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The Coast News Apr 23, 1948

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Array x&m  Serving a Progressiva and Growing  Area on 33. C.'s /{Southern Coas|-  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, r Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing. Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek,,.Roberts Creek, .Granthams  il&nding, JE5grnon��,-Hopkins pl#anding,  Brackendale,' Cheekeye,  etc.  Vol. II ��� No. 40  ���A FORMER resident of Sechelt,  -,_��.eQrge Stevenson, was appointed, this month, to. the, rank of  game inspector,for Vancouver Island.  Stevenson has been game  warden for "the Victoria district  for the'past-two years. His promotion as inspector for "A" division,    B.C.    game    commission, PLEASE NOTE I  marks the first time since-^1034 ���____   .  that the inspectorship has gone OWING to changes being made  to the Victorfit office.                  ' ln our Panting plant, it will not  0.             v ���.   -   ______    *���_-_.�� be possible to publish The" Coast  aJ%?���   r^ZS .������,�� *��&��" News next week (April 30 issue).  Sn^lanTS SVoS: The next fesue will come to. you  ada afl tio^f wo?kV onC*e ��n ��**>���� week, May 7th.  . 'Grand Pacific survey and Peace We regret this is necessary, but  River line and also the Canadian we would ask that correspond-  Pacific's- Department of National ents send, their news AS USUAL  'Resources.  He  enlisted  in  191��4, next week so that it may be preserving four years in France aha pared in 'advance for the paper  was discharged with' the rank of and   included   in   the   following  i captain^iri  the  Royal  Canadian week. Please do not "put it off"  Engineers: ��� *< _, because of the fact there will be  In 19 years with the B.C. Game no.paper, since we may then find  department,  he has  done  feairie we haven't room for a last-jmin-  ( conservation work in the Cari- ute rush the following week.  f boo, Chilcotin, Peace Itiver arid Changes in the printing plant  j Lower Mainland areas. Among h���is have become necessary by rea-  / exploits, haye>;been. r^sciie,.trips. son i0f   rapidly-increasing f ,pro-  for lost prospectors and trappers duction costs,' particularly during  .IB.Garibaldi, Stave Glacia,JHelmet the^past two years. In that ;time  i Grlacia,   Upper   Pitt   Riv.er ; and wage    costs    have   more _ than  Mount William Knight in Cheam. .doubled,   and r��rw ,paper  prices  , Range.  Il> _��. ur~^r i  - -_f_��--��-^M.f ___. 1& C__ 1 x��xrBi._3SH���� ��t 3.a_B~ ����ass jsnswar z^zasxvsn  VIG��wIid_f^_^��r^|he]Lt, B.C. ��� - Sffational Advertising Office,  Lowell Slyer, 33.C  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, April 23, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per yeer. by mail  Cancer No. 2 Killer in Canada  . _  ,.y* ^ ___.. jk '�����   'i.  *\  WILSON CREEK  DAVIS BAY  By MHS. D. EHICKSOM;  ���I *  -rt.!  j^v^pje^.from 50 to 100%.   To  meej: thfis, ,a complete streamlin-  1 ing bf dtir printing plant is necessary, with the gradual install  ,��� Htionidf newer and faster-print- ~  ing   equipment.   Next' week  we  . pl^n.t�� 'instal the firsfunit of ja  , "high-speed printing ptfess, and it  ; Gardening ' Jg ^*king . ujk*or;^'5*?^:��Jllten*,t PUbliC" .  fnuch time just now?!fr*id. we atipn to-do this.  are neglecting the news "gather-    \We're .sorry:that we have to  ing. ��� x -    j '     do. it,. )>ut. weVknow our readers  *        , . '   '     " ~*   arid  advertisers  will  appreciate  . Had a rush trip to the city to that our efforts, are in their iri-  ee Mr. Erickson who.^as in, vSt^ Crests ... we want to keep op -,,  Ws Hospital,after a'short;visit servingyou   for; many, Xmany :\  * -h$rs;at^aite^  Ny^<waMhfe^*o;up ^flr^- Vusgin the Ece of present con;-  DIAGNOSIS of certain types?of cancer can only be done by  E^JSJJS^ 5_S*h��,' &&*>*   exe.rcis* ��very , possible f    j-1 trained cancer specialists, viisina cdstly moderri scientific  -��� *.    ��, v^  _;  /flBH  controlling the disease.  rho enquired about him.  t" Hello to old- friends up in Brit-  annia and, hoping the snow is  pne by now.   y ../     tX!    .  ;A very will attended mbntH- Warnir A.��&-118f  ar meeting was held - by the local *mB^^mm__l__imMji��_  Iranch   V.Q,N.^ The   se^retsy^, ���f!*Si,0J,S,"W    ��� ,  ^-J- %*��^fig*^ -Klfcusi^^Sal&iiieii,  pinutes ana gave^a.^Jood\tep5f( 'fhri.T j^ ^ " ���* ly. . u  oi the IfH^nel-Ell^ted ^ tlS LOCAL wofession^ musician^  ly means  of weekly   crib  and       $W ash^ed the |>ubhc to bb  feftES&iaK-se ��?A,ak?,us ^^~_^%��_-  Gibsons 'Wef Vote  Sf^lSi^-SJS^"* U?  ^ equipment FJndrfromTtte'A'^ L M^_,.__. H^.^  pr.Kiuct.-i_ WJjgj^gjg jjy^ Conip Society will Kefr irhpro>4 facilities for detecting and Means Modem Hotel  Sechelt Debates Report  On Teachers Convention  ���<  GIBSONS���Results of the "wtet  or dry" plebiscite held at Gifer  sons March 31 have been received  from the .chief, clerk bf the provincial secretaryVoffice. A mar  jority of &9 votes iivOred a beer  parlor license, which means that  Gibsons will get its solely-needed hotel.  Out   of   an   approximate   90ft  names on,the Voters' list, 721 ballots were cast���383 voted yes and  no.   There were 14-ns^'  and a decisive occa-  ( Mrs.\G. Reid of Davis Bay has    filling  trranged an evening musicale at    ion;  seiited the Sechelt Teachers' As-  22   rooms  to   his  now  spacious  /The delegates .were strongly of home and convert it into a mod-t  i ��._���_.       __.___���_.___      _-,___ j.; .       ..        ___. _.       -      _. _I  L_.k_._a_?   A___.n   oo    tv_t��.c.    afo��       /_&_    X-.--.W     ,   <x. qnriafcion   renort that other mat-    .'ane aeiegates .were strongly oi nome and convert it mto a mod-t  er home  April 22.   Mrs.. Stan     ^f^  ii^teuments  are  usually ^5^^^��Y?������rwhi3i the opinion that'the Federation em hotel.   Revenue from licensed  ��Vrbo served tea and.was thanked vfihrih1***->> ,*_Uh.   rriiicin   i+anh+f teirs of professional^htferest wnicn   .     .��  ,      ^-.-.^^t^   rtr.   +u^ ��__^^��� r _*^i����___> -_."Jl_.!lll  risit    With  Jeorge  Ll^llitetionS to E_y Mh-   -"^ereiSrio reason.wliy local b    a^iatlon to  succeea  Mr! ^^t%Jt^LSST��^ W- T- '  ^      iT-a w.: ^tti^ pepple should, be victimized. At t�� t>  Tf.^i.fKivJ-r -        throughout   the  province.    It  is ratinTS  [Jmversal Timber,, wlto.w^s _^>fa~_hmy___fc kelhv n^ FX^Ll^b??y',X     ..x___   :i honed .that, the Denartment will lat���?y  vStraith, Minister of Edu-  ^  t *_ j _._. * *u    _-.       *       *      �� ��.�����--, emphasized that the pro-  shbrtage   of hope��:that; the Department will posed sales^tax was not inip^  "      endors- recognize the value of teachers' foecause of increased cost-of edu-  ���*��� ��� .-      - -������   i*   +     t,    , ^�� ��w F___-^�� ��^v���^ num-r <wn��n* *>7 expandmg the com- cation, as.expenditures for scl>ools  there are. many capabl^;teachers ^     0f ^apab^ y8mig people Will ���lttee .ta mclude teaches�� ^ow have increased only one percent  here whose fees are ridiculously Zl  .*____*__&�� ^ *t.u8 ��i-_��-��.��^ m service. J of the total government budget  During  a  thorough * discussion since 1939.  ^the soundness of the teacher's  HALF HOUR PUDDING  s*i raised. Accordingly it was agreed pensions, fund, the delegates in-  ���x$ thai   a  teacher  training  college qfuired   about   voluntary   retire-  % should be set up at the Univer- merit, at a reduced pension,  at  .ome untiF'thev can build later z ^P- oasmg powaer, i cup raij sitjr.    and    that    a^  prospective a^es earlier than those now pro-  jome until ^hey can 1^.^^^   ahJ  ^t [^   gfeaseii teacher    should,    after    leaving vided,  sixty  for   women,   sixty-  ' *          --���*���--           ./,/,/    'howi. Mix> the  following  thor^ grade twelve, attend the college five for  men.   Somek objectives  r"Mr.   Whitaker   and   Jack   are '6u_rhly:  2 cujps boiling water, X for two years  to obtain, an  in. of the Trades and Labor Congress,  7e*y busy putting flooring in the tsp/ vanilla, 1 tbsp. butter, 1 cup terim elementary certificate, and with which the Federation is af-  ��xtensionxto^>the -trading- post brown  sugar.  Pour  over above for an additional three years-to^ filiated, were endorsed, whereby  ,vhich%\viii be a smart self-serve mixture  and bake in moderate * obtain  a  permanent elementary the government is asked to set  mit. Opening 'shortly.                      oven one half hour. or a" secondary certificate. In ad- up full health insurance, to im-  i. -p' " v42~~  4 -rt ���*!' ��� ��� "���  PP***l*Tp *^ **."**���* * '  ii%~/h. ~~  0 S vTmDI/i Page Two  THE COAST NEVV3, SECHELT, B.C.  ^Friday, April 23, 1948  By L. G. STEWART  esponse  THE FOURTH annual East Howe McCormack,      was      beautifully  Sound high school drama fes- done and produced some excep- SECHELT���The V.O.N, drive for'  tival was held in the Britannia tional acting. Wilfred Herndl ' funds is continuing to gather  Mine Theatre on April 14 and winning the gold medal for the in materials and money fpr this  15. Since this annual event was best actor of the festival, besides verv essential extension of ser-  first started three years ago, the the cup for the best actor in vice- There may be a surprise  standard of the participants has drama. Bernita Martinow won ��ift for the Board before the end  steadily risen until this fourth the first award for actresses of the campaign.  ., event. bordered very" closely to in drama while Victor Martinow The Sechelt auxiliary reports,  the professional theatre. won  the'best supporting actor's ~       : '  The first play on the opening cup. <Girda���Margaret  Boscario.  . night was "Paul Ducks,, the Den-     The fourth play was a present-     Jack   Hamilton���David   Morri-  tist", written,by the p.ever popu- ation   by   the   Woodfibre.  High son.  lar Christopher Sergei, and pre- School,   "Orange   Blossom",    by     Etilel Hamilton���Aleeta Smith,  sented   by   the   Squamish   High Phillip Johnson.  The cast: "Exclusive Model" was directed  School.  The cast was as follows*.     Mrs  Duckworth-Francis Niro. hy ���r- C.' ��' Whitlock and was  Paul Jones���Bryce Morrison. ,_      ._.    .        ..    w. _        well received by the audience.    s  Mr.    Jones    (his    dad)���Bruce   _. Mrs- Duckworth���Winona Bun-     The eighth   j     presented was  numbers on license plates iriust be  clearly visible by law, and if chip-  POLICE are warnmg motorists, ped paint has eradicated rium-  whose license plates have de- \^VSy the motorist is liable for  fectiye paint, to exchange them prosecution; despite the fact that  for new ones immediately. Serial defective paint was the government's fault. New license plates  a $30 collection to date and hopes may^ be obtained at the govern-  to double that before the week ment agent's office by turning  is out.. .. in the chipped ones.  Cumming.  dy.  a   drama,   "Shanghai",    by   W.  Mrs. Jones (his mother)���Peg- Glad. Duckworth���-Amerlys Cher- Stuckes, an entry of the Wood-  gy Wray. ney�� .    " fibre-High School and contained  Junior (the kid brother)���Glen     Aunt Lottie���Aanne Roe. the following cast: .  Valde. Aunty Lola���Isabella Bundy. Flora���Shirley Chadwick.  Mary   (his   sister)���Betty  Jor-     Amy Foster���Norman Van Hor-     Bert���Owen Wood.  I dan. lick. Mrs. Patch���Patsy Whalen,  1     Jane (Paul's girl friend)���Ruth     Fred Ashford���Bill Whalen , Joe Patch���Norman Chadwick.  i Cooper,   ���-.      #J . x      Mr. A. B. Clemens was the^di-' \This play -was directed by^Mr.  Miss Trent (dentist's assistant) rect0r of this  play and it pro- M>   P-   LUtack   and   Mrs.   Esme  -^Mae Franson. duced -some very mature acting. BJ?cketj and although well direct-  i     The play was directed by Miss isabella    Bundy    winning    the ed "J1, very well acted it was  . Julia  Myrtle  and" although  not award   for  the  best   supporting Pwed in too dim a stage-lighting  quite as mature as some of the actress of the festival. and received some criticism from  other   presentations,   Mae   Fran-      ���,.     ,....   _,   - -.    ,' ,��� ���.   - ..   . the adjudicator for this.   It re-  : son won the actress novice cup ^tJ^^^J^^T^JS? ceived the second highest award  for her portrayal, of Miss Trent. *���IS^^u^^^JS^' for drama�� with ��wen Wpod as  by Philip Johnson, was Present- Bert receiving the award for seed  by  Woodfibre High  School. bond best drama actor  The cast: The ^th and final play on the  Laura Hubbard���Beth Walton, program was "Mind-Set", by  Jill, Hubbard���Patsy Whalen. Merle Boulton Young, presented  Ellen���Doreen Francis. by   the   Britannia   Mine .High  Adrian Illidge���Reggie Moretto. School and directed by Mr. W. D.  Ernest Hubbard���Pat Wood.       Black.  The cast was:  This   play  adjudged  the  best     Augusta Cunningham ��� Merle  Mrs. Parrish���Patricia Sullivan, comedy of the festival, was direc- Udeen. * .  RUth Parrish���Mary Scott. ted -by A.  B.   Clemens  and ~R.,    Joe McCarthy-^Claude Mayes.  t Owen Bennetts-William Lewis. Moyetto.    The   performance   x>f     Prentice  J.r Prescott   IH~Ed-  Iiottie���John Bishop:     4 > Patsy Whalen as '*JilT jwas^ex-vward, Cadenhead. x>"X*.-.3;,....&. *  This play was directed1 by Mr/ c&ptidnal arid won* the medalfor     Voice", from   ther Past���Mjary-  W. Black and was the only mys- the best actress of the festival, Scott. * .      >     ���  tery on the program.  The acting along  with   the  award   for  the     Great   Aunt   Rella ���- Eleanora  seemed  excellent  and  no doubt best  actress in comedy.   Reggie Marchauk. ���  .  would  have  rated  some  of the Moretto,   as   "Adrian",   won  the     Narrator���William.Lewis..    .  awards if the lighting used had award for the second best award     This  play   adjudged   the   best  hot  been so  dim  and  some  of for actors in comedy. drama of the'i festival displayed  the   players   had   used   a   little     The  first  play of the  second the progressive trend in the the-  louder voice delivery. evening, "The Pampered Darling" atre��   It  was   well, handled  by  The third play/ ",To the Lovely by Beatrice McNeil was present- thfe -ca?t who seemed*to under-  Margaret", by Pearl and Thatch- ed by the Britannia Mine High stand ,its objects. Merle Udeen  er Alfred, was an entry of the School and won the award for as Augusta received the award.  Squamish High School. The cast: the second best comedy, with the *or the second best actress in  v Professor     Adams���Wi 1 f red following cast: '���   ����� ~       drama.^,., ,;    .,, ��  The second play on the program was "The Opening of a  Door", by Wall Spence and presented by the- Britannia High  'School. The cast was:  . Esther Fraser���Elizabeth Wa-  terland.  Martin    Fraser���Ramon    Bennett.  Kernel.  Julia���Bernita Martinow.  Margaret���Verna Martinow,  Jackie���Theresa Martin.  Koch���Victor Martinow.,    .  This play directed by Mrs. R  > pf  gnOBJfVH H3C_N3d  S4|aa ���A��� :dH'd Pu��  sjaj^n^ ��o vpo\% poocj  pa6jOLQ sdjja4|Dg  sjiodd)| pjauac)  6uippM  dNIUHNI9Na  SjMooqciVh  y  SEA 8US  LINES LTD.  SPRING SCHEDULE  4  (Subject to approval of  Public Utilities  i,     Commission)  Leave Gibsons  8:00 a.jnt. and 4.00 p.m.  JLeaVe ...Fisherman's  Cove  9.30 o.m. and 5.30 p.m.  EFFECTIVE   MARCH   10  _--_.    ���>. r-ui.-        _?.._..;_     �����*_ (While the adjudicator was corn-  Connie Gibbons-Frances Mar- piling ^;npte^a play was.pre-  T        -���     P-UU T3   *   ���    ��� O    IV       ^^^  ^  Grad6   SeVel1   a,ld   e^*  Janet  Gibbons���Patricia Sulh-0f the Britannia Public   School  van- " ' and seemed to be appreciated by  Mrs. Pierkins���Mary Scott. the. audience.   The play ^entitled  Victor Gibbons���Eugene Alex- "Tempest, in  the  Teapot", .coh-  aiider.        ,  ' tained the following cast:    Vt\  "Dudley Field���Harry Anderson.     Mr. Saunders���Tommy. Water-  Jessica Bacon���Betty Lou Bo- land.'        ' > " ��  gle. *.���",.,,         }                           I^rs. Saunders���Gwep Wells;  ,  Joy Gaylord���Joan Scott.              Ruby (colored, maid)���Donalda  Annabelle Green���Margit Ler- Stewart. v>  et.     '        _ / Bud���Bobby Hamelin.  Norman Evans���Guy Neilson.      .Bill���Bill Trythall.    ^        t , ,  Floyd Davis���Floyd Adams.        . The   stage,. managers "* for, the  Dr.  Rudolph Van  Hapsburger Squamish' plays were. Frank Afc-  ���-Ramon Bennett. en and Jack Stathers while Dor-  W. D. Black directed this'play een Bowden, Henry and Doreen  and it appealed to the audience Greveling managed the stage ar-  for its entertainment value, being rangemerits for Woodfibre. Char-  voted'the "most popular play" of lie -Sherriff supervised the stage  the festival. - Frances Marchauk for all the Britannia entriesf.  as "Connie". won the second best The adjudicator for , the East  comedy actress award, while Ra- Howe Sound festival was Mr. H.  mon Bennett as Dr. Van Haps- S. Hurn,.B.A., provincial director  burger won the cup for the best pf school and community drama,  comedy actor of the festival. He.'appeared, to-be quite frank  Henry Anderson as Dudley Field in his criticism and offered, many  ,won the male novice award. . helpful- hints- to the participants  , The seventh play on the pro- towards" helping ^them< in . their  gram, "Exclusive Model" by Wil- parts ,and future stage technique,  liam McQuade, and played by . -The plays were presented to a  members, of the Squamish High full house both . nights ��� and; as  School, proved very entertaining. 4this, yearly event is -gaining in  The cast: . /,  popularity' andJ the. competition  .Robert Vincent���Richard Daw-becoming keener, we are looking  son. , ',    towards  next  year's festival to  Winnie  Vincent���Elinor  Sulli-  be on par wi,th the professional  van. ' stage.  Sechelt  Cruises  Announce the re-commencement of their summer  cruises and charter trips on Sechelt Inlet, the scenic  wonderland of B.C/s southern coast���with the  M.V. "Breeze" operating from Porpoise Bay wharf.  For further information and charter rates contact  JIM PARKER  Rockwood Lodge, Sechelt, B.C.  Phone Sechelt 39  ^ff^CP^j.  Giant Bingo  at the SECHELT INN at 8 p.m.  APRIL 30th  GAMES ��� HOME COOKING ��� PRIZES  .    FUN ���GAMES  for one and all.  i. _  r  x t PROCEEDS TO THE  *t  ,'< v  v;  y  im" *m  Opposite Hospital Wharf  ��i# Lloyds  Pay Cash and SAVE at  .  i**^       ; Pender Harbour  More of our REGULAR prices to    ^  s     help your budget.  BUTTER:   1st grade.   Lb _i_71c  BREAD: Wrapped, loaf.  _1_1_  10c  BACON:   Shamrock, sliced, Vt'%, pkg.  39c  ORANGES:   252's.   Dazen   -_ _: il_;_ __: 34c  CHOCOLATE BARS:  All makes.  No limit.    1 i_ 2 for 15c  PURE RASPBERRY JAM:   jl_._; 4-lb. tin ^4c  PURE SEVILLE MARMALADE: 24-ox.U_.___: ___ 39c  PURE 3-FRUIT MARMALADE:  4-lb. tin 69c  BLACK PEPPER: Pure. V%Ah. pkg. L_-___:_: 40c  bESSICATED COCONUT:   i/2-lb. pkg  30c  >0RE FLAVORING EXTRACTS: 2-oz..:__-_;__. 24c  JELLO POWDERS:   1 2 for 19c  FRESH MILK:: Quart, standard ���__-_.X_7  17c  Jersey . _ '__  19C  MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED  '_-        -��� >i     _*-.�����" k     ,  ;      rt ��.-�������� J .  .X.  GROCERIES ��� FRESH MEATS ��� DRUGS  HOUSEHOLD HARDWARE  \  \H\  VA  ���.V  ^_K_X*_I  ��ni���rm  ^���P^kB-^H.^  __�� Friday, April 23,  194$_  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, 6. C.  Page Three  m%rtQ&M��M%:  3 Lines (15j Words) for 35b 3 Insertion C^ame ad) 60c  Extra wi[��ds^abbve iSrWQrd min.y 2c each/ CasK" with order.  Notices, Engagements; Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULTS  ��� *  By JANE DRURY  THIS IS the time of the year  --. when I usually run a column  of household hints. I haven't it  quite ready yet, but am working  on it. Housecleanirig time is always a busy time and the *nore  MntsXwe caii find to make the  work easier, so much the better.  In the, meantime> the goofy stork  arrived and dumped /an addition  FORS^ y ^MISOTLLANEOUS . e_u^if^^^SSS  SHIP. BY Gulf Lines Express to LAJ?TO leveUing ^nd plowing buns won>t feel'gb lonesome, but  _ or from Vancouver Low rates. . with ractor. Geo. Elander, Shaw it wlu put a kink in them be-  Fast   service    Careful   handling. Road, Gibsons, B.C. 45 cause of their popularity.  Specify Gulf Lmes Express,    tf     _._,   _,. _. _,   -il �� ^  FOR SALE GOOFY CHOCOLATE CAKE  FOR SALE^ 1930 MODEL A Ford. Overhauled      Sift  the  following ingredients  WATERFRONT lots  at head  of motor, steel top, oversize tires, into a ungreased cake pan. I use  Pender Harbour. Write or con- perfect shape,  $315.00.  Box  163,  a 7x10%" pan for this quantity.  tact H. Williamson or A. Egner,  Coast News.  42      i   cup   sugar,   lYz   cups   cake  Pender  Harbour.                       tfn FOR SALE                     flour or pastry flour, 3 tbsp. cocoa,   MISCELLANEOUS ^^^^ffig  ^ ^t ^iSL'ffi ��SE?S  WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make ** pumR.op en face heater. Ap- Pmixtoe. and in one  put   i  .slip, covers,   supply   materials P^ Mr. Veal, Wilson Creek.     42 vaniUaj  in another  1  tbsp.  and do take pride in our work- FOR SALE vinegar, and in the third 5 tbsp.  manship. Free estimates. Usher's HOUSE on Sechelt highway, near 'melted shortening. Over'all this  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.      Roberts Creek, 7 rooms, small pour 1 cup warm water and stir  tfn acreage. Apply Peninsula Realty, the mixture until smooth. Bake   _��� OAT1-���~ :��� Roberts Creek. 41 in a 350 deg. F. oven and when  FOR SALE   done DO NOT remove from the  WILL SELL 5 room house with MISCELLANEOUS pan.  Ice when  cool.  bath, situated oh tidewater at START a lavender farm. Fifty CURRIED DUMPLINGS  Granthaips .Landing B.C. Piped plants in at least three varieties We 0ften make dumplings but  for water, insulated throughout, delivered for $8.50. Small plants very seldom add curry powder  Can be removed from present sit- for border, 50 for $6.50, larger at t6 them. This recipe makes an  uation by barge or scow. Will 25c and 35c. Dwarf asters (Mich- interesting change and' adds fla-,  sacrifice for $1600 cash. See P. aelmas daisies) 5 different for Vor  G. McPherson, Gibsons, B.C.    42 $1.00,   including  the  lovely  "Li-      sift  together  2  cups  all-pur-  * ���   -      ~. lac Time", 5 tall varieties same pose flour, 1 tsp. baking powder,  ��TirT^e       a     uZ. u      _-* Price��     Beautiful    "Harrington's % tsp. salt, 1 tsp. curry powder.  RIFLES   and   shotguns., bought Pihk��t 35c eachj 3 $or 95c. Way. Blehd   with   pastry   blender   or  and sold, also all kinds of used side Gardens, R.R.1, Gibsons, B.C. knives until size of small peas, 4  r:.goods   furniture,  clothing, tools, * 41 ^    . shortening. Add, all'at once,  etc.   Square   Deal   Store,   West-    >  ;     ������_._.___-=  stirring   only until  all  flour  is  [��� view, B.C. MISCELLANEOUS moistened, & Cup milk. Turn out ,  BnrligHtly floured board^ and pat  Vz  inch thick.  baked, rather than steamed,  brown bread. May be reheated  in a covered casserole in a slew  oven in 30 minutes or in the top  of a double boiler in 45 to 59  minutes.  Mix well in a JLarge mixing  bowl, 2 cups sour milk or buttermilk, 1 cup dark molasses, - %  cup corn syrup. Sift flour; then  measure into sifter and. sift into  a; bowl: 2 cups all-purpose flour,  1 tsp. soda. Add mixing well: 2  cups whole wheat flour, 1 cup  chopped nut meats, 1 cup raisins. Pour into loaf pans. Bake in  a 325 deg. F. oven for one hour  or one hour and fifteen minutes.  Serve hot.  BLACK BOTTOM PIE  I understand this recipe is a  favorite with visitors to Hollywood who make dining at one  one of the famous Brown Derby  restaurants a must.  Beat with a fork until well  blended, ~hi cup sugar, 1 egg yolk,  Vs" tsp. salt, % cup shortening.  Mix in until well blended: 1 cup  all-purpose . flour. Press firmly,  about Yz inch thick, onto bottom  and tsides  of a  9-inch pie pan.  Bake about 15 minutes, or until  golden brown.  Make filling as follows: Mix together and let stand about 6 minutes, or until gelatin softens: $S  cup cold water andi.l:tbsp; un^-  flavoured gelatin. Healhi top of  double boiler until chocolate is  melted, mixing well: 2 cups milk,  2 one-ounce cakes unsweetened  chocolate, 2 ounces sweet or milk  chocolate. Cream together 4 egg  yolks, *&. cup sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla. Pour hot chocolate-milk mixture over egg mixture; beat well  .until blended; add softened gelatin; stir until combined.,. Pour  into baked pastry shell.. Chill  until firm. Top with whipped top  milk or cream and sprinkle with  shaved sweet chocolate. Serves  6 to 8. ' X    ......  Kingcome Navigation Company  has announced the sale of the  tug "Seanlon" to the F.M. Yorkp  Company, Vancouver.  Collison^  BarberShop  SECHELT  Due to slackness of business  during the day,; barber shop  will be open evenings only  during the week and all day  Saturday. ���  Hours will be x  Tuesday io Friday .'.','  6:30 p.m. to 9:00 pan.  Saturdays. 9:30 aan. to 9 p.m.  -  i-mii u_m i b^���*0m*^*^m^m^^*^*0��m*i^^m*'  Business and Professional  DIRECTORY  ��*__M_^��--*<-_**  MISCELLANEOUS  -r-~ B.C.-> FARMER   and  Gardener-  family   monthly   magazine   of hito large  circle"  TAXI  INSURANCE  FOR SALE  I ONE  ACRE,   at, Mederia. ?ark, gre^t  interest to" all  <5>ast  gar- g�� ^^^shapeT^dge^  I     bordering highway and Mad- deners.  One year, $1.00, or three Xe on eentlv boiline stew or  j eria Park road near wharf. $500. years for $2.00. F^ee book "Com- ft Cov^^^^  Landing,   B.C. 42 $2^0 subscription   A, J. Andrews, MAIN-DXSH SHORTCAKE  FOR SALE K.K.i, Gibsons, _b.i. 41      Th^s is a lun^on or supper  LADIES CCM .bicycle, new car- FOR S.ALE dish that wiU have yolir &*&***  riermarp9n and.white. Apply WEANER pigs. Apply O. Rolph, ^^^f^f^J^^^^  L. P. Hansen, Sechelt, B.C.     42      Sprhplt BC 4_i Combine  in frying pan 2 tbsp.  v ������ ' ��� -     '     - secnenxg.L,. w shortening br dripping, 1 pound  WANTED FOR SALE ground ,beef, 1 tsp. salt,  Ya tsp.  A BOY'S used bicycle in good SILENT Glow Range, oil burner pepper, Y\ cup chopped onion.  . condition. Jack Cresswell, with copper coil and tank Saute until onions are browned,  Granthams Landing; B.C.   x    1 pump���almost new,  $45.00.   Mr. stirring occasionally to separate   Frank Farrow,' Granthams Land- meat. Drain off dripping and save  v, . . '- i * ��� ._    o.-e*.   a_����.m4.i.___.   o   _..._.JLy _,..  ~-p,~__.~_.._  PENINSUl-A CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  Parr Pearson AgenciesX  .������"'".������     .. .������'.��� /. .������  General Insurance  Phone Pearson-Sawyer Office  Sechelt 37 ���Night Ring LSL  REAL ESTATE  , ���  t  MISCELLANEOUS  r     '  KOTO-TILLER: ��� power tiller,  does the work in one opera-  ing.  41 Sift together 2 cup& all-purpose  flour, 3 tsps. baking powder, %  tsp. salt. Cut in with knives or  General Hauling, Freight  Carrying, Gravel Hauling  Try  'WILSON CREEK  GARAGE LTD.  Phone Sechelt 3S  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  E. W. Parr Pearsoh  Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt  WANTED  tioh���of plow, disc and harrow,, GOOD milk,cow, Jersey prefer- pastry blender, 4 tbsp, shorten-  Call or write "Cliff Leach, Gib-     red.   Gordon  Mcintosh,   Half- ing. Add all at onfce mixing until  sons; B.C. j  tfn moon Bay. 40 flour is combined, % cup milk.  Turn   out   onto   lightly   floured  board;   knead  likhtly  20  to  30  PLUMBING-H ARDWARE  SHOE REPAIRS  I  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi arid  Blowers Taxi.  , . '-���  Phone Sechelt 5C2  ^ t��  _-3  PARR PEARSON AGENCIES   - *���    ���        *    for . .x.'���������*-   '?,*..**���  Exclusive Employment Bureau   '  B.C. Fir (Sechelt) Ltd.  Sechelt Phone Sechelt 37  BOOM MAN> EXPERIENCED  SLASHERMAN  seconds. Divide in half. Roll or  pat each half of' dough to fit a  ��� 9 inch pie. plate. Place one circle  of dough ih pie plate; top with,  meat mixture; cover with other  dough circle. Bake 15 minutes, in  450 deg. F, oven; cut in wedges  and serve immediately with gravy  made from the saved dripping.  Serves 6.  BAKED BROWN BREAD  .   This    is    an    easy-to-jgrepare  FOR SALE  RIFLES:' .303. British Enfield  converted;.-^sporting " models;  'high-power^precision repeaf&rs.  Weighty 7 lbs. 26" barrel. Complete with all sight; $65. Also  ;303 Ross converted : sporting  "models; $55. Excellent condition  guaranteed. Carlof, 537 Besserer  S., Ottawa, Ontario. 40  FOR SALE - " . "  ONE 14x16 tent, good condition.  One 8x10 palmalto tent. One  lawnmower. One battery-. radio  and battery, Al condition. Two  screw jacks, 18 ton capacity and  number of other articles, -Apply  Snodgrass, Selma Park, B.C.    41  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula*'  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���3K  SHOES  RENEWED  Eric Knutson  Sechelt  ���i .  \L  (0  WELDING  RADGO SERVICE  Experts in Electric and  Acetylene Welding  Silver Grille'Service Station  Wilson, Creek  Phone Sechelt 15-B-2  STEELE'S RADIO AND ���  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales arid Service  Phone, Sechelt 9K2   j  Send by Bus |  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  BEER BOTTLES  Wijl call and.-buy for cash,  beer bottles, scrap metals etc.  Calls made, at intervals from,  Hopkins to,, Irvines Landing.  ^ B. H. STROSHEIN  Wilson Creek  JACK'S TRANSFER    ;  Light and Heavy Hauling- ���  WILSON CREEK  Kione.Sechelt: I5-U  _  y  LUMBER AND FUEL  Signed articles arid letters  appearing in The News are the  opinions of the writers and are  not necessarily* those of The  News or its publishers.  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  In All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2 Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  Friday, April 23, 1948  By ARIES  '%  TOMORROW... tteCOfy  -_    x ���   ����� mm  f ^ ^�������"--���M-��������l_i��  Follow the Jead of more than a milUoa Caaadians who  f  save foe tomorrow...open your BofM account today.  'ntmtmaamm  Isfii!  Bank of Montreal  working with Canadians in every walk of life strut 2817  ADM  THE FARM ACCOUNT BOOK  T    "h        ';^t     a��-f-  AND INCOME TAX GUIDE SAVES  FARMERS TIME, TROUBLE AND  SAVES YOU TIME���You will find that a few minutes a week keeps your  Farm Account Book up-to-d^te. Tfre first JL5. pages of your new Farm  Account Book tell a straight story about what is required from farmers.  Your prdblems are dealt with in question and answer form and an index  refers you quickly to the section you want. The paces and columns for  accounts are numbered to correspond with t^e i$eni$ on the Income Tax  Return form itself. You can make an accurate record of all farm dealings  as you go along.  die   although   they   will   at   all   **  times need to avail themselves of   - -I  the guidance and experience of       ^#I&8C8!i"T17yl  older men. It was a very" worth-       J^-M^n   ��<?___iV/& IV��_nf  while meetihg and* the-meaning     .5?"lKIHf IfJH I�� WMJf  -*   TV/mo  Tv/r  ��  mro���***.* ^t^rf��_n    ?f Liberalism was thoroughly ex-  ^^%^^^^n?^^lifJr0^M.  *   MRS. M. B. Marchant entertain- ^i^jj^a  and Dians  are  afoot  to   *^o*m ruling due soieiy tobody-ateckotiign  1 iti��. T-T.ir^   ''4.1.''-!__.!.     i'A<*liW=u   ��*11VA   pjicuiai   die    -si-uui,    iv    which many men and women call "old." Try  ��       ed Mrs. F. French on tne lat- interest youth m the party. oetwx Tome Tablets for pep. younger fee_in_r,tM��  i     ,     ,     , .  ,,   ,       5    t'.    ',. , J - ���    , -  veiry day. New "get  acquainted" si-WOnty Mc.  *     ters   birthday   at  a  dinner  party        __       ���__ _      -       . For eale at all drag: -tores everywhere. ^  ������;�����!*��       J if Mrs.  Dora Doyle is away  on _.��,��.>  S   ^.-v1"^ W?t   Vancouvfr   !lom^- a well-earned holiday, with young   J   Alice Amelia gave such a lusty son  Jimmy,   visiting   her   sister  blow the birthday cake candles Ethel   t Princeton,  J   went sailmg right out the Window. -   .        ���      _. Congratulations    to    Mr.    and  ���     _     ���    _ a     ,, _, Mrs.   Graham   Collison   on   the  Mr.  R.  M. Howard addressed birth of Gbrdon James on April  a meeting of Sechelt. Liberals an 16 which ig birthday too.  Legion Hall recently. Mr. How- .-.--��      * . . <>   .   .  ard is the newly" elected presi-/ New plans are being formed  dent for Coast Capilano, the new in connection with National film  name for Vancouver North, anc| board here. Mrs. F. French and  is ialso Secretary of the B.C. Mrs. J. Parker and Mr. Ellis met  Liberal Association. He brings a with Mr. Harold Corbett, "Field  n freshness of viewpoint into psrty Representative, and their find-  politics, and-we look forward to BgS will be put before the next  i many such yisit's from other pro- P.T.A. meeting. $.r. Corbett, a  J minent Liberals. The old regime recently returned war veteran,  i is oh the way out and the young- ve^y: kindly 'offered to help .the  J    er liberals are now in the sad- Legion  ty  giving  them  a  free  * I      ^ show. once a month with a col  lection to defray expenses of the'  newly   renovated  building.  ' St. Vincent's Mission held a  very successful bingo game in the  Legion ;Hall on Tuesday April 13.  Proceeds are to go to the Church  of the Holy Family, Sechelt, B.C.  The Kenwood blanket was won  by ^r. Ferris of Porpoise, Bay,  and Mrs. Murphy won the cup  and saucer. Mrs. W. J. Mayne,  convenor, was! "assisted by Mrs. J.  Eyahs arid _V_rs.? Frank Wheeler.  . &t the regular monthly meet^  ing o$ tfce >$&&. tq the Canadian  l*&m> Miss A. J^mgs, an old-  timer of Sechelt, was presented  wi|h a L|fe Membership gpl4,  l?adge. $frs. Berry, president of  |he W.pA. made the presentation  ang Miss James replied she' yras  v^ry pleased rto have this honor  bestowed" on Her. Miss James has  'worked hard for the W.A. anti  each and ��_?very member was icer-  taml^ipl^c^-.toXsfi&^hef presented with thi^ award.   ' ���'>.'"  \r       -  If You Haven't Received  t  Your Copy, Get It Now���  FREE AT YOUR fOST OFFICE  advantage of the lowest possible  tax and it may be dated back to  1946. These are direct money-  saving advantages entirely to your  benefit. '-  L  l     V   J.  ��^r  ���L"  SAVES MONET BY SHOWING YOU  HOW���Every farmer legally is entitled to deductions for a wide  variety of expenses.   Your Farm  ���p.    >P- N J ^^ *__,^wi^_M*_ -   ���*<*..*** * _ ^  Accouat Book has 12 pages devoted to columns for these/ You  are reminded of items which other-  wise you might forget. Depreciation, a big factor, is covered on 75  named articles in common farm  use.  You are- shown how to establish  claims .for a Basic Herd and make  a Th*^^-Year-Average of your returns.   This latter gives you the  THE THREE YEAR AVERAGE  You can't lose if you take  advantage of ^|�� %W(q di^gj  are necessary to average your  income over the three year period  ending Decem^ef 31, ,1?48. pir^t  your 1947 return MUST BE FILED  0$ TIME���diat is, by April 30,  J94��t return in 1949 you may  make application to average ybur  income for 1946-1947-1948. This  ayeraging of mcome . continues  yearly so that in eich year you are-  taxed only on the average bf each  three year period.   v  REMEMBER - HALF CULTIVATED L^ND YIELDS &rm0  '-HALF KEPT;ACCOUNTS GIVE POOR; RESULTS TOO  -   p    .-V*. .> K.-'    ,p    ,wJi_.v_>    . ������ ^  .,      ���^_^Jf^   ,    ��^^   -   X*   > ' 'f  Iili>.  V.  ...  qualify ferlr'fteJRf|y*��*x e^empo^^f ^hich>are a|low,ed.  DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL REVF.MVBE  (Taxation Division)  /_�� *  l^lr,. P. G. Root of Vancouver is  a guest at "Glenalough" for a  few weeks before leaving for a  trip to England. >  MARMALADE PIE  % cup orange marmalade, 3  eggs well beaten. 1 tsp/ melted1  butter. Fold' Ijalf cgp bf orange  ip. unpaked pie shell and coqk in  listeners, ^anaouncw, "News nt*Sk.f*  may' either' ptitT^a meriiiljue' on a complete 8j|j^i^o|niro^ events  1.I9P_ pr whipped fitezrn. This A-,��l!fc|��<# M?oci��a1ac^ ^w^jbta:  cipe will n^fe^ ve^y fine tarts ^ffif?% 5%rSlr85ww':W"l_iHS-  ��� ^ *^.*> ~ �����   ^v- "pp- .^ .^ j ^ t ^���jAkjk AluJkL L1^ __. ^k .^^r__&________. _______.^C **   S___i   "   ___.^___, _p^^___^_b_i _________^__.___J___I      ^��^^^^k^  as. utaIi ^, - ,. s  wefttner. Dro&uCwBt is sponsoreu. mr  izi  rCfT  - "(<T ',-'  .<,  J     -.  Vse Tl||s  SUBSPIPTION FORM  .-'XX -'-iV^  We nee4 your support as a.subscriber to keep up 6ur:  service and to iihprove it.  If ydu are not now a subscriber, don't put |t pff any longer . . -. send in the  handy forpi belp^y and be sure of getting your copy  each weekv    '^^y ,    ^��+ , , M   ,    -������?*���>\^   ^  ��p%-j��*!i   ��  ^^ -    ..      >c   X> "' ' rX   .)' ��.J  *���������������..��� M....C... .I........4......���....._���.��.............**................... .. ...........M..flM..��.Vs..l  .      *  t  e  ��� ����������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ot������������i_��_��_t��������M����_��MMJI*f����  �����:rfi> -r^--." ���'��"/.  |Nqipe\     .... .  {Mail  Address .  i  -    ,       I        <��       _   ^      _��� .�� V   *,i -  f   ". iTm'AKiMAAMK      _'^.j��_j^ p        >C^, "p. .-  ^n ,;  *  F:^jf .^.f_^}?f_^'i  ; :f&f^x  ������''������)'���"���'  ~*-H  ���-p.^y,....  '      ^t V  !        Mail to TH�� COAST NEWS, SECHELT        f  ! or diced IS W����WiB^# 1.C    L        I  ?��^*n��***4*m9��*O*��w+ttQtwm9^*^*0tm%*m��i��*l.*mumM99��������***mmifymtmmim)����m*m^  ,    \  ft'  I  V,  ���.  /���' Friday/ April 23094$^  ,THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Five  [�����__��� j  ���By-H^XXX*.*  By *^UfC  couver Sun; Hymie Koshevoy, managing editor, Vancouver Daily  managing editor, Vancouver Sun; Province and K. C. Drury, mail-  Cliff McKay, editorial writer, aging editor, Vancouver News-  Vancouver   Sun;   Sydney   Scott, Herald.       "  [ELEO folks, here we are ^gain^ ���T t>^ ��mw ����� vhth-piee  ��Muinn rluiffip^ ^Company ^on a special toitffpf  box is rignt af ihe Best "OiSice      Well, the jHowe Spimd pra Plant an<T distri^ l^t; week  ~ ^i_.ldi_s ^ot^^ .wer.e'.cepresei&^  he^wisniieM- ^were  *n_u_rsda3xr^  returning^' by. -3ir  FOR  Real Estate or insurance  Contact  P. G. McPHERSON  ������ Gibsons  Personal attention���Dependable Service  rei^nce and roteresf isr #  A-;heart3r^weio^  flf^aifo^^  ^::.t^F��'XXXX:XXXxXXx?x-X : 1;also oyer and what a dance! The jg.  one:will be  ���:_:3-S  _.-Xs_'''  was ^a.utiiully decpr_ited nt =  ���-.BlillHIilWUll  ItniiliHHHilWSH'  11^J^^S&_liMSiPi^M chestra theyxhad two: dummies ���  iiex?^^ntfer   to M* <&& sandwiches and home-made cakes j  ties^ tea? -incf i^J^sM WS .^   P}^1?*. ?. W8** |  Tire repairs and re-conA accessories  - x-^xarano#availaJble on convenient  installment terms.  k so frielicls and neighbors of ??^ *m, ��<* only Ham ,mW^ g  e community, iook /lorwara ;tp.���ir.s^-^tl^^-^^Ai^y^TT^^i^^^.^^ ____  ^...y.. ,.._..������..������:���;,.>���>jrr'.���.������������ ��..-::v>--;-fe^-.v..-..'^^-.y. v Munro/1but ��� George  Hurly .was. ���  the lucky one. -I thinkrafbig vote g  of than^l^m  ;ryhr_i^;.They;. had $50 ^heyv didn't S  :.heed|*_nd: donated, it fo help the p  -Drama" Fe^iyal. It will be well; |j  Appreciated by tte ==  derful . wbrfc ap on; be^lf of them (  &will say thanks a* lot boys.'       ���  -;Saw Miss Storey at tlie dance  ^._wvx".:iL:V""=-V.:"5 =T':^_^l!39B_^y-".^j��^^ri^f^^^: ,n *u*Hr9 qli  deliveries of stove oil  ^mpl^te V-3 mp^ns readily odaj^    wm be on a CO. D. basis.   Please do  not ask the driver for credit.   Iressi. .__....  '���'������: A ..?��� ���'V!.r^.'; S..;^.^^9; :i;. ^.^r^ ���<-.:::>'s'-.?^.  ;^';��om_ri���*!;  __:^.-,:vt;:.  'p''':.-pii'.-";.'.'';i'/y*:-7-.i'.?:-  ���>fv-f'  w-  n  ;ft'. ���_  '���'. J  '       JONAS  . *���  Phone for' Appointments.  ed to marine use or for statibhary  work;  FORD AND MON ARCH DEALER 1N WILSON GREEK  ilast night, wasitft speaking to;her^= ,       ->  but she has been with Mr... and. *IWi��i��Wn��  t^p and 1- kric^w- she wiU^have  had a grand time.  lilHil  IUIlB.UHUlWIHinilllHUIBtll!___i1!:HH  NOTICE  ���^   .,    < -  _ibson^;, d n d : Roberts  >eek new Bus schedule  Hows  you  Jhr^e  enjoy-  ible hours at-rr -  WAKEFIELD  ' . ^ '���  Friday and Saturday  _S"  ".     "r     --  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  ( _, r  Cohere Q��f ***��***  Delnor Frozen Foods  ; Ice.Cream.  Groceries  Fresh Meafs and  ....' 'Vegetables  Hardware  Drygdbds  i;       sh#@n  Ffsh Camp  We now have increaseii  refrigeration for handling  Pender tf#rhayr, 8.C   r  ^ *  '; Well folks, eheerio-and hope  this spring weather stays here.  some' pleasant evenings with us  next season.  ' Ladies, how would you like Ito  turn out feather-like cakes ey-  erytime with no elbow-grease  -needed for beating. If so, then  purchase yourself a ticket on the  Mix Master, which is being raffled in aid of the Community  C^treAl.ickets'.nia^ be had from  M? resident' of Selma - or from  Jfaxs. S/McKay pr'Mrp: J. E. Lee  who are' ixi charge of ticket sales;  t. '    ' ' - "  . . One of the oldest residents of  Splma Rarki celebrated fief 78th.  birthday last week: * Cohgratula?  tions Mrs. Lund. _^aay you enjoy  ^nympre years, wfyh/iis.  Building activity has been noted^ iii the community: The Coe's  have started r ? th^ir'- neWr home,  .the Osborne's are putting an addition to their house ^d Miss  Miller's'Tea roortf -8 well on tluj  itraynd coinpletion." * ~*  163- & M9yfc��^ ^ visiting in  Van��ouyerJ  -  Vff-st_- ������;��,,.. ,   ,  Mrs. ^orM  JlfMtf  ?s   l��clc  , Miss. Joy  Tonbridge  has  re-  office and left for Mission to take  up a new npst there. We regret  id see this i>opul'ar resident leave  Sehna. ,   ^  :/��� jr     ^  ->_;*���"> ^y * i   .  J  .   _.   .  ^ T  *    ^  'it'      4>   :^_j-  ^       x      . -pf /  PASSENGER AND EXPRESS ONLY  CU_LF LINES LTD.  Schedule No. 9���Effective April 1st, 1948���Subject to change without notice.  Ferry Wharf, Ft. Columbia St.    - TA. 2141 Vancouver, B.C  fc.      K-* * ���*  MONDAY  Gulf Mariner  Lv. Vancouver  Ar. Secl��e.t  Ar. Halfmoon Bay 12:15 p.m.  Ar. Pwider Hbf. 1:15 p.m.  ' (Indnts Ldg. oaly)  No Southbound Trip  TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY                             THURSDAY  Lv. Vancouver 9:30 a.m. Lv. Vancouver 9:30 a.m.  9:0)0 am.     Ar. Wilson Creek 11:35 a.m. Ar. Sechelt 11:45 am.  11:15 arti.     Ar. Sechelt 11:45 am. Ar. Halfmoon Bay 12:30 p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay 12:30 p.m. Ar. Pender  Hbr. 1:15 p.m.  Lv. Sechelt  Lv. Wilson Creek  Ar. Vancouver  FRIDAY  Lv. Vancouver 5:00 p.m.  Ah Wilson Creek 7:00. p.m.  Ar. Sechelt    r 7:15 p.m.  Ar.  Halfmoon Bay 8:00 p.m.  SOUTHBOUND *  ' Gujf Wing'. .  Lv. Pender  Hbr. 12:00 noon  f} v?   ''a^fnes)     "  Ar. Vancouver 3:30 p.m.  '       Gulf Mariner  Lv. Halfmoon Bay 7:$) p.m.  Ar. Vancouver l6-J�� p.m.  Ar. Pender Hbr. 1:30 p.m.  SOUTHBOUND  Lv. Pender Hbr. 2:15 p.m.  Lv. Halfmoon  Bay 3:15 p.m.  (Irvines Ldg. Only)  Enro_rte Weatvtew  No Southbound Trip  1 ;      r.  Vi H  'f  ���    "t r>  1'.  in  _?��__.��..  SUNDAY .  couver" 11KX) ajn.  1:05 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  S-M p.m.  A;  ^tpa^tjy*  t&v&?-  p'-v  -4- pyi-  '-���As/p  v*_.��fc%U*  ; _.  "BOY MEAT WITH SGHIIPENCE"  H. KENNETT, Butcher ��� Glhsens, B.C.  Next door to Bank of Montreal  Creek  Af. mBi0'*?  Ar. ftlNfifoN! Bay  Ar, P��^ Hl��-.  . TRIP t (NokMO  Guff iMarinjsr  Ly, )ftincouvftr t ���**   6^0 p.nt  Ar. $echdt ^ 8:45 p.m.  Enroute Westview  , - -    ii  ^ILSON CREEIC SECIJE^ H^fWW B^< t^S^ ��f!W.P  irvines ldg., nt^-m^'mm m nm9m mj  M.V. GULF WING (Gulf Mariner���Where Noted)  ^ 4:00 p.m.  4:10 p.m.  6:30 p.m.  SATURDAY ��  Lv. Vancouver 1:00 p.m.  Ar. Wilson  Creek 3:00 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt 3:15 p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon  Bay 4:00 p.m.  Ar. Pender  Hbr. 5:00 p.m.  SOUTHBOUND  Lv. Pender  Hbr. 5:00 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver 9:00 p.m.  Lv. Halfmoon Bay 8:00 a.m.  Lv. Secheit 8:^5 ami.  Lv. Wilson Creek &50 a.m.  Ar. Vancouver ll:60 km.  SUNDAY  Lv. Pender Hbr. 3:30 p.m.  . flwines Ldfl.) * f : 5"'  Lv. Hatfmoofl Bay 4:30 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver - "t.4^p.m.  Gulf Mariner */" !  Lv. Sechelt 3^0 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver 5:15 p.m.  i *?f'.V  Page Six  .THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday; April 23, \948>  Portland Parley  escfiaes  LARGEST wage increase so far granted to any United States  workers through negotiation was awarded to 1 A,GOO- pulp  sulphite and paper makers at the Pacific Coast wage conference in Portland/ Hv L. Hansen, international representative  of P.S. and P.M. workers in Powell River, said on his return:  from the conference.  As a result of negotiations be- ������'��� ".;.' . ��� .'..   ._'���   . y   -.'..������ ..    .   ' ������-;.���'.:������  . tween  worker.,   and  representa- rate for male employees to 1.42%  fives of 32 mills on the Pacific, an hour,  and  1.16% for women  Coast,   a   15-cent-an-hour   wage workers," Mi*. Hansen said.   "The j  increase or a straight nine per-  former rate was 1.27% for meir  cent  increase,     whichever    was and 1.07% for womenl"  greater, was evolved.   The max-      Mr. Hansen, who attended the  imum   increase   under   the   nine conference  with  Stanley Green,  percent  rate  was  pegged  at  25 representing the B. C. association,  cents per hour. said that in a ballot    taken    to  "This.'. brings the new basic  comply with    the    Taft-Hartley  - Bill regulations to see if it was  desirable for mill workers to en-^  r  BRI6GS-STRATT0N  INBOARDS,  Evinrude  Outboards  at   City   Priceis  Also smblI boats and  equipment.  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  .   Gibsons, B.C.  ter into ah agreement with the  employer and have a union shop:  security clause; 97 percent of the/  attendance voted 'yes;' '���'���%  y M^  gates from Powell River who will  attend the wage conference at  Vancouver in the beginning ^of  May when 4,500 B.C. pulp sulphite  workers  and papermakers  will seek adjustment of the 94- GIBSONS HOTEL PLAN, illustrated in the above phot<V has  A   _     ., .     _, _ ��� KJ.  cenis-an-hour basic rate in effect        been scrapped, but the community may still get a modern ff��?' 1~a�� �����><?��$ Cranber  p^e^tSL!^  Pr0���Ce ^  *" h��tel-   *f Ul%��j the bQ% i,CenSe $***�� ��" March 31 have s^hbo'l fo"\und$Tpla^rr^  So far he added it has not vet PromPte^ a G'bsons resident to plan a 22-room extension* to included in the Lund plans.   . ! -__. his own home. X ��� ;   WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F   ' Phone Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  .    CLiEARING^EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.   HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons 7"  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B. C.  __________  District 47 School  BULLDOZER  FOR HIRE  KILL THEM!!  HOUSEHOLD and GARDEN PESTS  GOVERNMENT TESTED AND PROVEN  INSECTICIDES:  BENEXANE "5":   For the control of carrot rust fly,  cabbage magot and wireworms.   20-oz. tin ___._.���50c  ARSENATE LEAD:   1-lb. bag   35c  BORDEAUX MIXTURE:-.Mb. bag  ____. 35c  CORROSIVE SUBLIMATE:   1-oz. - 60c  GARDEN DUST wtih DDT, for insect control ____ 75c  HERBATE2, 4DPILLSJ  A selective weed'killer.    1 : $1.25  AEROSOL DDT BOMB:   100 room size.   $3.95  AEROSOL JUNIOR SIZE:   ______._:  $1.35  NAPHTHALENE FLAKES.  Lb. 1 35c  NAPTHALENE BALLS: ;Lb.. ____,_:���_L--1 _ii 35c  DDT BARN and ANIMAL SPRAY CQNC:    . _. ;  Makes 2Vi gals, spray _;.___..___-.__-_: _____ $1.75  FLY KILL with DDT:   16-oz_ _'.___L_1_:  50c  V2-galIon i~, _____X__^ _. $1.75  HANDY SPRAYER:   All metal.   f_:x_;____: ___- 59c  POWELL River .district's:, million dollar school  building program has been given the green light by the provincial  government, .  I Cyril Bennett, secretary for School District No. 47, who  _ just returned from Victoria where discussions were held with *���  Minister of Education W. T. Straith, said this afternoon that  minor changes only had  been  made  in the  original  plan's*  submitted to the government for approval.  ,   School   Inspector    Carter,    he -��� :   said, had received unification ^ahi :Would have to be pared  .early this afternoon that appro- f^. ConSiderablv before^  val had been tfven to "ostensibly %%& *Tgtln\ficial govern:  the same school^ building pro- ment sanctfon> but this" a^moon  gram' as presented to the govern- Mr. Bennett r^eived nptjfic2n  t        .     _.-_,   ...       ,x frW  Inspector - Carter that  the  Formal notification of the? gov- latter had been informed of the  ernm^t approval wpuld be &rthf, govenment approval,  coming within a few' days., - <T* ���"_.-_��� xx '  .  The government's approval , " w not learned lmmediate-  came as/a surprise .since. earlier 5 what th? minor changes in the  it was learned froni Victoria1 tlial g1311^ Y^d ^J**1 xtwas be-  the Cabinet had ordered govern- J6^* that w0^ ** ��*��tly ef-  mental. building expenses cut ?** th? ��ver-aU picture since the  ! down to a basic, figure and would f0^^^ "^JU* at Victo?ia  Land Clearing;  Basements. Excavated.  .    RDdd&ffcfolfe ��tc.  Albert Danroth  Roberts Creek  P.T.A. Bazaai  1  > i  \ not permit the launching of any *lad fojjnd very little wrong with  i "elaborate" building schemes at P^ .submitted Plans.        v     .v.  the present time, and it appeared JThe flYe-year plans, drawn ;up  \ likely that Powell River's build- Vancouver      architects      Sharp*  I ing expansion woiild fall into that Th��mpson,.. Berwick   andXPratfr  category J,lU inean a total, expenditure of*  Mr. Bennett in company with S'0^9^ c^new schools  School Board Chairman J. P. Dal- SLWf *Jlew_,i C���nhe���y,  Lund,  los and architect C. F. Pratt of %** ,^fa'  ?1?^vBay?  ^e  .Vancouver,   returned    from   the ��X SfS^ Ir^c.lnd,addlt"  * capital   somewhat   gloomy   over "SL^?1^ Hl?h.Sch��o1-  results^of their missioh, since it pi^fc^'ft Program    t  was beiieyed that the govermheht e^hra^s .$41,18,7,: sphools at Van [__  considered the present estimates  \:too high.    \K   im     '��� .---    . x;  �� Repofj;s   earlier  from  Victoria  indicated that the building pro-.  - Time:  APRIL 24  _> ~" *  2:30 p.m.    ,  .       ;      Place:;*-   .  ���=��i      (���.    < i ^   ft  P.H. Superior School  -I  }  Stalls for Home-Cooking,]  Fancy Wdrk, White  u Elephant arid  , Ice Cream  ' - "r  *   Afternoon Tea  Transportation: provided  by the' "Lyton".  Come and bring o friend.  Proceeds for 24th of May  Sports  ���N"  LANG'  DRUGS  GIBSONS, B.C.  .been determined what extent of.  the adjustment will * be, sought,  but it would be determined at a'  pre-wage conference meeting, to  ,,start April 29. . ,,   .  r. Attending the Vancouver parley will be representatives from  Locals 76 and 142 in Powell River; and locals from Ocean Falls,  Port Alice, Port Alberni, Port  Mellon and Woodfibre.  TH  fa*.  RrMj^Jour Repair Job^toUsr  _ -    . '   r. ���     - ��� ' �� -���      V-      .  Boot Tonics, Worm Air Heqting Furnaces Repaired  , x -. '    Ronge ^ind Heater Repairs  X.;    .. ;CHIC|CEN FARM EQU1_RMENT  ''���'���' '-      '^UTTERS ANDDbWNPIPE    ,.  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 8R  "it  tO Friday, April 23,  1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  PagA Severn  meeting, and presented a check gamation of Headlands and Gib-  for more than $1,000 towards a  sons, the water system is stale-  proposed  water   service Scheme mated.   To get wateix^  to take in about 20 residents in will supply their:-Own:;��ipe line  p A  groups   of  Headlands   Rate-  the area. Due to failure of amal-  and  Gibsonsi wil^siippty  By E. NEStMAN  The  Clean-up ���  Paint-up  Campaign   Sponsored  by  the   Vancouver  Junior Board of Trade, Starrs Wednesday, May 5th.  10%  DISCOUNT ON  PAINT WILL BE ALLOWED TO THOSE  TAKING PART^. IN THIS CAMPAIGN  _"-*      _,        r~-&l     ��� ftS* ��-* . *J  Plcmet Jr. Garden Tractors  .*x  >r  I  Ideal for fair-sized garden or lawn. Saves time and  labor for full or part-time farmer, a commercial vegetable grower, a pbultryman, a florist, a bulb grower,  or a berry grower. Different. types of attachments  are available for doing various work. Has plenty of  power for real ploughing, harrowing, multiple, row  seeding, cultivating, etc. .The working speed of the  tractor can be varied from f^ t;o 3 miles per hour.  3 h.p. motor.-'  ���       '  $198.50  SPOTLIGHTS  ��� .-������,,... - ���  .6-8 Volts.      r  $19.95 and $25.25  SEEDER AND PLANTER  Planet Jr. combined seeder, single wheel  hoe, cultivator and plough. Ideal for the  farm or large garden. Equipped with one  pair 6-inch hoes, three steel cultivator  teeth,' one landside garden plough, one  leaf guard, one wrench, one extension  piece for wider rows, one marker, three  spacers for hill dropping, one opening  plough. Weight, 37 lbs.  $11.60  Mop Pail  wilh  "Wringer  $4.49  M  ���....v.i.   "  3-Bumer  BOSS OIL STOVE  $34.&  ii1'-  For the  ��� * < *  A good selection of Mitts.  Masks* Gloves  Immediate Delivery  on all Goods  Builders' Headquarters  We carry a full line of builders supplies.  See  us fox your plumbing and painting needs.  (City prices on plumbing.)  Wallboards  ��� ��� ��� . * p    ��������   ��� - ,  Gyproc:   4'x8'  sheets.  Each. . $1.85  Ten Test: 4'x8' sheets.  Each : L $2.25  Roofing  90-lb. Mineral Surface  Per roll ���������������._. $4.63  55-lb. Mineral Surface  Per roll * $3.69  .Kenmore Board:          45-lb. Mineral Surface  Sq. foot. .... 5Vic to. 6c     Per roll $3.19  MASONITE  Black tempered. 4*x8' sheets. Each $5.40  Brown tempered, 4'x8* sheets.  Each $3.45  '^IkrY-M.  DtfROID HEXAGON SHINGLES  Choice bf red or green.  Per .square. ___. $8.69  TXLEBOARD:  7 cole**.  Per square foot  50c  HARDWARE  *  GIBSONS  PHONE 2U2  J  Council accepted the delegates'  proposals and will proceed as  soon as pipe is available. Considerable bulldozing and enlargement of reservoir has been in  process during past weeks, and  it is felt there will be; enough  water available for more services  this year.  LEGION NOTES  Legion Branch,v Gibsons, have  acquired property on Weingard-  en land to start their new hall  project. The group, under Pres.  H. Kennet, is very enthusiastic  about this -project. A new hall  is on the agenda where Legionnaires can meet their friends  in comfortable surroundings and  where they can meet socially also. A cabaret held last week  was very successful, and a social  will be held this Wednesday for  members .'and their friends. It is  hoped to have these Cabarets  Saturday nights in the future in  the Community Hall.  FERRY NOTES  W. F. Gibson and Sons, have  bought out C. G. Ballentine's  shares in Sea Bus Lines. George  Frith will continue in the new  service. The new ferry service  will be taken over by a Fair-  mile owned by Gibsons Bros. It  will dock at Horseshoe Bay instead of Fishermen's Cove, due.  to better facilities, and will run  on the same schedule as Sea  Bus. It is mooted that an extra  run during the day will be made.  latex* on. ������.���������''..'.'"'  The new boat will be an added  attraction to Gibsons, and will  be able to carry a large passenger  load. A coffee bar on board  should make the trip a real  pleasure, both to our visitors and  the regular commuters. Mr.  Ballentine is going into the pho-��  tography business now, both  commercial and private pictures.  His work is well known and this  venture should be very successful. He will make his headquarters in Gibsons, and cover  the Peninsula.  THINGS I HEAR  Our constable's "pooch" Daisy really went to town. Pete reports the arrival of 11 puppies.  Don't rush folks though for only  two males in the crowd. Fi^st  thing the small fry said when  they heard it was 11, "gee, have  to buy licenses for them all". ...  Irene. Hunter is limping around  with" a badly scalded foot���she  says it's getting well but slowly.  . . . Jim Anderson, our shoemaker, reports his wife, while hanging out clothes on her neighbor's  line, must ftave used an extra  pull, for in leaning out to pull  them in, she broke the* line, and  it snapped around her, pulling  her over the porch, down an 8-  foot drop. He says she will be  o.k., but she got a bad Shaking  up.  Pupils of the high school put  on a very successful group of  sketches the other evening, and  realized over $50 for themselves.  They went put to Roberts Creek  the next night, and cleared a tidy  sum there top. . . . Everyone had  a very enj oyable evening and  great credit is due the teachers  and pupils. . . .Our Mrs. Ryanv  is getting along very well, they  tell me she is improving. .  They tell me that we may get a  dentist in our midst* in the very  near future ... can't be too  soon we say, as if any of us have  a hurry-up dental call we're gonna' be buta luck around here :  how. Only solution to the problem at this time is a trip to Vancouver . .'.���;��� don't see why we  can't have a dentist in the district as there's sure plenty of  payers waited on Council at last  work for one, with over 600  school children in the area all  needing dental work, not counting the adults. ... I hear that  the new Doc in our midst, Dr.  Shelton, is a veterinary surgeon,  so if your pet is in need of help  there's a note for you to remember. He's come up here to retire*  of course, but I'll bet he won't be *  able to for long ...  It's amazing what a few nice  days will do to the garden.  The  flowers   are   really   coming   out  with a vengeance, and it won't  be long before we'll be thinking  of sprinkling again.  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K Gibsons, B.C.  ��_Kf  Peninsula Headquarters  for  GURNEY RANGES  GIBSON WASHERS    ���,������������.  PLUMBING SUPPLIES  HARDWARE  SALES AND SERVICE  ��i mammti  NOTICE  General Meeting of Sechelt Peninsula Board of  Trade to be held in the Marion Hall, Halfmoon  Bay, at 8 p.m., Tuesday, Af>ril 27, 1948.  Last general meeting to be held before annual  genera! meeting and election of officers.  Support Your Board of Trade Page Eight  THE COAST NE\/VS, SECHELT, B. C.  .Friday, April 23, 1948  @AR8Bieit HARBOUR  By F.D.  AND HE eritejcedjnt.6,|i ship, and  passed over, and came into His  own    city.    And,    behold,    they  SPRING has arrived though the h'r^h^�� Hiin a ��*? si<* ��Tf the  inclement   weather   leaves   us Palsy, lymg on a bed: and Jesus  very  much   in   doubt   as   to  its ^F1* *��eir faith said unto the  value. The residents can be oh- s��ck of*;e ^^ S?n' *?e of |��od  served working in their gardens fe^l ^yJms ^ f��$?_-^ ^���  doubtless   with   fond   optimistic And, behold, certain of the scribes  ideas in  their minds  as to, the Jfd within themselves, This man  crop   of   fresh   vegetables   they ���as*��e���et��;   A"d  J^?S^PW"  omr^ M,m��.��  will   produce   afte?  paying   the fg their thoughts said, Where-  SPRING MADNESS  the groom.  A reception .,was,,held after th<  ceremony. -Following ' a 'jmor  honeymoon in Vancouver  Victoria the.couple expect to re*  side in Pender Harbour.  j'L^r  WEDDING IN VANCOUVER _  THE WEDDING of John (Sonny) n  Mackay   and   Marjorie   Hope     An,evening of competitive pjaj  Freeman took place in Vancou-was witnessed by quite, a _[ef  -���������������=��� ver on Saturday evening April spectators at Irvines Landiti)  S_w _!___-__ Seaft 1�� a* th^ home of the officiating hall Friday evening last whe%  oy -pock won clerg^man, Rev. Andrew Rodden. the third of the series 'of Bad^  Thk j*dt -looked * cha^mihi % jp* ^^^rsus^^ol  Present dav high prices   , fore think ye evil in,your hearts? THE  BEST   medical  authorities  ��e    Me   &ue -crep    ta^^^  present day mgn prices. ^   whether  is   ea^   to_ say>      wm ^ ^^ th^^ no style dress   with fitted lace ��o- g*��  fge f g��|^m ^hfe LTOr  We  were  all  disappointed  at Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to ,Such thing, as Spring. Fever, If dice. Her tmy hat, was adorned p^er HarbdS? two games bW  ��� the non receipt of our pet paper say,  Arise, and walk? But that there are any doctors in the ho0��e with   flowers,   and  her   corsage ��f three   **^                            J*  The Coast News for the March ye  may know that" the Son of I - hereby  offer myself as   "Ex- was of white .gardenias.         _ .  .?$>.,       '    y   ,,,,*-,-v>- /J  26th   issuer   We   were   however Man hath power on earth to for- hibit  A"  to  prove  hpw^wrong Her   only  attendant   was ��er Next week closer .the badmrgj  even   more   disappointed   when give sins,  (then saith He to the they are. I've got it and I've got sister, Mrs. Robert Cameron, who ton season with a dance on FnJ  only, one  resident  received the sick of the palsy),  Arise,  take it bad. chose   a   silver   grey . ensemble day April - 30 in Irvines LanduM  April 2nd issue. Possibly there is up thy bed, and go unto thine     T, _QQ   -x,, __-_, ;>,'     oi.*_._i^ v.��_ with  black accessories.,   v ball. There will be good music  a good explanation, but we cer- ��� house..And he rose, and departed     " seems to me *nere snoum De      **- ���---   tainly'miss our paper.  uouse..Aiia ne rose, ana aepanea      _     ..>   _,   > *   .   r ���^.< , ^,���  to his house. But when the mul- ^��f km<L��V^Tf��_ ��25  .. titudes saw it, they marvelled, ��� hidden, deep .in the green forest  . One of our oldest summer resi- and glorified God, which had somewhere,; for vic|ims of this  dents returned. to Gambier Har- given such power u^to men> strange disease. That is the only  bour after staying with her niece        -   , . -   . ���        sure cure:   Getting, Away -.From  at Duncan, B C. for" the< winter. And Jt came to pass, as Jesus it All. As for me, I'll bite -some-  Miss G J.' Evans was welcomed sat at. meat. in. the house, behold, body sure if I don't liqp on my  home last Saturday. many publicans and sinners came bicycle and pedal to other parts.  s ' '   -        arid sat down with Him and His   , _,,      ,     .      .    . ��� l,4jA'   _ +v_��+  ' The Army Navy arid Air Force' disciples. And when the Pharisees ... Jh<*���� ^"SSSJ T��f��i tS  ' Veterans in Canada Unit No. saw it, they said unto His dis-, *** ���rife _fJ^iSSSSi- ��t  276 held their1 monthly meeting ciples, Why eateth ypiir Master 5^J?11?iS5QUSS ^5^���2��?  at ,the Veterans Memorial Hall with publicans and sinners? But J^LS^'^wKS^iSdlS  - Sunday April 4. Themeeting was- when Jesus heard that, he said-the eloquent sneer when asked to  'well attended and reports were unto them,. They that be whole ao some* wor__. -      .., ..--_  dealt with on the varied club need not a physician, but they By some * mysterious blending  activities. President FrancisDrage that are sick. But go ye and learn of the forces of meteorology and  3. P. was'in tne chair and a vote what that mearieth/ I will have personality,' this - time of year  Bf thanks and confidence was mercy, and not sacrifice: for I, seems to bring out the horned  iinanimbusly given him, by the am riot come to ckll the righteous, werewolf in a man.  ' iri'eetirig.  Mr. Dave' Adamson of but sinners to repentance. I  am  not sure* just  why this  St. Matthew 9:-1-8, 10-3 should Jbe so. You "never see^the^  birds arid bees going around' as*  Mr. Robert Cameron supported.so do come.  \  A  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  ...    '  V - Office Hours:  9.00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by  Appointment  Evfefy  day except Thui^day  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma Pork, B.C.  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  , New Brighton was elected tfl. a droopy as this. To them, the  vacant seat on the - executive' Spring is a time for kicking up  "council. ' their heels, a neat trick for any  .      ' , * bee. In fact, everything seems _to  Mr. Jack Greenan ' of New be wonderfully alive and full .of  Brighton has purchased a new pep except us amazing human  fishing boat. , -     beings. ; /  a/t_.  ^_>__ m;_,'u0^i^ ���ar��r____, ~*     Just- give  us  enough, concen-.  r Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woods of ��� -+^j, _x���._��u*  ��� _,�����+^^_. _...����-i.^  their new home.   * ,     ; .'^ingp-c^i^^^^^^  , Jimmy Boyd of New Brighton there's an army.of men ariil^wq-  has returned ,to ,the. sea. Ji'mmy ��ien who start getting jnad at  was in the Royal Cahadiari Navy tlife world; Arid Tin right-ih therte  iri the last war and is a member with them.  of the Army, Navy and Air Force '. Undoubtedly, one of the rea-  Veterans. We understand he is sons for this lingering lassitude  engineer on a tug .belonging tb is;the fact that Spring gives you  the Hv R.^ McMillan Company, the old wink���arid you can't fol-  operating between Vancouver jana. low her.  Seattle. , Jhrdugli the.bar). bf Jhe .office  The Saturday club nights at windofr the little pale-under-fed  the Veterans Memorial Hall meet ^orke? }��&*.$& fffe'ffiSM^l?  with continued, success. Veteran^, .����en J^^J^^ &&%?%��  their ladiesjrid friends from oth^ ?}YloHhe ne* season' Th^ world  er  Cosy Homes and  Home Sices  4-robrh house, full plumbing, electric lights, Selma  Park.   ;x      '*   o.. '*        -   - -*��������*������*'   ^-.** '  4-room.bouse, 2 sleeping porches, full plumbing, Wilson Creeky     _ \. 1;.      ;    , ;.: -.>v."\x s *-  4-rbom house, fireplace, waterfront, Roberts Creek.  4-room house, nearest dfficb��nc) stbr^ $1800.00,  Selma Park.  Large  corner  lot,   827x560'  with/cabin, \$ 1300.00.  West Sechelt. x    / -  Lofs on main street, Sechelt, 62'xl2#, $.425.00 and  $325.db each,      %��� _'     V   ^ \>  We have o large listing of other choice properties.  s1    '  _- t  CALL  .V3 ��  \f *    rT   t.      f.  E. W. PARR PEARSON  Gulf Coast .Manager, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 37  f.4or 44^ *. ^ \' '-i^V, >,-, 1 ,-: y :��� ^ \  CONSOLIDATED: BROKERS LTD.  ' "iiMii ��_K_rK,t^_�� *^^'tj''*!'��?*->   ^i j  942 West Penoer St.  Vancouver, B.C. ��� PA.  ���"ip  points afe^mhUihg use of this ����� suddenly all df^ed Up tod  LpH v^W^t.^ riT.K fa? man in the office isn't go-.  licensed Veterans dlub.  inj�� anywhere.  Use the t\6a��i News, classified . RigHt>t this moment Old Sol,  ads for extra quick results! as we say .in.pe^wspape^ twej^hei:   p   ' - ���      stories; |s cutting a bright, ^wath  OPPORTUNITY  IN SECHELT PENINSULA  ���>-\  ��� <_��. ^f-** ** iv f-">�����t'��   f>�� ���**~j_.w,-* ^     *����wC2V*'    p-   'Sf  �����>***       V^^  Fot.an pctjye, arnbjtious maa,with���.car.,to take-over  a well-paying business serving and selling many  satisfied customers the finest line of household  and farm products.   For fulI. information apply the  J. R. WATKINS CO.  ���_/>' fJ  1010 AlBbrni St., Vancouver  <^f:  "Prompt Attention to Mail  99  '',v>'p  ,S   ___i  FURNITURE:  Beds, Springs, Mattretsea  ir GENERAL ELECTRIC LAPPLIANCES: Radio*,   ,  .    :   Refrigerators and Washing Machines  lL  >.i>.��  i ilJRNlf URE:   Occasional Tables,  : , Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc  iif- \*"V' ���  -a sigh from the boot-tops.  It "sorjt.��� of _ptiakes. ,yqu,' wonder  about s all xtlie   beautiful  poetry J  that this  time  of year  is sup-  - posed i to generate. Frankly, I  think that is;a myth. A m^il Mst  h4sn't .the energy in the Sf>tiii&  tos write about it..The,best���Odes,  411  bet,, were  scrawled  out  in  , tlie dej&dl of, wintec;i;aUime .when  f_k | poet really appreciates the  Spring. ~ ( ' ' ;  ', As far back as I can remember I'y;g,.l?een>.%, yictimiof this  ���Spring Fever and Xve/never seen  '   the dose ,of sulphur and molasses,.  1 tliat cBM;cure it. But in ffim*  L  ^r^  WESTVIEW, B.C. ��� Phone ^0  .w*��**a 'a?<vs  2=  njp.n ���>-  ��p<w-^��s^ui>i^tu��w.^i^��i_t_s*)!_����<^4ii~yv-E_i_j_��,*rt}is^^,at. ����5ip*.��swJ-sw^r-pbi1  ______---_----��M-M_---H-M----___-_R-___^^  Ittif'* Waste Precious  in SUw Travel!  ivl  i��*��\  *j  t   A  J A  PENDER  ^   C'T_n_����?' PENDER  .8   SlUKIi HARBOUR,  B.C.  ,Tfiie   Old-Established   General   istore   for   FAMILY,  -FISHERMEN. and  CAMPS     '     ,  Goods always, regular, fresh and of superior quality  Wide supply of Drugs and Textile necessities  Home Oil Products* Independent Fish Buyers  ^ ;  Flour - Feed - Coal  Phone, water and postal facilities  Look for the HOME GAS SIGN at HASSAN'S DOCK  Pender Harbour, B.C.  i>fy placed hookey ���frorii".3sctxool  arid escaped to the fast-rushing  creek or the valley where the  buds were bu^zing.^. ..,*-, x- i!�� l  . JNow, with all ^MifyUiikgry  little mouths to ;fe^,t6eibnlv.es-"  cape is to retreat' into the darfe  shadows of;despair^or the furtive dreariis, of the suriimer holidays _thkt seems a clear nine years  away.-   '      y       -        * -  Curse "ye," Spring!   Phooey  to  you robins!  Safe Economical Seaplanes.���? Experienced Pilots.  Air Express��� p^r ��� Sightseeing  Timbercnitsinf  TRV US^bN THAt NEXT TFtlP TO t6wN-  'P PV        ' J?\* J('< >  _S��x__* _____^-2__L*___l:  ^viiiil   " tt  -*   ^ Rate. alil^Mntft^ ^1  Associated Air Taxi tunited  "   Riphmonii; 1481 ���  Pearson and Sawyer, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 37 or f9C4..  P. G* McPherson, Gibsons ;  ,   -   > -l^


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