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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-09-06

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,.;   yy/home;sigk3^ess;'':::.;. yy
- A( 'Zy " t J,l(Frpnat?io;^3aribooite^)y  ; 22A3 \X
A great many of us on leaving our native
, couutry ibritiiis'land o^^ld^adia;strongin^!
prcssion'that' in tlie course" of two years j pr
three at mostywe would b^^ q\xT
pockets well filled withtlie precious metal j
, even some: went so *; far as to have large; bags
prepared' to receive theuv;exipected treasures,
A  sometime hefbre, the^ left;the;8lipres of,.their
''ain.countfeel?,: X \ ��� ., , ^Zyy y"  \...
�� 'But 'the tfccpt J a l d sch mee of mice and men
;���'"" Aft gang agloe;";   . .    A
���: AiiaW^^
'mcfiiiig np," neither jvas it seen glittering
through the;gras8j: but /deep in: the bowels'of
the earth, and1 only to be.feot by great toil Arid:
trouble.; 'And so It is, in [all trad��Jsior professions. Manmtist work before he can reap the
fruits of his labors; anditisgoodtor him that
he must, for it is a''��� true'saying ^fiat"'-1' money
easily gained is quicklyspent?^ Wow, instead
of.being disheartened^ as many no,doubt are
after wealth, we ought i hythese very difflcufc
tics; tol be -the more .determirieiiito ^become
iadependent andt to push our way in the worlft.
Butin orderto <lo so we,rmistdo; something
for a fair and.piioaperous breeze ton spring iip j
-or, mi other ^ordj^^tos^
penultjpon it-that the man jyvfa strikes:liardest
���has almost invariably; tlte,besUuclfe Only let
^ 11s iave-sdme. fixed purpose jin viewr-witfc a;
'are 'teiiHo one in oji. ���. favor. ��� ^It is^erysilly of
WSSm^M^my^SAmmn:A��rr���, '.AM
Junes to be formed for the purpose of awai��*
&Mh#^?2gto8$b&WiUocdupy lathe
a'3* Sf ou<^%�� ;Gerniaily,30:tlW:
'Atokh �� W^P^JlPj'-yajidiis .slates of
n!> -!. SS^iU^W sfetes of Africa aiid
various^ stateg of America,. 6; Great; Britai^
and Ireland, 85. yyp
composed;- the^foljo\viug; ,iascription,46  be
placemen the' tombstone whic^^^s^fflmr to
bright existence she had whiore sorrows than
m ;common.4 but^feoBa-soft inmciMit#a
clearness of discernn^
ot h^art which are^rare;;. For ^40;^ears she
:was tbftrxxe ^d loymg'he^mateSO^
,band^^ii^by.a&t:ana'Word AMM&ldb^yfbv^
.warded him ;as none else could in all<ofcworte
that be did or attempted;:; She^died^atiibndonj
fist April'lg60, suddenly snatched rawa,yfrom
him, and-the light of his lifeyas>if; goneibutft
' ;,;AMAN'"& LAMBERT, I Wain ops/ -
OFFic^BARKE^VILLE, Willis Cri^;, Cariboo,
< y- in ^Subscription; $1 per weekj''
(Indur^cost.of5doIi7e^;)J*ayable tofthetdarri^
rrr^m^^r,,.:v.y: 'A;/:,. :...-.->������.
?-:��� 5 -;1'y:Vy.-y,;:'i, ".:;: ���*������.,   y' ��-.;-;   :��� v. ,
RAREERYIKLB,'A    ���    ,-
V'1". < ^'J-''y,,| :��� .'-f-W'-.y,    '���-���*.'���.-.   '>'���   ���-   <J   ���'���   '22 i
,   .f.:.DgilLER'IN y ,-' '/     y  ,y
6-iNK op, ^    ���
; i��-
.-.��;* 'i
.-r. W ~S "V.r
stiipid'of hiiri-to w.isn that .'j he had not left
ipme.^;SSuch^Bentiments evidently show %
iweakmindp andionly '.prove?'that^uch. a per-
: son was "gopd for nothing :at jipme?\ and very
little ''A Icoiuit^ J. here, ^e^ejaie ho^es of a man
who, instead ofLqMeffy .pIoMing along in one
place, r^espff; atTa nibment^s notice to every
stone gather&\iio^mossi'y but it requiresar-'lcph-'
Vstaitfeffor^^^^^ and our
"rushing miner"tiyfaoeflbr t of Jhis^will. sh 0 ws
at least 'ar determinationy and a spiriib to. make
his fortune, whether he gets it or iipt   Biit
what hopes ate %6fe for the man who is ever
hankering after home fbecause^ he is poor>or
out of luck ���; '���'- such; a one, should ne ver have,
left his mother's apron string*/AHe evidently
misses; the^i^fixins7,;<;at';'hoihte ; and"longs for
them^ and'wemders' how the; girls get along at
all without him; poor fellow, he neverimagin-
ed that he was qnly;a favbritel with them because ", he was so i nnocent."   Ab, weli, 0nr
advice to sucbia. one is to;give up all thoughts
of home until- he^lfas; at least given;this coun^
try a fair trialtand; dbiie his very best to better
himself and if then.unfortunate, but'we don't
believe .he! willf so i:/; ..������.Zy.A/y-,;;; ���;,
Meanwhile trust,not toluck^^ .alone, i
Chance will not do the work,���rcbaucesends tho brcoze
But if the pilot slumber at the h'elin y' ���-��� '������
The very:wind that wafts us towards tho port ���
May dash ui on the shel.yes. j.The steerraHn\s; -���
Partis vigilance^blow i t rough or. smooth. \";:       -
,:,We. (fOwP) are informed-.-that ���teneral-Beau-;
regard; was opredj ^th^H^odaT^Moldo^
WailacKia, the post of GomihandeMn-iCMef of
the Rbumaiiikn. army; an^hon^r ,\^icfftBegal-i
lant officer has, however; declined;;      y y/y
A ;^0^British railways���^takin^ them all roiirid
good, .bad, and in^ifierent^ay-alSbu^^i^
cent: upon the capital .engaged iri: their construction'and equipment;    -��� r     - ���. - {-v i
Cj^We^woul^ calk the:-attention of those
having, goods .ojr other conm^ditiesi toe move
3feilLC Wilmotty who has'aiH6rs0 andBrSy
sread^ at; ,^��f shortest^ iw^te
6rdera;be may be favored with,���;at'Vvery rean
soniible rates.A������::''- <' - ���" ���":' .. ��� -' - ���;   -��� s* - <*: ���
j y ; y yy
y y &
PAID-UPxCMm&ii^ *--y--a   ^iK^'km'
���   ��� ;    Hw^.v-:\flp��', - ;  * -"   : ��11562,500,
' '-    'I ^SP?w to i Increase.)
y   -yiy yA'i fSr\ A ^
'       ���   -    ���  :     Vi- i\- ���     ~   - '".,. - y-r ..  , ;' ,   '
:  :��� rj. INjfihgEfL.CQLDM3IA,:  .>:"  ,
���mvymmwwtm^ :���.
li^iu yy 'ix.i^,* .-v'-*.;!.-... l.-.,, .. *.2'yyyi"Asii '2X22
'*$}>< PORTLAND, Oregos.   -  ' ,y
0K' ���S:B^^^^NTREALi; IN' CANADA���  :' ,
. stpo;   Cobourff;apJ!evi^^ BnrntlW   Brook-        ^
Ca^o ;IiiterairJ institute
The Prussian NEBDLE-GuN.r���The f Tiines>' in
^leader, says::^ "From first ;to last,iit is the
needlerguns that have apparently carried the
'.. .*?t ���.i *fee needle trim is simply a breecb-'
Ibauing'-riflp prvei^indifferent quality.    Jn
Pri^ipalfas-weU as in construction it is not
to be comp ared .with; several breechZ lo ading
rifles manufactured by;. English makers; but
1^R^ect'-,^i^i|yjt::h& Iproved-quite good
enough to secure victory for the Prussians in
���ost every encounter. 4 With ttesc facts'be-
tore us, not a day should be lost iti arming
our own infantry \wiih breech-loaders of the
west available pattern;"    A letter: from Bei^
Unj in the 'Siecle,7 says:--"A superior officer
explained.to me how very dangerous a wea-
poii the needle7g'uri is in a pitch-battle: It can
���jjtttts man at 500 paces, and well trained soi-
aiera can fire four or five times in a minute ;
80 that, during, a..-charge. from the 'enemy's
'cavalry, the fusiliers, can,\making allowance
jor-the agitation of the. combat, fire three times
jetore receiving the horsemen with the bayo-
1fyM to precision/ the '.men; at 300 paces.
caa W the target 90 times out of .100."
fol"^^^ German newspaper describes the
uowing terrible scene as occurring in a house
�� vlenna:on the 6th of June. A carpenter,
, ;.unung from a long journey, found his wife
Sjng, his child dead; and: an order to join
tio M?y Pinned to the door. ' This combW
inin ?u ^sf��rfcttues so overcame the wretched
l*a that he fell, to the ground in a fit and died a
him ?mJltes after.    His wife soon followed
mr�� to the grave.
JShlf you want good Coffee urn FelPs.
, ^Thr^UniversaLl PftACTiOB^;'h^in^vCbi43or^^an^
jother atlulteratives with Coftee, haS;Very: mac&'damag?
eU in -rpi{6lidv^tii]lat{bn^.#lmtTdtt^i�� tu ba the "most
idelicipus of,Beveragjes. . So .en^'ctuaUy have the spublic
been drugged with such mixtures that the true proper^
ties have:Jbbon lost sight Ofyciiict many prefer a,.black
and thick';in^slpn;to;a;drink ricli in spirit;aiid- aroma.,
G cneral as is ih oiiso of, Cdiroc, it is -11 ttle known /that
in c6ndens'm!g the^ft^ES'^l^ac^d'i^my the borry^in
roasting,"a liqiibf. is obtained of the most nauseous
taste, and of sa scent the most unbearable."   Under such
ciccumstaiiceSyit 'is evidently Important'-that all the
gases iiiidltu ids extracted -by- roasting should.be carried off as quickly as possible, in order, to.prevent their1
TOturning again to'tlie:X3oirep. ..wlucli. is the case in the
confined cylinder. * This object is-admirably accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Colloe Roaster"
aVused by ;FELL&' CO,; Victorlaji ��� in wliich the berry1
>is directly exposed .to the radiated hoat, and thc. vapor
extracted carried off instahtjiuobusly.   * In arlclition to
the advantage.; to; bo,;derived by -the rapid removal of
the'steaiii cqntaini'ng tlie objeclionable properties,..tho>
pure aroma.'fit the CoiTce is retained,, tho essential oil
beingprw"'-~J -��-^����v������i^:.-.-., y.,2 ���.-.,, ..... ���..���,:..*������
goes by th6 conflnod steam. It is chemically impossible to retain the qualities or arrest the" deterioration of
Coffee when ground. Tho hoat engendered by. the pro.
cess of roasting, iuid especially or.grinding, creates an
action in the elementary parts which gradually destroys
its fitness for drink. But to retain the essential oji
which'it contains wo have St encasod in tins containing
from 1 lb. to 28 lbs, j -and which, can;b6 had from anyoi
the respectable dealers. We can conililcntly rocommend
thoso who havo hitherto been- obliged; to refrain;from
taking Coffee on account of; its ill effects that they may
use our Coffee, roasted in tho Conical Roaster, being re-
bommcmieif.by all medical men under .whose notice it
has been brought, and by numerous other testimonials
hvits fav6r. . ��� y -,-'V; ;: FELL & CO., s
y    .    Coffee Merchants, Yates St., Victoria:
vy.r.;;s>-itv: *  ���' -������-���'��-' I  v.-,-,-.-,.... ,-,���,,- ������-,  , y. ,-f  ���, -    )y.;.,y   .���   .-   ..    -y
>^;Ti  S.-TH01IPSOX'-P*Esir.r~r      ��
|Ate|ANDERSON, ?Vmyy,siAy2 y     <    : \
'Johx y.2j-iym&$~ - v '      '    '
y--^mwf^y-^-  y
JOH^B0WRO>V,,^:, Seobbt^Jt & Librarian,   ������
T^HIS'.ipSTiic^pSff?^se..u - nl in i- about 10
A volumes o��.Choice literature ;c6risistin^r6^Rshgidusi
Scientifi^Historic^^ md A<n  il wu N/and-works'oii
on Kmu^vyMyim of britjsh Columbia,
y;.y :���.;;;���;���;. v;:;;;;:;^
yl#f i^#^ for any ainonm not
lesGthonOnoHundrft;I}QllarB.        ..
oustodi j I .te e i    t   Jljiviaonds collected.
toryM ^holrts^;ManuractUreS'ana Min'es.kXippencott's
Pronpunctng Gazetteer of tho^Voria;, jind Hoinah's;Gy-
cloped ia. of Commerce wjlfi always ;bclW]p tin1 the room'
tbr reference."? --y^ /-  ���''_. +*     .
[ The Reading:Room Willrtie fbund^suppliei with the
litest ,Knglish,;Scottish5-:-Canadiah,,^^ American-iahdeolb-
nial Papersand Magiziues. s - :     *��� ���
; Terms pF:Subscription���So per quarter,?or $2 per
month;;.;: :SingIe volumes^;Lbaned^tcviioh-subscribers at;-|
SO cts, per volume, with $1 deposit. .  ' .*   y /
s Persons not. subscriber .visiting the, Reading'Room
and making use.of the.Books and Papers:will hie charge
od.-25.cts.;tt>r each yisit,;: . !"��� J:'. "XAX// X" ':'^/
'.:��� J0S^The Room will bebpdn from lQa!ml tilllOpiW���
������;������--������' : JOHN JJOWRON, '
/ - 17;/. : ;*y        ���/. ���  ���-.;���-.;Secretrary aiitfXibrarian^!
'/' Recuiy;ed;on Dm
1 ���>
Mgffiances matie.upbn^theinf
-.i      y y a    h-   r .
���r ;^prii,;ia66r ���
N E U F E L DER   & ;e G;,
\.  [^ '^.RICHFIELD,        r   i '���'[  ��  ���
\, . yymsALERS in. ''Ai'ZZA.
Stdi^^-^^d^ommissipn. Z ''//Zysy
2 '. ��������� .Ly;MpU'TTETy&;-
:, . wito��e^ale;;&; RETAIL
.r RICHFIELI), \Vifliains Croek,;B; C,. ;;y ;
TTTE HAVE ON Hi^Daiargc stock of PrSvisibiis,
11   Hardware and Vegetables,: and are, deter-
mined tp sell them cheaper; than any other store,ph
Williams Creek.-.Comb arid see aiid j udgetbrVbiirselves.-
Richfield, May 5th,; 1866.'y. .-':'_,;, ;>j
^Head Office;, 7, ST; '^HELENS: PLACE -LONDON.
DRAFTS ISSUED; on London, Now York, San-Francisco, Cariboo, Canada, New. Brunswick ��� a ova Scotia
aiid onalLthe Brtmches.of^he^JSatibniil Biiiik"otScoU
land and Provincial Bank of,Ireland.        ''t , ���._..'
; 3ills of .Exchange and Gold Purchased.
ylnterest;bn Special Ddposiis of ..iloriey allowed at the
rate of a quarter of one per cent, per m on th: AA: '
/     ASSAY~OFF;iCEy  '.
,: Gold i) ost Mel ted a h.d. .Assayed, -'and ret urns m ad e
wi tb in 24 hours in Coj n or Bars.
��� Ores'ol every description carefully Assayed.
.-��� '# '*B ��� ^-Any: ins true t-ious.as to tlie J i'spbsal of the pro:
coeds of.Gold Dust iorwardOd;.to'"'tlie-Office m.Victoria'
lor Assay will be carciullv attended to      ���; r    '
AAAr, ,^AAXy   ��� }-"Ot. SHEPHERD, Manager. ���
s Victoria, VyI., April: 18^6. 1^       '���
;���'.   '" - ;.y   ; -c *.- .-.���ajjd,-.       ������:
y    Barkerville, B. Ci,
\ Everything is done in connection with this establishment tu give satisfaction to the customers.        .
. jh��-Meals at.all hours.     ., ?
Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors
ami Cigars are of the'finest .quality. 0
:.;.- ������ y       ��� BARKERVILLE, B. C.
!Oppige ,Hours>: ��� ��� 10 'io/ ni A  tpy 3 p; ,m;f" -;
Saturdays,   -.--..-10 a. m;,   to   4*p;iii:f" -r-.-r
y'fiSk*Wbusiness tniiisacted on Sundays:;   ':'      y 'V
ZyA. y-yy yi- -X' ?:;yi:';;robertiui^ELt,.;
' 'Zi'Ai VA      '���'��� '..--. ������-.,��� ���-l "���'::: -'3iaiiiiger.v ���
2ist July, i860. , y ;" aay ;
, CAMERONTQWy.   ,: .; .   7y,
.? T
A :kept constantly on hand, which will be sold at the
Lowest  Market 'Rates and  delivered  FREE  OF
CH VRGE at any point on'the waggon road.
Orders left with Buie Bros., Barkerville; H. Tren-
��Im RichQcld; or at the Mill, below Cameronton, will
nu'omptlyattended to. .:���    '      y      .
be promptly
July 16th, 1866.
BARKERVILLE���Adjoining the Express Office! $
Barnard's Cariboo Express
"y--y.;. .'������'    r-AXD-''-.y    -���"���* -
lias been revised, andyREutJGTtON iu prices
made to sui 11ti e timus. The charge ou Letters io 4 ri ri
IVom Victoria and intermediate_piac��is is now 50 cents.
Stage I'Ve to QuesnL'imquth,>;   -       ..      S20.
V >>':-.'.' A through to yaie,     -V-  ;.-    $65^
A -X;   JOHN B. LO"\rELL-
'-������,. ���   ' i       .. AgentBaniaru's Express.
', August Istj. 186^.' 26''
Connecting, at LiUqoet and' Yale with DlE'TZ'���&.
NELSON'S lor ^ew Westminster ^ Victoria,'
1TILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from the office in
J.l   Barkerville, to connect with the'steamer "En-
terprise^ at Quc^elmoutl., and', the STAGES at Soua
Creek, .E^ER'V AVEEK, conveying Tr asukk. Li>ttj-:ks
and V aluables for nil parts of the world      AN> I om-
missions received ami forwarded' by Express lor the
collection of A'otes, Bills and the purchase of aniens
to be obtained at New Westminster, Vic Levi a, S*n Francisco or en route, au-l returns made wirli di.'paich
y ') JOHN B. LOVliLL,      '    '
1"8. . A^r-iM, Burk,rvi)K
il  ��� . Agents for the "Gariboo Sentinel."  *rous������ Creek, y - 7^" -" '���������;��������� ��������� .- A^^W^  Van Winkle, - - - * , ������������������ ^. L. McCaOVry  Quesnelmouth, .. Mr, 'Gotufio, Barnard's Express Office  Yale,    . -   '������������������-"'���������   Mr. Evuss, '���������'��������� "do do  Lillooet,      - AT. W. Foster,     -Ao fjo.  New Westminster,     -      . ���������     - i   %   Clarkson & Co  f E. MaUandamc  Victoria,     . -      -     .-...-y\ -������������������    |_Lc������e.  TO CORRESPONDENTS.    -/-./  All communications must be accompanied by thc  real name and address of thevwritet, not necessarily  with a view of publishing the same, but as security lor  his.good faith.   .'.<���������        AA :yy'..y. ..= .   ���������       THE CARIBOO SEN!  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 18bU  THE BED BOCK DRAIN.  PROSPECTS FOR TUE COMING WINTER.  'Of all the undertakings for tbe advancement  of the miuing operations ;of this creek, there  nte none oi more real utility than the Bed  Rock Drain. ;.'.  The original company expended a large  sum of money in the attempt to carry out their  scheme as at first ihtend:ed,-bufc numerous un-  we are likely to have  a liarger population  during.the coming .winter than on "any former  year at that time.    "    ,  Our citissens, in view of the foregoing prospects, should set themselves earnestly to work  in providing those comforts that are Svithin  their reach, arid which have during previons  winters been wanting from the non-observance of a little forethought.      ,    ���������   ��������� >  A good supply of the staple articles of food  should be laid in at the present low; prices.  Beef we believe will be in good ^supply  throughout the season; vegetables- may also  be secured at a low figure if the^ proper  measures be taken. Home amusements should  be instituted by ineans of little coteries or  clubs, and thus save many a good man from  outside attractions that are alike destructive]  to health, morals and money.  With the advent of snow we trust to see our  wheel cars substituted by sleighB, and to hear  the merry tkigle of tbe sleigh-bells arousing  the echoes in tlie canon. Many of our resi-  dents>are natives% pi- Canada and can appreciate this bracing and exciting mode of locomotion, it will recall to their memories many  happy hours of their youth, and the bright  young faces of their companions in the sleigh  ride, the sparking adventures, &c, ofbye  gone days, memories which do much to Neutralize present, hardship and apply the spur  to our energies. We never could see why our  winter residents could riot enjoy themselves  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  AUCTION.  ������0VERNMMT SALE!  OPpEMETiiK~co~  MERCHANTS     '  BiBKRVHIE & Ci  forseen difficulties proven.ted'their continuing  the:Jwork tb- completion,/ and they ultimately j'^^^^^������^^^^^1 nT^ibeitbnibten  5       ' "    ' 3     !    ������  *������--������ elsewhere, excepting of course tbe one* great  aid td all enjoyment the" companionship of the  On MONDAY; Sept 10^  I will -sell at PUBLIC AUCTION,  for the  benefit of the Government of-British Columbia,- .  ..' as follows.:  1 SPLENDID YOKE OF DRAUGHT OXEN,  YOKE AND CHAIN,    ;  1 HORSE AND ���������ART,  ^HARNESS, ic.,  TENTS,  TOOLS, consisting of SHOVELS, PICKS,  GRUB HOES, &c.  place at  BARKERVILLE, at 12  nmmm, liquobs, segaks,  '    CLOTHINa,     '  ;        BOOTS   &   SHOES  .egj-Sate to take  o^clock, noon.  Richfield, Aug. 31st, 1806.  F.V.LEE,  Auctioneer.  succumbed to which, they  .   had to contend.   .The Dr&in; so far as completed was transferred to tlie mprtagees. These  / ^gentlemen were not in a position to prosecute  the work, and in September of last year the  Drain became filled with-[the deb iris carried  down by the freshets which visited the creek  at?tL������at;period. .The claim's.which bad previously derived some beheflfP from the drainage  were again filled up, andAthe merchants and  others on the creek, <?6nSeiymg, that for their  own preservation it was'necessary to have the  work pushed forward; not pierely to rescue  . the claims that so far liard' been enabled to  wbrk: with .tlie assistance! of the .Drain, but  also a great number/Abioy^r,that without its  assistance .were uuworkable, and only requir-  ed the means of gettingAifip. of. the .water: to  v secure a rich reward for t|^'laborVdetermin-*;  A"cd.by means of subsctip^ol to 'ebntmue'the"  _ work if possible.tbi.be,:canoni_i_^Negotiations  were accordingly entered into,yahd the mortgagees of the original.conipiny, then possessed of the charter, consented. |ocede .their right  to carry the work upwardSjffrom the lower  line of the Moffatt Coinpanyfe 'ground, binding themselves to keep tlidir pbrtiori of the  .  Drain below that point in working order. The  parties-to the new arrangement have pushed  -forward the work, and have thus drained the  gentler sex. Association in the-winter does  much to cement friendship;; the . wintery  frosts seem to thaw the coldest hearts by some  summary processwhich we recommend our  readers to; discover, as we trust that any ill-  feeling engendered during the heatspot summer will disappear r before the approach of  merry Christmas. '���������''" ��������� /fy  STOVES!    STOVES!  BdgJ?hC?ll fte attention of Minereand others  to their full asaonment of SUPERIOR GOODS  ��������� which will be sold'  AT   COST  PRICES!  to make room for a NEW STOCK to-arrive eoaocm as  . ��������� ������������������- .. the Roads are open,:  ^"Liberal allowance will be made to  Restaurant ami Hotel Keepers and the Trade eenemHr  on large uf ders..- '.-... A     y  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  IF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF MRVT/GIFFIN:  he will hear of'something to his advantage by ap  plying to the *'Lining Co.," Coquet creek;'  Septomberdtb, 1866.  83  Adams, Pear cy  BARKERVILLE,  .      Have just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin. Plate and Sheet Iron,  with various other articles in tbeir line of trade.   '  Jm~A\l Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfaction, y&i  s  A XiIST 0f..'������������������ all Letters '��������� remaining in the  ���������   Williams Creek-Post-Office,;oa tiiey  3rd Septembe^ I860.  Ainslle, Joseph  ���������A  Alsson, An drew y\y  Allen, Edward ;,.: Ay  Anstead,' William :]V  Boise;������������������J;;..'-.--: rA :iA~  Brisbin, Wesley"; lih.  Batta, Gio  v..-. ��������� .'; * _;  Charra, John y-  Clarke, Alexander ���������'���������*'"���������.' :  .Lillooet, Mosher and Cariboo Co.s? claims, to  iheir great advantage, the Dl;ain now being in  perfect working order up to* the upper ?irie of  Abe last mentioned Co.'s.ground.  :   Need we say that the coiq)?aniesrabove the  Cnriboo ate anxiously lookiug forward to the  moment wheu the Drain will reach them? or  is it- necessary to remind our readers that a  ;a large tract of valuable mining;ground is at  this moment lying idle? The \Msh, Wake-  xtp-Jake, Australian, Ei hernia, Bald head,  rSbeepskiu, Eagle Co.s, &c., arc ail thus lying  ���������on their oars, although it is supposed that iu  * few days some of these companies will be  4rained, when.the .work ou the Drain has been  extended a little further, as the ground being  of a gravelly character aud. the drifts of. the  ���������diiVei-cul claims nearly connecting, it is calculated, that the water will rapidly lind its way  by the proper channel.  This however leaves a large portion of the  work to be done, as the barker, Foster-Campbell, Chipp, and other claims have to be tapped; each possessing large portions .of their  ground un worked, which is known to be valuable.   From this our readers will see tbat a  ������reat number of men are likely to remain on  the .creek this winter, and will find employment in the different claims a3 they become  aiieeted'by the drain.    The importance of  this work will therefore b'eyreadily. understood, and we cannot too strongly urge upon  those who have the work on band -the necessity of pushing the undertaking as fast as possible. - ;.>;.-.': :"y-y  ������������������!���������',  . Jnalluding to the possible amount of min-  ing likely to be carried od during the ensuing  winter, we musfe'espeeiaiiv   notice  Grons������  Ainsliej Duvid G.: :  Arthur; William  y  J'Bfockiiig���������6ii; William^)  Rferrordi;H. B.y.   . -  Braiey, a. c.;;.;;;.;._.,;.  Cooke, William J.  Coor, Peter'  Copl-in{l,J.(care J.Dalgelty)C.tley, Andrew  Caire, Dennis   . Churchall^ John  Caroline, Mi's. ....     -..-..*.. 'y..:.  Datsan, Thomas    " -Davis; ;WilIjam  Downey, J.J..(LastChance)Dew,.William T.  Dixon, J. W.  .Edwards, Walter  Kdwards, J. E.  Fulton, Alexander  Flynn, Robert  Ferguson, George  Gunn,John  Grooper, E.(Van Winkle)  "Vj;OTICE IS, HEREBY GIVEN that al! persons havloe-  il  demands against the Assignee of  the PRAGER  ESTATE are requested to send the same in to F. V, LEE,  Richllold, on:orbefore thc 1st of October ensuing,  otherwise thejr������ will be disaliowed. -   ���������   .  ax ���������        "/'��������� 'y ���������   ' .   ,    '-.'  J. RUEFF,  ./  Assignee.'.'  Richfield, Sept. 1st, 1866; : : - 35-td  CREEK  STEAM SJOT.MILL;qa.  THE UNDERSIGNED, LUMBER MERCHANTS ^  ,.to inform the inhubitanta in gehcrul of Wuliaiu5  Qreek that thuy have now in operation a STEAM SAW  MIJuL, loci)ted at the mouth uf Mink Gulcb, abovt)  Riclifleld, capable of manufacturing oue thousand leet  of Lumber per hour, any length or width required in  this market,, and of a soperxor QOAim\ - Ail orders  left at Mr. W. A. Mencham's, Barkerville, or tho Mill.  'will.be promptly attended to, and delivered FREE OP  CHARGE at any point on tho wagon road, and at RE.  DUCED RATES. The undersigned trust to merit a lib-  erAi share of the public patronage and that their old  friends will kindly give them & call. :��������� >;  .y    ".'.'' .'.- MEACHAM, COOMBS k NAS0K.  ;WUliams Creek, Aug. 27tb 1866.' '    "'     J 'as  V?1&h SOOX BE IN...RECEIPT OF A LARGE.AND  ������������������ nX WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF  .SOLOMON   BRpS.,  BtO TQ.INFpRM;THEIR.CARrBOO FRIENDS that  -they have removed to the twb.sloiy.briclc:l)uildi������g  {formerly the Enterprise Saloon) opposite the Stf*NicholasHotel,,. Government Streot, Victoria.. They will  keep on hand a large assortment of CLOTHING and  FURNISHING GOODS, which they will sell as low as1  any house in town. They respectfully solicit a call'from  the .��������������� Boys " when they come down.      .      ...36-8  Erskine, W. H.  Fnnklin, Julius  Francisco, Signer  Gilflilan, James  Heath, Charles H.        (2)  Hutcheson,-James  Huskiuson, W.  HalHUay, Robert.J.      (2)  Hunter, John  Huskinson, Wm, H.  Hark Ins, Barnes  Hewling6,  Hasser, F, William  Howeils, Isaac   .  (2)  (2)  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to offer the abovo Hotel  for Sale. Being furnished with everything c<mi-  pletein all its departments, namely, BAR.ROOM,  KITCHEN, DINIVG-RO0M and BED-ROOMS.  This is a favorable opportunity for any one wishing  to enter into an established business, which will be sold  cheap for Cash. Apply to  n. l. McCaffrey,  J       -  Van Winkle Hotel.  Van Winkle, Aug. 7th, 1866. 28  iu.j  x   BOOTS & SHOES, &>Cy  X IBfPdRTED fitRECTLY FROM SANW/tim!6J'S  HrJ  He is desiroiis of supplying tlie Trade, and  ��������� \a can.do so at. LOWEST PRICES,  ���������^illiams Creek,.July 16th, 1866^ .   ,     yi.X-. 22-tf  va/aa F OR    SALE;  NE FULL INTEREST & ONE-FIFTH in the ��������������� Found  at lASt1'  claim, Davis Creek  (Lightning Creek),  Fdr terms, apply at the Skxtixel oflice, or to  3r?-lm  TALIESIN EVAN'S,  Davis Creek.  OTICE.  Innes, James  JcflVry, Edward  Jones, John  Job, Jonathan  Kaiser, P. E.  Kersey, Samuel T.;'. " ,{7)  Leroy, Daniel  Lewis. Daniel B. y i     'A  Lawrence, J. W...-.  Lackei,;Jv;-p.:''". ;,'-.-.  McQuiltan'A. ConstahtlAo :'.". a^^^au, aluu*u.im  Melanin,vMalcolmy;';{2)-: McWaughtoaj Archibiad  Miiler,-George ��������� ... McInnes,'JSeil  Jock, James  Jones, William A..  Jones, Andrew  Kimball, E. E.  Littdley, D. B,  Xewis, John W.  ���������Lrmaud^Sllss Celine.  Xutton, Charles  McLean; Archibald  <2)  (2)  especially -notice Grouse  (Jroek, the nature of the groan'd there, is particularly adapted for winter work* thegreater  iMjrtion of the diggings being worked by tunnels ; it is consequently more: than probable  that a large number of miliars will remain on  tma creek during the approaching season. We  have been mlormed that various.^ vo* pec ting  ] i art! os i n te nd to cojn m em^ n n*rn.t) n ������ ������ n r  as the fall  5fcArthur, Peter  Merrett, Samuel, y  Montford- Robert A,  Manuel-, Senor D.  Murphy, John J.  McCarthy, ������enuis J.  O'Brien, John  O'Hazen, Fredrick  Patterson, William  Pierce, .Jo! in  Peebles, John  Passmore, S.  Palmer, Gideon  Roberts,, John  Ross, Adam ':������������������'  Richards, Evaa .  Robertson, A. R.  Robinson, J;imes A.  Robertson, John  Smith, A.      ;.     *  Sv^hurton, Mr.  Synon, P. H.  Stjiudish, W. G.-  Seyyea, John  Thouvenin, Mons.  McGregor,'George  , MoKiunon,  .. McNenerhy, Thomas1  Milross, William T.  1      Mtrfris, Joseph'  Orchard. Nathane! A  .(4)   Oriraana, Mrs. Celine  Preston, George  Pierce. George  Punchbeck,; WilllHm:  Price, T. G.  ,    Reorda n, James..    -.  Reeves, E.  Redgrave, Stephen    '  Ryan, J. W.  (2) 'Riddley, William  . ������ Smith, Alexander - ;.,.;  ; Stege, Ricdard  Smith, Joseph  irt, Archibald R.'  NOTICE.  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of Wil-  liam Rosewttll, deceased intestate.  ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THE  above Estate arc reQuirod to pay thc amounts due  forthwith, nnd all persons who have any claims against  thc above Estate are requested to send in their accounts  on or before the 10th September now next to HENlty  ROSEWALL, the Administrator of .the said .William  Rose wall deceased.'. .���������'���������-.. r'ss..  Williams Creek, Aug. llth, 1866. 29-lm  LL PERSONS INDEBTED to the WAKEUPJAKE  1\ Bakery, Barkerville, are requested to call aud set-  tie their accounts on or before the 21st day of Si-pttM-  ber next, otherwise all accounts not settled tbon will  bo; bunded into Court for. collection. :������������������'���������������������������  '* KELLY & PATERS0N.  Barkerville, 27th Aug. I860. ������  ��������� NO T i C;������yAyyAyyyyy  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of J.  G. Marshall, deceased intestate. .      '  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the abovo  Estate are required to pay the amounts due forthwith, and all persons who have any claims against the  above Estate are requested to send in their accounts on  or before the 1st November, 1866, to   y  CHAS. E. P00LEY,  ;      ��������� b-       y Official Administrator.  RichHcid, 7th Aug. I860.-. - 28-lra    ;  3STOTIO  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THE  - Estublisiimentand Good Will of the business.gi  Messrs, SCH0RLING& CO, VaxWi.vki^, begs toiuronu  ���������the former custiiniers of said firm and residents in.we.  Ticinity that he will always keep -it; good, stock on nana,  and .will deliver goods at any of the outlying.creeKs.  It will be his constant, aim to &��������� general sati.stacU'JO  hy sidling at CHEAPER!RATES than has. J,w^10���������  J^lidene,>mas^  Van Winkle, ?3rd August, 1866i -32  dissolution of  Rirtw  J'  fcOuii  cojnmence operations as  suts ��������� in,.' ������a that ��������� al togt^he r  (2)   Telbert, James  Tinrlal, J. L.(care W.Reid) TiudeJl. John L.  Taompson, H.; G.  Vela tte, John  Woolcock,'W. H.  Watson, John  Walters, Joseph  Wilson, James J.  Ycrxa, Chisley  Persons calling for any of  please say aA;Jveni:sod.M  Truline, George  <2j   Whear, Samuel  i'i). Willi*ma, Janes  . William, Charles  Wood, Silas  LL' PARTIES INDEBTED to to Arm of MUNDORF  & CO.. of Barkerville, by Note or Book Account,  are requested to come forward and settle their accounts  on or before the 19th September next.   All notes or accounts not settled then will be put in Court for collection  August 20th, 18C6. 31-lm  THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE[.EXISTING>:  1 Ween Martin & Cook, ^^^*ttftSSfi.  ' d  ie  Ule. Am are to be paid. ��������� Th^s^^bu'^-Marlin ������������  iifcfo pay all debts due by ^^gjj E; MABTIN,  ;. -,. V     JOHN COOK.     31  : BarkervjHe, Angus117th, 1866.  t i e e  36 Iin  tho above Letters will  JOHN BOWRON,  '���������' '    ' 'Postmaster/:  In the. matter of the Estate and Effects of  Catherine Lawless,, deceased intestate.  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the above  Estate are required to pay the amounts due forthwith, and all persons who have any claims against the  above Estate aro requested to send iu their accounts on  or bfjforo the 10th September now next tb WALTER-  EDWARD LAWLESS, the Administrator of tbo said  Catherine Lawless deceased, or to  JOSEPH PARK, .  y   Counsel for the Administrator.  Willhnis Crook, Aug, llth, 1869, m>lat  I  iy/i'      y'A- r ich pie hVX  rjlHE UNDERSIGNED :&  JL A. Smith Xhe premises yrm������r^ kno^n *������ ������^     e  ers^ Saloon,  has opened the s?\f^yXtfnJsan(itl'o  nalne, and w-ould.rcsp^tfunyinvitehislncnusan  public generally to give him a m.L.   . fl. sEGAbs will  &$* The best brands oi LIQUO^ ������uu  always bo kept at this cstabHshment. HBpix.  . 29-3m.-:  ���������   Richttold, August, 1860.  O TI.C-E.  l^HE PARTNERSHIP H^^F,?^vSf ^ A"  I tlie name and style ol Marks & Wiakwo*,  "   .   - ���������   _.       -.-.! ���������. ....1   .vitKI'lll.'  day been' dissolved by mutual con^ny. maRKSi j  -.-; ���������.",. "��������� .-���������'.' M. winker-  Tictomllflth June, 1886.  aa  W  I  I :.':.v;  Id  THE CiHtBOO SENTira  ������������������^iBVBBDAXf SEPTEMBER 6,1866.  CEDAR CREEK.  on  CANYON CREEK.  Mr John Perrin returned from Canyon creek  Tuesday- and;reports favorably of thedig-  in that quarter ' He says the Elliott ;^  Fritz Co'y are- m^cing- $10 and; $12 a^aytd  the hand. Chas^ Morrison & Co. are making  S10 a day with a rocker by washing two.and  ! L& f&t-'of gravel; onya' bencfci 'situated lot)  feet above the level of Hixori creek.^.Otlier  companies ������re^^^ -;,      ���������  The greatest expectations however are indulged in as; t^thfe richness (if the quartz  leads on this creek. Three Companies have  already been organi zed, and very favorable  rock has been obtained from the; ledges, some  of which'S undergoing aa assay at New W^t?  ininster^liilst a'���������;: portion of; the same.rock is  being tested here. yy;:yy,/-y;yyy .;>;���������;';;  '. Our informant,1 in company, with Fred/Black  and another party j; lmcf taenyput prospecting  ;on several creeks 20 iniies distant from Canyon credit ^  found a little gold ih some of them, but not  insufficient quantities to justify them to:return again. AAA  .A:Z'.  Williams Creek Hospital.���������A Committee  >va9 appointed two weeks ago by the Mining  Raard to open subscription lists on this.and  the outlying creeks, for the purpose of raising  ���������funds sufficient to put the Hospital in;a  thorough state of repair, but'so far as we can  learn nonaction has yet been taken in the mat*  ter. We think no time ought to be lost in en?  deavourlng to raise the: requisite ftmds aind  putting the building in a. comfortable condition before the cold weather sets in. '       . ���������'. 2  Auction Sale.���������-Mr. F. V. Lee sold the prct  pertyand effects belonging to the estate of  .Frager & Bro., on Monday last. Three houses,  .one in Richfield, another in Barkerville,; an da-  third in Cameronton ori!y<brought $450; gro=.  ceries and provisions-brought fair prices; can  meats and ^vegetables, S6 per doz.; tallow  candles,:i8 cts. 33 It); nails, 25 cts.; Liquors,  $6������ $660 J$/gal.; boots (smallsizes), S350  | pir;-shoe"s (brogans), $2; fope,-20;cts.^tt).  Election of^Mkmbers' FOR^HEXkaiSLArrirg  CouxcL^The term to which tbe .office of the  members of the Legislative Council was extended hayjng expired on thelst, inst., yyfijnjNf;  expect to Hear of a writ, for a*new election, ny:  next Express. ���������'.-���������*'-'':��������� ���������*  y&r We are informed that Messrs. Boyd k  Heath, of the Cold Spring House, near. Coir  tonwood, have raised over 45 tons of oat and*  ti tons of timothy -hay this season on their  Ranch. ���������'.'.���������������������������������������������>  From Mr. Henry;West,:who left; this creek  on fcunday last, we.learri thattbectaims which  are opened bid fai^tb yield good payj -. The  f���������e* co'y; bave been averaging from $15  to 3i0 a day to the harid;--Aurora co'y have  ground sluiced a considerable piece of ground  to the bed rock anil have begun: to clean up:  avpiece wighingjk)z;and!$l war picked up  tfl^ criber day in tbe gvovlM sluice^-Borealis  c9 yj^ found good, pfospi^te and were engaged in sawing lumber; building cabins, &c.  These three claims it appears comprise all the  ground that has yet beenlbcated on the creek*  Those men who were,not employed sawing  luinber^frassisSngrin:;:bmWin^'cabins, for  fw the companie's; that are  pecting portions of ;the;grbund' belonging to  tbese^cbmpaniigsjthat they had jumped; There  is 75 inches of water running in the creek at  present;, which is; sufficient tor all Necessary  purposes but should' it get scarce there are  numerous betjver dams in the:iriead6\vs dbove  tiiat can be tapped at any time to afford the  needed supply. ] '.'.."      "y  y At Mr. Gibson's store flour1 was selling at  25 cts. ^ lb; yerist powders, 87 cts; per itiox;  bacon, 80cts.; butter, $i 60 ; sugar, 62cts.;  tea, $1 50 ; nails, 62cts.; gura boots (scarce),  $20; shovels, $5 ; best "Williams Lake". 25c.  .a drink.  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  COQUET CREEK.  The Lining co'y had ground sluiced a ait  in the aggregate about 20 days, and washed  up $52 50; the gold is of a coarse order the  pieces varying from 12cts. to $2, and is found  ia the loose gravel. No prospect could be  found on the bed rock, which our informant  says resembles an ash bed more than a gold  ^bearing ro.ck. The creek on an Average is  about 100 feet wide, and contains about 30  inches of water, which is not sufficient to  allow tHe ground to be worked to any advantage. Our informant recommends the weary  traveller to call at the "Chinaman's" near  Gapt. "Mitchell's bridge, where he can appease  his appetite on a good "square" of ham and  eggs, a "lay out" not to; be despised in these  hard times, or "any other time." He would  also caution the honest miner against indulging in the forlorn hope of procuring his wonted raeal'from the berries of Keithleys creek1  as this delicious fruit lias become "non.est."  Scarcity of Water.���������The water in the creek  has fallen off to .such an extent within the last  week that many claims baye had to suspend1  operations, and if we are riot soon favored  with a rain stbrm times VwiW assuine a. very  gloomy appearance. .,.. y v  Portcnate SpficuLATioNw-^Amirieron Grouse  Creek bought into a ciaim last week for &L0Q*  ��������� and received oii ibe fellowing day a dividerid'  t of over $200y yi A:'-X ::Ay/ yy-"'    AAfZZ A y;.  Rich Yield.���������Ricbard Irwin lately pb������nded3  out a hundred ounces of gold dust from sixty  pounds of .rock token from bis> quartz ledge,  onRichBar, Plumas county, California;  PROPEMiY Sentenced���������J. W. Walsh,.publish-  er of the San Francisco 'Varieties,' was sentenced, Aug. Hth, to six* months iathe county  jail for libel. '     '   -���������������������������- ��������� ���������������������������.������������������'.'���������'-���������' AAXyA/yy/r  Nugget Found-tA nugget weighing $60 was  'token out of the Jenkins claim, oaSiouts gulch;  last week.'  Recoverino.���������Mr. Tobmey, wbo was severely injured by a fall from his horse last week,  J* recovering very rapidly. :  ^* A Chinese company who are working  00 the old Discovery claim, ari Lightning  week, are .making from $500 to $600 a week.  #������*Geo. Wilson's answer to Joe. Eden's  acceptance of-his challange will appear in  ������nrnext. .  , M* Yale Road ToIIb for week ending 25th  Augnst, $1,4:78 54.  Sitlixg in the Ain.���������Paris has lately had  ������s aeronautical fiasco as well as New York.  w immense balloon ship, with sails, screw,  'elm and other appliances, started on a voy-s  Jge from Paris May 10th, but after ascending  * w yards the balloon burst, either from be-  ">g overweighted or damaged by the machin-  l7. and fell heavily to the ground. A similar  ^jempt was made in London on the Monday  > Wonders wirX Never Cease."���������Remc of  the FLookr-Jn a shaft 30 feet down on Slo-  Culloch creek; Big Bend, a Mr. James Gray  aud others recently discovered a singular de-  luvian relic- iri the shape of a pipe bowl. This  bowl iu. form closely resembles a modern,  meerehaum pipe; the cavity and vent are complete, and the lover of the noxious weedtois  merely, to insert a pipe stem to luxuriate in a  puff. The bowl is of calcareous material, the  surface being somewhat uneven from subterranean influences. In order to account for  this strange deposits the only feasible conclusion that we can arrive at is, that when the  Arkfibated over the Rbcky mountains it-eh-  couritered a strong tide-riffle, which caused the  old boat to roll heavily, kriockiog Noah's pipe  foiit of his mouth, and the article falling oybr-  bbard was gradually; carried; down; the west-  ini^ope until $t sbttled arid became embedded in Big Bend. The pipe is now in the possesion bf Mr, Charles Smith, who will satisfy  theenribus bn:the.subject.���������<Colonist.,  i 'LiNn anb Sba. Forces imBorope.^A French  paper gives tlie following statistical table of  the land and sea forces which all Europe can  ��������� . ;   (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.)  Monday, 3rd Sept., 1866.  Adams & Webster vs. The Forest Rose Co.  (limited).���������Suit for $312 98 being the amount  of balance of an account for lumber supplied  in 1865. " The defendants objected to pay this  claim on the ground that they had all paid up  their assessments except two of the members  whoseintereste were mortgaged.   They however expressed their willingness to pay the  debt claimed provided they had a right to sell  the delinquent shareholders claims for tbeir  assessments pf last fall, which the Court stated they had a right to do,    Mr/ Walkem, for  the plaintiffs, said that his clients could not  under the Limited Liability Act interfere with  those members who had paid the full amount  of^ tbeir calls, but be maintained that he had  recourse against the plant of the coinpany,  narady, the whole of the claims,iraprovements,  tools, &c.   Judgment wag therefore entered  against the company for  $272 58 with costs,  to be paid in 12 days from date.    .  Forward Co. vs. Casket Co.���������Defendants to  show cause why they should not be ordered  to pay plaintiffs $2,500 for gold abstracted by  defendants from ground belonging to the  plaintiff, and why they should not be ordered  to secure the drift run by tiiem in the plaintiffs ground in a proper manner.  The defendants, who own a set of claims  which join those of the plaintiffs' in the rear,  fQfota\ne&, permission. from .the plaintiff*. 1 ast  spring to use an old tunnel belonging to them  to enable defendants to reach their ground.  While running this tunnel defendants found  pa^ which plaintiffs alleged was taken out of  their ground,- hence the present action for  damages. Witnesses for- b oth - parties were  examined at great length, plans of the respective claims and the workings thereof, together  with defendants' books, were produced, and  the case fully discussed by. the counsel of  both parties. -.The Commissioner after considering .all the circumstances of the case gave  his decision in favor of plaintiffs for $750  with costfl.- -Mr. Walkem for plaintiffs; Mr.  Robertson for defendants. '������������������'- iy  Airiador TunneLCo. vs. Amador Diseovery  Co.-^ Defendants were required to show cause  why they.should.not be ejected from two hundred feet of mining ground claimed by plaintiffs on Amador creek. This dispute arose  about the boundary line between two claims  located oh a hill which slopes to a point at  the junction of two creeks. The Commissioner  intimated his intention, of personally inspecting the ground to-morrow, when he would  decide the cose ori the spot. .,  ���������'������������������'���������_ '; y Tuesday, 4th Sept.  Amador Tunnel Co. vs. Amador Discovery  Co.���������Judgment for plaintiffs, with costs. The  plaintiffs' ground to extend 050 feet back from  front line, and defendants to have the right of  drifting in the direction of their ground from  the present shaft.  BRITISH COLUMBIA ITEMS.  .  Hollarid; 92,000; SwedeT^  000: Denmark, 41.400;. Great Britain, .Jto,0W>.  (including 230,000 Volunteers); Austria, bolr  612 ���������:��������� Geraianie Confederation, 407,361 ;^Tur-  ind  Ss  12,000.   All r��������� -,,--. - -  tat of 5,975,262 officers, sub-offlcers andj soldiers In taking account of the sick and incapable, there still remains upwards <of four  tBiUions of armed and ab.M>odied men,  Salmon in Acstraua.-A telegram from  Melborne announces the safe arrival of the  &*fce with upwards of 100 000  sea, arid brown trout ^ya, and that 40 per  cent, of the whole number were hatching n  the bieelmg ponds on the river plenty, in  Tasmauia. The last account received direct  frK Hon,R. Officer, &*^XJzm  Salmon Commissioners, was that at least 2000  ualmori frv varying in size from 9m. to 12m.  and that there were thriving m he ponds 400  b?own trout from lliu. to 13in. long, the pro-  Sof the salmon and tarn* ova shipped m  Jan., 1864, by the ship Norfolk  ���������. Dewdney's trail to Kootenay, which has cost  the Government $80,000, is condemned as  useless.���������The people of Yale have presented  Capt. Irving with a splendid gold watch and  chain, valued at $300, bearing a suitable inscription.���������Several rich gold bearing quartz  lodes have been found on McOullochs creek,  Big Bend, the gold can be seen thickly impregnated in the rock; it is reported that the discoverers have ordered the necessary machinery for working the ledge from San Francisco.  ���������Burke, the runaway from the chain gang at  New Westminster, had surrendered himself to  the authorities.���������Mr, Harnett, agent for Lang-  ley's Pacific Coast Business Directory, was in  Yale collecting information.���������A workman on  the wagon road, near Boothroyd's, committed  suicide on the 25th ult.; no cause assigned.  VICTORIA  ITEMS..  The Chamber of Commerce held a meeting  on the 17th ult., $o  consider the statements  made in Governor Seymour's dispatch; acorn-  mittee was appointed to frame a report to he  adopted at next meeting and sent to tbe Colonial Secretary.���������Rev. Dr. Evans preached a  farewell sermon ;6n the eve of his departure  for Nanaimo. which-will be the future .field of  his roinistrations^A boat containing three  persons was capsized; while crossing . from  Discovery Island to San Juan Island, a sloop  being near rescued the men and righted the I  boat and started .tbem again on their voyage.  ^���������The -steamer.^Enterprise has undergone a  thorough overhauling and was about to. ..resume her usual trips to Now Westminster^���������  A presentation was made on the 20th ult.. to  the Rev. Dr. Evans of a handsome tea service,  and to Miss Evans,��������� his daughter, of a; silver ���������;  cake basket and knife, from the congregation  of the Wesleyan Church.���������The schooner Minerva sailed for Honolulu on the 20th, with a  full cargo, valued at $10,000,shipped by Messrs  H.Nathan and E.B.Marvin.���������Tenders had  been called for by the Government for cutting the Leech river ditch, &c���������A pleasure  excui'siou had been made to Yale and intermediate towns by the officers of the: U. S.  Revenue cutter Lincoln, accompanied by attaches of the Telegraph Co. and a'number of :  the citizens of Victoria and New Westminster,  which pro ved va most delightful affair.���������The  Chlef: Justice ruled that the Registmr^eneral  had no "po Wor'' to"'. ��������� ��������� take "affidavits.���������A" man  named Charles Montgomery, charged in the  Police Court with'supplying an Indian with a  bottle of-spirits,'was ordered to leave tl^e  country.���������The: old steamship Hermanri has  been sold at San Francisco for $17,000.���������The;  steamship* Active brought 60 passengers..tc������ v.  Victoria last trip.~Yankee Sanders and Mr..'  Bachelder are exhibiting in Victoria a Dioraiiii' -  called the "Mirror and Diorama of the American Rebellion."���������A Petition from the settlers  of Cowichaa praying the Government to enact  a law compel ling-Indians to. fence their .lands,-  has   been  presented to the Assembly.-A  testimonial has been presented to Capt. Fleming, of the steamer Lillooet, by the late excursionists to Yale.   :'  A GLBIPSEOF CARIBOO.  . ;We make, a few extracts from a letter writ-  tencby.a correspondent on; this creek to the  Victoria .'Colonist. &' Chr^oniclev. \..... .-< y..:.-.   .  ftvn   i-."was made in London on tuw juuuuay .   ,    r^������������������i.rtM p ������*/������������������fa fn*  f} owing, with a balloon furnished with oarV ��������� j^New ^^J^������^A^^  ^thered with goose-quills, and a rudder and I the week ending Saturday��������� 19th Aug.. Duties,  ^ewofthe same materiaU   The trip was | $4,004 32; harbor dues, &o7 38, beadmoney.  |jWy made, but whether  ^cceuafui is not stated.  the invention was  S39;  tonnage dues, SU4;   total, $5,304 70.  Nuiuber of passengers,-39.  g&* We have listened to raany effective arguments in favor of total abstinance^ but we  have never heard one more exhaustive than  that cf the honest German who was asked to  speak at a meeting of,tbe friends, of total abstinence. As to the precise locality of this  meeting, our readers are at liberty to exercise  their guessing faculties. After some hesitation he arose and said : "I shall tell how it  vas; I put mine hand on my head,4 and there  vas von big pain. Then I put mine hand on  ray pody, and there was anoder. There was  very rnrich pains in all my pody. Then I put  mine hand in my pocket, and there was nothing. Now, there vas no more pain in my  head. The pains in my pody vas all gone  away. I put mine, hand in my pocket, and  there vaa twenty dollars; So I.shall sbtay mid  te temperance." Aside from the moral aspect  of the question, the Dutchman's "experience"  tells the wbo le story.  #^-Persons having mining claims for.sale,  will findit to their advantage to give us acall;  as ������ur terms for advertising this description  of property are very reasonable.  #m- If you want good Coffee use Fell's.  ,;.���������.-..        aURDY.GUKOY   DAMSELS. ;  There are three; descriptions of,thie above  named "ladies" hererthey are unsophisticated ;  maidens of Dutch extraction, from "poor but  honest parents" and morally speaking, they  really are not what0'-tbey are generally put,  down for. Tbey are generally brought to America by some.speculatipg, conscienceless scoundrel of a being commonly called a "Boss Hur-  dy." Tbis man binds them in his service until he has received about a thousand per cent  for his outlay. The girls receive a few lessons  in the terpischorean art, are put into .a kind  of uniform, generally consisting of a red waist  cotton print skirt, and a half mourning headdress resembling somewhat in shape the topknot of a male turkey, this uniform gives them  quite a gortesqne appearance. Few of them  apeak English, but they soon piok up .a few  popular vulgarisms, and like so many parrots  they use them indiscriminately on all occasions; if you bid one pf them good morning,  your answer will likely be "itsh sphlaid out"  or "you bet your life."  The hurdy style of dancing differs from all  other schools. If you ever saw a ring of bells  in motion, you have seen the exact positions  these young ladies are.put through during the  dance, the more muscular the partner, the  nearer the approximation of the ladies' pedal  extremities to the ceiling, and, the gent who  can hoist his "gal" the highest is considered  the best dancer; the poor girls as a general  thing earn their money very hardly.  JIUBDY  FIDDLERS.  This class of musician (pardon the misnomer) have also a school of their own, in which  melody and euphony have no part. Noise is  the grand object. The one who can make the  most noise on the. fiddle, and shout bis calls  the loudest, is (amongst the hurdy artists) considered the most talented. Sometimes, to increase the power of the orchestra (which seldom consists of more -than two violins���������more  properly Fiddlers in this case), they sing and  play, and in passing np Broadway, Barkerville,  in the evening, you.raay hear them letting off  steam as if their lungs were made of cast iron,  and the notes forged with a sledge hammer,  Composition of the Cauls.���������The core of the  Atlantic cable consists of seven copper wires  (six laid around one,) weighing 300 lbs. per  nautical mile, with an insulation of four layers of gutta percha. v Around this core are  laid ten solid wires. No. 13 guage. drawn from  the best iron and galvanized. Each of these  ten wires is surrounded by five brands of  white Manilla yarn, the weight of', the cab la .  complete is 3100 lbs. *$ mile. wis*  Marshal Vauxakt's Dog.���������Marshal V'aiilant  has a wonderful-dog,rcalledBrusca. 'LoNord'  OTICE.  tells us that Brusca was found on the field of rm       r*^ ~7c^, "-  battle at Solferino.' His master; an Austrian   -*- &������ bteamer     Enterprise"  officer, bad been killed that dav. and the nri'or Will leave SODA CREEK  MONDAY.* THURSDAY MORNINGS,  officer, bad been killed that day, and the poor  dog was found howling by the side of his dead  b.ody. Some'French soldiers, touched by the  sight of his evident grief, carried him away In  their'fti'rYifl 'nnri brai-in.^'* h?ir������ iA"Mnmi.������i " tj-_m  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS,  COLONIAL RESTAURANT     ]  QUESNELMOUTH,.. .        '  P..L. JOHNSON, Pkoprietor, -  Mealsat all hours, and Cooking of the best  ���������.-,'? ��������� ��������� description.'     "������������������������������������s;-:  ^^RfSEi  ENTS,  w, wruig.wbi.u. ������uucau;tt. iu  vTtsruiany,  great difficulty in urideratandirig 'Frenchj indeed; unless he was spoken to in Gbririau," he  walked off and turnedhis tail to the speaker  /.with an air of litter disgust.1  However, he has  ��������� now acquired the language, arid were'teriAus-  tnan regiments between him and his present-  master all their Teutonic sounds1 would not  prevent his reaching the Marshal.   Whenever  be goes  to  court,'Brusca goes  likewise |  whether the Emperor himself be in his way-dr  not is nothing to him;. Brusca would quietly  walk over the imperial boots"to secure"asnug  seat near the Marshall He attends "cabinet  councils with the utmost regularity.'  Last  winter Brusca was immensely bored bv the  May21st, 1866;  9  .    y     .FORTHEJ      :  3  QUESNELMOUTH,    .  ;;   BROWN & GILLJS, Proprietor^ ���������,  Good Bedsj Restaurant; Billiard Table,' &e.  ;        Stabling for Horses, Hay aad Oats.   :ys,  GIROD & GUfCHON  | Old. Established1 General "Stork    '-'-"'  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMIS-  1     V: SION .'MERCHANTS, //.        ���������  Storage, &a~Terms most Moderate.  CAMERONTOWNi  WHERE THE,PROPRIETOR.' TVA   BARRY  gives a general invitation, to his frieeds ami the  i      ii ���������������������������������������������.-.    .-���������;.��������������������������� rr -.-���������������*������*:~v   ^W4.������v-.m������  puo!caill.r^* **> oa)] and judge for themselves tho  lengthy discussions, and sneezed arid coughed STsegmS ���������?ftlf3^i?j als5thc C^Bratfdfb?  "m&SS-MS^S&^^A-V ATTRACTION!  ROAp;SiDE HOUSES, fc  '���������    '��������� T"������ /-v^-i^-^ -1 n '.   ������-__ . . . _ ^~ :....' i ���������'... ^^   ^^ "���������** f I '��������� ������������������*- i ���������     . . .- . ..    . " y _  up hy the Emperor arid scratched his trousers!,  His Majesty; annoyed at being interrupted  EVERY EVENING;  ��������� ������Wv������v^.uwj-uu ai uemg .interrupted, at the .  Pns^.^?^?g'a-wayyand said, *Est-il bete,  Pi  Q IT T A AT'   Q ' A "f /Yr\ vr''  cechien!"   ."Bete?" said the Marshal, indi^- -1  A all X U J\ ��������� O A:L 0 0 IT  nantly.-"no, sire, he is not stupid���������you s'������^ ' "RAP'irppvrTT-w - '  ball  __^ _i��������� .,��������� -^������,w^twi.;c a*c<topttperr  off the table,- and goiiig'.to tlie far 'end of: the-.  .counciI chamber; said.' "Brusca, take that;to  the Emperprl"   Each of Mhe ministers,. as. he  . passed tbem with tlie pap?rin his mouth, tried  to get it: from him. ;'���������*Brusca would not let it  rgo��������� and carried it safely to his Jtfajesty.  From  ythatrto this Briisca has his entree at" all cabinet  yebu nci Is.   He keeps h imbel'f beau ti ful ly clean  and when his paws' are? muddy he., carries j a.  b rush; left. for5his:special use in brie : spot,;, to  o ne of the -Marshal's:/se������Vh.n ts, ] and ��������� .'barks,- at  '. him' tin tii he brush es;off every particle of dust.  ��������� Nobiutt--im.' Tkoi;bleI���������On;-'dayj when the  flag-ship of an > English commodore/Was .lying"  in the Bay otVNaples, she; was honored by a  'visit from the late King andrpyal.fomily) with'  suite, who came out in gilded barges and the  ,-. full parade of royaltyi..i;The ship .was ^dressed  from deck to 'truck in 'holiday attire; side boys  were mustered at the ropes, the, marines ijpre^  sehted arms, the.:guris'.thundered;forth'., a. royal  -t salute, and; the '*���������' comriiodoi-^V welcomed; ^his  ��������� -guests to the quarterdeck;with,the;politeness  ���������befitting an officer of rank.-- ^One'of the suite,;  a spindle-shanked^strid gaudily attired Neapolitan, ] strayed:'. away from-: the party, and  cruising about midships,espied a windsal,'an  : object he had: never seen befor'e.   As;:it was  /fully expanded by the air, "he* took; it: for a  pillar, and folding bis arms leaned against' it>  when it yielded to his weight, and: he'.disappeared below; heels over head, with a velo-  . city that was actually marvellous, as was his  ^escape from, any injury.  The-mishap chanced'  to have .only one witness. This was,a veteran  ���������tar, who approaching the quarter-deck and  touching his hat, said respectfully, ;M beg par-  'don, commodore, but one of them ere Kings  -has fell down the hatchway."���������'   '��������� AX  '������&��������� We uiiderstand that the Hon. Mprti-  /more Robertsou," who  lately swindled ��������� the  shareholders of the Cherry Creek Silver Mining Co., is no other than Major Robertson  -sometime Assayer of Yates streeti Victoria; *  BARKERiYILlM  Arils LOVERS.DP tHE;TERPISCHOREAN 4RT are  W^msim and :;mmm.  V_ly'ri. ...AAX XX y,^OHN.fcMARTIN;.Prop'r. '.-  BOYD ���������&; HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE Is situated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth.  The proprietors having,lately fitted ;up bedrooms  and good Beds are how prepared to aflord.every accommodation for. Travellers; the Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured;. the Bar Is well supplied with the hest.brands of Liquorsiind Segars; pood  Stablin& Hay, Oats 4nd Barley. j8������������ The CHEAPEST  House on tho Road. " *       * "���������'      *'��������� ���������' ' .'i.������  !olonial Hotel, Soda Creek  ... .McLEESBi & SENNY, Troprietors;   '  X House.   Tlicro is Good Meals; Good Bods; Stabling  for Horses; Barley,-Onts and Hay..   ..-.    ..  ������������������', 1-s  ,,, ,.J:H. TURNiR & Co    L'  - t'������^fveWui4rSuDSK Pools? .������escrP������o^ot  Ifn^n^lrm^;^^.^^! ordita,  ���������ttLlAM-2XLKSR2e^Z r'������������������'     ������������������'  Sponges,brushes, tSw'SWJM^irfiJ  a;.-��������� :.- /  ';BOOTS! BOOTS^T  /f SAT SAM! How jsit your t^  JAand keep your feet so dry ? : BeSS?TWear Ba kli  ^���������%^  a carefully selected:, stock of^att^111^  Europeun and American Markets \Z1 ym-^^  heir friendsJn British Wn���������&^^������*"*  ticular attention is called tn-ihX f; sollclt^. P&r.  Clover :and Onior*���������&$&%r&u^fk������f Gr������  Fruit Trees autf Bushes*^r^JX^s^  of every variety. ^taWu^^K^^  CAMER.ONTOWN,  . : p. :PULTONy 'Proprietor,    y  and strychnine and rot-gut find no place-here. ���������' 2  ;.; '������������������:     -::-���������   SARKBRVILLBi      ;y    ���������"'"  tKmllntTD^  ^^happy.toente^i^S  -���������: -v. . >,X:  ���������   ;. ���������-- ���������������������������: A''���������-., KOSS;& BURDiCK,   .   *.  ^Barkerville, July 2nd, 1866."-; .ProPT^ors. ,  S OPEN.FOR  THE  ACCOMMODATION   OF'.THE  ��������� Travelling public; the bedrooms aro'spacious.and  I airy and the Beds cannot bo surpassed !br cleanliness  and comfort by any in,the lower country; the Table is  always supplied ���������with the best of victuals... Stabling  for Horses; llay,' Oats and' .Barley cons tan tly on h and.  141 MILE house;  xs is'furnished with every convvuiunou ior me comfort of Travellers;;the Culinary department Is under  the superintendence.of an experienced cook; the'Beds  are clean and comfortable ;, tho Bar contains tho best  of Liquors, Segars', &c..   Stablii?g, Hay, Barley & Oats,  Views or Cariboo und%8^X%&^^{  umbia ��������� ncludf n j views of the &^ to 1^  oo band at.liberal rates;'ri:'^?A ^y^uB^f  wf* C!ot������iI������ i������u"ab16 -ftw������*iy fetaSrfS  pathing    Establishment!  ...BARKERVILLE,        "     /���������  y   (Next. Bank of British North America.)  BLOOD WILL TELL!  V     ? BLUE   fENTyRANCtij 2y:  W'M: HENDERSON begs to inform his friends  and the travelling public generally that ho has  taken the, above Ranch and is prepared.to supply them  wjUh First Class,Accommodation. Good Stabling for  horaes; Haydn'dGrttlm '"    '1 . .   1      ,1-s .  f\   LEWIS, begs leave  XJ������   Gentlemen ol* Williai  to inform,tho Ladies and    ~~ -. .. ������*jiams Creek and vicinity that  he has llttcd up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to busiuess to merit a share of their patronage.  4gf- He will also attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth. .-  19  f  BARKERVILLE & GROUSE CREEK.  WM. MANSON^.- ���������"'   .' ' T>. A. McLEAN,'.  ��������� ������������������'  Proprietor, 1   . Agent.  XHIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTEC) UP  foi.* tho comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the best of everything that- can. be procurd,'and  the cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for families; Stablihgj Hay, Barley and Oats..  *l-8=y  '83 MILE HOIXSE.: J  A XBERT CRYSLER has opened the above House for  ix the reception of Travellers; the Table is .well kept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed j the Beds are  clean and comfortable.. Stabling for Horses  Oats.  THOMAS* WILSON & CO ^Importers of Eng-  lish Merchandize,������.wholesale rand retail dealers ia  Dry GooitB, &c.,,'Vates.Street,,(Viciprja,>r. I;. .On.and;  after Ist-Junc next W Gbv'ernmefit Street, opposite tiw'  Bank of British Columbia.  ";.' ...Is  TTOTEL^DJE; FRANCE, >. Victoria;! V.I.v ^ -  taiiraht'lssupplied wjth all."the delicacies.tbo,market  artbrds; ' Tri theBar will be; found the choicest Liqcojis.  ���������Furni8h������d:Room������v:&c;:'*>>i/AiV ������' l������������������-' -J{'u '''- I-s  ''  EUGENE THOMAS, Yates street^ Victoria,  ���������Wholesale.and Retail DcaJer;in-VINES���������BfcLVDI������l  BEERS.-'and LIQUORS and -.depot;.of HayenaSegaK.-^  Goods forwanled't6' the MihirigDistficts.    -'��������� _l-s..  4   -|LRANK^, Victoria, ..y. I;,;'Dealer in-Fobs.  .x ��������� Jmuxs, HiDEfi, Wooi^ &o. Liberal advances made  .on Furs consigned Reference���������G. Sutro & Oo., Spo'r-  borg k RuelF, Victoria, V. I. ' ^  2-8.  RS..HEINj.' NiuiNfiR & Dress Makbr, 'Govern-  .,. y^'^.^irHet, ,Victoria,.V. I. . Allkinclsof Millinery  oi the latest style * kept constantly on hand. Orders  irom the country punctually attended to. " A" W  GROUSE. CREEK  TlfESSRS. HARRIS & CO. beg to inform tbo  ill .Miners, Hotel Keepers and the inhabitants in. gen.      %mi#m  eral.of Williams & Grouse Creeks, that they have open- weary travel  ed Firdt Class Butcher Shops in BARKERVILLE and thc best of farc. ti,e Bar contain  oii GROUSE CREEK, and trust to merit a liberal share of Liquors an  of the.publio.patronage, and.that, their old friends will Bariev  &c.  kind ly give them a call... .   ..   ..   :               18-4m ' -  y tmas are ' *- ��������� ��������� ���������t- :  "       :  ;  ',Hayand'.p:  WATSON, Watchmaker, - Jeweler r  .    i.s .:    aj, and Engraver, Yutes street, above Gov- 6       e/nment street, Victoria, y^ I. ������������������;  ,.        'I-s ��������� fi  ull4i riXriLSON Sz -MTTRRAV ' G^vkpb- vXnr'is  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  JAMES HTJRON, Proprietor.   This commodious Hotel"i.s well fitted up with every convenience   ior thc comfort of the public; the Buds are (ill that a   yyyz/AA/A/ZATAAA   -DTT-rmrvni   pnmm;Ci,;nii Mpr-  weary traveller could desire;: the Table ia supplied with   ^OR^RG Aj RUEFE,, .Commission Mer  ���������^ best of fare; the Bar contains tho choicest, brands .0. CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers  jquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,   ^^ R^'a ^   lev. kc,.  1-s  ������ppy to re  ceive a-call from' iiiVfrSndsl  _.-'���������'-.     jS&^-.-BOARD $16 PER .iwijotHr^i  ^ad.-Pies and SaJ^^ flJrsaie.  ' A,: KELLY,; proprietor.  rrPAV ^^rei^ned ^rftpaHdtb;^  ���������LB^BLACK s^o, BLOWINGSAND  ���������^,srS^Ss������3^S'  *hove business, he hoS to=rih.lm Jf-^ofore in the  JOHN BOWROtf.  1 .PLouRr^LouRiy  ULLOOET    MILLS.  TS^HfDE?SI^Par^^UIifactttring FLOUR  ^ "  '������������������'��������� ilLLOOKT FLOUR MILL CO.  -.'���������'���������;-  '-, . ;;    ���������������������������������������������- F.W. Tosttat,Agent.  .If ORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor.-Thish'ouso  I J j iaifcrds every accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnishod with all the del icicles  of the season, and tho Bar is stocked with the choicest  of.Wines. Brandies & Segurs;' good stabling for horse's;  Hay, JBarlcy and Oats constantly on hand at low rates'.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap.. . ��������� .'.  1-s  .s/.vuAMio, wjioiesjue ueaicrs in Gkocekjes. Provl-  OTO.VS,1 Books & Shoes; Wharf strbet; Victoria;'y;" I.'" 1-3  ARELLEY to FITERRE, Importexs^.Wiioie  M; sale Dealers in'Wines, "Spirits and Liquors,  Victoria,X I. -  .,,..; ���������   ,1-s -  CPROAT.& CO., (lateAhderson k Co.) Impobte  U.and CoiiMiasio.v. MiiKOHAiNTS, Store Street^ Victor!  Y~ h ��������� '"   " '   '  .-.  1-3.  The Bonaparte House.  J"l B. HAGaiN, Phvsioian' & Surgeon, nearcor-  ��������� nor of yatcs and Government Sts., Victoria, V. I..  EDWIN  os PARKE,;' Pro-crietorq  'at tlirt  ^J#-���������-��������� r=���������-1���������'-**������������������' '��������� ������������������ '���������"'      -^  of .the Cariboorand B% Bcmi Roads s PIERCEX&c SEYMOUR, .dwlen in Be  r the accommodation of the nublio ni������< ; * / FrRprrmiE, Broad Street.1 Victoria, V.L ,  linton, 26 miles.: IromSavaiinHsSt^H AA,��������� .   ^ 'y^y^  '������������������--  dealers in Bedplvg  .1-s  BREWERY  J^^l^^U^fef^   ^   OD  the Bar will b^ ^id^^^^^^^t  Segars; the public areinvated to cah    PrepTreftnfm  nil orders promptly.���������. \��������� - *^pctrea to nil  Travellers will find v.*���������* ,i acc^S&^w hj -^  SH������ci*-"/-8'5W?ng������*[ay4.0nUn1::  1-s  LiQvons  T^������LE?ALE& RETAIL DEAtERS IK   ���������  WORS, y&ROGERIES,  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  BABgEByiLLEV  lo     I  ilERCHAKTS,  I-S  QPELMAN; and McKENZIE   Prn^ -    ^*  O   This House is-well W^p ^^SS^g1^"?;  the Bar is furnished with the best IjnuorT  ������?,! ?^  served atall hours on the BntamtM^ix^S?  blmg tor Horses; Horse Feed, &c. Paa���������sJ Stp  "Pioneer Hotal���������LillooeT  /CHARLES NELSON, .Protsrietor     Thi������ Li  tf iSSSS^ S^^i fltt???^o T.M.  ^&t^^  tenor to thc best hotel.in the lower ronntri   ������L      n"  A'S  ..MESSRS.' CORWALL'S. ���������  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half:way between  Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Iioute.  Travellers wil 1' fin d Good Accorrimodati on. The b es I of.  Jiving, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Btftter, Milk  arid-Vegetables. . Good Stabling and choap feed.    -1-s  ill        I"      |������������������ "������������������ ���������-n���������-,..     ,ir.    uriiin mi���������wniin ��������� iti���������nniiiiij  M.  J.  BLACKMA>J,  HENDERSON and BURNABY, M  ;-Wharf street, Victoria; V.I. -���������   r  y'y   T. EWIS LEWIS, Clothier, Vales Street, Victoria,  J J pposito the Bank ot. British North America.'   Irs  E! ^ULLANOINK,COLLECTO.V & GENERAL A(?ENT;  u* Government Street, Victoria, y. L     , ,���������   Af_-:< '  ������pRT DOUGLAS ADVEBTIgEMEN^  BARKERVILLE.  MACDONAUD.?8V. HOTELJ,  /'M. MACBONALB, Proprietor. Majw JJJ...  mothers destined for-the Bridge Bjver Jlinea^  ,flnd .every convenience and accommodation av.TOf  them. Good' Beds and'a Table well supplied Wl������������u  tbo dehcucies of tho season "������������������������������������'���������' **���������  J.  SB  AUCTIONEER, MINING; & COMMISSION  AGENT, AIN'D ACCOUNTANT,  BARICERVILLE.      .'    11


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