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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-09-10

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 '���������#���������  ���������^WCft^:^ *'??''-S?9,S!Kf^**1  gfc&jAO j  ,I^^^erville,, Williams Creek, B.C., Mona^Sej  ..^rj^^.^ggK^^gpQSg}il  Oil'  ; Itwas Aunt Nabby's birth day-arid-' she was  ti&iftppn ha^ingj)a/stewe|l gdoMlst^wMih  oiiKnsV atid ��������� with* cat) ba|e aifft*' salt*pd'M^to  'Pollyabr? fl������ &Bo'S^afa?fc������e got a  ffoose<,bout^e,farm??Y:     . u , "^/  !,}jM sai&^we^eat4he <slCgander a Christ-  niftfl* and-'he was the last of the patriarchs^  a. ^pj^fal}by^en^dQWn to;-Sue; ^hoj^as  getting breakfast. ,       /        \ ,' ;?  V"  c#Siisaftna#s^  ataWgtftta JgtfciSlKini breatiomos No'W;wha,t shall  ���������we do fl ; ��������� ��������� ���������,������������������ ;\ J?:"I-iv^5/?*���������";������" ^f? ���������'..."     v-VC  *j36 MithputA:rep}^^  amiable^ toneiwhlcn^tfatb jr Baidvnad>'worh oJf  her teeth to. the;;gums,R- %������ -���������������;'   ^; ';V. ��������� r  t;,:.' ,  ��������� ;ijuV A1ifit4"SKtjlby;^tts;, bent Supori-'a1 ffi&ke)  and when such'���������$��������� stiff 'aiuf s^aight pe)rson gets  benVujftn'Hpy^  flaftef :-SettlSfl i-amt51 sajy ��������� that' Ja;g6;{j $ e!$ fjbme:  kind ��������� wouldcbe&acLat soina^ate .oLotlrer; **'  ofiSam^oap,' 'the 1;ailorj doniih^nl^catfed Sdf ^  ,S3ap;;JJntq^  likeifflindpoadolysbusily engaged *in :patch-  iogfari?Old -blue;.-ticfatfWith���������{fciilT; old er*b ro^n  /ra^aw htfniihing' |ir p^rafci ifjf f nlly !^ixe^^^ jb p  <ire$atto^  a nasal twang' ttiat.iathe(dir������jcifi?bm^J'edediah  Soap, who was ^menibep of-tthe L������oflg"Parlia^  'Ssap,' *ays^ato,v*jfi6u 3i&n'fe %ft no^oose  nptnolhin'y ha^k^  ! Soap* was;ii literal ^^i^litejstiryj ^ai^wTio  as he called hfedttgh^ having  bittione^ej^ ^us^ce^at;  islj^solneMati^yia^ioal^^^e^^Ba^^  'gin Cato the^la^e^Tgaqse.^ ny.^^ir,      ^  Priety^lite a^ood ^irl; weift mtrfittie^qther  room,>,an(L afjtei^onie^tinp^ ��������� $?jfli$g &  well enveloped and -carefully wrappedup 3n  piper, .telling Qato^W^^^Te^h^kB^^v^]  lasting tftid'iffit^tfii^^ the  wcbrfppted mortal tqa jde,ljyej;.< his * .charge rc to  ������������������ Susanna. -. ~ - ���������-���������������~ *1 ��������� .* ������������������r���������-^  stew tli^ gc$^^  the tiiilor/s:streaiiwje.twas * sininieringamong  onionsj-'ahd'ca'rrots^ and��������� cabbages, and^tur*  nipsyand^  breakfast, Auut Na'bby littd ^o'he abroad to  ask in - t{ie -n.mghl^^^  hqme^sji������<w^^  ���������kifcchen:to;see;ho*te'th& geese {came* bfc������-5'\7-"s*-V.  B^^dpuddins, tlMM0itiffi7>iM$&Si  ���������Wf*P97**J$k:at.the head;of the table, the  ^ffiiWie^^  goose, smothered ih:..oniohs, and utterly hid  ^neathibe load of carrots arid cabbage, /Dbe  30ait hexfethergoftse?wasIssignedlo tbe-mihis^  ter,.andansatdpwu.^r ;;;:;'.;  % 'The* squire loiirishecf Bs Jbri^&nd'JounefeS.  upon }tii(f pig.,." The ;deac7w?he:&iteled -ito .at  Wieveal^whileih^sexto  irprfe ,t6vexhuni4tia, piecd;p? pcirlir -rrbhi; amid  an avalanche of.^^My^f^m\^U^M^^  spoiJu^geiitly stirieij-.awa^  onions, insfopes-'o^ thug doming'at' thejgopsei  'It; smelis/i-eniarkab ly'tfhbV 5say s 'heto iunt  Nabbj;" /i'"-/-.'.;.., ..;',t;���������;:���������j-h-'m'-f-^n^h������������������:-���������'���������  ���������/-M&8 particularly fine and-tender^ says she,  ���������(Irnicked it,myself; froin a whole-l^eapJv a���������"-���������;���������;<  ��������� ^And-stil^tho mimster^dltedj'till at 'Mi^his  spoon; ^rateclj. u pqn.; a. hard; suri^ce.r^rr- % f\y^, ���������'.';  ^���������^Sk^^^jJ^^^^d^pWn  jinfeQ: the 6 hion>; mass^ her strug,gied, to' ^raise * the)  ]irohihaB^ei ^th^wbic^  [ .^JBlSss jhU^crieii^ ;A!iint fNa}>b^ ^haKtnail  W0jSSoWSh julage^^Jiaad {#e7sguire^ ^aMife  |wa9 au^old'goose.'-/ -\   xi{ ] :\ ;'V 'Vk ."l)~<r"  ^^Graci^te m^J'e5^ii^ed1inq.jd^ ,i  j  Still the Minister sjra^l^  gboseresisfed. M Aunt Nab by -gi'ew nervous^  and''the^^"more: the ihiu^teTltru^leli|%h^n^m  the goose would n$t c^me^gl sawmy aunt's  eye dilating, her^ha^f������)ye^vUglyt andthen  pounce, j ust whenih e mihisteivthdugh t be h ad  ObhCiUeredtheie^m^iny^iM^ove the round  Meel through tlie;^nions^ inlp; the,s eye^of tbe  ^kewer a^lhe^ffipu^itf'andidragging fdrth the  tailor's*gobse^held^;it at -arm's lengttf'lJefore  the company.   Tlie squire had just raised the  pig^uppn his fprl^^vhen; seeing.; my aunt-b . dis-  \ cpvJBry������ he^ir^ppejd \i, ^nd^the^lisb \wafabdk-  id all to smash.    The,sexton ? had drawn his  beansvtp ^he edge;of the^ table^.ano|her puljl  ds,^ejsa,wlthe^obse, jand^^vej^|)vehi My,  Aunt drqppedj ihev^cause, p^ all tfeis; e^yilt and  there - wentjaho therJ plate:,;, TM ccimp any; d in-  e% else^ where, imd 'th4next J$unda^he!minfe  ^r.,fl.ecljne.d preachin^,^^^on accpuntp^-adomee^  -jie^misforliin^  ajrtep; and the sexton buneu^he'r^obs'ejrvmg as  bje: did so, that she depaSe^Cithe^ooPcr^^,  in consequence of an irpn gpps^ ,andJarpkph  crockery.- ���������������������������:.,-'.       ;- ,WK:r\  ii:  t ;;,,A|^fi������te^|pMMii@  FUJjLISHED^EppY :jV10NI>A^ . A^^^HUimDAX.  0^i:^fARKERy^|^^^^^^^  (Iiielu^rn^^t^lM''  ^;r^A;a^S^niSiKB!fe  . b* **:  DEAJ.ER IS|;:,  i$i  i J-SI-I j  If  ^^7/:  ���������>1  ft^������fWith^awir;to- Increa;  ^^g j ^f'l -;'t /- Vw< I - ^tfi^Si&r; *I ? f; f ^ ?I ;<i; S||T.#f fort"  ^^AFK;;ISSUEDOTaHE^BAte}S,Mp9ai|  M -Vi  ^E\V;#ESiiS  J i^il'-;^f������:^H6wtPs6^^  v" '" 7; r ;-/'i!i;';?.>*' . i^ .In i.-i.j-it,* --i .'liiM'-'1'1'  I ^fls; JQHNiJLicLARE^;. -v.)    ,.Vi i;>,   ll^gfB  {^Jl-    JOHN ADAIR/   'J    ���������'���������'"'}' .    '    '   '���������  |v^|^PgEAvp������ NANAIJ^O;  p^E^M6pTSr'O0^qtESi^^  J<;t^Bk^fti;^v oa ,,,'--"^^' 'iip ..  " TI^STAl^S^:^:^t^':';:'  ^_ ONTREA1^;;r^CAN^A;-Tr.    '  Mnu ^TRuli^T()rniif^|^^c- ^HUTn'ilttin/'Tiom/oni' Kins*  : rBton;;^<;)bc������rgj^}3(_QYiUe)i'Briintlto '; '  ���������'-      vllle^WhitogB^bW^-OtWtS-Gnblpli,   --  ������-fi     -    -iod^rlcHpgte1'^^^^ '  o.^-^I^IM'I'N;  M..' ?, f- ft rA  sp?r,$:-BftttJ% GtfvDK^Afeilt a; i  JOH^iBipRQN^  i-^-'    fit..s "d..,j   - ; yTiPtt-Jf*  gbout-iapo,'  bouse^ibck'in the pornerr>next-Athes pupbpard  fitopped-and-heliup-ri^lfe^y^ShrrM^a^-  pli^j^sj^na^^tjs^ %nd^;^py^gnjp^|^  won't be morelender urtor,being biled.  *An4fet������x  yjtuii  T-5l.fi  40h,^bless1 yoUt>:it;a sbrbrSad^acYpsCPQ  My aiin^s-mputh watered:8b,; that she;i1was  forcodvi ;to ilook: ? at: Susanna,; 46 eottect ^the  ^^ea^^JmpressipnF-' ^-" ^ "?: ;/:f;:;,>^1^;  Well','Aoop, $iMfoe, Arid the heighbors began  to drop in." Must'came?the^pai*son, .who beitig<  a man of vast punctual lity tbokrout Ms^vatiJh  as sojjp -@ h^cam^^an^'loAtfip' p���������rppie)pf  seeing how ft eEimgd^ as.hevsaid^with the old  clock, walked into' 'the. .latcuen," bade Aliss  Susarma fgood^day, \ hoped/she Cf cb'pi^a^'df^ell  in bodyj-and Bfiuflfedj'^^'^P^V^^P-^^^T^S^  tbe; preparing iacri to  Next to" the Mihistei\canie.theSquire;.he;open^  f Hi^TOivERSAL^'ftACTidBv of ���������Jfmixin'gvr-GblGbry.:' and  "pf iter-adul terativGs wi th Colfe^, hjas fv&ry' piich ..Uamag-  6di*i;���������;public estimation, what onghV:tp**be ftiio most  (ieli^ious ol. ^vtirfigcs:/, tSojeffectu^ly :hav^ the; public  been ufuggbu WiVii siich raixtures that tho trac ^propsr-  ties liavb: been lost-sight bl\ and many prof or.a black  anil thick infusion t'o'a ilrink.rich in spirit and aroma;  G|mcral>������lis !tlis use of CoJtoe^iJ,-.is ,.littlpf|aio\yn.>tha>  in; Amdiendiug-tho vapors oxLracted'-.!^'ni;:iiw^CT^J.n  roasting;- a- liquor,; is'"pbTaji heLi^rVtlio^mblt. n^epjas  taste, a;nd^bf It sx'ont'th^njost un6e4rafile.;-/ tjniler sdeh  cii,cumBthnc6& it i3*"<ividently important 'that, all' the  roasting should bo car^;  ImiS' rNSTITpTION.aUP^eo^contains    .; volumesoT-Ghbice-Literaturv) isisting of-R������lig1^lis/;  Scientiflc,tHistori($ia|^d]K)utic]^  -Fk? llmi; ;;��������� 'Ty!: .;;;-/^;i v/'JJVy-1 ?:y^H\:-^X-t0i ^������������������y^M^f}^  : '..Worceskf^^tr^e'Ptotoi-Ia^Biq  ary/o t'. the: il r ts=; j<la Ti l* t'd^L li r bs.tjx I i tj-^M f njfe^'jLi p^i? 11 cb 113 b  ���������Prondunqlik^zHteyr.' oi.r,t;hS;JYofl^i^n/i !H6m an*s Gyj  t'OT     Wi i ^ i t:  ��������� Tile B -i'ftxIiSg Room will ..be.; found ���������"supplied;; wi th, the  litest Ku?li|h, ScottiKli; Caiiadian,'^j^eridfi������i^ 'aBci^ Crfilb^-  lijflI 'Pft^������r4an^i, JUAgizines/r,' i.-^; 'Ji> ^'^i, -MOT oili  ��������� -'! #srm^ .: pPi^aiscaiyadtoN^g^r^ ujar terj������ orffg? per  mo'ii(hlv * Siriftle'volumes toanedTtoTnon-su bscr)b.ers, at.  50 ctSi per yolume, .with". $1 deposit. ���������..���������.-   " iif- ���������''    iJ" *'  [Perseus nbt subscrit^eibavi^isi)'.iiigjjtjVe Reaiiing Room  and -making 'iise: of: tho'.'^fooli sjinM; Papers will be chu rg-  ed'25 ctsr/lor,each visit. ���������������'. '* ��������������������������� >v^^^sV7 *7i'r,i?.f'? ���������>"*  vj3S?^The���������Roomjwill'b'^open from^lOa:mrtlniOlprm^������  E  ;p;p;,.  puroarpina oC'theiCofleo is? retained-; the essential:Oil  ���������being preserved amUnot exhaustef,!: as, in,;the.Cylinder  ���������RoiisTerr!wher,Q th'e; Cbtreqis .requireclth remajn a: inuch  loiifdr time: iii cOoseqiwtice of the steaming i t uiider-  go<5 by' the confined steam. _jys.gipmicany..imi)iissi;.  |    *  V '." -t h ' ������i s .'"DBAtERS- IN"'  J   .*'' ���������*' ''���������'". ���������'*'**  PROVISIONS, GrROCERpS,igLqTH^^  ....  -���������������������������t .Storage, and,Commission^,^vi ^a&- \  f'U^kidy���������,���������tnittfiqwsfitfjl<jvi,lonUd c-M\r^As titling,  .?  'lali  ^ojA-'Dust,  wiihin^-i^our^j  ���������MeJto'd'a'nd/Assayod^.'auti'Vetunia -ma'rfa"'-;i  |;.'Or.;H:oi' evQn^espriptionycarefuUy. AssRyocL. - ,J: > rf**k;'  M^^^;^^a^i; ^". ,,���������  HfiAD;6OTibE:*7^ST.7FBRBNSiPlUCE*I/>l!rDON;'''������  "   .  ;c|sco������ 'Chf\bjob/ 'CanadUj ^Ncw' 'Bruns'wjcK, y^vova Scotia,*;.*  an<f!on 'all 'the'Branched- of >th'd >sKi'itn>n?flfBa hTc* ot1 SoBtA.*--*'  lanaian^^oyincial'B^hfc^rjIr^anU/ff; ykio nt'" IiM'/h  ] Bills of J Exchange mnpl ^CroldciEurohgsedi*^^  t j Intorest;on*Special;D:2pp!3Hs ofr^ r  rate'o^ nju^tpr or,onu ^erjcent.^erimojath.*/:^^ vrf?sf,f  'ti;  WHOLESALE & iRETATL.  Df  ���������>  rKl6HFIEtIX:i MrtamS'brae^B^c/1-' ?:  i>'i.;  wriswhicli gradually destroys  UXtfj retain,; the,. esseiiti.-il :.oiJ  a tins, containing  : had!I'rom- ally of  ^rSliectkbl6^aiarI:^oc;incb^  those who.have hitherto"������h"obliged to refrain from  tUiog Gotree on*account of its ill effects that they may  use' our;CoIIbe;roasted in the OoHlcal Roajtcr^beiii? re-  Shmende<i by nil mooip.il men under whose nonce it  has been brought, audLby Humerpus. other t^tunoniak  in*u������fjivor '  '   ��������� >-'   "���������''       ���������. J*EiIj1j'& l������u.,  ������    Coffee Merchants,'Yatus St., Victoria. .  TXE^HAVE ,0N HkNI) a large.stocte|6f /Broyisidtis^  )%j: Hardware and ffi$getpXfe&;j^r$W\AWt-  hiihVd to sell; thehi; (cU]eap(ii:^than ��������� any, other, store on  iWilTfaniBGrfi'dc Come a'u'd see aiiU'judgc for yourselves:  ...Richfield, May 5th, 1866.- ;,;,.,   ;���������';.   .;; /'��������� -1*^  J(jnLi> Dp&T<Meltpd janid^^sayody an^^eturas^atfc'  within 24hours in$>inQrt&fgrBf ;; ,=,: ,.rf *,-.{> X-^-y  ��������� Ores of-1 bveYjP' Ue'scrlp ti oh j^nrefKl ly -4s������oy eo> t. ���������".''.' -  | N ������B. -.-Any instructiuh'^ as4o' th^ifitsp'oski-'of'^h^ 'prq-1.  ie^ls oft Gold Dtfst rt'prw^rtjedrMoXth'e:;office fib-ViciUDvin  cee<  for Assay, will be ciirelullyja^tended-,to.  V1cJdria,vVi*I.;;'fApril/ 186"6^!;;i :m:r-*'���������>  i.r-%  BARKER/VILkE  BREWERY^  -j;;  tijat hayr'nio w case^ and-M iike- to -know  4Heady now, SquiJ*jft,fahswofedthe. Parson,  opening the kitchen dpoi'f^and, I gn^sjt^jin  ^tcommonfihe ohp' to6'i? so ,walk^!in:' a^d: leVs  ' Tlie Squire entered, and he and the Minis-  had a considerable spell of conversation about  tue !iay-mpw case, ...; '���������f-J.^'Z Zl:ll~%. '.';  ���������lust then irii came t;he,I),eaco{n, and after him  toe sexton, and so on till 'pretty much, all the  ai'iBtperatic .democracy of. the /^village had;;as^  ambled. ;An^  awt'ul fine I tell you ; and. then Susanna and  Jjato". began to hfing'in- dinned ^Cnd; while  tliey tvere! doing; ttfat, the do ihpany -all to ok a  ������hfi': glass .of' grog : by!; way 'Q^tippe'tijiey. aiid-  tnen stroked do.whwtheir riaces^and looked at  'be table, and -there -was apig roas;t ahtl stuif-:  UP  JAKE  WAKE  KESTAUMfc  ;���������;��������� ��������� .(  , , ft.. \p    !";v:/. -.AND"''." '. ".'... '���������       '���������    ���������      i   '  MGHi HOUSE,  i;Barkerville,';B>.(b.,. , j. ������������������;.:������������������ ������  r   KELLYV& PATBRSOH, Pboprwkw  Fvervthing.is-do������e in^connsction with this establish;-:  Hient to giVei satisfaction to thto^omerd., ta        j^Meals:at.all hours. ,, ;  BREWER.  0pfiobBoijrs, ^{10stimi> ,; to' 3'pi^n.; :y   j"'  ;M(>ni)ats,->!������ r;^--.";r^ito*i'i i.a.-m; &,12i to: SJpVmV -.f,  vSiTDijWAySj; ^rjlOa.;m., ^to,w=4vPvJEa������ ,-.-'J   f '  ' *'\ JOSgr Nonbusiness transaote;d;.on^Sundaysl^i;^^^' ;'���������':.;j ���������>������ v?  aistlJuly.,rI866,.  mQWrWV llURREX,!;, -f! ^  h'i-i  Best Billiard Tables on the Greek; the Liquors  1 ��������� ��������� and ;Cjgars uraofi the- finest quality:,.., \- 6>  ^"       E. C. GILLETTE,"���������  kiHiisra strRYEYOR,  camerontown;  E.   H ODG ENS,  :'}  BAKKERVJL^^Ailjuiiiing the Express O.iHce.  " ���������'' WILLIAM'WINNAKI),     ';'.;;:.'.'  BLAOKSilTH,  tt: PARTIES INDEBTED.to to firm of MUNDORF  & CO-ol' Barkerville, by Note, or Book Account  reouesteU to come forward and settle their account*  MiU,l h ivfrp the 19thrS'apfcembcRncxt.   All notes or ao-  August 20th, .1866.   r" \,r ,  are  Barnard^iGaMb6oExpres  %','���������!* -^-T%A^iB^4 NE(^f'''j;:;;.  THE) TARIFF OF CHARGES BY THIS EXPRESS  :1hu$ been revised, imd;REDTJG.TIOK in;prices.  made to suit the tim<:s.    The charge on Lcltc.ra to and  from Victoria and intermediate 'places isnow ,5.p. penis.'  Stage Faro to Quesnelmouth,        . '    ,. :    ! $2 0.;  ..  ;.������������������������;_������������������������������������������-(thrimgii'to Yule,; ���������>''.'.':':';''���������'''"05'i".J\  ,.". jbsm k tovEu^''.;'.?  Ageh t Biirnu rd Js Kxpruss*.  ir-:  August 1st, 11866,  B ARN ARD'S  Oorinecting -at Lillooet and Yale with :'DIET#&  i NELSONS?for New Westminster^ Victoria; ,    .r  ^ILL i ARRIVE AND  DEPART from the oflide in'  BarlieryiUer jio connect witiiith.e>steamer.MEn-  JAMES vPURDIE,      .;  BLACKSMITH,:  -RIOHFIK JyDi   missions revived ahd. lorwarded.: hy^ Express 'for'the  collection of Notes, Bills aod ��������� the-piirchr'i&* 'of !?i.rr.jcl',s4  to be obtained at New WesKniasier, ^ictori;t,;San Kr^n*  '-" I'    ciseo or eii i'out'e: ari-i re lufns 'i nuVl'i; \vi ti i ������'iispatch. .  ;(,; ,;���������-;._ ;..;--:;.-.*-      ������������������������������������������������������- joH?:-rfi.:-tj/ovBiiU ..:;..'  AK'W.  llarkTViiJ".  p ���������?>���������', ^WfcVaak, /-V % -     ^^ ���������'' '-:"������''-' ' AJ-McWhal  :-53Tl--*--  A^McWha  -^uV^nelmuutM._3lr>10ou flie. B if niir4!s Express Office  : Yale,     "-���������      ���������  f  Mr.-���������E.vah.V".    "o>. ''"  -Lillooet,:,,1   -   ,P. W. Foster.' u  do  jCIarlK%t& Co  \ |tl!e peopled reprpentatives will make them*  seive&ti|^rd in suefi plain terms that neither  ^y^or^Seyraoiir; nor Administrator Birch  'can^^supflersjand, the peopled feelings otf  theTsuBjec  'Sie^G^fSrflme^t- sho'iild be urged to assist  in pgeniug up; the country J>yfgrants; to aid  the ap'vel^h^ th, and'  in iShf formatioB--of-fa,aUs,e&ty^ to���������'������������������make'-com-  _^ tion ,th^ugh^thi3;;ex%jn6iye auriferoiisr  ;rejpm both emvv andVrapfjir." The Outlay .in  :' NO^icgv  3*  Miners arid others wishing to sml-'TheGariboo Sen  ' iinel!!> to their'friends inOa nada, t Englandf the United  -Sfc;ttos, ���������or^els^wJiere,:������ can;' aaya tt^a^eHrhy leaving  addresses' at the pub I ication .offl^ell,Y^Frlce^' xao ix visa  TO CORRESPONDENT^- u   .;'  \ '> ,. All jsommunicatjnns niusi,.be nccnmpaBiedflftg  ~  "Tft-'i 1 aAme and address, oi the ,wr������ter, hot "necflHMt  j . wUfra-view- of. publishing the sam*j hut as security for  "^to-awertiSr? ^3sS$Fils������rd otyepfibuo raised bj.some.people in this'  mere  cotitif  rv  , and  Sdd>:p^^ I Sgteff������* W ev>^o^iy^yiiJwe^ecWve.  ior/HccoVrtihgry.' ".-'���������'  r !'    > -' >     - '-��������� -".C" cfcck ecoo^miste or their, organs..' ���������,     ��������� ���������  *' ������������������-'-���������"<������������������*���������������������������  -���������- ���������s^-'i  i^ereiscpue'subjec  ���������ft EORG-E- WILSONf >?n response; to. the accept-! /  AX' aiioe of j iiis challenge py Me Eieri^begsito iriforirp  ������biin that he^i^prepared to flglit "hint; itr CrtribooTor  $2000 aVside,,\vitUib,(six weeks after the; iirst deposit of  $500-has been made at Barry's Saloon; Camerdntojij  Where articlosiviH be .ready for signature.'   6; 'Wilson,  isCwiilingiib? pay:'-.tno';siijdr Joe^Eden $100 towards de-r  fray irig'his expenses to pari boo-^ V  In; the oyent <if. .th is*J  proposiiionf hpt^belnj.; accepted^ Wilson;informs Edeh  that as ��������� lib; lb tends* going * tpf Victoria: as soon* as Hhb'  inihing Reason.closes^;he hopes, lie will;>beiable to accommodate hira there. , 37 .  ,,|^^^^^t^b^tEs|  ,    KINDS OF        ...........  IK All  w  Ho! i';;^^^/ppD^i^^l  "MW  ... wmr:  n%fg.-.   ..^MONDAYrSBPT^^pilO^lSb'e.  THB?e0MING:|  r -,;'  Legislative Council, asT^IoveEwhelming������pha*  Stliel  on?  ..'ipeo^le^who are perm itfed^tojhave seats' in that  ^augtistl assembly; althbjigh admitting th?,$ the  impression has much to justify- it in fact/%e  are'very far from believing that the popular  members' have ndtfconsiderable weight in the  -: 'Leglslat^ardeliberafionsT  The three essential attributes in a good'representative arts:   First-^a-'sincere and honest'  i$a  and;third,.the abiUty^^^^jtlate ^reform anol  tlie best mode of redressing the people's grievances. , A corubination. ^f these, essentials  d.s^vei*y"rare, and we oa>> hardly nopo'io ri?eeo  with the-<(rara avis;"possessing all these 'qualities but with their requirements -kept steadily  -before their eyes, the T3ednle'6^ffhttb;l>etable  ������$fEer..  ������������������"������������������ligjBi very well;;forpeople .toigriiniblerand  . talk!about the, imp ossitiility' jfcf ���������'.conveyjng to  Goyer nment^eirJre&l wants^etc^feut^there  ^an^he np douj^ that fnuich ^blame^ajt^ches  to the: people/ifieia'se^eSi ;as i|ieir;irep^septa|  tlgesj Jbemg-^ie& amo uthpieces^ the -. Govern-!  nieht can onlyjadge of the r^eople's^ necessities from rwhafScah be,gathered'iVoinfthe uian  ^oUtheiri^hoice^ olt musttherefpre be! "obvious  that great caution Is requisite^; cm the partof  our citizens to,Woidv pledging^themselves to  anyphe/as^iricfg to tie dmportSnt-positiph of  Legislative ;Gouticillpr^ iinjess Jthey^ are-well  satisfied thathe is as gopd>l$aixjbe^fbund fbr\'  the dujbies' devoiyjng' onjiiini; '~t V���������������������/   \ '���������: <;��������� - - ���������. # *  Jit i8;;well"aisp that the aspirant b<e sounded  on the important;-questions pf ������i&day; and in  order that5 the Memories' of puir^readers may^  he refreshed there anent we proceed to,point  -'-oiiL^so^e^m'easuTes^hat' should s he brought  ���������forward next session: * .' , rru >H,     >\' H t\\  The road tollshaye always been a cause of  gteat.irritationiaii d their entire abolitionwou 1 d  remove an--��������� abundant sourceiof discontent ;  bu> as:this may not be deemed expedient for  ���������;the' presents we are :at lept^eatitied-^b^have  ,-them,:distributed^ImpartiallyV^eP>as;i hot to  vthrpwj^ of ?ihe coMntry..the  ' burden ^fthe^ho^  gitte3fromLyttoarelievedfiig;Ben%,but we  wnforturiate Caribooites wej6e3^saddled with  observed^^ he yer; beeiiLproperly considered,  We speak orthel exteusioh���������of 'school* accomo-  Nationi-'for the^outh^ of the ''mining"''districts:  How often havetwe been'f>ained to see the  poc^r'Jlittle ^hildrei vstraying from|ih6use tp  house, and as a^inatte^^of cpurselfre^ently in  th^ar rboinsi; listening to 'Jail, kihds^of .proj  fahity and acquiring habits arid ideas never  ,afterwaitds^ to be completely obliterated from  ;their memories ?-  Wejcannotfpersuade pur*  |Selves thai our representatives are not more  ���������for less culpable,.|bx neglecting>* matter of such  jimpdrtance'to the rising geheratibh/ ^Ve trust  that this subject will iave all the^consider-?,  ���������atibkit^deserves.' ^^' -" Jjf'j^i'J^^;:.;..;.  r"^r|iere' are;;mariy otherTmpori^'trtQpica for  discteipn^which we /will*return iio liereafter;  tneah whi 1 e wgs recommend our citizens to lb ok  Icarefully to tS^antecedents of the men solicit*  irig their sjuffira|es|aid to jchoose theinan who  basishowu the mostvcohsisteneyih hiaoonduct  Jl;ojw;ards; bis^eighhprs, ^ndv ^with ^Jtpm f th ere  cahf be np:ffiistekey������inj:^e-tproper "application"  ;ofbis tii^amj talent in ^e. service of his fellow citizens.,, How" proud should be the man  who^ is theipeople^cbosen^^ champion, ahdhow  faithful to , his  promises ?   Falsehood and  treachery^in such a holy cause can only exist I  m the blackest of hearts^ and deservedly bring  upoa the miserable^traitpr the bitter foolitempt  of every honeBt man. -      -"     .    "������������������ Z-. ��������� ,  -4--^     ^-MINING BOARD;    --"; -' -   ���������  THE IJXDERSIGNED has well appointed STAGES on  the road frbm Soda Creekito Yale,! which are guaranteed; to make;FASTER TIME than'������������������ any otheriine-  He has brought .down fareni to.$40, and the public ought  tp see that is their, own interest to support .audmalnv  tain a cheap and efficient opposition:      >.  ^  ��������� v  The; OPPOSITION- STAGE wiU,leave Soiia' Creek for  Yale every Thursday^.morning;;or after the arrival of  the steamer 'Enterprise', until further notice: .%;>;- -.;  ;:;^-'Fare, ''$40. ���������;'��������� ?,.-v:.-/..,iv;;..;^:.': jjr^i, -������', ������������������  ^    r JACOB rJAVIS.  Soda Creek, 6th Septi lS8a. ?      ''��������� 37 ���������"  z$Wi  ���������;.' i i ii  /pHE UNDJERki^ED begs' to?ln^rml^miners^uH'  ��������� X^rosid^nis^h>an<l /aroiind ^n^inkle^thatrbavJng!  purchased the establishnieu I and- good' will of * the firm'  ;oriMe8srs.)SCHORLIN.Gi-&;".;COiV.ho will in future Heepi  ah assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand; and hopes by  close.atterition to business,' anfJ by' selling at "fcO\VrEK  BATES than heretofore, to merit the patronage of-all/  L ipr4ersi &ccoEa-paaie������fi ^t^rfc^e'>���������A^R^fii?m^trtlyTc"g"  creeks will beforwarded wi th pnimpthess anddiepatch.;  1 Miners wishing to lay in 41heir winter: stockiWill -Qnd  it to���������thciradvahtage: to give him: a calli'} '"' * ' "   ; ���������'  \  ������������~;Terms ?CASH; jwHhout distinction. J>J   ! -'^  ) ^r3T.--v-'%n l?y?*?$&&'/ MihJi, W. ;IjINDHABD.^j ���������  Beg to eallUlie attehtibhi"^^ii^^jl!to:(  i.y; ,:.,. {Which'will;be;.Bold':' ���������.".-.', ,^    -''"'   |Pfel;;i  !^^fei3ySffl^/ ^|o^ance^will^e;Se to  rV.f-  ���������AJIB    >';iU?������i; ;���������-_*  ^'������,;-5f5:  A-, deleting":pf ,th"e:B6ard iwas heli 6j  iri<  and;  :irr  the; difference and have had.tejp&y fer our less  fortunate brethren on the Columbia. This  is doubtless a very praisworthy:, act;, but we  would much rather prefer���������"paying only our  cquitable:ahare.::, ,. .-.,..:;..,- .���������   ..;-y.; ;,.���������,���������  Retrenchment is an in exhaustible subject on<  which reformers may labor. 'The attractions  of senicure offices are so rearilehdent that no  government virtue has been found capable of  resisting their manifold seductions; but for  such frailties, the true representatives of the  people should have no sympathy, and a clean  sweep should be.made. of all-such absorbents  of the .people's earnings. ; The .salaries of  ^a������yvof,,the officials should'atsb-be reduced;  the Colony is; neither so flbunshing" nor so  populous as to justify the present exorbitant  sums paid to the heads of Government Departments.   While on this subject we may, as  well touch upon that <vexata qusestio? which  of all others should engross 4he people's attention at present, we allude to-the Union of  tbe two Oolomea, thus enabling the-people to  dispense with tbe services of one set of Officials.  ��������� Governor Seymour may tbinli that !he  bag Be the matter at rest in his celebrated dispatch to .Scoretory Cardwell, but we'ean as-  Mir(. mm ne is gr������aMy mi^aken;and:we truH  ^50X1^ Mohf bevS^a^L^reh  Booth in the Chair.      , ���������  ���������f The minutes of last meetings havirig^been  read oyer by the' Secretary' w^e^imauimously  ^proye������^^''2:^  * ' , '' . "* ���������. MmNG Caws.1" ��������� ��������� % '\ * ���������"; -; ��������� -  ):, A: motion was made by Mr. Thompspn^and  seconded by Mr, Burdickj;^*That the Board re^  solves itself into a^ committee of the whole fbr  the purpose of revising the Mining Laws^  : Mr. Thompson in the Chair..      , /,     -  Several clauses of the "Mining Act were^gone  over and discussed at lengthy: after whichi oh  motion the committee;rose and asked leave to  set,again.   ,     ���������.- ?��������� ���������. j.: - - ^ -..���������". :>������������������������������������' ���������.:' ��������� - ������������������������ ���������  Mr. Booth in the Chair: J;  l v  * Considerable''-disctission arose concerning  tlie ;b^ks<^he, last Miiu'n^  npt been forthcoming. The follpwing motion  was therefore made 'by' Mr, Burdibb, seconded byv Mr. Fostier,! "That the Secretary of the  ^Bpafcf be^instructedto^wr^te MKWalkeih and'  ask of him what he knows' abotit the" boofe pf  tlie;last Mining Board,: and >that he -bkiraques^.'  ed^^ to communicate; what he knows abov  its the Board!, are in the dark as to their where-,  abouts." " '      ������������������*'    -������������������ -��������� . ,\-,V ,  JThe membera of��������� - the committee appoin ted  for colletjdrig ^ubseriptipns for the Hosip.ital  were distrib uted as follows : Barkerville,  Messrs. Burdick and Monroe f Gamerbbton,  Mr. MacLaren: and Dr. Wilkinson')'Richfield,  Messrs. Booth and Hazeltihe j Grouse Creek,  Dr. Foster |:Lowhee Greek, Mr. Coulter; the  following gentlemen were added to their number: Van Winkle, Mr. Schorling; Antler, Mr.  Jennings; Stouts Gulch, Hugh Gilmore. The  meeting then adjourned.     ^  &^vi?^itllg^^^^:^ B^ral^f^iliiaa;'  Creefc that they have now in operatir-c a STEAM SAW  MILL, located at the mouth oft iiihk- Gulch att  R^chfield^^ capable ^of man a facturing one thousand 'feet  pf'^ottilJOE per hbur^anyi!cngth^or.midth,irequJr^ia  thw.market, '���������~J -4< -���������'��������� ��������� ---   ���������   ?������ ������������������-  CHARGE at any;polnt^bnjthe;wagon' toadit andkv RE,  ptJqEDrlUt'ES.v ^e^nd^ignedvtruaito^efjta] *  I will: sell at: PUBLIC ^QTIO^: ^  ���������;-benefit of the Government of British Columbia,  ,:���������  ������������������'*���������' *-     as.follows:;-"',l"'    *''* " '-;''.;���������"*;-* l  1 YOKE Ind: (*JHA;INr "'        "   *  1 HQRSE AND, CARTf  HARNESS, &CiW ' '  ;; j. TENTS,',  ,. ;.���������;.    w.  f) TOOLS, consisting of SHOVELS;'PICKS}  ' ��������� ;- -' ;(JRIIB IIOES, [&c.v ' *      \::' ' / v ''*'}  f'#S- Sale;to take;place 'at BARKERVItJUB, at 3^  o'clock, noon.     * ,<'.:���������   '- -'���������"���������  ."������������������.'.;' '.:.'::;':."���������'.'..   *v.'w, ,-���������  ��������� AuctionejEsr.  Richfield, Aug; Slst, 1886. [     ' 35-Sin  Williams :ereek^ Aug;-. 27tha868.  wv-j-  $>;.mi i33:  jHs^ if? desirous ^of.i supplyingfthk Trader an^  j;|#|;c^'.doisd-:^  ^ F^iliam81(^k^uiHfltb,il86^:1 ^M-^ii^vy  lefts1 wtf'^^^&c* ^tfiitma^t1'  E Ofs? SALE. i,.-,v,hjv.;.  For torm8.; apply at the SsNmiei offlceJ or to;? .: s  ,, :j^,:, ��������� rrfA .v>j^<e>iH y - ?i//TALIESIN^EVANS,  I-r33-1 m���������; >*^ ^��������� >;;.t,t ri.;j.,.../;  f������.' =".:;,,<f,f^Davia-Creek/���������  ii*::  iitst:c-  : i;' ; i-        ��������� ;; BAEK E R VI L'LEv     ' '   -."'������������������ ������������������������������������'*  j ;���������     Have Just received a choice selection of'        V  dAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper; Zinc," Tin Plate and Sheet iron,  : j with various other articles ih; their lineof trade:.; ;1  '< ^ All Jobbing inthe Tin;; Sheet iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satis'fac-  tion. ���������������������������: ;..;��������� _   ���������;������������������- ���������; .-   ._.. '���������' '���������.',-."'"v; ���������[''':} ���������;,;'-���������:''-'..'V : ^������������������;4jV--'  !i:hti{PERSONS1 rNDEBTED tb7tho-m  :-3i!Bakery^BarkervQlej' are reqtie8ted-'to;ciCHi4iid;8?t*,J-!  ��������� tliiheir acccmnta on or before the\21st.dayof Septem- ;  b& next, otherwise all^a^^^Vu<>tyBetU^;tbjBn;W{K  be Lauded into Court for collecUon^'lV;'^'^--.-^,.^  -\hJ**  '^if*^-:   -������ KELLY fiPAtERaO^'    :  XTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that airpersonshaHnng  It deraauds against the Assignee of the PRAOER  ESTATE are requested to Bend.thefiame in to; F. V. LEE,.  Richfield, on ur 'before the 1st of/October, ensuing;  otherwise they will be disallowed. .      - '*  : :\' .J; RUEFF-;-,  Assignee.  85-t'd  rf&E PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE. EXISTING heir twaen Mabtiw & CoOK,tof.iBar^erville; has.itMs mJ-  ���������beendissblved by mutual 'ConBeht, andHhe businesj; ;  heretofore carried on bv them will henceforth.be earned  oii%-<*JOHN E/iMARTI^'toitwhom,'an:?iiebtsW m ,  la0flrrn are to be paid.-;4The-said Jobn-JS;>Mar.tin,wm >  alsp pay all debts due by the late firm. &ii������������!ifari?' ���������<  *^X       -:,-   '     ���������������-������i-.;--/    ... ,J0HxV.EJ. MARTIN,,..  BsrkervJHe; ?Aagu8tf17t&,i. J868:  n(M'  Richflold, Sept. 1st, 1366.  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  (Before W. G* Cox, Esq. j-  ;;.     . Thursday, 6th Sept., 2866;  A* McKenzie vb. Sheepskin Co.���������Suit for  ������107, for goods supplied to defendants. Judgment confessed; to be paid out of first; proceeds ol claim. . /   .  Friday, 7th Sept, 1&65;:  Williams Creek Bed Rock Flume CoV: vsi  J; baumgartner & Co.���������Suit for $324, being1  balance of an account for water supplied.  Judgment for plaintifis for $128 50.  Discovery Co. Lightning Creek, Young Mow,  foreman, vs. James Ross.���������Suit for $llo,- being assessments duejon defendant's interest in  said claim. Judgment for plaintiffs for $60.  and costs.  OTICE  In  the matter of the Estate and Effects of  Catherine Lawless, deceased intestate.  IX PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to theabove  Estate are required to pay the amounts due forth-  with, and ail persons who have any claims against the  above Estate are requested to send in their accounts on  or before the lOtb September now next to WALTEK  EDWARD LAWLESS, the Administrator of the "said  Catherine Lawless deceased, or t<i  ��������� :> JOSEPH .;.*PABBL ;*';:���������)  m.%%l   ���������    ���������    ,  .    . Counsel for the Administrator.  Williams Creek, Aug. 11th, 1866. 29-lm "  ;?>'"'::;J'b\ri'f.;*^;C'HFtELD;  rjppE trNDEKSIGNED HAVINO,:LEASED --  ���������X 'A. Smith the premises formerly known tfj?.^  ;ebS* Saixjojt,;j."h'aa opened; the: same under the. a������m������  ���������name, and would respectfully invite ���������bito.ln������n<tafna;uw;  public-/renerallv to give himacaJl. '      _     ...  i������rThe befit brands of LIQUORS and SEGARS[vw  always be kept at tbis establishment^^ jujfiiir.';  Richflold, August';  I .the name -and style' of Makks & Wana������, -$?& W t - ^  dayj been dissolved by ^^^^^u^ggm/--   -  .' i"^,i-:: ;,-: ;"/���������'<*'** v''\:V.;;".Mj'wiNidikB..,1.;  Victoria, 16th Juno, 1866. ..���������..���������*������...  ?  M  /���������Sr If you want good Coffee use Fellfs;  A LL KINDS OF LUMBER SAWED TO ORDER and  xL kept constantly on hand, which will be sold at the  Lowest Market Rates and: delivered ��������� FREE' OF  CHARGE at any point on the waggon roari. ���������.,."'*.,  Onlers Jeft witli Bu le Bros.; Barkerville; H. Tren-  holm, Richfield; or at the Mill, below Cameronton, will '-I  be promptly attended to. ,  ,r^������;i.t������Mi JOHN R. ADAMS;  Jvjly 16lh. 1868. j|.  In the matter-of /the State ^W^M^  ; i liam Rosewali, deceased intestate.     :/i  A; above(Estate are required to P^^Kb a&P*  forthwith, ������nd all persons ^^^-ffiS?***1!  the above Estate are requested to send in mux ^mt  ou or before the iOtb;Septembernow-n^tfWfjliaji,  ROSEWALL, the Administrr*- ������f tbe 8fl,u  RosewaM deceased.  . Williams Creek, Aug. 11 th, ���������������:���������������������������>���������������.������������-.������  MONDAY, 'SEPTEMBER-. 10, ,1866.  CaMBRONTON Cemktky.*���������We had ��������� occasion  some tiinCtigo'jto recommendthp'Gosernment  to appropriate a small sura, for grading .roads  to, and maKing .certain, iffiprovertients -'on? our  cemetries, out % the Administrator- .turned a  deaf bear, to ,;the;;8U^stidnV ^Ve'arc glad  however to state* faafr, the' pecessa'fy, improvements have; beenjeifected mi y the ..Came'rbijtou  cemetry by public subscription. . Wittr'the  email sum ot%285 A good-road eight feet wide  has been graded,f the buryhig ground, exteod-  cd%JF?oiri^ a; Wot me^iiriag 36;feet sciiiare to one  72 feet squarp; the tr^er^ti^vhaye'DeVnV  ���������bedout and-a ditcb dug- round:the enclosure  by .which the^place has'been made1 ton assume  a prepossessin^ap^ 27  grave?in tbiscenVetry/of which-18bave head  boards with' suitatHe inscriptions: and/9'are  -without any record by which to identify- the  graves. It is; the'intention, of the officers con-  jiQCted^tu^tixe^Ii^rarjr -institute/to KaW1 a  register.^>ba^  ���������wherein M record H^ill-lie, ^milyp���������M&^iai&  of all whb are inttfrted- \in.thev cemetry,Tand  ibr this reaso^  ijive$ei^^  come forward asd supply tbfe wftfr&e neces^  sary informationlfor having their names entered on'said register.,;' 'j'{ T7JJ ���������'$!���������:';:, I''. 'ZU  ������ -A** ftGHtodt^t^A Correspondent \: frbm  3n the flle������^ft^e Victoria fap^rs o������22ud;ulto;  that Joe Eden, tbe:������ictoriaf*(aoviee," has &c^  ceptedlGeorge Wilsons chanenge to %ht!aiijr  man in British Cdbirafcia'o^;:.<^vancou verbis-  lani for $2,u*0u bFSo^GO'a^ide/ I will,'make  ^iojlowjnfr  Wilson or auy;J6^Hi8cfriehdfl^'$10.aithalf:lie will.v  make some excuse for backing out;^ atod will  not flghtf Eden;?*' *2M/11 wUlf^e^Geerge;  8ori,$w::s&t*^^  bombastic: friends;; $5QQ ht J^^^^oeshfight..  the'*nbvice^wiltwfof. the;%bt. J JL deposit of  $50 to be' staked-;as a ..forfeit^onfhe above bete  inside of,ten days at'^e'Fashion Saloon,"Bar-  kerville, or * at;"p;hRubigJ8i ^a^qn^uesnel:;  of'thestaket^dderj jwo^wej^SHfti^^iwi  _      MINING INTELLIGENCE.  WILLIAMS. CREEK.  hn1^ew������T!Hm,ance Of ^y feather, is very  nu^tm to the mining interests of this creek'  and has the effect of making busin Jdul and  money scarce. It is'trulf lamentable to see  so many mengoiiig about idle at this season  of.tte.year.when they might be taklni out  good pay from their claims^ they only Ua  httle water In all former years the fall rains  have, usually Set hi about the beginDinff of  the present month, thus keeping up the needed supply of water after the disappearance of  the snow,:"s"bUt jt' would appear that we are  doomed-to disappointment in our expectations  tor-this season. We are. not without- a/.hone  however that the present warm sultry weather  will bring about the, desired change. The few  coys who have been-enabled to work have  beendoing extremely well. Bradley-Nicol-  son co'y washed out for week 70 ozh.���������Tontine cc'y yielded for week 79* ozs.���������Foster  Campbell eo'y have vafc last got on'biglpa'r  during the past week,they, .washed up $3000  out of three set of; timbers;; :the; ground it is  WPI^8l9a,^lU:aY^K^���������Q).out't6b^(m to these*  of-; timbers.���������Cariboo; co'y-washed out for  week 50 ozs.���������Cariip cWwashed rbut'pver CO  pzs. tor: week;-^Caledbhia co'y-washed: but tor  yielded 5b ozs. for the week.J;-v;v^J4&������������������������..���������:$  j-TheUnitodco'y-U  outifor the week; 131 ossbj , :'r>^'   -! f^;bsX������- ���������,  TELEGRAPHIC.  (?pecl:U Dispatch to the Cariboo Sentinel);-  tween Prussia and, .Austria has been ratified  by the King, of .Prussia, and is now on its way  to this, city for exchange/  ��������� Madrid, Aug. 2Stb���������One- of 'the Spanish  frigates succeeded in capturing the Chilean  privateer;TonVa^a\pff t^co^ofSpaiu.'.-: ;;: ���������  Florence,' Aug. 28th'.���������Mazzini.refuses to accept amnesty under Victor Emanuel ^proclamation, and declioes to be a subjectlof, the  King on any terms, preferring exile.-- - - - -r  The Italian volunteers are being disbanded.  Vienna, Aug/2l8tiL~TMAustnan Govern-  tions arising between Great. Britain and America. '��������� growing, out of the recent war in the  United States and more recent" raids by."Feni-  prarni���������   *^,K.a     tm      ��������� , ��������� <. u   : ans intCvCanada, urges the.British Government  Fiague, Aug,2btb.~The>eatypfp.eace be- to toke into immedFate consideration the feasi-  meut.has determined to issue,bond^fqr aloap  qf7tovurteen million florins t6>-meet���������exfraprdirif  ary'^expenses of &\e war, iii'cluding twenIy  million thalersstipulated tobepaidtoPrussia.  y^ashingtoti;Aug:r2Sth;---f he ���������;'.Presidential  excursion party started at 7:30 this mornirig!  New^ork, Aug. 28th.���������The Paris *Temps.J  received by: mail, says;the/Pope is on the���������}: eve  of ceding theStatea of the Church: to Napoleon  !aud Msumih^for;Mmself;to  1   The iParis'; ^Jn^ependenpC' Boige' / says (the  cbncessioU8 which the Mexican Empress: asks  bilit^, if not;the necessity, of jexiendmg::the  provisions,of the^ Neutrality Laws;;, so as* to  hold different Governments to strict ^account  for all aots- in defiance of that law committed  by the 8ubjects:iof?each.; '��������� ;��������� '-"���������������������������.. y.\x. :i ��������� i  i Prague, Sept; 1st���������Terms of peace between  Austria and',It������Iy are in';rapid ?progress-;to-  ! wards settlement: It is- generally ibeJieved  that- peace will fie finally and ful!y consiim-  comes ofiV' ^t;*xu  MessmMeacham^Coombs^Nasopj,the owners  of theSteam^S^jMUlfbnH^  , present negotiatingiynih',the\Gover^niehV^or  aa-approprration towards the^o'nsi^liWoT'bf;  a Test Quartz Milt.' "If:the, necessarylASSist-;  ance, fis;afforded^them> by ^ ;Governme^, .they���������  wiU^rpncelpTOCumia^: Bt^p^mUl^afiaJjle  of crushing rromt6;tbf TUoni of ������rocfc,;plBrida;y,  teri setsvm^ It is; tb^be n'oped diat ilieiSevern-  ment ��������� will at^ oiicei. accede^ to?^e ^^ji^b^Qoii?  made,: by tbese enterprising;'gfentlmenJ^MpE  we; ��������� l)eli5ve is -a|v^r^i "i reas^naiiei ^piie, csi; tBsif  an- impetus ?may; therebyf" '^e:%wen; ^o^ <juarte  prospecting during1 the'-eu^uiug winter^ '���������i'1 jfy  Grouse Cheek -Trail.���������This ^mueh needed  trajiw nomtofe^:������nd^bpie^  exged$6n ^th%tim^  ed thrbugb reflecte^redSt ^n^^  ,^twjfta^|n^Jheycar4it^^^  tnis1creek^ring:the. ims^ week;;claims bave1"  beM;yielding,;better-:rertur^  ������n71>reyipus week-during ;t)iefeason;^mbiig  the. companies that .are ;>kirig outigood :pav  are xhe fpllowing:; Herbn7co?y>washed but for  week; 135 ^zs.^Short Bend' co ?y continue run^  ning their tuimejinto the;biH|andare;inaking;  about;$5 a day j in their ;grbniid sluice they  to;averagingi2u ft<4aytb^e;hand^Discov-  ^rv co'ytwashedr^p; fpr^theVweek Iteozs^  Sovereign^co 'y at;work: cleaning4, tip ground  slmce] and, maSing^;,|40;,a day) W/the(]ianaJS  ^^rntto-5?eel coffi are, ^tkking out good^pay^  ~?-Caroline^^;co,ybave^beenTunaing:overiadeep,  chaimel forsometime^tno^  the^eteclr'alprbspe^i;^  and^expect- toido Iwellfthis wejelt^Cascade  co^amre ^ taking ^out/alitMe  ;Head cp?y-haye struck^gob Jprospect^inJti^ir5  ^laim;^abput the^pgrnning^f ^lastSv^elrtfieyl  wasbed but1^ bzs.  pftbe time for the payment of'the debt due  from; the Empire ^to JFraucej svhichf paynient"  April,.: 18^7y:;and; that -Nap oleoh ���������. furnishes^ -a  certain humljer of Fren^^  ajnewMexlcM'aMyr " '���������/'���������";,."-������ '*'. . ]*������-��������� !.',"*>*  | Ijpndpn, A^: ^  Pos{* Bays NaJpoleoit' hast extended! tb<������)|time?  fo^Ahe^ French ^acuatioii < if Mejcico. iintU  Januaiy next,       * *"B"*".n '., <. ������;., " v k '���������'"* *  t'Constaritiribplei Aug^)^9th.-^The ^airs of  serted ffieir indeperidehcfj.of ihe: Turkish Eii:  pire.   Cons tan tinople: is ���������annbunced->ia^a-state  Oi SeigO.;'        , v; - ;/., ;. vii;:-      -     -,l- r1- ^  I ISfew^|?pr^; ^g^;39ft;~l^v.Pre^  party^'arrived,,"viai.Jersey Qity,'this' afternoonj'  Jmemb^pof the-ComfriongC^  Imiiit^r^gTtieSMayi^  ;welcdnifejIwhich:' w"^ ^briefly, responded   to.       /r^'i'Sv?'?;  '������'!.?.' 1-1'';.   LtQHTNING^'CREEK.. ���������  -V.#  | j- A.jporrespondent writing; fromV^ig^nlng''  :CreeEoU thei7tli iast.TTsays;", A- meeting:'��������� was'  der whpsei8uperiufendenee;4i^M  The wbrkv' was^ cbm tfieiiced '^nly ���������; height ��������� ���������l4ijjB  ag6,:and,;aIthougb;mbiJe  hy wet weather, it wasl-finished Ibn/SaturdaV  last;'^.' ���������:>���������::-.''.:-���������������������������^���������������������������.���������.'.:..:.. ^nsvt,;-. v>/wf.;frw(.;.w.:.;;>!>>  ��������� ���������������������������;. ���������.���������.r,-.V":.fr:,:.Lf;V ;-*>..:ri-v^Tr.:r>*v- jrtarv^T.H $&<**}������������������ iW  Cariboo HospiTiL.���������We ;nnderstandr^tbat;  '8ubscripti6^nst8?;wjilM  the 'Obmmtt^^pbi^jt'^T^e Mining Bpara  for raising-funds sufficient to put tbe: Hospital  in a th^tpugh statepf ;repairt!;^r^tb^. iwjintei;?  when it Is to" 'bei'' ���������hoped tba't 'everyone will  contribute-to the extent of tteir meaiis for so  ���������chari^e;^^pbse.;':;;;i:;;;;;';;^  Ew^ioN.--~We' are; iutbrnied !ftM, .._���������-  Cox has received the writ for; hoidihg an election for a member^ to represent tihis district in*  th e Leg islati ye Co unci 1,; l We have no t learn:  ed the day on>wfebitwill'take place, but-it  ^presumed it willbe towards theend of the  present month. ;'       ;  !    -    >:   ;: ^  '  ���������\i:,iU  New Stage Iiim-~Mr*-E. L;-Shaw has pitt  on an Independent Line of Stajges to run between Williams"���������', Creek.i ,aud ., Que^nelmputhi  making two tripe a week, to connect with the  steamer .from: Quesnel to Soda Creek..";;,  , f;  Auction SalbI���������Mr! FJT. Jj^ wHt.:lell by  i,Pjml]c^.aubtiQn\tft:B&rkeryii]e? this day,; at ,12  ������ clock, nopfti a yoke of work" bieh, * ^������^������  cart and harness,; tents,, tqiols^&c., belonging  to the Government of Bri^hjEeliiimMk v:  ;r ���������  ^*T W. p. Moses has removed ������������������ to his new  barber establishment,next door to Ross&  ^urdick^s saloon, Barkerville, where he will  he pleased to seevhis old patrons, acd friends.  ���������!&&* Adhiinistratbr Biiclai arid suite jaeebm-  panied by the Colonial Secretary,andiSurvey-  ���������or General have proceeded to *he Big Bend  Allies.     '-    ���������:'���������-   ::.:���������:���������.:;.��������� ������������������ ;'������������������ ':'��������� ;;-\ ; ;;/    ��������� "  '^rj* The steamer Enterprise is now ihakirig  ^wo trips. $ week between Victoria".and' New  Westminster. ���������'"*"  claim bd this creek."vIt was well^attend^d. -MR  rEddy ablylai Ahis yiows-beforeMe meeting and  npionebut.agreeds: that the undertaking was  Mpth practicable; and desirable; but the great  dra^vbaci: to' ife;ex^ecirtlbn' wasVthe wantlM  :capital. .Miners, wha.have prospected the  ;creek iibpveithe^point indicated are cpnyinc-;  ���������edt of ite^rii^ess^ajicl'.,��������� eyeja-'Sjefieye; it would  Moutri^i;Wiliiani8 breoki ibuiji^Jexperiseiof  ^opening ������ity,wbuid;be'greater tharr any one  Company could stand; ��������� It -was;: thereibreVmgi  Rested that an effort should ��������� be, made to form  a Joint Stock^Gfeto^prisifi t bfclOO shafresgeach  ^hare to bobtribu|e '$5 g a" week^ whicfi ib^ih^  ���������cburse of;8 months would accomplish-Me ob-  jebti^andfihuSj'by: first braining a graiit ^ from  ^rbvernnienty open up an inexhaiistable source  of weal th not rbn ly to the: shareh olders; b* ut for,  Sie benefiti, qlthe' bblbny in geheral. The onlyl  ybneter is; that this creek has been-allpwed - to  lay so longluriopened, fpgepnsiderijngpi^esti-  mated richness^ the;cost;of opening it would  .be;buitnfling.7^;^  :-;��������� ' -������:.\W,Y.if: ������������������:r.> ^ANTLER-/ OREEK,' 'J^V."1','       '  , Smith & Cdi,; who Imye^bbeh prospectiiig on  ihe fiat ���������near Mail ry rs store since; ��������� i asf s jpri r%:  begin *o get indications of a ��������� ehaiinel back in  the hill;" They are busy cutting a drain which  Swill be finished in eight or' ten days, when they  will be able.to ascertain whether the channel  contains gold hi paying quantities or not;  pieces weighing S2 5.6; have���������be?n,,picked^ug.  on & edge of the Channej.  . QUESNELMOUTH. ���������     v'   :  b|6rjare"S]H^  ^strengtheb;your:bandsf"/in;^^greai; wrk;bf  -peace restpration irt ?whiph: ^ypu ��������� arei 'engaged^  $he peb^ie;; are in?p^tientiHb] greety6u* ;;Their  it ctioti^ ^Viif. spealc^mpire ^l^ttentiyt^^  edjlie^i^pflcials; anctf^  \mbny continued about "an lioiir. ��������������������������� i% The" proi cesV  si^m; party ^ as it ^passed Broad wa^^^^mag^;  inificent byatipn. ; Every ;^  occupied, byI tie, assembled-t0 QU^bds; Bbgubts  were showered db^^tiundredsy^Fhe cheers  w^iich greeted ^General-Grrarit arid^^miral  [rFarragut were especiallyjnoticeable.'+'���������:;-,J^^.'.:}  h iLiyerj^bl,?S^pt^ lst^Thbl^yai^ailp^  ^i^Ghinalsailed" to-day tofiHali^jandiSbs^  ton wi&^i53^b6bingoidtor^  >������.- jParis^' Sep t& Isfe^i-Emperpr;!; JJapplep^n:?; iii^  letter written' to ^Kiiig Victor ^m^a^uei^lltir  'Aug^rrjejoices'^that: the '^^}^-p^^r)^}^^  turned.: ?$������, Says j he^ accep te3 the;;cessiqa of  Venetia ���������from Austria in order that'the^pebple:  .of that^c^ntryrmigM^b  ���������their own destiny:'uThe ^Emperor 'adds4 that  he had framed his��������� influence in t'ayor of human-"  ifcy and the ybest?-:- interests^'of 4tbe people: of  Venetia.and Italy./,',... .^'"���������",'���������,��������� ^.7^;:;;':^ /,f :'T  St, Petei^burg.,Sept  eminent, prior to negotiatious for peace in  Germany, 'proposed to'] the 'French Emperor  and other p b wers. th at neutrals.; shoal d. parti-  cipate in territorial changes occasioned by the  results ;off1the- w^ar^" ;I t" was~np t' supported ��������� by  France, and the Czar refraihbd from.-officially'  moving in the matter reserving however liberty of action to himself in future. :;  _; London; Aug.. Blsi-^Advices^ of.: proceedings of the Philadelphia Convention hadf.the  effect of advancing the price of Stocks; of the;  States late; m" rebellion.  ;..'                     ���������. '  .  Weekly returns of the Bank of England  show an increase of ������1,000,000 in bullion.  Munich, Bavaria, Aug. 3lst.-~Bay aria Cham-;  ber formally approved the treaty of peace*  concluded with Prussia by the Plenipotentir  aries of the King. : \ ?  Vienna, Aug. 31st.���������Emperor Francis .Joseph, as' a measure of., economy, dismissed ;a  large p0rtion: of his retinue. < . ;���������.-:  St. Petersburg,1 Aug. 31st.-���������Emperor Alexander gave a grand banquet in honor of the  Embassy from the United States,' at' which the'  prom inen t dignitaries of the Em pire were  Martin's saloon, Barkerville, and remanded'present.. The Emperior ;gave the toast of.  on the 30th ult., were brought up at the Police prosperity and the consolidation of the Unit,  [Loritbon-succeeds him.  Berli?,),! Augjiat? Slst-^The Grand Duke of  parrastadt refuses.tp accept the Prussian trea-  jty.and upper^Hesse is' likely to be annexed to  Prussia. &&&;:.;:&;>}, .' .:.,;:-.: -y. ���������'������������������=���������(   '. ;,���������::������: ���������  j'. Heart's Conleht; Sept. 2nd;���������News -of the'  'successful /picking up ,of. the Atlantic-Tele*  graph* Cabl|BidirJJ866Reached here 45; minutes ���������  bftec 6 b'blocfcitbis/morriing^ Whe expedition -  jwith)the Gr^tf^teMhasrbeenibui24sdaysv^  and. all hope 'pf|fiuccess/ha,d been abandoned ?  by;the.telegrapb^opleherei^/Newrreached ';  $alcntia J40 'miuiiteg ��������� past; 5^ o'clock ^onehotiW  and.five^minutestbeJbra iti was^i received .here:  Signals are sentitbrough'the bable {with per-''  feet accuracyf tliey:aro talking!witjajtheGrea^'*  Eastern: via JValentia >in Ireland. 'i-Ih? a^few - .���������  hours afterf tthea recovery -of ' thb cable'4he 4  isp$foeiwa&^^  mainitank ;offthecGreat 'Easternl ;othe reeling^  put of theica.blb^mmediately^tppk;plaee  4igshlpii������;ndw3Baying put thef:w^  p roachi og: Heart's Cbnterit 6n her re turn .with ���������;���������/ ,  the same<8pbe;ailie maintained'on' the Ikteex-"  pedjtion:   The^Telegraph^iFleet ;is>ibxpected^  he^eFinext Saturdayv'u*^^' -f-w. ��������� - ���������  lv ..^ s- t, *<   ���������  \ fR6cheste^iN;/$^Sepfc Ist^-rTbb JPresident \v"  ijrasrmpre! fprnaallyv receiyep^here than at^ny^^  other place sinceUhepai^ .1 The  Pref|ident,'iafterilunchV 'appeared?*on .the bal1-  cony of; the^ hotel and- was officially^welcbmedi.  py^iMayor Mppr^j^y%\itil. ,#>:.-?n<ivs%; yt >l -.,;) -  r'X^New/York, Sept;J[sfc;���������Qiieen Emniapfsthe>l  SandwichfelslandSfr started homentp^dayj^via 11  ..Aspinwall..-. She was at;MontreaUwhen^intel^f  illgence4pf/^Jdeii^;b^  telegraph; s'*/ ^h''r  \ &  :si.i-i  The Hudson Bay Co.V boats, under*; the  charge of Mr. Ogden, freighted \yith stores for  the forts on the upper Fraser passed this place  on Thursday last.  Davis and Dutch Dan were about to start  with their boats for Peace River, where they  intend trading, with the Indians during the  winter. ." ���������     " "' " ���������'*' :^''ni'' . ."..  ��������� > New barlejr is selling at 6cts. @ 8cts. A  large quantity of superior potatoes has been  raised this season by the Chinese.  ���������Mr. C. Donal8.on.has had about 50 acres of  iand under barley and oats this season which  has already been harvested.  ��������� Discharged.���������John Elliott and Jas. Pierce,  the prisoners charged with the robbery at Mr.  this; coUntryi ^Dinner ^ was ^ordered������for ,250  ^boplec at a e6B\p^i$25^000: ^*Ty tt^  far^has tbeeni raa^agb&?;skillfolly^^  some contreltempdoccurs it will addimueb sialyl-  the .strength 6& ? th e mew p ar ty*.  < j * ��������� < j   r ? a *-&' */  j [Heart's ConteHtpSepi 2nd.���������The ..cable .of <  lastlyear.wa^ pickedrup this (Sunday)rmorning  at 4Q^minutes^past'^jati latitude 52 deg: 30m41 '*'  lb!ngitudfe- 36 deg;t^ m^^ iThefspliceiwas made r  and. (the cable lowered/'bti-Ulo.?clook; a.to:.4 ��������� The  -G^eat Eastern is^now^OOImiles from here?pay^ 1  ,ing out, and ey ery thing is going on well j they  expect tb^rreacfrliei^,o1i;!t1ridayj>Serpl; 7th.'-V<;.  iGhicago/Se^2ha^4^he'Presid t  at Niagara Falls1 at- 4% p. raJ yesterdayvf   v' v1" r  fcciPhilade^h^ Se^f ^b^The Southern Vn^u  ;lbhisjs5  'six"  ts' ConveutioTi^me'et^ tbrmbrrpwf; about;   '  iindred delegates JSave 'alreadyiregistered,J*  'thjeir names; ihdications;sh6w^thatit? wilPpe;-&.  ;fully attended.,'  ^\r': f  .,   ^ 1.-- *.*/j\ ��������� '���������������������������'���������^������������������'���������������������������������������������������������������.  . SanlFra-ncisco, August,31st.���������Tahitain brig"  Maria arrived: this^jraprning t fronr Huahine,  Sflln^wioh'kl^nd^-vPn't^?  fleet^onsisilng mb$$iron blad Numancia an&J5;*'  fri^alei-BeBSngullapa^  were in port ebalifig^ ^British ;^hip Mattered{:  was7 in^Bapu^^pp w'ith'r^y'?]  coal.'" '������������������"������������������   r- :���������'-':' '��������� : .'      ���������    \i'- ',"/.,."  '.   ",",.  \ Gold in NewilbrWon;the30th^l47^; .;  Arrived,r Aug.;' 31st;f:steamer0-Active-4 days -  and 10 hours frbm"Victoria.        ���������;" - '" ;'  *-.���������������,  Court on Thursday last and  want of further evidence.  discharged for  ed States,  The'London  Times' in reviewing the -ques-  ! ���������:      SOL.OMON   BROS:,  EG TO INFORM THEIR qAKXBOO FRIENDS that  J tbey have .removed to. thp two-story brick l>uU(Uiig  (forntf'riy"tbe Enterprise Hfilooto^' opposite the St. Nicn-  olus Hoiel, Government Street, Victoria. Tney will  keoDon hand a .{mm..assortment of CLOTHING an<i  FUHVI'S&iN'G GOODS, which tbey. Will ;sull>B low us  dny housft io town. Tbey respectfully solicit a call from  the, *l Bi^ys " wlien they co'nio down.   :,      v     ; 85-s  ' : v THE CARIBOO S.BNTINEL"..';���������;';.'  VJ.X.  -0���������  Cards, Bill Headsf Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  - .Entertainments,;:    ��������� :; ���������   ���������;;/  Execu ted with Keatncss anil iDispatcb at������this Offlca -.  "'���������-";':,. ;-4^;fennB/M6dei;Ate' -3^/* \ ������������������   j --# |  LL PARTIES INDEBTED, to I������ firm of MUNDORF  ^.^w &*CO'.. orB.irkf:rviili!,!by Note, or Bunk Accmiit,. '...���������  air? red uvs u%a\ to come forward an .1. setup tbeir acepiin ts.' ��������� .j,  on or before theldthS^pt^mber'n^xt:"' All n������tCH or i>v~  counts not settle.!- thtn will b* put in C-mr.U'<r cullef.ti- n  ' August 20th, 1886. &���������**    v������ ii^^ffir^ii?*������tt������������H^|ffttBfrf^Ijareiiiy"Ll^ ^reowwy^  \& ^e*ff^ar^"<  6 ������������������������  i ���������  ?5  Tlie Steamer   Enterprise'  ���������    -, ,^^1^1tJeayefS0X)A;CREEK:--. -^-u-^.  -tJbhnb'ctirig*atSoda Greek wi16'=.SSKNA^^'Si^OEis%h:  ;Afeals;atxill<'n6ur3y ahdvGooIo^^ithelbelt  r:-i vi-tof* ������-)X*-tiT;dosenpti0n.:aor.-(4 j&l?&&sH  -���������������������������' ���������-     " ���������   ���������������������������������������������  ' r '���������    ������������������"���������"   ��������� ,    -y   ���������     ���������   ���������!'.������.������������������������������������'>.-���������   ��������������������������������� -~-^   -k  .r-iftTHS  .���������IHi.Mrti^  r<^fc'U2������ii-^  rTZ*i:$ '$$&W& jiSRl B&y y-lU ? ^;>������^������|^^^������^s^s^^^''?[l:  w&.^m&m  i������-j*aa������^-ii<i:>i>i;i^ii.iiis;-^'X,  <;; Breaci, l^es ariaVCafeek abvivys jon'iiand.forisai^  *������1  >]  I  it:  ���������Jjf.V?'!  ���������J.  ���������lltdl^to ^ruh^hd then;gaW,;.-teih ;$h'd*'&pur[  %&">the horse^ who' b tfiifideii li ttfthfrhill.T To say!  ''��������� -leys- along?, which hot dashed for/,a<\distance1of  fcwelve;oiv^foui^omtnilea. r A istewr chase isW  lohgichase..; lltei'Mexican; was > better f mount?  ;..fed; j and he iwasyan ;tacccimp lishe^i ricler^iland  Grub relntoteatly.gavo up the unequal: con-  % -test,\ saddeiiediat the ��������� 1qs| Jo ft h is h b>'fee andsadr  JirVM    W   hQt'Xiil. /./'li.;-'    ^nlU.l- -vH-rrhf -^ixi **/:  Gu>"-:: '���������������>' -?>';'.rr/.t.������ !?fri.7\*W?"T*s9V'   ail!    :   ,.i',"*f,".,!  I,,  Gi;NERALi>oMErlQHANDiZE������    ;  ^ i^^" ^ >ullvissorlmont ol* GaooBB^B8,nnd^H.'-B. Co^'s  ���������vv Storage, &c.r-Tern^sf4nost^pdera,te>,,4i  ���������~  "       -        if      i    i i    '-'"������������������'--'- '-'r-, n ��������� tfr. .,-,),,--,,���������  ^ROAI) SIDE HOUSES;^.;  ������������������JT&Wi  SE  C1^HI������ HOK$E. iliiuila teft ������jj-j^iles from Quesnel nioutli j  1 JJ <"'>'���������-.��������� :ij> s, ���������' ;���������       ������   /-^. ������������������.'' ;'.7T.���������''."-���������*   " . :'j'-*"1    ,',',     TT" ;,]'���������"���������'.*-���������   AT THE  &tf������ww������i\rtl>MV.!������  ike^enly;; J bjiitj that, he Vdeli^erate 1 y ^ and7uiifece&  Warily1 threw* his Jspuxs .after. ihcin,-I^ils7fEimt  E/A^S fl-iO ^T> -S. 4 I*0tO#$  vjl|-tEI>!L6VERSiO^/fHE-������fiKPISGHdRI3AliJ AK^arc  [ 4i/?n^te^1fco o^l;ahd*enjby' themaelvus^wh^n^i 'heart v  .\velcpmojw|ll^cextended.^; ,<r- -,���������at -,<;.   .,���������'���������.������;������������������ o*-'  Chari1y.and,;;Butler,;Governmenm^  t^,(}&rden,and ������id-������eeds Ku>hmteodV*tfail'.l5!;f  fflr Horaes^J3driey,jQatg;aiy|:a^. /^b>^4:���������^���������M IJl-s^j  aw  8tyi^andj:iu^^orih&gj7i^  weifi- Tynttegt^all^la^s of ^o^^Ji^bme  of. tfie^ultwts^EisfiMr^th^Icefebr  4"Meta, 't^pclres^/^loYea^^^fttf?iwitb^he^  whqUheart.iv> May tbe Pompeiah 'Veriits^b'e  propitious.'tp'-ttiem, and-let^tlieni^er ji^vin  hiirmony#' :yAssellia, mayst -thoii- wither^  m e:f "^ tOfil y irfone^iM^i^ro'inio'el a h ulb and  expressAloyeifoptiii^ ^wife.H] ^Ajuotherjre?vfials:  , BA'HJ������ElWiLL3S;:.-f.  ^Stabling'  for>HprscEi EDiy^ ^at^and Barleyjson^arHly qrj hiin^;  BENNIS tra^)(Profcte]������ aiihVSHonsc  .... is furn'isliodj.wUj} e^cry{conven|ehco-ifoi\thc' com]  ;fort;of Travellar|,|JtKb .Qallhary department ,is inder  the ^upeHii.ti^'depCe of ran exp" erl eri c^H '^obk ** the ~B ed g  awolekh and comfortable | 'thelBar Cont-aing'tfia b*S@e-  iOil/Liqaors, ^ogars,' &c, )Stabling/fla^r0Barley ^-^feifeB.,  l ^2^<pIEKI>ERSOK. :%gs'i()LfinfoTaifehi^friends  . ^  -t,...,;...     ,    :   ���������.;-..��������� .....,.-.������������������������������������.,,,.. --,.--. iiiijiiifidia^"  isipreparaU ttojsupply-h ia<'hninenira^t^josiui',11^;  rejquisi te^ i'oi^gpt^inglsui t^)>le? -.fejj;; ^.vt^^eaB^a# \U  ^jf: JijE'vT'ISr.bega^laa^i&HhfermTth^  ^������������������;i������enfcle!ne^  ���������h^yihgljp^gi seaf^hed^ E6.r;v,h^; ignd ^ril^;oa:  the. housei^wiie^e .she: vliyes ; iMThere^ihe is--Ci  thereVshei8^-no more?doubt������as4o this-; jRbih>5  ula-liv^s shere -WitlJ a rascal$%*"?'������**'!?'?/   '-f -  Ill MILEHO^SEf-'  |Vir.l^.;;MiS^DN;;:JF5^  Fropristqr, ,V'I';    v   \, , Agent.  .ir-r^zUWfc  ���������t 0!t't.-.v.*U'ir>.o������5 i.i^:i'4i:.':'<...ii -^afu'.;;,; a,r:,;?  ���������        -.f^fV      .       > ��������� V     "���������*���������" *?'*'���������/' "���������'*!*,,.���������-    ������������������������������������."" f-  *'���������  *'���������..������.. "B*!"   B.    ..Hdf.    ���������  no tiliwojhour?' since" that sainiou was * walking  rpnu d: hispreal Restate ^wid ^is-^hahds.::in ��������� his  ;pocl0i% ^$er^a|hing \vh^^pi^tjginy|ta-  vshtin hVtiv have to:.; jine you'-gentlemen'at  dinner."   . ��������� ���������;  :  :\ -  ^i^7et������ouuI calt ih������ Sentigrf^Mh^  ���������having goods. oi^oiiherVcpmn^ to^mo vc  -���������:JL;JishfM.^rehandjze^ .wholesal^fana,-retail .d^alois- io  Dry Go;d09js&c?;;Vates Strti''atJ YictyfvCV:!:"���������btf'finil  afttlr itit^uh'e^next^h' d^'v.Jfume^''������(reeip6|^6yi^!io  Banl^ofiBrittetortuinbta.'iu 't������   s j'\u   ?    ijalisir  lfoS^''3^rf,RAJ^  IJIJ^Bigs^anD'Piekre MAnctet, Propri6tots.-:TheKes-  !taurarit' is supplied wf th7ailf the 'delicacifes>.IbMfari&t  jaflbrds.; In the: Bar. will be .found sthe^hplgest Jjhjcofs.  furnished Rof)m.������, &c. t,^l ,   '       '< -V A   ^yl-s  j ���������������������������������������������..  iB������EBS,;ahd,.  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This;.commQd^i  U,. ous Hotel is well ti tted up. \vi Lh, e.veTy.���������convehience  ijpr. the comfort of^IKfepu'blic; jihe ������Beds are; all that a  weary traveller could pds"ire"j' the Ta13ie is supplied with  i)h J?ara Consigned; ^;Ifeferehcc^Gi^utro'^iC!o>j!Sporh  borg^Eueii;iiy.iptoi:ia^ 4y,sj'j ,v .^umi -)������; cu;; jiH-^i v  llrlfniehtS^^^  j^.\thfi>;-lata^^tjjylc9sili;- consta^iljy^qh; hanlt.. ;$iie#*  from' the" coun^n^.pviuotuttl jy������ atten,deC,to4 :^-f P ������4s������ r?;  Ap ������7^W^Tfe6N^:Wa^inater^ Jew^ry^  ,ilii-iand%Bngraver,f������yat^aiCrcf<6't, aboVf Qov-^  ^rnment streQt^yictoria/;V; I^>ff3jifuo i^vl-^K wbw.  Fort Siraet, .yictoriaj.V. E. * ^ ���������-?. wh*>!. v������'; mMV^jS'  ',r  liV .���������?:���������:  ���������i!W;!jf'^������/  trOBENZOXLEAiRTO^Pro^ietibrv Thite' house-  A:^^rdSjiey^ry;ja^c������inmod|ition;^ 1the,ij&Jmfort.ipf;  U���������/CjjgAtfESj ^WholesalobDealers>inf (JabcBaiES,6-���������flsovifl  8I0NS, ^Boors'i& .^OBs,j fljh'a;i?f p^^ijf feJslWf m w-*t*  j Victoria. V;X"-i,  wMf  Hay,; 13a rl^yjii net Qata -consfcft wtiy ^3ui ifcd ittiowMtiaMf  ?Neyylyrmi^ed^ irigurfiori>al^;clicu.p;; >;^:>. ^ ^r Vl^i'  WAKE   UP   JAKE  JB. HAGGrlN. PiJi'Sio/AN & StfsMf SS*"  w^SvySt^:an^Go vernMri ^S^.^c^na^:.  RES^;jBlSi\iI  a :m  ��������� ;.;��������� ���������; ''..   Barkerville; Bv C.y  .Every thingis doiie in connection with ti lis establish  men t to give satisfaction to .the customers.  i?������f" Meals at all hours/- ������������������} >- ������������������';���������  iMPO^AStoMlN'ERi  .;;;��������� h.- ,���������, Tij.e,, u adprs ignad- is prcp<i rad 4p ���������-���������'." V- C t *���������",':  ^tiHSAN- BLACK ������������������SAND; BLOWINGS -AND:  ���������>;V'^:}:;t;;,;^^J^<sf;  On Cqmjrfeuon. or WII1 purchase'any ;qUimtity;;on.the  Boadina Roona,^ Cainertmton,  J OH x BO WHO N.  ,,t; Hr.^^^^J-J^LAOKMAK^/  .MACDQiM^  GDll ��������� J  ^PiSneer Hotel^-Lilloo^v  /iH:AffcBE8^1SrEiiS0iTv Proprietor. '/This old  \Jt established House is welliiUiidiUp Jpr.the^ corn fort  ���������or.Tr,aveUer:i.; -the.,'liable ia soppjied with the, best, of  everytliihg'^'*td.'ili be hacf, ami- tlie' cd/ifein*"is!aot th-  Terior to the best Liotnl in the lower country j.'Bedrooms : ���������  tor Fam 13 i������������; Stahling Tor H������ 'rscsj -H^rse Feed, &c. ;  l%'^prii������snJtop^' here; /���������:,- ��������� - w- &; y-u������iu,: ��������� ,. ..>; .:��������� 'i'-i'-l'^v.;      ��������� ..:  [j.j8ARKEimi;Ufc;;;;i;  ;.- --I ft ,-i j j- r  -4-r���������������������������.������������������>'<(������������������':  jj"  'V.-l|?    ft 4:  ���������;:}    J. S. THQMPS  ���������'\u\tr  'i ���������  ;VV' -Otlieri destinedfor1 thfe W^r.^L^mr^ ';l  ftidi^^ry^h^m^fandHacc^  Uiwn^w(^oUEBvdsuaUd:a-Tabje;^  'the dolicacies-of theseusonv;;T, :(^:;; fMifi'fv^^, .  Boats- iWMUwftit  *r'fti  .< -fi"-


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