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 ��;.'.���'. J. .*. *.*
{5tobi the Co!6nt8t and Chronicle.] "//:
.//''Chicago,;Se"pt. 4,-pSeward , has officially
'"J 'contradicted the ridiculous story about trying
to settle the-Alabama claims by the cession;
;��f British Columbia.   It appears from a blue
, book, issued from the British Foreign ��� Office,
'*'��� Jhat-^
��� proposed ,'tti Vsettle * uiea�� iiclaims^^rpujd em-:
; brace full indemriification :*bf.British subjects
tor losses during the war.'/' \
yy ^General Grant is said t6,*6*p"pose unqualified
'y;l ^colored; suffirago.;.-v,The ra&icai;$arty declare
;. 'l ^^yw^^^0'; accept him; as Pre*adent,j unless
v he^comesoutagiiarebn%isquestioW j   v
A hestjjCproclama^^^^
./ihe. cabinet,, to-day. pThri President is/ being
-. V^rge��:to
iaot-d'ebidec(''to do sb^ thoughle"will probably
,, /yield. Ay XaAAi ///���-^v,���///j/'oVi/''-/^ ;:"//r
, ; \ \ JEardon nasibeen' granted \ to' tbe folio wing
'classes f all civil or diplomatic,agents ^of the
/ .JfeM^igPJt^0??*31!^? lali'abserij^esi from; the
' I^couutry for Ihe^p^pose of ^tdirig the irebel*
; /lion j;alL.wfio -left judidal.p^r;congressional
AAshtiji^ Cin/tbe^rebellioa;^ all
'/ 'gbverriorsjof.rebel States ; all who todk the
'  "oath of amnesty- prescribed in the proclama-
- ,tion of December,/a865?;:qal":, military /and
, /navalpMcera.beiow^the:<raakpfLieut-GeneX
v/rals and:^Captains/; Iu, the navy there  is
' ^ tnuchiyarianlc the cabinet^
/ ���'; ;'��ad;^bus ;.clas^?ria ay' be'i" c hanged, ^^erhaps;
universal amnesty may? be^granted.     ���-'/ -t,��
. ^Sheridan/has been ,, ordered ..to * report at
i: li XeWen worth/
���;ft--^Chicago;: Sept; S^TIfe Times'' special says,
��rant has had) a' i long Wd " iriiportantri inter-
; YJyiew:'''';WithTi;:the,,vEresident,rin:--- relat'oato: the
'-jproclamatipQ'-rMa^e^o^Sickles' order., - Ru-
:A irior says Sighi wbr^
Vr "divulged.regarding the interview, by either,pf
, ;; their, friends. .Both agree, however, that-tbe
'differences- of opinion are. Irreconcilable re-
, yarding the ��� enforcement M:&^x^copsi^Sx
'tion law, .     '     ;     //\//'��- /    .  ' tl.
- *    The amnesty ^proclamation will be issued
/ -j&a few; days,  Onlyabbut;^
sons now under indictment/will be Excepted
from" its provisions./ It/is understood that an
border for rje^
' - Crosby was relieved rjy Sickles'to-day.    \
The President remarked yesterday,thatone
'pf-tbe cabinet minlstera wnt^M be-removed
^meaning Seward.'. - '/'*'     \
, '[A.ccounts arelreceived^^he spread oft the
. . yellow fever in Louisiana.      .  , '\
A /Charlestonj;Sept.^4Gen/ Sickles/has arj-
-. pointed-Beverly Nash; a prominent negrcV. in
Columbia, as;a, police magistrate,,
London/ Sept. ^2.7-The Bortehas addressed
^/cU^uIar .1 note] Jo/ita ministers^ at foreign"
courts, announcing that- the;s Gandian- war wil I
be brought to a close ;$ a; general amnesty is
? ^granted; tc? insurants; and reforms" promised
/in the lawsj and tbeir,administTation.;; ���;
The Porte has appointed a mixed board of
inquiry, consisting of Ottoman and Christian
m^mteerj; wbo|will soon go to Garidia arid -in?
testigafe*the;causes ofdiscpntenti On their
report vrill be based the ftiture reforms of the
- jgovernriaent of.the islands.., ^
'��� v ^stli^Sept; ?.--^he jcarididates dominated
by thc'friendV of ^Kossuth, were successful in
the election foi*mehibm      the Hungarian
;   Diet, in this; city yesterday.  /
Vienna, Sept. 3���The Presse asserts that the
; UnitedStates are pn) the point of concluding
negotiations with the Danish cabinet for the
purchase of all the Danish. possessions in the
"West Indies, consisting of the islands of St.
, Thomas, Bt-vGroix,^andStiiTpba.  Price to be
J)aid is eight miilipris infold.
New York, Sept;-6.^Edropeatt dates are to
v- the 25fch.   Reports of the rising in Spain are
increasing ;   a severe ��� fight .qccdrred near
, Oostongas y irisurgerits/ except the^ leader,and
about thirty followers, being'cut to pieces;
The Madrid> official Gazette declares that in
Catalonia arid Arragbri th0 rebels are ��very-
"Wherp, arid full of fight. ( ~y.
The ^aden races were im-
niense' cpncburse of j>eople, nearly every na-
. tioiiaii ty being rep resented. The /principal
fevent. was the International .St Leger; the
best English, French and. German stock was
Entered; The race was won by the French
horse Frocaderor.Ar.; /__./;/ ���.: / ; :y ~..���y~--
���; The stSariier brings Nap6ieoriTs speeches at
Arras add Lisle. They are conciliatpry iri
jbptie. The Speeches^ had a tranquilizirig effect
at London, 6lit are riot equally appreciated
bt Paris. -   .\        yA'A   y:y. y ..:���<*y .;..-���';'.'-.
; Spanish onlcial despatches report that thou-
feaUds of infiorgente in Cataionia have
advantage of tho amnesty and surrendered ;
the bands in Arragon-are reduced to 4,000,
and are working towards the frontier, pursued by the. royal troops.' '
Tbe Abyssinian expedition consists of two
regiments of. the line, eightfegiinents of native
Punjaub infantry, six regiments of India cavalry, mounted .guns/ and two. battalions of
artillery.. A.A A:.,���?.. ;/.. ���" ���/ :; :\"'./'/ ���^.//;'!
Copienhaigeii^Sepfc fa���The report that the
government of I)ehriiark; has sold thp/I)ariisb
islands; in the ��� West Indies to the/tFriited
Stat^'is^c^cially:denied^ // / yA: 1 P -y
madia a: ��� spefech, at < Jthe.; bpeningpf tbe^ ] Baden
district in the city yesterday.; He ��� tbpk^ strbng
grpundsln favor of union between Badenarid
the stetes of Germany, .. ; ,,/' v 'ir-/
'; Madridi' SeptL 6r-rStirictYprders Aave/heen'
issued to quarantine all-vessels from America;
-^Faris/ Sept.^v-^-It is%taied iha^^reuya^
L'Huyswill soon re-enter" the French cabinet;
In Moustier's placed A/rA^
,^;liOiidoni (Sept. y6Z���Recent i^spatches;frorii
JA^^ridra r^orl tb@
captives;iri Abyssinia^initheameantime'preparations fm the expeditionlto'Abyssinia ar^
progressing. VA: ;/'   ���yy- \ y
r^Montreal; Sept;5:���McGee '400 ahead;- and
has a majority-eyerywhere j Cartier dittov/..^
vJDeylin's prospects .have, been .endangered
b f - p roofg o f his having; received * grafts from
Richard|i^Gbrihari/ of New Y6rkf ;arid from
Fenian orgamzations. . ,, . v ��� ������
', North; Sydney, C. B., Sept. 5^The - new
cable' has'been successfully laid between- Pla-
ceritia; N. F., arid this \. place> arid p roves v 0ne
of>'the most perfect 'ever made.
vi Toronto, Sept 6.���Forty-four .elec tions
for the House of Gommbns aro complete. The
Leader claimsY thirty-Jiiiie for the Support1 of
the ���government.' / "/
A dispatch ;frpm Montreal last evening to
the Globe, says that Cartier is elected for
both^.Houses by a majority of 350. The majority :for McGee at the1 close.^of the polFwas;
;;250:rl; After the smnimnGeitiAnl waa made/a
mp^ of 200 of the Devlin party.arrived; op^
posite to; the 'Mechanics! Hal IJ and tore do wn
|fie73stoteinerits .of the. poll.,, A riot commenced, a shower ibf stones; bei ng;^Ii rectediat
the: ball,' and vthef; \wiridbws m front were
broken.' There wis a/free fightsin lhelsteeet(
The mob was kept out^of the; hall;where,Mcr
Gee was, by re^dve^and'snots *frqrii tbe^in-
trancevf Thetguards"cbarged/attbCrioters^
and put them to rout. ;
/-September -7.^-All is quiet,:/Tbev��� ripters
were arDestediand^discharged. No onp was
prosecuted.*   * A\ ,,/     '-"
v "5Cleveland^ Sept; lO^Tne torald/contains
an account pf the Fenian co rigresi ij iist closed.
The buildings was guarded: by soldiers^ arid
the * proceedings ? >were , storm f:,y throughout
Near the 'break up there was a row.' The
acting-secretary of war -reports- the wholri
force of the, Fenian brigade* at 9,200 enlisted
men, 10;000 rifles,! 16,500 accVutremehts, and:
120,000 roundsipf ammuhitioni* ^Invadditiony
there were 1,000 rifles pn the - border, f rota
St Albans to Oswego; in the hands of private
parties j: at Sackett's Harbor, 2,000 stand of
arbis '5 at Piatt's Point,-12,000^; in all 20,000
rifles. In addition, the Stephens* yping dlaim-
ed 15,000 s tand of arms, 15,000 sab res, an d '������: a
large lot of ammunition'5-:&vessel at New
York:; 10 batteries of field artillery 5 three
for cavalry, and two light batteries to go
with the cavalry to be organized.
The Stephens' and Roberts' wmgs arc for-
yyy ;NEW.ADyER^E^NTS^...;;
yy".' y A v BARkERVIl^E, ^.. v';;'
:][���:; .W| L LI AMS; CR E'EK;;//;. ���
lo thepablio1 that theyh^
arid'thoroughl'y renpvated\:^ their, capactousand fashionable saloon, sparing jieUherpains Jnor experise for
thecomfortLoftheir,Patrons. .��.<,*, ;,���.,���;.-;;   	
"''\Vh\B is now, ifae'lafgost'and most complete Saloon. In
British Columbia'; consisting^oi~cnree large; separate
apartments.^'viz.t/OXRD; KOOSL' BAR ROOMiYand
BILLIARD SALOON/ containingYthreo- superb; Bl'fc
L*CARD TABLES. '-iVy-y ,W ArA^'y.yyV "'v"^':
' YTbeYbest\^lQUORS;atid:; CIGARS;>btairiable, are
served "here^' Tbis establishmentas:-under the imme-
diato superintendence of the Proprietors; *. / A: . ."
���l?;,..',V.,'V..--..M -'���>">'.' yA) ''A*OBER'&:BARRY. '
j;Jana 6th,,1867.    ; .��� :. .        ' -,4m"i/    - -\
yy yytffcy^m^
���ly semi>*eekl^^ap:p^' yy
Published Evert- MoNDiT:;-^i^;jEUB3X>AT/
0FrKJB~B AB^RVILI^!,yWmu^GBxmfi Quiia99t
":.."....'-' ..' -'''-'- :.\-'.': '''.':���'(:���' i%i{yy-;gii,;.Y:;-��  m  Y^Y'iv' " *-.\>'.'���''l''1;'''^"f.'/i'-i"'' -'-��� 'y ���.'���'":
'': ' Subsoriptipn, $1 per' "Week.' ;'*;:'. \''
(Including 'cos^or.denVe'ry,) iPayable ytpwthe CarrUir,
. Y;;;;s&A^EB��yii^tj^yyy yy%
Have just received a choioe selection of a. .
y ;r-\CIGARS,^
Gariboo Literary Institiite
���, :'    J. S. THOMPSON, Prerident., '���    ���     "���
;/    JAMES ANDERSON, Yice-Presidsst.
\    .      "., . ^,it-    ��� ��xi '-��� ���    ���'--.   ������' i' Yviu "A"* '- -"-.'Yr
"> with; Various other ahlcles Jn'tneir line^of "trad��. - -
1'    y    '���       -    - ^       '" ' ������ y"r y     j ,�� ���
��� ���j JSS-All Jobbing ln.the.Tin,i.Sheetiro6Jr>Cot)p��'' aaf1
Zinc tirade attended-to, aadfwarranted to>give saiipfw������
iioixi , A'      ;V, AA ry ���/-.���" ; ,' yi A
\      ��� El STEPHEf^Sj   y     |
Office; centre of Richdeldil'
��K p^
'rptXS.;;lNSa��riJTIOK J3wC��v? OWA^ Af BARKER
��� X:"^|^>wbere.;'it js^now^ttedf ;np mltM m ��� yi ew i B^the;
comfort and convenience of the people ofGariboo: 'V-A
,' The Reading; Room will be-found istippHed-- with; the
latest 'English, Scottish, *Oana'dian,; AmericanYand, Go-
lonifil;-Papers.audMagftzine��.- ' Jr ���.-'"> AAA
" TerniSjoP"Snl^scripHpn^^, per Quarter, or $2f*per
Month.'��� Single volumes bailed to non-subscribers "at
50. cents per volume; witU' $I;.deposit.'' ' ' y '' >
vpersons, hot subscriBers, visiting) thb Read ing Room}
aiid mialsihg^e^ icents/for
eachrvisi^    XU. y y AA -;, y ������.     -.;' ,.;,..:;.; /   yy..
A The Room wiilbe'opeh from, TEN; A. M.. till ] TEN.
VVMi.    v :  A ���"��� y-JOHN BOWROJ**," ^       '   ',..%
V:       ...,.-1 ;���    ,;*,% -j, :s.'ScCTeitary>and;;^i1>rarian;0r;;
N.VB; r-A fine assortment of Books "and Stationery; is
always kept for sale. ���-. V ,..y. ; -.:���<: ;.,,  .;V 13-s
��� Ally- :
y]   /BARKEIiVlLLE/^      '"     ���       a' ''���
pATER^O|| &?GQppSO"Si PbopbieVoes    ;
IrT  AKKOtJKGlK-O^THE   m^fZKn\C ' OF TB^ '
^fadusefor'the'season,, the proprietors wisli to, In��
form their-friendB^hd-'tne public generallyj.that:tb9jY
will spa're.i^ pains murder to iin nt th�� |)atronag* of
all whogiye tn'enVa call.\ ' y .    [ \   > y t". Au " ���  , ,;
_ i! "'   "Meals at ail "hours;-, - '   /��� > X '".;-'
. hi. ' ;
;;KE*W  TIN SHOP.; ,
THE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above
;business,riin.Barkervillej and solicit^a share orpul>-
licpatronage.--..*,',,     ���        . . ,���   .   .. .-   '""   S"J' ' *'���
mally joined under the name of the Irish Republic. Roberts is elected president. He
declines, unless tbe congress would raise half
a million of dollars for his use.
New York, Sept. 10.���The New; York Tribune's Constantinople special says the Russian ambassador in. this, city has presented
the Eorfce with anb jkher n bte from bis gov era-
men t, demanding the cession;of Crete -to
Greece, and; the full equality of'Christians
and Mahommedans in all the Provinces of
Turkey. The demand is declared to be the
ultimatum of Russia. An answer is asked in
ten days, and war is regarded as almost iri-
evitable.-     '. V A'AA':
A Printer not, long since haying, been
" flung" by his sweetheart, went to the office
to commit suicide with the " shooting stick."
^ thing wduldn?Lgo ba^-Jhe-^deyil^
wishlng to pacify him, told him to gb into the
sanctum wierd the editor was Writing 3uns to
delinquent subscribers. He says the picture
of despair recdnciled him to bis fate. /   !
jjgy* Allow ho one to pat you off With" an j other
Coffee than Fell's asa?i   To be bad from all reepect-
;���;/',       ,   > Always on haridi   > - '   A ;   ' -
$$$v ^pa^ and Jobbing
��� , v Done; -at reasonable rates;      ' y' ���
A MS*-dor'. Teams ^run( regularly -between /Yale; and
Cariboo: and; all orders' in our lino iorbusinesiscaref oily
attended to ������' >;'- i -.. yA'A '���;���*��� AXXAyyAyV \-;.AA-v,l AA';' y.
AM Av-;/;;/ y/��� J3/PBARSON:&;*BR08;:'
.BARKERVILLE,;   ;;     "
���-/'/ Ofpkjb--Opposite N. cVNio?s?-BR8V8ftt. '
Jiine.17,1867. '        ;//  ,' y  vAAliAA ''A
'''���'"''���''   ','  :."        ���'������L,'���AND��� .' ;'..'-'.
"'"'   ���-M.'i'NI-N.Gr' AGE*S T/  A
Goods sold on Commission.
Salksboom, Barkery ilie.k
Coriiiectihg at victoria with WELLS,,.rAltOff & CO.,
��� for California. Oregon, the Atlantic States   '
y ,..  /���   and Europe..        -y A , '
,: Ay a;:: cariboo express,   ;.   ;;, -,,
For Big Behdr Cariboo and the Kortheni Mines,
Conveying;Treasure! Valuables, "tietters, Packages and
. ��� ���, _^=^-:;^.Parcels.-- -"'"-��r'���*"- --���^I-s ..
August StampeHl,
A large
assortment of Boota ttid
always on
. "i;
.  v *     &CHFIELD;        yy* ���
-     .. i- AAV^  ��� ���; *,>'������-���;'  \.y\y-:���--���y .l-;-,Yu,Y>;   .   ^
y aiid .Patrons^ that he has opened hJs OLU^TANO,
where bewill be glad to see them. ,;,   ; "/' Ay
-y..--y yy.j3@��'MEAT�� at all 'Rovnay��&\   y     :' ���
JuncJothy 1^67.'-yv'-] ��� y \ -i ��� y >     y ,       a
. '-'%i--.>'-.-*  ������-tr    ' - '''';   -���:--,"-V - - ��� ���'l'    !  "'���* '���'  *' '"-   -   i m���iiifcin r.
�� "":> . " ' ' ;QUKS^uiprjTH; [m s ip *���   ���
r! - P. t. JOHNSON;vPROPEiEToi;^ ;    ;
Meals at ali;h6urSf and Gbokmgjof thetisai
���':y,.y...,   ..'; / description^.,���*yy vA   y'. * ."';/:
y\ yyt^^^^0^A;A,. :;'V ���..'"
/BROWN & GILLIS, Proprietors.'
Good Beds; RestaurantY.Billiard Table, 'Mi
-  ��� l '    'stabling for Horsos,, Hay and Oate. ���    .. ��    :;
-;. ���'* ' ;-;.;/ ''Wi^RM^AS^I^^OTOC./
Y;   yA \-(;,-.'.:-^g gij- o'fcLdCKj A.;li$,,I ���
SiesdajS ^��d "Mm
Quwojaieuth, Mfty3nd,l��ST;
ON '���������A/-  wmmmmmmmmm  ^Htrasi*^^  AA       Agents for the ���������"���������*��������� Cariboo Sentinel."  :   v;.'Grouse Creek, -    >      -      -   * -      *���������  'A. Mc"w*haC  yA   Q uesnelraoath, < Hr. Gou cl ie, Barnard's Express Office.  \    ^Yale,    ;;>���������-;,    ���������- .  -Mr.-Evans, *    do*    ,      ���������'   do '  y-~.y,^ XillooeV'-/r." F-_ W- Foster,-.rdo ------ 'do -/ ������  " y' ir" "New Westminster, -...    *      ������,     -,     Clarkson & Co.  ;|������,Yvjet^%:Y^  V A*..���������. Big Bend, ������. :~  .,.    .". ,Jas, .BuUock.Frenclii Creek   **"��������� - Van;-"Winkle..     -     ;.~"  -\~ *    ' J. W. Xindliardt.  'Httsquito.Gritoby.     -'-J"?:-   - -      -      J. W.- Jeffree.  ;;4--Thfr *(parmoo- SentinelV is published every Monday  y"'Arid Thuxsalay^A'dV for insertion  i-must be,:deliveredat'latest at 6 o'clock, p./mi/the day  .# before publication*:''-o������ -'-���������- /-<w *\ "  'Mi  -      ���������      . . ,l ', TO CORRESPONDENTS. -  XA ' AU"communications rjaiust ho:accompanied, *bjr tlie  Mjea^name a*iid^addres8^of thfe Writer, not-necessarily  ;:g^rttn ityiewof publishing the 8am% but as security for  ;/ftlsgood:faitb,-^ ��������� 'V'AAA.'.'",..'/AA -Ar-,y yi > "Ay";'  ^A-;y ���������; ���������'' ''','������������������,.'_'  ���������.���������'"::-i-'*-:-_-;;���������_ AAr- '-i������A'A'7''"^V'"   -y^.'.-  J ; 'I "/ .y ���������- ;'C\ TO, ADVERTISERS.    /   "  ���������] } >}   ;  'v/Jtf_j^AU'Adver^  ^period) will be continued until ordered out and charged  ;,, lor Accordingly..   AXA������-, ^-  -   ��������� -      " ������    - A, y.  PRi^lmGmlV  :&'  ��������� -1 ,>,..- -��������� -J..J,  lVA^ff0%  -A-y.V, A.r  ���������   j,    Ai   fbe -ate;contest between/"Wilson and  S. a .%dek for, th% charn pjpnship _of ^British. Col am-  hiri; a detail o f. which will be found in- an other  - column, is a matter jyhich has:'^engrossed/the  ,   JY^'fjHlbliCr_dttentioni[lfor'/some^eeksfpastj^we  " ,/>Ij;shall "certainly be excused for devoting". av few  >r������ ��������� 3_ ^remarks/ > mn thenierits of the .'fight and* the  y.i*., contestants.   Whatever difference^of opinion  .; J  ;there may foe go _ flie result, in reference to  "'   ']  '���������; 'Am capacity of-ihe* Wo men,; there can be  yA-y/^ni������ne,#''and^we/-bel'ieV]B .��������� there, is: no no irij. r^fer-  *    ������rice  to  Khz  polio?   ^n^ued'fejfealsh' during  __.;/.vth*e struggle, ' VVilsoh, over-confident of him-  y]y * 8 -IA   an -^   ^nder-estimating ' Iiis , a dv<"rsa ry  /,. '"  ion&;ti/r wev ^L ink,, ts, win "tbs2,. g lo* y) <> while  pmwess of Lm antagonist, fongh/kY ^in the  '   ,      *noi>ej ; '>er������ ce pis sj ������tetn of falling in^ every  .���������'/;': ������������������/���������/;;''*{rbuihdi'fo  ; . , strae b o r n o t   jHo W' i u f t & II. generalshi pr is  ;;,; eonsisterife with |heig|}rie,������ laws o*' thetring, we  J know'not;,fcui thisxwe dn  ka^w.'II Is dot  5<^%sWy Wit.ci  iu������r  ?-suvl   mod-   o, Pln^irb  ^arfare,r ^ijrittiuf ������^������riinB is ibe ere  a^ost  prevfa.lenj j Ff ddw"6t Wilspp v^i. j foolish  to  /   I ose fe is i 'em p e *. a gYI force Uj 6 h^ h l ^ i, he., d i d.  &at';the conduct'of ;Eden" and^! he   indiscreet  ���������/,y /^ora^ings of Wilson's own second ���������aro some  Ay-r   va; i?PA for ]ihj,    He-Md'.a ^i^y9' active   vnd  yA l   p'jVGU^l :u?ponsri_fa������_d( Hl^j a^m   he  Lbould  .yy1 e"��������� watched for ink,  chances^     His inatten:  y  iibn^ito/tne warnings   if/ffitf referee about.  . - / ���������    striking��������� Eden when"down on iis knees is!"., in-  _,excusable, and lost him. the;fight   All admit  that Eden, out-generaled, Wilson,, and there  Aviy'; lla������','iiiatter,;asvfar as: the'"merits of the men" go}  yAy~ ends. ��������� What the1 result might'have been- had  "* " "  /"; Wilson lost his "temper; is simply a speculation ; bnt many think, that Eden had ,not  ���������'/��������� ��������� commenced to fight when the contest was  , ended,'and that had it continued, half an hour  y   longer, he would have punished Wilson severely and won Hhe battle, anyhow.   These  r*y different opinions we cannot arid, shall not attempt to reconcile.   Nevertheless, we think  /     Wilson, over-estimated   himself rand -underestimated bis opponent ] that he was foolish  , and his adversary wise : and/1 that as far as  A A   fighting went; the affair was avpoor exhibition  *v; on both sides.l It is supposed'something, like  'A $12,000,: changed-tiands oh ine/result #of^tbe  ? v jfightr "It gives us pleasure/Bwerverv to state  <.;/ thai:inispitei\of thestrong/jiarti^anshipY'existr  ;?;  ing^ aidrt^e excitement  ;';, A A ffiere was; %pV:as'far^ :we^'couid- ascertain, a  single Quarrel afterwards;^;bixiith^ in the  evening, iilthoiigh- the /town /wa3 umisiially  crowded/; the: most' perfect /quiet,' harmony  ��������� . ������������������'./. and good will prevailed/ A AAA AAA: Ax ;/'//.-���������;]./  cbi Italian opera troupe are giving .musical  entertainments'at the theatre^ which are well  patronized by the elite of the city.���������The American bark Lizzie Boggs was wrecked near  ;GapecFiatfcery on 30th iult.^ by running ashore  duringt&prevalence of a ^heavy fog; tbe  'officers^ and crew escaped in boats.���������-David  Beritly charged by - James K'prno^with'^ciiiT'  besszlingA&&T has been committed^or trial.���������-  About^25.000 oranges, par|or-;thei cargo, of  the - brig Ron a/ have been sol d to go to Puge t  Sonnd/--A^man named^ Beadenson ;a/ native  of NorfolfcEng^and, ^wasacci^ntiy^shotand  instantly killed 'while: 'out/ grouse shootings in  IShawnigan idistrict^/ lately^rfH;, Mr������.ASutlej  reached Engl and' in !^im e ? tor iate paf t' in tbe  great'nay al revievi^ at Spithead.-^ A. Js Welch,  a late resident of Victoria,, has established  himself;in Sah> FranciscWas >a physician.-rr-:  The arbitr^tiqri^case;*Titus yis; the Corpoiration  was decided. Sy the: urn pire, 'Mr/ R; - Burn aoy,  awarding plaintiff $1,600 and costs.^-John  Pryor, of theBureka saloon/was fined in: the  police cbiirt ^$25;br;two monthsjmpn  for biackening the; eyes of, a ,bummer named  Edwin/ EeediT-H. Mi S/Alerti^^days^trom^  Callao, arrived on the Cth.-r-The; latesti news  -from^Sitka^^ there:., as  being in good4 bealth and; prospe'ring.-rpur-  irig the temporary -absence:;pf(/hief Justice  'Needham:in Cariboo, Mr.;Pemberton, Stipendiary Magistrate, will act as Commissioner^ in  Bankruptppr-^l*&:sani^^^  4ee^ed-������������ '4m- Gathedra -t abd-St/jGba?:&}-hkk&sh;  in aid of ?the;RoyalY Hospital^The;fthooner  J^I^*Tb6rridy*je s^netffr  bor/ laden; with' salmb fcand'Island produ^  the S.I.���������Mr.Beaumont, of Maple Bay/Gow-  ichan, has found a number^of quartz specimens  eupposedto containsilver.'They are about'-to  be  assayed.-^Negotiations' are   said, to  be  pending.'for'a-reciprocityitreaty* between ihe  United State   and" British-Columbia, similar  to the.one just made-by  the American government with the  Sandwicb' Islands.���������-Tripp  and Keys,   who .killed:;the,"sailors *" at Port  Townsend,   have 'been'"set   at* liberty'; the  grand jury finding no{true' bills against^themi  -^/Mexican'was'fined;$50 for'selling grog  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. -  CLINTON    HOTEL,  ,;./;\: emm^  B R ITIS H , O OL & ������;B IA.  rrvHE^SUBSCRIBERS, FOR; MANY YEARS *HjO-  X prietors of the' Tw'enty-Nine Mile: House- Douglas  Portage, beg to* announce that having -purchased, the  Clinton-Hotel property, "they are ^preparcd;toj? afford  excellent accommodation to the travelling i public.  The table will at aU times befell supplied, and in the  Bar will be found the choicest liquors, yy y -yy  Ample stabling for animate, and the. best or fted  constantly on hand.    , ���������-" a:"A'-j..a -y,,, '_" ,-     .  Theyfespectfully invite aicall from-tbeir old cufito-  me'rs; as well as;tbe travelling public gerierallyY.  ;YY-;  Clinton,B; a,Sept. 17,1867ylA.Ay SM1TH&CO.  / GREAT   ATTRA^  ,\-      BARKERVIL^i  /    /   .';������������������/, A  ��������� MUNDORE & CG^ROPRIETORSv[\ /  'M^^^^mij^^  Sa^l^pis co /'Store  COMI^SSION  MERCHANT       "  ���������m  t>egt6  _ ^  ANNOUNCE -THAT/THE ABOVE; MEX-,  ��������� tjoned. establishment will be,,opened next SATUR;  DAY'EVENINO:' the 21st inst;, when all,;lovers Of:the  ,'f light fantastic'1 are Invited to call and enjoy them-  selves. i . />,'>' r , - * a��������� ���������'��������� i * . ���������' V '  ��������� Y MUSIC AKD DAKCINO;EyERT ;EVENING.;' , :,  The best brands of "W^nes, Liquors 'add Cigars always  to be found at the Bar. --' ? ' < " -' '���������. ,.'"  t f *-. y ' ;The'strictest order.pbserved.; t - ,. -.; j j  !tSept.,19;.'Z887^,,j:i: ty V Ay:yVAy^yyl    ;; yyAl  I *^XXT DOOR TO THE S^niiBL Ornro  .; BarkervilleV.29th June, 186T; ,A: ^ ^af-  h:  A:A'y-Ay^  O'n'WILLIAMS  CREEK7 ON MONDAY  EVENING  last^a agnail Pocket Account Book; or no value to  any onebutithe owheri/ A.ny person finding theTsame  will please leave it at this,OiHce.'   ,���������   -Sept. 17,1867." ,  to -Indians.^- The Solicitor-General sat in  Chambers us Comraissfonerjn-Bankruptcy;on  9th.���������Mr. J. Henderson, -telegraph operator,  had the bone of his>ight ankle fractured' by  being thrown from a,buggy near' Esquimalt.  ���������Flans tor the dry dock at Esquimau have  been;forwarded: to the- Admiralty/and with;  recommendations by" the , Admiral for their  construction next spring.���������Four sailors belonging to'the ship Nation's Hope deserted,  taking; with them one of the ship's boats,���������  Peter Lind, of, Sannich,, shot ?a man named  piitchy Smith in the/ieg^irifiicting a* seripns  wound; this is the third ' man he has; shot  within eix������'mon^  tion the property. ,o������ Anthony ;EUiot,'/near  Quadra street; for $520; also f lot 848, 'Pan-1  dora street, f6r*$175feTbe steamer Alexandra blew another/plate /off* her boiler at tthe*  mouth-of the Fraser;ion thelith.-^The.^crops  on;-the island5areiall safely housed. A   : -y,-  AAyy.yyAyyAyAyyxyAVAAAyyAAy:; m y  NOTICE.  .^f riosrihereiofore^carriecl .on'iincl er r the -style;'ofr ;0$;  panheimerX& Co;| at^al^B'irkervilleand^ishei^ine^  will henceforth be carried 'on by tbe; undersigheddto!  whom an assignment was executeci^n >i"t������e:18th /'day  bf October, 1S66. for the;;benefit of the^credItprs;'of  David Oppenheirocf and Isaab Oppenheimer, under  and pf -virtne of^ which^ Bald -ass ignment;:'iBe ^unaer-'  signed have assumed the control of ..'the'said business,  nnd the said David Oppenheimer and Isaac Oppenheimer are not any:longer^aul&oriBed':to^  management thereof;^'4;'    "'   . \.;.y,.y  A, Dated this Seventh day of September, AADAlB&fyv  ROBERT, BVRNABY,'       t (  ,     A-,DAVID LENEVEtV    . : ,,,    .tl  "' '   ' '     F. WEIS5ENBURGER,   -      "  ::" A; .Trustees of Oppenheimer "& Co. 's Estate.''  .Al   BARKERVILLE.  y- yV    '"*  THE ^TJNDEllSIGNfi^v HAVING  oPEtfpn ������������i  ;. above /Saloon, would;; respectfullv itn!t* Ic1  iriendsan'd tho;:pnblic.;tO'step in and'BZZr?  ALES,^WINES a������k-LIQUORS /the/q^iK^tl ?  theyiattep;tbemselve������L,wUlsuitthetastesor h!3  fastidious.-,: ,The:;beB> brand of ciGAfis ftill?^  ha:n'd';-;:'j';v^\^^  ' 29th June; 1867. fU       ,//   :   /,,       2_j Y*  ���������::~?-���������m    " ���������'     i.     i "i i   ii     1���������j���������������wJMMhM^M,,^^     i'i'm"'1'*' ;i   !'���������:'���������*.':���������''  W' ���������vF.,-kER*kE.Wifc������^y:A DAYit EXPRE&!  '+A between:Barkervillo;ahd: Grouse-Creek, _?���������  ders,- small' parcels, letters/ collections: etc J?1  attended to; on,moderate -terms, .cSpecial aVteniS'  pfven to d eraarids for;Bubscriptiohs ��������� to the CARIrm  SENTINEL, or any bthe? Newspaper.   , 7*  < Omces^On Gronse^Creek^t-Mr-Prag?f'_gttrrt /!  Barkerville,->%t0t.^^ Eorre'H' doiniciie, SBJiij5'  Ofpiczs.      A-.a Ay; 'J-;l::;;;; 'A ���������: <  <    i ���������        ;'-;::-: -;:- -'��������� .'���������:. ��������� ��������� A  -July29; 188T."       "     '      . '��������� _' ,   . ,u        /  ?MHKB?  MINING INTELLIGENCB.  - ., ' ; ' ; --ClSi)AR';'OBBBK.    '  The Aurora co. last; week had their sluices  robbed of about $500 in diist. They continue  to take out about $20. a day to the hand.���������  The I)isooveryicb. are also /talcing out about  'the.same amount '%A':A*    a:LAAw ���������/;;..;/;  /' ���������; ���������     BLACK BEAK CREEK,  ; - '' -;''  Two ������r tb ree companies albo ve the falls are  making; wages.~-The miners have out a good  ^rail from;this place to YCedar er^e"k.T-Mr. W.  P. Barry has just Completed a;' spiehaid pack  trail from. the Forks to! Cedar creek.-~Capt.  "Mitchell has built a large scow or punt, to  ferry horses and cattle over the lake A  pleted his enquiries in this -'''quarterVtQOk^bis;  departure-tor Quesnelmouth" " yesterday,  wbence^fre^ c>eek| and  examine ttie/ijuartz lodes in that^loeality/ On  his way ;below, he will also pay:a^visit^tb the"  Cherry creek silver / lead; about which so  ^U'cK excit^en t>bas' latelybeen^felti Sin ce?  his arrival here, Mr. Harnett has visited������  nearly .alI ^the;creeks m^this^ district^ where  any ab five draining operations ar^ going on,^  and has gathereda deal ofvalnable statistical-  information, relating to our mines* which he \  purposes to> publish 5 through the columns rif  the^San Francisco AIta, with tne view of di-  rectiag the attention Apf the Cajiforniaf miners  add capitalists]to our rich mineral resburces.  Canadian Company; vs. Grocjse Creek Bed  Rock:Flume CoMPANY.-^The public interest  which is felt in the resuli? of this case, has in-  da ced us to give as ful 1 a report of th e proceed ings as possible ; but as our space will  not admit of the whole appearing in one  number, we shall therefore continue to" publish them in those that-follow. ��������� ��������� ���������'  Dissolution of Partnership  ,--:.- :w.'Y    ���������-. -A   ^������������������������������������'.���������*A-r. y> A YJ-Y.Yrv.   ���������   ���������  nttOTIQE IS HEREBY/iGiyE"K, tTHAT $HE *%RTr  l*i thersbip lately existing^jetweeh the nhderfii^nedj-  under the -nameM Fontaiue';j_-Company'A has: tht3r day  been riissolved, by nititua 1 ^onsent^YAlf debts^drie; la  the latefirm are tobe pai(Htn^2^  debts against thetsaid!flrm["may bfrsentinitohiniJ";  ���������    '��������� - 'A-   FELIX POUCHOT,  AAA A: G. FONTAINE.  rRicbfield, August29thy 1867;. '^���������AW^ Ylm-A^XA-  H O T E L,  SNOW.:OPEN:FOR  THE  ACCOMMODATION Cl"  K tho mining com munivy( ah d the, public ge,{r%/|  No:expense^has been spared^to render the lm C  that could bo desired, for comfort and conyenji;i������i  The SaV is supplied with a complete, stockof-Wiin,  Liqooes and Cigars,'  ^ :A.:' - '*' / Aja@~ "Well Aiatn Bfcps.^tS  '     /  infly be had at W'moderate dhajge,    *    '   E. 0RD,  ,. July 1, 1S67, 2m-      -     ' Propriety  '       C0 8MOP.OLI  Bestaurant and  -/.   . BARKERVILLE.  TAN  Baker f;  TM^CNOBSStCfNED HAVING ^HO^r^HttEl  snovated;hi8 Eatabllshmentj haaire^operiod theniair  ftn<the ;accommodatlon;of.the Publicy���������andHrasls'W:  merit;a.^hare of .their-patronage.; His BAk"ery,haaalso._  :u:ndjrgono'";repa!r,': 'anal he/"l8;now'" ready, io .eiecutt,  orders^fro'm all who wish good bread.\A\  AMyVyAAtyAAi-' .;:,JACOB -VEM^Proprietor^ ..:  y June 10th, 1867,   >     ;. -    y   "���������' IK  T&qw  El^^  Dorado Saloon!  H BARKERVILLE,  mnfe "ONbERsiraED^  X entire; interest or^M-eBsrs.1 Jpseph .parkeriand R; R  Clark,^ ih'jthe above named establishment would .resi  pect-tuliy;solicit a*continuance of thepublic* patronage heretofore extended to Ihem.Y 4 AA.VA '*v>  -Aug. 28,1867.      ,���������   ,   f '  "WILLIAM STERLINGS  I^lrflSiilii-OTIGE^  A" "FTER5 tHIS^JbATE,  BARIURD'S  EXPRESS IS  hotrespanBiblefor damage on LIQUIDSehippwii  fin or Glass, unless by? special contract. A'        ���������-',,���������;  Until further Notice? tbe Express will ;an1H- m  'ery SUNDAY AFTERNOON.-end closo for belo*j  every;  every "WEDWESDAT. at KINE o'clock,^. M.  A   -y'yy* -<���������-:. yA "   :-. yy-  ROBERT FOOU  Bo ot an d S^i o e m afc6 r *  . -   '"'     *   : a barkerville;' ! -' r. ;   5 Av" ^ ���������  HAS JUKTRECEIVED "BY ;ixpfeE������V A"NT ASSORT-  7meht of FRENCH CALF and KIP LEATHERS of  thnRRST  QTT'Ar.TTV   :-'-::-'-. :���������',--.,-  a < i: y--: ���������;.,*:��������� r^*-n< A'Ia--  the BEST QUALITY  ���������August28; 1867.  lm  BarkerviilOj.May 29th, 1867,    '-    -;  la the matter 'of thfcEstkte abdEffecti of JA������H |  PURDIE, lato of .Williams Creek, Blacksmith, do-/  ��������� ,/ceased, intestate, y ' i������ -  \ LL PERSONSrWHO ARE INDEBTEnVTO,^  ���������PA.',above^ Kstate,������aro^rD^uired to pay the amounts^  ibrtbwitbi and alrpersohrwho bave any claims again,  ;tn6.ibovn>statejvare:reiiuiredHo send ia;;thfir^5���������l  on or before tho TWENTY ^IXTH day of SEFTEJIBi4  1861 to     - , CHAS. E.;POOLEY, -  a,} ,',. '��������� .������������������ i    '     * oiUcialAdministrator-  Dated RichfleH, 27th Jnae':18tf7::       ;-     ^^  ���������vv;'-^;/^;;;.'y::;;.'CARP^  believing that a number.o^mr friends  : and supporters are laboring under the impression  that I lost the late fight by foul pby or Otherwise, and  wishing to, convince them to the contrary, I hereby  challenge Joe Eden to- fight him again Within a period  of from:one to ten days frbm date, for from $1 to $500^  Sept. 36,1867, . .     GEORGE WILSON.  ���������.V/^V   RlCHFiELD/' / ���������;-",;" '  THE  UNDERSIGNED ; HAS JUST   OPENED^ THE  above Saloon, and hopes his. old. friends, and the  public in general, will give him a ca.li:      * '':" '*.   '--  No ext ra charge on.u freeze out,������' for fun  Aug. 28,1867/ ; im        JOHN HEDIN.  Thb Colonist says the A governor /will not  order^a now election of tne raining board for  this district. There is n6 great hardship i n  this, seeing that the saggestions of the late J;  LOST.  TN THETOWN OF BARKER v"ILLfc'ON'A0J*/DAV  X Evening last, a Silver Watch.   Any person dnding  the same, and leaving it with Mrf MePherson^Watchmaker, will receive a reasonable reward.  ,24th Sept, 1867c ������������������".������������������ A%'  ���������  Ay:y      .'/.-'Round.' ;.;';���������  ON WILLIAMS CREEK, A  POCKET  BOOK, CON-  taming notes and papers.    The owner can obtain..  HE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE: EXISTING  between yFRANK PERRfilT/ahd AyKELLER, as  &aloon keepers, Cameronton; has this day been .dis-  solved4by mutual consent. ' All outstanding accounts  due to tlje late firm, must be paid.to A. Keller, who  is authorized to reccipt.for the same.  In the'matter of tbo Estate ah<*-Effe%C^S  WHITFORD, i'ree Miner-late of the BeW u������^  y YOonklins-Gnlch, deceased, intestate. ^ ,..v? -  LL PERSONS WHo'ARErlNPEBTBp TO TA?  .... j above'; E8tateViro-'requ'irQd:.:tp>poy;.th&:������������" ,  due forthwith,.and'jUr persons Who; have any cwj.,  against the above estate.1 are required to een^m ^,,  accounts on or before FI^T NOVEM.BERrl8B7,������ ;  .      YCHAS. E: POOLEV^; . f .  :A:.yy~AA' i ������������������,/iY',^>iofliQiai Admims^t.-  ��������� - Dated Ricnneld^lJBtAnguB^lS67;;^  Tli6s.; L. {mm0V^.  aa^a-      CAMERONTON, -        :���������:  Have jnst received* and ������>^^^V'y  24th August, 1867.  FRANK PERRET,  A. KELLER;-  lm  boarii were treated with so littlo considers j'^some^  ^6& in the lai������ r^fision of oar mining lav^s.   [   Sept. 26, isa7.  Photographic xArtist,  AS* 2'2Si2n?SEI) A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERV  at RICHFIELD, and is prepared to tufc'e  Cattes db Vislte, Timbre' de Poste Portraits, Ambro-  types- Leather Pictures, Milanotypes, Views of  Houses. Claim?, etc., Single or Stereoscopic.  Portraits abo taken on White Silk, linen or Cotton  Cloth. *  j Bicbffeld, I2tb August, 186T,  ATLOW BATES yP^ ^v^^g  2(3f0 CASES. CHOICE BRANDS cfe:tiaW^  ��������� -��������� >��������� ;���������-.���������'������������������,.. :iyA-v> ^_co!m^iSG;oFyyA,A-:v\.-  Brandy^Martcll, Hennessey, anfi'fl^WF^'g^.  Vf/ines^ort, Sherry; Burgundy,/"^^S3Js'^8ll':  .    tcrno's- French White Wine J.San8eya������ne8.. ,;  ���������''���������'-. fornia W lite Wine.     .'    ' :'        V... AA    ���������  Champagnes-Boucbe and Napoleon's^A^  Bittors���������Bokcr's, Sansevaine's, 0Ta^eJ^ni^  ter's, Vermouth, Abseathe, Peppermint ������b  sette. ' i - . ...    ���������;",-' y'y !.',;  Old Tom,: Gin, and Scotch Whisky* .  Also on hand-500 gallons choice brands of Wn f  Winos; Whisky. Rum, etc. ������i������������������T������afO^ **t6i  Goods received on Stojuob or OoH������res^������  lowest market rates, '.  its  tetJury, mV<../��������� ��������� \  -���������  g  I  1  |  1  vi  c  ���������It  ��������� :      ���������   \  ���������>"'  ?:./.���������  **>. *���������*���������>���������'t,- :-��������� "������������������->_ ***-+?*--  C^URSMYf^r^MBER; 26, 1887,  :'V.~>r:  AAA- <    '  ; -y.    THE FIGHT.    . ' >   .... .   ' \  Ay The long-expected prize fight between Geo.  Wilson; JhefCari^^  -jEJdenVfdr $1#0O a side, came off on the gov^  ernment reserve, in Valley^Creekiabout three  ,    .milesreastof this^Iac������^on Tuesday lait^Jtho  y:/ #4tbanstanfc;������v^;a^^ the morn  ing, large crowds iof jester ^sightseers, many  ��������� ,->, of whom" had come ironig  ,previpua;^ejiing^cbuld be\ observed wend-  irig iheir Iway^ to Me scene of action, knd be-  U*V^ore %^!������,C^9C^> ^noon^thereVcould notrhave  "been;;less: tnan ��������� l^SOOtpersohs |asE6mbied en  AF the ground. .'; The dayr which was one "ot the  : yy brightest   sunshinevp -tempered'   with-  jus t  '"*' ^eSoughJb^ a cpol- XireeM^p make ilk pleasant,  ' ^coute riot1 have been/n^reprbpitiouis for, such  1 an;OccasiphT "AAmphgsi the crowd,tie greats  {*$"est good humor| and- enthusiasm._ seemed to  ^prevail; as,, the merits.of* each of the combatants were discussed, and ijriany bets offered  ,.; .. tind taken. ;rrRefreshment stancls were erected  a   ,withinf a. convenient difitance. of the' arena,  ��������� woerd- many availed themselves of the crea^  uC-ture;:c^  ^----���������'���������   Jhe^nri^  ''���������"';,���������;w&eato test 'their "skill, was, twdn^-fdurjeet'  _mrapires.7iUutsiae;of;tDisa^ain ,,.__-.  ������������������" ,,;���������'   the .outer,'ring,'.where seats had been constructed foir r the -use of the spectators... At,  ^^V^^^-twebty'inlnates1- past eleven o'clock;:the prin-;  [  T���������A.,voipals and ,their seeprJids^^ntered;;ther^ring;  .    'When the appointment of referee and umpires  ;7-_ ^, , took place ;Dan. Morgan being^ .chosen ref-  jeree, and;WUliam Phillips and Thomas i^rch-  r Male,'the: two umpires.*''.The choice of corners  was thenYtossed, for, rand won by Eden j/who  v.'- ihosetliatAvhich placed binr with his hfricti to"  -a,      the Ban jYthecolors.iof each";were then hoisted  . ; 4 ; imthieir respective cornersfEden's being red,  land Wilson's blue.' At five minutes to twelve  ���������. o'clock,.both men stripped, and prepared for  .y.. y  . the combat j their fine muscular development  '-Ai ~   -.forming the .subject of "universal comment,  and' drawing .forth ,a hum of admiration on  nedy and John Makin ; and those' of Edeh|  y    - .Fred. Littte and Geo. Fairbrother.   Evury-  thing being   arranged;;bpth;menvapproached  y- ito������ centre pf the. ring, and;after: shaking one  another cordially by the hand, took up their  position.    ��������� y   - )XXVAV  while bri; hi* ad^ersarJy \ A fe wvfeiri ts were  made, when Eden 'delivered a severe Tigris  hander onWllsonrfc ear^and then fell* ns  usual.      , -��������� ,\,  ..'.,������'...'    '  lOtb.���������This, was & lively^ rpuhdy in which  Eden *Ied> off with ��������� his* left^ arid planted a  heavy blow on Wilson's -proboscis arid ���������mu^  fetching;thie}claret copiduslyi arid fell^ as the  latter countered*    ���������'- -       * -Ay A     ' ��������� "ACa  llth.~-B6th men appeared to bre fresbervin  wind than/' ever, and 'exchangedxsexevril tell*  irig bio ws;. : Eden again down;  ; .". ;  12th.���������Heavy bitting in this 'round; in the  course; of woich'W, ilspn planted ]a;se ver e rbld w  pn Eden's Itefl^^ee^r^^iEdeiV; went Sown;- ?;  '*���������J- 13thl--*Botb appearedk ea^r fpr the fray ;^  Eden^ eye being slightly ^sc^ore^, ,afterv an  exchange by each of some* terrible, blows on  thei ribs j Wilson got Eden again in chancery,  ���������and- administered some -rapid^blows on his  cranium, iii the course of whichEderi flipped  to; grassj arid; Cries' of; 'f fbuP'": were disallowed;  by the referee^   ;v p y ��������� :.;  y , ,.t * > -;'���������   A" 7  Wilson -heavily ;v loud cheers for the first  throW.7 ���������   ���������  A 'yy. ��������� ;;���������' - ��������� ^ '" ':  * ���������  ;i5th.--S6me sfiitrp; -raps; were exchanged^  when Eden planted Jairi bunch oKfiyes^on Wilson's ear j; and then fellf 'a ^ y  Aififeh.^No, fighting in: ,thie round 5 both'  clinched and tell heavily. JEdeh sprang to  his feet' instantly with great agility. $60 to  $50 were now offered on Ed^n^ but ho takers.  l'Tth.^AlthoughlYvVilsbri evidently:felt^hb(  effbets^qf^he fall^stll! he^ came-up^a^difcp������^d^  the fight with} great kigprf;driving EdeiiVback  to bis 1 cor her, nhd- aimed, ai fearful bl������w,vltd  escape wbich;Eden siipped^do wn oh his^ hands  arid; kneesr against tbe ropes;yCries ofe fffour?  were again disallowed by the .referee^with^a  can tion.,  ,       ,   '  /lSthl���������lSden,looking ;fierce; again:led off,  striking Wilson asevere right-hander oh the  tlie<chest,.whichAsouhded. at, a considerable  distance; and then slipped to; mother' earth.  u  49th^Wilson exhibited gfeat Warit:df terrirj  iper,-forcirigithe -fighting; and in-the; struggle'  almost forced  Eden over the ropes.A   Great  excitement,-and";cheers for Wilson;       -  ���������;20th and last round���������Wilson ��������� coming iip  still greatly:_.-irritotedv-got a severel blow^pp;  the cranium from YEden, arid in closing with  Eden . in ;his corner,.Went him to grass, and  while the latter was on his. krtees, delivered  the blpww  sequence pfeprevidus^arriingsi^  Rattle in Eden's favor.  ���������;J'?^k:.Y-s-:  -lifi--..;.'1  ' :" l^fc.^Both men came.up to the scratch, ex-  bibiting^a great deal of iselfrreliance and de;  jri termination, and evidently prepared for busi-  ���������y\'ynesriAA-Sfevefal ^seconds  ^efe- occupied in  y    ; Irieffectual parries, Wilspn leading off without:  Yseffect, when Eden countered with-his right,  orid;plahted a stinger^n* Wilson "sjeftpeep^er,  drawing the^ claret?  First blood claimed and  nliow^^fbr Eden. \'.  y,  2nd.���������Gonsjderable;^parri,ng in this rottnd,  'y* ���������auring wh|clr bowmen, eyed each other caii-  .:,f���������:;..- tibusly, evideotly raeasuring'the reach' of his  bjiponent.   Wilsouled off,; when Eden planted  aterrible/ b  t *; ��������� ivoid' punishment.       \ ,      "  - ^3rd^Thie^  " Ing ; several-ineffectual blows were excheng-  - ^ed; when Eden again dropped in ;his corner,  - Itnd Wiisbn striking, as heifolloWed him; upf a  , " "callpf ���������;"-ifoitti"-- was.made, but hot allowed by  ', the referee.   , .-",  ." ^litfi^Wilsb^ meaning  - mischief^ and followed Eden up to his corner^  wheret some heayy; fighting was do  Sides', Wilson administering a stunning bio.W:  bn Eden's facial region; nEden; went to grass  to escape injury. ';  "���������'   5th;���������Both men came rip looking very sav-  : a;  *age.   Wilson;f6rced the ^fighting, and caused  Ederi '"to; '-TOtreat^^feVliI^- corner, where some  i heavy; exchanges  were made,  ending the  round amidgftjioud applause for Wilson: Eden  *       went down." -:l.        / A*AA:<.'  6th.-r-This was decidedly the-'best'round-;  both appeared eager to force the fight, giving  and taking in brilliant -style, on the head and  --v./'   face^wben Wilson, forcing Eden tp hisborrier,  :  "  "the flatter fell,   after a severe struggle, in  which his; fcactics were strictly carried out.  .     Loud cheers for'Wilson.; -. ,/;   ,;^  :  7th. ���������Both parties showed evident signs of  i-v[ weariness, bdt ho appearAnce of punishment.  ^This^^round was. entirely in favpr of Wilson,  wh0 -g-61 Eden*s head in charieery, while the  y latter was falling; and  administered some  well dire;dted blows; at the same time wririgr  y ing his neck severely, but fearing lest he  should strike foul, lost the opportunity he had  bf gaining the fightatonce*  (A>8th.-���������The men came to time,, both evidently  berit on mischief, and opened this rdund with  ���������,....'��������� rapid and heavy blows on the face, Eden  closing with a powerful left-hander oh Wil-  Bon'3 breast.   Eden went down.     < -���������  ' &th.-*-Eden was first to time,  and looked  than ever, smiling fell   tbo  % 23rd:Sept.,*!86*fc-t ,  A ;The case Canadian  Co������vs/ ��������� (^lise^Creek  Bed Rock "plume -Co., was called.', Mr. Park  appeareii,for the pk  Walkerii ahd>RoberfeoiH fprY^defefidants.;   A :  Tbe'couhsei for defendants were attxious  that the;case;.against^thevSparrowhawkiCOi  should; be \triecl :;o iri^ thfe'same ^ssue, bu t A this'  was objected'to by ;Mr. Park, the courtisus-  .taining.;the objection. Xy. "������������������ y yyx-'A a yy 1 - - -.,,;;;.,-,  > The registrar reported the amounts lodged  iri his;hands%j the respective litigari^;to be>  viz., fer^laintiflfa, $2^668 50 i^for defendants;  $i,0Q0..V -';'.*.,    y     i v ,    ' ; >;-;  * AMx. Park .objected; tqVtbe case gpiu^ bh;  un ti 1, <itbe ;defetf&h ts, hSd sho win cause why  they1 had not ideposited^alh the rooney taken  out by them^iir the: hands of the court.   '  His honor suggested that in .order no time  sfiould be lost, he would^listeh? to the^disc1 fission of the point in chambers. / yv)  ���������A-'Mr. Park then proceeded to opeh the case  for the plaintiffs; by stating that plaintiffs had:  sued defendants for a parcel of ground on:  Grouse!creek included in; a< icharter^granted  by the government to defendants; on 13th  April, 1864; wherein they were alio wed the  rignt to construet a bed' rock flume for hydraulic washings j: &e.; bh! four ,and eix-tenths  iniles of said creek, f roin: th at date for a pI err  iod of ten years.; Under saidi charter the defendants covenanted with the Gold Coram  sioner to; pay certain am bunts, of money, arid  construct at least 000 feet of flume the first  year, and not less than 1500': feel every succeeding year ; not only did they fail in this,  in 1864, but in, etery succeeding year. ; In the  spring Of 1866, the anti-Heron Co. took possession of a certain portion; of this ground;  ah ejectment was brought against them at  that time.by the Flume Co., before Mr. Cox,  who decided against the anti-Heron Co. Mr;  Cox, however. Was sb satisfieil on that trial  of their nonTCoriipiiaace with the terms of the  charter,, that he at once issued the requisite  notice under tha,t cnarter declaring it forfeited. The Fliime Co. afterwards^ applied to  the government below for extension of time,  and a recommendation to that efiect was sent  to Mi*^ dot* That extension was granted on  certain conditions, and these conditions had  not yet been complied with, not one inch of  flume having since been laid. The matter  theri rested j Mr. Cox allowing his notice to  remain in   abeyance  uhtil  the   necessary]  The CabadiahCb. here  :cbritehdt:Qiat ������������������ tlu5;:Cpinmis?9;^der: deciding  the charter void, came into operation as soon  .as tfcs^ c'onditiDhs were hot fulfilled; No attempt has-been made to lay the Mme^Birice  1866. In that year tlfe < Mume; co. carried 6n  their ^ork ttroughvthe ^agency of a coritrao-  tor j who for want of funds I arid; other causesv  was obliged to abandon arid &ive up the  works.;. Matters were in this state in September, 1866., The company had/no office Kere^  Tbey were deeply inX4^> *n^ I1??5101^^ Repudiated j the ^debtsi ^but tfie existence of the  "company. T ^t was tfieri that the Canadian cp.  came into existence; after nriding the ground  wholly "abandoned and neglected; they,, on  th65j8tKOctober, 1866^ -made ' a"' record; of  i\venty^creek claims^ adjbiaing-^the Heroirco.  -Thbugli1 that record included ajcertainporti^  of the Flume co*?s ground^ it was not confined  solely, to that, ground, and here a question of  bouhdajpyrWilUarise^ T  ��������� possessiori of 'the^groundy 'x&jid.:,worked it, no  one ap|earirig t<i^dispossess ^them of It; The  FlumecO' well kriowm'gv these faete, illowed  the . plaintiffs to \keep peaoeable possession  till the i22nd of April last^ wheri^ihey brought  their firsts action before Commissioner Spalding. At this time, the newy charier, was; hbt  in existence;; it was signed in New Westminster in May^lorig after Mr^S_Mdirig had-tried  the case 5"the briginaL charter 'only was produced in cbiirtlt This Anef/y Charter is dated  23rd^arch^67i;wd|si^  ipgi in ���������'presence, of iwo witnesses, neither of  whom -have -been - 3n - Cariboo* for -y^ars;; -, i i  charter;' thus���������'��������� signed is impossible to aflfect a  suit of this kind. \ ^Vhen the'appeal came up,  the[Supreme^X^burt ruled fthatithadi rip; jii^|  dibtiohan.the case. Plamtife^contend^fpr  the ^whole/ofLthe ground, claimed, by- themV  being 2,000 feet in length, and 100f feet in  breadth, if they can-show :thatr the charter  was voided, or \the.;grqund abandoned ; but  if they can not? they claim to be entitled to a  strip pf erolirid wnichSvaslwithiriitn^  witness called on the trial before the / Com-  missioner,;on; ivhich occaMpn;;;Mr.v;Spaldirig  expressed himself to the effect' that-.he had  made up1 his mind on the subject, and if they  I know the ground claimed;b  the" 8th October, 1866, to 22 April;:1867jHl  have seen parties; representing,..;and* working  the^groiind, arid have . paid assessments for  their labor., ..They ceased work for a time,  but y comtneneed again, :* and ;were working  When' the action. was brought, against them  bef*ore^nimissioner.,' Sp aiding j J^sifore-;  man of the,company at the time of that action  ^Ve-were summoned to be ejected from 'the  ^Flurrie Co^ grpuiid ; I demanded fin^epprtby  what.authbrity wewere_to be ejected, arid  was "answered by^ MrrPar*kr ,w,ho ^appeared for  the^Flum^Corilthat they; claimed- the right  ^riderthe ctotef^from gpverrimentrfor '1256  feet I objected tp the-legality;of the p grant,  wheh^Mr, Spaldid^, recomniended* Mr. Park  to take both; charters arid .eject Us under  either of them;' \I" opnterided ^that wi party;  could nofchold twb titles to property, iti, was  illegal^ -Jiriasmueh ;as^the^ old charter was  void ahdjjh e^ hew Brie; illegal th ey; had f n o  Coriimissidrier   _   .      .   , .,  ..*v..������^\i*v-  tm512;feet strip ij^I^^ petfe^jriat  we were illegally .ejected;* on^ two points,  because Mrl SpaIding^was^^decidingon an ua-  signed charter, and second, that"the^ grottnd  ������oa!������iriaWnnri^^y^Q pompahy"1(|ajeiit; e$  was  J-������:;";-..-l'i  ter theappeal was refused the Canadian, Col  only claimed the strip of ,12 feeV...���������. ���������. '*',"  Stewart Sniith s^orri���������-Am. one oif fhe^ l  helped to stake aldrig the front lines not that  company,;"was a member of the Canadian  Co! at that 'time;   In stakirfg off I planted  dred   fV>At ?YtTrt ; orifi " Ar������o������-y  uyy  Y/Y,Y  ''���������"���������'/  lA-V-rfiZ  ~y Y  A  ;'Kad/_vf6'r3feite^    ground :was open for pre-euiptionty Was pre*;  sent when Judge Gpx served, a;.thirjty dayi ���������  notice:on Kj Gamemn, ] declaring;the. Fluin'e     . -'  Col's 'chiarter forfeited^ and I fixed one, of tho  notices, oh the ground myself^ JThere^has not  been a foot of flume laid since ;I located thi *. t.  the anti-Heron Cbi, in the- springlpf 1866*  Since the;-Cariadian,Co^ located in October.-  last'they have'liohe consideranle work'on the A    * ��������� \ y  ground; they ruhSO feetrof a'drain last fair{        i- '<-  '���������Ay%  iX r..-..jf.V.- ���������?.-.. \ .  AAA] A.  yy  ���������^  overruled this/ and said*that the. goy^rhment  had given ;the Flume Cp. this graa^pf^'laisd  and thaij'I;Would have- to go elsewhere and  have .the legality: tested, v ,The^ decision A \vas  given agajnst us;A&rA Spalding would; ribt  acknowledge' our record at all; we appealed  froni this judgment to the Supreme Court jl  was in nourtwben^the appeal came:up, understood Judge :Regbie to say that the law prevented him from acting in the matter.; ���������;    ^r  Cross-examined-^Althotigh^^my riame is not  on the record^,:I. wa^'b;;meifibe^.'pf;-i..'������lnB Canadian Cbrin October|*1866 5 have been foreman of tho Canadian- Co: and^Sparrowhawk  Co. at the same time ; the ground claimed by  the Sparrowhawk Co. is the same as that  claimed by the Flume Co. arid Canadian Co..;  the Canadian Go. did not claim the; whole of  the ground at tbfe time the Sparrowhawk Co.  located, they then only claimed a small strip  12 feet 2 inches in width. Sparrowhawk Co?s  record is dated 26th July .last;;, Sitide: his;  lordship has come up here td try the case pri  its merits; the Canadian Co. have fallefi babk  on theitbld record 5 as wehadhppppdrtiiriity  to get into court, we thought it uselessv tb  clairii anything that wa^ claimed by the Flume  Co.'; it'was proved ill anotheir case thai this  strip did not belpng torthe* Flume Cp. (I  think the Canadian Co.'s sh^ft^_fipm.Ywhich  they were ejected ^y Mr. Spalding, was on  the strip of grburid ; was at a meeting of the;  company before the ground ^as 16 canted j it  was determined to stake off the ground as  abandoned ground, no xnentiie was;vririd* of  Cp., had   closed,, and, ������_?   ^^"?"?<y '���������     - y?���������w  witness.   After, tbV defendants have closed  /  their case, the plaintiffs;have the privilege of  bringing evidence in;rebuttal.- It is. believed  however, that;the proceedings will terminate  '   Police CotllT;��������� James Pulleri alias Shakes;  was fined last Monday by the* Police , Magi** ,  trite $2,50 for beings drunk^tnd disorderly;  and ridirig his  horse; in' a; furious  mannot  through the street of Barkerville. y  Supposed Dhow^b-^-Arepdvt^ifeacb  Quesnelmouth "of  the' probable " death  drowning, of a riian named J. L. White, who  started from Canyon creek jearly last week on  a raft, and has hot since been'seen or heard of.  .. Wb nnde������sj$|id,.that the stakes  deposited     .  in the hands of the stakeholder, for the la td -  !        -  fight between Wilspn and Eden, were handed  over to Joe Eden last night, iri: accordances  with; the decision of the referee1; line atriouat      .  was;S2,400;    " ;; '" V' '   r  *' A ' y.Ay V       v~��������� t  ExPBEss.^-The "fepress left ^esiifday^iiiori^  ing at the usual hdiir, barryihg as passerigeni :   -#  Meseira; A. VanTleck, H; TreriholraVIX CowryAi���������':'' ������'        A:-. yI;  Aieii.'CamerojBf'p^:'H^ AyA.  Copelahd.    ���������. ; ���������"', -   '    -.. ��������� ���������  ; ���������   .;������ _ ���������',���������: ":; v ���������: y ., ���������    " r.'��������� ���������    -���������;  Tee irrepressible FSlii C'Byrhe has iti^fied '  up as a steambo^tfruhiierlin "^ city^ Ay ;���������,'  and is said td bei one of vthe worst of that     lA'AAAyAAyA  claasi: ���������      y Ayr.-��������� ' (y-Ay;. :'>���������' }yp AAA ay'y:<_ '���������;, ;���������;."���������;;;,yy., '.' y^  .; ^dB^spK;: Hei?man^;thp; w        *&&; T^ri: AiAy:  trilpquist, having tJeea; detained i>y 'aBt;-.'en-?,;  gageiheni'-/,at;:-Quesn^l^ou reaoh.!  this place:before'Su:n]Ja^ri^t.^ !yy ���������    :"';; y.yAAAy  TiiE>DispP^^  rich piy la# Monday nighty asju^h as ^20 So   ;;  the pari was obtained^       '���������������������������   ~*'' .'-������������������-'."   *** - "-.*>. ���������  A The total .amount of gold, iak^h out of : '���������'  Muscmitb Gulch.:last^weeki-;isi esUbiit^at;   .-;  500ourices;"-' ~;y  - ':  a .-���������   .���������:  .-  .. ^���������..    ..        ���������.. -.-   ;  K  :v TwO lar^e ibuble tehdei ox, wagofiS..afrj.-      1 A  rived'here yeisierday������ #itK & ieayy" freight fot       :  merchants in to wee.. ;:" '���������;,: *.;.;,, a ��������� ��������� -A*   ���������  ) Aggt- "ffefe ^reaf demaridf;frir :$$&& 9^������/A---'''a'A'    vM  ih tho''-nuisirig: d^stricts^ Mk 'brimght. irito ;exi8ten^ ������������������ : , ;  many sutirioua' imitations:: but the,iritelligefioo of saa   -.  xaiu\ti$ popritikacM is Peu'-ft-'Ctor'a jftf3raSt"wi ���i,q>
������������ ���*     E^whb^ast<^
JviA. a- ffce of the";*Peace"; and, jail commissioner at
h^/*'i*''?,,":>\.T6fonto[in a sfcateinint to^he^Cauadian^ Par-
1 r y y v liament,' said; that nine oi.it of ten of the ,ma!e
:;.. A" ; H ^isocefs^and; nineteen out; of twenty \ot I the
>    '^   ^-yfemale, are/seiit" to-,jail;by intoxicating Ik
quors/ He
AyAyC. -'prisonera'irt tbe jails ^of Canada, two-thirds
/ /    /    ;f v;bom were 'males;'and \ nearly,Trilt signed
'"" ^-^":"ya;.petition for a;MMae'liq^or^ law/ many of
'them stating that their' :only''hope of being
Wved from raiii was ;td go where'intoxicating
-*// iil^uors-conld not be obtained. In four years
-   yXy   -Ah ere w ere. t werity-nve tbo usanil p ri bo n ers in
*y ���   ���   Canadian jaUs',~twe'rity-two' thoirsan&'two" bun-
"  A -.:'*dred of whom; were.brought'there^b'yv intoxi-
*/ ; 4'iiog liquorsv' "He kept a record of the li-
' ^-"//^quor dealers of a single street in Toronto, one
yy * bund red in niimbWj for fifty-four years past.
, ,.f!^v>2^Iffi^^ aa"ye /been two . biin-
!*" V ;4^**od"arid fourteen drunl^rds/ fbrtyrfive wid-
vAAyAs ;ow.R? and;two huadred and .thirty-five orphans
A/^J. i:^eft^forfeyrfoiir sudden,deaths;' thirfey*one sui-
AyyyA'riidef},'riwo��. nundwdr atid^lireev premature
���   '   y,deaths,by;drunkennesg,; four murders, three
:/;''., "-secationsj   nineteen; hundred   and   fifteen
'-- jaj ,^-years of human life estimated, to. have been
, ;J:/~, .Aost;by .drunkenness, and a"-'Joss.of'property,
*" ,"���;-<mce owned - In  real  estate,  amounting/to
;y0AA$ 2Sft5pQ^"i^Ki:-v\J^ ^^ ^?""??^S ^P*/^ 1:''/:!^
S   P.   TAYLORj
leOtion of Dru6s;ani>jPatest MedicIves;'including^ the> -celebrated Golden'-���''��� Balsam, ^and Murphy's
Mixtures; for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.
Also a greatYvariety;; of Sarsaparillas, Hair BrusheSi-
Tobth/Brushes;:Comb'sjTooth ."powders^ Sponges, Fancy
Soaps; LnbnVs Extracts, Rose Water ^nd; other;Perfumeries,1.Garden SeedSj &c.y&c. ,;*
���:. ��iJtist received���ah assortment/ of Stationery, Pocket
binriesiOr-lS6ft and Billiard Table' articles; y y
p. S.i-Prescriptions carefully.compounded;    I*s
Comer oflLangley AUey and Yates,St�� -
MESSRS.���"JAY^BAtE-S^  '\
Have opened the above premises with allarge
and well assorted Stock,-    ./,   /
Roster,, &f a lillooet;,
. "w ��� ^CHEMIST.-    ��� ���   '-,���'��� a
Avy: 'Criminal[ Aci^.Orithet 22nd; June,
,       a f, 'Htie'new-aoitoAfrimovri''rioriif clefects"In *the
W^0i;SS^^^W^^^ of4h^ criminal*! w.Was; Issued^
1 yy X';yAmprigf '/��hy amendments' effected,' * accused'
*\J*\7ftI^ fcbej^clesl^e; io call
Ayy      *"* It'riesses ;* their depositions jy/ to -"be trifsjm
JffyA1 ' yid'ifhokhd' b f re cognizance' In appear* on,
AAA y;y, p i0ytnrilf; - th eir; ��� ���'"sxpe uses' .may-' "Be). -;allbvve'd/
-    '' ^e'iiSon^dpgeroiasly-iltmay be^esamined for
. I", l\',(or ^against the. prisoner, and" ��� their depositions
,�� ead l   A gpyeif'o): of   4 r jjjmia mu%<  fats re
^ /\f. t\V 'quiretf to produce a "person in; bis ciisto'3^:
���  ^' h:; ��� r* with out ;a wiiV; of; habeas: liq'rpus. VJ - The ��� act,
;    y'ym�� K i)ot o extend^'fo  Ire!ind,   ^JU   hir-J
'-.;',!;,//; ���/.efie,ct. on ''.the 1st; October.���European-Times'!
HAS FOR>SAIiE, and/constantly on hand,
Ja;well assorted Stock of Drugs,/all the Chemicals
usedr bvlPhysician^^: iPhbtograpners,; AssayiersV and
Mechanics/; Alsatbe popular Patent Medicines,; and
y Rotorts, Crucibles, Mufiles,, CupelB^ Ingot Moulds,
etCiVetc yy ;���;""' ������;.<��� ;;.--:������ y' y- ��/:���'/"iv"" T ".,���'; ;.
/ PaEaOBlFIlONS FAITHrUttT PBEPABEO;."(���'. ,. ;
Al /,'-/ y, ��� ,,, ,,' ,t ,,      t ,������    .\F.( W; FOSTERi';- ���'
���Vmal/; :���',, -J: ;v'-'v;/ ���; 'vy- ..'-. "^ Ay Va** Chemist; I-
/!/"   YALE, ADVERTISEMENTS.     '���
��� OFi-r
Tlie business ofthela'te firmof Jay �� Co.,, Fort St.,
andt Springfield Nursery; will * be carried on by them
in-aliitsobranches.--.-��� ?, ...-��� ��� ���-��� '' '���*��� '������'" ��� y��� ������ y ���'  l:A<= -,M"
Fruit;Treesand Bushes,,^Evergreen'"..and;^;Deciduous'
Shrubs/BiilbsandFloweriugplants of;eyerydescrip^
tion.--"' ; ���'     ��� ::,vi;>v   y. .'/ ^;.-'-, :-..-- ..������l'to;.-.
BEWAMDST -DOUG-tiAS, Successor to A.: 0/
M"S*^^;s^)St^-A^'��A^ <?;
, ^ ^e��* A'-complete, assortment of Stdcfc;c6nstantly; on
nand^'.. l...-y y-AA -V:^   11 ���   AyX\i% ;y::y:..\",  1-3; /-
, "W^H O L ES ALE  ATN* I> Vfi E T Ali.. "v
TURNErl & COv    /
r^ :?egs tolnfo^the puw^^
-; Ptt%i*^misc8:^r,upwards;^ 2oo i^rgcg
.,       rHay and Oats for; Sale cheap-  v
G00I)| SADDfiE^HORSl^ FOft ^
"'    ;.  ;     '���   "''-;*TERMS^MODERATJS/''^- '   ?
J; H.
.;-.. Y/dercldtbing, Gloves^vandfbvery", description of;^^
" ; - /. - ,..,. /������ f! Drapery./Goods.,; ; .t t , . . ��� , yn<> .
"Receive regular supplies ;by Express via ���Panama ahd
by sailing vessels via Cape Horni;^ v / T f * Z/-V/
if��*:particularattention given to all orders. " ^5'^
J London Firra^J; P. Tonstall & Co.    ; "^      1-s;;:
yy-yy. MtabuBbWd ishK:- -"7 ��� 'r^
>;  "Wholesale and Retail JaWcbaitIn
I'*'S^'OP*^ THfc
Travelllidg 'public; itfteVbodroorns lare/spaciou. and
and conifprfr:.by*��ny rintholower country ;;the Table i"
alwaiye supplied^HH>,tne>bestKO^ictuals^ 8ia*biinj
for,vHorsfia; Hay/:Oats and;BarIey;;constantly on ^y.
'"   '        (L % n rjTJi?/��ii welling up oil 'the  Importance
'-//-:'; of small things, gays A"-\ tbat lie always''takes
,v-;-/ ,; * ��� B otl c e^ even.,' of a v s��� tra wi" * es p e clal ly. if -;���. tb ere
/ '  ; "happens, t6 h; s sfieri ?>r >bblei at the Y&d or
r-//it!?-   r' ��� "   L    '
y        .   ^      ���    ��� ���_ . ^^^=����������,��� ^-^ ������-���.
., ^y/;S/  A^NoiawEciANrfiev;eV feet tenA inches.; nigh.
V   :' : vyW rejoifeingrid tli / n'ahie of 'Major Hanson,?
;;-/};''c s[ Is "-exhibiting hm -immense, prop or tions m t Wis-
...'".. ^.kyAty-iiA.  A A -.: .-'A... :      '.-.'/.    Y    .
y,k/l_ f^THa;UNivsffiSAt.pRAOTioj3,ofr mixing Chicory sad
"      other'adultGratives,wiUi-C6��Eee, nub very much damaged in public yAiryiuou ' ^aa/ angii  to no cat Lao^s,
telicio     ol  Bevi  aj k.    7>>< effectually have Ihe public
been drugged with such mixtures that tlie true proper-
, ,    tj ti haye been lost sight'of,' and many prefer a black
".'_ and Uncle infusion to a^dnnk:'rlch;in spirit and/aroma.'
��� >Ays C^<ieraras'is toe use of Coffee, It, is little known that'
������ Y : \*�� condensing the.vapbrs extracted from the berry in
, -A ��� riiasting^a liquor is obtained ,of\ the most nauseous
���, ���   -rtaste, and 6ff a scentthe most unbearable.-^;��� Under sucb
'y   . chcumstances -it "is evidently important that' all the
AVy -^aH'es and' ilnids extracted 'by roasting should-be 'car-
-> > ;��� ried off?.asquickly as possible, in ordcrtb prevent their
../.     returning again to the Coffee,' which is the case'in the
i.    - confined cylinder-     This object is admirably ;accom'-'
; v. ':' p_ished;by the new and patent"' 'Conical Coftee Roaster7'
. as.used-.-by- FELLV& CO.', Victoria, in wiiicEibe berry
.    _. IB-Xirectlyjexposed to the. radiated heat, ;andl the" vapor,
:; 'J' extracted carried off instantaneously. ���' In additun/ to
y   .. the advantage; to'tbe ^Hve^'bky^tbor.<ra^id!' teinWal of
������     n ;the steam containing the obj ectionaole' properties, ;the^
,% -    pure aroma of the Coffee ia retained-, the essential oil]
being prjr.oi-'/cd and not exhausted as in' the Cvlinder
Roaster, whereitlie',Coffee 1^ required^to; remain a <m
��.',,';. longer.,time in consequcnc^bLthe steaming^it undergoes, by the confined steani.;; ItXis.��nemically impossi^
L51', ible: toTetam the qualities or arrestth^d^teribration; of
<Y -. Coffee when ground^;,The beat: engendered by. the pro.
.'  ;��� - cess of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an
y,; -1 action in the elementary p^rts which gradually destroys
'"' y ;its>TjtteB..fordrm^,~ -3u't "to retain the .-essential: oil
.   , *: .which it cpntai ns we^have it encased in tins con tain ing
'  .,:: froni: 1 lb"/to 28 lbs.; and which can be bad from any of
* 'A ..the respectable dealers: We.can'conflderitly recommehd
'--' ' those.^ho have hitherto been obliged' to1 refrain' Irom
A'Siytaking Coffeepn'accbunt of its ill effectsJthat^ they.may
A X AaAA^ W* ��9*��ri>- "^astgp'mthe C(tolcalI.oaSterj;bc j ngre.-1
.;���/' comihehded 'by all medical men. under whose; notice- It
Y has been brought, and by numerous other testimoniais
���f y.y ?in its faydr_v,; yy,,%.AVyAi ,/��� >;r' FELL & GO.j V ���"���    -
AAA':/ '/;'/'"/.,���''/ YfyIfee.Merchants��;Yatcs'St.,'Victoria;:r; >
J. s.
Front Street, Yale, B./C,
BEiGS TO ANNOUNCE to the inhabita'nts of Carinon
;that bo in^nds1;o;fbrward (as soon as^ the state of
the;Roads will permit),   a"large;and ��� well assorted
stock of GqoKLnri .Stoves, which he ^wili dispose of at
Prices to' Suit jTbk Times.
;"Yale, 8thCaprll, 1867. / 1
^MMmem w/ieehouss!
PtRTliTO orYlTiMTJS oi rXmpplm fMhui   With i3jd
patch; vv} 11 find it to their advantage, by giving us
a call before engaging elsewhere.   ���   ���       r;        \'\
r "     i. '   ���-'     '-     ALWAY &> BAILEY,
.Yale, April 8th, 1867.    .���,,        .        1-s   ,
HOTEL DE.FRANCE, -\'        /
���'        Y   GbVERXMElCTiSTREBT,' VICTORIA1-,'V. 'VW        ^   }
THE RESTAURANT is supplied with,-all. the
t: delicacies of,the season, and the sleeping accbrncK
datjon^iSj^replete ^th^ey^ryYComlbrt^ > The ;bestvof
"Wines, .Liquors and Cigars. * >. - ? '��� * s
.     1-s    -   ���     '.-       J. BIGNE&CO/ Proprietors.
Store, ��� Importer of^Fin^'MiSEBs^HAuJtf PrrES^Stems
Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco/ Joh'nson^street, Victoria, v. I. i |   l-s *;,
'i'H; Sutton,
Ooal Oil Lamps,-&c.,
2 AlifiNT.FOR'BUNSTEr/S Sli?l
A     In Bbls. and half<5blss-
Yale, ApriU8th, IS67.,   -   -, '
JULES KUEFFi Commission ^fF.RCHAVT,  Royal
^otel Bmldih^lWharf street Victoria^ * L >l-s
GLEAIi'S jCpFFBE iHouse and : ^kstaueant,
:G6vernment^treet;,Victoria, V. yS ^This? is .the
cheapest, most comiortable, and'best( attended' Es tab-
lishment;in the City/. :' ������   ' 1 * ��-v X
^ The BAR is always ;sup_)liedV with* th^Ychbicestibf
Wines;v"Liquobs and Cigars. /   ��� ������-, : ,l:s
Ay FBANKELi.; Victoria,
������ SKiys^inKSjn^oL^&c*;
on-Furs consign ed./ "
hart,Bros. Victoria'
V/ Vy \ "bealer-in: icRsK
Libera-1 advances rnade
Reference-��G; Sutro & 0 6i \" Rein^
V. I.- - ,       .1-s   .
Gs SUTRO & GO;; ?Importers ^AxnSDEAiERs^ix
i   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meefshaum Pipes, &o.,'S;E^
corner of|Yates andVVVharf street,^Victoriaf"-   ;yy ri^
Storage and For*wardinj^!��[K^^^^ef
.     YALE,B,C.;    :y.A   *?     fJreJk/^' LUl0?^
to^Roote] aTO-advised that -    VJ    '���
/ ;    \    \     KIMBALL & GLADWIN ;"'"''."'" I
;f Have erected:an extensive^Storehouse and Dock at
Yalei"and are prepared to^^ Receive', Store, and Forward
Gpods;' Goods re-packed, and freights engageel at the
'1$fcB&,;$&^ XX    _    '* "
; ��� Parties shipping goods,through us will please mark
to thercareof; ,.     , .,,,
is  ��� ��� , y:    i 4;kimball &/glad*win/; i
THE UNDERSIGNED begs to Inform the rnihers*ariiji
residents lm& around Van Winkle that hb will in fii^
hopes,% close attention. to�� bitsinesSf; and by: selling
afcliOtPER RATfiS than .heretofore, to meet the patronage of-alii:"',"' . ' ' v ..' j ���*' V
A'Orders from outlaying creeks accompanied with the
CAS^will jbe forwarded with promptness and dis.
patch.;.; . t ., , . , ,' X:
y '" *'J8��r Terms "CASH,;?*ithout.distinction/ ' ��� "'"
AA:teA:"V^AAyyyyyyyyy,-��� ;���:;,.j,;W.^.LT>/DEARD.- v
OQ.y' Combiission Merchants, "Im-
lers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,
Quesnelmouth;- ana Wil 1 iams
V//.Z   --;Y-v;-;.:,-'lY-V';t":    tS
f ^;;^ B^^Pfi /'/
THjarfoUSE |8 situated^iBtailefifromQucpiielmoiib
"The;proprietors^Haying lately..fitted��� up bedroomi;
and go od Beds arc' nowprepore d to afford. e verv occoin?-
mo'datibn for Travellers; the Table is furnished wjthaff
tlie;luxurieF that can be procured ;?tbe Bnrtswli sup.
plied with the best .brand st Of > Liquors a nd.S.egprs; goof
Stabling, Hayt Oats and Barley.  ' ^5Fr TheOHEAPESJ
House oh the Road.     '    ������- ._        U'\
F. WALTERS, formerly of the 94 Mile Hots_,
having purchased this Rap ch',- is noT? prpparel
to accomodate'the traveling public with GOOD HEAL3
and BEDSi a t moderate "rntos; A      u
v.yyy "Messrs. coristw^
A'' i%^^THIS{^il^^NOWN HOUSE,11 hblf-wiy between^
SpehceTs' Bridge and Clinton^on the Yale Rout*.,
Travellers will find Good Accommodation. ' The bestof;
living, of Liquors, and of Wines,     "F*resh Butter,Milk
ond Vegctables/r" V oocl Stabling and cheap feed.   U
COLOH'SACb /liiiil
��� yAGENT-GovernmehtStrcet^Victoria;V. I.   1-s
DAJL^: and "VV^E
^and^CTORlA.CHRONTCLE/lfeOrders forrnail-
ing ,'ei thcr th e Daily or Weekly, issuesof the a b 0 yer to.
any part of Europe, tlie'United States, Canada, Australia, t&c ^ileft at this office' orS sent> toVVictoria will be
at ten tied to. Term^ in advance. ; WEEKtT�� il2mosj,
wi th "Postage, $7 50 ; u 6mos. ?do.; $4 ��� 75. - Daily, 12
mosi--dbT, $23-;' 6mos'IfloVJ $12 50.{     ;  : *"A ,y-     AA
GREAT REDUCTION has beeri made I a, the charge!
at this dstabJlshmeot, so os to sultthe times. .;,.'���
,  * /Meals, $X; Beds, 75 Cents.
'     ���'     y.    -a   .     ,       McLEESE & SENAY,-,
May 1st,-, 1867. ���/!;/ "   U ���
::'-"',��� AA..   ' .       '  '&& ^MitE. rosT,  ' ~ '     '
WJ   A R E   F 0 It WAR DINffiA
B 1/ U E  T E ISkT,
yK-A; ^(m^AyA'y
;.v- --YV- .���-/���:���-�� .yy>..-.; :.-.^0.^' ��� Y;-^;-v; . ���������:'������ :
�� .considerably.augmented by the recent importation
Jf'a variety of ne>r;OrnamentalType,: peculiarly suited
i Yposters,Circulars;Card^i   / ".:��� A���'���������''
. ;���;--.,. Billheads, Programmes for. y#v.<    .
AA; ;; Balls, Concerts, and        . ^
A A. > X /���/ ���   3A v .-T.he'dtjrio^ ;';
*;;Orders fbr any description, of ,lob'':W6rk'-wiii'be'--ezd''
.euted:with heatness and despatch; ,y >
Ail A -. J&2?~ Terms moderate;. :*g& '���'.."
desirably property, is now Prepared to accommodate the travelling public, The table is supplied with
the very best of via n ds. The': bedrooms and beds a re
as, comfortable as c��old be desired, nnd: thp BAR con*
tains nothing; but the best brands of LIQUORS and
CIGARS."/   ���
A good stock of Grain and Hay alwavs en hand.
'3rd May, 1867.      ... 3 "   W. WRIGHT//
'A Packed In Tins: of from
each.; '        ���'/. , '���������...���' -
two toctwenty-five/pounds
TRAVELLERS^wii^iid. every accbmmbdfttlon AtUiM,
:Hojels;��;Exceilent.Gookirig." GOOD BEDS;
A      j   luy SIVlBtlN&^OR^HORSES'
,..:     r,,''. ��� y ^ a ,   ... ;B0OTHROYD f BRO'S,
"1-s.- ' x"A^vA'y:..y:yy[-Aye .. .: ;Broprister8.;
QEMiiEK' -i-'P^KEB, :I#oj^$?^?at the
O ^uhctibn of thev CaribbcilB&d^M$$&&Ww^i;;
yy- Fort s trecty Vic toria;;
Wholesale, and Re tail,        * u ���
A   CASAMATOTJ "begs leave to state that:he
lo.-. has removed his stock of Goods consisting of "Gr'o-
.cerifs, &c, from Wharf street, to the Brick Building i
Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria...; l,g
.y Government Street, opposite the .Theatre.-     i ���'.*'.
fi-^P-S^ every description manufactured and
\J sold, Wholesale and Retail. .    y  i-n
nriCesy -��. ���^^~~	
the timei'? Give^thema'ca��^siaHin"^:5^f fjjjjf
attentive hostlers. .'Stages "Ieay�� hero;r^g��w^or
yale, and Cariboo >  i-��
; Fre^e Port for Ever J;
TfTE THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE  pleasure in an-
'���7-.:nor?L.nci"?S-*9- ��W.r numerous  customers and thb
vattn,o, cctj., irurn *��iiari street to me uncK Jpflilning       ���:,.:     ,. -   "9'*', Mw*  "univrous  .customers anil  tuo
on Yates street, adjoining Co wper's Boot Store, oppo- Pu^Iic' ^J1 ^ wi" I supply them with the bestpREJN'CH
A^ jicPlierson,
"";":"; ��� and.��� . ,���;' ���s-
AT Bi';;. *H0I) G EN Sy   61D
/���"fiarkfiirvfe^ 3flj May,' lSST, ,"',
site Wells, Fargo & Co.
;   He will sell his Goods by Wholesale' at the lowest
rates, for cash; ,. . .-;���. i.s
WILLIAM ZELNER. dealer in Drugs', ifKOt
ci.ves and Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Articles,
Sponges, Brushes, perfumery, &c. physi eta ns' Prescriptions carefully compounded and orders answered
with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V.T. 1-s
A. BULER & CO.'S ��
Clothing bought and sold.   Secondhand Watches
Guns, Pistols, &c , for sale.;...  ..,,..,,,., ^
^^G<rpernmeat street oppbsitrthe'lAeatw.   X-fl
Leather Boots (duty free) ever olfered in B. C.
te-At our old Stand, Government;St;, Victoria, VI
1  lul'ord every; accommodation to :the;trav��ning W>
lie, and bopes by a strict attention to busioess,, ij
merit a share of the patronage bestowed on tp.iorwu
'proprietors.' This is one of tbe inost ���comfortapte ������
commodious Hotels on .the road, .containing 881 it w*>
warm and well furnished bed rooms ;\vlth good dm*.
The TABLfe is supplied withevery delicacy it ^f��
sible tonrociiro in the upper .country.; .--Tno ^; '
stocked with' tbo best of Liquors* and the,; cpwo����
Cigars.;.       ������-. .;i\ ���'<.-.'''V-A   ���.-.,��� "������/*/,.//;,':'
mi mea-ls^^
aiid the*;o.narges arc very .moderate. / Hay;jo*��* kflj
per day, $2:; tfats and, Bafley rii the'eheapestfQa^
rates; ������',"���      :;':"-t   r-   - *   !- .' " yy.      AtriM'til&y
> The undersigned had a large quantity of V&i;*e
on hand, for sale in large or small quantities.   .
1-s JOriN PBLLETIBR. proprietor.
lectingi purchasing, or forwarding Goods for the
(Jpp;er Co��n try. y
Any Commission entrusted tb his care, will receive
pfompt attention, ;
.References ���*.*. A.- Usaomam, fc A, Wadhams, T.
Harper, j.J. Bramlt.   ��� -.-�������,.-.��, -
Victoria", April, IStt. j
THIS WELL'KNOWN HOUSfi is n9Fr^?rif5witli
vciiers. The Table is supplied ai^W^Lnnot
the best the market affords, and the CpoKW JJ ^
ho excelled/ The, Bar i�� stocked with -tne bu^
quob'b ' and -CioA&a;
GOOD, BEDS.  ....iw.fl


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