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' <■'., >
'■i-' ■'■?■"*'- '■',■'-'; -°:''K,.
:d,Vlclo- K|
'KlngVper: .,*!
l^meala,;; < 1
-,- -J
Dlironcm - .
irrantftdi ,:-|
V Plaint
- 8ra   -
ets, V - ■;
*Mctc.;A . *|
;hacili: v v
i|.: A-larce -II
deiytoil« .'■ |
i\ to; ■''}*
;v -6m .
; an apport- v
c obtained. .
3, K-essea
very *
and.tbc t*{
phials; w
tlr? iaKp;iyl;. ..!
'j*! ■#  3
't/ f
c::,.-..^,* -v.-„■.■■■-.■::■..■ ^.,^...-t^ •,■■•: - - --.,-,-.•, ^.'L- ^w^mHfil intf-their ffoods/on a margin-of
JJJff dadd5-t'li^day^of,:teibti■ jnbii'tli^thereajtor: fy*s$£t.; •!;':
,:. Ba;rna^d:'s/jE2pres§:-;';-
n   J.!;»/.«     '(.  ' : : Will .despatch;  "• v;V\ ', , ',';o"
L"felnk<t"n( tr p to B^cr%ai>}jJ jnout P dava
•   >  .,     . Until further notice; , ;-
Ji'*.% '.   7 ;:-:''. .'V../'1 ' ■-' '.'"/■".'. Jii-- *.'■£■'';■;.'■';'^'""!'' ^.',.',''-; "v !'. '".'.-v^.''!? ,\Y ;■(.»'■ 'ivi'-J-'l'1--!1* :. ■"-
'coo.;;:; :';9PM^Hf', .,  ,?
/:>?i^bnsigh^e^^^Prett pears from Cah-
fofnta arrived in New York lately, and were
v '^IfeEMst  Di^O\V/fY  '0>;THK A'GK^
'bgen»!Wrcduced qa WilIumb, c^elc; and -the
Srlpio i   i dallenge ,lhe wprld ^produce
-,.. -,....    ,,--,.....■   - ,.,.,,,.. •-.- ,,-,,     ■ '-„ivi-' —"■-'  nn!TriiMfrtQrcomnete'wjfetbis soap. ; Itrnot
bntagreeable.to British iiabks.   TbiacpnoPB..^^
sioirasdue, mainly ^e^ner^^^
WfVnce',  Mfe      Jo   Blake;  v    rfasedjlo n 'W«^.wa8bJ^
"'     '      *   "        '      '    'will   bn        '     J
te^?men\out of '^ikM^^M WM&M
studies, and, after suffering lefeat upon &?:
fealfat last persuaded -.the Senate^^oj'tli^TIm-;
^fHf.'lifUa iip-theis  ^oltv no,doubt      Siiicidesf,liaye blen'veEj mimorous m>;Sm
cnMoing4heir {frice-'-jv, fr\ cents each;' *
' A ri( h^Bngllsliicheeae-factor has /)e!t-£S^a-
ifiOto^ine'pMr'pi^J o< ?i'iomotin^fcl»e Opeiiinl
of the^Sydenbara'C^
'••..•I-'.-":.-.!'--'.  >■.';. ■ ■■'■.'.■: .-«   .' .:...''i.\..-.v'::.J,.,-. i.,s ..MkntHnviffnAril
Francisco recently, and .oae.f_o"f ri\\& papers
says::>5WeJaresic^ 4Cr-lM '"°f ^?Vcli°Sf
*caieW'of suicide.-'Life-is*'oiit short attest,'
,wa5h»aa>JWO> tof any common , -.
■■.'^liippersmaj-   dtpcnd.on. t^e j^utorjty of rUieF-j   :
,   rueniit;^»tipiup   il^^" £        •      ,
only Uveniy-thr-c ^miites ] after'; the. race
ended! b«in^ carried ■ three-quarters of a mile
on horseback Jbj^igh.a denie irow.d1 in ,tlie
meanntime,   t ,>?" '-""        %*   'Cl:;^? *'\ "Y
• *: Some 'of thef Nova Scotia papei^. advocate
animation ^Others' contend flieinstdyesswitU
unsliutel^raik of itiio, Republic^'and. bard
eigh^two fatal accidente-132 personsy early
dying in despair or sndden calamity in Sa'n
^rai^Mo/&?iVis the brief story, of  the
CoVntyCoroner. ^v>;    ',,:•»
A San-Francisco paper publishes the fol-'
■.JM&e are ^ry.oa5l*:j^e^>^^te^#^^*^
ago befween:a,^
wa^B^rn^two years-ago m-Bejgunv to tne
daiifktef^ofa WfU^an iu ftp Faubourg Se
iitoin^. ;The marriage has fdk.A^MpM-
$icly ackuo\vledged,^bu8 renderina: jasUce to
the two children/ wio'-are' thn'-issue|q|; ,the
: marriage,  .       •...   .;■;;■.. ■ ^ ■ t- ■; ,;>|3v,;. ^:y:' ;fe^ ^ ■
•A conspiracy on,the pa'Hs oj|^OmfeOTgpty
■sailors' to blow up the magazine of the CjAited
States frigate Sabine, in the^-pirt of jppr-
:. -iourg, Prance, was diacoyer.cS'^iri -th'e ';??tU
■ult, just-.m.;;;time io:preve ii fl> rexeouAr
Seven of the sailors were^ciohyicteW|^^
at the yard-arm. : The':;motive-: of; tfi^|Ct^&
was .revenge foftsomething done, by • t|^i^|
7;   V?   SUrRBMK    -0W   OF   THE
Ta-the niatter'pf ^e Rst^nd" EReels'of GIROLTJO-:
:f/? * f ^ TIBALDI deceased, intestate.. ,, t ^.
' 1 E'persons who^are indebted fc.tbo ahove F^tato.
-A ■ 'are rcdinrcd" td pay the amounts due forthwith ■
i^^n Sn^wn'oJhaya
■ f»f- ,f *>/' •,-'(':'' '«'" r  :    ' o'fflcfal Administrator.   ,
BaWRichifeld, tttfi:August, 1869:^  ^anlgani^
;-:,^KS;:;p-?f§T&i^fi^^^M:SgffivSf-'.W&:   ■
Reaves 'sop'* greek >Foy 'quesnklmouth^^
r^ui/^JH-iU E"S D A"¥«»?-E^E'N*N^>-. .;;'.
j^Thc?s-teamer.is,nptrospQnsi^e foraLcakage,of.
;6Jlsf or 6tnef iiquju^ppGd'-vn^ius:;;
.^■KWillkftJ^feoar ofi.the'- Osford'orcw'^t a
lette$to^ih^'Tj^ea; ex^lajns bow Jhp:P^^g|
beat thellaWar|s brily a length and; ibree|
•quarters.  1^Bays.60tne: inistake^teffl^
to the placing of the flag-boat deceSfclj^m,
cmest ^tthosame time telling hltn that ?m
anW^eliim^d^r*" Justice, Greedy
W&&M(mh ■U^S^WuiarLtakeytbo
JwMd-out of tho;limb;of-the; 1^ Rot
give ;biht tlie iity^entaX^-SS8*^* g^ing
'$ ;^vbea&oiit 6f?H|^if*e:^ew-pnsel^bi
G-^d" ^Ue* lawyer told'bim to go ,to M~r3
and be cleared Out  Since then, the manwW
reiused to live Justice Greedy to;fifty- cents
that heawill. iiotrget-re elected next .ffolfc
lustice Greedy, in return, promises, to send
Ihc lawyer tbiBlacttell's Maud the (irst time
he getsdrunlc. ; .   :1
to tbe placing of the flag-boat deceisfect mm, •{> Commercial afraks;in San Francisco-are in
and they'easM while the, 'Ea;ryardl paifq|ts' a very unsatisfactory condition. Ihe pei^ct
strong as ever.-: He;.sayB,;'hWeveri?ihip: paralysis of^ business which prey ailed a. tew
■*   , -,..-■■,   .- ..     .   ^       tfi, . -^k3 ago. has,been removed, but.the nature
of the trade now in progress is butjittle; less
of an evUiban its cessation would be. ;The
active' competition among the railroad companies' in the Atlantic States .has. reduced .the
price offre'ightto such an extent tb at goods
are:carried from NewYorU to.Chicago at;25
cents per cental, and; to Sauhrancisco ;at,;$h
The effect.of this lessening the
:•' '■•■'■ ,';-:"      of5ici?il Administrator.  ,
pTthb sopreme court ,' OF'; ^thb
-.    ;; .   ; ■■■'■■ >o*tliclal Administrator.';:;
^Dated aiobfiaW.UOt Juke, 1869:   .' _ - .j<J163m
'i^iS^arrival JaiPi^^lie;SrS e&iry^ail .and
Stevens; California^Woir, Antfe,Canniag|am. Har.
attend taall kinds,;^|:,.commissions^&c. ^Cp^uecting
will tUsolieatt€Qdod,toV-. =-*' ; -^ .    <   ( ■% ,.£..
leftfat, fclievf()no5viriKplaces ,:,,„ k^ r '-,-*   ,._<Av^?«;■ "■■-
, - ^eimie^Shoo §tore,^iv-^^?,^f^S^V
.   " F.'Neufelder,.   - , : f<-   - (-^-. »l«*ft^»^:  -
■uvivug     HO   ,V»Wl»'    UC    'BWJP,;.uw«wtu»..,.»»-   ,y«».
fords, fully acquiesce in the,,;dectei6ii; .bf^ttie
judge.   The 'Harvard's-."six^^taten have sailM
Tor New York in, the City of Antwerp;;, jC-Jp
■•■ ,■ ■v..°=.       ' ■■■."■''' ■'■.,..'''I"'■ " '■■   :^y:i|||
• ^cA remarkable thunderstorm^ftuJMpvet
V;;;Mont.real on: the.;n^'tof|togus^l|gf -The
^ lightning was -'fearful,; and 3:762 incjies of
,' ^aipvfell, -, wbicfe viS) .^ittiou^^pr^cecl^j^^n-
Clnada.  The village of ''St.' Laurentb, and$
lorifcg&fjter the'rain bad ceased to. i'all-^tlie
watercontiuuedito rush down, the ^^fiitain
slopes 'ahd^o^^Sl12Sf|||SisSel|es bill  as
whoa -a sudaen^haliimelfe the snow in the
. .spring- '"TV "   "■ '• ?;""'''..'
Van? Volien^nrg;-fe. ;>:0°:i
':; r^tAi^^WWj-V;;;;
: * ^;.,;;;'.;;^s^^&;ppEB^r-5; v;.;
■'; A wpW»W ^m^S. ^priBtibas constantly
on nil bU.; ;".:.',:■ ,......-.;.-  ,;.'.-•....;:■„■. < :■■'"':■;- i- ■ "
. ,,- ;..:.i:.i(>.,.u';B'AB.KB'R->r-I-I»'''fi":»!'.'« ifi-','.;..,
Tra'-iX ATE • AN'D:SHB:feT: IB0N:
■'WitK W£*foW«fiWunfci^'thdlrliw'of twdo. .
*4iifn'tobt)ih^itttlicTin,Sh(!etTr(m, Copper and
ZiijcttadQfttWi?a.<!d>.«ift»u *",**' .;"  „;.B    .
in currency.
costs of transportatioalias been to flood tin?
market with goods, wlii^U ;ave selling very
much cheaper than those can bo sold wlncb
have been imported by sea, a fact wluch the
shrewd"drummers" for Eastern and Western I stay l i«*
CAMERON   &i AMMES,    r
11  0. tanipjitii, r«n« JJr, • jtf^.v,..«r^ dcBOttoticn at,
J   S   THOMPSON,; ;     III;c,>i#ii;»n''Jl'SS^Sip^rt
. ftm.
WtSi^l •eSaJS^T^'?*
•'"       JJ'     "iHE.GABIBOQ?SBflTIXE£._
:"'Is piiWisUcd every ,Wednbsday; and Saturday.,   AU
tffi??&-Stt o'clock; P.".At , the ^y/pcrore,
•;ptiblicnUoni-.:/.;^..;.;.";--,;-: ■■■■'.'   .'•!.y-:-yi-..-.'-::^•••'■:■■■"■'■■;' .■■■■   ■-.
•   ■         ;-.,:,TO. ADVERTISERS,• *     . - ^    -  f -'
' "-All advct-Usemcnts (not inserted for>ny, definite
period) (will bo continued   until  ordered .out,. and
xb^rged for accordingly^ t \,._mi „_
,;~r   ;      ;-«?f^     j IP
T^Al£ communications 'musV-UC accompanied, hy-the
^ieOTams anuTaddress^frttie;writer:-not,necessari y.
'with^vi'ey of publishing;^ same, but.;Bs security,
1 or1 it3"goo'dTa-Uh.";: \    rt   '  '""'[ '  :.'     " '*,*■   V \ y
cohWptionbf dutiable goods and the number of license?paust certairily strike any one
as being extremely impolitic. Such a system
retards'enterprise without gaini?v:, the object
contenipiated---ineteasing the i eymm \
THEVBYRON SCANDAL;; -... ■ ■    '
The American papers generally condemn
Mrs'St»we?s!;cbnauet in publishmg^ tW|;infamous Btory-about Lord Byrpn and;hi9.sister,
and it appears to be wholly discredited./ Mrs
Sto^s.narrativ^asitappetvv^ r,u the'At-
&*, to! jut/li^nelassum^
'AS  BATES and P. C  DUNLEVY, under the
ityi^atid title of. BATES & CO", is this day diss )1    d
.^X^teWed to thodate firm «U1^* pf
*&'3£^ on unO*r ifiel
stylo and utlo of , / puNLEVV &,< CO.    *
' Soda^^^Creek/23d-September, 1869.
, • ^agned)" V 7P. C. -D^LEYYi
*&£& ABATES:''
|^|>f $3
yj^bje^dr. Passengers* Baggage containing tr^JJi
IISqbI1 lfte:clVarges.,on' vahi^of sa memro flT*anfa«l for ; m
K'      •--* * ■ -: ••-'■ J** Wsu\ Hk   4
^He. hJmABEll&Fffl&iTQ, o* r JB l$0^
/■'"i^af'i^y;seitled>ountry; enterprises that;
" - create-new flfilda'for employment, should not
, be taxed, or-at loast taxed, ve.ry lightly.   All
/-rewroaucdve^orte:;:bould be' Self free from
infcial visitations , In the, old; world,jvjiero
■ capital competes against naplial, royalties;
and the like mrfylot ii$$$ the progress ;oT
fenterpis^ because sSplfeinonej must,be
V: employed ;rbut. the; employment of money in:
coUTagiug legislation rafchei^iian repelled (??
■ a'maiateftance of tbejaiicie'nt system of taxj
atioo    Royalties  ai  tqimoxious     A^rpyaHj
; '  from; -the'<prbfite:of Rework-thatilcohducts';
'   -water to minm
'' reives- profitable -employmeutwbere nope was
,   %i>wk,  mvcU   rm% t* hi .called for by (lie
r fatatute^ofo ^miauj wlier> fa»^b works aref
" resonr.ees1*    wlif   ououl*1    the jmuc^   of
. for; miningiiurposesj J>e jta ^ed* Si}>& .cent.,
';   while" capital invested iu real estate is exempt
' ^ * frM; taiatibn ?, kTlie^tQan who buildsvavditca
u:\bfeaefite ^is communHx by opening" up;ne;w
• 7tiy, b^nfe'the',owner of a house, addt lot adds.
-V"iotiiing*-to- Us ;producti
abieH that a la'dy^thedaugbferM
live-powers;* Hemay
jeside,. .abroad,   tad  diw  his rente .wjlliout
ill ^ontirMVmg - a-ferthiog-'to ..the revenue.' ■ 3a-
* deed}"" imiriy . of- the -owners 'of real estate in
this  colony /dp,; live -.outside of the colony,
"draw money out-of circulation here^and
.wMle.reaping the beh-'-l.^ of ->\'lier .people's
business.and'.industry, do.'not'contribute any-,
■ thing: to the government^ .^b^i'-t3eir.>property is protected',  ..The 'xcjuLy.ce^ ofjiaxing
'&* *)}\orcpfe  ot ditch property;,, as   abovt
}fe^tedVinay:bereaBiiy un'derstoQi;.Vy-"t-be%owl
of,;indignation,that would be. ralFed against a
vpropositiom ;to -levy 3s per- cent, of every
moniVs'^rent 'of  a piecei ;of >eal  estate.
VSoyalties aire, not;only unpopiil-i > ?sd detrif
mental to the development of rodroesources,
"iV:bat they are also .unprofitable as sourceb of
revenue.   A very small amount 6f revenue is
vderived from them.   Silverind copper vein?
/aboiind in:the country, and JbuSt very little
; &dvleji|erstppi ia the way oi development/
while  there' Were4 men and money iir the^
^fcolony• readyoio/work tbeiri^ J^Let the, sarnie.
uplands? from royalties be applied'tojditeh ;pro-
i? perty."-.; We do,not. speak in * the interest of:
,i-Vany ■" exlBtlbg; ditcb company; buy tor the in^
:'t&St df Cariboo and |^
iiencbes/ricb ^with gdld^hpuld be ^ad^e to
Employ the hundreds arid thousands of men
they are capable of emplbying Jwith the' aid
gymion,'and!a.woman of keen intellect,,would
descend* J.bo " tow/w^V^^^'?^^^
wbich^iioc^ll'Sfense ordecepcy unless^bere;
and'that \ijb\ oased$&& the'm^iidened^ jcal=
ougii^^v^b^n ft*5'! able ,to de'eige
whetlier cJiiLbi^a^ehfrifcy. sbouli uot^ hdj%
coin selled her to hold her peace The New
York Herald; of Sept 4, contains^ longhand
inteielting letter .horn GoiTnt-.fobann^^pop
the*8ubject;;which goes far;to:r|mowthej^3
[u^m.'nl'ih^TL/^ up»>n n't den* poer. M«
S^o we's!;maccu^acies 'upon-po%;es3^ntjal-to;
ithetruthof'herstatementare clearly exposed;
hannes' -letter refers to a declaration; made
l)y: librd Byron  when/:on'his death-be^, lit
appears'that when Byron w,as oq his d^^lb-
TheJj?be! fnevr be was;dying, i nU said to hie
fnpad/;r>Ual'opk 1 -vVa yon to take.charge
of my dead body'to Englandv * See, tot it is
inni^ io lUp g£^"e of my mother; Stanhope,
I declare to you-at this:„5! lenin aw^bfe thA
the former- atfensation' against me,.and"- my
fajt&ft:! sister was, i m       _, ,   .
, ,^     'H\ lie; *■■: odiousdamnedlie—   '  "7,
',   ?]:: Upon my soul, a' wicked lie!     -.
kid so defend us wb en ag ai % aasaij ed,"   ' Col.
Stanfope took the^hand of bis dying friend,
and'-said::\uByron,5 the"name■ of Augusta
b'eip'^added'tp ■that of Ada at the;baptism of
|your daughter, and at, the Request ,of Lady
'Byron, as told me by your sister, dispersed-:
that slander, fcr ever." Gount Johannes had
been a friend of ^Goli Stanhope until the day
of his death, .and all the circumstances conr
nected with the death, of B|ron^ and also;the
'slider relating to Byron's alleged incestuous
cbnriectioh with; his sister/;were' fully and
dearly explained. , The very eircumstantial
letter of Gount Johannes, givinga full history
bpSKe ^cause's' which^ led'^tp;:;tbe separation; of
iiordandliady^Byrpn, completely demolishes
lfrs?Stbwe?S.: riarrative^^nd, that^lady must
feel ex^bm'ely mortified at the, disagreeable
ppsitiqh in which she hasplaced{ferselfbefore the world;
:^£ooN^mcimxm^^r^, trusts ^ win -■ fi^iffSi^c a^t^LMn ^mmmrn v* I
(jeive a fair sbara qt patronago.   Tho bost .wmes, ■^Vrodthoayv^raniciu Asu^y-inr^, ■        '•    *
Liquors and Cigai^ a^tbc-Batv ' ■ *   ^       mb Ira j ^_; -   . ^ ' s^ Jq^ ^ ^TiT,^      ■<
•^■..-'■■■^V'. ",■■■■'■'■'":;-:>/'' i^'/"COMPRISING—' ',-i ,v^ ' -'V*^; ■'- :r|
Boots, SKoes^Glpthing and
MFursal^atVbe Stbr6 pf:the'uiiderslghcd-.in Barker
YiliD opposite the^Bank of British Columbia. ■ .
8|5^M^"ci J»ir,l§^t»
;.\ notice;^
li tf^BBSOKStodebied' ta'thQ 'O'rm^f- Amiik
KfiP^ARG^O^.Batkcr^iilfc' BC/fa re requested to!
fowe'liheir jiccou^ts^.efora*tbo 15th ofv: September <
*^s'^:and -aUperiwi's,ha^5Declaims agaib^Ctho saidj
^ni^ro, ?<yiiM^^d,tO present their accjiuhU' /or f.»y..-,
,..   ^.^■■vrADAMS^l?Mcy;S
LILT.OOET ;ONIONS  of' t.lio best quality and  m
'Tsnleritlid'condition, for sale, cheap, at   ^.,  .,..■.,.
"   ■ B. .EDWARDS' Store,
aU25lm - • *   .Barkerv»lo.
G-eneral Merchandize.
■  BarlcervlilyJaly 13,1869.'         3nl41m_\
JfeNowvioii &Kurtz5 j^Ml^&^^MS^t
•Patetit-Medicines of all lasxds oa liand. Also FREbH,
GARDEN SEEDS.',^PrescHptipnsIcarciu.llv coraponu.!.
ed at reasonable ra^s;>^^^x|door to^Oouio's Br<sv,
'^ Barkeirtne,yMay:5;il^e9g" - ■' m  - '■ W'1/
« they n'ftvo noi?t-- v. ; ;   _ _
jtridas "th'6'y
in operation, llicy vill «i pi ly J>KI   3ED l^MBERil1 J
**:;- ■''■■'■■■-      '     ".. "ShiBglcp/ $12 par thousand.       ^
$15 ri^r;UiduSand;
:;   A.   D.  M'INNES ; ,
H'!' E^EB V'! :,inn6uricw-thatvttp',h^: opene^li IsT^Jvq^
• Boarding House, J. ■ ■       c     .'■• '' '
^EXT TO TIIE A8SAY<0EPlGfe j   l
1   -       ■"       r   BARKEBVILLB,   '    ''   -' /       ''" ;
to^bich h^invite^U^ ^opIi^^Pii^^^
\        ' - r «-——
-     painOess
:tbe adcitetrkM^C^i^fpm
at'fmodemte,rates, r gieanimegj,,m jubm^ai»b;^^L^«i
rialtmeiit mky D'e-rellcd on, as. he has engaged;■ thft gmce ji p
services ofa:iIrst-class (WHITE),Cook. ,,     -       .M ^^
^LIQUORS AND CIGARS of the bestbrafe
siv be obtained at the'Bar.       '        .    (.    ;»u%v
jd»iay be
^^PLKisiNfe-rjTiie rdiggin?s'of the Baiter co.;
rnn'under the Sbktiw- :'• office1 and ad j oinihg
buildings, )uijl; the surface of the grbund is
rapidly failirig in consequence of a; caving
movement /going; on'in ;the -diggings below.
Toe street has be'en lowered fiv,e or six. feet,
arid ^providing the depression goes oa at its
present ■• easy ; pace no: jireat harrii will be
done; but as the excavation underneath the
surfece of our office site is about 12 or 14
feet deep, we may be gently: dropped unto
the diggings, antl then the Sbntinjsl will be. a
iinJY.»w« «»«— „ ^r^J-^Q ...... ..-.   ... mining journal indeed., We would riot" ob-
oYAvate^^Tb^ivate distributor of water fepect to an interest in the Barker claim! bat
.ji i,u.^i.   .      s i we would prefer obtaining it m.some other
Way;:than by forming new deposita.
Distributor. — The William  Creek Bed-
Rock Flume Co^ have' received a powerful
G-roeeries, Provisions,4
m RDW A R. E ,    DRY- GOODS
barker^ille.-; \ **
a public • beriefa$or, ■ and -dese rves a p remium
■: 'ratheri:;tti'att:t theSinfcctiqric of ;a: tax2lor*his" en:'
fcerprisie;:Zhk^;4^i^MW^^^ -?^?".
lams orCa'n^ooJ^valueless excep   for the.
igbld it cbntainsVand7 \yorks intended ;• for the
^xtraftion.of !^i:goifc.iinght not to be re-
iarded'by%;/special •:taxes.- Every civilized;
person must .acknowledge that a 'government
canhob-be,administered;'.without the use of
''money, but, in what ^manner it shall be obtained is  a question: of importance in all
" counkiea, and particularly so in. such   as
; Briti&h (yolumbia.,  The taxation  of enter-;
-.prises which add to the revenue by giving
increased facilities for labor, and increasing
distributor, which will greatly facilitate their
operations. They intend to procure: gutta
percha hose and every thing necessary for
efficiently carrying on their work. Light
and inexpensive apparatus previously Ordered with a view to economy; has proved
more costly than the best by subsequent expenditure in repairing and loss of .time.      .
Ecclesiastical. — Valedictory missionary
services will be held in the Methodist Church
tb-morrbw, suitable for the closing sabbath
of the first year of Mr, Derrick's mission in
Cariboo, and the departure of Mr, White,,who
leaves for home next morning.
MINERS AND TRADERS will And; it to thei|p&
vantage to purchase at this Store, whoro.tap||fl
A JjAROB ASSORTMBKT' Off GOOI>a,       j *'W$£i
Of the very best description on hand, and the SpCk
constantly replenished by; new arrivals.   The pro$|&
tors will sell Goods]... .>v
'.■*'•::;■   ''As; CiiEATp''As"'ANV.. in'/CariboO; '.; '-': ":,.#§
Orders promptly. Diied, and forwarded with;dispatch|
•    ;.     ■■■   ■ . . BEEDY & LINPHARD,;   ■*$&
Van Winkle, May 12, 1669. ;.; ; .;. -.-. ■;-;;Proprletor|||
A Perfect C-iire.  ; ^1
A and General Repairing Shop:will be found..a
Latho capable of Turning and fitting up Car Axles'
andWIieols, Hydraulic Nozzles, Hose Couplings, &c,
and all repairs of metal work done; with neatness. •
To bo found also. Cooking Stoves, Sheet Iron Stoj$gf
Pumps, Hose, Nails. Picks, Shovels, and almost eyery>
thine requisite fOr Miriers1 use at low prices. &Mfrf;
- . .    .   -■■■■■ UPPER BAREEBVILLB. mJ6j
Greek ana'Cisewuere,.auu mw ^r^Zl„ CQtnmencea:;
business at Barkervillo m the store wenw -.
by G. D0DERO, where he has a stock 01   ;T .... .-. ,,;.,
boots, 'Sbqthinqx'^
lZ-   ' Mining iMPLEiik'rs, :&c..,^c:.,v: '
^.&slgnmenis;: of: m^J^fi:
lolonlal produce from farmers ,^i]l roceu«   <
1st attbntibn and care.
I^BarkervlU*),. August 25,1869,
28 tf
V 15O-Mil0_HQUse.
rpHE -undersigned,- proprietors of fch^A^|
1     known ;-anditivorably situated  ostaw
F.   NEUFELDER,      |
STOUAG E  AND   C 0;M M IS SI 0 ft?
Richfield, B.C.
USf Produce from the ngrioultuml <ii?lricts recrivod
and money advanced on consignmeuls.      jy21 im
m&iu>vr-prepared: w lauor^ «;"'rg-^re• «^
IfThotable is supplied^ U.aU the sypWg ^, m
luxuries available in the country, and pro^|
lion given:;to,the?wlshesi.qf.J^^?j^^pd9,.*
" Tlio Bar is stoteked-with the;&&$$**&■ : -f
Win ok Liquors andXigai'S. - *:■: ■i&Mfiib ^ %
.^The Sta1>lo8.are^ious^.^Oj^^j sttpply
iPiulfd to by-ftrst class hostlers,'   A pituj-^,. n,i.  .
ito^csplndW bf f.«^bj; %>m
the propriotor^Ml Warerto o.Hbrt,jo -6g JbJishn,rt^ ■»«
fnntton to all who may patronize the estrioi        t
August 20thr 1800/ ADLBK &
■-~S.'..-.:. jljl^^ publish:a.letter, signed "'Justitia^ in oppo:
T^r^^^ffii^ sitionj to Confederationin this numbei 'of the
SENTis^fit^a&i of cpurseypur cplumh&are open
•to the diBcussioa of all matters of public- in-
^t^re^t^^Tbere is a larjge "tiufib'Srrpf Gonfeder)
ation, rrien iu^GariJaoo fluite) competent to
;answer>"s Justitia," wbp will no doubt be glad
of the^ bppprtuni.ty .^bich this;exceptlonai iu-
afffie- opportunity .which this^xoeptionaun-: ■ft^^^^^%aa§bflywkBbwl
stance of opposition to thegreat causey ves ^W £ ^mp^ w nunPritlce Artbu
th«*;'to: allow^tbeir't^^
themy tO/iallOTVivtbeir^ talents; for^oonipositipn-J
j, anfairingi We leave* *f Justitia^iii their bands
'tosrejply;fo another antiGpnfederatecommunication which baa appeared^ vol a^coloniai
paper. Says the writer thereof r^Ou^miners
cannot and will not pay a royalty, ineaccorcU
Tnneei;witb Canadian;law; of from 2 to 10 per
cent, on all gold or other < minerals* they may
rais&V -] Now^ there is a great deal, of mis-
rep resentatiou, j ignorance; or ^falsity;; iti; this
thing lllte truth about It istthe positive asser^
♦mn tbatv" our miuera rcannbt:and will/not
..Editor SssfriNiS^
gested through you^^ap^;U)e^nquir.yV;why^:
red atHalitax and hisrecepuon ^fe:^^
why/the custom:^
the cbnvenieuce;^
''''• the mail '"**■*" f *" "*"a^n''' ® b «fnr fr 11 -1 ea v osi •■
,   PRINCE AR^fcR INv^
content feNova Scotia camipt,be yerydeepr^
seated; rior would,itiappear^bat^sloyalty
baa takeni-4 deep root there. fJEriftee;Arthur4
rebehtly;arrived atfialiia^andbis.reception;
i„ii- ^,A «^«?i^./v«oVTr «ar>tKiiaiast.ia. that even
tinually harping* on the alleged desire of the
NovaScbtians to get rid of Britpconnection
«w^*T.oiTr w Y>nm^wWfl?tn indirectlv aeknowl-
eage 1La eri'ur,.aa iuiwn» >~r~, -trince aviu
Mas^received a right rpyaii^^cpme™mttbe
£6od People of Now Scotia; : Not since the
Prince of Wales visited this;continent, some
years ago; has any5sciompf royalty; received
Bmu^iattehUbn'atltbe^ands of an^section?
the mail tenor twelve bours'beforeit;-leases- ,
^Barkerviile? ■ Surely.the timefpr answering;
letters is short "enough , between1 the^rriyat
and departaWof mails; considering we,havo- ■-■
only one onceS wiel^;witbbut"maku^ ^
1 papei's Tor the  so/ony, anu   G-ieat  iintain.
J^d^s and paperaVaddress^
the" Uhi tetf S tiat& musfeb^
cashiasSthere does hot exist any?toangement^
with thevllhitedStatesbyV^iclv^letkrs^and;'
^apSs :desUnedi b; or;,^
States canM pre-paid;^ithfobIpiiidV/shimps,
except: :as;b
*. ^ bbxvaftthe>^ost^ffice;a
fii w;buld be dropped^
>S5fe frJni^Stale^'ai^thef oSH^Ij^*^^^^.
;Affl cbnipeiled^tb hold -these viettersf,tiilvhe-w^3f;;;
paid in cashfoi* fche„U: S..postage(or ;pay the .
the, discharge^orbis military duties.^ v ^ ■ .
,'}: RAiNV^fcaribod^.weatherj^such^as1 we;bave
been! accustomed to previous tbtbephst two
dry seasons, Basscorae to us againr ;Rain or
snow has fallen almost every-other day for
the pastvtwp^weekSi,though not in-the;old"
fashioned large ;^antUies j but during the
past ■ week i the, e^rts of-ttie weather to;retrirrf
«■•-   Uq! i^^Hhahits s have succeededv; Rain
....... l,Va'
Wutaweek.     , mm. )
•'   -tlie;Aiabama-c©rare taking- C
, ^ _ ,provin^ial governments,    un kMiu, ■ * v„  ,,r
eEbe Igtance^as a4awtby^whicb a royalty is levied
frpm^he proceedsof mineral lan^Sf but tnat
law1, was the work;of the government'of ,0n-
,tario and;npt of the jDanadianvQoytrnmentr
When>tbe, provinces were united under1 the
gpvernmentvOf .the^ommion^ea^ province
«.i. :«>:,! 3 *« «ftKfiA 'hi- Hwvwn riandsVaud if the
r$ari!|ng ^overnment^ot; :tne.juommiou,,«a^u yw&^\
^^V detained its public or Crown lands, and if,th^;
liner their rVbresetitatives bf W'people thought-bt to
''^i^AZX in   • -Ai ~■■:•!■««r--i^troinVr a mVtiltv; iiDon minerals,;
^.-.WMDorruw, Waid,in cash for the.U: K.postage,pr ;pay -_-   £.
^ %^^w^ih^. ar^Upa. m^ anam: the^eveaing cash himself.   A person ;droppjn{? a, letter ,
commencing at 11 a. in.^an ■■ fepaid in' colonial/stamps Tw the^United^
at'^oxlock     |     _ Felix'claim   |S4vbr«nada; rnuld feeV/himselt more ;
: «prj).-A ta K"^^0K^ .aSrieved if,his letter were held for lament
fn^ttiwMriAhmldrlta.*l,0J» »e:>««^ W^l^w^4^-.ftt p^M\hrough,the want pf
of m bost-office before the departure of^ the
-L_lii-lt.   *W/% , AffifciiVva nri«n>frftm ;10' a.m.itO- * .
.>■. -
out  abbot
repre^eutttiivc»utv-^uw;p^w^a« .„_ .0
pass a law levying a^rbyalty upon "minerals,
they onlylexercised the right; of'se\^government which under the Doniin'on they enjoy.
out TbeVwisdora of passing such■#• law isvubques-l
tibnably,.tibubtful, and the 1 aw hay'ng given
4 ■■■j:^ri'Mrir*nt?rtn^*wincftobn-':De';^rep'ea"
poakliu galcb, sold-fof $1,000 the other, day,
out of1S^^-pA^to THE'
.       .'       . FIRE.   V
- -EmTOK SENTisBLi-NQtxrttiwtonglyouT,
| Confederation bias,-L presume that your
I ^inrnns afebnen tb;ftee ^scussioufGn^onr
- ■ m
.-■ .' -K'■;'-.■v-Wl^
■    •   .   •     f
..    -; •:/■••■  1-5,
^. •;■:.-: j;,:;
■■■ ,c;   ;,'v- :-v mm
■ •'.''".';■;• ■-'■^M'tW ■$$$$$
Canada or its institutions   tie cannot hav.e
;;'damage'.to".bridge and'$25 for ferriage. The
jury .gave judgment, for defendant.,on the
grpuQditluitUhe bridge broke before the tolls
r\ were ;pfty ajjje^^^': ^j^\^^P^y'--i, ■•'"!; .>..■;';
Gehneir vs. ^Elmore.?—Action'. to  recover
^ $250 djinages to'.'goods ^hrongtr breaking of
bridge. ^W^^3^^^-^etendant  oh the
- th^tb«^|e|@Hn^P^»iight;^
j uauauiau law imposes a royalty      _
;ui other minerals.   By that.act. the eastern
■provincesMare;brought under a 'Federal Gov-
'ernment-Vv.z/  much   like thp,c of the United
•States ;• but the possession and use' of the
1 vince constitute orie of the principal points
of i difference-be t\ypen; the States in .their relations to- the federal* Government at Washington, and the colonies in their relations :to
the Federal 'Government at Ottawa;   In the
UnitedtStates thOjpublicl^dsbelp
Federal Government; in the Dominion  of
Canada, the public lands belong to the'Prb-
vinciai Governmentij We believet, however,
that the public lands iri the Nbtthwest JTerri-
tory j belong to «tbe s Dominion Go vernine.nti
.because the, Do minion purchased the country
from the H.'B: po.   The Northwest Territory;
did not form arpartysinuthe negotiations for
union.   British; Columbia will, and in (the
iterms:! of Union-...-witb Canada; will of course,
be included the possession, and control of jour
public- lands ': by fihia. colony.; We; are inclined to ^think that the writer errs in ignor-%
ance rather ;thati intention, for he speaks of
raising gold as: though he were talking of
raising sheep;
ffecttchanse of government. J«^
„\wavf agitating for a change ot s0jo'> sort.
Son! mo.e.fo injnre fte ~lo»T*»n bad
government. Take at r; adorn a copy of any
new^'aper published in ■ the colony for the
SSl?s!«:..ifes-«UMo won were reading
grititt i:^^Tt.y>iJLV«;i:f,.v..?«.v;-^^. .,,.,. ..:.	
for the scene of your future labors?   Gonfed:...,,..,.,.
eiition is paly another phase of the- dema-tSestet]
the drop letter?box^ it woiua certaimy  y c *
cqnvehienbe^ but^i^^uld^lead to rconfusibh   ;
by .thevjdropping, of> letters for the: JJnited
States, and  Canada;,   The   Dominion   and
British,Columbian Governments ought to.arrange wfrIi4iie;Uniteid States fo? pre-paymen^v;
of letters by colonial stamps alone, aV has
beeai arranged  by the- ^go ver a men 6 ~ of' thb, -
mother country., The, policy of Uncle Sam .is'
to , get all the mofeey he, can from foreign
countries by compelling them,fo pay \vL coin '
for*duties and.postage; but the governments
of the Dominio n and Bri tish = Gdlbmbia'-^hbiild.
make arrangements with m^Jp^ay^the cash
for letters instead oft the 'letter-writers^—Ei>. ;
'V-r.; ; S-
lVJ>.':-i I.'
'.■. "-.'i -
-V      :           ii
.;;,;;.; ..?■,,;'   ;.
.■'.::"i. :•■.',■{■,
i:. :■■■:■'■■'
..;•:-..., -, .;.-';:
'-•'-l.i. 1   ,*   ■,>:-
;.v , st*
'         I   i:
^. ■>■■&£■
,   "'   '*
"■''/.i:  •'--■ •''•"'
■4:- .v:;i:
......i-w ;,■...!...,..
* '- y.r— •■•:■
'-.■.:•; .-,i*
' ' "   ' I- "
:■■ --',i-..-
;■•":..-:;;M-! :■
■■: -":'■■' ::--
"- V ■;::.•:
""'?"".-   ^-f";*
'''•"" :.*'■.; ■:
'•'.' /•;'•.-?''.
■-!/." a r1
• ■
'""'  ..:' h.' **■ ■
-    «x
*;, '-.■' '-iv; '-'"■';;
/y :* '..-/v!1 v
■;:; ., ("I
; V ,'-.._. -.- ..--^
■, V'-.v?..*.
/■ 1,*,.^.''.'..■-
: v;^-":
■■ ^i?  '**'•.''.*
■•*■•   >■-■:.■■
^ •••■ -
-:.-- ■   ;i M-.
■ ■    ^.,
■/'-''.. :^
; ;.;    v"■>,"*
^ "■ > i. -
i .-<-... .-.■..;•-..
"1.".'.' ^/ :-'- *. ■'
;".':." '>~-.'.;-i.5
\ •;■*  -;h
■>>;'-.. ".'.v-:.'■''.•-:''••!• .•?:•'• iv.';!'*-!'''':'-.' '••':< ■ k': ;'; A'-L
■:•; ;v, •;->.' v<;^:, • "-:;y'jf;:■-:')-;■;■ ■&■£
■■'-•■ *:.-:.4'-.v -'V^v v.: v';j>'::r-;'•>:! -:;':'v!;^.v
,-.v.::-^:--•.■;.••':■■ r,.:r:;-'' v;':--'-..•:• v;t/----'s^
.; ;>;':
iei km: m*::M %s$z\
Svenue-to graiafy.the J>la.ce-hunter Tte »
Irchaiite^ moneyed*en^r|r^^,
inmbia do theyaclamor-!fori:,^Bfede|tnon^
.,^>... .  ....,      plNB: .    ,    .. .; _..; .
i*     •reremihcTXuly.InlhmtE#irc,A.i?.,2e.;
lana . rau> »j .      .  . Pae5ic^ Me-a;di
SS.H British Columbia to ©wa^M^^feSm a quarter ;to a;half puMa
■"" recover    ?>Z,UO    uo;,;iutv;gyu«a..-;.^»;«*^^g......
-:, -Park, for defendant, est 'up a plea .of covei-
J   tiire and appliedftb-have the trial po«ned.
-Counsellor plaintiffs:(Mr;Walkem) ob^ted,
, Madame Bendixen would have to prov%her
'   marriage,-and the^lea:o'ffc»f^fg|f^qt
usually  set  up by  persons" trading i||her
situation. vThe Jndi^Sraefed the narfi^t
the defendattt's'mis^atotb be insertgd|we?
plaint andISSMUiS'^ceSd^r^M^j
on being #iepbM:;b|Mr.]?p:k,^en^
he had made -any offer to ^bbmpm^pK^^
'cents dn'ffl^olfar;^
about compromise^ was at the ii)staMg»ffl
llurdick,^ho:iiad said■ ,Uiat bi8,-Hono^Ua|., MttffMTnvvaMWIYVUr     .  .
after the Barkerville firey issucd aa|p^d||^ tha a toio|rani wu^^ ~ ^ shipped
daring that all debts should be liquidated;^y to to effect that tne mu^.  ooj a_,awl,nr,
payment bt 50 cents Pn^ tlie ^U^ g<p5aris fvom Si
of laughter)'but he (Mr Neut^dertS^a|pver' A mnrrt
agreed to;accept such I>ay^a^^i|pbarge
oftheaebi  ■ v.;■■■"''\:.:C0:W^:0M^:'-  ■
His Honor gave* judgment^i^Jairitn||^
Mr-Park  contended :that^ihe judMW^J
should be given against Jfr,Bendixen;.tbs oe-
iendant^s husband ;• btfi;jiis^pnbr|g^^tbat
? as he bad the power as County C.oiirt^udge
•;^>;tp include bptH manvand wifevin
',.  he would^ enter;iudgmen(ragainst bS^^ toe
^applied to liave the-pay nienlydblsiyed^ S|Sfes
■"; ^eWixeMihfen^o^^ -^^i^^'
judgment for payment by 3-o'clock on Mon-
., . day^l usual -      ^^>' :■&*,<:■, ;4^:^'*'!f■■ -,
"■"'•■•      '-      jyf--^-. ^_ _^'_^B~*-»»
":"' ">;Ncacil^ilsterdapiiPoimlre• picked up
a nugget inffieTIc§bWfi diggings ifc weighs?
• £2fiat'ly.:4;o&   . , :•*,;"•■,.:     ,.        •,' ■ _.'
; sEiRE;BRiGADEMEBmG.-rAt the raeetingrof
the Fire Brigade last night it was reported
that $364 75 had been collected for the last
■ambunted to $2,784 ; and that the cash on
hand^(including; coliections)y amounted : t;o
j:-'$.564j ■ Captain ■-1. Oppehheimer^^was elected
Captain ;:  FJ; Pbrret^; Jst Lieutenant ;"D;
Kurtz, 2nd Lieutenant y G: Byrnes, Treas*
ufer,; and G. ,Grant. Secretary.   Mr.4Bbwrbn
was re-elected steward, - .;
TirE Quartz Mnj.—In our iteni about the
mill ordereu for Cariboo \ye omitted to state
that a telegram was received per last express
effect that the mill had been shipped
;rom: oab Fran Cisco on the';.22d September,
.Arrangements have been m ade to bave it
shipped to Cariboo^ without delay.   Messrs.
Meacbam & Nason have everything ready for
working it
Ti?s. GovERKon,—His Excellency arrived
at Soda creek on Monday last and made, a
passear to Adler & Barry's hotel, visiting the
iarms around Williams lake and vicinity.
He intended to have Visited the southern
parts of tlie colony,'but we understand .that
the unfavorable weather would cause an
alteration in his travelling programme.
New Trail*—A trail is being opened from
Keithley creek aiid up Cariboo iake to. liar-
vey creek, thus avoiding the mouth of Harvey creek. Communication with Harvey
creek wi 11 ;th us bo niai n I aihed d u ring i b e
country;;we are;^Miau«^«»^.-j^g-
Northwest territory does not favor that as
««?   T,et anv one read the Canadian
Sto%to-^conclusion that-Canada cannot
SP to country in building a raikoa^
Di sension, active' and widespread, already
Sin the Dominion. Annexation .meeting*
Quebec; and elsewhere look ominous.
»BrunSwick and NovaScotia -
<<1\ the weiffht of the increased taxation
ncceSa^o maintain solarge+a government
Iff afWill be necessary tor. the »?tnimon
irai!1 As an Englishman glow ^gj
I nS^OyOonMeral^
Sasilc sentiment should not be a ^ H
impair our pwpwtB. ,    Ji^tiua.
Stehi.;^u^nprth:or ■■■ tne > .city ;-;iuc:;a«,^,..,._
l^'Kbia Dayton rnill^as leveled to the ground,
\an& eigbt of; the men employed about it were
more or less injured, one of them it is feared
fatally, ano^ aubfeexJseripusly^
work Of the mill ;was all up^; and the workmen; were),'engaged; in putting on the last tie
: or plated when the hiirncah^^asse^pylsv "M£+
wi|ji.the result'already.given/ Men were air
I.workiin.;aU.ip.arte;prthe lM^e^ buildtag, both
[above ;and belowi and, it seems aimost;:mirac-
ulous that the casual hiQs; fwm the heavy fa 11-'
ing timbers were not ranch greater.,.% A car*
penter by the; name of Shnkspeare:sustained
a; severe concussion of the  b raih,  .bes'des
other injuries about the.chest, the effects of
which, it is feared, be cannot suivive. though
at latest accounts last uight he was still alive.
C. \V. Cook, formerly Marshal of Virginia
City, was also pretty severely bruised, though
hisiniuries are not considered necessarily
dangerous. ; The hurri sane was observed by
the workmen on   the ^building as  it ap-v.
proaciied, but not in time.to allow them to
escape even, had they anticipated the disastrous consequences which quickly  ensued.
The .milI which was thus so • summ aril y destroy ed was.the property of the Consolidated
Chloride  Company.    In this..: city   several
buildings were blown down or blown out. ;
t:- .
value ol S5O,00O. /■  -'■'•;.
v(v«KTABLES-Some tomatoes and green
.ifw^e brougbt toBarUerville. yesterday.
-.mwlim MtmMiiiujjiumiiigflr.1 r^,TJ%'      * ': *F- ;: '"*   ^  -~v * "-^    *
•,->'  : - '
' -'':*"
Thepbpulatibn of'British India )do?8 7not
fall stiortof 2G0;b00,00Q..of people/;Jexblusiy.e
of marauding 'tribes/     '  '        " *    :   /IW,
■ •   A fond wife' threw a;bottle of "hair reriewer
'ather husbands head^atwjiich^^s|iS^^
!■-■ ^nustpart—the dye is cast" , ^ . ;j ..,        ,    ,
Mrs. YellTco winded a*Mri-Lay :for,lhbt;performing a promise to many.   As lie wouldn't
:   make ber:&ay, ^
.";     A womani inv-New'Orleans • habcbeen'ar-
* ' restctt for throwing/a:ps8l of foiling:' water
over amah;_ Her ;deferfcc was.that she/husj-
) ;iook1liim,'for Jio^busjiwid. ,< );' '?;))'', \t:u )
One of the California"*papers iobjebts ^tp
..'•• '- pay uig money (or.tefegraph.m,^dfspatches. on'
* •.:tu1e*grou^^
.electricity! wjiich; like/oxygen, ought to up,
i free*to -the multitude.  .*■■,  <■-> ■ -^ )  «'  '
1 * A ditch '.whicht will' carry)five';thousand
"inches 'of   water  is'being dug in Yamhill
~ county, Oregon, .to* furnish water power at-
- McMirmville.-- It -will b>e eighteen-miles- long,
' l aaad 'Willie completed' next year.' ;•
<  .,    The story going i^o;rounds that Gommo^
;     doVe "- VauderbiU's ■ granddaughter—prospec;
* tiye^eiress to?SIOO;OO0OO^ was' <{;recently,
j discovered  taking lessons '*n <Uruiu> stock-
) \n«K}[ is deoo;tin:cei,as i " darned tte.J* &
i'Tbe Nevada Gazette  says —A w days
) ago)aj)art^y went trout fishing;;abbyeOmega^
ci tl?e Yaha,- near. I he Tecuai: eh tc»U * TbJ
i hook *and line not supplying the trout.fafet
/ennn^h,  thfe   pweafonan*  PTulodod  ^ rrrriU
•quai»tity *of giau'**po^del ia fhe vaier.   Tht
result was ^-'o'lMUdg—nil ike irL lb Iht. im-
- mediate vicinity ch? Jue explosion, large-and
ttiiall ^>ein^ UUied.       ) "      ''    ■   s '-
) ' \'When the Duchess of St.* Albans,died!-she
,  .left- her' immeine- property   and' Iwerative
barJ.iog   6;iisinei§;; io jfms   ^ngela "Suidotl
-   r; CoiittSi * whose; wealth', li was reckonecl' a' few
.chirff"jen r to us .and ,iUl a lioiiiUed. o,h«1 seven
* j *ffioitr-sacksi ^Wfabn^thii.cJady»«<iies she^?wi\\
^IcaVe ^ fas! licit' liesl tfie'|Jrepn.tatioh: -of having:
o o o w f e d' m o re yj g n ey To £  c h ar it abl e an d' re-
ligioua   purposes  than   any one who ever
r  -•   _-'   ""',''     '' Jfv.[':    '- ' -    •■"    s'.'a-     i      '    I'1  *,'•!■'■' "        "    '"   -.,   '     '■■■■''      :"'j   '■.    ,
;; ",.Of late,tjie theory,has been^ advanced -that
'earthquakes are caused byIthe:influence of.the
\ sun and;m6on1o#thc internal waves of the.
;:?'earthy;- A^r/Sudbi^alb:^^a^y; writ|en
■ in'defence of this"ihypothesis, and in order{to
; * give a clear proof p£ its :correctness)he pro-
7 phesies.that the-next earfcquakes will occur
in equatorial countries,- on the 7ttti: of August,
the 6tu of Septemberand the 4th of > October.
The 'shortuess of-the intervals seems to prove
;,;thaV«be-is in earnest..'       -"*        " '
1 [Incorporatediby iRoy^'Qliarler, 1862]. _;
-{■„,' , - i  /With power,to iacrease; , '  .
i. Drafts ^issued on "the Bank?s branches   ; ]
,Al!'1 "v'•'SW'United.States:|''.s';;,'  J i(
CXilFOR&i^ --    V'SAN'FRkNCIS.Cp.;
OREGON,* V -x. lrJ:::  PORTLAND.,, -;i:
4NEW YORK,* ,'--•■ Messrs! ^rm. & iGc^pRT,
' »■'. • /. A'geats-for"£be,Bank of Montreal. '    *     . ■
ON C^NADA-^TheSahlcof ,Mpptreal^ J^
ON^SCOTBAND—The rBritish 'Einen  Com-
■*■. v-panyfs^Bank;-'.-' <•:' --U)   ■;;""-.:-:>>'•;/:.? ; ^•-.'•;.- ;-,;
ON .MEXICO .ix^SpntH) ApRiCA^bc
:, Xbndbb/Bank.'ol \MexicoJ<:;and, South.
^.rf-.-America.^>v •-,r:--^ •  .;• -.-n- ^v-v:'^
'8^ 'ENaii AND—The; Bank :of j^.riti^h Qbjqitf;
.bia—Head  Office—East India Avenue,'
'' )»ijLeadenhall.;street        *'    o' ■ ' )' ;_ -
Received on Deposit, or Advances made cm.Uic-m, '
'   -T«i« ^l.^Arnic TRANSFERS/
Granted csE' \; ictoria^ San  Francisco,  Portland, and
''T -Now Torfc /   vy i1''";'riW''yi-Wy?:'t
Every description of Jfcinking Bosinoss transacted,.
—*''   •    , - ^CHArRIiES-S-lO^E^-^nt;
Wiiliam'Oreekj;Cariboo. -      .. •
Miners', Proirisioii '.'Stbrja,'
BARKERVniLK    . ,
•■.".."'.• ■.';: '••■■■■'■   ■ ■■'-.'■■ ■■'S'-\,:; .'.■.:•:'—■ ■.  •■.'".■ ' v-'.-,;-.".,. ,-.;,:f' - [■' .^   i^. .■■;. -'■■;.:'.\'.---:,-:v--i\. ■■'■'. .,:'-l:.",:4 ■:. ;■:■'..'!,. '.-:.fc-:
,;     ' Next Door to ' Sentinel Office. ■   r
T th'is'Estiibiishment' will always be ,found;a well';
' "rselected anfi vanu I' tssortRwnt os the  %< -,'
-IN"CARIBOO. ,   . ■'.
ALSO—A.good selection «f"!ciothtn^ Har«tware, Glass
,*\l ..iiaadiCrqck'ary.1 ::Besfc-,1)rands of Tobacco, . . ^,
- ' - V •     ;   ■   KedicinGs/etc.,;etc. ;; ' .   ''   j #
BbsUJaWCoffeeIRoasted and Ground  DAILY* • J
The3AR is f lily supplied/with fclie cUoiccst.  '
r Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.    •
■. I trust by5strict attetttion-to,bnsmossj<and. fair^and
square dealing t<y merit a^contjuuajnc^ of'the liberal
patronage heretofqreJextcnded\6 me. .... 7 ~y
; ^large lot ofiHBYAVOOO'S; celebrated^BACbif!
forsale, at a tvery-low'figure. ,*  j   ,'
,. Feb, 20,;iS69;        ,,'     '        /-«     ,        '  '  3m:-.,"
Biieetaiid Gast liba Slb^es
. tffl.- piiTE- Bl sheet iroi; -
' • • Strange  Cases of  Somnambulism^ '-t- The
Peterborough ^Review relates;, the ^following:
," On the^d^nsL^ a widow named Airnnfcage,
77^ years of, age, -who lives on the gravel road
' -between Port;Hope and Rice Lake, retired-to
\ bed, early,.. being1/ much fatigned) As :Mrs.
Armitage liyes) qnite alpne; rshe aeciireol the
doors of her/ house before, lying down*   She
soon fell asleep and* knows nothing of'what
piaisedMnfll late at night ;she.•• awoke* to find
herself, in/ a" conip3eteiy strange part of the
, country, and* as she afterwards ascertained, I
on thek Coborirg;and Rice Lake road, at the
toW g ate near Preciohs' Co rtiers. ; Bewildered
and c0ri.f 1 ised,, the;poor old,woman wandered
not knpw|ng;^whither, dnring. the remainder
of 'tluj nighty and j as if providentially led-
fou n d hersel f before daylight in : the neigh-
borhood pf.'the: residence 6t James Ashfordy
■ Esq., "from whence she made hei- wayhomei
On= her arrival she tonnd,, the house securely
locked up, and 110 trace 0f the way in %h\ch
she mad<f fier exit, and sho was compelled; to
climb  ii\; thro ugh ;Uhe: window,   \yhen;-we
consider Mrs.- Armitagors.great age, the dis-
fath e?e slie travel 1 ed; b ef0 re wak|ng—0 ver five
miles—and the fact that as there is no direct
road b et w eCn he r ho use * an d the point where
film awoke,.she.must.have.gone part, at least,
- ot die distance through the woods and - fields
ami oser. fences,-this must bV considered
.; rlron; Zinc and /Lead .Finings attended <to with
promptness,, and warranted to give ontiro; -isatisj
faction^ '■:■:.Z /•--:•     '        ..'..^'"•     ',  "'•••'
Hardware, Iron & S*eel,
Miners? Boarding.. Hous#
THE us™
IV fchaVho;hos purchased tho Housoyand business of
of;cu&tbnii4- TKepricoof .Board willrpmaln'as before;^
i^Q^Sp$l2^pEK^Bfe.| .SiNotts MealsC;$ 1{
>  :   '   ''    ■    -'.SAMUEL-WALKBR.
Barkenuilc, July 27,1S69'.., '   ',;,     K    " JuSSS.tf ^
"--bio and Bedsar¥fehtinHuV^i#^U-^:'
•JOSHUA.? A.. L0TT-..
'■<! siv?-*  : y>yy.
gSiiSesspr to E.-rRead^10overt^€llt'i
«8t* >treet, Victoria. ™*H   ,
'r-i ifllO^I^'att^ jed, to, wttb. wpM deB'pah ^      "1
En^Msh n Ale and (Eorter
No.'' '6 i'2 V B' A CUM E N TO' sf^EET^
I'''),  . Abo^ei M6iitgombryv 6at» Francisco.,  JiulSlui
Bakery and Coffee ;Saloon.
*'i resppcttiny Inlorm ,his frtends and1' the; public; in
goiiprai tbat lie'i& 'n6\y prcjparftd tojrurnish' them; with;
Bread or!bislbwii baklii^r Laving secured thojas^ist'
niioebPafcorapotCiiit' Baker,- avUicU enables him
dfitV-'Corapotition.'--, ■ • s --       , (
< Eobarafeo^a'COFPHEVS^LOftN .attached; lo( m
above", where noaj but- ttte best Coffee, 3Jies and GnkM
wflf be Served.'. c :' ' ' ' -' ''":' ^ '■i:':■' r^ „' : 'l
V'NilS^BBKJil&DELXV^BB* to all parts v# th
|j ' j    Ql-esneuiocth.
/"nHB ^roprietcirs^Pi AlnsijvoU^kapvyn»?H<?.us^f.ten der
(> 11, tlteir pincere ihanksvto; thoi%friejuls and JhO; tra,
Volli ng publ i b goner all y, for th ei.r pas t -1 i her a I >p a tro n -
iige arid b^tb'inMni tjli^hvtlintviu ordttrto insure;a
continuanceoPtheSamo, Board,andLodgiuglut&b^eu
reducedrtd$3,&0-per';^ay.;iSin^la ile/de, ^•l^Gp.
■ Aitthc4aXurioa,that tbe;,country ai^rjis^are^con-
staatiy kept onl Liter table.' Private Parlors andSuUs
fif-Rootiisffor ^ttnilicsr^he Bar is^StdckedfWltb.* tbe
bestbraridss-bf-Wines• -Liquors/and-jCigars.'tV,, '!■-,*
'S;'3ffiejStabIeviS-well--sapplied, Withrive.^bestTinipthyi
J)at?,Hayua»4,Graiu. .   .BRO^K.'.^GILLIS,
Quesneiii3«ut'n,"Mav\   ^r/1^.
Antelope Restaixiranty
/^   ■ "B ARK E li Va'L" L -E,, ): ■'
•     ■   iPrdprletors. <, ,.. ► >■  :.. Js.'.   ,' J;
Board, $12:i>er. "WTeek^  Smgle* Maais, $1.
\ .par OYSTER STJ^^Sp LUNCHES, ,&c.)
.-;■ The best of material is uscdt Mid all.who w{sh first-
class Board at tho above rate can obtain ;the samy at
;tbi3"estabUsbiaentv- '-      ■ '^'  .':■■. " - '  ' >tlttl"L-1^;.'
Sel dsfeange
,.-..  . ,   .*.«'.    ; . ,• -   -; F1.   1
> ^gi Dinners for parties cooked to order. ;
:. \'''. ,' %y \' <    LECU.YER & BRTJN,     ;.;
'mya Gm   (;   -. :       ^         rroprietors. "
HARNESS-    Etc-   Ef C;>
■•-•v ■'):.";; •),;)for sale.    •■■■ ^v;.-)
));.)•;.;;);'-;;) ,;,E. PEARSON & BRt)S;s;;  ^
-.. •,'; ■'       , ''">  '..:• ■•.■■ v Barlccrviilb.;'
MoESTEE xrishoa to inform his friends.and the
public that be is prepared to qo -HORSESHOB-
ING at"'$3 per set, and all other kinds of Blacksmith
work ait rdasonable rates. •       ,.: ...
■'.RIOHPIELP, July 23, 1869.-    .  ■ ' ••:        -jy24 tf ■
*.....:       t"      ^        '     AND  ,
C ARIB OO    R H Y M E S ,
PRICE,)     -  ._•   ) ;  )   )   ONE DOLLAfe.
For sale ot the Se:,-tin*kl Omce, and forwarded by
•post,-free of charge.    ■ m^m■■
TLr., ..v*,*.^^^--^ ■ ■ -.-        ■■ ;~-   .,-v,7      -;-        --;-,-,
iriciids anittlio.'publ.ic, that.ne has flttod np eome;
;cbiviF QRt abce   bed - rqqivis^
■In his new .buildini:, where he is j prepared to givf I
good Bods at;:a rcasonablp price. Those who wiljj ■
favor.him wi th thei r patronage, may. depend ou ,th*
cieaiihess' find comfort .'of his house-. .■:'-".'- ■■--r.,fi.
'■'. He ta k'es al so tli is op port un i ty.' to rp min d : t \\ e Caw-
H'iMi't«s that his Brewery. has. rc.eeivod the; FIJ^ST
PRIZE 0f tho Colony Torbis celebrated       ; ■*     ;'%
':''\ XXX   hLEf V-)vV>;* J
And tbe true amateurs will bo able to judpre by thejft^
selves tbat sucb honorablc prize, has  been ju|t)y,
awarded to bim.     *   ;.■',-.        ••.'•':    •.•".■"• 'Mt$
. jjt b.— A large front room to lot. |Jf|
: Barkorvillc, Jan. 23,1869.' *      -;■'."  N.,-'CUNip!j(|
^MmmmR, jeweller , akh^-
Bi-.;Nich"6lp|fiotJil, VVicloria, V. lL ■(ain«H
,,,.—Wholesale Dealer in-
G-roceries, ' PkotIsions/
'   ,..  ( Eayana.Cigars„and French'Preserves.,   ,.''
'     ;:^wia,,VMtlB.G.;
A,w    /   V.      «
\Son han« J^J-Sl
-, fc assor.tmen-t,Qf CLOTHS   /JA&ST.tfKKE$anij,yj*T..
INGS, which he ifi propaijcd to make to order, in iw ^
In^stimvroyed ity Ics% "   "^ ^ "" - '        f   'v       ;
A HordeWfreiBCariboopt oMptly a tiendc d to
May 1, j.80ft: f   '■' *! r~  :; ■ ■ ' ^ ,   • '   ■:; " -
FELL   &
Tea and Coffee Salesmen,
f 0 targe; cbhsuiner ? tf!i ey offer.« v«ry^M|
prir.us   11/I reality,.
>■ ■'••—,v,;,iV-'-|,        -
->   ■JBaTUR'NER;&cqf/;
:i-■ !,;. no. t. ice, •   - -, ii: < w%;-f ^ssKw - *& v^
l .-• Underclothing, Oloyes, and eyery
v,,;*)|gSsor;i^io.ni..of Draper^C&P^    _
&im a regular supplies by lljw.^Wi;
Dispensing Chemist and Druggist.  Importer.of/Eng
1 ish l>ru ss, 0 he mi cals, p, a, ^ n 1. Hfvi 3 J 5 n «s  a h d
■■' PerfiiTnory; Nrew Weatriii btf«r n■ V
Ordors.from uivcoimtry carefully attended to.
May 1,1869. 6m
Aiiii nftbn ™ T    l-        v ™' J1  Clothing mido to otflnr at mod.rue r'atos ' "
one otdhe most extraordinary cases of aom-(ways on hand Erigiisa and ores»n"Cloths1  •  brd
nambuliuin on record. y     rom t^ up-oountry . attended   to .with  care   «'
r^HOMAS WAI.SH, Tailor. Now AV.^tmin«ter, 'B.C-
0 m
Restaurant^and -Bakery.-
THE Proprietors of this old and'.w.elUknown osta^i.
lisbmoiit- would respectfully Utank their numem
■mm friends and the public for the extensive patronagej
h or etofore b esto w.cr.l on the hi, an u tro St. that, b y: th 0 ir •
usual strict attention to bi.rMriess; tbey will merit a
contj nuance 0i• t iiei r con lidchce iihd; support.' -;      '.. ;: ■
Meals,-■.$'!. "Board,  $16)per  Week:
■ ■"■ ' ■"      ' ■ ■   '';'■'    ■ M
■■'■ ;Wc recommend to the public our ,...[' '£$>■■
\    GROUND    COFFEE,    %
which is a.much superior article than any which 'onif
bf? hud from b.idow.. :. We Roast and Ctruid it oiirselvvs
and ohooju! the best btuxies, consequently tho public
m ay b e sure of Its bei ng- free from n«] u I to rati on.
BnrkervHlo, Mr«y IS, I960. myiQ
ty**      isAXP A6MT^^.,r;.  ;^y ..,
S^&siness^arofuliy. and punctually aUendc  ^
"■■&:. mfW- '	
rSJjJ iBAIfLOW, desires to inlbrm thei/Pf^^-^J
;taiuedtbo'iicjce^sary .machinery and ^^^^^l
p^;prepared^fiirn!sh?a first class quahty or^   ■ |
^ro^t^/preparod'andiput^np in tins, acc.orW^||
to m $uper.lo.fc to any. otbcr;^ -,,, • rft j* ■• , k ■ . /jnrded
groceries;Dry Gbod^f;^nwar<ev'QotbjBg, M| -
^eld-andotliei Seeds: English and Colonial ■  *
^yale; ilay^il8B9
antI'Oat.5i.'at:the'lo'firWt rates, j; -•       tort
M?y 1/18W.   u    KIXXIT & LAKH, .Prepri«to»
. ......A


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