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The Coast News Jul 9, 1948

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 \ _ PUBtlSEC-ED BY TEE COAS7 HSWS, Z.TMTTSP  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising- Office, Powell Biver, B.C.  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday/ July 9.  1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  Pender io Hold  Regatta Aug. 14  .Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half JMoon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, ^Roberts Qreek, Granthams  Landing,' Egmont," "Hopkins Landing.  Braekendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  !~""'     By CAROLA  j,.. ROBERTS 7Cr^ek ��� A f musical  ���,    treat was in store for the '.par-  ,enfe; last Saturday afternoon when  '-^s'^r-MacIntyre presented her  pupils in a.recital Of strings arid  pianoforte.  Opening the program  in a  violin  quartet were  Janet  Bernbff, Eric Lihwall,' Donald  ;:Weal and Carol Forst. The surprising smoothness in bowing and  |harmony . Of these  young  artists  was   indeed   enlightenihg--a h d  showed a junior orchestra in the  making. " "X':'f  Wilson   Anderson,   6-year-4old  on of Mr/ and Mrs. A: Anderson -_,;:���.-_���_, ��� x        '   ��.  Jeserves particular mention���his-PL4NS.are Twell under way for  _een desire  to  learn the  violin:   the second annual Pender Har-  red his parents  to scout  around bour   Aquatic   Club   Regatta   on  Jfor  a pint-sized instrument. He  August,14.     7-'-���������������/: y>X  [|showed his seifiouslhess when he      Prizes are being awarded this  erformed  after  only  three les- year for best decorafed boats- in  :0ns. 7 :    >    " .���;'.' a    children's    homemade    boat  Six hands^oh^h^piailb in "Now race. Gome along and build your-  the Hour" as belonging to Gail self an orange crate boat.  acKenzie, Noni Reeves and Zar- Swimming races, diving and  Forst, were encouraged to keep other aquatic sports will be held/  the triple tune arrangements ' 1948 pennants are on sale. Buy  ring the Holidays. one and fly it, and boost Pender  Star  performers y af the piano Harbour.    Next meeting  of *the ,  'jre   Roddy 'Mackenzie,    Noni Aquatic Club will be at Garden  eyes, Bonnie'Edlund and Shir- Bay.    Come   and  help   organize    Haig and Gail MabKenzfe.*     events to make this  day a day   ^^ "''A-% '���>���*_���_����� '"���'W^W/- XX -^dri^    '        '     *>r alL '������TWOaQI * K,r^l     heL?nf^es*-'^orguerite; new 6;000: tonnerfor the Canadian Pacific's  Ufim Im#Ivii#Ia_m_p Dressing rooms have been built d.C   Coast  Steamship Service  slid: down the ways last "month at Govdn, Scotland.   Pic-  fWIIII inSIlUOOrS       *or *f use ���� those wa?tmg "to.- tyred at left,;;the-new ship Wjll, be- 4e iverad"Idte^thl^-yedr^M- the Triangle Run between Vdh^  {w  -���....*..����� ^.-wtiw       use th^,m   plans aie under couver, Victoria, and Seattle, and.wi    be capable of carrvlna 2 000 ^^*n����^*r  rS*.  tor swimming lessons. It is hoped decJ^nr   th* nW 0rinrOcc 4MIia,i*a   ;.X.u?ap,e_��V f?r?7m9 ^^.���:J^s*^ff5--;;Her-..pre--  ���ming Prior  BIBLE READING  . ��� and Saturday, and if the case war-:  INDER HARBOUR- Fred Me-i?***���*}1 ^��wr.to fejve every  K^ .,   ���-   ..; .,       -X    one a chance to-enjoy the dance.  lermid  and   three   other, .jty-                    ���mmmmmbb*.^  ictors are expected to ViTiyp-.'_,___ ��_-  * ^^^^^'^"^*^  e July 18, and will fcold^WJ^ Si��fTY AT SE\.        M FOR BY grace   are   ye    saved ��  ses for the Pender Harbour     A*1 Passenger ships of every through faith, and that not of J  latic Club.                                   nation are likely to carry at least yourselves: it is the gift of God:   *  -" *" ��� j��-^Ji �� >  ��� ___._ A. . _       .^*t_Jl ^ ��� __���*__  _f_    _    _ __L . Ik* _ _ ... ^*  Tug  Sinks in Pass  GAMBIER HARBOUR  7 r'     ���-   ;  By.:RP...  ������������������������ii__-HH__l_l__M__H_MH_H__^^HHHBMHH||  With the advent of good weath-  the CJub's .regatta last, year ^t^ZtJ^f^^l^t^ ^ ^ ^rks> ^tagr man should SECHELT - The Poole Bros er ^d^?W^r hoho^ys, sum,  (fc a creat success and ev<_rvon__ This important recommendation boast. For we are His workman- riratTth*���*. T��n%��. ill fw mer visitors are arriving in m-  r.I._?_- %f"5^s f?i^SK has been made bv the Internat- shin_ _.rMt_-_. i�� r__Wc+ To*.,., ��~_   _^/ahthams Landing, lost their casing numbers. Ambn&t those  f^ulu got,mad as a hornet "be-  don, England.  walk   in   them:' Wherefore   re-    "The    NanaimT" TnwinV"'7v7^ granacmidren and Mi., iand Mrs.  member, that >e being in time  "Aleutian ChiS"  aiS^ derrick ?^uie11 and their young soil and;  xiX j    m.       T      -------- ~- .X.W..WC.,   vxioi, ,yc  ucmg in1 time "AT<aii+.af.   fh.iaf"   o*_^   ��Xj����ijAi v L.annell and their young son and  se the doctor operated on her Some people have a low hear-past Gentiles in the flesh,  who were ilnt out hv th. i^SFft daughter.   Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair  Lband.  She  says no  one has ing range and cannot hear notes are called uncircumcision by that uhderwHtPr*  t* af^iJ ?Z%��   ar^ old friends who are always  T business opening her male, above hich C.                                     which is called the circumcision ���o"x+v."*.S yL ^ _f���p_._ t0 AaL" welcomed   to   our   island.^    Mrs.  are old friends  who are always  .     v circumcision vaffe thp tue       . X..X.   "17"   welcomed   to   our   island,  in the.flesh made by hands; That ^f logs ^f.  drfftS wh ���SZ 9^�� J>   *e ; sister   of   Mrs.  tug sank.  , - is; That the  ioff_ , ft  jr:f*.��__. ���Th^���  ivy  Cannell   is   the   sister   of   Mrs.  at   that   time   ye   were   without gf ����. left   dnftmg when  the Francis Drage of Gambier Har-  m  mmmm  Christ,   being   aliens   from   the --���� ���~ t>our  commonwealth"   of    Israel,    and      uPon  reaching   the  scene  the  strangers from the covenants of tow line was f��und and brought      Mr.  and  Mrs.   Frank  Lee   are  .promise,   having   no   hope,   and to   the   surface,   but   minus   the staying with Mrs.  Lee's parents,  ^without God in the world:   But tug-. The salvage attempt had to Mr, and  Mrs.  F.  W.  Alexander  now   in   Jesiis   Christ   ye rwho De abandoned  as the  "Bighorn" of Gambier Harbour..  sometimes were far off are made went down in 150 fathoms.   She  nigh by the blood of Christ^ For ^as covered by ^20,000 insurance.  He is pur peace, who hath made ' The '^Aleutian Chief" proceeded BlimmBr ^nrv,a o4. n  ���', both one, and hath broken down to Vancouver with the 12 sections C^^ w �� %  ; the middle wall of partition^ be-, of logs and the derrick returned b(?ur' he has quite a crew work  pj twee^n; us; to Nanaimo. X  ���'���gXjii^^c^^ai^ '"  ���������-���.���.���_ '  to you T^ich^^  Bill Killam is busily engaged  in the construction of. his hew  summer home at Gambier Har-  JiWffi?-.:  [:.%*���!���!.!���:.%%%������'  ssfes*  v>*..:  Wsmmm  to them that were nigh. For  through Him we both have ac-i  cess by one Spirit unto the ~FaH  ther.   "������".���"  Ephesians, 2:8-14, IT, 18  MISS E. PLOWS  FETED AT SHOWER  Sforer Posf-Office  ing for him and his new home  will.be soon completed. Bill has  his own business, Industrial Coatings Limited and his father who  owns the adjoining property, is  president of the B.C. Pulp and  Paper Company7 Like most residents he is a member of Unit  276 of the Army, Navy and Air  Force Veterans in Canada.  ���SK&SiS-  sii^^lili  ppiti  S^^^gSs  SS:_SS3SS_:S.  ::$:i!:%:::S:$o:S:::  M:  im  mm  ..S.M.  wmm  mm  ^eLrdeSr^Jlhf^S      ^Ada-on atNew Bright-  store   and'  nnc. oLf-u�� on has started work on his new  PENDER HARBOUR-A number M^y  nigg^^'was ^^y h��me'  "��� _of friends gathered in Pieper ^purchased by Mr. Roseboom from      Our   long   expected   sift  from  ml IvpSJT^ amicXn6 Richard La^. -   y / ^ the last ��o? thT^^f arr've"  eoS Si^^wl? kTi^le *��&*? had  -PP-ntly been after its long jw ten h_dia.  married Julv 7 in Vancouver^        bufning for some time, and was It  is  a splendid portrait  of the  ^ not   discovered  until  around  11 great   Admiral,   framed un   teak  decocted wlto a^nSSece^ o? P^ BJ that time jt had a very with the crest of the Mountbat-  "ros^s^ peoniS ^ SS,l'??d start and w^ buniing rapl tens   in   silver   at   the   top   and  mmmmmmmmwmmmzmmMm^^ Jhe residents, of the Bay signed   Mountbatten   of   Burma.  ^M^^^^^^^^^^^^ ���'* ^^St J^^!.JL^^^^med a bucket brigade and kept We are indeed pleased with this  ^^a��5*��^^ baby rosebuds at the &ur eon�� ���- ^Zl-?��^ Reading -until gift from the cousin, of our King.  mm  mm  mm  W  ii  m  :$:?.  �����.'.��..>W.  8%  BSS:W5:S_:  KM  mmmm  SMS;  mm  mm  mm  mm  m  baby rosebuds at the lour; corn^ ^HvS^ th^fL^^'^ UntU  M.tqpierre of Quebec ���i^  ^pTG-makes Staff Sgti-W in serving the  re*   r��^   de%troymg  nearby homes.  nodianTArmy Service Corps School at Gamp Borden, Ont., freshments by Mrs. Mitchel and ^Z?���L ^TYfa^ed,gpoc?? y??*  |ptch;hishead:ia  ���;-'���:���'":-��� ������"���������'���������     .'  '���''   : v 7ficient temporary equipment has  ���ixTu      /-.   +    _.���    X   i :"'j been sent up from Vancouver to  ��elf   n^oy ho^ given the L<^l  Urti^sity-sSG^-i^.pJ^^^^^X^S^ _^ *^%��  k�� obou(;.hpw.h)g,;Q sold>er ought,to grow. , ; t, army contained only 500 siMi^y^^oye^by^^^. Was  <���    0 ��� ��I^0_LDia Page Two  _THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. ��.��  ^$^M^y'^949  "..  V  By "SLIM"  By ROBBIE  they mulled and mushed; pushed few days  and   pulled,   until   finally /they  had him a couple of feet out of  water.   However,  Mr.   Steelhead  gave another twist and presto!  Hi folks���it's me again and this Mr-  and Mrs. D.  W. Houn- hook, line and sinker disappeared  is a day late so hope it makes the som came down from Britannia into the mudhole.  paper .in time, but I had to go to Mines to visit with Mrs. Erickson We cannot Drint the r���t of  the hospital today and have 1 big ��f Trail's End for a few days. Mr. thfs*J*n��ut out of Iht rSze of  boil lanced.  It's much better, but Hounsom is in the trafic depart- ���^r7'i^^^^  Mr. and Mrs. George Dalziel of  Vancouver are visiting Wilson  Creek on a two-week vacation  and, are staying at the, Norburh  Cottage.  ment at the Mines, and this was  words  I heard something about  I'm in bed until Tuesday. "*c.*b ���" "AC x,Xi"ca> ��"*"��� �����"��*  ���a:> brineim* a n_��t next time  their first trip to Wilson Creek. DrmSm8 a nel next time.  Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. They enjoyed it very much, and      Mr    Jim,  Blaii.    ^n   oId   time  Tysoe on the arrival of a son.       may be ^expected to return quite soccer player from the.mainland  Congratulations    to    Mr.    and   requen y7 and   at   present Jiving Jn   San  Mrs. Jackson Browning on the Mr. and Mrs. George Drew Francisco, was paying his first  arrival of the first grandson of have gone to Campbell River to vfitto^ these ^parts. Among some  Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Browning, visit their daughter Trudy. While of ^the homes he visited nvere the  born June 2���Mark Carlton. Mr. Drew is expected to return Ritchies and the Wrights.  'within  a few  davs    IVXrs   _Dre\v   *  The C. P. Brownings; are hav- will stay with her'daughter for   ' Harry Jones, who has been a  ing a grand time and are in Neb- an indefinite period. constant visitor for a number o��  raska, and so far have sent no x years  and  is well known  from  SOS. In  behalf  of  our  small  com- Roberts to Sechelt, is engaged to  v munity may I extend our deepest be married in September to Miss  Congratulations to Mrs. Dun- sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Phyllis Sluman, daughter of Mrs.  bar's parents, Mr. and Mrs. An- McNutt in their recent bereave- and Mr. Ross Sluman of Van-  ams, on their 50th wedding an- ment in the loss of Jack*s father, couver Motors. -  niyersary. Further reports will be found in  ���:ln   ���, X ,, ���',        A   , another column of thist paper. Among the passengers leaving  Glad to say Marlene Anderson *���������** on  the  Mariner  Were  Mr.   and  is home: and the.opctp):, saved;her- y.Mts..- A-Puncansonjand Mrs. A. M^s-Moib Bromley, Mr,���'���������EL Jppes,  finger. Toweli,'wlio liave BeeK sfe  Bob Young, our neighbor who g^f &TLTO  ttvo IMs  ^ "*** -** ��^^iHre^  S?Jii��^dhX cW^L^l^i108" left for their homes in the city     Reminds   me   of  something   I  pital and is slowly recovering .      on Sunday. f really shduld have asked t_i*ough  Had my cousin and husband, Turi^m**���**^* __��.,__�� ^i_>��_4 these columns weeks agc~-why  Mr, and Mrs. Frank Smith, up foi? J^j^S?^? ^ ��^ <*on't ^..^ T^deT> helP to  four days over the July Fir^ tt*..*Jb^  and better  iday, so we went yachting every gjgf^���*����� are on thfLbtet PJP^. hy pending m such itemj  day and took in the dance on the ��>; Jv^l't T&Jf ����?��� su^ect of interest or happenings arpund  first. of fish, top %& one: ^ your part of the district? What-  7ar^Wg%Wrjght a|i4 his paj Of |ver Interests you will interest  The Townsite had its second Wilson Creek ahsp wjmt flsl^ng yQlir frfends and our .readers.  Dominion Day Queen, Jackie �� toe ^creek ^behind George's Drop yoUr notes into Section R  Saunders, who was crowned by house. Both sat .down and were in the letter box at the Trading  the retiring Queen Betty Bogle: meditating when suddenly (ac- Post  The Queen was beautifully cording %p George) they hooded  gowned  in  a    heavy    brocaded the bi^ge^t st^elhe^J i^yer.  VfelJL.     Gordon Berry and Rusty Wyatt  white satin dress; arid at the dance  x*������-.'"'    ~  had   quite   a  time   catching  the  wore a head-dress of fresh flow- cute Bambi. hoat to Vancouver last week! to  ers, looking most regal. All her ' spend the holidays in the city. It  attendants were equally charm- A quiet wedding was held on seems they took a taxi to Se-  ihg. A grand day of sports was June 30 at the home of Bob Bus- chelt wharf. A little while later  enjoyed by all. A super ballgame sell,_ who gave the bride," Joyce they dashed from another taxi  [between the Beach  |site ;'.was.$>&ygjd.  Twith th&7Tbwnsiife _ _..,.,.. ., .. _.. ���,  : ���-. ~-  A big dance was later held, with arid thW feutest hat. She wore a'Rusty's arm as lie was about to  Fred Bass and his orchestra, arid corsage of red roses.   Mr$. Bob jump on the ship. Why? Because  we all arrived home at 4.30 _t;m. Russell Jr. was matron pf hon- the boat was docking, not leav-  '    . v. _, ���"������'" ���       x i A. Y   oKrahd wore a pink dress. After ing!  Birthday    congratulations    to a  reception,  the  bride   changed  our Edith Fleming. She has com- fo a grey suit & grey garbardine     On June 26 a beach party was  pany  up  for  a   week���Mr.   Joe coat.   Mrs.  MacKay  played  the heW to celebrate the fifth birth-  Smith, wedding   march   and  our  Mary day  anniversary  of  Miss  Linda  Would  like   to     exDress     our Riee sang "Becaiisk" The young' Walker,   daughter   of   }/Lr.   and  deepest^svinoathv to Bill Adam- couple left by speedboat for the Mrs. W. Walker of Wilson Creek,  qon   whoJe mother oassed awav city   after   a 'thrilling   send-off. Among   the   guests   were   Diane  Sth J^Snf��7               ea a^ay They will reside at Brjtannia.       and . John   Bishop,   Sharon   and  at the age of 87. ^ Danny Bosch, Jay and Gail Sin-  Also our deepest regret to Mr.     Well folks, that's it for another nott and Sharon Keeley. These  and Mrs. Ed Carson of Squamish, week and I m siife all the parents tiny tots enjoyed ice cream, pop,  whose nephew was killed.              are  happy  to^ have  their  brood and   a   cute   littie   five-candled  ���                                          home from school for two mon- birthday cake.  Well, many more  I told you I'd shout 'Bingo!' orie ths. I'll tell you better next year of them, Linda!  of   these    days���I    played    one when  mine  is   going  to   school.  game   at  Squamish   and   won   a Cheerio.   * ���Slijn ,   Mr. W. Walker left  for Van  couver on a business trip for a  SCULPTURE  EXHIBIT  An important international exhibition of sculpture was opened,  on May J^thr in pn�� of London's  loveli^t parks.. Orgaiiised ,by the u  London County Council and thej  Arts Council this is the first openi-j  air exhibition to be held ihTtheJ  capital.  Works  execut^^diirin^  the past, 50 years by some of the  world's leading sculptors, including Epstein, Eric Gill and Mai-P  isse, have an attractive lakeside:]  setting in Battersea Park on thel  south bank 6i the-Thames.x:'  "Prompt Attention to Mail Oi^ers!^[  0? REST-MORE FURNITURE:  Bed^ Springs, ^ttretafti  it GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES: Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  it FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables  O&dar Cheats. Lamps, Etc  DOR AN S FURNfTURE  WESTVIEW, B. C..-- V^^2^  WT'�� ���    ���������     | I  i^V..'  ���9"  /' . ���> * *.*':  lf-V��?.-.- ...��� ;-\y^  Gibsons and Sechelt  Johnson's Baby Pbvyder^^ _-_-_____-__x__-_-- 28c and 55c  Johinson's Baby Oil --:--l.1.4----_.-_-_x, ^0c <qih4 H 'A&<  J ohnson's; Ba_^7'_?Qtloii?';^-^ '4@P  Johnson's Baby Cream -_������_������^������.._..,..-.<_....^_i.x-:  Johrison's Baby Gift Box ________1____. _���____.._._$ J ^  :  STORK NURSER UNIT  Bottle, Nipple and Cpp ��� 39c  Sterile, Handy, Leakproof  1 mW*m+^^,****0*0+0^+*m*^**^mt  r%^^*��^*0*^m1tM^0^0^*9^^^^^^tmP^0'^*0*M^*m*1^m**^mM*>^^^^m*^<w^^  HASSAN'S STORE KS&jr, b.c  The old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Gamps.  FISH BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUALITY ��� SERVICE ��� VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  (Cant kollapse Nipples  Nurser Caps, double tab __.-.__  Snap on Baby Pants; 3 sizes ���. _.  B6by' Rattlexi. i__: X-L���:  Baby Teethers   Baby Toys   2 far 25c   . 3 for 25c  _: ___:___;_____---_:_n' <$9c  :���._LC_;_ __1 __ _ 25c  Bottle Brushes   Jiffy Paper ToweJs   Baby Worm Syrup   Baby's Own Tablets   fnfant Suppositories ���_  Zinc OintfV.ent Tube   Ostoco Drops -   Infantof   Ivory Soap    Baby Scales    20c  89c and $1.49   35c   25c   :- 50c  ��� J 25c   40c  25c  $1.25 and $3.75  ��� 90c and $3.00   :  lie  $13.25  ���\  Lang's Drugs is Your Headquarters  for ALL Baby Requirements  Phone Gibsons 3W and Sechelt 52  ^hi^wi^���^i  *f^m*0m+0m+0^m>^m^  SPECIAL  Cretonne Drapes, per yard _ ~~ ���_~ $1.25  Spun Rayon Drapes, per yard _ ~_��� _-��� $2.00  ^ionk Cloth, 54", heavy quality ____-__-_-_-____-__- $2.65  Flexalum Venetian Blinds Installed Free  WE DO UPHOLSTERING  USHER'S YARD   GOODS SHOP  LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S SHOES  GIBSONS. iX., !  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING ��� SCOWS ��� DREDGSNG  PILE DRIVING ��� SALVAC3E  Special Facilities for Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks  ��� peweral Comp Equipment x-l.  SECHELT���:H. Spdldihg, Parr Pedrson Agency, Tel; 54 or 37  PENDER HARBQUR^^  .      .('NANAlM���%The Nanaimo Towing Co. Ltd,  v Tei;, 0^  ta^a  irimiM-nwi^-i  %a_-M___i THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Page Three  By MALDY THOMAS  Williams,      Orval      Brumbaugh, Ruth Norris,  Claire Vietch, Wilf  Brian    Green,    Evelyn    Conkey, Nestman,  James  Smith.  Ernie Herrin, Arthur, Donaldson.    GRADUATES  ^Fr^ to   4:    Anne     Mary   Slinn,   Eleanor,-Arrow-,  Coates, Margaret Herring, Norma smithj jean Locke, Shirley Kirk-  School officially ended June 30 Karl>   Etemse  McCuUach,  Robert iand, Eleanor Shaw, Janet Bern-  and what a week this has been. MacDougall, Arlene Murray, Mar- hoff>   sheila   Klein   and   Harold  '���On Monday 'the P.T.A. Laurel iJyn Plowes, Margaret Riggs Don- Bernhoff.  ahcl Hardy comedy "Saps at Sea" ald   Russell,   Marguerite   Smith,      The   promotions   of   those   in  was   shown.     It   was   obtained Cedne    Trueman    and    Ronnie Grade 11 and 12 on subject to the  Ithfoiigh co-operation with Mr. C. Bethel. ''"������.'       results  of the  departmental ex-  Ballentyne. *?om   Grade   4   to   5:    Agnes ams.   Good luck nad best wishes  The new World Book encyclo- Hewat,   Douglas  Davies,   Ronald for lots of success to our gradu-  ;paedia   arrived  last  week.    The grown,    George    Slinn,    Norma ates.  .���PTAhought itamong many other Turner, Raymond Nestman, Bert      Promotions in  Division  5 and  ^articles for the school children.    Peterson,   Doris   Farnham,   Billy 6,  Elphinstone  School,  were:  Projects cbmpleted by the PTA Nimmo, Coral Bemv Joyce Con- Promoted from Grade 1 to 2:  ttn- 1947-48 term, included a no^ Rex Nelson, Patricia I^ray, Marilyn Coles, Wilson Anderson,  .Christmas party, 5 free films, hew BobbyDouglas^ Vivien Wiren, sharleeri Edlund, Sharon Dan-  ^encyclopaedia setr May 24th Gary ^Russell, Betty Smith, Bill roth} iKtty Ripleyj Wendy Yates,  isportsdayi scholastic and attend- Friend, David Parker, Tommy Brian Flummerfelt, Pat Chart-  lance awards, sponsored N.F.B. ��avey.Tanya Nelson, Marianne reSj BiUy Jack> Allan Berston,  "films, hot cocoa during winter.      Carruthers, Ian Cattanach, Shar- Bobby   Wyatt   and  Arthur  Wil-  Total  amount   spent ,was   ap- 2?.���Tyson' Gordon Plowes, Ernie iiamson<  proximately $450. Williams,   Jean^ Williams,   Doug-      Promoted from Grade 2 to 3:  ff The   final   assembly   for 7Ele- ���? Jimsche, John Robinson, Carl Joan  WaUis>   Nancy  Ann  Read,  lentary   and   High   School   was Rietze and Danny Bethel. Douglas   Cooper,    Tommy   Ken-  leld on the morning, pf June 30.      From Grade 5 to 6, Beverly Al- nedy, Billy Smith, Betty Nimmo,  molastic awards were presented len,  Warren   McKibben,   Noreen Nancy Killam, kdward Blomgren,  the  following  pupils:   Grade Anderson, Clifford  Clarke,  Den- Jeffry McAllister, Vernon Black,  David Ablett; Grade 2, Loretta nis Tyson, Eugene D'Aqust, Bev- Sharolynne May wood, Elsie Blom-  Itruck; Grade 3, Marilyn Plows; erly Chapell, Dennis Carroll, Lor- gren, Helen Provost.  Irade 4, #ghes Hewat; Grade 5, raine   D'Aoust,   Edward   Wiren,     Promoted from Grade 3 to 4:  [feverly Alleh;^r&de &; Joy El- Johnny DeCastrii Peggy Palmer, paul Foulkes, Carol Forst, Doris  btt;   Grade   7^ FrankxAbl^tr ��olnik, Orla Blomgren, Sue Wal-  frade 8, Betty Brown; Grade 9, Greg Anderson, Ken McCuUach, lis, Bob Fleming, Gail McKenzie,  flizabeth Cornish; Grade 10; Mai- and Doug Cattanach. XDbnald   Heron,   Barbara   Coles,  Thomas; Grade 11, Pat Slinn;      From Grade 6 to 7: Joy. Elliott; David Flummerfelt, Patsy Rusk,  frade 12, Mary Slihhl Jack  Cresswell,  Donna  Bingley, R6y Killam, Joan Reeves, Jacque-  yAwards for perfect attendance ^f J>r^ _����*���   R^c^ line  Danell,. Bernice   Cain,  Ste-  ent "to Margaret .Riggs, Gordon J?hn. ��1T> ��** Macdougall^ Mi- phen Read, Christine Provost, Pa-  larke,    Doug    Davies,    George chael   Poole,   Donald^ Trethewy, tricia Provost. .  dnn -Peter  SUnn,  Dennis Gar- Jennifer Cornish, Jtoberta  Nim-     promoted from Grade 5 to 6:  til, Clifford Clarke; Joy Elliott, ^'^J?^.K%^^JS': Thelma Fortt, Billy Cooper, Marie  ')��   Coates,   Shirley   Dedecker, ^ H^^er ^h^   ^ Chivers,    Brian   Hare,   Barbara  >rddn KnoWles, Carman Robin- g**'. R^ Brumbaugh,    Roy Ki_lam,   Fances   Randell,   Eileen  i   Charles Robinson, Charlotte ��uncan'J?llda Reitze, Joan Mc-. chivers, Margaret Nimmo, AUan  litSllain Zevict:   y^^L^S^iSS^US^ *��*   Martin   Cooper,  Deanna  Prizes for selling tickets m aid stewart and Louise Malyea.  \ Flood Relief Fund went to Grade 7 to 8: Frank Ablett; iMgi hv Kllfl HllffcpS  fcgh School, Claire Veitch, Jen Yvoiihe Stone, Joyce Dedecker] IWfl VJ Mil HUgllV*  inatta and Don Graham. Ele- Leonard Pilling, Donald Mac-  mtary School, John McKenzie,, Dougall, Charlie Robinson, Betty  s Coates and Gordon Knowles, Grey, Peter McKinnon, Sylvia  Jolbr photographs of the May DJAoust, Tommy Palmer, Gordox^  frmfehxx^^  itedito the May Queen and; herlotfe Smith, Valerie- Speck,*Bar*  pendants but due to sdme slip- bara Grahairii, Shirley pedecker,  they were  overlooked.   They Bob Nygren, Ray Whiting, Mary  U he sent tx> the girls as soon King, Earle King.  From   Grade   8   to   9: XBetty  lSSLIST Brown,    Dawn    Davey,-   Dennis,  Tow comes the biggest news of Lowe,     June    Ablett,     Dorothy  year. The names of those who CressweU,    Gordon   MacDougall,  issed:7 Jackie Nestman, Ronnie Gbdfry,  .hose who passed7from grade Beverly Gray, Noel Pqole, Doro-  ���o 2: David Ablett, Wendel^thy Sullivan, Chrissie XSteward-  fyer, v Jeanette FiUey, Linda Grace Grey, Elaine Zevick, Edith  ite^.Vy'Maitfeen.'���'Hill, Pasley Fariiham, Violet Clarke,  fglehurst, Bernice Herrin, Gary Grade 9 to 10: Elizabeth Corn-  ichj Mary Walsh, Timmy ish, Betty Grant, Velma Cress-  ime; ^nne^Yarmish,   Diivid weU ^ <23   ext  ^credits),   Shirley      ^en  Hughes,   one  of  British  iter, Sharon Fladager, Roberta Fleming, Lilian Johnson, Norman Columbia's most popular radio voices,  [���hithers,   Danny   Secord,   Ste- KiUam,     William     Pye,     Barrie has long been known for his authori-  Holland, Helen Malyea, San- Stewart/Dorothy Stewart, Earle tative reportiiiB of world and local  Russell,   Shirley King,   May Foulkes, June Moir. "      %    news events. He's currently presenting  ?tze, Joyce IngUs, Lillian Lef-     From Grade  10 to  11:   Maldy a daily n^sc^st at 2:30 _^ch after-  'rom Grade 2 to 3: Joan Beth-     From Grade 11 to 12: Pat Shnn,^especially to the feminine members  Gordon Clarke, Teddy Fearn, Doreen    Shaw,    Grace   Dickson, of the household,  dne Filley, Pauline He\^at, Bob-  Berston,  Benjamin Jack, Shirley     Advertise  in  the  Coast   News  Cain,   Constance   Grey,   Warren Ad Briefs���it pays!  Blomgren.  ��� ���   Promoted in Division 3: East  Roberts Creek School were: Promoted from Grade 5 to 6: Bonnie  Edlund, June Orr, Edward Camp-  blel, Sheila Geddes, Malcolm Killam and Walter DanieL  Promotions from Grade  5  to  6:  Celia Flummerfelt, Jacqueline  Johnson, Eric LihdwaU, Edith  Jack, Mary Jean Kennedy, Connie Killam, Jeffry Newman, Allison Heron, Arlene Orr, Josie  Oldershaw, Shirley Haigh, Donald Weal and Edward Shaw.  Promoted from Grade 8 to 9:  Maurreen Ross, Eugene Blomgren,  Roddy Mackenzie, Gordon Smith,  Walter Sandbreg, Norma WaUis,  Robert Jack and Doris Weal.  And that is the' list of everyone who passed and so (lucky  for you) ends my school news  for the year 1947-48. So, goodbye for now, everybody. Congratulations to those who passed,  and happy vacation to aU of you.  See you next September.  Count Zeppehn conceived the  idea of the rigid airship while  serving with the Union civil w^*  as an observer in a? captive balloon.  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS      ���  Glen. 0463F Phone ���      Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  HD 10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B.C.  Hemlock  B.C FIR (SECHELT) LTD.  SECHELT, B.C.  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Curtis of La ain after a month's holidav ?n  the Roberts Creek Hall, was all T ��� ralitVrnia think that S_��- u- ? n montns nonoay, in  +w _��� wac antic-mated���and , ,' >^tornia�� ^^ .!ft,at ,be which George and myself, with  that it was anticipated ana h lt ���th mQst beautiful-place Alice and Ted Jackson took a  more because music was added to we have ever seen yet." And that, tin tcrVanlwSnd W  the program by the boys taking .coming from ladies who could be ^ a very pleasant t'ime and mU  pa��r      r.   iv/ro^Kor.^    on,pK  and  considered   cosmopolitan   travel-. quite  a number of nice  people.  Miss  B. Marchand   coach  and ers>  is an opinion that the B.C. During our short stay in Nanai-  teacher of Sechelt, introduced the Tourist   Association ; could   well mo we visited Mr. and Mrs. Ter-  troop    acquainting  the   audience treasure> ry Jackson, earlier the same ev-  with the fact that they had only Mrg Lee ^ Mrg Curtis have ening we were guests at the Nannie lessons Jhe+skill and pre- gp week>s holiday with naimo Golf Club, and although  cision with which.they Performed * �� M^ c Arnold �� West a bit out of practise Ted and  was received with great enthusi- h George enjoyed a round of golf,  asm. The interlude of music was ,, l* . . . Xlice and I made un the cheer  a complete surprise and the Cow- Mrs. Curtis is an active organ- ^Qand L made up th? Cheer  boy and popular numbers were izer  in  La  Jolla  where   she  is ^     * _  sung illT harmony by the senior president of the American Legion~^^ *J^^��^  QtnHpnt*. Rav Clarke Peter Crad- Auxiliary as well as secretary of -Koyai tor carrying on tor. me  ^ Bb^^^ ^(^ie the-'-Wi^'s Overseas' Service during the holiday-would you  DerbyB|!5��_J^ like the 30b permanently, Glad-  tar.   It was evident to the audi-   ��� Mrs .Lee, who^has traveled^ex- y <Why not do it together-more  ence  that  teacher  and   students tensively around the world des- ha v ds   more news? ���Editor)  enjoyed this healthful recreation, cribed her feelings towards B.C. '   7  and when a few slip-ups would  -���* -������ ������ "              The   camp . seems  tq. be  very  occur (as with the best of acrobats)   it   was   greeted   by   Miss  Marchand's   humorous   repartee, X��^^'^^^,^^^' T *������* hear there  are about 23rpeQple  which was followed by gales of Flumerfelt and Mr. Russell Leath- returning this week> so that wiu  laughter from the audience. eraa e. make quite a difference.  The  junior  members   included  Jack Phillips, Harry Forbes, Jack  Another visitor in camp for the  past couple of weeks was Mrs.  Williams, mother of May Smid.  We took a; drive last night and  dropped in to see May and Tom  Matthias at their farm. They are  busy getting settled and wishing  for extra hands to take care of  Best of luck and success to my ..  new  boss-lady. <  As long as war is regarded as |  wicked it will always have its 1  fascinations. When it is looked i  upon as vulgar, it will cease to g  be popular. Oscar Wilde \  Cheap Cutlery for fixing Up Your Camp  GLASSWARE - CAMP ^CUPS AND SAUCERS  NEW LINE OF TOYS  Howe Sound 5404$  Mrs. J. P. Stewart  Gibsons, B.C.  son,    Sharon   .Danroth, . Wendy deserted right now ^ �� ev-  Ya&s,    Douglas    Cooper,    Errol g^^iL a^^^H^il  Teachers^have departed for the      QeQ   e and j have had a g     t  summer.  Mrs. A. Newton will be ��� _ _      .    . .  T-. t_>      u   �����,   t> j  _. i ���      .u * ���   *     1.       ��� ��� for  the  past  week,  Mr. Archie  �� ^��W|r' ,R��? eMa+��+R|e   aj^ takmg the^course for teachers in White>   ^    had told him many  Teddy Scott.   Mr.  Scott Sr., did Victoria;   Mrs.   Roberta   Chivers timeg of the good fishing up here  several acts in finished style as will be visiting her parents with and   wouldn't  you  know   it he  an  added attraction. her two daughters in Vancouver. hasn>t had a bite! Fish, that is.  Visiting from Vancouver- are No fish in the sea? Not so with rm sorry to say that he has had  Mrs. N. :Daly,.,,Mrs. Chris Cold-' Jeffery McAllister who caught a many other bites, principally on  well and wee daughter Nena who 33 Yz pounder. His mother caught  celebrated  her  birthday   Sunday one weighing  16%  pounds.  with   her   little   friends   at   the      ���       7.    ��� _x .XX-.  Creek. Bound for Vancouver last Fri- t azine   ��the heavens  :  R. .. , *      .  - f. ,"   ^ay were Doreen Shaw and Gloria dej   e ^   |lo      >of God and tlle  r"^    congratulations ^ to Forst to spend a few days with firmament   showeth   his   handi-  Gail MacKenzie,   Wilson  Ander- friends.^ TT   ���  ~      (Editor's note.  For an alternate  source, see the Bible)  in general and Sechelt in particular with a quotation from  Coronet magazine; "the heavens  declare the glory of God and the  Bring Your Repair J^  Boot Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  cmcKEN fJCrm equipment  x  GUTTERS AND DO%NP_PE 7'.''   '      .  AIR CONDITIONING '  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons  Phone Gibsons 8R'  r  "BITS OF WISDOM"  ,       "Do on to the other fello>v;'y^",'/,/  the way he'd like to db uhtb you^  An' do it fust.'<:?���<��� xt;���:*ry-fr-Westcott 1847-1898  IT PAYS TO KEEP CLEAN  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  Gibsons,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  Also visiting here are Mr. and  Mrs: Keith Killick. and son David.  ad^me^iied/ .10. haby-i^piig]^  for PprtT^thui^; Ontario, ^er^ah  expended holiday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Betry.  3  4  ANNOUNCING  COFFEE ^- SANDWICHES ��� PIE ^- TEA  .��V  AT;*11_.SON CREEK  ..���-.ii  asaw owj; ioi- t&a ..h^r&^^���^^-^f^ X��X'��~  TAXI PHONE AVAILABLE  SUMMER  SCHEDULE  EFFECTIVE   JUITE   28  Vancouver- Gibson Service  Monday    . ���_...  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday   .  Friday    ...  Friday    ...  Saturday  Sunday   ..  lv. Vancouver  9:30 a.m.  �� ���   ���  ���  ��� ��� "��� ���  ��� ��� ���   ���  ��� ���������������  ��� ��*���������<  ��� ���������*_���  9:30  9:00  9:00  9:00  7:45  2:00  9:30  a.xu.  a.nu  a an.  a.xn.  pjca.  p.m.  a��_-_.  l��v.  Oil>sons  6:30 a_tn.  ��� 5:00 p.m..  5:00 p.m.  4:30 p.m.'  5:30 p.m.  4:30 p.m.  5:15 p.m.  Vancouver-Roberts Creek-Sechelf  Pender Harbour  Hon.  Tues.  Wed.  Thurs.  Fri.    .  Sat.  Sun,   ..-.  .���������������  -STORTB-BOUHB  Xieave IJreave  Vancouver     Fender ETbr.  .��� . ��� ��'.'.���  . 9:30 a.m.  ., -. ���  . 3_30 p.m.     9:30 a.m. ^..  ............ 6:30 p.m.  (Points to Sechelt only)  11:45. a.m.  ... 1.00 p.m.  (Fender Zbr.)  1:30 p.m.  (Points to Buccaneer  Bay only)  "���"*"���.���"��� ���,��� ��� ,��� !��������'���.  9:00 a._Eu  3:30 p.m_  SOUTKBOUNT*  Xieave X_eave  Seohelt .    Rol>erts Ck.  5:00 a.m. 5:45 a.m.  4:30 p.m.. 5:15 p.m.  (approx.)  6:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m.  2:30 p.m. 3:15 p.m.  (approx.)  9:45 p_m.  7:30 p.m. 8.00 poo.  6:30 p_m.        7:15 p.m.   (approx.)  ���   Pull Information and Tickets:  Resident Agent, Sechelt:   B.'.W. P. Pearson  Resident Agent, Gibsons: THarry Sihith  City Ticket Office,  793 GranviUe St., Vancouver  Union Pier, Pt. Carrall Street, Vancouver  Here for two weeks holiday are -*  Mr. and- Mrs. Perley McPherson  of .Vancouver and family. Mc-  Phersons are guests of /Mrs. Mc-  Phersbn's parents, Mr. and Mrs.  F. Gibbons.  Off to Abbotsford on a 6-week  berry picking expedition are  Jeanne McRae and Yvonne  Brooker. We wish you good berry  picking, girls, but don't eat too  many of those raspberries.  Another California tourist,  " guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. Arnold,  is Mrs. R. Worthing, San Diego-  Mrs. ��� Worthing arrived here for  a short holiday just? after Mrs.  Curtis and Mrs. Lee left for their  home in California.  It was six. years since Miss  Diana Harris, of Vancouver, last  visited Sechelt, when she stayed  at one of Mrs. Mill's summer  camps in West Sechelt. Still her  recollections of Sechelt were vivid and she now has a chance to  renew Tthem. Miss Harris is  spending her two months vacation from High School at the Sechelt Inn.  Mrs. T. N. LePage and son^  Rusty, bf Vancouver, are vacationing at West Sechelt with Mr.  and Mrs. S. Jones and son, Collin,  also of Vancouver. ^  Although I hope to continue  writing for the Coast News this  is my last West XSechelt column  and to anybody: who would like  the position I -wish tt^i% the best  of j hick. You'll find; i!^ 'great ,fiin  ���if you can keep up with the  current social/events.;  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.  E.;.MaGFarlah(e o��1i the arrival of  a baby boy.  RELIABLE 24-HOUR SERVICE       7  BUJ/STAXI  X , ���- / /,   -     ., X   ���   ���        ��� ' '.    7   v  '��� 7 ���  ��� .... ..'��� ��'.-    . . 7/..  Half Moon  x_ .Bayf BiCix;.;;  Phone Half Moon  Bay 7-U (������-���)]  Bill MervynXX  CORRECTION  DR. A.M. LOWE  announces the opening of His  DENTAL OFFICES  Dental Services of All Types  Phone Roberts Creek���20H2  . .-���;' for Appointsnents    :.  ���.��������:" ���"��� =v v x*  .yyy^r ;��Hdoy,xlufy r9$:l?48���  THE COAST NEWS-SEGHELTV B. C.  Page F.v&  etween  Mrs, Ross and Mrs. Jay,.Ditty  and Merrily will be spending the  next two months in Vancouver.  It is to be hoped that the change  Will benefit Mrs. Jay, one of our  local teachers who has been ill  for some time., We understand  that Mr. and Mrs. R. Cooke will  occupy Shady Nook in their absence.  '    Miss    Margaret    Pearson     of  , Vancouver: is staying with Mrs.  Frank French for two weeks* vacation. Tommy Garlick,a friend  of both, was at the Inn for the  week-end,  and  Major  and  Mrs.  ' jShaw were guests y also;  talking  fbver old.5 times in India and Mai-  1  ya.  A very pleasant no-host party  ..as enjoyed at the home of Mr.  ind Mrs. Ted Osborne recently  honor of Miss Beatrice Mar-  hant and Constable anil Mrs.  urdy, all leaving Sechelt. Those  present were Mr7 John Ellis, Miss  orraine -Tally,, Mrs.   ItuSy Jay,  [iss  Norma  Melvin,  Miss  Elsie  'urner, Mr. and Mrs. S. Killick,  r. and Mrs. Jack Redman; Mr.  Ind   Mrs.   Rodger   Simning,   Mr.  Ind  Mrs.  W.  Morrison,  Mrs.  F.  french, Mr. and Mrs. J. Parker,  r. and Mrs., Ted Osborne, Mr.  d Mrs. R. Cooke, Mr. and Mrs.  . _K. Berry, Mr. G. Plumridgo,  r. Ron Jones, Mr. Doug Brewis,  r. Denis Pearce and Mrs. Roily  arret,  of  Associated  Air  Taxi.  grand time was had hy eyery-  e with the games, contests and;  nging.  We are all sorry to lose  Jiss Marchant and the Piirdys,  id wish them well in their new  wnes. "v"-;  e or  From an addrete by Joseph W. ��������� -   Clark, to the Peterboro (Ont.) cent tourist\ Youcan see it ev-  Rod and Gun Club. erywhere.      -  ^ Probably a good many of you Right here in Peterboro are  feel that when the fish have .all men who> in their chiidhood and  gone, and the game, a tremendous early youthf have eaten passen-  number of tourists will still come  ger pigeon. Maybe they even re-  Said hello 'to Mr. Bert ^hn,  iio has been coming up to the  h- for many years. They all are  joying Mrs. Vaughn's cooking,  ds lady is late of the WRCNS  d has had lots of experience;  ving served in Halifax, Mon-  jal and Gait.      'fX^yyX^y'y^-  At Sechelt at the week-end  >re Mr. Bob Hackett and fian-  * Audree Salter, also Miss  Lylis Salter, weU-khown Vanr  uver musician,, and Mrs. T. J.  Iter. The late Mr. Salter was  Lnaging director j of the Van-  iver Sun for many years. ,  We in Sechelt are very glad  it Mr. R. S. Hackett is not lost  us, But has transferred from  company  office to the post  :   ���    ' ' ' ' ��� ' T  See only. Mr. Hackett has  |n known to us for many years  | we would miss his kindly  arest and sympathetic ear in  les of trouble.   A very enjoy-  COLLISbN'S  BARBER SHOP  SECHELT  Il Mon.���Closed Ail Day  Tues.���9;30 a.m. to 6:00 pjn.  Wed.���9:30 a.m. to 9:00 pan.  Thur.~9:30 a.m. to 6:00 pan.  Fri.���9:30 a.m. to 0:00 pjn.  Sat.���9:30 aum. to 8:00 pan.  HAIRCUTS ��� SHAVES:  FACIALS ��� SHAMPOOS  to the hills for the sheer peace- member killing them. Theycan  and beauty/of the country. There describe     those       swift-moving  are, let us admit, very large num-* clouds  thkt  wo_ucU appear,  far-  bers of tourists Who just like to off> low down, in the late March  go places. sfeym   Strange, exhilarating, even  As the fish go, the juke box terrifying clouds that grew1" and  comes J in.   When the drumming grew as the millions of pigeons  of the partridge dies away, the arrived in Canada.  drumming of the fast motorboat A hundred years ago the great  wells   up.    And   the   ten-dollar Charles   Audubon   witnessed   a  tourist makes way for the fifty- flight of passenger pigeons forty  .M^ai^a^HHHMHn miles wide, three days long, and  RAWFN KLAND *' the birds were in tiers of forty  ovnuii^bfinv pigeons deep, one above the oth-  By PEARL PUNNETT er. He estimated by mathematics  m^mm^�����^���"��������������� that the ONE flight of passenger  M^T^^S^_��__3lned one  4th, the Rev. Victor Sansum will , A1OTV _____��� ��� _ ,,  be the preacher for the next three And it was ONLY ONE of the  months at the United Church Sreat flocks that moved in spring  here. Services will be held at and'iMl--all over Amerk^ from  11:15 a;m. and Sunday School at J��e Atlantic coast to the edge of  10 am the prairies.  Audubon gave it as  his opinion that despite the shoc-  " Mrs. David McGraw has, as her ^nS slaughter of the pigeons at  guest for a few weeks,'her sister, that time, a hundred years and  Mrs. Taverner of Winnipeg. more ago, they could NEVER be  seriously reduced m number, let  Congratulations to Miss Muna alone   exterminated.   Nature,  he  Vernon of Evergreen Stables, on said, is SO lavish,  SO recuper-  coming   third   in   the    jumping ative.  eyeht at the Duncan Horse Show By 1870 there were in the U.S.  on July 1st. over 5,000 professional pigeohers  *��� ���'��__.  j    operating.'   They    followed    the  Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. Shed- passenger pigeons to their nest-  lack (nee Madge Glenn) at Mont- jng sites from Virginia to Mich-  real, a son on June 22nd. igan and right up here into Can-  Mrs.  A.  Bond opened  up  her ^a,  into    Huron^  and    Simcoe  ����i��_��l *ai. *u�� _.���~S oS i*i counties and into Peterboro coun-  cottage for the summer and her t     Professionally, with nets, and  young^grandson Bobby Hond is ^;-^^--^<^..^,^i^ier^  staying with her for two weekj^ ^^^o^hjr th* MiO^The  Mrs.'rJy Moorhouse with Judy market*, in New York, Boston and  and Kenneth of Eugene, Oregon, Chicago could not get enough of  have arrived to speiid the sum- ^e succulent squabs, as weU as  mer with Mrs. A. Pollard.             Jhe Wrtuhs  pigeons  shipped  in  y long trains of iced railway cars,  The Pro-Rec Association held in salted barrels, and in every  their annual picnic on Sunday, other shape and form.  July 4th, the main event of the The last great shipment by the  afternoon was the crowning of the professional nomadic pigeoners  "Queen", Joe Lucas, by the re- WaS from Michigan in 1878. It is  tiring queen, Kathleen Galbraith. recorded that they shipped one  Seventeen young ladies entered million, five hundred thousand  the contest, so the competition birds, not to mention 80,000 live  was quite keen. birds shipped in crates to the gun  _. ' XL        clubs of America.  7_There   are;   iiow   two   picture      E       money! Good eating! Real  shows ajAreek m the lower dance sport!  What more can man  hall each Tuesday and Thursday. want?  '   Miss Anne Bouts of West Van- , Audubon was wrong about Na-  couver is visiting her grand- ^frShCL1?n * S8 ^^P^T^3  mother,; Mrs. E. Bouts. he thought, or he overlooked the  ������-���'-/���-���-,, ������ ���-��� .-:-������-���.-v-��������������������������������� -.������ -  :������������������ ���:������ ��� ������    ��� ���   impact of civilization.     In    the  1880's everybody noticed there  able dinner at the Inn was given were no more.strange clouds low  him on his termination of com- down on the horizon in the Ap-  pany afafirs. More than 30 were ril sky. By the latter part of the  there for dinner, under the ca- decade, the appearance of a small  pable catering of Mrs. Ethel flock of 50 way back in the woods  Frederickson. was news for the papers. In the  ���'���"',, X  ,..   .. s '.-1- --.     1890's, the appearance of a nest-  .. Mar we at this timexvish Mr. ��� pAIR anywhere was a head-  Parr .Pearson success mvhis new iine, as the trumpeter swans are  position as resident agent for the in B c today> In 1902 the last  toionSS,andwithMr.Hackett's recorded passenger pigeon was  kindly   advice   and   interest  we s^en at Penetang.  over Canada, ready to fall on us.  We have no proper accomodation  -for them.  But that is nothing.  We have not a plan or a policy  "anywHere in the country for the,  .preservation���for the  rescue���of  the  priceless   wildlife   'resources  still left.  Who's going to do it, before it's  too late? -  I have a queer feeling that  when man has demonstrated to  the Almighty that he is no longer capable of protecting and conserving the wildlife of the earth���  the gentle, beautiful creatures of  our lakes and forests���tfren he  has signalled for his own extinction. *  ler came to power in 1933, some  Liberals gave him qualified support. They were got rid of when  it suited Hitler's convenience; *The  last German in high political position who was not a Nazi was  Chancellor Hindenburg���no Liberal. Even he had to toe the Nazi  line, and on his death Hitler toojc  his office. *  HISTORY'S LESSON  Peterborough Examiner���When  Mussolini came to power with a  small group of fascists in 1922,  some Italian Liberals accepted  cabinet office under him. They  were soon liquidated. When Hit-  . McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every  day except Thursday  .  know he will dp a good job.  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  >;7;iWeWlng'7:', >;  General Repairs  Marine Engines  Water Gop!|idJ Air  Gas or Diesel  PENDER HARBOUR  SPEND THE  SUMMER  -���������/���  at  ���������;'���    ���'���������'��� " '  X   ������ 'e  WAKEFIELD  ' '      X -v.  Always Coos, Comfy;  Clean  The last passenger pigeon on  earth���she was called Martha-���  died at the age of 24 in the Cincinnati zoo September 1, 1914.  -, How terrible! you say.  But there is not a province, not  a city, a town or a hamlet in this  Canada of ours that is hot, in the  name of the tourist trade, doing  exactly the same thing today to  the fish and game that remains;  And for the same reasons and!  from ;$he same motives that destroyed the passenger pigeon.  Sell -em! SELL 'EM. For money! ���  Gentlemen: A tidal wave Of  tourists   now Xhangs   susperided  L. BRUYNEEL  Selma  Park,  B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  Cement Work  Septic Tanks; Sidewalks, Steps,  Floors and Concrete Chimneys  WORKMANSHIP  GUARAiNITElt)      x  mzyL^rU  FREE ESTIMATES  Sechelt,  B.C.  SELMA PARK STORE  Where Your Dollar Buys More  MARSHALL WELLS PAINTS  Delnor Frozen Foods  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables  Record and Appliance Shop  GIBSONS, B.C.  HIT OF THE DAY!  Vaughn Monroe's latest recording���  "Blue Shadows on the Trail"   75c  Vaughn Monroe's Record Album-  Including his theme song, "Racing with the Moon".  Five Records and Album $4.50  R.C.A. FIDELITONE NEEDLE:   Plays up to 5,000 records.   Each  $1.00  r.c:a. victor  RADIO  PLUG IN  (Just plug into the wall)  Associated with the Sunset Hardware  Bus and Mail-Order Service Poge Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT^ B. C.^  Fridafr, My 9,  1948  By E. NESTMAN  bringing in passengers have been and is going around in a cast but She noticed a change in our-vil- war p'eakof 124 (1M8Equals 100)  taking quite a beatmg, with pas- managing to .keep busy. lage. a* mpa^iirpd hi th*> T nnrim. *m_i  sengers getting off looking rathr as measured by thez^ondon,and :-  er woebegone. The other .day the      Const. Purdy is leaving'us on      Hear   Harry   Gough   and   Mac Cambridge Economic serviceiii-. |  .���,-., ���_cttttttw TMr_TTTC Gulf Mariner, on her way to Tuesday, going to North Vancou- and another party took an aero-  rn^rr*^ v/ T. Xf JNUiJL~ Halfmoon, put in here and left ver and a new man from Mission plane ride last week-end, head-  Well, the big day has come and Qf_ about 25 passeners who were is taking over. Sorry to see him mg for the Calgary Stampede  gone and July 1st will be long- sent the Te^ 0f the way by bus> go> we really mean that, -and (so they said) but landed at  remembered by young^ and old jjad a nice shower this week- wish him all the best. A note in Crescent eBach, out of gas. BoyS  alike. I guess the most of Gib- end, gardens looking great after passings���it's a very god idea willbe boys, incidentally boys,  sons was at Sechelt for the day. itf and it iaid a little dust theSe days if you go out of the when you fly, fly in the air, not  It was a regular thre-rmg cirucs,      Our water supply is not all it house to lock the doors. Police- down  as   low  as  do  once  in  a  with the fair at one end of the should be at this time, and the men say it's a help to them, too. while. Ever hear" of air pockets,  field, races going on m one cor- gardens have to suffer. This, little I know We. have in the past left dead   air,   or   downdrafts?   Few  ner,   and   a   real   bang-up   ball, shower will certainly help a lot our  house  open.   There's   never dead pilots ever did.  game  in the  other.   One  didnt though. been much reason for not doing    "��"        _ , '   . '    ���_ '  ��� ���    ...  know which to watch, it was all Summer appears to be really so, but a while ago someone in S?Trrv, *�� report a sudden death  interesting. It was a typical here, as the place is full of vis- Roberts Creek went down to the ?| . .H��P?"?.S .over the week-end.  Gibsons  day. itors, campers, arid strangers. We beach,   leaving   a   purse   in   the ���TS-'. McSavaney  became  ill  on  The boys won the first ball welcome them but are always house and the doors open. She Sunday afternoon and passed  game from Sechelt seniors, then giad t0 get. back to ourselves at was minus that when she return- a^ay that evening. She is sur-  the juniors won their game, and the end 0f summer. Seems visit- ed. With so many strangers ar- Vlved by her husband and three  at 6 p.m. seniors played another ors have so much energy they ound it's quite posible there is snSu c��lldren' ^ X���*  game, Gibsons vs B. C. Fir, and sort of keep us on the jump and some Who wight be tempted to Blue Baby Fund���$130.50 was  even with Constable Purdy in ^e are very glad to lapse back enter if the door is unlocked, so raised by the Klemdale. school at  there catching for them they mto our slow and somnolent gait beter be safe than sorry. And a co^ejt, .-box social^by teacher  couldn't win, It was a lot of fun ___.it��s wohderful how you get in it's ohly fair to young kids. They Ml?,E;Ferglls0il-T^e fur}d 1S now  and everyone had a grand time. to that habit of slow and easy, should know better, but some- wen over the $1200 mark.  U16 5A. sTyst���'. kr2u.?^__��X__?_?. and quiiet, after Labor Day you times on impulse they will take      j^d  dex.  _��_______*.  t^^^0*m*^^**+*+^&**m  echel  T  ^_; YI".,*. .JT^  (Port Mellon to Gower Point) is  $838.22, Our quota was $500. Of  the total, $381.75 came from Port  was a wonderful aid to the sue- back to our old styie again, no realization of what they have (p~ort' M^ii^to^GowirPc^tris  fcess of it all. In petween-times one to botber us and we have the done hits them they tr yto cover ao-to^o n��r minfa w.�� t .nn nr  records��� entertained ^he  gather- place to ourseiVes again.   That's up with fear and in a short while g*.f��,��?oo_ft^JESpS  ��f nlndJursf llZh��.%l need��Ufor thf. *��unt;?* *?? yT ��1&.tak<�� Sn U��y+ mlSSiS c^d' ^c^  grand.   Just  wnat  we neea  ior a jjttle of it to get you liking it* doesn't teach the child anything xx..��� ..   ���   -     x.-- ������ ���:���.. ��� ��� .-  these occasions. v,x this way and then you sure love except to hate, possibly. ^^ poq-twat? ota��T  Our Bill Corley again set the it  j know i do! /NJlw FOblWAR PEAK  grass afire with that pipe busin- >this ��N THAT And the usual cases of children     Britain's  industrial production  ess of his.  We helped put it put.  x    ��    -^ ?        , ...  falling in the water, leaning 6v- in April reached the new pbst-  You know, Bill, $hat's twice. Next Mrs. Kirby and son were the er the wharf to rgscue boats or  time you're going to get singed pests of Miss Wagner. They are l0ok for fish. A-word'to the kid-  So���better watch it! .from Pioneer and are down for  3XS  VillageCentre  Phone Sechelt 55  Operated by: '  Frank French  Harry Sawyer  Cecil Ldwrehce  NIGHT CALLS:  ���\Jf.-i Fi^h---S LLS  H, Sawyer���^ LSS5  C.: Lawrence���LLL  *K^^hm*+0^^^^*m**0+0*******0^*0***f***^0******l*il*W,  A dance at Gibsons wound up > summer visit.  -il-:  Business and  ���.';_/��$.-.  TAXI  INSURANCE  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour iService  WILSON OftEEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  PLUMBING-HARDWARE REAL ESTATE  Hardware^Plumbihg Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Pexiihsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phphe Gibson���3K  dies, parents, and maybe we ,can  ........ *,.     m v   _��   .__���    ��� ������������ avoid some of these accidents.  a very strenuous ,day te every-    .Miss  Turner,^ of. Winnipeg,  is ..   .  one. Thanks go out to Ed Smith Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Haley. ., Did you j^w that our freight  and Bill Cook for the wonder- \ %F^Mrs. Curtis are visit- rates have advanced 265 percent  ful organization spirit they dis- xng Mrs. Nestman. since last September, and that it  played and the hard work they Marge Farwell is taking a well now costs a storekeeper $2.50 in  but on to make it such a success, earned, rest at Mrs. Parnwells freight-'to' have 90 loaves of bread  ^*m���^ nPDA^ui.iCT ' ^ter the ^remwus work^at^Red delivered to his store? So don't  WEATHER DEPARTMENT; Cross headquarters on the tele- WOnder  why  bread  is  up*  and  Speaking   of   weather,   we've phone  board  during the  floods, mii^ and a few other articles,  been having some real dusty days Marge advises/that son Les frac-     jf we get up on our soap bdx  ktely. A lot of breezes, and boats tured his leg up at Ocean Falls and g0 after this freight business  we might get a little action, folks..  Maybe a shower of leters to  our Member might help, to let  him' know that we are vitally  concernedJ "hi * ^iscjimmatioii^ltag^~  ainst us in "the cost of living.  LATER REPORTS  An impromptu party'held here  for Constable Purdy* who is being transferred to North Vancouver, was quite a surprise! to him.  Qn behalf of the guests Jim  Veitch presented him with a very  nice cocktail shaker and set���-  just about took Purdy's breath  away, literally and figuratively.  -Anyway, jt made him feed not  happy about leaving us. We want  to wish him the very best and to  know he won't find any better  people where he is going than  there is on the Peninsula. Hope  ^ye may see him again, if only  for a visit.  Glen Gray, from Mission, will  be our new constable.  VISITORS  Kirs. P. Hoper Robinson from  Vancouver (formerly Hopkins)  was the house guest of Rev. and  Mrs. Frank BushJ-ield last week.  Mrs. Thos. Ross of Rosedene  left Saturday for Nanaimo, Tto  visit her daughter and family,  Mr. and Mrs. R. Malpass and  Master Bobby; She will return  next week-end.  ��� Mr. and Mrs. K. Miles and baby   daughter   aref visiting .Mrs. v  Miles' parents, Rev. and Mrs. T.  Mobre^bf the Manse.   #;     X .7y-y  y?e are; glad to report a slight  improvement ��� in  Mrs^   Cooper's  cortd^ioh.'; ^  thihking of hei* arid miss seeing  her^^hd^x;^''-;,,.''-.' ''yx��-y.''  Mrs; O; New and children of  Vancouver will occupy ^fiss W.  I#w's. plaice;- Blynfc^v wj^ii^  is   away - #f;isui^^  "Vic$ori^;.7-XX7X.VXXX-:X:Xl: -X y^  .%M^. ,Hpa(d'S:4^  ITioihpson was a^ v^^ek-eiid: vislS.- ;.  6_^li_eir first ^triji up iri two.^yfeai*!-.  Prices Reasonable  ���   ': ..���..;; ;, .V..;':;   ' .T^^Vj  Estimdtes; 'M  H.  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Page Seven  __i_;<;____2  By H. I. L.  By L. SPARLING  A delightful surprise was giv-      Miss   Caryl   Woulds,   popular  en to Mrs. T. Burrows and Mrs. teacher of the Irvine's  Landing  J. Finlayson when Mrs. C. Whee- School, was guest of honor at a  ler entertained  at  her home in miscellaneous   shower   given   by  x      . honor  of  the  former's  birthday Mrs. W. Pieper.   The affair was  ���������'���_   c -_*_.  an-   *��  bid 'bon  voyage* to the held on the spacious grounds of  by Jaek Scott latter. The table featured a birth- the   Pieper   home,   with   guests  day  cake  and   appropriate  gifts gathering for tea under the shady  ���*��� were presented to the honorees. trees  ^An^SS���i, nff the t df ttm t6a WaS S6rVed by     *ea table*> <*��*��* with clus-  HAD TAKEN two cute off the the hostess.       . ters of June flowers and gay with  gettS th^Th^tmf of ti^e Mr. and Mrs. Forbes and fam- P^k and yellow streamers, were  Across-cut a��d my s^ond wind! W, of Mission B. C. are occupy- grouped on the lawn from which  when 1^haT^aTfeeing-between ing the beach cottage of Mrs. E. refr��hinents were served    Mrs.  f    ,  ?T ^f W oerara _6 _ ,  ,   ,���   ... R. Murdock and Mrs. Jack pre-  the shoulder blades that means sided at the urns  ^somebody   is   looking   at   you. walk like they had two wooden     _ 7    '__.   .,     ' , ,  turned around, there was Poc,      legs," the Doc said. "Or they dye     .^iss'Woulds>    was    showered  "Had  to come down and see their hair so it looks Uke a Christ- with  rose petals  and presented  !_.���_.-        - __��.x2r  i        2��� ma*tTt>�� d*��P_.ration    Th> reallv Wltlx a sailboat, sails flying, and  ft for myself," the Doe said. ^^teee d^t^on. ^he really 1q les    ^  many beautiful gifts.  In   thanking   the   guests   the  "It's  like   buildings    or   store bride-elect  extended   an  invita-  froi^'' ftaiof ^le^eem^ tio" to all'�� atte*d tlie wedAdinS  ���_.0 -��� ���_, -,���  t-x^* JLZ��yL 4^Z Ku^^. x��� and reception in Vancouver Aug-  "As you get older you appre- have-forgottenjhat tlieres  any���    t ?     *  i^iii^J^i^-^^n-^Sru^ beauty   in   good   stone   or   fine ���. ,   .  ^M^^^tlh^vekrs aiid I wood.- I'U bet ydu in 10 years The darice sponsored by the  '^n^5ou l^a^c^s^^ all this shiny plastic is going to flood committee of Pender Har-  'He^ti/2 ci&rltte* ald flfr- baunt a lot of bright young archi- hour on Jutf 1 at Pieper's Hall  The committee desires to express its appreciation to. all those  who helped with their attendance  or donations.  teen lownlalk  By MALDY THOMAS  I laid the saw carefully across .�����;.. in...  ,____   -,_,_  ,._,,-_ ���  log and sat down beside him. ^^^J^J^Z^h^^^  jFact is, I like to shove a saw c?atlI# of drug store bargains.  |nce in a while," I said.   "Sbme-  ling satisfying about it.  ML- the match in ah arc to the  tects.  netted the fund $70. Mr. and Mrs.  5___*___.   t*-W4- wi+h _> HnvKfe "The^s* Ji*st no substitute for Roy  Dusenburg and  Mrs.  John  ^'J M^ftu   ���?aT   ��     qwStt   Junior,"   tl*e  Db^  said, Haddock  kindily  entertained  by  Ma?*?F 9f:��&?**y.'?*r sal?��   w��r^ "and sooner or later you find it supplying most enjoyable music  ,l^mi^^ iiqw when out    A faI^e face  is oniy gbod for dancing.  fe8^��*' thWsJJ^ xMjS" until the dy^ starts to run. Why, There was no expense recorded  ^temx_^em* to. ��\^ygfWf ta^e cars, ibr iiwt^ee." against the dance.  The hall rent  m&-J*. ^a��t thu&f "-fST-W'     "You've  got somethihg  there, was cancelled.  The refreshments  *# tbgy mtr      ^fej?11 3Wl' Doc," I agreed.   "YOU look un- were  donated.  mo?, it sc^^yqw a 1^1^ when fa. th(-- enormous streamlined  $18 WORTH of new records were  bought for the Teen Town  dance on June 25. They are really the best and latest records out  and are going to make a great  deal of difference to our dances.  The Sechelt Teen Towners  were invited to come down but  none of them turned up.  Our latest teen-age couple, Mr.  and Mrs. Warner were" present.  Mrs. Warner is the former Dell  Oliver. But just because she's a  Mrs., she doesnlt want you to forget to call her Dell.  Two door prizes were given, a  wallet and a brooch. Don Graham  won the wallet and Dell won the  brooch.  Grace Gray, Elaine Zuvick,  Barry Stewart and yours truly  were the suckers caught in a  stunt.   The  stunt  was���the  girl  is to pass an orange from under  her chin to the boy's chin without using hex hands. Barry and  Grace got theirs over quickly but  Elaine didn't seem to pass it right  or maybe I wasn't doing my part  right. Anyhow she finally got it  over, but I think she used her  hands. X  Mrs. Butler and Miss Davies  were up again to help us out. An  elimination dance was held, with  Eleanor Arrowsmith and Roy  Gray winning.  Refreshments were served afterwards.  Use The Coast News classified  to sell, rent,; buy, or swap;  BULLDOZER  FOR HIRE  Land Clearing  Basements Excavated  Roads Built, etc.  ALBERT DANROTH  Roberts Croek  .the  rose radio b^keep.reim^^ you   find? ���  -, :.   - 4       ������ +u    . T .  u that good  honest  sweat is j^f tlle gam^ little Old engine T^bridge fo*,tbe ^V^1*,'  pensive'/': ��� X,_,,.,,-���;;,v that's always been there." *    while IVfr. and Mrs. moc^lTand  'I think I'll go^albhg with this     ^t��s the Mth," the Doc said. J?-?^ bave taken the McKays  , Doc,Sl said;   'Take food, "There ��** 8^��^ inecbanics who'll P?ftcn cottage for a month,  e gr^at  art  nowadays  seem_? teli yoii there^ hajsni't been a car v   Mr. G. Colson has returned to  be to camouflage everything, made^^  since  that'll stand up  to YellowknifeV Y.T., having spent  Eu can't get anjrthing hoW that the 1924 Dodgie." the past two months here with his  n't got a little tent of o^^l^^  over it." the worst example of all this is  How   true7   You  even   have tlie public relations men.   Eveii     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas of yan-  luble  getting  a  laxative^ that iii the7 o^r 5?^^ baye ^een visiting their  t being tJ^ehina some c^  tfjSJpgB^^ Mr^ and Mrs. J. Fisher.  e sat fqrxa' mihute; thinking sjatem^ thes^days ^c^through     Mr  and Mrs  H   Temnle have  ut it. Th^rc^f ?nd h$^fe* i^ ^  ^8^?^-^--to HP b_mdvMr. ancVMrs. a Belobaba,  with his tail and then went meaningless.^ ^ as their guests for the past week,  to take a few careful sniffs     "They re using pancake make-  fir cuts before giyin^ his uo pi%^^ the facts, too, junior," the     A very successful tea and kit-  personal salute to timber.       Doc said.   "You can put a plas-chen shower was held recently  he saddest masquerade of all tic front on truth as well as on in the garden of Mrs. F. Rice, by  he average woman," the Doc buildings." the   Women's   Auxiliary   of  the  I  suppose there still ar��B     f So how do you keep your per- Canadian  Legion.   Many   useful  utiful women under all tbat spective   on   things,   Doc,   when articles were donated for the kit-  , but they're sure succeeding everything is coming wrapped in chen  of  the Legion  Hall.  Mrs. |  idiiig it.  If they haven't got colored cellephane?" I asked. Home was the lucky winner of a  i eyebrows, they've got false     "I guess your only defense is pair of nylons, donated by Mrs.  plexions or something caUed an inquiring mind," the Doc said. S.   McKay.   The  tea  table  was  .cake make-up.'? It's got so that you have to be centered with a beautifully ar-  hear  tell  they even  have suspicious of everything, wheth- ranged  bowl   of  red  roses   and  bosomsi" I said. er it's a beautiful woman, a lamb synnga.     Contributing    to    the  bThey walk around^ on spikes chof> or "a government  bulletin. Pr��gram were Mrs. Baird, Mari-  give   them  height  and  they They've all got false bosoms." lyn Horne and Mr. George Ky-  -__,_-. ���....������..   ���'y;  ������.���������x>\ ..'.������~���;���.���-���������"�������� -' noch.  Guests enjoying a holiday at  Bayview Lddge include Mr. and  Mrs. B. Mciver, Miss V. Harper,  Mr. F. Ellis, Mr. H. Playford,  Mrs. L. Neale, Miss R. Harvey,  Mr��� P. Thomas, Mrs. McKnight  and'Marge, Mr. F. Andrew, Miss  F. Lisk, Mrs. Rodney Young arid  Mrs. P. Rodger.  The regular meeting of the  Selma Park Community Center  will be held in Willows store at  a pan. Monday, July 19. Your attendance is prged.  Skinny men, women  gain 5^10^15 lbs.  6rt H��w Pep, Wm, Vigo.  Wbtti thrini Bony llmbB fill cut; aghr hollows  _g!^��^^  Tixw%htte&mti&Myi8<&bv&labagi fl��a_i4nQ-_i_M:  Un&Xo*tRt. Iti Wnlca. 9Umulaat3/iGvl��or��tora:  hWJ, vlt*DUn Bi; ftaleiu-o. enrich: blood, ltt��D_��v*(  9BPttite mi ������8*ion to food elves you more  stwDgth soniMMirtM-meat. put flesa'on bare' bones.  Don't fear getting loo fat. Stop when you're gaijMtd,  the 6.10. 15 or 2Q lbs. vm need for nocrtuU wrtfht;  Costs "uttia. Ne* '?M**equ��intett J&XMvjfo  Try famous Ostrti; Tonle TaWete fOT.toi^ .jwe  and added pounds, tills T��? day. At all drugtltts.  We have the very latest equipment for refacing valves.  Our valve seat grinder for the modern hard surface valve  seats does a beautiful job. Send in your valves and valve  seats via stage and we will give you first class servioe.  Wilson Creek Garage  Your Goneral Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK, B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  ih  "~'s~"" '��'-���*'���.".",''"���    '.��� ,ris''-"'^'>'':'  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  '''mf^'^$^KiEX''  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  ���j Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  "��� ':. J:  GIBSONS, B.C.  FOR WEEKEND:  '     .  Pheiie Gibsons ��� 26  Parker's  Hardware  In Village Centre, Secheit  Calling 111 FinIktohmi !  We hove Trolling Rods, Rod Holders, Reels, Swivels,  Herring Strip, Spoons, Flies, Salmon  Eggs, Nylon  Lines, Fishermen's Scales  Builders Supplies  Gyproc, Tentest, Kenmore Board, Cement,  Lime, Flashing, Roofing, Tarpaper, Building  Paper, Shingles, Mould-  If we haven't your requirements we will gladly obtain  any item, you want.  Try Parker's for Quality and Economy Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  r���  Eke (Boost Jtas  ADVERTISING  No. 7���Capital* Reflections ,  Friday, July 9,   1948 J  $y Reg Jone^  - ��� __M_��BBM-_Bai-BHaBHHMaMMaMiMManVM_N-M_X��& ���%__  ���  y-y-- ���y,-..:yXyyyM  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3* Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULTS  WHEN   people   think   about   divorce   they   generally   link   it ces of amazement to a western- grounds  of  St.  Joseph  Orato*  with Reno, but few people per-  er iivjng in the east is the ador- where: Pontifical High^Mass wal  haps realize that in Canada we ation which Catholics pay to sa- sung at midnights?        -           '-���'  h%Q  jlfi  as.roar.in^Tadivorcecred. statues. At   each *parish,   high   masse  a  ^SpXe-y       ie m JNevada-i One occasion demonstrates this and   other   religious   cerembhi  And it s in no. less an august es-  tablishment than Canada's  Pa" '_____.\^&_H,_^W;^J�� ����rked the progress of the  stat.  liament!  great   Catholic  Marion  Congress ue.   T     .   .   ���      ,    ,. .   ,       Was on in Ottawa; attracting up-     in Gatiheau Point, an elderH  In fact, Renos divorce judges wards of 200^000 believers from couple was blessed with the repl  would have to work overtime to all parts of the world to the Cap- lica by a priest.xThey had hire?  ���'-��� e^ *he. record of-348 divorces itaL anvambutoce   ;which    carrie  .            .MISCELLANEOUS               WANTED���   Drag    saw   Please granted in one fell swoop  dur-   ; Ag part of..^ bi  ,sbow it was them 120 miles to the church.,X  ROTO-TILLER  _. power  tiller,      send price^ and full particulars^^^^^^^: decided to bring an ornate rep-      The lame and the aged: wei^  does the work m one opera- to Joe Mitchell, East Bay, West government s divorce chambers.   . iica of. the :-famed statue "Notre brought  to   each  stopping plac  tion���of plow,  disc and harrow....Howe  Sound Mail  Route,  B.  C.      When   Commons   cut   the- 348 Dame du Cap" (Our Lady of: the and the blind Were lecTup to th  Call or write  Cliff Leach, Gib-                 ��� 51  bonds of holy matrimony on that ;cape) from its:shrine at; Cap de statue and touched it with tke  sons,  B.C. tfn -. ���    evening by:;= giving third reading ia Madeleine-near XThree Rivers hands or hissed rts feet.  ��� : r PERSONAL���  Nubone    corsets to the divorce bills, CCF1 memher toOttawa where it would be. giv-._...���������_. _���    ���___    ,  FOR SALE ���   correct the figure: Expert fit-  Stanley Knowles quipped:   "This en a place,of honor after its 40- F1^NK:t.D ^YX^-C*EL7  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to ter. Alice Amelia-French, phone is an all-time high! Boy���348 at day pilgrimage,  which  was un- ^^cau?e 7*i ^   ^^^e  or from Vancouver. Low rates. Sechelt 36. 51.one crack!" ; ique in the annals of Canadian the original^statu^church aut.  Fast   service.   Careful   handling. ^���-���:  - But like most government un-  Catholicism. ojities^elt^it^^ht.^be-.dam^.  Specify Gulf Lines Express.,   tf .FOR SALE^-Four standard-bred  dertakmgs,. it ^costs   a   pileof    . As the statue beared Ottawa I ^     f^ ��^r^%^S^r^M^  ��� ���      saddle    horses.     Apply   Alvic dough to^get a divorce okayed by watched   thousands..! of   French- |^ni^Dv^^_Stnd^Su  Lodge, RR1, Gibsons, B. C.        50 the country^ legislators. Canadian Catholics,  weary, wet, i^^M^^^^^  FOR  SALE'  WATERFRONT lots at  head of  .ted  on  a; 7motQr^bwered XHioi  r>    *     tt   -u ������������- w ���* Theboys won't hear"the evid- but warmed by unrestrained re-     __ made pcnppiallv for th^  ?e^eLS_\rbour*_ Writf 0If��n" FOR   SALE���28-foot   cruiser,   6 ence  unless   there's   a   thousand ligious fervor,  escort the statue ^^_     especially for the  -m  tact H. Williamson or A. Egner, hp# palmef marine engine, just bucks at least forthcoming. Gen- into the city of Hull, just across ^rmiage.  Pender  Harbour.                       tfn overhauled   and  painted.   Apply erallylt runs between $1,000 and the Ottawa River from the Cap- +-The original statue in its san  vm oat tp    ... *   4. TT Mrs. A. A. French, c-o The Coast $5,000 to unhitch the marital har- ital.                .   .                                  *uar�� on <H SJ -Lawrence Riv|  FOR SALE-14-foot power boat, N         Sechelt, B. C.                  51 ness.the government way.                  Acclaimed  by   well  over   two has been visited by thousands evj  Briggs and Stratton engine. F.  The evidence is bandied about million devotees since it left the gLj^J*?^?. *_.?.* S��r*__f2 ���  i?ic.v.__t.   -pt?  1    r��.v_��__��__,   i__~r-      ko ��� ��� ��������� ������������'���"������'������.'   ���������      ���:���; ��� -       xne evidence is Danaiea aooui lumiuu ucvuicca ,_a_��.c -lv. icn u^ *��,.��,____.,*   ...   i��7i_i   k_.*  ;<- --.����   .__��  Fisher, RR 1, Gibsons, B. C.    52 FQ^     SALEr_connor.    Nu-Way 'first by the Divorce Committee, shrine,   the   statue   entered   the *�����*��* * tw\tfrU^M  WANTED TO RENT���All vear-      hand   washing   machine,   with and then the bills are forwarded city   accompanied  by  recitations JjgJ"  10��* i^i^nnntZ^SSt  ^i^^mS-A^^. finger.^Excellent^^ con^ion.  A ^to Commons for p^sage and then ��l��Jto^^*X^ �� ^^i^^^^SM  Sechelt.   Three adults,  no  chil- snap at $17.  Apply A, R. Gray   back again to the Senate for fin- ^J1.^ 1hyn?1t b^J��22S?*S ;  dren. Careful tenants. Bill Hun- Sechelt, B. C. 52 a_ assent. the faithful and by petitions for  ter, Sechelt, B. C. -������--���50"      , ��������� ��� ���" '  '���-���'���'���������-/ . ^ CONDEMN SITUATION Peace.  ������7 ::���".'.-. "���"/': ":������-��� .FOR SALE���Enamel cook-stove, -   The reason the lads on Parlia-      Wherever    it stopped    during  MISCELLANEOUS as hew. Apply F7B. Monteith, ment Hill have to wrestle with the pilgrimage it    was    greeted  -ar  50 domestic   strife   as   well  as  the with solemn faith and expectan-  general welfare of the country is CY hY rich and poor, since it was  WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make RRl, Gibsons, B. C.  slip   covers,   supply   materials ���  f'  and do take pride in our work-     Week after week The News is due to the fact that there is'no credited with several miracles of  manship. Free estimates. Usher's your best���and only���way of ac- divorce law in Catholic Quebec healing.  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C. curately keeping in touch with so every individual divorce petit-      In automobiles, in horse-drawn  ,      tf^ ALL community ^^ province    must carts,  and    afoot,    the    faithful   ~                             v come before  the  Senate  and  a came in. great numbers to make  WE BUY AND SELL.    7  :. BIil^S^'and��^^t^m-C "'fcbutlf  and sold, also all kinds of used  goods, furniture, clothing, tools,  etc. Square Deal Store, West-  view; B.C.  Sia^ BUI, must ��>e* their devotions, before, it^when-,  SSrff����S              each time somebody can't ever terfemonies were held along'  appearing in:vi:tie^.ews:ar:e..Tiie.-Zj.^^j- t  _. _. ,<.___ .____,_.   ^     *_.<__ -.__,_+_.  opinions of the writtrs and are  not necessarily those of The  Neiqs or its pMisliers.  at  JULY 16  Everyone Gome and Bring a Friend  ENTEi^TAIh4MENT ��� REFRESHMENTS  If the weatherman is unkind, this will  be a "slack  pdr^  Proceeds to the V.6-N.  stand burnt toast for breakfast,    the route.  Quebec's divorce situation was      As i^i)aSs^L?!S2u^h Molltr!a1'  condemned in the Commons by more   than   100,000  jammed  the  Ralph Maybank, who said: "It  should be abolished. I suggest a  $90,000 divorce price tag be attached to future Quebec divorqe  petitions. The existing situation  is one permitting undercover *di-  BRIGGS-STRATTON  INBOARDS  Evinrude Outboards  ot City  Prices    .  Also small boats and  equipment.  '.   "G|HOHSVi:-:-"  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  Home Sites  FOR SALE  Partly constructed 7-room Housex sheeting to complete outside of home. Lot 62x122 ft., good location.  Wdter. Ijght and phone ava i I able. J'..^ ----- $2,500.00  We haye numerous listings of choice properties  . in the .fenStii^  '- ..��� P'y        y   CNLLx\^\/'r  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  Gulf Coast Office -��� Sechelt/ B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37 --;���,  '.:���.-��������� 7- .-.or1'''"';  CONSOUDATED BROKERS  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  vorces;'  ENCOURAGES COLLUSION  .And that's no lie, since the  practice of forbidding publication  of the cases-leads to the foulest  sort of collusion.  One of the cases the committee  had before it was actually defended on the ground that there  was "connivance by the husband  with respect to the adultery of  his wife.  It came out . . . from the evidence of one of the investigators to  whom the husband who engaged  him said "Follow my wife and  get the evidence; if you cannot  get the evidence, then make evidence; then come a*.n d  tell your story but of course do  not let on that you and I framed  this proposition against her."  This scoundrel actually went  on to follow out the instructions  the husband had given, but if that  sort of thing occurred in a Court,  the attorney-general, would take  action against the blackguard.  But this came before the Parliamentary committee and no  check-up could be made.  This sort of stuff is common to  evidence     surrounding     Parliamentary divorce hearings. When .  a divorce-is granted there is no  waiting period in which to check  up whether or not there has been  a perjury, .There is no opportunity of checking a great many, other things, just how much collusion there has been, and so on, ad  nduseiim.   '  .  RELIGIOUS FERVOR  a-One of the never-ending sour-  Announcing the Opening of the  NEW TEA ROOM and GUEST HOUSE  AT GIBSONS  Home Cooked Meals - Catering for Private Parties  Reservations Accepted by Mail  ENGLISH TEA ROOM  Mrs.E. L. Wardil, Prop.  ���f^��  V  DOLLY'S  D  ress  Shop  Shop Today the "Dolly" Way,  On Our Convenient  Mail Order Plan  Everything in Ladies' Wear  COATS, SUITS, DRESSES,  UNDERWEAR, HOSE  At Reasonable Prices  Phyllis Turner, of our staff, will handle your needs  personally.    If our selection  is not satisfactory, we  will gladly refund your money.  DOLLY'S DRESS SHOP  4156 Fraser Ave., Vancouver, B.C.


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