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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-09-17

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 m  '!#���������  l-o-;  Bai^rnlle, Williams Creek, B.C., Monday,;Septexiiber 17, 1866,  No- 39,  A: -fiorenimeiit Y C^mi&io^  on  mas  Tiieituaremitting hostility,to those whom they  suspect of desiring to invade their iabd, has  i, yovernweufcrv wyw������'^!������;������.c^,f?vv^: "been ascribed to two causes, both being per-  Wori/g^8*^^?^^11^ ^������^4������? naps correct.; The one ia that tbey retain a  L experiences in a yisit^to tho 'Andaman :&- tradition of tbeir origin as once bem* ia ������  iSflB"^* Wrt��������� <?* ^J*^^���������^^ *tate of slavery, and originally-cast ashore~~  Sh>til the mutiny of ?57, re^eg iiufs -  i riraitive s^te of naturerbut which is now,the.  pnal settlement ofriftU-IndiKrcThervri^^iui  |e8Cribes the nativey,;their;aippe  Lf iife*':religion;;^.;:^^;Y;Y ixoi^X^t������^f:<=  'Aces ago, Ptolemy, designated the inhabit*.  anta of these islands anthtbpo^agr brf man-  : !lrs ������������������ and two Mahomedati;trayellerl^fjthe;  ninth century have left the following descrip-  ��������� Sod of them:: ^ "TKey eafc human flesh .quite  | TaW their complexion is blrickftheir hair-friz-,  fried tbeir ebunleh^  Itbe/are rathef under; than; oye^ five, feet;.  theirlimbs'are slendet, their beliicfeprotnb0rr.  aat they have high shouldera and large/ Ijeads  fiat noses, thick lips^toall tired, .eyes^frizzley  Mir. skin of a deep sooty blacky long, white  these islands from a wrecked: slaver, the inter bod crew of which they put to death; and  the jother is, that becoming isolated from their  kinsmen on the peninsula, they believe that  there is a general desire on the part of those  who visit them to kidnap and bear them away  into, slavery, for it is known that durinj? the  north-east monsoon, parties from the Malay  coast of Sumatra visit the Andamans in their  prahus for the purpose of collecting edible  nests and sea-slugs, or biche-de-mer, and that  they really do enslave snch as they can seize.  ("Theirreligion," observes Colonel Syracs,  "ii the simple but genuine homage of nature  to the incomprehensible Ruler of the universe,  expressed in adoration of the sun j the moon,  ^ ~r-���������' -���������:*.;;.-;--- tne ������eaii of the woods, &c.: In the spirit of  %.&S^%.cpun*M^  U  The Cariboo   Sentinel,"  'SEMl-WpKLYPiPER.;-  Pcbushed Every  Monday and Thursday.  rMbifing a horrid mixture of famine ana fer-  l-ocily.'fc YPntil recently^se^miserable^aj^:  ; m were supposed to (be c^  idea has been satisfactorily refuted; and if they  j wer do eathtito  I preference, tfuWr" om'^  It is known that they Tfeury. theirs dead; and  the bodies of those;killed, ftym&Jhaye hfeen  ������nometimes found untouched, althoughocca-  \ gjonally they nave tie^^^^py^^^H^^1*  'and mangled condition.   Moreover Jhey have  of late been^iregUehtiyyfo^i: roasjang Meir  ���������fish over a ftre on bits of bamboo; - Neverthe^  less, %hto it is considered nttiat'* they.}^fji not  UttlUvate;,tbeibilj^hatt^  forests is the nog; ttiai'the^  .food on fishy fruity and .esculent roots,.and that  they are^amonV ttie;ver^ lowest scale' of|civif  Nation; they^  Lfiometimes put to "the necessity;;^  ��������� iDanflesbi    They have no pot or vessel v tli at  will ifear the' action of flt*|; ttiey veatftBe;Mit  ^ofthe hara^nmngrpve and;e8cul^ht: her^saiM  ^wotei-kfter^  priiaie^mud^nd waiter.- ;^v  t   Iheir prinmpTfoodi nowever, is* fish> trail  iflbeU^h, <rats,igu^  [���������They-are expert fisners:ih;their;own way:Jhey  [ihave hand hetsuhd-'wicteiba  ;iappeaTlb%se^o6ks ahu^largeiiefcs  tide retires they^eizetW .,    ,  theircoralbeacii,. pf'sgear; and;; shoot ;tb^ni shore beyond.  with arrows in the! waterYby Jthe light j)f a;;,.;.-;   -/r-r  torch: and sometimes two or^more*.armed vThr Ukiversj  with a sharpeue&bit # iron ;ho6;^ *ilt dive  into deep water and "eyjen ���������^iie:;fu^;sh)M������;-���������.;.;;:;  When they fail to obtain a sufficient supply  -of food at one'spot, they proceed to another  part of the coast. Their ^ canoes are usually  hollowed but by fir^ and sharp implements  *nade of s'fonSj cbtM^nd sheltf thec^largest  seen could contain eighi persons*, and had an  out-rigger to steady "it in the water. ' Spears  and arrows are-theironly;weapons, both.'beingt  harbed ant headed with "M-dwobd, fish bones  or aharp shells.,.  ������������������'' '.:y'-X r'.:7 ��������� Y';i >: -?..'..  Both sexes go^ quite naked ;^ but; some,: of  them wear afrcqrd and tassel -of fibre cround  their waist. Attached to;;tfo!<?oV4Jfl''������,!tt6ai,8'  tusk, Bnarp; shell; or''!sharpened���������*��������� bit of iron,;  They pass their whole' timei inse^^  or sleep. i: in the5 horning they"plaster tnemf  selves witn mud from head to'foot, 61 wallow  ia it like buffaloes'; to prevent-the ^anoyance  of insects. While" the women repair to the  reefs at the recess of the tide'/the men hunt in  the woods or speech th^msolvesioairocks K^dy  to shoot large fish at a distance, or to spring  !ypon those that jiiiWen^ to approach th^m.  Practice has rendered tnem unerring; marks-  menjboth with: the; bow and. spea*r- .T^ir  hostility to strangers ia unremitting/ Sometimes they express tbeir aversion in a loud  and threatening voice aii4 with contemptuous  Blgns; At other times witli the most insidious  intent, they assume' a show >of humanity, appearing quiet ai^d dbcilo, and affecting td ���������/'*���������&���������  ter into a friendly conference!. After accepting with greed-such articles as are presented  to them, they setup a sh'out of defiance and  discharge their arrows at the donors. ..-��������� ���������  On the approach of a boat they frequently  lie in ambusti������ sending, oke,of their;gangite  the water's edge to endeavor to allure the  atrarigers on shore: The moment they succeed  they rush out of thteir hiding-places. Some  plunge into the water to secure therbpat, while  others, with cruel and flav.ag!?; treaphery, ex  fcibit their sanguinary disposition^ bj rnshing  ������n their unfortunate1 Victims;-1 seizing their  throats with their han^s and teeth, piercing  their bodies with their sharp-weapdnB, and  pounding them with r stones.     ,   ., ;;.  Snch has been and still ia to a, great extent  'Oft true character of this barbarous race.  jgiiant being, and dunng tbe south-west monsoon, when tempests prevail with unusualvio-  lenc'e, they deprecate his wrath with wild  choruses, which they chant in congregations  on the. beach or on some rock that overhangs  tie bcean.,, .Let us hope tliat an all-wise Providence, .wfiich ,has entrusted Great; Britain  with the humanising of these islanders, will  bless and prosper the good work entered on  after a century of inaction. Under the roer-  ciful ;drderepf: the Goverhment of India, which  directs that musketry, is ;6n no occasion to .fee  hadjrecoufse to against the aborigines, except  |n extreme cases, there is now less rancour  shown by them towards us; ahd although there  has not yet been any general attempt on their  part to fraternise,, they have already passed  from open hostility to robbing, and pilfering  in daylight before the eyes of our people; or,  cai-like, stealing in at night, usually for articles of food. Suri ng one of .these encounters  tour men' and a woman were seized r the woman, by means of her agility and the free use  of- her nails and teeth; contrived to slip, from  ieT^j^pto.P8^^ne*,t>f^he<^^  heavily handcuffed, managed to get out of his  guardroom .unseen by^ the sentry, who was  ,qnly made aware of his- escape by hearing a  plunge in the water,- and' seeing - his prisoner  rise at some distance to tho surface to breathe,  then dive again and reappear on the main  ��������� Taa Universal Practice of mixing Chinory and  other adulteratives with Coffee, has very much Uamag-  ed in public estimation, what ought to be the most  delicious of Beverages. So effectually have the public  b,eoa;drugged with such mixtures that the true properties have been lost sight of, and many prefer a, black  ind tihick infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aroma.  General as is the use.of.Coffee, it is little known that  In condensing the vapors extracted from the berry in  roasting, a liquor is obtained, of.-,the, most nauseous  taste; andibfj a scent the most unbearable.- Under sucb  circumstances it is evidently import*)nt:)that all,the  KasoB1 and" flttids'extracted by Toasting should be carried off as quickly as possible, in order to prevent tbeir  Returning again'to the Coffee, which is;the case in, the  . confl hed cylinder. ,Tb is' object; is. ���������ad m i rab ly. accom-  blished by the new and patent*uConical Ctfffoe Roaster"  as used by FELL & CO., yictoria,; in whicb the berry  fs air'ecUy expofied to tlie radiated heat, and the vapor  eit^a'ctedxarried off instantaneously. In addition to  the advantage: to be derived by tho rapid removal ,of  the steam containing the objectionable properties, .the  ���������oure aroma of the Coffee is retained, the essential oil  heine nreserved and hot exhausted������������������ as in the 9yl1.11 der  anaster "where the'Coffee is required to remain a much  hie to retain the quahtn>o y. ,.1,������.,-Ww���������.���������....^..1---  Coffee when ground. Tbe heat engendered by tHpro*  Ss1 of lasting, and^espedialiyor grinding, creates an  dc ion in tbe elementary p^rts which gradually destroys  Ktness for drink. But to retain the essentia! oil  which i ^contains we havcit encased in tins containing  fromlW tS28 lbs., and which can be had fromanyoi  heresDectable dealers. We can confidently recommend  hosewhSveh*^ obliged to refrain from  ffie Coffee on account of its ill etTects that they may  So ?ur Coffee, roasted in the Conical Roaster, being re-  ^mJnded'bV all medical men under whoso notice t  SaS1br^ni! ������d by numeroits^otberteati menials  i������.ui favor: ,        '"FttL&vY:tL������t*>  Coffee Merchant*, Yates btM Victoria.  ia it* favor.  ������SbEE r_LfJMBEIl!!  i TT KINDS OF LUMBER SAWED Ta<5RDEtt������nd  mL^ mcffidTor afthe Mill/below Cameronton, will  be promptly attended to. ^ R ADA]k?g  juiyl������th,  21  OTICE.  ������n,������i? ?*&nTNEftSHIP -HERETOFORE FOISTING wj-  T^tSd'tyleol lU.���������^^ ^sthis  ;fty been dissolved by mutual consent. ^  ��������� H. WINKLER-  .Ti<st������rt*516th Jen������, im. m  :     ALLAN & LAMBERT, PRbPRiETona. ���������  Offioe���������BARKERVILLE, .WaiiAMS Crkkk, CABtaoo.  Subscription, $1 per week;  (Including cost of delivery,) Payable to the'Carrier.  1||  BAKKERVILLEA  DEALER IN  Cast, -feoli   Oar   Wheels,  POWDER, FUSE, &c., &c.  '  STATIONER Y.        i  Cariboo Literary Institute  J/S. THOifPSONT, Pbesidbst ;..  JAMES ANDERSON, Vxcb-Pkesidkn-t..  JOHN'MacLAREN,      .  .*) ...  DR.'AV: B. WILKINSON, )- DlBBCToaa.  JOHN ADAIR, J  JOHNBOWRON,  SeoKBTABT & LlBRARtA*  rpHIS IN^TTTUTION at present'contains-ateout 600  J. volumos of Choice LitCrnture,cou8i8tihg of Religious,  Scientific, ffistorical, and Poetical works, and works of  Fiction. ���������$>������;.'/; ��������� ,    ��������� .. \; .;���������-���������.���������>   ���������������������������    .- ������������������������  ��������� r^'..-  Worcester.'sLarge Pictorial Dictionary, TJre's.IMcUon-  ary of theArts^Manufactures and Mines, Jippencbtt's  PronounciniQazetteer of the World^widJIoman'B'^y-  ciopa^s-orOTiBfeer^^  for reference; ..-..: ���������'���������'. .-..'���������.   ���������,������������������ -:...-��������������������������� ..    '  '._ ..The Reading Room will be found supplied with the  Htest English, Scottish, Canadian, American, and Colonial Papers and. Magizines. ,: : ������������������%���������.-���������    .   ��������� .: -  Terms of ScBSCRimos-r-SS per.quarter, .or $2 per  month. Single volumes Loanou to non-subscribers at  50 cts. per volume, with $1 deposit.  Persons not subscribers visiting the Reading Room  and making use of the Books and Papers will be charged 26 cts. for each visit.       .       ���������      ;;."  ^p-The Room will be open from 10a.m. tilUOp.m,  ��������� .    JOHN BOWRON,  \1 <   Secretrary and Librarian.  EUF ELDER   &   CO.,  RICHFIELD,  r>BALER8 IS  PROVISIONS,^GROCERIES, CLOTHING, %  ; ;"    > Storage and CommiBsioii. X      ; *"���������.r.  ������ H*vTIO"LESALEi & WVTML;  ���������0  a  IttGHFIEIiD, "WiliiamsCreelc; B: C.:-': *"X  EHAVE ON HAND a largp stock of Provisions,  f 5   Hardware and.Vegetables, and are.determined to sell them cheaper than any other store on  Williams Creeki Come and see ahd judge for yourselves.  Richfield; BJay 5th, 1868.   > ���������    .J J:, ',' t   .  PROPRIETOR.  RICHFIELD,!  PATRICK  klRWIN, Prop^*  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors  and Cigars are of the finest quality. 9  SU..       W>       WO 1 I��������� lum X^.    3      i    tea  ���������(3-  STJR'  ,., CAMERONTOWX. ;  E.   HODGEN8,  BARKERVILLE���������-Adjoining the Express Office.  WILLIAM  WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BABKEKVH.I.E.  JAMES   PURDIE,  BLACKSMITH,  KICHFISLD.  . ��������� ;   BANKS, EXPRESSES, &c.     -:;' ���������  ; THE BANK OF  British Columbia  PAID UP CAPITAL, ,?-:     - .. .$1,562,500,  (Willpower'to Increase.)  DRAFTS ibuiSD ON THE BANK'S BRANCHES,  ;. IN VANCOUVER ISLAND.  VICTORIA AND^ NANAIMO;  IN BRITISH COLUMBIA,  NEW WESTMINSTER, YALE, MOUTH OF QUESNEL.  CARIBOO; ,  .' .INTHE UNITED STATES..    -:  :' ;��������� : SAN FRANCISCO;  PORTLAND, Ossdbx"     / ..  ON THE BANK OF MONTREAL, IN CANADA,  Montreal, Toronto, Quebec,.Hamilton, London, Ring-  . ,   ston; Cobourg, Bellnviire, Brantt'ord, Brock-  vme,Whlthy, ?eterhoro, Otta\crt, Guelph,  '      '.' .',Oo,der'fcDV.^BTOW;'i^^^^^ ���������m"~:  SimcooySt. J&uherines;! ���������''���������������������������  ON NEW yORK-rOn MeisnC Brll & ������uvdry. j Agents  ...      ;  ' . ^>p the Brink of Morii real.  ON SCOTLAND���������THE BRITISH LINEN CO.'S BAN&  ON IRELAND���������UNION BANK^^OF IRELAND, LIMITED  ON ENOLAND-THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, .  Head Oflice, Lombard St., London.  CURRENT ACCOUNTS;opened for any amount not  lean than One Hundred pbllafs.   :.  Bills Discounted nnd CaJlected; and BUln of Eschong*  on Great Britain,.,S:������n|Vaii'cisco and. New York, purchased. " ".,.;X0X..  "'��������� '."...      .'..."'  Government and oticT'Securities received for saf������  custody; Interests and Dividends collated,  :::i -,.:.;.,..  Received on Deposit,/pir Advances made upon them.  Gouj Dost Melted and '.-Assayed, ��������� ahd returns mads  within,124 hours:  Orefl.ofev<?ry description carefully- Assayed.  ' AiM.ll " 1RAA'-   " ��������� ���������-       .. '���������'&*��������� :���������> --'  .  April, 186������.  %m.iji\  i  Britisii   ]STorth .America.  .' ;: ������������������.. .        *-".   .J* ���������'.-" r���������-"���������-������������������������������������,.  ~ '��������������������������� _���������...���������.  ........ . E8TABLlBITkD INlSSd.  HiUD Otpiob: t; ST.^ HELENS PLACE LONDON.,   j  DRAFTS ISSUED on London, New York, San Fran-'  clsco, Cariboo, Canada," Now Brunswick, .\oya Scotia,  and on all the Branches of the iS'ational Bank 6i Scot-  land and Provincial Bank of Ireland, ���������'  Bills of: Exchange and Gold PurohasecL  Interest on Special Deposits of Money allowed at tho  rate of a quarter of one per cent, per month.  Gold Dust Melted nn<i Assayed, and returns mad*  within 24 hours in Coin or Bars.  ..Ores of <-very. <leecripUon carefully Assayed.. ' '  :���������'* N i.B.:���������Any instructions as to tbe disposal of the proceeds of Gold Dnst lorwarded to the office in Victoria  for Assay will be oiroiully .attended to..  , J. G. SHEPHERD, Manager. ���������  /Victoria, V. I., April 1866. 1-s...  BARKERVILLE, B. C.  Office IIours,    10;a. m.,   to   8 p. ra.,  Mondays, ���������'-    -   7 te 114 ^ m., & 3 2 to 3 p. m,  Saturdays,   ������    10 a.m.;   to   4 p.m.  ife^* No bnsioess transacted on Sundays.  j"--'    ROBERT BURRFXL,  ���������  ��������� Man-igvr.   ������������������;  2l8t July, 1866. . 23  ��������� ���������iiiiiiiiimii ���������imii^^MiwrTiii ��������� ��������� ii mmi ��������� i g���������inmninin.iwi������ i.i  Barnard's Cariboo Express  " ��������� AND���������     :-'" ���������  STAGE   LINE;  THE TARIFF OF CHARGES BY THIS .EXCESS  has been revised, and REDUCTION in prices  made Ui suit the times.; The charge on Letter? to and,  from victoria and intermediate .places is noW 50 cents.  Stago fare to Quesneimouth,       -       -       $20.  .    ������������      "   through to Yale,.'-.-...   ^       -   $66.'  August let, 18���������ie.  -.,.��������������������������� JOHN B. LOVELL,  .  Agent Barmtra's Expr������?ss^  ;''������������������'*��������� '26  BARNARD'S  Connecting at Lillooet and Yale with DIETZ k  NEL30N'S for New "Westminster & Victoria,  WILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from the office in  Barkerville, io!conn������jct with the steamer ''Enterprise" at QuesnelBiouth, and the STAGES at Soda  Creek, iEVERY WEEK, conveyibg T|i'-7k8URB, Lkttkbij  and Valuables for all p^rts of the world Also, Com',  missions received and forwarded by Express for tho  collection of Notes, Bills and tbe purchase of article  to be obtained at New Westminster, Victorisi, Sun Fran.  Cisco or en roufc<������, and rsturn.* made With dj.������ip*r,di.  JOHN B. LOVELL,  1-s A#%n'.. K������rk rvirls. '-������������������>.  ������xr  1 f.*  m  ������������������;;>  rifE G|lipOO|SENTeK  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, l������Oo\  THE KLECTiON CONTEST.  MINING,. BOARD.  The Board met at their office Barkerville,  on'Friday Jthe 14 th'inst.* I  Present���������Mesers. Booth, Anderson, Thompson, Bui-dick, Drake. Monroe and'Wilkinson.  Mr. C. Booth in the Chair.. . ,  The ini mites of the last'meeting were read  over and approved of... --'���������.;���������  Dr.AViikinspn, one of the committee ap-  ppirited'tb solicit subscripfibrisat Cameronton  for repairing.the Hospital, stated tbat he had  thought it prudent to delay the collection un-  ?m.T'jl16* Mining ^Btianl^ hasbestirrPd til the Claims had resumed work: that were at withdraw  rid'with'the influence of example lead's present lying idle on:account of the scarcity  0f water, when he expected to receive a more  '? a single shot being tired. -��������� Robson had only  ���������**. to level his piece atlthem/'   They couldn't  '"stand the smell  of powder!";. Veri  As the time''approaches for'choosing the  pcople?s^xepresentative: from', this..District to  the Legisktiye^Counciij. we..are pleased to observe that our citizens are.beginning td^shake  off that apathy, and in difference, in relation to  their suffrages, that has so 'long held doininion  over tlie  itself, arid  the people to a sense of the importance of the  ���������coming ���������> con test���������for contest there certain ly  will be. We; have: no wish-to examine too  ���������closely into the. respective]Jmerits of*; tho 'gentlemen named as Hkeiy to Pome forward,;*��������� they  are all1 honorable meiyv arid we are riot aniong  those who would draw invidious comparisons,  but we do insistjtiiatihe; people's.'representative should be perfectly'cbiivtirsant with the  people's wants,- arid should ] be.by long experience intimately: acquainted .with the best systems of mining (sinee he will represent a mining  district), hence no/:one bat- a practical  miner can fill' Ibe; position,*- with' advantage.  We don't Want iWcy leglsjation. oiir" citizens  have had enough and 'to : spare.of that;. many  of the acts of proceeding;sessions will- have to;  be altered -or' repeal ed, agd. we. must have, a  m an who so in b r������<l k iio'wl exi'ge of our requ i re-  mehTs-wM  >m en t .theproper mode.: of 1 egislatiiig. for. us.  There can be nb'iioubt that much of the late  iirjerarcollectibri;   The Board^fully endorsed  the Dr.'s Views on this point .'':.)...      ,. ,  The subject relating to the nomination of a  candidate to represent the united districts of  Cariboo East .and West in" the Legislative  Council was then touched .upon* arid elicited  some discussion, in the course of which all  agreed that it was a duty they owed-to their  constituents, tlie miners, to recommend tbe  nomination of a fit and proper person to represent ..the interests of this .important mining  d is trie c i n the: Eegisiature of the) colony and  to support such nominee.' Whereupon the  following resolution was passed.  Moved by Dr. Wilkinson, seconded by Mr.  Thompson^'That in view of an election for  a member to represent the district of Cariboo  in the Council of British Columbia,,the.Board  Wi(t a'Vpeeta^rm;^^ tW  18th inst., at 8 o'clock,.^. m., to,consider the  interests of the public in proposing to tbem a  gentlemen that the Mining Board; may think  qualified for that office; in the meantime the  the duties he had to'perform.- We cto not lor Board would ask the miners not to pledge  a moment: doubt'that our' late representative, [their vptes to any candidates until they hear  rsr thd1 ������T������nf:l������meri sofar snoken of as likelvto  the name of the miners' nominee."���������-  -. The meeting then adjourned.  powderr;. verily Mr.  Robson must be a valiant soldier a'nd altogether a remarkable riian. 4 Surely the people  of New Westminster must be.very direlict in  their duty if.they do not support a. champion  possessing .such' superlative abilities as: the  modest editor of the 'Columbian^ giyesbim-  sejf credit for.   We are astonished at your  temerity, Dr, Bltfck, in entering the lists to  break a lance with srich an invulnerable foe  as the "People's Candidate.^-5   Yon had better  ere you. are; an ni h i 1 at ed by ��������� this  modern Achilles!   Another editor is in the  field aspiring to Legislative honors; The^raft  are becoming ambitions," doubtless fromvc 'desire to emulate their brethren of the quill .'in  the sister colony.'   Be this^as it may, Mr. Wallace, of the Yale 'Tribune;''; is the candidate  for the Yale district. ' The political principles  he enunciates in his address are very liberal  indeed, and if he is able to carry them^ out  against the Government opposition which will  be brought to bear on all popular, measures;  he will do much for the welfare of tlie colony.  We are  glad  to notice that he: does  not  overlook the mining interests and other important questions' that have been agitating the  public mind for sometime past; his political  views generally are closely allied with those  of the people of this district and our member  will find in him an active colleague with whom  to co-operate in an.endeavour.to bring about  a"changein"the adniinistration^of��������� --'affairs hi")  this colony.  ������������������������������������ ���������>*  NEW ADVERTISIMN^  -=";     Eli EC TION.  "\TOTrCE IS HEREBY GIVEN* that a mMt,  ��������� Lichfield; ^pt.lOth;Sfc <*!? ^ ������*  MmEBS^BALIn;  "RS. CLUNESS  MOST. RESPECTFULLY' INVITE3  Cameronton, 12 th Sept. 18C6  MARY A. CLUNESS.  .  S8.3io  or the'gentlemen so far spoken of as likely to  offer jtheraselyes,haye; tbe best intentions,^but  good intentions do not supply the .desiderata  n e cessary' to ��������� se cure .a;'prb per representati on i u  the Legislative Council,': and we cannot tmd  fault, with the. Government /if in iguoraiice of  our wants measures are foisted on us destruc-  tive to the wel fare jof rthe;Co lony., ��������� --, ������?? ^ h.-  .-  On for tu nlately- for- us 'the; men wh o -are best  adapted for the position are those whose means  are inadequate to support;? tjhem.during their  residence at Neiw5^ Westininsteri and whose'absence ;.from ..their occupation!:here would, serir  ously embarrass them: it remains for. our citizens to.obviate/this' difiiculfyif it lies'within  their power, and we think ib do;e&-;';I/^;for^in^  stance a rneriiber he chpse^: foivthfcLegisla-  tive Couricil whose- irieans ark not cbmmensu-  ��������� ^���������"S* His Honor Judge Begbie arrived \ at  Richfield bnSaturday last for the purpose of  holding the fall assizes; there are no criminal  cases so far as we are aware on the docket  OPPENHEIMER&GO..  ;-.. (*��������� t.; . . ��������� . -    . ' :/  ERCHANTSj  r*  "WHOLESALE AND. RETAIL' DEALER3 IN. ALL'  ��������� .������������������ -; KINDS OR   ,:    "���������'���������/<��������� ,>���������>������������������'������������������  ' tl  rate with :thep*6sition, let- e'xqry rainerih -the  District subscribe .two.or three.dpllavs each  towards his support"; 'the ^araolurit; would not  be an excessive^strain;on hia:resources, and,.  would secure tp the district.a'.proper\repre-  -.������jf������ntative.: ; The times are hard, we. readily admit, but in^ the event of imtnediate steps riot  being taken to remedy the evils at. present existing the times are.likely to. b:e a.great deal  worse, and in-bringing under the consideration  of Government the measures for-our salvation  not a moment.is to .be lost.    .^ ;, .._  The Mining Board ;has'the position of a sort  of permanent council on a small scale in our  midst; .the members are chosen from bur  miners and of necessity are those in whose  judgment we ought to place the greatest reliance; not only does their practical experience  entitle them to this, -but-their; contact with  the people-enables them to arrive at more  just conclusions "as to the measures best cal-  cu I ated for th e. co inra on wel faf& "'��������� It wil I there*:  fore be the d lity of ou r citizens to el ect the  -c a tid id ate put f or ward by. that b o d y o v er  GOLD'COMMISSIONER'S COURT. .  {Boforo W. G.- Cox, Esq:) ;.;  ' Friday,' 14th Sept, 18Ct;.  a MicMahon vs Campbell & Stewart.^Action  was brought to make defendarits.sshew^ca'use  why they should nor pay plaintiff the sum. of  $300, being the amount due on a -promissory  note for the. purchase .of "ah interestjin the  .Camp co'y, formely known as the Stewart or.-  What Cheer co'y. ��������������������������� Mr.^ Walkem, ,onvthe part  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS..  4 FTER THIS DATE, the Stages.will lecve tho Offlco  ii-at BARKERVILLE/or YALE .T.WICE EACH  WEEK; on- TUESDAY nnd FRIDAY MORNINGS,  at 6 o'clock, to connect with the steamer at Qaesnel on  Wednesday and Saturtlay niornings. ;   ,���������..;: .39.  NOTICE  A LL PERSONS INDEBTED to the MINERS BAKERY;  ctL Camcrbritoh, are requested to: cal rand settle their  of. the. defendants, cited  legal, authority, to  accounts on or before the first day or October,  I860; .accounts not settled tbrga will be p'v*t into.Go.urt  prove that the note in question was';ah illegal  oneIpn^acctiu nt ot its. indefiniteness as,;t$> the  time of payment, tbe time in tbisinstaic^b.e-  ,ipg contingent on the money, coming out; of  the claim. The. Commissioner sustained 'the  objection and accordinglv dismissed the tase.  : Kenny it Clark vs. Floyd co'y, Stouts Gulcb.  ���������Suit instituted to compel defendant.8.to,shew  cause, why they should not pay plaintiffs, the  sura of $1,440, being contract price of timbers and spiling supplied to defendants. . It  appeared that plaintiffs, who were members  of the Floyd co?y up to-May last, contracted  with that  company sometime  previously  to  supply the articles sued for; they afterwards  sold three shares in the company.'to certain of  the defendants whom they released from all  debts that might at the time of such sale be  due thereon.    The Commissioner after considering the evidence adduced by both parties, held that a release of one company debtor  in general releases all the company debtors,  there being  but one and the same debt for  which all are liable, and .gave judgment for  defendants. I J';. XX". ':'y  '���������* X > .'.. \l.-    X X.:. ,'���������:  Aurora co'y, per W. Hazel tine, foreman, vs.  A. Branch, J. Berge, W. Tomas and J. Moore.  tor collection.   .All persons .with.contra, accounts will  sen"d thera i n for settlomchtV' "���������     '-.���������''-       ' *������������������''*���������'��������� "��������� *  .>,-.   ^w,----.^ =/.;;������������������-.:;-. :.;    rCRANFIELD & BRO.;--*  N. B.���������The Miners Bakeey is offered for sale.:     39  ASHCROFT FALL; R^CES  PBVISIONS, lipOES, SEfiW|  '--;-G;Ii������'THl'lf0,;:.;r  ���������::':b6ot.s- &:;:shoes,7;;;:  MiNiKa tools; ;&c4  Beg to call the attention of Miners and others  ��������� ?.-. to their fulLassortracnt.of SUPERIOR OOOpa ,..  ���������   ;:i ;i.,   which will be,sold ,      -; '  A:T;:;c:;b.S;T;;::P:RlC:E;S;f;  ;to; injike robra for a NEW STOCK; to' arrive eo soon m  ;,--'.i ."-:;'   ���������'���������; the Roads'areopen.  ; ^^^Liberal allowance ,will be made to:  '.Ros.tauraut and Hotel Keepers and the Trade general];  on large orders.;.";  ' . -;   ' ' 1  III ;HoM /for QppositionT; = ���������������������������'���������  ^>v  ery other, and we cannot too seriously urge I���������Action brought to make defendants shew  ���������upon .our.people to hold.themselves free from  any pledge. ..that, might interfere -with the  bestowal of their suffrages.     -;, ������������������ ?. .  Tbe importance of the.eoming election can  bardly be overestimated, tbe country is in a  most critical situation; our mine3 so far as  opened up have not really realized the expectations of this season,. and to.';make. matters  ' worse,we have been so short of water for mining purposes that the usual.:production of  . go\ d at th i 8 pe ri oci w i 11 ri o t b ������ re a ched fey o ne  h ii 1 f, as it .is m o re . tha n li kel y j th at ihe frost  will set in before the benefit of any fall rains  can - b e; fe 11, t be ��������� r 6su 11' w Ul be wid e spread  d ist ress am o n gs t 'ill cl asses wh ich wil I req u ire  ��������� the greatest ellb'rte on tbe part of the (government to alleviate. This can ojilybe done by the  i n traduction of refo rra in the expe n di tu re" and  the application of the public money in developing our mineral wealth, hence & people's  ���������representatives will be those upon whom tbe  p cop 1 e :s h op es w it 1 res t fo r timel y succ or.  PoujxdPUcBS.���������The folio wing places will  bo fixed oh.at the-coming election of.a member to. represent.the united.Aisfcriets of Cariboo East and West at which the. votes of electors can be castwiz r^.Soda Creek j Quesnel-  moxith;-rVan Winkle; Court House, Richfield ;  Barkerville; Cameron ton-Grouse Creeii. Orders have; been received by, the Returning  ���������Cheerthat no Chinamen or Indian shall be  -���������allowedto eastayole, and thatr'every voter  must have reside^ within the district.in which  ft������ records bw. vote for ;a-period of "af least  three mouth., prior to tbe date of election.  cause why they should not be ejected from  plaintiffs ground as trespassers and plaintiffs  put in possession of the same. Plaintiffs  brought this suit to oust defendants from certain mining ground on Cedar creek belonging  to them and alleged to be jumped or illegally  held by def'endants. 'f* A; number.of witnesses  were examined for. both parties and Counsel  heard pro an.d con. The Commissioner announced his intention of taking the ease under  cousiderafcion till Monday morning, when he  would render his. decision. Mr.������ Robertson  for plaintiffs and >fn Park for defendants.  Aurora co-y vs. Wht. Moor head ���������& Cb.~  This was a similar case to the precoeding. The  decision was also reserved till Monday morning.;'  ELECTiON'.^Itj would appear that there will  be a warm contest for the representation of  New Westminster in the coming election.   Dr.  Black and Mr. J.-Robson are in the field, and  baye issued their addresses to the electors.  The modest editor'of the 'Columbian' not'"being qui le. satisfied with . the exp ressiori of his  ppl iti c al views as set for th i n h is address, takes  occasion to devote an article of a column and  a-b*l������ iu his.own. praise and in an attempt to  shf> w his ovvn. superiori ty o ver his op ponent.  The oombastic strain of .egotism that is used  throughout that remarkable article can not be  matched in all our eiecrio nee ring experience ;  take for example the following:   ^Candidate  " after candidate was trotted oui to oppose  " the People's Candidate '; but: they gracefully I  i,v ca me- down, like 0ro eke U 1a coon, without)  .    THESE RACES WILL COME OFF ON . <  Friday and Saturday, the 12th aud 13th days  : of October.. y.  JoDGr^-W. H. SUTTON, ESQ., Vale.  Hox Sec'y���������P. HOUCHTON, ESQ, Asbcroft.  rTHB PROGRAMME FOR  FRIDAY consists of  Five  X  Kaccs, the principal of which are:  THE ASHCROFT DERBY���������$26 entrance,  with  $200  .    added���������Mile heats, best 2 out of 3; catch weights;  second to save his stakes.   For this Race, nominations must he made and entrance fees paid to  the Hon. Soc'y (Ashcroft Post Office), on or before  the 1st of October.   And-  THE LYTTON STEEPLE CHASE���������$10 entrance, with  $20 addeit���������Eight hundred yards, over 4 feuoea  and 1 brook; second horse to save his stake.  THE UNDERSIGNED has well appointed STAGESod  tho road from Soda Creek fo Yule, which are guaranteed to. make FASTER TIME, than any other line.  Ho has brought down fares to $40, and the public ougot  to see that is their own iuterest to support- and maintain h cheap* and efficient oppoFition.      ���������        ' ���������  The OPPOSITION STAGE wil! leave Soda Creek for  Yale-every Thursday morning, or after the arrival ot  the'steamer 'Enterprise1 until further notice.  ^r Fare, $4(5.   ��������� ������������������      JACObDAVIS;  Soda Creek, 6th Sept. 1866..     .. *}    .  ?  I  The Sport for SATURDAY will comprise:  A GRAND PIGEON MATCH���������Open to the world.  THE THOMPSON RIVER STAKES���������Open to all horses;  but the winner of the Dv������rbv���������S10 entnnce, with  $50 added���������Halt' Mile heats, best 2 out of 3.  THE YALE STEEPLE CHASE���������$10 entrance, with $10  addctl���������Over the Lytton courso.  With other Races and Matches. 89  FASHION SALOON,  :'..'.'���������   BARKERVILLE,'  MESSRS. BARRY & CUNIO  EG LEAVE TO INFORM THEIR FRIENDS AND  the public that having purchased the "Fasjiiuv  Saloo.v " they will spare n<> pains nor expense to merit  a share of public pitfnmflp", As u the proof of the  pudding is in tho eating of st," we sav imthing as to  the quality of our LIQUORS & CIGARS, pleas'o call  aiid try them.   .  EVERY   EVENING.  T. A. HARRY, I i>romi(itorii  Barkerville, SepL 13th, 1866.  38-s  VAN WINKLE   STORE.  THE UNDERLINED begs to Inform tho miners and  residents in and around  Van Winkle that having  purchased tins establishment and good will of the Hrm  ol" Messrs. SCHORL1NC4 k CO., he will in future keep  an assorted and GOOD STOCK On haud, and hopes by  close attention to husin'iss, aiid by selling at LOWER  KATEri than heretoi'ore, ��������� to merit the patronage of all.  Orders, accompanied-with (he CASH, from outlying  creeks will be lor warded with promptness and dispatch.  Miners wishing to lay in their winter stock will find  it to thtdr'ndvantage to.irive him a ci'U.  %$t~ Terms CASH,  without dlstiuction.  a" J.  W. LINDUARD.;  iJdams, Pearcy & Co.;  BARKERVILLE,  ':!   Have just received a choice selection of.  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and SheetJrbn,  with various other articles in their line- of trade.  ��������� j^AU Jobbing inthc Tin, ^^^X^'  Zinc trado attended to, and warranted to give satisa*  tion. ''.".'   -  A -^-  WILLfAMS   CREEK  S1?EAM S^W MILL; CO.  THfi UNDERSIGNED LUMBER ^H^iS1  I to inform tho inhabitants in eencfalq������)Vjr]sAW  Creek that they hove now ln;opef^kaGSS above"  MILL, located at tho InOU/1^ofltMl^tSndf^  RichUeld, capable of manufac uring one tho^an  of Lumber per hour, auyiength or wiaUi r^rc^^  this market, and of a bupekior Q^Ai.rn. M1J].  left at Mr. W. A. ileacham's, ������ar,k^^V FREE Of  will be proniptly attended o,-^jM^**^BB,  CHARGE at any point on the w^^t-ffi a lib*  DUCED RATES.   The undersigned trust ������ ���������.r ���������  eralshareof the public patronage and that ..  "Williama Creek,. Aug: 27th I860.  WILL SOON BE IN RECEIPT OF  LARGE; AKD;'  WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF  BOOTS & SHOES^C-j      |  IMPORTED DIRECTLY FROM SAN FRANdSCO^.  He ia desirous of B\ipplyim^he^f^;, ���������  can do so at  LOWEST. pRlCftf-  WilliurriVCreek, 7uly 1������ hr, 3 860.  22-**' UPmM 0r^p^^|,|f6^|;
nartner/-left -o'SFmdayaast; onaprbapecfc
mnr to one of tlie numerous.; creeks lying
gmaspig ww^ w. n vaaa
:.^iNi^v'"fe ..
i 2 Mining;operations ;on' this creek liayeu,co rue
'tp aclead stand; rvyitli only pneor ��� two exceptions; every company, on the creek has -had to
stop, , Jjnless-We .have,; rain, soon; it; is.;-.ixn-ppsr
sible. to say -what;,Svill %pl'^e::'e^v^^neiioei
The ^oldest; inliafeitantJ(;bas:ino: Teqoilectipri
I of ever seeing: sndji a con tinned r droughts as;
(���has;been experienced; in !&is\ja^trict ���during:
the;past three ,weeks.��; Thpre^is actualljr not
tanore ^tnan a^sluice head of water ih^ittie crefek;
^eurwitk- the supply iVoinrthe Jack} of'Clubs
^crebfc ditch. ^0ur great hope of a eh ahge now
yfes'ts in the equipoctial storms; which':; may 0c-
cur during the present'week;^ THe? fewv cbrn-
!^anies Who have bee^
SOOCSSS!' '   ���������'"'    ' ���        : ���'���' ',: ���������.   "���' '"���''';"   ���     ��: ' -; "' i ';,
;: -Th e Foster-Gampbell co'y''washed tip for
the week. 140oz.; th ey woul (i have do ne "b etter
���had they not been troubled blasting high bed
* rtourto one of the numerpnSj creeks Jying
Sween befe'aM Ganjpn"^r^k,m-which he
?n,ind-some, very, fair;^specfe; -on; a former.
\[f- It is ff^ there:5s, not.: the;;^ame* extent
%rospecHn^'being ^prps^
��q last itill what little^is bein^ apneihas-been
\terea on with, adeterminatiph^ of tfpltyfesfe
I ������? tDe,various localities ^
ot without hope that considerabi&iieneilfe
I till he derived.this fall from* the results of uiii-
: ^3iBtetf individual enterprise in^runfoldihg;
newfieWs for^ ^mining; operations^ ?;ii Is; grati-
fvinff1 to know that one/ company have "been
paired for tlie last two'months in .driving a
tunael into the eastern bank of Jacji of Ciuba
(���reek a creek which'thas: always'"been sup-|
osed t0- iye rich;; asVyet however no flattering; -f?pin their .     _^
indications have rewarded the labors, of'the. ^eek^Ca^ fqr tjle
company,' but they are satisfiM;to: push ahead; week 163i6z.^M6ffatt Go; are just getting into
with tbe work, entertaining" as} tlioy,;da san- iP��y; they washed up yesterday IToz^Prince
eittoe hopes of ultimate^ of Wales coy are, making about 8oz. to a set
creek another company has>been^prospecting of, timbers.���Rankin co?y are barely making
ollRiimmer on a largejat;;near Maury 'sstore, expenses, if they had plenty of,i water they
jii which -they jiiovv begin to find prospects,that would do well. ; Vr ',';     ,; '���; :. A ���_ : '
m ftv 1 ead to: tlie opening up: o f: very extensive     In Go n kl ins Gulch the IJnited co to washed
di^n^^speaMn^ the^htghest^terms^ot^tiie;
.���lrirtdn ess and courteay. they r^eceive^ aithe hands
of pid Gapt. Mitchell,>\vhb is to bid pioneer
of piat section of the coyhtry.j having settled
there; inii$��l f. s^pjce;^f ijtich'} fa me ;b r) ^ha9 \epent-
over $,i (5,000 in\making:jftaft^
has chanjfe^pierc^j^blX^ajd.-:,^^'^^a:;S^-\.
drib6o cp Jy wash ed up ab o tit 100 pz."
��"* upper' and lower shafts for the
that a miner arrived^oriiCe^dar creek iroth Vic-;
tori a in* five d ays l>y) taki iig the ^Qap tai li "s trail j
at the 111 mile post,:: top.wbieKii^piht; he;was
conyeyediiby^ stage^from/ Yale?for $15. ^M-
though- this trail has en j 6yed a rather unen via-*
ble'notoriefev^-xC~ ":1~* *~lL -"-"v ^ ' ^~
called the;"
far the;shortest route" lor^foi^t. Ija^lJeH, \^hp^
intend ��� going Jbelpwl 0-.t 'M-j?% ^isMk^f};
command of tlie;Irish-array."1 '?y'x 1'- ^'r^f-^l
;-'"' Large: qtmnti tiel^^f ^arms1 hn&fMnim iii nifitfi??* ���]=* f
(Special Dispatch to, the Cariboo Sentinel)-.
Ctocafeb;- Scpti;j StlLf^isp^
triot say Grant and Farragdt arriyeil^ inX<
up tor the week" HQoz;;; this company isklso
feeling;tlie want of watwr/ ? ...    '���-���'" X ; ��� C "f'y-'
^Oa^^wl4^Gree^-55pne pf'&&$m<m3-��.b&?e*
the; canon^have been wprkirlg:;for..���; the*;iakt;
^three; weeks.
'    .,   ���    /grotjs^.:creek;-';\;^'' ;;    \, ;
vJIThe scarcity of ^water^ has ^been less felt on
"this creek% than on any other/ in tbe country,
owing chiefly to the^;great fall iti n^as, wtiioh
admits pf:one co5y;taking> up; ahd:using the
water;' after; it leaves the one immediately
aboye; biit the want is now beginning very
forcib (y to b e felt here- also, and a numb er of
'claims-are lying idle.in consequencer Con-
: sidering all untoward circumstances the re-;
���joort from?this creek for the week t is: cheering^
:'���; jThe -Heron1 Co?V washed-up as follows: Tues^
dayj 55 0Zi $7; Wednesday, 29 oz. $14; Thurs-
.day^ 23 6z.,$i3; Friday^ 93 oz. $6;iSaturdayV
31 Pz; Si % anol Sunday (yester d ay) ,:43: oz,; $10;
Jbotal;for? week;-282 opS 14^Short ��� Bend; co7y
^shedioutpf their ground :;slnice |br; "l day's,
work li oz,}Vin their tunnel they are^of dpihg
;here is a very ;deep 'Channel in1 this "claims
containing avperfect wall of large boulders
:tnat��'fiave to b e ���: constantly b lasted % wliich hinr.
ders the washing of pay dirt very materially^
i were it n o t for tli is o bstru e tiofi! the; di rt. is so
4ich that the claim;would yield jounces'to>l
it^ now does;���Sovereign co'y   are^mo1"���
diggings.    We are 'an'xiously^^Mtibg'forvfur:.
��� tuer^yelp;ip)to^s^nibis;^u
j test Quartz Mill.--We. are informed^by
Messrs.);Meaciiam/$'-..GpVj;. of; the; Stbam:; Saw;
Mill on -tins creek^ that&ey hayfcma^Ja proposition,to the Government (a:yery^li%ral one
we believe)^qrierepiinj: aTps^^arfe Jtill*.i;b:
be mx$Q^ bbnnectidh/wjth; tlieir;preaeWwprks,
hut-that the^ Governmeh t ^ sho w'nb^dispositioh
of coming t6' any-speedy ^arrangement in the
matter. 'If no.definite settlement is arrived at
iu time to adniit^of ytbe^necessary; mi^hiriery
being brbught;rip here* l>ej&re; tlie: wintet*; sets
in, Messrs^; Meac nam :& Co. ���! Hectare ��� their inten^
tion of abandoning :the project iiiogether^
NovvJ if ^e^ Gp yermne^
to aWstui^bpeningJup'p
^tliem-dp so without Aelfiy;{-xt^XX^y.yyyXf;;v:
^*Fpr the intprmiifcibnfof ^ie-^distressed;
parent of Mr. Jacpfe B.; Airndt^;wiw^adyertises
ia tWi -'ColoiUst;^' Ohroniclp'^
bou/we are happy; to��� say that; av-short notice
,calledpn;us pother^ni^^
iegedAisneglect in notlnfprmingrhisg^iends; i^c^.- ��� _ -i^-.>.f ��� ���,. ���    ������..-.,.-.������/.,-,,��� ,> -~-,& ;- , . A
������ oHis ��w;he'teabpiife *;
lior many areStere^iiv^this ;ar|#;^ther^ ^ld
��� coaaiiies whp thro ugh; negligerrce^in; this i;res--
poet sub j ect their ..aged- p arents ^6I.manyJ,, an: I
anxious thought on; their behalf TX?"$&, mayifae *
satisfactory to. his ��� parents ;��� to :;knb w'; th at :.;Mr.
Arndt :enjbys:' good> health, and,^Interesfed jn'
ti claim on Antler Greek w hich-:"bids fair to - be
��� a good one.'].': ���;���" A. ..��� 1-:,.*; v X ':;. ���' xf^-X ^7;;:;-; - -;;.;;- ;":���':���
BdLKHEAD.-~This! work 4s ��� progressing 'fast,
and will it is to b e hop ed be "finished "before
the fall freshet; sets,: in, ;.80: as ,i"to iiarevent, Jh is"
town from being fiooded. We wouId rec0m-.
mend however now/the work is being carried
on, that another tetkhead sh^id^be'&iiit
about 10 or, 12 t>et apart,, forming. a .sort of
channel by which to confine y the wjater toX a.
narrbw"space;and thus run off the large inassv
of tailings fcliattwill ptherwisp accuinulate immediately behind the town, rendering, it,
necessary to build another^bulkhead^on the���
return of spring. X The extra expense would
be small compared to the; permanent security
tbat would be enjoyed by property holders. .
. Big BEND.-rWe have been perraitted to make;
an extract from a letter received : by Mr. J.;
teff, from a gentleman at Seymour; dated
the 5th inst., which gives a very dark picture
ef business prospects in that portion of the
Colony. "There is nonbusiness here, to speak
of, and the prospects are not good by any
means; there are but about; 300 men at the
mines, and consequently'everything is'selling
vevy low.; Flour, 11 cts. @. 12 cts;; bacon,
^cts.@ 50 cts:; sugar, 22 cts. @ 25 cts.; beans,
lo-ctsv @ 16 cts.; nails, 17 cts. @ 25 cts.; gum
boots, not at all; leather boots, $7 60 @ $9;
and other, goods in proportion."
Legislative Election.���The following is a
��st of the candidates namod for the coming,
�����iectioii, the list is slightly altered-from the
last one we gave,:,. For New Westminster,
-tossrs. Robson* arid Black; Hope, Yale arid
Won, Mr. U.Wallace; Lillooet, Williams
Afke and Cache Creek, Messrs. Holbrook and
^alkem; Cariboo and Quesnel, Messrs. T.
^iirris, T. Spence and A. 11. Robertson ; Col-'
umbia and Kootenay, Mr. Cornwall. ; '.
Sdpebhb Cor/RT.���This Court "will sit at the
"jjurt House, Richfield, on or about 17th or
/uth inst. V;   .    '.;"..,'
dent made^a speech fromVthe balcony:^of -Kin-:
nard 'Ho iis;e; Cleveland, 1 ast; high t; du ri ng. the'
d eii very 61 w hich;���. a;. re markable ; scene v^ to ok
pi ace. *#'; Tlie ^X3rowd^lii3errup;te^^; b^ ^hoiptiiigjij
shouting, and;in one instance^ byj calling the
President a^"fwi^"' " "i1"^ fN��ian<io>��f j-h�� T?t.noi_
w^IRTH���At Victoria, on the lOtb inst., -the wife of
* *'H. Leicliinstein ot' a son.
At New-..Westminster, oa tho*5tfi inst., the wife of
'����� Claudit, Esq., of a son.   '
nAl New Westminster, on the 4th inatl, the wife of
"��� ^cCullocli, Esq., of a daughter.  '.   ���     ;
ViJfARRlED-On tho istSept., at St. Johns Church,
'Cl��na, oy the ^cn. Archdoacon Gilson," Mit. B. M^l-
Hpb   nk t0 Loc'isA,^second daughter of the late Thos.
nrri'own3��n.1, E.::q., of Si. Jam0.-, London,,-
steadily from S25 t6;��30^a day>to: the hand^
Ne'er-do-Weei co^. took out for^the: last three
.^ee.kSj 5: men ^working, S2,500 f they-are now
ground sltiicmg off/ another bench.^-Caroline'
'Wy. washed ;up on Wednesday;.lOloz^���Sajt
;$pring co?y are making about;waps.-���Ranr
^inco'y, when- they: can h^tyejwater^ make
about-an ounce a day; to the hand; :; X/yy
'^Prospecting is still going on- vigorously. at
the upper portioii pf tlie creek/ ditches are
���being dug', and preparations are being generally, made for making ;the best use of the'
water:when itpomes: tXLively ^times ;are ex^
;pected with the ad vent of .water.'"'. -
X";';;;;;:\x:-"/<mv>��Kytiiw^x::X'-':X<'*>'.':-.; .���
���"���'<��� From Mr. G. McMartin/who left this creek
on Wednesday last, we.: leai*n that the claims
which h a ve started washing are doing extremely well.���Borealis co'y are making from
$18 to $20. a day to < the hand.^-Aurora . co 'y
[gleaned up for'Mb nday ah d Tuesday 1S ozs.
ind $4.���rDiscovery co7y was averaging about
��20. a> day to the. hand.���Moorhead & cp;y, located at the lower end of the discovery co?y?s
ground, washed out S45 25. being the result
of 3 days' labor of bno man washing surface
gravel.���There are 65 men at present on Cedar
[creek.'  ��� ���;- .-= .���������.������. ���������^.;:- ��� ���-, --'   ,:, -'
. The prospecting party who lately started up
the Lake had returned to Cedar creek, but gave
no defin ite in formatio n as t to the results 0 f
tbeir explorations, but the fact of their pur-;
chasing five weeks' provisions, a whip-saw,
nails, <fco., and returning again, is evident
���proof thai they had found some prospects.
The party consists of 6 men,1 among whom is
Capt. Mitchell, who gave;the party the use of
one of his b0ats. As far as can be ascertain-
cd, the distance from Cedar creek, to. the scene
of their operations is about 100 miles. Some
of the party intimated their intention of returning soon, when we may be enabled to
fratber more particulars about their ptbspects,-
&c. The party consists of Capt. Mitchell, Geo.
Ferguson, Patrick Baxter, John Sayyers, Alex.
McKay and Donald McGregor."
traitor..-?:Tlie triendspf fche.Presi-
was saluted; with loud; and continued plaudits.;
>Ohicagp,; Sept. 5tb.-���TheKesiderii: arriyed
atv-Detriot last evening,^where -Gem Grant
joined theparty, whicS will^be '"at'.Chicago;
.this evening.' ���' .:..      :    ' _, .  .;r;. ,. I% ���
^Chica^oj Sept. -6th.-���The"bere^riiesp^iayi:
jng the corner s.tone\ of tbe Douglas inonn-
ment were most} impressive^andaccomrJank
Johnspn;| \A.fter/the^st6ne had been/ laid^by
the JPresiaent^ Gen. l)ix< delivered' an nation
Pn; the life and; character. pM)puglas, conclud-
ing;with his last^prds,:v- ^Tell them^to .obey
the law3 aid support' tne' cohstitutiori^f the;
'.United-States,"-^- -^ ��>*��  ' K -..,;, A.* :i   /'.
Berlin; !Sept.4th,^Count Bismarck; has, refused .trf-feceiye ;��� a "deputation;:' from ^vKortC
SchleswigiWho;desired to present,.a.petition:
for the reitbratibhbf .their goverrimentto l^&ni
marls.'; " ;,r _ ;t;... -^ , ir~Xi-y^ X; X, ��� ������ '; ;
The armistice between Saxonyfarid, Prussia
has;expired b;y HmitatipiL ^ :Peace 4s ^yet vnn-
settled- betweeri^these twor countries.;,% Hbstirl
litiespa^possTbly occur.'JV; "-\ ^n-X-**.-,-���
' Thji^treaty of freace'witfcPrusslia^in^s^AiK-
tri a riot to\" inter fei^;in the South.'" "' ''' '.���".'���'������!
German^jourriais' charge Austria with a
breach;of the; treaty with Bavaria in' making?
a^epajat^-treaty?with Prussia.: v"'���;���'"
;Lona6rit^pt.j5ffiftThe.v report. of 4 the^jAfc^
iaritic Cable Conipanyshows^e/receipts for
messages to be at the: rate^of 4?00?000 ^per
annum.;.:;:.'';.;.;:      XX,',-.- -;:>-- :.-.-V;;, ���y..x.'X-.
- Londori^Sept. 5th,i jevemng.~The! first bfti*
cial conference for the establishraent of p'pace;
between Austria:and Italy^was held at;;Vienna;
ori Sept. 3rd.f ^A; draft of some of the; article^
of treaty was signed and^ arrangements for the
transfer of Yenetia b etween. Austria an d Frariee
to Italy,, and. foi; the.,;evacuation of the ��� "Quadrilateral by the Ahtstriaps are?iri^ ^rojgreskV: ;
,/Sbutharapton;>>��� Sept.^ oth.-^Tbe/steamship
Prussia, ftom Hamburg, sailed at noon to-day
for New York.;; She has ^31,OpO sterling "arid
250,000 francs ;ii specie on Americaii accpunti
.Berlin, Sep fc. ��� 5fch.-^Darmstad t; has; complied
with- the demands; of Prussia^ and. will^pay the
latter three niiUioris .of Horins besides;ceding
to her some of her territory. ;     ��� ;.:"V;A;   ^' '
Liverpool,;Sept $ih:AThe;Steaiifiship Moravian; which sailed to-day for'Quebec, took but
over 500 British regularsjfpr service.in^^Canada.
; ::::;Elorehcd, Sept.; 6tli.~-Tne choleraiis making;
sad ravages in Italy. .-tf'   .     .   :.'yX^'~
San Francisco, Sept; :5tlL^Wa>r>ri Eldriclge
for several years clerk in -the Treasury I&-
partmeiit of Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express- was
arrested on a charge of embezzling $4,000
from his employers. ~; He has always had their
confidence, and been regarded as an honest
clerk until the spirit of stock gambling took
possession of him.    - r    ������ '
Tbe total votes p'olicd to-day were about
20,000. The Union party gained a decided
.victory with tho exception of three out of
seven supervisors.
��� San Francisco, Sept. 7th.--The following
dispatch b as bee ri received:,:
'-Philadelphia, Sept. 7th.���To Fred. Bars-
ton :" The Southern Union Convention is immensely successful. Tremendous enthusiasm
and perfect harmony. Congress is: endorsed
and Union is triumphant, certain.".. ���
Buffalo. Sept. 7th.���The.>Express' publishes
a letter taken from a Hamilton, p, W.j paper,
said to hav e; b e en picked .up hi th e streets,
containing an intention of a plot (0 burn Buffalo.   It was stated some time since that there
says, oraers nave petjHrissueato ;^uepe y.yy
unteers; to^ja^l^'llTemsei^^ -I*:-: y'. '��� ���-���'';.''
march! 1p the frbri ���
ed at Quebec alsp received orders to be re^dy r; :*
to march oii'Sr .al^oul'the 2^dgf this'^ntn'5,  ,,.::���',.
Jto^he;"npraeri;ti^^^Uri>e^ ���
protection of del'enpe^altin'g tn^'tbwerGana^;^j;
d^.i'rontie^'^'Th'CQa'riadiat ;'���
iibris ';will;'arise'in'^he^F^ ���.������'���>:
^frpm the;Troy' cbri'gress/':GPvernineriti;rageriik$ ��� f* . :; '
arejbelievedVtpl>ef^workJu^rpy,^qn'*:?^-->lr>'T^'Xf'Z 'k
;   ^e^Heral&^Tr^yu
ah congress^concluded^their ^secret-sessioii^.;^y-X-'}{
yesterdays v ^Froliin sonie talkative ;raembers 'ii^,A ^
haslbeenrasCertaihed^yiat a vote pfitMn^sip^wv^
'.%rrf^><; fr^<UfvJ.<
��� ��^K*-rffIi�� .fi. vVf'4'C^/.rt ��.vvi*,..,^
a;delphia Union^^League^ Houseby: fire^is al^out ro '^   ,
��4jy,00Q.4&A largetrpward is?offeredvibr,tlie ar- ^yt'    J
restof theihcendiary<^he;jauifcbr^
'arrested; i QXi$&?��?k tl '&&.'
Xr Philadelphia^Sept^th.-
-ibnists7* Cbnveiition 'adjournedf 'sine^die, yps^^,
ter 4 ay afternoon-��� v.^    _.-."���'^i    -./���.'���t2-  \t-
-The-Sou bhera; Lln-^/^
jfewYork^ Sept^��i:-^Thp ^Her^^xo^^
was appointedilns^torvjGfeneral ofVthe^IrisIi^^ ; ;
RepublicanA^myj ��dl; Bailey^ yhiej,^litaryr^,/
Organizer^ iv? It: wtfssi hoped* j^enera^ ���
wbuld.be-^prevailed^upon to accept the:,<jhie^ ^  ���
commaho*jiv�� j Aimthfi^^mPveTnent ?pn ^anatfut y ;Xt
twill undnubtedly wbie^madendurm
itintribufcioris.are>p��entilul^   . y- - *_,\ ,��� r s��. ,?>t*.
The Lining co?y had been doing very little. ������   ��� fco burn;the towns along the north-
for some time before our ^forman^ ^!? ^!| orn border.   The whole thing is thought to be
o^STeTnes'daymorning as he passed the dig-1����
�������-. vv^rp beirinniu"- to look more favorable,, dotu-
gmgsweie_bt��umuuf.^^ ,fh^ f]^ mnM].  he
Khe^were'litisfied that they, would
jiew York, Sept. 8th.���Seven casesj>f chbl-
defence''of '^the - Ge'rtiian \annexation -policyVJ"* ���
He !o^ClareTd" Pmssia^ust; lay hold ;oiii and -*^^
���l^P wha^B'pferetf "-^
Egress ^vbuldprodiweY^Hali theGrblwh is.deidr-;^-'" "���
mined and able to'^fend- its; new terriforuil"-;* ^
acquisitions^ ^e" i
of the power\ot, tli^russiaff Orowri; strehgth-;;     XX.
ened^6rerman:'unity^f .. - '  .   . . -, "y , <y, >-. .^ ���
' The "French Iconunanderrof ttheucanip^at % i^
JGhaions, in dismissing; thie^ti'oops; addressed   :A
tai ;soldiers^y,;prd^
attention to;^ctoiies^^mttmein^hi^rKap^-"
lepri I. defeated the;: ^itrians^Rus^ y
;^issiah8V'^ ;������''
!ntemories of�� "Vienna and Austerlitz.     ���...'.', *. ^ ���
���/-��� II) is5reported^��the!?n&urgent^PplesH in Sibe-'^v ^;.'.,
ria have defeated the^"RussianrregiraentSfaWd-^^;.
Being joinedXby revo^lutioritiry assistants? have   -.*
nibyed' towai'dsrtfie^^ier3'.^:/-f;^
j The"JOpper Hous^%1^e^russiah 'Diet;hasV -^;
assed'abiibtb'iridemriiry^tfie^R      iof^actirig^"^^ .
tliei budget arid- arin>' Supplies. } TbeChaihber; 'X |;
of Deputies rejected the-Governmentpropo-i^ys
sal tor the issjie of six^
nbtes, ;and;put in an Amendment ;arithorl^4ng^jr;
;the -issue of thirty: -millions/ payable "'in 'brie fX\
^ffl* Snorted in this city.to-Yjav, but none |,' San; Francisco/ Hep!,;,8tiV:rSteamer: Act-Jy
iurnoutwell.   ,   ���     1t,    '      f fmm ^1^^^
?All who have toyelled to and. from thebe rata. ^ w .    ...
It is reported that'the.'ELngfo.fv Saxony btis
decided to'resign in .favor"'of -his s6ii,f;   ���     '[
��� 'Madrid/Sept. 10th.~Paper6 state- that ;the:  --.
re/cent visit of the Queen- of Spain to .Eugenie-   .'
was of "a political nature.     ���-:������. v   ,    ! '       ���;
: London, Sept. lOlh.-^he directors of the '���';���������
British California-Himk are urged to wind up: ".
the affai rs of the insti tutipn.
/ Lord Stanley is spoken of as successor-to
Lord Cowley as British;Ambassador to France.
St. Petersbu rg* Sept.  10thJ.wft i�� ��� roid the
tribes of Dagliestan have revolted against the J
authority of the,toiv.        '.:���     '   .  t -J
-: F1 o r en ce, Sept. 10 tl 1.���Tb e.. con fp re n c e be -:;.,
hveen the Plenipotentiaries of ������Anstria. arid-  .;
I tal y prog resses 'ftlo wl y\   The .1 fcal i a n Go veil j - ':
ment has issued a decree which disbands 58,000 '
men.   Apstria has invited Italy to send PI en*-
potentiaries to meet others appointed'by Aus-.^
trja for the purpose of adopting measures for* ���':"
the improvement of telegraph and post com-:.. ;
niunications between the two countriee*. '"
Athens,Greece, Sept.��� 8tb.���The Christians^
have not' accepted the terms "offered by the
Turkish Government and continue in revolt?-
th e i n b abitan ts 0 f Epi r us al so ciai rn, their fre^. ,
db m fro m T u rkey. an il b ave ab an do tied tb ei r  :>
habitations and taken to the hilU. -..,.. ������'���������,    ;.��i
8 thi���Strain er Ac t-ive':; ��������� ''���������&San Fbancibco paper'..tells of a young  fihysieian who led to the altar, ia 1847. a young  ady, but a few minutes after tbe ceremony  he was arrested for having procured a "subject'' from a neighboring graveyard.   The officer granted the bridegroom "a'few moments'  private conversation with his wife, which he  improved by uiuking his escape to California.  During his wanderings up and down the earth  he neglected to correspond, with nie wife, who I  believing .him dead, married again.    After a |  time he learned this fact;; but determined to  remain dead toher^^arid'itwas not until he  read an. account of the death' of the husband  of bis* wife, that hetwrofco;to-her, informing  her that be still ..lived, and cherished her  memory as green as when he kissed her lips  in parting nineteen years ago.    He told'her  that he was still'free, and asked her to come  nnd enjoy the fortune he. had accumulated.  The wife-widow received the letter, add while  she read, the early love returned, and she determined to join bira, which she did; arriving  In California in due.time, and was met on the  wharf by .tho .'old; husband, who, conducted  her to a hotel, wefe they were re-niarried.  Causes of Soddkk Death.���������Very few of the  sudden deaths which are said to arise from  diseases of the heart do really arise from that  oause. ' To ascertain the real origin of sudden  deaths, an experiment has. been tried in: Eu-.  rope, and exported to a ^scientific congress  held at Strasburg. Sixty-six cases of sudden  death were made the subject of a thorough  The Steamer "Enterprise"  Will leave SODA CREEK  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS,  AT 0AVLIGHT;  Will leave QUESNEL  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS,  .   ATS O'CLOCK,  Connecting at Soda Creek with Barnard's Stacks on  Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up.  jp&T' Freight ta Quesnel 1| cts. ^ lb.        .  Steamer'Enterprise,'"f  May 21st, 1866.       J b  to  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  description. b  .   QUESNELMOUTH,  BROWN & GILLIS, Proprietors.  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table,  : Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats.       i  &C.  '   The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  PANNINGS, ' -  Oti Commission, or will purchase any quantity oo the  Most LJBKRAt Terms, at the  Reading Room, Cameronton,  The Subscriber is well known on Williams Creek, and  from the confidence reposed In him heretofore in the  above bmsiness, he bopos to receive tho patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing Reason.   .  1 JOHN BOWRON.  Q1ROD & QUICHON,  Oij) Established . General Stors,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMISSION MERCEANTSr;^^^^^^^  XAA;:  Storage, &c;--Terms niost: Moderatev;   :  -���������- -. .quesnelmouth.;;:/;-���������;.:;,:���������';,, ;V;.v  ROAD SIDE HOUSES^ &c;  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING LEASED  FROM S.  A. .Smith the premises formerly known hs the Mi.y-  ? s  ������. -  *k^r ��������������������� ������,u  ers'Saloo.v-has opened the same under the above  ORIENTAL   SALOO  RICHFIELD.  two were found to have died from disease of  the heart   Nine out of sixty^six had died from  apoplexy, while there were forty-six cases of  congestion of the lungs���������-that is, the lungs  were so full of blood that tbey could not  work, not being room enough for a sufficient  quantity of air to enter to support life.   The  causes that produce congestion ������f the lungs  are cold feet, tight clothing, costive bowels,  sitting still until chilled after being wanned  with labor or a rapid walk^gping to suddenly  from a close room into the air,especially after  speaking, and sudden depressing news operat-J  ing on the blood.    These causes of sudden  death being "known, an avoidance of them may  serve to lengthen many valuable lives, whicn  would otherwise be lost under the verdict of  heart complaint. . That disease is supposed to  be inevitable and incurable j-hence many may  not take the pains they would to avoid sudden  . ..death, if they knew it lay fin thoir power.--  ' :American paper. . ��������� ���������    *l ��������� A'AX.  $��������������������� We would call the attention. of those  having goods or other, commodities to move  between the .different towns on, the creek to  Mr. H. 0. Wilraott, who has a Horse and Dray  ready at the shortest notice to execute any  orders he may be favored with, at very reasonable rates.      ,. Xyy y.       '..-.*'  WAKE   UP   JAKE  n.i  ANB  public f?oneraUy to give him a call.  ...������S* The best brands of LIQUORS und SEGARS will  always be kept at this establishment.  JOHN HED1N.  Richfield, August, 1866. 2S<3m  BU IE  BROS./  WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IN  LIQUORS,   GROCERIES,  :���������������������������'' ���������AMD��������� ' ���������>'���������'  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE  BARKERVILLE.  Xs$&������ A full assortment of Groceries and. H. B. Co. ������$  Liquors always on haiad.-  - : . ;'.'��������� 16  BOYD & HEATHS Proprietors, %A  THIS HOUSE is situated 26 mllea from Qucsnelmouth'  The proprietors having lately-fitted up bedrooms  and good Bods are now prepared to afford every accommodation Tor Travellers; the Table. Is furnished withal!  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well sup-  plied with the befit brands of-Liquors and Segarej'good.  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley, j������* The CHEAPEST  House on tho Road. i*  Colonial Hotel, Soda Creek  - --"^LSE&S*&-SBNi'J������r-Pr^|irftot^rsr-. ~.~  THE PUBLIC  ARE  INVITED TO CALL AT THIS  House.   There is Good Meals; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horaes; Barley, Oats and Hay. l.s ;,  OOVERMjEKT STREET. Vicro^0 & '  WH0LR8A1.E_A_ND BET^U.  J. H. TURNER & CO  ; Rfceeive regular supplies by Exmpjw ������u t>  by sailing vessels^iCap* Hom?re8S7la *********  j������#* Particular attention eiven tn nil *** -���������'��������� ���������:  London Firm-^T. p ���������*;������������::? !������in0rdc".  P.TU.VBTAU&CO.  73*\     . ESTABLISHED 1858  W^LIAM ZELNER, dealer rn Dnso* uW  NyMxsa and CnEancALB, Fancy and *K J������?'  Sponges, Brush^,-Perrumery,4V^pffi  scriptions carefully impounded and   22^;  wltfe care and dispatch. ^Victor!a���������. J^ " f?W*..  ; ���������;'���������[���������. ;      PAlTitiCK'S CORNERS   ^  ":,:;":;;; BOOTS!;BOOTS!!  SAY SAM I, HoW is'it your fiobw w������iVW Lk  and keep yourfeet so dry/ Bocau^lS^i  Charity and Butler; Government Stree^S*:  JAY; & /CO;; Fort, street" Victoria, V i y^X  .Garden and'Field Steeds guaranteed' KavebnhanS  a carefuUy Selected stock of the above touS  Europcim arid American Markets. The carlv ordmn  their friends in British Columbia are solicited Par  ticular attention Is called to their large stock of Crfi^'  Clover and Onion  Seeds . of very, superior Qnaiur'  house and Gardenf Plants, StandnrU b'nd Dwarf Rnsei  of evtery variety. ,c.Catalogues on application. \'u  BARKERVILLE.  I  Barkerville, B.C,  KELLY & PATERSON, Pkopriktors.  Everything ts done in connection with this establishment to give satisfaction to the customers,.  &5* Meals at all hours.    C" I  THE PROPRIETORS TAKE PLEASURE tn announcing to their friends and the public generally that  they have refitted this spacious Saloon, and will open  the same on TUESDAY EVENIN'G NEXT, when they  will be happy to entertain all who may give them a calU  ROSS k BUROICK,  Proprietors.  . Barkerville, July 2nd, 1866. . .'It-.  Bathing    Establishment!  BARKERVILLE,  (Next Bank of British North America.)  D LEWIS begs leave to inform the Ladies and  ��������� .Gentlemen of Williams Creek aud vicinity that  he has fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a phnre of their putronage.  &$* He will also, attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth.   . 19  IS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OFTHlJ  'Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious and  airy and the Beds cannot be surpassod for cleanliness  and comfort by any in the lower country; the Table Is  always supplied with the best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on baud.  141 MILE HOUSE,  DENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor.   This House  Is furnished with every convenience for the comfort of Travellers; the Culinary department is under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; the Beds  are clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains the best  of Liquors, Segars, &c.    Stabling, Hay, Barley A Oats.  BLOOD WILL TELL!  w:  R^ BRODRICK. Coal and Produce Dealkb a  ��������� large stock of Hay, Oats, Wheat and Barley ofibi  beswhrscription always oh hand ��������� also,- Nanaitno English, Blacksmith' and Cannel Coal. . Orders Kent to  Union Wharf, Victoria, V. I., will receive immediau  attention.       ���������.,-,.... i.g  GENTILE'S Photographic GaUery, Govem.  mcntSt. Victoria, V. I.,.opposite Hotel dc Krance.  Views o? Cariboo and Scenery ihroughout British Columbia, including views of the route to Big B^nd, alwayi  on hand af liberal rates. i.g  BLUE   TENT  a. HENDERSON begs to Inform his friends  and the travelling public generally that he: baa  taken tho above Rinch and is prepared to supply tbem  with First Class Accommodation. Good Stabling for  horseB; Hay and Grain.   . 1-b  BARKERVILLE k GROUSE CREEK.  GROUSE   CFLEEK  TUt UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public that  the above establishment was opened on SUNDAY*  LAST, the 22nd July,:, and that he will be happy to receive a call from his friends. -     *"?"' -:'.'  \ 8&- BOARD $16 PER WEEK.:>&&  "Bread, Pies and Cakes Mwa^oriiia rid for sale.  ,:.,.,..;sa,;.--.,v.,.rT..v,.,r, .-,,.��������� ......,.-,.���������; x KELLY;:Pr<>p^etbr'AX  If ESSRS. HARRIS te CO. beg to inform the  ill Miners, Hotel Keepers and the inhabitants in general of Williams & Grouse Creeks, that they have opened First Class Butcher Shops in BARKERVILLE and  on GROUSE CREEK, and trust to merit a liberal share  of the public patronage^ and that their old friends will  kindly give them a call   '.' :   : 18-4m ::  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ail persons bavin*  IV demands against the Assignee'of ��������� the PRAGER  ESTATE are requested to send the same in to F.V. LEE,  ���������Ricb fluid, on or beforo the lat of October ensuing,  otherwise they will be disallowed.   -  . '���������"���������F J. EUEFF,;:  Ai--' ��������� .' Ass^fi^*'  Richfleld, Sept. ls*t, 1866. 86-td  VTMi. MANSON, D. A. McLEAN,  Proprietor, Agent.  THIS HOTEL IS, LARGE AND WELL FITTED UP  for the comfort of travelers; the Table sis supplied  with the best of everything that can be procurd, and  tbe cooking is not inferior to an jr oh the road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling; Hay, Barley and^0ats;;; l^s  83 MILE HOTJSE;  ALBERT CRYSLER has opened the above House for  the recept4on of Travellers; the Table is well kept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed ; the Beds are,  clean and comfortable.    Stabliug for Horses, Hay and  Oats. ..���������:������������������;'1-s. v  JAMES HURON, Proprietor. This commodious Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience  for the comfort of the public; the Beds are all that a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare; the Bar contains the choicest brands  of .Liquors and Segars; goodStabling, Horse Feed, Oats,  Barley, kc.    V :������������������'(' i.a  R; P. WHEAR,.Tailor & Outfittsr, Fori Street,  ������ Victoria, V. t. Opposite Bee Hive Hotel, wberebs  is prepared to supply his numerous patrons with every  requisite for Clothing suitable for. every season oiib������  year.' ' . ���������' .       .       '''..-. :        ''."-'.. !���������*  fHOMAS WILSON & CO., Importers of Scg-  A Hsh Merchandize, wholesale and rctiiik dealers ;n  Dry. Goons,"&cy Yates Street, Victoria, V. I.  Ou and  after 1st J&ne next in Government Street, opposite tlie  Bank of British Columbia* ...; : ��������� ...U  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V. L, Joss  ^Biove a-sd Pxkrbe Makoiet, Proprietors. TheRej-  taurant is supplied with all the, delicacies the market  arTord8.;In the Bar will be found tbe choicest LiQCOBi.  FurnisVed Room's, kc. U  I?UGENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,  ^Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES, BRANDIES  BEERS, and IJQU0RS and depot of Havana Segars.  Goods forwarded, to the Mining Districts. ' 1������  FRANKEL, Victoria, V. I., Dealer in Fow������,  Skins, Hidks, wool, kc,    Liberal advances mrtde  on Furs consigned.   Reference���������0. Sutrp & Go.; SpMV  borg k.. Rueff, yictoria, V. I.      , <    ,J^  MRS; HEIN, Milxjner k Dress-MakerjiGovernment Street, Victoria, V..1. All kinds.of Mijsery  of the latest style kopt consuntly on band. 0?F?  frbm tbe C6untryspunctually attended toAyyXy: .'*.  E  ernraent  WATSON, Watchmaker, Jewfe:&*  and EngraverJ Yates street above Gov;^|  ent. street, Victoria^V\ I. ;.-.: }y, ,; ���������'���������j^^y8?:  Gs6cKB'Si:PROv^^������  ILSON &? MURR  A V  Wine & Spirit MerchantsJ Bakers & ConfectioneWi  ForjtStreet^ Victoria,^V. I. A    y;Xiy   :���������*}&  THE UNDERSIGNED are now manufacturing FLOUR  of all grades: Extra, Superfine and Fine.    Feed  Crushed to order.-  1-3  LILLOOET flour MILL CO.,  F. W. Foster, Agent.  LORENZO LELARTO, Proprietor. This house  ������j*tfTords every accommodation��������� -for the comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and.Oats constantly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. i'.g  SPORBOR0 &&UEEF, Commission Mer-  CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers in Grockriks, !Woji'  sioNB, Boopb & Shobb, Wharf street, Victoni, v. &;**?���������  ft RELLEYm. FITERRE, ^P^;?^  \Xj.s%Iq Dealers in Wmes* Spirits and Liquors.  Tfctoria, V. I.  JlMPOKTE*^  QPROAT;&iCO.t^Uto Anderson *^4L:Vici0T(.;._.  p rind Coanussios MKROiiANts, Store St?eeV-v*Wi  V:[f.yX..A\;-y'XAi XX '     '  LL PARTIES INDEBTED to to firm of MUNDORF  k CO. .of Barkerville,; by Note or Book Account,  ar* requested to cptne forward and settle their accounts  ou or before the 19th September next.   All notes or ac-  ���������tounts not settled then will be put in Court for coJlection  August 20th, 1866. Sl-lm'  FOR   SALE.  :ANE FULL INTEREST & ONE^FIFTH in the u Found  V a,tL%st" claim, Davis Greek (Lightning Creek),  ���������Forterms,���������'- -���������--���������'- ������������������_.*.������������.       .=> ���������        /  &54m  DEALEE IN DRV GOODS, CLOTHING,  Caps; Boots and Shui-s,  Curpetings,  Wall Paper, &c , Lillooet, B. C.  HATS AND  Oil Cloths,  1-s  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZ, Proprietor, hag always on  , hand a large and superior stock of Lager Beer; at  the Bar will be found the best Brandies, Wiacs and  Segars; the public are invited to call.   Prepared to fill  all orders promptly'. ~ %.&.  LPpIy at the Sextixei office, or to  TALIESn? EVANS,  Davis Creek.  TJCE-  A ftaJS5^S, INDEBTED to the WAKE'.UP-JAKE  iiTtS!rZL*r . en?llle������aro guested to call and set-  It n "vf, aSh^SS ������U *?F b0fore the 2Xst day of Septem-  *! hiSSu taS^S aw������Ws not settled the������ will  t������ banded Into Court for collection.  QPELKAN and McKENZIE, Proprietors.  O This House is well.fitted up with Good Beds and  the Bar is furnished with the best Liquors; Meals are  served at all hours on the Restaurant principle; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c. l-s  Bonaparte House,  CEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at tho  KJ Junction of the Cariboo and.Big Bend Roads, is  now open-for the accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 28 miles; from SavanagSteamboat  Lauding, 22 miles: from Spence's Bridge UO miles.  Travellers will nnd prices and accommodations io suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend and vale, and once a week for Cariboo     1-s  SUTRO & CO.. Importxbb ;asd p*^l*  CIGAm TOBACcb, Meershaum Pipes, &e, S.A  corner of Yates and Wharf street; Victoria, .,/������������������,.? ^  B.HAG0IN, PntsicUN^ ^f^J-^l  n^VS*^^^^  ���������DIERCE U SEYMOUR,Tjnflors in Bsbw^ *  r Furwcbe, Broad Street, Victoria, V L-  n���������*^^sffi %^1^S"  \J MkrcsanM, WharTStreet,,Victoria,  HENDERSON and BOTNABY,  Wharf street, Victoria, V. I.  1-s  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE* half-way between  Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on th^ Yale Route.  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed,     i-s  BLACKMAN,  la opposite the BaRlt^t Britisnyo������������^    ������������������^^i������  :T^IAU^r^^ "f1  Tj������ Government Street, ^^JltlL!^iBSSSSS&  *M:^CDdNAL3D, ^oprieto^r Jjgg  ^  othersdestincd for the Bndg^R^ afforded  and  8������trkervm������, 27th Aug. 1S&6.  KELLY" & PATERSON.  33  flHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  V established Houso is well fitted up for tbe comfort  of Travellers; the Table is supplied with the best of  everything that can be bad, and the cooking is not inferior to the be(<*t hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, kc.  Th$ Expnss st������p3 here 1-s  BARKERVILLE.  AUCTIONEER,  MINING & COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKEByiLtS. tt  and every convoaience  ibem.   Good Beds andaTablo  tbe delicacies of the season  accommodation ������w  loweUsupP^^jV  ,ita jMaM������.^M^w^*^    ---.- This House *s  r\ T^MITH k. CO.V-ProPri6tor8^Qt{nn of'Tray?1'  &   wel������*p^^^  lers to the Bridge Klver X*^J^t^*iffi.  for Horses. Horse'Feed; te;As^g^*    ^ ^o  between this hdm^^iV^ m fa W  tbe stwjroow frothoelow and am?** i>  Boats f������r Lfflodtf*.  ���������  fill  Enos  I  K  m  m  m


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