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The Coast News Jul 2, 1948

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Array Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, I'ender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing,  Braekendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  Human Race  Coming Apart  At the Seams?  By Joseph Lister Rutledge ��  DESPITE its obvious progress,  . the human race is -showing indications of coming apart at its  physical, mental arid moral seams.  Scientists, medical men and theologians, by different roads, are  reaching the same conclusion,  that mankind has a problem disease manifest in a terrifying un-'  certainty. It is born of the loss  of an anchoragein the old securities of custbm and knowledge ^__   and faith.    x":- 7  The scientists of Yale Univers- A LITTLE girl of Miss Stephen-  ity used a sti'ahge method to es- son's room, Tanya Nelson, was  tablish that continuities of exper- hit by a soft ball bat while  ience   and  belief   and  $aith  are watching the noon-hour softball  Pt7B3_ISE_SD BIT TBS COAST STEWS; 3_Z2_aT��D  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. Rational Advertising- Office, Powell River, B.C.  Vol. I(! ��� No. 48  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, July 2,   1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by moil  Gibsons School News  By MALDY THOMAS  Gov't Allows $56,000  For Sechelt Wharf  By Aries  NEW COFFEE BAR  FOR WILSON CREEK  NESTLED cozily some 50 feet  from the main highway and  surrounded by a variety of rose  bushes and climbers stands Wilson Creek's latest inoyation���a  cute little coffee bar. It's owner,  Glen McKee and his wife Betty,  who  imperative needs for every living game on Tuesday, June 15. Tan- WILLIAM Youngson, president The reaSon for the name 'Legion-  thing. They used a pig in these ya was sitting on the fence when re��* ^chelt ^eral i^sociation aires' is that each member is con- who is manageress, are looking  .experiments- The pig, faced with Wilf Nestman who was swinging fS^J^1^ f^. 'SSS^urT? nected Wlth the Legion in some forward to serving the general  Unexpected and unpleasant exper- the bat, accidentally let go and i^^F�����-^�� ���,S^ ���v."' Sw. way* For ^stance, Mrs. T. Turn- public with something entirely  dences-the . empty; though at the bat hit her hvthe forehead, J^*1^n��" g,aDoronriatfon for S' the Pianist�� is wife of a World new, not only to our district, but  fmealtime, flashing lights in the knocking her off the fence. She gfjjf * luJS ffS?ll War J veteran, and they had two the whole of the Peninsula,  [middle of the night, electric was taken to the doctor by Mrs, fce^f" ���*arf *s *'���'u',-lJZ'^ h��ys overseas in the last. G. Col- At the nre^nt tim* mc.���* t��  stooc&s in^e snout |*4n tool^g iRa^^nd then to St. ^^ ^Zfi l^ye^T^ZX- l_f.ioHn ^ bar"�� >^ thfglraXmm a_I Sd.iv��  m the earth-reacted just as hu- H^pital ^e            appropriation  for WU- *��������gf���<������?? 1" J*ls *��w ��� &W  fraternity  as  well   as  night  She is back home now and is son Cr*ek $ ^7;o00 for a short myRitehie  drumL." S _h_: -~  trade to many camp wor*ers and  ��.ll__i       l_T��c_iP__>l_rTTrQ+^_TP       ���_._        -_Vp.-��i"�� +       _"_���#'        ��. y .   ' *       ��     IpXIC  ohans were reacting to their experiences   of   dear,    uncertainty coming along nicely.  pile   breakwater   in   front   of  a  -.#" ���      .    -      --���"--, ----- son passers by is only a start.  d of a veteran and himself also ~  nd frustration.   It  came apart,  md showed every evidence of a sh^ ^ JuneYe^ut It "was can^yc^jlmm^^ 7��nMee  'ISin^lfdaily probing deep- ?!.?^ J^^uft.S?001 bo_ird erals^are_a_ dead issue? the wif? of T^vff^eS. 1 *��_*?�� tea, coffee, soft  drinksi  There was to have been a PTA float for small craft.   Good for veteran "of"RCAF. Winsome'Lou      This snack bar for the present-  _     ,   .        . -    the Lib~   Plunridee    Diaho   accordian     id serves a full breakfast and during  celled because the school board erals are a dead issue? . ^unnage,   piano   accordian,   i& .���_  ___������_.__   ________      .���_    . ..*  fer into the ramifications of what could not^get the films, x :��� BEACH PARTY may souncfsoiiewhat lik^n'old ^^f^^ and ?ookies witli  ft calls psychosomatic medicine-^-     June 18 ^as a fateful day for     You won't forget to come to the  war-horse myself at times but it anu added sideline  of cigarettes,  k relation of the attitude oi mind the  high  school for it  was re- beach party on July 16,  organ-  does my heart good to see this tobacco and chocolates,  io the illnesses ofthebody.  The commendation day.  The students ized by VON Auxiliary with Mrs.  gallant little group making a go      In addition to the bar a beauti-  heologian andthe^ senou_5-gen- yecommended in all school sub- Cecil Lawrence as general con-  of it and they really are good, fully furnished room 20 feet by  .rai obse^rare^recognizing that .ectswere: venor.   Watch for notices of the .' and for  any  engagements  com- 20 with a newly sanded and pol-  the i_is.of7hi&^ various items and;times of trans-  ing  their way   contact   Graham ished floor will be used as a din-  >ruharilyTthe result of war but Elizabeth Cornish,Betty Grant, portation. Mrs. Lillian Powell is -Collison at Sechelt barber shop. Ing room. This spacious room  ���indtheir cause in the loss of the LilUan., Johnson, Bill Pye, Doro- president bf the group and Mrs. Speaking : of the barber shop, may be rented for wedding par-  confidence in the old securities have you noticed Graham's new ties ?r social functions of any  )f Heaven--a"job^ where he stood Grade 10  squarely on his own feet-^ahd a Maldy Thomas, Velma  Political way of life where  the well an^ Ted ParnWell.  haj or   difference   between; hini- ^aie II            ielf ahd^there7was ;whether7he     Pa^  ihpuldTirid^^  ehrui^<^ehdi ^ril^  Cress-  SECHELT ORCHESTRA- hours?   All day  and  every day organization throughout the dist-  We really have a grand little ^ow Look for the posters for ex- ricJ- . .  ;       '. m  orchestra  in  Sechelt,   known  as act times. ^ .  At present Mr. McKee is busy-  the  Legionaires.   This  does  not   . ���-     G���....   ..,_.   .      w   ���   ,   _     mS hl^self with the lawn where  The Sechelt Legion W A held very shortly he will have an ad-  gion events They will go any- a get-together, the last of the d^d attraction. Tables and chairs  where" on the Peninsula and s?ason' recently when a good will be scattered over both sides  t by shght^^ Slinn7 Eleanor Arrow- what with the great expense of fW^M: and games were en- of the entrance driveway to this  &..b3��ii^ from tow^ J<Fe? and d?ncing to the music delightful setting where tea on  iii[_!��ittif_M^ to be' considered. of A thev Legionaires. Helping; to, the lawn will be popular indeed.  im:$&&^��&m;��y^^ ������ ������'������" ^r r"= " ��� "^ v   Mi~^"^rr entertain^   rfiirifto    Wi*.���  o-.^r..^.^    : Tte ft,*^���** *Ki~ ��_____. ..+   ��wn wori  lasinf  !^____&>&':'yX/ y^rnh  entertain>   durihgi   the    eveniia^     By the7time this goes to press  iS^^^#y6f)P?t#^ir^ _ to. WOTESr  "Jv&xRoberts  m&*   '%TWftds__f/*Ktf^��^  &yTm%ii^^ to"  ^ a_^ thfe ^a^7pf -'^^^ ^   ^ Encour-  'i- always on his. mind. Ihhis lost     F6U^ aging for the McKee's also is the  Onfid^ce in his settled way of made  to ^ Sf^:'S^^^5^.!S?��i ??d  -9ng*   A ��� ^"esxpf ��� solos  on fact that motorists and dance par-  itfe he has reached out desper- ship,  citizenship and Sportsman- ^^ey got oUt ^Fri^  i&ifr-Sfew^^ Stephenson    could   oversee    the- ridge was the highlight of a most Gibsons  and  Sechelt have  been  _!fered: him .morie,:''h'^^sinig.;his;-r;-..T?ie.:-boys' awards Were:  adepehdence    for   panaceas   in     Scholarship,     citizenship    and  ^hich he has aU too little confi- sportsmanship, Pat Slinn; sports-  ience and less hope. Thare is the mahship, Wilf Nestman.  yreai challerige of our day: to re-     The girls' awards were:  tore certainty to the uncertain.      Scholarship,   Mary  Slinn,   citi-  enson  high school exams. . successful ev.ening. Refreshments quickTtoIearri'of'lhe" existence  Mrs.    Rankin    doesn't    believe were served by the W A.                 of this latest snackery  she'll be back here^next Septem- _    pT    q   ��� Q_p_n_rip                       May we take this opportunity  her.   Everyone  is going to miss 24 CUBS IN SECHELT                   of wishing Glen  and  Betty the  her as she has been very prom-      From   the   original   eight   we very best of luck in   their  new  ment  in  all  school  activities,   a now have 24 cubs in Sechelt, and venture,  wonderful teacher and above all, 22 of these are in uniform. They  a. swell sport.   We all wish -her wound   up   the   winter  program  the   best  of  luck  wherever   she recently   with   an   all-day   trip  goes.                                                     up Sechelt Inlet on Jim Parker's  A Grade 9 pupil, Shirley Elem* boat and picnicked at Chambering doesn't intend to come back Iain's  beach.   They plan a very    to this school next year.   Shirley busy summer schedule, including  SECHFT T   Friwin      t      _?>.../.___.  is well known for playing "Wint- weiner roasts, campfire meetings       (SbSns^hSd with  ���lr��?  er  Wonderland"   on  the   Legion swimming   parties   and.- all-day m^a ���5J ^hti^       P  piano., -hikes, and overnight  camps. ^c^^ttoiT^i^^^:-  SECHELT STORE GETS      Wm   Morrison, who organized cence was fined $5 and costs by  FACE LIFTING ^ ^ialLfil^il Cl?^???!!_?' haf Magistrate S. McKay at Sechelt,  Had Deer Meat  Out of Season,  Woman Fined $150  1W. Aggett Heads Sechelt  'eniitsula Board of Trade  By Earle  Grey s = ��� 'y '.. ���;������  ���5ECHELT���H.   W.. Aggett,   well preciation   for   the   past   year*s  known Wilson Creek business work then urged that the mem- TMVL ur IIWU had  an extensive  experience  in June 16  Sman, was elected president of the bers help him form a stronger and SECHELT���The    Union    Steam- boys' work and tells me he has      Bruce J   Cunningham   28   Sp  Sechelt Peninsula Board of Trade more active organization. ship  Company's  store  here  is never   seen  such   boundless  en- chelt   charged with  contrihutihi?  at an election and general meet-      During the business part bf the getting   a   thorough   face-lifting, thusiasm as shown by this group, to juvenile delinquency was sen  ing  on Monday  night,   m Half- meeting, it Was unanimously de-     Extensive alterations will pro- I have noticed and so have many tenced  to  six monthsT imnrkor.  mopn  Bay   at  the^^ Marion  HaU. cided that strong- letter of pro- vide for, an up-to-date cash-and- other people the increased good ment without oDtion of __ f\n*  Mr, B,. 15; Murddck,, Pender Har- test be sent to the Board of Pub- carry  grocery,   with    an    order manners of the local boys.  I un-      Madeline Henderson   WeS%p  bour, was elected vice-president, lic Works> ^^^^ customers who come derstand   they   are  taking   their chelt  charged with k^nina ,w  ^nd Mrs. L; Smith, also of Pen- the   Sechelt   and~ Porpdise   Bay in from distant points and require cub tests very seriously.   Teddy meat' duriL   thP   .S lL<!n  ier, 7secretary,treasurer. wharfs, which are in a danger- additional service. Scott is a senior Sixer and the without   benefit   of Tp��� it   �������  mmm^sUm ous   state   of  disrepair. : Mr.   L.     Provision   is   being'made   for first boy to earn his first star and fined ^150 2nd\nlt<FZ  SinZn  dent,   did -not  seek  office.   The Hansorij     Sechelt    trucker    and better displays and larger stocks first    proficiency    badge.     Jack j^e o/st bechelt,  [othep^presidential  nominee   was transport   operator,   stated   that of hardware and drygoods. Power and Don McRae are also      Tohn F" r..mm:ntt   qft   r��M/,QT.  Har^  Sawyer, well  known Se- the planking on the wharf is rot-      Offices and warehouses will be first star and Sixers.   Billy Mee Harlf0ur    rh����_3Ftifh   _������u  .chelt taxi operator. tine and the side railings are col-  streamlined     to     provide   fast, is  also_a  Sixer, Ronnie Larsen, ��� _S__?rle *   w���   ���?^sa^tj  , Also arilexecutive council of 12, lapsing  consisting of four members from  efficient service.  Harry Forbes and Jimmy Catter-  all are Seconders.  was sentenced to two months imprisonment  without  option of a  Pender Harbour, Halfmoon Bay,    , 4 letter^was read from J. Sm.- BEHOLD, the eyeof the Lord is      The Cub pack is fortunate in ?/r   '��� f ^ |3' ��� ^echelt' befo^  and Sechelt, wa&:elected.-These.cl^^ upon them that fear Him, up- having John Clayton as instruc-  M?fiSt.r?%S' M?Fa&   /��   1. \i  members are: Pender Harbour; L. m^ mercyXtor, he is now a full-flegded Lone    xX^n*T ^op' 56J -Te^ Sechelt,  Davis, R. Dunsenbury, W. Spiir- appropriated Jor   the   wharf   as to deiiver their soul from death, Scout and wearing the first Boy charged with contributing to ju-  rill, and J. Potts; Hali^ Scout uniform in Sechelt, apart 7e    ^ delinquency was sentenced  B.  Foley, J.  Cooper,  A.   Young, for smaU boats at Davis Bay. Our soul waiteth for the Lord:   from   the   Indian   troop.    It   is    ��.+i.elgr    ^months   imprisonment  and T./Beasley, and Sechelt, R.      In  another letter,  d^ted; June He is our help  and our shield, hoped this will be a forerunner y^t^VoPtion of a fine, by Mag7  Jackson, S_MeKa^ 3, Mr. Carson, j Minister of Public For  our   heart   shall   rejoice   in of a large number of Boy Scouts lstrate b- McKay, on June 24.  fand R; S. Hackett. Works, promised improved main- Him because we have trusted in in the district in the fall. We are  'After the election the retiring tenahceb^ Thy mercy> greatly indebted to Mr. Morrison  president, Mr. Johnston, congratu- sons and Pender Harbour, as well O  Lord,  be upon  us,  according who has given endless time to the  lated^Mr. Aggett and wished him as   some   hard   surfacing  during as we hope in Thee. "'-��� project, which was a necessity in  success. Mr.. Aggett stated his ap- the current year. Psalm 33:  18-22 the area.,  IX' Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, July 2,   1948 ���'  some outside teams. Why can't hospital about the middle of. July,  we get some real action on this and we'll let you folks know when  work. The boys are really in ever we get any news. By the  there trying, but they can't do the time this paper is out T hear our  impossible. friend    Mr.    Blaney   should    be  And speaking of recreation, home. He's had a real long siege  The bovs have been working what happened to the films the of it and wiU sure be glad+to be  ine  ooys  nave  oeen worKing soonsored   for   the   school back,  and  we'll be  glad  to see  ._ry hard on the playground last *\la sponsorea ior me sc;no": him corrv to hear Geor^Char-  couole of weeks eradine the in- children .... this could stand mm- y��!?y ��� near A*eorge L-nar-  coupie oi weeKS, graamg mem lnnkinc into anr. thp answer man is ill, Marion tells me he is  field, and getting it ready to play some loolung into ana tne answer     _     better     Had   a   touch   of  all on. Its been quite a job, Eric ���*ht be interesting, much   better-    Had   a   touch   of  By E. NESTMAN  HBE_______ia_______C__S__U-9-----E-__nK-  GIBSONS PLAYGROUND  NOTES  The  1  very hard on the playground last  C. P.  much better. Had a touch of  pneumonia. Glad to hear he is  recovering.   Rev.  Horn is  home,  nglis, there with his truck, and TRAVELLERS RETURN ,  ne boys with their shovels, quite      Welcome  back home to  v.. *> and      ite m   Mrs  Cooper is stm  big undertaking, all voluntary, Smith,  our genial harbormaster. m at her home  nd the boys have worked hard.    Back from a trip to England. We ' ,  ,   ���  ���     u + went to visit and see some won- T ��?e   of  the   delegates   to   the  '   W?a TrG ,wo?de;rin5 twhat w* derful antiques, and china that he L.^10n convention stopped in the  -would have to do to get some of *     Seemed he visited vlUaSe ��* *** waT ^ome toJTan-  that money  now  being held  m ^."^1,,     That's  where I came couver. Mrs. Kay Jones, of Mount  the poor truckdriver. What with  dodging children and the epidemic of dogs, well he's in for his  usual summer headache.  Anyway, boy's we've got a pretty good record so far, let's try  and keep it that way. Seems  there's   more   trucks    and    cars  around this year than ever, not  counting the odd cow wandering  around and the bicycles being  rented out by our Lew Reid, it  is going to be a hectic summer  for the boys.  MURDOCH'S  escrow. * We  understand  it   was  Brighton.  Pleasant branch, is visiting Mrs.  for   recreation   grounds,   and   of #W��  9"f ^L^l^^ j��SS Stanley.  Also note our Constable  the opinion, that it could be used 322^2*��, ^T* T*����! is taking two weeks holiday  ..to   good   advantage   right   now  but   don't   get   any  ideas   folks,  .��.   s^u.   auvc.^   ii61,   _x^vv. o h      j left there to ���.*.  "" *   &c"   " "V.   ���    D ^'  Boys have nowhere to play ball,  uuu  '; +f ����.,*!..,_<* niro ��..�� cause our very capable Mr. Purdy  and many who are ardent base-  appreciate anything like this  is on the job.   . ..The VON straw-  ball supporters,  would  certainly W %%. Wsu n*:cler*a���Z,J\**,? berry tea social netted the sum of  like to see the boys in action with grand time, brpwsing around and $3Q    cafee  raff        w&g   WQn   by   _ iL_ _ _ shopping oyer there for whathe ^   Dpew '   ietor   of   ^  wanted,   ^is brother in England y E      Q *   * h  has collected quite a bit for him, h^ J   - '      .  �����*        ___.   ��     ... he was very fortunate tliat way.     .,/'',,      ,_,      .,        ,  Wm. McFadden Apyw  I   spent  over  an   hour     Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson have  Optometrist  GIBSONS  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma Pork,  B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  ���     Shell Oil  Fish Gamp  We now have increased  refrige ration for hand, ing  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  9:00  Office Hours:  a.m. to 5:00  p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every day except Thursday  Going Steady  lookin/at some pf his; treasures. fone tq Vancouver for a week's  If you have ever visited C. P's visit. Our Ritclye Noms figures  place yp^i know What a fine cql- J"* * having us ^in the near fu-  lection he h^s npw- Wel_; wh��n turesure gonna be missed- Boys  he gets all the stuff tfat is com- and girls of the club will find it  ing, he is certainly goipg to be yeiy difficult to -find jmyone to  crowded '       ��� reRlace him. Cert^iply hppe spme-  He showed me some wonder- thing comes up to keep hini ��>re.  ful old Epglish platters, plates, Qu^o-PP Store h^ is gettgig  jm ^Qmellna |a|edille year a ^^^^\^^%^  1640, beautiful wprk, revolver?, to wSik arouna+ana serve ypur-  old time guns, cotis, kafyps, and ��?> and ��ee ^f ^J*��� ^^  one of the fir^t ty��e vMers in J 1S all finished. Also hear C5^-  existence? (would h^e been a do^^^ BaUentyne is now^m the  week typing t^cp^nn on^g^|��MW  machine), brasses, weggewpod, .Wg W*J^Jr^J^Lxl^.^'  teakwood picture frames I :swas- W.Pr a J���W> ^ ^f m* 0.  tika flag from one of his friends, g9^ him by phqne pr ij .gal's  would take a long time to tell W^S- fH*F oiir lpl fj^g ,  yTfi?unnac^^ Siey^mf^  fartouWS!^��2 I^foSt l4sim^nlK>o^ ,^underthe  it ^some other things that he��P^r w*J and all the neighbors  S?h! piafis to go t<f Australia were treated to some very nice  y _- '���;������---..    .. r._      ^    . ^X���\-���    ,X   X-       7-.-     v   .. ~ .       . ���.  In Village Centre, Sechelt  g  i  We havie Trolling Rpds, Rod Holders, Reels, Swivels,  Herring Strip, ��popns, Plies, Salmon  Eggs, Nylon  Lines, Fishermen's Scales  in  to  as.    xic  _J-ci��a w. E.V  "��*r'.?,'*Trr  qalmnn cf poire  rW.'_M'�� ��S taiese places,,    ^fJL���**1,  *��v.v.w time- next week,: our  j      ���*_.   _-i   __>��_,  v_��SvC oT^nnf-' children, will beon their summer  and with C, P. s  hobby of coi- ^^.^..J n���A +^ +nnnl  ,���.��� ^_  " ti  more fascinating.   We wish ^im  lots of luck. . ,. '. _,.__ other  places.   To me  these  are  I collect things too, chma^ chps..^  two   longest  months  of  the  and   saucers  and  I   asked  ��*-r.  and with ^t.������*. "^ ^I holidays, and the teachers will be  l^^Jl^^%^J^^ heaving sighs-of relief, and pack-  ing up for their trips home and  *******  anu   wutw.   ^��M.   * .^T"Xmj"Sp year,  in fact  about  the middle  about this sort of thing, and he rf  Au^        ^ m       f^  said you could buyjh^ cheaper ^^     ^ they just about  here^;nLtake 51S      ��� ��ah*��' ^ad^enough too.  1 re2a^i�� ,gPfn��^ mv wlase     Witil the summer visitors  aU  cers.  I'd hatf *o see my ^|ggage rea(-y fo Qn n    ^  if I ever got-m? ^-^M sighs  of our  roads  being fixed  be  tempted to overload on this .^^ year ^ n6 sidewk^ pity  stuff. ���'���'..-..��� '. '���--��� ' '��� v  . ::"���^4i���X   :...   :" -     .x .:������  THINGS THEY TELL, *& ���������.       - ..       .....   , ..;  Tiie Blue Baby Fund is pretty  well all in and should total7$I,-  100. Very nice folks, for this  area, when so many other calls  on hand.   The baby goes in the  les  Gyproc,  Tentest,  Kenmore   Board,   Cement,  : - Lime,   Flashing,   Roof-  ^���_?r$-+���&�����'&* ������kL#$LLft$itt*iL?s. y-tf  sng, Tarpaper, Building  Paper, Shingles, Mouldings. y-X."  If we haven't your requirements we will gladly obtain  any item you want.  Try Parker's for Quality and  TRY  GIBSONS, B.C.  FOR WEEKEND  Phone Gibsons - 26  i-Flex Homes  An Attractive home readily suited tp thope  who require a ^mmum-pf JUyihg spiace ^d  yet desire the convenience of a larger home.  The design is attractive and modern, suitable  for a city or coiiiitry setting.  The Model "G" can he ��uppH^4  verse flc^r plan to suit your lot.  re-  J^ulti-Flex homes can be readily assembled  aiid are.'reasonably- priced.    - .  For jFjull Jnfprrri9f(op yfrife To  PENINSULA ^AGENT FOR MULTI-FLE* HOMES  -#��� Friday, July 2,   1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  Page Three  By BOBBIE  By H. X. L.  Mrs. J. Merin returned to Wilsons  read, showing a balance on hand ber   of  friends   called   and   pre- C. Foster, Mrs. W. Wardell and  and a very satisfactory year fi-  sented to her a beautifully dec- Mrs. K. Wdtods.  nancially.                                              orated box containing a  shower  Mrs.,Colson thanked*all those of baby gifts. Visiting Vancouver during the  s. j   ivierm returned io wii-      Annual meeting of the  Selma who had helped in various ways      Refreshments were served and Past week-have been Mrs. Lund,  Creek after a brief visit to park Community center was held during the year.   The election of those present were Miss J. Horte, ^Jr- -Donald and Mr. and Mrs. J.  her  parents  in  Vancouver    She June 21  in Willow's Store with officers then took place, with the Mrs. T. Walker, Mrs. D. Walker, McUuiness.  was accompanied by her young- the president, Mrs. Geo. Colson, following being elected:   presid- Mrs.   Laycock,  Mrs.   F.  McDon- ������   est sister Ruth                                   in the chair.  Minutes of the pre- ent, Mrs. J. E. Lee; vice-president aid, Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. H. Bat- If you walk into the sunshine  vious meeting were read, also.a Mr.  F.  Wheeler, secretary, Mrs. chelor, Mrs. Wm. Schott, Mrs. F. you'll never find the shadows ii  Mr.    Horace   Aggett   returned summary   of  the   events   of  the S. McKay, treasurer, Mr. B. Sim. Willows,   Mrs.   T.   Thomas,   Mrs. front of you.  from   a   business   and   pleasure year.   The treasurer's report was      Executive committee members ~~  trip to Vancouver and surround- ������ = :  are' Mrs.   J.   Redman,   Mrs.   W.  ing districts and as mentioned in act   place   to  find  them     After Schott, Mrs.    H.    Neal,    Mr. F.  our last issue was very proud of several unsuccessful attempts to Willow and Mr. Wm. Creamer,  his  niece  Marylyn  Aggett   who help hjm  in  this  matter  I  left     Mrs-  Colson then turned over  ; was crowned Queen of the annual with   the   sincere   hope  that  he the chair to the new president,  festivities  at  Marpole. found those for whom he looked. Jt was decided to hold the reg-  �����-v. . ular meetings through the sum-  This  writer  conversed with  a      miss    Scott   returned   to   the mer,  and an  executive  meeting  young American sailor who an- Creek after spending three very once a month,  ticipated   spending   some   of  his happy weeks in Vancouver where     A sports day for the youngsters  leave  with  relatives  at  Wilsons sne attended the wedding of her with   added   attractions, for  the  .Creek.   It was  unfortunate that niece. adults, is being arranged for the  at  the time  of-Qjir  meeting he ' latter part of August, the date to  F could  not  remember  either  the  ^ Mrs. Jack Baird, who is stay- be announced later,  name of his relations or the ex- ing at her summer residence at     It was also decided to raffle the  Wilson Creek for several weeks, Mix Master at the winter bazaar,  sang "The Children's Home", by with tickets selling from now on.  Cowan,   and   Remicks   "Rock   of .  Ages", accompanied by Mrs. T. _ The snaps that Mr. J. Whitta-  Turner at St. John's Church, Da- ��er kindly took at the Straw-  vies Bay, on Sunday. ^r��v Tea,  are now oh display  in WilloWs* Store.  Mrs. Bogart left on a visit to    X,      XX   __    __ '      _t  her daughter in Vancouver, and Mrs..-A. E. - House of West  expects to return with her grand- Vancouver spent last week here  children when school holidays Wlth her daughter, Mrs. R. Liste.  commence. Mrs> B   Hutchison and Mr. H.  Mr. and Mrs. J/ McLeod with f}aytord  ��?re g^LPS**8 JP''  their   three   children  arrived   at Mr.   aild  Mrs.^R.  Mitchell    We  Wilsons Creek. Also in the party hear  Mr.   Playford  liked  Sqlma  was   Mrs.   Downing,   mother   of so  well. he   is   coming  back  to  Mrs. McLeod. spend two weeks    at    BayvieW  They will stay at the McLeod ���L,oage*  summer camp indefinitely.   Jack     Miss Sheila Sowerby came up  has a job in the offing and hopes to spend the week-end with her  he maybe successful enough with parents,  it to.enable him and his family    x  to take up permanent residence     ^'s  'Bon  Voyage'  to  Mr.  and  here.   Best Wishes, Jack. Mrs-  J-  Finlayson,  who  left  on  June 27 for a two-month visit to  One swallow does not make a their daughters in Toronto. I  summer*| but the: ifaptythat old expect, they wili be longing for  Cba^i^^;^ some of Selma's cool breezes be-  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F  Phone  Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.   HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B. C.  ���  COLLISON'S  BARBERSHOP  SECHELT  Mon.���Closed All Day  Tues.���9:30 aon. to 6:00 pjcn.  Wed.���9:30 a.m. io 9:00 p_in_  Thur.���-9:30 a.m. io 6.00 p_m.  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Even if they  "bon Voyage" on her trip out can't scrape the road after, we  east. She expects to be away for can ehdure a few bumps (we're  about two months. used to those) but being covered  Leaving Wilson Creek for ^hJ^^ "st isfl ^ea?-  homes in Vancouver after spend- **$ besides bem^ most unheal"  ing a few days here were Mrs.     y'  H.  McLeod,  Mrs. R. Croft,  Bert     Mr. j. Mowatt visited friends  Wright and F. Robertson: in Powell River last week.  Mr. Ted Norburn, our seventy- A most delightful surprise was  six years young neighbor, has given Mrs. G. Mead on the ev-  spent much time during the past ening of June 23, when a num-  ^rinter biiilding a boat. Ted  Worked hard and now, with the  assistance of four husky woodsmen from the B. .and J. camp, he  sees the. fruit of his labour, setting cozily on the beach. The  engine has arrived and we are  all set for the launching. This  sea-bus which weighs approximately 650 pounds, and will seat  10 people, has kind of gotten Ted  stumped as to where he will house  it on his return from his many  anticipated fishing trips. However, let's all wish lym the best  of luck:  Prices  Reasonable  Estimates  H* C-  -1  Watchmaker and Jeweller      ,  ��� ���.'..'���������'     ������'������''���!   ':���..'..":<������'���;. -j  ,1: .-.���;,.. ���"'���.     . ��� \'''LL'"^':, V-V.V .��� L.   '���.'������:���' :  ������        Skilled Wbrkfriahship and Satisfaction Giveil-Xr,. ���;�����  ������   ������������'���.������      .:��� -.     ���'"'. ,"     "���.        ��� .*?!'������...'v ''���".'��������� ���''     ��� .     '��������������� Ly   yr.  . 50 Years Experience  Bus and Mail Order Service Gibsons, B.C.  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  ''  i  We have the very latest equipment for refacing valves.  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McPherson, Tel. 2 A or 7 A  WHRW  a________R_________!l Former Westview Girl  Cape Breton Fishing Village  Lacks Modern Conveniences  rtiany ships, but.Gabarouse fish-"  ermen are   jjucky"    said   Mrs,  Gray.;"- ' "' ":'*X:f   "They must .i have a guardian  angel, becaiik^Piey"'certainly do  not take any" precautions.   None  BRITANNIA BEACH  By "SLIM"  FOUR years of life   in   a   little  General Hospital, is still uncon- nignt to the big village of Squa-  scious after four days, caused mish. It's really a busy place on  from some cranial pressure. Saturday, but I came home very  . Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwards have   hungry, seeing the Del-Mar Cafe  Hi   foiks���another   week   and as their guest Walt Stevens. closed as we reached the door,  of the fish boats have flares, ra- another month gone' Birthday greetings to Bob and   Would like to say hello to my  dios, or even ��siren. If the men a ��* f.   mon��� g��ne- Sheila   Fieming   and   any other   fnend Ann Tutin, who is in St.  want to whistle in^the fog, they     Well, we had a carnival here June boids who have birthdays.   Paul's Hospital and wish her a  just whistle with their teeth."       for two days and the kids sure     Also birthday greetings to Ver-   speedy recovery. ,\_  STRICTLY RELIGIOUS enjoyed it.. So did I. Had four rill Dene Mounsey, who is having      Called �� *? see Mickeu Statey,  All God-fearing people, Gab-  rides on the kids' ferris wheel, a party next Saturday, July 3.    who will be in bed several months  and  she  is  just  about  the  HASSAN'S STORE  1  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders I"  it RESTMORE FURNITURE:  Beds, Springs, Mattresses  ir GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES: Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  �� FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  DOR AN S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, BC. ��� Phone 230  The old-established General Store for Families,  , Fishermen and Camps.  FISH BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUALITY ������ SERVICE ��� VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South  French fishing village on the  a rock-guarded cove, the village, were . battling for possession of arouse residents  do nothing on  the first time was a dare from our ...  storm-lashed coast of Cape Bret-  whose  population  numbers  less Canada.   Even  today,  pieces  of Sunday (althbtigh the womenfolk Cece Roper and he gave me the.     Had a grand trip on Saturday same.  on has made ordinary pastimes than 200   depends for its liveli- delicate. French china are often are allowed to" cook meals). The tickets, so I caused quite a stir;  like watching a movie or strol-  ,     ,      ' ,,   r ���,..,���,   , ,offl���   unearthed in the back yards of youngsters are forbidden to go Later on Lil Mounsey, Mary Od-  ling past shop windows seem al- �����?aQ��? I^Xa  f��u^J ^^ Gabarouse homes, and on near- swimming oh Sunday. endall,  Kitty Adams  and yours  most new experiences to Mrs. Jo- ^'.^rJ^^^^TJ^^ by Rous* Isla^d <whlch_ boasts Qne of the most historic buil- truly all went on it and that real-  seph Gray, the former Eleanor -l^^^^^^^J?^ )?���~ only 7f our houses) a small crater dings-in the village is the 100- ly caused a stir, but it was fun.  Harper of Westview. twoi,.   w  c���J    i_��._._V^ ?��  bears witness to the cannonball year-old church, which has be-  There was also an airplane ride  With her two small daughters, Jl^fL ^L.���*���, �� wt?J3  days  of Wolfe's    victory    over come known Br thexfact that no  for the small children.   Rest of  Myra and Maureen, she is visit-  ,7jfji- X,,!^ Montcalm. 7 couple which: was married there the entertainment was bingo and  ing her parents, Mr.  and Mrs. f^f .jf^fr ���L  ' "The hole made by that can- has ever beetf divorced. Proof of the like.  I hope they make out  Jack  Pickles   in  Westview^-the row'   wmams  *oaa. nonball  was  always  a  favorite the esteem ih-which this church good, as the proceeds are for the  first time she has been outside the  CANNONBALL HOLES place to swim," said Mrs. Gray. is held was illustrated some years  flood relief fund,  tiny village of Gabarouse Bara-      Although the    families,    who "because the water there is war- ag0 when Mrs. Gray's mother-   x__  , ,   ,   ir  chois   (except for two trips  to  have been in the village for gen- mer than the ocean.? in-law  appliedfor ra: document y Hadxan   ^^W, bai}. ^ame  Sidney Hospital)    in   the   four  erations,  are    mostly    Scottish,      Swimming is one of the few from the United States govern-  "^re   today.   Nelsons   Fisheries^  years   since . she   went   to   live  Gabarouse  was  founded in the   entertainments   that   Gabarouse ment>  She could not supply her  and the Beach All-Stars playeU  there with her husband.   Set in  days when France and England people have in Summer, for ey- marriage   certificate,   but  when and we won 4-2.   ��� ���  eryone is kept busy when the she gave the .date of her wedding     Port Meiion Bov Scouts olav  mackerel are running. When the and said it j[iad tafceh place in thrBeach Boy Scouts  Sid I'm \,  loaded  fishboats  return  in. the Gabarouse   7Barachois .   United afraid our fcoutf^  early   evening,   the   womenfolk church, no more questions were ?S**��L play a return game at I  take their babies down to the asked. ,   Her    application    was vporV JSf Mv 18 ^tefkid.  "stage" on the rocks and help the g^ted immediately. ��2* bovs  men clean the fish and pack them     "Nearly everyone^ Gabarouse ' .   y  into puncheons for-sale in the is related," said Mrs. Gray.-"So Marlene Anderson, daughter  fall. Salt mackerel brings $11 to they have a system of identify- of Mr. arid Mrs. Al Anderson, has  $12 a barrel. ing each othet. Instead of being been in the townsite hospital for  SWORD FISHING PROFITABLE Mrs. Joe Gray, I'm known as Mrs. a week now, with a very badly-  "Sword fishing is the most Joe Eleanor. Another girl, also cut index finger. Hope she will  profitable, though," said Mrs. married to a"Joe Gi*ay,iscalled soon be home.  Gray, "and less work for the Mrs. Joe Annie. If "I were burp Boh Young; of our Trail* who  Gabarouse has gone as far as a ied there, my tombstone wou�� fell off his bike Thursday* night  university degree., Now one of read: 'Here 7 Lies Eleanor JoeY oh his way to the graveyard shift  J the Other boys is studying for the wife of Joseph G^y.'" and who was taken to Vancouver  ministry at Dalhousie. They both .X .   ..';7'".'���'     :    ""7;   ���",������������:   ~~   ''.'"'        ���"^  earned their way by working in  the steel mill at Sidney.  PENDER  HARBOUR,  B.C.  \  -VENBOKS AT IIETAIL  REQUIRED TO REGISTER  A& - ^ OF GROWN  "���-.,��� "������-���' ������ ���   ���.   y   ~  Th�� Social Security and Municipar Aid Act has beeii  proclaimed to come intoeffect oh July I, 1948.    y.  Its advent makes eveiry seller, described in the Act as a  "vendo* at retail," an agent of the Crown, responsible for  the collection of a three per cent tax on every taxable sale,  7  whether on a Cash, credit or instalment plan basis.  Close to30,000'-'retail sales agents have been placed on  the mailing list of7the Commissioner under the Social  Security and J^iinicip^TAid Tax Act.  Anyone transacting a retail business of any kind on any  occasion is obligated to rejgister under the Act.  If he has not been placed on the Commissioner's, list, he  will not receive the application form for .registration and  other��� information helpful in collection; of theLtax.-;.:.,y%  Iff lae is i^  ��� to take steps to register. ':��'  --'-LL; ----:-vy.   ��� *���...-yy r.v -:^-  ���  He must write immediately to the Commissioner at  XTyy*./address:7  ;;:-'-'X 7. ' XX7:  The Commissioner,  Social Security and Municipal Aid Tax Act,  Although the tiny self-contained village has resisted modernization for nearly 200 years,  the age of mechanization is fast  creeping in. Electricity arrived  in GabarOuse only five months  ago, hilt Already housewives are  eagerly taking advantage of the  change from years of oil lamps.  "They , are even installing  fluorescent lights in their kitchens," Mrs. Gray smiled. "Before  I .left, the men were coming around to the idea of putting electric lights on the stages where  they clean the fish. We used to  have to .work by lamplight till  nearly midnight down on the  shore."       7  Running water is still a thing  of the future, though, and there  is still only a small grocery store  in the village. The nearest general store, where fishing .supplies  and clothes; can bie purchased, is  five miles away. The nearest  doctor is 100 miles away.  DOCTOR DIED 25 YEAR SAGO  "There was a doctor m Gdbar-  women. The fishing schooners  go out for two and three weeks  FROM THE U.S.  ABROAD  disappointment by asking your nearest  Customs Office whether or not your purchase can  b�� brought info this country. The item you wish to  boy may be affected by the existing import restrictions necessary to conserve our U.S. funds.  N Wise ��.. beforo ordering goods from th�� U.S. or  other countries .���'. consult your nearest Customs  OfBee or writt  i 7 .   7y EMT|IM| IlipMt COSlTO. DMsiM,  ���7y  :h^yX-LXy.yyx '     0spirt"t��tolFiMiies,  Ottiwi.  Gibsons and Sechelf  Baby Deserves the Best  Johnson's Baby Powder .._ .  28c and 55c   ��� 60c and $1.10  ____.__._-________-.____ 60c   ���-_  60c   __-._._ ..._:$i.^5  Johnson's Baby Oil  Johnson's Baby Lotion ���.  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Farm implements and machinery, horses, livestock,...  poultry, farm fencing;  Agricultural feed, seeds, fertilizers;  Insecticides, fungicides  Commercial fishing equipment, including Boats and  Engines when used in production of a food eateh|  Ice;' :  Gasoline;  Coal, coke, fuel oil and wood fuels;  Doctors' prescriptions, invalids' equipment, dental and  optical appliances, artificial limbs and other aids; .  Restaurant meals under 51 cents;  Any one purchase priced at less than 15 cents. j  FURTHER EXEMPTIONS.  For the Manufacturer.���Where tangible personal  property becomes part of a product which later will be  sold retail, it is tax free. But machinery and tools, etc.,  used in manufacturing processes are taxable.  For the Wholesaler and Jobber.���Transactions between  manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer are not subject to  the tax if the products of the exchange are to be resold  at retail. It is the consumer or. user who is responsible  for payment.  AIMS AND OBJECTS OF THE TAX.  The Social Security and Municipal Aid Tax is designed  to raise an annual estimated income of $12,000,000.  It is laid down in the Act that two-thirds of the net  amount of its revenues will be paid into the Social Security  Fund to protect persons in receipt of social services of.  all kinds, such as:  In 1939 In 1948  Old Age Pensioners    12,810 22,401  Social Allowance Beneficiaries...    10,755 12,591  Child Welfare Beneficiaries         958 1,402  Actually, the Social Security cost to British Columbia  is many millions more than the tax is expected to yield,  _is the following table shows:  {Estimated)  1930 1940 1948  $2,643,000   $4,110,000   $5,604,000   $21,000,000  The remaining one-third of this tax revenue will go to  Municipalities proportionately for the express purpose of  easing the tax burden oh real property.  HERE IS HOW YOU WILL PAY:  (Price range appears in the left hand of each column  with the amount of the tax opposite.)  Social Security  Costs in .      1926  $0.00-$0.14  .15-  .49  .50-  .83  .84-  1.16  1.17-  1.49  1.50-  1.83  1.84-  2.16  2.17-  2.49  2.50-  2.83  2.84-  3.16.  3.17-  3.49  3.50-  3.83  3.84-  4.16  , 4.17-  4.49  4.50-  4.83  4.84-  5.16  0c  $5.17-$5.49   16��  1c  5.50- 5.83 ..17c  2c  5.84- 6.16   18c  3c  6.17- 6.49._.  .... 19c  4c  6.50- 6.83 . .......... 20c  5c  6.84- 7.16-..   21c  6c  7.17- 7.49._���.  .......: 22c  7c  7.50- 7.83 . ..  23c  8c  7.84- 8.16 24c  9c  8.17- 8.49. . 25c  10c  8.50- 8.83  26c  lie  8.84- 9.16  27c  12c  9.17-9.49  28c  13c  9.50- 9.83 . 29c  14c  9.84-10.16    30c  15c  "��_���_���  Purchases in excess of $10.16 are subject to a tax  of 3 per cent calculated to the nearest cent.  .  The Government of  the Province of British Columbia  n  yotmg^rgTf^^Tm^^moSl  work there during their holidays.  The lure of opportunities in the  outside world is beginning to  have its effect on Gabarouse  young people. Up to a few years  ago, a new son in a family meant  another hand'on the fishing boats  and a new daughter meant another worker at home. Many of  the older folk in Gabarouse can't  read or write, because they were  too busy to attend school. But  these conditions are gradually  changing.  EDUCATION AIDED  "The family allowance act has  made a big difference," said Mrs.  Gray, "because children have to  go to school until they are 16 or  the family allowance can't be  collected. Just last year, one boy  got his dentist's degree at Dal-  housie���the first time anyone in  Ouse. about 25 years ago," said  Mrs. Gray, "but he died, thank  goodness. He was one of those  old horse doctors and didn't believe in anything like anaesthetics. He would pull out a person's  teeth all at once and just throw  the teeth out the back door. Tonsils went the same Way."  Luckily for Gabarouse, there  has never been an epidemic of  any kind. The residents attribute their good health to a heavy  iron diet���they eat dulce an<J of  course fish graces the table six  days a week. On Sundays, everyone has a roast from the general store. The isolated position  of the village means there is little chance of an epidemic getting started.  Treacherous waters that surround Cape Breton have wrecked  "CLAUDIA" on CKWX  Here's Katharine Bard, talented and  vivacious radio actress who wa_ picked  from over more than 65 aspirants to  star in the comedy-romance radio  serial, "Claudia." The famous story  of Claudia and her marriage to David  is broadcast from 11:15 to 11:30 a.m.,  Monday through Friday, over  CKWX. The series ie presented by  Coca-C��la Ltd.  n y  An Explanation ofi  ".;��?._  ��X'�����'.'.'.^���.'������_���.  ?..v--.��*i!&_/  X���� <__&'_. _y.  ^�� (Tlie Social Security and Municipal Aid Tax is to be applied as of July 1st, 1948)  ^:p^ ;.!������'. xX ^'-.; ��� ;'������������'  .yy" -������     X..-X.:' ;-: ���'���������'������... X   .  'yXfih&M   y~-.L.-:-y    ������-..'������ '���"'���.'���' -   -     -. ���' ���       ���    '.X .-    --..'���'"  ',- It* purpose is to create revenue for the maintenance of British Columbia's high standard  of Social Services and for assistance to Municipalities to meet their ever-rising administrative  ,.., costs and, concurrently, to relieve the tax burden on real property.  'yx^SBmy- ���;������.-"   ���"������������ "  '"���     ��� -7. ���  X-X )y iljSyfThe government is faced with the task of finding an estimated $21,000,000 for Social  'X-MX   Security measures. Rising cost of government is responsible for part of the increase in the  XyX',Social Security outlay���just as rising cost of living has affected the public generally. Cost  ������SSft  yM,!  2fL  rmm  *y:y  *&._.  of administration, service^ and supply has gone up enormously and a new source of revenue  had to be found to insure payment for expanding social services.  ^%J*-^   The average worker will pay less than 1% of his spendings as his contribution to the levy  ^because he has been protected by the exemption from the tax of living essentials���food, fuel,  rent, medical and dental expenses, and insurance.  ���p.1!  ���-J A  yvr<m-  ���    tf_\  -..  ^The. Social Security and Municipal Aid Tax is entirely equitable. It is not a hidden or  regressive tax. Everyone contributes. The low-wage groups have either an immediate or  deferred benefit.  ;y Everyone should know precisely for what he is paying.  IX; ^.TheiSocial Security tax is specifically designed to improve the general health, protect tho  aged and relieve want in the province.  ���'" ��� '^T"- 'T**- '��*,?~' '���' :'^-'  YOU DO NOT  HAVE TO PAY TAX ON:  ��������� q-y- ..  ���sfcKrtiG?.:  .���___''<r.    ���:���  .���y-.i":^'y  iVX.5.'  l :���%?&&��$',  ���'���-. '__?. qy._r' -  :X:; .501 ::  y -ymp"  ���->���.  aids  ���"...���:. .mm:} ;  X?  g/yisc.  :- .Tie  icox  ���l- to fie0-5_  XV-Otf&p  'X.V-;rO��3  Xr_v._ L  :_\ij:n  :S|feXTS  ._>*-i, ,������_*.::  -��� -.      +J ^  *���   Rent.  Foodstuffs.  Farm implements and machinery,, horses,  livestock, poultry and farm fencing.  Agricultural feeds, seeds, fertilizers and  VX : other materials.  insecticides, fungicides and disinfectants.  Commercial  fishing  equipment,   including  boats and engines when used in production  of a food catch.  Ice.  Gasoline.  Coal, coke, fuel oil and wood fuels.  Doctors' prescriptions, invalids' equipment,  dental and optical appliances, artificial  limbs and other aids.  Restaurant meals under 51 cents.  Any purchase priced at less than 15 cents.  SOCIAL SECURITY  means continuance of:  Old Age Pensions.  Mothers Allowances.  Child Welfare Service.  Control of Tuberculosis, Cancer and  Venereal Disease.  Operation  of Public  Health  Nursing  and  Medical Inspection of School Children.  Payment of Doctors' Bills in  all cases of  persons in receipt of Social Services  of any kind.  Government  Contribution  of 80%  of the  Municipalities' Social Assistance costs.  Continuation, of Hospital Grants and  Mental Hygiene program.  THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  Friday, July 2,   1948  By MRS. C. BROWN  A very delightful shower for  Miss Eve Plowes. was given in  Irvine's Landing Hall by Mrs. W.  Falconer on Monday last.  The refreshment table was  lovely, with a centerpiece of  roses, peonies and orange blossoms, and draped with garlands  of pink and white crepe paper.  Planking the centerpiece were  candles in crystal holders.  Miss Plowes was the recipient  of many lovely gifts, and thanked  those    present    in    appropriate  words. She will become Mrs.  Jack Spence on July 7 and will  make her home at Nelson Island.  Pouring at the affair were Mrs.  Mitchell and Mrs. J. Marsh; assisting were Mrs. Davidson, Miss  M. Duncan, Miss S. Kohlaminan,  Mrs. C. Wray, Mrs. Peiper, Miss  A. Dubois and Mrs. C. Reid.  , The garden of Mrs. W. Peiper  made a beautiful setting for the  shower in honor of Miss Caryl  Woulds, who is to become the  bride of Mr. Don Cameron in the  near future.  The guest of honor was seated  in a specially decorated chair,  over which was suspended a pa-f  Don't Waste Precious Hours  in Slow Travel!  Fly There  i  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Express ��� Charter ��� Sightseeing  Timbercruising  TRY US 6N THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited  RICHMOND 1551  X .- ��i  or contact our local agents  PARR PEARSON AGENCY  Phone Sechelt 37  p. g. Mcpherson, gibsons  Phone Gibsons 2-A  per bell filled with rose leaves.  A string released the shower ctf  petals. Tables were lovely, and  attached to the fruit tree limbs  with streamers of crepe paper,  making a very effective yet novel note.  Presents were given to Miss  Woulds in a decorated boat, pulled by Master Billy Peiper.  There were many friends of the  popular school teacher present  (Miss Woulds is teacher at Irvine's Landing) and she was the  recipient of many beautiful and  useful gifts. After their marriage  they will reside at the Harbour.  The bride-elect made a very  charming speech of acceptance  and thanks for her gifts,and good  wishes.  Among those serving the very  delicious food, besides the hostess, were Miss A. Dubois, Mrs. J.  Marsh, Mrs. Vera Davidson, Mrs.  Mitchell. :  Pender Harbour PTA held its  annual election of officers at the  regular meeting on June 24. Mrs.  Reiter was elected president, Mrs.  Olive Collins, vice-president,  Mrs. Helen Edwardson, secretary,  Mrs. May Warnoch, treasurer.  The PTA has had a very successful year and we wish them  the best in the coming one.  IjiiiiIiit  Random Widths  Random Lengths  Fir  Cedar  ������. ���      _. ...  Hemlock  B.C. FIR  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  ��"  ��� ���    .-������      '-^[���i.'X-itt. _.__*  M'i: '^v.^V'A^X'U   ������_,;-_.-: ���'   .  l  ___��-  TAXI  INSURANCE  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service ,  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  Pairr P&ai-soh Agihcies  General Insurance  Ph6h6  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  REAL ESTATE  ��.e  .����  Hard-Ware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities    ���  'Serving the Peninsula'  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���3K  Plumbing and Heating  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  Gulf Coast Office  Sechelt  RADDO SERVICE  Installation ��� Repairs  A .Specialty  by Registered Plumber  Ticknor's Plumbing  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt, B.C.  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC x  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  Painting-Paperhanging  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  H. GAINES  Painting ��� Paperhanging  Spraywork  A Complete Line of 1948  Wallpapers ��� Estimates  Coast News; Box G14  JACK'S TRANSFER  Log Hauling Contractors  General Freight Hauling  Sand and Gravel  Phone Sechelt 15U and 21Y  Transfer - Truckers  LUMBER AND FUEL  FRANK  YATES  Home Oil Agent for  Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrying  Service calls day or night���  Days, Wilson Creek���5S  Nights, Roberts Creek���24L  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  In .All Species  Wood and Sawdust"  "' Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  Under the Auspices of the  ELEPHANSTONE BRANCH  V.O.N.  July  PLANE-O-RIDES  SIDESHOWS  " ��� *'  BINGO  GAMES FOR CHILDREN  ICE CREAM - POP - HOT DOGS  THE Friday, July 2,  1948"  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Paae Seven  Wat ���c>a#t Mews  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c    7 3 Insertipn <same ad) 60c  Extra words, above l��-wmdjmxy��%�� each.. Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULTS  �����; MISCELLANEOUS  r ROTQ-TILLER ��� power tiller,  : does the work in one operation���of plow, disc and harrow/  Call or write..-Cliff Leach, Gfib-  sons, B.C. tfn  :Wg$ &AJJ&   xx"  SHIP BY Giilf leines Express to  or from Vancouver. Lo$r rates.  |Fast   service.   Careful   h^jidling.  Specify Gulf Lines ISxpress. ' tf  FOR 1SALE  TATERFRONT lots at head of  Pender Harbour. Write or con-  |tact H. WilHaipo$ or A. ?gner,  "^ender  Harbour.'   " tfn  . _x'"; * ���   , ���  |FOR SALE���  $ONE saddle horse, mare, com-  i plete with western saddle and  .bridle. $fav f. Solnik, Roberts  ICreek, BI'd. X 49  rANTEf) TO RlSifT--All year-  l  round iipfurnished house near  Sechelt.   Three adults, * kg phil-  Iren. Careful tenants. Bill Huii-  ter, Sechelt, B. C. 50  ^OR SALE���Enamel coOk-stoye,  as new. Apply FXB. Mohteith,  tRl, Gibson^, BfC. 50  WSCELL4NEQUS  UPHOLSTER furniture, make  slip   covers,   suj^^   matenj-ls  ind do tak$ pride in oiir work-,  ship. E^ee estimate. Us__��?f  rard Gobds Shbp;^bsphs; -Bi��;  WE BIJY ANP SELL  tlFL^S   and   shotgun^   bought  and sold, also all kinds of used  foods,: furniture, eloihingx tools,  ;te.   Square   J>e4   Store, " ]$fft-r  dewy B.C.  FOR SALE���28-foot cruiser, 6  ���������'���;' hp.; Palmer, marine engine, just  overhauled and painted. Apply  Mrs. A. A. French, c-o The Coast  News, Sechelt, B. CV 51  FOR' SALE���Four standard-bred  saddle    horses.     Apply    Alvic  Lodge, RR1, Gibsons, B. C.        50  LpST���June 27, between Chap-  'ihan Bridge and St. John's  Church, Wilson Creel*, a pair of  glasses, in soft leather case. Finder please return to post officp  or Miss M .M|f. Sco$t. 1  GAMBIER HARBOUR  Xv|f.||X ': ���:;"������   ���������HB__HBHH__B______^H__p__K_HB_____i  V?e are at last afcde tp announce  the fex^ct ampnnt raised' by the  people of Gamhiey Island Jo^jjrds  th^ Bli^g B^hy Jftind. This money  .^B^'T^e^'''Sy_tfe-"j|a^qie ijjiyen.by  the local/ Branch of the $rmy,  Nayy' and Air Force Veterans  and hy collection;  Today S. J. XSR' Adkins, secretary p!f the local yetfer|ns' unit,  wrote to the Blue Baby" cpnjmit-  tee enclosing a cheque for $112  and asked the committee to convey to the parents of the child  the prayers and best wishes of  the  president   and   members   of-  ROBERTS CRE  By "OfcROLA"  It was evident Saturday night  at the Roberts Creek Community  Hall that people are keen to introduce another nurse to aid Miss  Irving in the 'good health project*  for this territory. The dance  sponsored by the Roberts Creek  VpN was well attended by peninsula residents.  Mrs. Ira Olsen won the coveted  raffle prize of a fruit cake, Jack  We are very pleased that our  secretary, Jack Adkins, has come  at last to live with ,us all the year  round. Jack has retired after  some 40 years' service with the  CPR. Though he has for many  years been a part-time resident  we have always considered him  one of our own and we welcome  both he and Mrs., Adkins to our  permanent community. So it is  not anything hew arid is really  no change: to -live hers for them/  Irj. fact it is just like cpming  hc^me���so, welcome home, Mr.  and Mrs. Jack Adkips!  For some elevn years I have  worked and argued at intervals  for a phone for Gambier Island.  The line is now within 150 feet of  my house. So it won't be long  now. Telephone service, particularly for those emergencies we  cannot foresee, will be a godsend  to Gambier Island.  The executive council held its  monthly meeting at the Veterans'  Memorial Hall Monday nj-ght.  The following were present:  President Francis Drage, J.P.;  vice-president Joe Mitchell; secretary S.; J, W. Adkins; C. A.  Lett, J. P.,Xpave Adamson and  Gust Lund.  Eldred won the bean-counting  contest. Albert Weal, candy auctioneer, displayed his aptitude in*  disposing of his wares in record  time. Mrs. R. Hughes, secretary  of the auxiliary, has announced  that well over $100 was realized.  Seen dancing were Mr. a^ftd  Mrs. R.. Elliot, Miss Irving, Mr.  and Mrs. E. Drew and the latter's  nephew from Scotland, Mr. and  Mrs. E. Inglis and Mr. MacPherson from Gibsons, Mr. B. Blair  and party from Granthams, Mr.  and Mrs. H. Dutz, Mr. and fos.  W. Hicks, Mr. Wilbur Coughlin,  formerly of Half Moon, now em  route to the Cariboo, and many  others.  Mr. J. Dove is enjoying his  regular visits to t\ie Creek, and  particularly enjoying his garden.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Cummirigs and  son Jeff spent the week-end at  the Creek*.  the  Creek  with   her  family  for  the summer months.  Mr. and Mrs. C. Cyr (nee Cath-  eline Gray) have been receiving:  congratulations on the birth o��  their daughter.  The activity in the. Murray  Mackenzie household equalled  that of a tornado the other morning. Father had brought home  a cow for his milk drinking family. The co-operation of the family was anticipated and father  was not disappointed. The alarm  clocks, were set by Roddy, Joan  and Gail.  "But," said Joan, "they might  fail to go off." They had on other occasions. So with the rise of  the sun the family arose, turned  off the alarms and filed out to  the barn, first arousing Mom and  Pop to watch the procedure.  "Pansy" stood passively while  (Continued on Page 8)  Mrs. J. Galliford and Gwendo- j  lyn are week-ending at the Greek  until    school    holidays    arrive,  when they will become summer  dwellers.  Miss Marion Bell and friend  Barbara have returned to Seaftl^  after visiting two weeks with the  former's aunt, Mrs. Ruth Mitchell.  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Drinkwater and Mrs. K. Cameron were  visiting with the former's mother,  Mrs. Kate Drinkwater, recently.  Mrs. A. Fellows is holidaying at'  BRIGGS-STRATTON  IN BOARDS  Evinrude  Outboards  at  City   Prices  Also srnall boats and  equipment.  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  r-AN^ED-r-   Drag   sai#   |?Jsase  send price and full particulars  �� Joe I&tchell, East Bay, West;  ���owe Sound Mail Route, B. Q.  ��� ��� ���'-. ���������������-.���.,-. :    51  tl^vjgmsphs:3^  a long, happy and useln[4 life-  The president a_nd members  wish to thank the peppje pf Gibsons for jfch&r co--bperation ^and  iiivite them to visit us again at  apy time. By the'?way, for Veterans, their ladies and all friends,  please remember eyeiy Saturday  is club night, or call and see us  oprra; week-day evening.  ���'   -'.  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  Welding  General Repairs  Marine Engines  V/qter Cooled, Air Copied  Gas or Diesel  PENPER HARBOUR  RELIABLE 24-HOUR SERVICE  BEL'S TAXI  Half Moon  Bay, B.C.  Phone Half Moon  ioy 7-U  (���^���)  Bill ISAervyn  ���t^_-k^__k^__^___l^  PERSONAL: ���-v.^-.-,^..   x���^v..  correct fthg |i|ur| Es^grt |l^  r.. Alice Amelia Ifreiich. phdhe  tiecbelt  36.  51  SPEND THE  SUMMER  WAKEFIELD  v  Always Cop}, Comfy,  Clean  NOTICE  New Bus  EFFECTIVE JULY 4th  Ask the Bus Driver for Your  Sechelt Motor Transport  ^^���-^-i-^  ANNOUNCING  Peninsula Coffee Shop  COFFEE ��� SANDWICHES ��� PIE ��� TEA  AT WILSON CREEK  TAXI PHONE AVAILABLE  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  A Complete  Hairdressing  Seryice  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments .  ��� >.  The dance given at the Veteran's Memorial Hqll,  Gambier Harbour, contribytec) $11?.22 to^grds tfi3  Blue Baby Fund.  The Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada  (Unit 276), thanks the peoDfe of Gibsons for their  visit.   Let's all co-operate in the future.  Remember���Every Saturday night is club night at  the Veteran's Memorial Hall.  CORRECTION  I  DR. A. N. LOWE  announces the opening of his  DENTAL OFFICES  AT ROBERTS CREEK  Dental Services of AH Types  Phone Roberts Creek���20H2  for Appointments  1 *ma* Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, July 2,   1?48  '  UNUSUAL GIFTS AND SOUVENIRS  OF YOUR HOLIDAYS  Hygienic handmade toys,  burnt leather goods, shell  jewelery and hand painted beautitudes.  ALICE AMELIA FRENCH  Sechelt, B.C.  By   PEARL   PUNNETT  Accent on White and Colored Shoes  JUST  IN!  FOR LADIES, GENTLEMEN AND CHILDREN  Hard to get 'Chaussu res' Boots for babes���the popular  Neolite sole, wears twice as long.  TASSELLA SHOPPE  "THAT SMART SHOP AT SECHELT"  Bus Service ��� Phone Sechelt 43  Do Come In and Visit and Look Around!  KOROSEAL TABLE CLOTHS _____    $1.79  FULL LINE OF NOTIONS, COSMETICS  AND STATIONERY  Howe Sound 5-10-  Mrs. J. P. Stewart  Gibsons, B.C. -  "Bits of Wit and  99  "When thought a fool, 'tis best to remain  silent than to speak and remove al( doubt."  x'/'xx /i^pays^/keef^clea^  ^���-.��� yu ���,,J7;x: ni$>.��&s-^a&j_t_^:������&��&&,:a^^vXXr^,  " " >'S CLfiA^It!  ' V;' Gibsons/ B.C.  Agency at Bus Depot/Sechelt  ;{-zX  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K  Gibsons, B.C.  GUERNEY RANGE: Model 146C, white enamel, high  shelf;* water front. __���__________ $139.75  RANGE BOILERS:  No. 30.  Galvanized XH ,. $18.25  BOILER STAND:  Cast iron.    _ _���___:���__      $1.45  ENAMEL SINK:  Cast iron, 18x30x8,  with basket strainer. ______  SALES AND SERVICE  $24.65  Gibsons Real Estate Agency  We wish to announce that in co-operation with Messrs.  H. A. Roberts & Co., Real Estate Agents, Vancouver,  we have opened our new offices at Gibsons and can  offer for sale waterfront cottages, farms, ranches and  acreage from Hopkins Landing to Pender Harbour.  List your property for sale with us. For choice property see us first.  Over 160 property listings to choose from���For Sale  Write:  G. H_ CLAY and A. C. HILL  at Gibsons or phone Gibsons 3H  Evenings, Gibsons BH  The Bowen Island school held  ���its' annual picnic on June 24th  at Whytecliffe Park. Quite a  number of folks went, besides the  children, and, it being a lovely  day, all had a .good time.  Hudsons Bay Company held  its picnic here June 23. About  2000 came. Sports were the main  event of the day and in the evening their softball team played  Bowen, final score 4-6 for our  team.  A picture show was held in the  Lower Hall last Thursday, very  well attended. There was a main  feature and of course some cartoons���a show wouldn't be com-  MQRE ABOUT  ROBERTS CREEK  (Continued from Page 7)  one inexperienced "hand" after  another tugged away. Thin  streams of fluid eked out���where  was Pansy's milk? The cream?  The butter? And buttermilk pancakes for breakfast?        v  Father could stand it no longer���he stalked out. in his New  Look dressing gowh.  Minutes went by with no result. Finally a roar Was heard  throughout the neighborhood.  "Roddy! Go home and phone  Len!"  Len came. He saw. He conquered. The God-given liquid  flowed from the beautiful, doleful, soulful Pansy.  It was a happy 84th birthday  for D. M. Leatherdale on June 19  when his little friends in the  neighborhood presented him with  a candle-lit cake. Born in Orillia  Ontario, where the great lacrosse  players s^m^riqm^ itfsj- interesting  to' near b_Hhft:pi&i_teirTdays^wh^xi..  he arrived from the;: east, with--���  as he says���"seven dollars and a  wife."-. ,  That was in 1889, shortly after  the Vancouver fire���the good old  days when you could'purchase a  team of horses *on your face.' No  Wagons were sold then in. Vancouver so Mr. Leatherdale rope--  reined his team, rode to New  Westminster, secured the harness  and .wagon and started hauling  lumber and crushed stone, for old.  Georgia Streetl  With this team he hauled* the  cornerstone of the old City Hall  and the Courthouse where the  Cenotaph now stands. He continued to work at that for nine  years, but in the interim built a  house on Cordova Streetl*  In 1889 his team Hauled Lord  Stanley, who was then Governor  General, when he opened and  named Stanley Park. , It was in  that year that Mr. Leathefdale$v  team won the $100 prize in the  July first celebration, driving  over the Cordova Street plank  road against stiff competition of  the Tacoma and Victoria entrants.  It was in that same year that  Mr. Leatherdale became the 15th  uniformed man on the Vancouver,,  city police force, where he served  through -all the branches, to become deputy chief., He retired in  1929 when the city amalgamated  with South Vancouver and Point  Grey.   Five years ago he moved I  here,, where..he had summered for  many years.   It was a^ year later  that his wife passed away. There  are four sons. * Jim is a sergeant  in  the  Vancouver   pphce- :force.  John, deceased, was secretary bf  the .Firemen's '.Benefit Association Donald^ inspector oh itKe B,  C. Electric, and^Ai17is7 a diesel  engineer at Bakersfield, Cal. Russell is at home.  Mr. Leatherdale  ^has one brother, Jack, who log-  B ged Sechelt with oxen teams in  I 1890.'  plete without them.  At the time of writing Mrs. G.  H. Ward is making steady progress in the Vancouver General  Hospital. Hope to hear that she  will be coming home soon.  Collingwood team came over to  the Island last week and played  Bowen. Final score, Collingwood  6, Bowen 5. Last night the Westminster team was over here, getting the short end of a7L3-3 score.  CARS COLLIDE IN VALLEY  CARS owned by C. Gaudet and  A. H. Alsgard suffered extensive body damage when they  collided Monday afternoon oh  the Paradise Valley road near the  Lambert Ranch. Narrowness of  the road contributed to the mishap.  No charges were laid.  . Use The Coast News classified  to sell, rent, buy, or swap.  !  -^-"���W"^*M*^"^<"^<"*<��"^"^^^*^^*^  SPECIAL  Cretonne Drapes, per yard -���_.  Spun Rayon Drapes, per yard������  Monk Cloth, 54", heavy quality  xi  . ___- $ 1.25  ���__���__. $2.00  __________ $2.65  F.exa_um Venetian Blinds Installed Free  WE DO UPHOLSTERING\  USHER'S YARD GOODS SHOP  LADIES'AND CHILDREN'S SHOES  GIBSONS. B.C.  il  l  M_M_M_M_[  Manufactured by, Canadian Forest Products  j\otit(^ ,o Our CuNftinu'iN and FriendN:  Owing to excessive freight rates, we will not be ppen-  ing a store at Sechelt. We feel that with the single  handling of merchandise, together with adequate  warehousing facilities, we can supply the public  from Gibsons.  Exclusive Dealers  Gibsons, R.C-


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