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The Cariboo Sentinel Sep 29, 1869

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 $m.  yy  V>]  Cm  'Crt  ..^"VlgX*:  %t  jj   *-' -y^M'i. ' y^'yyvYyy*- '.������������������"���������������������������*:��������� A-' .'-.���������-��������� .���������: y'y -���������  -.-,'���������'" -  '���������  Subscription, $l"per.( week (including cosl^  Vy^..,.A,ri������y,-<VAy:A^V'i������WVtA^''-. '''-Y-YY.^JY.^Y:.:.YY^;2,'.5  '"���������YY-1&P  / Opn&B^Barkeryjlle", (next doorztoMarietta's  ������������������:    ,        ' ,.Grocery Store)* A  AAA    'AA  AA*-: ���������������������������"���������; ���������'���������: y: %'������������������' Ai'^-A ���������' ��������� A-yy^i^^V-^ U V'A i,w' -.::,! X'--..,'r  ..'.'.Pi..... . ' ���������..-".,':.;.'v^-- ������������������������������������ ��������� ���������  .1    ,������������������-.... '...ii      '    '   -.-.-.������������������.>! ;��������� ���������.,.���������.'���������������������������.  o-.-.v.   '���������:"';.  ., ...    Xgeifts^for .tlie/*f .Gapfcod; S eoitiiiel.!JfM  -Qacsnelnionfh, "MY-1 Goodie, Barnard'sExpress.Office  >6<mI a'Creole   ' -      -.u -4 "-.t.iu^ard's Express  YYalC -"    .       Mr:5"|5.vanC"    ^ ~ -cso;~ r  >Vsv WcstinJaster, ' yA y      'Ay   vy Clark son & Co  '   ' '   ' ' -,1 ..:'-." ' ,, ,..���������-       - ,. . A, Lywe.      .   ,  Victoria^  ,k.;p//FisI|qk/;  iV^S'v^  ;San Francisco'  "���������''���������* ���������TELBGB������EHI0;"NBW3.-.  ��������� " '' 'v-':r'-' '-���������/Y   ���������A"vJAAlAJ   yy Lyy--: - "��������� ������������������������������������y WA  General Sickles has'notified;the������������������Spanisn  government that if ihimAAAAlhyii Cabala.,  ���������    not moderated .j������onf, thb U/S* government  i will recognize the insurgents as- belligerent^-  Cuba.   Havana mereharita have lYised 94,^-  ���������000,000rea]sfor^h^^y..i:/.-,,-;      A' *  '  /he At Am tty- ypy i^ are  ������o receive  - < $650 ;G0 0 from tbe UnitedLS ta Ies 3 ri/coiiipensajt  tion forJtbV'co7ifip?oy^ claims "anfd nghWin  * "fioliumn* were paasen^eplprlng th'o depre-  lial'ion of Vcvl ed ie, octAif ef 'Ji1pV������a������icling  Aliesteaclj ^*njgti(f|S^^^^ng mob  to ] the  -United-.StaiY-:.and.rieclaring these facts and  thc'pro8poiHtj^o^-tbe;pn due to  the -world ogX of * tbe -i ns ti tu tions^dfeStlio-r t wlo  y tonhtries*"? ;It wii^^  ��������������������������� taken'for the purpOt^eVof i^niiexatioti -to}/ the  United States./in.accordance','with the nearly  unanimous desire on-tbe par ii of thepeople  ���������o f the A Do mi nto,^, ;j jjfclie ' meell fig rid] our hed  with three cheers fb-r anptexatibnio the United  '���������^^y"-y������y^  ���������The'-Bone" "is making efforts to" con vert the  negroes of Africa:;'-Two*hundred-negroes are  now studying for/thO/pfuKtbOodt;'" -.  ..;  Lord Elcho has suggested a rifle match between England and America. .^ -;j  VA.:..  ��������� 'Y<: =������������������:��������������������������� ���������yyyy&AAA-AiV-::uy::-yAyyyy.yyiyii��������� V-A--i-y  Ay  Severe gales have^yisited*tbe Eastern States  ���������a.Ay -  .    ���������   v ������������������ ��������� ������������������ ������������������������������������������������������-.- -.-'^A.i y y  -���������(. .ft i-. jt-i. ��������� -  , j, and done much^damage.   ": .-:,-y ^  ' y  ^Dispatches about-; Napoloor?   health are  . ..contradictor^ -Nowr^Ja b^y ^md-aboutt^  /^tlicate iti -favor 6fenia;B^ i &  not sick' and .no aVd^ti^^^ig!^;/;  \'  A'  ���������'Tbe;vet^^^iBt^^  Senator Fessenden,vof,Mainey^ed on the  -5th inst        ;;*���������'<<���������<-**������        -    --  /���������-. A/."Montreal -dispatch ������������jp. ii������������.t- i^.o^wtiic^  braiteaY^Connolly^^ll^case^/ involving the  / validil^^f^marria^V^t^^  i n Hudson Bay Hterritory>si animttie su ni of  ,   $30p00, came up in the,Cour;t;oE|App;ea  :.. jave opinions' In "favor '^;-Q0n^ty*: .The  y /other Judges will give 'decisions wrnorrpw.  ��������� ; ;^ii ia;6ttp]opsfid;t^  "...  l^erisbed in ihe; Avondale^O&lY.mines, near  Scran ton t Pa.' -:S The minea'; wete; on; fire and  * fiUed'with gas M^  Cardinal CuBenYjiag^^  <taank8givitt^I6^'0::C.M for the  ::-in;Irelan3^;vfe:-'.-^!;;':-f AViry- ',A aa A- A A I., ..-��������� -y  ^^PriScQI ;^tim^ / "HatK  0!i^usted;at%M,tbey^ of  ���������thO'pJdple^. * yy r.??..:.. -v^ -:-!:t ^ ��������� ^v; ��������� '/"/' -. ;  in "New.-YdrK pn}tfo"���������I4i6r*fi^^?:;:-?V*    . '^  /:\/.^nree'''"heW^, sbbekaApt ^atthquake were  felt at Iowa Hill, nanfr'^  ���������Calfornia^on the WrniDg.ioJ-Sap.ti .11.   -/"  '/'CURRBNTvNMs/'  'ms$$^&FM  \mw.  ' Goldwio's <;Sa}ith?$ plotter? to !_,an j Bpgli'sh  jbhrnal i in which/ ho^dyises "Engl an d tot make  a spontaneous. 6^^  ^ischie'Kdonfe  /throughout t"ie?vXJn^d|������ngo^  tiiaf[e-;ibmiself; % f~lastirigJ,iuapopvUaJr,Lty hyl  JAntfg^/Uake^ ^ropbaition; t ''������''i  ;From ^recent^officmi^p.cjimenls, weJearri  tliat Gi^at-BVitain in 18Uh'ad'only'Eve'steamboats of au aggregate'"tonnage of 285 tohsj  whil O; 'ip'day^heA- mvmm e'J.'Bte am^mariae';^  that Country-'shoWs a:tola"l:6f 3,467 vessels of  '967,001 tons. It is/skted that one-halfof tho;  Bri tlih qarrying &$$ :isj. nP'w^rloAe^yiSu^m^  ^&^.>-/i/S;j/;f/j  Y';YYiVYvY'-Y"-'A-'���������-- .yA, AA^-A AAiyyAyyyyA'"':''���������'x y'V'AAAVAV.  A'?ri^H'0i j eeolly exploded ma?* Slk^L^p,  Wiscoosm/and -deposited on the' ground a  ranss ris^riibling the 'cellular slag froar-an  iron furnace. A circular, space of efxty-sii  feet In diameter was covered; with_/thli/'sub*  sl^hce]/^hich^: present  Lr /u^ Ui}y ia ,, hot gpiti ma: s5 hpalIrrlnff  aiound the scoria tf'^rit-HuCu struck, ' i, e-  - The Russian Government ha3 intimated to  the'/Hoiy. See"that it canpbt pernlit the llnri-  "sifl_|^^g6ig'|^&r^  , .'Since' the., pacific'Railroad1 was;opened  shares in the Panama Railroad have .declined.1  Trom $3<i5 to $210;      -  Four com,-.;,' ies if Califon>L militia have  been muster^1 out of the State,'service for refusing to march in the San Francisco Fourth  of July procession with colored men.  It is reported that another cable across the/  Atlahtioi is/ projbeted^to ^m-^from  Haven direct to the American'coast, and that  /the.promoters '"expe'st/.to be able to;transmit  messages at ihe rate of a shilling a word.  A*curio.us litigation/ has. c.orae before' the  House^fiLords asuto' the Wicklovy Earldom.  Aiwoman who asserts1 fliatshe was tfie wife,  of .William ^George Howard, and has a -little;  boy bfir^^0T"nv^ye&  is^e frui^or^thp :m  peavs, no donht &at;How^rd,if living, woula  have^good clalms;to tho earldom and the extensive* estates, and the issue-Is- as to the -legit*-  ifmaSy^r^tfie h% in qheftion. a "fhelw;pmart..  says she. -was married .at Kensington, in. 1863,  but that it xtas kept-secret! The evidence is?  rc^uWus^aad/-fe to occupy spine/  "timeyet*     . ' '' .,;.  Ay . a  y^iroeM the,New Ypffi Jud^es,i^e;cpme;.  tO'TJ^ipbp'u iuirl ft'lxiio Wir f. tlili'tal ii o^'ewj;-tZi'o; "^EHri  Judge," ttaiJ^pnc :as "the ;^rThieyes". Judgp,^  and; a ihird by some .other, yet/more. offensive  designation..:---: ;* A A '.</-������������������/'' Ay-y a Ay, AAA: -. v-.  <> ^hlie/ftpiito toy the/  wealthy American, % / Peabody, the Pope  has orderp,d.ahust',of the/Yankee so unlvep-'  sallyihonbred^v-.Qti-I&ls vdyago to Rome,. Mr;  PAealsodypr'o^t8d;t6"ihc. treasury; of Pbpd  "iHus IX,, for 'his; poor,/S1,000?000- A fact  cunousto^notcisthafc Mr Peabody is a; Prb-  testaht./r:/;/;./.: '.'''*��������� y.yy.y.y.    <. ��������������������������� \ -  '-r. TheI'.^o'iio Independent says; Long traias  of:migwU'maiJr/'be seen almost dally,pa?&  ing through bur streets on their way to California; the 'good old' way,"Ok ox wagons  These people seem.to regard the- locomotive  as simply frightening savages from the line  pf 'the road, and to; carry the rich and great  on pleasure excursions to and from the PaciQc  States/; ��������� ��������� ���������    a  inwMV wmh oxTconmm  ,;Y^iamrads  were ^ pelrig^co'nMaouslW-r&\  an^ha������'ecpjie^s������^ WM  " c yy v������8^r^^&i^ ^"'"  Tnfvlpra^^  m  ������$M.  ?&���������}������__������  &4M  to'-injuirMh^lp^  havingll������^ mmm������  m <W  xj^jick^  .. fcl. .pqrson/s;. wli'o -: aiflviiifi'elftl' i'to'ttie'^OTe^Estaie  A. Vivo required:; to piy.ilie aiaoiiuts <5uo-ftfrtbwith;  amV -nil persons -who-hnve any.c^iims against tlie  ���������>l)oyo- estate are ra^uiredr to send iu. tb eir. accounts  on or before the 14th tla >; of :>IovcniLeT,,18S9, to ,' ,  -'-<>'���������;        ' CKASl $:?0(ftEXyy-Alyy:A  '.   y i - '" "    Official Administrator.'r  J' BatcdiBicUaeld, Htli' Angus fr,' 1869 * -     aul8 lm; _  IS^THB SUPREME COURTQF THE MAIN-  ' :- LAND OF BRITISH; COLUMBIA.'y$y  :in tlie mattpr of the>EstatoJ and? Effects of ALEX^  A.      : AKDBR1STOBO, deceased, an testate*;,   , . *:  ������������������������������������"AIX per3onR%ii6ar6 indebtod>fo the above Estate  l\.> are required t6/iiay/t"ne'amonntsdne forthmthi  mk all persons, who have any ���������claims, dgainst^th'a  ahove es tate are'requested tolsend,in their iaccounts  on or before1 the 12th day of November,,1969, - to. * .  , .    ������ v ���������, Official Administratbr;  ,  /Datfed^icbfleld, 12th August, 1869. ���������  ^ au!4 3m /-  W   THS- gtlr^L'&fiiQSf *;%_3&tIST'-:^a^':^TttB  a. MAINLANDOF;BMTfiSHCOIiUMBlA.:,:  Inlhe'mattef ot'llic Estatfe and TSffbcts of: "WIIill^ASI  ���������' '' :-   i ^/TPl^xVARD, /ctccbasbd,/latestatei ���������/*/'*������ "-'-  i LL person? who are in dented /to /the above 'estate;  il  aterequired tb-Jjay'the^^^^  aiid all persons" who iiaw f any lelairpa-against? the  ab ore estate; arc; re'qn ireCto ;send 4i&itUie|i^?^'^M<$<  or .before thollth day of j September, a$69,tp. ,   ,  '     ' '.    "���������& r/r/CHAS. E. POOLEY, .   /���������  ,;    '���������"���������<"'-'' A  '':   }J-'    *", ^Official Admihisttator.,..>  Diited RichneW,Mtii June;aS69i'    %}* , jel63m /  m&#**i*i*m**M* ^"  June'SOM^  v|AgcfttV 8������nlkerv1ne?r  ".<    ��������� ���������   . :  ; ��������� ''-���������;  *������ -     .  .-T---. I '  liEAV^/QlJESNELMOtrrH E'OR S.ODA^GKEElviqN,  ,.  leaves soda creek FOF..:QUESNEi;Mb*UTfl.oN'  ,--"TEURSD:AY ��������� E'V-E/Ni-N^v1'' -'���������      ..      ���������'���������-'^---^y'"  teShnwtlng vFitffi*5a��������� ���������   ^ ^   '  ^���������jfl^-'Chasteamj'i^i^ '^  Oils'j'.b'iro/tlicr/il.qiftu.'^^   ~  ��������� :���������������������������;���������..       '..-.������������������   ;   ���������������������������      ..-.    .. .*<.:;.���������. .-j y    :���������- ���������XA ������������������ ' ���������   , ���������.     . .���������       ' ������������������-  0-^J the arrivalYSti Barkerville of everv Mail, yx  >"fixpiN)Ssft"R^fI^^^^^\vin leave Biivkcrvi  : ,y V,: Ail    :  **   *  and  ilia  attend.to/all;kiads:f���������pf4;;co'pipiiaslons, &c..^.CpUccting  will' also "be': tf ttended ��������� to"': ~* yiy: V ���������" ' * ���������'' j ������ 21  I j Letters, ^arceis^&c:;; for. the above, places .can be  lGft_a'tth'e;follbw!>'ngMac^rJ,''i'"''--"  ���������J  '.The SfiST.isEi,vOffice  '.-Bennia'a Shoe rStore^  F. :Neuf elder//:'-/-  a'������������������-��������� BarlccrvjUc.  i- --.. Barkcwiiio-  >���������/' -   Iticb Geld;    ;  RETAIL   BUTCHERS,  B A R K BEY IL L Eyv ItIG]a^l|t.iJ,.'. ^t)  :,- -;:"i.':,//^���������g^^ITb.^CR'fEK^  A supply of fresh|lmcat of all descriptions constanlly  on hand; ;���������/:���������-;���������'���������,���������.;'"-"��������� y.y'y'  ' Vy ���������/������������������"���������' ;-'-',;:/ !''; ������������������, :���������  F;  N E U F E L D E R?  S T O % AGE  A/Nl) //C O JI;M ISSI ON,  AvyAAy Ricmitito* B.G"../''..//'/_:,���������   : ;i  ������������������.jflgj- Produce from;the agrlcultur;al districts reccived  and.money advanced on cousignmeiita. ���������'*" -jyS* 2m .;  BcrCHARLES/DANIELSpN.. desires .lo -inform  Traders-:^^^Packera^TravcU'ers nnd others that Urn  l^d-from-i"^ .beyond  Qaesmjiniduthlis now. open;hr\d;.in good, pondi tiou for  Psick .Traihs'ahd Stbck, and1 that lb ere' is abuh iYanco  Inr^ood^fcc^^^Of^ouiyAriicrcisa bou5.q.pf.ciiter.; .  s#MIMks:  ..ii .������-i  ..... ^,  ADAMSJciPEAECY,  /; \ '^/:-\;:/'/.'/\/BA*k/;K:ERyille, ���������  t! ��������� ���������    >;-;. Have on hand a choice selection ofy  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  :j. 8. THOMPSON,  ACCOUKTAHT,"���������li-.ININQ   A5sTD   COMMISSION  A. ; Age'nt, Barkerville.'   '-..-. ��������� ��������� ������������������ ;. ���������      '������������������'-.  ,   .- Mining Companies"- Books kept audji'ijusW  U������Vl 1860, ���������". ;.  TIN-PLATE  AND  SHEET  IRON  / :/W.ith Various other -articles iii;tbeirline of trade.  '  -.^6gl-. All Jobbing,lo the. Tin; Sheet Iron, Popper and  'ii he traclc'atten d cd te j an d warra lit'ocl to g i.v c sa: is.  faction ir:..' jy f::  ��������� ������������������ ��������� ������������������ :������������������ ���������'': ��������� ���������' ���������    n������C ���������"������������������������������������  .      --        i.    n ��������� .i i    - ��������� ���������       ��������� '      ��������� ��������� -        t  "y-:r CAMERON. & /.AMMJE8,.  FARRIERS & GENBRAt BLACKSMITHS,       :  ]'AA:-AAx^%iAA"- Baukervii^k,   _.       . . "  HAVE purchased thestaiid"fc')f..nc \ ly occupied.by Ay  . CwCampboll, and,will cxecuuv.-ordevi toYuHorsw-  sboeiug" and Blacksmith work pl\ every.4\cscrii)l't������i. sit  the 1 owest rates. ;i  - *" ,:'- '-'���������"'- ���������"'<���������'-:   ' ��������� r'"-.::Jy24 3uf ���������'���������.;:  : ^_5-. Ev e ry - con v cuienc e for .SHOEING. OX-KJv _ w itH  despatch,- ,; ������������������   .,..     ....";,, yV-;-':X.:v;^-I-^.-.  "T?l'S!v'TJVTVl1Jl1>'ji i*?!'  -   - . j^.-jV..?^*"-' *  .>i^':'.'-'- 7*"CT��^"?V'���"'   A".   -V. ":A^ ��� .
5__^i*rf����<^wv-w*^;":"^" .   .......
' V.;:, "
Is nabilsii dercrs  PTediiosdai   and'Saturday^ ��11
^n^rtis^ent^inteaded for insertion,, xQisibe^Hv-
p n fi | j f'*��.V I i si   .    ;      |	
,10 ffiyERiisEiisS yy   y
^AO aavertt^^nts' (nOtKinser��ed for any "definite
��s> ���'.!>��� a ���
y^'iv '   x rro cusa^oNDEsiT?    /     yy
:AAX\ .'S&m^ilewtoii^iBuIt *b 6 accompanied Yby- the
realfname-and ra:ddre^s^of theyv?rUer> not necessarily
^2^.^^. of ��� publishing tfo-.sai&c, but aa security
'; y'pr';-1i'ts;gjfo^
" "'' "Vvis'etcT* i t^^ro i- a se! t le 1/* uommtimty in
'tho' colony ^tifjerc "Is ft Win And for some ira:
proreoieoi, of.a/local .^general char^eter.j
Thc4bntff-tfe' Governor "dewlopes such  a,
H- a ill tic n ��,urpriaG lo us .if life Exc< Here?
i^oes nV/adpp't^
!; predecessor^ whpjj, dismayed/, r at ^ tho t (vast,
aniouai^.pf^&ings^nedessary "to be elope to
Ay tcV tbi' qoIoi y in n a^o<j)< Lonj cadilioa
aadAnowing Tec ij^mylhifAj   of satisfying
everybc ly, co-ifm-d  uU enetq^^ to 11^ discharge oT ��U< mere routined ftic 3 of Hhj ofcc,
-- XX f ilu-s .1 ist; sesslon/o- f ;/M:e tieglsla tjy e CounS!
"l"bere->va3 5iicb'afl6od.'of rdctneinds upon lbe
^nli'.fi treasury Jh at it woi'Ul fe tve been ^m-
,pos i'ijle'.tQ county with one half of thsm^or*
/if Jytbe:'ptospoct8, of t tbe colony bad/been so
revemio-ov.er;fepeuui.lure. ./DuviDg ihe;..pas^
ing the wants of tbe colony in respect of such/
public work's *n ire. asked for in-tbe-addresses to the Governor. Retrenchment cannot do much towai d creating - ,: ;rplus fund,
althougli, everything, compatible/- wiih goo'd
government cbould |>e/doae. oa ||at dcore \
but, by adpp^ng the
cotemporary, a Amzi&^TAhi-i sum could be
made available "for.purposes of improvement.
made payable in-fifty years. By the devcl-
opemeritof this scheme the ?early4payment
/would be leduced from ��33.000 ip ^liOOO,
[���To effect this .a'new loan 'ralse^':);m> England
necessarvl JLiWs_scheme'-were''carne^out
befqib   as :fer  setu^l ,t re a tmc.it  we 1 could
iyily  lldmifyjiiA'ih'd   *m&n   present cir-
i'tia^Mo:^ we are likely to ol>tniri    hi mnng
tareolop? into the bom uiot��  t'-e  C anadian
OoYefomenl-.  mustn be^prepared  co   mKi  It
3t. a loss���thdt ?- io ca?:tl ay will hvvu ��u de-
'i c-E^ ri larger amount bf/-tpfijditure ih* n the
colpnj^" ckp,c!fumish / In;;,ordw;''tp/rer?tier It a
practical!as'-well,asfa politicar union. ^-Tbe,
Ca^fliM'^HYimnmi. ^rc Tell aware cf that
nece^sit?,  ?nd   Iia-e  ihcitf-ofciy eb^ci  I'^ar
will!n^ness-to'regard ��lic aorM_.4crs oi UiUhh
'Columbia as,of prospective > advantage tp the
Dominion, as ic<3"ed it .cannot' be' otherwise::
IS would*,  ho've^ei, prove to pur-advantage
g|?e ^tfe fe oft# laraei 'Cmpttiii pfxeypAue
V avail 8 b lX' for a e^ pend ltd re  tha u,  w a  cr n ��� _ at
present .Besides, although conietoaUoa is"
pur manifest-destiny, and--probably-, not ,re-
fflfcelfflbwe;sliould put;bpr/af!air| ia^o  A>p.
Mew ad7brKse*eents;;
THE, PARTNERSHIP heretorora;cxistng M^egn.
A, S. ciTESand P.: OAi-M^EBV^ under the
style and title of, BATES k GO \ is tbis day dissolved
������by-mutual consent ��� ' ,���     ���
All parlies'indebted to tlie late ilrnv will please pay
tlieir; indebtedness to �� C. Dunl-ovy.    ���%���.'        ''/ Ay
The business will 5n future-bocarricd on-^nder tne
..tyUandUtloor - BmiVXY &<*>.,,
Syda Creek, 23d September, 1S69, '���   , ,     ���
* * (Signod). '' P. C. DUNLKVY.        I   '   .:    '
-y^y-n' ���':'- ui;-s. BATE3. :/,   y    ,  .so28
���O'HTA-R L'BS ���  B.A.:GiOJN
. . ..CHARLES 8, JONES  Ae H   ' '-
Bank oC.British Columbia.    1 ^    ' AgQnL    . :|
Barkervme,..2nhA��gu3t, 1869/,, - /
Boots, Shoes, QlotMng and
.     '. Groceries,
. Vorsale'at tlie Store of tbq un-ler.-igneil a) B.irk'cr'
v'llle, onposi16 the TS..nk or Br Hisb' Colnmbia��> ��� '
Y;rY;5-   -    .r- yiyyAyyAAyAyy-AA^\AAWAK^m��yl>:
' fe w years it hss^beeu our for tune'r.or,' rather, tbest' -'condition -possible  wi thou t regard  to
Vi>Ii ^bel& -.tho /estimated   ainxlr ;;/���Eublic
r; yorltsVbucn ks are imperativel|  i^oicd for
" the  ' < \i\ir1 of n ue^i^-^CTl-lr Clc^uiif' :/ h^d'
' Ay tjier e fore j to/he" ppstpot {ed; f 6 r: ni'ino rer-a\isp ic-
'   "-Vs%'me:^^Thef colon
������-���--.i.:i.���;---i'--��.'-1-   ���     ?��       y.~���*.���1���;iu���..j.^.-^
"", prise oh' tlie/pai.t of the'E^cuUve, and very
lliue rhAvJi'^ was besrorai oo UieHfuC[; ib^f
\otboiH irycm- iLu mot^t  eiiLrr,eUc i7*acnLfcr
Uprising of men :cnn do little to words accom-
-plf'sh 111^groat tilings; -��� GovernorMusgraveis-
placed in a smiiiarly^Jieijjlei& and  disagreb-
iible condition with that .of-'his predecessor.
//Somethip^^mast -be doa-3 and done-quickly/
'That is the burthen.. of ��� the, political^ song 'of
tho clay, as *t has ;boen.fcr,- ruiue y Yars past,
1 f an d* retrench me n i, f i c e ��tr ^d rt * cc n fe u ,s rati on;
inland and -overland communication; and /a
variety of s-nalb i matters, are tug, d i/i bunir
about a change in. the condition;ol the colony/
He is a "man of energy, / the, new  Governor.
i.'/.That seen a to bejigreedupon before lie has
',, "been in the' colouy. a few- weeks,    iVell', 4here
is srimeTeason for the opinion.: but'what can
hn.ppCii to deby the cnasnipniiuoa ofr ibr.i
great scheme, tiuHt'is fcnoTdi*hcult'feci see Ibrit,
d'eiay^vill be the pollc? p/fjjita opiTopents,      '
Letter from Wihtl "Pive���The. San Fran-
/,:^: Se4 /C ���:; ;M';-^;--S //^/;/v^Y/- /'f^-^:?}1! ^ ^-' 3.'^Y^-1/ YjVrC/t-^ / -^ ^&; - ���&';
LILLOOET .ONIONS   of  the besi .quality and
^fspiendi%'Cimdixfan, fovssle.choap;'at-' ',;yr ./:
,-���..'       . -   :     B. -EDWARDS' .Store,     '
��� , a��2S:lmyy-.'  7, AyrylAAA .   , - ., Bargei-yillo,
of Jilair in tbat couQtiy. ( .. , . -
���'* Yo 11 are a v/ate/ p erh apsi;Hb a t Ihe rn i nerit l
star of 'White .Pine district is Setting In clouds
fof-;darki\y:, The numerous pros pecfed holes
here do nptpay/ Soiiie;of "*oiir.-iriiIlS^,ar.ei*'ib'-
x)pei'ation,Ybut the majority are idle,: and
naught but gloom and despondency can be
Observed 'everywhere./^���������Manyr^v-ery.'-.roany
.miners are actual 1 y' sni*fering.>for= the co mm o n
hecessariqs jof Jife:/ {'AXirifet. ,every" ^vorliing
nian,'Who is ableio get-a^ay, is leaving.for
some' more" favorable clfmev;^The;" gay and
on account of the scarcity of money. , Builrl-
itig'is]still going on' ia* Hamilton^^who /will
occupy, these, mbiin tain; ra'fca dens .remains j a
mystery.', -Alread y. the d qprs of* b ui I d i ngs ar e
placarded/;'..withUhe. /words":   ( To Let ���to
Lease���For Sale;? etc., on bevery street.   A'
man^hamedj Peter ^Uexanderi a Scotchman,
committed suicide���'the o^tlier/day at the f But;
ter j Gap \<m in e! 'o h Bl^o: Hi I!./' Hef s bb t- :him-r
\y v    Gm^^A;&EJ^��R>$y - y v
\ /]/    Have? nw en bnn i a ��.^-ge aesortment of     ,   .
���vGreiieral Merchandise.
Barfcorvill?, July 13, 18Q0. '-      " j��14 l:n
/.i BarkervUlef ,Taly-1 'iP S S69 j ���//^
I, LLT?EUS6>?S 1 udcMcitrU^cf firu^ol ^DAMS A
Zi.;; PKARCY; oC^aricervnie^^q v are requtsi^ i��
se ttic' tbe?rnccouiiUs��$mfpro; tbp^sili or/Si'ptembW'
ncxtt nnd.lill persons hs . ������ ;!alms usriiinntaho m>l
Qrm:are:reque���tyd;tO'presentlhclr^ccoants--for pay/'-
Barlf erv 'lie,, August 24,1869> v
Special'' Sirripe^/
26���Momlng���payid/'    Evening-
 /... ,/;//::.^oribns;'-;r;-/:Y^//;;^;" aaaaavaaa a in-
Oct.   3���M6ming���Daniel. ���. "-Eveniag-rrThe City, of
-    ,        .   /'God.',. -    ,     .       ���    sell���.��
a man do to prospect/ground  vaihout   tools strlf;iri the .'breast' ^UliH%isWand dW iriFa
and provisions,?   Now, *the .Governor is just
in/the;.rj'osHion of a man whcha^ a rich claim
before  him, -but- who lacks lbe means-to rim
>; a/ tunnel.ror sinfc aT'shaft.�� Likf a a txplthen]
/ who? possesses -.ri-jgopd claim and cannot 'work
il for want of means,^he miist.eitheif^borrow
lbe means'; to-do sopr'sell^ityv ^e^worlc' the
���>y epjbn^he/must have mbhe^Caho^lhaVmbriey
; jmjisfe come from; the colony or its credit.   In
.; a xecsintfMVtmhe3ijaf^ihB���(^loniStAan^ariiolc
/^appeared which pointed/out a,way oto"btain-
i ng mea as for working w i th put adding to th e
jta"xes/i; -"JtYconsisted -in simpl^ extending the
,,:.; paymq/n fc of ;t/jie/public'/d:ikbt through, a longer
--lermr Of y^ars 'Hban iipw called for by the
��������� ���*bbi\fls.,;;"^-.;/ffi��;j;'ymp;'i:the/deb:t.pf the colony
.: ��� wcis/ con trap ^/niaUers generally were- An. A a
//'prosperdriarc*ondiUoni and;the 1 argbam6unts
required/to ���lie'; placed > ito "$$&: -credit of   the
/-..sihkipg fund; wer^^j>/;/'th^��/;/t!ikB. not /out / of
. ; p ro po r tioii' wi tl* the: capac.i tf'.of ;the colo ny to
furnish.- Allpewifc^toe4 iC(>aiManities re-
qulire /a surplus/fund-for piihlic worts.-,/Ah
^allabje^/fiald ;'fo thereby
/ ertjitedi,��� and/an bppOrjuijity offered to immi-
grants for employment!: uh til tb by .find/for
.- ilie/m^elpB a/^biirce of/ibdnstry. . Tbe yearly
y inslaimeiits pay abie/bii account of tbe/debt
:: contracted at a timeW^P^feerity arei'how-
ever, now out of proportion with the revenue
/l ^�� colony, and nothing/is left fori supply- insertion.
fe\y.minute's. s "Wantof work, nioney and food
prompted: 'bim .-s to commit /the: deed;r 'JA.fi* in*
rjuest was held'and coincib*e'd with the .above.
-laotsV Thb-pro cessi o/f Iredtiuiiig; the /ores'/of
thOiBase/Metal;Range;by smelting; has,;*lis- a
generaltbingi proved a.failure. Thereyerb-
atory furnace Will dot answer. '"Wbat^expe-
dienfcwiil/bfe.rbsortedto next remains te be
s'een. Theatricaltaipusements;are:bn thewa'n.e
here' jns^ ho.%'���:���/r-The\" hurdy-gurdy* establishment i n th e ci ty o f Hu mi 1 to n can n o I to ng survive for waht of patronage.*7 The remainder
Of" tha": fencer? 'meret y <f esc rib es a few locaT
matters, su ch as th e gr ad ing of; Mains tree t,
in Hamilton._t*tieSupply ofYwater,. etcyrind
the mapping, and exploration: of (ho country
from-Hamilton to the Oplbratlo""by,a sclenLiffc
party under the command of Lieut, Wheeler.
Letteics- Asti?at.���Adargo number of the
Canadian and United States./ letters received
b y the last' ex pr ess / .had;- b een se n t. to Pem-
bxna, on the boundary; line at Red River, by
mistake, and of course sent back, again; to
Chicago or St. Louis.: The distributing��� office
at Ch i cago is, n o d o ub.fc, a 11 au \% \ n th i s in at-;
ter. y Chi cago is - remarkab 1 <_ for . "b ei n g a
'^'fast'"." / p lac e* ;,an d ; the: p estm as ter: tli ere,
; dpiib tlessim pressed. wi th the ch arac t er i s tics
p f ���: thV com muni ty, h ad; :sn p p ose d, ��� w i fch out
thinking over the matter, "that the railway
from/Lake/;��� Superior to Puget Sound, via
Pembina, which is yet iti contemplation, was
an accomplished fact, or rt' ' ' "
to have been '
to Pembina..
/ "Laid Over.���" Scribbler's" communica-
tlbri about the Post-office came too' late for
*,     A*   D.   WYNNES .   ,;    ; y
,|TSB-SB-f-.an"ho.ivnGc's'.- tbat lie has opened bis '."Kow
I'A'i   y   . ��� -BARlvBItVlLLS,   -.     v ?^ _,_, -_'' "������������
to^ >vhleb ho luvl te5:aU'- v.'bq.i/desjve first-class 'noard.
at n^)Uerate rates. Gleaiiliness. in tlie Cooking-Hey
partrheht may-be relied on, as lie; lius'engaged the
services of a first-clas3 (WSITK) Cook. y :   ���
, ;jigf�� 'TJlQtJORa AKD CIGARS of the best/brands
_nay(be o^tfiinedat--llic Bar.," ...;  ; y At   'uuMy
JAS. F. TAYLOR desires to.s(ate tli/tt he��� still keeps
hi;on Jim business at the oldratand;. .-'wlioro, ho- has;.
Patent Medicines of all kinds on"t^cd^/A'lseiFRESH;
:GAR-Oi5jf-SEE0S;^-Prescrip"-ion's carefully tompouD'.!.
eii at reasonable rates,     Next door to Cunlo'R Brew. '
AryV /;-; xyxyXAy;AAAXAA:AAyvAiyt :vaia a -v A A:'":.:'::
,-��� BarkbrviHe^May 5y1S6D.' _  ; - .   lm    ;
///tUMBERI- LURrtBER/!; |
Messrs! :jrEACiTAM-'&lKA?o^--rtre/p^psro f y
mrti?rft':r:��mtieS   at   hk?ig M^A '"idlriv Crwk; ;
an-1 aa Ujbv have nowsi' '- �����.
in operation, tin y �� ill Pupply- HHEY, A  LTJMBEIUt
$15iK'r thousand*Y'ShlngH^/Siaper iboiisainU''
;iK:i';YYY/;sY^Y-Y:Y;;iYYraiiSi^-eY^Y/iY.;^y;':yy'-;-\- .���������;
.-.PAINLESS-. ;:*
,. L? and;��perform /:Bbnrt operations ^r) tb on t pai n. by
tUe aid "of. tbe apparatus discovered Vy DriRlcbrirtlson,;
Of IiOhdoiir^Tbis valuable idtecyvojy. proiluces josen-
SiblUtyrin tho^part/alpnov and renders^ unnecessary
{-ilib5 ad"mInistrn(Ion ol' ctil0>6forrti.'! ' ' .
:OFPIO'fi#N^xtit'o>Reii;ni^Sr' Book store. ^ar"keTVH e.
o .-���  Teeth .'extracted;''or QUed. witb.G'uW
���  '\y-y-yyyAy '���t'A^.Vv-'-''   ntyVGm ;
^���^Mci^iitm/ |i|
:;, :..,G.v.sT.Rpuasi, / :~
} groceries it Proyisioiis,, /
-X     .'. .-' .'-BAliKERVILLk .      ^    ,
V A Mv ;.;���;; W J N.K-L.E
���S'tO RE_
Lightning -.Ckebk*
hed fact, or at. least that it -ought,
finished when lie. sent the mails
���li VfXRBS AVi) -TRADERS will .find' it /to their ad-
ill   van'tnge to pu rcbaso a t th is Store,: wlioro tliere is
" . A A. LAHOE ASBORTMr��JT OF, GOODS,    ... ..... y   - Y
Of tbe very best description on bati<f,lund the Stock
constan tly repl enlsb od b y new arri v a I s.   Tlie, prop no-
/    ' toi-a will sell;Gpodsj      ;,.
'  '"'���'//'/ AS   'CflEAP -"AS"'ANY.-'-1'3*'/ CARTnOO.'//   ". ���   .
Orilers nromptlyYflUedJ arid forwarded wVih dispatch; /
A       l       .';...-:   -.'���' BEEDV & LINDHARB,
yanWinkle, Hay 3.2,/1860. ,t .-;//   ;'���/.   Proprletora.
���-������*-������';" A Perfect Cnre, :'-;'':
���jJaL*' and General -Repairing'.Shop(vrill bo found a
Latbe capable of Turning and. fitting up Car Axles
; and Wheels', Hy-dniulic NozaltWj Hose Conpl 1 ngs, &c,.,
and all repairs of metal work done with neatness.
To be fouud also/Cook'ing Stoves, Sheet Iron Stoves,
Bdnips, Hose, Nailsy 1'icks, Shovels, -and almost every
aisito for Miners* use at low prices.
J' "���i"": ,4 : "BA*aK*feEf ILLE;
Barkcrv 111 o;. May I rl^* t
thing rcqui
UKPER RARKERVIIXB.    '.       ml5
npHO MAS WA fjSH,. Tail or, New Wes.tm i u s tc r,. B. C ���
JL Clothing made.td .order"at moderate rates: ,"���. Always on hand English an tl Oregon CluthsJ Orders
from tbe up-country attonded to with care nnrl
"cli'i?p*'tch" -6ni'
EKDKRS his sincere, Ihanks'to; those ^C";;\J
^a favored ^tm-withUbcir-patronago ..on ��^VB'
Creek: an d ;��lsewh ere, a nd .begs tof i nfor*��; ^$L��tt w*_
and tbepablic g<mWaily that bo has cJW^^j
businessi at^Ba&'tt&ftfojit!^
by C.'DOpEKO, wberebo his astockOiyaV-^A
...,', BO OT'Sv..:Oh^.m^myA;
: Orders' irom: frlcndsion- outside creeks nrpiPl:t;X^:
tondod to^ "- -a-%'���!ixli" ��� ': t��tk*.?'  ii si
. ^Obnsignmchtsof soods. from '>*^SA,Mn
Colonial produce 1'rorn farmers will 'receive, JJW ^ /'
est at'tenlfdri and care.
Barkervlllci/Aiigust 25,186D.
i��0-Mile   House;
rpiIE undcrsiirriqd;/.proprietors of the '^fA; U"il''
1 known /and favorably si tu a te ct cstah i is.-' </ ^
haying; purchased the samo from E. Torniey, m :-^
a v-ouers ana otbors at tne most reason^y. y~^v.
The table is supplied'with al! the substptiai^"1;
InxurlGs^yaila^oln :the:cb^iitr^ian.d;;promp^aH
.tion given to the wishes .of.tlie guests iA,      ���:*, 0f
Tho Bar is"stbeked' withAitiriytctfi]P?% ;1>rflnu3
Wines, Liqabrsand Cigars..f-^.f-hi*-.--^\J: ���' ., ftt.
Tho SUbles are spacious and oonifortablo. ftJ" .,
. ten ded to by first ctlass hostlers. ��� A; pientiini ����1'f '
of the be^C provender of all kinds always on Jian ���
In short, ovoryconvenlencb and/facility con��u^
to tho comfort o^ man., and "beast will bo/0��""'^ti3.
the; propr'Setbrs will spare no effort to B^o ��nur?>
faction to All who maypatrohizo the csb*blisnni^-
August SOih.^m^AV'       ADLER & SAKKY,
���>ifyiw.'.��(. Y^YY  m  ���������aA  ^advatf''  :s* %ow;//^i  ���������^PO^Si/  '"fiA0Rri---TJ]'/-vJ  ^"IH,-   '"  YJ������H3;ij  tf'AlMMS*  ft SoptojnbVr*  hi������tyhti,f9i(|  aMB< for pay./  %s/;;;au251>  m^A  ��������� iiejj/ijj;'ib'fl  *JS������ at.Ei^-m  ^WcKclr,"  !l!*Te_fame_t-:  ivclafioa,"  ���������-Christ; vie-  rTliejCitV/of ���������  ��������� Ta   sell '  rlEv  best ill lucps  vMorQ^ho ks  tAlso/PRIJSH  Hy compound  Ounto's Brett-  A;Ay yy":  i.l...'������������������ J'- A}A11:::';' -::���������,���������'-'���������  iilpwpariMlVtlil  tXMA&Aim  ;X/^;EH////  DI.VllUEUftt  QOdsahsU1  ivT'ft! ���������i'..-;v.'-'-'.:-'.i'.:;; :-'  RACt'TEETH  ,bout /pain, by  ���������ir/ RftharitettV  rotluCfife insen-  s /. ii "n n ecei'sp r y;.  o. Barkcrville.  led with: CM  Yafyl Oni  ���������II  K   -r;\  y:  lose Trhjs' hava  ;enUy^Mi,lua  )fY*l^ ,     ������������������  VISIONS,  N������ ������������������������;.?���������'���������*:".' -  fs/prpjaiit'i;^:  Vic%ri^ ��������� M  civc his w������Lv:  'ia;  'j $  LSe;:f  ic -above vc-Sh  cstahns'in"^.  rmey,dt.iirfW;  orally that they  iommocMtiPii to  .nable charge  bstaatudsa"'"  proiiipgat^P'  je_fWn^.������r  rtal)lo and at-  lentiful anpP"*7  ays'bahHtKl.  sility coiKiucivo  , be found, and  ive entire satis-  sUblishrrtfiH..  IB &BABBV,  g^^^^  ���������ADDRESSES" TO THE _ GGYERNO.il' -"  Xyyyyyy  The Miners of Lightning "creeje. presented  :: "his Excellency with the folio wi ^/^ddress: .  fo'HiB-Excelleupy;^>*THONV Mrjsof ', ste, Esq..  ���������Gov crnor 9 f ^-British Columl* i a. &c. ���������  Sir -s" yt������<  rftfodrH gt^^hjjnjng  crock  ***rlr visit, io the mi ucs con vi ncc-H us of you r  desii-o'io obtain nil tbo 'information''possible  \y ii ilie wata fcutf requirement of this, im-  ..ymtuU!'4i3tncV'.'Y-/- . AAyyii:\ ; ��������� ./tf,,fe/|  ���������'We W^V-iriCn^fove'mo^'^'p^c-.ritljy submit to "yototi "Excellency f*s consi^e/catio^ithe  *jre^ij*i:raie ./cb'argd.d.-.'fori road iaiftbrl.il^,  " ro|li;-tiia riid notion or nbpltitf^'u i*������' which;  ' ,A\\M -ivt'mica' tfMae&i,'itt.hig-h^fti?' ^J-'ftdight-  ���������fii. i ctvt^Q a very material $ fr Hica'a a , the  cost pf .the necessarjei1 of life. A A a ., - :' '  ��������� ���������'=, \Vewould^alsb);8ugge3t; the ; xpedloncy of;  cuitihg i^ilS|tO||lif lin prbs^ped pb'r tions/bf  /^^^l^icjci^^d'-ff reiiMi flhftil t v^o &. bon"ve'V4  ing siippUM  br/itirnijllfi  B^iii^haiM  .We^a������3t4!s^ y^n^Excelleiicy .     .    .  tlbii'may be the means of7promoting,-tho hap-  pinesa and-prosperity-pf its people. , - lr  '  Sigii-et^iilVohalfo   ih?  ml r     il  Llglit  mDg������oii*ek> the'23 ill ay ot September,'LS60.  a Jamea-Orr,. --.*,. -Robt. ,Grc^,  . ft������n fhiff.. y"      " WiSHa.ni'^UG  GePDuuf  ������^; - William Allarij  ^Adam Rosa.-   'i ���������'/."*<  iS:-:  On bis arfivdV.at^uesfie^ Gov  ernor- recei ved the folio wi 0,1^ add resacs '���������  ���������''To His Excellency ANTUoW;MiJSGaAVH,B������sq'.,  Governor of British.Columbia and:its dependencies anil yjco Ad a iml of the same,  May it please yourrExcellency,^- !  '* .��������� ���������  We, tho undersigned, on behalf of, the resi-j.  ^(Miia of Qiiosneliiiouth,- beg- loaveUo^Leador  to. your'Excellency ar,m������_st hearty twel^orne  among.us, trusting that,'your administrat-ion  of ihe> colony of  BriSUh Golumbia^m'ay^be1  fc!n:cus>ful; condti .'vo alike to,, the honor of  - tlie   coniiti'^Vyou'' represbiit va9 . well as tlie]  :������caeVals#ireiify;p/f&p^  We h a ve e v s ry ro? sp n~ to/ li ope* tli at fr 0 m  your longcdloiim! ttxpWience the vast natural  resources^f^liis -yoltng colony,liitherto "com-  paVatiA���������ely'.un-^le^^loped,, jShall .Mu*rough Jour  able  management  be  madts 'productive t of  great gbod.   Again*wo/-te*nder a hearty wel*  ;:'*y?iuv/Y''i;'/: ;-;,;f?>:Y tiy-Y' wM.;^^?^^:?:^^^;Y  M. SU TIagarty,     ;D. -RobeHpoh/' XiJ   , ���������  ���������'-'��������� " Hugh'Gillisj������������������ y*A   (h\h lieaV    '     ������  '^A'3!M.mry-~^'  ��������� - -:: ��������� ��������� -... 1 X yA> ���������' f^omifiiU������e -of "Reception.' ,  To Tliij Excellency:Gov'ernor/^qkciiAVK: ^' -,;  1 ��������� Sir,���������\V 0 j the In hub itauts^/of Qu e'shel at ou th ���������  desi re. to ex ten tf. to =y b riv' Ekcelle ncy. a'/h eavty  welcome to ^aribb.p."* We/jhave.ltin^iel^/tlie  w-'es'iiityYof having  a practical ;iuan,  who  ������ 1 levstood  our_ wants,- -to govern-ns, and,  : ..vin (all :reports, Uelicyo  that '.we shall Tiud  -.himin yourself.r JVhiio. (berefore, expressing::  ��������� oar satisfaction' in greeting ybuVas our Gov-  ^r:ior������ we de^ir^to miskfeof ri.* fe^t ^n&gestious  .?& to4ha^ant^:o^tWs^ecJ-ipnvof Brfiisu Col-  .. a i^bla; AA A. /;, -' ���������: l AVyv fiyjy;y\ \ AA AA.Ayu- \ '���������''"���������  It .present the -mines of-Cariboo aro the  0; od oui In ant clera'c hfc of.-the-:colonyr���������every-  ihing should be done fcpiidfevilopjvthemy The  fares.'/method off'do.ih^llhigvis to introduce  n^piylatiori, dlrect,/ranxl; at ^hOisame .Ume'l^-  . i adlitaie. means ^r" coin ihu nlcatioa/ wltlvthem;  if an overland road^fvom Canada should  ,w. constructed, / we- think.jrtnat^ the natuVal  vjurse;for -'ib;Vto{._liife^5fr.6iilii'. ho by Tete  Si*������f P*^*e������ and ^rairi tbenco westerly to  ���������' '.luaiAi- oi?0������U.i2Cte;������t^ '������������  '^eif /au*b3ta'SUat'^r^ more thaifiche.  v ^cticableiMpass/ existl'Yfrom   Bear 'lalse  U the l''i*aser/Mver;.: easterly jlind/by follow-  '! :j this, lino:->tfio- great a 1 titudes;(which are  ���������"leyt^blo in atiy southern route)! will'be  ���������"���������"��������� oide'd. We, therefore, hope thaByrjur "Gx-  ��������� ��������� ���������. leu cy will.be ��������� p leased to extend the go v-  ���������^:ameiit.aid ,to explpratioui'/froni/:W:Uliam  y- eeo.asfc-as far as trasersriveiv/l;^ /;  The firs t rich disco very/0 f got a! iti/C arib 0 0  ^.|iade:Qii. Antler "creofcY^he.sub sequent  excitctnont on William: qire'els;4iverted public  attention entirely / fVom^itlie:tf firsMiamed  stream. ; It hasvrecently;/been Sliown th at tbe  Antler creek lead;is/jof great inipprtaueej and  yet ni) /,easy"/tiiean^^/cVm 'exist.  with.it.' ./A fewi..fiunidre'd-:. "'doAars'^expended: i n  coh8tructirig;/a/Sfeii/from to  Antler;.city,.o^Keithley;.'  the pv���������c&pf frgigjafc and/'Conser^nent expense  or pro^pebUh^qriL^atbr/fie^V^."/'-41*"*-1*"  1 We have during the pasf summer snc-  ceeded in sending a well equipped exploring  party to ��������� the . west/branch of Peaco-river.  The government assistedrus rn/ost liberally in  doing, so.; Wo ^ojieZ/lhat next ispring will  bring 'riri favorable news from that region,  ail d offer inducemeuts to settle another part  of our unoccupied territory.      ' lv  We  also.. respectful ly; lay  before *:\ your  Bxcelleneyivt^  disputes^inircgard^tb'the^ presen t towtt Jitft^oif  Quesnelniiouth,; a's?there;is/conflicting; title to  .that/wlitoh we'purchased. 'froni ^governtnenti  and fo^ert-preservalion frqju/Iaw' suits^tlie  existing: stite ;of tie. matter also has a "MM  denoy ,of retar.airi| private paities, from  6uilding,or purchasing.' "l-Ay,- ��������� ��������� ' , ���������-���������'  - \Ve wish t%di>w your Excellency's atten-  tipn "to the question; of "Land Titles,"'as  lihere are a good/many fanners now tn< dcciU  pati on' ;o f 1 an ds; w bo wo n 1 d w isb: to have tbeir  {"arms Surveyediand have the/refor a/good; hernia ne n t go ver n men t.' 1 i tie. - "/- . '' /r " 1  !/.".. Fiifthehhore,/\*e would,suggest to/Excel-  ienc^/i^e^g^ for   a  bridge/ across' (Juesiiel ArlyevA at /this place;  instead o(/ a ferry as hi ther to. ;By having^a  b rid ge,/ 0 rir Ho w ri iwoii Id -no to n 1 y$li<* cbnsideh  ably improved "and* b en elite dv: but-it would  also,be tho.. tntjans\6f Ap re venting; those sad  accideute which Ui i.t\?p;/h^ittDCes;Jkiave^end^di  .fatally d 11ilrig.tlie preScnt seasoii. / r *>;'������,  :A Aga"nvwe :welco me'y p^ir^xce lien ey among'  us./and- extend our /heqrt;y; co-operation in  any systeinol re form; or retrenchment,' or* iiij  any 'plans for,d&elop}b]g"lheHye8'"o\ii?de-iof the  colony.    .-   "        .. y  L  /-       We have, the honor, to' be, &cy v "   ���������  M. MMlaaarthy;* *  HughGillis,      V'  -   ��������� and forty-five others.       *   "    "-  ';/;iHts Excellcpcy'repUed as follows:  -   A>.r  Gentlemen,���������-1 receive your address of  welcome with much graliSoa-tjon. It \yill be  ,a source1 of deep ���������satisfaction to me if, under  the blessing of the Almighty, any services of  mine during ihe term of my admiaistraUon  may-prove conducive to the general:"prosperity of th e jc'oI 0 ny; B u t y0n must remein^  b er ..that even w ith'- the most eager will: and  ���������best intcntions-the officer administering the,-  government cannot create wealth or supply  industry, and almost all niateriai-wealth must  emanate from' the <peopiC themselves. You  may, however, rest assured of my anxiety to  'do what tri ay happen to b ft-in my power towards the general good ;* and the several  matters referred.to'in the Memorial which has  be������ iv hande i to me wit ir your Address, shall  h.H'e'nay earnest .Attention.'    L '   ";/'-'���������    A  ,    . -     yyy>      y-y t^riipjfi p.lri'iF-rrf^'  Quesnelmouth,'ITtlrSept.. 18(59. ;   , .  Hugh -' Gillis, Ty, and-othcr citizens; "of  i1 - Quesnel te.  ���������fi������lSG;IH^EffiIG:M@S  ���������-.:A:y    A-     XWlhXAxyi CRBRK./, , ,  The San Juan co. were engaged in/.fixing  up- during-.*; the1 past^week^and,;. cleaned lip  only a few 0unces; The "l>ownie/co. were  running through old diggings, but; obtained  16g Oz. ��������� TheiBradley-Niehoison co., are still  at"'lwork on iheir new. ditch ;,. and the Hyack  co; are' dri v(ing ahead -with jjiejrfunnel.;;/ The  Klume :n co -' r con tin ued hyani ulicing: - /-The.  Dutch ��������� Bill��������� ;co. 'cleaned ,up 17B:oz: for fou1^  days1 rnn;,r The" unfailing, yield of -this aiid  other hydraulic claimii above the canyon,  whenever"- the'.'hydraulic apparatus can; be  brought .into:;operationj shows that a consid-  'or'ablfe'number of yearsmus/l^lapse;ere that  -pi\rt bf f/he^crcck "shall hav^fceen exbausted  of Us treasure. The Gorniph ,co./were en-  giage'3;-' moving/j^eit hydraulic.- pipes during  Lho week. ,'   -    '    ���������   v.: " "  Tlie Barker Co.' washed up 28 025. for tlie  WfJek ] the:Fostei'-Gampb<ill: co;; 58 o?iY^ the  Caviboo'cbV,'SO.-oai'*, and teprmce of Wales  co?, 38 oz. :-The Prairie.Fio:we>:ci). continue  ;do"ng well.;��������� The/other compauica niade. expenses, more or less; ; >  '���������'::;:;" ��������� ���������-��������� ���������.���������'���������"���������;s  ,,stout acr.cu.  . ; ;:-:  ^ThO'Mucbo'droV^  il ri vo. but mad c Lo ver exp e rises for th e .wee k: j  The vi'aiivaic; co. waanea up"iud^os."tor the  week 5 and the Coouibs co., t>3 oz..  A '//.. :'/"'/;/'' //' ;CpXS.LtX GULCH., /'���������'"���������"-/";' ;:;/..  The Fcitx co. wash e d up S31 oz., fo r tli e  ft'eekVand the McDowell eo.. 75_ oz. The  White Tine, co. had; not. got fairly to work  wiUrtheir new tunnel.���������-'."..- ���������-  ] "A LOWlteB CUKBK. '' * " /  : The Calaveras co.. washed up IGkoz.last  week, but'were principally engaged iii sinking'a shaft.  - AV Ay.  ��������� -1 -t - ^ARTUCR-S' GULC1I.  The MaUring co. continue hydraulicing.  ;' :    nGUTXLNG-OREEK.  The Dunbar co. are not'working so many,  men as formerly,"which is interpreted as an  unmvorable iudicaLion as to. the:pay in their  claim. The Ross co. have been engaged  fixing their outside work and hoisting gear,  and expected to commense .washing yesterday. The Van Winkle co. are vigorously  pushing ahead their preparations to sink.  The Lightning co. are erecting machinery  above tbe canyon. The associated companies above the Dunbar claim are sinking a  ;8haft. ; The, Last;;.GhandetfcG;vhave been  driven-out with water, at a depth- of 60 .feet,  ;and intend/ereeiing machinery.  [yy   "   'A; A$nrii\rio0cmMA '"' y '      y)  No gold has been taken out of, this creek  lateiyvQWPg to a.bfuff of rock appearing '/'io*  the face..    '; -      -    - r ?' -.  :.:V- -���������'.-'- .-.'������������������-.������:.������������������ '���������?���������!>������������������' ���������'���������"'������������������ -.���������'.'    "���������"-'���������. '.'���������";-"':' '���������:���������������������������:-A-y" .\ ^-'::Y!Y'.;;,'--Y-:<-:'.-Y''?;- ���������Atr'A'^y.:  Ay.;    '"'������������������   " .. DAVIS CHEEK. y l.y"'     '*  1  '    ��������� .���������   |-     ''.'���������-��������� .���������      ' - 1    "  ��������� ��������� ���������' -��������� ������������������    : ���������- ' , '       ^ ' ' ���������  The amalgamated -Moonraker andrH0ibe-.  ^artiiJBound cos; are1 Btill driving abead>witb  their tunnelj;, whi,ch"' is/ no w:,weU to ward f1ih^  line of the Moonfaker 'ground. 'This is a  longvtunnel, and, considerabie ' raoney: has  been spent on it.    / *' ;   (. ] .  AyA'^     ���������'     SN0WSH0E, CKE12K. '     l/'    *     '"A  A Six py-.eight" meri^working ^n this creek ai^  doin'g1 indifferently'wort;    -! ,v    ��������� -   ^  'Alt >yA:OAA<AV>yyyy&.: .Ay-y... :"-y>Ayy:y A- ^���������AaXXAAXAA1  -.'-:.,.,.,.,   >"/.,������..-,.,../;,,  ' 11 ary by.. CRESKy   y,A,^yyyy^^  ' r'-.','-'i> ,.,.'���������:'. .''���������  '',.'. ���������--' ������������������������������������','< ���������>'-. ���������" .'''.���������'���������ii..i-..---.j--.'.-, .'���������������������������.'..-..���������;. ��������� *.'V'i-- '.'������������������-'.'..���������('; ������������������-������������������.;f,'.t '-..,��������� .-.���������;,���������-'  Tlie ;-Minnehaha: 'co. were mafdiig 1 over  wages last we|lf; aii^;thp;Il^aiaWco:.yab6ut  $10 f per day ��������� to the" battel.- A Laid law has  siartedsatunnelibut continues gashing; from  ihe shoot / The Perseverance';% co. have got  their flume in:; and^commei)ced.r^  ing. "The,Ppint .co'. are doing well. A .. Ay  ,    \ y   A  'kkithley oreek.     '; ' Ai  A'good prospect has, been /struck.,in tlie!  o|d^ReJian&icjajm^-w  ,sunk,in ,tfie;*deep.ground.. The.Grotto claim;  ;>va������'paying^bver wages 1 the Hya'ck clajm'Sii  per day' to the hand,;^the :Eren'chwah'V'cla!ml  ���������waspaying"^and- therDead.B.roke!claim,was;  paying Jwell." The-Stonewall co: got'a dividend of |50;to:' the/interestrfoxrthe'week be-  foreUSat,  GOODS; OHTHEWAy.  I iMercha'ji'disei/ &c/? ad dressed lis follows/arrived at New Westminster, Sept. 14th,. per  steamer Enterprise:���������Miller,'2.pkgs ;" dia.B.  VisiTKtt the ;"ffiNEs.~Htsrr^ceUericy the ���������  governor,.: whije" at /Liglitning���������creek^i&ed- -  W-\ y**; W!a*i;te/Jco;mparty&f^  lunching at Van^iulile;   The- Chief Justice  accompanied His-Bxcellency; ah^"5irgrjind^;������  y^A lhc comPany*s manager;;explaiued the'  M9^!des bitherto:experi  ?gechannel, and the phicaVpresentadopted^  lie also drew Uis Excellency's attentiorrto  'the great opening 'for' the employment^  labor the succjess;;.# this-compahy '* wM*  create,:.;and hoped;.the; goMertfmen^ wSulds  repdeivi assiiitance ��������� ahould, jt/b^needed. -p������'"'  Excellency/replied thaVbe wa "fully a,vntm  of   the '.impcrfcanceVot. J&v/i^ihe channel  tested, and although..he .could ,riol ."Ujea sue  .how,, the,gov,emment;Couia\i^sist:su'6hV'afeeni' l  terprise^ stil*|lie^sWu"^^a%h/wi^*1 int^rtfet  ^e progress*'0fHho/'under������fii'j^liid^lpttYd-^  A^onipapyj^cet^ ������  requu-o government��������� "hs.'irseSi^-.Jie^uiattor  should recei ve; Serious; consideration;;, - y# w  Pouncs -w" , QAuraasi^Tli'e .CaiifoVniii '  ^ ���������.-.,,..    .   ��������� -  anctsco;.  -Bullet! n^ Yusually $ ri:^ri^<M}Mii^i^i^^  disoussipn in QaHfbriiia uewsMne^o^ia falU  j..u. e^^L.iX"(.j>w.������������������������������������;.. -1 ���������";,��������������������������������������������� \'. :y\ y/". ~:.yy^������': -..y-<.���������v.^-;-  " New^   CALEnoN't.v.^A" ^o\reppbndenl-/'"iii  answer to; our query., (' Whera' is New "Gale.- '  donia'i"* ,.wriUis_. to inform-m.that -New.Cale-  doniajs \o island a few hundred miles off "this  coast of Australia, aiid is  a \ enal "c'dlony  belongmg46*;?the'rrea(^^ [Jvit sli Obl^mbl%/;  '���������he says/-wa3'on'ce������knawD as: New .fJaledofnia;'^  and was never a-,penal oolong4:fc^t^bine-,of  it|f'/ *���������' ' ""' ' ' '^'  malte/  ': ' '   ' "^'^^AA^A'A-r-y^  The fife' which 'durh'ed^i^/:  timber,'and undergrowtlrrj.^.uno" Mosquito  c\euk u few moath? .^inee exposed'^a'Jargo  q_iiyrt5  ieeF; and Sir  Id-adoni, yrho t'onnd nv  was h ii sy tea ting s 0 nie of J it .the/ 0 tli e r (W.  Mr M p rii a /sji 0 a ed m zcAw 3p eel in 1 ns 11 cfui  liia- c/lai Vi 0 j A! be In 11 u h p 1 si H i h e J������-b rie 01 o m,  m d, gj b t ca te; ii. g 11 < p ni,������_/������! d "m  e very, p ie ce  1 letierYfrom :ban Fran*    .The/"Best Coffee.    En order to obtain a  ������v������:-'Ai AnVJ&A ffyvA VtyyAyyA^Vl.AAyAAVVAyvi.y -  7'pkgs/: ;,&;?:(;&  Hope,-109 pkgs.   And os  tbe   17th mst. as  foUowa ~^K u, 19 pigs ; \) Va S pl.03 ; G air | guite: a|^m;e,  L',.29 pkgs; H-B.C;'^a'ngley, 7'pkgs;  Cha's ' , More ^Quautz^  Strouss,55 pkgs; P.C D.&Go, ipkgsj Coxon;  3 pkg^' J R, 2 pkgs: dia J M���������6 pkgs'.;' J II.  i:pkg-rEP,21 pkgs-   iG   L3'pl y~    lia F  115 pkgs; circle B, 305 pkgs;  U Nelson, 23  eheep 'f diti&&*M)&$<^  13.85 .pkgs; J Bj 1 pkg  VA  xyyf-ri^lf^im^A^M^....  4ohn'-Adittr receiveuVa  cisci);dated;Sept. lllhf in reference-to  the  quartz'mill'ordered by-the  Pioneer Quarts  ^MiU'.Company of "Cariboo. t. We have  been  permitted  to   make  the following  extracts  from the letter :���������'"^Tbe- iron work of a four-  stanip 'mill, each;stamp weighing 350;to/ iOf);  (bs.j with a capacity' of:/15.00/l^'SaL'day/ to.;  each stamp; will cost: here abbuKI^Q,/ anjls  %U1 weigh ab out 6000 lbs. ; -5\hat is,- wjthout  rip an. which^ if light^ will cost.$35p;/pseem|  to be the universal opinion tha^for gold ores  apan:is not necessary. ./��������� Hay w^d's^mine/does  hot use Ihetn.   Ninertentha.iOf -.the^gold t is,  fbun"d in the mortar, and the ;restr i^ecured \  by riffles and lsy/ruhnlu^  per plates covered with quicksjtfver, and qver  blankets^ If you wdrk for'silver it is another;,  case, but in gold: ores- they say >it costs;a  dollar -to//cafech;- a^ d ollar :ihjpans^ -ancl/hence  they are uot-useduri GaUfb^nia^^I^Mlprb*^  ably order'a. mill first, and'-< perhaps 1 await:  ypur instructions/ about-, the. pan..' A two,-,  stamp mill' can"' be , got for S25^to- S'SOO*.  These prices al 1 delate to the iron work^alone,  and I am not sufficiently posted yet,ion the  subject to know, exactly T,what expenses������������������<are/  to be expected over-and above the irph work.  ���������Would'it no.t ,be well.for^ou/totelegraph me  about the;pah?  Ifyou^ega^itns<nbt iudia*;  pensable nearly^one^halt iyour, expenditure  will be;/saved':;'^  lady for a :prpsi^cfcing:^inul;in;gpl^  quite a useless (expense^ i f _pbt: wo ree than use- ^  less ia exciting expectations winch have never/l ;  wori;W^cofteriTiapp small, test ?!  mill wifchpan.has given results: which .bave  not been maintained on a large scale, it, being  as vet impossible to get so good, rep oris from  targe mills. These are tbe opinions' derived  from well-informed sources, from, very:inteU  ligent men who have mined themselves, and  who give the results of their; observations  added to those of tbeir own experience.!"  lirst-dasg coffee, u'ty uep^b^iy' to ^airn the  very'best berries, p 1 -    0 ���������( ��������� y } he n a !yyv d -  i rig "to-' the ; most approved  method.', /fhis.,13  d*-'uc   by vrn  o.\  & ,-Rickman', A01A Street.  ���������g^y'���������������������������--������������������ ---������������������������������������-���������--������������������ ���������,-^.-,.���������-.-^  ,c  I ,.   ���������'���������-FXixbn'"Off.���������A; few .w^eks since,'".'the  ���������clerks -in the County Court, were kept very  ^usy^recording -certificates of ..White Pino  milling in corporations) Suddenly,' however,  tlie "business' fell5off,;and��������� ndyt thereis^very  little of it ddne.^tS.'P.^Bulleiin.' A a. -'��������� '  ���������K'AccrnENT.���������Mri Tr*^Uan, foreman.of the  Dutch I3ill co;,trWiUiam cr,eekv bad one;of. bis  legs' broken on Satiirday.;dast, by a cave of  the bank. He 'w^' taken - to the; Cariboo  Hospital,' -'    X <:   ���������-  - ��������� -   ; -   - -    .'  'Express: ��������� B ar n ar d "3 .��������� ex pr e ss,   w i th < .the  mails,*- arrived' on Saturday;morning" "and ?re-  turned = on : Son day Tmp ruing-   BWs/. Rosa,  Hajip, F.'FIckJ>riid W./Beiinelit left by the  'down express.    '       '   .' '' '   "  - Court.-VTb'ere" were1-no c'ases before1 the  the -Connty^CouhAyesterclay.Y-On Monday  the Mmers^������Beft^Rock'"DraiQJrcompany.sued  the piller^an/tt/fEricBpn: cos. forMiainage and  obtained judgment. ,".*,->'/   ���������  ' JHbMEWAEp^BouND.���������Mr^ W. Bennett,; who  ihas' b een mining/in tJaribdpibrrSoyeral yH ra,.  left by  express oh /Monday for?Glasgow,  ;|Scotlandv yvAi&AyAi ;.���������*. -A )..;, .**   ��������� r ,]\  ���������  lirtiTOXi-ArA.,-\ commu ni cation:^f rpm^I^Jitpn '  came;' to/us^py ;lasr:;;express,; too; laie .ror/inser-;'.  tion.- The matter is;stale:'  /',-: y\\\ y  '  //:RitN-^Yest'ei3ayv ttie upper part' pf ;Hho  creek Idopddiyelyf ;^V^ehydra\i}icj!;were;  in'operatiou./--^ :a. a y y:. y' v-. j yA y-AAA '.  " DaowKED duT."'~rThe Rev. Mr. White experienced one of the exciting phases of Cariboo Hfei the other night, by realizing what is  expressed by the. phrase ,(drowned out."  The church'/ parsonage is so situated on the  creek that va.. diversion of/the stream or an  overflow from ia freshet, causes the clerical  abode to become iminhabltable without the  use of gum bbits ; and: while enjoying the  swe6f slumber wbich; a healthy: body and a  peaceful mind develop, the rov. gentleman,  suddenly found his apartment invaded by the  aqueous element. In mining'phrase, be was  " drowned out," and no harm done beyond  the inconvenience caused by the want of  gum boots. On Sunday he preached a most  Instructive sermon at Mosquito creek. /  !���������*"  MR^ DAVIS' REJOINDER;  "^'^.'/'r'^ljioiiJsisaC  Editor; Sbxtinki,':���������After /perusing 'your  corresp ondeht's ������������������ -wbi*cl-- or tw6 with hie,bh, th0  Lightning A question;; I: do hot; find the argument/ ' on /Lightning, .tout mere!y. sarcasna 0n  my raentaV and physical blindnessrr-meanjhg,  I supposd; /in plain.��������� English,; that 1 am blind  in one eye and can't see but of*.the- other." If  this is the.best argument ���������adapted, to his mental capaci"y/in;handing history "to posterity,:  it c an be no longer, a matter of; p. lib lie- jute 1-  est, aiid I- leave with y prir��������� readers from"��������� fore*  going* correspondence to judge the merits of  each ; for-14 decline a controversy.: on per-  serial merit���������; knowing but top well.your correspondent's: superiority oyer .your, hupiblo  6ervan\'...,..;.' ���������       :'���������,;.'���������' -L yAyC-Ay-. ���������'���������"'������������������.-'  A>y  All  Y'������.:-  ;y \  ''.yyji���������Ay.y.; A  y.-ytiyy  Avxyy  '"A <y ���������  '       . -���������:  ... '!������������������ --   -r,  yyyy^^-yyy:  "V~r>yf-;  ��������� *~-y...y -  a A-:'  ' y^A^Al'  .���������?y..\ ������������������'"������������������' y  .AV mz^yy��A-y
I1'           ,A       y
ft".',-:,'. "*
1       y 'a
,,, -A*i -��ry , ,* j
r-   .*   �� '             Y
y .I'jtJL y.vf.y-yyyo
~JS   >
i'^mfrvy     v
ffiy^JtsF ��������������� ������������ ".---.'���'.,. .i--..- ���--.���   -
���yfe*$r- .  :
fcY^Y^Y-Y--������������������ ... ., ./.���
, [Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1862]v
' ' A  ',   ,     \yita power to inert;y<���      ���
in a recent'seizure of a; dhampagne-thaliing
cgtaolishm'eht  in  New  York," tbe ,;articles
foaod.oQ.hand-were:four barrels of rtommpn
white wine, one barrel of molasses-nnd one
���barrel of vitriol       < '    ,
��� . 'A guest at Saratoga, misloolr s large silver-
^ handled' dinner knife;'foe/ a^ofil&8%bandker7'
Tn^ e is cow % U& 'TVltltugioi^ Ajfr mary
p,erofthe;realmrand was, lately possessed jIN   VANCOUVER  ISLAND- VI010RIA.
���In .the United,States :        ,   V"
OREGON.   ,   -,   ..-.'_"PORTLAND.    /
NEW YORK,     -   ."Messrs. Brix & Guy dry,
, . <Agen��for
ON 'SCOTLAND���The ��� Britishf Linen Com-
-\ pany's'Rank.Y >       >
ON^IREli'AND^-The Bank of Ireland.
 LbiidaB MMA-M ;Mexico   and   Soutb
';   "Am"erica. :���'.-li /��� A��� ���:-f":,';������'y
l($W ENCiliANb^he^Bant bfRritisbGolhiiiH
y li'eadenhail sie/et/"<' *��AfAi   A '
Miners' Boarding House,
miiB   tJNJOBiy^-Nfib   DESIRES  TP'anM^
Ttl-S Ua^ purchased th,^ H^mltogo
m above 'cSiaWlahrafcnt, nUd solicits ^a contJ^npc>:
otcasiom. ; Bib price ornofti^will romalu as before^
,*    *   ���'      '  ., SAMU|L WALKER.   :
Barkcrville, July 27, 1SG9. '"        - iu2S lt
���'?' X'- '." .'' '���' 'A'^���y.~��� A><,' ,f"*,- ':��� ���-���������," "jf"'^'
Importers lan^^mmisBion nlHcrohantv ltjsuraiicP:
Wharf Street;' ; ^% ��� ^y y ..- :Y?^&^yictorib. y" ^
,, ������     '   ' ���    i   ' ' '      . '.       ���'        I*" '   ���     . .���,     -     -" ' | i -.li'-'.' -      ��� -->.���  "���������li--
'/;?rom ihtt*Po,sVpffice^annuul /opqv^pubt
A Jjk&il-'oi^Wedne
feor    of' 'letter;!  'delivered   io   the    U"?tai'i
Papei   money  has  beenVrforced  ixno^  the
riiyzed*-    ���    "'��� X      iv ' *\ ;S?��-J|
; y Srom'-'St"/Pelersbiirg^we. learo that a line
of fay/sty has,'bee a   somhienced to "in-
-acrosk-Russia,->na^ tha^' preparations 'ai1��:
/making to have: ri Submarine/ cable between;
\tAuiAiio.il XyneAiGA,   - y
l- A cerlaiu Mol'ah recentlyrpreacbedrberore;
, ";Sk Suit in, & uring. tho' -Ramazan, / against ;;iie
ifon-c'lails ah iMwoti ?v - GiaburaV-' aQdJun-;
duterlzed   ia   the   Eyyt^nA1 Tho  man; was
i (loweJ'tb .e "yead Ei?^c*r; bi'f-,"rbe neife" lay
, a feraatfbnWe'^Mm off t-i Broussa, fe? 6^
'rA^nnSsVeean/has.Inventefira machine rfor
.cleaning cotton, whicli it&es the bolls; just as
' S?ii��ie; p'rMels   i'g/tb a/ribboki >1 spun r.o��coe
^eljfifqsed: of di^c^'f1 ^id ^&^1^ ��^onK-
' another, ah^'in .nineh fetter /condition than
v-cbEiOD^p'repared;in the/old-fashioned/wayw v:
 ,-'-1-  - -��� '         ,--,���-.-���.,.--,,..--   -'ii^ isiatid
.Tailor��;(Sico@^%t^ 'M/ Eeadi): 4o/verme'_,M
;;;    <      ^/etv^iot^rla X     y       \A
,Or/lers;attenilecl to wlU- Y<-a aud/ilcspatch.       t?
JOSHUA 'A. "IOTtL    "   l    FREP.W^'ciOUpACB.
v -V^��.::ito- &. grobmce;      y
Eiifflisli, ��� Ale ;and; Sorter,
>      -,   P..,iVy.A  .    ON   DRAUGHT,' :��� '   yy.,'    A   '
' - : CHOICE'. WINE? AND LIQC",ORS,:   -
No     612    SACRAMENTO   /STREET,,
AbovcXb?fcS^ffc'ryrsiu'Frauciscc1,   !iul3l^
JRecelved oa Deposit, o^ advances mado ch them.'
V, mted c;_ Victoria, San' Fruncisoo,'Portland, and
Every ^rescript ion .of. Banking.,-Business-, iransactea.;
v      ^;'--y"   ..   .     OHiaRLES S'. JONES,. Agent..,^,
WHUam.C^ckj Ofrrihoo.   '*."���-__"    .- ^ ,. , r
iTOpertcr of Books, > Statfoacrj-, jmd Fancy' Fdreia -'S
i{^��^^?j.K^^'Mrifi ,yyy���y yy
ti      FORT STKECT, YICTORIAj B.^0. -,        "
.\Iay:l>,1869.  .' . , ; ,   A ������   i^yA       '    -  A   ,u   '
B^Mp^^^^%: Hotel1,
STORE Street, Vetwccn'"^^!^'ana Flsgard, Victoria ��   Meals at'nil hours:*. Bpanl-.and Lodglngpcr
��� weekv$5 50, @ $6 ;$0      I1 c r day,.; ��1.
371-2 ccat3./^.Bed?,;60;contB.i"
.otlRing. per
'k|Two^Ifis*bnien  fciopr'^ 'at   Ta
"^winolows-" b^eri,^
;'^fe hiii^riest fi  Toledo   moaquijioes   ^^o?J
'^fibdked'in:^and drove tbein:desperate.'/Tbe
*c li. k,'"who ^as- suinmon^^^ devise bet;*
./windows and:.pufc,out the gas.. They acted
^"6n.ithe;.suggestion and .placed"themselves be-
^H#celi\*tb*e's*j'eets;"^usfc\gE tbey'began-to doze
^li^hthlng^ugVw^icb bad strayed into"|h.e
'''jrqoni",tcaught 'the eye oI m e .of ^ % travellers.
He "roused hi^ coft3TJ*mioiB. .with a pnnchy
- v* Jamie, Jamie, it's, tfo, us^I ' Here's-one of
* : the cratiirs sarchin5 for mb 'w\�� I a 1 a a tern P_   .'
.JZ-i PAjEn.^noM SfoKifiXTbe New York Times
recently had a stone epistle froi*. TvFlorence,
r-""correspondent,* the' letter being written on
" ^MP��r : !^a^e" ^ro^s ? *^e fib,r�� ':' ' asSfifefeqs.'
fffSfgnor.Del Cloroha. b*2L3 ajplentiful mine of
' this substance, from winch.a' i^n >'-> made,
, y and/then paper., ; He. offers.it to ,;" *; world as,
'y ai g6od thingrr-forat makes towels^and, iex<
A v -? tiles-'as' weH as / pttper,; and' -th ese ;: si #j fire;
5 ; SL "I B?dy V asbei^iJoB tfress "would'U c: no lbad;_/ in-
. f.y-enjiion. for Uiese^erosehe. iimes^. But then
\Ci.'&.^/oldvr.new'spape^Ywouid/ refuse to kindle
. :#^pur/fire^slY a.a1aa,,. A-. ���, ���lA^'.y>A-^ - v A-
yi A-new and daring/experinieht;is/fnoted' by
^ Ay ih^l&zip&ai^az^^
* 'urVwHch^hasbitherto attendeil/n^utical :ex-
A HXpeditions;to;Jhe Arctic/ regions Ms indhhed?
'A ]��� ;i^.]:*C^nchmen,; ;3^ssrs;/$issandier and. De
Fouvllie, -|p/ iihdertake  the enterprise;; of
reacbingrfliS---Norlh-^olein aA>alloon.   "The
macbi^^jaS'Wl'iich; the:>bold: adventorcrs/are
^-about/to e^harl^
A and wnich^Ssap^opriatetynamed:^      Pole
y Nord," ss nb^;being.bbmpieted in the Champ
:/ ;4e;s-M^,^wtiicn Welgo/v^nment have placed
;attheir n%pbsa)i*or the^urpose- ��� The:moh<
ster b.aHoou, Reside whic)i/even the." famous
^Geant" wbuld seem a/mere toy, will contain
���lyyovet L0,000/c^ic?m:e^ef;ptga3,:and; is :;coin^
v /posed of a; cloth niaKufactured /from/ caoufc^
��� ;��� choucj: yjh)cti: wffl^-aUoyr/of gr'ea t expansion;
in the"ra'cl^e^atjf&ia^.ithe/atmosphere^/"Hie
seams -uniting  the/'/'difereut;; pieces/j*for%- a
length of three; English miles.   The; car, a
"ldarvel, it is Said, of /strength and lightness, is
..^constructed, to carry tea passengers, 4,000
of ballast, and provisions for a month.
^K^rs' -Provision   Store,
=   '   -  ��� ' BARKERVILLE,; ,   '   .
jT^xf'D^or to AAvavpfjil Orncii..  ���
ypy:.y.yi^AA-y/s:'..^yAAy/y'At.'".'A!?������''������,'I"YAl'.'���'���'aAA ��� I-Y-Y:lyA'-"-���
'i'T this Esta-blishment will always, be, fouad a well
^V     ���    selectedand-'var:06 ;/.ssortmei.t ol the
ALSO - A cood selcci m of Clotbiagy Hardware, Glass
^    "and Crockery.'  Bpst brands, of Tobacco,,    t.
y v;^. .nv ���Mpdlc^ECs, VtcM etc.    . "   .
Bcsi 'Java Coffee Roasted and Ground' DAILY.
- Tbe^BAR'isTiilly supplied with the choicost   .
Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors;
square; dealing; :tojineritr,a<^i^
patronage heretofore es tended.to, me. .    ^       .;    .,
" A large lot of HEYWPOD'S celebrated BACON!
:_br;'sale, at.a very low'-flgure.1 ,  .:��� /       ���"   ���        ���
YFOb. 20,1869. - Jl ;  Ac I '   - " ' ��____
"N�� VV ;E NG t-A-N D    ;/-
Bakery and Coffee Saloon;
TRT, fp OPKlBTOI? ?n\v above cs tabllsbmem ^o^jdr
S^spectfuny,itifQrm bisifrieivds and tho .publicvm
Breaftor/his owhbaking' haying securctl .^Q-^stfc
abco ofacompetonl   Baker,-which eaablos bim
d^;��SSotCOFFEE,SALOON  aU.rhed  to the
abr-ro, whew*none but tho best Cpfl"ees Pks and Cakes
J^.Kt^RBBiD   DEL1TERED  to  all parts^ nf^ the_
��ri&^- ������������ -AA^.tf:^^
':' '     ' ^ QCESXELMOCTH.'    , ,.     ." ,'���
THE Proprietors of this well known House tender
4^thcir sincere thanks.to their frionris and the tra-
S Hdbegto Worm ^lidm'Uiat^.n'.ordoptplngur^:
reduced to $3 6O��� pet Day, Single *leab?, $J JgO%
a AH the luxuries that;the country, aflprds.are con-:
^imtlvkepLon th* Uble. Private Parlors am bints
ffmms-ffirFaiulUeB:* Tho-Bar-is stocked with the
ii0c;t'-rirarids' of!WiiTes, Liquors and Cigars? '^y'"
A^5sSK& s^PlHted.withih^s^?Wt
OatSi Hav and Grain. : ��� . . . BROW > --��>U.L.IS. ^,
;   QuosoolmuuLb, llav 18.60.
; -"ANDREW ASTBICO, Proiinetor/'
���ifJS} !������.��,,'.; grayer^ 4Govefivrn��nt';sireci,-a'Csttoiha'^1
-5ffi2S%'St. Nicholas Hotel,' Victoria, V; I.    Chrcmoni.-'VI
=ijt'(Sr3 and ;Watclies;cIeane<l^ro|ja!r^d^ an fl Warranted; - / '
Every description.of,J��jweliory..maiU* <- ^" jk     f|ftla
and Ornamental Engraving neatly.c-:y/:'y^ir^" '
:.- Hay 1, I860.        '    '    * . A".     .',-'.' 'i A'A-
a ;   3-erow,
mM^Q^-^^0A6i^v BmLDEB,:
' East si do; Tictorla, T. L\" A   y
Executes orders-for zxAij description- of vehicle..,-A
general assortment of Wpgons always on handj
Mavl|vl869i '*/;;.; ^nE^p^roR-OIsni--'' y y ���--^���..���<;6a'--
A:WAy&Ml^AxWv y
.   ^WMolesalo^bcalcr iif��� :.'
G-roceries,; P. r o/y i. s i o n s,
H^-vana-Oigars,' and I f > en si    J- e :rvGB.. _
Yatca'SfrtCt, ���*,';. '/-" '   rY  ^ctorln: V-J , B. d
Antelope Restaurant,
' '" ' BArvK:ERyiLLE,': ���"
..���.��� .... -Tpi:,^COPPER, -Sheet.
���j.-a= Irony Zinc and fead Piping, atterided to wi t h
pr^hiptness^ aiid Warranted*'te/give.entire./satis"
factioni^/ . Y;-/yyy.��� A'  . .-..;   ^ ��� .."ry   ' ���-. '���"  ������ ;���'
K&3|t^ar pteel,
... ...f- '-a?*?wi..,
FOR-BALK '       y   ,
Ei Pearson ^ bros^��� i
'**'*;-���* V    A*-- aXa'X.  "Barkerville.'
vZ[sa^ y A Ay
P. jrcENTEE' wishes ' to in form h is Tri en ds! and the
. pu blic that he-is prepared -to; do HOltSESHO E-
INO at :;$3:per;set, and all othcrlcinds; of. BIacksniith;
work at roasonaolc rn tes.   ���', . . - , *���- -'.. ,Y
. /RIOKFIEtO; July;23,1SC9. A V ..: /; //-.//jy^.tf;.'
'    Proprietors.-i
Board, $1S per "Week.*   Single Meals, $1.
The best of material, ts used;^ and all who.wish i^rst-
elass Board at the above rate can- obtain the-samft-at
this^establishment. :    , aull-lj"��^ -:
.   ^_q^ Dinners for pJEU'ticf "co.oted:'t^rdoivy
.    ������"��������� :    LECUYER & BRUN, ,, .
��� *'-��� : y proprietors;.y
'i   i i      YATES iTBiETj ,   . ^  , .
HAS ��/<��� l��r.ndtand is.constantly rr.^Svlng glares ;
T^GS; wbictvliejspreparfcd tb make to ordei,ia."�����
���iiiosv approved stales.':      v    ^>      4;^l1rt/i��n  '
Ailordersfrbm CariboopiompUy attended ta. _
1 ll0v^n%:yyA -    - ?-",_L
Tea and^Qoffee Salesmen,
>    . ForKstreet,iViofcor!a, V.I.,
nick of WchbiccM o*:^8^^ 5vScpri!3
tb Ihrge'consuther's they offer every facility as ^ ;.
^r'.ceS'-ndmiaUty. |   I   VyAy   t , /_/*__!_-���������
my5 6m
;:./' -:>0H^ByMEKT.gTB|E^ /'1CT0I1IA2
1 friends and the publie^that Uc.has fi tted uj) x$p*���
��� CO MF OR T ABiij3;BlpS^O
In his new buildiog, wbovc/lievis^prepared ��������� toigl'yc,
KoodBods at a rcfisontible' jirice.^^iipsorwho;-^);
favor him with their .patronage, may depend on tbe
cl eanncss an d cb mfor t of h is no use. , - y y-��� ���
"���' He takes also thi s oppor tunl iy to rem i nd, th e Cari-
booites. that bis Brewery\hns��received the FIRST
'I'ftr^i^ P C'tu ts - Octf on yy;1!<or:it ih* o-ol.b br�� t�� '&-:��������� ������������ **���- *:**&!?& ...~;.^ -��
']      " .' ��� -   .XXX.   ALE,       /,
And the true amateurs will be able.to judge by them
selves that such hpnorahlc prize has, pee�� justly
awarded to hini.*-.������������-';/;    A-  ,;,":  ���*'���'������. A���������-���'���'- ;-    ;������'-.���������
: ���N-.-B1.-4. large front room to leti ,'h. :^: j^+i'. .'
, Barkerville/;Jan. 23,1860T T <,K. .CUNIQ
YnriderdlotUingi Gloves, ^d^7fiy      ��� ;l
Rcceife-Ve^ar%npplJW ^ ^ . =
:LAtfr>'i&wti;?*?:V'^ ..;.   ���
Jiuiiusiness carefully and punctually;:*|^?. t
AAA:   JSAWNE^S- 1 EtT-Ete^-Jj-//
������fezA''tfci ::B;/0- :;6/?R. H/Y M E?jB; ',;.
���/;:/:/''-;-'.;'::.'; .by-;J,vmbs! axderson./:-./-; yy-v/ -���
PRlOB,r   . - ;;    - lfc       Voi^B/DOLLAR.
/For/sale at; the Sextinei, Office   and forwarded by
pOst./f res 6C charge. ' '    . - - /" my-29'
, .Ylish
., -.- ; ; -.. run uin��vy, �� cyr \v C siroi ns ter.- B * ,0. "
Orders from up-country carefully attended to.
Hay 1,1869. 6m
fimiS Pronrlc tors of this old - and woll,known ostab ���
i Hshmont would, respectful ly thank their num or
ous friends and the public for/the .extensive Patronage
herctotorobestovvodon them/and trustUhat.by thoir
usual strict attention to business they .will merit a
contjnuaDce of their confidence> a.ud support., <
j3REAr>;;^Al>B"/ Oi?>;*TgE BEST; FLOUR
.���'^reco^^ ���.,   '.
,V": QROUND    COFF.EE,,^:-
vhich is a much superior article tl lan any wh ich eft n
'>c had' IVom beio\v.   We Roast and dn ml it oursel ves
and choose the best berries, consequently the ;pu;htic
mav be sure of��� its bcing free from. -&<i n l.teration.  ,
ni y ..-���-- PATTERSON k G00DSOX.
Barkcrville, Mt��)/1^ 1809.. myl9
^A    BARL6W^cstros to inform Ab^pcop^^
ilw   interior^Slid %pper country, that *a*^e';tt,'*
Ciii nod tlie necessary vm ach inory ��� anu. v��-   Of;c6ff_o,v.;
latest rii^6dMmmM^^^^^U'-     ,
to be superior tp'any-otheV;:;.!^.-, >.���; ���    ��� ,   0arde��?'
VGtrtMcvOryGoi>te>m^ '
Yaler May 1,1869/   ��� ���
rpHlS house Inis bxceilcn^: '^pommedatjon  �� -^
of Lieuors.at ;tbeBar,,; ^Stabjing ��� ft* WpW- '
and Oats at tbo lowest,rates.   -.7 t       pi-onrietoTS
May 1,18^.   u   'EXLLIY &LAM5,rr^IS'
.^U^ilWfc-*'-'**''**---^'* "*'J


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