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Full Text

���yr' P^
���AAl {'-'������' '/yy  'A^Ay  -,,A J  "��� A^A'i
i;0;^'|l.:Bl l'l 0 WAT
Subscription,.: -  - '50 Cents per Week.
; v*^.RATES;OF;AbVEKriSINGy"A   ;
Fo r b n o squa rej one i nc li )y fl rs t- in sert \on*A ���
" ���" .���,'..-' .��� y/Ayy y/i/fliiQ montii't;, -,r -,?
For. two squares - first i nsortiou j.; ?.>.<��� /Ay ' -
4   .....   <������'    one montbj ���  -  -  ���   -   -
A^nts ^f6r^.tiie ,*' Gariboo. Seiitiireky;
Mr J.WvI.indhart        j
. Ii n i'riiJ rd'? Ex press;
���&tu\ii. Creole,   ..-,   , ���;   r.-    .:      B!imard?s Express.
<!ljiitoh,' i- ' yyAytAr-'^yyyj^vniiffi^/Fr^pTees
TM w; Wes tmin s ter,
iVictoriayr-; y -":
%3an-&-"Cp.,;;  *. ; -
do   (    '      "ho;
'-   Jobn;Murray
y :   , Jolm^Collene
-; '���..., Sail Francisco
:', :.'BE,01&: ��T0., ���    ,. ..
'   ; ���,/ ���    ' ,41 tf Mo n igomery sfcro�� t.
A iv onr uTrf.lt ni iz��ul -Agents in .Sa%Fi:anci&cd;
Kuinls; Oi reulars^ Posters and Frograinfnes for
::- - i^** H^ *��t| cl;^Jli ��^trid*il; .."Eii ��ier tH^f3"ifipt'e.n is
- .���. 't'^vms mndwflti��. "''''    !'. ��� * * \
New. Yorky MittA-TheARussian Minister.
Cataca zy, has in form eel, the cor res pond e n ts of
cify" papers that he places ho' i'eluiiide oii the
ca b le ve 0 or ts. 0 f un all i a n c e b e t w een Fran ce
and WsslaV " ���; . ;     .'���-'.������ . -. ' -���.'
y-Z '-,.���._ /. VICTORTA,   -   '2--yJ..:"  l\
Victoria. 25th���The cliprpry of tlie Church
of tfOEn ��?1 a n d; p rese rt ted{/the 5 Lieut-Go vernor
with an address .yesterday: ;
r; The:Hbri;;fHi L^Langevin returned from [a
ton r of i n s p e c ti bri" to Na n a i in 6 yen terd a y. -;���',;
y ^Bfifrnard ys3��.Yprte f
^tiveMbes' to P12�� cents.each or $10 per 100
thrpnghoufc British Col ntn hi a; .-���. ;'
; '���'..��� The En^rprise; sailed tb is niorniiiff via.Na-i
'.'najiho';. with-large freipfb t; arid ; ayfew ;passe>i-;
gersr^Qn^ wlionil were Mr Lau^eviii andf
line.    y'%      '.;, :- -.' ��� ^- .:y  ���
The pnstal stawipi "of the defunct enl0ny of
Bri.tish-Gol n lnbuj.; represehtinjr ;S\ 2.50ft.; have-
been'-handed oyer" to Mr Griffin'for'd^tr
tion; '.'.   A - ������ ...,<.������     i;t-r '        t y.vv:
2 " '^ ;,.   .     ^UNITED STATER ' z2.'/{/:[ti
,  ;New{;y��rkr?3d-���The Timt^
��� ?��ry sti!I;disciissing' the merils of 3fc��{Hiblican
f<ictiouisls; .tbe Tribuneydenying<tlie^: aeciisa-
" tioris;of ��� theJTimvl.'--'fbegme^
of which Greeley Is ,cb air rri ati,,;is \amaiedj at*
the ciivisio n;;aniong2 the. Repu bliCAttS of th p
cityl   Greeley: believesfthtit they^atesi and ���
e'usiest way is f0r tlif yteg\ 1 \ar Kepubiicans to
defeat tIie'.Mhrphy Mctibri;a"s tbey bad befor^
boon; defeated,. and thus firiisfy tbeni/^jAs it
n 0 w s ta nd s t h e S tate 0 0 ayen tio n wi 11 have to
, decide between^tw6^ TiviBparlies, y   ',
St. Job n, 2.4th. Augush-The Ty ne ere w say
Re ni or tli ��� Should 'not h live\ owe d* asHi e -wits
s 11 b j e otto fa i njti ng fi ts 1 j 1,1 der expi teni e n t.' Th e
p r<igramme is disurranged.' for the- presen 1
end no.furiberei/U'ies have.been made. .
.���    Loncl 0n, 24 th ��� The Apt n eaty Assoclati=o.n oi
Dublin have resolved to Uold a meeting in
Thcctiix Park on 2d,Septernt'er to petition tbe
Queen lo liberate political prisoners;
The yacht. Livonia starts  on the 31st for
HfwyYork. y ���"/$"/: ���>  :Z_ A\ A /{ A. / [). ���-'��� ���;
. There is a strike .of^vorfcmeiir"'^t'Lefe'dif.
T b e d ia tt it ban ce at Ne wcastle * i�� u n renewed.
.'The new workmen are simply hi&^ed.
.  Queen Victoria is better. 'k
Versailles, 2'4th���: Gam be tta?s bi'll proposes
���the dissolution of ^the Assembly, ih e electiou
of a constituent Assembly. land the resigna-
i km o f Th i ers w h e h si 1 ch Asse nib ly h ��� el ec te d
London, 24th���Fearful misery pre vails in
aot 1 the 1 n Hmiguty, 0ne-lfaird of the *001 in 1 ry
��� h'Mg under water. The Goveriiineut. is C^.-V
Irotb| arrears of tity^s, * '"
\^)y^^ ".���' "-".'TArLIiL ; ' - '������'*������>.
:;Ya!ey ^
on Sunday"at 3 p.m.. fwith about". 100 tons
freight;- and a, lew;paa^n^rs^: among vwhom
were Hon/Mr Langev i n a ri d . p arty, w h o; ! ef fc
fo��Darrbjopv^ y
a ; A. party ��� olji Gajji fqrnia;;ininersWlm) arrived
���heresieamer befem
eca; have g\ ven; u p ;th $ id ea; for y ny inn 0 ��������� a n d
are now.Z engixg.d. in; prospecting ��51 wash
creeks ;a bout three;- mites fro in/Yale, where
good prospects, were found^some; years ago. ���'���
Job 1
aboiij; 500 :fei4 above Vtucbo dro shaft bouse ^ .     '.. iSXPHESSES,- ST^MpfS;'jtb.;. ,';-, ;
and running, up streamy-- A, 'A AaAiX i-A".; y. ��� ^^=p~��=^=a~ ,;;..,,���;,r^ ���;
] G-6row&- Jolmsp&^ Stag^j
Vf��.,. coiimv��iing :;wiTh;; tiiaySttiambrs fct Queaaoj- ,
,-;;;;���:; ."'""'*;...'Mixico.L7.ou.y-' ���"������>/;��� "'.'y;
..   rerseverance cp.-f-Au^., 28���Recorded' j it
fayoivof Pat. Harrugtm,:o-,4tlis- 0f:; an itfterest,
Ite-reCOrd.:;.'.';  ���    yii r AX .:.. \   yyy Xy '���   Z'/.y-y.
��� - . A; ':   ������; 2.' -:, ��� BS.VR juvkp; *  ������"  : <.'.-, ^
yAt%"st 7^-:Recorded iriiTsiyOrV^Ah Team;
Ali^iaa,f bencii;clairiis^
���river! abbu t. ��� 14 mi I es 1 iel0 w j h h etio n of Gr6�� t se
and. An ��e?, ��� a nd. 5 i), i i i ch es ,wa te r ��� fro in., a. little
creek on left bunk above/said claims.-:   ������:���;. 4
��� y  .-.-.   ;OKoas.rciiBt!iK:        ;;y .
y Woodstock' -co.���August 2J5��� Re corded in
favor oi IVlVPattiillo^ I'.'-Trevor, '^P.JA^
lor.' J/AyLf!idiaw,.,Thos. KlW.yn, each 1 interest.' Re-record.   'y ��� ������'/     ���    -      *:.; :;    ���'
.,' Vest, of England co.���Aug. ?2-1 ^Recorded;
in favor'of J. F: (herald, 1 interest, abandoned;
by Thomas Taylor." ' ��� XXf ���' ( , ';' * *'y",: Xr :';
j'lidoradobti^Aiig. 22~jReco^led iti favor
of If. Daonsi. J. IJ.-Montgomery, -Iphn -P.ow.-.
interest; Jas. Evans. 3..4ths interest; RyAU
les. J.-AV.tSell; John Bruce,;each li interest-;
arid 'in favor bf A. ���iohnstori;, H. J)oscher, J.
Powell.-Ricbf'Sc.pti J,:W^iliiams^n trust., for
company, each 1 interest   Re-record.
'yyIjX y;,;' ���' : OH1SUOLM OKB1SK.'      '    -   yZ\   \
Good Hope co.���Aug/ 21��� Recorded��in
favor of Jos.- Graham, 100. feet, commencing
at losver line of^ Good Hope co.; to form part
o,f Sum*,  v ''���   ' -. "Vv-. A '      '���
'Darlmopr ^coi-^August   21���Recorded; iri
"Sivor of ^atn.'. ���Treth^way^^TuosyTm
Jos; ������ Graham, ��� '4 , creek .claims, -commencing
abou1200 fet'belbw;^aiivo^;anUruiitHuf tip
���''������ '".. y     y'r-r��� 'Ay X/y,: .   stream ; also 4iiill claims.on east bank, com-
leid cb;-Au^.:n-Recordedin ^vor
riitf'uth ana:Yuli, with H,Mi-ililLVrEXPttEiJS.'%iiLt
I'aKaeugfcni   . - ,t.i^   .    , ���,_     :-.'<���  ,;--���,/  * ...     i , .-;, ���������
/;v, ������ iSiEiip.vy,: c^;oHNspN!&;;,, 1 ^
Express1 aiid. &iagji",iifii^ ��� .
;l    :   "'  '���";>%,-:'r( 'cktiB.iESj.1^, /'' ""      """"^y^r *
���I,B3WBBJ?, TR15ASU��B.-VA.hltASr<ES; ' ';     ,',
'y '���'��� -    EXEKKSS FfSEXGHT^'NO PASSBHffmi    '
vj8SBt Coll ftotioris,, Com m lis? i on s a WcI G ��n crftllG zprw* ^
tmsuies.v (ijfSnft witli punctualit.v* and dlspatcIji <: -.'-**-*;n
.... jg?jrr Oillce/Jt the t-itinboo/Acencv-at ��,���.  ,.������'{ 't-'i 2
- " " , 'BafjtorvjlU^ ^ "
teamfet* -Victoria,
A.S>.NlS -AFT^MHE !;8th ilkV. TKEfSTl&MISfc
;U - Victoria w��!   A       ��� <    x \ 'J
��y "^^fiipj'_:SOD^ CREEK"v;/ ^%l.
Ooanectihg next;day witU thcStenmer..1JNTJS
������,.;���'. .i> ���;.���-,;.���;   J, at pd tto^WOodiCanyon;^   y r.as   ,. ���
/..WILL LEAVE 'QUKSNifit:1-''''^'^/
j On tbo down triple very ������-
/     ;^OESDA��b 'fVIORNINQ;
Freight from Soda Greek to Upper Cahyob A Az% cU.
'���yA^ix.y'XAQM^^X-: ^yy^;-i,;^"(yjH>?^K'ctH.;; ���
Fare frow Soda Creek to Upper Canyon.;.i��. ,./.#$W   ���
Fare fr^in.'QuespRl.to- ���-*��� " ����� *" ' i J'"' '^'��V.^v.;...'; ,4t��y
'Fare Jroth Soda Creek WLQue3ael^.Ls��v^.^..{..^l
/Quesnel,��May':i2J16?0y   y    -  -.*;.  yymy20;
3..hi 11..- cl ai ins ori .r\g\\t. bank, commencing. at
1 o wer. li nei of; Reid ;co:, ruilninff" up 'Stream
ajbiiKside of iind to forrh part of the same.
';���'���--���>'������'-.':-��� ,: WH J-IAM CRKKK.''
. ; GariiVoo ������ oo.4- AngZ 2l-^-Recorded i n favor
of.G. \V;.:|feo|>itiso
lor.;JL -Tearce, ���%.';��� West, -ThosylioWeli, A?
Te tt ra y,:. 7. c reek c I tt j m s.: cp irime n ci1 ig at 1 ovye r
line bf:i Welsh-co:, aiid rniininp' down- streani."���)
Bruce cp^An^ySJ^IJet^rl^d iriJVtyor of
.Hobt; Qrahsim^intei:ests.   Re-record of thei
wh'nle.'.':2'.:'.'/'i/'Xx^Z."' "-.--..- ..'.'.'.'. ������������rJ?2. '".
Al aba ni a: *o^AA/K!ivg ��� 28 ��� R^ c 0 rd*? d in fn v n r
of Tliomas Gull, 1 inferest,,fornierly��� held by
W.IMxoh.1:^- -���'-'  :. ������ ���;'       '':��� Xi<2y '    ;
.'���;       ;\..;tOWnRKOKKKK>  ���, .. ,y .'
Brown po.-^-Atig. 23���Recorded in favor of
\Y. -R. Jo n es, J. L i'i tt 11 ey. A.. Cl 01 w 0 r thy.'- i n
Itii's 1; for Brown co.;'250:fe^t hi 11. c 1 aims, bom-
menctng'" at n p per 1 ine 0f Bl*owu co.�� being
ground abandoned, by Eclipse co.
Black  Brill   co.���A.uir.  2-i-~Recorde<l  in
favor of Jas. Glynn. 2 .interests ; Jas. Whear-
ty, M. Glynn, D. Glynn, M. Han ley, P. II.
Synon. John McCabe. M. McLtuighlin, Pat.
W h ear ty, M. Gnxt n 01 y. -eac h 1 i h t cres t; Robt.
M c D er mo tt, Chas. JL Kan e, ea cb half j n teres t.
Re-record. . ;       '    .
j a c s of t:ix-ns c hk kk
First Chance co,���Au^c.-24���Recorded, in
tavor of F. Lallier, B.M. Maury, M. Griffin,
M. Car.olhers. R. Albertson.in trust for-First
Chance-co., 5 creek claims, two commencing
at uprper 1 i 11 �� of V i rst ��� Cb a n m . c t e e k cl r. i m s,
rnnning tip, and th ree at upper line of their
bill claims, running: down.
Victoria co ,--Au<r. 2 8���Re corded in favor
of I). McDonald, 1 interest, abandoned by J.
Dun.* Re-record.
Second-Hnd :S-tbi^e
JUBT RE0EIY53>vyy>v
AMADOU ORIS BE. 2-.' Ay. ,.'���������-. /
v' Ballarat co,~Auff.'-28���Recorded in favor
of- Thos-'Taylor;G: Johns, W.-HitclicbckfJ>
(j. Godson; Jos:-5las(5ri..Thhs:- Duxbiity/M,
Randall. l^nyThamas;'W.^
Ian tine. 10 creek claims.: commencing at; up-:
per limf of Wooiioornooloo co. Z2 J->% I
'". X.Z.Z..' AtEXi&oAwzpiiX yx. ;';-������''-.,. i/X/Z
...' 24-W Angiist-- Recorded :in.rtavqr of; lid win
Perkins. Lbeneb claim on,riffht bank, adjpiny
���iujj'!base linear M<��.nt^omfti*y<co,';/��� ;.
'.���. 241it ; Augiist--Recorded iri.fa yor, of. Jobn
Rristick". I liili claim, beiup; lower 100 feet.of
the old."Mout.gomery ground. ,Re-recprd.   y
: \ : VANWINKr.& CKI^K.   A
Onward ��� co.-~Au<r.;2i)���Recorded1 ini-faypr
of Jotin Patterson. Walth' Fosters 'A'L QienA
deriniiig. John Humer. Geo1. Dtiif. Robt. }}ruee:
P. Gleudinning. Jas. Ardeli..; 8: hill claitrtS^n
west bunk, com mehci ng ' ni,' old cumping
grounfLa'hd.rtHining Up stream:'   ,
Bankruptcy 'Notice.
TJpIiEREAS j! petition ft*r an��(JjwHcatinn of Banlc-
\ V rtiptey v/;^ mi i|n- "ilst Hay uMunt-, IK71- lilud
in Her Majesty'.s County Omrfcwf British Odsmhia
nvM'AiiViN K'Kutoiiiv, under which .th- eaidI Murviw
y. ffiiwtv hn:i- h'luMi-adjudged -bankrupt. Nevilcu. \n
���liftHjy'Kivnn that jfen-ui K- Eh>H��ve Is iK-reby r^-
auiml t:�� !^um��nd->r to iho above namcM Court ;;.t too
tiivt mix'tfcig oT .ercylitors to be held hclore ih'1 said
Cifiurion tl.ic.25th dav ol" Jnnxr, instJint, at 11 o'clock
in t)n.itbrc-tu'V);j prociklv, at Hichlleld, audutet U> t!i��
CJ*mrt i��n t-ho ^i.l st <lay "ttf 'S-ipt��� 711b��r next�����nmin^r.
at Quo^Krlvtunuli, Wfe-n and where" thfcRitt-Biutkrupt
is..rc'<uuroil to surrender topJHfS hfe ^C'iJnd.tfxamuj-
���l JlZdw firaim(WtlnH��f m^'it.!as ih^Ro^iPtrar v/ill
rr-ocivo tli-.; proof of t lie debts oi'llio crod.it. its,-, ami .tho
r.roilUora \\mv chf5oa��? iuj Aaaiijuee.w^sftigiiftes.oftUii
B; tivk nu* t*�� <w tatc tuui��#' ^ ts. A % th 0 second M tt in g
urmrf's ��f <*<��b"iaj i��f cr.-lit.-iv will also Ik- recrtved, ana
the li-mkrupt. w.i11 be roq11 ir-;d io huhmit-to��� hft cry\:u-
iiuwl und to mJike a full (ii^iosunv and discovery of
iiHhi*fe��iutQttndefffcoUi, anu to finish, his?''exiimm-
,l Kiulfttt is M��o given Wft!l"per��onsJndohtftdti>ilie        *        " * ,, ..^or* of the undersized la Barke^
����ti ��� I Km 11V run I or r. iar, ha v '..* u ny ut h is 0 i ��vsttu ��� u f> 110      I�� t 3 ��l tf at t ri t... w r _ -11   �� ��?��� .
Dtdd. and j \ .^3.;.   ��� *
' A htrga supply of
jBT; 'New''.Goods. will'. be receiyed svery
week during tlie season. ^&��.   . ',,
::���'"' BGOTS^SHOES^4'V;
Clothing  and ��� ^roce^ies,,
O! 1S��;i! 1 A^".-; i>ft�� e.#��, ",\"h��"����i Mj^ U��ui rt lifts fippnj
;; 1 vt 1 notwj tu Jon,v <f, *rfa u.vston,. Solid 1 <ir, of Rich 1
Wvominff co.-flAUfir.2fi���Recorded in f^vor I a-A<\.
rof John BtUtF. Jacob Beivlor. IT. Bmefeuum.i
Evaa Jones. 4 creek  allium.
coram en ci ng
I\epw ���risi��i -O;H0^ I Asstiin<j*
JKiclMX-'.-y Ju��* W''-'. i^'1^ ' ^Tl*4
jfir ��?iu��n��l, i;..     '   !        .:^.; ���
MmrHBWinmrRWMHraw^^ /T(!R:OXMBOaSE^  \TT  /  ."SATURDAY. SBPT. 2. 1871.  /  A  A  A    .-VQMINECA NEWS.  \Mr R. Sylvester, with the express and mail,  Atftved at Quesnelmouth on Monday evening,  bringing news to 17th August.   He came to  ���������iarkervilte on Wednesday, and left same day  4n bis return trip, but did not bring in or  lake out any mail, his contract being to cany  M merely between Quesnelmouth and Gei-  .wa'hsen' creek.   The .news from the mines in  general js not of as 'encouraging a nature as  lincl been'anticipated ; a few claims are paying well, tout'old Caribooites generally advise  their friends not,rto leave Cariboo this-season  jf they are doing anything.  ���������Mr Sylvester reports that on Hansen and  germansen creeks tlio minora ivere still engaged building wing-dams and getting ready  to,work.   ������On Germansea. the Payne was  *Hbotit.the only company taking out money ;  1hey were averagiog.abbut 20 oz. per day for  ���������th ree men 1   O n 'Lost creek th ere w aa one  ���������claim paying about $300 per day to: tho band ;  It.>L. Shaw and A. Ward aire in this claim.  rSeveral other-bench claims doing well.���������On  Black Jack.gulch Hamilton's claim was aver-  ���������aging abotit $40 per day to the hand ; the  'other -Siaims not doing io well.   Flour had  iallefi..to;40 coots ;. other produce about same  >as last report,   Mining toblB scarce.: ���������;'  '���������%', There. is. conside r ab le excite in e n t abo n t th e  HraiI question, as it is apprehended that heavy  ytbiIs wii 1 be charged by the parties who a re  **aid -to liaye; got. the cbarter from Goverti-  ���������4tj^ht.y The present trail needs improvement,,  ^hd it is believed that ii pan-be materially  ���������shortened. . \   ���������'���������;.' >/'..  /./ Two sawmills are running on Germansen  ^creek,; wo r ki n g th ei r.luU cap a ci ty. -Lumber  is selling, for 12ic per foot,, tie liverediy  , A miner from Arizona was seriously injured  fby dldg fai ling ohVhi m, and was not expec ted  yip recover.,-.;..,.. ...-'y . ���������-'���������-.���������:..-  A good' many men are coming back who  :������liave met--with poor success.. ,  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  v;[HPEcrAr* coRRKsroxnKXCE:]. *  . .' 'Germansen Creek, Aug. 1  ���������The mmcrs,00 Germansen creek are pusr  . ��������� 1 nr forward their wiug-dams wi th grea t speed,  l-nmi nearly .all the. cl a ira3 will be washing by  t he b egin n \ n g o f ri ex t week. Th e C hi n ese co.  :.a.re���������about. ready, to wash.; J. Lewis & Co. are  averaging 2 bz. per. day to the hand.   Tinker  ' "CO. commeaced ��������� washing on the 15th with  ygood prospects. -Paine co. are doing as usual,  averaging -������50 per day to the interest. Gis*  -���������come co. have started to wash, with good  ^prospects. Davis co. are about ready to wash  -and will be soon taking out big"pay.  "The  New Disco very co. are doiner well, and a large  number of men are .rocking ou the benches  and, making small wages.  ,��������� )'. '. * ���������       'X  MAX9EN CHERX., \   .  Most of the claims are preparing to wash.  A lartre number of men are rocking on the  Jbeachea aud doing very welt.  '' 'ITiLKSORB CUBKK.   r    \  namiltott'CO. are doing well.  ' .   ��������� " I.03TCRKKK.'  The Piscovery co. are averaging $20 per  ;>diy to the hand.. The Irvine c������; are climbing  "mp; to Wil liam Greek ;. they to ok ot 111 a st w ee k  193 oz., four days' run, five men working.---  'Th������re;;wa.si quite^artish for Lost Credit,; and  no 'doubt -ttywi ll" bft thoroughly p rospected,  ii) tbbnjrh i fe is though t to get d������eper further  .mp.'the'creek.,:.'������������������;; .Aa';, -Vyy ;-"'''  .' TRICKS OF PROVISIONS, ETC.  Klour, 40c; fmgar;75c; beans, 60c; bacon,  $1 ; tea, $2 ; green coffee, 80c j tohacco, S3  per lb. Gum boots. $16 per pair. Shovels,  none in market; in demand. Picks. $120  p^r dozen. Tinware very scarce. Butter.  $2 per lb. Nailb, 75c per lb. Cheese, $1 50  per lb.; rice. ti3c,  ry Dr. Carrall arrived here by way of Tatta  on the 16th. "' J.C.  x WIIXTAM CRI)EK.  The Forest Kose cb. last week washed 250  oz. The Ballarat cb. washed 101 oz. Th?  u p p er creek cla i hisr. .���������> b a vi ng go t a p 1 e n I \ f nt  supply of wa-ter once,more, are generally engaged in piping again.  ! ';���������':, THR MKADOWS.  The.Lane & Kurtz co. are down about 45;  feet with their immense -tfhaft. After going  through the surface clay they .struck a streak  of gravel about; 15 feet through, with considerable water- Having gone through this and  struck tight clay again, they widened out a  large chamber, and are now puddling up to  the tight ground above. The1 donkey-engine  is used for hoisting dirt and water, and works  well.  ' stout gui.ch.  The freshet filled up the works of the  Golden Hope co." and put them back a few  days' work ; they have commenced to lay  their flume, V7hich*is-intended to-be continued  oil bedrock through all the ground above  now owned by the amalgamated Stout jrulch  co. Tbe Taffvale co. are doing as well as  usual. A new company is starting to work  ^above the Mueho Ore co.  .   I.OWHCK.CKKRK. ;  Tbe Black Bull co. last week washed 41 oz,  hoisting very little.dirt on account of scarcity  of water. Raving now a good. supply they  expect to do well as;long as it .lasts..  JACK OF CJ.UBS CRKKK."  The First Chanceco.cohtinue drifting towards the creek and find the rock still-pitching ofi'. : Last' week they washed over 18 oz.  The Yaillancour co. have struck through the  rock into gravel, and find the water too heavy  for hoisting. Tbey intend putting in either  pumps' or elevators. The Two, Sisters co.  will have,their wheel readys for running in a  few days, '       - ; ���������  ANTLER CRKEK.  Tho Tudor co. haye commenced washing,  and have made so far-over wages.  "      ' ,-GROUSK-CRKKK.  The freshet has' prevented the ground-  si uicing companies from doing much   this  week.: ���������" y   . - ��������� - ��������� ���������  ; LIGHTNING CRKKK.  X The^ Smith Wales'-co. last week washed 257  oz.aThe Lightning co. had to stop on account  of the fresliet. The Victoria co. have not  broken through into the channel yet.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS;  NOTICE.  "l.JR GEORGE BYRNW, Sheriff of the 'Dlstrlot,  ill hol'lij my Tower oC Attornoy, All persons indebted to me are roqu������Kle<l io make immediate payment to him to save further trm������i������b. ^  PAVID H. BON'^RY.  Barkerville, August 26, 1871. se2 lm  To/tlie Electors of Cariboo  District.  ^1ENTLBMKN,���������Having been repeatedly  >^* urtrerl by a large number of Electors  from various parts of the District to become  a candidate for the representation of Cariboo  In the Local Legistatnre.in.deference to: their  w ish es (wh i c h" was al so eti d o rsed b y a Uesn ���������  lit tion passed: at a Public Meeting .held at!  Vanwinkle on 2Gth AngiVst) l have much  pleasure in acceding to that request. .  . I am in favor o f u nr estri c ted eom m er ce ;���������  Encouragement to agriculture, in Ihe-shape of  fa c i 1 j ti es to co mm u n i ca te wi tl this m ar k e t,. as  the best " protection to tlie farmer ^���������Opening up- the ,��������� conn try by the construcOon of  roads and trails ^Equalization of the'burden  o f ta xat ion th rough ou t the Pro vi n ce ���������;���������Abolition of tlie Rbnd Tolls, bv which the upper  country; bas to bear n n undue proportiori of  Ihe burden ;���������Amending the aiming Laws :~���������  Re-establishing    the    Mining   Board,   with  power ^--Discouraging litigation by a more  simple method of settling mining disputes ;~  Rejjeal of the  Pernmnetit Civil List. Bill ;���������  Ex te n d i ng the F ran c h is e t o e very i n te 11 ige n t  male Bntish subject that con tributes to the  taxation of the country';���������Reduction in the  number of dfliciats to the lowest possible  stan d ard co ns i s ten t w t th d u e d isc h a vge o f  their duties, giving them adequate payment,  for their services, thereby doing away with  the necessity of pensions ;���������Unsecl.ai'ian system of Education, and opposing all  State  off.   The amminfe of damage, however, has patronage to any form of religion :���������-Securing  fortunately not been greatyand the prospect permanency to the Assay Office in the mining  of a good'supply of" vvater for the remainder district  Tuw Wbatiikk���������Hkav/ litesuet.���������August.  giectwally the warmest and dryest mouth of  ^.h e year, *fi as b ee n h n usu a lly we t.   On Sat������ r-  '    day and Sunday  last we had a continuous  ylieavy fall of rain, which caused what has  '"��������� never been ������eeo in Cariboo at this season, a  heavy freshet on William and neighboring  creeks���������-in some instances filling up with tailings, diggings which had been ground-sluiced  of the season is very encouraging, although  from the last fe-w days bein<r fair, with cool  nights, it bag fallen off considerably^ From  the great rise reported in the Fraser, it is be-  lieved that tho late rains have extended for a  yjrreat distance, and fears are entertained ttnit  if there has been a heavy fresbet at Germansen tbo con-ie^noiic? ra^ty Wveiboou disa*  I will avail myself of an early opportunity  to addre^-yon more fully on these and other  matters, and if elected shall do all I can for  the good of the district and the country at  I am, Gentlemen.  Your most obdt servant.  JOHN* EVANS.  VauwlukiC. August'30, 1871. se Z  {  OEORG-E  BYEiNES ,  Has been instructed by Mr Peilrtikr, of Klcbfiald,  to sell, by Public Au<J\ioai,   .  On Tuesday,  Sept. 12th,  The whole of Uia .  Furniture.  ts. Particulars hereafter.  ���������ALSO,^-  THE  HOUSE   AND   LOT  Knowa as the Richfibtd Hotel, unless disposod of  by the 31at August,  -   ' ���������   ��������� ���������   iul9 '.  WAKE rUF- JAKE  RESTAURANT- Ay  .AND   BAKERY.  rraiSOU) AND WKU..KNOWN ESTABLISHMK^  1 'is alw'uys supplied with the best of <;verytbiag  tliat can bo procured In Cariboo. .  Board,;- - $12 per Week.  Single Meals, - - - - $1.  BREABUBE FRStEEMST FLOUR  f  Tlie Cclobr.ilDd. ��������� {  FRESH    GROUND    COFFEE,  --���������I ��������� yy ��������� .   : ������������������ .'        ���������.  A superior nrticle to nny wbich can be hud from be*  li������w, Koastc-d and Ground on the premises from the  bbsi selected benics, and Wiirrantcd lr������*e from ad ill..  U- ration. '. ���������  jvl? "���������   ' J. G. GOOPP.0^.  ANTELOF  iestauraiit &. Saloon  ASON   &   DALY  P'EG-TO ANNOUNCE 'FHAT THKYHAVK REMOVED  I) to the ������paci<ius premises formerly known ;is the  St. George S:iloon, where they will be ut all.times  prepared to furnj.su  BOARD    AND    MEALS  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY.  The   RAtt       furnished with tho finest ^NKS,  :UQU0K3 and CIGAKS.  Board,   -  $12 per Week.  jel7 lm  MISCELLANEOUS.  Tlie Xj a si' Glianoe fbr  '.������������������'������������������ - ���������      -      - y. ���������'  Photograplis!  EGS to'inform- tbe inhabitains of Cariboo that all  >   v/jshiug to have their JjIkenesBCS or Views of  their Houses or.Glaitus taken, must call at  BARKERVILLE,"  On or before 15th September. ' "yy.  tK&* No one who intends  win(ering  in Cariboo  should miss the present opportunity.  au5 in CHARGES MODKHATK.  CE.-  Dr. T.J. Mills Bowden,  OF VICTORIA,  EGS to inform tho inhabitants of Cariboo that  I'  prftssin.c hu.sineirs  engagements- prevent  him  from visltmjr them this year, but. tn-xt year he hopes  o have that pleasure, when due notice will be given.  au!8 lm  AND  G-eneral Agency.  JAMES   VVICKHAM;  Ho! for Cariboo and  BAEFARD'S STAGES  MAKE THE BEST TIME!  DRIVE THE BEST STOCK f  USE THE BEST COACHES!  HAVE/THE MOST COMPETENT DRIVERS  CARRY THE MOST PASSENGERS I  DO THE LARGEST BUSINESS!  And guarantee to connect with the Steamers  at each end.  Leave Barkervilie on Monday  nl,S\x a.m.. reach Yale Thursday  .    nt,Six p.m., nnd ardve at Victoria on.Saturday at Four p.m.,  FOUR DAYS AHEAD  H.M.. MAILS! :  par REMEMBER    THIS ! JjbS  Travelers bv the FAST LINE SAVR  FROM TWELVE TO TWENTY DOLLAUS  by not loitering, .as other lineB do, on ibis  road.  j������l7 F. X BARNARD.  rosr,  Y^LE AND BARKERVILLE,  Importers, Wholesale and  Retail Dealer in  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS,  ��������� WINES & LIQUORS,  DRY GOODS, CLOTUINGr, '  HATS & CAPS.  BOOTS"& SllOiio,-  agricultural jmplements,  cigars;;&:;tobacco,  stationery,  hardware & crockery,  And a complete asnortment or  DRUGS, PATENT BIDIC1NES, &C.  Oppcnhclmor Uros. bfff to inform Tmrter?, Minvrs  and Farmers requiring a Ktock of GootlP t^iAi thc-y  hold a lariT'J find well .selected assortmont, und are  ���������prepared to .soil lit tho Lowost Market Prices,  ^T \V������ invite Inspection of our Stock before pur*  chasing: elsrwhere.''  ^5u NKW GOODS are beinif received continually.  Fresh Bancli Butter,  ii/Z'y'y    OF BEST QUALITY,;:       /^  RECEIVED   BY iEVERY  EXPRESS.  OPPE1MHEIMER   BROS.  ���������   -my47 3m  BARKERVILLE,  CQmilSSIOMSTOEAGE;  G-rooeries, Provisions and  Liquors.  DEPOT     FOR  CREEK EXTRA FLOUB  rriy.20  T^HE OOUBT OF REVISION ATf QXTES:  I nelmoath will bo held on tho ELEVEN1H 6l  Koptciuher. i us toad of the 21st*  Registrar for Cariboo la.'Ctoral Dl������������������������������������������ 15  'Aya '  m&BMWMWM  53BBS  &jgff^  ���������'���������Zy,. :;yi^'OmA22 ^\,y2Xyyyy  Victbrm, 29th���������Last evening ; there. was %  ��������� moonlipbt excuteibnynn .Starr's;, ftteanier to"  E*qn ima 1 tit where ^tti^MlQiis^hand^'suppn^d  fine dance music on the Ii. B. Co.'a wbarf.  A public d in per ? wjI i be .tendered ; to Hon.  Mr Lan^eyift on his't'eturn to'Yictoria.  Mr.'Biicfc''^ oity;  district for Local,,' Assemblyr^aisb; James E.  McMillan.'   Messrs. Wallace, Jessop and l>un-  ~ rter ore candidates for Vancouver district in  Dominion Commons.    ���������; .; .  Post'Office hours;are 'from'8-a.m. to .6 p.m.  No noon spelL     ��������� ���������;'  .  The steamship Prince of Wale?, bound from  Hongkong toBaukok has beeh lost.   Fifty  MrMcCreight has been presetted Attorney  Genera! vie* Alston, resigned.    ,���������  Mr John Trutclrs surveying party will start  for tire mainland on Friday hexty'���������'"'"yy  ;    EUROPEAN.      ;"  Paris. 25th���������The Assembly to-day passed  tbe amended bill providing: fnr the gradual  dipbandmentof the National "Guard..  "*F-he journals sorrowfully comment on the  -scene in the Assembly yesterday. y  >��������� It is said ,thiers-wUI..������c'cep trio com promise  :��������� hi ihe matter of the prolongation of ii is; power:  y yGerivFaidherfre has.written a-^tt^rveen^ur:  ���������; '%,* y\ie, A^u?b;l#%  deputy. ���������:' -    X   ^    ���������-. :y;..y ,y- .      .- # .,  ,'-" yThe bullion in the. Bank; of France has m-  ���������������������������:-creased 17.500.000 francs..���������""������������������ 'A iX.".    - y'A'  ' Dbh-Garlos has; arrived  at Ba.ybnnC.yHis  Adherents. in/Spahr;.a:re;: dividedas to wha.  . bourse to pitrsue.      .   .        A^'/A ';  Amion/t6 rh���������B 1 anco's  rep u b 1 ic in Urn-  .���������"���������'irftitv  ^ AZtZrni -crH^ie^ZA^^y'^^H- have.  '."'..:v,:fi'om.e;:'2S'tft^'i������yfr&iurbun'ce)ofJ;a serious  ���������������������������'nature ^occurred in Rome yesterday. The  .emiti-set took; pbcey between.; line ;Pontifical  < ^nirtls-;Tttvd%e;f o^n'laCe^ifjt)^which ^one  vjivvsiuv was'fcllled arid,1 wi) wounded.- y -.. .;".  j&reat ^ritairi'irnd. the.IJnii^lStateshave  ������cliuseu Sl&nor,.Cpste,;third arbitrator'to der  -ride the^^esneniinyoiyed iri'Hhe- Alabama  v \ w ii ri*.'  <)os t e is: u p po1 n ted' I tat ian: Em b as3 a-  . -.^ior-tb AVasbiusstfom        , ;.     \   A:i J  ' London r 2titb���������It is asserted that Francis  2 Joseph will -meet the Emperbr'VviViiatn at  ; Bonneburg soon.��������������������������������������������� y      ���������><. '���������. -yy   ;y   y : r..  Madrid, 26th���������The..entry of tlifr:.Cirlis*ta into  Spain is imminent.   Five columns, of troops  '.. i;ave. been dispatched(against-them,  and ���������; the  < Civic Guards are being concentrated.;:;:'  ' London, 26th -7A. correspondent a fc Sal ta-  ��������� lm tg -telegra phs tli at ,t uaTienn a. j ot ir ba js ad  ��������� y 0 ca te a uA u st ri an-Germun *all i an c e as a iv o fr*  ������ct to 'the reported alliance"' bet ween France  -nnd Russia. .,'..���������"' ���������;-���������'";v: , . i '. ��������� _' . A  ���������'' Foreign. telegrams state tnat on the. 14th of  An gust ������a tr ai iiwent th r 011 g h th'e; }ipb t Cen is  tunnel  with   perfect sti-ccess. - The  formal  ��������� opening of the'tunnel wiil take piaceoa* 17th  September.  The Kings of .'Greece and.. Denmark will  ���������visit the.Princess Alexandra at Bchwolsburg.  -; The report of/the apppintment of M. Breanx  .ns an arbitrator -on the Alabama claimc proves  J also. / y. .���������.������������������.;--y'--   '  A London telegram says a treaty of alliance, otTe ns i v e an d d e fe nsi v e,. b e t ween 1 ta I y  and Pitaia, has been signed.  ' Paris, 27tb���������Thiers has addressed a circular to tb e 'P re f en ts 0 U th e De part m e n ts direct-  itv them to appeal to the patriotism  of the  .fl       . ,.   .. t.-.������..'.w.   ������w*������ y. 11   .i...���������,.������.ini,i:/.nh  oiuzens to  yyOhdriestbn; 27th���������Si nee last Friday 30 new  case^pf yeliow fever have been reported ;in  tlieicityy '.��������� Of^the . cases previously reported  tiireev pro ved: fata b ; The. excitement occasion ed by the; appearance of the disease is  subsiding. Ay y ' y ' y. '" ; !r.^-;." 'Zy.  '���������', ^Ne^^rkV 261 h���������There are> .imports from  Bi'azil'q'f ajreptiblican movement .-fcrea;kin^:  6 tit^\ Tti; a n W^bn rhal :^al 1 ed; t h e ^Rephli I iea n  a. rh a ri i f estp; :;is p u b 1 ish ed se tting for th t li at  . th e. ex isti bg Govern men t sb 0 ul d, b e ab < >1 ish e d ���������  and one'adppl;ed "wbieb will aeciire-to tbe  people a democraicy. ��������� "������������������  :Ayyy.rAiyGAI  Sa n Francisco, 26t h -^Sam Bran bin to -cl ay  sold, th������ last of his-; Sany Fran cise op roper ty,  i n cl 11 di n g tb e Treast j ry b.11 \ I'd i n ejs an d tb e o I d  Mason ic Flat 1,. 100 fee t frpn t. on th e east sid e  0 f, - M o titgp m ery ��������� eIt ee fc. b e t ween On 1 i fo r n i a  and Sacramento' streets..,for ������175.000. He  bo u gh t the gr 01m d or igl n at I y' f 0 r $10,000^ /  Ay San F ran cisc 0. '2 7th :-A Ar r i ved���������Steam er  Pri n c e Al fred fro m V i c to ri a^., ';.  MmiNG^OURT.  COUNTY COURT.  "���������.:';-������������������ ���������>   yyr\. YALB.,  . y ���������' y. Xax, ���������  ���������  Tai e, Sep 1.1 ���������The^st ea m er Lill 0 b et a rri ve d;  yesterday mornincr^^at 8;o*cjoek; with about  80 tons freight; a few passengers and mails  and'expres8es.:,;;J'J;-;; .    -   ���������     ' .  Bar nard:s express arrived J at 7 .brqlock last'  even i n g, wi th. exp ress; treasu r e a n d fob r p as-: j  senders'y Johnson's arrived at cinyH.srht this;  morning with  the down mail and a few passengers,  Tbe river.'baa risen 15 feet since Wednesday night.  ' 'APASSENGERS.  Per BarnaTd's Express,-a rri ved PenM���������A.  T;Bnshby."R. Smith, iq'Lytton. ;S.in Nelson.'  to'150 mile house. ^Tb Barker vi 11 e^ylIon.;H.:;  Li; Lanprevin, piB.f, W i ni3|>r 'of Pub Ho; Wnrfts.;  Mr Archientre.yMr ^Deslorier., 13..'Neu Welder.  Miss 1j������ liter, :.MissyLU.terso  Miss Kaiuvyand^ir^y'J. Barnard; From  Qiiesn ej������i o;u tli -���������"Messrs. II offman, Neufel fl er,  and two celestials. :  '^    v/y       -;   ���������������������������  Per Barnard's Down Express. August 27.-���������  Tit/AT. Bell /to: Questie] mbuih,- JWayLee^Ybn  I^������ft,;Chonp: Kee. to Yale. ��������� ���������''.;. ,F y ���������  ' 1 BynGerow;;;:'-ifc":.-'Joh'Uso'h's Express^ :arrivpd  SepWl-^P; ^cGitlvBen; Gilliesy Sfafcer7:Na^  ma hover;1 Mr O. O'Gpnnell. -Archie..    ... y -; /  By Gerow-.& Johnsoh'spown^Express. Aug  27~^G>Rowe; E."Syrnbnd."I), Bonuey, to Yale.  J.'Denny, to Quesnelmouth. -  COURT QF:I^VISION.  abstain  from  all  on the 4-th September. Should any attempts  be made to celebrate tbe anniversary all  lejjal powers wiil be'used for their-sup pres-  ������ion. *  Paris. 26th���������Faidherbe resigns his seat as  Deputy. The canae is'reported that the Committer have decided to report :in Tavor of  m akin g th e Assemb ty now tii tthig a 'Co usti tu-  ea^Assembly.  UNITED-STAT%^ .  B os to n. 2 7 tb���������A f ri gfe t f\ 11 a eci Sen I occ n rred  last night ou the Eastern railroad severa miles  irom Boston. 'The Lightning express train  o.verto0k an accomm0datio 11- train, and ran  into it, killing 23outrigMand wounding 40  or 50 others. The cars took fire and were  consumed.  New York, 27tb���������Mayor Hall has declared  his. i n te uti 0 n to se 11 tb e T ins es for arrears 0 f  ton t of the g rot 1 nd on  whi cb ttte hi 1 i Hi ng \  *uot'lfi.   lie also states that lm will  more M  -oi'jcw for tbe pppomtment of 3- TAcoirer*  . "'Mr^BaU, Registrar: for 'this District, is now  ho I ding ' Co urts of Revi sion in the several  polling; divisions. The" Courts beldso far  have been at Keitbley.; 22d ; Richfield. Slst  Atignst; Vanwinklp/lstinsty The only ob-  IJ ecti0 n s -m tide b a v*\ been at Ri c*nfie 1.fl to the.  1 c I ai m s 0 f ���������. M essr s. 1LI e tt ry and Jul i n T ho rn e. of  Gtouse creek, each of whom had put in his  c 1 a i iri as a vo t er 0 ii tl se c I a 11 se e n ab 1 in ������r. p ������r -  ties to; register on paying $200 .per annum for  board and: lodging.y The priginal;nolices  ph n t tb th e col 1 ee to rse t fo r tb tha t op p I i c a ii ts.  h.ad.. p a i d am on 1,1 is e.xceed i ng w hat w as re-  qui red; by the Act to van 0 u s p art i es sp eci fi ed  for pro v is i ii rm, a n d the 0 bj ec ti 0 n was m a d e  ������.h a t th is d'i d n o f. co ns t i tu te .l -boa r d.'7 ,M r J.  T horn e n p p eared on b oh ai f of bo th, an d argued that the ciause cou Id-be construed'so as  io coyer - the c\ ai ms. He had p a id b\msel f  d ouir) e the amo u n t- di t ri ng the, past yea r, and  ii-. would be absurd that he-should be disqualified while a pa rty p n vine thei egal amount  0 a l y to a re^tan rat e n r ah ou i d b e enl/i tl ed to  vote. t  The RagistraT admitted the absurdity of  (the la w, but decided that according to his in  \ terpretation it was not applicable in the present eases, and the names of ��������� claimants, must  be expunged.  Mr Thorne^then   applied  to amend   his  demonstrations! notice, as be could" qualify'as a freemiuer, m'  [Bpforo E. M. Ball, EfqJJ Golii;CommiEsioner.]  Ayy. '-2/ :A2y. \Vipii^ilifMng. 30,1871.  Eurkka QoX. lipwheeXys"y;Vic-roni\ Co.���������'  Suit A for S3000,:: damages for Tnj'iii ry 'infllat'ed  by piling lieadings and tailings on plaintiirs  g;ro U rid con tru ry to agreemen trmad e'��������� Ih;{Nby^  1870. and also lor. taking dnt paying^cgrottnd  w(h i I e -rt i n n i u g their tt 1 a ne I������ a nd; p 1 aei ng. it  where It could -bedf-no use to ;plainliiTs;  Tried- b e foto. a j u r y con Hist i tig. p f J, J. Co w 1 ey  (fbreirian), S. Maaice, Tbouias Potter; George  Steitz,?.!>;Ij'.-Ballantkie./;: ///'-'.%iyix]  y M r Park ope ned th e c ase. I) am ages wer e  esti ma led b ri ace 6 0 ntibf e jttr'a 1 ab or' i ti -Mp ri ng  clearing off obstrtictions. $780: difrerence in  earnings of cl*aim between;1 this!year and last,  ;$202S.. .-���������;  . ..'" yy;   ; : y ��������� ���������['.  . Tbe. maIeri a 1 fa cjs of Ih is ��������� case have been  p n l> I is 11 eel a 1 read y; i n ou r rep nrt 0 f Ih e $ n R o f  y.:Cy nch vs. Yictpna O0., whicli was tried pn  17 th u 11., an d.-'which- was dismissed bn t\ 1 e  gr^indihat;t he Eureka  ���������p erso n a 1 ly, sh ou I d IJ a ye b ee ti th e. p 1 ai n t s flfs  The shareholders cotisi.sted of M. Lynch, own'  ing. 2-51 hs ;;;J. P.. Russel JJ 15l/b^;*:-'attdJJ.ames  Ford. ������-5ihsy-ihe fewoVlatter hVi'vIng purcliaspd  their J n teres ts, w b i c ii' \v ere f or tn ������ r I y he id p r  conl r o 11 ed' ;by t he1 Vi ctori a : cb.,; th is sp ring,  suhkequenfc -to, A hei; al (eged ;d a in ages hayjhg  tnjen Ihfticfed; yFrbni the evidence of;Captain  ���������T ra v ai! I bt,' Se c re tti ry of ��������� ��������� t h e;; co m pfiny J 11 a p ���������  p ea red th a t si n ce tb e p re v i on s iri a I. a-m ee ti ng  had.been-held sit; which -Lynch,- was authorise d  10 su e A n ri be co rn p a u y.fs 'i n ame.:"\ Ri tsae 11  asse n 11 n g an d Fo rd ti 0 fe m ak in g a n y. 0 b j e c t i tin t  with the under|tahding that Lynch sh<uiId be  respp 11 siblesfor;all: cp^s^ /31ie;agreemeat;;of  last No ve tuber v^as ;producedj;>vhich ^tipu-  1 a ted that^tha Yictoria .Co in p any ;shbu 1 d; h ave  llie righfc 0f ;worlcisig Ihrbii^li the:, Eureka  ^1*0,11 nd; during the; winter bri :cotid ilion "of. de -  ���������positing their headings and .tailings in aispot  to be;pointed,out by Mr John McLean.r Mr  LyiVbb testified tjiftt ^ey'��������� bad 'riot ;comp)le;I  witliUhese CondifibnS.^ui:had:.pile0^  itigs much;higher;up; the"clairn and^;oyer: tli������  blin d sb aft, 'a n d frad ii 11 ed the d rai n tn n hei; 0 f  Eureka Co. ��������� \y it ir tailings, which;; beconiino  fr oze'rvlfche re,, h a d' take.t? m ot e -. 21 ;d)iys^ 1 ab 0 r o f  ��������� six men to - clear oif .i n the best season for  working ; he also ������eslined, that the defendants  ; had -taken :o.ug!2600: ^oubic; - feet;of ^dirt^from  ivbat he.; ennsidered^he ��������� :b^sf;':pQ  C1 aim, a n d p i I ed. o n ah eap 0 i rock s w he re i t  wati of nP'pracLical 4{sev;/ph  cross-exaimin-  afcin n, he^said he had assisted;-Ca; pfcTriiyail i 01  to striiike-the-measureirjents, 'but he con.1 d; hot  expiaiSwhat.a cirbic'tobt was-; the claim had  nofcyielded by 140,oz. as muc11 as"Iast year ;  this he attribuied, to -defendants' ..works- in  taking 0 n t th e';(1 i r t for th ei tl 1 i n n el and d i imp ���������  house.   The measiirements of the ground excavated :\v;as/ proved 'by ������������������ Gapt. Trayai 1 Voi; .and  a. map d ra wh by .tli a fc ge n tl e m an si 1 b m i 1 ted .���������  Seve*rai  wit n esses wh re exa m i ned 10 susta.iri  ���������p���������la^m'.tiffs, case, and the-facts of 'rocks having  bt*e u pi I e (1 r ou n d th e b 1 i n d s ha f fc, an d of the  dir fc h a v t ng'- bee n p laced 6 n rp cks and b ou id -  Pers. were pro ved tb;Soiue ex ten t ��������� ���������' ���������"  '-���������"Mr Wa 1 kem,.counsel; for defence, argued  'thHt.plaititiff, had.noade out,no. case, and the  {iiiit.was one of ��������� that 1 ifcigious class which for-  (noforo H.  M. Bnll, E.-/1,  Gol<l CommlBstoncr and  'Ci)uuty CuurtJuctR'.*.)  TiicuanAY, Aug! 31;  W. Dixon' vs.. A. McKay��������� Shit for $8 50 for  miik deliven������d in aumtiter of 1869.   Defend*  aitfc paid S4 50 into Court, and -claimed  that  he bad sold plaint iff some loo Is,lor. $4.  Plaia-  titT denied  bifving purchased tbe t-'O.U. and  produced evidence to 'Show that defendant'  had offered hi in the tools in settlement of hU  bill, and had. after war del offered them for $6.  Plaintiff. told  him   be would allow $4.    De-.;  fondant refused this.but left the tools. Plain-  titf told him he could have them any time he  wauled them, and they w6re still subject to  bis order.   Judgment for $4 and costs.  Camkrok & Amms vs. G, Manukl���������Judgment  summons. Pelendaot applied to hate the-  base dismis?ed oa ground of short no lice, not  having'se<������n tho sit turn ons till Sunday," 27 th"  Auginst. The Deputy Sheril* proved having  served a copy of ihe" summons at.defendant's  house on 2CUi; .the sammons had been taken  out on 25th. but he could not find the defendant. The Court decided that the summons  was incorrect: it should have been served  ; personally five days previous tOvtrial. A new '  'summons must be issued.  Wagdala Co. (by"J. Thome) vs,.B..W0  ftTXGi.KY��������� Suit for $42'; 50. costs incurred in  ISGiMiy MagdalaCo. in a suit brought by defendant, and which was dismissed with costs.  Defendant thought that no costs had been aU .  lowed, but the Mining Court books showed  tbat there had been.    ...'    ��������� e'i  1 a householder.   .  Tbe Registrar, however.  on perusing the  aw said that this could not, be done, the 38th  section providing-that " Whether any perswi  shall be objected to or not, rip -evidence shall  b e gi ven of an y p th e r qn ai 5 fica ti o n tb a n. t h at  which is described in the list of voters, or  claim (as the case may'be), nor shall the  Registrar be at liberty to change the description of the-qualification as it Appears in the  list, except for the purpose of more clearly  0r accurately defininj? tlie sm\e." He was'  b on n cl to act a ceo r d i ng X o the I aw. 1 fc w a s  for the electors to. send men to Ihe next Assembly who would amend it..  tt tn at el y a r e n 0 w������rare: -5 n the Mini ng Oct 1 r fc.  The. foreman of the;Victoria Go. and a number o f w \ tn esses 'were e x am i n ed to p rove th a t  th e d e f e nd a n ts ha d -wo r k *k d the g ro 11 ri d. with  eve ry precan ttori. ;sp as to i n terfere as 1 i ttie a s  p bssib 1 e w i ih pHin fcifiV. cl: ti m. al so th a t t h e  ta. i li n g? cp ra p I ai n ed of h a d X c 0 m e p a r tl y fr 0 m  the  Russe i t g rou-rrd  a boy ot an d   li ad b e e n  partly shovelled by the Brown Go. below ;  t bat i be head* n gs h a d > been pi a e ed tts n ea r th e  j place pointed out by John McLean as possi-  I hi e ; t h a t. i he. % ro u n d. ta k eri out w as c 0 m p������ra -  1 ti ve ly wo r th I ess, b ut ha d b ee ri.- p i 1 ed  so  th a fc  J plait!tiff* could use it if they wished, and piled  carefully where there were -no rocks to  be  s ee n.   I x, w m a d m i tted, h 0 w e ver. tl t at t be re  was a little-snow.on the ground at the enro-  m e n cop 1 e 11 t*o f ��������� w 0 r k. a n d a I s 01 h a t some of t h e  headings bad been placed a.little above  the  line designated by McLean.  After deliberation,  the   Jury  returned a  verdict for?plaintiiis,'damages $;i00. ���������.  A NOVELTY IN PUMPING MACHINERY.  Eorron Skxtinkl :���������Allow me through your  cnlumns'to call the attention.:of; the mining:  companies to a'new system of pumps used all  over the; State of California, and which Iihs  met with the most -.complete success.' The^  want, of 'strong draining pttmps lias been loo  much a drawback in this commnnily not to  open the,eyes of those interested in mining  operations.        .  I translate fro pi an Italian paper���������PEco  Deila Patria 1 "Wilcox's Perlectioned Steam  Pumps/' Ry I hem the steam is obtained  direetly from the boiler without any intermediary pipes. They* have obtained the four  fi rs t p r i zes : n the la at fi ve Ex I u b i t io ns i n th ft  State of California; are in use on the Central  and Occidental Paeific railroads, from Oak-  1 an d to Qgd en. an d c m pi 0 y ed genera 11 y; ail  over Ihe-placers, in the sh tilts, tunnels Vand  hydraulic claims. Their cost is only half'that  of blher steam engines of corresponding  power. They h^ve a great economy of steam,  1 as it is drawn and applied directly, instead of  j losing part of \t* power by the friction on the  pipes. 1-hey can work at a depth of from, 1U0  lo 200 feet, and on a length of from 600 to  1000 feet. No smoke nor steam are ielt in  the shafts or tunnels, and muddy water can  never prevent them from working. Their  construction is so simple that any person of  common intelligence can make them work.  T \ 1 ey are of: all d i in e u sio n 3. ��������� t h ro wing fro in  1000 to 100.000 gallons of w'ter per hour.  One pump capable of raising 1000 gallons of  water a height of 50 feet each hour costs only  $110... With all the accessories the other  pumps are sold at prices comparatively  moderate. One is working at the Presidio.  San Francisco, which conducts daily 3000/  gallons of water per hour a distance of 2500  leet with a" perpendicular height of 100 feel.  N. C  Tins. II. L. Langkvix. C.B;���������-Hon. H. L.  Lan<revi t 1 Mi n isber.:0 f;.> Pnb 1 ic W0rks in th*.������������  Dominion Cabinet, arrived in Barkerville yea-  ���������. terd a y, a c co m p an i ed : b y h is Sec re tar y, Mr  Deslorier, and Ut Archientre, a literary gentleman who is visiting the nrovince for information. Rooms were provided by the people  0 f B ar ke r v i 11 e for tb e h on. ge n 11 e man? s X a 0-  cpm mod a tion at tbo Wake-up-Jake. Whit*?  at Vanwinkle the party visited the Spruce  and South Wales claims : and yesterdav after-  noon they were conducted to! the BallaraC  and Forest Rose claims, and thronjrh tbo  courtesy of Messrs. Lesh and Briggs they  were escorted throuprb the extensive worklnas  of the latter claim, which asionished them e,t-.  Assembly was held al. Vanwinkle  eveninp- last.   Mr John Wilson was called to  The Mating, at Vanw[N5vTJ.:.���������A meeting ^ ^ ^^ _  _  to nominee candidates for the Legislative !.ceedjnjriy, and aforded a ^MeWCW������������  on Saturday nf Cariboo mining enterprise T ey also naa  the satisfaction of witnessing for the first t raw  a -wash up'' in this claim of over 1.00 ounces.  In the evening Mr Langevi.n attended fhe performance by 4he. Amateurs at the Theatre  Royal. '���������.    ...'.,  Stjpj>osKD iNCKNDixmsH-A house belonf?-  ^"      - ������������������- -'  ot ��������� Stan  nous ly  the  25th  August.,   ihe pro-  PoLiriCAiir-It will be se������n by the report of  the meeting held at Vanwinkle and the address bfCapfc. Evans, that some of the Lightning Creek electors have put Itfessrs. Booth  anoTEvans in the field to wpresent Curiboo iu  the Local Assembly. Mr Or. A. Walkem is  also a candidate. Mr J. S. Thompson \* a  . cgndidute for tho renros.^rsU\ltou of Garths  r������id LiUoqeMu the B&i#&$$ Oowraons.  the ciiair, and Mr Wm. Chariton acted as^Sec-  retar^y, Mr Isaac Lip sett, nominated Mr C.  Booth as a dt an d proper. perso 11.10 rep rese n t  [ the p eap le 0 f C a ri b 0 0 i n' th e L 0 cal L ������gi si a-  ture. The nomination was seconded by Mr.  Jac0b' J Io 1 mes. M r C h as. Ettersh an k ��������� n0m i n-  aied. aad Mr Henry Sheppard seconded, Capfc.  John Kvans as a proper person for the same  position. Thc nomi nations ha vine been ae-  ce p ted, b 0 th ge o tie ta en add ressed tho me efctu g.  Mk Daniel O'Coxxku.. travel!ing corres- j  noudesrifc  Ang to Julia Picot, at the upper end or;  , ley, Lightning creek, was burnt myst^ru  ion1 he niscbt.ot. the 25th August., Tht r  pruMress'had been there ine same day,and  ba Wmoved ber furniture to William creek,  and tore can be little doubt bat that the fire  was the act of an incendiary.    ,  Daniel i>uonskij������ vwimmuuiL-^,    A Pt;nuc AnmtKssfrom theJ^lf���������**���������  /visit fto QmUm* ^ S'fwr  & J^bo,.,:������b ^|^>n^rveningatln9Tb^^  j pr e^?f j'o r t*ird ay. ! V ������*v t il I*'  t  .  /Ay  A A  t        -.:  . v  , i  mmmxmwBs^immism^msmrSi '���������'WW'  ������ -  'VV <  ��������� ���������mm/  ppM;j  :fe^|';  ���������*t^iit.-  - -       'W|V  * Emigration Dism6nstkation*jx Htdb P.ufc.  vhich'ihey intend to gpt introduced into Par-  jiamentivin.the hope that, ir unopposed by  the Government, it inaypass -in to; Jaw during  the" p regent passion. The preamble of the  .'���������������������������'.. Bill states that it is desirable to send the uu���������  employed hibot; of. the :LTniled Kingdom .to  the.uncultivated but fertile lands in Canada;  Tho leading clauses enact that'tho uncommissioned ships In ber'MajestyTs.Navy be formed  Into a Government emigration Hue ;���������... that; al!  emigrants be; conveyed free by railway to the  port of embarcalion; that every family or  two'single persons1 e'migrattrig should receive  free CO.acres of land, with rations of flour.  and ������31) in money, to maintain them until  they obtain their first crop ;��������� that rentcharee  hondn bt. ������30 each be issued, to be repaid in  lino h ey or kin d b y the hold ers ."of" sections at  : the expiration of three years or-redeemed;  ',. -that interest on tho bonds, at the rate of 3 prr  ���������conk for three years, be guaranteed.' by the  , government. 1. per een I being "paid J by . the  ' G^'otn nie n tZXpe r een t. fro tii the poor; i r a te.  and ;1 'per.cent, from the ii nclatmed dividend  '   A. -..���������' ? j : ni '    r.'~      A..u '*iii;,!.������ ...,������������i:~ ~ ij  petitions ih support of the above Bill to he  presented both to., her Majesty and Parlia-  '   wenfe.���������[Lofl<2on Times. .'  ������ ���������-. A R KPUBiiican Manifesto.-^-Ai- n c w. dern o -  initio" j our o al, theyPei t pi e" So 1t yeral n, has jus t  i) ee n st ar ted a t Toul o use. In the fi rst niini-  ;.l)������r np|>ears, an ..appeal- to the. "sovereign  people" to exert its power and to enforce, its  jights. It recommends " patience jn or.der \o  a.) [ow yo nr governo rs co attem p t progressively  a) 1 Xpbmi b 1 e aui el to ra tio.u3. t end orhess*. to fo r-  giste their fan Its. so long :as the * existence o I'  the Rt^tftfBc-be not tbreaterelf-and finally-a  Vi tri re me en e tzv, to .seize a a ai n. n p o n p owcr  whenever ��������� any. monarchical .pretender shall.  d are .to lift a ��������� ha nd ti gainst it. Ah, i n ;Jh tt t  ease.-hqw^ver f^eat cur horror of-bjbo.dy  .���������conflict?,'.in the interest of peace for' future  ji;eu era ii o ns. we -.'would say ,* '* War,' ��������� wj r to  those who would a>?af in ate 'the' Republic A  for. 0.Sovereign peoplel if. you have the  vote and your tools you have also your rau?-  Ic'ets;  and if H should he the destinyof* u ���������  T generation "to have a^ain to use them. against  j     1 oreigiiers or. ptetenders, well,, let - the blood  of this, generation again be shed rather than  .allow the Republic to die."      '    '   y '//���������[  The Hi)ATHi:xCuiNKK.~Learninsr there was  MISCELLANEOUS.  ��������� Lightning -Cheek.  Tf INEBS AND TRADERS .will And it to their, ad-  ill'vantage to purchase at thisS'toje, where tb ere is  k h&Mh. AbwiliMiiiU. fix hvdm  Of the very best description on hrind^and tlie Stocfc  constau tl yrepleii ished 'oy n ew arriya 1 s". Tliep ro|>rie  tors willsellGoods  '  AS CHEAP AS ANY IH  CAEIBOO.  Orderfpromptlyailed jaiid forwarded with dispatch  Van Wlnklo,.  . BEEDY .& .I.INDHARD,  '   Proprietors  WISCELLANEpU.S. :��������� ,  a y i  J.P. TUNSTALL&.Co.,:r  8.PQW CHURCH;.'YAHD, LONDON.  J. H. TURNER & Go  VICTORIA, B.C.  .)  ommission  '  $������r Goods bought in the European Markets to order, and consignments of-Goods from  British Columbia sold in'London. *y ���������''������������������'���������  , ;    REFERENCES     IN  LONDON���������London and Westininster Bank. Lothbury.  "Muj-srs: Copestake, Moore & Co., 5 Bow Church Yard.  VICTORIA���������Bank of British North America.  . ray p.Cm  Van .VolkenlDurgli & Co-  tARKERViLLE;,:  '"'���������And  ICH FIELD  .'. i  '  ��������� '.  A SUPPLY OF THE.  ,.���������  .  "'    6F FE2SH,MATS--  ''ALWAYS OK IIANP- '     Jy Z  &L& +  2yA..y VvicTOurA, b.c.     yZ'iy  MANU.FACTUKK STKAM ENGINES AND BOILERS,  'fciijier Hijih "or Low'Pressutv, '.-"  SODA. CREEK, '   .'/....   s ���������',,  /    ''���������.        QXTESNELLE, and^     "  .:     '' 2 " BAEKEBVl-LLEi  J; HARPEK,  ,������  rn  s  Stored  BARKERVILLE;   ������������������   v  All orders .nmmpsly attended to.   Terms"Cash, at  our.-W������vrlcs in Victoria" . -'.  myl3 5m     .       SYR ATT & IRylNO. VroprietoVa.  4-T THIS ���������.STORK  will^aUvnys bo-found a weil-  'A.   selected-si*;ck-of -tha ' '   ������������������������������������y---:      ���������"'-.������������������������������������  FRESHEST .GROCERIES    hHD  PROVISIONS   IN   CAFllBOO. .,  BEST JAVA COFFEE ;."  Roasted and ftro'und daily.  Branch Store at Last  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, V.I.  TfAS 0K;HANI). AN'ri IS CONSTANTLY receiving a  81 '���������' Iri ri'e'' H^siirtmftii I  of   CLOTHS,   CA������.<'r*I13IlES  luid' VESTINGS,  wliich he \s-prepared to make- to  y,. . .     ,-';��������� '.,      '���������-,.-   ..'      -_   order In the most 'approved styles.  n Clunese school m progne* there,-! stepped    ���������. , .        .-.  '���������-���������ri -.���������'.-.-        .- ll JK5- Parties' un   William   f'reek  can' have  their  iap.ee,   -A  Where a good* assert merit of floods will iilwiys be  found.  . .1 -intsfby strict atteniton-to business and fair uml  sijuure dcj-ling, to merit, a cont.iiiuunce of ihe liberal  p'tiroiiugc heretofore -.���������xteudod lo me. fe4  NO T I C E-  ~7'  yy .mm :  i ���������'-&?"  i ' MMZl  '..: . ������������������������������������ s-i&sy.-  may \m^  X2''TJii .������������������ ..  ���������i:'.A\'. ������������������ ������������������hk'M :  mm a  I A^y  wM ������������������  .,.-.  .. -A'Al ���������  V'���������;   ' AA>  j  iryy  \  y/yyy&M^  'in to take an observation. About a dozen <f  ��������� the best looking young-Chinamen of the town  w i> re jseated in the pews w i I h a w hi te sti ri  teacher, aged from, twelve to axtften, si'ling  in very affectionate proximity upon .either  side of each of the o live-ski mi ed and a? mot id-  ���������������yed backs ; the twelve favored scholars and  twenty-lour charming teachers all being under tbe superintendence of a Yankee matron.  Som������* unreconstructed.individuals (doubtless  K������i IClnx sympathisers) had tbe audacity to  <>>������ject to this mode of educating and convening the heathen, and ������*?d it ought to be  ������iupped;; but these already spoilt Oriental  . new pet?, hearing of it, declared they v.-otild  not attend unless the-girls continued to teach  them, so the school goes oii as \\mn\.  .To  -��������� fhow tlie advancement these fastidious: anil  h opefn I n eop hy t<?^ a te ma king iri religion an <1  instruction, I insert a short; catechetical pas-  *nge between one of them and.a pious sister:  *l John, you shabby. Jesusy* inquired she.---  ;4i Yes, me shabbe like, hell, God damn.**?.���������������������������-  .'������������������That/Chinaman- (poim;irur to another) no  wba'bbe Jesus--he damn fool/---[San Fran-  eweo pApeti  'moMStircs ink en by :Mr. McOrdlum, Barkenrllli:: '  J9S?" All orders Jroni Cariboo promptly attended to.  mvGlm  rpirE   UN.ORRSIOKET>   15KGS   TO   INFORM   HIS  J. i'ricrid s an d t h e p u'o 11 c ,t Iiu t h e n ft ? fl t te ci up sq*no  .'   The FLORENCE is the best Sewlog .  Machine for Family; use, because .it .  so seldom gets out of prder.   If there  Is one not working.well in .      y  . :CALIFORN:iA,    ,  ��������� s ���������    OREGON,    ���������  WASHINGTON TERRITORY, ���������  NEVADA,"        y  IDAHO,  *      .   ALASKA,       .   -  ���������     BRITISH COLUMBIA,  MEXICO,  JAPAN,  Or. CHINA, .if-informed 0f it. 1 v/iil  .fix.-it without  any expense to  the  owner.1 :  ������������������.-��������� SAMUEL KILL, Agent,  .   Ho. 19 Montgomery Street, South,  GRAND HOTEL BUILDING,  pAN  JT^RANCISCO,   P*L.  Send for Circulars and samples of  the work. Active Agents wanted in  every place.  BEAVEN, Agent.  j������������lO firtt',  COMFORTABLE  *1������!  Telegra]  &  A A  ���������.���������&rt&  yy  AlAC-  I  ERI  Store Street (between Herald and Fisgard;  VICTORIA, B.C.  ANDREW ASTRtCO. -.--.-   PKOPRIBTOK.  Th o mos ���������. com r iOl! I mi s aii d t:lcn n Ho te! in V Ic to rl.i.  It-1.������ (iomltKfJofl <ni tho���������Kur������>poan jirincjfplo. Tim table  is supplied vvitli ihovery b������-St. tho markottiiTordt?.  Mofils ia all' hnura of the day. i'rivatc Dining  Kofinis lor Fainilii*?/.  Board und. Logins p^r wer-k. ���������$������ 00 and $fi t#-  Far day.'SL '^Inglu mm\^������lfounts.1 Bod?, SOc  . iJST Firo proof Ruio. iu -tho Rouho. ujvO'titti  "ITESSBK. MKACHAM  & KASON tu^'pr^rWj to  ���������jll  fdrntelJ Lumber at their .Mills, AViliinm Creek, i  er deliver it to order.    .     .'/,.., ' ������, .,  LUMBER BELIVEKED ON LIGHTNING  CUIOEK AT THE SAME RATES AS OH  .   WiLLfAm GREEK.,   '.'.'.'      .' :. >.  HAvhij: ^ Pbuiajjj:Machine in/.pprMion Ihfy wil  %U4 Xn }7i i>#2������ l^ rt* *e <���������'<! L u m b o r*a i������u t��������� fe ih <j t������ j t rn i-wi.  J.  J.   ROBERTSON  1KGRT0 ANNOUNCE THAT HE. HAS OPENED" A  "HOTEL AID BOiBBlEHte  AT STANLEY, "-' V LIGHTNING CREEIC.  The-Tal>le'will always iJQ supplied with th* best  articles that citu b������ ������;ot. :������j Ganbooj and tho Bur with  the m'  BED-ROOMS  ;u'Ma'neW building, wrherc he is prepared to give  cooiiHods at* a .reasonable price. Too.*: wh.ov.ili  favor him with their pacronagu, may depend ou the  Gleitnni'ssatul comfort ol his house  En takes :tls 6 this opiwrumity to remind tlir Cari  hoiiit'v that his Brewery I) as receive ti tho FIRST  PRIZK ot the Colony for hi;scokbrttted  XXX   ALE,  And thc true.amateurs willbeable to Ju������lc<������.by them  salwf? that jjuch houorahlc prize hu^ been ju.s;!^  awarded to liim.  N. ?������.��������� A la.rf/0 IVontrootn to lot.  ���������JBurkemJhv'raUi'aaj 1869. N. CUNIO  LEA & PERKINS'  ��������� Celebrated  WORCE S T ERS HIRE    SAUCE  Declared by CoiUioihsmnKto b<-  THE   ONLY    GOOD   SAUCE.  kf^y-frf /.'- '-jy-s-xff  fKiir:^:4!;-:ir.iWgga  x i  Fisfest Wines,' Liquors  T7-;  and Cigars.  Kt ������1 v, W- v fjl oulii J -t ? ���������' r:! i n t; ce Pre ok. > ^  ,;* ���������    A\ml 30. 1871. i  PSEVEim08"BETTEE THAI CURE.  HAVE been requested by several reKpectnble parties, who cah testify to the fflloiicy or' i-y fr'>%itei%  to again make public the tact thai  Moses''Hair Inyigorator  WILL VttKVENT BALDNESS,      '  R fitf TOB K 11AIR TH AT 1S BECOMING TH IN    '  OF. FA J.Li NO OFF, aiiu oireiitnally  CUItK SCURF OK UANliHUFii'.  Tills is not a more assertion on my part, a������ 1 have  i n in y pof s es.s i on n u m ero us tes ti mo u ials certi fyi ng to  tho sti(jcoss of my remedy. '        ' 1  I do siirt of course" pretend that I can make the hair  ������ro\y on heads which havo been bald for years ; but  "l wi tl g n am ti te e to stop th e hair from fa'l li i\g off, to  morea������ e i ts grow th, an <l c fltec m a 11 y remove $eu rf or  Dandruff. W, I). JfOSES,  Harkervine,}J.C.  y CEWIFTCATE.  ' ' AGENTS FQIi  This is to certify that during last spring: my'��������� bair r*t    ���������  was rYrtirtiy fa 11 i\vj out and my 11cud wiw Just hecoin. rni-. ^ f"Dn*ra I   T*n Q11 Vft YlPPi CjO. a  inaiwld, when I applied to -Mr W.. J> .MO?K^}l,'.rin-r, X iI6 r-tVOydi XI1JS Ul aXi.UC3 WJ  Caution agamst ITrVad.���������The Fucccs?of this  m'ist delicious and unrivulled On-JimnH having  cttuscil certain dealers to apply the nan>e of '��������� Worceo-  terslnre Sauce" U> their own.in!erjor conipounds, iho  .public, is heroliy iul'ormcrt that iIil only way <-o'so-  ouro the genuine, js to  ASK  FOB   LEA &  PEEKIHS'  SAUCE*  an il t o sec tha t their nn m es are u pon th e w % awib  la nkw, si'oi������iJkh ,������n ������1 butti >:.  tlft m o o I th i; fo ro ign. m������rk o t s h av ing In ie u s n p |vlie(l  with a spurious \V('rc<\slershir<,wiuee.vipon tlie, ur&p-.  per and labels oi which I ho names or Lea anil Perrinu  ha.ro h e e n fo rge d. L. a n d .IV gi v n no licet 11 a 1.1 h t-y  have i urn i s li ed" their co r r o? pon d ��������������� n it w i th ) tow e r of  at to r n f ��������� y to ta Reins t a nt p r.oeeed I n &s a jou as t. man u-  I'ACTukkrf? a n d v kxpon s o i' s iich, o r n ny other i mi ta  tion s b y wh i ch t hei r r i $ h i rn a y h e I n iri aged.  Ask for LEA & PERKINS' Sanoe ami see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, an"-  Stoppers   *  W h ol esa I ovj0\ f������> e y por 11) y I li e F r o pr ie tors, Tr r  cos li t ; C r os&Wfi n d B la c k v. o 11, J ,o n d o u, & c., &c.' *  b v Grocers and Oil men uh i versally,  and  AT.  &'G0.5  IBIPOETERS'OF-WfflBS. & LIQUORS.  H*M  } Ifiirke'rvill'"!, whn in a. few wok-H it-^i^f d mv hair t������  j i.'..? former 1 i<:-uIf-hy <f--.i9 ��������� WAT 1������ G1 bB'OS'S  1   Brnk^niiH Sec. 29i.I*������S. miti&l$f..  [WBAftt BTflRKT. TICTOfilA, T.I-1  . "������y#a������rf   . ��������� ��������� y  I  ���������i������. \  ��������� ;���������':*  m  -rtwJfaHliiami


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