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t\ II
Britisli OcxLi^    S&l&foay, September 9,1865:
No. 16;.
THE OAlto^ is suspended.";;. \V;V ��� L- ,,-: :*J}..C:��
-111*. 1 :��������    xT_5.v^��i,   a��n.,1A_Prnvi��tnTial Governor
���'-'.���"' ���:���"- ��� fc r '.'���rr-...  . -���������..-. .��� :, ��� ��;���* *,?; ��*; v-i?1
"'��� (Bator* W. G. ��� Cox,, Esq.).--.;.;: ���'���.;..-. "���]���"
y   M^day^ttt Sept. 1865.
David Grier ts. "JL. McKenzle.���This was au
action for the recovery ofv the proceeds of
certain articles of ironmongery, left wfyh the
defendant for sale. The total amount of the
goods was $5231 Mr:Grier stated that he had
applied several times for an account from Mr,
M-c&eozie which he refivsed. The defendant
luid a judgment for $198 against plaintirl.
Tltp plaintiff ^dmittedVtliat'.he^had sold a porr
iion of the goods amounting tb $176 and thai
he had the rem^ihder^on Jiahd stijl^ ;Mr;X/6x
granted plaintiff a decree for the full amount
claimed,- t!z;^$225 wit&eosk. ; a yA i-X-A :o^y
... JS&uS&jfe for $50, on
promissory note, ; Judgment cohleaaecrfolj^
jpaid in 20days;"..".��� "Ax."Ay- ���.,';-A .1) ��� I ������ /--. ')-'--d\
���nniQuattof promisserjaote. 1PJudgment confessed. ' '!?K,J,"1 f :���.-., a 1
J is SUSptmucu.
New York,'Aug. 14^Provisipna.l Governor
���W, Marvin, of Florida, issued a proclamation'
to the people of that State,1 Aug. 3rd, informing thera of'the necessary steps to be taken
to res&re thei civil governineht, and the days
for election of delegates to the- convention.
The time for its assemblage has not been de-
eidedlupon^i -That will be named as soon as
���the proper time shall have been given for the
people to take the oath of allegiance.
r San Francisco, Aug.: 26.~We; hear extraordinary reports concerning tlie doihgs^bf the
Independent Union Convention, which was
called foT the purpose of nominating independent candidates of undoubted unionism
to/betsupported by ihe union -party of.i-hc.
Stated it-^is suggested, that a majority. ::bf the
'Convention are upon the point of making a
bargain with the opposition, iTney arc to ha-ve
six legislative candidate^; giving Feltbn the
balance, thus consolidating the tickets.   It is
Y1:       ...1^. a.* xW ~rxWA  an thnritv that the &&-
The A*n ADAisoK^rfais vesW which ^
been so long looked for ��� has at last arrived    ,;. ;
plrants forti��en,S,Senate entirely,andj��t
the interests of the people, art-being traded
away precisely as, was dpne bf: a, party pi
other lenatoriaraspirants toejears ago,-
The funeral of.the iafeJas. fcesbit, .otltae
Bulletin, will-take place to-morrow.    lUe
Floyd & Co. vs. Grier.~-&ijt for.��153s. 9d.
amount of goods sold and; delivered, VjJudg- Bulletin, win --iwiy. ^^X^F^Wn^ it
~ ,f *��� *v*,   ^���.,^ ^V��nrf�� iaold and Tj%no-Mmin<am Cemetery, Am a -lot adjoining
���Suit for $161^; amount of; goods sold and
delivered.   Decree :grantedo1'   *     -
Todd"& Go: vs. James ^'Cb^Actioh fbf
$168, amount of goods sold and delivered to
Xlnisa co ��� y.   Judgment for!! plain tiff.   :
To the Editor pF^rHB ^Cawboo SBNTriOTi^!^
Sm,^-!" am desious of: correcting a state;
ment made in your last issue regarding the
dinner given to Mr. Birch on' his recent visit
to thisgaiace.   You^state that *'a few persons
from London at Victoria. She has been 224
days on the passsig^ \ [ The following --is;the
ciaptain's report: ' "The bark Ann Adaftison
left the Dotos on;the117th January/' antt has
been}224 days on^ the passageji was tt^diays
from the Hbrtif was blown back td tbe eastward four times, anji got rpuiid in about-145
days; experienbisdivery bad weather until oft*
Valparaiso*^^ since then havehad light Variable
wiads; after rounding the Horn tho scurvy
broke put among the ere wi and they one by
one took' to \ their bunks, until only the cap-
tain, tlie first anCsecond mates, and the cook
workable to fo^^^
passengers ��� were .compelled to assist iit; ��� navi^
gating the, vessej,;^ ahd cputinueel to/dp so for
foiir weeks previ6uS|6 reaching here. Ojn the
10th August, ^mSHaylfttt, ;a natwfe of Yar-.
mouth, Brigland; ajg^d 21, died of scurvy; on
the 18th August,*^Maitih Echterbsen, a native
of Hamburg, dieoi of scurvy; and 6*d thei 2<)th
Peter Cbffett, a natiye of'Berneholto, Sweden,
j died'iftfe��^^��n^& SS^e^!1^
Straits, and on the; evening of tne z / ffl"aifi-
chored in ;the ^byal^pads.,^ ;.\
i -t The Road Mur��eb.t^A correspondent jWritp
ing from Devizes, on the 28th: says:-rThe approaching trial of Miss 'Constance: Rent for
the murder of her half brother; (FrancisSa-
ville: Kent, at Road House, four years ago,,is
-_. ^t u���*.a /���������__..-. an fbp. preliminary ar-
Owiok���BAKKKRVILLE, Wn^wa -Cbsb^, ��� CAmsftf>.
Subscriptiosi, $1 par w-eekv
{Including cost of delivery,) I����yablo to tha Carrier.
���A in
563 Will 1*e ueiu   m   v/��*a t ��*�� j   v. ,
Mountain Cemetefy,.^^
rave of Janies King of Willi4,' the N^?"/!^
-  - -..      .-.���>: ft-__; i>;,ii��ri^ '_______,��� I made,   .The trial will take place at the ensuing
Salisbury assizes;. Tlie commission for: Sails?.
bury opens 011 the IStfr July, and <we;:under-
stand that besides this remarkable, trial fhe
business is very right j and wil, it is expected
be, got throughm one day,: so that the trial
for the Road murder will most probably take
���place on>the 21st; though it may possibly.com-'
mence on the 20th. The prisoner will be rbr
moved from the gaol: here (where v she is .at
present incarcerated) on the 19th ;ory 20th pf
u    a -^Aww*M. in Prison .from the peri-
the grave ui umuoa *xim&. VVi .... ,
founder and fosterer of the BulletinJ^-Gen.
Halleckrand staff are at the pccidental Hotel>
and have been visited by Geri. McDowell and
stafit Gen. Halleck's staff.,is composed of the
following gentlemen: Brig.-Geh. Charles *A.
Wbittier;1 Lieut.-Col. R. N. Scott, son of Rev.
Div Scottrr;Iaeut.^ol.J). C. Wager.;;Majpr J.
-Meliean Taylor. '-yT^^t^Jxi ^y.������'''':'; s
AA'Alprivate letter frbm" Kana^wa^by the
last mail, states a valuable concession had
The undorsigned will keep constantly on hand
.:;' ���- .���'���n..T ,���}:�����] a ruU assortment o^.i :AL        .A
:!- A ���' ���-;-��� Ai/ i'^.consisting pty rl \. "i i^x^y
BD^DETO MATERIAIy via: Lbcaos- Bott4 *
Bolts, &c.i fe; ~ -       ���"*-*��� ::":::z ^
haistd^rossMi Whip saws ; :   -v
HUNT^.AXES SD;����;;:";
axe, pick; &miF*ti]fcT]i:dh: h i
;   best quality; y^     '    "*.���'���*.
JDAOT ST^^CpJ^^ $1 .
^f-TOHB^ y^AA^yy^x''^^
��� ; - A sizes; /    * *���   , '     '' r[ l"[ ,r;''\"\'J\' ���.- ',
RIVETS���Iron &.CoPFBai allplzei;     V> j:
MANILLA ROPEr^siz^;vr    !   y-!:
DUCK & RUBBER BELTING ���  ,;.'..������.!:;'
CASTJIRdSr e^'WHBKa.^ Uy Xy) %a�� i
GOLD SCALES, 32 and 64 ozs;, ft^- &c. XA.
and intended to menHonme ruhu w hhw ^��
four^rominent miners and|a�� miiny merchants,
���but on speaking to thiiformer almost each one
asked a friend, ,thuK doubling the original
number proposed. I make this correction sim-.
ply to show that' the feeling oh^ the part if
those miners who met Mr. Birch, was extremely friendly.;. ,\.';.;; ' Ax:"':A[yX''A': Ax
���'.-:. Yours truly,: xAa'A'^-a'x
���: :A y A;A. '." <J.'B^Wniaa3i: -���
'Barkerville; Sept. 4,1865.:'    ::    , ''Ay;
XMr. Wrights letter', rully bears; put <>ur
statement that the dinner te Mr. Birch was not
a public demonstration*���-Ed.]   ;
jpprom tne British Columbian;} *
New York, Ang. 15.-^Great excUement
ber of failures aro xeporte^^ampng them tbat
of Graham and Co;," Jmd Ketchem and son.
The latter firm,have o^r-issued gold bearing to the amount of two mpon dollars, and
left for parts unknown. ,     jr��^1V^��i���4
New York,Uug.^ 14,^-Thei Herald^Rich^
taond correspondent saysy "six; weei:*t, or
more ag^, General Lee, left to city and proceeded^ the village of Cartersville  &ick,
inghani county, on tbe^south of the^ James
dlfver, (40 miles from Richmond) where he
ds living in seclusion, scarcely ���we���e ���
myriades of letters ^addressed to hirn^ Here-
sides in a small cottage, the ^^Pe^^^
Cos; adjaccnt,��nd belonging to which, are
��ome fonr acre^ of land, which he fing .some
^creation in cultivating.  ��peral��ee is^un-
usually retired.   It is. possib e he will rarely,
ifever emersre from his seclusion.77 ,
au��at^h nave "Grave .difficulties are arising
Virginia, and tiie freedmen, heretofore living
TnIw York, Am-.S,^ HeraW'B, 8P^cial
dispaTchS, 'Vii spirita have^beentettooje
mpon the United States since the w****���r
iL and justly deserved fate of the late ele��-
iian wai pronounced, joining men and citizens
together to waylay and assault every- colored
man they me<?t; while- older heads universally
adopt the plan of fighting our soldiers and at
tbe same time hissing out their bitterest denunciations on the negro., Tbe most stringent
orders of Gen. Terry are inadequate to meet
tbe crowing abuse." '."".���   v.
Nlw York, Aug. 1,0-The 'Post's' Washington sneeial correspondent says, "Advices re-
��esved by State Department torday from tne
American Consul at Malta, states that the cholera wan raging ttere to a /earful extent-
uiu     Vvjj,    ..��.--  -r
shape of a cpal depot! comprising.
an acre on a canal at tide/water. -This looks
like ^progress, and &s the contract for carrying the mail was to have been awarded at
Washington on the 15th inst. the result is anxiously a waited here.
[ ���-': v:"-;v.v';v"';" china. /;......'., /. ."""'*'
By thearrivalbh the ship' Oracile, 49 days
frota Hongkong, the S. F. Alta has received
pspersWJune 21st.A.y['A'..".'"*'.-',"',''.""""'
Under a new order, for the government of
British subjects in Japan and China, the Supreme Court of Hongkong ceases to.hayf any
jnrtsdictibn over such British subjects.
A British Court of law is to be established
in Sharighae to consist of a Judge,an Assistant
Judge, and Law Seesetary./
From Nanking, news comes of three steamers being chartered by the Shasghal Mandarins ;to take 6,000 troops to Tientisn.
c Lis, ex-Footai was to leave Soochow for
Nanking on the Utfa June, to assume the Governor Generalship of the Two Kiang.
A number pf piratical junks had been captured or destroyed in Chinese waters.
The extensive firm of H. B. Cama and Co.,
.^Bombay, have stopped payment, their lia-
biUties being computed at ��^0,000 sterling.
This firm holds a large quantity of the Hong-
.-: t>��^i,;������ HAmnan v'S shares
konir and Shanghai Banking Company ssharcB
The Press of the 12th of June, gives full
deSs oHKreat fire in Hakod,uh, on the
were burned in Gilman street, Hongkong.
;  *RV the arrival yesterday of the ship Dublin
w % F?CalU2tl have files of papers from
g0Kc pubMlSWere engaging the attention of Parliament. farmera were
More rain was needed, but larmeio
plKSeries of petroleumj;rechromclea-
Accri^-Jt will be ^n^dTTrtisement
��i Mr Lee will sell ^^^J,|S!_'
field hnown ae the 'Fenton,  on the utn m
nicht has Deen ea��" a���� ^".-��. ~-- --_--������.
Ske of the diet altogether, bivt is applied
H^ilv with dinner from the Bear Hotel in tins
town It orS her father. The attention
6f Mrs ^vis,'the landlady of the hotel, to
tbe^S comfort of Miss Kent we are in-
thP dpfence of -the prisoner are Mr. Coinage,
OC'Mr EdHn, and Mr. RavenMU, instructed
hvkf'Rodway, solicitor, of Trowbndge.
& sorts of reports havetbeen put forward as
to ffie nature'of the defence to be set up for
allowed to transpire on th is^p 01nt,The only
hnhe of the public, no doubt, is that this mys
Serymay^the trial, be satisfactorily solved.
- ^ A Russian jdhrhai, the 'Northern Post^
&Taw^ after to another daughter.   The
are still living. ;y .    .
^Wttv aSTn some Stances the plater
ISS&SyT ��1 movement was from west
KSSVd for fully half a minute     ,
TfwmtaH MiiVBAoFoum-One of the Eng-
drled*       u - _____<* HOOD COFFBB and Fine Bpicm
cSveboth by always^^i^tepL   Be
sor�� y��*%^j^*A^^
;'���'-���;-; .^BOGKS^ali sizes ]a.a-A . "��� ��� X'"���- ��� ���:: '���'. -' -: ^
-'.:-.;   CAP PAPER;    ;^        --<;:* V * ���;
EOT^fEdi'ttrki PENS * BLOTTINft>A-
���X       >Eft,&C.ji:-.- ������>X^^-V;i.A\Ay;,^^    y
weekly tb1e books; ; ; v
Violin strings; song books-, &c.
Barkerville, WUiiams Creek.
THK ^OMMo��irilON; which tliia' mm affbrda t<��-
Iravelera cannot ; bo surpassed; tbe Table i*: well' :���<
���upplled'with-the'but the market affords, and the Bi��r;,Y;
b .��tcH&ed ��� wHJa:.tH�� Purest Liquora ; Beds, StabUiig, .,.r.,
H*r aad OaWv ��� y ��� -.---.   ".;'.'XXX'X-'X'. A:..''*'��'""
Cl tion of travelers'; theTablo Is well kept an .lth��
Uquors conaot be surpassed: ��� tho Beds are cloau and
eouuortable; Stabling for Hordes; Hoy and Outs at
BLAIR BROS., Proprietors.
X lor tho comfort or travelers j the Table is ��� Bttpnll.it, ���;
with the best of every tbing that .'can. be had, aud tha .
eookingis not inferior.to the best hotel in the lower
sou a try; Bedrooms, for families: Stabling, Bay, ahu
Oats. The Stage stops at the 111 Mile House over night
m its way down country:��� ,  . a      .,
would solicit a call from the Traveling Public,
whore will bo found a Good Table, Liquors and
Cigars of the finest quality and best brands,
_Ky Good Stabling, Hay and Oats, kc.
Nf B,-~R. S. O. is not responsible for any debts contracted by the lato Proprietors.
August 4tb, 1865. ' .   ll-2w
ions regulsrlr rec?ivct. Rf<w robERTSOK,
�����; -vVument Strt&t.
.. ���M-.L.'uy t:\-ri':
nlti-'*'!^'''" y>  ��������� i  Si'  V.m Winfel**; iv- ��������� ! <r "3S-     -: -# J*iraar<|^ Express  .M4Hith oflQue������i������i, ���������-���������     -������   -, x.������r   .{'. :   !������io-  .��������� gf  Cunningham, &hUer, Keithley, Ste-   r  *'   ?f-        Cf  vensp������roase, and ay" other dutr^ 4 .-..     % f;.|  ; Ivins Creeks, ���������������-��������� -* ���������"��������� Spc<m>f,R~Expreis  Wagon Road,: -,.; ;���������;?-: ���������' >.-, -.. ,1 ���������::. Siarnar4*s; Express  canton City,    :> :'-; fe'; -��������� ���������  ���������*��������� ;���������: . xSo-.  Yal**-- ; 'I-y, --y XMr. Evans, Barnard's" Sipi;essK)ffice  "UllooOtf ��������� -*��������� TA"W; Foster,      -;do'.^V ^^������������������"���������do'V **���������  Kow-Weatmln������te^--^-v^->,;^-.,v-,^v;;>-Yy/-- Clarkson & Co  Victoria, -y..-'-"':'V ������'%./"".?-?^^'y^rr-'r^^^onvairJ; Burnes  ���������tU.^Jj's  .:7..Vr^'\\^  .;��������� Tb������ ' totfiboo S*riiinei"~ Wf publfined ^wery* Satur I a r  ���������vening at 6- o'clock';:-,- :������, Adyerrisatn"Shts. intended for  insertion must be'delfverpd; fct latest h% eightb^ck^tO  Miners and others wiaiiing to send *fThe Cariboo San-  !f&������4"to thejr friend*- In Cma'd"^-^  Btfttea, or els3where,-rfcan ha,vq it iriall^d by leaving  *ddr������BeB at the 'publication office. % JPriq?. tNCLtifliNC  J>OStag������J,   51..-- ..���������:,���������.:,. .;,.: . ���������        '?.'  ���������; XI        ���������    ' '"        ������������������������������������","'���������' . j; .' ,.���������;;'-,.      .��������� .    --  tiori:-:fM}t their TfSrkaTis.^ set about, applyitig  a remedy in ihe|&psi^ig'oro\js manner pojg$i-  .ble^Jflri this $a������f the^eaiiand do work wop-  der|f iaf thfe shjprterit -t-inje imaginable, .and  much if^noi^llljelr, stwfcess arises from indomitable plucks-and ''pei-fieverance . amidst  every: ^iscourageni erttf^ib r a iiiiher b li ie is  man beings * btf earth; ^<5n^ftie,sdayt evening  we passed.ajpng jbe creek and such a scene  of* clestriictiQu and desplatipii asJwas prese hlied eyorywjierer itjjs/F|ipp^ibjerto" describe}:  Wherc^ev.er^  fuln es| 0 i)y^L &% My s .b^for^^vas 'then 7oti&  vorteCinfo. $aw ground  --machir^er^i jaiadC^ man;iit worlc; im  "cliant^ ^^^a&rsf ^d; (^6pto  and'Wef e.^sicnine ovtivl^  ^^mtj^PQKDiK>h,s.;  mitVyW*  BAxmmmmmmMh 'MWIfMM  ^���������^^-���������V-'M- ~^*t  j^tJA, SUBFI^ME^T  containing .7 eight  "S^atoel.^  ,-(!  'L  ^ f:AY'^:-iY..  ���������YV^/.a^J/������?^U-  Cariboo l^s'S  terrifle;fioc^s4uxirigj^^^re^er^^^kiybjlB:  it haa^ exp^ienfeedA;^ihcc*l^^ife ^nan- be^  eaine a denizen of thef district.    ^onfe|&c  openuig;ofrtheD^^?^e^ last  the weather has beea extremely fine, very^Utr  *v~ -is������ vrt���������inr\r -pollnn/fhrnn'cyhont thfisrjhimpr.  opened aita^ftf ^^aj^oM^I^^PP^^feR  twenty^^rliours^wi  the consequencewas;-|^!^Uli^n^^^k^^  to: tt^fbrtnidafeie hef^^and cam^  wlthanimpeto  before it. ^^he^ownera^j*<fcjejaiias:^a^aafci:  erally,fuftle^tbe^rceD^^  terrific Isib'swe^ a^  :riers that could be erected^y^Mdnda^hight  the crMSiad swoBeniinto ahuge^iye^whicb  epread itself across the surfaceinisomefelaces  from baalfetovbankj jQMrtfn& eyerythuig^J>e-.  fore it wM;a^tuIcsshes;s^  gravest apprehensibns on the; partXqf; eVery  one t^t mining ^perati^  thia season^t leasts ^fe>atean;:endi|r^hilst:  many were cloiii^j:#n>/itk folded arms at  the 8cene,b������^ speeulat.  on the iuture^aiid^roph^^ ruin of the  country and the general .bankruptcy tiat was  directing the-water^nte, a narrow;ch.anneVand,  erecti������&barricades^tpJ;{.^pjlt^pm';b*������i^tl!ig.-  in apbhfiieraiS^^C^^^^^^^  in this gallant workwe':myi-men^Qn'.were^he  Caruerpn tJO^y,- :%tiaer"-tlie^irect^M)f-;'������ae*:of8  the best of foremen, Mr. James Cummingsv  the  Dead   Broke  and -Last  OhaBce -companies" were, -alserWty&JJr engaged .^and  rendered the- Gaiaerdn "cpmpaB^ igreat^:. assistance/    0M the upper part. of the creek.,  near Bafkerville, the. Bald Head, StieepsJ^in,  Welsh and Aurora .bompantes, exerted tKeisi-  selvos in the sametfdrreeiion in almost praise-,  worthy manner. Oh Tuesday morning the rain  partly ceased, and towards evening the water  in the creek "began Ho subside; the iorce of  the current bad made; a^elear passage all the  way along the creek^andfrom the moment the  clouds ceased toy act- as" a feedei:rthe change  came which allayed the fears of theco^mu-  ftiiy regarding anyfiirther damagebeing dpiie.  The principal wo^ovof.destructioa "was coii-  Rummated oh 'Monday 'night, whenHhe. water  broke ���������thrbujgtejStfiftr^        and Gamei'ontoB  on most of the claims iril>othl0calitm^,^  ing many &f them toi^cave" (settle 4osrn)  wh*re the ground had been worked beijeatli  and filling them u_i withHvateri y /Ihe I06S to  claim-owners will beimmensej ityis.hard ^to  form any idea at present of the damage, but  we have not heard anyone, so far estinijttiqg,  it at less than ;$150,0Q0 5 the probability.is;  iiiat this sum will: he far under the actual  amount5of loss sustained when everything is  known.    At present the claim owners them-  Bel'voa cannot even-guess with, any certainty  At the loss they will be likely to sustain. There  is one line irait about miners generally which  they exhibit "to a remarkable extent when  idiricuidesappai^a^o^eWh'elmicigiinrround  them, and that.is not to give way to despondency or apathy.   The first thing they invari-  ablv'do fftea misfortune Occurs in'connec-  as we>ouldln6ffi6pei% #S 1������ a.weeKmlicli  less $aa; ^v/I^^^Ke matchless; euergy^f  ^o:claim^6wiiers^^; (Sm  %lied ior^M^Me;^  , leUriita^ wnicn^n^  ling chaos m^or^fe  1 oredat^audi is^dese^  whatlweliavetfieeaCi*^  Mme, ^e ^ave, novbe^M  ;a w^eek Iteiu^ i^wwill/ri^  pi .the^gr^aTelT'lKS^  fearibod. ���������pt)ln"Mariesda^  Had isUbwery/^alier;?;;to  some snowfeU.   Yesterday^  ^TJ'^GYSTERSrAT^HE^FA ,  tdje%i^&$^&  iown-of-RlehneM^h*e  ^:sluice bo������es/b%longin^ t������ the companies.  erigage^'ih%roM^  ihe^h^e^skirf s%a?fc4filled>withv water -just a#  ^'fire-^rJb^ stmcfean;e^cellen^prospect;:<iiey  willlbB^bteto^resttm^  lyiandih^d^wbrkiii^alhw  gBea^laim^stain^  work^gajm^^^he ^elsh^claim  badl^ and^ the *to  vtrancelintb^^ii  ^co^lwillresut&e^^ seasonfeThe ^Hif  ^rMiss^MtfthetflAAistralian^claims: have; also  cavctf;in|xand the;wateriirpjn the ^ejish claitri:,  has filled them rip; both epn^paniesr^commehc:  ���������cdi^sterday^tpf"sinkinewl shafts inYsomid  ground and 4ntendwprlcuign^  :Wake ^up^akey do^havo beenTistoppedyfoz  some days-by^ %l surface:-;leakHf-ThejAur'ora;  co'y ^ave^had^tb?suspend work frorii the wa?  fter\icpniihg'"4nto?their-Jelaim f rom; the -Sake up.  Jake^! botli^claims owil 1-(resume? Operations;  ipro!jiab>yr ^6-dayv-^Tliey ���������aribop:> ,claim ; has  tieon filley>w'itlirwaterf no seriousMamagehas'  "tieeri^ dorielapd-wdi^will-be jimm  siim4a^^The;IiiHooet^ caved in sev:  eral'jplaces.^The*Grizzly-.-claim- has also caved  and is an��������� a;?- bad 6bnditiobq*^we vniay? say the  Baiiie for ffthe Caledonia/ iMpffatt; and- Never,  Sweat; it^is^oblematicaiwhether? work will  :8&Tesiimedion these; claiais-this seasoni~The  Beauregard'atfd^  ii>eS paying well;Was ? caved in iatihe shafts  rendering it; and -the \ machinery useless; the  eo*y iareiabputto sinlc ia tiew shal'f^The'I^st  Gh^nce^claim jnas ca^  eron M&m~,^hich '.'"ias j "been among the; best  claims^ on me creek thisl'seasonihas caved in  several; places; -np ptb������r-clkim has suffered so I  much .frpm. 't&e: ground giyinig way; this is  owing.to-a^rsadth;of Mly 200 feet having  been worked' out uhdergrbunu, without a single" solid piece of ear(h;being left as a; support; by the^iht of superior exerdon the co'y  have got the holes filled up and hope to beat  wqrkon^Monday'ih their drifts.*���������The Dead  Broke claim^^was the only one on the creek  at work yesterday;~The Eaby claim has cav-  ed in,! but t4ae-damage k not supposed to be  great; the eo'y- hope to be at work to-day,  :the water was nearly all. out: of the claim.���������  The. Forest Rose claim lias caved near the  creek-close to the Cameron lines; -it is..supposed, hp>yeyer, that the damage to the claim  will not be great, arid they expect Xp be at  work tp-day.r���������Thp. Prince of Wales is filled  with1 water; tho coty.;will cominchce to pump  out at once in orders to resume work.���������^The'  Oram, Bruce/ Elliott, Adams and Marysville  claims are all filled "with watery have  probabry' sustained little damage beyond that;  ���������The Bed Rock Brain has caved in several  places, but.it Beenis to still venfc the water  vterScarried;away andscrio'us damage'djjme  to the claims.   'A..;aAa- ��������� ",'hJ ���������'&    '    "M.\   '  ^Ofily t^ojbompanics'bn this creek have got  ;do^ wn^tolb edirpct, and^ they I areL takhSg out  ab ou t 5 ozs. to tlie h an d jJer day.  yv rWE^cpMjB.^We had the pleasure of receive  Mtig-a% visit''from Mr.f Gonwdyj- of-tbo '-Telegraph Expeditiph, on Thursday last, and at  the saia/^time;repeiving, through hi^cpijrteo^  .attention, the voluminous I telegraphic .ilel;  patche^^^^r.hi^h.w^publishto-day, and asynb'p':  sis;'of; ^w^^^^issue^ in an extra -brt ��������� the'day  tliey..���������were.^^ received "to, our! subscrlb.ers piitb'c  creek.^.; 'A*'*. ;r:',J  ; ^)A ��������� A A'..;..,,., 'Ay -* .y : V*  I  m\a������i  'Mi-  '--BY'  A-y'z ;.' hA4.ci -Xmif ��������� IKt-atn4jhk.'-"fa :'i'    /  mA:SiH iCNi^Hr O >W.  y.  -yy  ON^EDNESDAy, SEt>T*fi^ERtl4thl|r\^ll-a*n by  Public Auction, for the benefit of thc^Inringeis. tbe  T_otand BntMingskuownHS the .  tf ,,;.^;Er!V^:p^'H OTtL.y  RichflStf;^^ together wltifi ail tho Stock, Furniture, Stovtfe*'  BHDges, Crockery,-Good Will, :iic.������������������.      ...;..:..  -Vgile to take place at the Hotel; rRlchnv-I i~ at noon��������� ���������"���������"  U>For furtherVarftcuiaja as tor terms apply? to,  ?   ** _���������  A ^ ;. .. .;,,_.:;..*?  | Z^^Ay, }J XA> ^ V.JLK&, ;.%[  j: "' 14-���������=-������������������' A-- i, :..-. -..,.--....:-'.:.���������....  .;',   Audious^. .'."  'I i?T  QTiOE.  AU  :*A$L PARTIES in-lebtea to/;to firm of,PIN k CO.,  il,! of Siclifield, by Kotos or-"9,ot������kr Accoonis, aw ra.  quested t4.^.Qiho-Tor-i^rlu!un^!9p^|e|,-)'hL*lr accounts bo.  fore the 15th September nekt,,ali uoks oraccuunUaot  Bet.Ued1 tWri"\vill������be pui in'Conrt for colltctibii:��������� v-- * *;,  ...'.."; ! By orvlcr^ffthe^rrudcAraijrrio^Yt .Ail i ������ jv.  .'���������J-;.- ..uf <r^*{ ?C'i -������������������wuHn8HinLEv.DLUyT..;  ^-Wniiam^Crcek^  ������^J"^]TCEJTS'lftKRfR  ���������jft;;slgiied have this xlny:hy^mntual��������� curisent diasOlvi>U*  partnership.;;Xihe busitt(**|ufeitQrorcrcarried on by tno  firm of:GR.VNE h tHO*UGW,;wH!i-M^icon tin uea ��������� by, R,  .... ,po  aettlemontijY"  -l'-I I ���������- = '.1    - ���������  > : -J.���������'���������J-  for'"  v/ '"'  !f*v-] :> y -'*:���������;":..;;.; ;';v^, .samuel.graxe,/;y;  -sf-Bo^hoo Creek, iuff. 29tht1665. '" '^4J 14 ������'*-  y^'^7'^^n.-;^fAAf x*aot3Jp^:'yJ'A, '?* A "xA^AX .  f^oijioit'tjQ'^'o^  ���������h"yy:|  ,j..;vn.i  *fH  pdw ���������asacxe  rP. \ y,- lAA^A,nuAv 'rrd\i <y\y.- ;?' ^'v v   .���������". Mh  *       -."-  --.,|  .v _   ,*���������'   ^'j      ;n.   ...  '.'  !i;  ^'Nlffl* Ylr-li^^^  f^jPsY  15  ; y yyff,.;, ^.(C ; i Proprietbre. ;  :':���������..!     ;yibTORia; v: i.;w ;;:'  ''-���������'' r   ' ��������� ..} /������   - ,v ' .. -  MATTHIESSEN* & CO.,  : *1&     '��������� ** - -:V_   ';.:������������������.; "   *.  'y1., ,"���������   Proprietory^;,  ��������� AaAUUVJUfkM Jt/AJU MflltftJW*J MA&A������vr������r*������|  ;/:>: VICTORIA,; V. 1., /  A\y A:y,A "i> ^:;.;Yi.i);Mim'HIESSE^,&-CO  ������������������-.1^ ; ? ������ .*.t ., -     ..^. i     Y /   ���������.*   , >,; Propricitora,;i  - trt im.. mm��������� i���������miihh ihctei���������MiMn.miiiMWEinwiiiii mtMnai' m nmim.tmvmtaa������B������ .  Unel^ed! t e'tte^/in  'H/Po'st1' Ortice;'. ^fbr tKe -Monthi ending  ���������v"-' X) I; ������������������-' '.., 9t'b:-'-Se_yJenib;er1i 1865^^;-; ��������� &: x?A:-  :Ar<\ifi;^t\rini9X  - '/;:':- ':>'-;,->-Adarh^jjimea:":;-;::": =v.;:Yt^s;':-  ^Atkinson-G^org'? ;:t.^<lyX.. *At"-.'%&Zit-- :ipi y'y^Yv-^'  Boone; Wi 11 iam-F. '��������� }y~y ���������..  -w.U-  Y'^YY  --jRii Jack'sbn*' GovernmVpt"s treet^ ��������� Victorfn,"' Solici tore,  :ihg ((ate tha'HhI "day of June, Xp., IS^.   .(v      ^   14  xj������  ;Ai;^;AU^:   ���������    .. . . b-y  prompt; attept|0n=4o- businca??, he will'; sccura, the same,,  and give' general satistfa������tion. ! ls*   ';vr *: *"'"*l;   ;';' .," ���������  ,i'Ai Money-hinided::oyer:ae! soon as^cpllectied.'���������"?.<��������� ^.S> ���������;: ���������:  ^Ybulco^-Govepnment-.^'troet^ corner of jBaa tion; Y t i.  AReuSrencosfT-W/S. ^S.* Graeu,* En^X and Si, W; T:  ������������������r^akbvjsa,;..^: s^V%v;^C " 7"������'.,-^, AA.': Zt%;  lar. &e" X3bwnryT Cburt of'' Briiisfi?" CblUnibk  i?'j Hi"  :-���������>  ; i ';.' ;���������������������������'"       ;lowhee creev:'/: '"'   ���������   c:".  The freshet has" carried away flumes oh|  this *creek and seriously impeded mining;  operations. The Chittenden company suffered most from the rush of water.  LIGHTNING   CREEK.  The freshet on thia creek has put a stop  for the present to mining operations.    The  sluice boxes of the several companies at work  "ScBpzzj. Thomas   '   (2)  ���������Bnf^ier^^ajn^sJ^rif % %.t?!  Brown, John J. AA fXy.  Cullen, "Peter      iV -'AA  ���������cuiiiB, wr. ! -.;.  Cadma h, Solotnifm =  ' -  Cun.nell, Joseph "E. ..;_:>:-,���������  Downey, John '_C_-.-..,-.  X  Dinwooclie, William C.  Evan?, Edmund J..;. n,  .Field, William'. .       ": )  Gwynn, H.,  J.enness, S. A. . '���������..\ , y:  Jones, John J.       "-',���������(?),'  Kennody, John   '   '  Kittles;.A; Cj    .��������� '���������'���������'   ���������  Luscon, George ; ���������  Lay ton, Robert C;:  Mullf^r, Henry  Marrts, T.- A;-  Macltae, Donnld  Oln^y, Oscar W.v  Pearce, Joseph ,. ,  Pierce, John  Prior, John " (2)  Rces, William  Reid,: John  Stephenson, J; W^  Simon, Harrison,       (2).  Snakell, Ralph  Still, H.  Tennet, Joseph '  ���������  Wostlako, William ;  :B^ry,.:Charba :5f,;  ,t"l ..., Y ':     s--  Clark, H������_rh :.:.'.,',,  Camwin, j. AJ ' y  Croom, William  Dibbler, Frodericlc j  Elliottc,- Hen ry J.,  Fiynnj.J.^Hi       '  Hyde, H.A,   :  .Tohnslone, E'lward  John, David W.  King, Thomas  Lowis, Edward  Mclutyra, Norman  McCauley, Alien  Patcb, ,WvW,  "Porter, Alexander'  Powell, John W.  CteOd, James  Sunders^ John'-  Stephens, Thomas .  ,, Stewart, William  0>i i XXA: A'".'" VTS: B^xlvi?t;PTCT; _,  |_j^:^i i";-Tn re ^Rrcn^D^arERoxJ a Bankruj&;.;^;.;:.'  \\J H E RE AS,' a petition for: act ju tt ifcaUcm of %an"ferupt.,  \\ 'I cy, bearing date the-17th-dayof Augiis^A^D.,  1S65,; has been <daly.ifildd byJtichard.Camcronpofi; Willi ams creek, in the colony of British Columbiay Hot������*l  and Eating House'Kuepor and Miner,,, and  he navm'ft  been; dec!ared a . Bankrupt; 'is hereby required to sur-  render himself:to" the Judge of:the County Court, at  the Court.Housa, Richfield, on the Slst;: da>; of" August  instant., and on  tbe 26th day of ScpCember next, at:  one o'clock ih" the afternoon of etfch {day/andinaky a  full-discovery-arid >: disclosure of his Estate and .effects,  when and whero tho crcfliiprs areto^omoprvpared:^  prbv* their debts, and at the first s-ittihg to choose aa-  si^noes, and at the last sUtraf? the said "Bankrupt is re-  4iiiro<t to flu ish his examination ,v^AlJ .persons in de-Watt .  to -'thu said  Bankrupt1,' or that have ������hy of his effects,  are not to pay or if el i ver the" samebii t" to M. G. 'Phillips  th* Official Aasifinne;;.:U:-YYY;; .;:;-:��������� ;iv.t'_ v-;;.������ -;.\ yy  v ^Ricnfl.dd,. 21st August,,18*5. - f XX- U .  T-K  (2)  Bakety, , Coflee    Saloon I  A.XO  IX.  '������������������'* ��������� >'���������.''���������'   Barkervillei^B.<?*;-;���������?'  :' . .:: ���������������������������;��������� ' A. KEIXY/-PkoraiEtORi _'.^;;./:  - Everything is done in connection with thlt eaUbttah  ment to give satisfaction to*the customers. '   ';   ;   J  '  % ''. ������������������ * A *t   ' V  To the ���������rehUemen of-Victoria, British Co1um������  ������������������biaVaridPug;et Sound.  ANDREW   ROBERTSON,  WatorhoUso, Mark  '"���������    '>''-���������'���������"��������� '    It t. COMMELrNE,  .  Postmaster;  Ba rk ervill c, S op tern her Ot hv 1865. ��������� ,< 15  r  fi OVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA^ (opposite;tha  \X Bimk of British Col u m bin j begs to;;anh ounce tb at ������������������  ho hasjusl received EX)Phttoniela from ;Lonfioii, and  per last steamer f r,om San Francisco,, French. Doeskic^  Beavers, WitncySj; nild ra;iarfcc assortment of English  and Scotch Tweeds, West/of England Broadcloths, {������������  shades), kc. Tbo latest English and American Fash-  ions rcgalariy: received* ; , yy .���������������������������-��������� -y.^ > ���������'���������'_.'"  ., ^     ANDREW ROBERTSON,  14 "!      Government; Street.  5?  .     PRIVATE   BOARDING.  R. N. C. BATLEv, begs to Id form his Irlcnds and  _ _ the public that ho has removed from tho Orleans  House to the Asglo-American Hotel, corner of irateo  aud Douglas streets. Ladies, gentlemen and families  vi������itin_5 Victoria, will -find pood Board niid 1/Jdging on  tho inost reaBKinahb teems.. A ton, wvll Furnbhad Rooms  to lot, with or. without Board. 14  Steamer    Enterprise,  : * Leaves SODA CREEK'-for 0TJTONBD:  MONDAY AND THURSDAY MQBNINGS,  AT DAYLIG-HT,   A  Leaves QUESNEL for SODA? CREEK,  WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS at 4 A. ft  F. V; LEE,   ���������-���������'  Auctioneer, Mirtog Ageiit, ������ad CoUeo^or,  y RICHFliiXD.!���������;���������'  4QT ill Agtswf Buftiiesa att������nd������������l to. First Direct;: Telegraphic  ; [Ay '^JJ^lD^L^1 "A:A ax AK  We are indebted*������-Ito^Gbnwa^ttoSup^  intendent of ^  riv*ed-W*4^  from UeeprcroBk. fos.^foUo^^^le^ap^c  aespa^elWcm^  from New Westmii^er?0 %Z&*0>Kt  <;OVEK>76R>S_.YMp^G  "'."   MINSTER ADDRESS.  New? Westmi������8tori: Sept. &d>~;Upon ;thc������e~  parture-^eslerdav ofu&overnor. Seymourhe  was presented with an address upon:the?eon^  dition-of-thecolouyaudin regard to-the..U.n-  ion question, in^w6^wt>^^V^l'*^?n"  tlemen, I need nor assure ybix' that! receive  withlgreat^isractiQn^eYaddress you have  beea good, 'enougfi io. present to me on my  departure from this colony.-   ,It has, as you  observe, lf$S_!^^  lively short; ^eried^bf *mf^^admiiiis|rationftq;  .-rivemv assent 'to Heveral4mpbrtaut;m%sures  m  \nthieffrct-thk&they-ai)peared  those of another/of ;Per Majesty 'a possessions.  I must most gratefully adkn^ledge the political Iraiiouility which , has-prevailed during  .tnv administration andfr?e candid,jOxfijgm^  sent consideration^M^^'^^V3?^  ?vith from the people- of. .thb-cjolpn^^I: am  not aware^ot thciopposltiph^to  ludcto 'It is:not in^jNevr "V^sMinster-:alone  that taxation with imperfect repvesentation'.  is unnopular^nd^h ^  new Dutv on Gold is not Liked, r The:people/  however, rn Cariboo^ received- the;:;prittcipal;  officer ofmiy Government with every "mark of  ireaiicct on a recent occasion, andn^exgre^  Mou reached his:earVto;whic������  tive ruferf could^teexce^tipn.^he ^ehn^  speeeh at ^I^ui8.'^^L^iverpooLphambeJ,  of Commerce/haa^.memoHalized tlVe.;Postmas-^  ter) General Io ba ve theTCunard?*s teainers sail  on: Friday insteadv of Saturday.: -The Paris  correspondent of the London 'Star5"states that  the popular .sub scrip tion of -ten centimes for  gold medal for Mrs. .Lincoln is.still progress-.  ingjJheW are'2.50jj subscribers; 'eommitte#  was appointed' to raise .the number to 16sO00l  ..It-was rumored in -PSris >ihat<; reinforcements  to,the extent of 60,000 troops was on the way  to Mexico^ j The illness ot.the,King.iftf Spain  had a'ssuined ;a iiio rc serious .asjigct.; The^dhoK  era has #een raging'at;^  ^Halifax,'i^  ���������erpool 19th,amypjL ���������,MooringsbauVMe^n laid'  rdown for the1 G^eat" Eastern;at'SheeriressV th&  inferenee was' drawnt- th at she: jw o uld no t go;  out again this season. The 'Times'''says'' the  expedition is' full' of encouragement jor tlie.  future;' tlie only discourage J|j  ���������the inability)3>f the^Meetmi^J^^^y^  the serious faults in the cable before it was  .paid loufec^er* ihe^^ship^ssidei; 4he delay Pi!  janpther^e^r-wili-'hot-'bethrown awaWiHt'  !|jv$ i!enable,''Jtijcm to deyise bQtier?testSj.o%the  excel lenc.e ot the' cabl o b efd re' it' is sub merged; wo -must bolieve >iiirthe possibili tyrnf: an  Atlantic 4,telegraph..'��������� being. \ established,?frand,  Joo$ forward to < theSay---dis certain-, -, pven if  'distant, when England and America will throb  with bne*'i#lseibf = life..{The 'Daily1 News* sp#;  cial'oorrespbrident. says .'"that it is more thai?  probable that the Grreat EasteriiKwill berdes-  rpatched to fish ^r*the;,seyei^;:^felft.oS( soon  a^'she can be wfitt^;wLffi'iteipn'|eli ropes and  ^raJMJl?rsj_ p o fo rma fc decision can, b e tak en  until a meeting of .the ���������y aripus .b oards on The  2;lstl'but it is tolerably certain"tiiat the expe-  ditioh Virill debar fc atbnce.i" i^Thc prospect of  the Atlantic cable,was the prevailing topic;  the repo?t*b'f '"the Great Eastern had a favor-  abld^ effect on shares, which rallied from-23U^  te*3^%������SSti^^  ihbri 133 to the prospect of Tccb'voring the cable,; the general feeling is that it might-be  ; Aif^bspectutbas been published for a fbrt-  imgutly-steam Mine; witU^vesselsVp^ 4000 Eton's-  burthen, between Southanipton-;and ^Newr  York. The title is to:bethe "Trans-Atlantfe  Steamship C^j!^c,apM^  ���������shireirp^ages toJfei.performed within,ten  days; two 8ul3sidiar^6teamei#6fJ6^^'t^ to  "be supplied to connect the service at Southampton^ with: Antwerp, rHayretaud-tondon;  'through rates of^^freight being establishedbe7  I these cities and New Yorkr.': The enterprise is  news are  himself.  : The following items of eas  from tbe 'Oregdnian:'''  ;> 'j- '���������"  Netff orfe Aug. ^rn^^t^nm^������cry:|  is estimatedvat;;$5,000,Q00:,,.K. R^Iullord,  who'^nulure to;nieet:hia;eh^ag^  jounced several days' sin ce^has^b cen arrested 6# charge r6i5ferVing ^checks ^ori ^banlvs\*\t\  which he'had'no ftmds;; his operations involved a losrof abbiif SIDOVQOpvV ;Tlie;'Cprn'iiier-  cialJ! special says?; Kctcfoini/Spii*& Co',,made  an assignment' to P. C.wCaihouti,; Presitont;Pi;  the 4th National Bank, and Dement, former  pnrtnerImrtlio'ilnii" of "KeIc!uimr^6on5 f*^  they sp������  whi ch they have;i bcen, asjtpnareiitly the finest  gold bearlng--country;Hhey^ havoYeveriseeiuH W  jfhey prospected numerous creeks,' in all of  which they got the col or,.and in ,some tbo  mos t encouraging p'rospecta; ^ 0n diie % they,, \;.  ;8ttuk a.sliaft about ten ieet^r^ugn^  ;which yieIded goo d prospectsViUlthe" way    .  do wh ; not having ������u.^c}tfn^V6^i^'ODaHhoy  ���������were forced to-��������������������������� leaveVjafeci return here.   The.    '���������- -X,  . men \ consider^lia-t''$>. ef /were in the s a me sec ?  '&m\ of'^cbuiitfy;uwhere Vaughan haf..beon^-���������. ���������*,-.v  prospecting, and to which^Tohn McLe/trf^J)i(r-"/\A ? :  ty have also gone;   they^are^onff^ '��������� ... v  Vaughau bas sU'ucl4.r,g4vtl?dig^in^ 'and l^ey  are v o^- Sfitngui ne*&&..J olio-McLean's success  . i n the- sain eJ ti i rectibn^  -jl'1 ^ tetrnitfg. he re  ^he.vcame on McLean's camping ground of  'tlie^30 thi' ult.,^ ab o u t 8 0 miics~fro rn th is c reek.  Our inform ants;"- wixo^rer m osfc;; re3p e'ctalSe jd*i\  tr us LHvor thyv aud"i ox peri e ti ced. hiin er;s, %t&Mii^i ^ i  ftdcnjl; that'thc new M Dorado pf.vthkeountryi ^ la  is|n ith^-fiprt&efel^ afid that the time is not J  Illsta n fc* wheit most- impovtant discoveries. wilLry������.:  bo anuo Uttced Ironic that sectidu of the colony.,' t ft  Ex!roitT of G OLD.-^The export of gold from  ai|-iannounces that tho plan-ibr^telegra^lj  Uinb \ between Russia- and^rienctHms- been  approveel gyicf signed ^dhe^ar]) the Russia n |G 6vefiimeiit"iiinlertiikes; fo*cdifiplete the  line aslaras Nicohafewski'Ylieremaining*por-  ..tion being in ehajge of anAm������jKaii|cojnpany^  'the capital of the . fatter1,' _wionii&^ to^SlOjdticSj--  000;; bonds represerliiiifj! S8,M;66o- have al-  reaay -been issued.;-it -is intended-that this  ���������route shal 1 b e nnishetlin Ay si y e^rs.,^ ���������; ��������� ?:f-   ������*^,.���������..^ *������..,.,..- ^, -,. ...,... r,,,,, _..,...,_ ._ m  Luietfj; ;6n; His ^r^at^'Cren^^      ^beh  Gan ada^sin'd^ is ^signea uy, aou,nutup������.v w* .^u^  ^laspuicjfrate^nityjvhe^  to do with j;inciting /Indians :tO;ta|ie up arms  ?affaihsttbe7'tJ:;S^-^;^^r     T:^A-A  , ���������.������������������'..  Mrof 1864.:. ?i;:!Bie^vBapk of British CcJlumbia  qrei^tirbd .l^s-*ifrb^lte^ibt(lce"; --jm HUi August,  Clonal Presidentxind-^the :fanpicLsnirof, a sec-  ,'tio.n al ivavt v. - ������Vi 'A.A A A') -1 .-f> ?*J," yA-A y. -"'  ;througii Mexico aro iiaustuu. ttiw iv>,M^.. ,.-.  tSat Mvetlirigis^ery ut^feJ/J.fc'is stafedthaf;  nearly, 4000 rebelsj^unu^k'te?c^mn^  Geni?Magruder,; arrived[fif- Montery; V"sinee ���������}  ?that ^seyeral* .of' tKem f, have I left ;tna^ ^ity JftnV  of the; pepp 1 evof eacli i;diaitrictspf;"^^plpny;  ftre entitAed tb'evo^^ - .., .. ... .        ..  that it,knowledge byitbeinhabitahfebfCa  co^and- b^ :., AA:  ���������\Fenian demonstrations on a small scale had;  takpn place hear Scarrow; aniple p61 ice aiid  military; preparations had been made,:by the  authorities and order was 'nofet'distor^.ed������^:;t.-iW  y Apprehejisions of the approach of the chob  <#& were increasing in England, theiepidemic  had'; reached . Marseilles.    At an important  meeting of medical eMcers and others it.>yas.  resolvecVio adv.ise the; ute^st;;;jRari|^vaiidjilj;  possible" pre cautions in France.   r(   ;  The CheFefcpur^ fete'3^yeri:eb������tinue^uft  e 18th, when the French and English squad-  ���������   -������ ���������    ���������* ���������'-���������    io*   ''.-.'111 )l'i ���������  ���������boo thSt-%23,000; -are .*^.^fottjr J������  SS yet onl^ rendered ������3,000 to the  Crown, mav persuade the jiimcrs that the  profit is on their side'aatheflew araw^nenfe  iiuter-,jl(  , fair������triaiii������wepouu uuui....��������� ���������-*���������--���������-r������----  Government of this-colpny ^01114 desire to  dois drive the minora from, the country, or  nllow any large portion of the population, to  Zutrwith^ffeet ccSttMence nn'the result,  1 e wil ing to sec a. krgerioplar eminent .in  rity ^������otives'byc*hich; the Goverum^t^  actuStcdi'^should not likewKe object to .the  introaVetibaraa ^r-Mw^sanstruch^  postlto the Government^on \thi9;sum^^vilV-b^^  "ab"Slit*,82^00p'*'i?x(rffcted-frWm*the  money of one qlass;-^ I   ' A  f "^ES^ Th ere; is no .change in ihartet pricei  since 0%^;laslift" &*'. A"-^ *'���������*��������� -H***>-���������-*'' A ��������� c :f$j . e������A eI  . ������������������.��������� ���������<':  ���������:���������'��������� :.. v'.. ':'-^A^^^i;.;i. J:;Y,^i.^>!nH '/ .."'"-. ' ,v,'.  j1 ^'iM-ponTANT to Mis rub. ���������.After. ;.a; season^ hard tot 1   ���������  tlierbM nothing so refreebiug; for. tho botiy as ia good  Bith-t H������ir Cut, SharnpociifYarici Ohiftn :;Shavo,s All of  ���������:which cart be obtainecf.-in'a fir31 class style ;s|-tHe_SAX  Victoria."t" ThoAvii'ob 'cstabllahmeut': Has,���������/&eehT."newlv:^^'  "pn^rs ^r^J^^inecij ^uie .^uywuuicii.w. ������w  deerned it'^preferable . to 1 organize them iuto  milltary and; agricnlturai assopiatipns:^hiclr-  ;.'XiU iPecupy;Uh;e ^route between -.Mexico"��������� and  i^ra'^^ilieyCpropos^  '; nbrnrv^Americah ��������� railway,' ;^yhi6"h .will be "rcak  the  the Gzariana to the prelate and people.  Liverpool, Aug. 20th, via Queenstown 21st.  ���������A Con ve ntion between Austria an d; Prussia  had been concluded concerning -the' Duchies.  Atlantic cable- preference shares are quoted  aj21,1-4 # 211-2; ';;,,; ^Q/.'i;. , ��������� A  New York, 3lst>~Late , English papers an-  l~A  A������  I  XXX,  XX  A\  xy  !.;  fa  ... ��������� ���������  ?',Y  ^  il1  tm  1  ronsleftfor Brest;,-att passed off wel^alc  by.tne stQrmy.weather. ',. yy, ':-,��������� ��������� ,~���������y -���������?���������..-��������������������������� ������������������  !   Two ships of the Prussian-iron clad squaa-  .uuyuwv���������,.A..~rr--A  -������������������;-ffir,ft, n,���������mhpi., rbh left Brest���������;��������� two irou;olads:lpere wrecked  *\\wtl^^Jm^^^S9������^m^ 6n their way to Stocldipto.?.^;-.,- ;,   ,.  ,:,...,:.  into theBxecutivie-CouM^^;;W'^y_l^^���������^���������th6���������������^���������h^���������gOIte';]to.?Moscow to present  u oou It thatmy .best ...exertions wiU.be used   ��������� x......--^  ������������������������   -...    . ..    ..,...,..  when in England to make ihe vast resources  of this colony^better M������wtrW;p^bmote im-  -niteration to it; and to procure steam commu-  nication with Panama.  iFfteely acknowledge  with vou that the present feeling of uncerta n-  y as regards the future relations of.Ae^or  uies on this coast seriously mterfereawith fte  investment of capital, and dtstracte the .attention of ��������� oolonhte from tbo*. settled pursuit  ������o essential to: their.owbprospen^jand that  ofStf country; I have publicly expressed  theyiTtf-knowd'to the Secretary ot State,. I  thank you very sincerely ,for the expression  of ���������odd wishes with which your address con.  eludes on my own part I assure you I shall  conUnuet<������take the^oatlive j-interestmthe  muSfithc colony iand'npt relax m w  *iforts to promote i.ts.prospenjy.,'..;  EUROPEAN  KEWS.     ���������  Farther Vfa&M *-������e '^^j���������*  Liverpool 10th and Londonderry 11th arrived.  The condition of the Atlanuc cable ra?. u^-  changed; no news has been received over the  ' cable from the Great Eastern or herconsort  At an.extraordinary-meeting of the A^c  Telegraph Cable co'y, held in London, Aug  9th, it was resolved to* convert the preference  shares into consolidated one per cent, preference stock, and to issue additional shares to  the ^"t^t^r;������o,ooa*'0.>mi!to|^^; ey������-  mendb%Wyvtowa'tt& second cable.  Negotiations had commenced in London toi  a new Brazillian loan of ������4,000,000.  The following is a summary of news by tne  City of Baltimore: The *Daily News'says there  will be no further payment of, interest or principal of the Confederate loan. The ^Times  highly eulogizes Gen. Shormau for bis modest  dy nextyeart-;' they! will =makemo surveys��������� of  the r oute-tilF the -English railroad has h een  finally established^    Oortiiias" "has issued art-  customipr?.^:  "    **: r-z���������t   ���������>.- ���������. - ..l.u..���������-..-���������,., , ������������������-, t. ���������.<���������> .-^ii'"--���������>/������������������*?;''������������������'������������������  '- MWJViS.^^V:ictor^ay.ou tho 2fithnit.,-*tfta.,������^������ <^ Avy  _?\ V.;teoof a:Spur=stiliburD^:>^;- ?.,t .,<y>A.. Ayh;yy.y'-X[y  THK4i^z:OF'  ^  .;-s"T'.J.'  bankers!; bills,: whieh for-theujattcr is!aat'iict:  yance..7.;Gree4baclv8;;73i'l-2i-:to7 \yy-~i:  - V 'Cleared, steaiuer;^Siei'ra; Nevada for Port-.  land and ���������Victoria. ::        ,'!:.-...:,...;    ;. S an .^raijpiscp v Aug., 29.���������Arrived ^ steamer  Orizabia "trbin Vietoria."<������Lcgttl tenuersi7S 1^2;  San Francisco, Attg.Sp,���������Mr. James Street^  agent for Barney, Morgan &Cb., of New York,  ad vertises>for;pr.pppsals to * furnish telegraph  ppies    '''>"1:: -K + A' c������^������������������ MVftit. the '.cbh'atruc*  tion  San'  their lULouuiuu ~v  r-^-  w.itii twp, wires-,stretched upon one set oi  ton of hoToppoSUhin^,telegraph line .from  fSco:to the'.Atiaatio States;;.it is  Inc'6rpbfSp^^yjRb_^;;(^ .;.-  ".. ''A7^\i:M^WM  IN.12,500; SfiiRES,'��������� <QF $lob,EAGH,  ("With..Power to Increase:'  ';'.-"'  tion  Sim rinSoh *to^ompiete "a soperiorlinel  wmen zo uvea wuiu iu^l, mv .*v.t   -  obliged to eat leather belts and pitch to keep  from starvation.  .-���������/������������������-      ;.       ^.^y:  New York, Aug, 21.r~At a fire last night in  this city a feartul ..encounter took place between Engine companies.:six and forty "brie, in  which pistols, knives and bludgeons were  freely used ? bnp man was kiHed,- fourv were  shot anil a large number wounded; police  have taken..possession of engine-house and  engines; twelve arrests made. .s  ..Richmond correspondent the of 'Tribune'  states that the recent action of Government  ignoring election is having a salutary effect.  It is estimated that there are 40,000 negroes  pn the Peni nsula who have fol 1 owed out armies during the war.    Orders have been issued to muster out seven more regiments; it  is intimated that only enough military.force  has been, kept>tp prevent vagrancy.^ ������������������/���������-..-    . -;  The Mafamoras correspondent.of the 'Tri^  P New Weshrinster, Sept 3rd, 4p.:m;-~We  hcal^tbat the members of tihe. Bricson co;y  who vent to Victoria; the other dayhavebeen  arrestod on the suit of the Saw Mill co'y.  arS toellency Governor Scymou^ccom-  ninied by his private secretary and A. i.  fi, Ksq, le t j)er Levithan, at p. m,/on  Thursdw  vi(mmi���������&nk&t;. BKtisi; Goiuiittii^; X. AX A- A. "$x ''������������������' x ������������������'������������������' '*''  N ANAIKO���������Bank of British- Col ii mhiii |.  . XX. . A4" - - ��������� ���������   "���������"i /?.m.BiiiTisit:c^tJM , r,,.;r  NEW V^EOTMINSTER^baSnk of'6 ii\. "W?  YALE���������Bank of; British Columbia \���������....  -     ; .    .. '',-:  SlOJfJTH QUriSXEL^-Bank: of British Colunibia ;,   ,, .;  SAN ^"EAKOI&CO���������Baiiik of Bri tish CoIumhlV;;! ;; ;'.   .i ��������� *  POIITI^AND, OIIEGON���������Bank of British Col^mb'la;'.    -^. \  A.'y. "���������'" ';'":"';^TN: CANADA,'- " ,y������������-AA\V:~d<,  "'        BANK  OF  MONTREAX^i    ^ v'   "-  ::BRAKCHES& AGENCIES: .,-;  Slontroal, Toronto, Quohcct Hamilton. ,"Cx>n4p������.-.Ktfl$-.-J.;,.  Bton," Cobourg, Belleville, BranUord, Broofe-  ;   ; .-villa.Whitby, Pot������rbo'ro, Ottawa, Gq������1^': , A r>. ^   ���������  Goderlcb, Stratford, Picton, Pcrthj  Siinc^ft, St. Catherines;'  IN  ENGLAND., , .-  .LOKi>ON--Banl������ of ���������BriUshlColumbia~SO LomhM^.St.,, t  bune' states it was reportedrthat 6000 to 10,000  nen, under Gc  Also, that in vv"vciot*v���������". v" uu *-v������a TTtiIiV  .tate'd that.if tronWe oecnrred with tbe Tin*  men, andcr Gen.Doblado.woiMmarchMrft.  conversation,Mmiste^Eolley  the national anthem-/ was admirably pealed  from Holy Trinity belfry, while the flags from  every mast were, dropped, the compliment being gracefully acknowledged freni the little  steamer.        . ��������� ���������..--,-     -...,��������� - v    .  - ��������� j Hon. A. N. Birch, Administrator of ttio  Government, and Hon. J. W. Trutch arrived  from Hope on Thursday evening, about two  hours too late to meet the Governor.  Yale,; 3rd,'4 p������ ni���������Steamer Lillooet arrived  at 6 o^lock, * Onward arrived at 8:25; stage  arrived at 3:30 p. m.> leaves in morning.  Hope, 3rd, & p. mv���������There is nothing new  in this vicinity.  1^, -l.. ���������������,���������!���������       -JIM.,..      IIIL|I...������.    ...11.1.^. ^  Held,Ov^R.r-0wing-'(to; the lengtb -M pur  .CUBuENT ACCOUNTS,opened for any. Wnount not'  '���������  less thon One Hundred Dollars..     .'.'������������������ '.','.;���������  .Bills,Discounted and Collected ;'a'hdBiU3pf'Ei_chan^'   -  "oh Great' Britain, 3?m Francisco.' and "New xork jrur-ir���������'���������'  chased,- . .  \;  :-.... A  "'. X':Xy"X '-*".' X'A"'. "   Xy-  Drafts issued 6n all the Branches and Agencies. '���������' '��������� ������������������ ;  '   Government:, and.other. Securities received for  custody; Interests and Dividends collected..  Received on .Deposit, or Advwccs mide- ftpon Oiem:..:  "oil States the French would throw 50,000 men  on the Rio Grande;  teShie reports and other news we are  ohli_cd to hold over oar editonal article.  , the Uio .urantte;   .   .: .-     w .   tj ^te������-*������^a^aS,alio. sk>^ ;fceeP������...B<.  Golp Dr/sr Melted and Assayed, > and returns mada  wlthm:24 hours.     ������������������-  Ores of every description carefully Assayed. ....;  Camoronton, WiHiams Creek*       .������.���������>���������.   >  F O  AaOLD BINO-, ON W1LLUM8 CREKK.   THE  owner can have it hy applying at thlj ������ffle������, and  ayin^ **pens������s" f*C aliTtTt u^m'(rn.V  ia  'Y^  <g ���������.  il  '��������� il  .-.  11  k 1  ft  ,���������;  _.-^*���������^rrr^"^-  ^*������^TI^^A'^!*'-"-^^,'*:;V���������;-^';5  s-w-������rt!e������������**d������4fi������ss^  r-)W������w^������V     ...... GJtiuiAi^^  WHOLES AVE     AN D     RETAIL-  GROCERIES^y^.r, ���������XXA:-AA':'-JAyA  : PROVISIONS, ;  ���������AAAAAA ;-CnLIQUORS,;; .;;;���������;/;. 'Ay-AC  -- -y,y. .-���������,���������;:-.���������;���������;��������������������������� Vg^ARS,.^ ;\V-*'  ^^A:^:-AAiy-y^:l TOBACCO,  STOVES  ".,*-���������.*���������  CRO���������SLmtp:.;x,AX^^^;^..:y:yy..,  MINING UTENSILS,  STATIONERY,  CLOTHING,        .  BOOTS &8HOES,  DRYGOODS, &c.,&c.  _    Goods bought at my Store will be delivered FREE OP CARRIAGE to all porUona  ofWmiam8Cmk.;^_.;v^,ELsA3^f.;;  Dissolution of Partnership  yy -.'..'. ..'������������������ v    ! >*ii^^i-> ----������������������     i'i:*- -��������� ������������������ "'-'. .-.������������������.  THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore Misting between H  Rosier and A. Tow*a8ND has,been this day A\Ar  **������tS^ ,, ���������;".  v-     ^;Y:;:;.iv  i:'AX i,o   /      A..TOWN������EWD. .'.  ..Bearer*ass,B.\C.,let Jnly,n86������.    ���������   *;, ..;,������������������  Robert Ptool as authorised, agent for H. -Boeder will  transact business for him in hU absthe*. IX.  ' .^���������^E^ ,  have Just received asupply of:  ;.  varving in size frorri G to 0 inch ;. they are of first-rate  quality, and warranted to hake well. Also, a .'well assorted stock of SHEET IRON;:. both Galvanized and  Wain, TIN PLATE, SHEET; ZING ��������� & COPPER.    Al-  ,YtY-. : ,,.;;> ;,:���������.,. v;':.;;;ways\ptt; bund . .-.v. ���������'/_.,.., \yy ; -:..; :*  Sheet Iron Stoves; Codkin^ Ranges, '. "Hy-  ..;; yA .-;,.,    ', draulic, Pipes, 6*59. ���������'���������';./..;-' - ��������� V-...  j9^ All work in pur line dbno *t reasonable rates end  warranted to give satisfaction.   : - -   10  G-REAT  ' :'v-:EVERYv"I^ENING,.:  AT   THB  XIQTJOKS,  C^ItOGERIEB,  AXD  n  ere  BARKERVILLE.  ize,  ALL PERSONS INDEBTED to MRS. X. C.&AWUM8,  of Barkcrville, are requested to pay thriraeeounta  wltWn.two weekB.from; this date, . as she ia,obliged 10  give up business and g0 toO^ctoria from ill health. All  Recounts due by said Mts.vI>iw1oss are Quired to be  sent in within the above period for satilemvnt.  Barkemue,18th< August, 1865.    y: 18  BANKRUPTCY NOTICE.  In tbe County Court of British  ?Holden at .Richfield.  . ;.. ,;/::v..iNBANracirrcT,^./:-.:       . ",-:  -la' v* Fraxcis Draftx, a Bankrupt.  TXTHERfcAS-a Petition of Adjudication ofcBaakruptey,  YV bearihg'dato tho: 16th' day of*August,>1863, has  been duly filed7 by Francis3>usfcin, of Wttnarris creek,  Licensed'Victualler* and "Muser^'i&nd he hwrtn's: been  tloclarcdi"Bankrupt is*hereby required- to 'Surrender  himself to William George. Cos. .Esq., -r������utige of the  County Court, off Trtdsy-the 25th dar of vAugustj-1865,  for a first exatoihatte^^atidon Monday, the.: 25thx day  Of September, 18667 for a second" examination- at the  hour ofc one:i������H*e_e_temPonyYpr^is^  at the Court House, RichiMd, encl make a full discovery and disclosure of histestAte^ndlefifects^^when and  where the creditors are- to cone prepared to prove their  debts,,and Bjitbe first sittingv tp^choose Creditors1; As-  Ignee arid* examine'the ;Bahfcropt. ^Allv;persons~ indebted- to the Bankrupt, or who 4Kavo any of his effects, are not*topayx>r(deli ver the same b ui itf VH^Q.  Phillips. Esq;, Official Assignee, andgive notice toFraa-  cls-Dustln;^^C\P:���������?"������������������-.T'.^-   .       " ���������    ."^���������f.r  v...v��������� f'-w ty-fr-'r'**!!*"-.'-r-'-' - ��������� '������;. V..- LEE,    ' ���������>'';-  AX.. -,H30Asfesi forPetltionerf-Ricbieldu  Dated August ietb, 186fc? yAAyyyr,,yy .-^Vl-'  uMimxWMom  BARKERVILLE.  ALL THE LOVERS OF FUN ARE INTIT-  ed to call and ebjoy themselres, wKen a'.  hearty welcome will be extended..;  Music  BilHards, Excellent Refreshments and  best or order observed;,  .'... .        . y,-;-.,.     .-  .;;'y-...y'-.;*martin&-co.  the  iv  OppenheimerA& \jq-  Tb whom it may Conceni.  T^^S"4i^TO.C"^TIJ^fi^atiro  or complaint of tbe head our hair commenced falling  out so rapidly that we feared we should Jose the whois.  In this condition we went. to:,W. I). MOSES, end  strange tcrelate,: in THREE applications. of: his wonderful Har^Rostpratlvo. our bair became as strong Ha  ever, and is now soft and lively. KWemake this certificate with pleasure, believing it to be for the public good.  ���������<5BORGE COBPRFN^vCameronton,  ROBERT WARREN, Batkerville,  ���������:;       ,y ,.^.;.H.:S. REDGRAVE,-Richfield,  WlUlams 6reek, 1st July, 186&. 10  Imi)Qrtant to Miners!  ;... The undersigned is prepared to'���������'���������'������������������  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  ;:.';>;;;,; .';.mNNiNGS,:'.;- .���������,- ; : ;;,  Off.Commission, or will. purchase, any quantity, on Uae  ; .  ":   Most Ltbskal Tkbms, at the    '���������".'. '. ���������  1    Reading Room, Cameronton, \  Subscriber is. nov^. well known on WiW^nis Creek, and  from the'confidence reposed in Mm last FiJll in the  above business,' he hopes to receive the- patronage of  the Mining-oommunUy the ensuing season.     .  a:       ,- ?38HN BOWRON.  BARKERVILLE, WitUAks-pREiir,  Have on hand a large stoek of; the followbg  1 goods just arrived, which they will sell at the  Lowest Market Rates, vi*':' ���������'  GROCERIES, (inclttdini PielclM, Jama^aU fcinds ef  Baucee, &c.,j .   \ A'.-- Ai  ���������    PROVISIONS, '���������'������������������"  '������������������ ���������   ������������������A,y\>   -  cgl oniai; ;;h ;o;t fi l  y-r. .;>. ,f.: ���������;���������. . -^axd.y;: ..-._.��������� -;   y:,.y  ;RESTAOFtANT,  '? (f ^J'CSMERONTON^ ::.l'.a  THE above favorably icnowh" Estabifehiiirn't,11 nvt.*p  ; the superlntendancefotr MADAME JAMES  JTAM2S, its proprietrJSii-" has Just bi_c-n opened to i\ie  public. The Hotel is fitted up in the most comfortabb  stvlo, and the R*staur;infc is supplied with all the delicacies the market affords. A FIRST CLASS COOK has  been secured. ,,  ; The choicest brands of Liquors and Cigars always oa  'hand. -A.. ���������,'--,Yf.-' ,.���������;,,';.;.���������>':..; .-,.,,'., .-.\yy .;..,'.,. '*���������..     6  ���������-.pJfGpr: IOE 0REAM can bo had on Sundays,  "Hi  LOWHEE CREEK,  PEARSON & CARTER,  LIQUOR8,:of'tbe best quality only, kepit oa hand.  j������_r������ The House is'situated at the Chittenden ������laitn,.  oa the west bank of the creek; ?  LbWHEE   CREEK  &eneral  Provision  Store  iv. ''r"*AND.: A. '".'���������-  LIQUORS, WICTS,  . ' 9BQARS, TOBACCO,  'otationsrt, cloth iwa,  ��������� ��������� Vbooi������ akd shoes,  Himm WTKK8IL8, teetudlagXr:  -raOVlLS, TORKS,  ��������� ���������   y. DVCK, ROTS,- - ��������� -  .  PICKS, *o., Ac.;  jfc__r Particular atieatlon ts called to our fine stock  situate on the East Back/ opposite the Waahbuwyi  -ivflUinu Lowhee.    '  '''  Lowhee, July 4th, 1865.: f  of LIQUORS, "WINKS & SKGARS.  Barkerville, 12th June, 1$���������6.   -  10  U  I  THE SUBSCRIBER begs to infom^bis friends and  Miners in general that he is once again in thc'field, and  will keep constantly on hand,GOOD FAT BEBK: and  MUTTON.;which.he,will deliver on-Bunis Creek, Kelson -Greek; amd>Iiist-Chance, free bf extr^ oharge.'  Beef, S6 aad.30 ete\x Mutton^ 35 oU; and no deviation.  - XiA^y..yyyAAX yy:r,   ^   TRKD.^LnTLER.   ,-.  *Av;>ms���������  NE OFvTHE BSST "'fi^Y-lR'A^Kes IN  the Colony, and situated pnlhe ^VAGSON ROAD.;  ' Sufidcient' hay can^be cui to'; y;* 'AXA<U''"'  There is a never failinf spHrig of water o^; the ^reml*  see that does "riot*freeze ia this hardest winter. ������������������ = )$:��������� 11  Therels a house*onrthe"*Ran,ch,ran^lf itiwere, fitted  up It would COMitoJD: A LARGE TRAPS, being one  of the best bttsih'esB stands oh the/road.: ' A y: \ :, y  The Ranch wirt^e^ii.CHEAr;ypR ^CASB; Or pari  cash and part on time,        .,: , -:..' X) 'Ai'  _������_a������ For full particulars apply to  ��������� r,    ��������� r  - ������ n-  v * **"?;::.:- "   ��������� f-v, .^R'., sutkr; -  \M   _��������� ... v, t _;' ;; ;.;;; ���������;,-..4'];&&**> Riehfield.  In the Supreme Court of "Civil  British Columbia^  01T JAMES WALKER, w"po, emigrated from Albion,  L.Oanada West|,in 135T, land came; across the plains  to.Oialifornla; was'vlast heard ifrom,in.February,i860,  wHen'he was residing at .WatsonVtUe, Santa Cruz county. Any inforiflatibn sent to this office, addressed to  Samuel Walker, will b'o thankfully received.  ?r  THE UNDERSIGNED BEOS LEAVE TO  inform hisFrisuds and the "Public in general that he  will ope"non Monday next a BATH-HOUSE and will-  be prepared to give his patrons HOT and COLD BATHS  in tho best style. In consequence of the great influx  of the FaifBex be has determined to BRIGHTEN the  UNDERSTANDING Of'Gentlemen^ who wi 11 favor him  with a call; Blacking and.Brushes, and an ample supply 1 of Elbow, Groeae,: will 01 ways be found for tlwt  purpose. ;     . :. ' '"��������� A: ...'-.'.'  :;4������to Charges to suit the depressed state of things..  Gents who vfrit the Casinos will do well to give -mii  icall; they Will then^ercertain to make a SHINS.AA-  "A   Baths, $1.  Boots "Slacked,-26 ets^ "Ay;.  JOSEPH REVISE   -i.  '-��������� :������������������'. ,,Ex-Origin*4l Pieman.   !  Barkerville, July _������9th,,1865./ ' ,^m ...���������.,  Cosmopolitan Restaurant  AND   BAKERY.  BARKERVILLE.-  TH������E.-SUBSCRIBER begs> intimate that ho has re.  ccntly erected and fitted up in the best style his  NEW; RESTAURANT.  The services of a good cook have been engaged, and  the hoard will'bo of the best description;    forme for  board very, moderate.- ? '   .  _*_?- Meale Ready at* ell hours. -������ft  In the BAKERv Department FRESH BREAD, mad*  from the very finest flour, will bo kept for sule, at the  lowest market rates.  8 JACOB VELTE.  aiid send; accounts to offlc^of this paper".  THE UNDER*^IG*N*EiD ISNOW PREPARXBiTO ANA-  I/x^SE ORES of any description brought to him  for t hat purpose������i Charges' moderate.; ��������� '  ,BLAOS-.SANi>,.'MANNINGS & BLOWINGS BOUGHT,  ror OEEA^ED oa Commisatoa, at the Aurora Company's  Office*, yfy., .-,...���������"     - , .   X"  10 '���������'���������', ���������"" '���������''     '", ��������� '��������� ���������:���������       '-P.;-E;'0EVI?r__. :  THBtUNDERSIGNED  beingv desirous of erecting a  . Flouring Mill. at s Quesnelmouth, offer for sale the  Macbiheryof a STEAM SAW MILL, for the purpose of  getting more powerful engines. .'iThe Mill is complete,'  and sapLvSlo of sawing 8000feetiin;i2 hours; it has an  'extra;m'iksh circular Saw, ���������."Payerablo: terms^wiB :bo  given to any persons desirous of purchasing. 'The Ma-!  chiriery is offered either with or -without tbe buildings.  ' ;���������-'���������������������������'"���������';��������������������������� . '*���������:      ���������' y   'HARPER k WRIGHT. '  Quesnolmenth, June 20th, 1866. '.. : g.2m'.  Dissolution of Partnership  THE PAliaTNERSHIP hitherto existing between Samuel  Adler and T. A. Barry, as Saloon K^'p'rs.'.Camerontoi).  has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. All  debts due tho concern aro to be paid to T. A. Barr>*  and all accounts duo by the late firm will b������ discharged  by said T; A. Barry.   f  J. y; ���������    ;: SAMUEL ADI^R,  t:1i-i ���������������������������>���������">��������� :������������������:������������������ TyXiLXBAB&ti  5! Dated this 29th day of 4uly, 1S65, Y   y,   .. 9  CAMERONTON.  THIS ESTABLISEMENT WIL*L. BE  MONDAY NEXT, the 19ih inst,, for the rewpth'ft  of Boarders. The'bouse has been neatly fitted ap and  will be found a comfortable home by miners.-'  '' J8S^^^ "lodgings FREE.   3oard $16per week.   8lu#i  Moals $1 -50.    Meals supplied to night hands. $  m CHANCERT.-''";    ^  Ui'DEBTOBS1 &%e'nrniof5 &:*&; MIV8& & OOJV   Biack?mitbB> Liliooet, are hereby notified not to  pay any'moneys they may owe either; to -Lewis M; 'Alien orto_Thomas Odell, as after thisi^ate dll debts dn������  to the sa'id flrm'.musihe paid to A. C; BiliottjEaq.^J.'  P., of Lilloeti, who has been appointed Receiver io the  eaid Estate... by an order .from >he above Court, siga-  edbj.-i.-- .,"'"'''. Y '"A'': 'VAX''A ������������������': ���������'.'" X ;" ' ' "'; '"  ��������� * ' ' ���������"���������-������������������-; \ ��������� MATOTUEW B BEGBIB, j;  LUlooet, B. .Oij 4tb AugU8t|lS85.   '"'  HarsIrista*action^.to sell tbeiollowifigvaluable  '��������� i    .    >\i,    ���������''���������'claims,.viz: '���������������������������'��������� ��������� *|-y*.  1 l-4(intere8teih "Sage Millejr������-C6*y, Lowhee ^���������reek;  %*%  . dd. ,.;.'-;- 'IBro-w'tt5?.: .���������   do,.:      f do.-.-   ���������.,���������  2 >.,., ! , ���������, do -y ,    * 'Providence'', do   Watsons Gulch;  ! 4pX;���������   , **Fprres;t Rose" Co'jr, Williams Creek  .'  do "Jfevada5'        ' do oV  ���������  -_(0'���������������������������'.      ^Barker" do    .       do  .  .f-*4 ;a:;:v.'Ornish"     ---Y'd;������ ������������������ y--4��������� '/do"���������'.������������������'���������':  Ydo,--,.     ;MGaribaldr������        do-    A-   do   ;  ..do "  ���������" "Challenge"   ;.M do vConklins Gttleh  --'do ;;-:'   JtHobd'������    ; v   yfa   -������:.^4������^-^'*.  AlsOy a few shares in the various Bed Rock Flume Co/yg  ���������'��������� All kinds of business connected with mining promptly arid erirefttlry attcnded to:  "  ,. ���������  ;'    .' r;   ;:  /3Sgr?X}fflce-~rRI0HFIELDi,near the Court House.., .10  LL PARTIES INDEBTEDTO ME are heroby notified that they must call and settle their accounts  en or before theaeth of.&#y, er they will be, put in  court for collection.  On and after tho 15th of#uly my terms Will be cjish.^  JSP Great indncements for cash.   Call and see.  ���������     ;*t ���������':-;    - J. H. SCOEC.  BARKERVILLE,  .1-2;  At&  .14  ii-".;  TO BE HAD ON THE CREEK IS  And every tiling required for the mining camp  constantly on hand, and sold at the LOWEST  KET RATES.  Barkerville, July 14tb, I8d5.  opt  ' OvmOK���������CAMEROIvTON,  10  q^HE PARTNERSHIP;' tfeYetofero' enisling  X Atfcus HXsiDls arid Ai^x^jbiSR/'HA^niK has'^boen  this day dissolved by.mutual consent, /All debts due  the late firm to be paid to Alexander Hardio, and all  accounts duo by the late firm will be discharged by .the  eaid Alexaader HerdSe. ..-. .A....������..-,������������������'   ATOUS HARDI2, y    .ALEXANDER HARDIB,  C&naeronton, "Williams Oreek, ������6th Aug. 1866.       12  ���������;    '3],:^^J0^MPJ ���������'���������A:'i- *y"  owner can have it by applyifig et this offiee, and  KICHFIELD.  myitis, expenaeo ef a4verttS'enseat  urAegnt, im.  15  ;U01T'B i  And every other description of Goods r������qmljr-  &d by the Mining!community.  im~ Modsrat-a Terms.  vBAEKERYILLE,. B. C.  BARKERVILLE.  '..���������:T>  J,  ATCHISON:  THE WINES, -SPJRlTa, ALE k SEGARS to behad������4  this Saloon aro the best that -can be imported.  ���������(   ;     A������������������FiRd'jf Class Eeabiko  AH the latest English, American, 'Ganaddan and cojo-  nial papers taken in.  i_������~ A Harmonic Meeting held every week���������Ju^g*  and Jury.'- \-,:y-- y ���������'���������'.��������� ���������>���������'  "-.     FOR SALE AT THB  GAZELLE SALOON, Cameronton.  5 ADLBR & BARRt.  =  Wil! be given once a week by tho  Cariboo Amateur Dramatic Association.  Auctioneer, Mining Agoiit, wul OoUBetou  RICHPIKU). *  '  4^ All Aijenoy ������usiaesa attended t������. I  1  I  I  n  SUPPLEiiENT   TO  BarkeryUte, ;K^^  THE CiElBOO SENTINEL  BARKERVILLE, SATURDAY, SEPT: 9, W  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.'  -  ��������� - ��������������������������� ���������       ���������   '       ���������...';.,������������������, %s  . (BeforeW.ft^Cox.Eaq.)   -      Y'  A. A / ;:j^iida^ 4fliSeptri8^  Sage Miller co V, Lowhee.-���������TVasson vs. Hen-  ' ness.���������This was ah action to make defendant  show cause why he would not pay $517 83,  amount of assessment on his share in the  ;Sage Milier;claim on Lowhee:., The.defend.ant  '������disputed the ^claim '.on the ground that plaintiff was not authorised, by the company to  -collect the debts and that he was not the fpre-  : man of the company.   Mr; Walkemjappeared  Ifpr; the plaihtifF and Mr> Robertson for the  defendant.    ���������.- ,<-,-.-.''"���������'' *"-'���������".'  ���������Mft; Wassari sworn and examined���������I was  ..foreman'..'.of.-the Sage Milter claim from -the  "last week of June,18C4, to 29th of Aug. 1865;  I was present at?a:meeting' of the���������) company  attendance^of the members, Capt.; Henness  Vamong theirest; I produced my booKs, they  were; looked over and returned' to me | there  ;X  ., lira's no objection made to them;,the books  ; -have not been demanded from me since; lap-;  <plied to Capt. Henness for the payment of  ���������. jiis^assessment on; the 30th ult.; he said he had  A no ihphey tkeh^but he would pay ihe but Of  X -theftrat dividends from the claim; it waspro-  . pose4 at tiiemeeting - by ^ Mr; McEarland^; and  ; ; seconded hf MrTPearkesJihat the accouhis be  y collected; the money was nearly all 'expend-.  ,-��������� ed during the op eh seaso n. ��������� ,���������":���������. r-- ;������������������  ', Cross;exarained by-Mr. Robertson���������I am  ^nqtilhc'to ;I am  ^collecting for the combany; they did not au-  -, tho rise me to sue; I intend to apply the inohey  ���������A I collect:to pay tlie creditors of:thorcompany,-  :; myself among thei number^; the meeting on  . the v 29th was attended :;-by; Messr$. Pearkes,  .v Borah, Henhess, McFarland andmyself; there  ;? has been no meetings of the company'to levy  assessments;. the assessments have been made  ;xby.royselk. ; ���������,      XA:.;;,*;-- A .'';-A^xA.."**.*';.'  Mr. Alexander McFarlandexamihed~Iam  .a member of the Sage Miller company; I was'  present at a meeting of the company on the  29th ult.| I moved a resolution that the books  ; be settled up, Mr. Pearkes seconded it; the  books were examined and found satisfactory;  -Capt. Henness examined, the books and made  iio obje ction. to th em;  as, a; member of the  company I recognize,Mr. Wassan's light to  icollect; I supposed he was appointed at the  ���������meeting to collect; the books were not demanded or taken from him.  Mr. F. Pearkes examined by Mr. Robertson  . t~I was present at the. meeting on 29th ult.;  we had af good deal of general conversation  ;about the claim; there .was a resolution car-  riod that the claim be worked on bedrock  .pay; Mr. Wassan refused to accent the fore-  imanship'oh the terms, and the company appointed Mr. Hamilton in his place; Mr. McFarland said at the meeting he wouk like to  see the books cleared up; I said I would also  like to see a statement of how wc stood; there  -was not a word said about sueing at the meeting; I have.paid my assessments to the 1st  January last; at that date a majority of the  company sent a letter from Victoria to Mr.  SWassan directing tiim to stop working; -the  better was signed by Messrs. Lenevue, Lelair  and myself; he acknowledges getting that letter; I thought Mr.Wassan merely kept the  books to make out a statement; I had no idea  ;lie was going to collect.   ���������_*  Mr. Bevan examined���������1 was present at .the  meeting on the 29th ult.; Mr. Hamilton was  appointed foreman; there was no resolution  passecL authorising }ix. Wassah to collect; I  hold a power of attorney from Messrs. Lenevue and Lelair to act for them; I was astonished when I found Mr. Wassan had gone to  the Bank and .collected assessments on account of Messrs. Lenevue and Lelair without  jtny authority; these were tbe only assessments  ���������he has received, and they were unauthorised  sby me.  The Commissioner stated that as Mr. Was-  san was not the foreman vor general manager  ���������of the company he had no authority ^collect  .money due the .company without their sanction.   He imust dismiss the case.  Mr. Robertson applied for costs.  The Commissioner said it would be doing  (Capt. Henaess ah injustice if he did not give  costs, and granted the amount of counsel's  fee.  Stein vs. Antler Bed Rock Flame co'y.���������  This was an action for $32 for balance of  wages.. It appeared iri evidence that plaintiffs  partner had ? received provisions to the full  amount of the wages due Stein and the Com--  missibner dismissed the case with .costs, :  .'A;   y Wednesday, 0111 Sept. ..-.  DaVis oory vs. E. J. Johnsoni���������This was an  acHdn to make, defendant show cause why 1%  should notforthwithrei'iind the sum of $393  of the company's money 'improperly appropriated by him for his own use.' - Vr,  ,   Mr. F. Pearkes .examined by ]VLr. Walker���������  I am secretary t)f the Davis*co?y; ,'Lwas appointed last week,, and received the books  from Mr. Johnson on Saturday or Sunday last;  I was present at a'meeting.of the company on  Tuesday last; Mr, Farreii proposed a resolution; that all (fcbts for labor, &c, due.to, persons not belonging to the company should be  paid before any of the shareholders would  receive any money due them for .labor;' ������&c.;  the resolution was seconded by'Mr.Borthwick  and carried unanimously ;  Mr. Johnson was  present at the meeting; there was. an assessment levied at that meeting to pay off outside  indebtedness; Mr. .Johnson received above  Cunningham Creek;^TheAl^  house secretary, vs. John Lynch.���������This wfas  an actioii.for. S203 56^ amount of: assessments  due .by defendant oil a full iriterest in the Alpha company. . The Conunissioner granted a  decree for the interest to besoidtopay the  assessments.'.'.': ���������"     ;.',''. 'A '   -'"���������  CANADA  ; Tor on to coTrcsponden c e sta tes that thee xc-  cutiou of Mrs. Siirratt caused intense excitement anion^ Uie rebel conspirators -in CanadaV  They manifested their feelings by wearing  crape on their arms, singing secession songs  and tlireatoniiig the President .of ���������the United  States with terrible retribution: a '.    ...  It is said that Lord Monck received by Uie J  last mail a copy of a most important despatch  addressed by the. British Gdyerrimeht to; all  the British American Colonies, adopting Confederation as the Imperial /policy, and earnestly urging;,-its>'adoption.:���������;from the;highest  points of view. "  Co. have made great discoveries '.of .oil on the;  islands ...        ������������������ "; :. r.   '; -.  , JThere.aro^ strong, rumors,ihatParliameht  will be called together' immediately.: :  .. D'Arcy McGee has returned from England.  MpGee was accompanied by; a number of his  friends |o \\is house, where an; address^ was  presented him with over /fifty signatuves.; He  replied that he had fouridhis couhtrym6n,fiill  of Mse.;.n6Mo.ns.Yas: to the -United States.  Those who emigrated concealed the^disagreeable portions of their life in letters to. their  friends at horned Seventeen ye.������irsrresidence  had enabled him 'to r,form 'a just opinion of'the.  States.'     .- ���������,   .  *    .'-_,;;���������' ..���������-.: ���������   ���������- _i .  Quebec, July 12.-T-A Cabinet Council whs  held to-day; at' which all:the Ministry ;were  present l)iit Messrs^fi-'alt and'Gockburn.; It is  understood that no > plans; will' be,.definitely  settled until to-ihorrpw ex  pected^...  ; * ;.'f   -     ���������'    .       '-;'���������;.-������������������ ' ���������  The emigration agent says.that a number  of Canadians are returning from the United  States;��������� utterly.disappointed with their trip. ���������; .  A survey is b eing ma.de tor fortifications at  Vaudreuil.Y   ?..        '.;���������<*���������������������������' -y. j- :r-, -..:  The late shooting affair in which a Miss  Munsori fatally wbiinded a Mr. Kerr, at Bow-  manville, is said to have originated from Kerr  refusing to give up some love letters written  by the murderess to him. . Kerr was a married, man,; a circumstance which the woman  well knew when she received his attentions.  NAILS  EUROPE.  ���������$5f^^-gOl^  the meetings oiitof \vhich; he\ dediicted and n" ^���������-1- ������������������^ ^-���������^    .*   ^ ^m.-i  "ciiargedln the books $393, which he alleges  was, due. him from last year; I "believe this.  was acting contrary to the rcsolutioh passed  at the~ meeting; Mr. Johnson paid me the bal^  ance after deducting the $393. ; .;  ���������! nCross-exammed by .defehdanfe The: 'resdtu-  tiohwasndt:.:tjisi the effect that nothing but, the,  asscssmeht| were to be .applied to'pay off out,  siders: I believed,- tlie:Yresplutipn applied:��������� to  all money belonging to the com pany.  ;-: ;,Mr. W>:Farreh-4: am a. .member of the Da^  vis company; befpre I;. bought in I went to  Mr. Johnson, the secretary^; and asked him if  there was anyjassesssmehts.fromlastyeardue  on the;;interest; I was .purchasings he said there  jwas ri^t] he^itow;chargesi;nie.with ithe/ampunt  which he claims"-Trpm ;lasfeyear. .Mr. Farren  corrp,"bprated Mr. Pearkes^  passagle of the :res6hitipni riotUo; pay.���������share-  shareholders until other creditors were clear-  ed-bff:- :x^       ; .^   ..  .: 'Mr. F. Laumeister examined���������I :ain a member of the'Davis. company; I was present at  the meeting, when the resolution was passed  alluded to by previous witnesses.;  ..;: Cross-examined; by: Mr. Jobnson���������Had the  resolution not Reference exclusively, to the apr  plication of the assessments ?    Mr, Laumeister���������I don't know what you wrote down, but  I know the resolution had reference to allihc  money of the company.,    ,: ,  ;;  ��������� Mr. R.Borthwick w^is next examined and  corroborated the evidence of previous witnesses.   This closed the case: for the company.  Mr.eJ6hnson was sworn and stated that, he  had acted as secretary of the company for 18  months until the new one was appointed when  he handed over the-books; as the. recognized  agent, of the company he had paid one E, J.  Johngon $393, a labor bill.  Mr. Cox���������Who is E. J. Johnson?     .,  ���������';.. Witne33-~Myself; [laughter] the resolution  passed at the meeting "was to the effect that  the assessments were to be applied to the liquidation "of the outside debts; it had no ref-  erence'to the money coming out of the claim,  which I felt I had a right to apply to the payment of bills for labor.  Cross-examined by Mr. Walkers���������Have you  the minute book of the company here? A���������  No. Ho you remember a shareholder in the  company named Moore ? A.���������I do.; Do you  rerqember bringing him in a large amount in  debt last year? A.���������1 do. Did you make out  a false set of books for that purpose? A.���������I  did. Did you forbid the sale of his claim?  A.���������I cant say. Did you state that he was  SHOO.in debt to the company? A���������Who to?  To any one? A.���������I may have done so. Did  you stop the sale of his claim? A.���������Yes; there  was a Sheriff's sale of the interest and it was  necessary to make up a statement to prevent  the sale. And you 'made out false books?  A���������Yes.  Mr. Cox���������You are not required to answer  any more*of these questions as they seriously  criminate yourself. (The Commissioner continued) This is a shameful case. To the witness���������Were you not ashamed to come into  Court to make such admissions as you have  done?" This is the most shameful case that  has ever come before me. You must refund  this money to-morrow or your interest will be  sold for the amount.  Mr. Walker���������The costs?  Mr. Cox���������Yes, Mr. Walker, you. shall have  all tbe costs for witnesses and all. (The costs  amounted to $98.) Mr. Laumeister, I congratulate you on getting rid of so dangerous  a secretary.  ttARDWiEE.  ", yV A-Xy 'r���������^-0~^yA' H ���������:'',"'������������������ " ���������>���������  The undersigned will keep constantly on hand  ������'���������; "h -' y;.v-,, ��������� a full assortment of ���������������  } ''f >X ���������  ���������"s-.:y ��������� ���������   ,. ...,.    ,..������������������,,��������� ������������������ ..       -.-       ���������      Hardware; and Stationery  XyXAA ���������;���������   . y  consisting c>f;'- A.;:.; ':->;'..  BUILDING ^MATERIAL, vi������: Loess; But'*.  ;      Bolts, &c, &c; ,'  CARPENTER'S & BLACKSMITH TOOLS: )  h^d;c^ss-cut* WHIP SAWS ;-*.: y.  SAW 'FILES, all sizes, (Spjbar & J.wxrso^s);  CAST STEEL SHOVELS, HOES & SLU1DK  ^."���������''iFORKSV ������������������;- ������������������'.-;��������� ���������^ZAAiA\yXAi.iA''z  HUNT'S: AXES AND HATCHETS; S;;i  AXE, PICK, & DRIFTING PICK HANDtES,  '':;.'. best quality:: '%  CAST STE-EJi (Cpiiisa A; Co,*s) SLEDGES, nil  ;- ��������� -..y ��������� sizes';:��������� ',''��������� " ��������� ' ",'   '*:  ��������� ��������� '''' *'���������". ��������� A  BLASTING TO^  ;i������A������'������������i������.-.t������,  i i*������ ������������*.li������������������.mi������-*fcm.������,������i,-wm ,,-; ������ ^,..i.w,,, nm^^,^^  ..**��������������� ri.ttrtK.vti *  CutMy<(RpyQ0r Iii<^ <&' C<csrTOi?$: all  ' \      B)ze&;   '   ���������.*���������',.    ':   '"' "        ".  RIVETS���������Iron &Coppbh, oil gizea*     -  SCYTHES ,fcSNAtHSf STONES, to;;  BAR; SHEETr^OOP & BAND IRON;  SQUARE & OCTAGON 'CAST -STEEL ���������;    ���������  MANILLA ROPE, all sizes y  - :  ���������. ^?s  DUCKJ: RUBBER BELTING; '   A,..,  CAST IRON GAR WHEELS;   I '��������� T  GOLD SCALES;ii and 64.a&.iM:^:������  I A-x:.  blank;x pocket; toD mem^sandum  ��������� -;: : BOOKS, allsizes;";^-;--:  yyK%A  LEGALE CAP,: NOTE, LETTEIli ;FOOL^:  ���������     J 'Cip PAPER;     A.   Ay X < ''    . V  ENVE^P^^iNk, PENS, BLC)TTiN&PA^  ���������'".���������     PER,&o.;      -��������� ,"  ������������������-*���������;-    aA xaa\ .  WEEKLY TIME BOOKS;l;  VIOLIN STRINGS, SONG BOOKS, &c:A  y - A. MACKENZiE,  Barkerville, Williams Croek.  E. C; GiliLETTE,  Owice���������eAMEEOOTO^.  1Q  The English flection' returns of the 19(h  shows C45 members returned, of whom 334  are liberal.   A gain of two.  D'Israeli had been making a speech in which  he expressed his conviction that the result of  the election wouldn't diminish confidence in  the conservative party. 'He asserted that the  conservatives in Parliament would be superior  to those elected in 1859, When the House  falls into its position and is weeded of those  liberal.members against whom corrupt practices have been charged, he believed the political situation would be identical with what  it was two months ago. Concerning the power  and strength of the Government, he contended that the returns of so large an opposition  .party was fully as.much as could have been  expected. .     ���������    .   ,  The cholera had broken out m Birmingham.  Large numbers of people are said have been  attacked. .  The Spanish notes, relative to the recognition of Italy, will contain no conditon or restriction of an essential character, aiid progression is sure. Meetings will soon be held  at Madrid to determine what course to pursue  at the next election.  There was an earthquake on the 16th of  July at Caprera, Italy. Several lives were  lost, and there was great damage to property.  Siavekt ix Bhazil.-Viscount Jequitinhoria  has introduced a measure into the Brazilian  Legislature for the liberation of all slaves  over 25 years of age in ten years, and all in  fifteen years; and another for the freeing of  the national slaves with small grants of land.  On the 20th of May, however, these bills were  discussed and disapproved of in the Senate;  but on the same day a, measure, brought forward by Senhor SilveiradaMotta,probibiting  foreigners holding slaves, and providing for  the sale of those now held within two years;  under pain of their being declared free, was  read and ordered to-be printed.  BARKERVILLE, B. C.;  S  s  Soda Water & Sarsaparilia  ;;>6r sale at the '  i" GAZELLE SALOON, Camerbntbn.  8 ABLER k BARRy,  RICHFIELD.  MrbchASts a*������ DfiAi^ftS in  *}  rovisions,    .Liquors,  And every other description of Goods required hy the Mining community,  JUST Moderate Terms,  j.  K.   SUTEFL  Has Instructions to sell the following valuable  claim*, vixj  1 14 interests in "Sage Miller" Co'y, Lowhee Craek;  "Brown"        do       i       oo  ul'rovi<lence" do   W^'csons Gulch;  "Forrest Rose" Co'y, Williams Creek  "Nevada"  "Barker"  "Cornish" .  "Qaribaldi"  "Challenge"  "Hood"  Also, a few shares in the various Bed Rock Flume Co'ys  All kinds of business connected with mining prompt-  \y and carefully attended to.  J63T Offlce-RICHHEU), near the Court HouBe.    10  1^2  1-2  1-2  1-3  1-2  1-4  Co  do  do  do  do  do  da  do  do  do  do     -   .  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  Conklins Gulon  do  do  AA  ^���������~y-'K -;~r."?::x  J\  ���������?*X ;.^vh v \t ^:: r"C7ty rt& ��������� * if*|uae.?/*s yon 'i'." in r ^pp**** a  i^r^yi^Uj. ���������������*���������**- .*���������:���������������%*������_;  _j___uiumm*m'auva������at^^  tite  "CAllIBOO SENTINELS  A-0��������� ���������;:.-.- a) ��������� ���������    -S--X  GOTds^^BSlifHeaSs, Gmmlars, Posters {and  -Prograinmes lor Balls aaid Theatrical   -  ,c'!/:-^-$-:;'%^ :y; ;. vrr .  Executed with fatness and Dispatch at this Office.  4_$������ Terms Moderate. ffftSL . >;  ���������  "Osrihoo S nMnHr' Oflteo,    V  ^rkerfUlo,   Williams "Creek, j ,   X   .',.'  7-*' V*- ���������'.%������������������   'YiYr  ? T ��������� y     ���������-.' ��������� ��������� "*";. ������*..--���������>  READING  {. ���������*���������!!������������������':.ttt~'  ������������������������������������������'������������������;  /AND  ROOM  Cir eft.Ifojtiiig^ !Li"brary!  rnHE TERM%ESrsCRilJTl6yhave^eeHTeducWd to  X ������2 per mouth; ahoyo. 1,00. volumes of New Works  have b*t;n only-l'it<*iy added 'to the circulating Library.  P;irte are solicited to subscribe v ���������'.-'-.���������v       Y-'^V^'  ..v:r ^xyyjojgj B^^r^jAbrarian./  ���������s f-  feS^GrEAN^  THE >Ap^'pfl_lQl)AtD_flK:-ipfech''i;Us House affords  ���������travelers cannot be! surpassed;,:/the^Tablc is w  *uppl led w i th the hes t tlie; market ;a flop Is, '*"������ nd  ���������. to stocked "TrithYthef purest liquors j^eds^-i  ':'"������������������ H*y arid' "Diitsi  ";.'-Y- ���������j.'"-?.---./.. ���������������? ������������������'v. ...���������'���������,*  VO  well  d.lho Bar.  Stabliiig;.  ' 8lic  y\.  c,������^.������c>*"i "^'.*  ������**   ^^"^ED^fe  ': tion of travelers; the Tabls ? is -well i kept and the  h THE BANK OF AA  BBITISH  COIIIffllA.  , Incorporated hy Royal Charter.     ;,  Capital,  i.-IK 12,500 SHARES  :7r,  $1,250,000  OJ? $100 EACH,  'With Power :td" Iiicrease.'  .,., '���������: LiqapraAsnribt,vbe surpassed,;Hhe--Bedsv iaro elcari and  A-5iwaaortablo- Stabling;���������for^"forses*";-Hay 1 anil- bats.;at  Moderate".rates.-.  ������0.  -.0  uy^yy*  BOTEI^IS ,i*BC|El * AND. 'jWEEL FITTED,. UIJ  the comforKof tra Vetera.;. the .Tablo is. supplied  -*--'for .  ,with the best:6f everything-Hhat 'car^be'hailj-- and"1 the  cook ing is not;, inferior! to* jthc b<rst hotel? InHhe lower  ceuntry  ��������� Qpk$Xp&  ������m lis ^ay^down/C^htry. s  ..���������������   iiyv,, luivny. ; w; imy y cop., u>-  :;, rBedrponYS; ��������� JLor; f am  ^e^ta^istop&^th^  ^-iirtrt.--- ^-W:  ���������������  BETWEEN  QUES*NE*^rjrr_f-*AN*0$COTTONWOODy  Has' just ope&eil jheCipbvRSiousEj.and  . v,wpqIdI solicit -aa <*a]l }fromitheY#?aveling:f r'uoljc,;  ��������� where will bo found; a -Good'"TalSley Liquorsi ��������� and-  Cigars of the fiuestcd_uality;ahtf "Pest";brands;.>' ..-., AA -,  J6������- Good Stabling J- -fiiiy and Oate^ &c. ���������' <     - *  ; Ki; B;-iR> ��������� Si-- pj is not Responsible f toruiy;, deb tsiSoii-'  tractediby ttte lato Prorjrietdrs^ X"��������� *."'."���������' ���������''���������'������������������ "r'���������! -;    ��������� /  ^ugust 4th^95(A ./,, 11-2w  .: ,^ ^  '..:'--:^^T*9W^Eg)M^i^; .���������.���������:���������   -"Y.^t-  .;- '^^3^^^ i ';'  ?M&&^a^ffi h<)urs;lMul ^ookinig ^tlie best  r)- , -   ^ -..despription. r, :g.  ; y ��������� ':i%JESSft!i -'"fedyTH,  ^x:wjmy^m (^^ri^om^cmx a  Wodf^cii ii^I^am^ntY^flii^cl fafele/ ifec.  BRANCHES &  ��������� ������������������;���������   in v^eouyER lSLA^a), ;  .VICTOPJA^Bnnk of* Britis)i C'.illitrtMa;   '    . Y. ^   :  XANAIMO���������Bank-of Britisli Columbi������i;���������  ''-.. '-������������������'  'y- -    ���������   ;* IN BRITISH; GQLUMBIA,  XE\V %E^in?CSTER-^BHnk'of BrilishlCoiumbia;^ .,  YALE���������Biink of British Culum^in.*,  SIOUTH QUES^ EL^Bank of British C<)hnr-.bin;  IN THE; UNITED STATI5S, .  iSAN FRANC1SC6���������B?mk of British Columbia;  PORTLAND, OllEGOX���������Bank of British Columbia;  ���������,���������'��������� ;,  '   ��������� ; ;.IN CANADA, -  !'<yy :fB A$^ -y  .tru. . \ ;- C BRANCHES k AGENCIES:   A:y  Uontreai, Toronto,:Quebec,' Hamilton, London, King-  v  Vision, Coi^ur>/: Bbllevilley BrailtJord,  BnicJt- ���������   Y  1 - J '^viiie^WbitbV^PeterboTOi Ottawa; Guelph,  A-,  Godericit, Stratford, i?icU;h, "Perth,���������-'���������: ���������  ^,'; r  -���������, r/*i ������imcoc/St^ Catherines j ���������    .  t I - /������������������   ^-^IN'-'ENGLAND^,. ���������: -..    -    -  LpNTOJ^^a^o? BritiMl.Corumbra^-SO* *^mb'ard 'Si::  -  CURREOT ACCOUNTS; opened lor any ampuot: not  jess thirri.One'Hundred Dollars." ;���������   ';'-,,��������� ,y. '���������,  :;A, A'': L  ?*!!_f|t*tl^if,fl0fi(^  <m Grcatf Britain1-,; San Frajiciscoi'and 'New^irk-.^urj  ^linspd.'', ���������Xji>zj.iy ���������-..;X *-y *,;; ���������".,j*. ���������:-',:, J ���������:: ,X.-A , r 6:j,  . ..Drafts issued on all the Br,3richesvand Agencies.-������������������.; y ,-  ��������� **CkJvemm'er!t;'aii'd'dtKer S^urittes'-fhueiyed^for^safc  custody: interests aiuj Dividends collected :���������* AA^y\ is  W^sBMs$kf;.^  ;:Recc Ivod tthiDopdsi w ���������?; or? Advances^ade;;>up6n. > ,th eui;  ,, <5oir������ Wfif MeltVd and; Assayed, and returns, niade  within^'hburs^ *-������v "yy-  '-'-������������������'-  v itClres of; every description 'carefully Assa  \  Cameronton,; Williamsi'jjCre'cfc^'^j '������������������' ^ :f'." f-'  J.  SUTER  MINING AGENT ANIX^BROKER,  ' ...     ",    'RICHFIELD.'    ���������"'   ,   :j;.  '  All kinds of Agency Business attended to.  OificJ'i opposite the Paris an&XohdonHotel.  :  colonel hotel;      ;  ���������  Now."Westminster^ British. Columbia/  XXXA\  Messrs. Grklley Broti1kks?   A?   A-   ������������������, Troprietors.  GEOBG-E   LAKG-VGIGT,  General Dealer In'  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, &c., FortHupe, B. G.  ���������TCK'S HOTEL; I/rrro.v Square, Kew.Wisstminsteu,  _��������� ������.B.' O.'i Th!lt!������ Hicks; Proprietor:;'. The above;lav-  orably khowji lumseis how'open to tlie public; the Bur  is constantly sirppUed; with thb- choicest .brands of  -Liquors and SegarsV ������������������'���������"���������-.-.��������� r ��������� *'.V'-       ������������������   ������������������><';- ; s '  tTE*NBY.. HOLBROOK; ���������Wharfir.iger,: For--  ed up .country^ .And every accommodation given to vessels loading or discharging at tho Liverpool. pr^uppcr;  wharr.   ^y^^^^X^^^^itJ^ ColUnihia. s   ;  ���������"������������������������������������   -:;���������*-i:: :: NOTlGEr ;       ;;     ; ^..A  \i\l aiid SI joes,' can be.; bought - cli'capUr at the' store, of  the undersigned t dan-at any other pla.ee! in? the* colony.  ;Evory."'articie marlcccljn n>lain;^^rdS.:.>Tc>rmSrM^?SH*'  Jfs U*-ZiQrders from���������'the ui)ptsiv coiiiitry receive prouipt���������  attention^'-'''"1" AJAy'^V^ft^  A;syX::������Opposite ColoniarRestaurant, He\x, Westminster  ' THE BANK OF j   xiy %  Britisli   j^riak toierica,  ESTABT-ISHED XX 1836.'   In'o^kpoxAtbd by Rovai,  \'- ',-" ik.-   '-KCnARTKB. y"-;^.   :.   iX-  Paid up Caipital,     - ��������� ^  Uiidiyiaecl Ket Profits,  $5,000,000  600,000  rantford;   Halifax, ^. S;  Victoria, V. I.     >.  H^AD Office : 7, ST. HELENS PLACE LONDON.  :-:A:'Aa'::XX: TEST'AfeOSmiM^:-- "y~A: X *>" :  ?aS' Fraxciscq^F. H.;Grain & W. S. Sutherland,'Agents  NE^V;YOftk^Wal^T^Watson & James Smith, Agents;  -Jf on trea 1;  - - Qtidhec; ���������".   XA -Toronto;:     Ham SI ton:  Kings ton;   '..' 1/in don, C."W; Bn  .       St., Johns,, N. B.,;,. Victor]  ::;,":-. - "AGENTB:':":' ':, '  .*cotLAND^-.National BankofScotlaaid^        '  Irgtand���������Provincial Bank of Ireland;  Fr AN'CE���������Mareu a rd,; And re k ;Cio, P 'iris;  AUSTKAT.IA���������Ttfnion Bank of Australia;  I.vdia, China &" Japans���������Chartered Merciantilo Bank of  ,   , .-India,VXjpn'don and China. 7 ,;   \������   -  DRAFTS ISSUED bri Loudon, New Y.ork, San Fran-  Cisco, Canada,' New BrunswickrKova Scotia, and on afl  the' "Branches: of the National Bank of Scotland and  Provincial JJank 0f .IroUi'n li;'; ]: X ' y;" y "\; A'.  Biiis"of ExSharige ^ct^Q-olS-'Pt^ciiased.  ;;:intc-rest;on ���������Sp6cliirD{^1&fr Mrtkey allowed at the  ra to of a quhf t<rr of oho person t:per>inoriciW ,'-.\ ���������  ijar Tho Bank receives. Gol<l > Dust and Ilars: for .safo  keeping without charge; undertakes, the purchase and  sale i#Stock:- the'Collection ot Bills aivl other, mon-y  husiness'hrthc United States and British Provinces.  ���������Jb'm -1 Yates- street,:,"Victoria,.; f. -^l<r:.ftM^ ^"vJE  stantiy .oin" ha hd ;a; superior st(>ck������of Gold ah<l  Irom -the, country -promptly attchdM; t^, Wjrj.  qpobb6b&"&1;BU*^^  ���������0-'C3fAT^-:"W}iftle^l'9*.pv6  ^isioN^'Wlitfrf si^eet^ i^Vict  alei^iri Groceries and Pro-  ictom.  0 3m'  n\itt-  ���������>Y  TAN AYINKLE1 CARIBQO ��������� WEST:  rpHE^aboye' spiendi cli :Hotel?is now;oj������^ninor; th^publlic;  '���������>.. ^*oY ^rivate'-partiesl ^"^ttached*to^ist^^Li������'.a  ,  y\      First Glass Bestaxjrant, &Bar, y ���������   "'  , wSrexan l^e1 oWai  sLip_uors^Cigars������ Lis. : '' '"'"r K" '���������' * ' *"  }  ��������� r   ,'  I.;.yX:t/- ������iY.'-'j. v.:u,:-^^ 'McCAFraBRYi1 Proprietor.;": *  'X; w. fort y;ale hof Ei-^fx ���������  ^ ������������������ '���������*. f :������������������;'Kelley &ijarie^Prdiirietdrs, ". - i-.-  'ri'ObDBEDS;"Good-itccoiiimOdatioh and; thb'Sestbf-  !ur 'Liquers'at UieVBar;> Stabling-mr Horses; SieJ'; - s ���������  .;. *f ri   i\  FasMoiiable Hail  ";;';��������������� ��������� .YY\YYi,;^'I>������  If tour Hair  !  Tr- (t5"^^.BRp.THE'RSii;C  T^E^IjOWS; RbSCOE?&.,C0m>:lmpbrterSJof,  i? ^^vERAt^-HARbwARisYA^lRo^f Moore's ^Builriing,  vates strcct,.VictoriayV. Iv01 i ; irYr; f;������  I;; Gotn Dcst felted: mi*d;^&y'cil., and/ returns inato  ��������� within24 hours iiiCoihorBarB.^7 V ''?? ^--- ���������'.-��������� -^'**���������.;  ^am������&-^i������ivv- descxijtUQQ ca refu Hy ��������� Assayed.. -_  ;���������'. N B.���������An v instructions as: to the. disposal of the pr*-  'coeds oC Gold Dust forwarded; to; tho oltlce in Victoria  [lorAssay:will be carefullsrattended to.   ������������������ y  v:v -; yy ; .       Av&JiiG.JSHEFHERD;Manager.  qi^oria^^vI;v:Ha7,:tS6^;; -<y}y AyA-yA. *&?& "l*  ��������� ���������" -      ' 1' 1 - .,__ -    -- y      '     '���������'        ^_L______, _^  CLARKSON & C0.j^Deaxers,ix Books,' SiATiosimv,  Mdsic and^Cusical ilnsirnments,���������; XEVVS '^GENTt,  ^^���������CqlumbhiStrectj New-VVostminster,,:^ tV-MifS.  ' "AfMcCREA,;; -'AiiCtipneer;: Wharf Strbkt,  ^���������i:Vic*toria,j--Ya -,I*f',*;/.- 1,''!'v' ^' '  ��������� ��������� ���������������������������   hi in   ��������� iilM^iiir--|iMiiMiimn hiwiiiihi.ibp rma���������mtmwmirr-    ���������������������������    " '  DAStELi ��������� SGOTTi &.,G;o:v'Aixctibheersfaiid  Commission1 MERcnANTS, ,Ci tyJAuCtion'Rooms, Fort  street; Victoruvi Cash'advuiuced OivMerchainiiseyto any  I amount;;consigned for sale- : Raferenc^Honi iR. ��������� Fix-  layson, of H;B. C^:^d.Llo^d|s������Ag^n^o^  t" P?DAVIES;& c6.7l^c^raeersicCom-  O v ?. ^s^o^^Merohasts^ Fire:^Proof Stone BuiHiiap,  ;Ayihar4gtre6t;;VTictv?ii*.v     fc* ^"Uber^l -Advances mado  ^n^o^ignmentf,":-^ ^X.--.-\;.:'A\ At 1  '���������'2m-  TlTBBEISr & GAKS*W^L1J, Importing Book-  JLI; SELLERS '^STATION ERS; fcoiistit ntly siippRopl- and.  tvecivingTrbmCbest-'sodrcesT':Schooi; Standard$ and Af is-;  cellaiieous Books, and Sta plo a nd Fan cy St atioiiory.. i n  .all,it������ Branches:;:.,.Corner. Yates,, and_. Langley5streots,  VictOTia^'^rmo^verlsliind^ XA X. 'AX jXA. ^A'A'^A^ 'i"  ���������  iron works;  Steam Engines  ^Victdria", '^i Ii,  and Boilers Of ;al_  "XXX-GfB-PP^,-.  ���������. c? ��������� x������-'& bw M$?mi$mFp:,i gexerax- 1six������������i^  PROVISIONS' WW0I.ESALK & COMMIS/  " '^~~~'^e, &o,-^Tqrms'most _k6derata.:'' "';  * QrjESNlL^MOUTH. s,    j  "fYV.v%;'X  ������������������.'���������������������������.,���������-.    V   -,    ..V    _���������     .VJufcfc*   H  J. ,-,-,..     .    -,...,; .��������� ..v.',        t4.-. ".���������.....��������� j:'   . k...    .'   '���������..'   ,.;,;    ;  ���������������������������;.  WHM1MB lUII.HimWIIIIIM���������lim.lF 1 IWIIHBIilM^^iMn������������������1 1 IMIIIBtll. ���������mill !��������� I W���������II���������  KW^G^feit CO.;  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,   !  &������portarsfead.Dcalcrs !xti CHINESE GOODS, Rice, gu-  ,b. v -.>���������   . ,.,<������������������: gar,T^a,'Pr6Visi(msi^ -: ������������������>' .' *-^, ���������  TQ.yj?aN.E.L   MOUTH; s  IS :FALT3lNG AND BECOMING THIN,  call and;have, it _-.���������"_���������   ;. '������������������"'.  >������RESTOREB. before :you.;are bald-headed.j '  2i; "*'���������* ��������� "������������������:     ���������/ 'Barkcrville, Williams, Creek.  .- o .        y ,- -:ov?j i-y^^.i':    .J-zr.-M.ii ,r.i. ������������������  :;camerontos.  v* .-i,.  ullPERRODIN,  AND RETAIL PROVISION AND GSNE-  - ^-Rl^'MERCHANT,������������������������������������? \       ; lr -v  Boots, Shoe^-'Tin^a^e^tefcbf 't'1 ���������*"- i  The, Oidesi fetibfish^JHotel ozi ^v*ilSamB'  r:T- \''':':i 'A'l'r *":-- \creek; ,',f4Vi"':',���������? :;'������������������'���������>-.'( ^;-;.: ���������;  MR8.;..CAMER0Nt hegS'tointimate that she ������has:open*.  I od'the; Fioneer Hotel in Cameronton, which is  ;neatly ^ttcd up.with eyery comfort; the Beds are clean  !and well: kept under her own shporinteni'lance: tlie,  ���������Bar isVclL'stdcked'witli the finest LIQUORS; and tlje'  i Restaurant ..wil 1 i be supplied wi th every delicacy..: Ah  ,oflfcSent;Cook.engaged. -...���������.,:.���������*;��������� ���������; ���������  . ,;' F!rom! the loiig i^c pprie lice Mrs. Ca m ef on has had *i h.  Hotel keeping on Wilihtms Creek, aiid the largo patron-.  age formerly bestowed upon her house, slio will leave'  nothing wanting" in ber new Hotel to ensure the support a nd. patrona gc of. her ,ol d fr ten ds.   J3^".Hot and Cold Suppers to be had at all hours.  ���������ALBION  xV Manure tare  sizcSj- Quartz Mills,- M in ing Pttmps/Flouring MUls, Gang,"  Sashj ' Malay and Circular" Siiw >titls3 Iron and Brass,  Castings, and every thing- eonneefcod with- the'business,:  Xyy-m.AXlA   <ti-;Ai^^\ ������������������SPRATr:& iKRIjEMLER, ;���������;  SCOTGHrrHGir^E.: ~A;rMcLean andt06:,  HosnsRis and G'esbral . .Outfixters. -\ ^ Miners, - a hd  others will find at the ScotchHdTisc a; splcmHd'stbckjof ;  'fJUot'hlri|/'Boots and Shoes/"and Dry Goods of every des-  cription^all of'tho best-quality; and ��������� at. Yery modcratd  priccsi i Fort street,...Victoriaj: V. I*. ..; .;     . <- .. ,.-,-.;?��������� s  ���������  ^i'H  j^TOHN iP.'GOtTGH^^Importer- aiidi;Grerieral  ;dr^COMMISSIGN^ERCHAN^Com  'stre^-^^pria;.'V^cottye^ Ad^>A .&& ������������������  i mifriPH  p OliD'STONE and -BROTHER; Agents for  \X* * the Bipnocr Flour Mtlfey 5 Commission* ^rjsRctiAsTs,  Importers^andiWholesaiO; Dealers iu Groohriks, Pro-  visioss, Dry Goons, Clothing, Boots and Suoiifi, A:������.,  Xi^HOTELtBR, Importer aad,Dealer in^GRO-  ; :Ceries;* p"Royislo^>,':*^^^^���������ES;&^^ liquors, *tfo.  7 Wharf ;str<ie^ between Johnston and yates, Victoria,  Vancouver.Ial/ind^ ^Air-X^:::.uy.i:fyi.y -J xA.^A 1  FryoUvc^VAi^r  ���������.BtrNSlt&TR'.;f  GOOD,   ALE  ,EN<_UIRE^,. FOR-  .'���������'���������: aAAxAs'A ���������  t! -^OORHEAB -anoV'G^^COMMISStO^ MERi.  til-v ������������������ CHARTS and*. Importers ��������� Y<Jf���������;,, Groceries, ?:Pro-  vistons, Produce,: kc,] ?W%rf? street^Victoria, rV|i^ Xs  THO*MlAS-^tisb'Pv,Lan^  ��������� erat; Cojnifssiox Agent, Gov'eriiineiit street;"Victo-  'ria,"-VahcCAfrferlslaiid.���������������': ������..'*'~'y'y:-'-:���������,;" ��������� ���������- -���������'"'��������� '<��������� ������������������"��������� :-: -'i-':';'%  JOHN "WILKiE and CO.v.Merc*hants; Wharf  fJf. t Str.oet,-A*icto.ria, .Vancpnycr.-Islantl.;--: ������������������, yt)���������,.,.. ���������;>/>, ':  f\K POWEti,, lias^^ RembveclV *ho3' .dmce;  XJ and Residence from;Fdft' street to the 7>rem'ises  lately occupied by the Mayor on-Broad street,' Victoria,?  Vi li .Oilici hours;9'a, in. io 12j and 8 p.-m.to 10v / s"  T   J. SOUTHG-AT3E and CO., Union Wh^f,  O *   Victoriai V I , and Batter}' st root. Sail Francisco.  ^rHOMAS.SHOTBOLT, Dispensing Chemist  JL -an������ 'DRirtfoisT, Johnson street, iVictonvV i.^ re.  spectfully solicits- the; atteiti'oii or.lMiners and'tlie ^pafe.  lie in genoraltohis well assorted stocfc of pttre,Xnglish  Drugs, Chemicals, j and Perfumery j also, to j his Mi^.t������r������  for Rheumatism, which"ris an ihvaluablo'romedy *or  this distressing complaiJat^���������    -    iy  ' A' Ji*"-"' VlV  i^Wholcsalc-ahdiRetail'DOaler in WINES, BRA-N'DIBM  BEEItg; ;&; LIQUORS #f every, description. ^ ^oodstfw*  wardco^tO;the|5linii^ .:].,   ������-;-,i.-:.Y- k^%8  LEISTEVUE & CO  ���������?  <Y-  -TO-  Neighboring Creeks and Gulches.  ,"M   *<f;'*:AyX ���������:? v..-firr-,;^y: ..;.-,-. .;   y'--   ���������  JOSEPH C.. SPOONKR; will ran. an .Express  P.iEOT^AtiLv,v; hi connection with Ba rnard?s Bxprees,  ^rohi-W}Hi&m'S;Cr^ck*;to Grouse; Sievous, Beggs, An tie r^  Cunningham, and Keithley Creeks. :.        ���������  Lett&rs, &c, tb he l������ft at Express Office, Richfield^  or John Bine's,-rflarkeryilie.   ;   .' ��������� .  Wliolesale &: Commission  - t ���������: t YiAMJ; BRITISH COLUMBIA.:'"'  Hay and Grain at Lowest Rates ; Good Stabling  Gratis to parties buying Food. .    ������  PHKCK ON ;THE B \NK. OF BRITISH NORTH  'America; ��������� No..59539J drawn ih'favor or Anthony  Lowe; by."The Bald Head Mining Company." The  -payment bein&v stopped it is of no use to any ono but  tiio ownt-r; Any parson finding it will oblige by loav-  Ing it at the jJajikin Barkohill'?.  August ICth, 1865. 12  *������lA������jriEXCELLENT RANCH;���������< situated on-fcho.Waggon  Jtx Roacij and on which a large number of cattlecouU j  "l������s car-idfor in the winter, as there is;plon|.y:oi' hay fori  fat&ttg.   There U a good Dwelling House, together with I  <>.(U������? She/l?.. Sta'l11i?. kc.. on the pmmi -e?. |  ApfAv. hv l-'tur, iu -AX' {Canboo ?*ntiflvr ���������vffic*.   2i  Steamer"f.Cw Enterprise,'?  Leaves SODA CREEK fi* QUESNEL  MONDAY AND THURSDAY MORNINGS,  '���������'t&* DAY-IilGHT,        .*:���������";  Loaves QUESNEL for SODA CREEK,  WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS at 1 A, M.  1" '���������;   : , ��������� ;. ������.   "' VioroniA. February 211865.: :  THE UNDERFIONED, having purchnsed the'good will  of the late; ftrm ol GuitiD, Daviu. & Co., will continue  .the Wholesale Provision and Commission Business; at  the store, corner Of Bastion and .Wharf streets, .'under  thelirm of WEISSENBUROER &>SCHLOESSER- Mr<:  JiJhm David will act as Manner of sa'i d bus moss; The  bufcincss on Government street will ho carried on as  .heretofore , ,   WErSSENBUUCIER & SCHLOESSER  ���������-���������������������������������������������    ��������� ������������������������������������,.��������� .���������������������������-���������' ���������  - ���������      ���������  ���������  ��������� m  EBGAB MABVIN, Corser Fort and La^giey  Street, dealer in IRON & HARDWARE;   Agent for  the .sale of tho Boston Rubber Belts.        ; s-*  LEWIS.LEWIS, CLOTHIER, yatiss street,..Viu^  toria; opposite Bank of British North America.,   s ,  GH    SUTRO & CO., Imi'Oktkrs asd Dealeks rx  ���������f������   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, &c>; S E.r  corner of-Yates and Whan' street, Victoria.. s  F. HEIST-EBMAN, LAND AGENT, 38 Government street, two'doors south of Fort stroet,  Victoria, Vancouver-Island*^-1  '..-������������������'.-������������������       ���������  ���������   s  .applied:1  attbrds:/ Iu, the Bar, wil J be found tho choicest Liqwor a.  purnishcii It'i^ms, $$A]} Cr..���������;,s,:...; ',;������*'; .*���������$ J.-V:��������� %'3"j   .  -i^IcAgeiJtsifor.iNapoleon's -Cabinet :Champagae,  a'i etrqsson deSt. Aub in Champagne, dry,, Bo.u6}ie: dp d ry,  Jules Mumm,Champagne, Eugene Clico_u������t.Champa*s������,  ; Bokers! Bitters; Sainsovnjri.'s California Wine'and 011-  :tersvHostettdr's Bitters, lJaiicTt>ftOid6r^"LogBac-'Clar������t7  iGYl're'n'erjaareti .A largo-stock of Bonded:-.���������Wine^,  .Brandies, ^Whiskeys,, rand ��������� Llqpors of every desariptitm  always on hand :....,... GRBtuT^&.FiXAaaE,..   ' :',;' . Importers'an dWholbsaloDdaiPrt *  L's  Impoi  Junction Wharf  ���������'ami  I)*aier������,  Johnson stfaats.  "DEMOVAL.  ���������*W������tteh-  *J, Li. Jungermanil, Wj3  J.X) MAKER and JEWELER^ has rembved to.tho Fireproof. Brick Bui Id ingj with, (n. ^ono, dpoy, pf: *gMlsf. VaftP  &, Co.^s Express Qtllce, .yatps street, Victoria. V. i.  ������  DICKSON/C^PBEtX-.& cd.;,.Comrrus-  ���������siON Merchants, Wharf street, Victoria, Vancouver Island.- H..N.iDickson:& Co.j London;..Dickso.v,  Ds Wolf, 4c ;Covj ������&h ^rancisca. n j;, ; n , ���������. ;j,, ��������� ,y-H, -,- f>  HliWIXE^^ Iniporters  and Gomajs&tos Merchants, Wharf street, victoria,  V. L, and No/l^ Gracechurch street, Tendon. X AAs  .NOTICE  TO MERCHANTS.  TMMfe rs Mosey, and if you would save both ship  1 -your- Goods by -tho ��������� Yale - Lytton- Routo.  .A;. BAULOW. -Commission and 'Forward*kg Aqe.vt,  Fort vale, British Columbia., beys to inform Sliippers  and the public in genend that-he is now prepared'to  Forward Goods to the Mines on tho most reasonable  terms, and without delay. . All c^jtls consigned to th*  above, will bo prompUy atteaded to and stored in a  fireproof warehouse. $m  7 ilALLANDAINE,COLLECTOR &GENERALAGENT  >������ Governiaent .street, Victoria. Vancouver Island*  fi UY HTJSTONv Dealkr in-'GUNS, PISTOLS, FISH-  IX ing Tackle; PownKR & Shot, Yates stroetj, .Victoria  WONG LEE k��������� COy Commission. JlkRCiiAN-rs, . Importers' and Dealers, in :CHINESTR. GOODS, R������ce,  Sugar, Tiia,'Frovisions, kc\ COrmbront .street, 1 between  Government and Douglas streets, Victoria, V L      B  W.   W INWARD,  BLAClvSMITrtj MACHINIST AND, ."JftWJ-  FACTL?RER OV OoOKIKCf RaKGBS,  BARKERVILLE, B. C,  _������M  ���������������:������������������_$  If  m  AI  I  1  Y?  |:s  i������  YY  Iy  R  I  Al  .Y'  ':Y  IY  0


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