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 Vol.  Barkerville, VCTiams Creek, British GolM  No. 14.  THE  BARKERVILLE, SATURDAY, SEPT, 2, '65  CARIBOO POLICE COUllT.;?     /r  (B^ore W..G. Cox, E3q;,J.:R.:)  f Wednesday, 30th Aug. I860.  '/'���������''���������'     ASSAULT CASE.  ..,/......  Wmi Stewart vs. John Collins, Mary Boyle  ^and Sam (a Chinaman).���������This case which excited a-great deal of interest, the Court House  being densely crowde&:with people to hear  it, arose out of an assault committed on plains  till' in. a public ;hpuse ia Barkerville, kept by  the first named defendant, and referred to. in  -another part of, this day V issue as one of the  series of encounters -with- which tho^ inhabitants,.of the "middle town" were  regaled  y  iv.'-j;  .r/m  m  1  m  AA  A  m  1  /f  yy  2"y  .-' i  M  I  oh jTuesdaylast. y. The: names of the/defendants having been called oyer by the clei'k.of  the Court? Mr. Collins handed in it certificate,  signed Ey J; Canayan, M. I). -,. which s tatcct: that  .Alary Boyle was iinable/to attenil cpurf from  severe indisppsitioxiVT/Aftcrr ccrtif  "'rHSte^-fie mag^  could be avoided not to bring a" ladjrinto  court.   Collins saidlie ^would appear for her,  which Mr. Gw������ cCgreed io. 'Ai*' /��������� V  William S te wart, the /prosecutor, was then  swom���������Hesaid, I went into CollinsJ saloon  yesterday with Hugh-TJtose 1:to gte^  .had been drinking: previously ���������: and was intoxicated ; > the first thing I recollect was the Chi-  , riaman striking me j5 hej first struck me with his  Jbarid, next with ayclub and- with  an axe friary Boylerthe woman-in the hoiiH,  struck me with a 'club 0 ver the head; Collins  al so struck me. ,..,.-/..^   '    ./������������������������������������.. -V ;���������./-;_  Cros^-examined by Collins���������-Do you'swear*  that the Chinaman, sthibk you?/ AL',. Yes. Do  you swear that the woman struck you?- A.  Yes. Do you swear that I struck you? A. Yes.  Hugh Rose examined���������Yesterday Bill Stew-  t&t& and" I star ted to go ;to Cunningham creek;  in1'going' through the canon we ;met the : maA  we w^ted to^  tliero had sonic drinks in: Pat Kirwiivs:saloon  where we played whisky pool; Bill Stewart  ���������appeared the worse for Uquor, Unit I was ho-  thi'ng i th e worse; we le ft Rich field and ca ine  down the creek; at Nathan's (ColIins') saloon  BilI Stewart asked' metp go brand have; a  ddhk;; Iatooxt at the door, Bill went In; tbere  was.only a Chinaman in !the bar; Bill asked  tika Chinaman where the bar-keeper w������s, and  as he asked him the question he put his hand;  on the Chinanian's head in a friendly way ;  the Chinaman told him to go out of iiisjiouse;  .the lady put her head out of the door of the  anner room and told the Chinaman to "take the:  axe and split open the son-of a��������� ;7? the1  Mr. Cox���������Why not wash your face, John?  (The Chinaman's face had not been washed  sinee the affray and was partly covared with  ���������mo^/AyyyyZy .;>���������-, ,'/-_."-*" 'aZaxaxxa  Sam���������I ^ante(you) to seeime. [Laughter;]  y��������� Blackman examined���������I waa -sitting at  my; door yesterday, in Barkerville,,and I saw:  Ro^eitUd another, man enter Collins' salobri;'  I shortly after heard'a muss and went over;  Mrs..Nathalie came out of the room antLsaid  to Collins save the Chinaman;.Collins caught  Stewart,wh6 calledhim very bad names,so bad  that if hehad called them to me I would have  struck him; I saw Stewart beating the Chinaman and others inciting him to beat him,  amongst thecrowd doing so was George Rcid^  one of the witnesses.  : William Graves examined���������I saw Stewart  make at; the Chinaman and beat him behind  the bar; beards Reid call out, "hit him, the  son of a ;" I tried to take Stewart off,  but Reid interfered; and would not let me:  Reid afterwards separated them himseltV ; ���������  j -~ Wo0d, :poiice constable,; was then examined, but as he was hot- at the placfcuiitil after iherow nothing material was elicited from  ���������him^: ^^aA,^,^-^���������S-r. aa- ���������*������������������:'���������  George Reid asked the magistrate to call  Bill Williams^ he wished to have him'examined as Mr. Blaclahaii had contradicted some of  His (Reid's)'evidence,-:; Mr. Cox called.;y y.-"r  j William Williams���������He stated tliat he was  in.Van Dohlan's old house and heard a row  at Nathan^ *������ rah at p. there;  been^^ijdjnthis district where sirailar,spots  or crdvmes have induced further search, and  in vaiay^for'tbie^precious metal;   All I can do  will be toS-jieep -you posted faithfully on such  reports froktheprospectors as may tend to  the; pubtfi: wolf are.   I would strongly advise  such as: dto .dissatisfied with present luck in"  Caribb"o^;b^ in no ::greit terry for a move  tnil^ani^ble to;s^nd further news, which will  be pxob^Jyiii a couple of wceksy.AlU letters ireoe!ved from the;] explorers are to the  point,; t^ejr are> in the best of spirits���������cheer  ^P'Samiy-v,/'1---'-1 ���������"���������"-.���������..��������� ������������������; aa/AA/a ^ ;y _.&, %���������-.  ������������������& \ mciaftcholy accedent occurred a fe\v  evening^ajgo on the Prince of Wales steamer  on LilloperLake.   The mosquitoes being very  thick th%|eflgiheer- filled : a pari with lighted  charcoal|igot::4pii: the forward hatchway;  which hejclqsed, and lay down to sleep; he  was foiii^T ^ead,: having ybeeti-sinbthefed by  the charcpSl fumei/ Of late he/was firemati  on the rif e^fbpdvfieiiah ce j ahd,rtformerly was  one yof th^gdppers statibhed under; Colonel  Moody^;: ^lie' name of tliefdeceased wias L������-  many:-':"������������������#:"'��������� %-"; y Ay:y;' = ���������::y- [ -''-' :��������� -y ������������������������������������ y :- -��������� ���������  The  Carhop   Sentinel^  ^.^'���������://.wSeely.^ap^,,-/  y '������������������-. GEORGE ^ALLACE^Proi>ktetor.  OFFic^BARkERVlLLE' Wjujams Ckzm| Cariijo^  ���������\ ��������� "������������������    y Subscription, $1 per week,  (Irtpluding ,cost. of; .(lcli.ver\',') l*ayaMo to tho Cnrri4.  &A;fflfrW~:������M..  -o���������  Tbe undoi-signed'will keep constantly on hand  'ly- y.y-  a iul 1 assortment of / sr.   yy /.  H^dware and Stationery  yy.   a --y ": - - ���������"   -���������-:������������������ . .. ��������� ^ ��������� - ������������������   -������-   ���������; **//  [ Ay-:;v - ��������� ���������.-/".; cobsisting. of-:" ���������; -.r j ���������//',���������'/  BUILDING MATERIAL, ?i^^  ���������     :.. '��������� Bolts,: ������tb.,; &.;//:'../:������������������'/''���������,������������������ "XXy."XyX   ax ���������  CARPENTERS & BLACKSMITH TtfQLS;  HAND;CROSS-CUT?& WHIP SAWS;  , ���������    y ..-    r?, ���������. ......   ,     e ...    ,       y  ^SAW'-FILES,-allsizeK(SrM  weJI^^-Baiil^y arid bats -of. the new crop have }  loadshaM been sent dow1!! to iLytton andof-;  f^red ��������� at^J'%J$ik., cents, Without buyers./ The  wbeatos ^|w being cut; about 600^00 pounds  Hs'tb&0st|(mated 'iyield:;pf yfchis one^c^eal.iU'���������&  flour iiiill is beins: erebted pii; Cayo.psh creek;  Celestial did as he was directed and got an  uxo which he was about to use when I took: it  /from him; Mrs. Nathan (Mary Boyle) struck  Bill Stewart; with a-fnecb of wood over the  J icad, which cut him; saw Collins kick Stewart;  the prosecutor did not use violence .to the  Chinamaa;;-if Mrs; ? Na:thau had stopped in  there would have been no filing done.  Cros3-e:vaniined by Collins-^Did/not see a  fight between the Chinaman and Stewart.    -*  George Reid examine d-rrl a in a blacksmith  by trade, and I work near thecanon: I. went  dowii 'town to dinner yesterday; I was in  J.iose's saloon and heard there was a muss at  Kathan-s; I thought it was Collins bcatinghis  woman; went there and ion nd the door shut;  I looked in through the window and saw Stewart on the floor, with Collins holding him, and  the Chinaman striking him with an axe handle; I rushed in aad pulled Stewart up. and  then tooj,c the axe handle from the Chinaman:  wheu I took tho stick from the Chinaman he  ran and got a small axe; I then called to Rose  to take it from him; I heard Mrs. Nathan call  out to the Chinaman to strike the son of a  ���������, split him open; I took Stewart away  to get the blood washed oft' his face.  Cross-examined by Collins���������Did you see  Stewart strike the Chinaman? A. No. Did  you see me strike Stewart? A. No, but/1 Bay?  you throw him down heavily, and I told you  that you should not treat a drunk man so.  This euded the ca.se for the prosecution.  Mr. Cox said he would hear the cross case be-  i'orc he would give his decision.  Sam (a Chinaman) vs. William Stewart���������  This was a prosecution for assault. The Celestial was sworn on the bible, after which  he*stated that the defendant came into the  saloon and said "How do, John, and I said  how do;'; he put hand on me and I said what  a matter, what a matter, come out, come out  (meaning go out); he hit mo, I fall down, he  Mr. Cox���������I sup pose you were sorry then  you were under bonds ? [Laughter;] y ? ������������������*. %  ��������� ��������� Witness-^No, your^^ honor;' I^ayr Collins  having^a'hold of^Stewartj Colling went away:  ; jCross^xamined by Collibs--Did^ypu:see  me strike Stewart?. A. No. /  ,  ? I John; Collins th en tendered bis evidence  aind was swprii���������Yesterday I was up/6n ��������� the  hill behind the house, I think Jbetween 1 and 2  b?ctbek; I: ;heard j the Madame ?call out toine  to come down and save the Chinaman; I came  4own and saw^ these /"loafers?J in the h0iige  (Rose arid;. Reid indignantly 'repudiated the  insinuation th at they were "loafers ;,J they in- ���������  tlulged; in some recriminatory 3 language to  Collins,. of an Uncomplimentary: character;  the. magistrate>put an end to -the: altercation);:  tifbund Stewart and the Chiiiaman scuffling.;  [admit that Madame carae with a piece of  firewood ia her- hand and struct. Stewart^ 1  heldStewart; I threw him' down; I ,did: not;  striko him; he called me Very bad names���������  Stewart struck tlie Madameiind the Chinaman;  there were others iiiciting'Steyvnrf to abuse  thb Chinaman." tins completed the;evidence.  : The Court���������I have heard enough to give my  decision^  Stewart it appears \yas intoxicated  when he went into Coll.ins,r Men have a right  to go into a public house and are entitled to  civility.   Saloon keep ers arc b bund to keep  proper attendants in the bar, and a Chinaman:  is hot a proper bar keeper.    Stewart had;no  right to put his hand on the Chinaman, arid  for that I will fine/hiin $5.   But the Chinaman^ conduct was'very bad, he used deadly  weapons, and* for : that I will fine him $25.  of in default  two  months! huprisonment.  h wished it to go forth now that China-,  men are coining here in great numbers that  they must not use deadly weapons, if they  do their punishment will be very heavy���������  the least I will give them will be six months'  imprisonment in .future; if there is another  such case;i will inflict the heaviest punishment,. -The Magistrate continued, Uiere is ho  evidence against Collins, and tho case against j  hinvis dismissed..   As to the lady, I presume  Stewart does not. want to press the . case  against her.  (Stewart said he did not.) Then  the case "against her is dismissed also.  -   The Chinaman's line was paid and he was  released from .custody.  "y, "%gejables^e^ for  notfrm&yi -^lessrs^Brady & Hoey are shortly  ^irig:&^ivp -Tfp.at w;aggpn ��������� load: of;\yater^  melplis ^td^Villiams^ creek.';- ��������� /Avauiit: agriciilr  tturaltopiefs, yourbJhpys w;ant a lbad;pf :nug-  ge'ts,-in thl? words of Hood'   x<  ���������"With seasons whdt hsive you to do, :  //If; corir,^toftKriveiiii^ wheat is harmed,!/   AAA  ������������������ yf^vi;^^^^xif^^^i^i^sf you .:'.; ���������:; /  ;��������� ''Boalt^aic^^buT-yba'aru farinM^by the Govcrnmont)  /'./���������"-.. 242'   :.yy -'"'���������'.   ���������'��������� 2'ii   y,::F.-WVF.;...  ^LETTER FIIOM IDAHO;  LETTER FROM LILLOOET.  hit me  again,  and I fall down jurain.   "John"'  continued in broken English to explain that  bv hud be-in Indly \w:i.  Lillooet, Aug. 27th, 1865.  : In a previous letter I sent/word his Excellency had granted a sum for prospecting, and  that the party had left. The packer who took  them out the provisions has returned for .the  balance of his freight. He says he stayed  only one day at the camp; reports the country in appearance similar to '..riboo; in many,  places on the road arc beds of quartz; the  party are camped on a creek called To-hactoa  by the natives, on the divide of the Clnlcoa-  ten. A letter received from one of the party  states that they had been there a day; they  washed five pans of dirt and obtained a dol:  lur and a quarter of clean gold; they wore  about'lo turn the creek and bring up a tail-  race. Of course minsrs in reading this ac-  count will not take it for granted that anything parable baa yet been struck to warrant  a rush to that locality.    Many places hare  Wo itr^ iindeb ted }��������� to a momber Of the Bar-  kjer :c^tnp>my-for the follow ing extract from a  letteBre^yedfrom Mr. Henry Gable, an: old  ^iidrwelij|fenbivyn Caribooite, now ihv: Idalio  ^Territory^I /^-e-would invite ithe special attention' ppHbc Hon."the Colonial Secretary to  the: reaspii^Mr.^^XJable assigns for not coming  back agaipi to Cariboo^ which: he admits is  prc&rablet to" Idaho Territory. Will Mr. Birch  be sStisfi^ after reading- Mr. Gable7s letter of  the true' ^use/6f ^the depression^that how ex-  istsheretXXUnjust taxation has not only driv-  eh::.t)Ve .t^l^r^-'-butbf the country but ;i<effcct-  'ually- kbejfe thetii away.-r  ��������� ���������  /   ft:Ruby City, Owyhee cb., I. Tl;fi  "Xyy;$Z.>:.2xy ^.''July.lSeS.;-'/'//;!'/  '���������;'Ta^^pspectihg a silver lead, which is,  tlie ohiyj/way of making a good raise.  Therei  has only ;|).ecn. one strike! ,;here. this season.  Jfoneyjs'Scry scarce.    The mills/ are lying  idlev^iW^es' 0 per day.    I was working in  placer 4i|g*ngs:; fb^ a- month, but they gave  out. j'I:^|)ul;d:sooner"eonie to your country  than rem|m here,; as ^consider it ^better than  this,-,biit- Jpur thick headed officials made mat?*  tors ^prse last winter by raising: the Import  Duties and patting on an Export Duty, which  kwMmlLY kSki's, me away. There are sev-  ecal old-'Ciiriboo men here: Dan Munro, Major Do wnje, Ned Springer, Jim itoylo, ��������� ilnr-  phy ah d a in a 11 fo rn 10 v\y i 11 the C h i p ps c 1 a i tn,  but they ]ire not doing anything.  , '��������� .; *��������� /), Henry Gabi.e."  IJUNT^^AXES AND ri^  ^EjPICK,:& DRIFTING^  y-^f^rvbesfequality; / -' V  ������!AST STEEL (Colons & Co^?5) SLEDGE&, all  . ������������������* r-jsizes-;.>������������������-.. . - '   :.'.'������������������ - -y  iJLAS^N^HJ^ER^  ;;.:; yl- FUSE;" * / ,   ��������� : ���������      /���������..   ' j ���������  NAILS-^CJut������������������& Wko^chitJIrpn;/& CbrrBU, aU;.  -; .-sizes-;:  -,: -       .,'   '���������  ';';���������.- .,; -vy    ���������  MyCTSSlRON:& Cprran,:;^  SCYTHES,& SNATHS, STONES^ic.;y Zyy  BAR, SHE1?T,?H06P & BAND IRON ; y  SQUAREr;*, OCTAGON.:.(5aST/STEEL,;',,: A  ^lANILLA^: ROPE, all .sizes ;���������'' A ��������� - ���������; > ,  DUCK: &; RU13BER; BELTING; : )   -. ��������� ,>'.  CAST 'IRQN'Cill ..WHEELS.;. .������������������?'- ���������'  G0Lp/SCAL^s,32^M<m;^^c2y] X  BLANK,  POCKET, AXD��������� AIEMORANDUM  V '"'    BOOKS, all sizes; ���������;,;' -*.\.'J-/V-..-."  LEGAL CAP, NOTE, LETTER j&".FOOLfl-  * ;y. -CAP PAPER ;-y : y ' 2]ri:     ...  ENVELOPES, INK, PENSV BLOTTING PAv  /y:.y^pER,ic^:;,y-y-'y\,''. y2A:/: . ..-'..... ;  WEEKI.Y TIME BOOKS; y /y  VIOLIN STRINGS^SOlsTGBOOKS��������� Aa���������**.  :;;   y :A:.:MApK^  ;  ::  Barkerville, Williama Crook.  ������I" ��������������������������������� 1������ ������������������ <m������^mmim**m imi ��������� in i i n .mm.mm ran ih mijiii MMMMnv ������������������������ ��������� naunniin ibh  :/; :/:e..; XoyXoA llItt e, .-;--.' v  mf* ���������^*������1<H-*ow^^. <av  $-  Offick���������CAMERONTON.  BARKERVILLE, B. C.  8  #ST All ft-ho deslro GOOD COKKEE an ft Finn Spiow  can litiv.* bdtli by always asking for VYll.bk, CO'S wliiol*  c������H he harf^tnih all ruspfOtnMa Suiro kt'tp'-r.-;. IU  suroyougct it with our mulo Iat'H '.m ������;������cti pw:,lc;������gt������.  CAMERONTON.  The Oldest Established Hotel on WilHams  oreek.  MHS. CAMKROX heps to intimate that .ilia has opened the 1'ioSEKR Hotel in Ciim������T<>Mon, which is  nciitly fitiotl up with every coin fori; the Ucdfjarecl/an  .'indwell krpL uu(Ut her own >u)>vi'int<>n������hinc^;.th������>  Ii>;r U well,stock en with the tin ast LIQUORS; hhu the  R'ssiiiuiMniwill boVtippliod with cwry ddicucy. An  uillcii'ittCookt'iigagetl.  Fnini.thel*.?ngesp'rhmcc Mr/, Cuneron has had in  Hotel keeping (-n WHIimns Civok, nn*l the larg������i p-itron-  ageT^nni.-rly. lifstowcilupon h<T hou.<i;, she will loavc  nothing wanting in her nf,w Hotel to eaeurn the sup-  poftfitiil prt1r<'U?K^ of hernM friends.  ���������Tf - ' {'A l y'������'-"������ "=f" '*" had at fdl hour.*.  ES!  Soda Water & Sarsaparilla  KOU,SALE AT THli ���������    *   .  GAZELLE-SALOON, Cameronton.  B . ' AOLER k HARRt.  !  RICHFIELD.  ���������J  Merchants a.xd Dsalers is  rovisions,     Liquors,  And every other description���������'of Goods required by the .Mining community, ���������   -  &3T Moderate Terms.  #^-H'v>i an 1-Ci.ia Supp.rs to bi  W.   WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH, MACHINIST  VkcrvnzR of Cookiw Ravges,  BARK^VUXn, B.."���������.  i  CHECK ON THE RANK ;OF  BRITISH NORTH  l\. America;,  No. 5953M,  drawn in favor of Anthony  Lovre,. by "Tns fl.il I-H.-acl Mining Cum piny."     Tlie  iv-n  -\r ������ vtt��������� ! p^vin'ttt bciiii? si^pji'-i'd it lis of no n.so fci ntiy mm hut  *       vIA*>U-1 t.'nemvnf������r.    Any j������ -r^'ii fin������������������'ins it will abli^l'j leav-  in? it At the H^&k in B ik rvill \  'AujjUU lfcbj ISCa. 12  ^r^v������>.^^���������r���������"^r^���������������������������//v^:.Li^^���������t^���������'^���������^^'wA (Agents for the  Bernard's Express  ' yy ��������� ;4������v-,.  ViU wfalclA,   ���������������������������;: -;?: '���������������������������;;-'���������.   ';- . ���������;' *  5fr ath ofQussnel. yy :   y-r   ^ ;  Camsingham. Antler, KeuUfy, &**-     :  ^?-:0nClly;'.';- "Mr-Erato.', BArnard'sExpresBOfllcs  -���������yisvy-y.vy----- T0 advertisers.   ,';;������������������.  i \he *^ibobS^tmcl'5 is published .verySUur lay  wniri^at 5 o'clock. Adv.TtisemenUv intended for  S'^^uistbedrtivPTedataatcStMteighto^Clock, a.  jr-v on the day of publication, y . y:-,-.������������������:.:--.y   ?���������    -^v--  .NQTIC.E;vy;;---;y .'/.  Miners and;others wishing,to send "The Cariboo S>*m-  p^uge. $i;  [From the, British Columbian.]  New Yor$ Aug. 5.~English papers note  at-the Great Eastern in her trip to  \ LL ?ARTIE&Jindebted to;&.firm of FW-VWjv  A ofi Richfield, by Notes or; Book.; Account^ are ro-  v������ ��������� '2-y "A,TO CORllESI?0XDEXTS.    V        '.1  f;C^rr*3pond������uts sending articles for publication under  A\'\^oto:dur|dum^.\mtui������i'-^trtl^'-ii8 with their names' in  : ��������� 4iSdenc?.;,v .-To ^this; rule \ve mustrigidly adhere:.. . , ;,  ifimm  n;$rrw.n  jMuw  ^jjiKmm^i^^^My^^x������<M.  .UIT.W...I   --  ������humus' i* issued wittL tliis ��������� number of the  The season has now arfi red when^it % the  custom for tho -greatest 'atiiount of prospect  'ing to bo'done in the Gariboo ^istriefc-^P  ': fnf, with; the exception of-the* Government  ':\ Iv^dotf^  lukwcfekSospiefepect a new creelt _ib6iit one  -hundred/miles awayi together ^ith^p-or twq  ���������" coriipariiessinkniK ^fiaffcs on-small creeks in  tlie uimiedlate Vicinity of Williams; there has  b een nbthing^dofcelty the miners to endeavor  to openni* riew and^extensiyV gold digging.  yWhen one considers the great difficulties to  be inifrtinter^  he endured in prospecting in" this country, it  i^ not perhaps to be wondered at that so <fe\y?  tire willing to embark ia it, 15ut just in pro?  ;pqmoii>to; tlSidiiB Mfif������iit sbpxtlcl^remera^'  bored are the��������� pi^es.toyfce ������������������wOnbyi daring,  tearless mpunStineefs'in'thb enterprise. The  forluhate^fmd^rs of new diggings aro not only  largely1 rewarded, by���������'''Gftyernnieiit,; but:they.  ���������"��������� euccd mitters; are; not ;ltoff:'^*^OT^ng.  r������ wards Umt awaited the first discoverers of  Antler, Williams, Iiowhtfe/arid^many/Other  well known creeks j in; day3#oue4>y, tand^yfe;  :   cannot help believing* tliat the successors of  tuy.pioneersbfthe country wii I not be Ibntid  ....',: 1^'euterprisiiig in making the attempt to add  Vuirte*ndwTcreeks to tlie list of those- which  hive already made the,name 6������; .Cariboo���������<:&-  AnUm Oiroughouttiie^rld; Miners generally  jiaveiiad^a-prosperbusfseasonso itir, and they  ������Kniid'not:db;*fetterthan to spend a little of  ' their large savings inxieveloping tho resources of "the; countryv whilst they run a -great*  chance of covering themselves with honor and  at the samestimVreaping a rich harvest by the  venture. *��������� It Is with hgreafc; i-egret we; witness  lately inahyniosioiperienced miners leaving  . for the lower , countryas their, engagements  terminate, because we-"believe they have  never-had such a chance before of prospect-  in if to advantage at su0 trifling-cost as ai  present. Tlie expense of provisions is so  much reduced that a man can live on a pros-  in*eling tour in tbe:raountains of Cariboo at  iirww jis cheap as he can board In a decent  Jesliuinmtin Victoria. . 'Why then do men  turn their backs on the country^when there  ;:re I wb months of "the open season-to come?  Vv-e know* that'generally .-miners do not care  ithe fact that ....���������r-~^-~  Yalentia;had-hpt"mpre than half steam enough  for the work she had in y iew. She ran at the  rate of five miles au hour,; and it;is believed  that in a. lieaVy sea, or whdn against ft strong  winrfj she would be iiiimanageable. A Great.  Eastern-:telegram frbrayV'alentia^ July 24th.  says that, insulation defeats took 3>lace on  Monday afternoon; : This mischief, supposed  to; exist, through::xapst������6f the shore end splice,  is supposed to be caused by too : much heat  from j'the Great Eastern, y. She; hove to; ten  miles from shore.A; ThoiGar^lina^isiaking.ttp  and undeivruniung the > splice,, arid-repairing  the faulV; ���������, It is expected; it will. be rectified  immediately. -Rest of the cable remains perfect. Telegram from the Great Eastern, 25th  July^ sj^s the cable Js "0 ��������� J������/������ aaid, the signals  ^re perfect The faiilt was discbyjered-when  only a short distance but; AVe are^aw paying.  New 1'ork, Augiist > th.r-^A cUspatch-ixom  Queenstown, July 27thi; says ��������� the SreatEastr,  ern was tins ^oriiing^  out cable successfully; ;SighalS5gop4.weather  fine, v ' - :��������� u A. y v;. . . ��������� :. -' ��������� . /i" ��������� y.,.;.-'  ; yNew"York������ Aug,:9^4^tearaer; Etna, Liyer-  pb^^ :3Q^ ��������� July, !arn  ticicabfepaid;,out wheri;;insulation; was lost,,  cause unknown*:,vI^liticii'news uhimportanti  A ,Farther Kbiiit,vAug. Xl&���������^Ehe ^Moraviany  ���������i&^po^:&^^  'y lioudpn; Aug-4.~Gom.U]i^  Great i Eastern , remains \ suspendedi--hbthing  heard,from her since noon 2nd. Atlantic telegraphic sliares;riominaUy at 2 fl/2;^;3. The  insurance: ofxit hadyadvanced to ^5������ "a������d' 60  guineas^ t^he^atest dTspai^es^pm^fe Great  Easter n, 'dated.; ^nd^ i^por^all goingSvell^vad \  1,20(Xrmiies of icakjle pividout.\yQii^JWednes-,  day- e^bnihg^e|^l^ y:.  X Valentia, * Aug;. 2nd, 8 p;;m.���������Signals .'from  the^Grea4pastern Hbecanie * uninblligUDie at  noon, no communication has'be^n^Jiftd>wkh  ship;siit^e^c^^unkhown. - "'^       ;���������'.-*.-  Zyl Hearts Co uteri t*y Aug. 14< h.-^ A ^vessel j j iist  from Cardiff, reports that she saw; tbe Great  2Eastern anayBritish Xsliip-'birwar^Terrijjlof oii  the 3rd* It is reported the-cable ^fted Aiigi  2ftd������ and was Vbubyed; * up in-latitu^^i deg;  M miiiA longitude "39 deg; 10 hiin. .. v v i  ;y New. York, Aug.; 6.^her ^Tirii^^^bnclon  xbrrespbndontJjays; the^riews, 1 romVAmerica  Is likely to make some stir across the channel;  ti feb^i^ed:kere^  soldiers:are;already inliie army of ^aximil- *S 1  1 mn^apd: tliat.; the Emperor Napolebn finding  such a'bpdy pf: recruits at Zhand rcvill iiipt be.  under ^he: nee sssiiy o f sen ding reiniorcieme ii ts  across \tlse^^AtlaiitdCi^-y^: ��������� ,��������� ���������:;��������� -. J>,:X h / A ������������������ * y;.  ��������� Jph n-C: ^Breckinridge ��������� was; exp e etedti n ion-  . tlpn;, ju!y- 28tfi j;:on. bis.- way to ' Parls. acconir:  I p anied;by se^te^al confederate oncers who; it;  j is sup p osed; wj.il vol un teer, fo r M fexfeb,: sure l  .fi f h ei tig joiived-by numb era o f their late c bm-  radesfV.. ��������� y:;, y:-,;.-.;. ?;������! .-.? >,;,,        y .:-,.i;,; A/ ..-//:.-X  ;   Saii-Francis epy: Aug. 24th.-^Iany of the  friends and rel a ti ves o f Gap tain i- De Wolf, o f;  the BrottVer Jonathan,: have recognized the  iiiaii described in/ last-night-s; 'Bulletin' as  onested to come forward, and settle their acc������unt8 N-  iU the'lDthSeptemberntxt; all hotes^r accounts not  settled then will be put in Court for. Cfili^ction.    yy;;::  By order br' the Trade Assignee,  v- X- ,.:, H: SHIRLEY BLU>^y  Williams CreeW^B.'C^ 29th Aug. 1865.; W- -r  IVTOTICE IS HUREBt GIVEN that wo the tinder-  JM  signed ha^e this.day.by mutual cohsent.ilissolyed  partnership, .. The "business heretnforwbarried on by tli������  firm' of CRANE. & HOUGH will, be continued by R.  HOUGH, -i All .persons indebted to /the said.,Crane,k  Hough are requested to come forward;and aetlle, and  aUporsons with������contra accounts will s������hd"them in for  settlement;. A'a.*'"       ^'v  -;ir"������".,  .������������������;.'/:-,..     :, ''        - - FAiCUEL CRANE, ,--.:���������'  ;    V.   ! '."Vi .VRfUHARD HOUGH.^  Lowhee Creek, Aug. 29th, 1865:  s U  Camerokton, Williams Crkee^B, &  WHOLES ALE     AN D     RETAIL.  A    CARD.  ' To THE EoiTOE-OP-THEy-GARIBOO; SfiSTI^-EU"-  Sir,���������In your last week's edition, appeorod a card  from one -Ned. Allen, challenging me, to fight ;him for  from $100 to*$1000 aside (a reguhr prize fight}. Now,  Mr. Editor, I can testiTy by.all my.frionds and acqua hit-,  fcnees, who have known moifor years, that I never put  up for a fight ing; man, fa r less fp r a* priz������,figh Ut. I am  an old ���������:CarllipfHterand:can be jolly with the jolly and  mnyi perhaps forget; myself so far as to drink a little too  much of the abbminaBlestnQHhey call whiskj^ in. this  country^.lili^;.tp;;ftccept sucli aichallenge,! should con -  GROCERIES.  - yy FIlOYISIONSV';yyy-"'v  ^���������^^���������r^^^���������"^XI(jUORS,���������v-������������������' ^"������������������1'^i  :/X yy aa- ;.',.,   ;.'-:;;:-'SEGARSy:.s^ ������������������;  AA.,;yyyA/yy-2.xAy. /��������� TOBACCO,    ' "' ���������  r-;:;:-'��������� A ��������� y.Xyyy.,   .yy -.UAKDWAEE,  GROCKKRY,  y       : MINING UTENSILS,  ^STArDIONERY,   "...  /'/Ay/.. .,-,,,  CLOTHING,  V-��������� *"' v BOOTS & SHOES,  y   v      DRY GOODS, Ac, &c.  ,  <r-��������� .iooas bbught&t my Store will be Ao*  livered FREE OF CARRIAGE to 'all portton������  of Williams  S;-El^SASSER,  fsidermyself;periectlVcraay. ;:- Furthermore, ivseems,  \ Wrm^ ixi&mny^fc^  etird is ���������entirely ,0n; ��������� uFighfliig Ned������s*? Side, for "'if ��������� he  wa n ted. to find me, so; bad ly; he - u ndpub ted ly knew  where, withou t; publ isti i ng' H" th rough,; your colu mhs.  Please,insert this and you will.greatly oblige, VI  ^-A"-''' "-������������������ " *   XX '..;..,   >;,. A-Your obedieht Servant,-2 ���������.������������������.:.)  1.. a: A a Ar,./: y; a A. ���������': x /::r-'' 'FRED, littler. :. y  7XTan::Winkle.-^^;Spth^l865.: yy.    ���������      -v":V- 0^y A  To tbe$[cTitlemeiiof Victoria, BntishCblum^  :;..    ������������������' ixA2/y biay and Puget Spuud.'."  Dissctoion'OfPa-y tnor ship  \irr\RE PAftTNERf?HIP Heretofore exist ing betweea H.  I Roeder and A. Tow^sesd has been this day did-  solved by mutual consents   ZyZn. roepeR,  :��������������������������� y/y'Z.,2'22'A-'2-Jy/fh ^iAyTUvfxi&sn. ���������  ;;.Beayer^ss.3^!?M^?^^^     .��������� : ',.  ���������-^Sot^VlShS'SSlii^iseX '-��������� *W  transabt bniiiitiab-ttv- him ifca his ab'sence;��������� ������������������ -  y     ANDREW   ROBERTSON^y :;  ������{* 0VERNilEai-T/ STREET, VICT6RTA, {oppositeitli-  : \JT Bank of B ri tish Col u mb 1 a) btfgs "to; a rin oil nee; t. tint  he has ji\sl receiVed *Ex Philomela from London, and  3)*rlast steamer, f rom-Snn Francisco,, ^riench Doeskins,  Beavers^Witrieys, a nd. a lnrgc. assortment of English^  sin d Scotch Tweeds, Wes t of ;EngIa nd ��������� Broad cloths, (all ���������  shad es) j &c. >' Tlie: latest English' a nd Ahieii ca n Fiish������  ions regularly received ���������  ->, ,   >>- A ��������� -y-r      v  V    . ANDREW ROBERTSON, y.y.,  ���������''.;,.- ," ���������v  ''V-V,-:''AX:' AGbveyhriicnt; Street;" y  i4X  ?:}'f������:-  GtlCE  -^L^KR?0NSaKDEBTEP to MRS. JL C. jaWIJWS,  itX." bt BiirlcerviUe, are^ i^i^Uested; to ^:Vy-the If acetyl s  within t wo vveoks J'rOni tb is : da ta, as she is ob liged to  giy c up business, a net go to Victoria^from ill health������������������.;��������� All  accounts duo; by said .Mrs. Lawless i a re* required to bu ,<:  sent ivy. \y ithin the above period for aettle-nitfni;--'  BarkerviUe," lgth August, 18G5. :-; 13  ^A^KRUPTC^Y NOTICE.      j  PT> OBElit EDWIN ��������� JACKSON, of tim firm oK Drako Ai  I' .Al Jackson^ Govern men 1 ��������� s tri*e t,  Victori n j  Soli ci tors,  hasbeen duly appoiutedin N������itary Public ih and forthe  the.  bear-.  14  haying been found by Indians and buried by  Lieiit. Tutae- 4 or 5 miles off/Trinidad, as  Cttpt;'v ������������������--���������*���������������-*��������� -*yyy^ ~ ^^.���������^irt  dotiht  toU, -,.^-,,. .,     .....  form 0f car^ahd "��������� vas'" killed. V Thos* Nesb xI.  br0ther of tie late;: Janies Nesbit, :who , was  lost oh '.the; Jonathan, 'has received "a letter  from a" gcntl enian at Crescen t Ci ty, notify ing.  him that among,papersjfoimd -upon the body  of James Nesb it was a will, written' iri lead  pencil, antf evidently written after the ship  had struck^ ; The will makes his brother sole  executor. This is an unnaal instance of self-  possession and thoughtfnlnessjn the hour of  deadly peril. y  &B* The telegraph line is completed to  Soda Creek. .'     V  -A    CARD.  JOHN G-L ASS^Y, Gpllector of Rents,0ebts,  . &c., having commenced business, respectlully sol!-  ci ts a share of the pu I) 1 ic palix>n age, ������ n d t rusts tha t by;  prompt at too tion to busi n ess, he will sec uro the sain e/  and give general satisfaction; : ���������  : 'Jloney handed,oyer as soon, as.:collected,,      ;���������   ;;V  0111 ce���������G6ve rnm en t s tfcict, cor n vt of .Bast ion....  : References���������WVS.; Si   Green,r E^k, :and M; W: T; ���������  DrakeyEsq..:-r---:J;:.y   ;V:';';'. "���������     ''--'y AA ��������� >---.-��������� -?-'i.4' -;  fr>i������('H round. ^Justice wiU.and must be clone.  no matler who has the reins of power, tor  Hunh-ifrfl iitHueufce wjll be -brought to^beftr to  hi'tM the <iovernrneht iii its downward course  ji-mi correct the manifold ovils that now so op-  355Ef  NEW ADVERTISl^IENTS.  #a c-Tcro;  wm tluV population ol the country.    Wc  Wnliturge our 'mining frtendswho w������out of  i*oiplovnietit to get on their packs and mste������d  uf proceeding to Victoria or ban Hancisco,  to uihu to tbe mountains.   Two or three men  together can olten accomplish move thap halt |  ������ dozen with their pack aiiiir.als.    Let. tt not j  be fatgotum that Williams creek was iotrnd'  Ly oae Am, and when  tbo snow was.many  f,:U-ik-op oh the Kt'oundV -Ihe successes o(  V,f riirly pionc^u-H should stimulate lliose who  i'Vvm now the mean * and  time to go oa and  UuA ftointtlimg n*\v. ' ,.   '   ���������    .  ortaiffee's Sale.  AK WEDNESDAv, SEPTEMBER 14th, I will s?ll.hy  \J Public Aucti'.-n, for.tht? benefit of the .Mwruge.-s, th*  Lot ������m Ou Unrigs fenown ns the  FEN TON   HOTEL,  Richfirhl, togcthrr with all the Stock, Furniture, Stoves  \\h nge-s, Cr(;c k >. ry. G< k).1 Wil I, & c.  Sale to tnko pi c������ at tho Hotel,yHichri^l-������, at noon.  For further punicuhrs as to terms apply to  -K.  \r. LEE.  14   . . - .AuciiV<n?ir.  In.; the Qo'tin ty XConrt; of British  Cobimbia  ' '."''   j~~   Viloideh at Richfield.": "      ',.'/  - y'y'] ��������� ylS- I5AKKUUPTCY.  ��������� ' y ���������'-''" ��������� In tf Ili'QiaARO 6 ambkox, a C.tiilcrupI.  TOfH ER E X"S, a jpe tit ion for mi j ud ic.it ibii.. of Bauk m pt -  ���������Vf Vey, bearing da tp the 17th day of August, A. D.,  '���������1865,- has been duly filed by Richard GameVon, of Williams crock* in ihe-colony of British i(M������mbia, Hotel  an<l Euing House.Keeper anil Miu<.'r, and he having  been derdared ji .Buukfupt,-* is hi-reby n'quinid to surrender Idtnseir to the Judge of the County Court, at  the Court House, Richflri.l, on the 31st .day Ot* August  instant., and on the 251h day of S-'ptcrnber mvxl, at  one o'clock in the afternoon of each day, and make a  full discovery and" disclosure of his estate and elfect-3,  when and where the creditors are to come prepared to  provft their debts, and at the i^rst sit I ing to cl>oos? as-  s:ij2nees. and at tho last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish Lis 'examination-.. All persons indebted  10 the said /Bankrupt, <>r that have any of his effects,  are not to pay or deliver, the s������mo but to M.������6. Phillips,  the 0111 cial Assign ws.      .*.          .  Richfiehi, 21st August, 1S65, 13  WAKE   UP   JAKE*  OoSeB    Saloon!  ?y.  A>'1>  LUNCH   HOUSE  PRIVATE    BOARDING.  Barkerville, B. C,  A. KELLY, PRorsii-vroH.  Ernrything is done in connectv>n with this establish  men tto give satisfaction to the customers  LENEVUE  & CO.  R. X ('. BATr.rv, ht>������n to inform his Iri nds  the puhlic that ho \un removed i'rom the Orl^aiis j  Mouse to the Avglo-A^khicav Hotei, o> rn-T of yat������-s |  aniPoncrlifj strtn^U*.      L.tIi-s, p-nil 'ru'ii and families j  voting Vicvt ri-i, will  find p>od J^ir-1 and Loii^incr on ���������  the most r.'csi:u-������hl itt-rm.-. A!.-o, ^vtll Furnished nordns! Hay and Grain at L-'\r'������?t  tt������ 1 r, r.iih or without B.������.tr!. H    ;<������RATi6 to f.Hr:ij& buyiag Feod  ...... : ��������� J  an���������l Wholesale & Commission  Merchants,  TALK; BlUTLSIi COLUMBIA.  K;t'\* :   Oio-l  In,lheiCounty:y:Court: Pf British:-Columbia,  y.:.,y.< Ilolden at Ei6hfiold> :  A:yr ]A :X 'yyyT^.:BAXKituprcr^.y-- yy ���������.-  A/2 V*Ih'-;re TitJk^cis DesTpf; ;jt B������nkrupt;':":  '\\f, H EEE AS,a Petition of Adj ad ica t ir> n of Ba n k rn p\ cy,  i V V bearing dato tlie 16th day of August, 1805, ln.$  been duly fi I ed by Fra hpis Dust in, b f-Williams craelt,  Licensed^ ��������� yiGfualier;"������ndr: Miner,' and he havinjc'heen  declarcid Btinkriipt is hereby re-qdired to surrendtr  himself to/William George Coi,: ^sq.\ -Judje of the  Gouii ty Cou rt, on Friday, the 2St(i d ay of August, 1865,  for a first examination, ������nnd on .Monday, the 25th da-y  of September, 1865, for a second exam mat! en, at tht������  hour of one intheafternoon, precisely ^ on w:ch d?iy,  at ,the Cuurt':Ho.use, Rich������c-ld,,and mako a full discovery and uWclosuw of his estate and .effects, .when and  vvherethercroditors are to come prepared to pn������ve their  1 leb ts, an d at th e first si tt i ng to choose .Crod i t ors' As ���������  ignee and examine the. Bankrupt..y All persons indebted to the BaiUcrupt. or who have any of his effects, are not to'pay or deliver the game hut to U. G-  Phillips, Esq.-Offlciil.Assignee, and give notice to Francis Dusiin, or: V;-  y-.. -... yv:..    .-, r.Y.l&Z/  .'.Affejit for Tv'tit loner. KichflehL  .  Dated August 16th, 1865. ���������     ; 12  ONE OF THE^ BEST HAY<BANGHES IN  4 the Colony, and situated on the ."VrAG'GpN* PwOAD.  "������*��������� ��������� fcufflei"snt--hay can be cut to  TOnter 500 headof Cattle  There-is a never failing spring of water dn1 the pr^nVi-  i?es that doos-not freeze in thei hardest \Vinter.  There ������s a house on thoiuhch,: and if it.wit* fitted  up it would COMMAXD A LARGE TRADE, b^ing en������  of the b**st business stands on the road,  .  The Ranch will he sold CHEAP -FOB CASH, or pt/J  cash end p^rt cm Un?.  jj&F For full panicuijrs apply to  "MR. SUTEfe,  12 AJ?wnt.������ UioMrld.  In the Supreme  Court of Crvil Justice of  British Columbia.  IN CIIAN-CRIIT.  LL -DEBTOIta to the firm of L. M, ALLEN h C0.t  BiHdksmiths, Lillooet, are hereby notified not 10  pay an? moneys they may awe ejlhe.r to h'^fiH hi Alton or to Thom'as Oddl, as aftur this date ail debts dn������  to the said firm must he p.iid to A. C. Elliott, E*q., J.  P.. of Liiioott, who has bet -u appointed K^ivertothfl  said Estate by an order from the above Court, visaed hy . i'  MATTUEW B BEGBIE, J.  Lillooet, B. C, 4th August, 1865. 12  Dissolution of Partnership  rriU������ PARTNERSHIP heretofore dialing h&lwefij,  I Axous Hardik and Alexander IUkdje h������s w������  this dnv dissolved bv mutunl consent. All debts t.u  the late firm to be pTid to AUx������n1er H;������r-.i*������? ,,nti i1*'  accounts tUw by tho Lite firm will be discharged ly wj0  sai d Alexa nder Har:> i e.  ANGUS HARDIE,  ALEX.AKDKR HABDIK.   ���������  Cam������ronton, Williams Creek, 16th Air/. lS6f������.        >*  GOLD RING,  o\vn������'r cin 1-^iv'"-"������  FOUND.  WILLIAM? CREKK.  sr.Tirinir  *! liiE'ST.C*.  ON  ! -v  TiTK  ft������i  FUTillns;  s  pitine ������X|������et}>������5 '������r  s'lvjj't !;:*uirni.  10 ���������  &  m  m  S3E5  m  t!m  - y2y<&  sy.���������-  y^j������  -   yv  I'.'i.y  TM  '.- A  ���������AM  ���������m  3  y  y  ���������x  ft  BARKBEVILLE, SATURDAY, SEPT. 2, >M  FATAL ACCIDENT on^TOLIAMS CREEK  -.     y   .:   A yGSK^A^A^lU^Zr   ���������   "A *-.,?'/,$  We regret to state that im accident happen^;  ed in one of the hill claims above the canon  on Williams creek;; .this i afternopn,'by-wtiiclr  one niah was killed and a s&eohd severely3i������  jurcd. The men.wei^ engaged in undermiii-;  ing;;a hank of clay for the purpose of ground  sluicing when it suddenly fell, bury Ing; h oth  beneath: 'One man was extricated alive, but  when the second was taken out the .vital spark  had fled. The deceased was a ti u e young mail  only 24 years of age: he was yarCcrmau by  birth and named Ijouis Reck.  Lost Ox Tin: Brother Jonathan-���������We regret to state that Mr. Hertlejn, of the firm of  ������avis: $ Ilertlein, of Barkerville, had a hall  brother, named John Deel, lost by the melancholy wreck of the Brother Jonathan. Mr.  Deel was on his way "here from" New* York  and took passage on'theill fated steamer at  San jFraneisco,X. His name has not appeared  in tlie papers amongst the'list of -'passen^ers^  but like many others he probably went on  board late and hence his name >yas,not registered in vthe-::offic^|Lettei^?: liaveibebu^ received from friends in San:; Francisco stating  that he was on board.; Mr, Deel was 29 years  o f, age,"' b e tweeit 5 feet" 'Ifr inch es and ;��������� 6 fee t  "'liTgTi^TtitgtL;*^  moustache 'iim][;fi5e^teeffir' Dece^sedTias fteen*  in;the AmencMaririy and; had a; v^uml; on  his rightor left arm.;; It is ;probahje that tie  had letters oil his person addressedt#EYcdcrT  isit Hertloin;   Mr;:Decl's brather, ilr. F. Hcsrt-  -���������'���������: lein, of Barkerville^ Gatiboorwill feel indeb t-  ctl'for :any inforotation resp ectiiig :tn'e:flnttihg'  and dis^salpf the remain  <PnizE FiGHTyis XBabk^vilke.^--0u Wednes-  ; The market here is stocked to repletion  with sufficient goods of all kinds to last twice  the present population for two years. Oi'  flour alone there is over 175,000 lbs. on hand,  ahiabout the!:same amount on tlie road up.  There is' not the least probability of aha d-  vance in price, seeing that more, than a million pounds of flour-will be made;in the  cquntry^thia year! from home grown wheat.  Next' year we, anticipate the price of flour  will biev less than 20 cts. per lb. by retail in  Cariboo;--Vegetables of all kinds are brought  in daily fromKcithleys creek and the Mouth  of QuesnM.yyThey are selling at moderate  prices.v Agardner on the lower part of Wil-1  liaras creek has cultivated two acres of fine  Swede turnips this season, which he will dispose of du ring the win tor. There is no chan ge  in the prices current this week to note.   ^ ������  MINING" INTELLIGENCE.  Mr. James Orr and his exploring .party  'were met on the waggsn road a few since on  their; waytoJNew Westminster We regret tp  state that the: expedition has turned out a  complete 'failure, b ut wc reserve, any comments until Mr.Orr's report is before the public; which iwe presume will be the case in the  bourse #fa week or two.  A'" INDISCREET ZEAL. V :  '  day last a prize fight, according to the rules  of the English prize ring, took place between  two Welshmen hi Chan collier As Co.7s Lager  ��������� Beer;; Saloon;;, in l^rkeiwilie/ ��������� Thev^boys'*  .were seconded by two of their icountrymeii,  and a ring vvas^ kept by others. : About 100  ;iuen,were present at the battle, which lasted  42 minutes, 20 rounds being fougli������: The bci-  4igerents werq men^ between thirty and ipxAZf  years of age, and we un derstahd: th ey. work*  iu the sameclaimlph this creek! v The effects  o f the hostilities were plainiy visible after the  figh tiii the Hiauiage d organs o f bo th parties.  By the advice of their friends the 'battle was;  terminated in a draw, neither party having  obtained an ad vantage in the protracted struggle over his opponent/The men shook hands  and drank to each others health after the  event ?with as much .cordiality as,if they had  never%een fbes^y Verily! Garitibo^is getting  lively, and Barkerville especially. Three  lights on Tuesday and one on Wednesday !  avo may have more to record before the end  ���������of the' weekVT��������� : ���������'.-���������.     . ���������-���������:' A:"'";"?' A  .��������� XA TA''  Incorrect--An "Ex-member of the Ericson  compaiiy'? has Vvrlttcn a letter fx$ a, :Victoria  paper' i;to refute charges"'which;he states.-was  made by us against his company in cpmiectiori  with the trespass committed on the Saw Mill  .ground. We most distinctly and emphatically deny that wb ever made any charges  against the Ericson company. * What we did  do was simply to give the report current oh  the creek that the Ericson , company had  trespassed on the Saw Mill ground without any comments of our own and we  11 jink wc were fully justified in so doing  when John Nejson, the foreman and-a large  shareholder in the Ericson company, admitted to us, and to many others on the creek, that  A Am men had trespassed on the Sa\V Mill  41 ground to a considerable extent but that it  'was done when he was sick and unable to  '���������look after the work." The insinuation directed against us personally in the letter of "an  ex-member of the Ericson company" we can  afford to treat with contempt.  Accident.��������� A minor named Spr.iH met with an ������cci-  d-iit hy fa 11 ing (lowu the shaft of thy .Hart clu im, on  Williams crjok, on Werlnesilnyilast. Ilowae in tho net  ol' d'.'sceivUng hyslidiug down a hMo ropa when he  lustldrt hold and fell to'.the hottouvinjuring his right  Ug at the ancle. l)r B:ill was callod in, but the suirercr  was subsequently removed to the hospital. The injured part is greatly inllamed, but Dr. Chipp thinks there  aro no bones Iractured. Thor* was a man killed in  1863 by fai Hug down the samo shaft, as Sprall has met  with the accident,  Lecture:���������The.: Rev. A- C. GarrHt delivered a lecture last night in the Reading Room, Camp ronton, for  tlio benuQt of that excellent institution. The subject  B*l-'oiQd by the Rev. gcntlsman was ���������5,Toinpr,rmc'?."  wliich he handled with consummate ability. The l^c-  mra was very wfll ntlcniod ; Mr. J: S. Thompson oc-  ������upi'������.(| the cbniron the occasion. Wo r-'grsl t,o statn  that Mr. Garrett will leav^J Cariboo for Victoria on Monday nuxk He, will pre.������,ch for the last time this season  to-morrow (Suhlay) in Riclifl.'! t, B trkorviU-i and Cim-  f:mnton. The departure of Mr. G^rr.itt will be r������gret-  t"d on the cr^ek wht'M lii^ fail.hfuln-'Ss as a minister  and eloquence as a prwher, attracted large conerf-  Kitions to the various services which he hell during  t tie summer.  W* All who desire OOOO COFFEE nn-1 Fine Spices  c ti !iav^ both by always asking f<-r FELL & CO'S whioh  e r bt: liiid fT'">tn nil iV^p 'ctn^la Srcr^ korp-rF. Ue  ntr-. y^n g?i j; *j(t] tiy \fijfi \\\r\ .en Q^ch  p'iCkagc.  We take the. following from the Govern-  .ment .orgeat Se\v Wes tmi u^  ;:l {Tbe miners.entertained, "the Coloni������ 1 S^cretary a t a  .spl on did din uer in the , '.'London & Paris Hotel,'' *Ric ii-  'qehl.'- -The prico of tickets was $36 each, aud the aifair  passed off well.,n i:;;.'.;;:...';- ��������� '  (��������� We 'heed'scareely tell our Caribo.o. readers  that' there is n o tru th : wh ii te ver in th e ab o ve.  Forihe?" inforamtion" oi* our-^Mon4s ������-at a dis?  tarice wef would state that the miners of Cariboo did libi' enter tain the Colonial Secretary  durimrMs: stay on Williams creek; "A few  persons were invited by Mr. G. B. Wright to  .meet^Ir; -Birch at dinner in his hetei^:but the  dinner was by no means; a public one and had  no p o iitica 1 signifi can co whatever. With, rer  gard to. the=last sentence " that the affairypass-  ed Off: well, "the least said the better by.?:0hr  conteni pbriiry' The o ver zeal of an indiscree t  sycophant cannot be otherwise than distate-  ^fitbto;;hispatrpniU;this instance.X/i  V-^y''yy''y'':;:iKGOTENAY.''-;V'':-;:^  '   WILLIAMS CRBEK^;  \ The present week has beena favorable one  for working the claims on thi^ creek frbni the  water being abundant to drive the wheels.  The : Sheepskin co'y have got down to bed  rock at a depth of 52 feet, and have obtained  a prospect of ten dollars to ?th e pahi * This is  the only new strike on this ereek we have to  record. ; The claims generally haye hot varied much from previoiis report: ;; ���������;  ���������. "' rA': "A . ' ���������<^KiJN'duLciL:';'''.:':^ '���������������������������'���������"'��������� ���������'���������' '"  ..; The Reid co'y divided their .first dividend  amongst the shareholders last week. We have  been favored with the following statement of  tbe amount expended on this claim)m> prospecting it since it was first taken up:        :  In 18������a,  r .1805,  $6,587 87  . 3I5;2G9.72  :r 11,2-12 -85  It woultl;appear from :tiie follpwing ex-  :tracts, -vvhicli we take from-itfdispatch of Com-  m issioner: 0 }Itei lly to the G overnme n t, th at  the .Southern Mines are nearly {*plaved; out.v  Kootenay it seems has been almost deserted.  a matter; not���������;-.to be w-ondered at. when it is  known that 820,000 were extracted from the  people in the month of Juift for taxes!!  P. O'Reilly; Esq., G. C, to the Hon, the Colonial "SeerO tar v; .���������-���������  * >  Jr,-������A A,^^aZ-a ;;,Kootenay, 10th July. IS65* :  Sm,^���������I have the honor to state for the information1 of Ilis Excellency the Governor  that the news fro m; th e min es in th is d istrict.  is hpt so encouraging as I had liopM to . report: by this opportunity.  During the past fortnight or three weeks  an intense exciteru en t has p re vail ed amp ng  the miners ;o n' the creek, ihe oiisequ en ce of  rumoui*s������hich,wcre currently circulated with  references to ;rich diggings in the Coper dT  Alene'country and Upper Columbia River,4  w hi elf i ndu ce d 1 arge numb ers of m ine i*s to  leave for both thoses places, so much so that  atone time;.I .feared there' would not be a  sufficient number of men left to work the  claims already ppened. I have however, since  learned from several persons of credibility.  ).who have lately arrived here, some of whom  are direct from Couer. d'Alene, that the rumors from that, portion of the country are  utterly groundless, and that the Boise mines  have not justified the expectations formed of  them. It is therefore, not improbable that a  large number of those who have left this  camp will return.  The claims mentioned in my previous report still continue to pay well, at about the  rates therein quoted.  Nothing has yet been discovered on Elk  River, though a number of men are still prospecting in that locality.  I regret to say that the news which I have  received from Uolvillc with reference to the  reputed discoveries on the Columbia River,  is not encouraging. Gold has been found on  the bars along the river; these, as far as they  go* pay extremely well but are very limited.  y Total, , $54,100 Ai/'���������  The coy consists of 12 full interests ��������� and the  outlay to each interest has exceeded $1500. Before a single shareholder can receive one dollar of profit out of the claim the sum of $1691)  must be paid for the Gold Export;Tax? that  is, the owners of the claim will have to pay  the Go verh men t nearly S17 0 0 for X alio win g  them td 'invest S54,000 iif. the c'oiin try; this is  in addition to Record,Eees, Mining Licenses,  Laying over Fees, Road Tons;- Imp ort Duties  and other imposts' to which the miner is siib-.  j ec t. No w we would 1 ike to ask h o w the p eo-  ple of New Westminster would feel if they1  "bfiit^tmy'-^h^' !^overnn^ht-#'per'^eHti-o?ir  every dollar they . invest in; that place whilst  the inhabitants of every other part of the  country were exempt from any such tax? Yet;  this is the case.-'in1^^ Cariboo,'/'WA it is such in-;  justice that has reduced the country to a state  bordering on bahkntpfcey antlruinv; /yy~y  The Ericson co'y made $100 more :than expenses ' Jast week.���������The Saw -Mill co7y will  have about 150 ozs. this week.-^The New Zealand co'y ha ve commenced to drift from their  shaft.���������The Good as Any claim has been>laid  over;: it willbc prospected during the winter.  ���������^Thc Britatihia ;co ?y are takihg: bu t ab ou t  expenses.:: [y; yy/ ���������,/_���������   ��������� - ���������'������������������''���������:��������� -.I:';..;, iy.i:/yA ���������'  "'"..STprrs ouLCELy *;;; ,,\...,..J  : The claims on. this gulch "generally aredp^  , ing we 11;:; Nearly jail are mak ing wages, and  some art!: paying dividends. TluV'Alturas co 'y  took out a nice nugget weighing 6 ozs. during  ���������the .week.    /  >���������;���������   y v-;'L  ���������'���������'. -. ��������� y^y yAyi  "      :BURNES::CREBX..': X Z. "  ,' We stated last week that there was a good  'deal of Excitement about this credkrwbich  had attrn cted a considerab le population to i i  During the })rcsent week ihe excitemcntJ has  not abated and everything/promises well for  the future of the creek. The two companies  that we ��������� mentioned as having struck good  prospects have been taking out excellent pay,  and there are about ten new companies sinking shafts. In the course of another week the  bed rock will be reached by several prospe'etr  ing companies, and;the nehness of the 1 ocali-  t.y thorough 1 y tested. A numbcr. of miners  have left Williams creek during the week to  ;take up claims.        '  '���������  '������������������l ���������    '    '.  ���������      ' LO WU KK' C R KKK.  I The claims on this creek are generally doing abont the same as reported last week;  The Washburn cp'y have;not completed their  mach i npry--r^ic lrotey . ah d Eastori [ cl aim is  paying over Avages.���������The Chittenden co'y are  taking out pretty good pay.���������The Sage Miller  co'y have commenced work.���������The Moorehead  coy are working, but not making; much.���������  Thene w. clitehjis nearly completed to Lowhoc::  it will en able se ve rai c o mp a h ies to' .set to  work."' "'y' x.y -Z ".  '.     ..   ... .t  THE GOLD EXPORT TAX:  To the Editor of tue "Caeujoo Senttxel^,1  : Sm.���������Will"yoti allow me to give; an -unqualified contradiction to a stateirient iti * an'  editorial article in tfio/British ColumbianJ of1  the 2(ith ult., "that the Wlliams creek.mining  hoard was unanimously in favor of the Go 1 d  Export Tax. being imposed."    Last winter  tlie Governor sent for all the members of ton  mining board, in session at the time in New  Wes trains ter, tir haver their -opinio n -��������� b p on tli e  expediency of such, a "measure;, a c cord ing] y  we .waited on hisiExcellencyi and with the  exception of onel gentleman������then;; present we  all expressed ourselves as ; strongly opposed  to the tax.   Ey tin the member ;who was .- in  favour of the principle was opposed to so  h igh a' du ty as 5.0 een ts an o unce - bei ng i m ,-  posed.    .;.. 2i   yyy:      ������������������������������������ ���������'"'���������'x   'A ������������������'������������������'.������������������' -Aa: "  y/y.^^Lamy&c, -.;���������:-������������������'��������� : "������������������:/yy^  Jo.UX PoLMKItE,  4 m  ifif  Member Cariboo Mining Board.  co  GOLpco^missioNE ,;,;'-"  {A "yy;. '(Befrr3;W.'G;'Cox, E?-q.).^;"'':     "rr  [y.     2" Atigust 26th. ;^ y   John Lyhch vs. -AVilliam  'y.^'laihtiif .sued :defendant for. $210 ior rr   .  wages and ob tained judgmen t fo r' fu 11 auiotip t; ix  y.. Oppehhejme^ V  This was a. suit toiiiiake d e^ nd an tshow causes,:/  why plahitiff slipuld;ii6tbe'������it:hf.possession:: '.  of (a share: in the Black Jack and J3 urn es^un^y '.-  iiel com ij any, itpoifVvhich they iia'ilia ^ecunty.ys  fm& &f>^ -J^idgaieiiiritf SaMfee ������^k������&M&^^���������  ��������� ������������������';'" ���������'>"'" ���������-   . VJ' -'-'   '���������"'���������.   iAugusfc^9th: 'J'iy  ���������  A Ralph Watson vs.,J. Montgomery, Di;Hap;t'-  and: Wm. 'Smith, members��������� o f thoiDutch: cbly.  Lightning creek.-���������Thiswas'aniictipu'loir^^$200 ^  for work, dpne^pji 4he ;e        beforeJthe 1st of 5  Juiie last. . TSe-caso was :dismis^di"^^"^:-^::^^:-^  '���������:��������� Al.) .,!'���������"' *f't A/', ������������������yy/ ���������' ���������������������������*.*; Friday, 1st' September />//  , jReece vs. IUi tx^;.rrT^is..:was:..ah,..actiouAto.:nt������������U.i!>yL.L,   the cMen h;ti ts shew* sh use' why :��������� they^; weiil 1 ��������� liot p. y  pla i mi If the tj i vi Uend on h������ If as lui r u d ecliir-icl -la st Sun-;  day;   It a pp^riiil that Rc(������c������j had transfcrod his inter: A  est to another parly whom tlio Commissi./her cpushi- ���������;  t*red I ia b 1 c for the di ri :lcnUs a mi to whom i t had been  r  piid by the company.  ;^ -.���������������������������. y       ���������  'i -\  .. TheXkw-.Dioqlvgsox^'axcPuver.Tsla-SDArtiT^HPr  ~^Wti' regret to ;s? tate, that" the; Be:ir Hi vor; digg|nj>s ha v������>  turn ed' out a fai i ure,' ��������� ���������All -the: rai ners.w I to woii t u> pr; %-;  pect have f e.turneiV tp Victoria jand declare .that the ox-  plorOrsvhav* dt;ceiyod thcni altbgother. ..Considerable;  excitenieii t a n d hi'u eh; ��������� ci issa tisfac: ion- nature lly r iiaji 11;  from .the d isa ppoiu ten\: hopes of tlie liu for tu trnle nien  who were the, victims of the excitement;/ An nppoal.  has bbvn ma d e to the Govern men t to gi ve th o mi neiv?  some help un der the ciroumstancosi .    ,y ���������  ...y-  ROOM  ���������Llhrar  '���������'.������������������    READING  y ��������� '"'. AXi>  CirGulatiiig  ������������������".'���������: CAMICHONTON, WILLIAMS CREEK, y ; > -V  rLKiTI'UUrS OF S.U8CKtPTIO>T have been reduced to  $2 per lunnth; nhovo 100. VitlomfS of Mew Workn  ha ve I) een eh I y lu tidy a 'I de d to. the circulat ing I lib ra ry.  Parties iiro sulicited to subscribe;  .'a-':'A> ':��������� JOHN BOiVItOK; Librarian: i'  The Nkw Roads��������� Mr. Munro has completed the Cottonwood road to within four miles  of Van Winkled The stage now comes to  Beaver Pass, aud travellers by the Express  Koote'vay Rbvkxub. ��������� Wo uud������rstan 1 that the Kootenay returns exhibit upwards of $20,000, as tho a-  inount of rovt'iiut} ctheotedjn that district during the  month previous to the date of list disp-ttches. The  'rfentinel' says KootcnayMs a myth. Wo only wish we  had a few more such myths in the country. Myth or  reality, it is at least coming vary cjosa upun the heels  of Cariboo in point of revenue.������������������ijritjsu Columbian.5  The Government paper seems to ignore the  fact stated by Mr. Commissioner O'Keilly that  the people at Kootenay soon after they were  fleeced to the tune of $20,000 in one month  ���������'skedaddled" to the American .mines, so that  that there was danger of sufficient men not-  being left.to work the claims on Wild Horse  creek. OT course in tlie eyes of the Government hack it matters not whether the miners  are driven of so that the, Pie venue is Ailed  with their hard earned dollars to keep up a  crowd of .officials. If Kootenay is '"coming  close on the heels of Cariboo" where is its  gold returns, and .what has become of the  dust? That's.the test, Mr. Editor. Cariboo  can show over $1,000,000 for the first two  months of the season, whilst Rooteiiay can  show���������nothing!!!  I0CKL0I0ID HGBSE--74 HIE POST  ;  SERGEANT Mf^iURpilY,PitoPrK. 2'ZZ  THE ACCOMMODATION7 which ; this House affords to.  travel.rs cannot  be stirpassed j  the T.thle is ivej 1  applied "\\"ith" the host the market nifbrds, nnd the B.t'  stoeked.with the Purest Liquors ; Bads, Stabling,  *$ and Qits.;. ������������������'"���������- ���������������������������/'���������;        -���������'/:.. y S;'-;  -   i'i, n',i i _        -    '       _.   '    ��������� i       '��������� ~tii~. . _ ...' "     y - ii. i     ���������l���������**i  93 MILE HQIJSK  -WALTERS I3ROS?.,:1 "J.2Z Z'-y  .>  ATE O.PKNKD THE ABOVE HOUSE for the recef-  tioh.oi' traveler;.-; the Table' is well kept an I tlm  U.q uors ca n no t bo s u rp'.i?HOd; t h e IJ.'d s a re cl ea n a 11 d  oonifortjihle; Stabliuj for Horses ;  Uay and 0*������������ at  aaoder^te rates, .      s��������� ������������������  111  MILE HOUSE.  BLAIR BROS., Proprietors. .  HOTEL IS LARGE AND WEI,T, FI.TTF.P UP  fcr tho comfort of tr-tvel rs; the T.ibl^ U supplied  with the host of everything that enn be hn<J, uivi the  ������i������kin^ is not inferJiH' t/> tint best hotel in the low-r  wuairjr; B-iurviums for famili/s; istabiini,', H<y, ant  fikits. The Stage st^ps at the 111 Milft II uwoover ui^lit  m Ifei wav down cotuury. s  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUE3NEL "M0LTII,  T. L. JOHNSON, PrvorniKTOR,  SS^als at all hoitr.^, and Cooking of the best  description. s  c  TV  quksxei, Morru,  BROWN & GILLIS, I'ltorraKTORR,  Good Bedg; Restaurant; Billiard Table. &c.  SUJbling f'-r H������������rs3.������. Hay and 0.it?.- -      s  forward.  Arrived.���������^rcssrs. Sntro and Rueff, two respected merchants of Victoria, arrived on a  vihii to Cariboo on "Wednesday last.  Settled.���������The Chancery suit between the  Boreal is and Saw Miil companies has been  withdrawn, the parties having come to a compromise, and thus avoided tedious litigation  and vast expense,  GIROD & 'GUICHON,.  0J4J   ErTABUSUFit)   GKN"Kr.At.   SlV-liS,  rROYISION^, WHOLESALE k  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  "   Storage, &c���������Terms mott, Moderate.  .  " '   . i^JZAAlX iiOtTH. s  i^',.'-...i������jW3i*'������v**(aA,*P4������:y THE  BiR^RBfI^rSATURDAY, SEPT. 2^65  EUROPEAN.  \y^$0$^  ������ ntpvoft that :the evidence, taken t>efbre the  y Committec^of tbis Houston the Leeds7 Bank  Oificei* douirt, ^discloses that a great facility:  ejdsts foii obtaining public appomtinents; by  c^y^rtjmeans, sthat such evidence/ also; taken  ; , ^ case;/ of  Xyi Leonard Edmonds, and which has: been laid;  befptciiis house, shows a laxity of practice  and want of caption an the part of the Lord  Chancellor in-sanctioning r the graat^of retiring pensions in public ^officers over *vhose  ��������� : head grave charges are impending, and in filling up.the;vacancies made by the retirement  of suchyofflcerspwhereby great encourage-  "./���������'     mont has been given to corrupt practices, and  yy thjit -such: - laxity/ and~want of ^caution, even  in. the absence of any \ improp er - motive, are  in thGopinion of this hous<������, highly reprehensible and calculated to throw discredit on the  administration of! the high officers of State. ...  The Lord Advocate contended that there  was/no thing, in the case to warrant the severe  censure which had been passed upon the Lord  Chancellor, and moved an amendment to the  -..���������^w^fBwit'ibatJhe^vHouse turreed Iwith the report  ings of the loss of the Brother, Jonathan, with  nearly all on board, the day and hour corresponding with the singular/visibn^-pr whatever it was^-of; little CbjiriLi^. {; ;$?&? do not  mention this as having- the slightest Rearing  onjtny of-the :moilerri metaphysical: theories,  or as laying, claim to /supernatttral: causes.  It may have l>een/a^ mere whim of flip child's,  aiid the hatnibny botween vtfe//^ts; oxfliti;  wreck and- the; incidciitat the/ jNapa ranch a  mere accident, j^p leave;otiiera:to decide. ���������,;.  GBEAT  AT^ACTION!  "E^t/J^I^G,. ; ���������''-'y'"yy  AT   THB  ��������� Adam^y Pe^       & L'::yPP-|  yiiatajlist received a supply of  CAST URON COp KING STOVES  varying in size from 6 to 9 inch ; they are of- first -rate  quality, and" warranted to bake;well. Also, a well assorted stock/of SHEET/IRON, both Galvanized and  Plains TIN rLATfi,:SHEET:ZINC, ^iCOPPEU.    .Al-  y yy V-V/V/V y yways on., band- ;.yy,. .y y.Vv ;,.'-������������������  Sheet Iron Stores, Cooking Ranges, .'Hydraulic Pipes, &c.  && All work in our line done at reasonable-rates and  warrantod to give satisfaction'. 10  /     -     / BARKERVILLE, %  ALL THE 'LOVERS; OF -.FtjS'ABt'limfe  ed to call and enjoy themselves, wheji a ;  ������t hearty "welcome' will be extended,.....  Music iiid::';^^i)a^iidiii^.! yy  BilliardsV Excellent Refreshmeiits ah<* >h������  best''of order observed, .yy. ������������������r--A-y\'y r- Vi '../'���������'  y ,   . A . . .MARTINA CO.  Oppenliemier & ^ Co.v  J.   K.   SUTER  T&m^^*^W^v HaaJnjrfinaMflW.to sell the followh^ valuable  of the commifetee^but thought a^clieclc should cTaiH*^'*: v'iir"-*"��������� y^"   .bCiputifoy law on the granting of pensions to  Arson's'holding legal offices.  Mr. Hennessy contended that this did not  touch the case-which 'was embraced iu Mr.  11tint's resolution. .*-.: *  ' Jlr. Bouveriehad giveamotice of cm amendment which he conki not move. -If, however,  the original .motion was negatived he should  move his amendment on that of the Lord Advocate.. .'He had no confidence in the Lord  Chancellor,   yyy  Mr. Hunt's motion was negatived. Lord Pal-  rnerston observing that the House had negatived/any charge of corruption against the  Lord Chancellor and recommended and;moved that the negative be adjourned till Tiies-  1  daKy������v   ..'/"-: . . Y..y'-"  '.'~'     vv-  -  Mr. D'Lsraeh opposed ^this motion, .which  was negatived upon a'division by 177- to '163.  ^he Lord Advocate's motion having been*  negatived, Mr..B.ouyerie mo tio nedliis amendment ��������� as a substantive -motion, which was  agreed to without-a division, amid loud  cheering. ��������� ��������� ������������������  Tho I'rince of Wales saf in the gallery-during the discussion.    . -: '   "  The Lord Chancellor tendered his resignation, which' has been v accepted>by the Qiieen,  The Lord.Chancellor retaina^fiice un^  .'vthe:'pipw>gation.i:- AA-- .��������� y.ArXy <i .V:/jv.y Z'jJyy \  The London 4Tinies?' sSys the discredit- of a  I Jord Ohancelipr (is a rep ro ac h to the nation  at large.;: \; The ciflicp /;repres(������Uts to- the pjppii-  lar ihteiligence ali.-/that ;is"nidst elevat������ci/ihi  ��������� ������������������". dignity? and: power..-.' ������������������ The: fii;st officer; Of ^Sta&  a nd rresident ������of the rHouse/-ipf tLprds; tb e  keeper of.- the Queeh7s Conscience; the - head  ,of/the?judicial; system: of the) country;: tlis  nominator -of,. Judges great arid '-amall;; ibo  - 1 argest dispenser^^ of Church patronage, is a  m4n rais^^o^ncjomT^a^ ab o\:e his tello ws,  that :np^fdili%^6f ^jg^  to prove him a^^ .deiinquetit is to braiKl :the  country through o ne of its *mo& t c on spinous  representatives. The matter of tlie debate is  that ajgr^ve, vote of censure has been passed  on th#late: LoM Chancellor. The amendment  of M^Bouverie, which, except oa one x>oint,  hard|yudiflVired from' that of MiV Hunt, was;  carried^without a divisio n, an d the most ex-  al ted)$ erspn i n the 'y&6 vern ment is rep roved  by awbte originating with one. of its own supporters.        "....'  11 -4 Interests in uSagc Miller5.1.-CoV, Lowhee. .Greck  ltBro\vu'* do do  *Trovidonee" do   Watsons Gulo^;  <lForrest Rose" Co'y,: Williams Croek  ;  l!Nevadrtn  "nurk^r"  '���������; uCyruishn  "Garibaldi'?  uChan;--ng������4n  -.MUpod*' :  Also, a few shares in the various Bed Rock Flume Co'ys  All kinds of business connected with iniuing promptly and carefully attended to.  M&- Office���������K1CHFIELD, near the Court House.    10  1-2  ..do  2  do  4-2  do  il-T  do  .1-3  'do  ;n&*.  do  . a-s  do  i  do  i  do  dv  -. ' do  do  do-  do-  -.. do- :.;  do  do  do  Couklins Gulch  do  do  BUTE -BROS.,  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN  IQUOES,  yyyyy aKOOEEIES,  A.SD  Q-eneral Merchandize,  BARKERYiLLE.      ���������  THliTiB^d;PERTIFY^  'or compiafxi.tr.of. the.,.head. our hair commencod falling  out-s6;rapidly: that wb-feared we should lt*e.the whol*.:  ^Iu tlii^conditionvwo'.'went to^:WPDVMOSES, jand'  strange tb::relate,y in��������� THREE > applications. of -his wonder] ul -Hair -.Restorative ovtf hair htoaro.eas strong as  eycr,:aridis^iow sofi and lively., . Wemaket-this certifl-  oate;wit^ieaBUre- believing it to be for the public good.  liy " -GEORGE COFFRTN^Gumerontdri,'    '  *���������;AAA 'A-   ROBERT WARREN. Barkervill^   !  *;; y ; .<XAr*  -H,s: REDGRAVErRichaeld.        vy  y Williams dreek, 1st July, 180&. ..-���������-.--10'\.,y.  ;BARKERVILLE,~  Have on hand"a large stock of "the follawing  goods just a:rrived, which they will sell at tha  Lowest Market Rates, vis;  GROCERIES, (including Picklos, Jams, all Wnd������ ������r  Ssuces, &c.,) .. f  ?ROVISIOKS,  y _HARDWARE, CROCKERY,  LIQUORS, WINEsf "  SEGARS, TOBACCO,  STATIONERT, OLOTHIKO,. ;  ..   BOOTS  AND  SH0EH,  MINING :UTEXSIL9, including 4  j SKOVSL������, FORKS,  DCCK,. ROPB, -'       ...  PICKS, &cM&e.  j^- Particular attca'ton ia called to oar fiao stack  of LIQUORS, WtNES & SKGAlWy  =^BarkomUo, 12th June  $'������& yHXO TEL  AKD  RESTAURANT  r    /CAMERONTON.  HpHK above favoraWy/kabwa -Seta^Hshment, vn4<f  JL,. tho aupcriiit^danco of, MADAME JAMES  JAMES, its proprietress,/has just been opened to the  public. The Hotel^is:fitted up {n the most comfortabi!)  style, arid the Restaurant is supplied with all the deli,  cacies the market affords.,; A FIRST<3LASS COOK has  been.secured, y    y^^^v   "r;.-_..;.  The'choicest brands of Liquors anil Cigars always oa  hari(l;'���������"A^./y ' -Ayr//r/y-yA ry.yyy ��������� ,:������������������.-. ..     ,:   g  :  i J9S5^'IpS;OS.EAM can be had on Sundays.  ;  -  Milieus; BpaiMiiig House,  : - ��������� / LOWHEE qREEK, -':'; :'"-  PEARSON & CARTER, Prots.  LIQUORS, of the beat Quality only, kept on haul  ���������JKJp The House is siluated at the Cliittenden olalin,  on tbe w^st bank of tlie creek. T  LOWHEE   CREEK  General  Provision  Store  18G5.  10  4C  Om^iaal" I<rotic������L  THE UNDERSIGNED BEGS LEAVE. TO  inform his Frisnds and tl\e Public.in ecneral that he  will open on Monday next a BATH-HOXJSEantt will  be prepared io give his-prUrous HOT and COLD BATHS  in the iK������Rt.stvl������!. In cons^qnoncj of the great influx  of the Fair S*������x ho hits determined to -BRIGRTF.N the  UNDERSTANDING of Gentlemen who.^ill favor him  with a cMl; Blacking aivl Brushes, and an ample supply of Elbow Gceese, will always be found for th.it  purpose. .  /^g=* Charges to suit the depressed state of things.;  Gents who vlsi t tl ie-. Gas inos w i 11. do well to give me  a call; they.will then be certain to raako a SHINE. ��������� y  Baths, $1. B5bts Blacked, 2^5 et������y  . ������������������:��������������������������� JOSEPH REVIS,^ :: ,  ExiOrigiual pieman.  : Barkerville, July 29th, .1605. y "       "   Sf* ���������  situate-on tha East Bank, opposite the Washburoe  claim, Lowhee, .������-: .  ....-._.���������: ..���������...,.,. 'JEP^ARD SHEARER, Proprietor.   ;  Lowhoo, July 4tb, 18651'. ' yr"yy  1    "-  ��������� * '^ ......  Cosmopolitan' Hestaiiraiit  AND   BAKERY.  ���������'���������������������������;"'./'; .BARKERVILLE.  iTHE SUBSCiKlBER begs to intimate that ho has re-  1    cently erected and flued.up in the best style his  / . NEW  RESTAURANT.  The services of a good cook 'have been engaged, nnd  the board will be of tho best description. ; Tortus for  boardvvery moderate.  ���������:   jgg' Meals Ready it all hours. -*&  In tho BAKERY Department FRESH liliEr&J), mntU  from the very finest flour, .will bo kept for sale, at tho  lowest markcLrates.  ,;���������,������������������  .g '. JACOB VELTE.  Dissoliitaoii of Partnership  THE PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing between Samu������l  Adlvr and T. A. Barr>T, as&iloon Keepers, Ciimcronton,  has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. All  debts due the concern are to be paid to T. A. Barry,  and all accounts due by the late firm will bo dij-charged  by said T. A. .Birry.  ��������� : - SAMUEL ADLERt  T.   A.   BARRY,  Dated this 29th day of July,: 1S65. 9  CAMERONTON.  Saw Mill te Bala  /The undersigned is propired to '' r.:y  CLE^Sl^ACK SAND, BLOWINGS AN3>  ZlZiZ-AAr //-��������� :*annings', ./ . '-yZjyyiXA,  On Commission, or w.ill ..pcrctiasp any quantity on-the  /.:':_.'.' Most. Libkhal Tkrms, at the  .," ".* ��������� Jiep.4iiig Room, Cameronton/  Subscriber iStnow? well known on Williarns Creek, and  from the conlldenca reposed, in him last Fulfill the  abavc business, he hopes to receive the pairouugo of  the Mining community tha ennui ng nan son. -  / ���������*'.:..'.,:= JOHN B0WR0N.  THE L?NDER?IGKED being deSjrous of erecting a  Floifrin^ Mill at: Qnesneimoutli, offer for sale th*  Xfucliincn' of a STEAM SAW MILL, .for the purpose of  getting more poweriul euguvjs, .The Mill is complete,  and capable of saw lug 8000 licet in ,12 hours; it^has an  ^���������s^>S4r4feakfec^.^ ,. torms[wMl be  given to a iiy persoiis de&irous oi jnirchaslngV' ;*fho Machinery is olfcred either:with or without the buildings, r  v HARPJER & WRIGBT.  Quesnelmouth, June 20th, 18G5. ., -: 8:2m'  THIS  iS.^T; WILCOX, Prop.  EStiBtlSHMENT TVILL   BE   OPEXW ^OSf  MONDAY5 NEXT, the 19th inst .-for the r^ptv*  of Boarders':r. Tho house has boenmeatly fitted up aad  will bo found a comfortable homo by miners.  yj^r Lodgings.FREE. : Board $18 per week.   Singl*  M^als $1 60.   bleats supplied to night bonds. S  13 MILE  BETWEEN QUESNELMOUTH AND COTTONWOOD.  CALIFORNIA.  Sonoma, August,4���������A man 1)y tbe name of  Jack l)avis killed his wife this morning, at  it bout two a. ra.,. by'^tamping herewith his  foot   He then took ������jtpistol ahcl shot himself.  II������ is likely to roeo^er.  The >San Franieiisco 'Gall,' of August Sih/  rel a tes a sihgiil ar :ihcl dout i n eon nection w i th.  the family of Mr. Glmrles W; Plass, of Napa.  the father of Mrs.STooks, wife ������f Oapt. N. Q.  Brooks, of the hafe Cambri4ge i When Mrs.  Brooks .and her sister left the ranch at Napa.  for Sam Franciseo./for the purpose of taking  passage for Portland, little Charlie, the eldest  of the children, three years of age, was left  I) e hind* He w as A kept in i gnoranee of his  mother's.Sopartnre from California, ancVraade  ,ifeo������believe that she ^vas merely on a visit to  San Francisco. On Sunday, July 30th, little  Chailic, being still at the-ranch, and utterly  ignorant of his mothers whereabouts, seemed  ail at one������ sciz/jd with a paroxysm of grief<  and stood transfixed, having told his grandmother, who was Bitting by, that he had just  seen "JXa and Aunt Wary go down into the  water on a ship." In vain llvs. Plass endeavored to pacify him,, and during the whole  afternoon his grief was so violent that the  ^VaiiwiiiMe   BntdhBry!  THE SUBSCRIBER begs, to inform his friends and  Min������rs in general that he is once again in-the fielrl, and  will keep, constantly on hand GOOD FAT. BEEF and  MUTTON', which he will deliver on Burns /Creek, Nelson C reek, and Last C hanc<*, freo of extm charge.  : Beef, J26 aiSd 30 cts; Mutton, 3a cts; and no devin tton.  FRED.   LITTLER.  on  F JAMES \yALICER, who emigrated from.Albion,  Canada West, in 1857, and came across:tlw.phiin.'?  to Oalifesnia.; was last heard from in February, 1S60;,  whtwa he was^rosiding at Watsonvillc, Santa Cruz coun-  .ty,. Anyrinformation sent to this olfice, addressed to  Samuel Walker, will be thankfully received.  San FraBcfcco 'Alta,' 'Bulletin,'Sacramento'Union/  Idaho'World,' and Portland 'Oregonian,' pl^se copy  and send uocounts tooflic^of this pnpur. 7'  Importaiit to Prospectors  ' for Quartz.  THE UKDERSIGNED 155 NOW PREPARED TO ANA-  IiYSE ORES of any d'esc rip tion brouglu to him  f<?r that purpose    Charges moderate.  RICHARD   S;   CORMACK,  AS JUST OPENED THE ABO VIS HOUSE,  AND  would solicit a call from the Traveling,Hablic,  whero will be found a G-ood TaSle, Liquors and  Cigars of the finest quality and best brands.  ^2r" tiood Stabling, Hay aud Oats, &c.j >  N. B.���������R. S. O. is not res|ji>nsibiu for any debt*contracted bv tho.lato.Proprietors.  August"4th, ;186o. ;  II-2w  Steamer ^Enterpiise,"  Leaves SODA CREEK for QTOSNEL  MONDAY AND THURSDAY MO^NINGIS,  AT DAYLIGHT,  Leaves QUESNKL for S&BArCKBEK,'  WEDNESDAYvS & .SATXJRDAYB at 4 A. M.  OTICE.  ALL PARTIES INDEBTED TO ME are hereby notified that they must cdl and settle their accounts  en or hefor.-*. the 15th of July, or they will be put in  court for colled ion.  On and alter the 15 th of July my terms will be ������ashu  JUST Greatinducaments for-cash.   Cull and see.  ���������7 J. H. SCOTT.  C,   STBOUSS,  y ;;       IBARKEUYILLE,   ;'  Q-roceries, \  /Provisions,  M Implements  -And everything .required for the mining��������� c������mp, fcfj*  constitntly on hand, and sold at .the -COWEUT MAK*  KRT KATES.   ..  Barkerville, July 0.4th, 166o. .7  T.  BARKERVILLE.  J.   ATCHIS O  THE "WINES; SPIRITS, ALE & SEGABS to he hsd ff*  (his Saloon are the best that can be imported.  BLACK SAND, PASSINGS & BLOWIKGS BOUGHT.  or CLE A N ED cu Cv wn B?i<'n, at tlio A urora Compi n y *$;  family wore toarful ho would go into spasms.  <>mc<y  A frw diivs uf(orw:uy|s t^mie tin* >li;eudfnl thl-,   10  V L. devi>:e.  TO BE HAD OX THE CREEK IS  Davis &d Hertleiii's  LAGEE, BEE  A FmsT Class Reading Boom!  All the latest! Englisht American, Canadian and colonial papers taken in.  ffiS* A Harmonic Meeting held every week-���������fudge  and iJury.  Will be given onco a week by the  Gariboo Amateur Dramatic Association.  > '?  >������  F. V. LEE,  Auctioneer,   Mining Agent,  and  KFCHFTELT*.  ���������fifir Al] Ajr'nc*- P������t]>.in������.���������������������������.'.��������� ^UMiied t#-  Collector,  tygp mmmtn  *m-&>.  Bax&ei^nierwmiam^  IHE GAKIB0O ;SEfTI������l  yy  Am  BARKERVILLE,.SATKRDAY, SEPT. 2, '65  To the Editor Wtue: "C^iu^o S&tj^l.^;  Siit,~I haye;read with great��������� ��������� interest a letter'from a: *cCliritoiiitie . iii; ;yonr: last iasue^  because ���������it���������}truly ^ represents;, ...the;Estate.'-oft  rpuhiic feeling; in tlie .interior of the: colo hy oii  the question of :Unioh.:, Tiibrc is no question;  sir, that the dep ressed state of the country  generally at the present time has broughtimori  ;to t hi nk; seriously5 regard ihg what':- is to < be  ,?dpne toy bring ' 'about: a change,; tHatCiwill} be  ���������.beneficial to a 11.:2y, .There is ho lib ubt thaS-on  ;tho ��������� mini ng; in teres ts mi$:; have al 1 to dep oiid)  whether we are traders or farmers,-therefore  when the mmers aresnot encouraged the coun-|  try mus t cohtiiiu $ to re trpgrSdeJ ^The exccs-1  ^eivo '-taxation:f on ininers. ;wdl preytfnt;'men:  coming to the country, aiid so we can hot hope  .or look for,a:(changeuthat willbe; beneficial  *untiiit-is lowered, v As the Government stands'  tiiere cannofcbe sufficient retrenchment;to re-  , du&'tiixaition?Refits' proper; standard,; and -by  a Uiio ii only, can we .have the p ubtic b urdens  t^rbugbt to ja level -like ��������� other ^ countries aiul  :^Iuch-tS&pe^^^  ypoatponed^tii^afbv^^  ^become, bankrupt because it miist go oh rais-j  JinsJ5??ced loans, andjtlren taxation of course  ��������� ^wilLlhcre^^  .cthe.Westminster folk have tnlt swing at jtfie  '<;t$yenije for a: year or two Ipngef and there;  : Will be hot piily innumerable; fancy ayeniiie/  - around that to wn, b ii t there will be ,p ala tial|  tpublitf ofl^a^erected: that Will ^eos^tiipusamls:  jof^ppunds,, and :' all out of\the< poor mine^i,  pockets. iSut wilf the miners submit id have  ;- their hard; earned/dollarsa spent to enhance  ���������Xibo value pfya few lots belbhgin^bjthe lahd;  speculators in Ne\y Westminster :wheh they  ;:hay<r already: bljilt^oiiexity iti tW BritishrcOl-  -onies |>f; the Pacific,' and erected piiblifcofficds  'Efficient for fealf .a dozen colonies together?  X say they will not submit to anything of the  ikiivl, and it is; only; by Union that they can  ; p re ve nt so grc at a wrong b cing iridicfedXftp on  them.    The time ha3 come, when all must  i A: THE MOUNT BAKER DIGGINGS;  .:;.sWp:haTp succeeded  diggings" having bceii: struck hear Mount fe  ker;to the proper source. The story of any  of rtherinills/onthe'Sound haying been desert  ed'biraccpunt of the report, is air exaggeration added tp the report of it passed fwm one  ^another. Mr. Turner,'-who arrivedliifthis  city from Whatcotri on : Sunday, informs 'us  tUatjhfe:say a :prospect of seven :ceiits Jo"the  pan which"had been .taken from benclrdiggings on- the -Nootsac or Lummi/riverbv. sti  CANADA.  More about the::^  ............. DiOGiMs������^The?flat Oh .which tho^Otters pas-  The Quebec cprresptedeht XqfiiiM^pxpbio | sehgers landed at the.head of Clayoqubt Sound  prospecting -party, dispatched ; three*- weeks  I since by several1 o������ the -people; across, the;  Sound' the riv er heads in Mbun t Bal&r. > They  'haCate^ toiinii, a- &rge nugget bf almostthfee  ounces j. whichlie /saw- with Mri^illiamiWpod.  'The:;party;had'sent ibriUieir frifcnds and.pr������-  ^siqnsi'aridJMr/  Vicferia y esforday for.'i^  gings, are',about. seyeuty miles from Jlie.moutii.:  |^.JJift.]jminl,.an4U^ rapid^but witlt  ^sohie portages is iiay^gable 'for canoes^y ?)uri  jhfprhiant ^eyidMtiy a-reliable man Sud de-  preciatesu ��������� rush; until iomethingi further is  knowhr- He>received^:his:���������iiiftriaation'jl^m;  men he can ful ly rely o ri ���������* - and saw tlie gold. \  Hd;say^;thatcifr*.will" tal^yalmostlive'fbr-visijs::  :dayivtb.-. ascendStlie ivwer inl canoes. yThere;.  are Settlers living a# te' asfeighteen? miles;itp;  tlie, 'stream; and; the eburitry- ihay not/Aie ;very ������������������  difficult to travel. tlirpugh.^Yictoria '*Glirpni-*:  cle.7   :y/:    i    - ,.       t  ~y ly:    ���������, .  :*"' FROM?THEBIGBENl)blGGiNGS.   AA  >epeak putph^ thisgueBtioh bfvUhipn^-:it is|ar  v itai qucstibn;; ib us\; and it the men of this  epuhtry do not grapple " with��������� it, the- country  -will go on until it arrives at bankruptcy^ 1  ��������� liope that men will speak their minds plainly,  " there is no use' inincihg matters; there mu������t  /be IJuibn and Yictoria for the capital. .,  -.:��������� 2 > Z.X X::. yy a Cariboo Trader.  FiflUT.s ik Barkervillk,���������On Tuesday last  vBarkervjlle. was the scene of numerous battles. They were inaugurated in^the morning  by a fight between two sports, in which one  came off with a wound In the back of the  head inflicted by a stone, it was not of aseri-  ;plis nature hpwever. Both men were under  ihe influence of liquor at the'time of the row.  The second fight took place at noon in a public house. Two miners.went in.to havo a  :drink, and the proprietor bemg put a Chi-;  nariianwas behind the liar; for. some reason  ,the Celestial refused to serve the customers  and ordered them put; thoy paid no attention  to tlie impudent fellow whereon he seized an  axe and hit one of the men a violent blow  with it on the head which brought the blood  streaming down over his face; the miner then  Heized the Celestial and gave him a sound  th rash in g. The excite me n t o ccasio ned by the  last mentioned row had scarcely subsided,  yybon a sparring match ��������� came on between a  Si wash and a Chinaman. The native was no  match for the Celestial," and after it" few: interchanges of blows the Indian was;taken home  and the fight abruptly terminated.  Tub Dog Nuisance.���������The number of dogs  tliat are constantly prowling -about Williams  Creek is a fearful nuisance. Generally the;  brutes seem to have no owners, and their  howling and fighting in the streets of the various towns render their presence anything but  agreeable to residents. The nuisance should  be abated.  Victorians Lost.���������This mail brings us in  telligence of the loss of Mr. Lonarte and������������������  Church, a colored man, both of whom went  down in tlie Brother Jonathan.. Mr. Lonarte's  body was found near the scene of the disaster. He leaves a wife in this -eity. Of Church  .nothing is known  ^ lAilate* number of; tlie*;:<O^Qgonia:n,: has-the.  fblibwihg from7the;J3ig Behctt^^rpni: JiryH,;  Nevispfcof this.city. W:e. learn ..that; 'the; new:  mines on the UppeivCoiumbia.are:being work-;  ediy The high- water' has; '^r^yented;tfe dpcii-:  ing:of elaiinsi,to,.good ;;rtoydntager.:;'i'lirspme;  cases claims Hye're,'.; openecv;b^ sihkiiig- shafts,;  and^ the,:.depth; of; twijnty-iiv<3< or '^thirty ;f^et;  had been attained, -frbin which we are ��������� lcd?to;  the inference tliat the diggihgs'are: hbtinhlike  Cariboo in one respect^t'liat 'they .areivery.  deep;" The gold obtained is very line,^assaying 912���������bii't 88 less',than;; the:^standard-for:  pure quali ty. /   The ii rs t" cam p: is ab out 30 0  miles above Col ville, and :75 miles farther  ��������� there is a sec on d camp;   Peop le t\\ ercapp ear  to bo very sanguine in., their expectations of  rich mines.  .Some o f tho se- hoi d ing. c laims i n  that country naye.refusedi-fubulous -p-ricesflbT  their possessions, hut prefer..hot to sell;'which:  is the best indication of confidence:.' ^Captain'  Whit3rs new steamer is; being, built at Littie- ^^,7"?  Dalles, thirty miles above Colviilev ahd-moy; ;v .,/a< 5.  ' Globe*: vy ri tes that pperatiphsv to erect forti fi-;  cations aVQnebec .are 'to be /pushed; Ipnya.rd.  At'tbmtfLevi four'fprts,'Veach:tp hblct about  3000 men/ and;ditches several miiesrl6ng^/are:  to be made; 'A'AyZy/rAAyyyyy^ y.  Aiypung man^ named James Kerr, was sho t  dead the other day at Oronb, G^Wij by-a youiig'  lady named Munspn.y Miss* Munson, whilst  ri ding jp ut.: im cpmpab y - - wi th. a no tlier 1 ady,  drove u p to Kprr * s house,,an d, i ny itecf hi nt -to)  join; tiienu ��������� Be, did so, r and:i.when/^thetf-!pai*ty;  had: arrived within two miles of ;Bowmauvilie,*  at about two ;b7clPcK ffi ^ ^prning, Miss  ii Munspn drfcw. &r<^plye������and^ him;  . with the: result asabpye^st^ uews-i  pap ers cal 1 this; a tiiysteribus'affair.  . y- *."';������-. Ay -���������: ��������� ?!y;'-pv^/;:'",r,^^,it^ivi:>';.;:'  y fAi,������^E?^^.'^A������S^~:p^^ ^  soldier at the CKestnut^ni^iiJi^  ^hila^elphiay who: ��������� haspubt sJepfeipr^Wf single  mdnTtJfit' :i%ii3pftj^  Wh y i t: is ;0a|, he :^ c aim^  as^mucii of a ^mystery loiiiim ;as i0s|to;-niaiiy  scientiiic ��������� gen tleiiien; rvy!m having���������.���������M'd their at-  tentipji^alk^o^iim Jpy^been^astpnishediin  ifieirh.mtemp & H6k- ?inyestigSte^^tHeir. ;��������� Mts'e;i  Up'biroiie bccaMM^at his request- &��������� number  of curIbiisly |neline;(l gentlemen patchedhihi  for lbrly^.d^s"4iti(^:fnigl^ ifebnaecriiively, in  orderivif possible j ���������; to>: arrive I at, ;^~cause^o!'  th e wondeiul p hen.oinenon;   Theseygeiitleman  took turns;witlr^h^th^i^yid'prbgVess1 pf  watching, so that if ;he^:^bitl^ cliance to sleep  he:should be observed. Some of:Ao~watchr  ers beca:me drowsy^ and it "vyas as iiach as he  lven:ttjem^.::Thissmfriil{irman  ^is: pnly^aboutpour acr;e,s; in extent. Jli; It is ieypl  arid affords iHednly convenient landing^ place  near:the nibuth of Bear river/'^'The surround-  nig "flats..are :8wam"py,rb.ut may be.'easily drained .and ii Capital'.;town site;securedAj .Bear  river, at its main mou th,. is qui te ��������� narrp w^ and  shal 1 o w, b iit i t is said ;��������� to' hav e several 'mouths,  and,a. short,..distance,. froni. the,;; head of the  Sound ,to spread,out, ftpd ..assume the prppor}  tibnls'-jofca. respectable s&eainiy; ^hempuntaii)������-  on either-side pf^tlie Sound are higti^^ precipitous, and;:^snoiv^pappetl ,.at all seasons of,the.  year.- * Tbey are:epmposecl bif bliieslate^aiid  are densely timbered.- A ^entlemaniCpniiebir -  ed With the Otterf- informs ;:uaj;'that'he;.thih%  tlie moun tai ns tire o f I he sam e Ch ara ctor^aa  those; in" Caiifornia which are ��������� knowu'-as the,  Blue Slate ;Hange^ ��������� from, - the, streams, ru nhin g  outof'wfiichTich^dpposits p{^gbM%e?fe taken in the early.days p? gold mining.   Glayo-  A  2 fi  could titi' to 'awixl  was sent: tp ^hiladelplua-liy pMw bf the field  surgeou.   ; He' was admitted in to the hospital  at Hhjpstniit llilly on^th^^^oK^Ten^  last; su&ring^f&ni <pt^  matism. y lie has ^nearly recovered froin his  piiysieal'tlcbiiity, A Hii;eyppetitieW:gobd^but  ybt lie��������� vdo������s^nd^sleepi'^ ^le^Ures' to %ed the  same? as mother, soldiers^ but-'yet h^ can ho t  sleep.^ JJe simply .receives physical rest ? ?'' ���������  IlITORTS INTO TUE COLOXT DURING TEIS:QVAR-  TBtt iENDixo.^Othj Jc^e,^1865^^ the];p:azett^J  is p ubl islied -��������� X a statement;oT'i mp or ta for the  fiscal quarter ending'Jkri^ 80th, 18C5.. From  this -statement; it ���������appears that tlie, total-value  of goods imported- is S736,535 4-3. * During  theecorresponding, .quarter pf da$ti year ������������������. the  valueiof: imports was $006,535 11, exhibiting  a difference in' favbr of this year of $130,01t>  32, being an advance of close upon -20 per  era p ties) is '������������������ about -.��������� sixteen . in il es 1 on gy tip d X ia  db'tted by! an��������� archaipolvigd op charming little  islands, which present a very pleasing appear3  arice."' "The anch orage is- good; - a n dra 11 h ough  there fedeep^ate^'nearly:^v|rywhere, ,wpu Id  n ot b^d^gaftle fe r 1arge: aai 1 ^ es&ts/ b win g  to; the strong- currents -which rpreyail.���������Victoria'Chronicle'Xy ZA:.> ' Z-'iXLA^XyZyy'  IJiJBSki! Tjie^: ;Natibnal y;Pempc^������tticj: Gen       .  Committee of Rings Gouhty,afca.ro^ffl^  ing held lately,: indorsed the policyfeof SripS:'"'  dent Johnsbh as ffa:if %S^J hdicatediu regard-to  th e South ern;; S tates *., and,! ^pledg^^i^Jhfeir  earnest.;;support,; in,Uhe^ restpratipn of peace  andfthe Jacfebn^^eniojjratm the  administra^tt:%f^thef; (Joyerriment. y. They  suggested;vthiiiJal^fbrnfer' jlrejudices: among  0em6crats^shbuld be how; set aside, janj|,lha  best ^efforts used /.to,, bring: about a national .  unfed brotherhood from; Maine-to California.  possibly be finished-to mak.e.tripsv this season.;  The route is very hard to travel, but; wh eh  this steainer, isX equipped for the trade, will  navigate ithei Col linibia.:; river, 'making Jhe  mines quite /accessible, i- ^ A trail f rbni' Co 1 ville  to Little Dalies can be :made without great  expense;' ;   ���������' ���������;-;-:' a��������� ��������� XAyyAAAy'.- 'y,.;:'-./'/_  has been advertised  Neglecting to pay for a pair of -boots-  y-  ;.";���������-   '.;LATEST:NE\\'S. -. . ."..:.:..:  San Francisco, Aug. IS.-^-The , bodyof a  drowned man was lbuud in the bay this morning. His papers' borey the name of Martin  Wolf. Marks of violence on his person indicate that he was murdered.  , The steamer Sacramento sailed this morning with about 400 passengers and $1,429,000  in treasure. Major H. C.-Bull, paymaster o(  this coast, was among Die passengers.  Salutes ordered by General McDowell in  honor of the memory of the galiant General  -Wright, late commander of Department of  Pacific, were fired at 12, noon, to-day from  Alcatraz, Fort Point, and the-other posts in  the vicinity of the city, flags 'half-mast during  the day.  A grand complimentary dinner was given  to Hon. Schuyler Colfax: and party, tendered  by the six Chinese companies in California.  Portland, Aug. 13.���������A new town hasbeen  laid out five miles below Portland, called St.-  ��������� 1 v KTtA'N" of axoth Eii jColoHsiri) it-rThe schb o n-  er Kate, Capt: Waller, witirVOOO codfish, ar-  riyed from the northern^���������waters. Jast^evening..  ���������She lias "b6en ^bsefttsin^  has met With excellent .success. She caught  her fish in Bristol Bay. - They are,large^and'  very fine in a pp e aran ceV The Kate rep or ts  .h^cfj^ai:hex the,.'ontire tiruise. : Sbp. ;was only  twel ve days'iri making the ruii feym the.banks  to this port^Chronicle^Aug. 18th.���������'=������������������ y;  ... CoMMGijiCATioN.wrra;THE EASt.-r-The Panama 'Re view7: of June 25th is. assured hy those  whom it ;says ought to know, that the "Pacific  Mail Steamship:Company will havellibirnew  and maghilicent steamships running between  New York and Aspinwall by October next.  It is to be hoped for the comfort of passengers /that this information will prp^e Ipj be  correct. ...  i TnE 51knkkx.���������This'woman is married again  ���������this tinie to one of tlie Davenport brothers;  a spiritualist, who has rented a castle not far  from Paris, and made the tempestuous-Adah  his mistress.... _ ..  PKECAeTioxs.���������It having been ascertained  that a party had organized to rob the next  treasure escort from: .Cariboo;:.' Inspector, of  police Welch, and Mr. C. Clark left on the  steamer vestorday morning to assist in bringing down the "hwag?' of dust.���������'Chronicle,'  10th Aug.  Ths Prettiest Ciiicaoo Girt,.���������The $1,000  IfAEDWAB,  V w*  7K  -0-  cipal business will be making of'flour and  half barrels and sugar kegs for Sandwtcn islands trade, also pork,fish, and liquor barrels.  San Francisco. Aug. 20.-Eastern line still  down. Cotton-iicUls of Los Angelos. are  promising a yield far".beyond the most sanguine expectations of the planters, ihe b.  S. double tender war steamer Swanee, fully  refitted and coaled for a cruise, came down  The undersigned will keepcorisfehtly oh haftd  .-������������������;- ��������������������������� -yy    ..- a f^u assortment of ^- "^-w*������. r  Hardwa^M ;ffidj Stsftionery  .y Vi.. ������������������������������������ I   ������������������'. ���������-" PP n9MiuS' -9? ,; * -;: * 2-2 .. -rr ���������  BUILDING if ATBEIAL, tU r Xotw, Bmnt  :(' Bou?s, &Cif;&c.^ a 'yA/r'V  CARPENTERS ^ BLACRSMITltSOOLS;  HAND, CIW)SS^X^^fflP SA������^X?v,^'  SAW FILE8r alt sMs; (Sijea.b!& JA^stwf^V;''  CASrE.STEEt.Slt^LS;.JIp^;& SLUIOil  ���������; ���������:-EOIiKS;lTyyv..:y,yy.J....���������-���������', .  HIQ^S AXES' iND HATCIJETS,  ,k   yA  axe,tick, & drifting:^  . ��������� - ,. ' best *juality (;-���������' ���������'..?������������������ AXy^//��������� ������������������'��������� y A.  CA{3T^ fflEi^oEu^  ���������. sizes..;-,y ���������'������������������"��������� ������������������' (��������� r   2 :yy ���������.<������������������- ���������--..'  BLASTING POW^^^  .'���������..::-y;FUSE;;yv y'^>*-;������������������'������������������-.;,'V:L::;y;y;-''  NAILS���������Cut &. WnouaHT Irow, & Coprmt, all,  ���������'   sizes'';-; 'aX'X\ ������������������-    Z '���������������������������- <'��������� Ay..  RIV.ETS'rrrIitQN& CpPPER, all sizes;  SCYTHES &.SNATHS, STONES;'^;'"''  HAH, SHEET,HOOP & "BAND IRON ;  SQUARE & 6CTAGON;CABT:STi5KL;  MANILLA ROPE, all sizes; ��������� :  DUCK & RUBBER BELTING ;.. ,.  CAST IRON CAR WHEELS';  GOLD SCALES, 32 and 64 ozs., 44., At.     ,  to 1 068 for another lady, and 722 for a third.  The'whole number of votes, at a dollar each,  was 3,4:71.  Gold Stream Looking Ue.���������A company of j  capitalists from Paget Sound have purchased j  ������000 feet of the Farmeter quartz lead, on Gold j  ' '      'Chronicle.'    I  BLANK,  POCKET, AND MEMORANDUM  BOOKS, allsizes;     a/:  LEGAL CAP, NOTE, LETTER & FOOLSCAP PAPER;  ENVELOPES/INK, PENS, BLOTTING PA;  PER,&a;  WEEKLY TIME BOOKS;.  VIOLIN STRINGS, SONG BOOKS, &e.  A. MACKENZIE,  -     Barkerville,Williams Craek.  EC. GILLETTE,  AwM^-������ ...... ,,,.s .. - . .    Stream, and intend to work it  m* A grand nephew of Prince Talleyrand from Ma re Island at noon t|- f^fl^JJ.    j^Brigham Young has jtist added the  a* Mazatlan. Mexico, for start immediately in search^ the pirate coen   ri^L.nlnlil ^m to hSs boy^hold,  iandoah.  .������.������  OFmc������~~CA M EROOTOX  "I  10  *-:"i .���������'v^w-r^'i-;/���������_*  ^^y.yWy^r-yy:'-2 vyy--:ij||gy  ������������������������ *'.-*���������*������- '���������   "yyi// '���������' "'"'yyAyy^/'i^ ���������.���������.-.', ./.'A: '���������% ----%.-������,v^.v.A-..,,.  ���������     ���������        V  - ;^:'  ^st5g^������3g<re������s^������������ss^  igBtiMMBMMfc&B&gBaat^^  Smf^AJtfl^  C^d^iBiii Hoa4s, Gircitfare, posters and  .;tPx^a3bmoi; for Ball^and^Ilieal^ai'.������������������  -.-.......... ._.... ������������������������������������^r^^gg,^^^^ y ;��������� yyy; ��������� ��������� h  ���������B������^^wi^ at thte?i>3^e.  - 'A/'^miSr Terns Modcr^o. *���������������*  ������<Oaflt������00 teitteeiV Offleo,  .BatfcerrWe, ;WiUiams ;.Ore������k  1  EADINQ    ROO  y-v " '*��������� v -aw ������������������ , **���������-'������������������ .' :���������  . y ^y y CCAMCTONTO^i WILLIAMS CREEK. ..  -fWHH TERMS OF SUSCRIPTION have been reduced to  1 $2 per month; above 100 volumes of New Works  kavo been only liteiv added to the circulating library.  Tartittfaro solicited to subscribe; Ayy/y/y y-r-  y^Ajy^yyr/y������������������������������������/:rA/SOR'Si B0WR0N, Librarian.;-'  y vt  SMGEANT Mc^tJBPHY^ Prop^^;-;  rra& XiXOMi^ this House affords to  i" travcdcra canhbt' be ��������� surpassed; the Table is well  mppHed with the best the market aflbHs, and the.Bar  ta stocked with \ the Purest Liquors ; Beds, Btabltng,  JUy and Oats,    y 8  "yy~vy yrr THE BANK OF;     -���������  ,���������'   ...  BMT|SHyCQLlMBIA.  Inociporated'"jby Royal Charter.  2 '^;yy ^iv250iooo  JN 12,500 SHARES,   OF,,$100 EACH,  "With Powervtovlterease.'  y  y    ;;  WALTERS BROS.,  HAVE OPBNED TOE ABOVE HOUSE fer the reception ef travelers; the Table, is well kept and the  JUquom connot be surpassed:, the Bids ure clean and  oomfortabb; atablinj for Horses ; Hay And Oats at  ���������moderate rates.   : ,-��������� ������������������  UP  ' BLMR BROS;, Fr6toetobs.?j  rr*������ HOTEL 18 LARGE ANT) WEIX FITTED  i-fortbo comfort of .travelers^ the tobleus <*rpphed  Willi the bestof every thing tbat can be bad, and the  ���������LektaSls not' Inferior to the best hotel in) the lower  tdwiw; Bedrooms for families;. Stabling, Hty, and  Oat*; 'Ae Stag* stops at ������ko 111 Mile House over night  m its way down eountry...     , .   . .    .   .   ?   .'  ������������������;/ ���������'������������������'���������'   :X.y    .QUts^EL   MOUtH,    ..  A.z yAA PA:U JOHNSON, rWoPWRTOIt,  l^aii si all hovkta* and Cooking of tho>est  i-yrMA A "���������   ���������   ^description.   ���������  INVANCOU3������������K ISLAND,  VICTORIA���������Bank of BritisttColumbiii;:',;   ;"  NANAIHO^Bank of British Columbia;  2A2yZ2y' IN BRITISH ;COI,UlffiIAv  HEW WESTinNSTER���������Bank of Britisli Columbia;  YALE^-Bank of British Columbia y ��������� -���������- '5*- >- * Ar < -  MOUTH QUSSNEL-^Bank of BritishColumbia;  IN THE UNITED STATES.  SAN 3^B AKCISCO-iBaaik of ;Brl llati'' Columbia;,  PORTLAND* OREGON���������Bank, of British Columbia;  y    ,       f , ro CANADA, -      ~   ^���������  BANK  OF ���������MONT^SAtii    ^  A..; -.:      'Ay BRl^CHES'&fi^ENCIB3:^"v,;-:.--^-''  Hotttrs^lrTorentoy Quebec, ;Himilton^: Londes, Slag*  'AX ^tonr Cobourg, fBelleville^ Bruntfprdf fBreCtevy-,;,'  sriHe,Whitby, PeterbonvOttawa, Guelp������,  rftoderich, Stratf<?rd,mct<mt Perth, ���������   .  ���������  rSimcoe.HSt; Catherines; ���������  IN  ENGLAND,  LONDON-iBank of British Columbia^-S0 Lombard St.  CURRENT ACCOUNTS opened for any amount- not  TeTsTntriFt/a^ Sum! m*? ^^?ij���������������������.������������������������.������..,..^*w��������������� s*.j  JBills Discounted and C Elected; and Bills of Exehangc  on^Oreat; Britain,;*S������n#wacisco- and :NewyTe*k purchased.     . ;*'���������"������������������'-'���������''        ���������':      '-"''*  Drafts issued on all thef Branches an>l'Agencies.  Government, and other Securities received .for safe  custody; Interests and Dividends ^collected.;  ,..v-:yv"J;-K.:- S.UT.ER, .'  .: ' . ������MINIK& . AQEN^JAND. BR  ���������yy yjA ;���������'  ������������������; %icHFiiXBiy,'.'"'. JZ'���������'��������� '���������    ��������� .. '���������*  All^^khidsyof Agency ^u^iiess attended to^  :/ Office opposite ?the Pa|js and ^London Hotel, y ��������� ���������  A.^*TG^  New Westminster, British Columbia,     .   :  Umsrs. Grelust Bboxh?r$, "'\ ' 2-2 - - ? TropriMow. r  ���������   ���������.������������������.���������.-���������.yy y.. FORT   HQPE^    ��������� ;.?ryy  riEORG-E   LANayOIG-T,::'General  Dealer iri  \JT GROCERIES, PRO^TSIONS, &c, Fort Hope, B. Ci  y;';'  '  ;THE-IMNK;:;pP%;-' yy... .  pritlsh   yprjth. J A|aerfcEt#  ��������������������������� =. KsT^atjsiiED rs 1830; , [isconvbn.Afsi>, by ReTi&  ���������AX ��������� ,1 ;CaABTKR.';y' ���������        '���������.-:"'���������'  Paid up Capitals;    -ky  Undiviaed Net Profits,  TTICK'S HOTEL, Lytton Square, New VPKSffsn.N'STKB,  II mi <C. i Fhimp .mcks, Proprietor. The above fav?  orably kiiown houseiisjiowiopen to.tbe public; the Bar  is constantly supplied with. the - choicest brands, of  Liquors and Segars. :. XX.'.'.'"'.,.;���������;.;'     yJ -���������������;���������'  HKUTOT ^OLBROOK, "Wharfinger, Forwarding and Commission:Merchant, dealer in Provisions, Feed, &c> Bonded storage for 1000 tons of  Goods in Stone Fireproof^WarehouseT' Gootls Forwarded up country, and every accommoda tion given to vessels loading or discharging at the Liverpool or upper  wharf.   New "Westminster^ BritistaCoIumbia.   . , > a  .;.������������������;:;. '-zzyuoT\CBLrZyy]  LL KINDS OF DUy GOODS. CIX72HING, BOOTS  and Shoes, canbe bought enenper; at" the store. of  the undersigned than at any other pldce in the colony-;  Every^article marked in plain flguresit iTerms-M3ASH.  N. B.^Orders from the upper country, receive prompt  attenlion.   ^ ARTHUR BULLOCKjy:  b   y; Opppsite Colonial Resta urant, New* Wcstmiiister  Received on Deposit, -or'Advances n\ade5 upem them.  Goti>>D^3T Melted and '"Assayed, and returns made  within 24 hours. .:,:;...  ; Ores of every descrlptioa.carefully Assayed.  Cameronton, Williams Creek. ���������  ;   Yates street^: "VictbriOi V. I., ke<>p3 con- \.  staritly on liahd n. superior stock of Gold; -and.S   Silver; WATCHES, Gold Chains,. Buckles,'Plated $Vare,  Clocks,. &c. '; Particular attention paid -.to rep.Mrlng  Watches and; Jewelry^ ;AU Avork warranted:v Ordcr.^  from the country': promptly attended to.y      A -y.sy  . yyy? Cy :CjQ0ESN$^ MOtTTH, .A yXAXX'  BR^^ Proprie^obSw  0ood B������ds \ ReatiuMirBmtorT^ble^ <fcc.  yy A J Bt*bUng for.Horses, Hay and Oato;.   y/Byy;  ^k^COlS -CHAPERONy  Bwowb. a������d iGen^balySroRB .Kbbpbs.  KWONG LEE*������������������& GQir  faamrters aad^Dealers in OfrtXESE GOODS, Rice,~Ba-  vvy:���������,i, :���������:, > I   ��������� earv Teaivf^visions.. y  >..;���������-"��������� ''yXy2iyyi������ifaB#K:i/'X{qute. .*;;,/,:;:,.: * .:  VAN WINKLE, CARIBOO WEST,  THR above spl end id.Hotel js now o|fen for tbo publle,  tbe proprietor'hatin^ttaken great pains through the  winter to make it tbe most -superior h������useiin>.Caribao.  Good'accommodctions, with suits of roums for ladies  ... .'otjprivate parties.   Attached to this Hotel Ib a  y ; --First Cijlss Restaukakt ,&t Bar, .,���������,   ,  whare can be obtained the most shoice brands .of Wines,  Uquors, pig ars, ^tc.     -'.a/a y, lXr.y..y;;,y/. ..;;,'/,  N. LyKtiCAFraRY, Proprietor.  SPOBBORG & RUEFF,  Coixunissioii Mor-  ^CHANTS, AVliolesale Dealers in GltOCERiES and Pro-  visio>a,>WharT street;- Victoria. "��������� 3m; =  2^2?    ;$5,O00;0Q0  ___ -.���������;; 600,000  ..-' HbaJ> Oywcs. '?  STf HELENS PLACE LOKD(������{;  'J,yV' AAyyA-    ^STABLISHMENIS.: ���������  $ASt Fiayc^CH>^F.:B. Grainfe W. & Sutherland,; Agents  New -YORK^Walter Watson it JamesSmJt^, Agenu;  Montreal; 1 ^Quebec; KA'*>ATxfrctotii.y:-, Hamilton:,  Kingston; London, C.W: Brantford;   HaUfax' N.V  '":';       ;;   St. Johns, N.B.;   Victoria, v. I. .  :���������;������������������ ..-..,:-.i.'V'���������:, ��������� -^i-:AOWXS:^W^-" Ay'  ScortAND���������National Bank of Fqotland; ;  Irriand���������Provincial Bank of Ireland; >  Fraxcb^-Marcuard^Andre' & Cloy Paris;  Austraha���������Union Bank;of Australia;;  Lnwa, ChIva k Japan���������Chartered MereaDtHe Bank of  India, London and China.   l  DRAFTS ISSUED on Landbn, New York, SanTron.  Cisco. Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and on all  tho Brandies of the National Bank of Scotland ana  Froytncial Ba.nk of Ireland.  Bills of ��������� Exchange and Gold Purchased,  , Interest on Special D<jppslts .of Money alio wed at 'ibe  ra te of a quarUr of one .per een t������ per month.        ,  jgsgr The Bank receives; Gold iDusi and Bars for saf������  keeping without charge - undertakes tbo purchase aid  sale of Stock: the,Collection ot Bills and: other, mo&4f  business in the.United States andUriUsh Provlaoca.  ;;GOLi>������Dt*������T; Mel ted ?hhd^ Assaye<l, and returaa mad������  4iiKii2n.^h.m^Jv> Q?in or Bar^ A        .... i;  ^^ros orTV^ry fef^  N B^Auy instructions as to the disposal of th* pre-  coeds of Gold .Dust forwarded to; Uie olllc* in Tictorli  for Assay will be carefully atten ied^tp. ..,,';.  ;;  y y - y r       "    J- g; SHEPHERD, Manager.  -;;;Vict6ria,;'^  LARKs?ON-.*.r CO., Dealers in Books, STATioxwr,  ^ Mufcc;^ AGENT*,  &e^ Celumbla Street, New Wes'ux8mSte&yyr- ��������� :���������   b  ; A. KcCREA,  Auctioneer, Wharf Stbbbv^  *.rv,Yictoria,,Vancpuyer Island, y. y.y..:.!,.��������� ���������  ED&AR <Sc AIME, Commission Merchants*  Wholesale Dealers -in Groobries -anu Provjsiows,  Wharf street, Victoria, VancouverXsland.      -' a  LOWE BROTHERS;^^Cbinnn^ipn Merchants  and'~'  Wines  Canvas  FELLOWS,'RGSCOE & CO., Importers of  Gexkral Hardwarb asp Iron, f- MopreTs_ BuiUUng/  Yates street-.Victoria, y. I.  :      y  5    ^ ? J/ y >2m  HIBBEN & CARSWELL, Importing Book-  SBLLEKS& STATIONERS,*constantlysupplied.a-nd  rcceivi ng i'rom.best sources, Schwil, Standard, and Miscellaneous Books, and Stapla imd Fancy Stationery; in  all its Branches Ornery Yates and Langley streets,|  Victoria,! Vancouver Island..; -. ���������',' y C\B'i.A"  DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Auctioneers and  Comwissio.v Merchants, Cl ty Aucl ion Booms, Fort  street,' VicmHa.; Cash advanced on Merchandise, to a ay  amount,.consignedTor sale. . B-ifercncd���������Hon. B������ Fix.  i,AT8d^of;lE^B. Cb:and Lloyd's Agent.     - 1  m ;P;DAyTES &CO��������� Auctioneers &; Com-  ,w--i������. mission Mkrcra.'&s, Fire. Proof Stone BuU-iaf,  Wharf'streetjiyictoria/ V; L - Liberal' Adyancos.'ma'ee  oh Consignments, y ,ly.-' ;' AXi I'/a-.,. '������������������-i::-; Ap.-.;   j  TOUR  18 FALLING AKD BKCOMIKO THDf,  >'        .. ���������"       ������cliU and have it  RESTORED before you are bald headed;.  '"���������" '- Ar,/ii;t��������� x;: -;���������':.-,��������� . \'��������� w. d..MOSESyy.������������������ ���������������-'  fv,y r ji" ���������'; Barkereilip^ Williams Greek.  iLBKXN" IRON WORKS, Victoria, V.L;  ? i ix ^Manufacture Steam Engines and iBdilcrs of all  " 1 sizes, Quartz-Mills, Mihing Pumps, Flouring Mills, Gang,  Sash, Mulay; and Circular .-fid.w'.'Mills, Iron and Brass  C.istjngs, and everything connected with the business.'  .;    8 ' ���������'.''-.       SPRATf & KRIEMLER  ^SOfcESALS AND RETAIL PROVISION AKD GS^E-  WW^iAZ&Ah-MmCUAXT; X "XX-y ���������<��������� A r  Boots, Shoes, Tinware, Etc.  *^,^������SNJEL mouth.;;-;^  Olb u EATABI.I8HK1) ^General Syorb, ��������������� ,  ?g, WHOLESALE &  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  &c."Terms most Modex������ate.  QUESNKL MOUTH. .8  Th^OId^t  CAMm(^T()N.  .'���������������������������'  ' creek. ;���������'  on "Williams  CCOTCH HOUSE. A. McLean and Ck>:,  O Hosjkrs and Generai, Octottersv Miamrs nuQ  others will Ond ait the Scotch '.House a splcndi 1 stock of  sCiothing/'Boets and .-Shoes, and Dry Goods of every <lcs-,  cripUon, jM of the best.quality; and at^rery moderate  prices;  Tort street, Victoria, Vi -L       '������������������" A U" r:  I035N ;R. COUCH. Importer and Oeneral  O ^COMMISSIONMERckANT7Commercial;fiow,Wharf  s^re������tjiVictori*, Vancouver^Island, y  -yryy    a  WdtBSTONE and BROTHER, Agents far  \JC thePianfrcr Flour MilLs, Commission fiuencHANn,.  Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Groqskiss, Pao-  visions, .Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes; At.,  two-story Fireproof Building, Reid's Block^ betvr������������  the stores of J. Wiikio & Co. and Stewart k vcl, Wfaatf  stre������t, Victoriai ;��������� ��������� ���������" ��������� ��������� ��������� ' ��������� ���������    a  L  IF   YOU    WANT  BUNSTER.  GOOD    ALE    ENQUIRE    FOR  mmission  5.; CAMERON begs to^ intimate thAfc she has opon:  iTLed the Pjonker Hotel in Camerontqn, which is  neatly fitted up with every comfort;, tlie Beds are clean  and well kept under her own suporihtendance; the  Bar is well stocked with the finest LIQUORS; and.the  Restaurant will be supplied with: everyydelicacyi An  efficient Cook engaged.   '  ��������� y  ." From the long expericncci-Mrs, Cameron has had in  Hotel keeping on Williams Creek, and the larg^patronage formerly bestow cd upon her house, she w illU ea ve  nothing wanting in her new Hotel to ensure the support and palron'ige of her eld friends. .. .  &$T Hot and Cold Suppers to be had at all hours.  M00RHEAB isthd CO., COMMISSION; MER^  CHANTS  and Importers, of Gr'iceries.    Provisions, pROntcE^&c.y Wharf sirect, Victoria ��������� vyi.: y s  J  THOMAS ALLSOP, Land Agent and Gren-  >aiAL CiMMsssioN Agent, Government street, Victoria, Vancouver 'Inland.   ���������*������������������-.-������'- s  L'HOTELIER, Importer a������������J Dealer in G*0-  ; CEBIES, PJJ^VISiONS, WINES & LIQUORS, 5o.  7 Wharf street, between Johnston and Yatce, Vietori*,  Vancouver Ishnd. ������������������'r-Acy '."������������������-'i'  L  THOJ1AS SHOTBOLT, Dispensing Chemist  A*i> DRrodST, Johnson street, iVictom, VI, w������  sp^ctrully solicits the attention of Miners and tho p������t>������  lie in general to bfs well assorted stock of pare Bngllafc  Drugs, Chemicals, and Perfumery; nlso to his Hixtart  for ltheumatism, which is an invaluable remady fcw  this distressing complaint.'.': 1.9  EUGKNE THOMAS, Yates street,  Wholosale a nd Retail DCaler in WI NES,  BEERS, & UQUORS of every description,  warded to the, Miuing Districts.;..- ���������  Victoria,  BRANDIfil  Goods fer*  -.���������..'���������     1-8     '  TOHN1VILKIE and^CO., Merchants, Wharf  tj Street, ...Victutia, '"Vancouver I*land. ' .. s .';  iitfrktl. t)E FRANCE, Victoria, V. I.t J������a������  11. BfcSx xsb Pierre Maxciet, Proprietors.   The R������b-,  .tau ra n t is su ppl led wi th a It the del s caei es "the m ark et  aiforJs.. In the Bar will be found the choicest Liquors.  Furnished ltoom% &e. : ' .  B. POWELL,  has Removed   his   Office  and Residence from Fort street to the .premises  lately occupied hy the Mayor on Broad street, Victoria, LBokers Bitters, Saiosevain*s CtiUfornia Wine and Bit-  GRELLEY &, FITERRE, Victoria, V. L,  Sole Agohl3 jfor Naindeon's Cabinet Champagnt,  Pietrcsson deSt. AubinChamjwgncdry, Boucha do dry,  Jules Mumm Cliampigne, Eugene Clicquot Champing*,  V. 1,   Olllce hours 9 a. m. to 1,2, and 8 p. m: to 10.    s  YALE- BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Good  Hay and Grain at <I/������west Rates ;  6eATm;tow*rU������? buying Feed.  SUbMng  ������������������ ��������� ���������" ay  Keigliborinj  ' -���������-to������������������. ���������'      '       yy\ /  Creeks and Gulches.  JOSEPH ���������. SPOONER will run an Express  Eeoc^arlt, in connection with Barnard������s Express,  from Williams Creek to Grouse, Stevens, Boggs, Antler,  Cunningham, and Kwthiey Creefes^ :; A   '  Letters, &c, to be left- at Express Office,  lUchfteld,  i.t John Bute's, BarkeryUlJ.*  FOliT YALE HOTEL,  &������ilcy & Lane, Proprietors,  p* OOD BUDS, Good Accommodation ond tbo/Bestof  *J" Liquors at the Bar j Stabling for Hors&?.,.a:c.       s  y    .   'FOR.SALE AT THE     "   .  GAZELLE ���������ALQ������N, < Cameron ton.  8 'y ������������������ SADLER & BARUt!  J. SOUTHG-ATE and CO.,  Vsxos Wharf,  AfietorU, V I , ond Battery street, San Francisco.  Important  to  Minors  v  Thetsndcraigned is������|irepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  PANNINGS,  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity ou tke  MOST;LlBERAL TER3JS, at tbe  heading Room, Cameronton,  Subscriber-is now well known on Williams Creek, wid  tr*>m the confidence reposed in him last ^Fall in the  alwto business, he liop-������s to r cive the patronage of  . the Min ing community the ensuing season.  e JOHH BOWROK.  Victoria, February 24,1866.  npHE t>NDERSIGNED, having purch/ised the guodwill  1 or the late firm ol Geicd,[David & Co., will continue  the Wholesale Provision jirsI Commission Business, at  the atore, corner of Bsislion and Wharf streets, under  the firm of WKIS^ENBURGER & SCHLOESSEK. Mr  Jclks Daviw will act as Mulinger or s;iid husiuess. Tlie  business on Government street will he carried on as  heretofore WEISSENBURUER &rSCHLOESSER  EDGAR MARVIN,  Corner Fort an������ Lanolky  Street, dealer in IRON & HARDWARE.   Agent for  the sale of  the Boston Rubber .Belts. s  T EWIS L3SWIS, CLOTHIER, yates strekt, Vic-  Ij toria, opposite Bank of British North America,    s  G  SUTRO & CO., Jmpoktkrs an������ ajEAtxits IN  CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mecrshaum P^es, kc.. S E.  corner of yates and Wharf street, Victoria &  tor.vHostctter's Bitters, Bancroft Cider, I/>&������ac<3ar������t,  G. Bn-ller Claret. A large stock of Bonded Wines,  -���������Brandies, Wtdskeys, and Uquors of every desaripUon  always on hucL Grkllet k Fitkrrs,  Importers aud Wholesale Dealers,  1-a Junction Wharf and John sen strwuL  EEMOVAI,. J. L. Jungermann, Watch-  MAKElt and JEWELEfi, has rotn^ved to the Fir������-  .proor Brick Bull ling, within one dwirof Wells, fargo  &Co.'s Express Ofiic^, vates street, Victoria, V. I.  ������  DICKSON, CAMPBELL & CO., Commia-  s:o������ Merck ants', Wharf street, Victoria, Vanci^-  vir Inland. H. K Dicksxv & Co., London; Djcbsov,  Dr.Wolf Si Co., San Francisco.       ' ������  HENDERSON  &   BURNABY,   Importer*  and Commission Merchants, Wharf street, Victerl*,  V. L, and No. 17, Gracechurcli street, I/mdon. 8  Vanwmkle   Butcliery  1  N'BSGELLKNT RANCH,  situated en the Waggon  ^ Eoad, and on which a large number of,cittloo...ulli  lie ������.nred tor in the winter, as tfa������ro is plinty of hny for  toeUing.   There k a good Dwelling Hous������, together with  Cktil<* m^iie. Stable, Jbc, co tho.pr������nUes.  AW\T\ by IhIt, fc "A,*' 'Vxtikop S?n������ !dM' cflter.   2  THE SUBSCRIBER begs to in form his friends and  Miners in genml that be U v&cwr again in thcfit-M, ������������^ti  will keep constantly on hand GOOD FAT 8������EF end  MI/1T0N, which he will deliver on JBurns Creek, Nd-  so*? Craek, and List Cbanc, fre������ of extra nbarge.  B&efj 28 and SO 0*9; Muitrn, Z$ ct*: And na devlHtt^o.  FR15D. .LITTLE?;  F. HEISTERMAN, LAND AGENT, 38 Government street, two doors south uf Fort street  Victoria, Vancouver I>:hnd., g '  MALLANDAINE,COLLECTOB&GENKRAL AGENT  . Government street, Victoria, Vaiicourer Inland*  ____ _     . _____���������.��������� ^     .       __-  jctoria  GUY HUSTON, Dkau-rinGUN*, PISTOLS,  ino Tacklb, Powdsk & Shot, Yates street, Vi  TIME ia Monry, and if you woult Buve both ship  1   Jt'S\ fS?*^ by  lh0  Yale-Lytton   Route.  A. BAJlLOW.   Commission and Forwahw.vo  Aornt  FotI yrie,  British Columbia, hogs to inform Shippers ,  and the public in gunerO that he is now prepared to  Forward Goods to t^o' Mines on tho most rcasonablo |  term a, and without delay.    AH goods consigned ^ tjie  ULU7S LOEWI & CO.,  Imi*ortbr8 asp Whole*ai.������  Dbaijerb; Agents for TU ton k McFarland Fire and  Burglar Proof tfiifes aud Vaults, Vicuma, V. I. 8  WONG LEK & CO-, Commission Merchants, Importers and DMiK*rs-m CHINESE GOODi*. Kief,  Bugf*i\'Ten, Provisions, &c , Chrinoiunt street, between  GorernTOent antl "  , above will be prompter" at t?B4r<l  t*? and ������iored In a  ARD,  BLACKSMITH, MACHINIST AND  rAWN*m or Cooiono Rakish,  BaKKEKVILIE, b. c.


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