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The Cariboo Sentinel Sep 12, 1867

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 Vol. 4,;  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. C, Thursday,' September: 12, 1867  i'- ������������������������������������'$������������������ ��������� ��������� -  hyyc>     jlovs/ ���������������������������?:';>r- ' ��������� ���������'  ������ - ' ���������    - ������'.''"-���������'')'.  VICTORIA LETTER, No. 5.  Victoria, V.IvAugust 26th, 1S67.  : In the happy state of flatness which now  prevails here, there is but small occasion to  / write letters. " Happy is the nation that lias  ,%o 'history," said an eminent authority. If  the saying apply to colonies, which I doubt,  we are much blessed. For since the closing  of the Legislative session, but little occurs to  'disturb the wave of our placidity.  .   EDUCATION.  ��������� Free education ! free education 1 is the popular cry still, or at least so it is represented  to be" by the newspapers ; though I ain sure  that tbe Jews, for instance, as a community,  :,dd not wish to.have tbeir children educated  "���������'.'���������free 5; or at least would be the last, I believe/  1/tpinsistmsu^  ���������"���������'^Catholics, who hove their Sisters of St. Anne,  ���������and their St. Louis College, insist on it; nor  taking class-by. class, can I find any denomin-  ';-ation, divided into religious sects, of/the public,, that, more particularly . request it.    I  ��������� %elieye it is imported here from Canada, or  /our other eastern .colonies.   I do not think  vlhat the Americans are numerous ol* interested  "enough to have a voice.in. the matter, and I  am quite certain that they are averse to the  ^discriminate*gatherings/of; the; children,;  - -which is the result.   It is a newspaper'" cry.  v How or why the Americans have it (freeedu-  o!"3oation) I do not know.   That education, instruction I suppose is the right word, should  / :be with i n/ th c reach q f. all j. is p raise wo rthy,.  /and properly a governmental action.   But  /that education shall be within reach of the  /^meanest, and that all do'*'not profit -by it,  :is a waste of power, is .defective legislation.  /SNo, to-complete it,.compulsion, must accom-  /���������/���������fany the free gift.   That a poll tax be levied  /Tor the expenses of schooling the infant mM  juvenile population, F do not complain of.  But that the mau who has a family, and lets  Shis children run about the streets, or which is"  0he satne.,thing,;keeps:.41ietn at homey!for.-the'  //most trivial cause, sometimes a self-interested  ; one, is irregular.   I want to see, hand in hand  ���������; with education gratis, a yearly or half yearly  Return to a constituted" officer, of the number  of children in a household, and of the schools  they attend ; attendance at any school to exempt  from ��������� attendance at the free school.  Absence frourall schools, to entail a fine per  head of child, equal to tbe average charge of  ' education at a private school.. And further,  I would not. if I represented the Executive,  pretend to give children who had the privilege of instruction gratis, I. would not give  them free instruction in the higher branches  of mathematics, the living foreign, or the dead  languages.    Geometry may be considered^ a  great help-to intellectual culture, and assist  to form the; reasoning powers.   But I would  cut off algebra from my programme; I would  exclude accomplishments.   People who are  to have their children become educated units  of a state free of cost to themselves, must not  look for too much.   As the duty of the state  is to see that not one, the feeblest of its mem  hers, shall die corporeally, for want of'sufffi  cienfc food to sustain the body ; so no state  can  be  expected, without  charge,  to see  that  its members  be not  mentally inane.  No state, I say, can be expected to provide  too re than the simplest diet   It would be too  much to expect- that the houseless, .the aged  and infirm, shoidd:.be��������� admitted-tb.the richest,  tbe most luxurious/-fare;/ It would: be too  inuch to expect that the youth of both sexes  should be provided' gratis with the most expensive and time-consuming education.   Further, H would be, a mental diet uselessly  spread before them, for the most part; fori  suppose that children of the Class who attend  free .schools, are not likely to be able to devote the years necessary for the complete  mastering of all these branches and accomplishments.   No, but I would, notwithstanding, have a sura at the disposal of the Superintendent pf. Education, or other proper  officer,devoted to the further education, at  the expense of the public, of such privileged  youths of both sexes, who showed special aptitude for, or had distinguished themselves, in  any particular! branch of learning ; or gave  bright promise of general ability, and possessed industry to make the most of it.   In a  word, any free education should be of the  simplest 'kind ; a public and universal tax  should meet the expense of it.   I would compel by fine, or double poll-tax on the parents,  * the attendance of all children at the free  schsol, or other schools.   Part of the public  hioney should be set aside to educate further,  free of expense to the parent* euoh child or  children as evinced special aptitude, or gave  promise of repaying the. trouble:  As for religion, in a public school, I would  I think; leave it..to the sense of responsibility:  of each individual parent, to send his or her:  child to the Sunday School, for religious instruction... I am opposed, and always have  been, to your genuine anti-sec tar iau cry ;  which means nothing but to refrain from all  religion.- But I see no help for it. Many is  the person in older countries, who for. want  of early training, knows nothing of his Bible  or religion,.but what he heard, Sabbath by  Sabbath,-from the minister ; and very slender, you may imagine, that knowledge is.  His pastor, of course, if he do his duty, may  in his home visits, impart a great deal of information, and very providentially; the way  is so plain that he;" who runneth may read."  People here, at least, seem to want to have it  /ffiimide^e^  tun ate, as may be the decision, one can .but  supplement it or otherwise. .This theme is  almost endless, but while I hope I have not  repeated much that I have'said formerly, I  have been obliged to revert to the matter, as  there has been a public meeting here on the  subject, necessitated; by the threatened dying  out of the system, owing greatly, to the apathy  of the government. His Excellency, seemed  in the matter to wish to carry out good views  of his own,';rather than as they think, better  views of tho people.     .' ��������� '���������'-"'���������  The Collegiate school, having reduced its  fees from $5 upwards, to $2 50,'no extras, is  bringing about cheap, if not popular. education. ��������� .'. . ������������������: :���������-; ���������-.:.'. '  -/. I am not altogether .accountable for the delay which this letter will experience in reach-,  Jng you, for owing to the painting of the  Enterprise, and; the accident to the Alexandra, our communication with your happier  m ai nl and .-is be com i ng - restrict ed.  her. crew, in - .the v ho.spItaly; tfnd'j one. ��������� or -t wo  buried at sea���������-all fro"mi scu rvy���������rthe ��������� captai n  and mates, and but only one hand, quite well.  It may be from unavoidable causes, but more  1 ike 1 y qui le the reverse. Th is i n n o w th c second arrival of the kind in this port., apparently a result owing to parsimony. It is to  be hoped an inquest .will be held on the  deaths of the meu;'and remove the disgrace  from British shipping. . Apios.  In bull-fight days, a blacksmith, who was  rearing a bull pup, induced his father to go  down on all-fours, to imitate the bull. Tho  canine pupil pinned the old man by the nose.  The son, .disregarding, the..parental roaring,  exclaimed, "Hold him, Growler, boy, hold  him! Bear it, father, bear it; it'll be the  making of the pup !"  '���������".." The greatest organ in the world," some  wicked old bachelor says, " is the organ^ of  speech in woman, because it is an organ without stops."  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  THE  STOCK   OF THT3  OFFICE   HAVING   BEEN  considerably augmented by the recent importation  of a variety of hew Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  fbr //,//���������;'   ,    ;/:.' V   --.;-'���������-. ,. ��������� ���������.;" . .���������    :     '���������;   /���������;���������_//, ;    . '  Posters, Circulars, Cards,:  Billheads, Programmes'for  ���������   ,. Balls, Concerts, and  Theatric al Entertainments.-.���������'���������  Orders for any description of Job "Work, will bo executed with neatness and despatch.  j)������- Terms moderate. ���������*<$$&  ���������  -NJEW advertisements; '  ION SAL,O  :��������� BARKERVILLE,   ., ;���������   f ;���������/  /W I L LlAM.SyCf^  THE PROPRIETORS BEG LEAVE TO.'ANNOUNCE  to the public that they have enlarged, rofurnished,  and thoroughly renovated . their ujapacious/anU* fasli-  ionab.Ie saloon, sparing neither pains nor expense- Cor  the comfort of their'^atroiis. ���������-"���������!....'<*'..  This is now tho largest aud, most complete Saloon in  British Columbia ; consisting of three large", separate  apartments,.--viz.:. CARD ROOM,. BAR ROOM; and  ���������BILLIARD SALOON, -containing three superb BILLIARD'TABLES.'   -. v-;v   '-'-   :������������������:  The best LIQUORSand CIGARS obtainable, are  served here: . This establishment is. under the immediate superintendence of the Proprietors. ���������.;'.-?   '.-.���������.  .ADLER& BARRY.   :  . June 6th, 1867:*   '/   ''\ ;,' ;-.   . .//  4m'���������  . ' ^   .._  >;-'- r-i  B;S:" '"~" '  . .-rt������ ���������*--. a   i |i-..TT.- j/.vj;  .- - I :';/;^/jBARKERY;IL.LE.- ;-. , ��������� ������������������?;:K.;,..l;.- ���������  :.���������,';3E$:TJL'E-'B R6 Sv���������"';'[  .' ... :i.    ',= , DEALERS lN'-;" ���������' *' - ���������' /':'' '-'-'-.  ^;/'/:^IG/\RS,/\.LIQUPr^S;p^::.>/v:  ' -   '-���������������������������baekervll-L'e'.'V.:   ���������/-  June.^1867. :"'/'/        -���������/   :'������������������;-'.- ' .-..:i\ t'vi. /������������������-'.;  : "  Terms of Subscription���������$;3.per Quarter, cr 52..'per  Monti).   Single vot inhesion nod to non-subscribers at  50 cents per volume, with'$l deposit. /  ��������� .  Person?? not subscribers,/visiting the Rending Boom,  and making use of tlie Books aud Paper.?, 25 cents for  cacl) visit.  . The Room will bo open from TEN, A. M., till TEN,  P.M.   .        -��������� .   -JOHN BOWRON, ...'.'  Secretary and Librarian.  . N. B ���������A fine assortment of Books aud Stationery is  always kept for sale.    ���������;,. v    . 13-s  .    NEW  TIN SHOP.  rpHE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above  1 business, iu Barkorville, aud solicit.a share of public patronage.  CAST    IRON- STOVES  Always on hand.  'New Work.V^nd Jobbing  Done at reasonable rates.  USrPur Teams run rcgnlnriy betwpen Vale and  Cariboo and all orders in our line of business carefully  attended to. ���������  1-s B. PEARSON & BROS.  A. McPlierson,  AND-  JEWELLEE,  AT E. .a-OPGENS'   OLD   STAND,  Barlcerville, 1st May, 1867. . ,_ -1-s  REMOVAL.  6, ���������S.TROTJSS,-- ,  " DEALRU IN.  (ffiOCEMES, EASBWA1S, GLOTHlNG  ETC., ETC.,  BARKERVILLE.  v Has removed to his NSW STORE, opposite  OCCIDENTAL HOTBfc. M  F. V. LEE79  Aiic.tipneer, Qpllector,  - ���������;��������� ���������' .;���������'    ,--ixto'--r-/'l ���������-.������������������. ���������  ��������� '  . MININGr.V AGENT.-...  Goods sol rl on. Com mission... 'Ovhce,   Ricbflel ������i. ���������  SALKSitoosr, Barkervilte. 5-s  1    August Stampelll, ^  ',  S-HbtlW'AKER,  BARKERVILLE..  A large assortment of Boots and- Shoes always on  hand:   " '     . a  EXPRESS-!  l'tZ\:&' WELSC  ��������� BRITISH COLUMBIA  AND   VICTORIA   EXPRESS^'  Oonhcctui.^ at Victoria with WELLS,, FARGO t CO.,  for C-.iii'orni.i. Oregon*.the Atlantic gfedjes  . aud Europe. .....  AND   VP VALE AND LTLLOOF.T \YITK B A/RNARD'S  CARI'UOO EXPRKS6,   '  For Big Hand,. Cariboo and the Nortlinrn Mines,  Conveying Treasure. Valuables, Letters. Prtt jfsges aud  ^.v '.;/-//^W:^IpERTISEMENTS.: :; '-/;-; ;/'/  ./-���������;'/    ���������':-, ,-;' :;->-';:  /.; '��������� SE^r^ifcEKLY paper;;'.//'/:1/.      .';-'.;/;.���������.,;/���������  Published Ever^Monday  and ThctS'daV. - :'-.. r  .; ��������� -; -; 7. ALLAN^CO:, Pkovrxetors;. -    - -"    ���������' -v --/ ���������  'dshoz^B&tt&yi^ .'���������'.'' '���������<���������... .'���������;;.���������������������������://" '-  :-//'."- ���������- ' SuhsCTi^flori, $1 per^eek.-/';'.-%    '.   ���������/���������/-:'/' //'..;:..;:/;-/^i-v' i  (including cost of degycry,) Payable :to the Carrier.; ��������� . ;/ ���������   /  Adams;v/t,ear;c.j:;& Qo.\ ///���������  ..///BARKERVILLE,   .'. '."��������� N-/ ";.-������������������ /.���������  ��������� '   ������-' Have'just'received.a choicQ-. selection'.of" ��������� :^'".-'      .���������������������������.'��������� '..';:'''...   "- " T-STOVES^.-.-" . ���������   ���������- -yy-  all who'give them a c-ill.  ; .  -.'���������. ,..������������������...  .  '  '       ���������'    -./...'  ������������������ Heals at all'hours;   / lr  .. :��������� '.''���������"';- ':"'J  Steele's Eestanraht;; ...  ' .  RICHFIELD. ' .      -    v;/;  it   STEELE BEGS TO INFORM HIS OLD FRIENDS  , %  H. and Patrons,-that ho has opened.his OLD STAND, ��������� ;  whero he will be ?;l.ul to see thoin. ;v  ..   gsr- Meals at all Hocks *&* .  . June 10th, 1867.        //'v :,. u'a  .-.���������������������������   ,-  ��������� :  AccoiiiitantV:  ��������� AND -���������:/.-.     .    v   -  COMfvifSSlON    AGEfNT,  BARKERVILLE,     [  Ofi-icb.���������OrrosiTE N. Cc.mots BREWEaY.   ,  . Juno 17,1867, ���������.       ���������      ::"  n  OUESNBLMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  1ST o T I C S.     ���������/  m1  .1.  IS?  Li  E  |e;rP;BI  irrisL Bt>N as follows : ,  ,    LEAVES   QUESNEL3VIOTJTH   ON  TlrarSdayB and Sundays;  ..   .. AS six o'clock, a. m.;  ��������� LEAVES   SODA   CREEK   ON  Ttiesdays an d Fr Id a y i;  AT FOUR O'CLOCK, A.   M.  Qucsneimouth, May 2nd, 1867..  1. ���������  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QCESNELIIOUTH,  F. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Coofchig of tiie beat  description.. ,  .   s   .  tISi s .r%  QUESNELMOUTH,  ���������BROWN & GILLIS, Pedprietors.   ,r.  Good Beds; Restaurant: Billiard,Table,,te*  Siabiing for Horses, Ifef and Oa{<3..    ���������  ������ wxxstematsi^sm^tisi^spxm^KaBTsm  ���������f  ;-������V:  Wm&  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ��������������������������� ���������      ��������� ������������������������     ._������������������...      .. I,,. ,i    THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1867.  Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel.  \GrouWCreefc,  Quesnelmotith,  Yale,     ���������-',.,   .  LilJpoet,. ----- .  -P. W. Foster j  New Westminster,     -  :   - ;.  Victoria, '*. ' ���������- ..<"'���������'...���������   ��������� ./  jBig Bend,   -  Van, Winkle.  ' ..-. ' .'������������������'���������"'��������� .'���������-. . ��������� '- A.-McWha  Mr. Gc-udie, Barnard's Express Office  ���������Mr. Evans,   .. do  ���������.". do  do       ...        do  -    Clurkson & Co  :v . ( E. Mallandaine  .'��������� *;;.-' ..-" ,: .-.'-."( A.. Lync.  Jas. Bullock, French Creek  -. v-/   J. W. Lindhardt.  The ^Cariboo Sentinel" is published every Monday  find Thursday.; Advertisements intended for insertion  must bo delivered at latest at '6 o'clock, p. ro.*, the day  before publication.- ��������� .  -    ���������������������������':'    ���������(��������� '  TO CORRESPOOTENTS.  All communications must/be accompanied by the  Teal name and address of the- waiter, -not necessarily  with a view of publishing the same, but as security for  bis good faith.v- - . ��������� . ���������������������������k7>:  -  v'.\ M..:.-' ',   .TO ADVERTISERS,   ���������  .... .. ���������   - / ��������� -���������. - ...  J8������** All Advertisements (not inserted for any definite  period) will be continued until ordered out and charged  for accordingly.   '���������'���������������������������'. ���������'���������'      ���������''-'-V'.:-  . -"* - ���������  v     ROME FOR THE l^?ALIAKa  /The immovable determination of;the Pope  mgUty of the/Papal States,-isIproducjng great  / jrri tatioh:, in the ranks of tlie/ young. /Italian  ���������0;p^i^^of^^clit-.Garibaldi^is I tbe nominal  X fcjeStkf;:Tbe(/party,: howeyer^is divided into  two sections ; that which 'draws all its -/tone  7 froin).fiaribaldi^ and--tberoilier, wbichr is devil pmmated^^ is.-: termed the ��������� moderate*  ff partyi- /That; the/;Italian; kingdom isi.;- incoin-  piete";; without > Rome/ e veryVphe must ad ra i t,  }f- an d' we; a re am on gs t those }wh o tb ink /th at/the  ��������� Pope -would bold ah equallyidignified' and in-  ��������� finehlial/posi tion i n Eu repe^?without' the tem-  ?!}> oraL crown..:;: He ;wo/uld;be^be head of /the  ;;.<cou'rc!vand/ would/.-be; ��������� supjiorted /andJ��������� pro.-,  ;/tec ted in,that-position  ��������� ^nations in*the ;world, and freed from -the po  litical: manoeuyeribg. requisite % sustain the  : tein p oral ;;po wer ;; /and al so i/ th e ; stig.ra a .attached: to the/real;or.imagiriaty cbnip 1 icity in  * th e; brigandage which has, .^created so . rn u c h  ,y-ill feeling-with regard to /tlie Papal ^oyern-  meiit;K His^ Holiness/;^ouid|.have';: av- safer  ; realm to preside over, and a���������/greater number  / of su bjects; -thati an y ;��������� oth er J monarch in; th e  . wo rid;.;;. Wi tb.; those '-.views J-;Sjo we ver, ��������� we' de-'  t pre;cat^ahy//attempt/^y;/;ib  number of Roman refugees, and that they  would be able to communicate with the revolutionary leaders in Rome itself.    The expedition, however proved what anyone in his  sober senses must Lave predicted, a signal  failure.   These misguided young men were  overtaken by the Italian troops, when a number of them were captured and the remainder  completely dispersed.   The Italian, government has ordered that the leaders of the band  are to be taken to Florence, the Italian capital, and the other prisoners are to be sent to  the prisons of Arezzo and Sienna.   The desire  to make the Italian kingdom whatit ought,  and will ultimately be, when Rome is the capital, is most natural and praiseworthy in  every true Italian ; and the ardent wish of  all the law-abiding, citizens of that beautiful  country, is to so strengthen and consolidate  the government, that this great object may  be attained at tbe - earliest possible moment.  But these thoughtless and misguided men are  by their lawless freaks, enfeebling and embarrassing the government, and postponing  the very end which they pretend to desiro so  much.   We are inclined to look upon the  young men who formed the party, as the victims < of revolutionary propagandists^    For  we know that every nation is infested with a  set of reckless.men who, under the specious  guise of patriotism, or some other superficially good motive, band themselves together  Jrfe4'-4be^>urpose;; of plunder, which, usually terminates in /the ruin of -imany weak minded  people, who: have been led into the; snare  through the; influence/of designing and' evil  disposed leaders.    If this be true, in the present instance, we trust/that these leaders may  1>e singled out, and receive that punishment  which their .reckless;, temerity so .justly deserves. ���������.������������������-���������'���������:'y?y..'- -,.'"'  :/;    ./.���������'��������� :.���������"',  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  RS.  FASANARO   HAS   GREAT   PLEASURE   IN  announcing that she will give a.\  GRAND    BALL    AND    SUPPER,  At Cameronton, on Saturday Evening next, the 14th  instant, when she hopes her friends nnd the public  generally will extend to her tbeir support. Having  secured tbe large and elegant Saloon of Messrs. Barry  & Adler, for the occasion, she trusts to be able to  mako this one of the best entertainments of the Kind  that has been given during the season.  Tickets���������$5 each; may be had at N. Cunio's baloon,  Barkcrville, and Mrs. W. Allan's Cameronton.  Cameronton, Sept. 7,-'1807*  NEW* ADVERTISEMENTS.  e.  NOTICE.  ALL PARTIES  WHO  ARE  INDEBTED TO  THE  undersigned, are requested to call and settle on  or before TUESDAY, the 17th inst. .      *  Barkcrville, Sept, ,7, 1867. P*. HODGENS.  FOUND.  OJsT THE ROAD   BETWEEN   BARKERVILLE  AND  Cameronton, on Monday last, a lady's small Cameo  Brooch.   The owner can have .the same by calling at  this office, and paying the expense of advertising;  "   Sept. 7, T667. ..  San !Ppan^iMa'������.j;||  COMMISSION" MERCHANT, ^ ���������  WHOLESALE AND EETilL BEAtER  &RO'C������RIES,  PROVISIONS,  HAJ&WARB,  CLOTHING- AND BOOTS  Next Poor to TnE Sentinel Office  Barkerville, 29tb June, 1867.  17  NOTICE.  THE   UNDER-  gnedy cither-by book-account or hy ��������� note, will  please call and settle the same immediately, so as to  avoid any further trouble or expohse.  Sept. 2, 186,7.      :. .-    G. L. SHEPHERD.  A LL  PERSONS INDEBTED   TO  Dissolutioii of Partnership  t.id&  .;'. actor&^in/sucfr';movements-;.'are.��������������� general]^  yon ng; men; wi th no great ex cess of ei tb er  moral or -military//discipline';; /and a\though,  do.u b tless ��������� b rim fa 116f. patriotism,: are . rarely  . gifted tvith judgment'; The early- adventures  -of traribaldi were'marked^ by successes over  a ; sovereign .. who . bad .rendered   himself  od i6i)s /.to   all   sens!b1 e  peopie   of   ev ery  shade of political or religious.feeling and his  ..;,' deposition /was hailed, by, /all.. /Besides, Ca-  /. vour, tbe greatest, of. Italian statesrnan;��������� was  then at the head of the Piedmpnfese "govern-  y rhent; and knew exactly to what extent a  man of;tbe Garibaldiah stamp could be use-  .ful and how far to support or ignore his- pro-.  ceedings.   That Garibaldi, by his able mana-  : gement of the raw troops under his command,  has made for himself a lasting name,- no. one  will deny ; .biitifit had not "been for. tbe opportune support-afforded him-by-his firm  ally Cavomyit is well known his: expeditions  would not have terminated so successfully.  Cavour is no more, and Garibaldi^ friends  are to be found among those who have little  or no.political influence ; thus any movement  attempted by bis party must inevitably result  in failure, as they would be at once repressed  by the Italian government, now in a position  with regard.to surrounding nations that makes  a due respect for treaties necessary. To those  who are carried away by the sophistry usually indulged  in by revolutionary clubs, all  reasoning is out of the question : and nothing  but the force at the disposal of a strong government is capable of restraining  these restless spirits.   Happily for the reputation of  Garibaldi, the late insane attempt at invasion  of the Papal States is in no way attributable  to him.   IIis consciousness of tbe determination on the part of tbe Italian government to  prevent any revolutionary movement on tbe  Papal dominions, deter red him from any  advance in that direction, as he bad  previously  decided upon.   Thus, strange as it may ap*-  pear, the little band that made the attempt  was wholly composed of young men of the  moderate party, heretofore marked for its indisposition to follow the  extreme -ideas of  Garibaldi.   It seems that about two bnadred  armed youths made an attempt to  crosg tbe  Roman frontier, with tbe object of reaching  viterbo, where it was proposed to proclaim  a provisional   government  and   so   form" a  nucleus wheuce to make a more  formidable  //;Not . DBAi>:-^Several weeks ago we announced, under the usual heading,;the demise  of a Mr. C; formerly well known as a/resident of Victoria, who, it was said, hadidied  on an but:6f-the-way creek at Carib 6$. /. Th e  friends of thei ."/departed'''^an mourned him I Jsfo'vT'  as/-M one numbered with the dead;" and, donned/the usual habilaments of; mourning in  respect. to; his m eino.ry"i* On ;Saturday;/ last,  .bbweyer, ra: gentleman v doing;.;business on  ^Fprfc street, received-a letter of Tate'date from  the reported dead man,^ who, from his vigor-  bus; sty 1 e of w ri ting, wo did 1 ea'd one to S su p-  p ose t H at i f h e real ly b e. de ad,. h e .has not yet  becoine aware of the fact himself,and being  the.party. most interested. it is reasoriablo to  supppkis he:'would'have the^ -earliest infbrma-  tioa/on the subject.-^7B.:Goloii iafc1] :".  /;/J!kfferson Davis' axd the CikApiAxs.���������Mir;  Jefferso n- D av is was 1 at'el y sere hade d at Ni a-  gara. iie^ expressed his thanks in the following speech.:���������'* Gentlemen/.. I thank/, you  sincerely for the.honor you have this evening  shown me. It shows that/true British manhood to which misfortune is always attractive  May peace and- prosperity be for ever the  blessing of Canada, for she has been the  asylum of many of our friends, as she is now  an asylum for myself. I hope that Canada  may for ever remain a part of the British  Empire ;and may God bless you ail, and the  British Flag never cease to wave over you."  Curious Circumstance.���������A man- of the  name of Robert Ottarson/ died recently at  Springvale, 2'enn. He bad been insane for  thirty years; but recovered his senses,on his  deathbed, and conversed- intelligently of occurrences that transpired the day and week  previons to his insanity, making enquiries  about a yoke of oxen which he had valued,  of the work on the farm, and of old neighbors  who had been dead for year3, while the intervening space was a perfect blank in his memory.  /VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT THE PART-  i.\i nersbip lately existing beUyeen the undersigned,  under the name of Fontaine & Company, has tins day  been dissolved hy mutual consent. ; All debts due to  the late firm are to.be paid to A. (i. Fontaine, and all  debts against the said linn.may bu sent in to him..  -. '"   *    FELIX POUCHOT,  .    ' A. G. FONTAINE.  Richfield, August 29th. 1807. lm  THE   SNUG-   SALOON  .    * BARKERVILLE. ?  TH E UNDERSIGNED HAYING OPENED THE  abovo Saloon,���������would respectfully invite their  friends and the public to step in and sanmlethpir  ALES, WINES and LIQUOR^, tho qualhy of -which  they flatter themselves, will suit tbe tastes or tbe roost  fastidious. The best brand of CIGARS alwavs on  hand. SCOTT & McIIARDY  29th June, 1867. 2m    '  Grouse Creek ^Express.  WP. HERRE "WILL RUN A DAILY EXPRESS  ���������   between Barkcrville and Grouse Creek.  Orders, small parcels, Jotters,  collections,. etc,   etc  attended te,.oh mq������J.eraie���������,tcrtns'. . Special nuenuou.  given to demands for subscfrptTohs to'tiie CARIBOO  SENTINfeL, or any other Newspapeh   ,  Offices: On Grouse Creek, at M. Prager^s Store. la  Barkervllle, at W. F. Herro's domicile, Sextlvh.  Office. ���������-'"���������. ..������������������������������������.-'        '-:.������������������.  July 29, 1867. ..;./  CARIBOO  SI  jDorado Saloon!  BARKERVILLE,  THE UNDERSIGNED   HAVING PURCHASED /THE  entire interest of Messrs. Joseph Parker and R. R  Clark, in the above named establishment, .would respectfully solicit a continuance of the public patronage heretofore extended to them.  -  Aue;.;2S,1867.   . WILLIAM STERLING. .  . ^ WILLIAM   RENNIE;  Boot and 'Shoemaker,  BARKERVILLE,//. .      -'  MAS JUST RECEIVED BY EXPRES, AN ASSORT-  raunt'of FRENCH CALF and KIP LEATHER, of  ,the. BEST QUALITY. :.    .;  ���������-. August 2S, 1867. .    'lm  THE/; ;���������/  feXdHAN&E  . /.HOTEL, /.y>;/:  TS NOW OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OP  JL: the"raining community, aod the public generally;  No expense has been spared to render the house all  that could be desired, for. comfort and convenience.  The Bar is supplied with a complete stock of Wises,  Liqcorb and Cigars.   ;/ .      :��������� .-  .    )35r Well Atred Beds -$&���������'������������������;  may be had at a moderate charge; ���������   E. ORD,.  July 1,1867. 2m .���������[..    Proprielresa;  ;    COSiiOPOL I TAN  Restatirant  and Bakery  ���������'���������'��������� \.y' BARKERVILLE.  ADELPHI   SALOON!  Richfield.  THE   UNDERSIGNED   HAS  JUST   OPENED   THE  above Saloon, and bejpes his old friends, and the  public in general, will give him a call.  No extra charge on " freeze out," for fun.  Aug. 28,1867.    ��������� lm        JOHN HEDIN.  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING THOROUGHLY BE-  novated his Establishment.-has.re-opened.thesam*  fur the accommodation of the Public, .ond trusts to  metU n share of.their patronage. His.Bokery.hasalstf  nndergonb refjafr. and. he is now ready to executft  orders from all who wish ���������jrood bread.:  .'.,..       ,. ���������������������������      JACOB VELTE, Proprietor.  Juuel'Oth, 1867. " ll-s-  EXPRESS   NOTICE  IRSHI  Sensible Advice.���������An American paper>  among other suggestions which will enable a  person to avoid the cholera, savs .'���������Endeavor, if possible, to keep a clear * conscience,  and two or three clean shirts. Rise with the  lark and avoid larks in the evening. Be  above ground^ in all your dwellings, and  above board in all your dealings. Love  your neighbor as yourself, but don;t have'  too many in the same house with you.  Murder at .Kingston, C. W.���������About 12  c'lock on the night of the 27th June, K. Campbell, a waiter on the steamer Passport, was  murdered by a man named Turcotte, at Mr.  Gihnis' tavern, Ontario street. They were  playing cards, when some dispute arose, and  Turcotte struck deceased in the neck with n  knife, cutting an artery. Campbell died in  about half an hour.  poBuECr aud Marmora Railway.���������-A new  railway built by the Marmora Iron Mining  Company to connect their works at Marmora  with Coburg, was opened on Thursday last.  Already some 15.000 tons of ore are ready for  shipment^ A village is rapidly springing up  in the vicinity of the mines. ^   ������    l  HE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING  between FRANK PERUET and .A. KELLER, as  SaloOn keepers,'Cameronton, has this, day been dissolved by mutual consent. All outstanding accounts  due to the late firm, must be paid to A. Keller, who  is authorized to receipt for the same  AFTES  THIS  DATE,   BARNARD.'?   EXPRESS IS  not responsible for damage on LIQUIDS shipped in  Tin or Glass, xmless by special.con tract.  Until further notice.: tho Express will arrive her������  every SUNDAY AFTERNOON, and close for below  every WEDNESDAY, at NINE o'clock, A. M.  ROBERT POOL,  ..  . Agent.  Barkcrville, May 29th, 1867: 8  24th August, 1867.  FRANK FERRET,  A. KELLER.  lm  NOTICE.  In the matter .of the Estate and? Effects of JAMES  PURDIE, lato ol \Villiams Creek; Blacksmith, deceased, intestate.  hi PERSONS' WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THE  above Kstate, arc required to pay the amounts due  forthwith, and all persons who have any claims agaiost  the above estate, arc require*I to send in their accounts  on or before the TWENTV-SIXTH day of SEPTEMBER,  1SG7, to   - ���������         CHAS. E." POOLEY,        .  Onicial Administrator.  Dated Richfield; 27th Junej 1807.  # ������ dS1 ������. 'fe?ffi^it&-|y)'^*'  ������  SURGEON   DENTIST,  sxr^E^**^  all uperulions on  the Teeth, in tbe latest and most  .scientific nmnncr.  TfCtli cxf.Mcted without PAIN, by  tho use or the  KHIGOL1NK Sl'RAV.- ���������  Charo-ks Moderate���������Terms Cask.  August 19ttj, 18C7.  L.  A.  BLA  Photographic  Artist,  MAS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC CALLERY  at RICHFIELD, and is P,vp;,n:r| |o take  Cartes cle Vfeite, Timbre dc posio portraits, ambretypes, Leather Pictures, Mil.inoiypirf;, Views of  Houses, Claims, etc., Kinirlo or Sier.*o*;opte.  Portraits also taken on Wliit,c Silk, Linen or C  Cloth.  Richfield, 12th August, ISO7.  otton  decent upon Rome.   It was supposed   that  at yltorbo they would be joinod by a large  J    &&* Allow no one to put you off with anv othe  FENTON    SALOON  RICH FJ ELI). ������������������  rjpHE U.VDER3IGNED  HOPES  HLS OLD  PIONEER  JL friends will give biro a turn, u? he !;.".,������? '���������xperienoed  Cotfeethan F^lPn best.   To he had fi m all fesp.^ni  ' heavy weather lately. K.  F. EDWAU/I.S  able loafers. I    June 6th, 1SG7, ?oriv������rly of RuwaMfc' Hunch  In the matter of the Estate and Effects .of DAVID  "WHITFORD, Free Miner, late of tho Reid Claim,  Conklfns Gulch, deceased, intestate.  i LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THE  X3L above Estate, are required to pay the amounts  due forthwith, and aII pcrsons who have any ��������� claiin^  against the above estate, are required to send in their  accounts on or before FIRST NOVEMBER,-1867, to   :.  CHAS. E.'.POOLER  Official" Administrator;  Dated Richfield, 1st August, 1867. .   :.    :,.,-  Thos. L. BEIG&S & Gq*i  CAMERONTON,   ,     ;   ..   :;  Have just received, and offer for Sale,;  WHOLESALE  ���������S3ltAIt-,  AT LOW BATES FOR CASH,     ,  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS of LIQU0R&  ��������� CONSISTING OF---.  Brandy���������Martell, Hennessey, and Otar'd Dupey.  Wines���������Port. Shcrrv   Btii-gundy,  and Claret; San-  tern e\s  French White Wine ��������� Sausevaiuc's O'ali^ ,  foruja White Wine.  Champagnes��������� Douche and Napolcnn's Cabinet.  Bitters��������� Bokcr's, Sansevninc's, Orange and Hostet-  ter's, Vcrmontlj, Absnnthe, reppermint and Annr*  sette.  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky.  Also on hand���������500 gallons choice hrands of Brantly,  Wines, Whisky, Rum, otc. .:  (rOodH received on  Storage or Cobimission, at ww  I  1  1  i  E  lowest ma rket ratoe.  $bL  Of--  m  m  Pes  feL-^<������^".i|"1i������"iJgW������u,.gJ!"g 4yW*J^������'-W^WMTfttt&������^  >'  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1867.  Gambling Case.���������James Lorlng, an old  sport, brought a complaint before the Police  Magistrate, on Monday^ last, charging two  professional gentlemen in Barkerville, with  having, on the evening of the 6th inst, in a  ro������m adjoining Parker & Sterling's saloon,  kept a faro bank, dealt cards, and otherwise  gambled, contrary to tbe statute 8 and 9 Vic.,  there-anent provided. The accused appeared  in court, and having admitted the charge,  we're each mulct in the mitigated penalty of  $242 50 with costs. The magistrate cautioned them to be more careful in future, as  there were people among them who were  looking out lor the moral good of the public.  Sand Boxes.���������We are pleased to see that  all the companies working in the vicinity of  the Bed Rock Drain, are strictly observing  the o'rde'r recently issued by the Gold Commissioner, for .haying sand boxes . placed at  the end of their sluices, in; which the heavy  tailings could accumulate, and be shovelled  oat before thev reached the channel of the  creek, thus preventing any obstruction to the  stream that might lead to an overflow at high  water. If this rule had been observed in for-  sier seasons, claims would not now belying  "iaTe7dtr atfcbunt"~of the damage done1 te-the  'drain. ', '       '--..^'"./ "..  , Illustrations op Cariboo.���������Mr.l F. Dally,  who has been engaged for the last month in  taking pbotbgraphic views of this and other  creeks, as well as of celebrated claims, left  yesterday with the stage for Quesnelmouth  where he will remain for a few days. Mr.  patty intends to go down country by easy  stages, so as to. enable him to take views of  ���������the most remarkable places on the route, and  judging from his success in producing beautiful and truthful pictures here, we have po  doubt his collection, when finished, will be a  very .valuable one.  Strike.���������We learn that the hands cm pi eyed on the Aurora'claim, on this creek, 's truck  ior higher wages last Tuesday.   The rate of  .wages they have keen receiving was $6 a day  /but they insisted, on its being raised to $7,  The/foreman would not "consent to ;the demand, and accordingly engaged other -hands  in their stead.   It.is certainly very imprddeht  formen h'aving' a steady job, ihsisting on an  increase to .their pay ut this late period of the  /season', and more especially at a time when  therejaro so few chances of, getting steady era-  3>1 oy men t, in ��������� cohsequenee of tlie scarcity o f  water:.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  oz.  MCSQUITO, CREEK.  The following companies took out for last  week, the amounts set opposite their respective names :���������  Minnehaha co. (commencing)  Ophir or Job co.   -   -   -   -   ���������  Hocking co. (commencing)  Willow co.   -.������������������-.   -���������-.-.  ^Zointco.   -   -   -/���������.-.���������'/./'-  ;..  Discovery co,   -   - ' -   -/������������������.-  Hoiinan co.    -   - '-, -   -   -  12  li  20  10  20  20  Jeffree co.    -   -   -   - " i   -   -     co  Total,  145 ofe.  >yism at RrcffFiELP.���������The peace /and  'quietness of the orncial/capital of Cariboo  was disturbed last Tuesday morning, by the  occurrence of two lrian fights and one dog  fight/and singular to say, although there are  at present eight peace officers stationed within one hundred yards of the scene, not one  arrest was made.  :. In Canada there are seventy-three gold  mines, employing 708 miners. The yield of  i gold for the past three months is valued at  $680,855.���������Toronto correspondence of the  St. John's News says that that city has a population of 45,000 souls, composed about equally of native and British born subjects.  .: Repaired.���������The repairs on Capt. Mitchell's  bridge, across the north fork of the Que'shel'  river, have been completed, rendering the  structure perfectly safe for the passage of  pack animals. The trail thence to Cedar  creek, has also been cleared of fallen timber,  which now affords easy access to that locality.  Caledonian Benevolent Society;.���������At the  last meeting of this association, it was resolved, that in order to make the meetings more  attractive and to increase the information of  its members, a short lecture or reading would  he given after the usual business had been  transacted.  . Get? your Teeth Filled.���������As Mr. J. F.  Grady, dentist, intends leaving this place, in  the course of a week from date, persons in  need of his services should loose no time in  giving him a call.  It is reported that his honor Judge Need-  ham has been sent up here to settle the  Grouse creek dispute, and will arrive by  next express. He is accompanied, it is said,  hy a body of marines.   . V ��������� ���������.'  Express.���������Barnard's stage left yesterday at  Jo on, with a full load of passengers, namely,  Messrs. Hertlein, R. & J. Leech, John Work,  *��������� Dally, M. S. Pendergast, J., Marks, and  ~~ Cohen.  The California steamer Active arrived at  victoria on Friday last, so that we will have  an Eastern mail next Sunday.  Mr. J. R. Adams' flour mill at Soda creek,  WU1 commence grinding the new crop of  wheat in the course of eight or ten days.  Mrs. Fasanarq's ball comes off on Satur-  evening.  BLACK BEAR CREEK.  We have heard a good many conflicting reports concerning this creek, of Jatevmost of  which were to the effect that it was a " bilk/'7  But we are assured by a gentleman' recently  from that quarter, tb at... the..first company  above the falls were taking out a little pay,  with very flattering prospects. They found a  piece last week weighing $10.  CEDAR CREEK.  Discovery co. made about $20 a day to. the  band last week.���������Aurora co. had 100 oz. for  the same period.   --"'.-.  ON KKITHLEYS,  ;��������� -Antler,- and-Cunningham oreeksrthc-various-  companieB are making good wages. .  WILSONS GULCH,.  Is the name that has been given to a small  stream, about twelve miles to the north-west  of this place, heading in Island mountain,  nearly opposite to Musquito gulch. Here a  company of four men have been prospecting  for over, two months past, during which time  they have sunk a shaft .seventy-five feet deep,  and drifted across the channel, finding such  prospects as to induce them, last Tuesday, to  record a discovery claim. .. They have returned with the intention of getting out lumber for sluices, and preparing to work the  ground. The ground, it is believed.from present Judications, will pay about wages.  \MOSTANG CREEK. . '  Two of the party who started for this new  creek eight days ago, returned on Monday,  and gave a favorable report of it. They located claims adjoining fe Discovery co.Jdnd:  ;snnk a shaft fifteen feet, without reaching bed  rock, but having no tools or provisions' with  which to prosecute their labors any further,  had toi retnrn to.procure the necessary articles.  They s tar ted back a ga i n y ester day ,* wi th s u f-  ficient provisions to last them three/weeks, iu  which time it is expected the diggings will  be thoroughly tested. We understand that  claims have been located on other hew creeks  in the vicinity, and considerable prospecting  Victoria Items from Colonist.���������Esquimalt  presents an appearance of activity since the  arrival of Admiral Hastings; borings are  daily made in Long Bay and Constant Cove  with success;, the new naval Club House is  nearly finished.���������W. P. Stevenson was fined  $25 in tbe police court for assaulting ah Indian  ���������The body of Henry Cantrill was buried with  masonic honors on 20th ult���������The Central Free  School now numbers 100 scholars.���������The new  iron bark Mercara sailed from Liverpool on  10th June for Victoria ; the H. B. Co.'s bark  Prince of Wales is also on the way and will  be due in October, both have full cargoes.���������  A young Prussian named C. B. Schlessinger,  from Portland.. Oregon, succeeded in procuring. $300 from the Bank of British North -America on a forged cheque, purporting to be  signed by the firm of Julius Greenbaum &Co.  wharf street, and made his escape to Washington territory ; a reward of $100 has been offered by the bank- for his apprehension.���������No  less than 300 head of beef cattle will be. sent  to market by the settlers on tbe East coast-of  the island this season.-���������A judicial investigation is recommended by the Colonist relative  toTthe condition of the crew of tho bark Aid;  ���������At Leech river, one company is reported  to be making $7 a day to the hand, and another as high as an ounce a day, lively times  arc expected there soon.���������A man named  Daniel Kendall has been arrested on a charge  of complicity with Street in the theft of  ~$S0G0 wortirof: furs-from; A. FrankeL���������The)  would be suicide, Lanfester, has.recovered;���������  A man named H. Miller was. fined-in the police court ������5 for beating a squaw.���������The Custom House has been removed to the Government : building. on;: Government street.���������A  collision occurred in the Straits during a  dense fog, on 15th ult.'; between the Hawaiian  ship Silas Greenman and the American ship  iElizabeth Kinibal, by which the.former vessel  was so badly damaged as to have to put into  Royal Roads in distress.���������A discovery of  8000 acres of valuable farming/land has been  made by a settler in. Cowichan district, for  which be has received a gift of 200 acres from  government.���������A deputation; fvotn the Fire  Department w;aited on the Governor _to solicit funds to assist in tbe support oi that institution, and were allowed $5G0 in/\ the meantime   by. His  Excellencv.���������The .'���������. Alhambra  building, on Government street;had a narrow  nugget  i9 being carded on.  New Coal Depot for English Sjieamers.  ���������The island of Opara, in the Pacific ocean,  has been selected as a coaling depot for the  New Zealand and Australian line of steamships. Opara island lies in about 27:20 sou tli  latitude, and 147 degrees west longitude, and  is about ten days' steam from Wellington.  Its circumference is about sixteen miles. The  island lies high, the scenery is pretty, and excellent water can be obtained. One side is  formed of a valuable petroleum slate, called  'coal' by the natives. The native population  consisting of about 1,500 persons, arc. of a  friendly disposition, and were delighted at  the Kaikoura's visit. Although the establishment of a coaling statiou on the island is important, as being likely to insure more punctuality in the delivery of the mails, it will  also be of benefit to Australia and New Zealand by opening up. the South Sea trade,  which is yet in its infancy. Opara is only  some 050 miles distant from Tahiti, and the  produce of a largo number of the most important of the islands, much of which, from  its perishable nature, requires quick transportation, can be brought to the island, and  thence conveyed by the Panama steamers to  Australia and New Zealand. The Sandwich  islands are three thousand miles distant from  Opara.  PoLrcE Court.���������The three celestials, Ah  Chy, Ah Sam, and China John, who were  charged in the Police Court on Saturday last,  with appropriating a pocket book containing  $270 belonging to Mr. H. Booth, were again  brought up on remand on Tuesday. They  were defended hy Mr. Robertson. The evidence, which was chiefly Chinese, was of snch  an unsatisfactory and conflicting character,  that the prosecution failed to establish their  giiilt, and the prisoners, Ah Chy and Ah Sam  wete discharged.: The magistrate, however,  at the request of chief constable Fitzgerald,  remanded the prisoner China John till Friday  as suspicion was strong against him, fixing  his bail at.$300,  The Taftyale company, in Stout's gtilcb,  found a nugget on Tuesday weighing 5 JM.,  entirely free from quartz..  escape from fire on 26th ult.���������A/$33  has been found at Leech river.���������Two, shocks  of an earthquake were felt at Port Ludlow  on tbe 14th ult.���������The Alexandra resumed her  trips to. New Westminster oh 28th ult.���������It -is  rumored/that the Legislative*Council will sit  at Victoria next session. ;  New Wkstnenster Ite^s  from Columbiaw  and ExamineR^-The New Westminster press  are quarrelling over the appointmeut of a town  clerk,; which position yields tlm incumbent the  handsome sum of $250 a year!���������The millraen  at Burrards. inlet are about .to'establish a  library there.���������A large quantity of valuable  timber has been burnt near Moody's logging  camp, by a late fire.���������A collision occurred on  28th ult. between the steamers Alexandra and  Fly, a little below New Westminster, in which  the. latter received considerable damage.���������  A post office is about to be established at  Burrards Inlet,���������Professor Hermann, a wizard and ventriloquist, ha* been performing to  crowded houses.���������Judge Brew and Dr. Jones  have discovered a copper lead which gives  good promise of being rich, in the vicinity of  Howe  Sound ;  specimens of out-crop pings  have assayed 25 per cent, of copper, already  a considerable sum lias been subscribed in  town to prospect  the vein.���������A miner from  Kootenay arrived writh $20,000 in dust, the  result of three years.labor in that district.���������  the Indian.who was severely scalded by tbe  explosion of the Alexandra's boiler, has died  from the injuries.���������The lumber trade at Burrards Inlet appears to be hi a flourishing condition ;   large  shipments  are  being  made  weekly for foreign ports.���������The  Columbian.  says that $60 a month has been  offered for  harvest laborers in the interior and refused,  the consequence will be that hundreds of tons  of hay will rot on the ground.���������Her Majesty  has sanctioned the ordinance to prohibit the  unseasonable destruction of game.���������The store  of Messrs. Cunningham Bros, was entered on*  tbe night of the 27th ult. by two Indians, and  the contents of the till abstracted together  with a couple of suits of clothing.  [FROM OUR TRAVELLING   CORRESPONDENT.]  Cottonwood, August 26th, 1867.  Sir,���������My object, in visiting Cariboo, as X  have previously mentioned, is to speculate in ;  mineral land,, but; owing to the trouble that  exists between the Canadian co. and GrouseV ���������  Creek Flume co., I am in no particular hurry  to reach the mines, until such time as their  case is finally settled. ;.   /  Not wishing to intrude upon the space of .  your interesting arid valuable little sheet, in  ray last,! did hot give you . the particulars of  my trip any further than Lytton, where I was  agreeably detained a few days longer than I  expected.- The anchor hove short, sails un- / ���������!,':  furled, topsails mastheaded, and when I wai:  about to give the order to trip, an Indian  canoe hove alongside, bearing a polite invi- ;;���������-.  tation, enclosed in /a scented envelope,; re.--.  questing the attendance of the captaiu and  "  crew of the coy use' at a ball,'to be. given in   ;/.  Romano's that evening ; the temptation was '  irresistable. and ail hands, fore and aft. con*:.  eluded to go and enjoy themselves.   Dancing .  commenced at eight, P.M.,precisely, under  the able management of Commodore Floury, ,  of the upper Eraser, and. was kept up until  daylight, by request pf the ladies.   My first,  o file er, Mr. Hard weather, dan ced th e sailors J  hornpipe in character, and I must say ac-    .  quitted himself in 'a 'manner not only credit-    ..'.  able to himself, b*at; very entertaining to. his: :��������� ���������  fair admirers., At-four,.A.-M.T I was reluc-���������u:  tantly forced to ,robserve that triy crew, were    ...  in gay sailing order,/with their jawing tacks  on board.   I piped;them off, got underweigh,. .  and bid adieu to Lytton, pro tern.   On ac*  /  count' of calms, andiight, baffling, winds,. Idid   ./���������'  not reach Cook's Ferry till the afternoon, all    ���������'  bands feeling ratheriinder the. weather./When/.'  off Spence's breakwater, I/'laid the, maintop--  :  sail to the mast, cast/a line'overboard^ with a    :;  sardine for a bait; got a bite, hauled in, .and,  found that I had hooked a hump-backedsalf//. ;  mon, filled a\yay and stood on my course up /  the grand trunkj passed Oregon ^Jaek'sundef   . ,  full sail, and arrived at Ashcroft after- a de-  lightful run of -four hours.  The Cornwall/';���������.'���������'/  brothers were mu'ch^pleased at my Visit, and//  i ntroduced me to ^Cqm. Sutton, of the ���������'Cherry.  Creek sil ver 1 cad, and Capt.; G. Deiti, of Ex*;.',;//  press tiotoricty. .They had arrived there th'at���������../  day with rock from the Creek/;'"the comnior /j-.!  dore-showed me several specirnens that would   ' ���������  assay as niuch as :ninety per cent.' He sky������;  ' \  the vein is three feet/wide, but: as^ yet he can^ ;  no t \ tell. th e de p th;',: {When he/1 eft,. the men   :  were,/about turning the. stream, the/ object:,.:.  being to-sink a' shaft/on the: main lode,, with J/';.  out being troubled V with water. .It is.sii^-  posed that this claim, will turn out to. ;bp.the    /  richest in the court try,: and is .even ho w/at-.  tracting the attention of capitalists, from the  fact that Mr. Claudet. late government assay er,.Mr. Homer, late high sherhT. and others  have lately located claims adjoining .the old  -.���������  company's ground, with the view of -putting  up a mill.   Several tbns.ofthe rock-are being  sent to San Francisco, in order to .ascertain  what kind of machinery is best adapted to;.  work the rock to advantage.. The commodore speaks highly of the country in the vi-  cinity of Cherry Creek/which aboimds with  large quantities of game.   Capt. peitz says  they experienced pleasant weather on the  trip, with the exception of a three hours'  rain storm, during which ;the  water, came  down in torrents ; the lightning flashed fearfully in chains, and hailstones as large as  pidgeon3? eggs descended so rapidly, and in. /  such quantities, that a person  would have .  been inclined to suppose .that heaven, in its /  wrath, was pouring/down on the earth a  broadside   of. canuister.    The  bareheaded, stood exposed to  storm without ever flinching ;  and then he would be beard  little more grape, Cap. Bragg."  Yours, Capt. Buxisbt.  co mm od ore,  this, terrible  every   now  to mutter " a  A.Line of Steamers,to the Saxpwich  Islands.���������The California, Oregon and. Mexican Steamship Company, baviiig secured a  ten years' con tract for carrying the mails between San Francisco and Honolulu, with a  $75,000 per;annum subsidy���������service to commence on th e firs t o f ���������' Janu a ry n ext���������h aye  signified to the government tbeir willingness  to commence the service forthwith, if duly  authorised to do so. The propellers Montana  arid Idaho have been designated for the purpose. In the event of the proposed reciprocity treaty with the Hawaiian kingdom, this  line of steamers cannot fail to be of great  commercial importance to the trade of San  Francisco and coast,���������M. & S. Pres&i  The Crops.���������It is stated by those who have  lately passed, through the agricultural districts, that the crops are nearly all harvested.  Wo arc informed that instead of tbe incessant  rain during the early part of the season^ injuring the crops, as was feared at the time;  it has been the nieans of increasing the yield  to a wonderful extent, besides obviating the.  necessity for irrigation. It is estimated that  at least 2,000 acres were under wheat crop iu  the Lilloqet district this season, and about  1000 acres more on the various ranches froiri  the Jun cfcipn - to S oda c reek, win ch taken .at  the low average yield of 1500iBs.tp the acre,  ���������will give a total of 1500 tons of grain, or  allowing one, half for niilliug, 750 tons, of  fiour. Then if .w3 estimate its value at' the'  present market prices here, hairiely 20bts..^  lb., we will have as d, result the very respect  table suiil of $300,0001 which,will be retain*  ed in the country to enrich our own  instead of sen diiig - it abroad to enrich  of other conntries.  farmer^  The AviroVa company washed up yest&r&&  for three days' run; *S$ oitiiceuJ    .  ���������"���������unRwwirMawiwoBSiwanwwBWa TELEGRAPHIC.  {From the Colonist and Chronicle.]  New York, August 17.'���������Late . European  papers give the following news :���������-The Abys-  sinian captives were cut off from the Emperor'  , both parties being, surrounded by rebels.  There is now no danger of their getting into  his hands. 'English. papers, iu commenting  on thisi, say there is now to be no expedition  'ssinia.  NEW  ADVERTISEMENTS.-  ROADSIDE ADVERTISEMENTS.  .'��������� : *���������."  Napoleon was to receive the great bodies  ; of State on the 5th, and; then leave on his  visit to Francis Joseph. '.;���������.';.'.'  It is expected that negotiations will be  open for a treaty of commerce between Prtis-  ; eia and Russia! ..   ;;���������';���������'. -Vj-'r -'.       . .-...-   ���������.  Three hundred and thirty-three deaths by  choliera occurred in' Sicily;'diiring the week  ending 24th July. The disease is; spreading  at an al arming rate.;  '���������',��������� : -i:/^'^:".-."  vAwatersp Par  tag0iiia>Sicj]yf. lately; destroying 40 houses  and damagi n������. 7 0.   Ten. persons "were ki11 ed  ������.; and twenty-eight injured bjr the falling buildings.   40,000 persons are houseless.  ,. Florence, Aug.' 17;���������Carlptta is in better  spirits; and'her; mental' condition is slightly  improved. ;' She knows1 that Maximilian is  . dead; biit fancies^ that he died from fever;  Tfie-cholera: hassomewhat; decreased at  i     Rome,but is extremely violent at Frazonone,  and the villages in the mountains: ' ���������"-.     :  August'l^^The^^Heral'drsays Jeff. Davis  . . expresses the opinion that ,?the result of the  ; V ' ��������� . elec tipu in Tennessee Wi 11 pr 6 ba b ly... inaugur-  ;,; .���������.":; ate a, war of. races.- ; It Vis 'believed. that no  ;���������: ������������������������������������ other; course ���������; is'; left;;for..{tfie!, whites ��������� iu; .that  State'.''but , to "discharge the' Radical blacks  .from employment.' ���������;:;';. " '* .y;".- ��������� "' ;���������*; ;;.;.;.  ..'; .''Rousseau only takes ;two./or three 'officers  ��������� rV6nrtlie;Atlant!cG  ���������-.-; force will accompany him;^  --���������^���������Co&fc.^ ���������'.. ;���������::':;.;,;';.--''..;"  V^n?rv^qu%^ yacht Henri-  1 ettafor $50,000. ' -1 V: * .V ' "-   /  .Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  HAS CONSTANTLY ON HAND A CHOICE SE-  lection of Drugs and Patent Medicines,' including the celebrated Golden Balsam, and Murphy's.  Mixtures, for the complete, cure'of Secondary Syphilis.  Also a. great variety of Sarsaparillas, Hair Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lubin's Extracts, Rose Water and other Per?  ihmerlns, Garden Seeds; &c, &c. .  Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1867, and Billiard Table articles. ������������������;  P.S.��������� Prescriptions carefully compounded.  , 1-s  STABLINGJbr HORSES.  WILLIAM   MoWHA,  LYTTON  CITY, B. C,  Begs to inform the public generally that he has  r: VICTORIA IADVERTIsiiiN'rir  ���������"��������� ��������� ������������������'-'   ��������� ���������'   '     ��������� - ���������    " -       -- -'      '������������������..- ���������*  <y-.  FOSTER,   OF   LIL.LOQET,  ��������� CHEMIST.  On his premises for upwards of 200 Horses.  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE. .  TERMS- MODERATE..   . >s  TTAS FOR SALE, and constantly on hand,  IX a well assorted Stock of Drugs,-all the Chemicals  used by Physicians, Photographers,. Assayers and  Mechanics. Also tho popular Patent .Medicines, and  Druggists'sundries.  Retorts, Crucibles,  Muffles, Cupels,  Ingot' Moulds,  etc., efc. ���������       '   : ������  PRESCRIPTIONS  FAITOFUU.Y PREPARED.': .  ;:%���������'        -'..-- F. W. FOSTER,  mal .','. Chemist.  .YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  BOSTON BAR, B. O,  .    Wholesale and Retail Merchant in     ���������  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING,-&c.   Is  Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises -with a lar  and well assorted Stock g0  OF  AND FLOWER SEEDS.  Tlie business of tho late firm of Jay & Co   Fort -  and Springfield Nhrsery, will bo carried on hv ���������i?^'  in all Its brunches. ' . . ��������� * lflen*  Fruit Trees and-Bushes,  Evergreen and iWfiiw*������i.  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of every descri  lion-" ....   l.lsP'  "DEISTJAMIN DOUGLAS, Successor-to A. C.  JJ WELLS, .Saddle and Harness Ma ker, Yale, B. C.  , 'jqjGSP-A'complete assortment;of Stock constantly on  hand:-. .'.-'- .-.���������.-..���������        ���������  ,-: ��������� .- j.3  ���������  TS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THK  i Travelling public; tho. bedrooms arc spacious and  airy and the'Bcds cannot he surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in tho lower country; the Table Is  always supplied with the best of victuals.. Stabling  for Horses; Ilay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  Front Street, Yale, B. C,  EGS TO. ANNOUNCE to the inhabitants 6f'Cariboo  Prices to So'rr. the Times.   ���������  .-.Yale, 8th April, 1867,    '/  ,.:.,....  BOXR & HEAra; %prictors?::,_; ���������  rpHIS HOUSKls situated 26 miles from Quesriolmou.il).  X The proprietors having lately fitted up bedrooms  and good Beds aro now prepared to afford every accommodation for Travellers; the Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well supplied with tho best brands of Liquors and Segars; good  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley, x������* The CHEAPEST  House On the Road.,". -.' l?s  FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE!  &\ sue cess and gave -much ,��������� satisfaction- to  :.. .. the. Emperor, who immediately; purchased the  ���������..machines and expressed his intention to en-  a call before engaging elsewhere.  :���������*:   ������������������ -ALWAY���������'& BAILSY.'  -. . ������������������ .���������.'!''-.. .���������:������������������     1-s  Yalo, April 8th, 1867.  ���������:-' --.>'.    -Jn-Bhls. and half Bbls..;  Yale, ApriH8th, 1867.   ;  1-s  pie by/putting it in operation von all tbe Imperial ���������:���������'farms.'/. Sucn distinguishedlattention;  has been shown.to ho other foreign .exhibitor  and it is considered certain that McCormick  will "be; awarded tho highest* iibnors of the  -Exposition... '      .v.".'-   ..', '  Washins:  A  . w .18.���������Politicians contin-  ,; ue to urge changes in the Cabinet, as tbey  have done. ever, since   Johnson/s ascension,  but there is now* no prospect of any further  change.   The relations of the: Presidenfc and  his cabinet are of a most friend!v character.  .NewTork, Aug. 15.���������Tbe Pacific Mail Co.  have., through Seward, tendered the Russian  Commissioners a. free passage; to San Fran-  .   cisco. ���������   //f ..';���������:.'  ' Advices from Hayfi to the 24th...say tho .revolution in favor of Geffrard lias failed. One.  : of the leaders committed suicide,on being.defeated, and another was captured. The Government has taken steps to establish an Exchange.and; Chamber of Commerce at each  point of the republic now open. The coffee  crop will probably be the largest ever known  in Hayti.  August IS.���������At a pic-nic near Yicksburg  on Thursday, poison was put in the refreshments by persons unknown. Five whites and  three blacks died. Several more are not expected to recover.  ^ Judge Scott has written a card explaining  his transactions with Con over and denying  absolutely that he was ever connected with  the alleged conspiracy.,,. ,  The World's special says, Gfenerab Grant  urged the President to dismiss the entire cab.i-  . net.   Grant is known io be particularly' bos*  T tile to Seward, regarding him as too adroit  .    and dangerous. .,/;:;..  ���������:;: Boston, Aug. .18.---Serious; troubles have  arisen at Chic op ee' ,over the enforcement of  the prohibitory;law., The operatives determined that whiskey should not be .seized and  obstructed. Deputy Bliss' residence in tlie  town had been set on fire. Deputy Chapin  sent for reinforcements, which were sent on  -��������� Saturday, thus 'outwiking the operatives.  When the seizure became known the excite-  was intense. As many visible demonstrations were manifest, the officers, telegraphed  for more reinforcements. Twenty-five well  armed regulars were sent as a reinforcement  on Saturday evenings  elingpubli  and BEDS at moderate rates.  LONDON  HOUSE  . GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA. *  :VHOI/&S.ALE   AND   RETAIL.  J, H. tURNER & CO.  IMPORTERS 02T  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses Un;  ,    derclothing, Gloves, and every description'of  Drapery Goods.  .Receive regular supplies by.Express via Panama and  by sailing vessels via Capo������Horn.  J8������f- Particular attention given to all orders,  London Firm���������J. P. Tuxstall k Co.      :'".-'":��������� i.s  ......... ,,.r... jSTABLISHED 1858^.,.  ���������',-;������������������������������������    -'     J. C. BEEDY, ^  COMMISSION &   FORWARDING AGENT)  WILL  iPAY PARTICULAR   ATTENTION TO SB '  ? T looting,.purchasing, or forwarding "Goods for tkj  upper country. ���������   - -.' ���������   .  ��������� ���������'  Any commission entrusted to his care, Will recelrs  prompt attention.  References":���������W.-A. Meacham, 13-. A. Wadhasis T.  Harper, J.J. Bramly.:  Victoria, April, 1S67. ' J      . :  HOTEL DE FRANCE, .  Government Street, Victoria, V: I. ...  THE RESTAURANT is supplied with all thj  delicacies of the season, and the sleeping accomodation is replete with every comfort. Tho best of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars. ' t     '   .  1-s J. BIGNE & CO., Proprietors.  living,'of-Liquors' and of Wines.    Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE  YALE-LYT-  X   ton Routb, are advised that  KIMBALL & GLADWIN  Have erected an extensive Storehouse.and TJoclc at  Yale, and are prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods. Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates.-       .  .    ,':'  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to the care of"  Is .     '    KIMBALL fc GLADWIN.  ENTRY  . 7J"-  GREENBAUM;' WHOLESALE -LIQUOR  A t Store, Importer of Fine Mki:rscuaum Pipes, Slews  >fo*Jthpieces, Cigurs and Tobacco, Johnson street, Vic-  toria, V. I.    .  ' 1-s  TtTIiES RUEFF, Commission Merchant;-Ro)^  O  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victoria, V. I.   1-s  ; CLEAI/'S   Coffbe  feocsB .A\n  Government Street. Victoria, V. I.  Re������taut?a>t,  This is tho  GREAT REDUCTION has been made.in tho charges  at this establishment, so as to suit the limes.-  Meals, $1; Beds. 75' Cents. .  McLEESE & SENAY,  Proprietors.  May  1st,   1S67. -       1-s  cheapest, most comfortable, and best attended Establishment'in the City  . '   ';"���������';   ';  The R AR is' a 1 ways su pplied wi th the choicest of  Winks, Liqiorsand Cigars. 1-s  A FRANI^EL, Victoria, V. I., .Dealer in Fens'  1~\* Skins, JIiors, Wool, &c. Liberal advances niftdo  on Fur.y consigned. Reference���������G. Sutro & Co., Reiu-  hart Dros. Victoria, V. I. 1-s  HE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the miuers and  residents in & around Van Winklo that he. will in fu-  ture-.kcep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  hopps by close attention to business.- and by selling  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the patronage of all. .  OHcrs from outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch.  /^T" Terms CASH, without distinction.  1-s J. W.  LTNDHARP.  36 milk   POST,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at this  Hotel. . Excellent Cooking.   GOOD  BEDS.  STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Rates.  ������������������>     ���������        BOOTHROYD   BRO'S,  Proprietors.  L-S  Tlie  Bonaparte  127  BLUE    TE  .        ~-OR ���������  MILE  H  OUSE.  THE UNDEDSIGNKD HAVING PURCHASED THIS  desirable property, is now Prepared to accommo-  date the travelling public. The table is suppliod with  the very bopt of viands. The bedrooms'and bods arc  as comfortable ns could bo dosired, and tho bar contains nothing but the best brands of LTOUORS and  CIGARS.  A good stock.of Grain and Hay alwnvs on hand.  3rd May, 186V. 3 W. WRIGHT.  House,  DEMLEN- & PARKE,  Proprietors, at  kJ Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads  the  fs  SUTHO &  CO.,   I.MP0RTSK8   AM)  IT.   -CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, &e., S  :omer of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria ������  DKAtERS IN'  E.  s  rWONG, LEE & CO., Commission Mfrchaxts, Br-  L vortkrs, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  V.  I.,  Yule,  Lillooct, Quesnelmouth,   and .Williams-  Creek. ''-,',.". 1-s'  Jeweler  next  GENERAL  1-s  Travellers wjlltlnd prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling Hay k Grain;  attentive hos tiers. Stages 1 eave here reg u la rl v for  vale, and Cariboo \.3  |7  MALLANDAINE, COLLECTOR AND GEN  Vj. AGENT, Govcrnmont.Street. Victoria, V. I.  DAILY and WFFKLY l'BRITrSH COLONIST  ;?nd VICTORIA CHRONfCLE." Orders for mailing (ither the Daily or Woolcly issues of the above to  any part of Europe, the United Slates. Canada, Australia, A-c. left at this office or sent to'Victoria will bo  attended to. Terms in advance. Wkeklv, 12mo?.,  with Postage, $7.50 ; dmos. do.. $4 75. Daily, 12  mos do., $23 ; 6mos do., $12 50.  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  A. BULER & CD.7S  nHEAP Store.   -LAOTES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  \J . Cloth in g bough t an d sold.   Second hand Watch es:  Guns, Pistols, &'cT',.,for sale.'"  ^^- Govcrnmen t street opposite the Theatre.   1-s  BOSTON   BAR  International   Hotel.  'pHIS-WELL KNOWN HOUSE is now open for tr.i  X vellcr.s.   The Table u supplied as (orni'irly with  the best the market aiihnls, and tho Coftkinfr cannot  be excelled.    The Bar is stocked with tho liuest Liquors and Cigah-3.    GOOD REUS.  OUR   COFFEE.  WE   ARE   FORWARDING   A  IRS  1-s  WILLIAM CHARTERS  lYwnrietor.  A   CASAMATOU be^s leave to state Urn t he  JX .has removed his stock of Goods consistinit of Gro-  ckrips, &c, from Wharf street to the Brick Building  on Yii.tes street, adjoining Cowper's Boot Store,1 opposite Wells, Fargo & Co.  He will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at the lowest  rates, for cash. . i<g  ITflLLIAM ZEI/NER, dealer in Drugs. Mior  r T glves an d CriEsn cals, Fa u c v 'and Toilet Ar ti c I es,  Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, &c. Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V.I. f^  COTTONWOOD RANCH  rpHE UNDERSIGNED IS NOW PREPARED TO  i aftord every accommodation to the travpjlintr pui).  he, and hopes by a strict attention i.o busiriefJa-, - to  merit a share of the patronage bestowed on the former  proprietors. This is one of the most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on the road, containing as it does  wa rm and wel I fu rn ish ed h ed rooms w i tl j good b ods.  The TABLE is supplied witlj everv delicacvit is pos.  sible to procure i n the Upper. conntrv. Tlie J3AlV is  stocked with tho best of Liquors, and too choicest  Cigai-s.  i3������r HEALSv  $150   EACH. -t%  The sibling for Horses is all that could be desired  a n d t h e c 11 a rgr-s nrm very m <>< \ era V ?,-   1J a y fu rlfn r.-;e s  per day, $2 j Oats and Barley at the cheapest market  rates. .  Tbe imdorsigned ha s a large quahti tv. of oAT IIAY  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities.  *-* <TOKN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  packed inTius of from two to twenty-flvo pounda  each.  WILSON k MURRAY,  1-s Fort street, Victoria.  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH MBRCKADI2E3  ,      Wholesale and Retail,  &.i/'i  Masonic Hall Government Street. Victoria  1-3  A. W. PIPER,  C O N P M C T I O ft E R ,  government Street, opposite the Theatra.-     ���������  ^lANDISS of every description manufactured and  ' sold,, Wholesale and Retail.  is  Free Port for Ever  !  E THE UNDERSIGNED  TAKE   pleasure in an-  . .    nounclng to our numerous  customers aJrt-5L  puldio, that we will supply them with the best I>jie>o*  Lkathkr Boots (duty free) ever offered in B. O.     .  m������M our old Stand, Government St., Victoria, V L'  ij- CHARITY & BUTLER


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