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The Coast News Mar 19, 1948

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Array ,yhX^  Serving a Progressive and, Growing  Area on B. C's Southern Coast.  % Covers Sechelt,-Gibsons,  Port Mel-  -lori,   Woodfibre.   Squamish,   Irvines  Landing,   Half   Moon   Bay,   Hardy  Island,    Pender    Harbour,    Wilson  Creek,   Roberts   Creek,   Granthams  J: I_andipg, Egmont, Hopkins Landing,  �� Braekendale,- Cheekeye,  etc.  -TOSXglS  Business Office: Sechelt, B.C.  MMwmjwutmaisLimmBm  lp BY TSS COAST HEWS, __>Z2SZ_F__in  -  National Advertising1 Of��ic��, Powell Si^er, B.C.  Vol. IIS No. 36  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday, March  19,  1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by moil.  $2eMillfo^ Works  OEM-.  Red Cross Head  Fells Hardships  Of Pioneer Days  IrJM'pbsra 'sidles tax to raise a further  I.; $12/OQQ;600-Tevehue, increasing of timber royalties to  pick up another $900^000, increasing financial aid to municipalities I by $4^000^000 thereby bringing total financial aid  to more thani,$17>PO0;OOO annually increasing financial aid  [fa rural greg$;��� for education by $ 1,100,000, reducing the ne1  fet?t' by "^ijQ^Qpp^biOi".;;��� i.nsi'istence:'. that..'' the. Dominion Government impliement its social security, proposals, announcement  >f a|$28,00p,0p0 public works programme; all these were  l||^ of the second budget speech delivered in the leg-  pe Wis idfterripbn by Hon. Herbert Anscombe, < Ministei  ?f^fmafi^ ;   */���/  Mr: _^_;cdmbe sounded a sharp  GIBSONS P.T.A. held a, social*  evening for the parents anst'  school children, (from grades 4'  to 8) in the school hall dh^Mon-'  day, March 8. 150 parents arid-  children  attended. ;-���  The  program  for the evening;  - included folk dancing by grades^  5 to 8. This was arranged by Mrs; |  Davies, Miss Wagner and Mr. El-J  Hot. Special thanks go to Mrs,!  Davies who has been coming uj*j  to the school for the past montlxj  to help with the dancing. Therei  *were three square dances. ' Ly  The tumbling by the Canadian-  Legion   Junior   Auxiliary   under'  the   direction   of   Ritchie   Norris  was divided into two groups; the.  juniors and the seniors.  Mr.  Kennett, president of the:  Legion Plans  Easter Concert  Editor, Coast News, Sechelt.  Sir���With  the  activity  of the  that of the pioneers.   How they  ���-M  ���_v   +��!,;��-.��� +       *.,���������     .,  must    have    needed    help,    and S�� ^il^i. J_^*_���^_2&"  letic opportunities for the children. '>'     ":';_ XX  - After a very enjoyable evening  refreshments   were   served.   The  -    - *. s s ents    who    generously    donate  cake, cookies and sandwiches.  The P.T.A.   is also pleased to  report several new members.  could not get it like we do now.  I am thinking of an old friend of  mine that homesteaded in Gambier Island forty years ago.  ROBERTS   CREEK-The   Cana- bfeside her and her husband tor  dian-Legion   Branch   140,   are some time. As a nurse she was a  going all out to provide a really great help to the Island.   I can  grand seasonal concert this Eas- only remember some of the stor-  tertide.-The*artists to be present-  iesghe told^me of her early days.       __ _. _   ed will cohsist mainlv/r.fX/kitnr^ She Used *�����w across to a log-  the amount of $79.35 from .their  ed will consist mainly^of visitors gmg camp, and cook all day, and Valentine  Dance.   This   was   to  On Feb. 14 the P.T.A. realized  ,��J���ng;^(nit ri��ng j*** plso- ently has been reached," he said. ^th^dlstrict- Mrs' Gwen Mar- afc/night row home, milk the wards the purchase of a set of  m ?^urny,^weMare, education, ����The cost of living index rose 23 W soprano, will be the guest of cows, feed the chickens, and do encyclopedia for the High school,  pother^Pubhcserviws^con- percent during the 12 months en- a Wilson Creek family, while her housework. Her husband They wish to thank all those resection with the spiral of mfla- ding January 31, and during the Mrs. Jack Baird contralto owns xaS a^_.ay x^rk?nS some Place pohsible for making the evening  ion.Rising ���-���;, costs could only be sanfe Deribd the wholesale-^                                                                                                          chickens to  ;__*u���   ��-.���*-.-.:~4.   .���-.-.���^ :__*_:..  bctiixt.   peliuu   trie   wnoiebaie  price a cummer r*��c rlanno _.+ +��._�� r,T._��QT- __._.__.__:_. ' ___    rr.; ;      .  nd added revenues.  high; of 190 percent>"i lie added.  ...._.____..._    _.   __   g  success   The  dance  com__iitte_.  net by r^strainl; in/exepnditure Sd^?os^Jby^perce^^a^ew a^uTOfer.res^nce at the Creek, market in Vancouver by row- convened' by Mrs., Emerson did  _>-_ ��^-.-_ ^ *��� Miss Marion Cutler will be the boat. On one occasion, when they  a very good job. A large quan-  guest of Mr. W. E.Elliott who Is^  were passing Hood Point a storm tity of shrimps donated by Mr.  the speaker for the afternoon.        ��Jew   "? /nd   nT*}j   drowned  and Mrs. Fearne were.made :in^  The tenor soloist  Mr  T Turn-  wV, ^ drowned the chickens,  to   delicious  sandwiches. X \  xne tenor soioist, ivir. i. lurn-  DUt that did not stop her or her i  _.          ~���     _. -_, ���  ____*, w  ��r��   son   of11M?'-   and   Mrs-   Tom young son,  who  was  with  her.      The P.T.A.  will hold  a  whist'  ithout public services suffering,  $4% millions in 1945-46. Where-   J-"rner>  well known to  the re- They cleaned them at the wharf   drive   in   the   Legion -, Hall   on?  articularly in the spheres, of so- as revenue from gas tax, car lie-  ?Jdents OI Sechelt, is from West fn town and sold them. March 24 for the purpose^ of rais-f  al services and education," the enses and carriers totals nearly     a^nc^uYfr, Tom    Turner      She did not learn to swim un-  ing additional   funds   for   Field;  inister said. '     $14 million, expenditures on the  will be the accompanist. Also as- m.she/.was-sixty." A friend's lit- Day.    .  Revenue for the year is estim- highways, bridges and ferries -h^ siting is Mr. bam-Turner who is tie bpy was.stayihg .with hfer, fell ,   ^^^M^M^i^.^  "Estimated ^exjieiiditures of 77  nd^a half million dollars for the  ROAD PROGRAMS  aming year have been carefully      Nearly $9% millions will be re-  xamined ��� but   further   curtail-  quired for road maintenance in  lent   cannot   be    accomplished the coming year as compared to  Iffiiw*:  rer.  Financial aid to municipalities  $15 millions,    nearly   a   million Pfcially for this occasion under      She was over seventy when I   GIBSONS���Resignation   ofx-Jim.  1948-49  will jump  to nearly more than revenues referred to.  8 millions, from $3 millions in  direction of Miss Thompson, will met her, and owned a nice little      Veitch as president of Gibsons?  l1���   __��.,_?m? s_mgl.nf and.,        PUtt-putt. I was invited to go out   Board of    Trade    was . acceptedf  o iiiiuivui,, uum q>o iuuuuub ui      "Over and above this there is    i -v--��- ^"s*"s ��"^~ w^ putt-putt, l was invited to go out   tfoara ot    Trade   was. accepted?  41r42^ when the coalition took to be an additional $4 millions for  ��r?���-^Sr^w"*   S��--     number'  in it. I was,a bit scared but I did  with regret.  Cliff Leach was ap-:  roads; additions to UBC will cost  'Bless this House"  not let on.   However, we got it pointed vice-president on 'hotibe*  Debt;charge^ fory 1^48-49^ will':;$i%'/hiillions;' provincial  build-   '''-The/Roberts .Creek string or- started  arid I was  beginning to of motion of the previous meet-.  3H^e i^-T pereeiit of to^ chestra   under   the   direction   of enjoy it when bang! we went ov-  ing, and C. Grey was appointed;  "Rnrrnwincr aii+hnri+v w wW Mlss Margaret Mclntyre will-be er- a log.   "Can you swim?" she  president pro tern.  ii^^^^^S!^J^t!J^ i? attendance.   The first appear-  asked.   "No," I said.   "Well, nev-      Election of of fleers will be held;  at the June meeting.   A homin-i  lue as compared with 2L3 per-  ht in the current year. In con-      .,,.     .-.., ....        .    , ��� ._    __v _.v.v.__va-.-_^v..   _.*xC mov avMuvtu.-'  ^social services; and; e^^ ance of the R. C. orchestra is be-  er mind, F-ll hang on to you."  ��n wm rise to :^33 millioiis as J^^ ing eagerly anticipated by many     After   that   I   was   doing   the  ating committee has been formed,,  ainst .$20 millions this year.      rST^T+^ ^^^ lookout step in the sailor's horn-  consisting   of  Reg  Godfrey,   Les:  Cost   of   general   government tne cost toDerePaiaDy .   ���-.-..:.     Peterson,  Dr.  A.  Inglis,  A/Hill'  :vices  including  direct special TAX AGREEMENT. distributed a few days before this   , An Indian lady taught her to  and Jack Marshall.  to   municipalities   will   rise    ' "CaUirig   of   a   Dominion-Pro-  grancl affair takes place and Mr. fish.  Many times her dinner was  pm $9 to $16 millions due  to vincial conference  for the pur-  Roberts,    along / with    the    en-  at the end of the line, as she H_d  3ts   imposed   by   expansion   in pose of implemehtihg social se-  tertainmerit   committee,    advises nothing   else.    Her   home   was  ���'blic   services,   municipal   ai/*   ���-^ ,   .   , .  ,    .. +1.0+���_,��__  ��^rt��,,^�� ,-��.,^ ^����rt��-.^ v>-^^i,- u.._i��. ���* ...i___. _.i__x���j  ���_  Constable Receives  services,  d  increased  expenses  flationary  spiral.  kLES TAX TO BE IMPOSED  "The government had no oth-  alternative than to recommend  the Legislature an approval of  al   aid, curity proposals is long past due" that you procure your program mostly built of what floated in CitizenshlD Award  due   to Mr.  Anscombe  went on. early and also come early to the on the kindly-tides.  Her place I ^TT7l H  Legion Hall Easter Sunday at 3 know will be a mass of daffodils SQUAMISH���First recipient of  p.m. President Charlie Brook- all over the rocks like a golden what is to be a semi-annual  man will be on hand to welcome carpet. Now she is 82 and all al- ^ood citizenship award was Const,  everyone.   If you plan to  come one, as her husband died recent-  Arthur   Thomson   of   the   B.C.  LAD RESCUED  FROM DROWNING  &ZJT3&.������ f&SSJZ GIBSONS-Whileplaying on the  wharf here Sunday, Billy Nimmo,   aged   8,   narrowly   escaped  ield from which is estimated at  2 millions.    One-third of this  at all, come early.  Board of Trade  %& ^T^T^h.^ twolhSds ^___?W_-_^"*S_^M^-  ^tn ��A ,-iS, ��^S.i.i 2_2rS the edge of the wharf and landed  to go mto a special fund to to the      ter between the Shell  ^et in part the costs of social  oil   float   and   the   Fishermen's  rarity    social[services,   health float .children's  cries  attracted  'dfaTshortW^a^r_ipe^ ^ �������%J& !.�����th^^^ SEC��ELT^he SeChe?t SeCti��n  tore for thi^urpose.-.Mr. Ins- $&��?��%��%�� wtodS- ��f the Peninsula Board oi  'mbe said. ���    -       .     ,    ^��       '���   .; ..     .  ly. ��� police. In a brief ceremony at the  By the  way,  the campaign is basketball game March 11, Const.  coming along fine, thanks to ev- Thomson  was  presented  with a-  eryone. Good   Citizenship   medal   by C  MARGARET  ALLAN H- Smith, president of the Squa-  President, Red Cross, Gibsons mish Recreational Association.  A similar medal will be given  MEW  CTflDIT   ADETMC every six months to the person  ratW  STORE  OPENS whom the members of the As-"  AT GARDEN BAY vsociation feel has done the most  PENDEk   HARBOUR-The    re- ^^  immunity  during  that  cent opening of Al Lloyd's Cash      Durintr his three vears at Soiia^  r��rv- 0+ noY./.o-_ T��o-r   ;-,^^^.._.^��      ijxuii-g nis mree years at oqua->  ior  me   union  Doat,  wnicnnaa ,��    ,     _. ,j!'���"���_. ������'._���'_. x-       ���     cs+or^ n+ pQ^on n,���   ;���f-rtAj�����^_.      ^ui_u5 _jj> uuee jrcai-s��. o^ua?  a      ������.      ^n       ���    .    k   *.     Just arrived.   He pulled the boy^^^  A million dollars is to be dis- Jrom the water and admimstered  tne Sechelt Inn on March 14th. J�� ^e residents of Pender Har- ������<.;,..��,...-    ���r;+1_     *fc^-.    ^  .1   _;:_.__.   >.__.    ___i._i_'-.i__   tt___ ___!____ :_.-���      rrn_-_     __'_���_.._.'���_���_      __���    x.1-_     t-v .      ���__     ���  POUr,  The interior of the store  untiringly    with    the    younger  a minion aoiiars is to De ms- jrom the water and admimstered  the- Sechelt Inn on March 14th.  ���"^ *��*4����"��* U1.re^er ^^r- untirin  ibuted as special, ajd to rural first   ��� S^iSS^^^ the   Board   in-  ^   ThTTnSr' of the*61W pe0ple ^ the community and i*  ^/Sto^e1^^ er ^ ^sejur^dt^^ and   WUson  ^SgM^c^S^^W was in. recc^nition of tiiis that,  *t       education, there and re_       ^ ^h   ^ could^he- pushed/Creek. Mr. Horace Aggett, Wil-  on li|it blue^an^lLd Sdt ^^S^pS^  f^ve the tax burden in rural ar  S. - . .   "  JDebt of .the province has de-  eased to $122,406,186, a reduc-  >n of over $10 millions.., ,  _R CAPITA DEBT DOWN-  to Dr. A. Inglis for treatment,      Son Creek, vice-president of the  and   shelves" against   the   back- ^ lu ^ya^ i,uBl aas .eeii an-  Later, he was sent home and is board, was in the chair and Mr.  ground of white walls.  The new nounced b^ Pollce headquarters. f  recovering. X- Roger    Simning,    Sechelt,    was store is located On the shore of  - Mr. Nimmo said this was the chosen as secretary of the sec- Mr. Lloyd's property opposite St.  second family mishap this week; tion.���; Several new members were Mary's Hospital and is connected  while riding his wagbn, another -enrolled^ aiid matters of interest with the road to the wharf by a  'Insofar as debt is concerned, son, Johnhie/ collided witti^ a to the Community as a whole ; foot bridge. A float has been in-  e province is in a stronger po>- wheelbarrow,.fell into;it;and hasvwereUdi^ussed. ;and ��� will be stalled for the convenience of  ion than it has. ever been. On two black eyes.^^ The Nimmo's brought forward at the executive customers arriving by boat. Buy-  per capita basis net debt has ha'd planned on celebrating their council meeting for action by ers will benefitXbyAl Lloyd's  en reduced from $177 to.$116," wedding: aniiiversary Sunday; but the^'Board. The executive council, merchandising experience and  e minister said. had not expected this kind of a meeting  will  be  held  at  Half- will find many articles of good  The peak of inflation appar- celebration. moon Bay on Marich 23rd. quality  and reasonably priced.  ?i-_ iO '>��r_'p]_t X  0 B VIH0XDIA -Page Two.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, 8..C.  Wxz ��oast Njews  ADVERT  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (sgnie ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  .  By "CAROLA'  be turned over to the P.TJ-. who  in turn will supply the Pro Rec  with necessary equipment.  "Birds"   which  mere incident,  My item re  started out as a  has developed into a crisis and  may well assume international  stature and plunge the ,^hole  system into embarrassed ^diplomatic discomfiture. In' such  event I must gather my/forces  (the forces that believe in me)  man my guns, post sentries, be  on the alert for guile, amass  large stores of pemmiean; and  dried fish (if I can get the fish) .vailing   flu  Congratulations: A daughter  was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.  Johnson at-. St. Paul's Hospital,  Wednesday, March 10. A little  sister for big sisters Jacky and  Lynn to name.  The Roberts Creek P.T.A.  meeting has been postponed due  to the illness of the president,  Mrs. J. Kirkland and Mrs. Her-  roh, vice president There has  been a leave of absence by many  of the members due to the pre-  germ.  FOR SALE ,        WE BUY AND SELL  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express to RIFLES   and   shotguns   bought  or from Vancouver. Low rates.      and sold, also all kinds of used  Fast   service.   Careful   handling, goods,  furniture, clothing, tools, "Sammy" Mine's friend, when in  to stay me well should the seige  be prolonged. My friend Mrs.  Godinsky is truly hurt that Heft  her out of the long list of contingents, and do you blame her  Specify  Gulf Lines Express,    tf  "7 KEYS TO ORDER  ALL  KINDS  of  keys  made  to  order.  Send  sample  you-wish  duplicated.  Muir's  Hardware,  at  Powell   River   (Westview)    B.C.  T FOR SALE  $MALL WHITE enamel range  | with Silent -Glow burner and  copper coil, complete with grates  and liners for* use with wood or  coal. Condition as new. Price $70.  cash. Mrs. E. Bertram, Gibsons  B.C. 36  etc.   Square  view, B.C.  Deal   Store,   West-  FOR SALE  BOAT, 30x9, in sound condition,  Chrysler engine, practically  new, fish-boat type, two cabins,  $2500. W. P. Pieper, Irvine's  Landing. - 38  FOR SALE  1934 CHEVROLET sedan. Apply  Box P, Coast News. 36  FOR SALE  1930 MASTER Buick sedan,  Mrs. A: Newton visited Vancouver for a week-end holiday.  Mrs. Roberta Chivers and her  daughters, Eileen and Marie visited Vancouver and were guests  of their grandmother.  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Edlund  spent a few days in Vancouver  to attend wedding celebrations  of friends.  The Roberts Creek Badminton  Club had a riotioiis time recently  when they hired the big bus to  transport them to Halfmoon Bay  where they enjoyed the hospitality of the Halfmoon Bay Club.  Be sure to keep the evening of They came home the winnahs,  March 20 open  (that's tohight!)  _____ Friday, March   19^.1948  so take care . , . beware!  'Tis the luck of the Irish to  yiz . . . those born on and around  the 17th. The 17th of Ireland  commemorates the Irish saint  who was the first plucker of the  shamrock to illustrate the Doctrine of the Trinity. No wonder  then the Astrologer sa^s . ..--..  "Those born the early 'part of  March may become a saint . '.. ."  Is that the inner force I have  ,been fighting? Congratulations to  jty-trs.. ' Charles Maywood, Miss  Margaret Mclntyre, Mr. Albert  Weal.-    .     ' ���-i.-.x ���'..  Consolation to, Marilyn Foley  who is isolated with chicken pox  at her school���-lucky it didn't crop  out during the Easter holidays,'  Marilyn!. /;  ,   X-x   v   .-  y  Continued on Page 6      v  their family they have been heralding the coming of the "Bird"  (let's call him Joey for short)  just as they did in B.C.? Like  Virus X, Joey is a true democrat  ���-irrespective of race, creed and  color, and leaves one with a mixture of feelings, . . . bewilderment, inflated or a deflated ego.  Mrs. Godinsky . . . I announce  you No. 10! (Don't forget to  take your vitamin pills.)  re- free and turn out in full force to  11-4 but the return engagement  may have a different ending . . .  MISCELLANEOUS  WE UPHOLSTER furniture, make  slip covers, supply materials  and do take pride in our workmanship. Free estimates. Usher's  Yard Goods Shop, Gibsons, B.C.  tf n  liable    transportation.    $300.00 support the younger members Of  Collison's  BarberShop  SECHELT  Due to slackness of business  during the day, barber shop  will be open evenings only  during the week and all day  Saturday.  Hours will be       *X  Tuesday to Friday  6:30 pjn. to 9:00 p_m.   ;  Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.  R. C. Kean, Sechelt, B.C.  36  Wm. McFadden  Optometrist  GIBSONS  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings by Appointment  Every  day except Thursday  the community in their "Variety  Show".  There will be entertainment to  suit all tastes. In addition to the  children's choir, Toy Symphony  and solos (vocal and instrumental) there wil be a costume sketch  by the members of Mrs. Chivers  Class and several dances.  The history of the dance dates  "back to time immemorial.   It is    _ one of the earliest of the arts,  ������       X-      _.___������'���   *        ~~. and one that has suffered least  FOR SpALE change.  RIFLES -/ .303. Ross converted    before music, (as we know it)  sporting  models^  Ingl^  pfcecmctot/6!^^  proxxifiately *;lb^ Gtaiplete fmth rdr^^c* tom?4cm\��_id iotn&oi thfe  all    sights,    equipped    carrying original primitive steps are ..till  PLOWING  POWER plowing done at reasonable   rates.   E.   Cook,   Wilson  Creek, 39  FOR SALE  BAY SADDLE horse, 7 years old,  good   condition.   Also   saddle.  Apply P.. G. McPherson, Real Estate,  Gibsons,  B.C. 36  sling swivels. Valued oyer $110.  Sacrifice $55 each. Will ship C.  O. D. Write Carlof, 537 Besserer  Street, Ottawa, Ont. 80  SIMPLEX MARINE  ENGINES  Machine Work���Welding  General Repairs  haddock's:  engineering  Pender   Harbour  in existence today.  The dances on this program are  widely different in character:  There will be an example of  early folk dancing as typified by  the "Morris Dance"���a colorful  Spanish dance and for more modern tastes a slow and graceful  scarf dance. /;"-- ^  XFOR SALE The music for the dances will be  FISH boat, troller 31�� by tW supplied by the Roberts Crefek  beam. New Easthope 79. New String Group who are arranging  gundys swan, new generator, new the program. The  tanks, board for cod. Apply W. r~���.. . ���': . ''���.  Hunter, Dorriston, B.C. 88  FOR SALE ,  SAANEN   goat,   freshen  month. 4 quart milker.  See Wally at Wakefield.  in   a  $30.00  38  Use This  SUBSCRIPTION FORM  ��� Now!  r  We need your support as a subscriber to keep up our  service and to improve it. 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Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Excess ��� Charter W Sightseeing  Timbereruising  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOW  For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited  Richmond 1481  or contoct our local agents  Pearson and Sawyeiv Seehelt  Phone Sechelt 21 Q or 9-C-4  P. G. McPhersoii, Gibsons  Phone Gibsons 2-A  ���i  GULF LINES LTD.  GULF LINES LTD.  PASSENGER AND EXPRESS SCHEDULE OF OPERATIONS  BETWEEN  VANCOUVER and WESTVIEW.   Calling at Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Pender Harbour, Vananda,  Blubber Bay, Lund, Bliss Landing, Cortez Island and Refuge Cove.  SCHEDULE No. ^-Effective January 12th, 1948���Subject to Change Without Notice  Northbound/  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday  Lv. Vancouver  9:00 am.  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  1230 noon  6:30 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt  ���.:  11:15 am. ~  11:15 am.  2:45 p.m.x  8:45 p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay  12:15 noon  12:15 noon  3:45 p.m.  Ar. Pender Hbr.  XNo  1:15 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  4:45 p.m.  Ar. Vananda  North  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  6:15i>.m.  AK Westview  bound  2:30 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  2:30 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  12:00 mid.  Ar. Blubber,Bay  Trip  ,' "'. " XX''  3:15 p.m.  ,  3:15 p.m.  .  Ar. Lund X  ���  -  8:30 p.m.  Leaves  Ar. Bliss Ldg.  .      .  9:00p.m.  Westview  Ar. Seaford  '  .  p   /  9.30 p.m.  Midnight  Ar. Refuge Cove  ..���.������  10:00 p.m.  Sunday*.  I  '.  xCALLS WILSON CREEK      NOTE: Times other than Westview and Vancouver are approximate.  Southbound  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Sat.  Sunday  Lv. Refuge Cove  7:00 a.m.  Xv.Scatter*  /  r  7:30 a.��t  Lv, Bliss L<fc  < ���  "  8.15 a.m.  Lv. Lund  '' '���.;  i  -  '  No  8:45 a.m.  Lv. Blubber Bay  ���-������',.���.'-'  1''  3:15 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  South  10:00 a.m.  U.;;W_i*|-Wr;;-^  Leave s.  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  3:00 p JR.  5:00 p.m.  bound'  11:00 am.  l%:$ismfc:Ly''-'y  Westview  2:00 p.m.  530p.m,  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  Trip  U30 s.m.  l^/Pefl^rHftlV;?::  Midnight  5:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  Lv. Halfmoon Bay  <$Sfa&*;X  6:00 p.m.  .  6:00 p.n.  2:15 p.m.  Lw.-:Se^eit?"::  7:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver  9:15 p.m.  10:30 p.m.  9:15 p.m.  10:30 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  ���Vessel Departs Westview Midnight Sunday, calls Vananda 1:00 a.m.,.  F^rryWharfi Ft/Columbia St TA. .2141  arrives Vancouver 7:00 a.m.  Vancouver, 8.C. Friday, March   19,   1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  They'll Do It Every Time  l.cm.f'.i U   5  P.i.tpp Ofitl  By Jimmy Ha do j  !W  mvm  \  By JANE DRURY  I AM SORRY I was unable to til double in bulk. Snip cross in  run a column of/interesting each, with scissors. Bake in 425  St. Patrick's Day recipes for yoir deg. F. oven until done. Cool and  owing to the fact I {got tangled fill cross made on top ^ith scis-  up with the law of rgravily; and sors, with icing sugar to which  kissed old mother earth in a most enough water has been added to  undignified manner. I have, make ��� a thin frosting. This  -however* a few interesting re- should make 2 doz. buns,  cipes suitable for Easter enter- Eastertime makes us think of  taining of your family and Springtime, and in the early  friends. Easter will break on the spring when eggs are fresh and  horizon almost before we house- plentiful they are "ideal for meal-  wives have time to prepare for makers and Easter favors. The  it. It always adds character to children love colored eggs to  the menu to introduce some of brighten up their Easter morn-  the traditional dishes, but wheth- ing brunch. A nice surprise for  er you make them for Easter the dinner, dessert would be to  weekend, or for the children's serve white cupcakes, chocolate  holidays, or for spring weekend icmgj and before the icing hard-  visitors, cakes, biscuits and buns ens arrange a few colored jelly  will always go down well. beans on the chocolate to give  HOT CROSS BUNS the effect of a bird's nest. The  "Ti^^^tZrZ.t��^' '^ :iike little ^i^Hses^atxmealtiihe,-  ^way you get uniform, size and a ^^^^y would be mos{  1 i.LS.S.^Ifl o^!__L ��f appropriate. Have you tried mak-  shortening,M cup granulated su- i^.^...R.^.e^n,..^.1^.gx  LUSHWELL'S GONNA  OO ALLY'S NI&WT-  CLUB8IN6 ON A WOT  WATER BOTTLE (M  TME^PNHUMOMlA  WARD-  shortenmg, %.^up^numea su- ^Easter Spanish Cream? Make tard. Let stand in upright posi-  l^^i^iff^lv^SfS^ t^'Spanish^ream in the usual *m until very firm.^To serve,  E9t^ ^Jlf \ytl%LJ��% way and after you have folded W m hot water for Just a sec-  lukewarm water,  1  egg beaten, ^ *he $m    b/aten eg   whites> ond, then peel off shell. Nest m  % cup raisins, 1 tsp. cinnamon, divide into three portions and to a fluff of whipped cream.  % tsp. allspice, .-3% to 4 cups sift- one add 1 square of melted choc-      If   making   individual   salads  SECHELT WEST  By EARLE GRAY  * will make door to door canvas of  the area.  If the additional nurse is obtained, services will be extended  ��� from   the   present   boundary   at  ama   _r_jffff   J    ^_OIl__IT"_a   OT  TYl^ !._!__���* CI   CHOC* **"       **.*v*a��.***^       j,aav4a vauuux       0����A����v��t_F  ��� ... -, -g-g ,    ,  ,     ,,, ,^.       ��� _ ^.^ __. W CDL   OCLIl"lt   LLJ   Jl t_,__lU-v?X    Xldl UUUa ���  edafipuipo^ from canned vegetable juices, top T^gjj^ holda sale of" work  ^��   T^H ^^ s   wiU   be  1 cup icing sugar. Combine milk, droo aimond fiavorini? and Dink them with blas bands of sieved      jia_ y WU1 rJ.      . sT1e ��* ^��,_r given to the Sechelt Indian resi-,  shortening,   %   cup   sugar   aid  .Xinf ?_   tKe ���frd   poS yolks and whites ol eg^.for a and home|��ogng��>.the: SecheU dential school.  Sf to   sCUg_rto^eyS eafe ?,dd  tW0 ^ta,^W��. Sef. nte^K^ t? ***��%��'                                   Mr. E. S. Sherdian and daugh;-  me tsp. sugar  witn yeast caxe fiav0ring and a little yellow col- ma��es a nice paster topping tor     Th    qalpX.f work will :nri11f!p ter Marearet Marv   recentlv ar-  ���*hat has been softened in luke- orinff   KeeD  colors delicate   Let your favorite salad loaf.                    ,   ��ne sale,ot worKwiu include ter margaret maiy, recently ar^  rann watpr   and add   Add eeff i    5" ^-i  x-       m                     I     For thnsp of vnn who Iiavp hPpn  baby    clothes,    small    childrens rived from Vancouver to spend  v^m water, ana aqa. pAoa egg, stand untll firm. To serve, put     * or tnose 01 you wnq nave oeen        -.             t'          H    th                    hort h0iidav at their home in  aisins,   cinnamon,   allspice   and a ewoonful of each color in a class enquiring about "Baked Alaska" 3acKets, sweaters ana otner var-   a snort noiiaay at tneir nome in  - niuch sifted ^U^u^ flour, di^S^^t^ vaS^ioa S ���* would like the recipe^here ���  ^^JSS^h^M  can be stirred m^o the dough. to mbld the Spanish cream in egg -1 is. However, unless you know Part .01 tne^^,ouu to  oe_raisea  lace in a greased bowl, cover, shells.   From ��ow ^J^  d let rise in a warm place un- whenxcooking^funless separating "-^-r^-���-_-^-'-���������^:���r*^rr:-���~  * n^.v. _mr��o . in th_�� _diK_riet  |U doiAle in butt#f^<^^o^    cCnead, shape into buns and ar- and ^M at other and all as it is.  range side by side in a greased end and blow out the egg. Wash BAKED ALASKA  Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hanson, of  Vancouver,  have been spending  FOR SALE .       1  1;PIANO,  small 'size; hApply  M<��-  Dannald, Roberts Creek.       3^  *an. Brush each  bun with egg out shell. Just before using rinse      % cup sugar   5 stiffly beaten to ^s*: 2 weeks holidaying  in  "hite, cover with a clean cloth with cold water, then fill as full ggg Whites, 1 layed sponge cake,  ^i*.   aiid  Mrs. .Murdoch's   cabin  id let rise in a warm place un- as possible with the colored cus-  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  i!WH!l  m  FOR SALE  Model A Coupe, good condition. $300. Cosh or terms  1948 FORD TRUCKS  WITH THE MILLION-DOLLAR CAB  BOLTS ARE CHEAP���you cannot help the road conditions. Our^ sincere advice  to you as motorists is to drop pressure of your front tires in half. This wifI offset  the terrible punishment the front axle and mechanism have to stand. It is  cheaper to buy and repair tires rather than incur expensive repair bills and  tear out bolts and rivets until road conditions are improved.  X SILVER GRILLE SER^OiSTlf ION  1   brick  ice  cream,  any flavor, fe-^��? S_fcl_.1lt ^_rs* Hanson �����  Gradually add sugar to egg whites Mrs- Murdochs sister. ^  atwi fceat until iheringue Jfonns x Mrg- F. ," Gibsbn^ and" Mrs:^E:  Peaks Cut sponge cake 1 inch Redman acted as co-hostesses at  larger than ice cream brick. Place a shower in the home of Mrs.  cake on wooden plank; top with Gibsons on Wednesday, for Mrs.  * ice cream brick. Spread meringue George Taylor, a recent bride  over ice cream, not less than bne _Yoril Vancouver. Mr. and Mrs.  inch: thick, sealing carefully to Taylor intend making their per-  sides of cake. Bake in hot oven niarient residence in West Se-  450 deg. f. until light brown, about chelt. '  12 minutes or less.  INDIVIDUAL BAKED Q ^rs'   N'   E-   C; .Arno1^  ^est  ALASKAS Sechelt was elected president of  wS?eTg? SS? iul_.ream' 3 6gg ^O^TZe^ee^  W^c^,-t^!S. 6 servings. ^ ��gggf^ haU ^ Th"^  Other officers are*   IVlrs   L   S  [���iHlllHliiHillHIIIlHllBIIIHillH Wilson    Creek,'    first  B vice-president; G. Marsden, Gib-  g sons, second vice-president; Mrs.  | S. C. Arbo, Davis Bay, secretary-  'm treasurer; and Mr. R. Telford,  [ Gibsons, auditor.  ��� Due to the increase iri popula-  M tion, the local V.O.N, nurse made  g a total of 3,000 visits during the  ��� year, most of which were a free  ��� servicer  g     During  the   coming   year   the  ��� Elphinstone Branch intend to  ( raise over $3,600 for a nurse to  | be stationed at Sechelt. This  j money must be raised by Sep-  �� tember.   The   various  auxiliaries  4x  FORD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK  ��  3i:!!MI!ilRlillB!!!tSI!!!l  limilHiliniHIIIIIiHIinHliifS:  | Cut brick ice cream into six serv-  8 ings and arrange on cake, leaving  la good inch of cake showing all  m around. Make a meringue by beat-  ��| ing  egg whites until quite stiff  g and then adding the 6 tbsp. su-  jj gar gradually while beating until  m stiff.   Completely   cover   the   ice  ��� cream and cake wiht meringue,  g the thicker the better over the  g ice  cream portion. Bake  in 450  if deg. F. oven for 4 or, 5 mimites  j or until delicately browned. Serve  '* immediately.  PITIFUL SIGHT ���From the  garbage dumps in the counts  ries in war-torn Europe or As?  la, more than 400 million  boys and girls seek part of their  daily bread. Pictured here is d  scene which is common in those  ravaged lands. That is why yoCi  are asked to give your dollars  to support the Canadian Ap|  peal for Children. The Appeal  seeks $10 million for the pur|  chase of food, clothing, medij-  cai and educational supplies to  assist these children, who feel  lucky if they find food in a  garbage can. Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  .Friday, March   19,   1948  By MAISIE DEVITT  By BROWNIE  ������.'wmswmj''  MILLIE  Forbes  and   Susan   arrived for a week's visit,  also  Piv and Irene Jackson, Betty and  John Atkinson from Salmon Bay  diconerneaas  ommittee for Trade  IT'S NO USE GALS���I just can't like it���that New Look I mean. I for the weekend.  was rather thrilled when they said said we were going to look       . . ������_       XXX  like the Floradora Girls���that Gay Nineties look was very, very , ^TPTe_.Pa.rty+��"t^S-xS  fetching. But, believe me, toots, Lillian Russell wouldn't have been l^^^^*!^^^'.^  found dead in the kind of hideous shapeless draperies that are be-: grar4d time with Pop Jackson  ing foisted on us unhappy femmes in the sweet name of fashion. calling the square, dancing in his  Its the kids I feel sorriest for. Flappy pleated or ballerina skirts look own inimitable style,  quite gruesome on young formless creatures with large saddle ox- x' ���"���  fords encasing their athletic feet. Isn't  adolescence cruel enough      A committee meeting was held  without this added encumbrance? to make plans for .a St. Patrick's  You should hear what the English papers have to say about our dance and also the buying of a  New Look. They remark indelicately that it makes a gal look���er��� record player. L. S. 'Pop' Jack-  delicate if you know what I mean. They are so right. son was present and the size apd  So I writ a pome about*. ^���^it? NoT-weU her.^  Grandma says she likes the New Look  For its charm and modesty.  Maybe so���but isn't Grandma  Slightly spavined in the knee?  Mama wears a ballerina  As she washes, scrubs and starches.  She adores her ballet slippers���  . They're so kind to fallen arches.  Auntie Grace approves the New Look,  Bustel-backs don't make her sore.  Padded hips and sloping shoulders-  She was built like that before.  Only Daphne, slender dryad,  Views the New Look, sombre-eyed  Pretty D#aphne, sweet and twenty,  Hasn't anything to hide.  *       *       *       *       *    '  large enough to have two badminton courts. ���'���'.'*���*  . Mary Johnston was hostess at  a social evening for Millie- and  Stan Forbes. A very pleasaift  evening of dancing and community singing was enjoyed by everyone.  Chris Smith and Stan Dodds  are leaving by plane for a wee__  in Vancouver oh Friday, March  '12;.      .-        ."  Kay and May Matthias also  left for a week in town. Happy  shopping gals!  ' ��� ' ' ..' V '���'-���  Well   folks   almost   time   for  lights out so once again' I'll say  see you next week. X  C- H- Smith Heads  Recreation Group  .      I asked a man I know what he thought about the New Look. He  cast a jaundiced  eye about,  and remarked,. "Doesn't make much  difference around here." "Can I quote you on that?" I immediately  replied. A look of stark terror contorted his despicable features as he  pleaded, "No, no���not that! I'd get murdered!" So, besides being an  ungallant beast, and an unmitigated cad, he is also a contemptible SQUAMISH���On   March   1   the  coward. Utterly beneath contempt. Squamish Recreationjil Associa-  ^ v And, darlings, don^et them kid you about the New Lc*>k being tion held its annual meeting and  reminiscent of Louisa May Alcott.,Sounds very quaint and charm-'   ,   ..  v.-:..    *.. >*_.__.. _.  ing but-^ell-^id ;^  take, it frqm me, &&irieji^^ ^? ^t-^X  PENDER Harbour���At a meeting  ... of the Pender Harbour committee of the Sechelt Board of Trade,  Mr. W; P. Falconer was elected  chairman.     ...  Col. E. S. Johnstone, president  of the Sechelt Peninsula Board  of Trade,5 ably related events that  have lead to the forming of committees for the numerous districts that are part of the Sechelt  Peninsula Board of Trade. It is  felt that due'tb the geographical  formation of the district, the  problems and needs of each com-,  munity could better be served if  committees were formed in areas  defined by the Executive CounT  cil. At the meeting called in Pender Harbour it was decided by a  resolution that; an executive of  twelve members be, formed for  Pender Harbour and out of this  number a chairman and secre^  tary be appointed.  Mr. W. P. Falconer, on taking  .he chair, asked Col. E. S. Johnstone to give a resume of the activities of' the Board of Trade.  Roads, telephone, power, water,  and better facilities for handling  of freight have been the main issues at all meetings.;  "The Board of Trade in any  district should be the back bone  of the community," said vCol.  Johnston. "It has been shown  that in districts where there is a  board, more progress is made. It  is a known fact that the combined efforts of a number will  gain faster^recognition than those  of an individual.  "The fundamental work of the  Board of Trade is for the good of  all local industry. The Board Of  Trade spells progress because it  should be the hub for all activity  ies?' :, \  Col.    Jonhstone    stressed    the  fact that a monthly meeting is to  be held by the Pender Harbour  Committee   one   week   previous  to the Executive meeting of the  Board  of  Trade.   The   chairman:  and secretary of the  committee  are to attend the executive meet-  ing to present the resolutions pas-l-  sed at the  committee meetings.  It was definitely explained that?'  any member of the committee is:j  a member of the Sechelt Boardt  of Trade and has the right to at-jj  tend all executive meetings of th<_j]  Board of Trade. There are times!  when   members   have   been   re-fj  quested to vote.  The meeting went on record  wanting informatipn concerning  the Consolidated school, accom--  odation, transportation arid th��  urgent need of the school for thej  fall semester. A resolution wa_  passed that a larger freight shed|  was needed at Irvine's Landing  to handle the ever-increasitii  business at Pender Harbour.  'iU"i&  ���^ce-presi  Hot Dogs> Coffee - Home Cooking and Sole of Work  Vfest Sechelt %     \^6;Nt Women's Auxi lidi*y  Sechelt Jiin ;j';"^. ">AARCH^  yy>-  TT  ��� wi' V '*  SECRET COVE  By C. GREEN  We regret to ��pori*de^  of Fred Brynelson at the home t^_yrft-!-5*,? * ^  x^  of his son, Jens, in North Van-  -^ Associatioirhas had a very  couver. The old gentleman, a well ^^ and supc^sful year., It.has  . .  , known  old  timer  in the   Cove, sponsored    softball,    basketball-  passed  away  on February 25th badminton, and an active gym-  ,WE HAD a pleasant surprise the after a short illness. He leaves a nasties program for the younger,  other day when the Jervis Ex-  wife m Norway people. The interest shown in the  press called here to deliver We had thp treasure of meet- above sP��r*s has been very keen  freight to Mr. T. Ramsay's wharf. . We na�� ���e Pleasure of meet and the Ail-Star basketball team  The boat was a pretty sight in 1?lg thls f me oM mai* some time has made a very creditable show-  her ctean paint against a back- ago and he appeared to beining against outside teams,  ground of trees on Turnagain Is- good health. On theSaturday The Association will make the  land. following  his  death  an  account drive for a park the main pro-  .���'. ���. . ������~~  ~~���       ~~ ;-   ���..   .  .���~-"- ���      .   ject for this year and hopes to  see a start on this in the very  c?<U^T^^5^?V^  ;fl-��*,��..*��.li/ial.  "Sl '   .-\,   <"'S ii^< ���:  ���z?  ,'fo  HASSAN'S STORE harbour, b.c.  The   bid-Established   General    Store   for   FAMILY,  FISHERMEN   and   CAMPS  Goods always regular, fresh and of superior quality  Wide supply of Drugs and Textile necessities  Home Oil Products Independent Fish Buyers  Flour - Feed - Cool <  Phone, water and postal facilities  Look for the HOME GAS SIGN at HASSAN'S DOCK  > Pender Harbour, B.C.  of the stone wall he built on his;  property in the Cove appeared in  the Vancouver Sun magazine^ section. That wall alone will stand  as monument to his courage and  indomitable will.*It is to be regretted that he did not live long  enough to see this tribute to his  skill published;  Carl Brynelson, a faller at Ritchie's Logging Camp, left for the  city to attend the funeral of hii  "**��� father, F. Brynelson.  Notice of Application for Consent of the  Public Utilities Commission to Changes in  Fares  by C. C. Lawrence, D.BJV._. Sechelt Motor Transport  Application is being made to the Public Utilities Commission  to replace the present tariff with a new tariff applicable to  the transportation of passengers on regular bus routes operated between -points on Sechelt Peninsula. The new tariff  contains a number of increases and decreases -in fares but is  primarily designed to eliminate discriminatory rates which  exist in the present tariff. It is propose that the new  shall be placed in effect on?Ap^  one who wishes to examine the proposed tariff may; view a  copy of same, obtainable from Sechelt Motor Tfsm^ixrt^ Se|  chelt, B.C. Anyone who wishes to make^ represeiitafipir re--;  garding said tariff should submit such representation to R. M  Taylor, Superintendent, Motor Carriers' Branch, Public Utilities Commission, Motor Vehicle Building, Vancouver, B.C.,  before April 3, 1948.  C. C. LAWRENCE,  March 17, 1948  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K Gibsons, B.C.  Garden sieve, size 18" by 18". Mesh 3 to 1  in. with  Galvanized screen���-a real buy ____x��� ea. 1.1.9  Garden^hoe, 8 inch blade ���.  ea. 99c  Garden rake, 14 tooth __--____._________________���___ ea.  1.15  Garden Forks, 4 tine, D-handle  ea.  1.55  Garden trowels, etc. ______________________ ea. 17c and up  Hand Sprayers _���_--���-_-_���___________________________ ea. 45c  Tank Sprayers ��� _���________________ 6.95  and 7.45  EVERYTHING FOR THE GARDEN  The gales prevalent during the  past month Have^ reduced marine,  travel to a minimum. Consequently few boats are calling here^A  few tie Up overnight but they  leave early next day and once  again Secret Cove lapsies back to  its customary peace and quiet;  ���Despite She; denials of experts  there are .plenty of������������'.woodticks  abroad here. The experts say they  do not come out in winter. vH  we are to ^go by that there is no  winter m Secret Cove because^the;  dogs never fail to* pick^^up ticl_s  winter or siiinmer. And, again,  we challenge the ^experts, thes#  ticks are poisonous, and this on  no less authority than Dr. Max  Evans, who says that some varieties of these pests are charged  with virulent poison. How right  he is, as we can testify.  THE PENINSULA'S ORIGINAI  4  5'10-15c  STORE  -. -   L  , mmsMmtmrmmmm.  Your friendship and co-operation still mei  its Our Low Prices  i  We're out of the high rent district to sav  ypu money Friday, March   19/ 1948__  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Five  mB to California, where they will  visit their daughter Dorothy. Best  wishes are extended to them.  BORN TO Mr. and Mrs. John  P. Kidd of Ottawa, a daughter Carolyn Anne, on Monday^  March 5th. *A sister for Jennifer  f and a new grand-daughter for  Mrs.   M.   Kidd   of   Gibsons.  I    . -    "       ���������'���      '..        ;   V    .���������-:. J  Mr. and Mrs. George A. Mars-  I  den of The Headlands, Gibsons,  left Friday for an extended trip  The Gibsons Memorial Church  W.A. donated, packed and shipped to Toronto, for European Relief, a 50 lb. carton of clothing  and notions. Some very fine articles of wearing apparel were  included, and will be greatly appreciated in their time of dire  need. The depot has been opened  in Toronto by the'Inter-Church  Council of Women for Canada.  J-;  :.*_?���  v  AL Lloyd's Cash  NOW  Opposite Hospital Wharf  Groceries - Meats -  Drugs  Hardware  Full liriev Martin Senour Paints  Mail Orders Promptly Filled  Come and see the Harbour's New Self Service Store  where our policy is lowest possible prices on ALL items.  We cannot issue a catalogue so list below a few of  our REGULAR prices.  Citrus Marmalade, 4 Ib. tin ________���~_ .��� 69c  Pure Plum Jam, 4 lb. tin _-_���:���-���__--__������-- 69c  Pure Honey, 2 1b. egrton ��� ~___���_-__-.���-__..���_ 73c  Grapefruit Juice, 20 oz. tin __ ������_-____, 12c  Dill Pickles/ 28 oz. tin __._���___���_. ���___.__.______ 34c  Peas, Garden No. 4, 20 oz. tin _���___ _���____:~_ 15c  Corn, Cream Style, 20 oz. tin ���__-___���������__��� _. 19c  Quick Oats, Robin Hood, 5 lb. bag ______���________ 43c  Shelled Walnuts, Vz lb. bag -_.__.-_-__--___���-���__���_ 45c  Neilsdhs Cocoa, 1 lb. tin x__-_x____��_,-_-______-__--__.^ 29c  Malkiris Coffee> X lb. bag _1____���  57c  Maikins Red Label:^T��ja/1- Ibr  _?_____���>��.?=^<.~:v-_>cg3_-:-:^^  ��, Choice, 20 oz. tin ���  ���"ji. __s; >*4.-L-s_.-;-.-.v.--��r. -/'.-_  r_~79cr  -30c  mer Pork and Beans,  16 ozv,'__  Liptons Soup Mix X_���___:__l______���I���.  _   2 for 31c  .__ 2 for 25c  Pay Cash and Save at Lloyd's  EASTER-  SEAL DOLLARS  Mrs. M. Kidd had as her house  guest, last weekend, Miss M.  Watt, who spent several years in  China, as a Missionary, working  with Mrs. Kidd.'s sister, Miss C.  Robbins, whom many here remember with.esteem and affection. She served for 30 years in  China, before retiring here, a  few years ago. She passed away  in Vancouver, July 1943 and is  buried in Vancouver.  Miss Watt, is on a speaking  tour of Western Canadian Missionary fields, for the Anglican  Church of Canada. Her home is  now  at  St.  Catherines,  Ontario.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ross, of  Rosedene, are to be congratulated  oij the birth of a granddaughter,  Marylin Orlean Hopper, to Mr.  Mrs. H. B. Hopper, (nee Peggy  Ross of Gibsons) now residing in  Winnipeg. A cousin for Bobby  Malpass of Nanaimo, only grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Ross.  THOSE who are dismayed at the  Russians' odd behaviour, in  these days can. find some comfort in Harold Nicolson's book,  "The Congress of Vienna."  In 1814,; as now, Russia was  one of a Big Four who had beaten the would-be Dictator of Europe. Russia, says Nicolson, assumed "an attitude of arrogant  secretiyeness which caused dismay to her partners . . . From  the remotest corners of Europe,  Asia,  Africa and even America,  ���n  MADEIRA PARK  There has been great activity  in.the past few weeks on the  community club property at Madiera Park. Stumps have been  blasted and hauled out to a big  pile to be burned, and brush cut  and piled. The committee plans  to. continue clearing and level7  in�� the land, filling in the low  spots and pushing down the high  ones. The school board has expressed their intention of leveling lot 12 next to the club lot  and a good deal of dirt will be  available then.  Most of the work so far has  been voluntary and there have  been several substantial donations of gas, oil and machinery.  The membership this year has  been very slow but in the next  week or so we hope to have letters frpm pur many former members and some new ones.  WILSON CREEK  DAVIS BAY  By  MRS.  ERICKSON  -__-_-_B--N_N-K___H__-_--_--_--------------aB-_M--B  WILSON CREE DAVIS BAY ---  The Sunday tea and display of  very interesting articles held at  the home of Mrs. R. L. Jackson  was a great success and all who  assisted were very gratified .with  their first effort to raise the district's allotment for the second  V.O.N, nurse. Mrs. Sid Smith  and Mrs. George Kraft served  tea from a table centered with  Spring flowers. The beautiful  collection of hand-made lace  loaned by Mrs. J. Browning, was  outstanding among many interesting heirlooms and curios which  we hope to display again later  for those unable to attend. The  committee wish to thank all including the brave men who turned out and those who sent in their  donations.  reports began to pour in regarcl-  ding the presence of mysterious  Russian agents and the activities  of energetic and.overbearing Russian diplomatists."  Lord Castlereagh, the British  Foreign Minister, was unpertur--  bed, and undeceived, by. all these  sinister goings on.  "The true interests of Russia/*  he wrote to the British AmbaS-)  sador in Vienna, "dictate a pacific policy." Therefore he urged  all British agents to avoid suspicion, not to credit rumors, anc.  not to allow "local cabals" agfi-  ainst the Russians to shake the  "main alliance." ,  Probably many a British Minister thought Castlereagh a naive  dupe of Czarist conspiracy. But  the peace he made endured without a major breach for a hundred  years.  DORIS'  BEAUTY BAR  Opposite   Howe  Sound  Trading  announces that the shop  is once more open for  business with a complete  line of  BEAUTY SERVICES  Doris Bedwell, Operator  '  all jget^bi^hihd the he^ex^utivel  aria* help all we can.-  Let's see a big turn out at the  quarteriy meeting in April, when  Some interesting plans will be  discussed.  ���Improvements Slated  For Union SS Estate  SECHELT���The Union Steamship  Company recently announced  many new improvements for its  Sechelt estate. A contract for  painting niost of the buildings  has already, been given to the  Walker Bros, of Selma Park. The  dining room Of the "Sechelt Inn  has taken on a look of newness  and some; of the bedrooms have  been re-decorated; the lounge and  lobby will receive the same  treatment. Fresh coats of paint  are being applied to the inside  and outside of the Tearoom and  Pavilion.  The interior of the general*  store and postoffice will receive a'  complete renovation. The store's  interior will be changed to provide for a groceteria and a larger postoffice and lobby; more  mail boxes will be provided for  the public. Most of the changes  will take place about the first  of April. A new black top will  be put on the waterfront road for  the slimmer. The dance hall will  be cleaned tip and to prevent further wear to the floor, skafing  will be discontinued.  Water distribution has been extended considerably. About 3,000  feet of four inch wood stave pipe  has been installed to"serve the  No. 1 subidivision on the read to  Porpoise Bay. A further 2,500  feet of four inch wOoden pipe  has been order for the No. 2  subdivision between Cowerid and  Mermaid Streets. The work laying this pipe should start late  this summer. Improvements to tlie  existing dam will be made late  this spring. Alterations will be  made to eliminate sand and debris from the water main.  NOTICE  Gibsons    q n ci    Roberts,  Creek* new! Bus schedule  allows  you  three  enjoy-'."*  able hours at���  WAKEFIELD  Each Friday and Saturday  ';.%  Selma Park  Hairdressing Shop  I.'c'  Hairdreiwing  Service  AWJi  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  LANG'S DRUGS  GIBSONS, B.C.  �������������������������������������������������������������������������  Here They Are!  Spring Tonics for ail the Family  .  Ma 111 evo I    Codliver Comp (Creosote)  Peptona (Iron Tonic) ���  Yeast and Iron Tablets __.  Sulphur and Molasses __.  Blood Purifier, 16 oz. ___.  Burdock Blood Bitters _i  Syrup Hypophosphites    2.00   - 1.00   1.00   79c  ��� 25c  __________ 1.00   __   1  ��� 1.00  *iof.iiii*i*t��**.i������ill(fiiiii��t*s*i��il����  MAKE HER HAPPY THIS EASTER  With a charming cosmetic set���Adrienne, Max Factor, Eve in Paris or a luscious box of chocolates or  candies  Please Note: EASTMAN CAMERAS are now available, priced from 3.75 to 67.00. We'll be glad tov  order your choice for immediate delivery. Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. ��_  Friday, March  19,   1943  By ENESTMAN  lentyne's family will soon be in sons . . . Guess this is all for this      It is announced that the score Bill  Coughlin   and  Mr.   Tonuay  our   midst.   .   .   .  Mr.  and  Mrs. week, can't think of much more cards of any game held through Chrismas.  Donalson,   will   be   taking  Mrs. to  say,  anything I've missed  I the forthcoming'month must be -��� ,        ': .... ., ������'  Thomson's   house,   Bryn   Mawr, hope to get in for next week . .  and the Gardners will be moving Be seeing you ...  The Squamish basketball team into their new home on the Se- ���' : -���  journeyed to Gibsons in the West chelt  highway,  in a very short     MORE  ABOUT  turned in, before the nexlr general meeting on Tuesday, April  13.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Rusk were  hosts to a party of friends when  they entertained at whist last  Sunday March 6th.  Mrs. Nina Daly and Mrs. Ivy  Coldwell were co-hostesses Sat-  Howe Sound Ferry,/The old.Bon- time . . . another checker game.   ROBERTS CREEK  nabelle" from West Vancouver to  x.  .  Mr.  and Mrs.  Darius,  our       ������'/*���____���.._.,___* ��m~ __*����__ ��>  meet the senior boys basketball former  baker,  has  left for Ed- Continued from Fage2  team here, and ended up on the monton . . . James Hadley and Mrs. Frank Yates has been vis-  end of a 58-44 score. Gibsons' Ray Preston, two young men iting her mother in West Van-  boys   gave   a   grand   display   of from   Vancouver,   are   our   new couver for a few days.  basketball to  take the decision, bakers . . . one of them incident- '       '"''������'   "_'     ^X       ,    ���       __,_���__   �����.      w      -*_.  Among the stars Were J. Drum-  ally has just taken the fatal step,     Mr��  aric.  Mrs-  Ira  01s<h* had  urday   March   13th   when   they  mond, Bill frocker and Ray El- yes, I mean matrimony. Mrs- Olson's brother and cousin entertained at whist. The guests  iiott  ... the previous evening      Granny McEwen is celebrating from ^ancouver. visiting   them inciuded Mrs. J.  Gray, Mrs. D.  the Junior boys auxiliary of the her 82nd birthday today, a grand over the weekend. Macfarlane Mr and Mrs Murray  Legion put on a display of tumb-  little old lady, believe me I sure ^^1?*���* MrL r tvi *___.__����� i/tr ��  ling and gymnasium work, under  hope I'm half as active and spry      The W.A, to the Canadian Le- mac*>enzie> mTS- *���" n- gourn�� "*���  the   guidance   of   Richie   Norris, and have as many friends when I  gion  Branch   219   announce   the    :      s      ____'       '-'������������  they are really doing very well reach that age ... yes I know winners of ,the telephone brictge  . . . the boys and girls of junior I'm an optimist, but it can hap- held at various members' homes  high also gave an exhibition of pen ... anyway we all wish during the past month,  square and folk dancing, went Granny the best of luck and hope Ladies' high���Mrs. June Gray  through their paces like veter- she is spared for many more hap- with a score of 177 points. Gen-  ans. PTA were responsible for py birthdays . . . They are having tlemen's high���Mr. Jesse Tom-  this display, many parents and open house in the Community kinson scoring 174 points. Con-  visitors turned out for the eve- Hall dance and refreshments in solation prizes to���Mrs. Doris  ning, refreshments were served her honor . . . Women's Auxili- Rusk with a score of 150 points  to all. . . My spies inform me ary to the Legion will celebrate and Mr. John Orr scoring 141  that Muriel Banks is wearing a their 15th birthday on March 17, points. x  diamond on-the left hand, and with a birthday party . . . Mrs.  BULLDOZER  FOR HIRE  Land Clearing  Basements Excavated;  Roads Built, Etc. .'.;';  Albert Danroth  Roberts Creek  that the lucky man is George Reuben Hill of Keats, is leaving  Charman, congratulations . . . with her family for the east on  They tell me that "Old man Flu" Monday, she is going back to her  has kayoed a number of our people and expects to start work  citizens these last few weeks, on- with the Red Cross back there  ly half of school pupils showing on her arrival. She asked me to  up, Miss Stephenson, down, Mrs. express her thanks to all who  Herrin, and Mrs. Rankin. How- had been so good to them in their  ever a few sunny days like we're recent bereavement... Don't for-  havirig today should help to beat get the Firemen's dance on the  this   epedemic. 20th . . .have you got your tick-  Has anyone asked Harry et yet? ... Also don't forget the  Gough why he's doing so much plebiscite vote'Oh March 30 . . .  standing up these days, hmmm? we do need a hotel in this place  .. . Bal's building looks like a re- seems to me a lot of people are  gular beehive these days, more losing sight of that fact, anyway  people working and things com- for or against get out and vote,  Sh_K,^rJ'te_1  ���e  ��,ne.wi11. be it's your duty^ that's what you  a full fledged cafe, all the trim- have a vote for, you know com-  inings/ another a 5 and 10- an- plete    indifference;    will    either^  othtei^ cash   and   ca^ry; grocery, make or break X . . don/t skjK I  iiiij$(^<4,^^ war^^you:>x;^t;^^ed^O^  <3ri��y^|toiif^ the Sea ra<EKney* Gi^ "..  Biigl|^��i^small store; iiot ment *^ifiS��it#raw^^  qui^lstir^ - what the others will Royal  &uiriahe  Societyv Xfor his  be yet-  but more rdata oh that; resbue August ^4;  1947iy of Fred  later, also they tell me Mrs; Bal- Aalton  from drowning at  Gib-  Bring Your Repair  to  Boot Tanks, Worm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN ITARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIFE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal  Works  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 14R  FOR  Real Estate or Insurance  Contact  Glen. 6463F  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CX)NTRACTORS f        '^SvSc;--  Phone liar. 3489  BULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CI_EARINC.f EXCAVAlSOflSi ETC. f  Large Machines.  HD10 at Sechelt���HD14C at Gibson  SEE ED BpAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  G&SONS,BC.  "BUY MEAT WITH  CONFIDENCE"  H. KENMETT, Butcher ��� Gibsons. B.C.  Next door to Bank of Montreal  tAXi  INSURANCE  PENINSULA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK t  Phone Sechelt 5C2  A \  Pcirr Pearson Agencies  .   General Insurance  Phone'. Pearson-Sawyer Offic  Sechelt 21-Q - LSL  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  REAL ESTATE  General Hauling, Freight  Carrying, Gravel Hauling  Try  "WILSON CREEK  GARAGE LTD.  Phone Sechelt 3S  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  E. W. Parr,Pearson  Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt  SHOE REPAIRS  P. G. Mc  Gibsons  Personal attention���Dependable Service  New Spring  Shipment  f rorn   $2195   to . $5.9��  Just Arrived.^   -  x:xSf.  .-."��� :���'-��������������� XX'- ��� '    ��� -j ^  Ladies Wear and Dry Gopas  Shoes, all types .  TASELLA  -��� I. !  SECHELT:  "The' Store of Better Merchandise"  _-_��-<.. . . ... jftfSfS&XrX ���,  3flg9c^.:^>ft.>����x.:.?^x.:.x.x.:.ix->SS;  THESE CHILDREN are citizens  ���   of the same world but their  worlds  are   more  than   poles  apart.   One is a happy Canadian boy . . . \vell fed, happy,  his cheeks radiant and being  schooled today for I tying tomorrow.   The other.;is; a European child,  hot welI  fed,  his  cheeks* sallow and living in a  World bf unrest. Tlie Canadian  Appeal J for; Children seeks to  .Nf Ip 400 mi) I ion boys{ and girls  inr Europer and Asia ; X . help  them to" know what i#;is like  hot to ;'.$_��.$iij^ the  happiness/ of health xand be  taught ,*^ and  understanding. Help the Canadian Appeal for Children  bring happiness to these boys  and!.-'girls.''^-:';:- yi   '���  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  'Serving the-Peninsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone 'Gibson���3K  at  SHOES  RENEWED  Eric Knutson  Sechelt  _  WELDING  RADOO SERVICE  r  .Experts, in Electric and ,  Acetylene Welding  Silver Grille Service Station  Wilson Creek  Phone Sechelt 15-B-2  STEELE'S RADIO ANCt  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  Phone. Sechelt 9K2  Send by Bus  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  BEER BOTTLES  Will calf and buy' for cash,'  beer bottles, scrap metal, elta  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines, Landing.  B. H. STROSHEIN  Wilson Creek:  JACK'S .'TRANSFER  Light and Heavy Hauling  :     WILSON. CREEK  Phone Seckelt 15-U.  LUMBER AND FUEL  Signed articles and letters  appearing in The News are the  opinions of the writers and are  not necessarily those of The  News or its publishers.  BURNS and JACKSON  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  In All Species  r     Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  .\_ Friday,. March. _19,  1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C_.  By ARIES  A very good game of basketball was played March 11 between Sechelt School and Indian  Brayes, with Principal Ellis of  Sechelt United acting as referee.  The Sechelt team was composed  of Dennis Grey, Earl Grey, Tom-  | my Reynolds, Stan Tyson, Dick  ! Clayton and George; Derry. The  Indian lads were Norman Joseph,  Louie Lewis, Richard George,  David; Jeffries, Gilbert i Joe and  ^ommyjiiiimy.' The secure: In-  di__a Bravest 37, Sechelt United  The    newly-formed    V. O. N.  ��� Fresh Meats and <.X -  X    Vegetables , , ].'���...  ��� Hardware  ��� Shell Oil  ��� Tish Camp  Pender Harbour  Auxiliary at< Sechelt has decided  to hold its meetings at Rockwood  Lodge on the second Tuesday of  the month. The object will be to  raise money for the; V.ON. and a  garden party will be held May  19 at the Lodge. The fee is one  dollar %or membership, andxwe  hope these active young people  will increase the membership to��  an impressive poiry. It is rioted  that the meetings will be held in  the evenings, so that will give  Daddy a chance to learn the hazards of baby-sitting. Mrs.' Lillian  Powell is president of the group,  Mrs. June Smith, secretary, Mrs.  Mary Newcomen, treasurer, and  Mrs. Alice A. French, press convenor. ..'������.���'  Sherry Simning celebrated her  seventh birthday this month. Her  guests included Diana Wheeler,  Derelyn Cooke, Judy Smith,*  Bruce Redman, Jimmy Doyle,  Peggy Simning, Valerie Morrison.  We were sorry to hear that Mr.  Scattergood has been very ill,  and we are glad to hear he is now  on the road to recovery. X  Enjoyed a visit from Mrs.  Funnell and Mrs. Mills of Roberts Creek. Also on the same  day the Les Wilkinsons of Pender Harbpur called to see Us. We  are always glad to see old friends  and enjoy a laugh and a joke.  A friend reports, a most wonderful display of northern lights.  She 'says the sky was magnificent in colors, with long fingers of  silver, and streamers of purple  and pale rose. We would have  liked to have seen it but it was  very early in the morning and  it was because she was out with  a sick dog that she was fortunate  enough to catch the display.  The Indian Village basketball  team, composed of Residential  School pupils, seems to be going  places these days. They show  good sportsmanship. A recent  game saw the following score:  Senior Girls, 34; Junior Boys, 25.  On the girls' side were Mabfjl  Jackson, Lillian Jackson, Doreen  John, Sue Mitchell and Stella  Baptist. The boys were Russell  Jacob, Joe Piella, Tommy Jimmy,  Francis Phillip and Harvey Paul.  On March 12 the Junior Boys and  Senior Girls, with the girls getting top score of 24 to 18. For  the boys, Cagney Point, Louie  Lewis, Andy Point, Russell Jacob, Joe Piella; for the jgirls: Mabel and Lillian Jackson, Doreen  John, Sue Mitchell and Stella  Baptist.  -���-'���v..  "Prompt Attention to Mail Ordw^  it RESTMORJ5 FURNITURE:  Beds, Springs, Mattresses  it GENERAL EI_ECT1^  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  .it FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  WESTVIEW, B. C. ��� Phone 230  Bank of  _.  GIBSONS, B-C.  Sub-agency to The Main Office  500-520 Granville St.  ��� ''���'������-.���   i^oouver, B.C.    : ���  JHMr  B .< ffl  Bank at Gibsons and have the benefit of both a "town"  account and full services /brought to the door*. Rates  and facilities exactly similar to those at the main office.  Tuesday-I0:45 a.m.~3:00 p.m.  f^riday-10:45 a.m.^3:00 p.m.  Ask for our booklet, ''Your Bank and How You May  Use It" and "Services of the Bank of Montreal".  _=  .  Ship By Gulf Lines  Freight Service  MV. Gulf Trader offers fast freight service three times  weekly, with fully refrigerated cargo space if desired.  Shipments must be at Packers Dock, Vancouver, by  4 p.m. day of sailing.  Ly. Vancouver     Ly; Vancouver  Wed., 4 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt,  Halfmoon Boy,  Pender Hbr.,  Thursday .  EXPRESS SERVICE  Regular Gulf Lines passenger sailing schedules offer  fast express service daily from Vancouver.   Specify  GULF for better servicer  -  GIBSONS���by Parr Pearson  Mrs. Clyde Parnell took a bad  spill about a week ago. In going  down shej trew out an iarm to  save herself and for the past  week she has had a very sore  arm. ; Thinking she had sprained  a muscle, she finally went to'the  doctor, there discovering after an  x-ray that she had a broken bone  in the shoulder. The arm will be  in one of those vertical castSj and  we sympathize Xyith her in the  misery she will have for a while.  Our genial real estate Xman,  "Mac" to you, is sporting a brand  new car. Seems almost sacrilege  to take such a beautiful job out  on these grim roads^ They tell  me that Mr. ,Mott,. from Roberts  Creek has Mac's old car.   .   .  _-  , C    -.     v- *- *w ��** - - -%    ���** f~    ~ * .    ^  A little'bird says that Art Alexander is leaving us, going into  a sweet line of business. How about some samples, Art?       * ^  Children of Gibsons will have  a  May Day  celebration on the  "24th of May, with a queen \d be  elected from the school.  Mr, Stamford, at Victoria, has  been requested; to obtain life-  savmg equipment for the government whiarf.^': ;7y X -XX  A committee of twOi Mi^ Her-  rin and 'Mr; I_. Petersen, have  been delegated to go into thie  m_-tter of some definite plans  with the V;Q.N. aii_��liaiy; to o^  tain Gibsons quota of $1,666 for  the VON.  BIBLE READING  Monday, 4 p.m.  Ar; Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender Hbr.,  1   Tuesday  Lv. Vancouver  Friday, 4 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender. Hbr.,  Saturday  STANDARD RATES ��� CAREFUL SERVICE  /  AND WHEN they were cottle to  the. place which is called Calvary, there they crucified Him,'  and the malefactors, one on the  right hand; and the other on the  left. Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not  what they do. And they parted  His raiment, - and cast lots.  Now upon the first day of the  week very early in the morning,  they came unto the sepulchre,  bringing the spices which they  had prepared, and certain others  with them. And they found the  stone rolled away: from the sep-  ulehre. And they entered in, and!  f6imd;j_.ot the body of^ the Lord  Jesus! .And it came to pass, as  they were much perplexed thereabout, behold, two nieri stood by  them in shining garments: .And  as they were afraid, and bowed  down their faces to the earth,  they said unto them, Why seek  ye the living among the dead?  He is not here, but is risen: remember how He spake unto you  when He was yet in Galilee, saying,  The  Son of Man must be  A successful tea was held at  Irvine's Landing on March 7 in  aid of the Crippled Children's  Hospital. The affair was sponsored by the mothers of Irvine's  Landing School pupils. There  were around 50 guests, and proceeds amounted to $36.50.  The 'flu bug seems to be prevailing in these parts. Dr. Vol-  len ordered schools closed for one  week.  Duncan Cameron is home on a  three-week vacation from his duties at the Royal Bank, Vancouver.  delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and  the third day rise again. And  they remembered His words, and  returned from the sepulchre, and  told all these things unto the  eleven,  and to all the rest.  St. Luke 23: 33, 34. 24: 1-9  '       Pooe Seven  A trap shoot is being planned  for Good Friday, Marclj 26, at  Leith's Point. All you scattergun  men get behind this for a good  time. Coffee and doughnuts will  be served. The shoot commences  at 10.30 a.m. Shells will be available.  The newly-appointed committee of P. H. Hospital Society met  Wednesday evening, March 3rd,  at Madeira Park, aboard the John.  Antle. Officers appointed include  R. S. Murdoch, president; L. E.  Humbly, vice-president; C'-.G.  Brewster, secretary; C. Potts,  treasurer. Plans are progressing  favorably towards the erection.;  of new quarters for the staff at  St. Mary's Hospital. The next  meeting of the committee is set  for Wednesday, March 24.  Congratulations to Mr. and  Mrs. Jack Stewart of Madeira  Park.   It's another boy.  Miss Caryl Would's sister, Mrs.  John Hayes and little son Wood-  ie of Vancouver, were visitors at  P..H. over the week-end.  THEY'RE  &&-  *\/  IfBQlfhy ��� They arc physically fit, these soldiers . . .  they had to be to pass enlistment examinations . . . and they KEEP fit. They arc well-  fed, clothed . .. given physical training  under experts ... provided with varied  recreation . . .and at all times giyen free  medical and dental care.  WW 001*l-V I Yes! They really are wealthy ... in many  ways. Not only medical and dental care is  free for these top-flight Canadians. Their  food, clothing, recreation and training are  all FREE! They have generous leaves with  pay . . . they see new places . . . they have  security in their chosen career AND a pension awaiting them at the end of their  service.  wVBSCIOf course they are wise! Each has been  trained  in  some special  skill ... under  expert instructors . . . with modern, scientific equipment. They arc wise in another <^v-  way too! They have learned that theirv^  service in Canada's New Army brings with fzg  it a sense of pride in the kind of job they    '  arc  doing... a  feeling  that   they  are  making a vital contribution  to the welfare and future  of Canada.  ^ you are over seventeen and want  a career with a plus, call at your:  heal recruiting centre or nearby  armoury and obtain further details.  Canada's Fuiu^  ���JOTfl-'tti^ Page Eight,  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B_,C_  Friday, March  19,   1948  normal and every one resting  up, but. it sure cuts my news  short.  The   Canadian   Legion   had   a  HELLO  Folks!  Gee,  March  7th guest smoker on Saturday. See-  already.   The    old    swimming fg x dont drink beer, I wasnt  pool will be open before we know  ^ ��n ��>}? & bJjt r.m sure glad  fr I went and I won t miss any from  now on. They played Bingo (free)  Well    since     the    Brownings for awhile, as usual lovely prizes  have left every thing is back to. of sheets, cups and saucers and   ���; ���  plate sets etc. I got there too late  for biifgo. Then again our' En-  yonne and Sven played the piano and accordian for us. Red  Verdisio played several pieces on  the accordion and also on his  flute; it all was grand. Later on  Bob Mounsey gave up a solo;  then our Elsie Balderson and I  think our Lil Mounsey were  making their debute on the mike  with a solo. I won't say any remarks, only there is still hopes  for me? Gordon Mounsey was  emcee and he certainly does very  well. He is hard to beat and kept  things on the go all evening. ������  There was lots of everything,  crackers and cheese, cigarettes,  pickles and scads of beer. Later  they cleared * the centre of the  gym and we danced until 12 and  such swell music. Enyonne at  the piano with Sven and Red.  Everyone had a grand time, left  there about 1.30, got home at. 2  and to bed at 4:45 a.m. and ray  niece decides at 6:20 a.m.: it's  time to get up, oh, to be a "Rich  Aunt".  Since last week I have acquired  a new niece. Wendy Louise Fort,  so I'm off to Vancouver tomorrow for three weeks; so there  will be little or no news for  awhile, but I will try to send a  few lines in each week;     vXX:  .It's nice to see Mr. Birch back  at work, after being ill for several weeks,  Was glad to see. Marg Mounsey  home and out from the hospital  and looking very well.  ...  >     . ,  ,. The tJohnny x Edwards >Had_ ,sur3  prise visitors Helen Depaery from  Winnipeg and Mrs. Westbrook of  Vancouver.  The Townsite had a big cabaret on Saturday Mr. H. H. Lee  was at it and he was here : yesterday and it was a [grand affair. Two 45 minute floor shows  with Fred Bass and his troupe,  hot plate supper of spaghetti and  chicken, etc., pie and ice cream,  the musicx^as very good, so I'm  glad it was a success.  Was told last night that Mr.  and Mrs. Sid Teal (nee Dorothy  Hamilton of the Townsite) haye  a   daughter; They   how   live   at  I      ..  '[Ll:: ���:'.���,���.; /,   SPECIALS XX'  Just. Arrived���   ���'..������.���  Tea towels, odds, assorted large sizes, good quality,  price ������___-���--_���-���-_--_-������_���-���_____________ 29c up.  Hand towels, Turkish type, sizes about 22x44, $1.35  Face towels, approx. 12x12, each _���__________________ 20c  QuiIting cotton Bqtts, pattern with each pound;     C.  Flqnnette, snow-white, fine quality.  Unbleached cotton, heavy, 40 inches wide.  Spring    shipment    Draperies:    rayons,    monkscloth,  stripes and floral cretonnes to brighten up your home.  Usher's Yard Goods Shop  Shoes Children's  Ladies'  by Jack. Scott  "THE ACCUSED stands charged  with the serious crime of attempted suicide and has elected  to take the stand in his own  defense. You may proceed, Mi.  Pludge."  "Thank you, your honor. Well,  sir, .I'm just an ordinary, average man and I guess I wouldn't  have done anything drastic like  that except for the ketchup  bottle,;because . . ."  "The ketchup bottle?^':  "Yes, your honor. New bottle  of ketchup Mrs. Pludge had  bpught. Well, you know how  it is. I tipped the bottle of ketchup up and nothing came out.  So I hit it gently a few timfes  with the heel of my hand, you  know, and nothing happened,  so then I hit it a swat with my  fist and, well, I guess I sort of  lost my temper."  "I , s��e. The ketchup came  out?"  "It made a noise like 'Glub.'  First thing I know, I've got a  lapful of ketchup." ���  "But  surely, Mr.  Pludge..."  "Oh, that was only the start  of it, your honor. If it hadn't  been for the sardine can, I suppose I . . ."  "Sardine can?"  "The key broke off; your honor, when I was' unscrewing the  top off it. When Mrs. Pludge  got home, she was yery disturbed."  "You were in a melancholy  state?"      "���       '  "I was swinging at it with an  axe, your; honor. /And I guess  that, was^what Really started me  on the way to what T did." '  "I'm afraid I don't quite . . ."  "Got to brooding, your honor.  Everything seemed against me.  I ffot to thinking that all the  little gadgets. around the house  were against me. They were  after me, your honor."  "But, surely, a man of your  intelligence, Mr. Pludge . . ."  "I tried to be calm about it,;  your honor.    Like I told Mrs.  Pludge, it was either me or the  telephone cord and . 1 ."  "The telephone cord?"  "Yes, your honor. , It curled  up. Every time I would go to  .answer the telephone, I'd have  to. get down on my knees beside  it,, because it would all jbe ^curled  iip. So then I would straighten  it all out."  "But didn't that ; . ."  -  "Always    curled    up , again.  When I wasn't looking."  "I see."  . "Then when, the shower bath  NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN  at  GIBSONS, B.C.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  9 o.m. to 6 p.m.  at SECHELT. S.C.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  12 noon until 4:30 p.m.  SECHELT ANNEX  Snow   Lake,   so   congratulations  Dot and Sid.  Like to congratulate the newly  weds who were married at the  Townsite, last week. Leona Bishop and I don't know the groom's  name, but best of luck to you  both.  .One of our whist club members was surprised when her  hubby sent home a new washing  machine. Already she has her  fingers crossed when. he puts on  his undies, he will Jook like a  "Bobby-Socker". But it's swell  to have a washer and we're with  you Aggie.:.,  ��� -Well, folks I have so much to  do' before ; tomorrow. It. makes  me-ill when-' I think" of. it. So  for another week, or maybe two  I'll-say r Cheerio arid only hope  this   spring'-'. weather   stays   for  awhile.   ' ���Slim.  ���. .j   j        - ���        ��      -*  ���  >��  got on their side I knew . . ."  "Shower bath, Mr. Pliidge?!  . "Even the shower bath. I  would stand outside the tub andT  get the temperature just right.  I'm a medium-warm man myself, your honor.   Then, when I,  ; stepped in, it would rear back  and let me have it. Second degree burns, your honor."  "You have developed a fixa-p  tion, I take it?" ?  ,   "I didn't really get desperate  until after Vladimir was born  'ahd:'' *"'"'"    '  " '������'���'!''" v. '��� ���  ."Vladimir, Mr. Pludge?" ~-  :."My son, your honor. You  see, yve bought, one of those  folding baby carriages for him..  Believe ime, I'll never forget tjie  day I tried to get it together."  .   "It was difficult?"  "It kept lunging at me. That's  what it did. I tried to ward it  off with a kitchen chair and it  got me by the arm and if Mrs.  Pludge hadn't been in the house  and such a big, strong woman,  well, sir, r don't, know what  would have happened. It was  just like the deck chairs."  '^The deck chairs?"  "Yes, your honor. They used  to snap at me and one time one  of the big fellows got me by the  ankle." v. -��� , / .;. .   X  "How,long did this continue,  Mr. Pludge?"  "Right up until the time I  tried to do what I'm here for,  your honor. The whole thing  , began to be a conspiracy. I be-?  gan to notice that gellophahe  was gripping onto things when  I tried to take it off and the hot  water tap in the kitchen started  dripping, but not until, I was  just about to fall asleep' and!  then,   and  then,  the  gol darn  ironing board of Mrs. Pludge'sj  your honor.'' ;j  "It was after you, too?"  *'Every time I'd put it up i  would be solid as a rock. Thei  Mrs! Pludge would lay a handkerchief on it or breathe heayilj  and it would come down. &  one day when Mrs. Pludge anJ  Vladimir were out I got up oi  the ironing board, tied the elec  trie light cord around my neel  and waited for'.it to drop,  figured I'd sort of have the las|  laugh, on it."  "It. _. didn't v. drop, your honor  ���XT-: . ���**-:  Briggs-Stratton    Inboards  Evinrude Outboards  at 'pity; prices  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  Somp Good Used Outfits  $150. up 4  CKWX. EAR LY.BIRD  ��  . ..  control  "You    really . must  yourself, Mr. Pludge."  "Sorry,  your  honor.     I  wais  thinking about, the  card table.  It began pulling one of" its legs  in and trying to sit down every,  time I'd put it. up."  "Well, now, Mr. Pludge, I  think we've had sufficient of  that and ....".  "You don't want to hear about  the camera - film' that'*'' tried ' to  strangle me?"  ; "I thinkMibt. Mr, iPludge. Perhaps you'd better tell us how  you were going to do away with  yourself."     ;.''.'!���',  "Oir, that.    Well,*it was this  Johnny Ansell, popular "Top 0  the Morning" man, is on CKW2  Monday through Saturday from 6:3  to 8.00, with bright music, news, an  frequent time checks. Johnny's sho.  spotlights Knox Manning's "Behin  the Scenes" for Air Seal at 7:3.  Vick's "Weather and Road Report  at,7:40, and Jaughs with Howar  and Shelton.at 7:55, presented bj  Hammond Furniture.


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