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 UO;iI:;LA;-|.\"t .'LI BR Ami'
j Fc.rliciiUHi.v Buildings
Vicloiia. B.C.
• V8V.X4
Six sailings beginning September 19
Ferries to be cut 25%
by George Matthews
As a result of a B.C. Ferry
Corporation board of directors
meeting early last week, the
winter ferry schedule between
Langdale and Horseshoe Bay
will be reduced from the eight
daily sailings of last winter to
only six sailings daily beginning
Monday, September 19.  -
The tentative winter schedule
"has not yet been released, but it
is expected that the schedule
will include three morning sailings an'd three afternoon-
evening sailings with no provision for a late night run.
Regional board transportation committee chairman John
Shaske told the Coast News
that ferry officials will meet
with local municipal officials
this Thursday at 10:15 a.m. in
Gibsons council chambers to
explain the new schedule.
. MLA Don-Lockstead, who
1 has beea discussing the proposed ferry cuts with - officials in
Victoria, told the Coast News
.'that ferry corporation chair-
Jrnan Stu, Hodgson> has indicated   that   there   may   be
"some flexibility" in the proposed schedule, but there is no
indication whether this means
the number of sailings might be
increased or not.
Lockstead, who has been
promoting the idea of making
use of the small Queen of New
Westminster on the Horseshoe
Bay-Langdale run, said the
ferry corporation seems to have
taken "a hard-line stand"
against using the Queen of New
Westminster, even though its
' smaller size would make it a
•more efficient ship for this run
than the Queen of Coquitlam:
Unconfirmed, preliminary.
data suggest that the Queen of
Coquitlam has had an average
winter user rate of under 30 per
cent and it is believed that the
low use rate may be used to
justify the reduction in service.
Lockstead rejected the idea
as insupportable, saying that
by, that logic, the Queen Mary
would have'a user rate of one
per cent, but this only proves
that a smaller ship making
more frequent sailings would
be more appropriate on this
Lockstead further suggested
that since the Queen of Coquitlam is one of the ships sold
to eastern financial interests,;
and because the ferry corporation was buying back the ships
over an 18 year period, the corporation may be taking its
stubborn position in order to
justify the cost of rebuying the
Regional board director Jon;
McRae told the Coast News
that the reduction ih service last
winter was directly responsible
for what he estimated to be a
net population loss on the
Coast of perhaps as much as
five per cent, not to mention a
doubling of available rental accommodation.
McRae said he believes the
only recourse to the proposed
cuts is lobbying by. local
municipal officials, interested
groups and individual citizens.
He recommended., a/ letter
writing campaign and organized citizen protest against the
proposed cuts;"
It is expected that local protest will wait until details of the
proposed cuts in service are
discussed at Thursday morning's meeting.
In tXme for Expo 86
project near
Wilson Creek carved a mini-Niagara Falls in the road next to European Motors when it overflowed its
banks during heavy rains last Thursday. Highways crews began the clean-up at 7:30 a.m. Friday, and
by i0:30 a.m. it was business as usual at the garage. s _tran BergrrPhblo
"Nothing to worry about" eh?
out again
by Fran Berger
It never rains but it floods -at
least in Wilson Creek. Jack
Hertzog of Wilson Creek Campground, and Russ Robertson
and Alex Goodwin of European Motors began keeping
watch on the creek,situation as
soon as it became apparent that
the unseasonably heavy rains
pouring down last Thursday
were not about to let up.
They were all remembering
the "way their establishments
were flooded last February, the
last time Wilson Creek
overflowed its banks.
To be on the safe side, Alex
made a call to the Department of Highways at 11 a.m.,
apprising them of the situation
and the amount of water on the
Nothing to worry about, he
was assured. Highways had
checked the creek, its culvert
was open, and the water on the
road was just normal run-off.
All. was taken care of.
Such assurances were not too
convincing when, at 4 p.m.
Jack yelled "It's coming
over!", and the water spread
out' from the creekbed, began
its ascent up the wheels ofthe
cars parked in the campground
parking lot,,and flowed into
the basement of the building.
Alex got on the phone'again.
No, the highways official
tried to convince him, the creek
is not flooding. We saw-it at 2
p.m. and the water on the road
is just run-off. There is no
Not so, insisted Alex, and he
was still arguing with the official when the water came in
the door of this building and
covered the floor.
Within half an hour of the
creek'overflowing its banks
there   was   a   foot   of   water
around the pumps at European
Motors, cars in the campground parking lot had water
almost to the top of the wheel
wells, and a mini-Niagara Falls
was coursing its way into a
two-foot deep gulch carved by
the water into the gravel road
next to European'Motors. By
this time it wasn't even raining
any more.
District highways manager
Tucker Forsythe told the Coast
News the unseasonally early
rains got, the jump on the
highways department by about
two weeks.
"We had intended to deal
with this all along", he said.
• Plans had been made to install overflow culverts in
Wilson Creek, which should
prevent such floods, but work
was waiting until after the
Labour Day weekend sq that
most of the tourist traffic
would have subsided. The
work will necessitate tearing up
the blacktop, and traffic will be
reduced to one lane while the
work progresses.
"We thought, we were safe
until October," said Forsythe.
The overflow culverts are a
short-term solution, and Forsythe said the highways department must design a proper,
long-term solution to the problem in consultation with the
Department of Fisheries, as
Wilson Creek is a fish-bearing
The Department of Fisheries
tends to favour bridges over
streams, and a bridge over
Wilson Creek would certainly
solve the problem of flooding.
However construction and
maintenance costs are a major
X; by Judith Wilson
j The marina planned for Gib- •
vc sdiVs ^harbour will be completed
fey^thelsunmiei^ofi1984 and
^Ippssjbly as early as May, according* to Art McGinnis of
Panorama Construction. His
firm is building the marina adjacent, to its major project, a
50,000 square foot "destination resort" hotel on Gower
Point Road. ,l
■ The marina project has moved faster than originally anticipated as federal government
participation, in the form of
dredging of the harbour and
construction of a second
breakwater, is already underway. An announcement is expected next week on the terms
of provincial government
financial involvement in the
project, which are expected to
be favourable.
Art McGinnis told the Coast
News that preliminary drawings for the marina are complete. Work will begin as soon
as the federal government
operations are finished, which
should be January or
Together, the marina and the
hotel, which is the major part
of the project for Panorama,
will cost $9 million of which
$1.3 million is the marina construction cost. McGinnis stated
tha^his firm is actively working
on finalizing the. assembly of
property and the financing
plans for the hotel. The concept plans are already complete.
The hotel should be finished
by the spring of 1985 which will
allow nine months to refine
operations before" Expo year,,
1986. McGinnis feels that the
' ^rojecfwilhgive *Vtiew'leasie
of life to Gibsons", particularly "in view of Gibsons Centennial in 1986. "However, we will
still be able to maintain our exclusivity here on the Coast," he
Other work being done
around the bay in connection
with the marina has been by the
Provincial Archeological office. A field worker was sent,
from Victoria to determine
whether any valuable archeological sites would be affected by excavation for the
hotel or marina.
With the help of Backhoes
supplied by the municipality,
Steve   Cassidy   was   able   to
determine that there was little
of value in the area where the
, marina will.be built. There had
r;>*J'beerPftiopes' 'of*;iincovering * a
"totaf homesite", according to
Ferguson Neville, of the local
museum,   but  there  was  no
evidence of a large midden or
building structures. "Probably
it was just a temporary summer
camp for the Indians", he said,
. "Just a place to catch fish."
Further excavations; will be
carried out next year in the
vicinity of the site for the hew
hotel, if an area is designated,
and proved to be, a valuable
historical  site  the  Provincial
Archeologist has the power to
halt construction until excavations of the site by his office
can be completed.
User fees announced
The Board of Trustees of St. Mary's Hospital wishes to
advise the public that effective September 1, 1983, the user
fees (Co-Insurance Rates) are as follows:
New Rate
Old Rates Sept. 1/83
Acute Care and Rehabilitative Care
inpatient User Fee (includes Long
Term Care Patient in Acute Care
Extended Care Inpatient User Fee
(includes Patients in Extended Care
Discharge Planning Units)
Child Extended Care (under age" 19)'
Day Care Surgical Services
Emergency and Minor Surgery
All other Day Care and .Outpatient
Non Emergency
Slit Lamp Examination
$ 7.50       $ 8.50
■ Nil
-$ 7.00.
$ 8.00
$ 4.00
• $10.00
Nil   -
.   Nil
$ 5.00
An early morning fijre in
Gibsons Harbour completely
destroyed a 23 foot power boat
owned by Jim Foglietta of Gib-p
sons.   : - .'••'■ .-■■ '■"
_ The fire, which broke out on
board at approximately 7:40
a.m;, was apparently started by
'. a short circuit which caused ,
sparks to ignite fuel in the
engine. ,, ; •
The owner and his son were
on board at the time, and were
fust starting the engine when .
the fire broke out. The" boat
was only purchased the day
before; its value is estimated at
between $10,000 and $15,000.
The Gibsons volunteer fire:
department responded quickly
to the/, blaze which was extinguished   within   rninutes.
Sunday  morning  tranquility  was  disrupted  when  this
erupted suddenly at Smitty's Marina, Gibsons. See story
—(iforgc Matthews oholo Coast News, Septembers, 1983-  kJEBP���  Somebody is lying to us about the alleged shooting  down of an airliner last week. The Airiericans say they  have tapes of Russian orders being given to fire a missile  at the airliner. The Russians at the moment are saying  they didn't shoot it down. Somebody is lying tons.. In  all likelihood it is both sides.  There is nothing new in this. There are those of us  who remember a summit meeting between Khruschev  and Eisenhower being cancelled when a spy plane was  shot down 1,200 miles inside Russia back in the 1950s.  President Eisenhower denied overflights until the Russians produced the plane and the pilot* who had  disobeyed orders and failed to swallow cyanide if shot ~  down. .  Eisenhower was an honourable man and it is possible  or even likely that when he denied overflights by spy  planes he was telling the truth as he knew it.  We can also remember the Gulf .of Tonkin incident  in which a Vietnamese gunboat was alleged to have fired  on an American boat. It swung the tide of American  opinion behind increased American land involvement in  Vietnam. Many years and lives later we learned that it  never happened. It was a propaganda ploy.  The mystery of why this plane was so far off course  has not been explained. It is possible that it was fitted  with surveillance equipment and doubling as a spy  plane. It is likely that the president of the United States  did not know this.  It is possible that the people on board that plane were ;  being used to camouflage spying activities by the plane.  It is possible the incident was set as a provocation to  discredit the international peace movement.  It is possible the military on both sides are at this  point just about out of control, worn down by the protracted war of nerves which has been waged intermittently for almost 40 years. All that we know seems to be  that people have been killed and we are being lied to.  These are frightening times. '   x '  What'sttjfre  done?  To allow ferry service to our Coast to be slashed by 25  per cent from last winter's schedule is simply unacceptable. " . ^'       ���"''.:.;"���  There can be no question that the increasing isolation  from the mainland caused by reductions in'ferry service  has been a direct contributor to declining land values  and a loss of population. Any further isolation is bound  to set our region back to those times before there was a  government ferry serviced     : ,  Coast resident, and ferry corporation director; Ken  Sorko, has reportedly done the best he could to protect  our interests. Ferry corporation chairman Stu Hodgson  is saidtto-be sympathetic to our plight; MLA Don  Locksteac^ seeking .alternative solutions for  ' months^"' ^xiyyxxx- -ryy^yyy ������" :.  x it would appear to be leftto concerned citizens toadd  their voices to the protest. While we certainly don't condone the kind of tasteless and counter productive  demonstrations that hang people in effigy, it would  seem to be the time for strong action.  If the provincial cabinet continues to refuse to be sensitive to the^ needs of Coast residents, then some  organized demonstration,' combined with letters and  petitions, will have tb be considered just to get the attention of the provincial government.  ...from the files of the COAST NEWS  5 YEARS AGO  MLA Don Lockstead  had a meeting with  Minister of Highways  Alex Fraser on the Sunshine- Coast recently,  concerning various highway and ferry problems  in the area.  10 YEARS AGO  The "S"-turn between  Gibsons   and   Seaview  Cemetery     will      be  eliminated this fall.  15 YEARS AGO  Ferry, authority-  officials  reported a busy  weekend with overloads  returning  to  Horseshoe  Bay starting.at about 11  a.m.   Monday   morning.  Traffic continued heavy  until the last load which  was cleaned up by 11  p.m.  25 YEARS AfcO  A Gibsons couple, who  were fishing last Thursday morning near Bowen  Island, were shocked to  discover they had netted  an 18 foot shark!  30 YEARS AGO  On Friday night last,  two horses were killed  when-run into by a truck  on the Sechelt highway  abbut a mile and a half  west of Gibsons.  35 YEARS AGO  The luxury ship Prince  George will replace the  damaged Prince Rupert  on September 13 on the  Vancouver-Ketchikan  run.������..  ���; *,   "-:  The Prince Rupert was  damaged near Sechelt  last Saturday.  The Sunshine   Q^gg f #1SI  Advertfalna Department ���  J. Fred Duncan.      .  .'ja'rie McOuat      ...Pat Tripp'  '   Production Department  Lynn Lindsay JackBlschke  Pat Tripp  Editorial Department  John Burnside George Matthews  Fran Berger Judith Wilson  Accounts Department  M.M. Vaughan Copysettlns  Circulation' Stephen Carroll       Lise Sheridan    ... Gerry Walker  The  Sunshine   Coast   News   is  a   co-operative,X. locally  owned ���  newspaper, published on the Sunshine Coast, B.C., every Monday by  Glassford Press Ltd., Box .460, Gibsons, B.C.VON 1V0, Tel. 886-2622  or 886-7817. Second Class mail Registration No. 4702.        ���  The Sunshine Coast News is protected by copyright and reproduction of any part of it by any means is prohibited unless permission in  writing is first secured from Glassford Press Ltd; holders of theX  copyright. .���'.' '.'���..      -,\     '  Red Cottage, later, known briefly as Whitaker House, on the  southeast corner of Cowrie Street and Inlet Avenue, Sechelt, between the years 1907 and 1911.; The earlier date is established by the  fact that; Bert Whitaker had the cottage built for his sister Evelyn  on the occasion of her marriage to H. Jack Haslett, on July 15,  1907. Three generations of their descendants live now on the Sunshine Coast. Mrs. Haslett is seated on the left side of the step beside  her sister Muriel^ later Mrs. Norman Thompson. The slender  lay woman behind them is Edith May von Alvensleben, daughter of  Captain Westcott, and wife of AIvo von Alvensleben whom she  married in 1908. He is still frequently remembered for his investment of German capital in B.C. and his association with Wigwam  Inn. When World War I broke out tfie von Alvenslebens fled to  Seattle and were later interned in Salt Lake City. The latest date,  1912, is established by the fact that the Sisters of the Child Jesus  wore the habits shown only until December 1912. The sisters came  to B.C. from France in 1903 to prepare for the opening of the first  Sechelt Indian school in 1904. Their talents and devotion contributed much to the school. They, aire, left to -right, Sister Gonzales, Mother Teresine, principal of the school and after the First  World War the head of her order world wide, an unidentified sister  who may have returned to France, and Sister St..Quen, known as  the Saint of Sechelt. She was matron of the boys. Photo courtesy of  the Haslett family. Caption by Helen Dawe.  Musings  John Burnside  '���Well; Jake^ I said, ''what  do  :yoii" Ithink ��� of   Brian  . M^ot^v;rxyyyyy:xxyy  ���;, I had found the oldtimer enjoying; an evening pipejph trie  beach. He and a few motionless - seagulls were watching  the play of light across the Gulf  of Georgia where the sun, hiay-  'ing played iittle?i��bvious part'in  the day's drama, was nonetheless making a protracted  and spectacular exit. ,  '"*$*  Subscription Rates: Canada: 1 year $30; ^months $18. Foreign: 1  Vyear $35.  BammmmmammmmmeaMMaammmmmamanBam  "Mixed feelings," said Jake  and tapped the burnt residue of  tobacco from his pipe,  "Well, let's start with the  positives," said Jake. J'The  man is making some noises  which are long overdue in the  politics of this country. It is a  testament to the futile bitterness which has characterized  the reign of Marie Antoinette  Trudeau when all Mulroney  has to do is talk about civility  and tolerance to be greeted  with wild applause.  "Don't get me wrong. I applaud his insistence oh the  return of such virtues. The  belligerent, gunslinger tactics  of such as Bennett and  Trudeau can lead nowhere but  into trouble. The man deserves  full marks for making that  point early."  "Fair enough," said I.  "What don't you like?"  "Economics.   His   economics,"   said  Jake.   "It's  the  same old pipe dream of tax incentives to the rich to get things  going. John Kenneth Galbraith  hit the nail right on the head  when he called it the horse and  sparrows   approach   to   the  economy."  "Explain, please."  "The theory seems to be that  if you feed the horse enough '  oats he'll leave enough behind  him. ori7 the road to feed the ���  sparrows.   Basically   it's   the  same approach Reagan tried.  You remember he was going to -  cut   taxes, to   stimulate   the  economy arid at the same time ;  spend billions more on what he  called defence.  "According to the theory the  economy would grow at such a  rate the extra spending could be  accommodated and the government would alsp'get rid of its  deficit budget; What we have  instead is the largest deficit in  ' history and that deficit itself is  the biggest single threat tothe  economy.  "Wheii iMulronejte talks ;  about civility arid tolerance he  sounds like a' hiari tharwe need;;  to hear from . Wh^nllieVtalksX  about ecpribiriics he sounds like  weVe heardiftoo often before.  But tHat's\npt;the-;w^tst"Qrit'v  "So> what's the worst of it,  SakeVyxyXx.y^xy.X^xyyy--'  -~ ���''Th^worst'ofcitris the reaction of the Canadian people;  We're well down the road,  now, towards total acceptance  of the man on the white horse  school of political non-  understanding. You're old  enough to remeriiber Trudeau-  mania, aren't you?"  "Indeed, I am. I canvassed  for Laurier Lapierre in the west  end of Montreal Island in 1968.  At every door I was told 'We're,  voting for Trudeau.? It did no  good to point out Trudeau  wasn't running, in that riding.,  Some, Liberal nonentity who'd  been in parliament for seven  years without being recorded  by Hansard swept in on  Trudeau's coat tails with the  biggest majority in Canada.  Yes, I remember Trudeau  mania."  "Well, they're already starting to talk about Mulroney  iriadness. right now it looks as  though he'll be the next prime  minister, possibly with as big a  majority as Diefenbaker got 10  years before Trudeau danced  into view.  ''We-never seem to learn, do  we. Diefenbaker was going to  be the man to turn the country  around. Then Trudeau, and  now it's going to be Mulroney.  The whole damn country is like  some sleeping princess' waiting  for the man on the white horse  tp ride up and with brie kfss  solve all the problems. It just  ain't like that in the real world.  God only know what it is they  teach in the education factories  but it sure as hell isn't either  thinking or democracy."  There didn't seem too much  more to say; Jake and I joined  the gulls in silent contemplation of the setting sun.  The first lesson tb be learned  from the tragic air disaster involving the alleged shooting  down of a Korean coirimercial  airliner by Soviet aircraft, is the  dangers which-evolve from the  hysterical war-mpngering  rhetoric wpiich; has characterized Soviet-Anjerican relations  over the^  '' yeaiisryyX;;X ';';'.;���'.';"';'.;:  '���,.'.*;> Detente has now apparently been d^^ as an approach to peaceful coexistence,  and iri its place the American  foreign policy hawks are committed to the approach that the  threat of nuclear destruction is  . the  onlyway to  force the  Soviets to- the arms control  '^���titotei'tKy v;<;;  'The terrible cost of this latter  approach was the destruction  of 269 ^apparently innocent  civilians aboard the Korean  747. Is it any .wonder that a  people threatened by a variety'  of undetectable, nuclear  missiles should become a little  nervous;when something that  isn't supposed to be there blips  onto, the radar screen from  soriiewherebn the wrong side  Of the p polar ice cap?      .  Before any facts (most of  which may never be known)  were available, U.S. officials  were screaming bloody  murder, accusing the Soviets of  barbarities unheard of in the  course of human history.  As later facts revealed, the  Korean aircraft was very far  froiri where it ought to have  been; flying over .Soviet  military installations, on a path  similar to one admittedly being  followed by an American1 spy  plane.  If trie Soviets deliberately  Tshbt; down, what they clearly  knew to be an unarmed civilian  aircraft, then surely it was a  heinous act and civilized people  everywhere should condemn its  barbarity. But what we observed, before any facts were  known was a kirid of political  knee-jerk reaction by people  who were clearly using the inci-  Year after year my neighbour  saved the seeds from his  very best tomato plant  and planted them the following  In this way he evolved  ��� a superior strainoj-the plant.  XHe gave me the seeds  from last season^ generation.  hly childless neighbour  died during the winter.  But in my garden  his seed lives on.  Hubert Evans  dent for. selfish political ends.  Much of the initial reaction  .strained credibility. As someone mentioned the other  day, if the American govern-  riierit possesses satellites so  sophisticated that they can  detect the. brand of cigars Fidel  Casitro is "sriibldng " from hundreds of miles in the air, how  come what happened to the 747  is such, a mystery? How  possibly could that plane have  gone so far off course?  Current technology on these  aircraft, and on the ground, is  so precise that a triplerfail  system would, make it iriipossi-  ' ble to gp off course 'without it.  instantly being known and  reported. , X-ryxy ���'���-  xy rrii not a Russian apologist;  f dislike totalitarianism s arid  mass manipulation as much or  more than the next person, but  I could believe that the Korean  plane was deliberately off  course for some reason of provocation or actual observation  sooner than I could believe it  was off course by accident. .  The real point here however,.  is that the people who died on  board that airplane were as  much the victims of the threats  and rhetoric of the cold war as  of the alleged Soviet air to air  missile;  If we continue to stand still;  while our leaders make absurd  political -m posturings and  threaten "the Soviets with,  missiles as well as words," then  the kind of terrible incident^  which occured last week, and  worse, is bound to occur again.  Better our leaders should  keep their mouths shut and  their ears open and try to learn  the lesson of this tragedy: that  in a tense, antagonistic environment, mistakes and over  reactions are bound to occur.  If, on the other hand, the  facts eventually indicate that  the Soviets were directly at  fault, then reverting to the  time-honoured principle of one  for one ought to be observed. I  don't mean shooting down an  unarmed Soviet airliner, but  declaring Canadian and  American air space off limits to  all unauthorized - Soviet aircraft, issuing a stern warning of  the consequences of violating  that airspace, and then taking  the same kind of action the  Soviets allegedly took.  In the meantime, it's time to  cool down, not to talk of  "nuking the Ruskies" as was  suggested by 40 per cent of  callers to a San Francisco talk-  show last week. An adding to  the already charged atmosphere of Soviet-American  relations will only.make similar  tragedies more likely to happen  again.  4  4 Editor,   "  It is just one year ago that a  lovely senior couple were on  holiday together, when a drunk  plowed into them.X X       X..XX.X-  The lady was instantly killed.:  Her husband  was  so 'badly  smashed up that he-has'���: not,-  arid   probably   never   will;  recover.  ;; Yes! We know, it happens  often, but when it is iri the,  fanjilyj the hurt is very deep.'.Xx.-.  XX: Another, closer relative to  the Victims, a gentle,; caring1  lady, is markedly worn; even  iribre than the other members  of the family. But, everyday we  are all subjected to the insane  booze   propoganda   in   the  media. They want more and  more outlets! How intelligent  people can allow this irresponsible greed for money to endanger the young, is beyond  : ..me.7;7/XX.x'xx-;,:- -x;  We are well: aware that a  large number of fine people  ���dririk in riloderation.  I believe that fact to be,  often, why many a boy vor girl  takes his or her first dririk and  somerof these youngsters will  most 'certainly become  alcoholics: "Am I my brother's  keeper?? V'7  That boy or girl is watching  you! Starting today, become a  Total Abstainer. You will never  miss it;  Ernie Davies  More oil abortion  Editor,  I would like to comment on,  and answer some statements  made in the recent letter to  your paper on abortion.  Beginning with Grannie  Anderson's letter, I would express concern for the negative  effect harsh and self righteous  attitude has upon the pro-life  witness. , A Xgood rule to  remember is tp speak the truth  in love.'.-;-1. x.:.r;x"yy-':- .>_;;  Iri answer to Val Jenkins.on  the need of abortion in the Case  of rapej she may be interested  to know; "Though cited by  pro-abortionist, 'pregnancy  resulting from rape is so rare as  to be virtually non existent.50  There are several factors contributing to this, in addition to  the mathemathical odds against  pregnancy resulting from a  single   random   act, ' medical  research indicated that an extremely high percentage of  women1 exposed to severe emotional trauma will not  oyulate.S1 The rape ,-itself  therefore, acts as a.'  psychological birth control.  Moreover rapists are frequently  not fertile because of other ab-  berrant sexual behavior. The  result of all these combined  factors make pregnancy/ toy:  rape highly unlikely.52    v  50. Sims, B.M. A District  Attorney look at abortion,  chUd; arid family. 8:1761-180  spring 1969.  51. Hellegers. A. USCC.  Abortion Conference  Washington DC.0d. 1967  52. Mechlehburg op. cit. ;  How much, does killing the  child in the "rare" cases help  /.the raped women? Doesn't it  Please turn to page 6  Exploiters and the  Editor,  In view of the furor over Bill  Bennett's anti-labour legislation and the obvious uniorir  smashing tactics of the forestry  industry, I wpul&like to share  with. our community a song  written in the 1940s which I  think is. relevant:��� to. iboth  "Labour:; Day'' and ; today's  current;political strife. ���   XyxrX  : Why Should You ;;  The Company is good to me,';  I'm afraid'tojoin the Union.  They cut my pay and I agree;.  I'm afraid to join the Union. ���  My wages, they are so high,  My family's starving; so am I-    _  I'm afraid to join the Union.  I get the lowest pay on earth;  I'm afraid to join the Union.  I'm paid exactly what I'm worth;  I'm afraid to join the Union.  I think the Company is fair;  '  They lay me off but.I don't care;  My kids object, but I don't care-  '"'Fat afraid to join the Union:'.     .>.  .{^.���-'���-���'.'������:'������  '���������'���.;'nr"'':--'n"/.,-i^J'-'Cr?'.'   ->s  We re stupid and the boss is wise.  I am afraid id join the Union.  And so they help us organize.  I belong to the Company Union.  The Company tries hard to please  Us simple minded employees;  They even pay our lawyers fees.  I belong to the Company Union.  Covering  the Coverage  by Jim Ansell  After your claim is settled: Most residential insurance policies have an  automatic reinstatement clause in them. This means that although  your amount of coverage will be reduced by- the amount of the claim  you've made the coverage limits will automatically go; back up to  where they were prior to the claim. However, as not all policies are  like this, and certain sections of some policies do not have automatic  reinstatement, it is best to check with.your.agent to ensure that your  :    coverage limits have been returned to-adequate levels^     ������-."  Most people are aware that in automobile insurance if a liability or  collision claim is made against your policy your premium wilt increase  the following year. This is not the case in residential insurance.; Claims  made against your policy will nc>t increase your premiums.  Sunshine Coast Insurance Agencies Ltd.  Box 375; Cowrie Street,  Credit Union Building  Sechelt, B.C.; YON 3A0  885-2291 Adv't.  Coast News, September 5,1983  Editor, X;  Jack Davis, MLA, in a, re-���",-  Cent letter to the editor, is quite  right wheri; he says that "B;C.  ' government spending is at^an  all time high". ,  r '   \ -  B.C. government spending���  of taxpayers' money���is -at an  all   time   high   because   Mry,  Davis'   government,   the ;  Socreds^  have  increased  the'  budget this year by 16.7 per  cent over last, year's budget and  have ; re-stated   last   year's  figures to hide this fact.  B.C. government spending  of the taxpayers' money has in-..,  creased by more than 85 per"  cent since Mr. Curtis became1  the minister  of finance,  in- "'  dicating a complete inability to *  handle the taxpayers' money in  a responsible fashion. u  The Socreds have been ori a  spending binge for at least the -  "last four years.  ; The question which needs to i  be answered by the Socred  government is this: where did  all that money go and where is  the massive 16.7 per cent increase in this year's budget going?  John Selden, were he alive  today, would And his statement  " 'Tis not the drinking that is .  to be blamed, but the excess",  to be right on'. .e  Frank Howard, MLA  Skeeria t'  Editor,  You may be aware that a  successful Garden Club has  been in operation in Sechelt for  some years. Quite a number of  people in the Gibsons and  Langdale area want to belong  to a garden- club, but are  unable to drive to Sechelt in the  winter.    .'.,.'.  A club can be started in Gibsons. Fees will be moderate and  the exchange of ideas and  plants could prove interesting  arid beneficial.  A meeting will be held in the  Marine Room, (below the  lihrarv). on South Fletcher at 7  p.m. on Thursday, September 8.  Skookum  If you are interested, please  join us. Anyone requiring information, call 886-9270 or  886-7967. ���  Bill Mclnnis  Secretary  Gibsbns Garden Club  X Call -..-"..  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  886-7112  "^"f������^'y#Y,^r��^^r/ii^';^rir,r(-��^f��'*^-;r  We never talk of workers* rights.  I belong to the Company Union.  They tell us that jt leads to fights.  I-belong to the Company Union.  The Company lias always said;  That men.who talk like that are'Redi.  We listen���"to, theBoss-instead. ',["..  I belong io the Company Union. ' XX:  '������'.'." *.���* -���*.'���'  Each year we have a swell affair: .  I belong to the Company Union:XX't  Thevbcm'es and'their'wivesdrefthere.  I belong to the Company Union'. i'XX>  They give us food and lots.of beer,\y  But one thing does seem mighty queer,  We eat that good but, once a year.  I belong to the Company Union.  There is no use going on this way-  Then down with the Company Union.  Did you hear what we have to say?-  _ join tip with the I. W.A.  We 're' wise to what it's all about,  So let's all sing out-  To boost our pay a dollar a day.  We'll all join up with the I. W.A.  So now.you see it's up to you.  You know what we all can do-  Organize wherever we may be  And march ahead with our brother  employee.  Don V debate, it's not too late;  The I. W.A. has opened thegate  For  better   wages,   conditions  and  '' Security;  All join hands and show your solidarity.  "Green-chain Pete" ���  To finish this letter, I would  like to close with a quote from  a labour organizer of the 1930s,  Sam Scarlett: "Society is divided into two classes...the exploiter and the exploited.. .between them there is nothing in  common..." .  Leslie MacFarlane Ellison  Mark Guignard  My customers keep me so busy...  I'rri busier than Ken Unjger's  doodle pad;  1983 NISSAN sentra  AS NEW. 4 door sedan, economy 4  cylinder, automatic transmission,  power brakes, deluxe cloth interior.  skookum *7 one  PRICE $ 11OSO  ' 0  1974 PONTIAC ASTRE  4 cyl., economy, new battery,  tires, inexpensive commuter for      .  skookum   '.���:.;'������       CTfllt  (PRICE 3>lUU  HOT LINE  885-7512  Skookum Auto  V Dealer 7381 Sechelt _j  INDEX OF ADVERTISERS  AL'S USED FURNITURE.   .7  AMATEUR BOXING.V.  12  ARGOSHEEN.   10  AUDREY'S COFFEE SERVICE   7  BATON LESSONS..,........:..  :..... .12  B.C. FERRY SCHEDULE.   .4,13  BRIAN'S AUT0B0DY.   .6  BUSINESS DIRECTORY........;:   .13  CANADIAN PAPERWORKERS UNION :. .3  . CAPILANO COLLEGE      4, 7  CENTENNIAL 86 CAR WASH..'..'           7  CHAMBERLIN GARDENS. 16  CHURCH DIRECTORY .11  COAST CABLE VISION LTD....    11  COAST TOOL & POWER  .6, 7  COASTAL TIRE.-.'.     11  COVERING THE COVERAGE        3  DEVLIN FUNERAL HOME.   .4  DEVRIES & SON FL00RC0VERING LTD 3,6.12  ELPHIE'S CABARET. X. .....:... .10  ELSON GLASS.        7  FITNESS WORKOUT  6  GIBSONS AUT0B0DY & PAINTING        16  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.. 16  GIBSONS INN             10  GIBSONS LEGION BRANCH 10S  .10  GIBSONS PUBLIC LIBRARY.  .5  GIBSONS RUGBY CLUB       .12  GUIEK, GRETA        10  HILL'S MACHINE SHOP.   .6  i.G.A. :.:.:.......,...  ,;........... 3  KEN'S LUCKY DOLLAR.  .8, 9  KERN'S FURNITURE....-..' .16  LANDING GENERAL STORE....'..    .4, 6  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER.....  i.........-.: ������;���. .-.6  NDP BOOKSTORE.  ......        .10  PENDER HARBOUR DIESEL           ..      .   .7  PENINSULA MARKET TIDE TABLES..'.    .12  RENT A WRECK.....      .......12  RUBY LAKE RESTAURANT     .......6  SEABIRD RENTALS     .11  SECHELT GARDEN CLUB         7  SEEC0AST VIDEO.  10  SKOOKUM AUTO   .3  SUNSHINE COAST CREDIT UNION 7  SUNSHINE COAST DRYWALL   11  SUNSHINE COAST PEST CONTROL   6  SUPER-VALU ... 5  TOWN OF GIBSONS-RECREATION 13  TRAIL BAY SPORTS   12  WESTERN MOORBAD.          ���  9J^MMMmimS&Im\mJ^^  h*,-;.OM  PRICES EFFECTIVE:  WED., SEPT. 7th - SAT., SEPT. 10th  PEOPLE  FIRST AT  IGR  w, f,y^ -  I.GA.  Fresh, Regular Quality  MARGARINE  1 id.reg 3 lbs/1.49 I GROUND BEEF    (lb. $1.19)kg 2.62  Kraft  MACARONI ���      .  DINNER .225 gm 3/1.49  MJB - Regular or Drip . M  COFFEE  rib 2.89  Maple Leaf - Lean 'n' Tender  HAM:   :           Kam  LUNCHEON MEAT  Ingersoll  End Cut - Tender Loin or Rib End  PORK LOIN  ROAST.,   CHEESE SPREAD  PEPSI or  7 UP   Mazda  CORN OIL.       Best Foods  MAYONNAISE..  I.G.A.  PINEAPPLE JUICE.  kadana  TEA BAGS   .425 gm 3.49  1*02 1.79  .500gm 3.29  2.1.89  Plus Deposit  315.99  500 m! 1.69  48oz. 1.29  . 100s 1.19  Shoulder Cut  PORK STEAKS  Boneless  BEEF STEW..  Tablerite  SAUSAGE  .(lb. $1.69) kg 3.73  (lb. $1.69) kg 3.73  .(lb. $1.99) kg 4.39  Breakfast, Pork, or Beef  (lb. $1.69) kg  3.73  Sunkist  VALENCIA  ORANGES... 138s (5lbs. $1.00) kg .44  #1 Okanagan  PRUNE PLUMS .(3 lbs. $i.oo) kg .73  New - Christies  CHOCOLATE GRAHAM  WAFER CRUMBS. .400gm 1.49  #1 Medium  COOKING  ONIONS .  (6 lbs. $1.00) kg  9, Lives  CAT FOOD  Ivory - Personal  SOAP  Tilex -Instant  MILDEW  STAINREMOVER  I.G.A. - Heavy Gauge  GARBAGE BAGS .  e oz. 3/1.00  4s1.29  Old South ���       .  ORANGE JUICE        .12.5 02. 1.19  5 Alive  FRUIT BEVERAGE.  Jello  PUDDING POPS   .  12.5 oz. 1.29  ...pkg. 2.89  Come fo MMm  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira.Park ���883-9100.  me Reserve the Rloni To  > Coast News, Septembers, 1983  by Peggy Ctohhor.  It was your choice of apple juice or Kool-aid, only 10c or 25c a  glass, when Michele Wilson, left, and Joelle Davis set up shop on  Lower Road, Roberts Creek, last week. -Fran Berger photo  Sechelt Scenario  It was a very special kind of  man who passed away Saturday,. August 27. Ernie Booth of,  Sechelt was that marii 'v  Ernie took part in helping  any community he wasr in,  besides working hard at his job  with the Bank of Montreal.  Sechelt was .fortunate to have'  him posted to the bank here.  He was always thinking,-of  other people.       ,  A strong supporter of St.  Mary's Hospital, serving as  treasurer of the building committee, he also served an extra ���  term as chairman of St. Mary's  Hospital Society Board.  He was alderman for the  Sechelt Village council for four  years during Harold Nelson's  mayoralty term, and was third  vice-president of the Sechelt^  Senior Citizen's Assocation  Branch #69.  Ernie served for many years  as trustee for the Sechelt  Volunteer Fire Department.  Working along with Dick  Branca and other trustees he  helped the new fireball come  into being, a fine structure  enhancing Sechelt as well as  serving a most useful purpose.  Born in Austin, Manitoba,  he met his wife Elva when he  worked in the bank in Regina. -  Besides Elva he leaves three  sons, Ken, Terry and Clint, a  sister Wihnifred and brothers  Wilfred and Keith.  Donations in his memory  may be sent to St. Mary's  Hospital^ JSechelt; A private  service only will be held, as this  was his desire.  The Booths were waiting for  Elva to see "an eye doctor when  Ernie died very suddenly.  National  advertising  Economic Development  Commissioner Oddvin - Vedo  invites,all business people interested in being part of a coordinated national advertising  campaign for the Sunshine  Coast, to be conducted this  winter, to attend a meeting on  Thursday, September 8 at 7:30  p.m. in the meeting room at the  Bella Beach Motel. For further  information contact Oddvin  Vedo at 885-2261.  RRIE  ~L  - 3  t  tlilsUrvifaEBl^lS  ^VA>i(^UVERSSECHEl^RENlNSLII^A  HORSESHOE BAY-LANGDALE  . -* -       > *������'  t     ~y.'.t S \.  ii", A-.* -���*���'��� ���  ' ��� ����� ��� %r * t  ' * -   Ct':  JEBV1SiNLE��  EARLS COVE-SALTERY BAY  The Summer Schedule is extended for one week and will  remain in effect to SUNDAY,  SEPTEMBER 18 inclusive..  The Fair Schedule will commence  <%**>'e***v  , sr '        t  y>m*������$���- $t  (Wit ���  J.'  : -t:^xrXyty^ ^^.^j  *f��^ey *-*��������� ^  n   i'  ' *s     4_      i%#.  Garden Club Show Saturday  .^^^EGrsit6ii'!.Muiiir:'  >      ACADEMIC/CAREER/VOCATIONAL COURSES  ',>^li,'���,'  by Peggy Connor $85-9341  GARDENCLUB ~~~  SHOW TIMK  The annual judged Sechelt  Garden Club Show will be on  Saturday, September 10, at the  Sechelt Senior Citizens Hall on  Mermaid Street, opened by  Mayor Joyce Kolibas at 2 p.m. .  and running until 4 p.m.  The judge for the show will  be Asgerd Lien from Surrey.  Admission to the tea and show  is   $1.50   and   includes   door  prizes.   Trophy   presentation '  will take place at 3 p.m., including   the   grand   aggregate;-  award from the Royal Bank. :  The show will, represent prized growing flowers from local  gardens. Beside the opportunity to view what  others have  done, it also will give new ideas  for your own garden -spot.  PLANT SALE  A selective plant sale will  take place outside the Senior  Citizens Hall on Saturday,  September 10, beginning at 2  p.m. Dried flowers will.be included in the outside sale.  There is no admission.  ("ARDKN CLUB MEETING  The general meeting of the  Sechelt Garden Club will be  held on Wednesday, September  7 at 7:30. p.m.1 at" St. Hilda's  Church Hall   Sechelt.  IIORSLSHOW SUNDAY  The Timber Trails Riding  Club members will be out to  lest their riding skills on Sunday, September 11 at their club  facilities up Field Road, past  the airport and then to the  right.  Western riding events will  start the day off at 9 a.m., to  be following by English riding  including jumping. Refreshments are available.  Go up and cheer these fine-  riders, with iheir well cared for  horses.  BUSINESS AND  PROFESSIONAL PICNIC  The Sunshine Coast Business  and    Professional    Women's  Club was hot to visiting clubs  from the lower mainland at a  picnic at Porpoise Bay Campsite, August 27.  The local colour seminar has  certainly caught on, and  besides the September 17 and.  18 events that are now filled,  they have started taking names  for a third Sunday, October 2.  Phone 885-3940 for further info. :��� - - .  JO GIBSON  Mrs. Jopsephine Gibson,  who has lived in the Old Orchard area of Sechelt for many  years, passed away on August  30. A fine lady with great artistic ability, she was a strong  supporter of the library. She  leaves her husband Jack,  daughter Jo- Warne who is a  fine artist, son John, numerous  grandchildren and as many  great grandchildren, and her  sister Eleanor Or m rod.  Memorial service was held at  Devlin Funeral Home  September 3.  FUN AND GAMES NIGHT  Anyone who wishes to join  in an evening of games of your  choice-backgammon, crib,  whist, checkers, whatever you  wish to bring or come prepared  to take part in whatever is there  - is invited to come to Lord  Jim's Lodge in Secret Cove on  Tuesday, September 13 at 8  p.m..     ,.;;���'' ���-'���������  REGISTRATION SIX HKM  BROWNIES, GUIDES.  PATHFINDERS  Time now to register for  Sechelt Brownies ages six to  nine. Guides nine to 12, and  Pathfinders 12 years to 15.  Registration will take place at  St. Hilda's Hall on Tuesday,  September 13, 6:30 p.m. lo  7:30.  There is a change in the  Pathfinder's meeting lime.  They will now meet on  Wcdncsdavs. 7 p.m. to 9, at the  Wilson Creek Hall.  There will be some uniforms  for sale, or for trade for different    X\/.c    or    a    brownie  uniform for a guide uniform,,  at the Tuesday, September 13  registration.  Receive information on the  three groups from. District  Commissioner for Hunechin  Lauralee Solli at 885-3510.  DAVIS BAY/WILSON  CREEK COMMUNITY  The monthly meeting of the  Davis Bay/Wilson Creek Community Association will be held  per usual on the second Monday, September 12, at their hall ]  on Davis Bay Road. Discussion ���  will take place on roads in the  area. Meeting starts at 7:30  ���XpMxr'.-xx ' ' ,  SECHELT AUXILIARY  '���"���'.'.St;;.; IVfary's' Hospital; Aux-'' '  iliary, Sechelt Branch will hold  its monthly meeting on Thursday, September 8 at.T:30 p.m.  at St. ^Hilda's Church Hall.  : New members are welcome and  so are the regular members.  COMMODORE TO  NEWPORT  Commodore Don and Mary  Macdonald   of   West   Sechelt  have   just    returned    from  "'Newport,   Rhode   Island,   the  present site for the America's  Cup.races.  They were very impressed  with all the acti\ ity taking place  surrounding the challengers  and defenders, and attended a  very gala affair at a grand old  heritage home. They were  thinking of how all this would  come 'about if'..;(anuria One  were to win the cup.-and the  changes it would effect at  Secret Cove, home of the  Secret Cove Yacht Club. When  the America's Cup race first  started. Newport was a small  seaside resort '.'much; similar to  Secret Cove.;   ;'���  Congratulating the C'anuria  .(hie. team on its efforts pei-  MMially for a job well, done,  Don-says the team is alrcach  ���hinking ahead to the next  America'- (,'up races. '\\vx\ lci-  tainly cliu well for I heir firsi attempt.  i>.  <-.*. "���'"*  . fms: Actd$mfc, Urm $nd VocttionaiPmgnms:  *77pircwttAw.r^  - x / r > Clifaw commwc* tht ���r��tk # Soptombtr 6,1983  iv  i   ,-i  p.. jtt * 5  "?��.  y *��� %f  /  .f- .  ���> n  y  <   y K".   ^!- "S*; fr"-  '<-$$'In your, time of. need...  IX) e Cliff?. Some time each of us must suffer.  the pain of loss . . . must hear the tolling bell that marks' the  passing of a loved one. At such a time"depend on those w"ho;  understand . . . depend on our years of experience.  1665 Seaview  Gibsons  D. A. Deviin  Director  A Complete line  <tf Beer & Wine  making supplies  Make your own at  34 ;the cosf  ^- ���: 8BG-2B18 ��� '-^"'  ���tower GibsQiis >  BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 178-71  V   : - AeCOitiltllia I (3 crwlK immvs> '  .A f y * y^f}**^1*  r -^    '    18WXwwtoytB.00ttt:8CpmmHwrl:B0to 10:00pm .  TWt mwm mm wlwUty trmihr cndl. floiM Mm tt tt�� 19*3^4 Itmkt teUt In Mw (Mtogt (MMitr.  ' \\\^'     ^ -' *; x  < " -MEOIA om-71  .    ..   ^    13ll^��T��4%��i7:MP��4��Hwr:T.B.A.  '   "^       '%*   \ yy   ' * *t,^\*> v  CAREER PLANNING c*M&M*% cm�� hows)  ;.'7   - . 8TliMrti^0ct.8ltNw.24l:00mto12Mi��n A  ^ OFFICE ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM  Tl�� 0ffte Mmtaitfr^ Qtpr^  >     b^hRi4iifl in 0cMi�� 1ft3. Fw t��M yMft M k^  Mcr��tvW/b��kkMpi��g pngram btrt now we are g^nf tarwtrd wMk Um rww tWfet ttdmolooy. .  .*,#,, ���*���*��� *����� W�� lnip%ilfcft����dii��?Mi*Hk,,iM�� month prwimwlfljwwti  firiMttiBtoriMtiiwcoiHwtttM^ .  J BASIC TRAINING FOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT  ��� (High School Equivalency)  < y ProwjatepSi: Ago 17 and wt of tcfwol lyoor; matBrRy  = Oiyttmo Proflrom:  '    '-          - Mo��diytoFfltJ����,tt��rtlflflOc��ol)*r3.6 ttrs/ttoy  .     . 1>    X - ^ yy.<>   "  x fvMtag Proorom: -  Mofldiy to Fridiy.rtortWfOeWm 3,7:00��10:00 pm    '  ( Instructors: EWnt Futtormw, Kthord CftMbM��ft, JuUo Souttwst  , BTSD MATH: Monday BTS0 ENSUSH: WodRMday iTSO SCIENCE: Tuasday  ACHIEVEMENT RESOURCE CENTRE  Tutorials; IndhridiwJizod tutorials ara Hold in EngHih as a 8oca��d ianguaoa, Spoiling, Roading,'  Study Skills, Tint Managsmont, and Momory Training., Plom caN Communty Sarvkas Assistant  April Strathtrs at 885-9310 to maka in appoWmont wkh tho instructor.  CREDIT FREE COURSES AND WORKSHOPS  10% discount on croft froe course foes Is Qlvtn up to September 9.  S f  KNOWLEDGE NETWORK PROGRAMS  You can ftgisttr tar any af the foNowntg KNOWLEDflE HETiYOIIR progrw* tftraugli CopJUno Couogo:  AopHad SkatcMng  Voyagas (making a urm dwUkwi)  - Sawing Powor  '      " . v  ,     ��m��d Your Own BuiImis  Contact tho Socho* Laarnlng Contra kt mora dotais  MICRO-COMPUTER COURSES  KIDS AND VIC - LEVEL 1 f�� m 4 sassions  CMFS32011 Ssturdsyi 9:30 am to 12 noon Oct. 22 to Nov. 19  CMPS32012 Saturdays 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm Oct. 22 to Nov. 19  KIDS AMD VIC - LEVEL 2 ft.ss5 3m.iMs  CMPS32021 Saturdays 9:00 am to 12 men Nov. 26 to Doc. 10  INTRODUCTION TO MICRO-COMPUTER  , '. Tuasday 7:00 te 10:00 pm Fan: 55fl     .  ^ CMPS31011 Octobor 4 ��nd 11  .y, *" CMPS31012 Octobor 18 and 25  INTR0PUCTI0H TO PROGRAMMING IN BASIC LEVELS li  ^ -   * ; *    ��� Tuts..7:00to 10:00pm 5 s��*Hms Foo: ��5  CMPS315m��vaf1tN8vtmt��arttt2�� ,  DELIGHTS IN DRAWING - arts303! i  \ ,      3 Saturdays Sopt. 24/ Oct.1/15.10:30 a��> 4:30 pm fta: S50  v  CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH ��>R CHILDREIikutt.s33tiit��  10 Tuatdayt 3:30 to 4:15 pm Sopt. 20 tt^NavC;��2 Hi: S25> -?^  .    * y " Otvls^Bom*ttryScttooi<!f  BECOMING MORE ASSERfiVf^cNSssiw  -     ... 4Tliwsdtys12noonto3:OOpmOrt,'13toNav.3ftiJS45  CAREER TESTING & COUNSELLING WORKSHOP - wss^n  Saturday 8:30 im to 4:30 pm Oct. 1 plus 1-hoar Mdiyttuai counwdlng irttrwltw. Fet; $45 ' -* "*  \       EFFECTIVE SI��EED READING * ucsssm-  , '*      - (  S Tuesdays 7:00 to 10:00 pm Oct, 4 tt^Nw.S tm $76 V  * >  ;,     V0CABUURY EXPANSION. immrt.  .-      4 Kfodnosdays 7:30 tt 9:30 pm Oct. 5 tt 2S Fob: $40  RUDIMENTS OF K0DALT-Muss32iit  2 Saturday 10:00 m tt;:00 pm Sapt 17 A Nay. S Foo: $30  mtimn itmrm r*# best iwtietiMMf mk sechelt learning  CBNTtiS, INfET AVENUE - 885*9310 - 12:30 - 7:00 pm  v***L ^  **  *���* SHIP   J��*H  %���,��� 4JS  liOT'ibUr'Ak      ������  Coast News, Septembers, 1983  Mrs. Anne Pressley has assumed duties as acting administrator of  the Town of Gibsons. Her previous experience in the same position with the Village of Sechelt and the Sunshine .Coast Regional  District has made her well acquainted with municipal officials.  ���Judith Wilson pholo  Roberts Creek  by Jeanie Norton, 886-9609 x  It was a "bang-up" affair  but not quite the "smashing"  evening the new owners intended for the opening of the "The  Gibsonslnn" (better known to  locals as "The Penn Hotel").  Many people took exception to  the enforcement of a dress'  code, but"one driver decided to  "crash" the party and rammed  his motorhome into dyer a  dozen vehicles in the parking  ���lot... .:���;'���;������ '''���'"  Several of the cars were badly damaged and six had to be  towed away. The Roberts  Creek Fire Department was  called out as there were a couple of gas tanks leaking.and a  connection on the propane  tank of the offending camper  was broken.  Inside, the pub hadn't  changed much except for a  fresh coast of paint and. the  removal "of some partitions.  ;But there were a lot of people  out   to   hear the  band,   try  Public Library  jHoure:;:^;;"^;-. yX.  Tiiesday 2-4 p.m. ���  f      Wednesday 10:30-4 p.m.  Thursday 2-4 p.m.  y..X.X-x-..r:;7Sp:m..     \.  :       Saturday 2-4 p.m.  ..���Vrr.  someplace different^ and have  ��� a good time.. ''���>' ��� XX-xxxyxX-']  AUXILIARY MEETING  Legion   auxiliary   members  are   reminded   that;* the  September general meeting is  next Monday, September 11.  GOLDEN OLDIES 7  Last weekend was a landmark occasion for at least two  Roberts Creek residents.  Legion secretary Phil Sheridan  celebrated his 70th birthday  Friday afternoon with some  friends at the legion while Denny James skipped town for this  40th on Saturday. Best( wishes,  fellas, you're not over the hill  "yet.,; y'X-  SAD LOSS  The sudden loss1 of  Madeleine Grose was a shock  to us all. She was such a lively  person, active in so many  things. Her enthusiasm and  vitality will be greatly missed  by the community an4 all who  know her.. o  FOUND BY HORSE  **��� You may have? noticed'the?  ^'danger"'sign 'it''the- side(door-.*  of the' fireHKaltf They've'been  ^16bkirigf6r the septic tank. It  .was Colleen Mulligan's horse  that found it.  NEW RECORDS  Do my eyes deceive me? No,  there are actually some new  songs on the legion's jukebox.  Any. requests?  Friday Only!   September 9  ( Saturday Only! September 10  'X-  p * .:x <  ?  X'    >A>  sv  a .  V\    k  { ,V4~  .wv***vh  f RE^H/UTILITY G��ABf  ng  ���    *    f   f    *    f   ���w  2.09 ib. -9o  Plus Many More Specials  Every Day > All Week!  Prices Effective:  Tues.-Sat.,  Sept. 6th - Sept. 10th  , At the Sunshine. Coast News, we  have made a profession of helping our friends on the Sunshine  Coast develop individual advertising plans that work. Call us today and. let us show the way to  ' your merchandising goals..  886-7817  Long English  cucumbers  each  Buster's  dog food  Oven-FresH, Ecdnp-Pack  ���bread-'.':.::. 'y-xy P,  709 gm  Hill'sBrothers  coffee  Imperial  margarine  369 gm tin  2w49  1.36 kg box  2.19  Pack of 4 loaves  2.39  First of the Seasqri  msciniosh  apR,I:e$:V;j':r-  ��o2 ib .37  Campbell's  tomato soup    -284 m\y  Oven- Fresh  ch&ese 'it' on ion  bUltS:���'.������, V7 ;.,'.;Pack of 6  2im  C29  ��� fcifc i ^^n i FMg-jyMVT"���*������"�����������*��� m\ ii m-zummf*  Coast News, September 5,1983  by Jim McDowell  Last week's Synchro Swim Tamp concluded with a display of the graceful musical routines;developed  by the participants. Several of the coaches show the younger girls the standard that won the silver  medal at the Western Canada Games. '���.$ /-JBaithwibmi photo  Synchronized swimmers here  Twenty:four synchro swimmers aged nine to 16 years*  from various swim clubs in the  lower mainland last week attended the 2nd Annual Synchro Swim Camp in Gibsons.  Organised-and run by'Nancy  Lyman, ex-Canadian National  swimmer who has coached at  the junior national level for the  last 10 years, the camp also  featured five girl coaches all of  whom are national swimmers,  two at the senior level and three  at trie junior level. These  coaches were part of the synchro swim team which won a  silver medal at the Western  Canada Games in Calgary at  the end of July.;  Another well-known synchro  swimmer associated with7the  camp was Biz Price whc> has  just retired from the Canadian  National team.  The participating swimmers  spent the week improving their  flexibility and strength.through  land and water work-outsy and  practising their musical  routines and figur^ several  times a day.  Fifteen members of the local  Solidarity: Coalition's steering  committed -held >���their first  meeting August 31 in Gibsons  and fpriried working.commits  tees that ; wiU^cairy out ^the  eight-week education campaign*  developed by its parent  body���the Solidarity Coalition-  Assembly..:-'' XX:X:'x      XXy\ ;-XX  The assembly, composed of  representatives from provincial  organizations (eg. teachers,  disabled, womeriv etc.)y  regional^coalitions (eg. this;  coalition), ^and ^observers  (especially union ';spokesmen  connected with Operation  Solidarity^ held its first  strategy session August130;; in  Burnaby: ;About^200 delegates  ratified the two-month education campaign highlighting  seven. themes and featuring a  province-wide petition drive to  get Premier Bennett to  withdraw his entire  "repressive, anti-democratic"  legislation. The signature-  gathering effort will end October 31. "  Locally, the petition and information about the protest  will be distributed each  weekend at shopping malls  starting September 10i An intensive two-week "petition  blitz" is. planned for mid-  October, climaxed by an entertainment event.  Register for dance this week  Mountain Dance Centre, a  Vancouver based, professional  dance company, in association  with local dance patrons Loretta Copping, Pam Boothroyd  and Twilight Theatre, are  pleased ��� to announce that the  dance programme (ballet,  modern, jazz, att-all levels); will  be under the direction of  Mountain Dance Centre* ^r-  Jean Orr, former Prima  Ballerina of the Royal Win-;  nipeg Ballet, will be Ballet  Mistress.  Janine Kandborg, now  teaching also for Mountain  Dance in Vancouver, will still  be with us for jazz and tap.  Registration ���.��� for all of the>  above classes will be Friday,  September 9 fron* 3^7p;mv;ih ?  the theatre foyer,  or phone  886-2989.   -  MARIE GRACIE  SCHOOL OF DANCING  Marie will be here, as  previously announced, for  registration of her classes in  aero and Spanish dance orf  Tuesday, September 6 from 3-6  p.m. in the theatre foyer, or  phone 886-2989.  LOCAL MOVING  For all local  moving, or  for help .  with moving  awkward,  heavy items,  Call the Moving Specialists  Member of  ALLIED   The Careful Movers  LEM WRAY'S TRANSFER LTD.  Custom Packing, Storage, Local & Long Distance Moving  HWY. 101, GIBSONS 886-2064  STIHL01 l'AVQ16'":..  STIHL028AVQ2r\.  ST!HL041AVEQ25,\  HOMELITEXL76 20".  -309*5  -439��  - 569"  -420"  * Trade ins considered *  Marie has been teaching here  for the past five years. ;Man��pof  her dancers have won awards  in dance festivals. /They; ialsb  perform at the PNE, Kitsilano  Show Boat, on TV and at local  events such as Timber Days  and Sea Cavalcade.  More on abortion  Continued from page 3  ������ \-  actually add one, traumatic experience to another? What is  needed is immediate understanding, counselling and medical  care for the-mother. As well as  support from friends, relatives  and community.  -  Before leaving this subject  note, "A study of 1000 rape  victims who were treated right  ���after rape reported no prpegnan-  des." So-an' appeal can be  ~?ma<ie: for^educating women to  seek immediate Jm  after a true rape, rather than  educating women that abortion  is the only'answer. /  Secondly^ the point referring  to a case of herpes, addresses  another major misconception  of bur day. Young people have  bought the myth that'ypu can  somehow be sexually responsible and have multiple bed partners.-; ������;���'��� ---yX  "Responsible sexually is expressed in loving one person in  the intimacy of the sexual  union, preferably in the security of marriage. Where two people . are equipped by their  mutual love for one another, to  take responsibility for. the out:  come of their sexual relationship, children-. Herpes is * a  disease .that is the outcome of  sexual irrespdnsibility.'  In such cases as herpes in  pregnancy, the medical solution is a Caesarean section, if  the herpes sore is present at the  time of labour and delivery, to  secure the life and health of the  baby.- ���'". ' XX r.xy .X-x  Thirdly, does abortion  reduce child abuse? bJoi; Accor-  ding to "an exhaustive seven  year study of 764 battered  children by Dr. E.Lenbwski,  at the University of Southern  California 90 per cent of those  battered children were wanted  by their parents at the time of  conception. It was factors  other than unwantedness (such  as unrealistic expectations for  , the child and inadequate parenting skills) which accounted for  the battering.  Dr^ Phiiip^Ney head of the  Department of Psychiatry at  Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria indicated in an 1979 article (Can.:J;- Psychiatry Vol. 24)  4 'that the rate of increase in  child abuse parallels that ofv?  abortion in Canada.".' ���������'���' *"  ' With abortion; on demand,;  and only wanted children being  born, why is child abuse in-:  creasing; Abortion hasn't stopped child abuse. Abortion is;  battering  in  the womb,  the  SKYLIGHT  BLINDS  Energy efficient, plus  controls; solar rays.  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  886-7112  earliest and most violent form  of child abuse.  Abortion is only excusable  and justified when the mothers  life is threatened, (e.g. a tubal  pregnancy); With the present  medical and technological advances other ; previously life  threatening conditions are very  rare.  Basically we need to do some  real' soul searching and face  facts, that abortion is only an  answer,becausp^iwe asipeople  are too selfish to, live and give  6% ourselves for the well being  arid/ happiness of others.  (Namely the, unborn); Those  that offer abortion: as a solution to a pregnant woman,  rather than themselves in love,  time, and money,, jure not her  friends but her enemies.  In closing, let me echo, Perry  Drummond, in praise and  thanks to this newspaper for  the space given and openness to  the letters written addressing  this serious subject.  Thank you.  Bettie Weatherill  '���,. (BR) Beginners Refit  ' Starts Wednesday September 7  This is a moderate and fun class specifically  ;. designed lor people not accustomed to  vigorous exercise. Special consideration lor  *   people with back problems or other physical  ... limitations!. NO running in this class  (T) Toning Class   .  Starts Thursday September 8 ���  7  A general warm up tallowed'by a workout ol  specific muscle groups complimented by ap-  . propnate stretches ^achieve body tone Ex-  . ceiient lor the beginner as well.as the  .  ": moderately active NO running in this Class  To broaden the base of people who .understand the  negative impact of the government's legislation, the coalition  will stress a different theme  each week. Next week's theme  is human rights.  The Sunshine Coast Coalition is one of five regional  chapters that send representatives-to the assembly. Each'  local coalition must follow  guidelines set down by the  parent body.  1 No action is planned here for  '^hiuu^ rights week", but the  local /pnempldyment Auction  Centre will be developing ways  to bring-attention to the plight  of workers and the  unemployed during the week of  September11-17.   ;,'  The local steering committee, well-represented by unions,  is seeking more involvement  from community groups.  Chairman Hans Penner  welcomes all interested persons  to attend the next meeting on  September 7 at 7:30 p.m. in St.  Bartholomew's Church Hall at  North Road and Highway 101  in  Gibsons.  Announcement  Hill's   Machine   Sh'pp,r Gibsons,' Is pleased to announce,'  that Bruce Brannan hs joined  our staff.  Bruce Brannan, formerly of  Gibsons Brake and Tune, is a  fully licensed mechanic and'  is now available to attend to  your automotive repair  needs.  Mil'*  Mathlitf Step  Machining  Welding  Automotive  1646 Marine, Gibsons  886-7721  FAMOUS  JpRGASBORD  -Saturday & Sunday  $10.95  (Kids $5.50)  \9 p.m. 883-2269  0)��t>titf 7 ml- f pm  PEST CONTROL & HEALTH SERVICES LTD.  For Control of Carpenter Ants, Rodents and Other Pests  ' ��� ." "��� ���.:��� ���'    :'.-    '     '.    .'.   ���      '���:���'.��� '���������  ��� ;���:��� 'XX- X ���:'.���' X- y*  1 OUR SPECIALTY: Pre-Treatment of Houses Under Conduction ;1  For Confidential  Advice and  Estimate Call  883-2531  Pender Harbour  LOCALLY OPERATED  GOV'T INSPECTED  :-:��p>.\.��:��nv ����������������������  >"'    t-'X  U your car bogging  for a socond chance?  Fully equipped  for all body and  paint repairs  Brian's Auto Body  a Painting Ltd.    Seeh.lt  Beautiful bodies are our business    885-9844  **>*   it *  *'JV  Box 605,  FalM9B3  The  Fitness  Work Out  RICKI FERGUSON 886-8091   .  (AW) Aerobic Workout  Starts Monday September 12  Includes exercises to improve  -cartjio vascular endurance  -muscular slrenglti and endurance  ���flexibility and suppleness  Designed for people who are moderately active or lor. those who have been attending  classes regularly  (DB) Davis Bay  After School Work Out  ���Ages9-13 -  Further information will be sent home to  parents during first week ol school  Weight Training  Starts Monday September 12  Wom��n Body toning and delining through  light weight training NOT body building <*  ���  Min Universal Gym Routine as well as free weights  '��� LIMITED ENROLLMENT - To. register for y-XyXXX  Ihe weight training program only call:  StKhtlt (Women).Linda Milne 885-2478   X    :. X"  Gibsons (Men and Women.)   .' ;;; '"    yX' '���  Ricki Ferguson 886-8091 '' XX'yX'X  (WFF) Weekend Fitness Fun     ;^  Starts Saturday Septembsr 17 .���;:'���r X':XX':  Classes geared for everyone, beginner to 7    '  advanced. ���.'-'��� .  iHI'  MON  TUES      |         WED  THURS '  FRI  SAT  SUN  HH' ������''���'���  Roberts Creek   ,  ' Elementary' ���-���;���  (AW)*  Ken's  -Lucky Dollar  (upstairs) (BR)*  Roberts Creek  Elementary  (AW)*  Ken's  Lucky Dollar  (upstairs) (BR)*  Roberts Creek  Elementary  (D* ^  HH9:30  '   Sechelt Native ���'  . CommiinityHall   '<  (BR)*  Sechelt.       "-.  Womens Weights  Sechelt Native      ,  Community Hall  (BR)*  Sechelt       .  Womens Weights  ���:. .������};. x'x yi  ���nnn  Gibsons  Womens Weights  Gibsons  Womens Weights  ���.-������'���  HI' 1000  ~ ,  Chatelech  Sec School   ���  ISechell) (WFF)  G��sons '   -'* X]  Elementary       ; J  (WFF)     .       j  ^���i 3.00 -  BB pm  Davis Bay  Elementary (OB)  ������  Davis Bay  Elementary (DB)  A  ^Bs.oo  IBI pm  Gibsons  Womens Weights  Gibsons  Womens Weights  '������' 1  HRblHI  HH pm  s  Gibsons  Elementary (AW)  HR 630  Odvis Bay  Elementary (AW)  Davis Bay  Elementary (AW)  ���,  Oavis'Bay  Elementary (AW)  Davis Bay  Elementary (T)   '  H  Gibsons      ,  Elementary (AW)  /  Gibsons  Elementary (AW)  ��� '  ������]  HH J-w  ^Ht i*m  Sechelt  Elementary (BR)  Sechelt.  Elementary (BR)  1  * babysitting available  B^H 7��30  Gibsons  Elementary  (BR)  .Gibsons  Elementary  (BR)  Cedar Grove  Elementary .  Gibsons (T)  ��� m  IHI pm  Cos!: $45 ��� unlimited number of classes  (does not include weight training)    ���  ��� $ 3 - drop-in  . ' $45 - weight training .'       .  He 8 oo  HR *"  Gibsons  Mens Weights  Gibsons  Mens Weights  ���  Sechelt     ���         1  Womens Weights   |  Sechait, -  Womens Weights  ���   -1 x  ������ '���   ������   ��� -"��� \:.7 ^KWSUS^^S9^SS��i  Coast News, September 5,1983  Top Dog II, built in Fender Harbour at Headwater Marina and  newest of CKNW's Seawatch Charter boats, was successfully  launched last week. See story in Jane McOuat's column.  ���Jane McOuat pholo  Kerbis band fund  A senior citizen, who wishes  to remain anonymous, has  made a donation to the Gibsons Elementary School Band  vin. memory of Friede Kerbis,  fpeeliiig-; that supporting  children's understanding of  music and harmony would be  appropriate.  Other, donations have, also -  been received;-  Ken Ireson, the teacher in  charge of the Band, feels these  monies should go towards an  instrument which will be a permanent remembrance, rather  than being spent on  maintenance or a band trip.  Donations to the Friede Kerbis Fund can be sent to Ken  Ireson at Gibsons.Elementary^  S3h6oi:   ' ,' ^  Ct*"��', ���><  capilano - ��� .    ^  <plege  CAP COLLEGE  AND THE COAST  - Tfie1 Sechelt Learning Centre  wantsp thank the Sunshine Coast  * for -itsEnthusiastic response !tb our\  ., y[\ ; v; yyr   v ;,0peif Rbijser-  *     ; ; v!> -.. ^ .x -:       ' ' ��� * * v '  ''  ; -. x,: c- MmW as Invited dignitaries;  ' the geneFalpublic, jn great, numbers,} \  visited us. This is important; -  !   \ because the more the college '  - ' gets to know the- community, -the ..  - more we can cleat with needs in'  building a post secondary education  system on the Sunshine,Coast,  '-V.'Y >��' -  M-AV, *��� V^      1>'V  Ax*-^ -:*���* ** -  ^;?-."   &^\<~    ' p  by Jane McOuat 883-9342  COASTGUARD '���..  FAREWELL  It's good-bye to the Coast  Guard for another winter. This  season 'was just about as busy  as last year. With Labour Day  wdekend still to finish, a sure  bet for breakdowns and over-  dues, they answered 91 calls in  the approximately four months  they were here.  Breakdowns comprise tjieir  largest number of calls with 46,  next is overdue at. il. Eight  fires is up ;this year,; six  agrbunds, five sinkings5 arid  five medical evacuations round  out the major statistics.  Just because we don't have a  local Coast Guard station over  the winter doesn't mean we're  not covered. A hovercraft is on  stand-by in Parksville all winter  and we still have Rescue Coordination Centre to call at  . ��� 732-4141in the case Of any  marine   emergency.  I was lucky enough to have a  short but fabulous ride ori the  hovercraft last week and let me  tell you - it's no slug, nor its  crew. Coast Guard, Walter,  Kim and all the trainees, thanks;  for a safer summer and see you  next year.  ENHANCEMENT COURSE  Malaspina College and the  Department of Fisheries and  Oceans are offering a five night  course   in   their   Salmonidl  Enhancement Program. Runn-j  ing   from September 13 to -17 ��  inclusive at Chatelech senior  high   it   will   include,  adult  salmon capture, egg take and  incubation   techniques.   The  course will end with a day field  trip. The fee is $25, payable the  first night and there are no^j  prerequisites.  For more infdtl  call John Lewis at 883-2313.  FUN 'N GAMES  Down at Lord Jim's where  they're always thinking up  things to do besides lifting your  glass, they've come up with a  good one. It's a Fun 'n Games  Night starting on Tuesday;  September 13 at 8 p.m. It's to  run every second Tuesday for  the winter. They'll have crib,  backgammon, card games,  pool; tourney j Trivial Pursuit;  Monopoly; dominoes and  tiiei?e;:7IfrycVir h^^  bring it to share as this really  sounds like fun.. Phorie  885-2232 to guarantee space.  FIREMEN'S BALL  As you may have heard, the  Firemen's Ball'will be held at  the Madeira Park Hall  September 24. Tickets are $25  per couple-or $12.50 per head  for ah always great dinner and  dance, and may be purchased  from R & 1vf Auto, Oaktree  Market, the Pharmacy and  good old Taylor's Store. The  band will be Pegasus. :'  FIRE PERMITS  One note about fires, (ha!  it's not what you think). We're  still in a fairly high hazard  period, even after that rain so  be sure to phorie either chief  for a burning permit. In  Madeira Park it's Ron Mur-  dock at R & M Auto 883-9677  and in Garden Bay it's Bob  Fielding at Garden Bay Marine  Services 883-2722.  SEAWATCH LAUNCH  ; Last'Sunday, though it just  Charges laid  in parking  lot incident  A .45 year old Vancouver  man was arrested and held  overnight in a local cell following a disturbance call received  by police from the newly opened Gibsons Inn, formerly called  the Peninsula Hotel.  Charges of impaired driving  are pending against the man  after he dangerously drove his  Winnebago motorhome in the  inn's parking lot, hitting 14  vehicles and causing damages  totalling $30,000.  He also faces charges of  driving dangerously and of  mischief. His companion, a  Toronto man, is also facing  charges of mischief.  WANTED  Used Furniture  and What Have You  We buy Beer Bottles  886-2312  poured all day, was a Top Dog  day for quite a few people. We  all turned out to witness the  : launching of the Top Dog II, a  ! new 34' boat built at Bill Knut-  son's Headwater Marina by  Larry Barnes of P & H Marine  Contracting, Rick Ion and  Steve Warner. It will "be the  newest and nicest of the  CKNW Seawatch Charters  fleet.  PLAYSCHOOL  REGISTRATION  Playschools are starting up  again. In Garden Bay, registra-  ; tion for the Garden Bay Tot  Lot will take place at Irvine's  Landing Hall on September 6  from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. This  is for all children up to five  years.  For more info call Anita  Bathgate at 883-9343. In  Madeira Park registration for  the Serendipity Playschool  (ages three to five) will be at  Miss Sunny's Hair Boutique  September 6 to 9. Serendipity  begins September 19. For more  info call Corinne at 883-9123.  Incidentally, I ran into.  Goofy in the office of the  I.G.A. yesterday.YYes, Peter  was there also and he told me  they would take entry forms  for one month, then have a  draw so that some child would  win Goofy. Have a boo in the  office when you walk by. If he  doesn't have a bright red and  blue outfit, a happy face and  big floppy ears then it's not  Goofy. Somehow that reminds  me of the old CKLG "Harris  Report".  BAKE BREAK  Rachel, the bakerlady of  Garden Bay will be tapering  her great home baking off this  month, then will spend October onwards in Vancouver.  I'm not sure whether to eat all I  can while she's still with us and  baking, or whether to wean  myself as she winds down so  the transition from cinnamon  buns to fitness class isn't so  traumatic. Times like these  make me wish Mr. Ed (the talking horse) would come back in  reruns more often.  YOOHOO!  Has anyone seen my keys on  a yellow plastic clip?  TOOL & EQUIPMENT RENTALS  SALES .& SERVICE �� SMALL ENGINE SPECIALISTS  RADSATORSHQP  Pender Harbour 883-9114  PENDER HARBOUR  DIESEL CO. LTD. X  ���f/X-fyy  Diesel Engine Rebuilding  Industrial Parts  *3��%h* 883-2616  ���WrflFlTiyr^'-'r^"'^  I  *���'..     Audrey's Coffee Service  Modern Coffee Makers supplied  & serviced at no charge  Pay only for supplies  you use  No office too big  or too small  NEVER RUN OUT  ���V      885-3716  mmwi  ^^^^^^^q  m  Centennial 86  .'"'"  CAR WASH  sponsored by Gibsons Volunteer Ambulance Service  Saturday Sept lOth  at Gibsons Ambulance Station  (South Fletcher by the Town Hall)  10AM-2PM  &SS3SS3SSS53Z;  i.      r ���* W ' >  ���>-"  *Wfcfe��) Sechelt Garden Gulp presents its  **j#^ SUMMER SHOW ANT SALE  *-* . AFTERNOON TEA  ^in the Senior Citizens Hall)  SAT SEPT 10, 2 - 4 ��������  ���**       Come to see the beautiful flowers.  meet friends and buy/some plant bargains.  Door Prlzel Draws! $1.50 at the door.  Rft4-��i. >*-y '^:^rrr\ri.,^ ^y^yyxryy'-  " y ?^A f v-i! ��rv y 'ty" ** ^ x y    <. \   >  -:.t^'     <   v :  K^V  For  Ciomrnuntty Owned  Services  >   !  ^  ��� Savings  * Chequmg Savings  I*,' *  <  +Term Deposits  * *  ���Safety Deposit Boxes /  ��� Personal Loans  ��� Mortgage^  Is       :  Pfan^24 Savings   .  i ��' - ''V* - -     x  vJr f       V      r  ���RRSPs and RHOSPs  *������ * . ^ -  We believe in people helping people  and our services prove iti  'Hours,  r V >  >/\pl   '  i Tuesday -T|iursday  x ! "   ��*- .   \��.,,   y rrraay      *���  Saturday ,  "lOAM-ePM '  "10AM-2 PMV  SUNSHINE COAST CREDIT UNION  r,   HEAD OFFICE  *v - Box 375,^ Cowrie Street,  f SECHELT, H.C. VON 3A0  Telephon�� 885-3255  GIBSONS BRANCH  Box 715, Hwy. 101 ���  GIBSONS, B.C. VON 1V0  Telephone 886-8121 pt&^W&Pg&mW^ - "vjf
'■•■. "^*^"T«;w
Coast News, September 5,1983
250 ml
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Ban* Brand ^"  ■■**
mozzarel1a4549m 2.79
...... (7 lbs.  99)    1 kg
California Sunkist
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Maple Leaf
flakes of ham
Christies .■'-Chocolate or Plain
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Now that they have finally trundled off for most of the
day and you have a few moments with that rare creative
silence, why don't you—as soon as you've re-discovered
yourself invite some friends over and have an adult taste
treat. Lunch with the grown ups! What a way to spend
your day. There is more to lunch time, yOu lovely people,
than chicken nOodle soup and peanut butter!
Asian Chicken
1 medium chicken
1 cup yogurt
•A cup whipping cream
xh teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon chilli powder
1: Inch piece fresh ginger
1 large onion
2 cloves garlic
2 cardamons
Yt cup cooking oil
2 tomatoes
I teaspoon hot curry powder   'A cucumber
1. Gut the chicken into serving pieces and prick the skin
with a fork. Place in a mixing bowl.
HDP BooKstore
2. Prepare the onion, chop finely. Peel the ginger and
chop finely. Crush the cardamOns.
3. Mix a!I ingredients except Oil; tomatoes and cucumber.
Pour over the chicken pieces and leave for 2 hours. Stir
4. Heat the oil and fry the chicken pieces for 30 minutes
or until cooked. Drain and keep hot.
5. POur the marinade into the frying pah. Bring to the boil
and pour over the chicken.   .
6. Garnish with sliced tomatoes and cucumber and serve
immediately with plain rice:
Spaghetti with Presto Sauce
1 pound spaghetti
2 cloves garlic, chopped
V^ cup finely chopped fresh basil
%A cup finely chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon chopped walnuts butter
Vi cup grated parmesan extra parmesan
14 cup olive oil freshly ground pepper to taste
If you. have a food processor—lucky you—just: shove
garlic, basil, parsley, walnuts, parmesan and£611 jn
together and whizz—hey presto—your sauce! C^therwlSe
—improve your muscle tone and chop everything really
finely, then mix.
Boll your spaghetti in the usual way. Drain. Put in bowls
or plates. Mix as much presto sauce In as you wish, then
top with extra parmesan and a knob of butter. Serve with
a green salad, Italian dressing and don't forget a botitle of V
vino. And try grating your own parmesan—you|d be surprised how much better it tastes.
Here's to civilized adult moments in life!
Nest Lewis
Corner of School & I
Gower Paint Roadt'
good selection!
back to school
Our plumbers
work 8 hours
But our phone works
24 hours
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•"'     Serving the '.
X Sunshine Coast
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I * Coast News, September 5,1983  9.  -'HX  w"%Myrt9>rd y>  ���^%tez-  ''Xy%'  &��ii.  X  V  ECTIVE:  .^^*^SB3-  y%?��&i **^*?^.::  ���m~*x&:  'ap  > ���^wSEa.roXi*?  SUN.,  ww^i  �� ^  ^OlsNHi  Canada Grade f\ Beef  OUTSIDE ROUND  RUMP ROAST  or Boneless   (lb. 2.29)  $5.05  Shop with confidence.  Our prices are very competitive.  We will not he undersold  on these advertised items.  We fully guarantee everything we sell  to be satisfactory  or money cheerfully refunded.  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And, because I was a shy, country boy, I got lots of attention from the class bullies. This experience caused me  to lose all confidence in myself and interest in school. My  grades were poor, which went on until grade, 8. By this  time we had moved to the city, after Grandma died, and if  anything, matters grew worse, until the.new term after  Christmas.  /  ������     �� >  A new principal was assigned to our school. His name  was Mr. Hamilton, and although the names of most of my  teachers now escape me, his never will.  Although I was practically last in my class standing, he  sought1 me out, discovered my problem and with encouragement and some after school help, got me on  track. ,  By Easter break, as a result of test papers, I stood 1 5th  (out of 35 that is) in my class. By June, ! was near the top  in class standing. This man made a life-long impression  on me in just a few months, for he was no longer my  teacher as I went on to high school, after passing my  government exams.  Someone once said, "If the pupil hasn't learned, the  teacher hasn't taught." This may be a bit harsh, and certainly not always true, but theirs can be both a challenging and rewarding experience.  v *y?yf*yj'yg^?y^  10.  Coast News, September 5,1983  Ladies of the Sunshine Coast Golf Club relax after their tournament. See Page 12 for results. .��� " -Ernie Home pholo  Shadbolt show  by Belinda MacLeod 886-7592  The new exhibition at the  Arts Centre, Sechelt consists of  collages by Jack Shadbolt and  screenprints by Greta Guzek.  Jack Shadbolt, an artist with  A*R *>T   ^g^fl'-E  *-T*      v��.   ^*Sj3MSv3M!w*   ��^  Eu^mpTcz:  rzrrcsRETi^eu^KKrrr:  exhibition;, 7 ^sm^ER  an international; reputation,  produced a brilliant series of  collages in 1979 inspired by  photographs from classic  fashion magazines. Thanks to  the generosity of the Bau Xi.  Gallery in Vancouver, we are  able to show some of these  dramatic and mysteriously  evocative works.  Since coming to the Coast a  year ago Greta Guzek has  become well known here for  her delightful screenprints  usually exhibited at the Hunter,:  Gallery.  There will also be a small .  selection   of   brand   new,  ceramics  by   Gerry  McBride  Reminder: Registration  forms for the Fifth Annual  Sunshine Coast Juried Art Exhibition are available at the  Arts Centre, Hunter Gallery  and all craft and book stores.  Deadline for entry is October  16.  We are back to winter hours  at the.Arts Centre: Wednesday  thru Saturday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Sundays!.-4 p.m.  Eittrrti  Rock W Roll from Seattle  ��ss Code"  f n eft*et *rter * *pm*.  fllyioh  *   *** �����  VIA OUR SATELWI  Only 5 Days Le��t  To join our free Video Club and  become eligible to  Win A Fisher VCR!  r  DRAW WILL BE HELD ON SEPT. 10TH AT  12 NOON;     CONDUCTED BY TED OSBORNE  ���Moyie Rentals 2 for $6.00/day-  Coleco Games Machines - $5.00/day   Video Cassette Mon-Thurs $10.95/day  Machines & Tapes Tapes - $2.00/day    Recorders Fri-Sun $12.95/day  r���SEECOAST-  VIDEO  885-7864  Store Hours  ���  Mon -Thurs.  10 30 a m -8 pm.  SALES & RENTALS Sechelt Fri & Satuntil._9 p.m.. ....  Cowrie Street at Trail Bay Avenue Sunday 11a.m. -7 p^m.  ���"���-SV  The book  everyone's  been  waif ing for  sequel to  Clan of the  Cave Bear  Gibsons Landing 886-7744  Primal broth of heroic symbols: \  John Wayne, dying of cancer v  both for real and in the film  strapping his guns on for the final time  Stammering apologetic Jimmy Stewart  smoulderingslowly to anger  in leath^xNewMekico  Henry%Fpnddpawling challenges   _  in a Tombstone saloon  Gary Copper striding a dusty street to showdown  resigned alorie deadly        r  * TheWestthat'never was but should have been  the proving ground.  Lament for the Western  .    ' .Parti  If there is one aspect of  present-day film-inakihg that  saddens me more than any  other, it is the apparently total  demise of the western. I am  referring to the classic western,  represented by such great films  as High Noon, Shane, The  Searchers and The Ox-Box Incident. The low-budget potboilers deserved to be phased-  out and will not be missed. But  the potential of the form was  always vast. Armed with a  literate script and a hand-  picked cast,-.such' directors as  John Ford were able to crpeate  authentic masterpieces. But in  the past decade, there have  been few westerns made and  the entire genre seems to have  died with its boots oh.        XX >  Ironically enough, the film,  generally considered to be the  first true motion picture made  in America, was a western. Entitled The Great Train Robbery, it was produced for the  Thomas Edison Company in  the pathless wastelands of New  Jersey in 1903. There had been  a number of plotless vignettes  prior to this but Train Robbery  actually boasted' a primitive  storyline. Only TO minutes in  length, it introduced the chase  scene to movies and even anticipated the 3-t> gimmickry of  decades later by having one of  the robbers fire directly at the  camera, reportedly eliciting  screams from the unsophisticated audiences.  From such humble beginnings, the film.industry burgeoned apace and the western grew  right along with it. "Bronco  Billy" Anderson, a vaudeville  veteran and a bit-player in  Train Robbery,, became the  first westerii 'nato. His films  Coast -10 TV is ,a network  made up of Coast Cablevision  Limited's community channel  servicef and the community  broadcasting programme at  Elphinstone Secondary School.  This fall we will be presenting  five main series designed to in-'  wive the community and train  students in broadcast journalism, xy' '; x: xxy  pur shows will begin on  Thursday, September 15 at 7  p;m. On channel 10 and each  arid every Thursday until  Christmas.  1. Coast Review  Researched, written, produced and edited by community  broadcasting students, this  show will look' behind the  headlinesat local issues, events  and personalities. This show is  designed toinvolve the students  iri all aspects of television production skills and journalism  techniques.  2. Suncoast Happenings  Hosted by various community personalities, this show will  provide non-profit organizations, clubs and agencies'with  the opportunity to participate  iri community television. This  show will coyer local events  such as fprums, parades, fairs,  arid other happenings.  3. Communications Today  This   series   will   examine  . -various issues in the world of  broadcasting,; cablevision, and  telecommunications providing  information as well as oppor-  tunity for discussion of media  related topics.  - 4. Personalities jn Profile  .Featuring discussions with  persons living on or visiting the  Sunshine Coast, this series will  be hosted by various interviewers and will involve special  guests such as local'pioneers,  .historians,  writers, -producers  ^and   many   interesting   per-  , sorialities. :;  '>'..;���..  were simplistic melodramas,  totally devoid of subtle  shading. Anderson invariably  played the simon-pure protagonist pitted against, a series  of relentlessly-base villains.  Good, needless to say, always  triumphed. These naive  stereotypes set the tone for  thousands of bad b-westerns to  come.  Curiously, Al Jennings,,  another minor star of this  period, had been an actual  western outlaw���the last of the  famous train robbers. After  serving a couple of years in  prison, Jennings went into  partnership with the very man  who had captured him���Bill  Tilghman, a famous western  lawman. Together they made a  film called The Bank Robbery  with Jennings starring" and  Tilghman doubling as director  and cameraman. Despite their...  firsthand knowledge of the  subject,'however, they were no  film-makers and the picture  was not a success. Tighlman  went back to catching criminals  but Jennings stayed with the industry, working both as an actor and a technical advisor.  A number of actual western  characters worked in the early  silents, perhaps most notably,  Buffalo Bill Cody. The old  plainsman made five films between 1909 and 1915, including  a massive history of the Plains.  Indian wars called From the  Warpath to the Peace Pipe.  This unique, extremely-long  and enormously-expensive picture was filmed on the actual  locations of the battles, using  as many oi the surviving participants as could be fburid.-  Unfortunately, no prints of this  epic still exist but it must have  been the most authentic  western of all iime. .'"   ;    '"'���'���  ���X 5. The Best of Coast 10  1      We have saved many of our  ;   productions created over the  *   last three and one half years.  This series will provide us with  the opportunity to rerun some  of our favourites and to ariswer  any requests to see one of our  shows again.  r      Technical   crew   for   our  ||  shows will be provided by com-  i; ; muriity broadcasting students.  yXbur   shows   will   be   seen  I   Thursdays on Channel 10 at  ��7-9 p.m; Let lis hear firom you  for suggestions; write Coast 10  . TV, Community Broadcasting  Programme,     Box    770,  Elphinstone School,  Gibsons  VON 1V0.  Canada's first Mwdbathl  Cal I For; Help 885-717);. r  For more information: Write:  P.O. Box 1670 Sechelt. B,C. VQN 3AO  Sinclair n885-9327  V on the move  The sumrrier months have ,*  been busy times for the United  Church at Gibsons and in  Davis Bay, with many interesting Sunday visitors and  an unusually large number of  church weddings. One special  guest was a member of the  World Council of Churches,  who came to the council's sixth  assembly in Vancouver from  Indonesia.  The Reverend Alex Reid and  his wife Molly, will be taking a  portion of their vacation in  mid-September, no doubt try-  Miunri  KWIK-BOUT  Stud Anchor  1. Drill  2. Hit  3. Tighten  it;s that simplei  .   ^Fasten most anything  to concrete���or re-bar  into rock!  Jp All it takes is  hiuti  ��* _     r-  RENTALS LTD  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL PARK  GIBSONS  ing to find some peaceful  moments to celebrate their  thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.  On September 11 the congregations of both Gibsons and>  St. John's will welcome as- a  visiting minister, the Reverend  Wes Bray, who returns to West  Howe Sound from-his home in  Clearbrook.  Sunday school at both chur'-  ches should be in full operation  at 9:30 a.m. on September ll.'  The recent expansion at St.  John's has provided much better accomodation for children  and teachers and with* summer  holidays finished, both' congregations are looking forward  t to an influx pf youngsters.  The Sunshine Coast  welcomes two well-known arid  highly respected United Church  professionals as permanent  residents. Dr. Nora E. Neilson  moved to Gibsons in June from  Toronto, where she served for  the last 14 years as senior editor  for the United Church Division  of Communications. In this  capacity she has visited, and  published articles on the work  of the church in all of Canada's  provinces and territories. Last  year she wrote of her trip to  Cpsta Rica, Panama and  Brazil. For several years after  her training and designation as  deaconess, Miss Neilson was  on the staff of Ryerson United,  Vancouver. This year Nora  Neilson decided to take an early retirement and is enjoying  being close to her first love,  . "the sea,and mountains of the  West Coast" and happy to be  living in the same area as her  brother Jim of Point Road.  Another well-loved B.C.  United Church deaconess has  reached retirement age. After a  ministry of 34 years, Miss  Jessie Oliver has taken up permanent residence in her water- *  front home at .Mission Point in  "Wilson Creek. After her  graduation, Jessie Oliver worked s with Native Indians at  Ahousat, the Queen Charlottes, Vancouver, Chilliwack,  Port Alberni and Powell River.,  For the last eight years she has  been on the ministerial staff of  St. ^Andrew's United Church,  North Vancouver> Since Miss<  iv��i^Kas: iJeen^fjeiteii^^rt*  vsiu\ntrier vacations ,ih t this -area'*,  for many years, she is well;'  known and will receive a warm  welcome from her friends of  the St. John's congregation.   .  Church  Services  THE UNITED CHURCH  OF CANADA  Sunday Worship Services  ST JOHN'S  Davis 8av   9 30 am  GIBSONS  Glassford Rd    11 15 am  Sundav School   9 30 am  Rev Alex G Reid  Churcfi Telephone  886 2333  SUNSHINE COAST GOSPEL  CHURCH  i Corne' ol Davis Bay Rci   &Lau e. Rd i  Inter-Denomtnational  Family Worship  Sunday 11 am  Sunday School  For AH Ages  Sunday 9 45 am  We Extend A Welcome And'  An invitation To Come And  Worship The Lord With Us  Pastor Arie de Vos  -  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  new Church building  on School Rd   opp RCMP  Senior Pastor  Ted Boodle  George Marshall  Visitation Minister  Sunday School 9 30 am  Morning Worship 11 00 am  Eveninq Fellowship 7 00 p m  Home Bible Study  Phone 886 9482 or  886 7107  AHiiiated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies  ol Canada  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTlST CHURCH  Sabbath School Saturday  :   9 30 am  Hour ol Worship. Sat   11 am  Browning Rd  & Hwy'101  Pastor-J  Popowich  Everyone Welcome  For'information phone  885-9750 or 883-2736  CALVARY  BAPTIST CHURCH  Park Road, Gibsons  886-2611  Family Sunday School 9 30 a.m  >     Sunday Worship Services  11 a m & 7 p m  Prayer & Bible Study  Thursday 7pm  Weekly Home Fellowship Group,s  Pastor - Rev Dale D Peterson  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Worship Service 10 am  Evening Fellowship 6 00 prn  Wednesday School 7 00 pm  Pastor Dave Shinness  GRACE REFORMED  COMMUNITY CHURCH  St Hilda's Anglican Church  Building. Sechelt  1'.' 00 am 885 5635  ST  BARTHOLOMEW &  ST AIDAN  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Parish Family Eucharist  10 00 am    *  St  Bartholomew Gibsons  12 00  St Aidan  Roberts Creek  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY  SERVICES;  Sunday Service &  Sunday School 11:30 am  Coast News, Septembers, 1983  11.  by Chak-Chak  This brave heron was catching  supper in a roadside creek iri  Roberts . Creek. The  photographer caused it to get  up on the fence from where it  retreated to the nearest roof  tOp�� v.: ���John Burnside pholo  Gibsons  Guides  register  ���-' - *,' *  Brownies,    Guides    and  Pathfinders will be having a "  joint registration on Monday,  September; 12V 7 p.m. at the-  United  Chtirch   Hall,   Lower  Gibsons.  Ifv^our daughter is  between six1 and  15 years of X  age, there is a place for her in  guiding. 4'h0^Jy^y/!i:yyyyy:.  Guiding lis,xfor. jthose %ho  love the' outdoors; the adveiV-;  turer of camping,^swhnmmg* ;  hiking,  explorifig, our world1.  Learn to knit,'sew, cpok^tnake  crafts,  play games iahaf'sing��  songs.      y: y xy yyy'. x;y ���:'. .���,: ;'lf  For many years Davis Bay  ,   has  been a popular  fishing  spot. Quite a few local people  keep a small boat on the beach,  ; ready' for launching when the  , salmon are running. Other  species, of course, are caught  _ as well, including tropical sun  fish, according to Peggy Connor in her column last week.  Mr. Charles Brookman was  greatly responsible for./ the  popularity of wharf fishing in  Davis Bay and many tourists  visit here each year in order to  cast their '.-lines from the vari-  - tage point at the.seaward end  of the wharf!  .  The f Charley   Broqlcman  Fishing Derby, ^ach ^August,  I gives the lads a chance to fish  and win a few prizeis also. The  new Bella Beach Motel arid the  appropriately; ;named Wharf  Restaurant, are right where the  action is, and if you are not  able to catch your fish, you can  "dine on great seafood in the  restaurant and watch the lucky  ones haul in their catch.  7  Here is a chance for you,;  dear reader, to get ih on the action! Correctly' name the bird:.  on the:new restaurants;logo,  and send your harried arid ';h&y  dress to Chak-Chak^c/p the  . Coast News, Box 466, Gibsons,  or drop it in to the Bella Beach  Motel office. The correct  names will be put into a box  and drawn at a later .date, with  the winner receiving a free dinner at the Wharf Restaurant,  compliments of Mr. and Mrs.  Rindt.  Here is a recipe for your  lunch or a hasty, tasty dinner,  using local shrimp and  homegrown produce.  Shrimp Davis Bay  4 crumpets  4 slices zucchini ('A" x 3-4")  lA-l/z lb. cooked shrimp  8 oz. small carrots     ,  (garden fresh)  cheese sauce (2 cups)  a few strands fresh fill, sprig of  parsley.  Method:     ,  Scrub carrots-and steam *?til  crunchy: Make cheese sauce (a  thin white sauce with 2 cups  . grated   cheese   and   Vi   tsp.  ' Worcestershire sauce added).  ;; Ere-heat shrirflp '(dcuipt cpok).  Pre-heat slices of, zucchini in  ^toaster," place on Hheated1 plates  sil^and keep warm,  Toast and butter crumpets,  place on top of zucchini slices.  Mound shrimp on crumpets  and pour cheese sauce over.  '���������  Serve with steamed carrots  alongside. Garnish carrotsHvi'th  dill ahd shrimp with parsley (or  mint): If you can get shrimp'or  small -prawns in the shell, and  lightly saute them just before  serving them^���super! Try it!  Sea you.  *-"^t^*  IFGoodrieh  Light Truck  Radial Special  THE EDGE���  Size,        Ply Price.  700Rx15 6 98.00  23585R16       10        135.00  (Replaces 750Rx16)  8.75RX16.5       8'....  123.00  950RX16.5       8        140.00  Features tough steel belts and-  long-lasting i polyester cord  body. Combined\~iwith radial  construction^ 'THE EDGE''  delivers the sure ride and  positive; handling that owners  of pickups, vans, and campers  are looking for.  TRAILMAKER��� H  Size Ply Price  23575R15    ,    8 99.90  23585R16        10        145.00  (Replaces 750Rx16)  8.75Rx16.5       8       *130.00  950Rx16.5       8        148.00  An aggressive tread pattern  designed for all-season performance. Durable polyester-steel  radial construction and  aggressive tread design makes  it the ideal'choice for applications requiring high mileage,  quiet highway service, demanding off-road use;  QUANTITIES LIMITED  TIRES- BRAKES- SHOCKS - ALIGNMENT ��� MOBILE SERVICE  Tire, Suspension, & Brake Centre  Hwy. 101,1 Mi'e We��t ot Gibsons  886-8167  ti$d��X  MJi '<*r *���*} ^i&p*' X^C^v *?'~%,yt> xi\ X\  V   Ej$X^m\  VlXPX&'Xgm  r..-'.^i,''a--t.j  T ?���>  "    ***?:  M  ;.y 'i^mt-' ���'-���  4':  &���  & i  ���Oi  h<?-  < -i  *v  r  Coast  4  "~" -Kp  First Choice Canada's 24 hr per day Pay T V service offers entertainment, for the whole family, inciudmcr  Blockbus-ter Movies (60 titlesm October), exclusive Con:  certs exclusive Sports (mam event boxing), and exclusive Comedy, all this for only ST6 50 per month ' .that's  only'55.cents per day or a little more than a good cup of  coffee!!  Introductory Specials  SVieart  S Savings...  ���1-' Save  5.15 OD  Off   p'nstali'at.ion   feo   o<- S^5 00   Dy . picKiarj  up'yOu'  ..decoder' ���  2.   Save'S25 00 whervyou pick  up yourdecoUer  t -V pn.- paying 3  rhonths cable.& pay service'  has=it!i  \  t^ eErtpiXFtstWiiiviafsyi  iH)i����iWiMHilHiijgWi^iimy^amT  g��riT-riT-rTrr^>ii-injiui����>l>l>it,j,ll|l^t!||^#yJji,iyiJliil ^p-..-  12.  Coast News, Septembers, 1983  The Sunshine Coast entry in the Lower Mainland Minor Football  League works out for its first game to be played in Vancouver-  Sunday. These youngsters, coached by RCMP Constable Gary  Groenke, faced a tough test Sunday beginning their first season  against the Renfrew Trojans. The Senior Trojan team was the national champion last, year. The score of the game was not  available at'preSS time. ���George Matthews photo  Sign up for soccer  For those who missed the  registration on August 27,  there will be another on Saturday, September 10, at Sunnycrest Mall from 11 a.m. to 2  p.m. and Trail Bay Mall from  10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The general meeting will be  held on September 12 at 8 p.m.  at Roberts Creek Elementary.  Everyone welcome.  For any information, phone  Jim Brown, 885-9223 or Jan de  Reus, 886-2046.  COITRAftE  Some sports require good fitness, strength, co-Ordiriation, teamwork, and yes, courage. Rugby may be the best example of this  kind of game.  The Gibsons Rugby Club has won the Vancouver Rugby Union  Fourth Division Championship for "the last two years, and this year  has accepted elevation to the.Third'-pivjsioniv.^;;.^;;?.::  ������HMHMtWe Want You!-MBM����BH  We practise every. Tuesday and Thursday at the Elphinstone  School Field, 6:30 p.m.  If you have played before, or are interested in learning, please  join us. [... ���  Rugby is a very social game. If you participate in our training on  September 6, 6:30 p.m., we will be pleased.to provide free  refreshments afterwards.   ���  For more Information call 885-3519 or 885-5426.  PENINSULA  MARKET  Groceries  Sundries  Fishing Tackle  Tlmex Watches  Davis Bay, B.C.  885-9721  Open  9 a.m. -  9 p.m.  7 Days a Week  TIDE   TABLES  Tues., Sept. 6  0335 13/7  1035 2.0  1735 15.2  2325 8.8  Wed., Sept. 7  0430' 13.8  1125 . ,2,6  1805   15.3  Thurs., Sept. 8  Sat., Sept.  10  Mon., Sept. 12  0010          7.6      0135  5.7  0315         4.8  0530        13.9  0735  13.6  1000        13.2  1205          3.7  1335  6.7  1515   .      9.7  1840      . 15.3  ���1945  14.8  2055        13.7  Fri., Sept. 9  Sun., Sept  11  0055         6.5  0220  .  5.1  . 0630        13.8  0845  13.4  Pt. Atkinson  1255          5.1  125  8.3  Pacific Standard  1905        15.1  Saving Time A  2010  rjd 1 Hour  14.3  Time ��� . .;  ,  .   - .  for Skookumchuk  Narrows add 30 min.  ' and 1 11 loprVer and  ���higher  MATEUR  RCUH-NCr.  *S.*.\.  G SES^ip  xlng attimm  $3W4t 4 pm  Davis \%mw Eleateflttary Sefe  �� J\^'v  > ���*  Ti  SUNSHINE COAST BOXING CLU  TUESDAlfS^T^^^  **! *V,   ^44fexp^!e#e necessary tTif^^v  :{!& *  \ r^/y<  CALL 886-9484 for more informatieri?^  The Gibsons Rugby Club has V  now started training for the  1983-84 season. While the club  represents   a   fairly   small  population base as compared*  to its competition hi; the Vancouver Rugby Union, it has  won the fiercely competitive  Fourth Division Championship  for two years in a row, beating..;  the   well-known.  Meraloma  Club in the finals bothtimes/\  This year the team1 has been  elevated to.the TlnrdDivision '  and will be playing against all  the Vancouver Rugby Union .  clubs.  This  will be a.x great  challenge. The first game of the;  season   will   be ^Satmrday,^  September 10, at li:30a.rn., at -.  the* Elphinstone Highl ���j&hapl"���'  playing field. The .firsts oppo-  nent   will   be   theL Capilano XX.  Rugby Club's Third Wvision  team, it should prove fo be a  hard, physical game and will be  a good test of fitness.      : 7  The Gibsons Rugby Club has .."  a new coach this; year. John  Sutherland has recentlymoved,  from Vancouver to Sechelt. In  Vancouver,   he  had  been  a  coach at Magee High School  since 1970, at the Meraloma  Club since 1979, and he coached the Vancouver Rugby Union  Under 17 Representative team  in 1982.  Rugby is a very social game  and provides, an opportunity  for participants to reach'a high  level of physical fitness while  getting to know men in their  communities and around B.C.  The Gibsons Rugby Club trains  every Tuesday and Thursday at *  Elphinstone   School   at. 6:30  p.m. with games being played *  at the sanie place or on various  fields in Greater Vancouver on  Saturdays.- = ���  The club would welcome the  participation of more people in  the programme and in fact will  be holding an open practice on  September 6, 1983 at 6 p.m. at  the Elphinstone field, with free  refreshments afterwards. If  you are interested in finding  out more please call John  Sutherland at 885-3519 days,  885-5426 evenings, or come out  to any practice..  From the Fairw ay  Grant wins again  by Ernie Hume  ,lc P'  Once again our ladies club  champion easily defeated the  field in a decisive three-nday  tournament for the. club championship. Connie Grant cpri-;  tinued her winning ways with a  245 score for the three rounds.  Virginia Douglas took runner-  up spot with a;score of 2621  Low aggregate for the three  days was Isobel Reridlemaii;  with a low net 202.  In the first flight low gross  was Dodie Grant and Wilma  Sim shot a low net 205. Second  flight winners were Barbara  Mercer 310 low gross and  Helen Milburn low net 225.  Following the presentations the  ladies enjoyed a wine* and  cheese party on the clubhouse  deck, wine courtesy of Tiffany  Light Wines Ltd.  ^At ^;jfyIixed|Tv^iglrt on  ./^tigust Miai'two'-jbail best ball  \   present:  placed third. Low net for the  three days was Glen Phillips  shooting a 191.  A senior  men's  inter-club  tournament   was   held   last  Thursday with  the , Sunshine  y.Coast winning an easy victory  Xover Squamish seniors by a.  ; score of 11-1.  Probably the  r"/wdrst rain storm of the year  'made the fairways and greens  ah impossible situation for any  attempt at "serious.golf, but a  good   lunch"  and   excellent  fellowship made the day a success in spite of the adverse con-  dtions.  A new piece of equipment  has been purchased by the  club. A seven-section gang  mower has been secured to  allow our greensmen to do a  faster and more efficient job on ,  the fairway' and also to  eliminate those low long grass  spots that plague the players at  event was won by the team of  Ed Matthews and Vic Marted-  du. September 12 will be" the  wind-up of the Mixed Twilight  group, rain or- shine. .Those  planning to attend must sign in  before September 5 to allow  the committee time to organize  catering dinner and distribution of prizes on September 19.  The men's club champion--  ship' once more rests in the  hands of five-time champion  Ken Hincks. Ken shot three  days of steady golf to finish  with a 222 gross score. Runner-  up for this year was another  junior champion .Bill Sneddon.  Jim Budd, Jr. led the field for  tlie first two days but could not  hang on for the final day and  Curling  Mit';'.".' iiivinijibt?;''';  >fa  SUPER  ECONOMY  1980 Colt , $3,895  1974 Pinto J $1,595  1979 Horizon. $2,895  1981 Dodge Van  6 eye. & O.D. $4,995  Tilk f# Ut D.L. 7424  4llk  rent-a-wreck  Hwy 101, Gibsons  886-9717       1  ���'���^a'X^y'^'^m^m^m^-^.  DEADLINE:  CLMSSIrMEZlJ9   NOON SATURDAY  time  Well, it's time to start looking for those curling shoes,  brooms and gloves. Yes���the  ice plant is now operating, and,  before long, we will be able to  throw those rocks again.  The tentative plan goes  something like this: Open curling ���- September 19-22; Green  spiel - September 23-24; League  curling - September 26.  Please . remember a lot  depends on the climate���if a  spell of hot weather sets in,  then there could be jn change in  the schedule.  Anyone who would like to  try this great game is welcome  to come to the rink, 'Gibsons  Winter Club', and we will gladly help with information,  assistance and instruction to  stafr you off.   \  We thank all those  volunteers who have been helping in our work parties  lately���the club has been most  fortunate to haye had help like  this over,the years.  For mofe' iiiformation,  phone 886-7512, 886-2527. To  register for league curling  phone 886-2030.  CARPET  CLEAN INC  The most efficient  steam cleaning on' the  Coast.  Ken Devries & son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  B86-71  ��.  Phone 24 tire  885-2456  /ancouver  669-3022  Sponsored as a public  service by the Sunshine  Coast News & John R.  Wednesday  Wilton Creek Bridge begins Friday, Sept. 23rd, 1 p.m. For information  I   call 885-3510.  Tot Lot, wHI be starting on Friday, Sept. 9 from 9.30 to 11:30 a.m.  Children 1 to 3. For info call 886-8050. ,  Dr. Bob Bowman, president of the Far East Broadcasting Co. will be  the dinner guest speaker at the Senior Citizens Mall In Sechelt, Sept.  ,13, 7Tp.m. For reservations call 885-3310 or 885-9618.  Tuasday, Sept. 13, Chatelech Sr. High, 7-10 p.m. (1st of 4 evenings)  Malaspina College In co-operstlon with D��pt of Fisheries ft Oceans  Sslmonld Enhancement Program offers a 5 day (and 1 field day trip)  ''course'.in Salmon, Adult Capture, Egg Take and Incubation Techniques! Fee $25 payable first night. No prerequisites. Info: John Lewis  ���Community Advisor, 883-2313. /  Sechelt Garden Club meet first Wednesday of each month 7.30 pm St.  Hilda's Hall. Except Jan., July and August.  Kiwanis Care Centra Auxiliary Gibsons meets every 3rd Wednesday  each month 8 pm at the Care Centre. \  Timber Trails Riding Club 1st Wednesday of the month 7:30 pm Davis  Bay Elementary School.  Gibsons Tops Meeting every Wednesday at 6:30 pm In the Marine  'Boom under the Gibson"* Library. 886-2906 or 886-2819. ,7  7  Sunshine Lapidary & Craft Club meets 1st Wednesday every month at  7:30 pm. Information 886-2873 or 886-9204.  Pender Harbour Auxiliary tp St. Mary's Hospital meats 2nd Wednesday  of every month 1:30 pm at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Hwy 101. New  members welcome.  Port Mellon Hospital Auxiliary second Wednesday of every month 1:30  pm. 886-7937. -  -Thursday  Monday  Elphinstone Pioneer Museumln Gibsons is now open Monday through  Sunday between .10,am-4pm .���.������,.  Pendtr Harbour & District Wildlife Society. Regular monthly meetings  will how be held on the 4th Monday of each month.  1st Gibsons Guide Co. meets on Mondays 6:45 pm-8:30 pm at United  Church.Hall, Glassfonti Rd., Lower Gibsons. Girls 9r12 welcome.  Roberts Creek"Hospital Auxiliary: Second Monday of each month, 11 at  Roberts Creek Legion.. ;.  [the Sunshine Coast brassing Society.meets every 4th Monday to make  jibn-cancor dressings for the Coast Garibaldi Health Unit. .10 am-2 pm.  'Volunteers���men and women needed.'  Roberts Creek New Horizons meet at theCommunlty Hall each Monday 1:30-3:30 pm. All welcome.  Senior Men's Volleyball commencing Monday the 13th of September,  Elphinstone gym 8 pm.  Tuesday  Roberts Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday. Early Bird, Bonanza, also  Meat Draws. Doors open at'6 pm. Everyone welcome. 7  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary Is open  on Thursday afternoons from 1-3:30 pm.  Al-Anon Meeting every Thursday in Gibsons at 8 pm. Information call  886-9569 or 886-9037. ...  The Kinsmen Club of Gibsons & District welcomes young men 21-40  years. Meetings ,1st & 3rd Thursdays 8 pm Kinsmen Hall, Dougal Park7  Gibsons. Call 885-2412.  Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce general meeting on Jast  Thursday of every month, 8 pm, Marine Room. . ;t  Western Weight Controllers Branch 154 meet every Thursday 1-3 pm at  United Church Fellowship Room. New members welcome. For more Information call 886-7378. ���''';���  i  m  2  3  ' M  0  t i  ej  i"\ ���  ii  i A  x>  '���f i  L*<  f.-j  :'{  ���\A  A  (j  fj  <A  f J  i.  7 <3  ��  i i  a  c'J  .H  < \  ���A  'A  -I  ��� 'A  4.  i  ���'1  i  < %  .1  1  Friday  The Women's Aglow Fellowship's regular.meetlng Is held In Harmony I  Hall, on Harmony Lane, Gibsons, at 11:30 am every 3rd Tuesday. Lunch  served information phone 886-9774 or 886-9567.  Sunshine Coast Arts Counellreguiar meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month at 7:30 pm at the. Arts Centre In Sechelt.  Sechelt Crib Club every Tuesday night at 8 pm, Sechelt Legion.  Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night at 8 pm, St. Adlans Hall, Hall  Rd., Roberts Creek. Information call 886-9059 or 886-9041.  Sunshine Coast Navy League of Canada Cadets and Wrenettes, ages  10 to t4, will meet Tuesday nights 7-9 pm,United Church Hall, Gibsons.  New- recruits welcome. ���.   '   .  30 and oyer singles - social evening every Friday at 8:00 In St. Bartholomew Hall. . .   X.y  Sechelt Total Club Bingo every Friday, Sechelt Indian Band Hall. Doors  open 5:30. Early Birds 7 pm. Bonanza 7:30 pm. Regular Bingo 8 pm:  1001* payout on Bonanza end of each month. Everyone Welcome.  ..  Thrift Shop every Friday. 1-3 pm. Thrift Shop, Gibsons United Church  basement.   ,  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre noon to 4 pm. 885-2709.  Ladles Basketball Elphinstone gym 7-9 pm. ���  Saturday  Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship. Breakfast meeting every 1st  Saturday of the month 8 am. Ladies also welcome. Call 886-9774,  886-8026. Praise the Lord.  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 1-4 pm. 885-2709.  The Bargain Bam of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary Is open  oh Saturday from 1-3:30 pm.  i  m by Judith Wilson  A dream is coming true on  ChamberlinRoad.-Gibsons for  Shirley and Dick Bowers who  for niaiiy years have wanted to  open|a year round gardening  centre^'Chamberlin Gardens"  opened last week with a fine  display; of Holland bulbs,  flowering and ornamental  shrubs, evergreens and  heathers.  Attractively and neatly set  out the operation shows the'  Bowers'   dedication   to   the  dream which brought them  south from Vanderhoof.  Shirley was raised on a farm  and Dick had many years as an  orchardist but living up north  curtailed their hopes of open-  ing'a garden centre.  They moved souths determined to put their plans into  operation and in the short  space of six months have  cleared a large tract of land  next to the house they bought  here, levelled the ground, built  a;24' x 40' office building,  almost completed a 36' x 50'  greenhouseWhich will be in use-  by spring, erecied fences and  set up attractive -displayareas./  "Tliere.wereVho special problems," says Shirley, "justa \  lot of hard work." v  ;,    Although   fall;;rnight   pot  seem to be the best time 7tby  open a gardening business, ^ihex,  energetic  Shirley   wanted  to  "get acquainted with people  here" and begin establishing  her business. She particularly *  recommends  the   fall   bulbs,  which are shipped directly from  Holland   to   Vancouver,   for  A selection of some of the plants offered at "Chamberlin Gardens" surrounds Shirley and Dick  Bowers, proprietors of the newly ojreneriffiirfleri<jpei^^ ���   y-*^*?^**'*0  y vtheir superior -quality and colours.  Shirley finds the climate here  /much Am6re   conducive' tb  ^gardening than up north but  ; "you don't fight bugs up there  ; the same as here", she says.  She also, offers soils and fertilizers and, as part of the service, takes orders and will try  to fulfil any special requests.  A wander through the attractive display of shrubs and trees  revealed a variety of species.  Variegated yucca, outside  hibiscus in white or purple, and  pampus grass, all somehow  associated with warmer  climes, are displayed next to  familiar evergreens like dwarf  spruce, cedar hedges and  juniper. Showy aucubas with  mottled leaves, silver dollar en-  calyptus, weeping cherry,  maples and mountain ash share  space with the lovely vines of  wistaria and honeysuckle.  The appropriateness of their  name for their business venture  has not escaped the Bowers.  "Friends suggested we call the  place 'Bowers' Flowers',"  laughs Shirley.  -  She does however have plans  to create a flower bower in the  riear  future.   Her dream  in-  , eludesan ornamental garden  featuring pools,  a'( fountain,  "rock gardens and picnic tables  =* where customers can relax and-  enjoy the plants around them.  "We'd like to show what can  be done withva; garden," says  .  Shirley. ;.  Coast News, Septembers, 1983  Gibsons Swimming Pool  Effective September 6, 1983  Monday:  Early Bird  7:00 a.m.  - 8:30 a.m.  Fitness  9:00 a.m.  -11:30 a.m.  Noon Swim.  11:30 a.m.  -  1;00p.rri  ��� Fitness  7:30 p.m.  - 9:00 p:m  Public Swim  9:00 p.m.  -10-30 p.m  Tuesday:  Seniors  10:00 a.m.  -11:30 a.m.  Noon Swim  11:30.a.m:  -  1:00p.m.  P/P Natal Fitness  1:00 p.m.  -  2:30 p.m  Adapted Aquatics  2:30 p.m.  .-  3:30 p.m  Swim-Fit  , 6:00 p.m.  -  7:00 p.m  Public  7:00 p��.m.  -9:00 p.m  Wednesday:  (Same as Monday except:)  Adults Only  9:00 p.m.  -10:30 p.m.  Thursday:  (Same as Tuesday except:)  Parents & Tots  .10:00 a.m.  ��� 11:30 a.m.  Canfor  7:00 p.m.  -9:00 p.m.  Friday:  Early Bird  7:00, a.m.  -  8:30 a.m.  Fitness ���  9:00 a.m.  -10:00 a.m.  ,  Seniors  10:00 a.m.  -11:30 a.m.  p  Noon Swim  11:30 a.m.  -  1:00 p.m.  -1  Public Swim  - 3:30 p.m.  -, 5:00 p.m.  Fitness  7:00 p.m.  -8:00 p.m.  Public  8:00 p.m.  -10:00 p.m.  Saturday:  Public Swim  1:00 p.m.  -  5:00 p.m.  Public Swim  7:00 p.m:  -10:00 p.m.  Sunday:  Family Swim  12:00 p.m.  -  2:00 p.m.  i  Public Swim  2:00 p.m.  -   5:00 p.m.  Public & Length Swim  7:00 p.m.  -10:00 p.m.  For More information on Lessons and Special Programs -  Please .Call:  886-9415  -  Lesson Registration  Saturday. September 10  .  11:00 a.m.  at the Marine Room  .13.  . DOWN IN THE DUMPS ?:.; :  Look Over The Classilieds-they brighten your day  V; .-  I  \,  ��,���  V.-  r   -  r  ARTIST  EXCAVATING  EXCAVATING  MISC. SERVICES  \x  \ X'  'l ���':  i -���  fc'  f JOHN BOLTON  SIGNS  Roberts Crock  885-7459  AUTOMOTIVE  OH AUTOMOTIVE  T\  ;���'    "�� REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES  "The Rad Shop"  COLLISION REPAIRS 886-7919  B.C A A.   Approi vd. Hwv 101. Gibson-,  NEED TIRES?      Come in to  COASTAL TIRES  TIRE ft SUSPENSION  CENTRE  886-2700      886-8167  Hwy. 10T. just West of Gibsons  SANDY'S  COLLISION   REPAIRS  ���ICBC Repairs   'Fibregiass Repairs'  ��� Painting & Auto Glass        *i ��o�� A  ���Free Estimates 883*2608  \^ Kl��lnd��l��, P>ndar Harbour   W.R.01, 0��rr.��n Bay, B.C. VON ���iSO  EGOnomy flUTO PARTS lilii.    "  Automobile. Industrial7 and  Body Shop Supplies  ' Sechelt  88S-SI8J  CLEANING SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES  Port Mellon to Ole's Cove  .  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GIBSONS BULLDOZING "\  & EXCAVATING LTD.  Gravel -Fill -.Logging     Backhoe - Dozers - Loaders  v��,   .><"*vil &. Mechanical Work'  Cordon Plows - 886-9984, 886?7589  1    i'.    ..'  R.R. 4, Pratt Rd. -  J  JANDE EXCAVATING  Oiv. of Kowa Enterprises Ltd  450 Loader    ���      Land CJearing  R.R. 2. Leek Road.      ^"P Truck Joe 8. Edna  .Gibsons. B.C. VON 1VO      886-9453        Bellerive  Wayne Ross  Excavating Ltd.  '. Foi^Vyour Backhoe Needs   c  Roberts Creek'   ,:  <   - Eves. 885*561 7  V.  Gibsons  Telephone  Answering  Service  Service  ���'i-7ry^\  lsour-te^3)j ����,y  886-7311 or  For Information call     886-7568  business  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  ��� CABINETS-  886-9411   I J L__  Mhowrdom: Pratt Rd. * Hwy 101  Opan Sat. 10-8 or anytimaby appt  J.F.W. EXCAVATMB LTD,  ��� septic Fields ��� Excavations ��� Clearing  888-8071  Herd H(l  (iihsons  V  BC FGRRieS  f* Schedule  VANCOUVER-SECHELT PENINSULA  HORSESHOE BAY-LANGDALE         ���  I               EARLS COVEr  -SALTERY BAY  ;   7C     Lv. Horseshoe Bay        Lv. Langdale        ;  7:20 am   4:30 pm        6:25 am   4:30 pm  1      9:25          5:30               8:15          5:30  ' 11:25         7:30             10:25   .6:30 \  12:25 pm   9:25             12:25 pnri   8:30  1:25       11:15              2:00        10:20  Lv. Earls Cove  6:35 am   4:35 pm  8:30          6:30  10:30          8:20  12:20 pm 10:10    .  2:45  Lv. Saltery-Bay  540 am   3:40 pm  7:30          5:30  930          7:25  11-25          9:15  1:50 pm  Effective Thursday, June 23 to Sunday,  September 11,1983 inclusive:  JERVIS INLET  Service  Tandem Truck  6 TonCrane  16' Deck or 40' Trailer  886-7028    Garry Mundell  MINI-BUS SCHEDULE  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  Fully Insured  Wednesday and Friday:  Leaves The Dock, Sechelt  for Lower Gibsons Fire Hall  8:40 a.m.  ; 9:50 a.m.   /  2:30 p.m.  ������*  Leaves Lower Gibsons Rre  Hall for The Dock, Secheit  9:10 a;m. 'XXx.        rr v:  11:30 a.m.  3:45 p.m. (Mon. & Tues.)  4:00 p.m. (Thurs.)  Leaves The Dock, Sechelt  for Lower Gibsons, Fire Hall:  Leaves Lower Gibsons for Langdale:  Leaves Langdale for Gibsons:  Leaves Lower Gibsons Fire Hall  for The Dock, Sechelt:  9:15 a:m.  12:30 p.m.  3:20 p.m.  9:45 a.m.  ,10:25 aim;  10:35 a.m.  1:10 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  4 Ton Capacity ^^. marine TRANSPORT  24 Hour Service  86-7374-  Serving Howe Sound & Sunshine Coast  p������ Crane Truck Delivery ���  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  Clean up your wooded areas.  Remove lower limbs for VIEW.  Top tall trees adjacacent to building  886-7850   MarvVolen    886-9597  FLOOR COVERING  HEATING  KEN DE VEIES & SON    \  LTD. FLOOR COVERINGS!  ffooftashtpo  Carpets - Tiles- Linoleums - Drapes  886-7112       Hwy, 101. Gibsons  LIQUID  GAS LTD  IT  V  Hwy. 101_ Sechelt  between  St. Mary's  Hospital and Forest Rangers Hut.  Mon-Fri.   8 a.m. -5 p.m.  I CANADIAN J  885-2360   .  VETERINARIAN  . Dr. W. Lawrenuk  Magus Kennels 886-8568  Pender Harbour 883-2353  ;\  /."��������� .7- -   ���������   ���.������>������������������������ xyxx :x,yy^S  CARPET-CABINET-CERAMtC CENTRE  Open Thurs. ��� Sat. 10 a.m. - s p.m.  Howe Sound Distributors Ltd.  ^���Sforth Road. Gibsons, B:C.      886-27657  >���p^^^������t^mommwarnaarnm���mi i ������rinwi���wtmmm�����^��i���^^���^,  17 Years Experience Commercial And ResideritiaP  "'"^ 98^2923     885-3681XA  ^M  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFRIGERATION & MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  .port Mellon to Pender Harbour  Res. 886-9949  MlSC   SERVICES  Antique U^rli$hep  Experienced  Antique Restorations  Difficult Repairs and  French Polishing  Binnacle St., Sechelt  885*7467  RENTALS  ROLAND'S  HOME IMPROVEMENTS LTD.  Glass  ��� 5" Continuous aluminum gutters  ��� Aluminum soffits & fascias ���' <L  ��� Built-in vacuum systems        8S5"35S2  TOOL  Residential &  Commercial  Gibsons  Behind Windsor Plywood  RENTALS  TILE  886-7359  Conversion   Windou      Glass,  Auto  &  Marine Glass, Aluminum Windows  ,   & Screens, .. Mirrors   .  V Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd. J  ��oLenyu��K \da*d&cafUH$  Complete landscaping &  garden maintenance service  Fencing of all kinds  Bango  885-5033^/  ^ Village Tile Co.        '  CERAMIC TILE SALES AND INSTALLATIONS  Stocking Some Tile and Material  1212 Cowrie St.   .       . Phone  VSechelt, B.C.     Jo�� Jacques   885-3611^  XX >*X . "li'^'wrn ��>��� 1 ;���'*���>.!:=.>���*"���*��� .if,'(v: rfur-  Coast News, September 5,1983  On the  Sunshine Coast  First in Convenience &  First in Service  Drop off  your Classifieds  at any one of our  Friendly People  Places  on the Sunshine  Large lot. Gower Point Rd.  Close to Secret Beach.  $25,000. Phone 886-9790.1  ������-;��� ^  #38  Cozy semi-waterfront  house, beautiful view of  the Secheit inlet, 3  bedrooms, FP, large  sundeck, steps to sandy  beach and boat launch.  For sale .or rent. Phone  986-9255. #38  4 bdrm. house for sale. Ph.  886-7309. #38  One of the last building  lots on quiet cul-de-sac.  Roberts Creek area. Level,  treed, potential view. Near  Lower Road & the beach.  Phone owner, 886-7405TFN  Coast  ������IN PENDER HARBOUR ������  Taylor '��� Garden  Bay Store  883-ZXS*  Madeira Park  Pharmacy  883-9414  ���'   IN HALFMOON BAY ���������������  B & J Store  885-941*  ��� '     IN SECHEIT     ���      ������  Books & Stuff  885-X625  Davis Bay  Peninsula  Market  805-9721  ������ROBERTS CREEK ���  Seaview Market  -S40��  p IN GIBSONS  Adventure  Electronics  Radio/haek  -7MS  lower Vill��|����  Coast News  M*-2*2Z  ���Shields, Lloyd andWendy,  . are delighted to announce  the birth of their daughter,  Dana Michelle, on August  19, 1983;iA sister for Kelly  and Quinn. Proud grandparents are Jack and  Marion- Mellbr and Doug  and Leona Shields. Many  thanks to Dr. Myhill-Jones  and the staff at St. Mary's  Hospital. #36  Cavil!,; Ryan.is pleased to  announce the arrival of his  sister Nicole Darlene, born  on July 27,1983, weighing  7 lbs. 151/2 oz. Proud  parents are Darlene (nee  Lawson) and Keith. Proud  grandparents are John  and Rosemary of Gibsons  and Lewis and Nora of  Kamloops. #36  (a;  Obituaries  Drop your classified ads off for  the Coast News at Madeira Park  Pharmacy. Your Friendly People Place in Madeira Park.  Gibson; passed away Aug.  30/83, Josephine Gibson,  late of Sechelt, in her.79th  year. Survived by her lov-  jng husbiand. Jack, 1  daughter Jo Warne, 1 son  John (Buzz), 11 grandchildren, 12 great grand  children, 1 great great  grandchild, 1 sister  Eleanor Ormrod. Memorial  service held Saturday,  Sept. 3,.In trie Chapel of  Devlin funeral Home, Gibsons. Rev. J. Paetkau officiated. Cremation.  Remembrance donations  to the Cancer Society appreciated. #36  r ���..-.:    ���\  The Coast News  office is closed  on Mondays.  Olson, Alfred Leonard, of  Davis.fiay, formerly of Gibsons, passed away Aug.  29/83 at the age of 64. Survived by his loving wife Lilly, 1 son Ronald, 3  daughters; Barbara and  husband Jan Cattanach,  Merrilee and husband  Denis Mulligan; Carol and  ; husband Doug Sutherland,  10 grandchildren,. 3  brothers, 4 sisters, many  other relatives arid close  friends. Memorial service  held Sat., Sept. 3, iri the  Chapel of Devlin Funeral  Home, Gibsons. Rev. Ed  Oldring officiated. Cremation. Remembrance donations if desired to the  Canadian Cancer Society,  955 W Broadway, Vancouver, B.C.'   V #36  Chambers, Ted, died suddenly September 3, 1983,  survived _ by; one brother  Gordon White,Fox, Saskatchewan; daughter Jean  Wood, & husband . Alan;-  their' "children, Gerry . &  Rhylj; son Glenn and his  wife Clarice and their  children, David, Blair,  Royce and . Earl ing;  daughter Joan Stephens,  her husband Charles and  their children, Tarn, Micki,  Sheri, Cindy and John;  daughter Judy Sim and  husband Ron and their  children Jeff and Nicole;  daughter Jaci Hedden and  husband Chris and their  children Bari and Cobi;  stepson Frank Merrett and  wife Ina and their .children  Rick, Cathy and Cindy.  Private cremation. Arrangements through Devlin  Funeral Home. #36  Christiansen, passed  away September 2, 1983,  Albert Stanley Christiansen, late of 1272  Headlands Rd., Gibsons.  Aged 63 years. Survived by  one daughter, Linda J.  Kay, Gibsons; tWo sons1,  Roy G. Christiansen, Gibsons, William R. Chris:  tiansen, Alberta; one  sister Martha, Vancouver;  one brother Sam, Edmon-*  ton; three grandchildren;--  Terri and Alan Fiedler and  Ryan Christiansen; many  nieces and nephews in  Gibsons and: Alberta^  Private cremation arrange:  merit through Devlin  Funeral' Home, Gibsons.  Remembrance donations  to Tuberculosis or Cancer  Society. #36  Garden Bay Tot Lot (Play  School) commences  registration Sept. 6 & 8. Ir-  vines Landing Comm. Hall,  10 a.m. -12 p.m. Info, call  883-9343. . #36  Frank and Maryanne West  ��� are pleased ;'t6"' announce  the marriage of their  daughter Frances to David  Heppell of Edinburgh, on  July 16th. .;    #36  30 & over singles -social  evening every Fri. St. Bartholomew   Hall.   8   pm.  ',.#36  GERMAN LESSONS  Single or group teaching.  : All levels. Mrs. I. Peter-  sohn, 885-2546, W. Sechelt  ��� -"i-f v * *" Sr * r;--' y u  -&&y?y��y&��y  2 budgies lost Aug. 31. 1  green male, 1 blue female..  Leek Rd. area. Ph.  886-9265, Christine.      #36  Missing for 4 weeks from  Gower Point area���female  tortoise shell cat. Any information appreciated.  886-7753. #36  We have searched for our  beloved Persian cat "Mop-  sy" for over a month. She  was last seen at'home in  Granthams. Please help  with any Info. Generous  reward: 886-9634. #36  Lady's gold bracelet, Aug.  17, while visiting and  shopping at Madeira Pk.,  Lord Jim's Lodge or Trail  Bay Centre. Reward.  885-3451. #36  Ladies watch on ferry.  Leather band! Contact  RCMP, Gibsons. #36  Dinghy, broke free from,  sailboat off Roger Curtiss  Point. Fiberglass with  cream ���< hull ��� and- -gray interior. Contact RCMP,  Sechelt. '   *    #36  ���Hereford cow & 14 mos.  bull calf. $850 for both or  sep. 886-7081 #37  Dog obedience classes  begin Sept. 11th. To register ph. 886-8568. #36  Purebred German Shapard  puppies, ready to go. $50  females, $60 males.  Parents can be viewed. Ph.  886-2489. #36  Fireplace inset. Only 1  year old. $400 obo.  885-7907 after 4:30 p.m.  only. #38  4 wheel drive crew cab,  1973. 68,000 miles. Some  "rust. 885-2444. #38  Portable   shake   resaw  millcuber & conyeyof'on a*  trailer.  Full   price $3500. <  884-5385   /Tr\ #36  PIANO  TUNING  Ken Dalgleish  886-2843  SINGLE PIANO LESSONS  Inc. theory & cornp. Mrs. I.  Petersohn 885-2546.     #37  $$$SAVE$$$  Freight   damaged   ap  pliances,   stoves,   fridges,   washers,   dryers,  microwaves,        TVs,  stereos, etc.  Fully guaranteed. New &.  used appliances. We  guarantee lowest prices.  Comfy Kitchens  119 W14th Ave.,  North Vancouver  980-4848  SKYLIGHT  BLINDS  ���   Energy efficient, plus  controls solar rays.  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  885-7112  flllUllllllVtllll  PIANO & ORG Am  LESSONS  Beginning Afl* 3 ft Oldw       j  JESSIE   MORRISON p  1614 Marine Drive  M       886-9030  ^^?*  j^fl|p  Fred'16' clinker hull boat.  Needs ribs. 885-7459.   #36  ^?*7o 0> V*?S^'>SCS7  ���j-    i v-**> %. ...  Vs "��� >.��" V  %\p*  p> V*i  tmm  Yard Sale Sat., Sept. 10  Red log cabin, Gower Pt.  Rd., kitty corner Ritz  Motel. 10 a.m.-onwards,  weather permitting.     #36  ��"nu'!' ' <-i��xy ��� *"'"'  *fc  H ���JWrWffH*^W     eJ'^ff^W  ef%s* a.cfcafeoafiaBHnh '��t%iiVB^tt>uyii%'  Co|��yrfoHt and  j^L *aa%**M*^WMmmm^ammmMm*i��^tm  l9��siuiatfon��  r  The Sunshine Coast News  reserves ihe right to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine page location. The Sunshine Coast News also  reserves tie right to revise or  reject any advertising which in  :he opinion of trve Publisher is  m Questionable taste. In the  event that any advertisement  'S rejected, the sum paid for  me advertisement will be  'efundeo..  Minimum $4.00 par 3 line insertion. Each  addilional line Sf 00 Use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate Pre-pay'your ad  tor 2 weeks'8. gut the Third week FREE/  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  .   ARE FREE  Birth Announcements. Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted except  from customers who have accounts with us. .  Cash, cheques or money orders   :  must accompany all classified advertising  I wish to thank Dr. OverhiH  & all the nurses who were  so kind to me & the nurses  who helped me after I  came home. Celia Nuotio.  \*  ^"S^'.'j  found  Personal  If someone in your family  has a drinking problem you  can see what it's doing to  them. Cal you see what it  doing to you? Al Anon can*  help. Phone 886-9036 or  886-8228. TFN  NOON SATURDAY  ���x^mij^  v   IHWOPt TO INftWffl T'ilCMW   ;;;J,;  Please mail to:  COAST NEWS Classified. Box 460, Gibsons. B.C: VON 1V0  Or bring in person to one of our  I  Friendly People Places  I   listed above.  TO MOM AND DAD  for sharing a  summer off  happiness and love  with me. Kenna  Alcoholics  883-2258,  886-7272  Anonymous  885-2896,  TFfi  BAHA'I FAITH  For info, phone 886-2078 or  886-2895.   ' TFN:  Thanks to  St.  Jude  favours received. LB.  for  #38'  NO. Ofc ISSUES  I I I I I II  n  Wanted:  Driver to share  gas & driving to Calgary in ���  van. Lv. 10th or 11th. Call  Don anytime. 886-7456.#36  iX.  I  1  I  12  1  : xj~  1  IE  IE  in:  ���t���r���i���i ���-  '1  r                        in     in u  1  GLASSBFICATION: e.g. For Sale. For Rent, etc.  Thanks to everyone who attended Capilano College's  Open House, Call us anytime  for information at 885-9310.  Is this your kitten? Young,  black and white cuddley  male. Found approximately 1 week ago at Post Office. If this is your kitten  please phone 886-3945  after 6. #36  12' fiberglass sailboat. Bet-  . ween   Keats   Island   and  Salmon   Rock.   Contact  RCMP, Gibsons. #36  1 watch Armour's Beach.  Eyeglasses in front of  Ken's Lucky Dollar last  Tues. Both can be claimed  at the Coast Mews office.  Left in the Landing General  Stores, lower Gibsons on  Aug. 15 set of keys (4).  Claim at Coast News of-:  fice. #37  p*aMHBMMMMM����nn��>MaMra  '$t}-X\ *��� *^ >'-,���   ,,-  m.  X'        *    ''     ���'" ' i \J  Spayed, white cat to good  home. 885-7388 evenings.  . #38  Weaner pigs, 6 weeks old.  $45,886-9205 #37  Purebred German Shepherd pups^ 8 weeks old.  $50. Only 3 left. 886-2489.  " #38  30" Coppertone elecp  stove," continuous clean  oven, clock, timer, excel.,  cond., $250 obo. Apt. size,  dinette set, chrome ped.  table, 4 chairs, $75. Spin  dry washer, $125 obo.  886-9983.  Two beds, without mattresses. 1 single, 1 double.  $10 each. Phone 886-3147.  Oil stove- tks & std. Good  j cond. $100. Hoover wash-  dry $50. 2 bikes $30 & $50.  886-2689. #36  Chair, coffee table and  chesterfield set, black  wood with red. tweed cushions, very good condition. $900.885-3501.     #38  Shag rug approx. 11x13,  brown, gold, beige tones,  good cond. $140.886-7823.  #36  30" woodsman airtight  stove. Used 1 season.  Cast iron doors with  nickel printing, steel plate  'construction, brick lined.  Reg. price $975, asking  $499. Firm price. Ph. days  886-7312 or 886-3730 eves.  #36  Small tricycle $20. ,4'x5'  dbl. glazed window $100.  324' white vinyl soffit  $150,885-9200. #36  Two girls 2 wheel single  speed bicycles, 1 suitable .  for 5-7 yr. old $35; other for 1  8-11   yr.  old  $25.   Phone?  886-8076. #36':  ^Multicycle Inglis auto  washer $295. Guaranteed  & delivered. 883-2648. TFN a  -���.            '      ���  M  I     ��� ;      ,j  1 Enterprise, oil range. Elec :  ���timer-clock & oven-control. '5  Exc. cond. $175: 885-7315,���-"  885-3661 X#37  I ^ 'Carieetlng    ���  Cards  886-2470  Cosu   CCorner   ffrafts  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons!  Firesong  .fireplace, as  ���$450   or��� best  886-8086.  fresh *   air'  new. Asking,  offer.  ;    #38"  'pko-n @*verU*fi x��td:  T7 YEARS EXPERIENCE  '       COMMERCIAL & \  RESIDENTIAL  885-2923     885-3681  GOTFLEAS???  Medicated flea baths for cats  Sdogs!  Dematting a speciality  Professional grooming for all  dogs, by  JOYWALKEY  885-2505  Castlerock Kennels  SATELLITE  SYSTEMS  Complete System,  all Electronics  and Cables,  including  8'spun  Aluminum .  Dish   ���  $1,995.00  Picture  Reception  Guaranteed  NORTH ROAD  6. KIWANIS WAY  GIBSONS  886-7414  2 multi-channel TV antennas $75 each Ph. 886-7109  ������-ry~vx.        :#3y  New crop Peace River unpasteurized honey. Wild  flower, dandelion, chuck  honey, cappings. 886-2604.  :       #36  TUSSIE MUSSIE fall sale.  Selected,   quality   Items ������  HALF PRICE now td Sept;'���?.  ��� 17. y. ;yrx'x.xyyyW;,.  'Hoover washer/spirt dryer.'���'.'*  $30,886-9609: !< #36:*  ' n<  HDP Bookstore  Come th  ���ft Broumm  comer ol School tc  Gower Point Rdi.  886-7744  LOOKING  FOR  WALLPAPER?  Call  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  886-7112  Crib, trikes, bikes, stroller,  886-8661 eves* #36  Atari video game plus 11  favorite games to play.  Nearly new $300. 886-9145.  .     ���    #36  SCREENED  TOPSOIL  $15/yd. Delivered  $25/    Pickup  886-9739  HAY $3.50 885-9357.  TFN  i ~.     .��� ��� ���  New! Worn only 6 times.  CCM   Custom   Comfort;  Super Tacks, size 8.  Vfe  price $125.866-2307-    #36  Camper, fits big car or  small pickup truck. Needs  minor repairs. $275.  885-2546.' #37  Instant Lawns  by the  Turf Ferry  Call the Sod Father  886-7028  Simplicity washer, double,  cement  tubs,  very  good  condition.  Offers.  886-2158.  #36  2 twin  beds,  very  good  condition.  $75  each.  886-2854.  #36  Announcements  l ^ ,-   X   X  w '  ELECTROLUX SALES &  SERVICE. PHONE:  886-7370 Stella Mutch   #37  Happy Birthday Mike.  O'Byrne. Love, Vicky &  Michele. . #36.  Dbg Walking. Resp. student will walk your dog  eves. Exp. $2 per hr.  886-2683.   ' #36  8 yr. old reg. Arab gelding,  good with children, well  mannered. 886-7069. $650.  . #38  Nanny goat: for milking or  clearing brush. Ph.  886-2520. #38  Registered black lab pups.  Quality breeding, hunting,  pet or show. All shots,  tatoos, etc. $200. 886-9130..  #36'  Drapes, custom made, antique satin, 21/a panels a  side, $95; tea trdlley,  walnut $85; dishwasher,  $75; curio cabinet, $300;.  9x12 shag, rust carpet,  $65; queen size bedspread  & side panels, tangerine  velvet, $84; used kitchen  cabinets &' sink, $175.  886-2337. #36  SKYLIGHTS  Sales and Installation  Guaranteed. 886-8421  ���'.."'���".-.    #38  Handmade wk. boots;  '��� rollaway cot; mattress; bx.  ! spring; hd. bd.; chest of  drawers. 886-2520.       #38  Roll-away cot $50, shower  doors $25, older Franklin  fireplace insert $50. Ph.  886-7437 "... #37  32" Westinghouse elec, st.  $125,   swing   bike,   good  cond. $50, reg. bike & extra  ; bar parts $30.886-2149 #37  Scuba gear cmplte. set-as  new for sale or trade for  auto. 886-2714. #36  K&C AUTO WRECKING   *  Stewart Rd. off North Rd., '*  now open Mon. to Sat., 9>,  to 5: Ph. 886-2617.        TFN V;  '80   Citation   4   dr.   hat-^  chback, V6, 5 spd.,vCon-^  sole, PS, PB, deluxe int.!  26,500 mi'. $4,800.885-3736.; <  #38 >. i  Station wagon type ,1971 ~  .Volkswagen, running cond.''  $450; 1971 Chev, running,n  $200 (has rust). 886-9192 *  -    .. .-.      .-..;���>;#37>;  1 ton Econoline Van 72,"���'���*  running, needs work. $900. -"'  885-7075 after 10.     ,    #37-?  ���  ���' ��� - ���    ^;  '67 GMC V* ton truck. Good i?  rurj^. condition. $300..,.  886-2744 after 6pm.    ��� #36^>  1966 Merc Vi ton PU 352, 4 X$  speed, HD susp, no rust. X*  Must sell. $850. 886-2667-  y MT~  ���     'J������ ��� -. "   r^    ���  1969 Hi perf. Dart 040 340 4*V  spd. 4:10 posi. New hurst &',.l  more. Must sell. $2500. obo.]"  886-9306. #36-:t-  M  Can|eitin|ai|t  Repairs to 'cameras  binoculars, projectors  Competitive rates  David Short  MGB.Red 1971 good body  & top. etc. Needs engine.0*  $2300. 883-9342 after 8:30>r  pm TFN<  Camperized '65 GMC bus,^  beds, stove, 3 way frig.^  jMust   sell.   Best   bffer.";;-  |886-7292. #36'P  1978 Jeep CJ-5 304 V-8, 3^  sp. stan., power & tilt, steer-" ��� |  ing, chrome spoke rims, BF"{j  jGopdrich all terrain, mud /  radials, 47,000 mi. $6,200.'  obo 886-2916 " #37^  ;79   Monza  !Spyder pkg.  886-8421.  i  V8   4'  $4,200  spd.  obo.  #38  *x  \p  '68 Ford "Torino fr. cond.  Juki knitting machine & instructs. Exc. cond.  886-2172 #36  Unscreened topspil for  sale. $6 per yard plus  delivery. 886-3921 #37  77 Ply. Sport Fury-telec.  ign.,   air,   cruise   cont.,^  radials. $1,900. 886-2623.   K  ���;��� #36K  ��� -     ���������f*p  1973 Austin Marina, 2 dr.,*-'  radial tires, 2 extra rims. ���;-  ! $880. Ph. 886-7267.       #38 .->  '69 Cougar, 2 dr. HT, vinyl ;."t  roof,   351   CI   Windsor,_"  ,auto.,   PS,   PB,   buckets, x\-  runs real nice, $1,500. %   --::���  '75     Merc.     Montego.^,  Brougham, 2 dr. HT, vinyl - ~  roof, 400 CI,  PS,  PB,  P~?  seats, P windows, A/C fac- -.*-  . tory stereo speakers. One "<��"  owner, lady driven, $2,800. ' -  Above units can be seen ;,  at the office of Sunshine ''  Coast Trailer Park,  Gib- f  sons. Ph. 886-9826.     TFN "'  H  t f>Cy^^'5*V?to''X:t-X&*i~JC-*Z?*i>~*r^''*-.l.:  ��*^= ry"^F.��;CJK5i.'T,i-.  I  -1  ���y  ��*   ',  ' ' A  '* i  ::-'. 5-  W&hi^t��* Steak  1972 Ford % ton PU, AT.  67,000. orig. miles, rear air  shocks, exc. power train &-  tlres.iBest offer. 883-2836  ���xxxy-y- '. '   #36  1970 Chev Vz Ton PU. $900 ,  firm. 883-9450 or 883-9114.  X-.;y ;.;���;, ;-;���..���" /;��� ,..' .#36,  1979 Horizon JC3 in good  condition. Mechanically  sound. Phone 886-9233 #37.  Competition built 4X4  Bronco with 77 Dodge 1  ton running gear & H P 440  with 727 B&M trans. Street  legal.-Ph. 886-7260        #37  1980 Dodge Ramcharger  "Jimmy. Type", 2x2, 318  auto., 21,000 miles, new  condition. 886-9890.   TFN  74 A,Listfri Marina, 4 dr.  sdn., auto., new tires, rent,  engine work, runs great.  $800 obo. 886-2758 eves.  #38  '66 Beetle. Avail. Oct.  $600p 885-7388 eves.     #38  '68. Volvo SW, runs well,  good cond. $900.886-8242.  #38  Single lady needs house or  apt. Roberts Ck. to .Gibsons. Reasonable.  689^723 - . #37  Wklng. cple. w/2 children  want 2�� bdrm. hse. Rural  or W/front, & space for  garden. Betw. Gibs.-Sech.  area. $300 app. . Ref.  886-3856 eves. #36  Responsible employed  couple require house.  Reasonable rent. No kids.  References. 886-7572.   #36  Working couple with family  seeking 3 bedroom house,  Roberts Creek, Davis Bay  or Gower point areas. Ref.  available. 883-9175.      #36  \f"  Forltafit  )  v..   ���   ,  ���'.  1976 29tt*~5th wheel travel!  jailer, fully self-contained.'  $5,900(886^252 ^V1 #37  23' Prowler travel trailer for  sale. $5,000 or trade for  fiberglass sailboat or ?  883-2395 or 922-4746.    #36  Moosehunter special. 8' 6"  Scamper camper. $500.  Also 16' 5th wheel trailer  $1400,884-5385 #36*  23   ft.   1980 .Citation:  motorhome. V. low mileage  km. Must be seen to be appreciated. Thompson Rd.,  Langdale        :        :     #37  i. ��� _ - --.. ;���   '������������_ '.������.  23' trailer Stove, fridge*  furnace', sink, H WT,  shower, toilet, 110V  hookup, storm windows,  prop, tanks. $3200 obo  886-7859 ; #36  23' Glendale Golderi  Falcor* travel trailer,,3-way  power, .full molded bath,  floor" furnace, very clean  North Rd., Gibsons, 3  bdrm., full bsmt. house, 1  blk. to schools, 3 blks. to  shopping. $4'50/m'on'.-  886-2155.     ; #36  Small 2 bdrm: cottage.  View, oil heat./Gower R.  Responsible adults. Avail.  Oct. 1. 886-9147, 886-8313.  #38  Coast News, September 5,1983  H��lf* Wanted  2 & 3 Bedroom  . Townhouses  Available now $425 &  $475.: 5   appliances,  fireplace. Close to Sun-  -nycrest Mall. 886-3321  Accept  ,886-9890.  smaller   trade.  TFN"  Dual Prop Volvo Drive, Defter performance &  economy. See* it at Paul',  Drake Ltd. Gibsons,:  886-2929. #36!  1981 Sunrunnerr boat and  trailer, length 19', 470 Merc,  cruiser, fresh water cooled,  170HP 50 hrs on boat &  motor. Like new. $10,000  firm. Ph 886-3967 #36  24'f cedar plank on oak  frame. 261 GMC inboard, 2  to 1 reduction. VHF-CB, anchor, winch. First $5,000  takes. 886-8040 or 886-  8213. TFN  Excellent buy. 1979 Paramount; 12x68, 2 bedrooms.  $15,000. 885-3916 or  888-9906;  ; #36  1981 Glenriver, 3 bdrm.,  14x70. Vendor will move to  your property. $29,900. Like  new. 886-7424      ���       #37  Mobile home space. Suitable for 12* wide. No dogs.  References required. Sunshine Coast Trailer Park,  Gibsons. Ph. 886-9826. TFN  Writer's dream: Beach at  your door. Close to ferry &  Gibsons. Quiet, cozy,  furn., 1 bdrm. $250 incl.  heat; 886-2908. #38  2 bdrm. duplex, Roberts  Creek. 2 appl. $303/mon.  incl.   washer. &   dryer.-  885-5736 after 5. #38  i.   .  Beach cottage, Sept.  15-March 15. $200/mon. +  util. Refs. Call Darlaine,  929-7563 or 294-2386.   #36  2 bdrm. duplex ste. Loc. in  Gibsons. Close to all  amenities. $250 per mo.  886-2975.    ^ ��� #37  Furn.. 1 bdr. bsmt. ste.  Quiet non-smoking adult.  Oct.. 1. $250 incl. util.  886-9393 #37  Furn. 1 bdrm. bsmt. ste. HT  & LT, was. & dr.. incl.  Sargeant Rd. - $350 pm  886-8281 call before 8 p.m.  i    . #37  Modern waterfront home,^  6 appli., in exchange for  caretaking & maintenance  -by reliable, mature couple.  885-2094. #36  1 bdrm., apt. centrally  located. Clean & quiet.  Adults; no pets, $325, heat  incl. Avail. Sept. 1. Days  886-7172 or 886-9038 eves.  #37  Small 1 bdrm,;F/R, ocean  view, see at 1763 Glen Rd.  Write: Adams, Ste 5, #15  Menzies St., Victoria, B.C.  386-8885./       "���������>:���'r.tfN:  Clean furn. Ihk. room in  bsmt: Suit quiet, single.  N/S. Lower Gibsons near  Dougal Park: Cable, dryer,  washer. $250 mo. 886-2694  ������V;;,#37-  Lg. 3 bdrm. panabode, FP,  5 appl., ocean view, Cheryl  Ann Pk. Roberts Creek, ref.  pis. Lease pref. $625 per  mo. neg. 886-2694 #37  Central loc, Gibsons - 2  bdrm. suite, Irg., private  yard w/view, fridge, stove^  w/w carpet. 886-2940 eves.  #38  Granthams Hall rentals.  Call 856-2981 next two  months. #36  Avail. Oct. 1,1 bdrm. bsmt.  suite.. Large living area,  fenced yd. Suitable for  quiet, mature, single only.  $285 month. Heat & light  included. 886-2883 after 5.  #38  Well appointed private <  waterfront .apt. above offices at Granthams. Large  balcony, 2 bedrooms. No  children or pets. $385.  Available Sept. 30.  886-8284. #38  2 bdrm. trailer with 16x16  add. on Reed Rd. Avail.  Sept. 1.886-2338. $300.  #38  Avail. Oct. 1, modern, 3  bdrrh., v/z bath.,' fireplace,  stove ii fridge. $475/mon.  .88643729/"''.'^-;;-'-:',.^.'.".#3B  4 bedroom older 2 storey  house, central Gibsons.  Dbl. let. $425 PM. 886-9145.  ,;y;Xyxxlxx        '���'���':���'  *&  2 bdm. deluxe townhouse.  View, fireplace, appliances. Full'basement.  Excellent location.-$450.  886-8107    *   :*&m #36  Husquavarna 125 motocross, needs $150 of work  on it. $150 obo. Call  886-7267. #36  ' 1980 Yamaha MX 80. Good;  starter   bike.   $350 - obo.  886-9097.   7 #38  Community Hall for rent in  ��� Roberts   Creek.   Phone  Debbie,   886-3994,   7-10  p.m. TFN  Gibsons 2 bdrm, Vi bsmt.  $450 pm. Contact Dennis  at 886-8107. TFN  2 bdrm. hse. retired cpl. only. Behind RCMP. Box 119,  ���c/o Coast News Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C.. #37  Suite: completely fnshed.  Langdale. Garage. 1 non-  smkr. $260.886-2474     #37-  1 bd. cottage. TV cable, fr.,  st., util. incl. $350 mo. No  pets. Avail, imm. 888-2401.  #36  To rent immediately 2 yr-  old hse. 3 bdrm., 1 Vi bath,  Gower Pt. Rd. $450 PM.  886-7775 or 291-2698 after  7. #36 =  Attractive 4 rm.j.1 bedrm.  suite in Gibsons. WW crpt.,;  new kitchen with fr., & st. 1  or   2   adults.   No   pets.  885-2198. #36  50'x10' trailer Williamson's  Landing. 886-2962 #37  2 bdr. furn. cottage three  drs. east Granthams PO on  beach. Ref. $300: 939-9650  ���y yX Xx-'��� rxy 'x'     #37.:  New ;.3-Y bdrrh. home  Hopkins Landing. View,  huge deck: 886-8093,  ,524-3572 #37  Langdale,   4   bdrm.,   2  baths, w/w, FP, 4 appl.  Avail. No pets. Great view.'  $550/mon. (neg.). 8862381;.-  or 266-5938 after 6 p.m.  ;x' >���;���������'. #38:  Trailer in park, 2 bdrrh., 4  appl., adults. $325/m6nth.  885-9276.        . #36  3 bdrrh., unfurn. house.  ;$475/mon. 2 bdrm. waterfront, semi-furn., cottage,  $250/mon. Sorry nd dogs.  886-7377. "I^N  Daytime babysitter needed  iri my home for 2W yr. oldv  Call 883-2429 eves.       #37  Applications are now being accepted for 1he  following positions. Fulltime & . part-time reg.  nurses, direct care  workers; cook, dietary  aids, housekeepers,  ��� janitor^ maintenance &  laundry aid. Applications  with resumes may be sent  to Howard Wilson, Administrator, Shorncliffe,  P.O. Box 1580, Sechelt,  B.C.V0N3A0. #38  KATHY'S LINENS  Distribute bathroom, ,'kit���  'chen.V bedroom & baby  items through pur home  party marketing plan.  Phone (604) 596-2525, collect.#37  instructors for the following:   : V;  ; Beekeeping  Cashier training  Cooking, Specialities/  Drafting  Drywaiiing  Fitness  Gift Wrapping  House Construction  Memory Training  ..Plumbing  Other   suggestions   for  courses and topics of interest are welcome.  Call Continuing Education  at 885-3474 before August  .19. ;���    .;.;: ���  .' ii   i..,,--���    ^ i-  Executive Dlreckr needed  for the Sunshine Coast  Community Services  Sbciety. Salary:  $i,000/month. Hours to be  negotiated. Resumes to  the President, SCCSS, Box  1069, Sechelt, B.C. VON  3A0 by Sept. 16/83.       #37  Partner required to help  start business. Should  have truck. Box 122, c/o  Coast News Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. #36  North Island Gazette, Port  Hardy needs a senior  reporter who wants to train  for position as editor. Excellent opportunity: Resume, Box 458, Port Hardy,;  B.C.VON 2P0 #36  ' Avon ��� Not Pin Money .  ��� Real Money  Become' an independent  representative with Avon,  the #1 direct-seiling company.Call 886-9166.    TFN <  Modern weekly, newspaper  requires   experienced  reporter. Steady, fulltime 7  position: Working condir.;  lions;-, salary; benefits and  advancement possibilities  excellent. Reply in writing-  with complete resume to  Merritt Herald, P.O. Box 9,  Merritt, B.C.- #36  3 bdrm. hse.  PM. Avail.  886-3726.  Sechelt,  Immed,  $525  Ph.  #36  79 Suzuki GS750, in exc.  cond: Kerker header, Koni  shocks, cafe fairing.  $1,400/Ph. 886-8032.    #38  '81 Kawasaki 750 LTD 4000  ml. Immaculate condition.-  $2000. obo Mark 886-9100  .     '���'..'"��� #36  3 bdrm. duplex, ensuite  plumbing, dishwasher,  sundeck, close to launching ramp, lower Gibsons.  Avail Sept. ,1. $425 per mo.  886-9816    : TFN  Langdale 2 bdrm. gr. level  $350/mo. No pets. Ref. call  888-7768 or 886-8676.    #36  Comm. premises for rent  Immed. 1,000-1,800 sq..ft.  Lease basis. Phone  886-8138 or 886-2141. TFN;  Charming WF, 1-2 bdrm.,  fr., st., FP, oil ht., $300 per  'mo. Oct. I. 886-9206,  926-2250 #37  All Available Sept 1  1. Grantham's waterfront  cottage; 1 bedroom, $300.  2. New family house, Sandy Hook, $475. 3. Grantham's large apt., FP, 1  bdrm. Refs. required, no  dogs. 886-8284 #37  Furnished 2 bdrm. house.  Waterfront. $375 PM. Sept.  1st-June  30th.   886-9431.  ���',.-��������� ;��� #36  Furn. 3 rm. bsmt. ste.  Lower Gibsons. Avail. Oct.  1. $115. 886-7079 aft. 6.  922-5395. #36  Modern waterfront home,  6 appl., in exchange for  caretaking & maintenance  by reliable, mature couple.  885-2094. #36  "1 *�����  Help Wanted  Worfc Wanted  Responsible and efficient  woman available for  housework. $7/hr.  886-9154/ #38  TIMBERJACK SKIDDER &  OPERATOR. Ph. 886-2459.  #38  I need a job. I will do any  kind of work. 886-7292. #36  Landscaping and garden  maintenance, ornamentals, shaped hedges trimmed, fruit trees pruned and  sprayed. Phone 886-9294  after 6 p.m. TFN  Sunshine Coast  Drywall Ltd.  ��� Applying* Finishing  ���Decorative Textures  Stan Funk  885-3839  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICES LTD.  Topping - Limbing -Danger  Tree Removal. Insured,  guaranteed, work. Ffree  estimates, 885-2109.  . . XX" ." ':   '     TFN  Need help with yard work,  fall cleaning, painting, etc?  Call Pat 8B6-8244 #37  Bookkeeper wilt do payroll,  gen. ledger, "journal ent.  A/R, A/P, in my home.  886-7289. #37  Contractor: Experienced,  Insured. References for  custom, homes, renovations, finishing. G. Coburn  885-7417. #39  TEftftYMcBRIDE  General Contractor  88&72B9  New  Homes  ���  Renovations  -Additions:  FULLER BRUSH  Earn $ipO. to _$200 per;  j month in your spare time.  J885-9468 ^ #37  FOREXPLOGIVE    r 'X,  REQUIREMENTS        ���  Dynamite,   electric, or  regular caps, B line E cord  ���and safety fuse. Contact;  -ywen  Nimmo,  Cemetery  Road,   Gibsons.   Phone\  886-7778.   Howe   Sound  Farmer Institute.       TFN  , GffiSONS RCMP:  On the 26th: Investigation into  the May 28 fire of arson of a  RCMP boat moored in the  Qibsons Bay is still continuing.  "Police are at the present attempting to identify a second  person who appears to have  ; been involved in the fire.  Twenty-seven year old Douglas  Lawrence Letourneau of no  fixed address has already been  charged with arson and is  slated to be tried in January  1984.  A possible sighting of a  cougar was reported from  Mahon Road in the Gower  ���Point Road area.  On the 29th: An air hose and a  pressure gauge valued at $150  were stolen from the Gibsons  .Shell garage in Lower Gibsons.  ., A minor, motor vehicle accident was reported from Lower  '������ ��Road. A deer was hit by a vehicle. The deer could not be;  found.   ������'���'-  On the 30th: Richard Bonk of  Surrey has been charged with  impaired driving following a  motor vehicle accident on  North Road. Bonk drove into  the ditch.  ' The theft of a seat cushion  from a backhoe was reported  from Judith Place. Also taken  were a quantity of tools. The  /thefts are estimated at $300.  On the 31st: Willful damage  was done to the shower facility  at Gramma's Pub in Lower  i. Gibsons. Money was also taken  from a coin box.  A cougar was sighted in the  Lockyer Road area^ /  On the 1st: A small quantity of  pills was stolen from the Howe  Sound Pharmacy by thieves  who broke in and entered the  pharmacy's   premises   by  smashing a  window with a  rock.  SECHELT RCMP:  On the 27th: Police received d  report of a fight in progress  ���just outside the doors of the  emergency department of St.  Mary's Hospital. It appears  that two cousins had been in a  fight and that one of them had  been takeji to the hospital for  treatment of a cut Up. The  argument between the cousins  arose when treatment for the  cut was refused by the wounded; man. The cousins were gone  by the time police arrived.  On the 29th: Credit cards,  medical cards and other ID  cards were stolen frorri a  residence located on O'Brien  Road in Halfmoon Bay. Entry  was gained through an unlocked back door.  An 18 foot canoe was  reported stolen from the Egmont government wharf. The  canoe is turquoise in colour-  with red markings.  15.  On the 2nd: A 14 foot Twin  Eagle with a 65 hp motor was  taken from the Madeira Park  government wharf.  A three-car motor vehicle accident was reported at 8:40  a.m. from Highway 101 near.  Sakinaw Lake. Driving northbound, Dana Bosch lostf control of her car and first struck a  southbound car driven - by  Harry Ramsey of Texada  ��� Island, then struck a second,  southbound car driven by  Harry Solvey; Solvey and his  wife were hit head-on by  Bosch's car.  Minor damage was sustained  by Ramsey's car but the  vehicles belonging to Solvey  and Bosch were totalled; .Dana  Bosch, Harry Solvey and his  wife were taken to St. Mary's  Hospital where it is believed  they will recover from injuries  ranging from broken bones to  lacerations. Charges are pending against Dana Bosch.  iregorcbuk of the local BMX Association, announces the  winner of the club's 50-50 draw. See details on Page 16.  .. ���Ju<HlbWibo�� pholo  28p  Business  Hardwood Floors resand-  ed and finished. Work  guaranteed. Freb est:  Phone 885-5072.. J       TFN  Typing. Phone 886-2622,  836-7817, Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.  \r" X .'XX'.  ..   X TFN.  fi&.Gi ..General  Fr,ee estimates;  fainting;  886-2512  yXyXMS7  Pat Korch Const.  Custom framing & foundations. Renovations & additions. Design & drafting.  A Complete Building  Service  886-7280  Thinking of starting your  own business? 18x8 . ft.  trailer, swing up doors on  ail sides-owner"*. will  finance. Steve 883-9551.  TFN  Read this if:  1) You don't like hard selling, but have good communications skills. 2) You  don't have money to invest, but would like a  business of your own. 3)  Pan, spare UP, to, 10; hrs^ a  week. This is not an exaggerated sales story but an.  honest business oppor-  tunity. Call Ellen,  886-9205. #36  CARPET  CLEANING  The most efficient  . steam cleaning on.the  v,- ���,''������'���. Coast-  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  886-7112  Pruning, fencing, hauling  away, low maintenance;  gardens or any of your  gardening heeds, call Matt  Small, 886-824fc. #38  TV & stereo repairs. Green  Onion Stereo: 886-7414. #36  Qualified.Palnter  Reasonable   Rates.   886-  9749;        ^ TFN  Moppets & Mom  Gen. Hsecleaning7 Satisfaction guaranteed or double your dirt back. Ph.  886-8571 or 6-7013.        #36'  Thinking of building,  something hew? i can help  you! Phone me at 886-8086.  #36  T&G Construction. AM  stages; of construction.  Free estimates. No obligation: Work guaranteed.  Phone 886-8559 or  885^5277. #36  KM  **��*)  froirinctol  British Columbia  Ministry of  Forests  Carpet layer 10  Reasonable  886-2714.  yrs. exp.  rates.  #36  Exp. seamstress will do  alt., mending & ironing,;  quickly, reas. & work guar.  Call Sandy at 886-7289 #37  Roofing, all types, new and  reroof. Steel chimney and  wood stove installation.  Time payments arranged.  Free  estimates.  886-9752  Reliable babysitter for 2  small children, your home  or mine. 2 days a week or  more. Phone 885-9551 after  5* #38  NOTICE INVITING  APPLICATIONS FOR  COMMERCIAL THINNING  TIMBER SALE  LICENCE 22241  Pursuant to Section 16(1) of  the Forest Act, sealed  tenders will be received by  the Regional Manager at  Burnaby up to 1:30 p.m. on  September 26, 1983, for a  Timber Sale Licence to  authorize the harvesting'of  1 280 cubic metres of Fir,  Hemlock, Cedar & Other  Species, located.at Trout  Lake, New Westminister  Land District.  Term: 1 year.  This licence will be awarded  under the provisions of Section 16(3)(a) of the" Forest Act  which restricts bidding to  persons registered as small  business enterprises, as  defined in the Regulations.  Details of the proposed  Timber Sale Licence may be.  obtained from the Regional  Manager, B.C. Forest Service, 4595 Canada Way,  Burnaby, B.C. V5G 4L9, or  the District Manager, B.C.  Forest Service, Box 4000,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0.  #B.CHydro  Rental  Equipment  Registration  B.C. Hydrp is adding to  a register of construction equipment used fo.  secure rental equipment on an as required  basis. Equipment  owners are invited to  register their equipment by writing to obtain registration forms  frpm B.C. Hydro, Traffic  & Customs, 1265 Howe  St., Vancouver V6Z  2G8, quoting ref. no.  Q3-5353. Closing date  is October 4,1983. I  ���X. & Yukon  Earn money! Save money!  Learn income tax preparation' at home. For.,,.free  brochure, no obligation,  write: U & R Tax Schools,  1148 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W3S6.  #36  Be Self Employed  Represent our line of  custom uniforms,' jackets  and advertising aids. Contact Illustrated Sports,  13619 108th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3T2K4. Phone  585-1353. #37  Earn extra money part-  time as a Regal Sales  Representative. Our gift  catalogue is all you need.  Write Regal, 939 Eglinton  Ave. E., Dept. 447, Toronto, Ont. M4G 2L6. #36  Mountain resort hotel on  the Trans Canada  Highway is now accepting  applications for the position of cook. This is a full-  time position. Experience  in cafeteria cooking an  asset. Apply in writing, Mr.  John Gait, Personnel  Manager, Glacier Park  Lodge, Rogers Pass, B:C.  V0E2S0. #36  C.S. Computer Consortium (B.C.),. Box 7262,  Depot D, Victoria V9B 4Z3.:  Software Peripherals free  catalogue/price list  specify system VIC 20,  Commodore 64, Apple,  Atari, Timex, etc. #36  1977 Ford Septic Tank  Truck, A-1 condition, low  mileage. C/w 1300 gal.*  tank and PTO driven  pressure, vacuum pump,  good rubber and ready to  work. $12,000. Phone (604)  846-5319. #36  14x18 Hamada press-  chain Delivery. 17x22  Platemaker. 22 inch Paper  Cutter. All for $3,500.  Phone (604) 635-7840.   #36  Lakeview cedar log home  on one acre, fruit trees,  garden, on Arrow Lakes,  B.C: Beautiful view. For  more information, contact  Box 15, Fauquier, B.C.  V0G1KO. #36  Software - Vic 20, Commodore 64K, TRS-80, IBM  P.O., Atari, Timex. Games,  business, education.  Joysticks. Visa, Mastercard. Free catalogue.  Send SASE to Valley Computers, 625 Cliffe Ave.,  Courtenay, B.C. V9N 2J6.  Two acre view lot New  Denver,   one   acre  with  ithree   bedroom   house,,  (New   Denver.   House.in  ' Revelstoke,   reasonably  priced.   Further  Information phone 837-6567.    #36  Be top distribution  manager in .your area.  Ground floor opportunity,  high Income, training, national advertising, quality  '.product. $1,000 investment secured. Don't miss  Sept. 10, 1983 deadline.  Phone 688-3336. #36  C 4V Yukon  '.\*A>    *  Are you willing to work?  Do you have working  space in your basement or  garage? Become part of a  multi-million, dollar industry. Potential earnings  of $20,000 plus per year.  We offer complete equipment package, all training,  ongoing assistance opportunity. Absolutely no  selling or, public contact  work required. 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Incredible selection Apple,  Atari, Commodore and  more. Box 5007, Station B,  Victoria, B.C. VSR 6N3 or  phone (604) 382-4311.   #36  $&m*thiftg  need  X '.��'"��"  Something  *    W; x.  y mtifc?  r���  i'  t  <���.;  i  i'.i  (>.  fi  ii  i  %  r \  t7  r  1:  !'  ��''  ���1'   '  l"  I'  ��� r'l' gWBKtiiiim^^  '.    "."..,.. c~^^^7-^^J.llM^^l-*^||i|P^,J!|l^^^jl'||||||^|��!'l "*' ."i"   w ,-"?,. j',- j ^ ���t-"11..  Union members vote again  Hie usual prize of $5 will be awarded for the correct location of the  above. Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons, in  time to reach this office no later than Saturday. This week's $10  winner is Leanne Ross, R.R. 1, Garden Bay, who correctly located  the file basket on Bernice's desk in the Village of Sechelt office.  BMX track closer  The partially completed  BMX bicycle racing track on  North Road near Gibsons will  move much closer to completion thanks to the efforts of  local riders who sold $2,726  worth of tickets in their summer 50-50 draw. The winning  ticket, drawn last Friday evening, was held by Joan Barnes  of Nanaimo, B.C. who won  $1,363.  The other $1,363 will be used  tp hire machinery to complete  construction of the racing  track, hopefully within the next  two weeks if the weather permits. '���    *  The local association would  like to thank Sunnycrest Plaza  for the use of the booth in the  mall, Kern's for the use of the  video recorder to show BMX  racing films and particularly  Trail Bay Sports who donated  prizes of BMX equipment for  the top ticket sellers. The  association wishes to express its  appreciation to all who bought  tickets and supported the  development of BMX on the  Coast.  Most successful ticket sellers  were Lance Gregorchuk, who  sold 323 tickets and won a  BMX helmet; Mike Skinner,  winner of a set of BMX pedals  for selling 227 tickets and Mark  Bujan who sold 92 tickets and  won a pair of BMX gloves.  Jonas wins tennis  The men's section of the  Sunshine Coast tennis tournament finals, completed last  Monday, saw Robbie Jonas of  Gibsons upset veteran Pat  Dowling 7-6, 6-3 for the men's  singles championship.  Jonas later combined with  Brian Bennett to capture the  men's doubles championship  as well. Jonas and Bennett won  easily 6-3, 6-1, over Pat Dowling- and Brian 0*Sullivan in  what must also be considered a  major upset.  In mixed doubles play, Pat  and Margaret Dowling  defeated youngsters Murray  Gant and Leah Bennett for the  championship.  The finals.in women's singles  and doubles will go this coming  weekend with Bonny Bennett  meeting Margaret Dowling in  the singles final and Margaret  Dowling and Greta Guzek  meeting Bonny Bennett and  Leah Bennett.  School buses unchanged  Parents and students are advised that school bus routes,  stops and times for the fall  term will be exactly the same as  they were at the end of June.  Those new to the area may  get specific information regarding bus schedules for students  in grade one and up by calling  George Hopkins at 885-2513.  Parents of kindergarten  students must arrange their  own transportation for the first  two weeks of school. Bus  schedules will then be arranged  when it is known where all  kindergarten students live. ,  The first day of school  ���Tuesday, September 6���will  be a half day.  Local members of both the  IWA and CPU sure being asked  to express their^yiews via the  ballot box this week.-   -  The International Woodworkers of America (IWA) is  conducting a strike vote among  its 3O,OO0-4O,O0X) members in  this province. The results will  be announced on September  23, and union representatives  are hoping for the same strong  support shown in strike votes  recently taken by the Canadian  Paperworkers Union (CPU),  which, province-wide, voted 77  per cent in favour, and the  Pulp and Paper Woodworkers  of Canada (PPWC).  CPU members are being asked to vote on a package which  was offered by the Pulp and  Paper Industrial Relations  Bureau at a meeting last week.  The vote will be held Thursday,  September 8, in the Gibsons  Legion Hall, with information  meetings and voting taking  place at 1. p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Ed Gill, second vice-  president of Local 171 of the  IWA, told the Coast News,  that IWA delegates ^don't like  the package (offered by the industry) at 'ait;'���;.. especially the  three year contract," as it is.  The general feeling is that  the slump in the forest industry  will turn around soon.  CPU delegate Davei7 Gant  referred the Coast News to an  article titled "Canfor All" in  the Septemberrdctbber '83  issue of Equity magazine, in  which forestry analyst Ross  Hay-Roe offers the prognosis  that ''Next yeat^ as interest  rates decline, further and U.S.  housing starts exceed two  million units, lumber will be a  very profitable product for  Canfor's low-cost mills. Pulp  will be strengthening  throughout the year, and Canfor, with its production so concentrated in these two products, could commence 1985  with operating profits approaching record levels, and  cash   flow   exceeding   1979's  ���.. p^-'yy~xxyyyy r^yyx  A second! point in the  package which is unacceptable  to IWA delegates, is industry's  intent to contract out logging  operations. ;u     -  The company's' offer is to  give 90 days notice of its intent  "to contract out all or part of a  logging operation that will involve the permanent loss of  employment by one or more  regular employees;";  "Twenty-five per cent 6f our  unionmembers could be out of.  work* if this were to happen,"  said. Gill.  "* *  ^RDENS1        . s,  Opening Thurs Sept 1  open Mon���Sat, 9-:7 on Chamberlin Rd  .r>;.i  XX, W   ��"*? h ��� "'**"-'' " mil������!������!iii  X��^5-*f  i>^tm^  -���-���"             ..    '���L^aammmmw^m^  . . .    *   JJ/KBm^r                                                           ���  ,1 \tW^^r            ^** Mo^^dtffot^  i^^/fr                         tunea yuoKUtteuKq fovetty  Vr              6fo44tun4' let ytxvi yard' ev&Up day,  ^                                                                         ty��� #fe4404041  ������We .offer an appealing assortment  .of bulbs from Holland  DAFFODILS, HYACINTHS  CROCUSES, TULIPS, NARCISSI  Decorate your yard with our healthy evergreens,  both  broadleaf and needleleaf varieties, for year-round beauty.  For variety of size and height, choose from Juniper,  Rhododendron, Spruce, Pine, Cedar and Azalea.  . Nil*"!  RO*"  We're easy to find  "'IlKHY  M  ���vw  >n>'  CM��NIHAMP>  UNIHNO.  There had previously been in  effect, a letter from industry  stating that "no contractor  shall replace a regular  employee," but this letter was  cancelled at midnight on June  14.  The package to the CPU  contains provisions for a three  year contract, with no wage increase the first year, three per  cent the second year, and 3.5  per cent the third. The contract  would not be retroactive to Ju- '  ly 1, the date of expiry of the  last contract, but would take -  effect upon ratification. ���  Industry also wants the mill  to operate on all statutory  holidays except Christmas Day  and- Labour- Day, and wants  workers to have the option to  accept pay in lieu of vacation  , time.  "We  won't" make concessions for rights already won,"  said Gant, referring to the six.  statutory   holidays   which  workers presently get off."  "And even if a few people  take money instead of vacation  time, others will be laid off,"  added Smith. "The reason  most people who were earlier  laid off are now back at work is  because they're filling in for someone away on holidays."  The union is requesting a 36  hour work week,,, to create  more jobs, and improvements  to the pension plan.  At present, an employee who  has worked for 30 years  receives a pension of $420 per  month. The industry has offered an additional $1 per  month for every year worked  ���in this case $30���which the  union finds unrealistic.  Management representatives  have accused union .representatives of making no significant  response to their pr&posed.  agenda. Union delegates say  they have unanimously rejected  it: Gant is still'hopeful.  "They can negotiate," he  said, "and we can strike a fair  deal that can do us both for  rone year."  886-7276  AG  I  !t  Mike Twohig  Steve Carey  Sunco .  Printing  Windsor  Plywood  101  ��� Video ��� Movies ��� Video ��� Movies*  o  41  ��� Includes one year Video Club membership  ��� 1-6R tape - no charge  ��� 3 speed, 8 hour, electronic tuner, 2 heads, auto rewind, 1 programmable - two weeks, 4 function remote, led display  only.  2  o  <  8  Home  Furnishings  Tues.-Sal. 9-5:30; Fri.   til 6 p.m.  In btoie linancpnq avail.iDlP O A ���  Seaview Place. Gibsons 886-9733  \  Try siding with us.  Or porches, and fences,  I  ii  and  8 18 18  decks...  and any other w  0 1.8'Ii  wvia  Protect your home against the ravages of winter with OLYMPIC products.  Four specially formulated coatings to give your home lasting beauty and  total protection.  OLYMPIC 6 % *1 9$  STAIN        ��?�����*./ "  per 4-litre  OLYMPIC $ f ft9S  OLYMPIC 6f Am  WEATHER SCREEN 3>l^f~*  '     - \  per 4-litre  LATEX STAIN  per 4-litre  Olympic     & <* a oc  OVERCOAT   ? XV ^'  per 4-litre  y  IV-


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