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The Cariboo Sentinel Sep 22, 1869

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 vol:?.  AyV l^BLigHEp.'".".;XyAA^-.:,AA  prkerville, |^i]^ifYCreek,^ 869;  m:,4I;  ������������������>?���������:��������������������������� A*:.. '*i������J~"'.   '���������-*������������������-'��������� .-.-.  ���������..���������..-;  ^^.#"^^^  Subscription, Si!per week (bcludingrcosi  oiWlvery), 'VW��������� to the carrier.,,,; y- ���������  fiisios���������Barkerville, (next.door to Marietta's  ��������� 'Grocery^Store);      ;     ;     A-;  \y ;���������' -;^^ff:&������^^  So/la Creek,. .. ;:,. -..., :& - ���������. \* ���������   &*._7^.?,   ���������. ^v     -  r.lJe: ,   .   . -,-  _Ir-;Evans,  Kew Vest minster,';. ^'1,;.";' Ay;, ���������  , Victoria,  '.   "-'   '.'"���������' ' :." ��������� _ !"  L. P. Fisher,  iflo.���������;���������'��������� '������������������y:-,;'-:' #  .,;Y<lCVarkson&,Go  ; '. "A., Lruc,.    ,  .  - ���������    SJh Francisco  - ��������� Tbe Priuce o^Wal^riow^r^^^o^iti^  A portion of tbe London Melropolitan.Fire  1 Brigade propose to visit iNc^^rk: yy y    ���������  The eldest son-of 4h������.^^ is  ��������� about to cdmiiafenc^  "-.,: It is understood 'ttfatH;J^^  , Duke of Newcastle .are likely- to- be orraagel  A few small nuggets, have  latejy Men  '' pickedup.'at ��������� SiiisgiU, Stahcriandgftp;,; tlie"  ' .'largest one. weighing -.one ounce; SM .seven;  penny weights...      ��������� ��������� ,.       ' ;   (s' 7V'  The Arelibish'op" of 'Cantexbury��������� ���������rec^ves  ���������  ;������15.000tih^r:^  r fM WYZmtimrig eighteen bisuop;  c^U'sr<inging.|rorn������300^to������1501)..        '%  A British officer n^nM-Oolonol Kirham  ins; ifdcoii service jri .Ahysdm^  , -K-issa. 'and'-lias bad, a large; force ;put under  bl* command-. - ���������       l v .  We live ;been raising the best, of .cotton in  ijiciworld for seventy years, -and;;eye'tv' now,  .   The gro un don whicli ��������� ���������; stan ds Ismail ia,\ a  tQWit'Of^iOpO  ���������tiers of"'M'Orlo Lesseps, w  since, a dry isatidy desert, oh \vbi.ciV rairi >yas  nexm kucrtv.ivta.falL,,Ali'iBinow.transformedr  The/old. to  been again" filled:witii;water froiii the -Nile  by'ii fiGsb-vvater Icaaal/- iTrecs, shrubs and  plan tp. of all .(lospri|>tions.grow rapid 1 y vrti ere-  evo'r the soil is irrigated, -and the artificial  o as? s ^v id en si as t.; ���������-," Accp'm pany i n g,?' writes  u co rrespoml en %<{ this ex traordinary trans-  ��������������������������� tonatloaM<xt)ri,%&p$s.s tof the ;p].ace������. th e ro has  bcen a��������� correspbnding change* iu the ��������� climate.'  A t th e p vese/n t ti m e, Ism ail itiy; dur i n g eigbt  mouths of jUie'lyear, isip rob a blyibe healthiest  spot iu Northern "Egypt.\ Until ;t\vo" years  !agq.rain was������������������ unknown, but iri the ,twelvef  m on tiiis f ending A prill as t; there1 were actually  jomIcon days on wliie ri rain fell. Rain ceases  tpifall iha counCrydeprived^f  QJ"lfevfofeY^^ Here we ,see  raluV'returning: to Uie:.desert-- 6n:.xesiofing3^  |LEGAL yOTIOES; ������c.  inv Tiitgl supRBMii ��������� ^ court of "the  ���������MAINLAND OF BRITISH; COLUMBIA/  rt n tho maitor- of .the Est j te;^nS_ISifiects if/ QlRQLtJQ-  i .-^ k iJJO TIBALDL Jeoeasod, hitesiatO;   A,���������y  ,; .4'; LL nef a^hs ;w lib are in deb te d to the above 'Estate  '���������t\ -<k a ro veou i re d ������������������ to pay tlje aiiioun ts due for th wi tl i;  and a.li ijefsons wiioAna-iv any claims, against the  above estate are1 re quired. to send in their accounts  on or hel'ori ,tlio'14th ..dj> r of Kovember, 1869, io "  ��������� y:,>yy.y:^:A>:AA. , CHAS. E.' POO LEY, VJ ���������������������������i:"  yyyyvLy ��������� . ���������, .. Ofllcial Administrator. :  Dated������������������Klffliueld,- Utb August, 1809. n;- ,aul8 lm ��������� .*,  dNTHTS^PR^lBUOURTO^ THE StAIN-  -:��������� ���������;;:- ,LA>|p,- QEJ5JKT.1BII. COLUMBIA: ���������  In tli e matUr of tfe Eittit'o ft ti fl Effect's of A LEX ���������  ; .AKPER STOB0, deceased, iii les Lute.   ��������� ���������   h������  '������������������ ��������� l' ��������� V$. per^ris Svbd are 'in deb led to the; abo v e Esta te  A: o're rOO uirod to "pay the amou tits.; due fer.tl.iw i tb;  aiid' all p:A<m s. who. ;diavc any claims > agajust' the  ' a bbv e es .tale are reques ted to sen d i n ���������; tb ci r accoun ts  on or betbi| the,12tb day;of Noyem 1 m, 1860 to   ,;  :-,-;:~i|<:*^->       .-;..chas,E.ro.oLEV, ���������/���������  ' :   j '       Olllcial Administrator.  ', ^aVcdRfcbn^d;, ,12th August, 18|^\jj^4Soiv  v  ixees.  ,-: Says:Api)let6n^s; Joitrn^  'is a rule, pale an d', nervous, whiIe)orir cou'sins  iu England arc generally plumpy.sanguine  a u d ru d d y. 1 i as I orig bee nan ad m i tied fa c i. \  iincl'.oil wiia't:be; lias;been pleased tp consider  our gradual dessicaUon, as, indicated by this  icircAnn^anC^Yarx iugenimts^Frbnehman has  not besi%ted to stale his conviction that we  are A ap \\ roriHihi ng the in o n Isoy type. . Th e  ilflgor^i&ysJtKu^^ :of AnTeriea;  |^J^^^-c^|n.^3UCla * tcrrttj m*^  as -to ' i ndica te;" sim kb tendon cies..:  appreciated, he continue������i-aro these  hmdencies,that1 gloves made in-Panoibv the  Aracncan trade:are;'ccdnsti'ucted-upon a sys-  iein of rules,-ki toAlie lengih; of; the .fingers.  ,* th at ".-d o.es'n o Kpr e v al!;' in .;.: the ,case o f y goo ds  inade.for eqngiViription^  ing/people.. -iMtrUjer.Uum this."." h'e ,proceeds  ^^^psiffiB^Mg y^OURT v OF  ^THE  iliAiHfAND OF BRI-tiBH^COI^y^c-  ni the mat Sr of the Estate ^nd Effects;of;*WILILAM;  '     '   Yf; WINXAEP, decoased, Intestate.   *-; ,-,A  A LL pen ans who oJre indebtedito\&ri above .estate  A are r< auired to,pay tbe amounts due torolHyjtn,  aiid all pi r.-50tis 'who have any claims against tbe  above estii .earei^Hiuireil-to'-send In their accpuUts on  .or.beibrb;t,ai%.day;^  ���������Ollicia:UAdministr!\tor.j ,  " Ail. jelOOniY'  'Y;  T)atC(l^iibnelU;aitliJune/aS69.  .,.,,St..  steamers; I^RESS;FQR A  ;������������������';��������� :KS"^aS^  >* Ay '-':������������������ \ A.} ���������";; Xj - Will de;sptttcbv ��������� .J:"; "���������' *��������������� ������������������' * '��������� ��������� ���������'��������� -:y;   .  A FA^F^GHT ���������'.;^  Slaking the trip' to Baricervillc iniiboiU jUj-daye; y[.    :.  ���������.'        ;���������     a. ' Until farther notice, ; ������������������ -, y       hi  By tltcso teams, on all:parcels'/of] 50 lbs.,;'aud.upwards  '���������'/���������":     ���������-.'������������������ ,.,' -,.* *. will bo     . _=..v.:--- ,; s .-"-��������� ��������� y  -V*   2|5 .Geiits' pei^'113^.   - /  excluslve.of Head Tolfc;        ' ;    *     ���������     ��������� ''     :   ^  '" ��������� Partiw sliippin-g' by K these teams .ttfast o'rd er. fcoorta  to "lie^farUroa**-������\^i^triitfiA^:^Rri������V^Q3^fe....  Otherwise.tbey will bC: sent; by- Regular Expriiss an if ;-  charged accordingly. *     ��������� j ..  .-.'Shippers may' depend:.?on.';thoYregulairity:.oi:._tiu*f9:  teams, for' whether wi Ui lull f r eigh tor .no t tliev ��������������� i 11;,  comcthrough. .*   ' " ..     :   "J   '.-'"_/_-  ,.^yut;.is^:,^./;-,:,-Yv,;.;:;^yrJ^ ���������BA-JMT^.S'at.*'.:  0J N aid.<aftetf/Juiy^i:iaj*:^'ty.t|^i^ie? nqtice^lW  ' RegiiIfir Weelcly'.Express'.will"'arri ve, at Ba i%* r-  ville on SATURDAY MORNING^ and re turn'.at .6 ..a: m.  without protection, we>cannbtj it issaid/:<j6ia;j.to .consider: 'Ae .cQtnsng;,ape: as portended in  u.de with. Endand uilhe. pfodu-cLion^f^oi- j (he juw'oC lUerporipd/,V:fe>������^';^;':}^?- r^e} \ve  ton cloth, and;lu\veudiity,.iujgoldj,on inanu-  facturod colton, of 35 ..'per cent. Shall we  ever be able:with .all our improved uiasbhi-  .ery to make cotton without being protected;?  ���������[U.S. paper.     ���������t. -r<   ^.������   -���������������   y  A Swedenbo'rgian,- hamed Parl<er,.i$ attracting some notice'in*Toronto "by ihe relation of his curious spiritual experiences. lie  declaresthathev-was;taken..up-,i|vto heaven;,  which is divided.mto zone? like , tlie-; oarlb.  The frigid zone is peopled  who wear Rons' skins da their  skins on their "bodies^and  their feet, and ride iti chariots' of ice drawn  by;'horses without tails:'"*'������������������'"-.*" ������������������''. :" .: ������������������  As the "Westward bound'|rei^iit train of the  Central Pacific���������.Railroad was travelling along  a short dis iance th is: "si tie of - Sec ret to w n  bridge, a man was discovered sitting on one  ' of \h<j raib, not far-ahead of tlie engine, fust  asleep, his head between bis knees. An .<l'L"  tempt was made to stop the train, but before  il could be done the pilot of the locomotive  Growler struck and knocked the man from  the track, causing him to roll down the embankment. The train was 'backed up. and  the. unfortunato individual looked, attor.  Be] n g covered w itb dirt, spm c wh at b 1 o o dy,  and apparently unconscious, be appeared to  be mortally woiinded. : Ari'k ngineer to ok oc*  casion to say that he must have been a precious fool to make his bed on a railway track  any way. He had scarcely, made the remark  before the supposed to be as good as a dead  man jumped ui) and deelared bIs abi 1 ity to  whip any man who would insult him. Having  thus found his voice, the man. soon convinced  those present that ho was not much hurt,  though quite drunk.  would- be! :infdl&i)ly.-gifted, with tails, with  which, by4he-bye, we believe our savant does  iu future endowtiSi. ;-   ;  "   RETAIL   BUTCHERS,      ';  MOSQUITO CREEK. XX ���������  ���������; ��������� ivsuWly of freshDjneat of all descriptions cbiistfin tly  on baiid.. - ''"': Y '," '���������'l;.. ,.       . :?:,''���������'  .'-.���������.���������    ���������  - &,$  -&��������� ���������������s>���������������o ���������  . "Tua.;Grkatk3'H'DiscovicitY of,tub Agb.-  tlotunsoii's celebrated -Magic Soap, has just  been introduced on William;creek, aud the  proprietors clialiimge tbo world to produce  un lu-ticleto! compete with this' .sonp. It ,uot  only removes paint, pitch,tar, ^c, from the  coarsest a^id finest fabrics, but it also,does  to iniure the clothes in the, slightest degree,  IntviiW everv advantage over all other so aps  in *bem<* -ci'fieapcr.���������"ono pound doing m ore  Uvashingathan two pounds of any common ar-  ticle now in u?e. 'For sale at Ur James 1.  .Taylor's drug "store, and some" ol the prm-  "eipal stores iu town." ,,;������������������".���������   ���������' :   *  ' 'Ttiii-"ilKfl'r'Cofkkk.���������In order' to obtain a  Hrst-clBPS coffoe,'it is necessary to secure the  verv best berries, "and to roast (hem accot'd^  !������������������������ to-to -m������8t approved method, aU������������  <lono -by Wilson & Uwkmas, fcort btrect  Victoria who are prepared to furmsh, loi  ca^iu Coffee that never fails io elicit the ap  proJiftLlsift' of those who use iv. ���������  ���������^ %^a Cofkkk has now stooa the test  of'Tho lwl'eisW. years,;.has siipci-aodojl ou^  tirelv thei mported CUwrtfcs (Jofteo, f^������  uow^opt and sold by allrespectaole dealers  WHOLESALE/ '$&.. RETAIL ;vBEALER  (groceries, Pi������oyisic>nsv :f  HARD W A RE ,    DRY    GOODS  ���������'���������- croTHiNG,;.^ ���������;  ^..^:;,^���������i3ARkERVlLl.B. ;; ;   /  VAN  LlOH'TNTXG/CftEBK;-:-^:';..;  VttVFPS- \NP TRAiKHS VilUiW it,'to'tbcir-'ad-  M   vSge'to purchase at this Store,;wbprp.thereto  Ofthe^  tors will sell faoyosj  As CrtEAr as '/srr is Cariboo. -. V   ;  OrderSpron,pt)y;nne(i,^E������  Van Whik^ylVlggQ^;;.-"- Propriotmy  A Perfect  Cure.,  T-TflOS.   yMSTCHKR'B  pKCOND-HAXD^STOliE  "        ' lUspiilvlug Shop.^ill bo lound si  umns. How, Nails, Picks, Shovels, and almost e\oiy  l.iviij requisite for. Miners' use at low prices,  B     l        UPPER BARICERV1LLK. n������15  P  TOOTH  EX  tTBAOTIOSr-.  lhtt .ulndnislrMion ot ol ioro...������,,u B:ivUrrvil]e.  ��������� om^l^^ ;i"a lii JJu-b c;om-  "        F.   NEUF ELDER,  STOKAGB  AND   COMMISSION,  RiciuaETd), B.C.  ^rProrlnce from tho agricultural tliRtrioterfcHvod  and mouev.advanced on coiudgnmcnts.       jy*.* -������i  J. S. THOMPSON,  ACCOUNTANT,   MINING   AND   COMMISSION  l\    \ <*p nt.. V5 :i rkcrv i! hi. ,.    ,   ,'  MuVmiCompanies* Book^kepi aiMUidjustcd'  ;;:TUESDAYS,  . ;-'��������� ���������    ���������  ������������������; A AX }*':aa ���������:'������������������, 'v. at'six ���������aTm;.- !-v.W.v ;,'".! "���������";"....;'���������  LEAVES SO'0A: CfiEER FOR" ~QUESNEL"irdUTHvOK ..  ^.';/. TIl-UE;S-Dk*Y ��������� "ByE"NI'N'G,'" ���������'���������  Conn ect i lif? w i th Barn arc! 's: Express; at both pla&M,  ijjgjj1--.The steamer is not -respoii'sib 1 e for loaka_;e��������� ot  Oils; or Other liquids shipped .in tins.;: '���������:..'������������������ -lA   '. ,  EIPEfii ;.������meem.; ;ij^S[Cf.  (lie ' arri val at "D ;vrk erv die.' of.- every; Mail a nd  w Expross, R. ii: LAKONT will leave -Barkervdi?  wHti a-i Express for; tbe following Creeks-:  Gr������u--  will also' be a'ttcnde'd to: ".       ���������. :,.,     " ���������:.      ;Ju21. .  . "Letters, Rircels/fcc:.; foTft.be.- above places can. tw  loftlat the following places':...: .      ��������� y.;'     . : ��������� ��������� 'y y  The Sentinel Office,   -; -��������� -...-   Bavkervdc;  .    BonnIe's Shoo'Store;''"-"���������'l -:*���������>'���������' Barkervido; ..  j..; - F.:NcufclderV:vvi-;������������������. ^.;- :v- ��������� v;-r" Ricblleldv    ;.  Danielsoii's Srid^e, Ques*.  . ���������;; ���������; jael ��������� ;Bxy0r,:: ;-y .. /> -;  ER CHARlks DANIELSON desires to inform  ' Traders, Packers,:Travellers arid ot.hers tbati.w  'Road from Dog Prairie to tlie 16-Mile PostMny*  Oue������ntdmoutb is now open and in good con<h u<>n -or  Pack Trains una Stock,.and that there, ts abun {;>m',_  of good-feed, throughout. ��������� 'There, is a house oi eni;-r. ���������  tainnieiit ai the bridge. ; .    "   .      ".. .-..: ���������     J'-V ���������  ���������*'  G������  r  !  ABAMS.&PEARCY,  BARKERVILLE,c  .    Have on baud a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  TIN   PLATE  ANX)  SHEET  IRO.n  With various other articles in tbeir line of tnub-.  flw-YVU Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Ooppor mul  Zi^Tradc attemlJd to, and warranted U) give S,;l .  faction.  no 6  ������������������'CAMERON''A'. AMMES,  FABLERS A GENERAL BLA0KS.M1T  liAUKERVibLK, ��������� -, ; ���������;. ������������������   ���������  FTAVfi purchased the strmd formerly occupied i  !Lm autl Clacksmilh work of every desmjv >  Ul^^^onveni,ncc for SHOEING OXKa  (ICBpatcb,  US:'.  v:A.%  u it*  v. UU  ������������������JwiniwwuiBmwBiewan :,.^*yi  'v*  !''  * ���������  \  A  7  Ri'V:-���������:���������!���������   ���������    ..;-.;   m$A^-'  $xm.m^  *Qgg������������������gT,:iim*'"fflnfr*__  ; ;        THE CARIBOO SENT rXEf, Y / ���������"  Ts PUbl^herl every WetlucscIayautlSaUirtlnv.   All  n^r^ememsjiittMidcd for insertion;,must be' d'rtiv-  pulh-*   ^ ^ ^7cl0Clc������ p- *m tho day . boforo  ���������Y TO APFERTISGK^ ��������� jAy  XyX. ��������� ..'"< '  AIlft^v-nrtisGiricnis (not ihscrtea for nny * definite  period), .'will .fed ee-ntintietl. until  ordered, out,  and  c b argot! fo r a c co r J1 ngl y. ..-..' Y.   '?x. ��������� ���������' ��������� ���������  ���������v -   TO COnRESPONBEXTS/'.; ,-". .-'"''."' _  'All communications must bo accompanied; by the.  real name and address of tlie, writer ; not.necessarily  with a viev,:-of publishing tho same, but as, security  or its good faith?;  satisfying the wants'and wishes of the people.  A   Grown   colony.   That   is   the   condition  that circumscribes all popular asp*ration for  :: I improvement.   To that condition is traceable  all our complaints; and the slow progress of  the colony. j for any enterprise that;required,  for its initiation tho sanction of Governincut  I h as b ecu so h o tfixl u p by re d- tape com in n n i-  'eat:on\-ihrif ;men. of enierprise, rathervihan,  h u ffer I-I i e ted i 11 m o f alii rial cireu m 1 o cu lion,  ha ve p ro fe n;e d to.. 1 ea ve t h e con n try.   On ly  one practical method of placing ns. beyond  the'contracting influences of a Crown colony  presents, itself,   and  that is Con federation.  Welcome, then,'. to. Governor Mu?grave, for  ha9 declared himself in jfarorof Confederation,  irccggwtT.ttacareii^^  NW ADVERTISEMENTS.  AUCTIO  N SATURDAY, 25th inst., at OVE o'clock p.m.',  r   _     I am instructed by the Hudson's Bay Go. to sell,  by Public Auction; on account of whom it may con  fcern��������� .--..'��������� -? ;.'..   .  30 BOXES (DO. lbs.   each) of CALIFORNIA^ DRIEr>  ���������PEACHES. -��������� ��������� ��������� %  >8_5* Sale at the IT. B. Co.'s Store, B.irkervlllo.  .'. se22 2t..."'������������������. ".--'F.-V. LEE, Auctioneer.,  __S^ERTISE^  ���������for Salp  A FOtJIwrt'or the Kroun.t bt   '  &M^._^'B&  THEATRE    ROYAL  //raE;CfD7ERK6E/S, RECEPTION-   \  ./Ever since the news was received'here.of  Governor  Musgrave's "' appointment   to the  pfove mors hip of British Columbia there has  been a general, feel log of satisfaction  which  seemed to bo based on a belief that he would  be the right man in the right place.   It was,  cf course, known that lie had been Governor  of Newfoundland ; that he had.successfully  brought that province into the track of the  De in in i o n ; . an tl; that //b e. hail.accrn i r.c d,. great..  p op ul ar tiy i u the pro vi ace, a n d,- f u r th e r m o r e J  was generally/well spoken of by' the press of  the :other North American'- provinces.   iVll  these facts combined to create a feeling of  esteem for his Excellency ;  but- when )������ was  "known tbat ho ihteiMed ta take a look at the.  co 1 o n y, and', that Cariboao'vr'ouId not be over-  looked,. tbe quiet regard was swelled into eri:/  thusiastn.. The. Queen; lie rs elf could scarcely^  *;.; hxf&ffifSetiIAmore"\,"ent������usBsTicSIyAreceiveil;  _. tha ai; was lilier ;���������ac tiye���������re pres enta tiv-e;^-4-T-he-  tni tiers arc as sensitive to aU;exitibir or; neglect  as any other class in the colony, ;������nd, an' impression has always been entertained in'Cariboo ' that tbey have . b eon grossly. misrep resen tod"v /.ilis /Excellency;s^yisitVmustvbe' prb-  d uc ti ve 6 f a m ore favor abl e c;o nside ra tio n i n  Executive councils _than has' hitherto been  theamle."-jWitii^| respect/to paribbo,.for he .-ea^  notri"ail'to'perccive^h^  of itself entaiis;aAeay^ burden upon our re-  uouree?, apart;froni,thg^feripiiaj^igJ;; taxes'  wc^tiavetb^feliotiider. ��������� BuTlef its ronfino our*  nel yes, at, present/to; ;tiie.sViijjGG fc of. his recep-  tibpj :vEis ;Excellency Iias^acted -arid spoken  in such a/ manner; a3 to raise expectations  which probably he.cannot realize, jThe high  ��������� o p i hio a o Mi is (j n al i Scat! onsi th e res ult of personal kn o wl edge, she ii Id : bo', considered i n  c o n n cc tio n w 11 h ih e diffi c til ti es i n t h e way o f  any ameaoraiing change..; The journey from  the seaboard to the gold range, must have  connnced hini, as it ought lo convince every  one,ilhat-tlie-.task .of governing this-colony is  no easy niaUcr.   A large estcnt of territory  w i th a so a ttewd pop u iatibii is / presen ted  to  the eye ol the traveller.   Every little community on tbat long stretch of country has its  q.noia,of government authority, and while the  con d iti on of " h e c ol on y req aires a red u ced  public expenditure, the; expediency of re-  during the/ouiclal staff is extremely question-  able.   The preseni-staff^.iiId;suffice for'ten  tinies tho; p resen t pop ul a(ion,: y et a diminu -  tion of ihe number mighfres'ult in worse evils  than the cost of maintenance.   Hence the task  o^proportion/cg ihe cost of rrovernment to the  jRocBEttT.~.0n  Sunday  ni^rbt the   lower  sltiice-boxes of the; Barker and Foster-Campbell coin panics were surreptIl.iousl3Fi cleaned  up.     Wo rk , - had ,been, suspe n ded   on  the  claims, in consequence of the Chinamen/employed having declined to. work.   The celestials were engaged \ri celeb ra ting the arrival  of the  Gove rn or, alt h o n g li 11 is. Ex cell en cy  had a rri v ed out be p re v i ous n ig li t.   Ta king  advantage of the absence of everybody engaged in the claims, some person1 or persons,  entirely unmindful of the scriptural remarks  with respect to making, haste to get rich, and  regard 1 ess  of j he  h o 1y  d ay, _e m ptl e d. jjj.e.  si aices" -6f ttif etr ���������co 'rit eh ts','" the feb y  ma ki rig  good wages for the week iu about, ha If au  n6^fOt^^^;AAxA7:^^A<t-A: . '���������;'.//������������������������������������-���������'''.,/"'"' /-'v  ;:,, S pPHsii e , CouaT���������- On Mo n d ay a si11 in ������ of  tlie ;S up re me C our fc w as held, w lie n 111 e sam e  'Grr'dnd-:;'Jn"rj;'.%as,8ttrorn;' as at the previous  sitting.;/'There' was no  new" bnsinesi?. /. fits  Lordship the.Chief Justice remarked? that he  approved.of the greater portion of the report  of/tbe Grand Jury; and would take an early I  b p p or tu ni ty . to presen t i t to h is. Ex^Il.eiiy .1  ^lver;Qx> vevWty''Whe'ed5Q of. Bryant Vs. Brew:j  c ani e b e fo r e a j n ry., b\\ i n o ver dieijyasj_g_fi -  -d eredrth e-j i j ryhet Ii'g :unab te to rig res. E! e ve n  of the twelve jnrors were in favor;of a verdict  jbr the-defendant; but the-judgment -.:-,pf the  majority, which is sometimes accepted, cannot be t aken w|j ere, as iu th is case, th e Go v-  ernment or its representatives are.concerned.  Attempted ' Robbejiy��������� Qp ���������:;Sunday. n igh t  thad opr at 'the tunnel o f the Coombs c o .'s  c 1 aim  on Stout g111 ch was fo reed o p en aud  the. diggings entered:by some person or per-  sons with the intention of  committing robbery.   The face of the diggings had been  w,orked and a car-1 oad of tii e;;. nu ri (erou s. di r t  run but to tlie dump-box .The tli f3f or.thieves  d id no t, b owe ver. s u ccc ed i u ge 11 i n g a "tiy go 1 d;  as the car;was perceived by-one, of the work-  meri,'\vho, 6n entering the:.*diggihgs; foilna" a  can die stuck 'n *Un n -:��������� * *' "' ' "  NOtige  THE   CARIBOO    AMATEURS;:  Will gi v-cji p orfo rma nee. iu j i on or o f  .....HIS   EXCELLKXCy  THE dOVERXOn,  Tliis Wednesday Even'g,  When two pop u I ->r Petite Co medio.?,  m, THECOOD FOE EfOTSIIG!  Slasliei^ and Crasher!  . Will be played.  $___, I'ov particulars, see program iocs;  | ; iQ3^ Doors -ope n a t ���������Eii?h t y.clool?.., Xy. > &gs .P������j rfor m-  I ail ct* lb coram on cc at"? :30 o'clock.,' . . ' , ���������  1 (Admissibri $1 00.    RysorvoU Seats, $1 50. ���������/-";'  ,'ricicets for the'.reserved seats mny be hail on application to Mr. Geo.-'Grant, 'Barkerville.     ..- Y  ou the net returns, ...,r.  '-   ���������AHOjiot '   -7^  .-sept -Mffl. '���������       ',:���������"  ,J^;/.UKI^>.:7^  ,.'1 ��������� ���������;     NOTICE.  I    receivem p.ir vt,luS   ,,tA\    ' ��������� lV-l?WM i,v  ' V*_i>  APE LP H l^gS A L 6 ON .  ! ;���������' ;',C H A' R X; K S --,: B AC: 0 R  DESIRES to- jnforai liis friends and the public thai  ���������heiViiiS- ptirc!uiseil the business of the ADEl.Ptll  SA W0">T, KICHFI'EL D, \ wliere he (runts he will r$  I cot ve a fai r ��������� si i a re oi"; pa t rona_jo.. Th q b.as������% Wi u.m,  iLyjuors-^a^^igni^w^RT^'fV'7XA''A--"'" '"^"vt'STin.'���������'  T WISH TO ANNOUNCE TO .THR .PUBLIC-TITAT  L t ft c s ta let n eii t niaUs by' m A:, i n Cou r t i n refe rcn ce  '.to��������� tlie desth of certain hiiiniaIs "t*ou'riit ,dead amr tTi*.  1^1-111 i) e post, was l> y u o "ai oa as in ten tied to cii ve y  the' i n fer-'nce th a t tlie ci use of t U'oir tiea th wa sin r. n*v  way attrib ut*b le to Mr Al i? ki������u v. ������ ���������  ���������/��������� ������������������' '-���������  "������������������'- . .:   JAS. WALSH.    :  William Creeps opt. 14, 1SC9. sH5  ���������    A.  ^ru:Af^^^:;y:rA.������������������*.  ���������Mile iheir aceounts ben^"ll* iW^rTf V  arc rottuestWri tn ������r������0-J?������.i"v^:^S'������Mi.ti_������M.  nfixl,  : GHEAP   GOO/DS1  "-       y-   COM PRISING-  Boots, Shoes, Olotlii  ���������;* ; y ^-^-(^rooerfe  / ;-'OF; T;H-E  B/EST  :  BarkerriHe/ Aliinist-i&t, r^PAMS.���������>"^RCT- ���������;  .-���������    r*.. .    ..'. .���������, .    .. ��������������������������� ': ��������� .-��������� -s'ii_j "  ; ;;:Y-.Sp8cmi;;;/S^rvices;-v; -"  ���������A  SERI ES o t": Specia 1 Servicesw ill h,������ i������ r 11 ',   i:  - hither/?    , . .  , :.       ������..   "������������Mp.  Sept. ^*^^:;/^??I_i:^ ,,.:  Oct.   3^rorniDg-banicI. : Evcnlag-Tho Cin> of  '  ' ���������   '��������� ���������   *' Ar������, A- "���������' -:       ���������-'   c<:H  :  i)RUC3-S"rOK  ill.  h,TA5L.*P. TAVLOU (IfiSires to stato llMt lie f=HIl kch\i  f)    on his business at the olil tie.ad,: >vb'T������..br-,  ���������ee4 tf  I0HK-.E4D5 TO  as usual. ,  W.  RliNNTi:.  Aloiiin)  Uiliiiiii   ..^m^tuKittt a i    For' s.i j a a t'tli o Store of: th o u n 1 ersign oil i n Baric c r  e stuck/in the /ace of thelirfft. and it is f villi?, opposite tbo lianfc of BrUish Columbia.  supposed that the thief or thieves must have I    ��������� .;  escaped through the diggings;  Active���������His Excell en cy, on. >Io n day visi led  (he h ospita!,  notwi thstand ing the w reio!jed  weather" . Yesterday' he  took a ride to Jack  of. Clubs lake, thence back again by Steele's  ran cfi (where he I u n ch ed)   to  Can ad in s������' an ti  Grouse c rec k s. ��������� lie n n d e rs ta nd s u o w w h a t a  becl-rock clrai n is. having en tci ed tho Waverly  tunnel.. ITe rode ab6 ii 11wen ty nii 1 es o ver tlie  roughest roads or trails, and was accompanied  by "th e Re v. M r. Wh i te, Messrs. J. Wick ham,  J. Adair, T, Pattullo and Hon. CarralL   His  Ex cell en cy wa n ts. to see th e c o n n try, , and  these gentlemen are just the persons to show  hini round.  ITinsATKiCAT*--The Cariboo Amatears announce that they will, give a performance to-  ���������night in honor of his Excellency the Governor,  who has  accepted an invitation  to attend.  X wo sp I en aid p i ec es b a ve b eon p rep ared: a h d  if the amateurs acquit themselves as well as  usual the petTorraance will prove extremely  entertaining   Mr Coulson, at the request of  many old friends and.accpiaintances, ;has con-  sen ted  to a pp ear in ;a da ne e, an fl we ri nder-  ������^^^?^Tail kinds on liar.  >rk  ervilte. ijnr 5,i86g������.  D ENr SEKOS.   Prescrip11oils ca rem 1 ly cwnjitmii ���������  ���������ates.". '; Kexl/dour to Caiiio'������ Brev.  W  GEtRBWTa OLD HUSH WalSlEY,  *?������ At DeNOUVION & KURTZ; '  LUMBER j LUMBEKl  VpS?RS.  MEACHAK k NASON :ftm^m*p.Wf_  ���������:, ���������-UtVU   i J/"mlK*r ������ . t^ir.Mtll^ William Creek:  Aa������ as tiiey.bavt* now a * '  .        .PLANING/MA CH I N R  in Open tion. i h oy vv il!.supply DRESS''RD LUM BER al  *lo t������cr thousand.    Shfugl^ ������12 p,-r ihousaau.  au21 tf .  ONIONS    FOR    SALE  au25 Im  B. EDWARD;Vstor(\  ��������� Barkcrville.  gonl .'oiled for in Cariboo must bo ������"i   t      'l-ho infml-"  ^<* -- "  -     ^    .ab(1,iU,0n  of.  ^^.whou. new. advances may be a.ked 11  fflon^I.mon may not say ^v.  ���������eWoiivio.o & ICurtz5  GENERAL   DEALERS  AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS  :      ' . BARKERVILLE,   ..  -Have now on "Imnrl a large assortment of   '.  ������������1IES, LIPOBS,'TOBACCO  A.  McPhsrson,  Wat gh make  ; .-/iNP^-/ .  JEWELL  ;       BARKERVILLE.      .  Barkcrville, May], l8dy.  ���������AXD.  General Merchandize  Bwfcorrm,., J���������ly 13, lm. ^,,     . .; __ jui41m  i/s  Wew Dominion  "*" " ?d Dinrrwfi h  ^/'^-^''S off some of tlie Crow_ sninr.  ;t^fhnCoo,:;ai0ffic^-m^Y.!lo ,������������������(!.  li..js* Colombia n a Crown colony   i,���������i  ������n������j. Hta Excellency's instruotionsS ���������������  Saturday; WiftV^ Sls ATI���������1   on  moment maila.   THo cxp oss i ft'" "'" ��������� gov"  J Monday."-    " u^ross left ngaln" on  Aconm-pa Satnraay next If, p v T     I  ill sell bT,anctnn.������������ .h.. V'.."1'-. v. Lee  :  -._      A-   D.   M'lNfSJES  .     NEXT TO THE ASSAY OFFICE,'  BAUKKItyrrXB, -.:  ������.m^te^}?.' all���������^',?,-(l<,Sir': "?**������ Bn(lr"  p.irtm������u n ay bo rMI^���������,     -������f '1 U'������ C"okinK f)c-  v .!  ^���������edeopJm?Pt  f0i  ad1l10n thaQ tbo������eof hisjwni spiT h^Z?"^ ^xt, Mr F V t no f                 -" U JH V 11, JUS" B ���������"' uQ *������ Wfj^oWf or mi k  "p.eaccesBor, he  cannot  do ' iniirh   f������^*^       ,4 svV,by a������ction, ut the II P rvj    ,    fi bfwiwim^     ^ -a^j^j^   k_������ Iji short, every conveuicno  **.ao  irjucli  towards a lot of Califoraia dried lit' H's 8toreJ CELEBRATED OT.W TBISH WffTWPV ? th^-^^t or man aon l  ���������                                                                uuta peaches.    See advt    mv^ w***fcA.Ju^'������^ IXllOU   ItfHIiSliJjI, i!lG proprietor? will spare no o                                                                                                                        U     -..m?ff At ..J?i!N0UV10^.,&--KnRT9:    ' ������������������o allwho may patron  - P E N D &R8 h is ; Bin cere: tb an Us; tb those who Unv������  ���������l.������������������������������������ ftivordil him with, their patronago on Mosquito  oreck and c Isc whorej a nd beg3 to i n form Ij is fri cu d ?  and the. public, gontTally that ho has commenced  ousi\tii������ss at BarkorWUo in tlie store rcceally occupied  by C. DODJJRO,. where he has a stock of  GROCERIES AND PFiOVlSKmi  -BOOTS, ''"CLOTtriN-C-c, .  WINES/LIQUORS, .TOBACCO ������,CIGA*  MI NI KG   IM PLEMK NTH, _StC-. '&B. *  Orders from friends on on isirffl cro-.-Ls iirtf3������|*tl*  tondod to.       ���������'��������� ."  1     Jt*y Consignmr������n^  of gi><>te  f?',\'-;  Colonial prod line frrtirf furmer*-. will r*<  estaiteniion and enro  Uarkerviile, August"25, mm. i '���������';'��������� "������  150-Mile; 'Houpf,   ���������  npHf. undersigncMl, proprie*  .- ?f tr ��������� jY'^*.-. v.-y.  I    known  ATttl favorahjy s.tuatod   estaoii.shmcnt,  jinyiiig purchased the same from E. Tor may, defiirn to  mJorni their friends and the public generally that they  arc now prepared to (aiford every accommodation to  tra pellers and others at the most reason a uie charges.  ��������� The table is supplied with all tho substantlals and  tmirms available"in the country, and prompt attention given to Mic wishes of tlie guests  Fhe Bar isstockud with, the very host brands of  Wi lies, Lin ������ors an d Cigars.  The Stithies aro spaclous and comfortable and at-  ton d ed to by fi rs t cl ass I ios tl ers.    A pi e n I i/'ti 1 su pply  of tho best provender or all kinds always on hand.  in short, every convenience and facility con duel va  1Un comfort of man and beast will be found, and  ifort to give eniire satis-  ir,������ tho��������� establishment.  ADJ.ES k BX&RY.  '��������� :.\ . Guuwauaa&sssBBSMXksmau^^
"^"^^dni^day;sbW; 22; mu
Early; oa Saturday; morning, Hon. *R. "W���
<*W. Carrall,tlip Rev. Mr. Reynard, and. John>
.Adair, on behalf of IhO'.Ciiizeira'.Oommitlee.
appointed at a .public' meeting, .left Barker-
ville on horseback to meet ]\fo Excellency .tho
Governor on the;, road,f^Captain.J., 0ppen-
tieimer and Geri. Grant, on bebalfVof the Wil-
1 iam Ore 'rib -Fl re B riga de',' aj so p ro tried o d in
HI;c uia'nner. to iwe Icome . h is ���;Excel!ency to
)\\wkerv 111 e. Th'frGovernor was."mot at abbut
a mHo, front 'Boavm* I^tfvGY nnd ou it; having
hen a. meat I one d to ��� h i r E xeel 1 e ii cy; th at th e
c s ii ftT&'fl f Bark er y ill c and > he Fi re Brigad e
wr re a '.v ai tin g Ii is a rri y;a I:. an il th at tririm a" b ad
bijcu. prepared;; fur; huV,;;td' cheerfully consented to accp"pt-tijo/!bv.UfvUo:r;to;:'eri tor .Bar-
An:n��� tile on the fea.rao',-,day ��� and' also the h03ni���'
ia'luUM,u��riftoe"fc;to-;;.him.. There were some:
Ver v goo d H d e rs-am on .st th c ge u tl e tii on ab o ye
fj am ad. h n fc i t taxed' al 1 the ir e q nest ri a n (j n a l-
ities to "kecp? p ac e" witb; Lis' Excti 11 enby, who
led the wayKifia^
: took. adyan tage ��� 6 f a sh or t halt at Va ti W i �� k 1 e
t deride '/aliead ������ .aiicf jntormi the/firemen; and
citizens that his;Excellency might he expected
to arrive; that'.evening. The Fire Brigade
���' Im m cd i afcel y. assembled a nd ra arc b ed to' in ee t
him. Bis /Excellency had; made-good time
from Yah Wnkle'i'a^ iho. road;
firemen formed in.single file and;su 1 u ted and
lbcq?escorte,d the; Governor? to - ]3arker:ville.---;
y   ��rS KSTUXXCK' INTO' BA RK^yiLLS'v A;/ \; V;
. As. soon :.na"tho- pro;cessioriappeared-In sight
a irempn dous ������ roar was heard.' The Anvil
Chorus Battery A. gave.; a -royal salute and the
Chinese burned. :iny.rrads >of 'fire-crackers.
"Cheer after cheer; rent. the air./and ^ a gen oral;
unco v eri rig a it d; w a vi h g o f.!i fi ts; look p Luc e
w 1 Hi- contin11ed, cheerhig as ihe procession,
in-\veil. through, town and back lo.the rooms
prepared for hJ3YExcclleno^; BeJore/hc retired to hh quarters, the Goyernor. made the
��� fo |1 owl hg sp v 8'c b >-.'.':", A. %X. Ai A
** G��rivUeine^-^]E, cannot;rei.ire*1
I ers; w i tho tit th a n k i ti g y o u for 'the k I nd; reeT*p:
tion you hnve ;gi ven tne���.; ;bji���*��� -Words ; are ��� i n-
uflequateAtri e\rpri'S3.'ray thanks,.ondT .assure
vt.ii- 1 ��� ij h ��� i 11 o e v c r. .To rge' f rn'y (i rs fc visit, to
Car.boo/'   '-AyA'A������*:������;" ���:.;;'---;:y:-;';;-:yV-;.   "'
1.1 ia Ex* cell en c y then re ti red art cl n gone ra 1
lit t v;l b eg a n, e y e ry b (> < ly a g re ei rig t ha t" j.i id g�� n g
from' lite looks, manner and speech, he was
* just the mau for;-tra I way."_ ~.     . .;
', A':':A   .1113   QITAUTKSIS.'
A suite of rooms, elegantly furnished (for
CVtri b u o. a 11 east) i u Kan e "s s pi e u d i d b u i 1 d i ng,
. w e re o fifer u il:j h is Exce I Ie it c y b y AI r Jo li u
Ad.iir, and a servant ordered toA wsifc;;1ipbn.
hi-n. His Excellency dined"������ at .the New
DominionDinihg.Rootns... f       -���������-,.���;���"������
';������������ '^FrBBwdiiKSj.'-KTo; ,-������'. ;-
As soon as h is Excel I en c J*": app e. ar c d, a fl er
h a v i n g di n ed,. a series of fire wo rks w e r e d i s-
'played by the Fire Brigaded After having
V.ro lied ab on t to wn i n co m p a ny . w i th Ho n.
Carrall, aud expressing h'iniself pleased with
the ftremen's apparatus, he. retired to his
rooms.     ."  A.-      'XAAXA"y ���';;';. -.. ' ��������� ������'��� '���":
:"/;'' ^BEUEXADB.. AA':..'������
The Welsh Glee plub subsequently sercm-
aded his Excellence -
��� '.vs.':; TK_ifArrtaAR-A"GCiIKS, KTC. .
. '^'iAAlf* *&$$e bad hO'Tn erected. One by
Mr 'L ^h-tchefjUt tho nppor part of the town :
���i*i^ by ihe Cliiriese residents ;. one by the
��������'��; Y)s-ij;.'jdd, and oneby the Citizens' Coni-
^XiAy   VpUt. erected, by  (he Fire Brigade
��� ������ ,��:iiv-**..:-*Uiy;n1,,Utti��*'i/ ^nd his Excellency
'���- <-y V:-i'l 'i.-Ieasud  with its appearance
''A1 ':;yy.iX^my d'ispUycd in its construc-
:"--r-   'ikn:{, Chinese -flags surmounted the
y Ay 'yy:['.y axx\\\ oi" th<? Chi no men. nnd in.
.   ir"'" Xyyj -a -up ��v.!ari:d9 iu English," Yfelcome
���!',i:.i/- uiv.lernejih.fotae large Chinese
":-y:.-.y: oxprcri'^u�����'���'*?:��� Bamc."-
��� The towa was gaily decorated with flarrs.
Every other house in Barkerville has..iis ii%-
BtafTanil (lag.   Most prominent of nil  is  tlie
���4Hgnntic Dominion���-llag-stalf, on which tlie
U ti ion Jack, with a beaver in ihe red ground,
was hoisted. Stretched. fro m this e no rino ns
pole to the house opposite 'was a large cloth
on which appeared the words "Success to
the Dominion," and at another part of the
wwu hung ia like manner," Union for Ever."
Ou this occasion the Chinamen having once
commenced their part of the ovation, kept it
u p w i t h m u ch en thusiasm, as if th e ��� Gel es tia'l
Emperor himself had come to Barkerville.
On Friday-:they commenced cleaning the
street, in their, part of the town; and then
h tin led gravel to; cover, i t : Af te r tlie G o ver n p r
had arrived, t|ie Chinese merchants. ,aiid
househplders tried to outdo each 'other in; exploding ���; fire-crackers, and ,; the rivalry, increased ;sp. much that .the Cbiuamen. rpfused
to;. w of rk,.: th ei r r egtil ar ni gh t'-sli if ts, i n o i'der
that they might participate in the tun;Af;   Ay:
. ' On Mo n d ay th e. Fi re B rig a cl e, 1 n u ni form,
assembled iir front of ������ his Excellcucy's quarters.;, formed. rim, square; in regular military,
i? ty 1 e.,"* ah d t he p resen I at! o n of addresses. co m-
. in enced. Up n. it. W.. W. Carrail' read the
fo 11 o Wi hg - add ress, as." ad op jwd' by th e corain iWee. at the public meeting on the'.;previous
Monday.-; ''.-. ��� _ \"'. :A ���':
To IIis'Excellency Anthoxy Musgiuvis,;Gov-
erno r of U ri tlsh: Col u nib iu, &c, &o*j &c.  '
May it please your Excellency;,  ^';.
, \\r t j . tbe .tin d e rsign ed, o ri-- b e h al f' of.., the in-
h ab i .an ts of Willi am creek an,d vi ci n i ty, re-
s peel fu 11 y beg to tender to your: Ex eel lency
ot t r since re and co rd i al w el co m e to th e s no w ���
cl ad mo li n tain s an d go 1 den nil 1 eys o f C ari-
���boo.      J_ ������': *y ���    ;-.-,,. ..AAAA -y-.;!-- A yX AX
We hail your Excellency's. visit to this re-
-myte- :(;cohter :;;;of '��� iler:;;tt ajestyJsv d"o;mmh)iis;
wi tin n v sin 6 hash p r t space* after you r a rri vai
in' thc. co 1 oby. as an evidene'e;:6f yonr inleri
tion to become acqiiainted with 6ar reso11r-
ces, and it is our sincere hope that your brief
soj burn w il V crtab le you To' form so me idea ol
the. I m p orian t p osi don. this: district. h ol ds; in:
colony, which..;'yoii,.have beon';cal 1 ed.upon to.
gov era; V .'Tye' ha ve,: every; confidence ' that
b righ t. a ml ji v esp ero iis ..tinies are in ^stov.e for
:iis, and we --ti'tis't:That-;duringi'your:;-BxceK
M ^S.^ij&}M^ W x$$n-jwl; !?\Y��;.Hl��-^fc
iojactfbnV' '.o'r^el ;i:ig"! :.'t ifis""lcS 1 bliy ."3 oiwipy^aij'
important position among the .possessions of
tl \ p. .e ui p i re ,lp .which we_, are.. pro ud :.,tp cl aim
allegiau.ee.'-..,' '.'-/���'..' _-A-;y-X-.yAX. iAAA^yAA
: :T r t ts tin g ;th a t y ou r ��� .Kxc el le n cy ra ay 1p ng b e
s liar ed i n the enj oy is e nil \oT hea Ub .and; ha p p i-
ness,    ;.      ��� ��� ., ,���-  y ��� -V
���'���'.'��� We ha ve the ho nor to' remain.     A,
���A "ypnr Excellency's humble and   '���';'.;.;.
'���.": very b bed lent ser van ts,
yF. Neufelder,; ;   Ay ;E..W^W. Carrall, :y
Taleisoa. Evans, J. S. Thornpson.
E. -lTearsqri * ���".. "' A\       T. L. Briggs;
>.:,'.   -..,:-:;  yb.--W.;T]iw,ing.;'; :Vy,;^y-yA
;vBATftKEayu,LK,^ A-SA- ������''';'..'' 'A
i<^j .His,; Ex co lien cy repl led; a.�� fol "10 .ws :
ffSfbKMKX-^Icans;ty without atfectatioh
that I receive your address of welcome with
th e g rea test" p 1 e as it re, an d th u t I tb a n k Uie
i a ha h itii n ts, p f Willi am cree !c and i tsvi ci ui ty;
t!irough you, very ^cordialiy for what I may
yen tu re to, call the Xen tli u siiisll c reception
with wbich'I was greeted, as the Queen's re-
pr'ese n ta ti v e. ou t ny a rri va I at. Bar ke r v tile. :
Being well aware of the importance of the
inipoi'tance of the Cariboo district and the
I lie mining interests to the, present -position
and ��� fu!ure pregress oI. the colony, I was
naturally 'anxious to..acquaint myself with all
tliat concerns them without delay, and I am
now g I ad tha 11 was en a b I ed; ��� to; visi t: you .at
once. I��hal 1 use the opportuni ly for; acquir-
ing Uifofination whipli will be very va 1 uable
to- me in discharging my duties to tjie com-
m u ui ty w ith the sup er i 11 ten den ce of whose
public "affairs I am charged by our Gracious
So v e v eig n... I si i a re w ith you th e co n fide n ce
which you express..' that we may look' for
brighter and more prosperous days. And I
assure'you.that itis^ny earnest desire to do
what may be within my ability to assist in
developing the great resources of this noble
p o r t i oho f o n r n ati o n al p ossc ssio p s.,
.-.oB.ARKBaviuxi\ 20th Se]>tember, IS69.
Cap tain Opp en bei me.r then advanced and
read the address of the Fire Brigade, as follows : ���"
To His Excellency Anthony Musgrave, Gov*,
ernor of British Columbia, fc, &c, &c.
Slay it please your Excellency,
On behalf of the William Creek Fire
Brigade, we beg to tender you a hearty welcome to the colony. .The honor of doing so
is very much enhanced by your visit here;
and knowing that your Excellency's government will be conducted on your part with a
personal knowledge of the country and its
iulutbilants. you may rest assured that you
will receive" earnest co-operation trotn the
colonists in any effort you may mato toward
tho enlargement of the relations and interests
of the colony. ��� .     *
We have tho honor to remain,
Your Excellency's most obfc. svts.^
I. Oi'PK n n k i M k r , C ap ta! a.
J. Bhvcb, 1st Lieut,
F. Feiuikt, 2d  do.
Quo. Bvrxks, Treasurer.
Geo. Grant, Surktahy,
BAKKBttviuus, B. C, Sept. IS, 18G9.
His Excellency replied as follows:    ,
Gentlemen of the William Creek Fire
Brigade," I thank you much for your cordial
welcome, and especially for- the ewplinteat
which you paid uie by escorting me.into Barkerville. .;;;..       ""' '-;���'.' ;;y'-','';; ���-;-'-
Ton are right in belieyirigtliat my early
visit has arisen from my desire';.,to. acquire
personal knowledge of the .country and iis
inhabitants; and I,receive with much gratiG-
cationyour assurance that I may count upon
the co-operation of the colonists in the efforts
which are incumbent; upon' all of us to promote the true.interests of tbe community.   ':
JBark^rville, 20thSept,I869Y   'a'S'aA ;
;;; llo n. Carrall,; f or Jhe Chinese. .."co in mi ttee,
read the Tol lowing address :        ;���...
To IIis Excellency, Anthohy Musgraye; G oy-
;; .ernor of British Columbia,'<fec.  y
- We, tbe Chinese merchants and 'inhabitants1
of Cariboo; beg to offer you a cordial welcome, and to asBiire you of our loyalty and
devotion.;.to the Government of- Her Most
Gracious Majesiy the Queen. .We further
wish to express our satisfaction at tbe impartial and just manner in .which. the laws and
go vernment of Her Majesty; are ad minis tered,
affording- .'equal privileges and;.protection-to
all. ..*��� .    t    A ������' -A-     -..  ,...;������ . '       ;,:-���,-  :
��� Kwong LeVCo;(b7;Lpo;Cbali Farj)i     \ y
Kwoitg Change , X ������> YWnyYuog,  ;.:
WaLee, .    .      . ��� ��� Wa Lung,
'A^\ri^ney^XAAAyA:-;A:-X v'-.;Wing-Sirig..;.;'."'
On behalf and at the request of .the Chinese
residents of^arlboovY,:. A aaA V"j���--< A -A?X -A
YBAUK,|siyiLLE, Sept. 20/1869;.^y.yj
His: Excel!en cy addressed the China'mon as
foilOWS':. y-yyAAAy..^ XaA' .���������;.. X-A'X-X
.(jtEktlb irsx-^It affo r ds me ra rich pTeasn re
to',rqceivb: y6Ur tiddress .of;...welcome,, and to
be issured of'^yoai^ibyaVty and devotion to
the. Go.ver n men t o (" my most G ra.cipus So ver-
eign.the Queen.      y. -,y
Her Majesty-will be gratified by the -ex-
p ressio n of your satisfactio n; at th e imp a r tial
Grant, Esq- of Alio Bank: of '��������� British North
America, foilb wed by ;a 16ng array of names.]
The Govern or: replied to The effec t. tha t as
he was a stranger to the colbny"andits;wants,
he was not prepared to answer the purport
of the address j, but he was, neyerthelessr^ery
gladlo receive it, as. his visit was for the purpose of gaining information in respect of the
colony and its requirements, and. he would
give the subjects alluded; to Tn they address
his most earnest consideration. ;
% road traffic;
The folio win g : tea ins an d. trai ns left Y, t\\ e
for the up per country d tiring tae week' end-'
ing.Sept.ll: : - ';:."' ��� ;���
���... Sept. .7���Bias Leon's, train,;r 11,000;; lbs/
goods for Kwong Lee & (Co. ; Jas. Bryan's
team5 14,000 lbs. goods for CStrouss. L.l*.
Anderson's teams j 19,700'lbs. goods for Soda
creekr-^G. Strouss.������ ������ ���������; ���
Sept; 8���A. S. BatesJ, teams
Deep creek; goods for A.
Karen's team for Soda creek:; .'II,800 lbs.
goods.for Adler & Barry and Goudie. A
"Sept 9.-?Kw6rig-Lee.&Co.'s teamsforSoda
creek; 29,000 lbs. goods ;mr,;K; L.:& Go.
S; ;McDonaldrs-team for Soda creek ; 1^500
got ids for P. Mane tta an d G.. B ros. . , y
,^;Sept.,;.ll���Ah ChuX, packl train for Forks
Qttesnelle;'" 4,900 -lbs. goods' 'for J& Tie. &A
Nash's teams for Soda; creek"! -SO'JO.DO" lbs.
goodsvfor K. L. & Co^. ���
29;500;.,lbs. for,
S. Bates:    P.
Merchandise, $cl,; addressed as fol lows arrived at New -Westminster,; Sept: 10th, per;
steamer -Enterprise; :r^C^ Strbussi "lS6''-:.plcgs ";���
G dia G, 13 pkgs; J L, 7 pkgs ;. J' R/ 1 pkg;
circle B; 3a pkgs:;CS;&;:S. 2 pkgs;; J Pii pkir;:
to oilmen; .
��� It is the. Queen's earnest desire that the
denizens of; whatever nationality residing
under our flag should possess that equality
and protection,; aiid it shall.���bes my str e nub us
endeavor during my administration of the
go ver n m en t, as, Her Maj esiy.% rep resen tative,
to'preserve to'you and your; fellos^cbu'ajry^
meuithe ubin.lernirj>ted;;enjoyment;bf. all ad^
vantages which are afforded to *you in this
colony.- "-'���'; r y' X ��� ;;
. BAnKKRtnxE- Sept. 20, ISG9.       \,
A.AMxA't- Spencer- ThompsonAiheri;;Tead the
fbllpwing address, which; bad -been drawn
up.;. and- hnmerously ������ signed previously. to
any knowledge of his Excellency's intention
to visit Cariboo, with the ;vievv of sending it
to his Excellency,at Victoria:���':.-���.:    yAy. ,���
To His Excellency; A ntuony Muss rave. Governor of. Bri tish; Col umbia,.<fccV- ;
May:it;please your Excellency,-r- y'X X"��� -y
A'. We; the undersigned, inhabitants of: Gari-
boo, the principal mining district of British
Columbia, feel much pleasure ��� in .welcoming
yoiir Excellency to this colony,, trusting' that
during your administration of the "j Government the clouds which have so long obscured
our political sky may be dispelled, and our
hitherto neglected colony, assuming"tbe position to which its v-astjresources.."entitleit,
fiirnish, as one of the confederated proyinces
comprising the grand Dominion of Canada,
the last link "which must eventually bind the
A tl an t i c to t he Pacific u n der 0 n e s tro ng and
enlightened ' government, consolidating and
connecting our national power in what has
hitherto been an isolated portion of the British
Colonial Empirei;     "' .-, '������'��� -';y
.. In view 0f this poil tical change', tbe speedy
consummation of' which we'regard as an absolute necessity, not only for our own interests but for those of all British North America,
we wo ul d resp e'e'tfu 1 ly suggest th at an ap p r 0 -
priatiou be made during tne next session of
the tegisla.tive Con 11 ci 1 for openiug a pack
trail and bridle path, as the precursor, of a
wagon road or railway from. Barkerville���the
centre aud capital of uariboo���to Teto Jaune
Cache, on.Eraser River, at the termination of
the Leather Pass, which is geuerally admitted
to be the most favorable pass for a road
through the Rocky Mountains-;  an undertaking which would not only be of great service in affording facilities for exploring *
large section of country believed to be auriferous, but would open direct communication
with the recently acquired Northwest Territory of the Dominion.
Should your Excellency's views coincide
with 0 u rs 0 n. th i s su bj e c t, w e w on 1 d fur th er
suggest the propriety of urging upon the Government of tne Dominion Uie necessity of'cooperation in connecting with this colony by
opening a road between Edmonton and Tele
Jaune Cache.
Hoping that all the relations between your
Excellency and the inhabitants of this colony
may result iu mutual satisfaction.
We have the honor to remain,
Your Excellency's humble and very obedient;
[This address was signed by the legislative
meoibers for Cariboo and Yale, and George
6 pkgs-'Q A; &.B,:9.1pkgs:'; ~Ross^2 pkgs *r:,dm
;D,''l5.pkgs- -Meteesei % pkgs; dia S, 90 ;pkgs;
;dia J,3pkgs; H B G, K,?36.pks:s;f:irB C,,BS
22 pkgs; ������; HBO, Q.;: 5 pkgs;; H:B;;0, So, H
pkgs]: H;B,;C,N 0,10 pkgs;'��� H B;C,T R. 12
pkgs;-;:H:^ pkg;
Barnard,'5. : And bri.'"the 7th inst.j as follows;.
;E,T,;100;pkgs;;;ncjrcl'e.B,; 17 pkgs;-KL; 56
pkgs; circle B, '12-pkgs; J**;G, 492 pkgs; J L,
.1 pkg; G dia G, 4.pkgs.   ;:
-��� r': -.�����;*-   ���- :������;-:������ :���������'��������� ;..- ������������      -: :	
-",���-; AA-   ��� X   : . ��� WILWAM CR15KK. ,.
������ ���'���/.'.'The San; f^uaii cOv-Sjclaim /yielded an .ouneo;
per; day w- the1 hand, ;dbring the. past week:
The ,Downie. co. cleaned up 25J oz. for three.
days. The,,4rtdIey-Nicfiols^a^'"co,.'^ro bringing up a ditch for hydifiulie purposes. Tho
Hy ack c6.. are in 80 fee t wi th their tun nel.
The Flume co( are hydraulicing. The Cornish co.. rcleaaed' \i p. "524". oz; last wee ic. The
Dutch Bill co. are cieaumg up, and; tbe
McLaren co. are hydraulicing. \rx; ;:.:
The Barker:co. washed up 56 0z''. for Uie
week, from one shaft. The Foster-Campbell
cp. washed up 52 oz.; the Cariboo co.,41 oz.;
and the Caledonia bo., 30 pz.
"���/-���'"'���;';.'���   *  MriK GULcm AxAy
The Knight co. are:drifting on high rock
The Perseverance co. are doing nothing.
The Mucbo Ore. co. had oyer 40 oz. from
their last week's work���-;; the Taffvale co.. 164
oz.; the Cobmbs co., 58 oz. ; and the Floyd
co,, 31 oz. The Jenkins; AlUiras, Hopeful
and H igh-lo w-Jack torn panies are al I.' work-
in g, iii expectation of get-ting good p ay.
'.._"y/conklin guloh. .';���;' \-
1 Th3 White Pine cb. have nearly got in with
their, tun nel. l.The Eelix co. washed up 80 i
oz. for .the week find the McDowell co,fTQ
oz. Th e ��� o ther co m d an ies a t wo rie did no t
get much pay./;   ���;;..���,-.';. ������ ���
.������   . LOWilEZ GREEK.
The Calaveras co. washed up 20 oz. for the
week, to one shift.
The Dunbar co. continue to take out big
payT and the Ross co. are getting about 15 to
20*oz. to the set of timbers.
The Minnehaha co. are getting into better,
pay than they have recently, obtained.   The
Laidlaw co. are doing, well, the pay increasing as deeper ground is reached.
New Caledonia.���Some goods addressed
to the Hudson Bay Co.. New Caledonia, were
brought-np country   last week.   Where ia.
New Caledonia?
Doxatiox.��� His Excellency the Governor
has given the Rev. Mr. Reynard $50 in aid
of. the funds for building a churah, as contemplated by the rev. gentleman.
Death;���John Minsen, a teamster, died at
Clinton on the 12th inst.   He leaves a wife
and child ni that place.    ��� ���        '���'-    ��� :f '     -       Y     '   '  yy.  Htft**  i-c,*������r y?i^&i^^  ?c.K-ySr." ���������  'yi^M������&M0^M^M^A  :f6okUrit^,i'teauthors\viso.te!.esl3,;./ - ������������������ ���������  'here's music ia thetytaralto Ibey; roll  !'ik&eieff^,a uili': st ^a>st>sur0-a';,J J���������W  '-M<iiftttalifi^ie|tic i'n.roelc?fgriaflenf��������� ns?,.  As'lf to Jilssibft.bldeirnia.meutal sines,;     ;������������������  Coflttoenb and jsew'. io .brigbHwra beauty  ^cki'/il^robOs; pf green, ��������� ofc^^d-lan*  w-. ���������_>������ '^_q_t>Ma&^^  [Incorporated l>y Royal Ofiarfer,' 1862].^  CAPITA!, --��������� -----   Y"   *?,6O0.opp.  1      'A , Wi tli pfrvver to increase        t.      ^  " ���������  Drafts Issued.oil the Baujtte branchest ���������,  JN^sV^COTVEK , INLAND ^ YICTOKIA/  TQ t.lio TJaited Stales i  ^^^7^^^ v*T^ICTO.RI^ ADVERTISEMENT'S.<  Miners' .Boarding-'House.  t-~"ksjsk_Sk'S  BOARD; |T2 per Week.   Single Max** s$X,  ;   f      '- ���������*      y.    *r 'Samuel >vai;keuj. ���������  'Barkerville,-July27,1869.;     ;    r\    r ^,il  BB&^^jaoifl^ngle^  "vbpen-lpr ;the .aqcominodatioiivoC.'traveUers aud  tho^ibjean* Betls;^  ���������style./  i'"  ������:xX^'-S^X?-A^aXaA ., .A 'A*'' 6ra  *  ������������������������___���������__  Importers and Commission,; Merchants, Insurance  , " .;    ,   , ;,  Agents, etc.,   ...  'Wharf $root,"'.������,-;    -    ��������� -,  /,*/;���������_  Viclorla, V..I. *  -'-  ������������������^      /-.���������;.��������� .xriyi.i....,yyi������������������  -  A VilSV ocoau in Fwjui������y*j j������^"y ^~~;*i \r -: .*;  ti&atuStvensb, subject tamnerxing'lawsj^  ^.Crea'ted.v-fr6rai'aotbrDg;f-!Oinn|potence   tbo  / ������f��������������� l^^?^:������^/|i^" ��������� l^Y/ll������Y Y^Y$ P$������"'  wVne%e?J,.Trt^  v yI',:-"--':- -wlrta-'r ,���������'--''���������������������������,. -������������������       ;,? ���������/>'.^^^Vj^jt/'  Morii���������g -fears Tojoicc^creritio'ti^s^egtm  v-TCa\Vopy'of'figHLbestud wifti.starry;gemsf; t;  , fc Wi^ubliniiLy ceiitraly:thonie'of;lbemes;  ��������� .-Grcit'^iiiri-fe o&mmy^'m^ ���������������i.G������A>  '  -^mbeauty'ittvested,'strange ,<(-as with a  ' ;'',v '  /;iibocl f^ -    ��������� ' ,     .,      -. '  r ^ Clouds JUt������iVers'floalui������'Sn tlie hioezy air,^  Tlie rolling  thnrid^is  peal,   the   Ilglitmpgs  iSi ^  ���������Aients^for -ttie^^fe^MgnteeaKf*  ON' CA1NADVA-Tlje .Banfc of Montr^^l^^^.  ON>S(?OTt^ND^Tfo  -   . pany("s Bank.;,'v ���������   vr    ,    .        ,   >; ���������'  ON IRELAND'���������The Bank^pfi^Iand,.;L . ,..,  Of MKXICO<-axd^ SbUTH/AUERIC^Tbe:  -^London 'Batik   of   Mexico   aiid-South  ^If'Aiilerica,;%&&W;iX:AyAA:iy. $. ���������,yy A.XA i;. ��������� X:>  ONBNGLAND-TheBanlc-.ofBrUtsli-Ccluui-  bfa_HeMOmc������TEast-ladra-AvenuG,  ..,. LeadcnbalV'street. ',   %        :    "  ^   5  4V'  TOEASEf  JOSHUA'^tpTr:  "F"Rm:^-;GiROUDA;CiS,.  ��������� fe^">rOK". fiUATJCHT,^ f       '     A   A''  CHOICE WINES'iiiNTB\MQUaRS}v^:  AA^yt���������-.V:^W-'a ivr-T?TJ.rr.n;y:STREE*:  '    "      '.\r:vY.*,Y.   *'.Y lin'^^V^'" '   -���������'    '., -. ���������/     ���������-  - -    ���������  Tailor, (Successor toiE.rBead,) O-overnment '  ,. ; ' '^Y'^/if'^s^re^^iatbria.. fi'A ���������'- '-  *' ' Offers attend^^K^icaretmd despatcb.  ;;0fJ;^lP,liipER^;;vO:  Irnnortcr of - Books, ��������� Staubnc-rj'."������' ^   Fancy - Foreigu "  1 ���������   ,_   Monal'acuiros, ,   V   ; -,  : -������ :-,���������., \      FORT STKEET, VICTORTA, -1*<\ ���������*-*-^"  :  May itlp * (-? J^yX  A'  vi  u *  Pac5Lfi;o:';r$|iog|fpli- .'Hotel,.  -/^CHOICE WINES;rAOT  -.t'     rio'-qAC'EA.HE'NT-O,; STREET,-1 ,>, - dli-; ^i^i^t^dlliours^ ;;Bo|ir^n(^ii;tDg p6r  ^y6^J.������^^y^ ^^ir^^S^^^'.^-.^^--  ������������������      ���������        '      ������ __L_     '  A' :  ���������     ���������      "AnDRISW'-ASTRICO, Proprietor.        .  iafeery;aiy^e-Sal0021-  ���������-;::���������;  RcooiveaonT3?posit,c   J   vanebs mad   on Iheoi.  /  TIiJTi"EGR^ PinC TRANSFERS:  :;, -  |iiay:^i8������  C'  Th0';'rainliow-s   tbrce-haafcr sirfili-erccled  y .' r';,  ���������  -Uobveuaatal sign, mild nnooi afJlLeXtormj__ __  :.y:AAA AA-AA\ AyAAAux i Ai^nW- ,^i Oi Yi?;Yf������,  'mxmAmAMAAAAAy*  defy comnetnipn..    . _   - ������������������   y '    , attach6a  to< tho  Grants or, Vk-ria, 5..u n.W, Pcrttem!,.^  ������f^2^^'D^El^  ^.^V l^0.**-  \T,ATOHJIAKKK(, .JEWELLER-.r'l'AKD :E^-  *ft :Wf 'braver ^orerbmeut'rstreet,.next io tho ���������  ota^e^tefiSlJ'dil^  Se1rs.tina^itches:c^^  nn^Orr^mehtal^iblsi^^  A-Aa^a  :6m  ^XACEAm^^^A^A^AM20:p"  TOUam-C������ca!c,JCail]joo.   >���������'������������.  '.'YY:  ;������������������ .,.<>  ���������������������������:���������..',... ���������,,:���������'-i-  Tlie  rolled Bli^ou   e|emi3%-ftom|;falliQg  bloo; i, - ��������� ~     ��������� ������. '        ,<0*   - *  "Whose gems pmxUed desert lands dare not  c.oosmn'e/" ?; |' 1   ' ";     ,    N-  ���������-,,-yy P^-ietorBof tfciS  vrelli k'hown House gentler  ??rS'������^ ^o-i^tDarY' SinrJ^ 3leais. .>! 00.  UUiLim ,   vand.Saite  IS  CUtiUeS wife! eaitf, afain;';freshens:,up its  ;���������; ;j.,!';-';*7Hopin^V, ;f J; j - ,���������>-:;^v;^v ^'ir^?",6sii- ��������� ->t>;_  ^Emblem!of-manVfuture;ri8ingfromUhotom"b.  S^ Ax'AA.i'-: Airfy-Ai <   yAX-lAJWXJXiri^.y  ^*'fGbSKl,iN'GuT;cH,Sept.-l6, 1S69: \���������P "  ���������''-���������:' -' '<"'^ - .---^'"���������/ ^''' ''/r   "- '"'-'���������- ���������'*���������-~������~*'y.A  yvAAPyJ  ���������    " "  :" "MISCELLANEOUS:;  :'M':|f;ifY;;:;t3|^  ".'Should- .oldf'acquamtance '"be-.-forgot?^.  ; iTot If they, have money.; -   ;     "; ^ ; '."r  'v' One   of  tho   vngning  Parisian  busies.is  "' about to be mamedioj.a Chinaman, one  of  the atLaches.to-Mr.-BaHingaine's mission.'    '���������  Au.'Snglishman has invented a-machine by  which harvesttag-and drying the grain or hay  M''.wiIlbe*>lone>atfoneJand-tbe;same time. ;It.is  .\LSO���������\good selpctior, of Ci >thing Hardsyare, Glafa*  ;ft^S;andferockerr:;-' ,Bo&t \>tdri4s of Tobacco ^"  ,.  ,   ,      ;"  ; ,lTedibines,'Ctc.',etc.,     .  -  '<  rBStSava?Coi^;"^^ BA^*.  ALL GOODS SOLD^T LOWEST RATES.  ' '-> Tbe BAR is'fully .supplied iith'>e; choicest...  '-     ���������.'���������    HayaHa Cigars, WinestaudLitiuers,  ^ Unit ov^stricVattentio^tojbnsiness,'and ffii^.and  Bouaro dealing, to merit a continuance ol tlie liberal  pa Lrona'ge heretofore ^extend.c a tome., :* -,���������    ,.    <���������*  -.; A-large lot :of EEYW0.OD!S .celebrated BACON.f  for sale; at a; very low. figure.    ' ' \'  " .Fob.?20; 1869-    . .jg% ' - ^^i  ^jL>Aiiy--,  1:  'SBfeet ahd'Oast 'iroh'ISfcpves.  "!���������-&, SfflSET:!*""*'  ?A'S'.I0BT3ING: :W  r-"V   ^":y^ :.;>^v4vC^1   ^-vv,^ ;vra    ^.'promptness, and warranted to ;gi^p; ��������� on lire  satis0  "BARK SEVILLE.  AAAA'XAXAyA:AyVAA:A'~AA77AAyAyAAA').  '���������'���������   ��������� ^'���������'{..i--'-I'i.-';'.'. .V,--.'-,'- ���������;.'���������' ���������.���������'���������:':���������"���������"���������'���������:������������������- 'a:',:a\'...: ':���������::���������: ������������������;',:��������� :.������������������:���������;���������������������������:���������.'-... i,.���������::.:.  ;j^ MASON, ,  "���������.���������''"   ' ".       Proprietors.,      ���������.,,,.<���������    ?  Board, $12 per Wee^ Single' Meals, $1.  The best of malarial is use<l- Mid^lVwno,^hfln^  cll^W^ov^r^cW  ;.this?estob;iisbment;t   yj .^  w;Y ; Y   '''-'^ ^?"-  'Sfs^;:;OT-^          J;|:bM^    fine  bed  rooms to  let.  ^^ "Dinners for parties cookejd ipovdcr.^,  LECUYER"&" BRTIN-.  '^V''^G?:<������^ ^    , -  *���������-('���������<��������� YYiY). k���������BhsU&l*loj*yictoritti,Vi:--IJi'';    lt,   _,  'Ex-o'ti^rordcr&Tor^^^ of v^de-   A  ���������'   tronerartissortment of.Wgons -alwiys on fiaotl  ;Y^������;'; 'e__^lMA^OIJ, , .,  '*"> "   ! '..<������!.   1; ^WliOlcialc^p^lor^nTr;  ;  arooeries, >l"Pi-0visi011 s,  ttivana CigarB���������and-French Preserves.  .Yfi^I^p"i>;^.-.':>-iY^!_^^  XWAAiA������MSmmAX.-A- :  ^nnhind anrru.coH3Untly receiving y bg������  *%1  'ill  ^iny-1,1^8?  Cm  ,jg^ner^l"use;  l^./^A young-lady .explained to'; a3^printer ^'the  dtherr -'iflny"the'vdiaUnction betwe;eii' priotitig  and- publishingand^afc the -cbnclusion^orhei  j^markSjfbyMVEtjr oMnustration;'sh^B:aid:���������  ( ^:You may print-apis's on 'my cheek, but you  A must not publish' it:*7'';    , X  Arm the' midstof a stoftiy discussion^ a gentleman * rp^ ,to> settle^tlie 'matter In disputei  -' ^Wayins^ys;-han'ii;^ :-4  1 /^GentA^att'^aU I 'want ia./'cpiHtu'bn sense."  ' f.ExaCtty/? ittfe " that IsYpre^  * cisely-v/hat you de-\vanfc."   ���������'���������."';. A  '     Ahi  xoldj'1, gentleman1,' named   "Frederick  ;^Bug|ei- JsnpSn.W'b^.e.yJin, pasy circumstan-i  ;'V- cos, recentl j ^IM IhjBeHin.; On ^xari-imajrion;  : rit'transpired:ffi4t;[he,e^ \M9>-  .' p(j() :':.tbaieri,:':whici^-he Jjad beqiieathed as foi-  ;.:'io%.-^toQo;QDO;;H^^  ihalers to-several.���������institu.lions-of.p.ublic.'b.ene--  ��������� ^t. and 50.000 ilialers:%^e;rdWided: between!  ��������� ' lus;tW 0" nephe \ys.;i.; X.A      :A A;' ������������������ ��������� .'��������� v X- ���������'���������������������������-' ��������� : ������������������ ���������' "A  , -V 'Smith Afiica Jcomes forward; to furnish a  , sc.asation.; Yast. ruifts hayeYbeen disc0vered  ^Hardware, Iroii &' St^el,  ������''P.ow.der  5 =���������������������������;���������  : FOR-SAia-. ���������;���������   ... "  ���������E; PEARSON.,&yBR.QBtf ".1  '.: ,,,;    -'     y     A 'iBarkerwillc  "'my5 6m  Proprietors.  ������������������'.������������������'������������������   BLACKSMITHING.  KcEKTEE wishes ��������� to t n for in; b i s; fri A rids nnd'ih e  jt-,��������� public tbat lie is_preparod to .do HORSESlIOE-  T.KG'ai ���������*$3 per pet, and all oilier kinds of BlucUsmitH  work-at-r'c'nsnnablc rates. .'. ['  -'���������'.''>.-.'... --".,��������� ���������  ������. ltIO.HgIELP;-.7nly;,23,18"30;.-:;- ''i:   ,   : .    jy_2,______.;j'  'U.';'.:  :: '���������'-'' '���������;���������'���������   .'.������������������������������������'':'���������'   ':ANO:Y-y;.- ���������-���������. .';.���������. "��������� . A-'')   -':':-  c a R1 ao O.yR H-Y-M E S;-,;  ".'��������� Y-BY ; JAMES : AKpERSON.' '���������     . :>y?'' AAA  PRICE, V-. ���������*..-_ >��������� /.ONbDQLLAU  :, For! sal oat; the Sextis'kl Office, 'and forwarded by  post'i4 free p^chargo.;..; ���������;���������',, ;'.-"���������.;,.. -.^:iny^  ;  ___%������������  itSfe  1 nlrtTTIfri1fi'^i'i"-Ffl?^'V:Ti-'tJrllidyf(iTiat!FniiY  ^^^^I^KH_fl_B@_  __^^*|}^_!a___J__i(____^^_ia_  ^Kl  a^__^_f^'  .NKW..::w^Mtys'r^a"-A  :; r: ��������� -h.1 W.;swuTh, " ���������;. "7:  .Dispensing Cbeniist anv "Dra.icg i������t.  Tm iy irter; o f 15ng������.  ���������"-' "���������" i-iall Ijrufrs* Cb'ihViCJiIs, Pat.mt M.,ck-iii.?.=.J-'i'mdl ,-  '  ��������������� "���������'    - - perfimer'jv'Nevv WestminsU'r, 'B. C :���������,.'-'  FKE?ri GAB DEN". "SEBD3 00N3TANT riY ��������� OX KA*H"D.*.  " -tl evs from 'up-co unfcr y, car ei'uli y a tie nil e tl t o. ���������'.  Muy.1V.i80i).'...   '. ���������...��������� ' ";' yA' ;..'6m  dispatch.  ^P  i,j...   ������������ij.������   uLi-.jji.iu. wiyiyti������..     'vmw*  ry. attended  to   Witb  care aud.  mHE ^D"ERS1<^E*D; B^.; TO   INFORM  HIS  In- b:*Vnew building: wtiers; he is prepare a,: tor giv^  ^oiM^t ftvr:eaBonabloi price, ^Uo^YWho^l  :gS With-tbeir palronajjeyma? ^epe# o^tbo  cleanness ana comfort, of.bis liouse,,-.;��������� ':Ay^Au-A^vi  ^^^isotltilopportunlty to^mm^^e Cari-  boo&i&W ^?s Brewery ba^i-cceive^.tlio FIRST  PEIZE of the Colony, for bis celelirated -.,,;_ ,y  X :-!.;?-���������,-,���������,./^x-X-'X.'/'fAtE.,;   ^ ,k,Y  A,ui Jlift'trai amaieiii's Avill bo able to judge by theni  awarUerl to-niin.;; tvi.;:-- :A.AX(ii ���������X--yA':v '������������������:yAA-'A\  v K-. H.'-^-A large front room- t0:let.:.. . , - ������Ttvm- -.;  ; Eajjce^lUOjSanv^^.lSGS.;v   >:   .y^^pPglQI^.  Be^tatiraiit ^and Briery-.1  ra^TTFFronrWtors'of-^  -F���������'��������� wW*nt' wniira rospeo'tXully tbra.k...tbeir, n.nm.er  oos iy^rds-aart'"#W l^b.bo torjtbo ^teii^.c;mtr9nage  beretof.irwtiivvtohn'tbehi;- aivd! trust tbat1 by their  ,!"iy]"P-i_;ifet--atta3uUott-tobnRlrieaB'thoy^ll .merit a  continuance or their con ftdence an frsuppprt.: . ������������������ "��������� .:'  '��������� :":>ieals, '$r-v "Boarcl:, $16   per 'Week.   -  BJIEAD MADE  QF:;THE BEST  FLOUR  We recomnicna to tlie public our . ;���������, -.  .;''y-G:Fi'0;U'Np';;c;oiF:^        .v;  wlUish^'amw'h'Wperlorw  l-;rt h nV, ��������� iv. un *"l i e low.    Wc Uo ast a ri cl O ri n d: it ou rsol vcp  ih'i oboosol.be host berried,���������consequently, tlie public  mav be sure of its being free from ��������� art u tie ration. ; ���������  m * PATTERSON & G00HSON.  . Barkcrville, May 18,1800. my 10  *-'x���������-'fell; &!;fin|aY5QN, .  Tea;and;G6fiee Salesmen,  v ,       ..Fort street,yiotorla;-V.I..  Sparc no qObrt in scJcclirW^Sl^tai^  ;gSn@i*:>he; cljoicos fegJgPAteffi 5ffy * i regards  .���������PoMargo consumers thoy offo^oyen^c^f mvl.0m.  prir.eR- o/Vffnaiity^       yX"_y ��������������������������� ..__-^^���������-���������:-^  ; .  ; ��������� fiOVERKMBNTfCTREET, VICTOBJA.      ;  VA o lte'sii e^n p ��������� m T:* f *  ��������� ������������������'���������      J; H. TURNER1.f-OO.,    ���������  ; ������sUaderclbfli ngV-Ofe58^^ y Y  ,dcscri|)tton ofl^ryOoo^  .   ^  Kc^iveregnlar:suppic^|^  *i^T*1������^"������y^VmSK5trrii orders.-^  J3������- Particnlarafctentvl^n givsn���������W.-Zly  LondonFlrm-,J*. V THSSS^-S?S  :,'��������� T--Y;.   l;AND AGBKTi Etc:,'���������-.-..-..  .AlibSineescarcf^  May.;ii':1868.:-.v:: '   " ������������������-?  Al   interior to'tf^'p^KOT^Jj^nwWo,M^  novr prepared to fu^  rdastcdvprcparocVand.pnUirlntin^^  latGstapprovcnscie^mc^rJnc^ ^  to bo SYoorior to any otber. ��������� -y^; ^votbinc ; <&Tti  , OrocerieS,Dry;Gopd^Tinwar^.^  Field and other SeedSi English anji: Cownia   ,  ; ���������Yalet'.>iay..i;-l&g0.ft;/  ^t������i������^d^ia  L   ve41er^; ;GbcM;bens^So^^mals .. W  rm.l Oat? at tho lowest rates. N������ proprietors  ���������M;������.y 1,1869.    U    JKILLIi *.-^AJlL������������


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