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The Coast News May 7, 1948

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 /  Serving a Progressive'and Growing  Area on B. C's Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt,,Gibsons, Fort Mellon, Woodfibre,; Squamis-V Irvines  Landing, Half Moon .Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender HArboiir, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthamsv  lianding, Bgmont, Hopkins Landing,  Brackendale.1 Cheekeye,  etc.  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C  -D JgXJJSHTCOAST HEWS, KH__OT_3_D  National Advertisiaig^Off-ce, Powell River, S.C.  Vol. JhWNo .^  Sechelt,B.C.  Friday, May 7, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by moil  �����-;*��   "T "^^Ttx^mZ^   "^&^vr^#|p sons,  will  gather here  early in afternoon, it will lend consider-  mt Bo^^etiiig^^aMMoon      June ^m^get^ the date:rf Mrs. U. Brooks, Irvine's Landing; June for the annual meeting of able  force  to  efforts  to  obtain  ay fi^a_?^^"v-  G a ^ihl ^^^'-'?l^C^  Mrs'   K^__fi^   Oibsons;   Mr;   A, the Mackenzie Riding Association concrete   action   on   our   roads  on had been decided at a prev    toteteh^^ Funnel, Roberts Creek; Mr. Mer- when a new slate of officers will from the government.  It will let  SECHELT-Public-mindedSmhem.-.  bers of the Sechelt seetfrtti ^of  the Peninsula Board o^lfSrsLde  are determined to do something  about the conditions of the roads  here. Motivated by the poor conditions of the roads and the fail-  Di-inlriiKr in Puhli*- ure of the government to main-  vrinKing in ruoaic tain road repairS} they decided  SECHELT���Billy     Little,     Half; to form a work party on the af-  Moon Bay, was fined $50 and  ternoon  of ^Sunday,   May  16  to  costs by Magistrate S. McKay at *���Prove a s^c1tiof ot *he mai��  o -i.-i4.Ti/r-o u u . j,--a hlghway to illustrate how well  Sechelt May 3 when he Pleaded  the road can be repaired despite  SECHELT���Plans   for   construe* guilty  to  a  charge  of drinking  heavy rainfall and traffic.  tion of a one-roomL unit of a liquor in a public place.  The of-      Mr. Reg Jackson, local busin-  consolidated   school   atf-Madiera fense occurred at a dance in the   ess man> has volunteered the use  of a gravel truck, shovels, wheel  barrows and a supply of gravel,  because   he   believes   the   action  "will shame the government into  fixing the deplorable roads."  It is felt that if a larger number  goarc| board Endorses  ..     School Plans  etion  SECHfiLT���The Board of Trade,  -iV^XlJLX..X -Anti   JQUcUU.   UJL    XJ.cJ.Uc:, .- Parlr Timro �����/1a-����J V_,-^k         ��i _.<=___._:   wut_u.xxfl_.-A   ai  d   uc_lli.C   XJ  t in conjunction with other, lo, der h-j^ a secorid Vancouver- at^_l_ &Ss_hool^_M-t Marion Hal1' HaUmoon Bay-  Public Works Minister E. C. Car- vey to  e_.iw.__  the  co^ ^ KJ        a   I r      '  K^S��t.Sfc ^ ehLge;_r��ffl��p#i|magneto who^__Hi L^ftU-nS MOOl JlMO 5  nite road improvements m^ this system to ^di^xbir automatic en by the school board. ,����l #WiiV *.-^  ^^yS^hM^J^n s^te$ ^ LIBERALS in the Mackenzie ri-   of residents "turn Yut to" dYth5r  /t��_* ^!lSl *t^^1 ^^:^M^^W:y^' "%��� ^J^^^^_sfcr^ta^ 9*7 diR& ��om ?ella P��<M to:Gib-   "road work" during the Sunday  This was announced at a re-  rick,Roberts Creek; Mr. E. Dav- be elected and reorganization them know that we badly need  ies, Bowen Island; Mr. L. Sar- plans laid for district associa- good roads and we are detergent, Gibsons; Mr. Reynolds, Se- tions. mined to get them. Because of  cheli; MrgA. Ritchey, Halfmoon Local groups have lain dormant ��this every available man is urged  Bay, and^chpoi inspector V. Z. since the death of their president,  to assist on the afternoon of May  Q  Manning,  Al Hatch.  ��>r, J<i<*kMcI)ougall  B.C. Liberal Chief  biis ^executive   meeting   and   a  Hall, Halfmoon '/Bay.  iimmittee, headed by H. WV Ag-  ptt, Wilson Creek, was appoin-  .d to draw up the brief.  Although a two-man Board  jelegation, E. Parr Pearson and  L. Sawyer, who recently inter-  slewed Works Minister Carson  r Victoria to press thexepmple-  on of the Pender Hkrbpur-  pchelt coast road, arrived at no  secific agreement, it is generally  slieved that the brief will ask HALFMOON Bay���The Half moon  >r   completion   of   the   highly-      Bay Water Board has secured  pTwifdeffiTo s��d th. ��"*f*  t0���Mane  ^  "  ^legation, the B. C. Power Com- Tr��ut Lake�� the proposed water  Won had stated that they will supply for this district..  ot extend light arid pb^er past      The Water Board has secured LIBERALISM begins at the grass     '  ^u^i^i^T^Ld^ the services of Mr. C. Stewart of      roots, and it is indivisible. It  stone  .chelt until the remaining one- West Vancouver, well-known and s>wme  d-a-    "     "  r. E  e' Association,  lat until power services ate ex- excellent one. In past years the Jack McE^ ��___._;_,  ___  VMx   and effort;  nded, between 300 arid 500 po- wafer supply Here has not been of the; Liberal patty in vB. C.- at ^country. Mr. R. S. Simning was asked to  fotial Risers will.be without el- sufficient, arid as \pe population a meetmg -of. Liberalxsuppprters / "Don't be ashamed to work for try to form a fire brigade in Se-  .tricity. ^ of   Qur   d|str|ct   increases   each Saturday night in^ Hotel Rodmay. ^your beliefs���the pursuit of dem-  chelt and act as chairman of the  Hotvever,   it  was  hinted  that year the water becomes more of a      Liberals^ he said, had observed ocratic government;lis One of the  committee.   Fire protection is a  ?ivate   enterprise   might   com- problem.    : *��� a  'gentieman's agreement' made greatest services anyohe can do   sorely-needed   item   in   Sechelt  ete .the* ro&d for logging pur-     It is necessary that an efficient during the" wartime to suspend how.  >ses and. eliminate the bottler^ water system be installed in the organizational activitieSj but the '   ��� ���  icfe;that has beei> retarding^ t%  strict: ���^i^^yLLyyy- after  making   a  survey  of   the hadhot; falling for a^strong re- : ;;'w ���'. jr f\TK     /\i-  A letter fro^ihedi^ sponse to the need and the desire C _rVKJ-_l     CjF  of   Liberal  16. Refreshments will be served  to the workers. Exact time and  place workers will assemble will  be announced later.*  It was strongly recommended  at the meeting that the Sechelt  Improvement Association and the  Sechelt Section of the Sechelt  Peninsula Board of Trade investigate the possibility of amalgamation with each other to form  a stronger organization. It was  pointed out that the two organizations very often duplicate each  other's  work  and  cover  almost  irintenderit bf ;the government report that a W��_ter pressure of for reorganization of Liberal as-  legraph and telephone service 100 pounds would be had at the sociation activities in the prov  XV^ncouver  promised  several beach; Mis; W_^ ince,   Dr.   MacDbiigal  said   "W  THANKS  *We  The  Sechelt  V.O.N.  AuxiUary  ^royen^nts  in the  telephone dents Of l^di^ofe "khd the Bay must comb our districts for sin- 1^^!�� wit^d^nationT^ the'  rvicehere.   These are:  escten-upt only^ an! ad^uiate water sup- cere and respected men who will  driVe for an extra nurse'  pn  of theXlead^covered cable piy ^eyear ai*bt^(d, but also sufr- be our candidates."   He forecast      r,anar_i_.n Rakpr^Q r.^.  stein   towards   Wilson   Creek, ficient wate^ fdr fire protection, the re-establishment of the Lib-      v         - o^enes vcasn;  'akefield and Porpoise Bay to It ig ^isb proposed that fire hy- eral party in B. C. as an opponent  |*ovide increased circuits; laying drant&   be; p^ Coalition,   and   warned   that  *  two   subiniarine   cables  from ppjnts   throughout   the   district, unless people were  offered an-  adeira Park to ^                                would eventually decrease other _^emative to Coalition "it  ovide one additional party line fire insurance and increase pro- will just^be handing B. C. over  da pay-station/line front Pell-" perty values^ to Wi^h|?Gargrave and company  SinceTth%firs�� meeting of the on a silver ^                 >:  Water ^ Bp^d icohsWerable  pro- "people want an alternative to  Sr.ess^l^ybe^^^^T^. next coalition," he said. "Many do not  step will be the forming of ^n want the socialist alternative.  ImprovementxDistrict,   and  the'--���<��� .-,-..   -    :.      ���  raising  of  hecessairy funds  for Liberahsm is the greatest po-  completihg tlie project.     X htical philosophy of any day or  : Taxpayers aridxresidehts who any age. People in B. C^will sup-  are interested and Wish furth^ Port progressive Liberalism  and  information are asked to contact *t is your duty to form the local  the Halfmoon'Bay Water Board, associations through which they  Canada Palckers (cooked meat),  Weston Bakeries  Cbiihs)  Union   Steamships   (cash   and  use of Sechelt Inn)  Palm Ice Cream (ice cream)  Ron Brewis (cash)  W. H. Malkin Ltd. (cash)  Pacific Meat  Company  National Biscuit Co.  Dairy land  Creameries  H. J. Heinz Ltd.  *   Slade and Stewart Ltd.  Dickson's Fine Coffee  Burns and Company  Picardy Candy Company  Sechelt Reserve  (basket)  ���And all the local residents  who contributed cash, home  cooking, and their time in assisting to make the Giant Bingo  Game in the Sechelt Inn a success. ���Advt.  MLFMQON BAY^Funeral-ser-  . vices were held jat * Cloverdale  ^pril^28 for Joseph J. Rhode, 34>  phbv w��& fata^  mall cedar struck-Mm  oh fife'  Game Night at Sechelt Inn  BodstsDrive for VON Nurse  can help, if you wish to avoid mi-  SECHEL1v^heVON d^ive for  __ _  n��rV^-^        _             _, W   ��� funds for extension of nursing  here, due to lack of space, of the  X Dr. MacDougal ^corned the in- services on   the^ Peninsula   re-  many   donations .received   from  difference   toward   political   ac- ceived a substantial lift on April  private individuals of cash and  tiy^yXDj^nany people. ^ one,; 30 when the entire Sechelt Inn  work that provided the materials  individual, business or group, y was   transformed   into   a^ame forrthis highly successful Bingo,  above   party 'politics,"   he   said, room ^and  playhouse,^  the      $225  has  been received  from  w^,^ ~~ -  .__.__.__. .v._   v.^^ UCUWSi TO.iW .u    ���. "S^e.may look down upon it. sale of home cooking, coffee, and the Halfmoon Bay Auxiliary; this  .e logging firm, ^as fommn^h^ as /f^ed  attractions.    sum represents their May quota,  ;he bulldozer when a cedar isticfetb assist him hi turning out good  J^ g^?^ ^i^^M^Z Jh5 fum of $200 has^een re7   the total for the year being $450:  ying against a stump, shot into  quality products.   Among it is a  ^ ?S_r^iIS ^r^lf^1^ ^1^^ from this particular effort               ,  he air under the pressure of the  160-loaf oven, a three-sack cap-   ^xffffi^^   ^^f? W  with more donations coming m.  _..      lead at the Gibson-McNeill Log-  B��  Bake  ting Company April 27. :       ;v ;'-;^::i>B^i!iS"��� .iaft^^Sfc^Hc^^;.-;;;"--'.  [XTlje  accident happened  a^^ Nielsen     of  f a-m. at Silver Sands near Pen- v V^couveiiofficialiy opened his  fer .Harbour. Rhode, who was ;Mpderh bakery-^shbp in the new  mpioyed  as  a  chpkerman with  village center block May 5.   He  other business    or  al-  ^t,      u ���<- ���   *       +u pTyic^a.- .*"'"      A tea will be held May 25 in  though it isj;rue that ^politician^ th^ Inn> the use of wh��,h has  S*f J^^i^'fe^S^^' been donated by the Union SS  A   special   vote   of  ractbr^ against the  stump.   Thie acity powered bread mixer and  >Utt  encl^ of the  sapling struck a 36-quart three-^speed cake mix--  he side of Rhode's head.        \ er. ��� Mr, Nielsen has had 30 years  ,-  ���_ ��� .��� - ..   Uio ^^^j^^  ��� "^^�� ��"_..  He ^as rubied to  St.  Mary's experience baking  six years of ^^��1 his^accomplishments  Company  .ospital where^ hevdied at 3 prm. it in Denmark and 24 in the prm-  le is survived bj/ his wife and cipal cities of Canada.   He wais  wo young children.   An inquest recently with the National Sys-  Was: held April 2g. l terii bFBakihgx \  ^41^ _-  anyone else. thanks is due to, Mrs. E. Fred-  "The principles of Liberalism; rickson, manageress of- the*Inn.  are eternal-r^nly^ it^^licies are  for her efforts   in   aid   of   this  variable," he went om^'The Icey-   drive.   Mention cannot be made  o mmmmm Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, May 7, 1948,  The Quickest Way  To Get  Is To Come To  WAKEFIELD  By EARLE GRAY  ______  CANADA and America are t__,e  ._. last countries with a free way  of living, according to R. M. Howard, secretary of the B.C. Liberal Association, in addressing  members of the Sechelt District  Liberal Association.  Mr. Howard went on to say that  political organizations here must  be made stronger to combat the  communist threat of our democ-  i ���<���   ���____��� ��� ���.��-�� ���  NOAH'S ARK  DOGS, BIRDS, GOLDFISH  WATERPLANTS ��� ALL PET SUPPLIES  SYRIAN GOLDEN HAMSTERS  WE SHIP ANYWHERE  623 Richards Street Vancouver, B.C.  We have the very latest equipment for refacing valves.  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CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 West Pender St,  Vancouver, B.C.���PA. 3348  Active Despite Ceif  FOLLOWING is the appraisal-of  British Columbia's economic  position as published in the. Bank  of Montreal's business review for  April:  British Columbia ��� Increased  consumer resistance to high prices has retarded spring activity  in wholesale and retail trade resulting* in excessive inventories  in some lines, particularly clothing. Collections have been generally fair to good. Home building construction is active in spite  of rising costs, as rented accommodation for families is still  practically impossible to obtain.  Industrial plants are kept busy;  shipyards are handling a fair  volume of repair work. Lumber  mills operated at an average of  80.7 percent of normal capacity  for the four-week period ended  DR. JACK McDOUGALL, chief ������U' a*a7?.Efld���Q7ith P*  r    .,        | .i I  percent; a year ago. Coal produc-  organizer of the Liberal tion for February was 36,093  Party in British Columbia who tons, compared with 111,019 a  addtesed a meeting of Liberal year ago. Strike settlement in the  supporters   Soturday   night   in VancouvCT Island coal"mines?was  ally, the. season* is - at least two]  weeks    late.  Hotel   Rodmay.  Maishall's Haidwaie  Gibsons/B.C.  racies. .  tie said the only difference between CCF and LPP members  was that the LPP takes orders?  from Moscow and would like to  See the CCF in power because  it would only be a short step  from CCF to Communism.  However, he complimented  Herbert Gargrave, CCF MLA for  this riding as "working hard ��nd  doing a good job within the fabric of the CCF".  Speaking on the philosophy of  liberalism he paraphrased it as  the "greater good for the greater  need".  ��W��#^  reached April 6, with miners accepting a daily increase of $1.79.  Gold production for February was  26,162 oz., compared with 13,249  oz. in February 1947. A^icultur-  UNITED STATES  about building materials���build yourself a  Multi-Flex Prefabricated Home  SMART IN APPEARANCE  OF STURDY CONSTRUCTION  I^WINI��RICE  For full information, write to:  * HALFMOON BAY  Peninsula Agent  for Multi-Flex Homes '  I  I;  ��� Existing regulations make  it illegal for any Canadian  resident to retain in his  possession more than $10 in  United States cash.  # ..You are" required to turn  in to your bank, for exchange into Canadian money,  any amount you have in  excess of $ 10 in United  States funds, without delay.  THERE'S A REASON  6 The reason is that  Canada must have the U.S��.  dollars spent here by tourists, in order to make them  available for the payment  bf imported goods and services needed to (ceep production and employment at a  high level.  W^^^  I  1  'i  KILL TH  HOUSEHOLD and GARDEN PESTS  v GOVERNMENT TESTED AND PROVEN  INSECTICIDES:     x  ��� ���Ha����������������--���*���������*�����������������*������������������������������������*��������!    .  BENEXANE "5":   For the-control of carrot rustvfly,  cabbage magot and wireworms.   20-oz. tin ���  ARSENATE LEAD:  f 1 -Ib. bag __________________���__.  BdRDEAUX MIXTURE:    1 -lb. ba�� _________-__:__.  CORROSIVE SUBLlMAtE:   1 -oz. :________-__x,_r���..  GARDEN DUST wtih DDT, for insect control  HERBATE 2, 4 D PILLS:  A selective weed killer.   __________________x_____________  AEROSOL DbT BOMB:   100 room sizfe.  __���...  AEROSOL JUNIOR SIZE: .-__.___:_���__L____���__________;  NAPHTHALENE FLAKES:   Lb. -__-_________-_____.  NAPTHALENE BALLS:  Lb. ll_���_-_-_._-_���_..  DpT BARN and AN IMAL SPRAY CONC.c  Makes 2]>_>^qIs. spray.  __-__-_-_____-___.___-_.______  FLY KI LL with DDT:   16-oz. ____._.__���x__:x____-.  Vi -ga I Ion ���__���______1____________���______  HANDY SPRAYEfe:   AH metal. X_xx-_ _______ _���  50c  _  35c  __: 35c  _ 66c  75c  $1.25  $3.95  $135  35c  - 35c  $1.75  ��� 50c  $175  -59c  _.������������������������������������������������������� ������������������ �����*���_������_�����������������������������  FOREIGN EXCHANGE CONTROL BOARD  OTTAWA  GIBSONS, B.C Friday, May 7, 1948.  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHEL%0_C;  Page Three  / Sorry I skipped the last publication, but."nothing" happened.  A few disappointed pals came to  !the rescue this week to supply  i  "Pick The Hits" Host  mm  Mm  $m*m  mm%  Wm  :y'#"  Laurie Irving, production manager  . CKWX,Jnvit^Ustenersto "Pick  ie Hits" on the musical quiz show  jonsored by Dreft from 11:30 to  :45 a.m., Monday and Friday, on  IX. Cash prizes and mantel model  idios are won by listeners each week.  some noteworthy material and I  think you will get a kick out of  the following, submited by Alex  -Anderson.  THE 36-PASSENGER  ORANGE PEEL  the Big Bus Driver with manly  snort  Playfully says "Aw���Zet th/em  walk!"    .'���....  This awful man can hardly talk  From bawling us out, he's hoarse  in the throat.  When feeling good he wants to  sing,  And to top it off he goes  yodelling.  When things go wrong, why  then you know  He looks for culprits high and  low  While we behind him plug our,  ears.        .:���'"'  Unlucky is the child that hears  That old Orange Peel go plugging  on  As we, poor slaves,, board it  night and dawn.  ���LIZZIE  And here is Alex's answer to  Lizzie^���  On my school bus route I found  this note.  'Twos more or less meant to be  a joke. *  In thinking this o'er-���it's more  worthwhile  To take things kindly, with a  smile.  To the Hopkins kids or the  &antham  folk,  I'll take off my hat to the one.  1MICI.CTOIIY  ^Xl  INSURANCE  PENINSULA C^jB%  24-Hour Service^  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  RANSFER TRUCKERS  yj:Pam Pearson Agencies  General Insurance .  Phone PearsonrSawyer Office  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  REAL ESTATE  General Hauling, Freight  Carrying, Gravel Hauling  Try  ���WILSON CREEK  x   GARAGE LTD.  Phone Sechelt 3S  I  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  E. W. Parr Pearson  Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt  LUMBING-H ARDWARE  SHOE REPAIRS  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  . Heating Necessities  'Serving the Peninsula'  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���3K  ����<  ����  SHOES  RENEWED  Eric Knutson  *  Sechelt  ELDING  Experts in Electric  and  Acetylene Welding  Silver Grille Service Station  Wilson Creek  X Phone Sechelt 15-B-2  RADIO SERVICE  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone, Sechelt ?K2  Send by Bus  BEER BOTTLES  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  Will call and buy for cash,  beer botfles, scrap .".metal, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  -Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  B. H. STRQSHEIN  :   .'tX Wilson Creek  JACK'S TRANSFER  tight and Heavy Hauling  ' WILSON  CREEK  Phone Sechelt 15-17  Pointing-Paperhanging  LUMBER AND FUEL  H. GAINES  Painting ��� Paperhanging  ,   Spraywork  A Complete Line of 1948  Wallpapers ��� Estimates  Coast News, Box G14  BURNS and JACKSON  :  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  Xtn All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  who wrote \.yy   -  Those few lines above; bur-to'-'  and behold,  Another side of the story must  be told!  The responsibility of driving  f      this bus  Exceeds beyond being a "cranky  old cuss?'  Xour safety is based on my  single rule  So hear it in mind as I take you  to school.  You may talk, laugh, sing and  shout,  iBut I strictly forbid you moving  abouU  And should you prefer to create  a fuss  I have no alternative but to stop  the bus,  You all know what happens---'  I'll say no more,  For surely by this time you  know the score.  As for this one girl who calls  herself Lizzie^  I'll find something else to keep  you busy.   SinceFely  THAT CRANKY BUS DRIVER  It's true that Tille and Art-Mott  have sold their coffee shop to  folks from out of town who are  expected up the first part of May.  Sorry to see the happy Motts  leave the counter, but gee! will  I be glad to have a cup of coffee  when I go shopping���won't you?.  Also another truth (right from  the horse's mouth)���the Joe  Klein's have taken over Mr.  Harbirison's taxi business, leaving Harby to nurse his injured  arm. Now Harb$r will be missed  because he always has a cute  joke for ladies a to hear. And he  tells one about his arm���but this1  is the truth���it seems that a piece  of tar paper wasn't heavy enough to carry him.  ....._   .���. ...... ���  ��� ���  FOR  ReaS  Estate or insurance  Contact  p.  G.  McPHERSON  Gibsons  Personal attention���Dependable Service  Say You Saw It In The "News"  L  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  ^ RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  * GENERAI2 ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:  Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  * FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  DOR AN S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B. C. ��� Phone 230  Fox All The News ... Read The "News"  Seeds of the sacred lotus germinated after having been kept  dry for 1(50 years.  v    ��� . . ' ���      ��� ���'  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boot Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTlfitS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  li  .��  We, the Woodworkers...  WE ARE the organized woodworkers of B.C. Our members are found  in every community where lumbering is carried on. W�� contribute  greatly to the welfare and the payroll of every community in the  province.  THIS YEAR we- are asking for two major changes in our contract  with the lumber operators:  ���    A 35 CENT HOURLY WAGE  INCREASE  %    THE UNION SHOP  WE BELIEVE these demands are fully justified because: (1) Our real  wages are being,slashed to the bone by rising living costs, now at an  all time peak; and (2) the lumber operators are well able to pay as  shown by their enormous profits.  EXAMPLE:   H. R. MacMillan Company's net profit in  1947 was  $7/128,294, or 208% over the 1946 net profit.  ' SUCH PROFIT grabbing benefits none but a few private owners. Your  community prospers only when the lumber dollar is more widely distributed in the form of higher wages.  Help Your Community By Helping Us Win!  kteriiatioaa! Wood workers of America  ; BC. DISTRICT COUNCIL Page Four  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  FridayxMay 7, 1948  By E. NESTMAN  By   PEARL   PUNNETT  members. Mrs. Knight, convenor,  sored by the Women's Institute,  reported on citizenship.   The en-  Mrs; MacDougal reports she has  try for the Better Farm Housing  work to give out for handicraft,  has been sent in, and ladies are  ready for the bazaar ahead. La-  looking for  a prize to  augment   dies were unanimous in approval  The  Women's  Institute,  Howe  their building fund being raised  of plans for a summer frolic and      jflr. and Mrs. Bill Jardine have  Sound Branch, met in the Ang-   for a club house to hold meetings,   carnival, and hope to obtain the  jgft t"he island an(_ gone to live  lican Parish Hall April 22, when  teas, etc. Mrs. Lefevre, reported   co-operation of all ladies of theXat White Rock, where they own  president Mrs.  Bowman was in  on agricultural work and told of  area in this .event.  Next meeting a house,  the chair with 15 members pres-   17   interested   children' working  is May 11 in the Anglican Parish    \ ''  ent, and    welcomed    four    new   on garden plots, this being spon-   Hall. -Mrs.: Bowman was elected      Born  to  Mr.^and  Mrs.  Halsy      delegate  to  the provincial  con--  Dodds (nee Mary Vernon) a son,  Ivention to be held June 1; 2 and  on April 27 at Vancouver. Con-  3 in Vancouver. gratulations  to all.  NOTICE  To all members, their friends and ladies . . .  The Veterans Memorial Hall, Gambier Harbour,  (licensed Veteran's Club), is now open on Saturdays  from 2 to 5 p.m., besides Club Night, from 7 p.m.  until   11:30 p.m. every Saturday.  ALL ARE CORDIALLY INVITED  Dancing ��� Music ��� Games ��� Refreshments  Unit  No.  276-���The  Army,   Navy and Air Force  Veterans in Canada *  NOTICE  Upper road service from Gibsons to Roberts Creek  Hall commenced MAY 3rd.  Two Trips Per Day  TUESDAY AND FRIDAY  Leave Gibsons 9:15 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Leave Roberts Creek Hall 9:40 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  CARD  OF THANKS  We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the acts of kindness, messages of sympathy and beautiful floral offerings received from  our many relatives and friends 'during Y the illness  and passing of a beloved husband and father.  ���Mrs. Emily Jeffries and Family.  NIELSEN BAKERY  Now Open In The  Village Centre Block  SECHELT  Good Assortment of General   Bakery Goods  V.O.N. NOTES Miss  Marion  Collins  returned  Gibsons,   Gower   Point   VON  to   Vancouver   this   week   after,  drives to date have collected $450,  spending ten days with her par-  $50 short of $500 quota. Anyone  ents,  Mr.  and Mrs. James - Col-  wishing to contribute can do so  lins. Mary was convalescing af--  by sending in to Mrs.  Norman ter an appendix operation.  MacKay or to Sunset Hardware.      _r '"*.''���'   .._���__  We are sorry to see Mr. and  BLUE BABY FUND Mrs# j. HarrisoiUeave the Island.  Gibsons has a Blue Baby of its  They  have  sold  their  home  to  own  now  to  see  that  she  will Mr. Ted Bolton of Vancouver,  soon be able to take part in chil-   *  dren's activities. Gay Elliott, 5- Miss Eva Harding has left her  year-old daughter of Mr. and position at Shaughnessy Hospital  Mrs. Ray Elliott, the elementary laboratory and is now home preschool principal of Gibsons. Gay paring for her Wedding, to take  is to be operated *bn in June by place early in. June,  a Vancouver    surgeon.     She    is       _ ,_. __,     ,   ,-_ ���       -.. __  handicapped by this ailment, but      A Mother's Day service'will be  is very active and cheerful With ^  curly blonde hair and big blue CampeTS Need Permit  eyes.   We   are  sincerely  hoping  ���       -fl DI x "���'>�����  this operation will be a success, t OT t ITeS���rlUS K+aie  and   plans   are   under   way   for lay THOSE matches down Mr.  methods pi raising this fund.   A      Camper!   That   is,   unless   you  mile of nickels has been sugges- have   a   permit   to   light   that  ted,   and  many  other  functions  campfire.  are on the agenda^ for future. On 1The Canadian Forestry Assoc-  June 12 there will be a.n|onster iation reminds all those going in-  dance, and on June^an auction to the woods this summer that a  by  merchants  of  Gibsons   who fire permit is a  ��must���  before  ^s*ss^      *****any campfire'after ^ay  anything  saleable. 'ton can get them from aiiy  : Cliff Leach, C^iif Gray and Jim forest service official, police of-  Marshall are the committee in ficer or other authorized person,  charge of looking after all details Here are a few "doh'ts" backed  of the Blue Baby fund.  The Li-  by law.  ons Easter Seal fund has signified      1. Don't build your fire closer  its  intention  of  giving  help  in than ten feet from any log, stump,  this:  drive   also.    Contributions snag or standing tree.     X    '  from: anyone interested will be      2. Don't leave any inflammable  gratefully received.      / #     material   withiiix: a >f(distaaice^o|  Gibsons   will  revive  the  May  thre^ feet from the edges of the  Day celebrations this year. Joyce  fire.,  DeDecker will be crowned May 3. Don't leave as much as an  Queen. There will be a maypole, ember glowing when you depart,  folk dancing, games, a parade of And a final word to the smok-  floats, decorated bicycles, and in ers, Mr. Smoker causes twenty-  the evening a dance and refresh- seven per cent of our forest fires,  ments for children. It is to be A little care in seeing his smokes  hoped this will become an an- are dead out will save a lot of  nual affair.        . jobs, wealth  and our province's  _, ���_, ��� _ lmM0m   __,     , beauty spots.  LEGION NOTES���Tenders are ���1���. ���-   being called for the sale of the  Legion Hall in Gibsons. On an  acre of ground, the building is  offered for sale. Bids must be in  by May 3 to Mr. W. Haley. Property has been obtained on the  Weingarden subdivision for the  buiding of a new hall.  The women's auxiliary held a  tea and realized the sum of $25,  ^^~^^^^^  *j"^*i  JUST ARRIVED!  I  Latest Spring and  Summer Stylis  EXCELLENT ASSORTMENT  DRESSES - SKIRTS AND BLOUSES  NEW SUPPLY OF.  CHILDREN'S CLOTHES ^ SUMMER SHOES  New Slack Suits-- Slacks --Jeans  New shipment assorted  YARD GOODS MATERIAL  TASSELLA SH0PPE  The Store of Better Quality and Good Value  ���Oii__nM-OMi_i-_i.-ni "ii*  we*mm^<M^*tm^>m**m  ^���^.i  .(^���nnMr>___n_r>wm.Mir���ifiiiiiri,! __r*_i  for their parcels-to-Britain fund.  THINGS I HEAR . . .  Richie Norris is now the proud  * daddy of a daughter . . mother  and babe doing well, name is to  be April Kerry. Rather original,  say we. Don Poole will tread  middle-aisle with Miss Betty  Dawes, some time end of May.  ; Congrats! . . . .Mrs. Monks and  family are leaving us to join Cecil in Merritt. We'll miss them.  Granny  McEwen  was   slowed  up a little last week . .she developed poison in-'her arm, but  . that didn't stop her from being  'at the whist drive Friday night  '..  .  . you just can't keep those  young ones down!   Well . . . it's  happened,  our first pay phone!  Mr. Arnold Pearson of the new  cafe installed one in one cafe . . .  the first one for the district .  we're getting there slowly.   We  have a hew record shop in the  village now, really pretty nice ������-. .  anything in music line, you could  wish for. Drop, -in and see their  line of records V._"." also noticed a  grand selection of wool'why not  give him a pall. If he can't give  it to you tne little shop on the  hill is also well supplied.  If we  can get enough room, I think I'll  do some spring rpaarnihg around  and let you f oiks ;know the score!  ���later ���       >:     '������.".*.'������'    ���*'XX��� ������-.v- X   '���     \.  '."': :   ���by E. NE_3TMAN  U-;1f you have something to sell,  use the Coast News ad briefs  for quick results.  held on May ��� 9 in the United.  Church at 2.30 p.m. Rev. Bob  -Morris of. Vancouver will take  the service, assisted by Mr. Ian  McMillan.  On April 17 in St. George's  Church,. Vancouver, a very pretty white wedding was solemnized  between Miss Frances Doreen  Berry and Mr. Donald Waters-1  ton. Miss Eva Harding was the  bridesmaid' arid Miss Joaririe^j  Shindell, a* cousin of the bride,  was flower girl. Miss June James  was soloist. Rev. Ralph Hardy-  was* officiating minister and a  reception was held in the Veterans Hall/ Fraser Avenue. The  honeymoon was spent at Bo Wen  Island. ? .-  Mrs. IsabelXDbrman has5 been j  visiting at Port Coquitlam ^or-  few days, where her mother i$  ill.   "v, -;x;"v:..������";;.:. ."x/^X?'  The National Film Board: G<  was at Bowen on April 27 an<;  showed some interesting picture.  Al  GIVE  AGAIN  TO  Help, this' year, to lower" the  terrible toll of life that cancer  takes in British Columbia. Support the B.C. Branch of .the  Canadian'- Cancer Society. This  agency ise devoted to the .vital  workIT.of INFORMING people  about cancer an British Columbia. Educational films, lectures, literature, bursaries for  special training, of nurses in  charge of cancer patients, the  establishment of cancer units  in towns and cities throughout  British Columbia, and the publishing and mailing of an official Cancer Bulletin to all cam+  paign contributors are all partj  of the vital work done by thel  Society, $100,000 is needed in  B.C.���urgently. Will you help?  This is not a charity . . .remember that, your donation!  may pay you or a loved one al  life-saving dividend. Be gen^  erous!  Learn   Cancer's   Danger  ������-��� Signals v:''-'x^  1. Any sore that does not readily heal, particularly ���. about  the tongue, mouth or lips.  2. A' painless lump or thicken  ing especially on the breast,  lip or tongue. ^  3. Irregular bleeding or dis-;  charge from any natural]  body opening. j  4. Progressive change in size  or color of - mole, wart or  birthmark.  5 Persistent indigestion. J  6. Persistent hoarseness, unexplained, coughing or diffi-  cultyXn  swallowing.  7. Any change in normal bowel  . ��� habits.  ' .������_������-.p   ; .:.-.. LL  GUARD THE ONES YOU  LOVE . .". GIVE TODAY  TO CONQUER CANCER  Send   Your   Contribution  to;  CONQUER CANCER  CAMPAIGN, 1948  720 Howe St.,  Vancouver, B.C.  r  ..-.  p.. B. Buckerf ield, President,  B.C. Branch,�� Canadian  Cancer Society.  Maj.-Geri.������������ '"F..^F."   Wbrthing-  ;' ton.vC.^p., M.C., M.ft;,. Provincial Campaign  Chairman.  A.   C.   Turner,  Hon. Campaign, Treasurer. Friday, May 7, 1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Five  By "SLIM'  Hi folks, another week, and its  a little warmer if anything.  *  .Regret the passing of a Beach  old timer, Mrs. John Copeland,  69, who has been ill for some  time. Our deepest- sympathy is  extended to the. family.  Another recent death of a former Townsite old timer was Mrs.  Don McDougal, who has been  living in Victoria. Our deepest  sympathy is extended to Mr. Mc-  1   Dougal and daughters.  Little Barry Mounsey was tak-  t/ en. to Vancouver with pneumonia,  j he is in the General Hospital and  r. is doing nicely. So hello Barry  r from the "kids of Minaty Bay",  / and hope yoii will soon be home  again.  Qur Jack Balderson has been  off work for some time now with  r^n eye infection.,  4 Our   Copper   Queen  has  been  .chosen.   Fay Settle is the lucky  |gai.' ; '���- . : '���  Bob Graham is out of hospital  and home again after getting his  eye burned in the foundry.  / i Mrs.' Bill McDonald has been  Visiting Mr. and ; Mrs. T. Wills  for several weeks and left for  Vancouver on Saturday.  ' Mr. and Mrs. Stan Matten and  family were in Vancouver for a  few days.     *   ,  ; Would like to send birthday  greetings to Dot Noble and any-  >ne who has a birthday this week.  Dot and Harry are in Vancouver  ' ._-���  For  Greater Dollar  Value!  For greater shopping plea-  'Sure-!.7-..'.il iftoie'petiple every j  day; are shopping at Gray- ;  son's Ltd. The most modern  and - reasonable   Groceteria  on the Peninsula.  REMEMBER���  FOR VALUE IT'S  GRAYSON'S  AT GIBSONS  for a day or two.  Had company for the weekend,  Edwin Tutin of Brackendale.  .   ���.'.  Reg Duhster spent a few .days  in the townsite hospital suffering from a bad cold and is still  off work,  so hope  he will soon  be back to-work.  ������!-  Bob Philps is also in bed with  a cold.  Hello to the Hawkshaws of  Trail, how about that letter, Ivy.  Hello to Chuck and Kitty Nicholson of ���Sandon. '���-  Mrs. Copeland was taken to  Vancouver very <���ill with little  hope of recovery. She's a grand  old lady and will likely fool them  and be up and around before  long.  Well the- St. John's Ambulance  First Aid Competition is over  for another year, but this year it  was different. The Beach team  of Ivan Rowed are the double  champs,-taking the silver cup for  tht .winning team and also a  brand new silver cup presented  by the: St. Johns to the West  HoWe Sound First Aid Competition. .  Britannia  won by such a few  points   (The   Howe   Sound   Cup)  over   Woodfibre  that  Woodfibre  deserves  a big  hand  as   it  was  their first entry in a First Aid  Competition.   The younger teams J  did grand work.  The dance start- j  ed around 10:30, ending at 2 a.m. |  I   think  everyone   had   a   grand !  time. , I  Well, the measles have decided !  to stay round for a while. The |  Dodyk boy has them now, so j  guess it will go the rounds. j  The   Foundry   men   made   $50 j  over at their Ball and so made j  a donation of $81.60 to the Howe j  Sound  Drama   Festival.    Evelyn j  Clavelle, secretary of the Festi- |  val, asked me to thank the Foun- i  drym!^:for,:M I  ture. '-������"'x'"      ''                "'.'���"'"���" "' \  This week at Murdock's Landing we. had to bid goodbye and  good luck to Mrs. Proctor of the  Oasis Coffee Shop. Friends and  neighbors on the point gathered  together at the time of departure  Saturday morning and presented  her with an automatic steam iron  and blankets, in appreciation of  the high esteem which she has  held in our midst for a period of  three years. Her new place of  abode will be with her daughter  at Westview for the present.  Mr. and Mrs. Art Cherry will  carry on the coffee shop, and we  welcome them and their 10-year  daughter Fay to our little corner  of the harbor.  Welcome back to Mr. and Mrs.  George Daniels who have decided to settle in B.C.  again after  a year at Edmonton.  The men of Pender Harbor are  to be congratulated on their voluntary work last Thursday helping unload the scow of lumber  for the nurses' residence of St.  Mary's Hospital.  Don't forget to attend the Legion Bazaar next Saturday, May  8, at Irvine's Landing Hall at 2:30  p.m. There will be lots of lovely  articles for sale.  Mrs. Jim Davidson returned  from Vancouver on Saturday last  with her daughter, Rosemary,  who is just recuperating from an  appendix operation.  The Badminton Club dance on  Friday last was well attended.  Music was supplied by the  Rhythm Ramblers of Stillwater,  which was well enjoyed. There  is lots of local talent that could  do just the same with practise,  how about it?'  LADIES:   READ THIS!  Unwanted hair - removed instantly  from face, arms, legs, with Flash  Hair Remover. Harmless ��� leaves  skin soft and smooth. You can't lose.  Money promptly refunded if hair  grows back after third application  with no questions asked. Complete  treatment $2 postpaid. (C.O.D.'s ���  Postage  extra).  Kapex  Products  (Dept.   136)  Box  22,   Station  B,  Montreal,  Que.  BRIGGS-STRATTON  INBOARDS  Evinrude  Outboards  at   City   Prices  Also small boats and  equipment.  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  _J_il!!!i  Have no news on Cash Dickie (  from Australia, but she is still g  there but lonesome, so let's all g,  get busy with our pens, folks,  or even a card to cheer her.  Ill  *        MURDOCK'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Delnor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour/ B.C.  I guess the C. P. Brownings  have had to get a bigger trailer.  I hear they have a brand new  grandson and we send our heartiest congratulations'to Emily and  Phil.  We're losing some ��B e a c h  neighbors, Francis and Bary England and sonxwho are leaving  next week to live in Winnipeg.  Good hick;  My little neice, I had here for  several weeks in February, Sharon Fort, age one, is undergoing  an operation in the morning for  mastoid, so keep your fingers  crossed.  Flo Verdisio entertained three  tables of cards, Friday night.  Well, folks, I must buzz for  another week,  so cheerio.  Signed articles and letters  appearing in The News are the  opinions of the writers and are  not necessarily those of The.  News or its publishers.  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  ���r'i-.i ^-v;X ���'..   CONTRACTORS  ���:t&n.';;. 0463F ������'':' Phone ��� 'y' '�����'��..,_.' Mar. 3439  i      BULLDOZ1KG,  .%   xCLEARMG., EXCiVVMG, ETC.  Large Machines.  IID10 i at Sechelt--HPI4C at Gibsons  SEE Eiy_3_^_MFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B.C.  Manual Bomb Hoists  Genuine B29  A woman pr child can operate.    1,000-lbs. capacity.    Holds  load in any  position.   Automatically reversible.   Stainless steel cabel, 11-feet long.  Has a hundred uses���-will  Tift your car, oil drums, boats, tighten fences,  pull stumps, etc.   Hoist with extra cable  $16.50  SILVEPIGRILLE SERVICE STATION  V FORD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK X<&  i  %  VISIT THE NEW  Records and Appliance Shop  ��  in  BAL'S  BLOCK,   GIBSONS  Headquarters for  Large and Small Home  Appliances  Gramophone Records  We have a full line of Travel-  go rd and Skyway Luggage at  city prices.  SEE OUR LINE OF  Frigidaire Electric  Ranges  Water Heaters  Deep Freeze Cabinets  Beatty Washers and Storm Vacuum Cleaners  Westing house Radios and Home Appliances  X and many other popular brands of goads.  RECORDS AND APPLIANCE SHOP  BAL'S BLOCK, GIBSONS  Associated with Sunset Hardware  S3  Juan Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, May 7, 1948  tmOSHVH >_3C3H3d  S419Q ���A���   d'Hd Pud  sjej^nyy jo >jdo4s poor)  pa6jDUQ sajja^iDg  SJloda^j   JD49U3C)  Buipja^  3gJOA\ euiipoyy  9NIH33NION1  S.M30CK1VH  By  Maldy  Thomas  EVERYONE enjoyed the three  one-act plays which were held  on Friday April 16 at Gibsons  and Saturday April 17 at Roberts Creek. We had big crowds  at both halls, which was a good  reward for our work. At Gibsons  the plays were not held in" the  order planned because of the late  arrival of Claire Vietch, one of  the cast in the play "AU Carrs to  PARR PEARSON AGENCIES  for  ���_  Exclusive Employment Bureau  B.C. Fir (Sechelt) Ltd.  Sechelt Phone Sechelt 37  BOOM MAN, EXPERIENCED  SLASHERMAN  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  PLOW... DISC... HARROW... CULTIVATE  Do Them All Better With One Machine  Yo  .OU can make perfect seed  beds with one piece of equipment and in just oneoperation.  And, you can do a new and  much superior job of cultivation throughout the season  with that same piece of equipment.-That's why growers  everywhere are turning to Ro-  totiller* to save time and work  and increase their profits. This  t versatile power  tiller not only  makes a ready-  to-plant seed bed in one operation, but it enables you to  Maker a richer, better-producing one. For you can break up  and thoroughly mix organic  matter or manure at the sain*  time uniformly throughout the  tilling depth. Cultivating with  Rototiller* is a sure way tC|  control quack grass and we^dK  VLWL  ���Trade M*rk Res. Oi S. Fl*. Off.  POWER TILLER OP A  HUNDRED USES  McLACHLAN MOTORS LIMITED  B.C. Distributors:   Kaiser Frazer Cars, Farm Equipment  and RotatiIlers, Firestone Tires and Batteries  898 Burrard Street    Phone MA 0171     Vancouver, B.C.  TO BE ASSURED OF DELIVERY ORDER IMMEDIATELY  nn_n______________B-K-_--------_-----__-9BBMn  the Rescue". But, when we got  to Roberts Creek We liked that  order so much we did the same  thing again. We "would like to  thank our directors, Mr. Trueman,  Mrs. Knight, and Mrs. Rankin  for all the help they gave us.  Also we would like to thank all  the people who lent us furniture.  The plays were:. "His- First  Shave", comedy; "He Ain't Done  Right by Nell", melodrama and  "All Carrs to the Rescue", comedy.  Bobby Cole, a pupil of Miss  Wagner's room has moved to  Vancouver, and (worse luck for  him) he is going to live with a  teacher. Bobby came from England only last summer and says  he thinks life is swell out here.  We heartily agree with him.  The .girls in Miss Wagner's  room are busy learning the maypole dance for the big May Day  celebration on May 24. The girls  are coming along very nicely.  Bill Pye (alias Putty) directed  our Science 3 periods for a couple  of days. I wonder how much  chalk he had thrown at him. Incidentally Putty is the quickest  person to argue in the high school.  He is ready for an argument anywhere, anytime, and on anything.  The softball games have been  going along fine this week, .and  with the return of fine weatheV  there have been plenty bf eager  rooters on the side lines.  Boys of the high school have  sent a petition to Mr. Truesman,  asking that we have recess and  get out at 3:30. Almost everyone  has signed, so we are hoping "to  get our way.  SELMA PARK  By H. I. L.  MONTHLY [meeting of the* Selm?*. v  / Park Community Centre was  held on April 29 in : Willows  store, with the president Mrs.  G. Colson in the chair. The president reported that a wreath had  been sent from the-Community  to the funeral of Mr. ,S. Stugatt,  and suggested ^a letter be sent to  Mrs. Stugatt who is a patient in ��  St. Mary's Hospital. Mr. S. McKay read and explained the documents on the purchase of property from Mrs. H.XNeal, which  .is to be used as club rooms by  the tUommunity. A report was  read from Mr. G. Kynoch on the  concert to be held about the end  6|��|||p$e; A strawberry tea is  piai|j||-l for June 14th and a  sports day early in July. All these  events are to raise money for the |  Community Centre.  A large number of J*>elma residents attended the Liberal meeting held recently, at which Mr. R.  Howard gave a most interesting  and instructive talk. Eiuture Liberal meetings will be held in  the Legion Hall, Sechelt, on the  Second Monday of each month.  Your support is asked^  Mr. and Mrs. J. Sbwerby recently entertained Mr. and Mrs.  Karmody of Rosedale, B.C. arid  Mr; and Mrs. J. C. Sowerby arid  daughter. -  Over $85 Was collected from  Selma . Park x^tlnng the recent  Red Gross drive;  i .x',; i}i  Mr. F. Willows .spent the past  week in Vancouver, but we heair |  that it: Was 7 far from a pleasure  trip,   Fred   having   to   visit  tlie  dentist every dayii"  xSeyeral  visitors   were  noticed  .dtiringx^^ include:  Bi-E F; Lurid visiting his mother,  Mrs. Potter spending the weekend with Mrs. J. Burgess j and  Mr. and Mrs. JPepper line and son  staying at the senior Ptjpperdines.  Everyone  is  very  busy  these  days digging and planting, deter-  minded to beat the vegetable  shortage. Here's; hoping the  weather warms up soon, so that  we can see some results, outside  of broken fingernails and aching  backs. "Spring, Spring, beautiful  Spring","' the poets say, but I  guess they never had to dig a garden. '  "Q!dat4GT50,60r  ��� Wan, You're Crazy  Forget your agei Thousands are, peppy at 70. Try  "pepping up" with Ostrex. Contains tonic for weak,  rundown feeling due solely to body's lack of iron  which many men and"* women call "old." 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Page Severt  <_thr ���oa$t Kjeuis  Ay______ A !__* &  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (i'5 Words) for 35c .3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . .BIG RESULTS  ,....    *   FOR SALE  '' SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to  I,     or from Vancouver. Low rates.  Fast   service.   Careful   handling.  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf  FOR SALE  WATERFRONT  lots  at  head  of  LA   Pender Harbour. Write or con-  [jtact H. Williamson or A. Egner,  ^ender  Harbour. tfn  MISCELLANEOUS  tWE UPHOLSTER furniture, make  ] slip covers, supply materials  rand do take pride in our work-  [ manship. Free estimates. Usher's  fYard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.  tfn  MISCELLANEOUS  LAND    levelling    and    plowing  with, ractor. Geo. Elander, Shaw  Road, Gibsons, B.C. 45  FOR SALE  \Yz  H.P.   air-cooled motor,  rotary pump/ open face heater. Apply. Mr. Veal, Wilson Creek.     42  FOR SALE  I WILL. SELL 5 room house witli  l.  bath, situated on tidewater at  [Granthams Landing  B.C.  Piped  .or water, insulated .throughout.  Jan be removed from present sit-  tation  by barge  or scow.   Will  .acrifice for $1600 cash.   See P.  Vx. McPherson; Gibsons, B.C.    42  WE BUY AND SELL  LIFLES   and   shotguns   bought  and sold, also all kinds of used  ��>ods, furniture,  clothing, tools,  ��tc.   Square  Deal   Store,   Westview, B.C. ;  XFOR SALE  )NE XA.CRE;   at  ^federia  Park,  borderinjg^iliighwfiy  arid Mad-  kria Ir'ark;road r\eaf wharf. $500,  Lpply   Mrs.  Mae   Reid,   Irvines  ianding,   B.C. , 4?  FOR SALE  .ADIES CCM bicycle, new carrier, maroon and white. Apply  ..P. Hansen, Sechelt, B.C.      42  TANTED TO BUY������ X  rASOLINE washer, for cash.  Apply Reg Bradshaw, Sechelt  l.C. 43  MISCELLANEOUS ~~  IOTO-TILLER ��� power tiller,  does the. work in one opera-  Ion���of plow, disc and harrow.,  .all or write Cliff Leach, Gib-  >risV B.C. tfn  feOR SALE--   \ ~~~~'~~  fOUR-RbOMED cottage at Sel-  _  ma Park, inside toilet, water,  link, light. Lot 77x124. Price only  ��1650'. Apply Mrs. Hay ward, Sel-  Park B. C. (o nthe fill.)      43  R SALE���.  TERNATIONAL gas cat, just  'overhauled. Ripper blade, angle blade, carco towing winch.  14000. Heavy steel logging arch  for the above, $1000. O. Sladey,  j-o Murdock's Store, Pender  Harbour. B; C. 44  MISCELLANEOUS  START a lavender farm. Fifty  plants in at least three varieties  delivered for $8.50. Small plants  for border, 50 for $6.56, larger at  25c and 35c. Dwarf asters (Michaelmas daisies) ��� 5 different for  $1.00, including the lovely "Lilac Time", 5 tall Varieties same  price. Beautiful "Harrington's  Pink", 35c each, 3 for 95c. Wayside Gardens, R.R.1, Gibsons, B.C.  41'  MISCELLANEOUS  B.C. FARMER and Gardenerv���  family ^monthly magazine of  great interest to all coast gardeners. One year,- $1.00, or three  "years for $2.00. Free book "Compost and How To Make It", with  $2.00 subscription. A. J. Andrews,  R.R.1, Gibsons, B.C. 41  FOR SALE  SILENT Glow Range, oil burner  wit&- copper coil and tank  pump���almost new, $45.00. .Mr.  Frank Farrow, Granthams Landing.:^' '''ir- ���   ������ '   41  FOR SALE---- X  jT'.H. P. Vulcan Marine engine,  i with clutch and propeller. Good  pinning order, new rings. $80  puys it. A; J. Charman & Son,  Gibsons B. C.        ^ 1  FOR SALE���  SRls^ING pen black Austra-  f loops, 6 hens and a rooster,  jfourig birds; all laying. $20. Apply at Wakefield.     : 43  ! FOR SALE ~~  JIOUSE on Sechelt highway, near  Robert^ Creek, 7 rooms, small  tereage. Apply Peninsula Realty,  toberts Creek.     : 41  LAND ACT .  NOTICE OF  INTENTION TO  APPLY TO PURCHASE LAND  IN THE Land Recording District  of  New  Westminster, 'Assessment   District,   Vancouver,   B.C.  and situate in Blind Bay (Nelson  Island B. C.) there (app. 1-2 mile  distant arid in the direction of E  by S magn. from, the southeast-  errimost extremity  of  an island  marked \ on maps  and charts as  Fox Island) lies an island known  locally as CLIO ISLAND (it being the largest of a group of islands locally knowri as the NINE  MUSES).    The  island  measures  app.  2 Yz  by 1 Yz iturlongs  at its  widest parts and is in the shape Of  the letter "L".  Take notice that Hugo Bjork-  lund of Hardy Island, B. C, logger, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands:-   ,,;������.  Commencing at a post planted  at the N.W. corner of the above-  mentioned CLIO ISLAND, the  line following the HWM of said  island full around thus taking, in  all the surface area of the island  and containing 20 acres more or  less,     i "���������:::.��� <,������������-'':���  HUGO BJORKLUND  Dated April 13th, 1948  44 .  * ������  ��� .���"*     '.'*������  -  FOR SALE  ONE 14x16 tent, good condition.  One 8x10 palmalto ��tent. One,  lawnmower. One battery radio*  and battery, Al condition. Two  screw jacks, 18 ton capacity and  number of other articles. Apply  Snodgrass, Selma Park, B.C.   41  JUNIOR CROOKS  THE OTHER night I tuned in on  a   child   psychologist talking  about boys who ease into a life  of crime through environinent.  It stuck me that perhaps the  real story of the thing is simply  that every normal youngster has  a tendency to kelptomania.  One of the happiest summers  of my own boyhood was largely  spent in being a thief���and a  pretty slick one at that. It doesn't  seem,to have left its mark. My  boss sometimes mutters about me  stealing his money. But legally  I'm still within the law.  "Thief", of course, is a harsh  word. We members of the Outlaws, as we called our organization, much preferred the term  "raiders". Whenever we were  going put to do a little pilfering at  the corner grocery store we always felt more like Robin Hood  than a Dead-End kid.  I was nine or ten then, I think,  arid there were six of us Outlaws  ���four boys and two little girls���  who could pitch a can of sardines  with as much finesse as Jimmy  Valentine.  The Outlaws had been simply  "the gang" until one day, scouting , through some bushes of a  vacant lot, we came across a wonderful hollow stump, tailor-made  as a lair for six young desperados. Thus the Outlaws was formed.  I can still remember that mossy  stump and the name "Outlaws"  scrawled on a board nailed to its  side, arid, inside, a htige colored  picture of Clara Bow.  That will give you an idea of  my vintage.  None of us were "bad" kids.  I couldn't tell you how. the raiding parties came into being. But  soon the chief function of the  Outlaws was to indulge in petty  theft.  The victim of our raids was  Wilson and Moore's . grocery  store, chiefly because Mr. Moore  (nobody ever heard of Mr. Wilson) put his bargain goods in  wire baskets outside the counters.  The system was diabolically  clever. Two of us would enter,the  store, one with a cent in his  hand. The idea was to engage Mr.  Moore in conversation over a  cent-candy   counter   while   the  "trigger-man" hastily slipped a  box of soap flakes or a bottle of  ketchup under his shirt.  Unfortunately, most of Mr.  Moore's special bargains���arid  thus the goods within reach���  were unpalatable items such as  clothes pins, javelle water, bottles  ��� x  .    ~ of   lemon  extract   and   bags   of  salt.  by Jack Scott      All of this loot piled up in the  ' old hollow stump. It was a rare  day that we got anything as exciting or as edible as a can of  molasses or a jar of olives. On  those days there would be feast-,  ing and boasting and sometimes  some violent illness.  tion all along and (as he told  me several year later) just wanted to see how far we'd go.  Yet there was a thumping thriJl  in outwitting Mr. Moore. The  ever-present risk of getting  caught made life sweet and  heady. Shouts of glee rang loud  through our Sherwood Forest  when two little girls broke  through the thicket one day carrying in triumph a stolen watermelon.  The pay-off had to come, of  course. As they say on the radio,  crime does not pay.  One of the mothers got a phone  call from dear old Mr. Moore,  who, it seems, had been remarkably well informed of the situa-  Hassan's  Store  Pender Harbour, B.C.  The   old-established  General  Store for  Families,   Fishermen  and  Camps.  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SELMA PARK  At a recent meeting of the la-  ies  Pulp Mills Soon  Mr.   and   Mrs.   Swanson   have  ^^^^^ gone back to Vancouver after a  1    " visit of some weeks here making dies, of JjJelma Park, held at the  On Monday, May 3, .the regular their   house   ready   for. summer home  of  Mrs.   S.   McKay,   Mrs.  monthly meeting of the Harmony occupants. Arnold   was  the  guest   speaker.  Group was held at the home of     -__ _   ,   . . She    answered    questions    and  Mrs.  Fred  Soames.   In spite   of     Y���are^giad_ *�� welcome Mr- spoke on the subject of a second  the inclement weather there was and Mrs- R- -Parkinson back home v.O.N. nurse for the Peninsula,  a  good attendance  of members.  apin-     The���   ^^   ^   been      it was unanimously agreed to  They are all busy sewing or knit"-. cl.��?ed UP a11 winter while they support this and nine ladies vol- ^^_    m    w      ting articles for the summer sale ^1}ed. wi*h t^%elrl .daughter in unteered to canvass the district safety records for-the year, it is  of work which is to be held at Vlctoria. Mrs Parkinson will be to try and collect the $250, which announced by Benton R. Can-  garden party in July. Proceeds especially welcomed back by the Selma ^has been asked to raise cell, chairman of the Western  from the sale  of  articles which -Sunday School. as their share.  At the conclusion Branch of the Canadian Pulp and  were donated to the "Gift Box",      j^rs  are  GIBSONS���Marchingalong with  progress in Gibsons, Jim Veitch  of the Sunset Hardware has opened the smart Records and Appliance Shop in Bal's Block here.  The new store is associated with  HANDSOME trophies  soon will ^t^^t^^  be awarded to British Columbia  paper  mills" with  the  best-  Bouela*.    ha*    vrtnvr.o*  of the meeting, tea was  served Paper Association,  uougias    nas    returned .  _  .Un uMtMO   ^^.f^ Vp-t Tv/r-re       ___,. ....   .  appliances as well as gramophone  records. The interior was laid  out by Bert Symons, ;bf Mc and  Mc's Sunset Department. A bank  of 20 f, t/rwatt fluoresce Us in  the center of the store a:id wo  big   ones   in  the   show, window  *_"__ ZX2PK-2T ^ b__T3S. wl^e XTw. Y&&ttZtt %J*% __5K ��^.���!_*___ ^^i��S.7S1 i  meetings are looked forward to visiting   with^'her  sorT and   his ����� T?��b*idge, Mrs. J. E. Lee and  awarded concurrently; to the miH  day.  _,. ,. _., .__ _ K Llst with the best 12 months safety      Under themanagement ofMrs. i  each month by all the members. wife    Her father> Mr. Brown, is  Mr. and TVTrs. Nausen of Van- ^siting her at present.   He is on  couver, have purchased the pro- holiday from Alert Bay.  perty lately belonging to Mr. and  Mrs.  Mrs. Tom Walker has returned Record "in the manufacturing div-  Veitch va large stock is tastefully  home from Vancouver where she  lsl.��,n and a similar trophy to the  displayed.    One   will  find   such  - -M  .  ,,       ���,������.,       underwent   a   minor   operation. F��__ with thf best siifet? record  iteiris as furniture arid linoleum, \  Mrs. L. Allan, who lost their home Jf"^*J*�� upTesidenS?ta Gla* t0 report she is quite WeU ^,*?���nverter or ��aPer Products  ���$^^?^_*&&ii&&i  by fire.  tup:r ,iimmpv v,nmp w .vL r._-.vf again.  and all then- belongipgs uy ��*-��. their summer home for the next  a. few months ago.  Mr. and Mrs. five or six months>  Nausen   are   well   known   here.  They have been summer visitors'     Every   weekend   the   summer  ��   cottages have the owners occupy-  Mr. Frank Rainton of Vancouver Island, spent a short time at  his home here recently.  division. heaters, deepfreeze cabinetsand* tj  Both groups in the pulp and refrigerators,    Beatty    washers,'\j  paper industry are now tabulat- Beatty  Storm vacuum  cleaners,\]  ing and checking  1947 accident Westinghouse  radios and appli-^  frequency  and  severity  records ances.  The stock also includes  SAWMILL  EQUIPMENT  SAWMILLS  ��� IN   STOCK  nOCEDZ-LTE   SKXPXXSKT   v.  "Little Giant" Portable, full Ball  Bearing 2-7/16" steel alloy mandrel variable belt feed and now 4  size stock carriages with the addition of the Tie Mill having 10  ft. carriage and 2 sets of track  ways. You can grow this carriage  up to full size, if desired later as  everything is made up to standard on all carriages, ' husks and  ways.  2 Headblocks 10 ft. carriage-���2  sets 16 ft. track way (tie mill)  otherwise   standard   mill.    $680-00  2 Headblocks 16 ft: carriage���3  sets   16.ft.   track   ways.    $760.00  3 Headblocks, 20 ft. (2 sec) carriage���3   sets  16   ft.   track   ways.  $880.00  All complete, including 20" drive  pulley,   to   your  saw   and   power.  EDQEB  "jWCTTIiE  GIANT"  Por 2 and 3 saw arrangement.  Edges up to 4'*x33". Husk is  mounted on 4"xl0"xl4' fir with  Self-Aligning Ball Bearing Mandrel, which is easily removed to  change saws. Has Ball Bearing  feed rollers and easily read saw  setting scale, directly in front  of operator with steel shifting  levers, which operate easily on  cold rolled guide. . Has two corrugated and two pressure rollers  which insure straight feeding  through leather belt . on double  cone pulley and idler on swinging  arm. No Slipping Belts. No Kicked Back Boards and look at the  prices; 2 saw edger���width between saws���2" to 23". Complete  with 2-14" Simonds Inserted tooth,  saws ���____  -   $430.00  3 saw edger���-width between saws  ���19". Complete with 2-14" Simonds Inserted tooth saws. $490.00  Comes to you complete with drive  pulley and- ready to go to work.  Immediate Delivery.  PLANEE "LITTLE GIANT"  4 sided���High Speed Self contained 6"xl6" full Ball Bearing Planer and matcher with 4 knife top  cylinder mounted in Self-Aligning bearings. Table 32" by 7 ft.  8 *in. Roller cahin feed, thorough  positive Borg and BecTT over center clutch. Counter shaft on Ball  Bearings���has balanced Dodge  Steel Split pulleys. .Chip brakers  and guards easily adjusted and  move readily in conjunction with  heads. Comes complete with machine belts, all High Speed knives  ,s and \>ne set of balanced slotted  heads for boards and dimensions.  Price $1,780.00. Shimer heads for  matching and shiplap $125.00 per  set. Por a complete Portable Outfit with mounted Ball Bearing  Shavings exhauster on -planer  with piping, brackets ancf drive  for only $311.50 additional. Planer will average 2000 ft per hour  on recommended 35 h.p. Nothing  equals it on the market today for  .Price, Capacity, or, Quality of  Work.  MACHINERY  DEPOT LTD.  CAL&ARY  PKOHIi   W2992  Dealers   in   Power   Units,   .Dodge  Steel Split Pulleys, Bits and Wire  :' Belt'Lacing.  ing them, working at something     Mr.   and  Mrs.   Chas.  Williams S?2^^^ "ISS^JSS SSSo^S^SS1* ��f VlCt^ ^  or   other  to-get   ready  for  the of Vancouver spent a few days *t  l��tJE3x����� w?^'i  I ^^IrS  ^r   ThV  summer holidays. Judging by the with Mr.  and  Mrs.  F.  Willows.  ���� SftL��  be \ma^  m  & trave   gc^ S Is^vS^f  number of passengers that go and lew weeKs tune. traver gooeis^suc.h::,^^^Cravelgari  We are very sorry to bid fare-      The trophies are being specially and Skyway luggage m new de*!  come by the "Miarchigonne",  Granthams is getting to be a very  busy, popular place.  Mr. L. Steadmah is busy at pre-  well to the Turibridge family who designed and made by Vancouver   slSns and attractive appearance*!  have left to take up their resi- craftsmen and silversmiths. Each  dence in Mission, B.C.,  and wewill  measure   approximately   11  wish them every success. We are inches wide, by 18 inches' deep4  Man Loses Sight  sent   remaking   the   house   that very  glad to  welcome Mr.  and plaque. style. The background or Of Eye After BlOW M  used to be owned by Mrs. Rob- Mrs.J. Redmund who have pur- base  will  be  polished  wood  in  -or hxn TPTtmur '��;��' .mi-.^' ������-T  .���_. t* u���,-_ i u* _ t./t��-   ���_���_._ ���_j-_li__ ���___.___._    mi_.._ ���i_- +u_. v.a��+v.^  ~c ^..k__.i. x.:.i'������������____��._���  uJjUW jikom an unknown as^  mson. It has been bought by Mrs  Chapman from California who intends to make it her home.  GAMBIER HARBOUR  By F.D.  chased the house.   This  popular the  centre  of Which Will be y a  couple will be a great asset to large ^ gold-plated-qn-silver    in-  the community here. scription shield   T3.n +'������;;'_.__���   +_.   v,����n;nm.      This centre will be surrounded  Recent   visitors   to   Vancouver ��� ui-vo' -w��w���,���i- ��������-#.������ ��w��i/ie *��...  ;v.ai,,^_, Tv/r^  ��-___j T\/r-._.   t  r_,_��.^^_,r   hy 12 annual award shields pro-  S?Ule 5Jr* Td JJrS' iuDup^y' vided for the names Of the^ an-  Mi��s. T. Murphy^re. Chas. Fos-  nual winners.  ter and Mrs. G. Wegard.    :>   ���     ���.,   ^^   industry    cbmmUtee    hx  Mrs. iS. Creamer and children charge of the project comprises  spent'���the past two weeks at their Ci^it Hague, Pacific Mills Lim-  summer home here.      ,;..' J^ed^^Harry Todd, PoWell River  ; ���'���'���'.'    Company, and L. C. Kfelley, Brit-  Darlene     Laycock    celebrated j^   Columbia   Pulp   and   Paper  The weather is still playing its  old tricks. Nearly the end of  April and gales continue to ab-  ���ound   Frost has come again: the her Eighth birthday recently with: GcwnnShv1  last      �����'��      niflVife   Vint      tUn     Vilfiov;    ���������,'_'!.jiTi ���>_>"��������� :_ y.fy j:-'--o--i*?Z::*,^<s--^uln&?Vy-'  sailant     aboard    the     CNSSI  steamer     Monday     night   cosf  Lloyd Squires, salesman for  Swift  Canadian  Company,  sight  of one eye.   Mr.  SquiresH.  who was making his first trip  Powell River, in place of the reg|  ular   Swift   representative,   w.  struck in the eye by a passengel  whom he jostled in a darkene*  passageway of the ship.    'y.y- "  The blow shattered a lensy  Squire's glasses, sending a fra|  twp   night_rbut   ttie   clear a party for a number of her little    xit *is  now-a common accom-  ment into his eye: He^wasitake!  weather and bright sunshine dur- friends.    Paper  hats   and   fahcy  r,iSi^r5   fo-a ������mon acQom    ���   - -    - -    -        -        -     - ���-  nir fKo /.qv timo lioine o in+ _     ,   _       _.   ^    -���           ._._   piisninenx   xoi    any  ing the day time helps a lot.  all   kinds   were.  At the Veterans'Memorial Hall  and games of  last Saturday a  very successful  played.  club   night   was   held.    A  large      .Dainty   refreshments   were  party   came   from  Gibsons   and served, and the small hostess're-  there was a very good local al- ceived many lovely gifts,  tendance.    With  the   coming  of  warmer weather a glass of nice      Don't forget to attend the Corn-  cold beer goes very well and an munity Centre meeting on Mon-  even larger attendance of veter- day, May 17, 8 p.m., at Willow's  ans, their ladies and friends can store.  he fleeted, ��� Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Murphy en-  The residents of East Bay held tertained friends and relatives in  their   monthly   dance   Saturday  ~���' - ;.;, - ;    "''-��� ... -;.; . ���   ",,-���  April 24.  The dance was held at _, .. , A       '.,_.   ��� , . ���    T ,     ,     ,,  Glen Olbee Resort at the head of  ?r^1\to?'   Gambier   Island.   Mr.  East Bay,  Gambier  Island,  and  Sn^rtJias-- just retired from the       _      _       one   of   our  t0 hospital when the ship docke|  baskets of candy were provided .j^g piante to run "well over 100  a* 3restYievr^ ^rly ^esd^y moi  aa^ without a lost time acci- ninS and given medical attenti  ^denfi. Mr. Cancell said. The ac- ^ Dr- J- L- MacLeod. He W  cidehtrecord in B.C in mills for flown back to Vancouver yeste  194^sho3wea '.u better than 50  percent improvement over that  otW4&   .r l  ../ :.  ONCE more residents of Sechelt  and summer visitors will have  day afternoon for treatment by 1  specialist Dr.  S.   W.  Brydbh^l  Jack, who expects removal of  eye. .;���"? ' '���...  ' '���'���''- ,-:        "��������� ryy\  Westview police are investijj  ating the incident, in an effort  discover Squire's attacker.  Edward Jorgenson      I  Weds Frances Currie  HALFMOON  BAY-A   weddu^  of interest here was solemnizi  a good ciwd was in attendance. ^$��*��^^  Mr. and+Mrs. Jack Smart have  Government House, New  Delhi, ��0^^^  ^'S^elt Jnl^t  ChUrch. Vancouver, when Fr,  taken up their residence at,New  India< by the president of our lo- g^S^gSJ? ^lseS MN.V-cis Aileen,    elder    daughter  ^~~ ��� ���  c-m br_��ich  Sf the Army, Navy ^^^S^! ��m Po^^e  Pastor and Mrs. C. S. Currie, b  and Air Force Veterans in.Can- ��ffi'.J��*J��^i'-^ Edward Bja  ada and contains greetings from E^^^oS^V^^ ��aS -'  ^ie Jorgenson, elder son of  -A..L. BRUYNUL  Seimo  Park, B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  His Excellency, Admiral ^scount^^.^r*^^ and Mrs. I. B.' Jorgenson of Je:  '-��� ��� ��� -��� mer cruises up Sechelt Inlet to   vis Inlet.   ^      ��� ��   ���  Mountbatten of Burma, Governor General of : India. Lord  Mountbatten states that an autographed photograph is being sent  to be hung in the Veterans Memorial Hall at Gambier Harbour.  Clohome    Falls    and    Skukum  Chuck. The bo_it has already star  Rev; Currie, father  the bride, performed the seryic!  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist    *  ������' GIBSONS  Office Hours: 1  9:00 o.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings0 by Appointment  Every  day except Thursday  ___S u^   v.  V  ?   :i? -^--��� -r__"��:������ Th/e groom formerly lived  ted its^ charter- servicer and^the Secret Cove-where he Was- ei  regular   daily ^ summer^schedule gaged in lbgging operations wi,  W1il g\^�� _fffGCt shortlZ' M / u- his father and brother. He is riw  :                                                   mJ     ^^^ze. was buiU by studying to become a missiohar  Mrs. Lawrence Killanij whose Nor-craft Marine m Vancouver. ������������ ��� ���������������    ������ ������-;/.-.������  husband is president of the B.C. It is capable of carrying a load olw        .             ,,       * i.      ^  Pulp  and Paper  Company,  has  of 12 passengers with a maxi- cairn waters ana past oeauti.  been entertaining guests *_it her mum speed of 25 knots, and is scenery^mtl^lViy.  Breeze,  summer home at Gambier Island, built on thoroughly modern lines, safe and comfortable boat, w  , Last summer thecruises proved ?e a day you will always ;^eme:  The  marriage  took  place   oh to be a very popular tourist at- ber^as one of your most enjoyabl  April 29 at St. Mark's Church^in traction^ enjoyed by all who took ~~ "���   :  Vancouver of Miss Mary Wilding the trip. This summer the cruises  Moxon, to Capt. D. P. Wyness of promise to ibe every bit as en-  Powell River,  The wedding.was joyable. They are the kind you  held omthe 40th wedding anniv- y^on't Want to miss^ A full day  ersary of the bride's parents, Mr. in the open suiij, ispeeding through  andMrs. A: H. Moxon of Gam-                           X              x   f ^  bier Island. :FollOwihg the wed- "~"T~~          ~~~-;:y. ��� ���   ..���_:���. '.'��� _'���'���  ding a reception was given by  a reception was  the bride's: parents at:Hotel Van- honor of their brother, Mr. H. C.  couyer.XMrs. Wyness0 is";;a\ griid- Murphy, who celebrated his 85th  uate of UBC and tHe bridegroom; birthday ��on April lOf The pisses  was overseas with the Royal Cs.t  Hazel -  and    Blanche    Murphy,  Collison's  BarberShpp  SECHELT X  J  nadian Engineers. He is a member of the Canadian Legion and  is an engineer with the Powell  River  Company.    ���  nieces of the guest of honor, Mrs.  Georgina Richards and Mr. Nelson Moore,    all bf    Vancouver,..  were guests. :  Due to slackness of business;  durihg the -day) barber shop  will,;be  ppen;%venihgs only  during the X^eek and all day  Saturdajr.      ': yy'^-y.        ...  Hours will J^e I  Tuesday to? Friday      ;  6:30 p^riiio 9:b0^p.m.  Saturdays, 9:30 a,m. ib 9 p.m.  r����__PiP*H[����F  *ti'mrniff mi >^wm.���s


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