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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-09-25

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 ,0m  :y-A>y  A^  ��������� -v'f  rden"  JJJJ-0  A^:'A:yyyAAA'A '.Aim "A: yA-yAy;' ��������� f i:  ; ^B^T;;*fiOLL"6!WA Y-;  ,||^^SW#^^������, tl -pet week.<lncludIngrcost  "^iMSli"^^^ the carrier; ?  LTOF&'  Office���������Barkerviile^next doofctOiMonoUa's  \ ���������    yy^AAy GroceryStore)i^ ���������'���������' "'A{ \y'V' ."  rJ.i;  rWSWP  ','��������� i i Agents' tor the;* ", Cariboo; Sentinel.'*-  ,'   ���������..    i      . .";iV| r y; -.yy1,. -ar. ..*^?,;v-jv������^t*^ '' X-A '  QuisnelmoutfeMr.%budJo;BKthfrd7s1^>Tces Ofuce;  Srifta.Crcelc^|T/Tr|: ,- j ?Y^.(i(*if^Barnard���������B Express^  Yale,' >> , ,;-;,i,fMr. Evans, y~4i>^.;.'" t ;,|'��������� do    ���������-  'New' Westminster, "Vyy yy"':Jyy f; ';,Cl&rkson &' Co  ������������������ Victoria*-:���������',' IV-Y" ���������yyr' -y*y;y ;y ^A'.;,I,Yri'e..--^A....  L.'P;������ Fisher, ��������� -* 'A    '->'/ -a    l-; v* San Francisco  eANlDIANTAGIFrO^MBWAY^  ;fe  ;-*v-;  rie tors  j_ I stated ia tayja^t;letter that:: IhVravage  required: tb carry a continuous ^railway from  JMpntreafinto��������� ^eTpr^ieTtbey}Jti^ifedt RtvG r  ��������� would not exceed that whiotiws opened! in  Canada- West -between, 1853 aad,186D..I.rWe:  ;'���������   -...-,  ,,:;���������    '.y   iic    -;)Y'J'^'Y7f.i 1.1,;'^ %   ���������[   '������������������   ,;'*'/  have bad;* risstiof, nearly^teu years j; and'we  Certainly are, nv*a3 good������&'��������� position -'iow; to  undertake'the-buildiag of twelve to fifteen  . hundred miles of,railway as������we were in'1853*  If V&tgtf atiffi assets are  * proportionately machrinbre,so;/"iu ISi9*^w������i  started with a raUraad'/policyhbo-liberal.that  .���������'we proposed to E^nr^ejhalf;tbe^dminali^oajb:  V^K.pf|:e^ew^railroa^oy:er^T5f miles in flstigtlu  >���������'������������������* 7',V-Y'Y  !'''L' ^ -" "   Y "      ���������.*!    *!        r- I      i   Y>_rf- / t,  y :\\  ^:&?ptxti  then xwinkented the municipal ~loai Hitid  .���������- -system aa> m'Mlns i?f getting railways. 'But  ''���������'������������������'���������---when'-'tlvere was' no suSeient^municipal "-.se-  ��������� -. -.curity, -and nq^^mr^at^giiar^      .to.rbe  obtained^ ire felt-that our wild ��������� larids were  ourpnly fesource, andcpnfiequehtly in 1850  we chartered"a^lingJfr'pmJrQne^eei.^-to J^e  -��������� Huron with aoland^grant;! of^fpur' rdillion  acres/* tedoiog'^we followed;ajprecede?it  <jstoblis*hedi^^C^ refer-  ���������   ence $^SSSliftnoiaCOentrai and the -Mobm  rand :������hm* .'BaUways, ^^"jlle^the^grWt'lSast  '-; "and West tra^,yicbtf ojlowed'ffie-opening  of ^the ^i|paj[a^Jed'to^he;con8t^ctiqii,Qf  - iaifeays^e|ffeen t^Mantio and Mississippi  withoutup^tijaialiaid,nt was felt that j interior  north and s^ttthlineBj^om'tbeGttlfof  to the^lakej^^n^ io secure  . their ^6nstructip^������ ^fie^8ystemr,thua inau-  Ijuifated was/stfoiif extended' throughout the  public landsl;:/The;:grants^wjtfe>made to .the,  States, and;- by ^&9m^)mp^lia,inediately  :   transferred  Uo   railway^ companies, A and,  A'.'A allaionghYitviman^ easerffiortiniD1 originally  > al lowed! BaC^iapB^$^^ b*>*  '������������������ 'j maiiife'Bte j^S'a-.dfe^  , of sucliiefauU, butlhasjgiyeh the additional  time for the construction o|the, contemplated  y  rpada.  Overfitty^e^miiiibnB of aore$havev  |H^������9^Wi-l������4'^\^^ ninety-  ni lie milUp^cres^lrect to; -tfe ftreie Pacific  RaUway^Comj^  ^Pacific {g6t3Yi7 l|muii(KP^lj^ltern^t^. sections  . of *iand,;.wJlito ^^ ^ere;:firat-  granted^%b^;^r^ WferiiSw^ ^������  15 or 20 ninesi1 iii cbnaequence of; sales made  before the companies iad the itgtit.'.to"*locate,  and the;Go^mm&ii^  reservediecltosjS the������ theory being that the  .���������conalir^ct^ , the  Government, to Realize this: adyanced rate i in  which event'i|^^  grant, whilei tfeeqbatructi  ���������a matter .of -groat putfici irjoportahce���������  w;6'uid:be Be'ourefj/^yyy;;yy[."; ���������:ii'  '"  of New York, formerly editor of tho Railroad  Journal, the beat authority ia the United  a mile of railroadi would,/nave,, been coiif  8|ruct^ either iir!)"^  ^r|t*^(3be^Pac%^^^^  have been..w^ly;without an\ eastern loutlet.  <They have been.instrumentalvIn securing-thb  ^i^fr^onv^^  earlier, b^yea1ra^fcha*ii itlrtherwise Wpiipf a������e  Jbeeji^^hey hayevbeen: ?^,dire^Ytae^i^c������f  adding; UundrMa of; m^  wealth ancl^cpmMercer of |the ^&try^YY!&  JSHands revived-upbii^the'IiineVof^  oipated roads,.and corresponding in ainphnts;  .ordinary rate, Ihe.Gbverh'nientlreapedta posi-  tive advantage from ti2em:i&:adctitipa--i������;j^pB0.  wbicl^the Yrbads^themselyes have ebsuredito  it. ^^ejuorj^attb  the \vhok. <TJiis.^atevpays^^OO^O^n*  nuaiiy-into. tlib:. r^Ucteaauty^ and^ite ability  itpVp^so^rasta"surn^ia^derivbdfalmost !en-  tirely from- iti. public* 'wprks.. Could atiy  policy,'therefore, have.b'eeri, wiser^ than -the  |rarii p^ .public lanasfe  Opened:up tof settlement a lar^e;:por|iontif.  its territory, till" tlieiv inacc' c������si*ble, and stimu-;  lated in a powerfur-manner" the "construction7  of other important lines Vyx "    | 'v 'A  '  f ?Qur- polioy slibuldlb^ttS4nake Xhri\soheme  lar"^'Mbuglutb )ijtr^  fc;good start5, iokijke -interest whicli^ the*?Hud-j  soui^Bay������. Company proprietors have^lffe-  en/Jo wed 1ano^^nt*raiiw1ay[n^ y%$$-  iio lo n ger co nSne^'to Lake "Huron: as^fhe4 i^ r-  minus^ bnt^havelnorthwest ^America, tealife)!;-  n&^ndiGhiiia ^s objective points. "We ^can  appeal tb^h^]8^4cerss/*pf flhe; ^n^rlcanlland  grant systemi'and \ye can offer a'!mori:fibeVat  endbwment; At-- .w . ,-.,_. ,. ^ ��������� >;\.v A  ':* Speaking of' sub sidiii ng railways., th rough  the public��������� .dpmain,; by a mpfey aid, MrpE.oor  says:. '*;It ris now , ip,Vogue to denPuilce all  SiicK*] propositions;;as^/;swiadies: and ^frauds  upon'"the/treasury;^ Bttt ifftho; railroads? of  the= tjj'nited^ States; '.cb.^i^  6tructed in;no���������;other 'manneJ it would; have  been tbo soundest policy for the cgoverhmerit  to have assumed their construction. They  have cost $l,200,00()sOOQ,,on which the inters  esfc^ is ^72,660,000,* and' have created a commerce worth Slb,000,000,000,;which has:^a-  ^abled' the ^people to pay $400;000,000 taxes  with, far greater ease than they could* have  paid |200,000,000 without thenv; No line-of  ordinary ^importance twaa rover constructed  that did.noti from the wealth, it'created,  speedily:; repay its"'cost, though it may never  have returned a dollar to its shave and bondr  holders. If this be true 6f local and ttniin-  portdntiwbrky'.hbw much more so mpst itbe  of great lines which open out sections Of our  public domain, now a desert, but abounding  in; all the; elements of, wealth.^���������[Canadian  paper.;- AayAAyAAAAAA        A%\Apyy':,  ���������&��������� <��������� ^'���������  THii. Greatest DtscovBiiy op the'Agb.-^-  ���������Robinson's.celeb rated Magic fSoap has just  been introduced on: William creek, ;and the  proprietors challenge,; the world toproduce  au article to compete with.this soapi/It-not.  only removes paint, pitch, tar. &c.,fr'om the  coarsest, and finest fabrics, but it also-does..  away with all the washboards and machines  that have been'invented during the past ten  ,yearsst6 wear' out. hands, ana,; clothes ;y and  after one year's use it;has been proved not  to injure the. clothes in the slightest; degree,  ���������baviri* every advantage over all other soaps  irir betng cheaperv-one pbund-doing.m;ore  washing thai two pounds of any common article now id use., tEor'sale, at Mr James: ^.  Taylor's drug storev and some of the nnn-  cipalstores-in. town,;yA.AAA'.        Ayv  a^'J^Biii/a GoraE ha9:riow. stood thei test  t,:MAINLANpm VRimRjGOWmU)?  'li |h%m&ierp of rtrie Estate - JSS iffect^of ?g1*ROLUO'-  x u HY -i% JMO%Tt3ALDl/decoasedyirlt^iate^' Vl ���������.,',,;,  -ikAlAJpersons m ? are hidobtedtO'tfie.'ab-dVeEstatb1  JAk 'anejequijrfid jtopay tbfiamohnts,iloe.forthwith;  and ,air; persohs rvfho. hafreH>ny ''clalins'^a^inst thf  -abbvo:^sta(o are> rcqulred-jte seaaJnitheirJaccouhtB  on o>tIl)|fore;-tbe 14tb~day of ^vemher,d8Q9l' Uytm  AA'X y    Ay.  - *A'ctf)i^mzafa^iyyy  .i sv:-$V ;'< ������.v -Y^'OufcialiAdministrator; ';'  ^patod|Elchflpld,-14thAugust0188e,. > ,;aul8)lrn>  ' 'J)ffiiJ^ISfi=Gpfi^^^  Io-tl^tJa'tti?rV'of^b'������ ::������3tete<-aiii^IffecS;:of'l_iEX-  : . paa m^mgEOBOif' deceased,; in testate i i^fa yA  AtL r^r^ons-whpare indebted to the-abov>..Estalo  ���������-or requlr* "  ojpaj rh<    iioi   y> jue.Corthwitb,  and all-i^ons.,--u'\,^">j*i any rhums against the  ahpVCl:      '"^ ������������������--"'���������"-* -~-~^ -������'^'' -aaAs:a,.a.:,aa,^:.a A,.' ' _: s.-..  olal  Datcdatlchapld, 12th Aagits^.1869..   ^ ;; nU 3m  Ww,  )&?  mi  W^lXl.  yy  AA  AA.  '������������������tfK} 0 ���������  %v  note-histS"0a������:of^^ JUNE AWD on the first  -  alidiiSth day-of each month thereafter      ' y.y^  , m&^fyvduy- ly^y'nvAVA;^ <yAr~" y>y*y  11 ^^BarafefidrSir Express ;J' y'"  if ia;oAvA:l ^y^^r^f); "\;:]  y kj* } y   yA i n&s -> aPa&As a  ^3BAS*5^^HTI5TBAM^  " ���������'Vi���������' :,;'i'r ; ; ��������� '}-��������� ?y-:V" "    ���������'������������������<��������� "'yy ��������� yv> -, ���������������������������f'ry'' ;- >. .���������'. *--  ''    I ,'*-    J^5 ji* / 'iff "' y^   * y^u'^'y^Ay  Kaklng the trlh tb.BarkervlllD In about M d ays /v. :yy  l$$������m;.:-    5������8s(it.otfJ__iHI;:^0y \,y    J^  f������ y'' A*4''^ &;' h?;litll!ru^tlier notice,'i)(,\.'v ^  ' \  Yf  ~?   ^Y1^,  *    ', y    y    yyAy^ .j   '      ���������  ^I^^S'^^^!^^^^ ry i  By-;these te'ams, 6n all parcels of: 50 lbs.* and upw&Ms  \ ?A\ U  HA  t ' it   *it| bd    y     /ty    ' t    ���������  ' 7fr- '^"   v 'r^'?:^M Y;/a  ":jy;  1  e'^clnMys'of :HoadrTollss'  i.v c������^aYS vi  - . ^ -  ^-YiJ^J3.-^fe  ;*?.)������  ������Y,Y;r-..  In'-thonfett'ero"^the Estateahd^Effecttf'of ^ILIL^AH3  ,-;''' p| rWINNAR0? deceased,--Intestate. I ;^ ^:is*:  '4; TiL $|fQQns*who ire i ftdiebted' to- .the"' above? estate  sjt\:/iard2re^nire!i i^OAy^ifeiife amofni^. ^vyforthwith,',  a^d/;:aUi|per8ons, who ,bavc. yis.'y .claims/agalnstVtho  atio^e������ate we: ^  or bcTor| the lith day of'September, ige^to :. ���������  ",  XA-mMyAAmAA^  lyi^lly-tA,   ..  l   - :Y-   -:OthcialAdmiflistrato?. f^  ���������^������ajfedpohi^ s 1jel6*3m;-y?  ^3  '������*������  wi^  f^S^ii  61  >AAyyyA   Ayyyyy^yy ,--,-���������  '���������������������������a msysyyAy^ HenryvRifteaiof^iSO^bdrpvf-''^86^  ���������ado^id^y-lier^elty^  s ���������Department^ also"' ofA '.500 bote'  ?;ior Military ��������� Rifles/ - < -,' ��������� *' >' ������������������  ^'WATERHRO'O^r'^ENTBA^;  >JfIRBiv- Mv*S\T :AH������iii'^.(f ISCAg^  12R1IK3ES J. ^ith^arged:.Baso'; ���������  ��������� 'for.. stn all> b pres^^opteo*' 'by*/  ��������� foroigii' ;gbv'ertirhorits;-lo^cQ'iaf ���������  jer^^ha^se^uBer,dan^Bc!f tf jf^TJl  ] mihgtori. ahdjOther, ..Rifles'j-:ift^f !Ji^aisV-  "Caytfidgos.. for,;;Ballard,;,rthe;'I  :;Sp;eri������ce:r^'a^^mericaff  Stepeating Rifles.' >l      > ''l  ''-���������    *'--"..   ���������.*.   v  Tlie; "BLEY; BOXER!', are the cheapest .Cartridges  known,, carrying .their, jpwn' ignition,1-an db'etne made  Wholly, of. metal,'-a^o^a^r.^^^al^d Imperishable in  any climate;1    ;: -"r������-  A,'    ' "   x . .       '      '-lU  --* The above'CaHridgd;caseS (^mpty);of^all ^slze_5^and  for the different systems ot: Brccchiloading,RiO'esygrin'.  be had with or,\vUhont the5&uitahlo.Bullets and ^Machine's Tor finishing the Cartridges.^'. '.   '.' ; yAAiy A  ^���������B^XER-CARTRIUGESrbf :4&0;bore������i^  pistols,' nscd in'Ucr;"Majcsty;,s:Navyl;ife vyyAyy^A  COPPER RIM-^IRB iCAB^RIDGES^ptaU^siz^s^lpr  Sinitjh &_ Wesson^^tonter^and 'other PpcUef R.er  volvers. ^    "   ..'.*,:' ���������.   ',... ,y~w :' yAv.. %&*:  > PIN-CARTRIDGES ������Tor.^t^UB*li<m������*,ggy������ly^ra ,pf  12-rih:9.m;andj"tm;!*borc,hyyAmX -AA': ;>: -^i  X CENTRATi-FIRK;;and PlN^FIREj ;GARTBIDGES*|fo^  'all sixes and systems; pfGuns,"Rifles and .Revolvers. V%  ���������!: Double )Vaterpr66f and '.B:. B^Caps^P.a tent: Wire' .{3aa������  bridges, Felt Gun Waddings tfOT^.Bre6chf* ad^  vLoadors^and'. every :4escripUP|i^flSp^ttni^ ^d^^v  taryAmmunition.: v.       t   --',?.'������ A-'X, \' ' *'   *'  ELE������   BftOT^ERSy;;  G E At:'S I:if$WQ::AAD.';]yMffi>Q'i|  to  otheHigQihe^jivail he s^nt fa ^eguiafe-MpreSa.Mw  charged accordingly ;      y   ' 'r<hf<  < -'Shlpper&''m'ay; depend , on the re jrn latil > e i - these.;.  'teams;.Xor^hel^r.^th]iaU&freSght;^  CKbimowrj  T)'f.Mayl411g69r -'gSggyy ^IVJ^g'AgN&SP:^  r; Regular, .Weekly'Espres&;/A-ilk-arov-s;>at Barker*  ^ijie������gAT|^5Mfl"0*R^-��������� at (^ a. my  the foliowlhij^Mohday;XlihQ Express -Willclose' every,  :-Sujj$ay,. night ^^^^i^srl,-,     hAif^  A:A  I4SAVE3 'Q"u^SNBLfibuTH^  wffM a AjU������my%^>l,  1 ;-;'��������� T-tHu'b-s d ay ,ey.B.Ni6g;'��������� \n  Conn ecting with .Barnard.'s Express, at .both.places.  *A*������JSJr The steameris'liotTesponeibl^ for leaKageot  Ollsjcor other liquids shjppo.d ji a tins'. ���������'. ;|.;   ��������� ;  NVtbe: awlvalrai" sBayktirville' of j every Mail and  Uf ..Espross,. p. ."L. ..LAMPHT;���������will ieaye J3ax*kcrvlllo  iith'an Express for* -'tbe''' followingA Creeks, -t. Grouse,  Stoveris,- .GaHforriia, W^KkAntler, Cunningham, Har>  vey, Showshbe, Keithlcy;>|.dvGoo'so Creep;;';-He will  Attend 'to atf-feinds ��������� o^^mTriiisioiis^'&P^ CoUecUngn  will-;alsobe atjteaded to.... ^ > >   A-  1    *$v   ju21  - Letters,'ParcelsJ'.&c.V.for,.Use, above places can. ha  ���������leftjatthe Ibllowirig placCsv: ^'^ V>ym / '  The S^ntiksl Office, kY ���������  --.Y^Barkerville.    "  -.'" ' Rennie's Shoo Store,; t V^'Vy ^Barkerville ;; ������.���������  ^Lt^^eufcldeVi^^X-Ml.-;i^ ���������KRiohfleld.:.,       "  M"" R.1  CHARt*ES'r"D'ANI^ON/( desijrcsV-to  inform  A leaders,1 packe^^Trayeliers aiid::'btlters that the  ^Rc^i'irom>sDo^"^ric:^to^^ ;. beyond  ^uesneiiSouthv|s how'opeh and,,in. good condition foi,  :Pack^ainsand^ Stocky and'that tUerc^ig ^pundahco  ,pf goqd ;foedfthrongboutT. There.is^.h^pscof.^enter-'  :taihmei^t'Vtt>-the'bridge." *������������������ay<y~y ;,  w:       jel2  ���������: A ;;. yRET aiv^butch^  B^KERV^*^^  a ��������� :.   'a 'M)^nq;.UBM^  J A supply of rreshljpicat of all descriptions^onstantly  on hand, y,'   :'. -y .'^^a-Y 'yyy)iAy--:Ay^y^yy.'M^  BTORA&E AND   0QMMIS������1QM  .y.V\ ':���������:-::  EionFIELD^B.Cv-.'Ypi-j;^ Jy  WProduoefrom thbagricutont ^4^^  and woney advanced on consignments.n- ; Jy^-ol^  J, :g: THOMPSON,   ;; ;iV-  J CCOXJOTANT,   it I^'V^^v.'-Ap;-WMMKSI������  of-the last eight years/ has superseded en- A. Agent, Barberyiiie^ .diusted^  tirelv thei mported Chartres Coffee, and is I      Mining Company Books kept aada^ustea  now kept and sold hy all respectable dcaiersl>layi nm.  Al^li&^"#S' A^GTy '  ,,i^v.^ Y^:.ui|'%^^.B^>|TJ.t;i5;'^ '-���������-���������  o $s&; sHaye? on hami a^cnoice- aclectlon of  OASTI^  /TIN -BliMPiE .AND ? SlHBET^ IRON  ^i^ittVvarious'otheraHic^ trade.  & __������^ Ali>Tobhiug in tlie Tin, Sheet Iroiif Gopper and  Zinc trade attendedto, and; .v^aTranted to. give sat Is-  ��������� eaLctjon.:^; <��������� AA:.A-y:Ay.AAUrAn^;A: ������������������������������������'���������-'���������.���������-'.���������.  a AVE' purctiascd1 the Stand formorty ocenpied by A.  A;c Campbell, and will csecute /orders for Horseshoeing and Blacksmith work; .of ^ every ,d.o_cription at  tneiowcst<'ratcs.v;^':������������������:,"���������   ������������������������������������'"���������'���������" '""���������'���������'    jy242m   ���������  je������- Every convenience for SHOEING'- OXEN Trills  despatch.  ^7AA~fy?AZ y      -^;^JI;  /,, o..*a*W3^������*4������������-*-'>������^'!<^W  WA:-  m:AM<  ,r_    SATUBDAYjSEPT. 25���������18G9. ,.   <  J-THB CARJBOp;,SBKHKEX  yA  wy:  A    yA  "      TO'ADVERTISERS., ,  -���������-^       \lr advertisements {not inserted for any definite  ^    A.. - period) ������������������������������������will be^: continued - until-, ordered - ouj^ and  1    " charged for accordingly.__'_  '   .: .  : h;Ay. yy^    y. T0 CORRESPONDENTS? ������ A-,   ;< ^ -  Ml commit������������ea������t������Q- ,s,u-'t ^p / rcBsp'mirdJ^ tnf  ���������   -, roil name-arid address ,of the writer ; unnecessarily  :f/*Y������?fptro^I^  >f "V  A.\ y ti v ���������___..: ;     ^ i ^;i ^  ;"  Wc have expressed suMcientjy,, in previous  "'n'umb'ersthe thoughfcland'Ubwjings of Cariboo;  A -'^'/-In^on^^  ; tion, and we come 'to the consideration of  ^f>/r milled  Av   ' opportunity ^5*-presen^d ^^ ^  A, A /Ylellci'/$fe some1'expression;  m  expression  fw fdture^nsMeriitj^^  paBsed,: aa proposed;; without tlie addition of  mem^eT^bf She Council to give their votes in  faybr. of Confederation now.; It was the Hohv  Jtfu T^utcb^hoj moved for [be inWtioia/of  jtbb wb^d'." present,-* giving as-a reason that  he wvasjoaeoF*those who believed that it was  tbe/maiufest destiny, of this ^colony --tb be  United to the Dominion of Canada. Since  th^t^oluiibn wa^pa^ea^hanges have taken  pl^ce.whTch wouldjusti^: its "supj'or.tejs in'  changiEig;^  tory hasrbpep added to the ^Dominion. British  Columbia/and ~ Canada -are y center mi nous.  'Canada^ while taking charge of the Northwest  llefci������^  deritug;the imipnf^a, practical one. If such-  terms-'are- offeredrXoyBritish ".Columbia, as  would ensure the speedy -commencement .of  ,comihunicatjdn,' s6 ��������� is'��������� to''yahs ihe*'union  thoroughly'practicph we have no.doubt that  tt'^T^tf^t*^^^ % ^he Legislative  Corincii/r.indeed, we have; reason to believe  that sorne'sucb terms' will' be -brdtight I before  tlie next Council, and "that"before six months  ~i.'������'fV uf^irtf'ft1w^������/������il^T5^ift6.K;?r!ftiHrY������>\io' -i will   Ko  AA  v" , pni in ni ty; was * ppi embraced. <; It had beeti  '     _ ''illli^^^tdj^eHis E|cilency;78|'rj^||  tA     ih>t yyisjtiAhyyj ialtei  of,, vTeieouie  ia.1 hospitalityj'arid xw political subject1 yyk  ' obtruded upon Mm '. With (the exception'sbf;  "     " -one'1 of t&eaddre^  piipo adro-ntage.WDs taken y His- f|������|3  3 en |Jp presence here io obtain ag|inaigg|  --into uisrpoHfeV intention&r-Tfaa'; a^ks  i*,������n3 bf n ^prepared hc^y, 11.505 !:ho^j?iFb  *     as s&nTas the'stf ere aMved Mr he *o ^td  r,v^pr y^ t^vbife:Cariboo; nfKa^  ,^'-^;'/- ���������:;���������/'^''t^/Blielvc/"iill";politi"cUV' inatiers';"-.lie;bad^ex-  ' '" .ri'tv^resseeJShimself sufficiently r^Vcp^he.BUbjecifc  :-A.T'���������. :"-'A72*fo������^Vti*An���������rinri:. nt^aTvhorA'Y- H ������S ��������� "RxflfillcnCV  Canadai  ������,;Y������".<r>  ^^ft*ETf*SCGEEIHNGS.  K$&.  /..������,; -.t. ���������* r y  'y    - ��������� -  ;      ^ Ar   VA v., >  (Before  j Brevs  Esq..i6oldComraIssloner*and County  A    .Court  mdje.^      '   ^     j ",'  l^WfAD-SlIETISEMBNTS^  .������ SATURDAY/25th inst;, at ON*E p^cloxskphn.,  w > a ^m instructedJjy thepHudson's Bayitto. tp-soll,  by^Pabiic Auctiqn^on'accoant of whom itmay^ con,  xjortu--^. '^|'f :::*: ��������������������������� - "���������-Av <������������������ 'i'1's -! ��������� :;-;? " ���������     A'y:y- $&������ i -  SO'BOXES- (50 los/ieach)^ of OALIFOKN1A 'DRIED  ; ^>.':;r-:;vii= ���������. ���������. - YY/PE^CSEa-1  yAAl   XvMA -,  ^ J^ Sale at the H. B. Co. 'e. Store,YBarkerville.  a"^fie22'2t **    v'   / ",'F. VI LEE, Anctionoer..:  DELPHI   iSA t  'Y?";  ���������drWUjMbT. bIgon  DESIRES to irirorm-his friends and the public that  yli& has;purcii8Sod thc^usinesSjOf :,^hc ^ADEliPHI:  SASbO"^ -B&HFIKIiD/Wtiero lieHrusbrhc williw^  ceiyes?a;fairi'Sliare ofilpatwrmgap;:Tho> best; Win'es^  ������iq'ttdi8 an4 Cigai-s^tlliQiBa^.j \   -"._:, ^..selSln] ���������  I  .C'bslriiis'tvG;  r-^'/ -.yv.'" Crroceries,^:/'?/! y ;-;  ;^  0 F'"?T.S f WMsW'lQl tT AVLIT} Y,  ��������� sPor-salc ui the Store,of the undersigned In.Barker.1  .vilie' "onposito the Bank'of British Col'iinbia j  ���������'i nA-A .. > v    J ! VA" v   '  -*������?��������� r'ekkie,;;,;:  ���������S'-ui;  :ae4tfJ  ^as^nsual^  :^I>.tJNT-ILtE?!S  ,;/il   tiiY in^"nUn6.ji������ft r^mo^ miaaiaoi^   ia  /;'. b viHlaleBnl '^ver^lo^^P^^'g^  aupicd spaces^-^e^&^r^3ourdes    nd iW  - ep ., [ ' n m 1 i | !ii; 1 n: -Wd'oubte'dlv sueaestcd to  operanori-f 1 tn^* dominion' wan mm miony  i 1aa;u ' y slight bri0^ I about.! a cBasgelfoElllie better.  ���������v % c, J ������ ���������������  / ' . ,. Mow V*ui.'he^has^i.taken.his departure/ the  -^-     (w    i   y  .m\ti^my^yy ' x "<  question arises   is Confederation the policy  'at whlcb^His\lSce]iency aims'-   Althoiigh-he  did ' not:*��������� allude17""to . that' matter, -there  v "u l ������_*lu   be no  cloitbt   J bar he   iv   jn   favor-  ' '; of'the''scheme', and,'being ia favor :of it.  /-/;';'',/ '1: 11 -.;' Is y uite,;.iea>sSriable - ''to;-:-siSsiiime YtbaV :lre  has^ been/r^ucted- to" complete the union  'Y ^ ,   ^ (of Bri|JshuHoi' i / Amei ica* u nd er 4 9ne - govern-.  ': ',J ";,'ment;   Immediately bu ieara;rig"bfi his* ap-  :.;-���������'-; l-5 -p ointment we Ventured-to say,.Tso,;aad every-  A;'l;' ,V   ; ��������� Uung, sbifat;^oti ferns. oriy,)assertion.'   Being'  ;'"'   '���������    ,r:c ".'7'.^'^! that'Confederation has been deter^  ','-.'   ^.l inlne d, i'/0 fi b7 the Home' ffovey am ent, and  , ' '. ���������-     that Governor Musgrave. was'.aT)p'oiated,.-t6  '/;:',���������       effect snetT'delSBminatio.ni We naturally in-  -���������'���������" '���������,M -/^}V-e ".what 'stepY will;he uike^o dp sb/"'*By  ' '.means bf thet Legislative/Council."'' That  y "v   "^toucKcoii^ all',) \1ke\yAX0  <Jd^^ y 'prove; of-great ''vaiaet^/l^w-ill^  ...        Coufedcratlrfn!  Heretofore we hav^ been of  0 pin ion v^h at i twould p rove tolb e. anl obstacle  i{ }X i r/4n/the,. way/of:: Confederation^^ but/ looking  "'ifJ:,.; ; "iato-ihe^Journal"*! of 'the ^Legislative!Council,  y y, ��������� *. !, we'find tliat tbefetwaiiriothibg .done by that  * r,"r!^^:^ol3y; wtiicfi'"p^ being  T^, ,v- >i favorable tb'the extension of the Dominion  /'' 1' ��������� ^:'^* ^ ':.BH^sh^ Cpluniibia.^ ^e ^popular ���������> 0 ea*:''' is  "* *" ^dtnaWha������ffi^lnreh^  .^;;i��������� ;v_,/^t_^nr"e^ria;'tiqnf,last/winter,Jthea- and foreveK'  1 1V'   ' .! 'Toe:^e^rrfevp| |he tJoiincil/ however^ -tell a  /      /.''vdifferSri^itale;.^ ; The resolution  v g ������=/ f* lintr^u^^y^Hp^^       was amended and  *r adopted asffollows v r: ?*r :v*'-������' ������������������*.-  ' ^-''>T6ftMhis;G^ with the  * H ���������-,:���������������.;:��������� Conviction tliat uiider"existitig 'circumstances  Afyy    Ythei Gonfederation of^his >Colony! with the  ���������- //;.    "Dominion or/Canada'would/ be undesirable,  v 'A ^'    iven if "practicable j- /urge; her'Majesty*^ txOVr  .���������6i'ntPeBt notjo take any decisive steps td-  "'���������'''//viwards, tlie/ p^s^ti^usummation of such  .,^.wV!^/'''urii6nV".Y.'!/'/.././'.r'/''.".'./!'/,; ../ ���������.���������/���������'-'������������������/  '��������� '���������^u:;---"( There ;'ia* ^ndthing -tb-pweiit any;b^whb  ,- y.y A;,'bad..."vp^e^L"JFqrffiig'^eaolpl^pjd"..to vote now for  / ���������'v   A [;Confederation^ iTheiword Vpresent," in the  Aaa. rv/;:*bncludihg';i^teh| ^oWii  ' HI ���������  |; I // EitioVr Aby Mi I369/1':  ^^Si^Wall-rer'TS^ P. Brown.���������Suit;to/reeovbr  $37 2&;!balance;Vi' scubrnl' - Judgment;;for^  y mAKAyAoAfh ty A;        " -   .  ^^/Parfitt-vsp^in/Croa^JndgmehU  raons: '-Defendant ordered* to" ia I isfy j udgment  in^foi^r^eelxs/. ;������������������ " yFi -,;  ^  v<i������. / ���������" '   >  ^���������RVuirew/Go^  gulch)*���������Suit. to' eompblr detendanis tocsbow.  caus e ��������� why th ey - sh oul d > mot p ay C $ 15.0, fqr  damages. Almy Aq Ap lain tiffs?;%orKs;; ;bk*'the  caving;��������� of a' tunnel;, ^antd sfurther" to ' siio w  ^u^:^h^i|hey^pntd nb^rie;pOmpblle4'tp  ���������repair said tunneL -T-he.-������clipse'^p;..b&d^o*  structed;\ in anel through'; their own and'4he  ^SSnldlnli'^^oul^; defend'ante while  working their ���������ground;hadtdHftedj.uride^ the  tunnel, which  caved  int consequence.' *;The  tunnel ^ih^h'g Ichoked ,Mc^  !the/Eclipse , ���������0 -a grownJ, n>A alsc caused  ^ri;tiU' t'ac'VtrYvuivuuu .tyfTto^rjChic^duj^uceuribir.^cf'  operations by^tbe sbaikagebf water;into their  works../Thb' Indian Queen Co. then ran "a  drive ;which:;ltap^d^the^|u^  they cave'had takenTplace,:$SdA'' the tiiitfel  wite^^Hhence;diverted :iatp;:rthe iderertd^  ants'.digigihgs.5 and-the v/ater tien^qundjts  way into -the'/plainti^ diggiiigsjth&eby compelling ,them td'-stbp work. Suit-had been  brought, against the, Eclipse'lCo. to comptl  th em jjto r ej air^eJKnb|l3u  missibner'. diimissttl tiie; case,^no,tv deeming  thepclipse^Cb; I'Sipo ri'sibl������ fer the^amage, to  ;tHe/>tnhner.V.The*''pTainliffsx now alleged that  tlie ta'ivdrain of "the Indian ;ftue'eiit Co.^by:  whic h thb -tunnel? w^te^hajkbe en ,^di verted as  laboye'Stated, wasthe^eanseof their'stoppage*-  fCn d '&a t:defendan ts' 'could. $y;piopeb precau^  Uon������? pifeyent" 1-lie/vv|i^^^%^;ruaning into  the;;piaiatin^",!,di{^ing8// /I / //yy 1 ] *% A-mrA  ^'Jud-jmen!*fdeferred. "*������^   Uv     '  ' rV  y  my26''.  i A^DfiNOU VION: ���������&. EURTZ.  tILLO0ETrO?HTfONS;'cf. the-best qualify-and in,  "plcatii'd condition.' for 8a]e"clieWp,'at s \. _ ?  r.<'t'     " ' .��������� A      YYm B'.i .EDWAKUS*. Store, -(-   ^  aii231in    . ,      . -      ,      ..E.trkc-rviHo. ���������  i  NEW^ADVEETlSE  MESNTS.-.  rnEE BA^OF BRIT^H tOLtj^f^     ������������������ 1  *Xfe--*^MQE?^^r*b^yi^^  l^-'s  NOTIGE;  ing95:per^nt ;ofnhe;San Fr^K . ��������� -.,  value), and;:%irglng;'alcbami^io^;,������r'(ecfc  on tbe net returnB,-;:,.   ..^       -      , 011?'pere^;  ; Banko^BrltlshOolumbiav-W '<���������^l''-4Wt'J  Barkerville^ 27th Ah^s^i869J/ '  B" arka-rdV^espkess will not m ������r0;   m* for Passengers' Bagjage SJf,-g?W[  unless the charges on value c 8a^'n'flviSrtr^H!  1   ._"���������  1  ���������.    . ��������� .,' ���������l.y^'-.-^r-^-'f'-v^^.w^ i^������.jY_       ���������"  ���������   >ft^0n'j;i>  wq^reEi:  ". Barke;rllle. Julf,12,',t?6a.  '���������S^Ai *--rcfH', - f r>. - **' r^, ���������,..-.��������� ^^V-:^  g������??^  Y?t  ment;:  .'_RarKofV������JIit3* August24,1?69|���������,.  *?EiM,'.  -'" '"'[>.; Special' ^ Services?  .. AqSEB^S-'of 'Special Services will bp"*iield  to.ifi'  Sep tf f, 294-llornln^-r-Dav id. - ?���������(-? S vening���������Christ ���������������������������$  A^Ayf. "torioiis     ;  Oct.  3-^M6rrjing-rDaniel,  ,   God. -       ;   ,  .., J   Y.,..  y >. Y.  .;������   ?.i  Evenin?-  AA  City.of;  sellii  GDlSS-'SToIi;  Ad  mmM  /;,' GENERAL   DEALERS   ;,: |  "AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS  "'  V/ '      -BARKERVILLE, -      -   ��������� *  * "jy iHavftMo^bD hand' a large assortmentofY^ *y.  IA.   ���������__>'n���������  1?EEMARKABLB^CHAXGB AT'NrAGURA PAtli.���������  ^e^qekporjij; Journal publt  ifi^iia^gtin^/fap^  aVjfle.change 'thatis feking place. a:t '"Niagara  ITaUs^^The.theAry that; has for im me time  Jyeeh i^rscusse^iwifchs;r^ard4oHhe ^cavihg/ifr  or wearing away of Nhigara;ih������s^thi3,*seasbtt  J^und^neW te^to^dd^O^  f^r///QohBider^Je ;; i^'mmSritJ > has-been  ���������gpte^/th'&gjShri'i the paperi*'fojHa>few  weeks with relation-to ��������� the changed! appear*  ance of the-falls from that of;.-last!- yeWo The  horse-shoe,: it is '��������� stated^: has evidentl'ys^iven  way,some thirty feefcjuthat part of ibhiiirine'  ^ere^tbeTt^e^'water;" is^e'n^lo that tbe  horse-shoe appearance is'metamorphosed to  that * or/ a' triangular ;;^hape.;. It is estimated;  that about one hundred and fifty tons!of rock  .raustji.ave.^allenun on the horse-shbe-ialone;-  a^^b\ci:babifcues here are taking landmarks;  to h'bttcethe'IrecesMbh Ithat may takei place  before another^year. The American fall,:  also;.has given way";atvpoints :to; ri consider-:  able extent. There is no doubt but' Niagara  is crumbling away and falling back,"! but the:  present recession is, probably/the/greatest  ���������e^Wj^ssed by. any bne^ generatiorivn The  heavy ice fiel%which pass over in tlie spring,  -the-'Strong currents ^and ceaseless:wear and  tear .of time, and the mighty, thnndering cafe-  araj^t; must inevitably tell heavily upon the  roclcjr crest^of the grand old shrine;-but, of  course,^the falimg'away must be so; slow as  n;qt;tat)e^obsei;yable.to the eye, except when,  from .time to time, some of the immense boul-  ders give-wayP-i; v   a.y :y ��������� y-y ��������� -,  ���������-;;���������.' yy.;  ^ Barkeryille, July 13t.l$6Q.    ;  -     , , i      jull lm  ,-,ty ���������  , ^    ^    M������|NNE3.V ,| .  HEREB.f :annoances a that he has opened. nlsy New  ^Boarding House;  ' '    '        /   y'  yy   NEXTTOTHEfASSAY OFFICE, aA.  -'.'  '* ' '  ���������" 'A'yX   -BAEKERVlLLBi    '  *���������   ' ;      -  tb^which helhvito^llrwtib desireiflrat^clags jBoard  afe moderate , rates. ������=Cleanliness la the. Cdpkiug D?*  partment raay;,be;relied on, as lie has engaged the  sfervicresfefa'f.r^cla^ ;���������;    y:  ijOfip^ LIQUORS AOTlCIGARS >3C,j the beat brands  may'be obtained at thp Bar."      v [���������'���������auri5'  JASri*." TAYLOR'.a eslfestcf State that he tstill k������pi  4 on his business at Jho.ola, 5lanu, wi^e he-laj-  ,Pate.ut'.Moil5c5hes of;aU kiads o'n'baBd.'Ylis'o FREJ3  GARDE^SBED^.'V^PfeVcrfe  sd at reasonable rates,; K^ ������t doocto^Cuaio's firev*  -ery���������' '''���������''���������' ��������� ''���������/���������"''��������� "''^^:''-'*'���������' ^'^y>:--,y;-^;,;'^^: -!''-���������*'"'.:;'������������������'*'. -yy" yy '���������. ���������"���������  '   Barlc&rviltel May "6^1869;"''��������� ^>/^?p - lm  ;:; ;L!u^|il;j2'di^BEFi!  ML''"ESS"8S^EAOTA"II^NAS6^^  V.farniali ^nmber. at their "JllllSj.Va'WM Cr^f  'arid as th'eyhaVy now a     -1 -'J   "l >���������' ' - / .   :;.,  y A PiL A'NT N' br ^M I' 3 II TN E -  in;;epVrii(lo!i;i-;tli������^,WiIl;silpply ^^JDRESS ED LUMBEB ai  .$i& por^tLoudsmtir" 'Shingle^-^t^' per thousand, .������������������-.���������--  .     '...':. a'i'j* t. . ;  ,wS0tESALB/;A^  ;x-ljj^.  v CLOTHING BOOTS, SHOES,, ETC.;;A  v       *    ' .'. BABKEftVILLBr      j /    ��������� ��������� '  : ���������������'.'  PAINLESS  TOOTH   EXTRACTION.  D" ^tJm#%ra^ TEETH  ^ari^iperform .^bortr,operations; without pain,If  the.aid of theappanitas discovered'hy Dr. Ric&ariisoi,  otlipfidon/Ythlii Mhablo^discbvery prodaces iostP*  sibiUtyjii^th^j part/alonoA and renders^unnecessirj  tbo adininl3tr'iiil<>h:.ofchloroform* ' "���������'���������' ��������� ;���������    ,  "* OFFlCE-jN^st to>BehniOJSfBobt store. Barkcrril ?.  Offlco...Foo/:&6>;^Tect'h extractod: or fillcd;witb 64  $f,.     / ' " *   /" " / , / ."jy1601  ATCHMAKEte  ";" **-A> tABAmmVMAV������<&*A  Barkervil)q/Mayl,r18tJll>;,< ,��������� i ���������-   AA y    '  TENDERS his"sincere'tiianVs tb thoso wlio hart  -rfavorodlhitn .with.thGlrYpatronaga.ori M^flaiJ_  LlGHTNtNa OBEBk.:  ������������������"INBRS-ANDiTRADBKS.will find: it to theirr.ad-  :; 'vantage to..purchasd' at this Store, where there is  "' / '���������'i ;''./. A I'LAJBOB!"' ^tSSORTMlSlfT OP'-GOODS, : '? Y'\: :;''v ";  Of the very host1 description on .��������� hand, and the;;Stock  constantly, replenished by-neyr arrivals.��������� .^hepropric-  .,;Y, >;      .;,     ; tora will sell Goods]    . ���������    '  ���������������..���������-, '.As- Cheap as; any is Carihoo. ������������������ ;  Orders promptly iliied' and forwardbu with dispatch,  ; a"-'*"l .''  ��������� y^beedy&undhabd;    :.  Van Winkle, May .12,-1868^; ;-    : '��������������������������� ^; rrbprietors.;g.  !AsT;:TflOS;; FLETCHER'S; SECOND-HAND STORE  xSl and, General Kopairlng.. Shop_= will be found a  tfilhe capable of Tiirniiig and fitting -rip Car Axles  and Wheels;:Hydraulic Nobles; Hose ConplingS; i &c,  and all-repairs-of metal work done with ticathess.'  To be found also, Cooking Stoves, Sheet Iron Stoves,.  Pumps, Hose^Nails, Picks; Shovels,' arid almost every  thing -requisite for Miners5 use atlow priced  .UPPER BARKERVILLE,:. .      = mlo.   _ ._;-Ba'^_     (   by C. DODERO, where hghaEia Btock;ot  WINES; UQU01lSrTOBACCO A QlfeARS  '-   ���������;"jiiiKn^'''-to^%' '^ fe - '" ,  . "6'rdors"froravTr!Ciidfi;.o^ ??'���������*-': "'���������  tended-to.;''.. "���������- -' -s - ���������, . 1 ������������������-���������'"',       v^1/ ^ ��������� '  ���������"^K_C: Consignraoat^Yof- ^(jc^f;!^^;^^  Col onlal prodoco from -JirmB** * UL- 2 e*e *-.'f;.^*_ -'  est attention .and case. ,.  .' y,   ?        ��������� *,, ,.-  Bwrice rville,',' Au|������s| %A ftsfl.-.;'',:,,' ���������:'// :^ riSr-:*'  .~~/i5i^ier"-l3itise.- ������������������:���������; .  nhHB nndeirslgnod, "proprjeto'rs-  Tun*, nnuursjgiiua,   pfop.neH>is- ^f^^StneDV  .known- and favorably.situated csUblisoin^  having purchased the sarrie,fr6mE. .?0B?������^*t|H._ they  inform their friends and the public gW-i to  Injuries available in the conixtryi and -prm^    ���������  tion given to.the wishes ofJthe'guestBy r.   j . ,3 g  The Bar is'Stocked with ��������� the "very?������?������ .������"* ���������  Wines',.-Liquors and Cigars.y    VA',.-V'-:>--^1fl .,.,j at-'  ,  The Stables aro spacious and 'co.rnfortaoio...     ,y.  tended to by firstbias's hostlers.   A.' P1?11^":",,.^;,  of the best provender of all kinds ������i^y?^,;n5.ici^  In short, every convenience and ffj0"1^.;y :fti_d  to th������ comfort of "than -and boast will be wy^.  he proprietors will spare .no effort to give JgJ^i,  ctlon to all who iriay patroaisje the estamtM^   ..  August 20th, 11869,':" ������������������:-."/.������������������ :.���������'���������*���������������������������+:ADtE������ ffi  &^1,       >*     .     y      ^  <,,yr , ^  ���������.t.^JiMs^iir^r-v-i'^'  I  _������_____ '"''.:  ������������������ .? >:  IV$  ;;���������*���������  SATURDAY, SEFT.- 25,1869.  SrW-His ExcellencxtheGovernorJ; The  ��������� Se^l *iil attefim HiS Exce^ncy  i ' ^lovernor and/ %^Lj^%M ������  ' .Swtice'were present.   Immediately after'His  Wnellenc* bad entered the Theatre, a loyal  AA !^_hor, and-tjje cheer*were given with  ri2hWp4������tlH The^customary prelude _ to,  '" ' : ihctnWe.OQ such an.ocoMioa^asi.doly, o.b-  Wcvcd> R������' -' * e ���������wboi9 P^ience rose as!;1 God  ?    . '&vh tho 0>srr\waa performed.   Twojjx-  ; $ijcnt p^iites^ouicd'es had been?chosen for  '��������� Thb-'Quarts Max.���������We' uriderstancj/ that  informatloh/about ytfie 'Quartz imHl recently  ordei^ei in;Sari Francisco for. Carihop ;iB/expected/by Ynext ;.; express; .;anaVihaty'tne^ ittiill  is no wo n its way to or has arri wd at Victoria^ It was intended by the company to  ���������b^^k^d^.fV^^^ fer;^thet ^construction  of tile miil^b^lc^lonia^ 'toanufactdrers; but^n  d^ussin^:the/ma^  ceded,: that i the 1 inosk expcldie/it^methpd ��������� of  ^obtaining/ the, /mill-; TOiip* fee * to send tne.  'bTder/witbout^  ^o^vlj^^o^e^&^^^wi^ colonial; imanur  lecturers j, sjiecifications/won^ have been re-  ^viired^and three week?;: jnuit haye,^ elapsed  before a reply;:to a^prVposal could rhave  1 been received.%, To save time only the order;  to-SanfFrahcisep/^  was forwarded w.uuu titvu^w-u,^---^-^-���������  1 beiMn&ready for immediate .shipment/ p  was also thought advisable that while the  subject/���������of--quartz mining was attracting, attention tbelmifts^^ M '&&$���������  a anient flow;'.; of: watery for the .hydraulic  claims above the cahyorih and unless; the  weatherbecomes milder we-neednotJpofc  ifotfmubh activity in Mse: jelaims. ;,There is  'a/large quantity of sno  and mild weather wouldisoon send down*a.  large supply of water. yA<few claims tO|Which  jditcties haye:tieeh:bf6i^^  riu hydraulicing,"but the" majority are^dte  On: Wednesdaythe F.osterrGampb ell company  washed* upr25~oz. for... the half weekr;Thp  Cbippc6.haVc not.yet got to where?they^loolc  for pay.Y- ^The Barkery Canadian A Dillery parl(,  boo,New Mbn^t^aor^alis, 'Prince.pf? V^a]es;  ahd'the otherlmaller companies;are all wording* and doing about the same as:ia thefpre-3  yidus week.   On <3onklin gulcK^erehis ^6^  rhinfr ������ new to" retfort, except that the "White  ^tSbreaboots.  ^UGAfr  .XUHTOBY OBNTiNSt* ;rr^������������ ueuj laeui eojjf ������i������ug     i.  co^tryJisplayedout,asst^ttniea they 49������  I am convinced' 'the^ohlyf expiess ifaeir oft ti ;-<  ignonnce of its' resources. '^Rich^ deposits,  such a6^have beenl^und.ioni^ilUam^creelj ;"  and vichiUy in foria^^yearsy; are; npfc now     ,;  frequentlj found,but,there is a large; extent  ,of, groun4, ia Cariboo, tbat will pay men  whope^ expectations ire norproportioned to  the\'lgreats.sWkes\bf>l'f6rme^,ye^^^^ ''  If:  '*' ���������Wt  \'AX  iAi  ^iil^^^|qua^z^mmin_^^ wvguui���������,ri,lvVM,ir,���������,   tintionf,the������inUl sj^o^ be obtained as nearly 'Preparatioh8^afe b^ing made^ to enable^ the  ^asup^pssible; :so,Ythat ;the-interesi"manifest eqmpany^td^work' during tbef approaching  about auartz:^6jiildj*be maintained^'We,re- winter! :-Areservoir^four feveiwideand^eep/  abbul quartz^M ,,,,   -,,,  ^retfthe; ^Hr^uralte  ph&e&ity;^  fehSis^brbad'fofewha^^  'ii^b'e'^blTOy/.^^  |    y-^W^^W)^^^ieiW^^^ ���������howeVerlwedbnot thinkthatanyone;has;a  \x-A this   oc <*^:���������l fTSSwk riptto'Wmplaih^T^^  I  , - /severely dealt with-by ��������� auaituos, w^^^  e,th������ thcitill keeps I  andf'where heba'  mnd. ''Also FRESH  Wrtfnll/comjmi&f'*  Pfito^ganiols BrcK  )%EXTRACT TEEIE;  as wHhcutp:iiD,br  d by Br; Ricbarl^  ery produces ins*  ���������ehdors;unnccsss������f  ���������^cyYltVXVA'  of iae^ovflwcll-  B. Tormeyt .desire w  Igeheniliytto t,ie.y  ry nccommodauou ������  ,-reasonablecliftrg������-  >-f and prompt atwu  twenty in-<Ienglh; is-being constructed to en-;  sure a supply of water^^The Felix and-Mc-  DbwellteO^^are^oihgswell, with^if anything^  an imprdvemehtin, the prospects of the Mte  tin. Stout: gulch/ the Taffvale coi.washed,m  o veK 10tfr6^ on Wednesday^ ^^e^ombs  Aau^KaJei^  tter.wuere it which'they obtained' fair 'prospects,   ^lear^  !er/toomuch huei&,Cb.,hav^poW  whafc'(miffht and'are;makitig expenses, ^"rije Victoria,tun-  :hel������ on;Lowhee:creek,,is going,ahead.fchrou^)  travel in which "gob;d prospects are obtained,  but the tainhel has not yet been dnveuto the rj  VfcSSfi- &AA'��������� grburid. "-NewsfefroBi,.Grouse: ,:t  Mmnejl  and^h  creek:;  I another large creek running north-northwest:, -   v  "'*      '  *   about\he same direction/        '  rjiaa \uiu*m.x*���������*^.The forWion ,of Sugar    ���������  t.'creek is 'similar to that, of "DWhtning , creek.    ^      ���������  vtEvery one wbo'has worked on Sugar creek ia - -*    ���������  ^'b^dpihibn^^  hiils.'frWashed gravel'is fbundtbnUhe hillside, f  about 4w;b \ fehoiisand./feetj,from teeipresent^.,'       i  ..channel/ An;;bld ,*tannel^.,^n_a,mii6 ,yoiie   -  'thouSandl'fee_r^ ' \:, '   .  run.   Wncd^tifflWnnrf ��������� '^d;been ,run that    .'    y  JerifctfoJrloTri^^ . y  .for>.;Bome^ reasonr^ot, known^probably fte,  want! .of, means -the" company oBijspendfca  operations; and the question asHo whether aax  i?gm^cliaun*&^  pany wbo ran -this turiffei obtaiuef' pnripects ���������r \ ������������������  on: bed-rock" thro ugh'out, the whpjelength of v  'matically worked, would paj S0to:58per .  |day,.. Sugar,   ynL .however,t/toa   beea    ' ,   ���������.  nP^hfed bv men with" means sufficient to   ��������� .  ,  y 'fAyy; AyAiyy -AAyy:^  yAAXA;yAyyAAyyyyi  :;.:Coine.  the-' laughter'y and*' VppJaiiQ^JprQvbked^ by  Slasher and CraSher-had5 subsided/* ^ri'pqui-,  , I sbh^gaWfa B taste.. ST?.-bi'gSqfij^tiiy ��������� * V-in ..dahclsii;-j  and was heartity'i applauded, and the welt  ; .��������� pleas^d^u^ence^a]le^for!a^ repeMbnt^ The  "���������evening's entertainment 'WJiiclSd^d - with^the  nertprmance^of ^^n,theXxOodfor^Npthin'g*,**  which proyedin" ttie'Jhanlls-of the amateurs '|o  ebo;goo4 for some^thing-- a ;CpU8|a^t,moyemeht  of the cachianatory^facultiesy aiidas-jaughteri  ��������������������������������������������������������������� J"]i^i^y-_i^q-oiicial;:^6i .htaiith-^  few residents of BarkerviUey proceeded''up  Stout;gulch tofthe Coombsf claim, wiiere ;be  was, made acquainted with the operations;  commonly termed a'* wash-up." -1 About  eigh ty 'ounpes'of goldf the product ]of ^twb  the earth ahclVbcks" with which* the gold .is  found: .associated, ^fiis Excellency then proceeded to~ the Taffvale '"claims where about  lIQ^upces Jwere; washed up;,, A panful Jqf  dirt %as take^froin the face-'rif' the drift and  washed my the; presence of bia 'Excellency.  Tlie; ^prbspect,7' ^which5;might >havb, .been  about 1|; to 2o& of gold, was. pr ottered to,his  Excellency by:,t$efbrSman^  ���������'Mr^Bs"tBaW.ard& %*J������h6 Goverhbr^tfitsthesi-  .stated to ^accept-the .pSer, but on being, told,  ttmt it!was^thev;c\&tbm;of the, country,;he took  the gpldVund thanked the -.donor,   hi is Excels  lency seemed^mubh interested Hh^the iworks  shown him, ^and, courteously taking ieayjaf^  importing Yxoreig������;^*iuui ��������� :*������**v. ,rf,��������������������������� ..........^, rri/ ?_  Heretofbrje'"the Ifinest brands of California  and:-Oregon flour have been: imported^fpr  'mixing- with. the ^olohialr; Spur; but? we'are'  now informed "by bakers in town that the  newJlriur^of Harper Bros.js all-sufficient for  ibaking; purposes., IV has;long been aCmatter  , of, ,surprisei: and: ��������� regret-, that with1,' perfect  machinery anqyexcellent grain; cplonialflpur  shbuldjhaye.figured be)b w the1 Califordia -and  Oregon brands J and gbod "sf f vice is ren|ere <|*  to the- colony by.the production oj^nbur  'pqnal Vtb^any iinportedV" 'Anothery'drain  through *��������� Which, flows ih ri hard%arne3S'gbld"  :wUl SiusCbeYstopped. ^Messrs^fiarperjaaye  j list finished. a large' storehouse,.. which }.will,  ��������� ��������� ��������� -  ---i������ .!���������������������������* Ai,���������^ fn miA-pftn������_hebecurfence;  mmmm  ~':Ayy-A-AA.yy-y'������������������;��������� Ay  illWllSl  mmm-  mtiiii  yy-'A: yy-" ���������-Ay.'-:::: yy 'yyy-y):  A::V:y-:vyyyy...yyyy  y the.role of ;Nan with; greatrnaturalness, shpV ���������  1 ing first-class talents ior^the ,stage, m *W'  5 ^dalne, W tbhng^r?Si#s^{-btaught down,  ibe,houseCb*:;^  gave to^the'rolbv Mr "Brownras Harry* showea  'abrii^M^ni^fcM  bas^ltherBbeen al^  :   as Charley,praved that he linderjtands how.  -fn������ n^ontYhimsftlftbi;h ehanire of cuaracter.  anil. heiden&^?bimselrYSo'to  Charley as���������teatedva^pteasing contrast .with  Crasher:" ���������"Afe the:;eohclusibniof ^u^P^o"^  ^proeeedod" to*4he?' TOlliamCIGreek Bed-roclr  h-iume Qpmpany's works, where he^sawa  nf ft srarGitv during .the ..winter, the ume  prfqe^is most keenly felt. ������������������  ^tt__y the Governor ;jon Ttoaay raited  Infar FlSt,; .jSff;tpok 'a look rt^.  %ever^tfbuble',;eithet^bJ^pTi any;^/furtherV  -From/"being a matter !brptf61ic inferest it - has  J)ecomef through Jlrtpavis^ ^chliai^mbde: of  reyiewipgfa^discissibh as ..to^the 'extent of '  ,eachin0"S(persona^kho^  ,ning aisttct.^^ 1;^ muck '  'surprised"eti:'AO$ Davis^ igji9tance 'and misinterpretation %f >mytfirst5 lefer^becadse, un-  3bu*bte4ly������bi%!fe^tiea sof (perception are  l���������'  hydraulic claim in full operation. He enquired into,: everything eouhepted' with ��������� the^  worksland^thenlreturned to Barkerville. 0n(  Thursday' morning' hS' ��������� left BarkervilieV ac?  ^o-;  ,ti>; -p.;  Thursuay -uiuiuiug. uy ���������������?������������������������- **"c~i"���������:���������������������������.���������; *Ai^f.-  Safe^Hon.i������l^^vg^-  the world;r&i3.;a^pu)r^Mitr^auc.n-uk:^������v������^uu...  3if he will *b%t ta^et^tfttibietq&ake proper  (enquMesiebiaeerainj^ of;  the creek^be wiliffi^d ^at^riiy^tatemeiits are  <      .-������- a^^^.v^i; ������?irnif\rfl������iY������A. blind and wil������  0!u-._  _....,._, ..   ..��������� .  Crasher:"'*J&.theieonclusibniofr^-.- - .-���������  ance the audience'rbse/and^ remained until  -&a National-Anthe^  .by tk* torehesfe^  'moot mxhmneriily^PO^^W^^  . pubtished QurfeualTlisVotl^  .  .     months post, because/there  has =been^no  .'���������change to reporL ������������������^^riw.W.W*.^���������  act!���������*tishtgoods prices haye;settle^ down; to  ;. 'AA such moderate urates (tha^anf far the** ^auc-  :���������'���������".: labn.couldinbibeMrly^tr^e^N^viws-ww  been/any advance over , present prices., A  Ai-   plentiful- stockZq(\goods t& on;the way ,fpr,  winter use/and<A?&tj littleteaming will be  /":  required during1 jSie^;wint#v;1inV;one respect  .thislsto be'regr^  Bult in blocking up the road| and communi:  ������atioa will therefor^ ^e; irregular. ������������������ -:  '*���������": Triil.-���������Messrs/^Meacjaam/^Nason have  Bixmenehgage'diu cutting-a\trail from their.  saw-mill, bn William creek to the head ��������� of  Conklin gulch. The new diggings will thus  bempre easily supplied with lumber." Sjtie-  ;'-' <ess;to private ehierprise./ ; '.   ���������/  lency ;with.aW#^*"������^Y-/    ,.:  '*n a^reek' soraewhere in the^icmity ;of,Bear,  ^^^cently,theyca;m^  gold. ..^y:������y^y'::3.;;--::' '��������� :v,:v.^.y:,^':--^;y'  manner. ;in. wuiuu u������ ..������������;%*; Mwy������ . -.. ~:  ^ntertamed^; n'jK'the^  His, Excellency, infeiidedvt^ride as^far asGotr  't6nw"b1)'ifwlisre ;he)Wbuld take ^he; express {6:  Quesnelmouth. ;The;Hpn.-Ji'Trutch left Bar-  iceirylllQ in^fie, exjress;!^waggon, 'not; having  been vsu&cjehtiy/,^ to enable him tie ride  on horse;;' His ��������� 'ExceUency, we understand;  will 'ho^v^cekd'J'Mme'd lately; tof: Victpriay but  ivi 11 'pro nab ly* Visit Kamlp 6 p sand'. the'intermediate .country. ; ;0n- arriving at Vancouver  li^aud his Excellency intends to visit Nanai-  mo, and ther ;settlements./^He wishes to see  f'fe colony and people/so as to be able to fill  1 > *  *   -t  ������mM with ������. full knowledge of their  tropical * countries. t������^, .:������������*--- -.  there; is a species of bird, in tn^^olony-which  closely -resembles the canary.* Its notes arid,  color are said fo bei piecisely similar//;;;'/  . ;A Brass BAm���������rWe^ noticeihat.an;effdrj;;i8  making ��������� to. organize -a :'f wind " instrument  band in Barkerville/ We-have no doubt that  it; will..:be; entirely successfuL /There ; are  '  - - * ���������   ��������� . ,i.-i:-^.t���������;^,-���������    :'   '    ��������� XX.. A     "'���������  Mcolbriy aM people, so as w^������������������ 7������,_;" it wiU.be; entirely succ^i  his hi"hofflcG with a.fuU knowleage o? to   ^     ^ blowers in tke' towa  _������fea^'-*������'^^i^S  tufntof Mnd,' and thatiwitji^ littlelresearch  orr his part/he will gleanl much; important  information 'respecting v ^Lightning creek,  , above;,and below town, of .whjch he appears  at present ;ta be ufelSelry ignorant: I readily  *atejft'"t^ that he is not *f troubled  With riri excess of inbdestiyy*yahd?;��������� bot being  satisfied with'his-own share of .credit; he has  the 'immodesty ��������� tp .deprive,; o tb ers* i of... theica  also. ]AAAAy yXXy^'AAy. ���������."Tii./b'-Eni'iON.:.  ��������� ��������� -'       *���������......' ....    .;.���������}:;'.'��������� ,>* ������������������*>', -;-1    . ���������      ' ,:. ���������  jeqniremeni������.x   iiio������������.vUw. __  ���������appreciated)'...and every .one; who. had; the  honor of .;co.nyersing with, hisi E������ceiiency eh-  fertainara liigh. opinion of his abilities*   !  j'- A NoyBtVFTi in; the form of a vehicle, was  1 ately exhibited in London, which is capable;  oft; being changed at X pleasure; into ��������� a: fbdr-  wheeled or a two-wheeled carriage.   In; the  former condition it is capable of carrying six  p ersohs/ By a simple ���������> contri van ce the whole  front carriage, wheels, wings. and dasher can  be rembvea, and the back part then forms ii  pretty car for one horse or pony. The change  is effected merely by loosen ing"'four- screws,  and can,be managed in a few minutes.  yFirb BRiG.iDE.^The annual. election.: of  officers will be. held on the first Friday, in.  October: Capt;? 0ppenheimer; ��������� who has displayed .much, activity, as A chief; butcer; ^wifl  doubtless be re-elected! by: acclamation, y.  For the" Lower CbuNTUT.���������Chiet: Justice  Begbie lett ;fpir the lower country on ;Thurs> ���������  :day;last.-Ay A. /'/ ������������������������������������������������������:.;.: yAV:yy.yAXyA  ,TBAMS;~rInnes' teams, well laden: with  mercliandise, arrived on Thursday.   ; / ��������� ��������� ^  HoskTAt1.^-Tbere are n^w/three patients' |  ih the .Cariboo Hospital. '���������      ���������' '  ;: Jtjstitia���������Your letter will.appear- in our  lnext'numl^v/:v. / '/���������;-������������������:  A THBfiBsr'CoFKKB'A-In brder/to-obtain a  first-class coffee, it is^Inecessary to;secure the.,  .y _:*_���������*, *urt. -^A _f >,nhrnved method.: 1 ins is  very dcsi, uw������������,, ^t   r V"v^^Ay rrh\Q tQ  in^to;the "most approved; method.^ tois:,  S^who:,are;prepare^tc>. ^^/  cash, Coffee that never = rails o^icjt the ap .  'probatioh ef those^l^p use iV       ���������  ^g       : At DeNOUYION & KURTZ. & Ayyy  ;aissa isjfe.it'fe**^*'  -A^.y-'VyyAy^'  wipy  >*&wm  '^^/te'teXiiJ&Mlttifi ipse  ���������i"rr.py*  ><|bl^rmedal  'of, tlie.'; Sbcfety^ of; ArlsJ arifl/,_  ^ioeasi have beeo given jo/; l_       /  >6-"' ,    ,lA o'rfifipTiir   ' ^bemvento?.ofa'  macbine for the artmciai c   :    ?; ^7 - -.,,r; t,.-;  :��������� #y / -y ���������... mivi ^AVvbcc^-f ;; v.tviq^of com and'  %av crops/-Y:The process-e  .,., -y,/,?,r   y.--yv y-v;  ," i.r -. ���������/ .k,;-f k-Y.,' ^liVph; ?-s Amplpyed Consists in  -'thVuse of a;nuu which f  .,,    .r %���������?    * .y   . .. .���������,  - r,.4 yvivy^yyvy -y _rive������^air. -heated to  .,the temperature, of ar .,,/,, *. /'-o*   M    -n *  " \ <, ;K;U, /rbii n V \ - ^ovV 300; degrees :Fah-  : rreoheifc;through; tho g yy < > y -     -    '    >; ������   - .  ,v 'itS- v^0������    / ,raBA as^eoonasitis cut,  &������'j$y "1 ��������� 7 AWW^fe^  ilFoti'corny.a^- yY^15,per cent; oft-mo^taje.  'tested ill    ' " " 'l'!''r :> ���������'"npalfe,a,and.the  '.'stated , f 'If. Wfliious.waterway, witb.it., i If is  ������-a 1 :���������'".''.'..;: Jn. chemical- auihority.-'thait Stbe hay  ^MISCELLANEOUS;;  >OE������t--:  Jktfnc^ 1852].   1  CAPITAL,   --  -".,'-'-,,$3,500,000;  1 vAitU v,s 4,Wlt*h/pQwer to Increased , ;;,."; "'������'���������������  *������ 'r^Y    ���������  '���������-������������������Y^;Y..  ���������>-���������'".- ������������������'.:->;���������;-������������������;.���������    iw":  , ,   y y  AA  ���������MX  tipri of tfie sun aiid wind by day; and; dew>  ��������� Mi c< H ijty ^yv HTKerfc can ge l;ttlc dour**  /-1 tpfafiit^A'oiily necessary-to^pr&seriVto^theV  ;? '*" ^ontem p^iagok,; ||' jagi? j e.ul t|rls! | iu I efficient;'  - ���������' 0;) easy ���������ia^d^heap artificial  :;��������� vm:neiy ^ai'e|d^ fSISr!  / "muT/f/ue g^  '   fL^uJ/dU-  ,   y��������� A    v   ..   ?   rK,  iH^m j^he\';pampl3kfe   %m\ ,&ji^^s^^^^^t  ' Ayy<\A apyapr fro.m time hi iimt iromtm pen  '.l/K'-'^ff 1S^ Emgeror'i'^poleonJ sMow Ihat.Mf'he  M'"^b,ad isuf fcUD ^ Bupe.o?, h^ coiild'/ffif������  ' -   f/aken' ff'������k ra i n\rA^h^yuyn^i\ -A Pat:  f: ���������;   ^I|S/3piM|W������n^ap Ihal ^/hrrV beenltfie  y'y defig|t''oi*Louis,Napokon frmi Ms-^Auth^to  '/ see hniiFeli- ia ^AiAy wad to;this c^7 he/c "in  /S A Y^mafair.Jonrnallstj'glviag;Miita-for ardples to,  a ^, Ay A\ ^the' Peuple, [ and/even^'Itiis Waured^coiifect-'  ' : y   inland amending prfi^j ^Ub his^bwn^Im-  -��������� . (.'"While she was a prisoner at^Haui-4e c&nui������  , 's ^ 1 ������-rY*"buted"' xipward: of^two-j^hutfdrerlTa'nd' fiftj  '���������'^'/���������//"/SiMls/to*,^  , Y^pounde^'blB/oo^lis'f'^^^oTkB , H fneEmri  ''' "ia ,i; j jieror^hpiUdfgef ������p^  " ' would ^ nohAhis < 'stirprislrjg to see' him stari a;  ������e������5r*pauHi,1atj6 "become a journpbst.   ^  ': "'  * 'JV..-physician (yy yy\ mvtm&g  to &his  mme, when h - saw a litfcfe child m^ ^rrai  ;;'f' .���������>���������? :;^pe'ril?-iB':the'Btoet'i .J^iStttH.er-..instant.' and.J5&W  -;   :'would  have ' been crushed under Hhe." iron  f-h'obf3Ewtiich4- were almost upon.'h" v At,great'  :t"perU toTJrj^dSim  ���������senmng, the little . one, bore,her in safety to  'the ? sidewalk.^'Ca'rioBity-^ impelled-hi|n^td  look into'the chiid"s;face;'that lie might see it  Ane knevr  .vliom  he had rescued."  Pushing;  ' backrthe little.b'oonet; what.^ere his feelings  to'see that it^was jhis o,wn-/littie^ daughter  : whose life he1 had;saved,!4 So, ;he; whq -hastes  ^t&;sajre-.-the^  - little .dream'ed;of,,, , Whatever thy-hand.find-'  ,efch'to,do. do it witli^thy'inight.--*   '' -v   >?  ''-.ii^ij     ',"<   '��������� ''yjl"���������'������������������'-��������� ���������'-' ' '���������'   VV~-i'   J   '������������������  j i.'Y'.T,''   Y|Y ; ':���������'.-  / Tlie WMt&^ine/Inland^  -Co min g ? orp street - -yesterday "r sbvitetai^bf ion  ftTO&i 'attracted*'by''two' ehildren;;a small boy  ;; s,nd;-girl, playing "-lie^pibg house/>;;'hardj .by  ��������� '��������� ^tDev^d(gvMk/ Tfc^y^f^gca-ffieir^ferm  rY^andmade niadrplesioiratl whiles and j seemed  rvA \tq^be getting.?'along%i^ely^heh?v_he little  >y Kgirlludderily;stppped^and prieds: y..Gj-I' am  '-���������Vi-/ j^o- tlrei 11 doii't Jike ttbis ���������|;I:am^ gf)in������\ to 'get  ���������/, 1yriidivQvceyi ; ^,\- ,.���������. ~<. AAxvyAyy:/���������  ;!; :A A rf'B[8ni;'������afibW Caiolina"  /;/'; iXiegldature?. rose tp:^ AqfesjSpa^ pf ] privilege  Ai ;: receutly and: 'Baid iv ^.Sah,*! ax-dis bohse ef  A A Yidey/gwi&e i to Uow .rde^inani whtf jist ^uk bis  "- /'^eat'to^stan' oitde rlo" o*^;'ats:;ibb6^ua^d:;tai"t  " '��������� A-y ��������� tp! de general -assemblage of-;SpufJjjfelina; wid  ', = de crahli 0b de. uniyuss^ fanner da^ am so  :' yf /^a'ujji^  :;; ;���������, censed to he worth^$l,200 before the, war.. A': A a  a y    ^aldeek,;a; ^rmafeiow"> ji% gfven public  ���������jy ���������: notice that m Ifeense^to 'jriarry; will j liereaf ter  // Ahe gvaolied;tp-any-individual-^ is-addiiistei  / -to/drnn^ebness ���������:' or, if ..having/been so/ he  '���������;-:.  xpust eihijJit tuir proofs, jhaf he,is!nb longer  .a slave to this vice.:. The number of \ persons  .   who [died; ^orhf dmnkenness io Riisi^last;  , /.yea? was %S^y^^%^%^:^^ :P& seven a  ������������������ ������������������  ������������������' day. ������������������ '��������� - XA. V ; v . x...  :a,a ';:.,-. ;.;-, .^  . ������������������>,      The way to make a tall man short ia to ask  bim to land you a few dollars.  * ' -/Drafts issued:^ on the Bank's branches  :,; 'w'va''"%vX Ar*' yA;f"* '-������������������  -'$"'���������' Ay "?���������;���������-���������..��������� w,> '���������:��������� i:uy  ���������   .'���������*      ��������� '   In ihe;Uniied StaJeSf:   :'.���������,, *y  CALIFORNIA &    tH- SAN .FRANCISCO.'  :NB^',Jy0RK|s' '-' Messrs.1BBLLl,&,Gos^RYi  ���������Ul'|i:'^gents?fpr^  ON .CANAp^^hel'Bank, of- Montreal j,' vj^  ON SGOTJjAND-r-Tho'^British Linen *Com-  |p2Raj^|!Bank.j/;/^ y E y y - ; ^ A Ay - CT  JOff MEXICO: -a"nd SOUTH AMERICA^-The  '  London Bank1  of Mexico   and   South  'lAy Americfc/;;f // - y-1'" 2^������S?2. ,1:,. il.i i/l',/  ON-' BNG-Ii AND���������The JBani b,f British' Co][um-  pf;i*Dia^"Hea^Sf Office���������East; Iudia, Avenue,  ;Jt'x ';*EeadenhalliMreet/,/E r:; / J i/<4 -��������� ^ i 'I A :-��������� / s y  HOTELS,;RESTAURANTS;';&c..  T*" HE^^ERSIGrTEI)t^ESlRES^Td/^NNQUKOE  'y tha^be lia9;pnrcliascd tho'HouBo and 1 business of  the abovesdslablisliuiont,,tand..solicits-^a.oontiuuMcp  of custom. \' TliV Price Of, Bpard: y0. remain a? "^gj  ''^ark���������eWoi^!llA27,lS69/', "���������������     ,      :.ju28tf'-  "1 i��������� /      ���������'������������������    ' ���������  , ���������    -��������� ��������� 1 ���������-" *"'( V'ir.:-'.���������������������������'!,   /.'���������',    >: . ��������� ;~yt  ������������������'���������!  -'��������� i  -��������� ! .->���������'        r'i...-- ,���������' ���������������������������  '  -.-��������� 1 ^-.".'o1 ..���������-���������.'������������������', r������", -    ���������>-; \''-���������.'  >1" \   r."   ",'��������� ���������':'."���������-'.'- '-���������" >��������������������������� ���������:������������������-:��������� :.<   ���������.������������������-���������,���������'���������   ������������������   ���������        .���������:���������,,"������������������''  rjtfCftOB^  BAILBY"S;.:Hotel;tl_a  .���������������������������' opon for 4be ;a9C9mrnodatioa of traS������������������������  the-Tablo and Beds'ate1 kept jn'tnbHBuaK, ?^i.  stylo.?, 'n i  -4' ^VAi. ,p*h>*<^h, yy^m^tjA  -'Ha '  joshtja. a/xott;  "Mfer>|wy-dROUi)AC"������;;  -7f������VT:l:  '������������������ Reoaived on Deposit, or Advances 'made on them." (  : >" T^|(ik^m^ /',;���������;���������  Gnsi'jfl onr^ictoria; t/d Francisco) Pon^otsanA  y    "   ���������   j Ne s ToH:.        ,'    r ,   ;  Bvery descrVptVon "(if' BatfMnjg* B'a^lct&^-kYuisa^terdv  . "i._j' '.!*.��������� >: . CHARLES S. J ONES,- Ageft^  Wiillam-.Cree'k, .Cariboo. -     : \ - ' !  ;\'h,  f   Ii35   1.1.V' ���������'     ^DfiAlERS-riN"'"5 A'   'A    '" '  MeMn ;Ale .aM: dexter,  ;, ' v?y A a      bK/DRAUGHT,;..,-,,'-:, y?, / '  ,,'fM.;  'y GHoicB, il'T^i^JA^������Wv &''  Ahovo^Montgomery,"San'Franclsqo^ auiSlrn  2J: yyH k^S^^;^A^HP<yA A   HE ^ROPSI fetOR' of tiin" a liove' esiablishmen t would  l- ft Sspectfully^nfOrin- hlsfriorid^and Hrie 'piiblJO;-If  general������������������ th$t he: is,'riowfpropiirea ;to;.mrnish them'WUh  Bread of, li is own- baking haying secured, the jias jst-  Xm& Apt a 'cpmpetenVrBakc)r^ ;."?tev':  defy cornpeti tion.. '     ' ,- Y> .- - ��������� ''���������'''    ���������    ",  . ''    "  abbyb|^rhorenpnehut;t^  will tb e served, y - V Av&tiz-A* >������-..,, 1 m "/���������:���������.-y -'.. - ;,-���������;  ^B.^READ'D^IVERED, L������  nil   t^rts   oMhft  Importers.. an d^' Cominlssio'i^; Mortliaalg ' \^ "  Its   yly'y    $&$$$&> '    ;' **<  ;/| I ^^Sw^j0^^^ ^  Tailor, (Successor to-E. B^a'd,)'''^enim ' |  ^ ' v -;',f^- Stree^Tibtwia^'iV-'/- *?$J  4/ *. brders^attehdod^to' wlth^ca^and (ieepalch. "/f  -'-y-'^v   l;Y'YYM'-^i.   -ViU   A y:y<y A.\r-y3'yy-   ,���������'.';  Importer .of Books} - Stationery^ 1an������l,Fubcy ."on(���������:'  :5- a ?y -iFORT-Street; vicrroRiAfP?^   ������������������; 't  j^^ - /v 'yl A % '-y^:^^A  STORE .Street, bot ween Herald krit/f-Y- rd 'iltf  A-rta'.'VM^lj? aftill hpurs.^Bd&raiid u_EiS'  .371-2 cents.    Beds, 50CQnts.i:-t A y/;,m ", V^V  ���������:^usf.?Y/jr^'^MNP^EW'ASTmcO.Vrbprletw   :  ^!!Z2J,15L^^lL'' ^ ���������__ ' ' e^   ' '  ������ft ^W������^^ ���������'^  ������K WATGHMAKER,: v JEWELLER A AND FX  ^f^l '***' ^^1'GoyorritopnV> street,' next to the  fflaS .St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, y.-f, Cb'roiom.'  ;etorS;and.WiitcIie^'cleaned, repairod.* atffl v-*jirrante_  EvoiylddscrliUion'ofJeW^lferyomade tp#der, p'i6jj-  and;Ornamental Engraving neatly esecutei);    , ,  ymyX^mAA^yAAA-AAyAAA^yX-r,Ah:  '  "'   ���������'   BARKERVILLE, - '-> y\ y,; - ;  Next Bout? ro Sbi/hnei/,Office.    -  >'  OGCIDENTAL    HOTEL,  :1/y//. J/ ///StfESNElilOUTH/// - ������������������-'.; ' - ,/' /,.'  :fiy.y  ���������. ' \*y. .;���������, '.1   -;V''YV''" .  ft'1'v*. *'--v^ii-ftft' ^ ���������-'���������;;. ;, |L   -     '���������'  TET ProLiir'Jo^6t>'hi& well  known Rcu^ l������nder:  - their sincer0'thankslt6 tlieir friends and the tra-  Comer Government' and Pandora Streets,  ���������  1'V ^C^iEaflt^ojyfc'ioTia, V.'.l:/' A  Executes br^e������'^1^y^y-dGScrjpU . a  ,..'   general assortment- oC Wagons al waya.on hand,- ������  ���������May-.l, 1869.,/., .Ouea? ^or.Cash. ,;I'y,V     ^fla  /,' T /. fs ^i,^blt'nm������sL aiII ahv; vs W found a -, ell  '____. - '���������   selected and varied' assortment ui'rhe  FEESHEST. GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  PT?A?y^  _ S yC������-: i = ood selection of Clolhingj.Hafdw.' -c Glass  ! ���������     and;(~rock'eryi 1- Best ,brands of .Tobapcor  *   t     3' d������c nesl etc , etc,   p     '    t  !lScstvJava Coffee%oa'ste<i f������nd Groand^ BAI"dYi%|  ll_^;^ops^^  "*', Tbe^B'AR' is fully supplied-' vyitbtbe^cholce^f: ',u  *'.'Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.'  ;���������':: .:y, Y' j yy y;yy-i  ,   -��������� ���������'���������'������������������  ������������������' ��������� ��������� Y-,.'i-v y.yy-yy   \. ���������������;.>���������      ,  } I trust by strict attentlon^to nnslne^s,' and fair and"  square dealing*, toiaerit'a cbn^tinn^nC^o^h^liberal  patronage -heretofore, extended-to 'me.    ���������.-..���������������. ? Z"^;.., J  A large ��������� lotSf HEVWOODIS^celebrated* BA^CON i  forsalc|at,a very low. figure.'^  ������... *  ''      ;������   ; -���������   .'  ������  jPpb. 20,1869.    -.        ���������    -     , .,-,    .,'���������:"      3m ,  redue'ed'tb $3,t50'P'er Day.   Sihgio.Meals, $l 00.  /All thbluxuries that tbe' country- affords; are conr  st'an tiyktp^on* the I table. PriygSe Parlors, and Suits.  OfRooins for"Fahiilies. The Bai^sJ stpeked. with; the  best brands of Wines, Liquors5 and Cigars.    .  :Y;TlieStable.iSrwensupiMie(],iwjth-tbeJ;b:e^  OatEjHay'ahd'GriihY  ,'  A    BROWNYfe^SIIiUS^  Ques?nelmbuth; M&v '_ '- I860.     , , - ':' , */' < i  .? ,: f itetf,/ r l.lk /  jLymason/;  j/plt^J  '��������� iFV'ft  . tX'  SlieetaridCasVlron^  ^ LDiJOBBING; WORK 4^ TIN^ ICOPPERi Sheet  A j -Iron; Zinc arid Lead ?ipm^ attend ed . -to> wi tli  proraptnoas, and "warranted to; giye.' ehtlTsj'satisg  faction. ���������    ,s   '     -; '"* '    c        '���������* <    ������ '-^ /    r,  FORSALB.   .M/   .    . ) <  ;e. pear^on & Mo& i:.;: ���������;  / .      ',"���������-. 'YBarkervillei  ;'/������������������������ BLAGKSMi.T'Hl^QiY, :',���������;���������";f  ���������ilcBNTBE.-wlsbeswto.inform his.friends and the  .��������� ...,-' public that;lie is prepared; to. do;H0KSE3HQ"E:  IN(3 at ������3 per set; and ail otbbr kinds of' BJacksmith  work at reasonable:rates.   *  :;     y?. -:-i ���������- 'V: ���������  , RICHFIELD, July 23,. 1869.  ...-,.-���������;y ���������,  '. 'j jy^ tf-.;  /i      SAVyNEY^S   LETTERS t-:.H:  ���������'���������= ���������: .���������:. ���������   :���������{' .-.yy _ _*:^:! jjtift/i :; '.y/'.y ;��������� Al?';}.. :���������-;  '��������� ';'*'': BY JAMES ANDERSON^  ' ;.| '���������I./V;;,.:V:  PRiqi*^  -.Forsale at: the SENTirai..OBlcc^. atid forwarded by  post' free of charge. ...   ;''-; -,"   .:;;" 'AyA'AA  my 29.  BWBIIUiWB  ;NE\y;^ESTMINSTEfcA  ��������� 'Proprietors. ��������� ������������������       ���������y , .,.  ,Y? '���������',���������'���������'"  Board, $12 per'Week.    Single "Meals-, $1:  '[pS- OYSTER STEWS, LUNCHES, &c.  / Tbo "best bT material Is used, wrHi'ail wlnV wishers t-  class Board at4 the above ratei can.hbtaih' the same at  'tbisf'establisb-nvaht.' 3v: ..^������ \j ,})y"i i^^Ai&pi'i.-lrriy ^  HOTELS DE   F RA N C E  FINE^BEb'iiROOMS^fb'.LET.  i^^jDinneiS-fbr^parties:cooked-to"order.'  t". '?y.y   t^^^ ^^^^  A my5 ;6m .',���������, -������- * ������������������.-..--  __... >     ,   - - ���������Wkolesalo.'Dealer in���������,; ��������� .-,  Groceries,   Provisions,  i  ; " . Havana,Cigars, ;and:;FreriOb;Preserves.  Yates Street,,    , *,..*   - -  ' Victoria, \l I, B.C.  M������MMAm*A'X:mL  Ay A   A ; yk-TES StBEE 1'Y   ;   V  i  Proprietors;  the Undersigned 'begs*' toj. inform bis  iJif fflenda^hdithe/publid^that he "has fitted up; so������ne:  In hisicw iuiiding, wnere be> prepared^ to'give  good Beds at a reasonable' pH^e; Those���������> who will  tn vor ti {in1 Willi their - iiatrOnage j 'maiy^ depon d ;6n the;  Olcanness and-comfort of iis house. Ayr -ft y,  ��������� He takce also this,opportunity:.to. .rem 1 nd tn e Cari-  booites - that. his;. Brewery..'; has .received, tho FIRST  !pRIZE of tho Colony :for bis celebrated  ;\./;,-///; xxx ale,-,/;///������������������'���������/���������  Anil the true amateurs wiii bb.able to judgo by them:  selves:that such' honorable:; prize lias" been justly  awarded to;.him. ;'"='���������   "'.''  yi-'^-A ���������'  ;'. "ii^Bi������������������A large front room to let.  :  ; Barkerville, Jan; 23, i860..     .;  ,,     N; .OUKlOg---  IN'GSi,.,   .     ..... ........_  ,riiost.apprqved-styles.t,-..-:,-.t-;,, r;..,.v .-,.;.-,-r,  ���������  vlAiforders from Car iboopiomptly attended -to.       ,  ;/srayiymA':Ay; Ay...^'\r:., A.A /';'   ���������    .���������  ~~>;ELL   &   FINLAYSON,  Tea and Coftee Salesmen,  ' - - /      Fort street, Victoria, fY;I./  ^Ppar^no'oirortinfloiooling and W^������IJSj  meit of:the choic^s^articles;that^aa.^^^  ���������To largo;c6nsnmers! tbcyo|Ier<)yeryiacmtj:asn'|^  pricoft ririniiaiity. J -  _    O  Dispensing Chemist and Druggist-  importer, of Eng*  and A  ----- - -----   -��������� ^ ..-........,,,(Jfc ^^yHAN-D.  -Orders from .up-country carefully attended to;  ty'1,1869. ' ���������  May 1,1869. ' ���������   ,.  ,     .;.���������,. ������������������������������������/������������������.; ' Y;0m  ^HOSLVS-WALSUj-/failor,.. New Westminster, B.C.,  'X 'Oloibmg mado to ordcT at motleralo rates. Always on band, English and, Oregon Cloths. Orders  fromjth* up-country attended to with care and  diapatcbi ^  Eastatufaint _vaiid -'Bakery;-  THE Proprietors of .this: -Old"''".and well-known estab  .:listiment wouldrespectfully'thank their. numcr  ous friends and the public tbrHhe extensive patronage  heretofore bestowed on them, and trust tbat by their  usual-strict: attention.to business they will merit a  continuance.of their confluence and support A,--... ������������������  '������������������ ^MeateyAfyU;,'.Board,v$16:- per, Week.'  BREAD MADE A Q?f THE yBBST i FLOUR  Werecomracnditothe public our......:. .        .,{  , .....  ;;; {A: e ft p u N D  c pjv f; e;;e;, ::;'  which: .is a much superior article than .any which can  be had from below.? We Roast and Grind it ourselves  "and clioose��������� the best bbrriea,' consequenUy tb c public  may he sure of its beinfe free from adulteration.  PATTERSON & K00DS0K.  BarkorvIUe, May 18, I860. my la  LO^i),0/lff'H.QiXJSE.  -.'    , GOVERNHENT. STREET,'VICTORU.  W HO LESAtgfNjP;.  BE T Al*  ;    J. H/TtiRiNER & Vp-i \  '<   ��������� IMPORTEKS 0?.,-r,;-     ' .  mgim: m'timet siiks/^hawis, vf������*  ..    Under el6thiDg,;G}pves,: and eyery  '     ;\      r_d6^P&&Of*4JfjP^ WP?'  deceive regular-iBa^plies hy |xnrqsss via ?P&  and'by,^aiiicgyo8seis,yi^ order3.^ :  ::^?artlcularat'tcntlon given to oliora^. v-  ^^dnao^Firm^r^"^ AlW&M'to^A:   -  -���������-     J   '  ESTABLISHED, ���������l^L^y^-  ���������: ;i^WAGE"N*T1*Et<j:;   ^   '  ; .GoTBMto^.'^Wv*^  : ' , *   '' ' ��������� '    ' \ .,< -... .-K. ^wt.   **^l{|,'*filtO.'''"'l^*  All business carefully ar:ci punctyja^^.i^Y,  May 1* >1868:;:'itH-;'.;������������������ ������������������-'fi. '^:f---'---i:--^,,;,*, j ---  'cm'  ���������:������ALB> ADYEBTISEpNTSi;  n  i ;- BARLOW-desires to 1nf;orm: t%Pf S^SI  iii   interior ami npper W^'f.f.She tf  tained the neceasary' machinery Yana ��������� ,"t* ������r fcoffcCi  now prepared to furnish a;nrst cl'ossq^wjv-t0 t]lC  roasted, prepared: and:put up;|n tmsj ace?r.^ ^ it  latest approved. '_^G^^Qc^'jgQVinei^les^> ^u������  to bo superior toahy'.etttevjyA A;: 'A AM^ . carJco*  Grocerfcs, Dry Goods^inware,.-Clotlung , w  Field and other Seeds; English and .Coiojnw*   ;  yale,.-May;i;,186������.-.-' y^^^AA-^-^?*'   _______ .. jjQrjgL^  ,Front Street,Talc, British Columbian  hnHis.housoih^vox^^  fare * an*  M  I vellera. Goqd bods, superior .������- -1-- - . .  of Liquors at the Bar.' Stabliug for anim^ ,  ond Oats at tho lowest rates. vrt*tf������W*  May 1,1809.   tt    KILLIY k LANE, I*ropn������  Httk.  ,    I    ���������    -v- *  fc


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