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��� AyyAi A^X M^Otm^^AMfti
, \&ifi$M yitAi.y&'Zip^si s^m^^M :)
farewell, native land I -O-farewell my yout&M ne!
'��� Shali-I naVer'see thVe,' fogr&mh��? i%attffmX�� V:\
What grief /fills my/'hearfclY 0 what tears fio^mli e|ej
(Tolthlhlc,' bonnyScotland, I'm'parted from t*a^; rr|
!'.n ioved monntiilnland^ ^erQ"^^^^^^^^ ^ ie*
stilt roarridn my; fanc��and1,1 vp.i n my^r^anis^   s ���
iTfaeirvalor's' enroled.otyr��the jyidCfrolUngd^eji- :.':
Theiriblwdfeta^iijiAjthy^ver.ns to ^untry^oja*
Ita die was,rhore, nbble than jive as a slave. ;    :- "������>
Farewell, triy Mric^torests^j^-'wtjS'Drle^'ac^i1
Thy heatli-c<iv��rcd^o^^^ ,
.Where oft/tlmegjl^cftanrte^^^
Farewell, "thdu gWe^$��*& fet spring'st*roifihy
To 8ings'the brlg^|g��rrbm^ii>'gr tobor-lo)reat# ';:'-.'���!
Till l*t'in thetclowi^
Arfcheerld-me al��fefe7toih4^lJ^-tne-day;^.^f^.*.'i
'  F^rsweH, thbii Bm^aA .StUl ^rt&ze |uo)jyitora��.y:i
>WitfrthW M&Wspent'.my happiest dayil 1/ $ ]|
Far&weli;to GleiJltUiock's pu.ro silvery burn,   < a(
. ThouUt nlHu'mw,*b^^
���; ��� y= yA:$rn(A S-YrJ..:.^-' i'SA'KJ v# _ ^^.r��W|--."5/ ���'. YY.I
My heart is'st^U fWithtve; wh&wej J got���.������ ,,.
(rjnf^_aded,i,nnptU^��>wm'ye I raa^>pajn/a
���Still fondly I'll -lovS vye,' my dear Scottish hotr|
! ii
yyz .4-^^'Cou'nts Dls^aiin? Wd- bol^hfs^IockB^v v^ * ���
"in the eate6hi8m of thetnineteentlr .j^n^ry
Tve^think^lhai^tfie "lags^er/to ^the^uesticnj
41 Wl^\sr&e chief eM of tSfcaV9 flliould i)e
u Mdne^^3^foejpause a^oment^to reflept
upon any subject whaler, the money maria
of .ihe^y-i^^TS^^
.other consideration. '^ Itv matters "'notnvhaH a
,m^n's callingipj/prpfessbr^rjaa^, be,t his.grea^
e^tb bject^it{ie^ acquiM^ it
- is a latnentableifactthat there are men"l;whr>
will condescend to anything, ^ven j^cmry;
When iefluSnpeaihS the pr<ip# dgg^tffa^a
few diines or dollars into their possessio>n.  /
'a 3n^n^^ieinsvtd^
of human ^isteh^e^and/thU dialy object wbrthj
humatf effbritiiMeni^work for it, J>eg_foWtelie
pr^ayvfbr'it, live for it, ;and/4ie for^t;ymti a
magic passport^to'thepresence of the mightiest
ipotentatesiIanaaf>,aim^ ^fonjy so^tunate
as 'to^posseas'tne^ihag can,
thomi enmei staiheoT be his ^soul^face the
^orlSl^^impfi!^ ^Iffi1^ %^|
man aside; while theYW^rinff rabble doff
their hats arid 'gazej^admirir
-ofkings;andUoJd^y(:r^,; , ..,,^.,,. . ,
uTheCharchi too, has caught^.^e^inf^ctip^
andnb^ a-nay6^"to^^s^^|/^
good name among;the^^
.musialVays^e^^* <m^fi^m^m
with the 4<aimighty dollar," anrl^ne^. character^ respectability is ^higher or lower, pro.
portionatly as he >^^^^���^^
MONByTb recom^e^ ^W   -"~rT-?^T^T~7\
Mv ladies wedded for love,ana gallant knights
wooed and won them; inspired by'the same
tender passjon; but JfsQ. those ^S^i^
of yore arelefkaf D'ehih'd ih the4 aint/Vis'trof
the departedpasfci^aW-tKe^ageof loveand ro-
mance:exist^rio longer excepfe^in the ,brain of
the noet or the*fancy ofcthe,novelist   ?^w<he
wei^yv'^M ��W <H
LoW arrows Ute; fi_>ped 'with-go^;   Mb^y
men's torch is always fanned into A blaze ;-jby_
the "almighty dollar."
Jpat"the ^^.manfcannbtlpTass D^fbreMe^obr
^ite^^pa"*h.e^a^eti^i gates;'-that the sneering
^���isjiQ0rif .wUIlhaye" no - preference11 over> the
^brest 'ofJtje'ia^^as GbdTis no.'respecter of
i persons^ apa^hae^b^s^
.the^porta|s;;of ;ParMise;^ k �������� '<������ -.y'v'^^^V;*'^?
0^aH*h^ilivnp.j^ ^'^bright
tory fin thelifrf^ndsjrx: they defiant h cpntinuallyj
less B*8n^s ��� W jpr^i^^^i^y^on^ \ pnr"chase|
phe drop^0^ai&|toi;cpbl t the^^rjjngif f Jon-;
guea of thMost^ta^
Upjfowye^^d >^
;_6T en'jlt^ft^^u^ ;
;45 jBag^E^Hsian excjuisiteliad one dayy withj
'his1 u#al cohdesceriMohi started oiit tjclgratify;
tb��; a|5airipgf gaz^
an (exhibition j of? his4ates J promenade su^v to-
getiner with ^'y^yicbstlj gpl& he^ed "^he'bf
, superio^^brkrriaiiSBipI" ���%Qd! ^^crpwdea^' tho-
|ISughfare,he, ^asci^pe^jby a miserable,
;de^epid;\l6bkmg man, supported bv crutches,
isluhg family: y7;qurte^u|3ite;{���\^d"by';,the
pitiful accenis ��� of -the^matt;hrfnded'him a small
silyer" /boin^ A���. Ho|vi can y 61^ sir; alio w^an. ira-
^ostbfcs fe^ecei^^pttvS^^^\Md
ed a ,person;mearw?himff"^nst give ^me your
/cane,: an'd^^^sh^pJ^bu1 xhut he, runs f"aster
[toa^Kcan^' I! ^ilftQui feflfec^
given^YAt/the sarae;mome^^thebeggar^rew
aside his crntcteB an#^
at a rapid rate,'closely' ,pursuedr.by the: inah
witfetbe caneli j?The racei" was greatly W'the
arahsement of 'the numerous spectators. Some
shouted, "Now, he'stdthim!" -Gt%rsj! *f ^o
he aih'tp and'pps of-laughte^ w^th^p|s|Of
^batch. him^ijalich! UtnM we>tnu^i J^^id.
The excitement bfcameflnten^
enjoyed it more^tnanJ 'the*"ownerrbf. the sKpe.
But alas I^theAeroes-Viam
terrier^ leavingl^netev^m
the r^tnrriofthis/gold-headed cane^'S7<     j-*
'?%' Q^mos Answeredj-^-A clergyman one
Sunday1 informed his^hearjers^that; he'should
divldelhi^ dibcb_urseriatoil$Tee ^arts^-thi;^
would belhejterribTe^the^secq
and the ^iriihe;tetTihJe horrible.'v Assuming
a dramatic tragic^attitude, ahd^wishingjto bring
the sulphurious lake "viyidly before'the minds
eye of his ^earers^ heY&wung his bright arm;
wildly^ pointing^ito mboutj'th�� centre of the
pburcb'i hejexblaimedi'in a startling,: agohi^ihg
mlfer^lif !^TVn ��rMi*'/are
reared new, temples;d04icated^tp;;therworshjp
of this modernBaal. r fe its/possession jna-
tions rjuarrel and flght like fiends, /and jthe
earth &��iwn ^Eh^ob^ofthf tfain;Wj��
have Veen'ofteredlip4 as^&acraflde upon the
blood-stained alt^^ bf<th\sio^^ 9gre.!
Money, money, money!   No matter how,
when or where is-it procured^ :nO iinatter what
risk, privation,, toil or.suffering is. endured to
gain fc ^Wem^
cry of mankind. .** "      AA"  "      , "-^      ��� ^ -��� _���
But there is a time coming, and ltYCom�� to
all, when something else 'will be though* of.
When 'the rich:and^# pb>;' thf faster ,^nd
the slave, he ttiat rbiiethlh'Iiixury_andhe(that
liveth in penury^ he that sported his millions
and he that had not a penny, the purse-proud
aristbbrat.ahd the Ibwr^est ^ommoiier, .will all
���descend to one eommbn>leyel and:flnd apom-
mbn resting place in the grave till .summoned
by the arehangfeFs trumpet tb final judgtaent;
la the agony of ;the, .last; moment it wil be
foundthat the terrors of^^di^plutioncannp^be
staved off with gold; that it^cannot he earned thr^ough the gates of the New JernsAleiB ;
cried^biit with a shrill terribl'e^
thinf but niy little1 ;bl^2i^^CH9hKK?^
np^a^^i^r|^M;a^au|fe and^the clergv-
man "conciucled to confine himself to the .terri-
ble^wUhp^a^king: any mpre^uest^itis:^ ^ j |
'%:Ai0ii^KretiringrWesteim?editbrVsays ^hat
all is^ vaMityiij - ��� From'A the;' hour r he^Fted .his
paper to the.pre0nt^time;MfeM^
to lie upon^very>given#u
member ever having Jtold "a wholesome truth
witbblit'i diminishing < his subscriptionflist,' or
making an'���enemy;J Under these^-.eireumstone'es
of trla^arid Having-authorbugh! .contempt fo
himself,!he retires iri order to recruit his moral
constitution."..?;   .,.;   '-y- ���"";''!' XyA.yyyx-'V
... ,'.\/'.;.-��� :'<Aij ' 'i;.;.-' ���'' ������ '���     -��� '   " -
v;Thb'IInivee9^:iVPractice-of mixing;^bicbVy.and
otherUdulteratives with Coffee, has very much damaj
edln public estimation, what^bught to be the most
delicious olB
ibeen drugged
ties have been
tr, con tcn"iW the v'tooVs fcxtfe(ite<lvftv}n> tho hurry m
ffitfZWi%P^mi in drd^to-pr^nt OW
SuSft&tfcu'.;. This objocL*."$ffik$S&
��ii.riBd bv Uie niiw an 1 patcint "Conical Coltuo Roister
:ffied rfr���FEtL & CO:, VioWria, in .which the berry
ffS��&W*��l" t��e ra>liateU l.eat, and ���*$***
toSSid carricaM insUnta.neo.isly.    In addition t��
ibe advanug" to be..dorivud by the rapid removal ol
.hliSa-cwittinins the objectionable propertiasy tho
*'SS   ?^Coffeeis retained,'tho .essentia 01
��al!S^^B^*hSu*M-- is in tho Cylinder.
&M TberethoOeirecisr^uirad toreraaina much
iXS'timeTin oansediicnoo of the 'steaming it, under-
SVe cih cohflilenUy rccomm-nd
in.itef^V. tCJffe8Hsrchante, Yates St., Victoria.
;, ;;j";; ��� (s^^;i;-^^;E;M^ I
PuBtis^ED/.EvEHV r, Monday'; j&d[-^jjhsi)Ar\
!   '��� ��� ',,   ������'   ��� '���'������ 'v.-'.. aV" ';'i'';''' ������' '>- '���'������ ~ ������ 'AAA."'"   '"--.; '��� "*.!''"'i"*-:"''-: ' '���������{>" - ���v 'A   ���-',yArTAA'r''"-iA\'.
] y J^iXX^Eg^^
(Incluflin^'. cost1 of ^eUVe^^t^yatilty ^��th e tOwrler J
��� :  '���        'i'1. 'T'S'".''?,''!' V1;.'1'''"''1' '. Y'-'t     i'v"'. i*.''VtV1'" V: A.'.'~"'f"'""''."';"'' ''���'**l'i.-
^8A^, OF //j
*&y ^u?��, v$ii#��ifct ������ i' '^>fr -..>'rt;*?i ^ d ^*rt
!l:''Y..'i'.,��.^v rVi'-'wr.   fY*T~T~r:Y,^fef^/-,   f.��� ,,'/v
'Ay-A:   .^���.;*'J;''-S/,THOMPSONr^PaESiDJt'ST.;'-J- x''J/)''��� '-Y
'- ^^'^ES^NOERSONj/Viba^BEaiDESTy^ V' f ''
.i��''ii.>% iY#^,Y:iV;j^StW--w",J% Yf-Jiv-Y'^VXO ^T^Y<'
yA'  StmtMMm^HAiAyl.^A^
"t,;���YYl   IY,j'p
- 'Y   ,n""s '    j ����^~-��=> ^       ',   * '        i       ,  i
T' ' HISiI^SrS*rSrK^iat; present contains'^out^iOp
voluriSwClioic^Liieraiure',jCon&Utirig^f Religious,
OftionHfi^^fi'MrlA'Vl artd/^oetieiil workS/andi'wdrksiOi
tor reference^;. ^!i-;')Y;,nrv.^Y^yf/!*'
The Reading.Room.wUl >e^ found (supphe(i with tbe
latest English, Scottish; Canadian; iAinorican,/ancl Colo-
nial;Papers;and JMaglzines��t?' >ft*Ai '.',.'uyy(> ^ *U* '?y
-Terms o^SDBSCRIPT^oN^$5!pc^q���aarter, ,orji$2iRer
niontlv ; Single;volumesi..Loaned;to?non-subscrlbers^at
SO'cts^er volume; with .SI" depdsit:;U;^>'^ y'^1 ', i
Persons not subscribers visiting the/Reading Room
and .making useof this' Bpoks^nd. Papers isvill be charged 25 cts, tor each visit,' .1.,
, u__r The Room will bo open/from 10 a.m. till lptpvin.
���*^      ,        -Y' v     ^ JOitN BOWRON^l
r .. 17���*   '�������    -n' . ��� ��� ���.'' "Secretrai^tand'1_ibraflAm';1r^
Storage and'Com-rnissionv;; |'"'-".>jfe
;.'t-jr/T4 , ^Y' yA'-'jys$k&.
AA)I fp i' '> '^^i J^p6^';"to, Increase.) >,. A-W ',
y�� '^ yMi. ;n. I'irjmn^ \ Ay rr^ *i rf. h.-�� "-'^/i'��
^:*ORA��� ^^^^pHE^N*^ ���
& '   ; -SAN: PRAN01^^^RTI^NDti.OrtEOO^i|!i:ol
i.'��s*.ijjj--..4i*,i'-|-f?*>������;-'**vf?3!,^>'i^3tiu   i'(i_;,'t"r ���''���p'-'ivv ���������"?������'����������� -'y'yitf-~
Montreal, TprpntOj-^epecytt
Ji,^8t^nr,'C^bbur^^llwvi!le'l-' BrnhHfdral i;Birock^^���-*��� A
At  H<pvMe|Whnbyj��ei^
'H:i?y ^lIM^^^^yf^^^^A ATAA'iy
ON NEW; Y0RE^6n|.^srsJj'B^>IX;^fciQ^J^���nRVi, (Agcnu
mmtotii^^ LIMITED
X ^ill&Ci^ohn^dBttMConected
oniOr^t^Brltainjg^ml'ranci^co! and/' MewrYorli^pur-
? Goyernm.#t|aBQ:wiert Securities., received /for saf��
custody;;Interests aSfd-Dlvideiitls'collected       "'  '   l
Recelvipdcn Deposit or Advances made ilbo'n ttiem;;-4
;fVniY    , a W&\-  jV< ���      ^       '-  .' '' *
'^. Oow>J)uaT ^eUedMd'Assayed,; and��returne. - mad^.:
fiib^/M'hWSi   ili^  ;r'$        i        AAAXyAA.
���������-'"Ores-of^ew'teorfpiloncafefully'Assayed. - -��� -.��� '��� i;
A~- \iA"vWEQL^SAL^k^yt^AJL-A��� y^J
IS HAVE ON HAND a large stock;pf "pirbvisionsi
,, : Hardware:and .Vegetables, and,/are determined to sell' them cheaper; thanvanyi other stores on
Williams Creek .Come and see and judge for yoursclyes.
v-vRicbfield,tMay;5th>-i866,p^ <A.yy>M. yyy^yAV* ,^y
m��ty' ^'^0S^^ ipf, y * - f^_,
Britishii' vNor^^ yfeerica;,
.;'',,. *..,;'..;,.y; ','EsTAB^ispEb^'ip^ ^^p;v;";r^ jv:^;
��"Hbajd OFPicicr^ST: eSEeNS PLACE 'LONDON^""
' DRAFis I^UED oil London, New York] 'Saili Francisco, Cariboo, v.Canada*' :NeWi*Srjins.vick, t-sVovA Scotia,
and' on all' the branches'oltihH:^ati6naI3ank';.of^Scotland iB'pTrdvidciviB^hlfi^.'&'el^d^ ^yvyr *y
- Bills '6$ Exohan^^nd^j&bld^ Purckased^?;
' 'Interest' olSpfecial ^Deposits of .-Mdney-'an6wed;;at th��
rate of- a marten ^one)per cent.<pw <Y)f f
y;,'   ;:._,;___'): _]_!...,.J,i,i"L,--___i_i__ __L*_;'i_I! _2;i';������'Hi.i*t:
i >rOo��n Pust Melted) and' Assayed, arid? retufna. mad a
within ^hpursinCoinior;lJars.j>4i. ^.A.^^y^ * &
��� .."bres of every ilescriptioii carefully;.AsBayed.^.: ..; yy
A. N:i B'.���Any instructions as to'the^disp'osal ;6f thej pro^
��eeds btl?66ld Dust fdrwarded^o��� the :-o_8cc'!ifr Victoria
for Assay; will' be carefully attonrled ;to, ; >: v? - t& i 3��"?":
...     ,h-l   ,  ^::, . i.  ^^^HRPHERD,;Manager,-^
;^ic��oriaJ.V. ^/Aprfl.-^.S&d;,,,' i'."...'/ ������ yly -y};*i yy
"':...;?.,- 'J \;BARKERyi;ix^,B:.;c:;,w ,C '\"jV"'
��� , ���. -. ��� i ��� *. ��� 5 s    * ii,. ��� ��� f: J; ���ti'-".' **'s | -, Manager; ���r
21st July, 1866.     ���    .;, ; yXy . ,;,,.,j.' �� .;23 ^ >>
"���> :^   PROPRIETOR.
:richfield,,   .  ,;.;.;������;��� .-:1
Best Billiard Tables on the Creek: the Liqubrs
and Cigars are of the anest quality.   -!  :9.
pa sum
_ HMA'KE;Ev. &;...i'h W
BAR^RVILI*E--Adjoining the Express.Office:
RICHEI*BX1>.:  -;,   .
ST AGE   LINE.   ...    i
"Stage Fare to Quesnelmou'tb;';      .< --'��� *,���'"f ���:* $��0'
;;y>4y^7 ��V-;*thrbugk "to'Yald,;���-���"'-'���'���; ;::<l'i '���.���"*$65. ;:
"'��� ���' .: * A-,v:i ���'>- "A ?>yf   iyy; JOHN'tiVitiVMXy^
���'. Vu-Ai:   X- -..-":��� :.-.'.*.> ii  i" -Agent Borhard'ls .Express/''
;August 1st,raw -^..'i,���/:,:.;.",,[y-���.Ay.^: V-, ,..}p-^y
GonnectiDg at- Lillooet and Yale -with PIETZ&
NELSON'S for 3?ew:Westminster & VlctortiV'5~r -
'ILL'-ABB1VE fANO'^ DEPART from tiic-ofiice: in
rfritl "V ALtTAiif.ES for a 11 p',\r$ti of the world.!  ��� Also;* < oin-
missions Kciivcil and forwarded by: Express,tor Uf^';
T     MONDAY, SEPTEMBER^, 18,66.     f
It is with'feelings of exfreme.regfet>hat%e
. havew.to. announce the, determination of Mr.
MacLaren to decline|;the; honor tendered him
hy his fellow citizens to represent them in the
* Legislative CQuhcil. ���    We, were certainly not
prepared for this,-and-in view of the,near ap-
proach.of the day pf. election,;the circumstance
, *is much to be'deploied, asttie-Mining Board
may find it impossible-to secure the services
,of; a gentleman p ossessing aiU the, quaiifica-
��� tions necessary for the'position. \y
". Whatever may" be the reason of this unlooj*-
ed-for decision on the part of Mr. MacLaren,
it><is doubtless /most cogeut, as \ his refusal to
accept the position ,at.sp��� important a juncture
would otherwise" reflecttanything but credit-
A this ^Colony &a.��iuty, ofrwhjch^any Caribqoite
;   mightbe justly r^pj^and we :*ai;re "sure ^hatf
nothing short of ihsuperable^pbstacles would;
have pretfenledV M^
to the4 wishes x>?4he>ipei>ple^A-vja: :. y%
Wei&Terioyr thrown upon tbe.^ tender^rner>-
���pies, of] some ppe !.pf( the. other }can&i^ate5^
Wh��yyijl be the;.^
requw^omeione%if'i��d'iwith second;sight to!
^discoYeto TO as;
likely: to -ofi&^bth^
X ^#th6sempoken^6f as lifeely to eWe^tteAUst8K
y So far as we are concerned, tbo glory of the
Election is1 past;* as Jw^'believe thafc no one but
Ya^miner, and one whose heartAaiwith' the peor
pie, can properly]represent us.JVo. tbaye no
doub ti that each of the gentlemen coming forward will assure the electors that these, are
his-particular "ato
I Jiopes|of the people^ ifjthey depend^ ory^cb
feeble reeds "toA siippo rp^enu* in ii frbub lous
': times. The past experience, of pur citizens
"fias surely, taiigh t th&m that; self-interest is; al-
ways paramount wph the Jgreat majority, arid
thetexceptions, are? sojrareihat itiwould/ be
hopeless to look for them.,.,,  ,_,<    .,
' pressiohs,fsuch/ascriticising the;rest )of;fee>
company in :a "loud -vqfe^.catcallsj, groans,'
[tersvlafiii awa^tll^iMm ��� the^me^it^wSp
/has mdstably^staine^hisrpji^j' the audience
...;',. wil thus be morey competellt -to judge,; and
inore^readijy discpyer^he^pe^formeri pn whc-m
to shower their favorsjin.-&e absence of the
; '^Star,,'y 'h< r" '*' ""'* yAy-' A: ��� t**< 'A'"-**.. '.M'Vn/���
"view we talce of such anf jinmor&nfct event as
the.selectipojof *,a'repr^_^tatiye.rto the Legis-
X atiye, Council, andvwe, feel^dmeTytiat hum-
liled to think that //we can treat soA seriousv a
rhatter sp;lightly, "butthe ���sini_pl��^ f��ctr is, that
tailingitrfifcahd% propter persbn^ io flght the
^people's battles at New Westminster j \veilpok,
as do many of the miners, at-thei whole affair
^a sort/of cdniedyT ���,; "    y ' /-..t ' -__ Xy ^
-.. JHoweyer, to. be serious once more, we cannot see, why the Government should not pro-
rvide a suitable allowance tc��;bur r/epresenta-
tives in this, as is the cusfto>tn fin the other
?British Colonies and in the;^^ United States;
where $6 or SSfpefdayare^MldTwed tofeach
%ein*rj��er of%Ke^Legislature,Ijesides travellkig
e xpenses, to those from_ a distance.     We cannot imagine ji case iu which siiclt^a/ provision
could "fe better made? use of/than in conferring
i t on a member from th
froih New "Westmlnster is cprisiderabie,;and
.renderavall perS
ness, if exc 1 usively in Caribpp^eyen tem pora-
r i ly, inip dssible f. th us ^nothing' but the .entire
sufctiug aside;;of his. business alairs during}the
session:is 1 eft*tb'hini;-and he miist��� HeAin- very
good circumstances to sustain;the drain upon
his means, for-his support while ^performing
his legislatorial functions. Hence it is easy
to see what great1.difficulties stanoV in the way
of Securing the services of a.realiy; ihdepenV
dant candidate;for the peoplejs���suffrages, and
we strongly urge upon those who would wish;
to. see'the people represented to agitate- this
impprtant question? and we? feel convin ced
that no difficulty, would henceforth stand in
the way of that invaluable acquisition,"a honest defender of the peopled rights.
his reasons for so doing *in extenso** though
the medium of the Sentinel. ; ; '
;aTe'THE Mining Boarp���GE>m,EMEN:-^I
have'the honor to.decline your kind nomina?
tion to repreisent this district in the Legislative Council of this colony. Owing to my
late absence from, this creek, -allow, me time
to express ray reasons. With every consideration for your cpnOdeiice in me,^:
��� .; ;: vi have the honor, &a, .
. 1 'V. Iz.lV .... A: -.''.'.'-.        *:  ��� ���   ". JOHN- M ACL AKEN.ff    ':
. Considerable, discussion   arose;.about   the
urgent necessity  that existed for adopting
some active steps for affording protection to
all claims that were dependent, .on the Ked
Rpcfe'Drain for drainage against .being flooded'by neglecting to construct duhis ' or bulkheads to.confine.the water of the:creek to a
proper channel. Several companies had taken
every precaution in this respect along the
boundary.,pf their .claims, but others had not,
an d \ t therefore, became a. subjec t/.of th e\u I -
most importance to consider what ought tp be
done in the matter. ^Should the; icreek unfortunately burst into the Cameron or Moiffat Co.'s
diggings, for instance, and  fill up  the Bed
Rock Drain all, the claims above that point
which intend fco^work^during tne;conjing win-
fefwpuld^e���'.completely"stop^d^and the\
work that has been carried on so energetically1
and at so much exp;ense on the' Drain during*
the summerfwould be, utterly useless^   ,    ,- ���
i ^^Dr^Wi^irispfJ thought that'it woullo/ be very
unfair, to , make^ it compulsory on-cpmpanies
that wer��;uriabIo to        tihri ^x^ehsVf to con-
s^c^fiuuies to/ conv:efXAtihetJyater;past;their
���elaims^^''-: x '      A-zAy, ������ -:x\ A)' AAv    ^, / Ay
Dr. Foster thought^^ that there pughl to be a
law passecl tip compel eacb^company^ to keep
their ground safe, either^ by means of 'a flume
or properijiiikhead. 'ft^was only aa1 act of
common. justiceUthati^he 1 interests>3f those
companies who had done so should be
protected v,^ A great mistake 'had e bejaa made
iir hbt-Mming the/ creek "yearV^a^G*, inuch
ground that had.:now ^cayedi would; Sins have
been workable, and the ;expense /wpuld hot
have exceeded the sumsitbat have been spent
every spring and fall, in^
heads a^ clearing but^dhan^ :
The Board were of opinion/that if 4faey failed^ -to1^take any-action;in this iftatteftthe community i won Id; attribute it tp their;; negligence.
Ifcw^ iberefo*re MacL^en, sec
onded-by ^Mr. .Drake, .*> That all the; companies
qn.^TOlianls cteek be^.requested,tp pajppartic-
lar. ajtontidn��� ffi the/creek vyjien ;at$ts ,high
ya^^bjpiunflingjbuliffie^s^ omerwise^
so that-th"elYrights .of others ^as wedi* as-> their
own^may:be,protected.", y'A'  A
;vv It^was morvgd: byMr, Burdick/and ponded
by Dr. Poster, "That the Secretary "be ijistruct-
toippst u|r copies of this resolution in Gamer-
bntbhy BarkerVille; and, at the mouth of Stouts
gulch.??r-Carried. ;v y' ' A{ ., :' >,.'���._ A i(; -' ] :A
Y^On mbtk)iii Ae x^
a taicatlo��
.-:���'���?'   '��� .  fe
One official^ior every 45 inhabitants,
equly/;[fen'tjtd $250:percaput.:.:;"
The Civil Xist in;; Canada in ;1861 was-$437,285, the;
population 2,500, OOOi   The Civile List of^ British Columl
hia in 1866 is $178,358, tho/population 5,OOQ.,   Yet the?
CanadIan .Government were ,compollodjip redu/pe%H^bir
salHries 12.1'2 per cent..   We are satisfled {   Our Government appropriates; to I tself about one-fourth ol the
revenue:Ihr managing(?);;; the other.three��f6urthr~S0 per
cent commission >;��� The item lltGciycfnpr'' in������ the~ esii.'
mates is $29,654 50, almost $6000 more than'tRe:mighty Ruler of 40 Statesand ^,000,000 of: people receives.-]
Well done five thousand 1   Highly satisfied prosperous
flveithousahdr" -.    --:.... rt' . * '������ '-7  "i" ?tffc\
.   Again it is partfof/the policy of/this XfovernnienttQ
offer certain conditions of ;TJnioh 6r. anne2atJon.,to.vy'an-f
couyerIslan<J^ apparently,because ''ihriyApanviit^Aahf
ceptedj;and the \yii61c Colony; is represented as endorai
ing a viewvwbich is phly; cherished by a'jparty;5:(:;Spacc|
will not allow meto follow; < this/policy r further at pre-!
sent; but! must(say it is one in which-I have no confidence.   ',   ; .      . -, ."        -'A"*AX'~X^ ...'
I perceive'also that the 6P\y^^reiatibriship existing b*eJ
tween the miners; aiid the' Government-atpresent is ^
supreme contempt on the.part'of the former and^mor-:
bid insensibility on .the part of the !atter^^_maiion^
ship with; which I do hot wish t�� deali y;: yy A -Ay J
It is high time for the Government'to 'Bhake^off -its
dignity/of 'dullness, to discern the real condition of the
Colony; to abandon the idea that ,a mere^ fishing station
at the filthy mouth of the Frasertis the.whole^f British Colu nubia, to adopt a stronger bond of" union -than
the -bond of common plunder, and to abandon forever
the worship of Janus.; It will /no longer satisfy, the]
American or (any other miner to ."wait for the next
election." ���; ;; ',.; ��'���'."*""';':' ^������v^iV y***yv &**��,-,
" It is only in popular jhstitutiohs that; the people' can;
bo represented j it is'only in popular, institutions therefor*?, that 1 ever wish to represent the,'people^.:vyyv��� J-..-J
y. ^Vi thievery consideration ��� for your confidence^ AI yA '
AAA A' A     Ihave the.hon^r'to'b'b^';^5':, *��� * /"'"**
A-'; ���-\'.,��� ^ A'X- 'A A" Gentlemen, yours,' He., ''���'"������ ?&���' - % "y"
;vpAmerpntonV,B.^C.. Sept.-24th, 1866.,.-.-; Afy.AiVyy^,,.
^S^uit^the 12th Shd imd^i
a*- .i5?-9.9fcpber.    A": A A '-r A. ; *
_     Jonaf^Vt H. SUTTON/ESQ. J Yale"7 " ^
Hox. Seo't-P. HOUGHT0N,;ESq', Ishcroft.
315 PEOGRAMME | FOR - FRIDAT conate ^ti^
Races, ^ principal of whl<^f^���'^
^ ^5��?��^ ^RB^-126'enfeanee,,iwith'$200
y ^,-?��%Pe heats^^est 2 out or 3; catch wejS
;:. A.-*ewn&.u> save;hl3.stakes. A For this Race S'
y Jiations must be; rna^e^ and -entrance fees nalri tn
y\ *tho Hoh^^(lAshcrbft Post Office^ oSbl^
��� I v-tho lstof October;   And";'���'' fc' ' ? ��� "^Y^e
ri$20;adde(l-^Eight hundred'yards, over 4 teucS
�� / and! bro^TcjBecond horse to save his stake
:.-'."'-''V>-'^V'���' ���.--ii./':���**??ii.:A-.y��� :������ y yA t"t
^e Sj^rt fpiT; SA.TURDAY^ will .comprise:.
^EANi> PIGEON MATCH���Open to;the worhiv    '
^THOMPSON RIVER STAKES-^Open to all horseB
r/1 "bu t the winner of theDerby^$10 entrance' whi
*$z | $50 added���Half Mile heats,.best 2 but of 8.
THiyALE STEEPLE^CHASE^^$10 entrande.wltnlio
sj- J added���Over the.Lytton course. ^   V,,/, t.,.yA,.
**^itfcther Races^and 'Matches;
Mssdiutiprtof ^artrieyslxip
TTHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing; under the,
,X    name  and;styl6 pfROSS  & JJURDICKi^Saloon
Keepers, Barkerville, was this day dissolved by-mutual
consent.-   All debts due to the-late flrin must be>paid
to BURDICK^r_kvDEXTER,v.who rir& the;only authorizecl
personsto receive, the same, and ail.indebte'dndss* by,
the late' firm ��� will be liquidated by them.   A * * 'A /-i *' ���' *
���'<   .f'"' ��>-.: ���-'    ���       :���   ,/y'CHARLES-ROSS;^'
-.'-.-" " y  ��� i -y- y. - , - ,, .,, -, M;, JAMES BURDIGfe;
Barkerville, 21st ^pt; 1866.     *;     y^y.   * 41^2w<
* '      I EIND3 0*P    ���.
- .i y ���- ���
;��� ^^ yyc ������ ..
- TheiBoard .met at- their office; on Friday
��verung> at'the ��� usualhm^AAA,^K^AkvvXA. ,
-���: Present���Messrs. Burdick, Thbmpson/.afac-
i|*Jf?��,.��ra*el Foster, HonroeV'Booth,   and
Wkinson.   Mr. C. Booth in the Chair. A ,
ihe minutes of the special meeting were
read and adopted, V,  ..
Mr: MacLaren then read the following note,
respectfully declining the nominations as re-
presentatiye for this district iu the Legislative
^ouncil recommended by the Board at their
Ltot meeting, and stated that he would give
'u ���The^HospItalCbmmi^ $r. Mon
roe Jn^thejChair. ; Several of the members reported the results of the collections made by
tliem tplyards ^pajring^e^Hpsx^tol,*jwhich
were very liberal. f^^^T^
resolved to meet at the Hospital on Saturday,
at 10 o'clock, aC niJ.j and ascertain the .extent
of the^repairsYnecessary Ytoibe^ made, and rer
port to the next meeting, y, A AAA-
A ;MANY;;ptHERS:;;;:-':;r;; ".;:;:'';r;-';;.".���  XAAi A /���:/���;
.v Guntlemb^,--! have to tnarik ybu for the honOryou
have done me in nominating me as a candidate"for the
coming ;elect1oh^^;A TaM'sorry I;have to dec!ine'ydur
suffrage, yet in doing so I feel it ai duty I owe you to express my reasons; //  ������'.yA--';-y
AI look upon Mri: Seymour's Despatch of the "nth* of
Feb'y, 1866, as embodying' the declared policy^of this
Government; with which; rcannot at all coincide, and
while the Council is as now constituted the policy of
the Government must be sustained.    Further, I am of
opinion thatjpart of the/policy would be sustained by
some of the*' elect*s^^^mbersl;.'y��ei.. us exarnjne* this
policy of the Government.   The election of a member
is anantido.tfi.,fpr;,aU..our grievances';  hear what the
Despatch says.:j * CI like ;to hear any grievance wh ich the
American miner may imagine he sufl'ers from m Cariboo disposed of as how by the remark, 'Wait for the
next election.' "   Now I do not think there is an intelligent American in Cariboo: that thinks Jf Daniel Web.
ster were to come from tho dead and represent them in
this Council he could reform it, with ten oflicial mem-
bers voting their own salaries, and only responsible to
themselves, and only five elective ones: especially when
the Government has a declared written policy at Downing Street which they are pledged to support; * Again,
"It is in the Gold. Mines that I should specially desire to
see the representation increas��d."   Yet Cariboo is disfranchised of one, member, although it contains one-
third the population of the whole Colony,'and has pro-
ducedneariy $15,000,000, which ismororthan nine-
tenths of the whole production of the Colony.   Ia this
case the Government has not kept its own policy.
It appears to bo part of the policy of one Government
to foster every locality that,'might rival Cariboo, and
yet^make it appear that this District has its special care.
Kootenay, Big Bend and Bridge River have each'in
their turn been set up, everything has been done to foster them, while, "a large sum was spent in connecting
by.a long.strcet.the three .mining towns in.that locality" (Cariboo).   Now the estimates for roads, streets and
bridges was $125,500; the-"large sum" spent on our
street was $6700.    This street is only nine feet "wide
without a railing on the creek side, and over which one
pr two vehicles fail every week.   Again, "Public libraries, etc., testify to the energy of the Government,"
The Cariboo Library has cost in public subscriptions and
private donations over $8000:. tbe Government expenditure is $400. ��� Energy! -. "Ne dites moi jamais ce beto
dem^t." "'  y yA."'AAA        '   ''- '*    *  ���
It is also a part of the policy'to represent that British Columbia is prosperous and satisfied.    It well may.
age bestowed on the late firm, .which by a strict attention- tO'busihess they:'will endeavor; to merib&>f_? ��� a ���;, .
5 ^rhCjTERPISCHOREAV ART is higjitl^^rac^isedint
this Saloon ,and the. Bar.is stocked:withlh'o choicest
LIQUORS and jCIfiARS; ~y,- > - ;y.;t-iy y:--yy::y : j~-<^sz
?y^^-Boys please give'us^a-callV1 * y^- zpyVA*
a : -   :. yy ���' 11 'burdick^^exte^w^
\;.41-lm: -s.i'/ / A  i    A-     y, ,\ A yA.-. J&roprietors,
^ilyAy-y^y- A:.:AA^::0:$-T::AAyA*x^v*yy*y
w to"c:all the'attention of * Miners' and others
; IA r ^ineir full ��� assortn^ntof /SUPERIOR ^GOODS w*
"*i:d-iA v:''^ '*!?.  which will be soldi, y i w'-J >��� -s
'td:ma'ko!rcK)m;forra-.OT"^iOT^K-):|to ;arriyfl s? sewn as
A-%   y;',; ....;,z. ���.: tne Roads are,open. *'-/. /' f^'AA , ���
\ m'Y'   -i". ������--*��� '���'������' *yK     -..r.1*^ <-'->���*   w��" t-'T'   ���.���;-' >��� ' ���?��� <Sa(l. :',.:,
^%^Z\ftehA allowance /will.;b��t m,a4e#
��a��tauranvand Hotel'Keepers-ana; uioTraao geuwraiiy
oh" " '      "'
alio wanceawill :Abril
��a��taurant"and Hotel 'Keepers ana; uio Traao guu��raiiy
on largo orders^, .Iaa. "-yy-y^ y" y.v XX>y: \-A-. y'  Xy
ON WILtlAMS;^REEK^/CHECK:*^^ 44,35^^
ed 6th Sept. ^1866-in favoir, of W; Gannon 4^Co^)or
order, for $114 50j/drawn by ThoSi/ Harris on/the pBanl^
of-British. Korth /America^ Barkerville.;,. Any ?person
finding;the same will X>e kind enough to"leiiye:.it.with
P.."Gannbh^' Co:; as it isrit ho use': to��/!an^pnd^'Ut^th^
owner/payment having been stopped. "<':
September 18th, /1866>
A FTER THIS BATE, the Stages wilMeavethe/Offlce
at.6 o|clock,: tp connect with the steamcr-at' Quoanci on
"Weejnesday.and Saturday,mornings,   ^ ~^?\A*'*#90C'
rnHEYUNDERSIGNEDr has well appointed STAGES on
Jr?it he road from Soda .Creek ;to Yale, ,>which are. guaranteed to' rnak'e FASTER TIME than any other line:
"*|e has brought down fares to $40, and tlie public'oaght
to'see' that' is their*own interest to.support and. nidin-
ttfin acheapiand efDclent-opppfition^���Ay.!.yyAAAy-;*!���
^Th'e *0PPOSmp,N, STAGEi willjeaye, Soda. Creek^ for
Yale c.-very Th ur0^aymornlng,Y or- after' the arrival or v
the steamer 'Enterprise' iihtil further noticed " '-,;!l ��������
y". I -..*! ��� -At-ji yWv-i'i -J-;.-:: vif^<.�� JACOB. PAy.^' ���
.y^da^eck,,5^Scpit} 3SW. Y���;   -,.fe    y , /Jk
Cameronton,.are requested to call and settle; their
accounts. on or before the FIRST day \ of OCTOBER,4
1866; accounts 'not settled then will be put^intp'Court
for collection:. '��� AH persons with* contra accounts Will
send them in for settlement. ���' y       -��� :��� >-'y:*���������������
N. B.-rrTbe Mixbrs Bakery is offered for. sale, ^.39
���VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a meoiirig'will be
JLV held at the Court House, Richfield, on MONDAY^
the 24th inst., at 2 o'clock/p. m., for the Npnilnatioh5
of Candidates wlio purpose contesting for -the spat of
Member for the Districts of Cariboo and QufeB(n^l:ih^hc!
Logisla ti ve Assem bly of Bri tis h Col u m bia. ' * ]y ' : "'��� ���*'������;9
. Due notice, of tho day of Election and the Polling
places will be given- ' ' '     >'   :"!;ll-!
Richfield, Sept. 10th, 1866. '   A*    '38 i:*
' :-q\AAAA A^yAAX^A^^M-n^yiJiP^r
Av - Yflivc just rdbfcived a choice ���selection of;,
&A&%. \RON C&OK
^et Copper, Ziinc^^l^
;;with^various other articles, ih their* lino of trade.   ���
Zinc trade attended to, and,warranted to give satisiac
tidn.-'"���"--..**��:---- -^-A-'y^yy �� �����-.;������. XM
, -*-,:* uO/Y^WE^-ASSORTED STOCK'OF--- '���-.-��� -.-
iwh!^ .yvU^'^A   A\"A%. L^*j��iX"^����}tf
BARKERVILLE.       ' v ���>
do so at Lowest prices
WlUams Creek,;July,16tb, 1866.
X> the public that haviog purchased the, ^Fashion
Saloon " they will spare nopains nor expense iojnerit
a share of. public patronage. -As "Uie proof', of. tho;
pudding is.in the eating of it," we say nothing -as to
the quality of our LIQUORS & CIGARS, please call
and try them. l ..*.     .AA'.-
l,re3identsin and,around Van,Wta��n:twi u      *.
,,; ...   evjery . evening^:;;;;;
Barkerville, Sept. 13th, 1866. 38-s"
residents jBi and around -v^"jJ^^iirof:theJrm
closo tttention to business, 'and^ 5 by selling
of MtissrsYSCHORLING & o^u.,.u�� w���� a��a bopea^f
an sorted and GOOD STOCK-on handr��w^gWBBr
close tttention to business, 'an^V fhfnitronV,of ^ll^
RATES than herptofqre,, H^^^WAq^^
CASH, Irom
^^Terms- CASH, -without
^^ElNDHARD- ;^0SD^^������EPT?p^f^^^6j  P  XfiLBGR^Hifi^'1---;  p ���������  :&'..  (SpecialDispaUhto;JheCariboo Sentinel) , ^J: ���������  Having received^our VTelegraph le Dispatches as we  were going; to press,, we _ar& ,unaWe;i^-and^sp^ce/for  '���������morethin;^e;^l|;cwing:..;;/...^/;;;-"^  Trieste.'Sept; 19th, noon.'���������A great battleVtias been  fought, in<the island.of;.Candia/ between the Turks and  las5rrecti(inis������s;r; Tbe.TurkB.were'jhe victors; AA<r ,'-'  Berlin,5ept.;i9th~Th6 abdication:������^LudwigI.King  of Bavaria is nxy^^ngtqt^dm^t^tt.'yyy "AA������.- -;  Washington, Sept! 18th.���������The Irish/Eiecutive' Com-  laFttee. headed by Drf .LUzej,, [John.Hogan of Miswouri,  Col. O'Brien;ah'd'ottter3 of prominence, had an inter.  . viefr with the -President tbis:afternboh������-T;.<^'^ A -"yjA  A; Toronto: iCt W^' Sept;il8th;-^h9;;Banl^ot,.Dpper Ca.  :_ikda sospehde'd payment thismorningi^ ^  MINING I^ELLIQENOE.  r-lAA.**''..  The late rain has had the cheering'effect ,of  starting every claim onthe:^cwekYto-active  operations again, and therfeis :^yery ��������� prospect  of considerable diist'bejng''tatfe^.'pdtAyet;;.b^  (ore foil. Owing to? the almost ;^$1/ suspension of niining on: the creek till within the last  few days, scarcely any money has::heeni taken  6utfor;'the past Week,biiti,now tbat;eyeryfcliifig;  is in thorough working order, we trust to; report favorably on" mining matters generally  before the end of the present week, li ;';J  ,;:The Unifedlco/yih ConkHns Gulch washed'���������!  upifor the week 156 oz., ;thua yielding ^dividend bF$7������ t^theTshS^  y :A - y A- ���������'G"^iJSE; OREEK.  ���������?. TfieVHeron/co'y  ��������� .pay;? the/wash mp/for pthe/week;ending4^2nrl  iiist. was 201 oz. $4^-?^ie New Caledonia co-y  locafed^2000; feet ;b������lb! w-ihe ;Heniii;cp ?y fot&d  ui a hole they sunk; last week a piece: weigh-;  ing half an;ouQce./;^h;e..ground gives ^eyery  indicationof. a heavy /* \^hYofHgravel.TrThe  Black Hawk co?y; located at the''upper: line  of the Hei-on^co^have* g^ down ;^riihgtheir  shaft 24 feet and struck; la^fr bpulderjs:dn the  tcj^piV w Wen TexceH  obtainedi--~theDiscovery 'co'yVdbkoutaDoiit  XLyQozi for the week.yyAbovfr ^ejMter^'co^y  we;wereuna!Sle to learn  are doing. --;; - ; -, --', r    .,," ,    ;. ., .  .���������������������������'���������;; ';;,; ;;, "^B^^qn^j^;,^^  / ,/.>Wewere- showniri beautirulr specimens that  ���������-was taken,out of a claim')on-this-gulch. ;lasf  week weighing over three^un^^s:5 ���������' TheTfc are  An a;dypurnqd;Qourt.of ABsi^e.w^Jield at  the Cdurfc iffo^^^  inst,, before his horo^  was noi cnmihaT case onrtlief docket0- A. A  yHhe^cerie Plata vs. Loring^wasScalled/YSliid  the >fpllowing gentlemen empannell ed to try  the same: *r ""^ '"**  GoUihs  hams, Jas. RobsoniWm. Byresr Robt.barren;  m A^Wadhams; roreman: :y.yA-><^ \  ^ v^This fot jpn?wasi1 brought to"reebvpr the;su_h  of^i841, being a balance due dnan adj ustment  of .partnership A accounts r cpnnected wi th the  the Diiler'claimilin 1864; to which 'defendant  put in; aJsefc off'of:\$Vi^AAA!AAAA;lAy^ry  \:s Geo, Plate, swprii^Ap.,;plaintiff iif this suit;  iri the spring ofA twit' defendant owed me;  $986^ ofwhichlhe afteW  .Aioi^  of various sums J������ Coring frp^i time to  "time: as^dividerids and otherwise,' taken from1  the ;companyJs books.]; A %A.A ��������� vi ;������������������ -������������������������������������������.- - '���������%���������  TheCourt decided that,the question1 of the  adjustment of tne partnership accounts properly/belonged- to the Master of Court to "ex-;  amipei and .Si^ttlie Resent; issued should be  confined pimply fc the'feiendaht^ set bflV ���������  ������������������.'��������� Examination icbntinued-^There- was a judg-  ^ment^iagam^'th^  but; itwasi comfcromisefcforJ $3,000; defenclant  came / to me .and said that he wanted some  money td|paV*McDonalds������ gave;him^$1^232  ��������� X  ^y*i,yy  / ^THE VERDICT OP A JURY/SET; AaiDK.:y "  J  . An*application was ma<fe by Mr. Walkem  for a new trial in the case Oppenheimer &  ^^ Besozzi,^iqn-therfollo  ^st Tha^he;^e^ct,WM^ga^ ,      ��������� , ..._...,  of^yid>nc;er;2nd;;T^rjhbfy^ be^^;^S|jUdin^  ^^y^ the evidence and tp thef direction pf ^bb^^^KPanj^n" C  the Judgeland /perver^^ /'3rd; That the spe^i waSnistittife^  cial findingof the jury is"'contradictory and is| lead'pri'Hixon cieek(claim'ed by^laintifia 'krid  *  %et^ctra\v^rdict l������r the plaintiife. '��������� VA ;7- | lllegedio^ havf?been- jumped' "by defen^Hts.  ���������a This was a case wm4ch arose about the quaP l"-5 ^'1"-!-il^^---^-" i'xfe������^i^a,s^  %xtf^ertain/c6al oil purphas^dr by^ piaintifl's!  rrpmdefeadaht/and^was'^  pn' the*il5th iiltoi. *��������� iy*^ ���������A>*yyyyyyAyy-:yy  The direction of the Judgedl'*ffi^jut'te^n'  ^^summinguppf the evidehce';da that?be-'  mmm-A '^aaa, ^ >���������; Ay &^&&& *  ^Theiininers on She upper; ehd^of thisqfereek  ^who have :been idle;^ a^mon^  end^touring ^^att  in^a^an^e^f'ttieTcbpipu  now; running Iqi their:ditc3jea andua the creefc  , The: Vanghan-Sweenyj- j^iiy^atch :and3oyle  ^fsjare ;^sy  MeI Hjther^cbnipaiQies :fuEtner down \tho- creek  who have been flavored with:��������� ri - smalt vsluice  head all the season have been doing jabout  the^ante^ a������3u8uai;? ^e bnl^cpmpa  ever that has .made moreythan -wages;; so1- far  as we can learn>during the^week; is the ]G^  averas co'y which washed up 80 ounces.Ay A ���������������������������  I y . v* :;?���������: Y!u -y ^CANYONl CREEKr i y.-AAA Vt.k A A/. V  : The quartz discovwies p^gT^n;;cjreek' are  now attractir^c^  Washburn and Stewart companies are the only  ones which have commenced prosjpectirig systematically,^ "Thp iormeF coif eankja^shaft  near the-creek abdu^  were then driven out hy the water.K They have  not as yet found any defimidTlead, but ,the, in-  jiicatibna''arp^gop*ft-; In'Jsltiking*; the^-cahie  across a great many detached pieces of quartz,  in .some of which gold was visible to; the naked  eye. ��������� It is inei^ bpihio^r.of ^A^quartz^ 'miners  ihat they will required to sink about 100  feet before the veins become; continuous and  well defined. t In sinking the ��������� shaft they took  out about half a'ton of reck; and have shipped it ;tp San Francisco;to";be.",tested* .The  company is now registered^ aiid have levied a  considerable assessment tp continue.,their  prpspecting/durih'g thb. winteJrl A The; Stewart  co 'y co ntemplate folio wing the same co u rse.  Anew creek, called Terrys:creek,^about.sli  miles least of fiixon creek and emptying into  Canyon creek;' ;is. reported to be paying <wejlj'  Letters have been received here froni  parties who atfe making,.fro'm,'$15 tip $20 per  tyy. The gold is of the same nature as that  found on Hixon creek, being, full of quartz,  and of a pebr quality; the Bank of British Cpl-:  umbia are %eiiiy-paying $ 14 2$ an ounce for  'tlie'dust.���������.������������������-,,.-:AAAA AiXA   ������������������:������������������   '���������'i:-"',Yi   t-'Y'.j-'l"  tipld me he'ibblt 621 ounces out of fe  am} returned me 14 or 15; ounces j- and gave  me $31:?5;.hejng^the premium on:; the f^$l^ybo  ^ftduste^\^|tp^M6I)6ha^^ Lpring?[ never  said anything;tovme about;^owing himiSivOOO;  twp^or-Ihree day? J a^r\^  Bryant came ^;me^ ;M that  Bryant w^ldTnbttake/alL the,;h&n^y' in his  paperfLprinpthen paid Bryant infdust-ofthis  own; aaked^Lbring last summer - for -some of  the mbney ^$^d i^  in,Couri, if he ipul^^Ofr he:w^>uId liet^me  have-some. * - <��������� ������������������ / .*" ;': ,AAyx^i  '"^ossHexamined���������liOrihg paid Bryant but  of thej 62 J ounces,I gave himj^Lpring c-aiiie tb  me; in ^ctori^andasked me for Ithe loamjof  ^ 1^200-;to;lift^a mbrtgage on some\ ofiicDon-  aldjsjrprje������^, which I refused, unless J ,cpuld  get good security. ��������� /.'"."      ;  J. S, J Thomp^bn, *Worn^Rlcpllect going  seyeraljtimes to Lpring and Piatz,for^dustuin  1864,: but; do not recollect any ^particular  instance; ^urin'g that Rummer 1 was at; their  clajnt eyely week; the Wind-up: Co^^t,a; judg^  ment.against Diiler Co.; J.'went ;with" liorihg  to the Diiler shaf^oPlaliz^pn^eto getmon  Platz^Hrbp ^asworking/^olmeSistance!';from  theiha^ feld/ii^ tb^go^^to  get some dust-pfchisvthat w^sijlyin^in;ta.sajok  there^: I! was/l&bk: keeper^  Loririg and Diiler had accdunte thereout ^the  company had;' nphey^ This; -clps^ "idain^ifl?s  case.:.    " AaAA.' A'    ly ."    '���������'...  Jas, Lprjngf ;swprn���������j^Said fPlats was4 foreman, book: keeper and cashier of the DiUer7Co.;  when there was any;diYidendVhe paid'if tip me;  never itook; away'a sack/ibf^dust^from^the  shaft house; -O; paid Bryant' put- of the sack  containing my own dust: when in Victoria I  went to Piatz an^askbdhim fpr $|i?P9^WM  was the otily yiau/Mihal; ita  and owed; me; lr^w hot$  produced iirXJpurt; .never, lbbkedi'at them  but bnce: before ; I paidPlatz^s share of -the  judgment because he asked^ me as he said he  hadiub'money; do hot recollect and wiU swear,  p ositively that I he ver took a sack containing  77 ounces from Platz tpjpayhis^ share vof^ the  judgment; 'McDonald paWmy'shafepf Sl/,000  John Bryahti:^'(caileoV/by; CburlOVswbrn^v?  c;?:ls>vWas there'&  did defendant state that it was good coal: oil:  and spld foiarriye; the1h;Wre-these- represent  tations pi-eitlier of; ;^.eni;iintrue'"? A-1 "yyy:  2nd. Did the tins contain coal of a merchant  ���������able';quality:? Ay AyAA ��������� ������������������ i. '������������������% y--[ yvyyvy  3rd.{iVas the $18 allowed in'satisfaction of;  the defective;;q)tolity.;?b  y M)i.*, As to the amount of: damages,(if the  jiary find.for plaiiitift,)jvthe jury must'hot ^ind  damagesfbr the loss;of tlie. bargain butiJpnly  for $522 at the* Outside, and interest since; 21st  Nov.; last at not more: than 1" bbir cent per  month. y,y^'Ay  yy       ^*.>V   n    vX^A I ArXJ.  The finding of the; Jury was/L:  1st. That there wasYnb express warranty  that th^coal< oil was gbb^  ant's' o^h^mission ;the oil was. sold/tp /airiye.  f^nd^iteafciJie^toji^  was effected contaih coal- oil of-va* merchaht:  able quality, although of an interior;kihd>^  3rd.,;Tha^ae $r81!was; allowed ^''satisfy  the ^dejecilve quantity of ^he oil.y ���������_ y'r.y.r,  -.������4th������ No: damages for plaintiffs -- V-���������;-���������-:���������  Mr. Bpberjsqn, counsel ipr^ defendant, argued me- case*" at* ed'risiderablfe ibhgth and  quoted^legalvnuthority>itb isustain- his lobjec-  tipns to' the. ruie|being'granted fepa new| trial  all of wisich^ weVe?p^ei"-rulediiy ������the _ courl$&-.  a most summary manner;. f    ���������.  The.substance) of there made by^ the  Judgb ^hr^gl^t ^^^^um  effect that, in^cases^wlfere thefeiwas a conflict  of���������evidence,the jury Jmight judge^ of \ the^credi**  biji^pfibat evidence  diet accordingly, but it-was none the less sub^  jeet Ipj^is rev ie wjahd* if hejhoiight it contrary  tcTtiheweighi of evidence ffi^cpurb! set it aside,  and order a new trial^IlJa the pre*ent case he\  was; ot} hpinion ^tbat 'ithe /weight yo^j evidence  wentJo^howth^^e'cbaloU^was bad^Whereas  t^b Ju^ l^itpuh^  hpjy ju4 prp^vihcejtbj (s^^wh|afcj he. - thpiiglpp f  theiflveWici^ whethbr it was a sensible one or  not;4h8 "acts of juries werp .as. muct a ��������� stib^  ject for. his; cpnsidera^tiphl^  subjecft'^the Revision; pfethb (^^^j:^bpYe  hiih'If' iS^pbirited vpuf  acter of theyveroict^&Ksaid'thatif the Yjiiay  had given; eveh a shilling -of damages the verdict wottli have beeh^ cpnsistentj: and,.- ih; all  prp'btb'iiiiywbuld  witb.^:flebelie/yed the juryi ;^rp;cphsciehte  bus^ as' a^ruie stupid peopled were ; ifar':) more  lliable td*jbe conscientious' ^^ acu^  lie would therefore grant a hevv trial.. ���������;/��������� V". .*;  We haye since learned; that; Ithe. cale ;has  been settled out.o^Gourt. ^ % y  Mr^^ke^Yapp^  :ahts? ^laintifls had blo'feounsel.A ;"-s J-yyy  ri -'{We; ere'- enabl Wf rom' no tes1 taken by a ^en -  tlem^h''presen  of-ihe evidence! ' - -       J ������������������ ���������*���������-**��������� - ''-*���������*-*���������-  W V4.  TREA8UBB.-nThe 35ahk of, Britishjpojumbia  sent ������belpw wM, the, messenger last/Friday  $69,000 in-, gold, feara- ��������� Notwithstanding the  late scarcity of water and the few claims that  bave ibeen working the amount does hot fall  ^ubh short of the average returns for the ore-  ^o^riiori^AAyyA'yyyyA'A :ii:A\' A >I'jyV-'f'V  i6teb^B,;CfeEEkTftAx������,4-W^ iihde'fstand ^thafc  delate wet weather-has put: this trail in a  very impassible state for quadrupeds and :bi-  peds, but MnSpjence has ihstrhctedhis Amrik  to repair it as faras ;the limited ^eansvat: hi%  command will aahiit.    *A' ���������-av:. .������������������.-��������� ������  went with one of the'Diller Go. sto1 MclJpnald  to get $2,000';" before ;I;: receiy'ed /'the "money  I went to Platz and asked him when it was tb  be paid, he replied that.his money; was ready  at anytime; I gotf froni ^{cDpriaia $������000 in  paper and Sl,000,ih coin; I went with McDonald'to Lpring's saloon and librihg paid me  the other $1,000 in dust; Loring handed me  a receipt to sign, I did so and returned it to  him, '   ./ ;���������"':' ������������������    ;';/.'. A yA:. 'AAyx,.. 'a  By the Jury���������McDonald was quite, willing  to pay the $8,000, provided I- took, paper  money.   This finished the case for the defence.  Theievidehce wascommeiated oh" by; pb an:  sei on both sides, after which the Judge charged the jury, in the. course of which he took  occasion to remark that they had to .decide  on a conflict of evidence; the oath of; one interested party against the oath of the other.  Until lately,.his .honor .said,.it ..was hot permitted by Courts, of Law to allow litigants to  testify in their own cause, which prevented  the occurrence "of such'scenes as had been exhibited to-day. ; A more direct contradiction  of evidence on many explicit points could  hardly be brought before any jury1. It was  for the jury to decide; according to, the weight  of evidence.. /; . ... ���������"������������������ ,  '��������� The Jury, after an ihtetval of 15 minutes,  returned a verdict for plaintiff. Mr. Park for  plaintiff; Mr. Walkem for defendant.  I, Elect������)n ��������� - iNTEtttGENCEl -i 1v*e:; * have just  ;heardih^t Mr. G. A. "Walkemy bur late{mera-  vberj is a candidate, for fe-ie*lecti6h. iiX. It would  appear;that he has thrown 'off on his Lillooet  itiendsJ: ihe measures' ;^hich: Mr. Harris  pledges himself ^tov support Mid; adypcate^ if  returned are these : The abolition of|Road  Tolls; the estabHshment^  ;out the Colony.:;: reduction of officials. Saiar-  jes; abolition of sinecure offices; passing of a  Homestead Law; the /amendment pf the ::pre-  ^rbspectioji SKeTgronhd In di^ute?;;?rweht ��������� to ���������  work /bh theJ 26tbg sthd^piit up a stake. thaffddy^::  I%asfat wor^;on{the 27fch;vwh^n;I saw Wasl^  burriraiso^pui tip a 8take;Jpn which he placed  a ������������������ Letfve1 of Absence Cer(tificate, and; riptice  clairning 2706.feet for an organized Jc6'mpany  oh WJMiaihs| creek;' I wehtbh the i28tli andg6t  9 00 Ifeet :trecbr de d arid pro cured a' Leave' of  previous to" tne;zitn 1 saw 110 sign  going on, and no' stakes no -the ground/1 J v^;  25;th 5] made 'ri^proposition/ to him tolft)nriia  partnership^^and^rospecttheledge; JV'ashburn  refuspdi; showed]him(some quartZfiwhich he  lpoked^at*^nd'niadeino,remark^ Istaked^off  ^egicbuhd;bh;thev26th:���������;��������� threeYof >us worked   ;  oii, tbe| ledgeipn J the^ afternoon of - j;he ;25tq |  was notlpres^ht; when ourvsiakes���������; were put in;  but ������aw(*themfpifc the 27th;;Y saw. Washburri  aroifni before> 1 madeapplicatiohasaforesaidi  &fciGaclden4,sworn^I^piit ^in one stake on;;  the; 27th ^with; a������ notice������cl aiming; 900_feet; saw  WashburioSabout; noon that d^ ar^uhdwliere  ���������I;was jildo nofe'teio^rwho .yi^tpithe- notice^rt  wasispnt���������:mpf0$ihe eyening^of{the 26th*bymy I  partner; rneyer saw/Stewart or Washburmtliere  at������work, before Kput up *the?stake;^am,certain  ii wa?^/)h^the|2?;tii'I jtaked; haye gseen^Wash?'.  burn 'pass upL iahd^downf thp^ creek'frequently.  ;:llThis;-!clo6ed^plaiM     casey,V. -_' % {[,, .v yy.: '  ; 1 >:������r-i iWashburn^aworn-^I commenced work*  ingf phithe igrio\lidcd|ih dispute :bnvthel21st Augi^  iastv;ahd^boMh]|SdYt6 ^rkUiil;Jhe/24th ;;bn  ih^t^a^ irshow^rl Stewart^t>voistakes J?had  pulb Aip ;pti the;22iid| aM^ then jput np;a third  s^ak^Hohtther;0&t^0ioverYcamp^ along rand  rihoftpd, ^ejspme.fqck5 hetsaidj it *was^hot ;* out \  j pr^,the pledge, JXwri& jr^specti^gi^butifrom^    ,  "three^quart^pf ^i^le^u'^^ ,  tain/but I bpllevediiti wivs,nout of my ledge;  Stewart, Caldrons and ;rays;elf finished staking  !a|pufcinooh on thp^hdv and;made m record^  Ithe/ficst idtnew���������ot4he - Glover; Go^was on'ihe:  127 th j; Tvben; Waldrbh; :toid^me plover was goihgv  ���������-b' v *������jl- >���������*��������� tr ^'���������t f  ���������to jump our;grouhd; I :tpld>WaldrbnJdid not  Iriere who jumped^itHiliad;''cbhformed ^the^  Jlett^vof/the^law^ahd would hold the ground^  I  "Cress-eiaminM^NeverJsaw^  :iip hy Gieveruntil3l returned froni WHa^ms:  creekf *ama fVee-rniiier; have" always been?  ione'f was'authorized1 by W; Meacham^tb ^take(>  joff ground for him; never saw any 0rie{a<P  work ;beforejIphtYniycLeave of Absence np-  'tice jpn ijie,ppsi ;o.._;..,.,:4, e... -., X w. * ,���������,,-, ������*.*,_,  W. Stewartj sworn��������� On the ,24th Aug. I advised Washburh to ^stake off his^ground ; saw  him cut; down; artree and; square 'the; stump: as'  a post ;^bn the 27th.I was over ground where-  GrlpverVstake now stands, must have^passed  within three|feet pfeit^butidid hoji^see; it; I put  Jthe notice bh a stake5 a" Jew feet tfrjih the* ledge  on Elliotts benc^h diggings^     ^    - , ���������>-*  v. Glliast^^r^rt^^pn^  were-put-up hadseenifGlbver ��������� ��������� at ��������� wbrk about  1000 foet/belowthe/Washburn^i^  kh^w any claim wasvheidvby Gjoyer;��������� befpre  IWashburh left for^iliiams^creek oh the 27th.  This closed defendants' case:  duction of the. Tariff on certain:" articles such  as beans, bacon, &c., to 12J per cent; .Govern-  ment support to .the . Cariboo Hospital; the  passing of a measure for authorizing a. Gold  Gommi^sionbr���������" to ��������� coristract traiIs from plie  mining canip to another, on application, of a  certain number of the resident miners.  ; CARinbo Hospital.���������tenders are'called:; for]  to puttee Cariboo Hospital into asjiateMre^  pair. I'arties wishing to tender can see .the  specifications. &c.^ by1 applying'to tiW: Secretary of the Mining Board, with whom all ten?  ders must be.lodged before 5/ o'clock'p. in.J  .on Tuesday.; '���������   .";  ;;��������� A.yA:y'"'A'- A':.A':J'^  j^rOur readers will perceive by perusing  Mr., MacLaren's ietter to the Mining .Bpard,  whicb wri tbceived; at a late;\IjpurI fe$������erdriy>  the reasons he assigns for declining the.-.no^m-  ination as representative for this district. The  letter needs no comment, it speaks for itself.  Jewish Holiday.���������The Day of Atonement,  which fell on.' Wednesday Oast, wa:<? ..ftnptly  observed by all "citizens of ^the Jewish per-  suasion-on the creek, by 'shutting.-ijp' their  places of business from sundown pn; Tuesday  till sundown.on Wednesday. ;_;,.,;,..' r v ; -X.  ^kxs.. OlunesV^1 'S^JPffflSft ^  Saturday next, the 29th mst; ��������� : -.  ants with'  COStS. ��������� yUA ' ���������������������������- ������������������ !V'Av, ��������� ,-,';:' V '.'V A A  We understand;application  has been made.  to have^a re-hearing of the case.  Union Bife,r--Tb.e^^  OojMic^was read  ed on the/spthJuiyj 2~ A.' ..A Ay y yy  ^  Flkmiso, bi' it sbriV1-;. .   r .,,,, -  i5rED--Iii Lonaon, England, July.15th,- after/a .Urns.'  illness; at thd/hduso <;t' his aunt, Gkokgk Hdntek Carv,  Esq ', late AUornoy tfeniiral 01' Vancouver Islam?, aged  34 years.'. "'������������������     "' ������Ail  r: P y-X Ai-: *������������������'*:. 'J*,..  Id the Colony of Honclunts, on the 8th June, Gebvillb-  C. Matthew late Registrar ol the Supremo Caurt of  British Columbia.'   A *"'��������� '-*  \ ;At.the Itoyal Hospltal, .Victoria, on the Tth'insti,  of dropsy, Daniel Thomas, aged 5$ years, a native nil  JEsbox, England* .-���������-.'���������'���������< -A>y ,:>.������������������,;. ;���������,:, :;. y-vv- .yy ������������������ Y'"  At Victoria, on;tho ll>th inst., JpHJf, son of John and  Christina Kinsman, aged 14 days. iAA'  notice:  '' ��������� '" :���������;��������� yy-AvA'^yy?.X^tAwis^pmvvv  AltitoriRijietfijiin^yimy" '"' '"''  -"'-t-1  w ������������������^ v5  Yj' 5 - - '. ���������- ;/yy'     > \ . ������������������ ������������������>   ���������   ������������������������������������������������������ ��������� ,p*.  AFoxStory���������Tw A'AyA^  New;H^ei������^bp^  little sporftri^ ������������������ exj^  .on ;'a -hittttV-'theVathet .r^"y>**.\'Bii;da;'w^cgIjipt  'the train home. .^Gbmihg across', an Irishnian,-  ������    "^masked;htm if thererwere,;any  ?acci  ��������� V,J.,-Ai-,V.  :are;so tame.yez;caa  This  e/^m ;wiayer^anaf^;  ������������������46st  pilot't&ern^taU������^^^  grudging 'trough: the/^ods; about a* .mile, "the!  -..-... 1-  .    .-���������   . ������������������,.  - - '���������������������������_���������    ''*���������>    ~i*-";i;    ���������'  ".'���������Ia    '.'  /*'_/t'j_''i'___._'*___���������''���������''.*'' . ��������� \j '������. U..A  . V. J"*l.>-Y ������-*'*"I*- A*'   TV* ****.  ���������   *'    " Will leave SOPA CREEK V   . / , i  : MONI)Aif & THIT^SCIAY, MORNINGS,���������:  ������������������<���������' fiAy:u\.Ay at -mYLiGHT ;- '**.:������������������ '' ������;���������  TODNJKbMTu&i SATURDAY: MORNINGS*  )mA> <m'i 'rvslji ��������� AT.6.O'CLOCK,- .- -,w , it i  Oonnecting/fti So4a Greelfcwith Barvarb's. Stages - on  i"��������� Vt Wednesdayjs trip ^wn^an^Thursd^?s;trip up; <f| *  "* '"^gr- Freight- to Quesnel i.&cte. i$ lb;- - -<> '  ������fce%?rr?:fefcrp^^ ^K- -'��������� <  "    Hay,21st,1866. YY:,/./ '     .,   ,,     .,  .   ���������   .   .,        6 ,.j . \  {^ES^EL^GU^H ���������^0*YEfesEMENTS. j;.  mv  yiii'v.  w-~.\.Ae^-r;X  pointed ;td"an^l$  lyine&iop^  "See-rtheltame crathurs:  Mrs. *r?atnck/Foxy  these/^unfeers^reayer/yez!   Good,day,.gjatle^  meffi"^^  late:for the'tpaija/ltl^at day, ^i\t^theyB arriyed,at  home ail safeAIM ^hext>^brningl   Itis iinne-  /cessaiy^/tO;.������������������m.en^o.n^p.we.vjev������-r-ftrw fv. is ;upt .tp  tHem'that'-Jwe^^are:indebted-jf*6r the-abbyfefact.  ���������Amencan Paper. fi ./,������/-,   n s..u ,��������� v,;.,, -  y^A FRBSC^RoMfecE^^In ith^sgreat^annual  .;, exhibition (o^^picture;s?rihli Paris there is J|his  yfcajS'frporttay^  oiyt������^  a*terrib^lei story>���������;^connected iwitu>this^pictiire'.  Thi>lady-*is" tbe'Gouh tess^ (D"^1, whbfal though  * - ottly-twin^^fbup^ars^Ql" i age * hasibeeiy&ic������-  wirlowed&HShe is/said1-toll)e'of? huthfele^birthV  The undersigned is prepared to ^ ;     *.,.-i,.  -".,.- -,;...,., :4UESNE*I^qTH^t| , y ,,r 'i; /^^  . pVVw^Nsd:^  Meals' at alb hours;'and Cooking Apt: the "besi  it yy; *������y'y.;'i;widescriptions/^ Y^i'vv--4'!^s^n j  ^ZS^^^^^^^^f  t/vi  .'  .:'j- -"quesnelmouth,-';Mf'-- *;;' -t'*ii\  ^ -3BR^^^ t  ,Gopd fBeds;; Restaurant ^BH)iard):TabX^T^l  Aitv'i- 'a ���������, 8^*|bU-n^/pr.-lftq)r^^i-,H^y - ^n^Oltt^C-1 '^5/ n$ ��������� *j'^,- j  ���������fkti'yvyA,' y l0.i^-{^^-^r^'"^fn-'������Y;YJ^' ��������� '������������������������^- ������������������ .[  Oh Commissionirbr^ill purchase any; .quantity on the;  ^���������������������������v.^ .Y,:^������������������ ;/^.;-Most Liberal-Terms^at.theVn������. '-<���������..v*Vr' .;���������������  ?." ^% ������*���������;'? ''p^^ding^Rpona,/������^^^ ....  T/je'Su^scr]her.1^'vveU/k'ufisxri' pn.'.^llifaijus^jbreek,.and;  'from't'hc cpiiiadendc reposed' in/.him^/lieretO(bre in tbe;  kbovff IVasiness* he 'hopes': to' recvi ve5 the patronage ��������� of'  the Mining community the^ensulngseasohv ?A-.. '-^Af-A-  A M-, ,f ��������� . i.,., V������, - n n y ��������������������������� ' -*" JOHN vROWRON* ,>  >s.0Vt.t  ,-i* ..i*:.i.-3  iilENTAL SALOO  f^";v^rfs;*f"  v'whb married^ her; AOwleaving the  church? hbw^erithe/Marptns^wa^iassassinafced  /^/byi'Bome-'obseute^rivalj^aad^the-tla^  a widow*with^an imniejnfletf'ortunei,;CShe retir*;  ,e;d:to a'lcbn  twentieth herir/ T'Sbe then tnade^a^jourfievto  _  _  ^'atypurney^tc,  various/rjarts^f'purppe,^^dSy^  xithlerlplabesf St^^ifeburg> where'lbne of >tihe  mbst wealthy-���������'���������boystfds''oft Russia placect'at  her feet his heartyh������,bliShtinds^a^  'rhSilil^ERSIGNBP, j HAyiNG/LE^Eli/FROMiR  JL.. :AASriti th ihe. premises.- formerly ^knoytrn,as Ithe. Mx?f-  E|&'? ^i'Looy^ hkB bjiiiiecl; the^sartie^o'erj the 4abpve  nameifanci; would;^^rcspecifuliy invite his friends an'd; the  :j^rTJve.best;brapiispf LIQ.UpRSandfSUGARS will  always be* k'ep't' at this establishmep t.    ,y >;\    ;,,,. -  W*A^ ' v* *&i *v^. Ay;  ��������� '  ���������' JOHN* HEDIN.. ;  ^/-Richfleld, August^l866.;^* Ay in^\y!**~Kh '^Q^i''i  / Old Estabusi|pd.General ^torb, t. 4,r>f |  ��������� /j .Storage,;&o.-?TTerms most M6deTatejj>!^ r  :;"K.^::"^^v'^y^^m  ?; ;'���������'*;���������:! iitOAb'siife^Hbtfe^  Jf,,r ,,BftYI> ^JRBJ^H, ^oprietprs^.|iIJYJ  mHIS:H0U������^is>Uuated ;26 ^leX|r^mQuosnelmputh.|  lr\ The .proprietors: having, la t<,*ly; flttod np^berirporasj  WHOLES i^B.AKD  ^: fi^.3tuy?,iW .^^om^^^-vIy- '*":'  29-3m  Kti'riTO  W.iiii-  gin  'w^CMSALE^&^iREMLDEALEK^IIN yy y  their newi home ini avmagriificeht^sleighv/ On'  a'������false?  /f ellTdtit 'of {thjClleigh into vthe siip w,"  w���������,.a5 Y*Ys Y'-ii"������������������ r--.viv ^the^WCdVfeSv  : im men se speed,1 aiid-; did * "not | stop till they ^ ar-^  rived at the~GountTs.=j chateau^ whichcwas������ bril-  lia;ntly^ illuraiiiated^for the rt^eptibn *'o^i the  newly married*bouple.; * ���������: -   J . ^ r -v n. ^ l ;T.,  :"''~iufi&dv^AA:AAyAA l ;'; ^^^07^:^uD;Vagllffr0"  ^ ;^f|^ ^i^p*nifecall: the ^attention jpf^hQse^  l^ing������gbo&^HOj;to to, \ mpye;  ^etween jthe i ^iffe^ent ^tp>vnsgpn^ .ilb^clr^ekjtb  Jd^^BuGl Wil mptt, ��������� jwhOj has ^Hprse and4)ray5  r^arly jit j ^ the shpriest. no ("icej^p ^ecute^a ny,  i orders$e<jnriy< be^fayoredi ^^jai^ery; rea-^  IVAKHjyVr^y  ���������������������������"Xtewynfov&.jiv.'ix-iyHv .''fa .  EMILL.  AMa  plied; with-the-best brands of Liojiors. and Segars;> gpodi  Stabling, ^ay^datij aj_a,Barney., /^j^- The' fiHEABEST  Houseon'theRoad;   .;-; *.- '���������..    ''���������'��������� ���������;;*  \ -  1   J     i-s   ,  "'.'���������1   ��������� ���������xSf.iij'.'tt   . >;:i ������������������ ��������� '������������������������������������    A.if-i<-. \ ,t>fi y-j< -��������������������������� i-y^. i. n/i-.y.. ���������,  y; Miij0^l&8^ ?l \  ILLIAM'^ELNER; ���������dealer'dn^^^iL,  w*m$������^*&^riA}$frK^^^  Sponges, Brushes^ Perrumcry;>.&Ci k 'Physiciaa" S  scriptions caTCfuliy^compounded- and orders answ^  yith^re.and;mspatcb.g  rPA3fEEICR?SviGOKNER;  ^S^;_p^ Sfekt'fer_  t^.^jchantiiyic^yria^y.:L mi^h ' ^-^"*h[������  ^���������"V2������������?���������yjwr i������mi so ary r ���������  necausjB I purchase,:������  Charity' -arid- Butler,' Govern fo e rit Streot, Vioioria.  >tf YGarJeh^ahd Fidlcl^edsguMteeti'; HaVccnSd  a carefully Belectcd?stocks������n feabbvc"?lrbm*tbe best  SU6PENJ 'FOR 1 'THE ^CC0MM0DATI0^|^pE5^H^  /Travellings public; the bedrooms>are..spacious;and  airy; apd. iiija ;Beds cannot .besur.pass^d, for cleanliness  anj'comfort^y any.-in, thelpwercouhtry;; ;'the "Table' is!  alwayssuppliedVwith the bestjoi' victualsV'J Stabling  for Horses;0Hayf pats"and Barley;constantly on hand;  tv.���������-,..������ -,..���������i'A-vh-.;\, ^v.:i., .,.y**:.,>.i..vyi.^ v.������i-M:v.  Fruit Tre>JS: and'i^ushos,, JEver^roens^ Sbmiis^ (Green.  ,hphiej������J^Garili_n^-;PJaj^^  of Qyory variety..^Catalogues,oh'applicatipn. ;; 7;l."_  TO'^BBODBiCK^'-CfeA^'lxn/PROBt^^  iXVii lar������e ptoclc-oflfayjj.Oats; Wheat imd^arifey hfitbe'  ���������^i:!S_f*^Rtto^"Mw'?^^i^on<* ������> also, iNanalmof'Sag.  hsn^;Bj(rcksmitli; and*.Canneirc68X';i .'pfUers"-sehV'to  ^n^n\WridriVWcl^rl^V5?KJ^  attention>%->>xi ���������i;V>y>{; tV"*:#ir':- v^'r^^������-,l������8^  ^���������.liYY,;-  This/House  '���������������8^-?it,fuiuis^rimicntftf'��������� GRocE^iEs'ahJi^;B. Co.'s  LrQUORs^Iways������on!handli" ^yAAvvAr i> i yyi X -:.    15;-  ->:ijl^  Y^-fYk ?^ ^^.-BARKEli.YILLE.-^ ���������������������������'[i\ \  ' f'  ml Vyy Vji'-'*;?) f\< AA}. m-y: ft wil ~vvyA''Vi\ ���������' 0 I) Yr^  T*3HEf PROPRIETORS^ TAffiE ^PLEASURE^ti^rinOtthc-  ?Jft\lng|ito^theirjtriends^iand^he ^public gfin^rallys^that  ;they,bave refitted';thfs.-spic'lous. S.doon;-And will,op^n  ' tjfe 'saine on' TUESDAY- EVENING 'NEXT,' "when 'they  ; will oe'hajipy toeniertain Slwlm may'give-^heniiiLcall:  ; ._v> AX^litkilyi-AVy^m AAROSS&& B0BDI\JK^vY������iJ  ' jffi,"' i, .'6?**-^ v> AiyyA.yiA^ fjProprietors. -  [   Bafkervllle, July 2nd, 1866.  y       ,     -   ^.,17.  .^01  (ii  <;J  --Si. .  rates.^,  ������������������/ 'H <.!.'������ ���������: ,.l ������i.' i    A.J i; '. i IJ I-,  J;; Y  pilf ybuwantgdod CdfiTefe use^f^lFs;-'-a  .-mm  ,iw>s.t-  tv  ���������.������������������;���������!���������*  iM-i-'V.>  <.ivH .yA-?:y  ���������l.t'.'K  j. Every thing is done in,conuoctjon with this establish,-,  nent to give satisfactionrto^the/custonVers^  jAf, A' ji-n|. ,���������  ���������men.j  y&$* "M^ls at all\hours.  yy  GRQUSfe;;Cr^EEKv  -if/^'ir^-'s1?  s,.   -,,3  '--V" "���������  THE. UNDERSIGNED begs tointbrm the public-that  t ;tho?abqvo;(i.stablfe>hment was ^p^ued ou' SUMJfA V  LAST;;tlie 22nd July, anU..that lie;will be;happy:to,rer -  -coivo a call from*his fricshris,''' .������al''���������'^" *' -.��������� *:' ;: ]***'.*'���������'  ffir BOARD $16 PEE WEEK. *������������" .;  ' Bread, Pie's and Cakes always on hand for sale.  yy^yyy-yy, aa -Ax A,-^?WT^W^^>  I  ���������ii*t B.A'Rfc;EiRiVIIiii''E^'^Y.- ;.fe ���������-,>>.:  .?:.-^i(Kexfe,������anldbftsBr^ti3h^Kdrth^ . ? ������-"���������������  Bi.:;: LE*WjCS rbegs 3eave^to'; mform;..the. -lAd|es ;ahd  f i������������������ ���������:^tftlembh-.6f Wiiliarhs'.(i.rjiek'arid vicinity|ha>  ihe has fitted up' a BATHROOM^ consi lerable expense  ;foE. their accommodation,/ and. hopes by close attention'  'to^busiacss\tOfhi������ri ta sliare pf; their, '.p-itrunage ||:'; > \Af.^ "A  \A"esr Hb willalso'atVend:to ,Extracting^"��������� Filling.and  ���������Cleaning:of T^eth/;, ;;.-'.r-"-y l^Ay-.y'yy;yyyyig**  JlL^MiU.sr^, Hotel'-Kubpyrs aU .1 the* inhabitants in gen-'  .eraliofi ^Williams Jk .Grouse,Gr������eks^that they have op^nT  'edlFir3t'Cliss Butcher, Shops in. BARKERVILLE and  MGROUSE^CREEK��������� "and:trust;'to'mWit altfc^eriiJshare  of the. public patronage^ antiih&i their .'old frien ?is': will '������������������  ;kihdly?give-them^a;call yyi'lA ������������������ yy'::-y ' 'y:   ''lS-4in;;?*  LILLOOET; ADVERTISEMENTS;'  ������������������*������riU,x'4__'___  fiE"^IS^M*UB?HYi'Prbp^  U is furnished with every convenience, for tbe ;COm-  fprt of jTrav.cllers *9i .the Culinary, department JsP jUttder  t^e'.superintend enceof, an esperi on cecf cook;';' .the, Beds  are'clean' and cohirdrtablo';'tthefBarbontaI-nsUti^Wit'  of Li'qubrs;?Segars/ ^>   Stab]in������/'HayiBarley &&&$  Vie1 wsptiMitibMiahd Scenery iti)roughouijBriiisb;���������oI-  uiubia, J ritin dingy ie wjf .of the route" to Big B^nJ jjalwajrs  6n,hanU���������ttt'liberal ratesii Ai    "A -"AA A *���������,''������.������������ "Xs  ^-yiqtQri^*^ LV(PppositeiBete|Hiy.e,Hot���������ljlwherehe  is-|)iK'pared. to supply..bis numejr^;pa)^'Bfi'-jf itb'^very:  reduis[te'for'Clothing;suitable^for ev|ry &easonI'ot/*tne  l*^MvH*EN5>BBSO^h6gg ?to inform his frionds  l;Vi^'and'tbe travelling rpublic generally that he^liak  taken the abov,e Ranch^aml>is>prepared tovsupplyjVhem  vvith First Class Accommodation^  horaes;;Ha^:ahu;Graih.; '" .';'.;,;.',!'/, ':V'/ yA^AA  wm, mjCNson, ;:;      ; D'. A. McI^EAN,  "/v-   ���������W-K'.'1; Proprietor,1 ^    '   .'\-' "** ; 'V-L-'Agent.'  T'! HIS BC^L'il^l^feGE'i'iOT^l|i"^-:*OTfi35 'u^  for ihe Comfort;of travelprs ;1 the ;Table Vjtj supplied  with the .bes^t of. everything that canlbe jpirocurd,'an4  the. cooking is;nqt inferior tp an yon tjbe road;, Bc.diwims,  for families; Stabling, /H iy, 'Harley^nn Oat!s'/.'y''M':^j'y.  aiterlBt^une nt^jtinGoverhmentStreet,4oppogitethe  ik of^rltishjCcJunibi*.r$t - tv 1. yuLfyxl*i?t ^-M/  ^BlGXZ/J!^; I^RMffixCIET,^  ?"t        tLn J   h1I������./. aIaa ������tirt i>������M iT> Pi 1 ��������� jH* * '"*" -  BEERS,'!AriW{IiI^UORS;:and-; depbt!bfyHiivanaSi'gar_.  G^ds^forwardedito theiMihing'Distriots*vs��������� titty'i fltou.  ^r,i  ,/Yf;8/3/:"MII_Ez _���������.���������,_, (,..m  ��������� 1,LBERT, CRYSLER;has; opened the above House for  A' the rbcc^ti6n"6/-*&avelh!rs;>'ihe!^Dlo is'wellkepft  and the Liqdors cimnot be surpi.wsed ; ihe^ Be38; aril  clean and .cumfortable. ���������; Stabling for'Horses;/ Hay laud  Onto.   ;/;' .    :, .yy, ���������"-;;,. .    ? f> ,rt l:a,,v  JJLUQOET    MILLS.  W|**V������ ':    **V * ������������ I :���������' V������UW W*������'>. '���������]*?������ ������T������,|  JAMES "HURON, proprietor. .This.pompodi-  :'. bus Hotel is wel 1 fl tied up/with every conyenj ence  ; for tn e com fort of /the public j the" Beds arc' all tha tJ is  weary traveller could desire; the Table fs supplied \VKb  ithe best .of fare.;., the Bar contains ;tho? choicest, grands;  of Liquorsrand Segars; good Stabling, Horse FQcdA,6iita^  on  borgffe RUeiJ-.yic^oria^ V. l.yiy^y  'Mi Hii-  MRS. "'HEIN.;'SIi������liner^ Dress Maker'/Govern;  >hient Sf ebt,5Vfcibrla ��������� V. huAll'kinds oi Millinery  of the; 1 atesf style /kept cfmstantly on hanit.'i'H iOrdOrt  rt^mj the jcouiatry punctually atttmdedf |o>^ ^i;: 4j -l*3.i?  E" ;'*w^^N^i^^  ��������� and Engraver,? Yates street, above Gov- j*  ernmenj. ^street, Victoria f ������������������V>A;|;; y-<v;/ ������������������; i f<. }AjX$A0*  T ORENZO. LEARTO/Propriator.;: |JFhis house;  J j ; alfords every; accommodation', for the comfort * of  Trti vellers';' the' Table is furnis bed wi th' all the d el icaciii.s'  ut tlie"-seas6n;' anii; the'Bat'iSstobk&ii'-wit^ ^T^ry^  GPbRBOKQ-.^&XTieFFJ- pommlssiori Mer^  ������. :CHANT3,> Wholesale Dealers in'J GROCKRiESi' Fro���������.  aioNe; BooVp &.������hobsj "Wharf streot^iyictw^i^^^^'?  VTOTICE IS HEREBY G'lVEN that ali.persons "hav'ing  rt  demauds against; t'h'e,,Assignee^plythe,PRAGER  fTHE ^NDERSJGNE'D.are^bw maurifacturing* FLOUR  ���������Jb; ot all grides^ Extra,' 'Superfihe; ands'FinCff Feed  Crushed to orders w: yy ;������������������''y'1 <:Y'Yr'V!f^ ^.-y, -���������������������������.'������������������ -,  ;   -Y  ���������-.-,���������   .LILLOOET FLOUR MILL C0.j    ���������    .  ' J������rl AAA*>-:A-  I'A; A,.?���������;,Ft fostbr,Agent.  EDWIN   TYNON,  If^EALER  Richfield, Sept. 1st, 1868.  A 'Y'<J.:.:'RUEFEp--J  .'.; ���������/'; 11-;���������..'Assignee.-.  35-td   V  ���������for ���������'S'A;rE;:;^'-:f;:/;:f,;  ONE1 FULL INTEREST & ONE-FIFTH in the=u Found  at Last*1  claim, Davis Craofcrc'{Lightning Groek).  Jor terms, apply at the Sbjjtlvbl office, oruv;;:? .::  TALIESIN EVA\S,    ^  Y'   r. Davis Creeks  33.1m  SOLOMON   BROS.,  BEG TO INFORM THEIR CARIBOO FRIENDS that  .. vb?y niVbJyrooved to the twestory brick building.  Vh-J??1^? GO0jds������ WQich taey will sell as low as  j ty 4ou^o m town; Tiiey respoctutlly solicit a call irom  ?--.      B iy..      wnu��������� iMy (..>m9 down....      ���������, -. ^ a .  LER IN,DRY;GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS A^D  ������j;; U:jps^ Bi-iots'an.d Siioes, Carpetings,; Oil'' Cloths.  Wall - Popa^&e, LUlboeti ? B. c. ;;.;'"��������� '; '   .;' 'i'-s  yUm-QQET    BREWERY, -  :TAC6b ^MILTZ, Proprietor; has. always on.  eJ. 1 hand a large- and1 superior stock' of Lager Beer; at'  the Bar will be found the best Brandies, Wines and  toegars; tlie public are invited to call. Prepared to fill  all orders.promptly;. \ ��������� ���������;    AX.;, .        ., ,    i-s  QJ*EL"fii:AN ana MeKEN"ZIEt Proprietors^  pi'This .House is-well-fitted -up with Good Bods and  the, Bar isdurnjshed with the best Liquors; ideals, arc  served at all boursoh the Restaurant principle; 'ista-  bling forHorses^Horse Feed, &c. ..1-s  Pibaeer HoteI^--Lill6<>etj  CHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  establislied House ������ well utteu up for the .cbnifort  of Travellers; the Table is supplied with the/ best of  everything that can be had, ana' the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families;1 'Stabling for Honk&, Horse Fe������df &c.  The E7cpr������������s stops har*.   ��������� ; 1-s . '  SEMLEN; & PARKE, Proprietors, atx.the.  Junction off the Cariboo and Big Bend RoaiJjy is1  how open' forth e accoin modati oh of the public.; ���������*' "uis-1  tance from Clinton, 26 miles; from Savanas.Steamboat'  Lan 1 ling;, 22,iniles;' from Spencd's .Bridge; SO; miles.-:  ���������Travellers .will find prices and accommodations to suit.-  the times. ( Giva them a call. Stabling, Hay k Grain;  attentive tfos'tlers." Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend.and Yale, and once a week for-Carl boo-*-? l-s!  M Importers ^T^^jfu^v '"  aO^Meeiraha'ttm Pi_W8>Wi ��������������� .  iarf Street,;-Victoria ?t������������i^ ���������*���������'-'  ' 1 "-B ''lCAiJ0iN������'P^  irtAiRij,'iigra^oini. xwrmi ���������a$x  \XJ Merphaxts, Wharf Slreej, Victoria, y.^^ji,  WENDERSON and BURNABTv ^^NfS,  |11 .Wiiur;; Street,,Victoria, V?Ty  "MEBSRSl CORNWALL'S.  ���������T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, hair-way between'  L'-Sponco's Bridge and Clinton, on;  the. Yale >tusato*  Travellers will llnd Good Accommodations The. best of  living, of ,Liquy'is, and,01",Wines .Fresh Batter, Milk  and Vegetables',   Good St-ibling and'cheap i'eeu.     l*s  1 EWIS LteWISi Clbthier; 9^S^SIS^  LmvMiivth* Bank ������:Brlttoh Nori^Ame^^  M.  J.   BLA^KMAN,;.  BARKERVILLE.  AUCTIONEER, MINING & COMMISSION  ; aAGEOT, AND ACCOUNTANT^.-]y .  BARKERVILLE. "���������&''  j7 lUliu^nmmcQt^m  {JH/,- Government Street,-Victoria; V.; 1.  __Mmt0*SL:  PORT^DOUGLAS ADVERJ^EMK^  W others destided for the Bn^'H"^ ufli>rdcd  Ond ^ovciy,convenience aand.g^SiWwi*^!  tbem. . Good Beds and,$ Table well8upm^MJM JB  the delfScies.'of .tho.Beason  for Horsep, Horse Feed, Ac., A fl W'^^ be arrival of  between mm^mM^^%^ Mil*}*  the!8tea'mor3,fr6m'b������lo* and ������o^.|fM.; ���������-.  ;*iM>


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