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j Parliament Buildings /
Victoria, B.C.
On sewer hook-up
on Indian Band
by George Matthews
Directors of the Sunshine
Coast regional board voted
unanimously Thursday night to
ratify the sewer * committee
recommendation that the draft
agreement between the SCRD
and the Sechelt Indian Band to
allow the Band sewer system to
connect to regional sewage
treatment facilities in Sechelt
not be signed.
The dispute arose two weeks
ago   when    Sechelt    Band
negotiators   told X the   StCRD
', committee that'negotiations for
a right-of-way for a' sewage
outfall to:the White Islets must
be separate from a hook-up
agreement.   The   SCRD   has
been  insisting that  both  the
h66k-up   and   right-of-way
agreement must be negotiated
concurrently. When Band officials presented the sewer committee, under the chairmanship
__.9*Z:of director ^pri McRae, with a
^;<;". draft agreement which'did not
$*$%$ include the right-of-way provi-
g^Hv sion, the committee refused to
^ ^recommend signing.
S'k; ^7. At Thursday's meeting the
*x&0 board was told. /.that, "The
^/iov'Baiid would not negotiate; they
refused \ tp co-operate
[with us]": )   ;
Director   Jpyce   Kolibas
reminded the board, that while
there ; were   some   verbal
iagreemehtS: .with the Band on
p^l^the; :rjghtrpf-yvay : issue,   "no
' '   '"Cmiputes were taken'Vat any of
,      J,.-XI. earlier meetings  and  no
';■**».*■   the
water mark; so it may be possi-
bleto construct ah outfall line
along the foreshore adjacent to
Indian lands without their permission. The;board•• was also
toldi however, that 'the Indian
people historically claim the
foreshore adjacent to their property as their Own.
Area A director Ian
Vaughan told the board that
- "They (the Indian Band) are
trying" to hold us up for ransom", an implication that, by
not negotiating both issues concurrently, the Band may not be
willing to co-operate with the
rightrof-way after a hook-up is
agreed to.
Meanwhile,   project-specific
approval for  federal govern-
v ment funding to the Band for
the   hdok-up   project   has
already been given. The funds
were provided as part of a $10
million increase in federal spending   designed   to   provide
"...the funds to meet the needs
„ of  the   Indian   communities,
especially as regards "health and
safety^". ..-..:-"' 7.--;
Sechelt Band chief, Stan Joe,
told the Coast News Sunday
that the SCRD had not even
had the'courtesy to inform the
Band of Thursday's decision,
even though funds to pay for
the project have arrived. The
funding, which by federal
regulations must be used'
specifically for the project applied for; includes money "to
construct an intercepting pump
station, force mam, and pay
mmm&m^mm$my' ..^
ft■■■$", ^th^nght-p^wayv:thrdugh4In
jl^fe/ dian land may;npt be^hecessary
^'--X:~yas theprOyih^clairhs;tlieright
ib all property below the high
^treatment plant
Jbe'saidthat "We're riot going to wait for these people (the
board),, we're going to have to
go ahead ,and build our ownv<
plant." He said the situation is
critical in terms of public
health on the Sechelt Band
lands. "The problem is now",
he said, emphatically. "We
must do something; we have a
health hazard; do we have to
wait until half a dozen Indians
get killed by sewer poisoning
before they let us hook up?"
Currently, the Band has only
a communal septic tank, which
pours raw sewage into Trail
Bay, now at maximum pollution levels.
Sechelt mayor, Joyce
Kolibas, will try to set up
another meeting this week tov
try to work out the current1
stalemate jn negotiations. •
Kolibas told the Coast News
"If we [the regional board] dig
in our heels on this, somewhere
along the road, when we have
to work other things out [with
the Band], where will we be?
We're neighbours; we have to
try to work something out between us. I feel we have to try. I
hate fighting and bickering and
there has to be a sensible way
to do things."
Also at Thursday's meeting,
the board gave approval for
tenders to be let for construction of the sewer line from St.
Mary's Hospital, which is built
on property given to the region
by the Sechelt Band, to the
regional sewage~ treatment,
facility. This line had been part'
of the negotiations to allow the
fallen   through,   the  regional
board voted to proceed with a
line down'Highway 101  from-
the hospital. "    -
Candidates for next Saturday's "Mr. Roberts Creek" contest posed for this group photo before entering the pool for their individual medleys. From the left are: Mr. Park Avenue, Mr. Henderson Road,
'Grampa and Super Dad. It is suspected that there is also a "mystery candidate" whose identity and
qualifications will not be revealed until the last minute. -f™ airphoto
Creek Daze
by Dianne Evans
Roberts Creek has done it
'again with another first for this
K^^^^^^ * 8a^^^JMl!J4l>^t^^0)V,; that ^c^mraqnrty-wittuhe, inaugural
so;told;tha^ % ,;the^&nt-apfite^^SWu^rH'oberts^ Creek   Slug.
lrouehi. hlr treatment'nlflnr":s,vr.C~K;'p7^ fallen    rKroinorh      rhp    rpainnn\" ' .' <~r»m«f  tn h,e> h*»M  ot  Rnhprtc
FresH from new triumphs
Ultramarathoner Al Howie
was back on the Sunshine
Coast last week, taking a week-
: long break from a hectic running schedule which had
culminated in a first-place
finish in a 24-hour race in Ottawa, and making plans for the
Sea Cavalcade Ultramarathon
from Egmont to Gibsons.
.. Howie's fame in the running
world is spreading, propelled
by the frantic pace at which he
pursues his sport and the
number of events he enters.
When he left the Sunshine
Coast last, he was on his way to
Winnipeg, where he ran as an •
unoffical entrant in the Canadian Marathon Championships. (A marathon run is 26
But Howie's forte is long
distance running,, and he
wanted. - to. enter Ottawa's
24-Hour Sri Chinmoy
Ultramarathon, where he
hoped to crack the 24-hour
world record of 170 miles.
So he ran to Ottawa. From
His first day out, May 31 he
ran for 24 hours, with only a
couple of rest periods, and
made it. to Kenora, Ontario, a
distance of 200 kilometers..
From then on he averaged 80
kilometers a day through some
extremely hot weather.
"I kept meeting such friendly people, and they would invite me to parties," said
Howie. "Then I would sleep in
the next morning and have to
.-un during the hottest part of
the day."
His phenomenal recovery
ability held him in good stead,
and after another enthusiastic
burst on his third last day,
when he covered 144
kilometers, he arrived in Ottawa on June 29, just in time
for a bit of a re^ before the Sri
Chinmoy 24-Hour International, held in Terry Fox
Stadium, Mooney's Bay, Ottawa, on July 2 and 3.
Hope of a world record
wilted in the intense 36 degree
heat and high hurhidity.
"One can't hope to do more
than survive a day like that,"
acknowledged Howie, who
covered just enough distance to
insure a victory over his old
rival Paul Suskind of
Brooklyn, New York.
Howie chalked up 122 miles
in the event, Suskind 115 miles.
John Kennul of Brooklyn came,
third, and less than' a mile
behind him was 56 year old
Wally Hermann of Ottawa.
was    Howie's   third
victory in this annual
event. X       ■-■'.
, His next major international
event will be the 375 kilometer
run   held   in   Quebec   City,
August 11 to 14, to celebrate
Quebec's   375th   anniversary.
He hopes to complete the run
in two days. '■' :
Before that, however j comes
Sunday, July 31, and Howie;in-
vites local runners to compete
in the event either individually
or in four person relay teams.
Contest to be held at Roberts
Creek Daze on July 23. We feel
the lowly and ever so abundant
slug deserves recognition;
that's why we'd like,you to bring the very biggest and most
awful slug you can find (alive)
to Roberts Creek Daze. The
judging will take place after the
parade down by the children's
games. Consequently we are
looking for a discerning individual, able to judge the
merits of these unpleasant
creatures. If you would like to
participate in this unique event
please call Diana'at 886-2087
this week to offer your slug-
judging talents.
A special feature, at the contest will be a presentation to the
"Creeker of the Year"' in
honour of Glen Kraus. Buy
your,   tickets   for   the. Mr.
Roberts Creek contest soon at
Seaview Market.
A schedule of events will be
on   display   at   the^ Seaview
. Mar^eIand at tne nal* committee hamburger stand, but here
is a quick run-down of what to
expect next Saturday.
The parade will begin at the
community hall at 10:30 a.m.
and wendMts way to the bottom
of Hall Road. Remember we
: need lots of participants to
make this a success so don't be
shy. The parade marshair will
be organizing at the community hall from around 9:30 in the
Down by the wharf there will
be music beginning right after
the parade between 11 and
.11:30 a.m. There will be im-
provisational offerings from
the Suncoast Improv group at
12:30 and the ' Ensemble
Theatre will perform.at 2 p.m.
followed by more music at
about 2:30: If you are a musician and would like to play,
please bring your instrument
and hopefully the ai lernppn;-^j^
will end (at about 4:30) with a £&
jam session featuring the finest - ic"
of our local musical talents.l     *   ;
*** . >   -:v •    V  w    -
In the meantime there will be
canoe   races,    sand-castle
building, nail-driying, a greased pole, face-painting, hooks
for sale, food to eat, crafty on
display, and, as they say,much
much more. There is space for
more craftspeople;  $5  for a
table and 10 per cent of the
take is all it will cost you to
show your wares, so call any of
the   following   numbers   to
Diana at 886-2087, Randie at
886-9324, Debbie at 886-3994,
Sue at 885-2972, Chris at
885-5206, Allison at 885-7459.
Mr. Roberts Creek takes
place at the hall, beginning at 8
p.m. and continuing until midnight. Tickets are going like hot
cakes for $3 each .at the
Seaview Market, so hurry and
pick yours up
On provincial legislation
Unions ready for battle
Al Howie holds his most recent trophy at the finish line of the upcoming Sea Cavalcade Ultramarathon. —Franker Phoio
by Hans Penner, BCGEU
The Sunshine Coast Joint
Council of lOcal unions met July 12, 1983. The main subject
of discussion at the meeting
4\yas the new legislation introduced in the Provincial
Legislature July 7, 1983. It was
clear to everyone that this
legislation, if passed, will
eliminate job security and collective bargaining in the public
sector of B.C.
'The Public Sector Restraint
Act will allow the employer to
terminate   any   employee
without cause and eliminates
the 'no lay-off clause' in all
new agreements. The act covers
all   unionized   public   sector
..employees including provincial
government employees, nurses,
teachers, municipal employees,
N hospital   employees,   college
\employees and all employees of
crown   corporations,   boards,
agencies and societies.
Joy Langan, fourth vice-
president of the B.C. Federation \ of Labour, attended
Tuesdays meeting of the local
' council. She reported that the
B.C. Federation has called a
meeting for Friday, July 15,
1983 to prepare strategy to
counter the new legislation.
Since this legislation affects not
only the public sector workers
but practically every person in
B.C., representatives from all
unions and many community
organizations have been invited.
The local council agreed that
the most effective way to respond to this repressive legislation is to unite all people
adversely   affected   by   the
government action, into a
broad coalition to demand the
withdrawal of this legislation
and the introduction of a
budget that would provide jobs'
instead of eliminating them.
The council decided to form
a community organizing committee to contact various local
community organizations.
Food Bank ready
Gibsons Food Bank will be distributing food on Wednesday, July 20 from 1 to 3 p.m. at our location, St. Bartholomews Hall, corner North Road and Highway 101.
Due to the tremendous response from our local people
and visiting tourists, our food bin was well supplied for the
holiday week-end. It was so great to see such a response,
that's what" we need on a weekly basis. It was sad to have to
turn people away the week before. We hope we never have to
again, so let's keep up the donations PLEASE.
As a reminder to our local gardeners, your overflow produce would be greatly appreciated, and can be dropped off
at our centre on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 19 and 20
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please share the fruits of your
labour, with those less fortunate.
Post Office holiday
Post offices throughout British Columbia and the Yukon,
will be closed Monday, August 1, in observance of B.C.
Regular service will resume Tuesday, August 2.
« TinrnniffatcBa*^*.  2.  Coast News, July 18,1983  It may well be that the shockingly regressive and  repressive legislation which the provincial government *  seeks to pass under the guise of a restraint programmme  will do the people of British Columbia a great service in  the long run.  Let's dismiss out of hand and briefly this question of  a restraint programme. The fact of the matter is the  government intends to spend 12 per cent more governing British Columbia this year than it did last. This is according to the government's own figures which of  course, given past predictions and estimates, makes it  highly suspect. It is enough to indicate that no great savings is going to be achieved by the Bennett Brigade  despite all the steely resolution about cost-cutting.  No, the legislation which has poured out in the guise  of budget-related restraint is not designed primarily to  save the taxpayer's money. It is designed in case-after  case to remove democratic rights and protections which  we have long believed were an integral part of our  democratic system.  We are told that B.C. politics is dangerously polarized between the left and the right, between government  control and free enterprise. This gross and inaccurate  over-simplification flies in the face of the fact that mixed economies are an enduring fact of life in the latter  half of the 20th Century.  The repressive and anti-democratic legislation proposed by the Bennett Brigade is going to force us to get  rid of our stereotypes about economic white hats versus  economic black hats. We are going to have to consider  over the next few years just what it is about democratic  government that we will not do without and the next  time we get a chance to vote, presuming there will be a  next time, make choices which are better-informed and  more rational than was the case in the last election.  Canadian dunes  It appears as though the Canadian government's decision to allow Cruise missile testing in Alberta contains  somewhat more than was at first expected. Mrs^ Fuller's  letter to the editor in this week's paper identifies the matter quite succintly. f    ,       ;...X..        ':���'.    ���     '  The facts of the matter are further contained in a 18  page letter from Thunder Bay MP Paul McRae sent to  Prime Minister Trudeau in May. McRae's research concludes that the testing is only a first step in a plan that  would see missiles launched from Canadian territory in  the event of a nuclear war.  That the Canadian government should be so contemptuous of the anti-nuclear sentiments of hundreds of  thousands of Canadians is one, albeit tragic, thing but to  mislead the public by not informing them of the long-  range nuclear strategy-of the government is quite a different matter.  It seems patently clear, in the light of Mr. McRae's fin- ���:'  dings, that the Canadian government is becoming a cooperative,  dupe ; of ;the   Reagan   administration   in  establishing a whole hew nuclear strategy whigh threatens >;;  the world further with nuclear destruction.^   ;       '  from the files of the COAST NEWS  5 YEARS AGO  Concern has been expressed   by   summer  residents of Ruby Lake  that pollution is beginning to create serious problems. The problems include fires, garbage and  high-powered   boats  causing    not   only   a  dangerous situation on  the water, but adding to  the noise pollution..  10 YEARS AGO  The   school   board  passed a motion Thursday night recommending  ..that a new Elphinstone  Secondary   School   be  built  of brick or stone  and made as fireproof as.  possible,   including   a  sprinkler   system.   The  old school burned down  late last month.  15 YEARS AGO  Not available.  20 YEARS AGO  The new movie theatre  now under construction  on trie Sunshine Coast  Highway in Gibsons; adjoining Danny's Dining  Room, will be called the  Twilight Theatre. It is  planned to open in late  August with top-ranking  films.  25 YEARS AGO  B.C. Telephone Company has purchased pro  perty in Madeira Park for  the site of its new  automatic exchange  building. The property  has a frontage of 50 feet  and is located at the  junction of the main  highway and Madeira  Park Road.  30 YEARS AGO  This week's meeting  of the Sechelt school  board awarded tfie control for clearing the;  grounds at the Elphin-  stone-High School of approximately four acres,  to J.W. Gibbsi. ThC  amount of the contract is  $3,575.  The Peninsula Rod  and Guri Club, recently  organized in Sechelt, is  opening its season's activities with a fishing/  derby to be held starting  on July 19. x  35 YEARS AGO  The latest addition to:  Sechelt's; viflage ceritre,;  is1 a new1 "butcher shc%I  and delicatessen w"hich  off icially :bpens' July -17;. ���  The modern store, which,  has the latest, units of  refrigeration and display  facilities, completes the;.  centre unit now housing  a   cafe,   drug   store,  telegraph" office, bakery  and hardware "store. *  N  tl��lS��mshine   ��@J|��f;5��  Acs verthtlno. B*peMrhent  J. Fred Duncan       Jane McOuat  Production Deg��aJ*tment  Lynn Lindsay     jackBtechke       ������  Pat Tripp ������ ..p4.\.  copyMfffina  Use Sheridan ^' /���'"'���.  Gerry Waike/' ZandraJactasbn ���.  ':i      '"     ' ii  ii i   fr n  ���Editorial Department  John Burnside ,   George Matthews  Fran Berger        Judith Wilson."���; .  Accounts .Department '  M.M. Vaughan  Circulation   Stephen Carroll ���  The Sunshine' Coast News is a co-operative, locally owned  newspaper, published on trie.Sunshine Coast, B.C. every Monday by  Glassford Press Ltd., Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0 Tel. 886-2622 or  886-7817.  Second Class Mai! Registration No. 4702 ;���;    Xh  The Porpoise Bay Road, built in 1896 to facilitate the transfer of  freight between Trail Bay and the head of Sechelt Inlet. The northern portion of the dusty route is seen here in 1913, long before its  name was changed to Wharf Avenue. Where it dips out of sight it  turned left across the open mouth of the lagoon now known as the  Sechelt Marsh. At high tide a horse hauling freight or passengers  from this point toward the original Porpoise Bay Wharf would  have to wade through water up to the deck of the wagon. The  wharf is hidden by trees bordering the lagoon. The building at the  head of the Bay was the second home of the Sechelt School, built  Musings  John Burnside  "Well, Jake, it seems that  the provincial budget has upset  a few people," 1 said. 1 had  walked down the beach  towards Jake's place ;and  found him enjoying one of>our  rare sunny mornings recently  on a driftwood log from which  vantage point he was cpn-  templating,the comings andjgo-  ings of the birds in the estuary  of the creek. I\  . "I can't imagine what's Surprising in it," said Jake.. ''The  writing was on the wall whfcn  they started spending mqneyljBy  decree until they got, the ejection out of the way. before y^-  inging the budget' down'.v \ satd  at the time that the opposition  and everybody who". cared  about democracy should have  been alerted to the fact that the  Socred butchers were about to  dismember the democratic  cow."  *#���>.  originally at the Yamamoto Boat Works. The tide came up under  the school floor when a group of German officers visited the  students and admonished one of the girls to sit up straight. These  men were members of a syndicate which purchased Bert Whitaker's  "Sechelt Townsite" less than a year before Germany was a war  with Canada in August 1914. What we now call Poise Island (centre) was known earlier as Deadman's Island or Skeleton Island  because it had been an Indian burial site. Four Mile Point is observable just left of centre. Caption by Helen Dawe/   -charies Bradbury phoio  Slings & ArrowsL^  [George Matthews���^  "Surely you  don't  believe  that   they    are   doing   it  v deliberately. That this massive  assault on human rights is a  ^deliberate philosophic stance."  X-    '' Deliberately  or . otherwise  ������ ^what's  the  difference.   They  ��� have  started   hacking  demo-,  cracy as it has been known to  pieces. As a matter of fact I;  ���;��� wouldn't dignify their actions ;  ^with any particular; philosophic  ������''label. The man in charge is a  'vindictive, small-minded  megalomaniac ^who doesn't  know what he's doing. He is  without historic perspective or  long-term vision, just a nasty,  Vengeful punk in power."  We paused to watch a majestic white-headed eagle flap  by with an attendant and aggressive accompaniment of  crows and seagulls. X.  "The problem is that in this  province the .Socreds have captured all the comforting buzz   ;  words,  the kind that people  ��� latch onto which make it unnecessary for them to do any  thinking," said Jake.  "For example?"  "Well they've cornered the  ^market on freedom and. enterprise. They have successfully  portrayed themselves as being  responsible   and   conservative  when in fact they are politically  illiterate,   irresponsible,   and    $  mindlessly radical. They preach  against  big  government  and  continue to centralize as much  power in' the cabinet room as  they can get away with. In fact  even the cabinet is second-tier  stuff now. Billy boy is going to  have it all. He's making himself  a-virtual dictator while pretending to be opposed to government interference. The powers  he is now seeking are almost  limitless in the scope they give  him for exacting revenge on  anyone he doesn't like or '  anyone he has reason to believe  doesn't like him. You think  things are bad now, wait until  some of this stuff gets passed  into law and then watch the fur  fly:"  "How did we get into this  mess, Jake?"  "A   combination   of   our  stupidity and a totally ineffectual   opposition   which   itself  committed  4he   cardinal-  political sin in adenjpjcrjaty^^  ��� undertestihTated-the ���ihtelligencel^  ''of:;the,';electqfatelXyrider'���'��� the ���  leadership of Clever; Old Dave,  the NDP has completely failed  the people of this province and  delivered them into hands ofa  political monster. ;  ������, "The issue in the last electioa  should have been democracy,  for X and against. They  underestimated the electorate,  they underestimated Bill Bennett and his v malevolence, and;  now the federal party is preparing to reward Dave Barrett for  this total ineffectuality as a  political leader by making him  the head of the federal NDP.  It's enough to make you cry.  "Of course, the fault doesn't  just lie with Barrett and Bennett. The fact of the matter is  that the B.C. electorate, like  the rest of Canada, is" almost  entirely uneducated. They learn  nothing in schools to prepare; ���  them ^fbrvrational   decision-:;X  making. They are vulnerable; ;  and easily frightened. In fear of.��;���.  radicalism, the radicalism ; of;  the   poor   old   comprornised'  :  NDP, they have turned to a  very; real   and   dangerous ;  radicalism   arid   all   that  radicalism had to do was spout  its Comforting buzz words to Xy  get; ;elected;fThey're about fo:i  get&ifrie polifcial educatipftLttie  "hard way.���".'��� ''��� x--������;%*��� ..;-���,  "Let's go up to the house  and have softie breakfast."      ��� v  It's a mark of how much*  B.C. politics are polarized between left and right that a  reader suggested to me last  week that he never bothered to  read anything I wrote about  politics, because he figured I  adhered so closely to the "party line'' that I was incapable of  objectivity. He is absolutely  right, of course. As objective  political comment, this column  isn't worth the powder to blow  it to hell.  My "fail' ��� further opined  that it would be refreshing to  .read son^hing^ppsitive herein,;  cphcerntng the premier of our  province and the Social Credit,  government in general. I suggested to him that I'd think  about it, and I have been for  the past several days. At the  eleventh hour, something  struck my attention: while  North American governments  . from Quebec to Washington,  D.C., to California, have been  wracked by scandals involving  SEX, the B;C. government remains pure and unsullied by  legislators fiddling around with  boys or girls - little or big.  There it is - the one thing I  can definitely say about the  Socreds being caught with their  parliamentary procedures  down is that it is unlikely to  happen. In fact, the very  thought of anyone in the  government being video taped  in the sack, caught cavorting  with little boys or seducing  sweet young ladies, is beyond  the imagination.  There is ho doubt that power  can be a compelling aphrodisiac. Recent biographies of  John. Kennedy and Lyndon  Johnson are pretty clear- on  how powerful politicians are  able to attract . significant  numbers of female admirers.  ���Richard ("I'm not a crook")  Nixon, on the other hand, has  not been|accused of dallying  with>the: laidies; perhaps that's  one differerice between the  political left and right.  see  as  3E  aoc  30=  Where THe  Sidewalk Ends  There is a place where the sidewalk ends  And[beforethestreetbegiris*  Aruf there the grass grows soft And white,  And there the sun burns crimson bright  And there the moon-bird rests from his flight  To cool in the peppermint wind.  Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black   .  And the dark street winds and bends.  Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow  We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow,  And waith where tfit chalk-white arrows go  To the place where the sidewalk ends.  Yes well walk with a walk that is measured and slow.  And we'll go where the chalk-white arrows go,  For the children, they mark, and the children, they know  The place where the sidewalk ends.  Shel Silverstein  seas:  =ae  lie  zc  race:  as  We also have alleged video  tapes of Reagan appointees  and congressmen engaged in  some unmentionable behaviqur  with a lady who has since been  murdered. It's either a matter  of congressmen not having  enough to do, or again, the attraction of power.  Further, it was revealed last  week   that   two   U.S.   congressmen   were   censured   by  congress for having flings with  young pages at the Capitol, in  one case a boy and another ja  ,.;������ girl. It seems even children are  J. attiriacted^by^powervN,,,;.'.'74     {���  In? the case of ��� our j, own  premier and members of his  government,   however,   the  aphrodisiac of power does not  seem to have rubbed off. In  fact, beyond a little expensive  wine with friends and fiddling  with airline tickets, the Socreds  seem to maintain a fairly high  level of sexual and personal  morality and I would commend  them all for their pure and circumspect   approach   to   the  dangers   of   the   powerful  physical attractions of politics.  Mind you, during the election campaign, several T.V. interviews with ladies who had  rhet the premier showed that  women do find Mr. Bennett attractive. There were plenty of;  "oohs and aahs", "oh, isn't he  cutes",  and "he's so hand-  somes", so we know that the  power passion syndrome is still:  operative; but there has never  been even the slightest suggestion that our premier, has ever  taken  advantage of his  obviously   immense   personal'  charisma or hunkdom.  So you see, dear reader, that ;v  Trri really a very fair-minded;-1;  fellow. You,asked me to think-i  of one good thing to say about ';  Social Credit and I did. *  -������.'* * *.  The three big protest v.  demonstrations planned for':  Vancouver this Saturday leaves  all we bleeding hearts with a>  case of triple schizophrenia':  -which protest do we attend?*;  There's the big one against the.:X  Cruise missile, an equally im-:-  portant rally against American: -.  action in Central America and;i  the one planned by the Coali--"  tion Against the Budget.        ,'y  Frank Fuller was in the oi-'x  fice the other day with an-;;  amusing suggestion that they-;-  all get together and call" the ';  whole thing "Peace, Land and r'  Bread". We all know what;;  happened the last time that,';  slogan was trotted out. ;"  Which brings to mind the :^  strange and ironic prospect that ;'  the   Socreds   are   really   the :-  greatest thing that has happen- Xx  ed. to the radical left since the .:;  1960's.   Can   you   imagine :  anyone else who could have :  united the unions, the teachers,  ;  the seniors, the women's move- ;'  ment, students, tenants and the  unemployed more quickly and. ;  thoroughly than the Socreds?  ::  Could it be that Bill Bennett is ���-:  the "Manchurian Candidate"?  '  \f ijjl^ipnpiiii    hi  c~" "i ������ v~ **  1  ��������������  ;**������  Editor:  I have just read a copy of a  lengthy letter to P.M. Trudeau  written by Liberal MP Paul  McRae of Thunder Bay-  Atikokan, which is critical of  the testing of the Cruise  missile.  One paragraph, in particular, should give us pause  for thought:  "Mr. Paul Robinson, the  U.S. Ambassador, has further  indicated in his statement supporting the testing in our far  North by saying 'the territory  resembles Soviet Tundra'.  There is no Soviet Tundra in  the trajectory path of Cruise  Missiles deployed in the NATO  countries. Our own department  of National Defence has gone  on record that this is the  weapon and the reason for  testing."  Is it possible that the next request from the U.S. government will be to acquire launch  sites in Canada?  In view of our government's  decisions yesterday to allow  testing of the Cruise in Canada,  we must all renew, with vigour,  our protests.  There is to be a mass protest  next Saturday, July 23, at 11:00  a.m., Robson Square in Vancouver. Let us participate. Let  us be heard.  We can reverse the decision!  Doris Fuller  Gibsons   \.  Anger and shame  ���: Editor:  y. i am angered and shamed by  % the decision taken by the  *- government of this country to  '/allow the testing of unarmed  X Cruise missiles over Canada,  ,., because by doing so it has in-  K creased our direct participation  . in the madness of the arms  "race.  '*" ��� The Cruise missile is not just  v another   missile.    It   is   a  -: qualitatively   more   lethal  ^. weapon. It can kill and maim  human beings with tremendous  accuracy. It can fly undetected  below radar installations and  its   small   size   makes   arms  verification - a necessary part  of disarmament - almost impossible.  It is sad to see our country  Gibsons  Public Library  Hours:  Tuesday 2-4 p.m.  Wednesday 10:30-4 p.m.  Thursday 2-4 p.m.  7-9 p.m.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  become ever more involved  with the misconceptions and  the shortsightedness of the  policies leading to the increase  of the arms race as practised by  both superpowers - the U.S.  and S.U. - policies which bring  us ever closer to the possibility  of ending all life on this planet.  Surely our responsibility to all  the citizens of the world  demands that we be more  courageous . in our political  decisions and that our positions  and actions reflect this  awareness and concern.  .. If our present silence and  complicity as individuals contribute to the horror of a  nuclear war, what will we tell  our children?  That is, if they are alive to  ask.  Sincerely,  Michael Burns  pages  Editor,  A new page started in the,  calendar. A page of days and  dates totalling up to one more  month. Each day and date full7  of living; full of meaningful  happenings. One more month  to live and love; to laugh and-  play; to cry and mourn. "    IX  All things being relative, a?  continuation, of   happenings  lived   through   on  the  page;  before. A mingling of the past  and   the   present.   Laying   a;  foundation which will have a  bearing on the future. A unity  of phases of time. Time takes  care of everything down to the  finest detail. As if time was  God's heartbeat. Beating ever  beating, never tiring. A time  for everything. All is measured  by time.  That page of jewels. Full of  moments of glory. Each date  sparkling like a most rare,  precious stone. Each one  holding hidden mystery that  unfolds as those dates are used  up. Each date a stepping stone  to better thoughts; more  achievements. Keeping in  mind the golden rule - Do unto  others as you would have  others do unto you.  Hopefully we will keep these  jewelled dates unblemished.  And to keep the page of dates  minus one chip, whole arid  glorious. May all who read  these few lines "rise on stepping stones of our dead selves to  better things"  Margaret Slinn  A harsh judgement  Skookum  -->--; ^**��"- '^^r^Tj(��yr  "'       Mm  Mark Guignard  My customers keep me so busy...  I'm busier man volunteer ducks trying lo stomp  oui Forest Fires:  1981  CHEVROLETM���,  3/4 PICKUP LONG BOX  power steering, heavy duty power brakes,  automatic transmission, 350 V8, heavy duty  chassis and springs to carry large camper.  dual tanks, cloth seat, AM radio, new tires.  sliding rear Window  SKOOKUM  DEAL  $6,495  HOTLINE  885-7512  Skookum Auto  I Dealer 7381 Sechelt ^  Editor,  Your July superiority musing over Margaret Atwood further shrinks my estimate of you  as a considerable man here.  It's a shame: including this  harsh judgement.  John Grames  Editor's  Note:  A thoughtful  comparison between Canada's  most successful novelist and  the man who is arguably the  greatest exponent of the novel  seems a valid exercise. If it's  cheerleading Grames wants  perhaps he should stick to  basketball.  ...And the winners of St. Mary's Second Floor Staff s Raffle are:  1st Prize, a cedar picnic table���Christa West; 2nd Prize, a Day's  Sailing���Tina Vanderhorn, a recent patient; 3rd Prize, an afghan  crocheted by Marg Sullivan, whose husband is an extended care  patient���Charlotte Bandi, daughter of RN June Bandi. Assisting  Mr. Aubrey Cobleigh in making the draw last Friday were (left to  right) Kaila Brand, LPN Bev Godkin, LPN Gayle Montgomery  and Dolena Brand. The Second Floor Staff's goal is to raise  $5,000 for the Variety Club Telethon next February.  r ��� ���   .- '   ^fK^ ���.'���   0mJ+   '^  (&<mzbu'B target |Mfi&^Ppf 3ftn? AwtUjuiw  ���* ��^  in  ^te^i'*  -XfTX.  Presents A Large  Antique Show & Sale  One Week Only  July 19 to 23  At The  TRAIL BAY CENTRE  9  Coast News, July 18,1983  Editor's Note: The following  letter was received by this  newspaper for publication.  Mrs. A. Hansen  St. Mary's Hospital  Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  Dear Mrs. Hansen,  I was discharged from St.  Mary's yesterday, the 8th of  July, after a week's stay with  what seems to have been a pretty virile form of pneumonia. I  was sicker than I can remember  ever being before, and feeling  generally miserable. My stay,  however, and despite the bleak  outlook, was saved from being  miserable by the excellent care I  received at the hands of your  wonderful nursing staff.  This sojourn in the hospital  was really an eye-opener for  me. Your nurses are incredibly  efficient, work like dogs, give  freely of their attention on a  personal basis, and on top of it  all, maintain such a bright and  cheerful attitude that one finds  oneself feeling better just from  contact with their positive mental outlook. I do not know  what the nurses are paid, but  whatever it is, it's not enough  by half. If ever I have seen a  group of employees earning  their wages, it is your nurses at  St. Mary's. I could not possibly  remember names for commendation, because there is not one  nurse who does not have a personal "thank you" coming  from me. I do not believe I  could have been better cared  for.  If British Columbia hospitals  all have nursing staffs of the  caliber of St. Mary's staff, then  we are surely trie luckiest of the  provinces,   as   I  just  cannot  think how the performance of  you nurses could be improved.  You and the nurses at St.  Mary's have my eternal  gratitude and admiration.  I hope any further contact I  3.  have with the nurses will not be  for health reasons, but until  then, I am,  Yours in the most  sincere gratitude,  Dal Grauer  r  -INDEX OF ADVERTISERS:  t  AC BUILDING SUPPLY. 6  AL'S USED FURNITURE 4  ARGOSHEEN 4  BONNIEBROOK LODGE 10  BOOKS AND STUFF. 16  BUSINESS DIRECTORY    11  CACTUS FLOWER        4  CAFE PIERROT    10  CEDARS PUB      10  CHURCH DIRECTORY 15  COASTAL TIRES.  16  COAST TOOLS POWER. 6  COAST MOTOR SPORTS 12  COUNTRY FAIR.. 15  DEVLIN FUNERAL HOME 4  DEVRIES CARPET  .4,12,16  DON'S SHOES 4  ELPHIE'S CABARET        .. .10  ELSON GLASS. .'   .4  EZ WAY MINI MIX 12  FERRY SCHEDULE    11  PAT F0RST- POTTERY 10  GIBSONS AUTO BODY.   11  GIBSONS GIRLS & GUYS 6  GIBSONS LEGION BRANCH 109    10  GIBSONS PUBLIC LIBRARY           6  I.G.A.....'..... 3  KEN'S LUCKY DOLLAR    8, 9  KERN'S FURNITURE: 16  THE LANDING GENERAL STORE 6,11,12  MAGUS KENNELS 6  MOTORCYCLE CLUB. .12  P& B USED BUILDING SUPPLIES      6  PIPPY'S FASHIONS AND IMPORTS.      6  RUBY LAKE RESTAURANT 6  SAAN STORE. 15  SEA CAVALCADE 7  SKOOKUM AUTO  3  SUPER-VALU 5  SWEETHEART BOUTIQUE 16  TIDE TABLES    11  VIDEO ETC..... 10  WALVEN.AUT0 BODY... .:.... .15  WATERWAY CARRIERS  16  WE BUY BEER BOTTLES.         6  PRICES EFFECTIVE:   WED., JULY 20th - SAT., JULY 23rd  PEOPLE  COME FIRST ��T  IGR  kg:a;  ���IV.--U    .-���''  .1 lb.  2.79  COFFEE  MARGARINE .1 lb.reg 2/.89  I.G.A. -Pure *���'*��  APPLE JUICE..,....   48oz. 1.39  I.G.A. - Choice #i��  TOMATOES 28 oz. .99  I.G.A. - Canned  VEGETABLES or BEANS. .14 oz .69  I.G.A. - Hawaiian  PINEAPPLE 14 oz. .69  I.G.A. - Prepared  MUSTARD...  .   750mi .99  COFFEE WHITENER...soogm 2.19  PINEAPPLE JUICE ... 48oz 1.29  CANNED POP..       .10oz. 6/1.89  I.G.A.-All Purpose n  FLOUR.    ...10 kg 4.89  ONION SOUP MIX...  2s .69  I.G.A. - Orange Pekoe .    n  TEA BAGS. .... 60s 1.79  I.G.A. __  FRUIT in PEAR JUICE ... i4oz. .69  MACARONI & CHEESE # M  DINNER 225 gm 2/.89  Regular or Diet n  7 UP or PEPSI  .750 ml 2/1.25  Plus Deposit  IMtEBIfE  Canada Grade A  BEEF BLADE  CHUCK STEAK . .Ob. $1 39) kg 3.06  Boneless  BLADE CHUCK  STEAK (lb. $2.09) kg 4.Ol  CROSS RIB  ROAST  (lb. $1.99) kg 4.39  Sunnymorn - sliced  SIDE BACON (ib. $2.09) kg 4.01  Tablerite  PORK, BEEF or  BREAKFAST  SAUSAGE (lb. $1.69) kg 3.lo  WS..   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Along >vith her sister and a girl  who lived next door, Nikki  developed a group who became  very popular and performed  for the next four war years doing Hawaiian numbers. There  was a period, when first married and having small children,  that Nikki did very little entertaining, but, since then, she has  formed several trios, quartets  and much larger groups.  One of the quartets, still  together after ten years, may  entertain us in Sea Cavalcade.  This group is in North ^Vancouver and has been inyitedto  perform for us. Another group  that Nikki has developed is the  "Mini Mob" who are young  children on the Sunshine coast  whom Nikki plans to. train for  Expo '86, and who will be performing during Sea Cavalcade.  A blood donor supreme  Mr. Frank Gibson of Davis  Bay is the first Sunshine Coast  recipient of a beautiful framed  certificate and medal honouring his one hundredth donation  of blood to the Canadian Red  Cross.  He has given blood three or  four times a year, except during  the war years, ever since his  first donation in 1942.  ^'/That was ih^Calgary, \wherr  Holy Cross Hospitd called the  nearby naval base for a  volunteer donor to give a  woman a badly needed transfusion.  He lay in one bed, and in a  bed beside him lay the woman.  In a direct transfusion, he gave  her 500 millilitres of blood.  Mr. Gibson felt fine. "This  isn't so bad," he thought,  "nothing to it.  remembering, "just like I was  hit with a hammer."  The   experience   obviously  didn't daunt Mr. Gibson, rwho  will be officially presented his  certificate by representatives Jof  the Red Cross at 3:00 p.m^pn  Tuesday, July 26, when ^arrives at the Sechelt Legion; to  make his one hundred andffirst  donation during the;2 B|^pd  ; Donor yCliriic^eing < held'#rere  i.V.i.--?i%��.  Roberts Creek  ^THen-��$sjtood? up; and���':fell;/  iai^in^ #-911^3:0Q:p.m. until 8:.q0]i*n  ******-^"-^-'-<-"--'.. x'XM X-rXxx^XXx;,: ;Xr:;i.- ',XXXxy^,~f~ ;'& *. r J*  by Jeanie Norton 886-9609  The Roberts Creek  Volunteer Firefighters had  their work, cut put for them getting to a call last Friday afternoon. A small cottage on the  beach at the bottom of the high  steep bank near Gulf Road was  nearly inaccessible.  It was an extreme case, but it  pointed out a few vital matters.  For one thing, the fire department can't do much for a property owner if the trucks can't  get at the fire. A narrow* winding dirt track may be satisfactory for cars, but think how  difficult it would be for a fire  truck carrying up to 1,500  gallons of water!  A specific description of the  location is essential when making a fire call. Narrow the area  down as much as possible; give  a specific landmark to identify  it, and have somebody ��on the  road to tell the trucks where to  go. Fifteen minutes wasted  looking for a driveway can  make a big difference to your  house.  Many people don't know  that renters can get insurance  on their personal property. It  may be about $100 per year,  but it's considerably cheaper  , than replacing all your belongings. .  . That's what happened to the  tenant last Friday...     ',X/XX-:-  Incidentally, thank you to  the gentleman in the Lincoln  Continental who so kindly lent  his services when flagged down  JUVENILE SECTION  The  Roberts  Creek  Community   Library   now   has   a  small section of books that  : should ��� appeal   to  teenagers.  Could be a boon on rainy days.  A "reminder that the library  will be selling its duplicates and  discarded  books   at   Roberts  Creek Daze this Saturday from  12 to 4 in front of the library.  SPELLBOUND COMING j  There'll _ be music at the  Legion next weekend, July 29  and 30, with "Spellbound".  Steve Gidora has played on trie  Coast several times with "Steye  and Steve" and "Spare  Change"  MAIL DELAYED      ,  Roberts Creekers had to wait  until 11:30 for their mail at  Roberts   Creek   Post   Office  because   of   a   new   policy.  Somebody   had   decided   the  mail should sit in Gibsons an  hour before it can be delivered/  to Margaret Gardner for sort- ���  ing   and   distribution.       ^,  DRAW POSTPONED "  Please note that the draw on ,  the Legion Auxiliary raffle has  been postponed until July 23.  I  L SANDAL SAL  Brazilian Leather Sandals and Thongs^  tender Tooties Sandals  Men's Leather Sandals  All Children's Sandals Halt Price!  Women's Fashion Shoes ;* Hang Jen Shoes  Women's And Men's Fun Tread Casual Shoes  Sumvcrsmt Shopping Contre,  Olfcuon**  i  -'~i���  xtm  386-2024  ���WM  PARADE  The parade entries are coming in and we expect a very  good participation again this  year, perhaps even better than  last. There was an error in the  entry form, there is no number  10. The entry fee applies to  numbers one, two, three and  eight only.  Call   Doris,   885-3620   or  885-2878 for those attractive  and durable plastic pom poms  for your float, only 15 cents  ,.; .each.- ;.-:���-.. X\.;���;���..: /:,.._���  ���.  QUEENS PAGEANT  The Queens Pageant got off  to a slow start this year but all-  difficulties   have,  been   surmounted and they are working  very hard. Not many know all  that   is   involved   with   the  Queens Pageant but I think  everyone should know that the  girl. selected to represent the  Town Of Gibsons is chosen  very   carefully.   She   must  prepare a brochure on the Sunshine Coast, complete with pictures depicting attractions for  tourists and be prepared to address groups of strangers on the  subject. Her personality must  be such that would enhance the  image of Gibsons arid the Sun- .  shine Coast. She must also be  attractive.  I feel very sad that Lisa  Bjornson was not able, because  of lack of funds, to travel as  much as other Sea Cavalcade  Queens. Lisa came very close  to being selected as Miss PNE  and we were very proud.  Please, let us all get behind  our new Queen, whoever she  may be, and give her all the  support we can. We are proud  of Gibsons-let's show it.  CAVALCADE LOTTERY  There are only 1,000 Sea  Cavalcade 50/50 lottery tickets  printed, to be sold at $5 each.  One half of the net proceeds  goes to the winners and one-  half to Sea Cavalcade. The first  prize winner gets 25 per cent, or  approximately $1,000, the second prize 15 per cent, approximately $650 and the third prize  10 per cent, approximately  $450, if all tickets are sold. Tlie  prize  number  cotffe.:SpJb\ix a ticicet^thrU;;!  andriikkfelsureyouV.Triendsbuy "'  theirs, thus ensuring a good  prize for the winner - you;  besides, Sea Cavalcade needs  the money to help pay for  fireworks, queen travel, advertising, hall rental, etc. Your  support is necessary and appreciated. Take a.chance or  two; win a cash prize and assist  with Gibsons once-a-year  festival. Tickets are available  on Saturdays in the mall, from  the Navy League, and some  ���participating merchants.  While on the subject of  financing, I wish to correct a  popular misconception..  Labatts Brewery does not,fund  Gibsons Sea Cavalcade. They  did, however, provide  Bluegrass Music for* the  Dogfish Derby, for two years,  which was enjoyed by all, and  they also.had .posters printed  for us. They jumped in and  assisted with their PA system  when we so badly needed them  and were cheery and helpful in  many other ways.  Sea Cavalcade funding  comes from dances, lottery  ticket sales, -booth rental,  fashion shows, donations and,  this year, from the Gold Night.  This year, Sea Cavalcade is  trying something quite new and  different which we hope will be  as popular in Gibsons as they  are in the rest of Canada. I  refer to Theatresports which, I  have been told, is the hottest  thing since basketball. It is catching on wherever an event is  staged, and a fitting prelude to  the Comedy Festival scheduled  in 1984.  The other new event is the  ultra marathon run and relay  run. Running is not new to the  Sunshine Coast, i.e., April  Fool's Run. There have been  many fine runs which prompted us to schedule a run of  runs. Allan Howie has been  challenging runners all across  North America so when he proposed a marathon run forSea  Cavalcade of 83 kilometres we  were pertain everyone would  agree.       :''Xx' ';;;\.  Once again, here are the  numbers to call if you wish to  secure a food or craft booth:  886-2306, 886-7355 or 886-  3780. To date, there seeiris to  be fewer booths than last year  and definitely not enough  crafts. We have requests from  Victoria and Vancouver but are  offering local first choice.  Used Furniture  and What Hav^ You  fiti  We l)uv Birr Biillh-s  886-2812  r  BLINDS  on  ;  ,   woven woods and  ;���; 1"; yeirietjan blinds ,.;  Ken Devries & Son  886-7112  UT. Sinclair .885-932  if^/n your time of need...  We CQTe. Some time each of us must suffer  the pain of loss . .. must hear the toiling bell that marks the  . passing of a loved one. At such a time depend on those who  understand .. .depend on our years of experience.  1665 Seaview  Gibsons  i-bjw  ���   " "��� aV^.s    ���>   \ ^>  CHECK OUR MIRROR ^^^^^  h ~.-; c-.\ -v- r-'urVi' -? l'^-- X 'x\ ^jyxx^yx-x^^Si  (J) ) Hury. 101 & Pratt lid. Gibsons    $86-7359x'-($) mfott m��"i��'i   �����"*>���. ���  Coast News, July 18,1^3  Prices Effective Wednesday, July 20th to Saturday, July 23rd    Super-Valu, Gibsons  B.C, Grown "Hew Crop" Early  bulk  Canada no. 1 grade  Fresh Frying  <u  Ml  .1:1  Canadai  Grade *+  Beef  outside  round  ��r rUITip rOaSt  boneless  A  ���i '���  *m  More Grocery  Values  Foremost  medium  More Grocery  Values  foremost  cottage cheese -129  breamed & 2% |500gm  Grade  dozen  Ovmn Freeh  cinnamon  nut loaf  499  I   450  gm  ��^^  Welch's ��� Concentrate  grape juice    1  39  341 ml  Oroweat  Totino's  pizza  3 Varieties  Berryland  peas  2  1  29  350  gm  extra crisp  muffins  8s pkg  Oven Freeh  jelly donuts  1  29  4S  Old Dutch  potato  chips  200 gm  99  79  1 kg  Safflo  Burn's Pride of Canada  sunflower oil  ���Tang  fruit drink 9/69  i t/oriatiac      0^0 ml   amaWM.B. VmW:%0-  dinner  ham  99  .3 litre  1/2s Cry-o-vac  Hunt'*  tomato sauce  J4 Varieties   250 ml  Reconstituted  juice  Nabobs Deluxe  1  19  1.36  litre  Super-Valu  8uoer-��alu  long  rice  ,398 ml  2  49  2.27  kg  349  120s  |454giH  life, print  Duncan filnem  muffin mix  3 Varieties     "  1  19  440  gm  White Swan  Tide or Cheer  4 69  1 4 roll  Kleenex  tissue  1  15  200s  Kraft - /^ocess, S/ng(e  "" ������������"���������'���'���'������' SOOgm  pkg-  detergent  6 Qt or S.7 Litre  4  69  6 litre  food sSices  ���i--' -��--~.'s��2_-_  -   1M    ' . ��� ���J^ffBff  -*.'��� ���*.������- A.-"-..*-..*-- .iri Coast News, duly 18,1983  Haljfmq^  Things looked bleak for Pig-pig when the thirteenth of a litter was  born to one of Lyn Vernon's sows recently. Weighing little more  than a pound and a half and unable to feed itself, the little pig's  days seemed numbered. The Hammonds of Soames Point took  him in, however, and now he lives the life of Reilly. Wrapped in  one of Dick Hammond's cut-off socks, Pig-pig is pictured above  having one of this every-three-hour feedings from Patricia. He  sleeps with a hot water bag in the bathtub and watches TV on one  of several Hammond laps. The only dark spot is the family cat,  which tends to terrorize the newcomer. It is expected that Pig-pig  will soon overcome this handicap, too. -Jo Hammond photo  Sechelt Scenario  by Ruth Forrester 885-2418  A VISITING VESSEL  On Thursday evening,I  noticed a most impressive lookr  ing ship docked at the Halfmoon Bay wharf and decided  to go and have a look. It turned  out that there was not one, but  in fact two ships berthed side  by side. The large one was a  160 foot ex-minesweeper by the  name of HMCS Chinecto and  the smaller one was a YAG.  The Chinecto was a most impressive craft and I was lucky  enough to be invited aboard to  tour the ship. :;X.  First Officer Lieutenant  Doherty was the charming  young man who so graciously  conducted the tour and gave: information. The ship is now used as a training vessel for'the  naval reserve and had a crew of  28, nine of these being trainees  from all over Canada., For the  benefit of all you mariners put  there I got some statistics such  as - displacement 438 tons and  gross tonnage 439 tons.  Country Fair invitation  by Peggy Connor 885-9347  OPEN INVITATION "  The committee for the Country Fair of Halfmoon Bay extend an open invitation to all to  participate in the events taking  place at Connor Park on Saturday, July 23. The committee  consists of Carol Kozij, Peggy  Connor, Larry Rearddn, Donna Perry, and Bunty-Pinker-  ton. Any questions can be  answered by members of the  committee.  Booth space still available.  Call chairman Peggy-Connor  885-9347 or Bunty Pinkerton  885-5373.  Startoff race is at 12 noon,  the fair opens at 12:30 p.m.  Watch for more details  elsewhere in this paper. A  grand program is planned so  come and join the fun.  BAKE SALE THANKS  St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary, Sechelt Branch held their  July Bake Sale in the Trail Bay  Mall on Thursday, July 14. A  bountiful supply of excellent  homehaked goodies went fast.  Convenor Mary Bannerman  wishes to give special thanks to  those members who came forward to fill the gap left with the  loss of Mamie Shaw.  MARNIE SHAW  Mamie Shaw, who died in a  tragic automobile, accident July  7 will' be sadly missed by so  many people. A valued  member of the Sechelt Branch  of St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary where she willingly  volunteered a great deal of  time. Quietly and efficiently  she assisted in her church and  other organizations, serving at"  Rockwood Lodge as a volun-  - FAMOUS  ASBORD  Sbrtitiifey:' St Sunday  Kids $5.50)  883-2269  Opai Dw6| 7 <l��. - 9 jml  QiSsons Qirl &* Quys  CLOSED  (one day only)  Tuesday, July 19th  '.��#        (open as usual July 20th)  * 886-2120  Summer  Clearance  Sale  xL/2om  Suirfmer Pants  Fleece Active Wear  1/8 Off  Skirts, Mini Skirts, X  Shorts i& Wrap-Shorts,  Camisoles,  Knickers  . & Blouses  teer, a dependable happy person.- ^ X      ��� .J        '...v.  IRENE DUFF & ..'",  GREENE COURT        J  The modesty of Irene-Duff  resulted in her name being left  out of the celebration of opening ceremonies of the recreation hall and; the first dinner  held there. X:;v     ^  Irene took on the job of  making the arrangements planning, the dinner etc.. From her  came the details for the item in  the paper and consequently her  part she played down. A salute  to Irene for her fine planning.  Both events were well supplied  with good food and fellowship.  RED BLOODED DONORS  NEEDED  The next blood donor's  clinic will be held at Sechelt  Legion Hall on Tuesday, July  26 at 3 to 8 p.m. This will be  the only blood taking clinic on  the Sunshine-Coast so If you  live in another area and wish to  give what only.ybu can give, do  come to Sechelt on this day.  The Sechelt  Legion kindly  donate their haU, the legion^  'Facfieif 'suppTyHm'e" reTrHKrnentr*  and   the   coffee;, .registered,  nurses donate their time and  expertise, St. Mary's Hospital  Auxiliary   supply   volunteers.  The   convenor   is   CharlOttcf;  Raines and the co-convenor is;  Billie Steele.  The whole show is put on byi  the Canadian Red Cross Socie-:  ty-' ������     ��� t ?*������"���'������; y  The exercise is very well run  and quite worth the little time it  takes.  See you there." ^,  on jobs  lack  Ray Skelly, our federal MP,  will be the principle speaker at  the-;Unemployment Action  Centre Open House at Sechelt  elementary school gym on  Wednesday, July 20, from 2.to  5 p.m. Ray will talk about the  unemployment situation generally in Canada and specifically oh th'e Sunshme Coast. His  speech will be followed by a  question period. The public is  invited to voice their concerns  and express their opinions.  Other invited speakers are;  Don Lockstead, our MLA,  who has been asked to comment on the hew provincial"  budget, Lorraine Goddard and*,��  Joyce Kolibas, -the mayors;of;  Gibsons and Sechelt, who will  ; speak briefly about the present ?:  economic situation in their  communities, Stan Joe, chief  of the Sechelt Indian; Band,\  who will describe the effect of  unemployment on the local v  native community, and rep- x  resentatives from .'CartaaaS  Manpower and the Ministry of-,  Human Resources who will:  describe their departments' role '  in timfe of high unemployment.   :  Entertainment and refreshments will be provided. The/'  afternoon will conclude with a ���  walk-around to provide  everyone with an opportunity  to meet and talk with the  speakers on a personal level.  ..���$.  When I. had first gone  aboard I did so with the help of  a rope ladder which dangled  .down the side and it was no  problem, but by the time I left  the tide had changed and th6  old ladder was miles hp from ~  the dock. Panic set ifrat that  point, but with the help of two  gallant young crewmen whb  held the ladder^ and on. whose  bodies I had to step i finally  returned to terira firma.  In all, it was a most interesting evening, and . my,  grateful thanks to those great  young fellows for their  hospitality. They were heading  out the. following morning to  be at the Sea Festival in Vancouver. And I had to tell them  with regret that there was/ not  much in the way of action for  them in downtown Halfmoon  Bay. -  COUNTRY FAIR  There will however be lotsof  action next Saturday, July 23  when the Halfmoon Bay Country Fair is opened at noon at  Connor Park. This will take  place rain Or shine, and there  will bea great spot for you ito  sit down, have a.rest and be  refreshed at the beer garden.  REDROOFFS TRAIL  In my role as correspondent  for the Halfmoon Bay area it is  up to me to try to keep track of  what is going on in matters  such as the Redrooffs Trail  situation. I have been keeping  fairly quiet about it for these  past few months owing to the .  fact that the legalities are being  investigated by the Ombudsman 6f B.C. However, I  must make some comment on  the utter garbage written on the ;  subject by someone, from Gibsons who obviously knows absolutely nothing about the  situation and who considers  that the solution is "Close the .  Trail."  She finds it strange that  anyone should have doubts as  to what should be done. I find  it equally strange that anyone  should have doubts when a  public access is taken over by  property owners. There is talk ?;  of tearing down a rock wall at a  public area in Gibsons because  it interferes with public access,  but we in the Halfmoon Bay  area are told that it's just tough  luck and that nothing can be  done. Rest assured that the  matter is by no means concluded and that .the legalities will  eventually be announced.  SCHOOL REUNION  Chas and Connie Hobbs of  Redrooffs made a sentimental "  trip' to   Saskatoon   for.  the  celebration of the 60th anniversary of Chas's school, Bedford     \  Road Collegiate. The couple   ; a  renewed many old friendships  and  had a���'��� great; visit  with'  friends arid family.  juality Spices  -���-  at  elightful Irjces  and  as an added bonus  r  'off  All Spices  This week-only  Free Balloon  with $5.00 purchase  ;:)  8BS-2S1B      ������%��  TOOL & EQUIPMENT RENTALS  SALES & SERVICE ��� 'SMALL ENGINE SPECIALISTS  RADIATOR SHOP ,  Pender harbour V       ' 883-9114  USED BUILDING SUPPLIES  Quality, used lumber, bricks, windows, lights, plumbing, etc.  P A BUSED BUILDING MATERIALS  11947 Tannery Rd., Surrey    >���  MONDAY-SATURDAY Sett-1311  We also buy used building materials  DOG & CAT  BOARDING  PET SUPPLIES   I  & TRAINING   I  Coast Vet Service I  Science Diet" Dog & Cat     |  Food bealer  flo6-8&68  ' Ify'Stf^  V^      ;*V * -*rV��f ��  BUILDING  SUPPLIES,  'RED HOT  T d)nly KffeillO - Copper Plated    TCTCIC  Fireplace insert' Was $95a^#-/D<  i briW ffee Heat Machine  Fireplace Insert  Was $875.  ^���'ji,-.  i Federal Airtight   cast iron  Was $395.  i Petit Godin  ���x$; ���' -x  "3;||^;|H���^ers7.;7  i^iylllais'Poor  Was $495.  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The LATEST advance In woodburnlng technology;  36" x 6" Project Stainless Stee!/''$39 99]  spy;p&;^ *^*er'^r.m   :'m  V'ii  fNOW  SUNDAYS  '^���ncis Peninsula Piace  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  HOME/.^LLl  I BUILDING CENTRE!  :��-*  V V  MaMWn4a��n��  mwttwr ^u��m ima WMt<  ���/A.  ^SiS.  <w��ii��p|Ml��Wii*ti�� ��� Uw^hmijiM  mMmmm  k l    'fi' i  ^ J  r  You Are Invited toe  MNE & CHEESE PARTY  hostd by Bruno Gerussi  and to the  at  Tony's Place,  Wed., July 20  8:00 PM  Admission $3.00  complimentary  io   t glass of wine  Vancouver's Longest Running  Comedy Theatre Event  is coming  to Elphie's  Mitt, 29, 30  Don't miss the excitement as  VANCOUVER, VICTORIA, CALGARY  and  THE SUNSHINE COAST  do battle in  The First Annual Sunshine Coast  THEATRESPORTS TOURNAMENT  Come early to avoid disappointment  Doors open at 7 p.m.���Admission: $4.  Different Matches Nightly  Sponsored by the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade in co-operation with  The Comedy Festival  Clip & Save  -tr *   -- �� *< ^  ����� --  THEME - 'BEACHCOMBERS'  Sea Cavalcade my 29  To keep yourself informed of ihe time* end dotes of ell the events, jjlfcsse dip oat end tove this schedule of See Csveleode Events.  PRELIMINARIES:  7:00 p.m.  July 19 & 20  8:00 p.m.   July 20  6:00 p.m.   July 28  7:00 p.m.   July 28  Fashion Show  "Gibsons   Summer   Glory"   at  Elphies  Cabaret by Sea Cavalcade Queen  Contestants (no minors)  Wine and Cheese Party  hosted by Bruno Gerrussi and  'Mr. Beachcomber* Contest,  at Tony's Place  Sea Cavalcade Queen Pageant,  Twilight Theatre -$2.00,  Seniors & Children under 12 - $1.00  Theatresports Tournament  opening night at:Elphies Cabaret,  Calgary vs Sunshine Coast,  Vancouver vs Victoria  r  BEST DRESSED BUSINESS  Many businesses are dressing up for Sea Cavalcade.  In appreciation, the Sea Cavalcade Committee will  provide a trophy fo��the "Best Dressed" in the theme  "Beachcombers"./sThe winner will beannounced on  Sunday afternoon^ flon '/itK^; -S.S^ Beachcomber"  Wharf and in the Coast News. > %*v     V  FRIDWJUWif  0H THE WHARF  7:00 p.m.       Opening Ceremonies  Sea Cavalcade Queen greets her subjects and  officially opens 1983 Gibsons Sea Cavalcade  7:15 p.m.       Traditional Boat Blow-up,  CBC special effects  7:30p.m.       The Great Sunshine Coast-  Talent Contest and Variety Show  10:30 p.m.       Daily Draw  10:40 p.m.       Annual Fireworks Display  and All Ships Light Up and Sail Past  ELPHIES CABARET  7:00 p.m.       Theatresports Tournament,  Calgary vs Victoria,  Vancouver vs Sunshine Coast  ,- &.  SATURDAY, JULY 30  11:00 a.m.  i'X--''  1  .   12:00 noon  J  "*?*'  .*"> i=��-  4:30 p.m.  Annual Kinsmen Sea Cavalcade Parade,  marshalls at 8:30 a.m., judging at 9:30 a.m.  DOUGALPARK  Family Day -  Contests:  Pet, most unusual, largest, smallest  Costume - Relic look-alike,  . Judge - Robert Clothier, CBC  ' Box Lunch Auction  ��� Bicycle - effective use of junk,  ���  artistically decorated  Poster - theme "The Beachcombers"  Children's Variety Show - E. Middleton  Games and Races, Midway,  Dunk Tank, (1984 Grads), Fishponds,  Food Booths & Crafts, Fortune^ Telling  Tot Lot (infants to 2 yrs.)  Band~Music (Fallen Angel) - tentative  NO PETS OH WHARF  ON THE WHARF"  4:30 p.m.       Talent Contest (Semi-finalists) & Variety Show  6:30 p.m.      . Talent Contest Awards  ELPHINSTONE HIGH SCHOOL  *f    9:00 p.m.  .    1983 Sea Cavalcade Queen's Ball  i,  10:30 p.m.     . Daily Draw  v'  GIBSONS WINTER CLUB (CURUN6 RINK)  1:00 p.m. to  1:00 a.m.  Beer Garden (Music.- Rillings Bavarians)  7:00a.m.  ELPHIES CABARET  Theatresports Tournament,  Sunshine Coast vs Victoria,  Calgary vs Vancouver  SUNDAY, JULY 3!  7:30 a.m.       Long Distance Run - 83 km  Ultra-marathon & relay runners begin, in  , Egmont ��nd finish at Gibsons Wharf  9:00 a.m..     Keats Swim  Keats Island to Gramma's Pub Dock..  Boaters .��� Please keep away from the SWIM  area between Keats Island and the  Government Wharf.  noon  Annual Horseshoe Tournament  1:00 p.m.       Sky Divers - Land off Armours Beach  i  Tug-of-war - challenge Greased pole  Log burling       ~ Broomstick races  Sidewinders?  ON THE WHARF  8:00 a.m. Gibsons Lions Pancake Breakfast  9:00 am. Kids Fishing Derby - Gibsons Wildlife Society  10:30 a.rri. Fitness Fest - Continuing Education  11:30 a.m. Open  1:30 p.m. Jam Session  2:30 p.m. "A Street Circus Scene" - Ensemble Theatre  3:30 p.m. Jam Session  -Runners as they arrive  5:00 p.m.       Awards to winners of Ultra-marathon Run  Awards to winners of Relay run  Gibsons Sea Cavakade 50/50 Draw  GIBSONS WINTERCUI8(CURUNC ��INK)  Beer Garden (Music - Rillings Bavarians)  1:00 p.m. to  10:00 p.m.  Open House     Saturday, Sunday & Monday  o  o  w  2  3:  w  c_  c  ��<  oa  CD  CO  J?  Ji'wV//��'*VV/i*'>&VA'itk^*"^iS^^ jffiBgi*ftg|S|Sjg?i^  i]Tlii"grTiir)TBTnr in win���������wruum  ��3.  8.  Coast News, July 18,1983  ���Ofr**-  o��vft  -'Vi'  OB  Day by Day       Item by litem  We do more for you in providing Variety, Quality  & Friendly Service.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  Gower Point Rd., Gibsons  886-2257  FREE DELIVERY TO THE WHARF  California  ��3  %sdl  I'.VliV'  fi&e&ms.  .>*  Local - First Early  Kraft  cheese  slices  Kraft  cheez  whiz  kg  /.79  500 gm  2. Off  fLocal or U.S.  BROCCOLI II  .500 gm  2.99  ��*��  WS*  'ftn  jM^  m  %,  >   <&***  California  NECTARINES  lb.  ��v p.'  /<?  '���-*��.-..  ^sfcjYM  5*   /,  ���- ?  ^jt  Weston Bakeries  hot dog buns :s  Our Own Freshly Baked  butter tarts 6s 1  H P sauce  .200 ml  Fortune -Whole. -  mushrooms 284mi  **> ���> -^ �����. *  ..   .......60s  Crisco  Oil  Doue  ������������������������  ..1 /i*re  2.29  liquid  detergent  Heinz  ketchup  Mouthwash  .375 ml  �� e ���    ��� ������������<&   flevtTw  1.29  4.49  Purina  cat chow  ji^f * - > t^**  SOOgm  �����8  New Curad Flexible Fabric  bandages    4o�� 1-59  Sunlight  12 litre  1 2 - 850ml Any Flavour      24 - 300 ml Any Flavour  $5.99 + Deposit $5��49 + Deposit  if  9  said my friend. "You should try Emma's favorite. Now I  have a certain mental affinity with pre-schoolers so I enquired further. It's name was "Banana Squish". I listened  with rising gall as its inventor told me how you got hold of a  ripe banana, squished it from one end to another so that its  contents sort of milked themselves into a dish. Then you added sugar and a drop of food coloring - choice of color optional and then you ate it with relish. There are times in  one's life when one realizes one has taken yet another step  towards maturity. I crossed bananas off my shopping 11 stand made brandi ed oranges - for growed ups only I  Brandled  8 oranges  I'A cups sugar  1 cup water  'A cup brandy.- .  2 tablespoons Cointreau  24 hours before you intend to eat this delicious dessert  peel the skin from the oranges. Completely remove  any of the pith.  Over a bowl cut the segments out of each orange so that  only the skin is left. All juice should drop into the  bowl.  Place the sugar and water in a saucepan. Stir until the  sugar has dissolved then bring to the boil and boil  uncovered for 2 minutes. Remove from heat.  4.'When quite cold stir in the brandy and Cointreau. Pour  over the oranges and refrigerate unjtil you are ready  to serve them.  5. Sefve in chilled bowls with whipped cream garnished with  a little finely grated orange peel.  '���'���; Happy hiccupingl  Nest Lewis ���J-9  ti  ��� ly'  H  ; **  ;    *  I    ������  y  !  |?  !   P?  i   f? ���  i   vr ���-*���  ,#'  3  .r.  .*  ;r  .#���  w.  .**���  a  "���a  Si'  %^>  Sj-Pv"  5  3  5-  i?  ���*.  ��^-pp  ���������.���?3t.  .*#  v4  :^  :rS*'  L-t.'|g,j  '���-^��x  ^p*t-4  ��� i*5'  Coast News, July 18,1983  9.  Fresh, Whale -  FRYING  CHICKEN Utf/ities    kg �� �� Omt  a       $1 05  Canada Grade /i ����. ��� ��� WW  BARON OF  BEEF  Medium Ground  BEEF  ************  mmwmm ^^hb ^b       ���������������������������  $R ISQ  Boneless Top Round kg ViU3  �����*�����������  SMOKEHOUSE  BACON  COTTAGE  ROLL  ���^   ^^  ^m^^   wmmmu mumm  Fletcher's  500 gm  1.98  ea.  Fletcher's  ...A/2skg    4aB I /b.     ��. - I O  -WE 00 FREEZER Decc  pops  .......... 12-50 ml  2.79  York - Concentrate  jUlCQ    355 ml  2.99  Reynolds's - A/uminum  foil wrap  30.4 cm x 22.8 m  Duncan Hines  muffin mixes   1.19  440 gm .   -^     ���**  Hereford v  corned beef     1.59  198 gm  Sun Rype *  apple cider. .89  1.36 /ita?  coffee mate    2.29  500 3m  i^a^lJSCWAi^C^  Valu Plus - Standard Whole  tomatoes     2/1.00  398 ml  Heinz  beans       :.398mi .69  In Tomato Sauce or with Pork- -     ������  Christies .  fig newtons  450 gm  Christies  neapolitans  250 gm  Heinz  white vinegar  1 litre  1.99  PORT-k-MUG  ��� A new idea for your car, or  truck.  ��� Mug base stick* on your dash  or console so that yoti can have  that.morning coffee on your way to  work without spitting.  Reg. $1.98  SPECIAL PURCHASE PMC!  $1.49  f  BUTTER  MELTER  by Kitchen Master  ��� handy little hotter, melters, can  also he used as a spoon rest.  Reg. $1.99  SPECIAL PURCHASE PRICE  by Bill Edney  (1983)  "THE BEACHCOMBERS" JULY 29-30-3 f  The Annual Sea Cavalcade weekend of fun and community spirit is onjy.ien days away. Please turn to page 7 of this  newspaper for full details of events. Publication of the information is costly, and therefore will only be done once. CLIP  and Save the Sea Cavalcade Schedule of events.  Preliminaries start as e<arly'as this week; The annual  fashion show will be held this year ait Elphie's Cabaret on  two. dates, July 19th and 20th at 7:00 p.m. A wine and  cheese party, hosted by Bruno Gerussi, takes place at Tony's  Place on July 20th, 8:00 p.m..v!;V- /}  ''REAL WIN"  Winner #153  Christie Wlndle  Gwen Robertson has appeaJed for some "physical" young  rnen^tp help in setting up equipment, booths, stage, etc. If  you.jean lend a hand, please offer your services to Gwen by  phoning her at 886-3780. Her organizational skills have  done wonders for us all in making the Sea Cavalcade a success; in recent years, but she needs more help,'.- more  workers.    ,  ; I am also asked to urge people to enter the various contests, such as the Swim, the Long Distance Run, and "Mr.  Beachcomber*' contest. The "Mr. Beachcomber" contest is  lGIBSOJ��S|  IFISHI .  MARKET]  a fun thing, - the funniers, the more comic, the better. It Is, I  am told, not a most handsome face or figure contest, nor is  intelligence a prerequisite, - but humour Is. So, think up a  good comical dress-up, or set-up, and do it!  Don't forget to turn but for the annual parade and  fireworks show. To keep yourself informed of the times and  dates of all the various events, please clip but and save the  published Schedule of Sea Cavalcade Events.  Inserted as a tribute to the  Sea Cavalcade Committee. May they  have our full support and patronage,  as thanks and encouragement  for their efforts on our behalf.  Open 7 days a week  9-7 M��>n.-Thurs. 9-9 Frl..Sat.,Sun.  deep fried  Landing Bkraatiy &  } Ilac*l>��r Shop  OPEN ��� 6 DAYS A WEEK\  I.k I'UM'tl  886-9021  SSD GrQcery Draw Wiriner  HHtt-7&HHh  Mon. &p Tues.  July 18th &. 19th  (Staff training program)  Nee yoM.TliMrsdtty.  &  3 Hairdressers  to serve you.  886-30 J 6      A  Varirtp  Deli and Health  AH Henry's  Bakery Items  available  here soon.  8186-2936 jlffiyg'Mfy "qy  10.  Coast News, July 18,1983  erence  by Marion St. Denis  The field of childrens'  literature will be explored by  panelists Heather Siska,  Florence McNeil and Iari  Bateson. at the. Festival of. the  Written* Arts, August 5,'6 and  1. '   "  Is A Poem", as well as a book  of fiction for adolescents;  "Miss P and Me".  ���ajJThe oils and water-colours of Joan Warn, above, and the batiks  ^of Joan Bist are currently showing at the Arts Centre in Sechelt;  '.'"������.-..' ���Fran Berger.photb  I  I  fa  Good Friends  Fine Foods.  I      Together At   Cacfo TUfTOU  K %  w  k -J     Wine. Beer Licensed  ESPRESSO BAR  TEREDO SQUARE, SECHELT  8*5-9962.'  r 10-12 Nopn^fe;  Great Lunches,    Saturday  Everyday!     ' Saturday 5 p.m.  ^= ENTERTAINMENT'  All This Week  Niels Peterson  Connie La Beau  & Friends  SATURDAY  JAM SESSION  Come Play Or Listen  ilL#L��-'-'_Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  886-8171  ���    Heather Siska  Heather Siska is deeply involved with the rights, culture  and education of children; She  is a teacher, social worker and  child consultant arid serves on  the Provincial Child Care  Facilities Licencing Board for  the Ministry, of Education and  also on the Board of the Save  the Children's Fund.  Siska writes a regular colum '  for the Journal of Parent Co>>  operative Pre-Schools International and a children's column  for   a   Hungarian/Canadian "  journal. She is associate*editor  of Living Heritage, the jpurnal  of the office of the cultural advisor for B.C. and also wrote  the  "People"  series  for the_  quarterly Canadian Children's  Magazine.  Siska is presently working on  a social studies text commis-"  sioned by. the B.C. Department -  of Education. Her book "People of the Ice", one of the,  "How ' They  'Lived   Series"*^  published   by   Douglas   and.  Mclntyre of Vancouver is in  the libraries of B.C. elementary  schools.  Ian Bateson  An important aspect of  children's book popularity is  the quality of the illustration.  Ian Bateson, illustrator, was  born in Quesnel, educated in  England and graduated from  the Lancaster School of Art  and Design. He freelanced in  London for two and one half  years before returning to  Canada. Since then .he has  done illustrations for such  periodicals as "Vancouver  Magazine" and is now regularly employed by Douglas and  Mclntyre where he 'illustrates  their'/'How They Lived Series"-  and other ..educational productions. -      \ .      -' ,  y  SHIFT  Fri. & Sat.  July 22 & 23  Music by:  Brian Swanson  (Keyboard*)  Lance Ruggles  (Drums)  Myles Williams  (Ban)  Lome Baron  ���    (Lead  1  In The Lounge  Members & Guests Welcome  J  #ttoo/r^  .'  Gower Point Road  -  . " Gibsons, BX.  886-2723  DEAR SENIORS:  You may already be aware that Adam McBride is here on  Friday evenings' starting at 6 p.m. His organ recital includes  golden favorites for the young at heart.  But, did you know that you can order from our luncheon  menu even though it is evening? Or if you prefer fish and chips\  ($3.50) or our t>alad bar ($3.85) are also available.  Yours sincerely,  Sheila Field  P.S. ON SATURDAY EVENINGS WE HAVE A  SMORGASBORD AS A REGULAR FEATURE.  OUR SPECIAL RATE FOR SENIORS IS ONLY  Just ln>   VIDEO GAMES  Player & One Cartridge $3.00 per day  i-i-^i  ��� ��� ������  MIIMireER77  SUMMER SPECIALS  * TUESDAYS TO THURSDAYS *  TWO MOVIES FOR THE  PRICE OF ONE  (MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS)  RECORDER WITH ONE MOVIE  ONLY $10.00  VIDEO  VHS Recorder Movie Rentals & Sales  Sunnycrest Plaza, behind Chevron Self-Serve  Tues-Thursv. 11-S; Fri & Sat. 11-9; Sun. 12-5  .���'������������   Florence McNeil,  Florence McNeil, born, raised and educated in Vancouver,  has taught at the University of  Calgary and UBC in the fields  of   children's   literature   and  creative writing. She is author  of several books of poetry such  as "The Silent Green Sky", ;���  "The   Rim   of   the   Park",'  "Walachin", "Ghost Towns",  "Emily", "A Balancing Act"  and "The Overlanders". She  has also written two books on;  teaching  poetry  to children;  "When Is A Poem" arid "Here  July 18-23  Sponsored as a public  service by the Sunshine  Coast News & John R.  feoodwin, C.A.  Phone 24 hrs. 885-2456  Vancouver 669-3022  Note: Early announcements will be run once, then  must be re-submitted to run again, no more than one  "* month prior to the event.  ,-."-" ���- Coming Events -\\;      ���,-1 r  Al-Anon Meetings every,Tuesday night at 8 pm, St. Adians Hall, Hall  RdM Roberts Creek.Information call 886-9059 or 886-9041.  Sunshine Coast Navy League of Canada Cadets and Wrenettes, ages  10 to 14, will meet Tuesday nights 7-9 pm, United Church Hall, Gibsbns.  New recruits welcome.  Wednesday  The Sunthln'e Coast Peace Committee will hold its next general'  meeting at Creekhouse Restaurant, Monday, .July 18,^7:30 p.rn. ���  Everybody welcome. -: .���.- ,US '" C  Wanted: Lonely men and women over 40 and single who would like to -  have somewhere to go on a Friday evening, who enjoy meeting new  5 people and music pf the 40s and 50s, in a pleasant, sociable at-,  gmosphere. First meeting to be held on Friday, July 22,8 p.m. at SU Bar-' i  tholomew's Church Hall, corner of Hwy. 101 and North Road. Please  call 886-7295, 886-9200.  /*��-'4.-?1? ,���:-���' -7-n.'  lOXx^i-'^ ���&�����%  i   -j;'-'- ��:  RegyUr Events  K"S.  'i'~"  Monday  I Elphinstone Pioneer Museumin Gibsons is now open Monday through  ''Sunday between 10 am-4 pm  \ Pender Harbour & District Wildlife Society. Regular monthly meetings .  will now be held on the 4th Monday of each month.  1st Gibsons Guide Co. meets on Mondays 6:45 pm-8:30 pm at United  -'Church Hall, Glassford Rd., Lower Gibsons. Girls 9-12 welcome.  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary: Second Monday of each month, 11 at  Roberts Creek Legion.  The Sunshine Coast Dressing Society meets every 4th Monday to make  non-cancer dressings for the Coast Garibaldi Health Unit; 10 am-2 pm.  Volunteers���men and women needed. "'"';-' ��� ".-..  Roberts Creek New Horizons meet at. the Community Hall each Monday 1:30-3:30 pm. All welcome.    .  Senior Men's Volleyball commencing Monday the 13th of September,  ^Elphinstone gym 8 pm. ���   :������- Tuesday ���X.:X  "'��� .~x'x ���;"-,'���;  t The Women's Aglow Fellowship's regular meeting is held in Harmony  ��� Hall, on Harmony Lane, Gibsons, at 11:30 am every 3rd Tuesday. Lunch  served. Information phone 886-9774 or 886-9567.  Sunshine Coast Arts Councilregular meeting 4th Tuesday of every  month at 7:30 pm at the Arts Centre In Sechelt.       ���   ' ...  Sechelt Crib Club every Tuesday night at 8 pm, Sechelt Legion.  Sechelt Garden Club meet first Wednesday of each month 7:30 pm St.  Hilda's Hall. Except Jan., July and August.  Kiwanis Care Centre Auxiliary Gibsons meets every 3rd Wednesday'  each month 8 pm at the Care Centre.  Timber Trails Riding Club 1st Wednesday of the month 7:30 pm Dayis  Bay,Elementary.School.' ,'  Gibsons Tops Meeting every Wednesday at 6:30 pm In the Marine  Room under the Gibsons Library. 886-2906 or 886-2819.  Sunshine Lapidary & Craft Club meets 1st Wednesday every month at,  7:30'���pmrinformatfoh 886-2873 or 886-9204.    '   .  Pender Harbour Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital meets 2nd Wednesday  btevery month 1:30 pm at St. Andrew's Church Hall, Hwy'-101..New  members welcome.:: ,  ' ��� ������;:;; ���;.���  Port Mellon Hospital Auxiliary second Wednesday of every month 1:30  pm; 886^937^  -Thursday  Roberts Creek Legion Bingo every Thursday. Early Bird, Bonanza, also  Meat Draws. Doors open at 6 pm. Everyone welcome.   '   V '  The Bargain Barn of the Pender Harbour Health cilnlc Auxiliary is open  on'Thursday afternoons from 1-3:30 pm. ;N  Al-Anon. Meeting every Thursday In Gibsons at 8 pm. Information call  886-9569 br 886-903??.7; v..'���' X.X-,    ;��� ';. '.':'J���. ���'.;..;"��� XX.     :'��������� .XX.  The Kinsmen Club of Gibsons & District welcomes young men 21-40  years. Meetings 1st & 3rd Thursdays 8 pm Kinsmen Hall, Dougal Park,  Gibsons. Call 885-2412: ;;:,.: '"'..���-:''      : *   , 7  Gibsons & District Chamber, of Commerce, general meeting on last  Thursday of every month, 8 pm, Marine Room.'";-���:.:-'        .   ���;;    '.  Western Weight Controllers Branch 154 meet every Thursday 1-3 pm at  United Church Fellowship Room. New members welcome. For more information call 886-7378.  Friday  Sechelt Totel Club Bingo every Friday, Sechelt Indian Band Hall. Doors  open 5:30. Early Birds 7-pm. Bonanza 7:30 pm. Regular Bingo 8, pm.  100# payout on Bonanza end of. each month. Everyone Welcome.  Thrift Shop every Friday. 1-3 pm. Thrift Shop, Gibsons United Church  basement.  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre noon to 4 pm. 885-2709.  Ladles Basketball Elphinstone gym 7-9 pm.        '������,,.  Ladies Night Tatll?llS  Thurs., July Jtl ��� ^^ Wfm ���   ^mw  Sorry, guys..   No admittance 'til 10:00 p.m.  Saturday  Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship. Breakfast meeting every 1st  Saturday of the month 8 am. Ladles also welcome. Call 886-9774,  886-8026. Praise the Lord.  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre 1-4 pm. 885-2709.  The Bargain Bam of the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary Is open  on Saturday from 1-3:30 pm.      .  \  \f Coast News, July 18,1983  1*1.  Additional funding for the  position of Co-ordiriator of the  Community Job Creation Programme has been received,  thanks to efforts by Mr. Tom  Voss,7 Project Officer with  the Canadian Community  Development Programme  (CCpp) and our local Community Job Co-ordinating  Committee.  " Sechelt alderman Ken Short,  chairman of the committee,  said co-ordinator Judy Gates  CARPET  CLEANING  Trie   most , efficient > stearn  cleaning on the Coast. \  Ken Devries & Son  886-7112        ^  had "done a fine job" in the 19  weeks she held the position.  $900,000 in grants from senior  governments and $650,000  from private business was injected into our general area,  and Judy helped obtain a large  portion of that for the Sunshine Coast. V  Employment was created for  120 people, a healthy boost to  our local economy.  Vdss' then located funds remaining from a programme  which had been completed  ahead of schedule, and arrangedfor their transfer to the  Sechelt-based position. I  The funding allows a four-  week extension of the coordinators job; until August  u.x^rr'xx xxrrry--:  Persons wishing to contact  Ms. Gates vi^  : Regional   District   offices,  885-2261.      :  7  The "complex issue of temporary building permits for  roadside'-markets in Gibsons is  expected to be raised at today's  [Monday, July 18] j Gibsioris  cduhcil plahriing meeting.  : The' issue arose two weeks  ago when councilrequested a  staff report on the control of  roadside fruit and 'vegetable  stands in the Gibsons area.  In his report, town administrator Jack Copland  V outlined the complexity and  ethics of. limiting roadside  markets and pointed but that  by-laws limiting such enterprises could jeopardize the  lower Gibsons Sunday flea  market, as well as the.Centennial Market on Gibsons wharf.  Copland's report considered  the "competitive aspects of  . itinerant roadside stands" and  the question of "maintaining  equity with these persons and  the proprietor who has made a  long-lasting contribution to the  community through purchase  of property, improvements  , thereto,   payroll,   property  taxes, sewer and water user  rate, and a source of continuity.".  - The report was also cognizant of a potential "hue and  cry" from the public if markets  were disallowed.  Four options for council's  consideration were outlined in  the report: banning issuance of  temporary building permits for  retail itinerant sales of any  kind; amending business  licence by-laws to ban roadside  sales; banning roadside sales  everywhere in Gibsons except  the marine zone; or banning  roadside sales everywhere in  Gibsons except in the  downtown revitalization area.  All four options have advantages and disadvantages which  council will have to sort put if it  hopes to deal with the. issue.  Request for the report is believed to have come about as a  result of the fruit stand owned  and operated by Bob  Wickwire, which is located adjacent to Andy's Restaurant  across from the high school.  /U-r  ',-1      VRESH Coffees &. Teas ��Quality  spices ��� Wine  &Beer making supplies ��� Nuts & Candy ��� Cards ��� Plants & Wicker ��� Souvenirs & T-Shirts S,       ?-<  -X Lower   Gibsons  886-2818. a   ,ot   more- ~J  APPLIANCES  Sunshine Coast  MISC.    SERVICES  ELECTROLUX CANADA  ��� 4724 Marine Awe..  Powell River, B.C.  ^  Please call 485-2693 for Service..  Now serving the Sechelt Peninsula;  for bags, filters, repair service & demonstrations^  AUTOMOTIVE  SANDY'S  COLLISION   REPAIRS  ���ICBC Repairs, ���Fibregiass Repairs  ���Painting & Auto Glass        ���������� *%m**m  . ��FrM EitlmalM S83-2O0O  Klalndala, Pandar Harbour   R.ft'.M, Oardan Bay, ��.C. VON 1 SO  Directory  Need this space?  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Langdale  6:25 am; 4:30 pm  8:15 '5:30  10:25 6:30  12:25 pm   8:30  2:00        10:20  Lv. Earls Cove  6:35 am   4:35 pm  8:30 6:30  10:30 8:20  12:20 pm 10:10  2:45  Lv. Saltery Bay  5:40 am   3:40 pm  7:30  9:30.  11:25  1:50 pm  5:30  7:25  9:15  NEW MINI-BUS SCHEDULE       Effective   luly 4/83  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  Leaves The Dock, Secheit     Leaves Lower Gibsons Rre  for Lower Gibsons Rre Hail     HaH for The Dock, Sechelt  8:40 a.m. 9:10a.m.    '������..  9:50a.m; .11:30a.m.  2:30 p.m. 3:45 p.m. (Mon. 4 Tubs.)  4:00 p.m. (Thurs.)  Wednesday and Friday:  Leaves The Dock, Sechelt  for Lower Gibsons, Rre Hall:  Leaves Lower Gibsons for Langdale:  Leaves Langdale for Gibsons:  Leaves Lower Gibsons Rre Hall  for The Dock, Sechelt:  9:15 a.m.  12:30 p.m.  3:20 p.m.  9:45 a.m.  10:25 a.m.  10:35 a.m.  1:10 p.m.  4:00 p-.m.  <**  V  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SER VICES  Port-Mellon to Ole's Cove  Commercial Containers Available  885-9973 886-2938>  ; t  24 Hour  LOW BED SERVICE  Peninsula Transport Services Ltd.  886-2284   886-3829  "\  V.  1  11  <9  t  Garry's  Crane  Service  . Tandem Truck  6 Ton Crane        r"  16' Deck or 40' Trailer j  886-7028    Garry Mun del I  ^W*  Gibsons, B.C.  Camping & Trailer Park>  Licenced Restaurant  General Store  Lloyd & Sheila Fieldf  886-2723  rf"  Gibsons  Telephone  Answering  Service  ; For Information caII  Is our  886-7311 or  886-7568  WSJ0*" :  business  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  - CABINETS ���  886-9411  Showroom: Pratt Rd. S Hwy 101  Open Sat.  10-5  or anytime by appt.      j    Y-yX X       1  '^���**"*"7"~-~TTTTn 11 - niif iiriifi'injiiL  '^$m^m<^mmm;t^>yg  Fully insured  4 Ton Capacity ^^^ marine transport  24 Hour Service  886-7374���  Serving Howe Sound & Sunshine Coast  ������ Crane Truck Delivery       '  j    "  EXCAVATING  r M^xw^^^y^  ��� septic Flews ��CKca��8��ons * Clearing ���  Rtt'd Rd. '���; '7~       ��� X 888-8071 /Gibsons  \.-x'Xxxy:;...-,:-yx:xr,:;--,-x    ���   .-.-:,-.      J  Backhoe & Cat  pustom clearing, septic tanks, power poles,  water lines, roads. Free estimates.  886-9875        886-3907 eves.  Ross  Excavating Itd.  For all your Backhoe Needs  Roberts Creek Eves. 885-5617  1*& L CONTRACTOR^  Landclearing, road building, logging,  tree removal, excavations & gravel.  8 Yd. Truck   886-9872   after 5p.mv  GLASS  886-7359  Conversion   Windows,   Glass,  Auto.&  Marine Glass, Aluminum Windows  & Screens, ��������� ���       ���   "    ���   '      '���        Mirrors  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  HEATING  LIQUID  GAS LTD  VETERINARIAN  Dr. W. Lawrenuk  Magus Kennels 886-8568  Pender Harbour 883-2353  RENTALS  Hwy   101   Sechelt  between  St. Mary's  Hospital and Forest Ranger's Hut.  Mon.-Fri.   8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  i CANADIAN J  8B5-2360    .  SEASIDE RENTALS1  Domestic Industrial Equipment  and Truck Rentals   2 locations  Gibsons to serve you  Hwy. 101 & Pratt  886-2848    J  Sechelt   Inlet Avenue  ^ 885-2848  TREE TOPPING  VIEW DEVELOPMENTS LTD.  Clean up your wooded areas.  Remove lower limbs for VIEW.  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About 60 of the Thursday  Senior Golfers played in four  member teams in a Hidden  Team tournament. The team of  Tom  Milsted,  Fred  Dowdie,  Bill Mueller and Geoff Trant  turned in a score of 141 to take  first  team  low  net.   Second  place team by half a point with  a 141 Vz was Jim Budd, Logan  Wright, Alec Warner and Bill  Grant. Closest to the pin at no.  8 green was Bill Sutherland.  On Tuesday, the ladies battled for points in the popular  Tic, Tac, Toe game, Ann Burton garnered 19'/2 points to win  top spot. Celia Meda was second with 19 points. The ladies  second team was scheduled to  play an inter-club match at  Seymour, but the match was  cancelled due to heavy rains.  Third team journeyed to  Langara July 12 and defeated  the Langara ladies 41-31.  The nine-hole players played  the first day of the Marg  Langdale 9-Hole Eclectic.  Sheila Smith and Dorothy  Fraser tied with a low net 37.  Second low net was Isobel  Cowley with a 37 Vi.  The finals of the men's Summer Medal Play tournament  was played last week. After  some very keen and close  games, Al Dean and Bill Bader  both played excellent golf to  reach the final match. Al Dean,  a very good low handicap  player, had to play par golf to  be able to match Bill Bader's  high handicap. The match was  decided at the 14th hole when  Bader went five up with four  holes to go. Congratulations to  Bill Bader, who had to compete  against some tough golfers to  enable him to come out on top.  Boris Medi played his way back  into contention to win the consolation round.  Keep August 4 open on your  calendar for a special membership meeting to decide on the  proposal of an extension to the  clubhouse area, prepared by  your long range planning committee.  - The Sunshine Coast Golf  Club, which is applying for an  improvement and building  grant from the NEED  secretariat, received approval  in principle from the regional  board Thursday so that  negotiations for the grant may  proceed.  It is thought that approval  from the NEED secretariat is  " very close. The grant reportedly will include funds for  a "make-work" project on the  course itself and funding for  expansion of the club house.  Approval from the membership for the specifics of the  grant will be sought at a  meeting.  Now here's a challenge no  runner worth his Nikes should  be able to refuse.  Your chance is coming to  join in a run with some of the  best long-distance runners in  the country���on a basis which  lets you be real competition to  them.  The SEA CAVALCADE  ULTRAMARATHON on  Sunday, July 31 is the brainchild of Al Howie, who has invited runners from across the  country to join him in the 83  kilometer trek from Egmont to  Gibsons.  The run, which Howie hopes  will become an annual event,  will increase by 1 kilometer  each year until 1986, and will  then remain at 86 kilometers, in  honour of Gibsons' Centennial.  To encourage more local  participation, the run has been  sectioned into a four-stage  relay, each stage equivalent to  the distance of the April Fool's  Day Run, approximately 13  miles.  Runners from all of the  Coast's  communities  are  in  vited���no, challenged!���to  form teams and compete both  against each other and against  the ultramarathoners.  If you want to run either the  whole distance or on a relay  team, please call Fran Berger, at  886-2622? or 885-3577,' or Rob  Liddicoate at 886-2274.  ���... It is being arranged for runners to stay overnight in the  , Egmont Community Hall to  make the 7:30 a.m. start a little  eiasier, and if you can lend  either sleeping bags, air mattresses or foamies for the occasion please call Iris Griffith at  883-2434.  Weather slows track  This month's adverse  weather has caused the  postponement of BMX racing  in Gibsons until August. Rain  has delayed work on the track  for pedal-bike racers which is  being constructed on land  donated by Mrs. Henderson on  North Road.  Although an application for  a NEED grant to assist in  developing the track was unsuccessful, donations of the use  of heavy machinery, and of  materials, have allowed work  to go ahead. The track has  been cleared, and 36 loads of  Fastball  schedule  The schedule of games for  the week is as follows:  Tuesday, July 19  GBS vs Weldwood    (Hac 1)  Bluenosers   vs RCMP (Hac 2)  Wednesday, July 20  Cedars        vs Weldwood   (Hac 1)  GBS vs WSI (Hac 1)  Thursday, July 21  RCMP vs Kenmac (CG)  Hacked #1 - Hac I Hackett #2 - Hac 2 - .  Cedar Grove - CG Langdale-L  Wilson Creek -WC Roberts Creek -RC  Chatelech - Chat  fill have been brought in but  with three feet of water where  the "over and under" will go  in, work has been halted.  BMX riders can assist in promoting their sport, by participating in the Sea Cavalcade  parade. There will be a BMX  float and all BMX'ers are urged to ride in the parade wearing  any racing gear they may have.  DURADEK  The only waterproof deck  covering that won't crack or  peel.  Ken Devries & Son  886-7112  OUTBOARDS  REPAIRS & SERVICE  Specializing in  OUTBOARDS &  STERMDRIVES  MOST MAKES 8. MODELS  PROVINCIAL MOTOCROSS  jK ^m^<.  CHAMPIONSHIP  RACES  The Sunshine Coast Sea Lions began practices last week tor their five Vancouver and five home games  in the Lower Mainland Pee Wee Football League. Gary Groenke, a constable with the Sechelt detachment of the RCMP, is coaching the 10 and 11-year olds. -Fran Berger photo  Sunday, July 24th  Racing Starts 10:30 am  SHARP!  SOME OF THE TOP RIDERS  IN CANADA  COMPETING FOR  TROPHIES  & PRIZE MONEY!!!  Bring the Whole Family  Admission $3.���� ��� 12 & under $1.00  . 1 Mile North of Sechelt  Airport ��� Follow the Signs     \  from Field Road.  Moto-cross club  hosts championship  The Sunshine Coast Moto-  Cross Club will host a 125 cc  class B.C. Championship series  race this Sunday, July 24, at  the new track near the Gibsons-  Sechelt airport on Field Road.  Events begin at 10:00 a.m.  with practice sessions starting  at 9:00 a.m. Spectators are  welcome and parking is  available. The track is located  east of the airport with access  at the south end of the landing  strip.  COAST  NEWS  CLASSIFIEDS  Books & Stuff  until rvcjbn Saturday  "A F?r-I��riclly P��opl�� fine.  This year, every recognized  moto-cross track in the province will host events in the  championship series, a new innovation in the moto-cross  competition. On August 28,  the Small Wheel schoolboy's  series will be held at the track  and on September 25 the Open  and Old-Timers event will be  held.  Local moto-cross organizers  are also trying to arrange for  regular jalopy racing at the .  track in the near future. Jalopy  racing was a popular past-time  on the Coast 20 years ago,  when regular races were held,  on a track in West Sechelt.:  Anyone interested in further information can call 885-9509.  Cubic Yard  of Concrete...  PENINSULA  MARKET  Groceries  Sundries  fishing Tackle  Timex Watches  Open  9 a.m. - 9 p.m.  7 Days a Week  Davis Bay, B.C.  885-972 i  TIDE TABLES  Tues.,.  0005  0740  1505  1920  Wed., J  0045  0825  1615  2100  Thurs.,  0125  0905  1710  2205  Fri., July 22/  0200 13.2  0945 2.8  1750 14.8  2255 11.6  Sat., July 23  0250 13.0  1030 2.5  1815 15.0  2340 11.4  Sun., July 24  0345 12.8  1110 2.3  1850  15.0  Mon., July 25  0010  11.1  0415  12.8  1140  2.5  1915  14.9  Pt. Atkinson  Pacific Standard Time'  NOW AVAILABLE...  To deliver one Cubic Yard of Concrete at a time.  E-Z Way Mini-Mix makes projects such as  sidewalks, driveways, curbs, patios, etc., a lot  easier and faster!  PHONE US TODAY  FOR MORE DETAILS!  E-Z Way 4 Wheel Drive One Yard Mixer will;  - Custom mix to customer's specifications  - Deliver to those hard to get at places  - Deliver sand or gravel (one yard at a time)  - Load on a barge for service to Keats & Gambier Islands  - Supply concrete after 5 p.m., weekends, and holidays  - Weigh all loads for accurate and uniform delivery    -  For Daylight Saving Time ADDJHOl-mfJ  E-ZWay Mini-Mix  "Find the hardest job yea know of,  give it to tha laziest man yea km* of  and  he will show you the E-Z est way to do it!" Coast News, July 18,1983  I  I  Taylor's Garden  Bay Store  883-2253  Madeira Park  Pharmacy  9414  IN HALFMOON BAY  B & JStosre  88S-9435  mmmm insicHiummmm  Books & Stuff  885-2625  Emma's  SS5-9345  Davis Bay  Peninsula  Market  885-9727  immmm robots creek swsss  Seaview Market  34��0  I  I  !  1  *.wsm8����8mm in gibsons mmmm  1  I  a;  s>  s.  Adventure  Electronics  Radio /haek  886-7215  ^SWS^aat Lower ViltageSMMm  Coast News  88D-2622 .  ; 3�� ^��*Jpp��*tte$''/ -  -'"'  ii. Hkuti /-     "'.    X ''  \ i% WfcntetT '\ , ,-   ''  IS. AWS**'^;  |Si :c<M��^����Br* , ->    ,  >  I  Goast News Classifieds  Oh the  Sunshine Coast  First in Convenience & ;  First in Service  Drop off  your Classifieds  at any one of our  Ffiertdlij People  Places  Son the Sunshine Coast  3 floor A-frame home, exterior complete, for sale  as is. Lrge. panhandle lot,  potential view on O'Shea  Rd., Gibsons, new subdivision. Offers. 886-2847  eves. ' >     ���   #30  Roberts Creek 9/10 acre.  Park Ave., treed, stream at  back. $38,900 eves.  885-3183. #30  3 bdrm. view home in Gibsons; by owner. Priced to  sell. For info, please  phone anytime. Clear title.  Scotty, 886-9527. #30  Bargain mid '60s, 4 yr. old,  spaa, 4  bdrm., 2 bath.,  bsmt., home. Landscaped,,  rock FP, sundeck, wd. ht.  886-7588. #29  For sale or trade 5V2 acres  Prince George for house  or land on- Sunshine  Coast. 886-7366. #29  In ideal location for all services. 1800 sq. ft. full  bsmt. home. Super insul.,  new flooring & paint, 4 br,  2 bath, Jenn-Aire kitchen  w/cedar nooki 2 FP with  heatilator and BBQ built-  in. Lg deck w/carport  under. 1 br. suite rough-in  in bsrrit. Lg. assum.  111A% mtge. FP $99,500.  886-7668  #31  Ocn view Ige lot Davis  Bay. Clrd, serv. Arbutus  off Laurel Rd. $45,900.  885-2838,112-437-5160 #31  Ocn vw Ige lot Davis Bay.  Clrd,   serv.   Arbutus   off  Laurel Rd. $45,900.  .1121-437-5160 #29  39.3 acres. $79,900. Smuggler's Cove area. Fantastic price, can be|sub-  divided. Zoned 5 . aSras,  hydro and. watej|l,pri  Brooks Road. Well ^treed,,  minutes from ocean: Bob  Philips res. 112 937-0634  or off. 112 324-10341  Cathay Pacific Rlty. Ltd.  ��� "-.#29 ;  Roberts Cr., Henderson  Rd., 3 bdrm., unfinished  but liveable, 1,200 sq. ft.  house with full bsmt.,  shake rl.,-. elec./wood  comb, forced air heat, wd..'  windows, 3A ac, close to  beach. $73,000. 885-3881.  #29  r���:.;,..x ���..'������. "  The Coast News  office is closed  on Mondays.  Kennett/Doran, David and  Linda announce the birth  of their "first child, a son  -Dylan Michael David  Doran on May 11, 1983, 8  lbs. 4 ozs., at Richmond  General Hospital. Proud  grandparents are Ursula  and Michael Doran of  Belleville, Ont. Edith  Edney: of Gibsons, and  Richard Kennett of Tex-  ada Island; a great grandson for Mrs. Ruth Melissa  Bryant of Vancouver and  Mrs. Rose Allore of Tweed,  Orit.     , #29  Reward for return of lost  blue jean vestie around  Kiwanis Way. Mail & car  keys in pocket. Please  leave keys at desk in-  Kiwanis Care Home.    #29  Gold chain with black coral pendant on Ocean Ave.,  in Sechelt on Saturday July 9. Call 885-3743 for  reward. #29  In r MemcHftitins  Greaves; in loving memory  of a dear wife and mother,  Helen Elizabeth who passed away July 22,1982. As  we loved you so we .miss  you, in our memory you  are near. Loved,  remembered, longed for.  always, bringing many a  silent tear. Sadly missed  by all family members. #29  10.  [Tets & livestock  e  Personal  J  If someone in your family  hstS}l a drinking' problem;  ^QU^nJsee what it's do^  fng'itp^hem. Can you see*  whatjitjlsidoing to you? AV  Anon-can. help. Phone  886-9037 or 886-8228   TFN  St. Jude pray for us and all  who invoke your aid.  Amen. LB.. #30!  Love, loyalty & intelligent  companionship. Shelties.  From $150. 885-2550.    #31"  Nubian Alpine cross goat,  good natured, ready to be  bred. 886-2520. #29  Purebred,   English   Springers, now 4 weeks old,  very   good   potential .for:  hunting dogs. No papers.  $^25   each.   Aft.  5%"pm.X  80^4rxX xMX'XXX #30  Now Open ;.T  ; Reed Road kennels "X'x  Boarding   for:'  horses,  XX; dogs, cats, or?  :X Check Our Rates  .X'X;.- 886-8424  .':  #31  Watchdog. Shots,  neutered, trained. Good  with kids. Moving. $150.  885-7273 ' #29  g  Wanted  'CN* A lllfclWHIP ftl^V^BTI!ftllHI4Bt  ,,   The Sunshine Coast News  preserves the right to classify  .'advertisements   under   ap-  ' propriate headings and deter-  "mine page location. The Sun-,.  shine   Coast    News   also  .reserves the right to revise or  reject any advertising which in  the opinion of the Publisher is  in questionable taste. In the  '.event .that any advertisement  is. rejected, the sum paid for  the   advertisement   will   be  refunded.  fcli^^^gkk^iMJSl^^^  Minimum $4.00 par 3,line insertion. Each  additional, line $1.00. Use our economical 3  weeks for the price of 2 rate. Pre-pay your ad  for 2 weeks & get the third week FREE  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS  ARE FREE      ���  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found  No billing or telephone orders are accepted except  from customers who have accounts with us'.-  Cash, cheques or money orders  must accompany ail classified advertising  ,$S^f-?**A\<�� *< ^ A^K- i<\^^W<^P^ii^^%'S^^ W��StaM&3wroA&:  m  NOON SATURDAY  Please mail to;  COAST NEWS Classified, Box 460. Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  or bring in person to:  The COAST NEWS Office in Gibsons  CAMPBELL'S SHOES or BOOKS & STUFF in Sechelt  MADEIRA PARK PHARMACY in Madeira Park  I  t             J-         ���    _  ir           T....rr~T   .    i i i i   i  li  I;  1  K  1  I  I  ft  J.   CLASJSBFICATSOW: e g  ft'  NO. OF ISSUES  U  nnn  E-- -^m^         x  rnzn:   ~ri - - -   ,   , ,,    ,  For Sale, For Rent, etc.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  1  I  I  I  Tony and Henrietta Tim-  mers of Falkland, B.C. are  pleased to announce the  forthcoming marriage of  their daughter. Reana to  David Nestman, son of  Leo and: Doreen Nestman  of Sechelt: ;.   #29  B.OHEART FOUNDATION  I'm. Memoriam tributes are  gratefully received and  will be devoted solely to  Heart Disease Research.  In Memoriam stands and  envelopes are. located in  all Banks and Credit  Unions on the Sunshine  Coast. Donations will be  acknowledged with cards  to the bereaved' and  receipts to donors.  ��� ���'. .#2?';v'-Y  Bed and breakfast  available. Close to beach.  Semi-private baths. Ph.  886-9232. TFN  ART LESSONS  with Lyn Williamson; oils,  drawing, children, adults  at Granthams. 886-8723   .-  #30"  LOGS WANTED  Top Prices Paid for  4i Fir-Hemlock-Cedar  L&K LUMBER Ltd.  ���������.'J Phone 886-7033  'y Sorting grounds,  -.    Twin Creek .  ' TFN-  Dishwasher in good shape  for very little cash or free.  88*9342. TFN .  House, or land to buyV  $3p:-40,000. Call, 8-5,  886?2291, after hours,  886-8325. Karen. #30  3 kittens'to give away. Ph  886-8691 eves. 886-8312  days. #29  Free   Persian  tens. 885-7265  stock  kit-  #29  V'  Sechelt area. Silver shell  pendant with moonstone  setting. Sentimental  value. Reward. 883-9043  #29  Orange tabby, male, white  flea collar. Lost in the  :Grandview & Pratt Roads  area. 886-3804. ' #29  I  ROYAL CITY  ANTIQUES  is here  at the Trail Bay Centre  Sechelt  ANTIQUE SHOW & SALE  1 Week Only  July 19th-23rd  ���   ^  Dble. sz. water bed, padded   leatherette   rails,  drawers, etc. $175.  885-5385 #31  Crib and mattress $50.  Classical guitar & case  $75. Ph 885-7974 #29  " 's -*��,<,'   's/^; "'4   '' >, '       1  'X*'**'- ^ -'{,* >>,'y,v-''yS,,' . i  ���-*M*x,r4/,>: >-y &//-' \  ^yy>yftm^^yf  "���     '��� "    *-4r,:.X!,.y*:k-.:.<    '  New aluminum canopy  with bubble windows, fits  8 fb Ford or Dodge box.  886-7312. #29  MINI ��� SAT  Incl.T dish  ail electronics & cable,  $1,995.  Green Onion Stereo  Port Mellon, 884-5240.  Young dog, brown with  white on paws, underrteck  & tip of tail. Looks as if it  has broken off its chain.  Call 886-9715. #29  Female small dog. White  feet, choke chain. Twin  Creek Bldg/area. 886-2291  886-8325 after 5. #29.  DURADEK  The only waterproof  deck covering that  won't crack or peel.  Ken Devries  & Soiii  886-7112  Lawn turf -top quality turf.  Prompt & reasonable  delivery. 946-8311.        #35  Sofa bed, $90. Persian  design carpet, approx.  ffx.^', $140. Suede jacket,  blue, lined, size 12/14, $25.  All in good cond. 885-9881.    ; #29  Kingsize waterbed for sale  -includes veloiir pads,  waveless 90% fibre mattress plus spare mattress.  $550. Contact  886-8421. #29  Toshiba TV 105 chan.  remote control with RCA  video recorder (portable).  Also has remote control'  playback, $2,700.. Sell for  $1,900,883-9918.       .    #30  25' sloop full set sails sips  5.. Brit Seagull mtr. Exc.  cond. $4000 886-9202   #29  Brown armless chesterfield converts, to single  bed. ; $65.0BO   885-9237  FARM FRESH /  VEGETABLES Lettuce,  chards, beets, snow peas.  Tony Archer 886-7046   #29  2 pc chesterfield & chair.  Naughahyde good cond.  Old fire hydrant collectors  joy. 885-3908,885-5618 #29  "Must Sell" brass bed.  Queensize. Best Offer.  886-2903 after 6 pm.     #29  One set of scuba diving  gear. Complete except for  tank & weight belt. $550  firm. Call 885-3743       #29  Woodcraft airtight w/hot-  wafercoil. 1 yr. old. $375.  886-9205. #30  SCREENED  TOP SOIL  $15/yd. Delivered  $25/   Pickup Load  886-9739  SKYLIGHT  BLINDS  Energy   efficient   arid  controlled solar rays.  Ken Devries  & Son  886-7112  is"-���,  % r<x  I y'     y\.\ " -"XX,';vi.  eves, v  JL  ?;#3iv  Iritelevislolrj id^ciHWdges  $400. OBO 686-7823 ���   #30  17 YEARS EXPERIENCE  COMMERCIAL &  RESIDENTIAL  885-2923      885-3681  Chesterfield, gold, 7" long,  $135. Loveseat, striped,  $120. Both exc. cond.  886-8562.5 to 9 p.m.     #30  Top   quality  Washington  alfalfa   hay.  Competitive  prices. Free del. 886-2353.  #31  Leather-look maroon  couch $1250 OBO, 3 pee  Samsonite hard type luggage $50. All in good  cond. 886-2797 #31  Pool (table, slate, coin  operated. New felt. Includes cues, balls, etc.  $850. Ph. 886-8040 or  886-8213. #TFN  Moffat   apartment-size  stove. Excellent condition.  ; $100:886-9096.   ^;        #30  Toshiba  Remote  886-9103.  colour  TV   19".  control.   $275.  \ #29  Table with six chairs $75;  airtight wood heater $650.  Ph. 886-2711 #31  Electric stove, washer,  dryer, fridge, deep freeze,  2 beds & mattress, couch,  chair, dresser, garden  tools, electric mower,  manual mower, deep fryer.  Port Mellon 884-5267    #31  Home & shop cut & weld  outfit with rods on wheels;  4-24"x24" alum windows  sgl. glaze; new';True  Temper" fert. spreader Vi  pr. new car roof racks Vi  pr.. Ph 886-2957 bet. 5&7  p.m. #29  350  Hobart  welder  with  trailer, $1,300. 886-8181.  #30  Multicycle Inglis auto  washer $295. Guaranteed  & delivered. 883-2648. TFN  SATELLITE ^YSTEMS '  Buy locally at lowest, city  prices as advertised in TV  Guide. Complete systems  from $1995. Call Ed today  at 883-2778 for demonstration in your home,  SUNSHINE  SATELLITE SALES  #29  Largest Selection  ART SUPPLIES  On The Coast  Cosy   Corner   Crafts  Sunnycrest Mall; Gibsons  886-2*70  Wing-backed arm chair,  $50. Matching arm chair,  $50. Child's car seat, $35.  All good, clean cond.  886-7098; #29  . - The Flying Sausages  -Gibsons,. ready for your  party. Phone: 886-7376  11-5 p.m., 886-3971 after  6:30 p.m. #30  10 foot fiberglass boat.  Good condition. $175 obo.  Phone 886-9192. #30  ���77 Ply. Sport Fury, PS/PB,  air cond., cruise control,  63,000 mi., new brakes,  snows, $2,300. 886-2623.  #29  '67 Dodge Dart, $300 obo.  Ph. 885-3537. #29  '71 Chevelle, small V8, gd.  run. cond., $300 obo. 72  Chev van, V8, exc. cond.,  work truck, $650 obo.  886-8263. #29  Collector's Item: 1957  Morris (Monor) convertible. Running but needs  work. $1,000 firm.  886-7831. #30  1981 Ford F-100, PS/PB, 4  spd. man., canopy, 14,000  km, $8,100.886-7041.    #29  '73 Olds Delta. New  engine and tires. Runs  well. $400.885-9881.     #29  MGB, red, good shape,  good top, tires, etc. Motor  needs work. $2,800 obo.  883-9342.    / TFN  1978 Ford Lariet 150 with;  canopy.    Immaculate.1  70,000  km... $5,300.   1*982  Renault Le Car, 7,000 km,  new   , condM     $5,500.  886-7924. #30  1978 Pontiac Lemans, 4  dr. Sacrifice at $3,000.  Phone 886-9557. #30  '79 Bronco 4x4. PS/PB,  auto 351. Excl. cond.  35,000 km Never driven  off road. $10,900. Ph.  886-7287. TFN  '81 Datsun 200 SX, fully  loaded, exep., air, new  cond., silver/grey, $7,995.  886-3730. #29  K&C AUTO WRECKING  Stewart Rd. off North Rd.,  now open Mon. to Sat., 9  to 5. Ph. 886-2617.       TFN  '79 Horizon, good condition, reasonable price.  886-9717. D.L. 7424      TFN  1968 Chev Impala Super  Sport, auto., PS/PB, running, needs few repairs,  $375.885-2464. #29  USED EQUIPMENT AT BARGAIN PRICES!!!  jdf^n  /^7  I  CALL FINNING!!!  BC Day SPECIAL Aug. 1st.  Household estate sale.  1290 Dougal, Gibsons.  12-3 pm. #30  Yard sale Sat. July 23 rain  or shine 10-2. Grandview  Rd.   Follow   signs   from.  Bonniebrook. #29  FT-2920-1974 Gat D8K Track-type Tractor w/A-dozer. ripper, mulli-stiank beam, 2 barrels, R.O.P.S. U/C @ 40%, 26" extreme service shoes. Sealed and Lubricated Track. Good condition.  : ;���;..������:  ............. ..;'..  Fair Buy  ;-'��� FT-3165-1974 Cat D7F Track-type TractW.w/double ��h angle-dozer. R.O.P.S. U/C ��  50%, 22" shoes. Sealed and Lubricated Track. Steamed, serviced 81 painted.  ��� \, ���.;... :  .As Is  FT-3160-1968 Cat D7E Track-type Tractor w/A-dozer. blade, winch, R.O.P.S. U/C fair.  Good operating condition.  ���������.:,. :.................. .-���'.......;........ .As Is  FT-3264-1963 Cat DSC Track-type Tractor w/A-dozer. winch, r.o.p.s. u/c 0 26%.  Good ranch Cat.       ' / '���'���,.������  '....;��� :'...;'.  .As Is  FR-4999-1974 Cat 931B Track-type Loader w/multl-purpose bucket. 7 teeth. R.O.P.S.  U/C@ 25%. Runs well..       ��� -..-.   ,: :,'.���:   '-.;   '   :  ���.     ~   ;..;....:..;..... X:rr.rX:x.xx.: x........... .as is  FT-2624-1972 Catj950 Wheel Loader w/grapple. OP. sidsdump bucket. 9 bolt-on teeth.  Tires 20.5 x25 -16 PR & 30-40%. Good wbrklna condition.. '     -  ........ ....���". .\;.; -....".'... .'.-���":.......-.-. X..,.. v...... .Certified Buy  FR-4963-1978 JCB 3C Backhoe Loader w/24" backhoe bucket. Tires 9.00 x 16 @ 50%.  , . # ���.;...��� Fair Buy  PLUS...OVER 300 MORE UNITS TO CHOOSE  *NEED A RENTAL UNIT...CALL US*  $65,000  $35,500  $35,000  $22,500  $18,000  $52,000  $24,500  FROM!!!!  FINNING  mam ^��w/^.w^-iiiwfew^  CsttrpiKir. Ol and O *rt Trtdrmarti ot Cttrpttr TrpcW Ox  _   Call now!!!  Walker  Vancouver (Bus) (604)872*4444  Langley (Bus) (604) 533-1244  Langley (Res)     (604)533-2373  !  I  \  t  i  >  I  i  <  t  i  i  i  %  !'������  It.  I  I  I  &  'i.  i. T^if^s^rrt^iViy-.-iirifiiriiaa-it-.^^.^i i n��^.i  14.  Coast News, July 18,1983  wm;y  Good wood hauler 66 Merc  ���   352 ex. body just tuned.  Burns little oil $700 OBO  886-2667 #31  "Must Sell" 76 Datsun PU  82,000 m. Exc. running  cond. $1300 OBO 886-2903  after 6 pm #29  '75 Corvette, burgundy  with blk. Ithr., 4 spd.,  PS/PB, PW, 60,000 mi.,  new brakes, clutch, tires,  rad., alt., real looker.  $9,999 OBO. Partial trade  cons. 886-8064 #29  1976 Dodge 4X4 power  wagon, heavy duty short  box, PS PB trans & eng in  good shape new paint.  $2950. Ph 885-21 OS or  886-2762 #29  74 Ford 250 PU logging  box new tires new paint.  Good shape. $2500 firm.  886-2529 #31  1968 Volvo station wagon  w/ sunroof $800. Ph 885-   '���  5282 #31  1980 Ford Fairmont station   wagon.  41,000  km.  Deluxe. $6500. 885-9595  #31  74 Dodge Colt SW, clean,  runs well $1400 OBO; 68  Chev PU, can still take a  beating, $500 OBO. Call  886-8245  #31  79 Ford Courier, 2.36, 5  speed,   long   box   with  canopy. $4,100. 886-2332.  #29  ���hxr/'?x7:rx.fx}r%  1971 Yamaha 250 D.T.,  exc. cond. Extra bike for  spare parts. Must sell.  $450.885-3149. #30  1980 Suzuki GS 400, 8  valve head, mag wheels,  7,000 km, $1,450.  886-7041. #29  Leaving country. Yamaha  .650.   18,000   miles,   exc.  cond.   $1050   OBO   Ph.  885-5596 #29  Honda XR 185 9000 km  $600. Ph 886-9329 #29  76   Suzuki   GT750  26000  orig. mis. exc. cond. Must  sell   $795.   66   Triumph  Trophy 500 gd cd. $795.  885-5301 #29  X<?y  2-3 bdrm. hse. Lower Rd.,  Roberts Crk. Exc. cond.  Yard, carport, quiet ioc.  $400/mon. Avail, immed.  Ph. 886-2704. #30  Fircrest Rd., 3 bdrm. family horns in quiet area. Near  school. Full basement.  $500/mon. 886-9277.     #30  Housekeeping room - to  clean, quiet adult. Robert-  son's Boarding Hse.  886-9833. #30  Trailer, $350 month,  washer & dryer. Avail. 1st  Aug. Gower Pt. Rd.  886-8267. #30  1 bdrm. cottage.  $350/mon. Incl. fr., st,  cable, TV, util. No pets.  Avail imm. 886-2401.    &.6"  Cozy, self-contained cottage for single working  woman for res. or holiday  retreat. Across street from  beach, within walking  distance of Lower Gibsons. Reas. rates.  886-8373. #30  ���WS  1971 Toyota SW, not running, whole or parts.  885-3149. #30  23' trailer. Stove, fridge,  furnace, sink, HWT,  shower, toilet, 110V  hookup, storm windows,  prop, tanks. $3500 OBO  886-7859 #31  1974 Dodge 20'  motorhome. Lg 3 way  fridge, new brks, 41000 mi.  Ex. cond. $12,000 OBO  886-8656 #31  Responsible woman with  1 child wants to rent 2  bdrm. house in Roberts  Creek area stg. Aug. 1/83.  Ref. available. 885-7458.  #29  Caretaker available with  references or inexpensive  house to rent. 8-5 call  886-2291; after hours  886-8325, Karen. #30  Dry storage shed or barn.  Phone 886-2353. #30  Responsible woman with  1 child wants to rent 2  bdrm. house in Roberts  Creek area stg. Aug. 1/83  or September 1st. Ref.  available. 885-7458.     #29  Responsible   woman   &  baby wish cozy home or  cottage in Rbts. Crk. Aug.  1st. Refs. avail. 886-3805.  #30  Superior 2 bdrm.  townhouse, Farnham  Gardens, Gibsons.  886-2654 or 228-1961.   #30  Gibsons. Bungalow with  appliances, Lease for 1 yr.  at $375/mon. Couple or  single person. No dogs.  Refs. 886-8680 days,  886-8284 eves. #30  3 bdrm. home. FP, dining  rm., $450. 886-8107, Gregg.  .     ���      #30  2 bdrm hse retired cple only. Behind RCMP. Box 119  c/o Coast News Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C. #30  Furn. bsmt. suite. Utilities  included. Washer & dryer.  Central Gibsons. $350.  886-8281 Call before 8 pm    #29  2-3 bdrm home with app.  Full bsmt, exc. cond.  Waterfront, view, Lower  Gibsons. Lease 1 yr. $450  mo. Aug. 1 Ref. No dogs.  886-9641 #31  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICES LTD.  Topping - Limbing -Danger  Tree   Removal.   Insured,  guaranteed   work.   Free  estimates, 885-2109.  .       TFN  Qualified Painter  Reasonable   Rates.   886-  r9749. TFN  For pruning, fencing, haul-  tag away, low maintenance gardens or any of  your gardening needs, call  . Matt Smalj, 886-8242.   #30  Pat Korch Const.  Custom framing & foundations. Renovations & additions. Design & drafting.  A Complete Building     ;  Service  886-7280        ..    ,  TFNp  foundations,   framing,  renovations,     siding,  finishing:   Jim   BuddJ  886-8771. TFN  kLL'.' ."!_.'v'..'.'. 'X/XX    '."./''/yy.XXSXir   '.  -~~"*>&-  mii'iWili^l-riiiM  Thinking of starting your  {own business? 18x8 ft.  itrailer, swing up doors on  sides   -   owner  ifinance. Steve 883-9551.  TFN  Landscaping and garden  maintenance, ornamen-  . tals, shaped hedges trimmed, fruit trees pruned  and sprayed. Phone  886-9294 after 6 p.m.   TFN  CARPET  CLEANING  The most efficient  steam cleaning on the  Coast.  Ken Devries  & Son  886-7112   *:  w.  Irrr &. xWmx*tettkx< -,  ^  ��**���**--  MHHt  17 foot boat, Volvo motor  & leg. Motor completely  reblt. $2,500.886-3769. #29  28' Uniflite, electronics,  318 power. Good cond.  $27,500. 886-7204 or  886-8107. #30  18 ft. Glasscraft deep V  with 150 hp Merc OB.  $3,500. Ph. 885-2100.    #30  Comm. premises for rent'  immed. 1,000-1,800 sq. ft.  Lease basis. Phone  886-8138 or 886-2141. TFN  2 bdrm. home nr. Madeira  pk. nr. to school & shops.  $200/mon. 883-9407.     #29  1 prs to share Ig 3 bdrm  house in Gibsons.  Trklebrk Rd. $200 per mth.  Share utl. Ph 886-8064 ask  for Brent. #29  1 bdrm apt. Furn. with  view in Lower Gibsons.  Newly decorated. Ph  278-9224. #31  Gibsons 2 bdrm, Vi bsmt.  $450 pm:~ Contact Dennis  at 886-8107.;;      *~:��,#29  2 bdrm semi-furn. waterfront cottage. Avail. Aug  1st. 2 bdrm duplex unfurn.  avail, immed. Sorry no  dogs. 886-7377 TFN  Harbour -&  HoishUs v  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD  Insurance Claims  Condition and Valuation  Surveys  Phone 885-9425  Spacious 1. 2. & 3  Dedroom suites available immediately in  family building. Small  pets considered Heat,  carle & storage space  included.  886-9557  Offices  For  Rent  2nd floor, above Gibsons Building Supply.  12x25 - $300/month,  21x18-$350/month, (includes utilities.  886-8141  Keith or Barrle  Custom 15 ft. Tunnell hull  powered by 1977 75 hp  Johnson, on trailer. Trim  props, steering, etc. 70  mph capabilities. $3,000  obo. Mark 886-9100.     #30  Boat trailer "Easy Loader"  dual axle, good tires, electric winch. Suitable for  launching and storage.  $500.883-2467. #30  16' Starcraft 80 HP  Johnson OB & trailer.  $1800. 40 HP Johnson  $400,885-9017 #31  12* sailboat F/G main &  jib. Complete, eve.  886-7079 #29  Classic International 14'  sailboat all wood const.  Built1948. 4 sails, with  trailer. Ex. Cond. 885-2188.  #29  28* Cruiser with command':. & park, Gibsons. 886-9527  bridge. Twin 165 hp Chev. ��� ���'   #31  500 hrs. $25,000. 886-8656.  #30  2 bdrm. upstairs duplex, f r.  & st., FP, walking distance  of Sunnycrest Mall. Ht. &  lg. incl. Ph. 886-9862 after  6:30 p.m. Avail, immed. #29*  Clean, 2 bdrm. mobile  home, (50x10) on Bryan  Rd. -Silver *. Sands. Year  round rental, $190/mon.  (206) 927-0751 before 8  a.m. #29  Community Hall for rent in  Roberts Creek. Phone  Debbie, 886-3994, 7-10  p.m. TFN  3 bdrm. WF house, Pender  Hbr. Incredible view, laundry facil. Dock 1 blk.' away.  Wood floors, high ceilings.' For August 1.  883-9342. TFN  Roberts Creek 2 bdrm  house. FP,. wood heat.  885-3429 evenings.      #29  Holiday accom. or bed &  breakfast. Near boat ramp  Hardwood Floors resand-  ed and finished. Work  guaranteed. Free est.  Phone 885-5072. TFN  House Painting  Interior & exterior. Call  Sam Dill, 886-7619.       #29  NEED $3,800  for tuition, etc. Energetic  engineering student will  do maint..,  gardening ���a n'y -  thing! Brian 886-7963. #29  TIMBERJACK SKIDDER &  OPERATOR, 886-2459. #29  DRYWALL?  Free estimates. Lots of  refs. Call Joe, 886-8583.  #29  Fowler Const.  Framing & foundations.  Renovations & additions.  Siding, sundecks, kitchen  cabinets & plumbing.';  ComiiJete,,.house const.  ,886-7309/ X.XX     ^-   #29.  Journeyman bricklayer &  carpenter available.  Reasonable rates,  885-7286. #30  Carpenter, all stages to  build. Work guaranteed,  refs. Ph. 885-5602 aft. 6:30  p.m. ' #30  Building contractor, 20  yrs. experience, finishing,  framing, renovating, concrete and glass work. Call  Barry, collect, 743-9495. ;  #30  MOPPETS "  General Housecleaning  We Really Move  Our Pails For You!  886-7013 or 886-8571  #31  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  Contract No. 28.62.3  For Sewer Extension  To St. Mary's Hospital  CALL FOR TENDERS  Sealed tenders clearly  marked "Contract No.  28.62.3 - Tender for Sewer  Extension to . St. Mary's  Hospital" will be received by  the undersigned up to 2:00  p.m. local time of August  16,1983 and will be opened  in public at that time and  date.  The work comprises the  supply and installation of approximately 260 metres of  200 mm sanitary sewer and  related works.  Contract documents may  be obtained at the offices of  either the undersigned or of  Dayton & Knight Ltd., Consulting Engineers, 626 Clyde  Avenue, P.O. Box 91247,  West Vancouver, B.C., upon  payment of fifty dollars  ($50.00) which sum will be  refunded following the submission of a tender or on  return of the documents in  good condition within thirty  (30) days of receipt of  tenders.  The lowest or any tender  will not necessarily be accepted.  Mr. Larry Jardine  Secretary-Treasurer  Sunshine Coast  Regional District  1248 Wharf Avenue  P.O. Box 800  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0     ���  Notice Inviting  Applications For  Timber Sale  Licence A20452  Pursuant tp Section 16(1) of  the Forest Act, there will be offered for sale at public auction  by the District Manager at  Sechelt at 10:30 a.m. on July  25, 1983, a Timber Sale  Licence to authorize the  harvesting of 19 530 cubic  metres of Hemlock, Cedar, Fir,  Maple Balsam & Other  Species, located Parkdale  Creek, New Westminster Land  District.  Term: Two (2) Years.  Bids can be accepted only  from those who are registered  as small business enterprises,  as defined in the Regulations.  Provided anyone who is unable  to attend the auction in person  may submit a sealed tender, to  be opened at the hour of auc  tion and treated as one bid.  Details of the proposed Timber  Sale Licence may be obtained  from the Regional Manager,  B.C.   Forest  Service,   4595  Canada Way, Burnaby, B.C.  V5G�� 4L9,   or  the   District  Manager, B.C. Forest Service,  Box 4000, Sechelt, B.C. VON  3A0.  "Societies Act"  NOTICE OF  ANNUAL MEETING  ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL  SOCIETY  iTo  the  members  of  St.  j Mary's Hospital Society:  Take notice that the Annual  General Meeting, of the  members of, the St. Mary's  Hospital Society will be held  in the Senior Citizens' Hall,  Mermaid Street, Sechelt,  B.C. on:  Wednesday, tho 28th day of  September, 1983  at the hour of 7:30 p.m.  Dated   in   the  Village  of  | Sechelt, In the Province of  British Columbia this 18th  day of July; 1983.  LBy order of the  [Board of Trustees  Province of  |l British Columbia  For Sale: 52' double wide.  ���5 yrs. old. good cond. 3  bdrm., 2 bath., can remain  set up or move. $28,000.  886-9409. TFN  Mobile home space.  Suitable for 12 wide. No  dogs. References required. Sunshine Coast  Trailer Park, Gibsons. Ph.  886-9826. TFN  Comb, furn. 3 bdrm.  house. 1 bdrm. avail,  w/prlv. lock. Share Ir. &  kit., laundry facil.  $180/mon. w/$125 deposit.  6-9759. #29  Part.   furn.   bsmt.   ste.'  Gower Pt. Rd., close to  beach.     Non-smoker.  886-7890. #30  3 bdrm. Creekside, close  to school. St., fri., ensulte.  Avail. July. 886-9025.    #30  Hopkins, waterfr., 3 bdrm.  + dorm., bsmt. home. 4;  appl.,   fireplace,   garage.  Ref. $675.988-5031.      #30  Certified dental assistant  required immed. for part-  time & possibly full time  employment in Gibsons  Dental Office. Please  make written application  fo Dr. Bland RR2 Gibsons,  B.C. #31  The Sunshine Coast Community Services Society is  looking for a driver for the  minlbuss  to  work  part-  time.   Applicants   must  have a Class 4 license, a  good ' driving record and  prepared   to   undergo   a  medical.  The   ability  to  work under pressure and a ���  pleasant manner is essential. Past experience working with seniors and the  handicapped would be an  advantage. Send resume  to: Transit Manager, Sunshine Coast Community  Services   Society,   Box  1069, Sechelt, B.C., before  29 July 1983. #30  Avon ��� Not Pin Money  Real Money  Become an independent  representative with Avon,  the #1 direct-selling company. Call 886-9166.   TFN  Daycare, household  chores, painting, errands,  by teacher with four year  old. Gower Pt. 886-2137.  Fee negotiable. #30  Exp. seamstress will do  alt., mending & ironing,  quickly, reas. & work guar.  Call Sandy at 886-7289.#30  FOR EXPLOSIVE  REQUIREMENTS  Dynamite, electric or  regular caps, B line E cord  and safety fuse. Contact  gwen Nimmo, Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone  886-7778. Howe Sound  Farmer Institute.        TFN  Typing.   Phone  886-2622;  886-7817, Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.  TFN  T&G Construction. Quality  carpentry. Guaranteed  work. 886-8559 or 885-5277  '.'���'��� #31  Will sew children's, queen-v  sized   &   special, sized  clothes for the handicapped. Phone 886-8454    #29  Reliable   exp.   carpenter.  Framing to finishing; srnl -  plumbing   &   electrical  work. 885-3847 #31  Notice    Of  Federal/Provincial  Contract Project(s) To  Be Financed By Environment   Canada-  Canadian Forestry Service And The British  Columbia Ministry Of  Forests Under The Intensive        Forest  Management   Subsidiary   Agreement  (IFMSA)  Sealed   tenders   for   the  following Juvenile Spacing  Contract will be received by  the   District   Manager;  Ministry of  Forests,   Box  4000, Sechelt, B.C., on the  dates shown below.  Contract:   ST83V04-005  JS  Located: Earle Creek  Forest District: #4, Sechelt,  on 39.5 hectares  Viewing   Date:   July   27,  1983.    Leaving    F.S.  Warehouse, corner of Hwy.  101 .and   Wharf   Road,  Sechelt, B.C.. at 9:00 a.m.  Viewing of this site prior to  submitting a bid is mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. August  3, 1983.  Tenders will only be accepted from responsible  contractors who have a  record of successfully completing Juvenile Spacing  contracts.  Notice of Appointment  of Receiver of a  Corporation.  MANNING, JAMISON LTD.,  Trustee In Bankruptcy, at  #670-1665 West Broadway,  of the City of Vancouver, in  the Province of British Colum  bia  HEREBY GIVE NOTICE THAT:  1. We were appointed the  Receiver of all the property  and assets of Peninsula Roofing & Insulation Ltd. on the  6th day of July, 1983.  2. The instrument under  which we were appointed is a  Debenture dated the 2nd day  of November, 1979, and the  2nd day of March, 1982, duly  registered in the Office of the  Registrar of Companies, Victoria,'British Columbia, on the  8thjjlay of November, 1.979  and?��he 2nd day of March,  1982;  DATED at the City of Vancouver, in the Province of  British Columbia, this 6th day  of July, 1983.  Manning, Jamison Ltd.  Trustee in Bankruptcy  #670 -1665 West Broadway  Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1X3  Satellite  Systems  Ltd.,  5330 Imperial, Burnaby,  B.C. V5J 1E6. Complete  satellite packages from  $1995. Financing  available, no down payment OAC. $59 per month.  Dealer inquiries welcome.  Open 7 days a week for  your convenience/Phone  430-4040. TFN  Lighting        Fixtures.  Western Canada's largest  display. Wholesale and.  retail. Free catalogues  available. Norburn  Lighting Centre Inc., 4600  East Hastings Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C 2K5. Phone  299-0666. JFN  "Coming to Vancouver?"  Mr. Sport Hotel - Stay six  nights and get the seventh  FREE (with breakfast). (S)  $32; (D) $39 (Includes  FULL breakfast). Reservations 433-8255. #29  I  ^tillage of jiecljelt  Invites sealed  tenders from operators  of one,yard, or larger  excavators, for land  clearing of approximately twelve (12)  acres, also ditching  and road grading in  Kinnikinnick Park - DX.  1472, Sechelt, B.C.  Details may be obtained from Ron  Brackett, 885-9647.  Closing date ��� Noon,  Friday, July 22/83.  Lowest bidder not  necessarily accepted.  Mail replies to the  Village of Sechelt, Box  129, Sechelt, B.C. Attention: Parks Project.  TERRY McBRlDE  Genera) Contractor  8*67285  New Homes - Renovations  -Additions  Mother  home,  night.  6-2322.  babysl  Anytime,  Phone  day  or  Gayle,  #30  MEMBERSHIP TO ST. MARY'S  HOSPITAL SOCIETY  Annual members shall be those persons who have contributed  $2.00. in membership dues to the society in respect of the  membership year which shall extend from the commencement  of the annual general meeting in one year until the commencement of the annual general meeting in the year which next  follows and who have been elected to membership in the  society at any meeting thereof.  An annual member in good standing may automatically renew  his membership in the society for the following membership  year by contributing the above mentioned sum to the society  prior to the commencement of the said membership year.  Annual membership shall be immediately terminated by  failure on the part of a member to automatically renew  membership as provided herein.  Provided always that a person joining the society or a former  member who rejoins the society shall not be entitled to vote at  any meeting of the society or the board which is held within  one month of the date on which such a person makes the required contribution as aforesaid.  Memberships.may be purchased at the Cashier's Desk at the  Hospital, Monday-Friday, 0800-1600 hours or prior to the Annual Meeting of the Society on September 28, 1983 at 1900  hours.   ���".���:  Wood Windows, Doors,  Skylites. Largest selection, lowest prices. Walker  Door. Vancouver 266-1101,  North Vancouver 985-  9714, Richmond 273-6829,  Kamloops 374-3566, Nanaimo 758-7375, Winiaw  226-7343, Lillooet 256-.  7501, Whitehorse 667-  7332. TFN  Tandem Crusher 10"x36"  jaw, 24"x30" rolls. Complete with feeder. $40,000  obo. 1959 Cessna 182, current C of A May 1, 1983.  $18,000. Day calls  949-7461; nights 949-7710.  #31  Paddle Fans The original  fan store. Wholesale and  Retail. Free Catalogues;  Ocean Pacific Fan Gljery  Inc.; 4600 East Hastings  Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C  2K5. Phone 112-299-0666.  Luxurious Houseboats  for Rent  "Weekly or 3 day - 3 night  Rentals available  May 1 to October 31  on the fabulous  Shuswap Lakes,  Sicamous, B.C.  Reasonable Rates  (604) 836-2202  Houseboat Holidays  International   _#29  Urine-Erase Guarantees  Removal dog, cat, human  urine stains, odors from  carpets, regardless of  stain age. Free brochure.  Reidell Chemicals  Limited, Box 7500, London, Ontario N5Y 4X8. #29  For  Sale   ���   Established  machine, fabricating  shop. Downtown  Osoyoos. Business and  property $258,000. New  European lathe, other new  machinery. Berkley pump  dealer. Phone 495-6043 or  495-2334. #30  Summer, is hers! Don't  Delay! Pacific Sailboats  -quality boards at an attractive price - $799.00  complete including freight  within B.C. Sales tax extra. Phone 733-1119.    #30  Students, Men and  Women Outstanding Occupational Opportunities!  Have your talents  recognized! Sell the  ' beautiful German product  pr 88, the wash-off hand  protection people want  and need. Good earnings!  Call 536-3149 or write to:  SAKAPA CO., 13380  Marine Dr., Surrey, B.C.  V4A1G2. #29  Registered Nurses required for 41-bed accredited hospital. This is a  modern, well equipped  hospital for emergency,  acute and extended care.  Temporary furnished accomodation is available.  Apply to: Mrs. Joan Ben-  newith, Ashcroft & District  Hospital, P.O. Box 488,  Ashcroft, B.C. VOK 1A0 or  call 453-2211 Collect.   #29  Highway    Restaurant  Licensed 87-seat facility  on busy corner (leased) in  Salmon Arm. $72,500.  Shuswap. Realty Ltd.,  832-7051, call Alan Morton  832-3174 (eves.). #29  Two   Unique   General  Stores, single or together.  Large volumes, stable  economies. Owner other  interests. Only serious inquiries phone 747-2444.  .#29  Bulkley Valley Ranch. 480  acres seeded, 220 acres  Hay. 700 acres lush crown  range. Two houses, two  barns, three creeks,  $350,000. Phone 846-5626.  #29  Foreclosure - 40 acres  Okanagan Valley, farm,  recreation or investment.  Back payments $3981.10,  monthly payments  $223.83. Total $19,888.93.  Must sell! Back wires accepted. (509) 486-4777,  (509)486-2875. #29  Where    are    all    the  WATKINS dealers? They  are at Okanagan Falls July 23 & 24 for our annual  picnic. You are welcome  to attend. Phone 324-6141.  #29  Mobile  home  pads  Abbotsford,   British  Columbia. Close to Vancouver  with easy freeway access.  All conveniences such as  hospital, shopping centre,  parks, churches, schools  and college close by. Only  eight pads available in the  adult   section.   Choose  your pad before it's too  late. To complete our land- >*  scaping   and   beautificaf;  tion program, we are will-'  ing to make a special offer >  until August 15, 1983  of I  two months free rent and -{  up to $500.00 in moving'{  costs. Call collect to \  Charlotte or Alex at: Clear-*  brook Estates (604) >  854-3641. #32 >  Local entrepreneur need-i  ed to sell local businesses,:  our exclusive national:  advertising promotion, ���  Small investment, big-  return.   Call   Mr.   James  291-9819. #29 ;  I  ��������� . p-. ;  Earn hundreds and hundreds in your spare time':  demonstrating Hot-Tubs, ���;  Spas or Saunas with '-  friends and neighbors. -  California Cooperage,':  world's largest hot-tubs s  manufacturer offers ex- .<:  elusive dealerships in your ;  area. Sell at retail for con- i  tinuing profits. Write: ^  Rural Dealer Division, ��  California Cooperage, 149 "  Riverside Drive, North ;  Vancouver, B.C. V7H 1T6. "���  Phone (604) 929-8167.   #29-;  Software Express Canada. :'  Apple - Atari -Commodore \  64 - VIC - 20 and more. ^  Save $ $, incredible selec- ')���  tion. Write or call for free -  catalog. (604) 382-4520, ',  2675 Bridge Street, Vic- *'  torla,B.C.V8T4Y4.      #29^  Interested in renewable x  energy? Malaspina Col- ���";  lege has seats available In ��  the two-year Energy >  Systems Program. 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V0R ISO. ��  Phone 336-2026 or >:J  338-8829! #29. ��'  A :��$IMi��pi^  ifflTtjrr^gifrifr:^_rraTir if"Tf-"-T,r���n ���" i   ���h    \  iil��|MMliiiinii  Coast News, July 18,1983  X  by Dianne Evans  : - Evert though these summer  days are busy, we can get a  head start on next winter and  ;, spring by spending a little time  now.  One of the prettiest house-  plants is the cineraria with its  vibrant colors and velvety  petals.  They make beautiful  : gifts around Christmas time or  for mid-winter birthdays. Plant  seeds now; they will produce  blooming plants by winter-  time. The seeds are very tiny,  so scatter them thinly over the  surfact of the soil.  Plant in four to six inch pots  ; filled with potting soil and  cover with a thin layer of sifted  sphagnum moss. Bottom water  the pots and cover with a piece  of glass or clear plastic, leave in  a bright spot, without direct  sunlight, and they should germinate within two weeks.  Transplant into individual pots  when the seedlings are about a  month to six weeks old.  Take lilac cuttings for use  next year in your garden or to.  give as gifts, come spring. Take  an average stem from this  season's growth and leave all  but three or four mature leaves.  Make sure the part of the stem  which is to be planted has nd;  leaves, and that there are no  flower buds or dead flowers at  the end of the stem.  It is a good idea to dip the  ends in a rooting powder to  Fed experts aid  local museum staff  .     The   challenging   task   of  preserving   delicate   historic.  . materials  was  made  a  little  .easier   for  the  staff of the  Elphinstone Pioneer Museum  with a visit last week from the  ��� mobile conservation laboratory  /of the National Museums of  /Canada.  - Technicians Deb Stewart and  ' Jan Mulhall were able to spend  ��� two days working with Marilyn  Tentchoff, the museum's direc-  1 for, and her staff on basic  maintenance, restoration, and  storage techniques. Marilyn  found the visit particularly  valuable for the techniques she  and her staff learned to better  conserve delicate materials  such as textiles, prints and archival papers.  A demonstration of map encapsulating will how enable her  staff to use the technique to  protect old maps and similar  materials. "The girls really  helped us to tie things  together" said Marilyn.  The federally funded conservation project originates from  the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa. Begun in  1979 the program has received  overwhelming response from  the regional and community  museums across Canada. Deb  Stewart" d nd" Jan "Mulhall are  both graduates of the Cana  dian Conservation Institute  which offers a museum  technology program specialising in conservation. Their services are free to the museums  that are chosen tb participate in  the program.  Both praised Marilyn and  her staff for "doing a wonderful job" although they are  hampered by lack of funding  for necessary . restoration  works, and lack of space for  work   areas   and   storage.  Need grants  in Sechelt  The -NEED workers under  the Sechelt Parks Committee  have built picnic tables along  the boulevard, a welcome addition for beach-goers. Cement  bases for the tables insure that  they will remain stable and in  position.  Repairs to the retaining wall  along the beach in front of the  boulevard have been completed, and the proper location  of access stairs with the railings  will now be determined.  Should there be time available  before the NEED programme  expires, it is hoped the retaining wall will be .extended, fu^-,  ther along the ibeach .west/of/  Driftwood Inn.  Church  Services  prevent rot. Be most careful  with this powder; mo?t contain  a hormone and it is best to use  it in a well ventilated spot, and  to wash your hands immediately after handling.  Put the cuttings in a pot filled with builder's sand. It is important to maintain a high  humidity level for these cuttings. You can set the pots in a  ;.. container with a couple of inches of peat moss in the bottom, or some other moisture  containing medium.  Set the pots in a shady place  such as under a fruit tree in the  garden. Lilacs may take up to  six months to root, but when  the first signs of leaf-growth  show, transplant carefully to  individual pots and winter over  in a cold frame. They may be  planted in the garden as soon  - as the weather warms.  Poinsettias need a little care  right now if you have left your  plants from last Christmas to  continue growing unchecked.  Prune them back drastically, to  within a couple of inches of  the soil. The cuttings will make -  new plants, so put them in  damp sand and maintain a very  humid atmosphere around  them.  Keep them in the greenhouse, or make mini-  greenhouses for each cutting  with, plastic bags, and keep  them sprayed with luke-warm  water if they appear to wilt.  This should give you several  new plants for Christmas this  ��� year. The old plant will develop  into a bushy plant with many  flowers.  I have had some enquiries  about trading/fruit for homemade wine, and one of the  common questions is, how  much do I trade? Well, for  every five gallons of wine I  would give one gallon to the  fruit-grower. This is a fair  trade, if you have done all the  picking, and wine-making.  However, each individual case  may vary, according to the circumstances, but that does seem  fair. Don't forget to let me  know if you have excess fruit  or berries, as well as pea-pods.  See you at Roberts Creek Daze  next week-end!xx       ^   '  Noon, Saturday - July 23  -     at    ;  Connor Park in Half mods* Bay  \.':'-Jt Ail events are free to enter and include "fc  3'A mile, trophy race, smile contest, cat show, decorated wheeledj  parade, volleyball tournament and games.  ���������:���.'  ���Also for your enjoyment will be   . ; \. ���  music, food arid craft booths and a beer garden  J^The first 100 children to arrive will receive free Ice cream.  0 (U. V��N flOTi8��0V  CAR CARE  Leave your  Accident  with  Wally  He'll give It  FENDER LOVING CARE!  Need advice about repairs? Ask Wally  FREE ESTIMATES  Hwy 101  C/��b?c<K    886-7133  I'1  PH��C^^^  ~m  t*rtSSg&��^**  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  ���JSP 886-9413 tf|  lg ':: .'XiX  w-X'X?*-?' "S  ITEMS J  It- ,:fcVi.f  %mmJx  xvxx '  it        ��*\v   :%��� i  fc? v''i'-'-.;--S;   1  at  THE UNITED CHURCH  GLAD TIDINGS  OF CANADA  TABERNACLE  Sunday Worship Services  Gower Point Road  ST. JOHN'S  Phone: 886-2660  Davis Bav -' 9:30 anv  Worship Service 10 am  GIBSONS  Evening Fellowship 6:00 pm  Glassford Rd - 11:15 am  Wednesday School 7:00 pm  Sundav School -9:30 am  Pastor: Dave Shinness  Rev. Alex G. Reid  Church Telephone'  886-2333  SUNSHINE COAST GOSPEL  CHURCH  (Corner pi Davis Bay Rd;, SLaurel Rd.)  inter-Denominational  Family Worship  Sunday ti am  Sunday School  For AIIAges  Sunday 9:45 am  "We Extend A Welcome And  An Invitation To Come1 And  Worship The Lord With Us"  Pastor Arie de Vos  GIBSONS PENTECOSTAL  CHURCH  Gibsons Elementary School  Highway 101, Gibsons  Senior Pastor: Ted Boodle  George Marshall,  Visitation Minister  Sunday School 9:30 am  Morning .Worship 11.00 am.  Evening Fellowship 7:00 p.m'.  Home Bible Study  Phone 886-9482 or  886-7107  Affiliated with the  ���  Pentecostal Assemblies  of Canada  ST. BARTHOLOMEW &  ST. AIDAN  ANGLICAN CHURCHES  Parish Family Eucharist  10:00 am  St. Bartholomew. Gibsons  12:00    ,  St. Aidan, Roberts Creek  CALVARY  BAPTIST CHURCH  Park Rd., Gibsons  Pastor: Harold .Andrews  Res: 886-9163  Church: 886-2611  Sunday School 9:30 am  Morning Service 11:00 am  Gospel Service 7:00 pm  Prayer & Bible Study  Thursday 7:00 pm  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Sabbath School Saturday  9:30 am  Hour of Worship Sat. 11 am  Browning Rd. & Hwy 101  Pastor: J. Popowich  Everyone Welcome  For information phone:  885-9750 or 883-2736  GRACE REFORMED  COMMUNITY CHURCH  Sechelt Elementary School  11:00 am 885-5635  LUTHERAN CHURCH  St. Andrew's Anglican,  Pender Harbour  Worship - 9:00 a.m.. Sun.  Bible Study - 7:30 p.m., Tue.  St. Hilda's Anglican,  Sechelt  Worship-1:30 p.m., Sun.  Bible Study - 7:30 p.m., Wed.  Gibsons United Church  Worship - 7:30 p.m., Sun.  Bible Study- 7:30 p.m., Thurs.  Karl Hedlin, 886-3755  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY SERVICES  Sunday Service & Sunday School 11:30 am  Wednesday 8:00 p.m.  In United Church Building, Davis Bay  885-2506 or 886-7882  X'XX  ' ��� .}-���  1:/.    . ''-���" ?  Gim-s'  sW*i  A.CTURfeRi  .  Afcl i jkblfeS' *K MM4UF  slZES:SrW��^99  97  ������ t\\   '! .��� i  [��'/*%! I  ��&CH  BAptt  A special purchase enables Saan to offer  'lhis\.'-Q'ut5lah:dihg.--va.Jo0;-7^a'ny. Styles to  choose'from .iriiatyinboyv-'of.-cWors.-.JSizfes';  S< M:, Lcollectively.  SAAN  REG. PRICE  EACH  * A 16.  Coast News, July 18,1983  At in camera  M  The usual prize of $5 will be  awarded  to  the first person  whose name is drawn correctly  identifying the location of the  above.   Send   entries   to   the  Coast News, Box 460, Gibsons,  in time to reach the newspaper  by Saturday of this week. This  week's   winner   is   Zack  Greenberg, Box 532, Sechelt,  who located last week's Guess  ;   Where   at   the   Ruby   Lake  ;   Restaurant. Zack also wins a  '���   free smorgasbord dinner at the  "*   restaurant,   courtesy  of   Mr.  ;   Baal. Just phone Mr. Baal to  ;   collect.  The special "in camera"  committee, meeting of Sechelt  Council held last Monday night  dealt with the following three  items, and was then declared  open to the public. Because the  meeting had been called "in  camera", however, no one  from the public was present to  attend.  The arena management committee has received over twenty  applications for the position of  senior ice maker and  maintenance man. Discussion  of the qualifications of the applicants led to a short list of  four being drawn up, and these  four applicants will be called  for personal interviews before  the final choice is made.  There is an allowance in the  present village budget for road  work, and council had asked  B.A. Blacktop for some  estimates. Now that council is  apprised of the costs and  knows how far it can proceed,  it will be putting some of the  base construction work out to  tender.  Council also considered the  request of the Sechelt and  District Chamber of Commerce that the village take over  possession of Rockwood  Lodge, which was recently  declared a heritage preservation site.  Acceptance of the lodge by  the village would mean  assumption of the $20,000  mortgage debt currently  outstanding on the'building  and its one and a quarter acres.  "Council is not of one mind  on the matter", Mayor Joyce  Kolibas told the Coast News.  "We haven't been able to  decide if it's good for the  village or not. We have to think  more about it."  Council is presently in  negotiation with the chamber  to determine what would be the  terms of the take-over. The  chamber would continue to be  in charge of the operation and  maintenance of the building,  and would hold its meetings  there.  ?  Sechelt Council will be having several small but important  "housekeeping" matters attended to in the near future.  Among those noted at the  last council meeting were the  painting of crosswalks^ on  Teredo Street at Inlet and Trail  Avenues; the filling of holes in  Wharf Road at the head of  Porpoise Bay wharf and the  driving down of spikes on the  wharf; and the cutting of grass  along the water side of the  boulevard between the Parthenon and the Driftwood Inij.  These and many other jobs  around the village are attended  to by George Fawkes, the  village's maintenance supervisor, and council expressed  both admiration and appreciation of the number of tasks  George manages to accomplish  in a short time.  Mr. Fawkes was particularly  commended for the fine job he  did in building a new float  complete with diving board for  Trail Bay.  on our clearance racks  T-shirts, pants, blouses, dresses, jackets &. jumpsuits  t at,' .''-''       - V   '  LOWER GIBSONS  (OPPOSITE BANK OF MONTREAL) 886-7167  Rental SPECIAL  Police hews of the week  A Complete line  of Beer & Wine  making supplies  Make your own at  Vz the cost  Lower Gibsons  SKYLIGHT  BLINDS  Energy efficient and controlled  solar rays.  Ken Devries & Son  886-7112  GIBSONS RCMP:  On the 9th: A break and entry  into a Lower Road residence  was reported at 4:20 a.m. from  a female complainant who was  awakened by a prowler. The  woman found the prowler,,  who appeared to be a juvenile,  sitting next to her. She asked  him what he wanted, received  no answer, then asked him to  leave, which he did. The youth  appeared to be dazed.  Another residence was  broken into. A Seaview Road  resident reported that someone  had entered his home and  stolen some food.  A bear was sighted on Burns  Road in Hopkins Landing ear- *  ly in the evening.  On the 10th: Quality Farm  Supplies was the victim of vandals, who took some supplies  stored outside Quality Farm  premises and spread them  across Pratt Road. The supplies consisted of peat moss  and slug bait.   . .  On the 11th: Another bear was  seen in Hopkins, on Point  Road. The bear was up a tree  and had to be^e^troyed,. '.; XXX.  A cougar was sighted in the  Williamson Landing area.  On the 12th: A summer cabin  located on Keats Island was  broken into. Nothing was  taken.  A Fitchett Road residence  was broken into. Liquor and  some food were taken.  On the 13th: There was a break  and entry reported from  Elphinstone Secondary School.  Suspects broke into the school  by pushing a bolt off a door.  They took nothing, but left a  mess.  On the 14th: A quantity of copper wire, valued at $1,000, Was  stolen from the back of  Lambert Electric's. premises.}  SECHELT RCMP: t  On the 9th: A 9.9-hp outboard  motor was stolen from the boat  of a resident on Sinclair Bay  Road in Garden Bay. The  motor was painted with bright  red/orange paint.  Several dead otters were  found floating near the beach  in Blind Bay. They bore no  outward signs of injury. The  cause of death has not yet been  determined.  On the 10th: Police apprehended an adult male at 1:30 a.m. in  Wilson Creek and charged him  with impaired driving.  Police are seeking information from witnesses who might  have seen a light and dark blue  pick-up truck hit a dark blue  GMC van in the parking lot of  the Wakefield Inn at 2:45 p.m.  on the 10th. The driver of the  suspect vehicle realized that he  had hit the complainant's' veHi;  cle and drove away withdut  leaving any information. -,:,  On the 11th: Police receivedria  disturbance call from the Big  Scoop Restaurant at 7:30 a.m:  An adult male was arrested for  breaking the floats in the toilet  tanks and charged with willful  damage.  Mischief was reported from  a cabin in the Ruby Lake area.  The complainant, a West Vancouver resident, reported that  vandals had caved in the bot-  ton of his 12 foot aluminum  It's Been A Year Now....  'WV^A^  O   *% "^W fyK  treasury for Youno, Readers  ^Fix-rr-YouRsefWflfinHi:  j    srocKing pjft'jgtSli  ^m     ,        '   l-^^^p^-p���.  S��><:rol.s i')f RelltT C'nt.iKiii.i;       >���  Since Michael and Dale Burns  assumed the ownership of  Books & Stuff, Sechelt...  The selection of titles  available in all areas  has been doubled, and continues  to grow with the increasing  demand...  The special order  service offered has  also been expanded  and improved.  A thorough and  efficient^effort is  made to track down  and acquire your literary  favorites...  Drop in today  and explore the vast  selection of hardcovers  and paper backs, there's  something for everyone at  after %mm  ���XiJiMimitriiVi  '' "��� "mM%BgZ-X#. w  'W   'f  ^  '*-&  OKS  Trail Bay Centre, Sechelt 885-2625  Runabout left on the shore in  front of his cabin.  On the 12th: Trail Bay Sports  reported a break and entry  from their premises. Entry was  gained by a back window. A  quantity of cash was taken  from the tiU.  Rollers valued at $200 were  stripped from a boat trailer  parked at the Buccaneer  Marina. The owner of the  trailer is a Vancouver resident.  Stereo equipment, a turntable and an 8-track tape deck  have been found and can be  claimed at the Secheit RCMP  office, pending identification.  When claiming, please quote  file no. 83/1171.  ... Five Goodrich TA radials  series 50, and five Western mag  wheels were taken from a  garage located in the Egmont  area. The tires and rims are  valued at $1,500.  On the 13th:.A blue;inflatable-  raft has been found aijd can be  claimed by owner at the Sechelt  RCMP office. Please quote.file  no. 83/2289.  A Halfmoon Bay resident  reported the theft of $40 worth;  of gas siphoned from his put-  board motor while his boat was  tied at the Jolly Roger's dock.  On the 14th: A resident of Fir  Road in Davis Bay reported the  theft of five cassette tapes, four  bottles of liquor and $30 in  cash from his residence. Police  are still investigating.  Five motor vehicle accidents  were investigated by police this  week. One accident, on Flume  Road, sent one person to St.  Mary's for treatment. \  ��  (A  >  ��  S  O  INCLUDES  the use of  at  3 MOVIES  for one day  .  NO CHARGE  with a three or four day VCR rental  3 day rate $25.00*  4 day rate $35.00*  ���   ���    *��� Deposit required  OVER 540 MOVIE TITLES  NOW AVAILABLE  Home  Furnishings  Tues. Sat., 9-5:30; Fri. 'til 6 p.m.  Irvstore financing available O.A.C.  Seaview Place. Gibsons 886-9733  MAftINi TRANSPORT  ��� fully insured  ��� 4 Ton Capacity  ��� Specializing in  Dangerous Cargo  m  1  w  a  :.0  ��:���  V*  >r  ��� Seruing  and Sunshine  ���CRANE  SEAUICE  AUAILA6LE  WATERWAY CARRIERS  in.  Ik Hour Service  886-7374  The Wet Road  Steel DeHed Radial  Lifesaver XLM Whitewdll  ��� Traction^block, wide 78-Series tread for  good traction, rhileage, and a quiet ride  ��� Two steel belts and polyester cord body  provide impact protection  ��� Fuel saving radial construction  BFGoodrich Lifesaver XLM  Size  Our Price  P155 80Rx13XLM  P165 80Rx13XLM  P175 80Rx13XLM  P18580Rx13XLM  P175 75RX14XLM  -    P1B5 75Rx14XLM.   '  P215 75Rx15XLM    .  P22575Rx15XLM  P235 75Rxi5XLM  $ 58.00  65M   ���  66.00  71.00  7000  73.00  ���.-   ;   98:oo  99.00  ' ���   ioo!oo  886-2700  Tire, Suspension & Brake Centre  Hwy. i 01,1 Mile West of Gibsons  886-8167  1;  :��������� )


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