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 :.$������  V  <W^^UMeH>SM>������!H>'-  /?  -''Sv  i yi>.  y y   '    '    * -     - - "        ���������.,...-.-.... ���������  : iiiliSBosssiSL;  barkerville, William Creek, B.C., Tuesday, Oct-. 27V-1868.  WM 51  ^BUSINESS :GARDS.  Subscription, SI per week (including cost  of delivery),'payable to the carrier.  ROBERT' fiO'LBOWAY, Proprietor. _  X &������m^ y  *������w    * v 3 .r-������     i?������������vff>������   '^sw     -saw**   *,    ^^^ifcWj������^^aS^*ipS  **" '      '"    SIX'MEN HWJa Bt' A VIGILANCE COMMITTEE...      Sfj0lll(I' J  /   ;;; * - :;  s    __.��������� y    ;  i;// y: / -y r'jFrbfo&e Cincinnati Gazette; July 2T.')"       ���������  , ' '  ^fc* filial' s ime m the tragedy at Seymouj  -,  '    has been an&ntoa.   'ihe last   .1 th: express  lA'-y r5bbe^basTalloa Into tho hspdsofa Vftgi-  f  '   *JaWCommfotoe mot* 7iyjhnt than ever the.  ~gaa   ?ruuciscah     hav������   eroded in vain for  Aw, baVebeeti allowed only short ihrift,have  ���������rbpen-hungift'the dead'of night' from1 limbs  .which sustained1 only sly days betore tlie  wi i-'bt of their pymhj coiui ate. -   .    ,  ;.-.:-. Theeteiy-of :the lasta.ttempted-,robbery is  -: still freshia tbermemories ofvour readers/and  the teruole jo^meni; melc*'oat te EUeL.,  is.-. - cy;,^ftUn ' o.ufffin.. Will -'not, have...been.  r Friday afternoon these three. men were  AU were1 at work on a farmV --andi wereV'ar^  ���������placed in /charge^ ot a spepial ;ofljcer from ,   ���������������.    , , -.  ���������SbymWr m^:on^t\it(isiy put on the train - ���������\, RIG H F I.E LD?B. Cw '"V .���������  m������M"fo>/!tfd1&^oi!������.^Oii y&^tig&fo S&mS&m-. *-������ 4^^^^;^i,^c^^fe���������  city they, were transferred 'to the * Seymour " -  trntrt :fa Kb -ialeari' i{���������/���������'tira'd'rlp/Mrtorl   J-'K'"Rt������rt,txrna'i  ,]^RGE|ifTg  '   Kosefierry''and Clifton wil^not.have been  /���������forgo tteii^/rhey; were: hungouMoudayilast  ?���������:      ./.Str ������..^>aU /ra i,i dav:  .TpO d*Y3 oeforu.  iraiu,;to be taken ^ it was decided, toBrown^-  ton^toawait'tbeir;trial* But an engineer sent  in jadyahceiaa ominous despatch: " Shall run  over no red lights."  Again'asthe train.reached Seymour all was  quieL-;\$b|- confusion, no nojse, no armed  committee; not,threats of lynch law oa. any;  Mde,2 ;it.^^hpu^ht'Jost;thakthe o'risoiieia.  snould be tasen;;to Uro.wnston; in; a wagon,  and'accordingly about .-midnight the three.  prisoners and.their���������guard Started off. "But  there was. to be for thenrnp^ripl by-slow.  forms, no long-delayed punishment,, t\n outraged community, tired of the thraldom' in  ;wbicS;it;Kld.;Mea;bej^;:^  and outlaws, >had, determined to. take ven^  ceance,/swift,; terrible, awful." - Their: only  K-^vfor this'.was w law of self-defeiice���������  chtit i>nU AAih(Aw& ih*- afezziy oi Mjg  case.  Ahon'r 2 eMod: y;eafei&y  m'orriny;  fee  wagonwas^toRpeditt-tfae-midst'of the great'  dreary forest, bj mm ^hoi>:o������.dy' ilm%mx  was a hah'dkerchiePbonndahoitt their.vbrowsi :  Th/ihr(y>: ^ero taken irtiai the^custbdy^qf fcbc .  officersin vwhose'/cbarge'.: they were; and :with^ .^:;  oiit''Be'iorm^ofJaw-w|ra  for death./,Questions were;a3ked about;:di^  E.  S  OiTil Engineer^ Surveyor  Office adjoining the Richfieid Hotel,.  flfi?y RTCHFIEbl);  NOTICESv;ic:"';  ;;y;y  J-i'i-;:  .iftHk&Ror4^  I' :'{Limited} hi -   dc'clt ro    d secoftd"Dlvldentl of  yy/y,/-.^  y,  ..'. Si  y<-  A  v^^m^s&f^^^^s^i  RiOun'i-iLP,   ;  ^;;';y;-.j.."���������;:���������.��������� ��������� j-i.;.-���������:f;;���������. j ���������;��������� <iy;y,yy.������������������'-';������������������{-.-.���������;;y; .';;'-:v;���������;..'yy,.|...���������;���������;���������;'''-���������!;''f"-i.;.:.������������������.-.���������;:/.-;;-..'���������;.;:;��������� 0  fi or.y lrcl I;d do fill kinds n- vsro?1: m tht ato^��������� !ioq^  A]KQ,-;HORSE^OElNO;/V-^y//. ^yv-.'-^QcO-lin^  Garaenters ^aiid" ;:BmlderS;v  yyy^  'rtOKTRArrrS;;uiMTAKEN'' ANnVAiX KlNb30^;  V :"Tqb Worlc doue with puncmahtyanil fhspawh   a  r-^xiiwhlontcp  -Agood siue!< of,.seasoned lue-h^i  ^avaon hand.    , y Jp25 4rn  yxf.'->.V'i1-----..'..'--:v ������������������-���������������������������  :  .yi   . -  ,/-'../. ,   ���������  ei:eafoutrftg������S; which had beefi-committcdM ^fe>.S^W0fe^:.-S^?S:  theTiemity,bat,.no.aB9iyep'wcre;M%t-nei'Vo^    '    ��������� "������������������-   ������" '���������**������   ^  ���������mK^������ .'������������������ ���������* KaJ.w^ft'fi a vwilrisssftd";b nee ^mot^iufeteK ;jh^  ������������������!.yi:  Ml  I  ���������  a'Kfi  M  SSw  '."rwty^iid boav.eye^������^e4i^^M||ft  ^M'-approaohin^^^  i^ fretiuf the train si*ed on towards Browns*  ton, but had not proceeded far. before it was  sigfialled by a red ligbtvand, in obedience to  ���������itiie siunihons/the train stopped.; At once it  was iitirrdundedby a body3������f ship/wo/ftan-  'dred men, and a detachment ^ent  immediately to the express van, where/the .three  ^outlaws were^sitting. /There were on\ytwo  %m of; liaiidciiffs, Roseberry being bound  with one pair, aiidEilet^^  together with the other.  In silence,-without  w'lfd or Mm the stern, self-appointed executors of the law seized, first Kese])erry,  who, boiindasibe was, could make no resist-  auce,-threw him from the car, and gave turn  ih cfi������rg^% the members of theopmmUtee  K)Mdey:;WiffiMetts;������  was somewhat/more;^difficult; lor each with  his feet andiisun^ttercd,hand,raade;a most  fearful/ resistance,; Hghtingras one.expresses  it,-likeHigers.";/But:wh^  tboiiffh moved ta desperation, doagamst m t:  In a few: minutes the..train was again^ its  way.   So .qtiickly, so noiseless y,;.had the  work been^ccomplished that,sleeping pas-  , sengcrs were not even /aroused from^ that  slumbers, and others could only tell of the  transaction that they heard thewhis esigna  to put on the brakes, saw belore i^f*  red lights/add shortly after they moved on,  none knowing the cause of the delay..  JSllettB and lloseherry and Olttton weie  . hurried away.   Only a few ���������?������������������������"m  their bodies were dangling, in the black dark  W������ of the night, from limbs in %^% ?J  the forest.   No one was bear to ^to������g"r  .last struggles, no one to offer even the shortest prayer for tbo dying nien. .  Bnt the end was not yet. The work of. he  oomtriitteowas'stiiinot^compUs^^  of the party-engaged in the on^J  at large, and until the same wild J^Uoe w  meted out to them as to Elie s Roseb^nd  Clifton the committee could not cease jte.  , labors.,,A description of ;^���������:.f Pffi  Jerrell had been sent out m all di;eetions by  the detective who was wowing up the case  Two of these men were young, Mo^bmng  only-twenty-three years old, ������d- bpa������s  about thirty, the age of ^f^S^  All were single men. and w^^JjJSJ  years'of Seymour. The writ for lieu at rest  was issued in Jackson county, Indiana, and  made returnable there.  Then the;w6od^witnesse^:once:mqr^  ���������rible-refiilittiioriiexfehded  men wh^ hadforyearsbeenjield;^  su  Smeno feihii y/which hasbee.nat the .head ';. B^kS^i^/ist-^fei^.J  oiftheseroutrages,ld,nowinafwrwc7 to bey- ��������� ^��������� ^^~y^������  ���������ii'^'-'iv^i'' airnahh''ahd-vWilliain-a'rie.-'noWri.n5.  jail at New Albany, on the charge of bo ng    ��������� ' ( ^ ;. ,  connected   with ��������� the' y-Marsbfieid   robbery.      .    j ,R,������TA!i     ^uToHtKo,  Frank/the oldest, and ihe -ringleader,-: a tele^ ^ ^^ZSmMAo^mm mwi% 'AND THE  : :- y^yy^ nr:-^.Au tnfnrme-iw -Mnv hnP.n ' ar-   K     &<   ^^Cr&llv thai tli'iyumv have two AirKvte.  '.-D1POETER3 AKD-   ,   '   /.  .Iuomsai-e. ;:nEAiERSvis-' '���������'���������  ���������.    .       ���������'.'-'. ,.  *i  e am:hereb^ii()tifioU td;cI64h the, r S^ye^lfee^aa ������  'preoittttioa,'agttinfit,flr(i',,''y   ' ,r '     ���������        A'A A '  tOctolierl,1^68.  / ^  BWtistfi'-GbiuaWa);  Hi  ; i iifiiiii  tn tha uiut^r ol hie L talo ahd iiHcti of  ���������      FO?flU HOTjILuARO, Md  //'. "'-,   J    :  y^y'S'mEB/}y:Bm^^Synymea^yyniGnmm , y_, y,  , iiU)ers(������ns rho aire indefited to either oC tho aW s ���������  ������ i^ ft rllUn H)^b-ilid aiojfl'^m^i thy ah :  ah'^fellMs S3 s iO'cb&ra aiiy,bUims ^ iir^j!l ? ot.  :U^:aboVp;tfstatqsya^M^  - OiDurtlAp^h'iE.cMtri      -  - jPichicLa,.8th^ugaPtL186S. %;_,      -    _-au9.;:  ;ira^������w^;fa5ss^^        -tWK^^r ;'.^  ,5  gf-''["(H.'-;'  ^///y;  ���������^ .'���������;���������'���������  ?-y:  Hi  w  m  ������������������'*4������m  ,A  ';.y~y-;  m  /ym/������M  ' yyy: 'yy  m  .'J y.y.  rJIL  :'/:  ;.^  ..���������  ile^.Msf ' litterp: fefe;/,;;  ES {fROKH THAT lfcft*������.COMW '  .wlth-/JJAl6JARD'SKE?rRE3S #a,  s eaii   r.Enterprise wlllliereafte] leav^1  y-,   ';  , , v; ������.   ;  /i/yltl  Hf  PSffi  .   ,A?fSfie^e;pr^^f;  fillerttMRWShlpp'M'.:'  -   \    . ff^  T   Qii^n tmfiuth.Jum l'������, 166S  '     ���������-- : - -������������������  -;y   ,y.  if,  y-  ^; t- ii ������ "   -���������    ." - -"',--  ,w:,-.y  ���������ram from Windsor informs ns, has boen arrestedstthatplaie, and will, withpufrdpiiji^  ���������beWpray:th������i8te^a;to.th"e..Ste^f:'l!i4^na  to receite the punishment he deseryes.  Sabbato Phomnatios nt teaitEssy^i  Sunday, July 26th; the Senate of: the Umtett.  SUtes'saw fltito convene, for the. transaction  of business. A isonsideraWe part of the session Iwas/ occupied by -M. Henderson^f  Missouri, in' defending his course .of the impeachment trial against the;:insinuations,contained in the report of .'Sft������������!*������^S  committee of: the House. Mr.: Wjl^n, ^  Massachusetts, tried,to call up the bill tor  the orgaobation of the militia in all .the  States lately in rehellion -,but Messrs. Har an  and' Drake objected, saymg, that nothing  could at all justify^heir session onfthaMaj  except .the \ pressing business for wbicn  especially they had met. On motion, of Mr  Drake the Senate then wen mto^  session, and, after protracted cmwd"*on  of nominations and treaties, adjourned at  half-past one o'clock on Monday morning.  far Allow no one to P������t yon off with any  berCoffiie than Fell's WS*. To *? baU  lm ifSstroeate, of the yery.bcst quality, that wi  ��������� &mBritish C61affiWa,.andsWo������ldf^P^^.  St a conl-.miano-c of the patronaga hentoforo  ^^PS||ggi||yi^  ������������������  ���������"    n o ti ce!-;; ;  /^ALE  MAID? BQ0T8 !  TiRTfP������! MOPERAte; WORKMANSHIP UN-*g|  :i-Yalaffl...O;,.-May 1.1=68.  yicfiliit^n^Pv,  ONiy OKfi HUNDRED'^DSEVENTEliSu;  MILES TO THE 108-MILE POST!-   .." ,  TiROM WILLIAM CREEKTO CAPTAIX MITCH|ILL!9"  ������ yMmt7 miles, andfto������t!!^eto*?mgon������  roadffitrails    Copt. M' has also ctostrhMcd.aflonie.--  T,akc lUto^���������Passengcrsi H- -Horses.������z eacn. w  SB������:ro������i goods c^\o taken-to. Cedar Cr^and  Hofscfly.-     y -     '  &^yjffim&y>i-  WrWm  For Sale,  j.?  WITH FURNITURE COMPLETE.  Annlyoatlie premises  FOR  SALE,  "The Adelphi  RICHFIELD, ���������  .^TNOWmNDS.W.TH.StOCKA.DirmPBES.  MS JUST KECElyED.;.A.^AE6K��������� ASSO^  -  ^Bm^AW'; A% lBefikcr^s Flue press.  ^iS^^^Sb warnhtccl hjttcy he  w'SSd:WSSy ^ madeoitl.or in this������f  order ilto!KlK?fec at ilu> sliortcst notice..,. ,  &uf 6 Larson bros. TiKsnop-J^  BARliKRVIU-E, kc. _____  i  -  Express &������^eral'Ageiicy:  Jel8  y   V^AKE-UP-JAKE  Restaurant and Bakery.  ffSfe iomcomplotp ^fetadtiou ia every.  depart^Bt of ** WJ ASSSSRw ������ ROODSOV.  ��������� oct.os*y...  ^SVWBKSON C GPODSO^.  ���������   :iJ������������&i-���������>'<:'>���������.: ���������'-'- r- .���������*���������.-   .y ��������� .-  ft ���������--.' .'������������������. ���������..*.:,������...  Will supply  Apply on the premises, or  ^tssSSS^  :^/  wnwn.wi'is'novr pf^wd  Horses .At mbdorater^s-  . ;������������������'������������������     >f       ������������������ .-V&-  "  i'.  manner for  to Stable  and  itlld  H. WJUiOTT.  '���������;;E������3Sltt*  01? mm DBSCftlFTION, CCT TO  ORDER, WITHOUT ANY DELAY,  rt*avealsp.Drcparfedto.suiVpIJr Guilders; with  OF  iiil..'Fii;ST:''^AL'*t*)  So2a .^pneos,  4-;;^  y  y  ���������"���������  y  y  I S��
���--, .. \y
: -Barkerville, William Creek, B.C., Tuesday, Oct. 27* .18,68/;
ipi liiisi liiiiil
' (SEMI WEBK L.YrPiPERf)   \"- , ��� t
< y   ]fmht$m�� hrw Tuesday awFbomx
Ary:   yytA<lfrAA?nr2-< /y    $$&&&
��� > -'-SaUscription^S'i per week "(tncludiag-cost
of delivery); payable to the carrier.
" ,; -ROBERT" HOLLOWAYr Proprietor.
/ ^Friday; afternoonythese ;tliree; metrX. were
foimd, id .Mattoon^ IlUnois,>whither;they baa
left Immediately^ after���- tteitteui^tefcobblry*
All were1 at .wotk on a farm? and were arrested by.Jthe; sberif&of. thej place;4Tbey? $et&
iplaced ^in charge'' of a- special oIRcer fro'm*
.J3eyipqur7 and on,Saturday put on tbe train
[TSfriM y fi&?W^^
city tbey.were; transferred* to the: Seymour
iraiu,;t��^e taken; it was decided^ tfrBrownsr
ton; to await their;trial. But aii Engineer sent
idiadvance atf ominous despatch: '��� Shall run
over no red lights," f
Agauvaa.the train,reached Seymour all was
quiet. / NV:confusion, no nojse^no y.aroied
committee^no��,threats of lynch jaw on any
���.,., ftfe '-'NOHING AFFAIR IN THE.WEST; j^.-^r-.yw"�����r��s w ���*'��-�����������-'"" :'-.-""���-]
      Bt-snac msa ar a vmilascb committee.   ]����� *>etalen to Wnstonm a wagon,
,   r       r      ...   .         ;. aud accordingly about midnight tbe three
'.   ���(F^wthc'cincinnauC��iotte,Juiy27.V prisoners and.their guard started off.   But
TlipWl scene ii .he tragedy at Seymouj there .was lobe for them no trial by dow,
Mlfhveaaoted/ The last-of -the express forms, no iong-delayedpumshmei;! xoont-
4wS>has fail,--, h <>. tho bandsofaWgi- rage.d coramumty t,red of tn, hrartom-m
y|f MiJte^moreTigilant^hati ever the khich.it had been hold" foryears hy y.liams
' San SeisWa    ha r,   pleaded in vain for | and outlaws, bad. detenmned .tojakc , e, )
*,^,v RI :C HF j'.B LyD r-B,  ��� h '/- ,  ;
Civil Engineer & Surveyor
���:'< 'Office'adjoining^the Richfield Hotel,/ '
w*y ' 'RICHFIELD:    ,' ,
npHE .tiROVSfe' CEEUK-.BEDROCK 'HlWE  p^ ,    "'        '
^T-'(LimitedV,lmve,dodarcd   ���   ^oftd'Dividend of .-. '
S2 50 .ijiTKl/ftr(M��ivftlilQ at tlie Office of tho, Company ,   -
at P. ti'-feackus' Action Store; Wharfstreet, vi. toruy;. ^ -   . ,.; ,?g;:.;;;;   : '-,;':
V.fr/ShairehQte - !
':,- "���'ftteiaim    .������'.':.  ;���>.'���- ".'-..������������-   '%'��� : '    '    .p'Cretttry.y -. l0- -:>..... -.y       ,...--   ;v;.j
y i
life.iiave been allo'we'd onlysbiort shntt; U,ave
-Wn ^I'lpK &�� f]��-^ of D-t>bt' from ,m,t)S
i�� hich ^u?f.fiioed ^piy six days betore ihe
ApaAiI'JAh^v i^iAbyj ^mrAi^%
fL story A tlie ^ t. ettem^te_L;robbery Is
���still fresli-ia'theineinones'of our readers: and
the -on*ok jDii^mmiroi^f} orf ^ .QU^ty
}>'oiK^rrVri)rd Qi^oii ylll not^hav.e &p^iii
fy^'ot/J^ laeV were himp, ��:i tlw^ay List
���only a week ago to-day.   -Two days bdors
pr,��u fwui yaSil'Siir Xi eet ^��fn��jrt ho^s^ n��
tliu w^ Vfhn/ i;l��ert  to be m wo fear for D?
y u well aiid' - ��^o &of>y ��ejout *a^ m *?Un
:/:t!)m-4'tasmt)ketheir"'bei*t;cigars.oti bis-ac-
^3 w.o,,J asm J^tu beiieje ao news iAwh they;
/isi^itW.c ? - .- /--/    - ,���
,.,. t.-....,..^,..,.,��-L , v,.,it ^.^.w^(V|fcB..^^^���^_..^^.
,.. ,'    ��� RICHFIELD,'   /
ii prepared to tio rj> kinds f-f wb.rk;in the j^ewc'iiue.
^lsp;^HORSE-SHOEINf>/    ^ ; y-y^yy    , 009 liny
H^bij8BfetDEI��INTHBT0^6F.^CHtra1^' '" ,.      V
> aroJicreb^notiQiid to bldqhther Stovepipes aa*      _ >     ���;
pfecattiloa'aguitiEt flriij" ���. "       -.,*,, , -
' -   . '^S^^^T    '   .    '"
October 1,1S68.  / ^   ,       ' ; ^ ^_    '      ,    ',
y 1 . K  XT. 1 .    ;    Bfitisb Cbluiabia,   - . , j
geaace, swift-, terrible, ��� awful. Their only
law for ibis'ywas. the ,law. of/ selpiefCTee���
their i>nlx jiir,UfictUinaths necessity ,o?.rfhe
r.��sc,     f ; illl
//tu/'t 2 dVIocI- yesterday morr��in-> lot
wagott \V5is-8topped: ia-i,he;mtdst of "the" great
C,\?it,Lf fcir?k hy wep ^boar-.only il'cgube
T��]p �� na were U^ttu a^j^ &- ciy.ty-J1/ oi tyc
officers in whose/chargetheywer^
outlbeforms of lawV,ere\biddo'ii;t6^epa|fei
10a r>rip C��negcnit3 yetc ?��� feed' ..Ijcji^ r'dlf*
fci&Lvb os'*riY*s whsdi ina ts^eitViuicauyv i��j
the vicing, bdtBoVawers 'v/erei^etupneSr
rible fetribntibn'exteadea to;^uni^SM/by
rrieh-^ho Kadfbfeyesi^
Ga^rnent^rs ���aii<i:/Bmlders'v
5S ' 'Job Work dou'ii' with punctuality aiid dispatch, -a
ItiJSonjLlo rales. -A good stoclc- of reason* d lumber
alffay^-on band.' '     . '        -  .'      j^5 4m ���
,\': ;      n^owTEus and ;  '
Ay y       \TriOLFSyyi . DEALFBf 1^ *"     ^     , ;
'J;;   //BAtoRVlLT,E,*B.C      ''   >' 8n.    ;
1   ||      If   11111111   , ~   ,       :
i n ttio m-ytei' of th" j|s%te and 3&SC*-.w o? ;
yj- \ll ES ,G. BniT��i Elf. U<*oea��ed, mtesmw. ,
eswtwrre rcqiilrL j lo nay the BA)t.iMlR,dfe torbawtiht;
ab   ��.li u�� ts ur who li we -j.y chuns aga! psi ;*' U'   ol ���
llie^ove estates ara mluired c( sehd tbeni Ih on ol
^atLoe.yiy,nfiy;S!|^ .
���'ate tVeiglit the tram sped on towards Browns*
ton, but had aot proc��eded far  before it was.
signaired by a red -light, and, in obedience to
���xhii siiimhous/'tbetrain stopped- /At. onM it
���;Hviis isiin-ouuded byM body/of souie two{:han..
���di'odniea, and a detachment went .lmrne-'
' diatelV to the express v;an, where j the .three
outlaws were fitting/ There were *&,*$*
lairs of handcuffs/ Roseberry. being bound
���with onepatr,andElletteandGtiffconftistenei?
f'toKether^itfethe other:;/ln , silencet;without-
; word or n6isep the sterna self-appointed executors of the law seized, first. Roseberry,
who, bound-ai he was, could make ;no resist:
ance/threw himfrbm the car, and gaye |m-
in chargdv of: the members of- the committee
was somewhaCmore; difficult; for each with
liis feet an(i:hisunfottercd:hand,raade;amost
fearful /��� resistance,; fighting, m^^^
it/" like tigers." /But what could ^o^men,
: tboiiRh inov^d to desperation, doagamst -2001.
In. a few minxes the train was again on -ito
way. So .quickly/ wjwmlmy, :^J2f-
work besn^ccomplished that, sleeping passengers were not .wa'^ll^-'/rJ?Vfhi!
lumbers, and others could only te I of the
transaction that they heard the whis lesigna
to put on the brakes, saw btton them .U��-
red lights, and shdrtly after they moved on,
none knowing the cause ol the delay..       ��� _
mem and lloseberry and CUHon we^c
; hurried away.   Only a few ���V���*���"m
' their bodies were dangling, in tbe black dark
ness of.tbe night, from limbs in the m d^fc of
the forest.   No one was bear to witewjto-
Jast struggles, no one to offer even the shortest prayer for the dying nien. .
But the end was not yet The work or he
committee^was still hot ^ompbshed. inree
of the party-engaged in the outrage wewjat
at large, and until the same wijd J��s^^a9
meted out to them as to Bile s,"B^^ .g
Oiifton the committee could not cea^ite
labors.,-A description of l^^f^g^bS
Jerrell had been sent out m all d"ectwiw V
tlie detective who was wowing up.the case.
Two of these men were young, Mwwtang
Aon\y Xtwenty-three years old, ��J;SPa���
about thirty,-the age of JefreU u��known.
All were single men. and w^gj?22
years' of Seymour. The writ for ^��l ���
was issued in Jackson county, Indiana, and
made returnable there.
i��e;E"enl family^ ;?hiek has bopw jf fits hand
of jheae^outragesi Isinow in a-fairVay. tcr^be
hrQkm ap. rimfors'and \Vi31iW'jitc hoff-'������;
jail at New Albany, on the charge of- being
connected ;with ,, the /Marshftefd* robbery.-
FrariK,; the oldest, and the-ringleader; a telegram from Windsor informs us. has been arrested at that place, and will, without doubt,
be shortly transferred to tbe Stateiof Indiana
to receive the punishment he deseryes^   *"
Sabbath Profakatiom in Coxouess.���Gn
Sunday, July 26th, the Senate of the United
States'-saw fit^to convene- for tbe, transaction
WedMer 'laterpris|^
m m,urji that it ^,,0'Onk^       ,        ASyyyZA
-j vllb    HARVARD'S, WBWS     tlw ,-   /       "   tOmk
Fil'fO/^kiuiifTo'lfiBiR FRIENDS AKD TBE
X> pu��li" generally; tiiai iiuiy.iiow havo two Markets
ih-Barkfirrtlie, ono in RichfieldL-and'one.iiiCentrevHle-'
���'aUflfVbloh.-wi ! bf constantly and well supplied With
��ood ffesh iik-aL% of the very,host quality;tbat:eanbe
boughtfJh'"'British Columbia, and:woiihlrospectfully
solicit |a/cs6utinaan(Jc of the patronage heretofore
exteh<ft(l Ao therm .y 'y y. y:  ���y-       ;'. yy y~",
BarJc^vlllejB.C., May 22,1S6S. jel lm
:|IV    UVU.V����.-.-'.. - -..
of business. A considerable part of the session/wasy occupied by *-v,a?5*W:^
nfV��fiiiri   in:: defending his oonrseof tneim-.:     y?> .:>,,, ,>,.,,: ���;.�����,-.��� -\������-
committee of the ^Hoftse. . MS . WjbW ^
Massachosette, tried: to oal up tbe b I oi
tlie organisation of the mibtja.m all tbe
tie organizituvu. .ui v^ T',\V ~ ^T��Uln
SUtcs lately inrrtellloavbat Messrs^Ifer an
and' Drake objected,_ say.off, that nothing
could at all jartttfcfteir;.jemoa.����'������� jJS
except .lie' pressing business te wbicn
eapecially they had met. .On motioni of Ifr
Drake the Senate then -Jwn}?.n*^ffSJ
session, and, after protracted cons deration
of nomiaations and treaties, adjourned at
half-past one o'clock on Monday morning.
j*. Allow bo one 'topiit yon offwJJ nny
other Coffee than Fell's best. P bo
.'���' 'exeoifaci/; -PartiesWishing Yale.niade Bopts(f Hi
will plea^p-seii'a ttieir of dots .to p. McQUARRIE, ^
who kleps tlie; best of French'- leathers alw vs on
hand.' ���iilOrders,. from',Cariboo and the tipper country
promp# attended to. '���'/- D; ItcQUAttfelE
:!-Yale4tB 0., May 1,1868. v
. / Iiahding &7 miles, and from thence to: the -Wagon-
road 60 miles. Gapt XVL'- has also coristrhqted a.',Horso'*
hoat for .cohveyipg passengers and ahiraals acrossHhe
Lake.' Rates-^-^assehgcirSi %\: /Horses^ S2 each. % By'
this roh te.'goods can, be;. taken to Cedar; Creek a ml1
Horsefly.-     "    -; ;  . ysc9lm
Annlv on the premises
uThe Adelplii
RICHFIELD,   . ���
.^nt'nVot BOOTS of various'-'stylos and of the
��^ . {BEST QUA'LITt; also,. Betikert's Fine Dress.
Bootsof;tliebest description.: . . ./. ;'
' ,'T:ha\*e:'Bppt;s;,pr.m,��r own make warranted hot to ;he
surpassed bjFsjA'ny Bpola made either in this Colony or
in Ciiliforhiji/pithflr l'��or wofkmauship or durability. X
Gdm wopis~const-aB��k<>n' hand." ^qoUi.- nvvle.: to
order ai^'jSSWI-RlNGwme'ht.ihe.BH^ ��� '
rJooin'o Larson bros. yts sioi**^
Restaurant and Bakery.
y. y     ^y*-.-.   .- oc6
Express & General jStgency:
Ot   THE   AimiVAL   AT   BARKEKVI��iJ1-, Q$~
every Mail and Express, P. RE1B will ieaVe Barkerville.with an Express fcr.the following, plades *
Mosquito ahd Red Gulchesj Whipsaw Gulch; Low;
hce;Creek��� Gi'ohse.: Creole, ��� Stevens.Ctfeekj CaiiforhjW;
Creckj and Ahtler/ He^will also lcaVe regularty twice;
every; week, for the same places :Witt)Vthe CARmob"*
Sbst'isbl on the.mornings of its issue; -.' He will aUenii
to. all kinds; of, dornmission's,;&C, foi1 miners, obtaiil
licences,-record claims, .examine. febordSi- &c.' Collectingwill also be,attended;to... 'HO /Will-, also send but,
three times a month/an Express tdKcitlifey; 6reeky,
Forks of Qn.cshellev Cedar and Black Bear Creeks..
orders can be lelt;. ;������. \y\yy.  ^y,::-.-.,^^
Oct, 5
Brepl^iyOrecl to all.parts of the Creek.
fhey ^Wfr^'to.^.^1* ^
����n��nn.-5i.nd is wow prepared to Stable and  jeed
'^2? ��*'
��a:a is mow pi'eparr
-y ., ��� -...yr
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""*    "  'Vf--h^-���������r Wataoa must vtbittli: tbe mining;  ;BAK|mWi|if:;:  gix weeks'ago, less "a d ay> the^td wn^pf Bar>  accom'pii^  ������;EpiScopalCMre^^^  and withtlie seiric> of W ������ich ������;|  Mes^/Mricfc^  William, creekvneed no^comptaoffc  of gospel privileges.  W?������ th^0}^ ������  iriay be cofeidei'ed asiiopeflil and promising  ;a*atan?Vpr<^^  being caused by Abe severe and wjprece-  (lentld drought .ThiscdntingenGy, although  severe, it, will overcome, and with toe_cheer-  i& prospects which are presented;by .the  coming vear, 1869, there Js eyory; reasoir to  believe-that iitlhe close of that year the ;two  great'calamities of 18(i8 will be entirely ; forgo tie ri^PJ rem eto as episodes in  x!i& Tiistdry of^irlbo'tn*,r: yyty���������; ��������� yy^^y:  ~ THE.VPRICE 0?  TH  ^RBDUGTrDN; IN;  AX GOLD BY; MB; BANKS.  :..���������:���������  yym  y^^smtile}fhiSeUeve!i tiiey mil give h  credit for sincerity in g.mngIne rfcitebn^  'yyy y     - ���������  ^nd> tha entire ^  the wires flew the disheartening intelligence, credit ^  that Barkerville wasin ushesaiidlhe country has done for the .'conduct of tlie Banks.* ���������  " gone in ?J bevond the possibility of redempr Must he? 'I am a'mhier (but no ^financier';),  .tion.   For a day the, most, hop'eful seemed, in aud-J.g;ive him credit for sineenty.   I aSso  /doubt as-to the chances'of the town's rcstor- giye his reasons credit for some force, but as  ation,,but only for a day.   Ere the smoulder- to' the actual necessary reduction, which fie %  ���������  ing embers had ceased to send up   their [puts at J per. cent.-, of cojirseitwoujd-require'^  volumes .of dense smoke,   tho indomitable^ a more minute knowledge of details than I  Akymyyy  ^fiXA:  -, JMBfeHte-,'. -  pi  if,. <  possess/to judge ot-its fairness;;  ;   '* financier" argues that whoa claims .were  paying well the Banks -were'anxious: to buy  all theg������Id they'could, and .'the natural ia^  ference was that the^ were; makingi:a lair,  proflt.   Pray, were not the Banks, equally  anxious to discount notes.* with such col lateral  .'security.-as:a consignment of alcoholic poison  orsho;ddy pantaloons might afford ?��������� and what  man who has ever heard of the " unredeemed  pledge5/ warehouse at Quesnelmouth-would,  unless "very simple/7 suppose, they made a  '��������� fair profit'5  on sneii transaetions'(   Qiv the  co a traiy^QiflJnot/Hes'e ,y ery^ransacMonS p hi.  duee the ch\mges which have taken place in  i!fe;B.aoks/epOno;m  of fcbvtfi chough, hud hz, |S|| A ih's   iA\  jhis':presen'W^  'wAmm^ , v,-: -...,.   - 'y,y^^r^;yy^y.'  anee^iihtbefeelings'of^/ym^r-w^  take:anpther./L^ of-the- :m-y Hid to th^^Ii'&n^*tiMn^t"- " i; " -' '���������  vie w/f /Fi n aja;oier;./tpa;n3^p/v]  whihe of /tK^e^;wh#iviSlifto  ,"j|������jii*" o^  ihtyji   y rio b,ul yu'cd from solitude  ��������� and'obsenrty Urn n-iaie ro4 fame of ^Cariboo  was mce mor< y< wsed,and'the resolve went  ' forth that Barkerville, the sole stay and Sup-'  port oi  the mine!   shop Id  be rebuilt���������that  "'IchaOi������dv should noihe^i iMiu?������on the  ��������� capital  of Cariboo y ond with' this resolve  pomueucerHhp   vuiA oi  ry^aiAwAlon, and  I -day   ipon  th(   old site stands ninety-five,  jjL-sFiD of /hut jjvI more dm-abl^ roiic^rnt*-  ;/ti6ri-than "those; wliich bave^passed'-away.' In  j fc * Eooie 3?Fi 1-4 v������ h^n j,je y i'roJdinfS irf-  ^utWi dowo gnd (he H/bbWh /c������uovjd fiom  Sh|f^a^||Ba^r^i 1 l|/wi Ibats/ w 1 do neErstree;^  /nMfbrm^buj].^  yrAyA/iU pre&enfc an appenrnnco far more  ; t    A^ v^km i/ fhd Ii inrry rd^T^   A A)H  nc ''/Hblj/iPiiintlijr be asUd toViiiom ado1 ^  iviiat cause is .5o aiucb eiie rgy r.^d PQiirpn;^  ������!tr ' utable?/To ib^ ropl'^iists��������� oi the ro������n-.  i -   as io iito^e ivho rely solely  upon  Ih^u  :   -industry and mergy'foLSiiccess and "a com-  penstUion fur'their. toil ?   No hesitation is required to answer;the enquiry, . Theindus:  ; A  4j;ial fhistery of "Gariboo isstmila-rto/tbat of  the entire colony-of-British Columbia.   The  ' capitalists, like so many buzzards bivjackails;  ;///fo.Uow-in;; the. wake of: :thpse who combat arid  A/;/;q^erbome/thafc they may; Bhare. in. the - prey  pfepiir^d;-to t%n;by.:.;the;;i6pui:age and ��������� enter-  ���������     prise of those who go ��������� before;;; and as a con-  firmation of this fact, we have only io remark  / that rieitbeivthe;- Bank'bfBritish/Golurabla  u;:.-;���������;-.;��������� ribr the Bank of. British Nortb America have  ;y }coramenced;to;rebuild/ripr;is it.yet 'known.  / ; that they/Iiave/decided to/db so/ and the last  AX /buiIdjri^raisedin;chetow^  /���������//son Bay;Compaq  -:;/ to state that the hesitaney on tliepaft of iliese  yyj^  " ���������;. ��������� theigengemeh who represeh t them in.. Carir.  y/fcpp/kuf .^  ywan.d: wlfose; motto seems -to be; to take no  :���������; ; chances/but to undertake only in that which  /proves;: by/other's risk to;pay... Barkerville  .  -may now be considered- virtually as rebuilt,  ;and <al 1 its.ihhabitarits are .comfortably.sit-  X   uatedfpr the winter;   The1 stores are abundantly  stocked  with goods and supplies of catching fire, or his accidentally"ii.rhtintrlds  every .desenpizon,  and at prices as low as pipe with a ������5 note, which alth0u4 in both  ������������������ .before the fire, or in fact at any time ever '--' " "��������� fc       )jUl  known in Cariboo.   Two serious losses yet  remain to be made up in order to give enjoyment   and   entertainment   to   the; people  through the winter.   Those are tbe theatre  and  the Masonic  Hall.   In regard to the  former, we believe steps are being taken to  have a building erected which will be held  in common as a theatre and a public hall,;  but we hear of no steps as yet having been  taken to erect a Masonic Lodge.   The library  has been again opened and.replenished with  a good stock of books, 200 volumes of which  were gratuitously supplied by the resident  Gold   Commissioner,  Mr.  Brew,   who   has  proved himself by his official as weH"as, his  private acts, to be a firm and true friend to  the miners of Cariboo.   One important ad-  ��������� vantoMywhich the  town   now   possesses  winch it did not have before, is a well on  feed fire brigade, and from the activity m  fested by these who have the management,  \ve have no doubt that it will be made  an  efficient institution... Steps are also  beino-  taken to have the Assay Office removed from  hew  Westminster  te  William creek,   and  with the aid and through the influence of Mr.  Brew* who m trying to effect ibis desirable  object, there is little"jlonbtburi that it will be  DqL3uTJT." '"<l"JaaMM"^'"'1--  ������������������" ....... .        ���������  Kfe destination 'to: Woria,. B^  dolnot include ^balance q^otes:: issued  ^^hecoiuclaimedtq;^^  of;the;e;Mange?JEv^  be&cessaiytolbw^tbep^  oueferce&j.'becaitse, aalyha^ tri^tl tq  show; the;gold bought ia excess,-of exchange  i^t^nly:4ura;the m$ ;M^ffi**$  is aiso,1ii great proporupm ���������*W^m,  ^bicteloies ^-^^i^W^!!!^^^^-  per cent on the whole./; y. ./ ;..;;���������:  y'���������Financier-3" argument-about .insurance  Sppearaito^ma; like:' -WliiJir^inaa^W-  inade a good v'ea^profits^that:he;'ought.; to  be "willing to self below cost to/ individuals  who bad-'Dttihihg tb-do,with bis previeuB success, ia order to get even.on; hiiiiseU.   I have  Jmom;litfurm^^  standing, but; this -line/off argument ;by  '���������Financier" embraces an;.extent of,liberality  (with other-people's" money) "which, fairly  frighten:sm&.A yAy'yy i'AZArAx  Z In cou elusion; let/rap mention;, two facta  which:bear upon/the;above aiibject/Some  time ago a^sharelioidcrin'my, own/company  VM^{!?& wlhhim $X2t)y worihofgold dii^t; realized^  '^^MSajaFranewcojtndm  the parcel to pay;bis; expenses; to: yaluornm  and ahfeconomical vrititer*& board/'/This,flict  has been dinned." Into;my ears as; conclusive  evidence;;^)f tbe^ immens^/profit which must  accrue .from ; the gold /purchasing, business.;  Now, look :ftf the  ifnth:    He was  well  'acquainted with mostofthe miners on .Stout  gulchf from^whoia he bought sainipies'Aot the  purest quality ;��������� and ;the  only^ expense: in-  ;curre(d in transmlssidnfof the diist was a long  leather bag, which surrounded his  shorter  ribs ; and the only: insurance  he cared/for  was to be fully assured that if his gold weiit  to blazes he; shonld^o with it.   Now/bearing in mind that the Banks get miich inferior  parcels of each class of goid^besidesi having  t&pjjy^heayy; charges incumbeni on its. trans-  missioivtbe case is altogether different. , -   '  ' Again, after the Banks refused' to* change  gold on Sundays, I sometimes sold to Mr. T.  JBazuzzi. who wag ���������collecting dust to take with  him to, San Francisco, when, in the course ������f  conversation, hy showed me the whole'of the  y^/llil������M|SwMc^  p A iAAzyxi iicl /IJia//oii ly^r I* ^ ;;saVl 'Sgy e| t fei a  .^bijiby.ivk'e^;viate^  .���������.;-*?!!ii-.--i-><. ���������itVti'H.irinrt* .*n������kl!*linnt������f'.'���������;.���������.���������'."'-���������':"���������-���������;:.';' i-������!-'.'. .v:-vy'.i;y.'i-.y-v: i'-:.;cV..>L^;.'���������:-���������.';  to  ���������W.ApvE|cisa^f^  Bufr^^g������orli.to:i^-|,^^^  cJirryou  Hair Dressing &' mmM  Jnallits-brniiches/ ! ���������������������������.>���������-:      ���������������������������v.o  ^A|so, just received, a: choice lot of  HAIEXBRUSHES, &C���������  f ;:u������4l  And a (Ine lot of  SILK SHIRTS, ONpERGLOTHES  SCARFS,    HOODS,   iC.  VVIXDOW SHADES, LAMPS & CHIlilNEYs!  and ft great varioty,of oiheprirticlca too numerics &  mention, which he will sellyitt; tho lowest rat^ip  cjiSHy -MST/Q-jli nndsoo.       :'; ;. ��������� //: '' dc23 ita  *  l.,..Mi08rs? Provision 3tbi-e3  rVvli*1^*^ 'i������'SiM������s  ���������of '* stump" popularity/by-representing tbe  mining .'Community" as an amiable and pure-  minded/body of;nien> down-trodden by-that  bloated oppressor the. storekeeper principally, and next by any other class which may  chance tobe in alittle better position than  themselves; arid it ia this cant which has  stirred me up to write in this matter, an experience of ten.years having taught me that  as a classminers; kriow;very; well how to take  care of themselves. ;  ^The;next;argumentrunsc: ."Thepleatiiat  the excess of: purchases over: the amount: of  exchange requires 'a reduction of 1 per'ceil ^.  is absurd: and unworthy Of a gentlemaii professing to be an. astute .. linancier like ������������������ Mr  \7atson. The Baiiks Bend no coin to Gariboo  to purchase dust, They buy it all with their  own_notes, redeemable,/not in Cariboo, but  in Victoria, and every note so issued is more  than equivalent to: a corresponding amount  of exchange." It appears to me that (his  would be the same as issuing bills of eKchan^e  on Victoria at par, subject to such pi-emin  as might be gained by a  fire  Vith '^y^r /;':^f coarse-I shall embrace every opportun-  obtain a s^c^fuJJ'������! seihn^ to P^vate   parties' who  can  ���������yy^���������j-*:'^_i.i---. iiiora Uy nav: ,mo������^ than th*������: Rantd ��������� kw^r,  so pay more than the. Banks j. biit I  send this protest/against "Financier's" wis-  dpm,on>the same principleZbn which the  person described by G. A. Siihi ^catried a  three-penny, cane to castigate the calves of  whatever footman ��������� camef within his reach--  pot;frpm any vindictive .feeling., tow^rds the  jfldindiial/butfrdi  he owed society/ ���������./.-':.-,;/' -/������������������   ��������� ,'���������: -  Ay':-2AyZy/y,-A:r yxXZyyZyyA^yy  rVUB: UN'DEKSIGXRD-, BEGS ���������-TOV'ISTfORM^TnS,  J; < frion-!8 ami. thfe cltiaehs of Cariboo xohenUly tliat  .baying ?Hsfiolved/liis"p^tB^bip with C.'l)odcrO;  ho bit.* just opened a largo Store at Uio  ,  ;  .OTPEK .END OF BARKERVILLE/'. "  at which will ahv,iys be found a well-Sv^M anil  -yarjifd assortment of. -s  FRESH   GROCERIES  and 'PROVISIONS"  0! all descriptions;  C LOT HI NG,  '' Best' Brands  TOBACCO,   &o.f &c,  '  - y^S������ AH uoofls sold o11 lie Lowest rates.    ,. -   - ,-   ,',  The: BAR _is amply  suppled  with  the  choicest  HAVANA CT16ARS,3VlNKSana LIQUORS.-    Ytem aiid '  Riiicv UrlDk8:U;tbe?Bir., ,...  .'ifiT BKSTXVVA COFFER,ioif4Pi daSI) X\w\ wand  Wry'momiiis In turn; for breakfast, nn-1 ivci^huil out  to ciistomfr." i'nim the mill ��������� =   ���������  J respect fully luvitHiny. friends to favor mn .vicli h  ^Uan-1 dPliaraol tholr jntnmacfp, trusUnR'hy strict  attention. 10 busin������?si?, pnlito,������������J aiT.iblo nttumlanc^ to  customers to;mcri.ta;^atlhujinc&ipf-th'/sitmcV;���������/'.- -;>-'������������������  . aH30 1rn     "       P.   MANEl'^y  I  mW ADVERTISEMENTS.  m  man's' coat-lails  instances quite possible, could scarcely be  looked upon ia the light of a regular mur���������  WING TO THE HEAVVr: LOSS  I HAVE SU*.  . tiiuwj by uio flr-, I reqaost all thoso, who aro  mdolned _tof too to call ami settle their, accounts an  or before the first day of Dumber next, oihuvrm1  will be compelled to place snmo in the lianda of the  vOurt.-    ���������'- ........ ,.-   FRANK CASTAGNETTO;  .Barkerville, B.C., 26th October. 1868.       oc271m  - Barkerville, ��������� '       _ ;���������  Havo on hand a choice selection of .    '  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  TIN'--}?tATE AWD. SHEET. IRQK,  with various other articles in their line of trade.  &tT Alt Ebbing In the Tin; Slice t Iron,. Copper/an cl  Zinc -trade attended to; and warranted to give satislai-  tiou. ; 6m '���������;'  Otever oiit -of tlie /FieldI  ARCADE  & Oo.] lhetirft first occurred veiy near tl^  liankB, and could th������y not place that occur-  renco to account of the natural desire of the  "white financier" Mr Watson, to train as  much premium as possible! Of' course/ the  Lanks would gain whatever profit is to be'  rnade on gold dust, but this assumes a verv  different appearance to what is the ca^  where bills of exchange are given to tho ex������  tent of the dust purchased, a groat, or perhaps the greatest portion of them, convert-  able atlhe same place where the dust is i'fcn  realized, while as regards Cariboo notes given  issued, and as this coin must come from somewhere probably also from whore the dust \,  realized an exchange is incurred which must  come oil the profit of tho dust. In tho W  case the transaction would show a "MnnWr  fflUproiii?j.sfb6*,3!d p\tVi (���������>*, ,.y., . ;-  ch&nge \,<.yy;>\w iy(!,r:]���������,(>()  destination; i,-v ibeothar cf,*  DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSriIP.  PARTXBftSflri*   HKKETOFOIIK   KXTSTING  Sheet and Cast Iron Steves  "El  {Signed,r If; T SCOTT.  Barktfrvillt������tB,a; October 21st, 18G3.      o023 lm  ���������N ERFEllENCE  TO   THg   Atom  fflE  RUB-  -   Hc.nl,..r b^toinlorm. Di. frib,.is am. thi pV,l,llc  -iat u^mrposos.carryiiig on the busing as uaiui.  OIGARS AND LIQUORS  OP tm CHOICEST BRA5&8  always on band.   A (Irst-class  BILLIARD     TABLE  BOB, Ul'SKTT.  Arcade Saloon. >  Barker ville, B,C.t Oct.oli.rgl. 1S68. \  "C23 lm  : M0NYnAT,  Roytiiird \v\\  OCTOBfiK  ������ 'Ay,t>r  y.-Vu':-?  "08,  THIS KEV. j,  iS&JSS    K ym"* ***** wbw cd������^������ ha������  s'<?9 Im  A LL JOBBTN'O WORK..IX TW,'COPrKll. ^^"v  A Zincand 1/wl Ilphiff at^ndfid to wi th. promptness, and warranted.to givo ontiro, sntisfaction.  Hardware, Iron & Steel.  B TEARSOj  oc2 Itn  & BEOS.,  Bnrkorrlllo.  stor������  PtliTdiilcc, w������ his .old  At his Old Stand Again!  W.   DAVISON  mom.* rawfa* ins FiuRxas.Axn patboss  W   that ho 1ms iwmnoil buian������w m his nou  on tire old Mmi'l adjoining tho  ens lorn cw will flfltf his  F      _  ������ fftaWpn-liowa to do������ll kin-Is of.������rk in,  ti������ Watoli, J������**lrr.������m Engmv-mg hH.  ' ocGlm  Barnard^/Stages.  BARKERVILLE TO YAM IN FIVE DAYS!  TO VICTORIA ON THE EIGHTII PAYI  Our Odlccs, from P^^lf^^^S  with Fiw Hud Bur^larjnwf hnU^ ami our i  havo tlio usu of tli (.Mil froo nf cnai*K������-  For rntfii of p������sfiago, &c,-npply ^  u<; tt  r. roniH As������nt'  i   - !  ;y:  fc E^^^^=s^^^g3?ig^^^a^^swg^  TU^DAY, 00T.17, 18(58.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  WILLIAM CREEK.  'Barker  Carihoo co  45 oz. ;  STOUT GULCH.  The Floyd co. 64 oz  ���������\Iosher co. 50 oz.  the Bona Fide co.  ?the Gore co. have both struck good pay.  aD1 te averaging about 10 oz. to the srfqf  fiers  ^Wimn&Jo,co. is also consid-  S equally good, but they havo no water.  MOSQUITO CKKEK.  fiflSho wfek previous./ The MInneliaha  exactauiouiitfrom the other claims.*. ���������:,;  ItKl) GCJ.CII.  About the same as last report.  11A10) SOIUBULK CKEKK.  ���������  I      The Discovery co. still continues to pros-  'r "���������cci':wel|i:w*'iit:'-"-tt&~ defined::Jpacl- hns-hem:  Iructe- Three or four other claims are pusb-  FROStYALB^-We i.take the following items  of news! from.the Examiner,-.--The Supreme  Court sat at Yale on Tuesday, the I3th iu3t.,  II is Lord sh i p Judge J3egb ie. p resid in g. The  Grand Jiiry brought inirtie bills against the  Indian Tomett, for housebreaking] : Ola Hu;  for receiving stolen goods, and Ah Tschong,  for assaiiilting an Indiarr with"ioteht to do  grievous bodlly^nf^^&^Q f^e indictments  against;Hautiesry the Grand Jury found: rib  true bill, and.up on trial .b'ef0re the p etit jury  the two Chinamen were acquitted.; .The In/  d ian To mett, p leading gull ty, was, Sentenced  to one year's imprisonment; with hard labor,  an d a w hip pi n g.���������A ���������resport reached Yale oh  S11 ri d ay mor ni ng s tati ng that tlie smoke; 'from  the forest fires had become so dense below  Uartisplimoiitii as to;suffocate the lairds. It  waa also stated that sickness had set in'at  New Westminster owing to the smoke:���������The  steamer i 0 n w ard 1 eft New. Westminster on  JV.edn.������sday.;,...fooin ;IJqpe. we-lea. r& .that. sli������  was detained at/������������������Harrisonimoiitu/ m cohse'i  queneu.of the smoke and fog.  The Elections.--Jfr Robson, the editor of  tbo Columbian, is out with a flaming address  as a candidate for the Legislative Council,  Air Hugh Nelson is spoken of as likely to  oppose him. A requisition is out and numerously signed for Mr Barnard to offer again  for'���������'���������-!'ale frab*d'rJ(liouIU "litf"&<xe&e* H is-q-attt>  .':     '���������-.-.      --:    j    i'f.'.y  X the Rev. J. Alexander, one of the oldest  dissenting:ministers in England, died on  Friday, week at Norwich. He had been con-  uected/with One Congregationalism for fifty  ^earSi:/y.''/;-/:.: xZx X  '���������'���������./The-N^w York Tribune begs'Miss Rye to  send1 out. a few hundred thousand servant-  girls: to the, United States.   The abolition of  has, it says, raised the price of all  '~-������'.y.yi'������������      <* * ���������  ���������i-.-'V..; ,-���������;���������j     -~     ~'*J"t    ������*v."\*������A     int.  labour, iind especially of domestic service.  //^;;0lncSnrikU---Price;pttiT������nt of the 15th  ult. states there can be no doubt that the  quantity -;:;of wheat gathered in the United  States this/season will exceed that of any  previous year by^O per cent.  The /public-house keepers of Roscrea,  county Tipperary, have, at the solicitation of  the Roman Catbolio clergy of the town,  pledged themselves not fco sell intoxicating  drinks on' Sundays.  The Wesl.eyan General Conference of the  United States has decided to allow women to  vote���������-���������;.also to drop from their comraunioa all  churches tolerating members connected with  Masonry or other secret societies.  The death is announced of Dr. John Elliot.  son, a name which has for very many years  past been known iaconnection with medical  I science r3M~77bteb-wasrreajje^d:-veF-yrfomtk  truck:   'inree or ium u.u*c* bi������tu< ������.*w r-.,~   probable that he will be returned by aechv iar ia times past, when mesmerism attracted  cached bed-rock.   ; . boo, is spoken of as a candidate for Lillooet, Dr. Elliotaon v\  .   LOWHEE CHEEK.  The Clack Bull co. ure running a tunnel!  100 feet. They commenced at the shaft oi  tb Victoria co. and are now in almost 400  fet. The are working three shifts, and in  si weeks expect to complete the tunnel and  dko bed-rock at the lower line of their  cum. This is considered oue of the most  hportaut operations that has been undcr-  tkeu on Lowhee creek, and if successful will  Z' bea up a large tract of mining ground  jv Kherto inoperative, owing to tbe depth of  te bed-rock and tbe great quantity of water.  CAXAWAK CKEEK.  The  Ck'ar  Grit co,  took out a nugget  u^liitk' U <>/... in a new drift which tbey  kvi������ jwst 'started.   The   United   tunnel   is  ": king pushed-on with energy.,       /      y  ~COURT.    /  fe-'/''-. iKcfore C. Bre\v,-E>q.. GotU; Commissioner.)  W/ -yaa THUitsuAY^October 22, J8G8.  *;-Baldwin vs. Adams Co.���������This was an  iZ action io: recover a debt due to the p lain tiff  I previous to the purchase of the Adams co.'8  \i:. ground by. the present owners, the Ballarat  >��������� co. The case wav dismissed, the Court de-  cKljiig that the purchasers of the claim did  nut brcome liable lor the debts due by the  ftnuiT owners thereof.  boo, is spoken of as a candidate for Lillooet,  but it is not known as yet wnether he intends  running for that district or not.  Returned,���������Messrs. How man and Brown,  the officers who went down about three  \veeks ago as a gold escort, returned yesterday by Barnard's express. The expectations  of. seme, who thought they had been with;  drawn from this station, have proved^ we are  glad to say, Unfounded, as we do not think  tbe small pittance contributed out of the revenue for the official force in-Cariboo anything  like a fair proportion for similar services  paid in the colony generally.  BaknawiV ExntESS got in yesterday at one  0 'cl ock; b r i n gi ng on ly a way- m ai I, no steamer  having arrived at Yale wheu the.stage left 6a.  Mouday last. . The Express will .probably  close for the down country on Wednesday  eyeuing next. : :  $&? Allow no <jne to put you off with any  other CoU'ee than. Fell's best. To be had  ot aU respectable dealers. / ;  "/��������� DE OMNIBUS REBUS.  Dr. Llliotaon was nearly 80 years of age���������the  precise year of his birth is not known..  The editor of a Michigan newspaper thus  threatens to Ku-Klux bis delinquent subscribers : * Some of our subscribers forgot to  pay up this spring. The secret.serpent has  hissed! Pay up I Bloody bill! The yaller  eoSa grins! Pay your subscription promptly 1  The frizzled cat mews! Death to traitors!  Ten dollars a. year!- Your doom is sealed ?  K!K! K-^ . ,  r There is a.raatLJn. Worcester, Mass., with  only one arm, who yet continues "to" drive "a  six-horse team ; and at the Aleschon Lake, in  the Adiroridacks. one of the guides, who has  lost a leg, can kill and butcher a deer, cut  do  mat  ./Detectives^ are obliged to adopt many disguises,' but!the most.original recorded is that  of a special who was' placed ih: the Engl ik)V  exhibit' ��������� '���������':-: j:~��������� *'-A *������*^*^r.������ W,������^  of  ���������ey,'.covered up.  became a:yeiled Ajax. and: wben the tbief  was iu the act he stepped down and securad  ���������.... * *  iwn a tree,.arid, per form .several other.. ve-  irkable feats. ":���������/"      ' ������������������ -y '"/���������/��������� ���������  tOBICl.VAL.]  O, GIVE MB A COTs  O, give me a cot on tlio slope of a lull,  W'eath the shade of ao old oak tree,  By the side of a sparkling and roaring rill,  Within sight of the briny sea \  Where I'll hear the sweet mug of the morning lark,  As ho rouses mankind from rest,  And gaze on the form of the buoyaut b&rk  As it rides on the i*eenu*s breast.  O. give me a -cot ou tho slope of a bill,  'tfeatb. the shade of an old oak tree,  By the side of a sparkling an d roaring rll^  Within sight of the briny sea*  I w&h for an palaco with riches untold��������� ���������  ��������� I wish 1 orno vast do mai n���������  I^r.ive not the pleasures begot by gold,  For much more than the joy's'the pain ;  '  ; But givo me a col, be it o'er so poor,  Fur U\s scanty the fare I neod, .  ! Xnd givouio tiio.wild,/bleak, beufthy moor���������    :  PH the life of a shepherd lead I.  fl, giro nao a cot, kc.  I long for the mountain^ those mountains afarv    .  Where l'vfl roamed with a boy's delight  From' the break of tho day 'till tlio cvouing star  Slioiao clear thro' the veil of night;  Wii era pi ten I've gazed on the distant tldo .  .;/-rA{v j^c WA<yrs-.'vero .l5i?flod..by-therb';oea<xLy^.^ ������.  .:    ....  ���������.-������������������������������������ 'v  '. ��������� -   ���������.'���������-/';" '  -.    ... -.  ..-.- '. :������������������ "-.    ,  y:;y;/:yy;.y:  .������������������**rl **f*!-.***\������*    ������WV������������."  Tai. oEiwoy. .  Davis Cteck, Oct. 19,1868.  The Uni^kusal Practicr of uiising- Chicory an<t  other aduitcratives with Collee, hasvory mucli damaged in public estimation, what ought, to be tho most,  delicious or beverages.-  So effectually'have the publio  been drugged with such mixtures that the true proper-.  ties have been lost sight of, and inony. prefer a bl?ick  and thick infusion to a crink rich in spirit and;uroma..  General as is the asool Coffee/it is little known that  in condensing the vapors extracted from the berry, in  roasting, a liquor'is: obtained of. the: most nauseoua.  taste, and of a scent the most unbearable.   Under such  circumstances.it;.is evidently-importun%..that all..tno  eases and Uiiids extracted by roasting>should bo car-;',.  iied off as quickly as possible, in order to prevent their  returning again to the Coffee, winch.is the case in tlio  couflned.cyliii.icr.    This object is admirably accom .  olishod by tlie new and patent "Conical Coflec Roaster .  1 -     .,_������   v;������i^i.i:. in .which.ihe Derrv:  - -���������   ���������      -  ! ;���������-.. . y';*; ���������  . . *.; r~. +.. .��������� \A. .������ ������n > ^** ������|.. .*.'.. *M������������.f W <. *^y.r *v^������ M<.  . -'.,   -        ��������� ".-   ���������" - ���������..'.;-. ��������� -0;. >���������  : '���������'   .        .   '      ���������..���������'.'.'.     '.���������'-.��������� 'tr ���������  .   .- :���������'���������- /���������-'. . #'. .:-.��������� ''���������/������  .: .:���������'���������.:.        ������������������  .><������������������ :-"^::  '.   ���������        ��������������������������� -      '      -  - ���������-' .-'���������!��������� ���������  ;9V~  ������������������ ZxAZyAA/yyAy y:/y;;|y  . ;_��������� / yy/:: ���������:.. ������������������'���������/��������� -y-'.|-  r. ������������������'..-.   '-      '��������� vc-.-. y, .th-.  ���������   ��������� '���������-.'-������������������-     -ry?-  ������������������  - y*y;  "���������yy A ���������'���������': ���������- :���������-���������>-������������������: A'/3/  ������������������'   ' ���������"-.-. ./:-;/.;''   ���������.-,;/. //Ayfy.  -'  A" Z '2:   y:.f- AA  -���������  .:...������������������ y/y^ :y.y&A  ��������� "'.���������-.���������- ".'...-��������� ��������� .<y:h-y - - ���������'--.-���������-��������� ���������'���������������������������'  -.������������������-: :--* Ar'-AAM ���������   -rA- '/  A large number of the people of Indiana  Mr. Jefferson Davis landed in Liverpool on ftn) beginning to think that something must  Tuesday.   The fact of I113 being a passenger be a0oc to relieve them of the stigma of liv-  board the Allan steamer Austrian, Capt. ���������      ���������    "������������������   * ������������������ .*,������������,-Th������ du  X:.ws.���������Owing to the non-arrival of the  rhvr aKMiiii-r ai iale , we are without any  liiai [/"'ihe te l eg ra p h wires a r e also d 0 w n,  uiid wevtu'C entirely deprived of every source  ol' obtainiiig news/from ' the down country,  tilher fureign or colonial. Such a condition  of things is truly aunoying and hard to bear,  yet. we d0 n ot see tiny. cause for b 1 arac in tlie  matter, as the whole disarrangement is attributable solely to the Tires which are raging in  the woods on theLbanks of. the Fraser river  below Yule, causing such a dense sriioke that  mivigation is completely suspended. From  tbe'Examiner we learn that the steamer bad  been five days from New Westminster and  had not reached Yale.: and from private in-  .���������forMaljon pbUM^  had not arrived at Yale on the seventh day.  Tlie express left Yale, however, yesterday  and we believe it contains a Victoria mail,  the steamer having succeeded in getting up  the river. Where tbe end will be and what  will be tho result of this terrible condagra-  Uon of tbe forests on the Fraser river it is  hard to conjecture, but it is hoped tliat a  timely rain may come to preveut any more  serious consequences than the detention ol  tlie mails.  Tim Weather.���������The evidences of a decided change in the weather seem too strong  to admit of any doubt at; the present time,  although we have been regularly sold some  tliieoor.four times this Jail in regard to the  weather.. On Sunday aud Sunday night the  vain came down pretty freely, and yesterday  morning the bill presented, a perfect covering  : of snow, and the summer air, which we have  been enjoying all through October, has  passed away. Although .it is not as cold as  the usual October weather in Cariboo, yet  ihe atmosphere has a decided iallish chilli-  ncss in it, and we think we may safely say.  that fail has come at last.  Corrections���������In our last raining report  the wash-up of the San Francisco co. should  read 14. instead of 4- oz., and tho Minnehaha  200 instead of 150 oz.; and the price of  Ending whear, at Soda Creek is one quarter  tf a cent per bushel instead of por'ib.  on ._. _...  Wylie, was known to a few of those who  sympathised most actively in tbe Southern  cause, and preparations were made by them  to meet him. The uews that Mr. Davis was  on board had spread with gr������at rapidity, and  by the time the Austrian got alongside the  quay-wall a considerable crowd had assem-  , bled, and they cheered the ex:President as he  [landed and took his Beat lh<Mr. -dedley-s carriage: ' /��������� .'���������".'.' ��������� /���������  T.fea Panama Star states that there arc 50,-  000 acres of waste lands in Jamaica, and the  Government is about to: take possession of  them, and eucourage extensive immigration.  A letter from Wellington. New Zealand,  says : 'c The i n tr od u c tio n b t satra on ova h as  been successfully accomplished, some of the  fish by the Celestial Queen having just been  hatched in the .pro Wnce. oJ^Otago.^ .,:.. . ;;;.,.,;[^r..p;tipectacles.,'  ing in the ''great divorce Btate.', Tho divorces granted in Indiana under present laws  number, on the average, about five thousand  per annum.  To settle the question of weight, two coachmen at the Boston aud Maine depot, in Boston, stepped upon the scales the other day.--  One weighed^ two hundred and fifty-eight  pounds;: and the other two hundred and  sevpnty-oline pounds \  In Nevada, a contemplative Digger Indian  sat watching.a party of base-ball players,  who seemed to him to be workiog very hard.  Turning/to one/of them he asked, iu all soberness/' How much you get OQe day ?;?  : A witness spoUe of a particular person as  having seen-him *'* partially clad." '* Was he  not quite nudeVs asked tho examining counsel.   " No," replied the witness,'; ho woro a  Roaster/\rlicre the Coffee: is required to runtut^ &  much longer tlflle in" consequence of- tho:steaming IV  undergoes by .the conllD.ed.stcam������ It is .chomieally  ihipos?i bis'/ to retain the qnattJy or arres t deterioration  of Coffee" when ground. Tiie heat eugendcrod by th������  proc -ss of roasting, cspocfidly. of grindinj', creates nn  action in tbe elementary jnrls wbtcli gradually destroya .  its fitness for drink. But'to retain tho essentia! oil  which it contains wc have it encased in tins containing  Trom lib. to 28 lbs., and which can be had Irom any ot-  the respectable dealers. Wc can conlldcntly recommend :  those who have bUhmo been obliged to retrain from  taking Coffee on account of its ill effects that they ma*  use our Coffee, ronsted in the Conical Hoasterrheing recommended hy all medical men under whose notice ii  has been brought, aud by numerous other testimonials  in its favor. PELL & CO.,  Coffee Merchants. Yates St; Victoria;  / -y.   ' y y:,   -V.    /I  : /.-'���������.-���������������������������:������������������ .X. ���������  XA-  .-..: I.:.-;      . ���������������������������- . ;���������    -       :t  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  A singular piece of military news ie������ches  us from Madras. The Gommander-m-Ghiei  lias issued an order forbidding beardd to  be worn in the army! The Madrai Athen-  amm expresses the opinion that there must  surely be matters of far greater weignt _ttmii  this calling for the Commander-ni-Ohiers at*  tentiou ; and it thinks that the British soldier  in India might well bo excused from ' undergoing the tortures of a native barber evety  morning." y"  A letter from Kins relates that the King of  Prussia, while walking uuder the eoloDnaflj  in that town a few days back, with his jo*  decamp, Count do Lebndovff and toxmtjv  Hymnen, perceived in a shop a.marbl umb  of himself, crowned with a wreath, of ^ ff  Going-in, he said tothe dealer : Tawou  thl poor man's head-dress ; he does not like  to seo himself made such a show.  The journals in the south of France report  a succession of terrific  thnnder-stotms auu  rainfalls in that part of the commy.   ^  hailstones in some places were as Uigo  pigeon's eggs.   Much damage was done.  A letter with the following superscription  is held m the \Vaterbury, Conn... postoffice :  -���������; Miss Bessie T, Water bury, Ot. I don't know  her, full name, but she is the prettiest girl in  that city."  A Pennsylvania paper reports that during  a Hto hail storm at W'cllsboro, J'enn., a sheet  of ice measuring about two feet square and  three iuehes thick, felt from the clouds with  the hail stones.  A train was thrown from tho track near  Portland, Me., last week, and two little children were flung violently, from an open window of a car for a distance of fifty feet, but  not killed.  Two adventurous sporting men at Chattanooga, Tentu have made a bet on tbe election, in which the loser will have to eat a  fuli-growu rat fried in battel���������not butter.  A Prussian chemist has invented a new  method of warfare on the battle-field; it is a  powder that makes a whole regiment sneeze  for half an/ tour.-  Tho undersigned being about to leave tho Cotton^  wood Ranch, oilers for sale,  AT     LOW    PRICES,  His outiro stock, consisting of  HORSES, COW#, PIGS, CHICKENS,  Household Furniture,  FARMING IMPLEMENTS.  Also, a large quantity of  HAY,   POTATOES    AND  VEGETABLES.  JOHN TELLETIEU.  Cottonwood, October 13,18f>fi.  ocia tf  Blue Flag; Store.  JAMES    P .    T A Y L O R  AVING REMOVED HIS LARGS ASSORTMENT O?  stock from QuesuelmoiHli to his old stand here,  ��������� -   . ^���������i\r hie numerous frieuds aud  A now pwnsawl to supply his numerous  JSTiiih anything they may require.  - Barkerville, Sept. 23.   se20  he entertained all the child  national school at &ft open-ai  JOHN  CHIPP,  Has Just received an assortment of  Drugs and Patent Medicines,  Trusses, Bandages, Oil'd Silk,  Tooth Brushes,"l7^Ust?s Gold Foil and  other requisites in;l)entistryv.  .  OITice���������Upj>er end of Barkerville (tibovc Chinatown),  Office fee, $5.  ,   Teeth Extracted . or stopped,. $5  j v^red.  Prescriptions ^>r������  ocii y  ���������yy"���������:���������:{: yy ry"  -   .   ,<it    -  ' *LyA:'j ������.-". '  yy -  ...   ,,..--^-  ...-, r-'::-j. -y,y,-.:   ���������   ������������������  '  ig^S^^S^^^^^t^*^  yy  A/ZXi  [f;y  c-s ��������� -:>y  fklsaEIiIiANE0ltS3;  rr'y  ^ICTO&UtA^  --  K.y  V-"-'  is;  wt<u - wni&%rt*&i*ml������*i&?i*te*mm&.Jf^^*i&~  ", .   ,    THE^  BANK     0 F    . ' ,'y-i-  BRITISH JJOLOTBIA.  X fh^  -capital ::   -   -T���������::,;-   $2i600;pbp,.  1   With' power tb increase. - '��������� /"���������/'.'.. <  .' >   Drafts issued on the Barik^s Branches '   I  IN  VANCOUVER  ISLAND ��������� VICTORIA  <.     Jn the-United States,,   /  CALIFORNIA, :- U   -: SANf RApSCO,  OREGON, -   ;   -   -   ��������� -PORTLAND .���������  NEW YORK,1   -   -  -  Messrs. Bell & Gun i  '     Mt\ Agents for .the Bank of /Montreal..   "I  ������N^OA&ABA^ "AA  ONA SCOTLAND-TThe.. British -'Linen Com:.  pany??Bank.    -y>  ON^ IRBLAND���������The Bank of Ireland.     '  tJN MEXICO AiD:SOUTH AMERICA-rThe;  (    London Bank of Mexico&SoSLithAmerica  ON^^(^AND--The Barik of British Coliim-I  "*    '. biai, Head.Officc^-East' India Avenue,  * t*n *'-***������ ������*/* *������M> <M| i  ;:k  yy  yy  U<   ' '  y  y  A  Received on Deposit, or Advances made on them.   i  1 TELEGRAPHIC. TRANSFERS  "    Gran ted on Victoria, San :Francisco, Portland and New  -      ��������� '    - '     York.       .  ., ,   ���������  ���������>    Every description of Banking business transacted.  '  H. SHIRLEY :BLUNT, Agent,' i  / "William Creek, Cariboo: / '       ju6  :-y,  ir<l  llfl  r.. ;���������r-  y;yy  lii  >>:  ���������'.���������.-������������������Vi'/i  ���������y:.fc  :,J-:-;w.v;  ."/.-. p...!  QU1BKELMOUTH,I|    |g  Beceivirig & forwarding  !|yyy' yvy'r.'y'. '.y%''";'''  -!'^:y ^'"���������������������������''y'"y ������������������'"y^AA-y  ��������� Wharf street, Victoria,  ������������������ ;': ' Offer'foi\sale; at low rates :  CRIMEAN SHIRTS,'with Collars, superior  -quality/'     ��������� ���������*'?: '��������� x   ' 'Ai A    :"--; A * ������  OREGON Flannel Undershirts and Drawers,  ENGLISH1    "���������   ' '   ,'"       ���������    ^'"   "���������  Find Lambswbol Undershirts and Drawers.  HEAVY THJCK PANTS-  ��������� />  Blu^ Denim Jumpers and Overalls* ( >  Canvass Jumpers;      o    f;  English Merino and Lambswool .   "  TBostrS66lch Twe^'Rnite: -������������������h"--;-;r^  HEAtYMOLE^ PANTS  OREGON and CALIFORNIA Tweed    "  Grey Drilling andlGrey Calicos,   ���������/  VVViiite L&g'Clotii'/yard wideiili^nalities.  Lidies' Trininied^Hatsy assort styles, &c. ;  BEST ENGLISH GUM'BOOIb:;  COLORED ROANS.   ,/,     ,7 ,    /  .BARBOUR'S SHOE THREAD  CROSSE &/^M5KWELL?S pilmen^ Stores.  BAR IRON.      '   . '  CANADA PLATE. ;  SEWING- TWINES, fiope; Jfec. .        '   y   .  BLANKETS, 2J to 4 point. / '  1"   case*- ���������''-'   .���������������������������;���������".���������>���������',- '������������������������������������' '".'������������������'-���������.-���������. ���������.   -  " PRICE'S ": BELMONT SPERM' CAN  ��������� /* DLES^in 201b.."boxe5..    ���������     j      .___  'Wharf strept' Victoria, Y.T. ]&2    y  "-  '  '               -     '       '" ,             :-                 U   Antic   Ai  ImAy^y    - V   ���������*      ' -   :-  v        v   ,    i, moderate  WmiAy" Vv-.T���������'"   fc ��������� A'A.y"' '���������   ������ -".' - ��������� :������������������.' mr: AH ordets .prompi-ly at  ������v ' '     ������   ''     ^        '                      ���������- jvrff'o^cKept on otorage attli  y|f;;v               ,      ,         ... Sc ftefcrencrs-MeEsrs Penraon  mh     a \ .:^  -yr-���������     '=  -  tHt'jndurt to.   Goi-cT������ xid  ,  4f ^^  . ������,.      -  --^        tlio lowest wt^s  lr. References���������Messrs Fonraon Bray, sud Bui2 Lnrr ,  fe23r8m       ,  y^/j������^  ���������:v;yv-  p  S3:;  i':li  Merchant Tailor,  ',   '        ,'      '    RICIIFEBLb.     ��������� :   '. -  HASjJUSy OPENED 'A; SUPERIOR: STOOE^^OFCLOTH  y/Goodsj-.'' copsistinij :of, B;pavers,.iCassimers 'and  Ves tings, which he will "  :  ///MaKE   UP   TO.   ORDER    ,  [   v ;  ,.:���������''���������  IN LATEST STYLES. '  - -He has also a- fine .stock of Shirts; Socks and Unci er-  i'clotiiin& witlv a/ select assortment of At GTLMORE'S  CUSTOM-MADE -PANTS, allof \yhicli he willseir cheap  tor cash. - ���������. '  iParties who desire to have suits' made at: A. 011-  rndre's, 'Vicioria, cau have their measure taken liere  and.sent by mail.  Vl-;:^:pMrt,.NpLYPtt /'/ ";'; se2:im: '  HOTE&S,; &C;  THto':lEW-:v'STi.H   -.yy Importer and Oomintssion Merchant, , : s  WHARF STREET,      ���������- '    y -      vTCOXmU, V. I.  .-May 1,18GS.   ,    ������������������ .-..-��������� ���������-���������������������������  '���������"������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������ .-���������.-"������������������ ������.������? -  KGBE^T  BIT Rf AB Y,  .. : '���������     -'"  ���������     LANB'AGESTi fca>   ��������� ��������� y ;  GbvEakMENT Street, VrcxpBiA,vV, I.    y  All bnnnep cdrofully and punctually attended U^  ���������May 1,1863; ' .    .   -'.  -./  ?.y������    y  y yy ^ ��������� '-- > ���������������������������?  samuel' Walker;  Saloon and Bestaurani  - CENTREVILLE, \ ���������.";;;  itayj, 18G8.  6ml  ���������       t. N; HiBBEN St CO.,       /  WILT/ F0RWAK1> PKOMPTLT, AT MODERATE TERMS,  A-rAyZ, And otiicr Now?papers/and Periodically-'-/;/yy-  gnwr:".r1"' '/.'i^Vf.yr.Tr';y:'/yry ���������.?������*.���������:  *j  MATCHMAKER .;     / V^;   .  lAKDyJEWELLEB;  '       CLUB BUILDIKG, , ^  ' '   -.. -';^  Government Street,,/ r. ; * .'. :      Victoria, V. I.;  A<-������ 3&&($ry <6&^y^vsiiM$^^  May 1,1S6S! V''; - :-'y:.-'"/ AAA 'Ay' ' :"    ::-^:";-  MILLARD   & l ^EEI)Y;;  , - Importers and Dealers in     ;. c , ,:  /   Wharf street, y3ctoria,B.C.    . \ ���������'    ���������  . fy'^    AGENTS 'TOR ,     "   ,  mMchants'/ LINE PACKETS- FRGil  y je8 Qm : jc /SAN /FBANGISCO:  ;    * A,aiLMORE,  LYTTON, B;C; '  THE PUBLIC ARE.RESPECT^tJLLY INFORM?  ; that the above, Hotel is now oj>eii for the aceti  rhodatiori bl''ir?iycljersyypiife Of; tlfe" host Cooks iii i  country Is retained atvthisrestablfsiiinent, and tWi  sls;: RUppiieU; with T a choice assortment of. Wines 'j  Liquors,. ���������,    '    \ ; ���������  .��������� ' " - - ,'���������    ,  ���������.    ,.; -. .   ,  ���������:.'' The 'trail ersfgn ed won Id also atihnh bee tha t atlachl  to th o Hotel: lie lias an cxtcn si vo Livery Sta bio/ Sad J  Horses for hire at mpderutc.rates, \&ay and 'oalej  sale cheap. ������������������������������������:---1 ���������y'ryyy<.yy...:r;..:..-.' -   ;vy:y;v:;;.yyyy';-^  .V"my!46m.-':;..-.���������.:,.;.-��������������������������� y'.:;.:.- yy '.' ��������� y/_.-.Prhprletrisj  wx  -!>'-  irar  y..v:^  ^S   ALWAYS   ON   HAND  AND IS j MONTHLY  importing the most complete   ssortmeutof  ������  (^ STROUSS^  :^V^LfeAMy/AN^  -IN--  HARDVVARE;,'"; DR.Y    GOODS  //;lpifw'S  I&C.j &c., &c,  BARKERYILLE.  '    my28 6m '  I  1  ./y gHEAP MUTTON I  -  Dy   EEC OLE  Bas 900 head of Oregon Sheop,. and is prepared to supply the Markets of  BARKERVILLE AND RICHFIELD  ..WITH    .....  I  ,    GOOD   FAT   MUTTON  At 1/5e:  and 20o. per lb  .'���������... ��������� au30tf  ;       x  .Hats, &o.v&Ov,  which/ will b e ���������< found low or in price and better in  quality, than any other in Victoria.   .     -  ;., 'WM. WILSON is the only Importer in. tbe Colony; of  : SILK;OYERSHIRTS;   .  L E A.T.H ER    CO AT S,  y AND WEST END FANCY HOSIERY.  .'/. All orders, Whoiesale;or Retail,, through y Bnrnard7s  Express,' *wlll*-receive., prphipt. c/ire arid attention.  W. W.. Js square dealing, both in Cameron ton and Victoria since. '62, is a.guarantee/fOrgood value." jell .  L0^DaN S.OFSE  ���������/'//-y^^GOVERNMENT STREET/VICTORIA../. / " C  ���������  WHOLESALE /AK.D/BETAIL.'  ; '.   .-���������   '    :" IVPORTRR'S OF ":    ���������  nglish & French Silks, Shawls, Drc^es, Underclothing, Gloves, and every rloscrip-  tion of Drapery Gooda.  Receive' rcgnlar supples, by Express'vi-; Panama  and by Bailing vessels via Cape Horn.  AS- Particular atti'iHinn given to fill orders,  London Firm���������.T. P. Tuvrtatj, k G<\  ESTABLISHED ISiS.  May 1,1868.  "" " X~: YATES" STREET^:";" y-yr:--  Tliiril door below Government Stroetj Victoria, V. 1,  ��������� Has on hand, and'is constantly receiving ,ft largo  assortment:of Cloths; CaSSRierk^ /isp^ymtisos.  which -he Is .prepared to make to order in tlio most  approved styles. ''   lj'     . ' ���������..  All orders from Cariboo promptly attended.to. ^ ^ y  ;/JIaylLa$68. ,  i   --,.-.,,       :��������������������������� ;     -     A-^r. ^AAy,  (E BOOTS  v     ' y McrLEESE k SENAY, PROPRIETOKS,  fcGiTO RETURN. THANKS  TO" THEIR'^ATU  lor the past, and- in order to suit the limes'I  bavo reduced the scale of prices, viz.:  Meal*, /$!; 00 ��������� ��������� Beds, 75 een ts ; Board "and Lode  perdayf $3 50.,';������������������;Board and Lodging per week\y%\Si  . Having, recently "made large; ad, d i irons to t|io. p  mistys so aa to/give;,..first-class accommodation in/1  eaUng^ind sleeping departments, they li ope to/iw  an extended support in .the future.   I'rivaten^ms t  families. <     .  AL thfj A': r will always be fen ml the choicest bran  of Wines', Liquors and Cigars. ;      -,   '.  'Tin- RUtbleis'cIeitnj^tU'nded by a pood hosiery a  -^n"ppii(nliwi.ih'tlie^best''proyendcr.-of -tbc,'cpon.t ry.-������������������'.:'���������  -Ma>*4, 1868..    ���������     :      - ���������   .. "tiiu  ^^jj/yatf;?; STREET/ VKJTOKIA; / \'  (Oopw\i^ Veil I  ^������rgytirC^?&-V '  ���������      ':  Always on hand���������Calf, Kip, Shoo Fir. Iin -. el... etc.  May l; 1868:      '      , .      jni/  FORT   ST RE E Tr   Vi C T O E1 A  yy^M  -.'������������������������������������General .Outfittkrs,      /    "  TJIPORT CLOTHING OF.: ALL KIN DS/; also BOOTS  J. and "SHOES, direct from dlie best" RngUsh /and:  Scotch mnrketsy Sell retail at. wljolosale/prices for  CASH. -All orders sent through Barnard's Exprcsst  promptly fit tended .-toy .-: . ;,.-:. .';';:;;  May 1,1S6S...:. ''-.: "-.' ' ':   Sin,  ���������-';���������.���������'/���������'���������/-'BAILED  PR IT ATE BOARDING H O US E/  Fort Street, Victoria, between Douglas and  .���������   Broad Streets..  Cm  BELLEY & FITEb/be,  / WHARF -STREET, VICTORIA,    !  .��������� Dealers in ���������  Fine English, French &. American Liquors  Champagne, Claret and Braidies.  Photographic Artist,  A     LARCrE STOCK  OF   BONDED   V,  i\. Bran di es al ways on hand.   To dealer  in Inn?o quantities, "aliberal discount will  CASH.  All orders wi 11 recei ve prompt������tt  St. Lauuhnt k La?  Agents, C  May 1,1868.  TNK3 AND  : purcliusing  he made for  'ntinn,  :ntrcville.  6m  oonycnk'iice for tho comfort, of families and lad lea and  gentlemen.  ,fffi* Terms moderate.  '.N.B.���������In addilion to -the ftlwwt N. 0. Bailey also  coniinues to carry on the Hotel and Boarding House,  on Lringloy street .  con  on  May 11803  Cm  PACIFIC   TELEGRAPH' HOTEL,  STORK. STREET,  Between Herald and Fisguard, Victoria, V. I.  CLINTQN    NO|EL  -Clinton City,,  /    BEiTISH/e 0& tJ MB I A.  'CH 'tiffliji y vIXotel";: i>rft]iefiyJ"*Ke;" is^yprtsparod /to' ail  eXc^llen i a'ceommodatioft to the/;travelling pal t  The tab 1 c -wil 1 at all times be vvell suppli^df and in  Bar Will be l^und'tliic choicest lienors; ;   :  Ample stabling fbr animals^ and the best:of  (wmstantly onband;-'   , x?   * / / j ;  ;/ITe: respectfully, invites a coll -from his ^ld ct  rhers, as well as the tnivellingKpublic j?cnorallyy  - qiibtottj-B.^ siay/;,as68: ,���������.,'���������'";���������; j. :l.;smit  GREA^REI������liC^l  ;Ii;Gl[AN  rPHR UNDRRRIGNKD, PROPRIETOR-il OF ' THI  X above iwelt known. and/pbpnlar establIsljinenlybn  .tfl'ihfiirm their numerous fronds:antt-the priblfe geii������'  rally/ that they are now prepared t6;airerd/ every ari  cohiinodaiion to tho travelling comtnuuity, ��������� ��������� at tW  most reasonable -rate - of charges. Good / clean, airj  bed-chain bora.,  . ,, -  ��������� .   : A^.  r. ��������� ^ \ XAr y  .  -/; .  'flie Bar is s f ocked wi th the very /best brands ������j  Wines: Spirits and Ogarsl      , '������������������������������������ ���������//!   AAA yA'1  The Table is supplied with all the snbstantials aniil  1 uxuries the country affords; and meaIs are servedatj  The Stables are spacious, Qomfortablc, ami atteadNl  by ilrst-class'hostlers, and a constant supply of thel  best provender otall kinds; / '-./".'/. J  Id short, everv convenience and facility conducfyji  tothe comfort of man and! .beast;; will be -found;,an4  the proprietors will spare no eirort in order;:fo give cim  lira satisfaction to air who ma>J patronize their esiab-  lishinent...;V'-:.i;/;"'';'/i---^'^  Soda Creek, B:C.;Marchl9;n86S./-y/:/anyl������nJ  ������Mx0^^  QUESNELMOUTH;/  rV}\V.   PROPRIETORS   OF/TinS   WELL-KNOWS  J   House tender their sincere thanks l6 their fneml  and the travelling public   generally for theirpn-  liberal patronage, and beg to Inform them that m  order to insure a conlinnance of the same  BOAItD    AND   LODGING   HAS   BEEN  REDUCED TO.    ,  !>*"  SINGLE .MEALS,   -   -   -, ONE DOLLAR^  All the Luxuries that the conn try n (fords are con <  Qatai Hay and Grain. jjrqWN k GILLIS.   .  Quesnelmouth,.August,7, 1868.     .".      .' ;    ��������� y  COFFEE    ROASTERS,  ��������� Aud Dealers in ��������� .    /  GROCERIES. PRO VISIONS j.Etc.,  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  BarkeiTilhyM.'iy I, 1868.  myl Qm May 1.1 S6S.  Fort Street, Victoria,  6m    I    May 1,1563,  .1, RIGfNTS k CO., froprjeton.  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  Barjckrvillk, vv. o.,  6rn  s;  :    HOTEL  AND  RESTAURANT,  -*     " mylfinv  May 1,1868. ��������� ������������������  II  ^y*


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