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Array Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre. Squamish, , Ir vines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy  Island, ".Pender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont; Hopkins Landing,  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,   etc.  PROVINCIAL   ;  JBRARY  PTTBllSHlID BY THBCOAST NEWS, LIMITED  Business-Office:  Sechelt, B.C. ,       National Advertising: Office, Powell Biver,j_B^..-  rvine's  Vol. Ill ��� No. 31  Secheit, B. C. Friday, February 13, 1948 5c per copy, $2.50 per year, byrootL  Editor, Goa_;t News:  Sir���After hearing about how  bad the highway is down toward  Gibsons, I wish somet of you  readers who sat back arid laughed when you ^heard of someone  losing a cow in-brie of the holes  in thev Sechelt road would just  ride over bur road from Madeira  Park to Irvine's- Landing.  More Private Lines  05 Trade Probes  Telephone Service To Be  Extended on Peninsula  Freight Rates Upped  For Pender Harboyr  GIBSONS ��� Freight rates have  been _ boosted in the Howe  Sound-Pender Harbour area, and  truckers have been supplied with  their new schedule effective Feb.  2. Roughly, the increase is proportionate to that of other - districts and modes of freight trans--  I never  lost  a cow  but  just >-  about lost a truck in one ibf the GIBSONS���The executive of the SECHELT���For  the  time  being  holes.  The holes are so bad ybu".    Boardof Trade at Gibsons have'    the Government Telegraph nate to be on a line with about port, and the increase will mainly  .can't; mi^s ;them and as for sitting .decided to prepare a brief on the Service has slowed down its work  17   others.    Sometimes   tempers go   toward   the  -higher   cost   of  in the seat arid driving,: that's just water question and direct copies in extending new telephone'serv- reach the exploding point when man-power.   In  brie^^rat^ ;ritoi  something you hear about; Now- to  all  organizations  affepted  by ices inthe area between Hopkins numerous attempts to get an ur- as follows: Truck carterurates, din  .' a-days^when I go ;for a drive; I this plan, sb that they may study Landing   and   Pender   Harbour, gent ca__ through, finds the line a 3-ton truck, with driver; $2.50  expect to spend half of the tiirie the needs of the district and gov- but to date many improvements busy   with   neighbors!   swapping per   hour   minimum;   arid- -Stfiffi  in mid-ait arid if I'm luck^ erri their vote for the petition ac- have been noted; Two copper cir- yarns, recipes arid discussing the swamper, an additional $1.25 per  he abfeto ride inside instead of cordingly. vcuits have been put up-betw^|n weather. ^ hour.   Minimum charges ibn feed  getting pitched out. ^ A letter was received from R delivery are $1 with; the rate per  Actualir it   takes   a   veteran Margrave, MJL.A., asking that the latter place a 50-line switchboard v,   a 51 pair cable win be strung }P�� ewt. set at 10 cents when de-  ?mm  blister  or jeep driver  to h?*�� ^note ofall the lyeds- was in^d ^^ t^s^s ^0m Sechelt towards Wakefield ^very^s. less, thari  three   miles  - st-ry ;put on this Wgl^ Inn.   A 26-pair cable is planned or  12%   cents  when  more  than  Vis brie hill?betweeiv Irvine's and account to him to bring before Pared for  a  teletype system, to ifbr Porpo_se Bay area and is ex- three miles and less than 10. Hay,  l the hospital road that, in a small the house at .the next session. He .amnecj.-. ttie. Sorg+ Pulp,  mill   at p^cted  to  lead  past  the   newly delivered per ton costs. $2.50 with  Itnii^ the ses- port Mellon and the Vancouver completed saw mill owned by the a_ rmminum   of  $1   when  under  all. Tstar^ ' B.C. Fir (Sechelt) Ltd.  Another the three-mile limit.   Oyer that,  my way to the show and the first hls activities, and what is to be*     Many changes have been made 51 pair of lines cable is expected the charge is $3 per ton.  -thing I knew I was crossways in dPPe for #"s area. in Gibsons and more are to come lead to Wilson Creek.   Lasquetti ~      ~ .���  "^  the road. ,      . Plans , to, bring the Associated lf   the   government   approves   a Island now has a direct line to be a direct line to Vancouver. A  w^'tl.^ ,_rt<      _,_,.__ _,__-  Boards  of  Trade  of  the  Lower new appropriation this Spring. It Sechelt.   It is  copper  as far as.small  switch  board will  be  in-  mnSf i����+w ttr ��w^__�� ��_.+5S�� Mainland   to   Gibsons   for  their ^ reported that Harry Winn, Gib- Halfmoon: Bay and iron wire from stalled  at   Ir vines  Landing   and  Vt~*Hr^^SVK SSiJ^^S?^ next general assembly were dis- sons agent  for the  Government there for several miles where it will have the capacity for h^  ' SI^ 2S S^��^,^oJS"f^53 cussed�� and members are await- Telegraph service will construct joins the submarine cable lead-- ling  10  party lines.   At present  I   wp^Jnini Sir\^l?rf ing a **&& with a definite accep- a   two-story   building   adjoiningin^across to Thormanby Island Pender Harbour is served by one  , _.tJ3t a2-2_ ifS? i.JS?^rf ��_��    tance.of their invitation  before the present telephone office. This and thence to Lasquetti by cable, pair of iron lines.   This Wm be  > ^t^i^ww  ���X ^rther action.  To date the Gib- is expected to be leased to the Only recently Mrs. Williams on retained   to   serve   Secret   Gov*  fwmhigbehSd unloadand af    SOns  invitation  is  the first  the government   to   house  the   new the island ceased listening on the and Madeira Park only when the  I  kier^ rfTrfLSir^rn? ih��I Associated Boards have oh hand, teJ__Phon�� exchange.  To start off^ half hfcur and the hour in, order other services are completed, ���  < t_^ wl^h wh*n^^^^ and it. is, under consideration.        with, a 168-lme switch board, will to pick up calls arid send calls      Going back down the line; we  rSl^M^me ?bS fn ���L it    dominations are now in order, be installed with pother one of through;: the   Sechelt   exchange, find   some   interesting   data i as  ��� MlT^fll^ a-nd mu_* be written foj the posi- the same si|e ^^���*"^_ At one time the line was in such .compiled by Harry Winn of Gib-  vice-president    of   the er-   Leading from the exchange a.poor -state that it was almost sons^on��the growth of the tele-  Midi^ qferdori? 'Btffti-ij&o Jpf]r^%-Lanf_Jn^ '�� i?_? WF���rMfrfflfflte^^ Seaside  ;_����^^  the'se^^^tfr^ 13; out oif that Gibsons had two.  --  ���_><   -__"'-������'���-._.!.     x       ����� . ���   -���        �����   1- _    ., _i   _.  mes__ ca_5e      ^   n^w   line   is   proposed   for By  1946 the  number  of phones  ���goat and can jump them), will Section   three   of   the   charter will   be   extended   towards   the Redroofs, Halfmoon Bay, via the had increased to 35 counting nine  [teeter baicfc and forth until you will be changed to read more cor--Gibsons public school, 10 pairs to much.'discussed lower road.           for Gibsons and iri the year 1947  !$et out and. jack the hind wheels rectly as far as the area covered Keats Island by submarine cable      Three   new  copper   lines   will the number had reached 69 in-  over it. ��� tf. .by the board's activities is con- and   100  pair  line   cable south- eventually    be    connected    with eluding  37  telephones  for  Gib-  Incidentally    last , week    my cerned."   _,    .. ,                                west   of   Gibsons   through , the pander Harbour area.   One will sons.  neighbor asked me to go arid help      A paint-up, clean-up campaign headlands.. ; . ;.   .; ;,_    - .; -,��� ������-���������-������ ������ ���r--  find her husband, who of course is to get under way about the FOUR LINES   '   ,  Should have been home anyway, time of the village clean-up, and     Four direct long distance lines  "ell believe>it Or> not he was C. P.fc Ballentine has.been placed lead from Gibsons to Vancouver  down in one of those (little pot in charge of the committee.   J. via. submarine cables  and  lines  oles) and if it hadn't, been, for Veitch offered to reduce all out- on Bowen Island, One of the four  im standing on top of^ his car side paint 10 percent to those who lines  include  a  direct   line   for  'and sticking his head up above aim to cooperate and brighten up Sechelt. Two more will be added  <he hole I donft think we would their house and smarten up the later for Sechelt.  Roberts Creek  er had found him. village.                                                has two circuits and two are ex-  fc  Yesi you think your roads are , A letter to J. Sinclair asking pected to  be  strung  up  in tfce  *��id.   Just  drive up  to  Irvine's about an improved mail service spring.   It is understood that  a  Poor Response to Pol!  ajority Favor Proposal  b incorporate Sechelt  ending sometime.  By EARL GRAY  >  Mother Objects to  Roberts Creek Stork  Roberts Creek, B. C.  Dear Editor:  In your Roberts Creek column  gof Jan., 30' by Carbla this item  [appeared:  "It has long been ru-  was advised, and, further inf or- 50 pair line cable might be used  TONI. mation on. the fisherman's floats instead of the two new circuits SECHELT���-Results   of  a  recent members present at the meeting'  proposed for the area. and an automatic switchboard in- survey, announced at the gen- that the majority of those oppos-  Telephone   improvements   will stalled in that community. eral meeting of the Sechelt Im- ed-. to   incorporation   were   resi-  come up for discussion ^lso, after      New changes are expected al- provement Association  last  Fri- dents of West Sechelt and Selma  a query goes to headquarters on most    immediately    at    Sechelt. day, indicated that Sechelt favors Park.   A large percentage of the  local complaints.  Sechelt Rainfall  Near the end of this month the incorporation  by  a  majority  of returned    cards    favored    small  telephone exchange and telegraph 53 percent. boundaries  for the  incorporated  service should be installed in the      In their attempt to  bring the |rea>    Many   residents   of   West  new quarters now being prepar- issue to a head the Improvement feo��elt and Selma Park wished  ed    in    the    Village    Enterprise Association, during their survey, t0 be excI"ded.  1 --___._: *_._.   i.- j    �����.*_.   1    ��� building  nearmg   completion   on outlined the advantages and dis-      Another   important   item   dis-  Imored that the bird with the long, SECHELT���Rainfall records for c��wrie street. It will be in the advantages of incorporation. The cussed at the meeting was the  glong legs and with .an equally 1947 showed October and De- midst of a new shopping centre survey was carried out by print- plans for improvement of S��j-  ]long beak has ben seen flying cember to be the heaviest^months beim? d^vel��Ped by two local ed post cards which were filled chelt's wharf. The Improvement  -round  Roberts  Creek, ,etc. .        for rainj with February rank_ng business men, Messrs. J. Parker out by the citizens and returned Association   recently   received   a  f   Don't you think this is carrying third.    Six   inches   of  snow  re- and w- Morrison. to the Improvement Association,    letter from the Public Works De--  a joke too far? To me there is corded for Jan. 12, 1947, was the .The new exchange will consist However since only 63 of a partment in New Westminster  no humor-to it whatsoever _uid most for the year. This was fol- of a mam room in which the p0Ssible 300 cards were filled out describing these improvements.  rl am not-one of the rumors, how- lowed by cold ^^^ and days to operators will work a rest room, and retur__ed> it is felt that the which are now open for a build-  ever I am a mother. Isnt any- jan..17, and cold weather during a rack room' workshop and a survey does not necessarily give ���8 contract. When completed  [thing sacred any more? the latter part of that month.       wash   room.    A   larger   switch a  tru6 picture  of the  situation, the wharf will be 20 feet longer.  I have read a lot of nonsense      January,   4.75   inches;   Febru  board than what has been used  The  poor   return  of   cards   was and  10 feet wider.   In addition  in your weekly paper under the ary^ 5.73; jg^ 3m. Aprilj 3<6o: 5��� ^^�� J^^t ^^��� J^��^^^SlSiSSS; -^ZZS" la^r^el^.-. ^...cuaoGd. on  the  lack  of there will be a motor, operated  same column but this tops every- May   j fi. j' 168. julv' 302: sizes are unaer consiaeranon; one  thing.  If the birthrate doesn't go Augiist   5S;^Semb^r  1 79- 6c- ll a  !25 ^A SW^Ch ^��frd 1^  /inwS aftPr that there is some- * u      n 7*' SSP JSj   '��_/_?' H     the other  165.   At  a later daXe  .down alter tnat mere is some tober, 7.45; November, 2.66; De- mstn��� ftf ��,- nartv lin^*? will hp  [thing radically wrong. cember    7 35     Total   ram   and ^a ^ of tne party unes will be  Ycmrk trulv temoei,    '�����<>���    /���x   x��m   dnu eliminated when new cables are    L    ,.      . -   , __ .    _.  (NO SIGNATURE) ZDS3f^^7^^i_f?Ll^l^ 3S'P��t into service.   Most.subscrib-  standing is as fol ows: 33 m fa-  (Eidtoi^s  n��e? ftT not  le compared with 39.08 for 1946. win enj      h    ing .a    HvaJe Vor ^f^^^^a^:  policy of The Coast News to pub- '      a \S_^ ^^__^  Jlish letters which are unsigned,      Trees   planted   and   harvested loenuiy   weir   rings   among   a ^ ��-v<*n in favor of vot-  LK��t tiifc ahftw annnvmous contri- ^     *_. ^ >*     v    * ��rt number of combinations of rings,  yote; ana seven in iavor 01 vox  l&ti^w^J^derS^t^S. f0r the pUrp��Se pr0Vlde ab��Ut 2�� ?�� date one is considered lucky ^g by petition.  K enough to warrant Iri ex?e?- Per cent of United States Christ" if he is on a line limited to five      Father Baxter, who presented  tion to the rule.) mas tree supplies. subscribers.   Some  are  unfortu-  the report of the survey, told the  interest of Sechelt residents, an movable ramp, a waiting room*  important factor in such a vital rest rooms, and a four-foot walk  issue. on the approach.  Of the  63 cards returned the ~^^  VS* Page Two.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, February 13/ 1948  was over on Sunday to play the  Beach.   Squamish lost 46-31.  By NETTIE HAMILTON  *  HI FOLKS! On the job early  this week as I'm off to Squamish on Wednesday and going to  Vancouver Thursday morning to  bring my one year old niece  home with me for a month or so.  So if the news slips up, I'll have  an excuse.  The Squamish basketball team  Collison's  Barber Shop  | SECHELT  Due to slackness of business  .' during the day, barber shop  will be'open evenings only  , during the week and all day  Saturday.  Hours will be  Tuesday to Friday  6:30 pari, to 9:00 p.m.  Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.  * *    *  Mrs. F. Englurid and son arrived home Sunday after several  months spent at her folks home  in Manitoba. - .      ���      '      #  * *  ��� *  Well, that husband of mine is  actually'missing a blonde and  says she will be hard to replace.  It's Norah Swan, who left this  morning to work in Vancouver.  We wish her the best of luck and  success.  * *    *  Mr. arid Mrs. Ben Caswell were  up visiting the Bob Phipps-over  the weekend.  Mrs. T. Wills' parents are vis?  iting them for a few days. Hellti\  Mr. and Mrs.' Geary.  *.   ���*, '������'��.. "  Bob Mounsey's mother is up  again, doing a good turn, looking  Mter, the children while Marg is  away ill. Marg expects to be  operated on next week. V Hello  Marg. Our thoughts are,with you.  Happy landing..  Mrs. Eric Anderson is at last  hoping to be home next week.  She took sick Nov. 15 so she has  had a long seige of it and hope  she  is feeling much better.  Mrs. Adamson is out now and  again looking very well.  ...*.*..*:.���  Would like to send birthday  greetings to Mrs. Harry Ades.  whose birthday is Wednesday and  to anyone else who has a birthday this week.  * *    *  Mr. Alec Sawyer was rushed  to the hospital a week-ago but is  improving slightly.  * - *    * ���.'���  Was surprised to hear- wedding  bells rang for one of our local  boys how living in .Vancouver.  Our Harry "Tucker" Bacon  phoned his parents, Mr. and Mrs.  Harry Bacon Saturday and says  "I'm married". Congratulatioris  and best of luck.  ' *-   *    *���:'���  Well it's Sunday night, I .came  home Saturday and; when I say  '^There's no place like home" I  mean it ��� where it's riice and  three daughters and one son who  ,are all going to school there.  By ALMA  SUNDQUIST  t ' '  RECENT visitors to the city were  Mr.   and   Mrs.   Henry   Harris.  While   there   they  visited   their  warm. Boy what a weekend. Got  stuck.at Squamish all day^ Because of the storm there was.no  morning boat. I'll never say it  blows here any more. Took Wz  hours  to   land  at  Squamish   on  Wednesday. T hen Vancouver  with all its snow. Boy the. cars  that were getting stuck. At New  Westminsterthere were 11 cars  that couldn't get up a -hill or  down it again.  *  Mrs. Ben Klien and young, son  Kenneth have also just arrived  home from a short stay in Vancouver. ' ;-.f  ���;���#������*;     *  Messrs. Earl McKay and Ben  Klien of* the K.O.S. Logging Co.  have commenced work on their  claim at Middle Point. They are  also the proud owners of a "new  Dodg gravel truck.   .  -*  *  We are sorry to hear Mrs. .. j.  Sariderford is back iri St. Mary's  hospital again, buf hope to see her  home  soon.  We are also very sorry to i^ear  Continued on Page  7  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Department of Labour  jftf If.;  'M  ...     V.  K%  MAIN OFFIQE:  Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C  ^  ���        . *    .     ~. i .^. "^ pp&* ."�� pH^    .. i.i        1    I\��  '. -p?fjr�� jl^  '���Wf "*=���*" "S*tU-"���<��**' >iFH$",  _v '*'.  '<������      f.~ -_  BRANCH OFFICE:   Hall Building, 789 Pender Street West.  Vancouver, B.C.  The function of the Department is to administer and enforce labour  laws of the Province, relating to Minimum Wages, Hours of Work and  Conditions of Labour.  Information may be obtained by employers and employees upon written or personal application.  The Department seeks the co-operation of all, and offers the services  of an efficient staff in connection with:  tf"  MINIMUM WAGES ��� HOURS OF WORK      ���  FACTORY INSPECTION  EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS  APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING  TRADE-SCHOOLS REGULATION  CONTROL OF EMPLOYMENT OF CHILDREN  SEMI-MONTHLY PAYMENT OF WAGES  ANNUAL HOLIDAYS WITH PAY  ACCIDENT PREVENTION     *  * *  INDUSTRIAL CONCILIATION AND ARBITRATION  Bankof Mqntreai.  ,   GIBSONS, B.C.  Sub-agency to The Main Office  500-520 Granville St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Bank at Gibsons and. have the benefit of both a "tqwri"'-  account and full services 'brought to the door\. Rates  and facilities exactly similar to those at the main office,  Tuesday���ljD:45 %m;~-2l:30 p^iiti.  Friday---i()l:45 a.m.-���2:30 p.m, 1  Ask for bur booklet, "Your Bank and Holy You May^  Use It" and "Services of the Barik of Montreal''.  I  p.  ���  HONOURABLE G. S. WISMER, K.C.,  Linister of Labour  JAMES THOMSON  Deputy Minister  130  Ship By Gulf Lines  MV. Gulf Trader offersfast freight service three Jimtes  weekly, with fully refrigerated cargo space, if desired.  Shipments must be at Packers Dock, Vancouver, by  34,p.Ai. day of sailing.  Lv. Vancouver     Lv. Vancouver  Wed., 4 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender Hbr,  Thursday  EXPRESS SERVICE  Regular Gulf Lines passenger sailing, schedules offer  fast express service daily from Vancouver. , Specify  GULF for better service.  STANDARD RATES ��� CAREFUL SERVICE  g/up liu Quif; line*!  Monday, 4 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender' Hbr.,  Tuesday  Ly. Vancouver  Friday, 4 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt,,;  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender Hbr.,'  Saturday  \  _a  E  II  BUY A HOME SITE LOT  in the Rapidly Growing Village of  Sechelt, now, while you have a choice  Priced from $325.00 to $425.00  i  Deposits are how being received on lots in the hew  Union Steamship Ltd. sub-division located conveniently close to light, power, water and telephone  service as well as to post office, stores and wharves.  CONSOLIDATED BROKERS LTD.  942 West Pender Street  Vancouver, B.C.       ~   <  or  ^  PA. 3348       %\  E. W. PARR PEARSON  Gulf Coast Manager, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt, 21 Q  b Friday, February 13,  1948j_  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  ��UNO SECHE  By ARIES  THE annual meeting of the W. A.  to the Canadian Legion Was  held in the Legion hall Feb. 3  and officers elected. Mrs. W. K.  Berry was re-elected president;  Mrs. Geo. Batchelor, first vice-  president; Mrs. Brookman, second  vice-president; Mrs. T. Turner,  secretary; Mrs. C. Prince, treasurer; and 'Mrs. Browning, ser-  geant-at-arms. Executive committee includes Mrs. Wheeler,  Mrs. Holroyd and Mrs. Livesay  with Mrs. Finlayson convenor of  sick committee; Mrs. A.�� A.'  French is immediate past president. Mrs. C.r Arnold acted as  chairman during the election of  officers. We offer ourt congratulations to these ladies and hope  they will have a successful year.  "*.   .*.' *  ,.   We notice our school^ inspector,  V. Z. Manning, is once more in  the district.   He .^as; arrived to  look over the new primary division.  I understand that grades  6, 7 and 8, Miss Marchant's room,  has  been given  the  Strathcbria  award for physical education, and  the cheque which came with the  award wift^e;^_ied for a plaque  for  the  class - room, ? where  the  children will be able to see it and  be proud that they have won it.  We Have heard so much from  time to time about juvenile de-  /jlinqueTiey~l__TtRis area and I for  #me am glad that we haye at last  made a move in the right 'direc  tion.    Would   like . to, see   more  adults supporting Pro Rec which  has been responsible for the winning of this award.  ��� *.���������������������     ������*.���**..  Was speaking to Mr. E&rooker  today and he tells me that he  has the first shipment of chinchillas here and is expecting another shortly. I am very interested in this new venture and  wish Mr. Brooker every success  in being the.first here.  * \ *    *  , Liberals have organized in Sechelt and Wm. Youngson is president; Mr. Kynoch, secretary; Mr.  Frank Wheeler, treasurer; Mr. W.  ' Morrison, ..first vice president.  Executive committee includes  Harry Sawyer, Alice March, Wm.  Creamer ^and Graham Collison.  .*.**���  Mr. T. R., Hall, vice principal  of the normal school, will address  the P.T.A. meeting on Feb. 27  (Friday) ��� which is Founders'  night. The subject of his address  will be modern education. We  hope to see a well filled hall. It  will be held in the Legion Hall,  Sechelt. Refreshments' will be  served and you will be very welcome.  .'*    *    *  4  Donald; Marcrolt,-has ; been/, a  very sick boy. I was over to see  him the other night and I hope  he is better by now.  I was asked recently if Alice  Amelia French and Mrs. Frank  French are sistiers-iri-law as  soirietimes articles are '������ signed by  both including "P.T.A. and school  library. Well for the benefit of  newcomers here, they are the  same person and Mr. French operates the Sechelt Taxi with Mr.  Harry Sawyer.  *    *    *  Mrs. Ted Osborne is away  again on' the Island this time,  certainly gets around, does Pearl.  See Mr. Fred Archer is again  on the job. He had a very bad  fall recently but it takes a lot to  keep  Fred  from   being   on  the.  go.  . ������'"./' -���   -.��� *..���������'��� *..  ������*  Have just received five dollars  from the P.T.A. for purchase of  Primary books for Sechelt school.  By the way, - the School board  has promised to give -me dollar  for dollar for any money I may  be able to collect for this enterprise. Well now, I am certainly  going to town on that one. I hope  to have quite a number of books  in the library soon.  '.'..'������*    *���#..���'  : By the way Mrs. French (Alice  Amelia) will be opening the library soon and is just waiting  for necessary shelves.  , *    *    *  Just heard there was an executive .meeting of,��� _ Liberals last  night. Sorry I missed it, George.  Perhaps it was the combination  of the combined Gallic accents  that got me down but I certainly  did not hear that one announced.  *    *    *  Well, folks I took my usual  walk in the woods today and then  to Porpoise Bay and was so sad to  see the beautiful trails with slash  and fallen brush on the new pulp  venture. I do hope that the log--  gers will be able to at least clear  the trails so that some of us who  love the woods and there are  many, will be able to take our  usual walks, and with reference  to the summer visitors what is  left when the walks through the  woods are gone. It is not everyone who likes the dusty highway  and many come up here year  after year just for the pleasure  of walking through our woods.  Also there is the fire hazard, so  we will ,hope for the best.  By "CAROLA",  *  The newly formed native sisterhood on our Indian village is  planning a good time on March  27. They toil! have all sorts of  _*arnes, music and a bazaar. The  show is in the community hall and  will be x attended by three other  visiting tribes, Church House,  SquirrelCove and Saanich. This  organization (you will remember  I told you about before in this  column) is interested in improving the conditions amongst the  old people so you who so deplore  the state of affairs there get out  and help. You will be assured of  unlimited hospitality and a good  timel In charge of affairs are  Mary Martha Joe, Alice Jackson  and Cecelia August.  *    *    *  Miss Marchant took a flying  visit to Vancouver at the weekend to visit the new niece. We  notice she came back via Powell  THE Roberts Creek badminton  dance held Saturday evening,  Jan. 31 proved a huge success���-  financially at least, with plenty  of spondulics left after deduct--  ing expenses to buy the necessary-  shuttles for our blossoming players. Incidentally, I hear our  players lost to Gibsons (9-17).  Tough luck, but then our morale  builders Ted Shaw. and Ralph  Cotton were among the missing.  However, a chance to make good  in the offing will be held at Qib-  sons' badminton hall Tuesday*  Feb. 17, with all "birds" out for  the killing. f  On my recent trip to Vanc6u>f  ver I made a side trip (via the  North Van Ferry) -to visit Mrs.  I. Wilson, who wishes to be remembered to her friends on the  peninsula. She still retains the  sunny outlook on life in spite of  her invalidism and continues to  make her exquisite shell"jewel-  ery. She has introduced the "new  look" with her tinting and designing to compliment miladyte  Continued on Page 6  River.   What's Powell River got  that we haven't got, Bea?  *    *    *  Also noticed Mrs. Jay and Merrily on their way back from Vancouver.  *;  t  Phone Gibsons 2112 Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  Friday, February 13, 1948  oast mtus  ADVERTISING  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words, above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS . . . BIG RESULTS  By LILLIAN McPHERSON  GIBSONS welcomes home our  newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. J.  Drummond Sr., from their California honeymoon . . . arid Doris  reports that this B.C. weather is  rather a let-down after the lovely  (Continued on Page 5)  FOR SALE  SHIP BY Gulf Lines Express, to  or from Vancouver. Low rates.  ^Fast service.   Careful handling.  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf  :        KEtt TO ORDER���  All kinds of keys made to  order. Send sample^ you -wish  (duplicated. Muir's -.��� Hardware,  at Powell River (Westview) B.C.  FOR SALE  ONE BOAR pig, two years bid,  approx. 600 lbs., $75.00., Chas.  Sundquist,   Kleindale,   Pender  Harbour. ; . 34  FOR SALE  COAL arid wood burning range,  good    conditiori.     $50.00.     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Gibsons, B.C.  Experts in Electric and  Acetylene Welding  Silver Grille Service Station!  Wilson Creek  Phone Sechelt 15-B-2 Friday, February 13,  1948  THE COAST NEWS. SECHELT. B. C  The V.O.N, auxiliary have ac- lentine gave $25, proceeds from  MORE ABOUT  knowledged the following dona- a raffle and Mr. F. Gibsons a bed-  tions from B. J. Lang, a surgical pan.   They have made plans for  bed for  community use,  at  the the  start  on  their  supply  cup-,  direction of the nurse. C. P. Bal- board and will purchase a linen  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  PHONE  PENINSULA  c^yis  Formerly Jack's Taxi and  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt 5C2  ���  ACCOUNTING ��� INCOME TAX  ���  REPRODUCTIONS ��� BUSINESS FORMS  O   DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING  As a new resident on the Peninsula, I cordially  invite inquiries regarding accounting and other  services.  A. L. BRUYNEEL  Selma Park, B.C.  Marshall's Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K  Gibsons, B.C.  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Watch for a  change in her business hours ...  they may be briefed up a bit.  Constable Peterson bemoans  the lack of work . . . though admits we can still keep him busy  enough. That is what he is for  ... to keep us from having miniature crime waves . ... alia  same China where the doctor is  paid to keep one well, and loses  out if you fall ill.  Healthi reports locaily^are O.K.,  but somehow mumps and chicken pox have invaded the Indian  school . . . and the Sisters have  my sincere  sympathy.....  .  . just  after measles it is too _nuch.A  * **������-���...''  Village reports ... from the  water works department . . . W.  Graham asked that arrangements  be made as soon as possible to  have the large bulldozer work on  the dam. While they are there  he suggested that the front of the  wall be given a three-foot additional raise, which would increase*  the gallons storage by a round  sum.  According to Mr. Graham there  will probably be a very serious  water shortage this summer unless something is done now.  * *    *  Authority to transfer the bank  accounts to the bank of Montreal;  was granted by a resolution of  B. Lang.  * *    * ���-  ���  Notice of the rates and assessment by-law will be given at the  -    next meeting when the date for  the clean-up will also be set.  ^Amalgamation of Gibsons Vil4  jage^has, no f. wish, Jo interferes  ,kn^='as._f^dl^s;i_as:ffif;_^  pther'snag ... with the report  back from Minister of Municipalities MacDonald that there is no  provision in the statutes for unorganized territory holding a  plebiscite, such as the Headlands  recently requested in a petition.  His recommendation was for the  petition being made to the village and that the village make  application to his office for the  necessary order-in-council and  action.  According to R, Burns, the vil-  alge has no wish to interfere  with strictly provincial territory  . . .and there is no provision in  the statutes that would give them  authority to do so . . . which puts  the whole business back where  it, started.  The plate glass has been installed in the modern store fronts  in Bal's Hall, and it is beginning  to look as if it will be all set to-  go by. spring. The cafe will be  very modern and up-to-date . . .  and more about that when we  haye complete details ... our  Mr. Arnold from Vancouver who  is putting the coffee shop in does  seem to be eluding me.  Noted that they have been very  busy putting up tthe posts on the  wharf for the lights . . . so perhaps by the time this is. in print  we won't be in any more danger  of falling off the float. No one  mention falling off the "wagon''  please ... at least not in McP's  hearing.  And the lights will not be long,  say the boss, men, who are doing  the Pratt road job. Poles are up,  and wires strung, and Mr. Mills ;  will be a very popular man hereabouts. Rather rough on the  telephone wires, ^though; weren't '���  you boys? Reminded me of the  story of the woodsman who asked  the English chappie cutting down  a tree, where it would fall, and  the amateur replied, "Blimey, 'ow  should I know, wot d'you take  me for, a ruddy fortune teller?"  .Page Five  M  *�������*��.  RUBBERS  Gibsons  The Quality Store  ���i  For All The News .. . Read The "News"  NEW SCHEDULE  Effective Thursday,  February 12  CHANGES ON LOCAL  ROUTES  Easy Reference Schedules  GULF COAST SAILINGS  NORTHBOUND  SOUTHBOUND  Leave  Leave  Leave  Leave  Vancouver  Pender Hbr.  Sechelt  Roberts Ck.  Tue.  9:30 a^n.  Wed.  11:45 a.m.  1:45 p.m.  2:15 p��mt*  Thur.  9:30 a,m.  *  Fri.  4:15 p.m.  6:30 pan.  7:00 pin.*  Sal.  1:00 p.m.  ���' .  Sun.  4:15 p.m.  6:30 p.m.  7:00 p.m.*  'Approximate  GIBSONS SERVICE  Leave Van.  Monday ___  Tuesday ���  Wednesday  Thursday _.  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Albert Danrotli  Roberts Creek  MURDOCH  Marine Supply  ��� Groceries ' *;  ��� Fresh Meats and  Vegetables  ��� Hardware  ��� Shell Oil  ��� Fish Camp  Pender Harbour  Tlie  Wool Shop  Just Below Midway Store  Quality Drygoods  Rock-Bottom Prices  Friendly Service  A  large  selection of  wools to choose from.  '''^owe'i^,,  ���   "A  L:i^ia!y&Lj:t'1&L-.\i��.'"    i:>  ������ '���'"Gibson*^,^. ^  $  at the Wharf  Halfmoon Bay  GROCERIES. MEATS.  FRUITS, VEGETABLES  ddQuaii^  FULL LINE OF  HOME OIL PRODUCTS  WHEN AT THE DOCK  REPLENISH YOUR STOCK  Agents for  BC. JURtlNES  Make applications for  charter service   -  Continued from Page 3  costume.. Mrs. Wilson has recently lost her beautiful singing canary "Joey" which has been her  constant companion for seven  years; I wonder if there is anyone with a pet bird in need of a  home. Mrs. Wilson is making her  home with Mrs. M. M. Collins,  205 E. 19th/North Vancouver.  I  Shopping  Around  Gibsons  By l. Mcpherson  IT SAYS HERE .... .... ���_ _..  Well, just when I was about to  think in terms of Easter hats we  get a spot of weather . . .wot?  and by the time this has gone  daughter  people, saw a fchair that was in "ppuer clad ones from $3.65 to  the process of being slip-covered $5.95 for the big ones with Haps  ... and it did look nice. If you on the spout. Perfectly plain and  have any plans for similar work, smooth they require a minimum  best get your order in early. of care to keep shining clean.  Having developed a high de- And for the men ... a special  gree of inefficiency in cake bak- on Williams shaving needs is fear,  ing of late . . . and I can't always tured at the pharmacist's ... and,  blame the baking powder . . . it some hair-do stuff for the males  must be me some of the time, too, that is reported to be O.K.  I quailed before the thought of if we listen to the singing com-  a birthday cake for the mercials.  ... and remembered  ������������ ������������-������'.. ��� -���  baking  to print our moody old Weather-'  man may have decided that the  .. is the engage-  ground-hog   was   cramping   his  Hudson to Jack style by prognosticating .. . and  shall give forth with the stuff  that brings the violets. . '���-.'���.But  in the meantime . . . flette sheets  are the vogue.. . . and should you  be short you can find them at  the biggish general store .. .along  with a big notice that says .  shoes . . .to be reduced by 25  percent . .;. (very, very glad to  have you back With us Jim ...  now can you guess where we  are shopping?)  And this same store has put a  marvellous van on the ^iun that  *    *    * has the rural housewives' bless-  Celebrating their birthdays re- ing'- -. ��� refrigerator for perish-  cently were Maureen Ross, her ables . . . and so very convenient  14th, Celia ^Flumerfelt her  13th,  - ��� '���' just come on in out of the  and Mrs. R. Hugh���is on the 3rd rain . . . right up the steps to the  of Feb. and Mr. Jimmy Rusk.S'T   counter . .. and "your store is at  '*;"'*'  *      .. /"���   your door" ... and if you use  Mrs. A. Newton spent the week  that for a slogan, Clif. I shall ask  end in Vancouver.  "*- - * ������"��� *  Recent news  ment of Marie  Collins, formerly of Roberts  Greek, and now of North Vancouver. They will exchange vows  March 26 in Vancouver.  * *    *  Mrs. J. Scott is a guest of Mrs.  Georgina Johnson, while her  daughter Mrs. D. McLaren is visiting in Vancouver. ���  * *    *  Mrs. Clarence Hilchie has returned to Englewood after spending a week with Mrs. E. Robinson and Mrs. S. Clark.  that the baker can come to the  rescue .. . fpr less than two bucks  he will do it up all fluffy and  pink and purty . . . without me  crossing my fingers at all about  the outcome. -  There are some nice blouses in  our dress store*... and the .sale  has been going well . . . so if you  are still bargain hunting you are  likely to have competition on the  last few items.  Other sales . . . our big furniture store has specials in so many  things I can't mention them all.  But! felt kettles deserve a mention .  .  .  they are streamlined  SEA BUS LINES  LlMITfD  Twice Daily Service  Lv. Gibsons 8:00 a.m.  and 2:45 p. m.  Lv. Fisherman's Cove  9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p^m.  Pacific    Stages    connect  with  all trips qt  Fisherman's Cove.  Watch for timetable change  -next week.  at  Mr. R. Reeves made a business  trip to town recently.  for a royalty.  Another shoe sale . . . or  least marked down prices .���'... .  arid lots of rubber footgear . . .  next to the store that has, and  gives . .. all the notions. ...    ,  A trip around the counter always gives me one idea or another, and I restock needles and  pins ... . darning wool, and so  forth without over exerting my  one-celled cerebrum . . . or whatever I keep my mental processes  in.    ���'������"  Food looked a little niore interesting . . . nice red, juicy apples iip the hiUa/^. ^ay lip���and  mixed with c^b^e, y . tiihe cents  per :���'_. '.; grateal ^i_d mixed with}  a sweetish dressing ybu won't'  miss the' greens^ sp much. Got a  few bean sprouts again . . . down  the hill, though. Cheese is plentiful i . .and good. Found lamb  in the meat market, that niay  coax spring with some of the  fresh frozen peas you can get  locally.  When in to visit the yard goods  raised us up together, and made  us sit together in heavenly places  in Christ Jesus: That in the age.s  to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His  kindness ^toward    us    through  God  our  Father,   Em<F from  the Christ Jest[is.^l5p_iesi��ihs, 1:  1, 2;  Lord Jesim Christ *. . v  And you  hath  He  quickened.      The Lord rediee_i_d;h/the  soul  who were dead in trespasses aricl of His servants, and hone of them  wherein   in  time  past  ye that trust in Him shall be deso-  late.-^Psalm, 34:  22.  A musicale was held at the  home of Miss Margaret Mclntyre  wnen her pupils performed for  their parents.  Taking part were Gail MacKenzie, Bonnie Edlund; Edith  Jack, Arlene Orr, Carol Forst,  Nonie Reeves, Donald Weal and  Roddy MacKenzie.  .   . .'���'*���.   *L ...*l...��'  A recent visitor to the:MficKen-  ,-lie's home was Len MacDonald  Vancouver;  Mrs. Gwen Ripley visited her  daughter Kitty at the home of  Mrs. J. Newman.  ���'.'���-*���'*..������.���  ��>r. A. M. Lowe was home for  the weekend.  BIBLE READING  mmr^^^mr^^i^mrWr^miWri^^m^rm  PAUL, an apostle of Jesus Christ  by the will of God, to tKe  saints which are at Ephesus, arid  to the faithful in Christ Jesus:  Grace be to you and peace, from  *- firing Your Repair Jobs to Us!  Boat Tanks, Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repai  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS _\ND DOWNPIPE  'AIR COOTITIONING  Sheet Metal^^^^  Laurie Speck, Gibsons Rhone Giksorts 14R  Harley C. Anderson  NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN.  at  GIBSONS, B.C.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  9 o.m. to o p.m.  ot SECHELT, B.C.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  12 noon until 4:30 p.m.  SECHELT ANNEX  sins;  walked according ^o the course  of this world, according to the  Prince of the power of the air,  the spirit that now wbrketh in  the children of disobedience:  Among whom also we all had  our conversation ih times past in  the lusts of our flesh, fulfiUingt  the desires of the flesh and of  the mind; ancl were by nature  the children of wrath even as  others; But God, Who is rich in  mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us, even when we  were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by  grace ye are: sayed;)   And hath  Les Peterson  GIBSONS  Fire and Casualty Insurance  Business and Personal Printing  Office Equipment and Supplies  Typewriter Sales and Rentals  i  .'glW  IIMIIHIHIHMt!  IIIIIHIIIHIIII  m  World's Most Versatile Gasoline Marine Engine  4 Cylinder-���Direct or Reduction Drive  Haddock  IOC  PENDER  B.C.  If Jack Frost Caught You Napping  See Us for, Radiator Troubles ��� Cracked Blocks Cold Welded  1948 FORD TRUCKS  WITH MILLION DOLLAR CAB  .   Prices may rise���get your Parts, Tires and Batteries now.  FOR SALE  1 large, slightly used Coleman Heater $100.00  1  Packard'8 Motor, complete With radiator, suitable for stationary power  plant.  $150.00  After February 1st, we only make oil deliveries Mondays to Fridays.  SILVER GRILLE SERVICE STATION  F<JRD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK yW*.  ijwiiimi  m  iiwiitBinii Friday, February 13,  1948.  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  .Page Seven  MORE ABOUT  EIITERPltlSE VALLEY  Continued from Page 2  that one of our grand old-timers,  Mrs.   Martina   Klien,   or   better  known as Granny to all, is very  ill in St. Mary's hospital too. All  |;  her friends join me in wishing  . her a speedy recovery.  *.,*���'*  Mr. John Klien and his cougar  ,  dog  are   quite   a  familiar  sight  ' now-a-days.   He. has one cougar  to his credit already and here's  ; hoping he gets a few more.  l  Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Du Bois  arid; Ted Sunquist made a quick  trip to Vancouver via Gibsons,  Landing:  By C. GREEN  S. TUNNICLIFFE,; formerly employed by Mr. Ramsay, Turn-  again Island, has left to take up  gooseberry ranching. Mr. Tunni-  cliffe believes there is. a great  future in gooseberries and is now  seeking a suitable piece of land.  where he will put his beliefs into  action.  .-* "������ ��������_���������'*������.���'  The;re has been plenty of ice in  the. Cove this week and by the-  look of things it is here, to, stay.  At any moment now we expect  to see an Arctic expedition, dogs  and all, heave in sight. The experts assure us that fresh water  ���:.  "BUY MEAT WITH  CONFIDENCE"  H. KENNETT, Butcher ��� Gibsons, B.C.  Next door to Bank of Montreal  NEXT WEEKS MOVIES  Louis Hayward, Barbara Brittbn in  "THE RETURN OF MONTE CRISTO"  plus News, Musical, Serial (Chapter 2)  IRVINES LANDlNG^-tuesday, February 17  HALFMOON BAY���Wednesday, February 18  SECHELT���Thursday, February 19  ROBERTS CREEK���Friday, February 20  SECHELT, Sat 14���"Old Texas Trail", Shorts, Serial  Mon. 16���"Charlie Chan" and "Maggie and Jiggs"  H. Clay  Licensed Real Estate .Agent  ^S6htatiVe of  Vancouver, B.C. .  ^/e cover the Peninsula and solicit your property,  large or small, for Quick Sale.  Waterfront,  Ranches, Farms,  Homes, Vacant  Lots,  Property of Every, Description for Sale by us.  See display board at our offices opposite the  Co-Operative Stores.  Gfbsohs Landing, B.C;  Insurance������ Loans ��� Rents Collected  Courtesy and Promptness  GROCERY AND CONFECTIONERY  On AAaiin High>yay in Thriving Community  Store Does First Class Trade  There are two bedrooms, large dining room and  kitchen, electric I ights and water, hold and cold.  Property is 66x220, cleared, to Sandy��� Beach. Perfect  view of Gulf of Georgia and Vancouver Island. Biiild-  ing two years old.  This is a chance of a life time for people looking for  a perfect home with revenue producing property,  Stbr��^uipment complete in. every detail, including  frigidalrev JProperty is offered for sale at cost of  building onlyVJ  Wrcha  Further Particulars Contact  G�� H�� CIjAY  i-  Gibsons ���-  REAL ESTATE AGENT  ______ ~_ -���_--_-__ Phone Gibsons 8H  flowing in here is the cause of it.  We  always  thought  it  was  the  frost.  * *    *  Mr. Ernie Pearson and a party  from the Consolidated Brokers,  dealers in peninsula real estate,  were here this week looking over  the   prpspecjts   for   the   coming  season.  * *    *  Mr. Dana Ramsay, son of Mr.  and Mrs. Ramsay, received his  second mate's certificate, (deep  sea) this week.  He is at present  on one of the Silver Line ships.  * #    *  Mr. Fred Tomlinson took his  winter holidays by travelling to  Vancouver with Mr. and Mrs.  Brynelson who were callers here  last week.  '*���������*    * ���  Mr. Tom Kirk, who is finishing  the building of his boat here went  to Harrison Mills to visit his  daughter.  .   .    *    *' -%.  Recent callers here were Fred  Pohlman of Namu, Alex Gow and  Charlie Stolt, also of Namu, Buster Roste and Tommy Graham  of Vancouver.  * *    * .  The fruit trees along the waterfront here are all in bud. Let's  hope the frost doesn't set them  back too much. Believe it or not  it is only two weeks ago that we  picked up a pink. Maybe it was  a leftover from last. fall but it  was here nevertheless/  The forces of gravity at the  surface of the sun is said to be  27 times greater than at the surface of the earth. w  'i.xx, -..;>>:     Optometrist  zfn^Oi.mux ; .. . &*$&<* tf&z ?/.���?',���/ h^yi-.  ife ,^ ^.^.-.GlfeSOHS x   .'  V-L.y:')rLL^yy,yLy:yh';' .,','>; -^���;���.������������:  Office Hours:   "';'-.'  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Evenings  by Appointment  Every day except /Thursday  'Specialists in Logging &  Contracting Equ ipment"  Cut Costs  Boost Output  POWER CHAIN SAW  Fully automatic clutch . . . Qgly  one operating lever, the throttle  .. . Cannot be stalled ... weight  72 lbs. and up.  Call or Write for Pamphltt  &C DittributooH  ���n��-  When Bill and his crew go into the  woods now, they get timber out twice as fast  as they used to. That new tractor Bill bought  really handles those logs!  Back in town, the saw-mill is running full  blast, taking all Bill's crew can deliver . . .  And this .extra activity, this extra income  spreading around through the community is  largely due to the fact that Bill went to see  his bank manager and arranged a loan to  buy the tractor  In lumbering towns and rural hamlets, in  big seaports and tiny fishing villages, bank  credit ��� money at work ��� helps to increase  business activity in whole communities. Your  bank manager's job is to help men and women  grasp opportunities and to put the bank's  facilities to work for you and your neighbours.  SPONSORED   BY   YOUR    BANK Page Eight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, &.-C._  Friday, February 13, 1948  T  By EARLE GRAY  ONE HUNDRED and nine words  may not be a very big vocabulary, but for a two-year-old love  bird it is. And that is the vocabulary of "Lucky", the little green  .and yellow love bird that .-struts  its feathers in the home of Mr.  and Mrs. A. Redman in West  Sechelt.  He is a very clever bird, one of  West Sechelt's celebrities, and  quite willing to admit it all. As  he says himself, "I can talk, and  I can whistle but I can not sing.  Ha ha ha." Which proves that  he can also laugh. In case an introduction   is   lacking   he   will  speak right up and say "my name  is Lucky Redman."  Like all genius, Lucky is moody  and .temperamental at times.  These are the times he refuses to  speak. However, a bit of music  from the radio, or better yet, a  few bars from the piano, and  Lucky will once 'more chatter  gaily. ..������'������'";������ :  A tamer bird you never saw.  GULF LINES LTD.  GULF LINES LTD.  PASSENGER AND  EXPRESS SCHEDULE OF OPERATIONS  BETWEEN  VANCOUVER and WESTVlEW.r Calling at Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Pender Harbour, Vananda,  "..-,.   Blubber Bay, Lund, Bliss Landing, Cortez Island and Refuge Cove.;  SCHEDULE No. 8���Effective January 12th, 1948���Subject to Change Without Notice  Northbound  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  . Sunday  Lv. Vancouver  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m..  9:00 a.m.  12:30 noon  6:30 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt  11:15 a.m.  11:15 a.m.  2:45 p.m.x  8:45 p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay  12:15 noon  -  12:15 noon  3:45 p.m.  Ar. Pender Hbr.  No  1:15 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  4:45 p.m.  Ar. Vananda  North  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  6:15 p.m..  Ar. Westview  bound  2:30 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  2:30 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  12*00 mid.  Ar. Blubber Bay  Trip  3:15 p.m.  '''*���'  3:15 p.m:  Ar. Lund  8:30 p.m.  Leaves  Ar. Bliss Ldg.-  -. ������ j    '���(  3*.  9:00 p.m.  Westview  Ar. Seaford  9:30 p.m.  Midnight  Ar. Refuge Cove  V  10:00 p.m.    Sunday*  All day he flies about the-house  and at mfeal ���'time he samples a  bite of everybody's dinner. Mrs.  Redman says, "he is so tame that  he would probably land on the  back of a cat if he ever got the  chance."  Training the bird is a lot of  work and requires much patience,  according to Mrs. Redman. However the older Lucky gets, the  quicker he learns new words. It  now takes him from two days to  a week to learn a new phrase.  Lucky has a mind of his own  and a lot of likes and dislikes.  He loves ginger, ale,; hates beini*  interrupted when speaking; likes  ���playing with shoe laces; is ex  tremely happy when making love  to himself -in. front of a mirror;  loves good music but has little  use for the other kind,,and like  the rest of us Lucky likes Sechelt.  ' * *       .* ;;'.:"     -''-"X----  New residents of West Sechelt  are Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor1  newly weds from South Vancouver. At present they are residing in one of the Redman cottages.  xCALLS WILSON CREEK      NOTE: Times other than Westview and Vancouver are approximate.  Southbound  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday'  Thursday       Friday  Sat.  Sunday  Lv. Refuge Cove  .' [r  . .  ���:'���:���"     .''*'. ���'      '   . ��� ���'���   .' ���?. .'    .'  *.  7:00 a.m.  Lv. Seaford.  7:30 a.m.  Lv. Bliss Ldg.  .'���'*'     '  .".  '* ���  8:15 a.m.  Lv. Lund  .'  .. .'.  '���������"���:.   ���-���;'  No  8:45 a.m.  Lv. Blubber Bay  .t��  3:15 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  South  10:00 a.m.  Lv. Westview  Leave  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  3:00 p.m;  5:00 p.m.  bound  11:00 a.m.  Lv. Vananda  Westview  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30 pm.  Trip,  11:30 fm.  Lv. Pender Hbr.  Midnight  5:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  Lv. Halfmoon Bay  Sunday*  6:00p.m.  6:00 p.m:  ���'���'-���.   t    *   r  -.      *  2:15 p.m.  Lv. Sechelt  7:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  3:15 pm.  Ar. Vancouver  9:15 p.m. Jl0:30 p.m.  9:15 p.m.  10:30 p.m.  ������'���*������        5:30 p.m.  'Vessel Departs Westview Midnight Sunday, calls Vananda 1:00 am., arrives Vancouver 7:00 am.  Feny Wharf, Ft. Columbia St.  TA. 2141  Vancouver, B.C.  Hassans'  GENERAL  Store  PENDER HARBOR  Groceries ��� MGats  Drygoods --Drugs  Hardware  Fishing Tackle  *  Independent Fish  Buyers  .   *  Ship Chandlers  ���  Home Oil Products  at  HASSANS' WHARVES  "���':}..'.\..'      '���������'* ���  %*-..-: ;Sriite  <i.)~Xf-i.  IS BEING DECIDED NOW  OUR TOMORROWS depend on ^  lands around the globe there are millions of thein in  food on garbage dumps, shivering in rags. On the continent ofx  born since the war are already dead of malnutrition. Those who survive���-there and else-  where ��� are desperately in need of food and clothing. They need schoolings too, for their  neglected minds grow as sick as their withered bodies.  They are the future ...  if they are not saved, our world is lest!  Canadian Appeal for Children is now conducting  its campaign to meet the challenge of these  desperate and immediate needs. This is a campaign by?l;he people of Canada, with a minimum  objective of $10,000,000 to provide food, clothing  and school supplies for the children-��� safeguard  the health of expectant and nursing mothers ���  in devastated lands around the world.  Wherever possible, air donations will be used  for the purchase of Canadian goods, and the1'  distribution of goods will be under the direction  GIVE TO THE  of responsible United Nations operating agencies.  Your help is needed now. You sympathise.  You want to give. But goodwill and good, wishes  are not enough. Since you may not be canvassed,  ddn't let failure to act be on your conscience.  Any BANK will accept your donation. Turn  your sympathy and good wishes into a tangible  contribution ��� go to your bank now and give.  FARMERS AND MEMBERS OF COOPERATIVES: consult your local organization  as to the-best way to make your contribution.  ���*.  ,?. y>K  FOR CHILDREN  ?���"'���'���". _ Appeal jointly conducted by  FOR CHILDREN   ���    CANADIAN COUNCIL FOR RECONSTRUCTION THROUGH UNESCO  By MARGARET  AfcLEN  IT IS FLU week, I have been sitting not knowing wjiat to do  with myself and thir_king about.  Gahdi?s deaths and all thexrejs^  of the ill- luck that has l3ef?3le_Ty  mankind.:'; I   was*  w.:i l;\  blame'myself' for the whole .busM  yness.: ���' . ''������'. .x vSxxx|  ������-'xx..- y{.L':'*���'' *.:-������'���'*. '.���"'���������������-'���'���y.'-"-yA  Wellv & visit of the 5^0:_|'  nurse dispelled the globin somel  what/ She;could hot ;st^^nip^f  she was oh Call for a cbitfito^feti^  so when she was leaving 1 eiscor  ed her to the door. Im&j^ner m  .;������' embarrassment when sfrev look  for her ^rubbers? there was | b  one. The crazy pup had 4a_tei|:  and substituted a gruesome th  in its place. By sheer luck vffl  found it hidden in the bush, ai*  the, nurse got on her way. I eS  corted her to the road where h  car was parked^ and like the p  it started to cut up too. If I re  the look correctly on her< fa  it meant that she thought she h  just escaped from a jungle, of wij  animals. ,.'���'-..  I was afraid to look at her ri  Ions after her session with, tfl  pup," so I  am trying to  squ  myself now.  I understand they are gett  a nurse for this district. All tr  need is. the. \money.   About,  ..only methoathey have;;Oixr  ing funds are teas..! I.have he.  unofficially that there, is dike  at the  hotel,  through the  cooperation of Mrs. Fredricksn  It would be worth while to  tronize it. I don't know how  ever make ianything at teas,  generally do our share of ea  as the cakes are so tempting,  there  is that perrenhial spb  cake that melts in your mp  you know whose.   Let's hav  good turnout.  The Canadian Information Sf:]  vice was established in 1945^  provide means and facilities,  distributing   abroad   informa{  concerning Canada.  Egypt is important for her.  ton growing and minerals and'  have also been developed. .  "CLAUDIA" on CK1  :#??  �����*;���;:  ittWS-v&ft  Sir  m  spy��  Here's Katharine Bard, talented  vivacious radio aetress who wa. picJ|  from over more than 65 aspirant  star in  the  comedy-romance ra|  serial, "Claudia." The famods st|  of Claudia and her marriage to Daf  is broadcast from 11:15 to 11:30 aJi  Mondav   through   Friday,   c  CKWX. The series is presented)  Coca-Cola Ltd.


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