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The Coast News Apr 2, 1948

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 Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Hechelt. Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  . Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  ' Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing. Egrmont, Hopkins Landing,  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  _������* ��� 'XS_^ :"*!    * ���  Business Office: Sechelt, S.C  .XvX^..  _?1J3_I]_,ISH_ED BY TES COAST 2TSWS. SraXTBB  national Advertising' Office, Powell Siver, S.C.  Seche.t, B. G  THE PUBLISHERS of The Coast .  ��� v,   ...  News regret that Easter holi-   . Vol. Ill, No. ^  days intervened at jthe last min-     ���:   ute last week to prevent publication of, the paper; to make matters worse, "advice from the printers to the office at Sechelt went  astray in the mails and the edition . got lost in complete ~ coiifu-  sion.   . - . :  As if that wasn't enough, the OFFICIALS of the. B.C.  Cancer By Bill Myring  ^wi^^i^J^SyhW Fo^dation announce the form- THE FIRST man to make use of  ��^3h_^t^5^^TiSSI al  opening   of  the' new.Cancer Vancouver Island's-vast forests  ���^'?^_^S^*S^_S3S Clin* at'llth and Heather, Van- of giant trees was Captain Cook,  ���fty  Friday, April 2,  1948  5c per sopy, $2.50 per year, by mail,  Cancer (link  Opens in City  Scraps About  B.C. Forests  Skilled Process  Coast Indian Women Carry  On Art of Basket Weaving  By  Earle  Gray  active   basket   maker,   once-  showed me one of these larger  made by the local Indian women, baskets. It was quite large, almost:  for a. full day,  thereby .causing couver> on March  31   Heads  of       *   ^ im ^paired two of his FEW OF Sechelt's residents, who an  lift!? r^Jf Mi05o0iS f��U+���rn organizations   who   helped   with weather beaten ships in the shel-      gaze  at  Ae  beautiful  baskets she  Lfthe  Coast News whiclj  m turn the 1946 and 1947 ��Conquer Con- tered waters of Nbotka Sound.       made by the local Indian women, ba_*_��.��� ���_. ���___.__. _��_.��,*, . _,-  ^means a aeiay an along tne lines cer���   campaigns   a^  officers   of      It   was   just' ten  years   later, realize the amount of work, skill the size of a wash tub.  It'had  |Oi distribution, so tnat some oi service  groUps  which  assist the when Captain John Meares from and patience, that is. required to been given to'Mrs. Paul over 50"  lyou will not -receive your copy clinic work ^ various practical China  started  the   first. logging  turn out the finished product of years ago by her Aunt. -She stitt  *untii bunaay ^or mqnaay. ways attended, as well as govern- operation  on the  west coast  of art. * uses it and as' yet it has- shown-  p However,, r some  -good5 news ment officials and representatives British Columbia.    . - In times  gone by "it was the no sign of wear. -���   ��  Looms  onxthe homon 'to offset Df hospitals and medicine.  some' of? the; grief, we have been ~ /w^-- ���* *w ____-��� ,_��-_.  B.C.'s FIRST PAPER  ever present chore of the Indian      Mrs. Paul is the daughter of an*  Wnimh-.nr/fwV^ _w__ v_>_��r��s   : Opening of,the, new diagnostic     The "firstvsheet oi paper pro- women   of   these   coast   Salish English   pioneer   here,   the   Bill  ^^^JS^S&JSL^Si and curative centre fa the biggest duced in British  Columbia ,was ^lhef   The   baskets   ranged   m  Jeffries. Her mother was an In-  pi.new. svs_em*oi _.ainerin__ news __. _._    towards implementa- a piece o�� brown wrapping paper slze from smal1 ones Wlth pretty, dian from the Sechelt tribeX-Al--  s, conceived before the made from  "Rotten Jute". This patterns to large ones, the size though the only one in her ina!-  into ^closer contact with^ our fii>st "Conquer^ Cancer." campaign was madeiii British Columbia's of a wash tub. The larger ones mediate family to make baskets*  K  itomicBomb  __ Ton* desiredWthe oublSh- ment  were  Purchased' but with the Alberni Canal, on tjie west are sold to tourists for knitting wrinkled with time and the hard  rs  Father ^^^ment^n- the-then existing building there coasts Vancouver .Island.              baskets, trays, or just plain sou- task of weaving, give ample test-  erninS this ST^vbeex    was'no room to install them. HUNGRY BIRD                                ve-mrs'                                                imony to this- She*and Mr- VsajSt  e&^lmn           *           -x-      "      With the completion of the new When  a   phalarope  bird   gets      The  ladies   who   make   these live   in   a  sma11   cream, cottage  building, installation of the 120 hungry he selects a likely look- baskets* are,  for  the most part, with   brown   trim,   one   of   the  ky., the 220 kv., arid diagnostic ing    shallow   pond   and   whirls elderlv women, the last to carry cleanest and neatest on the re-:  X-ray machines^ has  been pos- around on the water at a great ��nJ> beautiful ^and^dyinj  art. serye.^  sible.-                /   _   , ��-��.-���.-  '* Examining rooms and a  Hbm Ciii^J                        operating theatre   on   the   mam madness. The whirling stirs up A_     _    .   _ .    .   ..     _         ���              ...          __���,___  Ilnl _llalfin                        floor will allow much more-com- crustaceans and  other forms of *he typical basket*makers. Sev- week, .for   which., she   receive^  ^������������.^���"T^ 1\    .            prehensive, treatment  than  has aauatic life which he eats to his ��ral  m<>nths  before  her  recent about $7 each, a very nominal fee  llsQ^S--VGociCof the -Atom", been possible in jthe,past. . heart^ delight. The phalarope is d?at�� Mrs: Joe won first prize fqr^uch skill and hard work. Tb^  a fdll-cbjor scientific, filni deT     Th,e ^^Jfe1^111^.which^cost found on the Pacific Coast.  ~ A        " -��..-��� ^���  0ing AHe Atomic, bo^ib.pron-r near?y $50,000 to.build,, is,tern- SEED 1ff(EE  nrjwill.^.shoiyii-^^           P^rw^^P>^wUlr,not, -��wfc��_.. i__.._. *-  for Basket" weaving at the Vic- $7 basket is about 6 inches deep  toria  Exhibition  of Indian Art. and a foot long.  m  ��P*i  _EE)SE?r^B��3f^  firefstep is 1fo  ��*%i|S  iniqui  m  UMm^^^^ W^^^, iQ^ ��.^uci^lhe Piwince's l2j&&^ cKeny tree and choice thin strips  ewnt^awparatus and^ dSgrains cancer mortality.^ v - , UfljMd m a log varies any where of cedar taken from the s     fil.    W^td^to^x^t^^e     Dr.:AXMaxwell fivans ^ill he ^ "^f^ cent of the led   outer   layer   of   the   trunk, ^���J��$J?ZE?^^  ^_NMM��-  ature of the bas-.  &athei-Xthe   material;. cedar  or ket is a sma11 holo^m.therlidaad  spruce roots, bark from the wfld a narrow^trap which enable yotf>  ���" rhefry tree, and choice thin strips to  hold the  basket under yourv-  cedar taken from the sap-fil- ?5m and knit^'at the same time.      outer   layer   of   the   trunk, Mrs. Paul said they proved q-^  just under, the bark. Gathering P��Pular and look very smart.  :e   -usea    to    aemunsiraie,   ine   ',' 7 ' 7-T .",_ r   .    ;    .   ri iae* total weight  ieorv   of   atomic  nowter   Then - -11 -chargei with an enlarged staff 1QSS Ioiai weisni-    ���_____���,  ^f'on-the-soot^film 'records of trained  technicians  available     Every  12  seconds our forests of these materials does not in-     Another popular creation is the  r^he^Nacasaki   and -Binkini to handle the increased attend- produce enough lumber to build jure the trees.                                  ^a^ a very handy thing to sefve  airis show the atom bomb in ac- ance of cancer patients.                  a complete new, house. .The* roots   are   dug   up   with tea  from.  Also  a  special  order  >n.  .'God of thte ^Atbm'!, is be-  [g sho^h/by/a/social Moody Platters on Parade  jm representatitre.^   *. '   -       ' -_\    _   **-    -.  |The  film  cbncludes  with  the HOT<JA2^ BobMcGlU  fesentationpf the wojrld' crisis  Here we go again all you cats,  used byi,^.discovery of atomic     .*��?* wc f VWn *lV- u     iJ  Iwer, awiN&to an unique sol- ^ !^S^J^^S^J^J^  on to the prPblem. Shice iU !.?m todf y��^ title ^S1^^  ease last September,^ aver- 1^ at  Philharmonic"  Vol.  4.  r , _.x   a.^      T^e tunes are ����Biues�� and "Les  ter Leaps In", 'ill give you the  of more than 75,000 people  kve seen "God _ of the -Atom? iri  erican schools, and churches ^rup f?r ** ^lues *��* ^  Lch month ���-* *���_�������� McVeas, tenor sax really  olays  An excluiiVe :fdkture\of -.����;��� ty?.s?1?: ^boy is. followed  imis aseauence^rtravini? thl by  that  ^reat  tram  man  J*  J*  hivereity.of^Camornia: Gon- **$."$?- Then epines. that,man  ete^lls,have _tiow been built ?ho plays a/eaUy f^*^ some-  ���oui-d^thep interior of the cycle- times al���?L awmal quality tenr  on,,which nas become danger- �� sax Ilhg?s + Ja5?u^ ". *?**'  ^lyl radioactive.     . *       him comes^ Shorty Nadme play-  There is no defense against mg a top flight.piwio solo, then  ..attack by an atomic weapon-*' Les+:Paul rea"y takes^ver with  ys"%Mo6n, narrator fo��the a st^r^tf Xnv MilKn  Im.  "Scientists have preilfcted ?n drum1? atld Johnny Miller on  at fp.wpr ihZi. 1 _. ��_-/ _*__��* - n*x bass make up the rhythm men.  at xeyfer ,tnai} iv, pet cent ^of D-     ^ecorditrS3  pse now hvmg-would escape ^*���~ s  ch destruction.?   . -..     D��fS?     ,-,     ..���,  The only way to avoid such * . C}a^dl   ?��rnhl��  [ossibiiityl.he concludes, i��*^ baqkedjby ^ou Wei-e  lrn to belief in - God as a j&jrr  amic-for ethical living. V  Helping Dr.: Moon in the nar?��:     . ^. >A  �� ,. 0__ono  ition'bf the film is Lgrry Jolin-  ^^g^rec,ord* CoL;36?98* ^  tray, a very handy thing to sgfve  are   dug   up   with tea ,?om;  Also   ,  mattocks   about   25   yds.   away nught get you a large travelling^  from the tree and range from 3 trunk: Still another use  of the?  to 4 inches in diameter. The bark larger baskets is that of cooking  from the cherry tree is gathered meat������In the distant past the In-:  in the fall, and after being boiled dl??s used to, half fill the basket:  to make durable, the Strips are ^lth ^reen maple leaves, pTacing^  dried out for.a couple of months the meat on toP- They then placed*  in tin cans; where they become hot  bricks  from a nearby, fire  still tougher. around the' meat and filled th*r  The cedar strips are cut into basket with more leaves. It made-  lengths  about N%   inch  thick,   1 a very good oven. ���  inch wide'and 5 ft. long. Then u Today the  art  of  thelndian,-  comes  the hardest  task  of  all* basket ^s symbolic of Indian life  splitting the large roots. This the m byrgone. days when the wo-~  ladies   do   by   chewing   on   the men of every family made theiir  wood with their teeth until the own*  strips are the desired thickness.  ^r a11 ^}SJS done�� and^the Liberal Association  material-is dried and ready, thefr -  begin the construct the basket. Formed at Roberts  The frame is made from, the ROBERTS Creek���A Libert As-  large cedar strips and covered sociation has been formed here  with smaller strips of cedar or with Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King.  spruce roots, by a method of-Honorary president; M. C. Mac-  weaving and wrapping. Then the Phailj   honorary ^ice-president;  I  cherry bark, which Ms beautiful C. McLean, president; J. Storey;  C  O ^ROBINSON who has been        yaC����U%.> 1��\ ?l0Sel7 '*??��� vice-president;  H.  L.  Campbell.  .     '  . x i^!5     __   5�� ���      n?        around the thin strips of root to secretarv-treaiirer and an ex-pe.  ��s    Paradise"      appointed Merchandising Man- make the checkered pattern. Af- utivf of C A Shaw f L vST  ere Meant for ager of Standard Oil Company ter nianv hours of skill and hard i tu   1, ?  ' Vande-*  TF^TJ^aTJlZ*'^ a tissue'that doesrift of British Columbia Limited, ac- ZS^e  bSrt  fa  a Wished C3r and J��hn ^^^  nicfor ethical lhrfng     a ^ come up to the present stand- ^^J^J^^8^^^ Produefr.ready,for!market,-   '  , ards of his-band today. It is still recently by Mr. Ralph D._ Baker, DIFFERENT method  .-���*^-��^PPMta��.p prTSf^^-mISt^;^W_.     However in maktog the larger  on-, young, physicist who aide. V��C^_ ��� ,   a���,   m   f _.      T ^2?? J^,^ 3 _?5_?%��� baskets-and traveUitfg truriksf a  atomic' development  at -LosLr���1**^* ^i**& Tnne -1 $��%Z^j��j^^Z*?^ sU��htly diHerent method of con-  amos   and   photographed, _U ^sed You" and the the revise Defers m^pro^gmeth^ and ^^^^ b used  ^^ of ft  ree wartime bombs as they ex- ^e- "There's a Man m My Ltfe". *e ��� ��w^' ?* s^ce rendered flat cedar-Str^s whic^ form ��,.  loded. : ;, ... Thg��e. are^o ol her bett?r .sides, to the motoring .Public, _He, com- fr        fa th    ^ u    baskets, the  "God ofthe AW' is second ta ^^ ^ X____J . S*as a^-VicStioLa^?- bi^r ones, are made ent^eiy of  e  series  of religious-scientific ^     \* %  .     ..           . -  .���-               ^          '          �����������.       "**. woven spruce or cedar roots. The  ovies produced Iby the Moody more' than a million people last *   method of weaving, is also dif-  stitute of Science a branch of year. The third film,���due for re-  ~ _                                              ,    ferent and the finished product  Sg.'  ie; Moody   Bible Institute   of lease soon, is^ a unique portrayal   .Going to a fire? You may end.*is water proof and more durable.  Ihicago, "The God of Creation", of underwater life and talking up going to,a,funeral. It's smart     Mrs; Dan Paul, who has pas-  *%:-!.&8&g&  ?sttin-the series,- was seen by fish titled ."Voice of the Deep",     to'drive safely.  passed her 70 year mark and is still  SS.^. Page Two.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday,  April  2,   1948  .  I  .  ��he (Smsi Kje��is  CI* A.  ADVERTISING  By   PEARL   PUNNSTT  Mr. Ian McMillan will conduct  an Easter, service on Sunday  March 28, at the home of Mrs.  I  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-w6rd min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  H. Cole, Valley Ranch, , Trout BEHOLD, I will send IWty ines-  Lake at 11 a.m. The regular senger, and He shall prepare  THE WEATHERM.AN was very church service will be held at the the way before Me: and the Lord,  good to us for Easter, in giv- church at 2:30 p.m. combined with Whom ye seek, shall suddenly  ing us lots of sunshine. The Is- baptism and communion services come to His temple, even the  land was quite busy over the conducted by the Rev. Peter Hen- messenger of the covenant, Whom  holiday weekend.        , derson of Vancouver, assisted by ye delight in:   behold, He shall  Mr. Ian McMillan. come/ saith  the  Lord  of  hosts.  The Sandwich shop was open-  But who may abide the day of  ed on Thursday by Sam Jacobs. Mr. Percy Ward and young son ^^   .. , .    ,    .      .   ,,   ,       .  Folks will now be able tb enjoy Barry were here last weekend to ??J*^mS?i*fd T���� ^j*31^  fish and chips again. visit  the   former's   parents,   Mr. ,w��f n *��. appeareth? For He is  ._��_ ' w       JL        , *��� and Mrs- G- H- Ward-            '    w-a refmf V��e' and **? Mr  The  Misses Whitlan and Mc- _        _    ,,         , ,,      w           lers' sope: And He shall sit as a  Manus opened the Pie Shop last Born to Mr. and Mrs. Morgan refiner   and  purifier   of   silver:  'week. This is their twenty-first Miller of Pemberton, at the Van- and He shall purify the sons ofi  year here. couver     General    Hospital    on Levi, and purge them as gold and  March 17, a daujghter, 9 lbs. 7 ozs. silver, that- they may offer unto  wm ��_at tp                              ww ttTTv aT<nr. <i?t t                Mr*  and Mrs* Duncan Waters Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. the Lord an offering in righteous-  p*_��rr__ t_v S��5 i������       v       ��   +__ DTOT ���?. BI__Y TV3 _b Lt_      u* were hi Vancouver last week end James Collins on the arrival of ness.  .SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to RIFLES   and   shotguns   bought to attend a wedding of a friend, the new granddaughter.                     Even from  the  davs of vour  or from Vancouver. Low rates.      and sold, also all kinds of used ^"uwubuwi.                      jwen irom  tne  aays  oi  your,  .Fast   service.   Careful  handling, goods,, furniture, clothing, tools,      Mrs.- A.   Bond  and grandson, The spring tea being put on by ���}ners V* are gone away from,  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf etc.   Square  Deal .Store,   West- Bobby,  are sat Miller's Landing the ladies of the United Church ���me ^rdJn^s'  "�� h��Je nojJ  ___ <     .        B c                                                         Ea ^           . is bein   held at the home of j^g   kept them. Return unto Me, and l  KEYS TO ORDER                1 -  H. Weston, Boulevard A, on Wed- * Wl11 return unto you, saith the,  .ALL KINDS  of keys made to-                    FOR SALE                        Mr. and Mrs. Jack Berry have nesday, March 31,  from 3 to 5 Lord   of * hosts. * But   ye   said,  order. Send sample you wish ONE  ACRE,   at  Mederia  Park, announced the forthcoming mar- p.m.                                                     wherein shall we return? Will &}  duplicated. Muir's Hardware, at      bordering highway arid Mad- riage   of   their   only, daughter, _,     w A         .    n      ,.      T      man rob God? Yet Ye have rob-^j  .Powell  River   (Westview)   B.C. eria Park road near wharf. $600, Frances  Doreen  to  Mr.  Donald f new. A. to tne Canadian Le- bed me. But ye say, wherein have]  .���  Apply   Mrs.   Mae  Reid,   Irvines Waterson    of    Vancouver.    The ^J?  Branch  150,  are having a we robbed Thee? Iri tithes a  MISCELLANEOUS             Landing,   B.C.                             42 wedding is'to take place in Van- J, h.lst dnYe and dance on April offerings. Ye are cursed with  INK UPHOLSTER furniture, make     ���         ���  couver on April 17th. Doreen is 3> m the lQwer dance hall.             cprse:   for ye have robbed  slip   covers,   supply  materials                   f OR SAL*.                     thfe niece of Ed DavieSp Dr. and Mrs. Wilrefd Gallagher even   this  whole^nE^on^B    ,  and do take pride in our work- �����Z ROLL top des^ $25   Mrs.                                              +u were here last weekend to open Xe all the tithes into the store  manship. Free estimates. Usher's      W. D. Gilbert, Selma Park. 39      The Easter Service at the Un- their summer nome in readi_. houses  that they may  be m&  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.                     FOR rent       -             lted church was well attended, ness f     Easter                                 in Mine house, and prove Me no  to NEW , waterfront   cottage,    full %2*��^^^'^JQ: ��      ----- ^_'_._ __ _-'_ ...  herewith, said the Lord of host;  Mc  FOR SALE  _BOAT, 30x9, in sound condition, room    hedroom    kitchen    bath-  W,=1C   uopM_ic��.   x__~cc   w   wicm, ���.w.  ���.Chrysler    engine,    practically rooni'and utilit' r0Om. Furnished" J?e   children   of  Mr.   and  Mrs.    ��� We ha^e certainly b'een having not be room enough to receive i  2SSX ft^Tb0Spt   5^' twoT^mf'  Rent,   $30.   a  month.  Mrs.  Jack S^V^Yf ^v^fZ iS_S a variety of weather this last few MALACHI, 3:1-3.7-1  $2500.   W.   P.   Pieper,   Ifvine's potts   |rvines Landing, B.C.    39 Edna^ Donald Albert, and Robert da^s<   Surely no % one can corn-  landing.  FOR SALE  __r ATinM/" FOR SALJi. M , --      ���   D,  Goxir had kind after the samples we 1  POWER p.K at reason- IZA��ftilS ^jf^.^^'^" '    '  ��Xr_   ^f  ����  t^n��f��n-J 7>*  ���- "^ the runner-ups^ The judge!  plain   of  the  monotony  of^one were Mrs. E. Kane, Mr. R. PaFa]  nave dis and X^[r. Muiriiead.     .< ���  The Klondike dance sponsor.  able   rates.   E.   Cook,   Wilson facinff south   Ten minutes walk ^af. 7h^ S\indkv s^00} children    .Mr.   Tom White ; arrived  here ,.__ ihe, Wnrne>nc c��r���:_��o n���i. _.rol  -     " 39 f?oSgwharf.' Yo^on/lch^lt    ��ssisted with the singing and a this week with.the "Sannie'"fer- ^h?Z^e^:??YiCf.5^^  3*g duet was given by. June^Gow and ries.  Irene Lawrence. "In the Garden"  Creek.  FOR SALE  RIFLES ��� .303 Ross converted MISCELLANEOUS arid  Irene  also  sang   "The  Old ^  sporting   models,   high  power, LAND    levelling   arid   plowing Rugged Qross." Communion was  precision  repeaters,  weight  ap-     with ractorvXJeo. Elander, Shaw takenl at the end of the ^service.,  proximately 8 lbs. Complete.with[ Road, Gibsons, B.C: ^       7      45 �� .w,.     r, .'^_j, r��l^__���� <z���U ;��ir  f  v   r^vkm^iJm& R tw__*_tt i:'y'  Jn    aiffhts% - eouinned.   ^rrvinc" ' ���~r- =������       ^ atld.,Mrs., Gideon S<?ptt; Of   ..XF <l>. ,-W^^P^P*. McffiLfr^ .  ^^SS^^^'-^TSS^        <r    FOR SALE ~   "'   North Varicouyer have opened ujl? :,    ^^  ,y., v.   ^;, .'.^ ,,  Sacrifice $55! each. Will ship C. 2   BROOD   sowsx farrowing   in their home for the summer. AN  ORATORICAL  contesi was jHose -who .^oriate^   g(ifts"  jp>in  TiTrif*- Pariof  *.^7 T_P<?��spr*-r      March and-May. $100 each. One      ... ' , x;   ���   ���'      held   on    Tuesdav   March    9' helped in any way, to make  Stmt  Ottawa   Ont ~-  ^nrd ��ia  ��fesn   AXE   Hook. Las-      Alderman    and   Mrs.   George ^^^ 2??S._ ^?_c���___    affair _.  cVt_,_��Cc f Xt  PORT MELLON.  held March 13 and as usual wei  ��� over with a bang. Mr. A. Liej  won " first, prize,  for  -the / be/  beard  with [Mr.* Henry  secoriic  Prizesl f6r, jthe costumes went i  Mis.: Bentham,; Miss L. Host  ���'��� A__4illi& ^Ca^era. x^He, 'fyfpd  Service'Club-wishes to thaiiik  ^ %��?&��%�� E' C����k' ^9 MiU^ent th^lonf weeSTIt ^^^.*^-A.^%: ^S__'^__*____  FOR SALE 'FOR SALE  SAANEN    goat,   freshen   in * a NEW house finished 26x33, wood-  month   4 quart milker. $30.00 shed,12x26; 2% acres, one clear-                  ^u  See Wally at Wakefield.           38 ed Spring water weli. 200 grapes ver sPent the long weekend at   : _                   and logan vines. Price $3400. Ap- the home of. Mrs.. P. Punnett.  FISH  boat   troller Ir  by  SW B^JtaneB Szab��' Roberts Cre^      Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Jamieson  fceam.   New   Easthope   79.   New "��1 : -   and  small  daughters,   Ann  and  gurdys swan, new generator, new FOR SALE                     XarenT are   s%yJ?g  ^  Mr* t.and  tanks, board for cod. Apply W. RIFLES:     .303    British    Enfield Mrs.  James  Collins  for  a  short  Hunter, Dorriston, B.C. S8      converted     sporting,    models; vacation. ,,    ,   -** :  high-power , precision , repeaters.     *~        . xrKTr.TTNtr,���ll/ri-1VTm  SWAP Weight 7 lbs. 26" barrel. Com-           AND^iM^?^_Ll�� nf  1% ACRES of good land partly plete   with  all  sight,   $65.   Also ^1��;E? ^^^^'3^ ?*  , cleared in good locality: water .303    Ross    converted    sportihg 9^^3^S^^^S^  and lights available. Bus service models; $55. Excellent condition f?^m^nt ��* ^"r r^L,l  rw  daily. Will trade for car or sell, guaranteed. Carlof, 537 pesserer Mapon  Edi^ to  George  Ohar-  F   J   Millc   <_pp>.plf   psr        ^7 ^    Ottawa   Ontario                    40 man oi Gibsons, B.C. The wed-.  A. J. Mills,  bechelt, B.C.       37 _?.,f Ottawa, untario.                  w ding  wm take place May  14th  39 lS^8S^fho^h��mmii^ 5?'1"?8 Miss D   Bentham. and ,; The new wing at Seaside Hot  'at Miller's Landing. f*"8.?.-.^-   Hostland   was   second, was,   formallyx opened    Fru  R. Wiren and K. Hollington be- March 12.  Miss   Betty. limes   Of   Vancou-   ^mtm^mmmmmmm^mmmmm^^mmmmmmmm^mmm^immmmmmm  6. H. CLAY & fl. C. HILL  LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENTS  for  H. A. ROBERTS & CO. LTD.  Gibsons, B.C.  We have for sale, houses, bungalows, lots, farms,  waterfront property, acreage���every class of property extending from Gibsons to Render Harbour.  Before you buy see our. vest listings first.  We solicit your property offerings for quick sale.  Write or phone Gibsons 8H.  T  LANG'S DRUGS  Bat 8 p.m. at St. Barthalomeus Anglican Church, Gibsons, B.C.  Rev. C. H. Gibb will officiate.    -  MISCELLANEOUS  ROTO-TILLER ���- power tijler,  does the work in one operation���of plow, disc" and harrow^  Call or write Cliff Leach, ,Gib-��  sons, B.C. l tfn  ' a  VETERANS CLUB  THE .ARMY, Navy and Air Force  Veterans in Canada,, Unit ;276,  Gambier Harbour '. (Licensed  Club) invite applications for  membership from , all -Veterans  including P.C.M.R. Veterans, Every Saturday 7; p.m. until 11:3Q  p.m. is club night. Veterg\ns and-  their ladies invited to attend.   1  FOR SALE ,  WATERFRONT lots at head of  Pender Harbour. Write or con-  tacff-H;' Williamson or ^A. Egner,  Pender Haijbbur. 39  FOR SALE      .  ROBERTS Creek-^-room semi--  furnished cottage to rent. Water  front. Adults. H. Smith F. R. 1,  Gibsons Landing, B.C.      ^ 39  GIBSONS, B.C.  .  ���* i f ,  tere They Are  ���" '       ,r        r m "    X?-  Spring Tonics for all the  i  Maltevol  Codliver Comp (Creosote)  Peptona (Jron Tonic)    Yeast and Iron Tablets ���  Sulphur, and Molasses _.  Blood Purifier, 16. oz. __.  Burdock Blood Bitters _  Syrup Hypophosphites   2.00  1.00  1.00,  . 79c  25c  1.00  1.09  1.00  Make Lang's your headquarters for  household and garden pesticides.  Please Note: EASTMAN CAMERAS, are now avail-  able, priced from 3.75 to '67.00. We'll be glad to  order your choice for immediate delivery. Friday, April  2,   1948
.Page Three
Weal, who were trained by Miss
Carol Forst and Donald Weal,
violin  pupils  of  Miss  Mclntyre
  played    "Country    Dance"    and . .
w^«^^.« V "June   Dave"   rpcnprfivplv   anrl MISS EDNA Simmons was host-
DESPITE weather conditions the J^^Xt¥^I?^**™&- ^      pRS to th* Wnmp„'s  Ai.vil.arv
PENOEIt HAftBOUIS        §*■ Mary's Hospital
        „ , . u    ,   _ pw to thp Wnmpn'5  Anyiliarv      Another of our nurses is plan-
SECHELT-First car impounded      Community Hall was filled to  we^ called back tor encores. of ^   m_uVsXhSIi c^Wed^ nin^ to leave St. Mary's for Sas-
on the Penmstjuta -was March^^ capacity on Saturday^^ March 20.     The Vocal  Trio   composed  of nesday afternoon Mkrch 24 at a katchewan this summer to take
18, when a taxi dwned by Big The variety concert sponsored by Edward Campbell, Jeffrey New- Fave^eji  Tea in'honor of * Mrs   «p a permanent job of hbusekeep-:
Dick VanKleet was incarcerated the Roberts Qreek: String Group man   and   Ken   Fortt   presented pingman X \ ing or trying to please some man-
by provincial police after a under the leadership of Miss Mar- three numbers—"All Through the Tge tea-table was tastefully The same is MijJ!S Irene Le Barre,
minor collision between; Van garet Mclntyre occasioned thun- JSf^*"* "CominS Along" and decorated with tinv bunches of Matron, who returned from her
Peet and another taxi, operated derous  applause  following  each    Whistling Song". violets and primroses over a lace holidays ^th a sparkler on th^'
by   Thomas   H. .Tait.  Tait   was item.  The. program was charac-      The   primary   pupils' of   Mrs.  cJoth. X usuar finger,
blinded by the other car's head-, terized by its smooth  organiza-  Chivers, with Joan Wallis as the      After a delightful renast   the      **    '"■;_.   t_t    i_   „,_,•'■_
hghts and Crushed Van Kleefs tion and the outstanding efforts bear,4 Vernon  Black   as   Christ- president   teTa_Se ore-    •MtJ' ^. Wright, R.N., has ar-
gr. pausing_damage   exceeding of  the  young performers,  none opher   Robin,   Tommy   Kennedy ^nted   Mrs    ipingman^Sth       rivpd  at ^   ^rvvtn ^...n
rived  at St.  Mary's to take-up
is a. highway to conquest.
11 rrt      "    t t . r
Lancl Clearing
Basements Excavated
Roads Built, Etc.
AH>ert Danroth
Roberts Creek
£25. VanKleet carried no insure  of whom was over fourteen"'    "  as   Piglet,   Wilson   Anderson"" as beautfful^^
mce and his cartas impounded.'     The gch6ol choir c6mposed of the postman and Marilyn Coles et and Mrs. Dingman replied very     Miss Lillian Lewis spent five
 —• — ^pupils   from   grades   three   and ^ va?Tn    w^r* » graciously.  Our good wishes go days from her duties at St.Mary V
The  first  Chinese  minister' tfi' four under" the direction of Mrs.      .X    ]gel Ur° nuntms- with her for better health in the having a good time in Vancouver.
Colombia  presented  his  credent   Newton   opened  the   concert. ,.T01;ie Ree^es'   ?^pil,_of JJV[lss *uture. _ . .:.   -.:,- ;;:.    ;
ials in July, 1943. .   with "O Canada" and later pre- Mclntyre  and  Walter  Sandberg, , ;,    , Born.   To Mr. and. Mrs.  Jaefc_
-X .    sehted  four   numbers "Shenan- PuPjl of Mrs. Annette, Attlee of      The    Easter    holidays, bring Stewart of Madeira Park, a son
Caesar, Charlemagne and Nap-  doah", "The Raggle Taggle Gyp- Gibsons,  presented  in  a worth- many visitors to bur lovely Har-  Congratulations. x
>leon all  used  the  Saar. Valley sjes"   "Afton Waters" and "Blue while   manner   two   piano   solos bour, too numerous to mention.      nr       ,"__'-,   _   .   -\":C''!'■"   ^
,c n u; _..,-.-.._. + ..__. Tail'Flv" Those takintf nart wer_» each. Noni'e played "Night Song" ^ ■■J->r.. ana.Mrs. volian^are^spendL-:
^rl^d^^m^SS and    "Clown    Dance"8   Walter      On Good Friday evening about "g a weeks holldar in' Vancou-
Forst, Barbara Coles, Orla Blom- Played a largo "Sarabande" and 15  members  of P.H.  badminton        *
gren, Marie Chivers, Eileen Chiv-  "LJfe in the Finland Wood."      ( club journeyed by taxi and boat      Dr. R. D. Nasmyth is relieving
ers, Roy MacFarlane, Bob Flem-      A reading  entitled  "Digesting to Halfmoon Bay for a friendly Dr.   Vollan   while   the   latter  is
ing, Paul Foulkes, Donald Heron, the News" was humorously given tournament. .The score xwas 11 to away.
Patsy Rusk, Nonie Reeves, Mar- b«Y Eric Lindwall, who had been 7 in favor of P.H.- which evens
garet   Nimmoi   Deahna  Berston, directed by his teacher, Mrs. F. up the series for the season. Miss Marjory Freeman has fin-
Thelma  Fortt, ^ Frances, Randall,'Heron. Halfmoon Bayclubprovided a ished at the hospital, and wewish
Dorjs Solnik, Jackalaine Danell,      Papa Haydn's "Toy Symphony" sumptious feast at the close bf her the best of luck in her hew
arid Gail MacKenzie. '  was the grand finale of the even-.the  games.  On the return trip, life.
mu ' «»_-     •    _«_ .   «_«.      • i_  ^2- A short history was given of those who travelled on the Mor-   '    :   -■' ■": ——-——
-The . Morris Dance-      Spanish the   symphony   by   Miss   Jervis. sley No. 2 kept the skipper, BUI
Gypsy   Dance    and  the    Scarf She remarked upon the abund- Murdoch in good humor by sing-
Dance    were ably protrayed by ance of talent among the young- ing all the way home.
Arlene   Orr,   Jackie   and   Lynn  sters of Roberts Creek and the
Johnson, Joan MacKenzie, Edith pleasure Miss Mclntyre derived     Quite a number of Vancouver-
Jack,  Allison  Heron  and  Doris from the training of these worth- ites. are   spending   the   holiday
while children. The performance weekend   at   beautiful   Saginaw
Just Arrived	
Tea towels, odds, assorted large sizes, good quality,
/price :_-_!__._, -—_- -1 29c up.
'.- Hand towels, turkish type, siz^s about 22x44, $ 1.35
Face towels, approx. 12x12,; each _—_—__ 20c
,   Qui!ting;cotton.Batts, pattern with each pound.
Flannette, show-white,, fine quolity.
^ Unbleached xatton, heavy, 40 inches wide.
'Spring/ shipment ^Draperies:    rayons,    mohksclbth,
k^ha^bM'Yrpi^l;cMdAite to br(gfireKupy6ufh6me:
Ushers Yard Goods Shop
*±**v\; t"
AL Lloyd's Cash Store
Opposite Hospital Wharf
Groceries - Meats - Drugs
<. Full lirie Martin Senour Paints '
Moil Orders Promptly Filled
Come and see the Harbour's New Self Service Store
where our policy js lowest possible prices on ALL items.
We cannot issue a catalogue so list below a few of
our REGULAR prices.
Citrus Marmalade, 4 Ib. tin __
Pure Plum Jam, 4 Ib. tin —
Pure Honey, 2*lb. carton il
Grapefruit Juice, 20 oz. tin _.
Dill Pickles, 28 oz. tin
Peas, Garden No. A, 20 oz. tin
Corn, Cream Style, 20 oz. tin
Quick Oats, Robin Hood^ 5 Ib. bag
Shelled Walnuts, Vt. lb. bag ______
Neil sons .Cocoa, 1 ib. tin ___	
Ma I kins Coffee,, 1 Ib: bag ____:—:	
Malkins Red Label Tea, 1  Ib. ._	
Peaches, Choice, 20 oz. tin
Aylmer Pork and Beans,  16 oz.
Uptons Soup Mix  :	
 : 6?c
___: _73c
___- 15c
_:^ 19c
 , 43c
  !_■■-  ■ ^3C
J _- 29c
 - 57c
 2 for 31c
 2 for 25c
of the children on the toy instru- Lake. They will no doubt enjoy
ments was a delight.to hear and the hospitality of^ Mr. and Mrs.
something new in the way of en- Ernie Cotton.      -
tertainment  for  Roberts   Creek. •          ,  J_p      w         »«
The background ipusic was sup- J^E'  and^.,Mrs;  Harry  Thomas
plied by the String Group and of Hardy Island chose^the quick
special mention should be made ™?de .of travel from ^Vancouver
here of Miss Mclntyre's brother followmg   their   daughter   Aud^
who made a special trip to aug- r^s.   ^eddaig   last   week.   The
ment the group with his cello, chartered plane took them dir-
Those taking part in the Sym- ect to-their home. "Chuck" Thom-
phohy    were:    Bonnie   Edlundas ^^ow visiting his parents for
CaroltForst, Gail MacKenzie, Ed- the Easter holidays.
*T*&&*wv BT?* W£*l< 5r°HT     A bridal shower is to be given
dy McKenzie, Arlene Orr, Wal- at Garden Bay Lod      on Eas^r
ter Sandberg, Nome Reeves, Eric Monday for Miss Margaret Free-
Xjindwall, Edward Campbell, Ken man: More details will ^ given
Fortt,   . Jeffrey    Newman,    and in next weeVs issue
Edith Jack .  	
The  program  was  kept  run- s
ning smoothly by the ma^er of ter vacati0n, accompanied by
ceremonies MrsXF. Kirklan^ who Denise Dent and her little sister>
is president of the local P.T.A. Carol, who are newcomers to our
The proceeds of this concert country, having formerly attend-
werei for the benefit of Pro-Rec ed school in Switzerland and Eng-
which is sponsored by the Roberts Ian4  which. is their home#
Creek P.T.A. ___ =	
All in all, it was an 'evening
which will live long in the mem-
Gibsons and Roberts
Creek new Bus schedule
allows you three enjoyable hours at—
Each Friday and Saturday
Wm. McFadden
Office Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Evenings- by Appointment
Every day except Thursday
Pay Cash and Save at Lloyd's
ory of all those who were present and it is to be hoped that it
is just a forerunner of future endeavours of this nature.
A baby boy was born to Mr.
and Mrs. A. Danroth on Monday, March 15 at Roberts Creefe.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Eades Jr.
are spending their annual holiday with the former's parents at
the Creek.
Mrs. Allah Baxter spent the
week with her sister-in-law, Mrs.
R. Chivers, while her husband
was making a business trip in
the East.
Mr. and Mrs. Clare White made
a special trip for the weekend to
take in the Saturday night con-
,.cert,. in which their grandchild
Nonie Reeves was taking part.
Mrs. J. Sadler, made a special
trip also to watch her grandson,
Wilson Anderson, perform on the
•stage. .
Visiting  Mr.  and Mrs.  H.  J.
Robinson for a few days^ were
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Sam   Wood   of
iTraserwood, Manitoba.
Mr. Jim Leatherdale" visited his
Dad and brother Russell,- for a
few days.
Mrs. E. Foulkes sojourned in
Vancouver for a few days, Gloria Forst came home for the Eas-
H. KENNETT, Butcher — Gibsons, B.C.
Next door to Bank of Montreal
Your friendship and co-operation still merits Our Low Prices
We're out of the high rent district to save
you money
■■ ■!■■ Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  By ARIES  By MRS. ERICKSON   '    - -  -  -    Friday,  f4LW^e*��&,   1948  grand bazaar in the Indian Vil-      Winners of .the grocery ham-  lage on March 27th,' in the hall, pers raffled by W.A. to Canadian  Bingo  arid  games  start at  7:30 Legion   recently   were   Mrs.   J.  p.m. and sale of- work at 8 .p.m. Steele and Mrs.*"Chai?!ie Stubbs."  These are usually good hunting- It was a very successful tea with  THE EVENING of Cribbage and  THE MONTHLY meeting and din- GALES, OF laughter heard issu- grounds for wonderful work and. Mrs. E. Brown and Mrs.,Findlay-  ______ __,v __��_,_._.-v* ux w__.i_<��.<. ��__*_ ner of the A.O.T.S. was held ing from the Legion Hall on  for a gpod pause too. The bazaar son^as general convenors.  Binero   last   week   at   the   Sid *�� Gibsons on Friday, March 19 Friday marked  the   occasion   of is under the* auspices of the na- - ���   <��mith's was a great success  Liv- at 6:30 p.m. 21 members enjoyed Father's night held by the P.T.A. tive   sisterhood, for   the   benefit      Freezing does not spoil canned  ine room and kitchen were crow- the menu served by ladies of the It was the first of its kind here of the village. Mary Martha Joe food, say scientists. Although it  32d   with   nlavers   mostlv   bbvs W.A.  and listened with a great and it is hoped that we shall have i^ general convenor, and -she. has may- change color, it doesn't af-  Zl  thp b   and J   camn .Who deal of interest to a lecture on many more. Mr. Wally Berry was  a good committee.                             feet wholesomeness.    .  SsVed a vote of thanks to the the habits of the busy bee by Mr. ravishing in pale yellow and was '                                               '            .    "   ���      .. _lri|.a thin��f _ beiner  SSfess for? n^L eTerdne and Mitchell. By the intimate way in librarian for the meeting in the      And   whilst   we   are   writing ^^.jA^ Sod  hostess for a nice  e\emng ana ^^ Mr/Mitchell  treated  his place of Mrs. F. French, and his about the village the basketball so good that you re no good.  subject  one  got  the  impression recommenations were many and game on March' 21st was a tie and_ ���' jSTo _" crowd  ever  went  in one  tke     mug-up  breaking up.  enjoyed  Fred Gibson won the cribbage  He must have��lived in a hive.        astounding. Not the least of these the boys had to" play again for direction very long.  ' .-.-.- _ . _..   _ ___        _. ___    - r+ ;    _i_ _         ��� i " "  our  are  Members  were  entertained  to was there should be more books that extra pointxScore was then - - craaie of  prize and with most of the win- a fine Musical Program of Irish like Esquire available to mem- 36-38 The winners were Norman ^f^���    ^w   its   chilton  aers donated the  cash back to Airs by Dr. Hugh Inglis and Mrs. bers.. Joseph Gilbert Joe Lome Lewis, 5^Sri   In  Poland  the   babies  the good cause. Braeden. The doctor with his vi-      Mr. Roger Simning as health g^^g�� SStoSS'jWto   ���SS tith^edappers to make ,  It is hoDed to have these even- olm and Mrs. Braeden at the pi- convenor   was    resplendent    in lge "raves team are Jtennie Jonn, _ round.,  ines 4eWy and Mrs R. L Jack- ano. _. ,. nurse's uniform which evidently B.enn/ Paul> frank August, John- the milk go round. , _   Sn   Davis Bay   has offered the     The meeting was conducted by belonged to his wife and we soon ���e   if���*   Ja*nes   Jackson   and 1  use'of her home March 24, 7:30 Mrs. Grant of Granthams Land- came to the conclusion that we ��jVnest Joe-  .  p.m.  Bingo "and  Whist  will  be ing who is presiding officer for should all be soon dead if left      In reading* last week's paper,  played. tha*CU��rellA ��?**   a-          _��� "u    t0 his tender mercies*                      it looks as though the proposed  __,   .         _.            .                   ", __ rf *    a    ?olt   dmner ?�� 'De     Mr. Graham Collison, replacing Canadian Legion Sacred concert  We hope for an improvement held on April 9th, a very inter- Mrs Mee as ^ocial conVen0r, had will, be held at .Roberts Creek,  m the weather soon to help lo- estmg picture is to be shown en-. a; few drastic improvements on This  is  not  so and the  article  cal friends  and residents  over- titled "God of the Atom   uirier. the social side of'P.T.A. and Mr. should    have    mentioned    that  come that let-down reeling after the charge of Mr   D   F   MfRae. Morrison   substituting   for   Miss Branch 140 is the Sechelt Branch  ���flu and other sickness. The Lecture, will be held m the Marchant  on  membership,  with and this affair will be held in  Mrs   Georce  Wrieht  is  mak- ch"rch at 8 pip* and a    are           tlie assistance of Mr. G. Derby, the Sechelt Legion Hall. By the  ; mrs.   vreorge    wugni   __>   xium    rom<_ ^r..   -c*    __tt . _��  ���**���_    _*_._._.__             _���  _._   _ ___?   ._ _. _.,.___!   ing good progress after a_ pain-  Mr. F. Wheeler and Mr. Stock- vyay, I got blamed for this error  fill session of  arthritis.  We  all     The V.O.N, at Granthams will well, demonstrated how to get the and I had nothing to do .with it.  wish her a speedy return to her entertain ladies of the district at women to meeting. Two methods I don't know, who wrote it but I  gardening hobby. Daughter, Mrs. afternoon tea at the home of Mrs. were   employed.   Mr.   Stockwell didn't. Perhaps it was one of those  G. Lunn and two grandchildren Les Sleadman on Saturday, March brouJ��hVfL     s   W0SSLn ,by   the ghost writer-  were up from the city for a visit. 27 and in the evening of the same scruff of the neck. Wheeler and - ' /   '                 ���               - ,.        '  *,      r.           _���_'       day a community card party will D.er*>y carried their unfortunate Mrs-   Beth   Hascamp   left   for  Glad to see Mrs  George Drew b/heid at the same address.  .      Jictijn (Miss, Melvin by the way) t|^e ^ S^^ to ?^ ^  is able to get out agam after a   . proceeds   will   go  'towards: a..^pdily,   the   beist   method   how- Easter hbhdays with her daugh-  long illness. Trudy has returned fu��d��to provide additional nuts- ^r was that employed by Mr. ters Mary and Alma.  to the Island after spending some ^g facilities.                              ;   . ^ Qooke who gallantly brought -                        meeting of PTA  time with her parents.                                                                                 -m, his  wife  arni, in, arm never __At a recent meeting oi ^-a.a.,  ,     .           ^   m              ���.    .          Mr.   and  Mrs. .Harry   Richelt saying a word/ The refreshments ,Mrs- F- French and Mrs. J. Par-  Louise   and   Tommy   Hig^ins have received the good news; of were good although the table dec- ker were el.^teJ��: ^J^?^ in S??"  were   up   for   the   week-end   to the birth of their first grandchild, orations were a bit weird. Music junction wjth the, NationaL Film  look after the spud planting as Born to Mr and Mrs. Roy Richelt provided by Mr. Cooke and sing- bqard; It is to be hoped that there  they   plan  to. be  visiting  most of   Edmont0n   on   MaTch   2,   a ing led by Mr. G. Kynoch com- Wl11 b* more. enthusiasm shown  week-ends from now on Daugh- daughter,   Jean,  according  to   a pleted a very. pleasant evening, over this project.'The showmg is  ter Barbara is growing fast.          wire   received   from   their   son. Vote of;thanks was moved by Mrs. flllm,s   _{. Jree��   a?d 7ery  worth  Our  deep sympathy  goes  out  'Fath^ to^vfpleTt^  tdha%eRr^foTer^^^ nounce the date;of the show.V;    J  ^d a serio^ operation ^na ^s..,t0nsiste^o^ \, ., . w. ^ ^ ^ .   t,h *.,^.,r.   .-���.,..    ..y, ^  Boss herself is at present in St jusr returned td ^Wes^iew *$ftii^' _ffl.fr.   sfed  Mrs.  Dorldorph ��� ��i^/* fv-T_.-jft.    .-.'-> ���. .v.  .    .   ~.\  Marys Hospital.^Heather is lyith spending three  weeks  at Gran- the proud parents of a little gifl'?jr:5^ftf,  friends iii the city  thams.  .,<��������.  Many-visitors are expected ,here  over the Easter holidays and  cottages are getting a going over  for the season ahead. It is hoped  for better weather, especially as ^__  the . Legion   is   planning  a   fine, / ^  program for their Dedication MARCH 11 was a day of depart-  Service. Easter Sunday, at.3 p'.m. ;ure' for' a few, and back to  in the  Sechelt Pavilion. Mr.  H.  normal for the rest: When there  TOBA THIS 'N THAT  By BROWNIE      t  born March 18th-, in Pender Harbour hospital. Congratulations. We.  n hear   the ' baby's   name* will   be  Donna "Gail.  Sorry to hear that little Jimmy  Doyle^ suffered painful, injuries  to his head, sending him to Gibsons where Doctor Inglis had to  put in some stitches. Hope by the  time  this  goes  to  press  Jimmy  y-h  $m  J   J* P    (  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K   if."-Ga_ii.��-  Gibsons/B.C.  >+*.#*> .���j*i.' -^_.J;  KITCHEN NEEDS  V&pii  v;  ZT"    ~     .    ~l~~T _ \. ....->������-... ��� -   .   '      ._    ti_*ic    nna    tuca    %,%j    picas    .  Roberts has arranged for visiting is company m camp We seem to win be feeijng a bjt better  musical artists and a special bus have a lot of late nights and we .  >  has been chartered.     ^ e^arly to bed people can't take it.  c Don't ^ forget   to    attend  z Millie   and   Stan   Forbes   and  Gibsons W.A- Hold  St, Patrick'c Tea  GIBSONS���The Women's Assoc-  the  daughter   Susan   left   for   their   ,      . .f ,     ��� .   '  home at Wilson Creek. Don't be ?" ���-fijf5 Parts. He was only  so long coming back, folks. *h���\ *9��: ffet at?��le them an$  6        , v has stayed close to. the same spot  There   was   great,  excitement   for, the last three "days, making  ^^^^ (^^"lljm^SSai for the ^ds when the two 'planes   the tr^er fingers ^ No ca��  TT^lTrL^l ^  a^t   Pa?   came in t0 Pick UP Chris Smith do fellasT.the^game warden won't r  United  Church  held, a St.. Pat-      d gtan Dodds  Th     left about   ]ik .��       , - .   .  rick's Day tea mjhe church hall,       half hour after ^e rest  and    y     ���    >>   on^Wednesda^ Ma^rch^n^rom would be walking down Granville g.  Cup and Saucer  >    * H _ '   t        \  ___;:_. 25cT  '    >N*   V   'r ~     '  Plate; 9-inch size, to match above cup and saucer.  Each __: : __i -:-;_-._-���,--' ?5c  Barrel Tumblers   each . 10c  Enamel Roasters ;~_-~ 1-25 and up  Tin Pie Plates/ 10-inch size, ���li -l���J each r 12c  Fry Pan, heavy cast iron, 10-inch size.  _���________ T:59  Tea. Pat, English brown Betty, c^cup size. ;_-���:_:- 90c  IT PAYS TO SHOP AT MARSHALL'S HARDWARE  "���v-X^  St. before the gang on the boat S  got to Salmon Bay���my, my, the g  2:30  to  5. Mrs. Thomas Moore  wife of the minister, and Mrs. F.  . Bushfield,   president,   welcomed  -.,      f Drogress   or, should I _.  the guests. The hall decorations ^ wLes snoum i |  were   unusually   effective,   with     y        e^' ���  green and white fluted crepe- We spent a fairly quiet Satur- g  paper window curtains, green day evening with the 'Royal' m  jars of violets- and snowdrops and family, coming over for dinner |  pots of moss on shamrock mats and then cards, in the evening. H  on window ledges and piano. (Believe it or not, Chuck won!)  g  Mrs. J. Bowman and Mrs. John Martin and I went out with |  Allan were responsible for the George Sunday, to do some work g  pleasing result achieved. *      on the 'cat', at least we were go- g  The tables which, also had ing to, make helpful suggestions,T| ���.  dainty vases of violets and snow- but I guess George figured as j  drops, green paper shamrocks and JJJ1^1 an��. sen* us wr ^ wjIk. |  Irish serviettes, were served by While stollmg along we met iUice |  Mesdames J. $albrai1-h, D. Don- and Ted Jackson with son Ed- I  aldson, W.^Gibb,- IL^Kennett, M. ward perched -, on }his. father's |,  Dadswell, W. Banks ;and Miss W. shoulders and really enjoying the |  Doherty. Mesdames E. MacAlpine, o^tmg. - ^  J. Sowden, O. Matheson and N. When we got back tow George g  Lowes were in charge of the tea. we found him in the mood for a B ,  Home made candy* in dainty hike so, I begged off, and the H  green paper cups, .was sold by boys walked in to where the first g  Mrs. J. Bowman, Mrs. H. Kennett. sjetting^will be which is about^a i  delighted all witli her "xIrish^ihije,from the bridge. This standi|.  solos. Mrs. H. Breaden as.actom- o^f timber is in the "Little TobaTg  panist also gave much pleasure "valley and should be the4 centre g  by  her   always   excellent  piano  of much activity before long. ��  solos. Thanks go to all those who      The boys saw the largest moun- 1  made it a success. tain goat that has been seen so !g  I  l!!!!Wllinilll  iininiiiiifliiiHHiiimiiwH  V  Tire repairs and re-conditioning accessories  are no^r available on convenient  installment terms.  FOR SALE  ,      -   -     *        i        \  j \      J T i        .,    ^ -���  Complete V-8 motors' readily adapted to marine use^or for stationary;  work. ���'".'" ; I  '������'-���:-     FOtit SMM r  s-       -  , _p    -��� v.    '    -        ' <  v ��r    \    .    ' -       ^       Jr     *  Model 'W Coiipe, kgobd condition.  $300.00 tiasfi - or 'terms.":   - *r: :> ">  Packard motor *_._. $150.00  l .'it.   K~r  SILVER GRILLE SERVICEiBTaTION  FORD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK  rsp _  .^  ���unsainiBii Frtdqyv  ,��.. rx ~>  . :';./\\.J.  t��__LTj.&?-C;  ^m%m>L&  M'���:".���.-y^^yiy.  ^'-V?-^ v.   i':r>  By E. NESTMAN  *���>���' ������������������������-.    >���-������ -: -��� ���-���-������  - ���        Pdoe 'Five  ^Sr     ***��*������'���*�����.;'��������� .���'-���                  -"^^^.gi^ buying new -books for the ' comb, the shops of Vancouver for  That .the   firemans   ball   w^.X^ll^ novelties, And/even if you did  quite a success and that everyone x X'":-' ';':^gMl_S:^i4y '''"'' ;>--Yes,  the  gift shopping prob- you   would  have   a  hard  time  ���pad a;gyand^time. -The door pri_.^^_^______y^__^^'imi^ ��� lems are- over tor the local Cit- finding    anything    better    than  $?#i^L^ local shop.  centered the table aielow with 15 io.f ._��r ^i_.,_  ����;_. �� .___.��� *.~x.*_.'r^^^?iK^--_^^5_S^^t^^Jg.N-  ������ ,i.G_'i!_--f.;V'!;-S: '-'''.���  'y^mymy-  Wf^^ww^'W^wift^i^ans;. ^r.JTh_it."���"Arnold��.: M f*"   wi 1 1 ��� !_��';~ ^**'s' >;: *X^X^v^x*:. W^SW-ff:':  on a*riew=&te X^  ���v **'*_.* ._i_^^S-        Lx an: addrtion to Gite^^  '���'Taj_iB''MC_T__ff^.-i"'^!:-i'��^"^i^-^  'f ���������JSlf���t!*"S?.:'-W^��^*m- r : '^'^ partment  * ��������� ..-:'S    ^  #v��^i^  ssiRP*ml(W'PN NEW  PLOYMENT INSURANCE BOOKS  ���.���' .������. '^^^y^M^0^&'My;:?y&Ly- ^^^ss^x'vy. x x/^x;. ^;v':' ������::��� ���. ��� ��������������� -,.  ##^^ .Books nwlVi  I^JM the Nitlonal  *<>?"__  LV?1, :jb  j*,!  people   arid^ we d<msWd teethe P;Q^l^ Mj^^E.  knowtheipi^  miich; and wiUibe^  ;.ms^ mbte.^ --XtK>/7X. V\*rf_r :<#-������-��������� x-.  Xxfatheix: Reidy j atvxSt.xtMaryfsy^iy   x-;. ;./#; .i��s-#:;4____/  ���;'X(purchi:i^as^the'i.iuest yvi^Hm^B,  l^rfr ^Mellon.^His; sing^     i ^tri? '       -;.-; Jlf|t  iheXgard^X*^^ ��� -^ :f"yy^  ^gr^^wsiM .  yv  x.:;,|^^ and turned In,,  to the Office. ; =���������',  ..' ;..  ���....''���:-.. ������������   ���:.- X.'-v-XV .'���< .���'���- ;"'������ .���'���:���',.'��� i-'L's'i r      '���,'.��� vs.;_.  ���..:',���   ::,  : ���"���  ���^ ,..__.!   l_w-   iJJ^J  --.-< - -r-. -���-���  .. ~~ ������- Tr   *.      ���.���   r , . .  :y:j&\ .Employers  are  urged   to   exchange   Unemployment Insurance Books promptly at  iV_M/riM  ibGpmply.  /        GOM3VIISSION  ��p��-  --.*  e A. l HuacHisow,  a* ���  :    ,��S-.-  ':*_   ��SSe**'    IB <_*387.t3S5fi��  J.G. BISSON,  _V    S��t>A,-&f'  R. J.TALLON,  *>��������� pnt>:'X_Ii;:;ax ;Xlpf  ;*T��i_  3  ;^; ^|hi LoiyMrs&^L^sde^^^  Ig^i^u^itp^ngii^Sk^  :...��;  '>.!  --'���V  |^ii_id|t^;^er|^  fS^^iS@ipC>iffi^^  ���'tX  to ^an^hose ^people ^ wliii^iit'out  #t pdisbmrig ^thoiit taking all  precautibnsix^ye^iost m^-''Cat'y  iasi:^feel^;ii^:-:die^irve7  severalothers that^have s^'per^  amihar   greeting,? ^pel��P% Ag3_inp^  ,w featured on two regular programa   lots of?dogs^an^ catei^but that's  i^&px^i-^dj^tii^^  ,y|ij^ v^^ it^^  tion   _an|x^^  around. If it has been done Iri-  tentionally, il^^I'd say that? is  the( crudest thing to do'fo/^  ;: J^^;a;t^^  $rii*��.:'vX-ji'-Ai'-w '.' >i ,; :.����v..'i-iX'.. *';'     ������''������-:-i'-v>i'' ''"iil^v."';���>-.: -���^M'''- ���> v   *��^1^  IVeyer before in its peace-time history has the  young man ne^ ships with modern  *Tegw|tti!^  recreationX .   and valuable skills to learnx  This ie a man's job serWng with tlie Royal (^^  dian Navy pil a satisfying and secure profession.  ���/��� ^"-":,w.p;  ilsM^ISX^^^StXv7-:'--^'-  ymioi  ya  >��i'.-:.  ;._"iv-  ������;���'��� .v>  yyyyit   'LMmimmmy  m  yvit��*;  aire  ���j*g-}ii?>&:M  ?%Wr.  Phone for pAppohitments  .,:'- -_-w  ;;).-,]���. >.U_i ..-.:..���;-> >''-i..;v. '.'-��� .>?,  '.?;��� *V  I*il-yi||i^^^  �����V!  'If  '���'i&v-s  The calendar says spring is of -  4 -.-cisdlv here^but I wonder if the  ^eatn|r^man,'-aiows that^ w^ve  isiire mid some, hfee^ cpld days  ::'^telyK^,_1_i^--_A.^  well one of these days we'll wake  >'Up.^and^jt^'wiu';.be-v;<sa>'-:2_xytf:v.<wepn;  ;Sta_-t crying about how hot it is| A*  didh'tx have > something   to   cry  ^fjipul^p^'^ 'Ml:  ^alHng ot foi*ign"pd^w  Wgh **avviw��ng o^  Hiese tsfv ^11 tn ^K^  q^x and k*ep you in top conditidA,  !-:ie:5j;;g  ..���^'���.'���pi'.  ^ _?_��S1^I^|^^  it GENERAL  ff  tk FTJ1RKITI_mS^ 0<Ka6ion��l Ti  f\LLL: l 'Ly- :y^y:^yL:L^y,:^y::L/'i^^^t^  WMhlttS MaclilxMis  x xxx        ^:''.;?::vv>l  %�������� :''</-4it__r''.'i:,ii''<,:'__r^jB_V'j^n_a'_i'^v ���,v ��� -^  ''?>:'<'?>/*>;''tK-^v.'.-'���iw-  I f r **��;V��---"T_,.;.��  v^^r^.'^V?  nw  MM  YO!iliA��W A T��AP��    J��I||SIOW  FOR  THE FUTURE  AM A4TIVI   lift  .'.r-v :     ^  Yo�� con  leorii  about radio|lele-   Th*  ItCN^xteoki Xa  ^^^a^^i^^^^ry.^iiy.Lt^^-^^ _���;��������� "^k.-^X:^s:::^?t*5>#  M *____> ' '         :    '  " '?^^illiMiii^^ oW ^"����wrance of free  -���^i^_____^'>V:       :v'-'r:;-;;p_i'-'__yv:"',;^':     ^^iU^^^|^:;''/-:\^:X.-i;;'.."v;::V1!w"'> '  THI  NAVAL RESERVE  If you can't enlist  in the permanent  service, you can  joifl the, RCN  (Reserve) and obtain, with pay, in  > your spare time the  comradeship, the  crafts, and skills for  which   sailors   are  ��tt tfctf��H t*day from ,'  The Novit Rftcrvltlsg Of kw,  Rtyal Ccr��t(lf���� Navy? Ottawi  -1 wxigw^x  75ECHELT, B. C.  ^._   h 26/  ���fi its'  )  By F.D.  "canteen will of course, be op*^j  during those hours.   * u   _i  Every week we get a litt * j  prouder of our picture galler \  it contains only pictures of prom -j  inent soldiers and statesmen connected- with the late war. These  all  personally   autographed.  SOMETIMES even from the Island of Gambier your correspondent finds it a--little difficult are  to give you a weekly new? let- We have however one exception v  ter. Over the ^past few weeks I received this��week; a photograph  have.-told'you wjiat we are do- oi the late President Roosevelt,  ing 'andra^grciat deal of what we -Naturally this could not be per-  are trying to,do. Besides I had ^pnaliy autographed, but it is  another job to do that I hate, go- signed, "With best wishes, .El-  - ing to the" dentist.  The first thinfe I noticed was  that the West Howe Sound Fer-  ,ries, thosew speedy little craft that  ply between Port Mellon, Gambier Island Points and Horse-shoe  -Bay,   have   been  equipped   with  .two-way radio, an excellent innovation that will make for both  peace of- mind and safety. Con-.and a_e members of the Army,  eanor Roosevelt."  James Scott has purchased the  Di5-&t._ poweied boat, the "Emilie  _v��.' Jim has fished for many  >-.ars lor Nelson Bros, and' is,  now getting ready for the fishing  ��_ou2-p-._>. x*arry Grew is getting  iiis boat the H.G. ready to accompany Jim. Both "are old vets  One of our oldest residents,  l^roiesspr, Larsen of the Univ*  ersity. ot British Columbia cam*  up tor his first visit of the year  v/e always like to see the Pro-  lessor and he tells us that it wi  not be long before his family ar1  oack again at Gambier Harbpu:  "s&iA&frt'S  Teen Town Talk  gratulations  to  the  West   Howe _\avy and Air Force veterans  Sound Ferries.  .  On arriving at Horseshoe Bay  I met Jack.McPhilJips: Jack runs  a local taxi service and is the  vice-president   of   the   Canadian  Legion at this point."  Like, all' ex-service   men   we  quickly got into conversation and  Jack' told me that we can .ex-     pect a visit shortly from the Le-   ���  gion so we are getting ready for Red CftlS$ Chief .  a special night for the boys from. ^ ���-_*���">      'V  Horseshbe Bay. .,../, Commends SuppOlt  When  I reached Vancouver. I     D?af S. r���We wish to expre)  called to seethe' Superintendent our th*nks to the Editor of TO  OUR  SATURDAY  night at  the of   the   Government   Telegraph'Coast  News  for  his  support  :  Legion Hall was a marked sue- Service and had a talk regarding the   Campaign   for   Red   Crc  cess; marked with $10.40 for the the why's and wherefores of the ^j***.*** to tli? P��0?1��0* *.  Canadian Appeal "for European unused telephone cable; frdm the. ?1ftr;c* >��_?wer Pomt to Hopkii  Children���that,is. It was a lively mainland to Gimbier Island. I Ldg.).for their generous respom  :dance,; the, only trouble is it was assured that we can expect-t9 our appeal. Despite the mai  ended too soon. A hearty vote of the work to goahead very short- .*��*}�� SV? *ear' we. aFe 6raW  thinks is due to Mf.-Morrison for ly after Jhe commencement of *.*9 be:able to report that we w  the '\j*4 of his P.A. system and the hew fiscal year that starts n?pi<e *qian reach our quot^ a;  recorot' player���and- also to our- April 1. . / - -wul,be��ver* httle shork of Ji  orchestra, Mr. Al''Whipple and A ' -��� AU ��� ' w _ _ V*****^VPmnuA. Our. thanks al  Bob Se-ely-^hey real#feive some A cal1 Aat the Publ"_ Works De- to the following ladies, who.h^  pep to the dance partment gave me the necessary collected funds this year; Soi  Three of our members, Mayor, assurance that our needs will be of these ;have.collected;JforftT  fc'/��*s#*  !; NEW CANADIANS: Three young Polish? orphans, shown in  - picture at righ, were among 779 persons brought to Carv  'j ada on,;the first voyage/of the Canadian Pacific's new immi-  ���> grant ship Beaverbrae (left). The children,, cared .for by older  :���; passengers during the voyage, are shown shortly after landing*  'at Halifax on their way. to join relatives in Winnipeg. The.  : 9,000-toh Beaverbrae, formerly the German vessel Huascaran,.  was obtained by Canada as part reparations and will bring  new settlers to the Dominion approximately every five wefeks.  Eastbound, she carries Canadian food and other cargo to the  j United Kingdom.                                -            .:          _  j. . ������   This Plot of Earth . .1  HERE is the planting month in cannot have an .unsightly heap of  7   full swing; the kitchen garden rubbish   to  disfigure  the  place,  will have its peas, beet, lettuce, Many people use a box for this; Earle  ^Gray,   city   clerk,   Joan given proper attention during the; causelfor sever^ryears.,M^sdairj  onion, early carrot and parsnip a  12 year old could make one Simningand Yvonne Brooker, are coming year and the local fore-^'; >vAx Chaster, ,L. Nardil;TIE*  under way. Onion sets and, mult- from scrap lumber. We suggest going to the annual Mayor's con- man *who  is  an  ex-servicemanf Mbrrjs, A. Riley; 1^ Breaden,  t ipUers should be in, and a few 3'x3' at least, and have the front ference sponsored by the Van- .himseli.can be relied on to see Reichelt, E. MacAlpirie,jMxLir  cloves of garlic %for;,flavor andA made with lboset.boards for easy cdiiverV Sun,   held   every   year tha^we get; ~" *u~ u-1~ -�����"~   �����-- -���* ^ '^1"^1J'"  good health.. The last it^o:could handling. If you really want a soihat members of different Teen ^^M��J">v*i  have-been planted to advantage composite heap, do buy or bor- ^Towns can, get- together ��to."'erf^el^M_]kold  __.__._.__..____ _.__,_    ^  ..     _...,...  ._��.... . _ ��       -    t- phon<Cox. .  been friends for 28 years and his .v��� ���  _  .     .         _ y ^ %  3-  \  in late falL -s row a book, oh the subject. For, change ideas!  Last call for planting trees and the few cents Evolved, you will  shrubsif you want them tomate have ftnind'out just what-makes,              __.. .     _  i �����_.__.. o   *��___r_T__f_et    noon      tick      or%n    xtrhtr  real progress this yea*. Perennials should be put |n now; asters (Michaelmas Daisies) can be  divided now; also your garden  'mums if you are not taking cuttings.   *      _  A revival of interest in herbs  for the kitchen garden is evident; every garden should have  sage, parsley, thyme, mint and  chives. These five are common,  but the herb garden proper should  include rosemary, lavender, sweet  marjoram, dill and caraway.  Some of our readers get books  from the Open Shelf in Victoria;  their collection of garden books  is   varied   and  interesting.   The  a compost heap "tick" and why  .the finished material is the perfect soil builder.   ' ���-���"-'  Another thing; a properly made  compost heap is not the smelly  nuisance that some people imagine. There is no odour from a  properly made heap, and the finished product should be a crumbly sweet smelling loam with little  SECHELT SCHOOL NEWS  By US'lf         WE ARE sory to see that Heather  _ Ross has left Sechelt School to  go to St. Anne's Academy in New  Westminster. "'  brother .John is Club* Warden for  the Army, Navy and .Air Force-  Veterans on Gambier Island. So  needless to say after making up  my mind to forget our Island and;  its problems, we started the discussion all over again.  I have been asked,to tell you  about our Club Nights on Saturday for all ex-servicemen, their  ladies and friends. A light will be  _.- _,���^. _._-_w.__-__6 _�����_��_ ���**__ _._*v��= v   Well,  well, believe it, or not,,,  trace of its origin. Winter heaps we did it at last���won two games  kept on the wharf for the bene-  do not change in texture so com- against the Indian School. It was -St___��A_:^??^ei_^5iv^���_by.l5oavt_'  pletely,- and you can see scraps a double-header, both boys and  "���"*-  of bracken and weed stalks now girls. 1 * :  and then, but most of the heap     The driye put on-by the school  will make people say, "Why, you for   the. Canadian   Appeal   for.  Further for those who wish, to  call during the Saturday afternoon, the Memorial Hall will be  open from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The  !  -. Groceries '/^"  ,��� Fresh Meats and '  ;    Vegetable*  ��� Hardware,;.  ��� Shell Oil  ��� Fish Camp  Pender Harbour  j  '  >^ % -        ,_  must have put lots.of. earth in  the heap to get if like that?"  Leaves,    leaf    mould,    rotten  Children is expected to reach the  total sum of $200.  writer finds it a help in build- p^q^ as weii as aU garden and  ing a permanent garden library,  Today a copy of Mrs. Clarkson's  book, "Herbs; Their Culture and  Uses", arrived from our bookseller, after a long wait. It is a  really worth-while addition to the  small group of essential books %or  the enquiring gardener.       .  We have been checked "up on  ENTERPRISE VALLEY  ^   .By ALMA SUNDQUIST  kitchen wastes, should go through  the   compost  heap.   We  have  a  little  book . which lists 88 mat- ___________________________^_____________________  erials suitable for making com- ���^���^���������'������^i,__��m��  post, Wool,and cotton .scraps, for >HOM3B from the cit^ again are*  instance and even human hair!  The main thing with coast soils  is "to give them lots*'"of' good organic material, sweeten them with  Compost Heaps. A reader reminds lime and' wood' ash, and then get  us that people with small lots your garden under way.  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  < c  HPIijMPMP  i CLAJBS^" ^'J  Formerly Jack s Toxj. ond  " Blowers Tax|J  ' Phsite Sw��i��K 5C2  i ,nsm iiiiih^iiiiiHi ftfiifi|^^i|ijiiia]||jiji>ti \t i.  wm  MrXand Mrs. Archie West and  daughter Sunni.  $        * i  Mr. and Mrs. Granville Holl-,  ingsworth and son Lee; also daughter Nita were the welcome  guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles  Sundquist. We hope to have a  return .visit from them again  soon.  ..The Red Cross auction given,  by the teacher, Miss C. Ferguson,  and -the pupils of Kliendale School  was a' gfe^t success." ^ter the  ��� auction, which totalled,'$30, re*  -freshmeiits were served followed  by games. and dancing!,' r-"-  Mr. axM Mrs. Alfred Jefferies  Sr., of Egmont are.guests of their  daughter and family, Mr, and  Mrs. #0? Wwt of KU��ft4��i��.  'i Waste Precious: Hours  ; in Slow Trkvelf       '*'*-  Ply There t  ___ *" __ */ v ____        *-  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced -Pilots  .> I *   .      1 l -   V) *    ..-  *#  Air Express ���-Charter ��� Si<|htgeeiiig  �� P       TimMrcraisina  >  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  < il-3' For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited  Richmond 1481 .  ' , '*- x~        * ' t    i     _  f i  or contact our local agents  Pearson and Sawyer, Sechelt.  ,    Phowe,Sechelt 37 or 19C4  P. G_ McPherson, Gibsons  A  Minie Gifewiw 2-A  mm  mTmwmmmm IL?  Friday, Meg0 26,   1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Seven  mans  leave  HALFMOON BAY���-William Kjol-  terman was fined $10 and costs  when he pleaded guilty to opey-��  ating  an automobile  trailer, on  A very successful dance ^was HELLO Folks, WeU> here T m  S?^8Tt   ^y;thTe C*?adlJLn,-Le-*^ still away from home. Had a **       "      "        ^_rwm -���.__.__ *he highway  without a. license,  gion at Irvmes Landing Hall on letter this am from Wes ^ he MR. AND MRS. Arthbr Dirigman.SECHELT^-The  humdrum- rou-..p0iice had warned him prior to  UTiday evening, March 19.   Mu- said the only thing he m^ga was      were honoured guests at a ban- \   tine of life will return tcT&tf  the charge being laid.  ^S.���** Provided by a trio, Ray my noise and Matter, so I'll stay Quet Monday evening sponsored��Sechelt - area    when    the    B.C .  and Doris Dusenbury and Aussie another week for that. ��y the Pender Harbour Badmin-; Power  Commission  crew leaves  Nichols. ton Club under the convenorship for   Kamloops Wednesday.   The   ��% __~ .fi..^  Mr   and Mr.   Cpp,'1   R_>id  an   _. ^ dee?est sympathy is ex- ,of Mrs. W. P. Pieper. At this af-'boys, Pete Fraser, Johnnie, Lin-   ����fl|lltj  _JJ��L_TTi. Cecil  Reid an- tended to Joe Dunbar and fam- fair  one   hundred   guests   were ney, George Vrmstrong "Rootles",    VW-M*.  bS?Sst Mar?'TH^nlfaiaC4r ilL at the pa*sing cf his ��wnd able to show in a LIS way S ^te Hucal, Frank plid, Hector  $2  I?   J^-STS Hospita1' Thurs' old mother. I believe she was in appreciation   to   Mr. . and   Mrs. and   Leslie,   Don   Gi  day, March 18.  her 80's.  Gilman,   Ken  Dingman for all they have done Robinson    and v John    Jackson  feadv  The "big ones" are being dis- Weu this mornim? when I trot for the community and also to (foreman), took a keen interest  cussed as the fishing season cc&n- up?�� 1:15 Tw��fd h^e sftt ��� ���* "^ at their de*>art- m��T^ toTl^a^  mences.  Mr. E. A. Harris landed Spririg.was here, but now at 1:30, ure' Spme ��* fee b0ys leave a tKUl  a 17-lb. spring salmon on Friday  while out for his daily row.  SECRET COVE  By C. GREEN  ure.  I've just seen one of the worst     Mr- and Mrs- Dingman on their of-broken hearts behind. Twd of  a vc ju_,t &ee�� one ux me worse ��rPptPH    Kv   ��_*. the favorites .were Pete Fraser  hail   storms   I've   seen   and   its ��fTlw��l  .weie   greeted    by   the       _ Th    .   Tin����-v  snowing now. And us with 8 daf- f u,?H^mg_?g'    F,?r They are a Johnnie Linney,  fodils out and all the violets are J?Hy Nice Couple.   Mr. and Mrs. ���"  outp Jim  Cameron  escorted them to     Babe Ruth made three home  their  places   at  the   head   table runs in one world series game in  Well miracles do happen, I was which was centred with a three- 1926.  in to New Westminster Saturday tiered  cake  decorated in colors  and went to the Fair Sex Quiz of silver and white. Crossed bad-  program.  They had me singing; minton rackets in miniature cen-  Well,   spring  came   in  like  a     _.   o�����.  --*  lamb but we are beginning to be my "friends, imagine me singing^ tred the topTayer.  very suspicious of a lamb's gent-  and it was fun and I got a lovely Mr Len Haiftblv  as master of  'it^on^thf C^ve^urediffodS_l $?'5�� PUrdy "^ �� c^__��^  vMppTd   a^ Cbroe^OUaboSf��t^     My,niece Sharon Fort, had her ~- *��� * ��**�� -able  hedges and'a general air of mid- first birthday party on. Saturday, ,,     t   i    -o _  (.December in the atmosphere. But.one year old. By the noise my Mr.. Jack  Potts   proposed   the                                cvc__hj_��> W-_^  fwe do have a robin or two hang- daughter   and , her   girl   friend toast voicing the sentiments of I dlll5��*tb�� week and all day  ��:--. _ %  _._._ ___��_ __._���_!   -e^i^A   ~.~a~ . .*i,^���   u^j    -    ~ r3 all those nrecpnt at/thi-'i-_*ii.ar-fi.T'o 1 c"T"'"j p    7- *                                  ^  .ing around the place so perhaps friend  made,  they  had  a  good all those present ar tne "departure  Iwe   will   get   to   wear -our   let time. .   of Mr. and Mrs. A. Dingham and  /down' skirt which gives us that      w__li fMir*   t>n ��.__��. ni.____r.ir. ./_ the   many   activities, that  inter-  _  HftoaavH aaaN3<f  ��*I*S ,,A��� 'd'H'd Pu�� "���MI"W #�� 1*��*? P����0  SUIVd3H 1W3N39  9NIQ13M ��� HHOM 3NIHDVW    v  Well folks   I'll say Cheerio to many  activities, that  mter-  f"Knew, or something, Look'', this one and all at Townsite, Squamish if ^^JSl*' S^^J^P07"  "Easter. and Trail. '   H al Murdoch,  Mr.  W.  P. Pieper,  . Miss Simmons gave words of es-  Mr. Baker, Mr. James and Mr.    teem.  iSfarret    of    Thormanby    Island >        ���B���if"'__  A^n���   t .ir_.      A P^que from the Club, g'ifts  K oyer a few days ago. They *��J* %*S^JL2ffin w    an�� a bouquet of pink,carnations  report a good winter for visitors many other fisherman he is hav-      d M ^ ^ ^ presented bv  on  the Island  and,are  looking ��g stomach trouble. Mr  an^e^ FLTSfftt. X  forward to, a busy summer sea-      What with the new taxes a lot Cameron on behalf of the guests  Sori. *       "    - of us will have trouble with our     �����--   !���__.__����__.._. ... -.�� i' ��� J  r���    ^ 4 stomachs^-keeping them full, that /^L^Sf!?n'2�� ^P^111^ men"  fv Mr. Donald McDonald of Van- is -, . tioned that the affair was a com-  couver has taken over the care-     : Pjete surprise. He had come to  ker's duties at the home of Mr.   �� Many thanks to Mr. Pollock and the hal1 to play badminton and  d Mrs. Tom Ramsay of ^urn- his assistant for the job they did pr^tec* hls ^ with Dune. Cam-  gain  Island.  We  trust  he  will last week on eradinc our road  ^on'hence ,his ��Mt-^t of runnmg  njoy the beauties of Secret Cove la? "?^^ ^I*t^��e?' SWeater and.sP��rt cWhes'  d welcome him here. :  :We. ^reciate, ,it yety jauch for .   ^ .said he waSj honored to see  (-& ,v'"   j^_ii>is^\ , -'.-fc^ewJaMWu-llom-ru^ and^particularly,  , Several *oats^have called^here gang iis;. w^ triist the powers- Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs/O. Lee-and  SiS^&T^^fa^ that-bV:wiil; sbonrwake, lip and Mrs   Mitchell.  is though marine traffic is about  ..     - -        ��        - ��� -  *       . .   Mrs.  Dingman  mentioned  she  ;o resume. ; increase tlie gang as well as its had not mJe many speeches> ��e  Tom Laird of Namu spent the equipment.  How about a blade being when she said, "I do". Both  "ght' here.; He is on? his way to for the tractor? , expressed their sorrow at leav-  �� ing,  but for health reasons the  I move was necessary.  Mr. F. A. Barfs, a friend of 33  years standing, but new to the  harbour, gave a short resume of  his association with Mr. Dingman when he was Sports Editor  for the Vancouver Daily Province. Mr, Barrs was not surprised  to know Mr. Dingman was so  actively interested in the welfare  of the community, particularly  badminton of which he is the  founder. Many an amateur owns  his success to the encouragement  and boosts that they were given to  them by Sports'Editor, "Art Dingman". '  An enjoyable evening was  spent by all joining in a sing  song and dance. The closing song  by Mr. Dingman, "The End of a  Perfect Day", was much appreciated. '   . r  Musical entertainment was !  made possible by the performances of Mr. Len Hambly, Mr-  Jim March, Mr. Jim Cameron,  Sonny MacKay, Bill Pieper, Benny Kline," Mrs.* Whitaker, Mrs.  Roy Dusenbury, Mrs. R. Murdoch, Mrs. W. Pieper, Misses  Caryl Woulds, Margaret Duncan  and  Sinnika . Kolhainmanen.  A color scheme of pastel tints  was chosen in the decorating of  the hall where streamers and  many colored balloons were ^festooned, from the ceiling. The  tables were attractively appointed  with floral arrangements *o��'heather, candles and streamers of  mauve, green and yellow crepe  paper. ������',;  . Serviteurs were Mrs. Bill Cameron, 3\frs. R. Murdoch, Mrs., W.  Falconer, Misses C. Hassen, s M.  Duncan, Alice Dubois, E��va  Ploughs, Caryl Woulds and Sinnika Xolhaimanen.  Collison's  Barber Shop  SECHELT  Due to slackness of business  during the day, barber shop  will be  open evenings only  Hours will be  Tuesday to Friday  6:30 pjn. to 9.00 pan. .  Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.   j  "ft  \  ���/  4^  FOR  TOMORROW...  X  ''?:''-p.  x-  .�� _JP._ f  r       t  _*_  "V  r"  I  I  I ���  I -  I  1  I  I  -^.  Si,  V  ro a arum tuuuM  Op)  I  i  !  )  I  I  I  I  I  1  I  I  I  I  I  I  ---_*  s  Follow the lead of more than a million Canadians who  save lot tomoiyow... open your BofM account today.  Bank of Montreal  working with Canadians m every walk of life since 1817  l  l  ADM|  New location of the/  Moderns Dress Shop  ,.  GIBSONS  in Ballantyne's new building.  Will open during.the second week in April���with  a huge display of Dresses, Blouses and Merchandise of all kinds.  , :x-       - ��� .'.. y-       ^ :   :-y:   - ��� --;'  INTERESTING BARGAINS-  ALL below ciTr Prices  J, GLAY> Prop.  PARR PEARSON AGENCIES  for :;f.-; v.;  Exclusive Employment Bureau  B.C. Fir (Sechelt) Ltd.  Sechelt Phone Sechelt 37  JOB VACANT  Green Chain Puller ��� 95c per hour  St. Vincent's Mission  Giant Bingo Game  TUESDAY, APRIL 13th  . . if..  9 p.m.  LEGION HALL ��� SECHELT, B.C.  *" p.�� j- ._.  \  : p^rqwing;^for beautiful   Kenwood  Blanket.  COME AND HAVE SOME FUN Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  Friday, April  2,   1948  ^tara^TWWffWt  well for quite some time. She will  now be able to get that much  needed rest. Mrs. Gehrke's home  oh the reserve has been sold. The  new owner will be J. H. Atkin-  aY'/UHE time this hews reaches ??n ^P?1 Vancouver. We will miss  aiBSONS HEWS  By E. NESTMAN  i fmiitf\afaVf!IK -_-_-_C-2ULi___KlJfl5_Bfl8  By 'Enrietta 'Obbs;  IN THIS little harbour of beautiful sunsets an artist can find a  white with shock. He looked at us with Sadness for Tommy, the boyp  all for a minute, hesitated, then who could paint birds and butter-,  said abruptly, "Lessons are fin- flies that looked as if' they might  ished for the day, children. Please fly "right into your hand; Tom-  go straight home." . . my, the boy with magic in his.  Tommy's father was one of the fingers and dreams in his hearfcx  4r  Briggs-Stratton    Inboards  Evinrude Outboards,.  \? AT CiTY PRICES . ,,  GIBS0NS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  --?_-  you "folks, our plebiscite Xwill Jhe Gehrke^. They were real old weaith of material for-his-can- f.ve ^en kmed in *Jje mine ac-  b^na-fthiiig of^he past. K the time^ jn the strict. Last week vas. indeed> one does not need- cident and when Tommy left  plebiscite; goes ;thrpughv Fred ^^.^^ff e^mQiC ?f to possess the soul of an artist school it was to go down into the Teiephdhe lines of NeW York-  Mayer will start construction on \<*W#5S* calamaties. Bill Swal- to appreciate the breath-taking co?J mine to help support his city~-��e of sufficient length to^  a $50,000 hotel, 22 roomsxfully l��ws^little girl caught her hand -beauty of land and sea as the widowed :mother. and his two fofm 35 lin;es from the e��fa to'  modern, coffee, bar, sportsmen's in   ^e   m0t0?":of   ^r   Mothers sun goes down to-rest behind the y�����g sisters. the moon:  club room for meetings and ban- ^asn;ilS   machine.   Tne   tops   of nil]s> leaving a trail of gold and      We left the little mining viL- *  quets, and the beer'^arlour. WeX.wo >ot_n������ fmfers were badly crimson in its wake. I, who have lage and it was-five years before : ;   certainly heea a hotel in Gibsons ctamagea. It is to be hoped that all the time in the world to watch I saw Tommy again1; He was coiri-.  as our accommodations are lim-^ney Wili be saved. Joliimy Stem- sunsets, and who have often ing from work and looked no  ited right now and^t Would cer- brunner^ crushed - his fmder in longed to possess that gift that different from any of the other  tainly he agreatincentive to o^e ��t ^he doors at the school. js bestowed upon but a few of miners. We talked for a few min-  travellers to visit'our fair vil-. Chuck;.Kobiiwon, choppmg wood God's children, can only look at utes, and when we said goodbye  lage.-      "      ,x r" V ���. W-'WSS. . Stephenson,     nearly the beautiful picture and sigh for both my heart and my soul were  - choppecV his  thumb ��� of f,  needed  my own jack of taient and think sick. For Tommy had lost all the  "Things   they   tell   me^.XJim seven, stitches. While I was won-  sadly of Tommy, the boy who was dreams he ever had, and Tommy  Anderson has movedv his family dermgwhat would happen next,  so busy, with the business of earn- without his dreams was just an-  into his new; home built on pro- I met Jack Allen who  took us mg a living that he had no time other miner. Dreams are tender  perty back of his store. We wel- down to show us his car rest-  to paint. ' things. They need love sunshine  come them. ;Clive Cornish is leav- mg very nicely, in the glen wi*.      j thjnk j was always a little and care to keep them alive, and  ing Godfreys,forxa position in the four wheels m the.air. Seems jealous of Tommy, the boy who the dark depth of a coal mine is  Vancouver. We wish him lots of he was on his way to the dance couid paint birds and butterflies no place for such fragile things,  success., Sorry   to -see vGrahams last night with his wife and two that looked so real, it seemed as      This is why whenever I see a  Cafe closed. Mrs; Graham made other friends. As he^ reached the if they milght fly right out of the beautiful  sunset,  my  heart fills  a valiant//attempt to keep goings glen  he  struck  a  soft  shoulder things. They need love, sunshine    ~ :   although she has not been very and  went  down into  the  glen, j^y   own   birds   and   butterflies  T struck a stump and turned over, looked just what they were, dull,  No^one was hurt, but they had drab imitations of the real thing.  to break all tlie windows m the      ��You have talent, my boy,", our  car to get out. To add insult to old schoolmaster told Tommy. "It  injury a. sack of cement m the would be a pity if such'a gift  car   broke   and   showered  them should be allowed to go to waste,"  all  with  a  nice  powdery  film.      ��t. am going to art school in  They jshook this all off and pro- Edinburgh,"   Tommy  would   tell  ceeded to the dance. me   as   we   walked  home   from  school   together.   "My, father   is  Obituary���Regret to report two saving up so that, I will, be able  deaths here this week-end, Miss to go."  Sarah Kiernan aged 70  visiting     it   was   a   bright   sunny   day  Granthams over the holiday, sue- wnen the news about the mine  cumbed to pneumonia. She was disaster  came.  I  remember  our  taken doWn on the "Sun Dance", old schoolmaster opening the door  for burial in Vancouver Ocean to talk to someone, then coming  View./Mrs. Lane, George Frith's inta the room, his kind old face  mother passed away from a lin-     ��� :������   gering illness, on Saturday, We - .  offer   their   relatives  our   sym- Anyone interested in Chrysanthe-  Some Good - Used Outfits  $150. up  ���J  CKWX QUIZ HOST  FOR   _  Real Estate or Insurance  Contact ,  P.'.G. McPHERSON  Gibsons  Personal attention���Dependable Service  >-.!-  ^^ih  Slater,   one  of  radio's1 best  pathies. mum raising is welcome to join.  All  information  will  be- gladly  A Chryanthemum society was 8iven by G- Chatt or Ca^' Met"  formed here at Gibsons last week,  with   24   enrdllcth as  members.  calfe.  A Schoolls Only As Good  As Its Teachers  "Today more is asked of the -teacher than ever  before. He is exhorted to fit our youth for. the  labour of life, to educate boys and girls for citizenship . . . and above all to help build character."  ���Leonard W. Brockington, K.C., LL.D.  School buildings are necessary,,, equipment is required, books are indispensable, school boards must  [make plans, superintendents. and inspectors must  give leadership, but the teacher is absolutely essential in any school system.  The B.C. Teachers' Federation appeals, to municipal  councils, to school boards, and to the tax-paying  public to keep these simple truths in mind.  Whether the source be provincial, municipal or a  combination of both/ MORE MONEY MUST B��  FOUND FOR EDUCATION.   .  Present salary levels have not yet attracted a sufficient  number  of  fully  qualified  teachers  for  our  schools. '        . ~  / ���  On the average, and over a period of .years, the money  that is paid to the teachers determines the quality  of the schools.  __-_��. ��_���.��;_,  vw v_  ��.u_v��.  ucav  ��    .  �� .   1. ..      Siunmer Notes-rrThis was one  Idiown announcers and a sports Cap*- W0?"? a11??"??.68 a.f??*!l of 'the biggest week-ends so far  authority, of note, is master of cere- ifymg interest in this orgamza- this year: (On Thursday Alex,  nionies on Mutual's "Twenty tion. GiXChat is president and brought up the first contingent  guestions," heard over CKWX each Capt. Metealfe, secy-geas. Dave of the Summer invasion. Good  R^y *Twt?^2SS!^iS Smith of Vancouver Chrysanthe�� Friday saw tWo boats, the Chel-  Ronson, Twenty Questions has mum societies, was named hon- osin and the CaDilano both &r-  become one of the most popular quiz   rtrarv nrpcsir_pr��t hv thP mpmherK        ��� J ^apuano, Dom car  shows heard in this area^ orary president py tne mempers. rying record crowds. Ferries al-  ���  so carried extra loads. All in all  it's been a busy weekend, but  just a sample of what's to come,  where the people go and where  they stay is a mystery to me. One  day you think the; village can't  hold another soul as every place  is filled, and then it seems they  must stretch , and we've got a  few more hundred around. Well  we welcome them as it's all good  for our morale to see life pepped  up, keeps .us on our toes. It's nice  to have them all, but we do  heave a sigh of relief in the fall  when we get the place back to  ourselves again. /Somehow it!s  nice to be easy going, as we've  all got into the habit of around  here.  Easter Surprise���Got a very  nice Easter gift. Frank Campbell  called us from Wells. He is working hard up there and likes it  very much. He said at the time  he phoned it was snowing a real"  blizzard there, felt a little guilty  then complaining about our  weather here. It's been a grand  Easter day, perfect, our churches  all held their services, and were  well filled. There's somgthing  about that Easter service, that  gets everyone to Cnurch, at least  once a year. You do'get a very  virtuous feeling after you've attended church Easter Sunday, but  did you ever stop to think* that  the Churches are there every day  in the year and every Sunday?  I thihk that a great deal of the  world's troubles would be more  readily settled if we'd all turn  to God, no matter what creed  we professed. Things would nev- \  er look so black as they do these  troublesome days. Let's try it, and.  letsr try a little more of "The  Golden Rule".  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs   <  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE.  /     / v        air ;coiromoNiNGt   .  . Xr "y /   .  Sheet Metal  Works X  Laurie Speck,'Gibsons   . Phone Gibsons MR  id  WILL JAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F v  Phone ,    Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's ,>  GIBSONS, B.C.  1    ^   *    ^i  HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c  The   Old-Established   Genera!   Store, for   FAMILY,  FISHfeRMEN  and  CAMPS  Goods always regular, fresh and of superior quality  Wide supply of Drugs and,Textile necessities  Home Oil Products Independent. Fish Buyers  Flour - Feed - Coal      v J/--'*.  fp.-*  . .  , facilities'.'.  ; :  Look for the HOME GAS .SIGN at HASSAN'S DOCK  <       Pender Harbour, BiC; ( ,L   ;  Hair ley C. Anderson  NATUROPATHIC "PHYSICIAN  ^   at  I GIBSONS, B, C.  Mondays, Wednesdays and ^Fridays  9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  at SECHELT, B.C.  Tuesdays,Thui;sdays and Saturdays  12 noon until 4:30 p.m.  SECHELT ANNEX V-    '_  : J[iday, April  2,   1948,  4;-4cbelt-Ranch',:,  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Nine  By FJX  tmsam  roves  By Earle Gray  a  residence sold his property and  is taking up his residence in  Vancouver. Mr. Burgess was,  prior to his retirement to Gam-  Mr.    Ollie   Bell,    director    of. bier.Island, chief engineer of the  Gamp   Arteban   the   Church   ofCanadian Pacific Ocean Services  England Camp at East Bay^ {Jam- at Vancouver, B.C.  bier Island tells hie that his camp      -.^  _-_*+�� _--;-. u V __    *.  is getting, ready for a very busy     * <)tto Girsh  foreman,^ dept.  se&nxMr. and Mrs. Bel--l^----^p���g^yc^kp^ G*1*0��� f^S^"-  their own summer home at East ���Lv  L ��  ^7 ^  ^f  r-^_,   w~������_. ...    chincWUa livestock records have Ba^ Mr. BeU  IHE   WORLD'S   piost   valuable the   highest   standards   in   the  Vancouveryachtsman   and  was ^^  fur bearing animals have found world. Director of Rationing for British ��4and. ���ese improvemems w^I  a.home   in  Sechelt.  Two  local,      j    sechelt it was  on Friday   Columbiaduring the late war.      be   &***&   appreciated   by   the  usiness  residents at West Bay.  ^_ enterprismff   men    Mr    H    W   --     .Decaei,i "  was  ua *���ay,  I Brook^r   "Pr^irl^nt   nf " th_-' n r   MarcJl 19 of this year, that the      jtiero i_,ugren oi uamp jjircora      --, ��� i. X-i j  :IiK&��E&W_J��m^ about_30   _n-  wasmtoseeme.Fircom^  \ Mainland branch of the National  m Chinchilla   breeders   of   Canada   ^ls   arrived   to   complete   the  United Church camp on Gambier ��?%* f^JX aV gambler ^r~  ._fi___.__.-_. _^w;^w^iw.u;iiX>k' *����,  chinchilla ranch.  The ranch it- all m readiness of the coming sea- *y   xiu&p_u*i_  iur  j,ie<.mief_s.   j__u  lished their own ranch here with  ;self is  a  small,   well-  was  a  resident  of  Gambier   Is-  TAXI  I  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SfeLMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  _ri9nnn w^W'^ and son. Herb is a veteran of the C.E.-  .    ..............     .-_    ...,                 ,  ^SSP^d^^^o^ef Wy  1^^                                               of World War I and was with  la��d ^itoJ$% las\^ar. and  ^K^? -�����^S^ ����S *��S�� size of a small summer cottage, the   P.C.M.R.   in   the   last   war. '^h*n be returned from Britain he  ^^^a^^d^??<^��m Going    ins^^^                                                                                                                                          ?e   is  * ^?w��^L  Sl^fv^.f w through the feed room, a very Society   Medal   for  saving' life. also ��*V **��; ?Jaff of tbe veterans  ^ 1^^^ ��^ Nayy      Mrs.   Jack  Larsen,   a  summer  Sv^S?^^i��^W^S ��^,��    From there into the room where and Air Force Veterans in Cain- resident of Gambier Harbour, is  l^^^^f^l^Si^S? the;30;pdd precious animals are ada. going on a month's visit with her  ^ ^^c^le  ol ^^^^^^^^^t-l Mr. Harry Burgess of Gambier ��f* **ary >. her P^s in  he nucleus of attraction in fur J��*2��*"*�� d ��*   *!^���Tf��y    u.   ..��� : r~^ "-    m A   special   Easter   dance   was  iching circles. Because of their  *VfbfJ**? fw  wu^.c ^ chmchiiras several years ago, Mr. held  at  the  veterans  memorial  arcity   (there -are  only  40,000 xS^��g^^^^SL^ ?roo4��er ,h-S befn swj��tly ?lu?b- hall of the the Army, Navy and  fn the world) they are raised for fb* !^^ wi^S<_S?_5^ ?^th1 ^iTii0 "ES688 "^ Air Force Veterans in Canada on  breeding only. But in the future the middle* ��.n ,the outside of th? field of chinchillas. After several Saturday, March 27. This was in  hey will be the biggest name in T^^^^^tlt   "25? yeaK * ��^���. *��*r he be,. addition to the. ^^ Saturday  j^e lime light of fashion, <or they ?i��3 fnTiI^ J? t��^E���^S  ��ame   ^mationally   recognized Evening Club night held for all  Lve the most luxurious fur the  u^dJ?    S"e ^L���� 5s  a  reliabJ?  consultant-advisor veterans, their ladies and friends.  Sorld has ever known.    .                prevent   condensation   of   water for  prospective buyers  of chin- T have been  asked to  say that  F During the past 25 years the ��?p0ur nm   ^f.   T* ?W   VTes' g1*1���;  This  summer  when  the for our members and their friends  lhinchilla   industry .has   grown T^WallS..aLe llI?d Wlth a clean  ^���C' ^ai,?landSran��h ��*. the Na~ tl|is  licensed veterans  club  will  ���om the raw matLikl for slkk wb\te ?al1 bToar-d'. a ^           u   l������1, C^nchilla   Breeders   was b��  als0 open from 2 to 5 p.m>  omoters and confidence men to J1** time I visited the ranch, formed  Mr^Brooker was elected each Satu?day besides the pop-  sound,    resplctable  ' business *g' Br00^rsbowed ��Jf a ^ay- President. His latest laurels were ular evening feature.  dav  chinchilla  5  the S��t old chinchilla. Born with his eyes recently won in Ottawa when, m  meTii? fur^ranchfn.?  Men Who ��P^ and quite able to see, and a  nation  wide  contest,  he  was  owSrs^tack^the^f'cWos ^ith a11   his   ^eth   intact,   the   little awarded first place for judging  diillas  GoneTrJ^ the ivn ar^ creature was remarkably active, chinchillas. The future seems pro-  ���^  thi��T businessiJStf Se He carried his 1% ounces as eas" miiin^ for  Mr'  Brooker  in the  TJSxarui ^TLZLfo.  ily asthough he were full grown, chinchilla business.  Lmif ^IwTS y*��   ^? i?Sf   As a special favour I was allowed But what does the future hold  Sck eredo of earlier davs   but to hold hittl in my hands* He felt for chinchillas?  Will the supply  S�� J ��E ?c +to ihL��WnS__ S?   lik�� a soft bal1 of fuzzy fur�� so soon exceed the demand? Chin-  ^re to stay is tne cnmcnuia m- jight j hardly knew he was there#, chiUa ranchers say no. They say  t�� r��^����_q�� ��n ai>;*._.__:h��^ ��* *u_^ In the next cage were a couple the fur market can annually con-  __5iS^��Shm^S^~ rf. ^^ &rown chinchillas. Be-:sume. the offspring .of, 200,000  fi^^L * -^ li. * e5?tV tWeen thesize of a large squir- breeders. At the present time  pgisterea witn tne. Canadian rel and, d gmall rabbit> the little there are only 40,000 in existence.  yyernnM*��..and,, according[to ^^ creatures .looked .like- a. And when they become more  pr. A f. Mcvannei, cnief cnm- combination of the'two, only with plentiful they will still bring a  tilla registration officer of Dom- more ^^ which is, a beautiful lot of cash for their furs> Als0) by  ion    Lrovernment,   Canadian s^n grey> and a longer face# This the time the ranchers are ready  couple were having their bath��� to send the fur to market (about  in sand. Just to be different they 20 years from now) greater ad-  bath ,in a mixture of sand and vertising will have increased the  fuller's^ earth,' a grey flour like demand for chinchilla coats. But  substance. The, little animals at the present I wouldn't advise  jump into the basin and spin making that next fur, coat a chin-  right around like a top, sending chilla, not unless you have tons  the sand flying in all directions, of money. Even then it is doubt-  FASTIDIOUS CREATURES ful   if   you  could   find   one   for  I waj-surprised at their clean- soilness.  There  were  about  30  of      For. those, inquisitive   people  them in the room, and try as I who would like to, know more  would I couldn't detect a single about   the   little   animals   them-  unpleasant   odour.   All   I   could* selves I'll quote  what the  "Fur  smell was the. pleasant scent of Journal"   (leading trade  public-  fuller's earth. ation in the fur industry) has to  The diet of the chinchilla is a say   regarding   a   research   pro-  very simple one, consisting main- Ject on the animals:   "Pair-mat-  ly o�� %,. ounces of special little hig of chinchillas is the general  pellets and a few. oatmeal and r"le, but. it is not uncommon to  sunflower   seeds   thrown   in   as conduct a successful polygamous  extras.                                    '             mating program with some of the  Pointing out. some of the larger animals; young females are air-  animals  Mr.  Brooker  explained ed when six months old, and 95  to me that he intends to canjy per cent breed near the age of  out' experiments in  line  breed- nine months, with their first lit-  ing to produce larger, animals. He ters being born before they are  also believes it best to raise chin- a   year   old;   adult   chinchilllas  chillas in unheated, rooms, even weigh about twenty-two ounces  in mid-winter. He explained that  when mature, and the female is  this makes them healthier.              slightly   larger   than   the   male;  Ever   since  Mr.   Brooker  and spring  and  fall  litters   are  the  Mr. Kean invested in a paii; of  most common: the females period  '    '                                                      of oestrum occurs every 35 days;  V ;                 ,   '"    : ' /           | a female will breed immediately  after giving birth to young; 110-  112 days is the gestation period; babies weigh IVz ounces at  birth, are born with their eyes  open and fully furred and active; they nurse from 45 to 60  days; littler sizes run from 1 to 4  with accomplished breeders hitting between 3 and 4 every year;  arid chinchillas don't bite, at least  not very hard when they do-���  which is seldom".  It even seems to me they would  make darn nice pets, and they  are friendly things.  Preacher-Scientist Irwin A. Moon  here demonstrates the Barkhatis-  en effect, by which the audience  is able to hear the movement of  groups of molecules within a  magnetized steel bar, in a scene  from "God of the Atom". t The  full color sound film, produced  by Moody Institute of Science,, is  to be shown at 8:00 p.m., Friday  (April 9) at the United Church,  Gibsons, under direction of Fraser McCrae, B.C. field representative of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago.  INSURANCE  rn   ���*���-_-.>��.,_  Parr. Pearson Agencies   ,  v General Insurance  Phone Pearson-Sawyer Office  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  I  .  REAL ESTATE  '#*��  _~-\    ^>*  General Hauling, Freight  Carrying, Gravel Hauling  Try  'WILSON CREEK  GARAGE LTD.  Phone Sechelt 3S,  Specialist in  Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  E. W. Parr Pearson  Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  SHOE REPAIRS  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���3K  SHOES  RENEWED  Eric Knutson  Sechelt  WELDING  RADSO SERVICE  GAS STATION  SN3  Experts in Electric  and  Acetylene Welding  Silver Grille Service Station  Wilson Creek  Phone Sechelt 15-B-2  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 9K2  Send by Bus  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  BEER BOTTLES  <��  Arnold's  99  All Electric Coffee flar  NOW OPEN  MODERN, QUICK LUNCH GRILL  BAlM BUILDING  GIBSONS  Will call and buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  > Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  B. H. STROSHEIN  Wilson Creek.  JACK'S TRANSFER  Light and Heavy Hauling  WILSON CREEK  Phone Sechelt 15-U  LUMBER AND FUEL  Signed articles and Zetters  appearing in The News are the  opinions of the writers and are  not- necessarily those of The  News or its publishers.  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  In All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2 Page Ten  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  TOBA INLET'  some real 'oldies'. Guests included Alice and Ted Jackson,  Gladys and Chuck Royal, Georgie  rr ^.-_u -4. -j T./r   ��u and E1dred Berry, Holly Roberge  Henry Gi bertson arrived March and Martin-Kiley ' *  19 and will start 'driving  a new - *  bridge to replace the old one .at      Birthday greetings went March  the entrance of _the camp.  23 to Edgar Johnston on his 10th  .    ��   ���__        i   ^       ^ _._. birtl*day.  Belated  greetings  and  Chris  Smith  and  Stan Dodds best  wishes to Sam McBride, I  brought   back   our   new   record believe    his    birthday    was    on  player to be used in the Com- March 13.  munity   Hall   when   it   is   com  et  For B.C Run  A GOOD omen for British Columbia fisherman is the report *  Fridoy, April 2,   194.8   : _ in  pleted> the meantime we will JChto. has reallybeen, a month %��SF&%*r2��S. _?*��_��'  in   "unprecedented   num-  For two years pilchards havf  use it for our dances held in the of birthdays and anniversaries so  watpr  cookhouse.. l guess I will be forgiven if I've  Zzyzl  missed anyone. ue &*  May   Matthias   returned   after ���,._-.            .                               ._   _. * * ��     __���                _.  __  her week in the city. Sister-in- _ Herble  Campo is  going down  almost totally disappeared ��� from  law   Kav Matthias must remain for a week to visit his parents. the Pacific Coast, and.there were  iT^^T^tJS^ (Pant forget the way back Her- tars that this once lucrative in-  *   . Jx bie).                                            X       dustry   might   have   disappeared  awnu                                   .,     ' WEATHER REPORT                        forever.  The   St.   Patrick's   dance   and Sun  shining,   and  the  garden      ^he last big pilchard run off  bingo held at ,the cookhouse was calling for  attention, so I must fae BC- coast was in 1945, when  TUW^  a  real success  and  added  some get to it: See you next week,  more   weight   to    the   treasury  purse.  George  Mills  and  Mrs.  E.   ^^mmmmm^ammmmmammmmmmmmmmm  Berry were the winners* of the  raffle prizes.  Best   wishes   went   to   Gladys  and Chuck Royal on their 5th an-  WILSON CREEK and  "    DAVIS BAY  A  34,350 tons were caught, but even  this total was a steady decline  from the 1944 figures of 59400  tolls andi;he 1943 total of 88,700  tons.  The pilchards first appear of  the coast of Mexico and lower  California  in  early  spring,   and  NOTICni  DEPARTMENT OF  X  -  ��**_-��a       -"_- ��� ���*����- ���    ���- ���^   w-���      ���-J���      ���--w ��� ���        ��� --��� ���     ��������� j ^^ ^_^��_f.______.^r__�� *��._*m. *.*__. VU&AJ hJ��**��� JLAAf^y U-LAVl  liiversary also celebrated on the EASTER holiday visitors arrived normally arrive off tl]ie B.C. coast  20th. by every boat and as the wea-  in July and August. .  -   ,      \ ���        . A,     ,      ther, was  lovely  much   activity      In the run reported from the  .. Many happy returns of the day around summer homes was no- south follows the norml trend,  iZ nll h"sb?nd' George on March ticed. B.C.   fisherman   should   reap   a  22. We had ��. few friends drop * rich   harvest   in   late   summer,  m for the "evening at the house Mrsj K. Mason and children However; pilchards are notorious-'  pn the hill, to mark the occa- visited her mother, Mrs. Bog- ly fickle* ��_d scientists have not  sion. Everyone seemed to enjoy gust, yet been able to Inap Qut their  Mr\S��E  Beiytfayld ��?��*&      The Ray DeaCOnS' wh�� recent- ^ation^with assurance^   for" aEcc&iSd and ^o? * ���>���? *����� from the city, en- ^Sg^gk*^ knownug.  Jackson kept us, going by reach- tertained Mrs�� *** Jackson.     , jarime. m California, .normally  ing far back m his memory for      Sp'rry to report that Dad and dreds of fishermen and boats from   :  Reg have had a bad attack of Mexico to B.C.  flu.                                       ^ The California Fish anid Game  "OWat40  50 60?"      Pat -d Erni�� ForknaU wer* SS? NBn sSffito MaJda-  VIU d\ TVf *JVf VW .       holidaying at the R. L. Jacksons, Tenf Bay  in? Lower  Caltfofnfa  ��� Mail- YOll're CraZV lld f��m? flshmf' had a run u* loaded with scientists, to make a  mail,  IVII IV Viacj  the loggmg road and were sur-  studv of the habits of th*�� rfnciivi.  Forget your a*��. Thousands arc peppy at 70. Try   -...fi^/i LZl +u0 -.��__-__.��f /%# cnrvur eflll       .,  .y ��?       .   na9xi;s OI ."*����� eiUSlVe  ������pwpingup"withoatrex. containa tonic tor weak, prised at tne amount or, snow smi piickar(js   ����  hones  of learn in I?  rundown, feeling due.aolely to bodya taek ol Iron   un  there ��XL     *- ��   P^ff _. warning  J    Try ��P mere. why the fish failed to appear in  From Los Angeles after a visit .**�� 1m**wo.seasons. It is the first  in: Vancouver, Mrs. __l. Niven, is . JHSH^ Wk on pilchardssince  staying' with M^v and Mrs. H. f��3.vX , - x yy , ~- >' ^ "' I~ ^'  Leavitt.' Curiosity prevailed and  we found out from Mrs. Niven  tharshe was related by marriage  to the well-known movie star,  David Niven.   ���  Applications for grubstakes, .under the Prospec-  tors' Grubstake Act and applications for road anil  trail assistance under the  Department of Mines  (  Act should be in the hands of the Deputy Mini-  '< "        ** '-_. ''"'"is ��"^"  ster of Mines at Victoria by the first, of May.  /  ..wiiich many men'and women call "old, _ _  Ostrex Tonic Tablets for pep. younger,feeling, this  Very day New "get-acquainted" six* only-��0e.  For sale <-tt all drug stona everywhere.'       .'  Announcing the opening  GRAYSON,��  GROCETERIA  GIBSONS  1 - t "> *'.  __^J_  DEPARTMENT OF MINES  PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS': \  VICTORIA, i.C.  ;-i*  ->*���  _. p  133  _;  ff_V~. j ���-1.  < >;  Serve yourself ond save.  Watch  this  space  for  WEEKLY SPECIALSI  Thc^  Wool Shop  Just Below Midway Store  Quality  Drygoods  Rock-Bottom Prices  Friendly Service  A large selection of  wools to choose from.  LOWE'S  Gibsons  The weekly crib and bingo  evening at the George Krafts  home was well attended and a  good boost in our local,drive for  the district's V.O.N. Auxiliary.  '<��� George Wright was top in crib  and we all took a turn at calling  the Bingo. Nice eats were served  by the hostess, assisted "by Mrs.  J. C. Browning. Location of the  April 7th gathering' will be an*-,  nounced later.  Election of officers for the newly formed Junior Branch V.O.N.  Auxiliary here was held last week  and was as follows. President,  Shirley McNutt; vice-president,  Gloria Bishop; secretary Heather  Ross; treasurer, Frances Gilbert-  son; social committtee, Carol  Chrimas and Marlene Chambers.  Baby garments are being knitted by the girls. About 14-members are now in the group^ under  the supervision of ISlrs. Stan Ar-  bo.*  St. Hildas Anglican Church was  beautifully decoraed for the Eas-  . ter  Service  and. we say thanks  to the ladies of the alter society.  ���^���XX'U"^   Ci'u-ij*^ -!-i  ;*<.  ;<j  v" __"���"_   M  ,p>.  T^  PASSENGER AND EXPRESS ONLY  '���'��� ��� CBI_F.'_a_lS_��Tt_^.^.-,;V  Schedule.No. 9���Effective April 1st, 1948-^Subject to change without notice.  Ferry Wharf, Ft. Columbia St. TA. 2141 Vancouver, B.C.  ._*'�������*! *>V,_JT  ~��  MONDAY  Gulf Mariner ,  Lv. Vancouver . . 9:00 am.  Ar. Sechelt. 11:15 am.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay    ,      12:15 p.m.  Ar. Pender,Hbr.-. 1:15 p.m.  (Irvines Ldg.' only)  No Southbound" Trip \    s  TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY  Lv. Vancouver ; 9:30 a.m,  Ar. Wilson Creek 11:35 am.  Ar/ Sechelt 11:45 am.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay 12:30 p.m.  Ar. Pender Hbr. 1:30 p.m.;  SOUTHBOUND  Lv. Pender Hbr.   - "  Lv. Halfmoon  Bay  Lv. Sechelt  The best way to keep a man  in tow is to use a line on him.  We .have the very latest equipment for, refacing valves.  Our valve? seat grinder for the modern-hard surface valve  seats does a beautiful job. Send in your valves and valve  seats via stage and! we will give you first class service.  GENERAL  MOTORS  PRODUCTS  Wilson Creek Garage  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK. B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  c,  p>-  Lv. Wilson Creek  Ar. Vancouver  ,     1      .,,        FRIDAY  Lv/Vancouver       - ��� -5:00 p.m.-*  Ar. Wilson Creek 7:00 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt 7:15 p.m.  Ar.  Halfmoon Bay 8:00 p.m. .  SOUTHBOUND  ' '    Gulf Wing  , Lv. Pender   Hbr. 12:00 noon  ;. .       -'    (Iryines)  Ar. Vancouver    ' 3:30 p.m.  '  X      ' Gulf Mariner  Lv. Halfmoon Bay 7:40 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver, 10:30 p.m.  Sunday  TRIP 1 (North)  Lv. Vancouver , 11:00 a.m.  Ar. Wilson   Creek 1:05 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt 1:15 p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon   Bay 2:00 p.m.  Ar.,,Pender  Hbr, 3:00 p.m.  .  /. lt,         (Irvines Ldg.)  -,s I       TRIP 2 (North)  ; Gulf Mariner  Lv. Vancouver 6:30 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt \ 8:45 p.m.  Enroute Westview  2:15 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  4:10 p.m.  6:30 p.m.  THURSDAY  Lv. Vancouver             " 930 a.m.  Ar. Sechelt   . 11:45 .aim.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay 12:30 p.m.  Ar. Pender Hbr. 1:15 p.m.  (Irvines Ldg. Only)  Enroute Westview  No Southbound Trip'  SATURDAY  Lv. Vancouver 1:00 p.m.  Ar. Wilson Creek 3:00 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt    , 3:1$ p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon  Bay ,   4:00 p.m.'  Ar. Pender Hbr. -. .  5:00 p.m.  S0UTHJ50UND ^  Lv. Pender 'Hbr. 5:00>~m:.  Ar. Vancouver   ' 9:00 p.m.  Lv. Halfmoon* Bay 8:00 a.m.  Lv. Sechelt , 8:45 am.  Lv. Wilson Creek   ' 8:50 am.  Ar. Vancouver.      ��� 11:00 a.m.  SUNDAY  SOUTHBOUND  Lv. Pender Hbr.  (Irvines Ldg.)  , Lv. Halfmoon  Bay    t.  Lv. Wilson Creel.'    -  Ar. Vancouver,.' ~  Gulf Mariner     _  Xv. Sechelt "     3:00 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver 5:I5> p.m.  ^ -  3:30 p.ml  .4:30,p,m:  5:30 p.m.  7:45 p.m.  WI.LS0N CREEK. SECHELT, HALFMOON ,BAY, PENDER. HARBOUR  (IRVINES LDG.XMADEIRA PARK, GARDEN BAY, HASS0NS LDG.)  M.V. GULF WING (Gulf Mariner���Where Noted)  ���^


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