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The Coast News May 21, 1948

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 Serving: a Progressive and Growing  Area- on jB. C's Southern Cokst.  Gofers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Greek, Roberts. Creek, Granthams  Iiahding;, Egmont, Hopkins I_anding,  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  PUBLISHED BY TEE  Business Office: Sechelt, B.C.  tonal Advertising' Office, Powell River, B.C.  Vol. Ill _ No.  Sechelt, B.C.  Friday, May 21, 1948  /���:���-  >.;.  f  [ NEW HOWE SOUND FERRY which is operating between  Horseshoe Bay and  Gibsons:    A  ���y     converted  Fairmile, the  Mdchigbnne is owned   by   Gibson   Brothers,   Vancouver,   who  boughtcontrollinginterest in Sea  Bus Lines from C. G. Ballahtyhe, founder.   The vessel  fmakes two round tripsa day, leaving Gibsons at  8  a.m.   and 4   p.m.   and   Horseshoe  at ..... .... ....  *30a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  A special bus from Vancouver leaves the terminal at 8:40 a.m. and SECHELT-A tea in aid of the XflJjJL ���. ft?^}S3^  l0|;m. ^heschedi^ trips a day in the summer.   The Machi- ���_ v,ON drive will be_held in the ^.*f *a������^n^J^��z>,  -gonne can carry a maximum of j40 passengers.  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  Britannia Laird  Dies Peacefully  by E. NESTMAN  ONE  YEAR  ago  Rowland  Bar-  raclough, a well-known resident of the North Shore, began to  see a long-planned dream blossom   into  something  worthwhile  for   sport   fishermen,   from  near  and   far.    Always   an   inveterate  sport fisherman, he decided on a  system to give more comfort to!  fishermen   by   furnishing   thenr  BRITANNIA    BEACH ���  Arm- with a guide and' all the fixings,  strong   John   Lowther,   known It  worked splendidly.   With  ju-  to his friends and to a consider- dicious     advertising,     he     lured  able   proportion   of   the   reading tourists from all over the United  ^.. v.t ��t   ��� j��    j- j States   and   eastern   Canada,   as  public ~as   'Laird",   died   peace- well as home town foUffl  wh'Q ^  fully Tuesday, May 11. an cases voted it the best yet.  t 4 collection ^ of "Poems by In the winter of'47, he and his  Laird ^w^s published two years associates formed a company,  ago. He^ has been a contributor the Deluxe Fishing and Hunting  and critic in the Vancouver Guide Service. This year, Row-:  Group of the Poetry Society of iand, who is now president, got  England, for many years. his eye on Gibsons and decided; l  .He is survived by his wife, a its beautiful bay was the  ideal'  daughter,  Mrs.  Shirley Paterson spot for small boat rentals and-  of Britannia Beach, and two sons, also a good place to bring tourist  52��J? Callfornia and Bruce of fishermen for a day or longer.  GKWX, news staff.  Plan Tea May 25  The company backed up his  idea and got together with Ernie Drew, well known proprietor  of the Merry Em Cafe at Gibsons, who also saw great possib-  Sechelt Inn on Tuesday May ?5  'The   drawing  for-the  pressure-  I.:':  GIBSONS NEWS  By E. NESTMAN  B.C. Taking  Tapestry Work  : A dance will^be held at Roberta  Creek ^May 22 in aid of the Blue  paby :fimd. PonyPals will pro-  yide^ the- rmisic . ;��� �� ���. :Teeft::Towneis:.  proceeds' of y a. danfee;  to the Blue Baby fund*  ?#ents of te^^^^  :Sons donated $20^ Don t forget ment: departments are taking jm received hews this Week of Roy-  M��*--^ for ar recognition given the tapestry  �����^ons -X ' ;'^?&E��^ Canada, work of her sister, Mrs. A*W  Cliff Leach, about this ^d ^ M^ 30-June 5 t: ��� son,   in   Northern   Transvaal,   S.  ta<^x a*3^^^ A.  A clipping from a front-page  ihavexwhich ^could be auctioned national committeejpei up...in Tor- st0ry jn the "Weekly Scotsman"  off.   They will be wrelcomejd!   x onto  in cooperation  with pro- reads-  A danceXFune J^^ith a giant yinci^t    business  53rganizati<wis.     ��At the request of the Queen,  [raffle will wind up ,^ Mrs   A   Watson   a  Scotswoman  Bal's Hall, ^The ticket on the raf- Canadian Chambers of Commerce, who ribw lives ' M Pietersburg,  fie ^entitles you to admission to the Canadian Manufacturers* Northerri Transvadl, is to repr-  ^the dance, and there are-some Association; the Canadian: Ex- oduce in tapestry a study of  worthwhile prizes too on these porters'; Association, the Ganad- Princess Elizabeth m her wed-  tickets.   Have ydurgot yours?       ian Section of the International ding dx&ss.  James  ilirun^ S^P$er ?fe^?W^^ Wat-  ���*��� ��5 ��� 'i^^^^W^ - ^"��� Canadian Importers and; Traders irih rerpi^d from Ladv D^-iia  Howe -Sound trading  Co.,  was Assbci__tion   Th__"v^  !.wominas commissioner of the �� s��"a^��/*Lv__f ^ *v '9���*P *^e <Peel the: Queen's secretary, is'an  sw~ri1 ^^.^m^1��sW^' �� ��� *"? Service at Ottawa is co-operattfig &>ho M tiu> Rrivjii visit to <_mith  lunS *&&���^ teki^ '���_�� ���*. through m^^^^^g^^^ '�� ^^  '-   ^f p_s_^%.*Srn-nd! <Contmued on Page 8)    .        ;.^hen,the  King  and  Queep  .   '���'���    xwereat Pietersburg they saw in  ���.'. the Town Hall a tapestry Which  Mrs.  Watsoii had executed,  and  lage  council board. GIBSONSl--. ^ecutive :   i Xfap*^^  ��� ^ < V^&U1N^~ ^J^utrye ���,���'���*��� -"���*?e. coronation robes; theiy greatly  SCHOOL BOARD !NOTES Howe So^ Women's, Instit- admired the artistry of the work.  A A Llbvd Pender Harbour li.e are rennnding the^pubhc that ��Mrs> Watson, had the thrill  t, -' ^'-J^ J ' renaer riarpour, the notice board at, Gibsons post of her lfe when <?hp found a let-  has resigned as a school board -.fff^ictKi w^^ wnen sne iouna a let-  trustee ^ue to pressure of bus- w ? ^ the:Prope^y of the In- ter bearng the Royal Crest am-  l^^rr' ^^r^vP���7fe ?+ ��rs stitute and as such may not be on��� hpr mail _��=: now awaitW  mess ... Williams Construction .^^>.��� Q��-r firV�� -f__r. ��_sv��rv.^��_-,i �� g, man, is now awaiting  Company will; clear; the site for ^Mw^ ^m for commercial a photograph whkh is to be sent  Fishing   has   the   most   strategic;  spot for its business . . . north off  cooker prize* in the big raffle is *he  goverj^^t  wharf ^and  out:  to be" macle that afternoon. ?rom &* Merry Ern, whose din-  The Native Sisterhood, on the ^.r?��^ window jgiye a won^  r> mi i. u v   __ ���" ��� '- derful view of the Bay. 'i  Reserve, will hold its drawing on The company hopes to be in  the same day, f heir own yaffle m full operation with its speed:  a1^ Gf *he toy^-.AU.^thf work boats and small inooards by May-  and.prizes .havevbeen donated 24 and hopes that the people of  by^them to^ aid this VON project. Gibsons will boost it as much asi  They will also assist at the tea the   company  is  going "to  boosts  i53^p^afW^ Protests  Gibsons,   brings   some   valuable ^i __��� ii      l li  knowledge of the area'.to the vil-  ItllSUSC Of  Board  a;dvertising^ _   -Mrs.  W.. A. ^Haley^ secretary, go ^t she" can'produce" an "ac-  the;Roberts C^ejk;Schbpl .:^ TT_.X.    _X���.x    to her from Buckingham Palace  hs has purchased 4h(  all and is JiioW using i  hool. y They hope to '������%  ssibh; of the property b  Flans are Under wayvlu c____  ^ mices. of; various Tnefetings, on fine Brussels canvas from the  sons  has   purchased>the   Legion. ��ajd the Institute hosoed the nrac- *.      .   j       * 4-u     __. ��� ���  xx^n-w~a ;- w^w, .;���;.->,: _+ *-�� +WP    ?       ���    uauiure nopea raeprac- curate  study  of the  Princess  m  "^ tise-of removing meeting notices  t   __    Til" would  hot   continue,    since   the       _  property by^uiy l. ^ard .  was   installed    primarily her a"^nohth to"draft tii^' outii^  tU     CiCcH      *,-.-;     >./-p+.��/___.!_.;    v_-F'.t*.t.V/_V.ci    >n->_s__.4-.-n_��c. -.   . .  _  Hall and is ,nowrusing: it for^ the ^   of removine iheetine notices u     u -a i     u  qrhnnl     Thpv  hrmf->��� to Haka rin.- v,   re"lovm&  meeting nonce.- her bridal robes.  scnooi.   iney nope to taKe pqs   would  not   continue,    since   the      "Shp estimates that it will take  session of the property by July 1. k-^    ,���nc   j��ot_n^    r^i^^iur       &ne estimates mat it wm taxe  more land for recreational fac-     _ .    .       _ ,    ,           ^ilities.       ? V, photograph, . and   that   fillmg  in  Tme i th_��t ^ ;    were  you lucky; or  WERE  you the detail in stitchicraft will take  THIS   N THAT��� lucky! . .��� . Also,,while on these a thousand hours of work.  Ron ^Martin went around our subjects, one of our younger fry; "As some considerable time will  corner down here a little faster playing down .on the c..r c _- i x _.u W _o_u ' i _._.  than the law allows and got other-day with his bike, rode on sary canvas and colored silken .GIANTS of the Sitka Spruce horests ot the ^ueen Charlotte  spanked to the tune of $15 . . . down to a pulp barge.. His bike threads, Mrs. Watson is doubtful Islands are still being harvested. The above tree felled  tough luck, Ron, but the rest of went in the drink but he luckily if she will be able to finish the recently, measured over 8 feet diameter on the butt. This  you chappies take warning . . .landed on the barge and was work this year." *���".. spruce will provide fine high grade lumber which during war-  Always ;.amazes mei how agile ev- none the worse for liis^fall. His -. ,'��� time was used exclusively in the manufacture of the famous  eryone is around this corner, bike was fished out by boys. This ���M��e��n_*�� k-.*v.ko.<- c.^-,!.___������ *���,-��___.���. ^4- tu;c _rN__^;_, ��,�� ~ ���  dodging trucks? and jaloppies ..: is the second episode that could A new star, discovered in Sep- MofciH'to bombers. Smaller trees^ of th s spec.e are an im-  someaVay^Xthoifghi ;:someone isn't have.turned out pretty badly . . . tember, 1945, is 80,000 times as P0^0H* source of wpod supply for the p.ulp_cmd paper industry  gonna jump fast enough, and I Boys will insist on playing on bright^^ as the sun, but it; is forty m Br,t,sh Columbia whose total investment >n_ its nine mills  sure hope it's not me . . . Gail that big wharf. It's really dan- million million miles a#ay.     x how exceeds $1 10 million dollars.               x^Xx Page Two     _ ��� ���'  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, May 2T, 1948  By "SLIM*  'tables were beautifully arranged  with flowers, and a beautiful coffee table was won by our nurse,  Alice Storey of the Townsite.  The refreshments were posit-  Glad to report Barry Mounsey ively scrumptious, and what a  . home again and feeling fine, variety! The place was full and .  By MRS. D. ERICKSON  By MRS. J. H. RENNIE  ��� fteadef9�� Might ,  ���Letters To Tfc�� Editor  Editor, The Coast News  Sir���We  feel    that    everyone  will want to know of the woh-  it was errand to see so many la-    .w?uld,li\% to offer sincere ap-      Mr. ahd Mrs. Beamer of Van-   ,--,,.��� . ..   -,*- , ���  ^^0^J^^�����^*^^    ptt^;Z2ip2& ^^��ffi����* gSS.^S^^.^T  i, and home /coking saU,  The     ������ ^ht the ^^^^S^OTA-SK -^^ House. Jt^t^^,^^  ���        ���-���  ��*arJJg��!��S w*   ?fSw ���iT5 of Mrs. G. Reid in aid of the VON. Mrs. Berangur, of New West- ation  and  our  effort  we  raised   ���   ���                                       ^<.^^^^^'ii^^r.a^r.A The opening pianoforte solo was minster, was the guest of Mr. and the wonderful sum of $402.   We  ^^V���*���'JZHu   t  _��������? ?_,2i���' presented by this* talented artist Mrs. Neal Lowes for a few days, would like to thank you all for  SSJXLi,  ?��   _S?��   JtJ? ^L  JSK? who  also  accompanied  H.  Rob- with their son-in-law, Mr. Con- your kindness, and here I would  twS J** T^cr    ^?S    ?SS* erts and J. Yewdall for choir so- kie, from Jericho. Beach. like  toXmention  our   thanks; to  There was a big    crowd    after, lr)<, ' Mrs  White "who served us lunch  when coffee and doughnuts were los-                                         x Mr.  and Mrs. W. Banks were ^ ^^c^S ^lSSS'  served.                                                     Week-end visitors are arriving visitors at New Westminster for Creek.    Then   at   Wilson   Creejk  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by  Appointment  Every  day except  Thursday  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Dei nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygobds  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  .��)  TP5  -h*  At the Townsite on Saturdav in^jxicreashl^ numbers,, summer a Jew days. Owing, to unfavor-, we owe thariks to Reg jackSOn,  the Hieh School hac? fffi -a^T af ge?5 ^ ho1" ��b e weather' ^eir trip to Mount who gave us a generous donation  tne  -tiign   bchool had a  bpring lday tenants and there is every-Baker was postponed, and helned us to visit the bovs at  Frolic Dance, with an 8-piece or- nrocnect for a ffood season ana neipea us.io visix.xne Doys ai  rhMfra    frnm    trvam       Th^   ciinr.Pr   P     -P^      ' S9 ' n/r W tin     t_ the    Camp,    Where    We    Came    OUt  cnestra from town,   Ine supper '*.���,..-���_.    *   _,   it_    _* Mr.   Campbell   Brown   was   a inn npropnt   Thank vou hov?t  was   home-style   and  served   by     Mrs, Johir Stafford, the former week-end visitor. Mrfl)  Cookwas ou"' lSver  the girls themselves.   By Mr. H. Phyllis;   Wilkinson,    and    small Mrs. u- ^00^ was our ntesaver  H. Lee's report it was a big sue- daughter, are up from Detroit, Miss M. Henderson.' spent the ana Sav�� us luncn as omy_sne  cess and was attended by a very Mich., visiting Mrxand Mrs. R. week-end with her parents, Prof. ca?* c��ok;A11Jti:15 ladies-at Wii-*  big  crowd. L. Jackson and will journey on and Mrs; Henderson. son Creek and Davis Bay were  to the Les Wilkinsons' at Mad- very willing to help us and sup-  Sheila Motten had a lovely eira Park for an extended visit. Mrs. Robert Greig and her two plied many cups of tea and cof-  birthday on Wednesday and all Mr Stafford is on the investig- sma11 daughters were among the fee which were more than ap-  had a grand time in spite of the ation staff of Congress in Detroit, passengers on the Sunday boat, predated.  rain.   She was six years old, so going to spend a few days in the     Granthams  Landing  felt  that  Happy  Birthday,   Sheila! The   local   branch  V.O.N,   has city- the VON drive was at the mo-  '���-.    * *  * __ finished up its drive for the first      Mrc   T w Rf4tini#_ i<s fll<5ft - n;tv m(rnt their main drive. Our next  ���T.Th^W*S r. blgtum0utMf(^ half of the quota very succes- vi^sJ J;^h ?lv to visit her drive for funds will be our Blue  ^^MO_J?erS ��Day SerV1C6*i MTSi ^ully- A country fair is planned ^dTs^^eT fc Baby fund, and we know with  Edith   Fleming   sang   a  solo,   of for /uly * *V 2^?7and   at   Shaughnessy   Hos' the generosity that we have en-  pital* countered this fund is bound to  Summer visitors will be agree-      On the evening of May 17 a go oyer the top, as did the Can-  which the words were composed  by herself; it was an inspiration        to^ all  mothers and  enjoyed byabiy surprised when"theysee Jhe^^ ye^y'succesTsf ulbridge ^  "*"---���"-    ��� ._-__���..... MRS. A. HULL  *ayr   ��� .    smart   addition   to   the   Trading held iri"the^Grantham's Ball. This  Well folks, I must say Cheerio Post which has    been    finishefi was Another everit to raise dol-  for   another   week,   maybe   two, since last summer and which pro- lars needed for the VQN fund,  as Barbara Ann and. I are off to vides   ample   quarters    for    the  town to see the crowning of the new self-serve department.   Rpn it^M^M^aBaM______-__--.____-Hi  Royal City Queen. Whitaker and son Jack have been   "������ ���* busy  with  the   construction.   A"  hardware department: is included.  MRS.   HELEN  REILLY  Anthracite is called 'hard' coal, Mrs> r. Whitaker and Mrs. N. Mc-  butin the mineralogist's scale of Lean make up the obliging staff  hardness it is only slightly hard- and all are kept busy, ^especially  BOWEN ISLAND  By   PEARL   PUNNETT  er than rock salt.  on ^oat; days.  t;  Bring: Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs   .  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal  Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  r=  One of the Many Multi-Flex Barnes  1  ���^w��  On May 16 the first picnics of  the season were held. yiyiariE^  giheering   works  ^d ^hie  W  Gwen  Berr^   has: j<Mped , tbe ^b^ver Sun cc^riers��came.^Pie��..  .wiephone company at Sechelt.     weather- Was showery; or there  Jack Whitaker is installing an S^^^^if^    been    a  up-to-date  photo   finishing  ser- much larger crowd,  vice  which will not  allow him     About 50 Hi Y girls frdhi North  much time for his other hobby��� and  West Vancouver  spent the  fishing. week-end at Holiday House.  *~~���~~     ~~~.      ~~ Mrs. Donna Berg was the luc-  Tulips can be caused to open ky ticket holder for the ^comfor-  +i.__;_. ki_-_,_,��w._,  ��*  _,;��!��_.  u*r ��_�� ter raffled by the Canadian Le-  ^heir blossoms at night by the gidn w. A, Branch 150. The sum  use of artificial light. of $26 was raised for their funds.  ;  Argentina's   new   wh^at   crop ^^^^^^^  is now estimated at 274 bushels  above last year _ crop. o^^T STtSf C^  r-��� ��� ���������     -.      ���r��� opening.on the 19th.  The  fast  ferries  have  started  1 running between Boweh and  Whytecliffe. and the service is  very good.  The bicycle rehtery re-opened  on May 15 for the summer.  ,; Ajfte^ : the . thiindJeretoriri Sunday the weatherman seemed to  have smiled on us again and now  all the gardeners will be able to  tackle the weeds.  "0Wat^50,60r'  ���-Man, You're Crazy  Forget your age. Thousands are peppy at 70. Try  pepping up" wJ.t_i Ostrex. Contains tonic lor weak, -'  rundown feeling du�� solely to body's lack ot iron  which many men and women call "old." Try  Ostrex Tonic Tablets for pep. younger feeling, this  very.. day... New " get acquainted" size only. ��0c.  For sale at all drag stores everywhere.  ^LLDOZER  FOR HIRE  Land Clearing  Basements EExcqyated  Albert Danroth  Roberts Creek  I  Going Steady  H^_S___*m__    �����?��VSB^ wsK.'.* -  !^Si_______��__?W->^i*^__i_?��r_.---.^  MODEL "G"  An Attractive home readily suited to those  who require a minimum of living space and  yet desire the convenience of a larger home.  The design is attractive and modern, suitable  for a city or, country setting.  The Model "Gr^ can be supplied With reverse floor plan to suit your lot.  Multi-Flex homes can; be readily assembled  and are reasonably priced.  XSN.  'y ...    For Full  Information Write To  R.   THOMPSON HALLOO*  BAY  PENINSULA AGENT FOR MULTI-FLEX HOMES  ^-���^-���*ai**_*0^HBff_  ���r_Miir>���i���**������  ^������'���wwi'ii^iwif. 1._Tm---nrMr.  We have the veiry latest equipment for refacing valves,  pur valve seat grinder for the modern hard surface valve  seats does a beautiful job. Send in your valves and valve  seats via stage and we will give you first class service.  GENERAL  MOTORS  PRODUCTS  Creek Garage  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON GREEKi B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 5S Friday, May 21, 1948.  THE COAST NEW5> SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  By MRS. C. HARPER  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gough  spent a few days in Vancouver.  During their absence Mrs. Pete  Hanson took care of the children.  Mr. and Mrs. George Nuotio*  of Wood Bay who went to Vancouver, to attend ��� the Jorgenson  wedding returned * home on May  2.  Residents of this district were  shocked to hear of the drowning  accident at Bear Lake, Pender  Harbour,  that  claimed the lives  The Quickest Way  To Get  A Head  Is To Come To  WAKEFIELD  of  Rodney Dubois   and  Ronald  Marsh on May 7.  Before moving to Pender Harbour Rodney Dubois was a pupil  for several years, under my direction at Kleindale School.  A meeting in aid of V.O.N, was  held on May 6 at the home of  Mrs. J. Burrows, Half Moon Bay.  Mrs. A. Ritchey provided transportation for the members of Silver Sands District. There ^.were  24 members., pi.6_*eht^/. -After the  meeting was adjourned, refreshments were served by Mrs. Burrows, assisted by Mrs. W. Mer-  vyn and Mrs. T. Beasley.  Mrs. Vera Rhodes and children  have left here to take up residence in Cloverdale.  Did You Know Thai  ���1947 Marked the 50th anniversary of the Victorian Order of  Nurses for Canada and 10th anniversary for the Elphinstone  Branch.  ���In 1897 at an annual meeting  of the National Council of Women, two resolutions were read,  one from the local council of women  in  Vancouver  asking  that  By EAJfLE GRAY  NOAH'S ARK  DOGS, BIRDS, GOLDFISH  WATERPLANTS ��� ALL PET SUPPLIES  SYRIAN GOLDEN HAMSTERS  WE SHIP ANYWHERE  .:  623 Richards Street  Vancouver, B.C.  %  > fc-^i ���  iWiCpV-._.&_. _X>/li  *"i <T; t__^!* ST*. ������"* 7' c-.��� ��%����&    "3'"VI  DIRECTORY  TAXI  INSURANCE  PENINSULA CABS  24rHour Service \  WILSON CREEK and  *y   SELMA PARK   (  Phone Sechelt 5C2  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone Pearson-Sawyer Office  Sechelt 37 --Night Ring LSL  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  REAL ESTATE  General Hauling, Freight  Carrying, Gravel Hauling  Try   ^ ���  'WILSON CREEK  ^     G  Phone Sechelt 3S  Mr. and Mrs. J. McMullen of  Port Arthur arrived for a short  visit with the latter's parents,  Mr. and Mrs. W. Berry. They  are. accompanied by their 3-year-  old daughter, Carol, and infant  son. Mrs. McMullen is the former May Berry of West Sechelt.  At the monthly meeting of the  local VON auxiliary, it was decided to hold a tea and apron  sale at the Sechelt Hotel on May  25, under the sponsorship of the  VON board. A large pressure  cooker and two other attractive  prizes will be raffled at the tea.  The aprons on sale are handmade in California and feature  bright,   artistic  designs.  nurses be supplied for the outlying districts in the far west,  the other from the local council  of women in Halifax asking that  steps be taken to inaugurate a  national nursing service in commemoration of Queen Victoria's  Diamond Jubilee. A committee  was set up to study the matter,  and as a result the Victorian Order of Nurses was created, a visiting nursing service to any individual regardless of race, color  or creed.  ���Your local Elphinstone  Branch is run by a Board of local  residents and except for a government and school grant depends solely on donations and  fees collected.  ���Due to the increase in populations and the increasing demand for service we have reached the limit of expansion of  service w��h the present staff,  with the addition of another  nurse in" the district. service will  be extended as far as Madeira  Park. On the other hand, ii: we  do not et the support we , need  from the public nursing service  in the various homes will  probably be curtailed and only  residents as far as Roberts Creek  enjoy this service.  ���No patient is refused service  because of inability to pay, the  maximum fee being $1, but less  is accepted according to circumstances. No fee is collected for  patients receiving social assistance and no charge is made for  health instruction (supervision  and instruction to expectant  'mothers, post-natal and newborn  supervision, health supervision of  infants, pre-school and school  children.) In 1947, of the 3,042  visits, 47, percent were for health  instruction work.  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  E.. Wr Parr Pearson  Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  RADOO SERVICE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  X  Healing Necessities  X "Serving the Peninsula'  _;   Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gib$oh--3K  .����  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt 33  Send by Bus  WELDING  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  Experts in Electric and  Acetylene Welding  Silver Grille Service Station  Wilson Creek  Phone Sechelt 15-B-2  JACK'S TRANSFER  Light and Heavy Hauling  WILSON CREEK  Phone Sechelt 15-U  Painting-Paperhangtng  LUMBER AND FUEL  H. GAINES  Painting ��� Paperhanging  Spray work  A Complete Line of 1948  Wallpapers ��� Estimates  Coast News, Box Gl4  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  ���   __u All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15rM-2  NEVERTHELESS, among the  chief rulers also many believed  on Him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess Him,  lest they should be put out of  the synagogue: For they loved  the praise of men more than the  praise of  God.  Jesus cried and said, he that  believeth on Me, believeth not.  on Me, but on Him that sent Me.  And he that seeth Me seeth Him  that sent Me. I am come a light  into the world, that whosoever  believeth on Me should not abide  in darkness. And if any man  hear My words, and believe not,  I judge him not: for I came not  to judge the world, but to gave  the world. He that rejecteth Me,  and receiveth not My words, hath  one that judge th' him: the word  that I have spoken, the same  shall judge him iri. the? last day.  For I have not spoken of Myself;  but the Father which sent Me,  He gave Me a commandment,  what I should say, and what I  should speak. And I know that  His commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak  therefore, even as the Father  said unto Me, so I speak.  Peace I leave with you, My  peace I give unto you: not a_j the  world giveth, give I unto, you.  Let not your heart be troubled,  neither let it be afraid.  ST. JOHN  12:42-50     14:27  By H. I. L.  Gibsons School News  By MALDY THOMAS  Froggie is quickly becoming  bur curve-ball man. That's really a neat curve you got there,  Frog���or is it just the wind?  Elections were held last Week  .-to- - determine- the High School  candidate for Fair Queen at the  Gibson Fall Fair in August. The  candidate elected, was Dorothy  Stewart.  Miss Wagner really has her  girls working at the Maypole  dance. They spend almost all  their leisure time practising, so  when May 24 comes they will really be polished to "perfection.  There is a new student in Miss  Wagner's room, Louis LaBrache  from Vancouver. Louis has a  sister, Lorraine, in Miss Stevenson's room.  Doreen Shaw brought a little  fortune-telling novelty to school  last week. It is called a^Syco-  Slafe,   and  you  place  your  left  A delightful surprise shower  was held on May 10 in honor ^f  Miss Jean Chambers, whose marriage to Mr. Alan Wood takes  place on June 6. The co-hostes~*  ses were the Misses F. Wood,  Gladys Rouse and Rita Fletcher.  Mrs. J. McGuiness,kindly., loaned  her home for the occasion.  Among those invited were,  Mesdames E. G. Chambers, J.  Wood. R. Kline, Hanson, H. N<=*  son, W. M. Billingsley, W. Hick.  R. Laycock, J. Jonas, M. Coe, E  L. Jackson, Al Jackson, H. Broo  ker, A. Rouse, J. S. Cooper, Bertha Powers, and the Misses L  Rouse, G. Berry, G. Ponsford, B  Doyle, I. Pratt.  Mr. and Mrs. J. McGuinness  recently visited their daughter  and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.  Clive Cunningham on their farm  at Agassiz, B. C.  Visiting Vancouver the past  week have been Mr. and Mrs.  F. D. Rice, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mow-  att, Mrs. Wm. Schott, Mrs. F.  Willows, Mrs. J. Redmund and  Bruce.  "Have tea at Anne's"--that is  the thing to do from now on!  Miss Miller is opening her shop  on May 22 and will serve you  a dainty tea, and then you can  take home a delicious cake or pie  with ice cream to v top it, rdfls  and fresh cooked cold meats;'  What a boon this will be for the  housewife on those hot summer  days and for those baching. Everything will be home cooked  ���and we all know what a good  cook Ann is. Best of luck and  success in your new venture!  The community extends the  deepest sympathy to Mr. Ti  Snodgrass,-on-i;he-reeen^-paissifi^  of his wife. Mrs. Snodgrass had  been ailing for some time and  could not take any active part  in the community affairs, but it  is always saddening to have pioneer residents  ieave'us.  I hear Mr. and Mrs. J. Duprei  are leaving us to take up residence in the Peace River district.  Mr; and Mrs. J. W. Temple and  children visited the former's parents here last week-end.  EGMONT  By JEAN JEFFRIES  i| Cosy Homes and  ���    Home Sites  FOR  SALE  4-room^ house on waterfront property near Sechelt,  5V_>* acres, good anchorage���price includes 2 row-  boats and almost new 20 foot cabin cruiser powered  with 6 H.P. Easthope engine in excellent condition.  TOTAL  PRICE  $4400-00  CALL  E. W. PARR PEARSON  Gulf Coast Manager, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 37  or'  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS  942 West Fender St.  Vancouver, B.C. ��� FA. 3348  The new government float in,  Co-op Bay was the scene of acr  tivity recently when Jim Jeffries  arrived with the first load of  groceries for the new Consumers*  Co-op Store.  Mrs. Phyllis Page has arrived  to take over her duties as stone-  keeper in the Consumers Co-op.  The whole community has worked hard to get this venture started, so we hope it will become a  successful  business.  George Page has taken over a_s  fish buyer for the United Fishes-  men's Co-op here, replacing A.  Cordoni, who, with his wife axtfJL  family, have left for Quathiaski  Cove.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Murray and  young son Graeme left on an extensive trip to Vancouver. Jim-  mie hopes to bring his new boat  back  with him.  hand on one end and concentrate for 10 seconds, then turn  it over and the answer comes up  on the other side. Some of the  girls took it too seriously and  went around in a very upset  state of mind for the rest of the  day. Nevertheless that gadget  tattles on itself, for one girl asked if it told fibs and the answer  she got was "yes-^-definiteiy." v Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. ���._  Friday, May 21, 1948  to the  Village Centre  from  Inlet Lumber Co  SECHELT  oderra  ca  to berve beche  it  Say You Saw It In The "News"  THE NEW Village Center, built = ������ -___  Sy the Village Enterprises Ltd., anxious to meet the residents of/  is now ready to serve the resid- Sechelt in his coffee shop,  exits of Sechelt, ^d wilL offcc-      ^ the, ^^ store  all -tiiat is  jally open^on^urday, May 22. modern is COTrtaihed here, and an  This will be the tag opening day. exceHent   stocks  of   drugs.   Ben  In tae evening, after ^ fa  an%xperi-  S^Me :frS doof^zef wm & enc^ ���* ^ > a welled  Sw S^S t^1 wf be a resident of Selma Park. The -    X  o^win^n^to i^neS <toWto��  in  Gibsons  wm  con. ,  You have to expect some poor  ��? ^^g ^ve^e^eCtl��n ^^^^^^^^if^ * fruit on every family tree.,  Congratulations  and all the best to  THE VILLAGE CENTRE  -from ~ ..;"������..  .. .TASSELI_Al ������'':  StiOPPE  SECHEI.T  CONGRATULATIONS  to  Village Enterprise Ltd.  on the opening of the  VILLAGE CENTRE  SECHELT GARAGE  Planned to centralize the  shopping district of Sechelt, the  building contains a coffee shop,  government telegraph and telephone office, drug store, bakery,  and hardware store.  In the coffee shop we find the  most modern eating place in the  district. The beautiful and spacious interior combined with the  modern appliances and efficient  layout provides one of the riiOst  attractive eating and meeting  places of the peninsula.  Light lunches, tasty snacks and  fountain service, are offered.  Proprietor Jack Richardson is 1  (Continued oh Page 5)  M  j.:  li  CONGRATULATIONS  and best wishes to the Village Enterprises Ltd;, on  the completion of the  Village Centre  '_' ���.from'.    ...' -  The Summit General Store  "West Sechelt. Neighborhood Grocery"  VILLAGE ENTERPRISES LTD.  ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF  rpT TT-l  ON SATURDAY, MAY 22  "THE CONVlNIENt JF^WE TO * SHOP"  V . i- i- ���**  m  Jf&V)',  Parker's Hardware  Offers the Shopping Publics  GENERAL HDVVE. VENETIAN BLINDS  BUILDER'S HDWE. SUMMER FURNITURE  WALL BOARDS GE. RADIOS  SASH and DOORS        ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES  COLEMAN APPLIANCES AND PARTS  TQYS, CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE  GLIDDEN PAINT FISHING SUPPLIES  PINTAIL SPORTS CLOTHING  i  ME.ET AND EAT AT . '.  The Place - Village Centre  The Phone  SECHELT 5L  DOOR PRIZES  ON SATURDAY  will be  '���:,, donated by  Village Coffee Shop  Porker's Hardware  Neilsen's  Bakery  Noon to Midnight  PRIZES  DRAWN  AFTER SHOW   ~  V  VILLAGE CENTRE  Sechelt's Modern Coffee Shop  F.EATURING:  LIGHT* LUNCHES  TASTY SNACKS  SHORT ORDERS  AFTER SHOW SPECIALS  TRY QUR FOUNTAIN SERVICE   ... 1.  DELNOR FROZEN FOODS to take home.  OPENING MAY 22  Jack Richardsen, Prop.  1    ��   >*��<*  ._ >  ��� -.  LANGS REX ALL  VILLAGE CENTRE  OPENING SOON  Carrying A Complete Line of:  x. v;^.;Drugs      ���. Tobacco  ./ClraliiMirlto..:''     Films, etc.       i;  PRESCRi!#iONS ACCURATELY FILLED  BEN LANG, Prop^ ^      ?  Sechelt Taxis  NEk OFFICE  located for your  V    convenience ati  The Village Centre  Operators:  Harry Sawyer  Cecil C. Ldwrence  -       Frank French  24-Hour Service  Phone Sechelt  Neilsen's Bakery  Village Centre  A  complete  line  of  Baked  Goods ���  featurii  Danish and French Pastries  Wedding and Birthday Cakes made to order.  Try Our Food, the Taste Test Will Tell"  VICTOR NEILSEN, Prop. Friday, May .21, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Five  __=  !  s  When Passing Through  Selma   Park  1  STOP AT  /  S  /  jRef reshment^ - Ice Cream  Soft Drinks - Pies -' C��_.kfes '  Homecooked Gold Meats  Everything Baked on  Premises  Special Attention Given  To Orders  Ample   Parking   Space  for Cars  By JANE DRURY  ARE YOU GOING TO  BE MARRIED IN JUNE?  WHETHER you are or not, there  isn't a girl in th& world who  doesn't plan When she is young,  her,own wedding.. You will want  everyotie'~tb ^remember it .as "a  perfect wedding." While a wedding is a high occasion for any  smartness and good taste,  No matter how you decide to  serve the refreshments, make the  wedding cake the centre of attraction. For buffet style give it  the place of honor with candles,  plate "of'sandwiches^sand,. small  cakes in a formal arrangement  family, it takes time and organiz- around it. For a sit-down meal  ation, .but the results can well have the cake, encircled with  be worth the thought expended, tulle and flowers, in front of the  of service  will  de- Dricie's  place,   ready  for  her   to  The type of service  pend on the number of guests. A  sit-down^meal is best for a very  small party; buffet style is the  answer when serving a large  crowd. Tea-type refreshments  are  correct  for  morning,  after-  cut at the right moment.  TO EXTEND BUTTER  FOR SANDWICHES  If you are catering to a large  number of wedding guests you  will   naturally  noon or evening weddings Sand-  -"\XJtr_13   T* ��� !��   e*t?d'  wiches, relishes and small cakes ��e *?"*�� and f13^ �� 8��-a* fer  make service  simple  and,  after ^.POfsAle.  Put a ^half-pound of  butter ma warm bowl, cut it in  all, simplicity is the keynote to  Use This  SUBSCRIPTION FORM  We need your support as a subscriber to keep up our  service and to improve it. If you are not now a subscriber, don't put it off any longer . . .send in the  handy form below and be sure of getting your copy  each week.      ���   x  '^���������������������������������������������������������#i  ����������������������*���  OJltr (Eoaivl <8>wis  Name  Mail  Address  1 Year ��� $2.50  Mail to THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT  or direct to WESTV(EW,   B. C.  GIBSONS V.O.N. AUXILIARY  ";".'���. wish to thank all the"residents of Gower Point  and Gibsons for their kind co-operation in our  recent canvass for funds for another VON nurse.  We hope that you will continue to-give your support in '.attending our functions during the rest of  1948,; remember, we still have another $5.00.00 to  raise and with your help we Can do it. ,  m  it  1  I  i  _.  several pieces and let stand at  room temperature until soft but  not oily. Scald one cupful of top  milk or thin cream in a double  boiler. Beat two egg yolks  slightly, add a little hot milk and  about 1-4 inch thick and requires  1-2 lb butter and 3-4 to 1 pound  of filling. One quart of brick or  bulk ice cream serves 10 to 12.  A   cake   8  inches  square  cuts  into 20 pieces. One pound of wed-  FoiAll The News... Read The "News"  Some folks prefer to extend  their butter in this manner . .Cut  Yz pound, butter in  pieces  in a  bowl. Let stand at room temper-  return to the double boiler, stir- ature until soft enough- to beat  ring constantly until the spoon is with  a hand  or  electric  beater  lightly coated. Remove from the until light-colored. Then slowly dmS cake will cut into 12 pieces  heat, add .V* tsp salt, strain, cov- add % cup bottled milk, light or for serving guests or for giftboxes  er, and let the mixture cool. Beat sour cream, or evaporated milk, ���an<* it's  a good idea to order  while beating,  and ' beat    until some   square   cake   iced   on   top  completely  blended.     Add    salt only and have your big cake part  and a little food coloring if de- dummy.  sired.   Pack in refrigerator dish  and chill.   This quantity should  make lYz cups butter.  HINTS FOR SERVING  A CROWD  One large sandwich loaf (3 lb)  should cut  into  60  to 70 slices  the butter with a fork until soft  and creamy. Add the egg mixture, about 2 tbsp at a time, and  beating between each addition  until it disappears. When butter  mixture is smooth, packinto a  jar or bowl and store, covered  in the refrigerator. Let soften  slightly before spreading on the  bread.   Makes about one pound.  n  :yK-r ';.-���.. V:<._ti.;.'..;a.-:_:.t**.^^^ ..^-.i  ANNOUNCING  ���    .- -'     ' X ��� ��� ������' "'���'���"'. '.      *  '"'*���' ������'._' x  the opening of  Ll^  GIBSONS, B.C.  . * '. '���..���'���. /'  We have a complete cleaning service with 15 years  experience in the business. Reasonably priced, top  quality work.  ���X       ��� .$ ���......_���  We invite you to visit us ���  '���....  . .��� .. - ���     ��      ..   ...'..������.''    ���  rtext *o the post off-cle in Gibsons.  *��^S-*^^^.-?^.^-:^_.^'r:p-<,'it^7f'.��^_' ^jeCliisai^^M^r-'T:..-^;.'^  :->������'.#��'��� ,vW3T ^ j;,h;;.; ^p^*^^:t��_^:S: ._---''^?._iOr1  ���*-__*__  Wishes and  Congratulations to  Village Enterprise Ltd.  on the opening of Village Centre  PLUMBING BY  Marshall Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3K  SEA BUS LINES LTD.  SUMMER SCHEDULE  TIMETABLE No. 11 CANCELS No, 10  EFFECTIVE MAY 21st, 1948  LEAVE GIBSONS  LEAVE HORSESHOE BAY  Trip No.  $  9  11  Trip No.  6  10  12  MQNDAYx  TUESDAY  WEDNESDAY  THURSDAY!  FRIDAY  SATURDAY  SUNDAY    .,  7:00;a.m.  ���S.010 aim.  8:00 a.n_u  ,7:00 aim  8:00^a_m:;  8:00 aJni.  8:00 a.m.  2:00 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  4.00 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  IfaOO p.m;  7:00 p.m.  ___ l_i___ :���  MONDAY  TUESDAY  WEDNESDAY  THURSDAY  FRIDAY  SATURDAY  SUNDAY  All trips from Gibsons conned with Pacific Stage Lines  Buses direct id Vancouver  8:15 p.m.  8:15 p.m.  8:15 p.m.  8:15 p.m.  8:15 p.m.  8:15 p.m.   8:15 p.m.  Connecting Buses leave Vancouver as follows:  WEEKDAYS:   '      8:10 a.m.                       4:40 p.m.   7:10 p.m.  SATURDAYS:        8:10 a.m.   2:10 p.m. 7:10 p.m.  9:15 a.m.  9:15 a.m.  9:15 a.m.  9:15 a.m.  9:15 a.m.  9:15 a.m.  9:15 a.m.  3:15 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  ���/{  (AJ1 Times Shown are Daylight Saving)  FARE-   .Adults:   One Way   $1.25 CHILDREN;        One  Way   $ .45  Return   $2.00 Return   $.80  PURCHASE ALL FERRY AND PACIFIC STAGE TICKETS ON BOARD VESSEL  Taxis available at both terminals.  "Coffee Bar on Board'  IB  Motor Vessel "Machigonne*  Reservations no longer necessary.  To serve 50 people you will  need Yz pound of tea, 1 to VM lb  of coffee, \Yz pints of cream, %  lb. of loaf sugarr if 75 or more  cubes to a box.. Have the sandwiches made in fancy shapes,  such as triangle, pinwheel, asparagus rolls, calla lily shape, or  any others.  If serving a large crowd be  sure the small cakes are dainty  and easily handled. If there is  anything objectionable, it is trying to balance a cup and saucer  in one hand while the other hand  is all gooed up with some fluffy  icing from a small cake.  Have you ever tried extending  your canned pork products?  Wrap a thin slice of canned  meat around your favorite stuffing, fasten with toothpicks, and  brown in hot oven. This makes  a nice change.  MORE ABOUT  MODERN SHOPPING  (Continued from Page 4)  charge for Ber* there.  The telegraph and telephone  offices are next. Many recent improvements in the service have  already taken place, with more  to come. This modern office, a  real improvement over the old  one, will be home base for still  more improvements to come in  the future.  Then comes Neilsen's bakery,  with excellent Danish and French  pastries, and also a full line of  better baked goods. As Mr. Neil-  sen says "try our food, the taste  test tells." He has had thirty  years of baking experience and  knows high quality food.  Parker's Hardware offers an  entirely neW and larger range of  hardware than ever before in  Sechelt. General and builders'  hardware,'sash and doors, paiftts,  marine and fishing supplies, Venetian blinds, furniture, radios,  electrical appliances, crockery,  glassware and toys will be seen  there.  The taxi service, conveniently  located here, offers real public  service. Three taxi drivers, Frank  French, Harry Sawyer and Cecil  Lawrence operate the Sechelt  taxi and offer a 24-hour service. Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B, C.  Friday, May 21,194j  By "CAROLA*  the occasion being a wedding of owing to the government making  a neat friend. new regulations regarding show  ing of the National Film Board  Mrs. K. Soames of Vancouver, Pictures, 'making an annual, fee  formerly of Roberts Creek, was and requiring some organization  7-^pp-i  __       B  ���r~.     ���a m��   t   T!^mii  mA the guest of Dr. and Mrs. A. M. to   sponsor  them,  that  the  Ro-  jyir. ana mrs. j. j__inawaii ana t.owp,  nvpr +>,�� wolr-M..! v.__t.+c_ rv.e_._air Tr.!��� r?__oi.s. foi_a nvQ.  LATE MAY  ,  ��� . .-        -        , .    ���    ��� berts Creek Film Board take over      Constant    soil     improvement North America:  .son   Eric   spent   a   few   days - in with the PTA giving them help should be the ami^of every gar-      The best way to choose peoni  .Vancouver  recently. Mr    Rusty   Kennedy  is   down to make the ^et dener,  and the  addition  of leaf is to see a collection dn bloom  Mr.   and   Mrs.   E.   Sandberg ^ l^and &����." ^      * future the pictures will be ���"ld * ^JT^J^^^^^ ** the^ames of  and son Walter spent the week-  "*" -r"~  ��� ���~ shown  at   the  Community  Hall, helf We^screen it rag add tojft? ones  that  appeal to you.    ���  end of May  15th in Vancouver,     Congratulations    to    Mr.    and and the Board is asking for a full rf-^.rL?nJLx^an�� ir reauy should be ^.ittted, in, Sepfeinb  ��  thl  The!  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma Pork, B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  Mrs.  Reg  Eades  Jr.,  who  cele- support   of   the   community   in  does things for the soil.  for best results.  brated  their   first   wedding  an- bringing  to them a  bigger  and ^P^1 tr/ '^J^^mJ^T1^-    Host perennia^ are the bettd  niversary on May  17.  better showing garden at once;  tackle one bed for a lit^le attention in early su_  t     .    * ���    _xV       _.       _,      ___     or border.  Try the plan of adop- mer   a good feed of weak lidu  Visiting    over    the  week-end JS%JSJ*��*Z %l*ttins a ied an<* give tt leaf ^^ SSS___ Slonaily    tod   llS  were Zib  Gordon    and    George "���   f?f��,wlJ^t*����   ^Llel   TO_ tea aJd���coffef ff_?���__ _cr��shed cultiy��tipn around the plaiit  Cummings. ���*-���*���* j __  wis  wnni?iHn_.W^S?1_.r^Sr- ^   eg? shells and dried man?Te 01J help.   Lavender   and   Rosema^  would kindly ask for silver col- the surfaCe for some months, and like a drink of limewater rath  The  Board of Trade is spon- lection taken during the evening then see what the results are nmewaier ram  soring a dance at Roberts Creek to defray expenses  Hall on Saturday, May 22, in aid  of the Blue Baby fund. The Pony  Pals will entertain.  At a joint meeting of the PTA  and Roberts Creek Film Board  on   April   30.     it    was   decided,  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  -   CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  HD10 at Sechelt-���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B.C. '���.-'���  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  ��rx  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  00?  Bathing Hats  Sun Glasses .  ���  *���   ���   ���*  55c and 75c  and up  WampoEe's Spring Tonic  (phos-pho-lecithim) , 16-oz. bot. v 1-00  Thermos Bottles  .....  1.50 to 1.65  Scented Moth Blocks . .   .  Rexal  Control  ...  . . . . .  75c  KODAKS AND FILMS  ,�����_�������������*���������*������������������������������������ ��������*_a-*. ���_���*���������������  GIBSONS, B.C.  than manure,    andx your.  Ills  One   newer   school   of   garden bushes  will  appreciate both!  and farm practice does not ag- CREEPERS ^ ;   -  ree with deep cultivation, but w ��_,, w�� r/_,t i,ftw.��-, ;.^  adds all nourishment including *fJ��� ^^^xS^f1?'W^  cover crops to the top few inches ?r even patches <rfJMj;b|jr  ��_______��_. of soil.  They claim that it is Na- ^h^^rS^T^T^'  - ���.,-      . tyre's" way of soil building, and ^J&%����%��^^  Mrs. R. S. Hackett, who has re- of course they are right in that. ^^^^^If^'u^t  - cently been in hospital in Van- We like to get 18 inches of soil g^ *��*&' gg.J^aM!f ��*  couver is now at home and well we know is good, for our flower.��"? -cS^v ^S_5'"SviiS  ���. ��,__ ���.��_, *__ ���������../ borders, and then it will last for nir?e   ?a,aw.__?������ ^?t5 .thy^  SECHELT  By ARIES  on the way to recovery.'  years with ordinary feeding.  Newcomers to be welcomed to PEONIES  less well-known, but is a yb  green and spreads at an amazi  Sechett by this column are Art     The early peonies will now be      a  hordJ^ nlant that win  ��l  and   Richard   Dalman,   brothers in bloom    They are both hardy ���     k     +       Pi  * R*  hflilir.^ frnm Winninp��   Th.v _r_ t__a  i �����,*    X^Y S._f �������__.���J.����� beauty  and  fragrance  is- la  hailing from Winnipeg.  They are and lovely   but the newer var-"1  ^^���������5     -St"^  cousins of  Mr*.  Roger Sinking, ^^^msw^per- ^^^orSce'ln  .  ^^^eloSx   thGy "*'? fUmed' WiU ^ y��Ur h*a* aw~ ��  Some: of   the    hybrids  is the dainty Mrs. Sinkins, a rt  Reminiscences   were   iir.nr^r      "I���   ��� *_."* .ijv ~ x haYe of which should bem every-bt  ixemimscences   were   m�� oraer weaknesses that the nurseries do der    Theqe  toink��!  ar^ ��;o   m*  last week when Mr. and Mrs. C. not    stress     The    verv    lovelv mese  pinKs are so   eas  Hill visited  Mr   and Mr-   Roeer S.        ?     ,,      i*1^  'w!ry     i0veiy pr0ppagated   ;tiny   cuttings   in  .gin yisuea lvir^ana Mrs. Jttoger Tourangelle,   that   pink   beauty, chadv nkpp iilMak^ w   4  I Simning.    Mr.  Hill, who  is now has  a  Weak  ��?tem   and  w.   have snaay place wiAl.^aKevrp^t,^  with   the   Vamnire   Jet   Aircraft ���    ��� a  w^aK stenV ^^ we  ftave so your garden grows with M  _TL��L1TPZI f��� ��,T^SS? ?ust spent.a P^C1?US hour ^^x outlay. '      *J  c^eof^^SnT^ner^e ^ & WOOd-and-Wire S^��rt ^^^x^:.^  almost 0J  latter was a flight lieutenant with    *But   we   sueeest   that   earden be sure .arid remove the- bloc*  theRCAF at Trenton.  Mrs. Hill u^s s^rt a��� Ml^^- S^' J? ^^ g?^^'^ ^!?p :  was Mr   Simnine's steno_?rat.hpr lovers srari a. couecuon or tnis build strong bulbs for next yc  rtthattim^f mnSs  sten��SraPhe r_clcffle-nvj .of-.the. .row m TOu- Mosgomg,-  ��� ���  ai mat time. lanty.  The peony is beautiful in  Miss Hazel Dolman and Mrs. aI1 stages and Js perhaps, the  Ella Dalman were here also for ���OSV P?rm.anent ?f ^all flowers;  the week-end plants  lasting  and  blooming   in  profusion for half a century or  The writer was in town to see longer. -And herein ;'B. C. yve  Dr. Holm, formerly^ of-Sechelt, have the ideal climate, for them,;  last week. He enquired after all ami can buy* gbod varieties  his many friends here. cheaper  than  anywhere  else   in  s.  Mrs. Findlayson of Selma Park respectively  will   of   course    go  will be entertaining at afternoon along also.  tea on behalf of W.A. Canadian We have now another bake  Legion on Monday, May 17, from Shop in Sechelt in the village  two to four o.clock. Everyone centre, Mr. Neilson is a baker of  welcome so come and bring a long standing. We wish Mr. Neil-  friend (collection silver). sorI   every   success   in -this   new  Doreen I}oyle, who was a blue venture,  baby   and  successfully   operated  on last year,  is much better in  SEA BUS LINES LTD.  SPRING>SCHEDULE  (Subject to approval of  xPublic IJtilities :-  Commission)  Leave Gibsons  8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.  Leave   Fisherman's  Covl  9.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.i  EFFECTIVE  MARCH   1  L  health now and able to walk a  little further each day. She has  how become very efficient at Art  Craft after having a few lessons  from Mrs. F. French. Her shell  jewellry is exquisite.  y So happy -to have two old  friends call on me, Mrs. Jack  Haslett and Mrs. Norman Thompson. They will be up quite a lot  from how on as the cottage formally occupied by Miv Sawyer 3nd  later Mr. G: Cbllison,' will be kept  now for the use of the family.  These: twovladies, are.: the ^Whitaker girls and we had a great  j time talking over old times also  |: and discovered that it was over  40 years ago when Mrs. Haslett  as a young bride lived in the cottage now occupied, by Mrs. Doyle.  The world is a smaillplace^atter  all and there is always someone  who knew someone whoy knew  you. Visiting Rockwood Lodge  recently I met Mr..and Mrs. Maynard, .the/:;^tt^.;^��^',__rom' Or-  illia, Ontario^. w^n^cii^is the home  ,. town of the ^Itii^^rait's of Half  Moon ^.Bay, arid of course related  lo fne by mairiage.;     rV    ���       "  At a recent meeting of the Sechelt Liberal Association E. Parr  Pearson-was the firsts choice to  represent Sechelt District at the  convention at Powell River, June  5^:with W. Morrison as alternate  delegate. Mr. Younson and Mr.  Kynock^ presidwit and secretary  '  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!w  ir RESTMORE FURNITURE:  Becl_s Springs, Mattressee  it CJENmAL EliECTR^  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  * F^URMTURE:   Occasional Tables,      -  ���^���':^:xYxx4-.;,^ Lamiw, Etc.  ORANS FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B,C. ��� Rione230  w I ���  WBANB'  reunman cuurun  4__i_��i<.--'-.---_��-a-   .__   ���������--������ ���_.__." ���������:'  WORKING WITH CANADIANS IN EVERY WAUSP LIFE SINCE 111?  SM  ��J>M %  frlday, May 21, 1948  Wore about  (Continued from Page 1)  lerous, and if the cop has to chase  /ou home it's only for your o(wn  arning . . i.oSost a word of ad-  ce ... I lmow�� inine do it, tool  lut I've done my part?in trying  keep them from playing down  tere. r   ������.-_.������ x -.  I Mr. and Mrs. J. Schutz have  kr::--     >.    ���    ,    :���   ���:���������������-:.-���.'���   ���    -  Park  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  mV��  purchased the Motny's home . .  Congratulations to' our latest  bride and groom, Marion Banks  and George Charman, who were  married in St. Bart's Friday evening. Marion looked pretty rfice  in the New Look and wonder of  wonders, it was a beautifully  moonlit evening. Something to  remember, Marion . . . I know  the village folks wish you many  more of these wonderful evenings.  Heard we might be getting a  new municipal float . . we sure  need one. Our poor old float has  just about had it.  As you will notice, we have a  lot of ,signs around here: Clean  tip, Beautify Canada���this means  Y0UR community. Sunset Hardware is gyng 10 percent off all  paints for this clean-up campaign.  How about that clean-up job around your place, folks? Let's all  dp a little towards it and you'll  really be amazed at the difference,  it's gonna make to    the    whole  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C..  Page Seven  community.  V.O.N. NOTES���  Drive for the VON is slowing  up .. . We are planning a carnival  later in the summer for the benefit of this drive, also a bazaar  to be held in October. Sue Frith  announces she has material for  articles for this bazaar, and folks,  if you can't donate, then give  your time. There are many very  clever fingers in the Landing,  and some wonderful work is being turned out by the ladies. So  please contact Sue and help as  this Nurse is a dire necessity for  the area. If we do not get one  then someone is going to be neglected, for one nurse cannot  work 14 to 16 hours daily every  day, and whether you think it's  fair or otherwise, the services  will definitely be cut . . .If you  cannot donate, then at least show  your willingness to help by working for it.  Next VON meeting will be on  May 31 at the home of Mrs. Sam  Nutter. All are welcome to attend.  3Tke Coast Metus  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  . LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  HOUSE WEEK  A Project of the  Board of Trade Movement in' British Columbia:  in collaboration with  Industrial and Trade .Associations  tV',>:s.isp.ip "v:?  __.___"v..Africa.Tj.  There Is Nothing That Can Stop  The Forward March of Industrial British Columbia  If Every Citizen Knows  The Whole Story  WHAT WE ARE MAKING  WHERE IT IS SOLD  WHAT IS THE COMPETITION  WHERE WE GET OUR RAW MATERIALS  HOW THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY  SHARES IN THE ENTERPRISE  It Is Our Hope That Every Industry  That Can Do So Will Take Part In  kdusfiy Open House Week  May 1 �� to 22  .':   . -  Department of Trade and Industry  Province of British Columbia  CHIMNEY CLEAJNliNCi���  WITH approaching dry weather  dirty chimneys are a fire hazard. Have your chimneys cleaned now by an experienced chimney sweeper. Apply Fred Willows, Selma Park Store. 45  FOR SALE  WATERFRONT lots at head of  Pender Harbour. Write or contact H. Williamson or A. Egner,  Pender  Harbour. tfn  MISCELLANEOUS  WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make  slip covers, supply materials  and do take pride in our workmanship. Free estimates. Usher's  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.  tfn  WE BUY AND SELL  RIFLES and' shotguns bought  and sold, also all kinds of used  goods, furniture, clothing, tools,  etc. Square Deal Store, ]West-  view, B.C.  FOR SALE-  MATCHED team gray Percheron  horses, weights 1600 and 1650,  Guaranteed pullers, used to logging work, etc. Heavy set breaching harness arid collars, good  :as new. One ^ify^dpiy. wagon.  One Massey-Harris mower, very  good shape. Two heavy neck-  yokes. 1 Set husky whippletrees,  Honest value $600. Selling cash  $300. If interested see Frank Mc-  Givern, Gibsons B. C. 45  MISCELLANEOUS  ROTO-TILLER ��� power tiller,  does the work in one operation���of plow, disc and harrow*  Call or write Cliff Leach, Gibsons, B.C. tfn  FOR SALE  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to  or from Vancouver; Low rates.  Fast   service.   Careful   handling.  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf  I - MISCELLANEOUS  L.AND    levelling   and    plowing  with ractor. Geo. Elander, Shaw  Road, Gibsons, B.C. 45  FOR SALE���  30 HP. International gas cat, just  overhauled. Ripper blade, angle * blade, carco towing winch.  $4000. Heavy steel logging arch  for the above, $1000. O. Sladey,  c-o Murdock's Store, Pender  Harbour, B. C. 44  FOR SALE  STURDY,   red   bedding   geraniums,   20c   per  pot,   $2.25  per  dozen.    Apply    Neal's,'    "Selma  Lodge", Selma Park, B. C.      46  FOR SALE  PURE-BRED   love   birds,   ready  .    after  June  20.  Price* $5 each.  Apply Mrs. Helen Reilly, Gibsons  B. C. 46  FOR SALE  WILL SELL 5 room house with  bath, situated on tidewater at  Granthams Landing B. C. Piped  for water, insulated throughout.  Can be removed from present situation by barge or scow. Will  sacrifice for $1600  cash.  See  P.  G. McPherson, Gibsons B.C.      1  ��� ���>      *  FOR SALE  LADIES' CCM bicycle, new carrier, maroon and white. Apply  L. P. Hansen, Sechelt, B. C.       1  *_jX^/-"���'."*   r:*_.__"-.:T'i* _".__   "_____t?  FOR SAL1TI  lYz   HP   air-cooled   motor,   rotary  pump,   open  face   heater.  Apply Mr. Veal, Wilson Creek.   1  Plumbing and Heating  Installation ���- Repairs  A Specialty  by Registered Plumber  Ticknor's Plumbing  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt, B.C.  FOR SALE���Gap Bed Wood  Lathe, 37" between centres���  with tools, $35.00.  G. A. Couldery  Lower Road, Roberts Creek  Don't Waste Precious Hours  in Slow Travel!  Fly There!  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Express ��� Charter ��� Sightseeing .  Timbercniising  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited  RICHMOND 1551  or contact our local agents  Pearson and Sawyer, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 37 or 19C4  P. G. McPherson, Gibsons  Phone Gibsons 2-A Page Eight  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. G__  Friday, May 2% .J 9481  onto on May 31 when 32 countries will be represented as ex->  hibitors and  twice  that  number  a -   m     ���      �� as buyers.  lfiW AflVfifi!llEffi Running for two weeks, it will.  .-IV WW JHtW W VIHUIV be held at the same time as world  Tracts Week and for those 12  days the market place of the  world will be in Canada���the  first event of its kind ever to be  A NEW adventure  in  Canadian held in North America.  trade will be experienced with Actually an experiment, it is  the opening of the first Canadian based upon the time-proven  International Trade Fair at Tor- practice of the famous European  NEW AND OLD  on  ew Aavemure  :or Canada  (Continued from Page 1)  MORE ABOUT couver.    E.  T.   Oit   is   associate  secretary. ������}������'������������.������; XX.'}������'.:������ v  The provincial committee  ha^  a main function of directing loJ  .... , .    . , ..     cal committees in the principa  division, j and provincial^ - partic- centerB who wm be charged witl  ipation has been welded to the the mor(, detailed programs inr  national plan. : ;.-,:��� volved in the Week^ itself in tit  vR, S. OMeara, trade comrms- observance  by  service  clubs,  ill  ���     f?��ner f0.r- B. C, is chairrnan of the schoois and other/organizal  t ���  ��� ' t ���.���� the provmcial co^ittee m this tions   The Department: of Educaf  by Jack Scott province.   T   L   Sturgess of the tion   banks,  railroad  corripemief  department of trade and industry ^nd iocai boards of trade have all  is secretary of the committee.       been drawn into the planX  Other members include M. W.      With  the  co-0peration  of W  ^^i^i^^~^^^^��; trade fairs which have been an WHEN THE historians get around Berridge,   W.   J.   Borrie,   H.   W.  p��nlX   of   Trarte    aotiv^   loo  important factor in international to weighing the record of this Brighton,  E.  A.  G.  Colls,  Trail, ^^tPp^h^ wS iiS  LADIES:   READ THIS!          commerce for hundreds of years, nervous year of peace they may F. W.. Dodson, Prince George, J. �������^fifcipia^eeh^^E^v^-  unwanted   hair   removed   instantly     It is definitely not an exhib- well decide it was a year when T.   Gawthrop,    Victoria,    Roger a��inff rPn0rt��5 have alreadv beex  Sff RSmove%rmSHarerSiSesSWi^ iSvS it**' and must not be confused progress   went   into   reverse.    I Hager Major^C. Holmes  Vic- r|cefv���dPfrom victoria, Vancou]  skin soft and smooth. You can't lose, with the type of "world fair" fa- don't  know  where  we're  going, toria, F. D. Mathers, New West- ver    New   Wesminster,   Nelsorl  Money, promptly   refunded   if   hair mmar   in   this   continent.    It   is but it looks to  me  as  if we're minster, H. P. Menzies, A. E. Mc-  Trail    Creston    Prince   Ruberl  ^hSnobaSuesatioenrs JSSSlTSSe simply a world market-place on travelling there backwards.            Master,, R   V.  RobinsonxR.   M. ^S^heS^e^  treatment $2 postpaid.   (C.o.d.'s ��� a grand scale, bringing producers it was only last week that the Wmslow, L. T. Wood, North Van- the regionai  development  divi  Postage ^tra).     :      .                        and buyers from every nation to- proprietor   of   our  neighborhood.���                   ~      ~           r        ion of the Department of Tra>  .   KapexFrouucts.JJepi.iJb;       gether in one convenient place to coffee shop announced that he'd toned   shoes.    There   is   a   hum and Industry is being used as  transact, business. put in a blank record for his big of quiet from the silenced juke aison in the-outlying areas, in.  Attendance  will  be   composed juke  box.   Tortured b.y Frankie boxes of  the0 land,  broken  only operation  with  members  of X  ffl of buyers and  ouying organiza-  Sinatra and  the Too-Fat  Polka,, by   the   swish   of   long,   taffeta provincial   committee   and lo  I). ��� _       ���* _ _i_       _        ___ _? #_��� _ _ ___       _____._! _ 1   . ____________ .. _ _t_     T_. *__.     ���__ ��� .__&__ __.1 _��.      ���**.       _i   * .. j         *���_"_-_* _   ' ij ��� i_    ____���__      Jf ' ��� _       __ ___���    vi _  ��� ;���    m..___ _���  Box  22,   Station  B,  Montreal,  Que.  The  Wool  Shop  J ust Bf low Midway Store  Quality   Drygoods  Rock-Bottom   Prices  Friendly Service  \       *������..���'���'.'  ;������   A large selection of  wools to choose  frpm.  LOWE'S  Gibsons  I tions recruited    throughout    the a patron, may put his nickle in skirts. Tlie waltz is the dance of Boards of Trade,  world   by   personal    solicitation the   slot   and.  buy   a   couple   of the day, Strauss has swept boogie     As a national i observance,  and   direct   invitation   from   the. minutes    silence���just    like   we Woogie from the earth, and the World \Trade  Week is- timed  Canadian  government.   Approx-  used to have in the good old. days, sharp, metallic sound of ice picks focus attention on thei __htefri_|  imately  120,000  invitations have      Surely that is progress into the'is heard in the kitchen. ional Trade Fair at Toronto,  been mailed to leading buyers of past. For we are a11 out there mix- to emphasize the importance  all countries.   Years of research     We need  merely  look  at the ing ourselves some Old-Fashion- world trade to every citizen  and  experience    of    established styiish    gals    promenading    the eds. "'���. '':'���    ���     X  ,     xx   Canada.'.:-.  ;:,:;,,x;,;:    .y.y  trade fair organizations went in streets to fenow that the so-called ~ '.=  to the selection of the master list. <fNew��   Look is   as  6W  as   the  Objective of the international snapshots in the dustiest album,  effort is clear cut. It is designed complete with petticoats and hair-  to encourage trade dealings be- styles that used to pixilate the  tween all nations, \o the mutual* boys in the Gay Nineties.  At the rate we're  going any-  ested.  HASSAN*Sf STORE harbour, b;c.  The old-established General Store for Families,  Fishermen and Camps.  FISH  BUYERS ��� BAPCO PAINTS  HOME GAS STATION  c'v.-A    QUALITY ��� SERVICE ��� VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  PAINTING  IS OUR BUSINESS  SPRAY   PAINTING  IS OUR SPECIALTY  Expert Work - Free Estimates - Prices Reasonable  ''WE COVER THE PENINSULA"  VIC PALMER - RR1, Gibsons  MarshalFs Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K  PAINT UP _��� CLEAN UP  We carry a complete stock of Bapco  Paints at city prices.  BROOMS:  4 string  COCOA MATS:   __  GARDEN HOSE:  50 ft., coupled/1 ply  benefit of all    countries    which  participate. thing" may happen. Clear the way  The success of the first Canad- for  Eugenie   hats!    The  flapper  ian International Trade Fair may girl is just  around  the   corner!  prove to be a substantial contrib- Charleston!    Charleston!     And  ution to the cause of multilateral twenty-three-skidoo'  trade  in which Canada and the     Look in the ads and listen to  United States are equally inter- the radio and you have to consult  your  calendar   to   find   out  what year we're in.  ���   Yoii| l^ink   electric ; refrigerators ari^i. television ai^ ulibra rno- f  dern?    Well,   on   the   radio   last |  night I heard an announcer extolling the virtues of good, old-  fashioned ice.   "You'll agree!" he  shouted to us all, "It Keeps the  Flavor   Longer!"    Not   an   hour  later we were being urged to purchase a new phonograph, just a  new-fangled name for the old familiar gramaphone.   "The Music  You Want When You Want It!*'  cried the announcer!  Why, say, the hit song on the  airwaves is a little ditty called  "Baby Face" which the girls and  |- fellows Were crooning when the  automobile was a horseless carriage. Just give us time and we'll  all be singing "Doodle-Doo-Doo"  and snapping our suspenders.  Personally, I think we; should  all get into the spirit of this  steady movement into the shades  of the happier past. Ring out the.  restless new and ring in the plea--  sant old.  Let's throw away the can opener and have a home-cooked meal  like mother used to make. Bring  back the bustle, if it isn't back  already. Throw out the noiseless  typewriters and let's hear ajgain  the music of creation. Revive the  handlebar moustaches . and the  barber shop quartette. Pull down  the old tin bathtub from the attic and- the long-handled scrubbing brush. 'And waltz me around  again, Willie. '      V  Why, it even feels like the good-  old days. I'm just as broke as  I was in 1929, maybe even a little  more so, and you'll find an ice  box in my kitchen .and a gramophone in my. living romo. Nothing like an old-fashioned radio  set or eleptric refrigerator for us..  We' even have a real modern  mortgage^ l t-.yy  ���Ahead���or behind���the ��� future  has suddenly come into sharp  focus in my crystal ball arid it's  as pretty a picture as I've seen  in years.  I see .... . I see crinoline and  old   lace,   derby  hats   and  but-  BUS SERVICE  TO GOWER POINT effective May 21st  Tuesday; Thursday, Sunday���leaves Gibsons  10:3Qand5:15  Leave Gower Point���-10:50 and 5:35  Saturday leave Gibsons^--10:30>   12:10 and- 4:30  Leave Gower Point���10:50,  12:30 and 4:50  Sechelt Motor Transport  Creaiti.!!  Another feature of the "Summit General Store'' is  available to the residents of West Sechelt NOW.  Cones - Bricks -Bars - Revels - Soft Drinks  Milk and Gold Meats will also be available soon.  Summit Geaeral Store  Delivery Service, Saturday only, Lower Road  Gibsons, B.C.  .each 1.00  each 1.25  _ _ __  5,25  If the News of Your District  V   '"   :'   --ry-y^    LLyyy'--:  ���,;=���;_  :'-;X"/-,       .������:.'    \yy.  ���'������ '. '."'���'���'''������; ���  lsn*t in the Coast News - - .  Are you sending it in? We want correspondents  in all areas, i If we can get^^  it, but the scattered nature of the ferrifqry\^: serve  means that we must depend &. not one or two staff  reporters, but on dozens of our readiers in every  nook and cranny of this part of the coast.  e You can miake spare-time money writing for  The Coast News. Let us know what you would  like to do. Write the editorial pffici at Westview,  BC. for details, or start sendirigvin news of your  district today to your local correspondent or to our  Sechelt office. - x-   -  *^**o^+mml*m


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