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Array Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B.C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines,  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Har<_y  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek,-.', Roberts. Creek, Granthams  Landing;. Egmont, Hopkins Landing.  BiSeke'hdale,  Cheekeye,' etc.  FtrBI.ISB-ED BY TX��S COAST NEWS, IbTMHTEB  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising" Office. Powell B-ivex. EC.  [HALFMOpN^AY^The district  and tHe ��omniittee represeht-  iing property owners in this and  fjthe Redroofs areas have been  [granted a license by the Water  ^Comptroller vto; store and divert  ;^kter rfi^mffTrout iLake on the  >echelt^^_mppn7^ay7 rbad aiid  Ito estabilijsh 72111 ;in��ake on ��� Milne  !Creek?   appi^xii^ : way  IbetweenXHaifmoori Bay arid the  iRedrooffs store.  This intake will  iahdle 75,000 gallons a day.  It is estimated that the initial  rork in diverting the lake, con-  |tructing an intake and delivering water  through  an  adequate  system  to  connect up  with  thP.  >reseiit   systems   will   cost   approximately $15,000 and that fii]. -  ���   extensions    and    improve ?-  lents could be installed as  reared.   Already $3000 has been  ibscribed   for   this   project   by  iterested property-owners.  Vol. 8V~- No. 2  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, July 23, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  ITOBA THIS 'N THAT  By   BROWNIE  l'\  WrA WATERFALL . . . -  >e^ I'm ^hbt^trying .to sing,  L}$ehrp^X^Xyjony know where ���?��.  i0io^rftyXfae:- -few:",cool /spots  ft in -tamp, ' ..o^here I am, sitting  a rock jitst waitihjgJfcr inspif-  ipn  to ''strike;;^:me7?^%iil.-:v:no-'  [ubt get strtick j^iit: it ^ili^l.^  iething else if;M:'dc0tyLhiift&  with this column, as it-is i2;30  1-the mail'goes out at 5XpXm.  Twbuld likeTto extend a wel-  le to Mr. and Mrs. Pat Agur  son Barry.  They arrived last  fcek-end  and   will   make  their  jie *here. *  -. "   X    j  mother new arrival is Leolus-  linger J?rpthfr,^-^elyin,vai_^,  [id. Leo fisris��ehdmg::his'Slim-*���  fr vacation here.".  7e had a very brie;�� visit from  baa Edwards, sister pf, Albert  [lington of Salmon Bay.  irthday  greetings to Edward  kson, who celebrated his sec-  birthday on July 14; when  nting noses around the table  re were Kenny; Jimmie ��nd  rimy Mathias, Edgar and Andy*  nstori,  Barry Agur, . Leo  Ius  bur little  host  Edward, all  Some   little   girl   will   be  ly spoiled if'and ^_i oiie  r comes to live up here,  illy 10���Everyone had a good  e at a party given ,by Mary  Jim Johnston.   Guests, were  be. and Ted Jackson,Kay and  Agur,   Georg^tXand   Eldred  ry, Kay and Freddie Matthias,  r and Tom Mathias, Jean fnd  rge Berry,/ Mr. and<Mrs. 61-  ;' May Sihid and: her daughter  lly   Porter,   Ch tis   Smith  arid  m  McBride.    ~  r!lady���� Royal and sons Wayne*  d  David  have. been7 spending ~.  �� past week at /Yplsbh Creeks?  tere they are?tlie guests pf^Mf.  d Mrs.', Smith.'Chuck w^nt pii  .pree, while Gladys w^awfe  painting spree that is, and did  real nice job.  peorge and I went for a ride;  to the end tfi the road Thurs--  7 evening and,-on thev way we  y a cougars It stood and glared  us very^ defiantly until 7 s^ep  re quite close, and thenT^ai^r.  bed into the bush. George was  noaning the fact that. he didn't  ve his rifle. I gueks ���-1 haven't  y hunters' blood in. ni^^s I  s quite glad he didn't^ We  pped sit the farm on the way  ck to say 'hello' to May arid;  m Matthias.f���^-IWefi'-^tvit^iiig^  i drinking coffee arid didn't  Tive home till 11.30���a shocking  uuxin.this,liglits-out-at-10 pin.  v0y;XX:XXXXX- ���   l: XX'L. ���. ���������'���������.���.  DON'T FENCE US  dM FENCING STdRY  LAST Tweek bur Correspondent  ' \ frPmv'-'"-;<Sibsons complained of  havirig trouble with wandering  livestock^ and The Coast News  pointed out certain observations  in regard, .to straying animals.-  ��� However, our remarks could  be misunderstood, and, to avert  any posible trpuble;we point put  that la property must "have a  lawful fence (the government  specifies height, size of wire) ar-  -diind it, and any animals strayir^r  therein may be held until satisfactory damages have been decided. In a pound area, the authorities of the: pound take over  the strays,; and proceeds from the  sale or cla'irri of the animal are  used to recompense the complainant if hevhas a case.  Canadians Are Too  Cold, Says Reader  ���Staff Photo  AFTERMATH OF PENSTOCK BREAK���Some of the effects of  last Wednesday's break in the Powell River Company's,  penstock tunnel are shown in the above photos.    Caught in the  path of the rampaging waters, the power house at Stillwater,  Editor/ The Coast Ne^^ x: 7    ;x.Y#*5 flooded. .The water fi lied a stockroom   and  then   burst  Sir^Miay Ibe^ perihitted to di^   ^rou9h.the wooden door at the extreme right, filling the lower '  gress a little from the usual?        turbine sections with sand and silt.   Pools of muddy water can ...      ^. . ,     ,   ,.  . It^w^quite a privUege to list-  be seen On the mud-laden floor of the main generator roorm. h!v verTitoeThS and &  m^M^^^t^ At the right is auction of the company road leading to thl tolsT^in^St^  's very iritelligent and isome-  .      . __ . _ on an  darthe iat took;advantage of my  PovVer House, with a deep chasm gouged out of it by the tpns act for my benefit.  alwpi^^ and ^w^^ of water as they cascaded oyer it.  ��i-.wi^^a_rit^ct sink l>bi_j.cl7'When  I^  after her she  sauced me Xe&SOI2 llOU! Oswald  "What's the matter?".��aid she, ���     '���   .>-.   .    "7       \      ~~~  ^'Don't   these   Hollywood     stars  leave1 their footprints ^ in cement  outside   Sid   Graumans'   Chinese  npticed    ^_   ...  _.   . .  ... w      ,.. j    . on  ?the Fraser's tnud.�� And, alsb;" she  wrent on, "what is the niatter with  our own good stars, liek Ed Mc-  Gurdy and his ilk���they are hard  tp beatl'^ ,x  Back to the convention. I am  By this time Oswald had backtracked up the trail. He seemed  to be going places.with great determination. "Aren't you afraid  of losing hirii?" I asked.  "No���wait.''  A second or two later Oswald  realized he was on his own. An.  ress replied.  The  larger  of  the  two  wooly  dogs had noticed Oswald go off  By  ERDA,  Sechelt Xr~ .... ,   . ,���--:������ ������   and   trotted  along  the  trail   to-  I DON'T know in^ this niechanical ^Xed ^ when it; was ^ �� baU ^rds ^T^y, jhe calv m-  swered   with   a   little   crooning  note-  song."  "Of course he'll go back to the  age whShei- n^ny"ppopie h^ve of down, so small it could sit on ]�����ed. They met Oswald, speed-  not very familiar:^ith the differ- re^ed^tich^nter^^ ^ >���*** Palm of 7her hand. It had ^g back to his mistress, silently  ent political candidates. What a mals in general. Probably not; I ^ its mother and was quite ^^^Ji1 S^ ^^  gruelling tiriie they^ had in the/have lived long enough and seen helPless. For the |irst few nights completed the herdmg back to  heat! Hpw the chairman Joe Mar- enough of the world to realize."�� lived in a large warm match- sa^g;- ..,..', ,. _��ncf -.  tin (the Senator, that is) kept at that with the passing Pf the des-^ox. Later it was kept in a spec- m^^ Jll/J"^ %*, i0f^  his job for days  is beyond my pised horse-ar^-buggy went the "* crate. ���ther sppke to him and he an-  ken. They got a little zany over best part of the gracious way of She- soon found it liked sods ^^u^I^a ��" ��.c ��S?iJSf  things, but that is a delightful living���whether civilization has of earth to sleep on, prefereably note~she caiiecl ���"������ nis nappy  virtue, not a fault, and one reason benefitted much from the mod- with tall grass on them, sp that  why Americans are easy to life, ern way of life, with its greedy it could snuggle in and hide. In .,, onnriar. nr. 1q+ot.�� ol,0 c^^  They keep their presidents in hot clawing for the almighty dollar, no time at all it had settled down ISP Sfro��?Ja ���'nJ^tJa%L  water while they are alive, and its crazy urge foi speed, I very and displayed little fear of any- Hls feathers.have grown and he  after they are dead 50 years they much doubt. To exist at all now- thing.  It paddled  after her ev-  ��� start to idolize them. adays  appears  to  be  a  case  of erywhere, "arid if she was sitting ,������+    -���   -ltl.*   nr.Mfl,Vf>c  aT><.  ^  5 I listen^^rArt Linkletter's each man for himself and it's reading or sewing, it liked to ���*�� ^LJ^-f^ a^h^  program with the: school child- y0ur money we want first The cuddle down on her lap and take S"C^t Ll iSn L ^  ren. He often asks them who the creed of live and let live seems a nap with its head tucked into X^I? ������+X w^.'-SnS ti,25?  president? of the IJnited States is. to be fast slipping into the limbo an almost-non-existent wing. As �����T,rLSf mSh^ nJlV^fhl  The   answer   is   nearly : always  of forgotten things. it  grew  it started  to  bully the "numan mothers ��� only nao  me  ���G.p^e^.hin^   or   ^..-7   In  L   horse-arid-buggy   days cai if  you please! SS^^tSe^^V^r  an  easy  tolerance  of the  faiths      The duck would run at Timmy divorces. Come on kids" she ad-  can almost fly."  "I'll miss him "very much," she  harii^Liricblri.'  SeeTwhat I meaif?.  X^6n^t6tt^^ with  ^ mouth   open,   and  the dossed tMs last to the* gang  ^^J^f^:^^1^^: tained.  A desire to, be of use to, horrified cat would jump out of     D0Wn the Sil they wfntf the  tract youflt^in our orgamzatiPns  nnt fn  ���aT~  n<x> of   others   An  the   window    Later   on   Oswald _T     J *Jx +      7>        ���   XZ    .  XT  w.th  a  VittTp harmie��:��r whnonee   ,       X    maise use--Pi, otners.- An ine   winaow.   -^ater   on   uswaia cat and the two dogs m the lead,  witn a little^ harmless ^wnappeeht ^ h to do unto others as  (the duck) would tweak Timmy's Oswald waddlins after his mist-  Steafof Immbftara hanb?twe would ha .e them do was known, tail when the latter was peac*- ��^d thl. lafge? of the two  __rf!_--i^-____Sg_^%r_     ���?�� ^ar '^^���^���^~^d^do^1^tS^^ ^ Msf^% _. h  ciTf^lp' nrnnaPflnrfa          X               ey!'?    Oh   well,   if  I   have  out- C1yjr  *   ine7_��gsi.ne.wfS inenaiy shades of the horse-and-buggy  subtle propaganda.      : r> ,v           liyed my era I can always take wlth .tr����� the first���two  wooly days! Here was a Ca| traditional  Sechelt  MARGARET ALLAN Mother of us all.   X ^-Oswald.  "You know, I really can one   guiding   and   benign   influ-  I was doing just this a short sympathize  with   a  mother-bird ence.  time ago when I saw something now. He has me run ragged find-      From the peace of the woods  that fetched rrieup all standing, ing worms, slugs, snails and what it seemed too bad that man could  DoWn the trait tov^rds me' came 'nP*:-*P. keep him stoked, up," she not live in harmony with man,  _ a woman^accompanied by three ^aH- 'We SP hunting together in, Und6r   the   benign   influence   of  The hew Sechelt Bank is now^ dogs,  one  cat  andfrcould I. be- ?*e garden-^He lovesearwigs^nd the faster.   Animals  are  wiser  the   forriier   felegraOh lieve my eyes, a duxik. This sure-r wod lice. .When I lift up a stwie than we!  posite   from   the   US_5 ^required  investigation.; Upon he^urui�� rt l^a^Jg^irig:., ���     ���  SecheSt Bank Opens  In Telegraph Office  open,   m  office,   opposite  <?tore meeting,   the   woman   was   very  D.-B. Smith will be in charge obliging and as we^sat on a con- P^ed to pieces just for his am-  arid will feoii-:duty Mond^ arid lenient  loish^e- told ���Xa}^:^  Thursday from 11 to A p^rii.   ". her Tferiii^ 'Oswald  wont  look at  grain.  Alterations in days and hours were  old  friends  but  the 7 duck But he likes oats in water. For  of business will be made as found was  a  new It ...Was  a swimming  he  uses  the  bath���I  necessary.       ' ; ^ young wild r^allard; She had re- keep it full of water and he has  /&&. Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  Friday, July 23, 1948  We will miss her, as she has been had a steady grind. Mrs. Bolton  one of us for some time. seems to have the situation well  Mr.  and Mrs. Larsen  went to in hand at this time.  VON NOTES . . .  VON auxiliaries of Granthams  and Gibsons have decided to amalgamate. First meeting will be  held the fourth Monday in September. Election of officers is  the main object on the agenda.  A bazaar is set for October 21. A  request is made for all ladies to  -.urn out to the meeting and join  the auxiliary. Workers are needed to carry on to help the nurse.  LEGION NOTES  A carnival under the auspices  of the Legion will be held in  Gibsons July 27 and 28 in aid of  the new . Legion Hall. Aladdin  shows will be tlie entertainers,  and a god show is prbrnised. The  funds are for the new Legion  hall. At present the legion hall  will be used for school purposes,  and so we are without a hall.  Property on the hill, part of the  old Weingarden estate, is the new  site for the hall. It is expected  work will be started immediately  on the new building.  MOVING FEAT  Jack Allen finally got the,house  he was moving from Granthams  Beach to its destination. When it  started off on the log raft, logs,  separated and the house started  to sink. They got it back on the  beach and started oyer again.  Jack finally got it to Gambier,  and up the side of the mountain  with a hand winch. It is now up  on a real foundation and with a  litle decorating will "be ready for  its new occupants. Quite a feat,  and Jack sure heaves a sigh of  relief when that job is done.  DEAR ED���Re that note on the  cows . . . There's no redress  here for cows getting into your  property as there's no pound law  here, and our policeman advises  us that we have to have a regulation fence aridf gate^'cPuld be kept  shut, so I don't kriow where we  stand. We could tie the thing up  in the yard and wait till the owner called for it, then take our  chances on collecting, but I don't  think we'd be far ahead there,  either as we'd have to feed the  brute, and with feed the price it  is . . . well, you figure it out for  us.  (See note on front page. We  thought for sure an up-and-coming village like Gibsons would  have a pound law, especially with  meat the price it is. And no fence,  either? What in the world . . .?)  POST OFFICE NOTES  Much has been said lately concerning our post office, but no  one ever says much about the  help there. Must say, during trie  hot days when it doesn't take  much to fray one's temper, that  our postmistress Mrs. Finlayson  certainly can be a very cheerful  soul . . . always cool and collected  .and with a smile and a good word  for most everyone. I think the  odd word of appreciation doesn't  come amiss, for we never hesitate  to grumble. In an age when we  are prone to criticize everything  and everyone, until Such time as  we get a new building and a  thousand other things that we  would like from the powers that  be, let's be boosters instead of  knockers.  Anybody can knock!  WOMEN'S LEGION NOTES  A picnic  will  be held by the  Women's   Auxiliary   of   Gibsons,  in  conjunction with ladies from  Roberts  Cre  kand  Sechelt.   Bus  will leave the  post-office  at  10  a.m. on July 28 and pick up ladies at Roberts Creek  and then  meet the ladies at Sechelt. Bas-  v   ket lunch is the order of the day,  . tea  and coffee on, the grounds.  * rLadies may bring escorts of they  so desire.  THIS 'N THAT ...  Miss Stephenson has resigned.  Vancouver by plane, Dr. Allan  Inglis accompanying them. Its'  wonderful to think Mr. Larsen  is able to travel again, after being so ill.  Bud Fisher is back in the Coop bakery again, one of the young  bakers has, had to return to town  due to illness.  Dr. Allan Inglis is again the  Mr. Truman is going to summer  proud father of a baby son. Congratulations, doctor,  school in Vancouver . . . Miss Ir-  leavirig for a month's holiday,  ving, our hard-working nurse, is  certainly . well-deserved. She has  Dora Benn has really gone all-  out in fixing up the Galpin home,  which she purchased . . . Wally  Graham has also made a great  improvement in the old Gibson  home . . . you certainly wouid  neevr know the place, and altho'  he is a real busy man he has had  time to get a grand garden going  despite all his'work.     ~ ��  Jimmy Schutz celebrated a  birthday this week ... won't you  give-your age away, Jirri? He was  guest of honor at a very nice supper at Mrs. Wardil's English tea  room. ''  Visitors noticed up this week  included Daisy Bailey, Allen  Matthews, and Dave Battison over in Headlands . . . Mrs. Dick-  meyer is a guest of Mrs. Elliott  on the reserve.  The Co-op store is looking ver^  nice with it's face-lifting. Going  to save a lot of steps when it gets  finished . . certainly a great im-  provemnt.  James Davidson, father of Mrs.  C. E. Gustafson of Headlands, a  visitor from Peterboro, nt. took  a heart seizure and passed away  suddenly here this week. Burial  will take place ��� in Peterboro.  Went out after the elusive lit  tle blackberry one day last week  . . . think we picked the hottest  day in the week. After three  hours' work I had about three  pounds of berries. oWnder if it  was worth it . . . I'm stiff, sore  and full of thorns. Crawled under  stumps and through bush and  stepped in more booby traps. Ig  guess I'm getting soft . . . don't  think I'd ever earn hiy salt as at  berry picker. My sidekick who,  went along with me (or did I go]  with her?) fell into a few of  these inocent-lookin gtr'aps an"  I'm sure there'll be no berries  ,there next year, after the blast'  irig they got from her. ut Of it;al  ���2V2 jars of jam. I think I'll go  again. '  m  Announcement from tl  B.C. Hospital Insurance  To All Residents of British Columb  . * a '������"!���  It is the aim of the Provincial Government, through the B.C. Hospital Insurance Service,  to provide British Columbia citizens with necessary general hospital care at premium rates  -which everybody will be able to afford. The Plan also provides for the establishment of  hospitals on a sound financial basis and is the first step towards creating better health facilities  for British Columbia. The Hospital Insurance Act states that all residents of British Columbia  will participate in the Government-sponsored plan.  TIME OF REGISTRATION  Registration is compulsory and will begin early  In August.  PREMIUMS . $7- ...    m. 'y&Lr'X  $15.00 per annum for single persona 16 years  of age and over who are supporting themselves  financially..  $24.00 per annum for Head of a family with one  dependent.  $30.00 per annum for Head of a family with  more than one dependent.  Dependents���A wife, and children under 16 years  of age or other members of a family group  living with or apart from the Head of a family  for whom he is financially responsible. Further  details are provided with registration forms.  BENEFITS  .Public Ward Accommodation, Meals and Special  Diets, Ward Nursing Care, Operating Room  Facilities, Surgical Dressings and Casts, Available  X-ray Service, Available Laboratory Service,  Available Physio-Therapy, Approved Drugs.  Hospital Maternity Care without a waiting  period.  No restrictions on the number of times or extent of time that may be spent in hospital, so  long as hospitalization is necessary. <������  Hospital Benefits will be available in the case  of illness pre-existing the date when the Plan  comes into effect.  Payment to Hospitals will be based on Hospital  costs of public ward accommodation and services.  REGISTRATION AND PREMIUM PAYMENTS  Registration and payment of premiums may be  carried outi  (a) by individuals,  (b) as a group,  (or) with the co-operation of Management.  Arrangements will be made for registration  and payment of premiums under group plans,  sponsored by either employees themselves or  with the assistanoe of  METHOD OF PAYMENTS  Payment may be made by one of the following   ���  wayst '  (a) Payment in full;  (>) equal monthly installments, between October ��� and March for  coverage for the full year 1949. This is in-     '  tended to help tfa����se persons whp cannot pay  the premiums at one time.  EXEMPTIONS  All Insurance Companies, Associations and Societies providing Hospital Insurance coverage in  British Columbia and persons subscribing to  such plans are advised that under Section 8  subsection 1 of the Hospital Insurance Act, per-  ; sons may be exempt from payment of premiums  by the Commissioner, only where benefits to  Beneficiaries and payments to hospitals are at  least equivalent to those provided under the  Act.  Unless specifically exempted by the Commissioner, persons subscribing to other Hospital  Insurance Plans will still be , required to pay  premiums under the Government Plan. To  avoid such a possibility subscribers to other  plans should obtain assurance from their particular Company or Association that the conditions providing for exemptions under the  Government Plan "will be met. Insurance Companies, Associations and Societies intending to  meet the above conditions are invited to submit  all necessary details to the Commissioner, Hospital Insurance Service, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria. Exemptions other than that outlined  above are as follows t  * .  (a) Residents of an area where provision of  general hospital service is not practice  able.  (h) Adherent* or members in good standing  the Christian Science Church.  J. M. HERSH-EY, M_D���  CoaauQalssioner.  TH1_ CWVERNMENT OFTHX .PROVINCE OF BRITISH  ���i Friday, July 23/1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Poge Three  to life, shattering the silence like  a hammer on a Ming vase, he  will fall back, trembling and  weakly, cursing.  BECOMES A PROWLER  Eventually he will get up and  prowl around the house, looking  at   himself   in   mirrors,   sticking  out his tongue, and admiring his  ~  profile, until he hears his wife's  by Jock Scott  approach.   Then he scurries back  to bed, dons his mask of patient  suffering and  again    begins    to  ���A IRAN'S home is a strange place think  of things  she can  do for  to him in the afternoon of a him.  week-day. This is especially true These tortured impressions, as  jjjf he is mildly ill and thus some- you may have gathered, come as  pvhat riiore impressionable than the result of the three-act corn-  usual. \ edy tragedy known as Father is  Lying on his back in bed, feel- Home, Sick, which has been  ing lost and out of place there in playing at our house for a week,  lie bright afternoon light and with myself in the starring role,  turning himself occasionally with hut indisputiably.  hot waterrbottle his wife has  EAVESDROPPING  jroyided   he' is apt to feel sud-      There may be just the slightest  Lenly sealed, off from the outside   suspicion of cynicism in the siid-.  orld- X den attention a man gets in these  The room itself, so familiar to  circumstances.   Lying on my bed  m, now    seems    foreign,    the  of pain one day, for instance, I  joodwork- brighter than he ever happened  to   overhear  my  wife  jalized before, |the patern of the explaining to the neighbor's wife  illpaper; inordinately vivid���(and; that "he" was home from the of-  ring the impression of closing fice.  on him. "You poor dear," the neighbor's  LENCE DEAFENING wife said to ihihe.  I could imag-  'he 'silence   fills   each   corner ine her laying a sympathetic hand  the room like something alive on my wife's Shoulder,  id having a body to it.   Sounds      "Well, it's just for a couple of  ��m the world beyond the four days, I hope," my beloved said,  .are paries of the window by  "I couldn't stand it much longer."  bed seem magnified.   A dog      Then I heard them chuckling  king far off down the street,  sympathetically together,  grinding labor of a starter oir     "They're all   the    same,"   the  :ar and the catch of the motor, neighbor's wife said, much as if  7 slam of a distant' door,  all she had been surveying a crate  ich him as distinct noifee to be of eggs.  Lsidered and analyzed. When my wife returned (it wais  'his is more than ever true if-- tim��;^P'J1^-.-SP^' atepirm and  wife has gone out shopping f ffw ot1her lt*J��s)  I pretended  . he is alone    in   the    house, to ]>e fusle+eP-   If ?*��* act> ld  ich then    echoes    each    tiny Prefer that jt rem^m ��urtway.  ie. The feeling of being alone, THE END-.TOO BAD  ���lutely alone,  depresses him.      This fool's paradise is now over  fig apt to raise himself on one until the next illness. I knew that  iw, head cocked, listening al-   on   Sunday.   .Everybody   home,  to the creak of a. door or^the* Housed filled with^noranal, heal-  of a tap.      ; thy .sounds, none of them com-  :, whil�� thus delicately tuned manding   any   special   attention  tutside sounds, the telephone from me.   Woodwork and wall-  should suddenly explode in- paper had again become accepted,  unnoticed.  "I'd certainly like a coke," I  said to the Slave, who had been  running her legs down to the  knees all week for me. It was a  kind of test question, really, and  I suppose she knew it.  "First turn to the left in the  kitchen, open the door, help  yourself, and shut the door, Bos-  coe," she said. Not unkindly,  mind you. Just pleasantly and  finally, to announce that we could  all consider ourselves back to  normal. -And glad to be back,  too.  Seals and whales of the Arctic  regions have normal temperatures as high as 104 degrees.  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND     .  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.   HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEEEDBAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS. B. C.  _*___.  We have the very latest equipment for refacing valves.  Our valve seat grinder for the modern hard surface valve  seats does a beautiful job. Send in your valves and valve  seats via stage and we will give you first class service.  GENERALi  MOTORS  HIODUCXS  Wilson Creek Garage  Your General Motors Dealer  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  TRUE STORY FROM  WAKEFIELD  He came in with cane  and limp,  Went out like a spring  Nymph.  P.S.���We still have the  cane.  murdoch's  marine Supply  Compare Our Prices!  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Legge gers who  went on  beard were  We all had a wonderful time at  fnroArT+T^ the VON beach party and I for J  toiced to stay there although the 0T,0   ^nna   .w_Xw.ii   i..   Tr.*���  system.   Total   amount : realized*^  for VON was  $85.  Mr.  Simning ^  (Continued oh Page 5) 1  one hope there will be many  more. Mr. Harvick Frederickson  was there with his accordion and  hope to present an accurate pic-. but not impossible, to get booking shiP did not sail until 10.30 p.m.  ture of conditions as they^are in to  Europe  today.   There  still is thpt night. ^.^ ^  England today, to contrast pres- a ^rious shortage of ships, but J Although  the   passenger  must ���>��"He^^o^^^Sj^  ent conditions with what I found Mrs. Legge and I were fortunate declare on a form H the amount ^\^^^V^t^^^  when there with Canadian editors in being able to get accomodation of ��� money he is taking with him, ^J^ Zd  how  we  aTl  eSoy  erettL^ posSb*  * ^ ** *" ��n ^ .^r^aving **?** ^^fSLffiTt ^ ��? ^ SS^W* glaTTo "ee ^o 'S  .eresting as possible. on April 16 and returning from ���& *��l��counlmg it   This is. one of our sum��er ts there> ^&  There are so many conflicting Liverpool June 5. .  ���eports of what the British are  of the ways in which government  in  speaking   to   several   on   the  *    ���      ��. . ��.���      .,. i_ Mr. Abbott's dollar-saving pro- 2��SSw ^r^nT^0^^ beach learned that they were all  low enduring that this will be an gram has not made travelling any ThT n^n wf ^ a   *\M��n; getting   acquainted   and   having,  effort  to   present  factual  infor- more pleasant. It has stopped the ^L^n^A^f^ siate���ent *,  6n*  ma^. put  it   a  hel-Uv-a  -nation as I find it  privilege * of allowing friends on  .s n��t accepted at face value and  Ta begin  with,  U  is  diMcutt,  ^ZAo^^^Z JtfES^-___��&  good   time.   Hot   dogs,   pop,   ice  cream, coffee and all other items  Cement Work  Septic Tanks, Sidewalks, Steps,  Floors and Concrete Chimneys  i.  WORKMANSHIP  GUARANTEED  J. SINNOTT  FREE ESTIMATES *  Sechelt, B.C.  ��� Announcing  the Opening of the  NEW TEA ROOM and GUEST HOUSE  AT GIBSONS  Home Cooked Meals - Catering for Private Parties  Reservations Accepted by Mail  ENGLISH TEA ROOM  Mrs. E. L. Wardil, Prop.  The Latest in Smart Ensembles  Have Arrived!  TASSELLA SHOPPE  "THAT SMART SHOP AT SECHELT"  Bus Service ��� Phone Sechelt 43  "i  BITS OF WIT AND WISDOM"  "Experience keeps a dear school  But fools will learn in no other."  ���Benjamin  Franklin,   1706-90  IT PAYS TO KEEP CLEAN  LLOYD'S CLEANERS  Gibsons,  B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot, Sechelt  i _5^__St1_^.__i^��h_. t the plLwer^r11S'  either intentionally or LV made ^STSL J��" _t ^TSUlS^*'  Selma  Park,  B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  1  a mistae.  If the examining officers are  all   suspicious,   the    passenger's  person   and   baggage   are   thoroughly searched..  We did not go on board at once  but on going up to the Nova Sco-  Dairy, courtesy Jack Richardson  ��� of the Village Coffee Shop, Union Steamships Ltd., Neilson's  Bakery, Village Meat Markets  Sechelt Service Store, Gordon  West,1 Graham I Collison.  The raffles < were won by Miss.  tia" ho^^had^a^delTehtfiJ  v���� Phyllis,. Clayton,   (Birks'. plate),  lia.noiei  nacl a  delightful  visit   ���_     t�����v   Redman    (breakfast  with the .members of the-Nova  Section 'Press ���'Association^ who  were in session there. With them  also were R. A. Giles and W. McCartney,  CWNA' officials.  The Ascania, although not a  very fast, ship, has many advantages, not the least of which is  that she is a very steady boat. We  Mrs.. Jack  set donated by- Parker's Hardware )'v'Mrr SihiningHn^onsy^db---  nated' hf '���Tassella -Shop), .baby  jacket, ..donated by Mrs. C. C.  Lawrence, won by Margaret Williams.  The small fry jvere having a  lot of fun swimming and enjoying the huge bonfire kept going  When  Passing  Through  Selma   Park  >       STOP! AT  _:  Z^grSSZ^ T^f ST*ck San." He alm^s^  aIXS?^^^^ in roasting us to  death.  Ascania does not roll as much as  other faster and larger ships.  Certainly we had a very smooth  voyage and very few passengers  suffered   from   seasickness.  .  Chief   officers,    Capt..  W.    M.  Stewart,  O.B.E., H. EXWardrop,  Music was provided by Mr. Morrison  and  his  ever-popular  PA  to play cards. The tourist accommodation, we were told, was  much more crowded. >  Refreshments - Ice ..Cream'  Soft Drinks - Pies - Cakes  M  1  Homecooked Cold Meats t  n���roOT,   xr   rr���r^j --.,-.   , -,       The  Ascania 'is  listed  as  still  S^SL��� ^I^^E^^^ listed as under austerity condit-  and others are exceedingly pleasant   and   all   can   spin   exciting  ions, but it is difficult to say just  where there is any austerity. Cer-  first trip iri command of the As-;  cania, having previously been* a  staff captain on both- of the  Queens, was for'to^t of the war*'  in comiriaiid ot '<*__ ship sailing up  and down the east coast of Africa and although he escaped  tqrpedoing,7had his share of excitement  and difficulties..  Every member of   the    ship's  complement   seemed   anxious   to  do everything possible for each'  one of the passengers.  Ships at present are ^crowded  on every trip and there were about 800 passengers on board. A  very large number of children,  too, but all remarkably good, and  a well-equipped nursery took  care of the smaller children.  While   the   first   accomodation  was filled, the public rooms were.  not   overcrowded,   and   it   was  always possible to find a comfortable chair7,or a table on which  where meals are as <good as  in  peace time.  Everything Baked on  .: '. 7  Premises'7-:}'������* ���  Special Attention Given  To Orders  Ample   Parking   Space m  for Cars  Going Steady  m  lilllioll  Random Widths  Random Lengths  Fir  Cedar  Hemlock  B.C. FIR (SECHELT) LTD. I  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  YOUR ORIGINAL  5-10-15* OTORE  Your Every Need Headquarters  * .       ��� ' ���'���-'. 7." .-.'., ......  ��� ���-yMy.Lr ^y-X^xy. .  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Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  XHICKEN ^ARM EQUIPMENT nl;  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE - >-  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons       Phone Gibsons 8R  ;- <���< ���_-!"-���  CARD OF THANKS  ��� *~* < , - . . i  ,     i ( ,."..'��� _���  We should (ike to express our sincere and heartfelt  thanks to the Fund Committee^ organizations, and  pur many friends, who jbyjconfibuting to the Fund  tried to fielp us safe thex0e of our little gicl. The  fact that we kn��\^so7mqny friends and well wishers  are sharing our sorrow does help, iri some measure,  to lighten our loss.  Sincerely, Ray and Sue Elliott and Kim and Joy.  Rnnouncing!  I  y  The Opening of  DR. A. M.  LOWE'S DENTAL OFFICES  For Full Time Service from July 30th  ROBERTS CREEK  Phone Roberts Creek 20H2 for Appointments  At Anytime  i^tmi^am^^^t^  Phone Gibsons 3-K  Gibsons, B.C.  COMPLETE LINE OF PAINTERS' SUPPLIES  Peninsula Agents foi; Bapco Paint> discolors and white.  One Half Pint  ___ 60c One Quart���_ ��� $l .95  One Gallon---____ $6^50  SATIN GLO Finish for Interior Decoration  One Pint 60c One Quart _ $l.S5-;:;  One Gallon ���- : $6.35  SATIN GLO Enamel for Inside Use  One Pint __���_ 75c One Quart ._��� $2.25  One Gallon   $7.50  SATIN GLO Varnish-  One Half Pint ______-������ 65c One Quart _���_____ $2.10  One Gallon  $7.20       _;���  DELUX Wall Tint, White and .Colored  5-lb. pkg. ���____ 75c  Sales and Service  ���-%;  Ice Cream !! !  Another feature of the "Summit General  Store" is  available to  the *residents of West   Sechelt  NOW  Cones - Bricks - Bars - Revels - Soft Drinks  MILK ��� COLD MEATS ��� GROCERIES  "; Sumtnit General 'Store   ..  Delivery Service, ^Soturdoy only. Lower Rood  West Sechelt's Neighborhood Grocery  Mr. and Mrs. Norman Haslet.  Mrs. Roger Simning and Sherry  are in town for a few days,  where Mrs. Simning hopes to  meet her aunt and uncle, Mr. and  Mrs. J. Warmsley, from Winnipeg, who will be returning for a  visit to Sechelt. Miss Joan Sinir  ning has gone for the summer  months to the States.  Litle children should be warned against interfering with a do>  and his bone. I saw a little tot  narrowly escape being bitten just  throtigh such an instance. Duke,  our good-natured police dog on  the back road acted very sport-  ingly. He is the best-natured animal in the world; but after all  a bone is a bone and a dog's property that he has every right to  protect. The- tragic part is that  there is always someone who will  remember that a dog has growled  at Ijhem, and from then on the  dog is damned for life. So, parents, instruct your children in  the elementary courtesies toward  animals, an hone will ge hurt.  Congratulations are in order  for two sets of grandparents in  Sechelt. A baby daughter arrived  Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph  Dunn, now living in Vancouver,  making Mr. and Mrs. Ted Osborne and Mr. and Mrs. V. F.  Dunn grandparents. We are all  looking forward to seeing the  new baby when next Duffy and  Ralph come home for a visit.  Visitors' in Sechelt for the past  two and a half weeks have been  Mr. and Mrs. S. Bates, Tranquille.  Mr. Bates, Mrs. E. W. Pearson's  brother, is handicraft instructor  in the sanatarium there, and Mrs.  Bates is in charge of the operating room. They have been staying with the Ernie Pearsons for  'their holiday.  summer safety on the highway, pointment of a new Bursar, Mr.  ���  R.  M.   Bagshaw,  who   will  take  >   The University of British  Co- over the  duties of Mr. A. Mac-  lumbia   has   announced   the   ap- Lucas, recently retired.  Speed>-lqw violation is a contributing factor in one out of  three fatal traffic accidents. The  ���strain of fast ^rypi/ng infigt weather induces driver fatigue, dutts^  alertness, sets a high penalty for  mis judgment. Heed the speedometer and the thermometer for  COLLISON'S  BARBER SHOP  SECHELT  Mon.���Closed All Day  Tues.���9s30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Wed.���9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Thur.���9:30 a.m. to 6:00 pan.  Fri.���9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Sat.���9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  HAIRCUTS ��� SHAVES  FACIALS ��� SHAMPOOS  ���I  Skinny men, women  gain 5y 10,15lbs.  Get New Pep, Vim, Vigor  What a thrill! Bony limbs fill out; ugly hollows  fill up; neck no longer scrawny; body loses half-  starved, sickly "bean-pole" look. Thousands of  girls, women, men, who never could gain before,  are now proud of shapely, healthy-looking bodies.  They thank the special vigor-building, flesh-building  tonic. Ostrex. 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A service of two days a week will be provided for the  present on  MONDAY AND THURSDAY  Banking Hours:   11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Complete  Banking  Services  Will   Be  Available  ��*^��*w^  LANG'S DRUGS  GIBSONS - Two Stores - SECHELT  Prescription Specialists  Summer Beauty Aids  TONI HOME PERMANENT  2.50  Refill ______  1.25  GYPSY SUN TAN CREAM:   Tube or jar 75c  BATHINGS CAPS - 45c, 55c, 75c  POLAROID GOGGLES  2.50 and 2.69  REVLON AQUAMARINE LOTION  1.00  REVLON LIP FASHION:  9 shades  2.00  LIQUID LIPTONE    __���   1.25  NIVEA SKIN CREAM  50c, 1.00, 2.25  ADRIENNE HAND LOTION     65c, 1.00  WILDROOT CREAMOIL ___   CLIFTON CLEANSING PETALS    TANGEE LIPSTICKS       59c  MAX FACTOR PANCAKE MAKE-UP ___.  59c  50c  1.25  1.75  CAMERAS --  from 3.75  PIPES  -__  25c to 5.00  PARKER PENS AND PENCILS  D.D.T. 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James Sinclair, M.P., and Mrs.  Sinclair paid a flying visit to  Roberts Creek one day last week  to visit the latter's mother, Mrs.  Bernard,   of   Beach ��Avenue.  A pleasant afternoon is anticipated, on Tuesday, July 27, when  the VON auxiliary holds it tea  and sale of home cooking from  2 to 4 p.m. at the home of Mrs.  Edmunds of Macfarlane .Beach.  Rain or shine!  Seemingly     the     vacationist  seeking rest does not find it am-  HRIGGS-STRAfTON  INBOARDS  Evinrude  Outboards  at  City   Prices  Also small boats and  equipment.  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  CKWX ANSWER-MAN  iss to exercise the streamlined  English bicycle he rents at Lew  Reid's for an hour or so, whilst  waiting for the deluxe bus to take  him homeward after a shopping  spree and sprint!  Mr. and Mrs. C. Blanchard of  Lamb's Logging Co. came down  to the Creek to visit friends on  Saturday last.  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gerand  of Tom's Cafe have as summer  guests Mr. and Mrs. Norman  Hough and their children, Doreen and Melvin, from Birtle,  Man.  Guests at the Richard Carlsons  this week-end past were Miss  Dorothea Waverley, sister of Mrs.  Carlson, and Mr. John Bonar of  Vancouver.  Mrs. Taggart and Miss A. E.  Dawson will have as guests their  brother and sister-in-law, rM.  and Mrs. Perry Dawson, who are  on vacation.  Mrs. Bill Roberts is in Vancouver visiting her daughter and  son.  Welcome liews to friends is of  Borg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.  L. Olson, who is home enjoying  good health after spending many  months in hospital in Vancouver.  Mrs-. K. Cyr and month-old  daughter Sandra will be up to  celebrate Mrs. Li. Gray's birthday, the baby's grandmother.  SELENA PAfilC  By H. I. L.  At a recent meeting of the Selma Park Community Center it  was decided to hold a sports day  for the children, with added attractions at night for the adults,  on August 23rd. More details later, but keep the date open kids,  as there will be races, stunts, fun_.  and grand prizes. s  Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cpe have arrived home, bringing their baby  daughter back.!  Mr. James Mulholland of Yel-  lowknife, Y.T., has been the guest  of Mr.  and Mrs.  L. F. Perkins.  Little Bernice Liste return&J  home last week, after spending  three weeks with her grandparents in West Vancouver. She was  accompanied back by her cousin,  Miss A. Sherman, who will, enjoy a few days at Selma.  Marilyn Tunbridge , of Mission  B. C. has ben renewing acquaintance with all of her little friends  here, while the giiest of the Sid  McKays for 10 days. Marilyn is  a former resident of Selma Park.  Mrs. J. Redman of Selma kindly loaned her home for the July  meeting of the Sechelt VON Auxiliary. Final plans were formed  for the beach party held July 16  and they decided to recess until  September.  Mrs. M. Livesay has returned  to heher home here, accompanied  by her daughter, Mrs. N. Richardson and grand-daughter Judy of Lethbridge, Alta. Before  arriving back at Selma they visited friends and relatives in Chilliwack,  Victoria and Vancouver.  Master Colin Neal of North  Vancouver is spending part of  the summer here with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Neal.  Nice  to  see  Mr.  Arthur  Neal  i.". ' .  able to be up again, and we all  hope he. continues to progress favorably.  von  and a recess was declared for thel.X  summer   months.    Any   busines_|^  arising during this period is  tdl|  be dealt with by the executive.^  The resignation . of   Mrs.    June{*'  Smith as secretary was accepted  with   regret   and   Mrs.   Prengast j  was elected by aciamation to thejl  office.  SECHELT  A very enjoyable evening was  ���spent recently when Mrs. Jack  Redman entertained the Sechelt  VON Auxiliary. Plans were discussed for money-raising events  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  Welding  General Repairs  Marine Engines  Water Cooled, Air Cooled  Gas or Diesel  PENDER HARBOUR  Mrs. Richard Carlson was en- Mr. J. McGuiness is still con-  tertained by friends on the occas- f^ed to his home, but is .very  ion of her birthday.     ' cheerful  and progressing nicely.  Master Kim Perry celebrated  his third birthday with a party  of little friends. He is the son of  Mr. and Mrs. Van Perry, and the  grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles  Haslam.  *  Mr.   and  Mrs.   J.   Ashton   and  There are plenty of visitors around Selma at this time of year  and it would be impossible to  name them all, but we welcome  them and hope they will have a  grand vacation.  having sold his practice in Van-  GIBSONS, B.C.  FOR WEEKEND:  their  three  sons,. of Vancouver, COUYel,   He is ^stalling all the  are vacationing at the Creek. iatest   for   stopping   "der   pain"  Mrs.   Eric   Olson , entertained and no V[We stallfjrjg jts-necessar��.  for her mother who 'was visitingto_visit "Our den$st/x    ���  from Selma Park recently.  We regret to relate that one  of our favorite teachers will not  be back next school opening. Mrs.  Roberta Chivers, who has been  the popular teacher of Grades 1  and 2, for the past four years, has  resigned to accept a teaching post  in the Burnaby District, New  Westminster. She has also held  the secretarial position on the P-  TA since its inauguration two  years ago, and holds the record  of being present at all meetings  held during her term of office.  CHICKEN DINNERS  Phone Gibsons - 26  .-.;��.-: v.  ���>���*������._?>���'  A Kinsmen Ticket  FOR THE KINSMEN KARNIvkl. AND RADIO QUIZ  SEAFORTH ARMORIES, VANCOUVER. SAT, AUG. 7  Listeners to CKWX sit up and take  particular notioe when they hear the  familiar greeting, "Hello Again!"  That means Bob White and more  ���valuable phone calls. Bob White is  now featured on two regular programs  on CKWX, Monday through Saturday from 10:05 to 10:45 a.m. and  ��:30 to 7:00 p.m.  The popular Pony Pals will  play the merry tunes at the Hard  Times Dance to be held Saturday  July 24 at the Roberts 'Creek  Hall, so dig out the depression  ensemble and compete for the  prizes.  Welcome news to Peninsula  residents is that of Dr. A. M.  Lowe, who has permanently established a full time office here,  ,   Completely Furnished  $9,000 SALE VALUE  Located at 968 Kings   '  Ave., West Vancouver  Gibsons Real Estate Agency  We wish to announce that in co-operation with Messrs.  H. A. Roberts & Co., Real Estate Agents, Vancouver,  we have opened our new offices at Gibsons and can  offer for sale waterfront cottages, farms, ranches and  acreage from Hopkins Landing to Pender Harbour.  List your property for sale with us. For choice property see us first.  Over 160 property listings fro choose from���For Sole  '"���' '    ' Write:.  G. H. CLAY and A. C HILL  of Gibsons or phone Gibsons 3 H  Evenings, Gibsons 8H-  This New, 5-Room  May Be Yours As A Bonus  For Buying A $1 Admission  Ticket  PRICE OF ADMISSION TICKET . .��  . . . that's all you buy���and, remember, it's legal  according to decision of the courts.  PROCEEDS FOR: Flood Relief, Food for Britain  cm   Kinsmen Charities ��� 1-3 To Each.  FROM YOUR LOCAL KINSMEN;  Or Mail Your Order With $1 To the  Kinsmen Club/2J 6 Rogers Bldg., Vancouver, B.C,  I  i  j  \\y  m  i  __.��  -w  I-  mm  ���SI  i Friday, July,23, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Sever-  By ROBBIE  Dominican Republic was a recent  visitor at the home of her sister,  Mrs. L. S. Jackson.  Major   H.   E.   McGee   left   for  ii* jm      t__.___-.-i j  Vancouver on a business trip and  % Mr. and Mrs. Bob Quigley and is  expected  to return in  aP few  SSS.- daughters     Pat    and days/The major is the uniformed  .obbie,   motored  up   from  their d f       of th J   H k .  oSd   a   teS   wel-i   at   ^Ln wa^n we see Passin* to and fro-  freek.   Bo^iiiJffl^tl^^ The 7a^n bel��ngS^�� ^ Ja<^  /ith the Artillery as Lieutenant- son  *ami��'   ^lle.  ^e  driver is  GOOD NEWS FOR  Unel.   He saw service *in the ^vmg ^^^^r  THE PIGGY BANK  tali.n c;^^**^. W^J^J^���%��t wih  nth a hundred percent disabil- M^     MQ     Qn h? retvLtn from day who finds herself in the vor  Bob and his wife were fre-        J -  waste as well as dish-washing.  Vinegar from pickled beets or  juice from canned beets makes  and excellent base for jellied salads.  Gravy left from a roast and  added to vegetable water and a  few bits of vegetable make a soup  that will surprise the family.  Here are a few good ideas that  include  a  tasty  way  to   stretch  vegetables should be used gener-  meat and a new salad worth try-  ously to supplement other foods,  ing when the garden has tender  The Canadian home-moker to- **d'her*isa good idea-don't beets ready to use.  The economy  lift the lids from cooking veget- features  of  the  dessert  will  be  FOR YOUR SUMMER COOKING  ,y.   JrJob and his wife were fre- rCT*���*"��� "*���* ^T*"X_��"X w   nf~V"���_-rrv 7Z ��� _��.*" mnct ables.   It wastes heat and leng-  unnoticed, for  it is taste-tempts  uent visitorSftp,tl,i? district. Be- ������������ *�� **�� week on that to* jj���^^���* th^ns the cooking time, Settu/e, ing.  re   they   return   to   Calgary���        J    l the same time5 consider the need Parsley and cress are not only for BEET SALAD  Pr ,?Z]gm?1    J1ome7-we    hope      Mike Jackson went up Mission for food in Europe. She therefore d^3t��nr~"tliey are toods. whlch      3 Cups grated raw beets  v* tsp  is   little   jaunt   will   prove   of Creek and returned with a good is paying close  attention to her should be eaten- gAud^^e^^'l^io^  uch benefit. catch   of   nine    which   averaged budget and trying to serve meals DISH ECONOMY. TOO looked salad dressing, 1-4 cup of  Among   the   many   visitors- to ^^^^^i^Sn,?6 Sw ^l^w^ey?^^l��LPif!^ - Ther* is a certain amount  ��* shredded  coconut,  lettuce.  tioned     something   about   being  c  i  m  A general rule is  "watch the  m><  is up-and-coming summer re- chased b    a bear;so i am goin~  SWecamnh^?ld Ixr!? back to more details when hi!  _,5iU_*^_^      Awlth    Srand;  nerves are more settled,  ughter Barbara Ann; Mr. and  rs. J. S. Hudson and their two      I felt rather pleased to see a  ildren, Don and Lois; Mr. and bit  of an increase in the Coast  rs. P. Mydska; Mrs. Olson and News���our paper���in-the the way waste line, buy thriftily and use  t__.-n Arae; Mr-  and Mrs.  E.  V. of a supplementary page the last carefully."  lG��nes; Mr. and Mrs. eQorge Begg odd week. Let's hope it will con- Waste must be curtailed. The  Ke& and children; Mrs. Elsie John- tinue until we can have a whole garbage can should be starved.  l-j-Ai of Vancouver, who is making two pages more. Here's to the Careful buying prevents waste  Jgjjr first trip to these parts and staff! before tke food is used. Appetites  '��|1I vacation with Mrs. G. M?-      (Editor's note���We are glad to must be judged carefully so that  *ake: be able to run the extra sheet, there aren't too many little dabs  i^g,,.   .       t_ ��� * j   �����.   In the past we have had to leave of food left over from the meal.  Ni^S?mm^lr_SnS??^?��iit out'a fe winches ot news each     Tested recipes, accurate meas-  hfLh?   'ST. Sw ifSS week when lt ran <*er the bud" urements and careful cooking are  4f����� 2�����J?HTL^IU^ geted ei*ht Pa*es' but lately due all real economies.  h��t.rff^ Just   now��   when  gardens   are  v��gci  fv_f t^itoi   ���^^ ^J6" Peninsula, editor,   Carola   Forst, producing' so   abundantly,   fresh  se   the   vessel   without   much and co-operation with her ���^   rff_ay   and   little   inconvenience. :n   t>.A   wav   J*   a* vain* ,,n  +.._=.  ?J is unfortunate that the Point        ������   ?.  Way  ^f   digging  up  the weekly budget, and later on, two  it| ���� uxu-wituiidtts. uidt >_��_ x-uxiit news ^ems and etxra advertising, m^^  ar./i +t0~ c<-ni ���__t*._.  ��,<_* ���_��_  without  a marker  because a wp Pfln aHd th<_ ptvra   ,: t whJL' more, and then still more, ust as  ���.-umber   of   vessels   have   been ad     he fu      _?       ^y       3fast as we can afford it.)  T1*    a a veb��eib   "fve ,uee" necessary, even though we have  ^^���anded, some tor a lew nours not managed to move over out     In   concluding   this   column . I  d some tor days. of the'red', fully as yet. With that would  like  to  thank  Mrs.  Stan  (The Sunday^school of St. Jdhifs continued and growing co-oper- Arbo for hfer contribution to this  jurch    Wilson   Creek   held  its eration, we hope to be able to add week's sheet during my absence  |nual'picnic    at    the    Sechelt the two full gages to our regular in Vancouver. .  mnds on Eaturday last. Games    pennies.   The economy measures ioss   when   food   is   transferred      Mix beets, horseradish and sal4  may be easily hidden by subtle from the cooking pan to serving ad dressing. Heap on lettuce lea-r  seasonmg, unusual ingredients or dish>    Using  the  same  dish  for ves and top with coocnut. Serve  a particularly attractive way of cooking   and   serving  eliminates at once. Yield, six servings,  serving.  ;       ,  c  ANGE YOUR  TO t mllM CAtMDlAHi  B*HI  Your War Savings Certificates arc a nest-  egg you took pains to save up. Why not keep  that nest-egg?  Instead of mailing your maturing Certificates month by  month to Ottawa, bring them to your nearest BofM  branch. For a small service charge we'll arrange for their  redemption���and, if you wish, we'll credit their full face  value toward a Canada Savings Bond in your name.  Don't let those war-time savings slip through  your fingers. Bring in your Certificates to the  BofM���we'll do the rest.  Bank of Montreal^  races were the order of the  \ Many of the youngsters tied  first when it came to ice  fam/.-pop and goodies. The parr  is shared also in the enjoyment  at this time it would seem  ting to extend a word of grat-  de to Mr. Geer, M rs. T. Tur- _  :, T. Mutter and Mr. Lashbrook ���*������  their untiring efforts and de- TAXI  lion throughout the year to-  Ird the children of this district  K> attend the Sunday School.  DIRECTORY  WORKING   WITH   CUNADUHS   IM   EVERY   WALK   OF   LIFE   SINCE  I iff'  . ��� *gffi*^~ * ������v   ���Zm**?^*���>.- ' T' p.- ���  INSURANCE  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  .  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  [rs. G. Voice and two grahd-  (idren Ricky and Darlane, are  :e for a few weeks from Van-  iver and are staying it Cool-  mnon,   the   Brookman   resid-  [iss Grace Gaines, daughter  .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gaines,  Mentioned * in this column last  ik) is the latest addition to the  3r-increasing staff of the Tra-  lg Post, arid we wish her luck  her new appointment.  (Mr. and IV^rs. eGorge Lay, with  eir two daughters are spending  pillMk;H^ ,,,,, j 0^1:,,-  holiday at the Norburn home.  Plumbin9 ����"<�� "eating  irs:   Lay   will   be   remembered  many as Katie Norburn.  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  REAL ESTATE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving >tne Peninsula"  Mar^ifl's  Hardware '  Phone Gibson���3K  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Office  Sechelt  <_Tke ���oast News  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  i  RADOO SERVICE  %  Installation f~ Repairs  *��� -A specialty  by Registered Plumber  Ticknor'S'Plumbing  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt, B.C.  There  is   speculation  afoot  as  who will oil the roads at Wil-  n Creek.   The residents or the  vernment? Many of the resid-  ts  are suffering from dustitis  d its accompanying complica-  ns   and   annoyances   and   feel WOOD  ey cannot hold out much long-  So don't be surprised of ; the  1-oozing operation is commen-  d  immediately,  and,  like last  par, at our expense.  [I see Al fGibb0hs ���ha^returneid  & Wilson Creek after working a  ^W7��reeks upcoast. He is now oh  instruction of a new residence Transfer - Truckers  |n  the    recently-opened    road. ~^  here are several lots \ clear eel  bid two houses .under construc-  |on. Hqw/s that for progress?  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  FIR SLAB WOOD  Now Available  BLAIR CARTAGE  Granthams and Hopkins  Contact Usher's Dry Goods  ���...-���__>���- -.*-���. . -P. *�� W -r, .,  at Gibsons  JACK'S TRANSFER  Log Hauling Contractors  General Freight Hauling  Sand and Gravel  Phone Sechelt 15U and,21Y  LUMBER AND FUEL  Mrs. George Drew has returned \  ffter a visit to Campbell -stiver/  Mrs.  Frank McGee, from the  FRANK  YATES  Home Oil Agfnt for  \ Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrying  Service calls day or night���  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  Nights, Roberts Creek���24L  BURNS and .JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  In All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  lCwm ���v S��R SALE FOR SALE���1500 w. U. S. light  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to      piant) used very little, fully aii-  or from Vancouver Low rates, tomatic. $500. Also Beaver chain  Fast   service.   Careful   handling. saw> one-man, 18-inch blade, $200  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf TheSe articles are in good shape,  MISCELLANEOUS h.lQ  been  used very little  arid  WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make ^lU Per*��rm ilke-ne^' ^nte to  slip   covers,   supply   materials ��as' G- Gass' Pender Harb��ur, B  and do take pride in our work-   manship. Free estimates. Usher's FOR SALE���$300 buys 9 acres.  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C. Apply Anderson's Shoes, Gib-   tfn Sons, B. C. 1  FOR SALE���-14-Foot inboard mo- CARD OF THANKS���We wish to  tor boat, clinker built, cedar extend our sincere thanks and  planking, oak ribs. Gladden 4.3 appreciation for the many kind-  h.p. motor, only used two mon- nesses, messages of love and un-  ths. Apply John Evans, Box 160, derstanding, and beautiful floral  Port Mellon, B. C. J. offerings from our many friends  FOR  SALE���York weaner pigs,  and   relatives,   tendered   during  Apply   Al   Baker,   Buccaneer our  recent   bereavement  in  the  Bay B C 4 death of our little Gay.  _,,' t-tVp'���5 -3 .,,    .   .������ Mr. and Mrs. R. Elliott,  FOR HIRE���Lew^eid's Automo- K^ and Ja  tive, Service, Gibsons, havevtefl_-  __  English bicycles for hire at 25c SWAP���Fishing boat, fully eq-  per hour.  tfs2      uipped,;good condition. 79 East-  FOR SALE���14-foot power, boat, *��Pe nJ0*or' io�� la}e -P10^?1 <:ar��  Briggs and Stratton engine. F. GneJr_ilel ^   F��r *      '   Hunter  Fisher, RR1, Gibsons, B. C. 3 Sechelt, B.C. 4  FOR SALB3���10-fdot rowboat and FOR RENT ��� 4-Room furnished  oars. Good condition. Apply A.     house,  with .pump. On yearly  C.   Grant,   Granthams   Landing, lease.  Mrs.   H.  Hansen,  Roberts  B. C. 1      Creek. 4 Page Eight  TH�� COAST NEWS, SECHELT. B. C  Friday. July 23, 194$!  Where Your Dollar Buys More  MARSHALL WELLS PAINTS  Delnor Frozen Foods  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables  DOLLY'S DRESS SHOP  Shop Today the "Dolly" Way on Our Convenient  Mail Order Plan  EVERYTHING IN LADIES' WEAR  COATS ��� SUITS ��� DRESSES ��� UNDERWEAR ��� HOSE  at Reasonable Prices  Phylis Turner of our staff, will handle your needs personally, if our selection is not satisfactory, we will gladly  refund your money. .  DOLLY'S DRESS SHOP  4156 Fraser Ave., Vancouver, B.C.  Prices  Reasonable  Estimates  H. C  Watchmaker and Jeweller  Skilled Workmanship and Satisfaction Given  50 Years Experience  Bus and Mail Order Service Gibsons, B.C.  L  HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c.  The old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  FISH  BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUAL.TY ��� SERVICE -���VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  it RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  ir GENERAL ELECTRIC -APPLIANCES:  Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  it FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  OR AN S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B. C. ��� Phone 230  ��_���  Parker's  Hardware  In Village Centre, Sechelt  SEASONAL SUGGESTIONS  2's and 2?4's  LACQUERED CANS  MASON TOPS  PRESSURE COOKERS  The New .  MINUTE MOPS  Are  Now Available  For Summer Campers . .. x  We have stocks of COREX WARE-���made by Pyrex.  GARDEN CHAIRS ��� FISHING SUPPLIES  FERTILIZERS ��� GARDEN TOOLS  By MRS. J..H. RENNIE  M-��mui_yii.____a_H___a_____g__  (  Say You Saw It In The "News"  How quickly the days pass if  one lives by the sea! There is a  never-ending interest for one in  watching the variety- of boats,  big and little, that pass by. We  were pleased to see sb'niany US  pleasure craft in the Sound during the past few days;.',- We feel  sure that the visitors from across  the border must enjoy the voyage up the coast and the beauties  of the Gulf of Georgia and Howe  Sound.  Mrs.   M.   Fowler   of   Friendly  I Point is entertaining her sisters,  j Mrs. L. Bordpw and Miss L. Pearl  of Fresno, California, for a month.   They say they will be sorry  to leave this lovely spot.  Among the week-end visitors  were Mr. and Mrs. Steve Slinn  visiting at the home of Steve's  parents.  Mr. and Mrs. W. Rudd of Vancouver, with their. son and daughter ,are spending a few weeks  at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.  Me Alpine.  Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bates, as is  usual during the summer, are  entertaining their young nieces  and nephews from Vancouver.  Among the visitors at The  Guest House are two lady missionaries who are home on fur-  loug from their mission stations.  Miss Mary Fulton served five  years with the Evangelical Mission of South America. Miss Jean  Henhingsbn has served three and  a half years at a Mission station  in Cuba. Both ladies have their  homes in New Westminster.  Misses Doris and May Campbell of New Westminster are  guests of Mr., and Mrs. Hunter  at .he Guest House. 7  Mrs. Patten afid Miss L. Hes-  lop of Vancouver are occupying  Beach Cottage on the property of  Mrs. Workman till the end of the  month.  Mrs. Sbuness of Edmonton is  spending her anual vacation with  her friends, Mr. and Mrs. Pate-  man.  We are pleased to see Mr. and  Mrs. Jim Clark from Point Grey  (Vancouver) visiting Granthams  again after a lapse of eight year's.  They used to spend each vacation  here when their family was just  growing up. They are surprised  to see so many changes in the  district and so many more new  homes. They are guests of Mrs.  Docker at Bonny Downe.  Monday, Mother Bergen, visiting Mrs. Manners of Squamish.  Mother Bergen is on her first  trip from Holland, came over on  the SS Vellendam, It took 42  days. She was well-known to  many Canadian boys during the  war. She has many interesting  stories to tell���imagine living on  5 ounces of sugar for two weeks,  or 3 ounces of meat a week. We  live in luxury, and still we kick.  Mrs. ' Fleming had company  drop in oh her the other day���  Mrs. White of Niagara Falls. And  what a grand afternoon we had.  She is a music and. singing teacher, so we kept her busy all afternoon. She was impressed by  the Britannia hospitality, and we  hope she will pay us a longer  visit next time.   7  Went to the Townsite on Saturday to the Canadian Legion  Bingo, and came home with a  nice Ronson lighter, thanks to my  uncle, Mr. H. H. Lee.   It was his  / .��  card that I played. They .had &$*  $30 trilite for one of the prized"  ��. '.'.i  Four of us called bingo another  time, and Jack Brooker won tlvx  prize on the cut. (.:j  Mrs. Jack McDonald, her moths 1  er, Mrs. Lindgren and Sharon air]  off on a month's holiday to Du]  luth, Minnesota.  ' *       ���     ���Slid  r  BULLDOZER  FOR HIRE  Land Clearing  Basements Excavated  Roads Built, etc.  ALBERT DANROTH  Roberts Creek  (!  1  i 1  ����� 1  L  BRITANNIA BEACH  By X^SLIM"  Hi, folks���here I am in the  town of Chilliwack, having the  time of my life. Peas, spuds, etc.  are all out in the garden, but  oh���my aching bones and gaining waistline.  Mr. Crichtpn Hawkshaw was  up visiting for a couple of days  at Mr. arid Mrs. H. Ldoyen's. Ivy  will be up in a couple of weeks.  It was nice seeing him, and he  looks well.  Mrs. John;;.'McDonald arrived  home withl Robin Guy. x  ;Mrs. N. McLeod's Sr, mother,  Mrs. Parker, is visiting theh She  is 87, hails from GM^Qrhia.  ������  ., ���.;:       .,������' '"    _X"--J.     ���'���,"���'..       ������  Dolly arid, '��� Charlie^ Robinson  have arrived* home softer a trip  to Calgary and through the States  and "had a wonderful time.-  Mr. and Mrs! N. McLeod Jr.  arrived home from the Calgary  Stampede. ' J ���  Met a grand lady on the boat  RELIABLE 24-HOUR SERVICE  Burs taxi  Half Moon  Bay^ B-iW-i  Phone Half Moon  Bay 7-U  (��� ��� ���)  Bill Mervyn  ���\-'>:  L FOR SALE , ;7  ;   WATERFRONT LOTS  7        ' '"'���'��� '���     ' ;.'  ���������'   '7 '.'.''/ ���        ' ''���"���*'r'-'^;-'->.~w...-  Listings of ideally situated waterfront properties from  .   ;Pender Harbour to Hopkins Landing.  CALL OR WRITE  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  Gulf Coast Office ��� Sechelt, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37  or  mi  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 W. Pender St., Vancouver, B.C.  ���VV  ____  BRICKS  STOP PAYING FREIGHT  Concrete Bricks - Foundation Blocks  ���:v*  /'-   . ���������'     ��� ���'"*""��� .  ."'���.������   . ������.'������   ���. ������' ���.'��� .."���' ���.  Slabs for Walks* Etc  Priice List on Request ��� Moil Orders Given Prompt  ':"X. '.,    Attention Xv>A  SOTIRGS  GIBSONS; BC.


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