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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-09-03

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 %v ���������;  l'o$der������J<;Mly  yrdcrsans^^  Egyn^-  * Spirit Kerll  ^     !li  'TS-wearsdioiii  se.I^purcksso  ;, Have onhead  e 1 rom tbe best  l^#;ordersofl  solicited.^ pjj;;  stock of.%^j  M^uallty/f  Shrubs,; Green.  td'D\varffc:  ation^^;-]  idBarieyrofthe.J  Nana ImOj-Eng.  Orders aemV  iveMmfanedlatVS  yP^J  lery-f G6verD-|  ?tel tie-franc^ ]  nt3rltish Colvi  J:Bead, always j  y<y^My  !B,Fort6treetjx  totel;where ha.  Mia with ���������veiy,  r season of lk'\  yyyu\  rterejof.'Eag'.';  "aif 'dealers In/  hl/'Qim-  Ij.. opposite ihe..  ,ii :. J* :  s^the^vinarketfr.  ceatLiQtioM,.;  ;yy;i.aV  fciVictbriai":  vana Seg an,'  alerJafBRfl, ���������  varices'jnade.  & M\ Spor-'  y y =;/l.s-  sti/GoVern-  t of Millinery 'j  lfo. Orders  y " ts ;  PROVISION,  rlfectioncrs,  A-yu'"  jic^Mer*  ������;y.:L:-i-3  ���������s.^'wiioie;  Liquors,  ������������������ i-'y^'''  IMPORTERS  t/Victoria,  t/ZSiA'  ���������EAIXKS'W-  .'��������������������������� ������������������  ..s. .  near cor-'  loi^VJ-  ClOCKERY  ��������� ;. .J3  ; Victoria,  ica. '��������� "1*B  OTSy"1  rj,y;y  ncr apfl  afforded  with all  Iou������o.,i8,  Travel-  Stabling  ; a week  rival of'  Ayy "���������...   y\ yyz%iX^r'y ���������  ������������������?..y ^pf-v'-"  it  POLICE COURT.:  -'��������� '-'���������;" . ���������-��������� ������������������������������������������ y -���������-   -���������������������������  -.-��������� ��������� . . ".-.     .'. -'      " - v   Jv '- ��������� " -^ . i.j.-__..   . cr-*y' *^BIfe:r   -r   v ll'      ' ,ca-  XAy' y (Before W^&' Cox; ��������� .:EsqH; J < ��������� P. f, %& . -; v ;-;���������";  .Thursday, 30th>August; 1866J,,  John Elliott and Jauiea Pierce were charged  ;^ :������l^^  Vift tawinguft^^tyancrffeloniqusly entered the premises of J. ^:-;Martin, Barkerville,  on the 29th) and with^ liaying^eii;:therefroih  a bag of coiarand;tek ��������� *>ills: valued at '$1,000.'  John Martin sworn, deposedj about 3 o'clock  ���������:))nriyeffi##iiyvmprning 29 tl*, as I was- about  to close rny salobk at Barkerville; j\ looked  for two sacks of Coin arid bills^;^icli:I left on  a shelf iin ,er.' .the counter o f tliebar i b e fcween  11 and if o'clock tbe:���������; previous -everting:, "but  could not findy them; I thouglit^gerhaps Ifc  Donald, mytbar-keepeiybad; taken; ^  the back room with him; tasked him arid  found he liad not;; I- then .sent Toj^ftr. Buckley  because he owned abortion yftfttheM money ���������;  while McDonald was gone after Biickley I ex-  amined the. shelf and. discovered that a hole  had been cut in the floor underneath;  I was  I ��������� satisfied thatthe money had been' stolen; in  gold pieces; the balance was in bank bills and  Vabvereigns; the1 other-sack: contained $195 in  .���������silver, to the best of my: knowledge, $40 in  banknotes and, perhaps a few. sovereigns ;  X. after discovering, tbe robbery I went after Mr.  Ane,  Fitzgerald; have,seen the prisoner Elliot about  my house frequently ;. never saw him behind  my bar ; personally I have no reason to sus-  X pecthitn. ���������....'.���������.  W. H. Fitzgerald sworn���������Yesterday morn?  ing Mr. Martiu came to. the station and report-j  that be had been robbed of a bag containing  $1000; I asked him'if he'suspected any person; he replied that his bar-keeper suspected  a man called1 ^Butcher Jack" who lived in  Loring's house next door ;��������� I proceeded1 with  Mr.Martin to Barkerville.and examined; the  ���������premises; I found that, a piece :had been taken  wit of the floor by an auger (piece of board  ab^.^-.������leep when Iheard.Eiliotrcmark  some^g^bout^getting>eyeu;:with Pierce;  ab?ut5or;6Jocloc  Buckley and; McDorialdy came; in ahcfiwol^  prisoner up and-;arrestee*- hm^the^wire-hook  m fiourt-is similar to a piece of .wire; tffieii Worn  a^stove;in;Loring?s Saloon by Mri'Buckley;; I  recollect putting Apiece of wire the same size  as that produced l>ehiM Eonng^ bar ^out a  ^^H$-i s������wit;abbut;o 6r;0darysago: cannot find it now.       ',   ; .   ;���������:"���������'  % ;Jp^h;MioiWgotiierysw  agoythe prisoner Elliot came* to Winnards  blWSmJth shop, where,I,w6rk,andbbrrpwed  fromsome one; in the shop an auger bit: as  near'asI can recollect he brought it back .the  same day;/1 think,the prisoner said he wanted  to take the auger: up to Lbring's to do a job  ���������there. ,;.-. y.     ^ t   / . y . ������������������ ���������   ��������� ���������.   -  /      ������������������_.  ^m: Winhard sworn  oner,Mlietjireco^  wagon (Stein) borrowing my inch auger?��������� last  Monday; am positive the auger \ produced is  mine. ,_���������/,. ,;   /,-������������������/, ;; ';-  X"Z./^Xy  J. Robson sworri-^RecbUect prisoner; have  :m^rhimrsey#Sl^^S^^  who came to bprroyvim inch a%erfrpmWiri-  nard las^Saturday.^ v, y ;       yy  E. Stein sworn-^ never {borrowed an auger  from Winnard b^ any x>ne in his shop at any  + L  f|xe/rGaritooo^ Sentinel;^  ;   fS E:M I - WXE StE I������'������>  P^FEE'.'iyy  JANJ>?>TfltJKSDAY.  ^������wni^  ;i?ASK^rp^  !^--.y :K-'y;y i ys* la,;  ALLM.& LMIBERT, Proprietors. . , -  pFFicif^B^BRViLLE, .WruiAas Cbkek, Cabib6oJ.  .��������� <s.y jvyv     yy .: ���������������������������'   , ... : yAXAAyyyAi'r.y:,,..-t..-,.r:-  ^Subscription,'$1 per week  .     ,\    ;  (Incl^iJrag !cqgt of. (loliyo'ry,) YuyaH-z to the,  _; ���������fc  M  arner.,  MB^:  ���������2k-".  W.mV.  vmi&Km  ���������m-  John H. Sullivai^sworn^Yestorday, about  10J o^ock, I^nfr toy (^rpent^-^sSabih^ a&  corapanied byyMi-i. Buckley ;!Mr. Martin was  in^the cabin befbreime^.Martin then^gave the  prisoner P ierce In to my charge oil suspicion: of  robbing his premises!;^examined /prisbner's  coat on the elbow of the left;arm  it covered with mud^and y;ery;'wet; saw two  or three spots ofjmud^omthe back of dt; I also  noticed sonie wmud/ oh the^ right kn^e of' his  pants; I searched:,^the .iwrispnerirandifoiintlia  pocket knife and: pocket book"now produced.  . Mr. Fitzgerald applied fbr a remand; the  prisoners) were ^accordingly ^ remanded^ forlT  days. ��������� \ ] ��������� A yvj\:,j;;-r XyX/yAyyy s; ���������  C||PEpER&  &i MINERS^ ^P^  ,0ar   Wheels,  ;P^|||te^^s       ;    ;   -     '062,500,-;  yy   ���������' ���������) -j \ (Witli'^per,4o|inere use j, ,   " ���������  - - 2aa2x k r   mm  DRAFTS1 T&^^JTlTE BANK'S BR^CfiEC''j  pAfy02w:^^&n) ]mJ/y\By y il  iy y- ;yy ^id^(������*J) NANAIMO j / - A *   _ "  yy iyf-XZy. ZX yiM^^O A 2;/ A X; AA Ay/y;.  . -HSAN FRANgg^^PORTrjAND, Oskgon.- " ,  Z ;o^the'^ban1*  V^i^i^^Ziot^XitZi  '   ,''sto)f;-Cob6urg|  ���������:^it^iitb|  ^.erMti||t  ,sy*y. -,y   ,j      yi ; y.- 'yyy -^y* ���������; "y: r.  AI^SO  ������������������?y  A:,  WT2A2T- Whe KZXSM  at '  I  measuring about 8in. by Sin;- produced), a  knife had also been used ;to ou t the interstices ,  pg. We would call 'rtheVjaMentioh rbTiffldse  betw!en;theaiigerholes;^[ a^o fbuad.^wire/having goods Q^/oth^ cbmmoditiea^tii;o������e  $m feefSflbe .aperturcan^tle -fl53PTmTOfr jfr.H. C.-WilinM/wHKHas a Horn and Uray:  '_.    XI,/. 'A THOMPSON, Pa^i^if^sK  = ������������������ - y xymyy ��������� "-���������    ������������������$ /y^y'"y-r^y^y "  ���������;���������;/:'��������� ���������CToHKVAi&ifc  |>KTREAL,:/lNCA^fAlSi>'';  3.;-.-./..'";.>*-.!-li-'i'-ry.'.'y|V-.'!"2./'2-2{   2:-t.2.r2"2:  V Hamilton, .Lond.on^King^  illo/'.Bruntrord, -Brocks y  boi'o;"\Ott;a;\y fiL;t G ������ el pi j ^  j,t-  JOHNyBOWRON-  ;SBCR^RY;&^raRAEUN;-  tin and his. bar?keeper .told me, that prisoner  Elliot had-been seen about the premises on'  the previous night'in company;; with tbe prisoner Pierce; -Elliott has been under the; surveillance of the police for the last three weeks.  Stephen McDonald sworn���������Ara bar-keeper  for Mr. Martin; the -last time;I saw the. prisoner Elliott prior to the robbery was about one  o'clock8 on* Wednesday morning; he came to  the door of Martih?s saloon * w^re MrlyMartin  and 1 were standing and ^aid;."rGood morning  MivAfartiu, have you just got up;" I had observed him between 10 and- 11/o'clock the  night hefpre walking up and "down the: sidewalk in front of the sdlopu;,-during theevehing  while I was coming, from a privatejroom into  thc saloon, Elli6tt asked me; if I was aware  "Pfcolet" had left;-1 said I did not knp^  did not care; I was annoyed .'a.tbein:g stopped  for such a foolish': question; another reason I  had for suspecting the; prisoneryElliott 1 arises  from^acircumstance!that happenedyabout;-a  fortnight ago; ��������� one*morning whUe;I yvas-cleans  ing Martin's lanijps, ithere wits licjupr3 ^leidfbr;  m a private room, my hands being smeared  with coal oil I called on Mr. Grant,-who' wait-  ready at-the shortesp notice;:tb;^xecute^any  orders lie may?be fayored;;withjT::afe^e^^^  sonable rates. XA'aZ, ������������������ A' \yycyyyA,yyyyy/y,.y.A  Tnit Uxiversai, PfiACTiCB of mixing ".Chicory and  other adnlterutivoa with Coffee; has very much.damaged in public estimation, .what ought:to be^ the most  delicious of;Beverages.ySo ett'ectually havo ihe public  been drugged with such mixtures that the' true* properties havei>een lost sight of, andinany .prefer a: black  and thick;inlusiou ^to-a dirinIc rich, in spirit -andfaroma.  General as is the useofColfee, it is little known that  iu 'condensing, the; vapors1 extrac ted from the b erry' in  roasting, a liquor, is obtained of the most nauseous  taste, and: of a scent the mostunbea rab le.;., Under such  circumstances, it is ;evidently ������������������ important1 that-. all the  gases and fluids extracted by: roasting sbouldibQ carried off as quickly as possible, in order to prevent their  return ing .again to the Coffee, which is the case ih the  confined cylinder. ., This; object is ;admirably abcoin-  pliahed by- the new and patent ^Conical Coliee-Roaster|?  as used by FBLL.&.CO., yictoriaj jh Which the berry  Is directly exposed to the radiated heat; and the, vapor  extracted can*ied otf iustahtanebnsly.= : In addition,to  the advantage, to be derived by the rapid, removal of  the steam containing the objectionable.:: proper ties'; the  tbe. essential oil  11HIS IN^TlTltfTION at present  rruifim?  'bout Joo  . volumes' of Choico/lJtprature,WTisi3tingpf' fleligioupfi  Scientific, Historical, and.Poeticaltwoi'ks, and worke-of  'Fiction^:   yy      >   'Ay^AyAyiMxA'     '   ' y.  ���������  Worcester's. Large PJctorial;.Dicti6nary,:tTfe?s;Dsctioiii  ary of'.fflie "Art'Sj-^anuja<jtures-imd^neSj.... Llpp^^oijpf  .Pronout5^^tia^ettee^6l'^lferM  clojjedia ot .Commerce will always be kept^ih the*room  ,for reference. ���������; i-r-A ,."/'.       {/ X X '/:' iA.-    y-;'  y Tile Reading Room will he found supplied 'with'%(������']  latest English, Sc6ttish,v-Canadian; American^ and Colo-:  nial.-papersand.Magizines. ry:. y; ,   , x <���������"���������;;;.   5  ? .Terms; op SoBSciiii"riox-^$5 per quarter, .;pr^$^ per  niohtbi^A':Single.volumes,Loaned to noh-subscribers at:  50:cts. per volume, with$l deposit ,   V   '"  j .Persons-not;sUbscribcrs visiting the -Reading Room;  and making Use of the Books and Papers will he cliarg-;  ed 25 cts. ibr each visit, y    , ,    ,  X ^������* The Rooni will be opeii frohi 10 a^ni^ till 10 p; m.  '���������- ���������;,"-!"'-.    JOHN BOWRON, r  17 1      . . Secretrary. and Librarian.  ,,-..,:,.,....., ,Adm,   WVtELiAN'D^UNi'&^SANK" OFmErJVNaUMITED  '     " S     '" i       WM-omcA ftmbrir^St /London! -  A WW$P ACW^'Jop-fn'e^for^  less t.������-0ne Hundreu^oIIfirs.  ;;'BillsDiscountedand.XJdlhicte.';^. Bill ofi change-'  ���������on Great Britain, 'San|Fraiic^c ������ a,id New Xirk pur>  t-lh^Ai ,   yyy A  i Government amtoi^ Sdbu'i 1  <  \y,- id    A g&������^  cuHtodyrj.Jiiterests au^jvidenits^oi^eW"'  W������&;ycry&  Recelfr������d on bcmW^mhXdjtiAHAmde abua tlfflnf;  ':-'-- r '- ;?wHI^ * JzfAyy mm  AAymmiiimmmmz,  y- .Gol������,-J)ijst: Melt^4i}dviAS3ayGldy;and rreturliis^tiia'Se  1%  N E UF EL DER   &   CO.,  , RICHFIELD,      ".  ;_  .������������������"'-������������������'���������-',:-"���������; dealers in  _  ���������;_":        .'y,    -.^ !..  PROVISIONS, GROCERIES, GLOTHING,ic  Storage and Commission. s  pure aroma of the Cotfee is - rota i ned  beihgpreservedand not exhausted*^as in*.the:Cylinder.  ^Roaster,,where'tho-Coifee is required,to.r'citiaiii:u' much  IIIE^HAVE ON HANDji large stock of Provisions,  longer, ,thne in cOflsequonGO of ������������������slifii;st'eami.ng,it..uhdeE/|'rf.y'"'  goes ..by the confined steam.. It is .chemically: impossi-  A. 'WHOLESALE & RETAIL: '  a  RICHFIELD; -Williams. Creek; B,;;Cj,  British ��������� Forth   America,  A Ay   , EsTABiiiaaten iyl8G6.' ' ��������� **1     Ay  ; Heap:Oppioe: 7, ;STJ|mLE^ iMcE ioNDON.  X DRAFTS ISSUED on" L6ndon,yNewVork, Sail Fran -  .Cisco; 1 Cariboo,.Cana(Ja,;iNew BrunsWick,i Nova Scbtia:  and on all the; Branches off the National'Sank ofScdt-  Jand and:Pronucial Bank ofi Ireland.;.'*'.'...  - ?illa of Exchange and G-old Purchased.  ^Interest on Special Depositsot Money alio wed at the  rate of a quark*r of one per cent, per month.   '  ASSAY^OFFICE.  y Gold Dost Mel ted and Assayed,- and'returns made  within 24 hours in Coin or Bars. -.-   :  : Ores of every description carefully Assayed. ' y  ;.: ;N. B. ���������Any instruciions;ub, to the:*\ isposal bf\the. pro>  ceods of Gold,Dust, for wa rded; to. the: office in Victoria  for Assay will be carefully attended toy Vi  i'-..- ' ��������� ������T; G.'SHEPHiiRD, Manager.  ���������Victoria, V. L, April. 1866.: a.'������������������>-/A At%  ed on the parties ���������;���������'��������� shortly after "this another  call was madefe li^wraai^ Elliott  u he would take- them Into the private room;  fle did so, and returnedathrowing"down; the  money upon a silver tray' behind*."-tho; bar; I  ������then in the ianip room behind the bar  and heard the money drop; I waited for';him  to return from behind the bar a second'or Wo  and then came to the door to see what was  staining him;' I saw him either taking a cigar  ������r something else at the farther end of the bar  next the window; he had no business up there  atter dropping the money in the tray; after the  robbery these circumstances struck me as ber  ln? suspicious.  prisoner���������Did you not come behind the bar  to ask me what I was looking for ? when I  WW,you. it was a cigar?.  . witness���������I believe you did; I recollectgiv-  %' the prisoner a cigar to take into the private  aft01nLam not 9m>0 whether this was before1 or  si 1 ������ mon^y was thrown on the tray; lam  HnJ? ������?at tlie Prisoner threw the money or  S ������?��������� ?g else on the tray ^iote I appeared  4ibe door of the lamp room. A  3 r? 1 1 ark swPrn~W^nt home to bed about  e clock yesterday morning; might have been  cam ��������� 0nP hour w]iea the Prisoner (Elliott)  iter pi- . usually slept on the floor in a cor-  com? rQom ������ * aBked bim if Pierce was  ihni?S' Pierce slePt in the same room for  iboi Ih ?lonth pasfc ri,F anrt'on'; he said no, he  oht he had gone up with Carpenter; I was  ble to retain the. qualities or arrest.the deterioration of  Coffee when 'ground* .Tlie heat engendered hy the pro.  cess of roasting, and especially of 'grinding, creates an  action in the elementary parts which gradually destroys  its. atness for 'drink. Biitto retain':-thb;. essential ��������� oil;  which it contains we have it encased in tins containing  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., a:nd which can be had from any ot  the rospectable dealers. Wc can confidently recommend  those who have hitherto been obliged to refrain from  taking Coffee on account of its ill 'effects that they may  use our Coffee, roasted in tho Conical Roaster, being re.  commended by all medical men under whose notice it  has been brought, and by numerous other testimonials  in its favor. : FELL & CO.,  CoflTee Merchants, Yates St., Victoria ;  Biardware"and. Vegetables, and are. ueter.  mined to sell, them cheaper than any other storeton  : Williams Crevk. Come and see aim judge for yourselves^  ���������> Kichfleld;. May Sth, 1866.   . .��������������������������� A   . ]';/: /, rt.,..:  BARKERViLLE  BREWERY.  nic6l  '       B.REWBR. "���������':  BARKERVTILLE,:: B. C. i  "1  WAKE   UP   JAKE  RESTAURANT, BAKERY,  PA  RICHFrELD,)  RICK   ^������������������w   -���������'���������  KIKWirSI, JL'KOP'R.  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors  and Cigars aro of the finest quality. 9  Office Hours,; ; .;10>. raj;;; tb: a p. in;; aX.2  JIoxDAXfti,, -    -  ,7 to Ilia. m,;& 12 to 3 pirn,  Saturdays,, -,/   10 a. m.,,.; to; y4 p. my yy' f  Xjjgf No business transacted on Sundays ���������   . : -A- 'yy-  yyyyy y        ROBERT BURR ELL,  . . ,-��������� '       Manain-r.  ; ais.t.July, 1866. ; 23: yr  AND  Barkerville, B.C,  KELLY & PATERSON, Proprietors.  ; Pvervthing is done in connection with this establishment to give satisfaction to the customers.  $&- Meals at all hours.      *  E. C. GILLETTE,  MINING-  ���������CAMEROSTOWiV.  ,UMBEB  !  TT  Att  WtWDS OF LUMBER SAWED TO ORDER and  ���������lTonteonstautly on hand, which will be sold at thc  T nwlsr Mahket Rates aid  delivered  FREE  OF  rwARfiE at any point on tbe waggon road  Orders left with Buie-Bros., Barkerville; H. Tren;  holm RichfieM;- or at thc Mill, below Cameronton, will  be promptly attended to. ^ r   ^^  my i^111*tm- 'M  E.   HODGE NS,  Barnard's Cariboo Express  ��������� X'i' " . y r   ���������AND���������,     -yy yy      ���������  STAGE   LINE.  npHE TARIFF OF CHARGES BY THE EXPRESS  I has been revised, and REDUCTION in prices  made to suit the times. Tho charge ou Latter* to mil  from Victoria and intermediate places is now 50 cents,  St'igo Fare to Qiu'sni'lmouth, - . $20.  41       "   through to Yale,      .       .       ,    $05,.  y  .rOIIN B. LOVELL,  Agent Jiarnuru's Express.  August 1st, 1866. '���������       26  BARNARD'S  BARKERVILJjE���������Ad join ing the Express Office.}  WILLIAM  WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  JAMES   PURDIE,  blacksmith;  RICHFIELD:  Connecting at Lillooet and Yale with DIETZ &  NELSON'S for New Wes tm tester & Victoria,  " ILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from the office in  Barkerville, to connect with the steamer "Enterprise" afQuesnelmoatb, and the STAGES at Soda  Creole, EVERY WEEK, convoying Treasure, Lettfrh  and Valuables for all parts of the world Also Commissions reovived and forwarded by Express ior the  collection of" Notes, Bills and the purchase of articles  to be obtained at New.Westminstcr, Victoria, San Frau-  Cisco or en route, and return* made With difpatoh''  \'JOHNT B. LOVBLL  Is  A6cn'   Barkerville,  wW������ttji������6i������������ua������ua������BWBBff W������2  Ik  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1866.  tf  ���������yy.  >y ;".,. t $  i f^'Ji,  im^  FOKEIGlfNEWS.  Our latest telegraphic items furnish us with  .intelligence of an interesting and important  character. ��������� The Telegraph Cable is not a step  in advance, it only -signalizes the railroad  speed with which everything mundane is rapidly progressing.    Measures involving the disposal of entire nationalities with populations  of millions of souls require but the discussion  of an hour.    The two. most warlike nations  of modern times commence a war in, which  the stake is the political status of the one. or  the other.    A ventiire,Hof such magnitude,  which in former times would have required  . fifty vears of desolating .war to settle, is now  brought to a close with all the requisite formalities in three months.    Diplomatists of the  Metternich school are afcsolcte. A day's nego-  ciation adds twenty millions of souls to the  domination of a potentate,; or reduces a nation from a first to a third rate power, or even  to political oblivion. What wonderful changes  iuthe world may not the next twenty years  produce?   Geographers will require to issue  siow maps of the world every year, and we  ahay yet see monthly supplements I  First in order is the new Derby Ministry in  ���������England, wiiiclf ftasWery appearance of becoming popular and hence strong.   The J2on-  ;':^i^evkdmt .6'^ii^i^^rUi^meriuan I^ovTnces  appears to have engaged5 their earliest atten-  . tion, and, by late advices from the maritime  :   sections, may be deemed, an accomplished  fact.   No mention is made of our Colonies on  the Pacific side of the :Rocky mountains, so  that it is probable we shall still remain in the  leading strings of the mother country   until  the other piovinces1 are sufficiently consolidated to take us under their charge. .'-���������:���������  \ Austria,, sustained by.the arrogant and supercilious House of Hapsburg, seems to have  completely seenmbed. to.the pressure of the  times.   Money has been"Very properly termed  the sinews of war, arid tlie chronic insolvency  of the Austrian Exchequer has undoubtedly  brought about the presegtcollapsei   Her poverty was well known andicalculated upon by  those -who have taken advantage of her utter  lie.lplessnesa.  The peace;: concluded at Prague  reduces her in fact to tkfeposition of a third  Tate power, although riohinally she still retains a population entitliug-her to the position  of a power of the first cteiaa.'":.  Prussia is true to her old reputation of co-  vetousness;- she would sacrifice anything for  gain.   There is no romance about it, she does  ��������� not cover it tip.with "la gloire" or a "special  mission,"  or any mock  philantropby  like  :France.   .With all her faults we must give  " her credit for .plain dealing.    She asks your  purse and if you don't fork it over she breaks  your head and takes it.   That she intends to  keep all her plunder is evident from the reply  recorded to fthe French demand for the Ren-  .teb Provinces, but we are very far from believing that Napoleon has played out his game  iu that direction.. The Emperor of the French  is never in a hurry, he bides* his time and always steals his neighbors goods in the most  .agreeable manner 'nous verrons.'  Uncle Sam has given MaximiUian notice  to quit, as undoubtedly the refusal to acknowledge the closing of the port of Matamoras is  equivalent; this place will form the rendezvous lor the pioneers of American conquest,  the "fillibusters."  Thousands of soldiers "out  of work*- and adventurers from the great  cities of the union, who Leave their country  "for their country's good." will flock' to this  place as sympathizers (save the mark!) and in  a short time will prepare the country for the  "Anglo Saxon"���������its manifest destiny-  :   Great .Britain in the midst of the present  fii nnoil in Europe remains perfectly quiescent  but she is evidently preparing for the race  which she is aware is shortly to come off for  tlie front rank among nations.   She is quietly  throwing off every unnecessary appendage or  ���������useless weight that would impede ber progress  imd there will certainly be some tall walking  ���������%\:hefi she starts.  30th May, 1865 ; and the third 1st June, 1866.  After an examination of these ! records the  Board were satisfied that Allen's title to the  ground was a good one.    Mr. Wadhams, the  secretary of the Flume Co. being present; admitted the legality of Allen's titley and said  the company were not disposed^ to /interfere  with his fclaim although it had beeti bmmitted  from the exemption contained in: their ordinance. XyAy/'. -A'-'y/Ayi  C. W.Simes next produced bis ^records, but  on examination they were found"to be faulty  and defective, a circumstance which the Board  were inclined to attribute to the ignorance/bf.  the applicant and not from any intention of  defrauding the revenue, as he hafepaid his  regular recording fees, taken out his license,  worked and represented the ground: for three)  years in good faith; for this reason-they would  therefore recommend the Flume. Co?-to ��������� compromise the matter with the applicant,  y  It was moved by Mr. Drake, Ssecbnfled-:: by  fe Anderson, "That this Board.-:recommend  that the protection extended to the Dutch Bill;  Brouse, Wilson, and Simmons & Hoffman Companies by clause (f) in the Williams Creek Bed  Rock Flume Company's Ordinance^;be also  extended to H. Allen, who has fully established a vested right to 100/eet of mining ground,  dating from before 1st July, 1864, until date,  and that the same does not apply to C. W.  Simes, who has failed to establish his title;  tliis' Board would recommend the Flume Co. to  be as lenient as possible with Simes as hi  seems to have acted iri good- faith."   Carried.  y The meeting then adjourned"; -������������������'��������� A A"  '"    GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.     ..  that no matter where his lot might be cast for  the future, he would always cherish this valuable testimoriial of Xthe '���������:' ki nd regards of Sis  friends; in Cariboo aiid trusted that they might  all be'able soon to say in the words of the old  song, ^Farewell to the land of gold."  yNEW BRITISH MINISTRY.  The following is a correct list of the principal/members of the new Administration:  /Firat Lord of the Treasury, Earl of Derby ;  y Lord High Chancellor, Lord Chelmsford ;  yLord; President of the Council, Duke of  Buckingham;  Chancellor of the Exchequer, Right Hon.  B; Disraeli;  '.Home Secretary, Right Hon. II. S. Walpole ;  ���������Foreigt Secretary, Lord Stanley;  Colonial Secretary, Earl of Carnarvon ;  War Secretary, General Peel;  ��������� First Lord of the Admiralty, Sir John Pak-  ington;'-,;���������;..' y  ;;! Postmaster-General, Duke of Montrose ;  President of the Board of Trade, Sir Staf-  fOrd Nprthcote;  : First" Commissioner of Works, Lord J. Manners;  Attorney-General, Sir H. Cairns ;  Solicitor-General, Mr. Bovill;  Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,   Marquis of  Abercorn;  Lord Advocate of Scotland, Mr. Patton.  On  I will sell  MONOID Sept. 3rd  1 ������t public AUtrrmv <��������������������������� .,*.-. u'  AUCTION, for th,  AssigueeorthrETute^J,'. KS%^  ONE HOUSE AND LOT, RichBeld-   "  ONE HOUSE AND LOT, Barker^.  ���������ONE HOUSE AND LOT, Came^.  CLOTHING,  LIQUORS,;  HARDWARE,  PROVISIONS,^.  ^_ &&" Sale to take place at PRAGER'^ ^Tout, ���������  KERVILLE, at 12 o'clock, noon ST0RE' B^  Richfield, Aug. 27th, ijj Y' LEE' ���������*"**���������������  .    (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.)  .  Thursday, 30th Aug. 186C.  Wagner & Lobbi vs The Grouse Creek  Flume Co���������Mr. Cameron produced an agreement between himself and the company in  which full authority is given him to carry on  the work on his own responsibility, in consideration of which he is to receive a certain  proportion of the profits arising from the concern. ������������������  A r.  The Commissioner, having examined the  agreement, struck the Flume Co.'s name out  of the summons and entered that of-D. Cameron instead, and gave judgment against hini  for the amount of wages claimed, less $110 75,  being the amount.of an account for provisions  supplied to plaintiff. Mi\ Park for the Flume  Company.     ,. .'���������' ���������  :..y\y:^i,y-v'V  "Friday, 31st Aug: 18 66,  Well Mary Ann Co. vs Erie Co.���������Suit instituted for the ejectment of defendants from  the Well Mary Ann claim, on Williams Creek,  as trespassers and plaintiffs put in possession  of the same.  It appeared that the ground in question belonged formely to the El .Dorado Co., who  virtually abandoned it; after which the plaintiffs took it up and have worked it for nearly  four months unmolested; during this time they  have run a tunnel 400 feet in length, but finding no pay plaintiffs were obliged from poverty to lay the clainvover until they had earned  money enoug^elsewere, to return and prospect the ground still further. Meanwhile defendants, some of whom were members of  the old El Dorado Co., pre-empted the ground  under the name of theEricCo., hence the present suit for ejectment. Judgment for plaintiffs with costs.   Mr. Park for plaintiffs.-/;.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  AUGTI  GOVERNMENT SALE!  On MONDAY, Sept. 10th,  I will sell at PUBLIC AUCTION, for the  . benefit of the Government of British Columbia,  ��������� as follows:  1 SPLENDID YOKE OF DRAUGHT OXEN,  YOKE AND CHAIN,  1 HORSE AND CART,       . ;  '  HARNESS,.**.,  "TENTS; Ay - yy  ii  TOOLS, consisting of SHOVELS, PICKS,  GRUB HOES, &c.  BARKERVILLE, at 12  F.  Adams,. Pearcy & CoM  BARKERVILLE,.:  Have just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  SfceeM^2^F,*<2mer^f?^^  with various other articles ra their line of trade.  ' I  .   j^" All Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper aiid  Zinc trade attended to, und warranted to give satisfcc-  "oh- ' 34  WILLIAMS   CREEK  STEAM SAW MILL CO,  /THE UNDERSIGNED, LUMBER MERCHANTS, beg  X to inform the inhabitants iu general of.Villlms  Creek that they have now in operatifm.a STEAM SAW  MILL, located at the mouth of Mink Gulcb, abwe'  Richfield, capable of manufacturing one thousand feet  of Lumber pur hour, any length or width required in  this market, and of a superior quamty. All orders  left at Mr. W. A. Meachuin's, Barkerville, or the Mill,  will be promptly attended to, and delivered FREE OF  CHARGE at any point on the wagon road, and at REDUCED RATES.. The undersigned trust lo merit a lib-  oral share of tho public patronage aod that tbeir oil  friends will kindly give them a call.  .   MEACHAM, COOMBS ������ XASON.  "Williams Creek, Aug. 27th 1866. 33  WILL SOON BE  IN  RECEIPT OF A/LARGE AN'D  :   '"���������" WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF  $gp Sale to tako placo at  o'clock, noon.  RicbQeld, Aug. 31st, 1806.  V. LEE,  Auctioncor.  35-3in  T^-OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having  ll   demands against the Assignee of. the PRAGER  ESTATE are requested to send the same in to F. V. LEE,  Richfield, on or before the 1st of ��������� October ensuing  otherwise^they will be disallowed,"    ���������'   <*  ' A-'  '';\.y.'y,y..; A^/AA-y.    yx:y- j:;iujeff,;-..'  Assignee,,  ��������� /3b-uiy A  BOOTS & SHOES, &C,  IMPORTED DIRECTLY FROM SAN FRANCISCO.  He is desirous of supplying the Trade, and  can do so at LOWEST PRICES.  . Williams Creek, July 16th, 1866. 22-tf  Richfield, Sept. 1st, 1866.  PRESENTATION.  MINING BOARD.  A meeting of the Mining }5oard  ibe Court House, Richfield, on l^rid  was held at  Yiday 31st u I to.  Fresent���������Messrs. Wilkinson, Booth, Thompson, Anderson, Drake, McLaren, Hardie,Mon-  ..roe, Coulter, and Hazeltiue*    Mr. C. Booth in  the Chair.  The minutes of, last meeting having been  read by the Secretary, were unanimously  adopted. - ���������:       / ���������    .  The Chairman said that; the special business of the present meeting was to bear tbe  .grievances of all miners who considered their  rights invaded by the "Williams Creek Bed  Rock Flume Co.'s Ordinance, 1866."  Only two persons were in attendance, namely, H. Allen and C. W. Simes.; ,  II. Allen produced to the Board a certified  copy of his records claiming 100 feet of mining ground adjoining the Brouse Co. The first  ivcmd was dated 3ist May, 1864; the second  On Saturday evening last a number of the  friends of Dr. David Brown met atthe:Caribbo  Library, Cameronton, and presented him with  an address on the eve_of his departure for his  native land.    Tbe Doctor is a young ���������man  whose   kind and obliging  disposition   and  courteous demeanour, apart from his ���������professional attainments, has earned for him the  respect and esteem of a large circle of friends  during his residence on this creek extending  over a period of more than three years.    His  friends desirous of expressing some.mark of  of their friendship for him as a man and a citizen delegated Mr. John MacLaren to present  him with the following address, signed by  over 150 of the moat respectable residents of  the creek: "  Davii> Brown, Esq., M. D.,  Sir:���������Before your departure from Cariboo we wish this to express  our respect and esteem for you as a man and  a friend, honorable, sociable, consistent; our  entire confidence in you as a medical practitioner, attentive, skilful, successful; and our  sincere wish for your increasing welfare, in  person and profession always, by land and by  sea.  Cameronton, Cariboo, B. C, Sept. 1866.  Dr. Brown, in returning thanks for the very  flattering compliment his, friends had conferred on him.by the presentation of Jtheaddress  just read, which he so unworthily deserved,  said that it was with feelings of mingled joy  and sorrow that he parted with them on this  occamon���������joy in looking forward to a speedy  reunion with his friends at home, and sorrow  to part with valued friends and 'companions  in Cariboo.    He would assure them however  SOLOMON   BROS.,  EG TO INFORM THEIR CARIBOO FRIENDS that  they have removed to the two-story brick building  {formerly, the Enterprise Saloon) opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel, Government Street, Victoria. They will  keep on.hand a large assortment of CLOTHING and  FURNISHING GOODS, which they will.sell as low as  any house in town. They respectfully solicit a cal! from  the "Boys''��������� when the come down. 35:s; ���������'���������  F OR    SALE.  NE-FULL INTEREST & ONE-FIFTH in" the/^olind  at Last"   claim, Davis Creek  {Lightning CreotJ.  For terms, apply at the Sextinel office, or to  V       r TALIESIN EVANs,  33-lm Davis Creek.  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of J.  G. Marshall, deceased intestate.;  NOTICE.      ,  ALL PERSONS INDEBTED to thc WAKE-UP JAM  Bakery, Barkenille, arc requested to caUanasu*  tie their accounts on or before.the 21st dayof^Scptew  'ber next, otherwiseall accounts not settledtnen������u������  be handed.into<)ourt foryf1^^,&: paotS0N.  Barkerville, 2Wh Aug. 1866.    ���������.,:,     ZyyAy������^  LL PERSONS AVHO ARE INDEBTED to the above  Estate are required to pay the. amounts due forthwith, and all persons who have any claims against the  above Estate are requested to send iu their accounts on  or before tlio 1st November, 1866, to  CHAS. E. POOLEY,  Official Administrator.  Richfieiri, 7th Aug. 1866. 28-lm  I  LL PARTIES INDEBTED to to Orm of MUNDORF  & CO.. of Barkerville, by Note or Book Account,  are requested to come forward and settle their accounts  on or before tho 19th September next.   All n������tes or accounts not settled then will be put in Court for collection  August 20tb, 1866. . 31dm  NOTICE  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of  ^Catherine Lawless, deceased intestate.  A LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the above  JA Estate are required to puy tho amounts due forthwith, and all persons who havo auy claims against the  above Estate are requested to send in their accounts on  or before the 10th September now next to WALTER  EDWARD LAWLESS, the Administrator of the said  Catherine Lawless deceased, or to  JOSEPH PARK,  Counsel for tho Administrator,  ^Williams Creek, Aug. 11th, 1866. 2y-lm  fTHE ;UNDERSIGNfiD; HiTO^^S  1 ; Establishment and Good Will pt the\i^**l  Messrs. SCHORLING & CO , VanWi^^^Jg������������jfg  the former customers of said firm and rcsWW mj  vicinity that he will always keep a^good stock:on urn,  and will deliver, goods, at any of the ^^S������  It will bo his constant a^ to give gencml s^  by selling at CHEAPER RATES than has. hereto^  been done, on a strictly CASH basia^, liNdHArd.  Van Winkle, 23rd August, 1866.  ���������.  Dissolution oTPartnersbip  THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE; jp*^J^  1 tween AUrtix & Cook, of B^f^%^SS  been dissolved by mutual con sent  ana ^  heretofore carried on by them will��������� hjwwnw ���������������    tftfi  on by JOHN E. MARTIN  to :Who m-b\\.&&*   wjll  late firm are to be paid.   The said John h. m*  also pay all debts aue by the I'"0 M^gj E> MARTIN,  .   ��������� JOHN COOK.  Barkerville, August 17th, 1866.  31  RICHFIELD  rpHE UNDERSIGNED HAVING  ^SDAX*������-  I A. Smith the premises former^ kw������������. t])e a^  ers' Saloon, has opened the same ^*w    aod ili6  name, and would respectfully inviteh.bm  public generally to give him ������ggL^       sEGABS *$  ������js-The best brands ot WMy"���������;.  ahVaVs be kept at this estabhshmeU U HBplN.  20-3n������  Kichllcld, August, 1866. SMlKEL  MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3,/1866.  Accidents���������Oii Saturday afternoon, while  Mr M. C. Davis wastriflingftpm J Richfield to  Barkerville, his horse,.in crossing the bridge  at Stouts gulchf ^tumkled and fell; ^ro^wing  Mr Davis with great violenee against to rails  of the bridge, lacerating &^  badly and spraining his ankle ; he was taken  to the Cariboo Exchange, where his wounds  -were dressed by Dr. Wilkinson, when it was  found that hehadSUstairieCnoserious; injury  tbat wouldiprevent hinr fromoattendihg to his  business againsiri. a 'few:d^s/;yte  Afternoon, Mr. E������ Tooin^ mej;;.with a siniilair  accident. It appears Mr. Todmey started from  Ground Hog Lake to drive a number of sheep  to Richfield, and whilst.descending the moun-  tain the horse he was riding slipped and fell j  throwing him but of the saddle &nd dragging  him with one of his fee fc entangled in the stirrup over 20 yards, the horse at the same time  treading on his face and side., Mr. Toomey  was found in a semt-conscious state by a  Frenchman whp was camped oh the mountain,  and brought to Barkerville in the evening,  where he was attended by Dri Bell. '/.. Prom the  painfuV swelling of his.'; face; it; was at: first  thought that his j aw was broken, but on examination itwasfound that ho bones had been  broke.   He has received no serious internal  ^MINING INTELLKrENCK  ���������Zy ^'if/:'wiM^^^KjyZ/i.   'Ay,  Since the late rains there are but few claims  on the creek that have got fairly started wash-  iiig; Above Richfield the frosty nights haye  so reduced the Water in'-'the> isreek that thei;e is  not;now sufficient to enableSiore than one-half  of ;the elahns to work; those claims beibW the  canon of course have the advantage of alt the  water that runsifVpni'!Jackpot Clubs creek  trough the Bed Rpik^lume Co.'sj ditch. \The  claims we have heard from that have taken  out pay for the past week are:  The Gamp co'v; who washed-up for week  ;63 ois;-TrThe \ Morning Star co'y washed for- 4  days 22 ozS,^Qaribbo ooZyyftr week about 70  ozs.���������Never 'Sweat co?y had a dividend of  ������ 100, to the share for the week.���������Caledonia  co^y made wages for week.^Last Chancb co'y  cleaned up for yreek. ab out 90 bzs.; y  OROUSE .OREEK;  TELEGRAPHIC.  -   ; (Special Dispatch to the Cariboo Semtixbl).  y Paris, Aug. 16th^-- It is officially stated today that the Freiich Government has receded  from its demands made on Prussia for the extension of its frontier to the Rhine. France  does tins; in the interest of peace, which she  desires far more; than ter ri to rial agg rand ize-  '^ehifV'-The.'hbpe'Jsalso expressed by the official journal; tl^ that Prussia will  injury as was ut first- imagined, ���������; and; is pro-  ^olxM^i^tftyf dMag^^  Fatal Accideot.~!A sad accident happened  ;atCalifornia creek on Wednesday last, 29th  ;ult.v.whereby a young man named Thomas  "';3IcMinhimie lost his life. The deceased, in  Company withfour others, owned a bed rock  flume on said creek where they had been at  ���������work all summer, but having lately been stopped for, r want of water deceased started a  ' prospect'drift on his <own account into the  bank, and having neglected' to timber it the  ground caved on him injuring him mortally.  He was extricated and conveyed to Antler  creek -Where he lingered till the following  evening (Thursday) when he expired. Deceased was a native of Belfast, Ireland, and  :about 28 years of age.  Greiat International Rowing Match.���������The  \8ec6hd great sculling match between Henry  Kelly, of Putney, England, and James Hamill,  of Pittsburg, IJ. S., came off at^Newcastle^n-  Tyne on'the 5th* July last ^ The match was  for ������500, or ������260 a-side. '"The .distance run  was 2J miles out and the same distance home.  The start was made at 8������ o'clock* a. m., from  ���������the/High Level Bridge tb two boats -moored  .at the head of the Queen's Meadow. Kelly  led the race from the start, and at the end of  the first mile was six ^boats'flengths ahead }  two miles awayi fromhome KeBy was 600  ���������yards ahead; at the turn he was two minutes  in advance of Hamill, who, as soon as he got  half, way round, and saw how far Kelly was  ahead, virtually gave up the race j Kelly having beat him at the point where he stopped  fully a quarter of ai mile.: Kelly's weight on  the day of the race was 10 stone 7 pounds ;  Hamillk, 11 stone 2 pounds.  Geo. Wilson's Ghallenge AcbEPTE������.--We  clip the following from the VictoriaV '.Colonist  & Chronicle' of the 22nd ulto :���������" Joe; Eden  has accepted the challenge put forward by  George Wilson, the Cariboo Champion/ and is  prepared to fight him for any sum from $2,000  to $5,000 a-side; within six months from first  deposit. By sending; articles and a deposit of  $50 to the Red Lion, Government street/; a"  match can be ensured.; and Joe wisely declares that whether he wins or loses, it shall  ���������be Ms last appearance in the E. R."  Cariboo Library���������A handsomely bound  'Copy of Burns' completed  erously donated to the Cariboo. Library by  Messrs. Clarkson & Co., of New Westminster.  ^The Librarian received by last mail the balance of the invoice of %ooks presented by the  Government to the institution, consisting of  Black's Atlas of the World,, a very valuable  acquisition; Lewis' American Sportsmen, and  Burton's Cyclopaedia of Wit and Hnmor, in 2  volumes. A, -,  Fall op Snow.���������The first snow storm of the  eeason fell on the morning of Friday last,  giving the slopes of the surrounding mountains quite a wintery aspect, which they still  retain. The snow fell to the depth of 6 inches,  and has had the effect of compelling the milkmen who have been feeding their stock on the  mountains to drive them down to the valleys  below for the present. A few davs of warm  sunshine however will soon clear it off.  Departure.���������Mr. H. S. Blunt, the highly  esteemed and popular agent of the Bank of  British Columbia on this creek, together with  Dr. Brown and Messrs. Angus and Thomas  Hardie, will leave with the Express to-day  for Victoria.  Auction Sale.���������Mr. Lee will sell by auetion  ���������yy The Heron co'y cleaned up for week ending  yesterday; 145 ozs.���������Short Bend cb^are making $24 a day to the hand out of 'their open  out���������Full Rigg co'y had got into slum and  water ; the bed rock still continued level-  Discovery co'y are takingout at the rate of  35; ozs. from the set of timbers, but are greatly annoyed by big boulders which they have  to blast:���������Ne'er-dorWeel co'y continue to take  but goodpay; on Saturday they washed un  20ozs.        A]    '''���������"'���������'.-. '   X      ' *  CEDAR CREEK,  Mr.p. McMartin; who left this creek on Fr>  ~dsyiastf5fifo?ms--us������ihm-the ^Discovery eo^y*  continue to take out good pay, their ground  averaging them from 6 to 11 ozs. a day.���������The  only other co'y that had got to washing was  the Borealis, who were making good wages.  It is Mr. McMartin's opinion that the creek for  a distance of 3000 feet from the mouth up will  pay about $50 a day to the hand. Ail were  busy getting out lumber and making every  preparation for working their claims.  About 10 days before our. informant left, a  company had started on a prospecting tour to  the head of the lake, taking with them two  weeks' provisions.   .  CONKLINS   GULCH.  All claims on this gulch, with the exception  of the Renfrew and United co'ys, have been  laid over on account of the wet nature of the  ground, which prevents them from being  worked. The latter company are just commencing to take out good pay from fthe back  channel recently found by them ; on Friday  last they washed up 70 ozs., the result-of two  days' work; the gold is yvery fine, and of a  rusty character, and differs entirely from the  gold obtained in the gulch; wliich gives rise to  the belief that there is ^another ehannel containing heavy gold" still further back in the  hill.���������The Renfrew co'y are still drifting, but  have not got on pay.  LIGHTNING CREEK. ���������  But little work has been done in ,the way  of prospecting on this creek during the present season,Cand only a few ofi the old claims  have ������������������ been kept going, with yery indifferent  success.���������Segel co'y have worked'��������� the whole  season, and have been ���������{ unable to make anything more than expenses until last week  when they began to take out good wages.-^-  Bly th co 'y? 4 men working, are making 8 ozs.  a day; this claim is situated on the bank' of  the creek and is worked by a tuhh.el.���������^A oo'y  of Chinese are working in������the creek, about a  mile above Van Winkle, and; are reported as  making'8:ozs..a'.day..'..;^ Z 'XiAAiy- y; 'AZZZ  CUNNINGHAM CREEK.  Throughout the summer about 20 men have  been and still are at work on this creek pros-r  pecting, etc., but as yet nothing new has been  found. Some have been doing well working  old ground, and others feel sanguine of finding good diggings soon.-���������Lewis & Draper are  making wages^Kentuck co'y,last season this  claim was considered the best on the creek,  but it has sadly fallen*off in its yield this summer, two men being now at work on it who  are barely making expenses.���������Smith co'y, in  the creek, have been busy draining their claim  and will commence washing during the present  week, with the' expectation of doing well.���������  Floyd co'y have been drifting from a shaft  they sunk in the creek a depth of 45 feet and  struck a small prospect, they are setting their  sluices and will begin washing this week.���������  Great Eastern co'y have found prospects in  their shaft of from 12 cts. to 25 cts. to the pan,  and will commence washing to-day.���������Standish  co'y have been engaged the great part of the  season in building an extensive bulkhead or  wing-dam to turn the channel of the creek  and enable them to drain their ground, which  they have just finished, and are now engaged  in ground sluicing ; they expect to find good  pay.  .   NELSON CKEEK. ,  A company of three men have taken out of  their claim on this creek for the season 280oz.  ij^r We understand that a meeting will be  held on Wednesday evening, at 7 o'clock, at  Loring's saloon, Barkerville,of all parties who  '~J - ���������������    ~s,,:.-.������*. r. nnmnan\r  to  run  at 12 o'clock, noon, to-day, at Pragers -tore, ^l"b^ to n:  Barkerville, for the benefit of the assignee are desirous or uib *    n������-QXe& belo  ?/ Prager's estate, houses and lots, clothing, ?ybedJ.0(J,idiam g  ������quors, hardware, provisions &c. van wiukic.  w  nbtpress her project of annexation with the  German States south of the Maim  y ; New York^ Aug. 22th.���������The following are  theprincipalpassages of interest in the Queen's  speech in prorogiiing Parliament: uRer Ma-  jesty Has great; satisfaction in cougratulating  th^vCbunt^aiid Worldat larger on;the successful accdmplishmeh t of the great design of  cbnhecting Europe and America by means of  electee telegraph. It is; hardly possible to  anticipate the fuH extent of the benefits which  may he conferred on the hi(mah .race >by this  signal Miimphof scientific enterpnsei aiid Her  Majesty has pleasure in expressing her deep  sense of what is due to; the private energy  which in spite ! of repeated;���������". failure aiid discouragement, has at;\ lehgth; for the second  time, succeeded: in establishing; directycom-  municatipn between the two cpntiherits^ ��������� Her  Majesty trusts ho. impediment'.may, occur to  interrupt the success? of vthis great Minder takings ealculatedy as it undoubtedly isf to ceineiifc  much closer the ties which bind Her Majesty's  North; American^ Colbriies'tbl theiry mother  'country^  and friendly feeling which it is ihbst desirable  should subsist between Her Majesty's dominions and the great republic of the United  States."-   '::." y:t     . ;  '      A/ ..A  Paris, Aug. 22hd, evening.���������It is reported  that the Empress of Mexico failed in her mission, Napoleon refusing to grant assistance of  French troops, prior to their evacuation, to  quell insurgents in Mexico. It is. further*reported, with some degree of truth, that the  Emperor MaximiUian will soon return to  Europe.  New York, Aug. 22nd.���������By . the Persia's  mail it is ascertained that the account of the  Guy Fawkes plot to blow up both Houses  of Parliament; reported by the cable, was  greatly exaggerated. Five pounds of powder  and a slow match were picked up by a policeman on duty. The object was not apparent.  y The London >Ne ws' announces that the^ pa^  tronage of the Atlantic Gable has become so  great that the directors had in contemplation  the establishment- of a new scale of priceslfor  1st, 2nd and 3rd class messagesi according to  priority. The latter to be at same rate as now  oharged.''.: *.';.;;. ��������� 'yi/AAi. ��������� yyy ;--?v Ayy/yy yyA/;-,  ; Washington, Aug. 22nd.^ The Treasury de������  partment has received a draft on Barring Bros."  England; for ^li,844 sterling, being the proceeds of the sale of the Confedera,te privateer  Shenandoah. ^ ^  The Question of Jeff. Eavis' health is again  agitated; Mrs. Davis has written! to '".a friend  in Georgia that he will surely die^ in.- a few  months. Assistant Surgeon-General Crane has  been sent to Fortress Monroe to; investigate  the matter, and has had a long interview ^vyith  Davis, with what result will; not\ bey known  until officially promulgated.   ;      ������������������     ='/  Berlin, Aug. 21st.���������It is asserted that the  Cabinet policy of Prussia oh the hostile attitude maintained towards that Government and  the King;dom of'Hanover by the/territory of  the Dlectoratei of Hesse-Nassau and the late  free city bf Frankfort has determined the  Prussian executive to at once destroy theirih-  depenflence and annex them completely to the  Kingdom of Prussia. The Prussian Government has officially promised the Bavarian  Cabinet an early definite settlement; and adjustment of political and commercial relations  disturbed by the late war j commercial affairs  will he regulated according to ; the-: German  2611verein. 'Bavaria after haying contemplated armed resistance on her own account to  the Prussian authority, had submitted to the  demands of that Government. Prussia has  asked possession of tbe Diet of Leitherfels  andCardoffi-     ?  Dresden; 21st.���������All the members of the Saxon Cabinet sent in their resignation to-day;  the King has accepted the resignation only of  Baron Brest.  London, 21st���������The Emperor Napoleon has  assured England that France will not demand  the Fortress of Marcehburg and Phillippeville  from Belgium in the event of temporal changes  occurring on the continent of Europe.  Florence, 21st.���������Gen. LaMarmora has been  removed from his position as chief of the staff  of King Victor Emmanuel. Gen. Cialdini sus-  ceeds him. Lamar mora has not been in favor  with the people since the defeat of the Italian  army at Cos to zza<  Florence, 23rd. ��������� Victor Emmanuel por-  claims amnesty to political exiles and prisoners  Pesth, 22nd.���������After the conclusion of peace  the Emperor Francis Joseph will appoint a  responsible Hungarian Ministry and convene  a Hungarian Diet, probably early in Sept..  Athens, 18th.���������The Christian insurgents in  the island of Candia number 25,000, and hold  important positions against the Turkish sol- i  diers, who have commenced. active hostilities  against them.  London, 24th.���������News that a treaty of peace  has been signed at Prague between Prussia,  Austria, Italy and Bavaria is hourly expected,  Prague, 24th.���������The most perfect concord  exists among thcrPlonipotenliaries assembled  here, and the treaty of peace .though not  until the treaty of peace about being signed  is carried into,bffect. v.  Berlin, 24th;��������� The Prussian Chamber of  Deputies have voted a congratulatory address  to the King upon the successful result of tho  war.   There were 25 negative votes.  St. Petersburg!}, 21st���������Officers of the. U, Sy  war vessels Maintop and Augusta now in Russian waters continue to receive most complimentary ovations wherever they go ; Russian  Government officials, princes, noblemen, merchants and the populace unite in doing honor  to them. Officers have been present at the  grand review of the Imperial Guard by special  invitation of Emperor Alexander.  Berlin, 27th.���������The peace treaty, signed at  Prague will not bo made public till notified  by the contracting powers. It is believed  however that the general features are almost  identical with the original preliminaries intimated at Nickelslmrg on the 26th of July..  New Westminster, 30th.���������Mr. Thos. J. Mc-  Micking and his second son were drowned on  Saturday last Tbe circumstances attending  the double accident by which father and sbn  xvorebiiiriediirfccr'iHci^Hj'-were briefly-o^-fot-^  lows: Mr.' McMielring, with tis wifo and family, went down to Mr. Miller's, about 10 miles  below this city, in a smal 1 boat, on Satutdny.  While the parents were in the house, the eldest  and second sons were amusing themselves, in  the boat moored close by the door of the  house. The second boy, William Francis, a  promising little fellow of 0 summers, fell.over  the side of the boat into the river;; a swift cui������  rent running at the time.. The. alarm was  given, the father rushed to the bankj aiid seeing his boy struggling in the water, plunged  in. He seized the child and both.sank together. The father came to the surf ace and  struck for the shore, but the swift current carried him under a.Jboom, to which he attempted  in vain to hold on, when he sank to rise no  more until ; brought to the surface by the  grappling irons., The terrible shock tojtfrs,  McMieking may be imagined when \ye state  that she stood upon the bank-an eye witness  to the whole affair, ..The sad intelligence ho  sooner reached-the city than there was an  eager rush of all classes of the community to  the scene of the terrible accident. The Governor's steam yacht also, went down to aid in  the search for the bodies, and returned about  11 o'clock at night, bringing home tbe surviving members of the family... A few hours later  the body of Mr. McMicking was reached and  brought to town, but up to the present time  every attempt to recover the body of the boy  has proved .unavailing. The funeral took  place on Monday, and was thc largest jve haye  witnessed here. It wa3 conducted with military honors, the deceased being senior Lieut.  in the HomeGuards. Every token of respect  was showed to the memory of the deceased.  From the tinie the news reached.the city till  after the funeral every flag was lowered; the  Hyack Hall and engine house were draped in  mourning, and as the procession passed along.  Columbia street not a shop was open, while  the mournful tolling of every bell told how  universal was the feeling of regret  OPPMfilMER& CO.,  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  DEALERS IN ALL  KINDS OF  PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS, SEGARS,  GLOTHIiq;a,  BOOTS   &   SHOES,  HUONG- TOOLS, &c.,  Beg to call the attention 6:^ Miners and others  to their lull assortment A SUPERIOR GOODS  which will be sulci  AT  COST   PRICES!  to make room for a.NEW STCCZ to arrive so soon as  the Roads are op^n. ���������  j^" Lib e: a-1 all o wa n ce wil I fo e made to"  Restiiuraut and Hocel Keepers find Hie Trade gv-nvt*IJy  on large orders. y- ���������  ^  ^ NOTICE.  THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING an-  the name and style ot Marks & Wi.vKLi-Ji, has thj*  <iav hecn dissolved by mutual consent.  *   '     ��������� , S.  MAKKS,  ���������   >1. WINICLER,  Victoria, 10th June, 1866, A*  '������>��������������� '^ti'tr-r.- WW fll It AWHMWSWpnw  -"-       FRAGMENTS ;0F A DREAM.  ���������  (From the'Caribooite.')    ,;  - -  Last night I dreameil--antl in my. dream I  thought "'.' '���������>      2     '���������  What different fates .are.for roan kind prepared:  While some float' smoothly dowa the Stream  ���������'��������� of Life   " ;'/.'��������� yi'yy.   ��������� ���������   '; ���������."  And meet no adverse currents,~others nought  '..'.worse'"/'   '���������/��������� / y/y    ���������       '��������� ~ y. ���������. ..������������������'..  Than those who meet: inbre prosperous gales,  Ad versities' rough blasts are doomed to bear,-  y And dthere iri-their onward voyage meet   .  SuQshiae and clouds alternately:  ' '"���������How seldom 'tis maiifs:lot for long  ^        ;  To steer -beneath a cl pud less sky."  " In dream-land's chahgin^vagaries methpught  ';-V.::  ;t 8SW,A0 A Ay/A yyy-.:   .    ���������-  Full o'er the eastern bill the moon rise red,  Like solemn phantom off some warrior old,  "���������" Wakfd;ruthless from his^everlasting bed, '",.  And calmly; view bur snow-clad Cariboo; .  In awe I gazed upon>pale;Lunar's beam;  . As: one of the grand. wbrks, of Nature's God  '" // '���������/ Eternal, 'y V'./'y'^v'"'' ���������'���������' i/y  ' "':������������������-'X';' ���������  Whose fiat called her arid the numerous specks  Of seeming gold, "that float iu liquid blue    :-  And run their,stated course since time began;"  ��������� Into existence.   I riiused'on life and death,  Eternity and time.' mortal and immortality;  .But change again took place���������when to my  ; Ay''''   fancy's view     .':���������:"-''���������      '���������'  A dame appeared, of more than mortal triein,  Tall, sweet; majestic; when she nearer drew  Her mantle seemed of deepest fairy green,  And in its ceutre, glowiug-to my ken,  ��������� Were names that [tibw "are faroous,���������or ; that  y  :" once had been, :///./������������������; r^.-yyyyy  Old Caledonia's stay^her;sword, her pen,  Bards; patriots, warriors arid immortal men.  '' Fi rs t in the I ist 6 f heroes to niy vie w,      :   *  The Kiiight, IVom Ellerslie who drew his name,  Who spent his 1 ife his cortntry for to save,    ���������'  Until at last-rby traitor friend��������� betrayed;  ';Biit-each drop of his patriot blood that fell.  . - A pa trio t raise d to flgh fc when Sco tlun d call'd.'  Near it st^6drBruise,���������thb bold and brave  ���������Of kind red soul,���������who nobly did hip part. ���������  To free old Scotland from'the English yoke:  "Around these names stick bright effulgence  ; i -shone, ' .      ' .- '.     '"'..'*���������  .:/  They more than half obscured some names of  ''"' lesser fame.";''       ':"'��������� ///'"       ' -'���������,:.    ' '  Then in a flood of light came rolling on '/"  The names of martyrs, - warriors, statesmen,  ��������� ��������� ;. bards,'1;:'' ���������. ./.'���������-"";;��������� ��������� ry :Z- '  Princes bf-noble science, searchers of mother  v- .-; :"; earth y'/y.' /; 'Ay 'Z.y '-Jy ���������' ..'.;y-'''.'.,';' .'.' '.".'  - ^And starry spheres, and many, many noted  '"names.. . ,'": --x'xy"' X -.' AX./.X '" X ''"'���������a/a  Of modern times^-all numbered now  -'  Wi ih the il lustrious d ead of >j(icie at days.  I looked fof; names of sonie well known to me,  y Assured that they would not forgotten be '  .,By Scotland's*genius;-4jut as I look-d:  The Cameron Horn blew loud and shrill,  Night shift is ended,���������dream-land faded. ''"  \JAA.XZ V'-y ��������� ."'     J;;C. '  Cameronton, 10th March, 1866.  A Straxge Story.���������The following story is  given/as authentic ina letter from Paris:    M.  Raimondet. a rich old miser, wiibdicd lately,  left a will crouched in these terms:    "I give  and bequeath all my fortune/amounting now  to  t������73,553f. 50c.  in  railway shares, to  the  young girl, having" lost the left eye and right  leg, should please and get married to a young  man of her own age, handsome, honest, and  well educated.    If, at the death of my friend  Dtirand, whom I appoint as the executor bf  my. will; the peculiarity I mention should not  have been met with, I. wish all my property to  be shared between the various bureaus of benevolence in our good city of Paris!" ' In order to carry this will into execution, M. Dur-  and, who is also very rich,sought in vain for  some time a young girl; who should be in the  condition required by it.    A few days ago/  however, while passing along  the  Rue  St.  Honore, he perceived in a small  linen  cap-  shop a young girl who was trying on a cap  ,4or a customer, and who had not the use of the  ngbt eye.    He went into the shorj> and asked  OTICE.  The Steamer "Enterprise"  Will leave SODA CREEK.  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS,  AT DAVLIGHT;  vWill leave QUESNEL  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS,  ������������������,:;: AT 6 O'CLOCK,  Connecting at Soda Crock with Barnard's Stages on  .Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip.tip.  ;^r*. Freight to Quesnel ii cts.!'$ lb; .  Steamer'Enterprise'* V   May 21st^-lS66f.  Ayi: X y A A * ' "   A A    5  QUESNELMOUTH' ADVERTISEMENTS.  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNKLMOOTH,  P. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking . of the best  description.     ... s  BANGIlSliG-  , FOR THKJ  AT  QUESNELMOUTH,  BRO^Tf & GILLIS, PnopuiEToits.  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard TableVyfec.  SUibliug for -Horses, Hay and Oats.        s   -..  GIROD & QUICHON,  ���������Old  RsTABUfSHRD  Gexerai. Stork,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMISSION MERCHANTS;  Storage, <5co.~Terms most Moderate.   '  QUESNELMOUTH;-     .-. ���������������������������:. ���������/������������������*���������'��������� ���������-.  . y J-H. TURNER &co  KnglisK '& French SiKk r ,   '   '* ���������  ��������� :^-; .'-.;������.-.;..' .    Drapery Goode    uescriPiica of  WMZa^^^a^a^  iptions  'with care  C.AMERbXTOM'N,  WHERE  THE PROPRIETOR, :t.  A.  BARRY  . gives a general invitation to his frierids and the  ?JZ5f- fcH-r1?n- ^ ,a,Drt Jutlgo.for themselvos 'the  ufi&rfip������ B,lh,arrdJw%Ti a*������;.the piioice Bwuds of  bis &KG,Ut.S and UQ0ORS.. The Orchestra, vWiich  consists of four musicians, is First Class. io-3m  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &<A  GREAT   ATTRACTIOlSr!  .EVERY EVENING,  ������������������"AT TUB    ���������  FASHION SALOON,  -yy.  BARKERVILLE, ,.    '  A LL LOVERS OF THE TERPISCHOREAN ART are  .rx.tnvitcd to call and enjoy themselves, when a. heartv  vrelcome will be extended. !  .n^Iw ftof W^es������ Liquors' and Segars,  and Good Order observed. ��������� ^ fa.     '  y1   ��������� ������������������- '" ;-     : JOHNE. MARTIN, Prop'r.  BOYD & HEATH, .Proprietors, ~  I^HIS HOUSE i3 situated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth.  .. The proprietors having-lately fittod up bedroomd  and good Beds aro now prepared*to afford ������very accommodation for Travellers; the Table is furnished with all  thc luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors ana Seprars; pood  Stabling, Kay, Oats and Barley. 42T Tho CHEAPEST  Hous<* on the Rt^td. ^i'-s" -  Colonial Hotel, Soda Creek  y McLEESE & SENNY, Proprietors,  THB_PUBIJC���������.48.E-.I.NTITE?> TO. CALL- AT* THIS  House.   There is Good Meals; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay. \.   1-s  164 MILE OR DEEP CEEEK HOUSE,  YS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE  X. Travelling public; the bedrooms aro spacious and  airy and tho Beds cannot bo surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in the lower country; ihe Tabic is  always supplied with1 tho best of victuals. Stubling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley'constantly on hand.  Sponges;' Brushes, Periumery  2 *nt7^' ^Sy  Ond dispatch.   Victoria; V. 1?* m**W  .T   E. ROBERTSON, Winfl ������������rf a V .%A  if ������ chant, Victoria, v! I. and sPirit Her.  .    ���������   ������������������ .  '1-3  -;?-."."   -. ��������� boots 1 :bootsTT~"    ~~-  r SAY.SAM!  How is it voiir tw���������  ^and keep your feet so *ti^B^?*T* ^  Charity and Butler, ^t^^^^  ^f^^CO.^mt Street,, VictoWa'v 1TT"^  O Gardenand Field Seeds gunrantced' n���������������������������i I \mh  a carefully, selected stock of the abolo t0l SM  Euiopean and American Markets.- fffi?*te;  tbeir friends in British Columbia aro^ffil*?,,r  ticular attention is called to their larec sffir r kir'  Clover, and" Onion .Seeds of verv^5^ r"GfBS������  Fruit'Trees. and Bushes, EvergrS, S& qS'-v'  %���������**��������������� Garden.;Planfc.S^  ^r^very variety.^ Catalogaes on applicatS. ^ u  J) BRODRICK, Coai. and Pnb^EDiI5r~,  li. lar^e stock of Hay, Oats, WhentanU BiSf^  be8t:descr.ptionalways.on hand; also;NanaZmlVt  hsh.-Blncksrnlth and. Cauuel Opal/ ' OrdonSnt n  '1-s  CAMERONTOWN,  C. FULTON, Proprietor.  There is no distillery kept in this establishment.  ��������� -.ftnd strychnine and rot-gut And ncrplaco hero.    2  New. El Dorado   Saloon!  yy/XX-'-  I   BARKERVILLE. "v    -y,  npHE*PROPRiETORS TAKE PLEASURE in.announc-'  1: ing;to their friends.and the public generally that  they have refitted this spacious Saloon, and will open  the same on TUESDAY EVENIK<jLNEXT, when they  will be happj? to entertain all who mav give them a call.  :    ' :      :  }y-y      y        ROSS .V. nirRmr.K  BarkorviHo. July 2nd, 1S66.'  BURDICK,  Proprietors.   :   ���������;������������������:   --17.- :.;  Bathing    Establishment]  BARKERVILLE,  : '. (Next Bank of British North America.)  .... -1 ���������  D LEWIS begs leave to inform the Ladies and  . .tjentieinenof.Williams Creek and vicinity that  be has fitted up a BATHHO.OM at.con.<iderabltitxpen������e  lortheir accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a share of their patronage.  4������?r He.will also attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cluamug of :Teeth. ��������� '",'-'���������'   ������19  141  MILE HOUSE,  DENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor. This Hon���������  is furnished with every convenience for tbo comfort of Travellers; the Culinary department is under  tho superintendence of an experienced cook; tho Beds  are clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains thc best  of Liquors, Segars, &c.    Stabling, Hay, Barley &"Oats.  BLOOD WILL TELL?  BLUE   TENT   RANCH.  WM. HENDERSON begs ���������10 inform his friends  and thc travelling1 public generally that ho has  taken the above Ranch and is prepared to supply them  with First Class Accommodation, Good Stabling for  horses; Hay and Grain.      ." '-1-s -'  111 MILE HOUSE.    '  VTbl. MANSON,        JDAA.MchKAN* i...;  ���������        ' Proprietor,    *."y^AA'^Ay/yyAyAgents  THIS HOTEL IS LARGE AN0/WELI/ FITTED' ilk  for tho comfort of travxders;;the: Tabic; is supplied-;  with the best of everj'thing tliat canibeprocurd, andj  thc cookin? is not inferior to any on the road; Bedrooms"  for families- Stabling, Kay, Barley arid Oats. :; 1-s.  GENTILE'S Photographio Gallery, Govern.  ment St, Victoria, V. T.y opposite Hotel deFwacp.  Views ol Cariboo and Scenery throughout British Columbia, Including views of the route to Big Bead, always  on hand.at liberal rates.   ... ,1.3  II P. WHEAB; TAiroR'fc OrTrrrrsR- PortStreit,  i-������- Victoria, Vv I., opposite Bee HivoHotel,-where be  is prepared to supply his numerous.pairong with ev������rf  requisite for Clothing suitable for;every season of die  year.   f '     '..   "    ������������������-������������������������������������--.- ..-.    .   ^  THOMAS WILSON & CO., Importers of Eng.  I lish Merchandize, wholesale and retail dcnleis iu  Dry Goods, &c, Yates Street, Victoria, y. I. .;-Oo and  after Ist June next in Government Street, opposite tho  Bank of British Columbia.     ./-        ;,y   .    ,1-s  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V. I.' Joh.n  Big.ne and Pierre Makcikt, Proprietors. TheRw-  taurant Is supplied witfi all the delicacies tbe. market  aflbrdu. '��������� In the Bar will be found thc choicest Ljqpors.  FQrnishcd^Rooms, 5rc.   .':  ;  ; A-" A   Is  EXJG-ENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,  Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES, BRANDIES  BEERS.:,anU-iXIQUORS and depot of HavanaSegaw.  Goods forwarded to theMiningDistricts.       ;   1-s  BARKERVILLE & GROUSE CREEK.  MESSRS. HARRIS & CO. bog to inform the  Miner.?, Hotel Keepers and the inhabitants in general of WiShams & Grouse Creeks, that they have opened First Class Butcher Shops in BARKERVILLE and  on GROUSE CREEK, and trust to merit a liberal share  of the public patronage, and that their old friends will  kindly give them a call.' 18-4m  83 MILE HOUSE.  4 LBERT CRVSLER-has operiecl Uio above House for  A:the reception of Travellers; the;Table is well kept  and thc Liquors caunot be ������urpa^Rftd ; jtl^e BtJdS; are  clean and comfortable. Stabling for Horses, Hay and  Oats. '"'';:��������� yl-s'y  A    PRANKEL. Victoria,  V. I., Deak-rinFcrs,  -XX. Skins, HidSp, Wool, &c;; ��������� Liberal advances mads "������������������  on Furs consigned.    Refereace���������G.,Sutro &Vi>.: Spor-  bprg& RuelT, Victoria, V. I:  1-s  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  TAMES HURON, Proprietor:: ' This commodi:  O ous Hotel i.; well fltted up*withv oypry ^ebnyeuiiehee  for thc comfort of the public; the; Beds are all that;a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare; tlie'Bar con ta ins; the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Btorse Feed, Oats,  Barley, kc. iiXrA-AA 'l-s.:  RS. HEIN," Miluner & Dress Maker,'Govern.  *.*-inent;Street, VictbriapV; I. \ All kinds Of Milllaery:  ol the latest style: kept constantly^dnhdiid.; ^Orders  from the country punctually.attended���������:tq.*,   yy- ;l-a  ILS.ONs& MURRAY,  GrocersVProv/siw',  "'no&.^pirit Merchants, Bakers & Confectioners,  3ct, Victoria, V. L '   V     .'; ,.'";.If ������������������  iifflno  Fort Street  LILLOOET    MILLS.  SPORBORGv &; RUKFF, ~ Commission Mer-  ., .CHANTS, Wholesale, Dealers iti; Grocerie- ?���������������"*���������������  ami's, Boofs J:SnoE3, Wharf street, Viotorii,  fln,1 .v"     . Ildk������rebl������l������. and was delighted to  ZXXa ���������?��������� Sl'01>J a"d foll(m'������d her home to  tAXl A.t<?u,ua,'t,r������- ae ttOarwanla made  ^ntZV���������* a'.'d fm,n'1 U������t tho girl was  V rilnflibcmarnI1 ,t0 a young mm named  ������XlZ %* ' a Cle,'k-    A week afterwards  SS , "gl? Fit* U.eir friends were  Sll^v^h* nuptial evening by a  Ztl nfy1' ,to the ast0������Bhment of all pre-  ��������� wiftoS JllZ* entered. ���������������* Mated himself  Iffi(tS% at tlle table, .and made  movfa the dispositions of the will.    It is al-  ���������{,���������, ftftD  ���������     ..   newly married pair have  ^^^^^adAA^^^.  THE UNDERSIGNED arc now maunfacturing FLOUR  ' of all grades:  Extra, Superfine and Fiuc. . Feed  Crushed to order.  \  LILLOOET. FLOUR MILL CO.,  I-s F. W. Foster, Agent. -.  EDWIN   TYNON,  DEALER I\ DHV GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS.AND  Caps, Boots and Shoes, Carpetings, Oil Cloths,  Wall l'aper, &<j, Lillooet, ii. C. 2-s  T ORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. This house;  ������j (affords every accommodation for tho comfort,'..of$;������* a  Tra vellcrs; the Ta I j le is fu rnished with a lftho d el icacics. I iyy I.  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with- tlie cbbiisoui-^  Hay  New  ���������\1$&BQAT'ti0K}Q������[)Ate  ;Q and Comm/ssio.v" Mkroitakts, gtore.Street; Yfcloriaj  t ^ kumui, niui xncj������r is stockedwith- tlie choice^^ ?A:Jy A"'' : ' ;- -; :    " -V    : ���������.- '������������������>-;������������������_. ... ^  '*l-nSwiKr Jf', ������gHr.H; ^^hli.ngW horses^ ftv- STTTRO icCO.; Importers ^asd Dealebsi^  wiv m/iiLtlt������ ������1lfsconftai}t,y oft kandatlow rates. ���������XJC'i" CTGARy. TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes; &o.,.SE.  ew ly mihed Floar for sale cheap. .; :, ...,   hB ���������., corner of Yates and Wharf atrcct, VlctorUt.       ^^  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZ, Proprietor, has always on  hand a largo aud superior stock of Lager Deer; at  the Bar will be found, the best Brandies,' Wines and  Segars; the public are invited to call. Prepared to fill  all orders promptly,   y . . 1-s  The  Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN Sc PARKE, Proprietors, at the  O Junction of thc Cariboo und Big Bond ..Roads, Is  now open for tbu accommodation bf-the public. Dis-  tauco from Clih ton, 26 mi les; from Savanas Stcamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from ^pence's5Bridge. 80 miles.  Travellers will find prices aud accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attcntivo hostlers. Stage leaves here twice.a weeK for  Bin Rend and Yale, and once a week fbr Cariboo.     1-s  &.f HA0MN, Physician & Scbceo.v, ncaVcor-  n er ofl yates a nd Gov't-rnmen t'.Sis.; Victoria, V. I.  dealers in BBDpixa &  V.I.       I-s  RFW^^AN and McKENZIE, Proprietors  O   This House is well fitted up with torn aids and  ������2 W^IS^* % X:^ UW**? dis  served at all hours on the RestauraurpriilcipTe^sTa!  for Horses, Horse Feed, &c. "wl������e,^ar  blin"  THE ASHCROFT HOUSE  MESSES.. CORNWALL'S.y ..'.'.  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HO USB,, half, way between  Spence.'s Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines ��������� Frosh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  M.  J.   BLACKMAN,  ]>IERCE & SEYMOUR, dealers  JL . FunyiTURBj Broad Street, yictnria, ^   CAJRE & G-RANCINI, Habdwabb k OtocjKRT:  Merchants, Wharf Street, Victoria/V.L     Al*^  H^^ENIiERSON and BURNABY, Mbbchan������,  Wharf street, Victoria, V, I. _;-'--8    ^L  T EWIS LEWIS, Clothier, VatesStreet, Victoria,  ij opposite the Bank ol British North America,    j;"  EMALLANI)INE,COLLECTON& GENE1UL A0E8T.  ������������������ Government StreetT Victoria. V. I.'   ^    y  Pioneer Hotel���������Lillooet,  pHARLES NELSON, ProDrietcr     Thic nH  - y^taWishod House is we^Il QttXpfo/the comfort  0  Travellers;   tho Table is supplied with tho St Jf  a       --������-^^���������> -*--ujfr:^'?f^^ oooking^snot'in  01 P^Pul) are very rea8ouuble. ��������� '1^ K���������itK?f Xv* U>rso'' H"rsc. Foe^ ^  A' 2 .     "      ' '      ' 1-3-  BARKRKVILLE.  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTJSEAjg^  MACDONALb'S    HOTEL, 1  M. MACDONALD, Proprietor. M^ JJjJ |  ...   others dostiiicd for the Bridge "Wyer. Mines ww |  find evciy convenience and accommodation ������"���������g  '*���������-    Good Beds .and a Tabic well supplied with all. I  them.     ���������.. ...   the delicacies of the season  AUCTIONEER, MINING '& COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE. 17  IJ.   well fittod up for the accommodation owf  lm to the, Bridge River Mines.    Good 'B^V������S  for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.  A stage runs iwwj t-j  -'��������� -'"  ' hu������1 Port Douglas on Uw, Kk  elow and connects with tlie u  between this house _._.  the (steamers, from b������Io  Boa is Tdr Li 11 o������c l.  ta  wm  mm  flJartSa  m  m  III  a


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