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" Special Di^'p-Vich;t^'thc C^iBOOjS^tisEiJ;���*':**��
New Yor^i Sept^TthWTjie'folldMng X*T
an^ Austria. si��nM;^:r&^ of
August, tlie .' vioiatfbn^pf %hieh'/^s*:*te'^ted
Prussia to cease r ber? . disbandmenls" and -draw
the sword again: y, * The^Eriiperbr; of Austna
consentsto a'iiriiotfoftheLombafdo^eneiian
tban that tfie,deb
* ritory >halI be recbgniiMi J* ?f?^^M ^^
the treri tyi <������������- j '*���' ��� a -/-a-.. -,* a . ,*_ * if -\ % y\.. v. o,;, u ���a'4..^:
The^foJiowing is Napoleon?s:letter��to, the
King of Italy in reference' to the cession of
��� Vene'tia:,-���  ���-���   A AT y-'-y -vT-y^yy *'."
"MyBroker,���I;;hav^ learned with pleasure that your Majesty Has! adhered to the rim1;
jstiee and- ^preliminaries of? peace .signed hy.,
Pnissii and,Austria.,^It^
' that a" new; erar.of ��.'^nji^
ceptetbe offer tif! Venetia^in; orders to ;save:
to restore^her $6: herself, irijorder j^^hemay
be free from theAlps to theAdriatic;   Vene-
tia will! ijooti&e able to'pxpressgief ^sbesrby'
universal suffrage4; ^6nr;M^e��t#^iH recog^
j  nizc that ih; these cirpum^toriges^
I'-' France fi^agaur^^een^exercised ih favor; of
liumanity_arid the independence of the people.
I reiiewjthS a^urancejof tlie sentiment of high;
esteem and- sincere fr
im your"lMajesty"s gopd^theri
wry ������ ^'Napoleon."���'���
"St. Cloud, Aug. 11,186(5^     _ ;
recent changes in Europe arp: m^praBlei tp
France; Pnissia^aridl^y^red
ideas, ai^Aulna-hait no ^hostile: interests;
The Convention afclfe
tied outv ��� Th^ito^a Af
era' assume the;;jlibert^p^the Ba|^,an|.J|e^
itorratiOftri.    v~.-;iw. *.y\��u> At- '-   ,v?kA^ A. ���rqNs&^s^si��
-��risrSeptilTlth,^}.Jmr^lt. is-saidvtha^lSf
"Emper orSfaaji-$fused: to- aUP^thepfficers %pf
-Consols closed
{lieJPreridh aVn��po hold'Office;in Mexicojow-
"fog-ito 'the protest ofr tne United States 'fi^^--
erbmenfc^1 ��f/"v?,-"\-% Av
London, Sept. 18th,-evening^
at 891$fbr money ;.' 5-2 p%yl%i.yy ������-^. ������yyyy
The'Memorial Diplomatique^ speaking of
the. share of /debt-iailing, on .Italy in.cpnsp^
lo wing tfte mode adop ted by the. conference,
of London on the occasion-of the separation
of Belgium from, the Kingdom,, of HoHand,
the Anstriaypienipotehtiaries 4t ^euirichidiy id^
edthe liabilities.iffd^Lt^o h^wjfa*,..*TlTe Austrian debt was iriclitdedjiri'the';Liombardy liabilities, . which aftejv lpng7negotiations were
fixed at' ��� 6he:huh^re1iMrid/fiHiy.million francs;
tlie second had for its object-the general: debt
of theEriipire. 'The^Austrian Plenipotentiaries
demand ^t:^
proportion''to the;population;pf
hadtitken place betAveeriHpllaffldaridB
Had that course been adopted the;amohnt
wbuld iiayelbeeh* fivefhundred ^nUljpn ftancsy
Sardinia "refuse^ t6* t^^ assume so'considerable^ a
sum; but, thanks to tlie arbitratioribfthe Emperor of .the French^ this Second part of the
m-$!&tk&m .^uced-to1 brie.hundred.million1
' n:ancs7:|^iii^wie tb^rMnr with'wMchSardinia was chargedSunder both headrwas settled at: two)hundred;and^?fift^)nillion;Srancs.
In the negotiations "which are"taking place
relative to Venetia, .the determination of the
amount of deot^has* lieeriAloft to' the^lterior
deliberations of the Plenipotentiaries assembled at V}ehria, but, considering all the cir-
cumstarices, it seems to us that the; definite sum
canuot be less than two hundred 'millions,of.
IVaiics."   ���   ' '. < '���   -���:���;-   v> -..���;��.-���
London, Sept. 19, noon.���The;'Daily News*
editorially says a Russ&i^Aine^
is impracticable   Money market steady.
Florence, Sept. 19th, noon.-^-The mission pf
Oen. Revel to Vienna has.led to the belief that
the difficulty between Italy and Austria, m regard to the debt of Venetia, is nearly at an
eml, and that a "compromise- will bo effepted
^vhich will result:l'n lasting peace.. ; The; works
in connection with the Italian navy atSpezzia
are all being pushed forward with rapidity.:
Liverpool, Sept 19th.-^Breadstuu*s market
generally without change.
San Francisco, Sept. 9th.���Donohue, who
shot Patterson in Walla Walla, about a year
ago, was arrested here to-day. The shooting
^vas done in a barber shop, ,in which Patterson was being shaved, ftonohu'o was tried
hut thejury disagreed, and pending; a second
jl'ial made his escape. Nothiug had^ .boon
known of his whereabouts riinco until it was
/ascertained he Mad femeVtoithis^lty aridship^
p;ed as a marine'pn/board'the'-Va'nuerbilt. He
ty* }ty r6P^ tatiori ;bf ^eirig^d^e^tecliarae-
fc^//:: Peterson, whbiri he killed, ^as the man
���who- shpt/eaptystaples, of the%teamer Brother
^nothahfinPMaTauv^ years ago. ' He
wilLbe sent,back;to5Oiegpn for trial. ': ,, ;
.-: f Gold was 145 at'^ew York yesterday^ v'Lc^
;gaf tenders, dull, 71i buyingyH and>72; selling;
* ��� San Francisco, Sept. 2pthj^^rrah^'em'ents
aire being made to giye^uceri-Emiria'a
ble reception.1 A;salutehot 21 > guiis from Fort
Point will be fired^; The revenue; cutter! Shu-
brick will proceed outside Pf the harbor to
meet the steamer.Sacraimen:to''^eariflg the distinguished visitor; she will fife la national sal-
; rite, and .then, with the royal s teudafd^tVfbre-,
'top. escort the steamer;into���;theVhtirbor.-- ^In?
iprnmtiori; has been; rece
ment will:pla;ce the'*J;;'SVsteai^
at the disposal. oiv Queen;Eriima for^ ;tbe pur*
ppserpf conveying -her ho^'^^_^''4^-: *��� ��� A.A
t; The alleged case;of cholera.:on; board the
steamer Moses "Taylor enhefc voyage ���; from
;San Juan.dei-Sur^ereiM; ppito^ii(ited^:rD_:,
Geo. Hewston, who was actingprgeon, says,
mo cholera -symptoms- were ^manifested by :any
bf* tne passengers. There were,, as usual on
^isthriiussteaiSers, several: cases - of "diarrhoea
and"4deaths.'1' :""���*������,. r.vV ��� ������'.:���'-.-���."���.' ���"" ������   -:V
I J��t* The Austrian ^Governjient and' the
Remington Rifle.���We' understand that >the
Austrian ^Government has giveni6rders;ior:an
immediate supplylpf'-. R-emihgton ��� breech;loadt
ihg rifles,for the irriperial troops.; . Ah: agent
of the Austrian Government was present at
the" recent ^imbledori'meetta^^
s'atisnea withthe^nririg^ Spiri the ^"Remington
rifle asrto feel justified in Instructing"the/Gpy-!
erhment" to adopt this: hew^reeoWpading
musket; f^I-t is; cbnfidentl^.stated:.that;this,gun;
mll'discharge-with: .ease;as^m
per miiiute: This hew gun is'the iriyentiori of-
an American, who, we believe j isi .represented
ih'this cbuntrvbyithe-Biimfe^
Rifle C^^yA^ropeaa/Times.' ' .
^epl^d^WW^'otim latebattles/rf^A
young soldier im the midst: of the;tumult; of
battle &bughthe saw:on the grass_afpur-leay-
M shamrock growings Asteuch' aslant; is rare
and -is" considered to :bririg good luck, he stopped 7tb! take]it;> At that veryiin^to^ cannon
ball passed over his head so near that he must
have been killed if he had
down. Ttte man=so miracnlously..saved; sent
the plant to his betmihed,atl|ffinigsberg.^    .
1'^^It'isremarked that although, the new
Government hasbeen'iri'1: power only - a fortnight it: has already increased: the expendi-
uire by close upon half a million.Y - 0* ^j.ft
goodly proportion is for breecWojiders and a
mrretshjp.-f-English Paper,)?uly ^8th. ��� ��� - ;: ,
Ij^-Among the :receiit: ^inventions" in
France which have been brought to light by
ttie! recent discussion on the needle gun, is one
wliibh fires twenty! ball a: minute, and has a
musical b ox in,the; butt. ;thus:doing, away with
the necessity of regimental bands.;  .,
QariboQ:.: sSerxtii
OmCE^-BARKERyililiEi WiLLiAirSvCBEEE,, GAKiBbq;;
':'^ %>l^ &:A"   ''"   : '   !' '���"'-���'"'' ' ""-'"
. yvk
.PAH>OT^ABI^ -yy
AAA (WitH;P6^ef'to,Iuc^ease.)''���  '   ' ���  ,L "
,.........,,, KAyA":'
| Iron   Gar   Wheels;
fPOWDER^HUSEf &c.,>&c; ^- xA
hAy:A:A .yViA y : 'AAA.- ' *������>-..a, v;y,,;; - y
'      ' '""also,".; "'.'-'
ve:;,, -A.-.-;-'- yyV::-At^-u���
,.,   i    ', ,, , /v ( y     ^rf
���<.-"\""i'.K'.'AAXZ A.-'(*��'iVi"'*'::'
. -..:;���'.-   -.'- .AK....'.���I'VJi* -;U'.v
-���:x'. ;'...!!>M'.
:��� \-:AA-''���'��� *':���.;. ������ ���:-. * ^ V?"- ���>'���'&���''
*.-...-. st.'Vi .'.
*-..... .:u-y . *. \ ���:������}������   .*..*;-:. -..'<.���
���   ��� r"' -.
:            - '
-.-: ���'������,��� ���?������-���:������ ������;..^-:.-.i>.v.,-.:;-,va';.-.-. ;���
'���   ���'** .'f���
'- '.* . - '   - *   "'-. ' ^ . ������".'.'���\.'.'l ..
-���- .���'.:.....���������.-.:���':!". .'-;.>:,v..C>',-t:.>
:.--- yAt'yAl ������'"���:'.-''Ay-
���   ���'.;. ..>;.'.:    .;. ". -,-i...* "���''���..������
-...-'-.:. :>���.. -���:. '...������j". --'ij.-
.'- ���( - .:" .���..���-*.���.
���;���-���������-.*-:-.--. ..���-,.-,,--:.'. ���-.".<:-y\:^ ���--:���:��� $
r ���:���������.* AVA*;-��- Ay '- -'-.' ;";""''>: '���""���'
-- _���).,. i-->'���".:'j.-i  ' ..'-'���-' .-..y ..-
}..';' -y V] ,-[���'"*'���'-     /.I.'"  ��iY.-.>.:,;-';^.-;
-��� 'if.",%���'���" ������������ ������:-",-'-''���...:,������"-' ��� 'm-(''
";::\y*^?-^":AAiA ;\.-���"���.-'*.: .--.-A .
��� *>i-i."_i��i_
|ANp'NANAf5rp";J-j '' AV V^
%-VQhUMhhy^  21a'*At "'���
iRlBOOj,..., . Ah    ������' ���       ''
;-tr,- ���>.<-;-
]0mT"Sl3fBANK ^^OOTREA^^N.CA'NADA^ ^   f
tntfeal. Toroiito^^^l?!^ Hamilton^ Kondnn^KJiig- ^
^ Y :t'tH 'MyS;.- fflO]feoNif.SRtiffi_DiSt'; A,. -Ay'Aaa
. ;���;,.:.   ,,JAte,:ANg^RSpNrY^^P,ate\m^^^       , , -,
'   DRW^B^^WILKJNSONV^-Direoxoks.       '   .
JOHN ADA1K,     , , A)   A    ,-y; . .
.. v���-  ���/ /;,;ii'.gvjifej^'';/v;'' .1.":. 'i.y-'������-'.'i���������'A-~::'y^.yy.'V-y.; :..'n.v"-,v-,:
JOHN" 'B^RON;'1-' -'  -   fy    'y y> \ -liririarias.
tik IRE^u||UNIOS
��� v!.'''.-'-'fli!
jl'H^^Omct', Loins   ru St,, Ljmdoi       ���
^CURRENT ACCOUJffife'bpehcfJ ior au^ mnount iof-
lesPthnirOn��sHuniTi;^^JoUarjsV      '        -    V.'-  ���: i.
��� Bills Discounted g'i *  ' "���  '   r       f  ""     *"v   ''""'���"
��� ^.vfiwoyn m^iit.aii^ptl
oustody ;l In tei?��'-stH";a "
���fSp'Tfyrii want/good .Cbtoe^^ell^
st^y o^.'y'-y <y
THIS ��� -INmTuTION at1'present 'coataiiDaj. abe,ut 60p��'' '��-.[.; \^^^*f^
, ,vql umcpt'-Clipide IsifcofiiVa^eonsistin^ofls'efi^dukl '^66^hTT?,ust;$C^l^
Scitnt-iflc.,Historical1',nifiSpMc" I worfcs^a^o^^r 'JMiii'
."ff^mi^TagLW^Efmit^fi^,,- .���..... wv-w,. ,���., ..���,. wr-.y,-,-, ,���w,r,
clop*e(U;i"of < Commerce* will alvvaysf&eiKeptlte th&^room
lor. referenca. ' - "">' '      '^'" ���
>. 1 Thp:R{iiiii Ing-Room willtbo'.found. suppicl^ witlritho
latestyEngllshj Scattish, Cunudittn^^Americanj antl/Cplo-
uial,P/i_jers aiiel, Magizirics''.^- ;:.:;, ';> Aj, A ' 'y- A. '���..;::
\ Terms Pf:SuBscRipii'ib3^--$5 perqtiartpr,-;pr A$2-i>vf.
montii. v'yinglo volumes "Coaiiod to hpn-subscribws 'at
50 cts.vper volume, with $l\depositi; :-' vAyiA. 1 :;.j/? ;; r
Persons? not subacriUora ���'; vjiitiiig.. the; Reading .Room
a Books and Papers', will be oliargV
SffY-   Y-U\'   V  *":���������..    ���'!���..- >'   -        ."���-.���., I   -a
^'Securities; .tffceivod1: for safe1 *" '������������';
"jpiyiOenfls-coJleetod.;;r :s_ *;:;:.;;:-'/'" '���' ���''
^p^bej^SVAdvanc^smttdtnpoiitlieiil.   s
���J'm^m^i^sM,<.^y4  ! j ���<- <   >��� ? ������-.?���, ,- ^    ,
und.makiug use.of the
ed" 25'cts:, for ;eacli! visi tV'
jlggr The "Room will be open from 10 a.m. till 10 p;m.
.;.y -���^���'-.v. -:'{y -y;.-'-*.���;     A-A) ijohn;bowkon,->.vv
;; ; 17 ���-}������ >:y AAyyAy: Secretrary and Librarian.y\
xAyA:y Ay, ^x^^.imibyy'V^yy'Ay
'"'  yX.'.'"' A''];.���"���'."'!���'. ^EAiiERai ixy;;t.; '';;; '.'A'A''--A-: )A
Storage and Commission.   -";. . A&....'���
iu condensing the vapors
niirttinir, a liquor is obtained
SS2S2��d of asconttlu! most unbearable.
the most li'iuseous
-."    J   ,t������^��_ ii  m evidently itnporOmt that all the
circumstances it W^M*;njlJ ronSltag HhnuW be car-
���*'.''  RICHFIELD, Williams'Oroek; B. C; ' 'A'AXy
E HAVE ON HAND-a large stock 'of. provisions,.
"Hardware >nd Vegetables, aiiU are - determined to sell -them- cheaper .than any other store on
Will I aitis Creek.' Gome and see ahu j ud^c" for you rselves.'
RicliueUt,:May5th,'1866.:;  y -.-.���: ,,��,,.  , Y; : ; yX ':
KIRW.IN, 2*vr%!
Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors
and Cigars are of the llnust quality. 0
u mo-vy^A "l0at cuwutlercMl by the pro.
iu its favor.
CoJToe M'
rchaat-F, Y,it-^ ^ Victoria.
BARKERVILLE���Adjoining the Express OtAoo.
BABKERVil.r.B. 1
; j-Y -^-xYl
���' ^ :'t"^: * ���������'    '��� ' !.'ESTiBtlSHEn IN 1836.; i��� * - ������-;" **>v ���*
Head-Office: ' 7y ;ST.;HELENS PLACE "L0^I)pN.
land and Provincial "Bank of Irehmdi; ; , ,;, i.-i.:y..i
; Bills of Exchange?and (xoldiPurchased.^' 'f
j Interest on Special Depo^iteor Money aUowed:at the \;
rate uf .a quarter of one: per cent, perinonth; "��� yXX)
cOeds of iGold;I)usti forwarded. :to. the, uiiico .in.-Victoria'; *���
for.AJssay will 1>ccarcJully.attended to.::     '.'V '; V: "." :'���;
'���;.:.;:.;' ;: J.;G. SHEi^ER-O,"Maiiagor;- :;
la,T;;I;-;.A_)ril.^806..v:0;-;'-'- Vy[ 'A'AAlu^: -Ay
A^Ayy.A :'r^.B_VBK*^VIJ^--B;r^
Ofkick Hours; Xa- 1Q;a;in.,; to   3 p;-'m.,.,..���������''_,..,\
Saturdays,   - ; 10 a;in.,;:itp;:4a.;.ra.';,'/;>Y.'
I igsg* No business transiic,ted oh Sundays.. .;... ya. ������:
',.���;.;.:,;  -.-'.;;'-. = . -.:- v:.h;1'^;R0BEin,;"BURUEL^-,/Y>
y:A^y^i-^h.^yfm\ ������ /--;'. ���:-^_T^i+ ^,.*,..��>,.��� ->: V. J>.i'..';^i.��t*'r.''-.. ���
' Slst July, 1866. y..A-:Ayy' " f,-       A"A -' :;'V.23'-'::.;
miMiMiiimi���iiiiw.m    "*~ " 1 ""l i-i in ii i i r~~ i
Barnard's Cariboo Express
. ;';4Ni3--
bus ijocn revised, and REDUCTION iti price*
made to r-uit the Uities.: Tlie el'iarge un Lett'u'.s iu ���tiul
from Victoria and iu termed late places irf nmv 50 cents.
Stage Fare to Quesaelinoutli,   ,    -       .       $30.
V    ' -*l  through to Yule, ' -    _.   " .-'  $&&,.
.    Agent Biirnard'jj Expr<^s.
August 1st, 1866. 20
B ArlM A RD'S-
.Connecting: at Lillooet and Yale with DIKTZ &
NELSON'S for New Westminster & Victoria, ���
TIT ILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from tho office in
" VI B arker ville, to con nee', wi tl j tlie stoa m er ' 'En -
terpriso" at Quesnelmouth, and the STAGES at .Soda
.Crijok, EVERY WEEK," convt-ying Tukasuke,'LuTTKita'.
and Valuabj.es for ull p;irts at the world. Also, Uom.*
missions rcboived nnd forwurded li'y Expn^f-" for tha.
colk-cLion of,Notes, 'Wills and the pure'rego nf .'irnch'S'
to he oh tn i nod at N*n^ Westmiusier, Vicioroi, S-.u Fr.in-;
ci.^co or en route, and returns \nmb- with dfrpaicii.
Is . Agexii. i>.*rkerville, .','
'MrjrwaritawwttwiaMeiS mm  'Y y  V A  a-  t;?3  THE CARIBOO SENTOEL  THURSDAY, SBF'TEMB.KR27. 18^6.  OUR CANDID,  ud in the  e that we  repre-  A few days ago we ^^.v  thought that not only warnp^  should have a miner in-th^^^L^ .  sent miners, but that it wa^tgpr acknowledged that this was the-most: important section of British Columbia; a fact which was recognized by the eagerness, with. which; gentlemen came forward to offer themselves as candidates for tbe representation.. The fates however were adverse to usiYand'onr.pride has  been humbled ; the proposed miner candidate  has declined to figfit our battles, and we are  reduced to the necessity of selecting our re-  preaenmtive from the two gentlemen who  presented themselves on the day of nomination.  "* We, who are supposed tq.express the opinion  of the whole of Cariboo, cannot conceal our  feeling of regret at the miserable position in  which we are placed, but with true miner's  hope under circumstances that would crush  any other spirit io the world, and against all  apparent probability, we still look forward to  something in the future, that is to make amends  for all the misfortunes of the present Whether  it is the fact that a new man whom. we have..  never "prospected" is likely to be elected; and  or that displeased with the.puerility or those  to whom we look for aid in our time, of need,  and the want of faith in those, whom we have  already tried and found Ranting, we are not  prepared to say.:;.'    . .;Ay  -:   Our dear bought experience of the past has  at least brought us; one advantage, we have  our late representative coming forward to give  an account of his. stewardship> and on the  strength of his unflinchihgr advocacy of. our  cause he asks us to replace'.-bim in the management of our affairs atV-Kew. Westminster.  Our readers will be.more Competent to judge  of his merits by a' reviewpof -his speech,; his  own expressed; sentiments^than, they * wpuId  be did we enter into a lengthy exposition of  our ideas of his conduct as^a politician.  ':. He begins by stating that he declined to run  for this place because ,"the[Lillopet people requested him to run xlncohditionailyi5;   We advise him to secure so advanfageons;appsition,  as he can play bis own gaM^^cmestionedj  whichjhe cannot do��������� ^qj^^^^^^^^^^-  turning him pbut as: weg  he had better hasten toJr^j(^n^sumpages-i  of the' VCayooSh flats" ! if tne^ are so easily  satisfied.   He tbeu tries to'tickle the ears of  our electors by some insipidities about a miner  representing miners, and the preference to be  accorded to the pick over the.quill.   In reply  to a question about the Miners' Petition, he  tried to amuse the -crowd byindulging in some  humorous sarcasms directed at Iiib unlucky  questioner, which ill becomes a would-be member of the Legislative Couucil, but quite in  Mr. Walkem applied some flattering compliments to tho Sentinel, but we are above all  such duplicity, and we will tell him why we  have never attacked him before, it was simply  because his betrayal of his trust had so cop-  pletely alienated every Caribooite from him  that we refrained from adding our censure to  the general indignation;with which his conduct  was regarded. We have now to assure him  that we shall not spare him in future, lest we  are again misunderstood. V:���������'.'���������'���������  We now,turn to the speech of Mr. Harris,  and although he does uot come up to our idea  of a representative for Cariboo he is decidedly in every way an improvement on Mr. Walkem.   His address was free from all the County  Court clap trap with which that of. Mr. Walk-  em's was"so bespattered; he speaks in an honest straightforward manner without anv circumlocution.   He does not talk of filling his  pockets with'the people's money and then  leaving them to their fate; he shows that since  he has been in the country he has invested his  money in  improvements  or prospecting,  in  both cases too often to his own loss; but that  is no fault, rather, we believe, a recommendation, as his experience has given him a better  idea of the real wants of the people than fifty  years' study of -legal chicanery would have  produced.   His political programmers liberal enough, and if he accomplishes but one-half  of what he promises he will make Cariboo a  perfect Elysium. ��������� ...  ELECTioxs.~The 12th and I3th lilt, is fixed  for the election at New AVestminster- the 2nd  ulto. for this place; at Yale it came off on  the 20th inst.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NSW ADVERTISEMENTS.  THE  iSHCROJTJALL RACES  ���������     THESE RACES WILL COME OFF ON  Friday and Saturday, the 12th and 13th days  of October.  Judge���������W. H. SUTTON. EFQ., Yale.  .HOUGHTON,,ESQ, ABhcroa.  "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE ELECTION  ll of a Member to represent Carl boo East and Cariboo  West in the Legislative Council of the Colony*will bo  held on TUESDAY, the 2nd day of October, 1S60, at the  following places: ��������� >���������    '.'���������'.<  SODA CREEK; =     ;���������  QUESNELLE;  VAN "WIN'KLE���������Edwards';  RICHFIELD-Court House;  BARKERVILLE���������Burdick's Soloon;  CAMERONTON���������Fulton**:  GROUSE CREEK���������McArthur's;  LOWHEE���������Hough's:  '   CEDAR CREEK���������Gibson's.    .  Polls to open at 10 o'clock, a.m., and close at 6 o'clock,  p. m., precisely.  Chinese and Iudians prohibited from voting.  Each voter must have resided at least three months  in this District previous to the day of election.'  w.g.cox,j. p;  ��������� Richfield, 25th Sept. I860. ... .'   42-2in; ���������;.;.,  ;of Five  To the Editor of the "Cariboo Sentinel,'*  SrR,~~.I observe a notice issued by the Mining Board requesting the companies along the  creek to see that proper bulkheads are erected, to prevent damage being done from the  high state of the water in the creek during the  freshets.        ��������� .���������        ; 'y'-y        :���������  : No attention has been paid to this by several of the companies in',', above, and below Cameronton,' with the exception of. a few logs being laid here and there at random in the most  careless and/unworkmanlike manner. The  consequence of course is that the creek is  spread in all directions, filling the Bed Rock  Drain, and thereby injuring very seriously the  claims on the lower end of the creek, which  are now all filled up with water. The upper  companies are quite indifferent in the matter,  because the Bed Rock Drain, although much  obstructed at the lower end, is ���������" still sufficient  to them JorSpurposes of drainage. .  ���������keeping with Mr. Walkein's usual mode  of  pleading.   He says, " I came here to make  money and leave the country." ; Mark this,  electors, he admits that his object is to* make  money.   It recalls to our mind the counsel of  the dying miser who besought his sontomake  money, li honestly if he could, but. by  all  means to make money."   He then tries to impress his hearers with the vast amount of service rendered by him to Caribooites in his  exertions to produce the present Mining Laws.  We need not remind our readers that they (tbe  Mining Laws) have been productive of more  litigation than any set of laws ever published.  He says a great deal about what he might  have received by being induced by the Governor and the old Mining Hoard to assist them  v * kvCramiog.te^afoye3aJMa^������.^,aIl^!l.thajl it was  only after repeated solicitations on their part  that he consented to extend to them his valuable aid.   if what Mr. Walkem states is true,  we are worse off than we had supposed we  were, as if the Governor and the Mining Board  had no other resource but Mr. Walkem as a  .guide in framing the laws of this Colony, wo  bad better apply to the Imperial Government  for a few of their briefless limbs of the law,  as a small modicum of legal acumen would  ensure us statutes better calculated for our  purpose than those we possess.    Mi\ Walkem  sheds some crocodile tears over Chancery suits,  but of course that was to be expected.   His  miserable attempt to wriggle out of tlie mess  that he has got into by that atrocious piece of  jobbery, the Ordinance for the Williams Creek  Bed Rock Flume, is pitiable to behold; we  gave him credit for more tact, but this truly  contemptible effort to give a creditable appearance to the affair is quite commensurate  with the intellect of this doughty champion of  monopoly.   We trust that our new representative will take the earliest opportunity of  having this unjust ordinance repealed, and thus  allow the miners tb work their claims and turn  ���������to account a large extent of mining ground at  present laying waste.    The time is gone by  lor such an imposition to be foisted on' the  public, and had Mr. Walkem acted correctly  in everything else, this discreditable piece of  wire pulling would have destroyed him in the  estimation of every honest miner.  panies to-comply with their instructions it  were difficult to censure in . terms sufficiently  strong their negligence in failing to do so;  if they have not the power then it shows the  utter inutility of issuing such a notice, more  especially to a mining community in which  compulsion is the only means of maintaining  right between man and man.  Last year the Gold Commissioner issued a  notice similar to that of the Mining Board, and  wisely appointed an experienced miner to see  that it was complied with. Such a course  ought to have been adopted by the Board this  year, and the sooner they give the matter their  attention the sooner will they contribute an  item towards the end for which they were  elected.  I am, your obd*t serv't,  A Shareholder in one of the Lower Co's.  Cameronton, 25th Sept. 1865.  However important the subject to which  our correspondent refers in the above communication may be, we cannot attach any  blame to the Mining Board for their negligence in the matter.   It is true they 'possess  the power to pass any law for the regulation  of the mines, an d su ch a law as on r er. r res -  pondent suggests would foe a very desirable  one, but he must consider that before any  bye-law the Board might enact can be enforced it must first receive the sanction of the  Governor, and in this instance where the necessity isimmediate, their action in the matter  would prove futile for all present purposes.  We think, however, that- Part 1, sec. (f) of the  Mining Laws empowers the Gold Commissioner to act in a matter of this kind, and we  have no doubt that if the proper application is  made he will exercise the power therein conferred on him. We have more than once called  the attention of the public to this subject, and  urged the necessity of something being done  for the protection of the Bed Rock Drain upon  which the interests of so many depend, and  we hope to see some immediate remedy applied from whatever source it may spring.���������  Ed. Sen.] :  On Saturday, Sept. 29th,  I will sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, for the  Government of British Columbia,  1 SPLENDID YOKE OF OXEN; "  .      .    PROVISIONS,  TENTS,  TOOLS.  place at 12 o'clock,  noon, at  ' F.  Hos. Skc'y���������P  THE PROGRAMME FOR FRIDAY consists  Races, the principal of which are:  THE A8HCROFT DERBY���������$25 entrance, with $200  ... added���������Mile heats, best 2 out of 3; catch weights-  :   second to save his stakes.   For this Race, nomi'  .* nations must be made and entrance lees paid to  ���������'   :.'���������'. the Hon. Sec'y {Asbcroft Post Office), on or before  the 1st of October.   And ",;  THE LYTTON STEEPLE CHASE���������$10 entrance, with  -   $20 added���������Eight hundred yards, over 4 feocea  . . and 1 brook; second horseto save his stake.  Th������ Sport for SATURDAY wlirconiprise:  A GRAND PIGEON MATCH-Open to the world.  THE THOMPSON RIVER STAKES���������Open to all horses,  but the winner of the Derby���������$10 entnnco, with  $50 added���������Half Mile heats, best 2 out of 8.  THE YALE STEEPLE CHASE���������$10 entrance, with $10  added���������Over the Lytton course  With other Races and Matches. 3d  ot British North America, Barkerville,    Any person  finding the same will be kind enough to leave it with  P. Gannon & Co., as it is of no uso to any ono but the  owner, payment having been stopped.  September 18th, 1666.:. 40-2w  . 4ST Sale , to   take  BARKERVILLE.  Richfield, Sept. 25th, 1866.  V. LEE,  Auctioneer.  42-lin  OPPMHEIMER & CO.,  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ALL  '    ' KINDS OF  Dissolution of Partnership  THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between  the undersigned, under the name and title of P.  GANNON & CO., Butchers, Richfield, has been this day  dissolved by mutual consent.   From and after this date  the business will-be-canied'on hvth������riata������6f P. GAN%V  NON, who is hereby authorized to collect all accouh*%|g  due^to the late firm, and by whom'';the'dohisiowing.byj*ig  the said firm will be paid.       . '���������    "  P. GA>*NON,  Y     ROMI DIZETTE.  . Dated Richfield, 12th Sept. 1866. 42-lm  LIQUOR  CLOTHINa,  BOOTS   &  SHOES,  mm.'Nm.&i tools, :&e.i  X>Ii5bl/lUivXvIi.~VA  "P  artnership  THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under the  name and style of ROSS & BURDICK, S'lloon  Keepers, Barkerville, was, this day dissolved by mutual  consent. All debts due to tho late firm must be paid  to BURDICK & DEXTER, who arc the only authorized  persons to receive tho same, and all indebtedness by  the late firm will be liquidated by them.  CHARLES ROSS,  JAMES BURDICK.  Barkerville, 21st Sept. 1866. 412w  NEW ELDORADO SALOON  BARKERVILLE.  AVING PURCHASED THE INTEREST OF CHARLES  ROSS in the above-named Saloon, the undersigned  would respectfully solicit a continuence of tho patronage bestowed on the late firm, which by a strict attention to business they will endeavor to merit.  The TERPISCHOREA.V ART is nightly practised at  this Saloon, and the Bar Is stocked with tho choicest  LIQUORS and CIGARS.  #^*Boys please give us a call.  4Mm        '      ' BW^A���������^^  Beg to call the attention 'of. Miners and others  to their full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  which' will be sold  to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive so soon as  :.v, the Roads are open.  fg&~ Liberal allowance will be made to  Rostaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally  on large orders.  FASHION SALOON,  BARKERVILLE.  MESSRS. BARRY & CUNIO  |}EG LEAVE TO INFORM THEIR FRIENDS! AND  ]> the public that having purchased the \^  Saloox "they will spare no pains nor expen^w mem  a share of public patronage. As "the P^f <Vm������  pudding is in the eating of it." we say nothing as to  the quality of our LIQUOR^ & CIGARS, please call  and try thera.  'S  AFTER THIS DATE, the Stages will leavo the.Office  at BARKERVILLE for YALE TWICE EACH  WEEK, on. TUESDAY and FRIDAY MORNINGS;  at 6 o'clock, to connect with the steamer at Quesnel on  Wednesday and Saturday mornings. 30  EVERY   EVENING.  T. A. BARRY, *I proprietors.  N. C0NIO,       J     \   M)J  Barkervilie, Sept. 23th, iSfJo; ���������    '"*Ty'"'  Ho! for Opposition  O TIC E  , Hospital Repairs.���������We understand that the  contract for repairing the Cariboo Hospital  has been awarded by the hospital committee  to; Mr. Murnhy, who will commence the work  at once.  3$$* Customs receipts for week ending Saturday, Sept. 8th: Duties,:$1,953 02 ; harbor  dues, $103 72; head money, $48 00.\. tonnage  dues, $367 12; fines and seizures, $102 90.  Total, $2,575 76. Number of passengers, 48.,  ���������'British Columbian.' !  ALL PERSONS INDEBTED to the MINERS BAKERY,  Cameronton, are requested to call and settle their  accounts on or before the FIRST day of OCTOBER,  1860; accounts not settled then will be put into Court  for collection. All persons1 with contra accounts will  send them in for settlement.  CRANFIELD & BRO.  N. B,���������The Miners Bakery is offered for sale.      39  WILLIAMS   CREEK  STEAM SAW MILL GO.  fTEE UNDESIGNED has^c)t appointed^"J^  I  tLroVd from Soda Creek to Yale, wmohjw^r  other line.  a*nteeT^m^  He has brought down fares tp $40y���������1���������* ftnd main-  to see tbat la their own interest 1to support  tain a cheap and efficient opposition. k for  The OPPOSITION STAGEn^������Xr the wriyal of  Yale every Thursday morning, or after iu  the stclmer 'Enterprise' until further notice.  je������- Fare, $40. JAC0B daVIS.  Soda Creek, 5th Sept. 1866.  THE UNDERSIGNED, LUMBER MERCHANTS, beg  to inform the inhabitants in general of Williams  Creek that they hove now in operation a STEAM SAW  MILL, located at the mouth of Mink Gulch, above  Richfield, capable of manufacturing one thousand feet  of Lumber per hour, any length or width required in  this market, and of a superior quality. All orders  left at Mr. W. A. Meacham's, Barkerville, or the Mill,  will be promptly attended to, and delivered FREE OF  CHARGE at any point on the wagon road, and at RE-  DUCED RATES. The undersigned trust to merit a liberal share of th������ public patronage and that their old  friends will kindlv give them a call.  * M EACH AM, COOMBS t NASON.  Williams Oroek, Aug. 27th 1866. i*3  mu SOON BE IN BECEIW OFgA WKOE AN*  WELL ASSORTED STOCK V*  BOOTS & SHOES, &C,  IMPORTED DIRECTLY 1WK SAN ^^  He is desirous of s���������upply^_titT^.Qe,  can do so at  To^ST PRICES.  Williame Greek, July 18th,  22-fl THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27; 1866.  THE FRESHET.  ������It never rainsbut it -p6tira;V:-:%%:^te'say;-.  w which was rie ver more applicable in Us  broadest sense to any particular locality than  to this part of the;country at \ thepreserit mo-.  ment. For upwards of a month-past the consent :complaint uttered by every one has been  ahbui'tbe scant supply pf;water?|an&^  a low state A did the" Tvaters "Vof ;m^7 of; -tie:  creeks anil gulches diminish that a^; attempt  at mining was,; out of ytJae question;; -Ai last  the weather changed j the long Spent: up^ Tain  clouds barst loose' and discharged their; contents on the parched ground, gladdening'for al  time the hearts of the ^miners.;y. Thisvjoy was*  but short-lived, for, soon :^ejsteady; aiid uii-.  ceasing rain, at 4rst hailed as a welcome visitor,  began to tell to an alarming extent on the. vol-  umn of water in the creek, which threatened  destruction to; theBed Rock Drain arid all  claims depending on its efficiency���������for- drainagel  Praiseworthy efForts were made- by many of  the companies who were directly interested-in  the protection of thisi work A but we are sorry  to record the fact that the same zeal arid energy  was not participated;in; by all,;who ��������� should;  have taken an' active part in ^protecting their  own interests and thei interests of others*  We^understand that several \companies, be-  lb v? the Erifice^^^^  remiss in their duty toy themselves and :theiR  Mlow miners, in not lending their aid at; the:  most critical time1; whentheir own claims \ and-  those of their neighbors were ra'jeopardy -5'so  careless; andindin^r^nt were ;many: that even.  the offer of $8 a night made ��������� tp' them' by,fthe  Drain co'y was refused. ; Great credit is- fide  to the lab or and watchfulness of the Drain?  co'y and the Hart and Adams coy's in avert  ing a calamity that must have cast a deep  gloom oyer the whole of this comniunity-^-we  mean the destruction of the. Drain; b^dintQoft  great perseverance on the .part of these Jcom-  panies the; Drain was pro teoted from any'; niar  terial injury ^until the freshet  reached  its  height early yestefdayjmorning, when the rain  cleared off & the - snow came on.  Had tlie rain  continued adaj longer it is confidently beliey-;  ed that no human: exertion could have saved  the Drain;     The freshet -is not perhaps so<  heavy as it was last season, but it is equally  as dangerous from the great "accumulatioh;, of  tailings that havebeen ;banke& ;<upall along*  thet channel and'suddenlyxaTH(^*^o#-w^||jl  ffirst impulse of the fiood*.  We arei glad tq^tipf  Jtice thatrthe gre^^  now- been swept down ��������������������������� to?theimeadbws; arict  tho creek: has cut yfpt; itself with few except  tioris a^deepchannei.  '���������). Monday last, the 24th inst, being , the day  appointed for the nomination of candidates  to represent the districts of Cariboo: East arid  West in the Legislative Council of thiscolony,���������  theelecjors; to the number of fifty, assembled  at the Court House, Richfield, -at 2 o'clock,  pi mi /)wing'to the withdrawal of Mr. Mac-;  "Laren;the Miners'; Candidate, from the contest,  and the inclement state of the weather, there  was not such a full attendance nor that interest felt in the proceedings that would otherwise have been. The Magistrate, Mr. Cox;  [ announced his readiness to. receive the nomination of the candidates that iM^fe^^Af^  to propose, whereupon :.  a Mr. Frank Pcrrett stepped fprward and nominated Mr, Thomas Harris as a fit and proper  person to represent the districts iti the "Legis-  tive Council, which was seconded by Mr; Park.  ; Mr.: C; Booth then !earoe:forward and nominated Mr. Geo. A. Walkem, which was seconded by Mr. J:S. Thompson. ; -;.  r; A show of hands was taken, which resulted  in favor of Mr. Harris, a poll was then demanded by the candidates and granted. ; :'  :Mr. Thos. Harris rose and said, gentlemen,  I have - to th arik you for tlje honor you have  conferred on me this, day m.'-riominatingYme  to represent your interests in.the Cburicil halls  of this colony. 11 am not, a stranger in this  colony, although I have but recentlycome, to  reside among you. I am ari old pibneenn^the  coun try;   I was the ������������������ /first. mari that built a  whSff^^^  thousands of dollars on your mines long before I saw themi,A.-I can;assure youthatityou  elect me as:your. represjehtajiive I will do my  duty- without fear������������������or favor.:,; I;am;an Englishman and I love, arid cherish the flag I live uri-  der.;^ Theres are ?many i desirable'; changes to  be;; madeA and many^; abuses:to be reformed  which shall receive my earabst attention, y If  elected I shall advocate; the; abolition: pf; all-  Road Tolls;; with tolls, duties and high freipts  we are compelled t6 pay 75 per:cent more oiv  our articles of consumption: than the people  of the lower countryi and it is' nothing .but  just and properMat they should be made to  contribute their equal quota to the burdens of  taxation. I shall introduce and support a  Mechanics" Lien Law; we all know the benefits ifcafrw^  a -new countrylike this,; where it.;fe\ibf:tb.e..u;b-'  most- importance :to;^protect the aalDoriPf :the  artisan arid mechanic,; The passing; of a law  for pre venting mining suits-being; carried into  ���������a Court ofChancery���������'wILreceive-myJrmBup-J  foorfc I MlMntroduce a'measure for reduc-J|  irig thetanffuppii such: articles as are almost  entirely c^sumed;^  present charged ranging fi-oni 15 to 30 per  cent: to 12 per ceritr I am infavor of ihavmg  the Cariboo ^Hospital supported splely by the  a lawyer,to ascertain how to pre-empt,, stake  and record his ground.' When I went to Kew  Westminster, after iny election, I was applied  tbiby the old Mining Board to assist them in  framing new laws; I at first refused, because  I thought that if I had a hand iff their meet  ingSj and any equivocal clauses were passed,  the miners would say, "that is Walkem's work,  he;had;aneyeJto;a;lawsuit.,* Al'terwards the  'GoVeriibrseniforrme and requested me to assist ^;*8^r^;;;i;told him the reasons why I  sbrunk;from;the;task. The Board offered me  any fee J might ask; 1 refused to take a fee, I  said that as; there;^is a competition between the  Cariboo and Columbian Hospitals forGovern-  rnent aid, I-willliame a sum. and hand it over  to the first '-named institution; the sum of SI 50  waa thus handed over last September. I did  the work arid by; so doing lost about $2000 in  neglecting my own business; the laws were  revised five'or six.times before they were finally passed., . I;carried out the intention pf the  Board to stop litigation. I know that after the  laws came in force I had; not one suit for ten 1  had previously,.1 ^Tliereis nothing equivocal  in these laws';, men have cbin'e in to Cpurt and  pleaded theuvown, cases; what better proof of  Gov. Seymour Jias done the Council justice  arid thevpeb^e:justice ;5when any important  measure was passed he used to consult on the  votes, and if the vote of the five representative members stood against: the. ten official  members he attached more weight to. the five  than the ten. and ruled accordingly. If either  Mr. MacLaren or Mr. Anderson will come forward, I repeat again,! will support them, and.  if I should get elected for another District I  will support them Jn the House.   [Cheers.]  The Magistratejpen .announced, that 6*119 Notice would be giv"������^pf-the; day,of ejection..  ��������� .'���������, ���������- U COtJNTY VWRT.vAA -:'A''y  their efficiency and' clearness could be1 given  than this? f A1pefcition was handed to me for  presentation last.winter from the merchants  and-miSersJ>f iihfccrcek, praying for the: passage^of a law to, xffevent mining Buits being  carriedinto a Court of Charicery; I presented  that potion'and did all I could to further its  Object'   Chancery suits are as terrible to me  as'^to you; the labor attending them*r.r^tfrfst  dredp^rcerit greater tbari in any other suit,  ithas been said, 'Hbispetition was sent to our  representative, bow was it that he when he had  the power: did-:ribt make a Bingle motion on  the subject?Hv The petition called for.the abolition: of all Charicery proceedings; now, on  looking'at the :firstsecti6n of the Mining Act,  it will he seen that the Commissioner has full  power to settle, all mining disputes absolutely;  the. Actvsays one thing, but the Supreme Court  savs ahother;thirig.    If I have erred in my  iudcmelt iri framing tliat Act it is an error of  tiieiieaa arid not of the heart.    I have been  aiccusea^ofbmng;, a shareholder m the Bed  RockFliime, arid having favored that coy;  all the pay that! have ever received from that  co'v ba^been bedrock pay; I abandoned ail  Wihterestln that concern to the oo7y and lost  all I had invested/which amounted to nearly  $6000 ^^Wheri Mr:::Birch and Mr. Trntch were  W"here-last season   they   observed   the  d&erteaKappearance ;.of.. %^^k:^^  Richfield^and thought.it ^^cy^e-.wi8e and  ���������(Before. W. G.. Cox, JBsq.".).;. ..  ;.   -. A: A[   ^;Ttie3day;'25tli Sept., 186C.; A  D. McArthur vsv^Heroiu^Postponcd till  next Court; plairitifftopay: costs. -  H. Brown vs. JarviB.���������Suit for $62 50, pro-  portion of assessment oh claim/ Case dismissed  A.-McWha & Go.':vs. Wm. Baker.r-Sxiit; for.  $ 125v37, balance of a due bill on Grouse Creek  Bed Hock Flumevfco.v but not accepted by  them.   Judgment.*to plaintifts.-N.���������, *    y        ;  A. McWha &C6: ve. Grouse Creek Bed Rock  Flume Co. (limite*d); D. Cameron; foreroan^  Mr. Park appeared for-defendants; and said'  that Mr; Cameron not being foreman for the  company could not be sued; the compuny  had no agent here and must bo proceeded  against below.   Case dismissed.���������-:    -,    yyA -i  ��������� Pierce &vBro.:vs. Turley.^-Suit: on promissory note for $52.:   Judgment b.vdefault.:y .-;������������������.  ~r J*t^rt?e"& * Brrir-^s;-'Vr:a-������g})ani"���������Saii.----onr- .toferj--  ance of promissory note for $100.  Judgment  for plaintiffs. .; ���������   *-'' ���������. A 'f     60f  : : Pierce & Bro. vs. Edwards.���������Suit for %2i-,  balance of accountr* Judgment for plamtiifs.  E ~C. Parsons :'vsr. T. McKenny.--Suit on  prbinissoi������y note.Jor S150. No appearance  for plaintiff, dismissed. -   -���������.  Wm. Baugh vs. 11. C.-.Wilmott���������Suit, for :,  $220, balance of-wages. .' Defendant ;put; in  a set off.. "Case dismissed,^^ each party-to pay  1 Sho������r^ngC'vs. B.'J. Edwards.���������Suit for $?9 70r  balance of account.;' Judgment by^^ default.  GOLD c6MMISSIOTEU7S COUJ^T, ���������       ���������  (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.).;  Wednesday, 26th SeptV,  1866.  Anti-Heron Gov vs.  Flume  no  have acted honor  one who had any  Birke^eTa^^  t^:~^-'.feV.������4.^^ distnet and ought tnerei^ote to  Entertained f or ite safety, is .-nowAm -:- comparative security, tban������s "to Me bulkhead :whicli.  was compiptediri time .to ensure its salvation^  We cannot say so \niuoh .for Ganierontpa,  whereimany of the buildings are in immtnent  peril from the, rushing1 torrent, .r So far as we  have been.able to observe, the greatest daiiJ  ger of a'breaeh is to������be expected on that portion between the Moffat %co^y"s shaft and the  head of the Raby; flume, tout if all due, care and  watchfulness is 6bserved -we rmay get safely  io ver the present; crisis, which ought to; serve  as a lesson formaking eveiy.provision against  a Bimilar danger in future.  PROBABLE .MUSDER.   'yyAl  to  have  am  on  Information was received oa Tuesday ^eve^  ,ning, by the Magistrate here, that the body.of  a man had been found in the woods about a  mile below Edwards* ranch, near Beaver Pass.  It would appear from what we can learn that  the disenverv was quite accidental.   A pack-    :���������r iri golnf aloW^rba^ 8^  ed a grouse, and in his endeavour to find the: -  bird had to leave the road for a-few yards,  where he unexpectedly discovered the remains  of a man in a very advanced state of decomposition, the body being almost devoid ot  flesh and unrecognizable. The head rested on  a coat, and the flesh on the lower side of-the  face still remained; a hole was observed^in  the skull, which is supposed to have been the  effect of a bullet, and from the position of the  body it is evident that the man came to his  death by foul means. From the decomposed  state of the body the deed must have been  committed over a month ago. The body has  not yet been identified, but it 5s more tuan  probable that the clothes which still remain  on it may lead to its identity. On tne  return of Mr. Cox, who proceeds to the spot  this morning, we will be enabled to gather  further particulars of this inysterious affair.  Fall op Snw.���������Suow fell very steadily  throughout the whole of yesterday, but it was  of such a moist nature that it did not lie on  the creek; the mountains however showed unmistakable signs of a heavy storm. We learn  that last night Bald Mountain was covered to  a depth of four feet. If this is the case, and  we have no reason to doubt it, the storm has  been as severe as that of 1862, which occurred  about the same period. ..  in this larg'e .^^^, :���������-.,-.���������_*-... ...      '���������_������������������*���������������****_���������  have80^of tlfe peopte'smoaey.spentm lU  maintenance, without calling on, the generosity of miners for subscriptions to. support it.  I shall oppose all monopolies m the grants  land except to actual settlers. I liav������  the country M make it'my ^>  bought land and built my h������,������irM  no bird of passage, I am rather too heavy  the wines for that. [Laughter.] ,-.-.. ���������- ���������  mPtak-will you stick upfor Union if  y������CeSnKoJ?a fair and editable basis,  AiS3ng his friends for the honor they  had done him, MrHams sat down..        .  ^t voice���������what is the price of beef?        .  Loud calls were made for Mr. Watom, who  Ckme forward amid cheers from his friends  came 101 w������u. _Having been request-  ediTttrinfby?hTpeople ofgLUlooet to ac-  S^f'fTn^minatio^ for ^^������^  would return a miner as your  tMnStl?ive7de;iinedTo come forward as  have failed  late hour to  you I am n<  honest man ^-^^--;^ refcurn  ^ "4!2^i& scion ofthe pick and  withWBed'Eock  ably ^ith the-miners;  valid title.to:their ground have been molested  It isM Very fine, to talk about monopoly, but  tmMMMfMy that takes up sis. claims is  iim'mm^P'^a sma11 scal?' m x\m-on  ffiere is strength; the Flume co'y are doing  nothing more than carrying out that maxim. 1  dxewl| the Act, but I take no cred.t for it  becaii6itisaperfect fizzle; I leave it how-  ever f an^Siner to say whether the Flume  has not done thein good.  The only reason I come before you to ask  vou to return me is, that my busmess leads me  to New. Westminster, and as it is notyery extensive or laborious I need some occupation to  nass away my leisure hours.- I brought in  ^session a motion that all native grown  SSsLild be exempt from Tolls; prm-  lw to this there was no exemption audit was  a great hardship; for, a farmer who kad a,ton  or two of hay, lor instance, to sel to have to  u  Tfnnpli todo this, I come forward at i  have failed to aow , t_   r mu8t t  late hour t' ������*^J0^ ft_ position; get  you 1 am.not anxious w      P ^ w}  come forward at this  must tell  an  with-  as your representative  V and not one ������*  Mr. Park���������What  K*t������;b'Si������,N������  vr ParklasTden'tificd himself as one of  M������ Jves- he goes to market, buys his own  yourselves, ^bVCT ������n������ir������tf and shares a  Jteak, carries ^H^ft-rL [Laughter.]  portion of ^^"^^Lrrnp consider, 1st. What  W^������P������PP������i"e^MwSi f have not  I have done foiJ?11' /"yhat T have done for  a?^yr,Sdmaanill,lshalltakeup  ^^rk-K^case then you will be ������n-  Ut-At    f^nlaintiff.   [Koais of laughter.]  gaged fcr^n verdict in his favor; I ac-  1 g,,Ve, a\'Jh^ me this time; wit will show  knowledge he w*1^���������    in tins country ; I  itself. I havll0S' urselves, to make money  came here, like^yo ������sf l^f; j certainly no-  and 1rLtade1nytno Legislative Council,  thing to be.l������a^n"lLaws are as concise and  The prea^1 *al technicalities as it is possible  fl.ee from ^Jffaoyan, expressed in the  ^.^tnluaee^' I recollect tbe time under  tf Sd SBS, when a miner had to go to  \j������   liny ������ a"'-   "- .... . > ������<- t���������''!_���������    t j  oav at the rate of $20 a ton, even if he should  SnW take it five miles along the wage i road;  &as granted;: I also proposed that^he  Tolirshould be reduced to 1 cent a pound at  SSxent a pound at. Lyttonins^ead of  present rates; but was opposed by^he New  nothing to do with our roads and tf.es  not foicing myself upon youp I did no  ^fmmthe city a few months ago to start  ZrimZ'l haTe lost $15,000 in the country  A voice-'What about the four bits an ounce  on gold dust?  McWha & Co.���������Action  brouffbt to "ejectvdefendants from; 300 feet of  mining ground on Grouse Creek claimed by   ���������  - This w^yilfc^ ;  ^ued3la'stYS|^K{p?tho/Grouse  Creek hed' ���������-'--  feckFlumt(^P?have theni jjected from  600 feet of:gronnd;belonging to *hat company..  It was urged at that time by plaintiffs that the  Flume Co; bad not complied with the terms.of ,.  ���������their charter and-that they were therefore entitled to pre-empt the ground.   The Commissioner however ruled that he bad no power to ���������  deprive the company of their chartered ngnis  without giving them at least 30 days^ notice.  Before this thirty days notice had expired the  Commissioner received instructions -from tine  Government tbatan application made by the  company during last winter  for having the  terms of tbeir charter altered bad been granted and tbat the company were entitled to all  their rights until 20th May, 1867, on  the condition of their laying 500 feet of flume before;  that date:   On receiving these instructions the  Commissioner issued an orderwarnrn^miners  from molesting the -Flume;Co.7SAgound,..; ;���������;  The ground held by the plamtite.at.the time  of the above mentioned suit consisted of W;  feet in width of the ^lume Oo.*sgroundand cO  feet in width of.vacant ground;:after:the. decision of the Com^issione^^^^ ft*  lam  not come  ground was abandoned by plaintiffs and the  fifty feet of Vacant ground was subesquently  located by the Black Hawk;Co. (defendants),  who have been prospecting it for the last two  months.   The present suit was therefore in-  Commissioner, without hearing evidence, dis-,  missed the case, each party to pay their own  costs. ' --.-���������-  Mr. Walkem for plaintiffs; Mr. Park for  defendants. .y-'y  th  the prosperity  imposition or a OrOiu  Li mA.nB nf raiainff a revenue mm wum  fo 4he=b!eda?;1jo proposed from 9d. to  Tax would be a very  revenue and could  not  1  ���������;i������* l-mf- Roeina* tnac nan a. ������������*  ****** ������-���������������������  hi no bread!   moved that if there was to be  t t������ it shou d not exceed 9d. an ounce; I  a tax it snomu        d    and that motion was  fau ounce, but the Council met and 2s. was  roused I maintained that it was unfair and  !?L   ^t. utfritf that half a loaf was better  col-  ^S^n'MlSf one gentleman to  l7 the Government to^^tSiUW I  fnderson or Mr. MacLaren been returned ins  ^ils aketc-imagine that gentlemen with their ony..  nlSlt es woiikl not be listened to in that House { Hfa bmlor jIldg0 Begbie took his final  ia"rdMr.MacLaren's ^^e W^W | defavtul.e from hero i������ the ������*.������������. last Tues-  in one sense and wrong in anothei, bo������ wiony j  in saying he would have no power in.theHouot.     A  A Windpam*���������We have heard on good au-  uuority, that the Government hasJiad the rare  luck to fall heir to some forty or fifty thousand  dollars, which has come in a good time to  makeup for the enormous deficiency in the  reten of tben^ney by the Imperial. Gown-'  ment From the information we have received we find thafffte money *rw overpaid ;m  mst years on account of the military staticm-  ed in this colony, and the error was found by  the Auditor-General in going over the accounts this summer. The money, we learn,  was refunded by Her Majesty's Government,  rtime to meet some instalments of the loan  contracted in London on account of the  B. C. 'Tribune.'  morning. i/u_wtq_____!HHH_t_jma'tt^^
��� ----^rc.
Ax Ancient DixNER.���The excavations of
Pompeii are going on with an activity stimulated by the important discoveries made at almost every step," arid 'the' quantities of gold
and silver found, which more than suffice to
cover the cost of the works.   Near the Temple
of Juno, has been brought to light a house
belonging to some millionaire'of the-time,' as
the furniture is of ivory.; brqaze and marble.
.The couches of the frinclimuin, or dining-
room, are " off especially'��Etreme' richness.
The flooring consistsof imnaense mosaics, well
preserved in parts, of which the center represents a table laid ouUprdinner.   In the middle on a large dish may be'seen a splendid
j peacock with its'tail spread, but, and placed
back to back with another bird, also of beautiful plumage;'   Around: ��� them are arranged
lobsters, one of which holds a blue egg-, in his
claw; a second an oysterj' which appears to
be fricasseed, as itis operand covered with
herbs; a third a ratfarci, and a fourth a small
vase tilled with fried grasshoppers, iNext comes
a circle of dishes of flsly interspersed with
others of partridges, haresand squirrels, which
all have their heads placed between their forefeet.   Then comes * a to w ��� of: sausages of all
forms, supported by one of'eggs, oysters and
olives;!which in -its turn-is: sun'ounded by a
double circle of peaches, cherries, raelohs-ahd
other fruits and -vegetables.y ��� The walls of the
triricliniura; are coivered with fresco paintings
of fruits^flowers, game and fish of all kinds���
lends a charm to the whole ��� not easy to describe.. On a table of rare wood carved and
inlaid1 with gold, marble, a'gate and lapis lazuli, were found'amphoraa-still containing wine,;
aud some goblets of onyx.V>   ��� yy>y   ; ?
The Steamer uEnterprise,?
Will leave SODA CREEK
���Will leave QUESNEL
Connecting at Soda Creek with Harvard's Staffs on
Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up;
���AjBSfc Freight to Quesnel li cts. ^ lb.
Steamer .'Enterprise,* V . .;   - . . ..
May-21st, 1866. y    j y    5
P. L.* JOHNSON, Proprietor,
Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best
description. ,   s
���':",-������ The undersigned is prepared to
���        y-<.  PANNINGS, :' :,���   '   '-.
On Commission, or will purchase any quantity.on tho
'���'" Most Lirek a l Terms; at the ���;
; ' Beading Room, Cameronton,
The Subscriber is well kriow'n ��� on Williams'Creek, and
from the confldence reposed in blm heretofore in the
above business, ho hopes to receive, .the patronage of
the Mining community the ensuing season.   :
1 -   ���-���   ���'- l    '**������������'���''JOHN BOVfRON. ������
F E L��
QUESNELMOUTH, "      ;,;
BROWN] i& GrILLlS,. PRoi'inE^ous. :
Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &c.
Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats.'      s
GIROD & GUICHON,        ���
Ou) EsTAJiiAsmcD GeVeral Stork,   ���,���'"
. Storage, &c.~Terms most Moderate... ..
,: BOYD &I HEATH, Proprietors,:  .;.
THIS HOUSE is situated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth.
The proprietors having lately fitted up lied rooms
and good Bods aro now prepared to afford every accommodation for Travellers; the Table is furnished with all
the luxuries that can he procured; the Bar is well sup.
plied with the beetbrom1*.of Liquors and Segars; pood
Stabling,.Hay. Oats' and Barley. j��^ The CHEAPEST
House on tho Road:   "' -  ��� . - ������������ 1-s
J: H. TURNER &��� CO;
IMPORTERS   OP   ' ,' ' "        ' :    ���',:.. .
��Silks, Shawls, Dresses, *Jn-
/es,- and[every description of
��� .      '       . Drapery Goods. *., " 0I
Recmve.regu nr supplies;by Express via Panarnfl'^ i
by sailing vessels via Capo Horu a-nU
^ParUcular attention given to ail ordered   '
London P1W-J.P, Ti'.vstall & Co- i lB
~ yy   ��ESTABLISHEDl85r~^r^r^
English &Frehci
derclothing,'Gloves,- and every description of
it your Boots wear so long
y-7   -Because I purclmsp tf
l&8h We read in aii exchange' paper the1 following "tale of woe:" "I clasped hertinyhahd
in mine: I clapped her beauteous form;. I vowed to shield her from the: wind, and from the
world's cold storm. ' She "set her beauteous
eyes on me, the tears did wildly flow, -and with
her little lips she 3aid, 'Confound yodl '-let me
&y^     A   y   AAA.;'A:.A,...a yy xy ���
J8��*W@ would call the attention of those
having goods or. other, commodities to move
between the difFerent" towns' on - the ��� ereeVxo'
Mr.H. C. Wilmott,:who has/^Horse and Dray j
ready at the.shortest notice to execute any
orders he may be favored '.with,, at very, reason able, rates;    A-AX X-AAAAyAy ,-���������[���       . ���'������*
^<%~��nuV-Trfe,p& the Min
ers* Saloon, has opened the same under tho above
name, and would respectfully invite his friends and the
public generally, to give him a call. .'���"
' 4Sgr The best hrands'of LIQUORS and SEGARS will
always be kept at this establishment.      '���  '-���'-���   ���������
j    ���-������-  "-'������; iA\"..-i: <���-    ���> : JOHN HEDIN.  .
. ; Richfleld,- August,-1866. ... \29-3m
CoIoniaTHbTeirSoda Creek
:  . McLEESE & 'SENNY, Proprietors, ���  \
House.   There is Good Meals; Good Beds; SUbling
for Horses; Barley, Oats afid Hay   '     : .     ���
and keep yourfeet so dry-r   - uecausc I purchase of
Char^and Butler, Government Street, Victoria;
TAY (Sc1 CO., Fbrt: Street, Victoria, V.'lT^ProTh
O Garden and Field Seeds gudranteed. Have on hand
a carefully, selected etock.of the above, froni the bit
European and American Markets.. The.early, orders j.f
their friends, in. British Columbia are. sol id ted: ' liir
Clover ��� and Onion - Seeds of .'very superior qualit/
Fruit Trees, and Bushes, Evergreens, Shmba, Green
house and Gardeu Plants,. Stacdord arid.DWarf Ri/sea
of every variety, ; Catalogues on'apjplication.    * i.�� ��� ������
to see'you." f? Yery well .^Qlffl&^ Gome and
we raeet.^;
rc do ifs:
7^^ii How are you, Johnjyj'm duced glad
seeyou."^yery weli^"^^    -,...; -. .,
ta'ke a drink, old fellow; * til
*��� That's":a fact, John ; - an3"
jneet anu. drinkV.Lr. :A...., AV-
��� JS^* A type foundry has been established
iri San Prahciscp by Faulk her ;& Sons.    !
Jafflrif.; you want- good Coffee "use. Fell "s.
Adams, Pearcy. & Co,,
Hive just received a choice selection of  .
Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron,
with various other articles in tbeir lirie of trade.
i^r-AU Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet-iron, .Copper and
2inc trade attended to, aud warranted to. give satisfac
tion. ���.'"���:". ai
.......   I��  BROS.,
.���BiSKERVILLE..' ,';
^JS��- A full assortment of GROcsniEsand H. B. Co.'s
Liquors always on hand. <-  . -. 15
Bathing    Estabiishment!
- ..'     .   BARKERVILLE,       ;    Ay
'^NoxUBanlro^British North AmerjcaA|.#v . "
'1^'YiIjE"v^K^e^Sive to .inform - thBSd&land
'��J'�� /-GenUer^nibl-nVilllams Creek and!-vlcini(-CtlmL
he has flUed_up^BATHRO0M at considerable!c"xpeii'se
for "their apcommwljl tion, and hopes by close" attention
to business;to merit a share of their patronfiRe. '
Jftg* He will also attend to Extracting, Filling and
Cleaning of Teeth/..      * 19
MESSRS. HARRIS & CO. beg to inform the
Miners, Hotel Keepers and the inhabitants in general of Williams & Grouse Creeks, that thev have opened First Class Butcher Shops in BARKERVILLE and
on GROUSE CREEK, and trust-to m��rit a liberal share
of the public patronage, and that their old friends will
kindly give them a calL'
Travelling public;.the bedrooms aro spacious:and
airy and the Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness
and comfort by any in the lower country; the Table is
always supplied with tho best of victuals: Stabling
for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.
"nEJSTNIS MURPHY, Proprietor. This House
JL/ is furnished with every convenience for the comfort of Travellers; the Culinary, department is under
the superintendence of an experienced cook; the Beds
are clean: and com for table.;' th a Bar con tains the b es t
of Liquors, Segars, &c.    Stabling, Hay, Barley & 03 ts.
"\~frM. "HENDERSON begs to iuform his frionds
If and thu tru.velling public generaliy;''th.at.he has
taken the abovejianch and is prepared to supply them
with First Class -Ace* *nmoJation. v Good Stabling for
horses; Hay and,Gra'in.    '     . '��� ��� ���   1-s
TO. MANSON, ��� D:- A. McLEAN,' '
;��� Proprietory    " ' !  :-'Agent.
J. for the coinfort of travelers; the Table is supplied
with the best of everything that can be procuro, and
the cooking is not inferior to any on the ro*ad; Bedrooms
for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and 0at5.      1-s
> BRODRICK,Xoai. a.vd Produce J)jbaw:k. a
.i�� large stock of; Hay, Oats, Wheat and .Barley of the
best description always on hand; also, Nanaimo Eng.
lish, Blncksmith tind Cann'el Coni. Orders sent to
Union Wharf, Victoria, V, I., will receive immcrtlate
attention.': ��   ���;������������   :-;;y:':,;y. ..-  ; .-., ���-    -hfl-a", ���
n ENTILE'S Photo^aphic Gallery, G(ai^.
\J ment St, Victoria, V. I., opposite Hotel do France
Views ot,- Carl boo. and i Scen.erj' tbroughout.British Columbia, including views of the route to Big Bend, always
on; hand 'a t li bcral 'rates.".'. .   . " ���    _;8   ���
P'/'WHEAR, Tailor k Outfitter^Fort Street,.
Viotoria, V. Ii, opposito Bee;Hive Hotel, where lie
is.preparcd ,to. supply (bis numerous patrons'with.every
requisite for Clothing suitable for every season of tli?
vear.." -'������ -' "������    : Ay.  ��� ���''��������� '��� ������  :   V^.'hfi-'-':
''I^HO'MAS WILSON &,.COM Importers of Ed"!.
i Ush Merchandize,' wholesale and��� retail dealers in
Dry Goons, &c, rates Street, Victori��, V. I.. Oa owl
alter 1st June next in.Government Street, opposite the
B��^k.of;BTitishXkilund��itt�� 1-s
W&TEL. DE FRANGEy Victoria, V.L, Johs.
vjgyaBiasS'AN�� PtERHB Maxcikt, Proprietors. -.The Ri>s'.;.
tiSinTant is supplied with all the;deliciicies,.the.tnarftet
alfords,��. In the Bar .will be found.the choicestLiQuoKs..
Furnished Rooms, &c; ������������'��� ���*"' ���'<    ���   ���'��� ��� :l-s
nyttE UNDERSIXEl) be^-s to inform the miners aud
.1 residents in and around VanWinkle that having
purcimsed the establishment and good will of the firm
<if Messrs. SCHORLIXG k CO., he will in future keep
au assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and hopes bv
rkiso attention to business* and hy selling all LOWER
KATES than hcretoforo, to merit the patronage of all.
Orders, accompanied with the CASH, from ontlvi-ng
cr.:.--ks will be forwarded with promptness and dispa'toh.
.Miners wishing to lay in.their winter stock will find
it-to tlKdradvantiigetogiveliiniacall.- 'j       -'     . . ���������
��(5TTerms CASH, without distinction.
*? . J. W. LINBliARB.
Barkerville, B. G., -
A LBERT CRYSLER has npufiad the above House for
JX the roception of Travellers; the Table is well kept
and the Liquors cannot be surpassed ; the Beds, arc
clean and comfortable.    Stabling for Horses, Hay and
Oats.. . Is
"PUG-EN-E THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,
Hi' Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES, BRANDIES
BEERS, and LIQUORS and depot of Havana Segars.
Goods forwarded to the'Mining Districts....   Y Yi-g  .
,4. , FRANKEL, Victoria, V. I.', Dealer in Few,
xi. ��� Ski\8, Hides, Wool, &c. Lf beral ad va hces uuul 'j
on Furs consigned.- ��� Reference���G; Sutro & Co., Sjwr-
borg & Rueft', Victoria, V. I. ...   ;. ... ��� -1-s
*jVf RS. HEIN, Mzixi.V��R & Dbkss Maker, 'Govern-
ill ment Street, Victoria; V. I.   Ail kinds of Millinery
of:tbe latest style kept constantly on1 hand.
from the country punctually attended to.
WATSON, "Watchmaker, Jeweler,
and Erigraver, Y^tes street, above Govern street, .Victoriaj V. I. ���  1-s
Everything is done in connection with this establish
ment to give satisfaction tb tho customers.
&3T Meals at all hours, 1
I) they have removed to the two-storv brick building
(."��rmwly the Enterprise Saloon) opposite the St. Nich-
uliis Hotel, Govv-niruunt cLrwt; Victoria Tney will
keep on hand a large assortment of CLOTHING and
I- uRNIoHING GOODS, which they will sell as low as
rmy house in town. Tney .respectfully solicit a call from
the '* Boys.'.! when they cnmo tlmvn   : ��5-s
JAMES HURON", Proprietor. This cotnmodi'-
ous Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience
for tlie comfort of the public; the Bods arc all that a
weary traveller could desire; the Table i6 supplied with
the best of fare; the Bar cont��*.ins the choicest brands
of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,
Barley, &c. ." /1-s
rpHE UNDERSIGNED are now maun factoring PLOUR
1 of all grades: Extra, Suporune aud Flue, Feed
Crushed to order.
F. W. Postkr, Agent.
LORENZO LEARTO,.Proprietor. This liouso
_ailbr:la every accommodation for the comfort of
Travellers; tlw��S��fcic 'is furnished with nil tnedolicncu-s
oi* the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest
of "Wines, Brandies k Segars; good stabling for horses;
Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand at low rates.
Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. 1-s'
WILSON &MtTRRAY,...GRPCKHs, 1'rovisiok,
Wine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers & Confectioners,
Fort Street, Victoria, V. L "       ��� ��� '-'������;.���-  -
SPORBORG & RTJEFF,  Commission Mer-
CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers in Grockries, Provisions. Buofs & Shoes, Wharf street, Victorh, V. I.
WW, UNDERSIGNED begs to infocni the nublic that
A the Above cstablislunent was .opened on SUNDAY
LAST, tho: jffiml July, aad that he will be happy to re-
c,eive a call from his ffh'nds, '
��� ��; BOARD $16 PER WEEICr^
Bread, Pies and Cakes always on hand for sale.
za y    .   . A. KELLY, Proprietor.
Caps, Boots and Shoes,  Carpetings,  Oil Clotha,
Wall Paper, &c, Li 11 ooet, B. 0. 1-s
JACOB MILTZ, Proprietor, has always on
han��l a large and superior stock of Lager Boer; at
the Bar will bo found the best Brandies, Wines and
Segar.s; the public aro invited tocalL Pnjpared to fill
all orders promptly. 1-s
QPELMAN and MoKENZIE, Proprietors.
O This House is well lit toil up with Good Beds and
tho Bar is furnished with the best Liquors; Meals are
served at all hours on the Restaurant principle; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.
The  Bonaparte Hoiise,
QEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at. the
O Junction, of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is
now open for tho accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 20 miles; from SavauasSteamboat
Landing, 22 miles; from Sponco's Bridge, 30.miles.
Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit
tho times. Give thorn a call. Slanting, Hay & Grain;
attentive hostlers. Stage leaves hero twice a week for
Big Bend and vale, and once a Week for Cariboo, . 1-s
GRELLEY & FITERRE, Importers & Whole
silo Dealers in Wines, Spirits and Liquors,
Victoria,-V. I.; .     :j   ..- ._ ,..    ,,.-,.;  , ���;. : Y "*:*.-
QPROAT & CO:, (late-Anderson ���& Co.) Importers
O- and Commission Mkroiianw. Store Street^ Victoria,
V.'l.A'y    -��� ly   ���- ��� y-    AA [A '.-.* s   .  ���   1-iy.
G   SUTRO _16.CO.>,:'Imfoxte��s axi) -Dealers i.v
.   CIGARS, jTOBAC CO,jMeershaum. Pipes,,&��.> &-"&
corner of yatcsjand Wharf?street,.Victoria....,:.:. ���.#*.
J   B. -HAG-GrlNy ���-PIIT8IGIAN & Surgeon near cor-
o ner of Yates and Government Sts.,-Victoria, .V. U
T)IERCE & SEYMOUR, dealers inBRDuixfl &
1   Fi'R-rrruRE, Broad Strboty- Victoria, V. ��� I. >     .1-s .
G'AIBJS & Q-RANCINI, Hardware & Clockkry
Merchants, Wliarf Streety Victoria/VrrI.'    , J^y
H"~ ENDERSON and iBURNABY, JIkrchaxts,
Wharf stroet, Victoria, V. I. _^_____iL
Kichfieid, Sept.. 1st, 1806.
Assign %?..
35 -trt
Pioneer Hotel���Lillooet,
pHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This oM
\j established.House is well fitted up for the comfort
of Travellers; the Table is supplied with the best of
everything that can bo had, and tlie :cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country .-'Bedrooms
for Families; Stabling ihv Horses, Horse Feed, &c.
The Express stops here \.:i
4 T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between
i"jL Sponce's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.
Travellers vvdllilnd Good Accommodation. The best of
living, oi' Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, Milk
and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s
EWIS LEWIS, Clothier, y��tesSlrcet,Victon(>,
/ opposite the,; Bank of British .North America,     x-b
��� Govoriimefiit!Street, Victoria, :V.L-.    -: '  *;g_
MACDONALD'S   hotel,
JUL MAC"DONALDi Proprietor. :������ "IJg
others,destiued ibr,the Bridge Kl^^Sdcd
ivery convenience and accommodation ^arfloj
theni.   Good Beds and a Table well supplied wi����u
the delicacies of the season,
find every
well fitted up
^CO.,.Proprietors .'���?*"��?&"
for the HccoromodationcOLTra>Mf
n��g< "iverMines.. Gootl BeteJ^
for Horses. Horse Feed, *c.' A shige runs ty^*  of
between tfiis house and Port Douglas un the ""'j ke
the steamers from below and.uouuects W�� w,v ^..
Boatj* for Lillooet,
1.7rs"to the Bridge River Mines,    Good Beds, Stabl


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