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 ��������� fcl ���������  i:  MlSEEl"EESENTATIONS OF THE 'BRIT-  , a.AX,x:.'-...ISH COLUMBIAN.*.-   /y  '-,,,,  To ta* Emtob of th������- ."Casisoo S8N*ih*l.'*'  Sir,���������I notice that inthe^ 'Bri^sfrCplumbiaIi,  of s the 16th inst, the editor haa) been again  endeavoring to identify the Wiliiams Creek  Mimng/Board withthe imjwsUion; of the obnoxious Gold Tax. > J Pelt jfc mytfuj-y"as a  member* ofthatBoard*Q PY^ an unqualified  contradiction through your/columns Jo the  groundless ^assertions of the' writer in ques^  itibitt^^but he hg,s returned agaita;to the'charge^  aad with an audacity which merits the gravest cens/ttre/h&rnot only reiterated his Mmer  c&\nmrmkf &fc lias ^tu^^gof^*&e^ori3)hiB  preViois ttftblu8hing;attempte at falsification to  remove, if possible, part of ythexensure; from  hi| patron, the (^yernnietit,'in/order to place  them on" the miners them9el?es;   AU such at-   Jejnpjyapive ver to niislead the: public Zcaaa and-  wili onlySecofljupbn the^thorpjr-fchetruth  m'dl rise "superior to: falsehood and eohtfemn  the author vof; the1/fabrications ;m/question.  The 'Columbian* man jtates/firat���������j give his  own wor&a-r^r A AvA-Ia 'AA-ATy /'.< A Ay,. X-AAy  *'At a meeting of^the Mining Board held  ru in'Jhte ^it* {New Westminster)' in April  ^lastA/r^sjolutipn > was/; anMnj^  4< recommending: the Goverrior to impose, a  ^smallEp^^  " was- GomppsedY^bf teit'memDersf five of  ��������� ���������'"���������" whom constituted/^d^r^ryand five of  4? whom were preseht^ed-th(} resoli\tipnJ  ������ was parsed, viz^ Dri Black; chairman >an&  ^Messrs^ iD.uff, Steele^ Dewdney and/ Jotin -  ., / ^ Pdliriere,":: yA- ;'a Xyh '���������,A Ayyyy- .; AAyy:'> /  la order to be as offensive as possible and to  tn*&en^ nam������prb^ gl^en  it inlcapitals^^with a fisti:l&f,oi&^  next time he/ atterapte anything of /the^ kinihe  will take; care/that ^  that hevcan/prove<"-^Y. ���������-.::���������;���������?:>;���������-Y lAxAyA yyxyyy  I will just answer- the above bold assertionB:  by giving a statem/cht of tlie - bdsinf^;/trati8^  actod by; the Mining. Board:.thj3.;yeAK ':yEa"rl*t  in January jastithe,Boardwas caUe&togethcr  tot the purpose' of-Corisoiida  Laws. >, They/ met iti New ^VeBtminsteF^it^e  4thSr^5tu1bf January? and?entered iipon that  business;   The subject of a Gold Export-Tax  never entered tbeir-neads until 'the meeting of  the Legislative- Council and ���������the allusion to  the/tax in the Governor's speech.*V: The fact  that such an impost was "contemplated Called  forth strong- .expressions of disap^robatipn  frous^us, and we have reason to "pelieye /thjit  his Excellency came to hear"pf;our being op-,  posed to the measure for his Excellency sent  for the members of the4 Board to/confer /with  hini on the subject: /; WeimmediateVy' waited  upon tlie Governor as Requested:anctwe ox-  pressed ourselves as very strongly opposed  ."to the imposition pf the_taj.   Only one mem-  ber! was in favor of the.prlnciple, and lie/was  for 9oV?or is.-per puhpOis jiJbara. lengthened  interview with his Excellency the latter said,  as we were about to part; '*: Gcntienieni "ttfiank  you for your visit, and I am'sorry, ypu do not  agree with ine upon tlie principle'of this T^x;  but perhaps it is. better that the responsibility  of it should fall on thevGovernment than upon  theMraing Board." / With the/exception pf  passing our opinion' upon the measure and  denouncing it whan the;subject cameup in  casual conversation we never took action upon it'   At our Board meetings the subiect was  never brought; up for discussion, ho resolution was ever ������ffered by anybody, and I need,  scarcely say no resolution of any kind whatever was passed upon it Consequently neither Messrs: Black, Duff, ^teele^tl)ewdBeyu nor  John Polmere could have voted :bh*it.   As a  Board we felt we had no realpower to deals  with questions affecting the taxation- of -ifche  miners. SuggesUolis which>em^  to the reduction'oftaxatibri tfi&t pressed-un-"  duly and unfairly on the^ificrs, iswell as  to have the Celestial miners taxed in thesamei  r&tio.as white men, as has been-proved sincoj  have been disregarded altogether by the Gov-  erament   Our sole business ther.eforb at the  Board was the Consolidation of the Mining Laws.. ��������� Mrith ���������respect .to  the   assertion of thb editor of." the. 'British  Columbian" that "after the passage;of the resolution  Mr. Polmere and some other members of the  Board visited Victoria "and. "there, under went  a eertaio process which caused, them to stair.  tify their previous acts and oppose the tax on  their returri," I would just sjate that this sentence does riot contain an atom of truth.  We  did not leave New; Westminster ftntil/we had  finished the business, which took place sometime about the 20th of January, and we nev  er bad a ^single .meeting afterwards., of the  "Board for; any-purpdscV   Tlie assertion that  jwe met ini April is a pure fi ction���������we' had xio  meeting after January.   So much for the veracity, of the editor of the 'British Columbian.*  It;^otiri/yi^tprla: that the' miners/feel Me  effeefe bf the bad laws, it is here, sir, in Caribbi  that we feel the injustice that we labor uM������*^  and have tobear, and it is here we feel bur  W^ongs.keenly.   I would just say in concluding this letter,/which is longer then I intended  4^but it is my last���������that if the editor of the  'British Columbian" only sought to have fi>b'  noxious laws^^repealed and used the legUhnate  influence of  his journal to enlightea and  guide tho'Government in the path of progress,  ���������retrenchment1 and justice he would do far  mpjej.tp.sery.p.his.patwri8 than by fabricating  statements against, miners and passing them'  o!ff as truth simply because he knows the latter have af repugnance/to: appear in print to  cjontradict hia calumnies. / / :   ���������     v-  y-.r  ;������������������.. yyAySAyy ��������� Joh^I^w������bk������,::':::  :' Memberbf the Mining Board.  : Williams Creek, 29th Sept.l8G5.  / / ��������� t  niisaion. Ho afterward^ however, considered u  it/to ber;his^duty to place a supercargo in  charge bf^the goods as long as they were  south of/tho lihe>i;; This involved a; slight expense on Mr. Weil's part,; but did' not otherwise interfere with his plansv- y"AvA  WEEELY; "PAPSK  'XOX)TEiNAYr  (From the Victoria Daily 'GbrcBlcte:������)  :/      /WiWHoVsciCreefc,/ ^dgl: 18/65.= ,  I arrived here last Saturday week and found  that the/ hopes7 entertain ed of this district last  winter/inii Victoriawrite' in^^/^a^ea^-eh'  espange.'   Everybody-appears to have'given*  the '" creek a" bietter" 'name;'tbah ��������� ��������� it/ deserved/  There are; stiiK'^^few^^'jgob^  cream was taken off /last year. ;?. The claims  are; both easilyiahd /quickly ^worked; and" extend oa the/creek and adjacent benches for a  distance ^/abbuti; two miles and a half.   The  bank .claima pif "betterr as a rule than the  creek claimsy but- two. or tb ree of the; latter  -are, the^richest on Wild Horse; Some takoput  oyer 40 and 0 odnces a/day,//and none are  4 worked unless they pay gobdcwages * an d water money. ������������������ A- shaft is" being sunken the creek  tliree^miles/belpw���������.tp^nt^/TJhe.; cpinpany.^ sp?  Employed are ^confident/bf ;feup^3S;"thpyjfiave;  atready gone down;between 80 and 90 -feet  b ut have not reached bed ro ck:1   Sh puld this  party make;a;gppd/ strike/we.'shall have dig-1:  gings nipre like those in Corib60,' and rhbre;  lasting/than those now beingworked.  Ai .   A COUMTBR IRRITANT.1 / -���������     :; ;/���������;/'���������;/"'  y ^There w.erevsbrjie/8p0' 0k 0 0.ttmeh. here wh en  I arrived. But a few days ago very^good re^  ports of -the richness o{ -the Blackfo01 country were brought; info camp; and since then  men bave beea leaving every day. I fear  that we cannot calculate on having an average population: of over"500 between nbw arid  the 1st of November;' ;/v  * '      8YSTKK OF TAX1TI0K;    /:;  // :The:mirier8 almpst to a man grumble gfeat-  ly! about the system of taxation in force here.  So far as Kootenay is conberned, the altcration of the/'Tariff* has dbrie^ .immense harm.  Eof instance, packers bringing goods from  -Walla Walla payvery high dutiesuiuler the  new Tariff, in addition to/which they have to  pay $1 50 for each, animal: every trip they  ���������make.-1  *:';./:' /":.;,  THK/OOLO BXPORT Duft���������HOW ITIS EVADKD.  A The'.Gold Export Duty/is considered to be  even a greater grievance and without/doubt  has had the effect of driving many ni^n away  that would not otherwise have left.,  ;���������:ryx A.'/:.rrsns;."A: A '���������;;;��������� -'���������yy-y ,������������������  Weil/hasafaV  his liquors; and goods generally 'are' by far the  best dn t^'creek: ;^e has a first rate' house  andRead Iri Express occupies a portiom  ; ;The^ 'Cbrohicle' scems/^; stand/well with  that portion of the: community which hails  froia ^British Columbia within*'^tbis section1  may well be cal ledS'British Columb ia witfc bdt?*  \ The arrjya/l pf the;Judge; is /expected in;  about d fortnight; his'labors wiii be tolerably  light; jTiiere? is nothing forfy$^Xbelmve, ih  the crimidal-line, except/i; case of bogiis dust  passing, /for which' two men are/ now/in the  jug. ' fherf^ wire until lately tliree iri ;/the,'e:itt  viable position^ but one of the-fraternityi  Harvey, (tain- riovvy;ip say an old Cariboo  man), made his escape a, few days;ago; ',  !    .GEORGE, WALLACB, pRottara^B.. vif;  ���������A.-AvaSub8eriptibni $ 1 per/weeki t   "  (Inoludlng^ eost of d������Hvery,) Payabio "to th������s Zftmfrr;  A,:i:3)^aI"!E;'E.  -0-  Jhp undbrsigned will keep constantly b������ hon^  "iaftxlhassortmentoif-AT //'  1 >   .   / r "- consisting.ot ��������� ; . yyt.^  BmLI^G>iM Lb(^rB^r  /.YY.r^Bbiis,:ic.t'ic.r-.:-,-,',r;Y, ,,,,^-,.-^ >;...'.."  CAEPENTER?S & BL^CKSMIIB TODLSi ^  HAND, CROSS-CUT J& WEIV'SAWSi:  ���������"-������*^������ ������>**������w*-!*n>v *������'  ^Eamss&im^^:^  ( Thr "RoipSTCB; HboaBs.4rWe would remind  all going dbwh'cbuntry this/fall /that they will'  rind the tery best- accohidipdatibns at /the fol-'  lb Wing fba'dside 'house's:- ��������� ���������/���������-."������ '���������';' '���������'��������� ���������u> ./���������vt - !'A-  , -i  -../Mr; McCaffrey's/Vah;Winkle^ .   '''AvA ''z''  -.vfe;.X.JJi../lSdw^d"8^lt  Winkle/ari^: Gottbn^fobS; ��������� *"f-;!. ���������; ���������'; y^Jyi'T^y  ::  MKR/Si'Gbrmack'slS Milenbuse^between  Gbttohwobo/ ahd Quesnelmouth;/1 yK^^  ; /Brown & ��������� Gillis' Occidental Hofcel;'^lesnet'  mouth;. yi  * '' ��������� -'"A'T ���������' 'i ';; a'''' A a     a '-  ^Blair BrosV 111 Mile House; * ;      *-* '^ '- -/  / ���������;Walter Bros? #3 Mile House; / *  :S'ergi; McMurphy'sLochlomond House, y :;  y Yiii-U^hp f ort/&le^HptelfKeliy:& Lane,  proprietors^ is;a well kept'house,:andft^best  of tare is served rip-:  ��������� aa, t '^yy^ - A-;y:yAi  W^yi^ /Hot^li  Grelley Bros.,; is not surpassed anywhere iaa.a  firsli,clas3;.hb.use,5^1 A _���������;���������;������'..-; A ,������*;.*:��������� ).' A ��������� .:  A iHicKv/Hotei isVa^ min-  ers/generally. - ..,.". .. ., -Aa l -y --.y ���������  : / jY^0BU.^The; Sk^Nicholas; is well, known  ;f0r; its Ho liei accomodatipns,.gppd Restaurantj,  splendid'jBilliard Saloon.    :..������ .;,/;/; /; --Ay..';;',.  The llo.tel de i'rance/.is well and favorably  known tb; parties/ in , tlie/habit .of .1 wintering  m'Victbm.^-..;,/;.::-^.^:/;,... ^XyyLyyy-ylXA ���������' '���������������������������  The Anglo American Hotelr N. G. 'Bailey".  is a comfbrtable place"t-for miners to winter.  GOLD/COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  ihe constables-are all on the 'quivive,* (I  have heard of one sitting pn the trail all night  waiting for a man who he thought was going  to leave;) but it is of no use, double the number could not properly collect the duty. The  country is comparatively open and the smuggler can take his choice of four or five different trails when he wishes, to make a break for  Uncle Yarn's land. V ;  THE FISUT OOOP^PROM VICTORIA;  The first train from Hope, ownedby Messrs.  Tompkins &-Johns,ahd freighted by Mr,Weil,  ,arri vedbere about ten days ago. They were  nearly two months and a half on the road.  Th'ey were detained ten days on the Hope  mountain od account of snow and mud, the  'Government work of opening the tail having  been very indifferently performed,  A ROUND ABOUT WAY. # .A.  Tlie trains were obliged to t,ravel via Col-  ville. the Spokane river and Pend d'Oreille,  an immense round, as you will see by referring to any map of the Washington and Idaho;  Territories. They bad intended to come by  Fort Shepherd but the new trail in course of  construction by Mr. Downey not being finished they had 110 option but to take a longer  route. A detention occurred at Rock creek  while permission was being obtained irom the  commandant at Colvillc to pass through the  United States Territories. Capt. McCo wa was-  most kind and at one* g^������ the required pf  '   ; y.yyy: ,(B*fbroW. G^Cox, Esq.) ,.  . .y- y :y r)X '���������- ���������������������������������������������i; '��������� ��������� "Wednesday,-27th Sept. ��������� /  A Burnes funnel co^ vs. Geo, I)aken/.^tThis  wtf a suit for assessments on defendahf's;interest The Court granted a iipri-snit/on the  grounds' that the party suehi^.. was not a shareholder iu 'the company. y������A : "���������".'      ^  James'Munro vs. Adah^i^y.���������Action for  $7^.anTpu.nt; of account accepted by thecbtiK  pa"ny7 ^Judgment ?-confedsed^ paymest to'-bo  made in'three days.  ;-;The:Beauregard ;s.dd Confederate co'y vs*  Last Chance co'yl���������This was an action to  make the defendants show cause why they  would not remove their stakes from a portion  of/the plaintiff's ground; amounting to 25 feet,  Which it was alleged the LastChance co'y had  encroached ou: plaintiff's claim. Mr, Waikem  'appeared for the Beauregard & Confederate  co'v and Mr. Walker for Last Chance eb'y;  After hearing the evidence tho Commissioner  decided in favor of defendants, each p%rty to  pay their own costs,  , *2  '     EASTERN/NEWS.  .(From tbe - British Colurabhn. ]..  New York, Sept. 8.���������The i\ieteor,from New  Orleans, brings dates to Sept. 1st, The papers  contain the following:���������"Gov. Hamilton, of  Texas, has taken steps.to call a .convention.  Judge Barnett, President of the Republic ot  Texas, has consented to go to Washington -to  "make an: appeal in behalf of Jeff. Davis,, at  the request of men, nearly all of whom struggled for the independence of Texas.  CORES'  HUNT/S-AXES: AND;HATCHETS,AyiXy XAy  -    "^bestqualuvv-;', -- " ������ .������������������",    ,. ,,," ,  CAST STEEL (eoLUNS&Co.^) SlilEDG*^, all "v  \yAA,^^yyy /-/;.;:; ::Y:fv.ru-Vt^i^.YiYV  BLASTING' POWDER & PATENT StiS-StX**  NAILS^GutJ/Wbouom IaoNi^& CorTBR, all \y  RiyETS^lRbN/& Copper, 'aiVsizesiAAAyAT AA  SGtTHES',^ SNATHS; STONES,: 'Scq^aAAA, IT:'  BAi^/siiEiBT, H0t)p:ifc band:irpn4 /:";/���������:,  SQUARE//^ -DCTAG^/eAST WlKfi!::;^.-v"  MANILtA:/ROPErall sizes; Vi A IA- A y. a:AAa  DUCK&/RtJBBER BELONG?;^'AXTyAxYAiZ  C^T:/iftGCCAR^  GOliDj SGALES,;32 an<l6^pza(;^, %:���������."/ ,."  ^-";/.BOO^all sizesV;'";*"v-AyyAAy '. _;  LEGAL; CAP, /NOTE,''"l^tK^/fO<^^--;  - ''��������� / cap::paper.;:*; -r !:; -'���������' :*" ��������� -r ���������"-  ENyELOKEs;iis*K:, :pen������; ^-fic^^tf*^1'1-'  ���������'���������J t -Amti'&cyy... yyyXAAyyyy>yy-- y.  WEEKLY TIME B00E3; ; // yyyvy y  VIOLIN STRINGS, SONG BOOKB^Af  iU \ a        *y ���������; y >v. AC M ACi^ZI^Q;  ��������� ���������/ ��������� :y-A-y lyy I3arkerville, "Williams Oreofery-;  yyvAft&ftmu^  :'-.���������:���������   ��������� *> ���������  '-; >*' ' -   y j&ii ��������� xvyAiXAf.Tyyy y?A  Qirgnlating / liifyr&tj! :  /'/"' .cXHERps&ok::.:!^I������r^A.>^^''p'|^������ss;,'..'*/.;:"'M'.^-���������  rpHkiTEHMS/by'SfeSCRITOO^ '"'  1 $2 per month; itbove 100 volumes of Kw Worka ;  have beeo only -lately added to tlia circulating Library; "-.A  Parties-are solid tod to.8ubi?crl be./  %:.A������   ;���������   =  .y y  s X.A ���������>...iAyl,,.,.    : JOHN R0WR0N, tlbrsrlaft..  Important to Miners!  ���������   ,.;ii/r,:  y 'aa.   ������������������:���������;..���������    ������������������-   ������������������ A ,.- -���������    ���������.; -Y. ���������: ; YY'  Y-."  ;���������; Tho miJersSgue^ is; prepared U; ;;.i   -  CLEAN BLACK SAND;' BLOWINGS AKI>  -.,. yAAAxvAx .WYPANNINGS,-////-;i:;/:^y  Oh Coimaisaion, or will purchase any quantify oa- ttie  '''''��������� v Most Liberal Terms, at tha .-i   ���������:-.*.-,.;..;  ;  >'��������� '   Reading/Boom;��������� CamerontoJi,  Subscriber, is now well-known on Wiilian*3 Craek, *ni  from tbo confidence rcposod .in blm inat Fall In ti*  .ibovD business, be hopus to .receive the/, patroa^g^ oi"  the Mining community tbo ending soasr.n. ���������  s ���������:������������������   -JOHK EOWBOK, ���������  he  ^*The geologicarworld will be sorry to  uJar thai the wonderful toad, whicii was found  embedded in a block of nmgnesian limestone,  at Harttiool, and'computed'to be 6000 years  old expired-on the 30th ult. It was- found in  April last, and had becu in an aquarium at  the Hartlepool Museum, and while there has  attracted thousands of visitors. Its death is  attributed to injuries which are supposed to  have been inflicted by bobio ^xcurstouiBte  from K*?wca  Important to Prospectors  1 for Quartz.  TUB UKDEftSIGNED IS NOW PRSPAKEJ3 TO ANALYSE ORES of.jny descripilon brought to him  for that'purpos'ft    Charges moderate..    '. ,-.'".  BLACK SAND, PANNTKGS & BLOWINGS BOUGHT,  or GLKANED on 09mmi������si9&, at Use Aurora Ompasy**  Office.  10 P, E. DEVIJffS.  VOTICE.IS HEREBY GIVEN tlut we the trader-  Xi signed have this day by mutual consent dissolve!  partnership. Tho buHlnwm heretofore carHad on by. tho  firni of OKANK & HOUGH will be continuod -by K,  HOUGH. All persons indebted to tha said Orano k  Hough are requested to co mo forward and atettlo, ant  k11 parsons with contra account*'will send them in for'  settlement,  :  . SAMUEL CRAMKr  RIOHABD HOUGH.  liOwhoe Creclc, Aug. 29th, 1865. 14  LOWHEE   CREEK  General  Provision  Store  AXD  nlle.  pituii* on the Eafit Bank, opp>j*il^  tha Wa������hbnra������  cl&ias, Lowhoe. '  .    .     EDWARD 5HBASSB. tY^prUt-r.  l/>wh������������, tfulj _rfr. 1S������'&, T  v:  m  VA\  AI  if!  It  n  'ft  VA  hi  if  B  -tj���������~������������fcfH������wmnraN!4ES!J3iOTSB Agents for the "���������"Cariboo Sentinel.  MtniLh of Quesnel; j  "WagMV Road, ;' V Ay  (Union Gifty,  ���������YaleV .yAA .  Waw. Westminster,  .Vlet^iay7r7 77-.  : ..���������;-'������������������'" Bernard's Express  /Yi.-.y ..; "..;���������:' |l:' ': mi ��������� '  . AV   ;;.   Bernard's Express  :1_;-.^-..-   '' - 2'i I.-. -?     ���������''������������������ *������'���������"{   ,;;,.'dO;:^ .'  Mrl Evanij'Barnardts'Expres^Onlce  F; W. Foster:' "^rfto-^r"������������������ ��������� "' ytto   '������������������   -!..:- Clarkson&Co.  ������������������.-.������������������ ������������������?���������* _     Thomas J: Burnes  \;0:i;f^.f,A.:-;'TO ADVERTISERS/ "~ ^ ^-M.>* ;������*'���������  - iW^Gariboo Sentinel'" is published every S*turlay  whins   at 5 o'clock".   -Advertisements intended fqi;  insertion niWs^be'deJivered ht o'clock, a.  m_.,*oa. the.'day or publica/C'ionAZ ���������''"* .'/.. -..*/. /     ��������� .   .' --. ; /. '  NOTICE.  .-.ff  ���������"* Miners aa������ others Wishing to send .ltThe.CarihobScn-  *m^lrt'W their;friends in Canada; England; the United  Butes, or eWcwhero, can have it mailed hy leaving  addresses at tho; publication*, office. 5.Price, including  ptstag������/$l7������������������ ��������� i ' - ���������.. - *.* *\: * ���������: ������������������"��������������� ''' 7.    ���������  -; ���������/ y;yy  ���������'���������AA,.. /���������'Y^.^TQi'CORRESl.ONDESl^;' i '..?%.  CJorrespoiidents'senfehg arlic! esforftublicatioh under  *mom do plume' hiust entrust U3 with their names: in  o*nS d *n'ce.   To this rule we must rigid ly adhere.  1/IIEC  BARKERV-ffiLE^AT^DAY, SEPT; 30, ^p  ,���������&������������������  MOKE i MISREPRESENTATIONS/; m  ia i Ayvv.<BxUTiSir ��������� COLU^IA^;J -  fcEE,  tn-.  Y'i.'  "rhi^o^rnmeiL^ ^okUng ^t /Nevv West^  rnifl's*^^^^^  of*infamy.;^o������%&t4iit'^witii abusing-iar tho  ruosl^Bcwnlous^irianner every body/ who might  differ fromits -master, the Government, it has  lafafalisliame and principle Jaside/abrl com-  individuals- and/ cl>htempbranesT in "Order that  it may^prove' fer^itie W^'drippings 'from  the Government iable/that it dBjneadtindbon?,  temptable enou^;rt.o^aloBe, work^fpr;; ; Qur.  -'columns'-tg^ay^  the diHy/8^e^'aiidj*p^ov.e^libw* wahtonand,  profligate^ilfhas "become^"; "3^;lei.t^;pt t^e,  v-of the beat known ininers/bii it* orejek in answer ���������to.-chargesiwhl^^  " al jiaper brouglit^ Against them1-/ sHoal&make  the GoveAment?;disavbw any further cohriec-  y tioir:with' it, ''and; le^e^Jihoffiooi* expiring  thingv^v^ie/)heide%tJa^ttat 'alvv^grpyertakes  Hiicli^graded"journals.y. ;ljot|aflsfiefl with  fulminating Its-calumnies/ against/ the iniaers,  k'-foliw*S''u^tlie^ateifck upon^theni ^yith. afc-  other, upoh4hiS'journaL:;;it is :only,$ecauser  theliibje'cM^tho'&ticVt^^^^^^a^^  on public grounds :we caAnpt pass o%r tihat  wo deigC J6 ^otice* anything that. eminates  from guchji ^taarteV:   It will "be/remembered  ~ ihat^oipa^������in- q^siion^ it  ���������-. appcai^lat*ly"-that,: therprivate Shner given  to MivBircli in:-IlieMe'id emanated from and  was givenS/b^the miners 6f WUliami creek.  We cajled-t^e officious flunky to account for  trying"to mislead the public, rand stated the  truth &"3"oti$^ the  mineis as ^ody/J&'ad/ho^in  wit^ t^ dinmef:and that if was a .private' Center t^iniiient gotten _up^by; Mr J"W"nght^ and'Ato  pVpvo'; that. it / was!._/. ypry private we did -not  khow^^liHo^^4ime that Mr; Laumeister had  afiair.   "As  a:nything to/d^^with/rthie! c  ~ rouraalisfcs^^Wft-= wxw? ri  of^illianisTcreek were not even rbfrbsbntko  at'the dinner. Althpugh Canadians are two-  thirds of the, population on the creek there  was xot; one present at the entertainment, and  the only 'miners'outside of the GovKK^MBijrT  Esri.ORb?Q, I*artt 1! IYwho were present were  two or three niembers of a-company who were  about to���������ili6_&e:'&e:c6untry: Had the miners  of the creek^known /that rtherc was to be a  'dirinei' there^ would have been a demonstation  of a very -different sort7to*.that held in the  Parish London Hotel,ibutthean>ir was kept  too' p'rojf^u^d; a secret to give an opportunity  fprfany tliiiig to bedpnie: rThece was not only  asjonishmeut expressed^by the miners gener-  ally.when, they afterwards came to hear of  the dinner, but there was; a general feeling of  disgust at the whole thing. In conclusion we  would just state that during Mr. Birch's visit  to the ������������������.(^nci8//jWe;'iui^osely_ abstained frpm  publishing awofd! that mightin any way in-  fiueii^e tbe population to giveMinn o ther than,  a friendly*rccepUoh? ii fact/weTirged tliena to  treat hihi with'the/; greatest ^ourtes^;,.Our  only; object has been to fairly and hpnesfly  represent public/opinion:; in,' the country and  to seek to bave Changesi made iri /the Gpvern-  nwnt / polic^ that ta the  count^^/prosperitj*. A".It!; isyiriq' pleasure^, to  its to staiid put in1 bpposiUpn, ;tpi'>; the jGrbvern-  nient an d*/i tl would Igive; iis; satasfaction.to, be  abl"i^/praise litstead^pf condemn their poli^  fe^i:;;^: strb^ie^  try lias/ dictated/ oiir.whole/policy,and we ^1  that* the Government/wiir jfit rb.0 the first to ac-  po^e"dge-*:^rY:iSa^  those who pointed tlaeni out fearlessly and iri-  'dependently. * :I)urihgYMr/.iBii^^ stay here  he gained information^ that;we hope/will bear  fruit hei:eafter;4o ffie; countey'sjgr^at /advan^  tage. He hail likewise the counsel,!, during  Ms trip^ of 16ne/;wbp Icriows^^lhe /^ol.cJrj,. weU  ana'who nasia������  to rhake/him/^desire /its?J^osperitiy.^ We 'have  no Hesitation in acknowleging that it is/ fprtu-:  nate/fpr^the colony  si oner bhLahds back again, as lie^i8/a/;maa:  who has ,b eenA trained in ? ne w -. coun tries and  knows well what they want to* make them  prosperous and their^people'happy. '.';���������/-'-'.;  IF "WILLIAM H. IIALLETT> formerly of iMarysvUlft,  California, will call at: the Express Office, Barkerville, lie will hoar of something to his advantage     s  V )��������� JOHN B.  LOVELL,   -   Ty Agent Barnard's ExpreBS.  18  BEMOTED,  .1  YY  yy  TAN WINKLE; CAKIBOQ: WEST.'  A  maOKenzje,    ;,;  ;'.'."/'./'"' Has removed his stock of  Hardware :��������� aii^Sta^ohoip  t 'A iFor? the winter-months,; to the Store of * -���������-",  ���������"/: '^Y���������7/Y--���������^'Y/^MR.;W;;A.iMEACHEH;^- V  Vi y1StY-'t.--'!-        ���������-'������������������!}���������:,yA~. y. y ...   ,y.y. Barkerville^;.-  lu^te^Gounty. Court holden at Cariboo Bast.  ;.-.&0#rY?..:.':: -. ?', Aa': ...y-^ ryy^ r i ������������������ *yc.   ���������,.������.- ' ���������;���������; **. 7--  'h&������ !-y '���������''     ���������, /iN:BANkRupTor.ti.' //       ,.,'", A /���������/"./"  -   In ri/Fn ascis Dustix, a Bank rapt, '*''' *  THE ABOVE NAMEB BANKRUFT having passed his  second examination j notice is hereby given that the  third and last meeting of creditors of said Bankrupt  will be held at the Court House, Kschfleld, on.Thursday  the 26th of October, 1865, at 3 o'cloclc, p. ra.', for the  purpose of provin* debts and granting: his certiflcatoof  discharge.    '..-'.;By orderfoC.ihe Court,    %y7yy.- -y  ���������V-.r A.rX.Ayy-;.,yiyyyyyyY.^.J>EE%, 7";y  : 'Vi ���������������������������"-���������   :-AlA .1 \\-.   Al:..   "A^ont for Bankrupt.  ��������� ;K^fieldJ^pC26th^l865;';-/7   '-/;:/, 7/7'- 'IS A'"y  'pHK above splendid Hotel is now ojwn for the pubH������  1? the proprietor having; taken great pains through thi  winter to make it the most .superior houso'Jn Caribw  Good accomniodations,';'wlth "suit's: of rcioms* for ladjk_  or private^^parUeB.TAttached; to this Hotel is a  A, First Class,, "Restaurant & Bar,  where can be obtained the most choice brands of Winn  Liquors, Cigars, &c.; . "        ���������  T        '-. 7    *���������'��������� N. L. McCatfery, Proprietor  BETWEEN QUESNELMOUTH AND \ COTTONWOOD.  V,^'1'RJCft^rt&7.^^  HAS  JUST OPENED) THE ABOVE :HOUSEr AND  would solicit a call from- the .Traveling Public  wh"er������ wwiil-bo: found:aV;<"rood Table; Liquors aaJ  Cigars of the finest qunliiy and host brnnde.  .  ^"Good Stabling, Hay and Oats^- &e.;r   .      .y7  ; N. B,���������R. S. CMs not responsible for any debts00^  traded by.the lato'Proprietors. --���������������������������,]    .y     i,*-  ;.jMaguat^tb,:i8i65.j;.;.;7..7i*v.^^YJ'-        A. TVfjrf '7  CHANO-E   OF? TmE.  ,;,; Ay, 'ON A WEDNESDAY, ^;;SE"PT./' / ^Tth;^;  The iSteamer ' Enterprise''  7 4-���������';"���������':  -WILLCOMMKXCB   MAKIX<������  - THRE:ETi STRIPS' -''P'eR^WEerrt;''':'  LEAVING^ QUKSNELMOUTH  MONDAYS,   WEDNESfiAYS; & FRIDAYS,  ��������� -'   ���������       -;.7,;AT 4, A.-M.,   '    ���������       7  ���������'���������-'���������������������������y yv lea;ving soda .creek ?:>  :yy;Z^.M^^ "I  COLdfSli Ali: RESTAUR ANT,  'AT AAA: QUESNEL-'' k0TJTHr ;      '     /"' ������������������ ���������  P. X. JOH3^^ Proprietor;   ; ;  Itfeala^t all' hours^ and Cooking iof :��������� the but  ���������" .-, i-Y-.'Y-; ���������; r! x Ydescription* >-. y <f ^  ��������� = ri y :������lf ��������� t.  QUESNEL^"MOUTH,AA^yy :-:���������:  Z1/  BROWN "& trIELIS/  PROPRIETdRS/  Good Beds; Restaurafit; 'Btiliard-TabliJ,  J... ^aWin^forl^rs/es, *ft_*^,ndOati7'   j  //;Gra^ino^p ^Spirit/JL  tice -that has. g*^i':up ^in^ this colorryojf^grantr  in# i^iriF Hce^sesfe  w Uhput any liotice to; the/ pub lie being first  feiyeibJpi:1 the-;Majgistrate sifetibg inJPettyiSe#  3lpns^^r7^___e7e^r/ess  "Qcenslhg^ Cpurt^ is fraught ^ith^hiost serious  evils to thexommuhity. ;Oftehparties.obtain-  license under the present system^ whose/char/^  acters Would not -bear investigsttion by a law^  yer in a putyli-c-Gourt, and^/ the/disorder\arid  turbulence which take place in public houses  aristffirrjim the fact of the/ persq ns in charge jio t  being those Who ^should'have the conduct of  houses licensed for the sale;of liquors?'AWe  are at .aifloss?; to understand /how: this secret  system '-has grown -up in the coloriyjfor tho  very same law that is applicable:to England  and yauco'iiv'er Island is in;force here, and  yet the two systems in practice are diametrically opposed." ' There ^inay/have "been some  excuse ih^the. early A- days of this country for  setting, the law aside /inr.regard to granting licenses,-but matters; are now settled down and  there is no. reason why the Magistracy of. the  journ^iists^^l^^ ;was n^ country: .should be acting illegally and doing  irAjfnKTi-.n.-. ������a     -jir~- ������_.T__'i._   ~_ j y?A$B'^i-~' ���������_���������_!������ v   ������-������i  ������"������ . ...  THE, PARTNERSHIP hitherto; ejistingibet\yeen tho  "UBdersigfne/d under the: .firm of Alay.er'..��������������� Gronosky  is this dayolssolvod by nmtual'cpnseut^N  retiririff/frbni^the Arm. The ^business;"will/be carried on!  in: future by Levy Gronosky^* -Either^ party is^ authorr  ized to, collect outstanding aoconnts.������������������"kl *.y$ -*%{* j ���������<y, ������������������, ���������,  '"*��������� : ���������.-* '7    . 7-  " i��������� ^NaShas? 'Mater, . /'/;/  '.y,  7-'1 -. -":.���������:      .'"-."��������� *  '-'      ",,5?*lijsiVT' GROA'ostri; '  Barkerville, Sept: 18th, 1893.'      7 f1   " ���������    * 17 y :  ':.. Illy MI^E;;"HQ*fJSE7;;:,  7:       BLAIR BROSii ^ROPk)etors.   ;  r!lS HOTEL IS LAIM3E'!A^D'%kli^TmD'W  for the comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with-ihe/best of everjthing: that can ��������� be had, and tha  cookTng/is"-hoCT 'ffeafe'iroiffCifi/: the lower  coun t ry;  Bedrooms������������������' for f amlilies; * Stabling, Hay, and  Oats.   The Stage- stops'at/the 111 Mile ;H^^  on its way down- conritry7v-> ������������������ > Vi - yyti^Avy^yyuy  >���������>}  Kestaurant ^;WA-^^&p^  ���������> .aa     ��������� ��������� ijj BARKEBVIt-LE'  '       ' -   '���������     ���������"*  *'yMAlMAyAxAS:  of ihdividluals"aridgiherctpre wo took no no-  iiceMMtev^^pf ^tbe entertainment, /Ylt^as  necessary however, vreipresume, to the" Gov-  ��������� ernnxent,.especially, as.the Governor was going ho'mo^ to make at rappear that his "chief  olScer" was well received;,here^aidd was the  subject of a public demonstrationf their own  organ had to trumpet forth the untruth and  coriseiiueTitljr wb���������B the thing: W^as exposed by  us but must comeyvials of wrathful billings-  fate of the lowest description on our head.  [ere-; is some of tho latest untruths of the  Government toady: "As niightbe/ imaginedV  such a gross misstatement as this excited considerable feeling upon the spot, when the facts  were known, and/ especially amongst a number of !|)rbmirient miners "by whom the dinner  to- the Colonial^ Secretary w^s projected, the  cbiefrof whom-waited upon the ofifending  Editor aiadga^e him to understand that unless the falsehood}were retracted, his circula^  tion and advertising patfjoriage would be serl  riously affected.', * In tti^ ab6Ve extract there  ia not one particle of truth.    Wc were not  waifedrupbri/by/miner! or anybody else upon  the subject, and we never, heard one word  from any one in. regard to patronage- or any-1  thing else in connection with the whole affair.  We.give an unqualified, emphatic and un-  eiuivocal denial to every word contained in  the above production.   It is a pure and direct  invention of '-the- distempered brain of the  writer. 'There is not the smallest1 foundation  for the assertion; there is not a scintilla of  truth in the whole of it from beginning to  end.   Can there be anything more disgrace-  fol or disreputable" for? a.public journal to  d^eend tp tbanio'&brieatey in; the most'; un-  h lurihinr -WtyleJ /wanton attacks without any  fouridaUbri wh'aieviftr for them?   We again re-  iw&iie w)iat wo stated at firsitbat the miners!  discriminate, and s^^^ssue of spirit Hceneei^  Our^ /obseryations^ "iiffiegard to this subject are  not meant to have a local application solely,  for we believe the same system is only in prac-  'feice here that ^p rev ails th f oughp ut the: colony;  the sooner It is changed the better for the  public We hope that before any licenses,  either here or.elsewhere, are renewed that the  Magistrates will give the poiice and the pub-1  He full notice beforehand, and in a Licensing  Court only renew the licenses of those whose  conduct of their nouses in the/past will entitle them to consideration. We would urge  also that no new licenses be issued without  the law being strictly complied with in regard  to theiri.  THE UNDERSIGNED' offers1 the-old established Res.,  taurant and Bakerylcarried;;oiil ��������� by him'' for 'sale.1  .The stand}��������� is the best in Barfcervilie;' and the trade at-'?���������  tached t6;both branches/of busliness is;sus_>erior_to anything in Cariboo.;   'The house;is commodious and comfortable, a lid a cohsidtrable sum was laid out/this summer iti impKwerhehts.:   If purchased within a month a  very moderate"*:price will be taken for the House and  Lot, wi th good will, of the business.  v ;  v::  :;'yof price:anid' particuiars ijSpiy/to:"'.     :.;, . " ;  v' '    '7'.-    ���������������������������'"��������� '  '���������:.'..../,." 7" I  GEO;: MILLER,   /  17" ���������'.--���������' 'y: ���������- Restaurant and Bakery^ Barkervlile.   ";  M :MItiEi HOUSE.  a y \x ^;;*-vv^^ 7/,'':'"' \  BAVK^^ OPENED TriEfkBpVE HbUSE fer therec?F:  ;/tiori of travelers;; the Table isTvrcll kept :ano/ |th������  .Liquors cannot be surpassed; the' Beds; are clean and  comfortable; Stabling for Horses ; Hay' and Qats;*t  moderate rates;;.7-,-: ,.:j     ':.-.y 7-7:^-,,./ ....t, -.-     ,��������� >. -..t*������������������*<���������. r  AdamSy ^  '.xAx.;;;;':"^ "';;c^feR6CTpN,'^:-:.':^T"-i"'"-?*j5V-"  have just received asupply of  CAiSTIRON COOKING STOVES:  varying in sizeXrora 6 to 9 inch^ they are of first-rate j  quality, and warranted to bako wclh     Also, a well assorted stock; of SHEET IRON, both Galvanized and  Plain, TIN PLATE, SHEET ZING, &COPPEI5.     Al-  '' ������������������    -   '   ;   ^vayson hand        :   -"'A ������''./���������'���������'���������'���������;  Sheet Iron Stoves, Cooking Ranges, Hy-  draulic Pipes, &c. /     -'.  X^- All work in our line done at reasonable rates and  warranted togive'satlsfaction. : 17 ���������:������������������  ,       SERGEANT AcMUXlPHy^^FBOP'R.  Tijfffe A^OMJWDAfldN^whlcn this^*H.ousb affords i*  '��������� travelers cannot bo surpassed ;y the iT^blo is well  supplied with the best thefmarket afford^ and the Bar  is sleeked with the - Purest Liquors^; Beds, Stab lis,:,  U*y and Oats.       7y.-l '-   *   '   ;       .   V s^  FORT YALE HOTEL,     ^  Kelley & Lane, Proferietors^  GOO������ BEDS, Good Accommodation' ajid the Best of  " Liquers ar the Bar; St s,bhng for Horses; ,&cr    hj  COLONIAL HOTEL^  .New; "Wcstmiiwter, British Columbia,  Gksixey BRorHKKfl,;...-.. -A-.y..y ;. Proprietors.  HICK'S HOTEI^ Ltttox Square, N*w,Westminster/  rB. C., Philip Hicks, Proprietor, y The, ^bov0 favorably known house is now open to the public;/the 113r  is * cons tan tly supplied with the choicest bra nds of  Liquoraand,Segars;7777',':.:.   lyiA'yyy' ylAy9^  HOTEL DE FRAN Jo**  Eigne asd Pierbb Manciet, Proprietors. .The Restaurant is supplied with all\the' delicacies the marlfH  aifords. In.4he Bar will be found the choicest Liqwobs.  Furn ished Rooms; - kc.    ,^i; ������������������:,,      .-;_���������> y:''. ���������;���������;!��������������� v  Dissoltitioii of Partnersliip  THE COPARTNERSHIP business heretofore "carried  on by the undersigned has been this day dissolved  by mutual consent.'"  7 ROBT. R.- CLARKE,  .7       CHARLES ByTAFT.  Barkerville, Spet. 14th, 1866.  - ,        NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  PHOTOG RAPHIC;  CG"ffiNTII������E begs to inform the, Miners of Oari-.  ��������� boo that he. is prepared to take/photographs of  Claims,-&CY, and as his stay will bo necessarily limited  he requests that all who wish to have pictures will apply 'immediately^; .       i .5  Richfield, Sept. 20th,, 1865. 18  The above business will in future bo carried on by  Robt. R. Clarke; who Is alone authorized to collect the  debts due to the late firm and to whom the same are to  be paid. The debts of the above,firm will be paid hy  the said Robt. R. Clark. 16  MR, N. C. BAILEv, begs to inform his friends and  the public that be has removed from the1 Orleaus  House to the Awglo-Amebicak Hotfx, corner of vatcs  and Douglas streets. Ladies, gontleu.en>nd families  visiting Victoria, will Ond good B mrd a d lodging on  the moe*. reasonable terms. Also, well Fttrutehed Rooms  ,to let, with or without Board. H  vrEvys of British Columbia,  Iucluding tue Gold Mines of Cariboo, can be obtained  at'GBjfTJLC'a Photographic Gallery, Victoria.  " FROM  Quesnelmouth Brewery;  THE UNDERSIGNED respectfully int\mate that they  are now prepared to supply in quantities the above  highly recommended PALE ALE & PORTER,, in cask  and bottle, of their own brewing i "  :  4������* A trial solicited.    ''7  :; -������������������' ���������* = .��������� ���������' ���������"���������"  kerr & mmio.  Quesnelmouth, 11th Sept. 1865. 16*  IB  ,:v. 1.,  MATTHIESSEK k ���������0.,  Yrppr\^tor9.'  St, Mcholas Restaurant,  15  MATTHIESSEN k CO.,  ...' Proprietor?.  ,5  ?  BETWEEN VANWINTKLE & COTTONWOOD.  ���������    J,   F.   EDWARDS ���������  BEOSTO; INFORM MINERS AND TRADERS goin^  down country that they will find the bestof iuro  and comfortable quitters as usu.������l at his hotel.- GOOD  COOKING; bar well stocked with the very beet of I  Liquor.-j; *xcellent accoinmodation for, tra.vi.ll *r^  E-iwMriB5 IVtr.cii, S8th Svpt. 166&. '    is  s' Boarding  LOWHEE CREEK,  PEARSON & CARTER, Props.  LIQUORS, of the best quality only, kept on band.  &@r The Honso is situated at the Chittenden claim,  on tbe west bank of the cr&ek. ....   7  Auctioneer,  F. V  Minins  > LEE,  Agent,  arjd  *tci\  VICTORIA, V.L,  .   /   . ,'.  MATTHIESSEK & CO.,  Proprietors.  BY-  ., .       * . rtchfield;  &3T An As:^n*.y Buftio.-?^ att'*������ied to.  Brooks & Patterson.  OOD   BEDS  AT  THE  HOT  A      OYSTERS AT THE FASHION.  -"Victoria, September, 1?<57  15 1 '  mi  NEW CRJBEK DISCOVERED.  BARiSR^ILLjS, SATlTitCAJ, SEPT. 30, *05  CojrcraT.^OhThuraday; ercnitig last the Cariboo  Glee Ciab, assisted by all the-mosical Amateurs on tbe  creek, gave a concert, In BarfcerviUe, whioh was the  inost successful la every sense" tbat has ever ..boon held  here.: The Object was"tp raiseTands oa behair of that  exc#lle&t society, the Cariboo/Literary Institute, and  wo behave that a large amount has been" netted as the  result..-..: During the:. evening the Cariboo Glee Club,  "The German's Father Land." Nearly all these we're  gjveikwith,ao effective*ess that reflected great credit  on the CIuo.y Mr. Tv Barry; sang with exquisite taste  several Irish Ballads. Mr, Ch Eaton and Mr. Frank  Richards sang the duet of "Tbetoboard Watch" in a  manner that culled forth groatapplause. '..���������'. Mr.James  Anderson created great enthusiasm by his very artistic  rendering of several Scottish songs; tho rapturous encores that followed.each.of ,hts scngs testifleu how high-  JytHoy were appreciated by the audience ifr. Win.  Kobertsouycreated groat laugh tor by his excellent sing,  ing* ot IrMh /comic^ songe. ��������� Mr, William Barry with  great feeling sang> some choice.ballads. * Mr, Atcfieson  created roars of laughter by ,his- execution of several  comic songs. /, v.The(quar.tetterin the second pirt, by  M������ssrs: "* Devine,;Hudson, Itainage and Robertson, was  an excellent and much applauded performance The  duet by Messrs; Frank /Richards and William Barry  elicited loud plaudits from thf audience, y The orches-  tra played only two pieces durrngtho night. It would  have;adde<l greatly to the entertainments of;the evening had*5 there -been -more Instrumental /music. Mr;'  Thompson recited .twopieiJea in his hsu*l able'manner.  Both the public'and the Literary Institute are indebted 4to Mr. Uamago'for'-much' of the "success.attending  the''ccmcert; 'as he wroughI incessantly /to/hiye/every-,  thing well done} and the concert.was the most creditable performance ever held iiiC'aribob. We were glad to  - ���������mtf<&"\&emzvMiri&<i %f ^o^iarg^sjnuitlber^*^^-  We congratulate all concerned on the. success of the entertainment'and;h6pe it will not be long uhtil we have  ���������another similar performance. ..;.: ; ./... ,-. -..., ..y.y  New Discovert on Wiiliam: CreskVA discovery  that is likely to lead; to the opening up ofr new and ex-  tensive diggings In the hills on Williams creek, has lately taken places nearly opposite Rich fl old: -ja The com-  panier'Bav'ng^  caoon have b oeh/ washing, a way tho ground extensively during the present season. One co'y caileU the Forest Hill, at ^height of 300"feet- above -.the b ear of tho  creek, have discovered an ./old ^channel/from which they  have already taken Mt a large amount of ,c6arse,;goid.  We yesterd ay saw/two uiiggets^worth more than $20,  which came but of ;tbb eliiim./������ The general/opinion is  that ;a rich and extensfvo load/has been discoVered that  ina^'sbon;^ favorsi, A\ .'%   ���������  JSBITlBHGoTiM  nrriyed'ixc Cariboo for the* purpose of taking  -views of the mines. '-.? He has ^brought wjth  him several^ most ���������ext^iiflteiy :^  tures of Sceftelry' tafceu ia;various pi^rta of the  lower, country^-wbjc*^^^  eminent^ degree "as X a p hip tographip; X artist.^  We would strongly recommend owners (of  ���������claims to sec tire Mr. Gentile "s services in having rcpresontetions of their/claims taken now  that they Katei fan.' /Opportunity of So! jdoihg.  Admittbd-t-A minernamed Dick Morgan, a  ���������prnishmani; was admitted into }.the ^hospital  a few/days/AsincO: from? Antler creek with a  swelling under the knee joint." 'Tbe^pbof  fellow was u nable to walk over and HsT) ro th*  er miners had to -carry Kim / all the way on it  tstfetchen . vThe case is one. of the niost difficult to treat that has yet been admitted into  the %ospitaLY   .| AA] AA^Al- -a-  'iyvAAi-,  iMPRovjiMBiiTS.���������Messrs. -Oppenheiiner have  irecently built extensive. undergroundr vauUa  in the:rear;of theirt premise^ in Barkerville,  tor the storage of goods; they have at present  en immense stock on hand arid, daily expect  th ree large: trains with an affgmeiitatioja. Mr:  BarhaM tias' completed anew building in  Barkerville for., hisExpress office. A large  number of Chinese are; building houses close  to Barkerville, with theintehtloh of becoming  residents'0/ Cariboo!yy,l-yy..-..������������������:. ���������...y"y.y  Latino Ovsr Ciaims���������We understand the  Gold":Commissioner will not lay over: the  claims to the Slat of.October; they will then  be laid over to the 1st May, 1866. The Commissioner'a action in this matter will receive  the approval of the whole community.  HiARTtEss Conduct.���������From a private letter which  has been received from Victoria "we learn that Madame  Rcviere, formerly a resident or this creek, has been  guilty utmost heartless conduct towards her own child.  It appears that she took the poor litilo infant to the  house of a colored woman the day the last California  steamer arrived, stating that she would call for it in the  evening. Instead of returning the heartless wretch  ������lop8d on the California stoamer with D. B. Clusholtn,  who lately acted as Deputy Sheriff on this creek. Ghis-  holm is a married man and has a wife and family in  Canada.  Tub Williams Creek Road���������������������������This usofulj improvement  la all but complcted,tb Cameronton. ���������,.We understand/  the inhabitants of tlie lower town have raised a large  amount to get the road made to the foot of; the town,  and are seeking to get the Government to contribute  tho balance that is required, only about $200. We are  satisfied that so reasonable a request will beat ones  complied with, V  JJ������������ There is very little change in the markets here;  the only article that has a tendency to advance is flour  wbloh is sure to rise as the wiiiter approaches and the  roads get blocked up.  /  No Weit���������The writ for Gariooo West has not yet arrived/ Is the Government keeping it back purposely  to allow tho miners to leave before the election takes  place? "' :,...';'  4������* We are obliged to exclude our mining review  tbis week in consequenoe of tho length of other very  important matter.->l -  #S"T rivers of fun, bear in mind that the Sparring  Exhibition cumes plf at the Parlor Sitoon this evening.  m~ AU who desire GOOD * COFFEE and Fine Spices  c jn have both by always asking for FELL & CO'S which  e<n bwhai frpm" sH. respectable Store keepers.   Be  ii  ycu  g*tu  with ;o itr; fxty. l'fhf 1 en. sue a y'. cb^ gp.  Nfi(srr^aaLas FaoM wiLUAMac^ESK.;i"?���������-,  "��������� from ttO^to $30 a day to the hand.  We have the satisfaction of announcing the  discovery of a new-creek in the Cariboo district, about 90 miles/from Williams, that is  likely to create a good deal of excitement  before lpng.v: Two/men, named Gobdykoontz,  an A.merican, and Lainaraux (French Joe),  wellknown here; returnedon Wednesday last  with the pleasing: intelligence that they had  made a valuable discovery. We have been  favored by the"^flrst named, wlio is a most intelligent young man, with the following history in connection with their explorations:���������  Goodykoontz has been in this country over  two years* having come here from Washoe in  186?, He has been engaged in: prospecting  outlying creeks all the time, and last year he  extended his researches to the north over  one hundred miles, and, in his peregrinations  found tbe creek .which v. he has lately -been  prospecting on. On the 10th of August last  he started out in company i with French Joe1,  Who is an old miner on tbis creek, and.made  direct for what he considered'was. the now  El Dorado; /They bad two Indians packed  with 125 lbs. of goods each,'French Joe carried 150 fbs., and Goodykoontz had 85 lbs.,  making'a total of 485.lbs., but part of.this  was-mining tools. / They went down Williams  creek as far,as the swamp, which^they went  up- 11-2 .miles, crossed round the1 head of  ;ifcivMcfr:'brott^ a' cre^rttntxmg3  about east; they passed up this creek to its  sourpe, about/4 or 5 'miles, and crossed a very/  low divide in tlie mouhtains, and came to a  stream: which/ thep followed. do wri" abbut/1 %  miles; they then to ok /to thb left /and/traveled  tbrpugh a.Jat country^aboiit .7 milos^to Aniy  ler creek, which ffiej'. crossed 'about' 4;miies  from the m ou th; went'round : the' b ale"; of a  mountain, about 5 miles, to the lower Take on  :Bear river; traveled along the: beach to the  place it empties, crossed .'and'to ok an oliih-  dian trail, which leads to a lake abouti miles  distant; projbeeded; about 3 miles along the  lake shore/ and^turned-/to.tie left across a low  divide; ab out 5 miles distant they came to a  Jake which forms the head-waters1 of Salmon,  river, andJs known as Indian Point; here the  travelers got into a canoe and paddled to the  end of the 'lake, about ? miles;/:where there  was a pbirtage of:;'!;��������� mile,; oyer Which/they  hauled the canoe, to a/large lake, where they  launched the canoe and. went about 10 mile's  furtfife-by, water; .after landing the bold prospectors' started in a//W.N;W. course about 10  .utiles to'th������ t6p.:/pf';al'.hill ot divide,:.which  brough! them; tofthc/ hcacl of Vaughan & CoJs  creek; they went down;the creek 10-miles, to  within 2 or 3 miles ot the mouth, where they  turned up a gulch- Which came in-from the  west; about^rmile further/and they arrived  at the head of the new creek, which they  named "Old Dpminibn," after the discoverers  ! native State���������Goodykoontz being a Virginian  by birth. With the exception of one mountain, which however is easily accessible,-the  route to the new creek is quite level. /' The  country is timbered, but all along there is  plenty of grass for feed for animals. The region in which 014 Dominion creek is situated  is extremely like that around Williams creek  inits general features. The prospectors commenced operations about two miles from the  mouth of the creek,-by preparing lumber for  sluice boxes, which they were enabled to do  having had a whip-saw with them. After  getting the sluice boxes ready and set,. they  commenced to sink a shaft, with the following  results: After sinking 3 or & feet they struck  hard dirt, which prospected from a color to  what, might be considered a "nice prospect;5"  at 8 or V feet a stratum of red and yellow  dirt which prospected very fairly���������two pans  were tried, one gave five to six cents of coarse  gold, the other not so good; after sinking^  feet they came to blue clay, precisely like  that above,the canon on Williams creek, iu  this they could not get a color but abundance  of iron pyrites; altogether they put the shaft  down 16 feet���������about four feet iu the blue clay;  near the bottom the clay was very hard with  a great many stones-in it; they shovelled the  dirt as thoy went down into the sluice boxes.  While they were sin.kmg the rain came on very  heavy and the creek began to rise in the night;  about 10 o'clock the flood came, the dam they  had made broke and the water washed away  the sluice boxes, and filled up the shaft;  they had two sluice boxes with riffles, the  head riffle-box was torn up and the contents  washed out; tlje lower riffle-box was recovered after being imbedded ia sand and from  one of the riffles they took about $1 in gold,  which is of a deep yellow, rusty color. On  the high rock everywhere along the creek the  prospectors could find gold. There is a canon in the creek,, and below it are Uro well  defined quarto; ledges running N.N.W,, one is  6 or 7 feet thick and the other is about 12 feet.  Finding that their provisions were getting  short���������their bacon being ��������� done���������the men  started to prospect, a region to the N.W. bo-  fore their return. They soon came upon the  truck of the Covernment party; following it  lip"they overtook tnehi in aJ da^lnd a tiaif  Four of ;the party were in: camp and four  ,were out [ in the direction of; iEraser river,  which was not more than 35 miles distant.  They stoppqd oWrYfiightt fir^amp; ;.and after  giving the. direction of. Qld Dominion; creek?  to the pb'ty they returned/ - Four or five days  after:;7 of 'the party came to- the '!creek; -af te^;  arriving there they prespected and":expressed'  themselves extremely well/ satisfieU with the  T'lay out y' they said there ��������� was; everything5  present to the eye'to; indicate, that was  ri ch diggi ugs oil'! the; bed roc k. .,, When/ the  Gov eminent: party went .away to their / camp  they prontised-to send back four men to help  to sink a"shaft;' after waiting''4"*oifa5 days for'  them,, and their provisions being .very scared;"  tlie ihen iiad to returri here witliout seeing  anything more of/^ohn/McI^nVparty. Both  Goodykoontz and7 his partner consider that  the dirt down to the,, blue clay will pay r from  an ounce to two ounces a -dayito the,hand  with sluices. ,, The men have recorded five  discovery claims of 200 feet, each, and they  will leave for ihe new creek again:to-morrow  morning, with provisions for-six weeks, in  order to test, the creek thoroughly,.; Thcy-lpol  very sanguine that they have made a mo3t ira-  por tan t tl tsc or ery, and one that wil 1 lead tp  many ni6re, as'they consider/the new. region  a highly auriferous one. , .The/men can have  no/ofcgect/in making Mse statements in regard  to their disc pverins, as they are; no t. seeking  for money from.either the Govern^  public. ' As a matter of course/all .miners^ are  featur^^ojxihusiastsj^  'discoveries are conce^e'd;J/1and;: ^heif'���������statements must always"! be ^iieceived 'cum grano  salis.7    We are also^ "^i'fpr.m^d bypur.courter  ous Gold"Commissioner that Goodykopntz  qualified himself, yesterday-to -take up land,  and hasvpre:empted ;ranchcs along the route  . to :the' new diggings^; wliich ; certainly b ears  niiinistakeable������������������ eyidence /that the man* is fully,  impressed, with the ���������importance and reality of-  his discovery /of; diggings.-^ Far fi'bm trying  tb induce anyone toigo-oufc"; Goodykoontz endeavors to dissuade people from.going until  the Gpy^rnnientjparty return^ ^He^doetfYnot  wish his opinion to i -be . takenXfor. that b f an  ixperiencedhiinerrand he; has no desire^ to  mislead people','K- ;He saj's John McLean will  be ihiprobably: next week, aiid upon the o pin j  ion of his party the pub lie can; act /and-fprin,  their own vie ws., vSpe / 6fZx>urZ! bldest/ahd  most cxpenenced^^-pine^~~e^^^'fPF������"!0*1A.Qt  claims���������will leave with Goddykbotiitz'to-mor-  row morning^:: 01d/������Dominion creek^iajslx  /miles lontr and al)out 70 feet WidA.^ Tr {/��������� I  ������      . j. ' .a, -4 it.. %v-v   ���������-���������>-��������� yy   ���������"���������*���������  A^OK^RowMBlRKEavWi^  ^;^^y������^ym^yyy  OcSunday  'night last Chancellierjs )Lage1tf BeSr ^0������  [was tlb, scene; of aliotlie^ .  :appears'./;;tha't;'/the'rfri^ .  you ng men k novrri as ���������il sp ^rts/, the 'cause W  jtheir-diifershce-we thtF  hien^wholihiid/ hot the fear^of-Judge l3egbi������I-  before his eyes^drewMknife ujSoii his adversary, and was only prevented, do ing him seiv  ou^i bodily injury:byrsome: ofytho^'bystandorC  The par ties, wd un dera tan d, I have sin ce entei *  ed into arrangemmi^ ;  ;fbroniSi A, Wc/thini^ the/ time., has ^ll^/arriml"  ;yhen some thi ng should Se done, top u.t an .end ��������� * ������������������ ���������  to rowdyism in Barkcrville;. . "tJ1 yy :i; $? <v <  / Not^ *CAn.BD-f-TdnVO,Neiiy lias not been abls'  to ge b secu ri if for good eondiict so. th'at; rthi_i' '*  co rainuh i ty will g et rid of ~ a; wo r tli less and A  dangerous character for six'' months at" haytv ^*  Thoprlabncr:wiil';got//a (ree pass^'to New* *"  Westminster in chargerof a cbustafel^'"���������;*" XXjAa  / ^������9^ A;tailor'-!m .Gupar-Angus, who had:-a ���������*  pig which/got one of' its- legs b rokenV ha.s ,'rtK  place^theVi^urccl /limb-.with a.wp/bdoji *.oncu. I,  It is-.eurious ^.Mofti^a'njiih.ftl. hobbling abbuj.^/ - -  b ut/it: H thri vlng., as, w ell as; it/clid: b of ore] t$e' ;  acciifent.,;.".-' -J.;; y y A- -A,/; Ty AA "��������� [y' ���������.', /.; yA /,!.'/,// /. s  Jeff. Dattb.���������A 'Washington': despatch- (o'.tlie *Trir|;'-  bnu-5.B^ys.:.riNotwHhstandlng; the^,various; sf^rtce, sot  afloat in regar4 to the..Ill-treatment"of.: Jiff.';D tyl3, Ji,U' ^  but/'juat- to Lthn auttiorUna to elato' 'p^sltiy^ly ?that; hbAl  is Xniatsd'with the cohfjl'^er.ition I'itte'a ii*>t*<������u''"priao^ri"'-r5X:  ofstatelby,the cointhan-laiit ateiKorlr^ss/iJionro?,;: jNe -^r  officer has been or is siaiiuaed inhiic 11; litt i^aliowed AA  to! tal^e frbmient \valkfi pu. ;th? ranip.��������� rts .a n J ^ ^.'.irrn'V.������"r  ted to ;bhosc ,hu. o wlii food: '/.The; stories" th at", his'" ceil ,.,  K*/guur(le(l by a fJcerelot^ .mbpe:e?^ayfln>Ui^tSiulu -%iUii^X  promenades he Is; titteiided by? a haUsliOn ^sol^ier*^; vA  and that his;dlet Is limited teethe- frmyxxity&yrirts ;ws v/  ridiculous as they ar������ untru\. :-'Tn^.Vr^V^f'qt;j&f5y;.';p|r' /..  is Cliri^iau Uke and;hii m:me and* :just;v; suchaS' a jren^^  iruus:iri-p dignified froy?rb.mentf cau" -Well oted:-tb/.:be^:4  stow, upon one who ii ia-* no .longer; iis :��������� enemy, ;bqvyi t? A^  . prison t;r .'��������� ��������������������������� ���������;: yA. A,,-... .y< Aly.- '������,��������� A '���������������������������������������������;AA  THE ^AR):BQO^ENTD?Eli?  i,- ���������;'- .^Yiv^^'i:  REPORT ,OF ;JA&<M WSmPLO RATIONS  \\re have bepn kiudly favpredfby -a ^friend  upon the" crejek with an)au^ahpe/copy of Mr.  Orr's report of his/abbrti.ve Eipiorixig'������xpe.-..  -ditibii^/T:he.4oM or^to������. T ery  unintcresti hg and Sues hot contain- a "bit 7of  information useful to,the public that has not  long been known to the people of tbis coun-*  try.; The following is;,a brief summary, of the  report:-:f'1 lA A A. 'X li "A*i -i X<.,.i.  f- On the 10th of/May the Expedition started  from Kamloopsand proceeded up the North  river as far as forks, of the Clearwater/SI ver;  The Valley of .the .Nprth ��������� river isidiscribed as;  very fertile and- * 'contains fiijly .60,000 acres  b.f the best agricultural" l|"rg^|n the colony:?'  .On the 3 ist May the part^pei*! up the Clear-  water river*. On the secblppiorning after  they had to. return bei ng u nab le to p roc eed  larther up the river." 'The gray el. is- the river  contained some fine gold. On the. 5th of June  Mr. Orr aud some/of the men.started to cross  the divide between the North river and the  Columbia, after proceeding a considerable  distance and crossing many rivers they were  obliged to return again to a place called  Victoria point. Onjho 7th of July a portion  of the party went east to endeavour to reach  the Columbia; Mr. Orr and the remander* ascended the North river intending to cross to-.  , wards Cariboo. He subsequently fpurj^ this  j to be impossible, i He got however on the  j summit of the divide, a bare granite peak 9000  feet above the level of the sea. The view  from this embraced to the east, North river;  S.E. the valley of tho Columbia and Shuswap;  \V. S. W. the valley of the Clearwater; and to  the North-west what Mr. Orr considered was  the Horse Fly valley. Finding that the range  could not be crossed for any practical purpose the party returned. ,The party afterwards crossed the divide between the Shuswap and tlie Columbia. *' At the head of the  pass they crossed an ice glacier in some places nearly 400 feet thick; at the back and south  of the glaciers thore was a wall of snow nearly 1000 feet deep;" On the 6th day they  reached the Columbia.,. -They prospected it  but could not get a color. On the 7th of August Mr. Orr- returned to the North river  where the remainder of the party were met.  They then began to return home prospecting  all along but not getting gold in appreciable  quantities. Mr. Orr gives it as his opinion  i that to the. eastward of the valley of the Horse  | Fly gold will not.be found in paying quanti-  j ties. j  1    Kcr A most sgneable change hf)S taken place in the ,  OariJa,.' BUI 'Hea^e^/Ci^ "  ���������: /"Programmes^ for- Balls B^'-Xheri^^^yA^ :.'  ' VAA'AAi .Y.'v,Enter^n'meivtsVl/',/.'.-^ 'AXAA'AA'y :.. ���������  Rxetuted w 1 th Neatness and; -^patch /a\ [t 1 his^'Offite' XAX  T I ^ y v.y ,/// j^:^;rm8;./"^derate^5^_; ��������� AAA^ AA'S. \ '  a..''buriboo S^nLlneP���������' b'fnce;/ >,V" '.1,,;AA ''/,"A*.;'* AylX ���������  .BarktrviHe,' Wilham^Creek.J ;    \V f^"'" ',''''" ^Ayfy^ "  3-; //Oppe^emi^ .  l^/;;���������;;^������BAll"KEayHiL"E���������' William*Chew; - yA -:  hHave oh "hahd/a-large stock of; the^; foil owing/^;  ; goods j mt a rriih\, --wli left they i? IU ;B'eil at'-the;: A; i I ity  Lowest -Market, Jlitea^. vU :��������������������������� y ^-jj_j* %v 'vAs  GROCERIKS; ;(lnclttiling' ncicles. Jamsv* ���������������" kind*,.ef y.  AA. Sauce?, &cM),-.-v. y   i,r'.. . "      .."'-������������������  .-,:.. ruovisioKs,/., .".-. *... -..:. ���������..,...', v,  -.'  '���������'::;i';;:-KARnw;ARK,/.cRocKEnr,i';r'"'^^     -  ;!LiQUORS,'";WIKES, Atx, :��������� %:;MlAti m     .   SEOARS, TOBACCO,  r: "CTATlON^Y/'CtOTHIKflr-  . ..aaLVboots' ant> mom  MIKING "(?TKNS1L85 moluding . .  SHOVELS, FAKKS,  A ,   ,    .,   ,..   -  ASA   ...A-Aa - ,,"���������  -���������.-���������'���������':���������; ������������������DUCK>^"^F'/p,;/"'^  % . tAryy y.Ay ; $:* 'A^yy'y^AVimSA^W^^   -������������������  j_#- Prtrficuhr fttt^ation i4 eliUB(il'to cttr-Un8/������lc.cfeco  of LIQUOItS, WINES k SVMASgy   *yy ;>���������������*   y.'.yAl   .  A. Burkerrilto,,12th;J^18^....:.t;.;,<3  y.y   -firiyy ���������  ������������������ ��������� ..,-���������_ r, I, i   __    ���������,''���������    l,|).l|lill^J_||^^a^^B^^||(Hi|^__^���������|'^ "J^  OiMBRON CON.: rWlLLliMS  GRKitk,  B> >j Cv ���������;; S;": A  '   '    -a      ���������  .*���������     ���������      y ...  ���������'..    ..y.,,yf ������K,g.  WHOLES ALE^ AND     RE/T AlLv i  -.*.  \i'\  QKOCERIES;.:y:y>U: ���������-A  ;^;,,:-':iJHOVISION^ w-Vrn. ^yy;yy. fAr>  .. 'v.,   y,   -^-XvIQUOUSr- AA'   AA ���������.���������A...I.AA  I f "���������-��������������������������� ���������"���������'.; A::    '     -: '��������� 8EGAR3; ���������--4- A--u ^ar,  ,-'��������� :'- av ':: ������������������������'���������'��������� Ayy, '^TOBACCO. .. J l-aAa  I '. ������A. ��������� yyy- A. A' -A ;y:HARDW^R^,  kCROCKKR^-- '- - A*yi ;,..-,. i -,., -.ylAyy  h' MINING; UTKNS1LS, . ���������,,-';��������� , .a- i^A  ��������� -STATIONERY.":'.'-'.'^ ;-.; rAyi,  I     '     -; ������,CLOTHING,    ";���������.     -.: :-  :. I,' ...yy ��������� ������������������������������������ EOOTS *SBdaSSi?  ������-��������� DRY GOODS; Aa, &a'  ^_r-Goods bought at my/Store will be do*  iiv������red FREE OF CARRIAGE to,all portions    ���������  AKE   UP   tfAKE  ���������T������  AND  Barkerville, B.C., /'    '  A. KEfiLY, PKOPSiEtoi*' ..  Everything is done in connection with this estabUtk'  jnent to give satlsfactln to the customers.  FOR  . AT QUESKELMOUTU,.  A CONCORD WAGGON, cipibh of soatihsf 9 p^r-..  sons; also, a piir or AMERICAN HOBOES, v*uii  H*rn*ss coraplet?. Tor terms apply *t the ofiice cf  thispapfr, ortoMr. FOLLOCK, Quean^m&uth,       11  imir^iTi;":-~*^'T,"lM|*"l""M*"t""'*"11"' '    '"���������rn-n-^mr-^ri   Jiiff������iTii1inWr*"r,1  GIROD & GUICHON,  FROYISIONS, W-HOLBSALK '&  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  '���������'"-"'     QVE^EL M0CTH.- e  <!> ��������� BARSMVltLE, SATUB;PA5r. SEPT.30,'6&  MISREPRESENTATIONS OF THE 'BRIT-  .. AyyyyA 1SH COLUMBIANS  To the Editor op thb "Cariboo SsxTiNEt.":  " ^Ri^Tbo following staiements; appear ;in  the 'iritish-Coluinbiaii"of the:1.6th: instant.:  ���������H'st, " Tbe^qnestipfe XGold Export Tax) next  " inakes; its appearance in April la,st, when the  " Williams Creek Mining Board, ia session  " fciire ^(New //V^estminster^ passed a unani-  " pott* vot* infavor, of the taXi^f ��������� ��������� . ,  / ^2nd. 'f The/,Board was.eoniposed of., ten  l4^es3Q(!beP8fTfive of whom constituted a quo-  *' ram; andjfiye of whom were present when  " the resolution in \ question was passed, viz:  " Dr.,Black, chairman, and Messrs. Duff, Steele,  " Dewdney and John Potraere." .yy--  3ni. " Subsequently to the passing of the  "resolutionMr.Polmere.and sotrie-dther/iriemT  ��������� ������ b^rs of the Board visited Victoria and there  *i* ^hde rwcnt a certain; process A wh ich caused  " them to stultify their ^previous acts and'bp-  11 pose the tax on/ their I return." >; 7 77-1  Now, &irf it is^vftry distotekil^o^s to have  to appcaVin'-print*/ but the ;serions .charges  proper to~malie,again'at Us^ieayevus nov alter-  native. ���������- : '; 7 .7; - y ' ' ��������� \-\;; (:_    ;:���������  In/reply to the .first charge wewould state'  that tbetWiUiamB "Greek Minihg-Bp  meeting^^la^r ^than ^ancarty^labt^ Akin; New  Westminster or anywhere else;' and that diir--  ing bur wlioteJ sUting the subject of the Gold  Export Tax never came up before the Board  in a formal manner; there never was any resolution f submitted by, any member for pur  consideration,' and there/never ��������� was any  resolution whatever1 on'the subject passed by  the Board. -? yy .-    ' r- ���������.-.*��������� A -���������. - ��������� 7 ��������� ���������  In answer to the second <5hargc, we would  simply s^tate tbat it/is a gross fabrication without any /foundaUon whatever- '....'".AA-  , The' third charge is equally easily disposed  of:, "There never was a . meeting held of the  Mining Board in New Westminster after January, and all the. business was disposed of before we left for Victoria. > 7.-/'-'- '..    A  We have read Mr. Pol mere's letter that appeared ia the "Cariboo Sentinel" on this subject and. we can with" .perfect Atruth endorse  the statements which h/e has made,. 7; 'vvX XX  We regret to find a, newspaper descend  like the 'British Columbian' to the practice of  fabricating charges against individuals to  serve any purpose whatever.   -  .A , ^ yiAA -frs". yyy:y.      7 G&ORGB 'DCF?; 7' TA ' y  yAy ��������� ���������---���������-.-',, ,:r,,.^--...-H.--N.-:,STSBLB,.,-7..:  Members of the Williams' CreokMinlag Board.  "Williams Creek, Sept^Sth^'iBe^/: 7  T6 the Gentlemen: of Victoria/British Colum-  bia, and Puget Sound*  AlSiDREWy ROBERTSON,  !  n overnment street; victoria* (^pp0^*3,^?  (jTBankof British Columbia) begs toannuunce tbat  he has jusl received Ki������mea ta ^'Vg  per last"steamer Trom San Francisco,yre^ch^o^K up  Beavers,-Wltnoys, and a large f^^^^Lh^ 'iU  and Scoicb Tweeds, Westof England^; BroadchJths, (au  shades);&c. The latest Englishand: American Fashions regularly received. /1^^ |RQBERTsoNr. ;���������; /  7-" '|4'- AA A u 7' ��������� A ���������. A' ������������������'-.( Government;- St ro*H. -,  9i    vXy...A.A..AA:it^moAAyy;AAAA.yyAy^  v :y;.y ; -aa:;  --������������������''-"���������- y-AA:'-:A''\&jrir'x.A':i aAa-  f  THE BANK OF  BRITISH  COXMH  A.  Ca  ���������Jiioarpca&taa by B^yi*^^f^A',,  yliXyAV.'Tttjitimm'.v.  .  Bri^h 7^^  Es^rini miie������ , nr 1826i:, /, 1 vcoRroi^rKb bt Rgyax, ��������� '  '.������������������-���������:��������� a.:���������-.-      '->���������'��������� :";,'��������� '"Cjiartre.;y;,":';..,,;;..,,/ ,"���������-.    y  Paidxfe CapitalT '-'v'-':: 'A  ;TJndiviaecL *Net^Pro/fits,  i  J,V: SI VIHOJiOIA KI   Ai0A  ,;..;:;"' ^-::^^-:c.;A'RfPv;, -;    '���������;���������'. ���������;  f QHIT^ASSEY, Collector WRents^Ifebts,  df.'&c.; having commenced business, respectfully soli-  'cits a snare of the* public patronage, and trusts that by  prompt atten tiori to business, he will secure the same,  amlglvc general satisfaction. A. ��������� AyA ��������� Ayyiiy A-'-  A'Money handed over as soon- as; collected;^ ���������-,.,,    r ^.  A offlce^Government street,;corherof Bastion...y -r ,  '- Reierences^-W; S.; S.; Grectif Esq.- and M/WV-T.;  :Drake,' Esq;;-- '     ���������'���������?}M- "<AA-.i:J "A-a: yAy,y.y-.i -y.U^  I> OBERT-EDWI^^iOK^QN, of��������� the/firni 6f,l)rake &  *i Jackson, Government street, Victoria, Solicitors,  has been duly appointed a Kotary Public in and for the  Colony of Vancouver klanrl, bycommissioD7uhder the  hand and seal of the Archbishop of Canterbury, bearing date the 7th day qf "June, A.D., 18������6. , . 14  '������������������������������������������������������    ���������     ���������"'������������������"���������-.������������������    -''������������������������  IUCHF1ELD.  MnRciiANTg axv Dralexs m   ".'������������������:  royisions,    Liquors,  And every other description of Goods required by the Mining community. :.;       .  .     . . : .  ;^3~ Moderate Terms,. . ., i.i .   (���������'���������;������������������  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DBALER8Ztt*  LIQUORS,  iH/i2,5op scares;- of/sioo each,  IN; VANCOUVER IStiAND,  VICTQRIA-^Dank of Briasli'ColiimbU;'-.       '      7  NANAIMO���������Rjnkl of BritislrtColumbia;'-^  i ��������� ;;IN BRITISH /eoijUJlBIA; -;  NEW "WESTMIN^Il^:uik:of;.British CJiumbi*;  TALK���������Bank of Bntish Columbia;        -"-   --: ' ���������  MOUTH QUESNEL���������Bank or.British Columbia;  7   IN THE UNITED STATES,  SAN FRANCISCO���������Ba nk of Bri t ten Coiumh ia;  PORTLAND, OREGON���������Bank of British Columbia;  77;7,   m CANADA, IiX:A.A  ; BANK   OF  MONTREAL,  BRANCHES & AG EKCIES:'  Montreal;. T^ron tn, Quebec; Hani il ton, London ��������� K\ n g-  ,gton, Cobourg,  BeUcvilltV'Brantl'orrt7 Rrocfe-. AA  A ��������� VlUe,Whitby, Pet'erboro, OttaNva, Guelph,     .  .,  Godericfi,;Stratfoni. Fiction, Ee/r/th,   .  A;:;Simcoe,^S^ Catherines;-    , ������������������'/������������������  7 ;;/;;;;7Yf\.'v/'/';INyE^G  rLOOTO^^ank or-British :Com  !i CURRENT ACCOUNTS/opened fbr any' amount ^not  ���������les-&.-th������>n-Qne~Huhfipw^pallara.^;.^;--^.',.* ,-;.:....^y y^. X.A^  ry ;Bjlls Discounted a hrt! Coliected.; an<1 Bills of Exchange  cm Great Britain^' Sin Francisco and' New York pur-  chased)^ ^ :   '     '   ~   ���������'  -<'-���������-������������������    _ '"    :.    -'���������*- ���������  . Dntf ts Issued on I all the, B ra nc*a es a n d; Agencies. ? I  ai Government and other .Secirrities': received- for safe  custody; Intercikts and. Dividends"\collected. \X  $6,6oo,6oo:  AA_  600,000/  Head ^ficb ; 7,; OT/HE"^  ./..-���������.;.      V^^;:^"^AibtiiiAkE^:;,:}yyy,yy-: ;'  ?an F^A^cisco���������F. PJ Grain ������fe W. & ^therlan4f Ageutg  New VoRK-r-Waitcr watsda & .Tames Smith,; Agents;   ;  \rmitreai-      'QuebecY' A A:Toronto; '  JTamiiton:  Kmgs^onv^  ^n^B;.aW;;B^ rf,^  v . .-..,.   St. Johns,.N.;B,;   Victoria, Y, I. -.-���������.  ���������AA-TAiA'Ayy ':.; 7-y-:'AGENTS:   *-A'y '$'.','/'"'���������-������-  FcoTLAVn���������NatlouaVRahk:of Scotland; y-  Irki ANb-^Provincial Bank of Ireland; y ���������;      _  FRAScs���������Marcuard, Andre & Uo, RyrU;    7:  AiTQTRAriA���������Union Rank of Australia;.  IsEZAChina & JArAS-Chariered' JJercilKlle Ba* tf  Tn-lti, London and Chin*, y..    ������ . " . -   *��������� .  DRAFTS ISSUED on Loufloa, New Tort,'San Fna-  cisco/Canada, New Brunswick; NovaScotU, and oa������T������  the Branches! of ihe National Bank of fecolland and ���������  Provincial; Bank of rrOlsnJ. '? ���������i  Bills of' "Excihahge and Gold^ Purohaaed.  Interest cu Sp ki al D?po&i t* ot MoAey./allowed, at Iks  rate of a quurtvr of one per cenL per month. ������������������������������������.: ,   v\.  fl^ Tho Bank receives Gold Dust and Burs for safe     ,.._   .        ...  I  Rocvivcd on Deposit, or' Ady^nces /mide;;upc^;/^^m;:  . Gdtp Dj\st Mi-lted va:hd "Assayed,; and; returaa ������ad������  > within/24' hours ih! Coin or'Bars.   -'. / |:  ���������'.." A.'."',.  Orlis of every 'itescfri p&pii earofully -Assayed..;....   ,, ,.-���������;  , N B.-r Any liustructious. astothe. disposal of the pre*  c e eds of /G6li 1 Dust; forward ed, to the offlce in YkteKi  tor Assay w ill lie carefully attended to". ������������������','.���������'."���������',''    v'  . : i.Wr*- 'r:VAAy A JVQySHEPHERD, Ua������ager.  ; ;Victoria,.y. I, May, 1805.-' '",:'-'������������������;.��������� 7 \r:'*"77   'W  C\ liARisSiO^A'k CO., Dealers , is Books, > Station but,  ;''TAusic/and Musical I lnstrumei)U,:y NP.W3; AGENTS,  &c.j;p01umbia' Street,:.Now'Wes^iu3ter..r :yii^ ?.H:A-y  A;. McCREA, Auctioheer, /Wharf Strker,  ' -sVi ctoria,. Vancouver Island. ...-, , ./     ,1  anil returns .made  Goli> Dust Melted and Assayed,  within 24 hours.     ,'/.-.        :"':;... 'V. A^lyyA..-  Ores of every description carefully Assayed.  Cameronton, Williams Creek; A Ay     Ay ;  ViCTOiitA, February 24,1865. "I  "pHE UNDEr.?IGNED,'having purchased tho:goodwill  A of the late firm ol G oi id", David /&;C6vwiHlooutinuc  the Wholesale. Provision and Commission Business j at  the store, corner of Bxstion; and Wharf.streets, uhiier  the firm of WEtSSENBURGER"^ .Mr  Jclks David wiil iictas Manngerof said businesS^'The-  business oa Gov������������rnniont street will be carried on^as  heretofore       - WErS^ENBURQEH & SCHI^^ER  AKD  xier  GROCEEIES,  bAekerv&leJ  ; NOTICE7 7-7-;-/  LL KINDS OF DRt GOODJSj^^ CLOTHING, --lSWti'S  I ^Tl. and Shoes,' can be bought -cheaper* at-thei ijt0F������ of  | the undersigned than at any-other place in .the colony.  Every article marked in plain ugurvs/.���������',^^ .^erinSr-r-CASH.  N. B.���������Orders from the upper country receive prompt  atteution. ^ i   ,. ^AIWHUR BULLOCKj    ?'  a,   . Opposi te> Colonial Restaurant^ New^ Westminster  J;  'iP.'A.  CANADA-  Dales are to August Stfi;"  Sir E. P.Jracuel/Pref^ <4ied  on August 2d. v His: funeral? took place a|  Quebec/ jand w������3 attended Ahy * large concourse of the principal dignitaries of the  Colon J.     .   AAVA ���������:% Aa :A.   ���������>   'Ay:    A  -A  The following is tlie new Canadian Cabinet  arrangement; -Sir Narcisse Belleau, premier  and Reeiver-General; the Hon. John A. McDonald; Minister of Milifcia, and the -Hon. Mc-  Dougall, Minister of Education.  Quebec j August 6th. ���������Lieu t^Gen. Grant,;  family and suits,arrived here" tot evemag from  Gorham, N. H. He is accompanied by a  number of distinguished characters. His re*  ception by the pepoift of Canada was of the  most satisfactory/and pleasing character. The  Canadaina have showed iheir feelings for the  noble soldier, the greatest enthusiasm being  manifested by the vast throngwho bad assembled to greet him. Cheer after cheer rent  the.airr������6m the time he came iu sight until  ha was lost to view. -ThemoBt profound excitement was visible at the Grand Trunk  Landing, and throughout the city. The General is looking remarkably well, and seems to  be enjoying his tr?p.very much. To-oaorpow  and the next &y the General will be treated  to many little pleasures. The Canadian Parliament commences,its extra session on Tuesday mormug^ tbe1 General will' be present at  the opening ceremonies;;      -;  A later Quebec dispatch sajrs: While here  Gen. Grant fipo&e!,without reserve to-several  persons on the Mexican question- He said he  had placed 100,000 men on the Rio Grande as  an army of observation, and that the French  would have to leave Mexico peaceably if they  chose, and forcibly if they refused^"...". The situation in Mexico he looked upon as one which  had been created by the rebellion, and the  rokeilion would really not be overcome until  Iti axinuiian wasi conipelled to depart and the  Mexican people allowed to organize ai go ver n-  meat without /foreign intervention. "With regard to the relations between tbe United  States and England, he did not think the presen (friendly state...would be disturbed unless  complications ensued hv. reason of England  mixing herself up with J ranccJn the Mexican  ���������jnenion.: ....     ���������   -- ��������� ��������� X  ������ORY EVENING,  7V A at -^2ffl7 ^'"''' 'i"'!" i ,nv:7 ;!:;  (m':''}MMW:mit  .  : - l.   BARKERVILLE. ;   t  ALL THE LOVERS ^OF FUN Alp) INVITO  ed to call amfr enjby themselves,^wn<en;A  rhearty welcome will be/extended;!  ���������.'W���������-- ���������"���������,;-:y������-:. '��������� ������������������ : ^j^k.-' Y ^v .; ty-'-' ������:.���������       -       ::-l}  AjXylfeXv-*     ^aJ.%5.    JL-pCblA\>AAA^.������        .  Billiards, fecS|^l'Jaefreshments aad- fc&e  best of order obscrved^r  .     MARTIN & CO.  I"}, MABES, "Watchmaker &'^Jeweler,  j.. Yates street, Victoriar V. I., keeps /con-,  stantly oh hand' a superior stock of .'GohP'and'.  Silver;WATfJHES; Gold Chains, Buckle?*,' Plated Ware,  Clockp, , to, ��������� Partii^ular attcintion paid ; to repa iring  Watches and Je>velr}r, ; All work, warranted. . Orders  from the.country .promptly attended to,;". ���������      "    a . A  SPORBOKiG^ &.. RUEFF, Commission Mer-  ; CHANTS, Wlioles;tie Dcalerts in.Gkookries and Pro-  yisioKBi Wharf street j VictorK.    ,   v   . ,/,...'   '.  3m/  EDGrAR 6c AIME, Gomniission Merchants,  Wholesale; Djakrs in Gboceru:s asi> pRloyisioafSj  Wharf streetj Victoria j Vancouver Mand.    ' s  DANIBIi SCOTT & CO., Auctioneers and ,  , Cosraissio.N'-'StkrOhAnts, City Auction Rooms, Fort  streatyictoria���������' CMlt advahcbd,on Merchan dise, to any  ,. a mounW can sign c'd fbr'.sale;   - Referch ce���������Hoa. *&, Tin *  ;i,ay66m, orH. B;Co and Lloyd's;Aj$nt,    ; AX..... . 1  J   P. iDAVIES & COU Ayiriia6rie#T*"&' Com- L  ���������. aiissio;*. Merchaxts, Fire J^roof; Stone Buihiinf,  )Vharr street*;',Victu'fli7���������*?���������,'.^��������� '^htfr^ IvIAdyancei made  6n:ConsignmontF.   7-1 y*-*   y.      \* **    ' *,   . \  JOHN> PJ COUCH; rlmiorter and' G-enoral  COMMISSION MEHCHANl7Commcrcial Row, WhaK  street\ Victoiii^|Va'hcouver*-IslHn'd.Y" VA A;*'���������*'"��������� :.- s;    ; ���������:,  G\ OLDSTONS aiid BROTHER, 'Scents Wr .  ^ thoi Pioneer Flour Wills, CottM^ioK-JIiftCHANTa, ,  Importers' and Wholesale' Dealers: in. GROCKRiks, Pro.  viaioxs/ Dry Goops, 'Clothikg; Boots' asd &ho'io},- kri,  two-story/ Fireproof Building, ftoid'e Bio<jlf, betweoR  the stores of J. Wiik'ie* Co. and Stewart..__. Co., Wlbarf  street, Victoria.    '   '     A'-.iyAy-- ��������� vy ������������������'.������������������������������������������������������   , i1'   ��������� y.  I,'HOTE*LIER, Importer'rind. Dealer in ORO- ,  7 Wharf streolr betweeia/Johnsion "andI rateB^ Vi������io/n������; '  Vancouver Litond,  r  .,:   /v.-.        ���������        ��������� ��������� A-'i: -...-' I��������� ���������  y'    *;'������������������'''-'������������������ ��������� .d       ' ' ' "-   ��������� ' , :.*,-.��������� '. ��������� -������������������;  rpHOMAS BHOTBOliT, Dispensing Chemist ���������..  ,1 an������ I)ri7G������istj Johnson street, iVictOm;V L, r������-  spectfully solicits the attention of Minors ami the public in general to his well assorted stock of pure Enfflisfe  Drugs; Chenucals, and Perfumery; also to his Mixture  fur Rheumatism, which is an invaluable remedy for  this .distressing complaint,    yy: 7     '    ::''     1*8 ������������������**���������  FORT   HOPE, ^  riEORG-E   LANGVOIGT,  General  Dealer in  KF GROCERIES, PROVISIONS; &c, Fort Hop*?, B. C.  & co^,  & Commission  YALE,: BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Hay and Q-rain at "Lowest Rates ;  Good Stabling  Gratts to parties bnyia^ Feed. a  IROD & GUICHON,  Old' Established -Gkneral Stoe������,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMIS-  ���������   SIQN MERCHANTS,  fee-Terms most Moderate.  QUESNEL MOUTH. a  J, PERRODIN,  AND RETAIL. PRO VISION AKD GKNE-  RAL MKRCI1ANT,  Boots, Shoes, Tin-ware, Etc,  ^ QUBSNEL MOUTH. . .8  :   - KWONG LEE & CO.,   " ~"  COMfVliSSidN MERCHANTS,  iortera and Dealer* in CHINESE GOODS, Rice, Sn-  gar, Tca/Vrovipions..  QUESNEL; MOUTH. s-  E. C. GILLETTE,  Oitioe^CAMERC^TOM.  IEEB,  ID  FOR   SALE  ;    7 AT   QUE.SNELMOUTU,  A   CONCORD WAGGON, c:ip,ibla of seating 9 per-  ��������� I sons; also. a.pur of  T OWE BROTHERS, Commission Merchants:  ii and Importers of PKOvismys, Grocbuiks, French  Wine8,. Liquors,." Havanit. Cigars, Naval Stores,, Rope,  CahvaR, Oars, &c, Wharf street; Victoria.    '        /* .  receiving iruui uuftiisuuiwrr, .juii-."^, u������t������.....-, ��������� .--  cellaneous Books, and SUiplo and Fancy Stationery, m  all itsBrancheB: Corntir rates andLangley streets,  VictoftaY,Vancouver Island.! s -.-  ALBION IRON WORKS, Victoria, V. Li  1\. Manufacture Steam Engines and .BuUVra of all  sizes, Quartz Mills, Mining Pumps, .Fiouring Mills, Gang,  SMhj ifuluy and Circular Saw Mills, Iron and Brans  Ciistings, and everything connected with the busiuess.i  a Sl'RATT& KRIEMLKR.  SCOTCH HOUSE.    A.  McLean  and Co...  Hosjkrs and Gknkral OuTFiTTEms.    Miners and  F   YOU    WANT  BTJNSTER.  GOOD; ALE:   ENQUIRE    FOR  T *MOORHEA"D and CO., COMMISSION MER-  Om CHANTS and Importers of Groceries, Provisions, FiionucK, &c., Wharf si rect, "Victoria, V. I.    s  rPHOMAS ALLSOP, Land Agent and &en-  1 ekal Commission Agknt, government struct, V icto-  ria, Vancouver Iih<" '.' ' s  lOHN WILKIE and CO., Merchants,'-Wharf  f}  Street, Victi.������ria, Va ncou ver Island,   -   *' s  R. POWELL, has Removed his Oiiice  m^s and R^si:h;nce irom Fort sir^st to the premises  lately occupiy������l by tho Mayer on Broad street, Victoria,  V.I.   iKiieo houi-s 9 a. m. to 12, and 8 p. tn, to 10.    a  CLINTON CITY.  /     FRANCOIS   C HA V K R 0 N,  B A K JBR A NI) GiiJNK R A L ��������� STO H K  K KK PIS R.  ������������������M������foyinii_iBiA  J.  I  t H-irness ootopl������t*������.  " tbin p-'|p*,T; rr ---o Mr,  AMERICAN HOR*ES, with j  Fer tor'iuB npply at thy olrics of  VOLLOCK. Qu-nelin^nth.    -  IT 1  'erhaiiie,'.  aid miwm,  13ABKBKTILLK. B. C. S  l^UGENE THOMAS, Yates street, Yictoria.  lli Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES, BRANDlBrf  BEE RS, & LIQUORS /of isyery descriptioh. : ������oods fee-  wardod to ,the ;Mining Districts, >��������� - . ������JU������  EDGAR MARVIN, Corner Fort AND/lANOter  Street, dcaUr,in IRON & HARDWARE.; Agcntfor  the sale of the Boston Rubber Belts. ��������� ,7     ^ 9  C^RELLEY & FITERRE, Victoria, V. U  T t^ole Agents -forI.Napoleon's Cabinet Cnainpapn*,  Piotrcsson deSt. Auhin Champagne dry, Bouche do drj,  Jules Mumm Chamjiagne, Eugene Clicquot Chanrpajig*,  Bokers Bitters - Suinsevain's California "ft ine a^V������JJ-  ters, Hastetter's Bitters, Bancroft Cider ^Logaac Qarot,  G. teller Claret. A large.stoct ;of Boadcd Wln������^  Brandies, Whiskeys, and Liquors of every descripli<������  alwuys on hand. ���������     G������������������������ & \ ,Tf ","���������  Importers aud Wholesale D^al������rsfj  Is Junction Wharf and Johnson ������tr������������fc������.  ' ' i' ���������     ���������         ��������� " .* *  REMOVAL.     J.  L-  J^germ^^tnY,fvirV  MAKER nnd JKWKLER, has removed to��������� t������������ >������r������j  proof Brick Building, withlji one. djyof welw.-'W  k Co. ?������ Kxpross Office, vatcs elreot, Victoria, v. 1. ���������������__  niCKSO'N, OAMPBELIT& CO.,  Commtf-  V sios Merchants, Wharf street; Victoria, Vjnco������  vr-r Miind.    H. N. Dickbw & Co., London; Dicbjo^  DkWolf & Co., San Francisco.        ��������� ���������   - ���������       " ,  HENDERSON, & BURNABY.. J������BS*S  11 aSiloSSSsmtiii Merchaspw, Wharf street,*\ ictori-,  V. I., and No. 17, Graccchurcu street, London,   l_  Jf MATXANDAm^COLLECWB ������^^fS5lu'  J_i_ Government street, Victoria, Vancouver Ijd^  f% UY HUSTON", DKA������m im <^^f^l^S^  VJT iseTackik, FowDMt k Shot, rates streot^v"^  Burglar Proof Safes and Vaults, Victoria, yy~-���������~  K~ WONG LKK &CO-,; Commiwiox JJp^tg^iaS.  porters nnd I)������a!<.������; in1 CHINM'^^JUb  Sttic������r Tea, Provisions, ;&c , Cjnncwnt stroot,^* m  Gitvcr'nmeutand Douglas str^etg^Vie������oW  11.   crnuicnl street, two dewrs south 01 ,*w   ���������    g  Victoria, V'ancouVLT Inland.  Deatebs J*  S K.  R  "l    STJTRO & CO., Importers and  ,t_    CIGAHA TOBACCb, Mecrshuumil'P^^'  corner of ^t4un.lWuarj- Hrnvd., VtOW7_^  kwi^ewis, . cLOTWfifc' ���������j^^^


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