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The Coast News Jun 18, 1948

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Array "   "'i '*   _t"      �����������>  SECHELT���Proceeds from the  three-day carnival on July 1,  2,; and 3 will be added to the  funds collected for the installation  of a second V.O.N. nurse in. the  ' Peninsula. It is planned to hold  a carnival annually under the  auspices of the V.O.N. Mahon  Bros, will present their first, carnival of the series.  The Union Steamship Co plan  the added attractions for the  , carnival of bost trips on the Se-  ' dhelt Inlet, speed boat racing,  ��� plane rides .and'if possible a life-  ' saving demonstration. Come and  \join the fun.  Vn  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mel-.  Ion, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Islai-dj Pender rHarbour, Wilson-  Creejc, Roberts -Creek; H^Granthantos  I_anding, Egmoht; Hopkins Iianding,  Bracket-dale,  Cheekeye, etc.  L-X~-^--^r^W^ - -    FUBLXSBSD BT SBS COAST STEWS, LZISIf-._�� %  Snsiness Office: Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising' Office", Powell aiver, B.C.  HI ��� Ho. 47  Friday, June 18, 1948  5c pier copy, $2.50 per year, by moil  It Doesn't Seem Real  Flight  ^er Flood  ic5 Pathetic Drama  By LES WAY  \i  Guide .Association  ^ Thanks Enrollment  .Service Helpers  Editor, Coast News,  Dear Sir���The members of the  thousands - of  New Manager  For Coast News  EFFECTIVE at once, Mrs; Carola Forst will be news and advertising manager for The Coast  ���  TO THOSE 6f us living in safety us    thousands^ of   acres trans- thetic.    And as you witness the News in the peninsula area.  on :high-' ground,    the    Great formed overnight:into huge mud-   industry   of   men,   women   arid      Mr.   E.   W.  Pearson has   been  Flood of'48 is just a newspaper dy ribbons of wafe the appointed resident  manager: 26r  story.   "It must be terrible," we Venetian: canals/^ Union Estates at    Sechelt,    and  say, as the press and radio bring the surface 'of^-'^IJ^^^^^iioii, lands .... . as you watch the big while retaining his interest in  us the day-by-day account of the as we did the other;^^ without brown Army vehicles in their The Coast News, cannot give it  battle of the floods. getting  a  lump ihvyc.i^^ .throat task of evacua^ori:.. as you ^)1- the closeattention whichit ��mer-  ,,._.., ...   .,   ........... ._,i.     Well, it IS terrible.   But you and uttering a prayer Sbr   the low-the  Navyte  small  craft  in its for its everyday workings.  helt;(_hiide^As^ impossible  to plight of the victims.   3?X v        their job of rescuing people and      _, ���   __...*       ���'      )':'.'.  ike to ^e the^medium^^ devastating it���'.-���_     X,.   .^.'X'^XXyX^^iX     possessions from precarious iso-      ^s. Forst, better known to our  Coast N&ws? xio> ^extenxitheir teally is, how touch of a calamity ^ F^rm homes_where mdu^trtous ;^ti6n on small, areai* surrounded ^ade^f ?s Carola of Roberts  tmte an^varnr app^eci^on^it is that has been wrought by the *arnie^ ?nd then: wives, onl* ; by the greedy lapping waters, Creek , has extensive experience  ?M.o^f*3u^ few short weeks ago, ^^^ytheirt^ of^ammy brother's l3? newspaper   work,-and   The  -"a   Miss'   TurM, ;tb -v^^ andvpeace.of them.kgep^��^comes^^ home to you. ^^ ls h^PPy to ^aye herin  ^^^*Ta��^ I witnessed this desolation of ^hosen vocation^ . . wber*heal-|.   And your h^rt goes out to the cha5ge' ;p*^^'^v  Redman for so kindly donate the.. Valley from the air a few ��y�� haPP* children played^over ^a^J?^?^^^^^ = in ?r two' thf. P^Pfr has demanded  ftng fruit juice and drinking cups dav; aeo From the. observation the ^en fields and drank the �����?^LJ^\��,Za ; _^ V^rJr- far more time than it was pos-  B the Children at SFWt K /^s^^%��a fresh air and sunshine pf the ^^^^^^^ f>le *** Mr; ;Pearson to gi^it,  bient service .Saturday; to Mrs. member on a press tour with th* countryside . . . now stand sub- Si^^J^^ SSSaS*^ *�� k*S? ^.wit^xts ambition .for  kmold who. in lierbtisy life, RCAF, I viewed the once-rich, f^tfed in water to their roof- g��?J*^���� I^l^tavenot'1^^'^ ^e continued .co-  ?ound time to cut and bring the multicolored patchwork of farm- *>i�� as mute testimony to man's ,g^a^ay SthefiteSi^^er ��VeT^��* of ����� readers and fhe  owers which Mrs   Joy Waugh lands now ul��er the muddy wa_ inability-or    unwilhngneg    or .|x���n ���fxo ���e0St tTthem be- advertisers of the towns we se^e  ranged _$o"beautifully into the ters of the treacherous Fraser.  .osy -for Miss McTaggart.  11 Thank you���all of you.   -  Sunday   saw   history   in   the  taking, with   the   first   Church  farade    of   Guides,    Cubs   and  Irownies. The children, with the  three  Guiders "(Miss McTaggart  ['till being amongst us)  and the  pb-master/ assembled at the re-  rreatipn  ground  just   before   3  |jh. and marched up to St. Hilda's  Kutchtb.a-tend.Jthe,9^y|ee'^vil ,\  \%ut'tf^imffl little Ghui-ch^ >  ras filled to capacity and chairs  rere   hastily   borrowed   so   that  fcreryone could be > seated. Many  'imarks have been passed on the  Wonderfully  good  behaviour   of  ��e children, some of whom were  ry small. ''  |j_?he service was the very strai-  it-forward children's. service,  ik Lesson was taken from the  rst Book .of Samuel, chapter 3.  ie Rev. C. H. Gibbs spoke very  turally to the children, of the  [.tie boy, Samuel, and of cour-  },. loyalty and duty. The Vicar  so  remarked that three  Cubs  ting in the- front row had sung  _.    opening    hymn     (Onward  iristian Soldiers)  right lustily THE MAN TO BEAT:  had ho need oMiymn books. Seagram  Instead of thriving farms and controlling Old Man River.  SSt^SS^ftfi*tfo'S?* bf ^^a^ *v$* ��m arrange-:  meni . ... . pernaps in ine. aarK oi mA^t f n  ^^f ____*_.  ��ia-  paper h&  district^  fruitlands, there stretched below     It's not a pretty sight. It's pa- this i^-^t^^^rhoin^. ^^;:"i^^^^]5S_^  /Those of us Who were priwl- victory in the Gdndditin*Open last year; is regarded as No.  1  bed to be there; will not easdy conte^j- in this yedr's Open at Vancouver:  ���rget that Service and We do ��� *��� ������������������   ���  ���- ---7 ���������...-��� .r .... ;   .    ,...    , ..        -. , :, ...  .     ...   , ������.-  icerely hope that it is only the  frst of .many.  their farms and their life's pos-  gr0wth  sessions too maty be-under water. -%,v  You look at ^tlMr as yet dry land We wish Mr. Pearson���.Ernie  ancl then your eyes turn to the to all of us���success in his new  omiiious battering of the water position and we hope We may  against the^dykes ... like an evil still have the benefit of his'ih-  juggernaut in battle of another terested, watchful eye in an ad-  kind, poised to attack and swal- vispry capacity, for The Coast  low up the: defenseless.' ;.     News  is  Ernie's ^baby'  and  we  __Oraiad^tii_t-2^>-v^----0.^;*'i__- *x> :��*v^'v^xshare^hist:: ambition-, and - enthus-  Perhaps.   But when your very iasin ^r it, in spite of the disa-  eyes witness what his happened PPomtments and set-backs of the  and is happening but there in the  wartoe and post-war. years,  once-lush    Fraser    Valley,    you  can't  help  but grasp  the tragic Watcft and Jewelry  drama  that  is being  staged  by  the forces of nature in this year  of the Great Flood of our time.  Again, a lump comes into your  throat and your lips litter a silent GIBSONS���H. C. Denny, who  prayer for those, who liave^made/ has for many years visited at  a life's work: of'_tilling the soil, Gibsons on his pleasure boat, the.  milking the; cows"-and raising theXChristie, has finally succumbed  cattle that finds its way to.the to the charms of the country and  tables of the "city dwellers. As.this week will formally open a  one naval bloke beside me in the much-needed watch and jewelry:  blister of oui.uc.iaft.remarked, "It  repair shop at Gibsons.  ,      .,,,,   .,..-���.. ...        ,,,.     doesn't:^eem real, doesjtt"- He ���    Previous to coming out to B.  B6bl^ Lbc^e, sho>vnIriere receiving the JP^eantvthat ifrcwas, difficult  to g. Mr. Denny received his train-  frdm JyfrowterSi&gra^ in London, England, and for  y ,  ^ Wlth.^J1^ tragedy that many years filled the position asr  has ;cc.me with the present phght secretary .to   the   Jewelers'   arid'  of pur neighbors m the valley,  Goldsmiths' Association of L6n-;:  they re. a human^ hardy ^lbt    In don.   Since commg to this coun^v  the^ids,tof the trial and tribu-  try he has been associated with  lation that has rbeen visited upon jewelry firms in Kamloops, Vic-  Repair Shop Opens  At Gibsons  BIBLE READING  ����-  cond Guide  ompany Formed  aturday      was  always  bright  arid shining  and  E. E. W. try to keep their lives b^i^ht and  ____  ���� ���_��������_���������������__��� ���   j  __, ��� . - j^��w_, xxx^o ___ x_._c_.1__.^v.mS>,   ��it-  E. P. shining, too. A very littld Brown- ���WD:m,;ii^iful--iaito- us,  and them, they see the rays of humor toria and Vancouver, and during  P.L.P. ie then presented"Miss McTaggart ���_ b]ess us; and causeHis face to through the    darkness y that    is the war with the engineering di-  b    ^ ^with a small Victorian:posy. be known upon,ea^h, Thy savr theirs.   They're .telling the story vision   of   Neon   Products     Mr'  ^ Guests of 4hbnor were Denny is affiliated with the Bur-  Sechelt   (Indian)^ Giiidfes   who, ^g ^ealt? ffiOrig aHnations^Let uee who was being taken away rard Yacht Club, the A F & A M,  with^Mrilv^,^ for many years was soloist  stood 'a^atMitibn^ the^eople praise Thee. .O farjon home before it was  fully at Christ Church, Vancouver.  and ten marchfeiri^ formation ^ ^. P^^^f ^? ,^^JSS ^^ergt_1+ ^e ^^SIXla^^��ticed  and formed a horseshoe                 for joy:! for Thou shalt judge the a straw hat floating on the sur- ^                .    -'        ������_  ?na lorrnect a norsesnqe.,       .     . pebple.i righteously,   and  govern face as they pulled away,   The Suspended Sentence  v, ^^^de^as;p^                                                                                                                         ^ .        _             ^         *-  . to;; M^-McTaggart. and thus  & people pfaiseCThee, ^O Ctod. let�� about 20 feet, then turn around On-LiqilOT Count X  new.Co__.pany  of  Guides^came  ^e^^^^^^^^^^go back and repeat the mys- SECHEL^Stephen��������� R.   Korniss  yield;her increase; terious      performance      several x.., otcpucu   xv.   .__.u_-i_b_.  shall the  a-into^ng- ,^ ^c._.--^^^^ several      ^nd J. Grant, both of Sechelt,  _|ftfein^^li^t.Gm^ who had brought bless us. God shall bless us; and m^_i-~.in his oiriosi^iOTg^ting ^^^^f^^^^^^lnr  _e 1st Sechelt Brownie^ when very tastefully decorated gaskets all the ends ofXthe -earth shaU-for the moment-his job of /evm^ '��?��� I' SiTwfr nlar^ TumXrl M����   "  Ley  were' trolled  by  vistt^^ y, "x ��� .^yjr^; uation���"How comeWt^hat makes: J^teS'^JSl.v releas^ them  ^ider    Miss    McTaggart,    who hac^grea^un pairmg^off for tea ;- X Psalm 67 it go back and fortMike that?"    at teir ow^kSbSizS^ Sf^1  ime_ |roip:Van<^er especially that's^ nothing,"   replied bond ^ ^00 each?  rS-xthe bccasibri;; "���  lEhrollrhiBnt ��� of   the  VSkirt" was frantically hunting formed? a circle arid, their voices: the woman.   "That's just.^rand-  Brownies for   "Sweater"  and  *l_pck">just blending  together harriioriipusly, pappy. He swore that come hell  entered ;arotirid�� their  toadstool; could riot find the "Key'r but all they sang Taps^  idj^ when allfhadbeeh enrolled^ were finally sorted out and the X       i   -������f.   ley gave their Very special sal- girls  dispersed on the grass to      When  They gave  out legs>  I  it ^ i  : ^Tii^Wlii^ thought^they said kegs,       -_  ���. .  ^QOOO" Miss |JcTaggW And j ordered two fat ones,    .".  ^pressed- thexlibpe that, -later;on, chatting   amiably   together   and When   they   gave   put   ears,   I  !e Brownies will?all pass on into seemed sorry to siay goqdbyei^as thought they said beers,  ilides and that,; iri^^theririeantime, the time camie.  Before*they I ordered two long ones,  ey will keep their! Brownie pins ted, 1st and 2nd Sechelt Guides Gee, am I-^ riiess.  or  high   water  he'd  mow  that  lawn today."  Sure, it's a story. But it epitomizes the spirit of: a people  meeting-1 a crisis with the stuff  and substance that made the Fraser Valley the rich breadbasket  that  it  is.   A people  with  this ~ ~  spirit won't be licked for long. aHVHSII 12?3:O^.IAOHd  431"  Ca^^ -'  0 "S^IBOIOIA e Two  .THE COAST NEWS, SECj-fEbT, B. C.  Friday, June i! 8, 1948  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  .   Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.   ���*  Pender Harbour, B.C.  By ARIES  much indebted to Mr. William  Morrison,- Miss Turner and _ >Miss  Melvin for the success of this  undertaking and this is a good  start in -the right direction for  A very impressive ceremony youth groups and it is to be hoped  was witnessed here recently that the mothers will now take  when Miss McTaggett arrived an interest in his so worthwhile  from Vancouver to enroll 17 Girl effort. I noticed the same fam-  Guides and 20 Brownies in Se- iliar faces helpifig, including Mrs.  chelt picnic grounds, assisted by  Powell, Mrs.  Larson, Mrs.  Mee;  ^r^yA  ?-.  the Indian Girls. Guide group  presentation was made by Indian  Guide leader, Hester Talia.  Mrs. Arnold gave the corsage to  Miss McTaggett and Mrs. Froom  gave the table decorations. On  the following Sunday the Cubs,  Brownies and the newly-formed  Guide group ���paraded to St. Hil-  Mrs. Derby;, and many others. It  was a very nice get toother and  Ie hope we will have many more.  Also would like to see a Guide  corner in this paper.   X  We  wish  to  welcome  to  this  community ^a -hew teacher, 'Miss X  Lorraine Tolly whb; is substitute  da's Anglican Church which was  ing for Mre. Jay, who is still quite-  filled t6 overflowing. After*, the  ceremony Miss Hi^da Turner,;ope  of the local teachers, was enrolled  as a Brown Owl.   We are very  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  Formerly Jack's Taxi arvd  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  ill. We hope she will enjoy her  stay with us.  Miss   Beatrice   Marchant,   an-  oltlier of our teaching staff; was  X" v^^appy^irl. r^tiy; when SOMETHING NEW IN STEAMBOATS���Believe it or notythu  the Roberts  Creek  P.T.A.  presented her with a beautiful hand- . "./���'.*",wTi"i"���1~:   "~7  ~~T   x,    :,' y~ r-~'r���"���." L~y^ ,     ""xii.  bag in recognition of her work boner.   All the parts and material were transported along  in pro-rec. As it was _so uriexpect^ mountain trail and as^eTribled di4he IqkepSietex(Note the sqcl  ed it was all the more appreciat- bf sdhdfor ballast dbbve propeller). ^ Gadgets are not uncom]  ed.; Miss  Marchant  has   done  a  fnbri dmbngst the possessions of BiCy woodsmen but it is be|  y^ii^ t^il 3.11-   ileved this steambbcrt is the onlydrie of ft* kind in existence  be a loss to the youth in the dis-. ���.;. .    ,    ���   ,  , .    ., ���     _- i-v    Xl_      ii. -_��.i_ i���___.!      .  trict as I understand that she will It is helpful in the work of reaching forest areas with little p|  be. leaving us next term.' no other means of access.   Foresters and their assistants  Avv     . .X'..LXXfyX,y: the pulp and paper industry are haw similarly surveying th��  ing   of   the   Liberal   association d'Sgase ond destructive insects: -^his industry uses 384 mil  when ���representatives from.Pen- Ron board feet of timber per annum to produce pulp and  der Harbour,Roberts Creek arid products valued dt $60^^ m  Gibsons   fathered   to   meet   Mr. ���.-'������������' ... ���     XX:������.���; ':���'"    ' ���'"���r-.���\- x       ,.   ������ '.  ' .   ������'  Cosy Homes and  Home  Arthur Laing, the  president  of �� ;  . . u -'^jLsx- \,a*u  B.C. * Liberal   ^ Association   Mr. Jut in ��W.)<�� ^W ^rth  Laing is orie of our yourig liifc- ^#d7 9?borne this time,  erals ; (and   a   Yery   wonderful  radaile dogs. ;It is really somej  Richard Dalman has left Se-^ t^  speaker. We are firmly convin- ���v -~,t *AiX tva i&air-ic*" qnrrv tn ^lU try and get a picture of h  ced   after   listening   to   his   ad-  chel* for tht ^a^ies. Sorry ^ at a later date,  dress that we are nowon the see hW gP^ Sechelt reaUy needs  way up as far as Liberalism is these young people. The^gen^ral  LARGE CORNER LOT^82'x66QV ^  $1300.00 .��� West Sechelt.  ��� A        - > ' :  p . "' ' ���    . ���'������-���:   ."' ���      ������ ' ���    ' '      I'  ''��     ,���   ...   ���������'       r'jj. i-���' i}.):-.: .->.     ;-....-���    ���.'���:..> \  tOTS ON MAIN STREET; Sechelt, 62'xl22r-T-  $425.00 and $325.00 each.  We Hove a large listing of other choice properties.  concerned.  What  we need is  a  more'���'. vigorous   radical^ ^  ism.   l:y 'yrxxry .yyyyyL.  Songs were enjoyed and vocalists were Mr. Roberts J and Mrs.  Hilda Lee. Treasurer ^^eeler: was  veryy^iisyr e^pllii_^''-new^ inem-.  bers,iMrs.^ FranksFrench -^iriflo-  ducing new comers tp pl^ rnil^^  complaint is ��� ho Weyer,  riot, much: social life;  there  is  Mrs. Grace Cooke is away for  a few d&ys. See little Susan very  contented with Mr�� Simnhig  playing with her dolls in tlie gar-  dim.y''''xX.y\LL:'yXX: ':.-".'. ry/r"'r  Had^lpts of callers ^cently in-  PARR PEARSON AGENCY  Sechelt, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37  or  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 West Pender St.  Vancouver, B.C. ��� PA. 3348  b^s,W^an^  och  feeing: ^^  BR1GGS-STRATTON  ���yMr^  Evinrude  Outboards:'  ..at.: :Cify! fnce$, '  Also srnol 1^ bb^ <?nd  ��� xr' "'"���; equipment. : -: y-  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  everyone |^^ ho^.^  Piere were ^p n^  fl^ won by Mr.1ahd Mrs/Howep.' -v. ry:^Lyyy:y\y::, ... ���   ,:; ..-^  Mr. Laing vwon:tlie first Mt |eii-     I^s. Boipradaile^^h^  erpusly drew* .tile next huiribir. her ian^jfe-she has x^ ayppg The Romans used crude oied  Tables were very tastefully dec- Xbaby mailed d^^^m^ Of ^i^^^ rS^W$  orated with roses and sri^di^- one^^^^^ t0 ^  ^���������'_^^r;.^^^;.^.^^. KiaXmrMit* was takmg her brood   *W W M^gW mm-  ihere are ff,QQff bridges in Ex  land unfit for riiodern traffic.  Rojger Simning. assisted by mem-  ; bei*s of the entertamment corn-  mittee, Mr.  Fred ^pj^ws, ^|rs.  Howell arid Mrs. Syd'MpKayx x  President Wm. Youngsori was  in the chair. ': .y       X- .  frbrri the swairip over to tte Efcay.  So   of   cbui?se,   $frs.   BprradaHe  topic. ^Wx^^'^^^^M^S^''1-a  very/: -Jju^y'-tinie rrdig^n&f$pr': ^ci'  sects and t^ for,  of course, he was ojiite helpless.  She receritiy took hM dyei.   tb  Gordpn Dalman' must like Se- ttie Bay But he refused to Stay  chelt after all. We see he is back and ivalk��4^^ back v^ith the Bpr-  SUMMER SCHEDULE  TIMETABLE No. 11 CANCELS No. 10  EFFECTIVE MAY 21st, 1$48  LEAVE GIBSONS  LEAVE HORSESHOE BAY  :t  Trip No.  11  Trip Ko.  6  10  12  MONDAY 7:00 a.m.  TUESDAY 8:00 a.m.  WEDNESDAY ,   8:00 a.m.  THtfRSDAY 7:0b a.m.  FRIDAY 8:00 a.m.  SATURDAY '  .8:00 a.rii.  SUNDAY 8:00 a.m.  2:00 p.m.  4:00  4:00  4:00  4:00  4:00  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  4:00 p.m.  7:00  7:00  7:00  7:00  7:00  7:00  7:00  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.rii.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  MONDAY  9:15 a.m;  TUliiSDiAY  9;l5. a.m.  WEDNESDAY  9:15 a.m.  THtJRSDAY  9:15 a.ni.  FRIDAY'  >9:l5 a.m.  SATtJRDAY  t  ^15 a.m.  SUNDAY  9.15 a.rii.  3:15 p.m.  5:30  5:30  5:30  5:30  5:30  p.rri;  ������pjri-.  P'rii.  p.m.  p.m.  5:30 p.m.  8:15 p.iri.  8il5 p;iri.  S:l^p^m.  8:15 p.m.  8:15 i.'piim..  8:15 p.m.  8:15 p.rii.  SPpNO'THE  ,:''.'T-���  : ., -j.   ,   ::/&:    ::yy  WAKEFIELD ..  Always f<Cool7 Comfy,  Clean  All trips from Gibsons connect with Pacific Stage Lines  Buses direct to Vancouver  Connecting Buses leave Vancouver as follows;  WEEKDAYS: 8:10 a.rii. 4:40 p.m.   7?10 .p.m.  SATURDAYS:       X8:10 a.m.   2:10 p.m. 7:10 p.m.  (All Times Shown are Daylight Saying)  Warriors of ancient China ah  Peru were the first people to us  ���riickel.'.'" ���":'"'. ':.'���..  FARE:   Adults:   One Way   $1.25 CHILDREN:        One   Way   $.45  Return   $2.00 Return   $.80  PURCHASE ALL FERRY AND PACIFIC STAGE TICKETS ON BOjMElD VESSEL  Taxis available at both terminals.  'Coffee Bar on Board'  "Motor Vessel "Machigonne" .  Reservations no longer necessary.  BULLDOZER  FOR HIRE  Land Clearing  Basements Excavated  Roads Built, etc.  ALBERT DANROTH  Roberts Creek Friday, June 18, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  _ Page Three  ?;f^_yX*X^  T -   ��� .*.+     I.. ... ��� ���������'���*  NOTICE  SEND  YOUR MONEY ORDER  OR  CHEQUE  TO  YOUR  NiLAR^ COMPANY  OR   LOCAL  FLOOD EMERGENCY COMMITTEE.  MAKE  DONATIONS  PAYABLE TO B.C.  FLOOD   HWEROENCYF^ >  ���'������'���������....���'���...'���'.''        '���.'''.���'���''"'".'' * . , '  " -  ID�� Not Send Cash Through the Mall  This Space Donated by The Coast News  By ROBBIE  _-_-_a->-_____N__HH_-____-_--_B--3  Mr. Bob Hall of the D.V.A.  Stores at Shaughnessy Hospital  spent a few days as guest of Mr.  Eric Jones at Wilson Creek. Both  took advantage of the swimming  and boating facilities during the  hot spell.  May the writer on behalf of  the residents of Wilsons extend  a, cordial welcome to Mr. and  Mrs. Joe Merin of Vancouver,,  who have come to reside in the  cottage owned by Mrs. Erickson  of "Trails End". Joe is working  at the Silver Grille Garage, Wilson Creek.  Mr. and Mrs. Morley had quite  i a   pleasant   surprise   last   week  ! wlien paid'.a visit, by the Misses  Irene arid rifaisie Filtharri of Vancouver.  Friends of Bob McLeod will  be interested to learn he has  signed on to work in a camp at  Port Hardy arid left last week for  the new job.  Mrs. Candlish and her three  children are spending a couple of  weeks at the horiie of her parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Veal of Wilsons*  Creek.  During a beach cleaning bee at  Wilsons Creek last week, a shoal  of fish- was seen cavorting between;the pier and the fish sign.  Speculations were many as to  the naime or species. If any person who saw this unusual sight  could enlighten my neighbors we  would-be very pleased for some  information.  Thirty-seven years ago Mr. and  Mrs. Ted Nbrburn carrie out to  Canada accompanied' by Mr.  George Agnew. Last week they  had a re-union at the Nbrburn  residence.  Mrs. Bert Wright of "Dun Ro-  vin", Wilson Creek, left to visit  her youngest daughter, Mrs. T.  Phalen, Vancouver, who now has  a fine baby girl. Both are doing  very well.  *  Can  you  stand  an  interesting'  story bf a local gal and her husband who, during the flood period  around   Chilliwack,   worked   in  the    auxiliary    kitchen.     When  danger was at its height they, at  one  meal,   cooked   15   roasts   o��  beef  (average  12 pounds),  three  large   hams,   and   a   large   sized  : wash tub full of potatoes for a  salad and of course lots of incidentals.    At  this  time   Mr.   and  Mrs. Clifford Thomson had packed! their bags for departure. How-,  ever things took a turn for th^  better, and they still remain on  the   job.     On   Sunday   evening  last, over the radio Dean Swanson of Vancouver, was heard to  say���"Don't   overtharik   the   Red  Cross,  there are others who are  deserving  of  great praise."   Mr.  Thomson is food controller for the  district   while   his   wife,   Jessie,  daughter  of  Mr.   and   Mris.   Ted  Norburn of Wilsons Creek, is in  charge of the kitchen.*  Mr. Tom Mutter returned from  Vancouver where he attended the  funeral of his father, Mr.. James  Mutter, of 2149 Grant St., Vancouver, who passed at 65 years  of age. Mr. Mutter is survived'  ��� by his wife Mable, two sons,  Stewart and Tommy of Wilsons *  Creek; three daughters, Joan,  Freda and* Mrs. U. 3. Kerr of  Chilliwack; two brothers, Ted,  Wilsons Creek, and Fred of Seattle. Funeral arrangements were  carried out by the &randview  funeral parlors and interment  took place at Mountain View.  For many years the late Mr. Mutter worked, as .first aid man in  Continued on Page  6   ���������������* Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Fridays June 18, 1948  By "CAROI*Af  ___-_���_���  The 'Rainmaker* worked overtime Friday, June 11, at the annual school" picnic here, but did  not spoil the huge consumption  of hot dogs, pop and ice-crearn.  The East  Roberts  Creek School  under the direction of Mrs. Heron, cleared a fine sum on their  sale of Work? and" hot dogs.  The posters are out announcing  the VON dance to be held at the  Creek Community Hall June 26.  Everyone realizing the great  need for an, extra nurse in this  district will make an all-out effort to attend. The ladies of the  miliary   have   been  diligently  By MALDY THOMAS  Now that exairi tjLipe has come  around < everyone is. digging; iri  hard at theiir Strid^ng;7;The official date school ;e|ib_5 is Jurie  3d, which -is .the, latest it has beeri  iri. a long: time,; 'But if ypii v'&re'  ddri*t7 write  from Penticton in tiine. Grade; 8. studerit,^cla_mshe 'is lea-.;  *- r When^the MSM"1 ^dt&refDrunk virig us this'..surirmer. He'plans  Driving, was shown, Betty Grant to head out Cariboo way���it is  arid Jurie Moir started to get rumored he Wants to raise horses,  ill���it seems some kids Justhain't ;vThe PTA has plariried to show  stand -accidents. ; . Xa^^  An  oid-timer  of three  years' closes.   So, everyone is welcome  re^d-?ri^e^Gordori^ MacI5bugail,: a to bring iri their coritributioris.  recoriiriierided  ?_pp_-��i (  ,-. auu  grounds were the scene of great  working on the raffle and game  departriientals, thfe date: you will  activity when Mrs. R. Chivers,  ^Mrs. A. Newton and Mrs. F. Herr  ori combined their classes \ to 8.  Due.to the downpour, the sports  program was postponed to a sunr  nier day, and the pupils turned  their efforts instead to serving  the mothers/ little brothers, and  sisters.   The  Junior   Red   Cross,  prizes���so Over  the Top  is; the  theme song for the grand finale!  leave is '*Jurier 18  On June 2 there was a sale of  A son was b^n.at the" home of -hot doZs ���aid of the Blue Bab*  Mr. and Mrs.-* E. Wallis Jurie 10.  Birthday congratulations to Marie Chivers, Billy Smith and Mrs.  Brothen. ���������:.���  Sympathy goes ont to the rel-  upholstery; and  2.49  You'll Be Singing In the Kitchen arid That Spare  Time Will Be Yours With���  Minute Mop Cellulose Sponge  Cleaning Aids!  Here's the tried-dnd-prov-  ed wonder cleaner���mop,  broom, brush, cleaner-rail in one. Women everywhere are simply wild  about it. Just set the  drainer in bucket/ rest  the MINUTE MOP on the'  drainer, lean lightly on  the handle, and quick as  ,,,,   ;��� as a flashy it drains itself  into the bucket J;No stooping, no kneeling or splasri-  ing. The DUPONT eellulose sponge head absorbs 20  times its weight in water���^-sucks up dirt miraculously. Ideal for floors, windows, rugs,  an excellent liquid wax applicator  besides. '__.._x__-_____������������__���___���___  0   Strap Model  Soap-Bank  The porous structure  of the sponge absorbs lots of water  so whenever you wet  it the soap comes  bubbling through  with enough suds for  any purpose.   Use it  for   cleaning   walls;   woodwork,   upholstery,   leather;  etc., or bathing, with quick easy motions.  Can be sterilized by boiling.    _  Hanger Model Soap-Bank:  (Save your left-over pieces of soap.)   ____________ 65c  Minute Bottle Brush:  Swift, thorough cleaning. __4?C  Minute Scouring Pad:  ___. ___���_���__ 30c  Minute Window Mop: ���___________-___  79c  Minute Window Brush and Squeegee:   ____________ 98c  Minute Bath Tub Brush:   Save the knees.   x_____ 89c  Minute Washstand Brush x_ _.____,_.___���_������_ __ 3?c  Minute Toi-La-Kleen:   Keeps the bowl sparkling.   98c  Exclusive Agency On the Peninsula  Take Advantage of the Sunset Sale  Starts June 18th - Ends June 26th  ..." . ���  y��x  Sunset  Gibsons, B.  Fund.    Thef'net   p*66ies_��ds ^were  $17. In the afternoon.,of the sariie  day the:  National    Film Board,  showed pictures;;and two; of the,  films advertised; couldn*t: be got  ������        .,      .; yy    .    .     . ���   .'.. ."   XX..' ,l;'  atiyes of the late ^Mrs. T- Green-  lees, who died iri Vancouver. She  was' a long-time resident of the  Creek arid an aunt to ;MiSs Burrows. '.';'_'"'.   " .     ' . '."���' '*"...".���'  Mrs. Margaret Cooper spent a  few days in Vancouver recently.  Mrs. Muriel ' Coles, formerly  occupying; the C. Shaws' waterfront cottage, has moved to the  Hall Road.  Announcing the Opening  fit  use  AT GIBSONS  Mrs. Frank Yates spent a few  ; pleasant days in Varieouver and  West Vancouver with her moth*  er. ". X   _ ������'���  Mrs. Thomas Barnard is now  a permanent resident of Roberts  Creek., Recent guests were her  daughter and son-in-law, Mr. &  Mrs. Bob Robson and daughters  Susan arid Carol.  The final darice in.-. the Blue  Baby drive at Bal's darice hall,  Gibsons. 7 proved v a pleasant affair. Roberts Creek was well represented and noticed were Mr. &  Mrs. J/ Rusk,-Mr, & Mrs. Norm  lEterdahl; iters; IXxGray, Tommy  Chrisrhas,^Mr_ iuid ;Mr_fc Alec Anderson^; Doreen and Eleanor  Shaw,,{Ralph and Gwennie Gal-���  liford, Marion Bety 61' Seattle and  her friend Barbara, Zib Gordon,  Gloria Forst, Jeff-Cumming,. Patsy Dean,;MiteiSmitzi, and Mr. &  Mrs. Ralph Isaac.  Mrs; Wilfred Turkirigton and  two daughters Shirley arid Dorothy were up for the week-end.  A pig by any other name will  smell the same-���if i^'sTtjeen dead  for a week.^ I wdridei* if they  used gas masks when th%. removed the baeon-on-the-hoof  which was washed ashore on one  of our, beaches. Sp-^rio ; swimming, keeds!., 7     '"Xy.''''_: ���','.;���.'.���.  | "Co-operate with the^!inevitable," is one; Of Dale ..Carnegie's  latest quips. You mig_it ?just as  well!- ��� " - ���..'������'���������'���  L  Home Cooked Meals  Catering for Private p^i��  ��  Reservations Accepted by Mail  ENGLISH tE^t^  MRS. E. L. WARDIL  Proprietress  H  FoiAllTheN^  '..*  Record and Appliance  .\X7l7-:^^;;<^ONS^B.(G.7;r'.  Records To Suit  All Moods  .   HifpFfHEDAY���  Phil Harris, "Deck of  Cards" _______ 75c  R.C. A. BLU EBI RD records ���_��� y,: Cowboy and H i 11 bi 11 y  music by the Wel|-kno\yh \^ilf Cqrtlr^ ^elfiijAutrey,  Hank Snow and Spike J Ones^ _____:__���_________���__��� 60c  \ ���;.'������ 7; ':������'.      ������'���'....;;���.���.'        Xv,;'~:y,.,.:.yy y  Outstanding Record Albums such as the Red Seal���-  a favorite.   RIMSKY^KORSAKOV five 12" records���  X-.^XX\rt^..r^yyy:,^  Associated with The Sunset (Hardware  Bus and Mail Order Service  e .*. y  Village Centre  ��� ��� ���-. ���'���-.��� - ������ ��� -        -��� '"���-���"ii'"1'  '.   .        ���      ,���'������ *~ 'y- ��� .��� i ���    ������������'. ���* -^ .>��� 'J '���  Phone Sechelt 55  Operated by:  Frank French'7;  Harry Sawyer:  Cecil  Lawrertc^ '  ;t7 NIGHT ^CAtt^^:  . F. French_S LLS  H. Sawyif-^ t!5��5  C. Lbwren*  DR. L. A. LORNE  annojunces the opening of his  ��� ,- ;:---.��p|NTAt OFFICES  AT ROBERTS CREEK  xxri;,'>''"';^'iijfNE 26 .    -^  ���  Dental Services of All Types  A"*  Phone Roberts Creek���20H2 Friday, Jane 18, 1948  THE COASTlMiEWS/SECHEl^ B. C.  Page Five  By E. NESTMAlf  / A STRAWBERRY social will be  held iri Gibsons June 18 in aid  < of VbN fund. This is their affair  for June. In July they will hold  a  Carnival  towards   their   drive  for a new nurse.  ;  \ Tickets on the drawing for flood  relief are really selling like the  j proverbial hotcake. School child-  /i?n are  really all  out  for this  sale. If you haven't a ticket then  better get one as your share in  this   drive.   The ladies ^Monday  | Club held  bingo  at  Merry  Ern  Cafe in aid of flood relief and  realized   $40.7 The   hamper   was  won by  MrX Clay  and  pictures  were   won  by  Jim   Drurnmond,  f who turned them in tp be auctioned,   and- another   $$2.75  was  [realized. At the dariceXat vGairi-  |bier the ladies raffled this groc  ery hamper arid realized $25, won  by Mrs. Gray, who turned it -back  to. flood relief... . .these ladies  although originally organized for  relaxation, have really responded to thfese causes in grand fa-  shiori,;arid deserve real prafee for  their efforts. For these two  causes they have raised over $250  and I think they deserve an "orchid".  COUNCIL NOTES /  At a meeting of council, Wally  Graham, water caretaker, announced that our water supply is  taking quite a beating, during  the hot spell,: so a -ban has been  placed on spririkiing, until further notice . .1; our plans to extend water, service, is still on the  program, but pipe as the burning  issue, we ordered pipe last October for March delivery and are  still waiting for completion of  our order. It is hoped that by  July 15 or so, we may be able to  augmerit our supply  with  addi-  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K  SCISSORS  6-inch Household Scissors ���--���______-  Stainless Chrome Scissors  _____  Barber Shears  ___' -  Gibsons, B.C.  ��� 85c  $1.60  $1.15  DANCE SPONSORS NOTE:  CERA &ciWAX::ror making the dance floor nice  and smooth.   1-lb. tube ___ ;  58c  We Carry a Complete Line of PYREX WARE  Percolators ~ . . ��� ������.....���._���.__ .._���_. $3.65  Double, Boiler 1 $4.95  7      7              S  Complete with cord ___. :_ ���   $27.65  SALES AND SERVICE  - a,  ip-v-?-" '^-  i  Prices Reasonable  Estimates  - Watchmaker and Jeweller  ������' ,���-:- ���..���!-��� 'fit i";^4 '���������.".'.'' v X .1 ���'. -'y'������ . '   ���   ' '"���������'     ��� ������ ,_?  v&lSkilled Workmdnship and Satisfaction Given  L ���'  -'  ���'��� ,"'.       .���������'���',������''.���..; - ���' .7: : ���' X  ��� :-^r^%^&>Yidrs Experience''[-,''  Bus arid Mai I Order Service Gibsons, B.C.  K  Parkers  Hardware  SECHELT  The Springs Are Running,  in Porpoise Boy  Get Your Fishing  ..........^ ���������'_.-)  Tackle Now . . .  and bring home the  one.  Allcoek Reels, Bamboo Rods, Flashers, Spoons,  Herring Strip, Landing Nets, Nylon Line, Trout Flies  SEE THE; SMART NEW 10-FOOT LITEKRAFT BOAT  Weights only 65  lbs.  For Value and Qualify in Hardware���See PARKER'S  tional water, from springs about  500 feet from present reservoir.  However the night we placed a  ban on sprinkling it started to  rain, and rained for two days,  so that shpuld help the gardens  some. Ariypne; fpuhd sprinkling  under this ban will be summons-,  ed, this i^ reially an order. As  soon as new traffic signs arrive  -'-TOm:-vf^l_G Works .Department,  parking xules will be definitely  enforced; they are very stringent  ibut are there for eveyohe's protection.  "^i'1'* '7 ������' .-���  PLAYGROUND NOTES      ������'?���������:.,  The g^assc. is looking very good  ^on the playground and plans to  resurface baseball diamonds are  on the agenda. It is to be hoped  equipment for ball park, and children will soon be in place.  THEY TELL ME���  Arnold   from   the   new   cafe,  crushed a rib, he tells me some  pop  cases he  was moving,  slipped  ...  better watch  it there  fella. ... Johnny Bertram would  like anyone interested in forming  a rifle and revolver club, to contact him or Pete, our constable,  then a date can be set for a meeting . . . yes, ladies too. . . . My  mother, lyjtrs. Curtis, was all set  to   leave   -j_or   Montreal   around  June'1st,...when floods sort of dis-,'  rupted herv schedule ... after a  few days wondering what she was  going to do,  she decided to fly  from Vancouver to Calgary and  then take train to Montreal. .  Got to hand it to these old timers,  more courage than I'll ever have,  her first plane trip too���but she  was   determined   to   get   to   her  destination. . . . Dan MacFarlane  went   down   to   do   some   dyke  .work, last week.  There's another  active "oldster" X. . Also talking  to   Chuck   Wiriegarden,   he   was  telling  me   about   "water, divining"���he says he has done it for  y ears j his father before him: ������''' H6 i  ^a^warj;mg7fqr.. ,�� frip to ������ -;��roWfe^r  toT-help 'sortiefori^lofeate'''^, well-'  out' there;. ";  Chucks another one  of  our. real   oldtimers,   says^   he  never rriisses.  He uses, a v^eepirig  Willow fork, and can use an apple tree.   His father used witch  hazel forks���he says he can feel  the pull  on  the fork, when he  locates the water supply.   Really  woriderful, but that's nature.  Noticed Frank Bailey back for  the weekend, Iboking very fit, sea  air and rest doing you a lot of  good, Frank. . . . Also Al Swallow, back on the job for son Ken,  wouldn't you like to stay Al. . . .  Correction, a Wally Peterson, is  running the 'new home,, as roorii-  ing hquse^Oon: his \own. . . Our;  Herbie is going north after the  elusive fish���lots of luck Herb.  . . . George Gibbs of Granthams  suffered a crushed hand at Port  Mellon. . . .Mr. and Mrs. Plows,  announce the engagement of their  daughter Evelyn to John E.  Spence, wedding- to take place  July 7th at Hopkins.  Visitors here to deluxe fishing,  were from Birmingham, Eng., Mr.  and Mrs. C. D. Palmer and daughter, Mr. Palmer, a cost accountant, they arrived in Canada on  the Acquitania, and travelled over  land on the CNR, where they  were put on a plane from Calvary arid flown to Vancouver,  due to flood conditions. They  are thrille& with all the freedom  we have here.; Their radios close  at night at li p.m. and various  other ��� things that are restricted.  They also told us that the Acquitania, will make 10 more trips this  year and carry 1500 passengers  each trip. That's a .lot of people,  but Canada is wide.  We have a new jeweller here,  next door to Jinn. Anderson, our  shoemaker. Guess I'll see him  and get the; bracelet on my watch  fixed. That sure will be handy.  . . . See Mrs. Wilf Thomson and  her two children (former May  Drummorid) are up for a holiday.  By H. I. L.  This has been forwarded to the  Bank of Montreal.  Mr. and Mrs, H. Steed visited  __,.      .      ��� .      ^ ._   ,      their   daughter   Mrs.   J.   E.   Lee  ^The   total  money   donated  by over   the   long   week-end.    Mrs.  the residents of Selma Park to  steed remained until the follow-  the   Flood   Relief   was   $220.25.  jng  Friday. .    . '  . . ^ See our Marg McKay and her  baby up for a vacation too. Better give me that niarried name,  Marg, never can remember these  things, x   . "'./.., ]yVyr  The big Blue Baby dance is  over and the drawing has taken  place. Lew Read won the washing machine. What you gonna do  with it, Lew? Bill Cochrane from  Sechelt won the radio and Mr.  Marsh from Halfinoon Bay won  the hamper of groceries. Mrs.  Tyson made some very beautiful  corsages, and they were sold at  the door, realizing the fine sum  of $35. The ladies looked really  nice with their flowers. It's wonderful what flowers will do to  an~bccasion, I think it's a fine  idea, and should be done often.  Little Gay Elliott, the blue baby,  drew the tickets. She looked  very winsome in a pink organdy  dress. Credit due to Cliff Leach  and Cliff Gray who�� worked so  hard to put this affair over the  top. Will let you know the total  collected next week. . . . Well,  I've got an early morning ferry  to catch and I'm really sleepy���  I've got to scram for this week,  will have more news I hope next  week. Be seeing you and thanks  to every one who supported our  fund. You really are grand people  you knoW.  Mr. and Mrs. E. Schweitzer of;  Vancouver   have   beri   guests   of  the Sid McKays' for a few days.  Mr.   and  Mrs.  George  BatchH��  olor/ Mr. arid Mrs. H." Batcholbr;  and .Mr. and Mrs. S. McKa^ attended the pwedding of Miss EX  Kean and Mr. John Batbhblbr ia;  Vancouver on Jurie 18.  The annual meeting of- the Selma Park Community will be held  on Monday, June 21, at 8 p.m. in  the Willows Store. Everyone is  asked to attend this important  meeting.  Mr. and Mrs. W. Kennedy  spent last week-end at-their summer home here.  A delightful surprise party Was  held on the evening of June 11,  when about 2,0 friends from Se- 1  chelt and Selma called on Mr.  J. Mowatt on the occasion of his  birthday. Games and contests  were enjoyed and refreshments  were served. Mr. Mowatt was  the recipient of many gifts, both  humorous and useful.  Mrs. Grace Sherman of Vancouver has been visiting her cousin, Mrs. R. ListeX\  Miss< Hilda Gow of Vancouver  Continued on Page 8  Mi^M^i^Mi  CollisoiOs Baiber Shop  Monday ��� Closed All Day :  Tuesday ��� 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p_m.  *" r        W^  Thursday��� 9:30 aan. io 6:00 p.m.  Friday ��� 9:30 a^n. to 9:00 p.m.  Saturday ��� 9:30 a,m. to 8:00 p.m.  HAIRCUTS ��� SHAVES ��� FACIALS ��� SHAMPOOS  UNG'S DRUGS  Gibsons and Sechelt  CITY SERVICE -^ CITY >RICES  Summer Needs  Bathing Caps __. 45c, 75c  Beach Balls  ��� 79c  Sun Goggles __ 25c, 2.69  Toni Cold Wave _ 2.50  622 Insect Repellent, 59c  Skol ___���____^__ 50c, 75c  Box Cameras, 7.00, 8.00  Moth Crystals, lb. _. 55c  1   ������ '',* il ��� '     ���   ' .      '  Rollit Ball Pens  1.69  Boxed Chocolates  1.10, 1.50  Tek Razor and  Blades ._ 49c  Marvin Ladies' Wrist  Watch,  57.50 and tax  Marvin   Men's  Wrist  Watch,  49.50 and tax  Pearl Necklaces  ���  3.75 to 9.75  VACATION SPECIALS  Injector Razor, Blades, Cream���ALL FOR .. 98c  Effervescent Fruit Saline arid Tumbler 53c  Two Nylon Tooth Brushes __, 45c  SECHELT STORE HOURS:  Monday - Closed ��� Tuesday, Friday -9 a.m. to  Saturday - 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.���Sunday, 1 p.m. to  p.m.  p.m. Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C...  Friday, June 18, 1948  3 Lines (15 Words) ipr 35c  3 Insertion (_am0 ad) 60c  THESE  are  the  days  when   an  ~ ��� ���; ��� ;  hour spent resting on the porch their native Scots braes flourish,  or   lawn   really   does   a   person       A   ,���       , !.'���������___ __   ���__  good; days in which to enjoy And gardens shoulcVbe dream-  looking, at the garden; days of fd of and Pla���fd-. G^mp^ of  planning improvements and chan- those roc^ P^;s m Wft J**r  Ses in next year's .garden. couver show, what can be done  "  .   ���'..:._....._. _     y. '   .     ,   .     although, we   suspect  some   of  A recent visit to old friends* in them cost> a; small fortune iri  Surrey gave me a lot of garden landscaping-fefes arid labor. Care  pleasure. Pioneenng^n a, new in; foundatumlplariting iiimport-  site, they have managed a lojely ^t; m^ri#��fe)us^ snU& in to  "dream garden" onypxr .sgddly thie site;^ %'i^^ioriged. While  shaped quarter aere�� Winding some places^ call for the straight  paths,   well  chosen   shrubs   and garden path of the old; city lot,  flowering trees give an illusionr an  apprcJach ^om  a  front   cor-    of distance; The vegetable patch ner or a winding path will often FQR. SALE���_ MISCELLANEOUS  is  laid  out   with  long  rows; to make a big improvement. ONE  saddle horse,   mare,  com- ROTO-TILLER  --- power*  tiller,  speed* cultivation, arid they have  __  .       _   ^. plete with western saddle and      does the work in onb opera-  left  a  tiny  patch   of  park-like COLORDHEAMS, bridle.   Mr.   F.   Solnik,   Roberts tiori-^of plow, disc:��nd harrow;  woodland, where the wildlings of      Speaking of dreams,  a friend Creek, B. C. 49" Call or write Cliff Leach, Gib-  B.C.  mmk%  Extra Words, abov^Jl5-w6rd min., 2c* each; Cash With order.  Notices^ fenga&$m&& Marriages, Deaths, eta* 75q. __hsertibri  ^ ._^^^DS:^ . BIG RiSUI_tS  Optomeirist  GIBSONS  Office Hours :���  a.m. to 5:  9:  p.m.  Evenings by Appointment  Every' diay except  sons,  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  ��� asked me at breakfast the other  morning "if my dreairis were iri  black arid white or technicolor.  The question is still unsettled!  Glen. 0463F  Phone  Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  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Electricity arid W&  beauty for next suriimer. ter.* Also   4  roomed  waterfront  The secret of success with per-w cottagev with utility room. Daily  ennials is to steadily divide the bus service. Apply A. Mills, West  clumps as they get unwieldy, re-  Sechelt. 48  planting in freshly-dug, enriched  �����.c,A,Tir\ .  soil. Here a handful of bonemeal f^J^S���        .     . V        1  may be included to help make 13-FOOT rowboat, ne\v\y ypam-  sturdy stems and bloom. .    j ted, lined mside. In good con-  When you grow them frorri.'dition. Special spruce oars. Ap-  seed, keep only the best colors Ply Murdo Stewart, Gibsons, B.  arid shapes.   Increase your show ?��� ��� ^8  by dividing these as! they get big pQR  SAlM- ���  enough."This..applies Particular-  MAN>S  biCyclej   g0od  condition,  ^ ^^^^X-.-^if^^  yl"      with light and carrier. $30. Ap-  0%^J^P^M ��� % "!?rQ^ Ply 'S^McKay, Selma ParkL BXJ.  culling the garden is not cluttered - yy^y^y     ~ '      &  m$hy, too,,many types and col1' ��� :��� .   ��� ,: :y"-"':: ��� �����:,  ors; greedy plants riiay well be FOR SALE  turned out of a small garden, or WATERFRONT lots at head of  planted in odd corners where Pender Harbour. Write or con-  they riiay sprawl Without injuring tact H. Williamson or A. Egner,  finer iriatierial. ' Pender   Harbour. tfn  Bearded iris are now at their. ������ ���-���-���������'������������-������  lovely best; and it is a good, tiftiie MISCELLANEOUS {,  to choose new ones to be planted WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make  in AugustrSeptember for best slip covers, supply materials'  results. Of four new ones we iri- 7 and do take pride in bur work-  dulged in last year, one only, the manship. -Free estimates. Usher's  lovely Radiant> has bloomed this Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.  year, although the  other plants x�� ^cri1  look quite healthy.- Growers cut ������������������-��� ���������   the higher priced rhizomes ra- WE BUY AJSTDSELL       7  ther small, it seems, but the; wait RIFLES   arid   shot^iiris   bought  is disappointing. This^flpwer has      and sold, also all kinds of used  improved so much of recent years goods,  furniture,  clothing, tppls,7  and every garden should include etc.   Square   Deal   Store,   Westr  a'few of the rnpdern varieties.      view, B.C. V  Don't forget to put in at least QpTrxmi?   tst vvtirc. ���^7" ~~2  one, new Peony   this    summer;  SPJ^CE-^PLOWS:      Mr     and  carefully planted it will give you T ������' R' ^ow^ .'��J H(?Pfe?H  a thrill every June for the rest: ^mS_ ^W^ ^engage-  of your life, and manage to look ^?nt ^of, the!��, eldest daughter,  attractive for most of ^te rest of ^% ^elyn Plows, to Jfc John  the year as well: The Peony:_^.����� ^^^x^^3:%^^-":^'  really an investment in gaMeri^gal ���� P^ame Road, Coquitfv  beauty,  and  some of.the  most    -tSx   w . ^       ...   , .       ,  beautiful of them cost less than tV^S^S?86 ���- take plaCf  a dollar nowadays: Jury  7,   1948. Ir,  ���.By SAiNDY LOAgZf  Bill  Slater,  one  of radio's  best  ���'��.m i'k. r>"v_.w*^^---'^'-/t'^W'v.._-��.,*.(,..'J.Jv__>-,j_.':Ji--3-Ki..: .-..:-.__.... ��u:.i\r.; ^i-i".r.-.v-.Sk-j-*.4_^_��*��^��  known announcers antf a. sports  autlMMity <il note^ is master of c��re-  monies oi n M u t u al's^Twenty  Questions," heard bv��r CKWX each  Monday at 9:30 p.m. Sponsored by  Ronspriiv '-Tweirt^' Qiiwtilc^'fehas  become one of the most popular qui?  shows heard in this area.  MORE ABOUT  WILSON CREEK and  Painting-Paperhqnging  LUMBER AND FUEL  H. GAINES  Painting ���- Paperhangixiig  Spray work       ^ v "*  A Complete Line of 1948.  Wallpapers -��� Estirnates  Coast News, Box G14  ^BURN^Jdr^fJAdKSON  , ��� ���x-;,s^|i,x  Producer of Choice ^LiiMbier  :7- :^,J&^A||^ Species ' ���;:  Wpdid^arid Sawdust    -;  Phc3i# %chelt 15-Mr_^x  Transfer - Truckers  FRANK  YATES  Home Oil Agents for  Peninsula  Gravel and Freight Carrying  Gneeral Hauling ��� 2 Phones  Days, Wilson Creek���5S .  Nights,. Rpbetr^Cireel^���24L  Ancient . people iriiprispned  fire-flies iri cbcoariut slielis to  furnish light.  Avignon, France, was the seat,  of the; papacy from 1309 to 1377.  More than 165,000,000 telephone calls are made daily in the  United   States.  ���'���' Continued from page 3  the .coalfields throughout British  Columbia.'' ...      X.xX7 \X^. ������:  Mr. Tom: Turner left Tfor. Vari-  couyer qri the Gulf Wing. "Tom  is taking his routine check-up.  ]^r_i CKiisi Inriis' left for his  hoirie in J^lincotiyer after payirig  a visit to ,^irchie, his brother,1 who  has not been feeling at i his best  recently.  Mrs. Helen: Gibbons^ returned  from a visit to Vancouver, as' also did Mrs. H. RoDerts,. who  brought back with .her, three  grandchildren frorh Sea Island.  U  earns  wishes to announce . B H  Effective June 1, 1948'# Mr. E. W. Pdrr Pearson is  appointed Residont Agent, with supervision over all  departments and.any matters pertaining;tp the operation of Sechelt Estate. ^^  r. R. S. Hackett is transferring to the Post Office  Department of his own accord and Post Office regulations limit his duties exclusively to that department. Friday, June 18, 1948*  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  -^V'Sfs  Anyway they looked quite smart  iri them.  By   PE&BL   PUNNETT Mrs. W. Foster and her daugh  ter, Mrs. Dewe Morgan, and little  _,    ,,      i_ ,. .      j-- "     grand-daughters Diane and Aud-  The baseball game played on rey have returned to Vancouver  June 8 between Turner's Dairy  and Bowen. Score 10-7 for Turner's; The riewiiniforms must  have put the boys o,ff their game, their daughter and baby staying   ���   . ~ "'" .������     .' 7 ���   with them for a short visit last  week. ���������;.  after a ten-day vacation here.  Mr. and Mrs. Billy James had  I ���:.  A. L. BRU��i��EEt  ;Selma; Park,B.C.  '."..  ACCOUNT!IMG ���"  INTOME TAX7  REPRp_>UCT  EJirfect Mail Advertising  By the look of the orchards around seems like a bumper crop  of apples may be expected this  yearX    ..x; \X- .7  " Congratulations to Bob an<i  Dot ProudloCk ori their first  wedding anniversary^ June 9.  -  Peruvian Incas are believed to  have used cocoa leaves, from  which cocaine :is derived, as an  anasthetic: for their skull operations centuries; ago.  7^^ Mail OrdersV9  !t|t RESTMORE ^UR^TURK:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  it GENI1RAI_^LftCTRIC APF^  X7X7X xx-ivx R^rigera$prs'arid; Washing Machines  it ITJRJ^TTO  ,     v Qedar Chests, Lamps, Eta  ��!���  1  OR AN S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B.C. ~^^ 230  . <    .       ! ...  ./try.;- >,-.'>     r--"-"-''-L/i  ���&.  Wehave the very latest equipment for refacing valves.  Our valve seat grinder for the modern hard surface valve  seats does a beautiful job. Send in your valves and valve  seats via stage and we will give you first class service.  .0* m.  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Through ingenuity, courage and plain hard work on the part of the farmers  and truckers, milk production has been maintained at a surprisingly high level, F.V.M.P.A.  officials report.  BRITANNIA BEACH  By "SLIM'  The Beach Club had a dance  Saturday to aid the Flood Fund.  There was quite a nice big crowd  and the orchestra was made up  of boys from the Beach. They  made $296! and a man gave the. $4  to make it an even $300. A supper of sandwiches, cake arid coffee was served, and George Taylor, L7 Simpson;arid H. -Brai^jrir  won the riiystery raffles. A good  tiriie was had-���aiefinitely���-by all.  The little Tiirims baby was  quite ill for a few days, but we  are  happy  to  report  it  is  fine  now. ���  \-.  Would like to welcome the  new Doctor and his wife to the  Townsite. I know Doctor and  Mrs. Lindsey will like the hospitality there.  Hello Ivy and Creichton of  Trail���sorry they had to evacuate you at midnight. We've all  been thinking of you.  Hello, Kitty and Chuck at Sandon.  Mrs. Lynch arrived home with  her new daughter, Linda Lee. A  cute name, eh? (I picked it!)  I saw an old timer yesterday,  Mr. Jack Dane, so 'hello' to you  and the family. .  See Jack McClusky has his  Hilda M in the water here, and  he deserves more congratulations  than I cari give hirn, on building |  that wonderful speedboat. It's a  work of art and a credit to the  Townsite. If you haven't seen it,  come and take a look. What a  shine on it! The 100-horsepower  motor sure makes it travel.  Another boat that hit the water yesterday was Brian Roach's  new craft, and it's a beauty, too.  He deserves a lot of credit. He  was going to launch it at midnight (to save on the champagne?) but I guess he was talked out of that one., Too bad,  Brian, anyway, Congrats to you!  .vlr. and Mrs. Ray Johns, for  merly of our Trail, were visiting  Woodfibre for the week-end. Gh-  never a dull moment around  here.. Just discovered two wood  ticks in my daughter's head, so  again we had to seek our nurse,  Jeanette.  Well, that's 'cheerio' for another week���remember the flood  victims and give generously!  ���SLIM  HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c  ._ ���  The bid-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  FISH BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  QUALITY ��� SERVICE ��� VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Vi  ;?  Boat Tanks, Worm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  . Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  * Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  *9T  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  Welding  General Repairs  Marine Engines  Water Cooled; Air Cooled  Gas or Diesel  PENDER HARBOUR  Rough  Lumber  Random Widths  Random Lengths  Fir  Cedar  Hemlock  B.C. FIR (SECHELT) LTD.  SECHELT, B.C. PHONE 42 e Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  ?*  Friday, June 18, 1948  By MRS. J. H. RENNIE  MORE ABOUT  SELMA  PARK  Continued from Page 5  is spending two weeks with Mrs.  H. Neal here. Gambier Island gave a splen-  The annual strawberry tea of did tunj out for the Blue Baby  the Selma Park Community held Dance.  Our veterans, their ladies      On the afternoon of; Wednes-  June 14 at Bayview was a .great and friends were right on deck day,   June   9,   parishioners   and  success, both socially arid finah- for  the big event.   The  Bay at.Jfriends ofRev.  and''Mr^. G.  H.  dally. Total receipts will be an- Gambier Harbour was full to*ca-  Gibbs   from   Soames   Point   and  nounced later. pacity with small boats and about Hopkins'   Landing,  met [at   the  The tea was officially opened 9:45 the Gibsons ferry, the Ma- residence of _Dr. W. 5. ijang.  by  Magistrate's.  McKay.  Then ehigonne,  came in with a capa-      Tea was served on;the7porch,  followed  the   procession   of  the city  load.    $&3n   we   built  our after which thevhpstessi addressed  Strawberry Queen, her maids of Memorial Hall we thought it was Rev. and Mrs. Gribb��; rsayMi"This  honor, trainrbearers ar^d. crown-^Targe for Gambler Tsl^ricfbut be- little gatheririg of Somei of your  bearer.   These  littl&^fblks worelieve rne there>��was not an inch- parishioners and friends are met  headdressesl^preser-tlig'theblps^ of floor space that was not cov- here to tell yoii howv^ry sorry we  som.  Mrs. R. Liste designed'and ered to capacity. What a time was are   that  you   are  leaving  this  made the costumes arid arranged had by young and old. The splen- Parish. During you? service-here  the setting, and'a very hearty did  orchestra*  the  North  Shorexfor the faster we have learned  vote of thanks is due her. Mar- Rangers,    got   everybody's   feet to love you both.  You are going  ilyn   Home,   with   a   few   well- moving and as they danced the to be greatly missed, but we do  chosen   words,    crowned   Queen crowd sang.   It was a, most in- wish, yoii    to    knbw    that    our  Darlene  Laycock,   who   in  turn spiring moment to. see the com- thoughts  and prayers  are  with  thanked her subjects. plete enjoyment of everybody in you in ypur new Parish ana in  TK:   wv-w    v.id��W    nnrnHP **d of so good a caus& Iwant to  all   your 7 undertakings.    Please  The  bathing    beauty    parade *  special tribute to the accept this little token of our ap-  started off with the mermaid re- *Ay f very &pec_._u ">"*�� iy v��e    rpf,r..���   _      -._��� ���. ..    - c *7  _.i;_.;��cr i�� 4v__* e��_n  ______  r>AT��i.mtf people of Gibsons.  They came in preciation tor your spiritual ser-  clming in the sun .and combing *_* nurnbers and they came ore- vice amongst us."  her long, hair, followed by two 141^e "uin"ers> dnu "^ ^me pre miw 'wa��   nrPCAi.^    ani.  w___r.__.T-r_ cxjrirr. ����+ ftiric +ViA^r_i- pared   and   expecting   to   enjoy     -A  purse   was  presented,   ana  .modernswimrsuit girls, the Gol- fh        lv v    .,.-,* Rev.   Gibbs then addressed  the  .den Girl, lifeguard with the little wiem&eives. ^therW thrmlHi__^-*Kr��#��nrp����it  Jfcl  she had rescued;  then  the      There is no doubt that one and gf^^lS^aiSd^^to  lathing suits of 1902 and 1922 to all they did so, and we in our *or *heir Kindness and support in  ���1948. -Then  came  the  Alabama turn enjoyed their company and     , ,��� ."'���'������  ;f wins, who really stole the show, shared with them the;fii?i  and other ways.   We as yet have no  'The Bathing Beauties were Mrs. happiness.  But inost particularly accurate accounting of rthe amount  ?C Prince, Mrs. A. Murphy, Mrs. I   want  to  thank  therii-ffbr  so raised as tickets were sold from  J. Redman, Mrs. H. Liste, Mrs. J. strictly  obeying   our   club  rules varied  sources   but, there  is   no  E. Lee, Mr. F. WilloWs and Mr. and regulations without question doubt  that the amount will  be  F.Rice. and for their splendid co-opera- substantial, so just as soon as we  ':.'��� The  White Elephant stall did tion  in  every  way.   I  want  to get a  final accounting weXwill  a big business arid Mr W  Crea- thank Cliff Gray and Cliff Leach announce the exact amount rais-  mer auctioned off What was left, and the  other  members  of the ed.   Good  luck and  God  Bless  Five people guessed the weight of Gibsons   Blue   Baby   Committee Gibsons Blue Baby.  the prize cake, so they drew for for   the   kindness   and   courtesy     r  should  have  reported three  dt,  Miss  Peggy  Mcmilop  being ^^?^^rt^n^ "��* weeks  ago  on  the rnarriage  of  the fortunate one   The cup and ^hne/ ^^*to?f^  saucer  went to  Mrs.  J.  Smnott Pie  of  Gibsons,   we  stand  with Vi_���-.- p^iri^i'  nf    tht>-   Am.w  his Parish work here, adding that  he would miss them all, but  would remember their kindness  to both himself and Mrs. Gibbs.  The usual monthly meeting of  the  WA  of  the  United Church  (whenr Gibsons  and Grantham's  Landing groups met jointly); was  held^June 3 in the hall of the  church. A large riumber of meiri-  bers was present to hear an address by Miss Zella  Collins,  of  the   Department   of   Welfare   at,  UBC.   Miss Collins gave a very  interesting talk pn welfare work,  especially on child welfare. Mrs..  Kennett was soloist.   The mem-;  . bers of the two groups have had'  a   very   gratifying_���,. six   months'  work and when they meet again.  in September they will take up  their ..work again with renewed  enthusiasm.7 The Harmony group  is anticipating a good attendance]  at the  Garden Party,* which  is \  being held  at the residence  of  Prof, and Mrs. Henderson on the ;  afternoori of Wednesday, July 8-  Mrs. Hooper Robinson, formerly of Hopkin's Landing, is spending a few days with Prof, and  Mrs. Henderson.  Mr. and Mrs, W. Banks entertained their friends, Mr. and Mrs.  David Mowat, of Vancouver, last  week. ' ~. : .;������'  .-.-���- . ; _ - > X  The Misses Laverock spent a  long week-end at their summer.  cottage and had as their Ugliest'  Miss Criiickshariks, who" is quite  a globe-trotter. She has :visited  many larids, including sbme in  Europe and the Orient, and some  day intends to settle in Soames'  Point.  She has purchased the lot'  for her future home.   ;  Mr. and Mrs. G. Mathieson are  spending a vacation at present in;  their summer cottage at Grantham's. They are bld-tirriers here,:  for they have been spehdirig their I  vacations here since 1914.       ���'.'"'X,  On Sunday a luricheorir wafc1  held at the Guest House in aid  of the flood relief fund. XPorty  guests sat down to a delicious  lunch. The food was cooked and  served to perfection* Mrs. Hunter is an excellent cook, and the  guests are assured of the best Of  catering at all times by the hOfstf  and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. GJ.  -Hunter.-,.���     :... 7...  The congregation of .Gibsons  United Church on Sunday heard ���  a very> inspiring address by thk  Rev. Robert Morrison who was  occupying this pulpit as guest  preacher; Mrl Mbrnspn^is especf,  rally, interested in-bringing; the<  youhffpeople, bf today to^ know ���  the true values bi. life arid thattJ  they riiay "grow hi wisdom snid|  in favour with God arid' irissn.y  Mr. Morrison carpe oyer to viSiw  with the Sunday School at Grari-|  tham's. The yoiing folks who^li^l  tened to him will remember :thM  day and the message that Mr.|  Morrison gave to them. Hijs per-|  soriality is: siidh ���$$*$������ iiL'wqWm  leave sVery fine impression qif^  their hriihdk ���       ��� '���':''''i:XX/r.yr- .'������':���  Support your community news  paper. Subscribe to the Coas  News today!  " ' ".  of Elavis Bay, with No. 39. you, we want to co-operate with  The tables were attractive with you m  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JON ASf  Phone for Appointments  seen  soon.  =_  ������ ���  v    SPiClAW!  -'  '   '-'.'.- -      ' ' jJb,    .  - * *..''.      .    'i *? '. ' -   "   ��� .'-':���" ,    ''..',7 ��� ,   -  Tpatble OU Clothi, 54'^, beavy qualjt^ ���._.���,-.-  Turkish Type < Towels, 20x30, pair ���...X...,.---.-.  Plain While PiUow Slips/pair  Hemstitched Lace Pillow Slips, pair  36x30  Pink or Blue Osmor Baby Blankets  ���.������.���  $1.00 32x42 .-_���--.--:  SMI*  $2.00  $3.95  $1.S0  ���tet  USHERS YARD   GOODS SHOP  LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S SHOE#  GIBSONS/B.C.  ^77  Would You Like A Better Treat?  ..-:.'.V/-. theiifry the     '"���    _  x ot tlteAV|ilage Centre. Sechelt'  If ybui enjoy the best.Iri1 good food, then you'll be fully  satisfied with bur dinners. If you Jjke better service  in a finer atmosphere,-ypu'lI be glad you-came. And  if you like a good combination of these things, you'll  feye^the7VI LLA^E COFFEE SHOP.  7 X    ^There Is Nothing Finer;  It's Sechelt's Most Modern Eating Place"  T5TT?.  Vice   President   of    the   Army,  ''^Jt^^^Ui^u^AV^A Nayy and Air Force, Vets to Miss  matters of this kind and ^an���es warn,  daukhter of Mr.  - arid Mrs. Bill Warn of East Bay  the strawberry motif and flowers, Gambier island. The happy pair  and Old Sol really Carriethrough just flew back frorri their honey-  in fine style.  I hope all the for- Moon ^^  turies that Mrs. F: Rice and Mrs. ed. the Blue Baby D^nce last  W Schbtt told their patrons will night. ! They are a fine couple  come to pass. All in all, it was and will have much happiness  a grand afternoon and the com- before them. The parents of both  mittee thanks all those who took bride and groorn are well known  part, and everyone who patron- and highly respected on Gam-  lzed it, as well as those who as- bier Island and in particular we  sisted m various ways. ,       ���   all think the world of Mr. and  Jack Whittaker was on hand Mrs7 Joe Mitchell, whoare ex-  to take pictures, as well asmany tremely: active iri air matters" for  amateur   photogtaphers, so there the good of .the. Island.   I should  ?_^tJ!S.��e Spm^ ^^ ��neS        * just like very briefly to mention  that the catering at -The ; Vetera  ans Memorial Hall is quite a job  arid corries under the charge of  ' Mrs. Florencev Bourne of Gambier  Harbour...; She and the-otHer ladies; are cehainly doipga swell  ���.job and we all owe th^ii a lot  for their harcj wprk^J At ��� the  dance last night the foilbwing  officiated at the snack bar: Mrs.  F. Bourne, Mrs. &. J. W. Adkihs,  Mrs! F. W. .Aiexandei- and Mrs:  Francis Drage. 7  May I also take this pppbrturi-  ity to thank the Gibsons Bros.,  and the of fibers and crew of their  ferry for the generous use of the  s Machigonne. It was a kindly ^nd  generous act that wlil be-remem-  bered by us all. Again thaak you  very much, the boat was, a tre-  men^Qus help to" thexsuccess of  tti^,;:Blue VBa^yj'D^  pltlmight be good to s%^ word'  to \thosedn =Gibisdns Who^started  the .idea of a Fldob^ dahce^bri the  same night 7as the ^pEfie- Baby^��  Dance. It did ? not -hurtlbur dance >  in any way as wie WfeXfull to  capacity,  but it .hurt ���& .Floodi  Dance:;^':���'������;7;':777.yb���'Wy-'y:- ������;;..' ,"  This is not meant'^^ asS^iticism,  but it is too had, fas; we -al^o would  have liked to -help the7Flood-  Dance andthus-raise a little more  money for this cause. We. were  only sorry that we wfere in this  way denied the opportunity; Perhaps by meptioning this, unnecessary duplication cari be avoided  iri the future, and better results  obtained. X  ���_-,,_..  ANNOUNCEMENT!  Sechelt Peninsula Board off Trade  General Meeting and  Election  of Officers  at the '  MARION HALL, HALFMOON BAY  JUNE 28th-> 8:00 p.m.  Come and join your Board of Trade.  New Members Needed  Members are reminded nominations to be in, in writing, by June 21st, to Mr. J. W. Berry, Sechelt, Selma  Park and Wilson. Mr. T. Beasley, Halfmoon Bay. Mr.  R. Murdock, Pender Harbour.      . "     -  Use Tins  SUBSCRIPTION FORM  Now!  We need your support as a subscriber to keep up our  service and to jpiprove it.  If you are fcot now a subscriber, don't pu^it^off any longer . . . send in the  handy form beldw and be sure of getting your copy-  each week.  f9mm9..m*.......................................m...fi....Bmttm9m1tmi0K.mmmmtmmmi9mtmat9imn9mm���ammVii9m9mm,t9imnm9  ... ( , .  I Name   1______^ ���   ��� j  "iMail  Address   ���*���'  1 Year��� $2.50  Mail to THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT  or direct to ^ESTV\mi% C.  ��lMMHIIII(IIMMII.fl**tlif��Bltll.ltl)|��MIII|tl*lllll>IMIMHHMI��IIIHtlllllflll*lll|lliti����fll||Mi  -  *�����._���*��������


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