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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-09-17

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 Vol. 9.  Barkerville/ William Creek, B.C., Saturday, Sept. 17, 1870.  No. 20  THE CARIBOO fWWm.  Publishe<Levery Saturday by  R OfElf     HOL LO W A Y.  Subscription,   -  - .60 Cents per Week.  RATES OF ADVERTISING.    .  For one square (one inch), first insertion,   .   $3  "        " . one month,   ���������   ���������     6  For two squares, first insertion,     -   i   . X    6  ' **     ���������������������������/"'      one month, .......   .���������'  .8  Agents for the 4* Cariboo Sentinel."  VanWinkle,-        .     ���������;  Quesnelmoutb,  Soda Creek,     *  .-'.'-,  Clinton,    ....  Tale,     -.������������������"���������      Mr. Evans,  ,Ke.w Westminster  -.    .-  Victoria,   -      -'     .  L P..Fisher,      .    -   ���������.--'���������-  .HudsoD k Mcnet,   ���������-   '.   ....  Mr G.-W, Lindhart  Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  do....1.. do  Clarkson&Co  John Coilens  -:. . San Francisco  -   ���������   -   New York.  Russia, f One of ihe ^espstfohes saystbat;ini  sia and England!.Wlb^o&^:t6f;aeai8^embci^  meat of Franco; The superiority of Prussia  on the continent, should she ultimately prove  to be the victor in the present conflict* would  be more dangerous to the interests of .Russia  than would the superiority of France!. If  France should bo defeated by Prussia, then  Russia would probably^^ find a dangerous adversary in the latter^"V0n-r&'ojner;^ndj"4el  supremacy of France would not be feared-  Russia is concentrating an army on the' fronV  tier, and Prussia has asked for an explanation.  to.receive $100,000 per annum for said land.  Canada to guarantee interest on ������100,000  for a graving dock at Esquimalt,  ; Canada to continue an Indian policy as  liberal,as that of British Columbia, and the  latter to convey to tbe Dominion, in trust,  tracts of land for the use and benefit of Indians; as has hitherto been the practice.  The Government of British Columbia.to  continueasi existing^it the time of union until  otherwisealtered under the authority of the  British"NorthAmerican Act', and Canada to  consent, to the. introduction of Responsible  MISCELLANEOUS.  If, however, the terri^ Uken from Germany! Go yernmentwheuso desired.  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  JOB PRINTING OFFICE  Cards, Circulars, Posters and Programmes for  ,,  Balls and theatrical Entertainments  ^���������Executed with neatness and dispatch.^^jf  .Terras moderate. ���������  g->..���������_, ,.-..���������.,..  ....   ���������,...   ^     ,        '., ... .  TO ADVERTISERS."  All advertisements (not Inserted for any definite  period) will be continued until ordered out, and  charged for accordingly^..  ���������.i-..,. ...I.,     _ ..._,..     _.,_������-i   ��������� ���������       ni, i ..'.in *  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  All communications must be .accompanied.,by the  real name and address of the writer; not -necessarily  wi th a v i e w o f pub 1 ishi ng the sanic,' bull as' security  .for its good faith.-      ..'     ... '. -\..U.- .- ���������.-. % 'yi. >-;- ������������������������������������, '.  '���������;   THIS pABIBO^SENTINEL:.';,;...,.-  Ts published . in Barkerville! every Saturday. ' AI.  advertisements Intended for insertion, must bo;delivered at litest"at Six- o'clock, P. M., tho day before  publication.    .,    'X. .. . ..;- ���������';-:���������������������������.:. ..t-.-.-     .,-   '-'y ���������  ;.,:.,WAR = NEWS.-.   ; :-.:V;,-;;.":  A severe battle took place on tbe 30th and  31st ult. between the Grown Prince of Prussia  and McMabon., As usual the telegrams are  conflicting as to the resu I i\ but the French retreated, and as McMahon is believed to be  fighting for position the retreat indicates a defeat.  The telegrams still repeat the statement  that the object of the CrownjPrince is to force  his way to Paris.   King-William of Prussia is  stated to have said two years ago, in view of  a conflict with France, 'that "we will attack  with all our strength and in the direction of  Paris."   This idea seems to be the key to  Prussian policy in   this conflict.    Paris'  is  Franco, and there is its weak as well as its  strong point.   It is the centre of the revolutionary sentiment of the Empire.   If Paris remains true to Napoleon he is safe.   If, how-  over, the irreconcilables and legitimists avail  themselves of the approach of the Prussian  armies and succeed in getting up a " fire, in  ihe rear " of Napoleon, or a revolution, his  cause his hopeless.   Hence the Prussian attack (< with all our strength in the direction  of Paris."   Every movement in Paris then is  important, but the latest telegrams do not  portend any movement of the kind* . On the  con (vary large numbers of  volunteers are  daily enrolled, equipped and sent to the front  The Journal Official says it would require an  army of half a million of men to invest PariSj  while 30,000 would suffice to defend it, and  there are troops enough in and around the  city to furnish the necessary garrison.' Sailors  from the fleet, the Garde Nationale, tbe Garde  Municipal e and fireu;::. would make up a solid  army of 100,000.   The continued successes of  the Prussians  by France some two hundred years ago, and  now retaken by Prussia and her^llies, be  successfully held, the temptation will be too^  strong to resist, and Prussian ambition may;  not consent to a peace;except it be ceded! to;  Prussia or tho Confederation.This may  bring Russia into the war, but we hardly think-  that England will interfere. Although ;the  French have been outgeneraled arid badly  worsted thus far/: the battles which have oc:  curred are far from decisive, and both French  and Prussian enthusiasm are too strongly aUd  generally excited for eitber.party to abandon  the struggle for a long time yet; ���������/     \x ]. ������;./  THE OFFICIAL MRMS.;:  The Government Gazette per last express  contains the official announcement of the Confederation terms offered by Canada to British  Columbia. ;.;��������� .; yAAA:;.-.;:��������� .",?������;;X"- iyf~f  Canada is to bo liable for the debts of British Columbia.; ���������  British Columbia to receive interest at.the  rate of five percent, on the difference between  her indebtedness and the1 indebtedness per  head of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick,'the  population of British Columbia being taken  at, 60,000. -   -, , -^X-^  Canada to pay tb British Colnmbia an annual subsidy of $35,000 and an annual grant  of 80 cents per head of the population���������$48,-  00.0, . '-.... _...;.,., , a\  .Canada to provide efficient mail communication���������fortnightly by steam between Victoria and San Francisco, and weekly between  Victoria and Olympia.  Canada to; pay: the ��������� sal aries of Lieufc.-Go v-  crivo rand .th o Su pre me a n d Co un ty Cou r t  Judges. A  Canada to assume the charges of the Customs department; postal and telegraph services ; protection and en'oonragement of fish,  eries ; provision for the militia;. lighthouses,  buoys and beacons; shipwrecked crews;  quarantine and marine hospitals, including a  marine hospital at Victoria; the geological  survey and the penitentiary.  Canada to provide suitable pensions for  officials.  British Columbia to retain her present customs tariff and excise duties, if so desired,  until railway communication with Canada be  effected. . ���������  British Columbia to have three Dominion  Senators and six members in the Dominion  House of Commons.  Canada to use her influence to secure the  maintenance of the naval station at Esquimau.  The provisions of the British North America Act to be applicable to British Columbia,  except as provided by terms.  Canada to secure the commencement of a  railway from the Pacific towards the Rocky  Mountains to connect with Canada within two  years after the.Union, and to secure completion of the same withrh^n^years  The^ union to; t^ke;effect when her Majesty  may;appoint:   ���������  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  AN'D  C A.RI BO O    RHYME 3*  \BX JAMES ANDERSOK.  PRICE,       -      .       .-        ONE DOLLAR  For sale.at the Sknti.vei Office  and forwarded by  post, free of charge j- my 29  CHEAP   GOODS J  BUSINESS NOTICE.  The Pain Killer,  \  After thirty; te/lrs trial, Is still receiving the  mostunqualified^testimonials to its virtues, from  'persons of .the highest character and responsibility.  Physicians of. the first respectabiIity rccommend it  as'a most effectual preparation for the cx(inotion- of  pain;::li is ;:not only; the best remedy ever known  io r b TMiiM������e������ ,-"0 u tisiriBiTTTis;-^ & c... b u t for D vsc>n t n rv fir  Cholera, or any sort of bowel complaint, it is a rcmeciy  unsurpassed for efficiency and rapidity of action. In  the groat cities of India and other hot climates it has  become the Standard Medicine for all such complaints, as well as for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints,  and other kindred disorders. For Coughs and Colds,  C-mkcr, Asthma and Rheumatic difficulties, it has  been proved by the .most abundant and convincing  testimony to be an invaluable medicine. Directions  accompany each bottle. '  Sold by all Druggists. se-3  MISCELLANEOUS.  DR. SIDDALL, EiE.S., U.S.,  iND    DENTIST  3  AS REMOVED TO BARKERVILLE, and is pre  '" pared to treat all kinds of disease and execute  DENTISTRV in all its different branches in the neat-  est and best style. Teeth filled with pure Gold and  Silver; also. False Teeth put in on Gold Plate, "and  upon pivots'on old stumps or portions of the teeth,  which very often remain quite sound in tlie jawbone  after the tops.arc goue, and this is the best way for  any person to have false tcctb, as they are never re-  moved for the purpose of cleaning like those upon  plate, and are perfectly natural to the mouth and  tongue, as much so as the original teeth were.  Parties who have got sound teeth would do well to  call and have them cleaned, thus avoiding losing  them as others have done through the injurious effects  of what is called tartar, consisting of salivary (mucus)  animal matter and phosphate of lime,' which encrusts  the teeth with a dark scale, loosens the gums' con-  tinucs down to the bones, loosens the teeth and  causes them to fallout without being decayed.  /JSP* Teeth extracted in tho very best way known.  Charges moderate    The best references given, and  all work warranted to give perfect satisfaction.  &fij3FFI0S���������Opposite tlic Government Assay Office,  mv21 BARKERVILLE.  COMPRISING���������  Boots, Shoes Clothing and  Groceries,  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY,  For sale at the Store or the undersigned in Barkcrville, opposite the Bank of British Columbia.  W. RENNIE.  BOOTS MADE TO OEDEB  sc4 t. as usual.  FLOUR, FLOUR,  sojsa. . CKJEE3C,   .:;.'���������".       '-:  ~*  QTJESNELLE, and  BARKERVILLE.  Also,  TWO 6-i.v. CYLINDER STEAM  ENGINES,  WITH  BOILERS,  Suitable for small steamers,  Clinton, April 12th, 1870.  4. HARPER.  "aplG 6ra  LUMBER  !  MESSRS.   MEACHA11  k -NASON are prepared U  furnish Lumber at their Mills, William Creek,  or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELiyERED ON  LIGHTKItfQ  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  .WILLIAAC CREEK.  Having a Planing Machine in operation they wfl  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.  Planed Lumber and Shingles constantly on band  jclltf      ���������  British Columbia to convey to the Dominion  in trust, n similar extent of public lands as  may bo appropriated by the Northwest terri-  ^em7oCe7cite7h7 jealousT of I **������ ������>* ihQ oowtroottm of the railway and  WAKE-UP-JAKE  Restaurant and Bakery.  THE Proprietors of this old and well-known estab  lisbment would respectfully thank their numcr  ou6 friends and the public for the extensive patronage  heretofore bestowed on them, and trust that by their  usual strict attention to business they will merit n  continuance of theirconfldenceandsupport.  Meals, $1.   Board, $16' per Week.  BREAD HADE OF  THE BEST FLOUR  Wo recommend to the public our  GBOUND    COFFEE,  which is a much superior artickthan any which can  bo h ad from below. Wc Roetst and G rind i t o u rsel ves  and choose tbobestberncs,consequonUy the publie  may bo sure on ta Doing free from adulteration.  FATT������Jt$0}T& GOOD^ON  .-H-<  Miners' Provision  Store,  BARKERVILLE,  Next Door to Sbntikel Office.  T thisEstablisameniwillalwaysbefpunda wel1  selected an d varied assortment o f th o  FRESHEST GROCERIES & PROVISIONS-  IN CARIBOO.  ALSO���������A good selection ofClothing, Hardware, GI*  and Crockery.  Bestbrands of Tobacco,  Modicin<!s,eto.,etc. ^.rf������  Best J avaCoa'oe Boasted and Ground daili,  ALL GOODS SOLD AT LOWEST RATES  Tbe BAR I* fully supplied with thechoicest  HavanaCift-ars^VinesandLiquors.  T trustbystrictittention tobubine6s,ftndfeii ana  sauarodeallng,to mcritacontinuanceof theliberai  patronagehoretofor.f extended to me. o .  A large lot of HEYWOODfS  celebrflted 3ACON  or sale, at a votylow figure,  v  }  \  ������MMm!iHji������m*i������it.������aa*������:^iBIlj mm/seam 5-.*  { .--..  i.  ">-.  :!  :1  .1  t  /.-  ceK* an ontsi.le entrance U������ro.i������h ������ to������j  the street to Mr Lailter s store,    ii.������? "������������������  &*Ud to enter th.ce.tav g. log* *J  door in the tunnel.. A two-inci������ ������ '  been brottglit into requisition for tb s |>upose  deration ,.. been jo^j^ Wgp&g S-^^l^  ������������������* -  .- ���������������  ���������*.5f:l  THE OFFICIAL TERMS.  im    ���������   ^a Am������reoTtv the Dominion goy-  ^WTO accepted by our Delegates, for  eminent, ami acc-in      j h Co lUnt,ia  <b? llTcl&������ C nfelrSnnppear :>n  into the oanam<l" received'by. tho ex.-  terms Vill bo found on  (ul-coSicement of aPaciCKrailvv*?. W#-  iVthree years. The Dominion; goyevnmeut  off ri to5U*commeuccment .*������������?  y"ars: irom the date of ...uonv. If aU-goc?  opporimnt> o   h" in* Tho t0Clp*WiiJ re-  out making aj������������������cy ^0M^h-of:;QufeRn9ll������^������ &kJ*  ^t������11^   l.     '     _<. l.^Vr^rir'HR.   .". '    "  .  notice;  svare  CHANCE.  To'8r   w indo w fo re ed, so tli at access w as gained  a; r bora lead i ng to, the store a nd cell ar. Bu t  after ge Iting" in to. th is rbo m fu'r tlier progress  was difiicult owing .to the: strength, of the partition and door;and the burglai;s-retired, fearing prob ably that tli e work necessary to make  another ibtealriOTuld;:;caiise::tpb^aclhn6ise  and lead;to an alarthi .������������������[The;mattet^iwast kept  quiet"' until';*' tills ��������� week^: .as;;prpparntipns;, had  .been made to 'capture* the burglars, -but with*  ���������out'-' success; 4" "'^  rrflE  UN0BR81QNED   OFFER  FOR jui  .1    their  . -S  .of the zaii \v:ty u������,,ou������������ ������������ .... t. {  ticable, for It may take aIi;pf:twp^yeaTsTtbj  make a survey. Tins prompitude.iathe^raafc-^  ter o f the r ai 1 way is agai n s i\ gg.es ti veSf ��������� Ihi- ���������  perial co-operation. Indeed;it is stated; In-  tb e M on treat \V it ness lb a fc tb e OUaw a; gov ern-  ment has received an ���������,assii^vnfee;^fs^m: the  Colonial'Minister in London that a"guarantee  for. the necessary funds wililbV asked from  tlie Imperial Parliament'* Tire,recent discus-1  Bi in in 13rita;u concerning the; colouies has  Bhown that the Bri t ish people - are s trongly in.  favor of maintaining and sliehgthening the  ' X  '���������!  -    ':  '<���������  ���������  i|  V  ;���������?  ���������  if,  ;���������  .  Vs.-:,  ��������� ������������������< ���������  \  colonial relations, and parliament,will doubt-  lc3s give public opinion a >subslah;tial ex-.  pression by granting the guarantee,-[Ai The  proposed railway has a greater purpose to;  serve than Uie consolidation of British Nor tb ������*JJAi::; t^v*������tiftn������:  America,: India has been intersected, by rail- ^������^s motions.  ways at'the instance of the ^mperiiil govern-, :;;'!MESshs., .Lambert  meat for purpose of better maintaining Impo; ���������*������������b'   ������*a :Mr. X&e  rial authority in that rich country.   Railway  -communication was necessary A to X speedily  check internal strife in Iadia^ and-:speedy  * coihmunication may become, necessary  to  Naurovv Escape���������On Thursday "morning  Mr A:. MePherson narrowly escaped being  blown'tip by an'-explosion of gunpowder.  He was] working at the blacksmith's forge of  the Brown company,, Lowhee creek; when a  keg ��������� o f .powder.; w tiich had b sen 'in ad v er te n tl y  placed too near the -forge! ignited and exploded.   The ;forge waai shattered .to piece^,  butAlly MePherson/.was fortunate ebough: to  escape with a little singeing ot tho face and  haitv        ���������''    ���������-'..' ���������   ���������  MEMOitXi presides Xpver the past;::.;. Fel^s  CoFij'KB over the present Tlie first lives in a  rich temple hung with gIqribus trophies, and  tided Avith^ton^is; but Fisr.L?s Coff.uk,has but  o ne shrine,; and th at is; eve ry b fea k fast tab lc.  Its 'aroma "walks! the/earth like a spirit, and  ^ari^^feiouad/ '.rpr\(:i.sMe:\a^'eyery.'^bspec^tftble  Sedler'a;: in British;; Columbia, - Beware-iof  KM'.l Una hj,   ..,   for delays'are dangerous. Parlies ia-.uani.iuu -ni������i>IM������,  lohavowork dono will plsaso, ca 11 at oiic?," as. Gohl  Pluto, Miaoral Tiioih, aud the,best iHlius for; decuyed  tcGthin .the world; aud other -denial-, materia J, "has  just be������3n reedv\odhy. Express,   "^.;:,.       ;; au21 .  ;;:;- i;^^S>::v.:;;;;/  VXL PEnSOXS INDEBtED TO ifil?FREiS'&: MILLS,)  :������L-: of. Mosquito (JroBk:, aroivqiipstetlotosetUo.their;  .-s.qq!38^ts am-or. before. S;iiur4ny',; the; -FIUST '.day ol"  OOTOB15R hexV; ���������'aai ��������� ������������������ all?;persona v:having/. claims.  agniust Iho u-foresaid; ������l������flVee &: Hills .will please -pre*?  sent the same lor payment.     *   "   * * ���������  , Mosquito Creek,. Sept. 7,1S70,;.'*/;:...._..-,-; ..;.,-.  To; "bo!..-BispOB@d-i'of^  4-*1"OCK RANGE  . 1; Known as tho  THE GROCERY  BUSINESS AT  MOSQUITO   GREEK,  meet external aggression.   Railways, in India  and a railway to India across British,-terri?  lory a great portion of the way will sabserve  . both objects.-"Too  rujrraa ./railways   wer������?  . commenced primarily for military purposes,  and have been made a commercial success.  Confederation is tbe prime motive of the Canadian Pacific raiiway.   Its chances for becoming a commercial success depend upon  "the conditions of the Eastern commerce, including China; Japan, India, and Australia,  ' twenty year's "hence.   At. any rale it now  ;Beems clear enough that we are to have a  ��������� Tail way from   tho - Allan ti c to the Pacific,  which will give us revenue as well as com-  munic-itioa.  The Dominion government have  ���������. agreed to pay for the land to be ceded by  .British Columbia for railway purposes in in-  BtaimenTs of $100,000 per annum.   The total  amount of rnqney^to be received by British  .Columbia for provincial purposes from the  . -% Dominion government will be $216,000,"from  /'the following sources: Annual subsidy, $35,-  000; interest on difference of debt, $3^,000:  .    grant of SO cent3 per head of population.  ' $48,000 j and annual payment on account of  /land grant, $100.00(5.   The terms are mate-  "������������������-��������� rial Iy di/Ferent from those presented by our  delegates, but essential!y as liberal, and the  ':-financial-part is as sttislactory as can be ex-  p peeted. firuin a fair and ecmiiable point of  ^ y'.ew.   A thorough business spirit pervades  t .e terms, and tli ere is not fhe slightest tinge  or buncombe visible, Uie phraseology being  pfaih and easily comprehended, so tbat any  future misunderstanding as to  their intent  and meaning seems.impossible.   The Dominion government undertakes the charge of the  most expensive parts of the future govern *  ,'xnent of the colony, and offers a sum snfli-  ���������cient for 'provincial- purposes, and  large  enough,.too,lo excite tbe cupidity, or, rather  patriotism, of our colonial politicians.   Responsible government will be conceded when-  ; ever the colonists desire it alter Confederation talces place.   Quite a number of patriot-  ':   ically inclined people, who regard responsible government as the main thing to be de-  Fired, will storm a little at the next election  oyer that chnse, but most men will be disposed to consider it more prudent to abide  by it-rather than delay the more substantial  parts of the terms,-by returning the whole to  ,: Canada for amendment.  and Lallier, of WilUam  creek, and -Mr>:}Fery, -..bfNelson;creek, have  received authority;/to.co-operate with the San  Francisco' and Victoria ;'.B.ep:eypie'at;:;co.mmit^  tees to collect subscriptions for the; relief; 6f  the widows aud orphans of the French soldiers killed iii the war. ���������'.':-'*������������������. ���������'  I  For particulars, apply to .,    ������������������  XXrAX ������������������ --.������������������-������������������.. ,.        :'XX: JEFFREE<& MILLS,  Mosquito Crack *,  Or to W. J. JEFFKEE {oa. Mohdayd -: ahdn'FnYiays), at  ;'-"/BArkervitlo.;.        ���������'.';-./'.''/. "��������� -,. '���������;/;;.";sbi.0 im; V  -���������-     'NOTIOS.   ������������������-':-".'v;  ALL; PARTIES INDEBTED; TO /THE;; LATE ; MUS  Aft ;m aver pqutstod to., set l to thoir accounts; on  or before the E1GUTEEKTH SEFrEMBEK ; and all  persons having claims, a gainst? the said , la to Mrs  Allan will please present them for'pTymcnV.to    '  : 'WILLIAM ALLAN//  Sept.lO,lST0. / ?/    selO 2t  , Toffother; with tho .oktire Stock, coasistlng tf f  SIXTY-FIVE-HEAD 0$ CATTLE,  THREE HORSES'^ND^HARNESS,;  LOT - OF HOGS; AND CHICKENS,    s: ,  ;    ;.DAIRlf IN WORKING ORDEE,.'..  Ot*IE K1RBY^ -MO W.ERi and all kinds of Tm-  plemcnts for carrying oa the Dairy and  Farming business. ;      - ..  Safllclea^Hay now 4b slack lo winter the Slock; *}  *������* TWtf GOOD BWEW^NQ .HOUS3S*f two larje  Barns plenty;1:of; Outhnujea.and Sheds,, sufficient  water to Irrigate all tho tillable lund Fourteen acrca  good grain���������Wheat and Barley���������ah out thirtyv acre*  Tiniothyw/,,. ......    ..  parties wishing:to gb- into the. Stock-raising business  will-And this the inost 'desirable placa ever offorcd ia  British Columbia. .  :/     ,      ���������-���������     ��������� ;..,'  .  '   Fur further partlculars^. enquire on,tlie Itancb.  aul3lm        '      -   ,:      /'    BCCttKER. & COY ,  "Messks. A. S. Bates and' G. B:jWdgM>ar:  Mr. and Mrs; Boyd, pf the Cold Spriug. House,  also visited the creek this. week.'. .���������. X   ;  An Eastern mail arrived yesterday by Bar-  nard'& express, Mr. Vt. McLcan cam e as a.  passenger. The mail is to close at 10 a. m.  to -day and the express will leave cit 11.  Hudsox & Meset���������"We did not receive the  advertisement alluded to in your last communication.' JV:  I1P01IEP 0F1������S  ? AGENTS -tQ&TK$:  Royal Insurance Co.  WHARF STKEET,  Bol0 3m  VICTORIA,; V.I.  G9MMI8SION::MErt*CH>iNT8:ANfi!-  ���������'������������������    GENERAL   DEALEFIS"  <3-roc������idesv      ;���������        -l '-h-.-.  . ';.���������'��������� "'���������;��������� ������������������prpyisions. and';.;  '^::^xx!; ^A^Axt "-���������- J; ���������-Iiiquors.-  ... ���������ON HAKD~. '  ;tH;i/CEl/KBn A tkd _"������������������'���������  l)gptliEIRISH WHISKET.  43* Particular attention paid to C^nMgnm^^  ���������mMinfji-'# *  l^?^iW!^T^WW*  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Appeal to the'Benevolent.  W* E, the undersigned, have been requested -loco-  oper.itc with Ihe committees organized in San  Ifraaclsco and Victoria to solicit and collect subscriptions in aid of the widows and orphans of the French  soldiers killed in the war. We therefore appeal to  the liberality and benevolence of all who may feel  disposed to promote tb is object.  O. LAMBERT. Barkerville.  F. LALLIER, RicbQeld.  Ohas. Ho-wse & Jos Denny  RAVE   PURCHASED  THE   BUSINESS   OF  above Saloon, aud invite theircfriends and  public to inspect-their  WINES, LIQUORS AID GIGA1S,  Which are ot the very best quality.  ' sfslOlm ,    THE  the  -GRUN'BAUM';'- BROS.  '-['���������' Have opened a  '1  sel7 lm  NOTICE.  Esprkss���������Barnard's expeess arrived on the  lOib, with Mr Cohen, from Quesnel month, as  passenger, and an Eastern-mail* The down  express left on Sunday morning, taking the  following passengers :* C. S. Hammond, F. J.  Hamissnd, bound for Canada; Thos. Hughes  (of the-Taffvale co.)t for Wales; John Williams, for Victoria; and Geo. Hyde, from  Beam Pass to New Westminster.  THE PAWN RUSH IP bitberto existing between  ROBERT FATTlvKSON and JOHN &. GOODSONT  has tills day beeu ciss.>lv.M by mutual consent. All  accounts due to the lite firm :ir-'. i'i In pai I t*������, and  all liabilities will be settled by John G. Goolson.  HOrjKU'r PATTE1KON.  JUHNG. fiGODSON.  BarkerviH?, Sept. T. 1S70.  sel7 lm  J, G.GOOD^ON.  Regulations of tlie Cariboo  Literary Institute.  Tho Reading Room will be opin fiv>m 10 a.m. till 9  p.m. every day.   Express days till 10 p.m.  No Newspapers or Magazines si tall be taken from  the Ro;>ra without tho Lifjr.iri;tnls permission,  Parties retaining Bool s in t'.icir possession afler ex.  pinfi m of Fubf'ci'iplim writ be charged as subscribers  until tho same be returned.  A. &ILMORE,  ROHANT TAILOR,  YATES   STREET,. VICTORIA,   V.I.,  TTAS ON HAND, and is constantly receiving, a  11 l:irjre assonmont of CLOTH?, CASSIMEKES  and Tvstings, which bo is prepared to make to order  in the most approved styles,  P.irU^s oh Williim tf^cfe can have their mcas urc  tiiken by Mr McCilhun, IVirko.rville.  f!ut All orders from Cariboo promptly attended  to. my2l 0m  The estate of eugene coiBsr  DECEASED.  rpIIK UNOERSIGNED, AS EXECUTOR, requests the  1. Cri*dji,or.-i of tbe above Estate to send in thMr  accounts forthwith, aud the Debtors of the sMd Es.  tale to p;ty what nny be duo by thorn, otherwise  legal proceedings will bo tulcen against timm.  Executor.  Lytton, H.C., August 22,1S7Q. spa 3m  For Sale,   v  ONE FULL INTEREST IN TOE  T  ���������fTTHERE thpy. will keep a choice assortmwHJ  W"   fiKl-cIass  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS,  " CLOTHING, BOOTS,  ,     MINING TOOLS, I1ARDWAW  GENUINE MEERSCHAUM PIPES, &b.  Which they will sell at LOWEST RATES ���������:  sc3 liu  L.    A.    BLflNV/, ,j  PHOTOGRAPHIC AETISt  BARKERVILLB.  Ambrotypcs; Vicwa of Gnmp-, * ������ 1C|  CLAIMS, Houses, ie, mtI. ������������ f^,^  executed in the boat posstbU sl,1e, nna  P^SEW3 OF CARIBOO SCENEEY, ������*  always on hand and for sale. n0Q  ^ Parties writing home would doi ������H to ������  Mr Blanc and select from his vaned HOW _  souvenir for tboir friends.  WILLIAM CREBK.  Tar ti as landing books to uon-subscribers will be  denied tlie privily rs of the Litiruy aud lioading  Room.   This rulj will bo strictly enforced.  TERMS:  Subscription���������SI per month in advance.  Books loaned for a fortnight to non subscribers at  25c and 50c per volumo, and if kept longer than a  fortnight to bo charged 8*w per woek. bcU lm  Apply to  se3 lm  THOS. AKFA'IIEAD,  on t.h<1 Cl  im.  LIGHTMBG CREEK EXPRESS.  LlGUTMNO OltKEK,  A LAEGE ASSORTMENT OF 10  ASCHEAP.ASANVINC^  fl(L*^*������������w.������**^,rttt**  r-Si  I  1  ,-f.-1*  JiBfe cm a  MA&  nob-':  Misting or :'  i%;.  MrA ���������  rder, .   ;  4nda of fa.  aM  r the Stock, :'l"  SBSftwo larp  >eils, sufficient  Fourteen acre'g  >wl thirty acrei  raising baainess  ):evtr offered la  the Itanoh.  KSE'B. & CO.  ^NTSANi)  .Eas  ts, and V  liquors*;  WHISKEY.  J.54'4A'  BROS.  'AWIKLS,  >ice ftssorttnoal of  *v - ..  nAUDWAW  ,1 PIPES, 46,  rE5T RATES.'.  tin an-! enamelW{  ft MINING  j and Stereoscopic,  tvle, and at rcdiicci  iCEKEBt. 8������������  lid llO WCll to C������H ������  4 varied auft'l)' *  nul3.Ha  i  .IKKK.  And it to tfWff*"  sStorc.wUerethcrcSi  he Sicck  1HT0F  arrivals. Theprop**  looils  IN CARIBOO.  ,VardodwitUlsp^h  fe UN&BAR&  ���������.Fro"  'Y-v.  *3fst  SATURDAY,; SEPT. 17, 1870.  MINING iSTELLIGENCE.  ;       WIM3AM CHEEK.  The Gold Hill eo. are in with their tunnel  289 feet. The San Juan co. cleaned'up 16 oz.  (or the week and .the.D$wnie co.96 oz. for the  last two weeks. The Mountain;and Bradley-  Nicholson companies are doing about as  usual', making wages and over. The, hydraulic companies below" the sawmill commenced  pipingwhile water was plentiful,but the ces-  ;iv.-'iu of the rains ;has; again left them idle  it want of water this week.    .��������� ' '  ;'be Chinamen working the canyon have  i;ndii doing :VjVally veiln since Jliey c.ojn-  ^, need, * making * 1 rom $4 to $10 a day, and  M w,eek they.made .560 per day to the hand.  Below I lief cany on, the companies who had to"  gtop work bnaccount of the freshet 6a.-Monday week are. 81 ill. comparatively idle. The  'Foster-Campbell co. are running a prospecting drive-towards tho Bums' lead. The  Forest Rose co. washed up 140 oz. for the  tveek and the St. George co. 26 oz.  . stoct oui.cn.  The Taffvale co. washed up 30 oz. for the  week. The other companies are getting wages  more or less. -     .  ��������� " COKKLIK QULCU.,'  ..-.The Felix co. washed up 37 oz. for th*;  Veek.' There is no change of-any note io tlie  operations ,of, ihe other companies on this  gulch.  VALLEY MOUNTAIN.  The Discovery co. continue piping and occasionally cleaning up the sluices. The ground  looks as well, as before and shows good.prospects for satisfactory dividends. The Valley  Mountain co. continue ground-sbiieing, and  the Fiddler co. have nearly completed the extension of tiie Discovery ditch. The ground  el posed byabe ditch appears to be of tho  i ie character as that in Ibe Discovery claim.  ���������"'.. .hing has yet transpired to indicate the  a��������� -ice ul these new diggings nor is anything  l>":'i������ done toward fiuding.it. The appearance  v. ia* gold te definitely suggestive of a regular  ' ad" existing at no great.distance.1 In a  populous mining country, or if in one without  population���������as, for instance, Omineca- these  new diggings would create a *��������� rush" and  * excitement" quitetfrf(jfb'iii&ast:l0'"tUe--prete4^  quietude*,;! ,'' AX "A  "'.."���������    ' .'���������';;.: v-' vtoSch creek;'"/.'- ��������� ';.,;'.  This creek haaaerain become a point of ai-  tntci-i m\ h y th) * a ink e o f the North A me r i can  ; co. *Vhe company haye?put in a tunnel commend ng a tiuje. nhnve the. Forest .Rose co.'s.  di'eb and running:--'wpv'stream;a^oistance of  about (iuu.teet. before striking gold the company came against a quartz ledge, round  which tbey ��������� turned y their ] tunnel and/\ran  straight, ahead again. Sufficient work has not  yet bee u do ne to ascertain wh e I h er the 'gold-  bearing-.dirt is''part of aregular lead or ch'an-  * neK but; as there seems to be no obstacle to  rapid driving this point:will; soon be 'dettaL  mined. Certain, it is j ho we ver, that tjte company -are?, getting very good ;��������� prospects/  although the bedrock am} gravel;do not pre-  ..; sent the appearance of a" wash.".. But the;  gold, which is 'coarse and showing the effects  ���������of abrasion, is.evtdeutly what is termed'lead'  gold, aiid so far the amounts taken from every  *etindicate a'regulardeposit"The "sets"  jtre four feet .wide aiid yield from two to three  ounces of gold, aud when the bedrock is  cleaned up these amounts,.it is presumable,  will be at least doubled. The discovery just  made is of considerable importance to Barkerville. as it may lead lb further developments  and establish a new mining camp; convenient  to the. town. The company are working close  to the rim rock with the view of tracing the  channel, and the present prospects are to be  ' taken only as a criterion of what may be  found in the deep part of the ground.  CANADIAN CREEK.  . The Miller co. have drifted from the tunnel  to the .eastern side of the creek and struck a  ��������� channel, the gravel of which gives small prospects. The channel is wide, having been  crossed about thirty-feet, at which point there  is no Big-apt a rim.  ���������.'.'.'        GROUSE CitEEK.        ..-  Tho Hard-tip co. have struck a stratum of  4 hard gravel with shun overhead, about 25feet  ;, from the old drive.  BEOGS GULCH.  The Jim and Welsh companies continue  ���������getting out pay. .The company at the mouth  of the gulch continue tunnelling.  LOWHEE CREEK.  f the Brown co. have passed the old works  1 and are working in solid ground. Tbe Victoria co. washed up 23 oz. for the week.  Splendid prospects of coarse gold have been  struck in a hole sunk to bedrock ia the deep  part of the channel. The Black Bull co. have  ���������truck gold ia their tuaaei a Bhort distance  : ahead from the; point where they stopped  The-RussellrRobertson co. are drifting on' il  line 20 feet above bedrock.   On Wedneifdav  they washed up over:5 oz, from {the output of  two. shifts and a-halfc; AAA 'V:r  "-���������:;":''."'. ���������"''��������� ���������"  The  caved  well,  well.  ;'-' LIGHTNING CREEK.- }.A \ ' ;  Lightning co. nave run through the  ground and the, face how looks;very  The Jaynes claim is said to he paying  The Spruce Co. have finished their.ma-  chiaery and are about to commence under-  f?}}^ ?Pera^ons. : The South "Wales co. are  dnrting.m rock and getting out timbers for a  shaft-house, y A contract for machinery has  beetle* by this company. The Van Winkle-  co. are puddling. The Vancouver co. have  got up their machinery and are sinking in  rock. The Victoria co^ are putting tip ma:  chinery and expect' to finish it next week.  The. Eleven of England co. have let a contract  for a ,new set of machinery for> another, shaft  which they have, cptnmenced to sink. The old  si������aft arid machinery will remain as .they are  for the.present. TlnTViilcan and International companies are bringing \\p tail-races.  The new surface diggings below the Pine  grove canyon are reported as worthless. The  Gladstone co. intended to commence drifting  to* day.  MOSQUITO CREEK.  The Little Minnie have just commenced to  get pay. The Willow co. are making about  wage?. The Tabb cb. are now getting pay.  Tbe Discovery and Eolman companies are  making about wages.  RED OCLCH.  . A company have located at the upper part  of the gulcb in the old Thistle ground, which  they intend to prospect.   The Alabama co.  are sinking a shaft. .   .'"  COCLTER GREEK.' .  the company on this creek are hydraulic-  ing.  WITTPSAW GUl.CiT.  The company oa this gulch are making  about wages.  ANTLER CREEK*  Knott & co have put up new machinery  and are sinking. Porter & co. have been  taking-out.ovcr wages for three or four weeks.  The Boyd co. have made over wages for the  seaaoo. Harkins & co. are getting some pay.  The French co. have bottomed and fouud  little or nothing. Hilton &co. are trying to  bottom but find their machinery to be'inade-  ^utte^Th^^T^$rtr  holes,, taken but hoar ly, 40 oz.. and are now  engaged in a third. /Summers,& co. have  abandoned; their1'ground. Ridley & co. are  in aking:pver wages.; The Tit dor cp.,; who are  s:nking a bedrock sfiaft, are dbwn over 20  feet;.' .'..''>."..;.. .. %rf" yJ;-^-Xy .��������� ���������.. '. :: XX' ���������>���������-;.'���������:  A-'X-^JiO^ BEAR CREEK.     ���������"��������� - --'-y,  The company on this creek are sinking a  shaft, whichAb down about 28 feet.  ,:.^, ;riNE CREEK...        -'.%;. .'' ,. \-- '  - The new company have sunk a- shaft in  rock and are drifting. The results of their  operations are regarded as a test of. the creek,  and expectations ara biibyant on the outside  as^welf-as with the company. .  :������������������.-.,������������������ - ,       ��������� 80CTU:F0RK^0.yESXELLE.;  : The" Chinamen^ haves been pre-empting  ground on the South Fork in considerable  numbers all rthis season,.. One company acknowledges making S5 per day, which, considering how the work is done, proves the  ground to bo rich. The dirt is packed down  to the water.   '  CEDAR   CREEKi  The Aurora co. had been doing very well  until water became scarce, since which tbeir  receipts have been limited to a little over  wages.  BIX-M1LE   CREEK.  A company are prospecting this  which empties into Quesnelle lake  side opposite to Cedar creek.  Bedrock Drais-A company is organising  for the purpose of draining a part of Antler  creek which has not been worked. It is intended to commence in the Tudor co.'s ground  and run up stream 1000 feet irom the open  drain put in there last year by the Antler co.  This would bring the drain to the upper end  of Bulger Flat. From this point downward  iu the creek all attempts to bottom have  hitherto proved iutile for want of drainage.  Where the high rock has been worked on  Bulger Flat the results have been satisfactory,  and as the bedrock above the fiat is visible a  either side of the creek it is presumable ttiat  the run of gold is confined to the channel ot  the creek, to get at which is the object m the  inchoate company. The company is to comprise ten interests and tho work to be done  during the winter, so as to be ready for regu*  lar operations by next spring.  Our readers will observe that Dr. SiddalU  Dentist, intends making a professional tour  shortly through the country districts. We  recommend the afflicted to avail themselves  of the doctor's services, as all operations are  performed in the most satisfactory manner.  ..^���������^  MINING ilOrJIlT.  (Before Houi KM.-;Ball,; Gold Commissioner and  .   County Court Judge.)     . ?  creek,  on the  Tuesday, Sept. 13.  Glynn Go.���������;:ysv Black- Jack ;Co.���������To show  qause why c defendants divert the water of  Black, Jack gulchiufromiits original channel  add use the same* to the detriment of plaintiffs,  Whose claim is situated on the gulch, while de,  feridantsV blaim is situate oh William creek;  Postponed until Friday following.   ���������      V,::  * ���������.* ?���������':��������� ���������:"; p ' ��������� '-��������� ��������� ���������"Wedxesday, Sept. 14������ ��������� ���������  Van Winkle co. vs. John Perkins���������Suit for  $91 and costs for assessments. Defendant is  a corpartnfsr in.the Van Winkle co., and; the  amount su������d for was his proportion of the ex^  pease incurred by the company outside;of the  cost of laborr Defehdani alleged he- hadm61  autbonsed; the expense,:and that when the  company was formed three ��������� of the members  agtced to?!H pay in^H6:the company but had  "backed but."   Judgment for plaintiffs.  :  ���������:���������������������������> Friday, Sept.. 16,1870:  Glynn co. vs. Black Jack co.���������In this ca3e  it appeared that plaintiffs had recorded a  claim on Black Jack gulch on July 18, IS70,  and defendants diverted the water.into a  flame commencing above the plaintiffs'  ground, thereby preventing them from working. Defendants claimed the right to divert  the water. In 1802 the Martin co. recorded  100 inches of water to.be taken from the  gulch, and defendants contended that they  were entitled to the rights of the Martin co.,  which company subsequently became, the  Black Jack co. Plaintiffs called for proof as  to successive records^ when it appeared that  there was no record, for 1863, although the  record of the Black Jack co. for 18(54 was.inscribed as a re-record. Defendants ha'l  brought water into Black Jack gulch from the  tributaries of Stony creek and Jack'of Clubs  creek, and plaintiffs contended that defendants were barred from using the.same because  "Judge Begbie had decidcd.that when aconv  pany ia'another case hadbrotight-waterinto  William creek the water must be .considered  as part of tbe water of said creels r* ���������-;..  ' The Commissi oners decided for the defendants. He said tbat in consequence of tbe absence of any record for 1863 ihe rights of the  defendants would commence with the record  of 1864 and. 1865. On the other hand, a.person wbcrecorded ground ia'1870 was uot en-  iitled to the privileges of the act ofJ.SG7.  ffie^plai^  use of " the water nat ar ally flowing past, or  through his claim,?.; and the water^pf. Stpay.  creek havi ng beea brought irito Black 3ack  gulch by artificial means, plaintiff- could not;  claim the use of the same With <- regard to-  ihe watetpf "Black Jack gnlch, -the Commissioner said he considered that it liad -been;  & lawfully appropriated,}> and ''^e^e'a'd'anta-  were entitled to use 100 inches, of water as};r:e-  corded' id; 1862, and that,'%aW^b'~iipi(Vbvt the  quantity:subsequently recorded.- Besides the  Gold Commissioner was authorised io.-decide ���������  according'to'. equityv: and he, cbasid'ered-^that^  equity required a decisiori' for the defeddants,  who had at considerable expense constructed  flumes, ditches,;&c^ ^ '.' . ��������� X-   '���������:-;V '^'i  '^LEGRAPHIC NEWS.  ; '������������������>.;  . Belguim, Sept 3���������The following *is just  made public: u Before Sedan, France, Friday,;  Sept; 2j. 1:22 p.m.���������From the King to the  Queen of Prussia���������A. capilulatiou whereby  the whole French.army at Sedan are prisoners  of war, has jusibeen concluded .with General  WimpfenRcommanding, instead of McMahon,  who is wounded. The Emperor ��������� surrendered  himself to me, as he has no commvnd, and left  everything to the Regent at Paris. His residence t BhaU appoint after an interview with  him at a rendezvous to be fixed immediately.  What a course events, wtth God's guidance,  have taken l" . ,i  Paris, Sept 4--The Council of Ministers is-!,  sued a proclamation to Ihe French people.  Among other things it says: u A great misfortune has come on the country. After three  days of heroic struggle the army at Sedan  have been made prisoners, and the Emperor  has also been made a prisoner; but this will,  not shake our courage. Paris to-day is in a  complete state of defence. The military force  of the country will be re-organised in a few  days. Your patriotism, your union, your  energy, will save France."  In the Corps Legislatif, Jules Favrc declared they were unanimous for defence until  death. (Gceat applause.) He concluded by  attacking Imperial power, proposing to place  extraordinary power in the hands of General  Trochu, Palikao and the Chamber.  In tho Senate, Jerome David said: w Let us  defend Paris���������on the walls and in the streets.  We will bury curselves under the ruins of the  city in its defence."  London, Sept, 5��������� The battle of Sedan and  the capitulation of the French army leave the  road to PariB open, and an advance ia force  has again>been made. On Saturday the Crown  Prince-was 15 miles from St Queutin, moving  his ;army forward;.A King :Wi!Ham demands*  the restoration of Nice add Savoy to Italy,  and that Rome be consolidated { that Lorraine  and Alsace be given to Bavaria, and Baden,  gaxony, Wurtemburg and Hesse be indemnified. -  ; iondon, Sept. 6���������England, in conjunction  with France, as soon as a stable government  is-ibrmedj intends to declare war on China foe  satisfaction for the massacre of English .and  French citizens, and to demand from the Emperor of China a guarantee for the security-of  their sub j eels. a  The Prussians are advancing on Paris of  forced marches.  ..An uprising is reported in Italy, and *  great war js believed to be imminent.  ;    ���������  The Prince Imperial reaehed London this  'morning.  Marshal McMahon. Vies dead In Belgium.  : ��������� PariB, Sept. G���������The French army is ordered  to -retire on Paris;   The Prussians have on-.  tered Bheims, '.*���������  . Paris/ Sept; 7���������Every French town ye^  heard frbm accepts the Republic joyfuHy.  ���������> Paris, Sept* 7���������Eveiling���������No one knows  what is to:be,dohe.v There is no fire, no spirit  in.'the people. The cry is the Prussians are  approaching, and tlie government .is busy dis������  tri bating'places to-day. Troops are marching into Paris. There is an ugly rumor that  there are no balls to Bt the cannon on the fortifications. !>:   ' : :.  London. Sept. 7.10 p.m.���������The correspondent of the Guardian at Luxemburg writes that  the garrison at Metz is starving, and beef b  $2 per.pound.      ''      -\:./ . *.  Paris, .Sept. 7���������The Prussians have entered  %X  France via Bel fort and are going to Mill*  hausen. General Vinney, with 300,000 men;  is coming from; Sedan to, Lyons. It is m?  mored he had an engagement with tbe Prussians in which he got worsted.^" . . _ vV .,  '". Luxembourg, Sept 7^���������A terriOc assault haa  been'made upon the fortifications oft Moot*  raedy. The besiegers 'opened a sharp fire of  ar til lery. upo a the city, and assaulted the  worss with the bayonet.*^Tho garrison :>suc-  cessfully repulsed the*attack, and the tnis-  sia'ns liave withdrawn from the neighborhood;.  The. .French remain at Montm'edy. Half -th*  city is destroyed. ���������*.*���������:'"���������:..      ?   :. ��������� *���������-.������./" ��������� , .-AX  .    : .. THE, VERY, LATB8T. - j;.., T .,���������������..;���������: .,  Paris, Sept. 8���������-Tlie enemy is a'dyanctngoa  Paris in three Corps:- d'Arme'ev The advance  of,-the Prussian cavalry is between Soissons  'Sn,Si7*!&*aatK"r'*Tbtt  rapidity and regularity, and their arrival be-  fore,Paris simultaneously is hourly expected,  tlnless peace prevents it, a massed attack will  be made^on the St. Denis quarter. ,'..  ^���������London, Sept. 8���������Berlin  correspondenco  says'all thought of-admitting mediation _or .intervention is abandoned.   King' William' entered Rheiras on Monday,, and -expected to  reach Paris on Friday.- The French: consul at  Basle, telegraphs to: his government that tho ���������  gamsbii' at^ Strasbourg ; made'"; a.: successful.'  sortie bn Tuesday aightv' killing;; eight or tern >;  thousand Prussians and capturing many guns.  ThePrussians'attempted"to cross on ppntoons:..  between Port Quiles and.Port Austerlitz; an<f  -  were;; absolutely annihilated) by ��������� mitrailleua*";;.  and i df ad try at; Port Dcubhous.';      /, ���������;;: X A -AS:.  : SJjpnddn^ Sept. ''.?~Bazaine is still negbtiat-;/  ing ior:th^-s^rea^er_ofjletz;;.'.'.'.      .;",_.'. V y. :\_.  '������������������ London, Sept.,8-*The Tribune?s~"cbrrear  poadent telegraphs from Carlsruhe.that.when  inforraed of the surrender of Sedan General '���������  Ulrich proposed to surrender Strasbourg If  permitted to; march out with the honors of  war. which was refused. The; bombardmeai  continues with increased vigor. " :     yrAAii^ ;;,  London, Sept. ��������� 8���������McMahon arrived her*.  to-day.   ���������'     ;���������"''���������"��������� ' w'-  " CAarnoo Literary Institute.-The Libra- *  nan of ..this institution publishes a series of  regulations or rules for the information-of  subscribers, which will be found ia our advertising columns. Subscribers should keep  in mind that tho receipts, after the payment  of the current expenses, are devoted to -the  purchase of now " books, which, are received.  every month, and it is therefore desirable to  exert themselves to increase the number of  subscribers and thereby increase the number  of books. With regard to the rules published,  they are necessary, owing to the shifting char-  acter of the population, and subscribers would  find their own interest in the institution pre-  served iflhey seconded the efforts of the librarian in seeing that they are properly observed.  Accident.���������On Wednesday last William  Thompson, a miner, fell down the shaft of tho_   Little Minnie Company, on Mosquito oveek���������  He was descending the shaft -when the ropo  broke. The rope had been spliced and the  splicing gave way. The shaft is about, fifty  feet deep, and the rope broke when he had  beea lowered about ten feet. One of Ida  aokles was dislocated aud tho foot turned  backward. Some of the bones were broken  and protruded almost out of the skin.  Mr J. WrcKHAM left for Yale last Sunday.  He will-probably return by next express .  iti  !���������������!  if!  ���������M i  p  lAt  yy~  A������  XI  f~ - i  h  la  ������!"������  I  ','���������&���������  1:7:;-'     '  $ - ���������' y  if ~  if.  K.  M  :���������; lit  ��������� i*  -1  F-;  i>airi/>ra tUp 'ift������$ tW*'M������*^war?mm  *������������������ restilP'- B������'.t'liis toiim^vUMgM^^^^p  ^^&^jfri4/f<sr MontMo4ay j'bi'Sw,W>' ���������llfeg io *ej w.*>wv ft*- kam^  >)������������������f������*  .giu*? ^ .^/mww������ '--v.  ��������� -. ftXftittk'iJieift.w w* cmm^M-HMy mIM JW"-1/  :*B@f#w, J^i' J--ffe: -tytaWr*.%������ .*N  jitlii to toexitHM* ^onimion ���������;; .ita date* of  i&m firw!^ ���������&$$  ������rS8SS'K'^:~������.*^*^!  ^fimt^'-^H^ ftf our t������a#f^ may ������Pt  Hfcfc*-"-a fi**r uft(t*rf������tana!^;...Of .'-the' W^  ^ntiia/' whiab eoettNflO ������������tf My jpt now  tf feiga fllip&id'^ and wlio^ rfce md w  m w^}W^*7^^^-.A-^^ Tffiwvmm u mmmmmmt ot  fc spotted;^iw^i^l4r(ft%^ay.ua4.Pa^^r iiot,W������wr,tii (jiefoj'Bi of boftdfl, but simply  Joausirpwilie poop!^ T|j������i������������ Mans art* <$������  .torei totiiQCr^aUof;tb^kHi(l^on tbeOo*  fotor������������\vtflie bOl#m of to "#<tbt. aro called  ^ renters/1 aod tlie; teUi&ttar Jo Ite value  ijott&te. po|i������lar.4i*triist or ;SooSil<?ftc^ la ,/tue  Oovernment  "-.   ���������. ������������������  '���������."-.'.mm)mm..f%&wm%%������&< '' '������  jky ���������MfPtf-fr  &&&!&&&&&  -r^jw-tv *> v* -\,y fTiWgaffgy  j ~i| yyijK- '.>v*������-i.< "nK3  ^SEiHt;  v.Af jb^ m&tm* Twt-9mM  .Or������>������ipt|������ * W6eft������M. .i*,    'JSTftgr -:.&BW3^?*^&' '#?,-n������* ,..e_..^���������F,  j������ }&i#m***������ifo&i ' A*W*S -sT ^s^*s^:I^^^^;h^J;  0iis $mM?& <mm'.. - ���������; -��������������������������������������������� ;=. '-���������: ���������:. ^"- -��������������������������� ������^fg: ;|'/^^'  ^*^CE2ICSE!;;  Minmg: mm.. .M^nmMm^  M&TiQEy  ^I^B^^^te^r-A-f pecM^4^������k6 to the  y^m^^%?eod bare ���������:jUsi;;J'$&.$v$$  ��������� $&&&  \ie&&:-G������%&&&: cFarJom fi^lHiag ill 4?7 io-  Myt^^en.M0gney--mip'.o^y'x' ���������y-XA ''���������<a\  ''���������Afszk, 3^tl*-^JJbwie ���������ji^b'^-ffiat"|fe-':  - ������;^Gao^::i>iilj^fe r%stwing;'b^Pg':aMe;;to-  "y 'yggmr&$$- J'towzgd" ";aad,'' ;Bparbald: are; re-  'ijfelSca������' eooira^ ifee xg^^������bat'-aetaeiimests'  ^fe^ ;������f :��������� -Ifess-������������������ana ^ssssp^ desxsed iirr^ogs-I-  ���������"ISfi. ;//-;*Br1see- ..^iete3ci'.- _C3ad^ ca������ro^^:^;  y'B^^^^^^^^:^ It;.l3;^5inta0toea;..iroiB; tbe rsry bestwr.  'I^fe ���������������������������ffssEass������g<l. trfsj .sartb of SeSsiL;;.ieog'eeJ' ana its sopeno-rity is at&s&ed .%��������� is������|  ' !#??^ffifXafe.^:^^r^=-:&.ajmng���������p^ftfyn... ; ��������� (zzl ibat.wlisrrevex'mtrodsea^it .bias baesm������3  }yw&m'  A Catfish STOEr.���������A T&wempe pnper r*  ports tbe Sa^bg of'a?t infant's body io :tbe  stbniacli of aVcatSsb nvbicb as Uoiehkeeper  bai^o^Vforlilslablc ^e.aBtece^enteof  tbe Infantile Jpnab are tinknpwn; but tbe  siate of pre^erration id wbicb It was found  obgbt to teacb. ill catfisbes that infants are fo-  dkestible and unwholesome.    Shoulcl  fme  f������jw;{ii������������3^,yifs.i >^^>^--a%s^-:: ttre.-^s^as: i^^rfc,:^,Ti'S ,_ci w     . .       ���������-.: i:  ^^.l^f.^iiwi....-..-..--���������~-,��������� .li ������������������... n���������....��������� ���������.. ...iii . m.i.���������-,-;) wmwi-^b..,....---^..,   .^..v.i.j.^.ii^.^,   +..���������,,   ^ ._,:;.;���������  iJifi.���������t^S '"    "ff"'   V  gubsc:  Tor oa  ���������'���������' HA  fi-fGr'Vsr  it -  1.1 01  paragraph meet tbe eye of an/ Tennessee eai~j.fe ?:cp^i^ vk^s:  Ufib' and draw **rp;'*m that avp aae'Bvmn&flwifo     3*fe������l5: as &?1:^.  tear, 'tie burob  accoErpIisbed;  usb; and draw from tbat eye one1BympslbeiSe ,   ���������  tear, tbe bumble purpose of Its wnter vM be B-y?sl������ k" -  "V^v^ri;i=.  n&M- HI!  t$J.  BZB-RQOm  <xg������ vkfiste, ������&fX.' '^rnsasBS. ^SMs^:  ^jp~ A .g-^^-r^..,-,^... .c^.^..-. .^..*^--..ja.v.^r^-.       ......    ..    ....  .. -..j.rg^^^tB-^gggr ���������SS^^a3j������:-;-^3?*������rf. *?.'f::*5' ^?1%It.S ie At  & El^K^AK^ForiskeetYIctoria.basBsp^.iy^^^ ���������-������������ -4j������;;l^^  ��������� ���������' ^-^^'^^-^l^^i^s^"-^^2?-:as2i ^j- .Sjf-TSEitS SSss'Csrt-j;  JOE  as^TheiGo&e prepared b y .-linLLSOSl^.     ���������wr<-  ������. ..^.IMA^Forisireet.^^ ^  sede^pall'offisr,Coffee la tbe Jowftr^im&rj.  -at"j������^^.'  J22S 'iSSgJI ���������S2SES?S������..:tS'S".2^3L^:-:  Z -X..   wi*  SAHJCERVILLE*. Ml������*  ������������������������������������-��������� "���������'������������������'-'':f> .  '���������'   ..    ������������������������������������X30e: ALE  L-ters  -siSS���������  XaSSu-^SSSv  ������������������������������������.af.  j������tf>Cr.-  m&L ���������������������������,.;.. ;������������������..���������... I^^Sv. ,-  fe'^sfefksa. '.' ���������; ��������� 15r*^r*^'5^^&  " v rxvio  3-    **���������   ���������  : ate. *������������������������������  .Es&fiej 15" H-.  Jjk*TlB-G  A S&^ts tW "TES:  Sflfi'P  Age  ItanWin  iQaesne.h  ?Boda Cre  IValo^.,  |Kcw--We  Victoria,  p,. P. Fi  jjjjl'gudaoni  mm-:  mm  m  I    -  1 Cards,  9-fifrM  K  *'-      ���������  ���������h All a  P period)  A ������hargo'  em- ���������" '-  SK^S       sn������**  JLii.-*.Jt.?..  : TWf      ~^ '3-^T  fjjSa**^ sa& C&st irfefl b teres  snii. All *  ro:ilna  H* will*'*  m lor its  SSTSS.  jajZL,.   Ji.   ���������j-.-.K' -:; ���������.  ���������  ,2*222������.. Ssar *"  is- JL-^pr^5,;     T^-  aajK sf a^sct.  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"'^rBtoci-aJ *::.^.^^yXA.^X       ^'^fi o *i rt V.4      V -   ..    i     -  ������>  V.\'^;|j^.,,V-'"." j^J,  *������������������>'  ,���������^,js^ :?Jv; tJEJL(;&.- ���������f^-"iTvI, S-*"*-5'  ^_     "v,.s   _-^.,  -v������.. ,i   ST-wC^ST*'- '������  .������'���������������  Hi  1  fe  ^������s������


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