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 &v  tm  Vol. 4.  VICTORIA LETTER, No ��������� &|  : -v Victoria^ I., Se'|i^^|s6^  **N"Q. 45.  j*?-  .*?*  ^MISOELLANEOyS.  We bad last week two days' of Lexceptioiiai  beat, and clearly,owing to bush firesi jvi lurid  smoking atmosphere surrounded tho town on  Tuesday and /Wednesday. The Bunr^efc^dn  the second day behind what hadthe ^ppe^r-  fcnce of a bank of clouds/really 'smbke, as  high as would appear a mountain sirfmiles  high across tbe straits 'bis red diskl disappearing gradually amid a coppery glares The  thermometer, at five iu the aftGrno^Bvla'a  store on Government street, oa.the^ shady  side, and when several doors wereJpperi  ���������stood as highAas::80������*> |- More 'than fca"lf an  and on Tuesday, 115 ?.;- Frbm-^eve1i^o.th^  evening, the"air imparted a. drdwsyVgoo^or-  nothing sbrt-of;feeling.?;This 'wk^: followed  on the third day by a steady?^abdyp^erfut  down pour of-rain>-mucbYto ;the:yreiiei;no  doubt, of the Spring.Bidgo Company^'tines-:  ifiepgers, who .it *is> likely;-^in^nbtherfdayV  might carefullyhave left their shoes ^rlffielr  boots for; any successors^ io, be' foubd^as  they (the bdots):would,i by-thenv -hav^^eW  filled with nothing morersolid ^thanf^me  doubtful li^quid, \The rain has>een tra^W to  the artificial^  .JVVhave hadtb note tbeamval here|Mtn'e  American war steamer Resacaj'br!h^^^el-:  low- fever .from Panama���������probably:th'e\l!$aiie*  ary Panama fever. The Colonist igav^bme  wholesome ; warning; and; reSo^me0ktipri^  It struck ;me tbat the remarks^^ere calcwted:  to produce,unnecessary alarm:-XWe h^v%ript:  now to learn that ^  Serous epidemic', if this is the right ''wbrdfpiit  first of all its habitat is tKe hot,ihe^fl||lffit  region* of: the earth; it does not sprea'd:^Q^-  (     *rsljmates|i^  1 -������������������=-��������� "-^fve^e^tio^sluY ^yeP^u^iirastancSKby  new arrivals chiefly .in: such intense neat.   It  is known to be not contagious, as tho ordinary eastern plague.   I do riot .believe it is infectious, but each individual has to be placed  in the same circumstances in a similar state  of health.   Look at the" case of theAtrato,  passenger steamship, arriving in- the port ef  London, if I remember right, with three cases  of yellow fever on board. The most barbaric  treatment (no other word is strong enough,)  was experienced by ,all on board, through  fibeer ignorance, and fear of the authorities.  It was clearly not infectious, for three cases  there were, and three cases there remained ;  there had been deaths on the voyage, but all  were incipient at starting.   However, in view  of the reported approaching arrival of H.M.S.  Scout, with several cases of fever on board,  the matter becomes interesting.  MUNICIPAL DtPROVEMENTS.  /We have now a corporation that quietly  jogs along and effects improvements, whieh,I  mention.   Though it would hardly be  will  fair to leave quite in the shade that thing of  beauty, or if not, that laudable institution and  handmaid of the government, tbe chain-gang;  to the chain-gang then, I. say,, (before singing  the praises of the corporation) and the power  that Erects it,are we indebted for a new road  Rearing off south, at an angle from James  *>ay bridge, and leading into what I believe is  Superior street, a new planked road, or so  aew that It may be considered: so, passing ex-  governor Douglas? garden and tbe bay, passing to the little second bridge east, has been  P^M? superior order.   Let me add sundry  box drains or channels in the streets, and a  heap 0f macadami&ing.   Well, the corporationi (now for its turn) has at last feebly felt  jtseif on its feet, since the close of the Legislative Council, where the worthy Mayor had  business as magistrate.   Since the sitting of  ��������� council, the city has galvanised itself into  , ������������, by levying a municipal rate on rents,  amounting to three per cent   It need hardly  be said that no one begrudges, for an instant,  paying anything of this sort, where the expenditure and improvement to the city are  both visible.    Sundry small contracts have.  been let for forming culverts and drains ; for  restoring- to a state of health  and purity,  ������road and Douglas, streets ; and now tbey  attack the Johnson street ravine.  The thistles  ���������ich infested the city limits, have been cut  :s0W.Dat a slight expenditure; sturdy Caledonians of the most erect mem and the purest  mood !   We only, want lot owners to be fined  next year for producing them ; we want a  n������ayy tax on dogs ; and a few yards of hemp  wrm cum   W@ onlj want a re  civic revenue, to have decent improvements  effected. Never fear, corporation, do the  workj the money will not be begrudged. :  :^F6ra new: thing, the post office has at last  been.removed to the centre of vitality���������that  government reserve on Government street :  and close at hand, where erst beamed the  countenances : of Selim Franklin & Co^, auctioneers,, there may be seen tbe handsome���������  to a very restricted circle of admirers--coun-  J??a?.?.?.9.f; ?fc Hamley, the.custom housecbl-  lector ; not quite so conveniently placed for  the shipping business, I should judge. I must  defer till:another time, the mention in detail,  of Messrs. Gowen & LaumeistcrV grist mills,  now m'full Operation.   But! must allude to  THE  FIREMEN'S PAJUBE....;."..' ;.������������������..  least the .department has, ai-;  _ t active existence, and at. times  under, very disheartening circumstances/ It  could; hardly help.at. all tiraes-'being a-very  popularbody; having enough of show about  jVto say nothing of siindry social gatherings,'  toenlist-the attachment of excitable citizens ;  and if no' great .strain has been placed on. ite  e^emes, we are all proportionately thankful.  On; Friday lasV the three fire companies  turned put, to .the number of nearly one hun.  dred,YwaterilTuck, hose, cart, and engine, etc.y  etc., and were minutely inspected by Governor ; Seymour, in front of the; government  buildings.; The procession was headed by the  ���������YolUnte'cr Rifle band, y The national anthem j  ���������a?K'ft$^Wsplayed on^ arrival aind^depar-  toe/before a numerous, and.to all appearf  ance, an : unsympathetic .crowds ��������� many of  ^hom,;even Ebglishmeri, had not the decency  to^upepyer. AyXty; the   close ���������His   Excellency  had' been introduced by the acting  chief/Mr. T;^ Ji^Bdrnes; to the leading Jneni-  bera^lr^vBurae>, ;;addressib^ the  hollow-  $B?4?$ rb^d. which ranged the firecbmpari-  ies; apd looking towards tbem,said ::,l',Qrd������r,  gentlemen^-order ;t;thei������bvernbfvis -gbing^o  m*k������ aspeech?.'   He proved a false prophet^  however. ; The;; governor, was   evidently  amused   at   the remark   (he was   by .no  means solitary, iff' that respect) and*turned  round and was seen to wink to Mr. ColoniSl  Secretary. Young.   But. a speech' he did not  make.   As Burnes retired, His Exdellcncy F.  Seymour,  advanced rather gracefully, certainly, but with too much of the dancing  master in his gait, to please fastidious eyes :  haying got within earshot of the "chief," he  pitched him a whisper, modulated so as not  to be heard five yards from him, at about  which,.distance deponent stood.   He might  have given his word for a promissory note, or  asked Mr. Burnes to a private supper.   Mr.  Young then made a few appropriate remarks,  but all this fell miserably short of the effect  produced by the few manly and strongly  marked sentence* of a military figure and silvery head, whom we shall all see no more !  and whp,; whether  atf Government  House  steps, hotel balconies, or on the inspection  ground of the rifles at Beacon Hill, always  was. master of the position ; and with all was  "decidedly right," or "wrong rather than  undecidedly right." Anios.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.'*:  rx*$     'BArker^le,: >!   . ;;  4^prt'LIAMS   CRfeEk;  ^PROPRIETORS BEG LEAVE T6 ANNOUNCE  xap tho public that they have enlarged," refurnished,  andtjorougliiy renovated tholr capacious and fash'  onable saloon, sparing neither pains" nor expense for  tbe comfort of their Patrons. ���������  oS!LJttow.H}? Ingest and most complete Saloon in  British. Columbia ; consisting of three largo separate  WT?TA?n>'irT^;?i��������� K00M> BAR ROOM, and  LIARD TABLES ' C0QtainInS thwo superb'Bll-  ���������' Ttie^ best LIQUORS and CIGARS .obtainable'. are  served here. ���������. Tins establishment is under the immediate superintendence or the Proprietors.  June^th, 1867.    ...  NEW ADVERTISEIuTSJ^fe.,  -Tlie "t^iifeba; Sentiii^l^  4ni .  Published Every Monday;  ;PAMR;>-;"1.  aSt> TuuuSdayv  ^XLAK & COv Proprietors. ���������, \A     .  oimoa���������^Barkerville, wiluams 'C&eeit, fCAaxbW  yy    Subscription, $1 perWeek." ������������������'���������U;:..-  ���������{incladlDg.cost of delivery;).Payable- to the*Carrt������p  f  11  ,.;.;:���������   W. Winiiard,  barkerville.  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' ���������  jx. a ���������A fine assortment of Books and Stationery is  always kept for sale.. 13,   .  HAVJNG  TAKEN  AN.-.. OFFICE  WARlCRFf&3^.  Williams Creek, is prepared to,- execute. Survey<������������������!  Plans, Levels,. Sections,:&c, &c, committed, to hli'  charge with care, despatch, and/on;REASONABIiB  ��������� 3 '{. :;:A/J^Offlc(!,1centrO:qf RIc^cia.Y*^-V^;;-.5V*'.*;'-:-';  \;;-;S%^  &.yA ������������������%.". aAXva:^:~ and>^ [ ������������������','':;. 'S liJ&^X&Xii X:  :p^r^:^  N1 ANNOUNCING ,.fHE'.RE-OPENING'-'OP-:'iHBB;  house for tho season, tho: proprietors, wish to InX  form their friends and-the public generally;.that th������f  will spare no pains In order; to merit the patronageiiati  all who give them a. .call.-...- A .'���������" ���������' XiA-.  "'���������"'-.' 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Wr������ ���������* '. ^- ��������� .  gggaig������B88B  w  SEflftafe  29ffiS239&SS&S9ri2ffi������aS9eEKra  THE CAEIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY: SEPTEMBER, 19, 1867,  Agents.for .'the.***-Cariboo Sentinel."  <3rouse Greek,-'-'.' :>- A. -:-': '''-'-V' -v''';>''" A. McWha.  Quoshelmouthr Mr. Goudie, Barnard's Express Office.  Yale,      -   ,  -    .Mr. Evans,-      do        .������������������'���������  do  Lillooet,      -    P. *W;.'Foster,'     do . ..       ��������� ..do.  ��������� Kew-Westminster,���������-���������'���������'���������:-:;--;--* .,;������������������  -      Clarkson k Co.  ������j   ���������  ��������������������������� ���������'-������������������'..'���������:'���������-..'���������:     '  . ������������������'. fE. "Mnllandaine.  Victoria, ;y . - ������������������ . ?��������� - ��������� ���������, - - ��������� ��������� :-.;; ��������� - ,\ x Ly ne.  Big Bend, -v ��������� .'> - Jas. Bullock, .French Creek,  Van Winkle,y -.. . v. ��������� -- '->" ; J. W. Lindhardt.  Musquito Gulch,     .-     :*   ;>.      ��������� :    J. W. Jeffree.  ������    Tbe ^Cariboo Sentinel? *8 published every Monday  i and Thursday.X Advertisements intended for-insertion  - tndet tie delivered at latest at .^o'clock,p. m., the day  5: bpfore publication..''.'.'..'; 3'. ;s A-.' -     ���������..'.-���������.':'���������  A y .TO CORRESPONDENTS.  All communion lions! musfr be accom panic d by the  real name and address of the-.writer; .not necessarily  "with a view of publishing the same, but as security for  bis good faith.*:.y- ���������:/>;'��������� ;.'    *.  -rr,X X:    ..       )-   TO ADVERTISERS. '..' r..  ' /      :  - .: JSSK Alt Advertisement^ (notInserted for.any d efini to  'period) will be continued until ordered out and charged  for accordingly..;.. - Ay     '.;.-.. ���������  '������������������������������������.''  CHIEF- JUSTICE. ���������: NEEDHAM: AND' THE  . yiv  ��������� *'���������=���������*"^TOateveK m^ be J said y in ret atioh to the  ^previous action:of JudgeVBegbie,in the treat-  ;' ment of the appeal ca brought 'i before him  X.'at' the recent ^'sizes^'fhe:\desire'.,manilested by  ".the goverhmeiit to feive .the vejteti questions a  ��������� ��������� fair hearing before Chief Justice Needham, is  K^eseryirig ;6fX thea highest;; praise.;; Not only  'iyii \ 1 the yarib us cases be proper! y ad j ud icat-  :^d:Upon by" :av gentleman/freed from every  Xtaiht of prejudice, butjthey will be tried be-'  y fore, a-judge wlib'��������� is - admitted, pn ali; sides, to  -be triofoujrhly capable of administering the  Ylaw^inits purest formi-vMr. Justice Needham  ^brings to bear:--on-;;th'e^exed.questions all .the  \legal 'knowledge that ,;ttany years of.expe-r  *Vience'J:;haye \prodticed to ��������� mature his judg-  ineht^ahd; .we ��������� feel certain-'that 'every justice  ��������� wi 11 be So ne to [the respective .litigants;;;: .His  X legal acumen^ has-been:; thoroughly tested: in  v ^icforia^here he; is J highly ^respected ;by  "^iboth;Wuife^ ;��������� and'^ve can^assure"bur lawyers^             wliat we Observed  Xof his p^ceedxj^^ it will ^r^uire;  ;: alLtbeiStetehtft^  l%ases^; cleared^ trbuv': th^^sifal" tedioiia jplajtir  ^des^that^Sare so" accusiomed|id in Nthis  cxmrtS^ While; -patiently=��������� ii^tenihg^to y all "that  lean;be addiiced=in:evidence,Vhe; will take care  ithatVo useless  ���������'inystifyvthe actiial tacts^asthey stancl.i 'Thus'  v&A par ties; wi 11 be afforded' the; opportunity of  placing before the public;'a true statement of  the facts, and thc-resiilt ��������� will be;decisive and  fthal ^forming a precedent .for any si m il ar  cases in; thisv d is trie t, for : the^ fu tu^e.   H o w-  eyer severe has been the jnc6nvenlence and  vtfiificTil ties opposed to the ���������settlement of. these  questions heretofore,- litigants wilt be assured  by the ready disposition of the .government  Buown..in-: the' pt'Csent instanceV to. meet the  .wishes of the various parties interested, that  it is the earnest desire'of; the authorities that  . ataple justice should be accorded to all ; and  any-expression of discontenfc manifested on  either; side, at the result, wil I be treated as it  justly deserves���������r-with unqualified condemnation.   That unsuccessful litigants are inclined  #p grumble, we are all perfectly aware : but  ���������:iaay 'attempts at resistance to the; 1 aw, will be  at once put down as a necessary measure for  the gobd of the who 1 e commuhity.  'Both parties tp the Grouse Creek difficulty have exr.  pressed themselves ready to abide by any decision rendered after a full examination of  tbeir different. witnesses, and the proper ventilation of legal questions surrounding the  matters in dispute.   When that is done, and  the verdict given, the disputants must act in  accordance  with   tbe   award. ��������� The   consequences are most serious to the entire eom-  munity, in tho loss of time and money to all  concerned, to admit, for a moment, of any  vexatious litigation.   It is not merely the immediate litigants who suffer, but the community at large.   We are, however, firmly convinced that the good practical common sense  of our citizens will prevent-any future ill-  feeling being engendered on the subject. Our  Reasons are too short to bo frittered away in  senseless discussion ; time, in a mining country, is money, and it is for the interest of  every one that it should, be  turned to tbe  most profitable account.   Speeches and newspaper discussions may be very good where  time is no object.   Such amusements are perfectly legitimate in  large towns, where audiences aud readers -can bo-found amongst  those who have plenty of leisure ; but in a  mining camp they are quite out of place, and  should be discountenanced by all interested  jh the welfare of any   mining   population  where thoy are attempted.   It is very fortunate for us that we have a Chief Justice of  Mr. Needham's  capacity at our disposal, for  had the questions at issue to be tried by any J  of the officers of the crown, who were previously engaged in the affair, some shadow of  prejudice might be supposed to exist. Such,  however, can in no way be imagined of Mr.  Justice Needham, who comes to,us with a  perfect knowledge of the law, but otherwise  a perfect stranger to our grievances. The  present will be a most excellent opportunity  for testing tbe fitness of the several clauses in  the recent gold fields Act that beafoo the  matters in dispute ; and if any glaring inconsistency can be detected, in the working of  the law. as it now stands, it should bo at  once noted, and the; necessary alterations  brought under the notice of government, for  adjustment at the next session of the Legislative Council. We have heretofore,been too  much in the hands of those who pretended to  watch our interests, in these respects, in the  legislature. Let us now judge arid act for  ourselves; we shall be all the better served.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  musquito gclch.   ; .���������;.  Mr. Jeffree has supplied us with the following particulars of the quantity of gold taken  out by the various companies on tbe gulch  during the past week. .       .���������--'; '��������� ���������'��������� ��������� #  Hocking;co. washed -52 025. from-the dirt  obtained out of the space of three sets'of timbered "Tf tblVcompany-bad am;ample- supply  of water, it is thought they would, take out  big pay.rr-Jeffree co. washed up for the week  59������ oz.���������Holrhah co. .30 oz.��������� Ditfeovery co.  lo.oz;���������Foint.'co..;iO oz.���������Willow cq; 25 oz.-^  Ophir co.'12.-^Thus;making a total of 203 oz;  for the week, and estimating the number of  men engaged in mining and other:employments, to :be 100, this total, divided.among;  them, would give, as an average^ $35; per  m.an.'.:-'::7/ - --:...'��������� _ . ���������..- ���������-. -.���������.���������. "���������',-;-'' ; ���������.-��������� '  ".''.'.'.;���������'' red '^UXCHi- -';���������"���������'��������� -'a A  tVe were shown yesterday 5 punces of very  pretty dust that was. taken out of the bottom  of a'1 small. holo sunk in:l; the' tunnel of  the Discovery co., on Tuesday, to ascertain  the depth of the channel they were endeavor-'  i ng to reach. It would app ear th at in every  shaft that has been sunk; oh this gulch lately,  pay:has been found.".How strange it is that  such large sums of money should have been:  spent in ;1863./>iii: trying; to find:;a^chafinel,  which has now been discovered at-a trifling  expense. : This is' only, ano tbery iris tan ce of  t h e. many unaccoun table acci den ts: .fey which  diggings are struck, and; will no:;^oubt ih-  fu'se fresh energy among;pur miners to prosecute farther discoveries.'': ' .<  BECOVERiNO.-The man William Treble-  cock, who got his leg broke and .sustained  other severe injuries by the caving of a bank;  of earth, at Richfield, on Fnaay lastj.is rapidT  ly recovering. - '    _^  " NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. ���������  GREAT   ATTRACTION^  Crystal  Palace   Salooii I  BARKERVILLK,  .   MUNDORF & CO., PROPRIETORS.  BEG TO ANNOUNCE TlUT THE ABOVE! MJJ-  tionerl establislimont will ho opened next SATURDAY EVENING, the 21st inst., when all lovers of the  ������ light fantastic" are invited to call and enjoy them-.  selves.' -"'  Music and Dancing every Evening. ��������� ���������      ���������.       .  ��������� -The hest brands of Wines, Liquors add Cigars always  to be found ni tbe Bar'       ��������� <  ��������� .���������������������������'.     '���������-:-���������  The strictest order observed. ,        .���������  Sept. 19,1867.-. y  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS,  *>  San ffrancis-cb &tftret  , . CO^ffiSSION  MERCHANT,  MOLESALE AKB EEtAIL BEAIEB  ��������� IK ���������  ' GROCEBIES, PROVISIOKS,      "  MbBWARE,  GLOTHrtTG- A*Nif) BOOTS.  Nbxt Door, to tnE Sentinel Office  Barkerville, 29th'June, 1867.  IT  lost;  ON WILLIAMS  CREEK, ON MONDAY  EVENING  last, a snail Pccket Account Book, ofnovaluo to  any one but the owner.   Any person finding tho surao  will please leave it at' this Oifioe.  Sept. 17,1807.     . H. .' . ..; y ��������� .  NOTICE.  :VTOTICE'IS: HEREBY.--G1V. c  ���������li ness heretofore carried on under the style of- Op-  penhcimcr'& Co., at Yale, ���������Barkerville ond Fishery Hie,'  vviJI henceforth be carried on by the undersigned^ to.  whom an assignment was executed, on the 18th ,dav  of October, -1S66, for the benefit of the creditors :df  David Oppcnbeimer and Isaac Oppenbeimer, uuder  and by.virtue of -which said assignment, the .under-;  sigue.d have assumed the^.control of the said business,'  und the said David .Oppenheiiner.: and Isaac Oppeu-  heiraer are ��������� hot any longer authorized to act in the.  management thereof. y   ���������^������������������U  Dated this Seventh day of September, A. D., 1S6<.  ...   -ROBERT BURNABV, ��������������������������������������������������������������� .  . DAVID: LENEV15U,    ���������   ,    " >  . F. WEIS^ENBURGER,  - ."���������      ". '-Trustees of..OppcnhciQier& Co.'s Estate.  ders, small parcels,  letters,  collections, etc.. etc  attended to, oh moderate .terms..  Special attention  ENr.THAT-r-TH5 -BUSI-.LgiWxo^emnnds...fOX..S.Uh.scriptipna to the. CARIBOO  SENTINEL, or any other Newspaper.'    'Offices:, On .Grouse Creek, at M.Prager's Store.  In  ������������Mr^4rnu   at W. ���������'F.'-.HerrVs  domicile,  Sentou  Dissolution bif Partnership  \T0HCE IS HEREBY ..GIVEN, TnAT .THE PART-;  il nersbip lately existing botween- the underaigncd,  under.tbe name of Foutaiue &.Compahy. has this day  been dissolved by mutual consent. AU'debts due to  thelate firm'arc.to.be.paid to A. G.Fontaine, and ail  debts against the said arm may be sent iu to him. y  ������������������. ' ������������������������������������'������������������ ."���������"*    '      ;' FELIX POUCUOT,   ':  '-������������������    AyG. FONTAINE. ���������"������������������  Richfteid, August 29thT 1867. ' ���������    ���������   ���������     ��������� lm     ;  New x El   Dorado;��������� Saloon  THE   SNtTG-, SALOON  v.:"..:    ���������',;  feABkERVILLE. * '  T" H W' bNDElisrGNEb .HAViN'G OPENED THE  above Saloon, would respectfully invito tbeir  friends.ond.tb.o public to step in* and srimple thrir  ALES, WlKES and LIQUORS,,tbo quality of which  they flatter tbemselvcfi, will suit tho tastes of tbe moBi  fastidious: Tho bc6t hrahd of .CIGARS always ori  hand, SC01T & McHARDY,  29th June, 1867. 2m  (^roti?������ Creek Express.  WF. HERRE WILL RUN A DAILY EXPRESS  ���������   between Barkerville and Grouse Creok. Or.  Rarkervillo,  Optice. ::  July. 29, 1867.  -;.:������������������;���������;>���������. ������������������' -'.yA; the- .-  TS NOW OPErJ ; FOR THE ACCOMMODATIOy. Of  Jt.'the mining community, and the public generally.;  No[expense has been spared to render tbe house all  that-could b������ desired, for comfort and conveni^ca.  The Bar is supplied with a complete stock of "Wim,  Liquors and Cigabs.   | ...  -A A,  A: X y '.," JC5T Well, Aiked; Beds -������a  ma v. be had at a moderato charge. ; E. ORD, ;  ;��������� -July;irl867:-:vY-,".;: ���������: 2m.. /.  ��������� . . ��������� Proprietms;  t;     C 0 SM 0 PO lil  ci",**."      '   l      A' '      ' ' ' * -%  Hestaliraiit ^ hn&  ���������;X;A ���������'������������������';���������' BARKERVILLE.  T  AW  m  BARKERVILL  t..  Prize FiGHT.^rWe understand that the iorig  talked of match between Geo. Wilson and  Joe. Eden for the championship. of British  Columbia, has been definitely .fixed to come  off on Tuesday next 24th inst."��������� The looatiry  has not yet.been named, but will be decided  we believe on. next -Saturday, evenings after  the final deposits have been -made. It will  not be at any greater distance from thisplacei  than five miles. ; Arrangements will be "effected so as to provide a limited number of reserved seats in the outer . circle, behind the'  referees and judges who will occupy the mid-  die circle, tickets for which can be obtained  in the meantime at, the saloons of Messrs.  Scott & ilcHardy, and Parker & Sterling,  Barkerville, or at Ed wards'Riohneld.;:.  Favorable Assay.���������We have just been  shown an assay certificate from Mr. Claudet,  government assayer, New Westminster, dated  27th ult, of specimens of iron ore and galena  taken from the Washburn shaft, at Canyon  creek, which shows a yield of 17 oz. of gold,  and 245 oz. of silver to the ton, the value of  which is $680. The company intend to proceed with the deepening of their shaft without delay.  Notice - to Correspondents.���������P. C.������ # Victoria���������Yonr communication on hydraulic mining is receicvd, but as it is too obscure for  our comprehension, we refrain from publishing it.   Try again.  J. D. L.���������We decline making our columns  the medium of personal controversy.  IIis honor Judge Needham has expressed  his surpriso at the peaceful and courteous  manner evinced by the different litigants towards one another, which cannot be wondered att when he comes from a place where we  are represented as being in a state of civil  war.  The time allowed by the court for the Canadian Company and tbe Grouse Creek Flume  Company, to deposit the gold taken out of  the disputed ground, was yesterday extended  for forty-eight hours.  Departure.���������Hon. n. M. Ball, late Gold  Commissioner for this district, took his departure for New Westminster last Tuesday morning.  Rich gold diggings are reported to' have  been struck some seventy miles from Burrards Inlet, in the direction of the Bridge  River Country.  npHE UNDERSIGNED  HAVING PURCHASED THE  x entiro interest of Messrs. Joseph Parker and R. R  Clark, in the above named establishment, would respectfully solicit'a continuance of the public patronage heretofore extended to tlietn.     -  Aug. 28,1867.   ".v-       y      WILLIAM STERLING.  WJLLSAfyi   RE1VJN1E  Boot and  Shoemaker,  ;'���������;.'   ,.        BARKERVILLE,  HAS JUST RECEIVED BY EXPRE5, A\T ASSORT-  mentof FRENCH CALF and KIP LEATHER, of  the BEST QUALITY-.  August 28,1SG7. lm  ADELPHI   SALOO  RICHFIELD. .  .!���������  THE;-UNDERSIGNED HAYING THOROUGHLY. BF'  novated his:Estahlishment.; hns re-opened tho scbm  f#:the. accommodation.. ofr tho; Public,.*iind trusts ,ia  merit a share of-their patronage. -His Bakery lias also  undergone repair. :nhd he is now ready to executa  orders from all who wish ��������� good ,brenn\   >���������������������������   '  .'-���������-'... JACOB VELTE,- Propriotor.  Juno 10th, 18C7. '      ..   .,.   ' H-s  EXPRESS   fMOTICE.  A-ETER-raiS   DATE,  J\-: not -m  _,        .._.   BARNARD'S   EXPBES3 I2[  sponsible for damnge on LIQUIDS shipped in  Tin'or Glass, unless hy special contract.       ;  Until further: notice, tho. Express. will arrive Here  every SUNDAY AFTERNOOV,   ami close -for oelo*  every WEDNESDAY, at NI&E o'clock*, A. M. ^  -        . ;        ' ROBERT POOL,  Agent.'  Barkerville, May 29th, 1867. :���������:-'.-.   8  THE. UNDERSIGNED   HAS  JUST "OPENED   THE  above Saloon, and hopes his old friends, and the  public in general, will give him a call.  No extra charge on '* freeze out,5,������ for fun.  ���������   Aug. 28,1867. Im      ' JOHN HEDIN.- ..  T  p H E ��������� PARTNERSHIP . HERETOFORE EXIST!\G  between FRANK PERRET and A. KELLER, as  Saloon keepers, Cameroutoh, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. All outstanding accounts  due to the lato firm, must he paid to A. Keller, who  is authorized to receipt for the same.  FRANK PERRET,  A. KELLER.  24Ih August, 18C7. lm  ������  SURGEON   DENTI T  BEGS LEAVE TO NOTIFY THE  inhabitants of.Barkervill������ and vi-  J. cinity, that he is located at THE HOTEL DE FRANCE, where he will bo able to perform  all operations on tho Teeth, in tho latest and most  scientific manner.  Teeth extracted without PAIN, hy tho use of the  KHIGOLINE SPRAY.  Charges Moderate���������Terms Cash.  August 19 th, 1867.  NOTICE.  In the mattor of tho Estato and Effects of JAMES  ���������    PURDIE, lato ol "Williams Creek, Blacksmith ao*  ceased, intestate.  1 LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THE  rl above Estate, are required to pay the amounts flue  for  tho  1867,'to"" "" "    "'" " CHAS. B." POOLEY,  Official Administrator.  Dated Richfield, 27th June; 186^  In the matter of tho Estate and Effects of JJAWD"  WHITFORD, Free Miner, late ,of the Ucid Claim,  ��������� Conklins Gulch, deceased, intestate.  X PERSONS  WHO   ARE   INDEBTED TO THE  ALL PERSONS  WHO   ARE   INDKKi^  i"    "J  X above Estate, arc required to pay the aiaounw  bmcial Administrator.  Dated Riibfleld, 1st August, ISC'  Photographic  Artist,  JAS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC CAIXERY  at RICHFIELD, and is prepared to'taKe  Cartes de Vfeito, Timbre de Poste Portraits, Ambro-  types", Leather Pictures, "Milnnotyprrs, Viows of  Houses, Claims, etc., Single or .Stereoscopic..  Portraits also taken on White Silk. Linen or Cotton  Cloth.  Richfield, 12th August, 1667.  & Co.,  Thos.L, BRIGH3-S  CAMERONTON,  Have |ust received, and offer for Sale,  WHOLESALE  OE RETAIL  AT LOW RATES FOR CASH,  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS.of LIQUOKS  ��������� CONSISTING OF ���������  Brandy-Marfcll. Henuessey, and Otard DuPcf'San.  Wines-Port, Sherry. Burgundy, and Clare,  tome's French  White Wine ; Sanse\alneb v  fornia White Wine.  Champagnes-Bouche nnd Napoleon's Cabin.-.  Bitters-BokorV,  Sflnscvalnen?;Orange and ������,;  tor's, Vermouth, Absenthe, Peppermint and a������  sotie.  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Wbisky.  Al?o on band��������� 500 gallons choice brands of Bran  Wines, Whisky, Rum, etc. ���������������*,/>*  at th������'  Goods received on Storage or Commissi  lowest market rates* ?r&  lafc July. 186TV  SUMMMIMIIIMIHM THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  "THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1807?  ���������17  The Colonist and the Grouse Creek Dif-  FicnLTY.���������We are astonished to observe the  persistency with which the Colonist continues  to fulminate torrents of abuse of the most Wis-  graceful kind on the devoted head of the  Governor, for his recent action, or rather in-^  action, in connection with vthe Grouse creek  , difficulty ; and not content with that, ^endeavors to blacken and bring into everlasting  disgrace the characters of a number of hardy  miners, whose chief and only crime has been  an over ardent desire to have what they Considered their rights, to.certain property duly  investigated,.while, on the.ojther.haRd, it has  upheld the members of the Flume Co. as bb-  ..- jects of the greatest commisseratibn and pity,  and the paragons, of every virtue, urging,  at the same tiino, on Uie attention of the  government the application of strong physical  force, to put down what it is pleased to term  mob law. If the*' arguments and deductions  of^our worthy contemporary were consistent!  with * facts, we would willingly, forgive him  his patriotic outbursts about maintaining the  majesty of the law, the suppression of mobs,  and soforth ; but when we find that he accepts -such garbled statements'ianvl^andny-  mous communications as we notice in his  = -columnsy-fronirtkcse who' olaks^-toTbe-tbe'ex--  ponents of public; opinion he re,.we. cannot  give him the credit of dealing fairly or justly  by us. We are not disposed to enter into the  discussion of this subject until the investigation of the.case, so successfully begun by  Chief Justice Needham, has,.b������en finished;  but we may be allowed to remark that our  worthy contemporary will' live"to regret the  course he: has taken in this unfortunate affair.  Trail to Mosquito Gulch.���������We understand  that Mr. W. J. Jeffree is at present raising: a  subscription for cutting a mule trail frbirithis  place to Musquito gulcb. by way of the mouth  of Lowhee creek. Two men have already  been set to work, who are hurrying St,through.  It is expected to be open -fortravel in the  course of eight or ten days. The enterprise  of the miners ih that quarter is to be commended ; "sooner than wait for twelve months  for go ver n merit, to aid them, they cut / their  own road. They appear to appreciate the  truth of the old adage���������" Heaven hetys those  who help themselves.?' Talk, of the government assisti n g to 6 p en up the latent respu rces  ��������� of the cou.iitry;'here is acairip tint-haS^tiecu  yielding, more gold 'for' its ��������� size,, and the number of men employed, tbau any other creek in  country, and still, the people are obliged to  open a road to it at their own expense, and  this, too, after paying; a larger share of the  general taxation than any other class of  people in the colony.  SUPREME COURT.  The Supreme Court was formally opened at  Richfield, on Monday last, the 16th instant, at  two o'clock, P. M., by bis honor Chief Justice  Needham, who, accompanied '.of his son,  Lieut. Needham, R. N., Hon. C. Brew, and  Mr. C. E. Pooley, registrar, took his seat for  the first time on the bench of the mainland.  After the various commissions were read, his  honor enquired of the registrar whether there  were not some cases of appeal that had been  dismissed without beipg heard,'either on their  merits or on points of lawv ���������  Mr. Pooley answered that there was, and  then read over the following cases, vizi, Can'  adian Co, Vs. Grouse Creek Bed Rock Flume  Co;; Synon vsV Williams Creek Bed Rock  Flume Co. ; Grouse Creek Bed Rock Flume  Co. vs. Black Hawk Co..; Grouse Co. vs. Canadian,Co., and a fifth base, which had been  settled out of court  His honor then enquired if there were any  of the gentlemen of the bar present, who had  conducted these cases. ���������".   .  Mr. Walker said ttiat he had acted as  counsel for the Grouse Creek-Flume co., in  the case between that company and the Canadian co., but as tho case had been settled by  the dismissal of the appeal, he did not consider himself now acting in that capacity.  Mr. Barnston appeared for the Canadian co.,  and stated that Judge . Begbie had declined/  j-or-: therhcArinf.'������^f-the- appeal} to make-any  order.-', ,,'.'..:.;  Judge���������Was the case dismissed after it was  heard, or because it could not be heard ?.-.  Mr. Walker���������It was decided on ai point of  law.'' \ "���������'"��������� .'������������������' '��������� Ay���������-..;.'; ;���������    '-yX~'--' ���������  Judge���������What I understand you to say then  is, that the.case was.not gone, into on its merits afali>    ;'  ��������� "'....'���������.::  Judge Begbie?s order Was then read by his  honor.    ;:. "XX ���������';"':./������������������ ';; -.'.!'!'-'.;.'   '-'-XiX-X'  ���������Mr..Robertson appeared for the appellant  in the second case, and Mr. Walkem for'< the  respondents.' ."'.   [���������,:..  His honor said���������-My object in calling yon  together, to-day, so soon after my arrival here  is to intimate to you what course the court-is  prepared to^take in the adjudicating of these  several cases. It has been publicly stated  that these cases have created great disebu-  tent The court is now therefore prepared to  suspend the rules of its ordinary procedure,  and &How them to be reheard. I am here for  that purpose. The mining laws, which! have  looked-intCfyer.y-'minittelyi.do not forbid this.  The four cases referredA. to seem to? me" toj be  cases that ought to'have been heard on theti  bring into court all the gold taken out by  tbem between 1st May and 30th June, 1867.  The money so brought into court to abide tho  decision of this'court in any proceedings in  which the title to the ground in respect, of  which the gold was taken out -is determined.  Provided, always, without prejudice to any  right of appeal which may exist or may be  given to either party, without prejudice, also  to the right of either party to contend for, the  finality of the pold Commissioner's judgement either ou pointB of fact or oh points of  law or both. This agreement was. subsequently altered so as to include all the gold  taken out by both parties during the time  that;each worked the ground without refer-  ance to dates.; The amount of gold, thus deposited by the parties to be subject to cbal-  lange by cither of them ih chambers. It was  agreed that each "of those - amounts should be  deposited by the respective-parties on Wednesday morning.   . . ��������� :   . yA  With regard to the bther p ortion of the  ground now being worked by the Sparrow,  hawk Co,, his honor recommended Mr. Booth-  .Application has - beea made to the Gold  Commissioner by a company for leave to  construct a- drain,- commencing at a point  near the Australian claim, on this creek, and  running jip to the: Foster Campbell claim  which it Is intended to drain. We hear that  the Miners' Drain Co., believing their charter  rights about to be invaded by granting such  a privilege, have very properly entered a  caveat thereto. We think it would be very  unfair, not to say unjust, to deprive the Drain  Co. of tbeir rights by allowing the construction of such a work by another, especially  when it is considered that tho object the applicants 'desire to eifect is tho same as that  which the Drain Co. have spent over $60,000  within the last two years in trying to accomplish.  Treasure ExPORT.���������There was sent below  yesterday by express, .in the charge of Mr.  Lawson, messenger .of the Bank of British  North America, and Mr. Ormandy, Barnard's  Express messenger, $196,000 in gold dust, of  which amount the Bank of British North America sent $132,000, as tho result of their purchases .since 31st July, and the Bank of; British Columbia $63,000, the amount purchased  by them during the last three weeks. Besides  this there could riot have been less than  $6,000 to $7,000 in private hands, thus footing up a total of over $200,000, a very respectable sum considering these hard times.  . Cariboo Librart.���������The librarian of the  Cariboo Literary Institute is desirous that  all parties having, books belonging to the  Reading Room which have been out over three  weeks, will return the sathe immediately; and  all who feel an interest in the " Institution<}  are, requested to inform him Of any book  which may be seen in the rjossessipn of non-  subscribers, in future all books must be' returned to the room wi fell in three weeks from  the time they are taken out.  . Express.-���������6win������ to the heavy export of  treasure, and the unusual, number of passengers, Mr. fearnard was obliged to put on an  extra Express wagon for Quesnelraouth, yesterday/. The names of the passengers were  Messrs, Lawson, Ormandy, Betts, Bates, Taylor, Arnold, A. C. Campbell, S.H.- Licbtin-  feteia> R. Reece,-and-E.'Hodgens.  merits ; the cause of this hot. being done, is  simply the,result of-a. technical objection.  Every court is incidental to the rules of its  own procedure, and has the^power to suspend these: rules, if any technicality arises  that might tend to defeat the ends of justice.  I will, in this instance, suspend the rules of  court, and allow the case3 to be tried on their  merits. Sufficient time will be allowed to  counsel to get up their cases. With regard  to notices, I will alter the rules so as to allow  any notice that will be compatible with justice, to be given by all parties. My desire is  to aid in the speedy adjustment of.the difficul-  .ties^and it would be very desirable that all  parties should show a like reciprocal feeling  And now one word more; the indulgence  which I am prepared to give you is this : I  will allow you to prove anything, and to  raise any point of law you "please. I will  allow you all an opportunity to get justice, if  you want it.  With the consent of counsel, the court fixed  to-morrow, at two o'clock, for a further bearing, as sufficient time would thus be given to  communicate with ail parties.  Tuesday, 17th Sept., 1867.  At the hour appointed the court again sat.  The various litigants with their counsel were  present. ���������  Mr, Park ^ on behalf of the Canadian Co;,  made application for leave to enter an appeal. . '.-.',, ���������'.���������;���������-.-��������� 'i ���������"' '*���������'  * Mr. Walker said he had communicated with  the foreman of the Flume Co., who refused to  give his consent.to the case being opened up  afresh, as he Had no instructions or authority  for doing so from the company below, but if  cited ho would appear and defend the, company's rights.  Along argument hero ensued, respecting  the mode . of procedure, when it was finally  agreed that the cases should be brought into  court in the form of writs of ejectment, by  which process the legal and equitable rights  of parties would be equally as well protected  a3 if the cases were entered in the usual form  of appeal. It was also agreed to, at the conclusion of a prolonged discussion, that tbe  gold taken out of the disputed strip of ground  by both parties, should be deposited in the  hands of the officer of court, to await a final  decision, and tho following memorandum to  that efiect was accordingly signed by counsel :  . Mr. Park, on behalf of the Can ad tali Co.,  offers to bring into court all the gold taken  the foreman of the company, who was in  court* to cease work thereon until after the  whole matter had been thoroughly investigated, and that whatever money had been  taken out by that, company .should in the  meantime also be lodged in court To this  Mr. 13 o o th agreed .'*���������.������'. ;���������" ��������� ��������� ���������"���������'���������:, -"'. - ������������������'���������.'/     -:.  ���������-' Judge���������What I propose/ to do is first to  he^<rtt^he*frxcl$-''cm ^th''sfdF^"aTid-i;hen' far  order a viewer to be appointed by each party  with whom I shall .personally inspect the  grounded by this meansbe better able to  comprehend the matter... Whatever..' course is  pursued, i shall take care that the. equitable  arid legal rights-of parties w&i not in any way  be prejudiced. r    -^C^������/ -;  ��������� -..'. The Black Hawk Co. were notified through  Mr.,Grant, their foreman,'������������������'; that .their -case  would be beard in the same mauner as the  others,arid that it .would be. desirable, that  the gold; taken *��������� out by them should also bo"  lodged in court..; Mr.. Grant undertook to  consult with the company oh the subject.      \  .It. was, arranged thatrthe. case Synon vs.  .Vfalliams Creek Eed Rock Flume Co. should  be taken up ou the appeal as it now stood'.' :  ��������� By the consent of .all parties, Monday next  was'fixed for the trials. \ \ :.-.-;��������� .- v .  ;���������; After his honor had thanked the .gentlemen  of the bar on his own behalf andthat of the  public, for the -very ablc'.apsistan'ce.they had  reu dered i u arrarigirig matters, the' court .*. ad:  journed:\<;; A.,' >;"/���������������������������'������������������"' = :.������������������������������������'.A.-x.-XX:,X'-:XX'X. Xy.  COUNT Y    COURT.  (Before C. JBrew, Esq.).  .     Monday, lGth Sept, 1867.  T. Harvey xs. W. Meacbam���������Claim of $370  50, being balance due on a promissory bote.  Judgment for plaintiff, with costs. .  J. W. Lindhard vs. Wickam���������Claim of $250  for damages. Judgment for plaintiff for $31  and costs. ���������  Ross vs. Keoghan���������Claim of $207 57, balance of promissory note. Judgment for  plaintiff by default. v N  Russell vs. Allen Mining Co.���������Claim of $53  82 for labor. Judgment for plaintiff by default, x;-". *������������������:    ��������� ,'��������� .' . ���������    '.' ..;''"���������-  Burdick & Dexter vs. Shearer���������Claim of  $12, being amount of bar bill. Judgment for  $5, the amount claimed for dances ; the balance, for liquors, struck out, as coming  tinder the- meaning of the tippling Act..  Burdick vs. Shepherd���������Claim of $16 75,  amount of a bar bill.. ^Judgment for $7.  Geo*. Reid vs. Stewart Quartz Mining Co.,  CanyouCreek^Ciaim of $373 54, for wages.  Judgment for plaintiff by default, with costs.  Greaves & Co. vs. J. Allen���������Claim of $G8  85, for beef Supplied*. Judgment for plaintiffs, with costs.  Chief Justice Begbie has gone below, it is  presumed to take Justice Needham's place,  during the latter gbritleman's temporary absence here.  out by them between 1st Sept., 1866, an! 30th  Aprilf  1^67, provided the Flume Got will  [FROM OUR TRAVELING CORRESPONDENT";]  \    A Beaver Pass, 10th Sept, 1867:  Dear Sir,���������You are aware of my safe ^ arrival here, where I intend to remain; until affairs on the creek got quited down., I and  my crew employ our leisure hours in taking  the bearings and distances of the "different  spurs and angles of the different silver, copper, lead and gold quartz lodes, which can  be seen from all; points of ' the compass,  sprouting above the surface like coral cauliflowers through, the clear and transparent  waters' on the banks of the Bahamas. I have  secured s o m e spbe linens" "fro in" the b u t-cro p -  pings, which I have no doubt will assay in  every respect equal to what can be expected.  While I was laying at Deep" creek, a  sch o o ner rigged craft cal le d i ri, b o u n d to  Soda creek for orders, the captain. Jonathan  R. Bilk- informed me that the Cherry creek  silver lode was actually as rich as represented to me by Comhaodore Sottoti and CJaptain  Deitz.,, On his passage up, which was rather  a rough one, he fell in with ex-Royal Engineer  Leech and.ex-High Sheriff Homer, both rer  turning from the creek bound down to the  capital to report progress. Mr. Leech has  been surveying the old company's ground as  well as the - claim that Mr. Homer, located  which adjoins the former ^company. Mr. Leech  is a gentleman v/bb will bear, no. relationship  with any report outside of the facts, every  twister be spins is bomposed of the heart  yarns.of his martingale, and can be made uso  of as authentic.:. Bo says tbo briginal company's claim is about; three-quarters of a mile  square; the creek' runs, diagonally through  tho claim, arid forms, a. kind, of* hypotenuse  that divides the ground-ihto two right angled  triangles, leaving an equal.portion of ground  ori eath Bide, of the creek ; the loci p. they', are  at work On "at present ruris N. W. and S. E(  magnetic, ih a line with the creek, and ja supr  posed to be the -main one .from which the  others branch.oit. A 'shafthas been sunk on:  the lode .45 feet in depth, from which Mr.  Leech has seen and handled solid pieces" of  the ore that.would measure two. cubic feet  and assay Irqrn. 80 to 00 per cent.1; Capital la  all that is required to make this a good thing.  Half a tori of the ore is on its way tovSan  Francisco. Mr* Bates, proprietor of thb hotel  at Deep creek, being a shareholder in the concern, was so highly; delighted -with Captain  Bilks' good news that he .invited'all hands.to.  cmrewi"^  anirnously   accepted.,' Wev:had>& splendid  feed and lotsv6f lush,; about 12'.j.'rn.^: oveiy-:  body appeared. Jo.^ave their .cargo pn .bpardi  Bates wascalljedtbri fpy^mng^he; rqsejtnhW  feet, ^made an eipquent and teUiDg Speech',.!, in  which he expressed the happiriess; it ���������.afforded  him to accoirihiodai;^^ his\ friends, ahdi-'.Buh'g',;  two ivers.es-of;' ? Mybld Aunt Sally,;^broke^  do wn "aud started: on the,. [* Wopdp ecker'/\vfbrf  got the second verse, sat dowii and cbmmericl  ed to whistle "Yankee "Doddle.'' At this'sta^e  all left th6. room��������� unperceived, arid ,turriod;iii\y  leaving Bates^still  whistling',the same: old:  time.., /At'si������riext fnorhing"I got "up and had  an eye-ppener, and pri looking into the: room  we ��������� occupied:.itlie:.eyening. prevuius, T. saw,  Bates in;the sariie position we left Tbim.;' After  a good breakfast I bid my worthy hos'tCgood  bye, and gbturider weigh; .in compaiiy 'witli  Captain Bilk for Soda creek, where ,wes.arnv-;;  ed in' a few!hours.   There is splendid anchor;  ago. almost any where iri; these ��������� w aters, p ar ticu-;  .larlyTbetweeri\CHipente^  .named place, ajfine muddf;.. .bottoiri, \-.tb.e:-. best  holding ground.I ever ;droppei :a'���������; tacklinfe in.  frorii a kedge to a bestbbwe^  as a. rule^ use .'tri p. .chains, hot 'being'.; able"; to :  break ground without them.   On my lauding  I was made acquainted-with Messrs.: McLeesp  &.Senny, wholesale;merchants, I;alsp had tka  honor of rhaking the. acquaintance of Mr,:P|  Dunlevy, corauiissiori-merchant and ship-broker.  ������the steamer- Enterprise was lying at  the whariV.up for freight,aud.passengers.to ;  Quesnelle, she  is ���������.commanded * by Captain  Smith,  of lower Fraser celebrity, the discoverer, of a steamboat channel over the Harrison Rapids.    1 heard considerable, about  hini in Paris, he having sent the model of a  sterriwhee! boat to.-the Exposition, for. which-  he did not get a prize.  I left Soda creek in the morning and roachr  edQuesnelie in the evening, and tied up all  \  night alongside of. the Quesuelmputh packet,  Captain Charley Donaldson, an "old sholl'^of  the deepest water... I had a long talk with  him about local attraction arid nautical affairs  generally, he told me that currents, and local  attraction  had been his chief study while .  sailing in these waters, and so careful, is he  not to be deceived, that -he swings his ship .  invariably every trip before he . leaves ;th<*  dock. . -'���������.'���������  A transport of the BXX line has just run  through Beaver Pass, loaded . with troops for  the Grous8 Creek war ;uncler these: circum?;  stances; I. think I shall.shape.(my. course for. {  the   peacelnl. waters of: the:, Shuswap/ andy  Okanagan country. : I am much disappointed  in not reaching the creek to hear Sir Legh Har-.  riett's lecture on.the face;.of the country* but  I shall reluctantly have to deny myself of thai;  great pleasure.  I wish my frieuil Legh would .;  take a trip with, me to the Qkaliagan ; ho  would there see what he might call a garden;  and what would surprise hjrii more, that garden lying waste, and unoccupied. .An old  Irish gentleman, Mr. Julius Fogerty, who has!  just arrived from there,; in.describing i t to ms  says.:X" Bumsby, that section, of the country;  reminds me of the beautiful scenery arpdnd  Dublin.   Jiist. fancy tb you rself. the glen of, ��������� ;  tIW,Durgyib, the vale of Avoca, the lakes of  Kiliamy, where natxire is manifested., in all  her majesty, glory and beauty, and your ima: ���������  gination will  picture  the   beauties   of.-ths  Okanagan.,. If there is..a; garden in British  Coluinbia, it is to be found there/'   I was. so  much interested in Mr.. Fogerty's description,  that I gave orders to Mr. Hardweather to b*|.  prepared to get under weigh at daylight^ fri|  lake Okauagau, where I interid tb crriiss for  Ihe baiknee of the seaconi       *A;.  ? .., :.-At;  Yours, C.A.vA'BiimMI  *f^*P'  illl  lit  mam ������  ���������Pi  aBsawmn www arwr.gwTB'aaai  HSB  'XXy-A '���������"': {OBIGINAJ*] .      .        -'  J';.T.d:.;"iTBsA h.  ���������;. ���������  ,.Xy own beloved Leah/  ,;    1 '    Lately did we part,  ��������� And as I write the cruel words,  .'   ' .      ��������� Grief almost rends my heart;  . __ ;Fbr months must,pass, e'er I can see  -^~"Tif6se~eyes so soft and sweet,/  X   Oi* gaze upon thy sweet young face,  ;;������',:        ;a I&eelihg at thy feet. . \  And when in my lonely hut,  y:V /': y.      ', And tern pests rend the sky^       '  ,Y' ?   ; Saeh weather we havejoften here,.  '������������������X rJ''h     ^^ThbuV angel! wilt be nigh.   ���������;';  .'���������   i \'���������������������������: ��������� jto in the calm, when Cariboo winds  .  r". In low sweet cadence sing,      '  <- Their maimers in my.listening ear,;  V .Thy dear name to me will bring* ;  -.;   Heaven bless thee, ray own darling,  .      And keep thee in its care,'  And grant that we may meet again,  v Then farewell dark despair. '  ;���������������������������������������������:������������������:��������� ������������������''������������������;"  Fm called, my:business waits,    ������������������  -     -       ';':-'.'������������������ My own sweet Leah adieu;  ;':., Oh 1 ne'er forget the faithful heart  .'j ., r'X    X 'Whose life pulse beats for you.  AXyX^A: A. X :,,-���������:���������   r.<';y ,��������� - ' A ryX^A^L.  YWilliaaia Creek, Sept 7tb;i867v '     - -a ';���������'���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ESP.  TAYLO  Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  HAS CONSTANTLY ON HAND A CHOICE BE-  ���������lection of Drugs ann Patent Medicines, includ-  ing the celebrated Golden Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixtures, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.  Alson groat variety of Sarsaparillas, Hair Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Conibs, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lubin's Extracts, Rose Water and other Per-  fumeries, Garden Soeds, &c.,&c. .   A   ;���������....,  Just received-^n assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1867; and Billiard Table articles.  P. S. ���������Prescriptions carefully compounded.    1-s  .;  FOSTER,   OF   LILLOOET,  .    ���������   CHEMIST.'.y, y  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  VICTORIA SEED STORE  ' Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St.   .  MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises with a large  '    and well assorted Stock  ���������'  _0P��������� -: .  ^U-Tfce-safeof Jerusalem ���������;to; RuBsiai^is mnoh  ;y talkied of iri^EairsV; ;It^is' iaid that while the  : j;Turto  :;<)��������������� the means "of procuring/money for] the  A,'-Sultanfs voyage, one \bf the dignitaries was  ;���������;��������� ^rgaining^ for the sale;of Jerusalem to Ru������  S^jfe^?^^^^8^ t^subject^are.fsaid to  WpS- lity progress be^ee^^eherai-^natief and  AAali:; Pacha. ;\ X The7S jprjcfe of ��������� Jerusalem and  :JJaffa is supposed to;be fixed at lOO; million  -.^pla^tres (^ur'mU '  lrA!Jttf; Sheffield; J 'Broadhead, the - confessed  <hirerof; assassi^;v hai'had'' the : effrontery ��������� to  '-vput;in a^ claim; for ������6'for twelve days' attend-  ; v.ance^before:thei Commission of Inquiry. 'XIt is  -f scarcely ��������� necessary to 'say;that he* was XbXd. to ���������  ;|waii.until���������'he~ go t his'���������';certificated X Broadhead  '",'��������� ��������� ke'eps/fe.^blic^hous^f^and;';since^he 'recent  ^���������disclosures tte^piaceyhas'^Keen thronged by  ^sens^on^unting ^yjsifor^^ny; yofX;������������������ them  ^'from^a distance.-'���������^���������������������������-^- % '.a?Aa:AA '.-..���������;���������>. ;.y\.: :������������������;,:'���������)-... .;-.).;i  ;':'.';.^!phe of the result to the ihone-  ^;^&rj^hgresi nowy ^sembied at Parish,- will  i; probably be the/establishment of a new /. ^old  c currency ;;inY(^^  yj eff&t bf: assimi^ the' rates  -of account all oyer Europe^ .';L yA.Ay'y;--AA'A:  ���������;%The:Vicerdy pi Egypt has been(so much  tdelighted with; the Exhibition that he has in-  >4uced ike^^prinbipal ���������functionaries of his country to make a journey to Parts, and has also  indicated forty^Aral>/chiefs^^iwho; will pay a  ; visit to the Champs de Mars.;:  Ay. A great-fire broke 'out on : the works of  Messrs. Mayers, builders, in the Belvedere  Road> Lambeth.   Before it could be subdued  a vast amount: of property was consumed.  The loss is estimated at nearly ������100,000.  Recent consultations of Sir W. Ferguson,  Dr.Walsh, and Dr. Paney, Have resulted' in  the decision that Mr. (/liarlesKean must have  perfect rest and repose for six months, when  they hope he will be wholly restored to  health.;   ���������''       ��������� ;   '"  A violent thunder-storm broke over Beau-  caire, France, a few days back; 'The electric  fluid fell on a house in the Rue de Grand-  Coin, and killed two females who were at  dinner in their room on the third floor.  .  On 25th June five archbishops and twenty-  two bishops from the United States had an audience of the Pope, to who.m they presented  more solid proofs of their devotion than mere  empty expressions of homage.  t The Russian journals announce that a Col.  Sokoloif has been sentenced by the St. Peters-  AS FOR SALE, and constantly on hand,  a well assorted Stock of Drugs, all the' Chemicals  used hy. Physicians, Photographers, Assayers and  Mechanics. Also tho popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists'sundries, ,- .  Rotorts, Crucibles, Muffles, Cupels, Ingot Moulds,  etc., etc .   - ,   ��������� y '-   '     ' "-   ���������  PRESCRIPTIONS   FAITHFULLY PREPARED.  F.' W. FOSTER,   '���������'  mftl ���������   ::; ;.;----":-::.0h'������>ntet..;.:  " .':, YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.   -.-  AND FLOWER SEEDS.    ;.  The business of the late firm of Jay & Co., Fort St.,  and Springfield Nursery, will ho carried on by them  In all Its "brunches.  Fruit Trees and Bushes, Evergreen and Deciduous  Shrubs, Bulhs and Flowering plants of every description. - lis  ; ROADSIDE lApymT^BBM^S/  WILUAM-McWHA,  IJYTTON CITT, fi. a,  Begs to Inform the pnbllc gonerall^ that he h������  STABLE & COBAIi, ACCOffiODATlOjl  v-  On hlsjwetoiBcs for upwards of 200 Homi  Hay and Oats for Sale cheat)  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE.  .TJERMS >MODERATE.      ���������  U  ENJAMIN   DOUGLAS, Successor to A.  C.  -rWBL^Sj������8A������������HJ^������^Kaxness"MafcerjYale, B. C,:  %&* A complete assortment of Stock constantly: on  hand.' :'������������������"'���������:���������*'���������;.-"' ��������� ;- A'X'.AXX,  1-s--.:.1  '".���������;"'���������''    Front Street^ Yale,-,B/;'C.,;'  BEGS TO ANNOUNCE to the inhabitants of Cariboo  that he intends to forward (as soon as the state; of  the .Roads will permit),   a. large and well assorted  stock of Cookisg. Stoves, .which he will dispose of at  *Price8'to Suit the TraiES.  yalo,8th April, 1867. '���������'���������.'., A 'XX 1.  LONDON"  HOUSE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.   .���������  ��������� WHOLESALE  AND   RETAIL,.;  J. H. TURNER & GO.  IMPORTERS OF  English & French Silks,. Shawls, Dresses, Un  dferclothing, Gloves,, and every description of  ... Drapery Goods.  Receive regular supplies by Express via Panama and  by sailing vessels via Cape Horn. Ay  %������������ Particular attention given.to all orders,  London Firm���������J. P. "Tusstall & Co. 1-s  - A'������������������ ESTABLISHED^1858^^:T'"^A  CLE. ROMSROT,  BOSTON BAR, B.O.,  "Wholesale and Retail Merchant !n/  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS  LIQUORS, PRY 600DS, CLOTHING, &o. \% *  164 MILE OR BEEP CREEK  IS OPEN *FOift THfi ACCOMMODATION OP THS  Travelling public; tho-bedrooms are spackwsiHd  airy and tho Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanlincw  and comfort by any in tho lowor country; the Table ia  always supplied with the, best of victuals. Stablft?  for Horses; Hay, Oats ahd Barley constantly ca hand  .   HOTEL DE FRANCE,  :' 'Government Street, Victoria, V; I.   ���������  THE RESTA.tTBANT is supplied with all the  delicacies of the season, and the sleeping accomodation is replete with every comfort. The best of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars. *  1-s } J. BIGNE & CO., Proprietors.  PARTIES DESIROUS or shipping freight'With pis-  ��������� patch,* .wlll.find it to their advantage by giving us  a call before engaging-elsewhere.    ��������� y. yy.Y:'  X',A-,,\ ���������������������������;>���������.;.-    YALWAr & BAILEY;  ���������   Yale, April 8tb, 1861. . ���������$  -.'���������������������������'"��������� ' '���������' aA'.        Is  HENRY GREENBAUM, WHOLESALE LIQUOR  Store; Importer of Fine Meerschaum Pipes, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson street, Victoria, V. I.   :.      ��������� - ���������";���������"- ';'."'; .   1-s  a"&OYD & ti^E^HfWopnetor^  JTJLES RTJES'F, Commission Merchant,  Royal  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victoria, V, I.-   1-s  Ay:A$������A :H, button,--:-,  BEALER IN WinesJ Liquors and Cigarsj Coal Oil,  Coal Oil Lamps,. &c, y-A X-.  A AX AGENT FOR BUlfefErVS ALE !       ;  In Bbls. and half Bbls.  Yale, April I8th, I$Q7. ". :���������. ..'-'���������  Is  Storage and Forxvarding!  '; YALE, Br C. :  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE-LYT-  ton Route j are advised, that ���������  , KIMBALL & GLADWIN  Rave erected an extensive Storehouse and Dock at  Yale, and aro prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods. Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates.   '"   ���������'  ������������������  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to the care of  Is KIMBALL & GLADWIN.  CLEAL'S Coffee House and Restaurant,  Government Street, Victoria, V. L This is the  cheapest, roost comfortable, and best attended Establishment in the City  The BAR is always, supplied with the choicest of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars. 1-s  FRANKEL. Victoria, V. I., Dealer in Furs>  Srtns, Hides, Wool, kc: Liberal advances made  on Furs consigned. Reference���������G. Sutro & Co., Rein-  hart Bros. Victoria, V. I. ��������� ���������'.': 1-s,  SUTRO & CO., Importers a.vd Dealers in  CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mccrshaum Pipes, &o., S E.  corner of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria.        y .. s  G.  VAN" WIHKLE STOBE.  THE UNDERSIGNED be^s to inform the miners and  residents in k around Van Winkle that he will in future keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  hopes by close attention to business, and hy selling  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the patronage of all. ���������  Orders from outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch. ' s  J83~ Terms CASH, without distinction,  1-3 J. W. LINDHARD.  KWONG, LEE & CO., Commission Merchants, Importers, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  V. I., Yale, Lillooct, Quesnelrnouth, and Williams  Creek. 1-s  WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  and Engraver, Government street, next  to tho St; Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I.  THtS HOUSE Is situated 25 rallies from Qucshelmoirtli  The proprietors having lately fitted up bedrwmj  and good Bods aro now prepared to afford every accom.  modation for Travellers; .the Table is furnished withal]  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is welhtm.  plied with the'best brands or Llqhors and Segars; %m  Stabling, flay, Oats ahd Barley^ ?4^The OHEAPEf  l/House on the Koad. ...    . ������������������. '. ..     :.   ,;.. \4 ,  ^Y^l22';*MLfrH<^^  '" ���������':;;*;tA&B;'LA'!HACHE.' !"���������./';:���������;';'��������� [  T't'ti WALTER, formerly of the 04'MrtB Howi  9 having purchased this Ranch, Is now prepare^  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD MEALS  andBEDS at moderate ratos. A;, :..]������ :";  MALLANDA1NE, COLLECTOR  AND GENERAL  ��������� AGENT, Government Street, Victoria, V. I.    1-s  AILY and WEEKLY " BRITISH COLONIST  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for mailing either tlie Daily or Weekly issues of the above to  any part of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, &c, left at this office or sent to Victoria will be  attended to. Terms in advance. Weekly, 12mos.,  with Postage, $7 50 ; 6mos. do., $4 75. Daily, 12  mos do., $23 ; 6mos do., $12 50.  . MESSRS.. CORNWALL'S.;,.,  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half.way betwseu:  ������\i Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yalo "feoute.  Travellers will find Good. Accommodation.  Theb.eatof  living, of Liquors, and of Wines     Fresh Sutter, Miik  and. Vegetables, .Good Stabling and cheap feed. ;U  '������������������        *���������    ...'.i**.^^ ��������� .,*.������������������������������������ m        .m ... .'���������,l,w.    ���������      m..  -.    ..^... ���������    n    ,m^t    ,       , , >fc     ;  A  "..'���������. '������������������'.-- ;PPDA: GK&PKX XXX:  A GREAT REDUCTION has beeh made ih tbe cbargtf  at this establishment, so as to suit the times.  Beds; 75 Cents.  McLEESE k SENAYj '  "h'oprietorB.  '������������������-���������.;:;    Ideals, $1  May. 1st, .1867.  30 MILE   POST,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYl^ON, B.G  burg tribunal to sixteen months' imprisonment in a fortress for having written a book  entitled " The Apostates."  A young English woman, named Mary  French, aged 17, was tried at Paris for picking the pocket of a lady at the omnibus station fronting the Palais Royal. She did not  deny the charge.  i A thunder-storm attended with calamitous  results, broke a few days back oyer the  mountains of Tarnague, in the Ardeche. The  lightening killed instantly a shepherd and  203 sheep.  The Cabmen's Trade Unio^ Society, recently established in London, promises to; be a  formidable combination, as 1,G5(> have joined  it within seven weeks. ���������  The celebrated Bohemian linguist, Scherzl,  yfo?j *b9Wfr 93ty 23 years old, is said to  speak thirty languages, has entered the Russian civil service. ,.  The Queen has sent ������3 to Mrs. Roberts, a  potter employed at Bowden Brook Works;,  who recently gave birth to three children.  BLUE   TENT,  '��������� OR ���������  127   MILE   HOUSE.  THE UNDEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  desirable property, is now Prepared to accommodate tho travelling public. The table is supplied with  the very best of viands.. Tho bedrooms and beds are  as comfortable as could be desired, and the BAK con-  tains.nothing but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.  A good stock of Grain and Say alwavs on hand.  3rd May, 1867. 3 \    W. WRIGHT.  OUR   COFFEE.  WE   ARE   FORWARDING   A  FIRST CLASS ARTICLE TO CARIBOO,  of from two to twenty-nva pounds  WILSON & aMURRAV,  Fort street, Vict<  Packed in Tins  each.  rictoria.  IMPORTERS OP ENGLISH MERCHADIZE  Wholesale and Retail,  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria.    1-s  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation otthie  Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD BEDS;  STABLtNG FOR a0RSES.  TIM0T3Y HA? and OATS at Lowest R&t������J.  BOOTHROYD  BRO'S,  " .  1-s Proprieteffi.  The Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at- tW  O Junotioa^f the Cariboo and Big Bohd Roaoy8  now open for the accommodation of tho public.   W3*  price -....., ..w���������������.......  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Gramt  attentive hostlers. Stages leave here regularly lor  rale, and Cariboo l'B  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  J^*Wbo buys Fell's Coffee ?   Why every  one who knows what good Co&m should be I  yon geiii)  CASAMAYOTJ be*s leave to state that he  has removed his stock of Goods consisting of GROr  ceries, kc, from Wharf street to the Brick Building  on Yates street, adjoining Cowper'sBoot Store, opposite Wells, Fargo & Co. ��������� '��������� -���������  : He will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at the lowest  rates, for cash. i'.s.  A. W. PI PER.  CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.  /1ANDIES of every description manufactured and  \J sold, Wholesale and Retail. x-s  WILLIA1Vtr2EI]'NER;:d"eaicr in Drugs, MBoi-  oi.ves and Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Articles,  Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, &c. Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V.I.   , J.s  A. BULER & CO.'S  CHEAP Store.   LADIES'and GENT-S CAST OFF  Clothing bought and sold.   Secondhand Watches  Guns, PiB.tolB, &c, for sale. *  ^������- Government street opposite the Theatre.   Is  Free Port for Ever!  WE THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE   pleasure" in an-  nouncmg to our numerous  customers and the  I public, that we will supply them with the bestFRENCH  Leather Boots (duty free) ever offered in B. C.  jJS-'At our old Stand, Government St., Victoria, VI  J. cTbeedy, ~*  COMMISSIONS  FORWARDING AGENT,  WILL PAV PARTICULAR   ATTENTION  TO   SE-  lecting, purchasing, or forwarding Goods for the  upper country.  Any commission entrusted to his care, will receive  prompt attention. '  References :���������W. A. Meaoham, E. A* Wadhams^ T.  fHE UNDERSIGNED IS NOW PREPARED TO  1 aObrd every accommodation to tho travelling puny  lie, and hopes by a strict attention to business, w  merit a share of the patronage bestowed on tho former  proprietors. This is olio of tho most comfortable an*  commodious .Hotels on the road, containing asi K��������� oow.  warm and well furnished; bed rooms with good oeas.  Tho TABLE is. supplied vwIth every delicacy. It Js P������f.  sib!e to procure in tho upper country. The ba������ *  stocked with the best of Liquors, and the cDQicea"  Cigars* ���������"' ;*  J8������-M*EAX,S,   $1 50   KAOTv4^  The stabling for Horses, is all that could be desiro^  hai  per day, $2  and the charges are very moderate  per d  rates.  ^������ aro vwy   muuciaw.    Hay IO  ; Oats and Barley at the cheapest mars������?.  The undersigned has a large. quantity.: of OA'S M*  on hand, for sale in large or* small quanti ties., ������������������ _  iQHN^JDLLETIER;^^ Proprietor.  la���������  Harper, J.J. Bramlt.  Victeria, April, 1887.  BOSTON,  BAR  THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE ie now^open .<���������.$  Tho Table is supplied as.formerly \���������t.  m  I  mi  *<***������   i^-H  X vcllers.  the best the market alfords, and  ���������us, nun the OooWn^can**  be excelled.    The Bar is stocked with the mm*  l(  QUORB and ClQARS;  GOOD BEDS..    '_p-  ZM  M


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