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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-09-11

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 and  Us,.  ������o'  at-  "���������'���������I.  ^"  P������,  1 . JBpwJmT  'j'''  S* '  ' 'Km  ;r  8������'  '' K'vf*  !>;:^;N^raiT^R3at  Subscription; $ i'ver'weelr(iTOiiidih^-;co^i  olV^W'' payalflflfcofttt^carrier.. :;]  Ak-Kfil-BarkerTHiei (next door, to Mahettajs-  ���������!'Grocer y^Bto re) v^^'^;i-M^-^>-l  ft.  A^ents^ftS - the ^-Cariboo: S entmel.}i ^> ���������.;  Victoria,.,. ,,-   ,-,,,.  San Francisco  -s*=r.  BBSS-  Wr'v-;';/,;  his 90th year, ;of/ Count; IGabriel* Mastal Fer-  retti, brother .of toe Pope.'   ,    ' ���������;, ;u  !Kinety-twq\w^i  itnnfof emigration;;. .,'V:ul :._, y   ->*��������� y. ,-? ,  j  lilting, t^'*^  shield has beeiihotlfbrv the^ggregat^sfio^  ingot the' Scotsn\������&', ia ��������� S8:.' i>.oiots ahead -of  their English-antagonist Tueyv have -<woiij  the dnekl ihreo l;tW.  .;' ;  The British Minister a ti Rio de Janeiro?hti3  reported /to a^l^i^l^^^������1^^?^^  isitation.-of yellow feyer io^thai^apfl "  A* balloonf]asoeaded;^fiom Biiffalq^pn the  5th withXparty-ot* editors and* tepoYfera, oh;  J>par4; *wbo; Ideac'ifibej thejr journej^with-great  gustgiKi?" Tt$yt firs trailed- owt*^ o?o^&eJE3f le.?  but J no t r^ lishingf ttii^ directiotf;vrose ^ toi a  Mj$arv;^ry6r$^  bbr^r^; pf^^hqgylvania,, ahqiit; 80 miles dis;  hint 'frp'mVtniS. pi aceof] iscentj ^^it^hadl^  come dark^thej^;,wisu0d to^jand, duijtcpuld  nqtiexaibtiy^eq ^^^dp-^/^lUit} ailer  ibeiranqbor^had,caughi.,onceVor twice?,anjl  been d ragged; q������t; again j it^stuclrvftist^in^  tall pinettree, leafing the balioon fifty-feet  above- the. ground.- -JPor4������hately-;the -night  ^m^al^aWa^tttey cpuld365|bihiug);till  morning except; keep:thems^  ipg,������;they11��������� tjbW ;Storie| alnd;.sang- songs.; for six  hours.. With the grey mo^nin^lhe^birdsfre^  lieved themJby singing ftirfelr more1 "'sweetly,;  ah^!;a| sftoa asitjwas light.enougKtaseeifio1  ground^ they vcut their rope" and went tfown]  with aHthad; butr-alhsaferl They kindted-raj  Ore. and rcooked Hbeir "IbveakfastV? and then]  sought ^and /found; arpath cm^bictij they had!  to descend someTmiles; before they^met1 with  a human behrgt rThWy fountl ';tnat they had!  ���������lighted on; theihighest;tree*41Q0 feet) oirthe:  highest^ mqntitala (2050 fiet)iu all^ttiat part  of the "coup tryf and; they/bad^ to- journey over!  I-  ^������  p  "tribtttabl e.. to4'���������$$������^imxid: ��������� prqloug^tiq. _  drought and the jver-y-;hot.season, i Several  cases had occurred|qn^agltsh;Tessel8 as,well J  as other-'ships."'      / "'���������    .     ,-v '���������  Several persons have?:becn prosecutediack  cording to Su~w> in^nglaad: for refusing to  ulloiv tlmir,childr^^tqyt^TacQin'ate.d;; Many  he! levelhai'im pure- vaccine matter * conveys  . (1 isease i nto; tjie'i system i. ���������;;: Brv Lank ester,: held  u\ inqnesi;recehtlj; ;^pqn;t% ;hbdy;bf a ohjld  who was alleged tqlbave (died; throiigh tlie��������� iii^  troiluctiori ofimpure.Taccih0'm  the j u iy found; that rery8Jpeksi;;;p rod need b y  vaccination^ waslhe.cause;oT:de>th.;;it; : \v:;  H\uyA.Bq^^D^FORp^The Harvard crew  archard^t-workrupon the Thames, and judg-  ineiita are HItjihg '������������������ fofmo&is; to tlieir mcthpd  and powers ovenduranoev^j^q^rj^t appears1;  that the Oxford metf'wiitiav^tp put forward  their- .full strength' oM ^kill^galnst,t!ieir; art-;  tagouists. -' The^ trial &bietweenSwo.sysfcems  ot rowingj both of;Willcfi %ve ;>vqn honors in  former; contests..=- The.; stroke^ ��������� inyented;, anjl  used ��������� by Harvard-differs, ��������� frqm that of any  other'. centre, o t TOw.ing~eiplb its.... .'IThe. uars-  maD bends forward on bis'seat until his head  nearly meets the^tretober^in front of  him,  Pats the oarin-whill in:' that 'position, pulls  with ,a strong, h at BteadyAstrjiia^uflti\? i.av. ah-  ������plight sitting poBitlon, and then with all  his might, suddeafy palls further haok until  nearly on his baci?r Tbe stroke made,-h"e recovers-his 6af;8lowlyl-j -taud so on.; A This  inothod gives a tremondbiialUt ;to. the boat,  ftnd jg very severe upon; the men.   The'slow  8 recovery r'���������by giving a: breathing interval  between ���������the...strokes^alohe..rendei;s.'"it endurable.    The merits ruf-.the Jwo systems  will" be -fairly "triedv" ^We^helieve: -tbat,r up:  to the--;presentr,timer.AthO:-Harvards have,  wi th. t wq . excep ti ons^qnijr^ ��������� al Way s 'b ea te n th e;  YtUeg; wbichrfabt'seemisr favorable -to tli em in;  respect to the"chance? tigaiust Oxford.   At  *ho sanie'timeitsbou'ld'beremembered that  they have now ^dfoafrrjf a'coxswain; which  n������ay materially {n.teMore, 'witlr the result  Beth sides canoot wjq,, and there shqqld be  no afrcr-b vckerihg- in-behalf of that wh ich has  thfliU.foctuoe'to.b^iefoftfeid.'-  the-result ot; the expedition.    7 ���������',, ���������  *; The Losr AngelesyNe ws of tAugust5d relates  - ^owihg: Mv^ Parker/-au oloV'andre^  TOtizeri a)--1303 - Niefcos;to.wnsbipj exhibited to u s y es feerd ay it -h u m b er of .pieces of  meat thai,fell ohithejfarm^fX Hudson,^q.^  in' thatitownsllip,' at; 12^p^clo^kni^Sunday  last Krom wbiit5: we^canylearn, it was 'a  shower of meal! and blood similar to that reported In Santa Ohvra county^ some-;months  agOi covering^ :an:irea^:of;dbou:t;twopacres of  ground; Sbnie v tenviortniore ipersons ?ti$r$%i  the;, house of}Mr.^.Hudson^preparing for the  fu noral of a child, an d we re startle d, by^the  fall 6f nieat and b^ioodj that lasted fully thre0  inin utes .$ cqvering^.the bla'jdes.lVqf.;corn, and  leaving them red. Mr. Parker 'exhibited;to us  several pieces of the"meat, vai'ying from one  to six inches in length ; one of which appeared;������������������ t.o:DC a^piece of theiligh^s of sotie animal|  another was liVor; and another, picked up^ by  a gentleman present, was the lower part of a  heart/in: perffecfe^hape and form, and; abonj  one and''a/half' inches 'long. A1 large quantity oP the meat was gathered" up; and preserved; '' by ��������� 'dlfeehi; ;:parties. - 'IJhe ���������-:��������� day :%as;  perf&tly' clear/ and ;������������������ the; >sun��������������������������� was.* shining  bVightlyiiandi: although; tlie -shower:- of ���������;.. meat,  and .bloo^;ap^eared:;t6-come^om the^cotist,.  there was no; percepiihie l)reeze-^t;the; time;  The Occurrence ;naturajl^  able1 excitement-among-^those. present^and  the.hppeis;freely��������� indulged ;in,;:that "science  will offer some reason tor this 7 very /singular  phenomenon.  IN THE^UPEEM'E:GO,UrvT;0,RTHEMAIN  i.;:;v;        \,,  yi) ';"���������*"-" ���������>,.��������� ���������"-' ���������   ���������'.;  , ��������� y-j- '-.yy^)'.'���������':������������������'-t-1    v  Inthe'mrrtt^- orthdmalo (tk<\ TMcts of WILLTAfcf  . i. '" f":'MopARTNEY; dSciaised/Jiifccstatei 2 ��������� ��������� ��������� - a:",  (vflli^'porsan's who'sre indebted to tbe'abbVe Estate  ^X;���������:,, aro. required ^to jpayitliojirftmn ts :$ne \ for th ye ith,  aad- all^ye.^o'nsr'.who; have any "claims ^a'g'aiitsrilffe  above' :jE8tasevare required ;tbjs^ad, tri 3 their/ accoun ts  on.or beforo,the 2i8th day of October,' 1869/ to"*.;   -. ���������  <���������('?���������:��������� '>A&:4&M &���������. !*M\>V;3 =��������� Official Ajdministwtor:^:  .^J)ated^<|hScld^^8th;July^T^8TO;y/^    ;v; ju31;lni'Hf'  IN-aTHuT| SUPREME) &OUBT- OF rTHE  ���������">y,v  ih-'&^iiiMi  In tho'.matter of tlie EsUte^n^i.EltccWf dlROlJTJO-  .���������\'j ' iJMftiTlBAJjD^ d������ceasW^iti[t68fet4w%^.&^-5/  .;^s Lt per8^ns?whp,aYetilndcbted [to thola.bov^F'Rta"tej  iii; ^>S.'^u|i*$fd^,to^^'i|tio amounts due, forthwith;;}  'and^dllKj/efeoBsVwtiof h^b,:&n^;^anTO^agdiJ^t,'the!  ;above estate ar^/iraqftired (tv sendila^heir;accbunt8i  on orbeforft the 14th-dny, of .November, 1869. ,to,    '" <  ,. r  -?    ^   <.-, .- , f tv  ^Offlclal-Adininisjrator^^'  ;   Dated RlchAeld, 14th Augast, ,gfl������" ��������� .r:, aulS"lm"  i'^^1  .^ ^fladj^ffth;diiy^e^ch/d^fttIi?thVr^  A<FAST EEBatJHTfsTEBfR^O^YAlaBJ.  ,Maklngrtho trip to.B^keSlltiJn''A'pttl vlMayt;*,'! '4 %  ft tf^rRAM,iQE,.^R0jQiHTn.u':������:  1 :,v LsA!M)4OP;BEITISH<COliUMBl^: :- j  Initne^a^^^tlia'ilEatatW'ftat)*' 'Effects ^ofriAJjB^  v .',;��������� %;���������A������DBRjSTOBO>/dcceaaBd, mtestateV^ ?;(   . 1  A LL porsous whd are indch,ledito.th.G above Estate  ������������������JX :������r&T^  -afidall^'Jrsbns <who,*hayQ-aiix\claims fagainBt--the  above es tate are requested to] send jn' their accouuts  ou ot;-beibr$tbe'a2th:'day 'of-NoVeraber,' -18 69p.t&r^';. ���������'  r-Ay  r y ' i' ^,v',   . CHASTE^FjOOEBy/,! ^., |  ���������*   '. : ,   .    O'fflcial'Administrator.' *  ^^atedmi^eld^ttt^ghsti 1869/2 ,^^ul4;'3nf^-:  By?.th'eset6ams^on:airpar^etebf''SO'lbs.*aitfupfor<$;. .:"  ^ 'V  CV~';  )      ('wMi"he'; v^r). ^3;",    ,.7/    -   -  ,:   Parties shipping by. these teanw.,mnst pfrtor prmrta  'to?'be1 Jmarlcb^������"*<&!Barfiurd'?.:''ExpreB;:aijOtT!*^ :,'���������        ���������;  otherwise th.ey^wil^bef's^ntj.^  charged aecorcilngly/' ".* >: ' "/. ��������� ?J  , fy    ~r   , i        *  H:^WppersMtty^dependn6fi^U������fl^egularityT>bPthes*^:.���������   ~ ^  obt^ iheyr^Ui:-.^; \.y:'A \  bXrkarb?  aboy^ estate- areTei(u ired^o 'seu'lin' their accounts on  ^ri^bfefore thtfllth^ayof Scpfehibe'ril869rto.������ 'a &i  ' ���������- ', - fi '"'     ;. ',' ��������� r :"\. ,CHA$7E. POOLER-, ,-,  .  .,-               .      .       Oilicial-.Atlmiuistrator; ,'i.  Dated-Richfleld^lltb Jane; I860:.;?^"\; s' jel63ay |  IN !THE' SUPREiiB- GOURTv OFwTHE  ^AINL^b;OE/i3BITISBL;eOLt^BIA;);  In-theMatter'of i tha^  ���������'".;��������� ' 'CAR^EY^dece^^ntesUte.^/  ���������;ii iX-pcrsonsJwhocarft^  ;'cli; arerequirad;tppayytho:amouiitB^uc-forthwith;  and all persons who hayCanyxlaims;against the above  estate^ arc ;require'd,* to\',;sehd in: tlieir'accounts on!o'r  beforei the 24th;day bf -Septehiberv 1S897 to & '���������������-��������� ���������t/9,.] ���������  --;������������������ ��������� .. ?���������';,.,'".. - ;.CHA&-IB: POOl^Yvfy  ��������� .,      -      ���������. ������������������. ,  Official lAdniinisfcratof.  ; -iiated''Riciiaoi^/i^tir^uix^i^is^V >.^r?'r_'.vr'"a ~**A  Vaii Volkeiifeurg &   Co.  RETAIL  BUTCHERS,  BARK^BRTll/L%  KICHEIEIiDj   AND  MOSQUITO GREEK. ���������������  A supply of frbshjjtneatof all descriptibtis constantly  on hand.' ���������; .'   ,.   '  F.   NEUPEtDER",  S T O R^GIi ��������� A^fD - <JOrJI MIS S10,8,  '..' ' RicttFJELD, C.p;. ,   .  j^-.:Prcdi.ice-.froTn:tho. agricnlUiral districts received  and inoody advauced on coneig urn outs.       jy24 2ro .  I^'lf'^iiiil  - -THE -BOXER .< CARTRIDGES*  , -ForSnider^Enfield.pf/5tTtb.dre,.;;  "anil .fprr;tBV;HQnryf-'a ndjtfar-;,~.  -.tini Henry1 Rifles "of JioO'bprb;-.;: ��������� ^r��������� ?p  adopted by herMafcsly\s War "\ i tftf i 'iHT  U Dcpartihentpaisd ofj ���������500;bore!; ;|;wy,J|J t  for Military Rifles.-.     " Vv v^vJS'tfMP V  WATERPROOF   CENTRAL'.:" ioi.-"*r  "fire ft:et-A".ir/ir't-0-Car-"''-:k*  ��������� :XRIDGES? with-:eni arged?Baso/.i;jS  : for small .bGresi; i adopted, ;by v. J jj'  foreignV -governments', fpr-con-;;. j,.,,. , g,sj  ytrtcd-Ghass^otj. Bi'Vdan j-'Rb������:' '���������iHiT^S  :;lriiii^tonahd other Rifles\ ;also": Ij'. ui-'M  Cartridges ���������: for - Ballanl. ;-Ure;V <g^=������aSh:  ;Spyncei^vand AmcricanjHenryr. ;-;/;.   -.^ ;  Repeatiu? Rifle's. ,:.;.     .:   ,. \ ..... M     ������������������.    '  The " is LB V B OXER'' a re the cheapest ,C;������ rtri ages  known, c������ i*?y' "g1 ��������� 111 o f r- o to ig^h it ion,- a n d be i n g' m ������������{u  wholly of metal, are water proof and imperishable ini  any climate. ',   , -.������������������.,   ... ..;���������,  The above Cartridge cases (empty) of all sizes, and  for the dillerent systems of Breech-loaUiu^ Rifle?, can  be had witluor witbout-the suitable -Bullets- and .Machines for finishing 'the Cartridges.:  BOXER .CARTRIDGES of ';450 bore' for Revolving  Pistols, used in her-Majesty's Navy.  COPPER Rnr-FIRE CARTRIDGES of all sizes, for'  Smith k Wesson's, Tranter'svaud-other Pocket Re  volvers. .   :'������������������..'���������.���������'.    ." '������������������ -.^������������������������������������:.- :: -  PIN CARTRIDGES for-Lefaucheux  Revolvers of  12-in. 9-m.' and 7-nj. ��������� bore^...... j:.;: . r .  .;��������� s.���������:..-... *   ,  : CRNTRALFIRE and PIN-FIRE CARTRIDGES for  ajl sizes and systems .of.Guns, -Riiics.auii. Revolvers. j  jDonblo Waterproof and E. B. Caps, Patent Wiro Car-  tri dg c?i Fel'f; Guii Waddings j for ��������� Breech' ;aud Muzzle  Loaders, and oyery description of Sporting, and .Military Ammunition. ���������   ������������������ ���������".'. ���������''������������������.-_' \'' :': ���������'���������  ',���������.'���������[ E U E Y   B fl O^ H E ^ S ^::'.:  ������������������ WHOLESALE-CMSfLT.' :- ������������������ ���������������������������jul0.36tla  STEMR^ggRggf^  S&SS:35-i-S,"x*j  yWfa  1 ^'^wlfrtii \  l-,'.'  S^'3  *^k'VT.inJi  ��������� '���������,.'l'.''i  :,v"';S  'tiRegalar. Weekly Express! wilV arrive^ax Barker- ~  ���������������������������'  . - ,"t'.  f; For,-rates <  3n"t^aricervnlp;^ . ';;    (;>;;  ~ - ^  -"'   \     ,     , tj j  ^il^^^Sp  L^AV^S <it|ESNEEMC)UtH 1p6r SodX CR&it^  ^     / TUESDAYS^     ...'���������.  -''-' '. ���������:;'- \ ���������' '���������" '*"' pAT Sis: A.M.   ..--,;- ' ��������� f * ^ , j} .  LEAVES SJ0DA?'CREEK;FOR:QTJ^E^M01JTH<?jf  '<:.. T,H.UR=S ^A'YivRyE^LN^vi:  Connectihg-\yith Barbardja *Ey)preB3^ at?i pvQtb^places;  Oils;-������r^  m  vm  i^**The steamer is not responsible .for;Icalcago;ol  btheHi^uW^shJpp^d^jn^tinsr"      ./������y*'A-.-i?A-  WmiWiSfcA    :  =,,   .   ,. ... -.., ,:^'-"li^:f;-'������;^ '���������������������������.  ON tbe arrival "at .Barkorvnre.of'every Mail;" anaS  ������'Bxpross-^rX: LAJMONT ���������witl'leave:.;lUrttcr'vnby  with an Expr.ess>fof v.the^fpllowing OraA^sl: ..Grouse,  :-    5    ''I'-  m  Will * also be attended tbi:j   '���������';;.': ���������7.r>''!;'-:. v-'.-!'!;L;^.tt3l,  {?; I^tters./iParccls, -^ci^fbr;thoh above vplaces; can ib������  lel'tjat the following places :       ���������_, ^  The Sentinel Office,' - }���������   ��������� . - :. . Boric ervil h\ <���������'       :\  v <.Rennie'sShoeStore," -   -'���������.���������'.">.��������� .B-Ukcrvillc;:���������  ���������   ::F. Keufelder, ''-: "-���������"- r:".-'.'���������-.'..RlchtieW:  .-.-Kv  Danielson^s 3Sridge,;^ (^aes-  ;M;;:r.r;iiel. "  :��������� ������������������-������������������:  J. S. THOMPSON,.." .  ACCOUNTANTS ��������� M I VfV G   AND: C&MMfeSlO^  Agent, BarkerviHe. ~, ������������������  Mining Companies������ Books kept and adjusted*  Mayl I860.  Iffe;-- CHARLEShPANJELSONt?desires'; to;: iitfbrm  _rl .Traders, Packers/ jrayeliers; and, others that tb������  Road7^fom-:D6grPrairie;..fed}Vth'o,,"J64l'fle"IV)st beydnd .  ^U'^nel.mQUth j^ 'npw^upen;and riu \good? couditfon; jfot \  ' Pa.ck Tra i^s and 'Stock,, and that there, i s a bun danc$  of- good' ? feed ..^h'rbiig&out; '* There��������� is a; house of en itf  :t^jnment at- tho^bridgu.;...:���������,.,;...,;:l.*~jirtl .;^j'.-;;>������������������:;��������� Jel^>������������������:,  Importairfc / ta* Traders!!  ALL FREiGOT1'CO^IQx������D7xd.j?;V*;BSE5r,  rV Vale, B;.'C;, will- be��������� forwarded- to any part of  the Co|ony, oh the most reasonable terms;-free -oi com;  mission. ^ ... AGENTS: .    ; ....,,;:  . ,  ' Miiiard fc Reedy,  : \ '���������     Benouv'ion &' Ktirt?,    j  : Victoria! ;v     /       :-:   Barlcerviilo;   ���������.     /   .  Barkerville,- April 17th, 1869. - ��������� . .   .  ���������M  m  & PEA BOY,  BARKERVILLE,:.   ���������     V -^  "Have.xn'handTa'cho1 pe'sciectlon of  CAST IRON CO'OKiNG STOVES  tin; ^^T^:^^3^^^i^Q^y  WltbVarious other articles In "their line of. trade.,. >. -. :  /jgj-' Aft'.ioo bin g in -tno Tin; Sheet Iron i'Copp'cf\wS  Zinc trade attended to, 'an d warranted, tp, fftv.q *n,tla  faction."      . ".'. ''       so������  :* .-:'^ TlMCARIBOG
' ;AllL.a4v.ertlscnients :l{n6t inserted;Tor -ariy^dcfinito
period):'will bc continued, uhtil ordered*r<M\ and
ciihr^ed for.;'accordingly;. '  r;Q,>>":;2- >
��� All conimunicatJons must bo^acconipanicd by the
reaI'n,a#*Q Jaidl address.; 'pfeth^^irlWl-ivtt'Qtf ���npccsanrily:
��� . xv^tha>iew'^
-"'������"��� or YtVaoift^Cfi^'N^.^':'"-'-:��� "v-������<'���':���"' >"\.'.'^ ;'^-V:;\";��� ���
����������������� ""���tT""7"���*"'���v;'!' "m,;;ff.>H..^.^...v/l-'T   ���'���
.^���;;:    BRITAIN METIER COLONIES.; : ''
^���*��� Soma !o��.ttie-leaders-ofthe^Liberal jjarty in.
EngUn& baye /requ efttfy expressed atr opin-
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New Zealand; would seem to bring: that opinio; ni very is bbn^tpUlte test; bp^eri^l;;^p royal
; or rejection./;^
byfito'Britisfctrbops, itf accordaiiSe'witfr the
economical policy /sough fevj;o; be developed
by tlW presen t ad rain is tration in ;Engl ag d ���;
and the* ^ri a^faitn&es;^
defenseless condition;- bavevrecommended,the;
war of * extermina|ioli;^igainst the; colonr *-
cattle ���ordinance was intended to ������'put a stop
to  the cattle,' s tea 1 ing w bicb b ub prey ai I ed to
a cdnsideraljlep^tent oh Vancouver Island/
farmers and graziers on the islaad^had suf--
fered eo" many-losses' that stock-raising be-
catne unprofitabIe,' and in some jnstanees. the:
owners; of 'xaUl^Kerei; pecunialcjy ^.ruined^
->]j&lrdb.rdiDary - ^^ers:; are i n ;cbnsequehce"
given.by this ,,ordinance to justices  of the
peace for the repressiorr of" theseFeyils,^there
beingi no pbjbniaj or. English law$yhich; cpuld;
spebifieally;��� ap glys; to^alt;.; the ; c irciima tanccs
connected wRa^the/; stealing; of Rattle, and
afford;the 'desired 7; remedyi-���' By - the^lsecond
tclau%eV anyipersbii having the^sldri lor; carcase
of an animal Mi bis possessionf and not being
able "to pro re: JawAilu oivjiership; to tbel sanie^
the magistrate;Sma^iriflicto fine^pf $200 an
costsi   Clause 3 provides ? for a fine^pf^$250
wieu ;jiny; persbn :sbalif bay�� iVatidulQn tly
���i -m
���  ~...-yy-^'y,:m}j'':''%^y- W^M^/- ^,lft:
For sal e at th cfStore, of 4 the| u rtdcrsign^ed.in ^Barkeiv
ville, oppos Uo jtho--Bank of Br j ti slj;Col am b la;
��� as usual,
4.J1   'Js'v
��� told to shift for them selves.   We do not be^
,-.������; 4-lieve that this;policy will be endorsed by the
' BrUisb- peo^leV to whom it must sejBm^;untjist!
:^?QO$3pnTe^fUbl\^  Surely: -Britain, (wlrflnot:
^}r^in^iil^ tliogglb^^^
;asso ciatqd\v?ith -b er^n ame; > tbrougb^th e u ex fcen-^
jlBiori-.6f;'her 5oinm|on,/.in^ all parts .of'-the
^yorl(IT.:v,?^Pre '���   spraetbing inexpressibly
v:nieaa1'in leaving a- ^rwly-settled colony", to
���   . stru^glo^against^ihetmiserieY^involved in a
- cl eg r 'atl &i\6 n w^b i feh": j s d i re c tly i nf err a b 1 & fr o fri
" ;s6^;ingi0rious*!.-a:KjejDgyge^^
r: '> -"" de fe^rnlSffii^^^RSSi^ttfet con d ectibri'
-^ themselves;   At:-1casty;:ibeyv^bbdl^'7nQ.ti;!.J&.e'
^'aDandbsed%before' ��they���(^are* aKie^^^^ueli
���-.-., domestic strife!- iW^hre^cdrivihcedt however^
that the government's of tbe day. by no means-
i^represeiits' -Hhe .^sei^timen tf^the^uatiorr upon
.   .tliis.jsitloijecfe'i': Theishtrfcing, fbfv'naUocal.--; rek
^6pbnsibiHty>uvwitb * 'the ^ view ,6f savihft affew
;;i*m ^vUiause;,,- 4'^gvp.,.....,.,
further iimprisonment;' on' ^on^paymentl xpf
fines!." GlaiisesWand 6 ptovidp ?fbr summ'ary
proceedings'aiicl1 appropriation^ bf penaltiesl
Clause IT requires, that-"oh,, the,Bsile of any
battle, a lwll^)i>sale)shaU be given to the pur-
c^ser^and|lit the margin thereofithe partioja-
ffiflii^B^^jm^^^ - of, the r cattle t
'3&aU^R%inserted? -. In the /'event, of any sale,
bayingr beeiii m ade> withp u t" co m pi y i n g wi th
these: Jxjpnditipp&r the vendor cannot recover
any -consideration br dam ages- for ��� breach' of
cblafe.abt'undfiriahy contract;iur^;the!iale;^bf
any cattle. That part jp��this clause, however.��
:bfijy'~applies^to Yancbuver Island.- Tbe;main-i
land 'members of the Cbmicil'bbjbcted to iit!
iT- kW-
m>-%!: g ^; $^ ' Art; ^i>)c^oxj vio^^ ;&. reitsLtz:J;' ^:
cbiiyenieueejshbuld^asale;!boajranged for.'ob
the boundaries'of; the colony or at any blace
where aiib-wr
y; pr; at; any
g^&materiats Avbrelavailab le*
every person ke eping.;and *tisi n<?, /.b r.an ds'i. fo r
branding cattlef-shallregisteritheisajne witn
ihejuiagjstrate of - the���;<district, and ;that-'the
magistratirsliall Weep^' a recbrt\": fbf ;������ a 11 ";* su cb1
9, if abyvperson is found:,in possession of .any
pther^ha^lijs ^pwn -registered brands; used lor
.���t^ev$^ brands, such
possession; shall ^be prima iacie evideBce of
lca!ttte''^stealing/*^HordesJr mares, filiies, foals^
steers, calves, sheep;.;innles and asses^ are; ;to
:beiincluded'under4he term cattle for the purposes o f this lord imtneet ���' ��� - * * ���r- '\ '
��� ^Gafcfclorist^alin'ff -yonVrthe,^mainland is fortu-:
-, tother power.* While' we contemn the imper-
iiiia.V .pusillanimity,- and -dis'belieVe:dn-.-it8'Oontiir-
^.ued' 'toleration *bn tbo ^part'oV tlie/British
;.opeoplepve.bave an' equally incllgnant .sense
"of scorn for the cowardly policy the New
;,. 2e^laudeV3 Jsnggeat. ; ISfb !;if ^iey, ar>' to bb
abahdbnecl^b>Cirapenal- protection, let them
...$>ol# 1 ya'[meet, .the consequent cpnditions/'and
;;.   Bpwi^einsel^;wortby;o;^
/   Let them shame!;ilielmptlier country ��� into
>practical -sympathetic; action.���������/. We do V hot
> ;^;b^Hb ye, jhoweyer, tha;t ��� th e; cblpnisfs actual ly
';: ^'!#ntei?yyM6H������so tocreant" a bourse,-but
T; ^tbink v.ithcir], hInts; are.: merejy; designeii .. to
',. b'rouse. ihe mother country to a just sense of
'.'���?���"' ^nj>r;; JFp^r b\irselyesi we may boudemn bjar
v:.Jfprin*6f gpye):nment,.vwe may .condemn the
������/{"": PpVicy pf tbp;imp.ertay6bverhmeitit:iui its, re-
\*Rations with: the colony, but we imve no j^ea
of. making .ourselves foreigners t'o.ourbWn
���..-. .l��th audkia.r .We have no vv'tsh to placeour-
,. palves ia a positioh wh ich : might resu I f in
s?--compelling us to-take up "arms 'against our
brothers; and,.sisters ; an^l wp are sure that
the -Ke w :iZe"aIahders, when they consider the
nmatte^xinr tliig. lightj^will; come to tbe same
���*&-  -*Dflt*J>     j>
."   An.Qrdin.ancefo.r the better protection of
.. cattle ands the better prevent ion  of   cattle
Stealing, an ordinance.respecting pre-emption
.:;; cl a 1 ms, and a a ord in an ce respecting In d iari
���'^j^et^es, have received the.royal asseniv The
.gra.^rsishp;uld;know something'Vbff-its ' pro-
���yi&i bnslanU :th eT6 r egoi ng sub; m ar.y. com p rises
its principal Ceatures:1 ' - v " s ' ' ' - -f
^jp^pLj p|^inanc"e wi*espectinVr pre-emption
plftims TOsHnten^ded nVerely to: remed| a-de-
fect ;in \thb;.;p^e-emVtionTbrdinanb^;?,Some
sejllers I {ad applied to have the irpre-emptioi s
surveyed, and'when that' was dbne^it was
/foiln d th at t li ere was no pto visi on i n th e p re--
teni pti o nib r d in ance ;byVw hi ch. th e. 06 v eVn me n t
vwore authorized to collect or conipel gaymVnt
for the land.; \ ��� * �� ;'
>r: The ord!nanee respecting Indian ;rPseryes
contemplates a more speedy" ;meiaba'Jthan/
formerly obtained for the ^ttlemenfe^f^.'ais^
putes1 among Indians abd settlers, ijlmting
th e s tip end i a ry - m agis ti- a fces a d is c re tip n a ry
P9 wer, af te r J��eari ng. any case to in ake s ti ch,
ord o rs as; sh a 11 seem; j us t a n cl reaso h ab le, and;
to .remove trespassers.        ..      ;    '
���'��� FiwjiT.r-Some very fine apples have been
brought to Barkerville. They are very
cheap���only half-a dollar each.'
Social B.alL
���Sept. 15,
soil 2i.
Special   Services^
Sept. 19���Morning ���Jacob.
'��� ���" liitlicr,"--
Sept.   26���Mornlng-lD ay i d ,���
Oct.   Z���Mornjng^-Daniel
..:'::..' '.IV.'teodi'"'- '.'  -���'
. Evening
** Como" up
���Christ, vic-
the   City  of
,   .     ���"   Still
E��TXOOET  ONIONS ��ofvlh&l best'-qunli^y %nU^ in?
/vEplondld^conditlon,.for sale cheap^ut v; ti-t^/txi��
' -,-' ' ..- y ';;.' ;* "'���B.^ED\VAnbsHstoror";'";"
.&-au25.1m   ^^^ \    - >1 ;/:?��.;> o-'Barkerv
'.. '-'jy
In;Pt>^tion ,;lhoy wli^ supply"finESSED LUAIB ER a t
$1& por thousandh"-"Shingle?^$l2ip'er thousand;   ��� ;-
rh\"i'      I    % 1   r'    :N    au21-tr-^.A-��� r ' .,^ .",   ,:,, '��� ���"f: l
IrTEREB V^nnndunces .tbat^ho has 1 opened ibis:N��jw
jJJJLj -B.oarUJngiHouse,  ,r ,   . M       ,l   .
��� Zl CNEX^.i0jTHE:ASS^;0FM0E," ^ .
* ��* _ BAIiKKRVILLE,   ^ \.    . '
,to \y��lch he,Invites all:, who' ;desjre ftr?t^class Board
"at fe6^ratei?rates^vv^lbaijliness'lt��'the Cooking Oo^
parfement may. he, relied jrtnv*as9he ' has.} crigagod ,i the
services��� qf"wflrst-clfiss (WliXTK};Coo5c. ^ * : / ���-,
^JSS* liIQ(K)R^lAND��GlGARS 6j'��tho nost^hrands
;ma^^e'pbt&j&od,;atc.4a^B.ir.  '       -".'*- uui-i l
rpENJDEks his ^sincere tfi'a'ti l<s toHlibso'' who iiave
-��� -Jl0 favored; hfnitwitlv 'tbdiry patronage;^on iilosquito^
;pr^ekvand - else wrhere^ and begs^to in^rni;t;hia^lrNn?"f:j
and the puhlic generally that ho ha.< Wrhnicivced
business:at B.irlcervillerin the store;recently,occupied
by G. DO^ERO, -where ho Ms a stocirof ���.        . . ���-.>; ,v.
QftbcERiEs ANDP^ovisipisis;
:. .,.(   BiaO TiS, ,CL;0,THINGi:-.':';;,' ['���
',l     '^'' --Misrxo 'Impijemests; &c &c.    .:""^���'���'.
Orders Trbm frl en ds on bu tsi do c reeks pro rap I ly at-;
nended^to.; >  ��� ��������      j,1,' .^   "' ��� i^  : "���...., . \-,.; n,;.: ,
,, ��� .'��� j^5!T-; Conslgnm en ts .'��� of! j:. goods
CJlonlal prod u co from; farmers 'WI
au28 tf
fTHR ��� bank ?op ��BRrrrsii; boj^iirf,p? ^\ :���
"I ^o jremlt GOLDB^BSUo V north to?."fWiS;
,BKricervl)lB,;-27H>. Aiigu8trl869 f        .   '...'.  ,di
U   bio for Pai*engorHJ Bag^ago;containiug i^V ��
.unless- the charges *>a rvalue of ^rnenre arrtneed To
'^y'y-y:y:���'���������-���: :-;/.;.������.. .'"v  J'AS.' HKID, Akou
rriiE;iHUD^NS ;bayvc^'^arSv jpSbiJjskt to'
i  ^recelve:ntpar:v:yluos|V ut/-their Stordfl';B*fr1��Vr;
o'.'/f ����� i i p.v''<*1iM nan- fr\v*: Tkt itvnl^anili ��w. --. V�� ri r 'rv t�� Vfio '������ t '
���.      . ������" "^''NtJTi^Er;;' ,.^"7^'
��� .1 LI> PERSONS Indebted to the firm of 'ADAMS i
'set-Uc tlio'if accounts-l>efnrerthe *l-&th ,.'6f*S>ntemlH'r
nest, ^ud; all;pqrsops :liayjn^ol^f ins agnjnsfcthQ 'safl
fi^m'd'reVrequested. to 'prckehV thelr ae'eourits' for.psy.
ment. : .    "   ���   ��� '<.V\,f^:%\^    -  , .'-r.
���;  '������..        '  .-.    ,    '   ��� ���'     -  AV>m$���k PEAHCV,"
^^BarkervIIjej? =August��24,18891-^V   �� **t ���'"Isj.^to- .
., '���<    " ��� L .." ''.     ��   ��� -   'A.'1. ���'*""    ������������'���""���"'������'������'���'���w��"/'"1. ������ '���"       ���"       ',��   ������ ������ 11 win i   ^r...
T vTflOS;^::FLETCHER'S' :^ECp^I^RA^b: STf)��R
ii.hU :itllv.rep;
thing requisite for Mhiers.vuae'jt.tlow juices. ,u,.:v4-
. ���::.;,y- ��� :;.lfry.,%tjpfER^HARRERViUZ.S;:*'��� %-*C&rrift;:;
from.; Victoria ;an fi
11 r rebelvo h'ia; greatest attention And care. '*  \\f       ���.���  a'        v   ,
, Barkerv:ilie, August 26,' 1869;��
���; ;;' 150^Mile:--.:HotL^6. : ���-������;;
THE uhdersigueiWp>opr^
.   known  and favorably situated   establishmout,
tiaviug purcliased the samefr&mT3.':Tormey��� vdesire .to':
/ihfprnirtheir f ricncls anil; tbe public general ly that they
are; pbi-v ;.prepared .to JaiTor<i. .every iiccommod-ition to'
trave llersand o th ers a t tlie;:'files t reason ab lo ch arges. ���:
;: .Tlio table,is supplied \yith all the SubstantiaIs and.
luxuries available in the country, and prompt attention given to the wishes of tlio guesis   ^ y ���'<
.:; ..The Bar is ��tpcked \vith uhe very ;b est bran Us ol,
;Wi n��s, Liquors' and Cigiirs."
''Tho.'Stables are spacious and comfortable and attended to by,first class hostlers. A, plentiful supply
of tho bes t proven dor of;a 11 lciii'*!s' al wri ys on han d.
In short, every convenience find fncllity conducive
to .the comfort of .man; aod beast will be ,Coun'd., and
the proprietors wi 1 i sp'aj"e no eff'ort to give entire satis-
fabtion to all who may patronize theesUtblmhinent.
August 20th, 1 SCO.   . ABLER k JBAKR?.
A, 'McPhersori,
.:;;:. ^E;I|L;LEE,
BarkervUlc,<Mayi, 186'J.   '-'������������'-
��/   .-'-CAMERON'   &    AMMES,
Barkbuvjixe,   -,   ���
AVE purchased, the stand'formerly occupied,by A*
C Otitipbell, und will execute orders for rT'.nto-
sboevng and Blacksmith work of every description at'
the lowest rates ,iv24lim
xm" Every convenience for SHOEING  GXJEN with
'despatch*.' "". "     "      	
oy26 ....At DkKOUVION & KURTZ.
- tIasV r. TAYLOR desir'esfto stale liwt he ��\\\\ \tw
:U%fj&it\m husinesf anVf 'ih^'olclk staii i\,\ wlrlrff - W$*
patent, Medicines-of all kinds, on,haii^  Al^o JFl^KSK
GAttREN; SEI3DS; ^rfescrlptlf>bs car^fiilly coiapftiin '-
sd at reasonable;rates.
erv... ��� . ,���
* Bo rlcorvilie. Iluyf8"i-/lS09:   '
Next door, to'-C'unio's- WW'
'"'���';"    ' ' ��� PAINLEL8S\'i '""y  .���."
tlKiiidm in (stra'i Ion of chloroform:v *-, ��� r /;'^; ��� ; ���.-,
��� r OPB'ICE-^Xeict tO: RehnVs;8��'* s^^ ^rffTO t
Oilico Fee,: S 5..  Tee th ei tractoi i, :or fl Hed.wi.th ww,
*/;���������       ��� ^.-^     h; ��;3"j:-;.-J.*w.> .;;.''- -:'���'- ''"'' ="*'���!'   inyl oil
r'���������..':������ ���:' ������"'.;.   .:���''���������..".:  ' ���       ��� ���  ' ^
;lu?ut?��;nq^ Gruee.
Mi^EBS A^TBA^M^^wlfrBn^^
���^vuntage to ���purchase: at, this Store, whew there a
;7: v ,.;   '������:.aLarob Assbn-ratKNT- OF^GpoDSV ^. -_jw
Of the very best" description on hand, and ^ ;, '*
constantly replenished by hew .arrivals. ��:Thc pr^i'
���..;.������;��� ';>'.. .^.ft ^tors:will;seii^odsh. i:..;.;^.^ -f! :
"'" "���",.As'' Cheap -as ' ^xy: in��� iCuxtf^S. ' ; .;
Orders promptly fltlbclJ ami iorwanm[:^\.^[c
v.-������������';.,': �����.,��� , ���     ; :  BRED^;& UNOp^v^
Van Winkle, ifa>-12, 1869.   ^'.'' ; PrgrMQ^.
G-roceries!,) Provisions*
HARDW A R. E ,   ��� DRY    GOODS
BARKERVILLE.      v-->
AND OQMj^l^^fii^^^A^T?
.   Have now; on ha&d.a largo'^^ assortment of.^
' "s^"	
B.irkervllK Ji^y,l?ra869��v,-^V -;'	
S��|^ffl!Sg5tf&flCiMI&^ ' 'yyry.  ���������'yy :  - 4 -  *****iijsi'*������^*^^  il !nw^u--On Thursday, news arrived of  feal#g.ex^  r^tll^raeh to; ftuesnelmouth, and,;isvcry  r'''.iffre ������ hiercly *W*nS *nai ^T* 0nuan dy  >'' ���������'Halleu -.'["to:'- the/river/at:Yale^frphv the  S^mer,: \vlncb was laying to* the-shore at-the  >!���������!"**��������� Some one saw hjrovfaiV and;? raised an  !K.:but:;the efforts taafto'To save him: were  e'. ,4^ful. ������������������ When, [recovered }ie iwa&dead:'"  V'v Oniiandyi.was-pm nativerof Lancashire:  w'apd/*and.:;came;;to :the^olohy-infl8G5;:  j */ Vas one : of, a "family who have- live d~on  ,y/ir:-bWfoiid 'for centuries^ TlUgpld homer;  ;^.i. isriutnate/in^  ^ivicashiiie, ^^o^OvVaQ^Furnoss. -Hisparents  *  r^tiNi- pf the ;Whole- enmmnnity,.having  InvV' v liberal -(andlraoat'amiaol^anv: To  ' ^y ^j. !*ii ������������������������������������ tlie v '.ilS ga> .inj'twh-^  ilwe^st on the rpceptibn^pf the riewsvAvoiild  i,v>iemcans;^  hif ;���������"- :.'Q ������������������ jJf;: heal^itj, sociowis:far-more ex,t  v\tte;-.and dtinhg theyvhple^of iyesterday'  l^fernoouJa^  f ilio' exClama^  ' Reinedi to 'c'om'o,! ^^.^^j^viy^iicr; 0 rj  '.jjiutidy>, - r. -'."-V;- r'^'fe'^;:';*!'.'^_;������������������''  ;;'������^>'  '-MiNMNOlTfeMS.���������The Van Wiukie*cpf.T^h������  uiug creol^are/pushing. ahead aiiast as posr  hsibfe. aiul^ their idrain^iSf'already .up about  ^3U'0 leetr > Thtf;maotiroery^pf' thev Jlayisivco^  1 baa been moved dowp to .the Van;, Winkle  ground.-and the.Davisvground%has been Jaid  <>vei' hut'sV the drnihr"-can������������������ ��������� be;; cpn-ti'nuedl frora  ��������� [he Vati WIt$le$rtfund^  put on more^haiiusandibe prospecte are fair  lor a" good ^ash'r^pOliis^pk.  Tpa Perth,  iritVshtip  Lass^ ljnio^^ "the com-,  ���������panics; above *liav^joined; in, prospecting  abpv������������:the Ijinibar^aoa a c^ih^c^fcm ftVsliaft/  luia -' been, ^iveS1 flo"% .^wKn. ���������r-3'aTnc;s has  ���������* sftuck a,prospect in his clairnC winchI lips be-'  twt'tm  the-'"Rosamund  Dnnhar chihis. '-On  pun ui ineTcre^ pi^,^  b.'rn obtained ���������/.;.O.n>Con^iln^gulc;ife thplfcs,  I WeiI co; w ashed supt39;Iqz.Von WedfieS  3'te (JitiiVock-co. arestill getting en con tag-  ���������:���������'��������� Ijiir j, nwjH'tij-s. ; The/Gosmopoli'tovPo;-; French  , ��������� ct'wk-, got'd o wa ' with !>thei r shaft ;v ab on t\ -90  fiMtt on 'Tuesday;. and'; strtiBk ;gVftvel, S'bich  ^vo3 pin ill nrospects in,every- panful. On  Kci 1.1 i 1 ey creek.rhist week;; the; StohtiiyalI; cp;.  Wh**d up C2. ozvf 0iy Stout guiclr, the .Tuff-  rak" co.; .-'p'u' Thui-sday, flad Hy ashed .up 102  :ov; tor ��������� four,,dayoV.4,;woi^v and :;thc Coorn|)s  .��������� co., - on"���������Friday, frftljive' dn^  up 90 03,   Tho Qaiiadian tunnel has b een cx-  .uuidtul nearly ^\Thuftdre'd:yee[t^ibeyVhd"��������� the  Killer cp.'s shaft, making the tunnel altp-v  gather, over ��������� 1,700 feet in loiifrth.   The face  c ,|ooks encpur.agin^V^gtfddri.py  , fine gold iti_ it, having'been reached.; ";S: V;  ���������: GiAKTvi'pWDER.���������A Mrn^wef^slivered ia  lecture mr explosivevrecenily, in^San''-'Kranv-  Cisco, and after dwellingaipoii:Hie..power of  -. the giant powder, he ���������referred to its effects  ' npon the'health:pf^miners;; :C6n^itutibns;!he  Raid, were'" yaripnsly'i affectect; by it,: some  Buflerjng seribusly; 'whiie'ptliei's" seem imper-  ��������� "V ions to i ts in tide nccs, :resenli;b I j n g th e. po ison  cak in these respects^ ^Experiments- are  beiflff constantly^ 'tried;;: witli^the-y'iew of- re-^  moviug these dbj cctio nable]���������"'- fe'aiii res, nndf  til ach succosa has al read y; attend ed th es e  efforts, and there- could; be little doubt, be  Haid, that wttUia& shprt;:time; tlip^^ianfc-powT  jler wi 11 be sp perfected;as tcf.M bat'ni 1 ess to  heal th: Having... Iwithesgei ^'tb e.; power Ai 1  effects ofitbe giant;powder, as;eompared witli  ttio ordinary powder generally in:'iise iivCariboo, we published a;ajiprt report of lite same',  but were not aware at the time, timfe the use  _ ������t' the giant, powder had any injurious influence upontho health of;the:miners.  Dkbt.  . pick.lw;cKtA3CA.P^Th&' 'Bai%ery^VefP.icicwicl������  Cl it \> have ;.t\i I i e n;.-.- u po n a\ goo d tiii ng fo r a  suhject at their. next meetiug. On Wednes-  duy, a bonej about riiue inches in^ length,was  cl.a^  ���������jflf.;Osslp  ,.,  . .^ancei.;������)-;.  thingi^nnnd js. 6) iZopniciorigin and a;,zooUte;  while. Mr:;'Zootomy, positively: declares'tfaat ii  is "nothing'-dil the  tidh?'promises' tb^be alively ohe'^ 'jftf.  votQus;is���������of opinwri^thatVtb^  zooi)by.te.^ Prastical ltieh, however, who arr  in liie-cattle business,'affirm that1 it is;;'ohly- ?  beef bone.; We think it will  bone of contention.'.  prove to be  ihave confounded hie phesidesllieremfemany  o^erstwho wotiha like to know;,asrwell^s,^  !���������.'������������������   ': %}''"%��������������� /���������.��������� ^' ������������������'' i^^''PapsPEcroR.''  i. . [There was no; " prihcii>te',:'rwhatever in-  i.volyed in: the case alluded Jo,,except perhaps  W.JI'ft B?t't otthe.parties to the case. ;It was  : entirely la. question of Ifacui. UAccofdln|r} to  ibp evidence, the facts were briefly asi follows -.I-. ^ A set of, clalma.^ was,taken up and  ���������ecprded pM: certain���������-w.orlt:!id'nto 'Assess-  :m.  kihdt;and;thai;U;y������^  1 :��������� iefeudant ��������� ln; the���������. case"referred;to was-sued  ;^pr his lirOportibh of thp assessments. ^ It was  >rov^dr;;.thafc^ he^-ha^been; the -recorded; po������-  ���������SCSSOr Pf   ono    nFWh/a 'f������lft'ima ^w^ni'a;'.*h������i"TtTr\i.ij'  A; ;;NatioS������R pAUW^Sir^epr^e GrPy has  suggested.,-��������� ���������. thev; ?organization;;..6f" a;. 3.ritisb  riatioh'at party,' whjeh should i belli do cb lonial  men. The" ideaHs; by: no^meahia new one.  Tl;e eel e b ra tod Jonep h H o,\jre) o f . Nora ������Scotia,  maiiy^yeaj^ ' ago^ ��������� prb*pb;sed ;��������� tlie same, tliiug.  Uepresehtatto n'pf tbOcpi.on|es iti tlie Jmperia 1  Pa r lia m c n t won id; remo ye the : p ri n ci p a I di Hi-  cultiesin the1 way of governing' the colonies;  with'' sa tisfac tio a; to - .th e insel y es<, a nd.. to \ the  m o tbe r cpii n t ry as ,we \U T he: A merican Em -  p ire il I list v a tes!; the p racti cab il i fcy o f ��������� th e  sche me.: al th oil gl i* i f ap p I led to the.:fi ri tish em-|  pire it wbuldV:be fraught^with,greater bpsta-l  cles;tprsucces3.pn: accpnnt ;o{ IheV.detached;  gPpgr^rjbicaV position of ^the^BriiishEmpife j  ';;f������-'Ap'pftK^,^An; :;ad d ress :do;������ Govi^ Musgraye  Jis;'heing:-gciieral I ^signed in Barkeryille. Jit  >wc]cOmes ;his .Excelietipy to the colony;Vihti-  ln/vtes lincdesire;of' the^colonists for; fepnfed-  eration and 6verland communication, ������������������ etc;  Should" -Ills' i5x eeliencypay^us a visit; as -it is  reported he fw i 11] the' ci Hzehs ^o f/'Barker viU e  iWilli ol epurso: welcome-him with befitting  marks of loyalty. ' '       ,      , -'. . *,  t j; Si]EcixucSrvYesl^rday *?we j sawa^ p iece'������ of  qiiartz" wh iclf gli tfcred wi tli' -gold i rt- every  .other-particle.; lt;^was'foiuid in:the .Unioti:  claim, Grouse -creek] b u,t had . e y id en tly > been  Carried so me; distance' from lts?original tler  posit. When;from.almost-j.every "claim in  Cariboo gold ^ and qimria ���������intermixed are  taken; it/ seems impossible;;to .believe that  there are;no rich, quartz reelsihthd country.  t- ��������� Coming������������������-..-to Cvjainpo.-^By ���������; despatches received at QUeshelmputh,; weJearn tbat it was  lu'day 4iexwj \Up jto^yesterday, how:-  ip tSffi ciffH: inl^rhmtprir"lMd^l^^v;rd^  ceived iis4o.Mis diiXCelJency^ movemen ts.    ;  , Si'iiGiAT^-TiJe Uev^ Uw-.Reynard- anunnnee-*  tliat a series of special sorvices wi!i be**held  ?ib the:.'theatre;-couitnenciiig;to-inorrpw,' to^be  con tin 11ed o u ��������� thev mornings an d;. eve nings .o f  following Sundays.., .��������� . ������������������    .  ASSS33MENTS;-:>  -It is officially.announced that the  %fregate debt, of the municipalities of tbe  Matn of Illinois is $100,000,000. This is irrespective,, of the State and national debts,  which will, amo.unt'to.a very large sum. ��������� One  would imagine that such an amount of (le'bt  would have a most crushing .effect upon the  enterprise and energy of less than 2,500,000  of people, but it was by the .enterprise and  energy of the people of lUinois that the debt  wa$ created, 11; was mostly co htracted'- in  aid of railways. ��������� WeMk o| Oiirown debt as  *ometinng onormous.;;and;'; so It. is. when we  consider its unproductiveness; -If we had  ft'A to pay $40 for every ton of goods that  passes the toll-gates we might be satisfied, as  ass are the people oMliinoifl; that the debt  had, not been, created without returning  heneficialreWts.;4';  '  l  'i    v   .'.'  Coi-rt.���������There were no' cases before  ^nrt-ye������terday;.-;'." ������������������"���������.?   , . v".'. ..." ;'..  the  Editou Sextikkl :--Therlate ruling Of the.  Co<irt in a cuse; wbere assessmen ts were su ed  for, inyoJ-ye3; W priacipVe which; taken as ;a  pre'eedent. endangera the interests of every  man in Caritioo \vlio^has bePrv" interested ii������  prpspeclingr It appears that hi set' of claims  were taken" up^andjV^PP1*^^- ll<rar)y two years':  ago. and vhe defendant in the* case, being one  of-dhe.; recprded;.nniembers,;. gave notice of  ab and dn men t,: b n't- ra Over than do so to th e  injury orlin:ejutliceo"f;tue company he,quietly  pu rsn ed a very c out m on Pus to m and .gave a  bill of saloto������ lhecbie7;of;tbe-compahy, leay-  ing purchaser's name b 1 ah k; s'b that he co aid  ue������rep laced by some; o no. else to ill I- the company. Clkdid not;appear;that that ��������� other^ person, was louiul to fill the! yacaht; place, but  tli e- co rap any- go on -and .prospec fc, and the  w ii 6 le ab a n don s onie time after. And no w ;.  after Ibe'lapse of iiearly-two years, the., defendant is sued for .assessments ; b.ut though  i t d o es n o t- app e ar. th a t: p ay m ei ii t :.h as. b een de-  nianded during all this time, the Court .gave  jiuljvineut for plaintiffs; ��������� -J'y -: ��������� "���������     Y^ ^  Of the merits of the parties concerned m  the case Ave have nothing to do, but the ruling  of' the Court interests every:man in Cariboo,  for few of the most energetic prospectors but  have had claims and disposed of them iu the  same way as above,; which is now declared  to be illegal.;      ��������� \ '  Now, sir, will you orsome of your corres-  nomlents tell us: ,.Do not law and eqmty  require that payment for a debt should be  asked or demanded within a reasonable time  after it is due, when the debtor is a resident  of the neighborhood ? And why should not  a bill of sale (though blank, as above stated)  .rjveh to the chief of a company, act,as a just  and proper notice of abandonment, as.by the  aim' law a claim, is but a chattel, and there  9  . one pf;,.the^;^aims^hcreim  had ^ been do he. ^Jiefehaliiiti hp weve'r^ Alleged  ���������.that he,wasppfta6^  claim. -He did: not prove he had sold. the.  claiihi��������� and Uierefpre the Gold ;'Cdmmi?sioher  gave judgmeht; for, the plaintiffs; The; Chief  Justice; who -was, present', coneufred;. in that  jn" dgraeht, and wi th the ���������eyidehceas1 stated b e-  fore;him>-we do not see. how-.the ;.Gold:; Cohi-  missi o per coi u Id .have: *Vruled//:pth;er wise than  he did.'. It 'may be, yeryirue:th;arthe.defeh  aiit did-owhat many others^;hjave;dbne\whea:he.  jraye a blank-bill of sale; to; the 'chief -of tli e  "conipiiny^ bnt'ifc' mhsFlbe 'clear)tetany ��������� one  ' tit a t a b lank bill b f sal e cahhb t b P; accep ted  as a valid conveyance in a, coiirt 'of; justice,  'and dp would; be- ^better^ were ;;ith Uncommon  custom;pf;giy;ibg blank;;bills of5 sale hot fol-:  1 owed. J Supippsing, however,?-jai. blaiikjijil 1 of  sale, were a valid . co ii vey an ce, - i n; >. o rder to:  .n^ve7an^influencejon! the" Jndge's^ecision,-  it" cey tiinly dught{^6 Jbe;proven or produced^  in court^neither of iwhlch was'-done^ in ^thei  case'iniquestipm Keitherlaw noreqnity rc^t  quire ^afc^paymeht"-Of a'debt should be de-;  munde^^thin.iwoi'years afterIt^has become;  dne, which we^presiime- is -the reasonable  lime intended to beraeantby ^Prospector."  Five^br six years; we ;belieyp, are allow ed by  law to-ritht^of action, but it -might:-be ..ad-,  visable UO'furtier ^restrict -this right in ��������� all  m atters relatih g ito gold .mining^ and parti pui  iarly with respecV^p/assessments. There apr  pears,to be stnall nepersity^ howeyer,-for such,  turther restnetioh; as5the case herein alluded  to ^thezpnly-ohe,jWO;; believe.^wherejassess]  ments have not -been, demanded^ within,:a  reasonable time, j A blank bill 'of sale:shoujd  not ppevate as a hotlce -of- abandonment because itheTaw -reqii ir es^ a?=w vl tte h notice^ 'an d  the Sold Commissioner.1 ba'3 notl equitable  ^urisdictipnoyer any -matter, iti relation to  cwhic^^tl^1aw^is;specific;'-A^biiVtof ^sale} -is  no t in valid becanse;it ;is noV; recorded.���������En;  SbxtlxeT..} ";     '    -     b      "      "*  ' *������������������-  ";  ��������� -���������<-f ��������� ir::,���������.-?:-.*v*fy.-.'.iji-. ���������'���������_��������� '���������'��������� ��������������������������� " ; *-~^  -��������� ���������-������������������-������������������-��������������������������� ��������� .���������.i-v-,.������������������..'.:..���������-.,���������';������������������[-.  ��������������������������� % Jnm mo ^economise., .-     .;  ;todo ; butevehso:ittendne^tlie less':hard'  ithatthe publid should.- be required to pay -  he.ayy; gums;without ^dequaie^i'eturnsi^lf  lllis Excellency would represent our case ex-,  jactly; as it is^ Tctoot^utbelieve thai; ller":  ���������Majesjy^ColoniallSe^^  ���������mous patronage iu hisjMhds^ would \prdperly:  ���������P^^fttonrsuperfluous:officiais, by;giv-  ing '^emappointme^trin^otHe^ ���������'::!���������;  ;, .Hitherto, aftcr>ao'6u't^  of the .civil 4isfc,;seme; unfortunatevclerkivT^'  ceiving probably;������25h per annum,ipr sitting,  at a desk from ten to' foUr-every'f chiy;;iia^  been':ruthlesslyseizedlupo������;an4- ofmred/np :  as a sacriftce^:tpjappease .the; iiiilignant public*:  The f heads, of .deparjtnients,;haye neveL1 air  lowed -their'lataHes *'&C-be^veu siijrhtlv;ro-  duced^-V      .;  r-",  .;��������� ��������� ���������- ^   ;'��������������������������� ��������� ''���������..������������������"  ^; TO\ateyer the (Merits, of the-1^ ,  Mr; Gladstone^���������;':quotation^ -V;Ciit:it^4bwn^  etc;;" was hardlyln good ;;tasie;''as. ^n^ed to?'  wards^religioiisestabiis'hment;;'^  ence,  however^ '<; to rsotnel;6f- ;:o1ir^^heads: of  departments, sitj seems'to; fi.t exnclly���������indeed,  they;cumber the:grdimd.;iiiideeil.ithey ought  _ ^be cutdown; ��������� -, _ ���������; :,;'���������;'_    ,; ���������;���������-'..p..;. ������������������ ^������������������;,  -i   -;:,       ��������� i'''> "   ������������������������ ���������   o, CAnrijooiT,K.,:^  y^y- ���������}  n i  >'i-rB  ������������������ ��������� i ���������"���������'������������������i,s%  -H it  ������������������ji i-  LIGHTNING GREEKS  ?^prroH&SE^ixBii:$--:Iii ;;spitei bfa pppnlar  impressi()n';td;Vthe:contraryy;i:m  that: ,the I ate Geye rno r fdi d \ argel y. red uce,; the.  expendifare; Jncurred" under,^ the] ,Jieadlt of mnsfc^e aUrjbutedtp. tbe want': pf;that ,ex-  ;r%rroR: ,SEXTii;i5r,:~-In ]my;letter on.Xi|hf>  nihg: creek it was not my objept todraw" 'coin?  parison9 >^^betweeti iodividnals -or -cohipahies1;  neHher^idiI intend;to': extoiHone^at'the-rjak  of^di^egardingrhis^neighbors;,^  the liitel- ���������.  ligenV :min^ 'jriy."bbserva'tidbsfwill��������� ekplaih.1:  themselves." JoHh^DaVisi'it appears, hasrriia-  understopd;theiriiiobje;c^ai^etlier-':  perusei^hmagateiimustpoufeas^rM^^  ���������that I am .ignorantTofr,haying ^nis-statea; or  fenored any mcts concerning  .as;.ME]5ayl#; states; f ;ahd^ as^am "prettyiwel t  ittfor racd: pn ,the miuing.operations oarricd'o n  inlhat'districfej I cannot plead *; ignorancerjiir.  fprgetfuiness.������>'*-x am' fully acquainted-witli  1 th pi fact \ lhat= Ligh taints ch ailiiel' has been  bottomediycarB ago in-those places named by  Davis, and *tbat rich:spols,:were^pund; and,4  am^^o^weU^ aware 11^  sh^ilo^, lind! 'Odhtained hone of "those d i^"  culties which had to .'be-en countered in "that  commonly^ knpwn^as the,deep ^ground of  Lightning ^eVeelp %": have ^eqtiently^beard  the Nasser tion ;m ade thaf^tlie Ross Pompanyja  ground'hassbeen hottomed years agp,' andU  have oftejrheard it contradicted; ��������� and 'froin  recen t $ eyelo pments there vis no > dptibt; th at j t  was all ^/abncat^^^i* Davis���������lab.ors'under '  atmistak^e' Wh^^^^^blt froni Me c^^nyon  at'Vaa Winklel&8wti?W-iLast ^Chance^creek  ^ is^where so raupli-difficulty lhas been; ,ex-  perience"d.r   The difficulties were equally aa  great and the resultsi%tit?as'disastrbus above  the' canyon as, they-we re below it. -The fait-  urp- .i.qf ^ the. :5\relsb :��������� -cO^'ipi ��������� bpttpmjLightning  ';il  official salaries.  ,; O n th e mainland he fpun d, in'the spring pf  1861; eight stipendiary magistrates,withitheir  corresponding-stalls of clerks aji^cpnstabjes:;:  he' lefb-vfour. i;:A :few:clerks;hayea)so disappeared fromBth;e^ list, and (or oyer two year^  the comiVy has;saved- ������750 per:annum by thp:.  simple fact pf there-being UP Treasurer.      f  o~H is to this latter item-that-! would direct  attention,.withvllieidea of^g^tiagthfe de-'  sirability of exteMing^hetsame.planlto^ other  departments.   ,   '; "v."';;^   ,-,.,.: ���������  ,.  . -"Whyshpuld the iithe of 100,000 whites and  Chinamen be compelled : to; feep .tip^a staff  calculated;for the.requiremeats of the greater  mumber? ;- . \. ., :���������*       ;..',,,   ; *���������' ..- ~.y- .'���������.  ��������� :. The Colonial Secretary, we cannot do without; :tlie:^Attorney General ;is,als6 a neces-  U noprescribed -form lor a bill of; sale only  that a transfer of a claim must be in writing ?  And further, is a bill of sale invalid because  it is hot recorded ? or does recording do more  than give precedence over any other similar  instrument that may exist?, ���������.-?  '  I had the vanity once to think that I com^  prehended these things, but judicial ruling  D Cariboo, in these and many other things,  ity.   ^ext in order ofprecederice.'Ppmes'the  Jhief Commissioner; and I fail to percJeive  any benefit accruing .to ;the colony -fori the  ������800 per annum paid to . the holder of that  office.; We v are." not.now bail ding, roads, and  except "for ^ the duties entailed by great zeal  in reserving"'p;ali 1 ic. lands ancl "attendance at  ExecirtiveAmoVLegislative Councils, the office  must be almost a.sinecure,   The staff of the  department are required, but the Head,, as a  separate nead, is a decided superfluity.   The  Colonial Secretary should control the department of Lands and Works, and I do. not fear  thatthe present holder of the office would  find the work too,much for him.   We have  already had experiences on the mainland of  one man supervising two, aud even three de-  partments.   In those instances nothing went  wrong, neither did the public.service suffer.  The Collector of Customs is, perhaps,  slightly less useless* thaii the' Chief Commisr  sio������ier, because the bulk of the revenue of  the colony passes through his department  list. I do not apprehend that any very  crushing disaster would, happen if the office  were abolished and the;Chief Clerk placed in  charge. ..The community is too poor, scattered: and struggling to be able to afford  itself those luxuries which the people of  more advanced and populous countries can  indulge in with impunity. '..������������������" ��������� \  ..; These gentlemen, could, not with justice, it  at all. be nnceremoniously. turned adrift. t It  may not be their fault that they have nothing  p erience. w h ich al most e yeiy mi he r v/hb' Gas \  been in the: cbuhtry la few; years -has bb'taihed.  ilf ah excess of'modesty forbids I)a vis to %ear  laurel^i������������������which he has deservedly ^earned^that  does not jiistify fiim in attempting to stri p;  others of ��������� laurels which are as meHtpriPusly  won a^they^are prpudly wprrisi :A  s ^vr;v  ',, Haying-. cdiiimi tteel a sHght error, regarding  his ihatioaaliry; (through' ignorance11- admU),,;  ;allowmeH6'iofortn^posterity^^        ij^not^ a  ���������Welshman, at all;events, as hisyname ...might  lead them to believp. : -.,    *������.:'    .;,.:.,;   ,' .  .t sincerely hope that I)avis7 seepnd attempt  wi 11 meet with 'better success than the first,  an d riot .^6 nly amp ly reward him ��������� for his labor  but alsoiPppn theway for otliers;; ,':���������  ������������������.    ������    . Tal. o -BiFroN'.-  : Sept. io, 1869:    '���������       " ��������� :;-. ,;;';:���������;.-���������  '������������������':. The :GiiiiATEST, DrscoyisKy^of; tub Ags.-~  Rohinsp n 's celeb rated. M agic Soap .has; jus fc  been introduced on William creek,, and the  proprietors chal 1 enge the. world to prod u ce  an ar ti cle* to com p eto w i th this so ap.   It n o t  only rem ores: p ai u t, p itch, tar, &a., from* th e  coarsest and finesfc -fabrics^. -hnt it also does  away with all the washboards and machines  that have been invented during tlie' past ten  years to wear out hands and clothes;   and  after one year?s use ifc has  been  proye"d not  to injure the clothes in the slightest degree,  having every advantage over all other so aps  in being cheaper���������one pound, doing ra ore  washing than two pounds of.aay common article now in use.   For sale at Mr James. :t\  Taylor's drug store, and some .of the principal stores in town. ' A responsible person  is wanted to act as agent for Cariboo.   En-  quire at this office, :��������� ��������� ���������  .. The Best Coffke.���������In oi'det to obtain a  first-class coffee, it is necessary to secure the  very, best berries, and to roast them according to the most approved method. This ia  done by Wilson &��������� Rick max, Fort Street  Victoria; who are prepared to furnish, for  cash, Coffee that never fails to elicit the ap  probation.of.thpse who use it, *  jgg- Fku/s Coffee has now stood -the teH  of "the,last eight years,, has super3ede.d..en-  ti rely tbei mp o r'ted" Char tres Co ITee. ��������� an tf J s  n o w kept and sold' by al i rfepectable dcalefrs  yi  I iM \  y\  ���������yi  ?3  m  s  %  ���������::y  t   ? ��������� Elopements seem' to be-epidemic in Con*  cectlcufc : ������������������������������������;.-.;   ' ���������*''���������'.   T:-''. ;'��������� :': ��������� ;';  ���������Two years more drilling ,will\ complete-',the.  tunnel through the Alps. ������������������"��������� >>:��������� -.;-.-���������:;t':������������������;> j j���������::���������.  "Jamaica.'.baa��������� 'Jlist��������� c'ele^ate'd/f^ ^a^^ildp  of lierv first 22 miles of railroad..; . * ; ;"  ���������Tea1 is now imported irito Great' Brlfcaia^tp  the:value: Df pvjer ������li^(^fiOO^^i^iy:y  t A < newspaper called ; the Flea >has; r been  started in a frbutior town of [Texas:' A very  gjdod;hame wKereppebp^Jhave to scratch 'for,  a living.' .  '���������;.'._     : '������������������''>;..;  .&At the present ahnrial' average production  ih Great-BrUairj of fxvo n'liil ion''sovereign?;  tli e, cps t pf each so vpreign.Is found to b e 03 i  ������if a. jpenny, ;or nearly 'tiree. farthings.  HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &c.  OP  BMETISH:;:.^li;Uilili,  [Incorporated'byjRbyal Charter, 1862];  cAti-rAt,;';i->-;;i;:- >"-,;'- $2;5d0,000.  With power to increase.  \vlie  [Drafts issued on the Bank's branches'  inJ yANdOuvBR; island>���������Victoria;  . -        -        . .     "    ' ���������        .   .��������� (r     ��������� .��������� .     ��������� I      ��������� ..      .   x    ���������.. .... ...  ������������������       Tu'tbeUnited'States ���������  CALIFORNIA^. '.%' > . SAN FRANCISCO.  OREGON, '"./���������-      -       PORTLAND.       V  NEW..YORK;     ... * Messrs. Bem, &-Gdxdrt,  ��������� v i A gen fs; for tbe Ban fc of yfcfo n treal. .  .  ���������Ah^iwir^',;-^.'.-  A ���������'���������   r-        t  ON CANADA���������The* Bank: of Montreal*     '���������  AnEnglr3h farmer,-by picking over his seed r\^r''an^wT-\xrr%i m,   - ������.... i...-,...      >,-���������  yaw*'^.t, ii^ v     *���������< ��������� ."��������� a ������������������-!- ���������-..-���������������������������     ON SCOTLAND���������The British  Linen Com-  icat with the utmost care,nmLpIantinga    ���������'   pahy?s Bank. ''���������'���������'' '  ON IRELAND���������The Bank' of Ireland..  ON MEXICO/akp sbtlTR;AMBRICAV-The  .:,:IiOndon ] Bank  of. Mexico   and   South  America.,   > :.;     .-'.���������.'.,���������; ,..'  ON' ENGLAND4-Tho Bank of British Colrim-  bia���������Head- Office-^Eaat India A venue J  ! LeadedhalLsfcreet. - .v..���������'���������������������������  Miners5 Boarding  House.  11HE UNDERSIGNED/DESIRES-TO ANNOUN'CB  . that he has purchased tho House and business of  the above establishment; "and solicits .a. continuance  of custom.   The pricp of Board will remain as before.  BOARD, $12 per WiSBk. . Sxxgle' JIbals,!'Si.  ; ; SAMUEL WALKER.  : Barkerville, July 27, I860. ju28 ti  Z^W������^y^p^f  joshtjXa.;l6tt.:  FRE n. % CROUD A CE.  .#$?.&? PJ������ce, at intervals of'a foot each  way, prbd������ccd:ZG2 bnsbels to the acre.  The annexation; of; the;Grand Duchy  of  Baden to Prussia jVso obnoxious.to the pop-1  tilation, tjiafc.since; ^n������arj^ last! 1^0^;people  ;ba^;emigra!ted tjo '^e^^^a^^y^e^ii  Green^A--verdant' from'- W&jfleefc;;;; wlio:  ty^Mvie- s^?'!a :1?combtiye;' wasjtakeji to!  Qrleans, some time since,; and ^at thelap^  .proacb: of the. train from!Boston��������� threw up his  . '. DEAl-KItS   TX . ''���������-'������������������  ���������English-��������� ^Lle."; and Porter,  ON   DRAUGHT,   CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS,  No.   612 ; S A CRAM E N-TO    STREET,  ;'' ' Above Montgomery,- San Francisco.   ahlSlm  Tailor; (Successor-to E.iReka ) gL'" "' ���������  ^^^^ ;.-;.  ,'"; ��������� ^'.'P-f ^sSewgeW7^"'  May* i^^n^". M,  ;CTpiprt;AP'. BARS: PUaCHASEB  Reccived!on,DoposHi.pr Advances made on them.   :  *'������v������v������ wi luc.uiuu uom:\Dostontnrew up-his' >������������������: r ���������  ' ?. i v:-   ;��������� : >     ���������rr-.-  bands ^^tbnisbmen^an^^olaira^  tLunderi what a darned4great stove !";s ���������'���������������������������:��������� Grantc.l on-Vibtoria-: $an Francisco, Portland- and  ' ' ������������������":������'  ���������������������������' y:'N<y,'s:- '..-���������:. .'-'New York.-   ���������:,.'   ...      .'   ���������  :Evory .description., .of. Banking Business transacted.  'Wi.^^'Wi:'t-^ 'ii^^HAR^ES S..?JONis, !A:gent!.   r  William Creek, Cariboo.    ' :-:      ��������� - .,  : ;^here 13'-one^ small ���������met>'mv;dWestlc  ^conomy;wWelris hot^  MMscfjnyja3* U sayeai. tlm^, tiVuble^..and '"iouiA  ~ ab'6ve you; the wick: \viiI \not smon 1 \\er:dawttj  ;and'mayy;ih'er^ a$ain- ���������  rbut'ifiiiown upoji doivnWaVdvi'the- cbutriirv  .js: the case.- ... ,>v>,���������;:;;.;.. ���������>.-.;:;; ;,-.j; '.';.:^.v..v.::;..' i  ^;.^^oduc^^^  k4;p!iffii^/K^S^^Pffi tp;>":ilie .returns.;gtreri  ii^ihe������li/n^  ������������������ in,U868^ .according vto^:tbe'returns of tteini  N E W   E N Q LAN d"  Bakery and- Coffee; Salopii.  :werel0,837^5I3(ions:  . ;VE^pipi?Epi3Ts \ CzussiKrsp.-r-A j girl ��������� keeper  . of :a toll-gate was asked by a'swell velociped-  j isti; \vho���������thought to-chaff h'eri' howJ miich' be  " had to pay. 4< that, siiy? - replied .sjie, ���������'/ 'tite*  : j>ends ��������� ur>,o"a. w.hether yon get off ,your dandy  ; b,orse. and drag it'': through;; i beeause in that  case every ttvo-wheeled j vehicle/drawn by a:  ;horse or ass pays,th;ree'pencc.,,'''   '''''  Force of Habit,���������At;a bhnrcTi jn; iSsex  '; I ft tely;; ibe. clerk, ' feel I ng \ uii well ���������Vasfee; d,; his,  \. friend; the:nii) way��������������� porter, to take his-: place  ��������� i for; a Sunda y;������- He , did ��������� so, bn t belflg ��������� \vf'QTU-  out; with night, work fell asleep.- "\Vhcti th&  '. hy nip .was ann on viced, a neighbor gave him a  . nu^gc,npon whieb he started up, and - rub-  bine: b Is eyes, ��������� cal 1 ed; on t;���������"��������� Change here for  Elmswelf, -.Ttfurston- and Bury !-/���������[Musical  Standard. . V ;; ':'.  ��������� ���������'���������&/:French/doctorhas;discrtyered:taat'tur-  "pci.iUne is a sure antidote to pho.sporus, and  ..he, com .mends this discovery most especially  . to parenfs whose children have been sucking  "iucTfer. mafche's. It appears-that in more  ���������'th|in  fwen?y cases.. of tbis kind h(������ has :em-  81  ...    .  5-"'  Mirier^.; Provision  Storey  .-ft^l-Kj     ������������������ .;BARKKRyj-LLE....r. ,    ;>\ .  ''.?;";:":^ST' Door to r Sentinel, OfWcr.:  <,,;  ���������1 T this;Estah!|shment.wi 11 always be found a\w*ll  *\i. 5 ������������������: ���������;-:: s.elcc ted an d vari ed a ssor tinen t of t b c  ���������FRESHEST GROGRRIBS .&" PROVISIONS  lU:.r������������������������������������:':- <������������������'   -IN CAiiiR'OO:,.-.   -.,        ;���������;,  .���������  'ALSO���������A good;selection of Clothing, Hardware -Glass  ._:      and prbck'ery.    B2st bran "ds of Tobacco,'1   '  " ."'���������'' '   :.ircdicmes^-eterete.  Best Jav^i Coffee Roasted and .Ground ' DAILY.  ALL GO0i3s SOtdZt^LOWEST RATE8j  THE PROPRIETOR of the above establish won t\vould  respectfully Inform.'bis friends and the public, In  general that be Is now prepared to furnisb tliom with  Bread'of bis own bak*ing, Uaxing secnred 'the nssist^  aiico of a competent ��������� Baker, whlcb enables him  'defycompetition; ':���������: - ; . ' :h ',:.-  .: He bas also aqOFFEE SALOON, aLUchod to the  above, where none but the best Coffee, Pies and Cakes  will be'served;       ... ���������* -%  N.B.~BREAD: DELIVERED  to all parts  of tho  Creek. .    ;  ������������������ ������������������, -.:-. ^ my22,4m :  OeClDENTAL  ; HOTEL,  ���������   ..' ���������������������������������."-; QCESXELMOCTET.'.. \ ,    .   ~  THE Proprietors of this well known House tender  ' their sincere thanks to their friends and Lho travelling public generally, for their past liberal-patron*  age, and beg to inform them that iri order to insure a  cojitinuance, of the samcvBoard and Lo*lging has been  roducpdto $3.60, P^r i)iiy. .Single Meals, $1 00.  AlYthe luxuries that'the country \affonts1 'are constantly kept on the. table. ; Private Parlors and Suits  of UoomsTorFatiniics.,,. Tlie Bar is stocked with the  best brands of Wines, Liquors and Clears.  Pacific:::Telfegraph ;Hotel  S1^ ^r*^ V^cWjEftrald:and: F|Scnrd ^  V ,lJu-; M������������������s������tiiH!iour8..1'Board and Klr,c^  week, $5 50\'<������>J$o CO-V^Per A^iv Rlft^^  .371-2 cents.   Bbu<jt l6o^^cents ������*- ^V '������nji������ mnli,.  1 ANPREW,ASTKl'go; Proprietor  '���������'������������������!   :::-. ���������:���������.-.��������� ���������    t '��������� ;6m     '': ���������  May 1,1809;  e: ;;tv^TSQk,  ...... -..��������� ���������,lwu.8 cii'iinon repaired: anriJwnr  Every description of Jewellery made to order '   ^  .   -   ������������������ ������������������ y '/.'��������������������������� h  Ta 'J.   ''���������!'...........   -. .. ... ,6m  The Stable is well supplied with the . best Timothy  and Grain.     ;.,..     BRO\VN fe'-GILMS.. '  mAiilU. It.... .'^rt<������A--       "*  Oats,-Hay.  Quesn el mouth, May  ,1869..  Ttfe B^R is fully suppUod with, the choicest  .: ���������; Havana Cigars; \yioes and Liquors. ��������� .  ���������' I trust by strict attention to business, and.fair and  square dealing, to merit a-continuance of the liberal  patronage heretofore extended to me.  A large lot .of HEYAVOOD'S celebrated. BACON I  for sale, at a very low figure.  ' Feb. 20, 1809.    ��������� .     .  ' 3m  Antelope .vRestaura^fe^  -BARKER V.ILLE.     ..      "  CAHRIA(>B  AND'1;WAGON ^BUILDER  Corner Gbvcrrimctit and Pandora: Streets,   v."'  .    ' Ea&t side,?Victiiria. \r:;I;,  Executes orders ion erery-dcscripiion of. vehiclo   a  ir .^"^i as^rtmeat of Wagons always on baud  May l, IE,69,  ���������     CnEAp;rojl Cahu. ; * 'em  ; ; A. ;CASAMAYGTJ,  .'..:    .     , r-r WholesaleJ Dealer 'in���������   -'  G-rpceries-'-B  ���������    :. Havana Cigars,' aud French' Preserves.'���������";".  Yates Street, ...'-.;-";-;:. V.*."-! ; Vlciorlii;- V. I , B. C.  Wi  Sh0et and Oast Iron Stoves  % ��������� TIS: PLATE ���������& SESST; IROM.   \  A LL JOBBING,-WORK -INT, TIN', COPPER, Sheet  'IX. Iron, Zinc and l>ad Piping, attended to with  promptness, and' warranted to give entire: satisj  faction. ..    .  Hardware^ Iron- & Bteel;  ,- ��������� lllastiiig.. Fo wdeiv'.  ALNESS,    Etc.,    Etc.,  '   'FOR sale:  & PEARSON & BKOS.,  Proprietors.  Board, $12 per "Week.: : Single Meals, $1.  M^ OYSTER STEWS, LUNCHES, &c.  The best of material is used, and all who wish first-  class Board at the above rate can obtain the *amo al  this establishment. k aull 1m  HOTEL~DE   PRAnJgIj  BIHIASBJAL00 9.  FINE'   BED    ROOMS   TO    LET.  ;^^ Dinners for parties cooked to order.  ; LECUYEU.& BRUN,  ;' myg 6m      ' :   ;���������. .   ���������    ��������� Proprietors.   '-���������  ERd HA NT   TAILOR  -;v-^rf-:.; ���������;   YATES STREET,    , '  JTAS on band; and is-cotlstaotly receiving.. ������ J.irco  11 assortment of CLOTHS,. CAS51MKUES and VEST-  INCS, which hft is p re pa red to make tc order, io (ht  most approved.styles.   ;      ���������  All orderg from Cariboo pi om ptly attended to.  . May l; 1808. ...... 6m  FELL   &    FiNLAYSON,  Tea and Coffee Salesmen,  Fort street, Victoria, V.I.,  Spare no effort in selecting .rami ���������keeping .in oss^ri-  ment-.of tlie. choicest- articles that chii.'be obtaint'rt.  T<��������� 1 argfc consumera thcy.offer h:vary fiieilily as n-e������n!i  prices   n������li/*������ialCty. ��������� ?;'���������'������������������v ��������� myl 6ro  Bnrlferville.  BLACKSMITHiNG.  w.o rlv-int r..s: ts'onah 1 a:r,l try?'; - .  ���������: HiaHFiELD, .Tu]y. 23, 18.G9,.  Jy24tf  ;T>oi;|^; f^niier 'ipl ^ j*cnibte 'district.i;pf Uie  ;i"orlfsiiire V/ptd������. met a .country, rector ,wiip  . .L f d-.b een hvo y^a ra ab se n fc o ii ��������� travel. *; if r.  iE^cSbis"^5?riiil-t)ie ��������� farmer, ^yoirve been to  i h e Holy Laii 6,1 li ear.;' ��������� '"Th i\ va Jo h ri, a n d  got. vsafe! baclc : ybu ,80f*.,?'' *' Weit, > X> ��������� ofteii  'tlioh'I Vii;Uke;to'Ileai��������� _abo^^hAt;spot.".-'It's:a-  fino,/ eoun(r^;; X;;iay;fy;;.;,; ^M^:;.".^^" $Q:  rectbt%j ;^. I saw:.-Lbbn hoh-and; Jerusa 1 am. and  tbe ^\ve 1 vc ipal ni- trees,���������; ;.and;': the ^ve 11a o f  >w.aler������i n * Ihe G restt ^Desert ;; and \ we wen t  across   1 be  Jor dan and" wen fc up to if otin I  ���������.���������:_" u Excii se me ihterrup tin. *' y bu * Af r., ~, ���������rt r^-m ^ f otT tz^rr^i ��������� m .>'������������������=���������������������������''.���������;. ^ ��������� -  Uector, npo, jJ.ut if it be. a fair .question,, boo X K, Clothing m ado to order at moderate rates. Al-  cer ?"--.[ whiteliavea HeralcL dispatch.  SAWSNJEY'S   LJEfTEHS    ?  :   BV-JAMES ANDERSON. \  pRrCR,;;   -;   -        ; onbdolcar.  f For sale at the Sestisel Oince, and forwarded by  ridit, .fr(ee ofchar^a,. .     . rny^0 ::  ma  THE-'UNDERSIGNED. BEGS    TO   INFORM   HIS  friends and the public, that he has Qitedup so������ne  COMFORTABLE  \BED- ROOMS  In his new building, where.-he J3 prepared to give  ^ood.B.'ids at.a reasonable price. Those who will  favor him with their patronage, may depend on tbe  cleanness and comfort of his house.  He takes also this opportunity to.remind the Cari-  booites/.that his Brewery.'has received tbo FIRST  PRIZE of the Colony for his celebrated  - -������������������      XXX    ALE,  ! And.tho true arnateiirs will be able to judge by-them  selves..tliat ���������;such liou.orab 1 Ov,prize ihasbeen justly  awii.rdedlto. .him.V ���������,;.,..'. ���������   .���������  Iff* B.���������A larpe front room to let.; ���������  '   B.arkerrine,Jah;: 2a; 1869; ..���������- N. CUNlOj  Bestaiiraiit and  Bakery.  fpHE-proprietors of this old and rwelMcnowacstab*  X/.JiSlinrient .would respectfully thank thoir numer  ouSifricnds and tlie public for the extensive'patronage  h ere tofore b es to wed on .them; and Irus t th at" by th ci r  usual strict:attention to Uusineiss.tliey:will- merit a  Continuance,of their conQdenco and support.  , ;:}keals;  $ I.    Bpa,rdi; $ 16 ; per Week.  BREAD rMADB  OF" THE ;BES^ FLQITR  '  We recommend to trie public our  GROUND    COFFEE,  which is a much superior article than.any^Thich can  be had from below,. \V*e.Roast iind Grind it-oursulves  and choose the best berries), consequently j tbe i public  may be suro of its ibebg^ free ;from< -adnlderation:; ; ���������  . .; PATTERSON & GOODSON.  Barkon-ille, May la, I860. " jriyl'9  lo isr b ������0;?Mx$M&&  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  WHOLESALe'TI'N.D     RETAIL  J. H. TUBr^R &. CO.,  ��������� IMFORT BUS..OF.-r- *  English. and French Silks, Shawls, Drowei  .        Underclotbiog,;,Gloves, .and every  description .of JDrapery Goods.  : Receh^e regular supplles^by Express, via I'flDorca  and by sailing vessels;, via CapOrHmn.. ���������t^  ������5T Particular,attontiOn given to all orders.*^  Lo ndon Firm-^J:' P TrjshtJlt k' Co,  ESTABLISHED, 1858.  ROBERT   BpRNABY,  .; V';..s|iAXD--iAGBNT{.-^TC<i:,:;". -,'    ���������  ���������r���������'���������������������������'    GOVBRtfMEKTf.'STaBKTy' VICXOKIA, ,V. 1.1  All busiiioss carefuliy^and punctualiyiittend^ to  *Uyi, 1868.-   . ������������������/_    \ ��������� ;.  ���������    "; ;��������� ���������-  ���������'���������:-:-    fl  Cm  Coffee;! ���������'; CioSeeil V 6offee  ������-"A !  . ^lokUM^i, u^arousana j>.a i' up inTinSfacc������r������nii������ ���������  latest approved.s.ciontiflq'jpr/uoipiesv.and warrardfi������  .tpbesuperior.t^ariyothbr.-^    ", ,7   ;.. .   .  Groceries,.Dry Gpo'ds^TJiiwar^; Clothing ;" Garacn*  Field and other Seeds,-English'and'Colonial.    ���������  Yltle,fMay;l,������-J869i?' -"l ���������'- --'���������'������������������ ���������    - ���������    -������������������- -J -   ' *'  Front Street* Yale, British Colurabia.  THIS'house' has' excellent ^cbmrnodatibn for; Tr������  V Oilers'     rSnnrT>in/!a    er������^ni-������/-.i.''-il*t������iMr������nn������T-'1.harbe8i.  im> uuuM una excellent aqcomraonanon |V1; * ������������������������  vol l ers. Good b e ds, sup erf br '-fare;- an iP tho b<*i:  iauorsatthe Bar,  -Stabling for. animals ;  mf  I  of Liquors a^,tue Bar,  -Stabling  arid OA'ts at th o 1 owest rates.  May 1,2300.    u   ' KILLIT IrXAKSSj'Proprietor*  ^.IMIwaTOaWllCTMW&MSilWBIWH^^^


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