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The Coast News Feb 27, 1948

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 '. _���-.u^-...___��>�������  Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B.C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre. Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island,- Pender ,Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmpnt, Hopkins Landing,  Brackendale,  Clieekeye,  etc.  Business Office:  Vol. Ill No_ 33  Sechelt B.C.  WIDE TERRITORY  '���>'.:��� y      By Alma Sundquist  TOGLPH^Hudon, a; trapper in  EnterpriseValley,   is   a   very  proud    man    indeed. *.��� He    has  caught   three   mink   this   week  that have really broken the record for gizfe. Two of them measured^ 35: inches  and  the  other  Qne"'��6 inches from tip to tip. He  lias: also done a very good job  of casing skunk. So far he has  ^20 of the ;smelly/ little./ pests to  his credit. 14 of them, have been  caught X around    our   school   in  .Kliendale.'^y.yi: X.:^y:.y^.r-y" y ;���!;.  lfe;H^ known to  ;his(��� friendfe Xas; iJudy^has   been  jtrapping ?as a hobby for this past ,.:^.       ^; v ;  ^five seasons. He rows an aver-        !...;".   B#HRobert Burns. X .,���..' -   ...  ���-.'..   ���'. . , ".��� "J.,.' .'.'��� .,.".5','..',..  ag^of ^Omilesandwalksaro a Increased revenue from nui^ing  1780 ^ile|^ a^eas^ -Alttio> there   , branch was formed to provide fees   from   new   territory.. In-  PTTB1.ISH_3D B.T TB_E COAST XT-3CTS, LIMITED  Sechelt, B.C. national Advertising1 Office, Powell Biver, B.O.  Friday, February 27, 1948  5c per copy, $2.50 per-year, by moil.;  GUEST EDITORIAL  VON Nurse Sechelt is Growing  ded for Sechelt  ALL INDICATIONS point to a continued and healthy growth jtii  Sechelt. The construction of a new mill capable of turning qui  35,000 board feet of lumber per day will add impetus to this growth.  TheUnion Steamships have opened their second sub-division in six  months and a third will be placed before the public in due course.  New buildings are in evidence and new business projects are;, ready  to open during the month of March. Viewing these factors it does  fare time% when he cpihes home ^nursing  service Xmder  the \ aus- creased revenue from donations,   seem pertinent to ask "Should we incorporate NOW or should we  jtempty   handed,   he   just   smiles ;pices,ofthe Victpnan Order to      An -estimate  of funds  needed  wait until someone else with more courage will tackle the prob-  ^^ ^ made-from the ipllpw-   lem?'^ At the.moment the majority are for incorporation.  \$HS��!^ figures^frp^^ As the problem presents itself there are advantag  luckier then  a! distance ibf ,_tout_-0 miles. Be- the   present   Branch   for   1947;  advantages ancl dis-  I ; __ometinie<;  he "brings;1 home  a sid^  the   servic^   always   rend- these figures have, not yet been  advantages. When these are presented to the public they will be able  jmihk;-\y��.;'|wp;;;-:other:;;'timcs;   a ered by the Victorian Order, bed- audited,   but  rnay  be  taken  as  to mak^ a prudent and sound judgment. However it must be kept  fweas<_l, c^ in inind that when all the factors pro and con are known, it will riot  ?at'ianother  time  heXwill  bring natal   care,   educational   clinibs, INCOME                            x             {present a mathematical problem whereby we can add up the two  ;ba*a ��r^ Donations,     $729.58;     nursing  columns at leisure and have the decision ready made. It is not that  will make a ^ very fine stew or :^^d                                                                                                                                                                                               Hrriimstahr^ W th_^  ^soup .pr- duhiplings. X-r.- ���         i nursing and pilblic. nursing.           50; Provincial Government Grants      ^'          Possible and necessary, under the circumstances, for the  \   When   I   interviewed   him,   I ' The work was commenced and $1,391.19;   Sechelt Schoor Board,  'asked him how his hobby paid carried out with gratifying sue- No. 46, $974.60.               X  'off. He Said he has r^  las $350 a winter^ J^ /  (correspondent will" change tiob- years- it 'has^beepme increasingly .    General expense,  hies next winter andxt;ry trap- apparent that theTpres^nt facil-. ^^   etc;    $309.35-'  ping..  office, lauri-  car   repairs,  .ti^ aff inadequate t^ope -with $326.20; gas, oil, license for car,  public in general to take an active interest in the matter, and it is  their duty to find out the facts, then after due consideration to make  advice in all decisions.  ; Incorporation in principle means a system of organized government, within the framework of the present established civil government.-All ventures proposed by a village and it's commissioners  must be Submitted to the Municipal branch of the Provincial Govt.  That, is your guarantee of security. We will have their support and  advise in all decisions.  _     If we wish to grow up in a normal, healthy manner we must  have some organization and direction. Incorporation is? the solution.  ._  ...   .t,....,._,_. .,_,,    ._ tion has increased thecalls for     The above summary makes no  *n^m smP^J P$.Ief* $W^SC about service.   .Alsoj   the   public   have provision   for   car   depreciation;  4(^years ago;        XX    ��� y,l   learned ^e" advantages/o^ It will give us the followine advantages-  hi^vcbntinued success:,wath his   r % Th6 long distances, combined iri the-use& car market; and -a^        ^ W^nized public officials tp4eal with outside officials.  ">t>t>y..: ., '-x {c./-. \i.LyLt?,^yy..'y      ;;With:.^^ 2. Zoning bylaws determmed by ourselves.  -tf^S'-ii^-s"-'-^-"���v.-'-i;^*-w.���'.;,-';:.->-,".        conditions, result in niuch time^^^  _ ,_. i _.__.__ -..-.....;   j|eh|g cohsuiiied in travel, and in^  Jll JlldllOW WfllCF: ^   ulatidri centf^ tor  fW^^<W&-:%^ ^centre iis also large ^d Rowing r^ ': :'^^e<^ateX^^��>b^  ^^_Mn_.T^^e^^_^ rapidly;M has often.;been found ably a sum of around* $400 ^per  p^^M^hiS^^^^&^M^i^^n very difficult te giv^ Ithat area .year shbiild\,jt>e.;>udgettii9d.i';'':-.i'.:  ^IfS^^xSeciMtJl^I^ ;proper- service.     . ~)l- l; .'���;. f��� :t)n^the'whole,' it ��� WouMUappear  ^^_!h^!n_ursd^  S^xyesir^ old; Fraiilcyx^^ the'$4,000  per   annum  will   be  re-  apro^ed Jn shallow water ne__r west  of  Sechelt  as  far  as   the Squired to finance the plan pro-  ii^: hbme.   The   child's   parents, Pender  Harbour   district.   These.posed  under No.   3  above.  The  Vfr_    arid   Mrs.   Frank   Fennell centres are receiving no service National Office advise that they  journeyed to Vancouver the day whatever:        _ .                               would be able to supply a nurse  before the accident and left him 5.  The  Department  of Indian for duty iri the coming late sum-  C^L"1C1 ^^MZrTTT^^l ^2 rv.��� ���_..��_.��_._              *.x.  md.   his   four   year   old   s&ter Affairs would be glac! to have.a mer if they are given some early  have that Problem to solve. The main highway runs through the  ^6rnia,   in;; j;he    care    of   their nurse who could give service to/notice. During discussions on the. Proposed village.and so^will remain the responsibility of the PubHc  ieighbo_rs/l|fc ,,:a^lMr)_.  A.. E. the Sechelt Indians.                  '*   matter it has been suggested that  Works Dept. Schools will also remain with the Govt, and the col-  tfobds.             .     '\  ���   "       ?' '   To cope with this situation"It even   though   both   nurses   .are  lection of school taxes will remain the same.  On   Thursday   afternoon   the has- been proposed that:        ^      working under one Branch, the         The p0intthat,requires most careful consideration is setting ub  2__ildren   were , playing,  in -the 1. The Provincial Department separate districts could be under hnnnraflri(a<s Tu^ in +h��� .T.r>���nra+^ o^o o-.__   v��-ui   ^                P  ard, in view of the residents of of Health provide a nurse, prob- regional supervision, and a sysr   boundanes  Those m the incorporated area are eligible for common  _._      .,     community.     Mrs. ably   stationed   in   the   Gibsons fem>f regional accounting used,   services. It the area is too large the expense would increase accord-  .A reauction iri improvement tax assessment ofoO -per cent.  6. Education   and   Police   Remain '^e   respoiisifelity  bf   the  Prcmricial Gbyt. ;;���; '..,,"'',.;:,':'���",.'''"''' .'* .'.'���'.'.       ":'.'.'"'������.r':��� p .  7. All moriey bylaws are voted upon by property owners only.  8.: The monies sjierit in one year may riot exceed the ariioiirit  cpllectablie..';:'-^^' ������'>      ' <:������:���'������'���<���' X  9. Tlie mill rate may not exceed 20 mills.  10. Assessment will be made by the village clerk.  11. The use of all taxes is left to your discretion.  We are in a fortunate position at Sechelt because the water system is already installed and privately owned  Gibsons had and still  le     small  foods visited the .Linton* home area,  and that the V.O.N.  take,  for a few minutes and had hard- the   district  from  Sechelt  west.  jy   arrived   there   when   Norma 2. A new branch of the V.O.N.  ;came crying to say'that Pranky be formed to handle the Sechelt  was in the water. district,   the   present  branch   to  (Mrs. Woods rushed down to the work   from   Gibsons    to    West  Roberts Creek.  No Immediate  Hope Given For  fceachl and found the small boy     ...   .���-- _ ��x _.   _��� _ . _  u ���__ ���������    ���  lying if_j[ce down iri Eibout 12 m- _  ?. ^he present V.O.N. district ||Allf DAM I llllr  ches bf; waterxSh^ to ta^e m the whole, flCW KUfill Llllll  ^ipi: arid:: called   jfor   help.   Men peninsula,   another   nurse  being   _ ^ __x  _ ^^  ingly. Places without water would have to be supplied and the sariie  for light arid any other services such as sewage, streets, etc. Therefore  it would seem that thevarea known as Sechelt Proper with the East  Bouridry beirig the Indiari Reservef Lirie^ and the ISfest foundry  inclusive of Rockwood Lodge and the Fleck property the i^Alem  of inepbrporation wbuM be greatly simplified arid������_ would ^]S ari.  excellent opportunity to suceed. The Sechelt Improvemerii1 A^ocisir-  tion is working diligently on the problem and it is agreed that &j_*  best chance for a successful village lies in an enlightened^ priblic  'What do you think about it?"  ���o-.l.Jr.  nett's songs were much apprecia'-  ted. A huge and beautifully decorated  cake centered the  table.  r_  ^���m ^^^ at   supper,   and   past-president,  ^ctor 1^ ra^ Women's Institute was eel- Mrs. B. J. Knight was presented  )sborne Loggmg ^^^^^J^^Ef^^t 5��^ ^J^^r.E^^^^: ebrated in the Leeion Hall Thurs- with a WI. pin from the mem-  by the Department of Public  ficial respiration was applied and It is learned that the Depart- Works at Victoria for constructs carriedTpn ey^ while' the nient of Hejalth.^Hl not go tor- tion of a mile and a half road������'~~~- ~~���   ���  -' " ." '���������  chiM; was  being' rribved^ to^ Instituta  warmth of one of tlie hom^s hear Noxl, one reason, among others,;Halfmoon^ Bay- with   the   mairi; ww���"^" r.:"ir****"��� "^v.:  by 'WliTaylor, an expert first aid being   the   preserit   shortage   of roM 22 Years  man  was> caU some nurses. The( VictoHari Order vwU;    This was^  bne; summoned a  ;taei^e^  sa��__l^&^^^ ^in^^r^_^.a thoro^  with^    bxvfeen    without    su.cess   ting o^ E.   C. ^lv��� J?   co?tu,me'   representing v enjoyaoie evening.  ^ _SS to^^fli^S tioned at Se^elfc^  life iri th^ n     ?+ :m*s'  **���      y?l  Dr. A,. M. Inglis arrived W8^ni.t^^e^  and proriounced him de^. The the added cost. -      " X Vthe^  case was investigate ^ .  Detachriieht   of x the x Pi^viridat brigirial get-iip . . .                                             ^ . "  police and a coroner's iii^riiry potato no less X.;, and Mrs. J.                                              ^ s  held by Dr. Inglis.                         vincial    Government.    A x^a^jfor Mckenzie, iriet^e telega-7 Davies the,i_ibst. cbni-jQ ^.. a cpw-  The remains were flpwn fcorir* frbm^the E^artihent of ^^ fe ; arr-mgecT slip. Contests were featured en-  Gibsjpns Sunday 22 "for b^ tertainment,    andveMrs.; ^Cole's  S*lts Spring i_;__md'    '' "                Sechelt - School; Disti-ict^ No. 46. ment; ��� ��� ;7 x r        Highlsftid Fling, arid Mrs. H. Ken-  tt-btm*  j1-. <_�� i. t-i-. Page Two  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.���  Friday, February 27, 1948  ��ke (Soast $fettts  advertising  ...'(��� .*.    ......'���.���-     . ���_���-���  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each. Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  KngSff-PEOg  BRITANNIA BEACH  By NETTIE HAMILTON  GLAD TO say Mrs. Bob Maun-  sey' is   doing   well   after   her  operation.  *    *    *  By  MRS.  ERICKSON  FOR SALE FOR SALE  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express, to OFFICE equipment now located  BAD COLDS to say nothing of  the   weather   are   making   the  Mrs   Eric Anderson is feelW  gathering   of   news   items   very  vjS" iS i��fSm SS l~rZ difficult   just   now.   The   recent  better, but is still not home. meeting here to discuss plans for  ���^ x tvt i-i        _, a"        ..*  - a   Community  Hall   in  the  dis-  Mrg. Dot Noble and Agnes Mc- trict  was   held   on   a   very  bad  Donald are gadding off to Van- night and a poor attendance re-  couver for- a few days. suited. It is hoped to have an-  *    *    * '. other meeting soon and a better  Hear Jimmy Beatson had a per- turnout for this vital project is  feet 29 crib hand. First since he hoped for.  came from Scotland. *    *    *  Frank Luoma suffered an in-  a  jury   to  his  leg  recently while  Pieces of old tires arerisecl.as  shoes for children in many sections of Greece. Clothing is included in the help Canadians  will send these children through  the Canadian Appeal for Children.  *  Mrs.' Jack Balcterson   had  or from Vancouver. Low rates.     at P. G. McPherson's^-Real Es~ Dessert Bridge in her home last working on a stove for the Stearn  Fast service.   Careful handling, tate. Typewriters, sales and ren- Tuesday, in honor of Mrs. C. P. Bath he is constructing.  Specify Gulf Lines Express.tf tals,  Gibsons.   ....,.,'            ,   34 Browning. ^Somehow I got stuck        * -*    *    ���       ���  sitting next tq her and she used  KEYS; TO ORDER-  All  kinds  lit  It w"as Quite a si��ht last week  of kevs  made  to ���^~_      A v" ^���a fU her winnin�� "niles and ideas to see the "Gulf Trader", being  sample vou wish PI��N��.  small size.  Apply Mcr to get me to swfcp desserts with berthed bere by a tug boat after  FOR SALE  SSff;.^ Bannald, Robertsc��&  duplicated,  at Pbwell  Muir's   Hardware,  (Westview) B:C.  35 "her .{as mine was,.the biggest)  injuring the propellor shaft by  m���.  oatt. ~" but poor Q^vfe Baxter^got^oft>Va%e.arlDg. Freight-wky delivered '  _- .  ������T��� _f ?��?^T �� __     _*   i   and swapped hers. What dessert, and we got our week-end bread  FOR SALE   K ^loHlNp. boat, 38 ft., 5 h.j��. East- pineapple   and   scads   of   whip and meat  ONE BOAR pig, two years old,    4.hipe ^gi??: $^��v��an be seen cream, yumriiy it. was so gopd, '   *    *^^ *  ;.: approx. 600 lbs, $75.00. Ch_is."��* 5,orp?1!? Bay�� Tr^^S3^ ^ with lots of dehcious cbokies. Mr. arid Mrs^C. R Browning  .Sundquist, Kleindale. P e n d e r A-��-:C3oast News�� Sechelt, B.C. 35 After that we played bridge (3 gaVe a very riice fatewell party  'Harbour. 34 t^t> csatt? .-tables). ������:--..���������,.������---yy--*-������ **'��������������������   at;the Iilotel Georgia recently for  f ������-��� - - ������ ������-������' ���-������:-���<"'���' ifi FT roatJ^n naw�� __r.*K T*?e Su?st of hpnor btad all old-timers from Britannia who  ���; FOUND x\ *\*   w��-_S__s��    i.l.��Zi!5 good xpartners   throughout   the are; now  living  in   and; around,  QUICK relief for acid indigestion mirfVJ^T2^^ ._^"PJSS afte*n(W   arid  won   first   prize Vancpuver. Alf Erickson and my-  heartburn. Bisma-Rex, 75c, $2.  <��*l��nk���*��q^^m��S.irSitowf Annfe  Henshaw  winning  eonso- sqlf were present and met many  Safe,   prompt,   effective.   Lang's tit*'^'   ^e^at   &pumis   &nop, lat^n. It was a grand afternoon Dl_t  friends   from ; the  Townsite  Drugs, Gibsons, B.C. 33 m*a*���a ���W-    r *>���  and we are all looking forward andBeach. We both enjoy ed it  '��� ~~:��� " FORr��5AfF to some more 5T)essert Bridges". very much; The Brownings were  WANTED  TO  RENT HORSE for sale 8^rSr old mare   Those Present were:  Mrs. Chis- at the Mines for many years arid  WANTED to rent by April 1st,      Excellent condition^ Baxter,   North, always had a kind greeting for  3 to 5-room house, preferably ��ftn   Mawm  ��nnj   cP��hA_t   wr   L0��yei*>   Hill,   McDonald,   Hen-- all.    They    plan    an    extensive  furnished,  semi-modern;   Box L, ��� S��n'  MaSOn R��ad'  SecheltV Bfj shaw,   McLeod,   Noble,   Al   Ste- Trailer   Trip^ down   as   far   as  wart, C. P.JBro^^ing arid yours Mexico  and  we all  wish  them  ^   .truly.'xXX���:-,. ; "Happy Trailing".  ^ i..���*_^J*f^S- W^l^ A great^deal bf snow has fal-  _��?1' t^ ^i-ft* len in Britannia Tbwnsite this  and is feeling a little better. winter and  supplies  had ^ he  Like tosend birthday greetings ^>p throu^ the mine last  to^'AiMtair^eiriirig-.^  4ay^isxth_s,^e^^:^/:x:  Coast News.  33  FOR SALE  1936 HUPMOBILE sedan, excellent condition throughout. Wii->  son Creek Garage Ltd. 34  PIANO. Arthur R; Reeves, Rob?s  ��� ��� 'grts:.-���;c_^k||^-(:':',^:a||--x���'} ������::.;:fyw$;  x';; .���,       ^rson^ll ; -:-?);?W0&  WE REPAIR; re-uphblster ches- ,  terfields, chairs, and occasion^  al pieces, slip covers made to br-;i  cfer. Materials on hand. Free es-  tirriates.? See Usher's Yard Goods,  Gibsons. 34  ���'"���'" WANTED ~~W"  SMALL   sheltered   waterfrorit  property. Give location arid  improvements if any. J. H; Bariri-  by, Buccaneer Bay, Bay, B.C. 34  WE BUY  AND  SELL--:  y Rifles and shotguns bought  and. sold also all kinds of used  goods, furniture, clothing, tools,  etc. Square Deal Store. West-;  view. B.C.  '"' ..;.;, FOR SALE X  1935 FOI-D  coach.  Apply  R. F.  Whitaker,      "Trading      Post",  Wilson Creek, B.C. 35  ^ENE^��r-|  PENDEIt HARBOR  Dryg<w^3 J^ Drugs  Hardware  _f^^  '^���^]0^:;, ������'���.  Independent Fish  - > Buyers yy'-.  ^,yy--:'yZ\ir-.-\,  Ship Chandlers  :,xx'i '���  '':  Home .Oil. Products  ,,,,,.;;;;.,,..;���; at  [y.  HASSANS* WHARVES  ,to town last week but happy to.-^:,a,^  say she is home again and feel^: fu��������u   r.i���l..__>___ tr��ni_^  X��2 I  Wanft to Choose from  EATON'S City  Departments as you  Shop by Mail?  Then Address  Your Orders to  . r> *  qheShoppef  ��he's"the friend of ereryy  EATO N=customer who^ wants,.  speedy,, personalized service  in making those special, carefully -thought-out; purchases ;,?$\i  bie they an entire trousseau 9^ l':.  a single, superlativegift.vS)ie ;y  will consider your wishes?an^: r,y  , your taste v^/.c6_aaplet��ly^l..|j^ *:^  almost like coming to to^n ? ^  yourself!   Next time there's  a i>roblemii_Lbuying;.'^hy.not;^.  . 4t.op- her aline? ;;���';...;."'  *i  "i  :'i  in& better.  through   Okanagan  Valleyv and  again lunch -was strvejd.  ��������_, 1 iir- -^r *�� u. u j      Well  folks,  sb-long -till  next  Mr. and Mrs: W. Matheson had ^o^ ���        ���-Slim  ^T. EATON CS~~  L-.::wmmPSay . :::-y\rC/iMM��t:.:: ;  When writing, please be sure to  give details of size, style, color 1  preference and price.    ...     X  .'���'���'���:��� :'���. ���'"':���'..��� ���'-\4'--<Jr- ���'����������� y:>L,<r'ft''<-L  iFor.:,f urther;,Informatipn ^o��^y  :(eorning-:'tlrt��^��i_ryic^'^o  EATON'S  .'  AAV. Gulf Trader offers! fast freight service three times  weekly, with fully refriijierated cargo space if desired.  Shipments must be at Packers Dock, Vancouver, by  34,p m. day of sailing.  ���Ly^ Vancowver      Lv* Vcincouver  W^d.^ 4 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender Hbr.,  Thursday  EXPRESS SERVICE  Regular Gulf Lines passenger sailing schedules offer  fast express service daily from Vancouver.   Specify  GULF for better service. X  STANDARD RATES ��� CAREFUL SERVICE  Monday, 4 p.m.  ~1&ir. Sechelt'  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender Hbr.,  Tuesday  Ly. Vancouver  Friday, 4 P*m.  Ar. Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay^  Pender Hbr.,  Saturday  a supper pn Saturday in, honor  .of Mr. and Mrs. C P. Browning.  i.-... *; : *i   *''..���"., .y : .;,  ;   The Townsite had a grand af4  ;fair   on   Saturday   in   honor   of  jMr. and Mrs. G. P. Brpwriing. The  dance started^ at .9 o'clock. TJje:  orchestra were tops playing many  lovely pld-time pieces. At 10:30  George   Scott   gave   a  beautiful  ;speech, followed by Mr.  Udeen  i.who  made   the   presentation,   a  ^Westminister ;   Chime      Mantel  Jclock with an engraved sterling  silver plate enscribed fromxthfe.  Townsite. At 11 -o'clock ^a^lovely  supper was served with both the*  upper and lower hallijpf; the 4-it^.  chenette filled to the last seat.  Such a turn out as ^everbefore.  I was told  it ^^^^ne'':;:^��[ctjbie''.;  nicest and friehdliesf piarties that  has been held. Our gppd^fneiids,  the Brownings, were tpu^^d/Obe-  yond words and knpw that^ every  Jword and every handshake were'.  sincere.  At  12:45..a;huge circle"���  yvas made and Aiild Lang; %iie  was; sung. Mr. Brov^nirig, gave a ���  fine speech, andXsaicii Au Revpir  to bi_e and all and hot good-bye,  |and in years to-come they will  still, be talking of Britannia, so  on behalf of every one at the -  Townsite,  we  wish  them  Good  Luck and Happy Days ahead.  Mr.  and Mrs. ���.Sharp  of New  York are guests of Mr. and Mrs.  C.  P.   Browning.        x  ���:''.*"���. *-; "*"."���  X Mr. Weston, aii i^tist,xwas; the  weekend guest pf; the Brownings.  On Sundiay they had: a pot-luck  supper with covers laid for ?4.  It  was   self  service;   The  poor ���  hien got roped inte washing and  drying dshes. C.P. migbii; as well  get used to washing dishes, as  he'll likely do lots of it in the  next year? Later some went to  Use This  m  "-> ������"'."  ,:,x-.;.,;.;'.x/..:x^^i.-:;:':^----^;" .���:r-,^-.?.;-  We need your support as a subscriber to keep up our  service} and to improve it. If you are not now a suh-  sbribfeiv &Ph't put it -off ^any longer . . . send in the  handy form below an& be sure of getting%our copy  ������ea^yweeli&y.-y'yyyL-' .y.'-yyLyyy, yy^yy-^Ly-.  . y*��������������������������s,  ."V X-X-'-x   y -.y.yi:.sy   -:^-iy, .'-'/i-y  ..-J-J   '^/s':.'" ''���' *���*,*'���*' '''-1. '���'���'" -: i  mr$j>  my.  : iName rv.ym.yyyy  :.'.:,'��� -: v';,:,x-x ���::;���!  : Mail  Address  ^'r:^'vJv>*:.t  _������--��.���.���.  ^������>.'.'iii.i,.'i i. ������������'L ��� ���������-,���a..  "*���'������ ������-���'������  ',  ��� ���.-*"...           ,     ���"������,'". -. ..  m   ������������-    ^                          ��� ,   '*���'"'"'  ��� "..���_.'  ���      .                        . >    .         ��� ��� ���  H?v^U  ���it ������'  ?������������. 1 :Vu��ir.^-$2JO:V-v-;;9''5x'.''\  I        Mail to THE COAST NENAS/S^HELT  j or- dir^t to WE^IEW,   B. C.  ��� ���. ���'���''��� *    ���'.'������''���'. ��� .. ������    ���-���-."  ��� ��� ��� ���     ��� ������������-.���--'���.       x      ."    "  ;aMUMnM��lW%W(.H<tttMlttlfMat9Ml��|lffl��ftl|lHI��aaiHIII<��M��ll��llt��H.tt��l��IIMttllatlt��MtattlM��l.-l��|lMB|i  firing^ Your Repair Jobs to  Boot Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces  '���  IRange al^  * CHIckiiN FARM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^        J  ���      i      x    GUTO  yyL^.;'y:^  Sheet Metal ^W  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 14R Friday, February 27, 1948  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  noon for a minute, she and Eric  and Dale arrived back last Thursday after her visit to the doctor  and   says   she   is  feeling   a   lot  better.  * *    *  There were quite a few new  arrivals ^ last: Thursday. ������'.*'. Stan  Forbes is up <to map out some  roads, Shorty MacGraw is here  to flo an overhauling job on the  cat. Carl Christmas alse was  among the new arrivals.  * *    *.  Kenny Davis (Gladys Royal's  young; brother) is back with us  again and brought his friend  Jimmie Lear with him. Jimmie  lias been working on the boom  part time (the other part in the  water) nothing like a Tiice cool  dip to refresii ypu says he.  Our new first ^aid man, Ken  Ridoiit took his patient Stan  Dodds to Powell River yesterday, he was injured while Work  ing as head loader, best wishes  for a speedy recovery Stan.  A Valentine dance was held  at the cook-house and those that;  attended had a lot of fun. I guess  the snow storm kept the rest  closef to the fires at home.  During the evening, votes  were cast for a committee of five  to take charge of entertainment  in the future. The five elected  were, Chuck Royal, Tom 'Mafe  thias, Chris Smith, Alice Jackf  son and yours truly. A commit^  tee meeting will be held soon  to discuss  coming events. ;���  * * * ''l)''  We had a visit from the school  inspector last week. He left a lot  of happy parents with the promise of a school in September*:  With Pur hall and school coming closer to realization We  should be a real community''by  next Christmas. Xv*'  .-r  SHIP, OF HOPE: Beginning early in 1948; new Canadians to  | - "the number of 800 displaced persons and other immigrants wi 111 arrive in this Country wit^eqch voyage of the  Canfbdiarv PaCifit'Steamships' {1 ;6^knoi^?pdiesel-electric Iiner  ieaverbrxie^ sfeen ^bov^alongsid^ her ref^  ^uer^Fiorm^r^the G  rtv&rik6 Liney she ';$& cpipturGdj virtual ly undarhag^d; by  lliicl forces- in a Norwegian fjord, where She had acted^as  ep^lFpqnd "iT^her''^hiJD; to U-boats seeking their toll' of  hipping irft^  s part reparati6hs pd^meht.   Master of the Beaverbrae is  aptain G. O. Baugh, P.B.E., R.D., a Royal Canadian^ Navy  'eteran of the Battle of fhfe Atlantic,  who quit�� possibly  angled with-sp^su  ide'his^n6w'^hrirr.dhi3.!:;..  .:.���M||N:IIQMD,  By  PUNNETT  ?OIvXJRATULATlbNS    gd    this  week to -Mr. and Mrs. J. Mat^  hew of "The Cedtig'^-Gtrtern--  ie0-:n^:on "^ifeir: :iold^gf^|..  ihg   aiiriiversary.   A   reception  ras held  on  Feb.  23rd  in  the  totel   Geogria,   Vancouver Jfoir  ���iends ^nd^relativesX-^'^.^x vX  Ly.,: iyy^-:-yy'$jy#yyii'Lr, ���  ��� X; ��� XX'-v/"  ^^(.hbrch: service was ^held , on  lii^ia^^ebruary':i'22 at 11 a.m.  the home of Mrs. Wilkinson  Trout Lake Valley. It was  mducted by Mr. Ian McMillan,  udent minister of the United  ihurch ot, Bowen Island. The  igulat service; was held iri the  lurch at 2:30 p.m. This is for  the convenience of the folks who  live in thej, vicinity of Trout  Lake, Tunstall Bay and Bo wens  P6iht.',,"r'-V.,;.'../. .������,- .,;  Mrs.^ Bert James was in Vancouver oyer the week-end to ^visit  with her two daughters,, Betty  ���and June;  ^    -'XX ���-'���-::'  'yTf%^f^-^-i^^.;.T.  "'''X-r"  /School is open again after a  four-day ^sliut-dpwn, when the  teacher, Mrs. B. Waters and most  of the pupils were down with the  'fill.    ���-��������� ���'������';���- !-    ���  ... * . : .* '���'* ������������  On February 21, a dance and  bingo was held iri the Lowe's  dance hall, put on by the young  folks. In j spite of the very wet  night, quite a few folks turned  but. Better hick next time kids.  ��� : ���:���'���������  ���-���      S -        ���       ������-���������.-���  TOBA THIS'N THAT  i*L      By BROWNIE  ammmmmmmmmmmmmmiammm^mmmmmmmmmmamm  ^ELL HERE I am back iri^the  land of the living/' again arid  glad of it. I had myself a quick  trip to the 'Big City' a couple of  weeks ago to see my Mother who  was on the sick list and now is  on the improving list, thank  goodness. These parents can certainly be a worry sometimes. I  left my menX_olk to do the  housekeeping for ten days. Before leaving the city to come  back home, I got bitten by the  'flu bug, so combine the two and  you see the reason, there not being any column for a couple of  weeks/' '��� '-r- :  t saw Synave Olsori this afte#- ->  L  "Prompt Attention to Mail Orders!5!^  + RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  * GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES:  Radios,    *  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  tit FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  , Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  DORANS FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B.C.'��� Phone 230  BIItLRQZER  FOR HIRE  ,-:..    Land Clearing  Basements Excavated  Roads Built, Etc.x  Albert Danroth  Roberts Creek  !-  :X-';j  "������!���! .'>.".'"���'.'ff���'8<<t?-f!'"   '&"���  (3tJl_m LINES 1-TD.  GULF LINES: LTD.  PASSENGER AND  EXPRESS SCHEDULE OF  OPERATIONS  BETWEEN  VANCOUVER and WESTVIEW.  Calling at SccheU, Halfrawjn Bay, Pender Ha**our, Vananda,  Blubber Bay, Lund/Bliss Landing/Ccrtez Island and Refuge Cove.  SCHEDULE No. 8���Effective January^ 12th, 1948���Subjcfct to Change Withdut Notice  Northbound   '  Monday  Tuesday1  Wednesday  Thursday I     Friday  Saturday  Sunday  Lvrvaw&uver  9:00 ani.  9:00 am:  9:00 a.m.    9:00 a.m.  12:30 noon  6:30 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt  11:15 am.  11:15 a.m.  2:45 p.m.x  8:45 p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay  12:15 noon  12:15 noon  3:45 p.m.  Ar. Pender Hbr.  No*,  1:15 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  4:45 p.m.  Ar. Vananda  North  2:00 p.m.  5;30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  > 6:15 p.m.  Ar. Westvie*  bound  2:30 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  2:30 p.m.  i 4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  12:00 mid.  Ar. Blubber Bay  Trip  3:15 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  Ar. Lund  8:30 p.m.  Leaves  Ar. Bliss Ldg.  '���\  ,.  9:00 p.m.  Westview  An Seaford  ' ���  ���'*���'��� i'. ���  9:30 p.m.  Midnight  Ar. Refuge Cove   J  ���'. .-<     "  . ������j."    .,-... ;|   ���          1 |10:00p.m.  Sunday*  xCALLS WILSON CREEK      NOTE: Times other than Westview and Vancouver are approximate.  Southbound  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Sat.  Sunday  Lv. Refuge Cove  7:00 am.  Lv. Seaford   :  7:30 am.  Lv. Bliss Ldg.  .     - ���*  8:15 am:  Lv. Lund  ./'   "- ������  No  8:45 am.  Lv. Blubber Bay  4  3:15 p.m.  r  3:15 p.m.  South  10:00 a.m.  LvxWestview  Leave  3:00 pirn.  5:00 p.m.  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  bound  11:00 am.  Lv. Vananda  Westview  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  Trip  11:30am.  Lv. Pender Hbr.  Midnight-  5:00 p;ni:  5:00 p.m.  . '. ', " .>��������� '.  1:15 p.m.  Lv. Halfmoon Bay  Sunday ���  6:00 p.m.  "...'; ..��� .' ���"���  6:00 p.m.  ", ]'���   '    ' 1 '���'.  2:15 p.m.  Lv. Sechelt *  "   .     \      >���   ���'���/���.   '  7:00p.ml  *',.'���     ��� X      X ',-'   i  7:0QpM.  ���' - '���      '    '.% ' "  ��� ���.?  3:15 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver  ".������  9:15 p.m: 10:30 p.m.  9:15 p.m.  10:30 p.m.  5i30p.m.  ���Vessel Departs Westview Midni^t Sunday, calls Vananda 1:00 am., arrives Vancouver 7:00 am.  Ferify Wharfs Ft Columbia St.   ;.-? r?> 0 ..���      TA. 2141    a Vancouver, B.C.  1,500,000 jobs were filled through the  National Employment Service in  twenty-two months���January,  1946, to. November, 1947.  \. -XX  421,146 of these jobs were found for  veterans.  5,534 more were foundjor persons  in the higher earnings bracket  through the Executive and Pro-|  fessional Division of the Service./:  26,531 more of these placements were^  made through the Special Placements Division for physically  handicapped workers���  204 for persons totally blind, 825 for  persons totally deaf, and 53 for  persons handicapped by double  amputations.  Make full use of your local office of  the National Employment Service.  -"���'���       %-������...���    ���    ��� ���    -   . - .������-���      ...,������    yy-    : -LL .  Department of labour  iiiJMPIBFUSY MITCHELL, Minister of XoBbiir  A. MacNi^MARA, Deputy Minister  ���3s THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, February 27, 1948   **|  ACCOUNTING ��� INCOME TAX  *   REPRODUCTIONS ��� BUSINESS FORMS  #   DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING  ,.i  As a new resident on the Peninsula, I cordially  invite inquiries, regarding accounting and - othei*'  services.    >.���'. "       -:-\-  A. L. BRUYNEEL     ;       ;  Selma Park, B.C.  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO,  CONTRACTORS  Gien. 0463F.,       . "  Phone> ���f-^^y .,"5pri;>6��'J  BULLDOZING. ROAD CONSTRUCIIOI^ I^ND  CLEARING, J6ttAXATil!fc>J^      Xlx_ ;  Large Machines.   HD10 at Sechelt���PID14C at Gibsons  ,,x,:. ��� .,:���;���.��� SHE 1S_0 BAI^EORD V. ������ ^'vXX  ' Clay ChamberUri's,  '������:-������ ' 'GIBSONS,. B.:Cyy,y:-;y.yyyyL-yLL  KNOW  TOUR  TREES  No. 5 in a series of informative idvertisemeriteX  Paste them in.your scraprbook for future reference. M  PULP ^ PAPER INDUSTRY  I I T I S  .  C  L  lilll  KLEINDALE  By MRS. O. DUBOIS  K RECENT Sunday visitor to  , Kleindplexwas Father Baxter  of Sechelt Residential School.  He held mass here Sunday in  the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver  Dubois and xfamilyxwhich was  ���jquite an event, as it was the  ���first Catholic mass to be held iri  Pender fiarbour;; it is believed..  There have been many cases  :of 'flu: iri1 this district^with all  jthe wee ones first to catch it.  X"     \y L;:,;.y, *.': ?;*/.,*,:.... ,jr':* ���  t ^ Dorothyx Robinson   has   been  visiting her fattier iri Vancouver 1  for the past week.  ,,,,.,.,,'x,;K,v.'-;  X' Dorothy is going to XKleindale:  '.school here   and  with  her   two  ^brothers, John and Norman, stay  Iwith their uncle and aunt, Mr.  ^arid Mrs. F. Sutherland.  x      ���   ������ ���������- ��� X*. ��������''���* '������������������' L">Ly-.:-y.--. ���������:.'.���  I A Valentine party was held in;;  our local school room on Saturday, Feb. 14. 'Pjae\'..t��l;^e':stetm.;  >that night it was poorly attend-  .ed, however a good-time was had  ;by all attending; 'Games������. were  ^played, coffee and lunch was then  ^served, .followed,- by dancing.  i   A  surprise visit  was  paid  us,  /Wednesday   by   Granville   Hol-  lingsworth,  formerly of Egmont  : and Jack Rouse of Sechelt.  i   Howard Gadd and Richard Tar-  fris  of  Cedar  Cove  Mills,  Vancouver were also seen in Klein-  dale  recently.  i . * ������'*��� *:" '���'  I   couldn't   help   reading   the  little article by ��� Toni inv; recent  issue about tfie rendition of the  Irvine's Road. I agree ^with her,  fully. She went on tor say it took  ���: an experienced;��� bronco buster or  jeep driver to go; over, them;: but  i she failed to say it took an ex-  Iperiericed driver withi a classuA'  licence also, or I j^sr-^^guessr  "The road is so nart'bw you have  to back up a inile oi* so^every  itime you meet a car which means  jyou must be able to drive backward better than you eali*     '  MOVEMENT of Canadian food and food products from th<  farms of the Dominion to the United Kingdom was jol,  of the year for Canadian Pacific railway and steamship facili)  ties. Top left picture above shows New Brunswick potatoes  being loaded on the Beaverburn, one of the Canadian Pacific^'  fleet of cargo ships which has come to be known as the "B.Uj  (Bread Unit).fleet" orf the .other side.   Bottpm left pictur^  ! shows one of the new Canadian Pacific box cars/ deliver^  of which began at about" the same time as the heavy graij  movement from the prairies to the coast following this year]  ��� harvest;   It wasalso one of the fi rstcars on which the Canr1  diari Pacrfic ^logdrt ^Spans the \M_��rld" appeared. ^Pitttiref?  right : shpwsx 1 ;50S^hprsep6wer  diesel-electric   road   ehgji  which was tested by the C.P. R; uricler al I types of ^eratii  conditions to see if and where it would be use&fo  , oyer steam power.        t'X'x' .  "\���-XX x'V.��� -'���;-:-        ;;x >:x'  Popular CKWX Announcer  ... v>i ��.i!^v ���   .;>..:���. ..ox-  , ������ <-' .-v.-A" ���,. r>*'    '\-yj.,y-���:?.���   .. .-;.t... .x  There are 200,000 children ?i  Pc4andXwh6 were made otph.  by warv; Thesei  orphans will  helped through your contributic  to " t^eT ��� Cariadiari   ;Appeal1 X$  ���^e_ij|dri_^f^f~'^  There are two children's hcj<  pitals in China to carei for. 20(1]  000,000 children. The Canadi'  Appeal for Children seeks  better that record.  Genial Cal George is the popular  emcee of Proctor & Gamble's "Ked,  White & Blue,";; broadcast xover  CKWX from 2:00 until 2:30 p.m.,  Monday through Friday^ This lpitiig-  standing favorite among quiz programs features three big cash prize  offers during each broadcast and ranks  high'as a musical favorite as welL  Arid4 we must get over them  or we dpnt eat, as the locals store  is at the::end of the road, arid  our frierid.; Bill Falconer^ our,  storekeeper doe_^t�� like7 it any  ���betterltli-an'''w^-',^7.brit; I guess  we must be patient; Spjririg will  soon be here; and then summer5;  and we will have something else  to  gripe  about,  such  as  eating  dust." T ��� -nyLy^-L^L^^L:;' ;'v:;;'; Vi":-"v f  U  For Immediate Delivery J  One Brand New 2]4 Ton  Maple Leaf Truck  equipped with 2-speed  back axle.  WILSON CREEK  GARAGE LTD.  *      Wilson Creek  .  <  Wm. McFadden  9:00  Optometrist  GIBSONS  Office Hours:  a.m. to 5:  _  p.m�� ii  Evepings, by Appointmeni  Every day except Thursday! Friday, February 27, 1948.
.Page Five
THE   LC^GESTXi^ any
p   <»mic^iri^shovv Irasmess, a per-;
Irish vlfose"; arid tobacco Road^
■ seem iriefeV flas&esHri the pan|
•: C^I^^;apyj_i^
Mr: J_y-bns and his ipkes have
oalti^^Mir ,'aj^earances: a
day: every stumor
I am happy today; tp^ariribunce-
tfeat neither ^ve; <^ainged verjf
-iiucti;    ^ sure to
run until the Jrmal'atom^boirib is
Itf s- been- five-years sincey\
caugWiTeddy'sshow. ^ So it was
with sbme^^ip^iensiibn that 1
put in an appearance at the Prior
Street   car  barns  of~ the  B.C.'
Electric Railway Co., who have
i been sponsoring the gentleman,
these' many years.    Would the
old boy still have that  grand
mariner? , Would he still^have
that imp. grin? •_■ Would\ he still
' have that joke about the belles
'f peeling on the beaches, today,
He Would and did.    He also
„ had a large red rose-in hisbut-
; tonhole,  a  new  gag delivered
outside McGavin's Bakery ("One
of  the  bakers. went   crazy  in
therey;Iastvweek...'. Made all the
dou&tinuts^y^^ari^ in-;
destructible insouciance as ever.;
/A small cheer fpr^(^^y>Ly;oi-sf
I'XHerei we are away downxat
the fifth paragraph without any
explanation that Teddy is riias-
ter-of-ceremonies on: the big
red sightseeing car. But if you
don't know that, it is high time
you;^pt-abo_ird.;"x>'V>^^';X'' o i ;
. The .; two-hoiir*Xride will: cost
you 50 ::ceni5^^Pu.^^v.'^e;-fhe
mostr beautii^lici^
hear rtfoei corriiest•; patter since ■
the . lasjpv^bb^t Gostello
show, rind;come away with, a
lifeTlpng^^affection for that ■ jguy
with trie ^mobile, leathery farce
and th&"red riiegaphcrneviHX ; ^
I Teddy and I rode up $6^;the
Prior barns to the loading; poirit
at Robson and GrariviUe in soli-'
tary plendor. He picked out the
best seat for hie, inanoeuvred a
pretty girl into T.eing my companion, ("T'anks a loti" the girl
said; "overwhelmed; fcy Teddy's
gallantry) and we were off.",-xX
[. "If your shoes hlirt; take 'em;
; pff?»» Teddy invited the ladies.
"I'll give you lots of tiriieto get
'em back on. Those without
hat pins-^-gone witri the wirid!"
ThereV,_were several tentative
fen^ihine titters, the customers
looked ^t Teddy with new in-
terestxriiptbrmari Ted Clampitt
cranked the old;observation car
into riibtibri ariicfiwe swung off
down Granville Street with the
sun shining and the mountains j
ahead, y ^mauye in axniisjt of
. smoke from trie forest\^ires^L^t''
, The trip js"xnbt;-:'s&1 imicfi■■'£.
sightseeing tour ris it fei9 a triumphant procession■■> for Teddy
Lyons. Seems as if everybody
in townj wanfc tp get into the act.
Pedestrians arid the cops on
the corners^wave! their, greets
ings. Motorists give the shave-
and-a-haircut rhythrii-with their
horns, answered by a couple of
hoarse ^ toots from Motorman
Clampitt Small children rush
Put of trieir tiomeSj shotitihg and
throwing   kisses:     And   Teddy
A sparrow perched upon my hand,
To pick a crumb or two,
And suddenly the winter sky-
Put on a cloak of blue;   '.. '>
A butterfly with golden wings
Flew gaily on  its way,     *
The   sun   sent   forth   its   goldes*
v beams     .
To dance upon the bay.
The sleeping garden came awake
With all the charm of .springr,. x.
And  iri  the  barren  cherry tree^
A bird began to sing.
The meaning of this miracle,; X
My   heart  could  understand,
Because a little wild bird came
And perched upon my hand.
Pender Harbour
AT^IJILLIWACk they don't mince words.  When an import-
S^ant section  of: road got  into  standard  B.C.   condition,
this sign was nailed to a telephone pole.   It was more effective
than the approved^^black-qnd-yellow highway signs no doubt.
Briggs-Stratton Inboards
Evinrude Outboards
Small   Boats—Equipment
Several Used Outfits
■   Gibsons, B.C.
/-X    .    : ..>"*•■,„■"'■;'.
nd Fr
••XX L.
"■"■'■■■'•' .'v\,-
« kl
i j
Parr Pearson Agencies
■.   ■ ■.'■ ■'■''•... ■" '' '\" ~ ■■'.""''* ■''.''.u'''' ''""
General Insurance
Phone Pearson-Sawyer Office
Sechelt 21-Q - LSL
H^dware, Plurtibing Supplies
- v' Heating Necessities
"Serving the Peninsula"
Marshall's  Hardware
X1   "Phone. Gibson—3K       .
waves ;^rid smiles ; arid blows
kisses to all; including, the dogs.
A glow of good fellowship settles .oyer the; car. • My, what
nice   j)^pple;^y^these; Vancouver'
.folk are,'tliiriks the" man "_rom
Medicine Hat.(. .■,    ,, .r'j,-...;.,.■,
Nevep did a show have sticli a
spontaneous audience participation.- ■.-; ■ ,.;.-■;:
;Teddy keeps up a "running
dialogue of his original Joe Miller jokes, but it's his commentary on the passing parade of
humanity which really panics
the audience.
;; < Here we; are at, Granville and
r^^^ingsand prljthe step^SLpftrie
sfbank ; a; fat, .woman, harangues
;her   husband.     "There's ; Mrs.
! Jones getting her alimony,"
Teddy explains. Eight storeys
up a man is cleaning windows
on a tiny, ledge. Teddy tilts his
megaphone. "How's the weather up there?". The. window-
cleaner grins and waves. "Fellow fell ..from that floor last
week," Teddy explains to the
passengers, "didn't hurt himself
a bit./ He had his light fall suit
aiss Meeting
Residents and taxpayers of Sechelt and District frorii
Wilson Creek to West Sechelt are asked to attend a
meeting to discuss a matter of vital interest to ALL.
All points of view are invited.
*)%■ is YOUR duty to attend this meeting and express1
an opinion.
MARCH 5, 8 pjcn.
Specialist iri Coast Property
Consolidated Brokers Ltd.
E. W. Parr Pearson
Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt
* V
Eric Knutson
Light arid Hbavy^ intaulirig
Phone Sechelt 15-U
'y.-.y,''',-'-''-zrr:, v-.v
4.'';.iHi:/^_^Hbij_r ;S6rvice";0:
■    Phone Sechelt 5C2;
Product ^,xCrioice Iariri&f
■'/■^MiAU^'Species XvV'-i.
Wood and Sawdust
Phone Sechelt 15-M-2
General Hauling, height
Cajrryirig, Gravel
Phraae Se«_helt x3S
^ 1...   . >  ~ '. ■■- !
A Chinese woman came down
the street wheeling a baby
, buggy. "The first observation
car," Teddy ad libs. Two leading business men are engaged in
earnest conversation. "Couple
of bootleggers," says Teddy.
A girl minces by in shorts
and-bare midriff. "Things have
changed since mother was a
girl," says Teddy with "a, iriock
leer. "I hope I live another 50
years." Four Hindu women
cross the street on a red light.
"Hindu women," explairis Teddy.:; "'Sasar_ka, is the Hindu
word for 'Had your dinner?'
Watch.'' He picks up the megaphone. f'Sasarika!" -The Hindu
women look up, startled. The
copyright Teddy Lyons grin
breaks out: The Hindu women
respond with shy delighted
smiles. .;
What a wonderful city, thinks
the woman from Moose Jaw.
Harley G. Anderson
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
* >    12 noon until 4:30 p.m.
i The: weatherman ; has really
been throwing the book at us
lately, snow, rain, wirid and even
the \ odd bit of sunshine.
Radio Sales and Service
Phone, Sechelt 9K2
Send by Bus
.y-Mxperfh: x#H'J?3e^^|ca!ii(d|--J
. ^Acej^iw,Weld^:^:^^^
Silver Grille Service Station
Wilson Creek
Phone Sechelt 15-B-2
Will call and^ buy; f6r/p?ish,
beer bottles, scrap riietali; etc.
Calls riiade at intervals} !from
Hopkins to Irvines Landing.
Wilson Creek
If;tke News of Your District
Isn't in the Coast News .  _ .
Are you sending it in? We want correspondents
in all areas. If we can get the news, we'll print
it, but the scattered nature of the territory we serve
means that we must depend on not one or two staff
reporters, but on dozens of our readers in every
nook and cranny of this part of the coast.
• You can make spare-time money writing for
The Coast News. Let us know what you would
like to do. Write the editorial office at Westview,
B.C. for details, or start sending in news of your
district today to your local correspondent or to our
Sechelt off ice.
$ty (&m$t %mB
niifiimm^mi*** Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, February 27, 1948  j They'll Do It Every Time  - fepjtafw*- * % Pott* ����_��  By Jimmy Hatlo \  ���SHE.CAN.pUTA  CALLmRoucau  lb-iiMBueiDD  AtJrFFy-  fOTfiOUBJ-E  /CTALL  1ST  OT WHEN SHE  TRIES TO DIAL  SOME  AROUND  i_JO-^^_B^kiHT:  HELLOfHEU_0-|  r<^RATDR? WILL,  VtttJ pULrLEIEZE  <3ET ME MIL.PEW 4  e^aifla ?! TOIS /  iS^IHETMIRP  WRONca  NiifctaER*  r  By F.D.  FOR I^IANY years, this February  : .for. storms, is probably a record  ari^the loss of the ferry "The  Island1 Flier*' stands out as an  example of the utter necessity  of the telephone line to Gambiei*  island. In my last news letter  I told you how the water cable  had been- laid but that it just  stands connected to a tree at  both ends awaiting completion of  the land line.  l, The Island Mier was wrecked  at Douglas Briy^'iGambier Island  and, during^ the;hoiifs of darkness small -boats on their mission  of service went front point to  point on Ganibier. Island enquiring if the Island Flier had been  seen. Ha<J the telephone line been  i^nriectejcl a quick eri^ifiry at each  point worild soon halve enabled  the Ferry to be localised" and the  rescrife of '.��� thti passengers made  that# amount easier. It is to be  fibpedx triat the ' Government  Telegrapif7 Service will speed up  this project.  It is uriderstood ?th$i a recom-  mendation has been made to the  authorities���%% Ottawa from the  Engineer in Charge, Dep. of Public Works, New Westminster, that  the wharf at Gambier Harbour # .,_._.      �� _���_.     ,    __���-������-_.��� ���*_.-_.,_  be enlarged to meet the neces- graph of a revered empire states- Ladies  Auxiliary  of the Army, the   Lord:   for   With   th  s of additional ser- riian and the inscription thereon Navy arid Ajr Force Veterans in there is mercy, arid with  '*���!��������� -     ......        -.--.-,   ��_r<,_-.   4-v.^   tr..*:.-.-..-..-.-.   _��*  /-��.___-   .   /~>n*_n.J-�� v    ~     *'��� ���.���."' :��������������� - ������'��������� .-���������.  *5_3  TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY  VETERANS CLUB  THE ARMY, Navy arid AirForce  Veterans ������in-^m^^U^^^:  Gambier     SarBbur :"^ (Licensed^  Club)    invite    applications    for  membership   from   all   Veterans  including P.C.M.R. Veterans;;Every Saturday 7 p.m. until 11:30  p.m. is club night, Veterans aftd  their ladies invited to attend.     I  ��� Fresh Meals and  ���? ���(���  yrsAC-v  .  ��� Shell Oil  ��� Fish Camp  er Harbour  the   Lord  is  plenteous   redemption.   And  He  PSALM 130  s  t_  at the Wharf  Halfmoon Bay  GROCERIES. MEATS.  FRUITS. VEGETABLES  Qw Standard^ QMtty  FULL LINE OF  HOME OIL PRODUCTS  WHEN AT THE DOCK  REPLENISH YOUR STOCK  Agefitsfor  B.C. AIRLINES  Make applications for  charter service  iary demands.--_  ������___,.     ,     �� .������ ^,  vice.  It  is  understood  that the was "For the Veterans of Gam- Canada.  work will be done this summer, bier .HarbouJ ^B.C., J. C. Smuts,   ';._.���.���'_.._     ���      ^ w.       ;, shall redeem Israel from all his  * ;*���;������;.*. Frield  Marshall."  This has now     John Knight and his wife re-  snau reaeem israei irom au ms  A  package  received  by  Unit heen  framed  andhung  in  the cently visited their suiiuner horiie  iniquities.  276 of the Army, Navy and Air Veterans Memorial Hall. at New Brighton. {Mrs. Knight is X-X"  Force Veterans in Canada,bore x*    *    * j da^l^r of the late Mr. Jus-  ���: ^ ������-��� ��� .    .  the post rriarfe,  Pretoria  South      xhe    Saturday    evening   club tiCe A*     >,^���*   *  Africa. Its contents were a photo- nights of The Army, Navy and     Th_    rbad   between   Gambier  and friends like to gather around ^e^e^ veterans of  and have, their social evening and *    *    *  a bottle of beeirto go with it. Bert and Lois Mitchell of West  ,,;'v >; *'-^^ "'�����'���'"'���' �� :Bay-,.have returned to their home  Jpe^Mitchellof East Bay, Gam-? 6n~Gambier Island. Bert is ,i_9*r  bier Island is a very busy man. very busy getting his boat ready  Besides being in charge of the for the coming season.  Cliff Towing Co. booming grounds m^^mMm^MmmmmmPT^^  Joe operates his own machine  shop and boat repair works. At     BIBLE READING  ^X^^%^M<^ouT OF the depths have l cried  S^^^hS^viSS^S untoThee O Lord. Lord hear  is first vice-president of the local ^ voice: Jet Thine ears be at-  brarich of trie Army, Navy and ^9*���? t0 -* V��1Ce ** *** S^"  Air Force Vets plications.  Air uorce   VCTSv.-..# If Thou, Lord, shouldest mark  ��� _,������������������������'    ,    _,   x.      iniquities,   O   Lord,   who   Shall  . Hugo Hjprthoy of ^Gambier stand? But there is forgiveness  Harbour ^as;his boat, The Rosa- with Thee, that Thou mayest be  bee on the ways, in Vancouver fearedXl wait for the Lord, my  changing over toJ_hesel power. It soul aoth wait, and in His word  is understpodX that the altera- dol% hope. My^sourwaiteth foi^  tions- are costmg^m the neigh^ the Lord more than they that  bourhood of. $2,000. Hugo will, W��ltch for the morning: I say,  I   understand, ^Jo; light* towing rv,rtl._. fk.n ^v .h_fvi_.  rS  SECHKLT  Due to slackness of business  during the day, barber shop  will be opieri evening only  during^ the^eek 4ihd{ all day  Satxa^^^y-y^'^y^y^. ;  Hours will be  X Tuesday to Friday  16:30 pom to 9:00 pjn.  Saturdays. 9:30 a>m. to 9 pjn.  DORIS'  BEAUTY BAR  Opposite   Howe  Sound  Trading  announces that the shop  is   once   more   open   for  business with a'Complete  line of  .   BEAUTY SERVICES  Doris Bedwelt, Operator  Hairdressing Shop f]  ���  A Complete  Hairdressing x  Service . ,  DOLLY  JONAS  Phone for Appointments  ->���,.  . ��� x .. . ?4o:f light ���towing more than they that watch for'  and act as camp tender for the the morning. Let Israel hope in  Freeman Logging Company.  _���,���-;x. \ L ':...���..:;   ,r;vA .;;  NEXT WEEK'S MOVIES  John Payne ��� Maureen O'Hara in  SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY  Another hit from 20th Century Fox  Plus  News���Shorts���Serial  Tuesday, Morch 2���Irvine's Ldg.   ���  Wednesday March 3���Halfmoon Bay  Thursday  March  4���Sechelt  Friday March 5���Roberts Creek  SECHELT���Saturday  Feb.  28���A swell double bill  Monday, March 1���-Ray Milland in 'The Crystal Ball'  The Ladies of New Brighton ���  have  organized  a  sewing circle H  besides sewing for old age pen- ]|  sioners they are busily engaged m  in sewing for a sale of work in 1  Aid   of   the   local   unit   of   the ���  Bank of Montreal  GIBSONS. B.C.      -  -��" -i ./ ��������� . r,.';  Sub-agency to'LThe Main Office  500-520 Gra_nville; St.  Vancouveft;-__i.C.  Bank at-Gibspns and;have theR,  account and full SCTvices *brou  of ^both a J'town"  io/the door*, i Rates  and facilities exactly similar to thoseuat the main office!  Tuesday^-:i0:45 a.m.~1^0 5^m.x  Frid^y-^-10:45 a.m.-^i^fp._rn.  .Ask for our booklet, "Yojar Banlt and How^  Use it" and "Servibes of the; Bank of Montreal".  liHIIIIHIHIIIHIipitlM  ���IliifliHIIHMf;  . __ ���>��� _i_.*_  WHILE THE TEMPORARY GASOLINE SHORTAGE  is in effect we will endeavour to maintam^l^^^  to bur regular customers.  1948 FORD *FRUGKS  w -  BOLTS ARE CHEAP���you cannot help the road conditions. Our sincere advice  to you as motorists is to drop pressure of your front tires in half. This will offset  the terrible punishment the front axle and mechanism have to stand. It is  cheaper to buy and repair tires rather than incur expensive repair bills and  tear out bolts and rivetsuntil road conditions are improved.  SILVER t5RILLESEIWIGEOT  FORD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK  I  mwmm  finiiHiiiHiiiHiiniiiiHi .Friday, February27, 1948  r  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT/B. C,  ._.'.,;., "b|iy;rieat::  with ;  CONFIDENCE"  *y\ h.  VlNHEiiv  Butcher  -���;'Gibs��ns^B.C.^/:-:  Next door  .���tb/''Bank,p,f>-'A4Qiitre.ql;  WO O  For Immediate Delivery  We con .now supply hand-picked, fir mill wood  very reasonable price for approximately 2 cord  1 '       * V v ~" -        "...        X     '  Special Hates for Large  Orders of 6 Cords ar  Mare  For Full Particulars  PHONE  ot a  WILSON CREEK  Selma Park ��� Phone Sechelt 15U . -  Wilson Creek ��� Phone Sechelt 21Y   'also  LIGHT AND HEAVY HAULING  .      LOGS, FREIGHT, GRAVEL, etc.  .>' .r' r  ^'  'i   i  NOTICE  NT OF MI1S  Any free miner wishing to apply geological  or geophysical work as assessment work on a min-  eral claim or placermining lease should first ac-  quaint himself with the regulations which can be  obtained at the office of any Mining Recorder.  !  1                            n  ���  1                                    - i       pp  1  <  DEPARTMENT  a  OP  MINES  [                          PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS  VICTORIA,  B.C.  ���    ,         ,___..,.  131  CHEESE: Because cheese provides  an inexpensive substitute for  meats and fish, recipes calling  for cheese, should be welcomed.  MACARONI AND CHEESE  (REQUESTED) *  1 cup macaroni, 1 cup grated  cheese, 2 cups medium white  sauce, 1 cup of y buttered crumbs.  Break macaroni into 1-inch pieces  arid wash well. Cook in large  quantity of boiling salted water  until tender. Drain; pour cold  water through. '". Makeix white  sauce; add macaroni and cheese;  heat until cheese jF&eit^. Torn  into buttered baking-dish, Cover with buttered -Crurtibs. Brown  in oven. Rice iriaybe; substituted  for macaroni. Canned tomatoes  may be substituted iter milk,  and cheese added only if desired.  Canned tomato soup may also be  ���used;-; -������:'  CHEESE SOUFFLE i  3* tbsp. flour, % tsp. saU, few  grains' cayenne, 3 tbsp.>bi^eiv  % cup milk, 3 eggs, Vz cup grated  cheese/''  ' Make thick, white sauce out of  flour, salt, cayenne, butter and  milk. Remove from heat; adct  yolks of eggs, well beaten; add  cheese. Fold in whites beaten  until stiff. Turn into buttered  baking-dish; bake in a pan of  water in a slow oven 40 to 45  minutes. When knife comes out  clean, souffle is cooked.  WELSH RAREBIT  'i-AV\ cups grated cheese, Y2 to 1  tsp. mustard, XV_t tsp. salt, few  grains cayenne, 2 tsp. butter, %  cup top milk, 1 egg, dry toast or  crackers.  XPlace cheese in double boiler.  Mix    seasoning; ; sprinkle    over  - cheesesAdd^utter in pieces; add  milk.y When   cheese- begins  tp  [ melt, jstir until Completely melted.  Add  well-beaten egg;*< stir  and  cook a moment longer; too long  cooking will cause curdling. Serve  at; once, on crackers or toast.    X  MACARONI SCALLOP  X 1   cup   macaroni, yl-lib.   can  salmon, flaked, 1 tbsp. chopped  onion,   1   tbsp.   chopped   green  pepper (optional when in season)  salt to taste, Wz cups thin white  sauce.' ;���..,  Cook macaroni in boiling, salted water. Drain and rinse. Alternate layers of macaroni and  salmon in greased casserole;  sprinkle each layer 1 withfpnion^  green pepper jandsalt; Pour over  whitex sauce; top with buttered  crumbs; hake in moderate overi  C35Q. ;deg. F.) 30 minutes. Tuna  fish iriay be used if preferred.  CREAMED CHICKEN IN  POTATO NESTS  Combine one can condensed:  cream of mushroom soup and %  cup top milk; blend. Heat; add ,  Vh cups diced, cooked chicken, 2  hard boiled eggs chopped. Serve  in nests of fluffy, hot mashed  potatoes. ... -���i-,y:y,yy  CHERRY NUT BREAD  2% cups enriched flour, 1 tsp.  salt, 4 tsp. baking powder^ % cup  sugar, Vfa cups milk, 1 well-  beateri egg, 2 tbsp. melted shortening, 1 cup all-bran. % cup  chopped candied cherries, Vz. cuj.;  walnuts, chopped.  Sift dry ingredients. Combine  milk, egg and shortening; add  all at once; stir in remaining ingredients. Turn into greased 5x9  loaf pan. Sprinkle with Cherry  Nut Topping. Bake in moderate  oven I hour. :x  CHERRY NUT^TOPPING   /  Sombine 1 tbsp. softened butter, 34 cup brown sugar, M cup  chopped candied cheiires, arid W  cup chopped walnuts.  EVERYDAY MEAT LOAF  % cup dry bread crumbs, 1 cup  milk, 1% lbs. ground beef, 2  slightly beaten eggs, V_ cup grated  onion, 1 tsp. salt,% tsp. pepper,  By JANE DRURY  , % tsp. sage.  Soak bread crumbs in milk;  add meat, egjs, onion, and seasonings; mix well. Form in individual loaves and place in  greased muff hi pans. Cover meat  loaves with Piquant sauce and  bake in moderate oven, 45 minutes, or form into loaf and bake  in loaf pan. Spread over sauce  arid bake 1 hour. For Sauce combine 3 tbsp. brown sugar* % cup  catsuj?,Vt. tsp. nutmeg and 1 tsp.  dry mustard.  OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD  Yes, that '������ is exactly what my  friend Mary said after she had  consumed; one of those Princess  Sundaes T brought home from  a local store. In fact she was  looking around to see if I had another one tucked away someplace.  I managed to produce also, some  of that delicious velvet ice cream.  It is well named for its smoothness, richness and Ji-arid flavour.  It isn't very of ten I ^o into raptures over food, but" believe ine  when I walked into the store and  beheld a new freezer containing  such a variety of ice cream treats,  I just had to have some. Those  who have tried it say it is grand.  I have found out that the Princess Sundae ���vyith a lqprer of  fresh frozen strawberries, then  ice cream, then a layer of peaches  arid another layer of ice cream,  makes a wonderful dessert. These  sundaes come in two sizes. The  smaller j,of the two makes a generous serving for two people and  the larger is ample for a family  of five. Their ice cream bricks,  come in differerit flavors, some  with mixed > fruit and others  plain. Here is something else I  found out; and that-is~that-the  empty eartoris may bcfr used as  flower pots. The small sizes will  hold an empty1 baby food can,  which should be of great advantage this time of the year. These  little cans are excellent for starting young seeds in, and will look  ��� Paae Seven  much nicer on your window sill  if placed in one of the pretty  little Princess Sundae containers.  These ice cream treats are within the range of everyone's purse  when* you consider how versatile  they really are. Take for inftance  the sundae; spread some of' this  mixture between two cookies arict  you have a nice tasty sandwich  to serve with your afternoon tea.  The icecream brick could be used  to advantage if you wished Hw  make a baked Alaska for dinner  some evening. There is ; nothing  fishy about it either, in spite  of the fact so many think sot  The fresh strawberry ice cream  pie is undoubtedly the answer to  your dessert problem at any  time. It will cut into six generous servings and may be extended to cut into eight serving^.  If using the latter number I  would suggest, first, mashed ban*  anas, then the ice cream pie.,  topped with Whipped cream. In  fact there are so many ways in  which these delicious ice cream  treats may be used, ���-1 am sure  you will all want to try them.  Even artificial arms and legs  are lacking for some children in  Europe and Asia. Your, dollans  to the Canadian Appeal for  Children will help replace arms  and legs mutilated by war.  The  Just Below Midway Store  Quality Drygoods  Rock-Bottom Prices  Friendly Service  X;Alar^e selection v;Qfx  wools to choose from.  Lowe's  Gibsons  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  * -CABS  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt SC2  I  i  1  Don't Waste Precious Shmrs  in Slow Travel!  Fly There!  Safe Economical Seaplanes -1- Experienced Pilots  Air Express ���- Charter ��� Sightseeing  'i Lyr Timbercruising  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  Assodafed Air Taxi Limited  Richmond 1481  or contact our local agents  Pearson and Sawyer, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 21 Q er 9-C-4  P. 6. McPherson, Gibsons  Phone Gibsons 2-A e Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B.C..  Friday, February 27, 194��  By Sandy Loam  FEBRU.ARY, unless very" open  is often our quietest month in  the garden. Time to consider just  iiow well we are treating this  plot of earth entrusted to our  care.  All   authorities   agree   on   the  value   of   compost   for   the   sof��  day we put in a couple of loads  of alder leaves and bracken, with  a layer of "barnyard" between.  Leaves are better in a separate pile; a cage of chicken netting or cedar lath being useful.  Put   in   a   foot   deep  .layer   of  abyD. M. Stewart  IN THE year B.C. 2,000, Egypf  tion   women   enhanced   their  IMPLEMENTATION  of  a jium- tpcabinet,m^t.ei^^|eJepart-  cosmetics   laboriously   mariufac-  ber of proposals, for the bring- ments would be affected by any ^ured by hand   When travelling  ing into effect of a greater mea- changes   that  may  bermade   in shor|. distances* they rode in lifc-  sure   of  social   security   than   is taxation legislation at the coming ���+.. ^  _ . i  leaves, then half an"inch or so presently     enjoyed     throughout;session. ^^^^t ^  while some of'us think it is the  of earth  (a double layer of lime Canada, and: British'Columbia in;    The Honorable WxT.St^  complete answer to the. problem between  would help), andrLcon- particular,   has   been  sought  by; k.C, Minister of li.ducatiori-iridiT ^ the  vety latest in factoryi-  of  getting   and   keeping   really  tinue till full. Left until late in Premier,,Byron  Johnson,���during; Cated the cabinet will begin dis-  produced   cosmetics;   but   wheri  liealthy soil. Compost making is  spring these; will rot a lot, and his visit to Ot;;tawa;X  - ,  x^ .        -cussion   of   the   report   and   of travelling  short  distances,   such  a  renewed  art,   and  books   and  then  may  be  dug directly i in^^ Pre- as  a  couple Xof inileW and even  'magazines that deal with it are  the soilor used in your compost biali^  becoming more common. heap.They will help the moisture mtoeffect;a, system of compulsory; Ottawa, they  are forced to walk labor-J  On the  Sechelt  Peninsula  we  holding qualities of your soil this contr^u t ^.superannuation:    in a drive to complete the Hope- iously as modern; trarisportation^  summer. : whitamely; ^ould^^  security; fo�� people. in ^their old;;this���^  age out maK^s tne iengicivot use-: made wi^ the contractors ito: put: since,r at/certain: seasons, smallj  fumes* of citizens loneerbv mini- on   doUble .; shif ts5   when   spring specially-biult; vehicle^  _aeed lots of it, for most of our  soils are light and drain too  Teadily. Compost, and lots of it,  is the treatment for sandy or  gravelly soils, and works equally well in'stiff clay.  There is no mystery to; compost, although it pays to learn  the best methods of making it.  Everything that has come from  the earth" in living form makes  good   compost,   so   all   kitchen  ign  Feb., 19,  1948  miZing;the.numb^ of those^o;ns up the Honorable E. C.  are;now. classified -as unemploy-|:C^rson Minister of Public Works,  ablest solely :;by;v^ this week.  a^f���-J,:">"'-Ti__ ":;"::,-.''.m':'':'v'���'''":-;'���__��������� X:i At the same time, Mr: Carson  ,^^^ be pos-  sought to... have x}^  'ESSS   ^   f^n^^S��^^ ^ss the contractors wie favored  coupled   with   a ^ospitali^tionrb     good-w^th^  ^^a_itions  in  program to meet the ;presc^t; ur-^ ^  gent needs, and to take >care of I early sPrms *na late autumn.  conceivably call,for ,and ;delivei  people .at their'''���li(6i_tie_f.^->:ti^aa^|  'districts.:X'   X ;-.������ r-V:'-';'.>."��� x" ���?'���)  scraps, (no fats), parings, leaves, Editor, Coast News.  :^n clippings, spoiled hay and      Sii^ have be^^  ��raw,   etc.,   will   improve: your  Provincial   Campaign   Secretary accomW^ stiU hinder��i the govern-  ^     _ ,��� ,- u       A. * *u    to take ch^ge of the Campaign ITS^^^^Z^i^^r ments entire WOrks t>r0&*m oi  Recent fmdmgs show that the affain this vear   It starts on the I   ���?��� ?      fv, in?Hrance;  construction   work   and   summer  ��____*_ mivtiii^ fm- rnmnnd: ic nnp _..?!_* _;���_Z5ar_��� l1 J5^���!0*.tne In this connection, he has stressed OM^ winf_r~n,_{n._A,_��nn mr*. r>~��  and winter maintenance, Mr. Carson indicated.  ideal mixture for compost is one firstof March and lasts for three J��   ���    T,      ���' TJTu* " -fY  part of animal manure to'three ���l:         ,' ���' ana lasts iortnree the immediate need for hospital  parts   .of    green    matter,    ph* ~_S tobe-tLough^th^ _S____^1_SS_SS__fto&___S���    ��f thetotal 153"mile len��th of  spnnldmgs of inne or wood ash au,  but  on  thinking 8lt bver  t g������"  fr^ZnLrtt^.5 the Project, 120 miles  and soil.  Yesterday we turned a  made   in   early   December,  , , .   ,   _ x.       . ..- financially in the construction of  hpar.   Chan^d my. mind. I thought  lf hospital buildings as a necessary  neap,  everyone quit   what would hap- complement to the introduc^-    -*  e? to the .blood plasma, the crip- a health insurance scheme.  and  of the highway have  been  completed,  andj  _.i~.4.��4.i_-4.__-_.--._. arrangements   will   be* made  to'  , complement to the introduction of cfQT,f   ���.,������ rt   -.r>___.-,+.-.��o   JTJT  ��x  - X v._,oi.h i��o..��.o-.-__ _,����.__��.__   Simi_ start   paving   operations   on   the  found thousands or lively earth- pled chil(jren, a^d the veterans, ^^^^^n^^ SkeS.COmpleted   ^ection  ^s   ?arly c.as  worms^in   it,   each   helping   to also what is the use of sittin^ J^r^^^^ '  make the compost into an ideal ;n an orchestra and not nlavinl _U     more, generous treatment ot jt   .y  nlarit food for sbrin_r use an orcnestra ana not playing the old age pension scheme be ac- Plavft in AnAraffA  ^S Se^aif ^im_i  heaps f1 1��8t?ime? \^ Like Sir Harry corded not ^nl   thro    h the fed. i*iayS in Uperetta  ^ldPb^r__e^ toSd (SXlS'?** ��n eral authoritieS\ssumilg a great- MISS LIANE Phillip of Lasqueti  SIMPLEX MARINE  Machine Work���Welding  General Repairs  HADDOCK'S  ENGINEERING  Pender   Harbour  should  month.  -If   properly   made   and  er share of the burden, ,but also     Island is attending the Univ,-  kept^moifet, you can get ripened yZ   ^was  $400  Ind we  lot by revision of the age limitations, ersity of Brit sh  Columbia  and  co-npost^ in ?about three months. 2gJ' tLs vlarTis $300  If we .? ��^der^ widen the scope of is taking part m the,U;B,C.;iyfusr,  ::A-s^'��l^=_s.W''^iiJ-IJ^;a wooden S more  so^mrich^ the better   I th4^e^.eflts; u-              _.-,'__    ^1u?OCSty__Mann_jal P^duction,  ^^ moveable^ Premier Johnson   who. already; "Robm Hood". This light i^mic  what is  called  a  New  __ealand  box, with three graduated com- our collectors.  partments, so there is always one  of them to be filled. This raw  a ifv n���^ Pftlirfoe��� ,��� fi_._x.ocf f/. Pirations in connection with social being-presented in the Univers-  - *L !Sfw^    y               P            reforms willleave for the Pacific ity Theatre, Vancouver, Tebri9,  ___, nr.*                                   coast this afternoon greatly en- 20,  21st,  and  in Seattle  at the  couraged by the sympathetic hear- University    of    Washington    on  ing  accorded him in  connection March seventh.  Margaret Allan,  President.  No Joke, Says  Mother of 15  with his social security proposals  and  the  representations, he  has  made   on   behalf   of  the   people  of British Columbia.  "I am hopeful that something  Sechelt, B.C.  Hospital Society  To Elect Officers  PENDER   Harbour���The * annual , x1_  meeting   and   the   election   of ??ayc5>me of *, e representations  officers  of the Pender Harbour that l ^Yf. ma?e' a?.d y��* ��W be,  Hospital Society, will be held at assured that  I will  continue to.  3  p.m.,  Sunday February. 29  in press for these reforms until they  Irvines  Landing  Hall.  Plans  to are brought to fruition," the pre-  FebXl8y 1948 proceed with the immediate con- SSF^i^^!^..,..���  Editor,  Coast News. struction  of  the  staff  residence 5I,r_*      w COMMISSION  Sir���That <4Carola"! Boy, does will be announced at the meet-   - "be report of the srs-man corn-  she got everybody burnt up! Nine  ing.  The present  directors have mission appointed under the Pub-;  ! babies she says what is coming been meeting frequently aboard lie   Inquiries  Act   to  investigate  I and eight only can be count.        the M.V. John Antle at Madeira problems of school taxation, espe-  X    "Roberts : CreekX MothefX No Park,   preparing   plans   for   the "ally in rural areas was. presented  ^Signature" she is sure right. Not construction of the new building, this.week to the Honorable, G. S.T  ^nothing is sacred to these here The   directors  are:   W.  Scoular, fTears<>n, Provincial Secretaiy, by;  newspaper    writers    or   private A. Dingman and J. Potts of Pen- H. Alan MacLean, Assistant De-,  . neither. All these years when I der Harbour; A. E. Ritchey, Half- puty Attorney-General and chairman! having babies, me in my ig- moon Bay and E. W. Parr Pear- man of thd special commission,   r  | norance am thinkirig it is orie big son, Sechelt.              ' Copies of the report have gone  J secret and now this ^Carola. ^she " 3^~ :  f spills the beans yet and tells riie  j people KNOW before babies they  f" are:': here" alreacty.'1;'.;, \; l- y>y yyy  I     Yah, *No Signature', you are he-  I ing right It  is  carrying a joke  t too far.i Believe^ me/; having fif-  : teen babies  in ten years is no  joke   (three; sets of twins I aarn  J having)   and   this   news; writer,  even if she is smelling t a rat days  even before the babies come, she  ^should die first before she should  mentioning it.;  But you say, now the birth  rate shoulft-be going; dowii. Now  it should! When I am looking at  my kids all needing, sHbes I; am  thinking, if Carola had given publicity to that long legged bird  ten years ago yet!  Yah, we|shctod^ip;this;Car-.  ola to a lar _vway .country 3vhere  the birth rate rises ':''ida rapidly  and she will be bringing it doy/n  ' pronto, 'no? h: 0. CilfrHJ'*-& . ?.^i-'-,!J^'^  Mrs. Moore Young. ;  Roberts Creek, B.C.  Quit' Complaining About  BAD ROADS  *       s . r .. 4,'  You'll be old and rundown  yourself���-someday  Forget your cares at  WAKEFIELD  JUST ARRIVED!  DRESSES  -   -  Ballerina Skirts - Shoes, all types  TASELLA  shoppe  sechelt; B.C.  ���rt__i  Marshall^ Hardware  SAVE.  jROlE THAN A MilLlOff.  SAVEATTHei��.M.  Bank of * Montreal ^ SUNK  /{?> mtttok aMt>im''  t  WORKING WITH CANADIANS IM EVERT WALK OF LJFE SINCE 11.T  SD52  Phone Gibsons 3-K  A  Gibsons, B.C  Pemberthy Fil-or-Drain with Hose for filling or emptying washing machines  each ...&.. 2.25  Range Boilers No. 33 - 22 imperial gals,  extra heavy  x. 18.2S  Stands  1.20  See Us for Veur Garden Require ments  Lime and sulphur spray, tin  *.   -.r    I     1    f   1 rl'' V r-       l\  Uplands fertilizer, 10 lbs.  <  40c  80c  SHOVELS, FORKS, RAKES. Etc. IN STOCK  Uf


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