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The Coast News May 28, 1948

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 l__n:^i ��-  f, X ByXEarle  Gray  f --'j The record catch of trout for  jSaltinaw Lake, Pender Harbour,  %as landed last Sunday when A.  ���jN^lson yg&$, tfack Wise, visitors  ^om Seattle, and Jim Parker and  ^v Morrison, two Sechelt residents, landljtii 31 trout, y x  ^s^^^I^lsor^ and $fo% -W&e, who  were spending the week *end at  I Rockwood Lodge, Sechelt, returned to their homes in Seattle  with promises- of returning to  break their record catch of trout.  Fishing looks like one more of  the' ��� many tourist, attractions on  ^the Peninsula. 5  ill  Serving a. Progressive, and Growing  Area t>n B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  I_anding, Half .JMoon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creels, Roberts Creek, Granthams  .Landing, Egmont, Hopkins .Landing,  Brackendale,' - Cheekeye, etc.  CTOR ^, s^* "Jr,  Vol. Ill ���  rnrier  ?VSLISB_.D BT 7EE COAST NEWS, LLXMSXEB ,  EusineBs Office:  Sechelt,v3f|.C..>s; X National Advertising- Office, Powell Kiver, B.C.  mm***  .$echelt#iB^C^p;Xx  i.. '���.".��� j>" _:���_).���..���-'��������� ���:���������... i..i.  .Jg??>  Fridoy, May 28, 1948  5<^ per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail  i i   ������ jV    n- "���'���- m.j .TiTirrflL-.     i     ���  Describes Life in China  '.T.A.MEET  0" KEWPIE CAMP  THE FOLLOWING despatch was  ������. ��� ^~  written from Chefoo School at Arabian Sea and across the In-  the China Inland Mission at Ku-  dian Ocean to Karachi.   On Sa-  i^pdW nDt.^   mu .      ling, Kiangsi, China, by Dr. Ro- Jwda�� fe  flew  first  of   all Jo  OBERTS CREEK���The regular ,   ��' ~ o Jf.'    .^   '    ;. w   ,. ..  New Delhi.   Most of the passen-  ^meeting of the PTA was held bert  Pearce,  who  is   a   medical  gers alighted there, for they were  I KewpieXKamp Tuesday, May missionary there  at the present bound  as  military attaches  and  Ixwith president Mrs. J. Kirk- time.-     - ^ journalists  to  the  great   corifer-  nd in the chair.;  / X   -  X      Dr.^Pearce, who is well known ence    on    indian   independence.  during the'ousiness session a to  many  residents  of tte Pen-. That lap 0f the journey was very  pminating committee was set up  u*sma,r was ^f ormerly on the staff bumpy and uncomfortable. . The-  jr the election of officers in June of St. Marys Hospitg at Garden pilot told us that he would fly  !M''it includes. Mrs; Murray Mac-  Bay.   ResideQts of Pender  liar- higher in the afternoon,  hoping  ehzie, Mrs. Alex Anderson ahd ^r ?sP^cially ^i11 remember Dr. to find a Smoother tract.   So" we  [rs. Albert Weal.     X .il,,-- Pearpesjvork on the Coast. went up to 20,000 feet. The earth  Miss M. Mclntyre, Miss^.^r^',^^^^.^^^^?^S ^y beneath us" as a dark brown,  s and Mrs. Gordon Reeves were w^e $? P^* individually, he smudge... It ,wa&ces*ainlyv smooth-,  u-liusiastically    received    whehf *lad   ^^i^atc^ preyed   m er. x^; ��� A     "  ey entertained with folk mu-  ^n^ ^^^^ S? T hacl .to wMt^si^ days in Cal-  c. Miss Jervis gave an interest- * hte m tnat p?rt��ot ��,the worlcl*       cutta for a C_iinesSflarie^to take  g  talk   on  folk-lore   ofi many?    It -    _ Dumber   1945   when me into Chungking. p-hat time I  untries,  while. Miss Mclntyre, x^" ?��^^^'^'ZSS spent > guest of a, Mr. and Mrs.  XC, String Group leader, ec- ^^^r^'L"Sth^t Howlettwho are busy "about the  mpanied     by     Mrs.     Gordon" ^^^?^ii^'to ^^ to K^'8'^fin^'   It is they who  .eves on the piano, gave exam- ^EJKL V?l *_?.�� +�� _.J��f introduced into India the  Chil-  e|spf the, music  from  many .^bon to ^. ^cg. ^_   s^da^ Service^Mis^n. pOWELL RIVER GIRLS AND NEWSPRINT IN HOLLYWOOD  (Mrs. V. Foulkes and her com- ?"[ <*ene^al j^ector^ i".f*13?*" Bhamo, Kweiyarig, and then north ���These  photographs were  taken   during  the   four-day  supplied the refreshments. �������_^ ^cfu|e the S before to   Chun^king-    This   route   is holiday in Hollywood of Louise Martin, 1948 Queen of Sulphur  our Director had learned that Dr. Found the h^mP instead of over Gulch and Betty Hardipg, runner-up in the campaign.   Top:*,  Maddox at Paoning was unable *** Louise qnd Betty are right at home during the broadcast of:  toJcarry on.  The prospect of the     I was held up for five days in "Breakfast in Hollywood".   With the  girls are  Miss  Phyllis  hospital  being   closed   appeared Chungking waiting for transport. Ward, daughter of Mr:  F; R. Ward who is the Los Angeles  ��%^^  Chiria  to  meet this Snerg4cy. to join' the^ospitall staff.   Our ^e fasadena   ,ndeP^^^f^  Mrs.. Pearce   and   the   children first day. was spent .'on a launch for the same paper.   Stewart is a former Stillwater boy.   Bot-;  Lttee supplied  OAST RESIDENT  ECALLS HOSPITAL  *J'���^~*,���  AY IN  f     By BETTY WILLIAMS  1RLE  Grey's - wistful  recollec- were   to   follow   afterwards" by travelling up the Kialing river, tc^m:   the girls visit the pressroom Times  cions of the past-glories of Se- steamer, and ultimately we were Then we went overland^for an- and hold a comic section cx x!���*���  :~ ���-�����:- �� '-    ^>   felt landed me in a flood of pri- both   to   be( .designated   to   the other six clays, being carried on print came frbrh Powell Ri  !te  reminiscences   and  I  have school worki lWe felt there was bamboo chairs between two men ���   'en  busily recalling highlights no alternative, to my leaving, ex- walking, tandem.      _.-   _!1   Jl _1 I A __��� 1 ������* . PU. ��� . ~* -'  Liver.  i my own childhood. cept disobedience ^to our Lord's     The journe^ was full of inter.  * grew up .in a.-small mining command .to seek first the King- egtxto me> for the countrjr is so  Mrs. Patricia Wilson Dies,  WasWellKnown on Coast  ���Mrs.  Patricia      G.      Wilson,  lage m the heart of industrial domof God. The problems m- ^fe^nt from Kansu. Instead of  {rkshire, where one of the big volved in obedience were one by stretches of great barren moun-  ys of the year was, "Hospital one solved/ and within three tain threaded by a wide dusty  nday", having a happy knack weeks of the ,i cable from China r6ad we travelled over and  forgetting everything unpleas-  I was on my way! around  loW   mis   covered   with  fc, it seems, that "Hospital Sun- I left from Hurn near Bourne- iuxuriant vegetation. So soon as  Y" was always fine and warm moutKh>   Tn  a  B.O.AC.  plane  at our road left the streets  of the tatpri lmltama   wniclywa(! t(  i sunny. That was the day! All day-break one Thursday morning. citv it became a flae stone paved      I   -^HJ?    Sia' ^       ?f      n     -��     -  . -  ^children gathered, in their By Saturday evening I was ^^\S^^S^^^ ^\iel in^couver e^rfv in ^^^^^ep^m^  nday best and were formed in- Calcutta! bur_ route lay south ffVound in and around fields of !����''^nd w_SH%n^S ateur theatricals, including patri-  denominational groups hy their over France We flew over the crops> already getting neaf to har- Rotots Creek Xere Ihe snent ��tlC eff��rtS dUrmg the earlypart  Inday school teachers. The Boy  Voges Mountains^ where our pi-.: vest in some instances KODerts creeK, wnere she spent  our road left the streets  of the .^,wTith^g0?d   ^g^   an?   a early part of the century, resid-  our road left thes^ets  of the fatedXLusitania, which-was tor- ing for many years in Moose Jaw  [outs were there and/the Girl lot had dropped supplies to the  many happy days.  of the First World War.  Mrs. Wilson left Moose Jaw to  There were the rice fields deep      Bedridden for nearly 20 years visit her husband in the army in  iid^s, grbups^bf vari6ii_5 Orders Maquis the year befo ������{��;���-   !?      <? +   v.  -        * ~  riiplete   with T their mua soon to oe dug to an injury received during England and yearned for service  en banners arid all were led sailles.   We crossed the southern set w-itn tne nee plants,   in pre- the sinking of the ship^ Mrs. Wil-  in France.  This is how she came-  pr  our local Silver Prize Band, .tip  of  Sardinia and  landed  for Potion tor  tms   we   saw  men son   spent   much   time   painting to sail on the ill-fated Cunarder ; ������.  le Salvation Army Band bring- midday lunch at Malta.   In the ^_r��Srt,fS^ u^a   5!    '" wate^ polors, writing, and^making from New York May 7, 1915. ���  g up the rear and the^bugles  afternoon    we   flew   along   the. ^ebJe wSbuffalo ThereTIre���' ex^^fe ^je^^Kw^ ^ SAVED LIVES ��� -  iid   drums  of  the  Scouts  were North   African   coast   to.   Cairo, ;^i?^_5^ During the tragic sinking she'  pst about central. ^In case this where we spent & night.   The; g ^^ ^ " ^^witii ^d    eyesight    and    a sJfrihll^esofa  S^i  ���undslike pandemonium I .xnust second |ay gave me the biggesf g^ ;^��� we'caSe rtS ^ ^f " g -*     child, as well as a man, to whose :  isten to ex_^_uh that it-Was a thn^^^^ Her   childhood   was   spent   in clothing   she   hung   during   long    "  _ry long procession.  The neigh-  crossed ?the Suez Canal, and then w^^^hrines and^idSs and other the   tQ^^^^ ?f   h^   father    a  hours in a lifeboat.   The tragedy  mrihg^Uages   flocked,  m^  rr��n -4-ua ��_,iv_wA-,_, ���^   ��n. -i���._-��� fnoo" +/_ +i._a ev.,,+i.__pT.�� +.r. _.* 4-u~ eviaences oi idolatry.  master of sailing  ships,  and by  of the sinking and the injuries re  sell thei numbers and, all along tines" to the southern tip of the; ^^oial^^seemrt^'be more in the tir?6 slie was, }��Jhe had be^n ceived at the time contributed in  ^m ���m��� and; y^g^^�� n,t oL Woh  A ;��� -v evide^JhS^ &_i_^:ffih�� ���� t^n^ ��� ^^ ���'f f^at '^a^ *o. Mrs. Wilson's,;  i  fallen  behind,   were   wives, ������;���..  ^e could not see much detail .rbbIv h_���. th later years of illness.  others and; grandparents and we since We flew at 2,000 feet, but Z^ ^e  v^m   ^Z^in     Difficult^ in finding, a gover- Returning   from   England,   she  ippily trudged on, from one end !t was wonderful to feel that just wn���Qb -^ninsf tb ��� t?���;-i n���ps            ness to accompany her on these lived  for  many years  with her r  __ the village to the other, a mat- below us, David had fought ^..:w^pp^.^fivu._yne.              extended: trips forbed Mrs. Wil- husband at Lillooet, B. C. It was.  r of three to four miles.              liath,   and  Phillip  had   baptised ,,Kanfu  is   just   as   dark,   even sdn tb a-more sedate life ashore, there that her injuries overtook  Arriving at the playing fields th& Ethiopian Eunuch;           _         though  one toird^ot the^scanty     During''the latter' part- of ��� the her and she became a bedridden  loirs of^^.11 churches and chapels Sea^^ was   visible   as  we   crossed viiefj^ V^V^-   A"  o��juw^ji _. sparkling  gtar  on the  stages of      The past 10 or 12 years she had  l the district, already seated oh Just where there is a jut of land' foun?;fo_f:.-^-���^'^^.^--.Sf-r'Britain, the continent and South  spent in Vancouver,  with short!  ip 0rani_statid anr.   affpr _.  shn^^ A~*���_>     T^r.r,..rr.   oo Mm<_    A��Q+T.Q .Continued on Pspp SV I  the lo^aTcbmeri we found the^^^ last century, she was'a gay and  invalid for the rest of her days  r  ie grandstand and after a short out of, the' eastern coast.  Jerusa- ten^ miemgeniiy aricr mieres.eaiy Africa ' Known as Mme. Agatha (Continued on Page 5)  .st we had "The Sing'',   r be-  lem a^^ her    charming    contralto  eve   this   program   was   varied  of  our   northern   horizon.    The experience mKansu,ButI could voice   3pellb0und   audiences   in  om year to  year but: the  big mpuhtains, and then the Plains b�� neveF determme whetiier the new roles su^h as Dick Wnittington,  Limber, every year, was the Al- Moab appeared empty and deso- f.^  _-������_������.-,_-._.___._     _._.:_.-     v-r.:___._.._   i��+_,   TU..+ -..,u��* ���.^j. Z4. i...-...- t -lv-'the   difference   of  loealttv.   nr  _-.   .  .      _-_. ,    _-...'  ���      . - **. '  luia    Chorus    from    Handel's late^ but what must it have been .^?h^ ^iffere^ Girlj  Gaiety Theatre, in.  " ��� *  -^   i-^^ if you like when more than a million ??dicated something of the change London; Colleen Bawn, m Dub-  *.'. "       _      _���    '���'���'������   i..    .^ j    . ���-     ��     i      ,      . that   noe   nnmo   ntTorp   _T,l_'i'i__.    j.7iipi��rf '   ��� ' _�������pp��  Messiah" and oh glbfyf x^.jr-.w. ���.--   ----- -r���-���- ~   ^     , rn.-      a    ���      *-v/___iV__, v.u__.��_ __-._*w_.x, _.xi j__/UW-  ever heard'a Yorkshire massed Israelits   encamped   below,   pre- J��at nas come over tnmaaurmg^ and as victoria Alexandra in  loir singing the Alleluia Chorus paring to cross that Jordan. ^ese years pt war. .        1-  r   ^he   Golden    Ladder,    Princess  i the open air,xwhy then; you      We lunched at Basra, and in   . It was a fearsome business get- Theatre, London.  (Gbhtihued on Page 5) - the   afternoon   flew   dpwh   the (Continuped  on Page  4)       -     She   came   to   Canada  in the  0 a IflHOXOIA  ______!_uc.rn  I.WT1MTfti".\!__r Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, May 28, 1948 I  By E. NESTMAN  BOARD OF TRADE  The Board has decided to sponsor a queen in the Farmer's * Institute contest for the fall fair,  to be held August 20-21 . . . The in-  life-saving    certificate    awarded BLUE BABY NOTES  Humane Society was presented to have been nipped by the odd dog.  him at the, May Day celebrations, or so, and one of these real warm  Fred was instrumental in saving days it may be serious. So how  the life of Fred Alten, 16, who about a little co-operation, par-  collapsed at Municipal wharf at ents? Hold that pet until Junior  Gibsons last summer. gets off to school, for both their  A banquet is on the agenda of sakes.  By "SLIM'  the Board of Trade for June 21,  when new officers will be sworn  to   Fred   Feeney   by   the   Royal  The   women's   service  club  of  Port Mellon  has forwarded  $25  WEATHER NOTES  Well, after that sample of weather last Sunday night, guess  Gibsons has had about everything  .> . I thought we were going to be  washed away, what a deluge! And  When  Passing  Through  Selma   Park  STOP AT  S  I  Refreshments - Ice Cream  Soft Drinks - Pies - Cakes  Homecopked Cold Meats  Everything Baked on  Premises  :.������' x  ���    "    .      ...    �����    ��  Special Attention Given  ^To Orders  Ample   Parking 'Space  :-;:L\L:r}yf&.:��ars���-...  1  to the fund. ������ Av very; .successful such lightning and thunder . . it  dance was ^eld at Roberts, Creek really brought back memories of  recently when a substantia. 1 sum those prairie storms. Lightning  was raised for this fund. A tea really brought quite a bit- of  and sale of home cooking will be trduble around the district. Mr.  held by the ladies of the Nitwit Connors up the hill at Midway  Club of Gibsons, in Ernie Drew'S Stores was sure, shocked when  cafe on June 1. Everyone is in- it hit their place, moved the sink  vited to attend, and it is rurnbred drainboard away, ran along the  a teacup reader may he on hand, water pipes, through the bathr  LEGION WA. NOTES room P^s,  turning    them    all  M*s. 'E. Nestman, president of 'g^^G��0(* thing it was Sund^j  WA Branch 109 has been Som- niSht aixd not Saturday nigjit  ^e?ff ^y^to^^- f^ it hU the tub . . .Although  vention of/the Woin^lmu^- ^ such a storm no one w^s hurt,  iary in. Nanaimo J.un^li-pi '       but %**�� ��f "? wei>e #^&?ca^4  askfedtofmm&i.^^       ��� ��� ���-. ..���__:    '   .'^-- yi____STT__--i~ ��� ..    rfrttro   orrvf   oo  for 11 ?.*._-. tp +��._-.   l-.___r._p   ��_e  the graves.  SCHOOL NOTES ;  ;  Mr. * Elliott, school principal,  has issued an ultimatum to the  school   children   to   leave   thei?  ���i-i i m  HASSAN'S^STORE PhEaNrDbEouR, b.c.  p ' ��� mmm '���������  The old-established General Stpre for Families, ;  Fishermen and Carops.  ::'fe ������������-FISH BUYERS ��� BAPCO FAINTS  M  QUALITY ^SERVICE���VALUE  At HASSAN'S LANDING ��� Midway South Shore  Bathing tfats  ������ '������-% ..'���*  Sun Glasses .  Wampole's Spring Tonic  (frhos-pho-lecithini), lG-oa__ foot- . 1-00  Thermos Bottles  Moth Blocks  RexaS Moth Control .   . .... 75c  KODAKS AND FILMS  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  .  GIBSONS, B.C.  like, it's a thunder Storm, especr*  ialiy one like that; . ��� ���. I3ut it will  make conversation for a while.  THINGS I HEAR  Mr. Bushfield and Rev. Moore  doggies at itotrie pr else drai_.|ici both attended the United Church  steps will be :'have to be taken. Conference in Yictoria ;���.������������. ... Miss  'faer-'tmi^^ l^apnie Grant attended the cpn-  runninigth^ school y^d, even vocation ceremonies at UBC, at  going into class rooms with the which her niece Phyllis Ney re--  small ifry . ,. T tafely eji^dfen ceiyed her Master degreei . . Mrs.  ��� ���~���" *���" '.. ' ' ' ', Morrison is, npyirback from California . ... Mr. ancl ftfrs. Marsden of Headlands are also back  from a six-week trip to Califbirr  nia where they reported lovely  weather.  Ora Wright's mother spent the  week-end at the home 'pi Mr, and  , Mrs. IX' Donaldson, land reported  . Mrex^nghtf reci _&ri^sly";, think��  ��� *ingxbf ^itoiring^up ^her-e'itb;: '1$$$':  Mid why" Shouldn't she;... vithisfis  a very nice spot, and we'd make  her very welcome, She is the  mother of Miss Wright, former  VON nurse here . .''\ Norman  Hight, our genial taxi driver; has  moved his family in to the Stiller  place in Headlands.  Don't forget'only a few more  days to paint up, clean up here  . . and ;f o take advantage of that  10 percent discbunt oh paint offered by our Sunset Store . .. and  while oh the cleaner subjects, bur  new cleaners next to the post-  office are open and doing a xush-  ing one. I thank they will even  sew that odd huttbri if necessary.  Take a tip, you bachelors who  don't  like  sewing,   x  It seemed as if everyone in the  country headed for Gibsoris dyer  the week-end . . the ferry carried over 600 passengers on Friday and Saturday, not counting  what came on the Union boats;  Where all these people get to is,  a mystery-to me . . ."I'd siii r like  to see us get a real hotel here smcl  keep more of this tourist trade  in the district.. aiid I know we'd  ge a lot more people here if they  had a place to stay.  Cattahach and Wally Peterson  are^ going right ahead with our  phoned office and it's whispered  they^are in the building"business.  If tlfey aren't, then they are a  busy couple for sure ... George  Frith also tells me he is so busy  with1 the ferry these f days that  he has asked Mr. Steele from Sechelt to look after that radio repair work, and I think he will  be down this week.  See Sam Gutter at his electric  shop for further information.  Were you wondering why there  was no water Sunday morning?  Well, we shut the water' off; as  we were putting in a new, section  of. pipe at the pump house. Wally  and Jack were over there about  5:30 to get it fixed as soon as possible, but we got bawled out by  HELLO folks, it's me again.  Sorry I missed writing my column  last week, but I don't know where  the time goes to;   ~  Just arrived home on the boat  after having spent two glorious  weeks in the country at my sister Anne's ��� place, . .and landed  home with my hewiniece Wendy  Louise for two or three weeks.  Wish to express our deepest  sympathy for a real old .timer  who. passed away a couple of  weeks ago, our "Slim" Lowther.  He leaves his wife, one daughter  and two sons.  Another young man of 30 also  died of a heart attack, Mr. Percy  Rogers, at the bunhkouse. It happened on the day of bur Copper;  Crowning.^ His folks are arriving from Edmonton.  .../. -"    ." >_,        .* ���  As you remember, I went clown  to^see .the Itoj^l^Gi^M  and tMts/ I'm. ^feljittg ryp^ if-^oir  want to see -uiythih^ spectacular!  go ai_| $ee thai, ijtfs Something  you'll never forget���^5 i^ay ppljes  and nary  a mistake;.   Marcheta,  the   queep,   was  very  -tipy   (54  years old) and lovely.   She rode,  in on a beairtfiul flogt, one of 64  floats.   It was something to remember.  I have a regular birth column  this week and wish to congratulate the following:  Mr. and Mrs. Martryga have a  those early risers and a few that  needed a drink of water very  badly on Sunday . . i*\_fae lady  told me she had no water to wash  her face with so she used milk . .  That's something I might try at  some time.  FOR GOD  so loved the world,  that He gave His only begotten  Son, that whosoever believeth in  Him. should not perish,, but have  everlasting life. For God sent not *  His- Son into the world to con-x  demn the world;   but  that   the  world   through   Him   might   be  saved. He that believeth on Hirn (  is not condemned:  but he that  believeth not is" condemned already,, because he' hath not ber )  lieved in the Name of the only  begotten Son of God.   -And this  is the  condemnation,  that  light:  is come into the world, and men  loved darkness rather than 'light, i|  because their deeds were evil.     , j  ST. JOHN, 3:16-1$  Surely   He    hath   b'orne   ourtj  griefs,  and carried our sorrows;]  yet we did esteem Him striclceB^  smitten of God, and afflicted. Bui  He was wounded for our trans?-  gressions, He Was bruised for buf|  iniquities: the chastisement of bui  peace was upbri Him; and wit!  His stripes we are.healed.    ,  ;i':-x:'-;ISAIAH,.53:4,!  baby'girl." ''���.':":-:;: -i:X" "���'. .  IVtr.   and; Mrs.   Zorin   have  bahy boy,' .�����  Mr. and _^Irs. Dickenson hay^  another son, Richard;  Collison's  .y.J ;yy .   SE^DE?^t  Due to slackness of buSihess^JI  during the da^ibarb^ shbp  ^wUl? ber bpen^ ���ever^h^ onl^  %  during the week and all day ],  Saturday.   -  Hours will be  Tuesday to Friday  6:30 pjen. to 9*00 pjn.  Saturdmys. 9:99 *nu io 8 p^n.  55c and 75c  25c and up  Random Widths  Random Lengths  ;; ^Cetiar\ '  Hemlock:  B.C. FIR  SECHELT, BJC.  1.50 to i_65  m  ������ -. . A.  Don't W^ePrec^ms Hours  in Slow 3Trai?^/  Safe Economical Seaplanes ~- Experienced Pilots  Air Express -��� Charter ��� Sightseeing  Timbercruising 'v      :^y^.:Cv-^'  TRY US ON T|^ NEXT TRl^  For Rotes and Information call,  Associated Air Taxi limited  RICHMOND 1551  or contact our loco! agents  Pearson nn& Sawyer, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 37 or 19C4  P. 6. McPherson, Gibsons  Phone Gibsons 2-A  \ Friday, May 28, 1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  By  BROWNIE  ONCE again mail day and as usual no column done, which  means I must try and remember  back; as to what has taken place  hi the past week or so.  ���j  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings by ���Appointment  Every day except Thursday  First of all I must put a note in  here for the Boss-man!  Dear Boss���-.jVbn't you please  give a reason for this column being omitted froih.the last fesf  editions? My friends up here  who so willingly buy-the paper  (I only twisted a few arms) iake  one^look at the News and when  we of this area are not in print  they start giving me Ahe dirty  looks and believe me, boss, I can  get into enough trouble'^without  having . added complications; I  keep telling them I do send the  'column in, so now that the sun  is shining so brightly how about  getting me out of this gloomy  doghouse?  DEAR BROWNIE���We don't  ��� know just what to say to  such a nice request. Perhaps the  best We can do is to explain how  come. The News at present can  only be eight pages, and because  it has to catch the boat out on  By MRS. J. Hx RENNIE  O"  Your Repair Jobs to Us!  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On the evening of Friday, May  21, the A.O.T.S. held their monthly meeting in the United Church  Hall at Gibsons,-21 members were  present to enjoy the good dinner  which was prepared and served  by the ladies of the Gibsons  Group of the W.A. After the usual business session Mr. Frank  Henderson and Mr. A. Mullett  gave reports of their visit to the  A.O.T.S. convention in Vancouver. Mr. T. Allan also attended  the convention held recently in  Friday, everything we get has to  be made up and fit in that eight  pages. One week eight pages is  too much, and the next it isn't  big enough,, because our writers  take splurges. Either they overflow our boundaries one week,  or else they leave us so short we  have to dig up outside stuff to  put in the paper. However, we  think maybe .that if we print a  small supplementary sheet on the  days when It goes oversize we  * car_*anaybe .keep, you. out of the  puptent. We'll try it, anyway.  THE  BOSSMAN  .may's���' ":"���;'��������� y-:l-:  May and Tom Matthias had  everyone in for an evening of  dancing and fun before they  packed themselves off, bag and  baggage, to live at the farm. Before the evening was over we  found two new (volunteers?) for  the square dances^ Stan ' Forbes  and Paul Yunkovich; These fellas that keep sayin they can't  dance sure surprise a person.  MAY 9���.    .;"/;;' .;/;'"'      .'  The 'Royal' family ^picked me,  lip; jathb. y*e w^l-f^a^iye^oihe  eiid ,of the road* Vatche<L the riien  working, gave them. a few helpful, hints, for which they exchanged a few bright remarks,  and so we left therh-to struggle  On without us and wended our  way home.  MAY.il---   ;  >.'��� Sent birthday greetings to my  Dad via a phone call -today, also  a book" called Life With Father.  This will be one book Mother  won't need to read as I guess after forty years you don?t need to  read a book to find out.  Attended a Committee meeting at the home of our president,  Chuck Royal, and hi^de plans for  a.whist drive on Saturday,-May  15. Also for the ldst dance until  fall, to be held May 29.  MAY 14��� ���  Millie and Susan Forbes arrived today to spend a week or  two in our fair community, or  until Stan is through his work  here, when they will all return  to their home at Wilson Creek.  MAY 15���  The whist drive held in the  cookhouse' had a good turnout,  two high scores being Paul  Yunkovich and Eldred Berry, and  the two low were Gladys Royal  and Mel Ius.  Ellio Ius left us last week for  Vancouver and points east, where  he will take a poke at a few people to defend his title as B. C.  heavyweight boxing champ. Best  of luck, Ellio���we are all behind  you. ������/���'" ������   '"''���'"' : '"   "L  Jim Leiry our dip-a-day! boy,  has been loaned to Salmon Bay.  How's the water down there,  jirnmie?  Well folks, I vgiie^s 1^ rarh4  bled on long enough.'Company  coming tonight, so must away  and whip up something.'  I'm leaving next week for a  month's holiday, so shall leave  the news in the capable hands of  Gladys Royal,* who will sub for  me. Boss, you treat her right!  Vancouver. The highlight of the  evening was a talk, accompanied  with pictures of the Eastern  States- of America, .and Eastern  Canada, and a visit .to the  ''Evangeline" country by- Mr; S.  Matthews, who with his wife,  have travelled extensively during the last few years. The program was much appreciated by  all present and made a very pleasant finish to the meetings for  the summer. The members will  be./looking, forward, to the fall  meetings^ which resume in September or October.  The lovely weather during the  weekend brought a large number of visitors to Granthams and  Soame's Point. The boats were  very busy,. in fact there were  "specials" to take care of the  crowds. Among, the visitors at  Soames Point were Miss R. ^Henderson and Miss G. Jamieson, also Mr. H. Robinson, guests of  Prof, and Mrs. Henderson. .Mr.  and Mrs. Dale are at present occupying their " summer cottage.  Mr. and Mrs. Court are also visiting their summer cottage. Mrs.  Bridgemah*1 is staying at her  home xat Soames I*bint. She also  had: weekend visitors.  Mr. and. Mrs. Trant have just  left on a month's vacation to visit with their daughter, Mrs. Mill-  burn at Edmonton. Mr. and Mrs.  McAlpine spent a few days in  Vancouver visiting with Mr. and  Mrs. Vaughn Moore. Mr. and  Mrs. Humphries had as their  weekend guests a son and his  wife with their family of three.  We noticed that Miss Potter,  with a friend, were visitors for  the weekend at , Miss Potter's  summer home.  Miss Eleanor Parkinson* spent  the weekend With her parents at  their home in Granthams Land  ing. Mr. Mitchell is a brother of  Mrs. Innes. Like all other visitors from the Old Country, they  were amazed at the abundance  of everything here, and have expressed^ their appreciation of the  kindness that has been shown,  to them by all the folks they  have met out here. They also  were delighted with the beauty  of. this coast.  Mrs. Farquhar had her granddaughter, Moira Docker and a  friend for the weekend.  Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher and  daughter were at their summer  cottage for the week. Mrs. Duh-  more and her daughters were  weekend visitors at their summer cottage. Mr. Robt. Stepheh.-  son with his daughter Joan, and  their guest .Joan, Daniels, spent  the weekend at "Vimy".  During the weekend Granthanis  Landing was as  busy as in the \  height   of   the   summer   season.,  There was an atmosphere of gair .  ty and eixcitement for the thre��  days that  is now gone and wet  are back to our usual calm to|  day.    Mr.   and   Mrs.   Allison   of  Vancouver were visitors at Mrs/*  Workman's,   also   Miss   Mitchell  We noticed Mr. Wale's boat anfc  chored on the beach in front o|;  the house which is a fine inde��;  pendent mode of travel in thesf  days of crowded steamers. \>  ing.  ���fe'^^'X-fX^ <.*^�� ���*:,���-"_��:.  Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell  from Allness, Rosshire, Scotland,  have been ���visiting with Mr. and  Mrs. Innes at Granthams Land-  BRIGGS-STRATTON  IN BOARDS  Evinrude Outboards  at  City   Prices  Also small boats and  equipment.  GIBSONS.  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  PAINTING  IS OUR BUSINESS  SPRAY   PAINTING  IS OUR SPECIALTY  Expert Work - Free Estimates - Prices Reasonable  "WE COVER THE PENINSULA"  VIC PALMER - RR1, Gibsons  FOR  Real Estate or Insurance  Contact  P, G. McPHIRSON  Gibsons  Personal attention���Dependable Service Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.���  Friday, May 28, 1948  MORE ABOUT  APPLICATION by Evans-Products Ltd., Vancouver, for a forest management license on certain timber lands in this area, will  be given a public hearing June  '3 in Powell River court, house.  Although the decision in granting a forest management license  is solely in the hands of the deputy minister of Mines and Resources, the public , hearing has  been arranged following protests  from 25 small logging operators  in Powell River district.  L. S. Eckardt, representing the  independent firms, explained that  granting of the license to an- outside firm is considered unfair to  operators who have been logging  in this area for several years.  A representative from the Department of Mines and Resources  will preside at the hearing next  Thursday   evening.    The   timber  Out of Service  SUSPENSION of freight service  for an indefinite period was announced this week by Gulf Lines  which will discontinue the triweekly run of the MV Gulf Trader on May 31. The Trader will  make its last freight sailing between Vancouver, Westview and  Stuart Island on that date.  ��    -.    ���        .���'��������� ��� .  Reason for the move is the un-  suitability of the ship _.fpr this  run, said XT. N. LePag^'.'.C.ulf'  Lines' president. ! "We'intend  offering a better freight service  later," he said, "and in the meantime will concentrate on an improved express service."  The Gulf Trader went into operation in December, at the same  time as Gulf Lines' third passenger vessel, MV Gulf Mariner.  lands .involved are in the Theo-  dosia Arm Valley, Sliammon Reserve and Okeover Arm district.  f  Phone Gibsons 3-K  Gibsons, B.C.  L  ltys time to consider your heating  .   problems.  It will soon be winter.  o   COLEMAN SPACE HEATERS  ��� WOOD CIRCULATOR HEATERS  ��� FURNACES  ��� GURNEY RANGES  (Continued from Page 1)  ting through a market.   The one  street would be packed hard with  people   jostling  against  one   an- \  other.  Our bearers would quicken  their   pace,   and  with  av cry "���  and a shout, charge into the* mil- '  ling mass. Our pace would slack- J  en a little but We never stppped. i  It was ��a; wonder to me that no j  one  ever  become impaled :.��� upon j  the bamboo poles, nor lay crush->j  ed out of shape behind us. j  Folks did not seem perturbed 3  by this unmannerly behaviour of |  our carriers^ It is all part of the' *  usual  in  their  long  grim  fight  for existence,  Each night we put-  up in  an  inn   oh  one  of these,  m  B  If  M  ���  market   streets.. The   front   was_.  usually a tea shop, and thrbuj  the  back  access  was gained  t<^|  a small stone courtyard, often noJS  bigger than 20 feet by  40 feet\  Round this were grouped din.  rooms   without   windows.     Thi.  fu^hiture within was ��� rarely;$&Qr��  thaif ;fwb- beds -and ���#,_&��� rickety  table.  A thick mosquito net hung  over   the   bed   like   a   gigariti|  spider's web. ;|  There Was plehty of food availl  able but again, so different fron|  Kansu both in qiiality and tastM  Doubtless an experienced travel!  ler Would have fared&better thai]  IX but I Was only interested i||  BLOOD TRAH.FUS.ON hos saved.. pria��Y;.Uv��i- iSj3^*V^;*SS^^^S1^^^  lumbia since the free service was inaugurated two years     When  I left   England I  wal  ago by the Red Cross.   It is the hppe of the Canadian Red rather  scared  of  the unki^wi  Cross Sociiety that this new peacetime service will be in opera- ahead.   But as I went, step 'hi  tion in Other provinces before long.   More than $1,000,000 of steP> r was conscious of the gob|  the $5,000,000 sought for operations in  1948 will be used hand^ G04 gui^ arid provi  T  '      j/ - -��� ��������� ing.  There is perfect peace, ey<  as God promises, for those^w^Q^  mind is stayed upon Him.     .'���'�����������  (Continued next week}  to organize this life-saving scheme across the Dominion.  ���V ���  NC  ... *>.���������  in did of  Gibsons Blub Baby Fund  in Veteran's Memorial Hall  Gambier Harbour  at 7:00 p.m.  Saturday, June 5th  Admission 50c  \  The  transportation from  Gibsons  to. Gambier   is  being arranged by Gibsons Blue Baby Committee.  * Dance is being sponsored by veterans and  and residents of Gambier Island.  ROBERTS CREEK  - v y.i    By "CAROLA**      A ������;  ���_���_���______���_____-_---------_-------------���---���---���  , <The; ^Roberts vCreek; community  Hall: was tilled to capacity Saturday evening at the benefit dance  in aid of the Blue Baby fund.  Residents from all parts of the  peninsula were evident in the  happy throng.  Mr. and Mrs. Bert Vowles of  Westview  paid, their  first, visit  ; '.,Few: people realize that:wjbic  the . U.S.^   dropped   X\\e ; -seco!  had * nay more- rhombs;:��:availabl  to the Hall, and Tommys and, Carl Barry,   Mrs.   D.r Townley,  Mr. and Mrs. J. Shields were  up for the long holiday.  Numerous people were seen  leaving the Roberts Creek dock  Monday   night,,. "Just; like   old  times;" the mbsisbacks^said^Say-)   ing 'so long' to friends and'-Tela- Today^ sbirie experts guess Pll  tives were .Mrs  J. Saddler,,JV_rs. we have perhaps nnly 30 bomt  ir w' ^eatjlerdaiei M�� a"d Mts: and perhaps as many as 500.  W. T. Handy and family, Mr. and  Mrs. J. Mills, guests of Mr. and .'/': . :  '..;','x.':':.  :'y":'."\ ','..'..' ;..,'  Mrs.   G.   Robinson,-Miss   Lorna  Graham, guest of the E. J- Shaws,  Mr. and Mrs. D. Pitkethley and  Favourite Music Make;  Chrismas flew down from Lund  to celebrate with their family  and friends at the. Dance.  Nettie ari^ Bruce Lamb and  daughter Patricia,, were seen at  the dance with a party of friends.  The Cummings; and son Jeff,  with Zib Gordon and Ralph Gal-  liford arrived from Vancouver to  take' part in the week-end festivities.  ���'��_. ��� ;.'., ��� ,,-���    -   '      '   '���" ______���  i  Coleman Heaters $74.95  We have been very fortunate  in procuring' a summer stock of Coleman  Heaters in the popular Model R-328, which has sold so well on the'Pen-_  insula.   A deposit will hold one���-1/3 down will insure immediate delivery,  balance of payments on easy j-monthly terms���-or, you may pay monthly  through the summer months and have delivery of the heater in the fall.  ACT NOW ��� TO ENSURE SUMMER COMFORT FOR THE  WINTER MONTHS TO COME  Miss  Jean Forrest, visiting her folks,  Mr. Jack Eldred, visiting his'h  Also a guest of the Eldreds was  Mrs. M. Eldred. And Babs Brines  was looking chic, Gloria Forst  was on her way back to school,  while Mr. and Mrs. J. Belanger  were guests of the ft. Carlsbns.  And I saw Mr. B. Fort . .vv and  here my memory for names fails  "me. ���.'���'������'''  '''���������'''"} "Li���'���.    ���."���'.���������    . .:.���    : .������..'''  Congratulations to Mr. and  Mrs. Ron Hughes on the birth of  a son, May,-6. And likewise to  Mr. and-Mrs. Ralph Cotton, v  Mrs. Roberta Chivers had as  guests over the holiday her cousins* Mr. and Mrs. Bert Vowles  and Gerald, of Westview.  Honoring Mrs. Vowles on Saturday afternoon at tea was Mrs.  C. N. Bourn.  When Petrillo was  enced by a strike,  "These damn unions  ruin the country."  mconveni-  ��� he said:  are  gonna  Guy   Lombardo,   whose   famoi  .���Bi^SjJpahadiahs orchestra plays "t  sweetest music this side of Heaven,|  is now heirig featured on CKWX eac|  Tuesday night at 9*00 for PlayerJ  Cigarettes.    "The   Guy -_Lon*barc  Show" is a new, hit presentation wit|  the, sam6.smooth music which hi  kept Lombardo I: a' top favorite fc  18 years.  T     -     . V'  1  V  SILVER GRILLE SERVICE STATION  FORD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK  nminHHiffl.ii  IIHIOWillWUIHlll  Mrs. R. S. -Hackett being still convalescent and  unable to thank everyone personally���hopes that  all her friends who so kindly remembered her during her illness will acce|i)f her most sincere thanks.  ��� :;^-iAA^ ond Mrs^ R? S^^^^H Friday, May 28/1.948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C  Page Five  MORE ABOUT  urse  'The last letter was sealed and  (Continued  from Page  8)  you again."-'  "Why, you're welcome, pal. My  name is Alexander."   X*  As the man whisked* off, the  army lad realized he had Just had  a tire changed by no less aXper-  s  nite  quamish and Britannia  ���ffl^ti3^^?dW-S ^^Ct��ry: ����� ,1S   g00d      Another   sidelight:J>n ^great  clock said 12.20,    and   I    gazed nealtn'"    __Mrs   j -f ^ewman .w?rld *$��*? occ^e^-one, night  longingly at the new book wait- .      ' J* ' when- Winston Churchill jas; in  ing beside my bed and hoped fer- ^_ _���_._ ��ttawa m the gnnimer days of  , vently that I could get to it ear- MORE ABOUT war.  lier   tomorrow   night.    Yawning Coast Resident THE LIGHT THAT FAILED  and heavy-eyed I started the wa- *?*����* ���*����*... ��� The   Journal  photographer   af  ter for my, bath, going  over in (Continued from Page 1)        that time had just bought a brand  f-mymincl the many duties sched- never heard it sung  as Handel 5ew ^sh    equipment    for    his  uled for the morrow. himself  would   have  wanted   it. Speed Graphic.  With justifiable  ;���    -"Well, old Mr. '    up the They sang with "all their heart, P��?e he sh�����e$ ?��� ?J0lind the  /North Road wiU give me the die- with all their might and with all offjce> attached it to the camera  , kens when I pass him up again their s6ul and with all their and -boasted that he^was all set  l, .... that makes twice this week strength", and, child though I for some real Photographing.  ?_ ... but I can't go away up there was,, I always imagined that for Word of a fantastic incident  ���to, dress his hand and make it to the/next 24 hours at least,' they came in over the phone from the  jsee Mrs. ������at West Secfcelt, must have been physically and reporter who was covering Mr.  .too,  and she's  all  alone  and  I emotionally exhausted., Churchill's  activities,  imply must;get tocher. I can do     But the day was not yet ended.     Churchill, he shouted over the  ��r' after T finish the sfchool and _\fter   "The   Sing",   we   all dis- wire, was walking down one of  jefpre- I call oh that skin case persed to  pur  homes for tea��� the fashionablestreets inexclus-  at  Selma. Yorkshire    high    tea-~aiid    the *ve suburban Rockcliffe in com-  L>Into my bath with -a sigh of homes in our village that didn't P����y with Air Marshal Billy  elief that another hard day was have at least one visitor to tea, Bishop, Canada s\ first-��war ace,  ver : when;;j b-r-r-r���the shrill oh Hospital Sunday, could be and a high-ranking British airing of the:.telephonetore me counted on one hand. Although force officer. X; /. X  ripping^from cbath to desk to a Yorkshire high tea should not .'��� The three were*wajking frm-  .ear an excited summons from be* dismissed so Hghtiy I will pass m-arm down the middle of the  idoore to Roberts Creek. Another on to the last of the day's activi- street singing a rollicking war  ittle Young was Clamouring to ties���a united religious service in tune. Behind them at about 50  .titer the world. Darn that,long- the open air with/once again, the Pacef followed a crowd ofpeo-  egged bird! I growled as I slid massed choir, the Silver Prize P}e too amazed to approach any  to n>y unifornl,^ Band   and  the  Salvation   Army closer but enjoying thes sight too  ^That  coulef well be a page Band in attendance.  This was an "^ch to[**& to�� fa5 behind.  *;rv Jr^���   rG1X, r    1 xrrS imfnrwttaWp PYnpripnpp  all thP     The   three   troubadours   were  :rom the diar�� of our local VON unforgettable experience, au tne ,       .   > for BiUv Bishoo's horne  uirse. Not that bur Miss Irving frets of the day forgotten, the neadlJ^^S^"^!^0^  rbwls abbtit the bird, or any- heat of. the afternoon passing in ^J*E!gg$^ *���^shed  ing else; the growls were my the delicious cool of the evening ^toXd_3Se Onto the front  ^Xihventioh. X growl at the and with it, the glare of the sun _?^��r^*Ja narked be-  iry thoughts of putting^ an 8- and here we were surrounded by S^^^^ WsWe of  pyr day so if I were in^er plage Inends ^f^g*^��� V?ited, thef5)nt steps. Everything was  was in _ the flashgun, shutter cpckeid, .and ^picus  carefull^?"measuredx ^This; ���. the  photog told me, was going to be  a photo of rare achievement.  We   waited,   and   finally   the  three  famous  figures,  Churchill  SQUAMISH���Work on the uncompleted section of the highway between Squamish and Britannia Beach has beeiL_p.ushed up  until only lYz miles of bush  country now separates the two  communities. The road is being  built by Jamieson Brothers. They  will have it through to Britannia  by fall.  Enormous difficulties are being faced. The road must be cut  out of the cliff face for most of  the unfinished stretch. At other  points, mud up to 18 inches deep  is hampering clearing the right  of way. .  STARTED 20 YEARS AGO  The road, begun 20 years ago,  was completed for all but two  miles when re-commencement of  operations was authorized recently. Frank Jamieson, one of  the two brothers in charge, reckons construction of these two  miles will work out at $80,000 a  mile.  Squamish,   already   experien-  had to do a round of eight simple,  sincere  worship  of   our ' f   Thp; i~nl��  ours active duty, two or three Lord. ���  ^f_,^afi__t&?ih��^ '~M   ^-   ^;-''  _&-L_��-._>_to .___:.*^^ ��� ..��&_���  .���/....  il*  MORE ABOUT  iy number of unexpected hours . _  midnight oil burning at some MfS. Patricia WllSOU  listant  farm house,  the growls.        (Continued from Page 1)  tould probably become inartic- Lasoueti  Island  and in the middle with an arm ar-  [late spasms of gutteral sounds .gSf��. ?l_____?SqUeU  1Map<t .-    ound the shoulder pf each corn-  id roars.  Roberts Creek.  Aiw�����r,  ��i^V    __#    *��._��__     __*.___ panion, rounded the    gate    and  The purpose of this epistolary ^^^J^^ '-.u���S^J��f started up the walk.  This was it  itbreak, as if you had* not al- !^^nuSfS^iA^nA^SS'-"����'  million-dollar picture!  ady guessed, is to draw atten- famtedw^?^rs   and   made     As the trio reached the point  to the fact that our nurse ime sne11 Jeweiry.         .                 at which my companion had set  lould be about ready to be car- "Her gay and cheerful person- his focus, he stepped up, aimed,  ed from our midst on a stretch- ality    endeared    her    to    many ^d fired; But no blinding flash  .   No one can get along on so friends.  We shall miss her gay ���only a sharp click as the shuttle sleep and rest, and, just as chuckles," said Mrs. Grace Cpu- ter went off uselessly in the dark,  iportant,   no   one   can  do  the bay, under whose care Mrs. Wil-     The flash  bulb had -failed/a  ork of two people forever.  As son b^d been for some time prior nasty habit they had during the  matter of cold fact and statis- to heir death.                                    wartime shortages,] and a picture  s, a district as large and ram- Mrs, Wilson, was often heard that  would  have  made  history  ng   as   ours   cannot   manage to say that the happiest days of was   gone, forever.    Churchill's  ithout two nurses. her life were spent at Roberts companions didn't give the pjio-  Since the government does not Creek  With    her    friend,    Mrs. tographer another chance, as they  illy supply us with this great Georgina Johnston.                          hustled   the   cigar-demon  inside  , it is up to us to supply Our- It was a year ago. the Coast the house.  Ives and to do this we must News paid tribute to Mrs. Wilson ������ ��� ���   pport the VON to the utmost, on her 78th birthday and cited     who've been so good to me,  >r if we do not require nursing her favorite  poem "Ere I Pass- y0 thank them, and to let them  .rvice for ourselves at the mo- On"���                                                    know                                      ' ���  <  lent we see that our friends and "E're i pass on, I'd like to clasp How much they've helped me.  Neighbours do.   The first essen- the hands of all the friends       And in doing s0)One's duty would  , he done���  My spirit free to thank my  Maker       .  For all that he has left.  He might have claimed my sense3  my sight, my feeling.  What matters it if now I am  *������ bereft of things once valued?  God has shown to me that hurts  to body, or to soul  Are His for healing. >  L  f  am s v.orree oar  ..  B  Roberts Creek  OPENED MAY 24tH  formerly owned by A. J. AAott  Drop in and try our . ..  DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS  with all the trimmings.  I   'iin��riMii-|i  World's Handiest Vest  Pocket Adding Machkio  Fast ��� Reliable��� Accurate  Easy to operate.  BUY TODAY!  Complete   instructions.  Guaranteed 5 years.  THE CLOCKERY  14 Merrick St., Hamilton, Oni.  Money Order, $2.50, Bal. C.O.D.  cing a minor boom as a result of  an influx of railway employees  to work the daily PGE passenger schedule starting shortly���  hitherto the service has been only thrice-weekly���anticipates a  still greater activity when the  road is completed.  It will enable employees of  Britannia mine to take an evening jaunt to Squamish. Some may  even choose to live outside the  company town, in Squamish itself.  OUTLET FOR BRITANNIA  The Squamish-Britannia road  will only partly solve Squamish*-.  communications problem, however. The citizens look forward  to the day when the road will be  driven through to Horseshoe Bay.  This will open up to tourist  traffic one of the most picturesque areas of British Columbia and ,the benefits to Squamish  would be enormous.  Announcing ...  *. ��� x the arrival of  PICARDY CHOCOLATES  from Winnipeg  Sold Exclusively in the  SECHELT TEA ROOMS  and  SECHELT INN  ..... ....       .. -   ��� ^  CherrypCocktaijs jn pound bepces���  Assorted Chocolates and Fruit Jellies in half and  one pound boxes.  ������*'i^M^^^>^^^���ll  ll   ���  ���    ������������-���������������0W0W0*  HereY Something New!  PINEAPPLE JUICE:   Tin 21c  It's Really Good  Also These Greater Values  New Potatoes: 4 lbs. 25c  Newton Apples: . _!__ ._ lb. 10c  Winesap Apples: Ib. 13c  Lemon Juice:  Exchange brand.  2 tins 15c  Better Bulk Cookies: Ib. 45c  Weston's Chocolate Eclairs:    . pkt. 55c  (18 eclairs per pkt.)  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Colson  spring flowers and serviteurs and Mrs H Neal.  were Mrs.  M. Linesey,  Mrs. M.  ���       Miss   E.   McKay   of   Victoria  spent the holiday weekend with  her brother and sister-in-law^ Mr.  and Mrs. S. McKay.  Noticed at their summer homes  during the past weekend were  the Ernie Creamers and family,  The Quickest  To Get  A Head  Is To Come To  WAKEFIELD  1  IFI  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each. Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULT?  the Kennedys, the Darlings and WANTED TO BUY��� FOR SALE  the Stewart Clarkes. GASOLINE washer, for cash.        PURE-BRED   love   birds,   ready  Apply Reg Bradshaw, Sechelt,     after June 20. Price  $5 each.  Mr. Geo. Colson is home here  1 Apply Mrs. Helen Reilly, Gibsons  B. C. 46  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Machine Work  General Repairs  Batteries Charged  Good stock of Mufflers  and F.H.P. "V" Belts  PENDER HARBOUR  for   a   ifew   weeks   flying   from "&&��� ,   Yellowknife, Y.T., *last week.  He poR SALE   was met at the airport by Mrs. BREEDING  pen   black   Austra-  Colson. loops,   6 hens   and  a  rooster.  Mrs.   Geo.   Bacholor  and  Mrs. *����nf S^^J***** $2��* Ap7  Harry Batchalor attended a show- ply at Wakefield. 3,  er in Vancouver last week, held FOR SALE^- y t   Do not sit on the cround-  tSSSL to ^S��hr^^^ at ^- itis h��m&&^����  marriage to Mr. John Batchalor     ma Park# inside toilet, ��� water, .j-wp,/ It i< betted  if cati^Kt  takes place in June. sin^li^  Mrs. A. Millar, came up from *165�� tyW**���- ^^JSft Sel7 hat ahd go bareheaded, thah^it.  fli.nhii_7_>r to h^W Ka�� Hmiirhtpr ma Park, B.C.  (on the mi.)        1  on thfe Ground. >    X!  Outdoor Hints  By BILL MYRING  Vancouver to help, her daughter  on the. ground.  on the opening day of her tea- CHIMNEY CLEANING��� 2.  Always   carry rtiv&'^ij&i  room. WITH Approaching dry weather proof match boxes Of :the"htod  Mr. and Mrs. E. Colson visited 0Jkt^^f J!^^^^ ^bt ^ toat wll;float^^  �����.__.  ^r^.^��._  ��o_.o��fo  w.,^  ������,. ^  Have y��ur chimneys clean- full of salt and one full of mateh-  the  formers parents^ here  over ed now by &n experienced.chim- es���and keep them in reserve iir  the  holiday weekend.        . . ney sweeper.   Apply Fred Wil- case of an accident.] Xr  ��.__._���'__.     ���                  ���        j lows, Selma Park Store. 45      ���   ��� ���       .-,   ' x.     ix .  Totem Lodge is open again and ������   . ��� .������������������     3. Do not dririk water that ap-  carrying a line of groceries this FOR SALE pears stagnant.   Get your Water  '   -:-' . ��������� ���      -'      _-���-      " .   "��� WATERFRONT lots at head of from a fast running stream and>  Pender Harbour. Write or con- if possible, boil it before drinking  tact H. Williamson or A. Egner, Do not drink ice water as it is  Pender  Harbour. tfn likely to cause cramps.  4.  Become familiar with your  compass arid take one along with  LAND ACT  NOTICE OF INTENTION TO  APPLY TO. PURCHASE LAND  IN THE Land Recording District  of New  Westminster,  Assessment   District^ Vancouver,   B.C.  <  and situale in Blind S$ay (Nelson  Island B/C.) there (app. 1-2 mile  distant and in the direction of E  by S magn. from the southeast-  ernmbst extremity of an island  marked on .maps and charts as^ v  Fox Island) lies ah island k_n6w_i  locally as CLIO ISLAND (it he�� 'y  ing the largest of a group Of is-   \  lands locally known as the NINE >'  MUSES);   The  island  measures a  app. 2%' by IVz  furlongs at ite  widest parts and is in the shape of ^  the letter "L". |  Take notice that Hugo Bjork-v  lund of Hardy islaiid, B. C, log-v  ger, intends to apply for permis-;  sion to purchase the following^  descrilbed lands:- j  ConruTaencing at a post planted^  at the N.W.. corner of the above-  mentioned ICLIO   ISLAND,   the j  line follpivih^the HWM of said I  l^hd ��_%<^^ ,in{  ajj;the i^tf^ce larea of the island]  and containing 20 acres more or  May 30th - June 5th  l"r  'Vi-'  TRADE  WEEK  X MISCELLANEOUS  WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make a lock-needle  slip covers, supply materials 5: 3, _G Vour trail hut do not  and do take pride in our work- w&__^^i��.^iv^i-; ttJ^L  rhanship. Fr^^h^ MFF3>  Yfcrd Goodsl^^tSMolsFl^. ^J>?^^^^.a*  vjf^VUo ���� ^, v^^.^x...,   ^.v. ^aze is in sight ^before putting  your next blaze in.   Make your  tfn  "More Tf-ade, More Jobs'*  British Columbia's EeonoMfi  Depends on International Trade  y '     '    'x"''',.'.   ��� ��� ��� ���   y ....'.'       * y    >.  World Trade Week is an effort to bring vividly to the  attention of every Canadian the vital necessity of  maintaining pnd increasing our trade with other  countries.  a'-  Think, Talk and Act  '���' ���    "X    -'-   ~     ���     .���������.���-���   ;  WOBLt) TRADE  I^0yiiice id British Columbia  in co-bp^fotion with  Natieaal   and   Provincial  Committees  far  World Trade Week  WE BUY AND SELL  RIFLES and shotguns bought  and sold, also all kinds of used  goods, furniture, clothing, .tools,*  etc. Square Deal Store, ���West-  view, B.C.  FOR  SALE��� ;.  MATCHED team gray Percheron  horses, weights 1600 and 1650,  Guaranteed pullers, used to logging work, etc. Heavy Set breaching harness and collars, good  as- new.. One heavy duty wagon.  One Massey-Harris moWer, very  good shape.. Two heavy neck-  yokes. 1 Set husky whippletrees,  Honest value ,$600. Selling cash.  $300. If interested see Frank Mc-  Giv^rn, Gibsons B. C. 45  X JyftSCELLANEOUS  ROTO-TILLER ���- power tiller,  does the work in one operation���of plow, disc and harrow.  Call ot write Cliff Leach/Gibsons, B.C. tfn  FOR SALE.  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to  or from Vancouver. Low rates.  Fast  service.   Careful  handling.  Specify Gulf Lines .Express,    tf  "~" MISCELLANEOUS:  LAND    levelling    and   plowing  with ractor. Geo. Blander,.Shaw  Road; Gibsons, B.C/;   '/u        45  FOI.'SALE... , ��� ���' /\S:X:X , ;...*  STURDY, red bedding geraniums, 20c per .^ppt, $2.2$ per  dozen. Apply Neat's, "Selma  Lodge", Selma Park, B. C.     46  :   HUGO BJORKL1  Dated, April 13th, 1^48  blazes breast height.  6. Find but as much about ahy|  strange   country '?��� that   jrou   ar<  planning to jgp into before starts  ing but;* vjStudy  a   map  of the  country iand become familiar witl  it/..   ���  XXX' '- ���;���;';; ;   '  ; ;7> If lost in unknown territory|  find a stream arid follow it down!  It will generally bring you 01$  near habitation.  ":^fJB.ij.'Do." not follpw v old wopjc  rpads; they generally wandeii  around ainilessly and lead nb|  where.  r We have the very latest equipment for refacing valves.  Our valve seat grinder for the modern hard surface valve  seats does a beautiful job. Send in your valves and valve  seats via stage and we wiil give 3^>u iirst class service.  ������:J  Your General Motors Dealer  WILSON CREEK. B.C.  PHONE SECHELT 56  -  year, as well^as running a coffee  -bar.  '       yyyf: ���.. -/'.'��� , '''"'.' ���'>  Congratulations to Alan Bruy-  heel on his seventh birthday,  Which he celebrated with a beach  party for his little friends - on  May 22nd.  Don't forget to drop in at  "Aim's* for tea or some lovely  homecooking.  FOR   SALE  4-room house oh waterfront property near Sechelt,  5Vi pcres, good anchorage-���price includes 2 row-  boqts ond^almost new 20 foot cabin cruiser powered  with 6 H.P. Eqsthbpe engine in excellent condition.  %        TOTAL  PRICE  M  $440000  fc W. PARR FEARSON  Gulf Coast Manager, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 37  /.���-,*...... .,,���-���.. , (or.  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD,  942 West Pender St.  Vancouver, B.C. ��� PA. 3348 Friday, May 28, 1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Seven  By, PEJMSL/vmmsrrr  ;  Mrs. J. Martheiy rigtiiraed home  , last week after being in hospital  ' for treatment. Here's wishing her  a speedy recovery.-  X    >  Mr.xahd Mrs. How^r^Willson  were the .weekend: guestsot Miss  June Jame�� .  4 Mrs. Austin ShSw with her two  children Marilyn ahd David were  staying over the weekend with  her parent^ Mr. ahd;;^rs. Dan  McLeod of Green Gables.  There was a huge crowd of visitors over the weekend here; in  spite of the gloomy looking skies,  but the 24th turned out quite  warm and by the look of the  faces,, lots of folks would be feeling rather uncomfortable, after  effects of too much sun.  Mr. and Mrs. W. Robertson and  Mr. and Mrs. W. Ferguson were  visiting here over the-24th, with  Mrs. P. Sturgeon. -        '..j . ..  The Evergreen Stables had a  very busy time, as also -did the  young fellows at the bike shop.  The first dance cruise of the  season was held on Saturday,  May 22nd. The Lady Alexandra  was the steamer, as is usual  other seasons, %ith dancing on  board and at the dance paviUon.  By ARIES  The usual crowd of people here  for the week-end . . Sechelt was  very crowded and all the guesft  houses were full to the eaves, as  well as Sechelt Inn. And with  the new cafe and shopping cen-  The orchestra was .under the' direction of Hpwie Isman.  Mrs. Isabel Dorman and Miss  Phllis Dorman were visiting at  Squamish over the long weekend.  Glad to see Mr. G. H. Ward Sr.  out again after being confined to  the house for nearly two months.  V'i>j '  * -.~n-       \���-.ii  -Ot'  Iff S  Q  -'���!������  our bank is there to serve you in a  When you make a deposit your passbook  "���  :;;x ������ ''��������� .��� "'���.. ������ '���'.-���.. ~y .  ..���.     ��� -..        ���      _.-,.   ���v        ��� ���' ������  is closed to anyone but you and your  bank. When you1 arrange a loan, that is  strictly between you and your bank.  When ypii discuss private financial matters  y<m know they  your bank  iwrill stay private.  '��� A  Such privacy is the  very essence of  Canadian banking. It permits you to deaf  with your bank and to use its      r  many services on a basis of complete  confidence and trust.  SRO NSORBB   B Y   TO U R^-9-'A'M-K  ter in full swing for this occasion  old-time visitors find us very  much changed.  Enjoyed a call from Mr. and  Mrs. Bert Mann who were at the  hotel, and also Mr. and Mrs. N.  Haslett, who were staying with  the Whitakers at Davis Bay.  t, Miss Moncrieff also looked irj  on us . . . Saw Nora Lea Dunn  enjoying a brief holiday and Mr.  and Mrs. *Stan Cameron . . . Mr.  and Mrs. Yellowlees getting the  cottage/ready for- the season, also Mr. Donald Ross visiting-his  mother . . . Mr. and Mrs. Keith  ^Killick visiting Mr. and Mrs.  Stewart Killick, and Rev. and  Mrs. Norman Thompson at Shady Nook . . . Mr. Roger Simning  back from Vancouver after a few  days' change from the Garage  . . . also Mrs. Mabel Mitchell and  Miss Leona Simon visiting the  Roger Simnings.  Mrs. W. Bristow and Mrs. Dorothy Bruin visiting Mrs. Frank  French ... Noticed a Vancouver  Province reporter at the opening  of the new cafe . . . Mr. and Mrs.  Alec Sinclair, brother of James  Sinclair, M.P. for this riding, also were guests at Rockwood  Lodge. Dick Clayton won the  cake at the drawing, and Miss  Brazier, a guest at Rockwood,  won the kitchen set. $5 in merchandise, No. 58037 is still to be  claimed,. and if not claimed will  be forfeited to the next number.  Apparently Mr. Fred Mills is  a very efficient guide amongst his  many other accomplishments . .  Met some very enthusiastic fishermen who had been with him  and were they thrilled. They even phoned long distance to Tacoma about their luck at fishing  and just raved about Sechelt and  the wonderful time they had at  the Lodge.  A grand time was enjoyed by  the kids, both young and old; at  the annual school sports day^oir  May 21. The teachers Worked  very hard to make thjs a success  and deserve a lot of credit. The  winners at the close of the day  were:  Girls 6-8:  Janet Power, boys,  Gordon Pollock.  Girls, 9-10-11:   Ruth Tyson;  boys, Ted Scott.  Girls   12-13:   Heather   McRae;  boys, Ken Newcomen.  Girls-14-15: Jean McRae, boys,  Norman Joseph.  All-round winners: girls, Jean  McRae, boys, Teddy Scott.  Refreshments were served under the convenorship of PTA.  members Mrs. Al Mee and Mrs.  R. Jay, with ladies of the PTA.  helping. I am asked to thank all  those who so ably assisted these  two ladies.  At the last executive meeting  of the Sechelt VON plans were  discussed for a gigantic beach  party some time in July. Mrs.  Cecil Lawrence ..will be the general convenor and will anounce  the date later.  2u.fAi.ia sitpjaSueg  SECHELT���Ross Laycock was  fined $15 and costs by Magistrate S. McKay when he was, convicted of driving to the common  danger through Sechelt.  Joe Keltos of Selma Park was  fined $25 and costs May 15 for  failing to obey a police siren,  while driving on the wrong side  of the rqad.  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our Prices!  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries  Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  Fish Camp  We how have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  ) Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  ic RESTMORE FURNITURE:  Beds, Springs, Mattresses  * GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES: Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  if FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  ORAN'S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B. C. ��� Phone 230  >_���  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463F PJione Mar. 3439  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCpAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B.C. Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, May 28, 1948  Capital Reflections  A National Minor  r , - '  Of Humor, Pathos  By REG JONES  IT'S   A   MILLION   miles   from  Ottawa's   comment  ca  ca?   to  British Columbia's kla how ya!  'I have been back on the West  turned the great green sward of  Parliament Hill into a mosaic of  *-�����_.      ... ,, ,   ,   color   on   historic   occasions   are  ^t^VZLTf^ ��l -�� bUt forgotten as are the purposes for  already the years I spent in our whfoh  thfiV wer<1  assembled  ���fo.r. r.r.rv.ini/.T.'c. +v. y.^ <*._,��_,_ ������__  wnicn tney were  assemoiea.  Forgotten top are the surging  fair Dominion's three-faced cap-  ^uSLh^^ lnt�� ^ realm cro^^^h^S^^t^^  oi unreality. welcome    the    world's    great-  'Here in this Land bf the Lotus Churchill, Montgomery, Truman,  Eaters, with its white-robed deGaulIe, and the rest whose  mountain sentinels and sunsets passage through the capital be-  that flood the fjords with molten came.a routine assignment; dim  gold and copper, it is difficult ta are the scenes in the House of  believe that such a place as Ot- Commons when the Dominion's  tawa exists, where all the wor- leaders spoke to hushed members  ried little people sleep on the iri voices heavy with historic por-  lawns and canal banks in sum- tent; faded are the scenes of  mer to escape the fetid heat, and tragedy and 'disaster which  rush from one hot-air register to seemed so overwhelming at the  another all winter to keep from time we covered them, and the  freezing. rocking    ramifications V of    the  ���Here in this land where the G*Jra* "Canadian Spy Mystery.".  salt-sprinkled air is fresh and the . -But m the swirling eddies^f  song of the axe and saw rings these momentous eventsjvere the  loud, the affairs of state, pagean- little- rippling sidelights that  try and diplomatic intrigue that brought only passing and casual  have  made a schizophrenic out np*lc<| at the- time.  of Ottawa seem to be very insig-  .  ^nd st^?}gf. **.$ maLs?e5?' 5  nificant is these little incidents that flash  ��   to mind first when we think abr  THE LITTLE THINGS out Ottawa at all, which of course  In fact, it is not the scenes ��of we don't do very often,  great national import which my The humorous arid pathetic  job as newspaperman led me to little human dramas that went  witness that cling most tenac- to make up a year in the life of  iously to the hem of memory. the Capital , ..looking back ov-  fThe vast multitudes that er; the .racing days, of /. reporting  "* s ~   '~~ for "Cahada?s\most-q^        news  paper���the Ottawa Jburnial--^I  find these? are the things most  remembered* . .. and after; all; are  they not the most important?  THE FOOTNOTES LIVE  The great scenes of pomp  flourish and die in the echo of  their own fanfare, but the(little  footnotes appended to the story  of these happenings live on al-  f ways fresh in our memory.  The   pert  little   Civil  Service  j        ^ ��ii�� ��� * ��� j_ _-.j_    �����.____-_.  a heroine in her own eyes; she  was escorted out to prison disillusioned, confused and ashamed after the details of her  poverty-stricken upbringing on  the prairies had been heard in  public court",* and the realization,  of what she had done pounded  into her*heart by the presiding  judge.  .   ' :y ������'-':' | -V., ��� -��X  -....��� >,.i   ..   ....'.  '��� I remember a stalwart little  character standing outside the  gates of Lansdowrie Park when  200,000 Catholic devotees were  coming out the exits after attending drie* of the spectacles that  went to make up the Marian  Congress.  This little fellow belonged to  one of the more rabid Protestant  denominations and he carried a  large sign on the end of a stick,  upon which the words "Jesus  Saves"  were  printed.   s  Like a little chip on a flood  tide, he was borne relentlessly  along by the throngs of Catholics,  but defiantly battling.to the end,  he kept waving his banner and  heaping fire on the heads 'of his  reliious  opposition^  The leading figures in our national life had their humorous  moments, too, in which most of  them revealed the fact so often  forgotten-���that they're just like  you and me, only more so.  FAMOUS HELD  One of my favorite yarns evolved out of a little incident 1ft  the Gatineau Hills a  couple of  winters rago. :, X  '���'���- ��� ���.-- Liif: y ., ...     . r\: ���-.. ���.������  A young iarmy lad was busily  changing a rear tire on his jal-  oppy at the side of the road. As  he Worked away a tall figjire  wearing a rough woollen sweater  approached on skis.  The army joe ij^oked up casually "and said "Hey, chum, gimme a hand to change this ruddy  tire, will yuh?" ~       "    :  The. man unstrapped his skis,  bent down and helped remove  the damaged fire and put on the  spare. The two chatted a while  and then; the stranger-clarnped  his skis back on.  "Well, thanks a lo|t for the help,  chiim. My name's Hawkiris. See  (Continued on Page 5) yy  TVPEWHITER5  FOR RENTALS  or  .I...--., repairs  Phone 255  Poto_-__1_iverNews  ���<:.,. .Stationery Dept.  .  ffoirftitese  mommf  ��� United States dollars allowed for pleasure travel  are limited to $150 per  person for the 12 months  between Nov. 15,1947 and  Nov. 15/1948.  ��� A Form H Permit, obtainable at any bank, is  required by anyone taking  out of Canada more than  $ 10 U.S., or" more than a  total of $25 in Canadian  and United States funds.  p sterio sitting in a restaurant sip  __B   -r\lv*re '        !___����� W*��__��_l_"f��_cp4-   '-      /-��.* r��_.T?_  ��� Special allowances of  United States funds for strictly business travel may be  secured, but... applications  must be accompanied by  certificates from employers.  ��� Applications for U.S.  funds for travel for health  or educational reasons.must  be made on special forms  obtainable at banks.  This caution is given for  the    guidance    of   the  9   public and to help avoid  possible  embarrassment  1 at border points.  FOREIGN EXCHANGE CONTROL BOARD  OTTAWA  ���_'.    FEB ���  mmmmmm  g ping'   her    breakfast    of    coke  L through  a straw between puffs  g of a cigaret, wondering whether  1 to accept the boss' invitation to  P spend the week-end -with him at  f a nearby resort,^br take her $57  | salary   cheque   for   the   month,  | pack up and go home to Manitoba  1 . . .  . the smile of a little boy  struggling valiantly to be brave  as they  carried him  in to  the  | hospital on a stretcher along with  " dozens of others maimed in the  famous Almonte train"' wreck.  I   remember   well  how   Greer  Garson arrived in Ottawa from  Hollywood.   It was the dead of  | night, and the only part of Otta-  " wa she'd seen was the inside of  1 Union   station   and   the   tunnel  I leading to the Chateau Laurier.  || Half-way   up    the   tunnel    she  || turned,  smiled cojdy, at ,the xe--  || porters tagging behind and  be- y  �� nignly said "My, isn't Ottawa a v  i lovely city. I think it's just beau-  It if ul!"   "������    '"':'*  v v    x:.  | SORDID BYrPLAT^     x^  |     I remember well little Emma  | Woikin, the pitiful pawn in one  | of the chapters "in the Red Spy  expbse;    The    newspapers    had  called   her   pretty,   perky, . and  gay. -j  She tried so hard to live up to  it, but just couldn't. She stopd  in the great prisoner's box, her  face chalky arid pallid, the  cheeky little chapeau she had  bought clinging limply to her  head, her clothes all, rumpled  from the heat in the dirty old  courtroom.  She had entered the courtroom  x  ii  Heavy seas . . . the propeller races as the stem lifts  high out of the water and the strain on the engines  must be taken . x. by the lubricating oil. ThatY  why Standard of B.C. Marine Products are carefully  ^ngine^r^  trouble-free operation under all weather conditions.  If you have a lubrication problem, write or call the  Marine Department, Standard of B.C. ; Let their  lubrication engineers recommend the right oils to  give   you   continuous,   heavy   duty   performance.  HOARD  0ft  COMPANY OF  BRITIS  Head Office: 355 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C.  H   COLOMBIA   LIMITED  -       Refinery: Stanovan, B.C.  .; ft  1  ������sf,i


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