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Sunshine Coast News Sep 19, 1983

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 Payment Buildings
* Victoria, B.C.
. V8V 1X4
A small but enthusiastic group of runners participated in this year's Terry Fox run in Gibsons as 35 ran the 10 kilometer course
a from the Gibsons Pool Sunday morning. -Grant Minn**, phoio
IJBCM 'worthwhile' says Goddard
Cutbacks don't faze
* "Very worthwhile," was
-Gibsons mayor Lorraine God-
dard's comment about the
Union of B:C. Municipalities
convention which she attended
last week with aldermen Strom,
^Edney„$ _       _
^ elected officials
)m the'Sun
shine Co^st.     . -
Held in.Penticton, the convention gives municipal elected
and administrative officials a
chance - lo exchange views,
share- problems, attend
workshops and meet with
ministry representatives to
discuss local problems.
Delegates clarify their position
on crucial issues by a series of
Criticism of recent provincial
government actions was a
feature of several resolutions
including disapproval of a
perceived increase in "government lay regulation", and of
the centralizing of decision-,
making in .Victoria. Goddard
.commenced that she Jelit it was,
>-«onnal4bfind tTiticismbfithe^;
government. "I am not < too
alarmed by it," she said. "People of course liked it the way it
was; we are a society based on
growth and expansion."   "
Mayor Goddard sees
municipal affairs minister Bill,
Ritchie's message to municipalities to chop budgets
rather than raise taxes as
"realistic". "We .can't expect
the taxpayer to take up the
slack," she said, in reference to
possible reductions in revenue .
sharing grants from the
"I am not alarmed at .the
prospect of cutting back," she
said, "we have to assume our
responsibilities and get by witH.
less."  .     * - .    *   ""!
she stated "that "revenue'shar-*
ing is ""what "it implies. ,The
government's revenue is down.
We'll ~ manage because- the
grants aren't a tremendous
proportion of our budget."
The resolution passed at the
convention,. which calls for
three year terms for elected officials, is one that Goddard
agrees with. She pointed out
that the first year after an
alderman is elected is largely a
learning experience and only in
the second year can he become
politically effective.
Mayor; Goddard had an opportunity to discuss the delayed
bluff sewer project with Tom
-MoQife,   assistant   deputy
.minister.1 She was able to ask
|far?advice orrthe latest infor-
j$tymi\ requested^ bylthe^
, government" so Wat hopefully.
any1 further delays-could be
avoided. *
The news that Gibsons is
looking for an administrator,
led Mayor Goddard to have
more contact with administrators than . at , any
previous convention she has attended. She explained that it
was not etiquette for those who
had applied for the job to approach her, but she received offers of help and advice on making the final choice from many
Kolibas agrees
Too much time on national issues
Mayor Joyce Kolibas of
Sechelt, back home from last
week's Union of B.C.
Municipalities -convention in
Penticton, found the convention "worthwhile", but was
disappointed that more resolutions were not dealt with.
lj\ particular, she felt that
too much "time was given to
resolutions of a national
nature, such as capital punishment and nuclear disarmament, and not enough to those
dealing with specific municipal
Resolutions were classed
either A, B or C, depending on
itheir weight and importance to
all communities, and many in
attendance disagreed with the
classifications given.
' The municipality of'Sechelt
had submitted three resolutions
to the agenda, which were
given  "B" classification. No
\"Bs" came up before the convention was over.
.   The resolutions recommended: 1) Having adjustments to
the   supplemental   tax   roles
..brought about by the court of
revision carried over to the next
;-year, to eliminate recalculation
of   every - tax   payment   the
* municipality makes, and to en-
-sure its revenues are those
against which its budget was
calculated; 2) That the time
allowed/for payment of delinquent taxes before the
municipality holds a tax sale be
reduced from three and a half
" to two and a half years, as the
'municipality must borrow to
cover these unpaid taxes; 3)
That a council member who
resigns   his   position   not   be
allowed to run in the by-
election necessitated -by his
Provincial ministers Bob
McClelland, Alex Fraser and
Bill Ritchie attended "Bull Pit"
sessions to answer questions,
but were not too specific in
their responses. When asked if
the provincial government -
would be making the same contribution to revenue-sharing
programmes for 1984 as for
1983, municipal affairs
minister Ritchie answered, "I
would expect that we can".
One of the resolutions passed was spawned by the government's Bill 31, a regulation'^bill.
Recognizing the necessity of
regulations, it recommended
that the government print proposed regulations in the B.C.
Gazette in advance of their
debate in the house so the
public could study them and
forward comment before they
were passed, rather than after.
"Also passed was a resolution
that the government review Ithe
regional board concept, which
generally was supported .with
perhaps a few changes. The
capacity of local regional
boards to plan zoning and
development complementary
to the municipalities around
them was seen as favourable.
Mayor Kolibas felt that a
^resolution  passed  recommending   de-centralization   of
ministries would probably have
little effect.
Anyone wishing further information on the happenings at
the UBCM convention should
call Mayor Kolibas at the
Sechelt village office, 885-2043.
Permission granted to apply for
New Sechelt liquor licence
A further three-month extension to the pre-clearance for a
Class "A" liquor licence has
been granted by the Liquor
Control Branch to Suncove
Resort Ltd., owners of Royal
Reach Resort.
A new development,
however, is that the twd-year
"protection" to the resort afforded by the LCB, during
which time the LCB has refused to consider any other
licences within a one-mile
radius of Royal Reach, has expired. This protection was
granted because of the
magnitude of the investment
involved in developing a Class
"A" hotel-lounge establishment.
"Because of the indefinite
completion date of this
project," the LCB is prepared
to grant a licence to another
applicant to provide an "A",
"D" or "F",class establishment for the community, provided it is completed within a
reasonable time and, in the case
of a "D" class neighbourhood
pub, has the approval of 60 per
cent of the residents within.a
half mile radius.
"We will certainly agree to
continue with the existing pre-
clearance for the Royal. Reach
Resort," wrote the LCB, "but
will no longer deny another applicant the right to complete
one of the above-mentioned
forms of licences for the community."
Henry Hall, owner of Suncove Resorts, told the Coast
News that under normal conditions protection is automatically extended along with the pre-
clearance. X-'-'
Hall stated that the
economic viability of a project
the magnitude of his  hotel-
marina-resort, complete with
restaurant and licenced lounge,
is definitely jeopardized by the
• granting -of a liquor licence
'•within a"one-mile radius. The
'lounge is-what allows the other
components of the resort to
''.•survive.-■••■•"';••.'."': ■'':'. ■
-X''I don't care any more,"
said-HalL "But if they don't
want a tourist base.in the community, I wish they had told
x me before I spent a million
dollars putting in underground
wiring and parking."
•Several applications for pre-
clearance   for   Class   "D"
./.'neighbourhood pubs are
already on file with the LCB,
and the first applicants, Mr.
arid Mrs. George Floras, have
' received notice that the branch
is now prepared to consider an
. application from them for a
site near the Parthenon
Favours coastal riding
Skelly protests
boundary change
* The recommendation of the
, federal; Electoral Boundaries
' Commission that the Sunshine
Coast be included in the West
Vancouver riding has met with
strong objection in the House'
of Commons from Comox-
Powell River MP Ray Skelly.
Skelly has tabled a petition
in the House from Sunshine
Coast residents who object to
changes to the federal electoral
boundary which would lump
them in with West Vancouver.
In a press release issued last
week, Skelly safd, "I entirely
support the view of my constituents on the Sunshine Coast
who believe they should be included in a coastal riding, such
as the new riding of North
Island-Powell River, rather
than a riding dominated by
West Vancouver.
"There's so little economic,
cultural or social link between
West Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast, that this particular
boundary change makes no
sense," Skelly said.
Skelly told the Coast News
Friday, that a total of 60 objections to boundary changes have
been filed and when debate
opened Friday, he was forty-
third on the speaker's list.
Skelly also objects to the fact
that the. Boundaries Commis
sion did not have a public hearing in the riding due to the lack
of interest at the- Comox
meeting site where people are
generally unaffected by the'
proposed change.
The current population of
the Comox-Powell River riding
is over 121,000, one of the
largest in Canada, and a split in
the riding to create two ridings
of'between 60,000 and 70,000
each is expected. Skelly is concerned however that the current
situation which maintains a
"community of interest"
should continue.
If the riding is split, and the
Sunshine Coast is included with
Powell River, the policital
balance, according to Skelly,
won't change.
• "I think they'll give our objection consideration" said
Skelly. "It will move people into an area where they share a
community of interest. 'It
makes for better representation. There is a better than even •
chance we'll be successful >
because.nothing is thrown out
of balance."
"In any case" concluded
Skelly, "this will drag on for at
least a year (before any changes
are made) and it won't come in
time for the next election."
Fisherman seeks
Mike Hicks/ the~'Soifttula'
fisherman who is running for
the Progressive Conservative
nomination in the federal
Comox-Powell River riding,
was on the Coast last week to
speak to supporters in both
Sechelt and Gibsons.
Hicks who is running because of what he calls a lack of
effective federal policy in the
fishing industry is particularly
interested in gaining support of
the fishermen in the riding.
"We need a policy that will
result in the increase of salmon,
not the decrease of fishermen,"
Hicks told the Coast News
"I have a six step policy that
will work," said Hicks. "First *
we need federal provincial cooperation to insure no further
destruction of the habitat; next
we need a programme that
would employ people to clean-*
^-ww    **t*„#T*m
up* every: river and stream on
the coast. '    "   T
"Third, we must enhance all
systems through natural creek
enhancement, just like the
Japanese have done. Then we
get' together with the other 19
nations fishing off our shores
and work out an equitable plan
for using the resource.
"Fifth, we implement a
responsible conservation
method for. insuring the returp
of adult salmon; and finally we
revamp the Department of
Fisheries. >
"The Conservative party
seems receptive tp.these ideas,"
said Hicks, "and all we need
now isa final push." ' \
The nomination election
slated for October has been
postponed and Hicks is not
happy about that, but he feels
confident he can be successful
in   receiving  the  nomination
Wagner resigns
from Commission
Al Wagner, chairman of the Sunshine Coast Economic
Commission, tendered his resignation last week from the
commission he worked five years to help create.
Wagner cited growing business responsibilities and particularly a heavy off-Coast travelling schedule as the reason
for his resignation.
"If the job is going to be done right, it has to be done by
someone on the scene," Wagner told the Coast News.
"Now it's time for someone else to have a kick of the can."
That someone else, according to Wagner, will likely be
commission vice-chairman Harry Story.,
Marina hearing
y Re-zoning of property and water owned by the town of
Gibsons in.the bay area will be the subject of a public hearing to be held on Monday, September 26 at 7:30 p.m. in
the municipal hall.
With construction of the marine imminent, the town has
to deal with its own red tape by re-zoning the lots from
CDA - comprehensive development area, to Marine Zone
to permit the marina to go ahead.
Communication lack
A letter from the Honourable Jack Heinrich, Minister of
Education, expressing his pleasure at the "growing enthusiasm and basic support for the new Financial Management System" raised eyebrows at the school board meeting.
Feeling there is a lack of communication somewhere,
trusties agreed to write a letter to the BCSTA with at copy to
the minister, expressing their strong opposition to both Bills
3 and 6 and urging continued representations to the minister
by the trustees association.
U wnwutfiwv^i W"*���>  2.  Coast News, September 19,1983  The recent furore over the shooting down of a Korean  airliner has brought forth the predictable belligerent and,  misleading outpouring from the opinion makers arid  shapers of our times. Equally predictably, there has  been- the. attempt to discredit the international ;peace  movement because of the incident.  It bears repeating again and again, that the new hard  to detect intermediate range missiles, if deployed, will  bring nuclear war; sq <:lose that it might be beyond the  power of.humankind to avoid it. It is becoming rapidly  possible for the planet to be devastated by a nuclear ac-r  cident. If the Cruise and (other similar missiles are  deployed in numbers the fail safe poitit may be passed;  Particularly offensive is the righteous posturirtgjbf the  American president: The American government has as,  much at least on its conscience as any Country-in..the  world in the past dozen yearswith��� its''efforts.'in"^yiet-  nam, its sponsored overthrow of the dembcraticaUy  elected Allende in Chile, /. arid its support of the.  murderous Salvadoran regime/in Central America^ to  name a few. Poses of indignation at the loss of human  life just cannot be swallowed.;  What's at stake now is bigger than good guys versus  bad guys theatrics���and the time is short.  The contributions of the Sunshine Coast Community  Services Society to the quality of life on the Coast are  manifold. The child-care services, food bank, mini-bus,  homemaker services* Transition House, meals pri wheels;"  just to mention a few, have certainly enhanced thelivies  of many of pur citizens and that we ais a community continue to help provide these services speaks well pf our  sense of community responsibility. ���  On Tuesday, September 27 the society will hold its  general meeting, as advertised in this week's paper, the  meeting is important, especially since the society needs  community support and interest even more this year.  ';''  Support for the society is the best way we, a^a com-- ^  munity, can show we care enough about pur neighbours  to help ih ways that are real.    " :   r   //.  ...from the files of the COAST NEWS  ���'     5 YEARS AGO  The official opening of  the   NDP   Bookstore   in  Lower Gibsons was at-  '. itendfed* * byG .writer Peter  iTrower. and -Rjiblisfter  ;;rtoy#r^;wffitp^S>ell as  **MLA'Don Lockstead, MP  Ray SKellyand numerous  , members .of the public/  Tommy'   Davey,    a  veteran Coast fisherman  arid "one   of   the   local  area's - first    beachcombers, ^passed; away  after a lengthy illness.  10 YEARS AGO  Two  .hundred"- guests  enjoyed dinner and danc-  Jng in Sechelt's new  legion hall to celebrate the  /completion of the Sechelt  , Indian Band's $400,000-48  home development adja-  .cent,to the reserve. The  buildings Were brought  from a former RCAF base  in Ladner, and the project,  .the  first  of  its  kind  in  * Canada, was administered by Gilbert Joe.  1        15 YEARS AGO  \ Alderman Ken Crosby  ,'is organizing a* committee to handle ���the>planni>  /ing and fund raising for/���& <*  community halKfor 'Gib-"  *sons. * ���".'.'-" //���-  /  /20 YEARS AGO  ��� '��� Ten   year   old   Derek  -Morris,     student     at  Madeira Park Elementary,; has left for. Edinburgh, Scotland, on a  $10,000 Crerar Schblar-  iship'good for eight years.  Derek. pians.: tp be, ,a  scientist specializing in  Rocketry and'astrorijbmy.x.:i  One of the key local  .election   issues   is   the  7 building of a road from  Squamish to Woodfibre,  according to .NDP/can-  .didate Tony Gargray^  -i ^   a ,. 25 YEARS AGO     )x  ^'"''Arrti-aircraft shells are*'  ' reported4o have fallen'in  Roberts Creek during a  navy  practice   firing   in  Georgia  Strait.  A  shell  whistled so close over  the   head   of   Mrs.   J.  Monrufet    of    Beach  Avenue while  she was  working   in   her  garden  that she ran for shelter.  Sechelt's first settler,  Mr. T.J. Cook, celebrated  his 95th 'birthday at a  quiet party with his family, including daughter  Mrs. Sam ,Dawe of  ' Sechelt.  30 YEARS AGO  Dr. L.V. Crowley, of  West Vancouver is beginning a part-time dental  service in Gibsons, as he  feels no area, should be'  without a dentist.  Young Vern Black of  Roberts Creek was one  .: %ovf? 10  B.C.   persons  to  V -/receive a Parchment for  v /Heroism   after   his   at-  r-x tempt to rescue Joseph  Fortt' 'from '-drowning  when  he fell; from  the  Roberts. Creek wharf.  35 YEARS AGO  "Our faith in democracy  must   be   lifted   out   of  storage  in   its  museum  case and lodged in the  brains of our/children,"  school   inspector  Carter  lold   a  meeting   of  the  ' staffs of ail schools.  y.^^^x- y y^xxxx- .,.. ;.;����-,-, .."^-...' '���, /.;p-,~>-./ -'ftp  The^unshine   (g^ff^JWjf  Advertising Dcpartnent  SSI -  J. Fred Duncan  . Jane McOuat  Pat Tripp  Editorial Department .Production Department  John Burnside              George Matthews Lynn Lindsay                -      Jack Blschke  Fran Berger                         Judith Wilson .                           Pat Tripp  Accounts Department  M.M. Vaughan ���,���;���.. Copysetttog  Circulation /-i         Stephen Carroll Lisa Sheridan,                    GerryWalker  The Sunshine Coast; News/is- ;a co-operative, locally owned  newspaper, published on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.; every Monday Jay  Glassford Press Ltd., Box 460, Gibsons; Bu& VON 1V0, Tel. 886-2622  or 886-7817. Second Class mail Registration No. 4702.  The.' Sunshine Coast News is protected by copyright, and reproduction of any.part of it by any means is prohibited unless permission in  writing is first secured from Glassford Press Ltd. holders of the  copyright.. : '   /'  ��� ��� '���' ��� *    '". ' - .���-'..���"'���  Subscription Rates: Canada: 1 year $30; 6 months $18. Foreign: 1  year $35.' .'"/'-.' I ' ^  mmamatBmmmmamBs&msmmmammBmamanmmtei^  SS Lady Evelyn. The vessel was built in 1901 and through many  years, as the SS Deer hound; it stopped at ports along the St.  Lawrence River. The Union Steamship Company acquired the ship  in 1923, renamed it, and putf it into "day-boat" service. Sailing,  from the Union dock at the loot of Carrall Street, it. called at lan  dings around the lower British Columbia; coast.until ^936.This  Dominion Photo view of the Lady Evelyn was framed recently by  Jack Inglis with maple wood brought to Gibsbns 60 yeare ago by  his father, Dr. Frederick Inglis, pioneer Sunshine Cbast physician  and surgeon. Caption by L.R. Petereo^///:/-;.^/^^  Musings  Slings 8c  John Burnside  '���������-. "Would you mind trying tor  tell me what the NDP party is/  using for brains these days? " It-  was; Jake on the other end of  the line making one of his rare;  phone calls./ ; 1  4 'What have they been up to  now/Jake?"   /���'///���/// v-  "Haven't you been, paying-  attention?   What   kind   of  newpaperman     are    you;  , anyway?" /;��� ' ���������;'/: ;  "It's the time of yeari Jake.'  There is something: about/  September with its tomatoes to  be picked and eaten, the  firewood collected and stacked  and the new windows, acquired  before the storms come, that  leaves me quite distracted.  Sometimes I go for three whole  days without remembering that  ''politics even e��i$fc/T guess I've  $pn<-*k again.'' -f ttetf -^'k  "A man should never be too~  busy to know what's going on,  particularly in times as crucial  as these."  "What specifically is the  party of official opposition in  B*C. doing or not doing that's  got your water hot."  "Look," said Jake, "I hap-'  pen to be one( of those that  believes that the actions of this  government have got beans all  to do with restraint. It seems to -  me that what the Socreds are  about, and . I've said this,  before, is a straightforward^  grab for unlimited centralized  power .unparallelled in  democratic history."  "I tend to agree," I said.  ./  ^Further,"; -said > Jake/ "if ���  they get away with it here you/  can just bet your last dollar  that   they   will   be   imitated  elsewhere.   What's  going  on  here is an attempt to make the  world   safe   for  international  capital regardless of the price  to be paid by the peopleof this.  province and this country."  Again I could really offer no  argument so I waited for Jake  to catch his breath without  making comment. He certainly  needed no encouragement.  "That being the case .there  has to be organized and  reasonable opposition and -  right now in this province that  opposition is being organized  by Art Kube and the Solidarity  Coalition. It" is' of maximum  importance that the people of  B.C. realize the democratic  principles of/human, rights and  justice at stake right now and  get their act together. So what  do We find the NDP doing?"  "That's what I asked," I  said.    - '   -  "We've got them deciding .  now, apparently without consultation, that some of the  legislation.more than half of it  can be passed. It's another example of - wishy-washy  miridlessness that the NDP has  been offering the people of this  province for the past eight  years." >  ^35*  K5eorge Matth^sWs  "You think it's that/important, dp'youT'  "I sure as hell do," snorted  Jake. "Instead of throwing  whatever weight they can  muster into a combined opposition, they are going their  own way without consultation  with those who should be their  allies. They've managed, again,  to devise a recipe for their ownr  irrelevance at a time when the  province is crying out for effective opposition to a government bound and determined to  turn democracy into dictatorship.  "I'm telling you, if there's to'  be any hope for peace and prosperity in this province in the  near- future, everybody out  there, Whether they're running  a business^or working .for  sal'aW^hM^eref^^feir  thinking .straigh^and start supporting "what XrrKube istrying  tfr'dqV The first thing is to get  your, name on the" solidarity  petition; Have you even done  that yet?"  "As a matter of fact, I did,  Jake. Just the other night."  "I know that there are some  pretty smart folks, who think  the petition isn't worth the risk  of running it, but I don't agree.  If Kube manages to get more  signatures than the Socreds got  votes in the last election, they *  might be persuaded even yet to  negotiate.   -  *'If they aren't so persuaded  we could be in for a period of  industrial strife in this province  which is going to end up leaving everybody broke."  . "You'could be right, Jake,"  I said.  - '��You're damn tooting that  I'm right. And your NDP party  isn't covering itself in glory.  I've never heard of an opposition party in abdication but  that's just about what it  amounts to. Another thing;  I've never let looking after my  tomatoes and my firewood  stop me from thinking arid you  shouldn't either," and then he  hung up.  There are some people who  are so thick or so insensitive  that you have to hit them over  the head with a two by four  just to get their attention. The  evidence grows that the provin-,  cial cabinet may be among  those who require this kind of  approach:  Last vweek's occupation of  the premier's Vancouver offices may have been just such a  gesture, bat the nagging suspi:  cion exists that the action was  too much, too soon.  The activities of the Art  Kube led coalition against  government legislation, Operation Solidary, has, thus far,  proved to be calm, responsible  and reasoned. So far, none of  the offending legislation has  come even' close to 'passing!'  This fact above all must be  taken as a measure of the success of Operation Solidarity.  It would appear that Kube's  strategy, to draw support from  the centre as well as the left in  its anti-government stand has  had some success. The tactics  have-thus far been consistent  with that ^strategy. The government on the" other hand has  been heavy handed and stumbling - in getting its message  ���across'. Calling "human  resources workers "bonkers"  is not a tactic'designed to draw  support from anyone but the  most close minded of Socred  supporters. *. / .  The government's strategy  has been to.continue the process of/polarizing opinion in  the province in the belief that in  the end the pole which supports  the government will be  numerically larger (50 per cent  plus pne) than the pole oppos- ���  ed tor the��� government.  So far at least, it is clear that  this strategy has failed and the  Kube strategy: has succeeded.  Granted, there is not much of a  centre remaining in this province, but what moderate,  thoughtful opinion there is ap-  Ww#/*//////xm?///vw^ '  V/ssy/?//////////.  \  1  I  The End oS  the World  Quite unexpectedly, as Vasserot  The armless ambidextriqri was lighting,  A match between his great and second toe,-  And Ralph th$ Hon was engaged'in biting  The neck of Madame Sossman while the drum  Pointed, and Teeny was about to cough  In waltz-time swinging Jocko by the'thumb���  - Quite unexpectedly the top blew off:  And there, there overhead, there, there hung over  Those thousands of white faces, those dazed eyes,  There in the starless dark the poise, the hover,  There with vast wings across the cancelled skies,  There in the sudden blackness the black pall  Of nothing, nothing, nothing���nothing at all.  Archibald MacLeish  wmwmm>.wm>AW/M/^^^^  \  \  pears to favour the Solidarity  position..���:.::,//''' yyyyx.y~  l don't' think there's "much  doubt that were the election rerun now/the majority of Voters  would not vote for the Socreds.  Herein lies the problem of.^.  precipitous, radical actionv The  main political struggle going on  in B;C. .at the present time is  the struggle for the hearts /and'  minds of the moderates. By acting without moderation, the  government has lost support;  while Operation Solidarity,  through calm and reason has  gained support.  No doubt there are those  amongst the Solidarity forces  who, through a legitimate sense  ofiifear and. frustration! would,  prefer more radical, direct action. vThus far, Kube .has  managed to keep the radicals in  line. At the same time, the objectives of- the coalition have  been met, at least temporarily.  If and when the time comes  that a more aggressive approach is needed, more radical \  tactics are available, including 5  sit-ins, rotating strikes,' andg  even a general strike. In the|  meantime, while the objectives j  are being met through moder-?  ate action, these more radicals  solutions should be left on the;  shelf. ���-, s  If they prove to be useless,^  then at least the moderate sup- \  porters;-'will have been led|  .through the-proper steps and 5  will be more prepared to con-1  tinue and step up tlie kinds of ?  action they are-willing to take. I  By jumping the gun, the ac-J  tivists fall into the,-trap ttheJ  ' government has set for its'op-'  pqrients.'The Socred cabinet;:  wouldJlove to see Operation!  Solidarity act. in such a manner i  that would drive the centre j  back to supporting the gdvern- ^.,  ment. In fact it's counting on 3  this to happen. The fact that -;  Solidarity has avoided the" trap 3  is the main reason the govern- j  ment is in such a state of disar-1  ray at the moment. I  Sit-ins are dramatic, atten-��  tion grabbing, somewhat 'j  romantic and yes, even fun for��  some, but as a political tactic, \  right now they are inap-;��  propriate and dangerous. $  ,v Finally, last, week's ;$it-in *  represents the first crack in the 1  facade of* Solidarity. The coali-;��  t'ioh must now carry on with its*/;  main task of forcing. the ��  government to ^withdraw the$  ^offending legislation^before the ^  infernal squabbles that so often ^  prove fatal to such- movements ;|  lead to the collapse of the coali-:^  tion. '        v     U  On another note; I'm glad to^  see the Lions back on a winn- *  ing note. While the boys really��  went to town on a fired up<  Concordes team, the second*  half collapse is worrying. *  ��� The best analysis so far is��  that  the Lions  hit a slump \  because   of   some   rookie \  coaching miscues. Aside from \  the Argos, the Lions have more |  talent than any team' in the;<  CFL and if Don Matthews can  learn the head coaching job,  the Lions ought  to win the  west.  1/'  (''  himm* mi  tt*  mja Coast News, September 19,1983  Editor,  . No doubt that this stupid  and villainous act of the Soviet  }��� military (not its - citizens), in  shooting down the Korean 747,  was just what Ronnie Reagan  and his right wing comrades  were secretly hoping'for!. Suddenly, by the propaganda  method of pouncing upon a  critical error rhade'by "them",  and then feverishly expanding ���  and sensationalizing upon such  , a; tragedy/ the illusion of  jj good/evil, black/white divi--'  \ sibhs Between the capitalist and  t communist,political ideologies  ���J is artificially created and very  * self-righteously promulgated.  (���Various radio hot-line com-  i mentators, pumped full- of  I pious-sounding jargon, lustily  ? and pompously take advantage  l of the situation, using their  t militarist version of "logic" to  '; denounce the peace movement,  ; implying that somehow, we are  * 'discredited' or 'disproyen' and  that 'democratic morality'  demands that a so-called position of 'strength' be taken/ further increasing the already extreme cold war tensions and  escalating the numbers and  types of genocidal, weaponry. ;  They/say this''-is the 'only  way/tp-interpret the disaster in  which .2(69 persons were recent-,  ly killed; They're wrong. On a  late might talk sho>y,;i. picked up  ori my radio, broadcasting out  of San Francisco, the station  there: took a poll on what kind;  of response the public thought  their government should come  tip "with'.' to the ���747's crash.  . Forty-one per cent said that  this incident would be 'reason  enought' to fight a nuclear war.  >with;the USSR!  Too many people are just  too damn easily suckered-in by  Official Insanity. Obviously,  the root of the problem, the  most basic and pressing danger  of humankind's annihilation is  simply a result of a severe mental impediment known as ignorance.  The American president is  not 'God's soldier' as naive,  gun:loving rednecks would imagined He's not 'infallible';  there is certainly no heavenly  ririgof light hovering abqvejhis  head', -x'x-yyx X-X- '"-'^ .���''��������� .;'"���:������'���  /Reagan describes the5 Soviet'  Union as"a society which  wantonly disregards individual  rights and the value of human  life". Welcome to the club, you  hypocrite!  '  Innumerable   thousands  of  innocent civilians (men, women  and children), in third world  countries,,have been, and still,  are,  being viciously tortured  and   slaughtered   by   Green-  Beret-trained,    American-  armed,   fascist,   junta   death  squads. Where are the international howls of outrage, the  tears, the angry demands for:  apology? (Apologize to a corpse?)  Ah, but of course, hawk entities entail that" the skeletal  facade of 'humanitarianism' be  dragged out of the closet only  when 'convenient', for the  United States business,  political and military interests  and ambitions.  1 am condemned for not  joining "in to protest against  Soviet actions. Why should I  want to associate myself with  the ignorant likes of Jerry  Falwell and the other crazed  missile idolaters who are merely acting as pawns in the mad  game of nuclear brinkmanship? Such: crackpots delude  themselves and .are.7 in turn  deluded; to theirs and everyone  else's peril.  The fact that 'we' have  Weapons capable of murdering'  every living being, every human  child on earth; and that those. ,  elected who allege to represent  bur best interests are desperate  to prepare for this so-called 'inevitable heed'; and to 'deviously  and deceptively attehipt to convince the public that World  War III 'won't be pur fault',  that My Lai and Kent State  were only 'isolated incidents',  that national security is 'improved' by oppressive RCMP,  CIA, Nation Security Agency,  etc.7. surveillance and harassment of, peace groups and individual activists���this all  clearly exposes the grotesque  fallacy of Western freedom  and lily whiteness.  Naturally, I am totally opposed   to   the   cold-blooded  shooting down of the Korean  airliner. 1 don't take it lightly,  nor am I soft on the Russains  and/make any'claim^that/they  are/;'guiitless'. / However, . it ;  seems to; me. that, Reagan's extremely   belligerent   knee-jerk r  reaction was not only .wholly  irresponsible,, but almost appeared to be a deliberately set  contingency plan for worsening  the polarity between the superpowers in case such an oppor-/  tune,   useable   event   should/  'happen' to occur to help make  arms escalation and cold war.  paranoia seem more justifiable. ,'  ' Robert D. Smith '  3350 West 7th Ave., .  Vancouver, B.C.  i     4  Karsten  leaving  Editor,  In afew weeks, Selia Karsten  of Ensemble Theatre is adven-'  turing off to Toronto to continue   expanding   her   acting  career.  We would like to invite all of  Selia's fans, friends, and fellow  artisans to a Farewell Bash. It's  at the Indian Band Community  Hall in Sechelt, where you may  see,Selia's final performance at  Studio Night at eight o'clock.  The bash starts at 11 p.m. and  at midnight we are raffling off  Willie, her 1966 Volkswagen, ���  to buy her train ticket.  Selia has many friends who  know her from the Back Alley/  Book Store in Sechelt, the CBC '  Beachcombers productions,- the'  Suncoast Writers' Forge, the"  productions at Roberts Creek  Hall and Elphinstone Senior  Secondary; Four by Eight, The  Little Foxes, The Little Prince,  Many Moons, (Survival Carnival), The Effect of Gamma  Rays   on ' Man-on-the-moon7  marigolds, and A Street Circus.  In true theatrical spirit, we  are asking her well-wishers to  come dressed in costume or  sing a song, or recite poetry or  do   a   skit,   and - also   bring  something   for   the   pot-luck  banquet and bar.  Sandra Emerson  : Ann Weybiirg  Mary Percy  Joan Thompson  ���:,    Carol Simmie  P.S. Could an editor also attend to be presented with an  appreciation gift? = / ���..���'��� 'p  COaS, r NFv/f,  CLASSIFIEDS  Books & Stuff  until noon Sat  Frt��rtcily P.opl  Over 30 new 83s to  choose from  On all New  1983 Cars & Light Trucks  in Stock  On Approved Credit  Maximum Amount.$10.000.  Maximum Term 12 Months-  Drop in and ask about Substantial  Discounts on all 1983 Models  iow Inter est Financing  now includes  :, Jjjj  up to 7 years did y  mi  \  v  We need on deck space  Limited Time Offer-  Take Advantage  Now  the 84s  Editor,  The Elphinstone Senior Boys  Basketball team is preparing  for their 1983/84 season!  ��� - Editor,. ���-������'.-���  On behalf of. the West  Sechelt Parent Teacher  Association, I would like to  thank you for making available  your archives last spring to our  group of researchers who were  preparing a'history of West  Sechelt School, c;- ./���  They were able to get a lot of  - information which helped to  make our historical project a  tig  success. /rjen)se Rothney  Although we:don't have, as  yet a sponsor, we are trying to  raise money by having a bottle  drive on Sunday, September 25  at 9 a.m. throughout the Gibsons area to pay for our travel  expenses to and from games.  We are a hardworking,  talented group of guys who  3.  hope to make this season the  best basketball season ever at  Elphinstone. To do so we need  the community's support by  donating returnable bottles. It  will be greatly appreciated.  .  Thank you.  Joel MacKown  Mark Guignard  My office is so small...  .We   took   a    Pinto  -iri ,,trade;  yesterday   couldn't keep it."out of  my office���thought it was!his:stall,.  Pontiac ./;/ ��� ///���  1981 GRAND PRIX  2 Tone Beige  Power   steering./ power  brakes, automatic- transmission, economy V8.  IMMACULATE CONDITION  ONLY 33,000 MILES  :    skookum   $B895  "FRESH TRADES  ARRIVING DAILY"  HOT LINE  885-7512  Skookum Auto  ^ Dealer 7381 Sechelt  ^  AC BUILDING SUPPLIES......    ... 6  AL'S USED FURNITURE/ ....     12  AUDREY'S COFFEE SERVICE..   .    16  ARGOSHEEN... / ...:......./.....         11  B.C. FERRY SCHEDULE...     .4  BOTTLE DRIVE....        . ..............12  BROOKS & MILLER FLOOR COVERINGS.:.:   ........ ./". .7  BUSINESS  DIRECTORY. :���...���        .   .. .13  CAPILANO COLLEGE.                 .6  CHURCH DIRECTORY    11  COAST CABLE VISION LTD            10  COAST TOOLS POWER.  .6  D&D GULF/:.....  .......:,.....: :.;........  7  DEVLIN FUNERAL HOME./          .4  DEVRIES & SON FLOOR COVERING LTD..        .....;.. .6.10,13  ELPHIE'S CABARET;...  .10  ELSON GLASS          .,. 7  GIBSONS AUTO BODY & PAINTING.. ..'....'.,. /. /           12  GIBSONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD............ .7  GIBSONS INN....       10  GIBSONS LEGION BRANCH 109...       10  GIBSONS PUBLIC LIBRARY.   5  GRAMMA'S  PUB......... .\ 10  GULF OIL...      ..  11  HARBOUR ANTIQUES & GIFTS..,        4  I.G.A...... :..'...   ..:.,;���/. .,.......'.;..'........' .3  INDUSTRIAL FIRST AID COURSE. .'.."'.*. /./...  4  KEN'S LUCKY DOLLAR.  .8,9  KERN'S: FURNITURE    .  .... .16  LANDING GENERAL STORE   .4.11,12  LEN WRAY TRANSFER.. ���'.   7  MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP RACES..   ...      12  NATIONAL LIFE ASSURANCE CO....'       ... 13  NOTICE 80AR0 - JOHN R. GOODWIN, C.A....   .           12  PENINSULA MARKET TIDE TABLES            12  RUBY LAKE RESTAURANT../...;.....,.......          .6  ST. JOHN'S AMBULANCE.......           4  SKOOKUM AUTO  ..     3  SOUTH COAST FORD...            .3  SUNSHINE COAST PEACE COMMITTEE...   . .10  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT   4  SUNSHINE COAST COMMUNITY SERVICES SOCIETY .5  SUNSHINE COAST PEST CONTROL.... 6  SUPER-VALU.. .   . ���;'          5  TRI PHOTO...   . - 6  TOWN OF GIBSONS, ;............4,5  VILLAGE GREENHOUSE ....     . . ....  16  WESTERN MOORBAD....,.......:..........  .4  WORKER'S COMPENSATION BOARD.         . .......11  I'     ��� t  ���A                     *  ��� !  '                           -7  !'!''             ]  l&i -���  PRICES EFFECTIVE:  WED., SEPT. 21st - SAT.  SEPT. 24th  'IER  Campbell's  TOMATO SOUP ;  I  Crisco       ���  oil.-, -/.;//.,  Maxwell House  INSTANT XQFiFEE  Clover Leaf-Solid  WHITE TUNA  :/  Duncan Hines - Layer /  cake mixes; :.  /Crisco. ������ XXlx. :.y���y.:rX  SHORTENING  I.G.A;r Beady'Cut  MACARONI or  LONG SPAGHETTI:  iooZ;3/i.oo  is. 3 29  ...I0/oz.5.89  . .6.5 02. 2.29  ..i9oz. 1.29  3ibtin2899  Canada Grade A Tablerite Beef  SHORT RIB BladeorChuck  ROASTS! ... (lb. 1.09) kg 2.40  1kg 1.49  I.G.A.     / ������������������ ���  < ' ������������y  COFFEE WHITENER    soo gm 2.19  I.G.A. - Instant '    ^  SKIM MILK POWDER, soogm 2.29  I.GA. '���- instant ���  CHOCOLATE . 375 gm 1.39  COKE or  GINGER ALE        21 1.89  Plus Deposit  CROSS RIB  ROASTS.  Boneless  BEEF STEW  Boneless - Inside  TOP ROUND  STEAK  (lb. 1.99) kg 4.39  .. (ib. 1.99) kg 4.39  ;  . (lb. 2.79) kg 6.15  Boneless - Outside .. '  BOTTOM ROUND . .  STEAK .......  .(lb. 2.69) kg 5.93  Ummmmmmy'" L&ffi��/<?fa ^z zJmWm  Purina  MEOW MIX     .v.  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McSavaney  She left so quietly it is difficult to realize that she is no  longer with us, but she leaves  behind a host of memories.  She is chiefly remembered in .  her home area at Roberts  Creek for her tireless work with  \he hospital ladies auxiliary and  community association as well  as a congenial and respected  neighbour. Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary remember her  efforts as secretary and later  president as well as her vyofk  assisting in the hospital in  physiotherapy department and /  organizing the library cart and  other duties far toOnurnerous  to list in detail.  Both Madeline and her/husband Bill were very interested  and conscientious members of  the Roberts Creek Community "  Association from the time they  took up residence in the area;  as well, Madeline was very interested in theatrical work and  played an active part in productions by the Suncoast Players, working with . Margaret  Jones in various skits, having  done the same sort of thing in  West Vancouver before coming  to Roberts Creek.  Madeline had also been involved in girl guide work in  West Vancouver and belonged  to the Trefoil Guild; an  organization for ex-guides.* ���/���  Many'other words could be  said in tribute to this charming  and kindly lady but we will just  say that she will be remembered as one who did more  than her share to try to ease the  way of those less fortunate,and  enjoyed her life^fully.  K  TOWN OF GIBSONS  PUBLIC NOTICE  -      ' Of  TAX SALE  Public Notice is hereby giv^n that on the thirtieth day of September, 1983, at the  hour ot ten o'clock in the forenoon, the below described parcels of real property shall  be offered for sale by public auction, if the delinquent taxes plus interest are not  paid,  Lot 1. Block C, D L 685, Plan 17131 1197 Cochrane  Road  Lot A, Blocks A & B, D L  686, Plan 14197 Gower  Point Road  Lot 2, Block B  D L  686, Plan 14197 Gower Point  Road  Lot 1, Block C, D L 686, Plan 6125 1561 Gower Point  Road  Lot 3, Block C. D L 686, Plan 6125 1553 Gower Point  Road  Lot 20, Block C, D L  686, Plan 6125 1576 South  Fletcher Road  Lot 21   Block C, D L  686, Plan 6125 1581 South  Fletcher Road  Lot 22, Block C, D L  686, Plan 6125 1577 School  Road  Lot 20. Blockjs 4-6, D L 688, Plan 17237 Creekside  Lot 64,, Blocks 4-6, D.Lv.688, Plan 17237 Creekside  Lot73/Blocks.4-6, D.L/688, Plan!,17237 Creekside  '���'.' Lot 76, Blocks 4*6, D.L. 688, Plan 17237;Creekside,.  / Lot; 108/Blocks 4-6; dIi/688, Plan 17237Creekside  :���    Lot.1D9/ B'iocks/4-6'. D.L."688.';P|an 17237 Creekside  Lot "lib".; Blocks'4-6,'D:L. 688, Plan 17237 Creekside  "Lot 5 of Lots 1 to:4, D;'l! 689. Plan 17211 Seamount  Industrial Park    j ' ."������.  1  Folio 158 010  2  ��� Folio 642 000  3  Folio 645 000  4  Folio 656 000  5  Folio 658 000  6  Folio 675 000  7  i  Folio 676 000  8  Folio 677 000  9  Folio 874 138  10.  , Folio 874.226  11.  Folio 874:24.4  12."  Folio 874.250  13/  Folio 874.314  14.'  Folio 874.316  1*5:  Folio 874.318  16.  Folio 947.743  O BCFGRRI65  FALL 1983  Sunshine Coast  VANCOUVER^SECHELT PENINSULA  HORSESHOE BAY-LANGDALE  'Distance: 9.7 miles  Sailing Time: 35 minutes  Fall'WinterSpring Schedule: Effective Monday, September  ,19,1983, to Wednesday, June 20,1984 inclusive.  Lv. Horseshoe Bay  ' 7:30 am ;    5:30 pm  9:30 7:25  12:30 pm 9:15  3:30  Lv. Langdale  6 25 am  8.30  11.30  2:30 pm  4:30 pm  6:30  8:20  JERVfeSiNLET  EARLS COVE-SALTERY BAY  Distance: 9.5 miles  Sailing Time 45 minutes  Fall Winter Spring Schedule: Effective Monday,' September  19,1983 to Wednesday/June 20.1984 inclusive.  Lv. Earls.Cove  7:15 am    '  10:30  12:20 pm  4:30  6:30 pm  8:30/  10:25  Lv. Saltery Bay  6.00 am  8 30  11 25  3:30 pm  5:30 pm  7:30  9:30  by Jeanie Norton 886-9609  If you haven't picked up a  copy of the Continuing Education 1983 Fall Program/ you  might not realize what a. variety  of courses are offered right  here in Roberts Creek. :/���://  Roberts Creek is somethingX  of a language centre/There's.  French, Spanish and English asV  a- second language. You can  learn to increase' yourword-  power or/ try public/speaking//  Then there's astrology,  guitar; life drawing, yoga and  rabbits. You can learn all about  raising rabbits in two sessions  starting this Tuesday, September 20, at 7:30 p.m. at the*  school.  Most of the programs take  place at Roberts Creek Elementary and a number will use the  new community room below  the gym. These include  workshops on such things as  Community Media, Nuclear.  Technology, Parents in Crisis,  Portfolio Presentation, and  Women ^ in Papua/New  Guinea.  Every other week one of a  series of travel talks will be held  at the school, including such-  places as the Yukon, New  Guinea, and India. Closer to  home there are field "trips to  identify mushrooms and a  course called "Sunshine Coast  Exploration". And at the  ladies clubhouse Randi Tame  will teach courses on herbs and  potpourri.  Plus there's fitness classes in  the gym five mornings a week  starting at 9:30 a.m. Pick up a  brochure from the post office  Or Seaview Market if you want  more details on these and other  Continuing Education programs.  DANCE COMING  The Peace Committee is  sponsoring a dance with "Soul  Survivor", a steel band, on  Saturday, October 1 at the  Roberts Creek Community  Hall. Reggae music is always  popular on the Coast so it  should be a good one.   '  "tickets are $6 at Seaview-  Market and the bookstores in  Gibsons and Sechelt.  L. Legioh/workers>were treated/  "to a steak-barbecue at iHr  Roberts Creek Legion? on  September! 1. The steaks, were  super and the afternodh'increasingly merry as the effects  of the night before wore off.  Dianne Evans took advantage of the opportunity to present Ernie Fossett.with the plaque honouring him as  "Creeker of the Year" in  memory of Glen Kraus. Ernie  gave a very gracious speech of  acceptance and won the crowd  completely with his declaration  that although he now lives in  Gibsons his heart still belongs  in Roberts Creek.  MEETING DEFERRED  There will be no September  meeting of the Roberts Creek  Community Association .The  next meeting will be October 19  but there will be an executive  meeting in September so if  anybody has anything pressing  to discuss contact president  Diana Zornes at 886-2087 or  secretary Denis Davisob . at  885-2101.  POMP AND HONOUR  There was more pomp and  ceremony than usual at last  Wednesday's legion meeting.  Six members were presented  for initiation and various  honours were bestowed on  others.  The ladies auxiliary was  presented with a Branch  Honour Certificate for five  years of dedicated service and  Ron Oram and Roy Milliner  received life membership crests  in recognition of -all the work  they've done7for;the legion./  Past; officers/ hiedals were  presented to'John :Bpttomley  and Sharon Kraus for her husband Glen. A wedding gift of  two engraved pewter mugs with  the legion crest was a surprise  and a lovely gesture. / / //*  The main business of/ the'  meeting was the question of  bar prices. Tt was decided to  raise the prices 15- cents to  cover the; recent increase in  government levies. That was in  keeping with the prices at other  establishments, particularly the  other legions.  DREAM COME TRUE  It was every man's dream: a  bevy of beautiful ladies in  sleazy slit skirts, plunging.  necklines, and fur arid feathers  guaranteed to tickle one's fancy. It was the famous "inner  circle" descending upon the  hapless bridegroom to carry  him off into the evening for ,  one last fling.  ;  They crawled the nightspots  of the Coasti doing their utmost to embarrass their victim.  They couldn't have been too  outrageous, however, as the  only opposition they met was  the image-conscio.usyiocal/  establishment which does, not  allow "stag parties". There  they made the solitary male  "dear" remove the sign around  his neck selling kisses (so much  for the campaign to raise funds  for the honeymoon).  They returned him safe and  sober (?) only to find the bride-  to-be was out with their menfolk. Both groups had a good-  time and the wedding couple  would like to thank their  friends for taking such good  care of them.  Continuing Education  For Parenting People  Parents are powerful people  with a rigru/as wellas^aduty to  create the best conditions for  their children. The Family  day is a jpourse that can help;  parents make "educated'' deci-/;  sions as ^result/ of 'Systematic /  Training for- Effective Paren^  ��� ting '(STEP);/;7/:,//..  Drew McKee is a trained  counsellor who will facilitate  >this'gi;dup,/starting ori October  4,. 7:30 p.m., at Cedar Grove  School. There is no fee, except  for/the text, which will cost  $8.50. Please /pre-register at  Continuing Education,  885-3512 before September 2!l"  Parents Iri Crisis is a support/  group    for    parents   who  sometimes experience difficulty  with discipline in child rearing/  Jose Rosen, the provincial executive director of this international organization, will be part  of   an   information   session,  about this group on Tuesday,  September 20, 7:30 p.m/ at  Roberts Creek School. Join us  for films, discussion and exchange of practical ideas.  Free Courses  During the last two weeks of  September, Continuing Education is offering a wide variety  of one-night sessions arid mini-  courses.  Here's your chance to ask all  those questions, you thought  you couldn't afford to ask a  lawyer���about marriage, or  not. marriage,' bankruptcy,  mortgages, and, last but not  least, wills and-estates.. Check  your Continuing Education  brochure for times and locations.  Many of the free events offered are introductory sessions  about courses that will begin in  October. This is an opportunity  for you to meet the instructors,  arid find out more about the  courses offered, including;  computers, astrology, .wine  making and silver ^smithing.  Check your Continuing Education brochure or call 885-3474  or 885^3512 for more information.        -     . ' .  m  St. John's Ambulance'  INDUSTRIAL  FIRST AID COURSE  Leading to W.C.B. Certification  Held at Gibsons Elementary School  (Resource Centre)  Commencing Thurs., Sept. 29/83, 7 p.m  Fee *21200, payable on registration night  Pre-register with instructor.  Peter Madisen    ��� 886-7279 *   Canada's First Mudbath!  Call For Help 885-7171.  For more information: Write  ^ster^Mborbad^esort^nc.  P.O. Box 1670 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  . /  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT   ,  COURT OF REVISION  Take notice that the Sunshine Coast Regional District Court of Revision will sit on the following date in the Board Room of the District  Office; Sechelt, B.C.  MONDAY, OCTOBER 3,1983   11:00 a.m. -12:00 NOON  /- -p."*  to hear any complaints and correct and revise the 1983 S.C.R.D. Sectoral  list of Bectori.   .-, V'///,';.,' ���:///'��� /^v^X';^SV^f?;  Copies of the 1983 Ust of Hectors covering Electoral Areas 'A', 'B'; 'C\  /D', VE* and 'F! of the Sunshine Coast Regional District will be posted upon  the Public Notice Board in the Regional District office and all post offices  and cbrnmunity halls bySe#ember 16,1983.  ��� ///;'/:/;/'/. L Jardine,  Secretary-Treasurer  In the  season  of nrief... we care.  There is a time for all things, but grief like joy must be shared.  Let us provide the consolation and assistance you need when  such a time of trial must be faced. We handle everything, we  pay attention to every detail. .,  ���r.7,; 886-9551:     l  D. A. Devlin Director 1665 Seaview Gibsons  Now is the time  to have four  questions answered &  four problems solved.  Please phone  fo register  limited   *^50  sealing      ^^  Winemakers!  Beermabrsf  We're having a  Seminar  with Bryan Carson  WcxJStfttftt  General  landing  *   "' !���   \ '���' * l  Mrttar > .  rtttftMIYRt  'J>  Closing out Sale  Gifts and Souvenirs  20%<o40%off  ANTIQUES  UP TO 40%OHF  &vy your CMatroaa  Present* now at  8I0 SWINGS  "Molly's Reach" T Shirts       Less 15%.  Collector Plates - Regular Price  Credit Card Sales Add 5%  HARBOUR ANTIQUES & Gifts  /; Marine Drive, Gibsons  886-7800 Open 1 I to 5 every day   .;/.  V  V !  Ground preparation on the site of the new fire hall on North Road takes place under the watchful eye  of Ralph Jones, municipal building inspector. -Judith wiisonphoio  Gwen in Gibsons  In praise of Queen pageants  by Gwen Robertson 886-3780 .  The Gibsons Sea Cavalcade  Queen Pageant is a step toward  the ladder of success. From the  day a girl is selected to participate, her life is changed.  The experience gained is immeasurable so there are. no  losers and the girl who :is  chosen for the next step experiences more benefits as she  moves up the ladder, and hew  vistas sand new .challenges are  ahead.  As-'part of the Miss America  preliminaries, I happened to  see Miss America of 19S8 being  interviewed on television.  When questioned about the effect on her life that the winning  of Miss America had made,  Miss America 1958 said it had  opened up new opportunities  for her career. Both she and a  1983 contestant said . that  pageants such as the Miss  America one were a part of  women's liberation.  This took some time for me  to digest but as the questioning  continued, their answers pro- *  vided me with a whole new .  the support of family and  friends must last until the end  of "the competition���and the  competition is tough. Good,  sportsmanship is paramount  and difficult to maintain while  selections are made.  Posing ' before crowds in  brief bikinis, although disliked  by both girls was beautifully  answered by Miss America  19^8 who said that a beautiful  body is ah indication that the  person ha^ taken care in  developing a healthy mind in a  healthy body.  Egmont News  The Miss America pageant  has changed over the years and  selections are being made from  participants in the fields of  theatre, sports, music, etc. The-  scope having broadened, the.  competition is tougher and the  benefits greater.  . Our Canadian competitions  are.patterned along the same,  lines as those in the United  States. Our.girls are every bit as.  lovely   and   talented,  rewards  are. here,  too.  world is yours.  The  The  Van Arsdells move  by Ann Cook 883-9167  SO LONG NOT GOOD-BYE  So long but not good-bye to  Lise.and Jon Van Arsdell and  family who are making their  home on Gower Point, as Lise -  has taken a position with the  school board in that area.  Needless to say* in this day of  we   go"  perspective on queen pageants.  fBeing singled out and invit&tf crt higH^ unemployment  to   participate.^ must   give   a       where the work \s.^  tremendous boost to"one's ego. The Banyay family is well  This good, feeling along with        spread out to find work leaving  9>?  &***  Coast Community ServjCe  GENERAL  Sept.  MEETING  27th at 7:30 p.m.  Davis Bay School  Community Room  Theme: The Sunshine Coast Community Services-Society and the Community���today and  tomorrow. <   , -  Plan to attend. Everyone Welcome.  NOTICE  1983-1984 LIST OF ELECTORS  COURT OF REVISION  ' Take, notice that a sitting of the Court of Revision to revise and  correct the 1983-1984 List of Electors for the Town of Gibsons  will be held at the MumcipafHaM 490 South Fletcher Road,  Gibsons, B.C., at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, October 3, 1983  > and shall continue to sit if requisite from day to day until the  /list has been'corrected and revised.    ;  " The Court will hear allcomplaintsand may:  m  correct the names of electors in any way wrongly stated  therein, or;    ,   .  :{b) add the names of electors omitted from the list; or  c{c) strike out the names of persons from' the list who are not  entitled to v/)te or who are disqualified from voting; or  }{d) add to the List of Electors the name of any person who  k    has-become qualified to have his name entered on the List  of Electors since the 31st day of August, 1983.  ,  l��  yCopies of the List bf Electors may be examined at the  ^MUNICIPAL HALL, 1490 SOUTH FLETCHER ROAD, GIBSONS, B.C.      " *  J i^Any elector who discovers his or her name to be omitted from  fthe List, or therein wrongly entered, may register a complaint  . /either in person, in writing or by agent,to the'Court of Revision to have the List corrected accordingly.  . 'Further particulars may be obtained from the office of the*  *��� undersigned.  A.G. Pressley  *, RETURNING OFFICER  ' >���  IPHONE: 886-2274  Tammy to help Granny hold,  down the fort in Earl's Cove.  Local  fishermen are drifting/'  home, not looking like they are-  rushing out spending money.  When money is scarce we can  always afford to dance. Helps1;  to vent our frustrations. Maybe  we better dust 6ff_our dancing,  shoes. *"    ' '_ ,    xxq  WELCOME- -o". -,2 if ���   XtU  Welcome home this week; to*  Al  Fawsbn,  who  has  spent^  quite  a spell  in  St.   Mary's.  Hospital getting rid of sorrie  nasty burns which after theage  of 85 take a bit longer to heal.  Al has nothing but praise for  the St. Mary's staff but there's  no place like home and the  neighbours   who   so   kindly  helped make his getting home  happen with lots of TLC.  SUMMER TEA  The last week of summer tea  was enjoyed by 20 ladies and  gentlemen. Iris Griffith won  the door prize and Nea Whit-  taker a hand-made apron  which is an item we seldom see,  in this day and age unless there  is a bazaar somewhere. Speaking of bazaars there will be a  bazaar iri .the Egmont Community Hall on a Sunday, yes  , Sunday, October 23, 1 to 4  p.m. There will be plant and  bake sale "tables plus swap meet  tables and a rummage sale. To  rent a table call Karlene Walker  at 883-9687. Donations gladly  accepted for any of these  tables.  CHRISTMAS  Mary Williams brought the  Regal Christmas Wish Book, I  usually look and wish, but this  time I followed her home and  put in an order before I could  change my mind. Mary's  . number is 883-2751, and you  thought we just drank tea at  teas.  TENNIS COURT  Edna Howitt is in St. Mary's  trying to get out of working on  the tennis court chain link  fence. It won't work Edna,  we'll wait for you. Everyone  can help, starting now by  drinking and we'll have a bottle  drive or should it be "bottle *  and tin can" drive for "the.  fence".  BIRTHDAYS  '   Happy September birthdays  to Dylan Jackson, Melanie Van ,(  Arsdell, Norman Gregory and.}  last   but   not   least   Dolly  Wallace.  - Gibsons  Public Library  Hours:  Tuesday 2-4 p.m.  Wednesday 10:30-4 p m.  Thursday 2-4 p.m.  7-9'p.m.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  Coast News, September 19,1983  5v���iCV  Grocery Value  Kraft ��� Velveeta Processed  cheese loaf ikq 5.99  Nabob - Tradition  coffee  369 gm  2.69  Blue Bonnet  margarine 136 kg  1.99  Five Roses ��� All Purpose, White  flour 10 ko 5-69  Foremost ��� Family Style  icecream 4litres 3-79  Old South - Concentrated  orange juice  355 ml  1.19  Sunlight  powdered  detergent 2 4 kg 3-99  Nabisco  shreddies 8oogm  Chipits  ChipS 350 gm  Chocolate & Butterscotch  Sunlight  liquid  detergent   1 litre  2.19  1.99  1.99  Fresh Produce  B.C. Canada No, 1  4 * s     S ��y  B.C. Grown  mushrooms  ��*��-�����*���  russet potatoes . 2.39  ,<     "yy\ - ���     15lb.to*���*$*.-,    yr     <s     -  ;,kg *l��l HT  .Jb.  1-88  .,each  Oven Fresh Bakery  Oven-Fresh g\g\  french bread   w^m -89  Oven^ Fresh  b titter horns  Oven-Fresh  sultana cake or  date & nut loaf  3?7grn\  Mrs. Wiljman's -  1.99  1.59       swtss rrjtls    4*212,49  Chocolate & Vaniiia 6.  Coast [Mews, September 19,1983  I^HilB^SSIlBHSiHiil  The Pender Harbour Alternate School students paint their own  school, both as a contribution to ihe district in these times' of  4restraint  and  as  a  valuable  work"experience.   This  school  "j ALWAYS   has  a  project   on   the  go including  their  own  V'MOCKDOnXlD'S" hamburgers. -j,neMcou��tPho,6  Half rrioon Bay H appen ings  '���\ by Ruth Forrester, 885-2418  ���^AUXILIARY NEWS:  -j*f The Halfmoon Bay Hospital  Auxiliary held their first  Sheeting of the season last  ^Monday morning. Some 20  fifhembers were present and new  ^member Peggy Scholton  Vi  was  ���pyvelcomed to the group by  president Alison Steele. Committee reports were read and a  Request was made for more  .^knitted goods for the gift shop.  #f any of our readers are knitters their help would be greatly  jlppreciated as the main items  |n demand are baby sets/The  Sjvool is supplied and all we  ���peed is your time. Alison Steele  & the one to contact if you  itybuld like to help. Also, if you  ���fyave any old ski jackets lying  around the house these could  jbe donated as they are ap-  ���parently being used in the making of boots.  $ Members were pleased to  ���Jearn that there are at present  /four young people ih the area  ^ho are Junior Volunteers at  tjhe hospital���they are Dawn  ;Goodman, Tara Gill, Kim  ��opeman and Charlene Frances. These young people can br-  jjig a lot of joy to shut-in,  elderly patients who don't get ���  much chance to spend time  3vitb"the young.  October agenda: .  *J* The big event next month is  Jhe annual bazaar which will be  T$t Welcome Beach Hall on the  faturday of October 29, from  ���:30-4- p.m. and the members  ��are very busy making the most -  ^tractive items ��� for,' your  ��|Thristmas shopping/'  l*i Most of the happenings  planned for the area are  . Scheduled for 'October���the  >*\rea B Ratepayers' Association will be holding their.an-  Hfiual general meeting on October 16 at the hall with planner Jim- Johnston and our  [Alternate regional board director Bill Endert . as guest  Speakers. Four new board  ;^ember$_are needed this year"1  Jo if you kVow'of,anyone who  -.Jvould be willing to-put thier  /^ame forward, any member of  /^{he board would be happy to  iijhear from you.  Also on the October agenda  gears up  : will be a celebration of the 25th  anniversary of the Welcome  Beach Community Hall, There  will be more on this as plans  materialize. The actual date of  the "birthday" is October 12  and a suitable date as near to  this as possible will be chosen./  VARIETY SHOW:  Tickets are now /on sale for  the Halfmoon Bay Variety  Show. This time the show will  be on for two nights only-^���the  Friday and Saturday of. Oc-^  tober 15 and/16 and will be at  the Seniors' Hall in Sechelt on  these nights. The proceeds are  for the Intermediate Care  Facility and you are guaranteed  a joyous evening in exchange  for your contribution towards  this very worthy cause. Tickets  are $4 each and can be had  from Books V Stuff in the  Mall, Secheit Carpet Corner or  The Book Store on Cowrie  Street. It is hoped that there  will be a sellout for both nights.  HALL ACTIVITIES:  Teams are now being set up  for the shuffleboard at the hall  so if you would like to spend  some good evenings with this  fun group you could give Bill  Ewan a call at 885-5676 for  - more information;'-And while  on the subject of Ewans���congratulations from'all of us'ori*  the birth df a fine bouncing  baby grandson in Golden, who  has been named Scott Gordon  Ewan. Another proud grand-  pappy   in   the  area  is   John  Hamilton,   whose  son   Brian  from the Channel Islands, has  just become daddy to a wee  lass.  .,. But to get back to things at  the hall. Monday afternoon  carpet bowling will start soon  and you would be- made most  welcome at these happy afternoon sessions. Olive Comyn  would like you to give her a call  at 885-2378 for in formation.��    '  by Jane McOuat 883-9342  ARTHRITIS VAN  Lots to get through this week  so I'd better "get to it. I found  , an important letter from the  Pender Harbour Clinic the  other day filed under "G".  Luckily, I opened it and found  this important message. The  "Arthritis Van" is coming to  the clinic on, Tuesday,'  September 20.  There'll be a group discussion and lecture at 1:30, then  appointments for individual at-  . tention from 2 - 4:30. p.m.  Anyone is-welconie to attend at  1:30, so if you're interested call  the clinic at 883-2761.  FIREMEN'S BALL  There are still tickets left for  "the fabulous Firemen's Ball;  $12:50 nets you aterrificroast  beef: dinner .complete with all  the trimmings plus drinks at a  . good price and the dance music  of Pegasus, who?ve been  known -to peel 6ff a great  Johnny B. Goode. The firemen  like putting it on and the people  always have a good time so go  borrow some money and get  your tickets NOW. Proceeds  from the ball provide a Halloween fireworks display and  goodies for the kids.  WELCOME BILL  A; welcome to our new  highways foreman, Bill Turner.  Bill came, to us from Texada  island and succeeds Art Popp,s  and acting foreman Dave  Pollock. Thank heavens/Dave  is back on the grader, as my  road is back into shape with  just one super grade from  Dave. /  BEAVERS AND CUBS  Registration for Beayers. and  Cubs is next Wednesday,  September 21 at Madeira Park  Elementary right after school/  Beavers are five to seven and  cubs are eight to j T years of age.  Right now they badly need Cub  leaders, so if you could give  some of your time once a week  to these boys, it would be appreciated, "x.ry '���;'.;'x-  RUMOUR MILL  Once again it's rumour time  in Garden Bay. I suppose it's a  reaction to a dreary winter, but  really...For instance, just  because one business goes into  receive^lpjl^doe^^esmnh^t  all businesses that begin with  "Garden Bay" are in receiver-7' '  ship.  To be part of these rumours  without   asking   the   people  directly involved is to be, part of  a vicious and damaging circle.  If \ you've  heard ' something,  don't mince around, either ask ,  or don't bother repeating it.  I've had ,to* learn my lessons  too, -and it's always better to  mind your own business.  WEIGHT CONTROL  CLINIC  The Western Weight Control  group will be meeting back at  the clinic at their usual time  which is, ,1 believe, Monday  At Harmony Hall  $  CARPET  CLEANING  The most efficient  steam cleaning on the  Coast.  We do insurance work,  water damage, etc.  Ken.Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  886-7112  ���   by Marge Leslie, 886-2065  Gibsons OAPO Branch 38  members met on September 12  to start the fall - season activities. A minute of silence*was  observed in memory of Tor  Straad, a much-loved member,.  Duririg the summer the Hall  grounds were a show place of  flower beds and greenery,  thanks to Morris Trumpour  and Alec Stevens.  Thanks to Bill Martin and all  the men who so kindly donated  time and effort in the modification of the hall ceilings.  Carpet bowling starts October 5. Friday Fun Nights  starts September 16. Trips to  Minter Garden, September 19  and Powell River, October 17.  Afternoon" Social Bingo starts  September 26. Saturday Night  Dances starts September 17. A  social evening with mixed dancing, 8-11 p.m., charge $1.  Those interested in a light exercise class .and also in our  Singing Group, should contact  Peggy Campbell.  Painting Class starts soon,  please contact Mr. Ted  Dinsley. Ceramics Class is to  commence in October���those  interested please contact Ed  Connor.  A Come to our next meeting  October 3 at 2 p.m. and get in-,  volved. New? members are  always welcome. /���������  evenings. If you're at least 10  pounds overweight then feel  free to drop by.  BARGAIN BARN .  The Bargain Barn is open 1  ' to 3:30-p.m. revery Thursday  and Saturday. All proceeds'go  to the clinic for equipment that  is not funded by the government. What they'need right  now is more customers as they  have a surplus of good clothing  on hand.  For people who sew^it's easy  to   cut   material   down ''to  children's   sizes.   Dollar- bag  . days will be September 22 and  24.   They   also   need   more  ���'. workers.  Contact Julia Reid  883-2471 or'Muriel Cameron  883-2609 if you can help. The  >���  Barn has already donated 15  boxes   of   clothing   to   the  Unemployment Action Centre  at Sechelt and more surplus will  be going to the refugees in  ; Africa.  SHOP THE HARBOUR  . While it's true that only one  business has gone into receivership, this will not be too easy a  winter, and it could happen to  others. The only way to stop it  is to shop locally as much as  possible. ,  I hear people say it's cheaper  but not particularly - you  always have to include one and  a half hours travel time, at  minimum wage this works out  to $10 plus $7-10 in gas. Here,  however, is a cost that cannot  ,   be measured.  When you just heed  something fast from milk to  thread to a birthday present, it  might not be there for your  convenience if you don't use it  often enough. The only way to  get a better selection and variety of services up here is to use  the existing ones as much as  possible and be vocal about  what products you would buy  if they were stocked.  HELP APPRECIATED  This week the Garden Bay  Fire Department would like to  extend a volunteer thank you  to Ray Hansen. Ray was clearing a lot and kindly thought of  us and our firewood effort by  which we raise funds for our  hall. Now we have a good start  on bucking and splitting for  this year; Thanks Ray.     > .  I'd also like to extend a per-  ���sotial thanks to ChriS'Shepherd  for always helping me with my  collection of "cars that are  really   neat * except..."   and  ^without who's help I would be  hitchhiking all the way down  the Coast to do this newspaper  business.   The   Coast   News  thanks you too!  SENIORS DEVELOPMENT  No one could ever say we  have a dull bunch of seniors on  . the Coast. The latest idea seems  to be a sort of home' development, not all low cost and not  all high luxury, but some bf  everything  where  folks  who  have retired  or  are low on  energy or live alone now or are  in any number of situations  could live as a community of  sorts.  They could live independently yet have help and friendship  - nearby. They could still garden  and-cook and have their own  home in a beautiful. setting,  th^y could, even all buy a community bus for daily shopping  or excursion. .  -. The possibilities are endless  but, need to'be well thought  out. If you have any ideas on  this contact Andy Tapio, Jack  Heidema, or Roy -Mansfield  and get something started. It  could be terrific with proper '  planning.  r��  TOO!,*  Pender Harbour  TOOL &-EQUIPMENT RENTALS  ��� STIHL & HOMELITE CHAINSAWS  AND ACCESSORIES ���  ��� SMALL ENGINE SPECIALISTS  ��� RADIATOR SHOP  883-9114  1 SUNSHINE COAST f  -���ft  I  1  i  PEST CONTROL & HEALTH SERVICES LTD:  For Control of Carpenter Ants,. Rodents and Other Pests  | OUR SPECIALTY: Pre-Treatment of Houses Under Contructioh  LOCALLY. OPERATED.  For Confidential  Advice and  Estimate Call  883-2531  Pender Harbour  v -;5 ^ VAV. Cx:^ ? */f^��' > *:~ ^ ��,. c $h <^>;A4s>1  ' X-  - .~ xX~'y v'.s V, \' ^vft.V^''; Vv \-'Vt:V. <^< /v^'UV^^s ,*,'.: J  ,   ������e'r-'>MZ*M��n*y>m-^&.;to&4ftvu^&ift**^    i  w^t VV ^uFn wlK *9vhHmmP  ���**���>,  <* 'v  y?sM*Z  CM#*!3^  :;^?'' y ^o^: ��*> t%:r v*?��,npw '*$  >' O- ������! \.<���>"-?;   ; \ ,�� ������*���< ^"j."'*  v��vM% '.>',* *   ;><* s* v -> >aS .-<o��-,.'-;  ^,: APRLiED:$KETCH.R0>  :  :<rxy :^yyyyy *'<$>:$<% *^ww��f*�� to w^WvPf to'fepfr'/  WSI p  Before winter comes. Come see how a  Fisher Stove can cut your fuel bill   ,  by as muchas '50��-o! / '*  Gome view the NEW CATALYTIC WOODSTOVE  at.  Francis Peninsula Place - Hwy. 101  Pender Harbour 883-9551  ^Serving the Sunshine Coast  XA FfomVaneouver Foundation  Coast News/September 19,1983  n  Andrew Mcllrath, V/z year old son of Transition House committee member Deborah Mcllrath, tries out the new adventure  playground at Transition House. --Fran Btrgerphoto  The Sunshine Coast Transition House has just completed  the first phase of a three month,  project thanks to a Vancouver  Foundation grant of $7;500-  Interested primarily. in providing "seed money" to initiate  programmes or projects, the  Vancouver v Foundation  presented funds to the house in  June of this year to assist in setting up better childcare 'services. ������..'���'V'"7 .. ��� xxyxyy  The grant covered the costs,  of building an adventure  playground, making improvements to an existing inside playroom, and purchasing  play equipment arid toys^fwb  training workshops, with instruction by childcare  specialists, to help staff and  volunteers learn childcare pracr  tice.and to use play forlearning  There were bargains of every type at the Flea Market held by the Sechelt Legion Auxiliary last Saturday, and lots of people out to find them. '       -Iran Berger phoio  Sechelt Scenario  Free law courses offered  by Peggy Connor 885-9357  Further law courses available  free are Real Estate and Mortgage Renewals by Wayne  Rowe' ebveringf basic x legal  Aspects of buying arid selling  real7'estate, f his oneJJis fat  Chatelech Secondary on Thursday; September 29, 7 - 9 p.m.  room 112. xrX X"x  Family Law by Michael  Welsh is only at Elphinstone on  September 27, Tuesday 7:30  -9:30 p.m. Topics include  divorce, separation, custody,  division of family assets and  how-to choose a lawyer.  When I'm Sixty Four is this  week on Thursday, September  ANNOUNCEMENT  D &. D 'Service Station.  Sechelt, is pleased to announce that Dale Ingram has  joined our staff  Dale Ingram', formerly of  Edmonton, is a fully-licenced  mechanic, specializing in  tune-ups. propane conversion and general mechanical  work.  D&D Service  Station "��  HWY. 101 SECHELT  (Next to St  Mary s Hospital)  885-7543  We Perform  22 at the Resource Centre, Gibsons at 1:30 p.m. and Sechelt,  Chatelech at 7:30 p.m.  ��� Psychology of Aging by  psychiatrist Dr. Bridge is  an6ther>;free talk on preparing  forjthe.emotional impact of  retirement j This is in the music  room at Chatelech, September  26, Monday 7 to 9 p.m.  HOLY FAMILY BAKE AND  RUMMAGE SALE  There will be a sale of good  home baking and lots of rummaging for bargains at the Holy Family Church < Hall, on  Cowrie StreetX]behind the  'church,.on Friday, September  23, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Any  further information���'.will be  given ��� by- phoning ���: 885-3672.  HALFMOON BAY/  WEST SECHELT  The annual meeting of the  Area B Ratepayers Association  will be held Sunday, October  16 at 2 p.m. at the Welcome  Beach Hall. Four new directors  will be elected; your suggestions will be welcome; phone  president Jack Hermiston at  885-3334.  Area B Ratepayers takes in  West Sechelt arid Halfmoon  Bay. There has not been much  participation from. West  Sechelt-residents; . maybe this  v wouldf be a good meeting td see  whether they are better, off as  two separate entities.''  SECHELT GARDEN  CLUB WINNERS  Lucky door prize winners at  the Sechelt Garden Club Show-  on September 10 were J.A.  Welsh of Gibsons who won a  Pieris, and Ann Johnson pf  Powell River the rhodedendron  "Snow Lady". Both prizes  were donated by Mjlore  Nursery.  ALERTING ALL  BRIDGE PLAYERS  This coming Friday, September 23, at 7:30 p.m. at St.  Hilda's Church Hall in Sechelt  the open bridge party is being  held. Phone 885-2885.  SECHELT LEGION  Apologies to Sechelt Legion  whose correct nuriiber is #140  despite appearing here a couple  of times wrongly. '  and therapy, are part of the  project. These will be held this  month.  This project at the Transition House was first conceived  in March 1983 as a response to  a pressing need for specialized  services to children of battered  and abused children. The  children who come into the  house with their mothers are  largely of pre-school age. Being  victims of family violence and  uprooted from their familiar  surroundings often results in  these children being confused  and under undue stress. -..'Increased use of the Transition  House mean'svthere are'often  several children of that age  group under the roof at the  same time. Providing an adequate play area arid ; pro-  . gramme under qualified supervision is seen as the first step in  facilitating the children's adjustment to new surroundings  and in alleviating some of the  stress of living in close quarters  ' with other families.   ,  Th Child Care Project was.  planned arid implemented by  ' an ad hoc committee of the  Transition House.- Project coordinator, Therese Egan,'  credits committee member Barbara Hubbard with the excellent design for the adventure  playground. The research and  selection of play equipment  was a co-operative effort of  other cornrriittee members.'.�����>  The Transition House is  grateful to the Vancouver  Foundation for making this  project possible. Plans aVe  urider way to secure funds for  hiring -a -Special ^Needs  Childcare Worker to work on a  one-to-one basis with those  children requiring more intensive therapy. A fund-raising  committee, chaired by Kay  Bailey, has just been formed  for this purpose.  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What is this stuff?"Vearbrisket," quoth L in  my most assured manner. As the years go by it gets difficult to fool your nearest and dearest. "You are experimenting on us again. You don't really have a clue  what fo do with it." There was nothing quick and masterful I could think of so I shoved it, strings and all, in the  oven and slammed the door. Just in case! Then made a  quick apple pie,���I'm such a coward!  Came supper rime���they sat awaiting ^it suspiciously.  The word had obviously been passed down the ranks.  "What's this scum?" said one. "Mmm,'' said the smallest,  who always get his first to shut him up. With great en-  ���thusiasm^arid awareness of centre stage, he said loudly,  "This is my kind of scum!"  I sank wearily in my seat. Would it come to that? Would  I really have to disguise myself.as Jabba the Hut to induce  them to eat something new and different!  Veal with Prunes  1 medium onion, sliced  Vi teaspoon Worcestershire  sauce  1 Vi-1 lbs. veal brisket  2 tablespoons oil  t cup red wine & water  If necessary  Stuffing  2 cups soft breadcrumbs       Vi cup chopped prunes  1/8 cup chopped onion %h teaspoon oregano  1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon melted butter.  1. Undo any strings tying the veal together. Place it on a  chopping board and hit it hard ail over with a meat  tenderizer.  2. To make the stuffing, saute the chopped onion in the  melted butter until it becomes transparent. Add all  other ingredients, mix well, and set aside until cool.  3. Place the stuffing over the veal. Roil the meat up gently and tie securely with twine.  4. Melt the oil and brown the outside of the meat all  around the roll.  5. Remove the meat from the oil and place in an ovenproof dish. Toss in the sliced onion and other ingredients. Add water if necessary so that liquid comes half  way up the roll. Cover. .  6. Cook at 350�� F for 1 Vz hours. Check the liquid. Cook  for a further half hour uncovered to brown the meat.  This stuffing is also good for stuffing heart, which can  be cooked in the same way.  P.S. They ate it all���except the string!  Nest Lewis  ..'_*.                    X'              '������������'.'                         .'*'���'     ���!'���'���';���     x ,-y    ������' ^ ''- ���  Heinz - Strained                       .#% #    4* ������  Nabob - Orange Pekoe  tea-liaflll-7,:  . x:60s ^ il Oil  CiittUeyiOOjtr  ���     ��� ���'          'X      \-  ja ��� ;-:X'- m   mm '  waxpaper  1.19  Paulins - Assorted Sizes Cello* v Kft  y"x^-x  caiiiy             li49  V -wiw1nirwTmiraMOTTMTM.���.l ���       ^     |    ,,   |,j|, y jMh t j   MU JHirWTTTrfWIinr'" firm -  HOJTMiWWi"  Coast News, September 19,1983  PRICES EFFECTIVE:  WED., SEPT. 21st -  SUN., SEPT. 25th  Grade /\ - Bone In  CHUCK BLADE STEAK  Grade f\ - Bone In  CROSS RIB ROAST  Fletcher's - Pork or Breakfast  SAUSAGES ���b.1;s9>  Fletcher's - Valu Pac, Stack Pack  BACON. 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Ideal in all ovens including  microwave.  ��� Dishwasher safe  Reg. $10.95  SPECIAL PURCHASE PRICE  $7.49  SHCP TALK  by BUI Edney  Once again, it has been my privilege to attend the  Union of B.C. Municipalities Convention on your behalf,  along with other elected.members of the Sunshine Coast.  Experiencing grassroots politics of municipal and  regional governing bodies, wherein the representatives  have diverse political philosophies, is interesting and accommodating because we can learn from each other.  The Union of B.C. Municipalities presents^ a powerful  forum for fine-tuning the thrust of government legislation  and administrative regulations.~\     ^      >  There was good chairrhanship, good leadership and  good discussion on a vast number of topics affecting our  daily lives, now and in the future.  The hews media has probably cpyered many of the major issues discussed, but I want to leave you with a. few of  my Impressions. .��';'. :.-*'���.  v Women are in increasing evidence in mayoral and  aldermanic roles, and they displayed skillful debating  qualities.  Vancouver sponsored a resolution to change the name  of the ejected, municipalities officials from "alderman"  to "councillor" because it>was fe|t that the name aider-  man, has an 'older 'man' interpretation. It was quickly  made clear, supported by many women. present, that  alderman was a title of of fice and had no sexual connotation as such.;The resolution, was soundly defeated.  1 don't know how you feel about.it, but I was glad that  this distinction was made. I cringe at the suggestion that  chairman should become chairperson or that sexual connotations should be applied to traditional titles of office.  I was impressed with the quality of debate on such  serious issues as excessive taxation on petroleum products by seni6r*goyernments; the high cost of hydro and,  its continual rate increases- capital punishment; por-  'vyx;  "REaLWIH"  ���GUlSOXSl  IFISIII   MARKET]  Ann  Super Social  i$MT3^  mm  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK TIL 7:00  mm-7HHH.  Quick & Delicious  es  nography; advertising of liquor; law making; financial  and institutional autonomy ih B.C. municipalities; fine-  tuning of the Agricultural Land Reserve regulations; B.C.  Labour Code and the Employment Standards Act; control  of non-resident businesses; and shop dosing regulations.  These were but a few of over 50 resolutions that were  debated.  My main impresision, indelibly engraved on my mind,  was this: There are more than two sides to each question.  When you were convinced by one ably presented argument and thought you had made up your mind based on  good evidence, you could be reversed by an equally  strong, or even stronger, argument in another direction.  Emotion is something I can readily recognize and deal  with���logic is something else andyou voteeither "yea"  or "nay".   ,      ���'.''���'���" " : *'"'  It was a most interesting and educational experience.  'i'iinr'tP  Deli and Health  NnMMHWMHWMiaMaMIIHM  Jfoobs  Ham Ik Cheese Hun,  Coffee & a Henry's  Pastry - rtn th��s for  only   4����4*r  886-2936  This week's  Coffee Special  \%i unify  ewer GibsonsE  ft  P  I  In*  Ih  i  i*  :  f  Im  R  IS  'J  ' i ifflffigg^  UlffW qpMjagmyew  ^WWpWyw^(P*f'iFl,.?.'W^Jt^y>j��" ijtym  R5J  10.  Coast News, September 19,1983  ts  s  ��       !?..  /  *?  ,H  ��������  Contented anglers admire their catch on a magical evening at San- '  dy Hook. _John Burnside phlo  At the Arts Centre  Grants available  Forms are now available for  any non-profit arts organization that is a member group of  the Sunshine Coast Arts Council to apply for grants in the  $100-300 range from the B.C.  Cultural Fund through the Arts  Council.  These forms can be obtained  through the Arts Centre in  Sechelt or the Hunter Gallery  in Gibsons and must be returned by October 16, 1983. Ask  for Member Group Assistance  Forms.  . Lament for the Western   -  ������.���...'���.  Part HI     .  While most of the westerns  made in the twenties were  hokum of the sorriest sort,  there were some happy exceptions. In 1923, Paramount  produced The Covered  Wagon, generally conceded to  be the first epic western. Marred by a corny script and unconvincing characters, it was  certainly no classic, but it served to open up the form. Great  location photography partially  compensated for its shortcomings and it was a huge success  at the box office.  In 1924, John Ford, whose  eventual career would span  oyer four decades,. produced  The Iron Horse. Ford was  already a veteran, having  made 39 quickie westerns prior ���  I to this, but The iron Horse  was his first epic and his first  important picture. As the title  suggests, the film dealt, in fictional form, with the building  of the Union Pacific. Again, it  was no classic, totally lacking  the subtle touches that would  inform Ford's later work; but  it had great energy-and scope  and,was vastly superior to The  Covered Wagon.  Arizona Bound, produced  in 1927, brought stardom,  after several supporting roles,"  to a shy, gangling, failed-  cartoonist by the name of  Gary Cooper. It was not -an  important film but if  represented the first key step  in the legendary career of a  man who, more than any  other, would come to represent the archetypal western  hero.    '" xXX'X-.- 'xXX;. ''  Cooper made the transition  >from silent7 films to talkies  With no problem. His Vfirst  films were undistinguished. In  1929, however, Cooper was .  cast in a remake of' Owen  Wister's watershed western  novel, The Virginian. It was  the genre's first true classic, an  intelligent, mature film that  was years ahead of its time.  SKYLIGHT  BLINDS  Energy efficient, plus  controls solar rays.  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings^ttd.  886-7112 '  ^v  On Channel Ten  Thursday, September 22  Beginning.at 7 p.m.  1. Suncoast Happenings  "An Evening with  Continuing Education  Ricki   Moss   interviews   instructors from this year's continuing education courses-.  Bill  Lukas,   Jvlarion    St.    Denis,  Bowf  Contest  1ST PRIZE 2 Tickets to Final GarriS!  Rules on Display in Pub.  2XU PRIZE   Dinner for Two at  Gramnia's Pub  Marine Pub  Located Itcl.nv All Sport* Marine  Across Front Molly** fiesieli  David Morgan, Brian Carsen,  and  Leonida Leatherdale explain  their courses in:,house  construction, painting, guitar,  winemaking and needlework.  Directed by Vicki Hawken.  "Special Education"  Joanne   Pearson   describes  special education programmes  .:/in .School   District  46.   This  show   visits  local  elementary  schools and demonstrates some  .  of the services being used.  Camerawork   was   done   by  BCIT   students   (first    year)  Darin    Macey   and   Carrie  Sasaratt.  - 2. The Best, of Coast 10  *^gr~ -'Elphinstone and Chatelech  w ^Secondary Schools ^  Graduation Ceremonies"  Tape"d   on    location    at  Elphiristonesand at Chatelech,  these two showSNhjghlight the  presentation v o^aw^ards,  scholarships and diplomas for  the class of 1983. Camerawork  by   Kenna. Mafshall,   Anne  Watt7 and Rick Buckmaster.,  31 Communications Today  -:::-7-;^Pay:.T.y.7Arriyes'';-'.;  John viThomas, general  manager of Coast Cablevision  Ltd., talks with Vicki Hawken  about ''First Choice" pay TV  service now available on the  Coast. "-���': .,.':.  SPECIAL NOTICE  TO  CABLE TV SUBSCmBEFLS  (from Langdale to Halfmoon Bay)  Effective Oct. i, 1983t  Monthly service charges will increase from $9 to $9.50 per month  (extension outlets will remain at $2 per outlet per month for now).  Standard installation charge will increase from.$25 to $35.  These rates are as approved by the CRTC on Sept. 15th, 1983 in decision number CRTC 83-82.  COAST CABLEVISION LTD.  Wharf Road, Sechelt  085-3224  Raoul Walsh's The Big  Trail, made the following'  year, was another creditable  attempt at something different  and worthwhile.: It too starred  a man _ whpq was destined to  become a jmytti.-figure of the  western idiom, John "Duke''  Wayne. '"V. Unfortunately for  Wayne, he was far too young  and unseasoned at this point  to meet^ the. demands of the  role. The film was an ambitious one. It dealt with the  opening of the Oregon Trail  and wassfilmed under difficult  conditio^; entirely on location. The7original print was  shot in both wide-screen and  colour j: a, very unusual technique for the period. Despite all  this, the film was a dud and  bombed dismally at the  theatres. Wayne was relegated  to the minor studios where he  would remain for almost a  decade, grinding put serials  and; dreadful, ? low-budget  quickiesXfot -Monogram and  ^pUblic^^f^;.^^;-  x.xrx .    To be continued.  Thurs,,, Fri., Sat.  9 p.m. - 1 a.m.  przasiy&'S** *���  r,u y- -  *   ff fr       * -if. j>        *   **, ,  Rock W, Roll with  Rev-it-up  iT,V. ^Sporting Events  VIA OUR SATELLITE DJSri  *  The   ;  N  intheX  ,1111 \l\  __  soft'* !nn  101, Roberts Creek  mmmm^mmmmmmmx* mniium nnj i   mm   ���  411  .. ���-   ...  More' than 20 over 30, 40,  :50,-"-(gO^-'and'.,;-'70 year olds  gathered this last Friday, evening at Gibsons nouveau  Singles' Club. Ed's friend  Elmer played the accordian just  fine, and everyone danced,  touch dancing���even square-  dancing, and. most everyone  swore they couldn't.  Some coffee, a bite, a chat,  . an all-join-hands, a joke, a  smile,, some foot-tapping,  another song, and the next  meeting is" Friday7 September  16 at St. Bartholomew's Hall, 8  p.m., MJN.      ' :       XXx.x  Thirty, over and out.  .' ' x.  75  TO  oul Survivors  TRINIDADUN STEEL BAND���  CALYPSO ��� SOCiA ��� REGGAE  Sat., Oct. 1st 9 p.m.  wiiwiiwiii  mir^-rp  *tWm  "       S^T^TitSy   i /,   ::>w*y��s*ij-;i'i  Roberts Creek Hall  '  Sponsored by  Sunshine Coast  Peace Committee  Tickets s600  Seaview Mart. Rbts. Crk!  Books 'n' Stuff, Sechelt  NDP Bookstore, Gibsons  <&  fs  ^VWI^M  .Sorry, No Minors  >-.u-N  t..,(-.-  .air^onsl^aibh Branch .^fig  ���RRons  Sept. 23 & 24  in the Lounge  1  is coming again  Sat., Oct. 8/83  I  "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^^^^mL  Foot Lucy  ,s- �����*  Ladies Night  Thurs Sept 22  Sorry Fellas, no admittance before 10:00 p.m.  Wed-Sat  Sept 21-24  Monday Night  OKEY  DOKEY  NITE  Prizes  off en at St30[  No war charge before 9:30  XX.:'xTlwrt., Fri, &t.  Sofiniaig Next!  Ned Valeiitino  ..���������.��*���.���        ' ��� .���  Thur Sept 29  Ladies Night  Extravaganza  7  EtjPHIE'S 'Monday ^Satfurday  HOURS;    S-30 p in "tbi-2 am  ���.���..Closed',Sunday-.:  PROPER DRESS REQUIRED  v ���' '|(At thie-discretion oif.th'e Mahagemenl)  Next to the Omega Restaurant, G'bsons Landing 8^6-8161  X'X:'.X ��� ^oyerXharqer;Thurs,:?Hrf.& Sat:   .      .-.''���';",'-.;".��� ��3  I  Coast News/September 19,1983  11.  Elphinstone Secondary students at work in the newly renovated  woodwork shop. Parents' night next Tuesday will allow the public  to inspect the almost completed shop facilities.        -judittswiuoophoto  Always a winner  Attorney Lionel Luckhoo is  listed in the Guinness Book of  Records as "never having lost a  criminal case in the courts bf  London.  With academic training at  Oxford University, he is  recognized in international  circles as statesman and ambassador (the only one to ever  represent two countries simultaneously as ambassador.  For his distinguished diplomatic service, and his achievements as attorney, Sir Lionel  has been honoured four times  by the Queen of England, and  has attained two degrees of  knighthood.  Sir Lionel Luckhoo, president of Guyana's Olympic  Committee, and head of four  trade unions, will be in Gibsons, September 26, 1983, 7  p.m.; at Harmony Hall.  Desserts and coffee will be  served. For more information  please phone 886-9774, or you  may pick up your tickets at  Gibsons Christian Books and  Crafts, Marine Drive, Gibsons.  Advance ticket purchase is  essential! Ticket price only $4.  Be sure to bring a friend.  Elphi parents meet  / Parents. Does your teenager  need your help with secondary  school? Does Elphi want to tell ���  you about your child's courses  and timetable? Will you attend  a I^rent/Teacher Night on  Teusday, September 20 at 7'  p.m.?  -* Elphinstone Parent/Teacher  Night:  Sinclair .885-9321  7:00 P.M. General meeting of  staff and parents���find out  about staffing, timetables,  renovations, parents' group,  absentee and early dismissal  procedures, medical alerts,  parent volunteerism, and much  more.  7:30 P.M. Parents walk  through their student's  timetable, meeting the teachers  and hearing about course content, homework, assignments,  etc.  8:45 P.M. Parents.and staff  meet for coffee in school foyer.  Secondary students need the  support of their families in  their schooling: Come to the  school. M<*t-lhe rBchlFs.  Church  Services  THE UNITED CHURCH  OF CANAOA  Sunday Worship Services  ST JOHN'S  Davis Bay - 9:30 a.m.  GIBSONS  Glassford Rd - 11 15 am  Sunday.School - 9.30 a m.  Rev. Alex G. Reid  Church Telephone  886-2333  .  GLAD TIDINGS  TABERNACLE .  Gower Point Road  Phone 886-2660  Worship Service - 10 00 a m  Evening Fellowship - 6.00 p m  Wednesday School - 7 00 p m  Pastor Dave Shinness  SUNSHINE COAST GOSPEL  CHURCH  Corner of Davis Bay Rd  & Laurel Rd  Inter-Denominational  Family Worship <  Sunday - 11 a m  Sunday School  For All Ages  Sunday - 9.45 a m  'We Extend A Welcome And  An Invitation To Come And  Worship The Lord With Us'  >    Pastor Arie de Vos  CALVARY  BAPTIST CHURCH  Park Road, Gibsons  886-2611  Family Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.  Sunday Worship Services  11 a.m. 8.7:00 p.m.  Prayer & Bible Study  Thursday 7:00 p.m.   -  - Weekly Home Fellowship Groups  Rev. Dale D. Peterson  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  New Church' building on  School Rd.'-'opp. RCMP  Senior Pastor Ted Boodle  George Marshall  Visitation M'ntster  Sunday School - 9 30 a m  Morning Worship - 11:00 a.m.  Evening Fellowship - 7 00 m  Home Bible Study  Phone 886-9482 or  886-7107  Affiliated with the  Pentecostal Assemblies  of Canada  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Sabbath School - Sat 9 30 a m  Hour of Worship - Sat. 11am  Browning Rd &-Hwy 101  Pastor J Popowich  Everyone Welcome  For information phone  885-9750 or 883-2736     *  ST. BARTHOLOMEW &  ST. AIDAN  ANGLICAN. CHURCHES  Parish Family Eucharist  St Bartholomew. Gibsons  10:00 a.m.  St: Aidan. Roberts Creek  12:00 noon.  GRACE REFORMED  COMMUNITY CHURCH  , St Hilda's Anglican  Church Building  "   1100 am  885-5635  Editor's Note: We would extend the fullest apologies and  retraction to Mrs. Marilyn  Grand who last week was  wrongly quoted in an article  from the Solidarity Coalition.  The difficulties arose- in  transmission of the article  from the organization to the  newspaper and we regret the  embarrassment  caused  Mrs.  Grand.   . by Solidarity Media Coalition  < This week Coast Solidarity is  highlighting the efforts' of  government's legislation on  women and children. Already  the effects of the opposition to  the cuts is having some effect,  for example the means festsfor  parents with handicapped  children, in daycare/have been  .postponed from October 1,  1983 to April 1, 1984.  1 The government has struck  back at its critics, with its  suspension of Carol Pasemko a  social worker in 100 Mile  House. She had criticized the  cutbacks in an interview with a  reporter from the local paper,  the Free Press, and was  suspended for five ,- days  without pay.  ' The so-called 'restraint  package' really cuts into services for women and children.  On the Coast at *he moment  many of these are 'potential  cuts', but Solidarity investigators who have talked to  social workers, daycare  workers, teachers, mothers and  single parents have found again  an atmosphere of apprehension  for the future.  In their pamphlet "Ethical  Reflections on the Economic  Crisis" the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops  state that in response to^urfent  economic problems that "every  effort must be made to curtail  cut-backs in social services,  maintain adequate health care  and social security benefits,  and above all guarantee special  assistance to the unemployed,  welfare recipients, the working  poor and one industry towns  suffering from plant shutdowns". It could have been  written about the Coast. In fact  the Social Credit government .is  doing the opposite. In doing so  S^lifttirtfe'particularly hard it  women; and   children.     4  ��� To begin, the legislation attacks: '    '" ,  ��1. Human Rights: Women who  have traditionally suffered  from discrimination in hiring  practises, are more often subject to sexual harassment in the  CLASSIFIEDS  Madeira Park  utMi'  no,*in Saturday  A   IF r-!,^M)ly   Poople   Pl.nco"  work place or housing market.  The "Human' Rights Act" Bill  24, a piece of Orwellian Double  speak; dissolved .the 'Human  Rights Branch and ih effect  forces women, as well as other  minorities, to prove in court intent to discriminate. The  burden of proof is on the complainant, so are costs; and  damages are restricted to^ out-  of-pocket expenses. Alfield day  has arrived for sexual harassment. . X.X.'X'  2. Education: On the Coast  classes are larger; last week a.  teacher w^ trMsferred ovit of  Gibsons Elementary school  and a wholesale disruption  resulted. Classes of 30 kids are  going to become the norm.  Forget individualized instruction; forget really assisting the  learning disabled; the quality  of a child's education takes second place, to* the need to  reduce corporate taxation. It is  the right pf children in a  democratic society to have access to a quality education  whether they are rich or poor.  3. Social Services: Today a  single mother with a child on  income assistance survives on  $640 per month. The same as a  year ago. Families.in need of  help, counselling, etc. will no  longer have family support  workers after - - October 31.  These may be in the future  'privatized'. Daycare subsidies  are being threatened and not  only for handicapped children.  Subsidies have been frozen at  1981 levels. Daycares here on  the Coast and elsewhere are  finding it hard to make ends'  meet. Women tend to earn less  than men, and single mothers  in low paying joos depend on  the subsidy to survive.  4. Tenants Rights: The  Residential Tenancy Act, Bill  5. means that rent control is  . abolished and in effect tenancies can be terminated at short  notice without cause. This added factor increases the  pressures on families who rent,  perhaps who are on social  assistance as well.  5. Women's Services: The Sunshine Coast Transition House  has not been affected as yet,  but other services fo women in  the lower mainland have;JpostT  partum ^dufisellmg aria" "legal'  aid for example.    .  As Solidarity investigators  interviewed women, and people who worked with children a  common theme emerged. The  economic crisis and the change  ing family structure is placing a  great strain on women and  children. Teachers note kids  are more hyper; they talk about  having no money, they suffer  from more abuse. Women talk  about an increase in wife battering, of an increase in sexual  discrimination and of a fear  that people services are being  cut. With 'Legal Aid* also now  all but gone as one respondapnt...  put it "it really is a dog eat  dog" world. This reflects the  Catholic   Bishops   statement  , . that the basis, for these policy  cuts is the doctrine of-'*'the survival of the fittest". Therefore,  in the name of crude neo-  ',���   Darwinian theories women and  children suffer.  ���   Coast SolidarityCoalition is  ' .fighting back, but it needs your  participation. -V       V  :7\'-^Come;-t6'fthe:->Women-:and  - Children and Solidarity .event  in the Roberts Creek school  gym on September 24 from 2 to  4 p.m. TTiere will be a free  draw, snacks, entertainment,  music and games. Also a poster  or letter contest- highlighting  our objections tb Bennett's cutbacks. Bring your kids and  have a'free*fun afternoon.  Solidarity volunteers who  have children are looking for  child care during the evenings.  If you wish to help phone Meg  at 886-3991.  Also the Food Bank is lopk-""  ing for a permanent house'. If  you have space you can donate  please call .386-3991.  ^.^n "apology and retraction is  ^"due td Mr. Fred Allnutt, In last  week's1 article the statement  that he feared that his future  looked bleak and his children's  positively black, and also about  right wing revisions to the  labour code were incorrectly  ascribed to him. The credit for '  them must be given to Mike  Ellison who also works at Canfor, Port Mellon. We hope that  any embarrassment caused will  be forgiven.  i* '  Si*       h  This fall, the WCB presents a series  of programs on industrial health and  safety topics via the Knowledge Network/The programs run from 6 to 7  pm, oh the following Thursdays:  ,(Check your local TV listings for  * channel number) -      x > <     >   -  Sept. 22 ��� "Survival First Aid", Part 1,  basic emergency first aid  Sept. 29 ��� "Survival First Aid" Part 2  -Oct. 6     ��� "Survival-FirstAid", Part3  Oct. 13   ��� "How to investigate an in-  , dustrial accident"  . All programs are available on videotape from the WCB for free loan to B.C  companies, orforsaleat$25. per tape;  T>  WORKERS  COMPENSATION  OF BRITISH  COLUITIBIA  BOARD? BR,T,SH  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY  SERVICES  Sunday Service &  Sunday School - 11.30am  Wednesday - 8.00 p m  In United Church Building  Davis Bay  885-2506 or 886-7882  SUNSHINE COAST LUTHERAN CHURCH  Worship 7:00 p.m.  1st & 3rd Sunday, Communion  St. Hilda's Anglican Church, Sechelt  Information call 885-9219 or 883^2557  You work your  equipment hard And  Gulfs HydrcTreated  lubes work just as hard,  to keep jroupnachin-  ery^running ismoothly for  a long, long time.  > Call your  local Gulf  supplier for  lubes you  can depend on.  Crarikcase  and transmission  oils, greases and  hydlraulic fluids.  They'll help your  machinery last  longer  R.E. STEPHANSON  885-9621  >��� Lpy^  12.  Coast News, September 19,1983  The Wanderers won their  season opener . in the .highly  competitive second division  Vancouver metro soccer  league. Goals by. Robbie  Williams and Nick Bergnach  staked the locals to a 2-1 victory. The team played well  throughout and the number of  near misses could have run the  score up much higher.  : With players, from the  Slechelt Renegades coming out  tb join the Wanderers, the club  has definitely taken on a, new,  look. The Wanderers' hustle;  combined with the Renegades'  ball skills, should make for a  highly, entertaining season. :  The Wanderers are now a  truly representative side for the  Coast and hopefully the soccer  enthusiasts will come out and  support the team.  The first home game is Sunday, September 25, j p.m. at  Langdale against Alamania,  who .finished second, ih league  play, to the Wanderers last  year. They'll be out to avenge  that placing, so it should be an  excellent game.  Lions tie at home  The Sunshine Coast Lions  "minor football team helgl off a  determined Surrey team Sunday to earn a 6-6 tie in their  third game of the season.  Eleven year old running back  Chris Seibert opened the scoring early on a 70 yard scamper  from a sweep left. Breaking-  tjackles and picking blocking,  Siebert   scored    the   ,first  Moto track  and ready  touchdown of the Lions' brief,  three game history'.  A .tough defensive struggle  then ensued and it wasn't until  near the end of the fourth  quarter that the opposition'  managed to tie the game;  The next game will be played  at Elphinstone field on Sunday  at I p.m. against the Langley  Colts. .:-���."  to go  by Bud Stevens  ��� Yes, . the   Sunshine^ Coast.  Motor Cycle Club has cleared  approximately   10;?acre^ a^V  built'dhe of ���iH^pfine^^^'AH^  Weather Tracks'* in B.C: Furthermore t hev have t he aiilVi'n.-  |oor plumbing at'a md-crpss.  Irack in B.C. '������������������".  |\ 1aerything;ls in;readiness for :  ^iic last race of -the season star-p'  ting   at    10   A.M.,   Sunday,  September- 25v There-will- be 12:  races in all, with B.C. Championship  for   '.'Old  Timers".  Come and watch our Robbie  Stockwell, winner of all our  races this season in his class.  The members and. directors  ���of the club would like to thank  the following for their time and  donations to make this course a  reality. -  i Billy and Bibb trousdell, T&  Tvfrucking Ltdvv;'Ra^Stocki  WgH, StCH;kweH;-&i Sons Ltd.;  George Hilchie, /Vern Maedel  and Chevron Oil; Macleod's:  hardware; Derryl Lewis Contracting;   Rick   Pearson   and  Harold  Pearson  Land Clearing;    Lafarge   Concrete;   Al  '   Robins and family; Tom Hern-  stalk, Rocky Hemstalk Truck-  '[-. ving; Ron Koch,.; Coast Cycle; ���  ������''; johri^ Pinkster,   Ben   Dickey  Ralph   Stephenson  and   Gulf X  -..' Oil; Bartle & Gibson Plumbing; Frank Jorgensen Contracting and L & H Swanson Ltci.  - "���,, If   we've;   missed   ariybne  ^please accept our apologies. ; :  y-.. The ��� only sour note is the  ;  brave, young idiots who kicked  inr ;the;   two   metal .._'clad"."'  ; washroom doors. Maybe they  should   show   their   guts   by  .'���riding in the races".  See you there.*,.    ���''������'-,  up for  A Complete line  of Beer & Wine  making supplies  Make your own at  y/7 the cost  P^  *t U.VJ/v  /^A  **\ 3BG-2B18 Ju  Lower Gibsons  v'g^Regi^^^h^.for league&iUr^ J  ^i|ig^ri|e^iH(jg along very weir  ^^(^n^jnight'is^lmQst filled) but!  time is running out. '���' X-x X���..���������';."; x  We doh'f like to complain  about,these past nice days���but  it is not helping the ice. There  may- be a delay in starting  which means very little practice  time available. It is suggested a  phone call to the rink Tuesday,Xx  September 20 or Wednesdayi  September 21 will provide  more exact information.;.^ v  ^  For those ladies whcv^hav^>;  some free time in the afternoon, remember we also have a  Monday league from 12:30 to*  2:30 p.m. They also have a  baby-sitting set up for those  who   have  young  ones'.' For  more information call 886-9088..  or 886-9019.  Our Green Spiel is still slated  for September 24 (weather permitting). To enter please phone  886-2531. Teams that sign up -  must, have at least one new  (green) curler.  To register for league play  call 886-7512 or 886-2030.  Don't   forget   the   general  meeting Wednesday,  September 21, 7:30 p.m. at the .  curling club.  B.C. girls take two tournaments  by Judith Wilson  Volleyball ambassadors  from British Columbia tp Mexico last month included two  Sunshine Coast residents who  participated in a highly successful tournament in Mexico  City. Maria Christian, a grade  12 student at Elphinstone  Secondary, was a member of  the B.C. Provincial Women's  Juvenile Age Team which competed in and won two tournaments which replaced 'the  cancelled Pacific Riirt Championships.  Merle Bottaro, a teacher and  counsellor at Chatelech Secondary, was the head of the  delegation for the men's and  women's teams. She is starting'  her fourth year as B.C. Director to the Canadian Volleyball  Association and is Vice-  President in .charge .of Administration for B.C, She was  in charge of the organizational  and administrative details of  the trip during which the'teams  spent 10 days playing matches  in Mexico City and four days  relaxing in Acapulco.  The first tournament in  which the girls competed was  hosted by the University of  Mexico, or UN AM, and the  B.C. girls were victorious,  defeating UNAM gold, the best  team in the' tournament, two  games to one; and UNAM  blue, 2-01 The girls were  defeated by IMSS 1-2, but  rallied to defeat IPN, the National.; Polytechnic   Institute,  ���x;mr^yxyyx   ' k <  The^secpnd tournament was-  hosted- by   IMSS  which  are  -  Social Security Institutes, with   "  training schools all over Mex-   -  7ico where studentsare trained  to work, as assistants in the  medical-profession.  The B.C. girls won the gold  ciip in this tournament'  defeating UNAM 3-0, and two  IMSS schools 3-2 and 2-1.  The boys' team did not fare  so well, being unplaced in their  first tournament and tieing for  second in their second tournament.  The calibre of the competi-  ;ti6n can be judged by the fact  ^hat|rnpJstfi;.of   the . national  .tyolieyr^aii1 team '^iSyers come  x- from! the "IMSS schools which  have 5,000 volleyball players.'  -UNAM has 20,000 students to  draw their teams from   ���t  After the cancellation of the  , Pacific Rim Championships,  which were to have been held in  Hawaii, the Mexican tour was  'arranged as a return for  hospitality received by the  Mexican   teams   when   they    "  7 yjiitedp El:C. in 1979. Gibsons    '  had been on their itinerary. The    t  ���players had been working and  training since Christmas and  organizing many fund-raising   ,,  activities,   such   as   running  volleyball camps, in order to    -  , make their trip a reality.  Miss Bottaro commented  that in Mexico the girls were  playing very good teams but  "our girls' blocking made the  difference. Maria was one of  the three middle blocks and her  strength in the centre was one  of the reasons we won. The  Mexican teams couldn't defend  against bur quicks and combinations put of the: middle  where Maria waff playing."  PROVINCIAL MOTOCROSS  CHAMPIONSHIP  Sunday, Sept. 25th  Racing Starts 10:30 am  SHARP!  SOME OF THE TOP RIDERS  '' X'X[l^C^J^Ay:X-'y.  COMPETING FOR  xxrTR6PHiE$rxx:'xx'  & PRIZE MONEY!!!  Bring the Whole Family  Admission $3.00 -12 & under $1.00  1 Mile North of Sechelt  Airport ��� Follow the Signs  from Field Road.  She praised the team as being  "one of the nicest I've been  associated with for a long time.  They were all people like  Maria; team players, not prima  donnas. They flowed so well*as  a team and got on together as  well off the court as on."  The team had had to cope  with Montezuma's revenge as  She would like to thank all  her sponsors who "helped  make my trip such a very  memorable   experience," . in  imnwi  particular Gibsons Legionrthe  Kinsmen, Elphinstone Recrea-'  tion Group and all those 'who"  gave personal, donations. :  Sunday, Sept. 25th, 9 a.m.  ;The Elphinstone Senior Boys Basketball Team will be collecting returnable  bottles to raise money for travel expenses.  All donations will be greatly appreciated.  PENINSULA  MARKET  Groceries  Sundries  Fishing Tackle  Tlmex Watches  Davis Bay, B.C.     Open  885-9721       9 a.m.-  9 p.m.  7 Days a Week  N  TIDE  TABLES  "Mana Christian about to serve  in a recent Mexico City  volleyball tournament.  well as high altitude and incredible air pollution. "Air you  can chew on," observed Miss  Bottaro. They had the pleasure  of working at the National  Team Training Centre, a legacy  from the Olympic Games,  where athletes in all sports  train. At the time the B.C. girls  were working there, many  athletes, including the Canadian Gymnastic Team, were  finishing their training for the  Pan Am Cjames in Caracas.  A highlight of the trip for  Maria was meeting-hempen pal  and;his family.. She had, begun  Corresponding with him in her  Trench class at Elphinstone.-   -  Tues., Sept. 20  Thurs., Sept. 22  Sat., Sept. 24  I  Mon., Sept. 26  0345         12.2 1   0530        12.7  0045          5.9"  0145          4.7  1020          4.7  1125          5.5  0640        13.1  0825        13.3  1720        14.1  1750        14.1  1240          7.0  J350         8.9  2300          8.4  1830        14.0  1925        13.6  Wed., Sept. 21  Fri., Sept. 23  Sun., Sept. 25'  ���>    '                                          * r1  0430        12.5  0010          6.7  0100         5.2  1050          5.0  0555         12.9  0730 -     13.2  Rttettnce  1740        14.1  2330         7.6  1200   +      6.2  1815         14.0  1305          7.9  1900        13.9  ft Atkinson  Pacific Standard  Time  1  For Daylight Saving Time Add 1 Hour  tor Skookumchuk  Narrows add 30 mm  and i tt lower and  higher  r������r    titalobody &  ��� ICBC claims  ��� Complete collision  repairs and painting  ��� All makes & models  ��� Free private estimates  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FURNITURE  We buy Beer Bottles  886-2812  886-7276  ���v  DC  V  e  'd  Mike  Steve Carey  / L  Sunco  Printing  Windsor  Plywood  101  Notice Board  a.'  ���yjjk  Sponsored as a public  service by the Sunshine  Coast News & John R.  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Twenty-five   ladies   played  this   two-day   36-hole event.  Phyl- Hendy  took top place*  with a 191 gross score, and^vill*  hold the trophy until same time  next year. Runner-up for the  popular event .was Jean Dean  shooting a close 193. Overall'  low net was Dot Utterback.who  carded a 146. First flight winner was Audrey McKenzie with  Wilma Sim in second place. Second flight winners were Vera ;  Munro and Helen Crabbe.  >  The regular 18-hole players  played  a throw-out  highest-  hole contest.   Dot  Utterback  managed a low 58 with Debbie .  Sneddon taking second with a  59.  Thursday   morning  seniors,,  turned out 48 players strong to  take part in a team' competition  of 1-2-3. Tom Milsted, Al  White, Jim Neilson and Doug  Gillett captured top spot with a  score of 65. Next week will be  the first round of a 9-Hole  Eclectic Tournament in which  irons only may be used. The  following Thursday three clubs  of your choice plus a putter can  be used. Following the tournament a wind-up lunch has been  prepared. .' **��� /  Sunshine Coast ladies second  team travelled to Squamish for  the final inter club match of the  "1983 season. Squamish ladies  managed a 39 to 33 win.  Overall score for the season  however   goes   to   Sunshine  Coast by a score of 74 Vz to  69'/2.  Take advantage of the inventory sale in progress at the pro  shop. Some fine bargains can  be picked up for a short time.  f   LOOKING  1  .������'���- ' FOR        J  WALLPAPER?':}  Call  Ken Devries & Son   J  Floor Coverings Ltd; j  L          886-7112         J  Riding club results  Raffle ticket winners: First Prize  -$100 gift certificate from Shop-Easy,  Sechelt, went to Mrs. p'earl McLean,  Roberts Creek; Second Prize - Electronic telephone from Kits Camera,  Gibsons, went to Mr. Frank  "Moldowan, Roberts Creek; Third Prize  - $50 dinner for two at the Parthenon in  Sechelt, won by Miss Lisa Johnston,  Gibsons.        ������..'.'������' .   .  Show Results:  11. Showmanship at Halter 18 years  and under: 1st - Irwin's Great Style,'. -  Tanya Tymchuck; 2nd- Czaf, Tracy  Smith., '���'���. ��� X'-x X;'X ���.'',''. ,':���'���'''<>���'���,  2: Halter. Horse and Pony: 1st- Irwin's  Great Style, Tanya,Tymchuck; 2nd  -Czar, Tracy Smithi  3. Leadline six years and under: 1st  -Tara Boragno; 2nd Devon EHingham.  4. Walk, Trot, 11 years and under: 1st  -Sara Pulchalski; 2nd - Jade Boragno.  5. Green Jumper: ;lst - Sonja Reicke;  2nd - Pam Custance. '..-.,���  6. Hunt Seat/Hands: 1st - Sonja  Reicke;- 2nd - Jodi distance. ���]  7. Hunter of Fences (over, 14.2 hands):  1st - Jodi Distance; 2nd -Sonja Reicke..  8i Hunter of Fences (under 14.2  hands): 1st - Sara Puchalski. ./  9. Open Jumper: 1st - Cindy Keilan;  2nd - Jodi Custance.  10. Trail Class: 1st - Teresa Caidwell;  2nd - Tracy Smith. -"  11.'- Western Pleasure (stake): 1st  -Tanya Tymchuck; 2nd - Colleen  Cook.'     -y .x..;xx.--y [������.������\,y.r y-.-y  12. Western Horsemanship .13 .years^,  and under, 14 years to 18 years: 1st  -Colleen Cook; 2nd - Tanya Tymchuck.  13. Simple Reining: 1st - Tany Tymchuck; 2nd - Colleen Cook.  14. English Pt. Stake: 1st - Tanya Tymchuck; 2nd Colleen Cook.    ^  15. English Equitation 13 years and  under: 1st - Jade Boragno; 2nd - Tanya  Tymchuck.  16. English Equitation 14 years to 18  .years: 1st - Sonja Reicke; 2nd - Colleen  Cook. % :���"'���  17. Suitable for Dressage: 1st  -Georgina Jones; 2nd Cindy Keelan.'  18. Hunter Hack: 1st - Colleen Cook;  2nd Jade Boragno.  GRC take  Old Boys  The Gibsons Rugby Club  completely dominated the UBC  Old Boys* Saturday, beating the  experienced side 24-0 at Carnarvon Park in Vancouver.  Njfqying up a division has  certainly hot slowed the  momentum of the locals who,  Under new coach John Sutherland have displayed both experience- and enthusiasm in the  early going of the Vancouver  Rugby Union season.  Mel Unickow, Manager  of National Life, is pleased  to announce that  Lawrence   Chambers  will be attending a 5 day  conference in Bermuda.  The conference is held for  those agents who have attained a high level of excellence in quality business  and continued service to  their clients.  Congratulations  Lawrence!  NATIONAL LIFE  OF CANADA  Since 1899  J  .4  TYPING  Call Wednesday Afternoons or all day Friday.  886-8628 886-7817  Sunshine Coast  MISC. SERVICES  Business  ARTIST  EXCAVATING  EXCAVATING  /  JOHN BOLTON  SIGNS  Roberta Creek  886-7460  AUTOMOTIVE  tfiftOH AUTOMOTIVE  RS TO ALL M/  The Rad Shop"  1     REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES  COI.I ISION REPAIRS  BC A A    Approved  886-7919  H��v 101. Gibv>ns  ft.-**  H. WRAY CONTRACTING  ���Backhoe & 4 Whd. Dump Truck  ���Water, sewer & septic systems  ���Sand, Gravel & Excavations  ^_ 880*y489      anytime .  GIBSONS BULLDOZING  & EXCAVATING LTD.  v,tGraycl - Fill l= Logging     Backhoe. - Dozers i Loaders  Civil 8. Mechanical Work   '���  Gordon Flows ��� 886-9984, 886-7589  - 8.8. 4, fratt Bd. ____,  JANDE EXCAVATING  Dlw. of Kowa Enterprises Lid.  450 Loader ��� Land Clearing  R.R. 2. Leek Road.      DumD Truck Joe JL Edna  Xiibsons, B.C. VON IVO      886-9453       Bellerive  Gibsons  Telephone  Answering  Service  for Inf ouMtton cjiII  Service  ���/rl&Awi  Is our i^k^^j only  886-73It or  886-7568  business  r  Wayne Ross  Excava ~m  - For all your Backhoe Needs-  Roberts Creek  t Eves  885-5617  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  'CABINETS-  886-04 ff  Showroom* Pratt fid.. 8 ffwr, 1Q1  Opan *at. IQ.6 or anyttma by appt. .  NEED TIRES?     Come in to  COASTAL TIRES  TIRE*SUSPENSION CENTRE  886-2700     886-8167  y^    ���     Hwy. 101. just West of Gibsons  J.F.W. EXCAVATING LTD.  ��� SBDtlc Fields ��� Eiicauattons ��� Hearing i  \Uvi\ ltd.  866-8071  (���ihsons  Need this space'  Call the COAST NEWS  836-2622 or 886-7817  *r-  4 4 iL��  %  Gibsons. B.C.  Camping & Trailer Park  Licenced Restaurant  General Store  Uoyd ft Sheila Field  886-2723  L  SANDY'S  COLLISION   REPAIRS  ���ICBC Repairs   ���Fibregiass Repairs  ���Painting & Auto Glass  ���Fra* Ettlmitet 883*2808  Klalntfala, Pandar Harbour   ��.H.��1, Cardan Say, B.C. VON IH  BCFGRRIGS  Schedule  f    economy buto phrts btd.  ^  Automobile. Industrial and  Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt  88S-SI8L  CLEANING SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES  Port Mellon to Ole.s Cove  f * -Commercial Containers Available  885-9973 886-2938,  VANCOUVER-SECHELT PENINSULA  HORSESHOE BAY-LANGPALE  FALL 1983  F��ll/Wlnt��r/Sprina: Effecllv* Monday,  SaptamMr 19, 1963, to Wodnosday,  Juno 20,1964 Inchislvt.  JERVIS INLET  EARLS COVE-SALTERY BAY  Leave's Horseshoe Bay:.  7:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m.  9:30 7:25  12:30 p.m. 9:15  3:30  Leaves Langdale:  6:25 a.m    2:30 p.m.  8:30 4:30  11:30 6:30  8:20  Leaves Earl's Cove:  7:15 a.m.  10:30  12:20 p.m.  4:30  6:30 p.m.  8:30  10:25  Leaves Saltery Bay:  6:00 a.m.   3:30 p.m.  ,8:30 5:30  11:25 7:30  9:30  MINI-BUS SCHEDULE  TT  li  t  Garry's  Crane  Service  Tandem Truck  6 Ton Crane  16' Deck or 40' Trailer  886-7028    Garry Mundell  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  Wednesday and Friday:  Leaves The Dock, SechBit  tor Lower Gibsons Rre Hall  8:40 a.m.  9:50 a.m.  2:30 p.m.  ���  Leaves Lower Gibsons Fire  Hall for The Dock, Sechelt  9:10 a.m.  11:30 am.  3:45 p.m. (Mon. & Tues.)  4:00 p.m. (Thurs.)  Leaves The Dock, Sechelt  for Lower Gibsons, Fire Hall:  Leaves Lower Gibsons for Langdale:  Leaves Langdale for Gibsons:  Leaves Lower Gibsons Fire Hall  for The Dock, Sechelt:  9:15 a.m.  12:30 p.m.  3:20 p.m.  9:45 a.m.  10:25 a.m.  10:35a.m.  1:10 p.m.  4:00 p.m..  Fully Insured  4 Ton Capacity  24 Hour Service  885-7374  MARINE TRANSPORT  Serving Howe Sound & Sunshine Coast  <" - Crane Truck Deltvery -      ' ..'.'  -  <  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  Clean up your wooded areas.  Remove lower limbs for VIEW.  Top tall trees adjacacent to building  886-7850   Marv Vclen    886-9597  CONTRACTING  SpcWUna. h:    -  MmM * ItaeaV  SatoiAStnfc*   \  PTMM0 MMy$ft  Cw��(cfttoft fir  Mlffltwi rwbm q  InduitfW luttMtom  HAL DVMENT  M��n��g��f  888-7372  FLOOR COVERING  r KEN DE VRIES & SON ^  FLOOR COVERINGS LTD.   !  Carpets - Tiles - Linoleums - Drapes  Wallcoverings - Custom Window Shades  HEATING  ea. Swanson's  For: Ready Mix Concrete Sand & Grave!    Dump Truck Rental  Ilfr*��fli Formed Concrete Products  Phone 885-9666 ��� 885-53337  AAA -9t ��,S*^>�� Cleaning ;    gLmVi  POO-/I \�� ��� Hwy-101. Gibsons    lijfa(F*,*j  CARPET-CABINET-GERAMIC CENTRE  LIQUID  GAS LTD  TT  HWy. 101   Sechelt  between  St. Mary's  ' Hospital and Forest Ranger's Hut.  Mon.-Fri.. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  (CANADIAN J  885-2360    .  VETERINARIAN  Dr. W. Lawrenuk  Magus Kennels 886-8568  Pender Harbour 883-2353  J  Lociliy Mjnuljclured  Gomnmenl Approved  Open Thurs, - Sat. 10 a.m ��� 5 p-"*.  Howe Sound Distributors Ltd.  l^tVorth Roatit Gibsons.%.C.      886-2765 J  Years Experience Commercial And Residential  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFRIGERATION & MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  '    - port Mellon to Pender Harbour  Res. 886-9949  Antique Worliihop  Experienced  Antique Restorations  Difficult Repairs and  French Polishing  Binnacle St., Sechelt  885*7467  RENTALS  ���   Concrete Septic Tank��  ^i*Distribution Boxes'..'/'..: ' X CrflllO SflfVlCB  ;���' ���:;7*Pun,p[Janks. Curbs:"Ratio,Blocks    -^ &[CfTI :^.high lift  ."Other, pre-cast products ; \   \ ..',     ;��� ���/'X,;';���;.;:;���>  t: ;B.on'rtiebrbp,k Industries Ltd.;'       ^886-7064  RAY HANSEN TRUCKING  .     v    : :&.CONTRACTING UDX X X  Gravel, Ctearihg & Excavating,  Septic Systems, All Types of Gravel  883-9222. 885:5260  ^ 88S��2923      885-3881  MISC. SERVICES  GLASS  _ 886-7359  ���   Conversion   Windows,   Class,  \Atst6X&   Marine Glass, Aluminum Windows  & Screens, ..        ' Mirrors  . Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  J  ROLAND'S  HOME IMPROVEMENTS LTD.  ��� ��� 5" Continuous aluminum gutters  :'.'." ���\-Aluminum soffits & Jascias  -. ��� Built-in vacuum systems       ��� 385*3562  Complete landscaping &  ��� garden maintenance service Bango  Fencing of ail kinds ^        885-5033^  Seahinl886-8744  TOOL  Residential &  Commercial  Gibsons  Behind Windsor Plywood  RENTALS  TILE  Village Tile Co.  CERAMIC TILE SALES AND INSTALLATIONS  Stocking Some Tile and Material  1212 Cowrie St.   ,       , ���    Phone  VSechelt, B.C.      Joe Jacques   885-361 \ Coast News, September 19,1983  ���Jiulex  1  1.  ifomu & Property -. **?��  F?w Sale  %.  Mrtits          ���' v - -r * t*  Autos  3.  Obituaries           ' -*;���**.  , Campers  4.  !n Memoriae.*   *��   ~v -,��0��  Marine  S.  TS^nfcYou         .   '     2��-  ' Mobile Hosnes  <*���*  FeracrwS       s -. & \ ''12.  Motorcycles  7.'  Announcement* J/X  ?3.  -Wanted to ftectt  8.  Lost                    ������,       23** Bed *V Breakfast  9.  Found       ...     '-.,A l ���**���  For lent  t&;  fete &. livestock -" -.-'. aSp1,  Help Wanted  If.  Music'' '        v ^   - *'/***  < Work Wanted  \z.  Travel         -v4"   p,,.;!?^'  Child Care  13.  Wanted  -    , ; <**���, " *&."  .SttsJniesi.'  (4.  free            >     , y- > * ���   _  Opportunities  15.  G*r*ge Sales    .?   * " !��,* '  Barter ft. Trade ,"""   ' JM��/  lejjal  16.  B.C. ft. Itafeen  On the ���  Sunshine Coast  First in Convenience &  First in Service  Off  Drop  your Classifieds  at any one of our  Friendly People  Places  on the Sunshine Coast  Cozy . semi-waterfront  house, beautiful view of  the. Sechelt inlet, 3  bedrooms, FP, large  sundeck, steps to sandy  beach and boat launch.  For sale, or rent. Phone  986-9255. #38  4 bdrm. house for sale. Ph.  886-7309. #38  One of the last building  lots on quiet cul-de-sac.  Roberts CreeiVarea. Level,  treed, potential view. Near  Lower Road & the" beach.  Phone owner, 886-7405TFN  Large lot. Gower Point Rd.  Close to Secret Beach.  $25,000. Phone 886-9790.  #38  Lot with sgl. wide 3. bdrm.  trailer. Creekside Estates.  Asking $32,000 or offers.  Ph. 886-3966 after 6.      #40  One quarter acre view lot  fronting on Chaster and  Velvet. Asking $35,000. Call  545-4813 anytime or  546-3642 after 5 pm.      #40  Mopriet & Morns  Dust p& dirt, grease & grime.  If you haven't got the time  please don't hesitate to  call. We can dolour clea-  ing all. General housekeeping. 886^571 886-7013   #39  If someone in your family  has a drinking problem you  ; can see what it's doing to  them. Cal you see what it  doing to you? Al Anon can  help. Phone 886-9036 \or  886-8228. X -TFN.  BAHA'I FAITH     ?:;  For info, phone 886-2078 or  886-2895; -   TFN  Lainsdown  is offering for sale;  2 male Shelties, 4 &8 mos.;  1 Doberman Pinscher, fern.  10 .'mos.   Health^ guar.  885-2550: ; #40  Alcoholics  883-2258,  886-7272  Anonymous  885-2896,  ^FN  Thanks  to  St.  Jude  favours received. L.B.  for  ���IN PENDER HARBOUR  Taylor1* Garden  Bay Store  883-2253  Madeira Park  Pharmacy  883-9414  " ��� IN HALFMOON BAY   ���     '  B & J Store  885-9435  Oavis Bay  Peninsula  Market  885-9721  ��� ROBERTS CREEK <���  Seaview Market  885*3400  ��� IN GIBSONS      '  Adventure  Electronics  Radio/hack  886-7215  John & Roberta Huigs.lobt  a n n"o u n c e a daughter  Shannon Denise born Sept.  8/83,8 lbs. 15 oz. Proud big  brothers are Peter &  Steven. * #38  4��  in Memoriam  Anne Prewer. In loving  memory of our mother and  grandmother passed away  Sept. 18, 1981. May your  long' sought rest be  peaceful after so ;:rnanyf  yeaVs" of paih.' You're bfteri>  in ,cour thoughts-..dear  Mother and in life we loved  you dearly. In death we do  the same. Always  remembered by Lois, Ann  and grandchildren.,      #38  d  Thank You  )  Thanks to Maureen Zueff  and Kathy Stubbs for having the bridal' shower for  Maria. Also, thanks to all  the girls that attended.  Josephine Rinaldis.      #38  The Coast News  office is closed  on Mondays.  , ifclfll^ff*Mslf*l0p,,  R*OUl��rtfOri��    ;-  The Sunshine Coasl News  reserves the right lo classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and deter-  rr.me page location The Sunshine Coast News also  reserves the right to revise or  reiect any advertising which in  the orimion of Ihe Publisher is  in questionable ta ite In the  event that any advertisement  is rejected, the sum paid tor  the advertisement will be  refunded  Minimum $4.00 per 3 lino insertion. Each  additional line S1 00 Use our economic ,n 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate Pre pay vfui- ad  for :��� weeks & get the third week FREE  THE FOLLOWING'CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE  Buth Announcements. Lost and Found  No Billing or telephone orders are accepted except  !rom customers who have accounts*'with us  Cash, cheques or money orders  must accompany all classified advertising  NOON SATURDAY  -. -.,. ��� ;��� -,;." 's'  '"--:������'' ' ' " y-' y>y - :  - y ^aVULf 9Wm^'\PJ^i*WtiM. -' yr:  \>''Vm(m<T&{ "  Please mail to:  COAST NEWS Classified. Box 460. Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  Or bring in person to one of our  I  I  I   Friendly People Places  ���   listed above.  NO. OF ISSUES  ? i  ��� s  I  m  ��� m ��� p.  .i  _._..,.. ..;...  I  I  I  ~r ~rr  ~c   :  I  I  r  ���  I  I  I  I  I  CLASSIFICATION: e.g. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  I  immemmmiM-  I Aw  Announcements  mmmmmmmimmiuJLm  Mr. & Mrs; Nick Rinaldis  are proud to announce the  marriage of their daughter,  Maria to Andy Pelletier, Jr.,  son of Andy and Dianne  Pelletier. #38  Jack & Jill Preschool  would like to welcome  teacher Sylvia Hewgill for  our 3 year olds. #38  /FGBMFl-is inviting you to  :attend; a* special meeting  .:with -Sir;Lionel .Luckhoo,  September 26th-at 7 pm,  ��� Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Advance ticket purchase is  essential! Phone 886-9774  for information. #38  KEITH PETRIE  FARRIER  CERTIFIED FARRIER-'  AND BLACKSMITH,  (Oklahoma Horseshoeing  ....    School). .'���.;������.  ',- Hot Shoeing .  - Corrective Shoeing'  :���:������- Pathological Shoeing  ""- Draft Horse Shoeing  - Race Plates  - Cold Shoeing  (112)947-9794  BOWENISLAND, B.C.  8 yr. old reg. Arab gelding,  good with  children, well  mannered. 886-7069. $650.  #38  Dorset ram 2Vz yrs. exc.  stud, exc. wool, $175, Suffolk type ewe 2 yrs. dark  brown wool, bred, produces exc. lambs. $125.  '886-9200. X;- X.-X        #38  Goat for sale. 886-2933. #38  U  Musk  PIANO LESSONS  Sue Winters  886-2937   "  .VK>>^V'1r-'l.  jDiary. vine. Gibso'ns-|  ^ec'helt.''''''1'''''' 'Chinese^;  Ityle/brown. 885-9^72;! "#38|  X ������ --.-.y-X-X   ;^  %  Prescription   glasses, in ^  gray corduroy case. Vine,  of    Sunnycrest (_ Mall  Reward."   886-2673    or  886-2201. Ask for Betty'. #40  Grey sweatshirt. Standard  Oilers printed on front with  crests. Also CN hat lost at  park, S. Fletcher. 886-7109  Black Lab X irr Roberts  Creek, Sept.' 8. White  chest & paws, wearing  black collar & flea collar.  Answers to Robert. Is on  medication. Call collect  929-7815, 885-9297.  Reward.   .  X--..;���',   .   #39 ;  : Black spayed female cat.  Lower  Road  &  Metcalfe. '  Phone 886-7458 #38  \r&  TFN  PIANO  TUNING  Ken Dalgleish.  886-2843'  t  Wanted  J  Wanted. Cars & trucks for  wrecking; Ph. K & C Auto  Wrecking lltb. 886-2617.'  ,"'-.;1. ���'.TFN  New -or- iS"s'eb; fericks.  Washer' and dryer'^ Stove  and fridge. 886-7695      #40"  Free  1 black & 1 torti-pomt .kittens. 886-9003 #38  Persian cat, has collar.  Hopkins Landing. Ph.  886-7965. #38  Cuddly black & white half-  grown Persian cat on Sept.  3;at Gower Point & Franklin  area.1 Has 'flea collar on.  886-9503. #38  Gold chain on ferry Sept. 2.  Call 886-9355 after 7 p.m.  .#39  & livestock  Purebred   German   Shepherd pups: 8 weeks, old.  $50. Only 3 left. 886-2489.  .     #38  Spayed, white cat to good  home. 885-7388 evenings.  ���'���������-; y:'X-- . '��� #38  Burl clocks. Finished or do  it yourself. Recliner, used  tires cheap. 886-7028.   #39  Hot tub, 2 speed motor,  pump filters, heater, etc..  Ph. 883-2474. #38  Window glass' 34x37 5/8  and 57 5/8x22Vi $2.50 per  sht. 3 HP water pump. Ph.  886-8097! #39  26" Electrahome console  colour TV with remote control, rosewood cabinet,  exc. cond. $400; blk  wrought iron railing,  886-9271. v #39  1974 VW Van & motorcycle  with sidecar on custom  trailer.885-7595.:���'.".,-.. #39  Frozen Prawns. Small,  med. tails. $4 'lb. Jumbo  larger mix $4 ib. To order  phone 886-3769. #42  La Mancha doe 4 mths $40,  Rouen & Pekin female  ducks, Campbell drake $7  ea. 886-2696 #39  Beautiful Palimino mare.  English and Western.  Jumps. Proven broodmare.  885-9969. #39  Registered black lab pups.  Quality breeding, hunting,  pet or show. All shots,  tatoos. Ready to go. $150.  886-9130 #39  SCREENED  TOP SOIL  $ j 5/yri. Delivered  ^25/   Pickup  ;'     886-9739  Rollaway cot; mattress; bx.  spring; head board; chest  of drawers. 886-2520.    #38  SKYLIGHT  BLINDS  lEriergy efficient, plus  controls solar rays.  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  886-7112  Multicycle Inglis auto  washer $295. Guaranteed  & delivered. 883-2648. TFN  Firesong fresh air  fireplace,' as new. Asking  $450 or best offer.  886-8086. #38,  Cha'ir, coffee table- and  chesterfield set, black  wood" with red .tweed cushions, very good condition. $900.885-3501.     #38  SKYLIGHTS  Sales and Installation  Guaranteed.'886-8421  HAY $3.50 885-9357;  TFN  Bunk beds, good cond.  Large trailer hitch, used  for 14x70 trailer. Reas.  885-7527.  . ^39  RSP.Bbdhsfdrc  Come in  & Browse  comer ol School & ea/ 7>��jj|  Gower Polnl Rds.   **�����*** #����|  ALOE VERA  . Skin Care  ALOE IUICE: HEALTH AND FIRST  AID PRODUCTS  PLEASE CALL  Dorothy Boragand  885-5033  Authorized Distributor  Upright freezer 12 cu. ft. Inglis $150. Electrolux floor  ' polisher, attachments &  rug shampoo kit $50,  guitar-Yamaha' $25. Ph.  886-2396;; #38  Small. upright apartment  freezer, good cond. Small  child's Magnus organ with  bench. 886-2933. #38,  70+ sq. yrds. of used purple shag carpet. Exc. cond.  $350,886-2990. #40  Moffat aut. washer exc.  cond. $250. 886-2201 ask  for Betty or 886-2673^ after  5:30 pm. #38  LOOKING  FOR  WALLPAPER?  ��� ^':Cti\'xxyxr  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  886-7112  gra^4 &yMtt��fct  "117 YEARS EXPERIENCE^  /'COMMERCIAL S  XX. "   RESIDENTIAL  ' 885-2923      885-3681  VW Van 1974 new engine &  new transmission. Excellent running condition.  Price $2,700. Honda Bike,  brand new, $450. Phone  886:7376,10:30-5 pm.     #40  Oil heater, good condition.  $50,886-3921. #40  Unscreened topsoil for  sale. $6 per yard plus  delivery. 886-3921.       . #40  Child's white crib (up.to 6  yrs.) & mattress, good  cond. $40, dble. bed frame  $15. Ph. 886-7154. #38  3M mod. 107 dry copier.  Sgl. copy but fine for individual or small business  $75 incl. suppl. 885-3737.  ���������'.��� #38  Rockwell 9" bench saw  $160, Pulan counter:yibe  3400 16", chainsaw $290.  Vinyl covered recliner $95.  All in exc. cond. 885-3737:  . ������-.;, -r x /#38  Peace River Honey. Unpasteurized,   new   crop.  886-2604.  #40  I  Spa & Pool  Chemicals & Supplies  ���   ^.available at y������  *'.'-. the Gulf 'Station)'.-'*"  ,:;i-     Sechelt -    n  Chlorine 10% off  during September  885-7543  Typewriter. Sears Cefebrity  12" electric with case,  mint. $250,886-7207.     #38  Queen waterbed pine fnsh.  padded side rails, drwrs., 2  nite tbls.  $500.  886-7207.  ;,        -   : #38  4'x5', wood dbl. glazed win-  dow $100, 300' whitevinyl  soffit $100, child's swing  set $40. 885-9200.' #40  R.C. . 3x10-4/12,1/8  -4x8-2/1'2,2/20 $1/ft.' or  $100/all.- S.S: crab trap, $50.  T>h! 885-2383. *        #38  Piano upright good cond.  $400; fireplace, small green  "Aztec" model, c/w 2  lengths of S.S; insulated  chimney $100. ' 886-7048'.  . ��� ..;  ���:.''-'-..,.. .v7'./ pv,-;;#38 '  Firewood for''sale. Alder  $65 a cord. Ph. 886:8496  eve's;.; ���-"������.''  : #38-.  Ladies Scholl sandals.  New size 5 (7 Can.). British  made $25.885-2439.      #38  25" RCA Accucolour  cabinet TV Has 'bulIMn  stereo & turntable, all in  beautiful wood cabinet. All  components work well.  $450, obo. Calf 886-2956,  4-6pm.'"    >   -��� #38'  Dble. bed & box spring, box  springv(no mattress),-9x12  /ug, charigetbl./bathi.nette,  phone stand. Ph. 886-7357.  #38  A45pitos;^  '80 Citation - 4 dr. hatchback. V6, 4 spd., console, PS, PB.. deluxe int..  26,500 mi.$4,800.885-3736.  ������ ���;���. XXy.yy: x;.yr-x #38  '75: PintovWagon, ��� good  transportation, $900.  886-9166. ;:.V , #40  '48 Chev Vi ton' pick-up,  good corid. Runs well,  $1,200,886-2078.' #40  360T Honda, motorcycle  $400 obo, 11972 Triumph  Spitfire, GT6 eng. ,& trans.  Of fers. 885-9076 after 6 pm.  "..-.X-.-X-. :Xxr'rX-X.X -#38 .  '72 ��D6dge Dart. Good  cond. $1,300.885-2468.. #40  1980 Pontiac Sunbird V6, .  -tape deck/stereo $4^900 .  obo. Ph. 886-7464.'���:���;     #40  ~~USED ENGINES  1980 Chrysler 318 $595.  Ex.; Used Ford 302 $325.  Ex.; Used Ford 351 $350.  Ex.; Used' Ford 400 $375.  Ex.; Used Datsun 1600 cc,  $225. Ex.; Used Pinto 2000  cc, $225.; Ex.; Used Toyota  1200 cc; $225. Ex.; Used  Ford Truck 300-6 $275. Ex.  K&C Auto Wrecking' Ltd.,  Stewart Rd., Gibsbns,  886-2617. TFN  1969 Javelin 343 4 bbl., 4  spd., mags, stereo, no rust,  newly painted. Ph.  883-2745 after.6 p.m.     #40  '74  Austin  Marina, 4 dr.  sdn., auto.,-new tires, rent,  engine work,  runs great.  $800 obo. 886-2758 eves.  #38  '66 Beetle. Avail. Oct.  $600.885-7388 eves.    J38  '68 Volvo SW, runs well,  good cond: $900. 886-8242.  .#38  1980 Dodge Ramcharger  ''Jimmy Type", 2x2, 318  auto., 21,000 miles, new  condition. 886-9890.    TFN  K & C AUTO WRECKING  Stewart Rd. off North Rd.,  now open Mon. to Sat., 9  to 5. Ph. 886-2617.     '  TFN  ���6?.Coi"garp 2 dr.. HT, vinyl-  roof, 35i CI Windsor,  auto., PS, PB, buckets,  runs real nice, $1,500.  Can be seen at the office of  Sunshine Coast Trailer  Park. Gibsons. Ph. 886-9826.''  ���   '-TFN  MGB Red 1971 good body  & top. etc. Needs engine.  $2300. 883-9342 after 8:30  pm,',-'���"���"���" ���'���" TFN  1976 Ford Club Wagon  $4000,15 ft. Dbl. Eagle and  trailer$2500.885-5071. #39  1979 4x4 Bronco. Never  driven off road. $10,900.  Ph. 886-7287. TFN  1972 Mazda stn., wagon.  Runs, everything works.  $350,OBO.886-7289.:    #39  1973 Austin Marina, 2 dr.,  radial tires, 2. extra rims;  $880. Ph.'886-7267. ,;-. :;;.#38-  '79VMonza V8 4 \;spd-  Spjrder' vpkg. $4V200: obo.;  886-8421..-C������'���' 7   '.*38^  Campers  8'6" overhead camper.  Good cond. Sink, stvM  oven, icebox, jacks.  $1,600. 886-9500 days.  886-2860. ���       #38  23' trailer, st., fr., furnace,  lights, HWT, shwr., toilet,  sinks, prop, tanks, $3200,  OBO. 886-7859. #39  8 ft. camper, ex. condition.  Ideal for hunters. $1,395.  885-9860. #40;  23'. Glendale Golden  Falcon travel trailer, 3-way  power,' full molded bath,  floor furnace, .very, clean.  Accept   smaller   trade.  886-9890^ 77^'TFN;  LOOKING FOR  USED EQUIPMENT?  .rrlSp.  CALL FINNING!!!  Check these examples.������  FT-3140-Cat D7F Track-typ'B Tractor wdoubie-tilt angledozer. winch7R.0.P.s! U/C @ 40% plus. Ready 10  Fair Buy, $55,000  FT-3165-1974 Cat D7F Track-type Tractor w/boubie-iiit angledozer. r.o.p.s. u/c @ 50%. 22:; shoes. \  Sealed and Lubricated Track. Steamed, serviced & painted. ��**��*������*��#��  Asis, $36,500  FT-2995-1970 Cat DBC Track-"typ8 Tractor w/A-dozer, winch, canopy. U/C @*25%. Operating condition.  '���'XxXx'Xx ���'r.%'lx       ; As is, $29,500:  FR-5239-1979 Cat D4E Track-type Tractor w/A-dozer.'free-spool winch. R.O.P.S. U/C @5.0%. Sealed and  Lubricated Track. Good condition. "'30day30/70participating warranty   " d��Vo -nnn: ���  ���   ; Certjfied Buy, $4j,000  FR-4999-1974 Cat 931B Track-type Loaderw/muiti-purpose bucket:-? teeth. r.6.p.s. u/c �� 25% X; -  ���' ^P:'^^S'^-0:,yy-'-i asis $ifl,ooo  FT-3280-1970 Cat 966C Wheel Loader^ yd. G.P. bucket.-8teeth..n.'O.P.S.,Tlres.23.5x.25@ 10%. Good  Tunning condition,    ,   ; '.. . ('* ..,;.,-,,. /���;." "    Fair Buy/$41,500   ^  FT-2624-1972 Cat 950 Wheel Loader w/grapple, G.P. sidedump bucket. 9 bolt-on teeth.' tires 20.5 x 25 -16 ���'������'  PR @ 30-40%. Good working condition.  30day 30/70 participating warranty   ���   .      ���      _  ���    CtCO   nflfl  Certified Buy, *>3c,UUU  FT-2285-1975 P & H 418 Excavator w/l'A yd. bucket, roadbuilder cab. Sprocket-type'U/C (good).  as is $20,500  IPLUS...0VER 300 MORE UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM!?!!  *NEED A RENTAL UNST..  CALLUS FIRST*  Call now!!!  FINNING  Q3 y^n,���^Knm��MJ^d��fiim':  Caterpillar, Cal and O 're TrMttmarM ol Olerpitir Irtcfw Co.  Mike  Walker  Vancouver (Bus) (604) 872-4444  Langley (Bus) (604) 533-1244  Langley (Res)      (604)533-2373 Coast News,'September 19,1983  15.  ..74..-11' Vangd.; F.G. roof,  Insui. Gd. for hunting-  skiing. $3,300 obo.  886-7070 aft. 5. #40  24' cedar plank pn oak  frame. 261 GMC Inboard, 2  to 1 reductlop.'VHF-CB, anchor, winch. First $5,000  obo. 886-8040 or 886-  8213. l     TFN  16 ft. fibregiass clinker  sailboat, trailer & motor,.  $1,500, or trade for motorcycle, stereo or?.886-7310  days, 886-3892 eves.     #39  Brand hew 12' alum, boat,  4.5 Johnson, tank, oars,  rod holders, 2 swivel seats:  $1,600. Also 9.8 Merc, gd.  cond, $900. Call 886-7588,  '-:>������'-'���.' '#38'  17' fibre., good canvas,  and 85 Merc. - $2,500: or  offer 7Vi Merc, $750; 60  Mariner - $1,100 - 886-9166.  #40  23Vi'.cabin cruiser "crew"  (lapstreak hull; 6 cyl., 170  hp I/O, full electronics,  $3,000 or trade sailboat,  pick-up, motor bike. Ph.  886-8076. #40  Boat trailer, dual axle,  surge brakes, 6,000 lb.  cap., $1,100. 886-2937.  . ��� ���>������ Ho  12' wooden boat, trailer,  rigging, $600. Boat heeds  work. 885-9873. #38  2 yr. old 14x70 mobile  home. 3 bdrm., F.S., mist  decor, very easy on fuel.  886:2520. #40  Mobile home space. Suitable for 12' wide. No dogs.  References required. Sunshine .Coast Trailers Park,  Gibsons. Ph. 886-9826. TFN  1981 Glenriver, 3 bdrm.,  14x70.} Vendor will move to  your, property. $29,900. Like  new. 886-7424 #40  p  Motorcycles  J  Yamaha 80 GT, very clean.  Call after 6 p.m. $375 obo-.  885-2390.      ' #38  ���82 Honda Nighthawk 650,  2,000 miles w/s side bags.  Motorguard. $2,800.  886-7207. #38  1980 Yamaha MX 80. Good  starter,   bike.  886-9097.  $350  obo.  #38  '79 Suzuki GS750, in'exc.  cond. Kerker header, Kpni  shocks, cafe fairing.-  $1,400. Ph. 886-8032.     #38  ���Wwitoil to Rdli  Prof., couple w/2 children  wish WF or rural home  w/garden area. Reas.  885-7951. #39  Garage or shed for storage  space. Will pay $20/month.  Please call Brad 886-7817  #39  Writer's dream: Beach at  your door. Close to ferry &  Gibsons. Quiet, cozy,  furn., 1 bdrm. $250 incl.  heat. 886-2908. #38  2 bdrm. duplex, Roberts  Creek. 2 appl. $303/mon.  incl. washer & dryef;  885-5736 after 5. #38  'Avail, Nov. 1,1 bdrm. bsmt.  suite. -Large living area,  fenced yd. Suitable 7for;  quiet, mature, single oriiy.  $285 month. Heat &n light;  included. 886-2883 aiffer&  .".   ������;:,;/' ;rxyxy'x#&  Well appointed private,'  waterfront apt. above offices at Granthams. Large'  balcony, 2 bedrooms. No  children or pets. $385.  Available Sept. 30.  886-8284. #38  2 bdrm. trailer with 16x16  add. on Reed Rd. Avail.  Sept. Ti 886-2338. $300.  ;:       '-'.: #38  Avail. Oct. 1, modern, 3  bdrm, 1 Vi bath., fireplace,  stove 81 fridge. $475/rnon.  886-8729; ,#38  Available Oct. T. 2 bdrm.  apt. ste. $275/mo. Near all  amentitles. Government  wharf area. Call 921-7788  after6p.m. #38.  Sechelt Village, 3 br., wood  stove, long .term lease to  responsible coup. Refs.  please. Avail. Oct. 1. Eves.  886-8500. 1     #39  Small   2   bdrm.   cottage:  View, oil heat, Gower Pt.  Responsible adults. Avail.  Oct. 1. 886-9147, 886-8313.  #38  2-3 bdrm. apts. in duplex  on Hwy. 101 nr Hopkins.  Incl. some appl. or maybe  removed. Pool & nice  grounds. Incl. ht.  $375/mon. Refs. req.  886-2257,885-7948.     TFN  Langdale,   4   bdrm.,   2  baths,  w/w,  FP, 4 appl. .  Avail. No pets. Great view.  $550/mon. (neg.). 886-2381  or 266-5938 after 6 p.m.  #38  3 bdrm. 'duplex, ensuite  plumbing, dishwasher,  sundeck, close to launching ramp, lower Gibsons.  Avail Sept. 1. $425 per mo.  886-9816 TFN  Furnished or unfurnished 1  bdrm., cozy- cottage, Lee  Bay. View, elec. heat. refs.  $200/mon. plus' utilities.  883-2649. #40  Granthams Landing  2 bdrm. home, breathtaking view, across the street  from path to beach, fr.,  .stv., wash., dryer, carpets,  F.P., sundeck, $300/mon.  Refs. Call 254-8349 (Vane.)  #38  Comm. premises for rent  immed. 1,000-1,800 sq. ft.  Lease basis. Phone  886-8138 or 886-2141. TFN  Furn. 3 rm. bsmt. ste.  Lower Gibsons. Avail. Oct.  1. $115. 886-7079 aft. 6.  922-5395. #39  3 bdrm., unfurn. house.  $475/mon. 2 bdrm. waterfront, semi-furn., cottage,  $250/mon. Sorry no dogs.  886-7377. TFN  Community Hall for rent in  Roberts Creek. Phone  Debbie, 886-3994, 7-10  p.m. TFN  -���Now,Available���"  2 & 3 Bedroom Townhouses  (Washer^ Dryer. Dishwasher. Fridge, Stove, Gap-  borator, Fireplace) Close to  Sunnycrest $425 & $475  ���-886-3321������  1 bdrm. cottage, fr.; stv.,  cable TV, partly: furn.,  avail. immedrNo pets. Util.  Incl. Lower Gibsons.  880-2401, #38  2 bdrm. home, Roberts  Creek, Carport, workshop,  $300/mon. 1 bdrm. turn,  suite, 3 ftiiles north of  Langdale. Non-smoking,  no pets, $190/mon. Phone  885-3211 9-5, 886-2923  eves. . #40  Attractive 2 bedroom  suite, near-new appliances and carpets'  -922-2556 or 922-7818.  #40  Year round beach cottage,  Granthams, $300/mon. 2  bdrm. new.house & bsmt.j  $450, Sandy Hook.  88&82B4: ;X     X xy  #4o  Gibsons deluxe7 furn., 1  bdrm. ste. (1 aduit), F.P.,  cable, D/W, W/D, parking,  view* $325/mon.- incl.  utilities. Ph. 886-8076.  .#40  i bdrm. trailer, avail. Oct.  i;; Sorry ho kids, no pets.  Rent neg. Ph. 886-9625.#40  3 bdrm. hse. Lower Gibsons, $450. Pn. Terri  886-8107 9:3*0-4:30. Refs.  requ. #40  Gibsons, large, 1 bdrm.  suite on Marine Dr. Nice  view, close to everything,  $325. Also, Roberts Creek,  remodelled, 1 bdrm. house,  on Vi acre, $350. 886-8035/  ';;.-yy -V;..;-';#4b'  Furn., 2 bdrm. duplex, all  electric, sorry no children,  or pets. Avail. Oct. 1. $275  per mo. plus hydro. Ref.  req; Sunshine Coast Trl.  Pk. Ph. 886-9826. TFN  2 bdrm. hse., appl., wood  airtight heater, Lwr. Gibsons. $325. 886-7405,  886-8496. #38  . Granthams View  1 yr. old, 2 bdrm., 2 bath.  Unique     view     hse-.",  $450/mon.   Call   Barry,  734-9333 or 733-4726.  #38  '*fREE TOPPING .  15 years exp. in danger  tree removal, limbing; falling, etc. Hydro cert. &  lowest ��� rates. Jeff,  886-8225.        "'; % #40  Typing.  Phone  886-2622,  886-7817, Wed.-Thurs;-Fri.  TFN  2  bdrm.  furn., s.x  Sorry   no  886-7377.  waterfront, 'un-  s. duplex, $250  dogs.   Vacant.  TFN  2 bdrm;'duplex ste. Loc. in  Gibsbns. Close to all  amenities.  $250 .per  mo.  886-2975;   ?' .#40  . ..\.. ;..;".��� . ���������������.������  Pender Harbour waterfront; 1 br. cottage, wood  stove. To responsible person.   Refs.   please,  eves.  Deluxe, .view townhouse.  Fireplace, appliances, and  basement. 2 bdrm. $425, 3  bdrm. $495. 886-8107,  886-7204. #40  Langdale, 2 bdrm. gr. level  suite, avail., Oct. 1. $350  per    mon.    Ref.    Call  886-7768 or 886-8676.   #40  ��� : ^  AFFORDABLE ;������.  2 bdrm. house close to  shopping area'& clinic.  For retired cpl. only.  $200/mon. Write Box-119  c/o Coast News, Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C. #40  Roberts Creek deluxe 3  bdrm. duplex nr. school &  beach. No pets. $450.  886-7251. ,    #40  Sm. --1 bedroom suite in  R.C. Oil stove. Suit single  person. $165.885-5301.#40  Help Wanted  5  886-8500.  #39  3 bdrm;, semi-furn., WF  cabin. Avail. Sept. 15 to  June 30. Refs. req. $350  438��843,886-8072.        #39  Central floe:; Gibsons;- 2.'-,  .tidrm&suife;'������.���'.Irg.:,': private ,-,  yard ;w/view,: fridge, jstove,v  w/wcarpet. 886-2940 eves.  y-y/^yxXyXxxx '���'��� #38..  Small 1 bdrm, F/P, ocean  view, see at 1763 Glen Rd.  Write: Adams, Ste 5, #15  Menzies St., Victoria, B.C.  386-8885: TFN  2 bdrm., apt. Lwr. Gibsons.  Carpets,   2   appl.   $220.  886-7079,   eves.   922-5395.  #39  Hopkins, 3 bedroom apt.,  fantastic view. $400 per  month. Avail. Oct. 1st.  Phone 886-7516. X,     : #39  Charming, clean 2 bdrm.,  Roberts Creek Rd. W/W, FPW  & wood stove, fr., & st.  Sorry ho pets. Refs: req.  $45Q/mo. Oct. 1. 886-7507;  ���'���������-���"���.:.������ ." ������;''/.';77#39  Gibsons 2 bdrm, Vz bsmt.  $450 pm. Contact Dennis  at 886-8107. TFN  Avon �� Not Pin Money  Real Money  Become an independent  representative with Avon,  the #1 direct-selling company; Call 886-9166.    TFN  Executive Director needed  fdr the Sunshine Coast  Community Services  Society. Salary  $1,pop/month. Hours to be  negotiated. Resumes to  the President, SCCSS, Box  1069, Sechelt, B.C. VON  3A0 by Sept.: 24/83       #38  ; The Coastal:Soundwaves  aret seeking a musical  director to help prepare  for a Christmas programme, if you have experience in directing,  please contact Greg McConnell, 886-7350.        #40,  Qualified weight training  instructor needed for soon  to be open weight training  centre in Gibsons, Send'  resume to Box 1781, Gibsons, B-.C. ..-.���;       .       #40;  Retired nurse .companion  in a nice home. Free room  & neg.' food. Refs.  886-8370. #38  Pruning, fencing/ hauling  away,' low maintenance  gardens; or any of your  gardening heeds, call Matt  Small, 886-8242. #38  "^GARPEt^"  CLEANING  The most efficient  steam cleaning on the  v   'Coast.  We do insurance work  Ken Devries & Son  Floor Coverings Ltd.  886-7112  Exterior Housepalntlng  Get it done before the rainy  season. Steve Crossley  885-7205. v        #39  Domestic hot water from  your woodstove. Consultation & installations. 2 year  payback. Guaranteed. Cali  885-3409;V >'?<;v:;'^$89'  Paf Kerch Const.Xy:  Custom framing &.f6unda-  tions. Renovations & additions. Design & drafting..  A Complete Building  Service  886-7280  Caii|cian|aq  Repairs to cameras  binoculars, projectors  Competitive rates  David Short  HardWood Floors resand-  ed and finished. Work  guaranteed. Free est;  Phone 885-5072. TFN'  . .,_,    .. _-. ���.. 1 n.  Responsible and efficient '  woman   available   for  housework. $7/hr.?  886-9154.. #38'  TIMBERJACK SKIDDER 4  OPERATOR. Ph. 886-2459:}  ' ? #38  PEERLESS TREE     .^  . SERVICES LTD.   ^ :j  Topping - Limbing -Danger,  Tree   Removal.   Insured,  guaranteed   work. . Free '  estimates, 685-2109.  TFN  Landscaping, and  garden *  maintenance,   ornamentals; shaped hedges trimm-..  ed, fruit trees pruned and  sprayed.   Phone  886-9294'  after 6 p.m. TFN '  Electrical-Carpentry  Plumbing  Any Repair Work  $12 Per Hour  886-3798  'Contractor: Experienced,  Insured. References for  custom homes, renovations, finishing. G. Coburn  885-7417/ #39  FOR EXPLOSIVE  'REQUIREMENTS  Dynamite,,- electric of1  regular caps, B line E cord  and safety fuse. Contact ,  gwen Nimmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone  886-7778. Howe Sound  Farmer Institute.     '   TFN  For all insulation needs call  886-2883. Free Estimates.  #38  For good value; carpentry,  bricklaying,*, house plan  drafting, ph. 885-7286.   #40,  e  Child Care  }  Reliable babysitting, my  home. Close to mall.  886-9144. #40  Business  Thinking of starting your  owrt business? 18x8 ft.  trailer, swing up doors on  all sides-owner will  finance. Steve 883-9551.  TFN  PLEASE  SUPPORT  by donating  ��� When a.  canvasser calls  .Oct 2-8  TIkj Ciin.idi.ii'  N-iliort.il  Inslituti.'  for tln> Blind  Work will begin on the paving of Ocean Avenue ��� from  Dolphin to Medusa Streets'as  soon as a written confirmation  is received of a quote for the  work from B.A. Blacktop.   r  The quote of $17,617 includes eight inches of gravel on  the road: $7,400 (which B;A.  considers a high estimate, and  feels the actual cost may be  considerably less); concrete  curbing on the Hackett Park  side of the road: $1,300;  spreading gravel and paving:  $8,917.  The quote does not include  1the installation of a new culvert  at the corner of Medusa and  Ocean, which could probably  be installed in several hours by  village workers, ���'"-".".'.  "Let's get on with it," was  the. conclusion of Sechelt  Villagpe Council after deciding  that the quote was . most  reasonable.    x'XX  In further public works matters, Alderman Robert Allen  noted that the village survived  the recent deluge of rain very,  well, but that drainage through  the marsh was very slow. It was  fortunate the tide was out or  the water would not have been  able to drain away at all."  He suggested the village consider installing a larger pipe  leading out of the marsh, one  with a valve which could be  opened during emergencies to  allow for faster drainage. :  Two new drainage tile  systems have been completed  by George Fawkes recently.  One is on Trail Avenue, across  from the Driftwood Inn, and  the other is in the Credit Union  parking lot.  COAST ,M.�� WS  ���  CLASSIFIEDS  B & J Store  until r>oorvSatt_jrd<*y  1*.  Legal!   r;  Notice of Application for  Change of Name. Notice  is hereby given that an application will be made to  the Director of Vital  Statistics for a change of  name pursuant to the provisions of the "Name Act"  by me: Donna Lynn Rud-  nlsky of General Delivery,  Gibsons, in the province,  of B.C. as follows: To  change my name from  Rudnisky, Donna Lynn to  Eilbeck, Donna Lynn.  Dated this 16th day, of  September, A.D., 1983,.  '.v V. ".,'.��� ;.:'������".-.:#38  St. Mary's Hospital  Invitation to Tender for  Grounds Maintenance  .Contract  Sealed tenders in separate;  envelopes marked "Tender  for Grounds Maintenance"  will be received by the  undersigned at St. Mary's  Hospital, P.O. Box 7777,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0 until-  1100 hours .local time on,  September 30, 1983.  The work to be undertaken  in   summary  form   is   as  follows:  Maintenance of the present  landscaped areas on hospital  and thrift shop grounds.  2. Maintenance of lawns,  shrubs, and plants on the  grounds.  3. Regularly cultivated,  weeded, fertilized, pruned, and watered as required.(  -   >  Qualifications:  i*. Grounds maintenance in-  diyiduals with only proven  expertise and experience.  2. Individuals should provide us. with the three  latest" names of employers.  For more details of grounds .  maintenance and specification information and an on  site visit contact the Chief  Engineer, 'St. Mary's  Hospital. 885-2224 local 12  for an appointment.  The lowest > or any tender  may not necessarily be accepted and the acceptance  of any tender, shall be ���subject tp funds being available.  N. Vucurevich  Administrator  Province of British CohimbU  Ministry'of  Transportation  and  Highways  HIGHWAYS  TENDERS  Electoral District - Mackenzie  Highway District - Gibsons  Project or Job Description  Hauling bulk salt from McTar  Petroleum Ltd. at Mitchell  Island or 2300 Rogers  Avenue, Coquitlam. B.C, to  Gibsons, Madeira Park, Powell  River and Texada Island  maintenance yards within the  ���Gibsons Highways District.  Tender documents with  envelope, plans, specifications  and conditions of tender are  available free of charge ONLY  from Ministry of Transportation & Highways, Box 740,  Gibsons. BC VON 1V0,  Phone 886-2294 between the  hours of 8:30 a m and 4:30  pm., Monday to Friday, except Holidays  Tenders will be opened at Gibsons District Office.  THE TENDER SUM FOR THIS  PROJECT IS TO INCLUDE  FEDERAL SALES TAX.  Tertder;openihg date: October  7.1983.        '(File:. 21-0-23)  No bid bond is required.  .A.E.Rhodes  ��� Acting Deputy  Minister  Legal!   I   *' B.C.  &. Yukon  PROVINCE OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Ministry of  Agriculture  . / and Food  LIVESTOCK ACT  (S.B.C. 1980; Chapter24)  I,;; William M. McConnell,  Recorder of Brands, do  hereby, pursuant tb Section  3(3) of B.C.���-'; Regulation  66/81 of the ..Livestock Act  give notice of my intention to  disestablish * the following  pound districts, the boundaries; for which may be obtained from the undersigned  ��� biifrequest:���  .Gambler Island Pound District  "��� Gibsons Landing Pound District/  Keats Island Pound District  as they have; no'appointed  keeper, unless 'within 30  days of; the, publication and  posting of this notice persons'  acceptable to me agree to act  ���,as keepers for the said pound  districts.  -September 6,1983  William M. McConnell  Recorder,pf Brands  ' 'Xx ' B.C. Ministry'of    .-  Agriculture and Food  808 Douglas Street  Victoria, B.C.  V8W2Z7  Phone 387-5121  Local 285  ho.  r-  ���X. &. Yukon  Business opportunities in  Courtenay. Excellent  revenue, Farmer's Market  concept. Also ideal  downtown location teased  for positive cash flow.  Good financing on both.  Nanaimo Realty, 335-2575.  ������X'.y.    #38  Fantastic Deal - Vancouver's CentenniaLHotel.  Any two nights $75 (until  Nov. 20/63). Walk to VGH  and Dome. 898; West  Broadway, Vancouver,  B.C. V5Z 1J8.' Tel.  872-8661. Bring ad.  ' #38  For  Sale  House  situated  Highlands.  ���  The. Molson  Restaurant  in   Okanagan  Living quarters  available. Owners retiring.  Phone (509),485T3241.  Write: Star Route, Box 44,  Oroville, Washington  98844. #38  Funtastic Fishing Retreat  on 10.5 acres of commercial lease at the S.W,  outlet of Charlotte Lake,  Chilcotin Country. Includes two log cabins with  kerosene fridge and wood  stoves, everything included. Twin engine Piper  Aztec-A 1961 - 30 hours  since major overhaul on  both engines, props, airframe. Four fishing boats  with motors plus one  speed boat. Price $80,000.  Call Funtastic Ent. Ltd.  (604) 536-1339 Roger; (604)  656-3668 Bill. #38  Earn Money! Save Money!  Learn income tax preparation at home. For free  brochure, no obligation,  write: U&R Tax Schools,  1148 Main Street, Win-,  nipeg, Manitoba R2W 3S6.  .  #38  Dispersal Draft Horse  Auction for Snowbird  Belgians (Tiny Gulbranson  and Sons) at: Vanderhoof  Fair Grounds Horse  Pavilion, Vanderhoof,  B.C., Saturday, September  24. . Viewing, Friday,  September 23, 1983, 12  a.m. -6 p.m. - Fairgrounds,  lunch available. One  registered Belgian stallion  (Herd Sire),'15 registered  Belgian mares, 8 other  registered yearlings and  two year olds. Matched  team grade geldings, 17  other grade work horses;  mares, geldings, two year  olds and yearlings. 14 saddle horses. For information 567-4846 or 567-4603.  #38  Log house - 800 sq. ft., one  bedroom, on a doOble city  lot. Interior to be completed. Asking $25,000. J.  Barrett, Box 344, Dawson  City, Yukon. #38  Wanted - Wilderness  acreage, remote location,  B.Cf or Yukon. Write: D.  Kuhz, R.R. 2, Courtenay,  EI.C.V9N 5M9 or phone  (604)339:6730. #38  Collector Plate Fair. Don't  miss the first Vancouver  Fair. Meet artist Bradford,  buy & sell, special show  ; plate, seminars and films,  free draws. Join the fun  October 22 & 23 at the  Royal Towers . Hotel,; 6th  Street & Royal Ave.; New  Westminster. $3 admission: #38  Complete meat processing plant. Guaranteed turnkey installation, 100,000  pound weekly capacity,  sausage and patty formulas provided. Suitable  for 'camps, caterers.  Reasonable. Phone 112-  800-663-6555 or (604)  856-6351. '     #38  Rollerskates for sale. 250  pairs. Leather. Sizes from  childs' to adults. Will sell  all or amount required. For  information write Mr. Q.  Boone, Box 282, Merritt,  fliC;-;;���;������/ ���::���;���;��������� xx    me  Apple  compatible  drives  -$299. Colour Computer  clrtves* ^$549r;::(with control le"r)r%Cbmmodbre 64  t$399. Clpvercify Discount  Computers,- 13563 KG.  Highway, Surrey, B.C. V3T  2V1. Phone (604) 581-1615.  '' 'X:���'������' r. X :���������; '.'' v*38  Pacific Forklifts Sales. We  have the largest stock  good used. forklifts in  Western - Canada:  Pneumatics, solid tire,  electric and 4 W.D. $2,500  up. Terry .Simpson  533-5331. #41  Wanted trl axle, short log  trailer or tri axle long jog,  short log trailer. Phone  747-1709 or 747-3660.    #38  Fall Specials - Good selection used campers, 8' and  up   from   $3,500. rGood  '.selection.- used-  ���motorhomes, 1979 and up  from $16,000. Holiday Rentals' and Sales Ltd., 17840,:  56th Ave; (No.v 10. Hwy.),  Cloyerdale, Surrey, : B.C.;  Canada V3S 1C7. Phone  574-5115^     , #38  Nurse/Administrator: required by a .small, rural  hospital in.the Fraser Canyon of British Columbia,  to assume the role of chief  executive office and director of nursing.- The successful candidate will  hold a B Sc(N) degree supplemented by courses in  nursing unit management  and general management  of a health care facility.  Must be eligible for  registration as an RN in  British Columbia. Attractive salary, and benefits  package. Reply in. first instance with complete  resume and a list of three  references to: fylrl Roland  M. Thorns, President,  Board .of Trustees.'St. Bartholomew's Hospital, P.O.  Box 99, Lytton, B.C. VOK  1Z0. Closing date: Sept.  30,1983. #38  Mountain Resort is now  hiring for winter season.  The positions available  are cafeteria workers,  cashiers, giftshop clerks,  waitresses and gas  jockeys. All interested parties should apply for application form to Mr. John  Gait, Glacier Park Lodge,  Roger's Pass, B.C. V0E  2S0. #38  B.C. & Yukon  National Land Inc., 29$)  Arbutus Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3YJ.  Business and investment  bpporfunities, Castiegar,  B.C.'; Fast food outle?,  gross, volume $480,000.  Good cash flow, good profit" Office and retail blocft,  gross income $100,00p.  Good investment. Commercial land next to newly  constructed Canac?$i  Safeway, 50,000 sq. ft. Call  anytime 734-933$,  Malcolm Scott. #38  Newspaper investment  opportunity. Responsible,  hard 'working' partne^  wanted for growing newspaper/printing business $  B.C. community. Send fuB  resume to Box 199, BCYC>  NA, 812-207 W. Hastings  St., Vancouver, B.C. V6B  1.H7': #3��  Urgent! Must sell due t'0  family crisis. Marine repair  shop. Only; marina & boal  ramp in Port Hardy. Af^  prox. $30,000. Serious .ir)t  quiries ' only. ' Phonti "  949-9611,8-6 p.m. #3��|  Sports ��� music ��� athletics]  all youth activities. Make  money for- you or you"|  assoc. Free sample. Write  All Star Traders, 101-2573  154t'h Street; Surrey',' B Ct  V4A" 7B6. Phone (6041  536-0051. #3l  improve your life. Be'morej  successful. Make morej  money. Quit smokingj>  Lose- weight: Details  Lloyd's Enterprises, 1266^  South Island Highway^  Campbell River, B.C. V9W*  1B5. #38C  Discover someone   y*  ,    special *^  Refresh your social WieX*  ���   ��� Excellent computer/   'J*  personal dating service^  ���;..,; yx.   just for you! ^J  FREE information:  V;   HUMAN CONTACT  818-16 Avenue, N.W,  Calgary T2M 0K1  *" I*  x:<  ~5��  ���     X*  5  #39?  Free 120 page career guided  shows, how ' to , train   at^  home for 205 top/paying?  Tull   and'  partprtime.jobs._  Grantbn   Institute,    1055$;,  West Georgia St., ^lo. 2002,|j  Vancouver.   Call .685-8923;*  today.:; #415*  ���;.*�����*  Limited;edition; plates  dolls   &   figurines  Free^  newsletter - super prices; &*  ��� large stock, current, back ^  issues^ Ship , anywhere. <��  Phorie today toll- free&j  i-800-265-4392, Colonial^  Plates. #38 *t  1980 Hino LB Diesel single ��  '��� axle five speed. Two speed ^  axle, 16' deck with Atlas *>  3006 hydraulic crane  mounted with Braden  model 054 line winch.  158,000 km, 5016 hours.  New engine April 1983.  $10,000 spent. Invoices  available. New radials.  $23,000. W. Bell Contracting Ltd. Phone 337-8353,  Merville, B.C. #38  Rear ��J  RN position available full-  time. Modern 20 bed accredited hospital.  Salaries, benefits, RNABC  contract, contact: Director  of Nursing, Arrow Lakes  Hospital, Box 86, Nakusp,  B.C. V0G 1R0. Phone  265-3622. #38  Wood Windows, Doors,,  Skylites. Largest selection,  lowest prices. Walker  Door. Vancouver 266-1101,  North Vancouver 985-9714,  Richmond 273-6829, Kamloops 374-3566, Nanaimo  758-7375, Winlaw 226-7343,  Lillooet 256-7501,  Whitehorse 667-7332.  TFN  Lighting Fixtures. Western  Canada's largest display.  Wholesale and retail. Free  catalogues available. Nor-  burn Lighting Centre Inc.,  4600 East Hastings Street,  Burnaby. B.C. V5C 2K5.  Phone 299-0666. TFN  Paddle Fans. The original  fan store. Wholesale and  retail. Free catalogues.  Ocean Pacific Fan Gallery  Inc., 4600 East Hastings  Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C  2K5. Phone 112-299-0666. ���  TFN  -A  ���p*i-?  1%  1, iWwy,���'JMyi.'* m*>j��.i,.^  16.  Coast News, September 19,1983  A prize of $10 will be awarded  to the first person whose name  is drawn correctly identifying'  the location of the above. The  above Guess Where remains  Unlocated from last week. Send  entries to the Coast News, Box  460, Gibsons, in time to reach  the newspaper by Saturday of  this week.  The beginnings of what may  eventually prove to be a regular  daily service bringing tourists  from the Bayshore Inn in Vancouver to the Jolly Roger Inn  near Halfmoon Bay by Hover-  Marine .vessels, has been  .started by new Jolly- Roger  owners Dick Farmer and Drew  Watsom  The service, run by Sea  Speed International of North  Vancouver, will, according to  Farmer, bring tourists from the  major downtown hotels to the  Jolly Roger for lunch and  return them in the afternoon.  The entire tour takes about  four hours, including the hour  and 10 minute voyage from  Vancouver and back.  When the idea becomes fully  promoted, Farmer hopes tb see  daily service to the Inn with  special Friday evening runs to  bring in tourists for weekend  packages. Farmer told the  Coast News that the market he  is eyeing is the wives of  business executives whose  husbands are tied up in.  meetings all day.  The trip includes a fast, comfortable tour of the CoastV  scenery and a pleasant lunch.-  Farmer and his wife "Bert"  don't expect instant success  with the plan, noting that  Saturday's trip had to be  cancelled because not enough  people signed up. The real  proof will come in the 1984  tourist  season  The Inn is open three days a  week for dinner and daily for  lunch, when the Hover-Marine  is operating. J  news  GIBSONS RCMP  On the 10th: As a result of  complaints received by police,  an erratic driver will be charged  with excessive noise-making.  The report originated from Fir-  crest Road.  On the 11th: Ninety dollars  worth of equipment was stolen  from a sailboat moored in the  Armor's Beach area.  Six boats moored at the  Hyak Marina dock were  broken into and approximately  $1,300 worth of assorted  equipment' and food stuffs  were stolen from the boats.  Minor damage was done to  each vessel when entry was  gained. Police are still investigating.  On the 13th: A chainsaw and  an Alaskan mill valued at $900,  .were stolen from the carport of  a residence in the Highway 101  rand Soames Road area.  y. Oxygen and acetylene bottles  were stolen from a workshop  Jocated on Gilmore Road. The  tanks are valued at $400.:  w An unoccupied residence on  South    Fletcher   Road   was  Broken into and entered. An  .organ valued at $2,400 was  itakeri.  SECHELT RCMP  i0n   the;   10th: BC   Hydro  ^engineers and the RCMP are  investigating the collapse of a  ���hydro   tower,   part   of   the  jCheekeye-Dunsmuir , line  "presently under construction.  ~:On the 11th: A 12-speed Nforco  bicycle,   red   in  colour,   was  . Stolen from the Sechelt area.  "T A heavy-duty hydraulic jack  >alyed at $li000 was stolen  ^rom' an East Porpoise Bay  ���Road property;  $ A Madeira Park residence  ^vas broken into and $25 worth  ;6f meat  was  taken  from  a  [freezer;    Entry    into   the  Residence was gained through a  Ibedroom window.  t>n    the    14th: Twenty-five  Idollars   worth   of   gas   was  Siyphoned from a truck parked  !an downtown Sechelt. The theft  ^occurred between the 7th and  $he 14th.  ���^ A one-ton truck was completely   destroyed   by   a   fire    .  believed to have started in- the  transmission. The driver was  on his.way to Powell River  when the fire started. He was  ��able to salvage $3,000 worth of  ^produce he was delivering. The  Tire lasted an hour and blocked  the middle portion of Highway  idl near Ruby Lake.  'On the 15th: A cottage in the  Tuwanek area was broken into.  'Liquor   and   clothing   were  fstolen. Willful damage was also  done f o a pick-up truck piarked  near the cottage. All the truck's  windows were smashed.  An 11 h.p. riding lawn-  mower belonging to the Sunshine Coast Regional District  was stolen from a yard adjacent to the sewage plant. The  mower was valued between  $1,500 and $2,000.  f


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