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The Cariboo Sentinel Sep 9, 1871

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 ������������������  A &  , ' v.1.-'  mamMBnimm^^  Vol, 1  Barkerville, William Creek, S;G.j Saturday, Sept. 9, 1871.  K"o 19  TEE CARIBOO SENTINEL"  ;'  '������������������..������������������������������������     ��������� ��������� ���������   ���������   if. ":     . T',-. -'   ...   ���������  TY  Published every Saturday.;byi y ^  <RyO & E & Tv    H 0 L L O W A Y.  Subscription,  -  - ,50 Cents per ���������'Week.  JUTES OF ADVERTIPINS,  For one square (one iuch), first insertion,  '.:;.' ������'";,'.''  '������������������*'','"'. yAXX ��������� '-A onernoiith,   -  For t Wo sq u ares,1 .fi rs ti ns or tion',; ,: -. ���������! ������  '���������.-:.���������. y      :.4vy'    one month;, I ���������.-.-��������� -���������.-;*  $3  .V  -. "5  8  Agents for the * * Cariboo Sentitle!.*' ���������  AV*& Winkle,-       J  , Q u es u el mouth,   > b  Bod a Creek, >   ���������  CUntqn. i -.���������;"..'.:��������� '.AA  ...Yale;;���������;..;..;'���������. A Ay  , , .No.iff: Westm i nstcr,  ;-.Victoria.; ;������A\  >/;.  Bean &Cq.j  Mr.J. WV Llnrlhart.  , >: Y B:i rn ard?s ;Express  . - -\i.. Barnard\s Kxpress  Barnard fs -Express,  :y"-AXiio.:''"- :,!":4o '-'���������*���������);!  ,- ; - .John Murray '"  ;,.-.:;Y'���������;,.: Y;>1o|uV:Oq1 lens  -      -      Sail Fr.incisco  '���������.���������'���������B.E"A'"JSr- & CO.,  JP^CfFIG^&A ST Agv^USI^G ACHENC Y,  410 Montgomery stref*t, - y  Ar'*"oVi r an t ho nzed' A gen ts, j ti' San Fran ci'poo.  sClar'Is. Ci.ren'tars.Post*4re and Prbg-rammes for  : f5 a llsi ivnd !Th ea tri citl r,fi ivfcer ta'i rim e n ts 7  ic #ser- S x e c ut:e.d w i Ih n eut b ess and .'d sap ate b.;^jf  Terms moderate., 'A  ' '"��������� '���������;���������.. *"  '   , MfNtNG RECORDS.'/_' ^  "'.;*" ������������������ wipAM:pEK.YY/Y; :v:  Tnnertin.I.e., c.o.���������Be r������t... 4���������Recorded In favor  ���������of Ro 1}f; G-vntinrrt nwl Jjiniea Coyne.200 feet,*  f'omm^ndnjr-tihhwt 15 feet below Pinker ton  ���������ftbnfr, -running np ptr*"nm 200 feet, and from  w ag on. ro a d to w est 1 irie of; Carib od co  '... ,'KKtTHnCY CREKK,! X   A A  Ausrupl- 28���������llocorded in; favor of Ah Tuck-'  Ah Ack. ticyevk plainis?.comraencingat upper  fi no of A h Fori ks? gro n n d.  ��������� Ky ������      '-'���������- -j_lGHTNT:>*fi ORKRK.   :  y y- T r;c to na co.���������Au gns t _ SO���������Kf co rd ed i n. favor  rtf Jatiob Hdlmes, Jospplf'Bell. Joliri'Wilkin-:  ro n, R ich ."Ro w li ng* W m .BIN and .Pat Ly n ch,  . 'O.Topiano, Sam a el Scott," Geo.. Mi;lK.''I^}C  y Lipsett, JoseplvBurfre. eacb one in teresH ^G.  DurT, FrerL Mill, Richnrd  Wii?htT Thornas  ��������� McGorni^ck,: each half interest.'  "Rerecorfl.   :  Lj^hmingco.���������Sept, 2���������'Recorded in favor  of��������� fi; 'Chambers, JaH. Ha^an, D. Mc'Bonakl;  Pet er Gl en din ni ng, Jas., A r del 1. each on e i n -.  terest;; J. *H tin ter. John'T.Ed .wards, L. Win-  -trip, each half in (eivst.   Re-recotda.  .....      .;..     COUI.T15R CREKK..,  BepfV2���������Recorded in favor of Ah Cow, Ah  Yunpf, two bench' claims, commencing at upper litie of white men's claim. * ;  GUOUSK CltKKK.  Cornwall .co.���������August 29^-Rf������oorded in  favor of W. II. Wooicock, A. MeAlinden. 2  'bill claims on northwest side, commencing  a"bmtt; 50 feet above Wright's cabin /running  up stream.  Portmnn co.���������31st August���������Recorded in  favor of Joseph Portman, A. McAHnden,  Stuart Smith, Fred. Littler, WH, Woolcpck.  .5 iiill claims, commencing *nt lower line of  "Ne'er do JV-eel ground and running down  stream.  ..XOWHK.H-CIIKKK, ���������  ���������Eureka co.���������Aug. :30-->Recorded in favor  ���������of J as. F* Ford, two I n teres ts.   Re-record.  ���������  . BBGGS GUI.CU.  -"Trust to Lnclc'co.���������August 31-^-Recorded  iin favor of Jas. Arrim, David Williams.-Chqs.  Wftatfri> Dan. McCalliim,David Gronow. Roht.  ���������r:;-r ith ������ tii , ea ch I "\ n te rest, n*+n ?cord s ; W i II j������ m  IJichu^lj 1. iiit������re?i, to be vrorked in co-Ritmc-  tiori ; Win. Thompson;, Chas. Wilson /Oliver  Cromwell^ eacb I intereit, to be held in trust  tor,the..oompariy.:l";"-.. "XA^\ ���������...'.  ���������; xA\'; :;:'A- ^^(Mckke^-a.. 'A.a ,  Cosmopolitan co.���������Sept.  4���������Recorded in  favor of Jonathan Nntt, 11 interest; Joseph  Sen ay, B. Deflis, J. II. Montgomery, Jo sep'n  Shaw, Martin Begliel, William Galley, each  1 interest; Felix Daoust, J interest. Re-.  recordi'-:> ������������������'���������' }A ���������  ������������������'  ������������������'���������-. ������������������-"���������-��������� ������������������.:���������'��������������������������� y .���������;>���������    .  >   A STORY OF WESTERN HANGING'.  Seven years. ago, when tbe West "was;a cora-  p arati vely new cou n try, an i n di vi d ual p resented himself at the door of a log/gipcery in  the se'ttl erne ri t of w h ich we wr i te and asked  if th^reVwas a Judge in the place. vUpon being i ri for tried that tile storekeeper biniself was^  a"J'udge, the stranger proceeded :  y,. *f;\Vel.l, Jiidgelyoii see t^e fact of' the, case  is this:; I war travlin'along with apardner  downfliere apiece, an7;he showed me,a dollar;  which; he hivd.v Well, I wan ted the TmonejV  and when he wasn't lookinM popped him un-  derTthe; ear witlr ib^pistpll Thervfljtook^iis  si 1 ver and tobacker and cum , aion������.; ' bu t I  EXPRESSES, STEAMERS, <fcc.  ariboo and  ieca.  BAMiED-'S STAGES  MAKE THE BEST- TIME!  ;.".>;driv������tiie;best STOCK-t   '  ;-'X   ';    USE THE BEST COACHES!  '&*  HA7B4THjS MOST.COMPETENT DRIVER  ��������� yGARRY. THE MOST PASSENGERS!"?  1)0 THE LARGEST BUSINESS!  ���������W.  And guarantee I to connect with the Steamers'  "VA. ���������t*!:-:-:-"'-*--:-:;-..>iat''ea'ch end. ���������������������������.:'  ���������':XXAjjenye/Barkeryilie on Monday.���������������������������'���������"  A' vA ���������.. ��������� at Six a^m.; reach Ya le Th it rsday  ':::;;";������������������������������������' 'ati Six_',p;.rii".r-������iri'd" arrive'at Yic^  'A, tona^pu Stvttirday at Four p.m.,  e^iJe;;3d;^vs. ahead of  ;%ails!; '.;.'  MISCELLANEOUS.  ft  JUST'RECEIVED  at.   BEircriE*s.  .;'A larffc supply of  Euie Uiiderclothine,  Y, , '.V  '     . LADIES AND GENTLEMEN^     '  :W  .^KNew Goods, will be received cv������ry  week'-during the beason. +&������   ..        . \ ., ;.  SHOES,  got to tbinkin' the matter ;pver   a*nd doiri;  tlimk I-'did just (he right thing by my pardnel.  ���������.';;-  ^* REMEMBER    THIS Vj������$  My ,conahnns has beeii troii.b 111\7. nie, and. I  think" I might to be^ bnng!  -Now,"'Jndge;'.-if������it  wouldn't lie too vmuch trouble,; I'd like to  haveVoii:.try;^^  doubtjhe facts ml lm case, there's the. dollaiH-1.0.i<ij^,;,.,  r r   .   ���������     - ���������������������������..A  Travellers^by^th'e"- FAST  LINE  SAVE  FROM. ^WELVE-TO TWENTY DOLLARS  I took irom mypardner; and;?ybu?Uwfind  his;  r,ema ins do w n; f li e road in p iece i in de r a log;  I'll, feel obliged. to. you, Judge, 'ii you will  have me. hiing."    ;.  i-C,;The/Jfudjce!.. to Id :'the:" stranger vto make, himself co mfo r tab 1 e oyer * at the h o te 1 \i a til he  would send some men down the road to investigate the matter. and if they found the  body*he would call a jury and try the stranger  ::as av as tde^ired. Tbe dead man b ei ii g f o u n d,  the Judge summoned'a jury, and sent word  to the stranger at.the, hotel, that if he would  step over to the store they wotild give him a  trial.  Tiie' stranger a^ peared im med 5 ately ;, he  shook hands with the judge and jury, invited  the Court to take a diink, and appeared  grate A11 an d sa t is fled wi th the' pro c eed i n g s.  .: Yfl'he'trial proceeded socially,;and the very  tender-hearted jury brought in a verdict of  giiil ty of taanslan gh ter in the li rst degree. A  look of anxiety, which the stranger had worn  tip to the time faded from his face as he stood  up to receive his sentence. "You have been  found guilty," said the Judge. " of'the crinie  of manslaughter/for which you are undoubtedly penitent." Here the stranger began to  get anxious and uneasy.  u And If," proceeded the Judge, " it meete  with your approbation, we will try to hang  you next Sunday morning at II o'clock. In  tho meantime try to make yourself as comfortable as possible."  The stranger looked a little sad, and tbe  Judge asked him if he wasn't satisfied. If  there was anything-he could do for him V  '���������Judge, I hate to be particular and fussy "  said the stranger, "-but bavin' the ague and  fever, the chills come on at ten o'clock in the.  morotti*, an'7 if you could have me swing off  before that Iabould feel obliged."  "Of course/? said the Judge, ��������� * we always  respect a party's feelings. No trouble at all.  Come round at 9 o'clock, and may be we'll  get through before church time.  Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, the stranger I  came out of tbe hotel and proceeded to the I  grocery. There he met a deputation of ctti- j  zens, one of whom threw a lariat over the!  M7  F. J. BARNARD.  ^^^^^ojb^sbDi's Stages  %TXi;r;.:ijfivis'* barkrrvitxe every week,  I -V*   coimr?cting ���������:wi;til  tbo  Stenmew��������� at Quesnul-  :mout.h.aua Yaks, w.itii.H.M. 'iUIL.EXPl'iESS and  FOR YALB *& INTERMEDIATE PLACED.  GEROW; ���������'&;': JOHNSON'S  Express and Stage  Line  ���������  ���������'. BOOTS,  Clotliiiig  and Groceries^  , .  r .. OF THE BEST QUALITY.   . . t.  FoiVnU at t it c Store of Hie utiilcrsicno'-ju Bo ft or  ���������vUle,opposite the iiank brilritisli CotuinlUb:  ' ��������� ��������� ���������.' r .   :'���������.' w: RKNNIE.  ^   -BOOTS IM; TO :CMES;  jelt      ' ' a'8usual" ���������   ��������� '������������������--' '���������'��������� "-''. ':  iCARRIES:  L"EOT^,.teK:isyEs>yAt^ ���������/....  ,    EX-PEJESS FREIGHT AND I-^ASSENGHBfi  :    "'A:T;s R'E;p;IT'CEI);;iiAT;^S;.;   '  UTsT Ool lcctt t>ns. Com mi f?si ons a n 4 Gen era I Kxpreefe  business aoiia with pmicLualUy/und dispatch, y.  "jS������3r. Office ot the. (Jan boo. Agency at   .        'A,  "-"'���������'   MU"'DAVID KURTZ'S STOKE; . ������������������i-  "ii!>9 ' :- Bafk������r"v.ilia. >.-'���������  a ;&tew&^  ANAKDAFTKR'THK 18th-'MAY, 1'HS 51 BAilBH  U   Victoria will '.:.'"��������� '   -..���������''...���������  /LEAVE SODA CRISK-lf".;;    <;  EVERY THURSDAY -MOFINING,  Conuacilag next daywith'thft Steamer EKTERl'EIiBS  at Cottonwood Canyon   .   ' WILL LEAVE QUBSNBL; ;  On the down trip every  "  TUESDAY    MORNING.  Freight from Soda Creek to Upper Canyon.... 2K cts.  '"-      ."    Quo^nui li     . '.���������' IJbfcta.  fare Trom Soda Creek to; Upper Canyon.-. $10  Kare I rum Question*) *4       . '���������     &  Fare 'rotn fc'ocla Croek to Quesnel ..������������������.'     6.  Quesnel r May 12,. 1871. , ;   WtfSO  : _E?oir....SaIe^  THATIS USEFUL!  ow. Frices,  -AT-  ,.a... \p;e;kp;o.la>, ������������������  -.���������:>������������������ BARKER. VJLL-Ei"'-'  COMMISSION i STORAGE.  Groceries, Provisionsand  ':.   Licj-TiorSv   ������������������,  y :   ��������� ,y ��������� DiE P, O T \ P 0; Rn*;'>,\; ���������'  fit 69  tnvSO"  general Agon.  Mutt  James mcKum,.  THOS.   FLETCHER'S-  :   Bankruptcy Notice.  "tTTBt-REAS a petition l'drun adjudication of.Bflnk^  V y ��������� ruptcy waa on the 2151 day of .lime. 1871, (iled  in Her Majesty1* County. Court of BntlHh Columiiiii  by���������-Marvin 1j. "Elmokk, under which the said Marvin:  iA Klmore has beMi udjadfied bankrupt. Xotice i;<  lierehy given that ilarvin F.! Klmore is hereby rrv  quin-d to surreadcr to the above named Court ut tho  (i.rst meet! r. g o ( oral i u������ra to b e h*M b e I ore. ih e. sa vl  Cdurtou thtJ SStli'tlay of J������n<\ iu-itant, at 11 o'clock-  in the t'orenoou precisely, at Klchnetfi, and also to tho;  Oai rt on. - the'21bt dn y of Bopiejniwr ^es t ensui ������j,\  a.tQuesnol mouth, when and where tho said Bankrupt'  is required to surrender to paus his aecond exaiuUiv  At the 0rWt meeting of orodffors (lie Registrar will  ! receive the p;-ou fol' tho debts oi the creditor?, und the  crcditors in������ v choo.se an AstixR eo or A.s.sighees -of tho  3-i;;������kVrtpt'sosiatoand ^moiid., At,the second fitting  pruols <>t'cUtbts.ot"cro(litor>*' will also ho; received, and  the I5.ii)kvupt will he r-'quired to submit,to bo cxaii*.  i n ild and \M make a fu 1 i diselesi\re ������ nd ��������� A l.-covftry ot"  all'-hisesittfce and effects, aud to npisii his ;fc__a-_ata*-  Notice is also given to all persons indebted to ilift  said'' Bankrupt, or*mat have any o( his ofivcts, u<)t ii>  deliver tm-*amo hut to.Ustt's LtM>3ATs of Ricbfleld,  OiOcial Ari.si^ncv, .whom the Court has. sippoiuien'. utA  ! 'f\\A notice to Joux '(*, B.ar.vsto.v,,.Solid lor, ei* "kleU-  lirab of ti tree, wad,-ria noon i?s the stranuer 1 p 0(J Q 31 (I -' ll^ TL <X     B to V & , iti������ilii'  ba*i titkcn 'a che& of tobacco and hml A,tiM*n ' -���������������������������������������������*     *���������������������������  h*Tids J4*' ri;s.T;.:���������;!, U'^\> dHaI������'d u\m up.  KJM;:n'.KvrT.u;  Ml  Sn&fr  JAKUfiUVPSAT,  >":e.5 i ���������.f.r.; y..-, _, i= ..;;*. c������ *) Ar.������4im������ftl  ^���������������������������A, _SK !,pff,..-..._  -;0YY Y-;  isfa  lyy  m  Afy4Y.y  wm������ <  AXAL ,  m  :A  Mi  YIYJi ���������  WE CAEIBOO iNTlNEE  ^Hh'.'.'ltiC  SATURDAY. KEPT. ,9, 1871.  "To  pOri^Sattwday evening;last a public meeting  was held at the Tbeatre Royal, Barkerville,  for tbe purpose of presenting a congratula-  ���������* ��������� tor y 5 add ress to Hon. H. L; Langeyin bri bis  Jfirst visits to Cariboo. The attendance was  'wry' large arid respectable. At- 8��������� o?elock,  MvJiM. Todd was called to tbe chair,, and  Jfcfr J. S. Thompson appointed Secretary of  the meeting. The Chairman having introduced Mr Langeyin to the meeting, requested  ^rttie Secretaryito read the address, wlaich was  *torilje following effect:        ^ : ; .  the HoNi. Hkctob Lours Lakgkvi?;. C.B.,  Minister of Public Wotlis of the Domiu-  :. Y������on of Canada.  As inhabitants.of tbe CaribooMjning Dis-  ...   trict of ISVitihb Columbia, we  have much  ^leasiire in welcoming yon on your arrival in  lliis important section.1  It affords us great  -aalisfactioii to. greet so soon after the in cor?  ,  ppratio n of ou r ��������� Pro v in ce wi th th e Dom i nio n  ;������rGanad% a member of the Dominion Minis-  r~<ryf and more especially of a .Ministry 1 to  ^hom our: gratitude is due for the strenuous  ,, exertions made: by them to secure the con?  summation of the terms of ^*Uni6hV^spitjJ5k[  powerful and energetic, op position. ^_^1 >-.  ./A.We hail this early ^sit^4an^^idre'rice of  ,   *he determi natiori of the^.dominion .Goyern-  vihent to ,|aithfii 1 ly cavry, jmit tfeelr^^rtion of;  v'<he compact by which we have been united,  ,������Y^anfl we trust that one of its results wijl be to,  : confirm from personal observation"iyoilr"satis-"  A: taction at tfce victory;gained,- by> which ianother, though a distant Province, has been  added to the young Confederation whose ter^  .si tories^ through its acquisition now extend  "i'rom otjean unto ocean. **  Iridependently .of the geographical advan-  laces* ol orir position, we have every confi-  .���������,. ^dence in the mutual benefits whicb the natural  "resources of this Province will eventually  Contribute, when the great work of the age���������  the; :pverland Rail road���������Bball have practically annihilated tbe distance which  now  A separates>:iik from the; older Provinces j; and  we",trust that ere the lapse of many years au  "unbroken Xxne of prosperous settlements will  reach from the St. Lawrence to the Fraser.  Hoping-that the exnerience of your visit to  lintisb������������������': Coiamriia will be such aB tb "fee here-  -after associated in your memory with nought  ''but feelings of pleasure and satisfaction,  We have the lib nor, &c,  yThe'.''address* which had necessarily 'been  *;������1rawn up hurriedly owing to the hon. gentle-  tman's brief sojourn, was numerously, signed  "liv Barkerviile. and had there been time to  liave circulated it through the neighborhood,  would have we believe received the signature  ot every one in Cariboo,  After the presentation, Mr>Langevin addressed the meeting. He said it afforded him  ��������� * much pleasure to return-thanks to * the people  ot Cariboo for tbeir hospitality, arid on behalf  ^himself* and his colleagues for the confidence expressed. When in London in 1867  ���������arranging the terms of Confederation, they  ^remembered that they had fellow-countrymen  * on the shores; of tlie/Pacific, and'. they there-  ��������� fore asked the British Go ver,nn^nt to consent  that whea a joint address from the Let_iji"!a-  i.i ve Co11 nci 1 of Briti^h Colum bia andztheTar-  liament of Canada should be presented, tbe  ���������former should be admitted as a Province of  the Dominion, to which no opposition was  anticipated. Tbe people of British Columbia  decided to take advantage >of this privilege  yMfi-sent delegates to Canada, and though the  population of the Province was small the Canadian Ministry, considering tbat tbey had a  .right to be liberally treated, conducted the  negotiations with the delegates in a friendly  spirit, asd, as Ministers of the Crown, determined to stand or fall by the terms agreed  rupon,'Coascioufl that if they fells justice would  ���������some 'day be done,   They were told by the  opponents of union that the Province was not  worfh flooking atter,;  that irom the Rocky  Mountains <to the Pacific there were not ten  acres of arable land.   This they never believed. The Terms were finally passed by a  1 si rge maj o ri fcy. a n d were ac cep tab I e to fou r-  :flrihs of the population of Canada ; and though  British -Columbia may now receive a few  ���������thousand dollars more than its due, there was  a statesman at the head of the Administration  who felt that the day was not far distant when  the resources of tbe Province won Iti entitle it  to more.   We gave yon the free institutions  of Canafla. Of our mother country, England ;  :-ond it is for vou, as Ifrave every ctmlidence  ���������you w?i^, to -shew 'that you were right.   Your  -el������ctions are ^coming on, with which of course  % have nothing to do, but I trust you wil!  ^choose men who will attend to your wants.  "When your Legislature assembles it will be  tfnr its members to consider whafc'localim-  g>rovements are to ",)e carried out;   with that  r^-e h-xse nothing to do, bin we hare.lost mo!  time in doing cur share. We have now, 24  surveying parties looking for a rbute for the  trans-contineritai railway, to which you look  forward as a means of opening up your province; and justly bo. ; It has talcen me five  days' land travel between Yale and Cariboo,  and tbe expense of tbe trip is-so gi^eat that  many of your own people will'not visit you.  In this);enterprise you have put your heart,  but riot you alone ; we in old Canada���������for  this is young Canada���������have done the same.  On the report to be presented next winter  the Chief Engineer will determine the route,  and ri*>xt year we will ���������call for tenders, and I  have little doubt but we will effect this within  the two vears provided. The question then  arises. Will we build it in the stipulated  period ?.-. We will do our best, and! hope it  wiil be done in much less time. The question  of where the terminus will be located���������  warier on the Main land or Vancouver Islam!  ���������Wis given rise to much discussion. That is  n ot a q ii estxon which I can answer. Wh en the  Chief Engineers report, the Privy Council will  decide, and tlie Government will eonsider  your special interests, when they do not conflict with the general interests of the Dominion,-���������both will be well and impartially  weighed ; and when determined. I think you  willi confess that the selection has been for  tlie best. ;In addition- to your local repre-  ftbntattves, you will haye to select six mem*  iters to the Honse of Commons. It has been  said by the Opposition that three were.all you  were ^entitled to; but in this we have dealt  with you'liberallyi and ������ liope'your choice  will fall on men who will associates themselves  with those who wish the welfare of your province. You speak of your geographical position. I came to British CoWmbta, by the advice tit :triy ;cbl Ieagues, to h ear your wan ts,  arid I'bave beard them expressed at Victoria,  New Westminster and Cariboo. T came to  inspect aiid study carefully everything likely  to-conie before my department.;I I did not  fbelieve'about the ten acres of; arai>le land,  but I wanted to see them myself,;and when I  return to OttawaI she 11 tell those who have  spoken about them that they are very, very  1 arge a ores. You have, it is true, mountains  -~darge monntains. high monn tairisr4many of  wliidh 'I sh oul d 1 ike to see i n Can ada ; an d  you have, :as T have seen myself, valuable  mines, into which I have pen  lielow the surface of the groupd. < Ypu haye  also vast tracts of grazing and - arable land;  Some of this roaylie at present of little value  -on accpu iit o f the absences ��������� of wa ter, b ri 11 h a ve  seen mysel f *in^ Canada barren lands made Ter ���������  tile bp. energy and irrigation. Your great  'Wants, however, are capital and population ;  the -la tter wi 11 come wi th tbe -building o f the  railroad. The laborers who at first are wanted  in its construction will eventually become  settlers, and capital will follow settlement.  You are not known now in Canada; They  know nothing of'you or your resources. The  Rocky Mountains shut you out, but the opening of the frail road will, practically demolish  this barrier; the difficulties to be surmounted  are much less than with our Southern neighbors, where there are passes 8000 feet in altitude jto be crossed, while ours arc less than  1*4006 ; and'the increased knowledge- of your  resources, coupled, as I hope, with a liberal  land policy, will soon promote population.  You are nowalreadv reaping the advantages  of Confederation. "Your debt has been abol ���������  ished ; yon enjoy an improved and cheap system of postage, which I hope will soon be  further improved through -oontracts being  1 given which will enable you to receive your  ^mails'in shorter time in Cariboo and in your  ���������important Northern 'Offshoot,::������mmeca. But  there is another change provided for in the  terms of 'Union 'which vou have not yet got.  I al 1 tide to the Co nadian Tariff; and it is for  ���������you to consider'whether it would not be bet-  terfor you than the present. You want machinery for working your mines ; and last session, I'understand. you had to pass a special  Act to enable a single company to introduce  their machineryJhere. The farmers, however.  it may be said have conflicting interests which ���������  require protection ; this topic, therefore, offers a subject.for mature deliberation, and  should be thoroughly considered before the  election. % -regret that my engagements will  not permit me to protract my stay with you.  as ?I have to visit the west coast of Vancouver  Island, and the straits dividing the Island  from the flfciinland before my departure from  the province on 22d September, but I shall  always retain a pleasing souvenir of Cariboo,  where I have been fortunate enough to make  many friends from whom 1 am sorry to part.  The hon. gentleman resumed his seat amid  loud applause.  Messrs. Thompson and "Walkem having been  called on, afterwards briefly addressed the  audience, and three cheers for the Qneen and  three for the Dominion having been given,  the meeting separated.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Dissolution of ^PartnersMp  THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing betweoi  y J. C: BERDY and J. W. UNDHARD haa been  dissolved b y mutunl consent. . '-A    . j���������  . The biisiness will/be carried on by J. W. Lindhardi  who will pay all the liabilities of tlie flr������ and collect  air outglanding accounts, ?  J. C. BKEPY.  ������������������-, /J. W. L1NDHARD.  Vanwlnkle, B.C, Sept. 2d, 1871. ae9 lm  '   FOR  SALE,  The Best Hydraulic Claim  ^VTOW W!dRKTNO in British CohiTnbla, tte proper ty  il of Shari).tf)raper and Emerson, si iu tiled on Cun-  nyngham Creek, and hav;ing a large extent of hill  mining ground. There are three large Ditches ������pon  the ground, aiTording an ample and never-falling eup-  ���������plyoL* water.    ., '.-..; ...'���������  For terms naid particulars apply to the owners, on  the Chi m, or to  JAMES VICKHAM,  Barkcrville.  Be9 lm  A Card of Th  TIM AUTHORIXEt) BY.THE RIGHT REJ. "BISHOP  X .D'HKBBbaiEZ to return his most sincere thanks  to the inhabitants of Cariboo who so kindly and generously responded... to the appeal made to them on  behalf of tlio Orphan Girl's School of St. Wary^s Mte-  sion .;"'���������;���������'���������������������������������������������; . Y  ���������������������������..^ .A'\:-   '' \i������vA-y."XvX  ��������� His Lordship also .-.wiI she.? to -aval, himself of this  oppbrUtn ity to expreps his most grat^flil aeknowlerig.  nients to 5I.rs Lauikr,: Mrs VriGNOi.y;.aiVd HeiUucks  .Wtgkham:, who so willingly a nd ch n nb b)y .a^jL.ed ..as  C(dlectors on the occasion," an d who lmve.;^'eftii;.ji'iire-  m Uihg In their. .endeavors. to: a id in.evi'rypoisro.e  way the above charitable object. : '".  J.;M,.McOTJCKlN>O.U,I.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  GEORGE BYRNES  Has been instructed by Wr Peixkwvr! of Richfloid,  r :Mo sell, by Public Auction, y     ;     .  On Tuesday, Sept. 12th,  ��������� The whole'of big. , '-���������.y.y  St, Joseph's,Mission,^Vj'liams haUe?l  27th August, 1871. I  Bed It  y" ' CcmSislin&bf: '���������''' y\*~  BAR FIXTURSS-Atab 'st������r Stand Clock, Glass-  war������, Lamps, Mirror, Urge Stove and Piping, Tables,  Chairs. " .;:.       /" '.        ; X   .  SITTING ROOM���������Carpet, Lounge, Arm Chair,;  Rou nd Tables an d Ta bio Covers, Book Case, Stove  and "Drum, Lamps, Curtains, Table Cloths.   ,  KITCHEN���������Croclcwy Dishes, Plates, Cups and  Saucers, Cutlery, CruftSj Tin Ware, Plat Irons, Bath  Tub, Five<Cords Cut Wood.   / _  'SIX BEDROOMS^-Oonlaining Double'and^ Single  Horse-hair. Pulu aud Feather Mattresses; do Pillows;  Sheeting; Pillow C*ses, Blankets,, Bedroom jOiirpetv  Three Crocker'v,-Tollel sets, Looking Glasses, Curtams,  Washstands,-Tables, Towels. ; ..  L;{'\ Also,-.Carpenters' Tools'of every description.  Also, Five and a half. inieveslB in the Excelsior Co;,  Wihia������ Creek,-; including. 300 feet New Hose aid  Tooia;- '������������������������������������������������������ ���������'���������;';:" ���������      ���������';-���������' :'.' 'y-y  ", ���������ALSO,��������� ;���������  Consisting of .  GOLD WATCHES, ; y  >yA JEWELRY,'SPECIMENS; i&c;, &c.  VaMev'-Y. ;"f:;-":; ������������������.-;'v.:  ���������Tifltili- take place:.at, the ANTELOPE SALOON, on  )W' v SATURDAY EVENING, lCdj Septembers  .;'��������� 2OO Chance's a;fc $5 YeachJ ���������;'  ; Tlie'-Eight Highest and Four .LOwesb'-throws will receive the -Prizes"; The lowest throw to take the second  PrfzCi--..-'-''.v:V.-'-.- A-y^-.'-A:.A.:A,^A.. XXX,.'. .��������� . ,'.' Ay. ,A.X. X  A Ra flle for Cha nnes will b e held every even in jj ti tl  tlie'time,;atS.30.;;;; ;:.-vyyy- ��������� '���������..������������?������   .  To the Electors of C arihoo  ���������and:.Lillooet.  Gentlemen, :;.  In pursuance of the terms of  Union you will shortly be called on to elect  a member from our joint Districts to represent  you in the House of Commons of Canada.  For this position I now offer myself as a candidate, and should you do me the honor of  returning me as your Representative I shall,  to the best of my ability, strive to prove that  your confidence has not been misplaced.  If elected I shall use my best endeavors ta  promote the interests of our Province so far  as they can be affected by Federal Legislation, and above all to expedite the grand  bond of Union���������tbe Traus-conUnentaFRkil-  road. yuA:{A  With reference to general politicarrMtters,  I can only say at present that'fplionored by  your suffrages. I shal I go to tbd House of Commons untrammelled %y party obligations,  save that I shall consider it ray duty, and the  duty of every member from this Province, to  lend a cheer hi I support to <the Ministry to  whom we owe our nsw birth and political  enfiaricliisement.  ���������I have the honor to Tae,  Gentlemen,  .  Your obedient servant.  J. b'PENUBR THOMPSON.  Bafkerville, Sept. 9. 1871. '  Known as the Richvieu> Hotkl, unless digpesBd ef  ��������� by the 3lat August.1      ���������      :'������������������:''-'  Terms at side.       .   "���������'���������:;''- ���������������������������������������������'"'  :: ��������� ^*"���������/'���������'"' :;-."' ���������'.    ;" ":'��������� ���������'���������-"'  lerBroSe,  YALE AND BARKERV1LUS,  % Wholesale aiid  Retail Dealers ia  GROCERrES & PRWISIONS,  mms & liquors,  y  DRY GOODS, CLOTHING,  ,  ,,.���������,...'.;. HAT&&CAPS..   .  ; BOOTS & SHOPS,  AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS,  CIGARS & TOBACCO,!  STATIONERY,  HARDWARE A CROCKERY,  And a complete assortment of   .  , 46.  Oppenheimer Bros; beg to inform Traders, Miners  aud Farmers requiring k stock of Goods that lh*y  hold a large and well selected assortment, and ar������  prepared to sell at tlie Lowest MarketTrices.  jjsr We invite inspection of our Stock before purchasing elsewhere.  NEW GOODS are being received continual!j.  Ttte name ot Mr Sanderson Pearcy, of Barkerville, appears in the Salt Lake Daily  Herald as having arrived at Salt Lake City  ou 18th  Fresh Ranch Butter,  OF BEST QUALITY,  RECEIVED  BY   EVERY  EXPRESS.  OPPENHEIMER   BROS.  my47 3m  SYLVESTER'S "EXPRESS FOK OMINECA will here-  after leave QUKSNKLMOUTH on or ubout the 1st  and T5th of each month, making regular trips twice  a month.  %&* A general Express busineps conducted,  and RUirefft 8fLVEB?SR,  Augusts  THE -OOURT OF BE VISION AT QUES-  1 ncdmoulh \vili bo held on the. ELEVEXTK ol*  Sopkmhcr, instead of the 21st.  H. M. BATiT,,  Registrar-for Cariboo Electoral flistrfrt.  Rich-fleld, Auiiw* l*th, W,l. ��������� ml������  RESTAURANT  AND  BAKERY.  rjpHIS OLD AND WELL-KKOWN ESTABLISHMENT  1 is always supplied with the best of everytWftf  that can be procured in Cariboo. #  Board, - - $12 per Week.  Single Meals, - - - -  The Celebrated  FRESH   GROUND    COFFEE,  A superior article to any which can be bad from JjJJ  lew, Roasted and Ground on tho P*���������������^-J���������%",#  besUelected facniw, and warranted AM from adm  tc^lnn- j. k GQODtO*  V '���������*  1  1  Jm  fi  II  m  M  mm  i\-J6taiL.v  ^__a������ 5W  Y  ��������������������������� V.  THE CARIBOO SEFFML  ~~_ SATURDAY. SEPT.. 9, 1871.  ���������PBCiAIi* TO THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Wednesday^ Dispatches*  CLINTON. w' A. ;.;-������������������.  Clinton, 6tn^-Josepa Lorenzo Smith, proprietor of the Junction Hotel, died this morning'at 6 o'clock. Mr Smith was a native of  Avondaie, Nova Scotia, aged about 47 years,  and was respected by all who knew him. He  bad taken a severe cold, and no danger wits  apprehended^ but was "attacked with paralysis a"bbut 4 p.m. and died at 6 a.m. ;TJie Hags  are at half-mast, and there, is a gloom al I o ver  the place. The funeral will take place on  Friday at noon, and will be attended by the  inhabitants.of the wholei district.   ..  THE INTERNATIONAL REGATTA.  Halifax, 1st���������Six boats started this morning in the single skull race. The course was  3 2������5th mile?. On the signal make-ready  Saddler, Bagna, Coulter, Reilly, Brown and  Lovell took up positions; at the word go. all  got off well together except Rielly, who made  a poor beginning and lost about a length.  Before half the race was over the contest was  narrowed down to a struggle between Saddler  a n d Brown. After a s p I end i d fi n ish, Sad dler  won by about a length and a half * time, 5  rhinuteB, 3 seconds. Brown's rowing astonished even his friends, aiid had the race been  longer it is thought his chances would have  been excellent.  Halifax. 31st���������In the great boat race th������  morning six crews started. The Taylor- Win-  ship, English crew, won by three lengths;  the Prior crew being second, arid the United  States crew third.   Time, 45 min. 45 sec;  " / ;       ^VICTORIA.     v  Victoria, Sth���������The camp������>of jU. and V.sec-  tio m o f tbe Can adian Pacific.Exp 1 or in g a nd  Surveying party have been formed, and embarked on the Enterprise this morning for  thermal bland. ,The expedition will be under  the charge^'of Mr John : Thitcb.-f They' will  operate from Tale to Burrard Inle|,^and from  Yale to vShtiswap Lake./��������� They npm6)3r 46  tn en, and wi 11 be abse n"t th ree 0 r fou r rabri th s;  ;The Princess-Royal, from London, with  cargo in. fine order, arrived this morning.  The grand yacht r&ce'Wbicb was te have  com e off at New Y6 rk oh ������ ri d ay 1 as t, has  been postponed, n nti 1 2d 0ctober.     .?i  The Prince Alfred.;with 50 passengers and  '300 tons freight, sailed from San Francisco on  H*tA-       ."������������������ ���������,���������..���������:.'.....,,; '.V; \[y :.;.' ; V   ���������  The Otter will start; for Skeenamputt  mhout the middle of next week,   J  Thursday^ Dispatches.  UNITED STATES! ^ ;  Louisville, Sept. 2���������The fourth floor of the  warehouse of Whitney Bros., at Louiflville.  f������������ll this morning under the ;great weight of  grai a. ;������to re(l >in .it, .carrymg the 'Otfaar floors  Wi th. it 1 o t h e ce liar. T h ree in eh w h o were  employed In the building were carried down  und srnotliered i n tbe grain. ���������������������������������������������'���������  HURRICANE AT ST. THOMAS.    .  St. Thomas, Aug. 22d; via Halifax :31st.-  Another hurricane has swept over this unfor-'  .1 unate Island, overturning everything. and  laying the place .in ruins.   It raged  several  hours.   During ihe hurricane several shocks  ������ f eart h q 11 ake re nd ered mo re d read ft 11 the  *i tu at io n of th e p eople.   *Hu n d reds o f d w e 11 -  antes were swept away.   There is������not a house  1 ������������f t at an d i n g un d am aged o a th e I si and.   So m e  '6000 people are homeless and ilesfilule, and  -550 were killed or disabled by houses blowing down or by flying bricks.   Already 30  -dead bodies have been dragged from  the  ruins.   No serious casualty to shipping reported.   The Island of St..Kitts is said to be  in ruins, as it was caught Yirst by the husri-  ������ane. j  EUROPEAN.  . ���������'������ if  Paris. 28 th Aug.���������The Siecle favorably * receives the London workmen's proposal that  the Communist prisoners be sent to Low������r  Canada.  Algerian advices are grave. The villages  are destroyed,,,and the rebels are attacking  the tribes which ^remained faith WL  London, 30th���������Napoleon aud family visited  4he Great Eastern yesterday.  The Duke d' Aumale declines the Presidency  ���������of the French Republic.  Paris. 31st.-Thiers in-h-ts message to-day  ���������ibanks the Assembly for^their confidence.  It was agreed at Gasten that Prussia-should  : lab or for a restoration of good feeling between Austria and Russia.  It is reported;that Keliy, the murderer of  'head constable Talbot, has escaped from Cork  ���������prison.  The Right Hon. Sir A. Cockbnrn is gazetted  ias arbitrator at Geneva under the Treaty of  Washington.  Versailles, 2d���������The acceptance of Thiers  'by the Assembly was because "they could get  no one else.  London, 2&���������The number of emigrants  who sailed from Liverpool during August  >was 4000 greater than for the same month of  >eny previous year.  Dublin, 2d���������A monster demonstration in  favor of the amnesty of Fenian prisoners wi41  *be held te morrow.  Tbe Cariists of Spain will rise up against  the Government.  Berlin, 3d���������The anniversary of the surrender of Sedan was celebrated throughout Ger-  , SODA CREEK.  There is a rumor that a French Canadian  named Antoine committed suicide at Alexandria by blowing his brains out with a pistol;  ';--^.^;-;.-;,EUROPBAN.; .'"     "������������������'���������" ';.=  Dublin, 3d .Sept.���������A monster meeting was  held.to-ni^t, with a grand procession. One  hundred thousand persons were present in  Pfccferi i %��������� -Park. Reso I n t io n s we re p assed d e-  l^Sftttftig the release of the Fenians. As.the  people, were returning a.collision occurred.  The police drew their staves.and the peop'.e  used sticks and stones. The latter were dispersed, and many arrests have been made.���������  Mr Smythe, MP;,, presided.     y  London, 4lh���������At the Dublin meeting the  police were invisible,, but on returning the  mob encountered and attacked the police,  wounding a large humber. Six^pol icemen  were badly hurt and 14 slightly. Twenty-  seven rioters were arrested. Crowds thronged  the streets all night singing seditious songs.:  By a .rail way aocideut in France ten person s were M1 ed and a 1 arge miinber bu rfc,  Gladstone, in a speech at Winiby, rejoiced  th at we c o u Id n o w 1 o olc upon A mericans as  friends, arid indulged in the hope that all  controversies are settled. . 'A...  The Queen is still at Balmoral and is again  111.        y .,',. .   '���������/���������'.:'./.��������� A-AZAX,.     -;,���������,.;:  London, 2d���������Walter Montgomery, the wel 1-  known actor, who recently returned from a  professional visit to the, United States^ committed suicide Hast.-"hljfiit.- He was married  oh the Wednesday previous to an Ameriican  lady.  'Versailles, 2d���������The Court Martial has been  deliberating with closed doors since 0 this  morning, and has just pronounced the following sentences on the members of the Commune brought before it: Ferre and Lull ter,  death; Urbain and Frinqnet, imprisonment  for life with hard labor; Assi, Billiary.  Champy. Regere, Grouss<H, Verdiire and  Ferat, deportation ; Couchet, 6 months5 imprisonment aud a fine of 5tiQ francs^ Glementv  3 months' imprisonment, Deschamps and  Parent are acquitted.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  'UNITED STATES.  Boston, 2d���������At the inquest on the Revere  T^'l<i\^iii^ibW accident yesterday, ut was brought  SSr outin evidence that employees of the road  ai^'by orders of the President required to  ���������sign a document waiving all slight to compensation ifn injured on the road through the  negligence of its officers. Passengers ������when  they buy tickets find .notices on them stating  that'they agree that the company is not responsible for personal injuries or loss of their  baggage. .  -  San Francisco, 2d���������The Japanese news ih  unimportant. Quiet prevails throughout the  Empire.  Last Mght's Dispatehes,  YALE.  Ya*le, 8rh���������The steamer Lillooet arrived at  11 a.m. yesterday, with about "50 tons frnipht  aiNi t^e Snrveying party nnder Mr John  Trutch.  Barnard's stage arrived from Cariboo at 7  p.m. oa Wednesday, with four passengers and  the express. 'Barnard's 'extra stage arrived  last evening at 7 o'clock, with Hon. Mr Lau-  gevin and part?y.  <Gerow & Johnson's siage arrived late last  night, with -5 .passengers and the Cariboo.  mail.  The steamer :Prinee Alfred, from San Fran-  -cisco, arrived at Victoria ou the 5th.  f&" Remember the sale of Furniture of  the Richfield Hotel tabes place on next Tuesday, at Barkerville. The sale commences at  11,30.   For particulars, see advertisement.  BARSA.*Rfvtf Exprkss. with dates from Vfe-  tela to 1st iusU'-aiTi'r-sd at 11 a.m. jes'^rdaj,  WILLIAM (JRKEK.  The Forest Rpse last week washed 201 oz.  The Ballarat, working from only one shaft,  washed 64 oz. The Cariboo co. are sinking  a new shaft.. The' Alabama co, haying got  good prospects in the bill adjoining the old  Mo rnin g Star, are ru nn i n g a tu ii n el 1 rpm the  level of the wagon road. The Black Jack co.  are making over wages. The upper creek  claims continue cleaning up and doing well.  ���������;. V'VALLEY ^'MOUNTAIN, ���������; ���������     yA:  The Discovery co. are getting usual pay,  and are now working' two ground-sluices.���������  The Valley Mountain co. have stopped for  want of water. The Huntingdon co; are sinking a third shaft, prospecting for a channel  back ia the bill, r  LOWKEK CREEK.  The prospects for the autumn and winter  on this creek are very good. The Black Bull  co. are now working W good advantage and  taking out plenty of dirt Th* Brown co. are  getting into good pay. Tbe Victoria co,  would pay well, but their ground is very difficult to work. ;  . .     LIGHTN'IN'O CREEK.  The South Wales co. last-week washed 125  oz. The Sprnceco. continue to make about  <?xpenses.( The Vancouver co.' have succeeded  t n" m asteri ng the water with ih ei r ������ew b eit,  and will resume work in their tunnel, thij*  once more raising the iiope of getting the  Lightningcreek channel tested^ The Victoria  co. h'Ave not got into the channel yet.:  /';-. ' v 5>AV1S'CKEEK. - ' , ��������� .>",.VJ A> \ 'AX  The Amalgamated cp, contiaue to make  coasiderah\y over wages.  .   ',"'���������;' :���������  y - JACK;OF'CliUBS������CREKK.;;- '���������  The Discovery co. have not started to sink  in the deep grovnd. ^They have been follow;  ing".the tp&y up. stream with abou t usual re-  suit. The Two Sisters co: have not got their  machinery" started yet. The Vaiiiancour co.  are putting in elevators.  COKOXKR^   INQUK55T���������SfJPPOSKO    Stf!CU)E;^~  On Saturday last an Inquest was held before  Dr. T.Bell Coroner foe Cariboo: and a Jury,  on a Chinaman named Knng Kee, who had  been found dead in tils house in Barkcrville.  From the e viden ce i t appeared that deceased,  who kept a wash-house in Barkerville, had  been in a very desponding condition since  1 he death o f his \yjfe about three: mon tbs ago,  and that he had been found dead in bis bed  on Satnrday.rmorning with a can; of opiiim  and a spoon by. his side. The Jury returned  a verdict-that hehad died from aa ovcrdoso  of opium.  -      '' 'XX yy: .'��������� Ay..-, xy  ���������:; FRKiouT.-^-Very little merchandize has arrived here from beiow for the dast two or  three weeks, and many articles are becoming  scarce, end from present appearances prices  next winter will rule higher than usual.i The  Omiueca trade has created an unusual demand tor animals and teams, and the consequence has been to double the rates of freight"  on the lower road. Tlie latest private telegrams from Yale quote freight to Soda creek  at 10 to 20 cents.  MkD.O'Coxkkll, travelling correspondent  fer the Alta California, has been engaged this  week in visiting a number-of the mining  claims and principal places of interest in this  neighborhood. He will leave to-morrow, aud  will, we believe, give a favorable report of  his experience in Cariboo. ; 'AX  ������������������, Johnson & Gerow^s Kxpress, with the mail,  ^arrived last night;at 7 p.m.--:;  H?  R GKORGE BYRNES^ Sherir of tlie:THstrlftt;  holds my (Power of. Attorney.."' All parson* indebted to riicj are r equestctHo iniko immediate p^y-  meni to bim to save-Jartlier trou i������l<>..:.,.-...  DAVID Hv BOKNEY.  . Ba rker ville,; Aa east 26, 1871. Y ; so2 1 m  ^PASSENGERS. AA.;;'AAy:x:  Per Barnardrs Express, arrived'. Sept. 8���������  Mr John Wi rikbali, Sain Sing, Mr Lung, Mrs  Wu ng, M iss W\i n g, for Wil I iara creek ; ; Mr,  Mrs and Miss Piaggio, for Boston Bar; Mr H.  "Kewland, messenger; Mr Richardsbn, Canadian Geological Snrvey, from Qnesne 1 mouth.  X^Jdbfpx���������Sept. 3d���������Hon. H; Lrv Langevin,  Messrs^ A. Archintre; iJ. Desiorier, F. J. Bar-  lmrd and All Hoy, to Yale. i. Oppenheimer,  "^V". iicffmanj to Quesuelmquth.   -  Per Gei*ow & Johnson's Express, arrived  Se pi 8���������Mr T wen tyman, Mrs O rozier a<nd boy,  *t"r o m Yal e to C U n to n ; 1?. Perre t, fro m So da  creek ; J: T, Senay, 1 Chinaman, from Quesnelmouth to Barkerville.  Dowx���������Sept. ,������>-C. Ross, W. Favel, Mr  Haraaiiover, to Quesnelmouth.  Yanw  L |!G HTNIhTG   CREEK.  MINERS AND TR A1) ERS. w i 11 fl n tl. it to th e if ad -  vantage,to purchaseat,tli 1 sStore,'Where there is  Of tho very "best description on hand;aud t"h>: Stock  constantlyrepleu 1 slieti by ne"WSjrrtva\BATlieproprie.  . * y  Y-turswNlsellGooUa ��������� :.y. ������������������-::A  AS CHEAP AS i*NT: IN ��������� CARIBOO.  Ordc r sp r omp 11 y fl 11 e d ,a nd f orwa rde d w i th d I spa tcb  J. Wi LINDHARD.  Movements of MiiLaxoevix.���������Tho Minister  of Public Works and accompanying party  ^left Cariboo on Sunday morning *by Barnard's  Express. On Saturday they visited the  Meadows and inspected the extensive worlvs  of the Lane & Kurtz Company; afterwards  visiting the hydraulic diggings of the Bedrock  Flume Company above liichfield. A photograph of Barnard's Express wagon, with the  visitors and Mr Barnard on board, was taken I  in the canyon by Mr L. A. Blanc. The Wil-'  Ham Creek Fire Brigade turned out in.fall  uniform iu the afternoon, and esrh*bite;d 'a  specimen of their dexterity and alacrity in  hose practice, throwing a stream from the  lower, tank in one minute and a half from  leaving the engine house. Mr Langevin expressed himself as highly gratified at all he  saw during his brief visit |to Carib00.  PoLiTrcAL,���������As the time for election draws  near, though we have no knowledge yet of  when it will come off, candidates continue to  spring up, and more are spoken of. Mr G. A.  Walkem is a candidate for the Cowimonsin  the Yale-Kootenay District, where r-;raior anys  he will be opposed by Mr Humphreys. For  the Local, Yale District has already started  five���������Messrs. Robinson. Sandford, Semlin,  Coxon and Smith ; New Westminster appar-  ently only one so i'ar, Mr 'Hoibreak ; for Ul-  ]00et. we 'liear of none but Messrs. SauI and  Humphreys: Kootenay, nothing "known. For  ������the various'island districts tfceir name Is  "legion.  Mu RrciiARPSOX, one of tbe-Geological Surveying party appointed by the Government  of Canada, arrived in Barkerville yesterday  and leaves again to-morrow.: The object of  Mr Richardsotrs present trip is merely to  take a-cursory view of the difierent formations with the object of making a preliminary  classification prior to entering oa the main  business of the survey.  Mektixg at Vanwixwce���������A public meeting  will be held this evenii^rafcVanwinkle, when  Mr G. A. Walkem will address the electors of  Lighting cr<^lu  Tlie Last Ghance for  Pliotograiihs!  EGS to inform ihe inhauUautfi of Cariboo that *ll  wish log' to have ituHr Likenesses uryyiaws -ol--  their Houses or Claitws taken, must call af  l5n;i9r before 15th Sentcuiber.  TJ$.No one who. hi tends  wintering .iu  CartUo*  shouWiniss the present opporlautiyv  uii5td CHARGES MODERATE.  B  m TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HA VE REMOVER  to the npacious promise." formerly kuown a? the  St. Gfjorgti Saloon, where tbey will be at all tlwm  prepared to l'uruisb.  BOARD    AND    MEALS  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY.  *Th������   "BAR      furnished with tho flneil WISES ,  LIQUORS and CltiAKB.  Board,  $12 ver  jel7 Ira  Week.  Dr. T. J. M^lls Bowden,  OF VICTORIA,  \IfJS t0 inform the inhabitants of Cnriboo that  il'uroaplng business engagements prevent Mm  from vleltin* llwm this year, hut ne-xt year.\tpb������p**  " " aRl������"lru  Aa  - ������������������ i  . >  aiPiwiUl.liulMUHUI \  A WARNING.  Young Jim was the cream of a jolly good  ��������� fellow;  f* Hishcnrt was crrrectly located, and warm ;  His eye St. was blue,; his moustache it was  -       .      yellow,  Hischet'k it was ruddy, and maaly Iris form.  ��������� His friends bring true, and well nigh without  : '������������������' m   ���������    nnmbfiv' ���������  ��������� He drank late at night, like all cheerful  r- vonnym^l';        : '  " And wliea he weat home,calm and sweet was  ni> ftlii.ut'hor  Arid seldom he rose from his couch until  ^Now, bad Jim been allowed to go on with his  pleasure,  And sing with his friends, as a gentleman  ' '���������' should���������  *To retire when he pleased, and get up at bis  leisure,  '���������    The end, no doubt, would have been all  well and good.:      ��������� ���������  But one day they got Jim to church, where  the preacher  Exclaimed lor "an hour at the soul-killing  '"''       ���������crime ,'' ;  ���������Of staying out late,  and of  feasting  tlie  creature, ' '���������',' "u;  ' ' And'lying iu bed the best part of one's time.  XMo vowed that the only sure way into heaven  ��������� ���������  ' Wus ever by nine to be snoring in bed ;    j*  -To get up at live, and then walk [until seven!  Aiid Scripture he quoted, tb prove what he  .    said:"    "'-������������������*  K^W*   {; .  'llnto-Jim there, came .visions of spiritual  arson.; '��������� /     ' ';A;A:  .'; ; Hot. brimstone be seemed in the future to  ���������;���������������������������  se������, '������������������'  ��������� And he vowed he would heed tho advice of  parson���������.  Which truly was weak in our dear friend.  '" Jimmy.   'Mo put himself under a hard course of train-  * :';:     ��������� -Wrt      ''���������''������������������' A :  ���������     t* ::-  V       ���������  Retiring each evening just after dark,      \  .And morn after morn, whether.shining or  .   fi XX  X'.. Hinihg. \A-;   'A.:  -;Y *:    :--.   Xy   ';   it\  Found  poor sneezing Jimmy up with tlie  yy\;������������������'.; - lark. ���������    '    '::  'Ay  His appetite grow simply fearful I at fl inner  ������������������������������������A ;His landlady vowed he would gobble for  UY,yy:U tw(V..    ���������������������������  -    ���������.--������������������     Xy-yy,..   ..-  .And yet, A ay by day ? be grew thinner and  thinner,  .--..������������������ -...-��������� -  His eyes became sunken, his nose became  blue.  ' .At last he fell ill, and (hey called a physician.  Who> after inspecting his tongue, in graw  terms.  ;PronOnnced* him .to be in a wofnl condition :  Shaking his head, said:  "Iu fact, he's go'  w a s a ��������� pa r t o f a welM aid plan to ge t e x ten si ve  advertising for a new quack medicine, for  which a pa te n t h a s a l read y been o b t ai ri e d,  and ofiwhich condurangp is an; ingredient;���������  [ Wa sh iiig ton Oorresp on deuce, "Lpndon ;Times\  ���������MISCELLANEOUS*-  Van Vqlkb:^^  worms." x  They dosed him with physic of wonderful  merit.  But Jim was, alas! far beyond >h urn an skill.  He rliVd, and the worms did his hedy inherit,,  And sadly the kind doctor sent in his bill.  MORAL.  Young men and young women, gave heed to  my warning;  -    Of direful-disease pray sow not the. germs !  !Re tire late at night and rise late in the-morn-  .-'". '������������������'������&���������;        '������������������������������������:��������� yy; ,     .  Remember," The early bird catchethrthe  worms VI-  Barkerville, Rjchfield  -IAnd���������  ;yr$Hy WINKLE., A  'A\.Xk supply of the";��������� ���������' -���������  BEST; QU&IITT !0F FSESH MEATS  ���������"���������'���������"���������'alwavs on hand; .������������������;.::  .MISCELLANEOUS".'  8 BOW CHURCH:MKD, LONDON.  J; H. TUBISTER & Co.,  VICTORIA, B.a  ]vj^Sh. Goods bought in tlie European Markets t6':6rd^aQd,/c6D8ignmenbv.of-! Goods from  British Columbia sold- in \fjond6riA.AyyAX';\y ���������,".,  .. ������������������.'' ���������";,       .yry/.j^^^ 33S ., AIXA.AA ... V^-.v '       '., '���������',���������. ���������:.    ..  v LONDON^rLond bri andl Westmi nster Bonk, Lothbury.  Messrs. Copestake. Moore & Co., 5 Bow Church Yardi  ���������   .: YVICTORIA-r-Bank of British North America,   . mv6 6ra  FLOUR,  ELOtm, FLOUH  . \Z.y 'yjm^^A^S-f aAx:..  ANUFACTURE' STKAM ENGINES. AND BOILERS.  . .eitherHigherLow-; Prpssure,'A.AvA:,-.AA.. ������������������.-'"  '  1ZZS.1 skshiiM  G r i st, Qiia r Iz. a n d Saw. Mi i t������} an a in" hi ct; n ii y tb i ng  onn ������(������o ted ��������� \vi thV. tho. Ma c I "tiri.e b usi ti ess.:: iro m- ami  lir.*<* Castings.'<ti I;i\]��������� \\cscri'ptjb'ias.'. 0n .hand anA'��������� for  ?:i Ii-, :i 11rge ��������� assortmcut;o (', ftw&t, Bar.������n ������1 ntlier Iron,  .All orders promptly attended to.; Terms Cash, at  our Works ia Victoria. *" :-.-*-������������������ :  -���������*rivyI3 6m r v '.:; A <?P|tATT: k..IRvIN'p; Proprietors,..'  GOVERNMENT STREE*^ VICTORIA, ������$X  HAS ON.HAKfi":A2vi>-IS'CONSTANTLY recciVin^.a  h>r&\ lissortincftV,;of;:-CLOTHS; ."CASSntEliES  an tl V ESTTNGS; w liich 'be is prepared; to'. make to  order sn tlie most approved styles; ';..*������������������ .'       :���������  XQT* Pari ies oh:.: Wi 11 iam 'rvecic :.can  liave:: tbeir  in bii.su res .-ta-lc'eii^iy Mr-M cCallu my Barkerville / 0 " ,>;  4S0* AU.or (I ers iro in Car i boo prom ptl-y a tt end ed to.  ' '.ay.'.'���������.:,'/���������....'.myelin: ;...;���������;���������..   .'X-'X ������������������t':XAX,  aciHc  E  SODA -CBEEK:,-;':.;���������:: AA--yy.] y Y .YT, A  . YQTJESNELLEt';and , , ;'  mi> '    ��������� * '    : B!ARKE*RVILLE  Jv'HaRPER,  ,-. YH-Y/AU' .11'..  Miners' ^iqvdsipfi'y:: S.tpre.  :���������'���������.=;.���������:';'vV? '���������'::;-;:BARKERVILLKV?-.;-;- f'-'y.  i-... TiilSi": STORK - wiil alwayi? ue found a well-  m  selected stock of: iho  FRESHESITy GROGERIES    AND;  A PR O VISi ONS   IN   C AR1BQ G ; ,;  ' :    BF/ST JAVA.GOEFEB.  Roasted and Ground daily.   :,;, XX'-y' ,'  : :Bra,ncli Store j at :Last i  ���������   Gliance^ - .-  Wl j ero a: go o d assort men t b fX G ood s; will a hv <a ys b c  found. y ���������"���������. ���������'.'.���������    ...������  1 trus t by .s f ri c t a tten tion: to busin ess -a nd fa i r an d  s q u';i re <1 ea I i Ii'fi1',' to hi e ri t a- noii tin u Ati ce Of; t h tf 1 i' > i' ra 1  : pa t rori age 11 ere to Cor e extend ed ��������� ief m el ���������'"   .y ���������; ��������� ; fe4 , ���������'.  Store Street (between Herald and FisgardV  :   VICTORIA, B.G. ������������������������������������:  ANDREW tASTRIOO,:> ��������� -   -   -" -, - -PROPRIETOR.-  JiFff  "TflR   CoNDUIUNGO. PLANT.���������An ." AllTPCL  :I)o������aa.T?���������Reference has been made to the  <Mm'<luiango plant  of  Ecuador, an alleged  ���������remedy for cancer, to which the attention of  the'Uniled btales* Government was called in  an official communication from the American  :, ������>"? in isle r i ri th a t c o u n t ry.   T he sa m pi es o f t he  pla it sent here were distributed by the State  Jjt'pnrtment ns an efficient remedy, and ,n  physician wnsqnoteti nshavin^experimimUd  \v ith it and vcticln d for i ts b cal i ng po we rs.  But it appears that a board of physicians  have been conducting experiments in Washington-, at the  hospitals, and .although  they  have made no final report, yet their judgment  so far as the experiments have gone, is ag-iinst  the plant, which is said to he entirely inefficacious.   A decoction of the wood of the con-  durange is used, but careful analysis fails to  show that it hits ft by. unusual properties. The  bark on tains an insoluble gum. bm.no rec g  ni zed medicinal principle.   Both the wood  .������id tbe baikb&ve been subjected to minute  exatninn tion, .and are pronounced wort hies.-*.  'The patients afflicted with cancer' who have  been placed undertreatratint with eondnr&ngo  are said tu fail toshow'any improve men tin  condition. There are hints that the stir which  h&9 hven created uboufc the alleged remedy  Tlie most eonim'odifius and .clea-ft Bote! iu Victoria.  ft is conducted on t!ie Eivrfpeau principle. Tho table  is suppJied w 1 th.tlie very:best. tiie inarlc*?t a ifurds.    *  ^i^';lls at .all. hours of the day. Private Dining  Rooms lor Families. ���������  Board and I judging per: week. $5 50 and S6 50.  Per da y,: $ I. Si nglu meal?, 87^f con ts.. JU'ds, 50c.  ,r j&ir Fire proof Sale tn tJus House; .        mv6 6m  J, J,   ROBERTSON  pEGS TO ANNODKCK  THAT HE HAS OPENED A  E0TEL.Am) B0ABBIH& JB0U8E  AT STANLEY..-  - LIGHTNING CREEK.  Th e Tab! e wi 11 id wa y$ lie su ppli c rt wi th tho b ewt  articles that can be got iu Can boo, and tho Ear with  tho   ���������; ...  Finest Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars. ���������  Stanley (Umrih Last Chance Creek,}  April 20s 1871.  T l-G E  rPHR "TlNDBRSIGNEn   REGS   TO   INFORM   HIS  i. 1'ri ea ds a a d t n e p uh \. t c ,t hit th\e i i a s fi 11 ed u p so������no  COMFORTABLE.   BED-ROOMS  ii bis new. buiId\rig,.wtvero .he i 3. p.rejjared��������� to giv*  fjaodBeils at 'a' "reasonahl������ -iprice. Those. Aylio wilt  i'n vo r h i m w i t h tb e i r )) a t ron age, ra ti y d'ep Slid" on the  cleanness and comfort ofliis 1ious!C-.y .  ; Ho t a k es a I s o t h i s <> p per tu ui ty to r e m in ri tli e Cari  b ooi t e s th a t li i s.. Br e w e ry li as re c ei ve d the FIKST  PRIZE of the Colony for hiscol'o^ra.tcd:'..  The FLORENCE is the best Sewing  1Machi ne for Fam i Iy use, ��������� beca'use It  "io seidorri gets out'of order.1 - If (her������  is one n ot worki n g: *we II.i n,. ���������...s..;;  >^-.-:CAL!FORNIA,-'-. AxAa aa  XA:"ok������GOHA^::y-x:AA/A t^yyxyA.  yy.t WASHINGTON TERRITORY'  ;NEVADA,v; y.A AyX,^ -A.)i'.u  ; "'.iDAHo,;;;.:' ���������'  A A*lb$KbXA:\y.AxA,  .,. .BRITISH' COLUMBIA^,:    y \  VMEXICO/- y; : :   ;   'A\X:- -'���������**  "      'JAPAN, * ~-''y: ���������* ���������     ���������   ���������'   ' '*  Or CHINA,:"if informed, ofVit/lwHI  fix it-Without any ..expense to tho  .owner.'������������������.'���������".. y'-y'.] Ai:AyyyA   y.-.Xy  ;^Mh^ !:  Hoi 19 llontpmexy Street, South,:  ���������' *"-;'-" :.BH������te^lilhrB MILBSlBi ;      '  ,   Pan.^rakcisco, fAL.  ':������������������: Send for Circulars and samples of  the work. Active Agents wanted, in  .every place. .,,  wlO 6m  R, BE AVE N, Agent.  1 Victoria, B.C.  ^a������S  XXX   ALE,  An d tb e tru o'amateu'rs w i 1 lb cab 1 e to j ud gc by them  selves that such lionorable prize baa been justly  awarded to Mm.  N. [i.���������a 1 arge fron troom to let,  Fiarkervilky/an. 23, I860.- '    ' " ' "K. OUNIO  }  ?ip22  LUMBER!    LUMBER!  ]||KSSJTtS. MEACfrAM'fc NASON arc prepared to  1*1 furnish .Lumherat their Mills, William Creek,  or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  ��������� CREEK AT THE SAME HATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  Raving a Planing Machine in operation tbey wil  ;i 1 *o fu rnis h Djtoc���������* d h u ra i> o r a t &<h t Is fa ctory ra tm.  PREVEITIOI BETTER THAI CUBE.  I HAVE been rcqurstud by sevenil ri*?ju������crablc par*  tic.H, who call lustily to the olhc.icy "oi'niy system,  to again make public the lact thut  Moses' HairIn vigor atbr  WILL PREVENT BALDNESS,   "  jRi^TOHK HA1U TllAT .IS BECOMING THIN  Oil FALLING OFF, ami oflV-ctuully  . OORfi SCDKF: OK DAN MILT*'..  This is not a mere assertion on mj' part, ns I have  in my \M8$M&il*w numerous tcstimunia\s certifying to  the J:access of my rciaetly. '"-  I da not ofcfur.si' preLenrt that I can nialco the hair  .tjrnw on Ik'.'kIs which have hocji halilfor yenrs ; b'it  I will puaraut������o to stop tho huir from railing off, to  in ore&m i ts growtb, aud oilectuai!y rt?movt>. Scu rf or  DaudruiL AV. 1). MOSES,  .��������� Barkerville, B.G*  CKKTIFICATE.  This is tn<jcrHfy that rlurinsr last ?princ my liair  was nipi<i|y falling nut and my huail wh*. fast bocdm-  ins! ha Id, when Iupplled to WrW. D MOSES, Bar.h<*r.  Biirkcrvillo, who in a low'weeks restored mv hair to  i ts form er h e al tb y s ta te [D A V IO GI fcSBO KS  1     LEA'���������'& PERRHSTS'  ,.- ;  . Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE    SAUCE  -;��������� OeclaredbyConnoisgeursto.be  THE   ONLY* ''"Q-pOD  SAUCE..  BaTk'?n*iU* "Dm. 'i9, t  U*.l^j'i  Caution against Fraud.���������The Fuecespor this  most delicious and unrivalled CotuiiiiKnt having  caused certain dealers U\ apply the name of <*'wV>rcos-  icr.*iure SauceM io tbeir owu inO.Tior compounds, tbo  public is hereby informed that the only way ������.o secure the genuine, is to  ASK  FOR  LEA  &  PE*R*RHtfS'    SAUCE'  and to.sett that their names aro upon the wraith*  I.A5KLS, STOi'l'KK, and JlnTfl K.   ���������  Some of the foreign markets havinfj bcensuppli^d  with a. spurious Worco.stor?Idr<,SautH.YUj)on tliewn'p-  pnrand"liibeteol which the iifinief 51 Lra a������������l.l^orrins  liavp hficn forged, L. and 1*. give jiotict? tlu������( tLcy  have furnish <Hl their correspondents with power at  at tnrn ey to ta Ic e i ns t������ n t proceed j u pe a ga i n b l w a i> it-  fa ct u k rk a a ii rl v e.v d as s o I s u ch, o r n n y o.th c r i mi ta  lions hy which theiiright may bei nfringed.  Ask for LEA & PERKINS' Sauce and see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper.  Wholesale and for export by tbe Proprietors, W*f  coster; Crosse und Black well .London, kc., kc. ��������� aud  by Grocers and Oil men univr'i>aliy. __  OTICE.-DENTISTRY.  Dr. T. J. Mills Bowden,-  :  .        ���������      OF VlCTOKIAr,      -  >EOS to inform tli c iff/to bilantfl oT ���������'CaHbob^ tlvit  preusing bust wt&  engagea ien ts   pveven t|- htnv  from visdlinjr them this year, but next y������.���������;���������.r' iu: hapr'R.  o.Liive tiiiit p)eaPur-\ when rtw ������t ties' wiJi bo _|v*.a������  ai;.'/ lm  m  A:  m  as  II  m  Sat  M  A  Ak'#


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