ)Ueiy, AUgUbl  ^OUl,  lS Georges Chap- w* gee doctor she and to all he could not visit he  el, Windsor. fee^s ^^ _o(m> Perhaps * long says good bye and he won't forget  They brought with them Mrs. holiday  and   change   of   scenery f.^Pf ��*ll% ���orking at his Mis-  Bert Scott and daughter. Bert of might do the trick for it's some- M<?���Sw 3�� ��� Va-n  u * *  course as-well known to most of what of a steady grind.at the Inn ^^ %iesl^l^ ^.nt.to  us as he played in the orchestra and the season being what it has, 1����*^ ^^f&i ^S^t  here some years ago in the days must have been difficult for all lt\hf ^di^n^^nl^Li  when one could normally go and the   guest  houses   to  keep  their at f fj^^^f ZatJ?n Sch��o1  enjoy, a  dance   without   getting patrons   entertained   in  the  wet w�� ^ atler the g^  crowned with a beer bottle.           weather.                                              spS^ pr^ I^er'SSSS  I   went   to  Vancouver  yester-      We had rather an unusual ex- work- R. S. Hackett, E. S. Clay-  day having a friend going through perience while on our short visit, ton, E. Parr Pearson, J. A. Evans  by car to catch the early morn- I was the guest of a friend for and David Calvin,  ning ferry.   This is a wonderful lunch at.the Alano Club. This is      Mr. John Sowerby was  chair-  idea as one can get quite a lot of the official club of the A.A. group man   for  the   occasion   and  Mr.  business done and come back the in Vancouver and A-A. if you do W. J. Mayne made the presenta-  same night- It saves looking- for not already know it is Alcoholics tion of a wallet    of money sub-  hotel rooms of which there seems Anonymous-  I was astounded at scribed by many friends  in the  a scarcity.    Gibson's    looks    so the people we met there, doctors, district-  pretty early in the morning nest- lawyers, business men, all out for      Father   Baxter   spoke   to   the  .:   ' ������" ��� -  ____ the purpose of leading' a decent gathering and said how sorry he  life   in   sobriety   and   making   a was to leave such a lovely district  good  job  of  it  too.   They  were where all people no matter what  friendly and full of good cheer��� denomination pulled to  get  an-  banded together to help one an- other Priest to take his place,  other. The lunch we had was very  good and we had quite a long Mrs. McKissock is visiting Mr.  conversation with various mem- and Mrs. Arch Williams of Porkers, poise Bay road and we understand they liked Sechelt so much  At a social held in the Legion that they bought a lot next to the  Hall on August 25th, to bid fare- Williams property- Mr. Williams  well to Rev. Father Baxter O.M.I., met Mr. McKissock (Walter}  the tickets for the raffle were while in England during the war.  drawn by Diane Wheeler and the Also visiting the Williams was  winner of the Duncan-Fyfe Table Gladys Taylor a cosmetic demon-  was Carolee Johnson, of the Uni- strator at Woodwards. The weath-  . : : ���  er   being   so   dreadful  they  left  for Vancouver   sooner than they  intended. We hope to see them  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  Welding  General Repairs  * * "  Marine Engines  Water Cooled, Air Cooled  Gas or Diesel  PENDER HARBOUR  By JEAN JEFFRIES  APPARENTLY that long-legged  bird has taken a few days holiday from Roberts Creek to drop  a couple of bundles of joy in  Egmont.  To Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Murray  a baby girl, Ann Elizabeth, born  in the Vancouver General Hospital.  To Mr. and Mrs. W. Passo, a  son born in St. Mary's Hospital,  Pender Harbour.  Mr. and Mrs. I. Beamish are  back after a short trip to Van-,  couver.  Jim and I had nice weather for  our trip to town.  The new  engine ran like a charm, no more  rattles  and bangs for  awhile  at^  least.  While in town I met Mrs. W.  R. Pattinson of Alert Bay, better known to us as Chrissie Royal, one of our ex school teachers.  Diane- Jefferies celebrated her  second birthday on August 23  with a party. The young guests  included, Dougie, Linda and  Larry Silvey; Joyce, Gordon and  Dietta   Beale;   Graeme   Murray;  Kenny and Brian Jeffries. Everyone had a grand time, including  the mothers.  __|I.1��_WIIII.W  When  Passing  Through  Selma   Park  STOP  AT  Refreshments - Ice Cream  Soft Drinks - Pies - Cakes  Homecooked Cold Meats  Everything Baked on  Premises  Special Attention Given  To Orders  Ample   Parking   Space  for Cars  Radio   Service  Up to date equipment���-  plus���20 years  in   radio  The service you have  been waiting for  All repairs executed  on the premises  At Lowe's, The Wool Shop  Gibsons - Bus Service  :'-_: S-sv. - *z*V��i<???T.  Prices Reasonable  Estimates  H. G.  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The second dinner meeting of  the Sechelt section of the Sechelt  Peninsula Board of Trade was  held at Rockwood Lodge in  Sechelt on August 23-  These dinner meetings mark a  new departure from the usual  routine of board meetings, since  both this and the last meeting  held at the Sechelt Inn were not  only business meetings but were  in"': addition, a' very. pleasant and  profitable discussion on local  problems.  Committees for membership,  roads and wharves,' light and  power were formed and will give  a report on their activities at the  next meeting.  A full report was read by the  chairman of the fire committee.  This committee is doing excellent  work and expects to be able to  have the volunteer fire department in full operation in the  very near future. At the present  time a trailer for the fire fighting  equipment is being built and is  now nearing completion. A sign  is being made for the hall and a  ramp is being built from the  front of the building to the road-  The general meeting of the  board scheduled for September  will be held at Pender Harbour  and the membership committee  will take charge of the transportation arrangements to be announced when   completed.  Several new members were  welcomed to the Board. The  speaker for the evening, Captain  W. Higgs of Nanaimo had been  unavoidably delayed and Mr.  Jim Parker very ably filled in  the allotted time by speaking of  his experiences with Boards- of  Trade and the Junior Boards.  BIBLE READING  IT IS of the Lord's mercies that  we are not consumed  because His compassions  fail 'not. They are new  every morning: great is Thy  faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will  I hope in Him. The Lord is good  unto them that wait for Him, to  the soul that seeketh Him. It is  good that a man should both  hope" and quietly wait for tlie  salvation   of  the   Lord.  Let us search and try our ways,  and turn again to the Lord."  Lamentations, 3:  22-26, 40  "I know a Fount,  where sins  are   washed   away;  I know a Place, where night is  turned to day;  Burdens are lifted, blind eyes  made to see;  There's    a    wonder-working  Power in the Blood of Calvary".  DOLLY'S DRESS SHOP  Shop Today the "Dolly" Way on Our Convenient  Mail Order Plan  EVERYTHING IN LADIES' WEAR  SHOP NOW!! NEW FALL STOCK JUST IN!!  at Reasonable Prices  Phylis Turner of our staff, will handle your needs personally, if our selection is not. satisfactory, we will gladly  refund your money.  DOLLY'S DRESS SHOP  4156 Fraser Ave., Vancouver, B.C.  ��1  'Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  ic RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  it GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:   Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  it FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  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KERR WIDE-MOUTH LIDS  KERR CAPS AND LIDS   ICE CREAM AND SOFT DRINKS  ��� doz. $1.58   1 doz. 23c  doz. 45c Page light __  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday,    Sept.    3,    1948  MORE ABOUT  Continued from Page 5  ed to their home on Nelson Island after a  trip to Vancouver.  Residents were able Wednesday night to air their views and  discuss the school ..situation, at a  meeting called at the Superior  School and Mr. Manning attended.   Details next week.  Mrs. Frankie Lee has been ill  in  St.  Mary's  Hospital.  Periodically, news items of  Pender Harbour appear in The  Coast News, and the sale of papers mounts as residents are reminded of the valiant paper that  has been servicing the whole of  the peninsula���and at a financial  loss for the first two years. Not  for lack of news are we omitted,  but for some unfathomable reason items don't get written and  many are disappointed. Where is  the news? Surely Pender Harbour rates the headlines.  Many suggestions have been  discussed. The Coast News will  print it���and even pay for the  writing���if the items are sent in  by a reliable person.  Pender Harbour has about 30  miles of shoreline, and a large  population. It boasts its share of  organizations���Board of Trade,  Community Club, Women's Auxiliary, Fishermen's Union, Legion, and the very modern St.  Mary's Hospital and Nurses'  Home. ���, .      *  All these should provide some  things of news value. Let's have  them.  The balalaika, a musical instrument common in Russia, has  a triangular base with two or  three strings, and resembles a  guitar.  WILLIARfiS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F Phone ,��� Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.   HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B. C.  /#  BITS OF WIT AND WISDOM  Ml  "OUT, damned spot  ���Shakespeare - Lady Mac Beth  IT PAYS TO KEEP CLEAN  LLOYD'SCLEANERS  Gibsons, B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boot Tanks, Worm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Rqnge and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  'Sh^t^'Metal-'Wbrks  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  r  USHER'S YARD   GOODS SHOP  GIBSONS, B.C.  ��� UPHOLSTERING ��� SLIP   COVERS  it DRAPES  Free Estimates Given  TURKISH TYPE TOWELS ____ '��� $1.00  Record and Appliance Shop  GIBSONS, B.C.  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Service will be given on the previous business day in the  event that these dates fall on a Saturday or a Friday bank holiday.  Service will be given for two consecutive days commencing  with the first following business day when these dates fall on a  Sunday or a bank holiday other than a Friday or Saturday.  ii,   15A.iN-K   OF  NO  SCOTIA  Established 1832  PACIFIC MILK 2     2k  ��� %x  Baby size - case $7.15 (1  case limit)  TOMATO JUICE 2    27c  Aylmer  20  oz.  tins .  Powders 2 w Uc  2 pkg.   limit  2  Cut wax, 20 oz. tins  PEA. .CARROTS   15c  A New sign of good Friendship  (Brentwood)   20  oz.  DRESSING  Old Spice, 16 oz.  49c  CHOCOLATE (Gold  lib. 95c  MEATS  Sept. 4 and 7th only     .  lb, 46c  small smoked picnics      .7  Canned Meat Specials  Sept. 4th to Sept. 25th  35c  Bums, 15 oz. flats  Swifts, per tin ________!  46c  Cut to measure. We    have    a    good  stock on hand'-- prices reasonable.  Stewart-Warner Radio  The radio you have, been waiting for.  We carry several modeis all at the  new reduced prices. -  TIAMSHIPS 01  SECHELT


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