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The Coast News Feb 6, 1948

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Array Serving a Progressive and Growing  Area on B. C.'s Southern Coast.  Covers Sechelt, Gibsons, Port Mellon, Woodfibre, Squamish, Irvines  Landing, Half Moon Bay, Hardy-  Island, 1'ender Harbour, Wilson  Creek, Roberts Creek, Granthams  Landing, Egmont, Hopkins Landing,  Brackendale,  Cheekeye,  etc.  Business Office:  Sechelt, B.C  SsTCp*  JgI__g_y_g____E:P BY -HE COAST KSWS, I-IB-ITED  National Advertising" Office, Powell River, B.C��'  PKHBEK HARBOURi-The Wom^  en's Aiixiliary to St. Mary^s  ^Hospital held its tenth annual  ^meeting JahV 3 and last year's  executive were re-elected. President-Mrs. Robert Sharpe; first  vice-president, Mrs. Arthur Dirig-  .Vol.'III. ��� No. 30>^gg^  SecheSt, B. C.  Friday, February 6e 1948  5r. per copy, $2.50 per year, by rnoil.  V.O.N. Donates $38  To Well Baby Clinic  man; second:^vice-president, Jffrs. GIBSONS ��� The newly formed  JW?16^    ���"i   ^asurer,   Miss Gibsons   V.O.N,   reports   that  tri% Simmonds; secretary, Mrs. their first tea raised an^ approxi-  %W;������'���.__ "            ; mate  $38  to  be  added to their  i^he president reported a  re^. funds.    This   money   will   go  to  cord Tear.. The ^auxiliary with a purchase  a  baby  scale  for   the  membership of 29 and an aveiS- Well Baby Clinic, and the balance  age attendance of ,13, has raised, toward a Supply cupboard.  ravelling  Finds Setbacks in Trade  By GORDON WEST : ���,v ..    -.-���������.  For two years now I have been less than half the shipping space  operating a 16 mm. motion pic-  that 35 mm. film does and besides  BRITANNIA���A verdict of "accidental death" was returned; by  a coroner's jury investigating the'  deaths of three miners whet* a  rock slide  entombed them in af  3y means-pf^a  spring tea,  faU'isru^ fireproof. , -tonp on  T_n   m  bazaar,   collection   boxes  in the   10o or more, attended the affair,  siila.It^s a tough and sometimes      The services received prints of ���   ^^ ";.��� ^L^..'  ��f T*?g���>/estaurants>> t0"  Sd' "it ^i" noted" thatlverCfhe heart-breaking    business.      I've '*he latest films directJrorn Holly- t^^j^^ t^^  M.of $1,377.15.                                 males came to-aida^_.ood:c^55e shown,   hundreds,   of   films, wood even before their  release commencing that m tuture^ onry  pccupies ��� a consiclerahie -part :bf congratulated   oh  thcf att*abt_ve m aditiit that.^ut; bnthe aver-: the war-over Tnost ��f the; larger ^��?^^  -he hospital and m order to in- table letting, and the dainty re- age ttie,audience's reaction has companies, M.G.M. Warner Bros., ^^U^r__^^ Import  ���rease the japacity for^patients^freshments^rff^d were deserv- been good to all of them;   l         Paramount and R.K.O, have dis- S^^^f   ^Iwi-T *'&jL  *iew; st.af�� house /will shortly; i__gof the pra_se they received. ��y reason for writing this is continued printmg their product ���TS_f���-'   ana   lrwm   ^   ^*  }e erected^   Towards this objec-- Presidihg at the tea table wer��j to acquaint my patrons  Pi -^ ^ife?.^  ?as  f^^y Mrs.ymeen   Nestmany Mrs.  B; obstalcies I am up again  with the. onto 16 mm. film.  Boucher, 32, Buffalo, N.Y., were  against in this     You ask the reason? Well here traPPed- ' *_.  W   ^  b^Wi^an^ r ^46^nn^ safety^^^  Kent, when the huildmg is ready thanisrr^^ mm.   rentals ^Pg1 ng  %^ ^J^^T  pr occupancy.      v; guests,arid their' suDnbrt ahS co-  theati^uses ^35^_nm.mim^hich cthey rmalce; a few thousand-and wnen^tne ceiling ot the shait coi  operation, was sincerely appreci-  is hi^lly;;inflani_ible and there- to them this is peanuts arid?'thefe-  ated. fore requirer-a fireproof building fore ^hy go to all the trouble of  and   {^^ctioh   booth,   by   law. printing 16 mm. pictures.  (Note'^6 mm, and 35 mm. refers      However,    several    companies  to width of film). ;? have seen possibilities in the field  lapsed and crushed them,  bers were thrown clear.  Cham-  Mrs. Sarah Dormant  Dies in Vancouver  This 16 ^i^^husme^ and   are   continuing   to... release  Fire Marshall's Unit  Instructs Brigade  ed largely; during the War when  their   product   on  this   narrow   GIBSONS���The recent threeTday;  TT^IliiLli '_. J'    __.':-:    '"jS-:.j��' ���'_.'_._.'���-"'      -��� .      _J?      -r-.pi.-r-..   flltvp rpl--.������^.   -,-.W.*~nvp<: syr,   'rt-p^v ...   ���     'j       -   n   -i t   ��� ��p> .        -at ��.  ir>o_^ at  ��� *-v-    _.- x ^   ��� w    v,    ,   ;B^E1Sr ^LAND ���-.Mrs. Sarah HQll^wbod .needed;some way of gauge film.  These companies are      visit of the fire marshalls unit  [PPEAL of Capt. JohuCraddock      Dorma^^^ to  Gibsons  was  a  definite  suc-  V?��� suspension-of his master's  couver General Hospital in her lions mth^                           the Monogram,   Eagle-Lion   (J.  Ar- cessr according  to  both  parties,  Lr ^S   -e;WiU-be brought before; 86th year,: She was an old-time wdrld;^;ito'^                                    thur;  Rank   Productions)   and   a and definitely appreciated. Mar-  teAdmrralty division of the Ex-  resident of Bowenlsland, having equipment; and >f_im^ was but of few   R.K.O.  and   United  Artists shalls Ritchey and Newall have  ^equer Court m Ottawa as soon lived here for 35 years.   She is the question because of the cost productions.  With the loss of the promised to pay a return call to  possible.               ;         '                f]jr,Y.lved   bJ   ���   sons,   Robert and,bulkiness in shipping.             British  market  20th  Century attend the ceremonies when the  rciaudei L. McAlpme, K.C., has William and Alfred of Vancou- All .the, major companies start- Fox   has   decided   to   enter   the new firehall is built . . , giving-  |en instructed to go to Ottawa ver, George of Nanaimo, Ernest -edjto^xsprijit their pictures onto field and they are releasing 120 it their blessing; as it were.  ���! argues the'appeal rather than ot Haylmg Island, England, and 16. mni,   film}   which   takes   lip prints   in   Canada���all' exceUent      The local firemen stated that;  lit until the Exchequer Court Percy   (Red)   of Bowen Island;  ^ . ,   their films and lectures were ex-  klds   a   sittmg   m   Vancouver, two   daughters,   Mrs.   Af   Arm- \ .-   .,��tj.   ,   .    -                   :              :                              ���            ~ cellent instruction and that they:v  r J^aye^a^^oi^  .,      ^            __.       _      ���      .     _  __���-,-   .   .,.    v -r-                  ���- _________i___^__ii___________________________^z'K��^^^----------i- ledge; and meritioned in particu-  iths   by    a   Department    of J. Taylor, both of Vancouver, 28 Wk\WBNBL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n  fansport commission mvestigat- grandchildren and 17 great grand  into the Gulf Stream disaster children.  Dinner Rock Oct. 11. '   "Pool" is not a slang term for *  )enmark has a p op u1 at ion of billiards but an American version  >ut 3,844,300.  of the game.  iaht Water System  ooted at Gibsons  tSONS���The  formation  of  a  tropolitan  water   board   to the final petition be outlined and  lude Sechelt and Hopkins in carried out.  giant water system was seen A committee of three, P. G.  be a distinct possibility with McPherson, H. Tibbs and G. Bal-  any advantages, when D. M. lentine was elected to confer,  -ttheson, of the Quantity Sur- with ~the existing boards, arid"  jys outlined the procedure of when the matter was thoroughly  ich an enterprise to a meeting of discussed report back to the  e Gibsons Trade Board execu- Board of Trade. With the ap-  /es and representatives of small' proval of-these main water boards  later boards. further action wil be taken, and,  'Mr.  Matheson,   who  has seen separate   committees   set  up   to  ^e good results ./of such a- iriove! follow the plan'to its'conclusion.  . many other communities, ex-/    According to.facts and figures  Messed the belief that it would given by the speaker, Mr. Mathe-  * ��� long range economy for all, son, the cost, to each consumer,  .ould they  choose  to  amalga-  on a monthly, basis *has to be a  ate  and  form  one  big. water reasonable' figure and well with-  ��ard, and it would result in'de- in. 'the  average   before   Victoria  slopmeht of the entire area.    /   automatically discounted.   Water*  Fi_*_;t step^ in forming such a will sanction such a scheme. Thus  lit is the signing of a petition the  fear   of  excessive  rates   is,  the government asking that a can be sold, however, to those  eliminary survey and engineer's not on the original scheme at a  port be made on the existing higher rate, and thus profit the  ater supply.   ThS* petition has organization by retiring the loan  carry almost  100 percent of at an earlier date.   The average  Jie   taxpayers'   signatures,   and loan run 20 years, and is sold as  ��e desire for such a board must bonds.  Pipe and pther.; work has  ^unanimous.        \ "to be installed that will outlast  It was suggested that the main, the existing- loahV to ensure the  rater users,, tliat is, the village, soundness ;of the- venture, and it  "id Granthams, Soames and was noted that, similar "works  berts Creek first1 cooperate and were considered good Invest-  %en, if an agreement is reached, ments.  HATTIE JACQtyESr ;TO  I   ;; Jdtrques, fdt^^ the- Pritish  Broadcasting Gprpprgtion's rftpst popular variety"programs,  Which stars Tb^i^.^c^ic|leY. Hqttie comes from Sandgate  in  Kent and became a^;^ during the war,  working in tube shelters and otf^it;plates;^W  plenty to keep her busy.   Irr her  troops in hospitals and camps. She often used;to go to the  Players' Theatre, a small juhderground theatre club where  members join the cast in singing the choruses of Victorian  songs under their chairman, Leonard Sachs. Hattie's brother  did a certain amount of Work for the Players' and often took  his sister to the shows, where she joined in the choruses with  such good effect thotSbchsigave her an audition and engaged  her as a member of thercornpahy, which, she still adorns. She  was recently with the; Young Vic company and has also appeared in two fi I ms^''Nicholas Nickleby7' and "Oliver Twist".  She has broadcast and televised a certain amount but got h^r  real radio chance; this autumn .when she joined the "ITMA"  cast, and eriJoys; herself thoroughly every, Thursday together  with Tommy Hdndley and his raving associates.  on   the   wharf.    Many   valuable  pointers   were   picked   up   from  the film that dealt with first aid  and life-saving which may be of  service to the community in case  of future conflagrations.  ':��� '*Ampng the^suggestions offere^t_?  by the instructors to spur locaj  interest in this brigade was that  of  including  a  recreation   room  in the plans for a firehall .  it  gave  the   "gang"  a  place to  congregate,    and    created    pride  and enthusiasm among the young  men best suited for this difficult  work, so that when recruits were  needed  plenty  would  be  available.  Mrs. M. Kidd Leads  United Church W.A.  PLANS were laid for the coming  year's work at the regular  monthly meeting of the W. A. of  the Gibsons United Church, and  the following officers were elected: Mrs. M. Kidd, leader; Mrs.  S. Pprtepus, _ secretary; Mrs. T.  Ross, treasurer; The meeting was  held at Rosedene, under the  chairmanship of Mrs. G. Marsden.  An expression of appreciation  from Mrs. J. Home for flowers  sent to Mr. Horne in hospital,  was received. Members aim to  carry on their work of visitinit  thie ill, and shut-in as in the  past.  8^-61---BaV;":  0- 9: VISOXDIA Page Two_  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C._  Friday, February 6, 1948  :  Mht Coast JCcuis  3 Lines (15 Words) for 35c 3 Insertion (same ad) 60c  Extra words,* above 15-word min., 2c each.  Cash with order.  Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, etc., 75c Insertion  LITTLE ADS ... BIG RESULTS  visit. President,     Charles    Brool  *.   *    * first vice president, Fred !  By ARIES Miss Hazel Dalman paid a week second vice president, Joe Archi  end visit to Mr. and Mrs. Roger er; secretary, W. J. Mayne; treat  NOT MUCH news this week    I simning-    Sne   apparently   likes surer, Dave Galvin; sergeant; aj  have  been  awav whooDine  it Secnelt very much as she is here arms, Charles Prince, and chair-  y y   5       quite often. man of entertainment committee,  ���.."I    *   ���'* Harold Roberts.  I am very glad  We understand Pat and Teddy to see at last some of our young--  Osborne will be moving into their er veterans on the executive and  up in Vancouver and if I haven't  you most likely will think I have.  Went down with Mrs. Shaw and  had a nice time with Mrs. E. F.  Osborne,   Mrs.   Ern   Gibson' of h���se at Selma Park soon.   1^ wish to take tois opportunity  Rockwood Lodge was also on a  FOR SALE  jSHIP BY Gulf Lines Express, to  or from Vancouver. Low rates.  Fast service.   Careful handling.  Specify Gulf Lines Express,    tf  -   * -��� - n'l     ..I       ~   *  KEYS TO  ORDER-���  - All kinds of keys made to  order. Send sample you wish  duplicated. Muir's Hardware,  at Powell River (Westview) B.C.  FOR SALE  LADIES' English bicycle, brand  new; 3 speed gear; handle bar  brakes.    $50.00.    Apply   Green  Acres, Roberts Creek. 30  WANTED  TO  BUY,   12  ft.   clinker  built  _t someone else would",  rowboat;  new or used.  Mrs. .-       '   ���  Rankin, West Sechelt. 30   ���-:..-..'-i   : ���.���rT~^~~~~~~~��� ;   The Canadian Legion,  Branch  WA*Tx^^? ^ elected to office the follow-  PIANO in good condition. Mrs.:._,..,   . ,   - .���".-/.- ��� ���'  Sue ,Ale3_ander,;c/o Bank of m^   at   their   annual   meeting:  will be sorry to see our trees go- wishing our old comrades both of  ing down in Sechelt. We'll miss World War I and the last conflict  our trails and natural beauty, the best of all they can wish  but I suppose if Teddy didn't do themselves.; May their lot be an  easier one than it has been.   If  we all pull together we shall get  a better deal for those who come  after. The old boys have blazed  the trail���see to it that it is kept  open.  .       "V-.";--/-  Montreal, Gibsons, B. C.  30  FOR SALE  ALMOST new Kresky Oil Burner for kitchen rangey ; Blower:  FURNISHED  2  roomed house, type;  110 volt AlC.$45^ Webster.  Middle Point. $8.00 per month, diaphragm   air,   compressor   and ���  _���*������' �����  MT _^i        -      TT ���'   flT       "_  t��     ���     '.' TT"^!! rf"__-f rf-tf C-"_-k���W��^f,*l'�����'T':,      afT* _ '���_ ���_>���_*�� .'     .r��Tm*\.<   - *���"_���_'_-_��� rf%*��    ���  FOR RENT  Apply   Mrs  moon Bay,  Harper,   Half-  Kellogg- Spray5 Guri:   No motor;;  30  $20. E. Green, Secret Cove.        1  WE  BUY  AND  SELL���  Rifles and shotguns bought  and sold also all kinds of used  goods, furniture, clothing, tools,  etc. Square Deal Store, West-  view, B.C.  PERSONAL  WE REPAIR, re-upholster  chesterfields, chairs, and occasional pieces, slip covers  imade to order. Materials on*  hand. Free estimates. See Ushers Yard Goods, Gibsons.       30  FOR SALE  1936, two and a half ton Maple  Leaf truck.   Write  or phone  A. H. Brines, Roberts Creek.   30  FOR RENT  COTTAGE  for rent. Apply R.  ;   L. Jackson, Wilson Cr^ek.  :$.y- ��� s: ....     ;.  ;-^-,���;������-, ,,.;���. 30j  FOR SALE FOB. SALE  ONE MODEL "A? motor com- TRUCK  for  sale,   1935  two-ton  plete with water cooled mani- Mapel  Leaf,   wood  rack,  new  fold and %" water pump. $80. flat  deck,  licensed.   J.   Stewart;  Apply J. Jonas, Selma Park.     30 Madiera  Park.                             32  FOR SALE FOR SALE ;  NUBONE corsets, expertly fit- SAWMILL  and equAprnent,   T20  ted. Mrs. F. French, Sechelt,      cat>   I.H.C.A.   cp^ditiq^, ^sepa-  BC 30 rately or as a unit.  Bo* 15,Se-  -1-1- ���������  cheit, B.C. 32  FOR SALE FOUND  COAL and wood burning range, ^TTTr-Tr Mn*-*-Y&l%SA ,��^i��^*^-,  good   condition.    $50.00.    B. QUICK relief for acid indigestion  Sands, Box 33, Halfmoon Bay.     c heartburn. Bis^a-Rex, 75c, $2.  ..���.'���'������ 31 Safe,  prompt,   effective.   Lang's  ;    _r   ' ; _' Drugs, Gibsons, B.C. 33  VETERANS CLUB  THE ARMY, Navy and Airforce  PERSONAL  CARPENTER     and  cabinet  maker,^ saw fihng, kitchen Veterans in Canada, Unit 276,  fitments, iiouse^and garden fur- Gambier Harbour (Licensed  niture.  Estimates^ given. ^Call Club)    invite    appncations    for  ���S^^Si? '3J& Vrurner'Dav* membership   from   all   Veterans  L  George H. Clay  Licensed Real Estate Agenl-.V;_;._''^.  Gibsons Landing, B.C. Phone Gibsons 8H  Local Representative of  H; A. RUPERTS and CO. LTD.  -������-' Vaiicoiiver, B.C.; ;"  We cover the  Peninsula and solicit your property,  large or small, for Quick Sale.  Waterfront,  Ranches,  Farms,  Homes/ Vacant Lots,  Property of Every Description for Sale by us.  See display board at our offices opposite the  Co-Operative Stores.  Gibsons Landing. B.C.  Insurance ��� Loans ��� Rents Collected  Courtesy and Promptness  Bay, Wilson Creek.  : 'Trompt Attention to Mail Orders!"  * RESTMORE FURNITURE:   Beds, Springs, Mattresses  * GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIA|ICES: Radios,  Refrigerators and Washing Machines  it FURNITURE:   Occasional Tables,  Cedar Chests, Lamps, Etc.  DOR AN S FURNITURE  WESTVIEW, B.C. ��� Phone 230  ^ including. P.C.M.R. Veterans. Every'Saturday % P.Mv^iuitii; 11:30  P.M�� -is club- night. Veterans and  their ladies invited to attend.   1-  FOR SAL?  BICYCLE $10.:00; Connos Hand  Washer as new $25.00; 19^8  Olds engine, complete $100.00; 2-  cycle 6-H.P. engine, $40.00; bed  complete, $20.00; Skiff with inboard, $100.00. Apply R. G. Hill,  Bargain Harbour. 32  FOR SALE  TWO-MONTH-OLD   pure    Irish  Setter pup, ready for sale. Call  Pender, 6S.  E. Pearson. 1  DIRECTORY  INSURANCE  GULP LINES LTD.  GULF LINES LTD.  PASSENGER AND  EXPRESS SCHEDULE OF  OPERATIONS  BETWEEN  VANCOUVER and WESTVIEW.   Calling at Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Pender Harbour, Vananda,  Blubber Bay, Lund, Bliss Landing, Cortez Island and Refuge Cove.  SCHEDULE No. &���Effective January 12th, 1948���Subject to Change Without Notice  Northbound  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday  Lv. Vancouver  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  9:00 a.m.  12:30 noon  6:30 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt  *  11:15 a.m.  11:15 a.m.  2:45 p.m.x  8:45 p.m.  Ar. Halfmoon Bay  12:15 noon  12:15 noon  3:45 p.m.  Ar. Pender Hbr.  No  1:15 p.m.  1:15 p.m.  4:45 p.m.  Ar. Vananda  North  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30p.m.  6:15 p.m.  Ar.. Westview  bound  2:30 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  2:30 p.m.  -4:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  12:00 mid.  Ar. Blubber Bay  Trip  ���'    ��� ���  3:15 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  Ar. Lund  '  -  8:30 p.m.  Leaves  Ar. Bliss Ldg.  9:00 p.m.  Westview  Ar. Seaford  .'v'  9:30 p.m.  Midnight  Ar. Refuge Cove  10:00 p.m. | Sunday*  Parr Pearson Agencies  General Insurance  Phone Pearson-Sawyer Office  Sechelt 21-Q - LSL  PLUMBING-HARDWARE  Hardware, Plumbing Supplies  Heating Necessities"  "Serving the Peninsula"  Marshall's  Hardware  Phone Gibson���13K  REAL ESTATE  SHOE REPAIRS  Specialist in Coast Property  Consolidated Brokers Ltd.  E. W. Parr Pearson  Gulf Coast Mgr., Sechelt  SHOES  RENEWED  Eric Knutson  Sechelt  TAXI  TAXI  xCALLS WILSON CREEK      NOTE: Times other than Westview and Vancouver are approximate.  Southbound  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Sat.  Sunday.  Lv. Refuge Cove  7:00 a.pi.  Lv. Seaford  -.  7:30 a.m.  Lv. Bliss Ldg.  8:15 a.m.  Lv. Lund  ���      -.'���������  No  8:45 a.m.  Lv. Blubber Bay  3:15 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  South  10:00 a.m.  Lv. Westview  teave  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  3:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m.  bound  11:00 a.m.  Lv. Vananda  Westview  2:00 p:m.  5:30 p.m.  2:00 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  Trip  11:30 a.m.  Lv. Pender Hbr.  Midnight  5:00 p.m.  ���'"���.���..". ��� ��� ���' ���  5:00 p.m.  1:15 pTm.  Lv. Halfmoon Bay  Sunday*  6:00 p.m.  6:00 p. to.  2:15 p.m.  Lv. Sechelt  ..���';.     ���'   ,-. '  7:00 p.m.  7:00 p.m.  3:15 p.m.  Ar. Vancouver  9:15 p.m.  10:30 p.m.  9:15 p.m. |  10:30 p.m.  5:30 p.m.  ���Vessel Departs Westview Midnight Sunday, calls Vananda 1:00 sun., arrives Vancouver 7:00 a.ra.  Ferry Wharf, Ft. Columbia St.  TA. 2141  Vancouver, B.C.  HARRY SAWYER  TAXI SERVICE  Phone Pearspn-Sawyer Office  Sechelt LSL  or Residence is SLSSS  PENINSU.LA CABS  24-Hour Service  WILSON CREEK and  SELMA PARK  Phone Sechelt 5C2  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  TRANSFER-TRUCKERS  JACK'S TRANSFER  Light, and Heavy Hauling  WTJ��ON CR_P-��  Phone Sechelt 15-U  General Hauljng, Freight  dairying, grave} Hayling  Try  WILSON CREEK  GARAGE LTD.  Phone Sechelt 3S  MIJMMU'AMP FMSI-  WELDING  BURNS and JAC^SQN  SAWMILL  Producer of Choice Lumber  '       _ In .AH Species  Wood and Sawdust  Phone Sechelt 15-M-2  Experts in Electric and  ^   Acetylene WelcU?ig  Silver Grille Service Station  Wilson Creek  Phone Sebhelt 15-B-2  -Jl Friday, February 6, 1948  THE COAST NEWS. SECHELT, B. C.  Page Three  Fleming had a surprise party for  women?) practicing for the walk-  parting as though they are really The Trail did well with G. Moun-  our  Gertie  McKee  and  what  a ing marathon.   Trying to peddle one   of   our   "boys",   not  just   a  By NETTIE HAMILTON  sey, Ma Johnson, Agnes McDon-  aid and Verdisio's bringing home  half the prizes. Cigarettes and  candy were served and later coffee and doughnuts were served.  So   we're  waiting  for  the   next  party.   Gertie'was quite worried to us they walked casually from miner or mucker  because her stocking had a run Browning Cabin to the. store in *    *' *  ���ttr^TT    11 ���_ ��� j   * and "a button was missing from 20 minutes.  I bet them it could-  WELL all it seems is a round of her dress but that's the fun of a n't be done and so far I haven't      Well the Beach Club certainly  parties. Isnt it nice to be pop-. surpr_se _sn't it. The evening was been out to find if I won or lost, had an all record bingo and how.  man un Inursday nigftt Mrs, i..   spent in paying court w___st, five but I have a feeling I'll win, but There was around 200 there  but  oingo.  tables.  The room reminded lis of who knows? oh what prizes.   Not that I' was *    *    *  spring with vases of red tulips *    *    * one  of  the  lucky  ones?   electric      Well folks I still could go on  and daffodils and by the way we      Mrs.  C. P. Browning took  16 ironS}    toasters,    silex,    Ronson   but I have written more than my  ate  we  all  had    spring  fever".   'Explorer"   girls   down   on   the lighter, shoes and scads of lovely   share,  so  for another   week  Til  What a spread, chicken, ham and Bonnabelle.   They had a special things.   No prize was under $5. say  cheerio, yours���Slim,  crab sandwiches,  cookies  galore  bus meet them at Horseshoe Bay  r  The  Wool Shop  Just Below Midway Store  Qualify Drygoods  Rock-Bottom Prices  Friendly  Service  Lowe's  Gibsons  Store  at the Wfearf  Halfmoon Bay  GROCERIES, MEATS.  FRUITS, VEGETABLES  GAS  ;h^5StaS3oidcj Qm*%  ,    FULL LINE OF  HOME OIL PRODUCTS  t  At THErTJOCK     f  MSRLENISH YOUR STOCK  Agents for  JB.C, AIRLINES  Make applications for  charter .service  and at least six different cakes and it took them all to see and  and all the trimmings. It was a hear Alec Templeton, which is  sight to see. Prizes were given a treat I or anyone would sure  to jthe whist winners who were enjoy. They thought it was won-  yours truly, first; and Mrs. Whar- derful when they all went to the  tori, consolation. Bess McKnight Hotel Vancouver to supper and  was the one with the lucky plate, then homeward bound. I believe  Then our Gertie was presented some were bus sick or too much  with a beautiful gold lapel watch to eat so all in all they had a  from her friends gathered there grand time and I'm sure they  that ijight. For once our Gert are all going to miss all these  was speechless (imagine that lovely trips and many kindnesses  one?) but she really was thrilled given to them by their friend  and thanked us all. While sup- Mrs. C. P.'Browning,  per  was   being  prepared,   Neita *    *    *  AckeH playedsome lovely piano Congratulations to the "Brisco  solos. .Anna Bacon read all bur Breeze" otherwise my rival pa-  cups and what a line she has, per. It's a hew school newspaper  especially to Hannah and hope Written l>y the school children,  she has found "Mr. P.?" IVle I had They issued -heir first paper last  .a J in iny cup and as someone week juid I enjoyed reading it,  said tdday ' they hadn't seen a so keep the good work up arid if  blush like mine for 20 years. (I I can be of any help to you, I'll  only nope my J is rich when I only be too glad to do so.  find him).   So with all the luck *    *    *  and success in the world to you Sorry to report the death of  both, Elmer and Gertie, we will .three miners this morning, Jan.  just say cherrio and riot good- 31st, and a fourth injured. A  bye as we know arid hope you'll rock slide caused their death,  be up to visit us. Oiir deepest sympathies are ex-  * " "* '���"'���' tended , to tlieir families.We're  Today, Friday, the office staif starting off 1948 badly ��� fcmr  presented our Gertie with a pair deaths in one month. I happened  of beautiful four-point Hudson to he at the Wharf to see our  Bay blankets. So no excuse for Gertie McKee off. I would like  putting cold feet on Elmer's back. to take this opportunity to tharik  Grbod luck from the office staff. Legionnaire Rev. McKay for his  ;v ^    *    * short, but beautiful little sermon  We have a couple of gals (super ne gave at the wharf just before   ��� V  -���'���-���  the   three    flag-draped   caskets  were put aboard the boat, each  with, a . beautiful poppy wreath. .  bit ^pp.:: Thanks $o the Canadian  Legion. The short service plus  wreaths are something that has  never been done 'before and it  was all so lovely I hope in future  it  will always be that kind of  TASELLA   SHOPPE  SECHELT  See Us for  LADIES AND MEN'S WEAR  SHOES ��� ALL TYPES DRYGOODS  MRS. C. CRUCIL  Closed all day Sunday and Monday  WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO.  CONTRACTORS  Glen. 0463*' Phone Mar. 3439  I3ULLDOZING, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, LAND  CLEARING, EXCAVATING, ETC.  Large Machines.  HD10 at Sechelt���-HD14C at Gibsons  SEE ED BAMFORD  Clay Chamberlin's  GIBSONS, B.C.   * .  mrWBmiixJ Birr  Opposite  Howe Sound  Trading  Gibsons Landing  Complete lirie of...  BEAUTY SERVICES  Doris Bedwell,  .rotor  Won't Waste Precious Hours  in SloW Travel!  j  -.  ACCOUNTING ��� INCOME  ���  REPRODUCTIONS ��� BUSINESS FORMS  ���  DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING  t^-  As a new resident Qn the Peninsula, I cordially  invite inquiries regarding bceouhfihg' and other  services.  :;;: ���;.. A. L. BRUY-CEEIi   ;  '  Seima>Park* BX. .  Collison's  BarberShbp  SECHELT  Due to slackness of business  during the day, barber shop  yvili be open evenings only  during the week and all day  Saturday.  Hours will be  Tuesday lo Friday  6:30 pjn. to 9:00 pan.  Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Safe Economical Seaplanes ��� Experienced Pilots  Air Express������Charter ��� Sightseeing  Timbercruising  TRY US ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO TOWN  For Rates and Information call  Associated Air Taxi Limited  Richmond 1481  or contact our local agents  Pearson and Sawyer, Sechelt  Phone Sechelt 21 Q or 9-C-4  P. G. McPherson, Gibsons  Phone Gibsons 2-A  ���A  m  IIHilMliniii  iiiinrim  I  i  Will  j��* mumaiuBirvn  Bank of Montreal  GIBSONS, B.C.  Sub-agency to The Main Office  500-520 Granville Si  Vancouver, B;C.  Bank at Gibsons and have the benefit of both a "towii"  account and full services *brought to the door*. Rates  and facilities exactly similar to those at the main office.  Tuesday^-10:45 a.m.���2:30 p.m.  Friday-^IO^S a.m.���2:3�� p.nu  Ask for our booklet, "Your Bank arid How You May  Use It" and "Services of the Bank of Montreal".  i  If Jack Frost Caught You Napping  See Us for Radiator Troubles ��� Cracked Blocks Cold Welded  I ��48 FORD TRUCKS  WITH MILLION DOLLAR CAB  Prices may rise���-get your Parts- Tires and Batteries now.  FOR SALE  1 large, slightly used Coleman Heater . $100.00  1  Packard 8 Motor, complete with radiator, suitable for stationary power  plant.   ---^--.-^   __  $150.00  After February 1st; we only make oil deliveries Mondays to Fridays.  SILVER GRILLE SERVICE STRTION  FORD AND MONARCH DEALER IN WILSON CREEK  &  IHUlHIIilSIIIIKII Page Four  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C.  Friday, February 6, 1948  By MARY SLINN  SHIRLEY   Fleming   from   North  Vancouver High is a new pupil  in grade nine.  We hope you like  it here Shirley.  * *    *  . School crests are now on sale  and there is a reduced rate for  the pupils of the elementary  school. t .  We're losing a good sport and  a good scholar in Ruth Westvand  who left last week. The basket-  bail  team  seems  weak   without  her.  * *    *  Two teams are being sent to  the meeting of the P.T.A. on Monday night to debate. The subject of the debate is "Would Humanity Be Better Off if Nobel  and others had not invented high  -explosives?"  * *    *  The Sechelt basketball teams  played with the Gibsons teams  on Thursday, Jan. 29. The girls'  score: Sechelt 10; Gibsons 25.  Eleanor Nelson and Gibson's Ruth  Norris were the high scorers.  The boys' game was close and at  half time the score was 9-9. Gibsons Pat Slinn, Barry Stewart  and Roy Wallis helped raise the  score so that the final was: Sechelt 11; Gibsons 19. Rudy Crucil  of Sechelt made many of Sechelt's  points.  Sechelt played a good game  and we're looking forward to our  visit to Sechelt.  * *    *  . Mr. Trueman, Mrs. Rankin and  Mrs. Knight selected the cast for  the plays which will be presented  sometime in March.  * *    *  The results of the elections for  the second term school officers  are: Eleanor Shaw, president;  Bill Prye, vice-president; Doreen  Shaw, secretary; Sheila Klein,  treasurer. We want to congratulate the first term officers for  the splendid job they did and  wish luck to the newcomers.  This is not exactly school news  but at the basketball game with  Squamish and Gibsons' senior  boys, Woodfibre was victorious.  The vscore, Squamish 61; Gibsons  47. Bill Docker played a good  game and brought in the most  points for Gibsons. The score of  the basketball game between  Gibsons and Woodfibre was:  Woodfibre 41; Gibsons 30. Again  Bill Docker was high scorer for  Gibsons. Jack Dunbar brought  in most of Woodfibre points. It  was a marvellous game and both  teams put up a good fight.  More than 120 students from 29  countries attended the International Student Conference to plan  a program of world student relief  for 1947-48.  By D. ERICKSON  1 HOPE the  readers  who  have  not yet collected the recipe for  the orange cake in this issue  will try this. It was given to  me by a Britannia friend and is  very good. Quite a change from  any other orange cake and grand  for  dad's lunch box.  ORANGE CAKE  Vz cup shortening, 1 cup white  sugar, 2 eggs,  % cup sour milk,  2 cups flour, 1 tsp. baking soda,  1 cup raisins, 1 orange.  Squeeze juice from orange,  put rind and pulp through food  chopper with the cup of raisins.  Cream fat with sugar, add eggs.  Sift flour and soda and add to  batter, alternately with fruit and  milk. Bake about one hour in  moderate oven, turn out, sprinkle  orange juice and sugar on cake  while warm. ��  Some time since we have seen  any reports about "flying saucers" but Mr. and Mrs. Veal saw.  two round silvery objects travelling at a fast rate toward the  city while they were gardening.  We wonder if anyone else in the  district reported on this.  ���   *    *    *  Mrs. Frank Luoma does not  want to start a gold rush in Gibsons but on cleaning a chicken  from there last week she found  two  small gold nuggets in the  crop.   Dave Bates thinks it was W^M^^^^^Mi^^^^^^^^^^^r^M^  from the prairie anyway.  $Iear the Stonewall (Prutt)  Jacksons got safely to the E. & G. WrWrrWrWrW^rlWM^Mr^^mriWmMrWmrMm  camp at.Toba. Got a piano now  so if and when they get this way  we can whip up music to dance  to.   Page Chuck Oldershaw.  Sorry to report Leslie Jackson  suffered a badly burned hand recently so no more gardening for  a while.  *    *    *  On behalf of local residents  and myself, I would like to extend our deepest sympathy to  Mrs. R. F. Whittaker, Mrs. D.  McLean and their families on the  passing away of a dear mother,  Mrs. E. M. Mahon on Christmas  eve. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Brewis  and myself called and it is a  pleasant memory to recall the  happy family gathering at the  Ron Whittaker house:  WORLD DAY OF PRAYER  The annual World Day of Prayer is to be held at the Gibsons  United Church, Feb.. 13, at 2:30  p.m. This is a joint effort of the  Protestant churches of the district and is under the auspices of  the Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada. The program has  been prepared by the members  of the World Day of Prayer committee of the United States, and  is both interesting and helpful.  A soloist arid guest speaker will  be; present : . . plan to attend and  ask a friend to join you.  THIS second  epistle,  beloved,  I  now write unto you; in both  which I stir up your pure minds  by way of remembrance: That ye  may   be  mindful  of  the   words  which were spoken before by the  holy prophets and  of the commandment of us the apostles of  the Lord and Saviour:  Elnowing  this first, that there shall come  in the last days scoffers, walking  after their own lusts, and saying,  Where is the promise of His coming?   For  since ��the fathers  fell v  asleep, all' things cpritiriue as they  were from the beginning of the  creation.   For this they willingly ,  are ignorant of, that by the word  of God the heavens were of old,  and the earth standing out of the i  water and-in the water: -Where- j  by the world that then was;be- |  ing overflowed with water, perr $  ished:   But the heavens. and: the j  earth, -which.* are   nowy  by ' itheJl  same word are kept in store, re*f]  served unto fire against the day^  of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.  But, beloved, be not  ignorant of this one thing, thati  one  day is with the Lord as d{j  thousand years, arid a thousand  years as one day. ^ The Lord d<&,  not slack concerning his..'promise  as some men courit slackness; bulj  is long suffering to uswjard; riot  willing- that �����: any should perish'  but that all should come to re|  pentance.���2�� Peter 3:  1-9; >  ill  $215  with  Reservoir  !'������ i  ,  Watch for the  Opening of Our  NEW FURNITURE  STORE  10% DISCOUNT  TO VETERANS  Commonwealth Kettae . 4.95  CASCO  CHAIR  9.45  ���  CASCO  FOLDING  CHAIR  14.75  BABY CARREAGES  Special ..'./;' . v. 34.50  4-pce. BEDROOM SUITE  ��� ��� ���. ���  189.50  SUNSET  HARDWARE  GIBSONS  Phone Gibsons 2U2 Friday, February 6, 1948  THE COAST NEWS. SECHELT, B. C.  __Page Five  By MRS. S. McGILL  THE teachers and pupils of the  Port Mellon are to be complimented on the lovely school con-  f   cert put on in the school during  the holiday season.   It was well  attended by the parents  of the  community.  The annual community concert was put on by the  P.T.A.   The   children   won  high  praise from all those who attend-;  y ed.  Much credit is due not only  to -the children but to those mem-  f bers of the P.T.A. who devoted  ,   their time and effort'to the teach-  >' ing and co-ordination of the tal-  >j ents of the childrem  '      The four new homes up on the  '_ hill are occupied now and they  f are  indeed lovely  homes;   Also  the Bremerton duplexes are com-  ,, pleted and occupied.  ���       ",'���:������������'.���' ������*.'��� -���*    *-   '���"������ ���  Our  local  emergency  hospital  , will >soon be completed and will  be in charge of Dr. Ployart.  ,���' : ���������   *   ���  .*' ���������������'* L  '- Our visitors last week were Mr.  '/and Mrs. J. Aull and Mr. R. Smith  vfrom Middletown, Ohio.  r.   -. :.    ' '���������   .   ���;.'*'���������:*..���::���:*������"  4 A Burns supper was put on  ? Jan. 24 under the auspices of  = Burns Club. The Haggis was piped in by Mr. A;>McLean ��nd Mr.  f'Gr. Menzies of Vancouver. A concert and dancing -was held after  a^dca.^vety good time was had  by all.  v'V::' v-';' .. .,   -  The P.T.A. will be having Dr.  Kilpatrickfrom Vancouver giving a lecture at their meeting in  February.  *    *    ��  i Our annual Klondyke dance  will be put on March 13 and the  men of the community have already begun to grow their beards  as there are prizes for the best  one. r   .f , '*.-   i  W        ���**��� W  The W.A. is/putting v on a pa-  saar on Feb. 11 at 7:30 in the  evening. A good attendance is  ixpected.  SECHELT SCHOOL NEWS  ;���.,��� By US'N        ���  5ECHELT -- We would; iifcg to  congratulate Gibsons on their  ronderful basketball teamsv^We  ish that we could have nail-, the  fconveniences they have. Although  five lost both games; last Thurs--  lay we still had a lot of fun. Th��  jirls' game ended 'with- a score  >f 25-10 in Gibsons favor. Nellie  felsori; was  Sechelt's  star with  six points and Ruth Norris came  through   for   Gibsons   with   11  >oints.  Gibsons triumphed again  fn the, boys', game with a score  )f 11-19.   Rudy Crucil was our  [star. with eight points and Roy  [Wallis   and  Pat   Slinn  tied  for  ribsons with four points each.  Pro-rec opened again last Tuesday arid we hope we ��et a good  crowds from,, now on. Come on  girls, don't, you think we'd look  good a,few pounds lighter. A  little coihmunity spirit would go  i*ood too.  ��� *    *,   ���  The Dramatic Club has a number of plays ready to start prac-'  ticing with. ��� Not that it, isn't  about time.  [POET'S CORNER  TO MY VALENTINE  Roses, are red,  Violets are blue,  Sugar is sweet,-  And so- are you.  By F.D.  Officers have been elected for  P.C.M.R. Unit No. 276 of the  Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada for the coming  two years. President, Capt. Francis Drage, J.P.; secretary, S. J. W.  Adkiris; vice-presidents, Joe  Mitchell and C. H. Lugren; executive, G. F. Jones, D.C.M., C. A.  Lett, J.P., Frank Heay, R. S.  Gates, K. Alexander, F. Lewis,  J. H. O'Neil, E .R. MacDougall.  Sergeant at arms, Gust Lurid.  A license has been* granted the  Veterans Memorial Hall, operated  by i the Army, Navy and Air  Force Veterans for the sale of  beer. Every Saturday night is  club^night and all veterans, their  ladies; and friends are ��� cordially  invited. The hours are from 7:00  until 11:30. The hall is well  lighted by electricity and has  central heating. Games and music are supplied and refreshments  are  served.  The Army; Navy and Air Force  Veterans have been very pleased  at visits from members of the  Canadian Legion from Port Mellon and Gibsons Landing and  hope to see other members of  these organizations and their  friends at an early date.  The Ladies' Auxiliary of the  Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada are giving a  ivhist drive and dance at the Veterans Meinprial Hall on Jan. 28.  Proceeds are in aid of the funds  of the auxiliary. The president,  of the auxiliary is Mrs. G. F.  Jones; vice-president,__ Mrs. F.  Bourne and secretary, Mrs. J. W.  Boyd.; '   .  Messages of goodwill arid autographed photos for the new Memorial hall have been received  frorii^the ���.to^oy^iiig: His Excellency Field Jrtarshall Alexander,  I^apM_l_iiraK The ^__MS_&  \vmsthi_ Churchill, Gen. Dwight  D. Eisenhauer and Field Marshall  Viscount Montgomery of Allee-  maine.  The new residence of Jack Adkiris at Gan ibier Harbour is how  well on til* way to completion.  Gust Lurid has been working oh  the construction;   ':  Jack Grennan arid his wife Isabelle are completing their new  dwelling at N6w Brighton-Gambler Island. .       >  Art Galpin, the ijitiderson brothers and Bill Spendlove have  opened up their iiew logging  camp at Brigade Bay, Gambier  Island. They are old friends of  the residents of Gambier Island  and we are glad to welcome them  back again.  *   .���    *  The Freeman Logging Co. has  moved their operations from Hal-  kett Bay to-West Bay, Gambier  Island. Gunner Freeman has for  soma, years past conducted logging operations on the island and  we wish him continued success.  That bids despair depart  And kindles many a ray, oi hope  Iii many a maiden's heart.  For there is magic in .these words,  For everyone to share,  The gift of good St., Valentine  To lovers everywhere.-  " Roses are red,  Violets are blue,  Sugar is sweet, V  And so are you.  'Enrietta 'Obbs,  Pender. Harbour  IT IS important to have happy  meals���or, as the experts put  it: "Psychological gratifications  derived from pleasurable meals  are as important to health as are  the very vitamins and minerals  essential to our diet." Eating,  according to the authorities,  should not be allowed to become  a chore, an ordeal nor a race  against time.  And   it   is   equally   important  that surroundings be pleasant  and clean when we eat. Those  who make a specialty of suchy  studies, tell us that cleanliness is  as desirable for its pleasing (and  therefore   beneficial)    effect.  Jit must have been St. Valentine - ���  Who wrotelhe words above There   were   734760   occupied  A simple little nonsense rhyme, _.....,.-.    _      ,   .���-._-.���������    ^ ,  b dedicate to love.   ' farms m Canada in 1941, accord  ing to a census of that year, as  simple little nonsense rhyme, compared with 728,664 in 1931.  Sechelt School District No. 46  Statement of Receipts and Expenditures for Period  January 1st to December 31st, 1947  JANUARY 1st, 1947  Cash on. hand and in bank __: $ 8,618.42  Summary of Revenue Accounts  Current Revenue J  Taxes, Rural $49,789.00  Sale Books . ___���____���_______-________���_���_-____       537.31  Sale Supplies ������        435.97  ;"������  Rentals ���_--___���-_���___ _���        784.90  ', Donations ���:_         230.50  Miscellaneous Revenue ~~        109.27       $51,886.95  Government Grants  Basic Grant _-____���--__-���--__-__-_  23,780.40  Transportation ___-__���_.-___-���     2,958.97  Building _________________:.___.___      1,391.70  Fundamental Equipment .___ ��� ~        379.75   ������28,510.82  89,016.19  Expenditure  Administrative Accounts  Secretary Salary   Office Expense  Trustees Expense  I ���"���:-'���  Instruction Account  Regular Teachers' Salaries ���  Substitute Teachers' Salaries  Teaching Supplies ~ . _--.  list rat ion.  tBooks and Li brary Suppl ies  Sports  _-���.____���_-______________.  960.00  426.91  1,091.28  40,442:77  261,50  2,080.87  1200  %:\,W 5; 10  609.47  2,478.19  Operating Account  Janitors' Salaries _.  Janitors' Supplies  Fuel _-___- __  Light and Power ___________  Water  _________________________  4,919.70  599:29  1>520.42  429.94  198.72  45,021.71  Auxiliary Services Account  Health Services    "Transportation ___________  Tuition Fees ___. ��� ______  Board and Lodging Allowance ���  1,099 82  7,663.95  168.50  461.25  7,668.07  Maintenance of School Plant and Grounds Account  Ground Maintenance . - __  Building Repairs and Maintenance   Maintenance and repairs'of  fundamental equipment ~   9,393.52  32596  2,287.21  333.38  Fixed Charges  Insurance  2,946.55  Workmen's Compensation Board _.____.  Rents .^  Unemployment Insurance __  Capital Account  Sit^s dnd improvements  construction  86.08  298.66  968.25  56.74  Buildings, a Iterations-and additions  Slew Fundamental Equipment .  458.40  527.13  1,128.15  3,142.09  1,409.73  District Funds on Hand at close of term  Cash in Bank, Savings Account  -���_.    9,519.28  Cash on hand and in Bank, current account ____    5,323.37  5,255.77  74,173.54  14,842.65  $89,016.19  GEa A. AAARSPEN, Chairman ANNE BURNS, Secretary-Treas.  R; TELFORD, Auditor Page Six  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT, B. C..  Friday, February 6,  1948  By LILLIAN McPHERSON  Apparently all incubated their pedestrians. Joe Shutz gets a  measles for a uniform period, taxi . . . and the Lang family  and "hatched out en masse". Sor- acquire transportation ... and  ry, Doc. Allan, but little bugs possibly, Joe gets a new custom-  will be little  bugs.   Reports in- er.   Looks like good business ito  NOT ONE little, two little, three  dicate   that   all   are   recovering me.  How did you do it, Joe?  little Indians   .   .   .   but  39  of  without serious complications and *    *    *                         ...          .   ,          .     ,    . ., ,    -,  them ... and all with measles, that the epidemic has been con- A flying visit .  . . when Len thl? 3^eekior a_.ho^ visit to Mr*  ^Tliat was the latest development fined to the school itself. Griffith called in to see his sis-  at the Indian school at Sechelt                          *    *    * ter, Mrs. S. Lamonte, for a few  on the day that they might have      A  f_re__all  committee  of  five hours Sunday,  and then dashed  been   released  from   quarantine. Eric   IngliS)    Clif   Leach>   Dicj_ off to his tug again.  Fitchett,  By   PEARL   PUNNETT  MR. AND Mrs. Wes Graham of  Vancouver   Island   were   here  arid Mrs. Pete Wood.  ;*      *      *  Mr. Billy Glenn of Seattle was  here for the weekend to visit his  mother.  There are more than 5,000 species of bivalves���marine life of  which oysters are a member.  *  Hassans9  GENERAL  Store  PENDER HARBOR  Groceries ���- Meats  Drygoods ��� Drugs  Hardware  *  Fishing Tackle  Independent Fish  Buyers  ���  Ship Chandlers  *  Home Oil Products  at  HASSANS' WHARVES  'Miss Molly McKirdy and Miss   ,   Ben   Knight,   and   W.       A     __       '-.,,'���>     L-,.,  Skellet, have been appointed by      Another neyr baby for Gibsons  the directors of^the Ratepayers'  ��� ��� ��� ^5? shall be peeing you p McKav    of    Vancouver  Acrqoriatinn to d?aw 'nn nlan^ for at the Clinic, no doubt, Roberta  ^ny*lls    ivicivay    oi     Vancouver  Association to draw up plans tor Norris has come home with were   weekend   visitors   of   Mr.  the new hall, and proceed with uiane iNoms nas come nome wim and Mrs   James McKirdv  the work immediately. According her proud Mama, Mrs. Bob Norris ana Mrs- Ja���e% Memray.  to  Fire Chief Eric Inglis,  these   <Ef��e Stewart).  Congratulations      The  elusive  cotlgar V caught  plans  may  include  a  recreation �� the Norris's and best wishes ^t.e���  ^g�� weeSbf  room to hold small social gath- ��� a11- ^    *    * setting   traps,   Walt   Green  was  erings, and provide the boys with i . iq<;iman is ^ at last rewarded by finding one  a retreat for their leisure hours.  J b0��ry ^-J*'.^issiman is un-; g the cat caiiffht  The building will- be of two-stor-   der the weather . . . hope it is not r1 znrm.IUifa Dy Inf caJ fau^r  ine Duiiamg wm oe ot two-stor- ^ri0us    and   vou   are   OK   by its front paw.   A shot soon  ey construction, if plans material-  to��   benous��   ana   ��� .v finished it off  ize,  and will be located on the soon. ^    ^    ^ It came back nightly to an old  corner of  the  Sechelt  Highway      Rpnorf_ ���_r   ���ew   friend   aisused chicken house on vacant  adjacent to the phone office. _/rKePorts --0" our neJf frieiJ_V nronertv oVerlbokirie Lake Kil-  rieflrinfr nf the lot win he mm- Mrs. Lew Reid are good, and she proPeily ovenooKing J^^e^ ivii  Clearing ot tne lot wiiroe com- makinff recora _>roi_ress in her Jarney. It wasn't very large,  pleted, and foundation laid, and 1S z9aK3^. fecom P^o^ess inner weiffhiri_. 105 bounds but it sure  it is expected that building will Post operation recuperation. ,; -..~2_'Zr^lr^^^  commence within a fortnight.. It Barb 'Graham has brought for some months arid evaded the  is up to you to get out and sup-  a ^^Jj^^Jf^ cougar hounds when they were  ^ManrYou're Crazy  Forget yot_r age. Thousands are peppy at 70. Try  "popping up" with Ostrex. Contains tonic for weak,  rundown feeling due solely to body's lack ol iron  which many men and women call "old." Try  Ostrex Tonic Tablets for pep. younger feeling, this  very day. New "get acquainted" size otitj/ *0c.  For sale at all drug stores every where.  Selma Park  Hairdre^ing  A Coinplete  Service  DOLLY  JONAS  Phonie for Appointriients  enterprising   young �� ��� ~ ��� ���  ��_.^^er^ass W;��** last^ummer and^again  tickets   to   the  Firemen's   dlnce inJ^prelimipary tests  * the. ��j?M��J***g��J?f ^  *  March 20, now.  *  World's Most Versatile Gasoline Marine Engine  The 61 Horsepower Sea-Jeep  4 Cylinder���-Direct or Reduction Drive  port   these  volunteer  firemen  so  buy  your  A?o7TTs.^"gel?cnlor Talent" held Pays to be patient, eh?  in St. Aridrews Wesley Church;   ��� :    ���' .    ~~      ~~"   ~~"  Mrs. S. Berin has returned irom Vancouver. She will return to MONTREAL ��� Emilio Diaz-  a visit of several weeks in Van- fmf m tne second preliminary Romero, Bolivian consul-general  couver at the home of her son *ests ��� ���. ���_and we are _hopmg Bar- here, said that several thousand  and daughter-in-law, Mr. and bara will be able to do-it again. shovels are badly rieeded in Bb-  Mrs. Percy Benn. ������ A        ��_���'*-,'������'��.'   ,   livia by men workinig on railroads  *    *    * A new secretary,Mr.G. Friend, arid that fe is havirig cbnsider-  Another car to confuse the poor has beenA aPP?1?.ted to thf. Rate" able difficulty in arrarigirig pur-  ���-^^=r payers' Association executive  on   chases on the Canadian market.  the   resignation   of   Mrs.   Eileen   '���   Nestman, who had assumed that  post at the recent election, on  the understanding that she would  hold it 911 a temporary basis.  ".^���.-.'.^���^���^r-  Haddock s Ei  .  engineering  PENDER HARBOUR, B.C  Opiomelxisf  GIBSbifS  Ofricie^Hours:  9:00 ^.m. to 5;00 p.nl.;  Evenings by Appointment  Every day except Thursday  Harley C Anderson  NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN  .' at  GIBSONS, B.C,  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  9 a.m. to o p.m.  at SECHELT, BC  Tufesdays, Thti_c^a^ and Saturdays  12 noon until 4:30 p.m.  SECHELT ANNEX  Roommates . . . P. G. McPher-  sbn's real estate office and Les  Peterson's; printing and office  ,supplies. ... . Mr.^Petersori moved,  iii^eK 1 r V . and from nowf on  the Mrs. P. Vyill take your orders,  sir..  ��� * ���  *    *' ������  Basketball..; Gibsons lost to  Woodfibre to the tune of 41 to 36  at the Saturday evening game  arid tt was said that better team  work and niore practice would  have helped bur side. It was a  spirited game, throughout, how^-  ever, and all good fun. Sorry  Woodfibre could not have stayed  to finish out ziKe evening at th��  local dance.  Come again.  The University of Copenhagen  is about J50d years old, and until  1933 when the University of Aar-  hus was btiiit, was Denmark's  only umversity.  Btihg TbWr^lpwr JobstoU^!^  Bobt.To���-ks# Warm Air Heating Furnaces Repaired  Range and Heater Repairs  CHICKEN FARM EQUIPMENT  GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPE  AIR CONDITIONING  Sheet Metal   Wo^  Lourie Speck, Gibsons Phone Gibsons 14R  \   1    t   * ' \    c''  BULLDOZER  FOR HIRE  o     Land Clearihg  Basemehts ��� Excdvated  Roads Built; Etc.  Albert \ jEf. anrpth  ^Bferts Creek  . >*����� -  L  Ship By Gull Lines  ~ ~~ ��� -^        - -    -   1   ���     ���1���  1���  11 11       . ������       ~       -_���-------_------.-------------  \   Freight Service  MV. Gulf Trader offers fast freight service three times  weekly, with fully refrigerated cargo space if desired.  Shipments must be at Packers Dock, Vancouver, by ,  34 p.m. day of sailing.  Lv. Vancouver      Lv. Vancouver  Wed., 4 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender Hbr.,  Thursday  EXPRESS SERVICE  Regular Gulf Lines passenger sailing schedules offer  fast express service daily from Vancouver. Specify  GULF for better service.  STANDARD RATES ��� CAREFUL SERVICE  Shift, &4f Q**ty -��&t&4> !  Monday, 4 p.m.  Ar. Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender Hbr.,  Tuesday  Lv. Vancouver  Friday, 4 p.m.  Ar* Sechelt,  Halfmoon Bay,  Pender Hbr.,  Saturday  Les Peterson  GIBSONS  ; l^rti^ind Casualty Insurance  Busii|��ss and Personal Printing  Off ice: E^uipm^iif and Supplies  Typewriter Sales and :Rentals  v  ; r.  ��� _rJ'^r  ��� Groceries  ��� Fresh Meats and  ��� -.Vegetables %;:<���;,  .. :t^Hardw:_uEe-c--^  .^.Sih^fiv.dil'-- :  ��� Fish Camp  Pender Harbour  * ?  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Mcpherson  find all the makings of a hair-do, a three-a-day chore since they  from the perm, kits to the afore- put the lid on my rabbit food ...  mentioned shampoos. frozen food at the cafe is a help  Then with your hair all up you and may perk up a tired business  can swing into action on your man. Found some sticky * seeded  spring cleaning campaign. Just raisins at the store down the  check up on the paint situation road ... and while there could  Brvnpknn   travpllim* in his own ^n is aoi as goua as 11 use_ io   ATi-mro   ^ **v -*u at  the  hardware   merchants  for not help but wonder out loud why  IESfcarf Jfiwf^^ffio^ be- There is still some money to AFTi_R battling with my own latest news. And here, sternly to it could not be a "brouse and  i^iffAml^L^���; ��e made but government restric- ,h_frH*��s for this past month myself, I say, "go thou and do basket, cash and carry" propositi fls^mai\s Cove Pu} waj tions are more severe and fur ��* Sundays (and it is quite easy likewise". With literally thous- tion. For me, clerks pedalling off  ���iS ?uk Y r TX a5am��m5* prices are too low. He says there to see who won) ��� ��� ��� l was ands of square feet of new wood in four directions on a 50 cent  ���made the balance of the trip with wm  haye tQ  fee  an increase in  prompted to do a bit of research  a-thirsting for its coats and coats,  order is something for S.P.C.A.  *          "���'***��� fur prices before it will be worth ??" ���epsu%ec? and come up with (right  down to its  unnerwear),      The yard good shop next door  ��                                          +.       . while again,                                        *he mfo- *hat several who have I am reluctant as the proverbial is doing okay with fheir orders  Some time ago we; mentioned *    *    *                          been much more successful than dragon to start it.  But in justice an(i Work is good   materials are  that there was a sailing boat in _                               I   (who could be less,  sez you) to the new furniture items you even less in orice'than Van  there whose owner was worth a Mr  and Mrs. Tom Ramsay re-   . . . have used some of the new are bound to" buy at the big Feb. 7nT ttey   have   some   attractive'  story.   He is but it would take turned to-the city aboard their  shampoo  preparations   and  they sale  you will  have to  start  on Unens                                attractive  many columns to tell it.   How- boat, Smuggler II.  They will re-  say Prell has quite a number of the walls, and I mean more than      ^'irta7   ��,���    v      ���       '���    w  ever, the owner, I. Leonard,was turn m a few days.    ���                    advantages ... in a tube, it can't the de-cob-webbing too                ���    BfLg    S   Ty keePm-5 a��eye  formerly   a   ship's   carpenter  on ,"                     *    *    *                         spill, and is less expensive, and D_qy_~.  on{_'   f    *'       "v wpalr    on the table counter at the dress  the   Lady   Kindersley,   Hudson's Ralph and David Grover have very  efficient.   Could  be  noted __- lsneS' on_e,S\my_ma,ny,w,eaK:  sh��P-   Tne smaU fry will appre-  nesses  Bay Co. supply shiP:   With him gone to the city/for a few days that this gal Doris -away on the ^Tt\\\.c\ '^^mX^^l^tr^r1 ciate the bundles of very neces~  L~ -^ */���^��� VMi.���_ tr������_    +~  .��,.,.��+;.,+._   +i.~   ~-.i~   -.*   4-u-.,���-.  i���_��-���Aw   ;-   ,*-.,���-.-,   ~,,-.   local I00',^?/011,^,113^^.?PPor;  sary squares  . .  . now that wet  s shipmate was Oliver; Hanson,  to   negotiate   the   sale   of   their honeymoon   is   doing   our  Secret Cove.   In  1924; ^about 30 farm in Alberta.- pharmacist a good turn . . . _Wi .n_e_~q��� 01_tfit vn��� nq{_ iT, thp a 1Y1  krii^s^ of,Point Barrow^ the .,,*,-....,.���,,.. 'tis at his - establishment you can ^j^9^3^^ "^g1)  ..ady Kmdersley was caught m      F4or the past few days; there has .....*���.   v...  for  lU^y *��_SC?e the old Wts and ,weather makes laundry problems.  _*,*.           *_. For _y_ama        nylons ... or may  be  a  dress  like  the black with  ;he ice and later abandoned. Air- been thick ice on^ the"Cove down might call this a summer day."^wurSySto^ItooMht colored  i^T**011 Pleat  panels  *  rather  )lanes were called to bring the at the northern end and around      We discovered that both of us  ones would induce me and mine  on the sale rack, too.  So, this is "30" for this week,  frew out. the government float,- For a time were in Manitoba during the big "to   rise   earlier   I   should go   in       jw'. "1 "    ��"    iUi   "lia- wcexv>  Mr. Leonard then returned to it looked as if- it. .too. might make winter of 1906-7 when the snow ..search of a "fire-engine" red col-  and by- the way' watch our ads  le Arctic  as  a trader  and for a firie se"*" -* ~*��� -----  *  ���������   ���> * ��� -  ���   ,,      .      .   ������_    ..       ���  Imost a quarter of-a century he Kabloona. /The ice was heaving of Winnipeg that one could only  furniture are on sale at the big  a fine setting rfor a scene from was piled up so high in the streets lection.   Those  dishes,  and that 1," *' w.ha\ lf .*mssed ��u.t here, is  ���    .-.                              -         Kabloona. /The ice was heaving of Winnipeg that one could only furniture are on sale at the big ,   ere in detai1 ��� ��� ��� and you will  avelled the frozen wastes deal-  and -grinding,/along   the   booms. see the trolley poles of the street hardware store upstairs . . . along know where to get ll for sure"  \g with the Eskimos and white and auring the low tides at night cars, while walking; on the side- with those pottery hosses I talk - ���  appers.   His  last post  was  in it crackled and crashed as it broke walks.  He had a farm at Plumb to every time I.go upstairs . . .  ��� ������   oronation Gulf. over the rocks. However, a brisk Coulee about 500 yards from the so  far my  sales  resistance  has  Quring his stay in the North, south-easter broke it up and in village, the time was late fall in only slipped and we just neigh at  -:  Leonard  met   Gontrand  de less than six hours the. Cove was 1906 and the evening clear and one another, but I can't hold out  mcin, author of thei best seller,  clear again,  "abloona", a story: of life with  fe Eskimos.  It was at this time  heard .that his former ship-  ite, Hanson, had been drowned  Cape Scott.  )n his way down to Vancou-  GRANTHAMS  LANDING  By JIM RENNIE  SEA BUS LINES  : ;:>^-- i-":-:::- ui^ij_i*to:v:X:". -.;-.-;.=���';--;--"_  Twice Daily Service  ||_.y. Gibsons ��:0Q a.m.  and 2:45 p.m.  ^. Fisherr^fi*siiC6Ve ���  pacific    Stqg^s^ connect  vith  all  trips at  Fisher-  llnan's  cold and not a cloud in the sky. forever.  After the chores were done my      Which reminds me, when I left  friend walked over to the hotel a  saddle  to  be  refitted  with  a  for ^a game of cards and ^within new "girdle" that^ias nothing to  an hour or so the night ^ecame do with the new look} at our Iocal  a howling blizzard that lasted for shoe   store   repair   man,s   busy  ^^^^^^���^���^^^^^^������^^ three days. shop,   I   found   some   very   nice  ^^^���"^^^^^^^^^���^^     When the folks got out it was shoes . .  . inexpensive, because  AN   IRISH  philosophical -'friend through   the   roof   arid   all  that they are samples.  If you have a  of mine whoiyi I knew while c��uld be seen of the village were size 4 foot they are practically  livmg o^1;hC^ all yours.   Saw some black kid  once:   "YqU/ sltbi|lcl���: itever have^.    On. reaching   home   his   farm ones  that appealed to me,  and  been a^farmer;jim~ypu are al- consisted  of  s^ knew   how   the   step-sisters   of  ways looking? up the ��f 'a-."'h6le in the snow. .Luckily  Cinderella felt . . ; even without  ha^ hfel^^$h^ Slj^xon me al- in those days fuel and water Was^ the   Prince,   which   must   have  right^^?:^^lopj_^^rp8[d"haV its stored: in th�� celJlar;^ Two yeais" been an added attraction, though,  thrills;,; ^l^li&re ^i|Q^s: iit; lead J smd later wi^trsrv^led; along the rig^it a doubtful bargain.  wto^shM i;^^ Frames   for   the   really   good  they; cbiri(B fronif Ty ^ o now on display for sale  Today'  wp   i^et���fce   stranger the bphes; of thousands of cattle in the local real estate office are  iarid,:i_7:'-It-s-l"^ that had been sniothered in snow; to be found at the Fifteen. There  I ^id.  "Well," he! replied, "I am drifts. Yesi it's a summer day in too, a good stock of bias fold, new  from  the  Peace!^^ Reiver  and y/e Granthams. knitting books and valentines.  *    *    * Best wool you'll find up tha'  The   Granthams   fire   brigade Hil1 ��� ��� ��� ^^ which does not  had a workout on Feb. 1 and we shrink, and pastel Jumbo,  understanding the fire engine is      Groceries  are  still  worth  the  in working order again, which is  walking up for ... if you doubt  good news to all of us who had &> try &- Which reminds me we  For Immediate Delivery  One Brand New 2T/2 Ton  Maple Leaf Truck  equipped with 2-speed  back axle.  WILSON CREEK  GARAGE LTD.  Wilson Creek  GIBSONS  Your Hair Is Your Crowning Glory - - - Keep  It RadiaBtt, Healthy and Well Groomed l  TON I HOME PERMANENT:   Complete kit with  plastic curlers ���___���___���-____________���-���-__  Small Kit -_-__-_-  Refill -for above ___���  CHARM KURL -__-  SILQC/E -CREAM SHAMPOO���  PRELL SHAMPOO in a tube _L  WILDROOT CREAMOIL  BRYLtREEAA __-_-__ii  $2.50  4, $150  ^$1.25  ____ $1>00  89c. 63c  ���___���59c  PLASTIC HAIR BRUSHES ���  HUDNljt'SMfJR BEAUTY RITUAL  H.Q.Z. HAIRJRINSES -_^__���-_.._.���_.  LC^U5^^ --__-,-^. -���--, L^  NYLBlM:''H0k. NfT? ^^^.-..^.^  HUAAAN HAIRNETS ,���_:___-__---_-���  2��S dn*i 49<c  '- $2.49  _ $1.25  ��� 2%  ^-3$c-  .___: 10c  _ -20c  VITAL!? W^|R "IPNIC _-__--__-__���_,___  MODERN G^NIE HOME PERMANENT  53c, $1.07  ________ $2.95  a bad scare some time ago.  * *    *  Mrs.   A.   Farquhar   has   been  spending a holiday with her son,  Mr. Jack  Docker, and his wife  at Powell River.  ��� ���'���-���-  We regret'to hear that Mrs.  McLean, wife of Capt. McLean  of Soames Point, is indisposed  and is under the doctor's care in  Vancouver.  *''.*���*''.  There's a lovely stretch of road  between Grantham's wharf arid  on to Hopkins Landing where I  take my daily walk. The other  day I remarked to a neighbor  | that the road had settled and  was much easier to walk on and  hoped that the road men would  leave it alone, but alas no such  luck. Along comes a grader and  tears up the? roaji leaving^ behind  a path of stones and mud.  I also noticed a man dig out  the ditch which carries the water  off the roadway tq a cidvert.  The grader simply put back the  dirt arid stones * into; the ditch,  choking it once more���a day's  work wasted.  If the gr^cler has to be used to  keep it iri condition I wish Mr;  Pilling would order it sdiriewhefe  else and leave this particular  piece of road which used to he  a pleasure to walk; on*.to settle  into the lovely road it was years  aga As it is one may as well  walk along the beach where  stones are or would be expected.  must eat, and that it has become  Briggs-Stratton In boa rds  Evinrude Outboards  Small   Boats���Equipment  Several Used Outfits  At CITY PRICES  GIBSONS  MARINE SALES  Gibsons, B.C.  SPECIALS  AT MODERN   DRESS  SHOP  STARTING FEBRUARY 5th  Nylons ��� ������-���������- pair $1.35  Girls' wool check and plain Skirts, 4, 6, 10 yrs., $3.00  Plastic Koroseal Rain Coats and Kerchief ��� $4.50  Blue and pink Bunny Bags $1.45  Leggings ��� $1.75  Infants Mitis ��� ~_ pair 15c  and host of other articles.  REDUCTION ON B.ETTER DRESSES  Shop Here and Save Money . . . Under City Prices  Mrs. J. Clay, Prop.  Marshairs Hardware  Phone Gibsons 3-K  Kitchen  ��� �� ��� ��� ���  ������������������  White Toilet Seats and Cover  Gibsons, B.C.  11.95 up  6.50  ��� ��� ��� ��� ���  See our Stock and Display of Plumbing Fixtures  We have Galvanized Pipe and Fittings in Stock  ROOFING: 45-lb., 103 sq. ft.. _,   ROOFING: 55��!b.  Roll ___  $3.55 Page Sight  THE COAST NEWS, SECHELT. B. C.���  Friday, February 6, 1948  MORE ABOUT a kitchen chair���surely they don't  PROJECTIONISTS expect me to supply chairs in a  _. M��pV��_--w      ^      w _��� w hall w_-ere j pay rent. One would  (Continued jrom Page 1) think that a show once a week  pictures, but of course not new would  be  a nice break  for  the  releases.   Examples are, all Bet- people in these outlying commun-  ty Grable's technicolor musicals, ities���but too many seem to think  "Song of Bernadette",  "Keys of that they're too good to go and  The Kingdom", "A Tree Grow's sit on a bench with their fellow  in  Brooklyn"   and   "Call  of  the neighbors    and    enjoy    a    good  Wild". .-.���-!��*��        +-.*-:-,       *  In  Yet!  night?s entertainment.   All I can  the   theatre   world   fellows *?y   1S  these   people   should   be  like  myself   are   referred  to   as de*��  and  buried  "Jack Rabbits" and we are not Shows fr? not **? s stuff' The��  liked by  large theatre  concerns are entertainment for young and  because they figure we cut down old-     l    kno^   of    dozens     in  their business m the cities which *%* ^^^ ^fJ,^  I   think   is   pure   foolishness. , I Jho have *eve* attended a per-  think   we  build  up   a   potential ^"^^h^^,S^Z^^  movie audience for them.   This  at least they could support their  idea of cutting into their business 9%��e^*e" few who look for.  is why films are not released to li\erf ar.f a 1����� ioo__-torus until at least six months after ward to show night each week  ^lay-dates in town. However, ^^ ^a^dtf��^v  English productions are released ha7en* disappointed them by  before play-dates in town - if not showing up,but  believe me  mint* are av^lable Ive  come  very close  to  giving  prmts are avcUaoie. up the ghost;  x know ru never  In B.C. there are about 25 make a fortune, but I have a  operating IS mm. circuits such wif6 and ch__d to feed, so the  as mine and believe me we all show must go on���rain or shine,  get fed up hearing pur patrons Aaother point I'd like to men-  ask "when are you getting such tiol_ ^ t__is. It is impossible to  and such a picture? Nine out of please, everybody in five differ-  10 times it's one we cant get ent communities, all with differ-  because it doesnt exist on lb ent tastes. One is a logging camp  mm. film. where such pictures as Roy Rog-  There are many other obstacles ers are just laughed at and walk- i  I have to face every week���the ed out on, whereas the kids \yant  weather being the main one. If it that type of show every week,  rains Tuesday night at Pender So keep in mind what I'm up  Harbour chances are my audi- against and remember you're for-  ence will be pretty slim, as they tunate to have movies as good  have to travel by boat. If it as they are in your community  rains on Friday night at Roberts where I play t�� . sometimes as  Creek (as it usually does) I may low as 10 people compared to  as-well go home. . 10,000 in brie'day in some down-  Sechelt,con the other hand, is town theatres,  always good, rain, snow or nice I'd like to say thanks a million  weather���my old faithful cus- to my "old faithful" customers  tomers are there, I refer to the who keep the shows going. I  people from-the village and a really appreciate your patron-  h_Uidful of the white population,  age and I know that at least they  But considering the population appreciate    my    efforts.     How's  of Pender Harbour, Sechelt and about  you coming  to the  show  Roberts Creek my audiences are this week?  a Mery >ii-sighi_icant  percentage. -      '��-��,&-  Thanks,  For example Pender Harbor has   \ ���"*''/   G- WEST  a population  of  over  1000.   My  average  attendance  there  is  50  FQUR CONCRETE  adults and 15 children. _&u ���__��__�� bi���__��**.__��� *__>__-_*  Yes, you'd think that it would 5HI.PS PURCHASED  H^^rt���?? *? let,20^pt FOR BREAKWATER  of the 1000 at least, but something seems to be wrong ��� no THE FIRST of four concrete car-  orie seems to want to cooperate go vessels built by the U.S.  with me���the seats are hard? Government for war time service  Well, surely a community of this and purchased by the Powell  size could do something about it. River Company was towed here  How about each family donating last Friday to be used as a breakwater for the Company s log pond.  The vessel was the former S.S.  John Smeaton and was commissioned in 1944. She is a 5,000  ton ship, 336 feet long.  Three other ships of similar  structure will arrive here before  the end of the month.  The hulls and decking of these  ships are concrete as are the upper decks and the wheel houses.  When all ships are anchored in ,  their respective positions, they  Will extend the present breakwater area and provide complete  protection for the Company's log  storage pond.  A 500 foot gap will be left off  Wharf C: allowing log booms to  be brought in for storage upon  their arrival at Powell River.  Part of the present breakwater  at Powell River consists of the  two former U.S. cruisers Charleston and Huron, dismantled after  the first World War; and the  famous old B.C. fishing patrol  vessel, Malaspina.  BETTY'S  BAKERY  Porpoise Bay Road  Sechelt  Home made Bread, Cakes  'andsCobki.es - Meat and  ^ Fruit Pies  Volentine  Novelties  Bi rthday and Party Cakes  STATISTICS PROVE  that if all the holes in the  Sechelt Highway  were laid  END TO END  They'd Reach  WAKEFIELD  Chinese legend has it that tea  was originally a precious "gift of  heaven" to a few serene philosophers and princes.  "BUY MEAT WITH  CONFIDENCE"  H. KENNETT, Butcher ��� Gibsons, B.C.  Next door to Bank of Montreal  AS IF THE gigantic tasks facing the gallant little band  which operates the Columbia  Coast Mission, an effort of the  Church of England in Canada,  were not enough, there is the  ever-present problem of carrying on financially. Rev. Heber  Greene stoutly denies, that any  of the four Mission ships will  quit. "Somehow they will go  on," he says, confident that donations from friends, not necessarily of this particular sect for  their work is humanity-wide,  circumscribed only by the needs  of those they meet.  In a stirring appeal for a  continuance of the people's interest in,2B."C. coastal welfare,  Rev. Greene pointed -out that  closing of the Rock Bay hospital (about 80 miles;7north of  Powell River) and the transfer  of the Alert Bay hospital to another society does not mean the  mission is w i t h d r a w i n g.  "There's life in the old dog  yet!" shouts the jovial gentleman of the cloth.  "We've four mission ships to  care for; St. Mary's Hospital at  Pender Harbour (about 40  miles south of Powell River);  as well as the Cottages for Aged  Folk, also at the Harbour. ���  "I offer the following facts  for your consideration, and then  you car* judge for yourself  whether or hot we have a real  job to carry on with, and for  the ten thousand folks bur Ships  and hospitals and ourselves  serve:  "St. Mary's carries on as one  of our responsibilities and, we  see a mighty useful year's work  ahead of us. As superintendent, I will do all I can to make  the .hospital function well and  Mi*. McColl, the new hospital  secretary, is just as eager to  make a go pt it as I, arid between  us% all, we should see/real .pro^  gress this year. VWith the growing population in these parts, a  population that probably numbers 2,000 within reasonable  distance of the hospital, and another two to three thousand  down Gibsons way that look to  us yet as their hospital if they  can't get into Vancouver hospitals, there is a big job on our  hands. '  "All you need to do to convince yourself of the absolute  necessity of a hospital here is  to come in to the hospital when  it is full of patients and ask  them where they all come from.  Jervis Inlet, Sechelt Inlet, Las-  queti Island, Texaua Island,  Halfmoon Bay, Sechelt, and occasionally Gibsons, over 50  miles away by a government  highway. No doubt there'll be  a hospital built at Gibsons. All  power to the project as the  population down there is growing by leaps and bounds, and  they should have a hospital  similar-to burs' to- meet their  medical needs. There's room  for both hospitals and we wish  them luck. Well, that's one big  job still on our hands ��� St.  Mary's -Hospital, Pender Harbour. ,  HOME FOR AGED  "And the. Aged Folks' Guest  Houses just around the -point  from the hospital have rin them  the seed of a plan that can be  enlarged indefinitely as funds 1  permit. I am -giving serious  thought to the erection of a central community house into  which those, of our guests now  carrying on .under .their own..  steam could move, and at long  last give up-housekeeping.,  . "This would .save them the  grief of trying to get accommodation in the larger provincial institutions in the cities.  But it would involve a^ very  substantial capital outlay. Also |  the employment ��of a housekeeper who would be a cook  and a j anitor. Before committing myself to such a plan, I  would have to be sure of an  initial outlay of $10,000 for the  building and equipment, and  then have fundsv to pay what  staff the place would require.  But there are so few institutions  for the aged, that the project  has a very strong appeal. Each  guestv would have his or her  own oedroom, and there would  be a common sitting-rdbm and  a common dining-room. I have  in mind Accommodation for  perhaps ten single guests. The  present project of suites for  single folk or couples is working nicely but one or two- are  -now near the point��� ivhere May'  should be free from the labor  of house-keeping.  A BIG JOB AHEAD *  "Then down at this end there  is the work of the mission ship  *Jbhh Antle.' I am her skipper,  and I am keen to reach the day  when I can devote' most of my  time to the challenging job of  ministering to everybody in  this area north of Halfmoon  Bay. That in itself is a big job.  It grows on one as he slowly  builds up a circle of friends in  the inlets and on the islands,  all of whom eventually come  to regard a mission ship as an  importantfstandby ^n; the: vicissitudes of their lives as fishermen, loggers arid settlers. Just  today, I was called in for the  burial of a young man, Allen  Jeffries of Egmont. His whole  family connection were there  and they had come down from  Sechelt Inlet in a fleet of fishing craft, and out in the misery  of a snowstorm, we buried the  young man, in the little cemetery \near Bargain 'Harbour., It  was-a pathetic scene, out typical of these eyents. We'gathered around the casket for a few  moments in a rough tool shed  and to'those huddled together  in that rough shed, the burial  service had as great meaning  and comfort as any similar service in the most . beautiful of  churches. Sorrow binds us together all ���'over this troubled  world. One of the men asked  me afterwards if I would come  and baptize his two children at  Egmont. After the brief com^  mittal; some of us went to the  Warnock's nearby and^ Mrs.  Warnock kindly warmed us  with a fine cup of tea.  SPIRIT OF RELIGION  "Almost at once the whole  party set out for their far-away .  homes in their gas-boats, but ,  not without ' many a kindly  greeting and words of gratitude  for my simple but heartfelt  service.. Not^ long ago these  very people gathered in the Egmont school for a wonderful  Christmas party where it was  my privilege to bring to their  children and to them as -the  parents a touch of the beauty  and joy that surrounds"' the  Christmas festival. We had a  hilarious eveniiig ending in a J  dance to music that would  hardly stand being broadcast,  but that evening's, program, in  addition to a brief school concert, had been enriched by the  telling' of the Good News  thrcugh the .medium of sacred  art and the interweaving of the  gospel narratives. One's, ministry in this part of the world  (and that same applies to that  of my confreres Rollo Boas and  my brother Heber and the  Christmases) is such a blending  of the social and the evangelistic that the people come to regard religion as something inextricably woven into their  daily life. We "get over" to  bur flock what in the set order  of church life in a city is difficult-���that all life, not just those,  moments you spend amid the  beauty of a church, is part of  the Divine order;v I hope that  as the years roll by I may help  fishermen or loggers feel that  aboard their little craft or out  ���;���. oil the slope of a mpuhtain th^y  are Sons of God and that in^the  ruggedness < of their task* they  are partners with the Son of  Man, and that He shares' witli  ^ them all that falls to them day  '��� by day... 'l:L:'"-��� ]���  EACH MUST DQ HIS BEST  "This applies to the work the  'Rendezvous/ the ; :4ColumbijaV^  and the -'Gwayee' dp,: with ^their^  crews, both lay arid clerical.  Each man, a skipper,jan engin-r  eer, a cook or a parson, provide  * edfhe gives vhisjbestjto his job  and with a gladheartj, fills out  the  picture/->of��trie7great  task\  i  ..that.;'is....;purei-;:-;:-v!^;i;:-.;;{'; L\L:L-(ll:,.-y.--,\  ^Men- and ��� woitienf; and ^children coming aboard our "ships  for healing of bodyi mind and  soul, or wending their way on  foot or by sea to little gatherings of like people who /willirig-  ly seek what the Church'  through this mission still has to  offer them. 'There's,life in th��  old dog yet!' There certain!  is, and life that must be sus  tained by your generosity, iri t_i���  -years to come.    ";*  '��� Again and again out of a bl  sky, comes a letter from a fax  away friend who probably w  -never see us at work, with a  dollars    ''For    your    splem  work." I always feel a bit em  barrassed about that word splenj  did- when I realize how f ar sho:  of it we fall. I think they m  your "unique" work. There  thousands of men and wome;  throughout   Canada   doing   tT  same kind of thing and un  far greater difficulties. Ours b  ing a sea-faring job, it has pe:  haps the colourful touch of  sailor's   life.    As   long   as   1  Church stands behind us wi  a steady procession of worke:  who will take our places as  leave the picture.  If you want to be her  "VALENTINE"  ���send her flowers.  Selma Park  Floral Agency  Phone Sechelt 21J2  Flowers for Every  ,  Occasion  FOR SAFE, COURTEOUS  TAXI SERVICE  PHONE  PENINSULA  CABS  *   _____.  Formerly Jack's Taxi and'  Blowers Taxi  Phone Sechelt SC2


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