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The Coast News Apr 16, 1948

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 Serving a Progressiva, pd ^rpwixig \  Area on B. C.'s Sout^rnjCds^J^__.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, Pender Harbour, Wilson  CJreek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing;- Egmont^ Hopkin^I^anding,  Brackendale, ��� Cheekeye,  etc.  K  Vol.  No. 39  By   PEABL   PUNNETT  ! The United i Church Ladies' Aid  held, a very successful daffodil  tea _ at the home of Mrs. H. A.  Westoii^ on March 31st. Being a  beautiful day, lots of ladies attended, and the grand total of  $42 wa?. raised for their funds..^  The house was decorated very  nicely with flowers and the serving table was laid* with lace cloth,  silver candlesticks with yellow  candles and ^a centre piece of  daffodils.   Mrs. Tom Gifford and POWELL.River Company.had a  r ����rrB;&��sn_en bt ���_._��__ coastnr&ws, xxMrssn *v.-  Business Office:  Seclxelt, B.C.     ^   '=;'      i National Adyertisin.r.^Office, Powell Sive^S.C,  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, April 16, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by mail.  Essay Contest Winners  Mrs. J. Matthew poured tea.  * r-.  On Saturday evening, April 31,  the Women's Auxiliary to the  Canadian Legion branch 150, put  "on a whist drive with bingo for  the younger folks and a dance  after.  The top score,, for the gentle-  Peak Year HH  By Paper Firm    Express Views  ..corporation  Need Stressed  SECHELT���The need for improved fire fighting equipipent  arid protection was stressed at a  recent meeting of the Sechelt  section of the Peninsula Board of  Trade, held at the Sechelt United  _.._  ���  .WJft,w_._   ��... w- MacRae     urging    incorporation, poratioii! It w^ Mr. R.  S. Simning vblf  day by Harold S. Foley, president, This week, the essay of Yvonne wait a few years as the cost of  unteered  to .build  a  trailer; for  said  that the No.  8 paper ma-  B���oker,   which   was, the   other  firiancing incorporation would be;.��� the  express  purpose  of  moving  record year in '47, boosting returns to shareholders from $1.60  in 1946 to $2.75, and at the same  time putting $6 million into expansion. ���  The annual report,  issued to  LAST   week   the    Coast   News  printed   the   essay   of   Jeanne  to warrant the necessity of incor-  winner in the high school con-  We are "hot ready for  incor-  fme_.-*a.'won by J. Grant, and %��$^f^ff *�� come into pro- presente_.  ^Tor.^^   g\�� SS^lS^SBi^A M1SS BROOKEH>S ESSAV  (E. Lawrehce and Mrs.  J.  Pair- *ntire newsprint industry."  i greaves.   Mrs. Lawrence won on .   Net   earnings   in   1947   were  ,the cut of cards, the" low score $6,012,349, or $4.47 per share.  (was v held by Mrs. P. Punnett.' This compared with .1946 net of  /Mrs.  Pete Wood made  and do-  $3,440,378,.or $2.56 per share. Mr.  nated an iced cake to be raffled Foley credited-increases to great  practjcally the same for a; smali ":'&*.$��� equipment to the scene of the  community as for a larger 6he.     )flre quickly. The trailer, :attachr  **&; example; rche ^i^tV.f^^^,;^ !��ffi&  loaded with the equipment arid  ready for instant use. Mr. SinT-.  ning volunteered  to store it at  .. ,    ^ ,      we would need for keeping up  poration  just  yet.   Our  popula-  five Mlfes of road would be the  tion is too small and scattered, saine expense as equipment need- .Wo-M oW  Sechelt is now building up at a ed for keeping up 15 miles of hls SaraSe-  steady pace so why not wait for  road# We would have to pay a Mr- H- w- Aggett, president; of  a   few   years?-Many   lots   have  secretary and1 there.���mayvnot be tiie districtorSanization^stressed  SSL^*  was w??. ^ Mrs.  H. er efficiency and, higher -pricey   , .to build, many of whom have al- T^SpIns^  ��}\�� ^ma ie^h pla^e  do" * ��f the current years earmn^  ready started clearing .their pro- u��&a e*��ai^ uixdevelbD^ distrS the $5 membership dues per an-  nated by Mrs. E.  Ore-was raf- $2,314,438 was, "re-invested or re- perty, which gives a definite pro- w^ulcl^too hi^ln^^on nunvwere too high .  fled -and won by Mrs.,E: Law- tained in the business.'?  W(*king mise of a substantial increase in w^^^u^^%^S|^_- dividual membership  and that in-  slibuld cost  now lkss while business memberships  rence.    The   raffle   tickets   were, capital at end of 1947 was $7,- .the population  in  a few  years.  wfed    If   wp   inrnrnnrate   r,f_w          town  by  little  Sharlehe  Law- 267,688, against $9,354,837 at end This, would provide a  sufficient  practically the wholeT-unount of re���ai�� the same  ^5C��__ i^l^?e?ts were .served  of 1946.       .                                         revenue from taxes to.adequately .taxes would be spent' on essen- Another   suggestion   was   that,  tvE'      to*> i��'01��   .? 1??ce'      Annual meeting  will  be  held   finance.incorporation.                       tial expenses, leaving very little since the Sechelt District of the  Li'-Tr"?^f I->.^?s.i^??f *��r April 27, at 2 p.m., in Hotel Van-   *   If we incorporate now we will  for improvements   of  any  other Sechelt Peninsula Board bf Trade  ^.,W^^i^ytk��_ddy_^'ttfe couver. [   ,  wet-nightf there was a fair at-  idahce. ..-.  ,      *      -    -'" x  %ery glad ;to see Billy James  _. er-again, ;after > few i weeks  (^��p^v_^^l^'jeg.   > /  IlJ*s%&&��^ up: over  weekend.:"s  Unlocked Safe  Robbed of $120  be working on a shoe string. The kind. On the other hand, if in- and the Sechelt Improvement As-  district is not. built up enough corporatibn was postponed for a Ration, cover the same worlc,  7-t^ -,.    '   . '  few years the-taxes collected at ^ey should amalgamate.  that time would be sufficient to  provide a balance to be used on  improvements. '  Some:people favor incorpora  Claude  '_>  summer.  POWELL River police'are invest-  LdllilCII  r I OIvSI shacks put up alongside their mo-  ^.A^^mBW_n_u^^  at Blubbei; 3ay Thuraday morn- PoweU-River di^rict are launch- ^        ^^ hoU8e9 and ta  f._We . Evergreen    Stables    are mg' ?hf ro^y'ocduited some.ing^a, formal p^otest^against the the nee9BWXY facilities.  ��l_en "^gain  for: busing The  average  man  at  Sechelt  ifona Vernop  has >bro^ht  hS rep��^ed 5y A^ has  not  enough money  to pay  idin^ho^upfgain,;^  ^r^^^ which  Ze  wo^lS  This would decrease the need  for so many meetings, would  make a stronger organization, and  the tax payers might, be able to  tion because they-do not want f^ain  better  results;  according  -    - _ *���-    . ���* to the proponents of the scheme.  ',*���"*-�����      ��* ~w J  pany.  4. ,>     .     ^ - -.- .-.., ���. t^.Thepdosia River Vajley, Sh- certaildy have if we were goi  Sorry   to   hear   Mrs.   Murray     Local police officers Nels:Wme-xammon Indian Reserve and OkeT to  have   improvements    people  rowe;is;not very well.   She is garden, W. Dornan, O. L. IJall over Arm district.    -. inove to the country to get away  iteying; in Vancpuyer just now. and L. E. Faryon went to.Blubber     Fearing a   freeze out , the log- j^ high taxe    SQ wh    should  ithiher daughter, Mrs. Jack Mc- Bay aboard the PGD2 -to invest- ging.   operators    have    retamed we raisebour tax'esf  ffl&n: >      y , s" igate. They found entry had been Lawrence S. Eckardt to protest to     It fa quite probabie that build-  ^__       ������.' . gained through a ^window in the Deputy Minister  of * Lands  and ing restrictions would _m un ��... - ���  J^l^?^r 'po&tofr meeting post office back of the store. The Forests C. D. Orchard,, the. ap- ^^r^^i!3l  L^ donate $150 to  the Elphinstone  tOTE^^^ff^1*?^ safe wa^ ��*��*5* and ^77 to PU^on of the Vancouver Com- Xrd  to  bSfTa^oiSwMSt. ?ranc? ��f the V-^N* ����� money  Donates 5150  To V.O.N. Branch  THE WEST Sechelt V.OrN. Auxiliary held its monthly meeting at the home  of Mrs. J.  S.  Evans, at-which it was decided to  UK��*%a_f heia      _  B. H. James on  !:30 p.m.   *  at the home  df postal funds andl $100 in store cash jpany which is seeking the license ^J m~Jt"fhi' teJt^^mT^A  is part of the $3��5.0�� to be raised  April 13, at had been removed^No merchan-  under- terms , of the Forest Act ^erefoS would?h��w? to leU thSr for the  dise was stolen.  *��.^ ii.  the services of an. additional  nurse in this district, ail of which  Intoxication Fine  which allows a. company to ob- jots and move elsewhere  fingerprints   _md^otheriuriclues tain perpetual rights to tracts of      ^    - -,     -   .____" _.���,. is  to be raised by  the  various  ^ *_^_* *w��^ k.- _.^k_.__-    x     land prided the company un- ��* f��JH�� ^It^^tZ^ Auxiliaries'   The   West   Sechelt  A^^i~ -*~^+ +u_- f_.__/�� be adversely affected, m that an Auxiliary is the first to meet its  are being, traced hy police?  de55f^e^^ reforest the areas,     r incr^ase ^ taxes would entail  ^ePo_rel^ft_lvel.d^5L?^ considerable expense for him.  quota. *  If an additional nurse is  ob-  ��C_-_l!LT--Gordon Sinclair, -em- CANADA'S DISPLAY  ployeexrf the Sorg Pulp Com-   ' Dominated hy ^ 25-foot lsonin: erators  who have been logging     wh nonulation erows  as  . ���" X" "-"".: X_"ii3C "  w~  ���any at Port Mellon, was JBned ated wooden arcn, Canada^ dis- in the, area  for a .considerable ;-t a^uSS S%n *VIZ _^,S ��f tamed services will be extended  10 ^and costs by Magistrate S. play at the I Manchester Building number bf years feel that if aK " 'SS^fZ,!^ JS��M !rom their Present boundaries at  'MacKay at Sechelt April 12. He^Trades. JExhibition;- this   spring forest    management    license    is   eaay ror incorP��ran��n- West Sechelt to Pender Harbour.  ���leaded guilty to a charge of be- features^ Jimber, .and the import- granted to any outside firm, they  ing intoxicated in a public place, ant contribution that Canada is in would lose their investments and  Offense occurred,at the JSorg Pulp- a position to make- towards Brit- be forced to shift for themselves  ^Company's office April, 11. f ish and European^ reconstruction, elsewhere.  Drive i6rJ^OH.  auncned at bechelt  , f v ?^The loggers^pjrptest' m^tintainsr  ^that the-he^ie^t!area of matured  "'timber "whidlf exists in this dis-  ready for incorporation.  Struck By Log,  Driver Killed  Britannia; Squamish  Schools  i  .SECHELT ��� Mammoth   V.O.N.  drive  for funds necessary to cover.  MORE than $6,000 in food, clothing,   medical  and  school  sup-  ........     ���,,      ,    .     ���. Plies will soon go to needy child-  trict is m the Theodosia River SECHELT���James McCallum, 40, ren abroad as the result of con-  VaUey and that if a newcomer was Mned instantly ~ when an tributions by British Columbia  moved in with a forest manage- 8-ton log crushed him against the school children to the Canadian  ment license it would be unfair steering wheel of a truck at the Appeal for Children,  to the small operators who have Lamb-Lumber Company camp on Contributing to this total were  , made their .plans to carry on in April 12. ' Britannia    Beach    elementary  that area for many years to come.     Accident    happened    at    8:30 school,  whieh sent  $20 to  pro-  They charge also that it is   un- a.m. while. McCaUum0was help-  vmcial headquarters, and Squa-  jextend the nursing service on the In order to have all arrange- fair that the Legislature should ing ioad logs at the camp track mish    senior     high-elementary.  ^Peninsula   started   off   with   a ments  completed  and  the  new tie up  in perpetuity* forest re- side. Heel of the loading boom which raised $32.  double   drum-beat, that ..should nurse installed by September the sources   for  any   specific   inter- broke,   releasing   a   log,   which  set the tempo for the whole cam-, sum of $2,000 must be in hand by ests which .would be' the case if 'crashed into the rear of the cab,  paign.  West  Sechelt'^ Auxiliary May >31st.         '    :                   ..... a forest management license were pinning   McCalUim   against   the  president,  Mrs. ~W. Berry, pre- Quotas have been, set: up* for .granted to an outside applicant."-driver's wheel, The dead man is  sented a cheque for $150 to Mrs. the  areas, as  follows:.' Hopkins,  , -X ���     survived  hy  his  wife  and two  [{Arnold,   Board   president.   This Granthams, $450; Gibsons,. Gow- LAW NOT NEW                              children.  ^presentation, on the day thedriye >r Point, $1,000; Roberts Creek,      The new Public Safety and Re-,   Ronald Joe,  head  loader,  in-  .)opened, augured well for the sue-. $550; Wilson Creek, Davis Bay," sponsibility Law; .. now in force jured  his  ankle   when   he' was  -cess of the drive/ $250'; Selma Park $250;" Sechelt,' in British Columbia is'not a new "thrown to the ground from the  'r   Necessity for extension  of "^ Porpoise Bay $350; West Sechelt idea.   The principle of the netxf' truck cab, where he was stand-  fO.N. service is based on the wide $200; Halfmoon Bay, Silver Sands B.C. law was first tried out in ing.  ^territory jvhich one .nurse has to $450; Madeira Park $100.   *             the state of New Hampshire.             An inquest was held April 14.  *  " '���"^"'Jl'<rf i Page Two       THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT^ B. ���.  Friday, April \6t .IW8  ���y_li A SS  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  By  Maldy Thomas  By "SLIM"  SCHOOL resumed this week af-      ^ ^ well j wag home precent decline  During 1347 there were.4,765,-  00$ hogs marketed in Canada, a  slight increase of the 4,465,^00  marketed in'1946. However,' in  Western Canada there was a_*-22  ter   the   happy,, rather   damp       , .    ,  .  ,  .... ���M��� T,^,  Easter holidays We noticed the ^JwA.J?1nMASVnf^��?  f absence of two pupils in the ln the ����**><* ^spring cleaning,  high school, yes,. Roy Wallis and J P^red and painted one room  Murray Begg have left school for toda^ �� thats one less* '  good. They will be especially Would like to congratulate Mr.  missed m the .softball, jgameis, and Mrs. P. Smalgeski (nee Bet-  wnere they really did good work ty Russell) oh the birth of a son.  m the field. So, we are wishing  them the best of, luck"' wherever      Hope   Mrs.   Gord  Mounsey   is  they  may   go;- they  were  swell up   and' around   again, ,she  has  sports. But, to make up for that been in bed a week, very ilL  we have a new pupil in Mr. El-      __._    ., ...     ,      -. u T  "i   i-�� ��  __^ liott's   room-Ray   Whiting.   We u W��uld l*e to w^sh Jack Dun-  FOR SALE . FOR SALE hope you'll like it here, Ray, we bar ever success in his venture  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to 2   BROOD   sows,   farrowing   in see you have quite a "wing" with  to the East*  or from Vancouver 'Low rates.      March and May. $100 each. One the" softball.      * -     ' -was UD to Souamish on Wed-  Fast   service    Careful   handling   boar pig, $50. A. E. Cook, Las-      The Dramatic Club has resum- nesday ��dhoped���fii��n this  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf queti Island, B.C. 39 ed rehearsals for it's three one- ^f^^ASSTB^^ST and  KEYS TO ORDER FOR SALE "   actPlays�� which were postponed mys'elf were staying at our good  ALL KINDS, of keys made to RIFLES: .303 British Enfield ��ita!te*nw *L*in^^S���?8 f^ an<LTed Tut*?.of  * , order. Send sample you wish converted sporting models; tWe^lav��T nt rKnJ ftnP TSfi ?rackendale. <^fter walking  duplicated. Muir's Hardware, at high-power precision repeaters.. {��1* j^-f ^S^-S^1^ Allce says 2t must be 20 Tmles^'  Powell River (Westview) B.C. "^J^*b^ Com- g* ��* ^o^Be^otf ?s Hope to see a big turn out to  MiqCET T ANFOTTQ ���?    Rr_cf   nLiSSSi ^S^JSSS sta��e manager, and he is doing go to the -Townsite on Wednes-  WE UPITOLSTER ^n2S! make mode-win SSw *S55����J a wonderful job with the limited day and Thursday to the Dram-.  Wsli������ ^Xltc^^^^ ���=ft[ff^ without-him atic *^*^.����^.  and do take pride in our work- S, Ottawa, Ontario. 40 J^S^LS l~L��� ESLi VJw  manship. Free estimates. Usher's  STUDENT'S SHOW local talent.  Yard Goods Shoo, Gibsons   BC FOR SALE      . On April 7 the P.T.A. held ��-      ���        . ,.   .. .  P' ^1Dsons< *g�� WATERFRONT lots at head of double   feature   movies   for  the  e ?��Pe for_ a ��g *_Jrn ?ut ne ,*        Pender Harbour. Write or con- school pupils. The pictures were  5aSirdayA to._ *Jle xFoundryinan s  FOR SALE tact H. Williamson or A. Egner,  "Cisco Kid Rides the California BaU ��n AP"X i1- * wj* over tox  ROBERTS Creek���3-room semi- Pender Harbour. 39 Trail"   and   "Teen  Agers   Holi- ?F Harry Nobles^and as usual  furnished cottage to rent. Water  PT ^nrxr^  d&"  tbe  lat^  sending every-   he ���as in his dog house working  "p 11' .a  --> .    ���  Specialists in Logging &  Contracting Equipment"  Cut Costs  Boost Output  <    *&  POWER CHAIN SAW  Fully automatic clutch \. . . Only  one operating Uver, th�� throttl��  .. . Cannotb�� stalled ...  72 lb*, and up.  Oil oc Writ, for PaapU^t  B.C DbfribaiM*  front. Adults. H. Smith F. R. 1, pnwFP ���iPL0?FG   ��� one   home^^th^chihg ^sidi". hard, making such grand prizes  Gibsons Landing, B.C. 39 P��^f* S^l <%��* r^Qn; Around the middle of the show **** dan��e; I only hope I'm   -���      abJf   rates.   E.   Cook,   Wilson Mr. Truemari got up and went *u^y enou6h t0 wm "V one of  WE BUY AND SELL Creek. ; ?? outside.   On   his   return  it   was  thc:m*  JEtlFLES"  and    shotguns    bought __ WANTED i?*1���?1. to see hitA groping for      Would like to make, a correc-  and sold, also all kinds of used GOOD milk cow, Jersey prefer- the chair that was not there. We tion and an apology. A lady was  goods,  furniture,  clothing,  tools,      red.   Gordon  Mcintosh,   Half-  wonder what the fellows in the here and told me Mr. and Mrs.  etc.   Square   Deal   Store,   West- moon Bay. ,40   ha& row knew about it?, sid Xe�� Jiad a son, ^t.tnat5i_t  ���     ,TW?  m��le M&'J^kZF* incorrect, as the>feig eVent fe yet  yiew, B.C.  FOR SALE  QNE   ACRE,   at   Mederia   Park,  1 bordering highway  and Mad-  eria Park road near wharf. $500.  t_ _^    ������ ��j_r___.* ^ ___* ****        *^%" * ^       *& ' _i * ��� _.  FOR  WEANER pigs  Sechelt B.C.  L ?^E ^  �� _ ^   S^bWn ^J^s^^^H-^t t�� happen, so accept my apolog-  . Apply O. Rolph, ation and "God of ,the Atom", both ies p^ . ^        '   isiim  4a in Techmcolor. Bojkh were splen-  ~ did pictures and beaStil^l jOibis  of .flowers   arid  spine, thrilling  please  ".    >aYli.i^'.K,w' I  EgUIPMENT��0.,iTD.  ��  395 West 5th Ave.  FAJ030-UANCD0UERBC  FOR SALE  -XT-V'  ^ "i  f^ r <���"'p  Apply   Mrs.   Mae   Reid,  IrVi^es SILENT .Glow Range, ol-lnnmBri aU��tiB} of the..atomic: bimbirifc vat  Landing,   B.C. . -   42     with   copper   coil   and   tank Bikini!; These two piauf4is%ot_ld  pump^-almost new,  ^5.00.   Mr. be of high scientific value to any-  Frank Farrow, Granthams Land- one who sees them.  41     The noon hour softball games  "    are being carried on again, and  the   high  school  is   starting  to'  42  FOR SALE  ONE ROLL, top desk, $25. Mrs.  ing.  W. D. Gilbert, Selma Park. 39 ���._, e,AT_.   __ FOR SALE  FOR RENT HOUSE on Sechelt highway, near SSr��"S_  7��WL ".  Bia"^S  w  NEW   waterfront    cottage,    full.    Roberts Creek, 7 rooms, small ma?jL Sj?" w^^fffi . elore  plumbing     including     cement acreage. Apply Peninsula Realty, ^af��l f^f^^'I^1?61 ^  wash   tubs,   new   range;   sitting Roberts Creek.                             41 y��u,let the y^nger set show you.  room,   hedroom,   kitchen,   bath- ���    *X  room and utility room. Furnished. MISCELLANEOUS ��� ��� ������-  Rent,   $30.  a  month.   Mrs.  Jack START  a lavender farm.   Fifty     Coast> News-classified ads~ will  Potts, Irvines Landing, B.C.    39 plants in at least three varieties seU' r��nt.' buy> and swap for, you  >     ^        L < ���    . , 'v.  >��n09>IVH ��QN3d  LOTS  delivered for $8.50., Small plants at very low cost  for border, 50 for $6.50, larger af  FOR SALE  size, 100x250 ft. Rarty 25c and 35c. Dwarf asters <Mich-  , ' cleared. One block from beacb*. aelmas daisies) 5 * different for  facmg south. Ten minutes walk $1.00, including. the lovely "Li-  from  wharf.  Youngson,   echelt.    iac Time"; 5 tall varieties same  -: ;    39 price.     Beautiful    "Harrington's  MISCELLANEOUS Pihk"�� 35c each�� 3 ��6r,��5c Way-  LAND    levelling    and    plowing Slde Gardens, R.R.1, Gibsons, B.C.  ;  with ractor. Geo. Elarider, Shaw      41  Road, Gibsons, B.C. -45 , WANTED  ' FOR SALE ROWBOAT, about 12 feet, good  NEW house finished 26x33, wood-      condition.     Give    particulars,  shed 12x26; 2% acres, one clear-, Price. B..H. Warden, PenderHar-  ' ed. Spring wfiter.^e^. 200 grapes bour, B.C.        J-  and logah vines. Price $3400��� Ap- mtqp^t t AixwcrtKi  |ly James Szabo, Roberts ��*t, ^ F^^ffif4eneiSr  g'P' 39     famUyl;m^thly -m^gffii.^ of.  ^^^.WSCJXLANEQUS great t iirtei;est to aH. eoast gar-  ROTO-TILLER ~ , power, tiller, #^ersVt Oneyear, $1^, ,or, three  i���,does,the work in, one opej*- ^rsJor^2.?M). Fre^h^qk "qom-  tion���of plow, disc an�� harrow* P^st.and.Hpw 1*o Make It^.^th  iCall ox .write Cliff Leach, ;Qib- 4#.00 subscription. A.( Jf Andrews,  sons,  B.C. ��,   tfn R.R.1, Gibsons, B.C."    ..        ,   4l  pafijiM|3 souaiipg.  9NIQ13M ��� XHOM 3NIH3VW  , >     *~     Jr * ,  'J.  \r    .    .J.  (, GUUp LINES  GULF LINES LTD. PASSENGER AND EXPRESS SCHEDULE OF OPERATIONS BETWEEN  VANCOUVER and WESTVIEW. CaJfirtfl ��t Se^t,/HaJfrnoon Bay/ Pender Harbour, Vananda,  Blubber Bay, LundXBI^  <    NbrthboufMj  Lv. vancbHver    ,  Ar. Se<efieK\r :  Ai. Hatano6a.Baqr  Ar. Pender Hbr.  Ar. Vananda "   .  5r.|tt^|,dg.  Ar. Kfrft<9e,Ca��  MondayJ Tuesday  9.00 a.m.  NortlH  Trip  X_.x  2dD0p.m.  I  Wednesday  9:00 am.  11:15 a.in.  12_15noon  1:15 pja.  4:09 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  Thursday  9:00 im  2i30p.m.  ���*. . ���  ft*  Wdijr  9:00 km.  11:15 a.m.  1205 noon  ;:3i��p.m.  5j30l?.!n.  4KK) pm  3:15 p.m.  Saturday  12:30 noon  2:45p.m.x  3:45 pjn.  :H:^pfi9.i  6:15 p,m.  7:00 pjn.  8^ p.m.  9^0 p.m.  9^0 p.m. I MidiiHHtt  lO.'Opp.m. I Sunday*  Sunday  #30 p.m.  8:45 p.m.  _.!.     I P '  12:00 mid.  Leaves  1tf.i-r__r.i_.  .; ,pf  *  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVfiCE  !��W '  K(^lLS WlL^N ckEK      NOTE: Times ot^ th�� West��^ and Vai^^  Formerly J dck'srTgxi ond  Blowers Taxi  PNone Sechelt SC2  iV.Van  Lv. P^dcf Hir.  Lv. JHalfmoon Bay  <*^ss_______as.''<,'<7x  ^:Vinpdin��r  jiiawtop  Uste  Westvfe*  MiMi(pil  Tuesday j Wednesday  Thursday  il  ���VfS-e! 9epart5 Westview  3:15 p.m.  3:00 p.m.' 5:tWp.m.  2:00 p.m.  5_30p.m.  3J0OPM.  ^.dOpjtJ.  j7:0C.pjn. .  |9t^p.m.il(H30.P4B.  3:00 p.m.  2.-00 p.m,  ��l:00|^m.  6^0p.m.  7tiQp,m.  #05:p,m.  FriiMfif  3:15 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  5aop.m.  10.30 p.m.  Sat  . No  SooOh  iwind  Till  &15a.oi.  0:45 im.  10:00 km.  UtOdam.  IP" f a:��rt.m.  2:15>.m.  3:J5p,m.  5:30 p.m.  Smiday�� eaJls Vananda 1:00 a^n^ arrives Vancouver 7:00 un.  r h .    1.7" "' !  . ' -     -.  Ferry Wharf, Ft OrtomWa SL  if  TA. 2141  Vancouver, S.C. #Apiri��'T4>*  xTH?? C0^ST J^EWS* SECHQ^y B. 6..  Three?  During spring' cleaning don't  toow Unused articlesaway.Sell  t^i^ttt^xigh '-the.; classifieds.^  E. KESTMAH.  ii  en  f  re  for the Nurses Residence of St.  Mary's   Hospital   has   been   re-  ��*-*���*>��������---*  -..-...,..,.. . _.. ceived.  The scow load  of  pre-  MAK&adate .to attend the dance fabricated material is due to ar-  _^i Iry^ ��� Lahding 1 jHall* on ���' r^^uir -the-21^of this .month,  Friday evening,, April 30, ^spon- As"te"' Towing Company allows  sored? by the, P.H. Badmmton oniy ^ minimum of time for un-  1     The   Club   is   continuing loading the building  committee  GIBSONS P.T.A; NEWS  ..3&I^^ Club                                           .    _                                            ���____*__���,.   !ji.e^f^^^ f^�� i?C?^?_S^_*-? ^Ss ^ would* aSppredate*"Assistance^at  ��^��,r����       __*.    t.����- _n,r.��__T _���_        _..._ ix.  __. that time, so that-..the unloading  side   prevent   her -from   giving fore ccirnpleting the season,  _a&&__3��W5tft^��& Mrs. A. Pilling* vice-pres.* will    ^Sgveral^elatves^d  friends' 'SS_^S&^L^S_S-  S^��SSM^?SS^_gr��i.S carry oh until .June when elec- ?.^  l^^l^t^di.il^.^^^'erl1^ ^ *��c- tions  take  place.   The   ericyclo- Miss Margaret Freeman journey- aayise either J. Potts, R. Murdock,  "     ' pedia/that the P.T.A. has worked edto Vancouver on Saturday for C. G. Brewster, L. Humbly or A.  r  AGAIN  TO  Harbour Easter vweek.  The first shipment of lumber  V.  ��� Help,   this  year, .to   lower   the.  ,terrible toll of life.that cancer.  ' i takes in British Columbia. Support   the   B.C.   Branch   of   the ,  Canadian Cancer Society. This  agency is devoted to the vital,  -work.-of   INFORMING   people  about cancer in British Colum-  _��}a.'    Educational ��� films.,,   lec-  \ tures, literature, bursaries for  \special., training .of, nurses  *n,'  s charge of cancer patients,  the  efeta/blishment;of cancer units',  "in towns and 'cities throughout  British Columbia, and the pub- -  - lishing and mailing of an offi- ,  >" cial Cancer Bulletin to,all cam-  ���. paign: contributors are 'till part  - of the vital work done by the s  *- Society. ^$100,000 is needed  in  j ; B.C.���urgently.   Will you help?  X Thi-J la' not a charity ... re- '  , njetnber, ��� that   your   donation",  -uaayjpajr ypu or a loved one a-'  life-saving  dividend.   Be  generous!  - Lmhi Cancer's Donaer _ d  XX''    Serials    sr-twi  liv,i. Any sore' that does not read- ,  ^ ily heal, particularly about'  "... the tongue, mouth or lips.  2. A painless, lump or thicken-'  . . ing especially on the breast, ,  ;,lip or tongue.  3. Irregular   bleeding'   or' discharge    from    any    natural  ' body opening.  4. Progressive   change   in   size  - or  color' of .> mole,   wart  or  ,-   birthmark. ���*  5. Persistent indigestion.  4. Persistent hoarseness, unex-  1   plained   coughing   or   difficulty in swallowing.  . 7/ Any change in > normal bowel  habits.  GUARD THE ONES YOU  LOVE . . . GIVE TODAY  CONQUER CANCER  -tontf   .four  Contribution icir-^  CONQUER CANCER  CAMPAIGN, 1948  Vancouver, B.C.  720 Howe St..  It B. Buckerfield, President,  B.C.  Branch,, Canadian  Cancer Society.  Maj.-Gen. JF\ .F_   Worthing"  '   ton,'C.B., M.C., M.M., Provincial Campaign1' .  * Chairman. -   '   '- >��� -f ��v_  A. C. Turner, ,..".    :'. X / '..5  Hon.* Campaign. Treasurer.  K  I  for ������t_fe^���-;ye:axi.���^is^���'���veIy;���'neBa"vthe��� their wedding,  goal^nd credit i^due ^ladies Miss Kathwyn Murdoch of Port  for ^r^ea^ the^past year. Alberni spent%'few days in the  Alports day May 24th is also on rr����wx_-��-v&^*^-.. ,^^ X7  ther agenda. It is hoped that this  may be a Children's day. exclusively,  games,  May Queen,  folk  dancing, Pro-Rec, and a dance in  the evening.  More on this later. Mrs. Harry Gough returned from  ��� a trip to the Island. Tymac has  Womens    Auxiliary   Legion been doing,yeoman service dur-  Notes���A tea will*be held April ing the past -vyeekx taking Fer-  23 in the- United Church hall in rie's place. Two trips  a day to"  aid of parcels to be sent during Fisherman's Cove.  It's whispered  the year, to ailing ex-service men around,  that  we are  gonna get  and   their   families   in  England, some real boat service here in the  Auxiliaries all over B.C., have ad- next   few   weeks.   It's   all   very,  opted   these   families,   and   each Hush Hush. I can't seem to pin  auxiliary have undertaken to sup- this down.  ply one food parcel a month to ����� i. '          <-,_.       _.       i____j  these  people.   Gibsons  have  air ., fishermen Gibson branch held  ready MaHed-two with contents ^nefir almu^ dmn,f and da���%  donated by members. It is to de- Iast w^ ^ey tell me they had  fray fctfpehses'of postage that this  a wonderful dinner, I believe it  tea will be held was a ^h > dinner' Ken+ Jra-  ser, B.C. Packers representative,  ' Gibsons suffered loss of one of attended the dinner, only thing  its  pioneer   citizens,   last   week f..00^^1 out of him wa^,  H*  when John Corlett Sr., died in llked   Gibsons   very   much",   of \[  Vancouver Hospital. He was - 76 courSe he wasn l kidding,  years of age and leaves his wife      D'r> and Mrs; R A> skelton have  two, sons,   one  in  Gibsons,  and purchased house on the hill near  one m Napiu. Mr. Corlett served Mrs.  E#  Sergeant,   and  will  be  on the Village council for several with us pretty soon>  years, and worked for the ben-  efit of the community for many - The, V.O.N. held their drive for  years in other, ways. He will' be collections, but there seems  missed from his wonderful gar- nothing you can do about it, un-  den. His familiar figure bending der   present   system   of   things.  * over those even rows of early Some of the girls didn't fare so  vegetables once so familiar to us well���they have had doors slam-  all,  we ^ will  see  no  more,  but med in their face, and sorrte even  .we-'llpnevei^pass that garden with- ^said"tK^,dtidbnate: to. anything  out remembering him there. but Y.Q._$.!vIt'S hard to under-  May he rest in Peace. stand  such  statements   and ac-  \ tions as there's very few of us  "This 'n That"���Constable. Pet- that have at some time or an-  erson tells me that the dog lie-* other not had something to do  epse regulations will be enforced, with the V*O.N. nurse. Rich or  How? Well,' he won't take your pobr, your treatment is the same,  dog if you don't pay the license, whether you can pay or do not  he will prosecute. Don't say .you pay. Another nurse for this dis-  haven't been warned. When are trict is certainly one of the things  they due? Right now. One dol- that, is needed, first in this area,  lar for male arid $2 for a female, If we do not get this nurse, cer-  so line forms on right.  Should tain; ser vices will be cut and it  get  my  dog's  licenses  free  for may be service to you. If you did  this.  Incidentally  the  Constable not donate to the girls who were  has a pet named "Daisy", who in canvassing, or if you were mis-  a few days or more, will make sed, contact Mrs. Lorraine Mac-  hirn a few little .presents. Any- kay,   of   V.O.N.   Auxiliary,   and  one who would like.a pet; I'm help  us obtain our quota. $500  sure he'd be glad to oblige.   ,..   must   be   obtained   by   May,  to  ,.  .",.,' -f.> ~* *x     -    make   ourV application   for   this I  >; Weather has been sp miserable nurse. '  here lately, ijt's given us quite a ��� ^���. ���  few patients. Mrs. Ryan of Gower |j'*!IWIi!l  Point is very ill..Mrs* Chatt is m  confined to herded. Mr. Green- __=  wood   had   a   near   brush  with I  pneumonia, but is up and around ���  again. Our, Herbie of Sunset store ||  fame, dropped a stove or some-_. m  thing heavy like that on his foot. 8  He's limping around. It's whis- ���  pered that Herbie ,has t^o left g  feet. Is that right Herb?ir WonT '*  .'! der how Frank _3ailey likes his ���  p^^aew job on thaf fisheries patrol H  ;,bbaf -Arrqwpost? Also wonder,.-if m  he's  been  seasick yet.  Mr.  and H  Ritchie.  Wm. McFadciesi  Optometrist  GIBSONS  -._  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment';  Every day except Thursday  t  X  "BUY MEAT WITH  CONFIDENCE"  H. KENNETT, Butcher ��� Gibsons. B.C.  Next door to Bank of MontVeal  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  it RE&TMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  it GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:  Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  * FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  ��!���  RAN S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B. C. ��� Phone 230  f-  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. ,0463F Phone Mar. 3439  . BULLDOZING,, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  ,  ..   CLEARUSTG, E2CCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibsons  SEE.ED*BAMFORli - xx      :  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B. C. v  i  t.  I  PARR PEARSON AGENCIES  for  Exclusive Employment Bureau  B.C. Fir (Sechelt) Ltd.  Sechelt Phone Sechelt 37  BOOM MAN, EXPERIENCED  SLASHERMAN  ���**���  ririre repaid and re-cphditioningr accessories  are now available on convenient  installment terms.  __r_  /*���  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  *        f * ^ J . n  Boot Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  , GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons ' - Phone Gibsons 14R  *-T)  ,��J.  FOR SALE  Complete V-8 motors readily adapted to marine use or for stationary  work.  In future all deliveries of stove oil  will be on a C.O.D. basis. Please do  not ask the driver for credit.  i  SILVER GRILLE SERVICE STHf ION  FORD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK  .v.-��  iwmimwt  in Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C,_  Friday, April 16, &48  Kitchen Kapers  By JANE DRURY  IT MUST be Spring when I am  found wandering very far from make a dressing or stuffing, as  nume.  I thought it was time  I some pe0ple prefer to call it. If  visited the different districts  to beef   patties,   go   easy   on   the  see what they had to offer the onions but for veal you may in-  busy housewife these days. I star- crease  the   onions   slightly,  and  ted at Cranberry Lake and was bring out the'flavor with herbs,  greatly   interested   in   the   stock your 0^n choosing. I prefer sage  Brown Bros, kept m their store, myself. Put.the dressing between  both  in  the  meat  division  and tWo   patties   and   hold   together  the grocery Dept. I was partic- with one strip of side bacon and  ularly   interested   m   their, new toothpicks. Fry in mild dripping  meat cutting machine Mr. Brown until brown on both sides. Two  very kindly demonstrated for me. patties if extended with the rdl-  I could have a lot of fun with one iing pin4 will be ample for two  of   those   machines   around   our people, If you don't wish to lise  home,   I   think,   but   having  no dressing    between   ^he    patties,  bones   to  cut   or  pick  either,   I how about some fluffy and onion  had better stick to my pots and, seasoned mashed potatoes.    ���'  pans.   The . next   time   you   are*    ,'       _.       , ,,    .  shopping in Brown Bros, store, I continued my w^idering un-  be sure and get a package of *1 J reached Hmdle's Foodland.  Minute Tapioca and make the As food is what I am .always in-  following recipe.. ' * terested in, I went inside to have  _.._-.---   ��...*,.*.���__   ^t_t--_*       a  look  around.  What   surprised  BANANA TAPIOCA CREAM       me m0re than anything else was  Scald 2 cups of milk in double the variety of dehydrated vege-  boiler  and  add  2  tbsps.  quick- tables on the shelves, particularly  cooking (minute) tapioca and % when mere nas been such a shor-  tsp. salt. Cook 10 to 12 min. stir- tage of certain vegetables. Car- I  ring frequently. Separate 1 egg, rbts,   beets,  parsnips,and vege- I  and to the yolk add 2 tbsps. su- table  soup���yes,  they  were  all  gar and beat well with a fork, there: Serve them hot, or in sal-  Add part of the tapioca mixture ads,   but  serve  them���they  are  to this while stirring, and return g0od for y6u. I noticed that they  to the double boiler and cook un- too, have a very fine meat de-  til mixture begins to thicken like partment. After all this gadding  custard. Cool and add 1 tsp. van- around I naturally ended up in  ilia.   Before   serving,   beat   egg powell Stores, and "what do you  white until quite stiff. Fold into suppose   I   found   there���some-  tapioca mixture. In serving, peel thing really grand���a new brand  and slice 3 bananas, and arrange of cookie which has just been put  in, 4 sherbet glasses. Pour tap- on the market. They are called  ioca   cream   over   bananas   and "Log  Cabin"  cookies and come  serve. If you have any whipped in different flavors. Every home  cream on hand, spoon some on will want to keep a supply of  the top of the ci:eam.desert.*For these on hand, particularly now  variety a little color ^may,J be ad-^hat /we<*w^*be*'spendii_^  ded by topping with "a cherry or time" in'our gardens and less liihe"  a small spoon of jelly: baking. These will come in veiy  From Cranberry Lake I wan- handy when the excursion boats  dered over to Westview to  see start coming up and can be used  what was going on there. I went m many wayg-  ipto Bert's Meat Market first be-     I would suggest a few put to-  cause I knew I had to get some gether in pairs with orange fil-  meat for dinner and I knew I ling,.others would be nice with a  would be able to find something melted half of a marshmallow on  there about the price I wanted top,, or place the marshmallow on  to pay. He has some very fine the cookie and place it. under the ,  beef as well as veal patties which broiler just long enough to. melt;  he makes himself and if you pur- it and. brown the coconut which '  chase  some  from  him  and try you .have put on top, or ground;  the following recipe, I am sure almonds. Either will, make a nice  you will be glad I told you about topping   for   the   marshmallow.,  same. cookie.  BEEF, VEAL PATTIES By this time I was ready for-  This recipe is suitable. for: ei- a good. strong cup of coffee. 1;  ther beef or veal patties. Roll out was   undecided   whether   to   go \  the patties to make them slightly home and make myself some cof-  larger than when purchased, and fee or buy a cup at the store.,  =^- While I was making up my mind  some   customer   was   having   a  pound of the Powell Stores Own  brand put through the grinder for  .her. The aroma of that coffee was  ob much for me.  I just had to.  have some'' too. It wouldn't be  hard to guess what I did���sure,  I went home and made myself a'*  really good  strong, cup  of cdf-'  fee."    'N .     \  OBJECTIONS from surrounding  residents against use of the old  Powell River Stages garage on  Wilingdon Avenue as a warehouse must be filed with West-  view village before next Monday:  Commissioners are waiting until  that date before" issuing a permit  to Ed McBurnie to use the building as a war assets warehouse.  Approval   of  immediate   residents has already been obtained  Rflanslaygiifer Charge  CONST. J. K. McNamara returned this morning from Nanaimo,  where he appeared at the Spring  assizes as a material witness in  the manslaughter charge against  but a double check is being  sought. That- section of Westview  dential and approval of 75 per  is designated by by-law as resi-  cent of adjacent citizens must be  given.  Sydney Croll of Port Alberni: ;  Const. McNamara, who was'  formerly with the provincial police at Duncan, laid the charge  .against Croll after'the latter's car  crashed into a parked truck near  ���Duncan on December<3. CrolTs.  father-in-law Jose Shaw, was  killed, and his 3-year-old daiigh-.  ter received severe head injuries.  Subscribe  to the  Coast News.  It's your community newspaper.  GRAYSON'S  GROCETERIA  i  ���I  Gibsons  Seed Potatoes  Flouir:v98's ___  49's   Butter _______   I. 6.20  -- 5.85  .___ 3.04  lb. 71c  Bo by Foods: 3 for 26c  .... /... .  Cheese:   Bulk.   __ Ib. 50c  Jelly Powders:   3 for 29c  Eggs:    doz. 46c  Bocon:  V__-lb. 39c  Canned Milk:   2 for 29c  SERVE YOURSELF,  AND SAVE  . Donate to the V.O.N. nurse  campaign today. You may be the  one who will need the help.  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma Park, B.C.  1  ACCOUNTING  INCOME TAX  REPRODUCTIONS  BUSINESS FORMS  Direct Mail Advertising  MURDOCH'S  MARINE SUPPLY  Compare Our PricesI  Del nor Frozen Foods  Ice Cream  Groceries.  Fresh 'Meats and  .-" *       Vegetables  Hardware  Drygoods  Shell Oil  ��� Fish Camp  W6 now have increased  refrigeration for handling  of perishables.  Pender Harbour, B.C.  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SWSKft  mm  S8&-.  ���x._c..-.ft-  _s^s.  $$.���:  ���^**  !.*.���?  _T  ouldn't take much poh-    moJiths���i 5 tempting varieties p^>  nngr Not when Heinz    Heinz Junior Foods are at his  _______ _��' ^   .   *.�� *a"m     J    l��_i*_^     _,       -l    _.       ��� ' _���"-__' T'^l^   -T��   ��� Va "t_.  Hoi. WW  A normal baby's diet reallj  shouldn  dering  Baby Foods offer 25 deUciqus  varieties from which to choose his  menus. And all of them nourishing  ���chosen specially for babies from  the pick of the nadon's meats,  vegetables and fruits���cooked and  vacuum-packed at their freshest to  retain minerals and vitainios in  when baby is older���around tweWtLy  R.''XX< -V  ��*������:.�����*������  :-iw��S3  jt'ui  service and yours. like Heinz Baby  -Foods,' Heinz Junior Foods are  constantly checked and tested in  the Quality Control Department  for flavor, color, texture and  nutritive value. So give your baby-  foods that bear 'the dependable,  name of Heinz: Look for the com*  LV  _&??*&&_  high and ^uniform degree;. And    plete line of Heinz, Baby Foods.  enw.  ^ >niri^ 1948  .THE COAST M_=WSy.:SKH_?L^B^c;;  Page Five  By  MRS.  ERICKSON  A whist drive was held at the  i    -   . Canadian Legion hall on April 7.  POWELL River's Sulphur Gulch celebrations on May 7 and 8 ^rs- Seely of ?el���a ***\ was  [         will have o wonderful storybook ending for the cand^  who is elected queen, and thedream of almost every girl will honor in the men>s division. Sev-  ) become an exciting reality for her.                                           ' eral new faces were noticed in  I          Arrangements have been made to fly the Sulphur Gulch the company, Mrs. Leslie Jack-  Queen to Hollywood where she will be escorted on a four-day son of Davis Bay, who incident-  tour of the glittering film capital which will take her to'all aU^ has gone to Vancouver, and  the famous entertainment spots, and 'the movie studios where Mrs  Jackson from Wilson Creek.  ....          .                 ���                    X. Both   claimed   a   boobyi   prize���  she will meet many glamorous stars.  which by the way> helped to keep  I    -Al Manioani, chairman of the  a   reCord���which   Wilson   Creek  lElks   Sulphur   Gulch   committee production will be unfolded be- are proud of���that being a prize  announced this morning that the fore her eyes every  whist  drive    At_ refresh-  ^fJP^^-Pfj1 T +��iiYW2_fjf The scenic sights of Beverly ment time Mrs. Tom Turner was  Holiday would last four days Hillg and pasadena and the sun- presented with a prize for ag-  and three nights, during wfcicft lit beaches where the residents gregate score -for three months  une a private limousine ana Qf the movie colon frolic will playing. For the men's prize  hauffeur would be exclusively aiso be shown to her in specially- Tommy Mutter and George  ���1 her disposal io whisk her any- conducted tours. ' Wright finished even and deter* her heart desired. The once_in_a_lifetilll��� holiday cided to cut for the prize-o*  She will be taken to one of* wj^ be a thrilling climax to the course lucky Tom cut the high  dllywood's lavish premieres, Sulphur Gulch celebrations for twice in succession thereby tak-  receive an orchid from the one of the four girls wj1Q are ing the reward. However, Mr.  ous Tom Breneman when she seeking the Queen's crown. The Wright was given a special prize.  her first "breakfast in Holly- four are LOUi.se Martin, Nona Let us hope to see next time  ood" at his restaurant, and will spidell, Betty Harding and June all the old original players who  so be the recipient of the same Franzin, and the winner will be started out with us last fall.  '     jrizing   make-up   that   the crowned by Mr. H. S. Foley at _.    ,.   - < ���    .   ,,   r  ...    T ort.  receive at the hands of Max >the guiphur Gulch frolic Don * for��et May 5th' Lefilon  actor in his make-up studios.        Mr Mantoani sta^d to^ay that Hall, Sechelt.  ���^iS^W.UtepK final', arrangements/for the trjp SEEK TO RAISE FUNDS  '��of^the^wanMK^ ar^n��J.yet Trked ��U\i ,             A meeting to discuss ways and  *.�� 9* W^F**1���3*.11* "it The. Queen, however, will leave means J of    obtaining    sufficient  k>& tfrhere she1 will dine at Les pQWell River in a corfump hpfit- _x.xx_X    j   I: m_v- &3+K*"jm  ��%t___t_~_ R*����+atira��t .roweii iuyer in, a costume oent- funds towards building a recrea-  ^^^KdSdS will be one V"* i*  *"% persoIla?e- ^?��res tion*T. centre   at  Wilson  Creek,  T��^ wme^nonmii wm am wn�� Jewelers will present her with a wa*   elated   for   Fridav   evening  never-ending adventure which Gruen verithirf watch and Powell'T f    . S   T S  ,   JJu y J^f*11"5  li cn_-lii/_A^tt__n_li_Mi a nerfonn- r.ruen ���f"n.m 3"    -? ana roweii last  at st  j0hn's Church.   How-  bficL? SunSfvTtoSL ?t0r?S W1^ glVC he^ S��JSg'^a^ ever only five persons put in ap-  : ��\.V�� M,*rray�� . ****^F ,dress and shoes, Mr. Mantoani n^aranpe and it was decided to  '; dancing and a nag-*uie said.xHe hoped that by the time' Sf HSlt to the ^^S!^_��t  al Earl Caroll's and the iPWr.fdr her departure she would be, *     H. the project���at least  "._, *iillMl^�� rhin______�� Thei *"f Jr   j -i^ ��� iX i for the present time.  At a pre-  atGrattmansCh^ p , Jackson and  -������'����� XIV traveling outfit and all-the rest.*? p^-rtowL. metrimf^ f�� <_*.  On oneof the evenings she w^ofiK&immings befitting a roy- '^^^^IS^^^ tui  ^e^o^ed to a hilarious, oldV ai queeii,       , ^e.,**��* cert.au> lfsJn. *h*  r^i_elodran-a   entitled   ����*--        H ��� vicnitvwith aview of obtamin*  ;o toi^m^^'tCw^mpon Snow*  er Bros, movie lot where  CfA^fv Growth  mysteries- of motion^; picture: T^^^T^     ���   X .���     ^       ^ -   - ^,  -f^ LATEST audit of> the circulation a ;report was not forthcoming on  'V ofothe Powell Rive* News by* liis success  or failure���and Mr.  "the independent. Audit Bureau of Roberts failed to get any satis-  Circulations shows a total of 2502 faction on his mission. Therefore  copies published every week/and it would seem that there would  a net paid circulation.of 231 lx ,be very , little to discuss even  This is an increase of more;than though a larger number had ap-  100 circulation since the last ABC peared at the meeting. In fair-  audit in October, and maintains, nessVfco thbse who had interested  The News', coverage of its area themselves in the past meetings,  at the highest percentage'in Can- it was decided that another call  "ada^-95%. , .      ' s-   would be sent out at a later date.  The Audit Bureau ol Circular Thus  giving  the V.O.tt.  organ-  tions is an independent associa- ~ization a chance to reach their  tion for the purposes.of examin- jquota without opposition.    l  ing publishers'claims of circula-    - *���'--,-.  tion, 'and services leading weekly.;^ --   _f*   M lAfS       tt  and daily newspapers in Canada ivIaV- Gtllf Wing Bangs  ;and the.States for the purposes  e#___��_* A���******* C_^ai__t  >6f  accurately informing  adver-  ��I��rll Mgainsi 9VOW,  tisers of exactly what they are ���MV GULF\Wing is back in oper-  getting when they bu7/ space in ati(^ today ^te,. spending three  ..any paper which is an ABC mem- ,".*__ , �� ��t*~ j  ber. Membership is open to any days, m Vancouver Shipyards, un-  hewspaper which wishes to have dergding tepairs to a splintered  its circulation, figures audited stern. The Wing was damaged  and distribute fts paper within at 9 j^^y when she backed  the methods set down by ABC,  . ,     *m   A^m^^   . 4Ugx  which do not recognize free cop- mto a coal 80CW�� dock4d at*he  ies or unpaid subscriptions. < . Pacific Lime Company wharf at  ,   The .Newg^.jiatest A3C rating, Blubber Bay.     '   ,  >W*1^��^%^^     The vessel was unable to tie  :     ^ease throughout the years.       gpace wag ^ady   tmd     She  headed for the Cortipany wharf  instead and in approaching had  to pass between two coal scows.  Her stern struck the corner of one  scow.~ . f'   l ,   '  A temporary patch was placed  oh(the damaged at<fea by the crew  after the ship reached Westview  and she completed her passenger  run to Vancouver. Skipper of the  wing is Captain J. D. Wilson.  By'MAISIE DEVITT  I SEE THAT the B.C. Parent Teacher Federation is a bit perturbed  by the reading habits of" our young fry.  And well they shoulct  be. From my own observation I would say that our youngsters froni  six to 17 read nothing but the so-called funnies and the confession.  or cowboy magazines. But I certainly don't believe that banning this  atrocious trash would solve the problem.   Neither would it help,  any to shove the classics down the collective throats of our offspring.  I remember distinctly that I could' not read the works of Sir Walter  Scott for years, simply because I once had a teacher who gave us: '  "The Lady of The Lake" for composition, grammar, literature, and. ���?  spelling for one whole semester.   My younger brother developed a  similar distaste for Shakespeare.  And I notice that'the B.C. Parent Teacher Federation is mafeii^X  the same mistake. They decry such innocuous stuff as the Elsie ���  books and Alger series. I can't help thinking that the august bodjF .  is a little behind the times. Surely today's youngsters wouldn't read...  those very moral, very outdated, and rather dull stories���except f  maybe,for laughs. Anyhow they are completely harmless, as alsov.  are the Bobbsey Twins series, the Tarzan books, and���of all things���  Pollyanna. Insipid yes, but0 vastly superior to Dick Tracy, Orphan.  Annie and Superman.  Glad to see that Andeson's and Grimm's Fairy Tales are re- ;  commended, but I hope they mean the originals, and not the devitalized modern version that I've noticed lately.  Likewise approve Kent -  neth Grahame's delightful "Wind In the Willows"���think however  that it takes an adult to really appreciate the latter. Was surprised  that the Burgess animal stories weren't mentioned.   Besides being: :  good reading, these are instructive and teach kindness to animals.  You can't eliminate trash from your child's literary fare alfor  gether.  It's not even a good idea to try.  For how can anyone develop any taste in reading if they have no basis of comparison? x  You can however steer, the child mind gently away from���ugh���i-Doc  Savage and Captain Marvel���to, say, "Treasure Island" or "Master- v  man Ready"���good books that will never grow old or outdated.;  Go6d books are good friends that never fail you. They are compensation for so much htat is unsatisfactory in this, pur life. It is a.'  shame that so many children and young people wiU never know;  the beauty, the color, the adventure held between the magic covers  of a good book.       - _   . . r  Good luck to the B.C. Parent Teacher Federation���they have;  the right idea. .".���  ,  ^i .q- �����  vicinity-with a"- view of obtaining  or lease, unfortunately Mr. Jack*  son who was. reported as on the  sick list, went to Vancouver, and  MRS. MARTHA ROSS  DIES AT PENDER  PEND1SR Hartfpur^JMrs. Martha  Ann Ross* widow of Charles  Ross, passed, away on April 1.  She was a resident of Davis Bay  and Wilson Creek. Surviving are  four daughters, LbrraiheiWilnia,  Marianne and Heather; her mother, Mrs. W. PeerS x>f Victoria j  one sister, Mrs^ ^ Sin  one brother, Duncan^ of V^icoxi--  ver. Funeral services were held  April 6* in Vancouver, Rev. G.^ EL  Hamilton officiating. =. X  v  A  SUPREME  GAS STATION  .���OSps-t-V,*.  ii   _P  'L*o_   ***'T   .-  v--v\'��-  -lie-, i i~  &���  fa  Wi  Secfetelt Peuflsiilt Board of Trade  %."rt       V.- ' - ' V,/       "r .  General Meeting will be held at Marion Hall, Half-  mpon Bfery, Tuesday, April 27, at 8 p.m. Last general .meeting to bis held before annual general  ^eetfrigiiqncj election e^^pffibers.     '  WANTED  y^yLyy$y00$:LLy  A Second  W.O.N. > iir*e  * ��  IMMEDIATELV  IS YOUR BABY ILL?  First call a Doctor ��� . ��� BUT ���.. you also need  o NURSE... you con hove ONE������  SUPPORT THE V.O.N. APPEAL  If jives you a Nurse IMMEDIATELY  . 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PARR PEARSON  Gulf Coast Manager, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 37  or  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 West Pender St.  Vancouver, B.C. ��� PA. 3348  f  m  Our policy of equipping ALL our used cars and TRUCKS  withBrarid New Firstline Traris-Cariada ^tir<es' enables us  to offer you hundreds of ,Us^d Tires, at prices far below  actual value.". Many are almost new. Matched sets, pairs  and singles. , " '  ALL SIZES AND PRICES ���Example:  7.00x20-10 ply Truck Tires  Each $5.00 to $38.50  6.00x16 Tires .... Each $2.50 to $12.75  -  Truck Tires  \?  7:50x20  ,  8.25 x 20,  PRICES ON REQUEST  f -  Mail Or4ers filled same day as received���prepaid if cash  \  . .    ,.      .. v   \   sent; with order. ;  . - '. r       u     '      '  You���.take absolutely NQ .RISK!     ������.  ���. Simply state in "your order the price you wish'to pay.  If yoti are not satisfied that .these tires are, the best .value  ever offered, ;we' will cheerfully refund your moneyv  Dueck  >��  "B.C. 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Mr.   Arneil -     X     X  Who says women cant keep a was preSented ^tha hand carveti      Travel - restrictionsrhave; hem  secret?   Certainly, they can  and smoker>s stand .ahd Mr; arid Mrs: lifted and camping facilities for  I. can prove it   .A shower was. Baylor with a magazine stand for tourists, are being improved akwg  held at the home ol Mrs. Cecil their new home in Vancouver:      the Alaska Highway; .".'-"*  Lawrence in honor of Miss Janet      *.._._.        __.__.__��.  Hansen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.     A picnic of the school held at  . *_������ ,  L. P. Hansen, whose forthcoming Wilson greek was very'much en-  marriage to R. S. Marshal is on Joyed by the visitors. In the eye-  May 3rd, Janet arrived with bob- ning the Native sisterhood invited  by pins andhair set ail ready to the  people, of the  village  to  a  set hair, so you see we. don't talk, grand party  in  the  community  _      ,     _.        .    , x hall where  games  were  Rlayed  j     Janet received many nice cups and   refreshments   were   served.  and saucers. .Games were played, Highlight of. this was the .great  and prizes won by Mrs.-J. Red- enjoyment of the old people who  man, Mrs. A. Grey, Mrs. D. Doyle, have never been made such a fuss  Mrs. J. Purdy, and Janet Hansen., of before  The table' was* centered with a '  beautiful cake decorated by the     A  shower was  held  here  re-  hostess; and home made ice cream cently in honor of Mrs. J. Archer  was enjoyed. Those present were (nee  Hilda  Harris).   We  under-  Mrs. J. Purdy, Mrs. G. West, Mrs. stand from some who were pre-  G. Powell, Mrs. W. Smith, Mrs. sent that a grand time was spent  A. Grey, Mrs. D. Doyle, Mrs. H. and we would like to take this  Brooker,  Mrs.  J:  Redman,  Mrs. opportunity of wishing Mr. and  R. Simning, Mrs. W. T. Billings-. Mrs. J. Archer all the best.  ley, Mrs.  C. Lawrence,  Miss L. y  Rouse,   Miss   I.   Pratt,   Miss   P. *   A slight error in Earle Grey's  Woods. column   concerned   the   painted  '      . ������ . T      plaques in the Aries Craft shop.  We notice our school inspector, They ,are painted by a local art-  Mr. Manning, is here again on his lst   and   not   in   Vancouver   as  usual visit and is staying at Rock- stated, but I must take, the blame  wood Lodge. X for this as, I.was so busy when  Miss Marchant, one of our local Ea?e  called  I must  have  mis-  teachers who has taken a great, understood one of his questions.  interest   in  the   school   children'    The response to ;P.T.A. Library  out of school hours m promoting has been very disappointing. We  Pro Rec here,  has now started shafl  n9t  be  able  to  work  up  a. class  at  Half  Moon  Bayi    It y : -  seems to have gone over with a  bang.  Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Arneil and  Mr. and Mrs. T. Taylor,, Indian  Commissioner and Indian Agent,  respectively, were tiere recently,  and were entertained by Father  Dunlop at a banquet at the Resi-  NOTICE  Gibsons and* Roberts  Creek new Bus schedule  allows you three enjoyable hours at���   <  WAKEFIELD  Each Friday and Saturday  \  For Spring ...  A��Newlx>ok"  from the  BIG BOOK  yyyyyy^L4LL  LyyM  ^&L&k  -For an active, dmbiticftis^^  a .well-paying" h6^\y^^��^0^^^^i^%^^li^^f^  satisfied' customers ^^^^l^i0i^^0^^m.  and farm products.   ^i^HliifciftiafioW  -��� x . i. %,0**mm&$.....   1010 Alberrii St., Vaiiceuver  "i ' !'Ly::yy.y:;.��<:*y<<-yy';,y;irj':^;\:  . ���.    * . , i:rLLi^Lyy'yiL:yLMLyyLLLLLLLL  .v,i:i;:", ;<(;'-  yy  Lyy  GIBSONS, B.C.  Spring ^ni#i^i|i_i/iS|lii^^  Maltevol. MMilMM^i^MaMMMi  (SEE PAGE SIX)  EAT.QN'jS  Spring and Summer  Catalogue  A Helpful Shopper  from Cover to Cover *  <*T. EATON CI  UHTTE9   ^li����^^  Cpdliver Comp (Creosote) >jppl.g-/r^|l;f^^  Peptona, (I ron Tonic)' ^^.LyySM^^  Yeast and Iron Tablets .  Sulphur and Molasses .  - -_v.#pX^yi&< >v&;..x - \  filood Purifier,  16-bz. .  _.   j ��� *  Burdock .Blood  Bitters .  Syrup HypdphospbJteA __   ^lIJILl'S^.IlL^-Ji'"^:.^:^:^*'"-' ''"���'��� '������'/���'.;.;.'; ^"Sr'^/W?;:'';;':!^*  f'Ai^y 'V,-: ;.;  ioal  'y^L.:::^^'^^^^^:^.^-"^^^' '���.v,V--;:-���  *' "''������V��>.iV4��'*_ ^;'i-.:-V:>*'*..<;'." ,r.  ...............f....*jt...*t...j..p.9%ji.i  ��&TWP��:S  Make Lang's youmMeaj^^  household ariMj0ri^^  *��������*���*������*��%-�����*�����������������*��*�������*���_��*���-������������������-  Please- Note:- EASTM^^^0^^^^^^^  able, priced from 3.7^ |jf|^^pi^^K||^i^^v  order your choice for imriji^  ���m  ?z::  \.  ^"���rr^m .the cmsr mm, sechelt^ b. g.:  gfeliia Park  Hairdressmg Shop  wwnrir.  A Complete  Hairdressing  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  By H. C. JEFFEHY  ��-�����  to him and several amounts have celebration.  After the meeting a 30.000 SHORT  come in since bringing the total social   evening   was   spent   with      Towards the end of last year*  up to $163; He desires to public- games. there were 96 males and 10: Se-  ly thank &11 who Were responsible Refreshments were provided males unemployed in New Zea~  for this kind gesture.. The whole and a discussion was had on the land, while the number of vs--  of the proceeds of the dance were question of vegetable garden pro- cancies amounted to 11,992 males  turned over to hiiH. Jack Sum- duce and flowers. It is proposed and 11,723 females. Many of the  mere* orchestra6 donated their to hold a small fair in the fall, more important trades and in-  services, and the refreshments exclusively for the Teentowners. dustries find it impossible to fill  were provided by the Institute. The proposal will be decided* at their vacancies, and it is esti-  Mrk. McDavitt was convenor of the next meeting. Mrs. McKay mated that the potential labor  the-dance with the assistance' of will be giving a series of lectures shortage amounts to 30,000.  A fine community spirit caipe* Mrs- Freeman arid Mrs. Christian- on gardening and both these pro-  to light when Baron Jeffery's lost son- ' jects deserve the full support of  his boat.  Tfce Farmers* Institute     The Teentowners held a meet- the whole community.  ^ttfls^^d S?�� ** - the Community  Hall on .   Manson's Landing Branch  200  Use the Coast News Classified  j&its were very gratifying.   The Monday and discussed the final of the Canadian Legion, held their  r quick results! amnurift nf <_14ft was handed over  flrransremf_nfs   for   the   Mav   Dav  monthly   meeting   on   March '28  Popular CKWX Announcer  for quick  r  amount of $148 was handed over arrangements for the May Day  at Smelt Bay and it was decided  -. ............ ............... ......  Jt . .S��tyygjftf,  SW  %  Handling money  ��� A. * * t -.  C&Ow money  - \*    **t   Vf*+-i*-^        <.   **>-"-   i.fr~-fW    %*** *���  ��   ���*  ,K,  1.  / -  costs you more to live these days.  And it costs your bank more to provide  i, ' V. ,  efficient banking service*  _ ��fc ' *  \   Bank staffs are more than half as large  again as before the war; payrolls have  \s '' } ' * ''"'-:  "*���"__- * n *     >  * >. r *  t ' " I  neairly doubled. Taxes are up. So is the cost  �� '. i p ��� ���  f ;  _**'"��. . _*  of everything banks buy; .<  Yet you pay no more for banking service  than you did ten years age. Today 7,000,000  Ottu&dutns axe bank customer*��� striking  'milium ��rf  ���        -_������._*���_.   _-.._ ��� ,. ?_.-^hj.j. *-r '  *   ,  \ J  baaSdng te ew nation*! lii  *_���#*.��.���?-������ ar V0wm ��'_t_r_r  to postpone any other meeting  until further notice, the ex-Council will carry on during the summer months and will call a general meeting when necessary to  decide major questions.  The Farmers' Institute held  their usual monthly meeting on  April 2 and transacted usual routine business.  .The community celebrated the /tw_  25th anniversary of the opening C2f��t*  of the Community Hall April 1  and it so happened that it was  show night and Mr. Bakker as- ,"  sisted by giving the children a Jack Kyle, whose voice is becoming  free show jn the afternoon and increasingly popular, with CKWX  reduced the'usual charge by one listeners, announces "News at Six,'. \  half in the evening. Refreshments th�� d��ily 'WX feature that brings you  were . provided and everyone J 'c^letf summary of world events  voted it a very enjoyable evening. ��*** 5^^g��^^X  The Credit Union meeting was SfcS^t 3H8. " ^  held on Monday last. Two new  members were accepted and  shares taken out. Information  was asked and given on Fire Insurance. Mr. Don McDavitt in the  chair.  i r  A  Mrs. Hawkins returned from  Vancouver on Sunday last, her  sister having fully recovered  from her recent illness.,  .Franklin D. Roosevelt left property valued at about $12,000 in  Campbell's Island, New Brunswick.  BULLDOZER  FOR HIRE  Land Clearing  Basements Excavated  Roads Built, Etc.  Albert Danroth  Roberfs Creek  .-,-, a ___���*��___��   -HnB/^nw PENDER  HASSANS STORE harbour, bx.  The   Old-Established   General   Store   for   FAMILY,  FISHERMEN  and  CAMPS  Goods always regular, fresh and of superior quality  Wide supply of Prugs and Textile necessities  Home Oil Products Independent Fish Buyers  Flour - Feed - Cool  Phone, water and postal facilities  Look for the HOME GAS SK3N at HASSAN'S DOCK  Pender Harbour, B.C.  WHY BID JESUS CHRIST  ME OM CALVARY'S CROSS?  ���TO TAKE THE PUNISHMENT FOR YOUR SIN  2. BELIEVE���1 Corinthians  15:^fih'd4. '-'" *-  v(a) That Jesus Christ died  on Calvary to take the  punishment for your sin.  (b) That He rose from the  dead.  sheading    His    precious  BLOOD   on  Calvary  to  ,^e?the pu^ishihent for  your sin. *  Matthew  26:28;   1  John  1:7-10.  4. Confess    Christ    before  Men.  Matt. 10:32 and 33.  Romans 10:9 and 10.  HOW DO XOV KNOW  YOtf ARE SAVED?  JOHN 1:11  '*&ut as many as received  |Cm jtp. them  gave He *\  power to become the sons   *  of God, even-to them that   j  believe on His name.1'  YOUR I��_iRT^Wiosoever   j  BEt^EVlrTII W Him."  GOD'S WORD ��� "SHALL  NOT PERISH but have  everlasting life." John  3:13.  NOTE: There is only one  #ajr into heavfen ������  through the shed blood of  Jesiis Chrfst���Matt 2B:2B.  There is no other WAY ���  John 14:6.  Insearted by a teacher oi the Gospel Page Eight x___-___  THE pOASXf^W^^ECHELT, B. C.  S1BLE READIN6 the spirit of meekness; -consider-  ��� ing   thyself,   lest   thou   also   be  BRETHREN, if a man be over-  tempted.   Bear ye one another's  V ..&*�� ^ a^fauU, ye which are burdenSf and so fulfil the laW o�� -  spiritual, restore such an one in Christ   For if a n^n ��think Mm��� WITH     ^ r���aily here we can  Friday, April 1& 1948  BarberShop  SECHELT  Due to slackness of business  during the day, barber shop  will be, open evenings only  during the week and all day  Saturday.  Hours will be  ~   Tuesday io Friday  16:30 p.m. io 9:00 p.m.  Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. io 9 p.m.  j  plants   healthy.   Being   shallow  rooted, they, need a mulch of com-  era     m  P��st    or'lawri clippings fof? hot  . summer days. - \ *v    " Red and black currants' have  self to be something, when he get on with the business of them to all who need a start. make^seSFan^deHcious jellies^  is nothing, he deceiveth himself, gardening. Favoured spots will be other members of the onion Another "possible" in a t great  But let every man prove his own getting ready f<?r beans and corn, family you should gro^ inCiude many. local gardens, is the hlue-  work, and then shall he have re- while we mountaineers are still multipliers or shallots, Welsh per- j^rry The new varieties- are  joicing in himself alone, and not growing lettuce, peas and main ennial and the quaint tree or large and of fine flavor, and need  in another. For every man shall crop carrots. New varieties of Egyptian onibn with its bulbs on- merely a fairly acid soil-to thrive.  bear his own burden. Let him carrot are much praised, but the top> au these provide "green on- With all our leaf mould and rot-  that is taught in the Word com- best seller on the Coast is Chan- ions for salad use and fiavoring, ten wood available we could make .  municate unto him that teacheth tenay Red, with Early Nantes as and are of the easiest cultivation, them happy,' while a garden with  in  all good  things.   Be not de- runner up. Spanish and other big types need. some   alder bottom - land  would i  ceived; God "is not mocked: for      Of late years herbs are getting a very early start and rich soil,  make   a   blueberry  paradise!   If ���  whatsoever a man soweth;  that' more notice,  and  every kitchen as does that Welsh delicacy, the you can get the, "B.C. Farmer"  shall be also reap.   For he that  garden should have its plot with leek. Garlic is a little strong for for April, it contains a fine blue- !  soweth to his flesh shall of the  chives, parsley, sage and mint at most people, but is a most heal- berry article by Cecil" Solly^  \.' ^  flesh reap corruption; but he that the least. Chives are most useful,  thy addition to diet. if   your   garden   is   new   and '*-  soweth to the Spirit.shall of the and  they   strive  nearly   every-  Spirit reap life everlasting.  where;  here  we  give  plants   of  RHUBARB TRICKS  -r  '  .*  w*���mf���aa0m^0L  -pp.  p��--?_r  BRITISH COLUMBIA'S  INDUSTRY  Through all the intricate channels of trade, the/Tourist Dollar finds  its way.  A careful analysis shows it to be spent as follows::  Retail Merchants  Theatres   Incidentals u   . 4  Restaurants, Cafes   .Accommodation  __  Transportation   Gasoline Stations __  $.30  . .09  . .03  . .22  . .17  .07  . .12  This shows it to be in everyone's interest to support and supplement  the efforts of the Provincial Government ta'foster and encourage an industry  estimated to be worth ta the, Province some $35,000,000 a yeor.*  ��� The ANNUAL TOURIST SERVICE EDUCATIONAL WEEK all over Can-  ada sponsored by the Canadian Association of Tourist and Publicity Bureaus,  ably seconded by all. public-spirited bodies, and Service Clubs, is designed  to focus the attention of.the public on the value of the Tourist Industry and  especially upon the importance of Courtesy. #  PUT YOURSELF IN THE VISITOR'S PLACE���A STRANGER  IN A STRANGE CITY  You would appreciate, would you not, the friendly smile; the ready attention;  the willingness to assist and give intelligent directions?   Be assured that so  does he.      -     ��� ,.   .  _ i  COURTESY, is one of bur greatest assets. Our visitors are. strikingly  unanimous in their appreciation of th'e courtesy with which they ore everywhere received in British Columbia. It brings him here again and again; if  is. a vital factor in converting him from a visitor to a permanent resident.'  ��� * ���*; ��� t ���  The British Columbia Government Travel Bureau  Department of Trade and[Industry  r .-      ' '        v  - Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.  E. G. ROWEBOTTOM,  ���   Deputy Minister  HON. LESLIE H   EYRES,  Minister^x  - f  _n���ir���iT i ��������">���  , , srnEtlk 'do |fet~ some of the newer  Rhubarb thrives on the" CoasfT &er*ies> * rather  than  depend on  itnuoarD wives, on tne ^past,  ��� ift  bushes��   while  our  Coast j  new   a^So?e1   k.nds    U_.  ���rserymen  have   good   li*."_&  ��8 mateSsU^eerfrie^vereil S^to j&'SL'^fcSS  and  makes  wonderful  jelly),  if  lik-lv locate hard to find seed^  trick of a bottomless box over it,  RaeDherriG��.  and strawberries o  wm t?n ^ ^^ ^^^  *g   Sade a may*'bl ^bte   ��  will help early growth.  One of thy0urff   Farmeri   institutes  our  readers   divides  his  clumps ^fouStS^    Instltutes  every other year, and gets a won- lai?er quantities.  derful   increase,   both   in   plants.  and production. During  1947,  some  22,000 inx  Busji fruits seem neglected in migrants settled in the Union o:  the average garden; gooseberries South Africa.   Half of this mini  can be most satisfying as one re- ber was chosen by overseas se  members from boyhood days the lection    committees,    while   th  > luscious Golden Drop and a plum- other  half   consisted   of  non-s  , sized hairyv red variety. One need lected    immigrants    who  not   grow   the   tiny   semi-wild principally from the United  kinds..and.a little care will keep .dom. .'  Business and Professional  IHICI.rTOItY  TAXI  INSURANCE  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  .-    WILSON CREEK and  .  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  " Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone Pearson-Sawyer Offic  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  REAL ESTATE  General Hauling, Freight  . Carrying} Gravel Hauling  Try  Wilson creek  GARAiGE LTD.  Phone Sechelt 3S  Specialist in Coast Pro]  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.;  . E. W. Parr Pearson '  Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt?  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  SHOE REPAIRS  < t  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's Hardware'  Phone Gibson���3K  ��.'  SHOtS RENEWED  Eric Khutson  ,    l        - ���  X' -   -   .  -(   - Sechelt   . .  WELDING  RAD.O SERVICE  Experts'; in' Electric and '  Acetylene Welding.  Si I ver Gri 11 e Service Station  �� >     v ' <^    3   ft "      l      -   *���*  Wilson Creek   '  .    Phone Sechelt 15-B-2 - v  ..  ��l  STEELE'S RADIO AND  .     '    feLECTRjC    ,     ;  Radio Sales and Service]  J?horte, Sechelt 9K2  ,    ^   Send by Bus,  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS     |j  BEER BOTTLES  ^Will.. call andibuy. for. cash,,  beer bottles, scrap metal,, etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  * B. H. STROSHEIN  Wilson Creek .  JACICS TRANSFER-  Light and Heavy Hauling  .   WILSON. CREISK     .  Phone Sechelt 15-U-  LUMBER AND FUEL  "^ V.  .. V^    :,  Lf C   f    ~*   1.   , ".,/   5'  Signed   articles   and   letters  appearing in The News are th$  opinions of the writers and are  not  necessarily   those   of  Tlie  Newslon its. publishers.    ,   ,,        ,  BURNS and JACKSON  x : SAWMILL   x x  Producer of Choice Lum  In All Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  1


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