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 Vol. 7.  JB^erviUe,/^  No. 35  TflE^PilBQff^ENTINEL  //published  .'       ,       yy  l- ivErv? W^NESpAY and SATIJBDA.Y,  BY  ' r; 0 BE R T    HO Ll O W A Y V  Subscription, SI per week (including cost  ol delivery), payable to the carrier. , A ���������    ;  Office���������Barkemlle, (next door to Mahetta's  Grocery Store). ;  -  Agents for the , *\. Cariboo Sentinel:" -y  Ojiesneimou tb,. Mr. Gourtie, Barnard's Express Office  Soda Creek,  .��������� .--,;���������-/ ArA '.'..- y 'y., Barnard's Express  Yale"  . ��������� '   ���������'���������'��������������������������� "'Mr. Evans,- -.-do.--.: ...yy-cloy  KewVestinlnster, v     ������������������ ,   - .;y ��������� ;; .; Clnrkson & Co  Victoria,    ���������.-';-     :-:, y-y yy: ���������---.������������������-^AyLyne.v,'-.  L. V. Fisher       ,���������-������������������''���������'���������'. r'���������-.,'. ry ��������� San Francisco  CURRENT NEWS.  Allen and MeCoole, the pugilists, are to  bave another fight in about four months.  'Queen Victoria netted on her late book of  travels S 12,000, all of wbich she has given to  the poor.  Pearl fisheries have been discovered on  the coast of Western Australia, and five beautiful pearls have arrived in England.  A printing telegraph machine has been recently invented in Troy, N.Y., which any one  of average capacity can learn to operate in  a few minutes.  Monsieur Martin, a French savant,  cive.red that tbe cultivation ol the sjiff  hi fo a ii y < lis tri q L^^^fes a preve  y;y  and a*nie.  Chicago ii as n ever seen the li in e<wjea she ���������  con tai tied -so: tna tiy persons . out of employ^j  /meat as at the present; .-It: is /computed that  no less';/than . 10;66ipi men, boys, women and  tfirls are out of work in that city.  ; There is a movemen t on foot- in'��������������������������� San Francisco to organize a society to prevent the im-  jwjtalion of Oliiuese by the enforcement of  the laws w hi ch fo rbid . the im p ortatjon yof  people of color to labor under contract, and  the law against the importation of coolies.  Louise* Hensler,-who has just married the  King of Portugal, formerly lived in Springfield, Mass., where she sang in, the South  Church choir. She was the. daughter of a  poor German mechanic.; Haying a fine voice  she was assisted in obtaining a musical education, and finally went to Europe where she  took high rank as a singer.  Within a very short-time, three colonial  vessels have been run down at sea and des  t-roytd. The Mary A. .Troop, of St. John,  N.B.; run down by the steamship Pennsyl-j  " vania; tbe George S. Brown, of Yarmouth,  gunk in the Sound by the steamer Bristol,  and the Harriet Ltncsly, of- Pictou, run down  by the Hammonia. - -  ��������� ���������'   .   ���������  It is said that the deputation of Canadian  1rgy now present in Rome favor and .will  *ort-tho canonization by the Eeunemioal  Council of Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America; the Rev.- Mr 01 Her.  founder of the Seminary of St. Salpice, and  Sister Mary of the Incarnation.  Immediately on tbo retnrn of the Great  Eastern a cable of about tbe same length as  that across the Atlantic, and which is now  being rapidly manufactured for the British  India Telegraph Company, will be piaced on  board with the view of its being laid between  Bombay and Suez, to form a section of a complete submarine cable between England and  India.  A convention is to be held at Memphis,  IT-S., to consider the question of Chinese immigration to the Southern States. One of tbe  objects of the Southern planters in promoting  Norteera'']&en.;will have ample opportunity  tb fraternize with tbeir negro friends.  Another '*. Colonial,��������� Bish op V difricul ty lias  occurred, ; thiaytime :in;^ewiZoaland^,*������^  'Jenher, who was :consecrated and sent out  from England, claims the bishopric of Otago  and Duhedin ; /but he is a Ritualist, and by  four cleric and fifteen laic voles against him  to four cleric arid ten laic votes In his favor  they have refused to receive himy But, Bays  a Church paper, DrJ Jenher stilt intendsip)  assert bis, right to tbe nomination to that  bishopric.,.A: '-'XXyXA y ��������� ;'/";;/���������..  Mr John Stuart Mill, in bis new; bobk on  w om air s rights, seta; for th;; his ��������� ideas .i u a-way;  which shows that the mere incidehtof female  suffrage is but a small part of his programme.  WTith no th ing less than'��������� comple te 1 egal e'qii al-  ity between the sexes will he be satisfied.  He sees no reason why able women should  not legislate and debate in tbe House of Commons, or. why. they should not occupy seats  in tbe Upper House. Mr Mill would permit  bis fair clients not only to practise medicine j  but to plead in courts of law j to tbeir energies he would throw open all the offices in  tbe State, from tbat of Prime Mtuister to tbat  of the humblest tide-waiter, so that England  would have not only a Mrs Speaker .but even  a Lady Chancellor, and the loveliest form of  Justice herself would be restored to preside  Igjia the Court of Queen's Bench. Women,  ' *~  4   as  women, Mr Mill would exclude  post for which they were not intel-  mdrally and physically disqualified  smperatuub���������The following figures show  the highest and lowest range of temperature  On Lo#liiso creek,.from the 1st to the; 28th  inst.: :  -  August I-Highest, 64-    y   Lowest, 4(5.  -. ��������� ������.     2��������� 'y"'      57. .';;������������������  70.  71. :  68.  7o;  67.  70.  60..  70.   V  69.  51.  48.  3���������  /4���������.-  5���������  6���������  7���������  8���������  9-  lO-  ll���������  12���������  13���������  14-  15���������  16���������  17���������  18���������  19���������  2Q���������  21���������  22--  23-  24-  25���������  26���������  27���������  28���������  ������������������'-������������������������  ���������"  M  u  il  u  it  u  ii.  f-.II ���������  .,,11  ii  u  ti  ti  tt  tt  u  .It  tt  - tt  a  tt  it  ti  tt  55.  62.  56.:  'mi'"  44.  55.  60.  54.  56.  58.  G4.  58.  59.  58.  -0���������r*"  ki .  /{  a  it  a  a  n  n  a  a  a  it  it  il  a  a  a  a  it  n  tt  tt  a  tt  ti  it  H.  40.  42.  44:  39.  36.  35.  42,  35.  41.  40.  32.  35.  28.  38.  37.  40.  35.  33.  38.  34.  38.  34.  38.  41,  33,  The Greatest Discovert of tub Aob.���������  Robinson's celebrated Magic {.Soap has just  been introduced on "William creek, and the  proprietors challenge the world to produce  an article to. com pete with this soap. It nol  only removes paint, pitch, tar, &c, from the  coarsest and finest fabrics, but it also does  away with all the washboards and machines  that have been invented during the past" ten  years to wear out hands and clothes ;. and  after one year's use it has been proved not  to injure the clothes in the slightest degree.  having every advantage over all other soap?  in being cheaper���������one pound doing more  washing than two pounds of any common article now in use. For sale at Mr Janies P.  Taylor's drug store, and some of the principal stores in town. A responsible person  is wanted to act as agenS; for Cariboo. Enquire at tbis office. *  ^9* Feu/s Coffee 1ms now stood the test  of the last eight years,  has superseded en  fcEGAL NOTICES, &v  IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE MAIN-  n the matteifof the Estne and EflfecU bfGlROLUO-  ./M(^TIBALDI>dbcea^edj intestate.  A^LL perfions who; aro'indebted ;to the above Estate  iJA : areirdqiiired tp pay; the amounts due.forthwith:  and all ^pmcus/who .have' ;any clnicis/against the  above estate are required to send in tbeir accounts  on or before the 14th day of Noveintier, i860, to  '    -\ CHAS. E. POO LEY,  ���������-������������������.-! Official Administrator.  Dated Richfi^M, 14th August, 1669.        aulS lm  IN THE SUPPvEME COURT OF THE MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  STEAMERS; EX^R^;TORW ARDING, &c.  i.^**n^Wlt*H" -yT-f *���������*  .;; ;..lanb;of jmx^yOOWMBte^^^  _/:y ���������'.:���������./������������������������������������%/.:yyyy;--~y A^ THE HRST DAY OF JUNE AND ON THE FIRST  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of WtLLIAJI  .McOARTNEY, deceased, Intestate.  A LLpersons who are indebted, to the above Estate  IX2 are reqaired to pay the amounts due forthwith,  and all .persons who have any claims against tbe  above Estate are required to send in their accounts  on or;before;tbe 28tli day of October, 1869, to  '������������������;--"���������' .'CHAS/E...;POt)LEY,  ���������"���������"Ay y Official Administrator.  :���������. Dated KphQeld, :28th, Jiily,; 1869. ;       .',.- juol lm  IN THE:} SUPREME   COURT: OF   THE  MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  In the matter of tbe Estate and  EfTccts of ALEX-  .   ANDER STOBO, deceased, intestate.-  k IX persons who aro indebted to the above Estate  Ax. arc ri'qpired to j.;ay, the amounts due forthwith,  and all pjrsdtos wbo have any claims against" the  above cstat(^are requested to send.in their accounts  on or before ibe 12th day of November, 1869, to  I ,    CHAS. E. POOLEY,  5 Official Administrator.  Dated Riclgield, 12th August, 1869.        auU'3m  IN   THE|SUPREME   COURT   OF    THE  MAlNLiNO OF BRITISH COLUMBLA.  and 15th day of each mouth thereafter  Barnard's  Express  Will despatch  A FAST FREIGHT TEAM FROM YALE,  i  Making the trip to Barkerville In about H days.  Until farther notice,  RATES  OF   FREIGHT  By these teams,.on all parcels of 50 lbs. and.upwardg  wUl be  25 Cents per lb.,  exclusive of Road Toll*.  Parties shippim* by these teams must order-pooda  to be marked ^P^rr Barnard's .Express. SLOW"���������  otherwise they will be sent by regular Express and  charged accordingly. .      '��������� ��������� ��������� '   X  Shippers may depend on tbe regularity of these  teams, for whether with lull freight or not tbey will  come, through.  May 14, 1869. P.J.BARNARD.  Barnard's Express,  ��������� ������������������������������������-"nr ���������  In tho mi������ttciyof -the-Ustato *ud Eflecte. of .TV3L7I-Air  WINN AUD, deceased, Intestate.  ,1 LL persons who are indebted to the abeve estate  1\ are required to pay the amounts due forthwith,  and ail persons ' who h a ve any. claims agains t th e  above estate are required to send iu their accuunts on  or before tbelltb day of Sep tcmberV 1869, to  ���������:.     y .: ;.CHAS; E. POO LEY,.  ..'." dtneial Administrator,  i'ifated Richfield, lltb .June, 1869. jel6td.  IN   THE   SUPREME   COURT   OF   THE  MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  tn the matter of the Estate and Effects of MICHAEL  CARNEY, deceased, intestate.  A LL persons who.:.are indebted to the above.;Estate.  ol are required to pay the amounts due forthwith;  and all persons who have any claims against the above  estate aro required to send in tbeir accounts on or  before the 24th day of September, 1869, to '-'���������".  ��������� CHAS. E.POOLE Y,  Official Administrator.  Dated Richfield, 24th June, 1869.   '. je30  0NT and after July 3d, and until further notice, th  Regular Weekl) Express will arrive at  B.;ifk6i  ville on SATURDAY  the  rkor������  u^^j^retum at 6 a.m.  U>e fblluwing Monday^iThgjEk^rCTK u ill close every  Sunday night a^^" "'lLLZLJ.ZZ^LJm"L^ua^  June ?:0.      y^&Z^ :^ent;-Barkerv||ie.  .    ������._     , ^-.xy^Ai^-' -    :    :    ~  STEAIEH'...'"  LEA VE3 QUESSELMOUTH FOR SODA CREEK:ON  :/     TUESDAYS^  ATSix A.M.  LEAVES SODA CREEK FOR QUESNELMOUTH ON  :-;-������������������'TEURSDAY   11VENINGi .'*V  Connecting with Barnard's Express at botb places.  gg- The steamer is not responsibleJor leakage of  Oils, or other liquids shipped in tins.  KERR   &   SO  Barkerville., ���������  Feb. 6,1869.      ...  Van Volkenbnrg &" Ca.  y RETAIL   BUTCHERS,  BARKERVILLE,   RICHFIELD,   AND  MOSQUITO CREEK.  N tbe arrival at:Barkerville of every Mall and  Ex;to?s, R. L. LAMONT will leave ��������� Barkeryillo  with an Ex )ress for the following Creeks : Grf u^e,  Stevens. Oabfornix Wolf, Antlfr. Cunuingham, H>r-.  vey, Snowshoc, Keithley and Goose Creeks. He Will  attend to all kinds of commissions, &c. Cbllctiig  will also be attended to.   ; ji21  Letters, Parcels, &c, for the above places caii ba.  leftjat the following places :  The SksttnelOffice,   -. ���������-   ���������   -   Barkervilley  Rennie's Shoe Store,   -   -��������� >   -   Barkerville  F.:Neufclder,   ���������-   -   -   -   -   -   Richfield.  Banielson's Bridge, "Ques-  ^2a������"a:aziM~-  A supply of frcshjmoat of all descriptions constantly  on hand. ���������   .   .    '   F.   NEUF E LDER,  STORAGE  AND   COMMISSION,  RlCUFIELD,  B.C.  jS2j--������ Produce from the agricultural districts received  and money advanced on consignments.       jy2+ 2m  A.  MePlierson,  ��������� AND ���������  JEWELLER,  BARKERVILLE.  Barkerville, Mayl, 1S6U.  5  this immigration appears to be to drive the | ^vejy thei mported Chariroa GofTiH!.  arm is j  s^roea into  tbe Northern States so  that1 now knpt and sold by all rc?pcctulIf dealers imv26  s  CELEBRATED OLD IEISH WHISKEY,  At DkNOUYION & KURTZ,  \  MR, CHARLES DANIELSON desires to inform  Traders, Packers, Travellers and others that tha  ttoad from Dog Prairie to the 16-Mile post beyond  Quesnelmouth is now open and in good condition for  Pack Trains aud Stock, and'tbat there is abuudanco  of good feed throughout. There Is a.house of.enter*  tainmcut'at tho bridge.  MS  Important to_ Traders! !  ILL FREIGHT CONSIGNED TO J. C. BEEDY,  I\ Yale, B. C, will be forwarded to any part of  the Colony, on the most reasonable terms, free ol com*  mission. AGENTS:  Millard & Beedy,    1       Dcnouvlon & Kurtz,  Victoria. \  Barkerville, April 17th, 1S69.  Barkerville.  STOVES!   STOVES!  ADAMS & PEAROY,  BARKERVILLE,  Have on hand a choice selection of  CAST IROfsl COOKING STOVES  riN   PLATE   AND   SHEET   IRON  With various other articles iti their line of trade.  ,8������* All Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper an 1  Zinc'traiie attended tOjPisd warranted to g;ve satU  faction. uoft  '"���������' : rA'M ..;.'.' .2 yr2*"**.2Tx,������������������...'.������������������:������'������������������.- ~ '"-  ;;������%;������.���������****j'"������" * :��������� ;.>:.j>...:*^-.-'>.������*������������~������"t���������  fe  THEjOAMBQQ MBTMji  WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 1, 1869.    y  - -.  : the pariboo sektixelyj; ;;:, AA  Is published every Wednesday 'apdJSaturday.yAli  advertisements intended for insertion,-must be delivered at latest at Six o'clock, P. &&..������ the .day before,  publication;- .//;;-. "yA"y/yy yi/  ,i'o advertisers..   ;        y , '  All advertisements (not inserted for any definite  period) will bo continued 'until ordered outjy and  charged for accordingly. :....     " ������������������_��������� ���������";.��������� X .  TO CORRESPONDENTS/;';-.  All communications must bo accompanied, by the  ���������real name and address of the writer ; not necessarily  with a view of publishing the same,- but as security  or Hs good faith.   .' ,     :  THE LABOR QUESTION.  The United;Kingdom and the United States  are, beyond doubt; tbe most progressive, the  most prosperous.and:most wealthy countries  of the world.   What has  made 'them  so I  Free, institutions, by which knowledge; and  all the blessings - tbat bave -tbeir  source   in  knowledge have been;;spread throughout tfie;  mass of the peopie.y;-A^  aid manufactures,^eh^ura^edyand.stim^  latel by" a liberal system of  government,  have placed;' these "twb: nations far ahead of  all otherskin-.' therace of ^r^ress;;and civilize  ation*   Enterprise and energy are* not, as in  mo3t other nations, limited to the educated  few, but a more general dissemination of the  knowledge that tends to the .development of  the earth and its/ products characterises the  mass   of  the  population^   Noy two nations  have   done  so  much toward, fulfilling the  i g eri p tural^ comman d to sub cl ue, m ul ti ply an d  replenish the earth.   We could  appeal; to  - facts if< necessary^ btit;What:vwe;bave said is  bo palpable that we are not -afraid Of being  charged   witlf a vain-glorious tendency to  buncombe.   Now, what, we repeat, has made  tlie Angl o-Saxdh^attonsthe greatest in;the  ,ra  -��������������������������� ^|i>yy,:\^y,;''������^'-i.  thriving famil i.es th at con sti tu tes th e po wer  and happiuess of the commonwealth, and  \yages constitute the fund that siip'ports the  families of the great mass of the people, y&  happy "yeomanry- is far preferable in ahy  land to a large number of miilibnairesY  111 fares tlie land���������to hastening ills a prey��������� *;  Where weal tli. accumulates and men decay r *���������<  The imposing aggregations of Bri capital , "were that ���������;the accepted test. of ^British  r u le; wo uld exh ib it ;an im me use n ati o n al  weaith'���������;.������but the;real test of good government and progress is to be looked for in the  general welfare and intelligence of the mass  of the people. Good wages .permit the working classes tp obtain abundant food and of  good quality for themselves and fam  To that extent they^ benefit.the ffirmer, the  merchant and the capitalist. It is. an exchange of values, and the increase of capital  keeps pace with the increase' of the many enterprises and i ndustries which are or i gi n a te d  by the wants and comforts of Jke^ families of  the greatr mass of the people.; ,On the other  hand, ah exorbitant rate of wages retards the  development:X of';enterprise and irfdtistry.  The t|iited kingdom and ^tbefTJnited; States,  however^ notwithstanding their high-priced  labor--for -it is so/ compared --with that of  otbet^tions-^still- find: sufficient; scope for  all the industrial energy and enterprise for  which they are famed. The :competition  nthongst their:own people keeps the price of  lab or within reaso n ab 1 e H m its; an d it wo ul d  be? a-: national^  intensified: by the presence of a.^emi-barbar-  o us race, wh o seem ine ap ab le of r isi ng to r o u r  own level of civilization. -.Weare quite certain that English��������� workmen .would never  suffer: it, and; we are mistaken if their cousins:  in the TJnited states wiirericlure^i t patientlyV  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NOTICE.  .worl^  n,n severe  ...    _y.,y  have before;  ������$,'/ oi ..those  THE BAttK OP' BRITISH. COLUMBIA, is prepared  . to remit GO ED RARS tp VicUiria. for sale, ud van c-  in<r 95 per neht. of the Sari FronCisco 'par (enfaced  value), /and charging a commission of; one per cent.  on the net returns. v'      - '    ;.   -   '':.".. ���������"  ���������;���������     Ay   CHARLES S. JpNES^Ageutyy  , Bank of British Columbia,."' 1 y ..-' A-A y  Barkorvillo, 27th August, 1S69 ) .   au28  SOCIAL BALL.  l. "'���������  ���������    A SOCIAL B ALL WILL"' B E GI VEN B Y ". /���������'/  MRS.   S.   P.   PAIIKEH,  ��������� SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 18G9.V  :  Particulars In our'rioxt.- . au23 ,  New  Dominion a.  EESTAUSANT AND DIHINS ROOMS.  yy&^D:.:-MlNNESy!.:- y y  HEREB V announces tb a ty he', has ppc ned bis -New  . Boarding House,  'A''"AA-A'/':   ;; 'tisiTto raEjAss^^FSic^ ,:. ���������  ���������-.   ���������    BARKERVILLE^ >     ,    .:  to which he invitos all who .desire first-class Board  at m 6 cl ei* a to ra tes. A" Ol ea ii 1 incss^ i h tb ^, Coo k iiig De-  pa rtmont,may be relied ou��������� as. ,he bas engaged the  services of a firsUclass (WHITE) Cooky ���������V-..----'-  . .%&���������! LIQtJORS AND .CIGARS ,of the best brands  maybe obtained at tho Bar.  yy yy;     :.:   . a������'l*4  ; institutip:nif^^K^||l^l good:..to .the  greatest'niimb������^gg^s^ar' positive-fact- that  . al though the ^commerce andv manufa.ctures; of  the United Kingdohi and^the .United ^Slates  lead and govern the. commerce and manufactures of the world, yet in ;thpse countries the  p rice  of labor '. is: higher-r th an. Tn any other  country.; -Another equally; positive; truth: is  the fact that;the;;lower theMGaleAbiywagok An  any  cou n try, the  lo wer -the' p ositio n of th at  country; in all that contributes to the Welfare  of the world.  ��������� These two ^statements are .beyond the pale of contradiction^^i;y We. cannot,  therefore, view the increasing immigration qf  Chinamen as'a movement likely to result in  promo ting, th e   welfa re   of I either:   of   th e  nations   named.     A   general   diffusion   of  weal th marks the real prosperity df nation?.  r'i\\re   are   well; aware that j free institutions  should be free to all who wish to participate  in  their ad van tages,- and a poll cy of exclusion seems somewhat paradoxical in a country that boasts of unrestricted freedom.   But  the' fi i-s t obj ec fc of a 11 1 eg is la ti on shfoul d b e  the  welfare of the people, and legislation  should first be directed toward the development of the saying that "charity begms at  home.",   The introduction  of a   barbarous  and brutal class oMaborers must surely result in degradation  to  the   more   civilized  class of our own kindred.   How the United  States will deal with this question, it is difficult to say at present * but it is not difficult  to forsee tbat in a country where the majority  rule, and where the interests of the majority  are opposed to the presence of tbe barbarous  Chinamen, contentment cannot long prevail  without marking, a limit to the ingress of a  population that will bring laor into contempt  and penury!   On the1 PScific   coast,   where  there is a great surplus of space and resources,  the competition  of the Chinamen may  not be hardly felt ; but if the barbarians are  taken  to  the centres of population, as it is  proposed  they shall  be,  the   consequences  will riot be so easily tolerated.   A retrogression to the low price of labor, in proportion  to   that   which  rules  in China, would be a  national calamity,   Xjb is the number of well-  y* At: Yokphoma, a city in Japanf three daily  newspapers are published-. ,  . ySiktyrOne :newspdpers were- started in the'  ^United States during the montb^f^May last.-  yyTke;Greerilauders;are graduallyi becoming  extinct 'yy-: ,'"  t Th"e Nico.bar Islands, taken p ossession o f in  the name ofyQueen: Victoria; ni^iarch last,  areto be:?colonized with Chinese.f/;'    ;;;  A poor bead 1 e Of Dunnikier Free. Church,  Scotland, lias fa lien heir-at-law to the p ro-  pertyy and estate of A.lex. Morej Esq., of  Maskrig.yy.  England, France, Austria^ Sweden, Denmark an dv Turkey b aye sign ed a co n y en t i on  to permit foreigners to acquire landed property.   Russia, however, still hangs back.  . Cincinnati is not yet half a century old,  andithasnbw a population of over 300,000,  .nd its wealth and commerce, bave advanced  in like proportion..  A lot of California gold bars were recently  delivered in London, England, within 20  days from the, time of tbeir dispatch from  San FraneisccA; "/:. ..      \ .' ;    y  Nearly all the Australian miners who  "rushed" to , tbe Cape of Good Hope have  returned, disappointed with the reported rich  diggings at Natal..  Railway King Hudson, of England, is  about to be relieved from pauperism. ������4500  have been subscribed on his account.  Miss Kincb, daughter of the Governor of  Morpeth (England) jail recently fell in love  with a convict, John George- Smith, and  eloped with him to Newcastle, where the interesting couple were married.  Prince MeUernich is accredited with the  following definition of a velocipedestrian���������a  fool upon rollers.  NEW  ADVERTISEMENTS.  O.     LAM!  nnENDERS I lis sincere t,)j;\nks to those who have  JL. favori'd liiin with their-patronage on Mo^juiio  Oreok and oI>:-:\ybKris and begs to Inform his IriciA?  will tho puhlic gennully that lie has cnmnicucAtl  r!^0An?n^!yku?'ille,in l]m *U'rQ ^^i)y occupied  by G. DODUlO, whore he.has a stock of  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS  BOOTS,   CLOTHING,  WINES, LIQUORS, TOBACCO & CIGARS  Mixing Implements, <fcc. &c.  teudefto^111 Mond,>on outsi^ creeks promptly at-  *&������*��������� Consignments of tjoods rrom *������**��������������������������� ���������a  Colonial produce from farmers *n \Z2l V w  BBtatteiMfon and caro. "'     " **-*&-'  Barkerville,; August 2S, 1S6Q. au2g rr  GEv  THE PEURY ACROSS .QUEStfEIXE .ttIVER,: NL'AR  ; its confluence, with the Fraser,-is to let; yy '������������������������������������  .. Ten tiers. fo r tl te an i il Fe rry Pr i v i I eiiCs; a re req.u es t ed  to be sent in to the Magistrate's offlcc,r Rich 'field, on  or before Ule FIRST DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 18C9; to  bcop^iGu at 12 o'clock^noon../h ���������-��������� rAyr '/{,.  : ��������� Th e Ferry  i s ; to b e work ed .wi th a rope as a t pres-  eii t, an d. BON iJS': wi li be, reqiii red for the ful 01 mon t  of the terms' of the charter.  The Tolls to be as follows:  ���������Loaded Animals, each       -   . ���������:. / 'AA  .Unloaded;:��������� 'AK\ iil- -��������� AuA A>. ;o....���������:.;,:  ;.: ������������������*-f*:���������"'���������.-���������',; ��������� Wagons'".;..':".; A.'-". ��������� .,",'��������� ���������" ���������'', -"'���������'-  Freight, per 100lbs.y y -y'A/A Ay/.  Cattle, each,'   .  r    , - ��������� : .v     -y* y  Sheep,' eacli, '.-.-:������������������'"',;--." ...-; ; :. {.A. ���������' -.-'*. *:" :"' ���������:  Passengers^ A/i- - ������������������.' ��������� ���������'-������������������--'��������� - 'y..-������������������������������������"yA'-yy  ��������� ': Ter his ot: Lease,  three years.  ..The, rcn t  quarterly in advance; and the;Ferry prlviicL     ,...i.....,^  five ni i les up; Q u os n e 11 e' r t v' e i4 fro iil. i Is \-tn ^^^Wti%  highest tender wil! bo accepted. y- ^'y-y--  Tendcrs to be sealed and docketed   <sTenl;^r3|iK  the Quesnell e Ri ver Ferry, n ca r its confl u en ce vwl'fcti;  the Fraser River." y- ".'   ������������������������������������ . ?������������������;'."/*';"t Jy A/yrry.A  ' : -y' ������������������' ������������������'.. --C. BREWy������������������; -y  Stipendiary Magistrate  Magistrate's OfRce,      "\  Richfield, August 20,. 1SG9. j ������������������     ���������.   , \   ,-    aii21 td  150-Mile   House.  ^p H E and ers igned, propr i e tor oft be ?t bo vo we 11-  I' known and favorably situated establlslimetit,  ha v i ng pu rc'a a s e d t h e' sam c from ' E; To rm ey, d esi res  to inform li is . friends .and the public treneraily that  he is now prepared to alford every accommodation to  triivellers and others at the most reasonable charges.  The table is supplied with ah the substantlals and  luxuries available in the country, and prompt attention given to the wishes of the guests ������  The I3ar is stocked witu the very best brands of  AVines, Liquors and Cigjirs.  The Stables are spacious and. comfortable and attended to by first class ho.4tler.-J.' A- plentiful supply  of the best provender of all kinds always ou hand. "  In short, every con ven i once and facility conducive  to the com fo rt of m an an d b east will be j'ou n ii,' and  the proprietor will spare no effort to give entire satisfaction to all who. may patronize the establishment.  August 20th, IS69.     , .=   yS. ADhER.  ONIONS    FOR    SALE.  LILLOOET.., PNJPXS. of   the best 'n.ufi.Uy..land in  splendid condition, for sale cheap,"tit  B. EDWARDS' Store,  au2olm B-irk<-rvillo.  LUfVIBER!   LUIViBERT"  1TESSRS. ArEACHA>f & NASOX arc prepared to  1ft furnish Lumber at their Mills, William Creek;  and as they have now a ���������  PLANING     MACHINE  in ope rut ion, they will supply DRESSED LUMBER at  $15 per thousand.    Shiny les, $12 pur thousand,  auiil tr  ILL I A  RE  BOOTMAKER,  AFFERS FOR SALE THE IJKST ASSORTMENT OF  \J    BOOTS to 1)0 found on William Creek.  ROOTS MADE TO ORDER,  Warranted not to be surpassed by any made on th  Pacific coast.  Ci 11M B 0 OTS CON" ST A N TJ ,Y O N IIA N'D.  . REPAIRING done in the best maimer, at shortest  notice.  In connection with the above, he begs to notify his  friends ami tlio public, that he has on hand a choice  assortment of GROCERIES and DRY COODS, and  hopes, by keeping a well selected stock on hand to  merit a share of public patronage. ;' '  ^-OPPOSITE BASIC OF BRITISH COLUMBIA-?������ft  RirkervilJi*, May f>, 18G9.  dunville's  CELEBRATED OLD IRISH WHISKEY,  my26 At DeNOUYMON & KURTZ.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS;  notice;  THE   HUDSONS   BAY CO.   ARE PREPAfipn  I    receive at pat .value,  at their Store' ������ ������ ,To  ville, in exchange <for.-Merchandise, GOLh\r^ktr"  sued from tho Government Assiiv mn������,..      -"^S is.  sued from tho Government Assay Olllce  y/A ';-y;y:.^^  ; Barkerville,July 12, 1809     :^ . ViAff^.   -^���������! ,���������-- --,     ������������������������������������'-��������� ' ju14 2m -  NOTICE. "^^    y  t. LL PERSONS, indebted to; tho Drm of \ft w  A.   PEARCY, of Barkerville, B C , are U->'-t " *  settle their accounts before tho 15th of ���������<tyAiiVi  next, and all persons .having claims .aga;.,^ A/At  firm urn Mniii������lA.I  ���������������������������������������.,^. .1.-1..       "    ''"-   {M'! SS \i\  Qrm are requested to present their ace  menty. ."��������� ��������� ���������-'-.������������������  i-J:  ADAM!:; A VEa::cv  Barkerville,"August 24,1869  ������������������   assay y office,;;  THIS Office will be ready for busiu������������������''���������; h.\ (*/-.  .;Monday next, July ,5th', In Kane's r.-.v yi/iy'  Barkerville.  -1  ������������������.,;. ��������� >-','-'.-:��������� CHARGES:-. '. ry,y  For Assays of ^old Bullion K (oricshnlf) br^porr.-n  har-"fi:  Deposits under $800 will he chi  Assays of Mineral Ores, $io ea^  '$4.  Barkerville, June  ^ HITCHCOCIC. .CKJof Mcltc  SO,:18C5); '.je'8021,;  ;C^MER,ON';':���������������������������&.. AMMES,  FARRIERS & GENERAL BLACKSMITHS,  y   ' Barkervim.iv  HAVE'purchitsed the scand formerly.occupied in- \  . C. Campbell.; and. will cxecute ordcr3 for':HiWei  shoeing and Blacksmith- work of. every <lescriptir>n at  tho lowest rates .. JyS4 2m  " A"6G&". Every convenience for SHOEING OXEN with'  despatch^' \-:.yAyy/:M<:~. y-.v.. .,...,������������������- .y>..y,.. ..���������,���������;.������������������..-. y  .'rZx ;��������� ^^Perfect  Cure,  AT, THOS. ^FLETCHER'S SECOND-HAKD STORB  :andi;.Gcnt'ral.:!Rcpairing Shop will be found a  La the capab le p f Turn ing and fitting up Car Axis  and'Wheels, Hydraulic-:Nozzles, Hose Couplings, ic..;  an<I all rcpairs of meta 1 work done \vith��������� na;tIneps.  yiVj.bc found also. Cooking Stoves, Sheet Iron Stoves,  Pumps,: Hoset Nails, Picks, Shovels, and almost cverjj  thing requisite for Miners* use at low prices.     -���������:"'  ; y;y ;-���������������������������   yyUPPER barkerville. ������������������"..-'. .wis  DRUG- STORE.  JAS. P.:TAYLOR desires:to state; that he slill keeps  ? on his biislnesi at tho ol d SUitiW. where he h;i  Patent Medicines of all kinds,on Jiand.y Also YWVMW  GARDEN SEEPS.    Prescriptions carefully comym'-.".  ^d^at reasonable rates. A Next door to Cunin's Bwn-.  \wr  ^Bark^.ryjllc, May 5,-18GCU,,..  English:: Ale: and Porter,  -       ,:.  .    0>'; DRAUGHT,  .   CHOICE WfiSfES ANI) XTQUORSy  No.   6 IS    S AC RA tt E N TO    STREET,  .    . ;   > Aboyc Montgomery, San Franeiseo. .anlSha  y     PAINLESS  TOOTH   EXTRACTION.  DR. CHIPP.IS:PREPARED TO, EXTRACT TEETH  .and perform-short operations without pninJT  the aid of the apparatus discovered hy Dk. }���������lmi^  ofl/mdon. .-This valuable discovery produce insej.  sibility in tho part alono. arid renders unncccstar)  the administration or chloroform.   :   .      A        r^.  OFFICE���������Next to Ronnie's Boot store. BarUnii^.  Ollicc Fee,;. $5. teeth extracted, or filled w������ft-^;.  ^o. ��������� ...-���������'-..���������. - ���������' - ���������   -.������������������  VAN    WINKLE   STORE,  Lightning Creek.  MINERS AND TRADERS will Ami it Jo Ihdr tf  vantage to purchase at-this Store, where thereof���������  A Larob Assortmkst op Goods, -f  ���������Of tho very best description ou hand. atJS;  constantly replenished by .now arrivals,. Ti������o.l>-iI  . tors will sell GoodsJ  Afi.CntAV   AS    ANY   l.V.   CARIPO^   " .  Orders ptomy ly. u: led; an/)., yy/AAyZX,..,', y*  Van Winkle, Kay A\ J3*> yZZ^AiZAA.;'  .      .    c.  S$KOr*r:, ���������  .WHOLESALE   AKi>.KI-;T,V'J.:   !-!  - G-roceries, Pro^;'^0'^;  HA RD W A R E,    DR V     r  CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOlw :'������������������'-<  BARKEEVILLE. "         .^  GENERAL   DEAL-ERS  COMMISSION MERCHANTS  BAKKEKVILLB,  Havo now on Land a large wortm*  GROCERIES, LIQUORS, TOBACCO  ���������AND���������  Gheneral Merohan^  Darkervlll , July 13, 1860.  uj4lia  ^r^^wxj^;ir^mmi^>m?mm^mm^m  Emmtmn  SUfRw...  .dBraTOffisaEaaswin-a**.. f  ,v.Jr  Ar"  "r-^jp--  .-  THE CiVRlBOO: SENTINEi  >BARS i.  .WEDNESDAY. . SECT,,1, 18G9.  rnlo  -lm;  t*\'.'  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  ty\  diz&  ;,./:',��������� WILLIAM CREEK.    '..,..;: :. ��������� ".-.  ���������"-.   Oa Friday the alternation of showers and  :r.yune wbich characterized the weather the  '/���������  y%  before,, gave place to a steady.  iiiWici/ing; rain, which, con tinned up to Monti ,i v to .1 v ii i ng.  . Snow to tiki dcp th o f, si x a mi  ' t ;\A. i U\Jies fel I b ii Mm moun tai ns, an do a 11  u*k vi r a d ro ugh ty term iiintipn to Abe fall  .M':v:!!Mi. such as thai of last year, is fairly dis-  ?i pa leiL W i th a cp n ti nnan ce o f tb e p rosen t  v, '��������� :i tbe r to r a few. day a. re n e wed a cti v i ty  a::v; j:��������� ?��������� 1 oo kc d f or���������'in. the upper part of tbe  txA ������������������*, by ^ e hy d r a ul ic c o m pan! es.  J" b i: i) < * w n i e c o. w as bed u p IS oz. for \ he  #u e li, w li! ch is b do w th e i iv a ve rage re cei p ts;  owing t'������ their ground being thrown out of  WrKin.u shape by tli e" cav ing of Ibe i r d ri ft.  JlytttHndiciug wivv ; maintained during the  week by: the San Juan co.'.; and the BradI ey-  ��������� lsTichoIsbri co. were stil 1 engaged in redxing  up. The Flume cp. suspended opcrations  until .the.flume,clears itself ; arid the Wilson  co. w ere i n a ct i y e; fo r t h e sam e reason,. 0 n  the' Dutch Billy Corn ish and iliac Ic Ja c k  claims hydrau 1 icirig was .'.carried on ; ..an d: the  C. d i fo r ni a ctf. were group d-sluici rig. ���������; T h e Sari  Fi anciscp co. .washed up: 5 oz. to the hand for  . the week.   .. - ���������  V '   ,.' ..- " Xy  Below the canyon���������rThe Barker co. washed  wp 78.oz. for the; week ; V the Fos ter-Campbel 1  co., 30 oz. ; and the; Cariboo co., 95 oz. The  Boreal is co.  did well during the week, and  '. washed up 10.035. for pno day's work of thjee  mcn,.ou Saturday.  A-y .v.  y>..: stoctgltgh,  ''/-'a'      A-..y,'  Wa ter b ay i ng ��������� become ; more p 1 en tif 11V x"pii  - this , gitIch'. during .ihe p aat week��������� \than -for  k>Veral weeks past,. an .inereased outp.u t of  gold is... t he resit I fc '������������������ ������������������ -Th e M n ch o "-'������������������ 0 ro c 1 ai ra  gave ; G3i: ox./for ��������� the.i week's, work ; the  Co n nibs el ai tn, 1,0 9 -��������� ".oz^\ < It h e- Ta If v al e cl ai ni,  J33.4 oz.; the: Floyd j claim," 50 :oz.;, and the  ��������� Jenkins.��������� claim, .returned expenses. Satisfac-  11 i ry vet it r iw vi n- th e p th e r; cl ai ins are sti 11 in  prospectivey; //ir '/?*���������-//> ������������������; y yy  '  ,lV. -.... coN'icLrx oulou. ,. ::���������."���������/'"-,.���������';-'.:  An ew so \ \ ree. 6 f. weal th i n tl us^gull&UJs i n  ii I'air -wi\y of bein^ylcsyloptnLby tfe JisctfV-  vty of : what ris.-'ilhoughl to h^yt ^oiUmuotion  ol'tlie rich'load"of Uico!d^:D4^s^^a^n *%;*%  (Jonrock: tunnel.;, (Tood.pro'spects have-.been  Lumd:on tlie rimed' a cluinnel^Uput;j20fef������gU  I >ayohd tlle, U nited V.ciiannel. . .ItPiKe^ti])per  part of the gulch the new diggings;continue  top ay sat? ? la cto r i 1 y.   The Felix cp i w a s hed  II ii. 07 oz. fo r the \vt ek, an d tho McDowel loo.  (10 oz. The Lone Siaiyco. have gravel iu their  tunntil which, they: say prospects a bit to the  pan. -.���������������������������' ���������'������������������       ���������:��������� ,'-: '  ���������. ..-.������������������..;���������������������������/-. ���������  M'.UlTHUK^. GULCII. '/"  yy The Mahring co. are hydrim 1 icing.  A-.-. ��������� FRENCH OR15KK.  The Morgan co.diave been forced out of  their shaft by water. The Odd Trick co. are  running a tunnel, and the Cosmopolitan co.  are down over GO feet There is nothing to  report in the way of strikes.     :   ; ,-y fl ROUSE CU E EK....  ...  ...  Ve ry 1 i ttl e that is no te worth y was don e o n  this creek during the' past week, but the heavy  rains of the past few days may set all the  companies into activity again. A company  have taken up the abandoned claim of the  Point co., above the Idaho claim. The Rocky  Point co. got over 13 oz. for the week's work.  The Waverly tunnel is progressing close to  completion. The .Garibaldi co. cleaned up  4 0 oz; a n d 2 S o s; i n the 0 rs fc an d latter p art o f  the week respectively. Fart of the Flume  co.;s ground has been taken up.  GA.YKT GULCH.  Ah tbU jrnlch, a tributary of Grouse creek,  vi companies are ground-sluicing and doing  y i ; i^yyfli -  ."������������������ rEVENS CRKKK.  )A - ; :��������� c- Obinamen and two white men are  *;, "S ,;i������>i:g on this creek ground-sluicing.  UEGdS GULUIT.  i?-\tic companies are working on this gulch  viyre they are preparing to winter.   Two.  companies are running tunnels, having found  satisfactory diggings..  . MOSQCITO CRISEK,  The principal feature of interest now on  this creek to outsiders is the continued good  reports concerning the newly-discovered  quartz reefs. A sample of the gold was  brought to Barkerville on Monday. It is remarkably fine, and the decomposed rock pays  about $6 a day to the hand with washing.  As prospecting goes on the presumption that  a good lead oxists, and one that will " stick,"  acquires the certainty of belief.  LIGHTNING CHEEK.  A prospect has been obtained in the Ross  claim on Lightning creek which promises to  point out the direction taken by the rich lead  Sound in the Dunbar claim,  erally believed that the rich deposit favored  the hill ground,- and .several companies so impressed, have expended a good deal of time  and cash in endeavoring to trace it, but without s u ccess. So fat, bo we ver, i t wo u I d appear that the opinion of the Ross co., that th*-  lead had broken oil into the creek, is the most  co r rec t,, al th o u g h as th e. go Id., t! e pos i ts a re  very i r regular i n th eir cou rse: i nor abou I  Ligh tu i d g c reek, m o re ti me a 11 d '���������,. w d r k are  necessary to. satisfactorily demonstrate the  direction of the much-coveted lead. Cohsid-  e ruble work b a s be en done b y t h 6. R o ss c o.,  and abbut $4000. expendud to bHng them to  their p rose u t ausp ic Io us eo nd it ion. Ad rai n  about 000 feet in length was brought up to  th e. sp o t: th ey se.l e c ted to si n k, a ri d a f te r ��������������������������� p ii t-  ting down a big crib and puddUrig well  around the shaft, they cut a drift about 3(J  1 out. neroas tlio c reek so as to c o: a m aud the  surface drainage by leading it into-the drain  a n d th u s k ee p 111 e sh a ft d ry., \V i th th ese p re-  paratory operations concluded, tbey commenced sinking, and after getting down about  50 feet they came to bed-rock, which on one  side of the shaft pitched six feet high. After  fairly b o tto mi rig and pit tti ng i n to Vv ard . the  creek a. fori r fo o t; sot o f ti mb ers they took o u t  2 j o v,.,. a nd p n ge t ti rig i n fo u r sets "the to tai  wasb-up amounted to 20 oz., the last set yielding 8 oz. This is only the second instance  where the deep ground, of Lightning creek,  has been successfully bottomed, and the first  w here the resu 1 ts b av e ,eq ual led exp ec tatio ns.  ;;;'.   ': pIUGON'CUEISK. y '/ ;-">-;  The,Dragon co.:is the only company pros-  pectin g -. o n th is c i'c ek, an d they- have r u n a  tu ri m 1 750 feet i n length, b u t ex p ec t to. ru ri  .150 fee t more be lb re they stri k e b ed - roc k. .  Xy/y    '���������'���������A y v .   CANlUUXXREEir, ���������:..-.  i: The-Clear Grit co. are gettitig a little gold,  a rid th e Mi 11 er a n d '<U ay llo wer. c O trip an i es: are  extend ing the bed-rock drain to' cu t off' the  ���������water frbm:the Miller shaft..  ;y'vy-yy.y;   .  lowuee creek. ;::.';  The Calaveras co. washed up;.28. oz. for tlie  week./;1A 3 oz. piece; of'gold was., found in  the Kelly claim last week. '-���������: The Black /Bull  cb. had not ,bptto tried, and the yicforia co.  were driving ahead with, their tunnel.;  : -y .;/ ^"antler creek. '.-. ."���������..'   "Ay'/-/  ; Porter & co. are taking out good pay ; and  ,.tbe Boyd co. are making wages. 'The Harkin  . . are s ti H cl ding. we ll. b ay i n g' t aken: o u t 50  ..; last, week..,; Tlie; Johnston ..and yMeB.ii.de  mpanics are making wages, in- the creek.  ^Rocker . Bill; (Canadian)  cb.:'are taking put  about 25 pz. per week,  -The Antler co.- have  got ready to sink.   On   .  WOLF AND CALIFORNIA CREEKS, "  y A few men are -grou nd-sl u icing.      ;  y   :y y    Cunningham creek; ���������*���������/_  Sharp ^ co. are still hydraulicingy-The  Standish- co. have commenced to clean up,  and are m ak i ng. w ages. Fi ve miles below  these c o m p a riles aro se ve ral o th ers ma king  wages.  lUUVEY CHEEK,  The Point .co., are taking out from 3 to IC  oz. to the set of ti m b ers. The Minnehaha  claim had not paid expenses during the two  weeks prior to the last. The Bradley co. expected to get down in four or five shifts.  Bailey & co. are running a tunnel and getting  some gold as they go in. Laid law has been  prospe cti ng grou n d fo r ah y d r a ulic cl ai m,  and having become satisfied that the ground  will pay, ho will commence hydranlicing in  the spring. The tan yon co. have had: to go  back to their shaft and open out afresh.  m  The  wages ;  KEITI1LE1'CKEEK..'.  Gntto cn; continue, to .make, over  and the Ho wick co. are making So a  day to,"the hand. The Dead Broke co. are  making over wages. The First Chance co.  had been making $ii) per day to the hand.  John Grant had struck a prospect and was  preparing to wash. Bob Young was still in  good pay. A company above the .Snowshoe  were taking out good pay. At the old Reliance claim it was expected tol have a  wheel ready for running on Monday last.  The Stonewall claim continued to pay well.  GOOSE CUEKK.  Operations  on this creek  have   not   yet  given compensating returns.  Enterprising���������The success of one enterprise leads to the initiation of new ones. Mr  Lonnan having "struck it-J. in the Felix  claim, is preparing lor a new strike elsewhere.  He is having awheel put in about half a mile  up the Chileoaten river, whence he will conduct water to a bench on the Fraser which  be expects will pay from wages to an ounce  per day to the hand. There are many such  benches on the Fraser which only require a  stream of water put on them to rem nu crate  enterprise. It is impossible, however, to conduct water on to many of them, and there is  a great scarcity of wood near them, which  won Id render the use of steam engines and  It has been gen-'' pumps rather too costly,  Exploration���������Tlie proposed exploration ei  the country between Barkerville and Tete  faunc Cache seems; to have evoked' a far  greater desire for the accomplishment of the  enterprise^ than was anticipated by the most  t*nthnsiastic proposers- of the movement, and  Several voluntary offers of, assistance have  been, tendered. It is how, however, too late  iii the year to undertake the expedition, but  from, what we learn, in regani to it, a thoroughly organized party ���������will be provided for  at; an earl y period of next yen r, an d the ob-  jecls in view will be mbre fully developed  b y th e do v 6 ti on o f more time and iri cans than  was. co n t em pi ate d by the i m pro in [) tuv ex p e-  dition party who lately proposed to undertake the exploration.. It is intended to make  tire ex p 1 oration'- a pnbl ic matter, an d a committee: for that purpose w*il I be called into  action ih January next, so that.every thing  requisite to complete the preparations may be  a rmnge d a n d pr by i d ed fo r. We u n d e rs tan d  that the inhabitants of- the several towns and  fa r m \ ng dis it i c ts below Cari boo h ea" r ti ty appro ve of the-project and..wi11, su pport i t.  No w -������������������ th at the Canad ians are. e vi uci ng an  earnest desi re for, o ver I a ii d common lea tion,  ah effort bn our,part would dVmuch toward  developing that debire.. Recently obtained  information; goes to,show that the country  fro in here to Tete Jaune Cache is quite passable. The fishermen at:Bear lake say they  b ave p e ne tr ate d"' tb i r ty -five miles; b ey ond  th at 1 a ke in ��������� th e t r bp at3 ;���������m aking only t wb  small portages. . Captain Mitchell says he has  disco yered a ���������'. la rge laic e which he belie yes  wb uld carry b o ats t6;;a sh ort d is taac e of the  Cache. A practical eifort on"the part of the;  co 1 o n is Is y towards exp j 6 ri hg: the ;.ei gh ty. miles:  of. country bet ween this and the Cache,, and a:  practical: demoustratipn.. of the passableness;  of: the same) wou 1 d attract the attentio n of  til e'' D onii ni.o'rial Go vernine n t, a n d as su r v ey-  ors arc in tended;, to be sent; out. to the Nor th-;  west Ter rito ry. to seiec fcAn tpXX way r pu te, it is  probable enough,;th^  h ave accom p 1 ish e d tn e i r wo rk they wil I re -.  cei v e i ns tr u c tion s. to i sii rv ey the c pun try; on  the: boundaries of /British Col urn biayaiid^the  Northwest Territory, /proyiiieuce helpsthbse  who:: help ' themselves.y Frpiri; what we bear  ab o u t tb is sub j ec t b f exp 1 oralib n, we a re certain that so far 'as ;the /men arid/means are  concerned it will prove a success.;      ���������  Wool and Road TpLLS.-^-The hardship indie te cl iiy th e ro ad to 1 Is u p on al I;; cl asses "of  pieo ple^ o it the m ai ill an d ;'abp ve/Yal e h as lo ng  beeh-a1"theme of geherai comp hiirit; but 6hly;  so far as the)': rola te to the tr an sp p r tatio ii of  goods.4hwai-ds;; "but'the*��������� bardship{bec0mes;  intensified when we have /to send anything  out wards:; "B very thi ng < hat the colo n y pro-  d u ces--at 1 east all co 10 n ial. agr ic ul tur al pr 0-  ducts���������sh ould ' be ali 0wed ; iree passage  through the toll gates to and fro in the colony.  When the farm ers. located west of the Clinton  tbi'.-gate send their grain to the mill they are  c h arge d to Us on "the "back ward tri p borne for  the passage'of flour for their.own consump.  tion- This is intolerable. We have now in  the colony, east of the toll-gates, a large number of sheep, and a considerable quantity of  wool has been accumulated.. Messrs. Harper  Bros, alone have about 15,000 pounds. The  duty upon wool entering the United States is.  we b e I i e v e, te n c en ts p e r p 0 u n d, and th e rd ad  and b ri dge to lis i n the c 0 lo ny t hree een te per  pound. "Governmeat should allow this and  all other wool; or indeed anything the product of agricultural industry, to pass free of  road lolls. The wool could be shipped to  England and the value returned to the colony,  and the road tolls should- not stand in the  way of such shipment. We have heard some  talk of a. woollen factory t) be started 1.1 the  interior of the colony, but wc are afraid that  \ fe was me rel y ta Ik; ��������� as the cou ntry i s sea reel y  ripe for such an enterprise. Meantime, however, every encouragement should be given  to the shoep owners to save the wool, which  we are in(V-rinod t ey do not in c0lise-  quence of the difficulty of finding a market  for it. We cannot expect that Government  will * undertake to relieve the sheep raisers  from this difficulty, but we might reasonably  ask that the road'tolls be not- levied upon  wool intended lor export.  Well Boxio���������As will be seen by a communication'in another column, Messrs. Wright  and Adair have collected $5S2 in aid of the  widow aud family of the unfortunate Roberts,  who was drowned in Fraser river about two  weeks ago. Messrs. Wright and Adair have  paid sufficient tribute to the liberality of the  people of Cariboo, and we have only to say  that those gen tl emeu deserve a corresponding  share of praise for their benevolent efforts in  behalf of the object of their appeal to the  public.  Tur Best Coffer.���������In order, to obtain a  first-class coffee, it is necessary to secure the  very best berries, and to roast them according to tbe most approved method. This is  done by Wilson & Rickman, Fort Street  Victoria, who are prepared to furnish, for  cash. Coffee that never fails to elicit the np  p r ob a ti on of tb bse wb 0 use. ii  gggg^ggggggg^^  PtfEbv���������It is no boast to say that Cariboo  produces as fine beef as is to be obtained  anywhere else, not even excepting the "roast  beef of Old England,".but it is an ihdisput-   .  able fact.   Messrs. Van Volkenburgh & Qo.  th is week fu rn ished.. i n du b i tab 1 e e vi d ence of  the   fact,   by  the beef from an ox, which  weighed.1067 pounds.,. The weight is nothing  extraordinary, but.lhe meat'is.   The ox was"  a genuine British Columbian; having: been  reared in the country,. and was 0ne of .thy. '  fine stock of animals belongingJtbllarpor  Bros.  .Our American con tern p oraries n ev e i*'  tire in praising the 1 r . coiintry ahd 1 ts products, b 111 in this Co un try i t has been to 0 c us-:  tomary  to croak, croak, 'croak,: instead of  puff, puff, puff.' We may fairly brag abpiH  0 ii-r beef, and al though we ra ay be th ough t  ihdulgiug in a *\ puff," we are quite certain  there, is nop uff about the beef.','.  Rktubneo;���������T b e , b ear-h unting   p ar ty ro- ;  turned to Barkerville oil Monday.: -Tliey, re-,  port haying enjoyed a pleasant excursion 'to  H ar vey . c reek,, exc e p t 0 n th e d ay: of their  return, when the fai ling sn 0 w in the,, mo u n-  tains somewhat interfered wilh their sport ,  and comfort.   No bears, however, were seetr  during" tbewhole bftlie time (five days); they  we re on t. b ii t th e par ty w ere' con d u cted toi a ;.  se r ies of en co up ters with bea rs in the well -  spun yarns of ��������� the tiye Yankee;  On/ leayin^ ,s  Barkervilie, aX report  got  into ��������� ,circulation  that, the. excursion: was merely a; blind to  screen a. ,p.rize:: fight ,b etween, Billy; Mulligaii -  and; Mike McCopl. but this turnsi^;ut;to.;bayb  been*the  baseless -fabricaoiyk'disordered;:  vision; . / .   / , ������  '   ,-.;./:       /..-;��������� y  -A  Thbv Weather ; .likfc ' its ;  quondam ' ^self 2'againy A; Its*   characteristic  weathei^has been on;: a tour through'Canada  and the /Easter h States; ;and has how p^tiafeiiv  to: us. .0 The ; hills; rejoice;/ and h we do lined/  a w el I b 1 anche d m ant le tp wei com e.; th e trii1 <  ant /weather;^; The; creeks.:and; gulches,' tbo,'  canyons and ravines': are1 poiiring out their  waters of gladness, and all/ iiatjire /(yi:-Gari-  boo) has assumed its wontedf aspect.  ��������� ��������� y Ecclbsia-Stical^���������The Bey; Mr/Derrick I eft  B arker v il j e by .Barnar d ^sEx press 6 n Mon d ay.  He g 0 es to; New;.Westmi n ster;': an d. to Van -  cou ver Isian d. to pre ach a roun d of; m issi 0 'h*  ,ary; sermons^ahd also: ;to;. speak; at the: mis-;  sip n ary- "m eeti ngs. Th e Re v. Mr .Whi te -is ex^  pectel by the next express; and will remain  in Ba 'kef vil le-aiiitiI:���������ttibZtp turn 0f Mr D.crrick.  Socri-i^B^^Mrs'iS.J?.\Parker announces  that sb'^S^|^tee^3^^^t>all*'-on" Satntfiay/'  next. 3frs F. should receive support in 'her  efforts toi-TSWi^|recreaiipTi 0h' the.A\ightj fany  tastic toe," &C;r^N'Cwrthat tlieilays are short  and waiking hot Very pleasant, 6n accphnt of  the rain,a ballought to be well appreciated.  . FouNn ��������� The body of the unfortunate man  Roberts, who wa3 drowned in the Fraser, was  picked up near the wood pile about a ;mile  b el 0w Elmore's ranch. The body of Mrs  Se nay h as n 0 fc yet . b een rec 0 v eried: It w as  seen by some Indians in an eddy a short time .  agOy y      ..r-2,r--'-y      yXyrAyyy' y "/-  Impkoving- -Men are at wo rk on the; An tl e r.  Haiu'ey, and Keithley. .creek trails, and the  ro ad to tli e Meado ws an d Gro u se cr eek is  being looked after. 'On behalf of those; interested, we thank the powers that be. "Render unto Giesar," &p.  Ne\v Stock���������Mr W. Henn ie bas reccived a  new s to ck of fi rs fc-class lea ther. an d co ii tin h ea  to mak e b do ts 0 f th e sani e qu al i ty as r eg ards  fit and wear which have given him: the extensive custom that he now. enjoys. ���������/_-.'���������  Expiiess. ��������� Bavnard's express, with the  mails, and treasure amounting to $42,000, left  Barkerville on Monday morning last.... The  Rev, Mr: Derrick and Mr. G. B. Wright .wero  passengers.   ,/   . ' .....-".  Mketlvg���������A meeting of the Cariboo Amateurs will be held on Thursday evening, at 8  o'clock, when a full attendance is requested.  Attention ! I^j re . B ri g a de !���������Yo u are re-  q lesfced to meet at the Firemen's Kail, as  early as possible, this evening, for drill.  CounT���������There were no litigants before tb������  County Court yesterday.  THE  SUBSCRIPTION IN  AID. OF  MRS.  ROBERTS.  j  EniTon Sentinel :���������We wish, through your  columns, to record the manner in which our  late appeal in aid of Mrs. Roberts was received. Notwithstanding the dullness of tho  times we met no refusals, and many a man  whom we knew had been long struggling ineffectually against bad luck, came voluntarily  with bis few dollars���������given with a feeling of  regre t that he cou 1 d n01 do more. Al togefcher  we finished our task with a belter opinion of  human nature than when we began it, realizing that the heart of the Cariboo public is  truly "' open as day to melting charity."  We therefore desire to thank the donors,  not only for their gifts, but for the kindly  spirit in which tbey were given.  We collected $582  G..B, Wetght.  John Adair. ���������  yyi>" Wi<������^ji^.3������iih������������^*--������w������^������*i^..*=v>*������- ..-������������������  I'  MISCELLANEOUS.  MISCELLANEOUS  It is estimated that there are npw;200,000  Ghiuamen in the United States* y  The use of wood in the manufacture of  paper has; greatly.Increased in Germany; in  the last few years.,    . ',:.,/  y; The troops at Aldershott are in fiitiire to  be accompanied in-'t&eir'^^pie^^y /field  :.: telegraph wagons.   ' .. /./.. *������������������ ���������  The Chinese in California are very skilful  in counterfeiting gold dust, and succeed in  selling a good deal of the bogus article"-.- ;  ���������The- St. Louis Times says; that there are  about 3,000; opium-eaters in that city,: and  that tbey consume 13,320 grains of morphine  '���������daily. / .,--V; ���������  i ''Curious names ��������� are freq uen tly gi ven I to  towns in California. The expressive; nanie of  Hiimbng;';������������������ Point was lately.; applied to a new  town site., .���������;/       '-:_ V X. A-; ������������������'���������  : A negro undergoing his examination as a  witness, when asked if his master was a  Christian, replied, "No, sir ; he is a member  of Congress."*  A western paper, speaking of the sudden  death of a man, says, " it was a dreadful blow  .to. the family, which consisted of a wife and  adopted son, and a few boarders."  A 6parrow with three legs was captured by  some boys in North Shields last week. The  third . leg tmd five claws. The bird died  shortly after being caught.���������[Newcastle Journal. \  It is computed that the safety, of steamers,  voyage for voyage, ia nearly double that of  sailing ships, and not only are they twice as  secure'against casualties of all sorts, but the  casualties which do happen to them are not  so fatal. ..;     y.'.  In one of Dr. W. H. Russell's letters from  Egypt describing the tour of the Prince of  Wales, the writer saySs:,.^\ As there were no  other asses to be found,thesjD.uke"pf Suther-  - ;\:anif06\. Tvuesdale;C6lJi^|g]^a\)^nd I were  ' obliged to ttndgQyb^Zto^..^li^^^2   ."��������� .'���������"  .-. ..'S;^ypyAAAy^A/^:^j  New Method of Pifck-������Rtv*xG.---At a recent  . meeting   of   the   Franklin institute, a new  method of driving piles was described.   It  , substitutes  gunpowder,  Bays   the   Scientific  ��������� Review,   for   steam   in   working   the  drop  /.weighty A charge of powder ; ist used   to  elevate: the / weight, : and   another   charge  ������������������ throws it down again! witfcgreater: force than  y it would, acquire by falling alohey Ordinary  Arnusket/charges are said ;to;be:sufficienfc to  work'.[ a four hundred pound hammer in^thW  way, and the strokes are made with greater  rapidity /th an in -the old method.  :: /  "We find in an Australian paper, the; Mel-  ... b^pUTD.e/j^^r,..^ remarkable^ account; of the  ��������� . cure of poisoning by sna^-bite by meins/ of  electricity, ������������������:,-���������. AMr. Smith, in the (course of a  public lecture, caused two dogs to' be bitten  y >y poisonous shakes.   The audience'sefected  one, which was placed under the! b attery,  ;and a Bharp shock of electricity applied to  yibe spine.   In a few minutes it  was  quite  well, lively and fripky; and the other animal  was dead. . Mr., Smith is arranging some ex-  :��������� perinhents/ in which; strychnine is to be the  poison used ; and he suggests that even  small-pox may be amenable to the treatment.  Earthquake-Waves. ��������� The earthquake-  waves of August .last in the Pacific, about  which we have beard so much, writes the  Atbehamm, were felt in a memorable way at  Samoa (Navigator's Islands). At Upolu, one  of the group, a wave from twenty to thirty  feet io height burst upon the shore at two a  rn., when tbe natives were all asleep it  came without warning, in calm weather,'and  the affrighted people woke to find themselves  floating, with the roofs of,their houses and  their household gear, among the tree-tops  Some were left lodged in the branches'  others were carried oa-by the rush and  plumped into a swamp behind the village  The alarm was great, but the loss of life was'  small.   The first wave  was followed by a  "?*f  "ear1^ "IN. !������ magnitude ) after  .-winch, from  nine  to eleven a. ra., the tide  rm? and fell eighteen times.    What a striking  mcKleiu tins tor the Islandersi  HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &c.  f EITI S H ^GO 1MB I A,  '.[Incorporafei by Royal Charter, 1862].    ;  capital;  r- ^y^-.:.^ -;feo6,poo.  Willi power tb increase.  /   Drafts issued on the Bank's branches  IN;/VANCOUVER 1^AND ^VICTORIA.  : In the United States : :A  CALIFORNIA, a   -.';.'-" -SAN FRANCISCO!  OREGON,      ->\      -y      PORTLANIX A, //  NEW YORK,     -   Messrs. Bkli.&Gcndrt,  Agents for the Bank of Montreal./  ON CANADA���������The Bank of Montreal. .*   A  ON SCOTLAND���������The British  Linen- Company's Bank. '���������'/;'"/. -y'V'/y/.'.  ON IRELAND~-Tbe Bank: of Ireland./  ON MEXICO and SOUTH Alifl^iCA^Tfie  .London Bank of Mexico and South  America.  ON ENGLAND���������The Bank of British Columbia���������Head Office���������East India Avenue:  Leadenhall street.  Received on Deposit, or Advances made on them.  TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  Granted on Victoria, San  Francisco, Portland, and  New York.  Every description of Banking Business transacted.  CHARLES S. JONES, Agent.  William Creek, Cariboo.  Miners' Provision   Store,  BARKERVILLE,-  Next Door to Sextinel Office.  AT this Establishment, will always be found a well  selected and varied assortment of the  FRESHEST  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN CAttiBOO.  AIjSO���������A good selection of Clothing. Hardware, Class  aad Crockery.    Best brands of Tobacco,.    '  Medicines, etc., etc.  Best Java Coffee Roasted and Ground   DAILY,  ALL GOODS SOLD~AT LOWEST RATES.  Tbe.BAR is fully supplied with the choicest  Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.  /I trust by strict attention, to business, and fair and  square.dealing, to merit a continuance of the liberal  patronage here tofore ex ten d ed to m e. /  ..A large lot' of HEYWOOD'S celebrated  forsale,iata very low figure; '������������������'���������  ;-."��������� Feb. 20,, 18G9. ���������  BACON!  3m  Sheet and Cast Iron Stoves  TIN PLATS & SHEET IRON.  A LL JOBBING  WORK-IN Tl^  COPPER  Sheet  JX : Iron, Zinc and Lead  Piping, attended to; with  entire  satisjj  promptness,  faction.  and  warranted  to-give  Hardware, Iron & Steel,  HARNESS,    Etc;,    Etc.,  FOR SALE.  . E. PEARSON & BROS.,    --'���������':..; .   Barkerville.  BLACKSMITHING.  p McENTEE wishes to inform his friends And the  T\ ��������� PUJ]}IC that hc 's prepared to do HORftttSHOE-  ING at,. $3 per act, and all other kinds or BUicksmltti  work at, reasonable rates ������u������uK.������miw  RICHFIELD, July 23, 1869.      ���������    A     '      jy24 tf  SAWNEY'S    LETTERS      ~~  C A RIB 6 O     RHY  13V JAMES  ANDEKSO.W  PRrCE,      -      . 0NI3 D0LLAR>  For sale at the Sevtivft. OfYW   in ,\ r~ .������������������* ,  post, free of charge '' ail(i forwnrded by    ,    .....������.���������', IIIL  my29  NEW WESTMINSTER ADvFn^^u^^  E S  Dispensing Chemist and Druggist.   Xmmrlor ���������r tt^t  ��������� lib Dvms, Chemicals, Pa^nt ftSBSSS' &?**  ������������4,������w i epfumcry. Sew Westminster n r  FRESH GARDEN SEEDS CONSTANTLY ON HAND  ifav1 V?m������m Up"C0UDtry caref������"y attended^  ~���������~���������AA.���������;  _��������� 6 m  rpHOMAS WALSI-I^ Tailor,  New Wonmiinnn.   t> n  1    Clothing made to order at modemJ i������l* B'?,'  mys on band, English  and  nr^?f    ,tIllesX   ,A1"  ;om  tl,B  up-country attended.^to   wh\������j2rtJS  way  from  dispatch.  HOTEL  DE  FIFE,  DUNBAR ELAT^ LIGHTNING GREEK;'.  . (One mile and a-hali above Van Winkle,)   ���������  Under the Management of MBS. AliliAN.  -/'���������:��������� This hotel is now open  for; the accommbdation of  travellers;"'   / A. ������������������ ���������"���������/������������������ "'"'"'���������   First-class:meals will. be. furnished, and thchest  bran lis of Wines, Li quors and Ciga rs wi 11 al ways be  (bund at .the Bar. / '      , -jy2-tlm  Miners' Boarding House:  fpHE UNDERSIGNED DESIRRS TO ANNOUNCE  1. that lie has purchased the, House nnd business ol  the above ostablislunent, ftnd solicits a continuance  of custom.   Thepricc of Board will remain as hefore;  BO&TtDi''''$!2 rm WiSKK.   Sixole Atjsai.s, SI.  AA At..,. 'y.XZA'A'    -SAMUEL WALKKR.  ;/Barlcerville, July 27,1869.".- ;       ;  ju2S.tt ���������  .   ���������'-���������"NEW   E H&LAND   /  Bakery; and Opffee: 'Saloon.  THE PROPRIETOR of the above establishment'woald  respectfully inform his friends and the public in  general that be*is now prepared to furnish them with  Bread of bis own baking, having secured the assist-  ance. of a competent Baker, which, enables him  defy competition.  ne has also a COFFEE SALOON attached to ihe  above, where none but tho best Coffee, Pies aiid Cakes  will be served..  .. N.B.���������BREAD  DELIVERED  to   all  parts   of   the  Creek, my2'Z 3m  OCCIDENTAL    HOTEL,  Quesnelmouth. ������������������  THE Proprietors of this well known House tender  their sincere thanks to their friends anil the travelling public generally, for their past liberal patronage, ami bog to iuform them that in order to insure a  continuance of the same. Board and Lodging has been  reduced to $3 50 per Day. .Single* Meals, $1 00.  / All the luxuries that the country affords are constantly kept on the table. Private Parlors and Suits  of Rooms lor Families. Tho Bar is stockctl with the  best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars;'  The Stable is well supplied with the best Timothy,  Oats, Hay and Grain. BROWN &J3ILLJS.  Quesnelmouth, May '     18G9. A  Antelope  Restaurant,  BARKERVILLE.  J._ MASON,  Proprietors.  Board, $12 per "Week:    Single  Meals, $.1/   _ w  .^2h OYSTER STEWS, LUNCHES, &c.:  The best of material is used, and all who wish first-  class Beard at the above rate can obtain the same lit  this establishment.  null lm  HOTElTlDE   FRANCE  ij  iED SALOON  FINE    BED    ROOMS   TO    LET.  -���������^gi. Dinners for parties cooked to order.  VICTORIA ADVJBRTISBMENTS  rancg  BAILEV'S. HoteJ,:/Langlcy Street, Victn^TT^  yopen for the accommodation of t������SE,,%,lfll  the Tabl9 and Beds are kept in the^^SSSS  ���������T". ���������'���������,������������������'���������"'������������������������������������     ������������������    ��������� ��������� /;:. -y 6m  Importers  and#C6mmission. Merchants   tnsun  ;'-;���������;*y:---������������������-.:-������������������ y Agents, etc.,. ���������...;. ���������-���������'.; ������������������   ���������n  Wharf Street,     "-.yy-. CXA .-/    ������������������������������������ .Tr. y y,   ������������������-���������'  \   '���������[. trr���������"���������    ' ' VJCtorja";��������� V. 1,  ;;;;-f:;:-;y;^  TaUor, (Successor, to Er Read,) Gk>vemm4nf  Street, Victoria.      XL A : y!  ���������;/������������������; Onlers attended to with care and despatch.    '  ':���������/������������������:/-'���������    Q. $PENCER^n^v  Importer of Books, Stationery,  and Faiicv PtwauJ  '���������"���������   Manntactures, ��������� '*a  n  FORT STREET, VICTORIA   B   C  myl,. 1869.       -.      v,.y:. ,. ,. .'   *..;.������������������'���������,  Pacific  Telegrapli  Hotel,  STORE'Streot, between Herald and Fisgard Victor1  ;; ria: Meals at all;hours; Board and Lodeinir nbr  week, $5 50 @ $G 50>. Per day, $\. Single meil������'  37 1-2 cents.    Beds, fin>������.*������������       '-> b    ",CiUt������  ANDREW ASTRICO, Proprietor'  May 1,1869. y.    .      Cm      A-A  E. WATSQN,  M ������ ^     gra  d^S St. Nichi  TATGHMAKER, JEWELLER AND EN-  1 graver, Government street, next to tho  &&������ St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. L Chronom.  oters and Watches cleaned, repaired, and warranted.  Every description of Jewellery made to order. Plaiii  and Ornamental Engraving neatly..executed^  May 1,1869. . ..;.. X 6m. -.  G. G. GEKOWv  CARRIAGE   AND    WAG-pN:   BUILDER;  .  Corner Government and Pandora StreetSj  East side, Victoria, y. I;,;;    ' ,.-,  Executes orders for every description of- vehicle.   A  general assortment of Wagons always on hand, /  May 1,1869.   .     Cheap for Ca9h.   y '.-: Atyn  A.   CAS AM A YOU,,;  ���������Wholesale Dealer in���������       / .' ..  G-roceries5   P r o y i $ ip n s,  Havana Cigars, aud French Preserves.  ;-/.  Yates Street,        -      ���������      -      Vict6ria,/V./Ii. B: p.-  "!y,^':  :V������-  m.. GHLMOEBi^wsw  ry: t������  iKy'XM?-YATES STKliETi:  \;.iif.y '........     y.;-,3..  '-Atm^/Am  ry:  care   and  m6  my5 6m  LECUYER & BRUN;  /, Proprieiors.  T IC E  rpHE UNDERSIGNED BEGS TO INFORM HIS  J. friends and the public, that he has fitted up some  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  In;his new .building, where he is prepared to give  good Bods at a reasonable price. Those who will  favor.him with their patronage, may depend on the  cleanness and comfort of his house.  He takes also this opportunity to remind the Caribooites that his Brewery has received the FIRST  PRIZE of the Colony for his celebrated..  XXX    ALE,  And the true amateurs will be able to judge by them  selves that such honorable  prize has   been justly  awarded to him.  N. B.���������A large front room to let.  . Barkerville, Jan. 23,18G9. : N. CUXIpj  ;  Restaurant and   Bakery.  rpHE Proprietors of this old and well-known estab  1    lishment would respeelfully thank their numer  ous friends anil the public for the extensive patron?ig������  heretofore bestowed on them, and trust that by their  usual strict attention to business tbey will  merit a  continuance of their confidence and support-  Meals,  $1.    Board,   $16   per  Week.  BREAD  MADE   OF   THE BEST   FLOUR  Wo recommend to the public our  GROUND    COFFEE,  which is a much superior article than any which can  be had from bolow. We Roast and Grind it ourselves  and choose tho best borrh's, consequently tho public-  may b c su re of i ts b e i n g free from a d u I tcrati > >n.  PATTERSON & GOOBSON.  Barkerville, May 18,1869. inylO  J.  S.  THOMPSON,  ACCOUNTANT,    MINING    AND    COMMISSION  IX   Agent, Barkerville.  Mining Companies* Books kept and adjusted.  May 1  1869,  XS-OTTTiand, and is constantly rocHving  a 'Ihrgn  _ assortment or CLOTHS, CASSIMEKESnml V-KST.  INGS, which he is prepared to make to order, in M.  most fipprovcd styles.  Allordcrs from Carihoop-.omptly attended to.  May 1, 1868.  y y ;���������'���������. -" -. -,C"   :���������  FELL    &   FINLAYSON,  Tea and Coffee Salesmen,  y   Fort street, Victoria, V.I..  Spare no effort in selecling and keeping an ns^xi-  ment of the choicest articles that can be obtainen.  To large consumers they oiler every facility as regards  nrioes,  nrimiaiity...,      y \; / myl 6m  LONDO  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  J. H; TURNER & CO.,  ��������� 'Al iMroRTEus of ��������� ".,',;  English  and French Silks, Shawls, Dresses  Underclothing, Gloves, and every  .,".-'���������'   description of Drapery Goods.  Receive regular supplies by Express, via Panamn  arid by sailing vessels, via Cape Horn. _    -  . Xffi- Particularattcntion given to ail orders, e*  '. London Fi rm^J. V Tvxbtai.i* & Co^  ESTABLISHED, 1858. __v  ROBERT   BURNABY,  L -LAND AGENT, Etc., ���������     '  .  OOVBtt.VME.vr Stkkkt, victoria, V.  I.i      -    I  All business carefully and punctually attended t^  May 1, ,1S68.  YAEE ADVERTISEMENTS.  CoiFee ! Coffee !! Coffee I  t ?  BARLOW- desires to ^^rm^tlic people o^ ���������������  xjl. interior and upper.country tha:*���������J0 i3  tamed the necessary machinery j n tim Comt  now prepared to furnish a first ^^Jjing to *���������  roasted, prepared and put up in tins, ������W!^ftuiuH  latest approved scientific principles, and wm  to be superior io any other.    ,,      pl fh|nff . Garden*  Groceries; Dry-GoodR* Tinware, C Jthinjf ������  Field and othorSoeds, English and Colonial.  Yale, May 1,1809. __. J ^T~  FORT    YALE    HOTEL'  Front Street, Yale, British Columbia.  THIS bouse has excellent accommodation for J������t  1   . i-ellors.!  Good bBds} superior iare,������an������ fl  of Liquors at tho Bar.     Stabling  for animalfe ,  and Oaisat tho lowest rates rwptteW*  WUIklUUIINWIUk.


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