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 '3T  Vol 15,  TIIE^RIBGO SENTINEL  Published ������very Saturday by  ROB B.RT    H 0 L LO W A Y.  Subscription,  ���������������  -   50 Cents per Week.  gagjg^ 27-   X873.;  K>> 22  RATES OF ADVERTISING.  Forone'square(oneinch), (Irs t insertion,  11 tl one month,   -  Fortwosquares .flrstinsertion, '.'. .  * ������������....   .one month, . >   ...   .  $3  b  6  Agents for the ������������������ Cariboo Sentinel."  V;m Winkle, ���������     ,.  Qmr.su el mou tli,  Snila Creek,  Clinton,    -  Yale;      -      - '  New Westminster  Victoria,   -      ���������  I.. P. Fisher, '-'  G������!un fc Co., '  G Slivet,     .-.     .  W  T&hA D. McTnnes.  Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  do do  John Murray  AA    '-���������'���������    Mi^Wcbster.  .-.-;-','���������  Sun Francisco  "sjfr"-   -   ,  Sau Francisco  30 Coruliill, I/)Ddon; Q;&  rus Oautboo' skntineL  JOB PRINTING OFFICE.  -'���������tiaftl.s,* Circulars. Posters and Programmes for  BallsauOheatrical'Entertaininents -  ^^Execiited wbneaj n ess aud dispatch..._^  "l^i'mH ^moderate, y  *J.������  Lands! an j) Works Department,:  5th September, 1873.;  Tin* fo-lowing. Regulations  respecting the  -flcn������iisitioii of Free Grants of- Land ia British  Columbia, are bereby published for general'  hihi rum tion.  HGBERT  .HEAVEN/  of a Free Grant shall be construed as an. act  of forfeiture of any pre-emption rights ac  quired under any of the Land Ordinances or  Proclamations in the Province. ..-������������������'l  4. Any alien shall be entitled to locate a  Free Grant under the same conditions as a  British subject upon signing a declaration  before the Commissioner^)!* the District, or a  Justice of the Peace, of his or her intention  to become a British subject, but in the event  of such alien not completing his or her naturalization 8t as eaily a period as the law admits, that he or she shall forfeit all rights acquired.  5. No Crown Grant shall issue for any land  located under this Act, or under said regulations, until the expiration of three years from  the date of such location, nor until the locatee  or those claiming under jjiui or her, or some  of thetn, shall have performed the following  settlement.duties, that iSitoYsay :���������Shall have  cleared and have under'YCu/tiynUon at least  .twenty acres of the said.jffiif^#'her9oFat-ieast  Ave acres shall;be cleared and cultivated annually during the three years next after, the  date of the location; to be computed from  such date, and have built a house thereon fit  for habitation, at least sixteen feet by twenty  feet, and shall have actually and continuously  resided upon and cultivated:%esaid land for  the term of; threw years nexfc^succeeding the  date of such location, and from thence up id  the issue of the Crown;grunt- except that the  loca'ee shall be allowed one month from .Ilie  date of the location to enter upon and occupy  the jand. and that ubsenee from the said land  lor in all not more than six months during  anyone yfear(to be computed from the date  of Ihe location) shall not be held to be.a cessationofUncli residHiice.;provided such land  be cultivated as aforesaid.    /*���������*  6. On fai 1 n re i ri per for roa h ce^-of: t !je set tl e -  me n t du ti es a fo resaid, iti e I o ca ti o w$Jia1! b e  forfeited, and uliirigiifei of the loWtee, or������  any one claiming under hini or her, in the  lAn^shalJ cVase; yy-'A yy -'������������������;������������������������������������ ���������--y:  7. Proof of actual settlement and cultivation shall be made by (VclamUon,uuuVr the  "Oaths Ordinance, 18i*9," by "the claimant  and two settlers in the.-neighborhood,' before  the Commissioner or'a Justice of (he Pea^e.  8. In CASe.it is proved, to the satisfaction of  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,  that the settler has voluntarily relinquished  his claim, or has been absent from the land  located by him for more than six months in  any one year, or has not made the improvements required hy law. then tbe right to such  land shall he forfeited, and the settler so relinquishing or abandoning his claim shall not  be permitted to be located again for a Free  Grant.       .  [CONTINUED OX THIRD PA OK.] ..  HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &c.  barkcrville Brewery  Vaillarncoiir & Hunter,  [SUCCESSORS TO N. CUNIO,]  Beg to Inform their friends fand Ihe pah li< that tha  have taken tne well known premises in Barkcrville  so long favurahly patronised while In tho occupation  of Mr N, Cu ������lo YWj.:*.   -.,. $���������:. i y.; ,.-  MISCELLANEOUS.  Van Volkenourgh & Go.  The Celebrated  ,#*;  XXX  *111 bo maim fact ured'and sold^hy Wholesale and: R>  .tatfj# its purity, and '   /    '  r^--'    v     .  ���������  ��������� '- - -...:���������     "  .'��������� y ���������-���������:  T%e best Liquors & Cigar0*  constantly kept oh  ������������������ym-Am,  mnd.  Th&J^^  will be always carefully, attended to;'and the best  Bods and accommodation   provided'for their  cus  t-omcrs ��������� "*-,��������� .'������������������'.������������������' Ayiyxy:- a delfi.  BARKERVILLE,  ���������s,  CHFIELD  ���������And���������  ������  '���������{A:y'y,:    A SUPPLY OP THE   '    ���������  ^T QTJilltY OF FBESH MEATS  )iZ-    ���������'       : - ALWAYS:ON HAND.  NOTICE.  ("bief Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Und^r Ihe frdlowine. Regulations and Or*  dinan .ei, ihe Government of British Columbia  fa piypnivd !o-.;give Free 'Grants of vacant  unsnrveyed Crown Lands, suitable for settlement and.cultivation, and not '.being Mineral  I; ind. to bona fide settlers, in the following  quantities and sections of the Province, viz.:  On the East Coast of Vancouver  Island": between Chatham Poiufc  and Fort Rupert. : 160 acres.  In tbat part of the Province East  of the Cascade Range of Monn-  tai'tfv - . .240 acres;  Arid ioteud setting aside two Townships in  the  New -Westminster District.  for Free Grant Locations of 160  acres, when surveyed.  REGULATIONS.  1. Before any person can be located, for a m^fafp r>f T'Hr^ T Tvfpnpfpp  Fr������^e Grant of Land, he or she shall make ^^^ Vl 1^ o. .i.UOHUl������t?  affidavit, to be deposited with the Chief .Com- : D EC P* A SET).  mHshmer of Lands and Works, that he or she  hxB not been located for any land under the  Free Grant Sections or Regulations of the  *��������� Land Amendment Act, 1873,'* and is not a  pre-emptor or owner of.land in the Province,  and that he or she is of tbe age of eighteen  yi'nrs and upwards, and believes the Jand for  which he or she npplies or desires to be lo  cated is suited for settlement and cultivation",  and is not valuable chiefly for-iis -mines, or  m in erals. and is not aeqii ired for the pu rpo?e  of obtaining possession of or disposing of any  timber growing or being, on said hind, and  thai such location .is desired for his or her  brnefit, and for the purpose of actual settle-  tni'nt and cultivation of such land, and noi  u ther di recti y or indirectly for ; the use o r  bmitfflt of any other -person'or persons whomsoever ; nor (or the purpose of any gold, sil:  ver, copper, leady iron, or other minesor min*.���������  er.ds, or any qiiarry or bed of stone, niarble,  or gypsum thereon. ;'���������;y'XAA  2. Any person making: application for a  F ree G ran t sh al 1, i f re qu i red, p rod ti ce an afil-  A wlt from such person? as can make the  same, stating thai, Ihe land.is: vacant, and that  no person has resided upon it. for the last six:  ���������months.' ' . .. -:;" .'':'.:;'";:.':,' ..XX AX '��������� -./;. '.'���������;  a .3. No person, sh a II been ti Med to b ol d; land  in' the:Province under."the Pre-emption and  Free Grant Acts-at: the* same time "j aiid 'any |  . 'subsequent pre-emption record "by the locatee  shall b������ considered ia, an -actP of forfeiture'! of(|  i 'any rights acquired nnder 'the Free;Grant:  '������������������plauaea of the Act of 1873 j' and the locating  ILL PI5ft$.0"NTS HAVING CLAIMS  **��������������� agoinsJ iho f>__Uitc of the lat������! Tuomas J ifjssy.?. s  of Sod.'i Creek, arc r^pi 'sled to send ia or'pr-'smt Uu-  ftimc to the n!i:!t������rs'iinic:l, <m I ������ll persons In de hied to  the Estate nr** n-'piinvl to;pay- forthwith tiio mninmt  of their indeht-^m.-.-.s li> ���������  JOHN P. HAWKS,      "I EKrcutons  Or PK1BR C   DL-N'hEVY,; M'MW,b  Kg- All hills must Uu primed bofuro the 201 h of  October, 187������1.y   ' ���������;: -yy    ..-. - ��������� a .v i;-*       ������������������ -v.  ���������: Soda Creek. August 17.1873.  \.���������:"��������� ���������'.'��������� ������������������;���������"*-������������������������������"���������:"  A$  f > E(^P*^NOUNCETOAT THLYHAVB -REMOVITD.  I") 10^$'spacious prenVises formerly known as the  St. Gobrge Snloop,. wJicre jhtj^will he at all times  prepared to furnish-'-' .���������"'..        .  '-;'il;:.  ABOARD    ACND    MEALS  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY.  Tli������   BAR Is furnished with tbe finest wi#������5,  LIQUORS and:CIGARS'; ....        Af^-  Board,  -   $12;per Week,  017 tfm ....';  4 RE preparod fto furnish Lumber at their Mills,  xi . :Williarn Creek, or deliver it to order.  LUAfBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNiNG  .CREEK:; . ;.;���������;.���������    ���������        .  Having a Planing Machine in operation^ they wil  also furnish: ".'���������. ���������    -.  1'*-  ii  '&iJj������  at satisfactory rates.  .DR. CHiPP'S  ^  FOTICE.  given that Thomas  roni the. hnsim'ss hitluTto  as. Silo������n ke(.'p<TS n\v.\  Vuiihincoiir,   HuniHr &  NOTICE   IS  hereby  TiAVRRY has I'eth'fid  carried   on   in -Burkoryillt!  Rrevvt'rs   hy   the   (Inn of  Liivery.       . ' '     ,  C. Vaillancour having jiarchasod T. T/ivery's tuter-  est, the hiisint^H vviil in future be curried on by 0.  V&lllan'cuiir and -JmvpU "Huhter.  C. YA1M.ANC0UR.  T. LAVKRY,  Wi tn w���������0.': Bv a^ics. ,:' 'A ... yn  J������ly 11,1873;     '   ; "; ;jull2;  COURT OF ..GftSERAfi SSSTZJ3; AND  Gaol Pell very, an d'of ..Nisi Pnusj; will bb IicUl at  A; S. BATEd'i/the.l^b iiiiIeHouso;.;pn:i.- :'v;"_' yy- ' y  THURSDAY, the 25lh day 6 f September: next:  ���������' *���������'.''��������� -By cdirimand/'  Dated 10th August, ISJS,  JOHN ASH,  .Provincial Secretary,  scfl  ���������E:  i   ENGLISH DRUGS!    ^      .  PATENT MEDICINES,  PROPRIETARY  ARTICLES,  Clievalier's Life for tbe Hair  OOUGH LOZE)NGES, &cr,&bv ��������� ���������  ''fsh Teetli carefally Extracted and Filled/  c.j0t Prescriptions, and Family Recipes ao  oii rat el v prepared. :  Barkerville, Nov. 20, 1872.        ���������      no2.g  .', .A..  : FEPfDOLA, \  Ay DEALER IN  Grrbceries, Provisions and  A&x      Liquors.  a  ROASTED DAILY AT THE STORE.  DEPOT     FOR  P'OMEER'MILLS EXTRA FLOUR  A fresh supply of which  has just been re-  . ceived.  COMMISSION, STORAGE  AXD  General Agency.  JAMES  ap!5tf  wickham;  Barkerville.  .'.���������i-,  Lightiiii  lg.  LEAVES BARKERVILLE. DAILY'-atSAM  ������������������'������������������ ' ^Kp ��������� ��������� :   -: -' ���������   ;-: A-'  LIGHTNING CREEK AT 3 P.M.-.  Passage, S2; for the ronnd trip, S3.  Fitmht taken at lo w rates.  groceries and Provisions  ���������; LAST 'CHANCE,' '3  &  L I G II  TNINO     CREEK  .:-     ��������� *P1'2 \  ESTATE  NOTICE.       .  DF I W; OMARB,  DECEASED.  ILL PERSONS-.-indebted to or having  rV claims; agoinat jtho estate of J. W;. Linrlhani,  {ateof VanWinkle, Ugiitni.ng Greek,, Merchant., d<!-  qoasof],,' a re rnqn estetl ��������� to pa y- such dob ts,- er: semi i u  p irtieulars ot* sudi claimf!, :"to Tlicodore Lin .lliar*-!'a������4  A. To w nsotnl, at Van Wi ii k le, tb e Au m in istratora of  the'deceased.". ���������    ��������� ������������������������������������'��������� Y ���������"���������  THEOPORK MNOHA.RD,���������:���������)��������� Ad mikU-'  '���������';.'��������� A. TO"ttrNSENi>, Aria.tors.j  VanWinkle, "Mglrtiifng Creek,  July l/.M    '��������� julfi-  'yy Tim GARIllOO'SENTINKL  SATURDAY, SEPT. 27,18737"  THE MINISTRY AND PUBLIC OPINION.  The resnlt of the public meetings, held  at VanWi.rikle and Barkerville. last week  ���������how* "the , popnlarity ; of the present  Local Government with nil classes of people  in.tho iraportant d"strict of Cariboo. Both  meetings were J argely attended, and resulted  In a unanimous expression of approbation of  ���������.���������he course pursnedm. the Legislature by our  hon. senior member, and entire approval.,of  the acts of the Government of winch "be is a  disiinguishea -member. The resolution.passed  by acclamation at the Barkerville meeting  speaks for Itself, and conveys the hearty, and  il tmasked-for thanks of: the people to Mr  *Wnlkeni personally for hja labors in their behalf, ^nd to the Admiiiistration whose 1 iberaj  measures cannot fail to have a marked influence on the future of the Province.  This hearty support by the .people of Oarf-  "fcoo of an  Administration  whidh has never,  faltered in carrying out the liberal program rive-  laid down by the lion. Premier on his accession to offico. is wel'Reserved, and will be \  bH ter d ran gb t for .thpse wnrfblea in the. 1 o.wejq  . country,   whose-..senseless;.and   venqmrnis  diatribes haveYbeen continually ringiqg^Jn  ���������Yoii r e ars f o r tn on tb g ��������� p ast.-: W h at a ret^&to  Ih'ose scurvy '..-politicians who; have beenhairp-  i ng oj\ the n.n popn 1 ari ty;Of *jthe .Govern merit,  an d th e r ii \ no n s tend en cy of 1 ts '.legislationito  ��������� find that;tbis:important districtXis &-unifein  sup po r ti ri g good m en. an d goo d rri easii res J:;  :   Our report of Mr Walkem*s speech Is* rather  i> ri ef, the h on. gen ti em an h a vi n g spoken jfor  a h ou 11 wo^ hon rs at .?. ach ; m eeti ng ;..*������nfoas a  gr>a't. portion of, his remarks weto tajleiqi up  .'with comments on.tbe legislation o^.lfejses:  si on, a matter 6 n which our. readers.arlfgener^  , al I y ������ well i hformed ,;v,we -will not i trof i l^e Abe m  , w i t h a re p e tl ti 6 n.   Tbe con rse . pu rafted: by  ..; the h on.,^ Attp rn^y-Creneral c n J h.e^Go" d Minin e  ���������   Amendmen t A ct, ameasu reWh ich particularly  t ififep ts this d istrict, and  in regard  to w ti ich  some misapprehension existed; wlis:explained  In a manner satisfactory to the audience at  Ahpih meetings. A As stated by Mr WafIcemf all  . legislation is of a .tentative or experimental  nature, and if this measure���������the main prin-  . ci pie of which is almost"universally Emitted  'to he good-^-is found from experiencii'Tiot to  . work.well, its provisions can easily bfaltereci  to suit the requirements.of the distwet.   Mr  ..%Walkera also.strongly urged the  miuers to  ���������give Uieir representatives the benefit of 'their  practical knowledge on all matters in whicli^  their interests were concerned, as anv bms-  -gestions coming from the in would receive the  4itmast consideration from the House and the  '���������government.   ".'���������'.'  :ATr Barnston followed Mr Walkem, also  satisfactorily explaining hisconduct with regard .to the Gold Mining Amendment Act,  and bis statement that he bad always given  the Adminislration an impartial support was  received with applause. We may also remark  that this gentleman's course in Parliament is  fully endorsed by his constituents.  Our  representative   at  Ottawa  also   addressed the meeting, and expressed bis belief  that the  Ministry  and  tbe Cariboo   representatives were anxious to do their best for  the ^welfare of the Province.   Referring to  Dominion matters, he said he had confidence  ih the good faith of the Government, and hadf  ao doubt tbe construction of the railway  would be proceeded with as soon as possible.  He had no bei iefin the truth of the charges  against the Ministry, but would   weigh  the j  evidence adduced carefully and  impartially';  and give a conscientious vote in his place in  Parliament.   The people rf Cariboo will sustain Mr Thompson ;in his opinion on this  matter; and impatiently await the meeting of  Parliament, when the truth'or falsity of the  charges Will be speedily made known.  FREE GRANTS.  .  [CONTIKUEDFROil 1ST PAGE]  9. Neither the locates, nor any one claim*  ng tinder him or "her, shall have power to  alienace (otherwise than by devise) or to  m< rtg ������ge or'pledge any land located as aforesaid, or any right Or interest therein, before  the issue of a Crown g������ant.  10. All* assign men ts and transfers of Free  Grant rights before the issue of the Crown  grant * shall be null and void, and shall%be  deemed evidence of abandonment of the right,  and the person so assigning or transferring  shall not be permitted to again locate a* Free  Grant../      '���������   A '���������'���������*"~. ���������'��������� ';���������.';��������� ;  11. All Free Grants must be staked off with  posts at least four inches square, and standing  not less than four feet above the surface;  and one such stake shall be splaced at eacii  angle ?of the claim. Any tree may be used  for a post,,provided that it be cut down and  squared as aforesaid. No such boundary  post shall be removed without the permission  of the Commissioner of the District wherein  the land^Hei.;, Upon each post, a notice iu  the fol lowing, form shall be affixed ;  ���������'A^.B:*s land,  N.  E. Post"  (meaning  ;,Northeast post) ;   A. B.'s land, N.  W,  .LSSPi*s^(m^ft"*i>nff Northwest post).  ASdjso^^'aV the case may be ; and shall  raeasu^-West  of the  Cascades, 40 by 40  ebain^i- and, East of the Cascades. 80 bv 40  Rename.':;:'";'' '���������._��������� . ��������� ���������; . .A-Ayy  v ^t^: A locatee of a Free Grant^oniinsur^  3$eyed land shal 1, after ;tbe^official survey;has  been made, and wi th i n th ree .in oii lhs^aftex^  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ariiard & ."Co./s  9  .... (Carrying Her Majesty's Mails,) >.-  LEAVES BARKERVIUE FOR YALE  '> .-.'���������'���������. 'A  '���������-��������� . . ; ..  Every Sunday Morning.  Freight and Passengers carried  through   at the  lowost possible nit^s.  For rates of Fr??iiht and Passage,  npply.atvthe  Express O^c.^, Bnrkervil le, - and: at J i W. IAXD  HARD'S^VA^ WINKLE. ,  lOEO. BVRNES, AJreue.  mylO     ' - ������������������ Barkerville.  MISCELLANEOUS.  S.  A.* ROGERS.  GkOUSE     CREEK.  GROCERIES, P10VISMS, SIMfx  ESTATE    THOS.   J.   MENEFEE.  WILL,,HE SOLD,  On Tuesday, Oct 21,1873  AT PU6LIC AUCTION^ ^  Sk Yt*+.w- ���������������  givi-u ui lue Dinisa ooiumoia i^2ftne,^nTa;lve  application to' belpeated tor t^^tj^^s^c-  tipn^>r quarter-section and poniono'T-'i^jbin*-  J ing quarter-sccfion,; as the ca's^may i$r\ n  'which the land upon which ibe^i:eai.(ie^andi  which he has improved, may���������'&&&a*-v~*n ;.  disp uted ownersh ip tbe  ^ .priority of-reco^-a^^iiority ^.  seltlement^;andYthe fact;' o^u'eh/sei'llietneni  may be.sfio\yn'vtfyJactual occupation of and  im proyesae n ts m ado o n th e I an d i h' disp u te.  A^&*AAffi ibcatee sh al 1 a t. a ������ y -ti in e after-' 6'ffi ������������������  clftl y su r vey and prior to t h e������expi rat io n. o t:  occupatiiiU required.by the a Land 0i*dlnauce  A men d uien t A ct,: 1873,' * have'? the '.".rfetifc; 6 r  p ri vi 1 ege, sh ou [d h e or she so jies i re$L 0&\ p -  plying "for.and obtaining a- Crowji gKSnfcjpf  t "c e. 1 a n d: i ia cl u d ed ��������� i h. the: -Fr e e.^ r a rjj; .lo^tfo i iv  . jn th e same man n e r as. if J.he,?s'iii<������Afed  had  15.. No land:localeora^afore������av^^or any  interest therein^ slialYin:any,eve|gbe or become HaU"^1*o;ih(^'sati3%ctipn of ajiy debt or  liability contracted orJiUcwrred hfjythe loca-  his widow, heirs, or de^isees'^efofe'tlje issuing of the Crown gtgnt for such land, and  while such land or any part thereof, or any  interest therein, is owned by the locaiee, or  his^pow,;beirsi"or devisees, such land. part.  fpteYls^Hsball, during twenty years next  %r the date of such location, be exempt  from attachment, levy under execution, or  sale for payment;of debts, and shall not be  or become liable! to -the: satisfaction of any  debt or liability^contracted or incurred before  or during that period; save and except any  debt secured by a valid mortgage or pledge  of such land made subsequently to tho issuing  of tbe Crown:grant therefor. - . \\  16. No thing in;' Jh ese Ilegu I a tion s; sh al I b e  construed ;to,exempt any land from levy or  sale for rates';or taxes, now or.hereafter legally  imposed* Ayy;  K 17. Every Crown gran t to;he issued for any  ' land located as aforesaid, shall state in the  body thereof the name of the original locatee  of the said land, and the date of the location,  and that the said Crown grant is issued under  the authority of the "Land Ordinance Amendment Act,aS73."       a  18. Every location shall be recorded at the  Land Office in the.district, following the rules  ot record as to pre-emptions.  19. The Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works shall have power to cancel any Free  Grant record, upon proof satisfactory to hi in  that any of the above stipulations have not  been complied with.  Delivered to Miners "n the followlug outlyitier Creeks:  Antler, Ounninghami Stevens, Beggs G-uleh,  ��������� -&c.  su i I iib 1 e ��������� for Wih t pr wear, a n d  ; Ayyy^h A snperior article.; 3    \  ��������� ^KSi.TheXJeoOs ������������!d iif;('t*fsfe Plore'wIH, as .usual; be  otrthe best qui Illy anH at the lowest markei prices  ��������� 4rov.seCroi-Jf, Sept. 20.    ..' seeoim  .  1^5*  Consisting of ONE THOUSAND ACR^ of  excellent Ferming Meadow and future  Land, nearly all under Pence, together with  - FARMING IMPLEMENTS,  Consisting of Threshing Machine. Reaper and  Mower, Wagons, Ploughs. Harrows, &c., &ov  Also,  ^  r^-r  5 Jleail JJcwned  **-?-���������#������  IFIC  'fEMWUS^STORE,  : .. Qnesneimonth, B.C.,  AAv.     a   ��������������������������� y: .    "���������'"-    i-):0  y Where you can.get the best bargain* in  ������������������'-'': ; yii0&&* '":v:    "   ^.  fGf^o-q������'m'E������,*��������� -.     ��������� :;; r^'v   % ^^^PROVJSIONS: ���������'  -'"  DRY   GOODis,     .  HARDWARE,  And DRUGS::: xv .;     ;  m* HAY and GRAIN soli cheap-for  c s <. .    /  The best brands of EXTRA FLO'JR.  LILLOORT BEA'NS. and CfltCAdO BACON  kept constantly on hand at low rales.  p&~ Farm Produce sold on Cnnimission.  se6 3m JAS.   REID.  Consisting of Cows^RhH Steers, and ynun*  ���������% #   Cattle. J     8  15 head of Horses,  Including the well known IJ ace Horses      *$.  1   v DEXTEIi and DICK. ���������^'  : ��������� 3?5-  ' .   ,   .   ^*:   ���������  32 Hogs,--. .-";��������� ���������'-��������� <AA&*:  lb tohsaHtyf t^d ahout  40,000 ^Ds.ayain.  "^j_5^-The above willbe suld in lois to suit.  ^    ���������Also, at same time aud place, ~  ONE UNOIVIDRD HALF INTEREST ef tl,,  &  M  a  AND  '6  >>  ���������j?  ")Vith Stock,  Impl^m'.-nls and  R'ppiiriet'mnres  ihereuhtc* belynging,  \lso, ONK UNWVIIXtJD f Willi) INTEREST  in tho  surve Yiisra.  PARTIES INTENDING"- TQ AVAIL  A themselves of the ucay >.linln-ir--haw and to pur-;  'chase their ground,.o%n li������TO-i������hii Survey of tho same  and. Maps made by ail d ress ing -'������������������-������������������',���������    ���������'������������������;���������-.���������'.. '���������, A-  ���������yy: :��������� '��������� capt: o. .r: TRAVAILLOT^  it  5?  yAyy;$*$^^  RULES RELATIVE TO PRIYAtE BILLS;  ,"i" *���������". A1J Applications for Private Bills, nronorlv tho  abject of HgmatUm hy the WiSlativ\5 A?sSv o^  IIJS9  situated nej������r the month of Deep Creek.  r TE^MS OF iJALT"^ will  be made known on day of sale. ^ For per-  sonal properry��������� oil ^nms und^rSaoacaah*;;  f 1 ver tliat airibi 1 ht, sixty days; good endors'ed  notes.-    ''.������������������;- "-_ ������������������".  Soda Creek, Sept.. 10. se!3  JPasseno^ last down Ex  press :���������Mr Carnsusa, for Yale; Hon, Geo. Av  Walkem, James A. Newland, and J*. H. Kerr"  for Clinton ; Mr Pritchard, for 150 mile house!  From' Qitesnelmbuth���������Geo. Murdoch and N.  HcAithur.  Accn>BNT.-On Thursday as Sperry's ox-  team was passing over the road a few yards  outside of Chinatown/some of tbe cribbing  gave way, and the wagon marie a complete  Bomersault, landing, wheels upward, seven'  feet below the level of the road. The wagon  was badly damaged, but the oxen got off  without injury.  Tafi Mail will arrive this forenoon.  ..,���������..-.,., ^ ,> iu>;i<; ������v no newspaper pu  then in a newspaper.in the next nearest district in  which a newpp-iprfr [ft nnUU&Uwt.  Such notice Bhall he continued in each case for  a period of at least six weeks, 'luring the Interval of  time between the close of tho next preceding Session  and the consideration of tho petition.  Before any Petition praying for leav* to bring  in a Private Bill for tho erection of a Toll Bri lgo is  presented to the House, the person or persons intending to petition for such Bill shall, upon giving tlie uo-  tice prescribed in the preceding Biile, also at the same  time, and in.tlie s������me manner, give notice of the rates  which they intend to ask, the extent of tho privilege,  thehoiirbt of the arches,  the interval  between tho  a]>utments or piers for the passage of rafts  and mentioning also whether they intend  (I ra w b rid go or not, and ti 1 e di mensions of  Is or vessels,  1 to  erect a  .,.,.  .. ..^.,, ������������n un; dimensions of the same.  Kxtract from Rules relative to Private Bills.  J.. ROWLAND RETT,  flerk of tho Legislative Assembly.  2nd August, 1873. se27 lua  Nails, 4 lbs. forSl.  Susar/S^'lbs, for  Iron, 20c to 25o per lb.  Machine Oil, $3 per gal.  Price's Candles, 25 lb. bos  $11.     ':.:������������������  GOOP TOBACCO, 50 cents per lb.  J. B. PACE'S TOBACCO, SI per lb.  Full assortment KIP and CALF BOOTS, $7  to S9.  HOES, $1 50 each ; SHOVELS, $2 each.  SHIRTS. SI to $5 each.  CANADIAN. CLOTH SUITS, $20 to $30.  BEST FLOUR. M per sack.  Barkerville, August%, 1873.  Q  > THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  v  SATURDAY, SEPT. 27, 1873.  PUBLIC  MEETING   AT  CREEK.  LIGHTNING  On Friday evening, the 19th Inst., the Hon.  "Mr Walkem held a public meeting at Van  Winkle. Mr John L. Muir. J.P;, was called  to Ihe chair, and Mr Benjamin Healy elected  'Secretary.        . . ���������.������:'.  Mr Muir. in a few appropriate and pertinent  remarks, introduced Mr Walkem. who, ss^'be  f������:iid, would give an account of his stewardship to his constituents.  Mr Walkem "e appearance wis greeted-with  loud applause He explained the several  Acls which had been passed during the, last  session of,.Mie Legislature, dwelling particularly, upon the amended Gold Mining Act,  and the pirt:be took iu it���������adverse, he'admit ted���������out of respect to the conclusion arrived al by a public meeting of the tn mere'.of  Lightning Creek, which conclusion wastele-  gmphed to him by the chairman of (he meeting, Mr Malhers. He stated that be had had  no lime whafever to see the Act, which had  br>en introduced by Ins friend Mr Rbbertson7  n jrentfi'man whom he respected, .and* for  whom Hie miners of ��������� the' district, no doubt,  entertained a similar foiling; lie said that  he must confess that whatever.merils the Bill  possessed must not be. placed  to  his credit,  " That in the opinion of this meeting, the  Hon. Geo. A; Walkem possesses the confidence  of the electors of Cariboo, and that he has In  his Legislative labors evinced the strongest  desire to protect and forward the interest's, of  this section of the Province, which he so  creditably repres.euta.  "And this meeting further begs to con-  gratnlate Mr Walkersi-upoa his appointment!  to tbe office of Attorney-General of tbe present'  popular Administration.'7  Loud calls being made for Mr Barnston.,  that gentleman came forward arifcsaid be bad  not come to the meeting for th "^purpose of  addressing it, but simply, in com&on with lbe  other electors preseatto^li^ten'to the remarks  of the hon. Attorney-C^heyaijthe senior member for this Idistrio^^^j^entleinan.hiid  given a short and^sU^  legislation of the':jpflLsSjaesistqn_ and it would  be almost needlesssiw^iimi^'to say that hie  statement was substantia Still, a&  he had been called ���������'itp^iglfeUfelt bound to  make a few remarks-on^nfefor two subjects  wjueb had more imm'e'di^:;refarenee to- the  interests of the mfljorU^ot*-people resident in  Cariboo.   First a������d:::f6r^most amongst these  not having been actually commenced in July.  Should the'Allan Company, as supposed, be  unable to go on with the work, during ttie  next session ;he had no doubt but what proper  steps would'be taken towards carrying .out  this great national enterprise aud maintaining  intact the terms of union between British .Columbia *nd the Dominion, and he trusted still  that before the ten years originally stipulated  in those terms had expired the great Canadian  highway would be completed. Mr Thompson  then stated that be bad just received the news  that Parliament would meet in October; and  in a few weeks: he hoped  to be iu Ottawa,  Melancholy Accident.���������A very melancholy accident occurred a sbortdiatance from  Yale last Saturday, by which an estimable  lady, tbe wife of Mr Stephen Tiagley, of Barnard & Co.'s Express, received such serious  injuries as to cause .ber death. It appears  that Mr.Tingloy, accompanied by his wife  and eldest ehild, had been out driving,.an&  when within a short distance of Yalo on:their  return borne,.the horses took fright at a wheelbarrow which had been carelessly left stand-  where he had'no: doubt a stormy scene might in? ",W ***Supper side ^f: tlie toad, an^jtimped  be anticipated.- He presumed that tlie''first  business before the House would be.the consideration of the report of the Royal Commission. AVbat'thnt report might be. it Was im-;  possible to predict, but for his own part he  had no beHef/iif"the truth of the allegations  which had been jnajjlo as far as uuy impljca-  off the road, falling a distance of Some 30 feet  on to the rocks below/ One of the hbrses was  killed by. the fall,''thusi holding tbe other  horse, and preventing all the occu pan is of the  huggy from -being dragged into the nv; ���������  Mrs Tiugley was taken up Insensible, and n*4  measures is the *VMiiitag;Amendineat Act/' a  raeasure whicb il Pwas.'iiee^tless for hinu to say  Jmd cause: I. some feel jug a'ud.naicb discussion  in this constituency; *Tf*wVuld be useless for  him tp'g'o iiilo. the details of-.tlje measure, for  they/, were alreaUy.'.'s.y.fficie;ntly well known.  It woilld suffice for0tori:;hefeerito say that in  tha Bill should not be placed to hn discredit  For whatever had-been done he was, he ad-  niiih'ri. responsible j but he would ask the  uiineiv to bear wiili hfni. and consider the  fart I hat ho had not. in ihe p ress: of bu-'iiiefa  aud the hasty manner in which the Bill was  introduced on its- second readi.ng',: time to  ���������communicate the contents.of the Act to. the  miners. He proposed that ihe several foremen of the miniug companies, with stich gentlemen as the members-of companies might  select, should meet and discuss: their wants,  embody them in the form of a resolution, and  forward them to him^ He assured them that  it rbey did so their members and the House  would give tbenvevery consideration and attention. With many.1 provisions of the new  Mining Act he did not agree ; but as he was  net a practical miner, be would gladly adopt  a ivy v i e ws express* d by th e m i n ers. T he in ���������  terests o^;fhe-;n>3Qcrs were his interacts.-- because their success aim ply 'meant success else-  where, lie hoped that his proposition would  i)e acted* upon' if possible. He incidentally  adverted to the services which Mr Barostoo  and Mr Buuter had rendered iu very flattering terms. Mr Walkem then referred tn the  several Bills passed lust session, commenting  on each. In dealing with retrenchment, he  said that the present Government had imitated Canada. The salaried Clerks of the  Ih*neb had been substituted by the appointment of officers payable by fees. He, on be-  half of the Government, acknowledged the  valuable services which those gentlemen had  perfofmedv andithe fidelity with which they  had executed their trust.    The " incorrect  tion of the Ministry was concerned. .Mr Hun- ma-inea partially so until Monday last, when  tifiedon had refused to appear to substantiate   ,   ���������.      . _i   .        ������, . %r m.  hischai^s,^ that gen- death put an end to her sufferings.   MrTins,  statements in the newspapers," as he. termed  theratiasip the retrenchment effected; he fully  and salisfactori Iy exp 1 ai ned by comparing  the Estimates of 1872 and 1873.  A. The lion; gentleman concluded a two blurs'  Rddress by saying he hoped thai iu future his  cbnsM tu en ts wo n 1 d give' him 'an d h is col",'  leagues for the d'strict credi t fo r doing what  ^!**f judgments might fairly and* honestly  prompt, and if errors were committed; to conf  eider that they were those of the.head and not  of the; heart. He then thanked the audience  for the attention accorded to him, and with  drew amidst much applause. .  _   THE BARKERVILLE MEETING.  A public meeting, called by our senior  member, the Hon. Mr Walkem, was held in  the Theatre Royal, Barkerville, on Saturday  evening, 20th -inst.. The room was crowded  with people. Mr J. S. Thompson, M.P., and  Mr J. G. Barnston, M.EP.i occupied seats on  tho platform. t  Mr Win. Rennie was called to the chair,  and in a few appropriate remarks introduced  Mr Walkem. .  Mr Walkem was received enthusiastically.  His address in substance was an echo of what  he had said at Lightning Creek. He believed, however, that the laws or regulations  which would apply, to Williams Creek would  not apply to Lightning Creek; and that his  mission was information and not dictation,  lie and his colleagues would therefore gladly  Teceive any suggestions made by the miners,  either collectively or Individually; He paid  a nattering tribute to Messrs. Barnston and  Hunter, and he trusted that his constituents  would consider that any representations made  by them would be treated with the greatest  the   present Government.    Mr  beeuVcpmpolled: to: ad mi(^ this correct n ess of  t li e pY i n ci p I es ,o n. w Id chi) t was'-f o u 11 d ed, v i z.,  ihe grffpiijijc of a t ilie in >e si iri pi e to miners,  the disc'oniiniiance of leases, and the s'ubs.tt  tii ti on o p; large, c "aims i n I ie it t h e reof w he re  the ground was not-avail able for the use of  the ind i vidu :-s. I miner. He; regre ? ted th at d i fiat Iti es h nd bec'urred���������.inytiie,'carryiag .out of  the;. Act,.in cohst^uence <>Y)tb<i. regulationn  which had been lyrbmijiga'ted' regarding  m easuremeh t, ie. The; b ill^hVn first in I ro-  d ii ced h ad caused ������h i i nVrconjifd e rab le a n x iety,  iinismuch as no time waS'.givtui for this con-  Htituehcy to; consider the proposed amendments. For this reasou be haiiKat ."first de-  ������������������lined to set upon the special A committee to  which it had been referred.' but upon subsequent reflection he felt it might bo said that  he had shirked responsilniity.'a'nil^he therefore had accepted .Uie' position. Being to the  I last in doubt as.to the successful working of  tl ie m easu re, an d t'e<\ 11 n _r th at hard ly si 1'nTcitib t  time had been given for/itecpirsiderntion, he  had gladly"j accep"ied Mr Wa 1 kora*s amend-  merit, whim gave the constitnehcy the privilege of exempting Cariboo, from its operation  if it so. chose. As-.regards his"course upon  other measures, he would say'he r-hnd given  the Ministry a general, and at the same time  impartial support. His votes on .the different  bills were still fresh in the memory of those  who had read the debates^ and there was now  no need to make further reference to tbem,  as he believed, on the whole, they had met  with the approval of this constituency. He  trust ed h i s p ol Ui cal course in th e future  would meet with the appronation of the elec-.  tors of; Cariboo -ran., a pp rbbatipn which he  co nscien tiuiisl y e ndea vored : to earn. (Ap -  plausej.    t ''.���������'������������������S:*yy AV:-'  A Mr Thompson,-MiP., having been called pu.  said that his object .in attending; the- meeting  had  been  lo bear Mr Walkem, not to enter  himself into any discussion regarding the Acts  :passed,by the Proyincial Legisialure during  its last sessioft.   Wliiie ; the greater p6rtipn of  tho'se Acts bad been'under emisideration, he  h ad bee n ab sen t atl end i n g to Pa rl iam e h tary  duties,"and consequently bad been unable to  pay that attentlo n to' them w hic h , h e shoul d  otherwise have done.,  However, he had sufficient con fid ejice in the Ministry and the Cariboo rep resen tati yea to believe that;they were  anxious to do iheir best for the welfare of the  co ii n try (ap p 1 ause).   Re f e r ring I to the p ro -  .ceedingsof the Dominion Parliament last session, he reminded the audience that the Act^  passed there as a general thing did not affect  their interests nearly so much as those of the  Local Legislature. .The greater portion of  the Acts bad been of a private nature*, and  those appertaining to commerce and general  affairs did not prove particularly.-interesting  to the people vof the interior of this Pro pi nee.  ��������� The appropriations made in the Estimates for  1 British Columbia generally had been liberal,  and although complaints had been made that  the sums appropriated had not been expended, he believed in the good faith of the Minis  try, and trusted that the various public works  proposed would be carried on  with as little  delay as circumstances would permit.   With  reference to "the all absorbing topic of the  Railway, be referred to the correspondence  by telegraph which had recently  passed between Sir John A, Macdouald and himself,  and considered that although, technically, the  terms of union might not have been complied  with, still pending the completion of the sur-  v#������vs and the fact that tha Allan Co.'s charter  tleman dared not ap pear before a tribunal  which possessed tbe power of administering  an oatb. However, when the subject came  before Parliament he would deem it hiB duty  to weigh the evidence adduced carefully and  impartially, arid to give a conscientious/vote  regardless of any personal predilections'.  Thanking the audience for .the patience with  which thny had listened to him, andThe confidence with which they had hitherto favored j  him. he trusted that on his return to Cariboo  his'fiends would have no cause to alter their  opinion as to his conduct in Parliament."  Mr Charles Wilson then stepped on to the  pi at farm, and in the course of some humorous  remarks, cut short by the impatience of the  audience to depart, stated that he was a warm  supporter o.f Mr Walkem, who had conquered  and slain the fiery dragon which had for years  beeo devouring our substance io the shape of  high mining fees and road tolls. He also  took the liberty of. suggesting the abolition of  the Fourth Portfolio, and the setting aside pf  the money thus saved as a.fund for assisting  debilitated miners and others in need of a  change to seek ^sunnier climes for the purpose  of recuperating,  A voie.of thanks to the chairman was then  passed, and the meeting separated:      :v  ley was not very,badly hurt, escaping with a  slight wound between the eyes and another  oh the head. The little boy was seriously injured internally and badly cut on the head.  -*-���������-  MINING INTELLIGENCE, -y  ���������  t T.AN'B ;A2fi> KUIITZVCOMPANT.     ���������  This Compahy is gradually diminishing the  water iu the!? riiine.  -   '       'l;lOHTNTN(i bftEtfK.        U'i%V:.V:\  The Gre?at Eastern co. ar^pnttinsr up "buil^  ings. Ross co have stopped work for the  present. 'Lightning co. are through the old  cave in -the South Wales 'ground, and will  soon be at work in the face. Spruce co. have  the. water out of their lower shaft, and are  now working in both the upper and lower  diggings. Point co. washed up 130 oz. last  week, and ���������over 200 oz. so,far this webk.-���������  Y a ri W i n kl e cp; are sti 11{run hi n g aero ss th e  ch an nel; the b ed r oek is harder and, looks  more favorable; .Victoria: co.: 'washed\up'>!28'6  0?, 1 ast week, and 100 oz. oh Wednesday Iast,  Vancouver cp. took out .140 oz. last week.and  17 oz. on Wednesday. The Goat Ranch .is  looking about the same���������big boulders In  breast. Vulcan andCostellp companies have  got large gangs of men. at work and are  getting along well ; the latter co.'s iron shaft  was shipped from Yale last week, and tliey  have sIro ordered a 12 inch iron pump. The  Point co.'s engine house is going up fast.;i  1 CUNNINGHAM: CBREK.  John Shaw and Conway are sinking ft shaft  in the bed of Cunningham Creek, abonf 700  feet below the Sharp claim. The Chinese co.  working the old Standish claim, are making  $9 per day to the hand.  Tub Nkw Trail from Antler to Harvey  Creek will be finished 1n a few days,  ���������: Firkmrn's DRitx.--The Barkerville Brigada  turned out for drill on Thursday, and wero  I put through their facings in a most effective  manner by Capt. Denny. The celerity of the  movements of the Brigade is best made known  b^*t|ie following facts;���������The first stream off  water froni the upper hydrant was played on  Knott's hou3ein .53 seconds from the first tap  of the bell} a second stream from the same  hydrant in 1 min. 12 soc. From the lower  hydrant, a stream was played on Mr Bibby's  house in 1 min/ 15 sec..; We understand the  boys intend, at their next drill, to beat -this  fast time by some seconds.:  Dominion Parliament.���������Mr Thompson has  received a second telegram.from. Ottawa an-  nouncing that .Parliament will meet for the  dispatch of business on Thursday. October 23.  Mr Thompson leaves by Barnard's Express  to:morrow, and his constituents will all-wish  'him" a safe joufhey. It may bevpresunaed tbat  in consequence of this early meeting of the  Dominion Parliament, our Locai Legislature  will not be called together at the usual time  ���������probably not until March or April���������in  order to afford"Mr DeCosraos an opportuuity  of attending at Ottawa.  The differences between the Vancouver nnd  Victoria. compauies bave been amicably  settled.       ,  FOE  respeet foy the   present uu*ciuuivmu    ������...       flftnd  "Walkom sat dovrn amidst much applause. vey    mt'uQXtQrfe[t0^ before 1st January, he  Mi-Jonathan Nutt, J.P., seconded by, Mr I. ���������f*��������� tbJnk tba pre3ftut Canadian Ministry  Ii Na^on. then moved the following resolu * ���������  ������- eh_jidr capo usi hi������ to its cons taction  Hoii^ which was passed bj acclamation; fi0Ul<A u*w r :  The roof of a building In Barkerville  caught fire last evening, about 6 afciock, by  sparks falling from the stovepipe. The alarm  was given and the firemen were ready for  action in a few minutes. Fortunately their  services were not required, as the fire was extinguished by the application of a few buck"  etsful of water.  The Chinaman arrested last week for ringing the tire bells was brought up for examination before Jonathan Nutt, J.P., and committed to jail to await tbe result of & medical  examination as to his sanity.  TDKM&!, Ai  ���������', complete;"A:y].���������:'..yAA,a.-  The finest. Buggy   in  the ITpper Cauntry.  NINETY CHANcS, at ������5 EACH^  The Raffle will take place at the Biwery  Saloon, Barkerville, on Saturday, Sept.:27th,  where Tickets can be procured.  se$  '? ?  Barkerville  OFFER FOR SALE,  A  Their ea lire and well-assorted stock of  Tkb Trail from Grouse tn Antler Creek is  reported to be in a very bad state���������almost  impassable  A CodsttP and Mining> Court wij.1 he-held*  at BichMd on the 30in,  &e., hoy ko.  j0^* Parties intending to buy Goods of any  description will ftnd it to tbeir advantage to  give us a call before purchasing elsewhere,  , \. IMPORTANT  GOVERNMENT LAND SALE (Continued)  OF.  r/_fctf>  J. P.  Has received instructions from  HON.   ROBERT-  BEAVEN,  Cbief Commissioner of Lands j and, "Wpris,  A "> yy   AAv^0 8EL&AA;y, Vaa:'  By order of-the Provincial Government,  .*������������������:������������������������������������-' "��������� .:'".'. AT  THE-     .  JJ ������_W*Vll*l������|  . .ON TUESDAY, SEPT. 30, 1873,,,^:  Ay:    ...   At-12 o'clock, Noon. ���������  On an Extended; Crediti  r  ���������    '. The undermentioned Sections ia     ���������" y'  [BLOCS,   ;  BAKGB,  SECTION.  1 North  . ;I'B'".  ���������������������������'lfe.  do  IB  20 '���������.  da     :  IE  :y,24';-  i-v do*  A-X. y.^E -.  ,.y;:.25'->"  Aido ;���������,'_  /:-.-I; E#  AlyMy-  do  .- ; -r-l-uB;:-  AAA21AA  do  A     IE  VV'i2S"A  A' &ri ; -  :Y-;.',IE-'  A A 29-v.  : do   ';.  yyyiAE-x  XA-aW.; -  "A A dO "'-A  A'AAvlKAy  * a -ny  ���������:.'?���������-;da. :;���������'-������������������  aAa.AI:Wi  ���������>-:,-:32r...  i$ -4o-;-y-;  Yv-Y'Y^E.  /;*V..Sj*fcv  ,'���������.,**���������'  "..3/  .'���������   M  ���������.;:���������, ",ia:-Y:.-:  .AAAAAllW,  ������������������'���������_ 35 '.  !.'^dO^: ������������������  '���������AyA.l^A  ,':'S������!y-  : North'  ���������������������������y.W'-We&A  -.;',;./4-r.  ys^ iov;;  .-:-,,. -^dO-.Y  .:  ���������*-.-.. i."'*^  ..- ->���������.'���������-. do-  ..." *dO-;..,  ' . .������.  v::-- db- ���������������������������:������������������  y:���������':*'���������' do--���������'���������.'.  ���������Y-.'--^Y  VAAdoAA  ':."������������������; :. fi&T*"*;  y:x<$y  ������������������i North,  ^;.i-do.::'  ������������������-:���������.'���������-��������� ? West  .'/���������-;.-'.-I '  ,-     .-   -do-A.'  ��������� ,--:;2;--y  ���������'.' do  do    '.:  ;'- ;.;-4  , North  4. da   ���������  .  IV West  ��������� y   do" "  ���������; ."2r;"  aoT"  ��������� ���������      do-'  ���������'"���������':"   :3;';  V-.V-; do  ���������':  ������������������;; : -.,   do-.-'"  - - 'A.  ���������   do  do  XSr-  do  (Jo   .  fr  do  do  -  Ft  7  Ida  .'do    .  '- -: ������  .   do  &e '  0-  ���������"do  do .  10  ido'.- "  do'  U  [do* "'  do  1*  A-    dp.:A  do  /  iS  |<lo  do  u  *   L^������-  do    '  15  U\0:  ..  do  ���������       Io  ido  do  17  riio  do  ���������    i&  fedo  do  19  v     do-  do  20  .     North  V West  if'  4   do  do  4  IM  do=  u  db  do  15 .  do  do  ~   xa  &do  do'  17  t.do  do  18  k<lo  do  10  icfo  do  20  fdo  fdO  do  21  'do  22  Jrdo  do  2S :  7do  do  24  [do  do  25  t do  .   do  2& .  ffilo  ;   'do  ��������������������������� m- ���������  [do  fdo A  28.  Ida  do  29  L'lo  do  SO  .      do  do  31  do  do  32  do:  do  \   3;^  [do  do   .  34   .  '������ do  ;������������������  do ,  35  do  do  B6  .    North  |T II West  4  i     ������0^x  -&__!_* do  16  do  ���������    do  23  fcdo  ' do"  24  fedo  Ado  25  fcdo  A    do  2Go  -do   '  do  98  * ������������������ do:' ���������  -" ' ydo :  '    3^  ACRES  ������*  BLOCS.  do'  do  5 North  do ;  do  do  do ,  d?  do -  do;  do.  y do  do ;  ''. do  5 North  do  do".  do  do  do  do   .  'do  de  do   .i  do  do  dO :..-.-  do  a  ���������'dOyA  A do   .  A &0t&y  A: dO.   'I   [  [do.  * do v.,  -do, y  ;��������������������������� do:;  AAdoAXy  v']doy  AAAdo'AA  lAtioAA  5. North  : do  ^do   '  do  4o  do  ������������������-Y-do,,.;  ��������� v'do A  do  AA:fi6v::;  doA:  do  do"  i-'-v';do"^v:  do  do  X   do  A  do  5 North  do  do  do  do  .   do  ���������   do  do  do  do  do  5 North .  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  ��������� do  do  do  5 North  do  6 North  do  do  do  do  do  do  doC  do  do  RANGE.  do  do  1 East  do  do  ���������do  do  do  ;d6  oo  do    ���������  do  I West  do ;  do  do  do:..  do A A  A do  ''.-. ��������� do.  ;dpv  do    i  ;    doy  ���������    dO.(.;'..  ��������� 'Adoyy  v'.Jdo' '.  -;.'���������    do A  A "/db,-.?;  V..::,;:do:.;;  AyA^'y  , yy.do:  ^0  Y-.:;-rdo;;'.."  'V.''Y-dOv":Y  ���������A-'driAA,  a ��������� .do'.-;.  ;,''.'"do-;:':.'  do  II West-;  Y:.do:  ; .. do ���������';  ;'..Y:do.',..  ; do:  y������doA:,  do  do:  do  ,- "   do -  ���������..:   .do  do   ;  do"  Ay: -do;-";  ���������do  ���������  do  do,  do  : WW.eat  do  do  do  do  do  ���������    do  do  do  do  do  VW^sf  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  VII West  do "���������  lEast  do  do  do ;  do  do  do  do  do ���������  do  Total,  SECTION.  36  ACRES,  12  13  feifii:A':yy :���������  A 17 'x%   .  AxmyAh a  ^ '.'.21 ;'   : AAA*;  ... 22.A-.  :;"' 23 '",,���������;:���������'  ���������-���������:24'..'.  :���������>"���������       ���������     ���������'���������'���������'      A    ���������  ������������������Av.26.y-    ./..��������� ���������  -.-28  '  aA^Ava^aA  '  ' 32'"'':': ':      ''"!���������'  ��������� '.33-"' "'  34 '  !:yv-35y.-'       .-..'������������������' . ^  i      :"'36:":'.  :.������:a a  .13  U  21;   .  23  2G  31 ������������������  : '���������-���������3^'"'"-  33  34  y,$(0A: ������������������  19  20    ^  ���������:   25 *:W  28-  29  30  31  32  33  34  36*  33  34'  17  33  20  2L   ;.;;.  22  23  U  25 .  2G  27  28"  35  3������  17  25  1  12  33      '  2������; x  29  30.       ���������  31  32  33  31  GOVERNMENT LaND SALE (Continued).  LOT.  75  82  ACRES. \  93  /  LOT.   ' ACRES. LOT.      ACRES'.  120 A''A.y 156-  in   ���������   .. A :yyj.,  122" :���������'.-. 15S    .  323       AAA 159 ..vi  .124 ' 160  '125. .:...      a-: IC,2A  .126    ';,'..;- ,171.. ,.- .  127, 173  P-IT   IS   DESIRABLE,   IN  VIEW  OP  tV   framing a Pchcmo Tor A^sistcri T������,mi^.,V-  tho, Province of Uri.tsh ColumbSi   that the ^ l������  Section^ and Maps of the same, can be had oi *������������* sbouhi be pressed of u,0 fullest tUti on 2i  ^ Full particulars of.the extent of each  MISCELLANEOUS.  August 21st, 1873.     ^  the Auctioneers at an early date.  .'-.;-y  ' J.AP* DAVIES & CO.,  ��������� A- au 16      ,   ���������. ; ��������� s     .' Auctioneers;  ImmlgraUon to  rni.T'e  df, all  &c., of any nxmnpemfnts that mav be heron ft i  ���������by-.tlio Government of lbe Province In this boh*  A COURT OF GENERAL ASSIZE ANB  r\ Gaol Delivery, and of Nisi Tri lis, will be licldiit  oach of Uie imilermcTitionetl pbcec as followij,' except  tbo same bo hereafter changed by Order lu Council :���������'  ,        . SPRING CIRCUIT.  NowWestminster, "WedncsUay, 3tay 14.   ���������  Yale, Monday;.'May.19.. ���������'."������������������-  Lytton, Thursday, May <>-2.  Kaniloop?, WednC3<lay, May.28.  Clinton. Moridaj', .Tunc 2. "  Quesnelmouth'���������. Fri.lav,' June li.;: ���������. -  - Hicbfield, Tu^silay, June 17.;    ,  ��������� .  ; 5ALL OIKCUIT.  RiciiOcld, Tuesila)', September Iff.'      '.Ay  Qucenehnouth, to be fixed hereancr.-lfaby busV-  .   .      ���������   HCSS. ....������������������ -      :..-../.    -  ���������--���������������������������  Clinton, Thursday, October 2. .    . y ������������������  Kr.mloops, Tuesday, October 7.. .  ���������. Lytton, MoniJay, October 13..   ���������'  Yale; Thursday, October 36. -:' - ; r ��������� '  New Westminster, Tuesday, Octc^ber 21.    -  Assizesat Nanaimo arid elsewhore will, whcnrnec(  sary, be here.ifter flxod. '..'At   .,...*  Dated 17th day of April, 1873.  By command. ���������?  Provin������i������'U Secretary;  ��������� : .,     Y. ������������������... .-P^ons settled In the Proyince who may V4e   ������  w. 1 hr,n������ {\u\ ������lf ������*������������ ��������� frimrls, and all employers who  k---        ���������  A;-.       .������flywJ3htobrln|:oiitlrU>orers or servantsy~?e Jo  ehis^romr^ AU^ WP^^ulare to tbt Provln*.  Tbos.rdPsir������nis or bringing put friends'or relative*  to RUU' nu������,;b r^ ag.vanlsrjc of possible inunigrants  and the amount thu they are prepared to adv nee  (ownrd the ������n'sireel object.  ���������  With re^.rd tn those desirous of brmsing o>it labor-  on or servants?, a Rimranice woub! be reouirc.l for  the Tepj,yment t������ the Ooven������montat stated pr-ri������(|������  of the--fiums advanced for pissa-e, an.l applicants  must state that thoy arc prepared to give the fame  It will, ho fully, understood that by flio present  .nccos  mylO  GENERAL ORDER  I^GTrCS is. hereby-given; thai-the Supreme'Cnurr  il will sit in Banc, for the bearing of ail moiions,  argumeuts," appeals, and other'matters counng befop-  tbeConrMn Banc, at the Supreme Court R<>mn in the  City of Victoria, for the following terms, on Ufo.davs  hereinaIter,mentibjied, namely! . "-���������'" '.':' *���������  For Hilary Term from the 15th to 25th February-  For Easter Term from tho 15th to 25th April: ' :'���������'  For Michaelmas Term from the 15th to 2gth November  Therfi will be no sitting in Banc in Trinity Tt?rn>.  In case any of. tho days of the dates named for th������������  beginning or curling nf the Terms should "HI on ������������������  Sunday or Public HMiday. th.m tho Term will be*rin  or end on the next follow In sr day.  y-> ���������) f MATT. T. BROBIB. C. J,  LS A. \ HRVRV.P PKli.',K\?g������RA8E1 J  A-^y t'T.HAMH.TOK'.CKAY,.?:  Dated VU:t^ja . ,7: r.urry Mtl.lt7;-.  i: r     If  The following: is published for ihe inforraa-  tton 'ofi Settlers dwiroiis of availhicr theiu-  V'lyes of the. Free Grant Clauses of tbe Land  Amendment,Act. 1873;  AN A MEMORANDUM DATED "FOUR  V leenth July',. 1873, from the Hon. the Chief Co-ii-  mlwionerof Larils.;nvl VTcrks, reporting that it is  hecesvary to sol asi s.������at once ccrl-i in.section* or lj'imi  in tVo I'rovincy its' Free Omnt Sections under the pro-  v'sions. of the Land Amen .'��������� men I Act. 1873-  .'; And n ciununMitting that. Ono Htiniire<l and Sixty  A'T������svb":?*Howeil on tlie.E'tst Const of Yano'.Miv-Y  Islnntl, between Chatham Point and Fori, Kuprl (be-  ing ;vdi.stance ol.ab<<tit uint������Cy statute mil'?), -oul  Eiist of the ^asoado RtRge, thoqu u'ltliy ;ill"w d Jo i o  taken for a Free Grant be Two Hundred and Fry  Acres," ��������� ;i ri cl  th a t" in New. Westm inst' -r I).l?i rict i i������e  hief Commissioner bo authoris>������d to svt.-ipart two  Townships'in which Free Grants of iin extern o| One  . Hu ii'jr j d a iu I Six ty Acrys may bo loca ted. \  The Oi>nimitie'e advise tiiat the recominenilat"i -i' li6  approved";-    . -<��������� ������������������;, *  "A. (Signed)- A. DkCOSMOS,  ��������� - " PrcsidcntoflheOotinc.il.  Appnivod.-in Council. r. .  J.������sBPtr wi'THctoii.  25th July, 1873.  Ie20-, ,.      Bycommnnrl. JOHN A ft.  150  1(5 ()  100  1 no  J 60  160  .im  130  3 til  107  100  100  " Wh was b v tin Ord������������������r in Council, dnted  ihe 7in d.,y of Juno, 1873, of if.o hri������norabU:  tho 1 nvy Council of Cannda,- it hni Jmtii de  cbled "thai'Esqinmult. in Vancouver Ishind.  ;��������� be JSxed a? i.be Terminus of tho Canadian  " acifle Railway, and that a lino, of Railway  i be located between the harbor of Esoutmali  * wna aeyroour Narrows on the said Island ���������������  and whereas in accordance with the Terms of  ���������ho said Ord������.r ih Council; applLcafi.n )m*  hwn made fo his Excellency. ���������< the Lieuten-tnt  ^Governor of British Columbia, for a rose-  valion and for ihe conveyance to ihe Do  UPPRR FRASER-RIVBR,  fWRING THE SUMMEli WILL LFAVE  ��������� SODA  GREEK ON THURSDAYS,  As soon as possible artef.^the arrival of BARNAKD  k Co.'s Stages, and-  ���������QUESNEL" ON SUNDAY  AFTERNOONS,  .   AT 4'O'CLOCK.  Tl������o unlorsignurt h������p������V. by a strict attention to  Auisiaess, to ���������m.-rlt -a conliniMnce of the palrocigo  hiihwto exleh ted to Messrs. Marvin k Wright ,  A-   -    -    -$uo ���������  .-   .-     -       $y  ORANT  &  AR"NDT.  Frt-i^ht, per tun,  Fassago,   - -  ���������Soda Creek, April 1,1873.  mvlO Gin  I5CJ*  GROUP 1.  lot.     acres;    lot.  35  36  49  50  51  52  r>������  08  m-  70  71  72  73  09  101  ' 105  106-  107  108  10!)  lirt  ni  117  .11.8  119.  ACilKS,      LOT..    ACRES.  I'M)  '. m  13fl  ������������������ 137. ���������:  141  142  143  144  147  149  150  155   ,  Vancouver ls|un.i, between  .Soy-  ��������� mojir N.irrowH and ihe Harbor of Esqiii:  nalt in  ar herar.ee of the construelioii-of  the saulUitilwHy,"  _. Ana whereas.it has been deemed advisable  hnnu������������ gnn4"wiUiih the llhiite-RforGBuW  should bft nwerwflftrior to any conveyance  afo esaPl bem������r made thereof;; I>ubHc ,iolio<.  s there ore hc.ntby given that from u,nd after  this daeastrij) v,f Land Twenty Miles m  iwhl^r rerV b7mfW Narrows and the  Harbor of Ksquimalt is hereby Reserved;'  By Com man fl;   . '   ���������  ..'���������������������������      Jbfix' Asn, ;'Y.  T>Wrt *-' ��������� , m      ,    Pr*������yiiicial Secretary.1  i rovincial Secreiary?s Office -  J������������iy 1st, 1873. ���������-'���������     ���������  } ��������� /������������������  ''TO3������������������I4<n..l������lll>|l||MWIMa)CUWMUUW,  accoujits against mo innst ho pnWto  .    . JOHN ("h G-OODSdlST, "  ���������p-������rw>-,.:ii,. r      j.    Wake-up-Jake KustaiiMnt.  "ilrk.t'Vfl.k>YJ'u^,2.ft,'197v';'        ;���������        y      .   jul.i  LExl & PERRINS'  Celehral'etl  WORC EST Eft SHI RE v SA1JCE  A  '.���������'- Declaredby Oohnoissc.uriI\t I)c .  ; .the ;only, eoto: sauce.; :.;"...  ^;iJI;E,j,P/j*| p^#r^j  I������iW  Caution against Fraud.-  hiogt delicioqa.������'nd   iinriva11i?<I  The FuccosFof lids  ("ohditnent having  causi.'d certain denier? to fipiriy the ni#t-o{;liAv"oreep.  torslur<!\SaucoM to their own inferior compmnnl?, tha  pu hi i c is:h o re by i n tu rni e d ll 11 ft Uht on !y way ,t o procure, tub genuine^ is to  ^^���������"%)B*:^BA"Vfi   PEBBINS7--sAtrcs  nt\ to see tha t the i r n a in on arc upon thc '���������#*&������&&  *JATlKli8,ST01,PK������;anrf B'JTTI.E.    ', .   ,  Some of the foreign .markets Jiii v Ing been supplied  vri t h a k p u ri ous \Vo re est e ra b i r*������Sii ace; ti poh th ������' wrapper and labels ol which the names ofhea ami Pornns  h rive I) 0e n. forgo tt., I* an d l������.--g ] v c no ti co I ha t tli ey  have i u rn I s h otl t h 6 i r co r ro spoil < I c n tfi w i th power ol  attorney to Iak o I n s Ui n I. ji roceodi ri f?s; ftffainsl. J"****1"  aotu.k eb s n n d v kx dor s o I ���������* n ch, or a ny otb cr I m 11������-  0 n s h y w,h f c li t J j e I rr I gh I m a y h c i n In ng o "*.  Ask for LEA & PEBRINS* Sauce and sej  3STame on  Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper. ���������-  Wholesale aad for export hy thoTroprictors^Vor  cester; Crosse, iiti'l Wrick well, ho ml on; &���������������} &c. ;/ina  by Grocers and Oilmen universally^.


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