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 emm  Vol 15.  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  **'.'������������������  Published every Saturday by  <R 0 B E K"T     HO L LO WAY.  Subscription, . /.   60 Centsper Week.  BATES OF ADVERTISING.  Barkerville, "William Creek, B.C./ Saturday,; Sept. 13; ;i873.  Ho. 20  For one square (one inch), first insertion,  V     -    *' one month,   .  Fortwosquares ;first{nsertion,     -   ���������   .  1  .       *!       one months .  ���������   ���������...*.  Agents for the '��������� Cariboo 8entmel."  Van Winkle, ���������  Quesnelmoutb,  8oda Creek,'  .-;-.-  Clinton,  Yale,       -':"    -  N<nv Westminster  Vjctorii,   ���������   ;.'���������������.;���������;  f.. P. Fislior,  ������������������" :���������  Bean k Co.,  0. Streot,  A T). Mclnnes.  Barnard's Express  ���������     ' Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  do do  John Murray ���������-'"  BfrWebst-'r.  '.-'���������. San Francisco  -      San FP*ncisC0  SOCornbm-, Lon^u, E.C.  Cards, Circulars, Praters andProgrammes for  ' Balls and Theatrical Entertainments  p&-Bx<zdfedwith heatoeseand dispatcb^^"  Terms moderate.  Production of the Sexes at War,.���������Many  curious investigations, saya a recent medical  work, bavs-beejv lastjgated id -'-regsr<I to ihls  point in tbe world of nature. It is a matter  .of familiar knowledge that the male and fe~  ,. male characteristics of tbe bigher species of  ihc animal creation are not produced in tbe  same individual, as they are in the great majority of tbe: higher species of plants. The  organs from which tbe two are evolved ��������� are,  however, so nearly related to.each other, in  intimate nature, that the one may be readily  mwfaKen for the other, in the earliest period  of their formation. Physiologists now incline  I to the opinion that the fertilising vesicle ia  morely a germ, vesicle, io a somewhat more  exalted state of development. Mr Knight baa  .shown that plants, like the oak, that bear the  male and female flowers on separate individuals may be made to produce either at  will, by regulating the supply of light and  beat, according to the end in view. If the  beat be excessive as compared with the light,  male flowers only appear ; but if the light be  in ^excess, female flowers are produced; He  also found that whenever the eggs of birds  are not allowed to be fertilised until immediately before tbeyare laid, and therefore .their  own intrinsic development has been carried  to the highest possible pitch, before renewed  vivifloatioD of the germ vesicle is effected, as  many as six out of every seven of the birds  subsequently proved to be males. Quetelet  believes tbat tbe relative ages of the male and  female parent influeoce the sex of the offspring produced, to avery considerable/ex-  a tent. In support of his theory, M. Hofacker  has shown that when^tber father is considerably younger than the mother, the proportion  of female to male children is generally as ten  to nine ; but that when, on the contrary; the  father is nine years; older than the mother, the  propbrtioQ of male offspring; to female is as,  five to four, and when eighteen; years; older,  as two. .to. one.- In a general way, more males  of the human species are born into the world  than females. If all Europe be included" in  the estimate; the proportion of male to female  ��������� births is about 106 to 100. Possibly lhis:pn ���������  p'onderance on the side of males may be due  to the fact that in civilized communities men,  ; from 'confidential and othefr motives; mostly  marry women younger than themselves., But  there are other reasons why this preponderate exists, Three male children are^born  dead to every two female, ' '''��������������������������� ��������� '"**'?'   ���������"*"  Blushing.���������Darwin, in his new VOrk on  w The Expression of the Emotion in Urn and  Animals," has an interesting chapter on blushing.{ Th is act, he;telli:us;i8;'t^m0st peculiar  and- human of all expression^.'' Animals never  bluBb, < -b\though:; monkeys redden from pas-  si on. We cannot pro&iee blushing by any  physical means j it <fs the mind which must  be affected, and blushing is not only Involuntary, but the wM to restrain it increases the  tendency. While tbe young blush more freely  than tbe old,/nfants do not blush ; women  blush mow than men f tbe blind and the deaf  do not escape. It is usually the face, ears  and seek only'that redden y the blush does  nd extend over the body ; but certain races  who go habitually nearly naked, blush over  their arms and chests, and even down to tbeir  waists. The limitation of blushing to exposed  parts is explained by the fact that tbebe: portions of the surface have been habitually ex  posed to the air. light and alternations of tern  perature, by< which the small arteries acquire  the habit of readily dilating or contracting.  Hindoos.blush but little; the Chinese rarely  blush; the Polynesians blush freely; the  yoang squaw of our/American tribes'has been  seen to blush ; the Kaffers ot South Africa  never b 1 ush, neither do the Australians.  Prolonging   Life.���������An   eminent  French  chemist, Af. fibbing/ in e, memoir recentjy  presented to the French Academy, announces  his belief that the period of -human existence  may be greatly prolonged, and enters iu to  an argument to show tbat bis belief is based  upon sound reasoning.   His.argument is.:that  the mineral matter /which constitutes" au ingredient in most of our food, after the com  bus tion, is in our system to incrustand stiffen  the different parts of tbe body, tends to render  imperfect many of- the vital processes;   He  compares human beings to furnaces which are  always kindled, and says:   " Life exists only  in combustion, but the combustion! wbicboc.  ciirs in our bodies, like tbat which takes place  in our chimneys, leave a detritus which is  fatal to life.   To remove this, he  would ad  minister lactic acid with ordinary food.  This  acid is known to possess the power of-removing and destroying the incrustations which  form on the arteries, cartilages and valves of  the hearts As buttermilk  abouuds in  this  acid, and is moreover an agreeable kind U  food, its habitual use, it is urged, will free  the system from these;caus'es, whl.cb inevitably  cause death between the 75th and the 100th  HOTELS; RESTAURANTS, &c.  B ark'rville H re werj  Vailancour & Hunter,  [SUCCESSORS. TO N. CUNIO,] . 't>  Beg to inform their frionds/and the pub lie that th*  have tafc en me welJ known premises;in Barkervillo  so long' favorably patronised' while In tbe occupation  of Mr N.Cunio,   ��������� / ���������- '.     -.-.���������.���������;���������:''���������  The Ceebrated XXX Ale  .will-be manufactured and soldJbyJWholeaale and R*  tail in Ha purity, and   ;-. .:/���������... -;  The best Liquors & Cigars  constantly kept on hand,^  The "Lodging' Department  MISCELLANEOUS.   ..;  Van Volkenourgli & Co.,  /  ,     ftiCHFIELD  ���������AffD���������  A8UPPLYOFTHE  BEST QU4UTY OF FRESH HEilS  ALWAYg.ON hand.  Lumber!   lumber  will be ai ways carefully attended, to, and the beat  Beds and accdmuiodalion. provided, for their ens  timers' ! .'del6 :  J  Restaurant & SalpQB  year,  a  It appears from tbe researches of Dr. D. J:  Macgowan, of Shanghai, that tbe medical  virtues- of fish oil as a cure for lung complaints was known to the Chinese many centuries ago. But instead of codfish, they take  theeil from the shad, ^ ^   ;  ENGLISH DRUGS!  ���������pATElSif MEDICINE^  '  PROPRIETARY  ARTICLES,  GheTalier's Life for the Hair  COUGH L0^ENS^3, &c, &c.  ^^Prescriptions a bti/eifiaiily Recipes accurately prepared.  BaikerviUe^Ne?^������,  ��������� A RE prepared7to furnish Lumber at thelf^Millt,  ' '&:^VViilfam'Creek^or;deiiver <t/to ord������?r. :: ���������//''."  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  creek.     ��������� \u-:;/ . "*' '���������/������������������" '';.:-''; ';/���������  -. Having a Planing ^ Machine in operation they..w!l  also furnish   ���������'  PRESSED LUMBER ,  at satisfactory rates.���������.-.      ,��������� .  ;  EG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THKY HAVE REMOVED  to the spacious premises: formerly known as tfce  St.  George Saloon, where they  will be at all tiroes  prepared to furnish "������������������      ��������� s  BOA RDAND    MEALS;    i?  ���������OF  THE  BEST iQUALITY.  The   BAR is .furnished with tbe finest  WINES,  LIQUORS ana CIGARS. ....   .,/     ...     :. vv; '  Board,  $12'per Week,  el? ������ftn i  Road Extension Act, 1873  TT7HEREAS by a Proclamation,1''dated1 '4th 'March,  V T     1873, the Mainland of British Columbia was for  the purposes of the above Act, divided into five Road  Districts, via.: :./'/..  be Cariboo District* .  he Ullooet Road-District.    '  The Yalo.Road District., ;  The Keotenajr Road District.  The New.Westminster Road District.  NOTICE IS. HEREBY GIVEN, that tho following  Collectors have bucn appointed for the said Districts:,  Cariboo District. # '  Omineca Polling Division���������W. H. Fitzgerald, Esq.  Richfield, Lightning Creek/and Quesnelmoutb Polling Dlvisions-^T. Lindsay, Esq. -W'  Keithley Creek Polling' Divisiott7-Q...Hare, Esq.  . Williams Lake Polling Division���������G. .Pj Pope, Esq.  LltLOftET DlSTRTOT.   :/: -,r        .    ,V.J    -  Canoe Creek'and Clin Ion ;PolUng PlviBloa������--0] E..  ���������pope, Esq.' ���������������������������     '' '"*' -  ._   Lillooe'fMling Biyfslon-f4. W. Smith, Esq.  ITals District.       ���������..-/;. -v."r:--���������;���������.���������  Okanagan Polling Division���������C; A. Vernon, Esq.   i  Nicola Lake Polling Division���������Alex. Robb, Esq.  Rock Creek Polling Division���������J. O. Haynes, Esq.   .  Kamioops Polling Division- J. Boyd, Esq.,   .      >  Lytton and Cache Creek Polling Divisions���������T. R.  BUie,Esq. : w ���������  Yale and Hope Polling DivisioBS-*-W. Evans,, Esq.  KOOTBNAY DlSTRtCT. ,*t-'J   - '���������-'��������� ���������K--" y ��������� :'  ; "���������  Wild Horsej Perry Creek, and French Creek Polling  Divisions���������C. Bbotb, Esq.'  New Westminster. District. ������������������' ?.-?.; ���������" ;  Chilli whack; Langley, New Westminster, Burrard  Inlet, and North, Arm Polling Divisions���������H. H. Edmonds, Esq. _ .  New Wsstmikstkr,City jpiSTRicT.. J  H. V. Edmonds, Esq.' -���������' >���������.'/  By command.  ���������    -      /       JOHN; ASH,  Provincial Secretary.  eOMMISSIONr-STORiGE,  ANO  general Agency.  apl5tr  JAMES   WfCKHAM,;  BarkerVilleJ  G-rbceries and Provisions  if.������  LI GH T N I N G    C R EBKi  ��������� ���������������������������'���������.���������   f.:apl2->r; ^-y  ���������    p^ ���������  GROUSE     CREEK.  Delivered to Miners(dn ihe foUowing outlying Creeks:  Antler, Ouimingham, Stevens, Beggs.0ulch,  ���������  -- \    /' .;/.:������������������ -jgporf ; ''[" ,   ''  ^^ The Goods' sold at this' Store -wlU% as usual, be.  of the best quality and at1 the lowest market prices.  Grouse Creek, May 10,1873. mylO 2m  NOTICE.  Viooria, April #h, 1873,  :iu  :rftECEASBO.  fc-X&^&EBSONS"indebted to orrhaving:  SL claims against tbe estate of J. W. Xindhard,  late of VanWinkle, Lightning Creek, Merchant, de-  ceased^ are requested t������ pay such debts,' or send la  nirticularsof such claims, to Theodore-.Li^dhard and  A. Towriscnd, at VanWinkle, the Administrators of  the- deceased.  THEODORE LINDHARD,) Adminis-  A.TOWNSEND, j" tratdrs;  VanWinkle, lightning Creek,  July 1,18T3.  ^uia ac&wfflfT^^-v- -->vw.f:  '.1 i. ;.���������->������ ���������!���������-'  JWW~^  :^������5^^K^rK!-i.-i:=^  THE CAUIBOO SENTINEL  ; BATCBDAY. SEPT. 13, IS73,  CANADA'S DKEA&L  Avery inifcresiing^rticie appears In ft late  sbove h������������$^:M*&mt$i������ liberality nnnmmt  to writers in ibe great AmerleaD newspaper  wtes dealing iriia asj*Mng Jfeitisb, the eon-  etoions 'arriredat, after a ^ei^pAl observe  fios of tbe eeraoUy; are extremely favorable  fo ibe Dominion, 11^ Writer .eommeoces by  asking tbe question,,".? lis t&ere * ������agonal hare  sad fcoii^nse maleh la progress on tfolB con-  *������������������&������? aM if ������������i; Ja the nimble-footed h  ^appmg Is tbe expectation of an easy victory j  J In coa*e%aen������e of having had the fortane of  a long start. Its adranc# orher������oap������titor?,H  These iat������rtogaiorieB nerer troubled the  wntet ������sfil hi������ base of observations was  icbaggged litras the United States to the Do*  ������aaSon of panada, and although he found no  ������ach eridejBees of -rapid progress as would  justify an attempt, te cast Canada in ihe role  of tbe haW/be^  taking rery long strides- up the pathway of  ampire. *' Twenty .'ycara ago the locomotive  ni^de.Ms dehui In the Province of Ontario.  . ind the 5rst.screwitftasier entered the St  . Lawrence. Tweaiy-gjx years ago the Grand  Trunk Railroad was^ commenced and com;  ^Jete4 In IS6<C Seventeen.years ago the now  ,.V^wp&b1 ���������fieet'.'bi'-Oepan eteain^^'inpwD-'as;  the Allan Ikewaaestabllshedr The first tele-  ..jjcmpih wares stretched oVer Colonial terrV  .lories in;18i6* la JSS9.work was began upon  lh<?'Intercolonial,.;^^Ib^ilway froml Eiyiefe ,JSa  1/J8p to Halifax; ind in the year following  purveys were made for ab iron highway to  ;tiiB pacific through British territory. In 1850.  ifjfeaihe United 2>iat*S"claimed a population  ������������������'���������piover2$#OO.00O,and bad takenrank among  ���������.. .c^).tot;j 3?owerj������'-.of; P^tea^op/i;ihem.^ef;e.  icareely two million 8ubjectii:'of the British  Crown in all Nprtb.America.,^;A computation  for.. 1874, based bo the Dominion census of.  .1870, shows a Canadian and Provincial popu-  ttSoa^Sf: 'aixmt' fiv^ miilloos, demoasiratihg  that whHe the United States have not quife  4j6ubi&ilimpopulation in tbe,twenty-threi  years now ending, the increase In the Domiri-  ; Ion for the same length of time'. has b^eo  almost three-fold~a ratio of growth that if  -ieafntamed to the close of vine ; century* wilt  anpure the establishment of a truly powerful  nationality along biir entire Northern frontier; With Confederation in 1867, the first  spark'of ambition was kindled in tbe Canadian breast, and the dream of a great nationality; presented itself to .the popular imagfn:  fttioB* ;,The Canadian tortoise, has entered  itself for the race for the championship of the  Hew World a generation hence."  ^ I 'Wb0.u fgnorancejeegarding :tbe clirqato, soil,  capabilities, and commercial status of Canada  .-wbicb until lately prevailed not only in. Eu-  ���������iope^ but very, generally  througbout; the  4 United Stasis being rapidly dispelled. The  pamphlets jmblisned by the Dominion Gov  . eroment for circulation among, tho  people of Europe and the British Isles are  ^attracting attention to a land of surpassing  ���������gricttlloral and mineral wealth, and under a  government republican In eTerytbhrj but  name.    ���������' Tbf snows and ices with   which  i ignorant geographers have screened half the  WUIIUIrU.   SJfcC   iu^i.iujij   wniti     wuiwiy   VUD  OUU   Ul  reportorlal iaqttiry,,,. for; "ii appears the  writer in the Herald was surprised on his  visit to Canada to find " endless miles of  ? navigable streame and lakes, available during  a season fully as long as that enjoyed by the  boatmen on the Hudson and Lake Cham-  pMa f and he states that in from 9ve to ten  y-sars the provinces of Quebec and Ontario  will be as thtckly gridfroned with railroads  as are,New York and Pennsylvania to-day,  while lines 'will Reconstructed all along the  aorthern borders of Lakes Baron and Superior, to mtve as feeders for the great trunk  Sloe to the Pacific.       :'-t'  The erroneous notions entertained concerning the climate, soil, and capabilities of thfl  Dominion ar������ not oonaned to foreiguflrs. In  oanrereatioft with one of oar local capitalists  l������to1y(we wer������ enrprfsed to find a gentleman  who baa resided in the Froviace for ihe past  tea years fixing the quantity of arable land  oa tbe lewer Fraaer ��������� at iwms few thoui*nd  &etmt and as educated gentleman from Bog'  land who lately passed through Cariboo was  astoBisbid to'fKod/titat people actually lived  bare doting tbe winterf The climate of Carl-  hoe will compare favorably with that of some  ot the Western States of the American Union,  and the country- around tie lower Fraser  contains millions of acres of good land,  anS the delta of the Fraser is only  equalled in richness by the bottom lands of  Oregon, and has tbe advantage of being  sHaated in the Jm mediate neigh bo rfaood of  what must be eventaally the best market on  tbe Pacific Coast  The surveys now being carried on by the  Government in tbe lower country, and tbe reliable information* which will he obtained by  that means, will correct tbe erroneous notions  regarding its capabilities entertained by many  people. It would also help things wonder  fully if the Local Government would follow  in' the footsteps of the ��������� Federal Government,  and by the liberal use of printer's ink en-  lighten the outride world as to-the. resources  of a Province of the Confederation which ia  destined to play no mean part in " tue: race  for the cbampionsbip of the New World a  generation hence," /���������'.'      . .t ,  new ADymrmmmTB  MfSCELLAKEOTOf  KEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ii<  FBOYlh'CUL SSOKCTAST'S OFFICE,.  August 21st, 1873.  S IP IS; ,DESIRABLE./I^ VIEW OF  framing a Fchenie for Assisted Immigration to  ihe province of British . Columbia,. tbat the Govern-  aent s'jouW be possessed ef tbe full-st data on .wbidj  to base calculations as to the number of nenons fesi  d^nt in tbo Province who might b^defiiP'/us of availing tbemselvi-s, in the interest of;friends,' reiatires,  Mc.f of any arr-*ngements that may be he������������oftcrraa*de:  by the'Oov^nainc-at:ot th* s^rtmnc^Js't!:i3. bebalf, ail  perftous settled in the Province who .may desire to  bring ont relatives or irieaus/and.all era'ptoyera who  ma7 wish to bringont laborers;or servants, .are requested to send the fullest particulars "to" the Provincial Secretary/;_��������� ''���������'   '���������������������������/-V:/ ���������-*������������������ iv::���������'   ���������   ' '; ������������������  Those desirous of bringing, out ffiends'or relatives  to state numbc rs/age, and sex of p^sib le i m mi gran ts,  and the amount that they-are: pwpareU. to advance  toward tbe desired object, '   "~ '>  With regard to those desirous of bringing out libor-  ers orT servants, a ..guarantee* woald be required for  the repayment to the Government at stated, periodp,  pf the 6ums advanced for passagOj and applfcants.  must state' that.tbey aro prepared to give the same.  It. will a be fully understood" thu by, the preseut  notice the Government do not bind theiBserves to  carry out any individual application ot. any general  plan:of Assisted Immigration at [���������resent, but merely  to obtain requisite preliminary in/crmat'i^n. -:  v        By command.  :   ;   ;   '; v; JOHN ASH,  S������13 ' Provincial Secretarv.  pSii^ES s:t;o:re;,  , B.C.,   ;:;  pa cap get the best bargains in  GOODS,  And DRUGS  HAY and an Am e������i^  Cuuay  lor  cash.  The   best  brands of   EXTRA   FLOTTR  LILWQET BEANS, and CHICAGO BACON  kept constantly on band at low rates.'  ���������jm* Farm Produce sold on Commission.  ae63m ���������    JA.S.   REID.  VOR  ANEW TOP BUGGY,  ESTATE   TH08-  J,; MENEFE&  WILL mSOLD,      %  AT   WILLIAMS   LAKE,  On Tuesday, Oct 21,1873,  AT PUBLIC AUPTION,'  ConsisUng: of ONE THOUSAND ACRES of  excellent Farming Meadow and Pasture  Land, nearly all under Fence, together with  FARMING IMPLEMENTS,  Consisting of Threshing Bhchine, Reaper and  Mower, Wagons, Plougba, rlarroWB, &c., Ac  ;-Alao,.: .% \-'  75 Head   Horned  for Cash.  ^Tails,41bs/for$i.  Sugar, 8^ lbs. for $1.  Iron, SOc to 25c per lb.  Machine Oil, $3 per gal,  Pric^sCandles, 25 lb. box  $11.  GOOD TOBACCO, 50 cent* per jb  J. B; PACETS TOBACCO, $1 per lb,  FuH aa*ortrn^nt KIP and CALF BOOTS *t  to $9. "^yiopw  HOrS,,$! ?0,eacb ; SHOVELS, $2 each.  SHIRTS. SI to $5 eBcb.  CANADIAN CWTH SPITS, $20 to $30  BKST FLOOR; *S pergack.  &iricer������il!e, Ati&m 2, ffiZ. ao*>  Consiating of Cows. Beef Steers, and joudr  ; Cattle..  15 head of Horses,  Including the well-known Race Horaea  * DEXTKE asd DICK.  32 Hogs,: .  75 tons Hay, and about  40,000 Lbs. G-rain;   - ;  \  .^^ theabove:will he sold in lots to gait.   -^-Alfto, *t e������me 'iTnsc and place,���������  ONE UNDIVIDED HALF INTEREST of tbe:  Soda Creek Farm,  SELLING OUT!!  e  AND  (C  With Stock,. Implements and appurtenances  thereunto''belonging.  Also, ONE UxNDIVIDED THIRD INTEREST  in the  59  situated near the mouth of Deep Creek.  . TERMS OF SALE.~For Real Estate will  be made known on day of sale. For personal property-all. sums under $300 cash :  over that amount, sixty days, good endorsed  XF. HAWKS.   .  r. ,   ��������� P- a DUNLBVY,  Soda Creek. Sept. 10.  ;S ; ,:-:-0?FER FOR-^ALS.' ,  AT GMiaY;a������MC������S M|g| .  Their, entire '..and TrelUassprfeft *ir,c& af-  LI:Q::y.dR'S5 -'-.CLOTHNG,  . .'BOOTS. AND SHOES  ;-;:-----<3RO-OERf���������.Sr-.   MINING. 'JMPLErviEiNTS,  .. -ly .���������������        :_' Ac, &c,,'&c^' ���������   ,.  j^^* Parties intending to htirGnorls of any  description wHlfind it to tbeir advj������ni������*e** to  give .us a call before piirchasuig ei?ewhor������*.  '���������A.     FEND OLA,  Groceries, Provisions and  ors.  ROASTED DAIXY AT THE STORE.  I Executors.  sel3.  Aifcbefn fn������niCtLediy Mr Wra- Cameron,  Attorney for Mr John Bruce, to sell by Auction, at Barkerville^  ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1873,  At half-past Tsro o'clock.  That well-known property in Barkerville at  present occupied by the  Bank of British Columbia.  ���������Also, at same time,���������  By w0F fn?trn.c,tfon9 received from the  Mortgagee, I will sell the well-known  DEPOT    FOR  PIONEER MILLS EXTRA FLOUR  A fresh supply of which has just been re-  ...... ccivedV  FOR SALE OR RENT, possession given  cm 1st October wxu     ,  * *     .  <gSU P.irUra (n deb ted to the above eslflblisnm^  are requested to call and''settle on or beforo 20ta  August, Ra4 avoidaxis.     .      .... ���������  p. FICR,  Birkorvllte, B.C, July 26, 1873. ; Jul2g ^  ������������������ ������������������     ��������������������������������������������������������������� i, _  1,,^^,--^^���������^��������� ��������� '" '  THE BANK of BRITISH  COMPLETE,  Tho finest Buggy  in   the Upper Country.  NINETY CHANCES, at $5 EACH.  The Raffle will take place at the Brewerv  Saloon, Barkerville, en Saturday, Sent 27th  where Tickets ������aa be procured. m$  situated on Slough Creek.  se6  GEO. BYRNES,'  Auctioneer.  SURVEYINGL  pARTIKS    INTENDING     TO     AVAIL  LsoST~ ll* f������"XM'X lAw^ad topis!  CAPT. O. J. TRAVAILLOT.  oua  THE CARIBOO AGENCY OF THIS Bank  1. vnll bo RE-OPKNED for business on M0NW*#  14th inst.  DRAFTS ISSUED ON  Victoria, London, Sao Francisco, Portland,  New York and Cenada.  Jul 12 WALTER POWELL, Agcflt.  r   COURT OF GENERAL ASSIZE AND  ������"���������   Qaol Delivery, and of Nfsl Prius, wlU be bcld at  A. a BAT&3\ toe 160 mile House, on  THURSDAY, tho 25th day of September  By command.  Dfttod latU August, 1878.  JOHK ASH,  ProvlnciftlSftcrutaryj  M  ���������  mi  m  m  m  ipii  ��������� THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY, SEPT. 13, 1873.  ably reduced lately. They are now capable  of engaging in unimportant skirmishes only.  London, Sept. 12���������It is reported the Carlisle have captured Aliveras.  London, Sept. U���������Dr. Limao, of the United  States, has arrived at Constance to attend  the Catholic Congress.   .  ������������������ < ��������� ���������<#������-  ���������+-+���������  on  i.wji ';   y������' ji     ������������������������"-"     ������!������������������ .... ������������������ i ... i  i.i   ���������     in   ii   .    ii    ���������   .,  A Eioh MiNB.^Tbe Crown Point mine may  bo considered tbe representative mine, In  point of bullion production,-of the Pacific  coast. Tbe San Francisco Mining and Scientific Press says the amount bf.bullion turned  out of late ha* been'someihing to astonish the  THE ORIGINOF PETALS;  BRIDGE CREEK.   ;: y    .  Bridge Creek, Sept. 12-The prospecting  pBTty und������r; the old pioneerv Billy barker.  wMch went out on HorseBy this Spring, nave  "���������Li returned. They put. a shaft dow.ii������42  Wt but tbe water gettiog too heavy they  were compelled to quit wprtfor the present  It is tbeir intention to return in the fall and  run a tunnel.   The prospects are good.  The epizootic has attacked ail the horses at  this place, and will seriously affect the coming  races on tbe 29th and 30th insts. The tollow-  ing borses are in training:���������Tommy, Shoofly,  Gav Deceiver, Gipspy,,A!HJor, and Flora, be-  '���������rides several scrubs, The purses are large  enough to tempt any arid alt flyers/     "       ���������  Ned Nelson shot an otter hereto-day that  weired 82 pounds, the largest'one ever seen  in British Columbia.  UNITED STATES.  New York, Sept, 9���������WhUowre BroB.planin&  mill and  tea stores, on   Mill   street, were  .burned this morning.,. Loss $250,000, partially insured.   >New Bedford, Sept. 8���������The ship Abbott ar-  rived at this port trora Hudson's Bay.   Sbe  reports the loss of,two New Redford whalers,  aud brings home a'portloh of the crew of one  <if them.- The -particulars are as follows :���������  Ou 14ih September, 1S72. tbe bark Orion,  Captain Taft, at anchor near Mai hie' Island,  Hudsoo's Bay, parted, her anchor and wetf*  avhim. and cannot be got off.  On thefoJJfrw-  infc dny   the  bark, Ansal; Capt;GibM������weQt  h������hi'Te ?iV llio'wunis plrf^lwd weHt* piecpf.  uredn^fcV  N������ Uvea wire )���������*& at lift inne.btt*^oihcraws.-V*^1^?-?  Wne-o'biitrwi'to live ou ziiMWlilllt*1 2d;eli .       . .-;".. \  .- * --   ^  Ai.^ni** t������tt,a������il 'twt^m'frm the lack ot.f;   The.Foster and Mi an eii aba companies re-  ������������������rjjoer'fb'o*!^ Th*j'"WMti'.af tucked by spur-jsumed work this w*<*k/.' f.   "   j  v��������� v;;ind * t rw y{l&W !*S*.f������2T*S ��������� *������7 ���������^  ^v��������������� ��������� "���������'        '   1-^;*:,������k������^������������������-r~r '.. ..���������:.' j  .'itf-Wi Mrere for ^w������^^^ foWvAUg. / para-  ihr- iMiives aii il hy _fc^ivs.;.; The- crews a.uKjg-apb,.odated from'-fi^  fired exceedingly.       ���������  .. j RP}^Rr>d in 'I.ire";:nnwb'm\;bi'lt.he^An6tor������  ;Sejit. ,0���������'Fsssengera  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  'lANB AKD KURTZ COMPiN'T.  The pumps were started this week, but uu  account of one of the 13-inch pumps getting  out of order the machinery had to be stopped  and the pump taken out for repairs; By next  Tuesday the pumps will be at work again.  "... WILLIAMS CREEK. v/.  The Bedrock Flume co. continue to clean  up with good results 5 the Chinese companies  are also taking out considerable gold. The'  Forest Rose'co. bottomed their ^naft at 20  feet, and have started another one. The Bal-  larat co. are working from their new shaft,  four picks working; the ground looks well.  Work has been commenced on the upper end  of the Bedrock Drain. ' /���������  JACK OF CBttTBS CREEK.  The Two Brothers co. bottomed their.shaft  at 120 feet, bedrock pitching. No change to  report in the other claims,  The prigin:of mining recedes into the obscurity- of the. most remote  history.    The  origin of metals is still more mysterious."  Some of the elite of modern German philoso*  out or taie ua* ue������u -duuunutug *������ twvoatBo sue , pbersattribute thek formation to the rays of  world. During the last fiWtyear there  ���������!!lV        1    ���������������������������'" ;v ^   ��������� ijj     **'���������***    coal during combustion, which are now^ be-  136,893 tons of ore worked-, yielding $6;441,- Ueved to be the deposits of the sun's rays  974, making an average total yield of .$4T 05 treasured up for HS;throngh*thousandsofeen-  per ton the year through.   The coat of work* turiesi so the metals are presumed' to������'ba *de>  ' *' posits of the.aun'sma.teriaVsubBtance^emitte'l  Kw   ������*a  fdtim    nr.'A   ^AWAnW/irt   ii hah  An*' A'nrn    anlt  ;.VLTaUTNINaXREEff.  Ross co. are, on pay again. Sprnce co.  have Btatted to pump in their lower drive j  in the upper drive appearances are better.���������  Po lift co. washed up 29 6 oz. last week and  199''bz. this week up to Thursday: .mornlngy-?  Van Winkle co, having. lost bedrockshave  gone back and started: in the lower drive.���������  Victoria.co. washedfup;over 300 oz.last week  and 85^oZv on Wednesday. ?Vancouver co.  washed 'up 100 .'02..last week and 76 oz, on  IJARVkf CUESK.  ing this ore averaged $11 74 per ton.. The  cost of mining it, including cost of running  drifts, repairing shaft, &c, was $8 63 per ton.  During the year they paid out for labor on  tbe mine atone $771,317.   The next heaviest  item was lor lumber, $175,522 ;  wood cost,  $66,858; foundry work, $17 652; and bandies, oils, hardware, iron, steel, rope,&cl; cost  $147,294,   These: expenses were on the'mine  alone.   They paid out for . crushing 121,828  to08 of ore $1,463,824.   They, paid as ex-  Jpenseson the Rhode-. Island mill $144,389*  Of this the item of water alone,was $8,400}  that of quicksilver, hardware, &c., $38.232.  tor wood, $43,744,  and for labor, $35,537.  The assaying department cost $26,561/ itself  a good revenue^for an.orflittary mine.4- The  sum of $2,180,000 was disbursed as dividends.  t*vt������ Bivm-r. Mrs M. Rhtlpdee; Al**x. Watsoh;  Kdwiird l^iemne. J Ijahcaster, J G. M������eson.  <������e������>r������^ Gr������������on. John Russell, Jas, Stuart, end  I "20 iu steerage.   ..  New York, Sept. 11 ���������It has been decided  to briMir. Irving In-re from 8*n Francisco, to  s������*e what he knows of the Nathan murde**.  N������������w York. Sept. 11 ���������The Northern Pacific  Directors at their meeting in this city yeater-  d.ty adnpted a resolution that the city of T������-  coma is to be the Western Terminus of the  fliain line of the Northern Pacific Railroad.  CUBA.  Havana, Sept. 6���������Last nijrht a sqnare of  .building^,, known as the Plnza V;ihr, was  burned to aahes. The fire broke onf simultaneously in four corners of the square, and  i 1 1b supposed Ui have been the'work of an  111 ce1 n<I is ry. It is rep q 1 ted that twen ty I * ves  w������*re losfc���������'[ The. scener, arolind^ the burning  Wire were,^xcjting and; terriftc.> Women  threw their chrt^ren froni the baldonles to  St*ve them froin^tbe ^   ��������� -^ -  ,; EUROPB,  Londoni S������p������ 5^ A 4f?pa*������h rr^imMadrld  Announcea tbeiresignation ojfjyTliiniatry.  ' Rome, Sept. .6���������The" Pope is again India*  Jioaed.' -V'C'  'New York,Sept ���������^lij������ s������rftlemeniof:^  Creneva award and th$ final payment by  France to Gennany oh account of the l������-  demnity, occurred to-day. vThe 8hat,.payment on account of the vGeneva award was  $1,000,^0, of which $2^9.740 was paid in  called bonds, the balance in gold. These  two im port ad t events attracted much itioft-,  tion in financial circles. ^  Londoa, Sept. 7���������The Spanish correspondent of the Standard flays t&at the five men who  were sent from Madrid to asamat������ Do ii Carlos  tiave ^been executed at tEsiella.  Paris, Sept 7th���������The Fren*2li Government  lias received notificntioa fromi Berlin that  France having fulglled all engagements, tbe  occupation of ber, territory byv the German  forces is legally eo4������d. The evacuation of  France by the Germans has begun. ;  Madrid, Itept. 8���������Pfeaident Castellar has  determrned to make a supreme effort to crush  IheCarHstfl. He has decided to bring into  ���������active eertioe- 150.000 militia.; He believes  with $his force it will be possible to establish  order in the country.      '  The number of Carl is t Insurgenta, uotwlth-  Now, Mr Kditpr. we are all ie>,  .  U rapid and tfiecessful development of Light  uing Creek," hut the Guardian/s ihforuiaat  was guilty of. deliberate falsehood wheii tie  stated, that "one hundred men could easily  find:employment at $6 per day oh the claims  on the above mentioned cr������ek.". The labor  market on Lightning Creek Is, and has been,  fully supplied, and I must say that it is to be  hoped the paragraph quoted will not have  the effect ot inducing "one hundred men'* to  visit Lightning Creek in search of employ*  ment. They would be unsuccessful io obtaining it, and their journey would result in  hardship and suffering to themselves, undo  served abuse of the country, and a heap of  maledictions be poured ou the brads of the  author and propagator of the falsehood referred to-. Can yon inform me; Mr Editor, if  the conductor of the New WeRtminstet Gi\*x~  dian is interested la the stage business, as I  fancy either he or bis informant must have  a direct \ n tercet In the io crease of I i ravel t  v^&pt^';^V'^U^ ' . A:Minbb.  "'C^met'?its jebitectwhen he says the labor  market tri Lightning is fully supplied at  present, arid weubelieve the supply of labor  will be fully eiyial to the demand for some  time to ebroe. Sevsral miles of Lightning  Creek vei remain undeveloped, and if the  ������������������gentleman just down from Van Winkle"  bad Informed the Gaardian that there was  room for the employment of one hundred  men In developing it, he would only have  stated tbe truth. Prospectors, not laborer*,  are wanted in Cariboo. We are not aware  that the editor of the Guardian is interested  in the stage business.^]Eo. Sextikel.]  R^auo^i m South AMBBioA.-The Ne^  York Herald says that among the important  railroad improvements io progress is one now  being organised in London, on the basij������ of  extraordinary grants from the Honduras Government; the object of which is to insure w.th-  ^ delay the completion of an inter-oceamc  ^ilroad from Porto Caballos,on the Atlantic  TV&eB*y of Fauzco, on the Pacific  mil������a 70 miles of which have been completed  f^uTw in operation.   By this route, it  * ra0 - ffHh th@ Panama route.  PESRsoKAL,~MrG.R.Crotch and Mr^B. L.  PhelpsiOt. Cambridge University,, England,  on an expedition Collecting the insects of the  Pacific coast for Professor^AJgassiz's Milium.  Cambridge, Massachusetts, .arrived ia>town  from the Forks of QuesneL on Friday;-; the|  5tb lnst.vaiid Jeft for Victoria on the 7th.;  Tbey operated jor severkfiweeks in tepari4  boo distriity:an^  some of considerable rarity^ and two butter;  flies from the Bald Mountaias'eutireiy hwpiti  ecience.:::.^ .'��������� [ *'::- ;^-*' wfy. ;     ?'?*���������%&$ 1  '    fOHN   CmKAtfaM^   ON   KNWMOWQt^White  p^^^g^^e^^ the ;ibove:  paragrapbwe^  at a hospitable/cabin, ah'] Inquisitive Cfafna?  man as^ed oheV of' their;hosts, u Wbatrs the  matter?;ifbat he do?" "O^ he catch?all the  same mosquito.'^ "What for? muek^muck?'^  "Halo 1 >...Stop..:one, big Boston bouse;'siya.':'  w Hem," said the Chinaman, tapping his bead,  *4 hiyou sick here lw      ���������; -. :.    f r:  The Epizootic���������-The epizootic has attacked  all the horses in the upper country, from  Yale to the 127-mile post/and in tbe..course  of a few days it Will doubtless get as far up  as Barkerville; ���������;.Passengers booked for tomorrow's down Express will have to remain  over for a week, as all Barnard & Co.'a stage  horses, with the exception of two ��������� teams, are  suffering from the epidemic. It is fortunate  tbat the disease has shown itself on the main*  land In a very light form, or the result would  have beeu a total stoppage of travel for some  Weeks. ...___    ���������    ,  Barnart>-8 Express, with; the mails and five  passengers for BarkervHie, arrived! at 6  o'clock yesterday afternoon. Following is  the passenger list:���������From Yale���������Ron. G. A.  Walkem and Messrs. Duppnt and Camsusa, for  Barkervillej Mr Kersey,;for Cache oreek;  From QuesnelmduthT-Thos. Spence and two  Chinamen, ������������������;; \'\.-.. -  1 Tns Ho������. & A Walkem arrived by Bar  nard'a Expres^ yesterday,' and was warmly  welcomed hy bis constituents. s Mr Dupont,  Inspector of Internal Revenue, also, arrived  by the earae express.    The Uatlwat,���������Advices received from Ofc-j  tawa by last mail state that Government will  take tbe charter away from the Allan Com.  pany, and undertake the construction^ of the  road at the expense of the Dominion.  by itsrays, and deposited upon bur own and  the sister orbs.ot,our planetary system. ^The  theory is.tbat ail'the: mateiial 'of whidh? tbe  planets of pur solar system is composed?: baA  been'" shot-out" from the fcreat central'6'rW .  Recent scieiitiSc diacoverles unfold the fact  that all iucandbflcootmetats give forth aflame  thecqlqr of which is definite and peculiar,  This'fias been ascertained by experiment so  numerous and to carefully conducted by  philosophers of the highest eminence as tobti  incontestible.. By th?a. means it is ascertained  the sun is ayastg[obesof inbanSescentmetaW,  how Bustain~ed.no one presumes to say, farther  than that inscrutable electric agency dorain.  atesihe ^wonderful'phendmena.   -By this  means all, or probably allrthe metals knowa  on this pianet are 7proved to be in the sun,  beeming with ah energy seen>owhere elseinv  nature?ahd'sendifi^forth rays; ofC light -anA  heat'to the congregations of worlds that wait  upon the great1 luminary: 1. ;These> rays. are  supposed to^consist .offinfloitesiraally small  particlesif all?thefknown metals, and have  beeh:lrr thfe^^lohg history^^>of solar existence,  and mundane, ,4depen^  forth in a slreara'of Jlnniinous- material froin  which the metallic lodes and vreins of out  world have dejjye^.tbeb?^^  ;iheee" were:-orliSo'ftUy surface: deposits; ^but  gradually"fofcedtheir way.tjirough theyelnt  and crevices they^occupx.by ythe instruaia^X  ' tality. of water ^^and were par tly^bfough^idto  their: present^positions^ by|eraptive  The;commirignn^f>meta^8res snppdrtsjtlits  theory ^ gold an $ siivet^re found together;  tjn and Copper almost in^vaiiabVj'in; this^^counr  Cry:; |ilv������r and lead nearly every whereiWnt  I in sotnd places^oteparticularly^than others  while the flora and the zeol^gitfftli:^dJSa\ef  y*\  lu.alloldcoun^l^r^  to teach us that they are>m: fdTUodatroai  universal civilization.���������[Mining and Commercial Times. ..: -^ -   .���������:."'''%���������- .' ���������'������������������>������������������'?.���������������������������>������������������������������������..  ?JoC*v  '^���������;-^^5j^-^^^  sees  Oj.V:  and tmtil farther notice;  Passage to Yale toy Barnard &Co.5s Express will  JAS. A. NBWLAND,  .: > Agwat.  SarkerviUe, July28,1873.   . , ���������     M���������  Estate of Thosl J,  DECEASED- ' ^  ALL    PERSONS     HAVING     OTAtliS  **- agnlnst th������ Estate of th& Ute Thijus J Mb*tep. a  of Sodn Creek, are reqwstcii to seud Io or present, tho  a:tmo to the undersigned, and all persons indebted to  the Estate are r?^uired to pay forthwith tho amount  of their Indebtedness to  Or PETER C. DUNLeVV,} *E������������������twa  jKS* All bllte must be presented before the 20th of  October, 18 T3.  Soda Creek, August 17,1873. au23  Assizb Couar.-No Court ofV^^^'^f  held at Quesnelmouth during tbe Fall Luv  cuii The Court of Assize will be opened at  Richfield on Tuesday, SepU 16th.   *  Missi^AChin^a^le^^  Woek for the Forks of Quesnel and has never  rrrived.  It is supposed he has fallen a sacrifice to Bruin's love for Celestial food.  Chief JnBxlcTB^TWped at Cotton-  wood last night, and wM arrive in Barker-  vUleto-day.  NOTICE  IS  hereby given  that Thomas  LAVERY has retired froHm the baslnef^^Uithcrto  carried   on  \n  Barkery ill������ as: Saloon-keepers and  Brewers  by  thei.flrm of   Vaitlancour,   Hunter &  O. Valllancour;having purchased T. Lavcry's inter*  est, the business;:will In future be carried on by O,  Vaillancour and Joseph Hunter, ��������� :       ,s  .���������.'���������': -v-, -ViT. LAVBBY. ;;  Juiyn,i873  ���������: ���������;::M*$  HAVING- determined to CLOSE my Res*  -taurant Business on the 30,th dayot Juno next,  all persons indebted to me are requested forth with t<j  pay tUesame to:George Byrnesi; unto whom ai|  accounts against me 'mo st be proseutod.  JOHNG-. QOODSOH.  '-      ���������- Wakoup-Jftko'l^siauraot,  Barlwvlllo, Jjm^ to, %W^ tat  GOVERNMENT LAND SALE (Continued  OF  ''*.'-:  ..,.-'    //Has received instructionsi from   v ;   j  H6N.  RbBER^rBEAVEN,; ;  Chief"Commissioner of Lands and Works,  '-, '���������: ."..���������.'..  to sell| .";'.! ,!.'':. * .<;  BY.'PUBLIC, ;';AUOT ihU;  : By order of .the Provincial Government,:,  }...y������ -. v-,.:.;   ���������AT':THEv:";-':-n5;-'^:^:'"  ���������Jhe undermentioned SeofcionsJa; ^.-, ���������  i>i:^M&r  i  ���������BANGS,  -do  do  lEast :  do./  do ���������' '  do^  do ,-.;  do  do  do '  do -..;  do  do    ...  do  West  do '���������  do   ..;...  do  do  'dor"  do^O  do    ;  9L0CS.-J  1'North'  ;^\yd6ri:\  '^vdoJ'-  i > d*>.:v  ;-^?dO/;;-:  i  ���������&������&>��������� h  North  "v: di>���������-  ������������������V:.do";.-;';  do--.  'North  8   do  North  do  S8&$  t *  ������Se3v  ?*%'&&<  KivE^  ;%itEv,';  ���������^WesT :  ���������tfo>F" :  *>*'���������������������������'���������.  West. .  do  dor :- r  ���������:>^dtf^'-- :'  .���������-db:j';'  .'.' do   ;  '���������&*C������u:l -:  do  V  IV  do  do  do>  do  do>  do  North  fvdo  .'"do-v  ���������do  c ; do  do  do  1     do  4  -do������<  do'1'-'.  do do  ��������� dc-<i JY^dfftfe':  $!.������;���������. *' do. -  ?'do* do ������������������"���������  ���������  -^ :,;  ..' w^*;  do.  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ACBES.  150  160  100  160  160  160  160  130  ���������140  167  160  160  1563  LOT.  35  36  49  50  51  52  59  -68-.  69  70  71  72  73  ACRES.  LOT.  99  101  105  106  107  108  109  no  113  116  lit  118  m  ACRKg,      LOT.      ACRES.  130  135    .  136  ��������� 137  138  141  142  143  144  .147  " 149  160 ���������'���������������������������-���������;  15(5,   '  GOVERNMENT LAND SALE (Gbntihried);  LOT.  75  76:  77  81  82  84 :  85  93  ACKES,  LOT,  120  121  122  123  124  125  I2tf;  127  ACRES.  LOT.  166 j  157  158  159  160  162  irt  173  ACRES.  MISCELLANEOUS.  " j^r* Full particulars, of the extent/of eaeb  Section, and Mapa.'of the sarne; can, be had of  the Auctioneers at an early date...'.'.'.^���������-.-.  ��������� ',���������*��������� J. P. DALIES & CO.,  atl16 . . '   ,*'  ��������� Auctioneers;,  air hard & Co.  mvio  NOTICE.  A COTJBT OR GENERAL ASSIZE ANB  rl -Gaol Pellvcry, and or NisiPrlus, will,be hold at  eacb or tlie undermentioned places as follows,.except  tho aamo be-horeafter changed by"Order in Council ;~  'SPRING dRCUIT..  ���������' : New Westminster;Wednosday, May 14'.      '5   '  . .v Tale, Monday, May 19. *:. -: / ���������    '    .. ��������� r;-    :  ���������Lytton, Thursday, May S2j'v. ,,:-    ./. -,    . ..;.;  Kumloop*, Wednesday, May 2,i\'v":.    ''    '"'  :''���������' ;  Clinton, Monday, June.2..-   .1'   ' '  Quesn'*lmoutri, Ffi'lay, June li: ������������������'  r   Richfield, Tueada^June 17:." ':K\-" ' '��������� ���������" .���������.  Rfcbfield, Tuesday, September 16,        ��������� \ : ,' = ,  Quesn^lmoutb, to be fixed, hereafter, tf ant busi-  tiess.     ���������.-'���������'  ''���������;-.-," '���������'';'. ���������;������������������ ... ^.. ...  Clinton,: Thursday,.October 2. " k- ���������������������������''    '     \:  .   K:iinloops,;Tuesday, Octob*r.*7..: l.;  ':..   LytUm, Monday, October 13:; >    : ���������:  "Vnle, Thursday, October 16.'  -New Westminster, Tuesday, October 21.'  .! "������������������'  Assizes at Nanaurio and elsewhere 'will; when neces  sary, be hereafter flxed. ..���������������������������������������������  Dated 17tb day of April, 1878. !  :i   v ������������������ 'By.command.''   &���������;':(, '; ������������������.  ��������� .[���������������������������:** v  .   JOHN ASH, ;;  m^      .-'. ;    >      Provincial Secretary  k^^0^S^������^' Mails,)  }S ve^jr; Siind^y Morning.  IbleB^os^^  Express  Office, Barkorviilo, nnd  at f \v 'tV^  HARD'S, VAN WINKLE... J' w--MNfc  JAS. A..NEWLAKD, Agent..  Dark������������rvule.  arnard'���������������������������& Co;*s  ��������� Express. "'.  PROM AND AFTER THIS DATE ANT*  V������������������������������������ until lurther notice, . A^mD  Treasure to any amoxint  ^WJHbVcarHed between' Barkerrilje and Victoria at  :In:;tl^  k Bntisli^lTimbia^:;  GENERAL ORDER.,  V^; ;'  \T0^ jf: %e������y given,';that the Supreme Court  ii wm sit In Banc, for the hearing of all motion*.-  ���������amirnents, appeals, and other matters coming before  the Court in Banc, at tho.Supremo Court R.x,m in th*������  city or Victoria, for the, jollowing:term.s, on the davs  heremalter mentioned, namely: 7  ���������  .     . '  El5?57 Term $���������'4* l&tb to'^oih February;   :"  ^vSfer,TCrn3irOmth0l5cb tn25lh  April; ���������    '  For Michae; mas Term f'r.������m the 15th to 25th November  there will be no sitting in Banc in Trinity Term  hri?������WiSeaay'of' l,1? llW<>ri!)fl,dates nAmeU for tlv?  beginning or ending of the Terms.ahouM fall on a  2??i"5y ������rkPub,,c Holier, then theTerm wnibcgm  oreiid on tho next following day.       ' -u v'^a'v  "*) fMATTJT. REGB1R, C. J.  I '|HBNRVP;PKLr^WCRKASEJ  _"'���������" "U.. HAMILTON.CRAY, J.  P-tte.1   Victoria, January 24th. 1873. ror22 tf  ���������KOTIGE  I    " Whereas b^an OrrUr S���������> Conncii, dated  ridLS  7h?rC' 0f ,Cft.n!������i*.- 'A-hu been de  c.ded "thai Esquimau, in Vaacouver Island.  Pacmo Railway, aud tbat a line .of. Railway  {  1.8.'  ::'r.jf   ;UPPEEt FRASER RIVER,       V  j^URINa THii'ftTJfilMER WILL LFAV  ���������v    SODA CHEEK O^TnURSDAYS^  Lab ^ii^������jg^t?cr.&^ ^RNAiirj  k Coy's stages,' arid ': %*V7>:v  QUESNEL ON SUNDAY  AFTRRNOOSS,  .... ..--AT i:; O'CLOCK;     '     :  Tho undersigned hope, by-a strict 'At ten lion to  Jjusfchjes, t������:Bjcrit.tftv-coiitinawnce ������f tijr- pairu^*'  hi iUerto. extended to Messrs. .MarrJn k Wrljrhi  ^Freight, per ton,.     -   '-      -     $'20.  ���������'. Passage,;-'"-''"'-'    -      -    . -       $5   ���������;:��������������������������� .  *"'-.;-.'��������� ;;;    ���������'���������-��������� ��������� grant & arndt.  So<la Creek, April I,51873. mytu 0m ���������',  ;   ;   ;: witwors";   J-;\  Cightmng   Express  LEAVES BARKEilVfLLE DAILY at 8 AIM  ;'  ' ";    '���������:'>."���������  aso  LIGHTNING'CREEK--'AT 3 P.M.  Passage, $2 j for-tbo-ronod trip,'S3.   ;;  Freight taken at low rates. *;  apl2.       :���������;. H. C WILMOT.  ( be located between tbe harbor of Esquimau  and fteymour Narrows on the said Island ���������"  fhe ���������^re*s jD accordanc.e witb the Terms of  tbe .said Order m Council, application has  been made to bia Excellency'" the Lieuten n  ���������'fatLT/J' rB1 r" Co"'mbiB- f������f a r������er'  ������ IT'-     %ni tor ,,,e conveyance to the Do-  ;^-on Government, intrust,: according  tbe 11th. Paragraph of the Terras of the  Agreement of Union, of a strip of Land  thatn1heb1r^U b.M.b������en,deemed advisable  honld he lW.r,!lhin. lbe h>it- aforoaa,t  rh'h^r:^?bL^-aZt������b,aCnd������r  LEA & PERKINS' ;  .,; Ootobrated.  WOFiCCSTER8H'RE   SAUCE  Declared by Con noisseurttfljo..  THE   ONLY    GOOD SATCK.  m  this date Bfitrin V iT^ i I10in aild after  width afongah? Els&^'^r MBm in  Island  between  S~^ C 'f ^uco^^������>  ^y Corumand.    .  .John. Ash,  Provincial Secre(ary?SC0:a,SeCrelat-y-  July 1st, 1873. ���������   '  notice'.  HASmS B,^^i0nueltt3&nfCLOSE.my Res-  at! pemms i������Ucbi..f t������ ^������ ?'8oyi 'lftyo1 ���������Iul"! n''J",-  ���������'���������'���������:���������     "������������������'���������"  ���������'^?^',?-o,OODgoN,     ������������������  Caution against Fraud.-^Tlie Fucccwof tlila  ost <tolIclftU9:aiict unrlvnlloil Condttnetif liojlng  Cftufted certain'UenferR to apply tbe nmnt'Ot'1* Wofcw*  tursluro Suuc������j?j to tlieirown Inferior oompountf*;ib9  public U hereby informed thultht only way topra*  curo'thegenuine, l������ to  ASK/FOR   LEA  &   PERRINS'   SAUCK  nilto8eo tbat their names are upon thowRAfP**  .UDKLajSTOPPKB  HU(lflOTTJ.K. ...  " Some of theforclpn markets having boensuppneu  with aspurlone WorcestershinSftuce.upon ln^wK  per and labels of which the names of Li-miml I *rri"  hare been forged, L, ami P. give notice that mm  have (urniahea their correspondents with power���������������  attorney to.take instanrproceeillngi? ngninsi ������a>������-  .cruRivReandVB.NDOBsol such, or any oilier !������������������������������  0asbywUicbtheirrl|fhtmft} bcinfnngcu.  Ask for .LEA & PERRINS������:.Sauce and^������|  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, ana  Stopper."  ; and for export by the Proprietors.,W������r  eeari<lB.lpckweU,London,&c.,&c.,������a������  Wholesale  center; Crosse  by UrocerR and. Oilmen u ni versa) iv  r,:IST  ho  XTOTICE IS HEREBY, ffiveu that a Ij������  .IT   of all persons within the District of Cariboo���������*  are   liable .to p;iy  tho above Tax for the y^rlBiJ  may bn inspected on upplfcntloii to A  Barlow, H���������������'  elmouUi. or to .  .--���������-��������� *t  '������������������} Q. BYBNE9,  ^CMieotornna Awasflor-of Wi^'l'^" IH������  .ifbi-v-u  |^������'


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