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 ((:  Vol. 4.  Barkerville, Williams Creek, & 5, 186V.  Wo. 36.  1  ,       GORILLAS.  ,t Mons. DuChaillu, the great African traveller, who-published, a few years ago, an interesting work of his /ravels, containing many  excellent eketches of African character, and  . Amusing incidents connected with his explorations, thus describes a young gorilla which  he captured, with the intention of sending  him to^Eogiand, to^ convince the sceptical of  the existence df this animal, but who died on  the passage thither :���������  During the few days Tom was in my possession, he remained, like all the:others of his  npeoies that I had seen, utterly untrac table.  The food that was offered to him he would  come and snatch from the hand, and then bolt  . ..with.it to'the length o'f his tether.' If Hooked  'at him, he would make a feint of darting at  me, and in giving bim water, I had to push  the bowl towards him witb a stick, for fear of  his biting me. When hevwas angry, I saw  ���������-���������bim-'&fteh- beat- the-grduhd ancHrisr legs "with"  ��������� his fist3, thus showing-a similar habit to that  of the adult gorillas, which I described aa  beating ;their .breasts with.their fists when  confronting an enemy. Before laying down  to rest he used to pack" his straw very carefully, as a ibeiL to lie on. Tom used to wake  me in the night by screaming suddenly, and  in the: morning I more than once detected  him in the attempt to strangle himself with  fcis.cbain, no' doubt, thro xigh rage at being  ��������� kept prisoner.   He used to twist the chain  ��������� round and round the post to which it wasat>,  tached, until it became quite short, and then  press, with his feet the lower part of the post,  until he had/nearly done the business.  The following is his description of their  xuo'de of feeding.:��������� -.  I was going quietly along, when I heard, in  the grove --q&p..laa&i&-trees- towards which I  was walking, a great crashing noise like the  .breaking of trees. V.I immediately hid myself  , behind a: bush, and was Vsopu gratified wi th  the sight-of a';. female; gorilla! ; but; before I  had. time-to ��������� no tice-i.ts-movements, 'a~'������econd  "and third emerged from the masses of colossal foliage ;; at length ho less than' four came  into view.   They were all busily engaged in  teariug down; the larger trees.   One of the  females had a young, one following her.' I  had an excellent opportunity of watching the  moVements of the impish-looking band.   The  shaggy hides, the protuberant abdomens, the  hideous features of these strange creatures,  whose forms so nearly resemble man, made  "up a picture like a vision in some morbid  dream,     in .destroying  a   tree,   they  first  grasped the base of the stem with one of their  feet, and then with their powerful arms pulled  it down, a matter of not much difficulty with  so loosely-formed a stem as that of the plantain.   They then set-upon the juicy heart of  the tree at the bases of the leaves, and devoured it with, great voracity.   While eating  .. they, made a kind of clucking noise, expressive of contentment. ' Many trees they destroyed apparently out of pure mischief, ftow  and then they stood 6til I and looked around.  .Once.or twice they seemed ob the point of  starting off in alarm, but recovered themselves  and continued their work.   Gradually they  got nearer to the edge of the dark forest, and  finally   disappeared.- I  was  So   intent   on  watching,>that I ��������� let go. the last chance of  shooting one, almost before I became aware  of it. -     ���������  The next day I went again with Odanga to  the same spot. I had no expectation of seeing gorillas in the same plantation, and was  carrying a Iigbt.shot gun. haying given my  heavy dCuble-barrclied rifle to the boy to  carry. The plantation extended over two  hills, with a deep hollow between, planted  with sugar cane. Before I had crossed the  hollow, I saw on the opposite slope a monstrous gorilla, standing erect, and looking directly towards mo. Without turning my face  I beckoned to the boy to bring me my rifle,  but no rifle came���������the little, coward had  ��������� bolted, and I lost my chance. The huge  beast stared at me for about tV?o minutes, and  then, without muttering any cry, moved off to  tbe shade of the forest, running nimbly on  bis hands arid feet.  He describes the death of one of these creatures in these words:��������� ' '  The wounded female died in the course of  the next day ; her moanings were more fre-  fytient in the morning, and they gradually  became weaker as her life ebbed out. Her  death was like that ofahuman.being, arid  afflicted, tsxe. more than I could have thought  possible: Her child, clung to her to the last,  fead tried to obtain milk from her breast after  fche was dead. I photographed them both  when the young one was resting in its dead  mother's lap. I kept the young one alive for  three days after it3 mother's Seath., It  moaned at night most jpiteously. I fed it on  goat's milk, for it was tbo young to eat berries. It died tbe fourth day, having taken an I  unconquerable dislike to the milk. It had, I  think, begun to know'me a little. As to the  male, I made at least a dozen attempts to photograph the irascible little demon, but all in  vain. The pointing of the camera, towards  him threw him into a������ perfect rage, and I was  almost provoked to give him a 'sound thrashing. 'The day after, however, I succeeded  with him, taking two views, not very perfect,  but sufficient for my object.   ���������  ���������A mttle man in the west of Maryland  rushed to the Potomac river, last summer,  swearing that he would drown himself. When  he had waded in to the dep,th_pfhis^^is^.his  wife/ who 'Had followed hitn", seized him by  the hair, and then, as a spectator describes it:  " She led him back .until she had reached a  place where the water was about two feet  deep,, where, she pulled him oyer backward,  sousing, his head under, and then .pulled bis  head up again, loudly exclaiming,-^.  * "Drown yourself, (down he- went) leaving  me to keep the. children; (another plunge ;)  get drunk ! (another souse,) and start for the  river, (another dip). Better use the water inr  stead of ruin \ (another dip, and a shake of  his head). I'll learn you to leave me a  widow'-!" ;yV  After sousing him to her heart's content,  she led him out, a wetter if not a wiser man,  aiid escorting him to the house, shut the door.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  FAS HI ON S AL0OJSTy  . BARKERVILLE,  ' , ��������� v V ���������' \ '  WliL Lj A MS   CltE������jC:.'''  THE PROPRIETORS BEG LEAVE TO-. ANNOUNCE  V6 tbe public that they havo enlarged,'refurnished,'  and thoroughly reuovatod. their' capaciousaud .fashionable saloon, sparing neither pains nor expense'for  tbo comfort of their Patrons. '   Ai/':/,      '..A.  Tbis is now the largest and most completo Salooh. In J  British Columbia ; consisting of three.large soparato  apartments-,  viz.: * CARD  ROOM,   BAR BOOM, and  BILLIARD  SALOON, containing  three superb billiard tables:  Tho best LIQUORS and, CIGARS obtainable aro  served here. .This establishment is under the immediate superintendence or the Proprietors.     ' .   A ���������  ADLER & BARRY.  June Otli, 18G7.-- ��������� 4ro   '  A gay old bachelor of sixty odd years, in  Portland, Me., recently . married a blooming  maiden hot out of her teens, and lately the  young woman presented to her venerable but  vigorous lord and. master, four children at  one -.'. fell swoop-���������t^vo.bo.ysy and two -girls.  This is cer tai n ly a handso m e little; fami ly to  start with, and we are glad, to;learn that all  are doing well, and that it has been decided  not to drown any of tli'eni. ���������Am. Paper.  > Winiiard,  .-���������;'  BARKERVILLE.  triEBROS.,  DEALERS IN  y       CIGARS;   LIQUORS,  Clothing and Hairdware,;  .BARKE R V t LL E.':  .Tune 27,1S67, -.-'"���������-'    "': ��������� iV.      '     ���������-."���������/ '"���������'. Ay; AA  A;-      NEW ADVERTISEMElSifS.:;:,.,  semi-weekly; papeb,; ;;  Published , Every Monday- And-" ThIjrsdatu  /yl A; ;.AJjLAN&.C  6pfxcb-^BARKERVlLLB,..Wiluams Cebek, ��������� CAftteoo.  ..  y'    A Subscription, $1- per Week.A/-A    ,  (Including cost of delivery,)' Payable  to tho Carried  I  1  Adai&s,.Pearcy &  ���������  :/y.Z barkerville;       ;..,;.\, ���������; .  '-���������' Havo'jiist received a choice selection of ���������;. v  fcXiST IRON' COOKING SHOVES  >u1   ���������+**���������*���������* ���������VJL������' ������������������'������������������; .'���������,-  TIN :PLATE -ANI)   SHEET  IRGNV  . .with variotisothor articles in. their lino of trade.    ���������  X 4SP; All Jobbing in tho .Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and;  Zinc trade attended to, arid-warranted to give satisfac*.;  tion/������������������ :. ���������' '..yy ��������� ��������� ���������. y.r '-y/yy; ���������'/a/'1 A ���������'���������' ���������������������������'��������������������������� \ ��������� -.  '���������,      "���������', ��������� ' .,'���������  ,-.,-' ,-..'������������������'���������  ,.', :..:��������� -���������...' -���������. ..'...������������������ ������������������������������;��������� '���������������������������������  "���������. }\Zi STEPHENS/ -.;/ y,  CnrIL EkfilNEER AND SURVEYOR;  Gariboo Literary ]^stitirte  .    \ jys.yi'HOMPSo^ iREsiDEXT.^ . ,.'���������  y JAMES ANDERSON, Vice-President.  'JOHN MacLAREN,.  j V  : JOSEPH CLEAIUHUE, l  JOSEPK PARK. ;. y  Directors,-  HAVING  TAKEN Aft ...OFFICE ' IN" RiCHFIKLD-  Williams Creek, is \pr.opired to ��������� executo-Suryoys*  Plans,.: Levels,..Sections, &c, ��������� &c.,: committed���������'������������������ to.hi������.  charge;-with, care." despatch, arid oii' REASONABLE.  terms;- ������������������  yAyi-yry-Ay:yy- yyyryyyyA yy  :��������� 3 ��������� ..'      jg^? Office, centre of Richfield. ���������*������&���������,-A A  '������������������AAyA/^'fi^  i^'S:l:|^U  AND  A CLA^t merchant, meeting one of his own  fraternity the other day, whose pony might  be considered a beautiful specimen of a living skeleton, remopsh*ated: with the owner,  and asked him if be ever fed him. "Ever  fed him ! that's a good 7un," was the reply ;  " he's got a bushel and a half of oats at home  now, only he haint got time to eat 7em." '  The Earl of Belmorc, under secretary of  state for the home department, will succeed  Sir John Young as governor of New South  Wales.  A Wayne county, Indiana, indulgent husband and father, sold his cooking stove to  take his family to the circus lately.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL'''  rpmS-INSTiTOTIONr ..IS .Nb.W....OPEN - At..BARKER-  l.'vflJo, whore ii is now fitted bp with, a view.to.the  oomfort and. convenience of the "pyoplo. bf Cariboo.  . The Reading Room will be found supplied with the  latest English, Scottish. Canadian,..American and Colonial Papers aud Magazines. ;"'���������- :   '..     ;'  .;Ternis of Subscription���������$5 per Quarter, or $2' per  Month'. .Single volume;; Ion nod. to- non -subscribers at  50 cents per volume, with $1 deposit! ���������  ��������� Persons not subscribers, yisi ting the Reading Rooui,  and making use of thc Books and Papers, 2o.cents'for  each visit: ',������������������:���������:  Thc Room .will be open from TEN. A. il!, till TEN,  P.-M. . JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary and Librarian'.  - N. B"���������A fine assortment of Books and Stationery is  always kept for sale. 13-s '  ���������O��������� ...  THE   STOCK   OF  THIS  OFFICE   HAVING   BEEN  considerably augmentod by the recent importation  of a variety of new Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  for .       ,   '  Posters, Circulars, Cards,  Billheads, Programmes for  Balls, Concerts, and  Theatrical Entertainments.  Orders for any description of Job Work will be executed with neatness and despatch.  J8ST Terms moderate. *^������&  FEW   TIN SHOP.  T^HE UNDERSIGNED have commehced'. in tho above  . business, in Barkerviilc^ and.soiicita share of public patronage  CAST    IRON   STOVES  Always on hand.  'New. Work  ana Jobbing  Done at reasonable rates. ���������  X X^^Our Tean\s run regularly between Yale and  Cariboo and all orders in our line of business carefully  attended to.  1-s E. PEARSON & BROS.  ������������������-' F,-V,:.LEEy :--  Auctioneer, Cellector,  ��������� AXD ���������  ���������    MINING    AGENT.  .'son,   AND ���������  JEWELLER,  AT K: EGDGENS'   OLD   STAND.  Barkerville, 1st May, 1S67. 1-s  Goods sold on Commission.  Salksroosi, Barkerville-,  Office,  Richfield.���������  6-s  ,  y \'.^'-y;-BARKERV7LiiEy��������� ������������������ A'A'^Ayyy  N .AN^OUKciliSG THE5 REOPIDNiNG, :>OF THIS  house, for the. season, ."the pro j)r iotqr's ; wish ,to * I n v  forni their frieuds and tnc public generally;*tbat thtfy :,  -wr 111. spare, ho pains in order to merit, the pi Iron ago. of ���������  all who give tiiem a call.    / ��������� ;, ;.-t-; -, ��������� ��������� ��������� W , .  A. 22\���������������������������-:. v: Meals.at.all;hottrs.   .;Xy.���������'���������.< xA-i'-Ay  Stee 1 e's. Hestaurant;  jftlCHFIELD:   ���������      y    <;  STEELE BEGS TO INFORM HIS OLD FRIENDS  ��������� an'lPatrons, that.he has opened bis OLD STAND,',  wherohe will be glad to; see them. . /��������� ./.  'jOST Meals At all Hoors '"*&&  June 10th, 1867.       .- A;'.-. '���������   lis    ;  Ac c o mi t a lit,   Colleotori  - ���������avo ��������� -   y .. r .'���������  CbMMISSiOiM     AG EN Tj;  barkerville;;       yy-.y  OFrroK.���������OrPOSiTE N. O.\io?s 'Brewsry. ' .= ���������  June 17,1807. '   13  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  "^  OTIC  A-ugnst Stampelilj  BARKERVILLE.  A largo assortment of Boats and Shoes always on  band. 1  REMOVAL.  G.  STBOUSS,  DEALER IN  ETC., ETC.,  BARKER VILLE.  Has removed to bis NEW STORE/ opposite  bESfTAL HOTKIi;  OOCI-  13  X PR ESS!  BRITISH COLUMBIA :  AMD   VICTORJA   EXPRESS,  Connectihg.at Victoria with WEfcLS, FA^GO & CO.;  for California. Oregon, thc Atlantic States     ,  and Europe.        "...  AND AT YALE AND LILLOOET. "WITH BARNARD1S  ' CARIBOO EXPRESS, ...;. .  For Big Bend, Carib66knd the Northern/Mines,  ���������onveying Treasure, Valuables, fetters; Packages arid  Patois. 1-s  B N TERP.S IS  \VK1> RUX. AS FOLLOWS :. -  LEAVES   QUESNELStOUTK   ON  Tlinrsdays  and Sundays j  ��������� ;; ' - as six o'clqck, - a. ; M.j-  :.,: LEAVES-SOBA-CREEK   ON  Tuesdays Ind Fndays������  1     'AT FbUR O'CLOCK, A  'MiX A/'  Quesneimouth, May 2nd,-186.7;    ���������   ' -.  t  COLONIAL RESTAURANT^  QUESNEiMOOTH,    : /'. ,",  KL. JOfiNSO^.FRO^&R,y.y .  Meals at all hour^j and Coo3ofi& of i)i&fi'iki  &el$CnplioiiA;y:i i/y s_.Jy.  QUESNELM0UTH, ....  BROWN & GILLIS,. Proprietors.'.  Good Beds: Restaurant; Billiard Tabled &  Stabling for Horses,'Hay and Oats!  /���������e.������'?3' "~y  "iTffq������  ;.-;.;.y.'y ������������������?>���������.���������/.���������;'��������� r:  Thursday. September 5, ;i8G7.  AAA y,y;;Agen^ Seiitixiel. //;.. :.���������  J"!'" Grouse Creek,   - '"   -   l -      - "   -      -  'A: MclVha  Qaesnelmouth,     Ifr. Goudie, Barnard^ Express Office  ��������� Yale,?    -      - -   Mr. Evans,    - do    .       ,.'���������   do  yLfllboetj      -    JViW? Foster,  y doy do  '   Now Westminster, '   ���������.'   -.".   - ���������     -    Clarkson & Co  ��������� ^^���������;wu ��������� i'A/ ";,: ������. '���������-''���������: ' '���������*--'.��������� ;-'    y / E. -Malla ndalnc  ^Victor!*, .     r ,    - r.   - :: , -_,'  -      j A. Lyne; '-      '  ..Big.Bend, ' -������. . -, -    '-1 * Jas,-Bullock,1 French, Greek  Van Winkle;       - ., , -  ,, -, ���������' -���������..    J.W. Lindhnrdt.  ������������������������������������ ������������������-.,,  JATh'eJ'Cariboo SehtihcITHspuhJIshed every Monday-  ' '   ���������'' and Thursday. /. Ad YcrtiscihentS' in tended for insert ion  . y must be delivered, a t latest at 6 o'c lock, p. m'., the day  f before publication.*  '> ���������,     \    ���������* ,   , ^������������������������.������  TO/CORRESPONDENTS,  y."...:  /-,1'yyy    ',-.������..  y^(|fyy;yf:y;^  his good faith  TO ADVERTISERS.  ;.v-:!*���������:-- i'r 3j ���������  Ak. ���������/',  > I .J&3F All Advertisements:(notinserted foranydefinUe  ; /period) will bo cbntinubd untif ordered put ana/charged,  < lor accordingly.   '/'   < "* -y - -;���������.,">'��������� y'"���������:">/y"  '  ^ih.'yy,    QVyTHE;.QUEEN;y//V.i'y;^   :  History fa-witS^ii^a-parallel, sjnee the 'time  It is wWl fchowrithafc by the British Constito  tiort, .the povref��������� arid responsibility of the  sovereign are reduced to the^very: sipaliest  cbmpa83,and noioftarchyandanstocracy a*s to a  great degree roorb ornamental than otherwise.  Greftt Britian,'is the nearest to; a Republic ;of  ranynattbnin;the%brid, ber prime; minister  Ibeirig inrealitythe President andthe Hou^e  of Commons her Congress, but: still yfche.acU  ���������vahtages-if class^feeling are; so generally appreciated by ,the better informed,.of the  jEnglish' piedpie=thaft monarchy &n^  arenas deeply lb ved as Magna ��������� CJtiarta. U ��������� Thus  we cannot but deprecate the Times, when it  tells us that her Majesty;had- better lay her  grief asid������!and attend to her regal business.  Others"of the liberal journals go even farther  and^deplore the sa(T fate/of London tradesmen, who, In consequence of the^long dura-  tioirof her Majesty's grief for a fell beloved  husband* ;are riotVmaking the usual haryest  out of -the fashionable! world��������� a itfercenary-  yiew of such matters, disgraceful to British1  enlightenment;' It is .'refieshingj after the  ^ per nsalof such soi'did expressions as those  alluded to above; to' read: an article in the  Examiner; in! which Hrvly English feeling is  iihmisfakably predpminarifc add is creditable  to the writer;>vlio penned it; It runs thus :  A We , are; only too thankful to ^have escaped/a blunder so egregious as 'it would  have beep,;had tlie advisers ofythe ^sOyereijrn  persuaded her Mai es ty th at for some in exp 1 ti  cable reason; or for no, reason at all, it was  her tintyvfco*go - niiisquerad ing*-in-mlmicry -of  the yEmperbr of ^tho^French ��������� and to put on  thefUlse ah^fViVolous;semblance of joy ������and  pride in obmpiimenfc to him or to :the Czarr  To N)uri notion,  hospitality^ worthy of the  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Dissolritioii of Partneri  Tgo-ncE is hereby^^n, :tjb^ the i^  J3 nership lately existing between theA^^f^  under thename of Fontaiae&;Compan>vh^  been dissolved;by mutual jeotMmU/^lH^m;^  tbe late firm are to he paid to A. G. Fontaine and.all  ;fiebts against thejsaid iirm T������ay V������|^^^^{jijv;'/  y A. g/fONTAI^E.'  Richfield, August 29tb, 1867. / lni  NEW; ADVERTISEMENTS;  San France  yZy commission;: merch^t; ;  Ne^r  EI porado Sa3.oion  BARKEFtViLUE,  f  ^pectin lly j  age heretote.^xtended::tothern. y y y  -^ _. _ ��������� - ���������-  : JTAitg. 28,1867. :��������� :   .���������        - ; AVILLIAM ST.hR^UNV.T.  i;2 X BARKERVlLLEy  TT AS JUST RECEIVED K^EXPRES, ;^^0RTj  11 ment of FRENCa CALF and KIP LEATHER, of  the BEsT QUALITY.V\y":i ,  A-A/; V<yy  yAugust-28,-iso7.r^. :-.;":-���������;'���������;- ���������y:;yvy^yy,  lm  '    ;GBOGERIESi PROVlSlOiTS)       v  HARD^VAKE, CLOTHING AND BOOTS.'  Next Ddoa to tits.Sentinel Ojticb - ':^  barkerville. 2CtlvJune; 1807.  ���������17  (xrouse G^^ <j..;i  TiT- -;F.;: Hl!RRE WILT/fIlUN A 1)ATLY EXPfipw-  ^VY ":.i"; \ het ween Bu rkervil 16 and Grouse ;Crftek v Or  ders, small; parcols;: lettt������������������r%\��������� .collectibn^ etcy>ctc'  attended .to- oh': mod orate., tt?h^.--\;:8peeUii;:att!^liflii-  Ri ven to". d cmo h 6 s for;'siibPcri pi ions; to the CABi n nn  SENTINEL; orony otluTNewspnjjPr.y"Ay y-"u".  001 (tes:;, On Gr������use CreoU,; at M. trager's Slwe. lA  BHrkervilio, at ;W,^P; Herre^ " domlciio,;*i. Sewisel  OFFifk;.    yyy A'yAA.     ax. a;,/"':������������������ ���������;.���������-->���������"������������������������������������ .'��������� .  a Juiy"2ii;".i8et--^ X/X/. ��������� ////AAA yy/Ayy-, .  ^yl'-y-v'RICHF-IELD.-:---,  name. wbfeth& offered by". individuals or by  rrations;jhnst be- hnbidden, and; of sppntane^  ;piiswill.( We, tool shohld be .very .glad tb  '$eby oiiv:\;widowed^; Qiieeh1 often'er and more  ?arhon^ her people. We tbink^we know, we  feel that i t would do: her good.1 and '^whenever  she will nome;amongst;. us. as she, ixsed to d o  Jnvearlyidays^she sliall- have greeting that \vi 11  gladden lier ear; but'not one,'hour sooner  than she chooses, would; we' have her yCprae;'  She greats'us; not ;as^siav^������indc we would not  Lave slavery imposed 'on her���������the 'worst of  ���������slavery?that: of being forced to play- the; hypocrite in her grief. .;'. She does her duty as a  Queen, leaving us our liberty unquestioned  ahd^nngrudged;; why.��������� should' we grudge and  question, her's V7  No:extra\chdrge on ;;** froeze outy?J; for fun;:..  LJtife. ?8,;i867. -   )���������      vim   ; ;JOHN,iiEDiN.  ;;PAETNERSH1P.  Jl H K PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING  ;, between \ FRANK EERRETnind A. KELLER ������������  SHlobhkeepers, Camerontonf has thkdtiy,.;been dissolved by mutual conseutl ' All .ouistanoing"ax;ccunts,  duo to tho latOf jfinn. >m ust .bo paidto A; Keller, \vho  is authorize to receipt l^r,- the Srtrhe.     y  24 th-August^ 1867;  ; FRANK TERRET*  Ar'KELLER. ������������������'.-. A:>  yimy  tended  them.    The   rust .attendant   upon a  Jong period of peace :estabiishmepid, was apparent in the Crimean war, but even then.  r *5 y  yyy  precedent^ the country .has been peaceably  revolutionized.. In arts, sciences, and every  '   ibranch in short "of- human progress, Queen  Xietbria*s reign wilriioId a prominent; ppsi-  r tioii in  history.   The' art of "war 'alone,.has  - made greater strides, t^an duripg any similar  . period aince .war. was: known to |he worldv  , '  Gr4at Britain' has vastly-.ihci*easedrin^vw6altli';'  1 ���������..     and her coiximerce has advanced beyond any  previous \exampl������.^    Infenal improvements  have .spread with maiweions rapidityyand:en-  ter prises have been carried out involving un-  siy ���������. K"dertakings of sach ihagm^  ther admiration^of the universey^Witliout  1 "question���������, her Majesty Queen Victoria, through  ber. beneficence,  magnanimity  and" -sound  -  Z judgment, has made ibr. herself a monument  ���������    a . of tame that wijt last with the duration/ of  time. yBu t the heartfelt desire of Her Majesty  ��������� ,. for the progress:and welfare of her peoplei  ZyZi/Zyi:. ^^dthe^strong, liberal tendenciesi'.of-her late  ^���������Ai/yr.   ; ; .^lamented consort^ have created an eagerness  ibr change- very often mistaken for progress!  './'';'-. which has taken ho Id of the nation.   John  :a2;  .' . - Ay, Brrght"s one idea has been so pertinaciously  .. thrust before the attention of the British pub-  ������ '��������� 'X. -   Up, tb at it is no wo nder if a su perficial ' ac-  :y ,, . ceptance of his views has misled many peo  ple, and given a tinge to the habits������������������ and1 man-  ���������X-'Z" Rors of society in England.   Thus in some  respects the'; nation is what may be called  Americanized, as will be distinguished in the  -absence lately of that consideration for the  ... habits and feelings of their neighbors,.that  formerly was so remarkable a trait, in the  y character of the British people.    There is no  class so deeply affected with the Bright-American style of; expression, as the jonrnalists/  ���������f^omtheTimes down,, with few exceptions, it  pervades the whole press.   If any one ehter-  . ��������� tains   a do ub t o n  th e   sub j ec t, they h a ve  only to peruse the late articles on' her Ma-  jesty^s / rptiremont. from   the   turmoil   of  public gaities to enjoy the privacy of 'domes-.  I tic life surrounded  by her children, never  ; neglecting her duties for a moment as a Queen.  Cabinet for OTE ;Nkw I^MiKipNo^Thie following :was reported ihyOUawav as the /programme greedy up on for ithe cabinet of the  Dominion :���������  ; " Sir John A. Macdohald, Premier,and Minis ter-of Justice. Tion. A; T.:Galt; Ghapcellpr  of the Exchequer! Honi Gr.iE. Cartier,t Minis-  vter: .of Militia; iHon. A. J. Fergiisson'fBlair,  President bfJtlie Council." Hon..^Alex.>Camp^  bell, Postmaster /General. jTpn; Peter Mi t-  :chell; Minister of Marine^and Fisheries. Hon.  H, L. Langevin, Home' Secretary. Hon. A. G.  Arch ib aid t Foi^oi gn Se cretary���������; r Hon. Wm.  McDougall Minister of Public^ Works. Hon.  J. C. Chapais,. Minister of Agriculture. Hon.  ,W. P. Ho wl and, M i n is ter of In tern al Re ven u e.  Hon:-Mr- Tilley, Minister of Customs^ ��������� HonV  Edward Eenney, Receiyer General.      *������������������  8:-^  VW'  J1U������  y-������G$ ^LEA^EyTa>^WIgY^THF;  3 inhal������i ti'i n ts of BarkeryiII ii hnil,.vi -(  ciaity^ that heis loc������ted;at TIlKIIOr  TEr/DE ERANG.E, Witc-re;ne/wm be able to p^rtOriT!  ult operations -on the Toothy in: the latest > and most  Sci(?hti'{ic-.'maiinen .2:<        X.   .-������������������''.���������,   ,.; .-.yi/'Z-y,^,   *.  rTeeth extracttsd withont %PAIN, by-the hsonf the  ���������KHIGOL1NE SPRA^. y������������������.-....:-..->���������  -.'1: .;.,.-   . ;; ���������;  y     . Charges Moderate���������Terms Cash.'���������>, A '���������,... i"  August, 19 cb;iS67y  ���������h y  Another Lecture.���������Mr. Ha rn e tt has kind ly  resp on d ed to tb e reqn est of; the - d irec tors o f  the Cariboo Literary Institute, and will deliver-a lecture for the benefit of that valuable  institution' next Sunday; afternoon.:at three  o'clock. The siibject will be u.British colonization;" As the object for which the lecture  is given is one of public interest, being to  raise funds for procuring a fresh supply of  bobksyfbr-the -library^ we ;trust, the public  will lend it their supporj;.  . By late exchanges from Canada we observe  th at the i ta au gu ratio n of th e you n g Dom in ion  was attended wi tli great enthusiasm. A Reform Convention was held at Toronto on the  2nd July, where oyer 600 delegates were present : among the number was the hon. A. De-  Cosrhos, who made an able speech on behalf  of this colony.  The next County Court will beheld on  Monday, the lGth inst.  NOTICE.  A LL  PERSONS  TNDERTED   TO   THE   UNDER-.  J\, pipn������<lt cither by !>ook account or by note, will  please call anfl settle liie samo imraccliately, so as to  avmfl any further trouble or expanse.  St-pt. 2, 1867.  ' G. L. SHEPHERD.  Pilotograpliic 'Aitistj  AS'NOW OFENED'A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY  a.t RICHFIELDj and. is prep ar-id to ta ke  Cartes deyVisite, Timbre de;;Poste P������������rtrailf!,';AnibrQt  ^.ytypesj.Leather Pictures,;.;_Miiiiiwiyp^ajVi^ws/bf  "lb������usesi Claims, ctc., Slngle or Stereo^copic  Fori r;i i t s also taken on White. Silk, Lit) ch or Cot to n  ,-y : cioth.'.y ���������   y a ^     .������������������-::������������������  Richfldd, 12th.August,-1867.; - '..    "��������� '-'���������'���������'>-.;.;���������;  i/yX XX^'i  A-.'-'yy  y-yrWyy������.  ���������P h o to g r a p li io   A r t i s t,  " S NO\V PREPARED   TO TAK# VIEWS OF :-M-TN-  ing Claims; Houses,:Groups, Sci'hery, and all kinds  of out-door;Photogriinhy. /:    -?. :-.".:':"������������������"��������� : A ���������  " 'Altpnlers,: ipsrt; in writing, at.the B-ir of the Hotel  d e Fran c ylta rk ery i 1 hy: w i 1 i be. prom p Uy:. atte n rl e 11 to.  ��������� In a.few days, lie will;have on yj'ew.and :fnr sale,:  Photpgra phs.; of ihe. Miui ng Towns, etc,, of Williams  and other creeks.       -  : F.Ddly will remain for b.\E Month only,    yy  . August 12th,;iS67.-. Z'X", '������������������ ���������'../Z-'riA  yAAyyAyyyyy:ArT-'Ry&  a- y-^  f S NOW  OPEN/F^  JL-; the mining cornmuhi I y, and; the public-gear rally  that: could be. oesireu,; lor ..comiert^and ; ennveni^ce,  Th p Bar is sup pi led ,w i th a com plpte / fitocfc of ,������i.W ;  Liquors_ and Cigars. /      " '   ,,      A '  ��������� ������������������- ��������� \;���������fi������*> ^"k"* Aired ������������������ Beds,*������li; -.  may bo bad. at a moderate?charge* y. - > y E^ 0RD. / '  July It 1867. y, XX   2��������� Xy...,/;;      v Proprieircw.  ,C OSMOPOL lyt A:Wyy_  Hestauraiit 'aiid Bakery,  p '    ' ;        BAItKERVIIXE.    ' ���������     '  rpHE UNDERi?IONEn HAVING THOROTGHtiY BE- /  L .novated his Estflbllshment. has r<?-optned:(hesame ������������������  Ibr the accommoi?at|fii������ of the Puijllc,y*M trusts id ''  merlt'.a'share of their patnn/������ge.   His B������kVry hHsalsb  undergone; r^fnir. and he is iio\v:ready" to-'cxtcul*  or ders" from al I,w ho wish pood? hr^ml, -    ,       ������  y  ���������   < -JACOB VELT^, Proprietor;  ". June 10th\\807.      ������������������   " //       rlU  r   F E NTO N    SALOON,  ; j I ' '   EICnFIELD.' ' - '  q^SE UNDERSIGNED  HOPES-lllfe OLD" PIOKEER;  ;.I3?ter;^thts  DATE,   BARNARD^  EXPRESS 13  i*V: nor respon5?ible for damage on LIQUIDS shipped in  Tin or Glas^, uhiess by speci'vl comract.'^     '    \':  UmillnrthAt.notice., the Express will arrivs lifw  cverv fUXDAv,AFTERNOON...;and.rclose fOrbclo^r  every, WEDi-; ESDAY> at/NINE o'clrcK-.A^jr.-  kx-  :y '   rrA/A-     ::y.. -////':/yy^ROBERT^OOLiV'"'  Barkenrijlc^ Sfay ,2?th ��������� 1807*  NOTICE.  THE UNPER?IGNED TAKES THIS METHOD OF  thankinq: his friends for their liber;;\\\.y to his  ag<*n.t during his late absence, and asFur.'^ them he  will u-:e his best endeavor to .meet th^if t>spTctatinns.  H''intern1? IV'Yinsc to-riay.fcr V-in Winklrt, wberj- he  will finish bis tm inin g,. btli vt ill re to rn n ex t S 'i f n r -' a y  night, to.give his last sparring, exhibition on Sunday  Ev'-n I n g, n t Pu rk er a n'} ft f:t\ ing's .Sn 1 oon.  P. ?.���������Hi hfprsluH fri;,n'isand' acquaintnnces will  continue to act liberally with his ag^nt, should he ask  any favors during the present week, as the expense  of his training is far heavier than at first anticipated.  Barkerville, Sept. 2,1867.       GEORGE WILSON,  Tlibs, .L". BRXG-&S & Go.,  CAMERONTON,.  Have just received, and offer for Sale/  WHOLESAiE 0E SETAit  ���������    ATLOW RATES FOR CASH,  .200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS of LIQUORS  .   .��������� CONSISTING OF������������������' /  Brandy���������Martell, Hennessey, and Ofcard.Duppy.  Wines���������Port, Sherry Burjruudy,- and Claret; Syntonic's  FrcneJi  White Wine ; Siinscvaine's California Wiiite Wine. ',   ������������������       ,  Champagnes���������Bouche and Napoleon's Cabinet.  Bitters���������Boker's, Snnsevaine's, Orange aud Hostet-  ter'f?, Vurmoutb, Ahsenlhe, Peppermint and Anni-  sette.  Old Tom, Cin, and Scotch Whisky.  Also on hand���������500 gallons choice brands of Brandy,  Wi nns, Wh isky, Rum,ie tc.  Goods received on Storagb or CoannssioSj at the  lowest market rates.  1st July. 1S67. 2in  In ;thc nmtter of theyEstate -ntid y^bts of  ; FRANCOIS CASSEJate  Cattle Dealer, deceased, iri tes tate,   y    :  A LL PERSONS WHO ARFJ INDEBTED  iV ab  TO7THE'  above . Estatd,iare/.rcquirfltl:tii;::pk������) the^atnotinW  due forthwith ,;:and all p::T.^on^/\v;ho haye nny claims  agai ns t the above Es late, a re r:1 q u i fed .to send.: iii .|jh elf  jrccfiuntP, oii or beibrc -the FIFTH-DAY? of FEFM-  BER, 1867, to CHA?. E  POOhEV, -.'.;.  Ofbcial Administrator  Dated Richfield, 25th June, 1867. '-   :A-AA-m  y%.:y-^  Iri the matter- :��������� of the Estate and Effects/ of  REMI DAZET/ late; pfyWilliams Creek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate"���������//��������� Ay;  THE   SNUG-   SALOON  ,        BARKERVILLE.     ,  T  in  H E UNDERSIGNED HAVING OPENED . THE  above Siloon, would r ������sp< ctlully invito turir  nds and tho public to su?p in r.nd sainplo tin ir  ALE.% WINES and LIQUORS, tlie qnulUy oi" which,  they flutter themselves, will suit the t;isti-������ of tho .most  fastidious. Thc best brand of CIGAKS alwavs on  hand. SCOTT & McHARDY.  20th June, 1867. .    ������������������ 2m  A LL^^^ PERSONS: WHO   ARE.INDEBTED TO THE  Ax. abnve Estate,' are required to pay tlie amounts  due forthwith, and all persons who havo any, clunis  a w\ i nst the ab ore Estate, a re r "quired to s������sn d in ihnt  accounts' on or beforo the EIGtiTH day of SEPTEH-  BER, 1807, to , ��������� CHAS. E. POOLEYj -.:   ' ���������'. /' ���������  Official Administrator.  Dated Lyt ton, 8th/fune, 1S67. 13  *x\y2 -���������notice^;.;.  In the matter of the Estato and EfTects .of JAMES  . HJRI/fE, late of Williams Creek, Blacksmith, deceased, intestate.  A LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED T^THB  rx. above Estate, ������re required to pay the amounts <.uo  forthwith,.and all persons who haveiiny cUimsf������g8>n^  tho above estate, arer^quir^d to send in their nccoums  on or before tho TWENTY -PIXTH day of ^EFTEMB^i  1807. to y     CHAS. E. POOLEY,    .   ...  : Official AilinWstrator.  Dated Rlcbficld, 27th Juno, 1867.  In the matter of tho Estate and Effects of-^Yj?  WHI'ITOIU). Free-Minor, lite, of the Reid Cm^t  Conklins Gulch, 'deceased, intestate.  jits  ms.  a^dnst the above es.tnto, ara ri-qufr-'d to s'-n^m.t^f  accounts on or before FIRST NOVEMBER. 180i, w     ���������  CHAS. E- POOLE),      ./  Dated RichfloW, 1st Augiwt,-Wf.  A LL PERSON'S WllO ARE INDEBTED TO.-TJ*  XX above Estate, ������ro required to piy the ������^}i"  ii u s iortl i wiUi, and all p������rsohs who li a vo a ny ci������u ������ v  C  (.  I YHE^ARIBOO SENTINEL  ^nFHUKSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1BG7.  waawk������g<^a������^ wrff^Bg  NEW CREEK STRUCK I  GOOD PAT FOUND!  c.  "-'? Mi*. Oliver Urquhart and his two partners,  who have been out prospecting for several  months past, returned on Monday evening,  and reported the discovery of a creek in  which they found gold in paying quantities.  The creek has been named Mustang creek,  and is situated  about 25 miles to the nortb-  West of Williams creek and four miles to the  north west of Sugar creek; it is about one and  V a half miles in  length and empties into a  y large creek' ��������� which was also named by' the  y'party Beaver creek, from the great number  /of beaver that abound in that vicinity.    Urquhart and his party have located and record-  ��������� ed a discovery claim, about 500 feet from the  mouth ol'thecreek, .and have prospected it  "sufficiently well to know that they can make  from $12'to $20 a day to tho hand, and even  more if there was a plentiful supply of water.  The ground is not over 8 feet in depth, so far  'as they have found, and the pay appears to  be eonfihed chiefly to ihe gravel,. near the  ,   bed rock, although there is a strata of top  gravel that yields a fair prospect.   The bed  rock is a hard, blue slate, intermixed with  small quartz  veins, and resembles in  ap-  "*1������piyeaTauee the* mckon'th^creelcr- Wa were  -shown by Mr. Urquhart about 15 ounces of  ���������the dust, which appears coarse and well washed.   Its quality is much about tbo same as  ; that Of the gold found on Sugar creek.  There  ;are a number of other creeks and gulches in  ythe vicinity that look equally as * well as. the  one referred to, which it Is the opinion of our  ���������informant, who prospected some of them, will  ���������pay well.    These will no doubt receive a  thorough   prospecting from the number of  ^miners who have been attracted there within  ythe last two days, by the flattering prospects  -Obtained in that quarter.   Mr. Urquhart and  ��������� party returned 3'esterday'; with a stock of provisions, and will commence sawing; lumber.  land prepare to -take advantage of the fall  yrains.     yy   ���������    ������������������-   ���������  ��������� i  Murder.���������A report reached Quesnelmouth  ���������on Slonday, that a Frenchman who resided  recently at Chimney creek, had been found  murdered on the Hat creek trail, about two  ���������miles from McLean's ranch on the Bonaparte.  .: The discovery was made by one of McLean's  ysons, who on observing'.an Indian riding a  yhorse which he knew belonged to the.- murdered man, put certain questions to the Indian as to thc.irianncr of his coming into possession of the animal, and on receiving eva-  '-y el ve and unsatisfactory answers,'suspected  s om e fo 111 ��������� p lay, an d a 10 n( e ar rested him. On  making diligeut search, the body of the man  : was afterwards found as before .stated.   Information was instantly sent to tlie constable  at the Junction, who conveyed the prisoner to  Lillooet without delay.   It appears that tbe  murdered man, while"on his way to Lillooet  on business, was met by three Indians, who  "borehim air old grudge, and,killed hiin in  revenge.    No trace of the other two murderers could be found up to last accounts.  ��������� We understand that Joe Eden is undergoing the heaviest kind of training, at Quesnelmouth. His trainers; George Fairbrother and  Jim Boland, have their hands full in looking  after him. He is very much reduced in  weight since he left here, having lost about  I81bs., but for all that, he often distances his  ���������trainers coming home after a ten mile run in  the morning. In the afternoon Joe divides  his attentiou between bis pets, as he calls the  gloves, the pullies, <fcc, and venting his spleen  by unmercifully pounding a 2001b. sand bag,  which he sometimes imagines to be Wilson,  by giving it an extra punch by way of retaliation for the hard work he undergoes,  Nothing further has been heard from the  seat of government relative to the settlement  of the Grouse creek difficulty. At last accounts, his Excellency and staff had gone to  Victoria, where he intends remaining for ten  days. It is to be hoped that this much vexed  question will be settled before the mining  season closos. so that ground which is known  to be rich may be made available for the good  of the community, and not locked up as has  been the prevailing custom for the past three  years, at the very best portion of the mining  sea,$on..  Large Shipment op Gold.���������The steamship  Active carried away $232,156, shipped as follows :���������Ba&k of British North America $155-  917; Bartk of British Columbia, $54,181;  Weils, Fargd & Co., $22,000. The shipments  thus far are largely in excess of those of any  previous year���������a,fact which may be accepted  as incontrovertible evidence that the yield of  gold 13 greater and the prosperity of the balding community more general than ever before.���������B. Colonist.  The Taftvale Co., in Sfcoufrs gulch, vsrashfed|  Mr. L. Hahnett's Lecture.���������According to  announcement, this gentleman delivered his  lecture on Sunday afternoon. Of the address  itself we need only say that it gave entire satisfaction. It was delivered in a clear, perspicuous, and philosophical manner, and reflected credit on the lecturer for the intimate,  knowledge he appeared to possess of tbe general features of the country, acquired during  bis short stay here. No one can doubt but  Mr; Harnett will be of the greatest utility to  tbis country when he returns to California ;  and it is with pleasure, shared we believe in  common by all, that we baud him over to our  people below, with a thorough endorsement  of his intelligence and industry.  . The introduction of the lecture was confined  to a general comparison of British Columbia  and California, wherein it was shown that in  many respects, so far as the facilities of mining went, the one was quite equal; if not superior to the other, with the same amount.of  capital and labor. In this part of the address  the quartz question was thoroughly discussed.  Of the existence of paying ledges iu this  country, there could be no doubt, but the  time,had not arrived to'work them successfully, owing to the great disparity between  labor and capital. The general average of  the California quartz rock was shown to yield  only from $15 to S20 a ton ; and the country  had been injured severely for years,.simply  because the business had been taken up too  soon. Even up to 1800, a man in California  could get no aid from capitalists to open his  rai ne^so ���������-tho-roughl-y-ted-the:busiiicss' -failed  in a general way, up to that time ; but now  that labor aud capital, were better regulated,  claims that bad been lying worthless for years  were selling readily, from $50,000 and upwards. In the present condition of this country, it would be ruinous to have a similar.  failure. Better far to develop the..ledges on  Island Mountain/ Lowhee and^Blaok Bear  creeks ��������� slowly, and bring them into notice  only when thoroughly tested. San Francisco  has expended, it is supposed^ over $3,000,000.  and New York nearly $100,000,000, in Idaho.  Montana, etc.,without result; and how, in  both places, rock that will pay eight or ten  dollars a ton, within a day's ride of Stockton  or Sacramento, if easily got.at. is worth more  in the. estimation of capitalists, than*, all the  boasted richness of these distant and expensive territories. The same argument held  good in this colony, and it would be;wisdom  to admit it at once.  The lecturer then turned to our auriferous  diggings, and enforced his previous position  by proving that in British Columbia there  were diggings developed and undeveloped,  rich and extensive enough to. last for ten  years to come. Ail that was wanted to diffuse a general prosperity, was an improved  method of. mining ; in. fact, the. adoption of  the great system, of hydraulicing and draining.  The regularity and extent of our auriferous  lodes, was shown by Grouse creek and Stouts  gulch, which after years ot abandonment and  delay, were now paying enormously, because  drainage had made labor at last successful.  A large reservoir built at the head of each  stream would give abundance of water, at  little cost, for'efficient hydraulic power, and  more than double the pay would then be obtained. Lowhee, where claims are paying  well on a second and third washing, Canadian, Cedar. Black Bear, Musquito, and other  creeks recently developed, were instanced, to  prove this great truth, in a striking manner.  which carried conviction. Wiiliams creek,  hitherto the mainstay of the country, was then  reviewed. If Ground Hog lake, the present  water source, was dammed to a height of fifty  feet, which like lakes in California, could  easily be done at a comparatively trifling  cost, the whole ereek could be put under hydraulic power, and pay as well as it did in  former years. But where was ��������� the drainage ?  The lecturer discussed the plan of tapping  Jack-of-Clubs lake, which could be easily  drained forty or fifty feet, and thence a flume  drain to the meadows, opening good diggings  all the way, at a cost of probably not ,ihore  than $30,000..   If tbis sum sounded largo, and  could get into diggings. paying from 50 to  IGOOoz. a week, the fascination would blind  cotnihon sense, and :endless placers capable  of yielding good pay would be sacrificed for  a chance at these favored spots. The mining  history of California was repeated here. Nevertheless from* the rocker, the primitive  method, we Would be forced by degrees  through the gradation of systems to the hydraulic pipe, and then, as in California, would  the wonderful'mineral resources of this colony be knowu ;its prosperity.be made general and permanent. Much mining information of a varied character wa3 given in addition to all this,.which of course, we. cannot  follow ; and the lecturer.turned to the agricultural resources of the colony, which were  marvelous." The confederation scheme which  would bring capital and population enough  to develop all branches of industry ;, the desirable union of Eiiglish judgment and American enterprise, which would conquer,all  difficulties in time, and build up conjointly  oh this coast a nation eventually that weald  not only astonish but control the world, and  contrihute immensely to .the intelligence, happiness and liberty 61' mankind. ' .'��������� The lecture  iaisted an hour and a half and was listened to  with wrapt attention to the last. It must be  gratifying to Mr. Harnett to: know that he  leaves us with the admiration and good wishes  of all classes, so far as we have heard, an expression ������f.opinion upon his merits and actions. Individually, we wish him God epeed  in bis labors..  ���������,..    .,...,���������..���������-������..���������������������������._.- ithiv.y, ,-.i.n-<i������.CiJ.v.  11 ..*!������,.������;   ........v  (���������.-���������-���������.-?  TELEGRAPHIC.  CORRESPONDENCE.  \2yAy Barkerville, 3rd Sept., 1867.:  Legh Harnett, Esq., Barkerville. .     "..'������������������v"..���������  Dear Sir",���������Haying heard a wish very generally expressed; that yon would give another  of your highly interesting lectures,, before  leaviug Cariboo,! take the liberty of asking  you, on behalf of the.directors and members  of th e Car ib 0 o Li terary I n s ti tu te, to fa v 0 r us  by doing so on-Sunday ..next, aud.should ypu'  accede, tp oiir request, you will hate tho satisfaction of nnpariing %spleasing instruction; not  only to your auditors, but.also hereafter to  t h e *m e m b e rs 0 f th e' i n s ti tu te, th ro ugh having  enabled the directors lo increase their limited  stock of literary works.   .      ' y ;;.,������������������',;  I remain, dear sir,  . Yours very truly;    -:i .\  J. Spencer Thompson, -.-���������'  resident, C. L. I.  J. S. Thompson, Esq., yy ..'..yy  ��������� D ear S i a.���������I f y 0 it' tb ink I can b e of any  use to ��������� your valuable institution, I shall be  very glad to speak in its behalf before. leaving. I place myself entirely in'your hands,  an d. ��������� wj II f u 1 fi I any eUgagemen t y ou may  make.;.. . ..Yours very truly,'-,"  Sept: 3rd, 1������C7. Laou Harnett.  In.accordance with the above, it is hereby  notified that a lecture on " British Coloniza-  tioti," will be. given in Parker '& Sterling's  Saloon, Barkerville, on Sunday next, the 8th  instuut, at three o'clock, P. M.  John Bowrox,  Sept, 4th, 1867. Secretary.  the undertaking impracticable, it should be  recollected that at least $-100,000 had already  been spent in unsuccessful attempts to pump  the meadows dry.  Looking at the present expense of working  many of the leading claims, it could not for  a moment be doubted that the investment for  these great undertakings would be soon saved.  Drifting was a slow and coetly.m6.de. of working, while it was an admitted axiom in mining that the best of drifters always necessarily leave a third of the gold behind them. The  working expenses of the Aurora, Davis, Watson, Boreaiis,Ericcson, and lieed. companies|  alone would pay all that was needed to make  this spot the richest and most perfect mining  camp in the world at.this hour ; . and that if  600 kegs of powder were put in the. works, as  in similar cases iri California, the hill shattered and broken up, and tlie .hydraulic pipe,  with daylight,,turned upon those old caverns  arid benches, who could tell the amount of  cold still to be taken oat of these rich pioneer  ...me* xauYiutj vo., iu oiiuu'Q amy",  *������������ouou \*?i .jjri������   Pnt hora ������������ *������l������pwhere. While men  fep yesterday 80 ounces for tbrae days work. I ^^?   Bat here as elsewhere, wmie me  Victoria Items from Colonist.���������Mr. Tur-  goose, farmer at Saanjch, was fined ������5, with  forty shillings .costs, for shooting a dog belonging to Mr. James Lowe.���������II.M.S. Malacca  sailed for the'southern station on the 15th  ult.���������Mrs. J. J. Cochrane had safely reached  her home in Dundee, Scotland.���������0 a the 17th  ult., the H. B. steamer Alexandra, on. her way  from New Westminster to Victoria, had a  plate blown off one of her boilers, near Ten  Mile Point; although there were quite a number of passengers on board, no one was injured except an Indian, who was badly  scalded. The steamer Isabel towed her into  port, where she is now receiving the necessary repairs.���������A company of Germans are  organizing at San Francisco, for the purpose  of inducing emigration from the old countries  to Sitka.���������A Mexican was convicted of selling liquor to Indians, and sentenced to four  months' imprisonment.���������The chain-gang are  employed cleaning the machinery-of tho dredger.���������The crops at Metchosih, which are now  being harvested, have proved abundant this  season.���������The bark Aid arrived from Liverpool on tb% 10th nit., after a passage of 21.9  days. Two of the crow had died of scurvy,  and the others were more or less affected with  that di s ea se.���������The B r Itish. sh i p Ann a Do ror  thea,. arrived iri forty-one days from Shang-  hae, in ballast, and. will, load lumber at  Moody & Co.'s . mill, .for Australia^���������The  steamer Fly has taken the place of the . Alexandra, until the latter has been repaired.  Thk Express got in oh Monday forenoon,  but brought a. very small nmil,*b'aving left  Yale on Saturday instead of Monday, in consequence 0 f fc h e fail u re of th e river steamer to  connect ni ore than on c & a. week. The deten-  tion occurred at Qu&nelmouthV where the  steamer only arrive4 i\n Saturday, instead q������  Friday, as usuah-  [From the Colonist and Chroalcto.]  ���������  Chicago, Aug. 15.���������An Oinaha dispatch eayc  a wagon train escorted by Major Howell- witb  a small force, was attacked five miles fronj.  Fort Phil.Keary, by three hundred Indians-  A desperate fight ensued last evening;for  three hours. Reinforcements arrived and tho  Indians retreated with a loss of sixty killed.  The whites lost a Lieutenant aud two naen^   ;.  Augusto, Aug. 15.���������Registration in Alabama, so far.as heard from, shows the blacks  ahead 20,000. .  .New.York, Aug, 15.���������Seventeen Missionaries for Arabia and Turkey, will sail on tho  24th, and will, establish a type foimdery at  Beyrodt; another:party raised.$50,000 in this  country to establish a Bible house at Constantinople.. : ..���������:���������'. .. y .; ...; ��������� .-. .'���������  , Chicago., Aug. 1G.���������At a Fenian pi'c-nic to.-  day Gen. Spear made.a speech in which ho  said there wilL soon be: a movement which  will shake the world,;. and result in the1 en-  frahchiseraeht of Ireland.; , ���������.  New,.York, Aug,; ��������� 16.-^Rousscaii ��������� and tho  Russian Commissioner, with William Dodge,  Speicial Agent ,bf the Treasury, and Col lector  of the port of Sitka, leaves on the next steamer.   . iA'Ay/  y '���������     '    . ���������" .  GaiVestori, Aug. 15.���������There were over ono  thousand cases of yellow, fever in this city  yesterday,, and  about thirty  deaths  occur  daily.      >; ;. a .:-.... yy:-,..���������;   -,   . A-" A '  Constantinople,, Aug 15.���������The Sultan upon  Ms.retui:n.receivftd,������,repQi:t Jxsm xMilGss&A,.  Viceroy, left in charge bf the government  during his absence. In his. reply the Sultan  says the refill tiof hi s obser vatio n i n his ��������� j our-  ney are that he^intends to Inaugurate an era  of progress for the. Ottoman Empire, and  promises to submit a series of^measures for  reforms for the benefit of his subjects.-^ .yy-  Bucharest, Aug. 15.���������All..the.; members : of  the Danubian Cabniet have tendered their resignation.' " : " 'X ��������� ' ..':. ''���������������!.-... *'"'-  '-��������� Paris, Aug. 15th.���������Dispatches from Constantinople fttate that the Turkish. Govern?'  ment, after giving due consideration to -tho  collective note ot the European Powers,, can-  no t ad tn i t the i n ter yen ti o ii of 01 her go ye rn:  ments in the affairs of Candia,-and refuses to.  consent to; tlie joint enquiry. proposed^ A A  Frankfort, Aug 15.���������The splendidxjath^drai  built in 1415 was b adly, r] am aged b y fire 1 ast  night, and the whole bailding will probably  have to come.down- . y...,-.-���������:;.  London, Aug. 15.���������The Reform bill has  bee^n signed by the Queen and is! now; a ��������� lawi  The Government withdrew the bill to, prevent public meetings in the Royal Parks, in  the House of Commons.-. ... ������������������.������������������.   yyyyy       y  Mexican advices via Havana say: that ^ Juar  rez.has ordered Santa Anna to be tried tinker  the law of January,. 1862,/��������� the same.' which  Maximilian was tried under. The capture, of  Marquez and Harrinda Ijardoniais reiterated  Prince Salm Salm was among the list of condemned officers. His wife is trying hard Jo  saVe his life. ���������  . ���������. -       "   :      "  The Fenian scare is becoming prevalent at  Montreal. It is apprehended tbey propose a  raid at the time of the coming election. .     '.'  ���������P. R.���������As will be seen by a notice in another column, George Wilson invites his  friends and supporters to attend next Sunday  evening, at Parker & Sterling's saloon,, where  he will give his last sparring exhibition/before the coming contest on the 24tluast'. At  the close of the exhibition, the first deposit on  the additional $1,000 stakes, will be made ot  Adler '& Barry's saloon.  ��������� We learn that a gang, of nieti are how engaged, tinder the superintendence of Mr. J.  G.. Jennings, in repairing and securing. Capt.  Mitchell's bridge across the north fork of  Quesnelle, which was in a very delapidated  condition. The repairs are being made attha  expense of the Government.  Sir Narcisse Bellcait has been sworn iii as  Lieut. Governor of the province of Quebec;  and Major Geueral ?listed as Lieut. Governor  of the province of Ontario. Hon. Jphn San.  field McDonald has accented the premiership  of Ontario.  According* to a new postofnee regulation���������  all letters for Canada are to be addressed  hereafter to the prbvinco of Quebec, or On-'  tarjp, Canada, instead of Canada East or West,  as heretofore^: y/t  We understand the drain baa been ^0 far  repaired as to enable the Caledonia co. to  commence work to-day. The. LUlooet; co -  will follow in a day or!two IX  The down Express lift yesterday at th������  usual hour, carrying as passengers Messrs.  P.: Kerwin, L. Haaiings, F^; C. Putnam, G.  Webster,,H..J.ones, Mr. and Mr^. Dpnelly*  BIRTH,���������At VictQiia,,.onthio 18 th Aug., tha. wifo  of A. P. Main> of a son.  ...... .... .   '���������  I DXE3J .���������On hoar a'., itio bnrk Ai d, off Victoria bar-  I bot. oJi U1019th ult.;, 'William Murdoch, a natiy& of  !Pott,Pattrick,:Scotland'.'-:'.''-';". ���������  ���������;  y  I At Victoria,- on the 18th ult., Henry Can trill; ������������#*  4 thirty 4wo y^atP, a nstlvo ai ftetby, %agitiiis '���������'.:' i- -^SHAMEFUL OUTRAGE-NEW SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ROADSIDE ADVERTISEMENTS.  Dr. J> AR. Sprowl, *f inspired "physician,  was* examined before Judge Rix, on Friday,  . July 26th, on charge of violating  the person  Ay"/ ..of .a young girl.   The child on the following  day complained to a lady, with whom she was.  yXyy   living.   Thislady brought Sprowl info the  y presence of the girl and related her story to  ';. htm.   He said an evil spirit had entered the  little girl, and he must exorcise it;   that'it  . .caused her to lie about him-, and that in a few  : ; days the lady would see a vision which would  couvince her that he was innocent of the al-  ���������'���������'. yleged crime.and tbq.t ail he. had ever; done  y " for the^child bad been directed by the angels.  The child's protector said bat own eyes were  sufficient to; see that hey was a consummate  ;.; villain, and that she would write to the girl's  father, up country, to come and tak6 care of  her.: He then went away, but returned and  : v:?- told her the girPs stepfather was dead ,*   the  ..spirits had told him so.   The child was afraid  ;   ; ..yof hhn and he oifered to mesmerize her, and  ;    to give her money (four bits an<f two  bits) if  ���������she would say and do what he directed.    He  ...   was told he should have. no ��������� further; control  ... o?er. the child and that he must leave. He did  .so, but  came   back again-���������. last- week and  brought a written communication, purporting  to have been dictated by the spirits, iu which  /; ;du'ection was given to :place the child in an  yy i asylum for a certain length of time, but under  no circumstances was he to lose control of, ���������  ���������".rT^errv^-bt^hild  ���������A������". Would - kill herse If ; b ef ore she wo ul d e ver go  y/yy. to, or- be : confined in  ainy  place   where  he  y could have access to her, and that she would  .    ��������� ��������� certainly expose him. ��������� At this he sprang; for-  /:��������� ward and: seized her by the (throat.^ The lady  ���������;; AAcauglit'him, pulled his: band off the child;a  \ 'MroataM'pushed him pitt of the rpomi:. She  tiieu^ent to the bhiefVof police, and the com-  ������������������'.':.: plaint bri- which A. Sprowl "was ah*ested- was  /.Vinacle'Outi-.../A .���������;������������������/��������� A A ��������� A: AX���������'.,   yy/yiA���������: ���������' ���������'��������������������������� 'AAA  A' A; '.' Thetestimony,adduced'by the/^child and  '���������:;'���������;' .'her; protec to r-;: seem ed- A io'������������������ s n bstan tiate  th e  .: ycharge,; while it tended .to show/that Sprowl  y was'& half; crazy ��������� h al f ��������� y illai nous pre tender.  . .'.A..-When asked by. the Judge what he -had to say  y ���������: for kiaiself, S pro wl is to od tip by th e i side of  L':-.the Jiidge \ raised (hi? /hand and exiclaimed:  ���������M atn not in this tribunal to answer to it for  :; i anything ; ��������� I am here to; do the will of my  .: ��������� Heavenly Father.  ��������� T deny, th is charge- in -; to to,  . and your/bohor wUL be: convinced! but by nothing that I shall say or.try to prove.    I did  .-...;; notch'okei the girl; I said,; 'How dare you?'  I    - aiid slapped her i n the fa ce.' 'X ���������;. He x then ���������-; sat  :    down attd the childJs protectbr gave her tes-  v A ti m ony,/wh ich Wag Ve ry /long.   ; She /denied  ./that she is/a. spiritualist, free-lover, fortu n'e-  : .teUer,' or. anything of the kind, and said she  belie.yedithe whole thing/to be a delusion,  .;; and.iii.this case at least, to her certainknow-  ���������-:' "l ;���������^dge,.a most dangerous atid: peruiciouVone;  :      Sprowl gave no heed to the. witnesses,.and  when their testimony,: was tended,- the - court  toldihimhe.had a right to make a statement.  He rose and'said, '^Ybur honor, I have: nothing to ��������� say excep t to p ro claim b ef ore i you  .and all present that I am wholly innocent-of  the crime.    You,, and these witnesses, and  these officers, and all about me, are only iu-  A  ES   P. TAYLO  Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  EAS CONSTANTLY ON* HAND A CHOICE SE-  ���������lection of Drugs axd Patent Memcines, including the celebrated Goldeu Balsam, and 3furphy's  Mixtures, for tho complete cure of Secondary Syphilis,  Also a great variety of Sarsn pari lias, Hair Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Luhin's Extracts, Rose Water and other Perfumeries, Garden Seeds, &c, &c.   ���������  Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1867, and-Billiard Table articles.  P. S.���������Prescriptions carefully compounded.    1-s  'foster, of lillooet,  CHEMIST.  STABLING-Jbr HORSES.  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTTON CITY, B. C,  ���������   Begs to inform tho public generally that he has  VICTORIA ADVERTOEmS^T  IT AS FOB SALE, and constantly on hand,  ll a well assorted Stock .of Drugs, all tho Chemicals  used by Physicians, Photographers, Assayers anil  Mechanics. Also the popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists'sundries. ���������/.-..���������'/  Retorts, Crucibles,. Muflles, Cupels, Ingot Moulds,  etc, etc  PRESCRIPTIONS FAITHFULLY PREPARED,  F. W. FOSTER,  mal Chemist.  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  BE1STJAMIN   DOUG-LAS, Successor to A.  C.  WELLS,- Saddle and Harness Maker, Yale, B. C.  ������������������;. j&S* A complete assortment of Stock constantly on  hand. '  ^..,.,.......,.���������/..J-S...   On his premises for upwards of 200 Horses.-  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE. X.  TEU3IS   MODERATE. ';.   1-3 %  C E. ROMBROT,  BOSTON BAR, B. C.,  Wholesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  LIQUOKS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, kc.   Is  164 IHE OR DEE? CREEK HOUSE.  TS OPENr FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE  X Travelling puhlic; the bedrooms are spacious aud  airy and tho Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in the lower country; the Talde is  always supplied with the best of victuals.^ Stahling  for Horses; Hay,.Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  SEED sfcSt  Corner of Langley Alley aad Yates St  Messrs. jay & bales  Have opehetl the above premises with ,,  and well assorted Stock r68  .  '.��������� Off��������� .-'. ���������       ��������� .-.  FEESHlGRICUiTDRAl/VlIGmiiip  ;    AND FLOWER SEEDS. l  T^c business ofthe.latonrm of Jay &oo   v .  and Spriugfteld Nursery, will ho Carried ^ k������U St;  in all.its.hranches.     , .��������� nca 0n by them  .iFruitTreeH and Bushes,  Evenrroen and bn ,i  Smibs, Bulbs and.Fiowe.rmg_p4ts of eVcryS?^  Ms  J. 8  19  Front Street, Yale, B. C,  EGS'TO ANNOUNCE to tlio inhabitants of Cariboo  that he intends to forward (as soon as the Ktate.of  the/Roads will permit), ai large and well assorted  stock of Cooking Stoves^ which he will: dispose of at  Pricks to Sujt the Ttmes. ��������� :'��������� ���������'���������  .���������Yale, 8th April, 1867. V ��������� :' 1  GOLD    SPRING   HOUSE  BOYD & HEATn, Proprietors,   .  rpHI^HOUSR.issiwinted.iemJlesfromQuesnelmonthr  X. The proprietors having, la toly ti tted up bedrooms  and good Bods arc now prepared to afford every uecom-  modft tion for Travellers; the Tah 1 e is furnished,with all  theluxuries that can be procured; the.Bar is well supplied with the best brands ol' Liquors and Segars; pood  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley.- ggr The CHEAPEST  House on the.Road.     . I.s   .  li ON DO 1ST  HOUSE  ,  GOVERNMENT: STREET, VICTORIA.  WHOLESALE  AND  RETAIL  J.R TURNER & CO;  y ��������� tMPORTKES OF  English & French Silks, Shawls, breves ifa  derclothlng, Glovcs^and every descripifon'of  ".-;-.'' Drapery Goods.  : Receive regulnr suppfies by Express .via Panama ari  oy sailing vessels via Capo Horn. u������waaca  fiS* Particular attention given to nil orders  London Firm���������J. P. Tuxstali. & Co.  ESTABLISHEt)-1858; '   .  1-3  V   FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE I ���������  t> ARTIES DESIROUS of shipping freight /With Dis.-  X patch, will- find it"to their advantage by giving us  a cal! before engaging else where;' '��������� '���������' /. F  .,..:-��������� X-.   ALWAT/&  BAILEY.  Ynle, April 8th,. 1867..-       .'��������� 1-s  1S2 MILE HOUSE,  LAKR LA HACHE.  F. WALTERS,,formerly of ibe 04 Mile Hogse,  having purchased this Ranch,' is now prepared  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD MEALS  and BEDS at moderate ratc-s. ,.1-s  W. H/ Sutton,  T\EALER .IN,Wives, Liquors and Cigars, Coal Oil,  1/ Coal Oil Lamps,"&c,,.     ..       .    .....  AGENT FOR BUNSTER'S ALE !  ... X In -Blits: and half Bbls.'-:-���������.������  Yale. April 18th, 1867.        ... i;3 ���������  MESSRS. COKISTWALL'S;  AT THIS WELL KNOWN UOUSE, halMvaybe'twecn  tl. Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route  Travellers will find Good Accommodation.   Thc best of  living, of Liquors, and.of Wines/: 'Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  COmnSSION^ AGENT,  TTtlLL PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO J  y T lecting, purchasing,,or forwarding Goods fortK  Upper country.  Any commission entrusted, id his care, will receira  prompt attention.-- ���������- ���������=���������.-  Referenbes :���������W. A: Meacham, E. A. Wadhams ?  Harper, J.J. Bramlv. ���������.,-���������-;������������������ y*'  Victoria, April ,1867.;'" ��������� i  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  '  Government StreetV Victoria, V. I.  THE REST Atrfe ANT. is su ppll cd wi th all th������  delicacies of thc.scason, and the sleeping accomodation is replete with every comfort.    Tho best of.  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  ������������������..-- .       .    ���������  iy&y.A,:   . ' J. BIGKE& CO., Proprietor?.  sfcrnmeiits m,the hands of the higher powers  to put me through this siege. In a few days  you will be convinced, but it will not be by  any/word of mjae; buti say you will be convinced."   He was ordered to appear before  Storage' and Pbrwarding!  .. : "   /   !" ' .YALB������ Rc- ".  ���������PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE--LYT-  X   jon Roote, are advised that   'y  KIMBALL & GLADWIN  Have erected an extensive Storehouse and Dock at  Yale, and are prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods. Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates. :4%-A..  Parties shipping goods through ukwili please mark  to thc care of . ;'���������   *  ; >   Is KIMBALL & GLADWIN.  COLONIAL   HOTEL,  ���������  ;',     SODA   CREEK.  .  A  G?KAT REDUCTi;OX has heen made In the charges  -X at this establishment, so as to suit the times.  ���������    Mealst $ 1;  HENRY GREENBAUM, WHOLESALE LIQUOR  Stork, Importer of Fine Mkkrschacm Pipes. Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson stfect, Vic-  toriu, V..I.' - V,  .JULES. R17EFE, Commission. Merchant, Ron!  tj  Hot cl Bu doing, Wharf s t ree t Victoria, V. L; 1-s  1  May  1st,   1867.  Beds, 75 Cents. " .  McLEESE & SENTAY,  Proprietors.  :���������-;   i-s  VA1ST WINKLE; STORE.  rjpHE tJNTDERSIGXKDbeg3 to inform the miners and  I residents in & around Van Winkle that he will in future keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  the county court, and asked if he desired bail  hoj>es by close attention to business, and by selling  '������': No," he-replied, "I want nothino: more-; I ut lower rates than heretofore, to meet the pa-  sieo;e.7'  waij t no bail.   Th is is tli e  He is a man, apparently. 45. years of age,  partially bald, thin faced, with high cheek1  bones, and ears which almost lop "forward,  and there is a vicious smirk playing about his  mouth. He seems to have no practical appreciation of anything around him. The victim' is a pre tt j little girl of eleven years of  age.. She is' very intellectual, and reads and  writes remarkably wel 1. ? he; wi 11 be placed  in some good family by Chief Crowley, where  she can be properly cared for and protected.  ���������S." F. Bulletin.  tronage of all.  . Orders from outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will he forwarded with promptness and dispatch.  j^KT Terms CASH, without distinction.  "    1-S    . J. W. LINDHARD.  36 mile   TOST,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at this  Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD  BEDS.  STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Rates.  IJOOTHROYD   BRO'S,  Proprietors.  TV CLEAL'S ..Coffee IIoirsE ANt> Restacjunt,  J/. Govern ment Street, Victoria, V. I.. This is the  cheapest, in ost comfortable,, and best attended Estab-  ltehmen tin the City '���������        . ��������� '���������'r-'\ '  Thc BAR is always supplied. with the choicest of  Wines, Liquors and.Cigars.   ,'.//' ...   '    . 1 -s  A     FRANKEL. Victoria, V. I., Dealer in Fcp.3'  il. Skins, Hides. Woor., &c.    LiheraUdvanccsamde  on Furscorisiened.'  hart, Bros. Victoria,  Reference���������G. Sutro & Co., Reiu-  V. I. 1-s  1-s  27  BLUE   TENT,  ��������� OR ���������  ILE   HOUSE.  Tlie Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors," at the  O Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  now opnn for the accommodation ol* the public. Distance from Cliuton, 20 miles; from SavanasSteamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from SpeDCo's Bridge, ,'}0 in lies.  Travellers will And prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stahling, Hay k Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stages leave here regularly for  yale, and Carihoo 1-s  SUTRO <$c CO.. Importers and Dealers is  J.   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mcershaum Pipes, &e., S E.  corner of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria .s  KWOXG, LERJ & CO., Commission Merchants. Ijt-  PORTER3, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  V. I,; Yalo, Lillooet, Quesnelmouth, ond Williams  Creek. ���������./. y . 1-s  "P   WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler   <k  lJ������ and Engraver, Government street   next f%)  J St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I. . ui&  MALLAtfDATNE, COLLKCTOI?  AND GENERAL  AGENT. Govern mon t Strctit, Victoria, V. I.   1-s  tothp  \  A Lady having heen obliged to dismiss her  nurse on account of her receiving too many  visitors, chose as her successor a very pretty  girl, and explaining why the first was sent  away, enjoined it on the second not to do  likewise.; -.--  y She admitted that she shouldn't. .  ,���������:��������� .."I can endure a great deal," said the lady ;  "but visitors about the kitchen I won't endure."    yy.  After a week or eight days, the lady came  one morning into the kitchen, ,op.ened a cupboard and discovered a young' man there.  t" Oh!-.ma'am!" cried the/;girl,;. frightened,  "Igive you my word I never saw that man  hefore, in all my, life���������he must have been one  61 the old ones left over by the.other girl."   ���������  ' A youngster, perusing a chapter of Genesis  'turned to, his mother and enquireil'"-if people  in those days used to do sums on the ground.  Me had been reading the passage : X" And the  sons of men multiplied upon the face of the  ' earth."  THE UNDEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  desirable property, is now Prepared to accommodate the travelling public. The table is supplied with  the very best of viands. The bedrooms and beds are  as comfortable as could be desired, and the BAR contains nothing but thc best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.  A good stock of Grain and Hay always on hand.  3rd May, 18G7. .0      " \V. WRIGHT.  BOSTON    BAR  International   Hotel.  "HAILY and WEEKLY. u BRITISH COLONIST  ������J and VICTORIA CilRONrCLE.3> Orders for mailing either tho Daily or Weekly issues of the above to  any part of Europe, the United States,. Canada, Austrn-  Un, kc.* left at this office or sent to Victoria will.be  attended to. Terms in advance. Weekly, 12mos.,  with Postage, $7 50 ; ��������� Omos..do.. $4 75. Daily, 12  moa (\o.y $23 ; 6mos doM-$12 50.  OUR   COFFEE.  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  A.BULER & co.7s  CHEAP Store,    tADlES' and GENTTS CAST OFF  Clothing bought and sold.    Secondhand Watches,  Guns, Pistols j &c ���������,. for sale.  ���������. ij@* Government street opposite the Theatre. J.-s .'���������.  WE   ARE   FORWARDING   A  f  Packed in Tins of from  two to  twenty-flve pounds  each.  WILSON k MURRAY,  I'S Fort street, Victoria.  \y CASAMAYOTT begs leaye to state that he  xx ��������� has removed his stock of Goods consisting of Gro-  oehies, &o., from Wharf street to the Brick Building  on Yates street, adjoinirig Cowpet's Boot Store, opposite Wells, Fargo & Co. . '   xy  l.S^Pi:\e!iLhi3Go0(ls^ Wholesale, at tho lowest  rates, for cash.  WILLIAM ZELNER, dealer in Drugs. Meci-  crras And'CiiEMiCAts, Fancy and1'Toilet Articles,  Sponges, Brushes, Per'fiimery, &c. Physicians' Prescriptions carefully .compounded and orders answered  with cafe and dispatch.   Victoria,- V. I.   . Z-g  THE. UNDERSIGNED IS NOW PREPARED TO  a ITord every accommodation io the travel 1 i ng p u b-  lic, and hopes by a strict attention to business, to  merit a share of tho patronage bestowed oh the former  propri ctors. Th is is on e of th c m os t co m for ta bio an d  commodious Hotels on the road, containing as it does  warm and well furnished bedrooms with good beds.  The TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it is pbs-  sible to procure. In the upper country. The BAR is  stocked with the best of Liquors, and the choicest  Cigars.  $&- MEALS,   $ 1 5 0   EACH. -���������������  The stybling for Horses is all that could be desired,  and the charges are very moderate.' Hay for Horses  per day, $2 ; Oats and Barley at the cheapest market  rates.    ' i  The undersigned has a large quantity of.OAT HAY  on hand, for sale in largo or small quantities.  f.$- .    JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  THOS-..WILSON & CO-  importers OP ENGLISH MERCHADIZS  Wholesale and Rotail,.  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria.   l-������  PIPER,  ^CONFECTIONER,.  Government Stroet,- opposite the Thoatre.  CANDIES of every description manufactured and  sold, Wholesale and Retail. l's  A  Free Port for .33ver!  WE THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE- pleasure in announcing to our numerous  customers and tlie  public, that wc will supply them with the best French  Leather Boots {duty free) ever offered in B. C.      y  &������~At our old Stand, Government-St.������������������,- Yiotoria, f ������  I*i ��������� ���������  !. . ���������HABITY,& mth0-:"  i������  mm


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