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The Coast News Mar 5, 1948

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Array ^*:_iw2��uE->Y  Serving a Progressive and Growi:  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast,  Covers Sechelt,  Gibsons,' Port Me;  Ion,   Woodfibre,   Squamish,   Irvin  Landing,   Half   Moon   Bay,   Hard^  Island,    Pender    Harbour,    Wilson  Creek,   Roberts   Creek,   Grantharr_kX  (Landing, Egmont, Hopkins -Jandini. {  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.   "\      1  PT?BRISH_E_> BY T_3CB COiUST KTSWS, I-XMri*_3B  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C. Rational Advertising Office, Powell River, B.C.  Vol. Ill No. 34  Sechelt, B. C.  Friday,   March   5,  _ of M, Buys  My dear Mrs* Anonymous:  * .^JDespite the consternation caused ^by my little "innuendo" with  reference to 'Bird', I am imbued  with a sensevli^gpbd-will, and I  would, therelore^ ;pass oh something   which   has   been   tUcked  away . in   my   overstuffed   desk VON AnitUai Meeting  drawers for just such; ail occa- X���      x    _. _.  sion. it is entitled ^Serfee bf Set for March 11  Humor" arid written by one Boss __, '.--���-.��� ��� ���._. , ,_, u  Byron��� (Pleasemay^"1 qiibte Mr. The V.O.N. Elphinstone Branch  Byron?) jv   v will hold its annual meeting in  "One of the greatest <>f?all gifts the community hall at XElbberts  vouchsafed to th^ humanrace is Cree kon Thursday, March 11, at ^5^,^?' war Canada sNa-  the sense of hunibr. It makes life o Tim - Sneakers will be the hon- tlcma- Gallery commissioned a  joyous, minimizes borrows; and 8 P'm' Speakers ^W ��* theT "^ number of well-known Canadian  changes dcistehceSbm ^pehance orary president Dr. Alan Inglis, artists to design pictures for the  and a pferii into something to Hr. Robert Burns, Mr. George silk-screen process which would  enjoy. ^   ; ^  x Marsden,"who will speak on be- serve as decoration for military  thaVt^^                                half ��f ^ SChd61 b0ar^ ^ ^ ^S^n^Sch Sdlan  t^lJt X- ^ ^ethe^^dency Robert Telfprd, auditor. artists rose to the occasion can  J2,���ss.^}^cracKS gy. ��*e  ex-      Members are requested to keep be testified to by many an expense of others, which is a def-     ���      ���_.���������         ,./-?.            , _.__-.���;��__ ��,V��  i._v*i, i-_ >�������>__.�� -.���,*  ;___en*^^ t r^ir_ sr ew    ^ x  srssff^ss sgssvs.  (���ma  not  an  aia, ii   is  reauy  a ftl _  mAr]p aUailnWi> tn thp "Rri-  sense of proportion���the highest m.yxf^i^^^^m^m:m^m^\ - {"s�� ���*��;e *]3i ^w^ T?c11i__  f/__l-r__7_.v._v.fl%. X_�� -.v.;..**. ��* J!.;-.j tish Army and the it.A.J.. Since  development or ability of mind ���-               ���                  --   ..    then Sprints .have proVed an  brwSa^'.S TernTown Talk ssSKtwr&SM  b s *_&*? ��__E ���"JSZTZ^. mSKVSSS  knowing   that   there   is   really Have been slowed down lately. bSfss firms af dewrS fox  nothing   extraordinarily  import- probably due to the ^u. The St. ��gK? and   nhblic   rc^ms    to  ant in any phase of human life. Valentine's skating party was a r^c^an even wider S  *He or she has, a fine sense of i0t of fun. This time John Clay- re*^ ** **�� T^n���   t   *>.__  values. 'y ion and Betty Pratt each won a     '^he   recent   decision^of   the  The basis of a sense of humoh.5Undae. It is too bad Teen Town' Bank_.��f Montreal to purchase  , intelligence���a knowledge of doesn't sponsor more of these af-.quantities of these large- silk-  (the world and its inhabitants. A fairs"     <     ' screen prints for display in its  [person ignorant-of human affairs - ���, **   * branches across Canada, indicates  lias no sense of humor, because We collected for the March of how widespread interest m mod-  ae will have superstition, pre- Dimes which was sponsored by ^n Canadian painting has be-  judice and bigotry in its place. Vancbuver Sun's Teen Towns��� ������ * ls 4?e c��������e��� ��J **��� ��;  But one who knows- life, one a very worthy cause, and I'm glad McCurry, Director of the National  ivho has a sense of values, one to see that the Teeners' organ- nailery ot Canada, we are an-  vho has developed intelligence, izations collected over $700 to- xl����� to encourage the bringing  Hhat person will have a sense of ward the crippled children's ��f *he ���ork of Canadian artists  umor." funds      * before the public in this way, and  Can you laugh at yourself as ' *    *    * an institution, such as the Bank  dilv as at others? If you can.      At last Someone has handed in ?f Montreal, with public offices LA^*nt^   . ���  part ^it^J^^^mmMm  moire business  5c per copy, $2.50 per year, by moil.  is  Photo by JackCash  $?^.Fj&F?r}  ueasing     personality     is  perned.";       ���  > ' *     -   .  Sincerely, Carola.  lospilal Gels  lew X-Ray Unit  con- speaking about members, we  i now have over '30. Lucky, lucky  " us!   Who . knows,  some  day  we  of this service'  protect theymenyffo snipgs; the power sow is more  us:    vynu.miuw.,  auiXiC  ua>   we      The series of prints now com-   efficient ond speedy.   It  might have 40?   Anyone wanting prises   some   31   subjects   by   27  cut much ^closer to the> ground; eliminating the high stump  a   membership   card  can   obtain Canadian   artists   and  the   bank  wastage occasioned by the old: axe and crosscut saw method  ,one from either Earle  Gray or will use practically^all of them  of falling. fThese modern loggers are falling a giant hemlock  Jeanne  MacRae.   The new  1948 at various points. Dates for the   tr<a-_ ������w.L'jl^  ^11  k�� >- * J    ��*-.        i     x       ���=*���'"  ,,c'"-'^^  ones are in, and as they only cost prints to be displayed' in Powell" ��ee  wh^^ ^ *?-converted   into pulp  for  process, ng   into  50 cents I suggest you get yours River has not yet been announced.  _~yoi\ driVsh >o.lumbia s Pulp and Paper Industry maintains    These forests are operated under various government leases and  over 1 minion acres of forest lands on a sustained yield basis.  now.  3Ve have a belated report fr/_m  MheAne __T___B_____-n��_x��_  mr ^tPn  in t^o Y ._,_.   #�������!    ^e  Sechelt Polar  Bear  Society ��l����ons MUeiTMn  iken last week in the installs- ||��^h Wue for S a���"_l d1_ Gibsons B- c-  S_,Df.naH "^d|? **-? nTT- on &S?y 8   Thly areabL   _ February 21' 1948  r��_.^Tn��RaTl0graPhlXyiCt0^ �� ��P and around ����w. ���      Editor' coast News   Sechelt  l-Kay    Unit.    It    IS . a    General       rnni��rat<!  tn  Fair.   W_J,   ,���l,n   r'allor'  "���� news,  oecne��.  Sl_=tric   (U.S.)   Electric product w^t_f 5o__ cSn^^rd _lr     Sir~tt h?s .been ^.^l0."!.  tenures;  y��  : ���.:,���:-;; , 'xSt.. Mary's Hospital  By US'N  ���"''������'���,:"f    ���-  '  PENDER  . Harbpr--Rev. ��� Allan  ^reeii,   superintendent  of  the  Mr   Martin   <:a_A<. ^amppr ***. -eally deserves the award.             npared'in Gibsons news'which k series otcnanges. xne school nas^^^^^y^^^- ^myn nospitah  CC_S_U__  VctoinI���_y  &   T__T To^ w^bobSserfv__ev��wal ^^S^TveT^e^ng. gon-.hack^ ite one-hour lunch   �� ^ dai!y chargejatl. _?  nstalled th_�� unit  *��__*_ wr til    . een ,To,wn were observed view-                              f                  6 periods.;     The    sunny    weather, xo ^6 per day effective March 1.  5rfS__��t^!i_^^��S^"  ing   their   ancestors   with   great      1) I am a prawn fisherman, not combined ;with   the  extra   half-   The   increase   has   been   found  ��i��ed^ him^fii ���?wT ftTfT amusement in Stanley Park, and a shrimp salesman. hourj brought about the first day imperative if the  hospital is ^  nw?L t^��l Irr+                 the  following   conversation   was     2)   At   the   recent   Headlands' of baseball (or scrub,^hen.)      'keep- its head above ^the  Water  S*r. r��2 2���  q      ���     H-S?eJf" over-heard, from  the  other side Association meeting, held in the We are dad to see-all ^ n����fl.    financially. Mr. Gfreen said that  *���������__����_!����+ _. \? ��P���ra~  the   other. "Look  at   those  two motion to drop all plans for am- there  was onlv  on_> ox**   +S��tt m.creased costs of operation make  S? staft all "of'whom^.e^w 'S* *fe don'tthey look'funny. algamaUon       This ^motion   was ^^<^_^|^i^^^-^-���te-W^.S.SS.  ^lTiiLi\>X.       *   i_X are now one of them has a peanut. Let's seconded and carried by a vote of tact^ - times.  P TO^-SnTv*6 ^chIn?' watch him and see if he knows 13 to 9 and was so entered in the      il^   ^^^       -,   ^ -_____1____  F^��TafnalXTy.?nit_.nsta_1-  enough   to   take   it   out of   the minutes   of  the   meeting.   These      J^nne   Macl^e._md ; George, -���-rj���^.^  ZL?���*�� 1S ou*nioded I3y. the shell   That  one .that/is  making figures certainly-do not add up D^ celebrated birthdays w��h,   X  .  ff ll    Sofn ma?me ^?d whl!e the funny fabes must be his mate! to    26   as    your    correspondent aA3^ W*7  *S v^x?^,n^t. ijuse us. The two Teen Towns are  ft has ^done  good   serviee  it  is i wonder whSt she is eating, she states. A S��od time was had, by aU. having   a  basketball  game  and  We have a ne^student in Miss Pa"^^ Gibsons on -Today;.the  ot to^be compared in the class _h^ _n^ clfe^ andrtjust keli.     3) The petition   ^Victoria M^_hani _ X3(irtL^^^  ,    ^ ���'- ��� ___'-���_      *,        *T - -^. *rT**.mit       ~^h_^'*->-     * __l ___ _ .-   __ _;_.__."       _i_;    _H*--*__    _^ '      _ '  lO 1  tL.i^^l-^o6 x??0???-coPjc--aTTim7They l<)pk,sort of" sad. was not7ar"your^corre��pondent ma  Parlc-  bf   radio_?rat_hir   wnrlr   t_.��_   ��___.�� ^iiCVVO ��11W *.��*v.����_, ��*"�� ** jv__��. _-<_.p_jrf_;      w/   _._xpe:    ijp_-_vxv-ii    w     v_��.,!,v___c.  fcnit^i^i^The^! sgrgsi^Jsrsu? r^_i_t8__;d_ s?s s Kiii^^hofe^i��^ti&  win.  Hie   PaT^^   Xr   4^c   h X guess tt^'wipfh they were in infers, a petition for amalgam-      'Tis   rumored   that   soon   we  ^kkS it nos^blf for tft.tn    here With US monkeys" ation.  A good many of the |rop- shall   have -another  boy  in  the  aKes it possible for the doctor ... _ erty owners who gfgned ^ ��_ high   schooi^Dick   Gairies,   who  tition are opposed to amalgam- has for some tihae^ spent his hol-  ation, but are anxious to get this idays in Selma Parfc. The Gaines  fco   do   fracture   reductions   and "  ;e. what he is doing during tne  ^4^S=��^ ^i^^^^^^ie^     ^^' J -uld^suggest that C Gr^p^^K  iaf organs can be wlhed. ^ fn The^aSTo^comfHy^  wS SSi SSES^tff? ^^ .^S^^^  Installation pf the new x-ray enjoy the added medical Service fnrT ,^t ^ L^ ^?U be~     I imSine w^ Jill b.   i.   +-  las been made possible through the new equipment makeV pos! f��re Sendmg in her artlcles' ont^G^^l^nt^^  he benefaction of an old frield sible. ? HAKOLD FEARN ��^tt^tS.5Sw��'  sb-&$Mm  0 a.VIHOIDIA Page Two_
<Ehe €oast Mjetus
3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c
Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.
Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion
„ Friday, March   5,   1^48
while away will let you in on The March of Dimes will be
them • .. providing you do the aided by the whist drive £nd
same i! or me        and if you are bi plaRhed  |or   tHe   future,
like Alice of Wonderland fame, * ■„ ,, _ ,,. _, %*
and you are getting curiouser w1^ Mrs.H.^Metcalfe and Mrs.
REPORTS from the latest meet- and curiouser ... I'm "just'go- G. MacDougaU in charge.^A poring of the cemetery board states ing to be very busy doing an Jjfn of the proceeds yrill go to
that from this time forward the eight hour stint on a, hospital the Alexandra bolarmm. ; v
cemetery will take the loss on staff . .•-.-. white starch will be - Other future plans include a
the burial of indigants. There is a nice change from riding clothes, plant sale and tea/the date tettt-
a sum of $45.00 allotted by the And incidentally that hpss is to atively set for April,
government for this purpose, but be sold, if anyone is interested Mrti w B,,chfield renori^ fii*»
the burial of indigents. There is enough to part ..-With the folding ■^^£-'tff^c&^S^y^
and the cost of digging a grave/green stuff.     X        - visits to the sic* and shut-ins,
is  $15  it  leaves  no  more  than *   **    *
$5  for ^undertakers  fees^which     Former   Coast   News   corres-
is out of all reason.^ ppndent, Mrs. Willispn,  of Sec-
• ret   Cove has  returned  from  a
The Legion W.A. fcave arran- three months vacation in Calif-
ged their fifteenth birthday par- ornia and Oregon/ and has been
SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express, to OFFICE equipment now located &J^^^ *?_;■■?•
or from Vancouver. Low rates.     at P. G. McPherson's-^Real Es- %?**& ^°0^fe % >£*? S^  A: dinner^ was  held  in
Fast service.   Careful handling, tate. Typewriters, sales and ren- iffi1^t^L  ^^^y^S^* he.r  JWr'   and   fronds   enter-
Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf tals,  Gibson,                             ** gLf^ ^
—A    - -,   ™g -^
lzexApply. Mc- the, - *5ffi<_ t_r»l«*t th__t rir&ented surprised  on  their  28th   anniv-
rts Creek."' #35 iS^wll^^mbf^i^^- "&**** ^ien. friends, gaye^ party
herewith the pillow slips..     _ to   celebrate   the   occasion.   The
FOR SALE                        The Legwn g«)up ryrt that evening TO pleasantly spent by
KEYS TO ORDER— ~~"        FOR oatE
All   kinds   of   keys   made  tp PiaN0   Sm_Tll   size
order.    Send sample you wish yiA^^  small  size
duplicated.     Muir's   Hardware;
at Powell River (Westview) B.C.
Dahnald, i Roberts
• Groceries
• Fresh Meats and
• Hardware
• Shell Oil
• Fish Camp
Pender Harbour
FISHING boat, 28 ft., 5 h.p. East- '^%y^l^P^''i:'^^'.^- dancing and having a sing-song,
hope engine. $880, Can be seen .^Sl_^£^:P^t J5?%^-in which all participated/ and all
enjoyed. X
ONE BOAR pig, two years old,      1^rn^ B_TvWt5e  Box^f Orally take an interest in.
approx. 600 lbs., $75.00.   Chas. a ■^?1L^_^Skb^ M      T^°   neW   Members   are   e__- •    ♦
Sundquist,   Kleindale,   Pender A., Coast News, Sechelt, B.C.   35 roUed  Mrg> AlM Q^dener and     "_.,        ■_-.,      X   „   „
FOR SALE Mrs. F. Feeney. „Mr*  attdXMrs. A.  M.  Hopper,
icW  daa^ !^   X-        •«. *    » ■*■■■■■' (formerly Peggy Ross) have an-
16 FT. BOAT, sm^ll cabin, with X    * nbunced the arrival  of a baby
QUICK relief for acid ii^ Sea Bus Passenger, J. P. Veitch daughter oh Jan. 22; weight^
ui^?""  S^^^^ came as near to making news as lb  ^d named Maril'R 0*een
DiMiw ivex, oc, ^. $135.00.   See  at   Spurnls   Shop,  was  comfortable  when   he  was „    m    m*,
35 present when a big wave smashed
  the windshield and ait ferry-op-     The February meeting of tfre
WE BUY AND SELL—        erator,   J.   Bunyan.   Later   Mr. Women's   Institute  was  held jn
Safe,   prompt/ elective.   Lang's SJadelra Park."
Drugs, Gibsons, B. p.
WANTED to  rent by - April  1st,
3 to 5-room house; preferably
furnished, semi-modern.   Box L,
Cbast News. '-■■. .   33
y. . - ■        FOR _3iALE
Rifles and shotguns bought Veitch was transferred to the >the United Church Hall Tu<a|-
and sold also all kinds of used Island Flier—the same that piled day 17, when plans were .corn-
goods, furniture, clothing, tools/ up on the rocks two weeks ago. pleted  for  the  annual  birthday
etc.    Square Deal Store, West- *    *   * party. ^^	
view, B.C.        , Fishery    patrol    boat    Arrow                :
 ——-  Point ran a mercy trip to Van-
FOR SALE— couver with Lil Shutz who was
Land Clearing
Basements Excavated
Roads Built, Etc.
Albert Danroth
Roberts Creek
1936 HUPMOBILE sedan, excel- *£atr^TT ivt cft/:nr1 nnYlrflfinn   f£ve   W1-m V    ZVn    *■nu
JH*nt onT.r_.tinn thW&i™ ,t Wil- BOAT, 30x9, m sound condition, taken  seriously  ill.  Capt.  Chas.
Ment condition throughout. Wil
son Creek Garage Ltd.' 34
PIANO. Arthur R. Reeves, Rob- Landing.
/llertsl,.Cr.eeki     ;■./X-, y**i.:.y     Aft    ^^
Chrysler engine, practically Beswick ship made connections
new, fish-boat type, two cabins, with an ambulance that trans-
$2500.   W.   P.   Pieper,   Irvine's ferred Mrs. Shutz to St. Paul's,
v 38 where she was operated. on. Reports   indicate   her j progress i s
fyE REPAIR, re-upholster ches-
terfields, chairs, and occasion- j. Crucil, Sechelt.
a(l pieces, slip covers made to or- —-——	
•'dev. Materials on hand. Free es- FOR SALE^-
iOf^gss boat in good 6dtadit-x
ion. 5 h:p. Vivian engine. Api>|y     And  knowing how  you  guys
~_ ^ andgals like to swap yarns, I
can  bet   (quite  safely)   that  it
xvill   be  less
Wiates. See Usher's Yard Goo<£ 1934 CHEVROL^^ !   wouldst , have   a
Gibsons: 34      Box P, Coast News, 36 wc^ with thee   . .   if you are
WANTED FOR SALE---        x :; interested in  keeping the news
SMALL   sheltered   waterfront   1930 MASTER Buick sedan, re- coming into this little paper . . .
property.    Give   location   and      liable   transportation.    $300.00  and want to offer co-operation I
improvements if any. J-.-H. Barm-  R. C. Kean, Sechelt, B. G. 36  can .say truthfully, I would sin-
by, Buccaneer Bay, Bay, B.C. 34 __-■rtTim-ri v-     :        cerely .appreciate   all   notes   on
-_ —__   PLOWING— your   meetings,   and   just   drop
FOR SALE POWER plowing done at reason- them in at the office of Iva Peter-,
1935 FORD  cOach.  Apply R. y/     able   rates.    E.Co^ there I can collect them
Whitaker,      "Trading      PosttV Preek' Lyyy^ ty phone or mail . .  . and we
"^~ ~~   ■-,:: X' ■.^■cah keep Gibsons in the news. I
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in Slow Travel!
Wilson Creek, B.C.   '■'■■■ \"-yy,$&
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son,   Mason  Road;  SPnhPltr ■ft.fl,   ^ate, Gibsons, ByP,
y-■.y■■,:■-.f\ ■ .;x-3^;f6r:sale-~^xv^:
"RIFLES— ;303
want to keep on writing it up,
BAY SADDLE horse, 7 years oM,  ^^^^.^ ^w nn -^
X^^ X_~^;+-_..;      ai^   c_,i«>.i_.   and k:eep in. the. know on who
is who and why . . . and shall
try to be home once a week to
see what cooks.
If I run down any good stories
.SMALL    white
Ross   converted
kpbrtiiig   models,-high   power'jjjl
Safe Economical Seaplanes — Experienced Piloi
Air Express —- Charter — Sightseeing
For Rates and Information call
Associated Air Taxi Limited
Richmond 1481
or contact our local agents
Pearson and Sawyer, Sechelt
Phone Sechelt 21 Q or 9-C-4
P. 6. McPherson, Gibsons
Phone Gibsons 2-A
;3& ^^^..^^ I
B. C
i Street, Ottawa, Ont.
CARPENTER      and
maker,     saw   filing,
i<>mm:/m''-:—-^ —-; -;■ -■' "   i
cabinet- g
kitchen y^^ snd Mrs. Dave Hopper of =
fitments, house and garden fur-XVancouver, and: formerly of "|
niture; Estihiates given. t!aU^^hhipeg, spent the week-end g
or write E. E. Turner, Davis with Mr; iand Mrs. S: C. Ross of ,g
Bay, Wilson Creek. 35  Gibsons. B
Formerly 3dck's Mxi and
Blowers Taxi        r
' vr'&'l :■
J .1
Is in effect we will endeavour to maintain as equal a distribution as is possible
to our regular customers.
BOLTS ARE CHEAP—you cannot help the road conditions. Our sincere advice
to you as motorists is tb drop pressure of your front tires in half. This will offset
the terriibie punishment the front axle and mechanism have to stand. It is
cheaper to i>uy and repair tires rather than incur expensive repair bills and
tear oufrBqHs arid rivets until road conditions are improved.
iniwuiMimHiiiHiim Friday.   March   5.   1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  By "CAROLA*  Despite turbulent weather conditions of Tuesday evening Feb.  17, the Roberts Creek Badminton  Club turned out, en masse for the  f. return engagement with Gibsons  Badminton Club. The games  ended up 11-11 with the Creek  players a little ahead on points.  Jack Eldred is at home with his  !   parents, convalescing from ah appendicitis operation.  Birthday congratulations..'..." to  Mrs. Ethel Fleming, sister of Mrs.  Murray MacKenzie ... And to  Jac;k Edliihd and" Alex Anderson.  Mr. and Mrsv A. Anderson will  be moving shortly from the Sad-  -  ler residence to the white xand  1 red cottage situated on Reeves'  t property.  I.     The christening of the younger  grandson of Dr. and Mrs. Frank  lin White took place recently in  Vancouver. Mrs. White attended  the ceremony.  ���    ���   :���  * '* *  Mrs. Charles Maywood returned to the Creek after a short  sojourn in Vancouver .  Easter week. Date and place will  be announced later.  By   PEARL   PUNNETT  Mrs. L. M. Lee has returned to  her   home   on   The   Point   after  pr- ���   ���_.__��� .       j _    spending the winter months with  Vancouver over the week-end to friends in Vancouver,  visit friends here. *    *    *  Miss  Agnes  Linklater  was  in  *    *  Mrs. Nina Daly and daughter, *.������������* * Mr. and Mrs. James Collins  Mrs. Ivy Colwell, returned to the very glad to see Mrsx Charles have their grand-daughter, Mary  Creek after a week spent in the McNeill back home again after Miller of Pemberton, staying  city. Since Ivy's return she has being ill for some weeks, two of wjth them for a few weeks. Mary-  been very ill, but will soon re- which/were spent in the Royal has been to Vancouver to have  sume her art classes. Columbian Hospital at New her tonsils removed, and has now  ������..���������:��� - * * Westminster. Carolynne and come to Bowen to recuperate be-  Election   of   officers   for   the ��odger were pleased to see their fore returning home.  Canadian Legion WA took place ^umnoy...     %    ^  - ��� ��� :   at the general meeting held on  Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 10, at the  home of Mrs. Edmunds. Mrs.  Anna Haigh was elected president; Mrs. Campbell and IVlrs. Isa-  Quifc Complaining  About  You'll be old and rundown  yourself���someday   , ;  Forget your cares at  WAKEFIELD  Mrs. W. Farrell is also home  again- after an appendix operation in the Vancouver General.  ��� ��� *.   * ��� *��� ������  The Ladies' Aid of the United  GENERAL  Store  PENDER HARBOR  .. ���; G^eries ��� ���?--..' ifcafe.'.  Drygoods���-Drags  .    A">:":';Hwdware   ���  Fishing Tackle  ���  Independent Fish  Buyers  ���  Ship Chandlers ;  *     >  Home Oil Products  at  HASSANS' WHARVES  bel Orr, vice-presidents; Mrs. R. ^u*^^:"1 "ie + - "'  Hughes'Sr.,pLt president;: Mrs. g^^i^^^1^^  Ann Wells, secretary-treasurer; ��~r^f��%��J?��, *St aJ}^  Mrs. Doris Rusk, sergeaht-at- g ^f^^^^f^  arms; Mrs. Edmunds, social con- ��� ana saAe ot worK durmS the  vehor; Mrs. Nina Daly, sick convenor; Mrs, Ivy Colwell, mem- mg not only her bridge prize for  bership;. Mrs. June Gray, press the highest score, but personal  correspondent. gifts from her friends. Since then  ^    ^   y Clare and Norman Cotton have  The Roberts Creek PTA met at become. Mr. and Mrs., having ex-  Kewpie Kamp on Monday, Feb. Ranged marriage vows ��t Ryer-  16, with president Mrs. J. Kirk- son Vestry February 23. Congrat-  land in the chair. Mrs. R. Hughes ?atl����� and best wishes go out  was /appointed; convenor of the Pom a11 ot ��s- ��� m- Xk  raffle for a candlewick bedspread   ��� T      . 0    .      , .     ���  wliich will be drawn at the chil- ..I mf * S*>���g down at the Creek  dren's concert sponsored by the th% 9tYifr day ;- -,\ all decked  Roberts Creek String Group to ?��\ �� *".����* <wl��ch was defm.  beheld Inarch 20. Mrs. C. Bourn J** at. Us best wh��*i worn, by  Md^Mrsy^. Foulks jSfll.. assist *he, 9$mg ^^i^^?^P  Bfe^Hughes with the raflEie. �� ?*d poking for all the world like  fiiniS were shown to the meting the owner of a mush-mush team.  ^>Mr.R.Ea^^ Spring as depicted -by the  vdibsons Elementiiry school, and , eautiful Mrs. Ira Olson, looking  enjoyed by the memters. lo^ m.a Pfasa��t costume. And  4  ������    ���   ��� x^e^r-as in all matters of contro-  *       Xi _.��� *   .*'  * __-._. versy���we were both right. I, so  A good time is promised jhose ^ ��hd old, and she ... so young  attending the Hard^Time dance -d ^rm!  to be given by the Canadian Le- *    *    *  ����n* J��e P��ny Pals,.whp Iwve      Thahks, my fellow scribes, for  the ability to lighten^th^feet of coining to bat over the stork ep-  the heavy-laden will be ��iejpop- ^^ j- ?xlfe_Tit gave me a nice  ular   entertamers.   March   6th~ -^arf^ feeling.  and prizes ;too!. :. 'y z '��� ���yyyy^^^-^L.    r.--:>.>-.^^:.- . .'��� ^XX  Of   an   average 'truckloM   of.  >..**  . Entertaining at three tables of fresh fruit and vegetables leav-  bridge Saturday evening Mr. and ing the f ami, it is estimated that  Mrs. E. J. Shaw completely sur- ho-more than 80 to 85 per cent  prised Mrs. Clare Hare when actually reaches consumers' kit-  they presented her with a beau- cnens/ the rest becomes spoiled,  tifully decorated basket contain-  Vick's Vaporub  Vatrbnol __---���.  /.i&VX  Rexoll chest rub  Thermogene ������.  47c  47c  50c  RexiMono with Codeine  49c and 98c  __ ._;��� 60c  DORIS'  BEAUTY BAR  Opposite   Howe^ Sound  Trading  announces that the shop  is once more open for  business with a complete  line of  BEAUTY SERVICES   '  Doris BedweJI, Operator  Buckley's Mixture _-_____���_.  Hot Water Bottles -���___���_  Aspirin  Vacagen (oral vgbcine) ���  Lantigen  .   Back Plasters ':   _____,���!. 40c and 75c  ��� $]Q0 to $3.00  18c, 29c and 79c  _J $2.00   $6.00   50c  SIMPLEX MARINE  ENGINES  Machine Work���Welding  General Repairs  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Pender   Harbour  Iht  ___ m p * >  dng s  GIBSONS  Drugs  Selma Pdark  Hcdrdressing Shop  J^^^^'        "'" *-:':':  ;-/fl^gjgg_^5: : A Complete /  tui   y*        DOLLY  |L||         JONAS  ' Phone for App6intme��ts  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!w  it RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  * GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:  Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  it FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  ORANS FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B.C.��� Phone 230  ��!���  KNOW   YOUR  TREES  >*^j  l':C*f3o', *TT*' ���*"*':  (Picca sitehensis)  A coniferous free occuring on the coast of British Columbia,  particularly on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Found mainly  at tow elevations, generally in moist, coast alluvial and sandy  bottoms, along streams and especially on moiit slopes facing  the sea. Best growth in constantly moist, deep, rich soils and  humid atmosphere. A large and massive tree when fully  grown, often attaining a height of 1S5 to 200 feet and a  diameter of 4 to 6 feet.  An excellent pulp species. Suitable for high-grade finishing  (umber, veneer, cabinet construction, sounding boards, boats  and oars. Particularly valuable for airplane construction.  Wages in  British Columbia's  Pulp and Paper Industry are  the highest for the  industry in Canada.  HH   fOBESTS   ABE   YOBS   BAIL,  HEAD...NOW  AMD  III   THE FITIIE  ���������  No. 6 m a scries of informative advertisements.  Pdttc them in your scrap-book for future reference.  I I   s  & PAPER  I T II  R     C 0 Ll  B  I   * Page Four  THE COAST:NEWS/SE��H��1^B,<:,  Friday,  March  5,   1948  SECHELT  By ARIES  did especially enjoy the remarks  about the oldtime education in  cluttering the mind with things  it couldn't grasp. Remember the  old one about a man had so  AND WHAT was I doing last many sheep, his brother had so  last week when I should have many, his neighbour so many,  been writing this column. Gaz- I'always wound up with half a  ing with longing eyes at the sheep. Glad the children do not  {Smith Brothers that's what���and have these crazy tests.  :the   oldest  Smith   brother  came *    *    *  and jabbed me in the eyeball Mrs. Ella Dolman is here visit-  ���every once in a while and the ing from Winnipeg. Mrs. Dolman  younger one, the one without is an aunt of Mrs. Roger Simn-  the beard, floated around over- 'mS and is staying with her niece  head. I found myself wondering and we hope she enjoys her  what the oldest brother does visit on the coast,  with his beard when he goes to *    *    *  .bed, puts it under the sheet or     Miss Hadel Dolman also spent  -outside.   With   this   thought   in the weekend in Serheit.  'mind I turned over and went to *    *    *  sleep. Yes, you guessed it, I had     Mrs. F. French will have the  -the 'flu. lending library open.for borrow-  '������-'��� ������*���;-��� *    * ers next week. It will be at the  ���    Everything    very    slow    here house,  iwith   most   people   looking   for- *    *    *  ward to this week's meeting to Work also on the lots apade  ..decide on corporation. Many are especially those of Mr. Joe Ar-  for it and many against. I am cher. The local dogs were ter-  sorry Father Baxter won't be ribly excited at th�� unusal spec-  here as he has been a moving tacle of a horse in the district,  factor in all discussions. He is My Winkie almost went mad he  away just now on a well-earned was so annoyed. I think Dia-  rest. mond  Brooker  got  him  quieted  * ��� *    * down however  by explaining it  Mr.    Tommy   Garlick    was   a was not an oversized dog, but a  guest at the Sechelt Inn recently horse:   "The  only  horse he has  and has left for Vancouver with ever   seen   comes   in   cans."   Oh  bis   mother   who   will   take   up well,  residence   there   after   being   at .."*���*    *  Bay view Lodge for sdme months.      Mrs. F. French is now a mem-  ���   *    *'���'*��� ber of the Branch 140 Canadian '  Sorry I was too late with the Legion.  The first  woman to  be  report of Mr. Hall's address last accepted, having transferred from  week. It's old news by now but  Branch   159,   Ex-Serviee,   Van-  ��  I'm   sure   we   all   enjoyed, it.   I couver.   It  is  to  be hoped  that  TheyTl Do It Every Time  fa��i��*r__ V. S. r_Ma> O-he  By Jknmy Hatlo  lHE5�� TWO W/S H^/ENTT     j^k  SEEN EACH CfmeR IN ��� ////y  ytEARS-  V*��  7HIN<3S ARE  UU5T1HE SAME  WITH ME. WHA7&  NEW WITH  ^tXJ, ALF?  N0TW1N6  MUCH, MAC  OUST 601N(a  ALONG-SAME  OC 6&OCNE ->  M  C  ���P1  fJOS. TAPPAN,  8&/ERARD ST.,  SEVERE. MASS-  14.ILE THESE l  (3IRLS SAW EACM  OTHER ONLY  WILMERS WIFE LEFT  HIM LA6T Nl(3WT~ANP  6EQR6E LOST Hl6 UO&  IRMA HAS TO HAVE  ANOTHER OPERATION-  PIP VtXJ HEAR  AeojfT- Mmdb  pROMCONI? ANP  >DTONI^THAF^  ARTHURS Wff=E  16 <30lf4<3TO  APOPT  .TRIPLETS-v  11  it  s  %  A  I  ���tf-  s-  COPR. 1917. KING FEATURES SYNDICATE. Inc... WOKU�� RIGHTS RESERVED  SECRET COVE  By C. GREEN  DIRECTORS  ,4Af'iilX/6s V vf^-v,.  INSURANCE m  ' ' I II h 11     ll ,     II       P��   l> i . IM     I  Parr Pearson Agericies-vj.  General Insurance  Phone Pearson-Sawyer Office  Sechelt 21 -Q.'- LSL  -;/-'t>',4  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  ine to you, and view his reflec- who wants to ride on a bulldozer.  tion   in  the   chfomiimi  tbp. -_^ *    *    ^      ;  gives the 'wolf yrhistle' to Lil- Added to the list of local im-y  -^���������������������������������^���������-���������^������������Mi liehe's pretty clients and sings provements is still another. Sec--:  tttw   tTTT-T^-r-     _'���      _���   _. i snatches   of  popular   songs" that ret Cove is now a seaplane base,]  WE WERE pleased to note^m his mistress has taught him. He it say sphere. The Associated pMrl  the Coast News of Feb. 13 that delights in playing tricks on the Taxi sent us a letter to this ef-'i  an improvement m telephone cat> his favorite being to swoop feet and also their rates. It will!  service is takmg place along the down on pussy's back and hitch cost**$21.33 cents; to Vancoiivefif  Peninsula.'   We   understand   the  a  ride.   The  cat  tries  to  shake    " ���'������'���''.''���* 'X*:-������::���*���-'>��� ���������'-���'.���,:.:'o--x^|  present Pender Harbor line will Jack  Qff  but   he   stays   with  it      Mr: William CraigheadzU re-f  be used exclusively for Madeira ,until ready to go when he will .ported tc^ have 1;akei_; a pbsitioii  Park and Secret GoyexWe are then fly up on a picture frame las   chemical   engineer' with  fair  glad to have had a small part in .^   give   ^   cat   the   'BrdnxB^. Electric:  REAL ESTATE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities  x "Serving the Peninsula1  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibso_i--4$K  .��  SHOE REPAIRS  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  ; E. W. Parr Pearson  'Gulf Coast Mgi\, Sechelt  ������:V'  SH6ES RENEWED  Eric Khutsbn  Sechelt-  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  TAXI  3  JACK'S TRANSFER  Light and Heavy Hauling  WILSON  CREE&  Phohe Sechelt 15-U  PENINSUl^CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEKS and  SELMA PARK  Phone \ Sechelt i5C2  LUMBER ANP FUEL  BURNS and JACKSON  :l     -   SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  In .AU Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  RAOCO SERVICE  General Haiiling;-Freight  Carrying, Gravel Hauling  Try  "WILSON CREEK  GARAGE L"TD.  Phone< _3echelt 3S  ^v ?3^ rp^d fading to the Gov-     _?<& ^he- past few- weekis  we point fbrthe^ coming-season. ;_^  ^me^t ^arf^^eis at present; have had to report winter ^ea-^ *   ���   f  almost washed out; and is a men- ther and ic^ here. xHoweVer^ xv We will soon have anothei  ??e__ ^2,^ V'^sportStl()n of ^ Spring seems to have arrived tongas: druin on the rock at^thf  kmd. That is a pity as we like day. The sun is shining and the entrance to the Cove. We hop<(  to have motorists call in and en- birds are singing. Before we there are no more storms an^  jpy;the l>eautiful view. We. are know it spring will be here���and broken bobmslto carry it awaj  hoping  some ^ttexition -will   be we can stand it. We have been promised a mari  given this road before the sum- . \     ��    ��    ��� ker by the government but wj  m^W1^^^^^    One of thefirst^tes of tte- are m���^***  SS^__��^4S^S  Venture   down   and  they   must  x"e ,mui3L     ' q? ^^X^SwI Roocfiii ��=.i_��natur_^'   15134  walk un to the hifihwav and meet Pa^o1 craft purchased from the B^^^fhature.. 101*1. _  wai^c up io ine nignway ana meei It h     been fitted out with     Dance: Machito's "Afro Cub?  the taxi- A few loads of clay on navy' ". nas Defn nwea oux wra Mu&c'''--: tieccai 595   Gene ICrunal  thif road is Sl t^^^  SvT bi��i hi ��he Feb 13^ ^1 staUed^ ����� -*d-M* Smith have the bopish^ andtr^one so^d  love pira m tne f ep.,i6, wesx been cruisinff all alone the coast are acceptable. Buddy Hughe  -Sechelt News. We were reminded Deeir crui��mS A v^r^ if it!!a vnrai nf "Plt^e Dnn't Pla^  of another love bird owned -by "p^Salmon Arm, C^wholme-:JW- of Si/1^_^?^n,f1^  T niipnpVBMiitv Parlor in North and they also spent a few days ^Wb^ ^/?r/-oni^nt L^h������> X]  J,!.^^i?^^_ ?? S^^S at   Powell   River   visiting   Mrs. bad. Col, ;pxxf;,g: 4  Smith's parents. XX Vocalr B^  X        -      *    #    * and Day". This is a re-issue bacl  We  haven't seen anything of ^"?^^ ?^^^-��|  Ernie Pearson for some time now ^ is better  than  some  wevj  and if we were, inclined to think heard- ,CoL   38044'.  that way we would say it is due    Vancouver.-His name is Jack and  he lets all the customers -know  iti He loves to siit oh top of tlie  "Torture Gadget'V waving mach-  Other    ex-service    women    will  now join ^ braiwh. X^ l_^g^ to^tte^co^dittwi  orthe ^i>^��  WELDING  STEELE'S RADIO AND  ELECTRIC  Radio Sales and Service  P^^ne^Sechelt ?K2  Send by Bus  ���.��-. -  BEER BOTTLES  Experts in Electric and  Acetylene Welding  Silver Grille Service Station  :,... Wi_sdltf:'preek  Phone Sechelt 1&B-2  B___-l  w,1**  is xWednesd^lVfeTCh 10, However> we ^^^ be mistaken. Generalissimo    and     Madam  m the renovated hall. There^is The   department   of   Highways Chiang Kai-Shek observed theil  a good^ progranvarr^iged for the says our road is ^ good condi��� 20th   wedding   anniversary   re  Easter session. Watch for notices. tion> fpr a buUdQZer; that is. But cently.  Mr. Enwright, Mr. Urquhart  and Mr. Knight were.at the Inn  this week and we understaflt  they have great plans for Sechelt.  Mr. J. Creighton and Norman  Burley - were talso registered  there., We understand, the little  trails we love so much and are  ^WU1- call i and buy for cash,  ;|je%fcbdtties; scrap metal; etc.  Calls made at intervals from  Hopkins to Irvines Landing.  B: H. STROSHEIN  Wilson Creek  ���*..;������-���?:;>(.'};���  . , ���-^ ��..-, ,   ��� now so cluttered with .slash will,  As early as 700 B.C.jhe an- be cWred' ready^ for^'the  sum-'  went, Eg^tians   imposed   taxes mer   residents   to ^^enjoy   once  on the rich. more. :X'X X'  *���  The   stores   on   the   Morrison  Light has a weakening ^effect property are comihg alonjg very  on  all grades  arid  qualities  of well now that we have some fine  paper. weather at last; x  Harley C. Anderson  '   NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN rJ'x  ' ' at  GIBSONS, B.C.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  at SECHELT, B.C.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  12 noon until 4:30 p.m.  SKHELT ANNEX ���J  Friday,.March 5,   1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. Cv  .Page Five  wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm��.  \WP*  by Jack Scott  maisie devitt  "WHAT'S EATING you?" demanded my better-haM, With that delightful candor all husbands sooner or later acquire, "Why are  ya sitting around brooding like a dead duck anyway?" I forbore to  mention that dead ducks don't brood���I was feeling too dispirited  for snappy repartee. "I can't.believe it," I said. "What can't ya be- p^NTDY PHOBIA  lieye?" sed he. "That they lowered .^e old-age f^ion^ in Saskat- THERE IS a note in my date  chewan," sez I, "Who said they ^d?^sez he. 4WeU, I replied, book reminding m^ that next  "Every timer express my honest belief that a labor government with weej- j am t0 participate in a  a planned economy is a better bet than the old muddle through���we demonstration of cooking by  caii always have anotherwar if things get too tough regime, some- men who like to potter in the  body sets me back on my heels with that nasty snarl about old-age pantry or scintillate with the  pensions being lowered in a province that has a labor government." skillet.  "Well, why don't you write to Herb Gargrave and get the real low-      As an old egg-frier and salad  down?" sez he. So that's what I did. specialist   (plenty  of garlic  and  Got an answer to my query the other day, and feel much better onion), I think the idea fpr this  now, thank you. I figure you folks have been wondering about this contest may be even better than  old-age pension business too, so here it is in Mr. Gargrave's own the promoter realizes. I have yet  words: . %   ;   '    , ��� to mee* a guy who didn't have  ' "It isn't true,to say that Saskatchewan'reduced the old-age a secret yen to dazzle the little  pension. It is the same amount it was previous to Ottawa's increase ^dies Wlth some culinary master-  last year. Under the present arrangement with Ottawa the federal wtC��mpp ftp mHp Mp����  govt, pays seventy-five per cent, and provincial governments pay MASTER OF THE MESb  tweiity-five percent of a $30 pension. Saskatchewan maintains that Most wives, of course,^ take this  the Dominion Government, is not bearing its full share, and has curious manifestation of frustra-  off ered to pay its twenty-five percent on a $50 a month pension, but .tl?n. Wlttl tne customary mixture  do not ^ be- ^1^^^^^^^  cause of the Dominion Govt's. nrrtrt"^1,~'^c' *  ������T,      v.,    -r>     ���  ���      _-��   ������_.-���          _. i    i-      -���_.���������               _._. ent. They know darn well noth-  "When the Dominion Govt, agreed last year to increase the pen- ing eyer comes of it except, Persian from $25 to $30 instead of carrying on with the provincial bonus haps,   a  mild   case   of ptomaine  of $5 to old-age pensioners, the government used the money to in- poisoning.  .augurate a health and assistance scheme for incurables who had The rare instances in which  previously been receiving a minimum-of attention. men actually get into the kitchen  "The Saskatchewan Govt, felt all along that; the Federal Govt, long enough to get their paws  jfwould a!gree to- a far larger monthly amount than $30, and had on the tools and materials of this  already made; commitments to improye tthe lot. of the incurables, feminine trade have" had the  and consequently they were in the difficult position of having to same grim result. They simply  /choose^ ijetweeii two groups of needy people. leave one monumental mess.  i "It is not for me to say that they made a mistake, but I am My own craving to whip up a  glad to learn that this year they have found enough money to in- tasty... dish comes from my camp-  crease the present $30 a month for old-age pensioners. This accord- ^g da^' when I had something  ing to the government's announcement at the present session, of a mild reputation for flapjacks  m        This l> course will mean that they will now be Raying ipbreW^h^  s^a  magnfic^  *lum::the�� ^^^pcS^iaSe syrup  tantamount to. .jbe province, wth ite^rela^ely meagre resources,  into them^or hours bef ore reach-  bearing the Federal Govt's, responsi^^ ing the saturation level.    ; h  ���y.ySo^ tha��s*the^tr^ enter- ^~x ^.^_^z*^-,^���.���.;,.-���;���,yVy ,;   ^  ^tis^lpM^v^^ -f^S^tf W A well-eSSfe-.  curables^--a working^spitaj^tion scheme, *i^ nb   . ** <sefP��s J�� be .a .weii-estao-  eahs^least^maut^ '���������S2!ip^:S!r4^-S#^^S__  ���.���������*��� ���       *       ��� ^cription,. when prepared m,tne  Wbnderif ou^^  h the atomic future���let's hope not^Anyhow it's a cut little rhyme: gj-jg^      ���*   ���cnm*n**in8  *'!t':l::^;y.yv>y*k^                                 s I~have seen men who will toy  ;x':'.:,"\,;7.::A^^^^^17^-1W^-. fitfuhy with a $3,59 filet mignoh  The other 25 letters in the smartest c^es go wolfing  v;   WiU be of no use^ through a soggy -plate of 32-cent  Bright thought for today! ^X meat balls and cinders beside a  -������'".���" ...                              * -           camp fire, . -. .the explanation  IVATCH WATER     .   ,        ..  ��� *��.   guard  water   s^ ^^^JSLi^^  fe��M��    pure    water   *^ J^ ^.^^  dd^colorand taste,**^^ ships and ^^^��i figh? still kfite  o not guaranteeT its purity. ^ We don't eye  tastes  a heap  sight  better  Vs not safe to drink from springs want to drink disease. ^eil cooked ove�� a smaU fire  nd   wells   just   because   their   x^ by the stream than if it had been  irafer   is;   clear   and ���������' palatable. ^.There's a night club in Holly- prepared by Oscar of the Wal-  'phtammated waiter can harbor wood, where they have a midget dorf.  isease even more than impure  fan dancer for the  guests  who TMT%Ta__- mvcttrv  iiik. That is why Canadian com-   are under the table. ijmwiaw ��ixair,��x  ?     v I,  myself,  used to go fishing  with a fellow who insisted on  preparing the catch in what he  loosely termed "Indian Style".  This method, which no modern,  self-respecting Indian will care  to claim for his own, consists  of wrapping the fish in leaves, ���  burying it in the earth or sand  and lighting a fire over it.  Needless to say, by the time you  have    put    out   the    fire   and  excavated for the fish it is pretty;  well luke-warm, the leaves and^  dirt have become firmly embed-1  ded: in the carcass  and  might  even give you a life-long allergy  for fish.   .. :.x.    .-..-v,,;,^ x li  I sometimes wonder what ef-:  feet those baked alder leaves and  warm : mud have had on my in- >  test_n.il equipihent^;     v '.-.; *  The old stand-by argument that  .we:,would-be: artists of the^ fry- i  ing pah; fall back, on is���.'jtSes factv  th$t; m almost all d�� the large  hotels andleadingrrestaurahts the  chef is n&Pe."x   ,^.u,>'  ��� ,'.;r" And  yet probably  the /worst  cooks in-the worid* are of the  same species. I refer, of course,  to" those beaten little men who:.  have got into the frightful rut  of taking breakfast to  bed for  I WAITED patiently for the  Lord; and He inclined unto  me, and heard my cry. He brought  me up also out of a horrible pit,  out of the miry clay, and set my  feet upon a rock, and established  my goings: And He hath put a  new song in my mouth, even  praise .unto our God; many shall  see it, and fear, and shall trust  in the Lord. Blessed is that man  that maketh the Lord his trust,  and respecteth not the proud,  nor such, as turn aside to lies.  Many, O Lord my God, are Thy  wonderful works which Thou  hast done, and Thy thoughts  which are to us-Ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto Thee: if I would declare and  speak of them, they are more  than can be numbered. Sacrifice  and offering Thou didst not desire; mine ears hast Thou opened:  burnt offering and sin offering  hast Thou not required. Then said  I, Lo, I come: in the volume of  the book it is written to me, I  delight to do Thy will, O my  God: yea, Thy law is within my  heart.  Let  all  those  that  seek  Thee  rejoice and be glad in Thee: let  such as love Thy salvation say  continually, The Lord be magnified.  PSALM 40; 1-8, 16  Farm honey production in the  United States totalled more than  223,000,000   pounds   in  1945.  Only early blue-blooded living  creatures are snails, oysters and  lobsters.  Sea Bus Lines Ltd.  SPRING SCHEDULE   ',.;  (Subject   to   approval   of  Public   Utilities   Commis^  sion)  Leave Gibsons  8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Leave   Fishermans   Cove  9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  EFFECTIVE   MARCH   10  their wives.  On those breakfast trays you  will find the finest examples of  burned toast, bitter coffee and  hard-boiled eggs that ever came  out of a kitchen. But, who  knows? It may be deliberate.  BETTY'S  BAKERY  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt  Home made Bread, Cakes  and Cookies - Meat and  Fruit  Pies  Birthday and Party Cakes  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  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Once again the writer is substi-  By JANE DRURY tuting f?r the fegular correspondent, who is at present a patient  __^-_...�� x... _._>���-    _   - _. in Shaughnessy Hospital, and has  APPLES way,.adding sufficient sugar and been there for the past month.  "AN APPLE a day" is good for *& the crust to ^within half an Hence the. reason for there being  us all so we are told, also an  Pch of the top. Instead of mak- no notes froni GL in the last two  *'apple for.  the  teacher"  isn't a ing a top crust, use the follow- Qr three issues of the paper,  bad   thought   either.    However,  mg mixture:  % cup milk, 2 eggs *    *    *  instead   of   trying   to   keep   the  beaten,   %   cup   sugar,,2   cups  doctor away or take an apple to cc-cpanut,   %  tsp. vanilla  and- a  the teacher, just use the apples pinch of salt.  in the following recipes and the     Wake   this   as   you   would   a  doctors and the teachers will go ^^^-^J^L^J^ who is one of the elders of the  for them as well as your fam-  andbjjkein  a  moderate jven church>   Mr. j. Marshall led in  ^nvJ PP      prayer.  Solos were sung by Mre.  Vn��TP <__-_tt ____*���<_ Stewai-t and Mr. Humphries. The  APPLE SQUARES service was a joy to attend, with  1   and   %h   cups  flour, %  cup its  friendly atmosphere and  its  Sunday, Feb. 29 was Layman's  Sunday in Gibsons Memorial  United Churth. The service was  conducted   by   Mr.   C.   Mitchell,  iiy.  APPLE JUICE PIE  One   20   oz.   tin   thick   apple  juice,   4Ms   tbsps.   cornstarch,   %,.,,.     n ���      ,,   . ,. .__.>���       t_-        _.- _.  cup sugar Vs tsp. salt 2 egg butter, 2 egg yolks, %. tsp.. salt, spirit of fellowship, which every-  yolks  1 tsp. butter ' 3   tbsps.   sugar,   4   tbsps.   sweet one expressed. A warm welcome  ���r_r \ is/ ~���~X,���_ _.._-.__ �����,v milk, pinch soda. Cream butter is extended to all to come to the  ��_ ��L���ta���E cf^ir.3 ���S'^5_ and suear and add eggs well church at Gibsons, It is YOUR  the   cornstarch   sugar   ana   acta beaten  Mix and sift dry ingred- church!  Support it by your pres-  ^'Z\   smLth^^r^ients   and>dd   to   egr mixture ence each Sunday at 11 a.m.  mix   to   a   smooth   paste.   Stir with the milk  This is your bot. *    *    *  iScf and'cook6 stkr^ns^mtht tom layer- H��>wever, only use %     The members of the AOTS held  Srelln^^ '^1i?StolS& ��^" ^ty'���?** ********  tinue cooking until there is no ^d *?r ^&PrJ?E^����^ 2�� h' ^.^ members enjoyed  taste of ra^ starch Beat eec mch of ,bread crumbs ove,r. ��e a lovely dinner served by mem-  volks slifihttv adH little of thf ?rust and ��Yer *,1S P^r slight- bers Gf the W.A. After the usual  c��Sf^ business period Prof, Henderson  *i_rn in wuppnan an_ continue with the third of the mixture gave an address entitled '^The  Sing forT^^ B��J�� Common^ood". He gave an but  ter. Remove from heat and cool. ��lsfl b^JirX ^LJ^ndcift h_ ll*6 x^f lru*gle fof fcan^d  Pour into  baked Die shell   Tod m a moderate oven and cut in throughput   the   centuries   from  wUh  rtm��ln   eg s<*uares ^hen cooh the dim past up to^the pr^^it  whites, V* tsp. salt, 4 tbsps. gran- APPLE TAPIOCA PUDDING time foi-the common good pi all  elated sugar and % tsp. vanilla. ^ cup minute4apioca, 2% cups men, which struggle^will contin-  Bake in a 300 deg. F. oven for boiling water, & tsp. salt, 7 ap- ge until the /ay _ that^^^rt  20 minutes. As k variation this pies,,%;. cup sugar. ?urn^��e^~ii!-. ^x"fL ��������_  without pie shell or used to fill until transparent. Core and pare +hat  tart shells. apples; arrange in buttered pud- ���    *    *  HOT WATER PASTRY ^"i^^L^^ ���* iSf     The Harmony Group of the W.  Beat   1   cup   shortening  to   a fiar' or:aim* su^r and put half A       t   t th   h of Mrs  w  __>eci.   x   cup   buui lemug   w   a      marshmallow in  each cavity. ��'  iX ��� Tv/r_,mVi _  ���*.pti 91 mpm-  cream in  % cup boiling water, p h th    tanioca and bake Banks on March 1, when _51 mem-  adding water gradually. Then stir f_ou5 ^derate oven LtiL apples bers and tw0 visit��rS Were prT  in 3 cuds nastrv flour which has moderate oven unxu appies      t     Arrangements   were   made  m. j cups pastry iiour wnicn nas r soft Serve with cream and *" +V,X>* ?L��C cunr<a n* ennt_li<_��?  been sifted with iy* tsp$. -salt. _,.___. nr, P���efarfi ������. ��� .�� - for the Groups share ot supplies  Use   enough;^U^^ftlttSaiathe. v|S#^Sv#a^^      " for. the St. Patrick's- Tea, to_be  'mixture;��&^-��_i^d^ii^<s.  A1?^fWjSg��>AF2/ 'held in the.United Church HaU  compact ball. #011 in Wax paper      % CUP shortening,  % cup su- March 17th under the auspices of  and   chill   before   shaping   aricf  gar, ,_1 egg,  %  tsp. salt, 2 tsps. the W. A. of Gibsons Memorial  ���baking. This makes a tender but  bakin��   Powd<;r*_ 2   CUPS   tsifted United Church.  not a flaky pastry. - pastry flour,  1  tsp. soda,  1 cup *    *    *  ground raw apple, 1 tsp. vanilla,  DUTCH APPLE PIE y4   cup  nutmeats   (optional);   %  Make an apple pie; in the :usual cup raisins, 1 Vz tbsps.rsbui* milk.  Can people actually be scared  to death? Medical" science says,  "Yes���in a multitude of ways."  Perhaps the most deadly form of  fear is that which holds a person back from seeking early professional attention for an ailment.  One of the worst features of cancer, for instance, is the, fear it  instils   into  people.. Cancer   can  be cured, in most cases* and this  ' is true of the majority of troubles.  But all have to be attacked early.  The thing,to dread, say the doctors, is not the disease itself but  the fear which paralyses; the initiative to do the 6bvious--that is,  to get help to fight it, at 'oxice.  friendship she has offered ipr so  many years. '���*':  ���'���"'*���- *���-*���..������''.' .  Mr. and Mrs. T. Allan are np^y  settled in the Mathews cottage  . after the disastrous fire which  destroyed their home some weeks  ago. The residents of Granthams  are glad that Mr. and Mrs. Allan  could find a home here. Had they  gone elsewhere to live; 'we folks  at Granthams would have missed  them very much indeed; they are  such friendly neighbors.   \  ���Mary W. Rennie  By MRS. C. HARPER  Jack MacNeal of G & M Logging Company was in town for a  few days last week.  Attendance at Silver ,Sands  School has been .considerably  lower this term owing to the  prevalence of mumps and fiiux A  full attendance." is' e_^ecteci soon.  X -'���:������;_'���'������ '���'' *;   * ������ *''���..��� "''���. :������'��� ���'"*:  Mr.  and Mrs.  J.   Rhodesyzre  pleased to .umpiince the birth ^  a daughter,  Lhida Jpan*  at St  Mary's ]E_.ospital^Febrifa^^ 16.'::  Mrs. Pete; Johnson came tip  from Vancouver^ last Tlii^rsday to  care for Mrsi Norman Klein, who  returned home; from St. Mary*_^  Hospital the same day. Mps.  Klein is rechverinjg f rom an acute  attack of 'flu. ���'���>:  Tom Parish, who has been laicL  up for six weeks withj h^ le^ in]  a cast is now back at work. ? .  ���,/.-X ��� ��������� *���'.������*������' *'yy.y.'-:..>'-'���.;'������-���'������������,  With the adveht^^miider^e��r  ther, logging���';���. operations in thik  diistrict are in full SWiiig again. ^  Bank ��# -Mo^treai,  WO  For  I  t  I  We can now supply hand-picked^fir millwood at a  very reasonable price for approximately 2 cord loads.  Special Rates for Large  Orders of 6 Cords or  More  For Full Particulars   ,  PHONE  WILSON CREEK  \ .    Selme Park ��� Phone Sechelt 1511. ��� .  WiIboii Creek ��� PhoW l^hilt 21Y ^-���- ^ .  also  LIGHT ANI> WEA^nr HAULING  logi, WMiim  ���v--y&  Mr. and Mrs. Pateman have returned from : Edmonton, where  they; spent two weeks visiting  ^members, ofxtheir .family. Mrs.  Pateman's sistear, Mrs, Smith of  Edmonton^, has ; come to visit at-  Grantham's Landing for/ a few  weeks. ryxy^.:..yy-^::yy:,_,yi ��� y:L- ���' ���  Mr. and Mrs. Humphries have-  returned from their visit tot>Cal-:  iforhia, where theyr spent a very  enjoyable vacation visiting several places, and especially enjoying the sunshine at Palm  Springs.  ��� ���'" -X';.- ���'*:���   *     *:���'���'. "'��������� " '"  Mr. W. Gibb is home again af-  ter having  spent  spine  time  in'���'���  Shaughnessy   Hospital.  Mr: and Mrs. Fred Soames  have their son George and his  wife visiting at present. Miss}  Kathleen Soames has gone back  to Vancouver as a teacher , of;  nurses.������ She.' came home some  time  ago M nurse  her  mother  when shev_was.\ii^  know that Mrs. Soames is better  in health.' -.x L...L. '  On Sunday Mrs. Worfcihan entertained a iew friends at afternoon tea, on the;occasion of]her  birthday^ whith only- comes <once  in four years. She was the recipient of a number of gifts;andi in-;  ^numerable, cards  ^searing:ygood';  wishes fronkhieryLr^^  who have; appreciated;��___��;warm i  GIBSONS,  Sub-agency,:to ^^ The Main b__tice  500-520 Granville St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Bank at Gibsons and have the benefit of both a "town"  account and full services 'brought to the door*. Rates  and facilities exactly similar to those at the main office.  Tuesday���10:45 a.m.^42: SO p.m.  Friday���10:45 a.m.���2:30 piin.  Ask for our. booklet, "Your Bank and How You May  Use It" and "Services ot the Baisk of Montreal".  Bring Your Repair Jobs to Us!  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Hello folks���another; week and  I'm afraid it's going to be a one-  item weekly news, for if I put in  j half of what I should'put in about  our Community Party there'll be  no room for anything else. But  ; f 11 do my best!  *    *    *  Our beach party in honor of  Mr. and Mrs; C. P. Browning was  a work of art. I can't begin to  thank all those who >vvere responsible for such a grand evening, an  evening- everyone will be talking  about for-years to come.  , Joe Dunbar, Dave Clarke and'  Gordon Mousey deserve a big  _hahd and a vote of thanks for  (decorating the hall so beautifully.  Decorated in the Valentine motif,  jWith big red hearts, each with a  iinotto on, such as "Till we meet  again," or "C.P;, if you starve,  .send us an SOS." (I'll bet he'll  dp'that before long!)  Tables were set for 250 and  lary a chair empty. They formed  pur long tables the length of the  iall and one across the width,  vith Valeiitine napkins, dishes of  :^ndy, etc. Doors opened at 8 p.  h. and the program started at  .30, Our Jack Balder son was m.  (meaning 'mostly corny') but  ie was very good.  Program included several  umbers by the Beach Trio, Andy  ?roudfpot, Johnny McDonald and  Ob Carter. They were well ap-  lauded and later returned.  A skit put oh by the Ladies'  id, Bess Knight and Marg Rob-  ison, showed a scene at Horse*-  loe Bay, where a Boy Scout  aited for Bonnabelle. It Wjas  ell acted and indicates we may  aye to keep our eye on Bess and  ie Ritz^  It's always a: treat to hear Pur  vonne and Sven Anderson on  ie piano, and they got a big  and. A skit by four office, spin-  :ers, "If Men Played Cards Like  adies" showed George Deacon;  ick Kennedy, Don McGregor  id George Hurley. Listening to  iem makes me think when their;  rives have bridges they must  leak under the bed and listen in  else they have stooges who. get  1 the dirt for ;them^sp6cially  iie Dave Clarks and poor Wes  amiltori. If he reduces, 111 .be,  limming myself.  J Last but not. least was a skit  kitten by Mrs: Edith Fleming,  jjr: the Beach LadUL^  think Edith deserves a lot of  praise and congratulation to produce a skit like that. The following appeared on the stage,  dressed to represent their parts:  Doris Looyen as Fitzpatricfc Olive Bastu as Dubberly, Elsie Bal-  derson as a very good double for  Bob Swan, Mrs. Chisholm as a  mill worker, Lil Mounsey for the  foundry, Dot Carter as a miner,  Flo Verdisio as Jimmy Middleton,  Doreen Clark as -a carpenter. The  theme was the introduction of a  new man (Ada Murray) to each  department. Sach gave a song  referring to their department, although some seemed to be held  down with too-large pants. The  plumber had to haul hers up with  the hammer. All; parts were well  played, and the cast ended up by  singing Aloha, after which the  entire hall joined in the same  tune with these words���  Soon will come the Tiour when  we must part,  And from the bottom of our  , '"��� hearts;Xx'..  We sincerely say 'God Bless  And bring you every happiness.  Farewell^ dear friends, may  heaven send  Her rays of sunshine o'er you.  Remevribered  still,   where'er  _i_';:..     you bey  Witliiit memories  Then Gordon Mounsey, president of the Beach Club took over  the mike and gave a very good  speech and presented the guest  of honor with a chest of silver  and a huge leather album. Mr.  Dpbberly took pictures all evening^ which are going into the. al-  bum.jv Mr. Browning's .. speech  came' from the bottom of his  heart, too; Mrs. Browning was  with him on the stage and made  a charming picture.  A grand supper was served,  with scads and scads of homemade cakes, cookies, sandwiches  and all the trimmings. Later, we  danced to grand music supplied  by Bill Hatch's orchestra. At one  a.m. everyone went to the Guest  House with the Brownings and  .then, sang^ Auld Lqjig JSyne.      ;|,  It was a grand evening and ev-  .eryone put their heart and soul  into it. We trust the Brownings  will have a lot of happy memories. When they left on Sunday,  the wharf looked like Bowen Island in August.;  I hope from time to time to be  able to give you a write-up oh  their "Life in a Trailer."       t,  Their son, Oliver, and his Mrs.  were lip for the party and are  staying with Mr. and Mrs. Stah  6Adams. Ronnie Charlton and his  wife were also up.^  By BROWNIE  ______e___a  ONE MORE I take my pen in  hand and sticn my necn out  and utter my famous last words  to say, "what this country needs  is a few days of Rain," too much  clear cold weather doesn't agree  with us web-footed people of the  west coast. At present we ,are  having a real epidemic of 'flu  up here, almost everyone has  got it, getting it, or getting over  it. Report from the house on the  hill; George has it, I'm getting  over it and Martin is crossing  his fingers because I've threatened him with a mustard plaster  if he gets it.  .*.#���*������  place to decide  The committee met at our  place to decide ways and means  to raise funds to buy a record  player for the new hall we hope  to have soon. We were all unanimous in our vote for Chucn  Royal as president and Alice  Jacnson as treasurer of this five  person committee with Tec. Jackson as chairman.  Plans were made for an evening   of  bingo,   dart  games* and  dancing for this Sat., Feb. 28.  ��� x* ��� ��� * , *  Belated birthday greetings to  Charlie Royal and Ted Jackson  on the 16th and J8th of this  month. Best wishes for many  more to two fine fellows.  *-.-. *������������ .*' .X  On Sat. Feb. 21 a whist drive  was held at the home of Mary  and Jim Johnston. Ladies first  pride went to Kay Matthias and  gent's first to Eric Olson.  We were invited to May and  Tom Matthias' place last Saturday for dinner and had a very  pleasant evening starting with  every one,    including   the   three  boys, Kenny, Jimmy and Tommy, testing their aim at the  dart board, after which the  adults finished the evening off  with cards. Must have a repeat  of that evening soon at our  house, May and Tom.  May Smid went down to Vancouver last Thursday for a visit  to   the   optician���how   goes   the  batching, Jack?  *    *    *  Well folks, it is about time to  go and mix another hot toddy  and a mustard plaster. (I'll take  the hot toddy and give George  the plaster, that is a fair way to  split them don't you think.)  See you next week.           Paae Sevew  The Llama, used in Peru as &  beast of burden, can carry about  100 pounds, and will not move  if he is overloaded.  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every day except Thursday, j  "BUY MEAT WITH  CONFIDENCE"  H. KENNIETT, Butcher ���> Gibsons, B.C.  Next door to Bank of Montreal  ...... >v v'x  BarberShop  ^CHELT  Due to slackness of business  during the day* barber shop  will be open evenings only  during the weelc and all day  Saturday.  Hours will be  Tuesday to Friday  6$30 pan. to 9:00 pan.  Saturdays, 9:30 sum. lo 9 pjn.  GULF ONES LTD.  GULF LINES LTD.  PASSENGER AND EXPRESS SCHEDULE OF OPERATIONS  BETWEEN  VANCOUVER and WESTVIEW.   Calling at Sechelt/ Halfmoon Bay/ Pender Harbour/ Vananda,  Blubber Bay, Lund, Bliss Landing, Cotter Island and Refuge Cove.  SCHEDULE No. 8���Effective January 12th, 1948���Subject to Change Without Notice  - Northbound  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday  Lv. Vancouver  9:00 am.  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  12:30 noon  6:30 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt  11:15 a.nu  ������:'.-.;'���"':..��� .;:���-���'���-��� ���.���'."'  11:15 a.m.  2:45 p.m.x  8:45 p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay  12:15 mmm  12:15 noon  3:45 p.m.  Ar. Pender Hbr.  No  1:15 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  4:45 p.m.  Ar. Vananda  North  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  6:15 p.m.  Ar. Westvfew  bound  2:30 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  2:30 p.tti.  4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  12:00 mid.  Ar. Blubber Bay  Trip  3:15^m.  X"*...',i'���"   .'.  3:15 p.m.  ���' . .'     \ ',  Ar. Lund  - '      :-���..''/  ' ;��� ������������".���'.     .  8:30 p.m.  Leaves  Ar. Bliss Ldg.  9:00 p.m.  Westview  Ar. Seaford  9 JO p.m.  Midnight  Ar. Refuge Cove  ./  10:00 p.m.  Sunday*  xCALLS WILSON CREEK      NOTE: Times ether than Westview and Vancouver are approximate*.  Southbound  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday]  Thursday .  ; Friday ���  Sat  Sunday  Lv. Refuge Cove  Lv. Seaford  .   "   ���  _                 v  ."������. ;���'������"."'���'���' ���'  '���'���*   :. V ���'.  . -X ���" '  7:00 a.m.  7:30 a.m.  Lv. Bliss Ldg.  /  ,' .��� .-.; X: x  '.'.-..  -'.  . , *     .-'' .-.  8:15 a.m.  Lv. Lund  , ���  .���'.������  ���*.       f  ^     . ; ���! .    .-    '  ���  N��  8:45 a.m.  Lv. Blubber Bay  ���   ��� '  3:15 p.n��.  3:15 p.m.  South  10:00 am.  Lv. Westview  Leave  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  bound  11:00 a.m.  Lv. Vananda      ;  Westview  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  Trip  Ili30a.m.  Lv. Pender Hbr. .  Midnight  5:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  Lv. Halfmoon Bay  Sunday*  6:00 p.m.  6:00 p.m.  2:15 p.m.  Lv. Sechelt  7:00 p.m.  7:00p.m;;;  ','..','L-LL:i.' ������ x  #:3t5p.i*L  Ar. Vancouver  9:15 p.m. 10:30 p.m.  9:15 p.m.  10:30 p.m.  5-30 p.m.  ��� Vessel Departs Westview Midnight Sunday, calls Vananda 1:00 a.m., arrives Vancouver 7:00 am.  Ferry Wharfs Ft. Columbia St TA. 21417  Vancouver, B.C.  ... if B.C. people open their hearts and give  these little folks a fighting chance. We have  the doctors, we have the skill. It is unthinkable that sick and crippled children should  be denied the right to get well through lack  of hospital facilities. If every B.C. home  sends in its Easter Seal dollars, ample  facilities can ho provided for every ailing  child in B.C.  CCf  SICK ECRIPPUD CHILDREN  LIONS SICK & CRIPPLES CHILDREN FUND CF B.C.  025 GRANVILLE ST., VANCOUVER, B.C.  Beneficiaries:  Vance-jvcr Children's Hospital, Vancouver Preventorium.  Queen Alexandra Solarium, V.I. St. Christopher's School, N. Van.  Spastic Paralysis Society of B.C. Xi/ Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.���  Friday,   March   5,   1948  Briggs-Stratton     Inboards  Evinrude Outboards  AT CITY PRICES  ___  Gibsons, B.C.  Some Good Used Outfits  $150. up  By EARLE GRAY  By MRS. S. McGILL  MISS MARION McCrea, of the MR. L. wiREN is in the hos-  Vancouver Art School, was a pital recovering from a smash-  guest recently of Mr. and Mrs. ed foot received while working  S.-.K'?; ��rnold of West Sechelt. at McNab Creek.  Miss McCrea was up here to * * *  help organize and^make arrange- The w A held their bazaar on  ments for the making of pottery Feb n and it was a huge success,  up here by the residents of the The sum bf $2Q0 was realized and  Sechelt reserve. Miss McCrea is will-go toward building the new  a noted pottery maker herself, church  ���������������:*     **������������."��� ���  .    ��� - ;/. ���         *     *     * ..-.-  ~     ��� 4* a Party at the home ofMr.   , A birthday party was held at   ������ - and Mrs. J. Derby, George T>er- the  home  of home  Gf Mr.  and  Meat packing did not become by> George Derby and Miss Jean- Mrs Rhodes on Feb. 14 in honor  important as ah industry until nf Derby celebrated their 16th of Miss Wanda Christehson mark-  tile   19th   century. birthdays   last   Saturday   night. ing her 21st birthday.       ,,  _ ��� ���- Among the  friends  they enter- *    *    * v,'  tained were: Miss Doreen Doyle, Construction on the new cafet-  Miss Yvonne Brooker, Miss Betty eria has been started and will  Berry, Miss Elain Gowland, Miss' be finished by early summer. I  Helen Derby, Dick Clayton, Bar- arri sure this new addition will  ry Redman, Lawrence Rouse, be enjoyed by all the residents  and Dennis Gray; of Port Mellon.  The party, a huge success, was    X ���'-'���.#    #    *  thoroughly  enjoyed   by  all. The   Teen   ToWners   are   busy  Up for a short week-end visit  ���****   �����^  ^th^Sn  at   their   summer   residence   at ���H. ^Ln^ d the   haU  It,   . .     ... West Sechelt were Mr. and Mi^ nexXmontn'  Murdoch of Vancouver. Mr. and  AND THAT THIS YEAR it      Mrs. Murdoch are regular sum- T|,eSp Country Roads  ���   - .. _      .      . mer   visitors   here.   However   it  seems that our fair weather at- By MRS. O. DUBOIS  tracted them a litle earlier this  year.  To spend our very hard-earned  dough .*'...  We bump and jolt  And moan and groan  And wish that we had stayed  at home! "\  Anoa, the wild buffalo of iheVj  Celebes Island is the smallest of."  all wild cattle.        x^ :        ..-j  TheDardanelles vary inwidth  from one to four miles.  1  m  tr. and Mrs. J. Schutz wish to thank all their  many friends for cards and flowers, sent so kihdly  J.o Mrs. Schutz while she was ill in St. Pauls.  J.  Schutz, Shell Oil Garage, Gibsons,  B.C  FISHERMEN  DO YOU KNOW that next  year you will have the option of paying your Income  Tax on the basis of a three-  year average, provided certain requirements have been  met?  AND THAT THIS YEAR it  will be possible to have  your statements and Tax  Forms niade out locally?  I AM PREPARED���during  the month of March���to go  anywhere on the Peninsula  where there is sufficient demand for my services.  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, phone Selma Park  Store (Fred Willows) or  write  to-��� -  A. L. BRUYNEEL  SELMA- PARK, B.C.  Mr. and Mrs. Ern Gibson, new  residents   of   West   Sechelt,   are  These country roads are in a mess  I've kicked a lot I must confess,  But what's the use for us to yell,  They'll be no better when we're  in hell!  habited.  :.wvM-.  The Sechelt Motor Transport wi 11 be changing  schedule on March 10, 1948 to coincide with the  change of schedule by the Sea Bus Lines Ltd., Gibsons. .'������' ...';'.;  Ask bus drivers for copy of new schedule  ^f^n^h^n'wn^onSl? Nowwhoisto blame 1cannot see  ��n���!efed But these ruts and holes are  comp killing me.  __������_ _ They're exactly like a  south���easterlu^  Square milk bottles increase the Y6uc(m blame Mother Nature  capacity  of  a^ dairy  plant  cold      when in a boat>  room by about 45 per cent. But these country roads just get  Damascus is believed to be the ' ��� V��� goat.   "''/."������'���      :  oldest city in the world still in- ��ur road ���anr Pollwk, does his  '       '   ' best   .Xv '  With what he has for to invest..  So please don't blame him for  this shame,  ;For I'm' skre he's- not the dne^to  ���    blame! ~  Is it the government, with  finances low?  I would hardly think it���No  With all the taodes, licence fees we  Pay each year . . . it cannot be.  So now Fm completely left at sea  And so I guess we'll let it go  And pri our cars spend, alt our  dough  " "���:..'������  On tires and repairs no end  But our certain sore spots  Wilt never mend  For <each tirrue to the store we go  XxIX^gl^^ L.. . >,H  12th to 20th  <>  , ,<-  V-:  Sunset Hardware  ,'V  GIBSONS  ft  .:*;--rSp*._4.i,:. -,������  '���'���  FOR  Real Estate or Insurance  Contact      ���.;."v  P. G. Mc  Gibsons  Personal attention���Dependable Service  Pender Harbour Branch  CANADIAN LEGION  it- rj,r -  2#'  Admission 75c.  IRVINES LANDING HALL  MARCH 19th. at 9 p.m.  Come and bring your friends*:��a*x  .. x    ������ ; mhv  . yy  '*--\*\  NOTICE, is hereby given that;the list of voters of the Gibsons Landing  Polling Division for the forthcoming'plebiscite under the above Act will close  at 5 p.m. on the 12th day of March 1948, after which no names can be  added to hte fist if you are eligible arid your name isnot on the voters list now.  _* *r  )      .r  Dated at Powell River, B.C.  27tti February,  1948.  /'-', J. P. Scarlett,  f Registrar of Voters,  MacKenzie -Efecroral District.  -Mi


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