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 ��� i.X''��� ":�� r^s^'S^*//- ������' Y:
��� ���_ Y'*Y ���. Y'rl>v i*fW*'^ ^'- -v '"
u: ^i ���';(;:,;.:r^,5 ;��*5��M*A->,.-!-f  ���:., -
11$$^^ Se^^iijeir^O^ IS
; ,..v;V;;.;'^ ul.^ ,
The people of/this/Colony iwantt&i6ri,iwitti
the mainland;'rioiwltli?a;iew 'narro.w-iriinded
I individuate trying, againsj ti&tofro to^
Vestminster}at jhe bos t bf/VicKia/j they "waiit
a unity tift policy and/ action ^IbeldiSplayed
1/��� ��� bv! t^yo Colonies pilose;intere^ts^aTeidentieal.
TOanks 'to' the; "^d^pVes&fetibrisJ ;rnisre'pret
Beutafcions I must say,, of; Govern or; Seymour,
I''what kind of a Bill have; ive before's Bariia-
1 inent? First'of sill; in"Clauses % and; 4, Vans
coiiveriIsland! israbolished by name* British.
Columbia laws are at once to extend over;) this
; Island, and tbeir remarkable system of Government to cope to j extricate ���ua frptn our, difficulties^ A-:Now^ do we^viint this;?,;/Do. we look
forward with any satisfaction to the future
under tie aus])iees of his'Excellenjc^ the Qoy-
ertior of British Columbia ?���   -Noll whatever:
I * bappehf atr;least jive - toe oris andi-all, decided;
iibtioiiave him/;uto,reign^6yer -us;^ ^iWhen
our Legislators ;spo)je::M.ap4^
| ��� ?e^6iu tidnSi*gfi "Untfe n di ti onapjnjon?; wnatdii:
]C any l_ane/mlh^ cd cp"
1 vey by the expressipnjvtM^
cmd Mr system of ^
The ��� authorities in Downing Street seem of late
I to be wpfifterfully f'ondrpf takingup|ex parted
statements, and acting dn them^before there is
time; to hear /both; sides b f. ^e-quqstib n.^; T\ me'
was when Britain's Ooiins^id-.-,hacL.\&! character
for being slow "ifrsar'^rp- no^ucI^tWng no w-a^;
y days f our; Secreiaries^are ?swift.-rtpy hear/ancl
Lsyrtft to act.^;W.evjivant��a JJnion, -in.which;the
l 'Colonies ^haiViie;Si>6i^ of jks 'the^oint,JSolop
[ nies of Br^stfi Vancouver Is
land v  We yyant to retain our present form of
;'t^^^rnn^hi. J5r fife;same >fb^o|ably m'qjdified^'
���such as a diSerent;constitutionforo^.^gper
House ;^, an increased ^number: of^niembersy
gay to 25, in ^the; Jmhl^ouse;of Representaf;
p: Uvea rwould marlctherext^
t The position of /the-capital j ihe systejhvpfctax--
-ation, o^cusfcrtns*' TevenueietcVetc^woiiiaall
. -be subjectslor the legislation "of the .'future
s\wim'ped in namVand substance |6r tne mere
pleasure ^ &,few,.$^
���-' workings/ of a Legislative Co^mcU^(in other
pb wer^oi%oting'any/d^
ries>i and ��we '.in-a- minorit^/humen^ally^ and
dfficiaily^^ithou^rjower to ;^put in; ft wordeveii
as to^;ho>v^themoney ex^a^te4^Jroni;!us- shall
fer all tbis^ Lsayihat^vei^or^j^uij^st
be as; infatuated; as his gross:>. mis-statements
show himito/be evib-dKp^ed.-^ Iy^ture, tip
���say tb.it joe;/British^Q^nmwiiigx:}?- existence
would submit to\^nf sucli /��rmsr-/'"J-" ~v "; ^
AjfewJ dayfca1l$e��the arriyaKof^n^l^itli
the proposed English Union Bill, i?was'triext
to get up a meeting/to express ^."the public
.btdignation at^the intended; schen^.oftatnnex^
ationj but wh^t��S��.through the" iininnuential
names of the movers thereof the apathy of
the property holders iu/V/ictoriai/orthe gen>;
lral aisgust of /the public- at politics and^ their
feeling o�� security in their own ^det^mination
not:fe';aUbAv/such">./ni /tb; p Jtssj; whether
from/any of:these:. causes, ;this: meeting/idea,
fell through, Md the ac^
sending a petition to the Colonial Secretary
;, exp ressive of our wan ts.-. anctv pur dete rmina-
tion. By;theYway, weShav^^^new Colonial
Secretary, Lord.CarnaiTon,.it,appears.;/. Tp
^what; battle-dore and shuttle-cock experieho^
we are; subject! , :...,:..���
'':���:������ MiNiATokB'Of; 'the Queen i?on:&.: Peabodt;
>-i-The word ^ininiature^"scarcely/rept'esents
whafcYthe importance as regards the .size of the
ilikenes3,will be/fbr, though,;only lialMeiigth,
the painting is i4ih. lbng,/by ii early lOtetvide;
;P^;^flr|t;:time;;for! i^e'vpresenfeion; jif"j- her
iPprtraittoa.privateJmdiyidual 'Her/Majesty
satin the only .robes/ of ;state. she^has worn
since the^ death of the Prince Consort���tlje
coiuune hi; which she; wiasattired at tJie^open-v
jngibg the jpreseiit^rliafent:/ iyjiMs^0ix
"black silk dress, tiimiiied with ermine;?,Snd-it
lbng^ black /velvet train,"similarly adorned.
0yer lier Mary, Stuart cap is the demi-crown ���
:while/the .^Kbh-i-nbbr:ctiid; One.-rich Jewelled
crpssppreserited by Pi-incej;Albert, form; ber
only ornaments. To; co vuplete this p or trait
her Majesty gave Mi*. Tilt several long sittings
.This, bpweyer,,is; "hut /the... ..cpmmen cemeiit of
the process.; .the portrait; is <}to bVdone in
eiiamel by iir. Tilt;; 6n a panel - of pure gold.
In^'these'enamelgpaintihgsV ou t al I the
^brilliancy ottheir^coiprs^'ithey/hayertfe^be
burnt^in afurnacefiveahd^nerally six times:
-The., heat ip/whiob they arei subjected is so''it
fuse the gold, and the most/exquisite care is
;necessaryf neither-to let .me^pict^revheaiiop
sobn^nOr ubove x all, cool; Ytob ^"rapidly, /as, in
either).case ihe enamel would crack.,; ^Sp 1 arge
an eru^ei|)'brifait has never :beeh/aitempted
in^ this country il ��� It has therefore fbeen iouhd,
necessary to build a small heating furnace
for the execution of this work. It will take
about; six yveeks to complete., all �� tlier processes, whetf "the :pic^re;*wilpW /in
a;?_ most /elaborate ;atid; massive// chased/frame
[ of pure gold, surmounted'with the royal-crown
'enamelled on"the same nietalih colors; ���" -A14^
^lie. ;0��m0
%: '���*> '4% M li WE BOTi'��r'; PAPE-Ri1-.'  ���
PuBM��iEn;' ��� EveW : Mo'noIy '' A*t) TJiuitsniY/
.-"'"��� (::4ty-''   y.������,,������/;������ , _ :yAly<?-yy   ,Y;i^y1.-?yy;Y    -t'.Y
��    > r:^.-|j.   ������ *.y*, ,,.,?.A'Aji,-,;, ������;���; , y^iy,-.-, Y'Y!Y,'-';:biY % I ��� .;
,U ""rf-|: Subscripxipn,;$ 1 jp.er^eekf.y'..-></iy
(Incluviing cast>of^eli^^,)fi^yable ip^hQ, Carr^er^
B'i'JBK^'viriiE,';"/' Y;.'.v
1 "���'��
^>?i fY'/. Am
C,rVA t'\lN]f|
gethep it will form a. gift worthy i>6th of her
Majesty and of the gentleniah- to ^vhpra she
presents it. In fidelity of portraiture theliker
ness is not to be surpassed, and of course it
v-.������:���;���:->-. ,;i.��� .)i-_._-__;*_:_ -tJiL-i-iia-'i ir^-^tiirV-ri^u^i
being, submitted to/the ^ieen on:;its; cpinpleV
tion it ������will-be-for warded to Air> PeabOdy,vwhb
-:. CAglPMTli:ESr& M|NERS,
Y.Y^'j;1 Y Y.YT jrYY:lTFY?,;5i;
V "������).   S..,TH0SiPSO..N%:rPBPSi'bEfNT,-;   >���-
John maolars^v' ^^"
- 0H. - ���W^B.r^ytL'Klfei^O.jr;-.: k
l)HNr. ADAIJtj Ay y ���   ;���
iNfebw%(&f:/Y   ';i Sec
^rey?ht *icpntaiii3^about 500i
Daring. Encounter witha TiGER.-^Informa-
tion was brought to the Customs Post at Patun
in the BaitooLdistriot? that a man-eating tiger
had taken up his abode in the .neighboring
jungle, .whereupon four, custorns peons sallied out, armed with 'muskets/and swords to
the attack. The lord"of the forest was seen
and.fired at'by all.four musketeers, w;hen the
wounded beast, charged uppii^.-^aii^hjls,
two of whom' believing the bid adage that
"prudence is the better part of :Valor,,? beat a
hasty reti-eab, leaving two of their comrades
both Sikhs and brothers, to face |he encaged
animal; this they did/ most raapfn11^^0 ��f
ihem receiving the tiger on his bayonet, while
the other slashed away at hiin with his sword.
We have seen the musket used on the occasion
which is terribly splintered and scratched, and
the. bayonet .almost doubled in two.; So effectually was the attack made, and with indomitable pluck , maintained^ that Sir. Jack-in-
stripes was at length laid low, the victors
coming oif unscathed.���Central India 'Times.'
j^h-When a man and woman are made one
hy a clergyman, the question is, which is the
one. Sometimes.there is..a long struggle between them before this matter is settled.
ed in;Boston; his native towa. ' - �����
'' Careful GERMAxs.^tv is. Asserted: thatyin
Germany, since the beginning of the railroad
system twenty o_rthirty,,years ago,npt a'single
life has/been:lpst in consequence pf careless:
nbss^pr/mismaha^meht;/; on/;ibei^>art of tbe
railroad agents., A. few have killed themselves
by. incautiously apprbachiug or getting off
the-train,; but none have /been. ki lied by; what
are^called accidents or casualties; ?: X
Z[:y$&;A.[patriotic lady in Milan! >vas;engaged
to a young man who. was/drafted, but/was:exempted on account .of hot being 'strong enough
Full Of.joy he hurried,Sack to his,lady-love
to tell" her the "goo cl, hews^' but was .received
by her with the remark, "Sir,: consider our en-:
gagement'as broken::'/1 /do -riot want: a;: bu5J
band who is not strong enough for service.??
. ii^sSR An;impa;tieht-boy; waiting for a grist^
said to" the 'miller,,:wj co uld,eat meal. as fast as
the mill grindsItJl���;^Howjorig cbuldypu-do
so.?" inquired the miller, r "Till ��� I 'starved to
deathr" wasihe sarcjasitic reply.        \ ���   ';
: _^rlf ;you want good Coffee itse Fell's.;
ibr"Bfiii*iMcu./"s: vy^'yy.-'-���';Y,.   -..y<>,..Y'- w /yy, ,
i ;iTBe fKDadiTig: Room w' 11 be found "supplied- with the
l^te&i 'Ea^^-SdbtUsfc :Oa-i^<I|an^Aineric^n|--:an4,Cp*(of
nial Pa_)firsJandiMagiz��wes.'. ,-���' -, r."-'
'fi Terms ��� of'i'SoivspRi^to^~$?.ijer^itt&rferI" or. $2; per
tddidth; Single volunies'Loaned t,o>pn-subsMber3 iit
50 eta.per volume, jwltb: ��a deposit i WX Xih IP* <:,/������ /
/'Persons hot -subscribers ivisi titip ?tlie..-,Ilead i ng Rpora
and- making, use of tbe /Books and Papers ".will! be cMrg^
od 25 cts.f,ft)f ea'ch visit. ���'' y., *- * : L; , * -
^'?'&&*-Tne'Sooih will beiopen froin.lOia;m.. tilMO p. m.
17  / :",. Secretrary and 'Librarian'' '���'-."
y..~ X~ SANTERA]
LMontrealr IToronic
Y    .-\V      ��s     _       ,
, *y - -'���'-. '-' ~* y <e
! -fa    '
4>les sitji'y ^;^ao^Ii|^
: V-Bills D'isqountqd
:��8t>j)jjAtffi,UQ't      ,     " tJ)
.OP^OHTLAND,. Oregon.    ,'
. j5^aniUt��h:: i^n^on.^lngr/l
fllciylljt', nwutijir.i;J'Bf.*ck." , *
".BitUbrJ,:Piclon", Perth,.  ""
f|i|��l3;Ki,i; k e'B;Da^<A^Jnts':
o^TOjJnlc of Slontrsal:   ; . ^'.
^KrTOH fci> EN ' 0   ' -BAVR
I'^hyfice.'Louibkrt* ijt t London.
ftiioiiftA:'" ��� it - -
'--^& ���
t. Government,:andM��/SpCU^ties,%^e saro y
oustoc   ;   o^reRt^nVr;BiiFlUc_jJs-cbllucted.;
-. :-   YY,, a. v !��� :��� .".:A^iyM^AVr^s^.^!:m-^iit-yy
-     '        -   Y      *' _- *���
��aiibw 2-1 Jiours    (   ^ ,'\"     f^'   -   *    ��� :
'Orer of e t ei r descfi_itlon carefully' Assayed1.?*'���   -^
Y^pijiaseg... r#g^    ;.       .  .^ r -1"-
Fortli'' America.
��� Tka UNivERSAt. Practice 'of.: mixing Chicory, and
other auulteratives with Coffee, has very.m'ucb damng-
ed in public cstiination, what ought t^e the most
delicious or Beverages. So elfectually have'the public
been drugged with such mixtures, that the true properties have been lost sight,'of, and.many prefer-a black
and thick infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aroma.
Geueral as is the use of Cofiee, \it is little known that
in condensing the vapors extracted from the berry in
roasting a liquor is obtained of the most nauseous
taste, and of a scent the most unbearable. Under such
circumstances it is evidently import*n't; that .a!] the
eases ttnd 11 uids extracted hy roasting should be parried oir as quickly as possible, in .order to prevent their
/, .���:/;://; ������./biohf-ibi.d', .    ;'; ���/ ;-va.
/ Storage and Commission.   . ";���'.'' ��� s ���
;/;/. :RICHFIELDy .Williftms Creek,' 3'^JD./;.;. *;,; \ -
WE HAVE ON; HAND a large stock of Provisions,
Hard-ware -and Vegetables, and are ,doterT
mined to sell/them .cheaper;.ihan any other..store on
Wi 11 ia'ms Creek. Gome ah d see an d ju dge for you rsel v es,
y Richfield, May;5th, 1S66{ Xa^XJ.^L^AXX^X.}: X.
f-; BARKERVILLE BftEV^^fl^^.^
������������;v;   ;    proprietor/ ": /./;���
Y-, ."-/,;..;yXrA'i  .EBrABU^pRj>,iiril83$:;.;,' y,'.,,.;�� y--' ������
^Hbad'Ofpice:" 7, ST.' HELENS"PLACE LONDON.X
'" DK/iFTS ISSUED on Tjbhdoii, -New Yofk;gan;Fraia^
cisco, Cariboo,, CfmadfcNow^Brunswiek, Nova Scotia,
and on all the Branches ot'J the/ JSatiorial Bank of Scou
jand and Provincia 1 Sank oi) -Ireland.���   v'      ..     _ ���  ,
Bills ��� of i Exchange' and ��old iPurchased>
.Interest on Special Deposits .bfv Money VUlo wed at tli*
rate of a quarter of'one per cont;;per month. ���/..���'
:gom>.I)cst Aleltsdiand^::^AssayodYand;returns/madd
within 24 hours in Coin or. Burs.     * .'
: ��� ..Ores of; every 'cleseription -carefully.Assatyed::���' .-.������ *?���&;"/ ���
���. . N\. B.;���^Any instrnctions^as ,tp;.tbe disposal ;of the proceeds of Gold Dust forwarded ��� to'the office in Victoria
for-Assay:will be carefully attended to,    ^ ���     ���;
- A ,-.'.,.���:���-<���..:    J.va.:SHEPHERD, ManagerY
...Victoria, V. !?;��� ��� Apri 1., 1806:/:/.;/������.;/:.-i;...!; ';*'.."-'..i-*ar:'".*-':.
Office Hours j
Saturdays,,. -
i'J;av;m4;^'to '/;;-3:;p.^ra..j;::- ���;//,;
/ 7;to lloia-ul, &VI to3p.m.
l6"a.m.-' to-XA p.'m. /
RoasleV where the Coffee is roc_uh\:d toivmain a much
longer time in conseo_uence of the steaming it undergoes by the confined steani. It is chemically impossible to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration ol
Coffee when grouad. ' The neat engendered by the pro��
rossof roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an
action iu the elementary,parts.which gradually destroys
its fitness for drink. But to retain-the essential oil
which it contains we have it encased in tins containing
from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., aud which can be had .'from any ul
has t>een brought/and by numerouspother���testimonials
Coffee Merchant*, Yat^s St., Victoria, ���
iirits favor.
RIGH*FIELD;tr    /
y^ PATRICK KiRVyiN, Prqp^. ;
Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; tbe Liquors
and Cigars are,of) the finest quality. 9
.;T E. C. GILLETTE,'     ' ' ���
WAICIIittE' & 'IlWEiEt;
BARKERVIIJ,E^AcIjoining the Express Offlce.
m|������,,..M��� |    ������ i, i ������.!.,       -l-ntf ^��MCTIMB..jaBMIWMII��'l
jg^ No,business transacted on Sundays. ��� .;.'
y:Uv;H��>y jt.; ������   :���*,:���;.' ������ :--Y.-.;Y' .. .;'��� '. Manager.;:-:
v 21st July, I8p.. .."Y-,/yW/:. ,. '.-,/.: ���      .._..  . .iS3 ...
Barnard's C^ribooExpress
STAGE   LiNE.      i   ;
has been revlsedr.and REDUCTION 'In prieca
made to suit the times. ���*��� Th(i>char��e on Letters lo and
from Victoria and intermediate places is now 50 cents.
Stage Faro to Que.sn el mouth,       -       *       $20.'
*��      "   through to Yale, '������'-.   ���   -       - >$65.;"
���    ���- '�����'���' .;���;/,4.-'JOHN B. LOVKLL,��� .X
t. ;    .   ' Agent Barnard's Express. '.
August 1st, 18t>6. ���������-.-.    --'���/' 26
Connecting at tAllooet and Yale with DIETS &
7"v. KELSON1 S for New ^estminstt;!'&.yictoria, . ,
1XTILL ARRIVE AND  DEPART, from the oJOfice/in
t i   Barkerville^ to.qonn^ct with tiv steamer "En- ���
torprise11 at QaesnelraOuth, and', the,STAGES' at Soda
Creole  EVERY WEEK, conveyingTai-ASuftK,-Letters
and v1uuabi.es for all parts of the worhl ,   Also, fx)m-
lYd^siohs received .and forwarded by Express for tha
collection of .Notus, Bills and the rmrchuse of :ir��icl*s.
toh'eobtained ai J��ew VTwtmlaster, Victoria, B-n>"r��Hv':
Cisco or en route-, ^n-i r-^tn rij> 1��� n m de h; i li s -,, i. pitloh.
.;.'���:     .   . ,  -.. JOHK h�� LO'vF.LL.       . .-A.
1-a - ;; .���/���������       , jHli H.^t-rviJIe., ���M:\'X
:*?-*  ;\*'vY
Agents for the ^Cariboo Sentinel."
43rmifte Creak,
<}uesn el mouth,
Yale,      -
^ew Wcstmlnstec,
....      .A. McWha
':."..:���::���   ���;   N. L. ifcCafmry
. Mr. Goodie, Barnard's Express Office
��� Mr. Evans,      do
.F, ,W.*.Fostcr,    .;do
' ' Clarkson & Co
'('El MiUaadaine
j --Lyne.
All communications must her accompanied by the
���T>al name and Address of the writer,.not necessarily
-with a view of publishing the eanw, bat as security for
his good faith.   .'������   -;-y%. :f-X"-.'       '''--'
"~~ ~~    ��� :    TO A^VE^BRS.    .-..   .-;: .   : :.
The'"Cariboo Sentinel" 'iB^ubiished. every Monday
-and Thursday. Ad vertisemeftsis tended for insertion
must be delivered at latest at10 o'clock, p. m., tbe day
before publication.   ������ '��� -: ��� ������ A     iA
jogs- All Advertisements (hot inserted for any definite
period), will be continued untiltfrdered out and charged
ior accordingly. -. yA ���-'
:A .. NOTICE.   ' ���
Miners and others wishing to scud "The Cariboo Sen
tmel" to their friends.in Canada, England, the United
-States, or elsewhere, can have, it mailed by leaving
addresses at the publication office. Price, including
postage, 60 cents per copy.
so mrtch laudable industry, it 'is all in vain,
MacLikek will bear the palm, and Carihooites
will at last have a Caribooite as their mouthpiece.
; Whilst on the subject of the electiohi it may
be well to suggest that a more fitting opportunity could not be cbosen to refute the assertion that British Columbians were either
careless or averse to the Union of -too two Colonies; this could be accomplished by a very
simple process: let each of our citizens, in
tendering bis vote, state whether ie is for
or trgainst Union. A more decided contradiction could not be given to the mendacious assertions of interested persons.
Next Monday, the 24th inst., is the.day appointed for nomination, and-we trust that no
miner who can spare tbe time, will be absent.
Let there be a general rally at the Court House,
in order to-show the opponents' of Mr. Mac-
Larex how futile is their attempt .to .bring
forward any other candidate; it may do much
to prevent the other candidates from misapplying their time. TVe have no objections,
should the other gentlemen go to the poll,
that they have every courtesy shown them: but
we must convince them tbat MacLarex is the
*��� only man for Galway." and that the miner
appreciates the value of tbe suffrage. The
election here will impress Government with
:::":.LO.S;T,: 'jy-X'/r':'
N WILLIAMS CIIEEK, CHECK. No; y 44,357, dated 6th Sept.i 1868,riri favor 6f:P. Gannon & Co , or
order, for $114 50, drawn by Thos. Harrison the Baiik
ol British North America, Barkerville.., Any,person
finding the same will be kind enough to leave*it with
P. Gannon & Co , as it is of no'use to any one but the
owner, payment having been stopped, i.. ���,.-,. :',,;'' X- 'Xi
September 18th, 1806..: y X- A ���      "46-2w *;
LOST, ON TUESDAY EVENING, between the hbiifs
of 10 andll o'clock, A POCKET BOOK, containing
about $60 in Bank notes and,several valuable papers.
As tho papers aro of. noxyame to. any person but = tbe
owner, the party will receive a reward to the amount of
the Bills in the Pocket 'Book'by leaving it at Mr. Frank
Perritt's, Cameronton, or at this bfllce. ���
September 19tb, 1866.jf    ;y^y; 40   ���
A' FTER THIS 'r DATE,' the; Stages wil 1 lea ve th c 0 (fibe
at 6 o'clock, to connect with the steamer at Quesnel on
Wednesday and Saturday mornings.. .; yy ������������'���:..A-y-ySQ. >'
a  proper   respect   for   miners'  rights;   we
have only to show them that we are of one
Cameronton, are requested to call and settle their
accounts on'or before the FIRST day' of OCTOBER,
mind here aud intend to^ use  all legitimate 1866; accounts not settled then will be put into Court
means to secure our interests. (for collection.   All porsons with contra accounts will
send them in for settlement.
IThriF ^^SBY 6IYENYthn^^^iY:;c
Al ��� held at the Court Hou^nw7rtniT",v,=v,.u^W111^
ibe^thjngt, iatlo'cloS' -S�� ^k^^AY,
of Candidates who purpo^coniesUni��� fl^ralDatlo��
.Member for the District of?Sto iSih*-^^ *
^IshtlveAssernbly of&M^tg1?"* la ^
I',Due notice of the day of Electing *Ia ':iv -V-
Placea will bo given.   7     bl���cUon.^ tho Polling
JIUehtleld, Sept. 10th, V^��� GE0' fe*
*      MINERS^ BALL, x
and her friends generally to a GRAND^2??��^-
given by. her on SATURDAY EVENING thesfetaiJ*
.atXoriug* "Go-aU'einSaloon," BarkeVv urD-ln8t��
A #2* Sickets, $5 each; ;
^^merbntqn,- 12th Sept. 18(56,
> Artemus Ward amoxg the FKNUNs.-There^s
Jast, in accordance wifch 'resolution moved at
the previous meeting, to recommend a People's Candidate for thei coming.election, and
. we congratulate them 'on their choice:   Should
���the gentleman proposed accept the honor, we
���sincerely hope he will ieadthe poll by a large
majority, to show the peopled determination
���to send a representative to'the Legislative
"Council who has their interests at heart, and
'.  upon whom selfrln teres? of officialdom can
^bave no influence.     . .~j? ,���.'���.: ������'.'
Mr. MacLarbn has much to recommend him
���to the favorable estimation of onr citizens'.
;He is a miner aiid has experienced all the vicis^
:<aitudes to which our. hardy miners are exposed, hence be--.wiU-liay^;>;thesb���lst guidance in
supporting or opposing, nieasures broughtfor-
���xvafd Tiiy 'the" "E'^isYaVut^'ESyln^ - any rotation
to mining. .With an affable and frank bearing
lowards all whom he come? in contact, he^is
manly and firm when occasion requires, and
���will make a decided stand against-everything
bordering on monopoly or corruption that
may be attempted in the Council. With a good
���education he combines a "bright and quick intelligence, that will stand him in good stead
in debate; he aNo poasessesxonsiderable rhetorical power, which, added to a good voice,
will command the attention of the House.
The last is no mean qualification, as we often
find men possessing unquestionable talents
and the purest motives neutralized in their
���efforts for the public welfare from the want of
-facility in expression or a -bad delivery.
Mr. MacLaren is already known to our citizens as one of the delegates who were despatched to New Westminster to lay our grievances regarding  the   maladministration   of
���Justice in this Colony before the honorable
Administrator of the Government; tbe able
manner in which he placed. the matter before
tbe'a^bdrities"was deserving'of all .praise
and although the results have not been altogether satisfactory the fault is in nowise attributable to Mr. "Ma-cLaren.    His literary attainments are familiar to many of our readers
in his contributions to the "Caribooite," some
���of which we have re-published.in our columns;
they were characterized by good sound sense,
a great deal of dry humor, and occasional
���flashes of wit that would 'do credit to Tom
Hood.   In all.this we recognize but the dawning of talents that require-but field for their
display, talents that contain the ingredients
necessary for the production of a valuable
public servant.
There are now threo candidates in toe field
for the representation of this district, and we
are happy to say all men whom'we. have every
reasonjo esteem as worthy citizens.    They
have dfubfcless each, their circle, of admirers,
���and it is very probable that in. any other district their chances of election would-be good,
"but here, we can assure them, they have no
show, as Mr. MacLaren will be the popular
'favorite, and consequently, elected over all
others no matter what thoir'recommendations
mJSvtbe-   w�� are informed  that strenuous
-efforts are being put forward by the several
candidates and their friends endeavouring to
secure the votes-before the time of election;
ve can only sympathize *ith thoae.-exerting
erts.   One thinks,the,best .way is to go over
to Canady and :'eitablish an, Irish;republic
there, kin41yt-pennit^^'ihe'C'aiiadis^s to pay
the expenses of'that sweet boon :.and the
other wants to Bail' direck for Dublin Bay,
where young McRby and bis fair young bride
went down and was drowning accordin to. a
ballit I onct heard.    But thers one pint on
which both' ������",sides   agree���thatVlthe  funs.
They're wiliin, them chaps in New .York, to
receive oil the furis you 'li send 'em.    You
seud a puss to-night to O'Mahohy, andnnother
puss to Roberts../Both will receive %h. You
bet.  And with other jmsses it will be similar
I went into Mr. Delmonico's eatin' house ;the
other night, and saw' my frend.Mr*yAevr&nco
M'Fadden, who is a elokent arid ehterprisih'
deputy centre.   He was sittinrat a table- eat-
in' a canvas-back ^duck.    Poultry j of that
kind, as you know, is rather higti^j*Q3t now.
aMVtle bat;
ard \
I am miserable���miserable! ..The wrongs we
Irishmen suffer! Oh. Ireland I Will a^tfoo history of your sufferins ever be written ? Must
we for ever be ground under by the iron heel
of despotic Britain ?���but, Mr. Ward, won't
you eat suthing ?" "Well," I said, "if there's
another canvas-back and a spare bottle of the
green seal in the house, I wouldH mind jinin'
you in bein' ground under by Britain's iron
N. B.���The Mi.vers Bakery is offered for sale.
Friday and Saturday, the 12th and 13th days
of October.
Jodgb���W. H. SUTTON, ESQ., Yale.
Hoy. Sjcc'y���P. HOUGHTON, ESQ , Ashcroft.
Races, the principal of which are: ���   -
THE ASHCROFT DERBY���$25 entrance, with $200
added���Mile heats, best 2 out of 3; catch weights;
second to save his stakes. For this Race, nominations must be made and entrance fees paid to
the Hon. Soc'y (Ashcroft Post Office), on or before
the 1st of October.    And
THE LYTTON STEEPLE CHASE��� $10 entrance, with
. $20 adder!���Eight hundred yards, over 4.fc��ces
and 1 brook; second horse to save bis stake.
The Sport for SATURDAY will comprise:
A GRAND PIGEON MATCH-~Open to the world.      :
all horses,
but tbe winner or the Dorby~glO entnnne, with
$50 added���Half Mile heats, best 2 out of 3.
THE YALE STEEPLE CHASE_$10 entrance, with $10
added���Over the Lytton course.
���;r-_-:-^~* "**^'K_ND9"oy        \ ���*/
Y     CLOTHING; ���
XA   boots a shoes,
��� Mi$m& TOOLS, kc.X
Beg to call tlie attention of Miners arid ofchen
to th��lr full assortment"of SUPERIOR ���0003
which will be sold,.
to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive ao soon aa
the Roads are, open.
',''.'$&* Liberal allowance will be tnado to
"Rostauran't'and Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally
on large ordera. ���         ��:������"���" ���'-.:A A '.' "1
With other Races and Matches.
FrRES at New Westminster.���Two fires had
occurred at New WeBtuainsteron the same day
The first originated among a lot of hay lying
in a shed on Liverpool wharf, but was extinguished by the Hyack Fire Co. before any
damage was done. The other happened at
Moody's stables, which, before the;' engine
could be brought to bear on .them, were reduced to ashes. The loss in both instances
was small. Great praise is awarded to the
Hyacks -for their timely aid.
The Cable Enterprise.���The Atlantic Cable
enterprise is represented by three capitals
each ��600,000, The shares in the first are
��1,000 each, and sold.lately in London,under
the promise of tho new venture; for from ��250
to ��300. Next is a preferred & per cent capital in sharesoof ��5 each, that have been in demand of late at ��5 15s. The third capital, or
that which is undertaking the new experiment
is in ��10 shares which are at a small discount.
To make an Egg Stand on E.m���A curious
discussion on this subject, started by an English vicar, is going through tbe "Manchester
papers. One writer says, Columbus need noU
have broken bis egg, for that article oan be
made lp stand thus: " Take an egg and shake
it in the hand from fivo to ten minutes; by doing so, you render the white more fluid, and
the yolk sinks nearer to the end when the egg
is set upright; and if it be then held steadily
until the yolk has time to displace the white,
t may be made to stand upright on a dining
able, or other smooth level surface."
J��**A New South "Wales paper says:���
" A sea monster lias been caught in Bateman's
Bay. It resembles a huge turtle, having four
large flippers. It is covered with a, boney
.shield extending from one extremity to the
other, broad and hard at the anterior part,
and graduating with softer consistency to a
point at the posterior end. This osseous covering has five prominent ridges extending
longitudinally over i fcs surface. The head and
neck resemble those of a tortoise. It weighs
15 cwt., and is 13 feet long."
j^-Yale road toll r for week ending" 8fch
Sept $901 48.
the public that having, purchased the "Fashion*
Saloon " they will spare no pains nor expense tp merit'
a sbarc of public patronage., As ���,�� the proof cf the
pudding is in the eatjhg.bf.lt," we: say: nothing as to'
the quality of our LIQUORS & CIGARS," please call
and try them. ..--.:-...     �����������;��.���������' :..���:,������ ..-v., ..���.?���.-
WHE UNDERSIGNED has weJl appointed STAGES oa
:X the road from Soda Creek to Yale, which are gnar-
anteed to make FASTER TIME than any other Jim-.
rHe has brought down fares to $40, and the public ought
t�� see that is their own interest to support and maintain a cheap and efficient opposition. .
-���the OPPOSITION STAGE will leave Soda Creek for
Tale every Thursday morning or after the arrival of
the, steamer 'Enterprise1 until further notice.    ���
-4��-Pare, $4.0.     -    ',  .   JA^wVia
, Soda Creek, 6th Sept. 1886. 37
Barkerville, Sept. 13th, 1806.
1 Proprietors.
THE UNDERSINED begs to inform the miners and
residents in and around Van Winkle, that having
purchased the establishment and goodwill of the Arm-
of Messrs. SCHORLING &. CG.,.he will-in fulTirekoep'
-n assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and hopes by
lose attention to business, and by selling at LOUVER
S| Pearcj
���^:BARkKRyitLEv;   PXA^
Havo Jast received a choice selection of- ;.
Sheet Corjper, Zinc, Tin Plate frid SJjeet Iron,
with various Other articles in their hne of trart*.
Jig. All Jobbing in theTin,: Sheet HMJ
Zinctradeattended to, and warrantedto givesatisiac
tiOU;-'^' --\
, ...piUch.
Miners wishing to lay in their winter stock will find
it to their advantage to give him a call
&��- Terms CASH,  without distinction.
NOTICE.      0
the name and style of Mark.-* & Wi.nkler, has this
day been dissolved by mutual consent.
.'���'..������* S, MARKS,
Victoria,|l6th June, 1866. ���       33
I to inform the inhabitants.^^inJfnef 1^ SA\y
Creek that they havenow m opOTatlra a ���J** lihm9
MILL, located at the mouth of Mink Gulcfi,
RichOoid, capable of hianufacturing^e i^housanai
ot Lumber per-hour, any_^gth crwWth KJW     ���
��� Barkcrville, argett^
this market, and of a scpkbior Q^uty
left at Air.V
will bo prom
left at Mr. W. A. Meacham's. ���T*���J^i'fBB&-&t
will bo promptly attended to, and ^hvcj,dftffjl BE-
CHARGE at any point on the wagon road, ��W     nb.
they have removed to the two-story brick building
{formerly the Enterprise Saloon) opposite the SU Nicholas Hotel, Government Street, Victoria. They will
keep on hand a large assortment of CLOTHING and
FURNISHING GOODS, which they will sell as low as
any house in town. They respectfully solicit a call from
the *'Roys" when they come down. , 35-s
DUCED RATES.   The undersigned trust to m       o|d
erai share of the public patronage and tna^a
friends will kindly giv^ma calL^^ & ^
: Williams Creek, Aug. 27th
Cards, Bill Heads,  Circulars, Posters and
Programmes for Balls and Theatrical
"Entertainments,       _
Executed -with Neatness and Dispatch at this Offilcp.
��^*Terms  Moderate- ~i��$    ��� -    ���       *
.        BOOTS & SHOES, &C,
*"������  ' +inQ Trade*.anar
He is desirous of s��PP^f ^jcSS,
caii do so at LOWii^>A **
Wfllianifa OreeW, Jnly 16th, 186���� ,FrRB.--:Aboiit 7; o?clpcfc last night the den5-  Azens ot the^east' end of Barkernlie were so&^  what startled with the shrill: shrieks iof their  Chinese neighbors, arid for V time could not  /   understa^  \,Lriillty; and';��������� gesticulatipns^Y Kut^tber feats of  :   agiJifcyfP^^1^^ fy sP^:of^them* >in diking  .. "; their exit; ft^  ;; thefr  . something was OTong.^^  ]y made to the 'back premise)!, when Ml was  ..found that the frc^f^ofY the bull ding >was in  flamesythesp^^  kets orwaterrsopn: qiwnched the fire.   .Had  , the weather been dr^t^re-dsllevery reason  'to believeyAat'ponsidera^le  x :%frebeen^  ; ings.   1'he fire originatedirdm the stove pipe  .'������������������ ^coming,in top closecpntactcwith the shingles;  ��������� ���������We,thought\that bur Fire ^Wardens'had-ordered ailBuch detects to^be rem'e31edfcb������t-it  y would appear from the statement  son employed to inspect the: buildings and  furnish roof collars for all stove ^  ���������; Chinese in this J nstance misrepresented $ him  i the state of this particular pipe..  MINING BOARD.  LILLOpET AND DOUGLAS..  A Special Meeting of the Mining Board was  held;at their office, on Tuesday evenmg  lastvPrese.n t^-Messrs/ Anderson,:Wilkinson,  Burdick, Drake, Thompson, Foster & Monroe.  .Mr. Thompson was called to the Chair, and  Jsp. Anderson acted as Secretary 'pro fern/  ;:���������;..: The Chairman said ihe;object of this special  invention was to take under consideration  the'nomination of a candidate to rerfresentthe  mining interests of :Hiis 'District in the "Leds-:  lative Council of ;the Colony. *Xa  .The Board were of opinioni ft at neither of  the. two candidates, Messrs. Harris and Speuee,  could fromtheirposition represent the views  of the miners, and���������. did not possess their full  confidence; ���������' y-.y ��������� X     ��������� XX-'-A' ���������;>���������''yy'-y--:"',/���������/-:  . Narrow Escape���������Last Tuesday,as Mr. H.C.  WUmptt was eng^edJii haulihg a,heavy Jpad  ���������'���������'.<:of merchandize;from Camerohtbalib Barker-  ville,his horse became -restive and backed  -the draypver-Hlh������ ^aak--in"fpon^of-iLorzrigu'V  Saloon at the former place.   Mr. Wilmott Was  ,    thrown over the bank and received the full,  .ilibrce- of fhe,; falling vehicle^ which pinned him  to the spot.   Singular to say, when extricated  from his perilous situation 31 was found that a  ; '��������� box of matches in his] pocket had been ignifc-  ed by the force'ot the Mli burning up $25; in  "''.���������,' notes and scorching his body badly; with; tb e  ���������exception of the injdryiinflictedjby the burning matches he was otherwise unharmed, fee  only other damage sustained was the breaking, of the dray. ��������� ���������-"* :A ���������'���������  Rain at Last.���������The long wished for rain  ��������� commenced to fjall early on,Monday, morning  and ha9 since* continued with   intermittent  ;showers .until yeatesday when. it fell   very  steadily the whole .day.   The creels however  does not appear to rise suddenly,, although  ;.   there is now quite enough of;water'e%y allow  y all of the claims to resume work. , '���������'.'.'A'f'X.  ArEGi3TABtES.7-Gur market ,is beginniug to  ��������� get'steadily^up^Tied with-all1 Grid's of vege  tables by the Chinese from Quesnelmouth at  ���������\ very reasonable prices*   Potatoes. ar^ sold at  ��������� 8 cts.;: turnips,6 cts. j carrots, 16 cts; j andcabr  ; * bage, 16 cts. y ;The quality of 'these^vegetables  will comparefavorably witb^y in the colony  - Wkat has become of them^Application  was iriade to Government over a month; ago  for the books and ^records. of the old Mining  Board, by the Secretary of the present Board,  but up to this-moment they have not come) to  hand.   Some one is certainly to blame for fliis.  Tvvice[A WEEK.^From and after Tuesday  -last Barnard's. Stages ^will run twice a week  between this place and Yale. ..The days of  departure from here will be Tuesdays and Fridays, and the days of arrival Sundays and  ���������   Thursdays.-     ���������������������������������������������':       Ay-.- -.;.;..'..] .;V./-;;'-'i.:- \AXJ  New Church.-���������The congregation of the Rev,  Father Magoggan have purchased the house  lately occupied by Mr. H. N. Steele, at :��������� Richfield, and fitted it up as a place of worship. A  good footpath has been graded from the wagon road up to .ffiob'inlding.^  . Declined.--We understandthat Mr.r A;R.  ���������Robertson has declined a nomination as a candidate for the Legislative Council/  Thanks.���������Our thanks are tendered to Mr.  ..Rueff- for bringing us late Telegraphic despatches from Quesnelmouth.  ^^"The Mining Board request a full attendance of the members at their next meet-  ��������� ing on Friday evening.  '$������������* During the past week a sale of the eff-  -ects belonging to the estate of Messrs. Dodge  & Co. took place in this colony, Mr;Backus of  Victoria being the auctioneer. The prices  realized were unprecedently low. The steamer Hope only brought S1000. Twenty head  .of the finest work cattle in the country averaged $160 a yoke���������half their value. Excellent freight wagons did not average more  than $100 each, and a train of splendid pack  mules were sold at $61 each to Messrs. Op-  ���������penheinier. Such a sacrifice of property has  not been witnessed in the colony at any former period, and shows the depression now  prevailing in the country. Messrs. Nelson &  Co. purchased the cattle and wagons, and  Capt. Fleming the steamer.���������B. C. 'Tribune.'  $8* Customs receipts for week ending Saturday, Sept. 1st: Duties, $9297 7.6 ;.' harbor  dues, $132 79 ; head money, $51; tonnage  dues, $418 49. Total, $9,900-40. Number of  passengers entering in the same period, 51.���������  A������ 'ColumbianX '"���������"'.' '.."������������������ ... . ���������*���������"_    :  "A. Mr. Burdick stated that Messrs. Harris and  Spence had spoken to him, and expressed,their  desire to- attend this meeting and express their  political views to:the Board.������������������..-������������������;'        *).y.y- '���������'; >  ;: Mr. Anderson thought that this was not the  proper place iorisuch a purpose.! If Messrs.  jpiarris.and Spence wished to explain themselves, lie thought that tbeir proper course  would'be to call a public meeting.   This Board  had met for a special purpose, and he hoped  they would at once proceed to business.  X. Dr; Wilkinson said that if Messrs. Harris  and Spence were; willing to come in he for one  had no objection, but he certainly did not wish  it to be understood that the. Board invited:  them; their meetings-%ere open to the public^  and the public had a right to attend;' y . !  .Mr. Burdick said^ that; Mr^^Harris did not  'wish"'to obtrude^hunseif if TSe^Boarcl had no"  desire to hear him. Mr. Harris had been led  to; believe from \JIr. Booth that "his presence  was desired by the Board.  y Dr. Wilkinson then''moved the following resolution j which, b eing seconded by - Mr. Anderson, was unanimously carried:.  ;** That this Board recommehd the nomination of Mr. John MacLarbn as a fit and proper  person to represent;the Miners of Caribo6 in  the Legislative Council of this Colony.'*  Tbe meeting then adjourned  till Friday  evening, at tbe usual hour.  TELEGRAPHIC.  ;'!?!rpm Mr. McDonald,- ,of Douglas, who-left  that place about ten, da);s ago", we gather the  following particulars:".... .'       ,;>''," rX  X. "The diggings;on the Douglas Portage have  proved to be very limited in'extent^���������'���������Kumeiv  pi;s;hples bad been sunk in the vicinity of the  Dippbyery^ blaira,>but nothing had been found  that woiild payJ A ditch has been, cohsfcruct1  ed;-by;-the piscpyery^  wei'e being made;for >yashing. ;; !,Xa aX '/AJx  ; Over; 300; acresi of grain were under cultlvaT  tion. .on the Peraberton Portage this season,  cojhsisting pf, wheat) barley and' "oats, which  looked extremely well, and was being liar vested'with all haste as; our inform ant passed- v<^,';'���������  The Lillooet Flbur Mill had started grinding  aypart of thenfew crop; V My* Septus new steam  mi 11, oh the bpposite side of;the riyer, wouId  be^in running order this week. > Business was  V^diill inLillooet. ;��������� >  Tlie Briclge River Mines had turned out very  unsatisi acto ri ly, an d were ab an do hed by al 1  except Indians and Chinese. ;; :       ";"  Messrs, Jamieson and Cad walader had gone  to; Cadwalader^ creek to prospect about six  weefis ago, but; nothing haci been heard froin  the.m.-.;',": '-r ,: :X:x.A"A.r,.;.-:...;.��������� ..,;;������;���������":;-;,,:x;;.���������������������������>  Lorenzo, at the Fountain j had har vestod all  his grain, which proved to be a very heavy  crop. The farmers all along the road from the  Fountain to Pavillion creek were busy cutting  their grain, which looked well.  ���������*"������  VICTORIA ITEMS FROM < COLONIST A^b  XXyX';^'   r>'-   ^CIIRONIQLE.'."���������;  It).  MINING INTBLLIGrBNCB.  .,. j. ;v. ���������������..*/���������������������������  CUN^NGHAM CREEK.  Times are very dull on this creek; the only  ___ l���������������������������,.:..     iUj. any. Qfe^y' pay is the  aire working: on ��������� a "bench ��������� at  company takingf out any steady pay is the  Standish co'y��������� VrrKrt *~~Wnni.i^;AY���������i���������i.i: j������  (Special Dispatch to the Cariboo Sentinel).  Paris, Sept. 10th, p. m��������� Gen. Marquis,Minister to Constantinople,has been re-called, and  will go out to Mexico to organize an army for  service after the French evacuation of that  country... ��������� l  The fTimes^ Paris letter, published to-day,;  says, Emperor 'Maximiilianvis expected .tb- return from Mexico to Europe on a war steamer.  Madrid, Sept. llth.~The 'Esf.ufette, of today says, the French troops must be withdrawn  from Mexico with the utmost caution, unless  amicable relations are previously established  with President Juarez.  i Viennay;Septv litt-^The: Austrian Minister  of Marine has ordered the; Adriatic fleet, how  at Triest, tb proceed to the Poengfin. Austrian naval stations are to be disarmed.  Berlin^ Sept. 11th.���������The :Committee of the  Chamber of Deputies persist in the design of  limiting the amount. which the: Government  ask authority to bbtain by the issue of Treasury Notes from sixty to thirty rhillions. of thal-  er& The Minister of Finance has protested in  a speech against such reduction, and expressed the hope that the Chamber would pass the  Bill in its original form.  Liverpool, Sept 11th.���������The anxiety as to  the British grain crop is increasing, the weather  is very wet and prices are higher in all the  markets.'-'-.  Chicago, Sept. 12th-���������The folio wing.dispatch  was received here on Sunday evening/the 9th,  t^^^'^C^^^f^^\ookei-i  HsartJs Content, N, F., Sept 8th.--Since Sunday morning, Sept. 2nd, uninterrupted success  has followed the Great Eastern. She laid  the-shore end bOhe^cableT'of' 1865. on Satui^  day evening, Sept. 8th, at:4 o'clock, under a  salute from the ships, of war in the harbor and  tremendous cheers from a large crowd of enthusiastic spectators. This is the second triumph of the ocean Telegraph. The electrical  condition of this cable is most perfect, ^and  messages are now being sent and received  over iU The Great Eastern sails on Sunday,  Sept 9th, for England. The Medway also  leaves on Sunday for the Gulf of St. Lawrence,  with Cyrus W. Field and A. M. .McKay on  board, to lay the second cable from Port Aux  Basque tb" Gaspe 'Bay. The Medway is accompanied by the Terrible and Lilly.  the;canon;  ������������������-.'v    X   %yi.AAXip&ri.-CREEK.-;''  ���������/��������� ."��������� '��������� ... JA  ^ Several companies are prospecting on the  right hand bank ipf this::ereek .with^a view bf  reaching the.hill channel.y ^One company will  start a tunnel during the present week. The  Bed Rock .Flume Co. washed up.about 200  feet of the Flume, with very satisfactory results. -'. -'  'CALIFORNIA CREE3C.  There ate :two companies at. work on this  creek, making wages. The water of Stevens  creek has been -brought into this creek by  means of a ditch.  :i-i;  ���������riGOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT;  :;  HI    -: -     A -*"-��������� .-.-���������:��������� :;;���������;.> ������������������::���������������������������.:���������-  i^^^fore W.-:G;C6x,--Esq;')-Yr..��������� *v* -���������-.-���������������;  : *"    y Monday, 17th Sept. 1866.:;*  Aurora Co. vs. Branch & Co.���������The Commissioner decided that the ground should be giv:  en .to the* plain tins, but ���������.. that defendants were  entifledio ���������$ 65 as compensation for. the ��������� work  theyjhad. done on the grpuhd, in consequence  Of not having been properly notified by plaintiffs to leave the same.  : Atirbra Coiys. Moorhead & Co.^Same deci-  siotfas in the preceding;case.     ;., .y...;V,'..-';:.-;  ; R. Scott ys������. Ira Miller.-T-SUit instit-uted; to  compel defendant to show cause why he should  not pay plaintiff ���������- $50 for one full interest' in  the Hydraulic Co., Cunningham creekir- Plaintiff-was acting in the capacity of agentVfor  another party in Victoria, from whom he held  a Power of Attorney V which; was 'improperly  executed and therefore illegal. Plaintiff was  accordingly hbh-suitedV: ��������� ; '?  Grant Co. vs. Hudson Co,���������Suit brought to  make defendants show cause .why they shoul d.  not be ejected from a bil 1 claim, containing  400 feet of frontage on Williams creek j and  plaintiffs; put in possession of the same, ������������������: It  appeared that plaintiffs pre-empted the ground  in question by simplystaking their front lines  without running any side stakes,; and neglected recording it for two days ; in the interim  defendants jumped the ground and recorded  it,but-also fell, mto.the.same'erm^as.plaintiffs in not, staking their side lines ; plaintiffs,  observing.this omission, rectified it. and hence  this suit.   Judgment for plaintiffs.  Tuesday, 18th Sept.  Ben. Cooney vs. H. Curry,-���������Action for $157  50, being amount due by defendant for work  done ;by .plaintiff 'on the Williams Creek Bed  Rock "Drain. Judgment for plaintiff with  costs, execution to issue at once.  POLICE COURT.  Commodore Sullivan and officers of II.  S.;Sntjej entertained a number of their friend .  on'board 'that ship, at'Vhich hia Excellency  the ..Governor was present,���������The .Superintendent ;of Education, school* tenchers, clerks of  Couticil'and Assembly, and clerk of Postmaster had * be<m uptifiVd that owing to the  financial embarrassments ol' the colony Gov-  ealhr-  uTri-  match had  beetf played between the Victoria Cricket  Club and'the*/officers of II. M; S.Sutlej and  Spbutj resulting in tbe defeatof the Victorians  '-^Ityirinimbured.that the Fire companies will  disband in consequence of the* npn-apprppnation by Oovernn>ent of fun^ to assist* them.���������  The Re v. ��������� THwb/ Some l'vil Vel'r lwid resigned Ins  charge of the Presbyterian church.���������-Mr. N. C.  Mathiessen, of the St. Nicholas, has. leased the  Lincoln House, JVrHand.���������The steamer Fidel-  iterhad made the round'trip from Victoria to  Portland in 5 days, tbe quickest on record.���������  It wasrumbured- that Mr. Birch had received  a telegram from Gov. Seymour that tlie Union  bill   had   passed  the House of Commons,  but it turned out to be merely a canard.���������  Tbrwbole of the employees of the public  school s have: dcterin i n ed to con tin ne their  services for the prcsent.-^-Mr. R. G. Marsh and  family��������� ��������� were about ��������� to leave for Portland.���������  Dogs-ahd wolves are destroying sheep on the  Cpyerdale^ farm, sixteen hacLbeen destroyed,  |BJfwSIves lir:'oire"'nighT��������� Ch^'rlcs^Uriiix"was'  fined;^$10 or two months imprisonment for  fighting in the ;s tree fc,���������Ah-unfortunate debtor  having:made a futile attempt-to escape from  jail \vas committed to a cell where 4 madmen  were confined.���������J. Clerhue, charged with stealing $5"2 5 from W. W. Gibbs pleaded' guilty  in .therPo lice .Court and-was- sentenced- to 21  hoursipipriso.npicnt.���������-The steamer Eliza An-,  derisbn haviug^been refitted has resumed her  usual: trips' between the ports on Puget'Sound  and Victoria^���������The new steamer Isabel will  be ready to make ber first trip to San -Fran-  cisco.in a .few.wee Us; she will cost when finish- .  ed about SoO^OOO.���������The'friends' of the*.Rev.  Mr. Somervil 1 e ;ha ve resol ved ��������� to' sup port him  in founding a' new church tinder the auspices  of tbe churchibf Scotland.-^A Sohgish Indian  was sentenced-to 4 months imprisonment with  hard lab o r f or "stealing a qiiau ti ty of weilring  apparel fron?>Tr. D. D. Moses.���������Mr. E.J: Coleman one of the'party who recently atteirtpted  to'ascend mount:- "r^siker. has...arrived.Tr-Uiiuhjr  the new Coronei'sJury'li/ftW only aix jurymen  are necessary tb-gyt<>a an iriquest.-^Two Co iv-  iohan Indians ha,d a quarrel,at Esquinialt in  which, firearms .were useji.. resulting in the  death of bne Of them; the inurderer had fled.  ���������Couiiterfeifc:cbih 'was circulating* freely in  Victoria, the -pieces appear to bc half dollars  whi ch are wel 1, exe cute cl.���������The con tract fo r ���������  cbristaruciing the Leech river ditch was awarded to Messrs.'Jeffrey & Nicholson, and for cutting; the lumber and making the dam, to Jeffrey &Son���������Av:F. Hicks John  Glnssey und  J.;S. Willis have been elected delegates by the  Union Hook and "Ladder Co. for the ensuing  year;������������������ A wharf is ab6ut to be construc ted at  the magazine. ���������- Esq uima 11   harbor.���������Mes srs.  Dickson^ M a rvin f an d H ol den we re elec tel delegates for the,Deluge Fire Co. for the ensuing  yean-iThe.Schooner North Star made the run  to Honpiulu in 17 days and was sold tb tbe  King of the Sanwieh Islands for a pleasure  yacht.   The Bark Metropolis was sold at Hon-  pluhvfor $1,900. :, - -  ^5_T The British brig Ann Sanderson sailed  from Yokohama. Japan, for San Francisco on  the 7th June, deeply laden. Shortly after her  departure a sudden and most severe hurricane  was experienced along the coast of Japan, accompanied with frequent whirlwinds, during  which the brig is supposed to have foundered.  The vessel and cargo were consigned to  Brooks & Co., of San Francisco. Ihe Ann  Sanderson being now 94 days out.and no tid  ings having been received of her the supposition that she is lost is doubtless correct-, bbe  had two or three passengers on board; her  tion that she is lost is doubtless correct,  had two or three passengers on hoard;  cargo is insured with China agents of dvA^a  companies.  (Bofore W. G. Cox, Esq., J. P.)  Wednesday, 19th Sept., .1.866..  ��������� Edward Brown was charged with having  on or about 10th inst. sold spirituous liquors  at his house in Barkerville without a license.  It appeared from the evidence of several witnesses that Brown and others were in the  habit of playing a friendly game of poker for  liquors which Brown was in the habit of fetching into his house and charging for. Tho Magistrate after considering the case fined Brown  in the sum of $25.  A Chin, a Chinaman, was charged with hav-  ino- stolen from Elsassers store, in Cameronton. on the 18th inst, a pair of buckskin gloves  of the value of $2 50. Prisoner pleaded guilty  and was -sentenced -to -3 months i mprison raent  with hard labor. &������������������  . The McCnixbcn' Creek Quartz Ledge.���������Mr*  W.J. Jeffree and Mr. John Hancock, who, in  connection 'with Mr. Hicks, discovered the  quartz ledge in the neighborhood of MeCui-  lochs creek, arrived in this city on Moqday.  They brought down a lot of specimens, several  of which were shown to ns, and which appear  fcoybe exceed ing! y ri ch.   Th ey have h ad- two  lots assayed with the following result:   Lot  No.i, $341 25 to the ton; lot No. 2 83,186 53  to the ton.   These men' have a well defined ���������  ledge two feet thick, and which they have'followed to a depth of ten feet.. Gold is everywhere visible in the rock, and the quartz has,  as, we have already said, every appearance of  being good.   They have made arrangement*  to have a ton shipped to this city as a test;  and as they  are 'miners; without  sufficient-  means to open it iipj tbey hope to obtain siiffl-  .dent capital for that.purpose.���������B. 'Columbian.'  Won't Believe u.e Wrote Them.���������A gentlemen recently'from Big'Bend informs u*  that the dispatehes publtghed in this Blue Book  and ascribed to ��������� Gov. Seym ou r. are regardcd  as forgeries by the people there; who will-cot  believe that;a������entleineu occupying "the high-  position of Governar of a British Colony -  would be guilty of penning such outrageous  and inexcusable-mis-statements.���������V.'Colonist  & Chronicle.' '  ^s^The U. S. Senate has  passed a, bill' ;  abolishing Port Angelos aft *a port of entry   \  and establishing Fort Townsencl .instead..   If ;. /  approved of by-the President,- the act comes ; /  in force from and after the 1st October next.X. !  . ��������� 'z^lfy.onKpMigob'd-Coff'M usirFelfV, ���������     j A Traveller's Bxpkribscs of Woman.���������I  have observed among all nations, that the women ornament themselves more than men;  wherever found, they are the same kind, civil,  obliging, humane, tender beings; that they  . are ever inclined to be gay and cheerful, timorous and modest They'do not hesitate like  men to perform an hospitable action ; not  haughty, not arrogant, nor supercilious, but  full df courtesy, and fond of society : industrious, economical, ingenious; more liable in  general to err than man, but in general also  more virtuous, and performing more good ac-  \,. tions than he.    I never addressed myself in  the language of decency and friendship, to a  woman, whether civilized or savage, without  receiving a decent acid' friendly answer. With  gjnan it has of ten been otherwise, ;. In wander-  fjng over the barren plains of inhospitable  Denmark, through Honest Sweden, frozen Lap-  tif*if land, rude and churlish Finland;��������� unpBMtcipl-  ed Russia, and the .widerspreul regions 61 the  '���������' wandering Tarter, if hungry, eoId, wet, or  sick, woman has ever been.friendly to me, and  uniformly so; and to add to this virtue, so  worthy of the appellation of benevolence,  these^ctions have been performed in so free  and so kind a manner, that, if I was dry, I  ; ^drank the sweet draught,"and if hungry, ate  the course morsel with a double relish.  Birds in Japan-- Birds are treated very Ttind-  OTICE.  The Steamer "Enterprise"  WiU leave SODA CREEK  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS,  AT  DAYLIGHT;  Will leave QUESNEL  ~ ."  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS,  AT 6 O'CLOCK,  Connecting at Soda Crock with Barvaro's Staoto on  : Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up.  J&~ Freight to Quesnel H cts. ^ lb;  Steamer 'Enterprise,' \  May 21st, 1866.      J 5  QUKSNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS,   j YlOTORU ADVERTI^Me^TR  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of tho best  description. s  IMPORTANT to MINERS  ... Tho undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND,  BLOWINGS AND  *    PANNINGS,  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on the  Most Liberal Terms, at the  Reading Room, Cameronton,  The Subscriber is well known on Williams Creek, and  from, tho confidence reposed in hira heretofore in the  above business, he hopes to receive the patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing season.  1 JOHN BOWR0N.  QUESNELMOUTH,  BROWN & GILLIS, Proprietors.  Good Bedsj Restaurant; Billiard Table, &c.  Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats.       a  GIROD & GUICHON,     ~~  Old Established  General Store,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &   COMMISSION MERCHANTS,      .  Storage, &c���������Terms most "Moderate.  .,   :/...- QUESNELMOUTH. e  LONDON  HOUSE  GOVERimENT STREET, VICTORIA;        *  WHOLESALE  AND  RETAIL/  J. H. TURNER & CO.  English & French Silks, Shawls,1 Dresses Tin  deirtothimr   ai0v<>8>  and'every   ���������  "\e8S<?8> "a-  Drapery Goods.  acrcJotUing, Gloves, aad' every dWcrtptloa '*  ItOAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.  ORIENTAL   SALOO  RICHFIELD...  Iv in Japan.   They are; never killed for. sport;      ���������^aad'l^te tvw&h&&m&mope&o^&the tomb-WHE������������������ rjNDER8l&l^i>-HAVlNG^ASED-.FB0M>a.-  ' .���������o.oo  ~1,;,>K n^t'i fill Irr^xr mnrmW' m\th   A A. Smith the premises formerly known as the Min-  Saloov,   has opened the same under the above  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 26 miles from Quesnelmoutb,  The proprietors having lately fitted up bedrooms  and good Bods aro now prepared to afford every accommodation for Travellers; tho Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors and Segars; good  Stabling, Hay, Qats and Barley, j^ The CHEAPEST  House on tho Road. 1-s  Receive regular supplies by Express via P^n**,. ���������  by sailing vessels via Cape Hornf ���������   m* ***  ^-Particular attention given to all orden  London Firm-J. P. Tonbtau <fe Co. ��������� ' .,  ' ?*' ESTABLISHED 1858.     '    ~  WILLIAM ZELNER; dealer. ;in Drugs. Msdi-  T!\ oiSES.andjCuEMicALs, Fancy^ Toilet Articles  Sponges; Brushes,,Perfumery, &c! , Physicians'_S'  senptjons carefully compounded and orders answer^  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V.I v"d  PATTRICK?S CORNER^  .cia^K^^ ���������"* Spirit ft"  BOOTS! BOOTS!!  IM!  How is it your Boots wear so lone  and keep your feet so dry r    Because I purchase of  Chanty and. Butler, Government Street, Victoria.  T SAY SAM!  ���������stones, which priests fill every morning with  fresh water for drink/.; puriiig the stay of  ; Commodore Perry's-ships, a number of officers  .���������started to go a gunning.;.. As soon as the Japanese saw the cruel murder of their birds,  they went to the commodore and begged him  to put a stop to such conduct.   There was no  more bird shooting in Japan by American  /officers after that; and when the treaty between  'the two., countries was concluded, one condition of it was that the feii'ds should always be  ^protected. ���������        ...-   \yX'; AX-      .-.....<, '���������"?,..  Didx't Kxow Mode.���������A- certain green ens-  , tomer, who was a stranger to mirrors, and who  -stepped into the cabin, of one of our ocean-  steamers, stopping in frpritjof a large pier-  .glass whichhe took for a.door, tie said:   "1  say, mister, when does thisl^eie boat start ?^  feetting no reply from' the"; dumb reflection  before him, he again repeated: "I say,- mister  ��������� when does this boat start?-".-.. Incensed at the  ^still silent figure, he broke pat: "Go tothunr  ;der, you darnedsassafras-coJoredVstiock-headT  ���������"���������ed bull-calf!    You don't loot as if you knew  ���������" much anyhow.":: ��������� Y V������ a v'r .       ''���������' .-'l  . ;^a&* A paper in southern Iilihots tells of. a  .young woman who appeared before a magis*^  ;irate the day;after her marriage, and com-  : plained that Ler husband had been "taking  liberties with her."...  J^*'We would call the attention of those-  :'. having goods or other commodities to move  between the different towns on the creek to  Mr. H; 0. Wilmott.. who has a Horse and Dray  'ready at the shortest notice to execute any  orders he may be favored with, at very reasonable rates; .   :* ���������  krs' Saloov,  nas openea uie same  name, and would respectfully invite his friends and the  public generally to give hi m a call. .  &g- The best brands of LIQUORS arid SEGARS will  always be kept at this establishment..      Y '.  JOHN HEDLtf.  Richfield, August, 1866. 29-3m  B UIE  BROS.,  WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IN  LIQUORS,   GROCERIES,  ���������tmwi'ji.ii"  Colonial Hotel, Soda Creek  McLEESE &;SENNY, Proprietors,    .  THE PUBLIC ARE  Il^VITED TO CALL  AT  THIS  House.   There is Good Meals; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay. 1-s  JAY & CO., Fort Street, Victoria,-V.-1. $><>__,  -Garden and Field Seeds guaranteed. Have on band  a carefully selected stock of the above from tbe best  European and American Markets. The early orders of  their iriendu tn British Columbia are ssUc.U.q_L;_P&^  ncTl^r^ttention is ca lltftl "tb"th*efTTar^e s'tock ojf'Gram '''  Clover and Onion Seeds of very superior quality  Fruit Trees and Bushes, Evergreens, Shrubs," Green.  houseand Garden Plants, Standard and Dwarf Rose*  of every; variety.   Catalogues on application.      i-s  THE  ���������AKD���������  IS OPEN FOR.THE ACCOMMODATION OF  Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious and  airy and .tho Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley, constantly on hand.  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  BARKERVILLE.  A full assortment of Groceries and H.  Liquors always .on hand.  B. Co.'s  16  El Dorado  - BARKERVILLE.  THE PROPRIETORS TAKE PLEASURE in anaounc-  -ing to their friends and the public generally that  they have refitted this spacious Saloon, and will open  the same on TOESDAY EVENING NEXT, when they  will be happy to entertain allwho may give thorn a call.  ". ROSS & BURDICK,  Proprietors*  Barkerville, July 2nd, 1866;     ��������� 17  /t.  g    Establishment!  BARKER7IL^E,  (Next Bank of British North America.)  UP  JAKE  RESTAURANT, BAKERY,  LEWIS begs leave to inform the LacJieB and  Gentlemen of Williams Creek and vicinity that  he has fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable espense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a share of their patronage."  435P He will also attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth. 19  141  MILE HOUSE,  DENKIS MURPHY, Proprietor. This House  is furnished with every convenience for the conv  fort of Travellers; the Culinary department is under  tho superintendence of an experienced cook; the Beds  are clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains the best  of Liquors, Segars, &c.    Stabling, Hay, Barley k Oats.  BLOOD WILL TELH  BLUE    TENT   RANCH.  WM. HENDERSON begs to inform.his friends  and the travelling public generally tbat ho has  taken the above Ranch and is prepared to supply them  with First Class Accommodation. Good Stabling, for  horses; Hay and Grain. 1-s  111 MILE HOUSE.  WM. MANSON, D. A. McLEAN,    j  Proprietor, Agent.  THIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTED UP  for the comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the best of everything that can, be procurd, and  the cooking is not inferior to any on the road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats.     1-s  ,  RBRODRXCK, Coal and Produce DbaIer; : a  ��������� large stock'of Hay, Oats, Wheat and Barley of tba  best description always on hand;,also, Nanaimo, English; Blacksmith and Cannel Coal. . Orders sent-to  Union Wharf, Victoria, V. I., will, receive immediate  attention:       r    .   y ':     '.".' .'    '���������':.��������� ���������'> "'. < La  GENTILES, Photographic Gallery, Govern.  ( men! St, Victoria; V.L, opposite Hotel de France.  Views ot Cariboo and Scenery throughout British Col-  umbia, including views of the route :to Big Bend, alwayu  on hand at liberal rates.  ��������� y :   r .    .  1*9  P. WHEAR, Tailor* Outimtter, Fort Street,  Victoria, ������V. I., opposite Bee Hive Hotel, whereb%  is prepared to supply his numerous patrons with every  requisite for Clothing suitable for every season ;of tba  year. '���������.-..-. ��������� ' ��������� .���������,-.- 1-s;  THOMAS WILSON. &.CO., Importersof Eng.  lish Merchandise, wholesale and retail dealora la  Dry Goods, &c, Yates Street, Victoria, V. I. On and  after l������t-.Tune next in Government Street, opposite th������  Bank of British Columbia, ��������� . ' i-s  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V.L; Jobs  Bionr akp Tieeke Masciet, Proprietors. The Restaurant is supplied with all the delicacies the market  affords. In the Bar will be found the choicest Liquor*.  Furnished Rooms, &c^ ��������� ���������������������������'-: :. "* . , ": l-s>: -  EUGENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria.  ; Wholesale and Retail Dealer In WINES, BRANDIES  BEERS;: and LIQUORS and depot of Havana Segar*.  Goods forwarded to the Mining Districts. 1-b  asd  :*������������������  Barkerville, B. C,  KELLY & PATERSON,: Proprietors.  Every thing-is done in connection with this establish  ment to give satisfaction to the customers.   .  j3������-Meals at all hours.     . ".1  f  BARKERVILLE k GROUSE CREEK.  MESSRS. HARRIS & CO. beg-to inform tho  Miners, Hotel Keepers and the inhabitants in general of Williams k Grouse Creeks, that they have opened.First Class Butcher Shops in BARKERVILLE and  on GROUSE CREEK, and trust to merit a liberal share  of the.public .patronage, and that their old friends will  kindly give them a oaU l8-4m  83 MILE HOUSE.  ALBERT CRYSLER has opened the above House for  the reception of Travellers; the Table is well kept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed ; tbe Beds are  clean and comfortable. Stabling for Horses, Hay and  Oats. 1-s  AFRANKEL, Victoria, V. I., Dealer in Fubs,  ��������� Skjns, Hides, Wool, &c. Liberal advances mad*  on Furs consigned. Reference���������G. Sutro^s Go.; Spor-  borg & Rueir, Victoria, V. 1. 1-8.  MRS. HEIN, Milliner & Dress Maker'Government Street, Victoria,. V, I.   All kinds of Millinery  of the latest style kept constantly on hand.  from the country punctually attended to.  Order*  1-8  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  GRQUSE  TATTHT  51  CREEK  *"jpHE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public that  I  the above establishment was opened on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22nd July, and that he will be happy to receive a call from his friends.  j^ BOARD $16 PER WEEK,-������a  Bread, Pies and Cakes always on band forsalo.  %��������� y *%.'; "...  ^ KELI^T, Proprietor.  FLOTJH!_FLOUK!!  ULLOOET    MILLS.  '"NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that,ali persons having  XY demauds against the Assignee, of the PRAGER  ��������� ESTATE are requested to.send the same in to ^. V.'LEE,  ��������� Richfield, on or before tho 1st of October ensuing,'  otherwise they will be disallowed. v'  J. RUEFF,  .'������������������y        .'Assignee..  RicMeld, Sept. 1st, 18Q6. \    ,, 35-td  F OR   SAL;E.  ONE FULL INTEREST & ONE-PtFTH in the l* Found  at Last"  claim, Davis Creek (Lightning Creek).  'For terms, apply at tho Sestinel office, or to  .TALIESIN EVANS,  THE UNDERSIGNED arenowmaunfacturing FLOUR  of .all grades:  Extra, Superfine and Fine.     Feed  Crushed to order.  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,  I-s F. W. Foster, Agent.  EDWIN   TYNON, *  DEALER IN DRV GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  Caps, Boots and Shoes, Carpetings, Oil Cloths,  Wall Paper, &c , Lillooet, B. C. 1-s  JAMES HURON, Proprietor. This commodious Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience  for tho comfort of the public; the Beds are all that a  weary traveller could desire; the Table issupplied with  the best of fare; the Bar contains the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,  Barley, &c. " l.s  FOUNTAIN   HOUSE,  LORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. This house  {affords every accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with ali the delicacies  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for salo cheap. 1-s  E  WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  ��������� and Engraver. Yates street, above Government street, Victoria, V,11. 1-s  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZ, Proprietor, has always on  fj hand a large and superior stock of Lager Beer; at  the Bar will be found the best Brandies, Wines and  Segars; the public are invited'to call. Prepared to fill  all orders promptly. .1-s  The Bonaparte House,  SEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors,. at the  Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bond Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; from SavanasSteamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from, Spence's Bridge. 30 miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stage-leaves hero twice a week for  Big Bend and yale, and onco a week for Cariboo.     Ir8  / ILSON '& MURRAY, Grocers, Provision,  ;  Wine k Spirit Merchants, Bakers & Confectionery  Fort Street, Viotoriaj.V. I.        .��������� ...- ,.}'*_  OPORBORO- & RUEFF, Commission Mer-  O CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers in Groceries, JWj.  sross, Books k Shoks, Wharf street, Victoria, V. I.  l-������  GRELLEY'& FITERRE, Importers & Whol������  *%U Defers in Wines, Spirits and Liquors,  Victoria, V. I.        .  ���������       j'8  QPROAT & CO., (late Anderson & Co.) ]^^  ij aud CostMJSSioN Mkhcbants, Store Street, Victoria,  GSUTRO & CO.,   IMPORTERS AX?  DSAtBM ^  ���������   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, &o., ������ Jt������  corner of Yates and Wharf stroet, Victoria..  ,T   B, HAGGIN, Physiol & |^G^??^T  cl ������ ner of vates and Government Sts., Victoria, v-yi  33-lm  Davis Creek.  NOTICE^  A LJ PERSONS INDEBTED to the WAKE-UP-JAKE  ���������SX Bakery, Barkerville, are requested to call and set-  QPELIiIAN and McKENZIE, Proprietors.  O This House is well fitted up with -Good Beds and  the Bar is furnished, with the best Liquors; Heals are  served at all hours on. tho 'Restaurant principle: Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.        . 1-s  Pioneer Hotel���������Lillooet,  CHARLES NELSON, Proprietor.    This old  established House is well fitted up for tho comfort  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  T THIS-WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.  Travellers wil! find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter,'Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-e  PIERCE & SEYMOUR,^ealers in BEDdi^������  JT'.; Furfxtore, Broad Street, Viotoria, v. l. .���������..���������,**_  riAIRE & G-RANCINI,Hardware&^^t  \J MEBOHANta, Wharf Street, Victoria, V.L       g^  HENDERSON and BURNABY, Mercha^s,  Wharf street, Victoria, V. I. y^^^.  T EWIS LE^SvClothier,Yates M������^  iTTlALLANDINE,COLLECTON & GENERAL AGENT  ii������ Government Street, Victoria, *i'**->������������������"  ���������*  M.   J.   BLACKMAN,  ^RTDOUGI^S^DYERTISE^  BARKERVILLE.  ���������Barfcervil!*,  KELLY  2Tth Aug. 1668.    ���������  for Families;  Stabling for Hems,  | Th������ _f_fprees st#p������ h������re  Fsed, kc.  1-s  AUCTIONEER, MINING & COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE.] If  7S;   nv<���������*-->��������� % d  VV  others destined for the Vrrt������>J������J*Ln aflbrded  find every convenience and^X^  tbem.   Good Beds and a Table well suppne       ^  the delicacies of the season.  m** r,-*^^���������- . .^a.  ��������� This House is  fi L. SMITH & CO.,^^ Pr������P"e^8-dation of Traveler- well fitted up for ^^"^bSs,-- Stabling  lers to the Bridge River Mines., Good *    ;    ��������� ^ik  week  for Horses  Bridge Kiver������mc. 4 V~Y~ n������ twico a ween.  between this hbuse and Port 2Xi������ wSh **W  the steamers from be*owfend conn������������w 1<f


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