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 Serving a Progressive^nd Growing  Arest on-B. C:*s Sout^rn Coast.  Covera*��&Beiielt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  I_anaii__r? Half J_Ioon Bay, Hardy  Island,- , Bender, ^afrfoour, Wilson  Creek. .Robert**. Creek, Grantha_n&  L_andihg, Egmont, Hopkins X_anding,  Brackend-ile,  CheeKeye,  etc.  _v  Vol. II! ��� No.**��  By -Earle Gray  TH the death of Otto Alfred  ickson, well-known coast  sident, and former employee of  ���itannia- Mining and Smelting  i. at Britannia. Beach; old tim- -  js in. B.C. mark another missing  their ranks. < Mr. Erickson. is at Lodge No. 34 of the ancient  .11-known at Davis Bay where Order Free Mafcons,  Cranbrook,  had visited frequently for the 'B.C. for many years. He was al-r  ��t four years, eventually plan- so a member of Brotherhood of  tig to retire there with his wife, Locomotive Engineers^ and life  rs. Dorothy Erickson, who now member of Elks, Vancouver  sides there. , Lodge No. 1.  j!j-r. Erickson was born in Swe-      He is survived by his wife, the  former Miss Dorothy Jackson of  Davis Bay; a sister-in-law, Mrs;  Gus Erickson of Penticton; two  ival he came to Alberta where nieces, Miss F. Erickson R.N. and  rode range around< Calgary,    member of the Provincial Board  or 5 years prior - to the Boer of Health, Vancouver, and Mrs.  r in South Africa, he was a C. G. Bennett of Penticton.  her of the famous Royal Interment was at the new sec-  'th West Mounted Police, now tion of the Mountain View Gem--  Royal Canadian Mounted Po- etery, Vancouver, Rev. C. H.  at Cranmore, Alberta. Dur- Bratt, of Holy Trinity Church of-,  the Boer Waiihe enlisted and ficiating. The service was attended in South Africa breaking ed by many old timers in B.C.  _FVBX.ZSH-Bn BY TBS COAST X*_-WS- &___1SXTS1>  Easiness Otiic@s Seclt&lt, B.C. National Advertisiasr Office, .Powell River, B.C.  Sechelt, B.C.  Friday, June 11, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  -VS��  ji in  1874;  which  country  he  t while still a young man to  e to the U.S. Soon after his  lorses for the army.    (��� and former railway employees,  fter returning ;from the Boej.  ;he time of construction and Standard Oil Pays  lessed the driving of the %t Employees Flood Pay  ;e at Port  Moody.  He  later z3_!^'_��^ _-...�� \ *  lined   his   engineer's   papers STANDARD Oil Company of B  Coast  in Arms Over  Forest License  POWELL RIVER, JUNE 11, 1948���  CHARGES that the provincial government through its policy  of perpetual forest management licenses was wiping  out the independent logging operator were^ Surfed: at C D.  Orchard, Deputy Minister of Lands and ForSsts at o public  meeting in Powell River Court House Thur^a^ evening.  The charges arose  in the  wake  of an Applied tion  by  notice of application) bounded  on the east by the height of land  westward of Powell Lake; on the  north by Olsen Lake and the  height of land to the north of the  Theodosia River Valley; on the  west by the waters of Deep Bay,  Lancelot and Okeover Arms of  Malaspina Inlet; on the south by  Lots 1273, 4907, 4906, 4903, 4904,  and the Sliammon Indian Reserve.  On Thursday evening, the deputy minister described the area  under application by the laminated batte��y separator company  as commencing about ^fhree miles  north of Powell River and a mile  west; of Powell Lake, north to  Chippewa Bay, then north to Olsen Landing, skirting Olsen Lake  for  years *irove *aX'locai" -   C.^Ltd.    employees*   who  ���ugh   Crow  her, Gus  agent  at Fernie^for many  ����. their full amount of pay.  aving the railway he joined     To encourage employees to as-  Evans Products Company Limited of' Vancouver, for a forest ����uaa.^jmnST thence' south'to  management license in this area which would cover 58,000Theodosia .Arm, passing around  acres of land with ah estimated 220,000,000 feet of matured the arm inland to Scuttle Bffy.  timber within its limits. and continumg south aloihg Mal-  t?,.-. **.,��.__. *��.o�� o�� _,��,���. *i.o ____*_     ������'���' ��� ������   ���^  aspina Peninsula to a spot M*  _       For more than an hour the dep- rectlv we*t of the 4tartW noint  as uty minister sweated in the sti- small  operators  in  ^^^  fs  Nest  pass.  His members of active reserves are f^*?*���J^ not give  Erickson, was sta- called  up  for   flood   emergency tions fired athmi by ne arly 160 is granted to Evans Pi^^ government  work,   will   continue  to   receive  persons  picked .into  the   small  P   ^LJr-wr2-L     ^^e      And the DePuty Mmfeter |ust would see the small operators got v  courtroojm^. including     loggers, a? repeatedly had ;tp aittoit. that enough timber tb%continue oper-  owners of small operations, bus- he could not answer becausfe he *���.__����   .��____*:_��*&������ a   imar-iT���.*���  inessmen and interested citizens  ~t ?���*  he could not;a|swf becausehe atioriSi  there was  a  unanimous  did not know.                x decision made ;f to   protest   the  D^spiie'lVir. Orchard's attempts granting of  a management lie-  to*" reassure  the  gathering' that ense.  "the small operator will always PROTEST LICENSING  of his death,   as hydro-el- flood pay and the amount he nor- "   Repeatedly froni "all corners of be with us/'^meetihgbroke Accompkhial )w  stomping  of  c operator.                                mally  receives  from the  Com- the room   c^me   the   question:  up with those most vitelly con- feet^d strong-annlausL    the  Erickson was a Free Mason pany. ..   <-                                        "What's Jg^igjg to happen to the     The swifrliite is^^  " *~ opposed to the 'granting of the  Staff   at   Britannia   Mining sist in the flood emergency, the ST^m '"^1 tatoacSSTS  Smelting    Co.,    Britannia company announced on May 31 gf SvSiSJSS mterSm^  !h,  Howe ^ound,  where  he .that it would make up the dif- rrtli��!SSSif entertamment  ted for  27 years  until  the ference between the employee's OI   - e aPPuc?"lon<  .icence Issue A  ���5 i-.v.r_,-iU_V-  '���p.-*.     **.:'. *.i V:."-_.'.."..'-' :".'��� .'7. "?.'<;'*.'  ���  _  ,_Vffe--  p'^v.^"1-.1-:  bt*&-.h^d'iw^iraisid;  S.   Eckardt,   representing   26   of  the(loggers, asked if there were  IlNSIDIOUS and shameful pjan, steeped in stroftg^arm tactics and        Operators who are rich enough to take advantageM^tiiis policy cense^eST^                            X"  Ipohtical subterfuge, and designed to drive the small logging can tie up tightly for all time the source of two-fifthsf of the entire jn a desperate attempt to block  Kiors/of this-area out of business has heen la|d ^are by recent wealth^f B.C.                                      <- the issuance of the license, rep-  ilopments surrounding the g0Ve_��ment*s consideration of grant-     ' $he plan grants the licensee complete monopoly of the.-.-public resentatives of the small logging  a forest management license to an outside company desirous of timber within the area under license: it 4ito��Jfii^i^  tiring sole^ right to a large tract of matured timberland just north the large operator: it means complete abolitiohxof the competitive lowing day decided to call a pub-  lowfeU River.                                                                                           system of bidding for crown lan^s. lie protest meeting for next Mon-  The foxestmanegement Hcense legislation rushed through last {aineCd��^7 t0 g��Vernment ^^ tt WiU ���� gyarantee a ^ ^aSwfllv^^  in the provtocial chatnbe^ is in iteelf .mM^ discrim- tame^ie0^God,s greenearth canthe ForestIy Department make the af^^^f��^-&7  >ry scheme ^ectly opposedJo-the. ch unshed ssytem of free   bi   operator conform t0 a sustained yield policy a^y more efficiently fects upon the whole province in  ,etitive enter^ise^and 9ne *frcan^y^t ?"��"��** than the small operator can be made to do?  There is nothing undS g^eral and Powell River district  qpoty of a lar^e percentoge of BC.��s public timber landfe by a the Ucense sygte^ to prevejft alicensee from cleaning out a choice in particular,  chosen and all-powerful timber barons. - section of mature timber and then pulling_out as they have done in  But the present specif ic outopme of that legislation in the Powell the past.  r area should be one of ue��p concern to all those who seek        No one who is cognizant of the rapid depletion of our visible  phold the undeniable r^ght of each and eyfty citizen to follow supply of timber will argue against the necessity for a proper forest  P" osen trade on a competitive basis.     l        * management policy to ensure the continued prosperity of the pro-  mall loggers operating within or adjacent to the area presently vince.  application have b^en nabbed in the woods by fast-talking        But the solution is not in forest licenses.  Rather it lies in the  \it men who Have sought to intimidate them. establishment of a top-notch Forestry Department fully staffed and  ,The ultimatum has been to this effect-if you don't play ball actively engaged in a full scale reforestation^program, the cost  ��� us now on our terms you'll be opt,of business.in a couple ?�� which coutd if necessary be partly charged back against the  afconti industry m increased stumpage rates. -  rT^ _��-_ _-_   u   _a  ___      *   ����. ��� *      *_     a       a ��v_    i      * In Sweden, where for every tree cut down a sapling is planted, vidii^ that the Minister of Lands  f JP* C.*i?' Orchard, deputy Minister of Lands and Forests, at a a successfui sysU>m q�� forest management on a sustained yield basirf and Forests may enter mto a for-  _te meeting here told a group of independent distnet loggers that has been evolvedi;and has? been in operation for 100 years. Why cari* est management license with any  Aid not know what would happen toghem if a forest management not a similar ^^ ^ Solved for the operation of B.C. forest land^ ?^on tor management of crown  am, weye ^rant^i: ^ut then admitted **<m **& disaster Reaction of ^reseiitalive groups in Powell River to the present ^rSS^f^ ^ JS^'S  11U small operator m o? near the. area by stating ^that "once license scheme fc.!^^^ of ^Ke |act ttiat the public, now th^y ta?ed w,l tr w'SShSf ^  .an^gement hcense is granted we^an't do ai^thmg about it". are bec0ming *m*re oijke full meaning and intent of the legi^ ^^Tlgteu^v ^S^i^  l^st^ge^ted those ^operators who would be direcUy a��eqted tion, are indignffl_4_ty opposed to the plan. The reason there has b&n Sopsrt f^lt k?leihSk  inge^^ privfete\��mterviews with Jumthewnext vitiomingto- disciws So little public-protest upto now .s because it is only now that fide- equal axmm^l^^m^��  l1^^ quflte information has been given them as to there.*^  j WJ*en "one operator who is logging within the area and who has scheme. ^     ; paciiyvof ')gSe;-alea.xv.  nt a lot of money establishing a permanent camp, went for an With each new occasion where a forest management license is While admitting that a policy  feyi^W" the deputy Minister asked him how much timber would sought, the cunning pattern of outright monopoly .tiid iitter -tisre- of sustained yield operation must  to^B &'-����$' to Uquida^ himself and "get 3rourself out with your gard of human liberties is evolving more sharply. be inauiitoed,    those    at   the  'ts-onafcd a couple of handkerchiefs in your pocket" Already there are many applications fbr forest management meeting felt that such a system  In the meantime, {he meeting  urged all interested groups and  persons to wire the Premier ai  Victoria protesting in strongest  terms the granting of a license in  this area.  FOREST AREA RESTRICTED  The policy of forest management licenses stems from amendments passed by the provincial  legislature on April 1, 1947, pro-  Offers "were made to buy off^oth^r small operators  cutting licensesvbeing received by-Ithe Forestry Departmer^ bec^iise^f the could be thieved by a. reinforced  '\^e proposed license limit by prdmisiiig them enough timber applicant's fear of loss of livelihood: operators who dp hoi want fpr^tr^^artment Which would  >ep them cutting a year or tvw> when they would have to pull to take out a liceisejfare beipg gdaded into applying^ for one dimply hmit 4he yearly cut, and the cost  I entirely or go td work for the licensee. ;J as a matter o^ ^ll^eseryation." others, no doubt, are applying  of   su^ Supervision   could   be  !   __.      .yy    .>  _JT. ���   ..   _   ��_-,_.___   .^_��__ x_i_*_    ____���__.___    _*  .��__ __     ���__      *a*��*...-z , ____I_K_._.__ .____,    A___     __.    .     . .       .__:     �����!..-���   -.���..-.:..';   ���.*r."r   ."������'. <-haf tfa_4 <Nl��i/i1r ��_����;����'_.����� ���_��*��:. 5���� <_!...��*_______  rtf.  That s^sh chicanery on the part of a reputable minister of the in complete ignoi  ,    ^ .....     __.���   .,-   fiof what the scheme is allabpt^l  wr should be necessary does ij?* itself Warrant that the forest The fuH cirtui^wiinces surrounding applications for forest man-  .._.__-. _     __. _____   __St ^ _b j"__        _    __ . _.     .. --**���*<      _���__-_ ... _. ������_*_'���  _.n ^_s  charged back against the industry  M; increased stumpage rates.  of the government be vie.ved.%flU_i utmost suspicion. agemmt licenses jlppother parts of the pxovia^v^r.:^'cdurse: not  p4|ut there are several other reasons why 1t the forest management at our eQmmfehd:^it this specific case, is the first direlSt challenge  nfee system should be wiped j<3$^ me: legislative slate. to the free enterjpse of the small logger in this are|| and every  fit can only eiid one way���a* few big operators will control for possible measurerlnouldlje taken to protest the indignity.  It the most important industi^,inAhe province producing 40 cents For in our ppinion, Dr. Orchard, the whole scandlious affair  ofJevery dollar, and this to%e;%#dusion of everyone-else: smells to high heaven!  0 9 ��IH0I,DIA Page Two  ���V  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C,  .Friday, June 11,  1  By "CAROLA*  ' guests^ Mr. Lintwall's brother and    for a week  wife from Minneapolis, Minnesota. ".������"��� <      *' "-���        \ .  standing arid the hew enterprises and service toiits finahy^ subs^ihp  MRS. R. EADES Sr. introduced  a new innovation when she announced that her* daughter-in-  law, Mrs. Reginald Eades is a  "flood widow." Her husband' is  with the militia in the flood area.  It strikes home when we hear  of cases such as Mrs. Matthew's  daughter of Agassiz who arrived  here after their farm was completely inundated.  _ The. J. Lindwalls have a house-  is      Mr. Bill Ewart arrived for the  weekend from Vancouver in his  16-foot   putt-putt,   accompanied  by two friends.  Mrs. Charles Haslam has been  welcomed by her friends on her  recent return to the Creek.  Mrs. Alice Newtpn spent last  which are becoming an every day  event. Saturday was School bylaw election day and even  "Grah<___ather" took a keen inter 4  est in an affirmative vote, expres-  ers and advertisers. Newspaper^  have always been instrumental M  aiding the.progress of.tbwrus, a__4f  villages, arid welcome readers tvj  use this medium for expressi-__|||  weekend in Vancouver attending  s*nS ^s belief in a little imagina-  their views on matters Of inter|  ^^     -   A.Z _-k��^      -        _Lfc _n��->_-3  .       ��__�����_-*��!_��� AMW _^����k jf-.*"*1****. **.�� _���_-_i4_L       -X _��_ _-_!__ ___.'____-____. __-___.-_-.__i-n.��.M__. _.____! ____.'**        _-_At 1__ .____���__.-��*_  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  Welding  General Repairs  Marine Engines  Water Cooled, Air Cooled  Gas or Diesel  PENDER HARBOUR  There is a saddened young miss  in the Creek since het erstwhile  friend Allan. White left to take  the position of 3rd mate on the  Seaboard Enterprise.  Mrs. Ruth Mitchell and Mrs. J.  Newman were visiting in Vancouver, visiting cousin Mrs. J. Galli-  ford of the Stratford House  School. Mrs. Galliford, who also  runs'a sumnfer camp at the Creek  produced her own version of Pied  Piper of Hamlin at the White  Rose Ballroom, with all the  players under five years of age:  . Miss Gail Downes of Vancouver visited her parents over the  weekend.  Mr. Reginald Oldershaw spent  the weekend from Vancouver visiting with his parents.  Mrs. Mary Williamson has had  her two nieces visiting with her.  her brother's wedding.  Last Saturday I took my first  trip "up north" to Powell River  and Westview. Small wonder oyr  American cousins exclaim oyer  our beautiful coastline and the  panoramic view of our rugged  snow-capped mountains!  Travelling comfortably by boat  one has time to become acquainted leisurely with the interesting refreshing drink.  tiori, hard Work and sincere effort to the cbmmon cause/  The beautiful bowling alleys  built in 1941 by its present owner  affords competitive and friendly  diversion for the residents, as  does the Old. Time Dance Club  where dancers appreciate the old '"  time melodies. There are two  shows and modern restaurants  and a couple of pubs for that cool  est to all, controversial or othei.IL  wise.  The Coast< News wants   aU th?!  news of you ancLyour friiehdsi   ^  Send it in today!  -t;.t  people On board. Grouped together were some of our well-known  Westview is also the home of  the Cbast News and the Powell  citizens   bound   for   the   Liberal River News. When the new print-  Convention    of   the   MacKenzie  riding, the first held since June  irig presses arrive from Calgary,  where they are held up due td  m  _vl  - _  FOR  Real Estate or Insurance  Contact  P. GMc  -'���' Gibsons. /  Personal attention���Dependable Service  ^���^���__l        X      '-"  �����*������*������  Mill li* TORY  TAXI  INSURANCE  ���ar  ^m  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  Parr Pearson Agencies  General insurance  Phone  Sechelt 37 ���-fright Ring LSL  M.UMBIN&-HARDWARE  REAL ESTATE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���3K  Specialist * in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  E. W. Parr Pearson  Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt  Plumbing and Heating  Installation ��� Repairs  A Specialty  by Registered Plumber  Ticknor's Plumbing  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt, B.C.  RADDO SERVICE  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone,  Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  WELDING  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  Experts  in Electric  and  Acetylene Welding  Silver Grille Service Station  .  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With this hew equip-  husband, Mr. George Kynock, ment, the efficient staff WiR be  long associated with the Players able"to provide our "Peninsula  Club of Roberts Creek, Mr. Hop- residents  with  prompt   delivery I  per, secretary to the association ������ -���- I  for the past nine years returning home to be greeted by his  charming wife, the vocal teacher  of Westview. On their arrival in  Powell River, where they stayed  at the Rodmay Hotel, the Peninsula delegates were taken oh  tour of the points of interest in  the district. \.  Visiting in the heart, of West-  view I had ample opportunity to  observe at close range the bustling life of this flourishing little  village. I was impressed by its  clean, modern homes, its many  businesses,   both  those   of long?  BRIGGS-STRATTON  IN BOARDS  * Evinrude  Oufboords  at City   Prices  r  Also small boats arid  equipment. --^  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c.  The old-established Genera^ Store for Fanilflies,  Fishermien and Camps. ^  x  FISH BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  Hd  QUALITT ��� SERVICE --VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  %���'���������' <      Zr ''.rilti  >_ -"s' _;   '   ' _*.' ���  Will Reeder, one of British Columbia's  best known radio commentators,  whose friendly prograins enjoy wide  popularity. "Will Reader and His  Radio Notebook" is presented over  CKWX each afternoon, at 1:30,  Monday through Friday, by Gun-,,  ningham, Drug Stores. ;.  Sx  X��|x     '���Xnxx*:w.s. *S!__feHii_Tr'.^ryyyy., ,:3?i*sfi'^  x Carrying a Ful| Line of General Hardware  I    SUMMER  SUGGESTIONS  GARDEN  FURNITURE  . . ,. ��.v. -.-y :>-.l ���:���   :       ,    . .  GARDEN HOSE  GARDEN TOOLS  Screen Doors and Windows -~^ VehetianxBlinds  *-f       Fishing Tackle ���- Lite; Kraft Bbbtsx ���  ,     Hauson Engines ���JGIidden Paints   ���.:">. .7.  xBuildfng Supplies ./..xXi.  X ���   Monarch Gasoline Washing Mclchirifes    ;^>  ,     Pintail Sports Clothes  ,. ..-  .     71 ��� j.  *XS-r  .   ���  ���������' ^^m^^^^^r>sr^B^t-yrr^~^ ������''. ���    "-  jy/'.ftir. >_ .�� fc i*.:��. . ��� ..\f^\ *. ___!���.������_���.* i: v *v_ V ���-. w; -, ��� j ���-.. ,c. '--.������.; ��� :A      .     . -   ���  . ���- rilM^m^?mymLm^?yyyL*-:yy^ Nday, June 11,1  By  BROWNIE  SEEMS that vacationing time is  (.here judging by the /number of  .ople from Klahoose going to  Vancouver. "On Thursday, May  p, Mrs. George Berry, Mr. Eldred  jrry, Mr. Martin Kiley, Mr. Bill  ftnisky and < the two Marcoux  brothers departed for the big  ity. Also Mrs; Stan Forbes "and  mghter Susan reiitrned to Wil-  >n Greek ^and Mrs: Jack  Smid  went to Salmon Bay to visit Mr.  and Mrs. Harwood.  ( Mrs. Chris Smith arrived here  from Bella Coola recently. She  is starting the trip back home today.  Edward Jackson's grandmother,  Mrs. Penaway, is leaving today.  Young Edward and his mother  are leaving with her. Have a good  holiday.  Wayne Royal celebrated his  fourth-birthday with a cake and  all    the     trimmings.      Younger  ;THE COAST 1MEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Thre��  We have the very latest equipment for refacing valves.  Our Valve seat grinder for the modern hard surface valve  % seats does a beautiful job.  Send in your valves and valve  seats via stage and we will give you first class service.  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK, B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S  guests included Edgar and Andy  Johnston, Kenny, Jimmy and  Tommy Matthias, Edward. Jackson and Susan Forbes. Also all  the ladies in camp.  Mr. Jim Johnston also celebrated his birthday on Saturday,  May .22, with a party and dance.  Where do you get all your energy,  Jim! !  The last dance staged by the'  community, until September, was  held in the cookhouse on Saturday, May 29. The committee deserves a vote of thanks for their  work in the past few months.  In the fall, a new committee will  be voted in. We now have our  volley ball and horseshoe equipment.  Mrs. Holly Roberge had a birthday on May 21. Many happy returns.  HEAVY DUTY  NBARD  Oil   GOMPflMY   OF  BB11  Head Office: 355 Buron. Street, Vancouver, B.C.  ISH   C0L_M_.fi  LI Mi TED  -       Refinery: Stanovan, B.G  Random Widths  Random Lengths  Fir  Cedar  Hemlock  B.C. FIR (SECHELT) LTD.  SECHELT, B.C.  PHONE 42  Scotsmen are very indignant *  at the suggestion that their kilts  be given the new look. Sir Harry*  Lauder says: "Never! Why, lad,  my knees wudna show, and the  lassies wud na e'en gie me a wee  glance."  .Step right in  There's a place for you on this team. Take your choice I Do you  like to organize and direct... would you like to learn a useful  trade ... or, perhaps you like outdoor activities With action  aplenty?  There's opportunity in the Canadian Army Active Force���  including advancement to commissioned rank���if you have  what it takes.  The Canadian Army Active Force offers more opportunities  now than ever before, and to complete the picture you are  assured of lifetime pension when your service is completed.  Step right in!���Ask the nearest Recruiting Depot or Armoury  for enlistment particulars. Bring with you certificates of age  and education. Veterans should  write direct to the nearest depot  listed below:���  No. 11 Personnel Depot,  4th Avenue & Highbury Street,  Jericho,  VANCOUVER, BC.  26-BC  For d lilr^  loin the Cart ..p.--;*;^ Jv-u<r _**_��-^v_~s_'>iiipu_&'��-^s>5_L'i;  3  p*  O  ppp<��  NTION  f       V."  nt license  ' 4 .  lft  *-"���  u  ca  X  u  5/5  t/v  z  S  o  u  UJ   *  I  BUILD HOMES IN THIS DISTRICT  PAY TAXES IN THIS DISTRICT  SUPPORT COMMUNITY APPEALS .'  SPEND THEIR MONEY LOCALLY  ARE A BIG*ASSET TO OUR COMMUNITY  They Should Continue to Work Here  ��� - i ... . ���_  A FOREST MANAGEMENT LICENSE WILL DRIVE THEM AWAY FROM HERE  THE BUSINESS PEOPLE HAVE STUDIED THE PROBLEM AND ARE OPPOSED TO IT  Con Help  ���   Read the facts in the newspaper.  ��_.  3  .��  U.  <D  O)  O  ���   Write to Premier Johnson at Victoria���tell him we do not want the future of the independent logger  jeopardized by granting management of our forests to any one interest  This Advertisement Sponsored By the Action Committee Representing Most of the Small Logging Operations in the Powell River District Friday, June II,  1  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Five  utiles an  HomeSites  LARGE CORNER  LOT���82'x660',  with cabin;  $1300.00 ��� West Sechelt.  LOTS ON MAIN STREET, Sechelt, 62'xl22'���  $425.00 and $325.00 each.  We have a large listing of other choice properties.  '���*  / ...  __-���  CALL  PARR PEARSON AGENCY  Sechelt, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 37       1  or      '  *   -,  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD,  942 West Pender St.  Vancouver, B.C. ��� PA. 3348  By! :E. NESTMAN  ___t  Say You Saw It In The "News"  At the home of Mr. and Mrs.  Harry Winn, Rev. Moore christened the baby son of Mr. and Mrs.  Alfie Winn, giving the babe the  names Patrick Herbert. Alfie  and his wife Jean were visiting  Gibsons for a week's holiday.  They make their home at Tex-  ada Island, where they returned  last week. Herb Winn is Babe's  godfather.  BLUE BABY NOTES  ( The ladies Monday Club held  a sale of home cooking and a tea  at Merry Ern Cafe, realizing the  handsome sum of over $70. A  hamper of groceries was raffled  and Mrs. C. Gray was the lucky  lady. She has turned the hamper over to flood relief. The ladies have also turned over the  sum of $24 that they had in the  kitty, intending to have a turkey  supper at the end of their club  series, and so making a nice sum  to be turned into the fund. "Orchids to the ladies. They had a  grand turn-out at Gambier for  the benefit dance in aid of the  fund. The Machiogonne carried  over 100 passengers, in addition  to all that went in other boats.  The final dance and raffle will  be held Saturday night in Bal's  i  Sechelt Jervis Towing Co.  Your Local Complete Marine Towing Service  LOG TOWING ��� YARDING ��� SCOWS -  PILE DRIVING��� SALVAGE  DREDGING  Special Facilities for. Quick Movement of Cats, Logging Trucks and  General Camp Equipment  PHONE US COLLECT FOR RATES  SECHELT���H. Spalding, Parr Pearson Agency, Tel. 54 or 37  PENDER HARBOUR���To Hassan's Store, Tel. 6 U  NANAIMO���The Nanaimo Towing Co. Ltd.  Tel., Day 555; Night 1497 or 305  GIBSONS���-M. P; G. McPherson, Tel. 2 A or 7 A  .���  One of the Many Molti-Flex Homes  *<i^^^*.^*"^*i  i.  t-  I  nn.li  MODEL "G  An. Attractive home readily, suited to those  who require a minimum of living space and  yet. desire the convenience of a larger home.  The design is attractive arid modern,, suitable  for a city or country setting.  ���'.'".'��� ��� ���   _.  The Model '?G" can be supplied with reverse floor plan to suit your lot.  Multi-Flex homes can be readily assembled  and are reasonably priced.   \  - ���     ���  For Full Information Write To  _3*_  '       '    -   ^;!.Xf��  HALFMOON  BAY  PENiNSULA A^ENT FOR MULTI-FLEX  HOMES  Hall, when tickets for the raffle  will be drawn and the boxes will  be collected in a few days. ���*  The operation should be in July as far as is known at this time.  FLOOD RELIEF NOTES  A meeting was called of all  representatives of the district to  deal with the question of a donation to flood relief. It was decided that a raffle will be held,  with every organization backing  the project, and a prize of $25  will be jput on the tickets, which  sell at 50 cents each. A thorough  canvass of the district will be  held, and rather than have each  organization hold a ' separate  function it was felt that one big  drive would be much easier on  all concerned . . . Yes, we know  it's getting monotonous, these  calls on you, and the people that  are doing the job dislike it as  much as you do. We are all asked  to help . . Naturally if you have  not got it, you can't give it, but  if you can, then your help will  be appreciated. If you wish to  donate, you can do so at the bank  or aft flood relief headquarters,  which are set up in Mr. MacPher-  son's real estate office. Cliff  Gray is chairman of the fund, and  Jim Drummond is secretary-  treasurer. As soon as money is  received, it will be forwarded  every day into Vancouver. This  way, money will start to leave  Gibsons at once.  The Legion held a cabaret and  dance Friday night and turned  the proceeds over to flood relief.  Bal held a dance Saturday night  and proceeds there also went to  the same. If anyone wishes to  hold any social to raise funds for  this worthy cause, then it will be  very welcome. But to prevent overlapping, it was felt that our  first plan of a concerted drive  was the best way to get everyone  in on this.  NOTES RE BATHING .HERE  Called Dr. Hugh Inglis, sanitation inspector, re bathing on our  beaches here. He assured me that  up to now there is no danger. He  feels we are far enough away  from the danger zone. Unless  .carcasses are washed up on the  beach to pollute waters, then he  sees no reason why children cannot swim in waters here. He said  that we were at least 20 miles  from the danger zone of pollution, and unless we were notified  to the contrary, children should  be ok.  THIS Tf THAT  Our constable tells me we are  gonna get a few traffic signals,  and when they get around it's  going to be quite a problem for  cars to find a parking place, so  watch for 'em, boys.  Rev. Horn has gone into Vancouver Hospital for another operation . . sorry to hear this. .And.  Dougie Davies. our first swimming casualty, had both his feet  cut down on the municipal beach.  It's pretty bad around there until  that beach gets cleaned up a bit.  It's very easy in winter to throw  everything in the water, from  soup to nuts, as the water is quite?  deep. But, comes summer, and  the things that come in at low.  tide are something else again.  Watch the glass, kids. Our boys  have all the fixings for a bugle  band. Junior Legionaires are all  set to get going on practices. Leader is Norm Stewart and Richie  Norris, and he is looking for a  spot where boys can blow bugles  to''their heart's content. If you  hear some weird sounds from the  Glen down here, it's one of my  boys practising bugle calls, where  the other boy is going to practice  on the drum, well we haven't decided yet. Anyway it is to be  hoped by next fall that they will  be well on the way to a real boy's  band. Thanks to Harry Gough,  our senior boys ball team is having some tough games lately.  Played Sechelt last week and  lost, then went over to Bowen  Island, being short some players  lost again and also lost to Port  Mellon on Sunday. Bob Murray  is on the sick list and with some  of their players unable to get out  they sure are having it tough.  Never mind boys it's early yet,  remember a poor start, a good  finish.  I hear we are going to have a  new captain on the Machigonne.  They tell me, it will be Captain  Gillespie from Gower Point.  Members of the Legion & Women's Auxiliary held a memorial  day service at Seaview cemetery  in memory of war dead and  placed flowers on the Cenotaph  and graves. Rev. Moore read the  service  assisted  by J.  Marshall.  I hear there may be wedding  bells for one of our senior citizens pretty soon.  I hear Wally Peterson and Cattanach have taken over the  home, and will operate it as a  guest house, we can certainly  use it. One thing we are short of  is places for people to Stay.  Well, it looks like the war is  on   again   in   the   Landing,   as  (Continued on Page 8)  LADIES:   READ THIS!  Unwanted hair removed instantly  from face, arms, legs, with Flash  Hair Remover. Harmless ��� leave*  skin soft and smooth.' You can't lose.  Money promptly refunded if hair  grows, back after third application,  with no questions asked. Complete  treatment   $2  postpaid.    (CO.D.'s ���  Kapex Products (Dept. 136)  Box 22,  Station  B,  Montreal, Qu*.  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McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every day except Thursday  Batchlor on the arrival of a  grandson. How does it feel to be  a grandmother? ���'"  In honor of Mrs. F. Rainbow,  who. is leaving Selma Park on  June 12, Mrs. Wm. Schott entertained at her home on June  2. On behalf of those present,  the honoree was presented with  a snap-shot album. Bingo and  other games were much enjoyed.  The winners were Mrs. E. Mead  and Mrs. K. Woods. Others present were Mrs. J. Finlayson, Mrs.  Newcomen, Mrs. Waddell, Mrs.  C. Prince, Mrs. C. Foster, Mrs. T.  Thomas, Mrs. F. Wheeler, Mrs. T.  Murphy, and Mrs. F. Willows,  Mrs. Perkens and Mrs. T. Walker.  "Rumors are flying" about the  bathing beauties to be seen at  the Selma Park Strawberry tea  at Bayview in the afternoon of  June 14th. Fred Willows is said  to be dieting for top form that  day.  The sum of $183.55 has been  By MRS. J. H. RENNIE  The results of these terrible,'  .devastating floods at present are  being felt by some folks in Granthams Landing. Mr. and Mrs.  Don Haggarty and Mr. and Mrs.  Willard 'Godfrey from St. John,  New Brunswick, who are yisit-  ing /Mr. and Mrs. George Walsh  at.-present, are unable to continue their trip home, and are  likely to have an enforced stay  at the coast until the roads damaged by the floods can be used  again.   The two couples are on  collected up to date in Selma for  the Emergency Flood relief fund.  We are glad to hear that Mrs.  Edwards got her dog back. We  all hate to have our pets lost;.  Ba continental tour and. had visited  many points south, including San  Francisco and Hollywood. They  enjoyed their trip west, and spoke  of the beauty of the scenery and  the lovely flowers they have  seen throughout their trip, but  Mr.  Haggarty says  that he has  never seen anything in the west  to surpass the gorgeous sight of  the St. John river iri the fall.  Another couple who are being  held up by the floods are Mr. and  Mrs. Don Poole who were married on May 24, and are expected  to spend their honeymoon at  Banff and Lake Louise..., They  were turned back at Seattle and  were just lucky enough to get  through "some* of the roads ahead  of the flood. They were visitors  yesterday at Granthajn's Landing. When travelling conditions  are restored they hope to spend  their interrupted honeymoon at  Banff.  Mr. and Mrs. Richard McKib  bon   of Hopkins  are  the  proud  parents of a baby daughter born  to them on May ^9. ' ������-<���  We noticed the June visitors  to Granthams arriving today. Two  of the. cottages on the Spiriau  property will be occupied this  month.  Mrs. W. K. Buckley of Toronto, is a visitor at present at the  Giiest House. Mrs. Buckley is ya  member of the family famous  for its cough mixture.  ���_?  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  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There is npthin like making  a liar' of myseifr���Mr. and Mrs.  George Zorin have a son, not a  daughter. My apologies! When  are the cigars coming George?  Sorry to report the death of  old timer of the Townsite, Mr*.  Olaf Ericson, who passed away  last week. He is isurvived by his  wife, Dorothy, of Wilson Creek,  and who is also a correspondent  for The News. Our deepest sympathy to you, Dorothy.  Little. Glen Maddes was rushed  . by speed-boat to Vancouver with  appendicitis, and is recovering  after his operation. If ope there  are lots of happy days ahead for  you now!  Mrs. Al Stewart is in St. Vin  cents Hospital.. We hope she has  a speedy fecovei^y.  ':��..  ���-*��� WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  COOTRACTORS"  Glen. 0463F Phone ���   Mar. 3439  BULLIDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  C___EaS^G, ^CAVATWG.mC.  LargeMachines.  HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B. C_  ***^0m*i0���**m*��**~+*'  w^w^gi>^My��^^  r.  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There is a dance here next  Saturday, the proceeds to go to  Flood Victims. Let's have a big  crowd.  Mr. and Mrs, T. Wills had visitors for a few days���Mr. and  Mrs.  Tinsdale and family.  Well folks, I must say cheerio  for another week. Take my advice and stay out of the sun/  In Toronto a boy and girl kis- dental braces tangled. The iri  sedgoodnight and somehow the screamed, and her parents came  poor kids managed to get their to the rescue.  For a Better Treat. . . Try The  Village Coffee Shop  at The Village Centre, Sechelt  Coffee Shop, Coffee Shop,  That is where we get our pop.  Here you'll find the best of food,  Pie and sodas and ice cream,  It will set you in the mood-���  The food is like a dream.  There is no place better;  It's Sechelt's Most Modern Eating Place  / ^  TREES ARE A CROP  LANG'S REXALL DRUGS  GIBSONS and SECHELT, B.C.  BSB  B.C. FOREST  Department of  SERVICE  and Forests  HON. E. T. KENNEY* MINISTER  G. D. ORCHARD, DEPUTY MINISTER Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C.  Jrriday, June 11,  194S  in ���_)������.���  Bv ARIES  PEARL   PTJNNETT  We had a very pleasant trip tO:  _    .   __  _. ...      _ _, ,, The   baseball   game   between  Lowell River on^the Gulf Mar-  Gibsons and Bowen on June 1st  iner when we attended the Lib-, was quite' a close game. The fio-  eral   Convention   for  Mackenzie  al score was 7_6fSr Bowen.  Riding.   The delegates were:  Mr.  McPhail  and Mrv�� McPherson of      Congratulations    to    Mr.    and  Gibsons; Mr. Jtf. Morrison; J IVIr.  Mrs. W. Fithie on their 53rd wed-  Youngson and Mrs. French of Se-  ding anniversary on June 6.  chelt; Mr. Kynoch and Mr. Crea- .  mer of Selma Park. We were ad- Th�� Vancouver Normal School  dressed by the new organizer, held its annual picnic here on  Dr. Jack McDougall, who covered June 4, and as is the usual cus-  many aspects of Liberalism and torn of the principal and some  is a very forceful speaker. I h_(ve "df.the students, paid a visit to  alwavs thought that Dr. McDou- the school here. Classes were  gall is the best platform speaker dismissed for the afternoon.  in B. C.  SIT  ^ I^es (15 Wo*ds�� &��:35c       ;;.'���;-^.'__V3^*____��__i���a_^o_ci-.-fs-stniiie'.'_kd>^;'6.0c.  Extra words, above-15-word min., 2c each. Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages;. Deaths,; etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . v .BIG RESULTS  1    LEGAL  NOTICE TO CfoftTI^  SEALED tenders Addressed to  the" undersigned and eiidorSed  'Tender for Madeira Park School'  will be received until noon, ph  Monday. June ;X4^ 1948>- for> the  erection:; of, a; ohe-r^m;^Sclhipbr  at 2Sl��-deira^P  School I>istr^:f^oXX^.yry 'y--:^,X:^  Plans; specl&atibiis,;a^ forms  of tender can be obtained frpm  the office of the architect^ liar-;  olid Cullerne, 325 Ho#e Street^  Vancouver,- B. C. oh deposit or  $25.00* ^yhich^ tf fflxbeT rounded  on th& returrr bi: saiiiei in gopc_��  condition;-' ,. ���     . ?XX"0lX-:Xl  Each tender  must fee  accompanied   by -ah  FOR SALE��� X  MSCELLANEOire .......    ............  On Saturday, June 5, at Christ ONE  saddle  horse,   mare,  com- ROTO-T^LER ^  The  new   officers   elected   are cfrurch Cathedral in Vancouver       plete with western saddle and does the work ii^  to be found  in  another column Rev   Dean   Swanson   united   in bridle. "M_VXFV^Soln^  today. The Powell River Liberals marriage Eva Margaret Harding  Creek, B. C.    - 49 Call or write Cliff Leach, Gib- an amount of five percent ($&)"���  Were very hospitable and a good of   Bowen  Island   and   Kenneth ������ cattp                                   ~~ sons> BC-                                    tfn of .the   amount   of   the   tender,  time was had by all.-The .Rod-  Hewitt of Vancouver   The bri&e J^�����-           ., _-          _._.,_             ^ L wmch  sha11  be  forfeited  if the  may Hotel is very different from wore   a   white   dress   with   long N��W 3-roomed house, bathroom, FOR SALE party tendering declines to .enter  what it used to be���very modern train and Mary-Scots head-dress    "ca^m^-kltc��fn' excellent view, SHIP-BY Gulf Lines Express to intoa contract within thirty <30)  and comfortable to stay at.             to which a long veil was attached. ��* al��� l��Y ^^f%aI^fZtl �� or from Vancouver.^Low rates, days of the receipt of tender.^    <.  Her three attendants were Mrs. ^Ajso^ f^m5.d..ZiterJK?.? Fast   service.   Carefid  handling. The   successful   tenderer   will  Noticed at Sechelt this week-  ner   tiuee   aiieauaius   weie   mi_.   ��n+ta��A   with   ntilitv   vnnm    r_nilv   o ���__ _A.X_.   t- v- Z ?__        ine    SUCCesSIUI    tenderer    W1U  B.  Waters as  matron  of honor, ��?^g!?��. A���^A- SEn. w2t  SpeClfy Gu*f LmeS ExpreSS'    tf be required to furnish a bond of  end were Mrs. Arthur Bromley' f-*^L^^"lZ^*J^Jr^Z bus service. Apply A; Mills, West  and Mrs. Katherine Ward, who and the bride s only sister, and Sechelt ** * *ft  are staying    with   'Mrs.    Frank was  gowned m pink    The  two  48  French.  Mrs. Bromley, it will be bridesmaids   were   Miss   Norma FOR SALE-  remembered    lived   here   years and   Mlss   Georgma   Allen,   the 13-FOOT  rowboat,  newly  pain-  ago'when Mr. Bromley was with ?oriner in yelloS_and the latter      ted, lined inside. In good con-  the B   C^Forest service   ;They in   tur^uolse>    T"6   groom   was dition. Special spruce oars. Ap-  have since been in England and ^PP0^.^  &*.   brother,   Mr. ply Murdo Stewart, Gibsons, B,  are jiow living in Vancouver.- Sp$. fe^^ *nd the ushers were C.      , 48  ���������_������/������    ��t   _T .^      v   ii t- Mr. Jack Hewitt and Mr. Gord-   Mrs.   Ward   is   a   well-known ����� usrrfjnff  h^n^pr? nf +hP hri BRICKLAYING���                              ���_���_., _   ,.   ,,-       _                _.-����.-  _4_.___;_. j___.; ��_,_.���    oi.wi.i_.v__. c��__W_.i+ on. naraing,  oromers OI xne  On- rr"^l,tr" . , _               _      . _.             Itateet y��t__ *gei ThomaaOa ����� peppy at 70. Try  dress designer. She likes Sechelt dal Cout_le ENGLISH bricklayer:   buildings,   "ii��|Diiwwvi��H^ortrM.a��nto-Mtontctoy��---.  very much so we hope they will ^^^e^nine of the reff       garages,   chimneys   and   fire-   g_r__��^J^^  come   again  soon   to  enjoy  our ^urm^ tne signing oi tne reg-                                                                     ___-_--    _-.  Use the Coast News classified an aPProYed,  Canadian    surety  ads for extra quick results! company m_the amount of 50 per  "Oldat 40,50,60?  ���Man, You're Crazy  cent of the amount of contract.  The lowest or any tender not  ff  necessarily accepted.  No tender  will, be   considered  having  any  qualifying clauses whatsoever.  X   r     ,' - MRS. ANNE BURNS  , Secretary-Treasurer  . "Sechelt School  District No. 46  nice little village.   And then we  ister Miss June James  hope there will be a little less ^^^T^i^"1^^ Yif8 to- all   Mr. Sotiros, Gibsons, B.C.  dust.   With the many trails now b,eld ^n Se. Pr��uRoom $f ft? I v. .   -. > ^ DS n^ ^  sanfl:  ?6 Places��    g^eral    repair    work.   5^d^%^��,S^^^^tt^,&tt Gibson Landing, B. C.  f_S;  w__c Prompt,   efficient   service   given   *-��fc��t*iidwko_w��w_ywb����. May 31, 1948  blocked to the public because of G��o^a ��ote 1.   The^ couple left  logging operations, and the trail onJh%f^ht boat for Victoria, FOR SALE-  through Selma fenced off, it is and will honeymoon at Yellow- MAN'S  bicycle,  good  not  very  enjoyable walking  on point.     They   win   make   their     --��� ��� -��� -  the roads, getting covered in dust  home in Vancouver.  and flying stones by every pas- . SatlJrdjy J}^ 5 was, a bJW  sing car day at the picnic grounds, when  ^    X* 2200^)E^  * Sorry to hear that Mrs. Ing- day. ["'1   l  ram (Betty Youngson) is still on The Women's Auxiliary to the  condition,  with light and* carrier. $30. Apply S. McKay, Selma Park, B.C.  /    .     * ' "4'8  FOR SALE  WATERFRONT lots  at  head  of  _ _____  Pender Harbour. Write or con*  the sic^tet, ^ _?ct.,H- W11^���8011 T&^'^&Sl  are to be added:  Mrs. ^ay and their regular monthly.meeting on Pender  Harbour., -,  daughter Merrily.  We hope they Tuesday, June 8, at the home of unaniPTj aww_ttc  will he well soon:       x / Mrs. H. Cole at Trout Lake. As        '" *  MISCELLANEOUS  Had a very pleasant surprise,  ___,  tfn  this' is the last meeting of the WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make  *iOU   ��  .***.*   it��������u��..;9u.j����i��,   BPflsnri  thp  annual   liinohPOT.   will        S"P    COVers,    Supply    materials  when  at  tea^ With ^s. ^mm:r wlU and do take pride in our work-  Mo watt   of   Selma  Park  I  met  Mrs; Fred Paterson, who lived on  manship. Free estimates. Usher's  Mrs. Bert Janies was in Van- Yard> Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.  tfn  the waterfront  at  Sechelt some couver over the week-end tp at-  time ago, ^hd Mrs. Mc_3rid^. l^:s. tend   the   HewitPHarding   wed-     -   PTT--   .--_   ^_TT   Brorhley really enjoyed meeting ding. WE BUY AND bELL  the!Mbwatts after all triist and   shotguns   bought  aiidf the  afternoon  Was  largely ^^1^^^ and Miss Joan Bil-     *^d S(��d> f^o all kinds of used  spent in "Do You Remember?"      lingtdn were  also  in  town  for g����ds, furniture, clothing, tools,  Also   met   my Xfellbw y'iii!^-^^^i__   Carola, on trie:Maiiher. We had  a little visit together and I noted X Would like at this time to ex-  etc.   Square   Deal   Store,  West-  view, B.C. > vi  that at the- cdnvehtiori, where press pur syrhpathy to Mrs. Er-  she was a visiting guest,Xsl_e icksph in the loss of her husband,  really i listened ^with both ears;     who pas_jed away recently.  mf+0*+*m  y HOME OlL AGENT FOR PENINSULA  Grovel ���- Freight Corrying ��� General Hauling  Days ��� Wilson Creek, 51  Night-t���Roberts Creek,  24 L   X  1  INO^ENATgQNS  .��� ���   ���-:   , r-y- for 'x X; '',r.;.' ." ":'.������.  PRESIDENT - VICE-PRESIDENT - SKR^RY  and 12 Executive Cpun<ii I Members  4 from Each Arec for  SECHELT PENINSULA BOARD OF TRADE  Send your nominations in writing to Mr. T. iBeasley,  Halfmoon Bay; hKr. R.Murdock> Pender Harbour,  before June 21st.  GENERAL MEETING AND ELECTION���JUNE 28  Morion Hall, Half Moon Bay  MORE ABOUT  GIBSONS     ^  Continued, from Editorial Page  we're getting- half pounds of  butter doled out to us from under  the counter, and feeling very  guilty taking it. Meat is scarce  and vegetables very slim. Guess  it's just a forerunner of what it's  going to be like next winter.  Blackberries will take a beating  here this summer.  Bob McNicol, after attending  t^he Legion convention at Saskatoon, had quite a time getting  home, but made it witif. only his ,  shaving kit and left his baggage  somewhere in the interior. He  flew in over some of the flood  area and says it's really grim.  SCHOOL BOARD NOTES���Ten-  ders are being c&lled-for building of a school at Madeira Park.  They should be in by June 14th.  There will be quite a few changes  in teachers all around the district  .hext year, and I hope I'll be able  to give them to you next week.  Well folks, this is. all for .this  week, it's almost too hot to think.  If you have any news for publication, social or otherwise, please  contact me and give them to_me^  and I wil be glad to publish |them<  for you. . [- x'  Do We Reed a Resident V.O.N. Nurse?  Saturday, June 5th was a beautiful summer eve-  nfag# /there was a wedding with lots of fun and  excitement. -  SUDDENLY AN ACCIDENT���a car turned over,  three young people lying by the roadside. A call  goes in for the doctor but he-is on a case, he will  come as soon as possible: The B.C. Police constable, courteous ' and kind as* always,. trying to  give aid to three people and to keep the crowd in  order-.  . . . - *  NO NURSE TO ASSIST, no one with any authority  to-help-him, just a crowd of .shocked* people milling about for an hour waiting for the doctor.  FORTUNATELY NO LIVES WERE LOST this time  but this must bring home the need for a COMPETENT NURSE IN SECHELT. xJhe doctors are,doing  their best under the handicap but they cannot  always be found waiting at the telephone. They  have a largfe territory to serve, .with bad roads, and  are doing it well and efficiently.     "  NOTICE!  Wt Are Hoping To Raise A Quota of  If any one person on the Peninsula has forwarded  a donation direct to Flood Fund headquarters, will  they please notify Father E. tS(\. Baxter, treasurer,  at Sechelt,. in order that their donation may. be included in the grand total.  ' -    - - ��� -'   .  B.C. FLOOD EMERGENCY FUND,  - - <   / ��.,  Sechelt Peninsula Committee  -  mmk  wL  _^^___?f^f^��   ^n.^^^^J����&'^^  Jl*_-  f r-1     * ^ *   *   J   k i       \*      v-' *" J


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