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The Cariboo Sentinel 1865-09-16

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 Hi  a���������  jr\ioj  .���������#  i.  e*15^an#^  ���������K.'':'������������������'���������-i~%     '*���������   K's-T-l".     "'��������� i?- ' v.   M  ':-'"���������!   ������' '���������.*. . - ���������'-���������7?" -| - -: ^^-f'-3.=' - -^:- -'.���������* =���������* =Jr*>-* ���������"= -' ���������'..- ���������*' 'I '������������������','��������� "��������� ^���������?''r-'.'������    ������������������*.   i'- -v ���������;*~y:iX!:: \\"L i;f,i *'?'-! ;v' '��������� -:   ' '���������   r.  ���������  THE CMIBOQ SENTINEIi  UARKEHVILLE, SA?TUai^Y,^EPT; %%  intp?pne|6r^tfcer o������^hese^rivers.-*. Now]admitting- this-T&t, tht^qi^stion; ariaea whence  packtog largely to the:latter, |'"TlieV-^^^    ftanrinAl "  illy accepted! to M another   ' A W^H^i*-?^^ ^R^S^-H  GOLD  SXONErVS COURTS  V jJBafbra W %. Goi;  ���������a*)  .   ., : ; ^fonday,, 11th Sept. 1865.  Challenge .co'yj ,<&nklinV:Gulcfc-^J. iftm-  dorf vsVS: Norbury.���������this^was'an actioh for  $26* amount oT assessiheiits due^diefendant.  On hearing .the eyidence^ the; Com^  dismissed? the ca,se>  ���������-? j >.,;,     , ���������  - ;.  Bed Roclt Flume cb'y;1-Antler Creek.f���������j������  Pemberton vs^j Jennings. foreman^Actiok  for $100, baiarijcc^of wages^due plaintiff to  31������t Jisly Jas|:, fne.d������|ence^as tbat payment  was to be made^at the eridof the.fifcason when  the Pliime'would; be washed up, Plain'tifTs,  evidence, as well, as "that of mother witnesses^  went;to i.prove,".that no .such agreement! was  niadctiwith hiin,7al$pugh iherp were -other  ������nctrworking o rp bed rockpay; "Judgment  tfor j^Iakitiflt'V: iME^ox aajfd he did not Ixie to-  nee laborers .lieing .^ come inj$!  Goart to^^fo%^hsi^^'������eg.- '<������������;4%er&4ve*&<  comes all this gold?,, There, is;: no effect Mtn^  out ii cause? aM it .either provesi tlkt this iminr  leraLis-sc^texed/over^h^  from the millerfs saok, or that the waterj ^ati  iogithrpugfcegoft; $earingy8trata- or {iecigesr  washe^it dow^tin^ The'latter  suppMtidn^ecms* the -most likely from:ffie  quartz and slater-veins over which the wafer  flows.> My opinion Ktkaj;. frost and ptheV atmospheric agencies^^ disiiitegrate-these parti-  clea, which* melting/ snow j)r spring wjatef  washes down,ror in/other, woro^ that nature  has for centuries past b een quartz %imng atidl  ground Blnicing;depositingand collectingtW  pay; dirt on th* -bars of--ihe Eraser,, so rich, iii  !58 dn& -69, :ci>nveftihg; the "rivet into on'e vast  merchants were  and#;is;generallyj accepted  ^teaf&boak������ip::-^  ��������� Samuel Blajtcly;' from Cariboo; has been  roun^liere -with a subscription list j whether,  -���������'th'ejfa&t of attaching'! their names and being  su6d fjofr :mbr;e^vas,l)y the aforesaid traii������com:  ^aittej^^rthe caution of the 5*Sentinelff against  impostors scared: * our:: people 1 cannot say,  suffice;Bis<janvassiwas,nnremuiieratiyffi; ;'-:-.;  i^tEX A^RIA^ESOT^^ ROAli.  KS,  To' li^'EDrTOR OP THE *'CARIBOO Sl5N^,INHt,.?, ������  ' v'S-fii|(4 neea^ot'tell you: ''Vbti% ^the Wenitfief  :bero 1&$r all ��������� f^pfects;equalto'^natyouj iez-  j^ie^fcein^ ^u^Ojwrf locality, that is ebnstant  ��������� .  ._       ...     rf....   'mn:iii^]d^and dayt which causegriversi to, ne  8luice-bpxi/ IiVthi^bevthe; case wny may tuft motieVtii^  -Subacription, $1 .per ,week, ;  (Incl^dtoir ociflt .of delivery,) Payable ;to? ������w :0*hVr-,  EAKffiWI-ra  H&-  led will keep bonstontly cm hand  a full aseortmont of  ; "...(;. r>  men do. nature's ^brk; and'iuake a handSjOnte' jtie'y������^^^^  thing-Out Of it?:   Apart however from what; xif 4hO;6Quntry isim:avperfect:8tate-i  maybefound on the.^ bed. ^ock.,lcxin quartz   s       ^" e    <v * -"   ' ^  *^ |*fc$������* w������ ������;. *J������ w outt * niiu fxti tvauu, I that  never nWe^enJnC^urtm  mid lie (Mr,i������)' thought that all should 4v.oi4;  It Impossible. ;~;^Z.A^-:y.>A ^AA~- . ^ I ''"���������"���������  ' ���������; A:^ '.Harris;';Vsr.^:fehh^ a'  similar suit to\the' former; - the^ amount being  .^::masQL . i"Ti&^a^^ffi;s^)t im.,  a- David Povvers Va; ^utt^Actidiiilbri #fej  balance,of wages. ;The eommissibnerj dis-  misaedlhe case^_ __ = _^, ^._ ^__ ;--.; y  f:;';';iii#TE^FR0^^CLii^     .!" ��������� ���������  Near Clinto^a. C, Sept8thjl8|55. ���������  v  The jeported dijscove  river by the :Goveram&t pf ospecting party  leads me ^>? aJubjeet ��������� jbfiit has been v^ry often  jdiacusBeddowtf  public have; hitheftb^paid lobV little at^4tibjr<  rix: whet-aer this would prove;a rich^inirig^  ������������ctiont I need scaree'lyitell what unmeKsur-  ������d good it would do to^ the ^whole connitir^if  fiuch werei thte^ caset ^^dee|t;bBieJJ������s^iy; to  mention the subject an<f ~its: impbrtohes will  at once impress the mind,4 will- therefore ei������  ter upon it^withqqt further apology^    ,.  This-\iti of ljM cou&^^w^b.^n|ayj describe-as iii the Gascad^7ange^ been  hitherto prospc^ted, K&!fefi V$ky^Icc^ujijecj;  for thus: la 5the.?eariy days mining was cqiifi^i*'  ^������d-to^he bars?of ihe^Fraser and Thompson\.  and costly^ diggings :of������the upper coup^ryj  the big nuggets flashed in theirreyes-, and#e  excitement consequent ofrtUelargfe yieid^of  indiv idiial claims drew 'them like magnets^ a'nd  every one pushing for the *^lephant" itever  thought of looking forany lessej; yield, j See*  ing, however,' how many'have'been ������acrifiocd  in; this heedless racg,^-it ^Behoves: lis to j lbok  , ficalei at any irate more. diffusdd?iin a milder  "V",  s  'cKma^'.aftd^nft::.lo^ it is  ;p6~raI^Te-wo); may yet: find ,])eiw^ii J^������mlbop8/.  ;;'liiytton land��������� .fcillpbeii,i in<de.edrifterje are strong  grounds for this belief. ��������� . -'v ' / ��������� ������ '���������"  In^the fimt place silvertiaXbben discovered  in'severai spots^.jitdim^renf times, nq^ in veini  at, Harrison lake, then in large specimens of  native silver on the Douglas portage, but nev.  er in paying quantities. uniillt was found;in.  th? rich mine at Cherry cree������ Again, miners  fresK from Washoe will tell you how^grjeatly  Cash creek resembles it in its geologicail for-  motion abbuf Boston^. Ranch. IncfUcations o^f  copper,, tin amKsilver^ are everywhere apparent on the Buonaparte and Thompson rivers,  and theicountry: in- every direction-bears that  wild and desolate look sbsure a;sign ofi min*  era! wealth." .ButWins turn te \i  It isjahotablefact that with one or two exceptions ail;the <. rich bars of the Eraser and  Thompson were, in.or belpw the. 7Gascade  range; Fine gold WibMn fpjiid in the.creeksT  in "GFen Hari, Buonaparte valley;and Pavjliton  mountain, Wherever the miner has takep the  trouble'to pan butany dirt. Every miner will  tell you that-jgold can be found anywhero  ' around' here, and 'yet to fey knowledge [not-ia:  single shaft has'he^n sjink upon likely spots.  . Whajbllbat gold, may .have come irom, above  seems to ha^esetfeibd^about thomouti of the  '^ie^^l,Or;ihbr0W^      and iri quality difl*ors  gro&ii^.^/l'rpW./.ffa^^ a^  ���������Fraserdriver gold.' Itls tterefore fair to sup-  -pe������se that* all the -precious metal which first  eioctrified^the old pioneers was contributed  ' bf ;'t^e j|pe.OTs which in >ovcrjr diceotioi} Bow  and slatg kVeinsj] there; ;&t a rock ofi whicK wi^bK  mbiinliiin^brgi^ or gulctes/arertormed cklil  ed|Lbeiie^e^cpnglomefal:^ whicb^in Australia  hasTpaicL'well for 'working like quarte, |one  kompany, - Jl-am e redib ly- - Informed,  ni ado  "sani and jgravefSrliicli have been*pressed to^  getherliyotbe^iibri ot wafer; it is as piiable  as^lalQ-burhV-quarbs and could beeasUy w|prk-  ed, ��������� ��������� and:: sh ouid" it* contain ;:* gold- in^ pay ing  ^uan^ities^ts s^j^^wbuWierunHm  \, ^Tliese^c.si^cient"^ gthin^.'i^mf  iub&eii&rie'^  devote a ,f^w jW^eeks int spjun^andjautumn|tot  prospect' ihrpugh th^rangS;J Thej wpTuld^be;  in 'the^midst ybY ^.s^t1^7distncrrHyiK^chea^  pro visions, Jand .4 ^gooJliWagofr '.rba'd as a basis  of pjjeratiqns\itUey if^ould not have,tp^ travel;  far wifcnbut meeting witli, a^fonnlibuse" or  packer's^cabin yffoxQ thjey/couid-obtain fresh;  supplies^'- Th^  months andsbmetim&sjibnger,thehardwunter  rarely setting^io;tili after Christmas.   "VYiih so  manyinducementa. Jt js tto,^;li0pedlthat iniri'f  ers will ;no jon^rfiftcy  their mining groutiiliio remain "unnoticed and."  'unknown.^.;4\ 'i,:':    ,'*. '*.- ..-? ���������.   : r    \'"."'C  this section  pf inundation^ 'fTbe cc^*a^\this-l^st ^onth^has ;^  ^rnlftrp than^anypefspn wawaWPf^except  those^b%&ally;feeith^^  [pearanee;br^tfie weather^ sib-day it^lobka Jike  "i'c ~~'   ui^M^Jnope"'sd;:i '^The rbaas; firpm,  *l 'ft-'iV^:: '**������- Z'-'y  _^v.>  :A CrXNTOSITK.  ^^TsM^:^t3^^  _-..rLUlop^  ' ^Nef'er-gutyPuriandeto,$������per^'is������pbsidi  ered safe commercial advice; in'the course^pf;  ordinary lives -however such things have tp^  be done, as in'writing -a" letter or ajitestitig a  subscfipUpWist; :dS ;������e/18(llJeY^*i9'.:bft*te, 4^ite^  ^gossip^ amph^purj ipnig;bead.e,d sbivans, jwiffi;  longer ears.������ i!$he sfor^may^be ipld^s^alcau^  the miners gradually, ascending tbe Xprraer^Itfon to ^British Columbians to-^  stream fey.ontu^lly struck fla& Tififi 9>^ 'p������f$ -b\it of IqveP ^nE-J^w^ br \lc^^ fbjr ;thejla^Vi?  cpns^ered as doiri^^  ^Stattdriai^tp��������� here as tw^l^d ���������b������^bnsider-  able^Sev&fffiterasSaW'w^g^  day, and-several are-on4heir-.way up. Teanis-,  ^eresplakpfthis rpad thatirfte^a^had-neye^  'bSen disturbed iitwould |'be'the best' road in  the country,1rp^mtbe,^ if. the natural sod  had ndyerbee^ "reitfovedthey; epuld-get along^  \vi^mpre despatch and eaaier on the animals;,  lk$j$$es travel therbad wlien'theyican get  bffijtt||witli jtbe^exception pf that part lying  ^Between. Elmore-s; and^e^ndiia, Iha^beirig  har^a^^v^������ahd^m - ^bbd condition; v^na  fron^ ttt^imtiwepft ihe^oUI^donisee wh f .thb  Sara^ppyKffbt'rtiio ;J canbot possijil j|  say^hose1 iaultffiia isj whet^  ^or; tlie- sar^ffifendent;. but; they bave'sppiled,  acnati^lv,rbad; at .'considerable iexpense; and  subis^^f^Jin^jfts Iplac^  Beiffiiptoresied m  piuthe|vay up myaelf,^asked MrrSmith;:\he  c^n^^r^wjiat his a^a^as^for disturbing  >iid? t^ni^^ip^tbe road ^vvhere* ft was not'rer  ^r^^wMch^as ^actually "injuiioiis add -Pf  novb^ilit^bateyer % h^V^i^fficj he^lppk^l  ej/attijae with;&iOpye sfult for;a;jipe;^hne;  ���������2issar ^^-^ ^^ejred; :ine,.:';?llylitfstfuctibns,  Some timen#'t;fair it wa$. dbeiued es3entiiaFtb  have a .shorter^way for \ pact; trains goblg^ to  thb mines'than the-tolL:^  beld^ thb Gb^ernmeti&r^^ to-  assist (wbicb granted- $500)' and^a gpmu^tt^p=  appointed4o praise subscriptioniand^tbj conductthe" work.    Little-else was done ai,the  consisting of  CARPEWERfS ft 'BLACKSMITH TQQL31  HAND,CROSS*Ut&^HIPSAWS^;        (  SAW FILES/j all sixes, (Spbar & JACtftO^Vt  tCAST STEFXfSH0VfiI^;H0E9^3LUIOT  :'v forks'; "!;:; r r::f��������� ������w������*������**&������?,.......  'Wl&'Sn������^%H^ ���������; ���������: ���������;��������� :  AXEf PICK> & DRIFTlSaipICK HANDLBft,  y-wv&tiesk'quality'}"^1' vmnnSn��������� *��������� \k&l4'��������� ���������- ���������.������������������ '   "  fi^M^S^*^  ,;-, ,���������..���������. Sixes,},, r,, :X,^y > ���������*,.���������'.   '..v,-Vr'-".' '-,*���������' ��������� "=  BLASTING -iPOWfaWFAtiffiitiatoln. "j  sr������633 ^SEf f^-^^;^ ci:.^������fe'!*>'-'"''  SAILS���������Oct &iWaotc^Kd^'^'OMH^ tf .  IrokACori?KR; all sjjses  RHHETSr  VI ,**V*I  SQUARE & OCTAGON: CAST- STB������^  .MANILLA llOPKi all 'sixes ft* ra fc!������*?���������  DUCK * RUBBER iBELTINO^ a 4 ii  CAST mOS: CAR WHEELSyMi'^-\  GOLfitSOALES, %l and 6id2a.^. &^  BLAKKv*. POCKET/rAND/M*6}MORAKI>mC  ���������/ ^r?:r''BOOKS^aUtsi^'5^-^iu'v-;^^^^  LEGAL CAP/. NOTE,- LETTER AiFOOLS^  ultu^CAPitPAPBRV ^'im-kt {,V,^y'^; . ���������  'SWVBLOP^INK^PBNa^'BLOT^tf^A^  WEEKLY TIME BOOKS:;V :tf*'*x,&>T  YlQhm STRINGS^ SOWBOOKS; AoJ  Barkorvms, Williams Oi"wkv  :R;E-ADj'N;0/^.Oid'  timeili^n 'blazing:'to;^ll^%^*4eeg*^w.  fell^withbut pormis^ion^pf &# oQqtractpri ;In  the sprigg. the\ committee made a fresh ibar-  gai"^ or airangement to do -the work-theni-  selvesj hireing hands* and provisioning them;  without calculating how'far the .dimes would  go in "disbursements. The job being completed, the men "employed returned asking jtheir  wa^esVas far as the ;cash "held out they werp  paid, leaving' quite a little dab due each. Now  get judgmentt.and this roaring committee, the.  savanB'with headssan& ears above referred to,  have in turn sued tlioiie who attached their  names to the-subscription., list .to the tune of  forty-twb'per cent.-(the sum required) oneaeh  man^^ubscription. The.y also have the as-  aurancci or, properly :8peaking,/*Fraser river  'cheek," to fhink 'theylrget i^nbui verronsj  ���������fa'two'Weeks' time./     ; ,;;r';.:..''*. ,  .  Our resident' magistrate, in company]with  -two-othergentlemenrhas goneio Uia&ccne of  operations oft our prdspectipg party; heiB  expected'to return about the 1.2th mst., when  I shall-d^myseii the honor to report progress. It is a certain fact that in this section  Wo are'straining every energy to; develope  Pur resources, to benefit what we iiope may  be'the united colonies; of this we .are, confident in our ability to paddle our own canoe  the miserable fizzles in Vancouver so-palled  gold .Holds adding additional stimulous; we  .Seed-never look there far a color, <i What good  thing cometh out of Nazareth."  From a few old residents returned from  ICootenay we are informed that it may be. considered ^moderate kind of a "bilk," and from  Columbia river and the Big Bend thus far they  have not turned out to expectations,    xaio  on^^dad, that'���������'^^ reqxiired bounding.upfstfbh  as sidi-cuttings, and then only such of Jthem  ^^tiere'thb's6il,'i8'ofPlayanddispose^ .tb,  bes^invwM;:wbatl^r,Lthp vreBt of the road  Lwe-w^at flat~and- teveilin^order-thatiteams,  ^aj/rSyaveL.tPrsome ? adyantaga,, .pye'ritbfem;  Nbw|islr/just; cop8ider 'a s rbadHwelveifeet  }vide^ ^ith a gutter pn each side tand rounded,  up iai^^  I flatter^rpiysejf 1 am: something b��������� a tea,mstbr,:  but:iSannbt; see how I' could drive a sit  iuulp -team over^ rpa4^jthoutpaving either  ������he"males' or the-waggpnl'in-bne of ihoselgut-.  ter^7wbibh-are ,a;ltogetfi#*unneeessary andpf.  ^:a&8unt.;^  exp.e^ifeacb^lis.them^^ha^la^w^^ ��������� .: 17  ;:   :^: Jambs Gordon Wiixuas, .  ^Qu^elmbuthrSept.-ilthr18e5.���������.��������� j ;.^,  ������ Tm^irn o* a BRBAKFAsii^Thre|Pfxiends  wererwalkingin the streets of Paris one morn-,  Itig.* ^aidronof T^Fm-for an excellent.breakr  fastr Said tbe^second, <4Fm foroner even  abating-someof;the.excellence." :-Said the  third! ^1 could be content with none vof ihe  ���������excellence at all, provided ii were;only a  breakfast." * "How much money would pro-  lrdUce*������a:on<s?" inquired the first; and it was  agPee,that ten francs would suffice;. ^I have  m ideal"- cried one. - -The thre������4riends th^n  turned into * music ��������� publishers in the neighborhood; and the. young man with the. idea  addreased:the J>rincipal^'Mpniueur, t5I9gl?"  Ueman has composed a capital melody, this  other gentleman has written the words, and I,  as the Only one of the - oarty: with anything  like a voice, propose singiugittoyou." The  publisher demered, but being inwantora  new ithing: to. open a ;cafe chantantV with,  agreed to :hear it "It is pretty simple," he  B^idfrbut I don't mind giving 1^ francs with  if "and the three artists departed delightedly  to breakfast. The name of the librettist of  the said song was Alfred do Musset, the com-.  :i?ctila.ti������'^  AliCAWEBmroxprnisuj^ .;  :s ^jsrms ofsuscRtpriaHb������;v6 tern w\w*& W  ���������% $2 per mouth;; *\>oy������,. 100 volgto������ 'M-. tfeTr. VTorfcs  >iy������.b������������p obly lately *$$& tothe ciwulat%.Library,  .fartiee'aw IWUgited'to^Buiiscrlti^ ^^A^y ^--^  ^Steamer ^En&raM,"  HONfi^lNI$Ti^  .'v.: V'^ .:"*'   ^T.P^TcX^iif,l;;; --.  -";*  :'7:-teav(*Qt^  WEDNESDAYS' & SATURDAYS 'it.\ A.  CLSAN-^LAeE rSAND,1 BLOWINGS! AN������;  ;;;;;:;:::,;^:^ ; ���������  Oa Coamission, or^lit purchase anyquaatltf ;<>*��������� ifea  ,;:';;;;"[ '.':������������������'' ^Most*ptpssub ���������rBiM^i,;atth������; -   ^ ,'.  ;'Roftciii^Bbbini Cajnerbntpn, \  Sutjscrtber' id iibW well knowa oti willianii Cmk, ao4  Trom theicob^deuce reposed In him Ust Fail- fa tb������  tbave buslnaaa, Jia,hopes?. tQ.recaiVe:th������. p*troa*g9 of  thaMialngcommasUty thaeaswiBsseaaoa,    -.r  ' :*������/.. ���������-'��������� y, ;;,;;;/(mN.BOwitoK.  _,     _     ���������     ������������������      ...-i., ..''ii.ii    '       i-*   ��������� i     ^i ;'.'.'"ii'|l   V    1 lirtmin'iiMil.   ������ .Ml  Important',;to Prdspectors  :;^^.-;-^;-^OartZ; ���������'���������.���������...���������;  THS UKDBilSIQNKDlS NOW ?RSPARS������ TO AKA-  XiYSBJ ORES ot* any ^eecripiiOQ brought to htaa  for that paTpoaa . Charges moderate, '  BliACK SAJ^D/ FANNTNafi & iLOWIKOff BOnOHT,  or CLEA>JfiD oa p<wiffiigs$OB, at Use Anrofft Cofnp������oy������������  poser was Hippolyte Monpou, aud the Binger  GilbdrtLouis Duprez.. The song .was called  "L'Aldalouse," was sung-,in ail the cafes and  salons, and brought in to the publisher 40r  000 ftancs.-4The Orchestra/       .      ��������� :  -ci All who dwtra GOOD COFrE^Tanrt Fids Spic^  J&M*7^f* a,klag for FEU, & CO'S wticb  e,a-bsjfaad frt>w all rwpwtaMe  NE OF THE BKST B&Y RAKO Hto IK  tlio Colony, and situated an ^ho W-AjG&OX B0AB.  buQlcUnthayrcan be ���������Ul to . ��������� .  J here is a never Tail log spring of water on th������;premi-  "aoe that'does not'fr*ez3'in the hardest winder, i  Tbcre *s a houso on tljo Raacbt and if it we?> fitted  upitt would. COMMAND A LAKGK;TRADE, b*ios caa  of the beet business utands on tho road...  Tho Banch.will be sold CHEAP fOR CASS, or pf|  cash and part cu-tima. -j . "."-,  BS' For'full |������������rU������������Ia"r������ *V&? to ���������  '   ��������� ��������� $UT$K  KicliJlsld.  ��������� r,  ��������� .-i  II  I  ,.,.;{,,, -v������t;;5;: ���������%  ���������jCTyr.r.|ln^vtii������������i������ii,-iiW.B:A.v^.q^^  ���������^M^tmss HOB
^1   '
:Ageii1�� for tlie VOaribbp Segtofel.?'
. Vaa WjnUlo^'l ��� -'���''��� ~ ����� .'),-������--'���'. ' Bernard's Express
Mooth of Quesne-1. v: ��� ���: '"��� *- O -������ '" -*5 , d<^ ��� "' *
���V^iJtowlsa..-''*: - i- .^^_Barnard?s Express
Clinton City,       -       -      -       - u   .do
Ta^ - - '��>���.-' Mr! Krans, Barnarfs Express Office
UUaoot, "'. F. W. Foster, -;. dp ,, , (k\iv^
New Westminster, -    Vr;?:   -      .���������Clarbson & Co
.Yfcfcem- -    -      -      *      -      : ":' Thomas J.rBurnes
��� -' . ��, .    .-^ ���   ' . TO ADVERTISERS:^'        *-   ���
^t''^:'V:ittl'.'''Ca'r)b'6o Sentinel** is published every:8aWr^fty^
���renin?, &t(5 o'clock..    Advert'isements intended for:
-        ina�� nion must bo delivered at latest at cig ht O^clopk, >..
���v. ���; jri.i on; the day pf publication.'...��.,'V, ��� -. .-;:.:v ...  :fa'" .'J
, ifmara and Mhcrawishragto Bend'llThe Cariboo Son-
fv ffUVn^ito their Wends in Canada,. Enghtad, tbe:Unitod
^ ,.< ��ffe*tOT or"cls��wherei can have H;roaiieit;.by;. leaving
��� '"��������� aadreasesltt tho publication .office.    XTice, rxcLcniJic
;  / :pMU��*,>l.-r'; :?f' tlr :-ij "���l-.:-ll-- \    ..'
��� ->���.  . ���"������������
* :;.; ?��� i^ Q^^oaporidanta^jp^inj articles for publicationnnder:
*b��ir do plum** -must*entrust' us with their names in
, f.':.,,i etn&dcne*.  -To this rulo we must rigidly.(adhere.�� ;"
,--Ti ���> ���
.-/���''.. .'.L
^  *^o&d ^ to leave
^���._ti-ja--i -���--^bis_^Excellency: ;V farrago of
^ TbeSovernment; recognizing 'the atiomaly
of fallowing Mr. Moberly to bold his seat in
tho toouncil any longer, Mve called upon him
to resign either his Legislative position or his
official"appointments ^
cnaice of the honorablegentleman doing the
latter, *o that ere ��iany weeks elapse the*
electors of the Important district of Cariboo j
West%ijl haVQvan opportunity to select a fit;
and proper person to represent:-.tfoein in thp
Councils'������ The people *>$this upper; country;
ought -to know pretty rwclLby;this time jthp
great importance:6f; having a fearlees And independent advocate ia the House.    Had the
Cariboo districts heretdfpretbfeen represented
by thoroughly independent men, whose inior-
ests were:identified with those of the .people
they represented, the infamous measures passed last session and that hafe<well nigh ruined,
the country would never have taken the forn^
6f vlaWl o The time has arrived ^fewhen the
elesitm sanaidt neglect $wdr :^uto$*>(^ ipeiv
form them, in a earolessf or indiscreet manner.
The 5 next Sessioa^of Ihe Legislature will; be
the most importaai that; ha,s eye'r been hold,;
and upon Itho,;electors'jKf^iofeqo.' ^oat(vdll
| defvblve ^tteV&luti^^
moment not Jmly to -their own district ^.ut^jto
the^wh*oie eountr^^^
pie ^hpse privilege! Uwinjshp^
else their rights of freemen be regardlesp4 ot
theirsduty'%- Frpm^what -W0 kpowptttem/w^
cannot think sp,mea]^x>fth^ ?*;'*����
^iimetg strike a blow, at that insignificant 61I-,
Mutant nonsense in tholshape of an address,, gai^TS'^^an^s^'^
J %S ^ft^ciSfef ffefekrnc Cferistii^ bbits^ iftr-Wbine elb out] ^Sfeiiishiiess^ aud. Ihostili ty .to ^^^ry other in ter-,
:&*&fr igitattoh' ih^favor of Uniorr iw^ating^ uiu estpu&ide^^their.o^n to^hi;a|MpugKi t^e
''& ^anSinfli^npe;that$r��
:   ^ ^ an#odu��ei:���'-.'�����. Of-couiae .t2ap;'���;��&&* ofejeet of;
��� :the ^rprnpter^^f i^:^a^rpss^a*:to^ endeavor^
:'.::to -exS^
' - A- ^^f-\ v.":?'- ^*^-:��-v *& - w'V i/.-;V ''v~'i;i-v' 5��-A'^K^-*ii:ii''i>'V'
hisiBxcellencYjOna-queatioalhatthe pontwSal
v tricksters dfi^#p^UtljC��^l.^ttfatihia pxpel^
S' '������^���leiicy; iS/jgjfS;^^
W has : only pfevipM^ly iouched[}toie^^yffieir,*]
rt a^mo^itj^ainstbinlS;^
V f his -pursuers vv.howj^r,: fpr^ apd;
:? poir^edreplyhe^s.r^tipe^ttey^hd all^e^
������"llS^e^^^lfeh't^ so^aiMe ub^;
3^;; ��er(am^
:"|L^Jiw>be^e^^^^ Goverhbf?s?ft tumj
? ^ ^ihahi ever beibrey Seymour has Ja'^
v cinatidn Hhat; New l^stminster^was British
CplunibiA,butOhiKP^es ha^beeh'ppened^
> lafe'felt^J^e^^ capital; of #hfe;
' "'���;. ^pMtrv>iSjOariii^ ��7here all the U��e<&n^yU
^H-fia^ the"irw^
*7  Ttop^erJfpr iHi e^ttsiverbehe^ seF
fisifi;iotI Pwutts in J|u4 vio^alle^ ^apitalris^ pffl
'���?: ^^^^ai^b bdUd^uVth^
L  !; $eQipe.3^3perou^
..',"";��� Ipir J^utidre j Jp^qns5 ^in-J^ew ^^stminster;
^ i?^^reVo0^ i^u
- .^S3^"';^-^^^ol6a^
; ; .^^te&CtlS^^ ot thejeaMtei
> ^ v^p?ifio;;Utmp8fc M^extremity of ���;the- Northern
^"^^S^e^vpic^oF theVpepgie is almost uS-
:;. / y$&$$i^
��� X^>}^lin%wlth>:^ niu toH^'.
^A} %ti&* and adt^tags^^Goyernor" Seymbttf Is
now^$fflT>y^ed.wi^v^ plaiyingl
. .."���;,;., -'V&i|0Sfe06si&:^ltil^
"}\jfigv.ia :'4&^ies��ince of^fer Jttajestyi; ^Thetime
hascdm^wtel;'^e-ri^estic^ toust be set at.
"";'    ���������-���    "**. :.':r ���      "
i Brooks & j Patterscm/
- ���-���' Q o O D   B E D $ ' ~
r-:A-::vk^r ' '- ?��� ���������,.;AT ;THj3.. r , .? "'"��� "''^;"
;"ST;'". '":ii,':'-.''���' "-'���''V-^'e6sJ&-'-: a/. '���'������'
^lo;noiqpi, oqf oiisbddo ^ooais inoraitieAoo
v-  "     'v;xsao*aYT*anx;''.-;^''^ ������-';,"���,���,
*..���- ;", v; '-������: ���,;':: f roprietori.;;
Unxok*." We"tee\ satisfied that governor S^y-
rnpur will hot endeavor to mislead tbe pecre-
;:" ^tary prState1 on "this ;gr^t sulyect, and!iMt
notwithstahdihg ihe pptty hostility of vaffew:
,.;., .-pdlijkral mountebanks in New^e^tmipisterhe
,?' ^^yill en<3teavpr, whilst at home itpj p.*?t)*piifee the
���^   ;'settlementof tej:^uestJoi in^jttia^iieT7 that
.,; i i^ill conduce to tb^h%n��st4ntereafe of British.
^. .'^ ..J^piumbia -TMXQ i? otply one para?
p}'.   (graph in hisrBx^llency's.rejply^iipon which
Nwo v^would join. issue witjh. njin;\anci ihat is
<5vhere ho points t^ the siofiey Wd out i& this
^i^per c0uutry.on rokds ^ts a.counterpoijp'.'.to
'.^���^^^'^iSi^pps^taxes iin^'osedpnminers. J)l&
s-:      it never occur'io his.E^eljency that tkapsih-
?g *?- Wc "Ppv^aii^, raised: cWefly/rpni the" ipihers ad4
6*K/^Kade3T8 of'fte upper.cpMtry��is spentinmak
; ilig roads and avenues in and around New
���^'"^W'wtmiiister, and yet-the people there do not
" r^on tribute one dollar in excep tional taxation
*   t^> the revenue.   Why-then should miners be
. > .^arged and Westmijisterians lpt off?   But we
i     ^i.toge;ther pfotpst agdinst the assuhiption that
u grand trunk road, made tb open up the
.. j r jcouptry, .is ^^uy means, for, the, exolusivp
��*r? - a4^totage.W*tfe*jninin^^^ and. wa
fiyft^r .prejjpsit; against any; exceptionai .tax-
J' alio a ^Late^er being imposed upon miners as
*'     i.thoy^r-e^btitled to justtee^andequityaa well]
as any^^otiier patt*pf.the; commpnyealth.
iSSJ-Thero is ��t pr��sen 1
...-p&.ur &iUch.bn, i-eith*
s-   c"'fck����; with touHsgs,
��� Tbe J!uie E&cster w&e ;
Uvid����tdii?-*��ili6d s^v>ft
Thfe^ctcrtrs <o�� Garilio^West- wM shortly
tnP7 *^^9rfeity���������<of;)fihdwihg Whether
they^'hpld^the ^lieons; ;ife"whibfct"tiaey,-':have1
go t: prpdi t ^A^teetljoa is St^nd^afai through^
the -riieansithe constitufipri^allows every man
cam prove wnether he! is^in la^^^f?*'^*
'���., .C"-~ ~ 1} }vsid'M^x*' ':'^' ���"' ':  "- .
���'".     .REPEAL"OF THE GOl3)JEXPORT TAX!;   ^ *
..:.;' ' '''^rAnffqSTMENT^OF.TA^XATIONi'^'''   *5 :^
'���!: ;', VABOL*rrioN o**? boad tolls! '>t     ,';;
sot Fallowing offkuai^ sbiyf vors iHEiR own
';T'^ ," -:r'/\";' .'.SALARIES.^ I ;"-��� ^.-.:j- .- ;���
f{,"'-t ;��� A;*ew ASDSOTSDTARlFy^%Wil:-r ��� ;'f
'��;/' '^^.v -''
:Westmmster is npt'ruhg put^bpldly,and mantJ
full^at the forthcoming el^
pecjrile;who ha*vO the^pxjw^46.dp itremain
^11 tifcarvJive's in politicalJsertSpm .and ac-.
;knowl#g^:;^Kini^oH^i: to th^
capitaUi-'''  : ': " *" ""��� ':   '"'^ ' :'"'"
MATTHIE3SEN:fc<CO:,i ~ \
f(;.,.;' .     ' -''.'��� 'Proprietory ___..
-victoria; v. i.^
���  '   ���.;r-'^;-���:;:;:; y;.:' ���,;"kA>rTHiEsasar;4:co:T
��15'-: ��� ?���-��� ���-'    "   ^ *:'��� ������-���..    .. -���' - ;^,,'-.':..    '' - Proprletorip.
GROCERTEB,      "       :   *
cv;   PROVISIONS, ���
^ XIQUORS;    ������/:������-"-jv -"
^-���'���'^.'^'bt'r'.r:..     SB���rAR8j   : ',-��� .
K'.V';;V^;-v rjr^.v;* f ^TOBACCO,/
CROCItKRY;        ? v  .: -   i: ��� .- ,/:,,;.   Vii-
���'��� --r     MINING UTENSILS,   ..y
:..-..:v.:-.,;r-;.-. ��� STATIONERY, -'''..;
-^^H^Wvi^v--'^vCLOTHINa' ���:���"" - ������;
t * i)jnr gooijs, Ac, Ac        '
/^^^Qoods bought at my Store, will be do-
Uvered FREE OF CARRIAGE to all portiooi
of William* Creiek.        ' ^ v  -
���:-;;;'-; :V.:;.'���"���";" ?]?-&<?<<:.    S. ELSASSER,
��� v.-�� l Barkerville, B; G.,    " ^' -.-
;��������� :!r[; ;H;:-vAi-K^LY,..-^P8iin'0R.v:-;^;-'''
ETcrything isdone m connection with th'ii :wtanh"ali<
ment to giyo satisfaction to the cuatomerg. -
'���i; t,Q;
THB*C0'PiaTNERSHIP\.busines3 berctpfore> carried
i'on bythe-undorfiigneci na's'ne^a this'day disaolvod
by mutuai-.conseat* ci v ���= ��� ^..,... ,, -, 11* ��� �� 7 -, , * -4- < ��� ���?,   . ' ���
���.--"-.       - , .- '   -.-.�� ;^    ;  -���BOBT.,:R..CIARKET--
i"^.I ;";"��� .'>���,..;  r"r:'    :.;   CHAKLESS.M'Arr..H
���  BM^^^mOj'Sp^t. X4th,l8��5;   '-.*-   J   ..'.^-i    r
I,'*..      ,,���������    , iys*\   . .���l -^   -���   hv*:.'.'^.':v^'
���!>: The above, bnslaass win-^m. p^turabe;Carriedioa;~by;
-&>&tvB.-.-Claikeg- who ia ulonc^uLhbrizcd to collect'tho1
de"bts due to tbevlaie'-jBarin and to wbom the'sariie are to
be paid;;A- The debtsfiof*tap abwe-'nim will bo paid, by
tlie said Root: *tv Clark; \- . ,       '    1��>,.
f;;;V;B*l^ .
Havp o^n liahdia/large stock Pf the following
goods just .arrived, wblcb they will sell at the7';
��� /""'      '    !   Xowest Market Rates, Tia:   *r.-^ ' ���:*>
;GEOCERra,:;'pQcl��ding Belt I ��s/-' Jams,:! ��U knde  of
Saacas, &c.,) >W- ���;��/!���   ������������ iri  1^^,-;-v �����<.';i' . ���
HARDWAEE, iCHWCS��ftT,        .^  <.::.
������* ' ���   - ���iftQrjORS: 1VTNES,   *'���"     "^:'    i--   .
���n"f' -",: '-��'^- ������' ,:X,:-   'sboars^ tobacco; :   yr; - ������'';���������
^���'v'.v- :%r;.'ir.)h iu-h ';������ ��� ���   /STATIOKERt; CLOTHrNG, ;;:
-'��� ^,      t     7 v        BOOTS  AND, SHOES,.
Mrwa.OTEK9its,:inciudingv;^;.:.- -V;; "";:";���; '-*'-" r'1
���^    1 ""'���,' :4,        ��� ..   SBOTBLS; FORKS, :   ,"' v- ^ m'^-'
;���-;' -������*'",' ' "."���^-.v������ * ?^v".-,,DU.CK/>ROPB,- i'%-^
v ' .:       ���..-���-' -���' FIQES; &��;��� jbc.
tVrj53^;*Particuliir atfe^atton is called to oar' fine ;stook
of.LIQUORS, ���WINES.&.SEGARS.... :: ' i ������ "".'
; SarkeryJUQ, ?12th June, 1866.U -4 ���   v i ;        : Kf ���; ;"'
ALL^THE ^���QV1E^'^?-^Si. ;ARE INTO
��� '.-ViBilliards, Excellent --Refreshm'enta 'and ih��
heat of. wder o*D^erred,     'j.; ,.-���;-������ w: .A>. ��t,;..
^y*��^^twi, ,-;-^.��v. ������_.-'v,s^ ���\.jMA*erm,& CO..
'__  ��� ' ' - " '���' "'��� J'"'' '���������'������'��� ������.���^������^���'^���: ��� .' .
:?; . y ���   mNKlMJFTCJY.NOTICE. '
In tho County Court ^pf British ^Gelamblad
:,:-:��� ;���-,..������ c'^a'-^Hoiden��:>at Richfield.- '';���,���--������:��� :'.'���':
THK; StmSO RIDERS begs "to intlniata Ithat >���, hu ft.
��� -coritly-erec'ted and^ttod tip-in tho bept style hii
,'!-?:^ "'?��� ".?WW.'BES^A-lJrBANT* , "
fto services of .a' good coot hare been, engird, idA
tbe <bdardPvrill be ofHhe'^best- desdriptioii. < IX'jrsa* to"
board;very-moder-at���C;H^"'^^v^^.TI's? .;���,'.; \
ir.it-,,'? v$3* Meals Ready %t a3l iiours.���5?ai !
;; In the^BAKEHr Depa-rtmeht PBESH BREAD, mads
from >he Tery iincst flour,,. wiU be. kept for sale^ at tlit
lowest 'ciiarket rates.
''���"JACOB ;VELTK.'
^/.���"*":    -'..;-"in��Ai^RiiirrcT. .���^;-'.���.;;���::?^
?;i v v���: ���' ������. Ja: re Francis ��ostb:��,��� a BankTopi. .;���-..,    ���:'-;",.,,
WHEREAS,a Petition of Afijudication of Banlcruptcyi
_ bearing date the 16th day of August- 1865, has
"beea'duly: n led! by" Francis Dust in,. of. Williams croek^
Licensed Victualler'and,-5litier,;,.aafl hehayingbeen
declared Bankrupt, is hereby, required iio surrender 1
.higiself ;to ' William George Cox. Esq.;��� Judge of Hne
^buh^Cpurt^on Friday, the 25th day of August, 1865;
Tor a 'first examination, and: on.iionday, the ,25th tday.
of September, t;1865,: for a secondexamination j at. the
hour of one, in the..'fflCterooon,' precisely^ ���'. on cacb day,
at the Court Housti, TOeuaeid, and maka a full' discovery and disclosure of his estate, sad?effects;. when and
:where the creditors are; to comejpr^parodto prove their
debts,.a!nd at tbe'firs,t sitting: to choose /Creditors' /As-
rfgaee -and . oxamine the;" Bankrupt. \ AU jpeirsoas,: laden ted.' to the Bankrupt,-or who have any of bis effects^ are not to yajy or deliver ihe same but to M. G.J
Fhiiiips; Esq., Gffl^iai Assignee, and giro notice to'Fraa- ^
,cis Dustio, px
'-���-\ _;.'.:i: ���;: '. ���.���'"'"'.���'���""���������'f.-v.um,   :
���:r-   Ajrent for *Pett'tfdaw, Richfield. '
k Dated August 16th, 1866. ���. 12   ���
fpHE UNDERSIGNED respectfully intimate that they
J. are now prepared to supply in quantities the above
h jghiiy recommend ed PALE A LE & PORTER, in cask
and bottle, of their dw.nb.rewing. .
���4ST.4 trial solicited;.. . ...
:*";-;. vi-      KERR.& DUHIQ. "
: Q'uesnfl*i��c��thvl*ith Sept.-1865..! *    16
Auctioneer, Mining Agent, and. Collector,
, ^f All Agency Business attonded to.       ^
the County Court of British Columbia,
held at Richfield.
In r�� Judah Boas, a Bankrupt
WHEREAS, a Petition for adjudication of Banknipt-'
cf, bearing date the 15th day of September, 1865,
has been duly, filed by Judau Boas, of Bajkertillo, Williams Creek, in British Columbia, mereh��nt and storekeeper, and he having been declared a Bankrupt, is
s ion s,    Liqu or s,
And every other description of Goods reqnir:
ed hy the Mining-community,.
- :m" Moderate Terms.
In the .County Gour^ef. British .Columbia
''��� -?:-��..--;,'���->rLyf��� :'* iN^BANKItUPTCT..���" *
; - ,   .; .ti ie it wh ard .G ameros, . a Bankrupt. \
WHE*&BAS, a^peiitioa for adjadication of Bankropt-
cy, bearing date the-17th' day of August; A. P.,.
1865, has %am duly^filed by Eicliard Cameron, of Vi)-
Mams .crock, ia'the colony of British Columbia, H��l��l
aad Eati&g House Keeper and Miner, and; be* having
been declared a.;..BaQ~fcrapt, is hereby required to surrender bimsolf to ^the 'Judge of the County Court, at
the Coert House, Biobnold, on the 31st day of* August
instant., and on the 25th day of September next, at
onep^clockin the afternoon of each day, and make��
full discovery and d isclosure pf his estate and efli'cu,
Wheh and where tho*creditors arb to.oomo prepared w
prove their debts, and at-tbe first* sitting'to choose assignees, and' at .the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required-to finish his examination; All persons indebted
to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effecu,
are not to pay or deliver tho same but to Bf.G.Fullu'p'i
the Offlcial Assignee.
Richfield, 21st August, 18S5. "
General  Provision  Store
and for a second examination on Monday,, the S3rd day
of October, at the same hour, ��tt the Court House, Rich-
field,-and make a .full disclosar'a of his estate and of.
fecis, whoa and where tho creditors ar�� to come pre-
pared'to prove thoir debts, and at such first sitting to
choose AssigneeswaA examine the -Banfcia.pt.. Ail persona in-lebted 10.the Bankrupt or who hive any of bis
situate on'the'East Bank,  opposite the Waebburno
claim, LOwhco.
?';'-������   . ���; EDWARD SHEARER, Proprietor.
Lowhoo, July-4th, 1865...     .  ��� . f
LIQUORS,"of the. b&'t quality only, kopt ojq .lia>d.
' '*��Srv?4fa'Hcnsa ia SUfiiiei 'til th* <?b*ltt*mrtra dalito",-
rtatlrff tim. bailie. ���ti^����U,t,rf��,
LL PARTIES indebted to to firm of PIN & CO.,
of Rich0eld, by Notes or Book Accounts, are requested to come forward and settle -their accounts before the 15th September nex.t, all notes or accounts net
settled then will be put in Court for collection.
By;order of the Trade Assignee,
t ?���:.   ,...,,   ' ,  H. SKIRLEv BLU>T.
Williams Creek, B;*C, 20tb Aug. .I860. . I4
To the Gentlemen of Victoria, British Coium-
hia, and Puget Sound.
Bank of British Columbia) begs to announce tw
ho hasjusl received Ex Philomela irom Loodou��ufl
nor last steamer from San Francisco, French BojBK .^
Boarrors, WlLneys. asd-alnrge assortment of Engl;
and Swtcb Tweeds. West of England BroadolotbSj.(��u
PhAd^Vltc. V 'Tbe lateetrEngiisb and American tm;
invati��u*l*rty receive^,'/:   .     ;.'"**- *���������  TliE CAMBOp SjENTOEL  JiAIlKERVILLE, SATURDAY, SEPT. 16; H>5  New Roads.���������The weather for the past two  weeks has been so: incleinent: that cprapara*  tiVely little progress7 could" be made With the  new roads in this; country; -.The Williams  creek road 10 being pushed forward with as  S3!'2S'ffl������S2SC?5������^^  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  had. touch t6'contend ,witu in vthe; severe  weather,which has Impeded ^his operations  greatly and rendered what .is made of his  road almost; impassable:;; The Alexandria- co^ar^  QuesneJlToad-is also in a bad state from the probably be finished in a ;few days;--.The  Prince of Wales co^y have their pump in o*v  ':-A'-<   'Ul'jl vJ^WtliLTAMSfCREBK.'   *���������   }\f?\ ���������  The effects of the late violent foods oii ffijs  creek-ate scarcely visible no w. ,;Thc most active exertions have been used by. the owners  Of Claims to repair the damage,,^and their efforts generally: haye been croWried:witlii success. ;���������:' On ;thai part: :qf the rcfeelc between  Cameronton aril ��������� Marysvillc the claims are  still partially filled; with water, 'but.it is expected thai when, the ,tea^e?Ja;tl|e: Bed? Bock  Drain at Adams claini is repaired they: will  all be able to resume worfc = With the exception of the claims being filled with water.they  have sustained very little damage.  The Drain  CARIBOO llSr^T^REPORT^  II  I  mi  rain, which makes teaming- a matter of great  difficulty: With"reference to a letter of a correspondent regarding,this toad, we think that  instead of any blame attaching to either con*  :tractor or superintendent the, fault is with the  Government, who should have given out the  ���������contract early in thespringvthat ther.oau  might be comploted and the", ground consoli-  . dated'before/tiie wet season seVin.; life have  the opinion of a  '"rcrth^:4he/;w6rkvordered* to be done, and  ^oin^lainedVof by' Mr.'Williams^ is the best  thing,for thoroad ultimately, althoiighit may  render it sbft^ for the ?presen>seisdh.   So far  ���������*." as the su^erihtendent isrconberrie(l, the public  have unbonded ^nMencevih^his ^perior  v���������* qualifications ipr the^ositiohwhich he holds.  -   His experiencb ara practical road maker and  ^his^kn^  ?cvcr^  -the opinion of good judges the Alexaudria-  \i Quesnel road is wdll niade;butifichief draw-  ;^; ^aclc is. Jh^:i)t;is ;6nly:i^^ the  ,,,���������:, fault however 6f4hat^  ^ ��������� ftractor or'superintend^ -:- ���������   f' \'  :::A ::fe  , I)*.: puff, Ifresbytferian * -Missionaryj,- who has  ���������sheen a resident; in ^ Cariboo -oyer thirteen  v TOonthSr^the longest ^period:, any^cleigymah  lias remained ;m*tbis; inhospitable! ���������region^  , /wilLtake his - departure^in theCcourserof two  weeks for another Sphere of duty in this col-  ��������� '^^  <creek he lias gained the: respect andesteem  ���������*������fiQ.������ nil classes; whilst his earnest labors in tlie  .i-weausci to "which; he^Kta'^ev^d^jiimself :have  I^heeiiv fruitful^  ^ iain thafrth^  ;   the "district will-?ipr:^ii%W;Tlii&'''tb..'retire with^  ������ ojit; presenting ;������ini' With a-subsbintial mejri^n  a k rial 61. the warm and sincere regard whica  ���������F i-aribpoites entertain towards him; ;; .-  \;���������������;��������� Tn������ Wkatfikb.-^We.have, had during.the  *'! ..present week .what is balled C$r?l>po,weather,  i f # iz: aiterhatioris.of -rain, hail^ '���������frc'st and sun-  sh i a c.  /The wcathcr however i;s fay 6raUle for  mining pursuits,* which^ lieeps,o)if "pppiife  ; .in;gppd.temper.. ��������� "Ey^ry biic Js looking for  *. i the Indian summer wInch will doubtless)soon j  ; ���������* -setin*, giving us aiutgreeable time 'for��������� wind;  "}��������� ;Jng"UP. thej^inihg. season.":' ���������;, '^.      :; '; m \-, i$  Heavy SuiT.~Fbiir.pf ��������� tht? Erfoson. ;Gc4d  Mining Company, r who were .* ab out;;* to: 1 ea ve |  *   4he country with;$10Q,000:in" thdir^rjossession,  ; . have Keen arrested iih..this city. onVa/W'ri't, .of  ;. ;4 ac. exeat regno ^issued. at theVinstancc of the  .-rSaw Mill Compahyf of Williams Creek, Cari^  :-\ 'boo; an'd held to. bail; in tlie sum; of $25,000  in gold dust, lodged in. tfie;bank,; to appear  -and. defend a suit brought against them by the  complainants to^ ;rccq>T3r the^'sum*'Of $50^000.  ,":; ��������� Yicjfcoria /Chroniciei'; ;'��������� V ;,:���������.. ���������/';%���������. ;-v. .���������; i . ~i  ;.; FlRK AT Nisw;^^  ��������� state that a^ fire broke but on the night of the"  5th inst. in Holy Trinity C^iircfi^'New West-  . min?tcr, >yhich resulted in the almostfcpnir  plete destruction of that fine edifice.;' The  . Ilyack Fire Company rendered most effective  assistance in stopping the flames from communicating wi th the ne w*. tower an d belfry,  ��������� which escaped uninjured.    -The church w^as  !. insured for $5000, but tbat sum WiiFnot coyer  . . the loss sustained*......-  '���������'.'��������� -.,:������������������ ��������� *  .  .Thirtken Mile liousis.���������Miners on their  way aown country will find the 13 Slile House,  between Cottonwood and Quesnelmouth, well:.j  provided with the. very best fare that canine  ^procured.; The establishment. is-under the.  management of Mr. R.S. Cormack who will  make his guesis.comfortable. We recommend  our mining frienas to give him a call."-"  The Government Bxh^omsg ExPEprriox.���������  This party, which left Williams creek four  .weeks ago, have not yet been heard from.  it is prbba}>le that news will arrive next week,  and wo need -scarcely say that it is eagerly  looked for, as the anticipations of the success  of the expedition are universal. Vaughan s  prospeeting party have not been heard from  ~they are but three weeks. -\  Custom Eeceipts for the week ending Saturday; Sept. 2nd, 1865: Duties (import) ������887  ���������jOSvll.;  do. (export), ������1-50 5s. Id..;  harbor  -4^������l8-.ls. 8d;; hoadmoney,'������12.1,58.; ton-  jja^������ dtfee, ������48 Is.; f^ea,.4s. -'��������� Total, ^lj416  eration" clearing but the water, and by Moil  day they will likely be able to get into their  drifts agaih.--A new coy, called the Black  Douglas, have commenced a tunnel in the hill  opposite the Prince of Wales:���������The "Raby <jo1^  are at work again taking out gold.���������The Dead  Brolte co^y ape also washing.���������The Cameron  co*y arc. getting ready -to start working froni  tr- shaft in a different par t of their ground * to  that where ��������� they were lately engaged; this is  rendered necessary by the earth having cayed  near their works; they; will be washing next  week.-^The Forest Rose eb'y are doing well,  taking out gold from both shafts.-~-The Tinker  cojy are at work1 agajri.MThe California Tun^:  .'nej }s;^aid;over.-^Th;e;i Last 'Chancei cb?y are  preparing ,to resume work again,���������The* Cofi^  federate and Beaitregard - co?y .have; their ma-  chincry m nfiotion agamr;and are getfingout  the water preparatory; id jetting ; to' worK.���������  The^iPrairie Flower cb'y are dbing;miich bet-.  ter ot late than previously^ reported.^-The  New York co'y.are commencing. operations^  ���������The ^evada^Eiiniiel coy are at work.-~Tha  .North 'American^TuiiTiei cbjy ;are iiriSO tfeet.  ^Xh:e NeVei^Siveat-e!aim;-sustaibed no;dahi-  age from the ficod and is very promising at  present���������The Wake up Jake co'y are work-  ing,--The Aurora co.'yr have been working the  ground lately in disp iite ��������� with the Saw��������� j Mill  coy; it hasiiot 'turned out ,as; rich" as gener-  ally.^nticipatedi���������Tlie Davis;;co?y; struck- an  excellent prospect yesterUAy^  Star co}y; haVfef\b^nv troubled with surface  water coinipg ; ihrotigh,;; which has ;- impeded  pperatio hs in tliis w ell managed and pro ii tab 1 e  olaim���������The Hit > or .Miss, -Australian,:: and  \Velsh- companies'are af full work again \ the.  'la^fer i������ '��������� ;taking";*but''ah^un*ce^a day to the  -hahd.^Tlw Ikitaania^  -godd prospects this. weefo^The t Slicep Skin;;  Bald Head, and-Eagle Companies arcat'wpric.  ���������The Foster Campbell co ^ are sinking a new  shaft.���������Some of the hill; claiins above the  canon are doing wbllj;;th'e hydraulieing,claim  it-is said yields large*pay.���������On various parts  of the creek there arc men engaged washing)  tailings, and in many instances they arc mak^  inggood.;wage.s������-r:51iAing. niatters generally  on theqreek are iu a satisfactory condition^  the gold may not be coming out so freely as  it was i^o weeksago,; but there is no reason  .fprVcomplainl oii the p;art of claim owners at  present-:-The water still keeps High, in Uie  creek, bufr'there is a clear passage for it,  which renders";any apprehensions of.fuf'ther  ^mage unriecessary.^; v? y^'j  :��������� '������ ��������� "  *:-��������� CONKtJN GULCH; .   :  ,;s. j     ..,, ,;.  ^ Work on this famous:gulch goes on spiritedly. ' The; Ericsoh/^pyaTe working from,  two shafts. Last week, they divided. $40pto;  the share. v      -h ���������; -  The Saw 3II11 coJy struck big pay on Monday last and have been washing up large  amounts every day since; they have above  1000 bzs. fbr'lhe week:.'   ; ;  The Reid co'y are getting on well; the 2*ew  Zealand co'y striking coarse gold at the very  extremitv of the Reid eo'y's ground, five or  six hundred.feci; up the: gufeh from the place  the Reid co'y are working is very encourag-.  ling tb the latter company. . * ��������� ��������� ���������  '< 'The New Zealand co'y arc drifting from  their-new shaft, and although they have only  just started they took out excellent prospects  of coarse gold yesterday; this claim looks  very well at preseut, and we hope the perse-  verino" owners, who have stuck to it for the  last three seasons' amidst great difficulties and  ���������at vast expense,.are about to be-well rewarded" for their energy and pluck. ^  The Britannia co'y are taking out about  expenses. .   .  LOWIIEB   CREEK.  there is very little work going on upon  Lowhee creek this week, preparations however are making by most of the claim owners  to resume operations forthwith.  LIGHTNIXG OREKK.  Work in some of the claims that were injured by the flood has been resumed again.  JTBW CREEK.  A party of three men have arrived at Grouse  creek after aprospecting tbuvof eleven weeks.  They report having, found a ne^v creek140  miles away, oa^cH they got q a wwafiOMW^o  iThere is very? littlevv-changeii the market  'hereto Hole;  "seretal trains  mentation of st  tables are gettiiig vevy;^l������mtiful-'on^th*' creek,  tlip Celes-tial population at Quesnelrhouth and  Kcithleys;.creek -EeejiittgC^'-"^yeiT"supplied.  Potatoes,; are.,selling^ at 12". 1^2";��������� cents per lb;  Jn,;pr.eyious seasons thtiy never ..were BoloXat  less;thaii;:Z0 centsj)er lb.':' The/marketisWeil  ���������stocked with prim e beef-an d--- mutton, ;of a  quality^that would do credit������to; Smithfield.  Be^fls/from 10 to^O cents per lb.* 'Flour, by  retail, 2.6 cents per lb'.'   ;".   V ,,'���������  ���������:��������� v-v&'��������� :'7;:.^iie Ji^nT-;M^K.r^l ':T;  I \i ;Lop*do;i>*ja ^uiQirkable;]  ets- ferrf drHhbteHiitplbvehftn  ^$&������������WfM^  bliildfns eveavin  tpl'b vera"eiit;"^and^. sn&rg&mVit,  .':^Tb^ electors'<of Cariboo West -5Ve.^believe''  will*:hot accept a man for their representative  who;is-not sound "ori'all ithe'great questions as  shadowed forthm;^ their, political .platform.  We can warmly recommend: them'; to in vi to  Captain.Syans, off.Davia .creek,;..who., would  make:������:valuable Legislatoiy and..who is' not  pnly;tliorpughiy.ipdep;endcnt but has at heart.  the promotion of the best: interests of the cbl^;  . qny. ;.Il������;is- spund on all the questipns of the5  ^platform'aridvwillriot be- afraid to boldly au^  ypcate; tl^emv, inVthc Jlbiisei"if hp'isfreturncd:  ^e^U3^that'nQ;^ime. will; be IbMin myitjpg-*  him to (come oiiti^ ^    ;   ' ^ '���������"/��������� -,-.,"%. / ��������� - '}  :���������'���������'l. i >i ^AiWgLITJCAL'-:RWOtti���������' \ &fr  It has.been repprted..fbrCthe^p'as.t:JTe.w;. days;  Black to contest ;thft seat "for. Cafib oo West;  We would: like;tp see,the Doctor; or any other.  New.r Westminsterite,,sliow his face iii;,tbis cii's-  tricton such an=prraiict;. .Wp^believe^tliat Dr;  Black' has -too^ much sense to venlure=near the  Sonstituehcy fbrfsuch-a purpose at^>resent.   :  : tWeieommend the- folio wing vvaluable suggestions to the :afcfcentive cpnsideratioii of -the;  intelhgent peopleVof this: colony. ��������� .Tho|Sex^  tract is; from %��������� letter.' that1 appeared? in ithe  ;^plumbian,:pft-jhe;6to.ins|.': J^ ;I;.\! p:  fit ;i������ very .usual in a.skirigjgr.. a\. whole 4oaf; onlv to  spouse on tno parte. ���������w _.._._..-.���������,.-.,-.       ���������      , ,_  get a: ntiw trnin of- tiibugliti?aud give rise :to theMnquiry  whether, alter till/ tlie.pmeiit;.; ft>rm���������]6r;gpy.oriiuieai> iii  would hot be better  'cheap-tHV'nAQShili'Sry  are over-governed now--^agovernetf off tlie-face or ;the  earth." . A small people, flt for:s?lf.*g&yerument, 'hoed,  verv little governing, ,.5A-sort of simple Muuicip:il system, by which the.psople could fix the rate of taxation  and decide the best mode of raising iin$. expendiuj it,  would suit a colony, of .'a few, thou,san(t.;\yhite s������itlvrs.  far. be Iter than any eHbor'at c a na#e: xg Jnsi vi������ abst r use  tlieorv of adinioistrativo machinery c<to������ed; up bypsc.  pie who poss*ess"a very limited knowledge -ci titer -of the-  coiony or its inhabitants. Thc .fact - is we,wanU bP  better in the. hands of such a man: as a^veriibr Seymour  colonist  with t   t  checks- ������iii-;guarantees or thev British. Constitution.  F������w'iii number and desirous of being .-^'allowed .to-  ������'mind'our own business^' without having to.slumblo  over GoverhmentoiliciaLs atjevory turn, and haying our  pursuits hindered and strained by official red-utp^K  what we want is less government, fewer ollicluls top <y  and fewer"to bother us. The pioneer colonists have  d ifllculii bsH>n0 ugh to c on ten i agai n st, w i cliqut ha v i ng-  merits* iprcjbiy. j^ih^d^Lim oX!V<&'tse\  Hotel in K^v;*^o{^."' CrrTi*cij .^{y��������� "tirai:;tbo  whole>bunding;:lias;;;no superior in Emops  or Aiderica. ! The totai ct)3t was close upua  ������?00,og^'^7;';;;;._. ;,:��������� p^il',.'���������;;;-/ \ ;  .. -  ^S^ An in^tynce'pf ;ca^  remarkabie-eu^rac^r^asjusto to-  us. A young,man-hainpd;Ward, who died in  this town a short.time" ago, had a tiroiUa  spaniel dog, who attended; him every place.  Ou;his ;;dea.t h, the'do g. could .with d ifll culty ba  kept from bis; grave},, on. being;.brought a war  at returned there again.; *' This contiiiuud till  *��������� j^.Ne|ys ;;fr oml Vic to ria i3. ��������� un im po r tan *;  The-^Prihcess llbyaF -uiado ��������� the vpassage from  y I c to ria to pra vesen d. iii 114 day 3.���������The c as������  Saw 'Mi 11 Ho 'y ��������� vs. Ecicspn/ co 'y was; up b ef0 re  the Supreme j C^ute^Tho y-mi������ebPttie new  5Chief Justieeiis Mr^bscfrh' Needhani; -"���������-  LEFT.^^Mr.-Thompson,/..'who wak;,lately so  .severely^injured by-avbucketiling;on^him  in tliCiSurprise,jolaira^-w^.;su^iently^cov*  !ered.pu; Thursday jastjVtp ,leaye: the, crtiek f0r  ^ictoria^v, j^q.. ^pp^ihc; ^chang6^which H *.  ^hompsori^ impdicaii ad viser^f Dr. jirpwii;,: ha4  : recommended may restore, hin^jp^eaitli ngain  ��������� lency .iGbVerticfr f Seymour ���������'took hisi -!d eparture  ]rom;Victoria"fpi,;;Englaiid; oh the 8th ins^  discovered nearjflo^e./.;,,  z -r .    ���������'��������� \.  ^/^^I^e^iAfi^j'^it^ y. received .tp-day is  uhiinportaht^fi ������&$,. &:0;. < .���������;;���������':���������>���������':";;. ?������?..  .JaU^Two on threo^iays^gp;.a lirse body, of ^bottle-  nose'I' wliaks;..eiutore'd"Broad' Bay, in��������� tho: isliind or  LeSvis. ' On bein* observed^ by; the,' flshermen: of Tong,  !al'a'^^n)ihibbp-6rbdiUs:>^r6' manned}; and immcdiati--  lswentiini piir^uitiU^lnRa/ ;short; time', the, aalicrmr-u  .w.ere.BUccessful in ^beaching; the,: ex Inordinary Urge  numbftr ef ,98.   .. ^"./V -v''*   *" --  ,:^ "'"���������   ��������� v  .���������  ' 4^A.-sInguru^f3c^ just, been  6bserVe\i;b;nllieniWncrtji'^"fjtvesbre, nc;irL^.'Ciz*-fKi urj  In thejs'ame';ne3t%LT������ji'ound eUvLn-eggs of.ag'rey p .rt-  ri ige. and three' of rairad, on s^:;;; -, The ��������� nffst,. >;asVf lost -.ly  watched j- and,- after the fourteen'eggs had' beVn"hatcu-  ^r;;the;;r^d:p;irtn;lgo,'^he' on'i .with ��������� threes ^ouu^. cn~s  V)niyr lect.t fto .whole, ban j. .���������: * It is tho ugh t, I th*it, th e t w 0  muthorl-hacl Xougjit.for the ppJSe93ion.;c.r-'tnfl"'brood.  ;  "Mil^IED^XMiUlamsCr^  'stant^ by the, Rivr DADtifl; ���������&���������"r '. Wrr;i.i:������I -Meacham to  Miss iiia a. Gponis, la te of Victoria^ ,;- ������������������.; ri -t.���������������������������? ^ .  I..K.J  r,.������i-_���������  THE "CARIBGO SiENTINEL">���������'  Cards, Bill^;Heads;^^icularsr^bsters-^nd  ';���������������;<* Programmes - for f Balls'.and Theatrical;  ' - - 't- "���������-". -]���������, ��������� ������������������.:��������� y :��������� ���������Enterjabi'aients, ���������;;, ��������� ^... $., - c .  E&ecu fced; wjth' >f*w tne,ss- and. Dispatch at thia> OHioe.  , ���������;;   ' ��������� :,���������' 'Jj, ��������� ?(^ Terras;;;^derato./=^^^.; " V.    _.  }VtQ iriboo SentinoV'vOnlco  Barkcrrillo;  Williams Croek  m,;yyy  prune��������� ... T ,,--.,,  . ., : . tt. ..        ...    -,  simplify the present system, utt-t-call around him a  few iutcHigen* advisers, who, know something more  about the,ntants (?f ahewcountovtlnm could be picked '.npjfi tM streets or club-liouses -ef London, I leel  satisiied tluit tho'affairs of this colony would be bettor  admiuistertd, and at half the present co3t."  GOLD C0MM1SSI0NEU?S COURT.   '.  :   "'.(BiforeW. G. Cox}'K^.) ���������"���������  ;* . ;; Friday, 15th Sept. 1865.; '  Hanlcy vs. Oampbell co-y, -Mink Gulch,  Geo;- Washington for em an,���������-This was a suit  for'$90 wiges. Itappeared from the evidence  however rthat plaintiff was a shareholder in  the co'y, and the Commissioner dismissed the  case. '    - ���������       rt    ,-.  ��������� Saturday, 16th feopt.  Burk ri. Anderson.���������This was an action for  an interest in the Shenandoah claim, Williams  creek, winch defendant had taken up after,  the lay-iny over time had expired. The case  was before the Court on a previous occasion.  when Ihi&fgot judgment in his favor. The  defendani brought forward new evidence today which completely establisheds his case,  anil the Commissioner reversed his previous  decision dad gave the claim .to Anderson. It  appeared1 iu evidence that plaiiitiil bad no  less than }hree claims laid over.  toil  NOTICE -IS. -HEREBY GIVEN, that weVthfl i"unier-  li 'signed. have, ihis d ;<y; by. mut'u'aihcongent*dj.ssplv.ed  parin'ccsh I n .��������� The b usi ness here toforc carrjsd otfKy t h 0  firihVof CltAN'E &;HOUGH will be continued by P.  'iiOUGir. , Air persons jhdebtod^to'' Uie "sfelii Crane &  H^iigh-arc "requested'^0 dome forwi'rl; and fcet-Uc:;. ami  .all porsous wiihconiiu.accourits. willy send them in for  setUcmeut. ���������'    .    . ''������.      :- ,    j  'SAMUEL CRAKE,  .������������������';'���������- .:;!���������������������������-, ..',-.;,-;.;^'>"v; riuhard hough.  Lowhee Creekv.Aug. ��������� 20th, lS������5r     ; ';.    '       14  ."������������������i,a:,'C.a;r;d;'';: .^:-:<   'v  fOHNGLASSEY, Collector of Rents,r>6bte..  O ; &C., Slaving com menced \business; ,r������������sp ;ctful \y so li ���������  cits a sliflre of the public patronajjyr:ahf.rtru'sls'ttjai by  pronip t a Ltcn ti on to n usi liesS, h c svi 11: secure th'e aaui������,  and give general satisfaction. ;���������'���������*''      :    "- v;; .; - . 1  Money handed over as soon . as-; colh;ct<?dv    ' *"  Odlce���������Government street, corner of Bastion.  RotVroiices���������W. S.  S.  Greon,' Esq','..dud W. W.  Drake,  w  m.  m  w  ifll  . mm  ski  n  :i::.  I'  Ai 0  PRIVATE   BOARDING,  R, N. C, BAILEy, begs to inform his Iriends an'*"  the public that ho has removed from tno.OrIe;!ti>  House to the Ax������lo-A>iejifcax Horjsr^ oruer%f yah .-;  :ihd Douglas streets: Ladies, gf'ntli-'men im'l lamil if. >  visiting Vi'ctom,'wiil And good Boiml and Ix>tlging -,ji  the most'reasonabl" i������rms.. Also, well Furnished A-Knots  to let, with or without Board. > '    14  less __���������_-_.-  lMPORTAt~TO MTSSfW. ���������After a  mason's hi  J&.:4d.. .Nomherof pa^engorsi entering at ^^.^^^^prMa^]  pan, at a aepta of 8 feet Irom  diggings are.'"  ^tte ^'V^^^^^Sl ^^i^i������^e*������3f-,   F<** 6������t diss ar-  \%l^m^'; t&y cisWcr ,ib������ ?te-  ROBERT EDWIX.. JACKSON, of tho firm of.i1r.ik-> ^  . Jjicksoiij.Govornnifmi stivot, Victoria, .'Salici;*".*.:,  has boen duly appointed a Notary 'Public jn and Hir-cui  Colony of VancouVi.T-Islau'1, hy enmmission, luidvri;. 1  ha.nd.j^nd se>l of .the Ar,cbbishop oi Caiitei:burv, bluing date the 7 th day of Juua, A'.D., IS60.' '     *" '     ��������� li  E. C.; dlLLtTTfT, ^  ,  II1IG -8CBVBY������!;;^HTfflpgg,  ������������������'������������������   ���������     ���������    -Offioe���������CAifE������ONTO>^V:'     ���������-       10  ���������..,>'^-t*-������*i������������n(*������^> E&R&BftVILLE, SATURDAY, SEPT; 16* '65  ff������ l'^'.'g  CARIBOO POLICE COURT,  (Before W. O. Ox, Esq^ J; ^1    v  ;  : Tue^a^^p^J2fe  An Indian vs. M. C. Davw.^Action for*6p,  wages.   Judgment tor plaintiff- '  .   COUNTY COURT..; -.   '{ ;  ^1  :''.'��������� '���������" *.v..���������;���������.;;.:'; ..(B������fbM W. G. Cox, Es44 <Vi::!'���������;&. \-  -.    . i  : ..'' Tuesdayv-Sepbl?th.  ; Monnev v������. Adams.���������This yv.vm ah action for  &$ 8s. for beans supplied to defendant when  they wens-selling at $1 Ji tbl Tha;Court not  deetning the evidencei sufficient ^dii^iflsed the  case." .-,'"���������>"-'"-���������-*.-',-'��������� -"'  .������������������ " .-,r -4- ---";f      ���������;. 3  OOLONJAL MOTEL,  IJewWestminster? ltatl& C4twiUy  JtEWJ������. Cram*? BaOTHma,  Proprt?tcrR.  ?v:v;v;;;, FORT  HOPE;:  GEORGrE  IJLNaVOraT,  Gen-rai Dealer in  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, ate., Fort Hop?, Bj C,  J-;;;?F;0RT;;Y'ALe;HOTEL,;.;.; -^  ; ���������   ; ^Kelley & L^e,Trbprjet������TS,  GOOB BEDS, Oocrt, Accommodation and- tho Bsst of  liqtm* at the Bar; Stabling for Horses,**.   :tfC,  THEBANK.OP  '; ihcorpbrate^d by Royal Crtarteri  IN J$������&t> SHARES,".OF $100 EACH,  ���������,'.. ��������� "^tlviPowe* tb; Increased''..  LAM3R; FROM KOOTENAY.  ������������������-������.<���������*���������������_��������������������������� J*.--!'  *' "' tern Mr: -Geo. Bent, who has just 4seturned  i from Colvillc,.wherehe has bee^nwiUi a freight  ��������� trata^ive Shove obtained > tire fioll^  mation^Tli������ newa fronV the (diggings |was  Z generally good, ��������� butIdid" not possess any ape-  : cial feature of-ihfCTcst. ' With.the exception  ���������^tff WHd Horse "Creek diggings' little actual  mining haai feeenfdone,?������or has^i^h pay^eeh  ciruck^ i������%kfetBig JBen&ncc^iit^  ther creeks previously*'retoQy������&r3?fffiv&z&e--*  VA^'WmKLE^CAKPBOO WEST.  qpSfS above; splendid;&>teli*'n6w open for the public^  1 the^roprietor having taken great pains through,the  -winter u> make U the most superior nouse In Cariboo.  Good accotmnodatiomv with. suits of-;rooms��������� for ladies  t*,.:, or private parties.   Attached to'this Ilotel is a  - ��������� f S. *SFlRST^ CLASS \ R^AURA2s������ &': BAR, ���������*'  where twin.*"?��������� obtained the;most choice brands of Wines^  Liquors ,'Cigars, &c.  ,..'-,..; :; y'',j ';.lS/Z '���������' .'v .'    ���������:   ' :--���������'  ;    -    -    * -      ���������; N. ��������� L; McCavfrrt, rroprioUv;.  BO"tISE.-i  BETWEEN QUESNELMOtfPH AND COtTOKWOOD.  RiCHARD? S;i  AS tfC&T OPENED THE:ABOVE.HOTJSB^ AND  ; would solicit, a call fro������ - illor Trarellnff- Fublie.  where;/will be found a &6b& Tables Liqnpra and  Cigars of .the finest quality arid beet brands. L Us- ]( .;..������,  : iSr^Seo^Stabllngf���������Hay and 0*t*, Ac. ���������> :k::A;  "i N; B; ���������K; !'S������* p. is not reapousibU for amy. 4*hta ������on*  vtnteted Dy;the^i^:Fr6j&leitt  '  A^gusUtb,,1865^"';',;��������� '���������'-'"    '""���������"���������'" *'-"'s:''-':'"  ��������� ��������� ���������. :.IN' VANGOUVBR ISLAJSD, ^  Vl'CtORIA���������9ank of' British Columbia;  NANA I MO���������Bisk of; British Columbia;  *  ^'t$ i^i^GOLUMBiAf ; ;;;.;  NEW WE*^iNSTE*R^Bah1cior'totlab(^limWa;-^^;  *YAI*K~Bank of British Columbia;��������� ���������'v;<:.,    ; ; M yi%  MOUTH QUESKEI*���������Bank of: Britiah 'Columbia?   .    .  -V: -.. rIN-.T:HE-lMT^:STi^;;;..:;: '1^  SAK TEAKC1S60^-B ink of; British .Columbia-;"        {*  PORTLA^D^TiEGOX���������Bank oCBritish Columbia;.,  } v,-:V: :y^^r"������ MN; 'jOi^D^X:'^.;' - : -i^'i ���������  -"1 3iNk;>0*F  M^DHTiREAXi,  ': ;m;^---::^..''BRAN(M������S;&:AG8^CIE8:'^..'.  Uoatranl.".'Toronto,' Quebec; Hamilton, ^London, Klng-  Bton," Cobourg^ Belkwille, Braritlord, BrooV  '  ;;.;',' vitt������J,Whitb,y,,X>eterboro);brtawa^  > . ; ������odericli; Strat'ford(r*Mctoh> Ferih, ':*..;*.;'   .'���������'���������  < .o.^y-l'-y-l''-^'-   Sfmcoe^ St^(Htheriuo������;;; ���������. ������������������-���������!  Tj>j^sf^^Bk^Brittsh Corunibla^-W) Loaibard m  tmM^M  Paid tip Ca  ^ndiviaod'  Hkaj������ Offticfi  ^%g00;000  : .:;.i5P9.ooo  :tj>ar.i HELENS Pti.-iCE LONDON,  ,.;"VfV  t^iianof unreasonable to presume that we shall  r;��������� soon hava more definite results to chronicle.  / The; scarcity;; and^dcarness of provisions in the  ,BigBehd counUy militatea against prospects  ihg:: The supply of provisions oh-^Vild Horse  creek is abundant, flour 25c^ and other: articles  ���������\ intpropdrttoUi. <^>A: consider able ^"Kriber of  loaded trains were, making ^their way in/and  there is^ittle ,ptobabiiityf of the supply \S9A-.  ingfehor tof ;^6 den^  ;   at least.' ' Mr, Dowdwey jjrad^ischarged his  : f choppers on ih^Vs^ctitin} be^weei" Boundary  ;.r Creek*iand Fort Sheppard, andvlio expected to'  havis the entire traih? open >byj the middle, of  - Aulgust^"! "Mfc'Bent speaks vrelf "of-the load^  / and says jhat good ^ijeed is^'fb&nd most of ther  ���������^���������way.   iHo met Judge" .Begbie^ni suite -four  ^ tuiles this side-ofi-Ro-ek creeky. en route for'  -. ^K^tehay^^'Colttmbian;^;/ ''.^.'"/A  ',   ; ij^g ������Owii.y^It is a:si^enny weekly^of  the size of 4Puhch,, with a title drawn (i think)  by Doyle, representing a knot of dwls vol sol*  cmTconcla^an aniyy^sl^  :?and^^att<^'^te ^n  gra^ic. -and';? jdcutar. .^ It is bitterly rebel in  hz$f&.iAmerican' aympathies* and^ its baseless as-  aertibh that; durin g the/ Fortress^Monroe cpnf  ^rJi^n^^r^Sewari^h^  i ipbace tb^tweerf North and J South cfftheTbasifl  ���������    of jnu^ual hbstiUties to England^ /obtained  :   credit ^hoWgh In tlie city ip abild- up the Con^  ���������-���������": federate cotton ioan������^  "Wherefore-lei me take  i off^the tOwVs^inasfc % lis editor is Mr. Lau-  ^���������re^eOiiphan^  son of ihe -EaVlir Sha!*iesbhry, aud prrv^  : eecretary to EordPalmerstpn, which Ismail I  kho^ir about him;; Mr; Oliphaiit has written  in6rc^*ffiaB"ohc book; Evincing more than averii  &ge t&ient-a^lprobably began'the present  eh!er%Ke if^fe^  " pie arrogating to it mucii^^. more importance  dth^^ #servesrth^ougfe  P beiii^ "posted^ >i^td- ^6; hour ahdithb day  cannot afford Ixk dij^  ;: <OwVa? light���������London Gorrespondent of Sew  ���������;..,ybrk tTrfeulMi.^ . :���������-���������''"���������' (}Cx  FtdoD, Fire ako ^ebthuencb p* Russia.���������In  con8c_quenc<j of a ihigh wind oxi lthe/ 1st of  June, the waters,of the Neva were driven  back, and rose tp such a height that the pass-  6ge t>f vfehiclea over the bridges of the boats  at St r������tersburg, was rendered impossible.  The ouaysof theSJ^feva were inundated j and  during the evening lawman in > small- <boat  reached as far ae ^the Trort������kaia-3quaTe, the  whole of which was hooded with the exception of the raised foot pavements.   The lower  portion of the Alexander-park,  where the  ^ geological garden is being constvaced, was  r also inundated, and there was great;difficulty  in saving ihe animals, which were in temporary cages." Betweeri nine- arid ten in the  evening the direction of the wind changed a  '���������v little, and the water gradually fell.    A number of chimneys, as well as the roof pf a house,  were carried away by the yioleuceof the  tempesfc.���������A disastrous fire 'has also just occurred in the Karatcheff suburb, ?by which  "300 louses were burnt ddwfi and ten persons  lost their lives.���������Ah epizootic disease has been  raging for some time in the Governments of  Minsk/ Witoi>&and,MohilewV  From ihe 15th  ���������of January sto tho 27th March it was found  necessary to MU 47,000 horned cattle, 2643  horses, and 57*814 other domesticated animals,  which had takes^^ the distemper^    j,;  "ia5* A eubseription, limited to 20 centimea  tfo- each'subscriber, has been opened in Italy  to pres*entrto Garibaldi a goldTnedal, bearing  ibis iii8crirAioht^-uT0 Joseph Garibaldi ? from  foe p^|ie;who:.dG-Bo.t.i0rget^ M r ?-  these Mm air������acy ZQMd rabacrifcerf*.  At Turia  BIMR BROS., PKOPiuiBTpBa^ ^?;  for thecorardft ofltrHVffll're; theu*rablerIs supplied  >rith the best of everything t^at^tcAn^be hadj and^tho  cooking is not inferior, to tlie ,beit;i;botcl jln' the lower  couatrn" fceoHw  Oata.   The: Stage'stops at the' 111 Mil a House overnight  ���������n its^way^dovftJ-eountry; ��������� ��������� ���������**--' ��������� "l* *-* s  *' "itf custo4y.* Interests and Dividends collected r ���������  H. CURRENT; "A.CCOTINTS i 6p^rieoV^r; wiy amount: net  lees than One.HundrodtDoUars.yar ���������!.'������������������  s>-*-l "���������������������������'.  Bitls )Mscouln^a\������n.^ti%sct'e(l:; A&d'BllU of-SKcbange  ,cn.Gr^t3i:lta,in. i.nsW Tors; pur-.  .C0aJ5W?^r>^*'r'^.l^  Brafts issued oh ail the Branches ah4, Agencies:,,. .*;'������'"  Government and other Securities ."received for safe  Received������n.Dcposit^or 'AdvViices'niadeJ uponjthem.  n?  5;:\, .   ^ALTERS BEOS;, '^-::,'; '}:A  XI tIon of triy*ierw;-?ilje^ Table is $& M-l'Vly ������**n>1 :thft  Uquors cannot be������surpasaedf the- Beds- are clean and;  ���������omfortable; Stabling;for Horses ;\Haytand ,Oati'ai'  moderate rates.   ;    '���������'-  ^ -     <*1 ������������������'���������' -���������-' >y-~-   ,i"'.������:.*>--V  : ;';��������� SERGEANT^ McMCRPRYy Proper.��������� V *=!  rmfi^A���������COHMOI)M(^hW^  L tr^vekrs"cannot: be surpassed*'iheTabla is well  iuj>pUed*aith the .best the market a^drlsi and the.Bar  U..stocked"vrlth :the I'iirMt "LiciTiors^: BedFTv SUbUn^i  ffrjr &ad-Oats.       ; "   ���������        ���������'��������� '   s  , Gold ������tmr-Xelted and Assayed, and ������rot������rna raadb  within 2i Hoars. \  '    ,' ' '"*���������"-��������� .      ^  -'if'Qrcs ot -e'very:dc������cripiis^:s������rera^ ' S.\ .,.f4..;'it  VCJimerontOnvWilliains Cresic.--'-        r''; ��������� a' ��������� "��������� > * * ;^  ,.:;;;;,;:..::f;i:;./;,^ABLiS;HME^^^  $am J^^ci^c^f; H i Wvti Satneriaa<i: Aaaata  Nsw. f oRa^WalU'r Wauon '^James Smith,;"A'g������nti ���������  Montrcai'f;"  Quebec^'   *' T'orinto*   *,!;Hamfltoa"*'  SUiikstoa;^   "*C^ndon^W;Brair\fht4r:l Hillfsi W c.  ^.Otv.'.;:;!'f6^ J6bnSriN.,B!.X yictorivV. l>r ^   " ������>  ? .,v;.,l:v v.i. j^iv; ���������. ^age^tsV.';^-.:/"; ;��������� ....;-.V"  ?cotlim>^National ^Ea&k ot; Scotland;.  ���������  'Infi'iA.vfi^i^vi'ncUl'Ba'xik of Irdand^;'   !  FajiKt������^Marcnardt^Anilre'& CioJ -Pari*;  AustrjCt'ia���������Union Bunk of AustralisT; ���������; ~-f . ;'���������; - -\   "  IsniA, China *" JAPANrrCh^rter id Mercantile B������n* of  ;, - !���������'  InviU\ London and "Ctuna. , ������  ;; DRAFTS :ISSUBp on I>>hapn,'New'.Yoirk,-' Sen Fran.  ctsco. Canada,i New Bronswickj; NoVa Scott a, and en aa  the Branches of the .'-Rational' Bank of? Scotland ana  JTroVinclal Bank of Ireland.������; *������������������ t  > .:,-,r,;,   ; A   ;.\   .  * Bills jof "Exchange aad. Qold J*urch ased.  . Interest on Special Dopo������*its of ,��������� Money, allowed st ihs  rate of a qaarUTof one per cent, per month.''  4^"ThtfBanfc Vecclyes Gold.;I)uit and Bara for ������a^  keeping wIthout cljar^e; undertakesl the: purchase and  salf of Stock t: the Colleciion ot BilUasd; other moa������y  business,in. the United.States and?BritUh Proviscea.  j Goi4>:Dvw Melted "and;Assayed^aad'retaraa w&4<  within 34 hours in Coin or Bars. \ .^    >  -: Ore? of every ^escriptipn carefully Assayed. ;  ; K' B.^Ah^; f ttftrneudiss'ft B i������ the d Lipo'sa I ofttie pw.  Victoria^ Xjtt y; May,; 18C6.  /^LARKSON & CO., Pkalxrs xx Booag,;. Statiomist,  V> Music and, MuPibal Instrnments,; Nlwa.; AQKNT?,  ice.,'Columbia:8tr*ea^'Now'Westminstar^vf.:;.'-',ii- a..  ,      Liii      l|iuiw...r i -  '^miAmmmmmmm      ���������      .1  J   A. MeCREA*|. AuctipnefeTtv "Wear? Stkeet,  ������: Victoria, Vhnconver Island. 1  0tmamm  'ilLLUJUiniK nun  fVAKlSX SCOTT & CO:, Anction������jers_and  ���������I./ CoMMifsiOM UKRcniNTs, Cl^'is&action'' Rootn'Sf'Fttfi  ������������������,���������;���������;���������,; :F'RA-KC01S';C HAF.3t.*6*������?'.:^-' J-i-i:  BaKSEIA*^i> GEKBBAti  StORB KkKFBR. 4  B������*rti���������fcfci  .fc-gWaS^je;^:^^  : & ' Gomroi^sion  ' ��������� ;: YALE,' BRITISH COLUMBIA.,:;,-.-..;'  Hay aad Grain ��������� af "Lowest Rales ; ^������ood Stabltng  QaATia *oparti** buying Feed, ;������������������ y^y-v-h-i ur ^<$L,[s> .  .      QGESNEL   MOtlTH,    :. "  p. ii.���������.JOHS50S,::.prpfiuktob^ ;;  v'r^':', s?;'���������->��������� :if!: ��������� :f. "i: '��������� "���������;-rTlciojiiA;:February, 24,1665;*.:-1  THE UKDEBSIGNED, having purchased-the goodwill  of the:late flrmol pcitn,'BAViD.ikCb',.willcontinue  th^ Wholesalei Provision and' Commission BusinpHe,,;st-  thC'S(orel conier"of- Bj������tion> and^Wharf strcetev undor  Xhcnrhvofi WEISSENB1JKGER A^iSCHLOESSEU. Mr !  JuueS: Da>vii> willactas Manager of'said business. The \  business 'on Gbvenimtht Btroet will be carried on &&  herotpfore  y : WEIS?ENBURGER & SCHfcOSSSER,; ']  HtOK'S HQTEI^^Lvrros;S^^i(������������:Wftw!���������}  .B. "Cm,^ii^HKKS, Proprietor  crabiy k,nown house-is no w! open to; the public;- tlie By r  is;���������; j constantly J ;sdppUed with the choicest ibrnnds of  tl<iuor%snd Segars. , -      . i  :.; . ,*,-;.,.���������   ? ^       ��������������� * -���������-  J>; F; X)A^TES & CO^ Auctioneers Ac Com-  :��������� pBtisiao!������ MufCHAXTS,;:>������������! Proof Stone BuilLjay  Whaif.streetj;Victoria, V. L���������:.'���������;/tibtral Advaaecs a%4������  ohsCohsignment>;.",;;��������� ���������"A" *%*'���������'*%"/ ���������' .j���������',  JOHN  Htreet,  ,**-., iP^COUCKtv; Importer > and General  COMMISSION MERGfct^CommcrciJil Row, Xfkni  et^Victoria; Vaacoiiver Island.        ..   ��������� " , s  4. ht KINDS OF DRt, GOOD?. CLOTHlNGf-.BOOTS  ix and Shoes, can be /bought cheap. r at the isU^re of  the'undersigned ttian at any other place.ia! the'cM^ny.  ; Every article marked;in plain >iigrurcs;. Terms���������CASH.  '���������NvB".���������rOrUeri from' the upper 'country receivejtronopt'  u'ttcntion-; .:: r-.r-^'-XTM^^^IH^Q^f-^-1  ; s'    . Opppsitc Colonial Restaurant, New WeRtminster|  MARKS, "Watchmaker & Jeweler,;  Yates street, I Victoria, ; V;;. I.t -keeps-' con-'  stahtly - oni hand, a superior stock of'Gold aiid<&d^S  Silver ,\VATCHES, r.GOJd'(ChairiK ;Bucklo|,'Hated i^aw,  Clock's^ V6c^   : Particular; attchuoti ��������� -paid to * repairing *  Watches and Jewelryi     All work warranted.;' [ Qrdcrari  from the country I promptly attended to; ; : , . ��������� ' s  F^U & Co,'s ������������������������������������������������������  f< 01^STOira;ai4^ai^raXR for  XX.-. tlie Pioneer Flonr. Mills, >CoafMia=?io5 Mxrcuaxtm.  Importers and^^"Wholosale'Dealers in' Gb6c������iks, Pan-  vmibsa^: 1D������y"������Miiqw^*'f<3S*������i������������������af:iBtVcyTtf-^kiN^ Sao'hi, i������.,  .��������� twp.8tory-' Fireproof Building,i -Reid*s ��������� Block, betvr������a  the stores of. J ...Wilkia t Co. and Stewart & Co., Wb oa*  street,TictorU.'- ���������l       l'"1T: ������������������'.���������"  I-'HOTELIEB, Imperter and Dealer in 0R0-  JS CERIES, mOVI^lONj*, 'WINES & LIQUORS, No.  7; Wharf stroet; between Johns Ion and * aiee, Tic tori*,  lTaucotiyer!I������*lind.?>(������������������:!: -,���������.;���������(;���������������������������',-\-��������� ���������������������������<������������������      ������������������.������������������������������������:.;���������.-,. ���������   \  W?OM^':SHOTBO^  Iai:%%'ftB-:-bmir^r %M Cookinj? of the best 117DG-AR MARVIN,  Cokneb Fort  BmM������-3MM* *������^..^*i?5r-S^��������� ?��������� !��������� JurStwot;- dealer in IRON & HARD"WAREi  ���������'���������'"'��������� ehe-'-sala-.H-'. tjluv Boston Rubber.-Bi.Its ...'  ':;":- 'V;.:'":.'���������;/.;;..^uesnel; mouth,; . -;^ -.:.���������  *;i ->���������'-KROfWH &r.GlLLIS, Bitomi^oRs.     :  G<^������d Bdds ;;Resta\iTant; Billiard Table, &c.  ''ataoling for Horses, Hay and Oats!       s  .  .,,.;,..  Ot������ RsTABLXSHKn yGs3ttiun "*ST0na,  FROTISIONS, WHOLESALE ��������� &��������� COMMIS-  ���������.. . :    SIQH MERCHANTS,      ���������  r   Storage, &c���������Terras irtbst Moderate.  ^      ��������� QUESNEL MOUTH;.'- . I*  AND IiAS'QI.iT  Agent.for  :s,;..���������;.  CJPORBOB& &,rRUEFF^ Commission .Met-'.  O CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers in GnocsRfifia and. Faor  yisxoNs,- Wharf streei^^V'ictor^i.:'-;     ,.:..._'._ .v.  " \Zm  E*Dd*AR & AIME. Commission Merchants,  Wholesale Dealers in ��������� Groceries and Provisions,  Wharf street, Victoria, Vancouver Island..   ., ._    ;    s  X am> DtecbGiBTjy?Johnson-s'twot,'iVicUim, V Vffi-  apectfuily aoliciUstho: attention, of Miners' and the ptb.  lie in general to his well assorted stock of'para EnglUt  Drags, Chemicals j and Fvrfumertt|wfl'l^o to his Mixtw*  for Rheumatism; which'is an inrSl������ab!o renicriy fcr  this distressing compUinW.       *:,    .       - ���������    Is  warded to the ,Mln;.ing^ Districts.  1-3  LOWE BROTHERS, Comrnissioii MercKants  and Importers of l'noviaioNS, Groceries, French  Wines, Liquors^ Havana Cigar?, Naval Stores, Hope,  Canvas, Oars, kc.} Wharf; street, Victoria. V     ,      a  WS0XiS&������L8,AND RETAIL -PRO VISION .������3fD 6ENK-  RAL MERCHANT,  ''''Boots, Shoes, Tinwaie, Eto.  QUESNEL MOUTH.     , '8,     ���������  KWONG LEE & CO.,  Ssajp^Wra tend Dealers in CH1SESEJ GOODS, Rice, 8u-  gar, Tea, Provisiom.     .  QUESNEL   MOUTH,  a  J. K. SUTER,  MINING -AGENT AND BROKER,  BICHFIELD. J  All kinds of Agency Business attended to.  Onlce oppositeithe Paris m;* london Hotel.  IIIBBEN -& CARSWELL, Importing Book-  II SELLERS & STATIO^KR?, constantly supplied and  receiving from best.sources, SoUbol, StandiM, and Miscellaneous Books, and Stapla and Fancy Stationery in  nil its Branches Corner vates and Langlcy s'trcets,  Victoria, ��������� Vancouver.Island;-v ��������� , s  ALBION IRON WORKS, Victoria,' V. 1.1  ii; Manufacture Steam Engines and Boilers of- ��������� all  sizes,*Qu;irta Mills, Mining Pumps, Flouring Mills, Gang,  Sash, Muluy and Circular Saw Mills,, Iron and Brass  Castings,, and every thing "connected with the business:  a   *" SPHATT & KRIEMLER; .  QCOTCH HOUSE: ' A. McLean and Co.,  O .Hobikrs asd General Ootfitters. ' Miners and  others will find at tho Scotch House a splendid stock of  Clothing, Boots and Shoes, and Dry Goods of every description, all of tho best quality, and- at very moderate  prices. * Fort stroet, Victoria, v. I. .    s  MOTEL BE FRANCE, Victoria, T. I., Joa������  jBwnp and Pierre Manciet, Proprietors. Tho R������-  taura UV & supplied with: uU .the delicacies the. msrktt  affords.; iln^the Bar1 will be< found tbo choicest Ijo.coia  Euraishea"J[ioomsy-;;&5;'>%--^>i>7?...i: '.������������������f*Ur*.r!j \^  GRELLEY & FITERRE, Victoria, vfE  St;lo Ag������mtB 'for Napoie<jnls Cabinet :"Champaia������,  Pietre?son do St. Aubin Champagne dry, Bouche do dry,  Jules' Mttmm Cliampigne, Eugene CUequot Champaagi,'  Bokers Bitters, Satnsevain^rCaUtosnla^ Wine anil Bitters. HostctterJs BiUers. Banbroft Cider, Logaac Clar������S  O. mller Claret. ; A'large stock ,of. Bonded. Wta������a,  Braridiw; Whiskcj's, and Liquors of fevery'desarlpiK*  always on hand. ��������� -! !- *������������������ ttAaxurr ���������& "FiTsnas,  .; Ipi|?orteis:aud Wbolosale Dtsalers,  l*s Junction Wharf and Jt>hnson .Birwt*.  EEMOVAL. J. Li ilurigermanii,- Watch-  MAKER and'. JEWELER, has removed to'tho Fir*-  proof Brick Building, within one door of Wells, Farjo  & Cd.-,s' Earp'r'tea OfHce/yates;street, Victorja, V. I. ������  DICKSON," 'cJMVB^^^'^T'pcm^  sios MsiRCHASTa, Wliaxf street, *Vici'oH%, _\ran<v*'  ver Island.  ��������� H. N. Dickson k Co., london;  DeWoi.y k Cb.,San Francisco.        : , :���������  HENDERSON  &5   BURNABY,   Importers  ,-and CoNMtsaiosf Merchants,- Wharf street, victor)*,  .V. l.? an<i S������- l7i jGracechurch street,.London.       s  F   YOU    WANT  BUNSTER.  GOOD    ALE    ENQUIRE   >X>R-  BARKERVILLE, IB. C.  8  JH00RHEAB and CO., COMMISSION MER-  ���������   CHANTS and Importers  of Ga^cERiKS,   Provisions, Produce, &c., wharf street, Victoria, V; 1. '��������� s  fHOMAS ALLSOP, La.nd Agent and 'Sen*  JL sral^mhibsiom Agent, Government street j Viclo-  ria, Vancouver Island. .s  MALLANDAINE.COLLECTOR &GENERAL AGKKf  ��������� Gpyerni������cnt! stroetj. Victoria, VanconTer I������ao������������  GUY HUSTON, DaAuatin GUNS, nSTOIA.FIS������-  ino TAcxtB, Po^-pEit k Shot, vates street, ,v������cton������  TULIUS,LOEWl & CO.,   JMW>RTSB8,ANI> WHOUSi"j  tl  0Ejyf.KR$i Agents for Til ton & McFarland Fir������> aa*  Burglar Proof Safes and Vaults; Victoria, V. I.       a  m  TOHN'WILKIE ainc!"-CO., Merchants, W.  e? Street, Victoria, Vancouver Island.     -   ,;,.  harf  8  R.  POWELL,  has .Removed   Us" Orfice  and Residence trom Fort street t$ tho promises  ictoria,.  x.Q:.  fiMirn^>rf������T. *��������� iWl ������Hly ^P^1 by tb������ Mayor on BroAd street, Vict  HF, HEISTERMAN, LAND AGENJ, 3S;<J������T-  # v-eminent-atreot, two.doorsTBouthof Fort sirw-i  Victoria,. Vancouver Island j -. . .  f\:    SUTRO & CO;,   IMFORTBR8 AND DW������" J?  lJ������   aGAR^.TOBACcbrMeoratainni.Pip08,*������'������!>g  corner of Yates and,Wharf atreot,tVictoria     L ,  L^ EWIS LEWIS, CU>THIE*V yates stssrt, v,c'  t������rt������, o|v,*ito'^������* of^rltM^ortii^o^^'  D


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