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 Vol. Ill ��� No. $fr  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.*s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt,  Gibsons, Port Mel-  Jon,   Woodfibre,   Squamish,   Irvines  f. Leading,   Half   Moon. Bay,   Hardy  rIsland,    Pender    Harbour,    -Wilson  .Greek,. Roberts.  Creek,   Granthams  __. _ _.��� Landing, Egmont, HopkinsrI*andirig,  By MALDY THOMAS '     Brackendale,   Cheek��ye,. etc.  PN MAY Day it rained, at about   ,t;.- *x;,"; L ���fir-     ~~ ~  f   v 8:30 a.m. tot cleared up around  j; 9:30  a.rri.   for fhe  biggest  cele-  r  bration since "wh^rf day last sum?  p.   mer.   iS,.,-- -   .yy---yy_.    VXX  .   ���   .'-''-'  ^     The paradej&��_rted at the In-  |- dian Reserve  andiproceeded  to  *  the post-office, where the-walking  j part of the parade werlt straight  r on up  to the  school while the.  \ mechanized part weht first to th��  J Memorial Playground then turn-  | ed around-and came up7 to the ._.._.... ,, ,,.,.  school. ^ THE BANK of Montreal has an-  Ar��/_r.�� ��^fl :.i^,X. _���+_��.___,+ nounced the appointment of  ���^ ��g the; floats of, Merest Ernest E, Rutherford, manager of  were Grayspns. Ltd.? irr which the bank's main Montreal office,  were^some of .the, Maypge danc- ag; an assistant general manager  iSj^��^ig^^r **^iPZ> ^ charge of western branches.?*,  tators. Also there^ was the Farm- succeeds Frederick Gordon Bel-  ers Ir_stitute.il(gt y^hich^carried cher, who is retiring at the end  the rest of*tfce Maypole dancers. Qf June  /And'of special ihterest, the May      A     V--���'������'���''_. __������-������������'���    ,     ���'������-_���  Queen's float^ih fhichwas seat- ^v?3^^^0^���111^13111^ En^-��  ed the May- Quieri arid her at- Mr,Rutherford has had extensive  teridants- ' :" banking experience in this coun-  npw'vJ^'w ^__ t,. ��� a i try and in England, since joining  _^*���S_ % ^ ?n?T A"*?" the B. of M: in 1912, at FeneloS  ^y B^#.Jf:the^19nJ00^: Falls, Ont. Before his appointed swell pn|heir white shirts.  It ment' last   y^  as   mana^r   of  *^M^*��ys m Gibsons the, Bank^sf main  Montreli; of-  FYI32-ZSS_S3> BT'af____B; COAST 2TOWS, X.ES_ra?_3_,  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. National Advertising1 Office, PoweU Elver, B.C.  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, June 4, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by moil  t  Sechelt VONTea j  A Big Success  The tea held May. 25 at Sechelt  Inn in aid of the VON drive was  a great success, thanks to the  support of all the good friends in  the district. A total of $200 was  realized. $25 of this is from the  sale of aprons so kindly donated  by the Sandraga Unit of the'  Nurses Overseas Service League.;  As a matter of fact, the aprons  lasted but a few minutes. Since  the tea, two more aprons have  arrived, These will be us0X*Q  start a new collection for the  next sale. Many thanks to the  unit for the helping hand.  A special vote of thanks is, due  the Native  Sisterhood  for / their;  aft   /^AMPn   /mii-kw.   r- e-   V-.I      >i"r. f   ': :      ,   r_   ��� '? ���   n       '' .' /       Contribution pfr$3��^&^__^  frOlft  ** COPPER QUEEN Faye Settle (left) received Britannia Beach's the raffle.  Mr. Rogers won-the  Immediately following the, par- branches in the Quebec,  Marj- crown from last year's ruler, Patricia Hurley, (right) at Indian basket, iSarah Baptiste. the;  de Joyce ;De^ the annual mining town celebrations May 20.   Faye, who is handbag,  Mrs.  E.  Redriian, the  d "Gibsoriis'May Queen of 1948" Overseas with the Canadian Ar- 14/was chosen by her school mates to reign iqs the World's table center.  Mr.  J%:_^ onfy copper^ queen,   the coronation was followed by a full  Who hadr bik%.turhed out >with fjce^   he   Successively   held" th#c  Rem highly decoratedi and they posts Of assistant manager of that  ill made jgood job^pf them too.      p^e    and    superintendent  %la^ & wo^ed at Pas" aprho^^  felebrations Were to be $ri  ah-     Mr. Belched-^  lual affair.   ,.  x x^xx^x. perintendent   of   the   Saskafch- Penmsulo Compo.gn ,v  ^The l\lay Queen then made a ewan district from 1922 to 1929. :  Ihort speech in which she ^orrir. and was hiade f"| I    p|     li     #  ^edj tofuttil- ^W-the.^te^setftheV district four years later. In: HfSClfi    IV __?ll__^r  le^re^her,, and cpmrriarided fe^ti- 4935 he was��� named superintend- i  ���VV^��    I t^ * "^I  Hie^nfjSwnn^ *  'T^^!yf0yv^C:^Bs'r'}a^ beautiful arid. ��� Saskatcfe and .seven,  [eace^of ^brbidered lace^  m^4e byrMrs^ I^we, and she ^ manager xpf   th^  rive  Sechelt  ^lii__^i^e^l_ithiSiM__:"'" ��� * '"** "  A cake, donated arid specially  iced by Mrs. Wm. Hunter was  raffled and won by Mr. J. West  of Sechelt X  The pressure cooker, prize for  the main raffle, was. won iby J,.  McCrea of West Sechelt arid the;  blanket by Mrs. Z. McCrea.  A    complete    report   on    the-  drive will' be published in next  week's News, with lists of quotas  completed.  T}he Board would like to thank"  .. .eyeryphe' fori the assistance^ren-^..  I'T-r-ffyiy-  Contest Slated   .......-,., -._...-......_,......._......   - -    .  .���. iri<_^ll^:#e^ief;--_:br.::_^  i�� teanhiiTiir fW^rvi    - ^              be,held m the Legion Hall here Plces, ��i- ine ^oecneit ^eninsuia  ..?$���.^eacnmg them.    ^                ._ c^turdav Juried   - Board of Trade, Red Cross, and  Little" Gay Elliot, Gibsons Blue      -pW    ��� .--/^^     4  -   ^  '  Xi VON.in the district; H. W. Agg-  iby   wasXon   handC and, w^^^  -ought up;^ the^ chairman, Miss M. Allen secret-  rmv She^go\ a^g harict frori^ ^Si^veSl vears ^h^olav? a^   and  Fat^er E'  M*  Baxter'  eryorie:- Mr. vBingsley the  an- ^^f^i^JI^: ���*. PS OMI, treasurer.  u|^ :#r^ssid l^e serio^ A sub-committee  was  formed  GIBSONS���Plans   were   comple-  the International Brotherhood of.  ifer; operation and asked; e^ at P^ffi ^th  Lloyd      ted for the gala summer frolic Paper  Makers  and  the Interna-  e:,tb#hip^iri.   It is def^^^ and  carnival   at  Gibsons- ^school, tional Brotherhood of Pulp, Sul->  ry serious  to this bright-eyed ^&���g^' T��m Rlt��hle Jr*/at^Halfmoon   Bay   S Barney  hal1  and  grounds  on  Thursday,  phite   aM Paper' Mill  Workers,  tie girjl-wants so much to run   ���*-...*.                    , Fnl^v _.<?  phflfrman    Th^f- qnb-  July 22, when the Howe Sound held in Toronto,  d play hke the rest of the chil-      *��� ^we have a good or- ���ey as J^maju   ^A  Women's Institute held its May      The course of action was map-;  en her age., .                                 cnesxra nere, it is iiKeiy tnat tne nommittep set un at  meeting.                                               ped m a resolution, unanimously  Ffbe hot dogs, ice cream and dances  at  Sechelt  will be  held tion with the committee set up at      The affair wiU Gpenat 2 pjn-   adopted by the Convention, whose  it drirjks were then served to more-oft|n,^ which-should  be, a oecnen.                . ,,,  ��� H           ,       wm   sideshows?   yai^ous Stalls, -pre_unble referred to the serious"'  -V schoolchildren and pre-kchbol very good ,thing.                  .   ���   ,_ Twenty-one persons, represen- ^^ cooking, and b,ingo. There thre^^          the  Canadian labour.'  liiidren. VfThere were also on sale      Incidentally, despite the name, ting all the various organizations  will bfe a noVel twist this year, movement from "trained Russian  ^r the Adults.   ''-   -                        the orchestra is not sponsored by in the district   were present at witfc a husband-calling contest,    agents in the guise of a Canadian.  Unions Fight  Communism  MILITANT    action    to    combati  Communism in Canadian, trade:  unions was decided upon at the  recent convention of the Ontario;  Paper Mill Unions chartered by;  political party" who have Jbeen-  attempting to infiltrate the move-;  merit, with 'a view to "the com^  plete and violent overthrow of;  the free developriient of our Canr \  adian way  of life  and the en-  After dinner, there^ was a bike the L^gipn, although all players  the   meeting  called  Tuesday  by  arad<_>   Goiriihe   in   fir��t   nln^ are members of it, or the W.A.       Mr. Aggett vice-president of SP ^.. ���- _       _���-     ���  h?%(cScf eilv^ wlSsePb^ : B*ard of TFade- This co���*��% Gibsons Friendliest  ras.cleye0y decorated witha big- race, broad jumping, etc. ���asJ��*m%d to  c0"��g?r a*e J���? TOWII ill Province  lower covered hdop, and his lit-      Then  from  3^00 p.m.  to   5:00 the B. C Emergency Flood Fund    �����*" J** ,^J "^��  le Spahiel, sitting at the bottom p.m. there was a ball game be- sponsored   by  B.   C.  Boards   of Editor, T^e Coast News,.  bde a Mcture pretty enough-Jfor tween Gibsons and Port Mellon. Trade. Canvassers, who have Sir-After visiting Gibsons^ x siavement of the Canadian peo-;  hyorSr fee. Second place W^s The^victor was Gibsons ^but it. been appomted by the coinmit- would like to^yote it No.- Ix^ pie;" the threat to worfi peace by  4ken by -fmmy Palmer, whose wasNa hard won victory as both tee to collect for the fund will be hospita ity; The kind way Gib- ^ success cf these agents in  ike was ^fely decorated inured teams played well.    -  .   ��� : asking everyone to give gener- sons+folk treat a stranger^^ Seating    "chaos    and    disorder  >d blue ^h a flag set up-on -   Later in the evening there was ously to this cause, a most wor- ual^any other phice in B. C I throughout the world".  ie  handle-oars   and streamers a'dance for the children.   After S_y-����__:  shall + never  forget^ the friendly  ying.   Several people said that this there  was  a tumbling &s-     All persons giving to the fund reception. I ^^ed-^ere whep _   _        .   ^ ^.  Slough-Tomn% Had no dog,  he play   by   the   Junior   Auxiliary will be issued temporary receipts, 1   was  stranded   with   damaged Publication Delayed  ;imself did ^'^eatdeal towards Branch   of   the   Legion.    Those with official receipts mailed la- ^^^ X   x.   ^.ux ��UE TO a mix-up in delivery of >  inning second place.   Both, the who   participated   were    Jackie .ter. Donations will be deductible      ����^:��?&W^ containing  news  >ys  unselfishly gave  their  re- Nestman,   Bob   Nygren,    3tevie for income tax purposes. ^ MtiiS^^  ards to the Blue Baby Fund.      Littlejohn, Doug Cattanach, Hed- ;:   .. '     . ^S^SS^^^J^^^ 12d <^ast l^ws-dn the part of the  Mr.. Bingsley theii asked any-.ly Turner, Ian Cattanach, Char- IIRfil-L  EARLY"*'*-''  ie   who  wished  lo  give  some lotte Smith, George,:Slinn, Barr'w^* *���~"  oriey to put it in the box, arid bara   Graham,   Bobby-Douglas, REC. 1ST RATION  d everybody give! -iBy the eve- and Anne MacLeod. rt��� /��l_��Aff\C 1   DUE.. 11 C  g there was over $100 in nickels,     Following  this  free  hot   dogs ur_UilIlWfi l nirib9  imes, quarters, in the bofc. and cocoa  was given to every-      All parents   who    will   have  Mrs. Bonner of Vancouver was one. . . children   attending   the   Sechelt  hand    with    her,   portable      Candid camera pictures of the,United School for the first time  otographic   studio   so   people Blue Baby, taken and developed in September are asked to reg-                     .uld have something to remem- by  Mr.  G. Ballentyne  were on' ister   the   pupils   at   the   school  ef the day by. ��� Sale at $1.00 each." All money was during the week June, 7 to 11, 9 be starting ^n grade one.  After the bike parade the to go to the Blue Baby fund. a.m. to 3 p.m. When registering Early registration is asked be-  >hool sports, was held; among Last of all there was a dance the pupil ask to see the principal, cause of the expected increase in  ie y^ipiis t^g^ Gibsons first Mix,J. Ellis.   This is just neces-  school  attendance for the  com-  iree-legged race,^ sack race, shoe May Day celebration ended. sary for those pupils who  will ing terrri.  evei^ri^; 'cbrineeted  With   the  i? ^r ^ V^^v^Vf 4 ^" ,rlc steamer, your paper is a day late  never before met such kindness " .  and willingness to help a fellow  worker.- ���������-������������  Grratefully,  MRS. M; BjONAT  ;   'Vancouver  ./���if* :  0 8 VIHQXQXA Page Two  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, June 4,  1948  Russian plane production ; (70  % of world- production) is now  five times a great as pur own.  They copied'"the B-29 design and  their jet planes  are faster than  By ROBBIE  ours.  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours':  9:00 o.m. fro 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every day except Thursday  Collison's  Barber Shop  SECHELT  Due to slackness of business  during the day, barber shop  will be open evenings only  during the week and all day  Saturday.  Hours will be  Tuesday to Friday  6:30 pin. to 9:00 p.m.  Saturdays/ 9:30 aori. to 9 p.m.  The many friends of Mrs. R.L.  Jackson will be sorry to learn of  her indisposition. Leslie was a  visitor at her mother's at lender Harbour when she was stricken . with pleurisy. The attending  physician ordered her to bed,  where she is now making satisfactory progress.  Mrs. Beatrice Breascott has  returned to her home in Burnaby after a brief visit with her  mother, Mrs. Bert Wright. The  Breascotts recently had the misfortune to lose the youngest of  their children through a "blue  baby" ailment.  Among passengers on the Gulf  Mariner over the week-end  (out to Vancouver) were George  Wright, Mrs. Hector'-' McLeod,  Mrs. H. Roberts, and Bob Bromley.  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Murray of  Hamilton, Ont. guests of Mrs.  Hill of Wilson Creek, have purchased a waterfront lot, and have  decided to build their home here.  May we extend a very hearty  welcome to Our future neighbors.  Friends of Mr. G. McPeake will  be pleased to learn of his return  to work at the B & J Camp'after  several weeks' absence through  an injury to his "fmgers��X^hich  required several stitches.  Mr. Al Erickson, who was recently stricken with a serious illness at his work in Britannia, is  recovering at St. Paul's Hospital  in Vancouver. It is anticipated  that Mr. Erickson will retire to  his home, Trail's End, at Wilson  Creek in the near future.  Mr. and Mrs. R. Brewer* returned after a brief Visit with  their daughter in Vancouver.  t (S^ast Mews  < LASSIF I  3 Lines (15 ^Tords) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words; _ibbve 15-word min., 2c each.- Cash with order.  Notices; Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE AI.S.. ; BIG RESULTS  Cosy Homes and  Home Sites  FOR   SALE  4-room house on waterfront property near Sechelt,  5V*^aeres, Qcpd qnchorage-r-price  includes 2  row-  boats and almost new;20 foot cabin cruiser poweredx  with 6 H.P. Easthope engine in excellent condition.  TOTAL  PRICE  $4400-00  CALL  PARR PEARSON AGENCY  Sechelt, B.C. x  .Phone Sechelt 37  or  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 West Pender St.  Vancouver, B.C. :��� PA. 3348  LAND ACT  NOTICE OF INTENTION TO  APPLY TO PURCHASE LAND  IN THE Land Recording District  of New Westminster, Assessment District, Vancouver, B.C.  and situate in Blind Bay (Nelson  Island B. C.) there (app. 1-2 mile  distant and in thev direction of E  by S rriagn. frorii the southeast-  ernmost extremity of an island  marked on maps arid charts as  Fox Island) lies an island- krioWn  locally as CLIO ISLAND (it being the largest of a group of islands locally known as the NINE  MUSES). The island measures  app. 2% by lYz furlongs at its  widest parts and is; in the shape of  the-letter "L".    ''"    -��;  '  Take notice that Hugo Bjork-  lund of Hardy Island, B. C, logger,* intends tb apply for perrriis-  sibn to purchase the folio wing  described lands: -  Commencing at a post planted  at the N.W. corner of the above-  mentioned CLIO ISLAND, the  lirTte following the jpVM of said  island -full around tl^ taking in  all/ the surface,area of the islarid  and containing 20 acres more or  less. r<  HU(GO BJORKLUND  FOR SALE��� FOR SALE  ONE  saddle  horse,   mare,   com-  WATERFRONT lots at  head of  plete with western saddle and     Pender Harbour. Write or cOri^  bridle.   Mr.   F.   Solnik,   Roberts tact H. Williamson or A. EgrierJ  Creek, B. G. ,        49 Pender  Harbour. "' tih'  Dated April 13th., 1948  44  Fifth graders in Oklahoma City  voted 34 to 1 iri favor of a spanking instead of a friendly talk.  World's Handiest Vest  Pocket Adding Machine  Fast ������ Reliable ��� Accurate  W.95  Easy to operate.  WrroDAfV  Complete   instructions.  Guaranteed 5years;  THE CLOCKERY  14 Merrick St., Hamilton, Ont.  Money Order, $2.50. BaL C.O.D.  FOIfc SALE��� '  NEW 3-roomed house, bathroom,  cabinet kitchen, excellent view,  1 Yz acre lot. Electricity arid. water. Also 4 roomed waterfront  cottage with utility room. Daily  bus. service. Apply A. Mills, West  Sechelt.      . 48  FOR SALE��� ,   '  13-FOOT  rowboat; newly  pain-;  ted, lined inside. In good cbn4  dition. Special spruce oars. Apply Murdo Stewart, Gibsoris, B.  .C.X;-^   .-:��������� /-  .-������X   ;;_���:; 48  BRICKLAYING��� X  ENGLISII bricklayer: buildings;  X garages, chimneys and fireplaces, general repair r work.  Prompt, efficient service given  to kll.' Mr. Sotiros, Gibsons, B.C.  REWARD-  INFORMATION regarding small'  black cbcker named Judy lost  recently in Gibsons. (Call collect:  Edwards, Selma Park, police; or  seei Sechelt bu^driver.      ^ 1  IN MEMORIAM���  JOR^ENSGN-^In.  loving, niem-  ory of our, dear son and brother,  Eribck    Norman   Jorgehson,  who  was suddenly taken  away  from us June 9, 1947.  They say time heals all sorrow,  And helps us to forget,  But tir^e so far has only proved  How much we miss him yet.  ...    ^  FOR  SALE���  30 UP International gas cat, iust  overhauled. Ripper blade, an-*  gle blade, carco touring winch.  $4000. Heavy steel logging arch  for the above, $1000/ O. Sladey,  c-o Murdock's Store, Pender  Harbour, B. G. 1"  Use the Coast News classified  ads for extra; quick resultsl "  MISCE__J_ANEOUS  WE UPHOLSTE_R _!urhiture, qfaJBJgg  slip covers, supply materials  arid do take pride in our workt  fnanship. Free estiniates. Usher's  Yard Goods Shop, Gibso_T_sxl3."  WE BUY AND SELL  RIFLES   andx shotguns    boughtl  and sold, also all kinds of used]  goods,  furniture,- clothing, tools,  etc.   Square   Deal Store,   West-  view, B.C.  MISCELLANEOUS  ROTO-rTILLER ��� power tillej  does the work in one oper,a-  tion���of plow, disc and harrow]  Call or write Cliff Leach, Gibsons, B.C.  FOR SALE  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express;  br from yaricouver. Low rat  Fast   service.   Careful   liandlin/;  -Specify Gulf Liries Express.  ^FOR SALE  STURDY,   red   bedding   ger^ri-l  iums,   20c   per  pot,   $2.25   pej  dozen.:. ��iAppry��   NealV   "Sel  JLpdge'?,  Selma Park, B. C.  FOR SAL.E  PURE-BRED   love   birds,   readj  after'June 20.  Price  $5 eacl  Apply Mrs. Helen Reilly, Gibsdhl  src.  ;-��� -4\  suit.  SEA  SUMMER SCHEDULE  TIMETABLE No. 11 CANCELS No. 10  EFFECTIVE MAY 21s*. 1948  LEAVE GIBSONS  : " .". '.'  LEAVE HORSESHOE BAY  Trip No.                        1               ~   5  3  11  4      t-                                    ���  Trip No.  2 ;   x/-:x, &yyr-+:y.iQ-^L ���l'-^ii ���  MONDAY 7:00 a.m.  TUESDAY , 8:00 a.m.  WEDNESDAY 8:00 aim.  THURSDAY 7:00 a.m.  FRIDAY 8:00 am.  SATURDAY      *���     8:00 a.m.  SUNDAY 8:00 a.m.  2:00 p.m.  4:00  : 4:00  4:00  4:  4:  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m. MONDAY 9:15 aim.  7:00 pm. TUESDAY 9:1�� a iri.  7:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY 9:15 a.rh.  7:00 p.m. THURSDAY ��:il5 a.m.  7:00 p,m. FRIDAY       > 9:15 a.m.  7:00 p.m. SATURDAY 9:15 a.rii.  7:00 p.m. SUNDAY 9:15 a.m.  3:15 p.m.  5:30  5:30  5:30  5:30  5:30  p.m.  p.m.  E>.m.  p.m.  p.m.  5:30 p.m.  8:15  8:15  8:i5  8:15  8:15  8:15  8:15  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  p.m.  P-rii.  p.m.  FOR SALE-  SINGLE or double booths,  able for cafe, verandah or hoo  $3:50 each. Gall at Totem  Selma Park, B. C.   ~  FOR  SALE-  MAN'S  bicycle,   good  conditio^  with light and carrier; $30. Ai  ply JS. McKay, Selma tPark, BA  CKWX EARLY BIRD  H..:.S:^:S^  mm  msm  ??3S  ^_  All trips from Gibsons connect with Pacific Stage Lines  Buses  direct to Vancouver  Connecting Buses leave Vancouver as  WEEKDAYS:^ ^ t} 0:10 ani. X   y::    4,40  - 8:10 a.m.   2:10 p.m.  follows:  p.rri.   7:10 p.m.  '���:/-'":--:--7:i(i; p.rri.  (All Times Shown are Daylight Saving)  FARE:   .Adults:   One ^ay   $1,25 CHILDREN:       One  Way   $ .45  ^hirn   $2.00   X Reftim   $ M  PURCHASE ALLFERRY AND PACIFIC STAGE TICKETS ON BOARD VESSEL 7  Taxis available al both terminals.  'Coffee Bar on Board'  XMoior Vessel "Maehigonne"  Reservations no longer necessary.  ^^��  :��K-s?4_:-f>:��_l  S���^��:W:?:1S>?:S��  si^wK-ra-swx-x*:-:*:*:':?  ����  mmm  ��  Johnny Ansell, popular ; "Topjpl  tlie^  Moriiing"  pian is  on  CJ��$jf.  Monday through SatiLrday from 6:3  tii 8:3Q a.m., with biiglit music, newi  arid^frequent jfciine  check..  Sped:  musical features and occasional    ;  tests for the early rising listeners hel;  make this a  <$ sparkle.  show that has plentj Friday, June 4,  1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  Describes Life in  THE FOLLOWING despatch was  ';. written frbrii Chefoo School at  the China Island Mission at Ku-  -ling, Kiangsi, China, by Dr. Robert Pearce, who is a medical  rnissionary there at the present  time.  *      (Continued from Last Week)  I spent a year but three .weeks  in Paoning. It has been an experience for which I thank God.  His direction of our lives, i am  convinced, is not just a theoretical concept, but a reliable' reality.  The Hospital at Paoning is not  large���50; odd beds���but since it  ^serves alone a large thickly populated area, there is no lack of  work.   Nor is there any lack of  f  problems! There are' big ones  and little ones, some acute and  some chronic. Each proved an  opportunity to see God work in  answer to our prayers.-  But the work is -not all probr  lerris. We were a big happy staff  living and working together with  a common ami. The medical work  was interesting. There was quite  a lot of wartime surgery because  banditry is common. Some of the  tropical diseases I had not previously had opportunity to see.  The evangelistic work was prosecuted continuously, each one  of us taking an active,part.  The people listened very readily to the message we had to give.  Not a few came right through to  the point of throwing over idol  y/brship, arid' finding peace "with  ��aM^MBOHHMa~<IM��MaaMM---_aPW  God through faith in the Lord  Jesus Christ. To see this change  is more .gratifying than to see a  life snatched back from the jaws  of death by medical means. The  brie is a change for eternity, arid  the other but a temporary restoration.  A great number of changes oc-  cured during the year. It seemed hardly a month would pass  without some important member  of the staff being replaced. The  retirement of the Chinese Principal of the Nursing School,  shortly after my arrival, made  the biggest stir. For a time it  seemed that the School would  fail. The Nursing School is a new  venture, and is enveloped with a  cloud of its own particular problems. But it is still going on.  Our new Principal is a well trained Chinese nurse, the daughter  of the late vicar of Paoning.  For  K  HON. E. T. KENNEY. MINISTER  B.C. FOREST SERVICE  Department of Lands and Forests  C.  D.  ORCHARD. DEPUTY MINISTER  the greater part of the year three  Chinese dbctors iiaye.been working with us. They were keen  Christians and did good work.  Two were war refugees and desired to return, home. The third  was On leave of absence from the  Wesi China University and was  recalled to his post as a teacher  of bacteriology. These three left  during September arid October,  arid I remained as the only doctor.  We had hoped that Dr. Armstrong would have joined us from  England in September. But he  was held up for lack of shipping.  I was somewhat appalled at being left alone. But the Lord  never failed to fulfill His promise to grant strength according  to the daily need.  The prospect of being left alone  was frightening, but in retrospect  I cannot but thank God for the  experience. One incident stands  out in my memory. The first outpatient that came to me after I  was left alone was a man with  extensive tuberculous* disease in  the glands of the neck. The condition required feurgical intervention. The operation itself can  be difficult enough, but having  no qualified anaesthetist made it  formidable.  Yet I felt that this man's coming was the Lord's challenge.  There are no accidents in life.  This man had. come in the purpose of God. So I admitted him,  coirirnittirig the matter to the  Lord, I dug around hi my memory  for a method of irijectirig the  nerves in the neck to obtain an  anaesthetic. It is a method I used  in Kansu six or seven years ago,  but I felt sure that my hand had  lost its cunning! One either gets  perfect anaesthesia in a conscious  patient or none at all! But this  time it worked well.  The man returned to the ward  alive with a course set fair for  recovery. .All went well, and he  left the hospital three weeks later-  iri good condition. But that was  not all. God's compassion is not  just spent upon our physical well  being. His purpose would not  have been fulfilled had we acted on that assumption. Through  the ministry of the .Hospital  Chaplain this man came to know  of the love of God for his soul,  and of the atonement for sin  which He has already accomplished for us.  He foresook his idols and turned to worship with thanksgiving  his Creator and Saviour. My admitting this man was not a bold  gamble that turned out well. If  we seek to follow God's leading,  life ceases to be a string of fortuitous events. We see God moving  forward   in  an  orderly  tri  umphal sequence.   It is  good to  be in the train.  I could tell you of other patients like this, some quite dra-  iriatic, and others perhaps commonplace, but time, space, arid  printer's ink do not allow! Soriie  of you I know pray About this  work. Take courage, and rejoice, because through your prayers the Evil One is being overcome, and the Kingdom of God;  extended. ^J  How is the evangelistic work  prosecuted? We do not offer discounts on patient's bills if they  will profess conversion, ijjor do  we offer better treatrrienf. We  do not "tout for patronage", hbr  seek to persuade folk to embrace  a foreign religion, as being a better one than their fathers.  We come to tell the truth.  Briefly the approach is most frequently along this line: There  is a God that created and sustains the universe and all* arorind  us. His eternal power arid Godhead may be understood by the  things that are made. If we do  not acknowledge and worship oUr  Creator, we rebel against Him.  One sin leads to another and so*  the whole world lieth in sin. The  Lord Jesus Christ was God manifest in the flesh.   .  Through Him we learn of the  love of God . towards us. It is  He who through His death, stood  in our place, took away our sin,  that we might be acceptable with  God.  I wasn't relieved of my responsibilities in Paong. until nearly  the end of March. I travelled  north, first by carrier, and then  by motor truck to the rail head  at Paochijin Shensi. Four changes  of train took me across China  and south to Shanghai. Again I  would testify to the good hand  Continued on page 6  MURDOCH'S V  MARINE SUPPLY  Compere Our Pricesl  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drycjoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for hondling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  0  FOR  Real Estate or Insurance  Contact  P. G. 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Its  black asphalt-shingled roof, applied for fire protection purposes by  the present owners, maintains the  dignity of the past and at the same  time gives the old home a modern  touch for its modern setting.  The American, William Howland,  came from New York State and firmly established himself first in lumber  and then in the milling business. He  was knighted by the British Crown,  becoming Sir William Pearce How-  Hnd^ and .then was named Lieuten-  nr.t-Governor of Ontario.  As a builder, Sir William built  well, and possibly because of his  association with the lumber business  built walls, partitions, and even the  drive shed at the rear, of 1 x 6 pure  white pine laid flat, one on top of  the other with the edges staggered  to form a plasterbond.  For one hundred years the house  remained practically untouched.  Even to-day the main structure is  still sound. And when Marshall Foss  bought the farm for his Thorncrest  village development little renovation was needed. Apart from providing the new asphalt roof, the  only other act of modernization was  the extension of a terrace in front  and at each end.  Stately oaks which dot the  property were probably planted  when the house was started, for  experts have declared them to be  just about 100 years old. An apple  orchard contains species no longer  identifiable which were probably  planted when, the old house was  still very, young.  And now, with its new roof, the  home "seems set to withstand  another century of time. It is being  retained as a show place���a part of  Thorncrest village, and its builder,  . the real founder of Thorncrest village, will have his name perpetuated  in one of the winding roads of the  development which has been given  the name of "Sir William's Lane".  By MALDY THOMAS  A big Teen Town dance was  held May 14 and a large crowd  turned out, including a group of  children from Roberts Greek,  who had chartered the school  bus.  Jack Norris was our master of  ceremonies and he really kept  things hopping. First he made  Wee Gee and Betty Brown have  a pie-eating contest. They both  had to get down on to their kriees  with their hands behind their  backs and go to work. Wee Gee  was going along nicely until his  big brother shoved his face in the  pie. Then Betty disgustedly  threw pie and all at Jack. It  seems there was more pie on the  faces than in their tummies.  Bob Calder and Doreen Shaw  won prizes as best dancers on the  floor. Doreen received a bracelet  and Bob a lighter.  ������'������".  Sechelt's Teen    Town    Mayor  Earle Gray was down, and everyone was glad to see him. We  were hoping that more of the Sechelt Club would come down.  Pop and sandwiches were  served   afterwards.  The Gibson Teen Town played  Sechelt on Sunday last week and  the score was 14-8 for Gibsons.  ardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K  Gibsons, B.C.  TAR PAPER:  400 sq. ft.   Per roll  $2.04  Fined $10, No ^ t  Trailer License  FRANK Watson, Halfmoon Bay,  ; was fined $10 and costs on  May  26,  by  Magistrate  S.   Mc  Kay, for operating a trailer without a license.  A local juvenile was committed to the Boy's Industrial  School for an indefinite period  for the theft of a sum of money.  LANG'S REXALL DRUGS  GIBSONS and SECHELT, B.C.  ����������*���*���������������*�������*������*tllBOIHM��������������������������������������  WARM WEATHER  DRUG NEEDS  NIVEA SKIN OIL:      ADRIENNE DEODORANT:   ...  "MY NIGHT" COLOGNE:     GIPSY CREAM (for sunburn):  BATHING CAPS: ������   50c to 75c  ���_  40c  __1 . 1.50    75c  HASSANS LANDING  By J. LOVE  Pender Harbour sports day was  delayed a few hours by rain early  in the morning, but it turned out  nice later iri the afternoon, when  the queen, Miss C. Mallon, was  crowned. Several people missed  the crowning by arriving late, but  everyone had a good time and  refreshrrients were served free. -  * ��� ��� "* '     ���     -        . -X Y-   ���       y  '.  The new nurses' home is almost finished at Garden Bay, St.  Mary's Hospital. It will have 12  rooms when it is finished.  Mrs. Almas died at St. Mary's  Hospital at Garden Bay; the funeral was held May 23.  Cupid triumphed over the waters of the Straits when Jimmy  Devaine rowed all the way in a  little skiff from Texada Island to  Pender Harbour to pay a visit to  his lady-friend, Miss G. Douglas.  Miss R. P. Dubois is home from  Vancouver where she has been  working for some time.  45c to 75c  GRAND   OPENING  OF  Sechelt Store  Saturday, June 5.- 8:30 a.m.  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  Welding  General Repairs  Marine Engines  Water'Cooled*Air -Cooled  (Sq^ or Diesel    :  PENDER HARBOUR:  NIVEA SKI NOIL:  NOXZEMA:      -1  50c to 75c   .���__ i . 19c, 43c, and 1.25  ADRIENNE ATOMIZER COLOGNE:  _______ 1.75  SUN GOGGLES:  _ _--___-______-__- 25c to 2.50  CHARM KURL:  _____-X__._____________���____.���.___ 1.7?  CITY SERVICE ��� CITY PRICES  BULLDOZER  Fblt HIRE  Land Clearing  Basements Excavated  Roads Built, etc.  ALBERT DANROTH  Roberts Creek  ROOFING:  2-ply, 45-lb. _���_ $3.12  ELECTRlfc MOTOR: Va h.p., 1725 r.p.m. ____ $19.Q0  BREAKFAST SETS:  32 pieces, English China __ 12.50  For All The News ... 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For the Residents of West Sechelt  FRESH MILK - Jersey Farms  COLD  AND  FRESH MEATS  BACON V- PORK SAUSAGE ��� BOLOGNA  STEAKS ��� SPICED HAM ��� ROASTS  In your garden this year try our Seed Potatoes. Green  Mountain variety.  _---__-_:_-_x_!__���___:  3 lbs. 25c  Surname General Store  ti  West Sechelt's Neighborhood Grocery" f    Friday, June 4, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS,vSECHELT, B. C.  Page, Five  i  i  C_^.^ J ^.-;- rU-r'fr  rW .'���j.jCcj  i.-.i'i...  , ^...\_i3^^-_'>'i����.i'_^(.  '������**.>'    V  . "''-->���_.  EMERGENCY  IMPORTANT  NOTICE  SEND YOUR MONEY ORDER OR CHEQUE TO YOUR  NEAREST BANK, ANY TRUST' COMPANY OR LOCAL  FLOOD EMERGENCY COMMITTEE. MAKE DONATIONS  PAYABLE  TO B.C. FLOOD   EMERGENCY FUND.  Ho ��f of Send Cash Through the Mail  Hints  By BILL MYRING  Never ford a stream more tharj  knee-deep until you know what  the water is like immediately  downstream.  If you have had no experience  on long hikes, make it a point to  go with someone who has.  Be careful when chopping bg  axe. Do not swing it .until you  are sure you are clear of overhanging branches or obstructions*  Keep your feet well back when  chopping and keep your mind on  what you are doing. Never chojy  with one hand.  Do not be afraid to test out*  your own theories . . . Develop  ���your own ingenuity and self-  reliance.  Plan your trips well in advance and always take more  food than you think will be necessary.  When travelling off trails, look  back frequently, fixing in mind  the appearance of the country  and bearing of objects so the return route will seem familiar.  Marking the return trail is alright, but you may miss the  marks. Be able to recognize unmarked objects when see from  the reverse approach. The so-  called "sense of location" is  mainly the habit of observing  these things both in large and  in small detail. Train yourself  to make these observations.  If lost, avoid panic and hurry.  Believe your compass and map.  Think and go slowly. Remember  the relation of downhill and uphill, and the stream courses, to  your objective. If you have to  give it up, stop in a conspicuous  place and stay stopped so search  will not be wasted. Build a fire,  making it smoke by day and  bright by night, and await relief. Always have dry matches.  ���; w- .V_t   ..*���������'  CORRECTION  Last week's issue of the Coast  News carried an error which  calls for correction and an apology to Fred Mills, well-known  Sechelt resident.  It was claimed that two American tourists, W. Morrison and  Jim Parker recently caught 31  trout in Sakinaw Lake, Pender  Harbour. The fishing party did-  catch the fish, but it did not in-;  elude Jim Parker and it did include Fred Mills, who is in the  business of guiding tourists and'  hunters. Judging from the SakX  inaw Lake catch, the best way-  for a tourist to fish would be withj  Fred Mills as guide. ]  SPEND THE     ������*  SUMMER  at  WAKEFIELD  Always Cool, Comfy,  Clean  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma Park,  B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  I;.  Direct Mail Advertising Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B;C.  Friday, June 4, 1948  MORE ABOUT  Continued   from   Page   3  of God upon me. Conditions of  travel were very difficult, and  many said I could not get  through. But actually I made the  whole trip in record time of 12  days. During the journey I made  contact with missionaries of our  own and other missions which  was both enjoyable and profitable. I also had a number of  opportunities of talking to my  fellow  passengers   of the things  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  of God, and leaving with them  portions of His Word.  Mrs. Pearce and the children  were not able to reach Shanghai  until January. When I arrived I  found that they had settled in to  the new routine of school life. It  is with the school that we expect to find our work during the  next few years, so I ought to give  you a brief account of this institution.  The, school was founded by  Hudson Taylor about 60 years  ago, that the children of our mission might be educated under  conditions as near like home as  possible. Provision was also  made to take other children,  whose parents worked in other  missions, or were doing business  in China. The school has earned  a very fine reputation, and was  recognized as one of the leading  public schools (I use the term in  its English sense) out east.  When war broke out, both staff  and the scholars not on holiday  were interned by the Japaliese.  School work was continued in  camp, and quite a number of the  children were able to pass their  senior Oxford exams. The need  for a school for our children was  met by starting afresh at Kiating  in Szechwan.   A group gathered  K=  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  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In the summer of 19|6  the school moved ajg_iih to Shanghai where it has been accbinmo-  dated  in  the Mission  buildings.  When I reached here inApril  there were about 60 children- iii  schobl. We felt very crowded;  Now we have grown to 100, arid  feel more crowded still. Next  term we expect 118 to gather!  Chefoo has recently been evacuated by the Reds. But the school  buildings are not fit for habitation, x  One has been gutted by fire,  and all the others stripped of  equipment, doors, windows and  all such necessary parts. Before  the school can return there a  great deal of rebuilding must be  done. Just now (Dec., 1947) we  are making another temporary  move. This time we are to occupy the old American school at  Kuling in Kiahgsi. This is a very  beautiful mountain summer resort in central China. V7e are indeed fortunate in having obtained the lease of these premises  for three years.  Things are gradually returning  to nbrrhal in the school. The staff  as well as the scholars have had  to gather afresh. But the policy,  and the traditions of the school  are unchanged. That is why the  name "Chefoo School" is being  kept up, irrespective of our temporary locations.  Mrs. Pearce and I are respbh-  sible for the medical work of tlje  school. There is quite a.lot to do.  There are of course sick children and epidemics from time  to time, but the bulk of the time  we are concerned to observe and  care for the growth and health  of the children. In Kuling we  not be able to call oh put-  medical help to any emeriti  and so added responsit)flity itests  upon iis. During the past year^  besides the nursing care of the  children" Mrs. Pearce has taken  k" share in the matron's work���  that is doing the things a mother  does for the children.  I have helped "a little with  teaching to tide over aXshortage  until the science and niaths folks  had all arrived. The ciiildren  have .settled in well and are enjoying their new school life. They  have not been able to live with  us this past year because of our  cramped accommodation,but we  expect to be more together iri  ICuIing. John and Jean especially have grown tremendously.    .,���  I have written at the head of  this letter our new address but  I am writing from Shanghai.: Wf  expect to move next week, arid  hope to spend Christmas in oui.  rieiv home. My date is vague  admittedly. Much of this letter  was written on: my journey down  from Szechwan, sou perhaps I  should make something up-to^  date by saying "au-revoir" on.  December 2nd, 1947.  ���Dr. Robert Pearce.  I  i  For Parley  TWENTY out-of-town delegates  are expected to arrive in Powell River on Saturday to attend  the annual general meeting of  Mackenzie District Liberal Association, which will be held in  the evening in the dining room  of the Rodmay Hotel.  In all, about 60 delegates are  expected to attend. All three local associations have held re-  organizational meetings and have  appointed their delegates for the  forthcoming convention.  Dr. Jack McDougal, provincial  organizer, will be the principal  speaker at XSaturday eyeriihg'S  meeting. '  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  it RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  * GENERAL ELECTRIC APP__JANCESr Radios        -  ReMgerators and Washing Machines  & FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables ;   ^  ;  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  DOR AN S FURNITURE  ���������I*''<tl  WESTVIEW, BC. ��� Ptiolie  HASSAN*S STORE harbour; b.c  The old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  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The morning  f Star ted off f.with fain, but cleared  (ujp_ by 10 a.m. in time ior the par-  Jade to get a grand start,.-. . the  iw^rm sunshine, got everyone  [aiway to a real start for the day.  The parade wound up-hill to the  school grounds, where Queen  .Joyce   DeDecker   was   crowned,  BRIGGS-STRATTON  IN BOARDS  Evinrude Outboards,  at  City   Prices  Also small boats and  equipment.  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  .  then her subjects went through  a maypole dance that was a delight to all who witnessed it . . .  a great credit to the teachers who  spent many hours in teaching  the children. / Three maypoles,  decorated with multicolored  streamers and the little girls  formed a colorful scene ... all  too short were the dances. Miss  Wagner is to be congratulated on  her fine work ... After the dance  our own Gay Elliott, Gibsons  blue baby; was introduced to the  audience and her picture was taken with the queen. The response  to the appeal to support this  worthy affair by the committee  was answered nobly. Qver $100  was collected during the day.  Fred Feeney, government telephone maintenance man, was  presented with a life-saving  parchment by Cliff Gray, president of the Board of Trade. Last  summer Fred saved the life of  Fred Alten, who collapsed while  swimming at Gibsons,, and without Freddie's prompt aid, would  have perished. Royal Humane  Society recognized this action and  granted this honor.  Granny McEwen, our "oldest  youngster", greeted everyone  there over the loudspeaker. We  would sure miss her at these af-  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Seven  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  qONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, I_AND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  HD10 at Sechelt���-HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMDFORD  x    *.- Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B. C.  >y, :^x,-  *ji*' ��*���������*. ���- fifc-  ^^���^M-l *-"V\'.iM.-;  Roberts Creek  OPENED MAY 24th  formerly owned by A. J. Mott  Drop in and try our .  DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS  with all the trimmings.  ____Wn._W����.i.M'iii  ���NaaMH^n**  \mmmymmrmm^mmi\  mmm  iimmmMmw  fairs, and for her 82 years she is  marvelously  young.  Races took up the rest of the  morning, and judging of children's fancy costumes and decorated bicycles* A recess was then  held for lunch, ladies of the PTA  attending to refreshments, hot  dogs and soft drinks, which were  consumed by old and young alike.  At 3.30 a softball game between  juniors of the school and Port  Mellon was staged. At about the  fourth inning I wouldn't have  given very much for our boys'  chances, the score was 10-2, and  then the boys settled down and  came back with a bang, playing  some very nice ball'. . . Jackie  Nestman pitched for Gibsons,  Chuck Kane for Port Mellon, and  the final score was 19-10 in favor  of Gibsons. Ray Elliott, coach,  had some very bad moments as  the boys started throwing the  game away, but had some thrilling ones when they started to  come back into the picture. The  crowd had a thrilling afternoon  and enjoyed every minute of it.  Supper time was called and at  7.30 the children were back to  the hall for folk dancing and the  presentation of the charter tp the  Legion Junior Auxiliary, made  by Harry Kennett, president of  the Legion was the highlight of  the evening.  A tumbling exhibition by the  Junior Auxiliary boys was then  given, and more refreshments,  followed by dancing. By 12 o'clock I think eyen the small ones  were ready to call it a day. All  in all, a perfect day, forerunner  of many more, t hope.  BLUE BABY NOTES  . $44 was realized on a bingo  game held at Merry Ern Cafe.  Proprietor Ernie Drew donated  the use of his cafe for the evening, and served refreshments!after the game. An orchid to Ernie.  Betty Pratt, from P*6rpoise Bay  sept in $3.70 to the fund, proceeds  of an entertainment put on by  six little girls. A very nice gesture, and many thanks! The big  dance at Gambier is Vnis Saturday night. I hear Machigonne is  taking the crowd oyer ... Cliff  Leach will tell you all about it.  THEY TELL ME���  That the Farmers' Institute is  putting on a monster picnic to*  Sechelt July 1st . . . games, races,  baseball games, and refreshments  . . . and a radio as an attendance  prize." Better see Ed Smith . . .  he'll tell you all the details . . it?s  gonna be a big day, so better try  and get out folks.  That our new telephone office  looks swish ... makes a real nice  little bungalow.  It's one of those  WIJiHIIIIBilllBilinilllBlillBlllMIIWIIIHilllHll!^  By   PEARL   PTJNNETT  wmmmmmMBmBmrnmammmmmmummmamBBmBam  The Bowen softball team are  busy practising in readiness for  some games coming up, the first  to be on June 2nd when the Sechelt team comes over here.  Good luck, boys!  The ladies' aid of the United  Church is holding its regular  monthly meeting June 2nd in  the church. Plans will be discus-  prefabricated jobs. They aren't  bad . . drop around and take a  look. I know Harry will be tickled to death to tell you all about it.  Alfie and his wife and baby  have been visiting their folks  this week . . . Art Hull suffered  a crushing and some shock; when  the load off his truck slipped. I  hear he is doing alright, though.  On July 22 the Women's Institute is having a real carnival, too  .'. . with a husband-calling contest . . Mrs. Haley didn't specify  whose husband. Well, there's a  chance for you ladies . . try calling someone else's husband. That  ought to be interesting!  Listening to Billy Browne the  other morning, we liked his definition of a small town: where  one half knows how the other  half loves. Been reading someone's mail, I'll bet.  Somehow this column is taking a lot of writing this week,  because I'm listening to the radio with one ear, the flood situation is so serious it seems to  blot out everything else. We're  very fortunate here, but even so  the effects of this flood will be  felt by us all.  You can help by sending in all  you can spare to the Vancouver  committee care of the Royal  Trust Company.  sed for holding a tea in August.  Glad to see Joe Valentine home  again after a brief stay in -hospital. Joe is suffering from a  heart   ailment.  The National Film Board  showed some more pictures last  week. In the school in the afternoon for the children, and in the  evening in the lower dance hall  for the adults.  There is a new attraction for  the young folks here. A merry-,  go-round has been put up on No.  1 playgrounds���guess it will havef  a good workout on picnic days.  St. Patrick's High School was  up for its annual picnic on June  1st.  When  Passing  Through  Selma   Park  STOP AT  ANN'S  Refreshments - Ice Cream  Soft Drinks - Pies - Cokes  Homecooked Cold Meats  Everything Baked on  Premises  Special Attention Given  To Orders  Ample   Parking   Space  for Cars  lililioll  Random Widths  Random Lengths  Cedar  Hemlock  B.C. FIR (SECHELT) LTD.  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  We have been very fortunate in procuring a summer stack of Coleman  Heaters in the popular Model R-328, which has sold so well on the Peninsula. A deposit will hold one���1/3 down will insure immediate deliyery,  balance of payments on easy monthly terms-r-or you may pay Monthly  through the summer nripnths and hdye delivery of the heater in the* fall.  ACT NOW ��� TO ENSURE SUMMER COMFORT FQIfc THE?  WINTER MONTHS TO COME  I  SILVER QRIliliE SERVICE  FORD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK  %  m  ll!l!.WHiHini.W  Don't Waste Precious Hours  in Slow Travel!  mhb _HB___M_I _____  Fly There!  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Express ��� Charter -��� Sightseeing  Timbercruising  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited  RICHMOND 1551  or contact our local agents  PARR  PEARSON  AGENCY  Phone Sechelt 37  Phone Gibsons 2-A Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, June A, 1948  By ARIES  know she will enjoy her stay here  as she always does.  Our little friend Douglas Doyle  had a birthday party on May 3f_  Rev. Father Scott was a recent He was three years old, and had At a recent meeting of the la-  visitor to Sechelt Residential three candles on. a beautiful de- dies of Selma Park, it was de-  School coming from Williams corated cake. The table was very cided to hold a Strawberry Tea  Lake, B.C. artistic  in white and pale blue, on June 14 from 3 to 5 p.m. in the  .___���   Enjoying   themselves   immensely garden of Bay view Lodge,  Sel-  Two new babies in the Indian were numerous small fry includ- ma Park. At 3.30 there will be  village this month, to Mr. and ing Barbara, Dick and Janet Bii- a parade of bathing beauties of  Mrs. Moses Billy, a son. And to lingsley With their mother, Mrs. both male and female varieties,  Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson, a H. Billingsley; Bonnie Mills with dated 1898 to 1948, and this you  son.   All doing well. Mrs. Fred Mills, Judy and Edna should not miss,   x  Smith with Mrs. Smith   Johnny ;.. At 4 p.m; a Strawberry Queen  Miss Marchant arrived back Mee, Gail and Barbara Mee with win b6 cr0wned Darlene Lay-  from Powell River this weekend. Mrs. Al Mee, Elaine Powell with cock who was the lucky name  She had a swift trip vthis time, Mrs. Powell, Den Robilliard with to h'e drawn from the hat when  flying from Porpoise Bay, rough Mrs. Robilliard, and Douglas and the names of the little girls of  going but she enjoyed every mm- Jimmy Doyle. Older people en- Selma were put in a hat. The rest  ute of it. joying themselves too, were Mrs. wiU be maids>of honor.  t _..__. T iWaU are nlanning on T* Br��ok?r' J"ne ^mith and Dor-      Thei>e wiU be a white elephant  k-���  \nl Z. JhJ pinX^S een   Doyle'   Dpuglw  had   many stall and tea cup readingS   prQ.  i^fX^^^Wif^^^TA hice   Presents,    including    some ceeds will be for the community  hold a social evening on June is frQm those who  could not  par- hall .,        -  in Sechelt Legion Hall.   Its the tidpate   in   the   party.    Invited ,  regular   meeting   night   and   so ^_ere Mrs> Crucil> Mrs. Dunn, Mrs.-     You will be sorry to hear that  there should be a good crowd.        Hascamp,   Miss   Marchant,   Mrs.  Mrs. Duval is in hospital but is  Delegates to Liberal convention F. French, Mrs. W: Mayne, Mrs. reported to be improving nicely.  at Powell River are Mr. Pearson, Moorman and Mrs. Boudm. ' '        '  ,x  Mrs   F   French, Mr. Wm. Morri-      tt.^-,. __~   .���   _..,.. -,.,_.      Two families have left Selma  "Mr   w   creamer   Mr   s���� ^7'^^^  son, Mr. W. creamer, mr. oaw h      lagt   inspection   of   the ^          ,   ��,      <5h.rP��? v.aVp ��?r.ld  yer,  and secretary Geo. Kynoch schooi for this period and we un- frr'. and Mrs,  bhires^ have ^pid  Z.Za^ ^r.__,e./.o*.+  w���  Vniinecon sc^iooi ior xnib peiiuu cuiu wc iux   their property, and Mrs. J. King  and president, wm. youngson. derstand that he finds everything ,__, t��~._;,. v.��� .__.�����_* t./iv m^  % ;���; X 7 , ��� yy _:      ���:. .   ���  tneir property, ana ivirs. j. iving    derstand that he finds everything ,and Denise have joined Mr King  Very sorry indeed to hear of yery satisfactory,   and   will   be Vancouver Island.      ������  the sudden Illness of Mrs. Reda looking forward-to ajvell earned  (Mother Reda to us).   Mrs. Reda vacation   We thought he looked Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lang of Gib-  is  the  mother   of  Charlie  Reda verv well the last time we met. sons moved into their home here  is  tne  momer  oi iTf,^ We do not find many changes m thisXveek  ^^���^^^^^. Mr.  Manning and hope he will thlS Week'  !_? ^vl^qw" wl hont tha^ enjoy his holidays. There  were  many  visitors  to  the North Shore.   We hope that ' Selma QVer the 24th week-end.  by this time she will be on the      Kitty Pearson will be leaving Noticed around were Mr. & Mrs.  road to recovery.' *"��� ~u���*-1"    t_-;+*�� uo_.  v.a_*_...  __,r_._   _.-,,..        ���������,_.-.  Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Shaw attended the B.C. Postniasterjs  Convention held at the Georgia  Hotel, May 26 to 28.  Mrs. Ralph Cotton arrived  home on the weekend. Freddie's  little brother will be home from  hospital in a month's time."  Mrs. R. Hughes has returned  from Vancouver having spent  part of her vacation in hospital  due to an infection in ankle.  Mrs. K. Drinkwater and her  friend, Mrs. Cameron, is back at  the Creek for the summer. Mrs.  Drinkwater who was once a resident has continued her visits for  over twenty-years.  Mr. and Mrs. S. Jefferson ha$  Mr. Poudlock from Vancouver as  a week-end guest.  Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Garbutt  of Vancouver were guests of Miss  J. Jervis and Miss M. Mclntyre.  Mrs. N. Daly, Mrs. Chris Cold-  well and daughter Nina have left  the Greek to take up residence at  1727 MacDonald, Vancouver.  The Tobaites will be welcoming Richard Gray at this time  where he may reside permanently with \ his family. He will be  Haven't had muchnews on the \  Copper Queen May Day. Our \  Queen Faye looked lovely, as our^l  Copper Queens always do. Tfie J:  sports were held in the after-|I  noon. I belieye most of the swim-^:  ming races, were won by JBettytj  Boyle of the Townsite. Congrats,  Betty! ;    .��� . X  The crowning was held in the  evening instead of the usual af-i(  ternoon doings, followed by a big|!  dance, with Stan"���, Nichols' orchil  estra. ll  i.  .���___.,        ,.- _. xiwwwcm. ��j.w��--w wc-c _��xx. _. iuio. missed at Badminton���the life of  us shortly.   Kitty has been em- j. Livesey, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gib- the party will be gone.  4.1* ____4-      _.Um     1C1_>_%_.     4-1*j-*     ttrii_fAf��n      m *__. y**__l ������������..��       ���. ��� * .____������ \.  n^arat,ii_.t.nn��; la  Peeev Ed- that she Hkes-the. wjnteirsvhere son   visiting their mother,  Mrs.  Congratulations _to  Feggy J^a -      d   t Sechelt Inn but tells us M   Livesev    The Sowerbys had  f^!T�� fh J ,Snt Mf S10^ Years more, than I can remember. erby with her friend Miss A.- Gil-  ^nTv. S r. nt Tal M^on Bav Her parents' the late Doct��l lies Mr. Cox of West Vancouver  childhood^ a,taiiHa^. Moon   Bay. and Mrs  PearsQn used to st     at visited his daughter, Mrs.'Harry  S16 V^^rf'^ the old hoteI ^^.^ ��?fe Batchelor,   Mr��   c'  Moorhoi*se  Mrs.   L.   Edmmids ^a^W which was around 1920. f3o Kitty j^d her ^ther with her/          ^  popular girl.   And^ofXcourse we has seen many changes herexWe  ������.���-  all know Roy very well who is the hoRe she wiu not stay away Mr. J. Foster was with his parson of Mrs. Dora Doyle and l^ves fr0m us too long. ents here, and Mrs. Rouse arid  at Sechelt. Noticed    in    Sechelt    recently daughter were at TotemXLodge.  Some of the houses around here ���%*��j?�� ^Jii^n^    Mr. and Mrs. Gray a_d; d_u_h-  are getting thfe new look includ- ^ Trousdale is pubheity mM.a- ter were guests of Mrs. J. Bur-  ing Glendalough, the guest house ��ff ��r ^^^���S_?A���_f���^S gess, and at Bayview Lodge were  ,use 6��- ��� SSb-dte.. k-ik mxt^ g^s, and at Bayview Lodge were  operated by Mr. and. Mrs. W. J. "�� ^*^e ^Le_ h��s Mfas ����� BorJson and Mrs. Hitch-  4<- rvf^i00^^ ���^toSSc_]^32����^ daughter,  facing   away   from   the   eternal ������__*   J.    _..-_^   _.*   iv/r^    ��v;__      ,-,    -,  ��� .',.-...-������  Mayne and right nice  .Mrs. W. J. ^mf^r^S^W    Miss M. Borjson and MrsfHitch-  -_t-innVe"_-/_/_ f"ls little paper.   We enjoyed nis   -^ ���..,  ������..-���,A(,�� ������  *   -       -           + .      'Ill   5i^o. company too and that of his wife.  on Wlth daughter.  SSaS���mS The^  were^guests   of  Mr.   and     Mr. Fred Willows attended the  Srfhte Mrs- Stan Cameron-during their postmaster's meeting in Vancou-  tractive. stay in Sechelt:                                 ver recently.                          ^.XX  We see Mr  Root is back again James Clark, nephew of Mrs. J.  at   Glendalough,   understand   he Parser will be employed at Park-      Bill Barker and his bride stop-  missed  his   sailing  for   England er's   Hardware  for   the   summer ped   off   from  their   honeymoon,  and'must now wait the next quo- months:^ He is now at the uni-  cruise to say hello to old friends  fa.   How disappointing after pre- versity.   We are looking forward here,  paring for the journey, to meeting him here.                          Miss  K.\ Weightman  of  Kent,  Mr.   and  Mrs.. Moorman were TIMES of church services at St. ?^f^^i/r^e? w__S��J!_SfSt ��f  here from Seattle for a few days John's Church, Davis Bay, from her cousin, Mrs. J. Redman.  with    Mrs.    Moorman's    mother, now on will be:  Sunday School,      Selma   Park,   by   a   house-to-  Mrs.    Hascamp.     Mrs.    Baudoin 11  a.m.,  and evening service at house canvass, raised $125, being  (Alma Hascamp) is staying with 7.30 , according to an anouhce-  our half-quota to May 31 for thf  her mother for two months.   We ment by W. E. Elliott, pastor.       VON.   A hearty vote of thanks  is  extended  to  the   ladies  who  made the  canvass.  The W. A. to the Canadian Legion held a very successful tea  and rummage sale May 28. Judging from the proceeds it is a remunerative way of raising money.  Despite the large crowds of the  previous week-end Ernie King  and his Orchestra met with good  receptibh when they^ played here  on the 29th. "  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Isaa6 and  their three children are making  their summe-T home in the Town-  ley residence.  The V.O.N. Baby Clinic wilf be  welcoming a few more babies at  the next meeting on June the  16th.  Mrs. Richard Carlson received  news which makes her very  proud of her young son. Howard  is wearing the school crest which  he has won for the sixth consecutive year.  Went to visit our Cash! Dicki  last  week.   Remember,  she wa  one of the unlucky cancer suff:  erers   who   went   tox Australia  Happy to say that she is feelin  fine and since her return to Van  couver the doctors ��� can finoV*h(  cancer.   Isn't,   that    wOnderful.|  They treated Cash both on th  plane and in Australia as if sli-  were a queen.  She feels her tri.  was worth the money, and we^if  glad to have her home again an1,  wish her the best of luck''an  good health.  Sorry to report; Mrs. Sialey .,  "Mickey" to the children here, M  in bed for six months at leasjj  Let's remember her aiid drop jgj'  to: see her once in a while.       &  Percy Rogers, who so sudden)!  passed   away  here,  was  burief  Monday, May 31, in Vanco^ve,  He is survived by his ..ather; |  Winnipeg, and three sisters; Hjfj-  old gang here are lost withoif  him and our deepest sympatifl  is extended to the loved ones 1;  left behind; '������.-;...���'  the guests. The sale was openlj  by Rev. C. H. Gibbs, rector of tf  church,  and visitors  from g|  son's included Mr; sndi -Vfrs. Hs  ey arid Mrs. Attlee.^T^a arr^riSL  .inents were in the" hands of m|  ;Fi.iHewer and Mrs. A. Harbinst  Serving were Mrs; G.-Rose, M|  J. Ward, Mrs. Berhof and Miss^  Smears.  Tea was poured by Mrs. W.jf|  Merrick, Mrs. Maskell and M|l  W.   Roberts  were   in  charge xj  home cooking. Novelties, Mrs.'W  Gauvreau .���; and Mrs.   H.  Hew&  Migs A. Dawson sold the faritj  work and aprons. x);  The next meeting of the W  will be on June14th at the ho  of Mrs. Cotton and will be  last before the summer recess %  ... .'.���-��� %  The W.A. of St. Aidan's Church,  Roberts Creek held a successful  sale of ^noyeltiesi home cooking  and afternoon tea at the KeWpie  Kamp on Friday May 21.  Mrs. H. G. Findlay welcomed one.  H  If you are a self-starter, t)  boss won't have to be a crarV  iSTo one is ever out of a job eal  cept the guy who doesn't ws_^  Far Yalir  Spring Painting  We recommend GLIDDEN "time-tested" house paint,  in a wide variety of colors for exterior use.  Spred-lustre and Spred-fiqt are the ideal and economical solution for interior finishes.  Spred-paint comes in a beautiful selectiph of''���.pa'stel-'  shades and is a washable, easi ly appl ied paiht that  (does not require sizing or prime codtirig.  For Quality,  Buy GLIDDEN  Points  SECHEIX  Line of General Hardware  Carrying a  Congratulations to Spencer and  Lome Wigard, who. celebrated  their 9th and 7th birthdays oh  May 1. Eighteen of their little  friends had lunch with them, and  later all went for a boat-ride.  Mrs. A. Jones and baby daughter Beverley are here to spend  the summer with Mrs. E. Creamer, who has opened her suihmer  home*. - ;;:; ", ;���   y-y ':'y.:: fX'X'   '-  Mr. and Mrs. Gurinar Wigard"  had as theit guests over the Empire Day week-end Mr. and: Mrs.  Alex Jamieson with Doreen, and  Mr. and Mrs. H. Eddie and Rosemary; of Eddie's ^^rseribs. Vancouver. '���'������; v.:'���:':-, ���:���'���������. ���-..., '���..".-_  Mr. and, Mrs. Bill; Ryalli who  : Were staying at Sechelt Inn, are  also ^ visitors to say hello.; It^ was i  their first visit to this^area, and  ^they w^re riiuclx impressed by tlie  scenery. '-.'���'������ ���  ��  Send in your news items to The  Coast News^���let your neighbors  know what you're; doing���they  are always-interested!; ���  UseThiss  ;������;"'' X^:-:y |f X^K5 'MM-^& ��� NOW!  We need your support as a subscriber to keep up our  service and to improve it. If you are not now a sub-  ,. sjcrihe_% don't put ^it off any lbpi(erx . .send ^wi: the  handy form below arid- be^ sure':Mr geitohg ^  ��� each week.-       "'-"' .���.,,������...���:-,���>-.  ��-' ii  . iii  .....................  '..................................  .......���........���.......���.........^.........���������........���...���...^i  '��� M  f Name  I Mai I  Address  ..  X ���';��� i: -Year ;-M: $$50; ' ^"yx'yfi:  Mail to THE GCJAST NE^ SECHELT  or direct to WESTVtEW,  B. C.  ���.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������#C������*��������������������*l  ������������(������������������������������^������������������������������k*******1  ^���������������������U*fMlialMtfllMt|iti|t* ^


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