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The Cariboo Sentinel Sep 30, 1867

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 Vol. 4.  SUPREME COURT.  {Before Chief Justice Needham;'  Barkerville, "Williams Creek, B. GyMriri^, September/ S0> 1867.  yy  No. 43.  - - [Cont Inued from our last. L ....���������- \  ' Monday^ Sept. 23rd, 1867.  John Grant, sworn���������Have.been a member  of the Canadian co.; since 1st July, last, and  am so still; am also a member, of the Black  Hawk co.   The Flume co. sued the < latter co.  for a trespass, and claimed; $1,600 damages ;  the question, of boundaries.arose: in^ that  action.   The Flume_co. claimed fifty.feet from  the centre of the flume, in each.direction'���������; oh  the east side it overlapped a portion of what  the Black Hawk co. claimed!' Am a member  of tbe Sparrowhawk co. 7 The Canadian co.  considered/ they were closed but/ of court  after eweral. attempts to:get stht5tt?^ai3"ew..feafdr  The members of the. Sparrowhawk co. believing that the new charter of the/Flunie co.  required them to |workcontinuously on ��������� :their  ground, waited until three days had elapsed,  to see whether the/Flume co. would continue  to; work, and when they failed to; do., so,  thought they had a right, as free miners, to  locate it, and did so;   We were satisfied the  Flume cp^sl cbarl^;-^a^jllegal^ and took.  th is me aris of testing it.   ,       ���������,.._. .      '���������''���������'  Cross-examined���������If ..'the Canadian co. get9  the - disputed������ ground, the Sparrowhawk co.  will have to leave, it" Have no idea why - the  Flume co. did not work the ground; have  heard the Flume; co. demand possession^ the  Canadian co;'s shaft, but were refused; ..The  Flume co. could have worked on. the ground  that the Sparrowhawk co., located./ ,1 swear  that I considered the. ground abandoned. 7:  Robert Cameron, sworn���������Assisted in staking the Canadian co.'s claim. We commenced  |at the upper line of the Heron, and I ran.up  l/stream 2,000 feet, and measured across the  creek 100 feet. , When the ground was so  staked/.; .there -was no. one repreaentingi.it for  theFlumeco; /The*foreman;or agent of, the  our-stalring it, because he had not the means  to carry on the work. . _. 7  Cross-examined���������Was a. member of the  Canadian co. from the first; worked for the  Flume co. from June till witbin a week of the  time tbe Canadian co. was located; all-the  other workmen stopped at the same time. I  worked at the upper end: of tho ground ;  never worked any further from the flume  than thirty feet. I was to get.eighty shares  in the Flume;eo., or $8 a day. I had an idea  that the Flume co.'s ground lay in the creek,  not in the hill; the lines were not pointed  out to me. /.'/���������   .>"���������  Robert Mc*Wha, sworn���������I am not a member of the Canadian co. $ I went to Victoria  [in the winter of 1S66**67, and served Mr. Len-  jeveu, the chairman of the Flume.co., with a  ���������writ. He told me at the time there was no  fsuch company as the Flume co. in existence ;  that the secretary had run away, but that he  [meant to bold the ground, and pay the debts,  land would call the rest of the members of the  [company together.  Wm. Baker, sworn���������I assisted Mr. Gillette  jto stake off the' Flume co.'s ground in 1864 ;  [there was another man along with me, but I  jdon't recollect his name. I identify the stake  jmarked on the plan produced,.as being, in the  {position of the stake I placed /in the ground.  * ly atten tion has been called to that stake at  Kerwards from having camped hear; it during,  jthe summer of said year. I. had a.saw, pit  [fiear the place; where I sawed lumber for the  plume co. In staking, we commenced at the  pead of the creek, and worked down ; we  paced three stakes at the first point, one in  Jthe centre, and two others, fifty feet on each  |Bide. Gillette had a compass ; he took bear-  pgs and measured off half a mile, following  jthe centre by the eye, as far as practicable.  |We put five stakes in at the next half mile,  {one in the centre, and four, at, the sides. ^ We  jguessed the centre, not being very particular;  [I saw Gillette place his compass to get the  angles ; we measured thus till we completed  |the survey. Am not a surveyor, nor do I  fundergtand the business } I only assisted the  surveyor. . .     - - / ���������  Cross-examined���������There were four or five  leet of snow on the ground at the time of  "uryey, The creel: was visible in places. In  *������.me places the creel: is more than 100 feet  fide ; we always measured half a mile at a  pme. The stake I have pointed put on the  ������ap has been cut off since 1865, but although  shorter, I still, recognize it. I might be derived about it, there being other stumps in  neighborhood.   I cut it down three feet  tree that was - cut, was five or six inches. I  was a member of the Flume co., but sold my  shares to Mr.; Sidall ; I said to him tbe company had not treated me well. I never used  the words tfiat I would be even with the com:  pany yet; I might have .used harsh wordsj  but never, those.. I said the, company,;bad  acted' dishonorably, with their workmen ; I  might have said^ttie^w61'8 a set '������f swindlers,  I did not say anytfimg else against them.. ���������-���������  Re-examined���������I. think the Flume company  are a ;public, grievance still.   My attention  was called to tho stake before mentioned in  1864-J65;;   there;are peculiarities aboutthe  ground near it, by /which I could.swear to it,  even if it. had been gone altogether.,   . ���������/-, ;  ; : Andrew /Jeffrey, sworn���������Was on Grouse  creek in ,1865,.in the fall ; my.attention ^was  naltechto " the stakes" iff the' I'Fltime'; 'company;  opposite McWba's.house at that time.   I went  oyer' to  purchase 'a  claim  adjoining  the  Flume 'company's  ground ;   D; Cameron,  foreman   of the  company,   showed  me  a  stake-on the.' opposite  side of/the  creek,  frpml McWha's house;/ -1'said to., him. that I  thought.it was'about seventy feet from the  flume ; he, said not quite, but pretty near.  I have not I pointed out the position of that  stake to any one.   I always thought thifc chartered companies had fifty feet on each side of  their flume.   -Recollect a stake near the American boys* cabin '-.;���������it was.also pointed out;to  me by Cameron.   I refused to purchase /the  claim, on account, of; the distance  of the  stakes from the flume;  "';"'��������� ; ;.'; 1-7 X!T>v,-yy  Timothy Connant, sworn���������My attention was  cal le d ab out Jhe 2 0th April, / -l^S^^tbT-the  stakes ; of the Flume; cp., near .the house I  lived in.   I noticed a newly squared sapling,  with a notice of the. Grouse Creek Bed Rock  Flume cp. on it.   11. was above the first bench  from the creek, and.^about;twenty-five,:thirty,  or thirty-five feet from my houso, very nearly  in a line, I should:: think, with ray house. . I tl  did.not deviate more; than five feet from  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  FABHIOlSr SiLOO^  BARKER^LE,  ILLIAMS   CR������������k;  ���������'���������,/ ���������  . NEW-^I)piRTISEMENTS7 ;'-/".  " Tlie7 O0Bol6'. Sentiiiel^  ������jj  rriHE PROPRIETORS BEG LEAVE TO-ANNOUNCE  A  to the public that they have enlarged/refurnished  nnd thoroughly renovated. their capacious and . fashionable saloon, sparing neitberpains nor expense for  the comfort of their Patrons. 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Subsoriptibn, $ 1 per "Week. :  (including cost of -defifeiy,) Payabio to tho CaWletf'.  ������A  *  yyyWy '���������   ;;f  BARKERVILLE.,  ^uimymii-Q'm  DEALEES IN  that  Cross-examined-r-The French co. have not  worked any nearer than .within sixty or seventy feet of the flume.   ;  Frank Perez, sworn through aa interpreter,  ���������I was on Grouse creek in 1864. I took tip  some ground there ,on the 27th October, on  the west bank .of. the creek, opposite McWha's  house. KnowD. Cameron, who was working  the Flume co.'s ground, at the time ; he said  nothing to me- in 1864, but in .1865, when I  commenced to work my ground, he told me  it belonged to the Flume co. He measured  fifty feet from where the water was running,  the;flume not being laid then. He pointed  out to me a stake near Connant's cabin. I  pointed out the position of that stake to Mr.  Stephens,-the surveyor, as it was marked by a  a boulder placed there by me. The stake  was in a direct line with Connant's cabin. In  consequence of Cameron not allowing me to  go beyond this stake, I sold my sluices, and  abandoned my claim. .      . .-'*,;'  Cross-examined-There are a great many  boulders near the place indicated, but tljey  are covered with small rocks.  "y |/v|eiQARS^ LIQUORSj//';'y/7;  ClpM^aM  '. /������������������: ;:;B;A.iK-B!Rri'L.i;'E':;^:',:'  yi^^M^yA y     yAyl 7".      ' ���������     /  ^:damsy;:|^arvyy ^ Co^  ���������: AaA AA'y���������^A^^^i^t^-AAA^Xy;y ;  yyy Have just recgl.v^d a choice selection of  CAS^lSONl^pklNG STOVES  "?i^������ vf."������.>:>*?*i -rd  ������ ^-P���������W������.1W. tiSli*. <***?<!  lAtfy.  yy  ���������'n&.lM L A TE^V^fSv Ss HE E T' 1 RoC  I 7with various btheri^rticjes-in their line of-trado*'.'"1-  ������������������������������������.��������� V> '������������������ ,-��������� ���������Vy,,Ay^%yyAV:yAA.y AyA-- 7:' Y  .'/.flSg?* All" Jobbihg:^ Iron,. Copper ana:  Zinc trade attfended'-fcandwarrantod'to. give satisfao*  tion./.'  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'*;��������� ���������: '.'���������-,-a. ; ���������:-.1"'��������� Y.'i';.A  ���������rTA"VlNG ;-TAKEN't^f|t)FFIfJE', i^:./;RrCHPIELi);(y  XX Wiil.iains'.Creek^^Sp^lirepwred. to''ekecu'to.vSurveys^v"r'  Plans,; Leve]s';;>S6c*tfoffi,'4&'c/^'&c.'J;-committed ���������;toihiSY^  ���������charge, with'car&tfiespatch, and on -REASONABLE^.';  termsy'- AAA: lAgmvikA a a: , .-vyy-- aa yvy  "���������3yVv ;7'V������^;Offl6bj^ph/|rV'^^^^ :y  " AVJ!Wi:''  "'��������� '-���������)-������������������' ''��������� ' ��������� '���������'"��������� A:AAiy.f'M^'M<A;y.   ���������' ���������.;���������'.-'.������������������.-'.:  AyyAyw/M^mAKE.  Re stiwii'  Art i  iil  }My-  akory,  ���������t'Wh.-'VaJ..  tw������iii-j������*w:vSi*A  "I*E*E3������f  patMsqn'&go(Ss  l^-^-Xusi���������il^-  I  IC/- ANNQTJNCIN6. THE j; RE-0PENIN6 ^OF: THI3  house for the' season, the proprietors, .wish,to in*  each visit.  The Room will be  P. llT-A ���������':?    ,:.  -  open from TEN, A. M.. till TEN,  JOHNBOWRO^      >        -       y  . .. . :-   ��������� ��������� Secretary.and Librarian.  l  . N. B ���������A fine assortment of Books and'Stationery is  always kept for sale. 13.3  form their friends and the public generally, that th*tf  will spare no pains, in ofdcr-tbinerlt the'patronagoof  aU. who give them a call;v,     ;.    i\ y-VA.    r:.,  -     : Meals at all hours,..' -'.'1 ���������'���������������������������!  A 6 c b xl n'.t a xl t," Qolleoto^  AND  the  ^ove the snow, which would thus make it  "x or seven feot high.   The diameter of the  4    SECOND DAT.  Wednesday, 25th September, 1867.  Alexi McWha, sworh^Am a shareholder in  the Grrouse Creek Bed Rock; flume co. I  keep a store oh/ Grouse creek : Lave known  the .-Flume co. since 17th June, 1865 ; have  given, at different times,/ large/Credits to the  company, and also to their workmen. I refused to credit the company any longer than  the5th'September, 1806. The works of the  company were entirely stopped on that day.  The company was considerably in my debt;  I made propositions to them through Mr. Len-  eveu, to carry on ithe work for them. There  has been no work done by the company, or  their agents, since the time mentioned, except on the strip of disputed ground, twelve  feet two inches. No effort has been made' to  lay the flume since the fall of 1865. I heard  that the company had ^ applied for an extension of their charter in the spring of 18G6,  and I remember reading a notice from Judge  Cox, that was posted up on a stake in the  creek, in March or April of that year.  Cross-examined���������The works of the, company were conducted by D. Cameron, who  had a contract from them ; have/ no interest  directly or indirectly in the Canadian or  Sparrowbawk Cos.; am a member of the  Black Hawk Co., our record claimed all the  ground between tbe Flume Co., on the creek  side, and the Lowhee Co., on the Mil side; the  Flume Go* had no stakes ; our stakes were  [Continued on third page.]  NEW  TIN SHOP.  THE UNDERSIGNED have .'commenced in the above  business,-in Barkerville, and soiicit a share of public patronage. ���������  : .   ,   ���������  CAST   IRON   STOVES  Always on hand;  New Work  and Jobbing  Done at reasonable rates.  j������������=*Our Teams run regularly between Vale and  Cariboo aud all orders in our lino of business carefully  attended to.  1-s E. PEARSON & BROS.  CpMMJSSION/; KG^fit,  BARKERVILLE,      /  Office.��������� Opposite N.' Gunio's Ereweey.  ;June 17,1867.-   ��������� ;���������        ,.' ',' 7-y;;  13  Steeled RestaiiraiL^  '       RICHFIELD.    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Clarkson & Co.  ,��������� A ''.-_.'-'.���������; '���������'���������Al-.   7  7 .   y '  f E. Mallandaine.  Victoria, -,y yy,���������:,.:���������> -, 7 -���������:.������������������ vr y\ a LyncN ���������-��������� 7:.  0������YY-"-  Big Bend,.-    '/'-:  Van Winkle, ���������  Musquito Gulch,  JaS. Bullock, French Creek  7.-;;-.--: ,":-:.';.v J: W.'Lmdhardt.  -I ��������� 7'-7 ,.7 v     -j. W. 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J; Our read-  A ers/oughi tb'W  Apt feeing'^inoreJudXcipW^in^jfcheir chpice/pf Tri  ^re^eseritative"-iri'fuffire/^  7jw/een^the^Grrouse^Gre^  7the Canadian;;Company; has attracted public  attention;^-tofgovernment���������/ grants -of mining,  ��������� land; 'an d:'al though/ flu me:" co m p an ies. may fu I-  fii alt tbe/1 pond itions required . by tltenv bur  mining'a population^ lias given: expression of  strong views adverse to the granting of such  long/terms, or leases, for any > considerable  /quantity of' mining 7ground. But admitting  thatthe popular vie/w is right, and the Grouse  Greek Flume Company did not comply with  its charier, the company never.h&djand never  pretended to '--have,' any such..extraordinary  privileges as ;tbe Williams;^^ Creek .Company ;  their claims /being^- always confined to the  quantity of ground granted by their original  /charter. That any company should have the  power of :��������� taking the mining property of an  / Individual mirier j after admitting his title to  it,  by setting up a plea of right on   th e  grounds of any special prdiriarice iri their  favor,   which would  neutralize the mining  Jaws: existing at the time it was granted, is  simply :an anomaly, as no  right. can   be  granted to any company that would set aside,  or in . any way interfere with the/ law as it  stood   at   the   time  pf7 such  grant.      We  are   perfectly   of the   opinion   expressed  by   the   learned  judge    thati any   privileges   of  the   kind   could   only   be   retrospective and riot prospective.   Were it otherwise, no property would be worth a tithe of  its value, as a government grant might at any  time so alter its tenure or position in favor  of some party or company not at the  time  existing, as to render it worthless.    We are  satisfied that government never intended to  convey to the ;- Williams  Creek   Flume and  Ditch Company the privileges they  seek to  establish, and a special ordinance ought to be  passed at tbe earliest moment, defining  more  clearly tho rights of a company under such  circumstances; or at least, the existing ordinance in favor of the company should be  bo amended as to secure the rights of individual miners from such injustice as has been  sought to be visited on the defendant in this  case.   Tbere is still another feature in relation to the ordinance passed in favor of tbe  Williams Creek Flume Co.t. which  interests  tho whole.community, and which,  we  think,  should not be permitted to exist.    We allude  to the power granted to the company to take  and dispose, as they may think fit, of any  ground on the margin of their flume, without  the necessity imposed on individual miners, of  staking or recording such ground.     We are  at a loss to see what benefits have * been conferred on this community by the Williams  Creek Flume; Company, that they should be  entitled to any exernption from government,  exactions to which every miner in the community is liable, and to which any other company but this one would be compelled to  conform. It is time that such unconstitutional and inequitable privileges should be  abridged;4:" We are ready to admit that the  company have spent large sums of money  in the construction of their works, for which  they have not as yet received any adequate  return, but that is no reason why they should  be the recipients of benefits not enjoyed by-  all. /It is therefore to be hoped that this subject will receive tbat consideration at the  hands of our legislators during the next session of the legislature that its importance de-  'mands77 '���������; A < ATaa     '" - ���������:      /      -''.'���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  PROFESSOR   HERMANN,  AND VENTRILOQUIST,  ��������� WILL GIVE ���������  ONE OF HIS PLEASING  PARLOR  SNTERTATN-  ments at the Crystal Palace Saloon,  Barkerville,  THIS EVENING.  Doors open at Seven o'clock.    Performance to com-  monce at Hidf-Past Seven. ,  Sept. 30,1807., .   ." "     .  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ���������y'A.i MINING: INTELLIGENCE-    ,  A. y'-A     '     -;   WILLIAMS CREEK. - "AA'  . The unprecederited dryness of the weather  during the last: four weeks, has had the effect  of lessening the water in the various streams  to such a degree that mining operatione have  been almost tbtally- suspendecL. Eyen-: this  creek,:which receives the/ additional supply  ofthe water from the Flume Co.'s ditch;; does  no t co/ntai n much more th an a go od '��������� slui ce  hbad-at-,^prs^n^  sopnvisited with a heavy.fall of rain, which  we usually have about this period,, wo fear  thai'times will be as dull as they were ���������'in the  early part of the 7 season; .Above Richfield  there arc only two or three companies at work,  where there would be thirty if /water was  plentiful ;; between the last named .town ; arid  the canyon there is not one white 7 man/to be  seen;  Several Chinese Cos. are /-working over  bld;/grouhd-,. with "//water ^obtained from the  Fliime Co.'s ditch, and are making very good  'Chinese*' wages.   Below the canyon^ again the  same; minirig iiiactivity prevails;;; and.;" rip't;| until thb Aiirbra blaim/is reached is /.there^-any  work going on,;if we except twoi coippanies  who, are ninning tunnels into the;eastern: hill,  in the rear of the old Diiler claim; / The ;Work  of reconstructing the Drain goes .on^rapidly,  arid although this town/ has suffered / c6nsi^(ier-,  ably /by i ts unforturirite/ pbstruction, it is gratifying to know that it will; soon ^bo/ open/so as  to en ab le creek cl aims to" l^suinb; work,'; and  cbntinue;; the ��������� same throughout the ' winter.  The :Liiloo,et; co., we/, observe,/ have / started  their whee 1 and are".. preparing; /to ������������������ wash^Vand  it.-;;:is .(probable  that y before. another-.7iweek  ielapses7tbe^ CariboO; itiAy Xviil i/be^pre^aiedV to  do:.;likewise,-  and "then .will fol 1ow- iriV quick  succession the Welsh, Australian, ���������. Bajdhead  and Sheepskin cos. fThe only claims that we  are aware of having taken out pay last week  are the Aurora co.. which washed 127 ounces,  the'Morning Star claim, wlpchis yieldirig/:$12  a day tp- the/; hand,, the Raby claim, which  yielded 60 ounces.  STOUTS GULCII.  .   Notwithstanding the great scarcity of water,  the claims in this gulch are paying well.  The Alturas co. took out for the week, 175  oz.���������Taffcvale co. washed up for the week 132  oz.���������Jenkins bo. took out 40 pz.���������Mticho Oro  co. have/had to stop work.  .   BED GULCH.  Prospecting is .being vigorously prosecuted  on this gulch, with nearly, in every instance,  satisfactory.results.; ���������������������������'.*.���������  The Discovery co., who have just commenced washing; took out 30 bz. from two  sets of timbers.���������The Butcher co. are making  good wages.���������Several other companies are  doing remarkably well.  (-* MusQurro gulcix.  Were it not for the limited supply of water,  in this gulch, the weekly yield of gold would  be very large, as nearly all of the claims are  taking out pay.  The Minnehaha co., who have gained ne  little notoriety lately, in consequence of their  diggings being haunted by a ghost, haTe at  last got on the lead. From the bottom of  their new shait they washed out yesterday  forenoon eight ounces.���������The Hocking co.  washed out 35 oz. for the week.���������All1 the  other companies, we learn, are doing well.  LOWHEE CItEKK.  Tho only two claims that are enabled to  work on this creek, are the Calaveras and  Last Chance co.'s. Tbe former of these took  out for the week 100 oz.. and the lattei, for  one day's work, had 22 oz.  T70RSE SHOES AND  Por.saloby  Sept. 30,1867.���������  HORSE SHOE NAILS.-  E. PEARSON & BROS.,   :  lm ' Barkerville.  THE  STEAMER   " ONWARD"  LEAVES YALE      .,       -:'  1st  ���������  *  5  At EIGHT o'clock, A. M., from 1st of October to  November.     . .  FARE TO NEW WESTMINSTER WILL  NOT EXCEED ONE DOLLAR!!   /  Yale, Sept. 19, 1867;  / 7        WM. IRVING.  CLTilSrTO  ttt  I. WEILL  Sail Francisco Si6_e'e_'  COMMISSION  MERCHANT, ���������:  .    ; ���������-m���������- ������������������ ��������� 7 ��������� .;.,  '���������:..'~   GRdCEBlfeS, PROVISIOKS,  HAR*DWARE> CLOTSlNGfr AND BOOTSj  Nkxt 1)o6& to the Sentinel Ofhce.  Barkerville, 29th Jubej 1887.     : ?   .������������������;.' jj  THE   SNTO   SALOON,  7 ������������������;'.'."/ : YBAHEfeftVltLE. 'Ay Y.-.  THfe [ UNbERSIGNEt) &A*VlNG .OPENED 'THE  . above Saloon, would respectfully; invito:their  friends and tho.-public to step in and. sample thei*  ALES, WINES and LIQUORS, the quality of which,  they flatter themselves^ will suit the tastes ofthe most  fastidious. The best brand of ClGAkS alwavs on  hand. -    --    SCOTT k McHARDY7  29th June, 1867.  2m,  Oliiiton Cit-y,  . /  BR ITIS H    CO LFMBIA.  THE SUBSCRIBERS, FOR MANY. YEARS PROXY prietorsof the Twenty-Nine Mile House; Douglas  Portage, beg to- announce tha,t having purchased the  Clinton Hotel property, tliey are prepared to afford  excellent accommodation to the travelling public.  The table will at all times be well supplied, and.in tho  Bar will be found the choicest liquors.  Ample stabMng for animals, and tho best of feed  "constantly, on hand.      ��������� .   7  They respectfully invite a call from tbeir old customers, as well as the travelling public generally. ���������  Clinton, B;C, Sept. 17,1867 J. SMITH&CO.  G-rottse Greek ^press^-  W' F. HERRE WILL RUN A bAlLY 'EXPRESS  *.. :.b.at������caeu jSarX^iUftla^d... .Grouse^ Cjceo^,: Or...  ders, small parcels, lottchs,' collectiohs7 ctc.;**"etc.V;  attended to, on moderate terms. -: S_>eClal attention  given to demands for subscriptions to the. CARIBOO  SENTINEL, or any other Nowspaper. '���������". -  v  Offices': On Grouse Creek,: at M. Prater's Store. 7 Iti;  Rark ery ilie-  at W.  F. Horre's   domicile,  Sestinh  OFFioiE, 7 A' X'.: ]������������������������������������ .;������������������'7; 77 ��������� ..777 i- a..: a.A'.va:7;.-;  . JulySO, 1867. .   , /   X.-y    .: y v7.7Y7;y-.7;;,.''..-"  THE  CAHIBOO  EXGHANafl.  ' E-Lr.   ������������������'������������������<. y-,  X   X3REAT   ATTFtAQTION.  Crystal Palace  Saloon'&  '���������;/���������'  . -- ' /   .BARKERVILLE,  -.''���������-. ... A' '  - ;��������� MTJNDORF & CO., PROPRIETORS. :  BEG TO ANNOUNCE' THAT   THE   ABOVE  MEV-;  tionedestablisbmentwiil be opened next SATURDAY EVENING, tbe 21st inst., when all lovers of the  itlightvfantastic'.> are invited to call, and enjoy them-.  selves.:',/ - ';'-" 7,/' ;������������������ A- '-Ay .' ;-.- /   7 ��������� ���������>. ''   AI.A ���������'���������-���������'���������  music and danctxg e^tsryeveStng:       ;  v Tho best brands of Wines, Liquors add Cigars always  tobefound at the Bar. 7  The strictest order observed. :    <  Sept. 10,1867.. 7  ���������;.   :  NOTICE.  VfOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT THE BUS!  J~i ness heretofore carried on under the style of Op.  penheimer & Co., at Yale, B:vrkervllleand Fisheryille,*  will henceforth be carried on by the undersigned, to  wliom an assignirient was executed:':on: the 18th day  of October, 1866, Tor. tho benefit; of: t^e ;%edUor^ "bf  JDavid Oppenheimer and Isaac .Oppenheimer, iUrider  and by virtue 'of which sai^-'i^'liEiiiBcnt'^the^.aDder-  signed have assumed the cotitrol of "the said business,  and the said David . Oppenheimer-and Isaac Op]peh.  heimerare not any longer authorized to act m the  mflnagement thereof. , ;,        Ay  Dated tbis Seventh day nf September, A. b.' 1867.  ROBERT BURNABY,       '"A  ,     DAVID LENEVEU,  F. WEISSENBURGER,        :  Tnistces of Oppcnhefraer &. CO.'s Estate.  ���������  "HyO^T  is now open for the accommodation of  the mining community, and the public /generally.  No expense har> been spared to render the bouse pll:  that could be desired, for comfort and. convenieuc^  Tho Bar is. supplied with a complete, stock of "Wines/  LioooRS'abd Cigars. ' '-..  ; / V     ;' '  '/.'-.'" &$rWklt/ ArRED Beds*^i     ���������'  may be had at a modorato charge. AAA'A XR. ORD,  jiilyl, 1867.v   .'; /7-2m A- y���������������������������-'��������� Frpprie.tress;.  cos m-0/P";o/l^i't; A'-N/i/^,-;  Restaxu^aiit .;;;todv^Bake^  ���������'..���������������������������;    ''.'-''   BARKfiRVILLE.    .7 ��������� ���������'   .     "  THE UNDERSIGNED KAVING/ THOROUGHLY.RE-;  . novated hia Establisbmeii t������' has re-opened tbe same'  for the^,accommodation of the Public,1 ahd trusts t<i  merit a share of their patronage. ��������� His Bakery has also  undergone repair, and ho is h'dw rcad^ to execute  orders from all who wish ������00d bread.-;     . ���������  =������������������'.���������  :���������     JACOB VELTE, Proprietor.  June 10th, 1887.;    .. '/  EXPRESS   NOTICE.  11-3  Dissolution of Partnership  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT THE7PART-  il ncrsbip lately existing between;, tho undersigned,  under the name of Fontaine & Company, has this day  been dissolved by inultuil consent. All debts due to  the late firm are to be paid to A. G. Fontainoj and all  debts against the said Arm may be sent in to birn.  FELIX POUCHOT,  A. G. FONTAINE.  Richfield, August 29th, 1807. lm  KEITHLEYS  CREEK.  " "The Grotto co. are making good wagss.���������  A large Chinese co., about five miles above  the mouth of the creek, bave put in a name,  and are realizing good pay. Good hill diggings have been struck ; several comptnies  have commenced running tunnels and htend  working all winter.   On  KANGAROO CREEK.  There are three companies at work,  al of  whom are making good wages.  Boot  and  Shoemaker,  BARKERVILLE,  MAS JUST RECEIVED BV EXPRES, AN ASSORT-  mentof FRENXH CALF and KIP LEATHER, of  tbo BEST QUALITY.  August 28,1867. '  .  lm  FTER   THIS   DATE,   BARNARD'S   EXPRESS 13  not responsible for.damago on LIQUIDS shipped in  Tin or Glass, unless by special contract...  Until further notice, the Express will arrive here  every SUIs'DAY AFTERNOON, aud.closo for .belotf:  every WEDNESDAY, at NINE o'clock, A;M..-7  ROBERT POOIi,. :������������������  7 Agent.  Barkcrville, May 29th, 1867.. . ?���������';*.  NOTtCE.  In the matter of the Estato and Eflfects of JA11ES  PURDIE, lato of Williams Creek, BlaclcsmUb, d<*  ceased, intestate. !'���������;.���������  ADELPHI   SALOON!  RICHFIELD.  THE   UNDERSIGNED  HAS JUST   OPENED  THE  above Saloon, and hopes his old friends, and tho  public in general, will give him a call,  No extra ch.irge on *.* freeze out," for fun  Aug. 28.1867. lm        JOHN HEDIN.  ^^T If you want good Coffee use Fell-s.  Photographic  Artist,  TTAS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERV  IX at PJCHFIELD, ami is prepared to take  Cartes de Visile. Timbre de Posto Portraits, Ambro-  typos, Leather  Pictures,   Mihnotypes, Views of  Houses Claims, etc., Single or Stereoscopic,  traits also taken on White Silk, Linen or O  ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THH  above Estato, are required to pay the amounts dufJ  forthwith, and all persons who have any cluimsagaiust  the above estate, are required to send in their accounts  on or before the TWENTY SIXTH day of SEPTEMBER,'  18G7,to CHAS. E. POOLEY, . ��������� .:  Otllcial Administrator.  Dated Rlclinold, 27th Jnnn, 1S67. 7___2���������-  In tbe matter of tho Estato and Effects of DAVID  WniTFORD Froo Miner, late ofthe Reid Claim,  Conklins Gulcb, deceasod, Intestate.  ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO TH^  abovo Estate, aro required to pay tbe amount  duo forthwith, and all porsons who have.any claims  against the abovo estate, fire required to Bend in tbeir  accounts on or before FIRST NOVEMBER, 1867, to  CHAS. E. POOLEY,  OlHcial Administrator.-  Dated Richfield, let August, 1867.  Thos. L. BKIGGS & Co.?  CAMERONTON,  Have just received, and offer for Sale,  Ponn  Cloth,  ftichfield, 12th August, 1867.  Cotton.  AT LOW BATES FOR CASH,  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS of LIQU0?$  A  ''' y   ��������� ' ���������- CONSISTING OF 7--.  Br-aiidy���������Martell, Hennessey, and Otard Dnpey.- ,y-  Wines-*?ort, Sherry. Burgundy, and Claret.\ OT*  terno's French White Wino..j.Sansoyame-syd"  fornia WltHo Wine.  Champagnes-^Bouche and Napoleon's Cabinet.   _  Bitters���������Bokcr's, Sanscvaino's, Orange and ��������� Host -  tor's, Vermouth, Absenthe, Peppermint and a������������  : sette. ' t 7   '���������'.'  Old Tom, Gin,, and Scotch "Whisky.  1        mi ,  Also on hand���������500 galions choice brands of Brandy  "Wines, Whisky, Rum, otc. nf the*  Goods received on Storage or Commission, ������"  lowest market rales. aw>  ,  1st July. J867.  jh������<W������wi tmtmm. m  THE GAMBOO SENTINEL  "^MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1S67.       ';  The Late Fight.���������The late prize fight between "Wilson and Eden has been 'the topic  of daily conversation for the' past few days.  At first, the friends and supporters of; Wilson  who iost heavily by the result of the fight,  although'������������������ not  without   suspicions, did not  really imagine that he had designedly' lost  the battle, but a careful consideration of the  circumstances connected with the affair, led  many to the-conviction that the fight had  actually been.sold, by Wilson.    These surmises, we understand, have been confirmed,  by the subsequent voluntary admission of  Wilson himself, who justifies his conduct by  saying that-he sold the fight because bis supporters bad'not treated him right. ..Although  we are well aware that such exhibitions are  attended with a good deal: of cheating and  double dealing, in other parts of the .world,  ���������still we were not prepared to witness so flagrant a breach of faith as has been commitfc*  ed on this community, by a man who has  been the recipient of many acts of kindness  at its hands.   If what we heard is correct,'  and we have no reason to doubt it,- that Wilson  used  every endeavour to ��������� induce bis  frieM&to .bet their money on-him*' -ass^ring^  them that if he lost it would not be by foil I  play, while at the same moment he was ne*  gotiating with his antagonist to sell the fight  for a consideration;, and thus cheat his unsuspecting, victims out of their money;   if, we  repeat^  this is correct, a  more  barefaced  piece of swiridlitfg could ,never have been  perpetrated,  and /although:the   law cannot   perhaps    reach /the    culprit,\ still  the execration of an  outraged community  cannot fail tb be meted out to such an unprincipled wretch.   We never admired pugilistic exhibitions, and we are glad to know,  from the feeling that now exists on this creek,  that such exhibitions are not likely to receive  the same countenance^   support ;,vbu\ any  future/occasion, as they have heretofore.'' :fv  RECArryitED;���������The/.prisoner, W. Wiiiiams,.  *who. efiected his escape from jail, nearly -a  suonth ago, and of whom nothing has been  Ward since, Wa37 discovered/secreted.in a  house at Richfield," last Friday/ evening, and  . arrested by chietconstable Fitzgerald. While  being conveyed to jail, the prisoner made an  'atte m p t tp tun', tf way, b ut was. so o n b ro ugh t  to a stand by the officers, who levelled their  pistols at him. 7 As< it7is believed -that:; WUr  liams has been on the creek ev^r since his  escape, the wonder is that he has so long  -eluded the vigilance.of the police.  Pleasure seekers will be pleased to learn  that Professor Hermann, the celebrated Wizard and Ventriloquist, has arrived, and will  give the first of a series of magical entertainments at the Crystal Palace saloon, this evening: From the well established reputation  of the professor as an adept in the magical  art, we are satisfied his entertainments will be  very amusing. 77  Fire in the Woods.���������The woods in the  neighborhood of Conklin's gulch were set. on  fire on Saturday afternoon, and continued to  blaze so brilliantly throughout the evening,  that the town of Barkerville was thoroughly  illuminated. 7   '  The mail steamer California, from San  Francisco, was due at Victoria on the 21st;  We shall therefore have an eastern mail by  next Express.  Several good looking specimens of silver  ore, from a lately discovered lead on Harrison river, have been sent to I^ew Westminster  for assays  Court of Assize.���������A court of assize and  general jail delivery, will be held to-day before Chief Justice Needham. The only case  is that of William Wiiiiams, for felony.  Executive Gouts oil.-^A meeting of the Exe-  tutive Council was held in New Westminster  on 18th, before which, it is said, Judge Begbie has been summoned to appear.  A Benedict.���������We were pleased to note the  return yesterday of Mr. Lelair, of Richfield,  accompanied by his young and blooming  bride.  The Express arrived yesterday afternoon,  bringing as passengers Messrs. J. Oppenheimer and Hermann, and a small colonial  mail.  His Honor Judge Needham will give a decision in the Canadian and Grouse Creek  Flume companies* case, either to-day or tomorrow.  A report of the Synon and Williams Creek  Bed Rock Flume Company's case, will appear  in our next.  A second grand jury has been erapanneieel  at Port Townsend, and true bills found by  them against Tripp and Keys. Both the accused are in Victoria at present.  The Victoria Gas Company have reduced  the price of gas five per cent;  [Continued fronY first page.]  placed/ 50 feet from the centre of the flume.  I produce a copy of the contract between the  Flume Co. and Cameron, which, was copied  by myself.  Duncan Cameron sworn���������Was foreman "of  the Grouse Creek Flume  Co. in 1864 and  throughout the" whole of 18G5,; the copy of  the. contract produced by the former witness  I now identify as a true copy of that instrument,  which is dated April, 1866 ; came up  under this contract to carrjr on;the works for  the company.   When I arrived here. 1 found  a part of the ground at the head of the flume  and a part below that point held by the anti-  Heron Co.; I found that I had; to pay, the  rent before I could bring a suit of ���������.ejectment  against that company; I came up in May, and  in September I ceased to carry on the contract, having been sued for money, due by the  company.   Before giving up the contract, I  wrote repeatedly to Leneyeu, but received  no-instructions ; I did.allI could to.carry, on  the works of the company, but was compelled to give it up for want of means, Mr. Me-  Wha having refused to give me any more  credit., I am a shareholder in the Flume Co.  ��������� Cross-examined1���������I staked/ off part of the  company's ground in accordance with Judge  Cox's instructions, in June, 1866; these instructions were verbal, and given after .the  dispute-with. tbe/anti-Heron Co. was decided.  Idid this iri'the TinfanneFsefc"for^h-in-my-^tfi~  davit sworn to on the motion for rehearing  of the case between the Flume Co. and   the  Black Hawk Co., on 25th June last. VI began  tb^-Btake off at the head of the flume, measure-  ing  50 feet on each /side of it, and ran the*  stakes in this manner up - stream, "observing  the- same distance from the centre, of. the  ���������stream for 1000 feet;  this was meant to define the boundary of the Flume Co.'s ground  above the head of the flume ; I then stopped  because I thought the ground above; worthless. : Below the head of the flume I staked  off the ground 50 feet from- the centre of the  flume, whenever anyone  wanted to   work  on the hill side.Can't say whether the^ flume  followed the centre of the creek or not.; I  commenced laying the flume in August, .1864,  and finished \t in the fall of 1865 ;   the /first  claim located on the east side was the/ Heron  claim-; 5.'Mr"'.Cox advised me to stake off; the  ground to avoid disputes ; I assisted in. staking off the Blaclc  Hawk   ciaim in company  with? R: McWha/aud another man.   Went over  the Flume C6/*s ground with Gillette in 1864  when he showed me some of his original  stakes defining that gvcund.; The post marked sapl i rig on"- G i 11 ette "a seed nd p I an /of '3rd  June, 1867, and referred to by me in/my affl-  .davit as pointed out by Heron, was used by  'me-as a centre stake in 1864, for the purpose  of putting on a notice, that the . Flume Co.  claimed the ground.   Have seen the sapling  3 or 4 weeks ago, it stands there yet, and is  5 feet high.; am not nor never was directly  or indirectly a member of the Canadian Co.  . Re-examined���������Tbe sapling stake is about  300 feet .above the head of the flume;  could  not swear to any of Gillette's stakes now.   I  received a notice from Judge Cox about the  forfeiture of the Flume Co."s ground, one of  the notices was posted on the ground.  Leonard Gayet sworn���������I worked on Grouse  creek; I know the ground claimed by the  company 5 I recollect a stake opposite Mc-  Wha's ; I have seen the stake lately ; I know  the stake1 by a boulder removed by me and  another man, it is in the same place, it was  the position of the stake, there is a foot or  two difference. The boulders have been removed ; thestake was the boundary of the  Flum3 Co. 5 I kuow the stake because Cameron put a notice upon it; it stood about 60  feet from the flume, I pointed the stake out  to Mr. Ralph.   .  Cross-examined���������I have not seen the stake  since 1865 ; the ground has been all worked  to the depth of 4 or 5 feet; the stake was below the American cabin 250 feet.  William Halpenny sworn���������Cameron showed me the centre line in 1864; I was working  on the flume; I fancied the ground, afterwards known as the Heron claim, the creek  was 18 feet to t^e left of where the flume now  runs; never heard of Baker's stake.  G. H. Hall sworn. -1 remember the time  Cameron ceased to work for the Flume Co.,  it was in September, 1866; the claims were  laid over on the 1st November.  ��������� Wm. Ralph, sworn���������(Pointed out on map  position of stake alluded to by Perez and  Gayet)���������Gayet pointed out to me a stick  which stood by a boulder, the stick was put  in this summer ; it was intended to show the  position of the stake ; it stood about seventy-  five feet from the centre of the flume. ,1 saw  Baker's stake, tho measurement from which to  centre of flume was thirty-seven 'feet ten  inches. I measured from centre of flume to  Cohnatlt's houso sixty-eight feet at right  angles ; the stump near Couant's house is  squared, and appears by my map to be sixty-  nine and a-half feet from centre of flume.  Cross-examined���������I made a map for the  Flume co;, defining the boundary of the Black  Hawk grdund ; i was a member of that com  pany (the B. H. co.); the distance between  the Black Hawk lines and the centre of the  flume was fifty feet. The upper stake of the  Heron co. was the same distance from the  centre of th8 flume. I know a stake pointed  out by the foreman of the Heron co.; that  stake is forty-two feet from centre of flume.  The old stakes of the Heron company were  less than fifty feet from the flume ; the twelve  feet two inches in dispute -would belong.to  the Flume co., if the lines on my map; are correct ; when-1 drew that map I intended it to  be correct.  Edward Stephens, surveyor, sworn���������I made  the plan pointed out; my attentiou was called  to the spot pointed out by Frank Perez, it  was a boulder,. The measurement thence to  the centre of the flume was seventy-five feet.;  a stump, squared at the top, was pointed out  by Stewart Smith ; the stump called Baker's  stump was pointed out to me, it stood thirty-  seven and a-half feet from .centre of flume.  The stake or spot hear Cohant's house, is  sixty-eight feet froni the centre of flume. (Thb  witness here described certain distances on  the map to his lordship).    ;..    -."'; ���������"-     ���������-:.  , Cross-examined���������The portion on the map  colored pink, is the position-of the ground belonging -:.to \the Black Hawk co.;-' the stakes  were pointed out to me by the witnesses  Grant and Ralph ; the map was made for the;  Black Hawk co. There might be a difference  betwee^m^asur^  a theodolite, of seven or eight inches; 7:; ly  John MacLaren, kwprn-r-I. was secretary to  the mining board, in accordance, with the/Act  of 1865; continued in that position till second  August last, pa3t.7 Know that/ Mr7 Spalding  was in : Richfield on the sixth of -May last,;  have not seen him since..   - 7    77.'    77/"-<;  Cross-examined���������Never owned in the Canadian- cp., either directly or indirectly 5/1 sent  a petition to the governor, iinder instructipns  from the. mining board, against-the renewal  of the Grouse Creek Flume co.'s charter. s Mr.  Booth was chairman 7 of the. mining board at  the time ; the petition was sent down to New  Westminster abbut. the  18th of December,  1866.---^''/''-;y7;.'.7.''/7:-:y\_;-.;\7;7-::.;/' 77  /This terminated the case for- plamtiffs.; ��������� His  lordship made : certain 'suggestions/ to tbe  counseljfor plaintiffs', in relation to documents  necessary to be put in, in support of plaintiffs' case.������������������-...   -���������-" Ay. \- yA'AAyi " yAl, :.-"77'"  Mr. park at once: availed himself of the  suggestions, and put in documents required.  ; Mr. Walkem, in opening the case, for the  defence)Z said that, his lordship bad 7 cleared  away many of theV difficulties "that he (Mr.  Walkem) would otherwise havevhadtbYcon:  tend with.    He Would here ask for a verdict  for his 'clients, on the evidence 7adduced, by  the plaintiffs themselves ;.had the desire not  been expressed that the whole of the case  should be gone into, ho had no objection to  offer, and would proceed with the case for  the defendants.   All that the law required  the Flume co. to do, was.to plant stakes sufficient to warn strangers from locating, their  ground.   The  notice . of forfeiture1   was in  abeyance for thirty days ; meantime it was  set aside.   The notice had no. reference to  the twelve feet two inches now claimed by  the Canadian co.   There was, however, no  notice proved, and if such notice was proved,  there was no order' made upon it, as was required by law.    But if such notice had been  proved, the fact that rent had been received  since that time by the lessors from the Flume  go., and also that a new lease had been granted to the company, neutralised any effect that  such a notice .could have had.   The learned  counsel contended that the Flume company's  ground was not incident to the ordinary conditions of the mining laws of 1859.   He then  proceeded to point out several other sections  in the various mining ordinances, showing  the distinction between the ordinary mining  leases for one year, and those for ten years ;  which under the joint stock company's Act,  would render the ordinary mining laws, under which the Canadian co. claimed, wholly  inapplicable.   The twelve feet two inches of  ground1 in dispute, was clearly proved by  plaintiffs'  witnesses  as    belonging to  the  Flume  co.     The   Black   llawk  co.  never  claimed that their lines approached the centre  of the flume nearer than fifty feet.   There was  evident collusion between  the anti-Heron,  Black Hawk and Canadian companies.   They  bad sufficient notice that they were taking up  ground tbat was not vacant.   The ground  held by the defendants forms an irregular oblong, about or near 100 feet wide ; the rent  was accepted by Mr. Cox.   The1 stake at Connant's house was not a stake of tbe Flume co.  and.it was reasonable to conclude from the  evidence, that Baker's stake was not a Flume  company's stake, on the eastern side.   The  charter of the Fliime co. entitled them to follow the le'ads-250 feet, but they had never  demanded that right.   In 1866, the ground  was properly staked off, at the point where  the Canadian co. now claimed, hence the last  named company had full notice of what belonged to the Finnic co.   Tho Flume company never abandoned their ground j nor was  it ever forfeited;    They now claim 1250 feet,  commencing at a point 500 feet below the  head of the present flume, andruuhing up  atrfeam fifty feet on either side of, the lin^  formed by the flume. The property being  peculiar iri; its nature, the holders have>  as near as possible, ebrnplied with ihe  conditions under which they held it. If the  Canadian co. can' claim any of the ground,  they can claim it all; the Canadian co. never  recorded the strip, but the Flume co. had  done so. The ground would never have  been touched by the, Canadian co., had the  Flume cOvnot made discoveries upon it The  learned counsel then put certain documents  in, as evidence for the/defencet and proceeded  to examine witnesses in support of his ori&ev.  {to he continued.]   /  '���������"'-  "' A A : ������<  A        r   .y TELEGRAPHIC;   (From tlie Colonist aiid Chronicle:) '���������/������������������;.  New York, Sep^ 10--Tbe Times says tho'  pressure is strong for the rernoval of Seward.;  from the Cabinet. //;/' ���������''���������;  Steadinan assures the' President that belts/  not a candidate for the War Office, and urges-.  him not to remove McCulloch,  The Presif  dent informed Steadmah and Granger /that  no change will be.madc^  Freedmen's Bureau at present, but that Granger should have tbe;placb when if is made.:   ���������  Belfast, Sept. lOfJ-Fb'ur pembcratic; reprer  ���������seRta/tiyesjara^  The Republican'majority here' or' ���������iasFyeaF is-'r  reduced i^-lSOO^;-'-  Wilmington, Dehv^Sept. 10^*^: extensive^;/  spice-mills of jCi JT^Fell & Cp^AVfete] bbrned ���������;  to-day.//The loss heayyy;:7.7 yA Ay /;/ ��������� '//7'.,  :Aa The Herald's-Havyana special, bf Sept. 8tti;1  says that AdmiralJ^Tegethotf arrived at;Ter& '  Criiz bn the 25Hi of August.'^; A Ay, /������������������/" ///V7  ; / Santa Anna still/continues to be % ^vl^oprit J  at San Juan D Ullba- ' 7       ���������'   .   '*.*..'  San FranciscoiSept. ll.^W  day was the Hayes^Higgins hand organtprp^  cession:   Long before the . time of starting  arrived, ���������Montgomery street;Ywa^'7Jif;eT^iy/;  thronged with/\ineh; wbnien /and children^  Every window-.roof/and balcbnywas ;apprQ^/-  priatcd by crowds of people, anxious; to - wife:  ness the proceedings;   Promptly at 11 o^clbcli 1  the prpceBsipnf moved from^Jackson street  down Mbhtgomery^p/Mr,; H  hand ; organVl was'} preceded by a caririage in:  which  rode 7 ^iessrs. Badger; and; ��������� Sweeney*  Close behibdhiiidXwas special offi  carrying a small^i^ed sack of money; on';his',  shoulder.   The u caine Kidd's band. A A larg 0.]  force of policemen uud^  companied theini >'$he/ excit'ement; khew / no"  bounds/ and in the"din and uproar of the vast"  throng closely packed around:the perform    ;  arid surging to and fro, ihe music of the little/  piping organ could be1 heard more than forty  t'eet.   Considerable sums were brought to the  collectors; but the principal part was thrown  into the street*   Half;dollars and packages of  money came flying from every direction, and j  as it fell the crowed would !pick it from the  ground and throw it over to the" carriage.  Carpets^ clothing,: books, &e., canio tumbling  from windows^ roofs and balconies, on the  heads of the crowd  beneath, 7 They were  placed in the carriage in which the treasurers1  rode; ��������� At this hour the result had' not been  announced, . but theV cash receipts approximated to $5000.   7 7 V" .'**"  ���������;.'; Z. Amos, formerly of the lumber firm of;  Amos & Phihttv, has filed a pfetitioir df insolvency.    Iiiabliities; nearly S30,000, mostly-  secured by mortgage 6b real estate. '/v  The century plant at; Oakland had at last  blossomed, the stalk having ah aititiido of  about forty feet.     / "7...  London, Sept. IF.���������Public suspense is great  relative to the reply of the Sublime Porte, td  the Russian ultimatum. It is feared that to������  much reliance will'bo placed upon the friendship of England and France, and that the  Turks will refuse to comply with the demands of Russia. In this event a war Will brt  inevitable between the Turks and Russians*"'  which it is apprehended will lead to serious  complications with foreign powers.  Montreal, Sept. 12���������Earl Mayb succeeds  Lord Monck as Governor of Canada next  June. Gen. C. Windham replaces Gen. Michael a3 Commander-in-Chief of tho Canadiuu  forces. .    .7,  Springfield, Mass.. Sept. 12���������-The great International four-oared boat race between the  Ward brothers and others at fet. Johns, Newfoundland, came off yesterday. The Wards  won, beating their Opponents one minute and  forty-eight seconds.  BIRTH.���������At New Westminster, on tho 17th inst;,  the wire of Mr. Thos. Cunmcghara, of a son.  DIED.���������At New Westminster'on the 19th lest.,  Jonathan Hay Brown, uged 30 years; a native of Hull,  England.  At Victoria, on. the 18th inst;, Alexandre Charles  Lacharme, a native of Marseilles, Franee, aged sixty-  three years.  At Victoria, oh the 19th inst., Fanny Victoria.,'  daughter of Samuel and Jane Ann" Nesbitt, aged ten  months and nineteeti days. ... ������������������������'*���������������������������,;  At Victoria, on the 18th Sppt., Mary Ellen Copte^;  daughter of Solomon aud Didamio Copland, agod ioiiv  months and twenty-throe dayc:  ���������  mm  a������������^������SS!3iS!������^ . i ' -   CELIBACY- m7PR^NGB. :< 7 .  A .sprightly "Paris correspondent writes as  foUows'f^The increase of celibacy in France,  and especially in Paris, is stiil a subject of  discussion. , The government which * wants  soldiers, the manufacturer who wants laborers, and last hut not least, the women who  _ , want. husbands, ask a everybody, ask each  ,   - other, ask in perplexity/and consternation,  " Why don't the;men marry ?������ Pere Hyacinth  preaches against celibacy at'Notre Daine :  ..the newspapers preach againsr.it at the street  : cornets; yet, as .onedisparageinglv, remark's;  in atyliourfs walk from Madeleine to ,. tbe Beth  tile, one, may now, meet; a hundred thousand  - bachelors. .-..- .  . >        . In former times, confiY^s this writer, an  unmarried man was obliged to exhaust his  ingenuity in framing ..excuses for his condition  :������������������', ,."jAIas,Tarn yet the victim of betrayed affec  tion.**   " Alas-.my.- villain <bf a notary  has  ,made,away.all,my fortune.".*;   "Alas,"l am  like Werther, I am in io? : with a woman who  is already,married.?.    " Alas, I haveI suffered  ..        ; much/*   "Alas,. I. ^a like Antony, I dare  not menton the name ofher I love,"   But no  *   7, one ever, dared .to vow his final impenitence;  7,  -, he appealed to the:compassion of his friends  ';.-:..        .    -for? temporary misfortune -and Kipy, rredu-*  ,      - lousjwere willing to exolaimV"The poor'fel-  - ��������� -       tow, he is a bachelo.-j7i spite;of himself !?7  VAa,   But all tbiaIs changed mm   lirom the top  jyxyyA^yyy^mm^  unblushing mkhy&iiy   ������E >'m % bachelor, I  A  y'v    ���������        77v5W7#e������a7'*%7*  A"^ y, bachelor,',' aarl reasons ar* as iWft w.for-  merly.excuses. ������I will noft marry, because  , i'Wis^tp'^teiid my youth' to; ��������� my" lastdays."  *'A ma naimmrj} h^i������us?; jwAM1! 'Ac eosts  too much in dress 9 wife.'?; ������ I will miii isrir~  ^7 because I --wnt peace1at Jiomr " '��������� " I ^\)f  ,:    * J not mai ry, because J ������v>it Aj be abjeto ap^d  ' ���������e evening where ,1 (������Wy; wiiboat kehxr  obliged to give an 7account of "myself." '������j  ,    - A}11 nP' ,^'a "XibecabseI <Ireacl ? motber-iii:  AyAyAyy Tyyxi  ,     ihe wntei v?i������o laments these Js^o * waxes  learned *utf remejnben, rb������,f ������e Sparia  celi-  ;l:;,        ;   ,77'', (t^cy^wa^^CfiaaideredXdis^;'^ andJthat a?  ��������� a certain yearly, festival: it was the custom for  women to drive &U l ^JiaIaxb nH .of 'the temple  with myrtle branches pifc^l oa   ^a  -    ' -borders of the Eniotas.    As 1 certain  difficul-  yXy    ��������� ^es.sfcaBd.imtfeway   of ihe revival? of; this  classic custom; it is proposed: to; impose m  yAXyVy-:..;.-; .-;:: annual tax-..instead;-, upon all unmarried men;  ��������� 7 - ��������� - '���������  - ������=���������_________���������Y^___Y'_ '        *���������   '~<      "'  -   8Cwcely(AnV^cIe '������f-vegetable'footf.more  777 ��������� OT4t^,j.3fnl and Mo/-ijoiTc^o?lTlike'dthan  . '        *** apple.; Why every farmer m to* P.ation,has  no,tjan apple'orchard, where  ^cyb ^IP  ytow  7- '��������� '-      ^ at all, is a mystery tome: 'Lot every - house-  ,   .     i^fPerlay in:agood supply.of apples, and it  yh te^ th������  most -(ic-QomifT,! m^Asmmi  in  tnewayofeulinarles.-   A raw ..and  mellow  apple is. digested in an hour and'aJS'alf; while  noiied ,cabbage   requires five hours.   'The"  ' ' ''    '     ?0B* *ea**fafal ,'.ue?sert.-that can be placed on  tbe.:tablej;i������   a baked  apple. ,  If eaten i're-  qneutly. .at breakfast with -coarse  bread  and  buaer without mcsal or flesh of any kind" it  ii is ah admirable effect on the general system  otyrn amoving constipation, correcting acid-  ,    ,       lUes, and cooling off febrile conditions  more  . effectuallythan; thamost approved medicines.  It tamihes could be induced to substitute ap-  ples-T-sound and ��������� ripe-for pies, cakes and  7 , sweetmeats,, with which their children are  too frequently stuffed, there would be 1 diminution m the sum total of doctor's .-bills,'in a  :<       ; single year, sufficient to. lay in a stock of this  delicious fruit for the whole season's.use  ���������  NEW" ADVERTISPJtlENTS.  JAMES   P.   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ROMBROT  ,7   ^^Boston bar/b; 0.,   !     ;  : -, Wholesale, and Retail Merchant in     "  GROCERIES AND PROVISO  mwm oa DEEP^tirig  , TraveUmgYpublic^the bedrooms^are^paciousS'  ^ry and^hofledscannofebe surpasaedlfbr^leaSS  ft"d,'9���������������%'? .vy^any. in. the lower coun try htheTabK  always supplied with the best of victuals. ;7StaK'  !orflorses;;,Ha^-Oatsand;Barley^cohstantIy:  B^^ro1^-T Dt)XJ<lLAS<  Accessor to A.  C. 1   . J^naon mrm~J: P. Tunstall& Co7  ���������:��������� m^A complete assortment of Stock constanrtv on I ' '"* "' '   ^^-lA^ijibltED I808.  hand -     ���������   . ��������� ys       '���������   ^RON'p; Street, Yale,  '9-M  MAM  BEGS, TO ;ANN0U7'CE lo the inhabitants "of "Cariboo  ,t,,7thafc ne.intends.tolfor.ward:(as soon as thestate:of  the^Roads will permit), - a, large, aiid Veil-assorted-  jstock'of Cooking- Stoves, which he will dispose' vo'f at  Phxces ^0 Suit thsi TiMfirL       ���������     ���������        ' ��������������������������� -���������, 111  ���������Yale, fltb Am*)1;18Gk , -^  7- ; HOTEL DE PRANCE^. "' .,  \ ;' ���������'    GO'VERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, V. t   ,-V  T^: RESTAURANT is supplied with" all the'  BOYD & H*EATH, Propriefors,'  THIS Hd*0!^  ^������proprietors having lately ^fitted up bedrooms^  and good Beds are now^prepared to afford everVacconi'  rnodationfor,Trayellers; the,Tableisfurn5sbed with ai  I y^i^AZZ; ^ZA^V��������� ���������"���������':-^ '*���������"��������������������������� ^"Pkmcm wnnyan tfie  i"^^'u ^i^tayxuvib, Mie.iaQi&isiurnished'.wUh'all  M^P^fePRWthe^sleepihg-accoinb- *elu3rariesthat^ahb;eprqcuredjvtbe;BarViswellm  ������mfort.     The best of PIled ^-^S*'e.'fi^t\bra^ds of.Ll'qui'TS:aftVSeg'aW;v^ort  dation is replete 'with 'every comfort.  Wines, Liquors and Cigars. -   ,������-' y , r<  '   l"-s .J. EIGNE & CO  ^Proprietors.;  FORWAEDmG.;  'FTR'EP^bqF WAREHOUSE?    ; A  SORTIES DESIROUS of sbjp^n^  ;X; -iPATCH,, will.find, ;it to "their/advantage bv giving us  a caUbp.fo>*f-cog^e[iu^ elsewhere. '��������� '    "''  Bwisg^^si iisiii  D!^F&^SryE?'7Li(5uoRs;fASr;cSG^s;;:coal'iii,  'Goal Oil La tnps, &e., '       *       '   ,   ^    7  ' ^|  |g |HH iok |ral|Si| ill ia i'  7(    ,'    >;    la Shis. 9nd Lali Bd������&  Yale, ApriU8th,' 1867.- 1-s  HENR-i. GRB3ENBAUM,. WHOLESALE, LIQUOR  .��������� ... S^0RE, Importer of .Fine Meerschaum Pipes Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco;J Johnson street, Victoria, V.I. " .. ��������� 2_g  Stablin^l^yTOkts an������ Barley^  House on the Eoad. Aa "  jmm The CHEAPEST  " "���������":""    """'I'rBV/'-.  (LAKE7LA hache-  TT}HjES RtJE^^oinassioN ifrroun^  f^l'Hotel Suilding,' Wharf "'       ~"   '"'-       ���������  "  larf street Victoria, V. L  Royal  ^irS:^������  ^LEAL'S -Coffee House  and  Restaurant  Government Street, Victoria. V.-I.. This is the  c.!1^pestVimost;comfortabIe7and beat attehded Estab^  hshmentinitheCity ,  _Tbe BAR is .always supplied with'tho choicest of  "TOPS, Liquors and Cigars. j j-.s !  1. WALTERS, formerly of .the Ai MJLE Hocse,  ,: havin^purchosed this Ranch, is how "propped  to ^^JS^ato tholtravehrig public with GOOiniEALS  and BEDS at moderate ra tos.       ' li  A 7 FRANKEIj, Tictork  ..������V> SKrxs, ���������������������������Hides,^oo'4&c'.;>"  "V.71; vs Deal er j n #urs)  onFursconsig. yy    Kefdre ice -G. Su **o k Go.y Rein-  bart Bros. Victoria.- v. I. I.s  a'SUTRO & CO., I^rpoRTERS and Dealers in*  .7 CIGARS, TOBACCO, Me^hauh^jPii^sJ^^ S^E,  corner pf Yates'and Wharf street, Victoria s /  ,",      MESSRS. CORNWALL'S;  A T^TipS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, halfway between  ^Spence's. Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale -fioute.  ^vene^wlllfin4:GodaiAccom'modatlbn^^Th''UWor  ^^^^hors, and of Wines     Fresh Biittertok  and-Vegetableg.,  Good Stabling and cheap-feed; '* >U  Storage and Forwardin a* i 'KT?^.J^A^i" 9������^*���������$���������*  0v     .,,u.  a u������i. w ctX lUIlg. i   li: PORTERs,'and Dealers in Chinese Goods  ,       "  YALE, B. G. '   ^.y       le' ���������Lillooefc> Quesnelmouth,   ant  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE' YALE-LYT-  X ; tox IIoute, ' are advised that ! 'if" -  ' "       '"      KIMBALL & GLADWIN"  j^'flave erected anixtensive Storehouse and Dock at  LowSt: ^TES.re"P     e7';aild fVeights ^n^d ^;the  toPtSc^rfofPin us will please mark  ;i#i;s77f7������777;7  E- "WATSON, "VVateHiiiaker, Je-weler  ���������7 arid'EJngraver, Goycrnmeh.t.?street, nexir  tafctie St.,}������cholas Hotcl^ Victoria, VJL  COLONIAL   HOTEL,  ^     . SODA , CREEK.   ��������� ;: rX  A ^^B^^^^^^ ^ tbe charged  ^ at,tbis establishment; so as to suit the times/ *.  Meals, $!";���������  May lst,=;i867.  Beds,'75?CentsV  7 .McJLEESE ^ & SENAY,:;  '      ��������� ���������        -   Proprietors.  A '-'Ay;A \A:A    77-1-6.  OilAIiLANbAiNE, COLLECTOR AND rGENERAL  AGENT, Government Street; Victoria^V. I.   l-sA  A modest young lady, who was passenger  i)er berth and- jumped Overboard on. hearing  the captain, ^ran^a storm, ^rder. the mate  te nam down the sheets. . ..,,,,,  '#B*it: you. want good Coittee nseFelPs.  NEW ADV-^BTJSEMENT-^  ���������pHEUNDERSIGNEDbegs to'inform the miners aud  ^.^sidentsin;^  tare keep^an'assortedmn;d{GOOD;STbeKon'hand and  v?Sy -lose atte*atiQti;to7 business, *and* bv sellin?  n8mZ$?^ytym&s accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded' with promptness.and dia!  ���������   'fe*' Terms' CASH, without distinction.'  yA^vy ' ;; / J.;W; LINDHARD.  DAILY-and WEEKLY ."BRITISHGQLO^IST  and; VICTORIA CHRONICLE..������ 7 Orders for mailing'either- the Daily or Weekly issues of the >hove to'  any part of Europe, th e IThi ted States^ Cana ri a, -Austra-  lia, ;&c. y left;at th is office or .sent to Victoria will \ be  attended to;7r Terws In advance. Webki.t, i2mps.r  W'ith Postage, $7 50 j * 6mos. do., $4: 75* 7 ^aily/; 12  mos.do., $23 ; 6mosdo.,$12 50. :      '     ��������� "V *������������������"������������������  MM-  COFFEE.  ftyAIllfiaBfARDiif^  ��������� : 36 MILE   POST,       '  BETWEEN JALE AND LYTTON, BACA  x. -flom.-.. Excellent Cooking. ; GOOD BEDS;     X -���������  ., STABLING JTOR HORSES.    .    A'*  TIMQTHY HAY and OATS"at, Lowest Rates*  ."    A.- 7    ,,, BOOTHROYDTBRO'S, ;  .7 "��������� ���������' ���������$���������-   yA   >AA' ,    - ;71.'���������'��������� v ..       .Proprietcrs. ���������'���������;  *Fhe; TBoha^rte^ House.  ���������nTinFbf^  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEfiv  TPHE -STOCK  OF'THIS7OFFICE: HAV^'^EEN  of^a variety of new Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  Pos^rs, Circulars^ Cards, ���������  ���������  billheads, Programmes for  . -DallSvConcerts, and  Theatrical- Entertainments.  a ?"7;er?Xor any description; of Job Work will be wo  cuted with neatness and despatch. .   X  G&" Terms moderate. ������=^  ;.'���������.; 'BLUE  TENT,  Ig7' MiLm house;  THE UNDEDSr^  desirable property, is noVv Prepared to' accommoi  date the trayellirig public. . The table is supplied wi th  'the jyery best of .viands.. The,bedrooms and beds are  as comfortable ai? could bo desired, and, the BAR contains nothing but the' best brands of LIQUORS and  OIGARS.7. .7 ;������������������:������������������ : AA[A.  A good stock of Grain and Hay alwa vs on h an d:  73rdMyylfypiyi, AA, ]��������� '; fry- ���������   yAyW.:WRIGHT. -;  ^^���������^^'^ ^ ^^'^^^ lM  ���������1-ri  WILSON &; MURRAY, "Ax  7Fort street, Victoria.  twos. Wilson &co;  WRTEBSOF;ENGLISff:MEEeHADizE  "Wholesale and Retail        -'A '" :  SSP*?*i. G!?e theni a calL Stabling, Hay k Graitij:  vhi^ o^^H^v Stages loave hero regularly for  Yalo, and Cariboo       y-' '���������' ���������       x-s  ^sonicHallGovornment Street Victoria.  1-s  VICTORIA ^PYER^  #  A. vy. PIPER  CONFECTIONER  G^l^^^i^^ manufactured and  ACASAMAYOUbegs leave tostate that he  ��������� has removed his stock of Goo<^^consisting of Geo-  ckries, kc. A from Wharf street to. th e Brick IJuilding;  on Yates street j adjoining Co wper's B0ot: Store, oppo-  s i to Wel ley ���������Fargo' & Co.'" '���������'. ���������..���������������������������-    ,-.������������������;;.;': . -7   .  He willsell his Goods by Wholesale, /at the lowest.  rates, for cash .    y 1s  ���������'���������'���������AND ���������  JEWELL  AT  E.   HOD GENS'  OLD  Barkerville, 1st Slay, 1367;. .  -K 9  STAND  1-s  ILLIAK ZELNER,. dealer ih Dbugs," Mkm  Sponges,'- Brushes, Perfumery, &c. Physicinns' Prescriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V. L l^s >  A; BULER'.& GG.'S     .  CHEAP Store.   LADIESy and GENT'S CAST OFF  Clothing bought and sold.   Secondhand Watches.  Guns. Pistols, &c, for sale.  #B~ Governm en fc street opposite the Theatre.   1 -s  y FreeTPort for Ever������������������������' y  ;TKPII THferUNDEiRSIGNED  TAKE  pleasure' fn-&  TT   noancingto our numerous!  ������,ff   -    ��������� '?,an-  public, that we will supp^tS wfth ?^.CTS A" th������  JKB-powold Stand, Government St., Victoria VI  ���������   8     :       : : CH^Mry & BCTME. .  A~^A^dV^^^Q^pzy~^y  COMMISSION &  FORWARDING AGENT,  W*J������.-PAT pARTICUliAR   ATTENTION  to'w"  lJJor1ooSyPUr,3haSiag'0r f0mardi^ G��������� ������"  S  hSS^H!% E- ^ ^PHAMa,iT.  Victoria, April, 1867. j"  Tol?���������RTOI1I):;IS N0W PREPARED TO  u������ a ,r? cve^ accommodation to tbo travelling pub-  !S?'?.tt v pes by a strict attention to business; to  SSSi8 "'''^o^ho patronage bestowed on'the former  E^HRF** Jhf^ls one of th0 most comfortable arid  SS2MS119 ^������ie,? ^ fchc road������ .containing as it i does, v  iSA^TT^-eaflli,riish6d bcd roo"-s with good .beds.,  ih?������ * ��������� *s;.supplied with every delicacy it is pos-  ������fSt^'Sm!1^ in,|ho: uPP������r country.y The BAB is 7  Cigars best of Liquors,  and the choicest .  X^^AZS, 'i|l'l������6%^(^^";.!r.v.:  nw?^ts,uliDgfbrHorees isill that could be desired;.;  SS? h -������ CS2rs<5 aro verF -moderate.    Hay for Horses  rates    . *   ; ^ W* B^y at the cheapest marlcet  vi J^?JihdrCr5ig?Gflms * large quantity of OAT HAY  on hand, for sale in large or.small quantities;:" 7  A1*   A JOHN PELLETIEB, IVoprlptor.^ 7  BOSTON   BAR  latere Hotel;   ^  T^SiyBI^,KN0WN HOUSE is now open for tri.  IK The Table is. supplied as formerly with  hftii^iiS0m!S?otaflbrdB������flnd fche Cooking cannot  otJ^ffn Thc Bttr is slMked wi th the finest Lx-  Qooaa and CiGiKs.   GOOD BEDS.  , _ WILLIAM CHARTERS  *"s Proprietor*   .


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